Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 10, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 10, 1844 Page 3
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(Ir?- CHILDREN OK AFFLICTION, LOOK AT THIS ?1 ? ? 1tiseii.ent, and belore jour constitutions are destroy* and hopes or recovery blasted, send for a bottle of Dr. B.a. kwrll's Ant-Acrid Tincture and Scotch Renovator which it the only mm remedy for the cure ol Yenerwftl di" u'g in all stage*. It may lie taken without rendering the p-itiout liable to *u<piciou b> the most intimate ac quaintance, mnl the most inveterate cui-s will yield at our ? to its ettievjy. Ma .y astonishing cities have come under my observation which hid long dititd the lUill of the no?t distinguished physicians Per?ona ultlicte.l with this loathi.ome ui.nsn sin tild therefore apply immediately for; Ur Black well'* Ant-Acrid) Tiacture? it ia the only sure way to meet and repel *uch an enemy. R 8 Ber liarit. !>7 Na-sati street, New Yoik, it he authorised agent for the United States. *././* -iituJAKt+x* mi*, ilie fJin.ii'tik ?J Ui.' Sen York College o: Medicire and Phaniiw. v ii l t'iraai'i 'tie jiubiio n enks tor the liberal aopport tlej hov lee Hired ia cflorts to "suppn-sa ^'tackcr/,' b. ; !r?v-' to itaic lust their purticulu-attention continue! I. i. re-tod to all disuaaes of a private, audfioir tb<: fi ?? it ?Kipr>vi>in?r?ts lately ruide in the pnncipel hot filial* ot Ksrcpt ?n the treatment of (hose .I mease#, thi;i c-'ii'.o'ittdMitly il'er to person* inquiring medical aid nd mut net to be met with in anv institution in this rou. -.ry, ai:he\ public or private The* eatment ol tht College is-mch ^4 to insure stuewss in very case, and ii t3t<i!'y lirteitnt ftom that oerniciou* ,>ioctice ol ruining t...i >n<titutiov. with mercury, an J in inostcasct leaving b -ix'. mo'S worsetl'an th?? original One oi the morn lvi < c.' Vie i<t>lle<;e ,lhr .turny years connected with tb? p'r r in: l internal jl'Kuropti, attends dally for a commit* I'j; uooi A.M- to a P.M. ""1 ?A Ivicc and mediciae, A ctrre guursuiteee ivroivvrn Cr.o.vtRV Invalids.?Persons living U i' 00:i" y and uot finding it convenient to attend per i i ly, can have forwarded to them a chest rontaicnij b.i rr,ediota<i*rsqniltttto perform ijWftCt c ire uy scaling ? jCfKiiv Jcjtly, together with all symptoms, time o< ? ?it, a'.'1 rruutuiunt received elsewhere, nr. < ? 1>, ;*>ot paid,addressed to W. S. RICHARD WN, M. D.. Ager.? '.. /JivCOEJti!tl!:g rnenw of the College, 96 Nsf'M ?tree* fiT/- IIILLO, HO. MALK8 AND KF.MALK8.-Do j o i want a first rate head ol tair f r 3 shiltii g-t 7 If so, K<:t a .1 hilling bottle of Jones' Coral H lir Restorative ? it will make your liuir soft, dark, silky and beautiful, (hi: I keep it bo a ljng tim>') lorce it to grow, stop its fall iti^ off clear it of scirvy or dardruff Buy it only at the sign of the American Eagle, Si Chatham st. and 8 State st, Boston; 3 Ledger Buildings, Philadelphia, and Pease, Breidway, Albany. 0(7- WHY WILL YOU BE SWINDLED WITH POl aonoui imitations ol Dr. (iouratid's celebrated Italian Mm lioated Soap, for curing plmpb-s, freckle*, tan,blotches erytipe'-is, silt rheum, ant nil cutaneous diseases, render in< dark, sallow, tanned, rough, harsh skin delicately wiiiut aud beautifully soft. Madame Sutton, prima donna, Mrs. Curtis, lady of ihe Collector o( the Port, Mrs. Le Roy, Mrs. Johnson, Brooklyn, and a hostof distinguished larfia'. u?u Gjuraud's Italian Soap, and emphatically pro it magical in eliciting white and velvety folt hands and skin. Be particular and ask for Ootiraud's, and take no othe.r, however specious and audacious the raise r&Me attmnp's of some swindling counterfeiters to de ceive you. The Ken 'ine fo-ip of Oonraud i* to bs had in this city only at 67 Walker s'reet, first store from Broad way; at fit Chesnut street. Philadelphia: 3 Milk street; IWton; Catleton, Lowell; Dyer, Providence; Myers, New Haven; Kerre, Middletown; Gray, Poughkeepsie; Storrs, Hudson; Pearce, Albany; Tousey, Rochester; Backus it Bull, Troy. Qr?- JOSHUA CO MM ANDKD ~THE SUN TO S TAND S TILL ?Under the influence of the great su preme unknown (ret ever ruling) will, had the sun stood motionless till now, how many fair daughters of would still have remained with uninjured fklns; but now we iiee the sun despoiling the churms ol the white, swelling heaving, snowy borom, where one might wish to live for ever, and have no wi h beyond it. Ohi woman ! il yon hut knew the excessive power of your charms, you woul 1 not allow your skin to remain covered with blotches, fr*rkles, tan, sunburn, !cc., when one fifty cent cake of Jones' ltaliun Chemical Soap would give you a most refieshing, dazzling, clear, spotless white, rosy red complexion s n?ck nrms and hands, reader, do do. Ju>t try one so cent cake of the (bo particular.) Jones' Soap. Oh ! thfl eflect is bpyond calculation, and will make your ukin pure dazzling u hite, h"autilul and clear ; hut mind, buy it nowhere else but at thesign ofthe American Eatrle, ('hathnm street, or 323 Broadway, New York ; 139 Ful ton street, Brooklyn. MOMKY MARKET. Monday, Sept. 0?6 P. M. There appear! to have bceu a very general improve ment in prices for itocka to day at both Board*. At the Old Board Long Island went up 1} percent; Canton, 1; Harlem, $; Norwich and Worcoster, 2J; Heading Rail road. i; Krie Railroad, Ohio 6'a, Stonington and Farmers' Loan closed firm at Saturday's prices. At the New Board Long Isian'1 advanced } percent; Canton, 1; Harlem, J, Norwich and Worcester, 'JJ; Farmers' Mohawk closed very Arm at prices ruling on Saturday. A second dividend of five per cent will be paid to the stockholder* of tlin Lafayette Bank of the city of New York, on the 30tli Inst. The Atlantic B-tnk of Brooklyn lias declared a divl den 1 of three per cent, poyable on and after the 16d? in stant. Th? 3 l'.tiinorn Money Market remains very easy. The banks of that city are discounting very lib.'rally at five par cent for paper having not morethon four months to mViiii\ and six par ccnt for longer dates. \\r? uiinfx a taMe showing the exporta from this coun try to Great Britain for nine months, ending June30, 1*43 It will be seen that our agricultural and other pro i'lots, more than overbalance the total amount of our imports from that country ; and that our foreign exports to Grent Britain go to swell the balance of trade in our facer. This table will bo very interesting to those who think that Oreat Britain takes nothing from us in ex change for the manufactures wo take from her subjects Htatkmcrt ok Goons, Warm awd Merchandise ExroR len from T?r. United States to Ghkat Britain ?or Nink Mon i hs kndinu June 30, 1843. Quantity. Valve.. Oil. sperm, gals 3:15,911 $208,751 " wliale, " (>8,728 29,212 Wlnlebone, pounds 187, IS.') 18,907 ( andles, *perm, pounds 35,100 8,187 W.wd. timber, staves, &lc ? 30,707 Naval Store*, tsr and pitch, bbls 14.111) " Rosin mid t:.r, bbls 139,108 j 371,416 Aslies, to"i 351 30,557 Ski i \-iil I'urs ? 313,236 Rivf, fi.880 > Tallow, pounds 3,653 611 > 381,769 Hide*, number 8,882 S 1' )rl?, l)!il? 3.2:;o i 1 lam< and bacon, pounds. 646.128 > 304,293 I ?rd, poiindi 4,569,181 ) Heroes 2 20(1 Kloir, bbls 19,436 81,815 ?iiiin ? 2,751, bbls r.l 074 Apples, bbls 3 745 11.801 Hire, t e cos 9.216 119,(126 Cotton, p ii .di 48-1,810,4(11 34,781,117 ToWcn. hhds 21,0.50 I,MS 016 I IkwiI, bushel. 31,915 1'l,2C0 Wat, pounds 06,W 81.064 I,either, pounds 111.679 1,81M t i idles, t dlow,pounds 2.140 298 Ti ,' iceo Tn i'iiifncluifil pounds 337,941 33,926 I.e. id, pounds 2,196,413 70,014 Iron, manufactured ? 837 Drops ? 3,298 ? Jotton 'roods, white manufactured. ... ? 14,877 Weiring appatr-l ? 400 I^-ither and morocco skins ? 940 Printing pres-es and type ? 1,164 Books and mips ? 3.732 Article not enumerated ? 240,384 Total for nine months ending Jnne 30, 1843 $39,720,941 I Total for twelve months ending Sept. 30, 1812 38,144 ill Total for twelve months ending Sept. 38, 1841 16,164,735 In 1311 the balance, on the total importation and expor tation w is against the Unilcd States $8,0M 374. In 1843 the balance was iu our favor $4,609,447. In 1843 the. ba lance in our favor wan still Inr^r, reaching about $10,000,000. The annexed table shows what portion ol our wind- foreign I radn is with Great Britain alono, in dependent of ner dependencies. Tkaoe between Great Britain and thi United States. Import from hhl'ort to In favor .Igainil G Britain. G. Britain. oj fj. ti. U. S. 181 1 $10.1,02,814 40,164,734 ? 197,000 1812 31,204,219 38.854,511 4,040,20? ? 1313 9 mouths... 20,313,499 39,720,951 13,107,442 ? Ot the imports from Great Britain for the past three years tint largest portion are dutiable goods. The follow ing table sliow* the proportion of free and dutiable goods imported in each year. Imports from Great Britain. Tariff Compromiir. Tariff. art oj 1842. 18i I. 1812. 11113. Free of duty $14,811,149 2,726,683 14,084,116 I'av ing duties ad valorem. 24,340,180 24.87:1,389 8,849,483 Paying specific duties... 6,498,476 i,498,177 2,768,870 Total import $16,662,815 31,201,249 26,313,199 Titiii ia a very interesting tab!.*, and ahows plainly the effect of the tariff'on our importa'ioi s from Great Britain. During the exlrtrnco of the compromise act, particularly t!io last year, tho importations ware composed principally ef dutiable goods?the value of those not paying duty not reaching three millions ot dollars In an importation of more than thirty-four millions. In 1843, the first year of the present tariff" act, the value of free goods impott ed greatly eieceded the value of those paying oil valo rem or specific duties. Although the value of the im ports from Gr?a'Ilrit*in in 1H4J was morethon twilveni lions of dollars l.'tJ than in latl, the falling oIT had i.o thing to do with tlio tariff", asthe duties were lower in the yiar 181J and the d< cliao was confintd principally to fr. e coods, as seen in the nbnve tnble. Our trade with Great Riitaln has, within n lew years past, bemofth. most favorable nature to far as regards the interest of this country. In 1842 aud for ?ine months ending June 30, 1943, the balance of thotrade between the two couutrict has bi-vii in lavur of the United Slates $17,447,714, otter deducting fro:n our total import from Great Britain mere ly the exported domestic produce from the Lnited Slates The loieigii exports from this country to Greet Britain have annually been quite large, which goes to swell the bil.inee morn In our Invor Value oi I'orehin Ksroars prom the UsiTIP SrAir.s to Gtir.AT Britain. 1812. 1843. 1843. I'tvf uf illll,' $2,391,813 2,030,121 310.797 raving dnlie< ad valorem 003,884 .'>07,989 334,24(1 Paving siKcific duties 390,811 384,309 171,671 V due foreign exports $3,380 438 3,018,419 1,120,72: Valor done ,tic exports 46,165,734 3H,2j4,41l 3(1,"20.941 $19,448,273 11,20",930 11,841,072 Import from Great Britain 40,002,814 31,201,219 26,313,199 Balanceiin favor U. States $2,889,148 7,063,081 14,428,"l73 1 hu ?u tho actual position of th? trad* betwaoo the two couutriqf up to the in of July, 1813, and certainly th? reauit is moat favorable to the country, ll will ha ob*erved by the foregoing table* that the export* (roni the United State. ot good*, wares and merchandise, the growth and production of tUi^couutry alone, have, fat the puat two yeara, raited a balance of trade in our lavor of $17,447,714, while (he actual balance in our lavor lor the ssme titne on all our export*, both foreign and do mestic, amount* to $2J,490 844, of which $16,618 173 ac cumulated in nine month* under the preaent tarift'. So f'ir a* these statements go, a very fine .late of thirg* pru vailed, but since the time, included in the*e tables, the fa 'e of our commercial relation* with nearly all foreign oountrie* ha* btcome greatly changed. The balance hag been reverted, and our indebtedness hat already became quite large. Our exports have not only diminished, but our imports havo increased to a very great extent. ?Ill Stock Exchange. 10(10 N V State 5's, '46 101% 3(10 Norwich & 67 20(10 Kentucky 5's Rl 300 do i/j/ 5000 Ohio ti'?. '60 lifiO M<>; 125 Ho 8000 'lo 9#?. 40 ilii -it till? 14000 Indi um ?tx bonds 43 ,j,, !?}*? 76 Farmers' Trust III ',0 Mohawk R11 ,fio !?l2 50 Cauton Co 75 ,|o .Tn r-i " t- ?$ ? do ,3'\i3 $ ? E8S SooLU,3?odRR *L ii A? 40 50 do I,/ do 10^ i<n .1 0; ? 9 SmfcUtica HR 116 JO b30 8|? iSteV 8 '5 t Eg 100 d" blO 73% 100 Heading R R lay, Second Honrd. 75 Canton Co s3 41 12s Norwich Si Wor 67? \m dn 50 Lous Island R R 1)3 84% M Reader RR * 1U? d" bi 8i New Stock Exrhunge. 1000 Ohio6's. >60 1.00 !?% 25 Mohawk R R 62*: J"?? 9? b60 9i> 50 do 63 jpjl!! u ,W?S 25 Nor & Wor l>3 67 ? 1000 Kentucky6's b30 |02}J ii ,|? h;, 61Q j0 1< aimers' Trust 3<J% 100 do btw 67 5' .. , 40 50 CO c?h 60% 25 Cantou Co Csh 40 75 do bJ 67 J? 1 1 11 n u 40% 50 do btw 67'^ 2j L Island R R *30 83% 375 do csh 67 52 *0 b2? ??'> 25 do ,31) 66% ?? j" ?4 24 do ,:t6(,'i 2^ 1? *?' 'lo csh 6(.% 2^ .1 ! 1 ^ o# 85 do slO 66% ,, 1,'? ,, ? J>?" I 85 25 do btw 6714 25 Harlem R R sGU 73 4 Stnte of Trade. Ashes?Pots continue in fair demand at $4.25, at whi.;h the> are very steady. Pearls are firm at $4 SO. Breadstvpfs?This market continues without the slightest change in any description. Uenesee llour it quo ted at $4 18J a $4 24. The lellowing table gives the tutal quantity ot wheat and flour received at Cleveland to 1st Sept., with such proportions of it as went to Canada, lor five seasons ' Total Receipts it Cu vcusd .... Wheat, hunk. Flnur, bkh. J?fJ 733 328 344 094 661 OHO 301 626 S40 030 248 017 J??' 1,02!) 368 297,868 1810 1,367,340 334,484 Kifokts thence to Canada. ? q .. Wheat. Flour. Mi 142 622 62 703 J?" 47 270 21,442 }*" 267,201 3D, 173 241.218 61.223 ,S41' 447,930 63.983 ^?m?#:Voi""There.i8avcry fair demand for this article at 2j4 a 30c for pxime northern, southern and western \ ?How. Cotton?There was a'good attendance of hmers to day, and tho tales amounted to 800 to 1000 bales, all taken lor export Prices steady. H*Srp:!mRc"s ,or export at 42 a 453. Common qualities North river bale sell a? wanted at 30 a 3/ic. WHisKtr?Diudjre casliH sell at 24c.; Western and Pri ?an barrels are in demand ut 24$ a 24Jc Cattle Market.?At market 1100beel cattle, 250 from the south, 40 cows and calves, 3 300 sheep and Iambi. Prices? Beef f'attjn? In consequence of the increased supply, are u Jittle higher, and we quote ordinary $4.60 and prime $4.2S-left over 200 Cows and Calvet?All taken at $14 to $24, which is an advance. KlisMjp an?1 Lambs?We quote the former at $1 60 a $4. and the latter $1 a $2.50-left over 200. Hay?A moderate supply ut 60 a 62c per cwt. Coal Trade. According to the Pottsville Journal of the 7th instant, the shipments last week show a considerable lallinir off from the previous week. The water continued low?and a ,ut -J6 0(i0 tons per week is about tho limit lor both ca nal and railroad, with the present number of boats aud coal car**. I he freights to Philadelphia have receied again to 80 cents by canal. To New York $2 30. Toll and trans portation by lailroad $1 24 and $1.14. The shipment* for tho week ending on tho 24th ult. from the Lehigh rcpion, amounted to 13.630 tons r reightsfrom Philadelphia to eastern ports remain with verv li'tli variation from last week's report*. Neurly all the coal is shipped from Richmond and the Schuylkill ax lant H i it un ives, and the demand it fully equal to the sup ply from all quarters Married, On .he 8ih instant, by the Rev L. Merabacher, L. C. Cohen, Mq.,nl Bochart, Prussia, to Mit* Carolink Hek7 feldkrs oi Snlzbac!i, Bavaria. Weekly Report of Deaths In the city and county of New York, from the 3ltt day of Aue't ?o ?, M the 7th of Sept, 1M4. 28 Men?39 Women?52 Boys?38 Girls.?Total 157 , , . . , nitr.ASM. Apoplexy 2; Asthms I; Bleedniit 2; BleediiiK from IvUnirs 1; 'anrerl; Casnaltieii 2; Cholera Infantum 18; Consumption 77. Convulsions 8; Congestion of th^ brain 2; Croup 8; Ue t'ill ?' De>'n?,,n-Tremens 1; t)iarrlia>i 2; Dronnv 2; Jropsy ni the Hpd 8; Dropsy in tile Clu-st 2; Drowned 1; n>Miutery 3; Kpilep.y I; fever bilinus I; Fever intermittent 1; Fever rem.ttent I; Fever scarlet 2; Ferer Typhus 3; llip Disease 1: HoopinR Coufh 4; Inflammation of Brain 2; liiHa mation of Bowels 0; Iiilbimmatiou of liingsO; Inflammati.m orstoinach 2; Inflammation of Liver2; ln!emj?erance I; .Mal lormauon 1: dansinns7'. Old A?;e I; Premature Birth 3; Pal sy I; Scrofula2; Suicide 3; Teething 2; Ulcers 1; Unknown 4. .J"Sryn&T 1 V".r ?i 1 to 2 years 20; 2 to 5, II; 5tol0, 7; i2 o S.\ ' '? 3?' ,9; ?"*t0 <n- 4,1 to 9: 50 to 60, 9; CO to 70, 3; 70 to 80, 4; 80 to 90, 1; 100 and upwnriK i. !??? i , n? LKAVlT'f, City Inspector. City Inspector's Office, Sept. 9. 18)4. Latest Dates RF.CKIYRD AT THE NEW YORK IIKRAl.O OtTlcr. An ji?-r June 3 Manilla April 2 Africa July 5 Malaga June In Antisuti June 1!) Madeira July H Arecibo Auk. in Mauritius April 19 Awt Cayes June 30 Montevideo July I Augustine Bay May 16 Maracaibo July 13 lt.<lavi.i April 11 Mansaiiilla July 26 Riy of Islands, N. 7... April 21 Matanzas A?|{. 2? Bermuda July ft Mayagnez Auk. 22 Ilnenos AyiCf July II M?tamor.ia May 30 Belize, Hou July I Monterey June 18 Barbadoe* Aug. in Nassau, N. P Auk. 17 Bogota Jan. 21 Neuvitis Auk. 17 Bonaire Auk. IS Oaliu, 8. I May II Hominy June 19 I'ara July 2ft Cats? Town, C. O. H.. June 2ft Park Aug. IH Calcutta May 14 Port an Prince Auk. 12 Cardenas July 7 Porto Cabello Auk. II Chagrvs June I Point Petre, (Juad.... Auk. 5 Cieiifuego* Auk. II Pernamhuco July 3 Cape Huytien Auk- Ifi Panama June 0 Carthagena June 15 Payta April 29 Camt>e ichy July 12 Rio Janeiro July 21 Couuimbo June 6 Riolirande July 2 (allao lune 3 Han Juan Auk. 9 Pemerara July I St. Helena July 29 KUinore Auk. 7 Ht. Thomas Au*. 17 Kaval July IS St. J ago da Cuba Auk. II Gibraltar June 22 St. luhns, P. R Aug. 17 Ouay;itna, P. It June 15 St. Croix Auk- 22 (Inlvcstotl Auk- 19 St. Domingo June 22 Oonahrea ..Auk 3 St. Ubes July 3n Guayaquil April 23 Surinam Aug. 2 Uallipagoa Islands... May 4 SincaiNire, Hn. 23 Havre Aug. 17 Sydney, N. S. W. ... Mir. 2n Havana Aug. 27 Trinidad de Cuba... .Aug. IG Halifax Aug. 31 Talcaliuana ....May 3 Isle of France Sept. 27 Tahiti Mar. 23 Jeremie Aug. 8 Tombez Nor. 4 Kingston, Ja Aug. 17 Tampico.. June 5 Loudon Aug. 20 Tohaaco July 13 Liverpool Auk- 20 Turk* Inland Auk. 17 La Ouayra Aug. Pi Trieste July 19 Laguua Oct. 31 Valparaiso May 21 Lima June ft Vera Crux Auk- 13 Macao .....May 1 Zanzibar May 27 IHummitiger* Arrived. Brkmkw? Barque Atlantic?Mr* Vinltler and 3 children. Forelif" Importation*. Liverpool?Shin Hudson?1 pkgs K P Ryie?1 Sheldon St Phelps?M L Atternury?10 Wolfe Si < iillespie?2 N Pierce Ik Co ?716 liars iron 8 Crooks?IMS S Conation?4 Lord Ik Taylor? 2i. Smith. Thurgar In co?20 Cameron at Brand?2 J Oihon Si co ?20 Burritt & Johnson?I J Watson?Ill.OnO lire bricks Hen dricks Brothers?14 pkgs I. V S Rosevelt?3 J Owen?ft Wilson Ik Brown?II J Conaah?3 Richard mil Si Watson?17 J Robin* son?15 I'uton Si Stewart?2 Reins Brothers Si Co?1138 Phelps, DodtfS It co?19 Bird, (iillilan V. co?150 tuns conl 70(1 sarki salt 5 dor. units S Thompsou?1315 sks salt 10 do* tnata 15 balm 7 ca to order. Bri m*!*?Barque Atlantic?ft pkgs J Napier?5 do Victor Si Achelia?12 C II Sand?Hi Rriiner Si Mecke?10 C K Orosheim ?13 Beehtel (k Dreyer?6.1 J C Mtiller?1 ( Wencki?5 J C Krnenputsch?12 Ballin It Sander?25 Heusohen Si Unk.irt?13 Schlesirger III Henschea? 1 W Wa*ner?33 J W llolberton?4 \lerke Si Plate?9 K Thorapeckim?6 Han line Si Ostbeimer?32 iL Mallei?2 J A Voisen?75 K < ?runnith il?68 ca to order. HaMhi R'l?Ship Mary I'hillipa?2tl pkxs T km ? 111 I'. Muring-I C A Witte?2 Adams, Homer Ik co^-1 Wi ley Ik I'utnam?2 ' iorton, Hodges Si co? 2 L (ioWschmiiit Si co ?HI Irick" .V Hrothrs?4 \ Waabnif (k co?I Meyer, Leon Si co?1 W A Witte??< Hendricks?7 K Lippold? I lleilhrrth Si co?2 T Orosheim ?I T A Manilee? 1 K Neilier?3 K Wenckf ?400 Wlnterhoff, Piper Ik Kirch?31 Schmidt It Vogel?tiO J M Oppetilieim Si Co?13 K SchlesiiiR. r?12 Iturlage Si Hurler? 4 Weirk maimer?4 C rl Mull-r?1 J Oill?3 Bonvy Si "1 renier? 2 T Mtlllier?ft ( Henricks?5 W Hirtma? I O Colby?I M wards Si Stoddard?II C (i Unkhart- I Carl Victor Ik Achilles ?7 Balbcrti Manlman?I Voung Si Smith?2 Booing Si Wittle -13 C Ahrenfcldt?19 Reimer Ik Merke-26 T Scnlesalnger?I Will Badelle?4* W Van Seth Si co?31 T B Coddingtou-IM P A llreth aid?33 Sette Si Severing?I H W Si T H Mali?I Carl Hodges Ik CO?37 bales to ordeg. Amstkrham?Slop Anueliqiie? 312 pi|ics gin 12 hamperi of mineral waters *00 slabs tin 30 b*s sail duck Schticliard. r avre Si co?2 b*s I Sylvester?7 ck* Victor Si DnckwitZ?150 slabs tin I) Arts?I csk J Bohlen?2 b*s () Andres-I do N Antwerp *i Oakley?I pkgs R O Nodeupyle?I bo* J Thorburn?9 do H Packer?27 ke^s K T Poppie? I bin II Bik.-r?30 bss Britslleiu, Koop Si co?8 cks J K,dw ards?1695 bnndlei rattans 9J bags to order. Shal?ScliifKllen Perkina?<:72 bales Itemp 677 bxs ntract 40 Inles deer'kins 200 Ins se^ars :HKt qtl? logwood 227 n* hides A Patrullo?3ft bn|.?? 7 hf il'iji' ino .l i bbls sugsr II bis do ft85 o* hidca 14 bales deer skins BouohaudSi Thebaud. Dnuieuvj lni|N>rt?tl<iii?i Mopii.r?Ship Splendid?237 balei cotton llogirt Si Km eland ?9 \Vlaner k Oale ?14 Towuxnid Brothera?21 11 I) Warden? 33 North, Manning St Patrick-310 Holbrook, Nelson Si co- :MKt Persse Si Brooks?? A B Kmlniry St Oakley?4ft Brow n Si Dim ii k?5 Soulier urother*?20 Sooffurd, Tiieston Si co?72 Al'ha |iin-25 H Billon?12.1 Si P Rhodes?3 pkxs Si P Triieman?I Phelps, Dodge Si co-l I) Rolh? 1 H S |wrcK?_| H Ooldstone ?aJ.Meiei !l I. ,',weii(v Ik Kesae? I W Ross? I C | Ahlborn ?i li Johnson?1 Majar W H Delalield?7 boxes 2 111' do 2 bids Rol>.-,t< k Williams?1 pks IVrkins & Hopkins- I E U Hurl but it c??I Slate <Jordou It llowell?20 do 579 hide* M P Hoi 111!*?1 box to order. MARITIME HERALD. ?falling Dayi of tl??j 8tenmilil|>?. ? TEtMtRl. KHOM LIVl.liroOL. KHOSI 4MKRIC*. O. Western, Matliew* Sept 14 Hihemia, Kyrir Sept. 16 Britannia, Hewitt Sept 4 Oct. 1 Caledonia, Lolt Sept. 19 Oct. 1# O. Western, MattheWa Oct. 12 No*. 14 Pnckcli to Arrive. PROM I.IVKI'.roOL. Oxford. Ralhbone. Aug. 16 Patrick Hei.rv, IMiiw, Aug 20 Virginian, Allen, Aug. 26 FROM FORI hSIOl'TM. Ityieliec, lit-bard, Auk. 16 Victoria, Morgan, Auk. W ? ROM HAVRE. Burgundy, Wottou, Aug. 8 Oneida, Kunck, Aug. 16 l'ackcta to Hall. FOR 1.IVI RPOOI.. H. Whitney .Thompson, S, pt.l I Yorkshire, Bailey, Sept. 16 Q.of W(it,Wooilhouse.Sept.21 ?"OR roll IIHUUTH. NortliinbeirUgOriawolil, Hpt.10 Oladiator, Uritton, Sept. 20 KO* HAVRE. H. tie (inuv.l hompaon.Sept.16 L. Philippe, Cutoff, Sept. 24 Ship itlnitrra ami Agent*. We alia.ll esteem it a favor if Caplaius of Vessel* will give to Kohkrt Sit-vrr, Captain of our New* Boat*, a report of the shipping left at the port whence they aailed, I lie ve??els spoken on tneir passage, a list ol their canto, and any foreiicu newspaper*. or uew* they may have. He jeill board theui un in.'di itely ou their arrival. Agents and Correaimmlenu at home or abroad, will also confer a favor by sending to this office all the Mariue Intelligence they can obtain. Nautical Informa tion of any kind will be thankfully recuved. POUT Of MKW YOHK., 8KPTK.UBKK IO. at'N HISK. 5 42 | MOON H1SKS 3 2} ?t'N IKT> 6 18 | hi';h wiTKR 7 31 Cleared. Snips Northumberland, Ori.wold, London, John Oriswold; Paris, Hoffman. Antweip, T. K. Young* St <-o; Vicksburg, Berry, New Orleans. Wm Nelson; H. Allen. Wilaon, Charles ton, Oeo. Sutton; Clyde, Bickford, Bath, Me. M. Brown.? Brigs Morea, Edgar, Mobile. K. I). Hurlbut It Co: Ann Elita, Par*. Apalachicola, do.?Scliis Freedom, (Br) Holmes, Wind er, NS.; Sequel, llaynor, Hichinoud; Krank. Baker, Alexan dria, St urge- jit Clearman; Adrian, Bedell, Norfolk, do.?Steam er Tigress. Hart, Philadelphia, N. L. McCready it Co. Arrived. Ship Hudson, Page, from Liverpool, Aug. 3, with mdse and 82 steerage passengers, to Josiah Macy It Son. The H. has been within 30 miles of Sandy Hook since Friday. Ship Marv Phillips, Pratt, from Hamburg, July 2J, with mdse, to Schmidt It Balohen?133 steerage passengers, onp horn on the passage. Ship Angelinue, Edwards, from Amsterdam, Aug. I, with mdse, to Schuchanlt, Kavre it Co. Ship Arkansas, Burgess, 20 days from New Orleans, with cot ton. to Wm. Nelson. Ship Splendid, Crocker, from Mobile, Aug. 5, with mdse, to Win. Whitlock, Jr. 26thult. lo?t the carpenter, John McDo nald, of England, aifed 2f) yean; 3d inst. lost the steward, Robt Slarks, of Alexandria, atred 22. Bremen barque Atlantic, Beainann, 33 days from Bremen, with mdse. to Meyer St Ktuckeii. Brig Gulnare. (of Seville, Me.) 30 day* from Gamoia, Africa, with indse, to Nesmilhtl Walsh. Biig Cteaar, Wa'iefleld, from Angostura, Aug. 11, with 7282 hides 1200 bags coffee 16 ceroons indigo 16 bale* skins to Mail laud. Comrie It Co; 3 bale* sarsaparilla C, H. Scheffelin St ('o. Left brigs Caroline, and Carlo*, lor NYork, soon. Brig Tam O'Shauter, Loud, 16 day* from Curacoa, wilh 100 ton* logwood 160 hales *kiu* to J. Koulke It Sou. Brig Haidee, Klituer, 20 days from Ponce, l'R. with *ugar, to Nmmith St \\ alsh; 117 lihds do Howlaud St Aspinwall; 15 do Mason St Thompson; 27 do Maitland It Comrie. Brig Mo?est Lovelaud, 3 day* from Philadelphia, with coal, to order. Schr Ellen I'erkin*. Eeiisley, 22 day* from Sisal, with hemp, See. to A. l'atrullo. Spoke, Sisal hearing SW. distant 15 miles, two sclirs from NYork, one called the Semiuole?did not under stand where bound; 5th inst. lat 36 10, Ion 74, |>asjHd a schr wilh painted ports, show ing red signal with K. Bruce in it. Schr Kate Peudergrast, Brown, IS daya from St. Croix, with 250 casks molasses .to Alsop It Chauncey; 6 boxet cordial 3 do bai water R. Robinson. Schr Lady Lake, Stone, J day* from Cape Charles, wilh pota toes, to ma?ter. Schr Charleston Packet, Crowell, from Providence, with mdve, to master. Bohr Equator, Sturges, from Providence, with mdse, to the master. Steamer Ashland, Masou, 36 hour* from Philadelphia, with mdse, to Dunning & Norton. Sidled. Ships Albany, Crawford, Havre: Monument, Marshall,Cadiz; brigs Dolphin, (Br) St Johns, Nr; Excel, Sa\aunalr, Dutch galliot Maria St Adriaua, St Jago, and others. ftllaccllaneoita Kecnrd. Forkion Let ICR Office.?Packet ship Northumberland, Oriswold, for London, will sail to-day. Her letter hags close at half-past 11 this morning. IUr.qt'K Oscar, Eyre, at this jort from Canton, was the fir*t, American vessel that ever entered the port of Ningpoo, and the first vessel of auy nation that ever bought or sold goods there. Whalemen. At St Helena July 14, brig 'Beatrice,' with 300 bids sp oil, to ?ail ill 2 days for Edgartown. Arr at New Bedford 6ih inst. Eagle, Collin, Pacific Ocean, 1700 libls sp. Reports aailed from Tahiti, April 17, Java, Allen, St Johns, 50 hbls; 20th, Superior, Bishop, HIT, 120 sp 180 w h, for N W Coast. S|H>ke 3d inat. lat 39 28, Ion 70 27, Ontario, Green, SH, 5 days out, all welt. Hpolcen. Fortune, (Br) Belfast for St John, NB. 32 day* out, TSept 4, lat 12 7, Ion 62 28?by the Atlantic, at this port. Ilnpiil, Ward, hence for Havana, had experienced a lieavy gale for H d i\ s, and had not seen the sun for the *ame length of tune, Aug 30, lat 33, Ion 52. Chtts Hammond, of NYork, 10 days from Machia* for Hon duras, Sepl 2, lat 27 35, Ion 6!) 24. Foreign Ports. Tahlk Bay, COH. June 23?Arr Susan Mary, Connor, from Rio laneiro, in ballast, for Simon's Bay, and wa* in port 27th.? Sid 27tli, Radius, Nowell, Calcutta Curagoa, Aug HI?In port, Cliwtrr, of Boston, from La Ouayra, ding. Laurel, of Portland, aid 12 hours before for New York. Jacmi.l. Aus 21?In port, Fawn, Bartlett, for NYork, Idg? only American. Uukbki:, Sept 4?Cld MaA*, Small, Cork; Silurian, Moon, Newport. Mom itKAi., Se|it 5?Arr Bellona, Auld, GI,-u<gow; Coxon. Morgan, Cork; Colloouey, McCouochie, Aberdeen. L ike I'ortu.*d, Sept 22?Arr St Lawrence. Clayton: Niagara, and Acorn, Oswego: Gazette Audover, Alert, and Ruggles, BulTalo; Swan, Sanduskv; John Oades, and E Ward, Detroit; Texas, and Atlas, Ashtabula; W L Marcy, Monroe; Oneida, Toledo. Home Ports. * Boiton, Sent 8?Arr Susannah Cumming, Clark, l.ivrrpool; Erie, Baxter; Esther, Emery; ()*ce?da. Means, and Elizabeth, Sears, Philadelphia; Cashier, Pike. Weymouth; Sliaarock, Currill, Fredericksburg; Viniare, Hearse, aud Louisa, Otis, Albady; Splendid, Crowell, NV< rk. Signal for a ship. Sid Arabella, Rice, (fioin Liverimol) Philadelphia; Charjemagne, Vespasian, Prompt, Hunlco, Oberliu, Harbinger, Chickasaw, Maisasoit, Delaware, Benj Fnuiklin, Palm, Uncas, Gibraltar, Luciitda Snow, and others. Ni.w Bkukord, Sept 7?Arr Alexander M, Jenny, Philadel phia. Edoaktown, Set t5?Arr Lycoming. Woodbury, Eastnorl for Alexandria?go' uhore to the westw ard of the mouth of tlie harbor, but wilh th assi?lance of a vessel and cable and anchor from thin place got IT and sailed on his voyage. 6th?In port. Victory, Stoddard, for Hallowed, and the above. The ftide l*;idence. Hutchinson, from Portland for Providence, got ashon on C.i|ie Poge last night, and aft-r throwing over her cargo of hay and some 3000 boards, which drifted ashore on the Cape, she got off and arr here night of 5th?orgo will lie offered at auction to-day. A quantity of pickets were picked up by boats from this place yesterday in the Sound, supiHised to have come from a vessel which struck on the Hedge l*eiice and got off yesterday morning. Nurkoi.k .Sept 5?Arr Argon,Chase, NYork: Aid, Stoddard, Boston for Richmond. In liamp'ou Roads, Paoli. Fuller, from Baltimore for Bremen. Sid Emma, Wait. West Indies. Cth? Arr Erin, Gardner, Newport; Osceola, Wyatt, and Ann A Parker, llrighrinan, Fall River; Cinderella, Coleman, Saybrook; Pomona. Sh-rman, and Pacific, Swift, NYork; Two Brothers, Jones, NYork; New Harbor, Kid ridge, Boston; Armida, Tre fethen Newport; Virginia, VVright, from a crni*e?boarded the Washin; 'ron, Betison, from Liverpot?l, ami Idtina, [Sw] from Boston, tioiind up Jaim*s Hiver. fu Hampton Koari*. Inra. and AoKUita Birck!i-a<l. Fil/Aerald,from Baliim<*rp for South Ame rica: Kllen Racklifi, Portland for Richmond. Wn.%11Wr.T05, NC. Sent. 1?Below. Hnray, [Br] Healey, fm Antitpaa. ('Id Bounty, Wnllace, (iuadaUii|ie. (/H ABi.EfTon, Sept 5-^-Arr Merchatil, Kean, Cardenas. Cld Tallaliassep, Hadley, Liverpool; Malaga^ Smith, Providence; Palestine, Ketchiuu, Havana; Lady Warrington, Bonney, We?t Indies. Nkw Orlrami, Au|S(?Cld Ann. Hill, Corunna. Below, comtnc np. Khro, Perry, from Philadelphia: Louisa, Leavitt, NYork; a barque supposed to he the Robert Morris, from Phila delphia. The Nlarv Kllen is a total loss, with the exception of her spars, rising, &c; she has been abandoned aud given up to ?!?? underwriter*. The rmter part of her carto will be toil* The Troy in working out and will proceed to sea, having *us taiued[no material damage. The Clifton and Henry are dis charging into towhoats, and will have to return to trie. city.? The Arvum was nearly in the same situation as last reported. They were throwing all the lime overboard. The Talma and Thraciau went to sea on the 27th. The Cincinnati, Talleyrand, Manchester, llnckingham, and Cornelia, were lying inside tue Bar, bound out. CLIFTON HOUSE, ON THE BAY8IDE. 8TATKN ISLAND, NKAH "THE NARROWS." UOK PERMANENT BOARDERS, transcient lod?er? and ^ day visitors, offers an opportunity of enjoying th? sea breere, a view of laud and water unequalled for its pictuira|iirnesi, the luxury of the aeabath, (the ant beach being within half a mil* of tlM house.) The dinner hour ia 4% o'clock?on Sunday at 3 o'clock. Su perior carriage* in attendance lor the accommodation of the gnesta. A fine Uowlmg Alley and Billiard Kmim, are just fimah ed for tlie amusement of the patrons of the establishment. OEOROE I'I KRIS, Proprietor. N. B.?Two of tlie beat room? in the House may be had for th<* remainder of the season, on immediate application of fami liea. On Sundaya the boats ran to Ktapleton, landing eviry honr? Carriages in attendance to convey pMenten to Cliftou Houta auS nhN A PA It IS MILLENARY ESTABLISHMENT IN NEW YORK. BARENNE at CO., patronised by the Courts of France and Belgium, of 14 Place Vendome, Paris, have the honor of making known to the Ladies of the L'nited Stales, and those of the city of New York particularly, that they will open a branch of their well known and fashionable Millinery Establishment, on Thursday, the 12th of September, on the corner of Broadway and Uraud street, (entrance No. 114 Grand street.) The branch in this city will be under the immediate superin tendence of one of the principle ladiea of the Paria home. The ladies ire respectfully solicited to visit the saloons, where ihey will always find every recherche article in the millinery line from Paris, by tlie Packets a* they ariivc P. 9. They would alao inform those engaged in tlie millinery business in tlie principd cities of the Union, that all article! connected with th'-lr buiiuess, -.nil the latest fashions, Can lie applied previous to their lieing o|-encd to the public in (his city Orders punctually attended to. sl2wi?rc A CARD.?Mr. Seguin baas respectfully to inform the public and hia friends in general, that lie Ins porchi?ed a selection of the best Opera* now playing in London and Paris, slid in tends returning to America iinmeiliaielv, in order to produce tliein. Ml. Seguin n Inppy t* sa) fce ha* made arrangements with Mr. Krater, a Tenor of tlie highest repute in London, who will accompany Mr. and Mrs. Settum to tlm United Subs. T 1VERPOOL COALS?68 tons of Pemberton's best descrfp lion of house fir- coals, arrived per ship Sarah Ik. Arsilia, and for sale hv a in HOC UK, BKOTHKHS & CO. 11 Kulton sf. LEA ICY & GO-FASHIONS. GENTLKMKN'S HATS of our inimitable style, for the eimuiiig an'nmn, will 1* ready for sale and delivery on aud after the 31st iust. LEARY Ik CO. No. 4 and J Astor House. N. B. Our " Circular of Koshion" will lie forwarded to those whoadil.ess us pott paid. s4 lit in rrc nOHK.^WO MiTsrKnra Clear Pork, t ,'ifln do. Mess Pork, .VHt do. Thin Mess Pork, 500 do, Prime Pork, 1-or sale by K. K. COLLINS Ik CO. "* ,n _____ .V> South street flV A NO.?100 torn Icaboe, imported direct, and for sale in "* lota to suit purchasers, by E. 14. COLLINS Ik CO. sU m M South street. CM RE BRICKS?ft,.VIA Stnwbridse Kire Brick, received |ier P ship Sarah and Arsilia, from Liverpool, aud for sale by Rod:HE, BROTHERS Ik CO., slOrc 31 Kulton street. AUCTION SALES AlUiE 8AI.K OK KLEOANT CITY MA TK FUHNI i Tl HE-H K. WILLARI) will *ell on MV .l?y m<>ni ing >11 lU'i o'clock, in the lars. Sales Hik m 301 II ? ..??J?? ay, cor uer L)ume atreet,,* Urg. j.|d elegant a-?nt mental su|? rmr cits made Furniture iurliiilln^ male .? ui y I-1 mil fill French in tl fancy Chain; elegant scroll ivtny b ?-!>, terpentine and French Sofa*; Ottom tns; Divan.-; Iltliau whit" mid Egyptian marble to|i twin Tables; splendid pier and card Table* Dressing Bu reaus, witli marble iiijm: oval anil serpentine Mirror*; double and single enclosed W.iih*ti:ids, plain and with marble toji*; Wardrobes; Book ( J>n; Sideboards; Pillar*, Pembroke, q?ar plte and Udim'ilrL'iiit Work Tablet; II ( St null; in ahocanv, 'ranch and |iiit Bedstead*; h laige variety of milioxin> HocK Wardrobe telle Fran- . __ __ _ er?, sewing aud arm Cluirs in plush, hair and morocco covers, Ike. Ike. Alio, Farrell'* celebrated patent Sofa Dolateidi, Johnson's Therapeutic or Invalids Chair*, 1 Irou Safe, 1 Piano Forte, U.c. Sic. Catalogues and tlie Furniture for examination now ready. PurchwerH w ill find this sale will worthy their attrition. .10 2t*in m N I B I, O ? 8 H A H I) E N . OREEN HOUSE PLANTS. Jfylt ALL THE l)OLl.KOTI('N of rare and choice Green wnHouw Plants, belonging io Nihlo'a Harden, w ill lie *old ?ii?.at auction, on MONDAY, 18th Seioember, without re serve, a* the Oreen Houses are unavoidably broken up. Tliey consist of l arge specimen l'l nits, such as Camellia*, Rliododeu ilroii- Aloe*, OriiiLe, Lemon. Lvme Shaddock and Pomegra nate Trves, bearing fruit; Accvcias, Cassias, Magnolia*. Ilibi* cut, Pittosporum, Sparm omits, Jesmines, r.ineuia*. Melaleu ca, or Bittle Brush, In.In Ituliber. Oleanders. Lnurestinus, Yuca, Palms, I. utaua*, Hibiscus, Datura, Euphorbias, flic. Small Stock, vii : Azalea*, Rose*, tieranum. I'aaaion Flow era, Dwarf Orange and Uimm liees,^ -atnellias ill great variety; Camellia stocks, tic. Sic. Particulars in future advertisement*. ('.atalogue* will be ready ?u a few day*. ?10rc FOR SALE AT AUCTION. A SPLENDID FARM ou tin Hudson river, town of Newburgh, Orange county, one mile west of the village. ^containing 107 acres, in a high state of cultivation, well watered ; (bounded west by a never failing xtrmm of water,) a rood new house, two stories, and kitchen ; a good larg<* new Jjar i arid Lime-kiln, and plenty of limestone The farm will be divided or aold together, as will liest suit the purchaser!. The greater part of the money can remain on bond and mort gage, as will be*t suit the purchaser. For particulars, enquire at 419 Broadway, corner of Canal, N. V.. or of Motet WiUou, on tlie premise*. The sale will lie on Friday, 6th of Sept., at til* Prance Hotel. Newhiirgh it I? o'clock augZS. 2w*ec THE CltY IS "STILL THEY COME!" ANOTHER Oraud Raising of a Hickory . ree iu the Empire Ward?the Old Ninth -will take | l !??? oo Tu? MUy, Btpt. 10th, at lull-past 6 o'clock, A. M., at th? corner ? f Ureeuwich and Harrow streets, iu front of li. McCollrm's, when the I)e mocncv ir?* UkviM '?? ittud, im pirtiki of i Cold ( f>latio?? NvJ ned. stO It*in WANTKD?Byi-esi>ectable > 0U114 Woman, a situation as Chambermaid, Se onstte is, or to take c ire of children. Th> beel of city idWanoM (itm, Plnwioquin ;ti in warren street, back room, 011 li*e fir^t Jloor. slO lt#rc WANTED 1N AN IMPORT!NO HOU8K. a (Jerinan or American Boy. A He must be stout and come well recommended. Apply at 61 William street, m> 4^ir?, New Vork. slfl ll^in \J )^T? K KWAKIJ YKSTFJIDAY, between I and 6 o'clock, l>etween Jones' Se cond Ward Hotel, and the Harlem St ij;e ' Office, a LADY'S PIJR8E, containing a small box, withhold locket and other trinkets, |a lady's bracelet inarked C A. It, and a small por tion of money. Whoever w ill return the above to the Second Ward Hotel, 87 Nassau street, will lm suitably rewarded. ilO lt*rc CAUTION?Whereas, my wife 8AKAH CKAWKOKD has left my lied and board, without c<u*e or provocation, this is to forbid all |iersous from harborinu or trufctiiiK her oji my account, us 1 will pay uo debts of her coutractini;. from (his date. WILLIA.l CRAWFORD. Septemlwr Iflth, l?H. slO lt*rc ORDKR OF UNITF.P UHOTHKR8 OF TKMI'KRANCFT. rPHK Fir?t I'ulilic Meeting of thi* Order will take place on A Wedueaday, Sept. 11th at half-put 7 precisely, at the Apol lo Hooms, Broadway. F.tninent Si?akera will addre** the meeting. Music by the Choir of the Order, and the Band of the U. 8. snip North Carolina. The Independent Order of Keclia lute* Soni of Temiierance. all Temiwrance Sociatie*, (particu laily the Ladies) and friends of Temperance generally, are cor dially invited to attend. Admittance free. The most pcrlect order will be observed. Children without parent* or guardian*, will not be admitted. JAME8 HARl'KH, Prwident. K. I). CONNERY. C. 8. A C. ( AH I I.K. R. S. sip at "m TUbtKUSK liOUQUtiTS. , THF. 8UBSCRIBF.ll'8 Collection of Tubero*e* at i \itoria, are now in bloom; as also an exteuiive collection .of t 'hina Monthly ILises, whose autumnal buds are the liuest of the season. The di-liglilful perfume of the Tuberose is well known, and not inferior to Jasmine or Orange Blocom*.? Small, round, neatly arranged Bouquets of the above liowcrs, with Heliotrope, will be received every morning from th? Oar den. and may be seen iu the window, ll .John st eel. Price 24 cents each. J. M. TH(jRBL'RN k CO. s 10 3t*rc FOR SAI.K-AN KL.F.t VANT COUNTRY RK8I S UKN( K. Oil FARM of anout60or 70 Acres, situated ^within ten miles of this city, inthe county of We*iche? ter near the village of West Farms, and on the l'ost road run ning between this city and Boston. The farm i* in a high state of cultivation and abounds iu fruit of all descriptions and of the most choice selection* and quality. Tin lion ie is ele gantly situated on a prominent location, commanding an exten sive view of the adjacent country, Long Island Sound, ike., and wn* built but a few years since, iu the best possible manner, and is replete w ith every convenience and very com odious, being ,'i0 leet by 50 feet. The outliou-es are all new and admirably ar ranged. For a fanner or reside it of the city this 11 ice offers great inducement, being Within an hour's drive of the city and w ithin one mile of the Harlem Railroad., The place can lie ex amined at any time and possession given in 30 davs. For further particulars,apply to the owner on the premise*, or to K. K.COLLINS Sc CO.. % South st. _ sill plANO FORTES.?JOHN PETHICK, (formerly Muudy 1 U Pethick.) informs those wanting good Piano Fortes, that he ha* at his Old Establishment, 201 liletscker corner of Han cock street, a elmicc assoitinent of Piano Fortes from six to ?even octaves, which for external finish or internal qualities are second to none made in this country or iu Kuro|ie. Old Piano'* takeu in exchange at their utmost value. Piano* tuned and repaired. The Knickerbocker line of stage* pa** the door every three minute* iu the day, I Ml UB*fK PHENIX HOKSE HAZAAK, IKII ifc 101 Mercer Street. _ THE Regular Public Anclioti Sale will take plice trlI/"1*'* day, ll)ih Sept., at II o'clock,with Wagons, Har ^ ^ ^ V- neis Saddlery, 4ic. new and *econd hand. At 12 o'clock, will be off red a catalogue of thirty Hoi*<"*, of various qualities, to supply the different wants of.oty or country. The public are resiiectlully invited to visit the Pheuix Horse Bazaar. COWAN Ik DILKS, *10 lt*rc Proprietors. 39*53 CENTIIEVILLE COURSE, L I. U N PR K C E D K N T E D N <) V E L T Y?. A l''ir?e .if ilOOOwill be ijiien by the ftn|>rietors of the above ' "iir-.e, free Inr all horsei, bi)tli pacem and trotters, to poas ihey pleaw-, rairyiiitfctttchweiKlita, to perform fh. di-um e ol -JOmile* within the hour. The lirst horse performing the distance to re criv* $800; ilif second beat $2011. Should the distuir.* not be performed withiu the hour, the liral horse out to receive tin* $200. The above to come off the 7tlt day of October?'Three or more to malte a field. Kntriea to clone .it Jones' Second Ward Hotel, Nassau street, the lOlh Me|>t,, bv 0 o'clock, P. M. The terms of entrance are 2.'? |*r cent, eicept bv the W inning horse*, ?liich will be charged the usual entrance of 10 iwr cent, sltl lt*je _____ WIG MAKER, UAII! GUTTEK, ORNAMENTAL HAnY> MAXTJFACTURER, 92 CHATHAM STREET, FOHMKRl.r OF 316 Pi: All. Htrkkt. IN announcing to his numerous friends and patron# his re moval from JIG Pearl street to the store M Chatham street, N|> leave to return his hearift-lliacknowledgments to those friends and the public generally, w ho have litrrto honored hiin with their support, in J to assure them it will ever be hi* study to merit a continuance of such enviable distinction. Kver since I have been in business it hat been my good fortune to acnuire and retain so large a |x>rtion of the public patronage, for which I feel grateful. Asa Hair Cutte.r and Wig Maker Laird stands unrivalled in the manufacture of Ornamental Hair, for which his name has so long been celebrated. He now has ample scope for carrying hit inventions and improvements into eliect, in snort nothing that art can produce or ex|?euse com mand, has been overlooked by him at nis new establishment. invites an early inspection of his stdendid stock of Wigs, Toupees and (Ornamental Hair, in countless variety and exqui site workmanship. Perfumery .from celebrated Kngiishand Con tinental manufactories, in addition to several esteemed prepara tions, invented and sold by L ord. The Hair rutting, and in deed the business in each department is Conducted by tlie princi pal himself, in such a manner and on such term* a? to sustain the i>rc*-cininent character this establishment enjoys. Price* to unit the times. *10 Int* in <>? ('Intham street. 'ID lir.MUHr. V.M) MAKK 'I'll f. III'.VI AN tl/XlR A HPLKNUIl) NATURAL ORNAMKNT. TO BBAUTIFV, DRESS. *'I.KAN AND FORCE ITS OROWTH. FOR THE LOW PRICE OF TllRKK HI 11 LI. IN OH. Rr.AD.KR ! we sell three shilling bottler that vou may know this i? not one of the hair hiinibuica of the day at $1. We e?pert you to buy it mote than once, as we warrant it to |H?.e*? tlie following qualities )?It will force the hair to ftow on any part where nature intended hair to Krow. stop it fillin* off, core Scurf or Dandruff, and make light, red or grey hair (row ilarlt. H or dressing the hair soft and silky, nothing e*reed* this. It is indeed the most economical, yet aut<erior. artirle m.'de for tlie hair. It it cheaper than the truh called hair oils, ml it will keep tin- Irtir in order with one application twice aj long as any other article made. Sold?price 3, I or 8 shillings a bottle?at the sign of the Ame rican U|k 82 Chath.irn street, New York: 1T> Fulton street, Brooklyn; 8 Statr street, Boston; 3 Ledger Buildings, Philadel phia; and I'ease, Broadway, Albany. slO Im*tn a StranoeT BLEASED. ASTOUNDING 'and' SUI'ERNATI KXL invention, TO CLEAR SUNBURNT, DIHCOLORF.D AND YEL LOW, FRF.( KLKD, PIMPLKD CR DISKKil'RKl) SKIN. MA N V? Ay, there art: many who have tieeu cheated with trash, a "a therefore think tlie |M>wers of the getvtiine Jones's Soap arc exaggerated; let such give it a lair trial. It is indeed tlie most siugulirl} wonderful curative prepartion ever made, in all skin diseases. In fact, it seldom or never fails in < uring Pimples, lih?tch?*s, Freckles, Tan. Morion w, Halt Ilheum, Scurvv, Erysipelas. Barlier'a Itch, Ringworm, Old Horn, and Sore He ids. But mind, it. is Jones1 Soap has done, and still effects theae cor??*. Get it no when* else in th?? city?or you will In* swindled with a counterfeit?but at the mgn of the Ameri can Kagle, IU 1 flatli ? rrt street, and '<23 Broadway. X. \ ; in Boston, at Redding's, B Stste atr?et; Zeiber, 3 Ledger Buildings, Philadelphia; 130 I' ultou street, Brooklyn, and Pease, Urosdtvay, Alliany. % 10 lm#,?? \/l KUH AI, | AKI>?UKJi TOll tM.UVKK conlineM his ivi pr >(!tice principilly to the treatinent and cure wf delicate diseases in tlielf different stages. Also, C?le*?u, Htnctnr*?s, C ion or rhosi. Heminal Weakness, CTbstinate Ulcera, and all Sores an sing from impurity of the Idood. Ilis experience aud snccefis in tlie cure of this class of diw taet are very great. Persons af flicted with any of tlie shove mined diseases who have lifen considered incurable or difficult of cure are iuvited to nuke ap plication at his office, No. 2 Ann street, ue*r Broadway, ad joining the American Museum, where he ma> be consulted confidentially at any hour duriug the day'and evening until 10 o'clock. sift lt#rc *TK AN< IE k7T~ HKWAK e7 IN THIS AUK OK ((UArKKRY AND HUMBUG, it is * most important to choose an evperienced phvaician?DR, J I.V ANS has removed his Old Galen's Head I)i*|*ns?ry to No. ??"3 Pearl stn*et? corner of Berk man street, where lie con tin ties his uiiMt extraordinary cures of all delicate diseases, uo matter how complicated, lie atfriaei tl?e cititens anil strangers ihat there is no Dr. Kvans in his old stand, that lie haa no con nection whatever with any other office. His charges are mtxlerafe? his consultations strictly i?rtvafe. N. II.?Observe the number?mistake# am often dangerous? 2HSt Pearl streef. if f Medicines and directions sent to any f art of rhe I rnion, by iwrticulaiiy stating the case, and enclosing dvc dollars, sio lt#m C1OAL?A0 tons Liverpool Ontll < 'oal,of very superior quali ' ty, landing ex ship Sheridsii. from Lieeriiool, ami for sale iu lot* to suit | urch.'u ers, by K. K. COLLINS U lio,, slOrc J\ South itn-et. L1AMILV MK81 I'UliK?i? half-bai#*els, a very sni?ertorar r title, for sale by K. K. ( OLLINrt fc Co , slOrc W South street. I UNK?40 Tons Old Husna Tsrrei'Jltoi?e, for *?!? by J PKHSSV. m IM.OOKH, c. No. 66 and 67 N.iAsau street AMUSEMENTS. PARK *1 ilT'.ATRK. lloin... $1 I Pit.. 50 cwiU | Oollcrjr,.. U cm Doon open (it 7?The < urtain ?will nxi |?eci< ly at I. <lt-|Nut 7 THIS EVEN I NO, Sept Toil. ? ill be perform. T1IE|LADV Oi' LYONS. ^IaikW Mfliiottr, Air Anderson I IWjMAOilti Mr Loveil Col Dam<u, Chippr>id.-I>' (ilavii, Audiews Pmline \fi?> Clan UUs To eoucl"i<T ?tli THE POOH SOLDIER. P uruL, Mi s Person I Ka:hl'*en, Mi?n Msywuod i'AL.UU'* Or*K ??a lit 'I'SKi AMERICAN L1HEKTY VINDICATED. THE COMMITTEE, to whum hai Inm.i entrti -t**d the cum pletiun of the arrangement 1 f.,r the delivery of Mr E. 1). CON NERY'S Ue,w. on "AMERICAN LIBERTY VINUI CATED, and (lie RIOHT of ADOPTED CITIZENS to SHARK ITS I) I. ESS IN OS DEFENDED," tak.- leave to ?late, that they have engaged 0|>era Hoa?e. in I hsmbers ltreat,for that purpose, and that the Lecture will lie uiveu oa Tuesday ICveiilng, Keptruiber 10th. A choice BANT) has been engaged. aud during the Eveniug a variety of popular National Aira will be ivrlcrmrd PROGRAMME. American Air Tic Star .Himotiled 15 nil), r. Iruli Air Lord Clare's ^"arch. Irish Air ... Bonaparte ? ros-iug the Rhine. Iriah Air.. . Let Erin lf>-me>nber the Days of Old. ORATION?PART I. EVH'*1HU DOWNES CONNERY. Irish Air. Go Where Glory Wail* Thee. American Air Washington's Varch. Solo?Iriah Air. . . . . The Eiiie of Erin. ORATION-PART II. Irish Air. .Believe .Me if all those endearing Young Charms. Irish Air Oh ! Blamenoi the Bard. Irish Air. Patrick'* Dav. A merit in Air Yankee Doodle. The Committee tiust that a large assemblage of the friends of Civil ana Rtliginus Liberty (both Ladies auu (ieutlemen) will take place on this interest ine occaaion. TICKETS?PRICE TWENTY-FIVE CENTS-May be had by applying to the Chairman and Secretary, and at the door on the day and evening of the Leituiv. JAMES CONNER, Chairman. JAMES A. HOUSTON, Secretary. To commence at a quarter-past B o'clock. s9 Jtisec IVIBI.O'S GARDEN. Corner of Broadway and Prince street, New York. The Eutert&ininents are under the sole direction of l. ... MR- MITCHELL. NOTICE?Th? Garden o|*-ns at o'clock, and tin- jier forinauce* commence at 7^ The The tlie is now unclosed, and made comfortable, should the evening be damp or cool. GREAT ATTRACTION. OPERA NIGHT. TUESDAY EVENINO, September in will lie preteuted, , LA KILLE DU REGIMENT. iffVr Nickinton Hodolpha Mr. Den niton. Lobwilz Mr. Holland < orporal Cartouche Mr. Rnsenlhall 1 he Marchioness of BurkentWId Mrs. llardu ick The Dutchess of Crackeutho|>l>er Mr*. Watts Marie......... Mis* Taylor (Eyiuterinisiion of half hii hour.^J. To conclude vn iiti, TABLEAUX OF TUE TYROL T7-NO POSTPONEMENT at this establishment on ac count ol weather, as the Grand Entrance from Broadway to the Saloon is protected, and the New Saloon, which is veutilated fr iin the top and sides, cau be encl*.<ed at a moment's uolicc. CIRCUS?BOWERY. Thli Evening. GEORGE SWEET, the great Tight Rope Performer and Scene Rider, make* his first ?i pearancs here in thiee years. MRS. COLE will lead > new Cavalcade. d,,OTTO MOTTY mt New Wonderi. 1 HE SKRENADEHS will la-accompanied b> an AccordioL. ? and new INearo Sonus McFARLANU, the Sixty Somerset t-Man. Clown to the Ring \V. STOUT. Tickets to Boxen 2b eents?Pit I?'., ?0 1t?rct birtovVtiikatre; ARCH STREET, PHILADELPHIA. On WEDNESDAY, September 11th. MR. MACREADY. will appear at. THE STRANGER. Baron Htemfort, Vr Ryder I Francis, Mr Conner CountWinteraoii, MrGBarrett | Peter, Mr Buitou Mrs H.iller, Miss Cusbman Countess Mrs Burke After which, HIS LAST LEGS. O'CalUghan Mr Barrett 110 Zlie ill!S H M INSTIIELSY. MR. McMICHAEL WILL EEPF.AT THE FIRST or HIS ENTERTAINMENTS on lRIi?ll MINSTRELSY AND SONG, on Tnetday Evening next, AT THE SOCIETY LIBRARY, BROADWAY. ARM ON Friday Evening, He will give his Seccoud, with Selections from MOORE'S AND LOVER'S MELODIES, AND SUPERSTITIONS OF THE IRISH. [T^To commence at 8 o'clock. TICKETS FIFTY CENT8?To he had at the principal Music Stores, and at the Door. sfi 7t*rc Tniwlay, Sept. lOtJi. THIS EVENING, WILI. Ill OIVKN DR. HOLl tC'C'S FIRST LECTURE ON 1 HAT CROWNING WONDER OF THE UNIVERSE, THE ORIGIN OF LIFE ! In die large Hall, corner of Broadway and Grand street, two dooia in Grand?Illustrated by the whole Fifteen Models of THE FEMALE FORM, &c. To be continued and completed on the two next evenings. /"Admission 50 cents, a siuglr Lecture?or SI for a Ticket to three. At 8 P. M. FOR GENTLEMEN ONLY. YOUTHS NOT ADMITTED, [j y Each Lecture complete by iUelf.??Q a# i!t*rc EXHIBITION. TIIE END t? V TII E WORLD. AN ORIGIN Al. PAINTING, of very largt* si/e, with colos sal ItKurxs, painted in New York, and lately finished by F. Auelli. I Exhibition open from 11 A.M. to?I. M. anil from 7 to lit P. M. Admittance 2$ cents. sltltfrc R (illAND COMBINED ATTRACTION. SOCIETY LIBRARY?BROADWAY. YANKEE HILL AND DR. VALENTINE, 1 E8PE< TFULLY inform their friends and tlie public, that in obedience to a generally expressed desire. the> will rive a Melmj(e of a Comic and Musical character, 01. THIS EVENINO, comment nig at hall'-nast 7 o'clock. Admission '<0 cents?Children half-price, slO A CARD-MR. WHALE and DAUGHTER mpactfully announce to the Ladies ami Gentlemen of New \ ork, that their Classes in Dancing, Waltzing, and tlsi- Polka Danre, will commence at the Assembly Room, Constitution Hall, 6M Broadway, early in October. Days of tuition, Wed lie* days and Saturdays. Particulars in future advertisements. Mr. W. trust* that the references he shall offer of his capability will lie satisfactory. Schools and Academies attended to on application at 'bove, or al his Private Academy, No. 70 Silth Avenue, sin Im* rr OOLMAN'S LITERARY SALOON, COSTUME GALLERY, AM) EXHIBITION OF bEAUTIFUL PAINTINGS, No. 5403 Broadway, New York. NTT* ADMISSION ONE SHILLING ONLY. O STRANGER should leave the city without calling in ti ate tile Great Collections of Books, runnings uid Eu graviirja . which are offerod at " pneet bi suit the times." The pt_ ?LlC SALE ROOM is tilled with books of every kind, in r> rious huiguafea, including Prints aud Pictures, to see wMch, and the Print Room, no Chshi.k is nude. yJ6 ec THE A L H A M R A, S50 BitOADwar, BETWEEN Srmr.ti ANn PltKCI Rtkekts. t 'HIS faahionable place til retort it 0|wn for the teasou. The icea, Fruiu, Jellies. ar.d other refreshments, are of the lineal description. ^ . An Orchestra, combining som ol the first musical talent is the city, perform every evanug, except Saturdays and Sundays, fsrorite pieces from the compo.mon of Straus, I .turner, Aunci, Bellini and others equally celebrated. BRANCH, No. H.*? K.nst Broadway, one, door above Rutger i treat, where the same delightful IceCreoms aad Refreshments may !>? found. aull Imisrrc chestnut htreet ihbatr? PHIL 4 DKLPIIIA THE Subscribers having leased this favorite establishment, are prepared to receive applications for engagement!, from I lilies and gentlemeii of the profession. All apilic itous ( which must be pott paid) will be ended to imnieili<-te|y, if addrea-' sedto LEWIS T. PRATT, or FRANCIS C. WEMYSS, sS Iw z Chestnut street Theal-e, Philadelphia. TJACKET SHIP GARIIICK from Liverpool?Cousotues-s * will please h ive their permits on board, al Orlean? wliarf, foot of Wall street, ininiediately. All goods nut permitted ill i days must nnm oul.ibK l.e sent l.o pnhl c store. si ?c CHIP IA/.(MI,Hl()AI LI Vr. RI'OOL?Consignees will * please send their iwrmils on board, at Rutgers s'reet wharl immediai. ly. All goods not |>ermiited in live days must unavoidihly be sent to public store. si Ore REGULAR OPPOSITION FOR ALBAJSYT" LANDING at Poughkee|isie, Kingston Point Catskill, Hudson, and Cigsacllie?Cabin 60 Berths .VI Cents?Deck Passage i.> Cta IteguUr days from New York?Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Albany?Tuesdayt, 'I bursdais and '? The Steamboat WAVE will leave the foot of Robintoa street, this eteuing at j o'clock, Wednesday, For |ia*sag>- 4m\, apply on board. Light freight taken low. N. B.?By altering the liour of starting from 7 to 5 o'cl ck. 'he Wave Hill arrive in Albany iii lime |Vir the Mesiem ICol Road morning tram. slO ii'rc 6ft?&: >I'.VV l.iNEOH PACKKi .1 I-OH LI V EM POOL aJWMrW?Packet of 2l?t Sept?'1 I. ,, !?? ,?!id and l^?orit? MmUml-acket ship UUEEN OF THE WEST. (liW tons ioniliet, f ( apt. P. VVoouliouse.will sail on C> , illst Sept., her reguVn day. The shi|>s ol this line lieing all 1000 tons and ujiwards, lmranus ibont to eirihark for the old coiiulty. will not tail to ?ee the advantages to be derived from m I-cting this line in pre ference in any oilier, at their great rapoin r. nders litem e?er> way more comfortable and convenient than ship, of a smaller d iss, and tlieir accommod itions for cabin, second cabin and steerage |iassengers, it n> well know n an- superior to tln>ae of an) Otlier T'ne of |iackett. Tersous wishing to secure lierths should not fail to make early application on board, foot of llurlnijc blip, or to W h JTT. TAPSCOTTT At their general Passage Office, 7# Soutli st, cor. Maideo slOrc Lane, np tt tirt. FOR LI V ERPOOL ?? JNfflto HMfctrf'"S t ub MHVVSert.?'Hie tirst class, fast sailing, Packet JBfftbKhip STEPHEN U IIITNEV, Captain Thompson, will sail at above, her regular day. Having superior accomaiodaliont for cabin, second cabin and steerage paaten iters, persons intend ing to emliark s host id B>ake Iininedi lie appli' itior i >>?ard, fo it ol Maiden Lane, ni to JOSEPH MrMl I AY, MM _ _ !4II I Street, comti fSouth. FOR-SALE?To Cloan a Coi't^n -T 'e veryraai s'ili'ig. coppen <l, Nr .. Isaisl( slop ?YA/OO, GM t.NH, carrii osU, , f New Oileant lias_ funnshetl scaommodal!? . for Ift passer..ers. If not sold lielon, will |H>s|uveIy i .oil si Auction, by I,, M. BOVr MAN Ik I O., al tie Si , I. ,ii ?' ?' xciiange. al I P \1 Thursday tlie 19th instant. Apid* "9 board,at Oliver atMR wlnrf. or to K. k. COLLINn i< ' " . slOrc m South street. I BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. [Correspoudeuca of the Ht>r?ld | PHi1.AOKi.rHi4, Sept. 9, 1*44 There wm a g rail J row y??teid?jr in the Uutiict of Mojramensing. A chap uan.ed Oxjrje IIoIsod, had breu arrest, d for an aiaault upon ao lrishmaii, and ordered to be committed to piiaoii. This, ol course, he did aot like; jn I wheu a short distance from the Aldirman'i office , ad? a desp.rate uttack up.iu toe couatable, whs waa roughly handled?Anally , howtver, w ,i? oh. tamed, wheu tha fellow ?m securely caged. One thing it cerlaiu, the motal character of the couatable wai fully tried, for 1 do not ever remember having heard profane language used. Saunders Uivit, constable of Second Ward, Kensington, has been arrested at the instance ol an Irishman learned McOuiiiis, charged with being engaged in the diauirban cea which taok place in that District on the 7th of May last An examination has been had before Alderman Boileau, who he'd Gavit to bail in $50t> to answer Du ? ing the investigation, the counsel of Gavit, was also chained by the witness with being rngeged in the riots, which Mr O'Neil |H>i|tiveljr denied, ai.d pledged him self to proT? the lellow (tuilty of perjnry by AM Porter, and others. McGirtnis said Mr John Painter requested him to make the charge* alluded to A young man, named Parry, met with a serious acci dent yesterday, while gunning on the Schuylkill near the Kort. 'I hit gun exploded, and shuttered is arm m such a dreadful manner, that it ia feared amputation will be nocens.iry. V'esterday altnrnoon another shocking accident occur red at No W Baker street, to ThoniLt Hay lea, who *U taking some |>owdertrom a horn,when it exploded, burn ing his clothes nearly olt and injuring his person, lie.? At the time of theexploiion ha had alighted segar in hi* mouth. The number ol interments in the city and libertiua daring the w< ek inding on the 7th, wus 107, of whiah 11 were from scarlet lever. Seventy .one of tlie number werx children. John Fow, a "native," has been arrested and held to bail by Alderman Kep?al Clark, of Kensington, on a chaige ofenteiing and burning the house of Patrick McGee, an individual who rendered himself conspicuous, it is alleged, in the deplorable scenes which took place in that district. I shall to morrow, if possible, furnish the reader! of the lie aid, with some interesting farts connected with the late Kpiacopal Convention?the attack upon the preaa? and the strange conduct of the lie v. Dr Tyng, wno was elected assistant Bishop! In thi< City where the Herald cir cuities to extensively,[ know they will create a sensat on and be widely read ; and that too by the very men who attempted to assail the conduct and motives ol the Hiratd anit its proprietor So look out lor something rich A real Ond? rdonker. There will be quite a lush at our theatres to night.? The Walnut opens with Forrest as Hamlet, and Mrs. Set ton ill Gertrude At the Arch, Mncieady will alio appear a* Hamlet. Mits Charlotte Cushman as Gertrude, and Mr*. Burke as Ophelia It will be seen who proves victorious, and enacts the character of Hamlet as Shakspeare origin ally intended. The Chesnut has been leased by Lewis T Pratt and Francis C. Wemyss, who will open the same in about a fortnight, with a talented company. The Olympic is doing a good business The perform ances are of the highest order, and receive gre t applause. The b< autiful act of Nathans, w ith little Kincude. it pro nounced the most correct and daring performance ever witnessed. " Can a Democrat consistently- support the doctrines of the Native American party V will tie discu-sed to night by some small beer gentlemen. Admittance, two centa '. The Liberty Fire Con;pany of Baltimore are about to visit this city, upon which occasion there will be a grand turn out of the Thilad) l| hi? ftienmn, and in all piobabili ty a disgraceful row. The conduct of the New Market Company during their visit, its disgraceful termination, nnd the destruction ol tha Wecc.acoe H"se have not been forgotten The Baltimnreans hudlmtter remain at home. In ourstot'.k market I liaveno particular featuieto note. There is but little change in price., while the amount of huoiness transpiring i> crmparatively Email W'llmmg 'on Railroad is the principal article in the market, which it tossed about like a ship at seu in ;? storm t S*l> s or Stocks this day ? Fihst Boa so ? $1870 Wil mington si*'-* IH58 rilf $VK) Lehigh Mortg?g? Loan, 17 . Ifi shares V S Bunk, Uf ; 30 .hare* Philadelphia Bank 873 KII1P NKWH. Ry ljost Nlirlit'a Mo?thern IHnll. Philapki.rills, Sept 9?Arr Thot P Cope, Miercktn. Li?*r nonl; Alleghany, Brown, N Orleans; K.Ik, Nickerson; I.ewia Bruce, Studlev, and Klla, Whelden, Boston; Bells del Mar. Itandill, Kill Hirer; Citizen, Hall, Portland; Scioto, T h< mp soil, Beirut. Below, (?en Warren, Welsh, Havana: Crescent, West Indies for Wilmington; I'einannid, and I'nmelia. B.i.timork. Sept ??Arr Ocean, Higgini, Biemen?9th ult. lit 11 III, Ion 38'JO, carrixd away main and niireii ni??ts, slid sprung loreini-t; Meiiunticook, Mayo. Bremen; Pocshontat, lligl'ins, Pliil.olelphia; Virginia, [Bieni] Jnnien, Bremen; Jss W Paige, Ta> lor, and Jos Btlch, Hnllett. Boston; Clumi Isin , Kinsman, Muyiiiinei; Jn* Bslch, Chase. Fall Hivci ; John Al lyne. Burgess, New Bedford; ' he.apealie, Post, NYork. CM W I, T.ilmmi, Matins*, West Indies; Sulh Ann, Tucker, and Michigan, Tarn-, NYork; Clarissa, Watts, Boston. Sid Schil ler, Johausen, Bremen; Direct, Briggs, N Voik. S|K>keu. Bangor, Odoui, from Liverpool lor Baltimore, Aug 15,1st 41 39, Ion 47 in. CENTRAL HAIL ROAD. FROM SAVANNAH TO MACON, GEORGIA. ssmmmia THIS ROAD is iu operation daily (Sundays excepted.) for Transportation of Passengers and Freight. New and '?omforta bl? PasneugerH Cart have been recently placd on the r.iad, and tin- distance (190 ini!????,) in run fiom tt A. M. toft I'. M., with i kfrrat rt*Ku!ariiy. 'i'!i? ( <?ini'.\ny ha* dUo h iiumlM*r ??f Burthni ( 'arn/?iul In i?r?*|?aivd to carry with despatch, ?ill good* and pro duett which inay ntfVr. (i<n>ds ciuitiunrd lo the * oinpany'* A^mit in Savauuah. will lierfcifrd ana forwarded, frer of com mission for forwaidiuK* I'rovid?*d a turn in cash, numcirnt to pay ship and road freight and ch?rut? i? dciMisited with the < ompa ny on arrival ot'the good*. Inc .st?*aro?TA UK^. CLINCH and CHAKLKSTON, owned and commanded by(^aptaim Brookn aiid Harden, run betwwu Charlfalou and Savannah, in connec* lion w ith the Road. A Sfainer learm each city on Tuesdays! Thursdavi and Saturdays, and the Line, it is e?|**ct?d, will soon run daily. l';u?enKers travelliuk South will I?mv? Charleston at 0 A. M.. imtnedia'elv after the arrival of the Wilmington steam er?reach Savannah by It P.M. same d?y, and take tlx; cars from Macon ai C o'clook the following morning. By this route there >s le>*s stayiuu than on any other to Montgomery, and the fare ia as low. r's. I.AKITTJK, Agent lor tlie 1 .me iu i harlejiUin. H. II. CUYLKR, President. THOMAS PtIRSK, Oeueral Su|<eriuteudeul. Savannah, August, 1844. sj lmrc fios&d filial jBattar^*n DAY hiN b TO IU>,-i'l OA, BY.THE LONG ISLAND RAIL ROAD. A Daily Train, Sundays excepted, leavea Brooklyn precisely it B o'clock, A. Si. for Grranpurt, from whence p4*??*utc*rs are cmivexed in a first-rate Steamer to Stoniugtnu, on Moudaya, Wednesdays and Kridays, and to Norwich ou Tuesdays. Thura days and Saturdays. Pa.?kengfrs must W at tlie South Kerry. <Oot of Whitehall street, in time to take the Verrv Boat at 7^ o'clock A. Ms, wbffltlCMtS miy b?* PTOCVIfM MM lntrgage d? [naitMl in *?, tliat go rhron^h to Boston unopened. This Liuesto|n? only twice between Brooklyn And C}n>eii(Miit( vi/.:??t "Karnnngdah-" 31, and at the ,aMnnortftC7 miles from Brooklyn, and ge nerally rraching Boajton in ten to eleven hours. An Accoinniodatiou Line l**'iv?*s for Greenj?art every day, Sundays eicepted. at 3 o'clock P. M., aud returning leavea Ureeuport ;it 5 A. M. au28 lmrc .1X Kvi/V(, A/?!/..V i\N HJH 1*44. OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE. 100 Pine unci, corner of South. m. m. <m. riTFI~RiihirrilirHivK^r?%r to calHru^tteutiou of manendi and tlir public in gi-ni-n<l, to tin- followlug arraiigrmeuts?r I "I I. for the puri>oae of bringing out Cabin, M Cabin, and HtW ige I* u?m*h2i*m, by ibf I tegular Line of Liverpool Packets, sail ttic tin* lit, fcth, I ttli, ittTi. 2l*t and $>th of every month. By (lie London Packet* to sail from New York, tin- Ut, 10th and Nth - ind from London on tlie 7th, 17th and 27th of each month In Connection ? ilh the above, and for tlie |ninnw of affording ?till greater facilities to paiieiigers, the Subscriber has establish ?d * regular line of Ami class New York built, conjiered aiwi eo|i|?red fastened ships, to Mil punctually every wtek liirough 0111 the year. Kor tlw accommodation of persons wishing to remit money to their families or friends, drafts are given, payable at light, on lite following Banks, viz.:? Provincial Bank of Ireland, parable at Coik. Limerick, < lomnel, Sligo, Weaford, Belfast, (talway, Armagh, Athlon*, Cole rain, Balliiia, Traler, Youghal, Knnitkillen, Monnghan, Baiiihridge, Ballymeua, Paraonstown Dowiiiatrick, < avan, Lurgan, Omagh, Dungannou, Bsiidon, Kiinit, Ballyshanuon, Htrabane Hkibbereen, Mallow, Moneymore, Cootchill, Kilrush, Dublin. Bkibbreen Scotland?The City Bank of (ilaagow. Knglaml - vl-sar*. 8|*>oner, At wood It Co., Banker*, London, P. W. Byrnes liCo., 36 Waterloo Koad, Liverpool; payable in every town in tiraat Biiiain Kor further infoi iiiatiou. (if by letter poet said,) apply U> JOHKPH vJcMl'HU A VVioo IWmJKh, eoruer of Sooth street. New York, Or Me*sr? P W. BVIINKH k CO.. IS W uerloo R,?d, l..??rfwx?| Londonderry, Walerford, I'ASH A UK FOR NKVV O R L K A N 8.?ket of | the Nth Nrnrt , onlv regular lift*. Tb# ?> Itndtd faat vtiliiiK packer GrneH-t, Oapt. .Minor, will tail poai nTv^^hr.ibovf1, her '??gulitr diy. Having aplendid accommodation fur ctbin, wcoftd cabin, and j *t*vrw pib^ngen. For pana ^e, irnrmdial?* application fchotild b? mad** on board at tin* foot of Wall aticet. or to W.kJ. T TAPSCOTT. a|0ire 70 Hmitti at. corner Maiden l.aaf KOR Nl. W OR LK A NWnion Linr.?Poaitif^lv ? ill** tir*t regnlar pifkM, ?Thr fant tailing packet thin SnNTCHN, < apt. Mark insftfr, will tail aa ?(>oT?f, hrr regular day. Il.ivinu ver> ati]*rior accommodationa for cabin, aecond ctbin utd /tarra*** p***enirera, paraona intending to embaik %!??- ublliri-ikf immediate application fin board at tn?- foot of Wall atr?*et, or to JOat.l'H Mi MURRAY, 100 Pine stre?t, corner of Sout'i ?t. The i-rsular packet ship Union, J. B. Rattoone, master. will sin ? I'i'd il? John Minturn. slnm xt? BLACK BALI. OR OLD UNI' OF LIVKK ?T?Vro(,L i'ackh'k? kok livkupool?Chtir JW>Mi|ta.i>-viilar packel sa.liuu on tie* lllh of Meplenibef ? I h* new, in iKiillicent and celebrated f isl sailniK r icket ship \ (IHK IHIKK, of P'lfl tons burtteu, David <i. Bailry,commandar, will sail positively as above, her itKtil.u- day. It is scarcely necc serv to sa>, as it i* so well known to the travellini public, that the accommodations of llie t k.l.iie are fitted out in a moat costly ?t> le with eve?i improveme1!! and convenienco. that raunot but add to the comliirt ol rioae ein barkinx, ana mav lie justly called a "lloatiiil |,"'"'T1 1 second cabin and sleeraxr rausenxen *i?itiiiu the "Id cminuy, Oinulii call and see this splendid ?|?< inn'ii ofiia,*l ari'liilecluie, b 'fon I'lixiKinK elsewhere. Kor terms of |<a???te and to sei ure tlie test lierths, e^rly application should be ma in on board, lia.t of Berk man street, or to KH8 It CO t|0re |}MWt?m*t. nest' door l'nl''"Bank KOR LONDON- K'*"l*r I'irkH of tlie lOih Hrpl. ?Tlw firni clffsa f?i*' nailiii* rcitulai' j?acket ?r?ip InoKTHI MBMilAND, ( aptam R. H. Ori*woUT, a* above, Imw reuiil ir il ty. . , , ,, llsvinn very suirrior accoinmodaiion* for c ibin, tecond cabin n!| J15wV"?'I"V intending to embark, .hould t Jie immediate ipilicauon onJy?o ^r ^y_ 100 Pin- stn-et. corner of South itreet The nl">ve wit' siin e. d. d by the l acket ship (iladia or, i llrilton, ami sail on 2<lth S pt. ?i I! - Persona de*(roii* of seiidini for tlieir friends, can bav* lb. m brouxlit out in 'he above vessel or any of the regular pact Mi sailing weekly, by *rplym? as above, if by letter i?*t (and p 8.?Urafla giten, imyahle at sight for any amimn.t. on ine Bank of Ireland, payable at their respective braneji** throughout the alao. on Meaars Sp. >n?r, ^twooa ? t <? , Bankers. Ixiadou. payable in every town iu Orea' i.ntaiu

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