Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 10, 1844, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 10, 1844 Page 4
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' HAiSMU B (PATENTED) EXERCISING ('H <\IRS POR SA1.R ?55 BROADWAY AND ? NASSAU ' M K. I1ALHTKD has certificate* from ? Ml 1'iriei |*1 |>hVkici uis iiud surgeons. recoininendiuk' theae Chairs Co |>ersous u* sedentary htbils, especially llw" suffering from dyspeiisia. Two or thive of these crrtifl^atM are subjoined. He ui Other. of a siinlUr , from Drs. Behl'ord, Smith, Francis, Oirviu, (iilinan, Do-uir, Varker, lick ami Detmold. New York. Ma* 2<th, IN4. I lisv. mil the "Chair" invented by Mr. Oliver Hal.ted,which api>ear? to ate to be ail. admirable substitute for horseback exer cise, which ill iu motion it mum resembles. It has, however, t he idditional advaatMe of fit iug active exercise to tier muscle* of tiie arms and che.t. It appears to me that It will be highly useful in inuiv rw. of inaction of the digestive organs, and of the uterine tysitia; also, thai it will be a valuable acquisition to all persons of sedentary habits. H. WATTS. Jr., M. D., Prof. Anal. iu College of Physicians and Surgeons. The Kxercise Chair, invented by Mr, O. Halstead, appears to uu to be admirably calculated to supidy the place of horseback exercise, when tint is impracticable, with the additional ad vantage of gi'ing much greater action to tile muscles of the arm* uichait. 1 canuot, therefore, too highly recommend it to the medical profession, in a valuable aid in the treatment of ?nmy eases of chronic diseases; but more especially of dys|*p sia and a sluggish state of tike digestive and uterine functions, and of such other disorders as spiing from sedentary habits. J As. A* WASH1NTON. M. D. New York, May 11, 1841. . . Hsi in? liven renue?ted to examine the Kxeicioug < hair, in vented by Mr. llalsted, I would state that I believe it eminently calcul tied to answer the purpose for which it was designed by the iureutor. While it j,ives to the muscles ol the arms and chest that kind of activeeierciseproduced by rowing and the use uf the dumb bells, it simultaneously communicates to the Thoracic. Abdomicil and Pelvic Viscera that pauire motion a,id exercise produced by riding on horseback, and which has treen found so beneficial in many affections of those organs. It possesses the advantage, over horseback exercise, of being al ways at hand, le.s e\|ieusive, ca|?ible ol being used III all Weathers, and, to llie timid, the v; recommendation of never ronninfaw.iv. To stiuleuti ruid others of sedentary hibits?to invalids, and thoae suffering under a variety of chronic affec tions, o specially a torpid and constipated condition of the bow eli. I brlieieth- Exercising Chair will lie found a valuable moans of improving and restoring their lieulth. WILLIAM P. BUEL, M. D. The improvement made ill the chairs within a few days past. ii such as to frrm them entirely from noise. They can be used in the room of the sick without the least annoyance?can be worked by a child?and occupy no more room Ban a common chair. s7 tw*m THE XKW IMU'EL, ?"THE New Hotel, corner of Broadway and Waverly and Washington Places, vv ill be ?|iem*d about the first of No vember. under the management of Mr John U. Billings. The Uestauraut w ill le conducted by Mr Baptiste Monot. Applications for apartments may be made to Mr. Billings, daily, in the comer room of the Hotel, on Waverly Place, or by letter addressed to 101 Leonard street ?8 2w *ec CI ?,VMON r.f-.s of Cargo per ^Iiiii JAKOLlWi A, Captain Smith, frotn Liverpool, wijl plea*- Mod their permits on hoard the ship, or to the office of the undersigned, without de lav. All giwds not iwrmitted iu five d n s.kmust unavoidably be sent to the public stote. JOHN HK.KD.V1AN, sfi 5trc 61 South street. X OTIC K . GENTLEMEN. about returning from the watering-places, with tlie intention of reaiding iu the> duriug the fall and winter season, are resjiectfully inforinud that they can be furnish ed ?iih larp and airy suits of apartments, with hoard, at 43 Walker street, a few doors from Broadway. References ex chs ged. s9 3tw MAKTKLLE & HOLDERMANN, M . ? 1,1,1 **en N. Y. VMKU-.TUREKS and iui|?)rt<>r? of Ornamental Hair W ??rk, Wigs Toupees, Bands. Curia. Seam*, Bandeau Hair whofel&e at'dlriafr'' I'wk.and a" kinds of hair worka, N. B. I lie trade att)>pli?*d on reasonable terms, ?91m* rl). M WISE" OPTICIAN, FRO M G E R M ANY. Most re*|ieeifu1ly inform* die citizens of New York, and the fbfc ii|Hlll, law be has located liimvlf in this city, and opens to-dav at 4J7 Broadway, a large and tnost complete as sortment of S|ircucles and fteadiug Glasses, in Gold, Silver, and SteelFrames. He would also remind ilie public, to whom Ik is partly known by Itis annual visits to Saratoga Springs since llie last nine years, tliat by his knowledue <;f the optical science lie is enabled to determine the gl uses suitable for any eye. Persons with weak eyes can lie supplied with glasses which will greatly benefit and not strain the sight, ('articular attention is called to a new style of i*-rsp?ctive ground glasses of thu finest dint, which, through their high polish and true ground, produce the purest vision, and ha?e l>eeu highly recom mended as the best in th?rir effects npon the eye for preserving and improving the sight in continued writing anil reading. Shortsighted' persons, and such aa have been operated u|ton for cataract, cI I il O lie uited. lie inseits likewise new glasses of su|>erior quality in old frame.., and solicits the patronage of all in want of his articles, Pleue call at M. H'iSK, Optician, s7 lin'rc 137 Broadway. ON THE CURE OF STRICTURE. IN A FORMER ADVERTISEMENTON STRICTURE 1 much |<aius was takeu to explain ita nature?the diseases which were iiiistanen for it?ita consequences and iu cur*? also the fact that .Stricture frequently exists in those who arr not in the least aware of it. Thine, however, occupying too much apace, the following remarks will be confined to certain circumstances, which will enable one to judge whether he has this complaint or no, and its proper means of cure. Among other tilings it was i marked, that it was by no means necessary tliat the -ilreain of urine should be olistructed, or even much diminished, in a case of stricture; this, indeed, occurs in bad and ioug established cases, bu stricture may exist for months and even years without producing any striking chance iu til is res|>ect. Neither is it necessary there should be pain, or an)- tiling directing the attention to the seat of this disease I' iiii, C' riainly b now MM Ml complained of, but it is only when lull animation happens to be suiwradded ; and, with re gard to other effects, especially of early cases, these are observ ed to fall upon the mind and nervous iystem, rather than the part itself. Fhere are, however, three circumstances which most iieculiarly belong to stricture, and^?siieeially when thry ?Met togetle i, ? IiduIiI never lie lost sight of, lint lead to immedi ate means of cure. Many other symptoms might be mentioned, but most of these beloiiu' to other m il ulies aa well, or relate to stricture in ita more advanced and settled form, while the fol lowing three belong In stricture iu its early st-age, and when it is so easily and certainly removed. The first of these relates to Thk MifSWKK of Uhihatihu.?it haa been already said the stream need not lie much diminiahed or impeded, but what is be observed is the ,iecnlmr way in which it finishes. if it ahould hap|ien, after the clothes are reaijjusted, that a drop or two ahould steal away, so as to wet a little, this, tritling aa it may seem, would afford a strong suspicion. Not that ilusdropor two ran proceed from no other canse whatever; but, certainly, no stricture can eiiat without it. The nest is The Timk a roitMr.ii OoanRSHCKa m*y h?vf. hkmaiiskd I'm i iini.-A <ionorrlioin, though not the only, ia by far the most frequent cause of Stricture. It ia not its severity, so much as tie* length of liine ita gleery stage may have remained, that ia to U considered Neither ia II |?issible in eve y case ro statr how Ion* this may continue without pmduriug Stricture, for one is naturally more disponed to Stricture than another. If, however, it should have continued from six to eight weeka, this length of lime nt least would strengthen any oilier suspicious circumstances. 'Die third is Thk Kh-h.t * Stkictubk Has urors thk Miisd.?Nothing IS more certain than that the effect of Stricture is to depress the spirits and to lessen mental energy Not that this is complain ed of in the same degree by every individual, but it is so com mon, in one degree or other, that the writer rarely sees a case of Stricture in which llie patient does not observe that lie is not so active, or can-able of business aa formerly,. This also is a seri ous effect: though little umlcrtood, but it is unquestionably true. Indeed, whoever Son.idrrs the natural connection of luuid aud sexual organs, will easily imagine that, aa there is a medium by which trie mind ao powerfully acta upon these or gens, so, through the same medium the sexual organs re-act u|hiii the mind. This, however, is better explained in " The Private Treatise" of the suihor, a little volume which is sent to many parts of the world. As the cure of Stricture proceeds, the activity of mind invariably returns. With respect to the cure of Stricture?this, it is gratifying to state, is generally accomplished in very little time, aud without pain or inconvenience. Nothing can exceed the improvement of late years in the treatment of thia complaint. Indeed, in the handa of pro|>er aud experienced persona, the cure of Stricture is now accomplished in as inauy days as formerly it demanded ?vinths. Many person* consul* the writer wtio come on busi ness to this citv far a short 'time only, but return perfectly cured, rh.j.n l. tins lieen a source of trouble and anxiety for years. To those who cannot leave tlieir homes, tlie writer fur nishes h>s own peculiar means of cure, together with his " Pri vate 1 eatise," which has^an interesting chapter, giving every in't malum on the subject, aud written iu the plainest manner. t>r. Ralph takes this opportunity of laying that he may be consulted on the various dis-ases referred to i.i his " J'rivab Treatise"?at his dwelling nouse, No. SB Greenwich street, at any hour, and, in consequence of tlie number of pretender! and hooka pfqaaelieey which infeat thia city, he deems it proper to make tlie full wing statement, as a satisfactory ground of coufi denes to u rangers Besides his rank aa Graduate of Edinburgh, 4ir he. lie has bawi engaged in tlie cure of these diseases, both ,i nosoital and city practice, for rnorethan thirty years, and haa published three editions of a work expreaaly on them. Also, tha^r has letters from the most eminent physicians in Europe froitHhe most eminent men in America?as Sir Astley Cooper, of Loudon, to Dr. Mott, of New York; Dr. ITiysic, of Philadel phia, and others, and that lie is |iermitted to refer to almost every Physician of eminence in this city. " The Private Trea tise" is SI- Addreas Dr. Ralph, aenr., B8 Ureenwich street. s7 lm*m TARRANT'S COMPOUND EXTRACT OF COPAIVA AND CUBEBS. THIS MEDICINE has been ex tensively used ou shipboard and in tlie Southern States, and is prefe.rable to any other. The unfortunate pa tient posseaes, in this, a sure reine dy; has uo occasion to make Ins I case public, and without any appli (cation to a medical man, without U restrict ion iu diet, or cuiilinemcnl, lliods liiinself cured effectually in a lien days at a trifling eximnse, and a I M?ing of fee lings to a sensitive iier ' son; having thus in Ins reach a rhe?p, portable and pleasant reme dy. Il is in the form of a pasie, is tsstelesa, aud does not im|iair the di gestion 1'ampbleta accompanying the medicine, without charge, con* Mining tine aud ample directions. Kor"?ale,twholesale>nd|re ail. by I* < JaMLiO TARRANT, Druggist. he., s9 Im'ec li'iO Greenwich, corner VVairen at. " ENGLISH, FRENCH AND AMERICAN SHIPPING AGENCY AT LIVERPOOL. NOTICE. HAVING withdrawn onr Ag'nev entirety frnm Mkssrs. Hanisori k Co., of Boston and New Fork, we hereby an nounce ihat Vlr.ssiu. Anawi k Co., of No. 9 Court street, Bos ton, and 7 Wall sire*-t, New i ork, are onr authorized Agents for th- United States and Canada, who are fully empowered to act lor us as our Shipping and Forwarding Atnericnn Agents. lu ensure the reception of goods in Livrrj-ool, and tlte for warding of th- same to any part of England, Krnuce, fcc. itc. it is necessary that they shonld pa* through the bards of our said A^vnts MESSRS. ADAMS 8t CO., at thair several Offices, aa follows ? N'->. ? Court street, Boston. No. 7 Light street, Baltimore. 5i 1*v-f Arenae, VVathiiiftou. ?t?- fi y"3"",' rh'lad I No. 8'i Kourtli at. I'ltuburg. No. 18 Shetocket st. Norwich, J Nn. Main at., Worcester. .? i as . ...< ,VIL.LMKK h SMITH, Liverpool May I, IIM. ~ Vril.LMER fc SMITH take this opportunity of statin* to Merchants, Brokers Immrters and others, resident in everypart ol the UMM, tl?t timr l.ivrriM,| hoiue \% iirrahmly idmrfrd lor thr instant cuid eiprCM il^?|Htch of pncku?e?, imracib kihv.# Ika.. IMiniK (hmmrijfor Botion, .New York'Sdal) tlio othar ?IU?m in th* UuiU^l Huum aud C anil tVint thAt departinent of Uieir bnsinrss Hti th? cosnsar isnrisgo. |Mli rTKtsriotv or THr. ihiniMi,, oil all occasions. WILLMER It SMITH have made arrangemenia with Messrs ADA iIS It CO.. by which all tioods |ias?iug through iheir Liverpool house for America, by tlie St#amsbi|? and oflwr ves sels, will have the immediate aud punctual attention of their said Agents, Mrtrrt. Jtdamt ir Co. at Roaton and New Vork sjitl will thereby be free Irom delay and high chargea. They de>in it necessary here to state, that tliey have no eon n-'ion wlntever with Mr. E G. Tiirkerinan, of Liverpool. miL^KK 4- sMITirs ENGLISH EXPRESSES. 41 ^ko have for a series or y.-ira rni. ivate t.%, res.i?a to and frotn Londou with imiiortatit mtelli f'', JJ>!'. UeiijJLv ? - ?PHH . .. . PmRSTCPSJb. mlI men b" iiciHt faithfully delivered by tl??*ir own .invtK mrwtig^r. and hoar? gfiifrally in mlranw ?>f the Kng I li?h nitflii to London. Mr. KDNVAUU WIIiLMKK, who n a . . \ in rict, i prepared to afT??r*i any iiiformation tiffin thi? ?<ihi??ti wtfarity for tin* du^ prrformaner* of all iotli l.niiiirM aa mav b* enlriiMfd to kn? Liv?*r|?ool eatabliahm?'ul. 1ft if rc WHEAT ?MOO tio.hels Prime Illinois. Kor ?Ue liy fc. K. COLLINS fc CO. %& in j>> South street T", BEACON COUR8S. FOOT RACE FOR ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS. .E PROPRIETORS jf the above Course offer* Par* of 11000 for a Foot Race, to tak,-place ?? the above Courae, mr Hoboken, on the MllW OCTOBER, wwlher permitting, a* follows... . _ A Put* of $609 to til* pernio who will nut th* greatest d? taurr within on* hoar? fJSO t?> the secoud in til* race?J lOOtO the third best in the race, lidiMlO the fourth; if, however, the first in tlie iace does uol |*rfnrm teu miles within the hour, $300 only will he given; and if til* second, third. Hid fourth do not lierfnrin 9X mile, within the hoar, they will m-rive but half the above sum, and nothing if uiue mile* are not performed. la cue lily panon should come from Knglaud, or any other place out of III* United State*, for the purpose of this race, and alio old wiu either oft lie above purses, ten |>er cent adduiou will he al lowed for their > i|ieuaea. Kive dollaraeutraiice will lie charged, to prevent peraoua entering their names who do uol uiteud to '"Persons wishing to enter for tlie above are iiqaested to do ao as aoou as couveuieul, and no one will be allowed to enter who doe* not do ao ou or before the 2 lit of September. Entrances made, ana all information given by the subscriber, either by letter or otherwise. No iwrsou will l* allowed to start for the above Panel may, Iietweeu this aud the above nee, run on any course in uited States for a purse or much of ?60, or more. O. 8. BROW VINO, West Hoboken, N. J. Jane 19th, 1S44. 1)4 miles from Hoboken Kerry, an IJ ltn?rc BOARDING. rPO LET, WITH BOARD.?Two handsomely furnished *- Parlors, suitable for gentlemen and tlieir wives. Also, several rooms lor single gentlemen. The house is in 1 central localiiin, aud the table supplied iu the best style. Please enquire at i?4 Fulton street. jy30 Imrc MADISON HOUSE, SOUTH BROOKLYN, L. L Siti'itk No. 11 Atlantic St., orroiiTE Long Island Kail-Road Defot. rPHK subscriber would most respectfully call the attention of A passengers going Kast, by the Long Island Railroad, that he servs up, lor their iiccominouatiou, Breakfast previous to the dejiarture of can. Those who may honor him with a call shall receive the best attention?pleasant sitting and dressing moms for Ladies Private entrance secoud door in Furman ?t , north of Atlantic at. O. REM SEN, a!8 lm*m Proprietor. CAST OFF CLOTHING. GENTLEMEN OR FAMILIES desirous of converting into cash their superfluous or cast off Clothing, will obtain from the Subscriber the II KillEST CASH PRICr.S. h';imili?-s or Gentlemen iiuiltiug the city or changing re sidence, having effects of the kind to dispose of, will find it much to their advantage to send for the Subscriber, who will attend them at their resideuce by appoiutment. H. LEVETT, Office No. 3 Wall street, and at 470 Hudson it. Clothing cleaned and repaired. (T/-A Hue through the Post Office, or otherwise, will receive prompt attention. au3l lm?re "GENIN'S IMPROVED MOLESKIN 1IAT, FALL STYLE. Price $*,50. NOW READY, at GENIN'S well-known Establish jMe? ni-iit, a highly improved and very beautiful Moleskin I1\t, mule iu close imitation of the Freuch Hals, from (lie most celebrated manufactories of Paris. Having now on hand an as sortmeut of the imported article made hy Mugnier, Kentlemen will be enabled by actual comparison, tojuilge lor themselves of tlie almost complete identity of the two articles. .Many under circumstances, have preferred those manufactured by tlie subscriber, not merely for tlieir greater cheayness, but as pos sessing, in an eminent degree, those qualities for which the French Hats are so justly asdinin-<l, tit -.?solidity of brim, which adds so much to general durability, and which uloue the shape and contour of the Hat is preserved?superior grace and beauty?high lustre and neatness of I rimming. The subscriber, not only from his kuowlege of the article, but also from the great satisfaction of those who have purchased, cat confidently recommend them to tliu gentlemen of New Vork as being superior to any thing of the kind heretofore manufactur ed in this country. He therefore solicits a call and examination of their merits. J. N. OENIN, 214 Broadway, opposite St. Paul's. The usual lull and choice assortment of IJeaver, Nutria and Caxsimere llats. Also, a full assortment of Mens, Vouths and Infants C-ipi. s.'> lm*rc as the late ! TOOTH-ACHE CURED IN ONE M1NUTK. by the use of the OLUVK AN OD VN E.?This is ail eicelleut arti clt* iuhI will cure tlie mnit viuleut tooth ache or pain ill the Kums, ill one minute. Ttio I love Anodyne is not unpleasant to the taste, or injurious to the teeth, and will PKHMANCNTUY cure any tooth to which it is applied. Trice 25 cents. ForA"r&ANDS*CO.. Chemists and Druijgist. ni Broadway, corner Chamber. femel; -9 Kulton street, ami 77 iMjiraad way. ?? H E HKiHI. V SCENTED AND PURE J0 FOR THE HAIR?Of all preparation* V lor the hair or whiskers, nothing equals "" the oil prepared from Bears Grea?e. In r most instances, it restores the hair .to tne bald, and will effectually preserve it from i falling off in any event.. It was long noted ? i>v such eminent physicians and chemists, i Sir Humphry Davy and Sir llenry lalford, lhat pure R?nr'?"l}ri' i?e properly prepared, was the best tiling ever dis . ij /frTC. ore?e r vat Ion of the hair, or restoring It when A II Sands 1st Co. luive saved no e*|?ens? in get '"ESny1aI'b. 8AND8 fc CO.. NK?I Broadway. Granite Buildings, corntr of street. WOMAN EYE BALSAM, KOR WEAK AND INFLAMED EYES.? , This valuable Balsam has been used for many | years, in pravate pr .clice, by the most celebrated F Oculists in this and foreign countries, and may )?? confidently relied upon a? the most saft ana ^injnjjT^ -.^(1 v cure for weak or inflamed eyea, arising SAN^s'^rurWlwI^leaiid WHO is there, young or old, that likes red or my hair f This uuesuou applies to both seies, and should Le remem bered if they leei i'iellnnI lo change the color of the.r locks. " Red cheeks are pretty?not red hair The latter shames complexion tair. . Dye'adds a glossiness and ap[>earance to the Hair equal to na ture. ? i j ? n SANDS St CO., Chemists and n Su rs B^adway.V^er Chambers,t^i, in the Granite bIuuC"' Sold also at 79 Fulton street and 77 East Roadway. Trice SO cents. IMPROVED C11EM1GAL LIQUID OPODEL DOC AND ANOD\NL LINIMENT. Far the radical and permanent cure of Croiitu JulecUons and Rheumatic Paint, Indolent Tumor $,&weUcd Tcndpn*, Hruiaet Cramps, Sprains, Aunibnrss oj the I.units, btijjne*8 or Weikneuoflu Joint*; also, Pain In the lireatt, Back or iJn. ATn aid Swelling vf the Face, Sort Throat, Mumps, "V'HIS embrocation is a rare and valuable combination of warm 1 .tinnllluuand anodyne ingredients, and wi I be toundfsr su it* rior to any of the Opodeldocs or Liniments heretofore invent Id Tor theabove mentioned maladies. As anW'1'"1}"" to remove Tirin and lnllammatlon, lU beneficial effects are im mediate and certain; and in Rheumatic Pains or Gouty Affec tkins, its soothing and anodyne properties are manliest soon *1 tar its application. Pi ice 25 cents. Preiiared aud sold wholesale and retail, by A B. SANDS fc. CO., Chemists and Druggists, 273 Broadway, corner of Chambers street, ?5 lm*ec 79 Fulton street, and 77 bast Broadway. IJULil iCAt. CAUii>AlUiir.a.?'llie Deal ?mU satoast A hie assortment are published and for sale by JAMES RAMI ISjo 118 Nassau street. Orders, accompanied with a reimtune'efwill be^ pui*ct u al 1 y attended to. Trice $6 per 100. au2l lm'ec ? TO GUNSMITHS. . w VTOW OI'ENINO?100 common Bovs' Onns, single bar N rels; 40(1 common full sue tuwluiB Guns, do; 200 hue,do; ^The above guns'comprise a full assortment of Knalish and German Onns, from common to finest i|ualiti?e and at lower Pr^SO-fo"kef rit^d Duelling Pistols; Rifle, of ever, de MA-mti?d Lin^s of Locks, Ribs, Hods, Worms, Cones, Barrels. * lasks, Shot Belts, Game Bags, l'eicussion Tills and Caps, anil every uther article a,ALSo^Al|fene'rid3ortment of H^d^are^aiid^Cuaery^ anil lm*rc 218 Tearl street, near Tlatt st ~~ FRENCH CHINA. REMOVED TO NO. 65 LIBERTY STREET, (LIT STAIRS.) ADALESME, Importer and Agent for Manufacturers, has . always on hand a large assortment of dimiei and tea sets, in plain white and gilt Krench Porcelain, as well as Dinner and llesiert Tlates, of all siw., assorted Iji.h*., Soup Tureens Covered Dishes, Salad Bowls, fruit Baskeu, Custards aud 8tARo, Fancy Tea Sets, and Rich Decorated Dinner Sets. Also, Tea and Chocolate Ware. Oreek, l>rench aud Amencu the article, are warranted of the best Quality, and to be told on liberal terms, and in lots lo suit purchasers. inria Em* re A CARD. ADVICE IN DISEASES PECULIAR to the circumstance, sympalhiej and formation of Females, oy Dlt. SlKlflENS, Member ol the Royal College ol Surgeons, London, anlfl lui'rc 47 Warn n street. New \ork. PATENT ELASTIC SHOULDER BRACE. THIS ARTICLE is intended to brate tlie shoulders and el pand the chest, and will be found indispensable to all |?ersons who have acqnin*d the habit of stooping, either Irom weakness, Confinement, or study. Parents and guafdians are particularly rnpieiied to e*nmin* this irticle. It is highly recommenoeu by many eminent professional gen lie men for the use of chilaren ol either ?ex. They can be worn w ith |>erfect**a?e, onerint no im pediment to the free u*e of the arms, while they strengthen the nack and shoulders, and improve and beautify the form. The public are cautioned against a number of unworthy im itations of the bUstiC Brace, which are offrred in different places throughout the country, as none are genuine excepting those stamjied with the uaines and ulace of business Ot the sub scribers. I ARoBLLH &c AO A* b, Muiufacturas of Belts, Braces, Slocks, ready inade Linen, Busiienders, Stc. inc., aud Dealers in OnU Furnishing Articles, all lm*rc 237 Broailway, comer of 1 uk I l?ce. TO SOUTHERN MERCHANTS Jc DEALERS. rPHE SUBSCRIBERS offer lor sale, * very superior article 1 of Amazon lints, or different colors, made this summer, which will lie sold eitremely low to eloM aconowii. Also, Braid, of varioiai colors. "? McKA* k ''"j . au3U lin'ec 31 Ferry street, New York. LEECHES?LEE(>IIES?LEECHES, or nf\A SWEEDISH AND GERMAN LEECHES OOyUW Just received by the Havre Packet, for sale whole M.e and retail at^pr^, by ;oppA Importer, of Leeche.. aii^ im'Mi M* W?s?aii)str?t. N. T. CLIREHUUH'S VENTILATING AND GOSSAMER WIGS AND SCALPS. C1LIRKHUGI1 invites all wearers and connoisseurs to in.mot / .. ........ ...I lV,.i.Ui.aD Uiwi lllf 1111/ \v iwr*. which tor ele skin. In their lortn they coyer no more ol the brow than tlie natural Iwir does. Composed of hair which never lose. lUcurl, and b> ilie use of a flat elastic .priug, (made espressly for him self,) which neither corrodrs nor loses It. elasticity, tlie, lit so close., to the head, tliat the inost critical observer cannot pene trate the deception. !2US Broadway, (i"tl St Paul's,) alt lm*m ip stain. TO MACHINISTS, tec. A NUMBER of .Machines for Hranling?all complete?lo gtHi-r with a quantity of Keels, Hpools, Swift*. Ur. Will be sold very low to close a concern. Apply to 31 ferry street, New York. au'JO lm*?t WEATHERS?lb. Weatcu Ltvr Uee.. lor sale by T anM E. S. COLLINS k CO. M Booth st. LODGINGS TWJCNTYITVX OKNTS. AT THE yjtO'S HEAD No. S tuouT 8tut. The Subscriber having fitted np and nrwl^ fuinished several rooms i a ea the I'ublic. with, this Establishment, ?u ana solicits a call from hi) .fr-ud JAMES BYRNES. TO ARTISTS. AhA TO LET?The third floor over the Parisian Bazaar pjW which lias been up at great expense a* a Gallery for XJK Paintings and Sculpture, Willi a splendid dome, ami it presumed to be equal to any, and in |K)int of situation far su|w rior. Also, To Let?A room in the second story, which haa beeu altered for, Portrait and Miniature Painting*. Also, To Let?Two of the beat located Baaeineut Stores in Broadway, under the Parisian Bazaar, for tile, sale of Truuks, Fancy Baskets, W<x.den Ware, Boots, or any other genteel bu siness, and possession of eitlier inay be had immediately. For furtherparticulars, apply at the office of T- W. Benedict, Esq., No. 25 Nassau street, comer of Cedar, oral the Bazaar, No It'J Broadway, near Grand street. N. B., To Let?A few stands in the Bazaar, for the sale of Fancy and Staple Goods. *9 3frrc VALUABLE FARM AT FLUSHING, LONG ISLAND, FOR SALE. *34* THK subscriber offers for sale, that valuable Farmou jKWwIiieli he now resides, situated in* the town of Flushing, ^adbk-three ouarters of a mile from St. Thomas Hall, one and a quarter miles from the steamboat landing, and nine miles from the city of New York, containing about seventy acres of the best quality of land, in a high state of cultivation, (having beeu thoroughly manured the last spring.) Ou the premises are au elegant mansion house, fifty-four feet front by forty-eight feet deep, built in the very best manner and completely filled in with brick, containing thirteen rooms, a large, basement with two kitchens, meat and vegetable cellars, and every otlier conveni ence lor a large family, or genteel boarding liouse; barn, car* riage house, ice house, and all oilier necessary c nt-build ings; two wells of excellent water, and a large cistern near the house. There is al;.o on the farm a cottage ?ith garden attached, suitable for a tenant or farmer; a tins orchard of Apple and I ear Trees iu full beiring. and a great variety of Cherries and otlier Fruits, and a large Garden containing the finest kinds of (ira|>e*, Raspberries, Gooseberries, he. To a gentleman iu business this is a most desirable locatiou on ac count of its proximity to the village from which stages and a steamboat run to the city of New York five times a day. For terms, which will be very low, or further information, Sic., a|> ply to Isaac C. Delaplaink. Esq., No. 7 New street, New York, or to the subscriber ou the premises. GEO. O. MITCHELL. 8 Fu silirtc, 5th Sept., 1811. s9 lw*ec BREWERY AND FARM FOR SALE.?The Sob (!?!? scriber offers for sale the old established " Berkshire JjjUL Brewery," in Pittatield, Mast., one mile from the Great Western Railroad. It is iu good repair, most of the utensils nearly utw, and capable of brewing 2000 barrels a season. Malt house attached, capable of malting 6000 bushel* |?r annum. Few country; breweries possess tlie same advantages of doing a safe and profitable business, situated in the centre of a manufac turing district, where the consumption of ale i* rapidly in creasing. The Farm consist* of 72 acre*. 30 of which i* well timbered, the rest under cultivation, well fenced and good buildings. Will be *old separately or together. Terms ?uy. ^ J/VMK8 ROY. West Troy, Albany County, July 10th, I84C j!3 tfrc A RAKE CHANGE AT PRIVATE SALE. M THE Proprietor of the BALTIMORE HOUSE being |!TiW about to engage in other business, now offers for sale the Xj|LOood Will and Fixture* of the same, being on* of the best located Hotel* iu the City of Philadelphia, for transieut biui net*. It is situated at the corner of Dock and Fiont streets. The house is four storie* high, with three fronts, and upwards of thirty rooms, nearly all fronting the streets. Thereisal.oa llestorant adjoining the bar room, with yard, &.C., attached. It is w ithin one square of the Baltimore and New York Steamboat Landings, Custom House, Post Office, Exchange, Ute. The Establishment ha* been doing a good bus mess for the last four years. ,sP.S. A good tenant can have it for a number of years at a mo derate rent. 9Tlie purchaser may have posseaiion at any time before the 1st 'October next. tFor further particulars, inquire at the Auction (tore, 279 Mar et street, or on the premises. Also, a pair of large Elks, male and female. These uiimals are full grown, and line specimen* of their kiud. The male carries at present about 20 feet of bonis. au23 linrc A CAR!)?Inventors, Capitalists, Engineers and Manufac turers are informed that Dr. LAllDNER may be consulted professional ou matters connected with tlie application of the Shytical sciences to the art*. Atheneum Hotel, Broadway, I. Y. aulSlmrrc MRS. GREEN'S AGENCY FOR DOMESTICS, No. 380 Broadway, East Side, Between White and Walkkh Streets, New York. ESTABLISHED under the mo*t resectable patrouage, for the purpose of supplyiug families with faithful Domestic Servants. Hoars of business from 7 o'clock, A. M., till 4 o'clock, F. M. an 1 1 in ? in TUST terns FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS AND FEATHERS. TJRUN LAHOSIKRK U COURT, 116 William street, N. V, D are receiving by the Havre packets their assortment of Fall Goods, which for elegance they have no rival. All dealer* and judges in the above line are invited to give thein a call, and we will venture to aay they will not leave 1>b store without express. iuR their admiration of such a beautiful stock. They pledge themselves that the public will not be deceived with American llowers for French, as they have their house in l'wi(, Rue de Tracy, No. 6, and deal exclusively in French flowers. au20 Im'rrc. YORK HOTEL, 7 Ac 9 WASHINGTON ST. BOARD ajid Lodging, Jier Week $3 SO Transient Boarders, per Day, from 50 to 75 cents Single Meals 0 IS The location is pleasantly situated, convenient to "Jie Phila delphia, Boston and Albany steamboats. Persons wishing to reside in the city lor a few days, will do well by calling and making I heir arrangements with the Proprietor. jet 3m*rrc F. KNOWLKS. GROUND COCOA, IN THE FRENCH STYLE. FEFFRAY, Sweet Chocolate Nkker, 457 Broadway, near ? Grand street, lus just set in operatiou a French Machine, which. separating tlie larger hM of the broken Cocoa, grind the smaller: also tlie shells and most gelatinous Part, into a coarse powder, to prepare a tea of it so as not to be oily -is when the berry is altogether employed. The public is earnestly soli cited to make a trial of it. au2() ltn*rc SHIRT MANUFACTORY GENTLEMEN'S CLOTHING STORE, 09 Maiden Lmc. HKCEIVED, the latest and must approved French pat terns Shir's. Also, a general assortment of Clothing of all descriptions. Clothing made np to order at tlie following low prices, vix ,? Frock and Dress Coats made and trimmed from $8,00 to $10,110 Pantaloons and Vests, " " " 1,60 to 1,75 All made in the best manner and most fashionable style. Uuder Garments made to order Hosery, Gloves, Stocks, Cravats, Collars, Suspenders, be. WM. COLLINS. au27 Im'ee D. M. PEYSER & CO. No. 00 John street Mtil 300 Broadway. LTAVK received by recent arrivals, and keep constantly on hand, a large and tasteful selected assortment of French and (Jermau Article* for Kmbroidery and Fancy Goods, which they iffer for sale at wholesale and retail, vix:? Berliu Zephyr Worsted, Cv'rman Worsted, Canvas, Floss Siik, Chenille and a variety of other articles for Kmbroidery. French Purse Twist, shaded and plain; Gilt and Silvered Deads, Purse Ornaments, Bracelets, Jet Combs and Bracelets, Wire Baskets, Gilt aitu Steel Clasps for Bags and Parses; Gilt and Silvered Hair Pins, Combs, Fringes, Braids, Cord, Tassels, Necklaces, Slices, &c. A splendid assortment of all kind of Tassels, Chenille Cord uid ( neuill* Embroidered Suspenders and Sus|>ender Trimmings, Silk, Worsted and CoUou Friuges, and Gimp, iu all colors and qua lities. Oiled Silk, French manufacture, white, yellsw and green. j v 24 3m ec TO TAILORS. tlT H. STKINMKTS takes leave to announce to the trade vv . the second. Kdition of his complete Work on Cutting Garments of every description, will be ready for delivery in a few days. It is now more than a year since this work was first intro duced to the trade, during which time it has met with the nighest approbation by the most emineut of the profession both in Europe and America, net an instance having occurred where in complete satisfaction hes not been given to tho* who have tdopted its principles. The book is 12 by 17 inches square, and contains 17 elegant Diagrams, representing all the various styles of Garments now in vogue, with plain instruction/ for cutting ?ach in a style of elegance not to be surpassed, together with ouch other information in the trade too numerous to detail in in advertisement. The following are a few of the many highly respectable names who at est to the merits of the work a lie undersigned being practically acquainted with Mr. Stein met's Treatise on Cutting Garments, with pleasure recommend it as a work, complete in its arrangement, and in its practical tpplication to f'nuing, superior to any heretofore published either iu Europe or America:? P. Henry It Sou ; Daniel Cutter ; Stoats It Banker ; Chas. Cox : E. W. Tryon k Co.; B. F. Homer ; James Daily ; John Havilaud ; J. H. Banker. The abow can lie obtained of the author, No. US Broadway, Mew York. au2 Im'ec SODA BISCUIT AND SUGAR CRACKERS. rPllK Subscriber wishes to make known to the Public, that 1 much of the Biscuit and Crackers which are sold in this city by the above names, are entirely different from the Sod* Biscuit and Sugar Crackers made at his Bakery ; which have Iteen used by invalids, particularly those who suffer from indi gestion. for more than twenty years with the best results ; while the imitation, which can be made for a less price, though perhaps good for a .person iu health are wholly unfit lor the sick. The above Biscuit and Crackers, also Butter Biscuit. Wiue Biscuit, Butter Crackers, Water Crackers, Pilot and Navy Bread, all of the tirst quality, are constantly for sale at I the well known establishment, 27'j Washington street, corner of Warren street. EPHRA1MTRKADWELL. ]V2R 6m * rrc IITAH HES! WATCHES AND JEWELRV?Those ?v who wish to purchase Gold or Silver Watches, Gold Otiains, Gold Pencils, Keys, kt., will lind it greatly to their ad vantage to call on the subscriber, who is selling all descriptions of the above at retail, much lower than at any other house in the city. Gold Watches as low as $M sud $25 each. Watches and Jewelry exchanged or bought. All Watclies war muted to keep good time or the money returned. Watches, Clocks and Jewef aiepaired in the best manner and warranteil, at much less than usual prices. G. C. ALLEN, Importer ef Watclies and Jewelry, i uT Im'ra Wholesale sad setail. IB Wall st. iu> stairs BOOTS AND SHOES. flOCNTRY MERCHANTS and others are invited to call v and examiue our stock of the above articles, iu part as fol lows, vis:? Men's Thick Boots, Men's Kip Brogans, Boys' " " " Calf ' Calf and Kip ilo, " " sowed Brogans, Youths' " 'r ?? Kip " Mail's Calf and do do, Boys' and youths' " " " stitch do, ?' " pegged " I ogether with a great variety of women's and children's wear, lower than ever for cash or city acceptances, by the case or do*. M . . ? . ? "ALE It CO, 260 Pearl street, aii20 lm?rc IT H Hotel Beildings. Iste Holt's House. LUCINA CORDIAL; OR. THB ELIXOR OF LOVE. rr IS A SOVKHKIGN and S|<eedy cure for incipieut con sumption, barrennrss, im|>oiency, lucorhseor whites, obstruc tion, difficult orpninful menstruation, incontinence of urine, or involuntary discharge tlierrof; and for general prostration of tlie system, whether the result of inherent causes or produced by ir regularity, illness or accident. It is pleasant to Use taste, and po sitively sure in its o|>erations. ju unritalled reputation in both hemispheres Is tlie result of its almost supernatural virtues. LET NO ONE DESL'AIll! Nothing can be inpre surprising than iu invigorating effects on tlie human frame. Tenons afflicted with weakness and lassi tude before taking it, at once become robust and full of energy uuder its ii,tluence. It immediately counteracts tlie nerveless aess or looseness of tlie female frame, which is tlie only cause of barrenness; and which, prior to Dr. Magnin's discovery, was considered to lie incurable. Language indeed, canuotdo justice to the merits of the UK INA rORDIAL, which is regarded , by the heads of the faculty m all parts of tlie world, ns one of | the most important discoveries of any age. Sold wholesale and retail, in this city, at 125 Fulton street, comer Nassau; and Seth K'owle, Washington street, Boston; 90 North Sixth street. Philadelphia. Price $3 |ier bottle, >21 |?> dozen *nl7 I an *11 CHIP SARAH. AND ARHILIA, Matison, master, from I ? I 'i ? -Con*igi < "s cp( linnil, I') this vesa, | will confer , if vnr 111 ? ndini;, with' tit ilela ., iheir peimits to the office of the <ui-:rilieis. IHOC11K, BROTHERS *. CO , *7 Mrc IS Fulton s'.rset. concern on inform yon N|tW TOIK, SEPTEMBER, 1144. FRESH IMPORTED STOCK OF FRENCH, GERMAN AND ENGLISH WOOL LENS, Sec.. See., See. TO BE CLOSED BY NOVEMBER 1,1U4. / r. ul our Partners intruding to retire from onr con y t r?e lie of November uext, we be* resiwetfully to infc that ii is msd? necessary to close oar present Stock, on or before that a*;-.. The Good* have been imported by the latest arrivals, and consist in part of ihr follow ins, via :? French Broad Cloths, C ass i uteres and Veetuure, German Castor Bsarsrs, Broad Cloths. Three-fourths and ui-fourths Doeskins and Cassimeres, English Broad Clotlis, Caasimrrea, Beavers, Pilots, Lion Mill, Blankets, Paddings, Worsted Stuffs and Veatings, In every' variety, Ike.. Ike.. Ike. ('ranch, German and English Fancy Cassimeres, lie. Scotch.Plaidi and Scotch Tweeds, Ike. And Tailors' Trimmings, In every variety. Yton will please favor us with a call, aud oblige Your moat obedient servants, NEVINS & CO., IMPORTERS, No.68 CEDAR STREET NEAR NASSAU STREET," a? 2m*rc (UP STAIRS.) 17XPRESS PRICES REDUCED?The Subscribers have Jlj reduced their Express prices on all small packages of law and other documents, from 40 cents to 36 cents |>er package, from this city to Buffalo aud the intermediate points. Also, through Wells Ik Co.'s Express from Buffalo to Chicago, at 50 ceiSs per package from this city to Chicago, and the intermedi ate points on the Lake. au3 LIVINGSTON, WELLS It POMEROY. FLAiNTEltS' HuTEL, STATES ISLAND. rpHE above delightful Boarding House is now o|ieu for tlie re ?l ception of boarders. The subscriber begs leave to mention, that a Bathing house haa been built in front of the establishment for the accommodation of boarder , lie., and nothing shall be wanting on his part to make those who patronize him comfort able. P. WOLFE, Proprietor. Tompkinsville, Aug. 10,1844. ITT" For the purchase of Cottages or Heal Estate, apply to au!6 Imrrc P. WOLFE, Planters' Hotel. MR. CHILD having been engaged for many years, in conjunction with his father^ an eminent Oculist in Englaud, in the treatment of diseases of the Eye, and having succeeded in restoring sight in uumbers pf cases which had been abandoued as iucurable by other Oculists, respect fully offers bis professional services in this branch of medical art. His mode of practice is simple aud easy; neither resorting to those iwinful methods which are too general ly adopted, nor requiring that irksome couliuemeut from liifht and air. and unpleasant restrictions iif food, which are most usu ally enforced Numerous cases of hit successful treatment have been publicly recorded to which he can refer, and he possesses testimonials of the value and efficacy of his mode of practice, which may be inspected by any one who favors him with a call He will never undertake a case where there are not good reasons for expecting a cure?and his aim and object being to assist in the restoration of that inestimable blessing, sight?the poorest of the community may avail themselves ol' Ins assistance as freely as the most opulent. Mr. CHILD may be consulted daily [Sun days excepted] from 10 to 4, at 69 Vandam street, four uoors from Hudson. All letters must be post paid, Advice to the poor gratis. au30 lin*ec % JACKSON, STACEY & SMITH, MANUFACTURERS AND IMPORTERS of Pen, Pocket ?W- and Table Cutlery, Kaiors, Scissors, File*, Saws, Tools, and other deserinlionsof Sheffield Goods? au!7 lm?rc No. 16 PLATT STREET. Dr.WHME&<j| OCULIST. No. 33 Greenwich street. Devotes his exclu*i>? attention to DISEASES OF THE EYE aud OPT11ALMIC SURGERY, He has receutly imported from France very superior specimens of ARTIFICIAL EYES, manufactured so as to resemble, iu every respect,.Use natural eye. Any person who may be deficient of an eye, can have it artifi cially replaced by Dr. Wheeler, so closely imitating nature as to defy detection. Office hours from ? AM. to 1 P M.. after which he visits outdoor patient* auT lm*re D R . DlOSSlf , OCULIST AND OPHTHALMIC SURGEON, No. HO Chambers at. 4 doors W. of Broadway, NEW YORK, /CONFINES his practice to Diieaski or the Eve, and Ope rHlious ujion that Organ and its appendages. Artificial Eyes inserted. Dr. D. has for tlie last eight years devoted his atten tion almost exclusively to this important branch of tlie profes sion, having been a pupil of Dr. Elliott, subsequently liis as sistant, audlater practising at Charleston. S. C. Fog Opera tions (strabismus, cataract, Inc..) and treatment, charges moderate. Office hoars from 9 A. M. to 6 P. M. s4 lm*ec CO-SIGNED OVER!!! To an ???*>? eternity, by all who witness ed the pair, and ghast ly object, earned by (pitting blood, and a moit violent cough,with night a weats, a hoarseness and sound of the voice, indicating an alarming state, of disease : my clergyman was plain with me, and slated that I had but a few days to live; my sister, who was my auxiout care taker, mad* inquiry where she would be most likely to obtain the most certain relief, she was told of thy Swayne't Compound Syrtip of Wild Cherry, a medicine in general use throughout the United States, for the cure of coughs, colds, consumption, spitting of blood, iiilluenza, palpitation of the heart, whoopiiig cough, tickling or rising sensation in the throat, bronchites, asthma, weakness of the nervous system, or impaired constitution from any cause, aud to prevent persons from falling into a decline. She was in formed if this medicine failed iu the cure, my life was hopeless. Dr. Swayne't Syrup was th?n procured, and the first bottle gave relief, and by the time I had cwnmeuced the filth bottle, my cough Itad left me, and my strength so much improved, that 1 was able to tike the f'resli air, and in a short time I entirely re covered my former health. For a corroboration of the truth of the above statement, you can call on my sister, who lives in Ju niper street, one door below Race, Philadelphia. ISAAC MORGAN REEVES. O* Be cautious to ask for the original, J>r. Swayne't Com pound Syrup of Wild Cherry, as all other preparations frofti tins valuable tree are fictitious and counterfeit; prepared only by Dr. Swayiw, who*- office is at the northwest corner ot Eighth and Race streets, Philadelphia. Agents?Dr. W. H. Milnor, comer of Broaffway and John street, New York; K. A. Sands, 188 Bowery, N. York; E. B. Warner, 205Bltecker street, N. York; Piersou Bt Harrison, 720 Broad street, Newark, N. J.; Benjamin Olds, 278 Broad street, N. J.; John 8. Harrison, Salem, Mass.; J. H. Pierce, 4 Stnuwix Hall, Maiden Lane, Albany, N. York; Backus & Bull, Troy, N. York; 8|>alding Si Harrington, Wor cester, Mass.; Jaines Ureen li Co. Worcester, Mass.; Grant & Bockee, Poughkeepsie, N. York; E, Hollidgt^ Buffalo, N. York; Wm. Montgomery, Lansingburg, N. York: J. C. Pudney, Poughkeepsie, N. ? ork; O. O. Woodman. Vicksburg, Miss.; H. He J. Brewer,. Springfield, Mass.; J, P. Hall feCo., Boston, Mass.; Wm. Duesburv, Lowell, Mass.; Jasper.C. Ayre, Lowell, Mass.: E. S. llolden, East Boston. Mass.; Hansom tc Stevens, Boston, Mass.; P. M. Cohen 6i Co., Charleston, S. C. septl 3m*ec. DH. COUUTi."! may be consulted coutideiuially ai Ins Ul fice, 1G Duane street, two doors from Chatham. Strangers are reflect fully informed that l)r. Corbitt is a member of the University of the City of New York, and that he lias exclusive ly confined his practice from being general to the treatment ot certain classes of diseases, (now over eleven \ ears iu the city of | New York,) which engages his eatire attention. The anuals of medicine do not record greater success than is to be found in his practice. The Doctor cautious the unfortunate against the use of mercury, as it lias its thousands of victims. Recent cases are in a few days removed entirely from the system. See that you are judiciously treated by a person legally Qualified, and not by pretenders and quacks as there are several of them iu this city. Persons afflicted with protracted and inveterate cases need not despair of being restored to health, by applying to Dr. Corbitt. A practice of many years has established the Doctor's reputation for skill and respectability. Stricture* engage the Doctor's profound attention. A medicine may be had to pre vent a certain disease in any of its forms. je!7 3m*rc PARR'S LIFE PILLS. IS POPULAR. MEDICINE is now in such demand, that long notices of it* efficacy are unnecessary.? Thousand* of Testimonials of perfect cures of Dyspepsia, Dys entery, Scrofula snd Nervous Complaiuts, can be seen at tlie store of the Proprietors. THOS. ROBERTS It CO., ..... No. 117 Fultou street. This Medicine is put up in Spanish, Portuguese, French, tier mail and ltali'n Wrappers, with Books of Directions snd Tes timonials in the same languages for exportation. au31 lm*m IMPORTANT TO THE LADIES. THE subscribers take pleasure in ottering to the Ladies their 1 PATENT ELASTIC ARTEM1AN BRACE. This is an invention which has been long needed, and must eventually prove su indis|iensable article ol' the Keinsle wardrobe. |t combines in Its manner of construction all the graceful proportions of the Corset, without any of its injurious tendencies ; while tlie Cor set by unnaturally compressing the chest, impedes the free and Ileal till 111 action of the lungs, I hereby engendering diseases of the most fatal tendency. The ARTEMAIN BRACE expands tlie chest, gives a free and liealthy action to die Lungs, anu a grace ful and pleasing outline to the figure ; possessing as it does the correcting power of keeping the person erect, and tlie shoulders symmetrical. Parents and Guardians are particularly requested to examine this article. It will be found on inspection to fulfil all tlie purposes for which it is recommended, and of immense benefit to children of either sex, and to all fiersous who have ac quired the habit of stooping. This Brace is manufactured un der tlie immediate ins|ieCtion of Mr. l'arsells who has been en gaged for tlie last eighteen years in the manufacture of different article* tor a similar purpose, and now offers the Artemian Brace as superior to any article that has heretofore fallen under Ins observation. Ladies Department No. 2 Park Place, first door Irom Broadway, where a lady, perfectly acquainted with tlie structure and fitting of the article, will be m attendance. Wholesale Department at the old establishment of PARSKLLS ?t AGATE, s2 lm*cc 237 Broadway, corner of Park Place. TO MANUFACTURERS AND DEALERS IN WOOLLENS. HENRY MIGEON, /^Ol'NKR of Laight and Washington streets, New York, v himsher of Cloths, Cassimeres, Satinets, kc., respectfully informs the manufacturers snd dealers in woollens, that his establishment is now in successful operation, and that he ispre Cred to execute with promptness, all orders in his line that may confided to him. S|vcimen* of hi* workmanship may be seen oil application to the gentlemen whose names are annexed, and to whom he has liberty to refer. Orders may be left at 61 an<! fit Pine street REFERENCES. Wolcott li Slade, St Pine street. W. C. Lang ley, 63 Pine, street. Halsted. Haines k Co., 11 Nassau street D. Brigham, 00 Piue street. s. J. Jones It Co., 13 Pine street. au23 lm#rc HULL'S TRUSSES. ^^JfQT'QP T0 RUPTURED PERSONS. UERSONS afflicted with Ruptures may rely upon the best in strumental aid tlie world affords, on application al th* Office, No. 4 Vesey street, or to either of the Agent* in the principal towns in the United States. Be cartfel to examine the back pad of Hull's Trusses, to see if they are endorsed by Dr. Hull, in writing. None are genuine, or to be relied upon as good, without his signstare. Many nenous have undertaken to vend imitations of Hull's celebrated Trusses, and thousands are imposed upon in conse quence. These imitations cannot be relied upon; they are made by unskilful mechanics, and are no better than tlie ordinary TH1[ Rooms have been fitted up at No. 4 Vesey street, exclusively for ladies, having a separate entrance from the business de|>*rt ment, where a female is in constant attendance to wail upon female patients. anil Imrc LBARONTO^Artist in Alabaster Marble Scagliola.ltc. from ? Italy, respectfully invites the gto*ay, this inhabitants shopkee|>ers, bazaars, country dealers, and the public in general, to are his Old Museum of Arts, No. 23 Orchard street, between Grand and Division streets, where he has unpacked just now, a new splendid assortment of Italian and English Ornaments in Alabaster Black Marble, Spa AgaU, Yellow Stone, Stalactite Ked, and various other marbles, Verde di l'rato Granite, kc lie. Consisting of various sires of Croar*,..Figures, Busts. . T oouies, i?roii|* anu single i/oks i antes, Bas kets, Bulls, Cows, Lions, Broaches, Necklaces, Obelisks, Belt Goxxoly and Ring Vases, Pajier Weights, Ring Stands, Can) Boxea, Knuft Boxes, Arniaotns Painting of Mount Vesuvius M Nspl's, BOi.ks on <'onchology, Mineralogy, Geology, Marine Bot uiist, Sw.. lie. I'n? hi'articles from \i% cents lo JJOO. Cleaning and repairing of srery description on moderate tvma. Admission ftss.) all lm*a 17 ALL " who TAKE NOTICE.?The Subscriber continaes to pnetie*on A the sum MM that be ha* for the la*t tan yean iwuM city of New York, namely?to aiu-ad u> every bmacli of tiek im due the human nature u subject to, particular!* in inch a a* are of loug staudiug aud appear mcur* ,|a. He wishes to call ou hiui, and they shall receive i le brat medicine and atteud-iaee grans. Offioe No. 37 Bead ' street, a few doon uortii from Broadway. 8. HEINi., M. D. au22 Im'in < ?erman Pnysieia* LITHOGRAPHY. BUSINESS.? Merchant*, Manufacturers aud others, _ who require Business Card* of their iutablishmeut*, Cir cuUrs.llill Heads, Drawings iu Architecture, [Machinery and Landscape Maps, fcc., and Publishers who require Illustration* of Book*, Periodicals, and Music Pieces, may have toe work executed in the beat style aud ou moderate terms, at E. J ON ES' Lithographic Establishment. US Fulton arreet, New York. N. B.?Drawing! and Specification* for 1'ateuU. auM lm*ec VENEREAL DISEASE CURED. A BERNETHY'S BOTANICAL FILLS burin* stood the -**- fost of tune and experience are recommended as the moat effectual and speedy remedy for Gouorrha:, Gleets, all urethral dissuances, irntatiou of trie kidneys, urethra and prostrate gland. They are taken without couliueuieut from business or ie.triftiou of diet, and witliout tainting the breath or duagiee Kwith llut stomach, thus enabling the patient* to cur* tiiem, 'e*. They give ton* and euergy to the generative onans, raiely if ever experienced from the uae of other medicines. They have performed many extraordinary cure* in chronic discharges, obstinate gleets, itc.. alter the failure of all other remedies, in recent cases a single box is sufficient u> effect a cure in two days. 1 hey are equally suitable for females. 1'rice tl per box, with full directions. Bold only by WM. WATSON, aJ lm*m 36 Catlierine street. AUK1CULTUKAL WAREHOUSE, 1OT WATER STREET. AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS, IMPROVED POR TABLE MACHINES, WIRE CLOTH MANUFAC TORY. SCREENS. SIEVES, kc. kc. rf'HE attention of tlie public is called to a new Patent Portable J. Grist Mill, to work by hand or other power, with which every farmer can griud his own graiu. Also, for Grinding Coffee and Spices, aud are highly recommended by all who have used tliem. Grout's 1'ateut Grain Cleaner, aud Com Grinder, a uew in vention, superior to any heretofore used. Rice and Coffee Shelters, of different sixes; Sugar Mills, tic.; Wood's Patent Shingle Machine. Hone Powers, calculated for one or more horses, with geenug studied. For sale at manufacturer's prices. auitO lin*rrc MEDICAL NOTICE. QTRANGERS AND CITIZENS afflicted with auy form O or variety of Syphilitic, Mercurial or other disease, or who have been only hall cured by quacks, had better carefully peruse the following letter s? Or. Coo|>er? Sir:?Last July I contracted a certain private disease, and immediately applied to a doctor, who proinisrd to cure me iu a week. I continued with him two mouths, but was gradually getting worse : 1 tried one after another, all the advertising doctors, and each one promised i>osilively to cure me. I at length discovered the object of these men was mo ney, and that they were not doctors. 1 concluded to go into the hospital, wliere tlie doctors kept me uuder a course of mer cury for eifkt weeks ; my throat aud nose were ulcerated, pains in all my joints, and iny body covered with ulcers. 1 was a complete skeleton ; the doctors considered it dangerous to give me any more medicine, and advised a southern climate. I left tha hospital, and by advice of several friends, placed myself under your care on tne first of January last. 1 am now well and restored to perfect health. 1 wish this published. THOMAS GREEN, Carpenter and Joiner, Harlem, N.Y. Dr. Cooper warrants to cure every case, no matter how long standing, of Gleet, Stricture and Semiual Weakness, and mild cases of private maladies cared iu 4S hours without interfering with the patient's habits. Dr. Cooper's Office, 14 Duane street, two doors from Cliatham St. No care no pay. aulS lm*rc B JOSEPH, lit Maiden Lane, (up stain,) importer of Eng D. lish, French, and German double aud single barrel Fowl ing and Duckiug GUNS, from the lowest to finest qualities. Also, always un liaud, an exteusive assortment of PfSTOLS both Double aud Single Barrels, embraciug 160 different kinds; including the nioderu Six Barrel Bevolvers, all of which will he sold lower than auy other house iu tlie trade. Me reliant* and Gun Smiths are particularly requested to call, previous to making their purchases, as they will certainly find it to tlieir advantage. a30 4m?rrc ERUPTIONS ON THE FACE.-lt has long been among the fair sex to lind an article that would desired remove time, will clear the skin and establish a brilliant complexion.? Sold in bottles at 75 cents each, at 188 Bowery, corner of Spring street. COUGHS AND COLDS?Dr. Church's celebrated Cough Drops will be found a safe aud certain cure for Coughs, Colas and Influenza. Sold at 30 ceuts each, iu bottles. RHEUMATISM, he.?Dr. Church's Chemical Essence of Mustard, a remedy universally known for the speedy aud effec tual cure for Rheumatic Affections. Sold iu bottles, 50 cents each. ITCH?ITCH?This loathsome disease cured with a single application of Church's Scotch Oinuneut. The above valuable remedies sold at 188 Bowery, corner of Spring st. a!9 lm*rc MEDICAL CARD. ]?!,( f H all Diseases of tlie Generative Organs, can be obtained at his of fice, 186 Fulton street, New York?Price $1. The Doctor con tinues his private consultations on those diseases at his old established office 196 Fultou street. Country patients describing tlieir case minutely, and enclosing a fee, will nceive advice and medicine; also a copy of tlie work. au6 lm*rc LEECHES?LEECHES-LEECHES. 9K nnn LARGE AND healthy sweedish AnJ)\J\J\J LEECHES, just received per barque franklin, Slwbboom master, from Hamburg, for sale at the lowest prices, at G. A. Ik H. W1TTE, Importers of Lceches, 38 John street. P. 8.?A large and fresh supply of Leeches always ou baud. auiO lm*rc "TO SOUTHERN AND WESTERN MERCHANTS. PICKLE AND PRESERVE WAREHOUSE, JVo 101 Water Street. .OY I) 8t STAIUN, are uow prepared to receive ordera for Picklts, Preserves, Jellies, Jams, Sauce* and Cataup* of every variety, put up expressly for the southern market.. Country and city merchants will lind it their interest to call ami comiiare articles and prices before purchasing elsewhere. Hotels and private families supplied with sui?rior articles at low prices. au28 2w*ec Office or Jefferson hiniiKct Company, ) No. 20 Wall St. opposite the Exchange. J rP H18 COMPANY continues to insure against Loss and Ds l mage by Fire, ou Goods, Ware*, and Merchandise, and, also, agaiust Loss on Inland Navigation on Vessels and tlieir Cargoes. DIRECTORS. Thomas W. Thome, Elisha Riggs, Thomas T. Woodruff An 1,011 Baker, B. R. Hobson, M. D., Joseph Drake, Thompson Price, Joseph Allen, Moses Tucker. James E. Holmes, John R Davidson, John P. Moore, John H. Lee, James 11. Whiting. Caleb C. Tunis, Wm. K. Thorn. h r&ncis P. Sage, Thomas Morrell, John C. Merritt, Eugene llogert, THOMAS W. THORN E, President G?o. T. Hon. 8#cr?rarv. ml m CB URTA1N MATERIALS. TRIMMINGS AND WIN I DOW SHADES.?The subscribers lx-? to invite the atten lion of *trangers to their large itock of Upholstery Good*, juit received in store, from which limy are prepared to execute order* for Bed aud Wiudow Curtain* of the newe*t designs and on lower term* than any other houie in the city. Their stock will be found to consist of silk and worsted de laiues, tabouretts, damask% Turkey red cotton*, rich lace and muilin embmitW ei curtains, galloons, gimp*, cord, taueli, cornice*, Ike. ike., together with Painted Window Shade*, just imported fiobi K ranee, of entire new pattern* and pronounced the mott magni ficent Shade* ever used ; as also the various style* of painttd American Shade*, van-ins in price from SI a pair upward*. SOLOMON ik 11ART, Upholsterers, *21 lmeod*rrc 343 Broadway, opposite tlie Park. doctor Morrison; VTORTH RIVEK DISPENSARY, 204}f Kulton .treet. 1 s Doctor Morriion coutinue* to be couauiled confidentially, on all private diseases, which he cure* without mercury-, or re straint in diet or pursuit. Recent case*, particularly Gonor ihar," he cure* in 3 to 6 day*. STRICTURES. OK THJi URETHRA are cured by Dr. M. on improved principle*, without pain or inconvenience to the |>atient. A* the aymptom* of Stricture are analogou* with thou of other affection* of lite urinary apparatus, none but ex perienced Surgeon* ?hou)d be allow ed to make the nece**ary ex amination, as those affected with enlarged prostate glands, may suffer much injury from awkward practitioners. Nervous and Constitutional Debility.?This affection, and the train of uvils resulting from a secret, destructive habit iu youth, inducing nocturnal emiuion* and ultimate irn potency, are radicall y cured by Dr. M.. on pathological principles, by restoring the *y*tein to a healthy lone aud rein?taling iu origi nal vigor. A perfect cure guaranteed, or no charge, N.B.?Dr. M. hold* no commuuion with medical pnrtenders, who claim to be surgeon*, a* he ia, |>erhap*, the only ijualilied advertising Surgeon in the city. See hi* diploinaa ill In* office Zlil.'a Kulton str^t. Letter* po*t-paid and containing a fee will insure medicine aud advice to any part of tlie Union. Office, 204>i Fulton, near Greenwich, New York. 0|>en from 7 A. M. to IU I*. M., daily. *8lm?ec GENUINE TEAS. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL THE CANTON TEA COMPANY, PRINCIPAL STORE, 121 CHATHAM STREET, N. * Branch Stores, 318 Bltecker ttreet. New York, 361 Qrand itreet, near Sutt'olk, 131 Greenwich, near Fulton, 116 t"\iUon ttreet. Brooklyn. 89 Cheitnut and 43 North Fifth ttreet, Philadelphia. 71 Hmover itreet. Boston. INVITE the attention of City and Country Kami lie* and a Purchaser* to their several establishments, where they think will be fonnd by far the beat (election* of pure and umlulterated Tea* in the United States. The universal popularity aud re nown of their house with reference to high Qualities, low prices, and teo well understood to render lurther com ment* necessary. Original and only warehouse for the *ale of Howqua's Black Tea?"Ob*erve!"?Strangers will be particular to remember tlie number of the principal atore in Chatham st, fit111, between Pearl aud Kossvelt street. The public will also be pleased to take notice that the Canton Tea Company have nothing to do with any other store* except those described at the top or this advertisement. au23 3in*ec TO"TlIC>SE WITHOUT CHILDREN; APROCREATIVE E LI XI R CO II 1)1 A L. THE greatest discovery in medical science ia that if M. M. ?i. Desomeaux, of Pari*. He has entire))' exploded tlie gene rally received opinion of the existence ef men ruble sterility or barrenness, (except indeed in cases of malformation, whieire extremely rare.) The invariable and universal success of n.s Elixir Cordial, in every instance, of producing that state of health which reiult* in the wife becoming blesw3 as a mother, who for years pined in childless lonelinss, has fully established the fact, that what is usually termed barrenness is cnrable by the use of the Procreative Elixir Cordial. It is iufalliahle in senurial weakness, fluor albua, debility, incontinence and the variou* train of complaints arising from excess, illness, or ijn prudeucn. Its great and invariable success is iu neon lion. The fame of this wonderful Elixir Cordial is well esta blished. A sale of more than lifty thousand bottles and (nick age* is sufficient evidence of its excellence nud the mtimation in which it is held. It is pleasant and agreeable to the taste. The undersigned is the ouly authorised agent ra this country. Price $3 a houie. Kor tlie convenience of those residing out of the city, the in gredients composing the Elixir Cordial are put up in p ckages lor transmission by mail, with full direction for preparing. Price of package $6, making three bottles. All letters must he iHistpaid, and directed to Dr. V. MEL VKAll, box M.S. York eity, uflm'm __ Office 129 Liberty it WONDERFUL DISCOVERY: STRIKER'S SOLUTION KOR THE HAIR, wnich will O chauge grey hair to its original color in a few minutes. This solution ia dinerrut from any yet offered, and cannot fail of an breeding all others. It ia highly efficacioua, and poaa?aaea the freat advantajp of beautifying thn luur without injuria* iu Ttwho doubt its virtues, are requested to have their h.ur Changed before payiug their money. If humbugs would take this method there would be no reaion to complain. One trial will prove tlie fact. Sold wholesale and retail, and applied at No. J Chatham ? , opposite the Hall of Records, New York, up stairs anl3 lm"rc _____________ CLARETS, CHAa1I'A<)NE, BRANDY. COGNIAC7 PORT WINE, MADEIRA. ABSENTHE, KERCH WASHER, lie. GKAND DEPOT, 37 JOHN STREET. MBBRCHARLESECKERT ha* the houor to inform the public ind hi* friends, that he has received a large and as Brtment of Bordeaux Claret, Sautenie, Grave, lilienisli, Port and adeira Wines, from the first hand; Chatetm Lalitts, Chateau '.oville, Brane Cantrnde. vintage* 1S3S aud 1040. C'ham *?:gne, Cordor bine, St Julien and Medoc Wines, in hogsheads tno cases, for bar and family use. aull lm m r iOPPER.?200 cases English Hheitliing, compriring a full v ssiortment, from 14 a U ox. Kor sale by E. K COLLINS k CO ? r *? m M Soath st,eet. RESTAURANT FRANCAIS. T BONNARD, i Nau nmt Tht proprietor cm tm? ?*? laxly ttconnwd this eeteblisluMel to general attention It lias lor many yetn brvu conducted ia a style that, to the (?reach and Foreign residents, has aJKorded universal satisfac tion. Hit table abounds with every I usury the moat fastidious can require, whether in thr Kiialuh or I1'much style of cookenr. His Values, Fruit* and Liquors are of the best brands?tna Walters (French aud hiiRlish) jiolite, and the ceucrsl * r range insula of the ubles, in a cool and airy saloon. Tor private and social parties, not to be equalled. J. BONNAKD, s4 lin?rrc 5 Nsssaujitreat. # ST. LOU 18, MO., No. 31 I^ocust it. A N extensively circulated Democratic |?i>er, in which nil merchants or business men Uesiriug or having intercourse with the Wat will liud it greatly to their sdvaulaga to advertise. TIlKMI or ADVERTISING : For 1 to 16 lines, one iusertiou $7} " each subsequent insertion 21 " one mouth, without alteration 4 00 " two mouth*, " ... 6 00 " three inontlis, " " 7 00 " til month*, " " 9 00 K< lwrrc TO CITY AND COUNTRY M tit CHAM'S. FIVE PER QE NT CASH STORE, 18 C?<Iar Strtel. rpHE. SUBSCRIBERS offer a choice and well (elected stock A ol' Dry Goods at an advance of but live per ceut on tlia actual cost. Country Merchant* will fiud it c really to their ad vantage to call upou us iu order to ascertain the market value ol' goods, even if they do not inland to purchase. The atteution of city dealers is also requested. Our goods are all marked in liuiires, and the commission charged at tha foot of the Mil. A callisres.iecUul.^ojKj^ CASWELL It SMITH, Five Per Cent Store, au2t lm*rc 16 Cedar street, near IW1 street A~SPEEDY AND RADICAL CURE. A BERNETHY'S BOTANICAL PILLS are the most Xi. kjH*etiy and certain cure ever discovered lor the cur.' of lio uurrlirca.glecls, all uretliral discharges, irriutation ol'tlie kid neys, he. In recent cases, one box is usually sufficient to effect a |*ifeet cure iu forty-eight hours. In old cases, obstinate gleet*, 4tc., tliey are equally certain, liaviuu cured thousands who had nearly fallen victims to this horrid disease?owing to tlie injudiciou* treatment of ignorant practitioners and quacks, who very frequently ruin tlieir victim:!1 constitution orstsnd them suffering to all untimely grave. These invaluable 1'ills are purely vegetable?tliey strengthen the genital organs and in vigorate the system generally. Willi full directions, ,$1. Kor sale, wholesale or retail by Wm. Watson, Apothecaries' Hall, 38 Catherine street, and Olcott, McKessou, U Co. 127 Maiden lane. s3 lm'rn ttKOll RE WARD.-C ROBS' SPECIFIC MIXTURE? ?fpuyjxj For the cure of Gonorrhoea, tlleets, Stricture* and aualagous complaints of the organ of geueration. Of all remedies yet discovered for the above complaint*, this i* the most certain. It makes o speedy and i>ermanent cure, without the least re striction to diet, drink, exposure, or change is application to bu siness. We give no Ions quackish recummeudations te deceive the ?Mtdie' public. If the mediciue does not si?ak for itself, no one shall ?peak for it. Our object i* to notify w lie re it can be had, and the proprietor challenge* a single cast^of receut Gonorrhoea to be brought in which the Mixture will not effect a rapid cure under a forfeiture of $600. Thi* h a disease that unfortunately pervades all rank* of so ciety?high, low. rich and poor, matrimonial and single. They are hew presented with a remedy by which they can cure them selves without tlie least exposure, in tlie shortest time possible. Further, the disease cannot be contracted if a dose of the Mix ture is taken at night on going to bed when exposed. It i* put up iu bottles with full directions accompanying it, at $1 ? bottle. One bottle lasts a week, which generally cures many are cured in two day*. For sale only at Wm. H. Milnor's, 193 Broadway, comer of John street, opposite Franklin Hoo*e, New York; J. Jones, cor ner of Chestnut and Seventh street*, Philadelphia; and at J. M. taiU'li IM Washington tiro*. Boston. na4 lm*m "GENUINE HAVANA SEGARS.i .AND OF THE FIRST qUALlTY. DM. HENRIQUES, No. SI William street, res|iectfully ? invite* the attention of tlie public and strangers visiting the city, to call and examine at his well luiown established Htore, the following well selected Segara, and which are guaranteed to compose none but a genuine imported article, and all of the quality, vix J? Regalias, (of superior quality. N Normaa. Yugeniudad. Panetelas, (of different breads.) kt Palm*. ion da. Kspentiua. Napoleons. Es|>arteros. Vegueros. Cabana. De Moya. Manuel Amores. 'rincipe*, (of various i and*., In addition'tn the above, there are a variety of olner brands in the Store, all of which are sold wholesale and retail, and which will be taken back at any time if they do not give the satisfaction required. au30 lm*rc O ALT AND FISH 8TORE-400 half barrels Halifax No. 1 kJ Salmon. 1600 bbls No*. 1, S, and 3 Mackerel. 600 half do do do do. 10U do No. 1 Mess Shad. 60 half bbls No. 1 Say brook Shad. 300 bbls Cod and Scale Fish. 400 do No. 1 Oib'd Herrings. 1600 boxes Scale 1 do 3000 lbs Smoked Salmon. 300 kiU Soused do 200 do Sounds and Tongues. 2000 qtls Cod Fish, suitable for sliipping. 1000 sacks Ashton's Salt. 200 bbls American Salt. 22 do New Salmon. 3000 lbs smoked do, Ike. Sic. All for sale in lots to suit purchasers, by NELSON, WELLS It CO., *4 1m?ec 81 Diy stieet. MEDICAL AID REMOVAL. T^R. GREGORY has removed from 11 Barclay street, to M -LS Gold street, where he may be consulted confidentially as usual, at all hours. "There are lew, if anv medical men among us, that know better how to manage those difficult and delicate disorders which strangers are liable to contract while visiting our city." Dr. G. has published a treatise upuu secret lubit* and diseases, called tlie "Rubicou"?it is intrndrd for the use of patient* of either sex. It not only treats of curing disease*, but what is much better, it print* out clearly the means of preventing those foul disorders at which human nature shudders to thiuk of ; on this account alone the book is worth more tluui all other publi cations of the kind. It is sold by the author, at his resideuce, 66 Gold street, next to the north-east corner of Beekman street. Price 64 cents. (?7"To females afflicted with a malady called "the whites," this little book will prove a friendly and coulide>,tial advUsir It is also for sale at the following drug stores:? No. 96 William street, near Maidra Lane. gos. 30 and 79 Falton street. oth Cornell of Chambers street and Eroadwiy. No. 63 Bowery, corner of Walker street. No. 198 Bowery, comer of Spring street. No. 77 East Broadway, comer of Market street, and No. 116 Delancy street, comer of Suffolk ?reet. aul lm?rc MEDICAL AID. rUST PUBLISHED, (Thii Day>-The Medical Confidant " Price $1, and tent to any part of the Uuiou. Thin work embrace* the history, treatment, and care of Veuereal in all its forms, Gonorrhoea, Gleet, Stricture, Irritable Bladder, Swelled Testicle*, kc. Together with a comprehensive knuwledge o the eifecu of sensualism and ita result*, of the anatomy and Phyiology of the sexual organs, of self pollution and its con sequences, of seminal weakness, of impotence and sterility, with the medical treatment of all those diseases. This work can be obtained at 196 Kulton street. New Vork, where the author, Dr FAWCETT. continues his private cousnltatiims on all thos dueares which are, mentioned in hit book. All letters muht b post-paid. U Im'rc HEAD WHAT OHKKAjAiN'O EUZfeiNUEa HAVE DONE. MR. DAY, boot maker., No. 20 Tillary street, Brooklyn, i'A suffered greatly for eighteen mouths with emaciation, de bility, sickness of the stomach, loss of appetite, shooting pains in the bowels, his stomach lejrcted almost every kind of food, except sugar. He had been attended by various physicians, and for two months by the professors of the University, and all to no purpose. Oil reading Dr. Sherman's Book descriptive of the. symptom* of Worms he thoaght they met hi* case : so he purchased a box of Sherman's Worm Lozenges. A few doses brought away, as lie,judged, about two quarts of worms, and entiiely cured mm. A multitude of similar cases might be mentioued where chil dren and adults had suffered all but death from worms, and no thing gave relief bat Sherman's Lazengea. Ciu^hs, Colds, Asthma, Whoopiug Cough and even Con e mption.air all sooner cured by Sherman^ Cough Loztuges r kn any other known remedy. Tliey allay the tickling in ? lew seconds, and enable those afflicted with the meet harrana iug coughs to steep whole nights, 'i he Rev. Dr. Dunbar, lie*. Mr. De Forest, Rev. Dr. Eastmond and hundreds pr thousand* can attest to llieir happy virtues, as others can ty> the efficacy of Sherman's Cough Lozenges, for headache, palpitation, low nasi of ipiriu, tea sickness and lassitude, from bodily or meutal em ertioas, and for the wonderful proierties of (Merman's Poo. Man's Plaster, which costs but I2)i cents, and i* a warranted cure for rheumatism and lumbago, pain or weakliest in the breast, side, back, or any part of the body. Aak for Sherman's Poor Man's Plaster, and tee that hit name and hi* fac simile with directions for use are on the back. There are a great many worthless imitations hawked abont and sold by unprincipled druggists. Remember to get 8herman's Lozenges, and Plasters and Trass?none Olivers or yon will be deceived. Dr. Shermanli Warehouse is 106 Nassau street Agents: U7 Hudson st cor. Spring; 1KB Bowery cor. Spring: 77 Eaat Broad way cor. Market: Kb William st: 110, 273, UB and 6#1 Broad way. In Brooklyn, Mrs. Hays, 139 Hulton, and Mountain's Drug store. 333 Fulton; Simson, cor. Prospect and Jackson sis. la Jersey City?E. Randall, grocer. In Newark?J. E. Tripp* and David Brysou. Philadelphia?Zieber It Co., ) Ledger Buildings. Bostou?Redding k Co. k Slate street. Albany? A. Uuthrie, * Stanwix Hall. d33rc MhDiUAL AND SUKOICAL OFFICE. PvOCTOR JOHNSON, 17 Dnane street, to well known to the victims of Syphilitic diseases, as the most successful practitioner that New York can boast of, in the treatment or this destructive and almost unmanageable malady, is still to be found at his old Office. Dr. Johnson can satis! y any one that ment and proper management of every variety of Venereal Dis ease and Stricture of the Urethra, is pre-eminent. My patients are not only from every part of the United States, but thtfjr come from the West Indies and Canada. 1 cure, on an average, 6*0 patients a year. I discountenance quackery iu any form, and, therefore, take this method of informing strangers, and ar sons in the country where they oan find a physician skilled in the treatment of their disease. Every case 1 undertake I cure, or make no charge. Na matter how long you rnu have Gk?t, Stricture, Ulcers ii|H>n the body, or in the throat, or nose, paimt in the head and bouet of the legs, 1 will and can cure you, if your case is curable. Constitutional Weakness, sometimes called Seminal Weakness, brought on by a secret habit indulged in by yonng men I have paid much attention to the treatment of tins malady. Many an uufortunate victim of this unnatural nee hat experienced iny salutary treatment. Dytpepsia, weak ness of the limbs and small of the back, confusion of intellect, foraetfulness, palpitation of the heart, aversion to society, are only symptoms or this complaint. If my directions am follow ed, 1 guarantee a cure. Pott pnid Inters, with statement of case, oontaiuuig $3 for advice, attended to. Observt., Office 17 Duanc street, one door lrom Chatham street. anil lm*rc PORTUGUESE FhMALE PlDLs! invgnTKn ano rRgraar.n ?v PORTUtML. of which those , ?, ., wonder aud admi ration of tlw world. TWy are known all over Earope to be tlie only preparation ever discovered tliat has proved invariably cer tain in producing the monthly turn*. Their rertainty in all cases, being tach that they must not be used during pregnancy, for though alway* mild, safe and healthy, they are certain to produce miscarriage if used during that period. The direction* are translated into English, and are enveloped refund with the teal of the imiwrter. tumped. Each box con tains the signature of M. d? Boudeloque, and the English ill rections have the signature of Dr. V. MELVEAU, authorised agent for the Continent of America. . They can be trutmitted by mail to any part of the United ?taiet. Sold by Dr. fr. MELVEAL, agent and importer for the United States. Office, i? Liberty street, near < Greenwich street, l'rice $4.?half boxes, $3. No half boxes srnt by mail. Hold in bottles st 9 Salem street. Kellers directed to DrVp. Melveau. box M, New Vork, will meet with immediate at ten lion. All letters mutt be postpud. rrc J PUBLISHED DAILY BY JiHIBI OOHUON BKNIVBTT. N. W. CORNER KULTON AND NASSAU STREETS. Thk Nr.wV'111 lira a I,ii?A Daily Pai^r, issued every morning ol the week?prica two caitTJ per copy. Couutry Subscriber* furnished at the tame rale, lor any specific period, on a remittance in advance. No paper sent unlets paid in ad; vance. Th* WgggLv Hkkai.o?Issued on Saturday morning al ten o'clockyfrice *i* ?wd a qi'ARTr.a cgnrt per copy?fur nished to Country Snhtcriben at S3 3J iter annum, in advance, or at the tame rale for any specified period. CoaagtroiniBivTs aw requested to address their letter* to

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