Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 11, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 11, 1844 Page 3
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Gt> OOURAUD'8 POUDRE 8UBTILE FOIL COM tolete'y, jH-rmnnrutly and safely rra-Urating superfluous niirfmm lemales' upper lips, mules, low foreheads, or the more stubborn beard ol man always touted at the origi nal cftiee, 67 Walker street, lit Store FROM Broadway Direction*? French, Spanish and English, accompany each bottle. Ol?- WHAT 18 THIS LIFE??For what do we strive and scheme, and live, but to become a something above our itllows?iodic have large extenuated, conceptive bri.limit minds ^ristocra'ic ai d manly forms?they would lie courte.l?their maimers, their air, their "toutasiem bit-," are miperlutive, a ye, manly, natural, winniiig. courtly nnd beautilnl, and if they had what they might have for uighty eight cents, that is, a fine, long, curly, dark.soft silky head of hair, and a clear, healthy, noble brow, flue heulthy cheeks, white neck, aud soft, white, smooth hinds, they would be. Ah, reader, you doubtless think wr :ire putting?|ierhaps?so, still should you trv a threo sliilli?i; bottle of Jones' Hair Restorative, and a fifty cent c.ik** of /one*' Chemical Soup, you would then really and truly Mievo with u?, that these articles really and truly do 111 w? represent; the one forces the hair to grow, stops it Ulliug tff, cures scurf or dandruff, aud rough,, dry, or rusty hair, soft, dark, silky and beautiful? the other i* well known to cure any eruption or disfigure ment ol the *kin and render the skin beautilully soft, smooth, clear and white. Both are sold at the sign of the American Eagle, Hi Chatham street, or 323 Broadway. Itt-.i tar be very carelul aud buy the latter article no where else hut at the above places in this city, or you will be swindled with an ignorant, shabby-genteel counterfeiter. Or?- ROFF'8 11VGKIAN HAIR CRFAM. ?The only rual remedy tor the growth of the kumun hair, rendering It dark, soft, silky, nnd curling, at 07 Walker street, 1st Store FROM Broadway. MOVKY niAKKKT. Tntmlny, Sep. 10?G P. M. There was a very general improvenn-nt in the quota ? tijns for fancy stocks to-day. The greatest advance was in Cuuton Co., which was doubtless cauiod by (he report thdt the government intend locating a dry dock on the lands of the company. The rumor evidently has a f.ivor ablc influence on the stock. At the Old Board, Long Iti tndwent up f por cent; Canton Co 4 ; Mohawk 1 ; Ilailim I] i .Norwich aud Worcester 1} ; Stonington ) ; Reading Railroad i ; Farmers'Trust J ; Ohiofl's, <f; Mor ris Canal 1 j ; Pennsylvania 6's, J ; Kentucky ^ ; North American Trust j. At the New Board, Long Island ad vanced |; Canton 3] ; Mohawk lj j Harlem 1; Nor wich and Worcester lj ; Farmers'Loan j ; Morris Canal J. Foreigu exchange is at preseut in very limited demand Buyers have not vet modo their appearancc in the market for remittances by the Great Western. Sterling hills rule at 9J, but some drawers arc very firm at lOperccnt premium Bills on Paris are held at 61 22 j The receipts of the Reading Railroad this year have been very large compared with last. Very few roads even in this country can show an increase of more than fifty percent. Phii.adicl.fhia and Rkadino Railroad Receipts lor August, 1844 $76 097 fit) ?So do 1843 62,219 35 Increase over 1843, equal nearly to 48 per ct.. $24,778 26 Receipts for fint 8 months, 1844. do 8 do 1843. increase 6rer 1843, equal nearly to 47 per ct. .$132,368 96 We learn that a [new banking institution|wI)l',soon go into operation at Allentown, Pennsylvania, called the L?" high < 'ounty Bank, under the direction and control of the financiers who 'now'control the Plainfield Bank of New Jersey. It appear* that a-' charter wa* obtained of the Legislature of Pennsylvania lust winter to incorporate a bank, to bo called the Lehigh County Bank, with a capi. tal of $100 otto. Commissioners were appointed to dispose of the stock of the institution, who paased a resolution not to allow any individual to possess more than twenty shates, their object being to distribute them ai much as possible. The subscriptions progressed very slowly, and up to the first of August only about $16 000 were taken. The project was on the point of falling through, when the spirits who preside over the destinies of the Plainfield Bjnk, stepped forward and subscribed for the balance, $94,000, the instalment of which on 10 percent to be paid in Plainfield bills, that bank being at present a specie paying bank, and its funds specie funds, which is all the charter of the new bank 'requires. The public, particu. lnrly that portion situated in the vicinity of Allentown, will soon be made sensible of the beauties of banking, and those who place any trust in the financiers who direct the Lehigh County Bank and the Plainfield Bank, will ere long discover that they have built upon the sand. The people of Allentown doubtless -procured this charter for the purpose of establishing a bank to advance the pros perity of their immediate neighborhood, but we will as sure them that their bank has fallen into the hands of those who will make it a curie to the country in which it is lo cated The laboring classes of this city will, no doubt, aap some of the benefits to be derived from the abundance cl a shinploatur currency. This city will be the greatest field lor operations for a time. It ia to the increase of banks similar to this that we can attribute so much diffi culty iu our commercial operations, and so many losses by i he mechanical classes. The annoxed table will be very interesting to many at this t me, when the disposal of our largo surplus of agri cultural product* is a subject of much importance. The outlets for our fleur, showing the increased demand from soine countries and decreased demand from others, may con vny some information to those engaged in the trade, so that supplies can he furnishod and our stock* reduced a* much ai possible. Wo hove treaties ;of commerce wi'.h sixty-one foreign government*, admitting into their dominions grain grown in the United States. Flour Extorted fbom the United States. , 1811. 1813 9 mos. Quantity, Quan'y. Countries. Barrett. Value. Barrel's. Value. Swedei and Norway..,. 94!)? ? Hwedi'h West Indies.... 15.624 80,109 2,174 10,227 Danish Ww Indies 12,391 217.475 37,667 164 .625 Hanse Towns 665 3,227 2,246 9.306 Holland. 250 4,414 191 990 Dutch Indies 7,841 40,219 1,680 7 963 " Wert Indie* 14.932 80,KM 12,426 57,801 " Guiana 1,502 8.320 928 4,109 Kiit'land 201,151 984,555 14,214 61,621 Scotland 3.820 18,910 ? ? Gibraltar 19,229 95.117 4,033 17,704 Malta 100 513 ? ? Briri?li Kast Indies 13,007 59,239 4,270 21,303 Australia....... 7,416 i3ll,l!l9 4.5S0 20,631 British West Indira 246.465 1,235,8(0 170.577 733,297 Guiana 17.315 95,602 10,211 46, OH rape of Good Hope 3.570 13,fir-2 700 13,391 Honduras 1,699 26 112 4,228 2(1,624 Am. Colonies... 377,806 1,860.655 190,3*J (10.585 1> ranee on tlie Atlantic... 1,110 5.928 2,672 12,027 " " Mediterranean. 2U0 t,000 632 2,3ii7 French West Indies 3,7:!9 23,-1"8 5,721 22,395 Guiana 659 3,8^:1 6'J5 3,859 Spain on the Atlantic... 104 440 ? ? " " Mediterranean. 458 2,487 ? ? ManillaScPhillip'e Isl's.. 3,415 21,213 130 585 Cuba 69,337 326.028 29,437 115,535 Oth"r Spanish W. I. Isl's. 15,666 82,302 11,170 51,422 Madeira 5,408 24,716 4,506 18,78r> Cape de Verde Islands... 1,324 7,133 823 3,990 Italy 259 1,375 70 315 Turkey, Levaut, 64c 615 3,271 15 2011 Hayti 36,356 118 173 22,980 104,795, Texas 6,101 29,547 1,746 6.792 Mexico 19,602 90,464 17,003 63,9j2 | Central Rep'c of America. 169 2,512 126 1,999 1 Venezuela 28,796 157,173 32.279 147,501 1 28>,|06 1,597,423 192,454 937.219 Clsnlatine Republic 13,327 64,265 21,586 114.699 Chili 5 478 39,567 5.JI5 25.433! Argentine Republic 22,132 120,801 6,258 32,515 ! New Grenada 2,764 13,768 3,183 14,572 West Indies generally... 1,626 8,601 870 1,230 S. America generally.... 1,950 10,881 4,574 28,548 China generally ? ? ? 220 2,247 836 3,909 Asia generally 763 4.388 815 4,3.55 Africa 3,758 21,170 3,152 15,943 ?. Seas 81 Sandwich Isl's. 5,307 27,928 1,201 5,967 Total 1,516,817 $7,759,646 841,474 $3,763,073 KxPnllTS FROM THE UNITED STATES FOR Sr.VEKAI. Yf.AKS. Year*. Barrels. Jlte'ge price. Value. 1835 779,403 $5 67 $4,391,777 1836 501,926 7 00 3,572,599 183 7 318,381 9 10 2,987,269 IS Ml 133.444 8 00 3,603,299 1H39 392,613 7 50 6,925,170 1840 1,891,121 5 37 10,143,615 1811 1,516,817 5 12 7,759,616 181 2 1,283,602 5 75 7,375,356 1843,!?month* 841,47 1 4 47 3,763,073 Since 1840 the exportation of lour from the United State* hai been gradually tailing ofl', and the value great ly diminishing. The total amount 1 x ported in 1843 will, of course, be somewhat larger than the amount given above, but the rcduced price will not admit of much in crease in the total valuv. The difference in the value of the export* for 1839 and 1940 i* very trifling compared with the immense difference in the quantity. The large quantity exported in 1840, a quantity much larger than ever shipped before or since, was called for in consequence of the short supplies in Europe, from bad hurvests, lin. Thedeinar.d'has since been falling off, and at present we *re nothing that wil, increase it, but two or three bad hor vests, not only in Great Britain but throughout the conii ncn\ The producers ol thi* country can have, at pre sent, but little confi ltnce in the repeal of the corn law* of Great Britain. A very strong party favorable to the repeal of those laws, exist*, and i* steadily increasing in strength. Very unfortunately for the more rapid advance ment of the principles of tbi* paity, the crop* of Great Britain have been, for a lew year* pa*t, very good, and the harvest* more than an average. Two years'bad har vests would do more to strengthen this party than any thing else. '1 be importation of agricultural product* In to Oi eat Britain from other parts of the world, since 1841, have been steadily declining. Wr annex a table *howlng the amount* received Irom tho colonic* and from the Uniii d States for three years. Imi'oi.vs of I'loi;! asp Grain into tinrir Britain. / mm the Colonies. .Xl. , .. . 1812. 1811. Woeat ^.m Canada CH 858 12.771 20,076 A!'i, ? 38,901 22,.560 Other (.run 19.Inn 32,21J 10,690 M- nr. rut 665,561 561,966 139 157 Oatmeal. ..... 12,163 18,928 5,700 I'rom the United States. li 1 1 Jo'L1- ,#4J- <813. Hour, barn-Is 208,931 208,021 II2I( W heat, bushels 119,851 113,33(1 ? Com, do 12,548 143,??5 ? In nine month* ending June SO, 1841, the only export* ?f this nature fr0tn the United States to Great Britain were a tew thousand barrels of flour. The impoitations Into Kngland from her colonies have been reduced a very large per cent, in the past three years ? The agricultural products of Oreat Britain increase faster than the container*. The harvests for the past four years will average much larger than tor the previous ten, and the result is, that the demand on foreign coun tries has been pioportionably reduced From ad vices recently received, we are induced to be lieve that the crops throughout Great Britain this year, will be larger than ever before. The harvests throughout the United States have turned out larger than ever before known, and between the surplus here and the reduced wants on the other tide, we have no doubt but that prices will fall to a very low point. By official ac counts published, it appears that the stocks of grain on hand in Gieat Britain this year were larger than last. Stock ok Guam is the Unitki> Kingdom. July 5. '43. July 5- '44. fnt's. Dec'e. Wheat, quarters 270.012 419,?4 270,18.1 ? Barley, do 11,463 72,839 2*.376 ? Oats, do 37,360 60,236 22,886 ? Beaut, do 115,538 76,057 ? 39,481, do 21.012 40,612 16,570 ? Flour, cwtt 192,105 124,144 ? This stoc* is very small compared with the consump tion from that time to harvest, but it shows the healthy state of the market, and bow little we have to expect from that country in the way of a customer for our agricultur al product*. An outlet for our surplus agricultural pio ducts is always very anxiously looked lor, and immedi ately supplied but when we comparc our greatest expoits with the immense amount produced, it appears but a drop in the bucket. The annexed table shows the quantity oi grain produced in this country for three year* QcaiTiTr cr Glial* Grown in THcl'NiTr.o Statri. 1840. 1842. 1843. Htiihtlt. Bu.shtli. Jiusheli. Whsaf 81,823,272 102.317.340 100,310,856 J) irley 4,101.504 3.87l,h22 3,220,721 Oata 123,071,311 150,1183.617 145,989,966 It ye 18,645,567 22,762,952 21,289,271 Buckwheat 7,291,743 9,483,489 7,959,110 Indian corn 377,531,875 441,829,246 491,618,306 The returns for 1844 must show a very great increase in the production, and, perhaps, an increase in the expor tation Old Stuck Eiehange. S10000 Ohio6't, '60 9T3< 150 Harlem It R 74% 10000 Keiiluckv 6's 102 100 do 71% 7000 Ketdinif R II bds 70 100 do 71V 22 *haa Manhattan Bk 91 50 do 74% 50 II S Bank 326 do 75 60 N A Trust 14 300 Loiik Island K K b3 116 100 Farmers' Trust 41 loo do ttw H6 300 do 40% 300 do 1>30 86% 150 do 1)30 411% 100 do 86% WO do 10% 50 do a30 85% 50 do Imw 40% 50 do ?60 85 25 Canton Co >60 43 25 Mohawk R R 64 90 do 43% 150 Reading R R 53 25 do s30 4334 200 do 52V 25 Ho b30 41 50 do sIS 52% 50 do 44 25 Nor Bt Wor R R 68m 25 Morris Canal Co 12 525 do 68% 50 do 12% 25 do 68% 50 do l>30 I2.i, 75 do 68)4 50 do 11% 75 do b30 69 300 StoniiiKton R R 1)30 45 100 do bl5 6834 150 do s20 44% 25 do s30 6U 50 do 120 4434 50 do b3U 68%' 75 do 41% Second Board. 50 Farinert' Loan 1)30 40% 125 Canton Co 41 100 do 1)60 40V 100 StouiiiKtoii R R 1)30 45 50 do 40U 25 do 45 25 Nor Wor RR tlO 67% 50 do s20 45 50 do 68 100 do 1)60 45% 25 do 67J4 SO do b50 45% New Stock (exchange. 50 thas Farmers' Trt cli 40% ft)0 Harlein R K s3 71 150 Morris Canal cli II1! 2') Mohawk R R b3 61 do cli 11% 2) do btw 64% 125 do ch II* 25 N Jersey IIR 93s? 50 Canton Co cli 43% 50 StoniuKton R R II1.. 75 do 43 450 Nor k Wor cli 68^ 25 do 4334 25 do 511 w 68,% 175 do ch 4t 25 do ttw 68 V ir I si a nil W. R ?'i tt'iW Ml ilit uta r.wi: 50 Look Island R R s3 85% 50 do tlO 68% 50 do 1)3 85% 50 do sl5 Ull IIJ OJ74 ,IU HU 9 1.1 l'0~ ? 100 do bnw 86 125 do b3 68% 150 do 863< 25 do t3 68% 50 do *3 85% 100 do cli 68% 100 do l>20 811 75 do s3 68% 50 do blO 85% 25 do s30 68 25 do 85?, 100 do cli 68% 25 do 86% 25 do cli 68^ 100 do b20 86 25 do snw 68% State of Trade. AsHrs ?Pot* continue very steady at $4 18ja$l -26. Pearls very fair at $4 60. Bkkswsx ?Prime yellow Western,Northern and South ern, sell* at 29 .{ a 30c Breadstuffs -Genesee flour in this market continue* to fetch $4 18} a $4 26. Alexandria $4 26 Flour in Zanes ville is selling at $3 12j. and wheat 60 a 66 cents Cotton.?The tales to day are about 800 bale?, the mar ket moro in favor of the buyer. Ha v.?There i* very little doinst in this article. Com mon qualities tell wanted, at 30 a 3ac Prime for ex port ts gold at 40a 42c. Whiskey ? Drudge casks are dull at 24c. Western and Prison barrels are in immediate request at 24jc. Married, In thil city on the loth in?t., by the Rev. L Covell, Miss Britania Brainard, daughter of the late Captain Ahijah Brainsrd, oi Haddam, Connecticut, to Henri H. Fknton, merchant, of Boston. On the 10th Inst., at St Paul'* Chapel, by Rev. Dr. Hig bin, Jamus R Chi'.tom, M. D , to Mart S , daughter of Edwin B. Clayton, Esq. Sept Hth, by the Rev. Charlei J Bush, Mr. Sami'el Whitnev, of thin city to Miss Arhjaii. Sophia, youngest daughter of Mr. Elisha Arnold, of Earn Hartford. Died, On the evening of Sept 9th, Cohkeliui Hoffman Brt ron, aged 34 year*. Hn friends and those of the family are re*ptctlMlly invited to attend the funeral this (Wednrs <1av) atternoon, at 3} o'clock, from the residence of his father, David Bryson, No 46 Frankfort street. The re mains will be taken to the Peck Slip ferry bo<it, for Wil liamsburg. where carriages will be in wniting. At Southeast, Putnam county, New York, on the'i4th nit, after a lingering complaint, Aaron Martin, jr., aged SS, late of this city. PAMrttgero Arrived. Havre?Packet ship Burgundy?E P Clark, Mr* R Clark and servant, New York; C A Roberts, lady, lour children and ser vant, Switzerland; Mrs Fanfernot, MrRegnanld, Master Raoul ltambeau, Paris; M Pan i fax, Germany?132 in the steerage. Bi.ack River?Schr H Lawrence?C A Purches, J Small and lady. MARITIME HERALD. Sailing Days of the SteamHhlp*. STEAMERS. FROM LIVERPOOL. FROM AMERICA. ' O. Western, Mathews Sept. 14 I Hibomia, Ryrie Sept. 16 | Britannia, Hewitt Kept 4 Oct. 1 Caledonia, Lott Sept. 19 Oct. 16 (J. W,stern, Matthew.. Oct. 12 Nor. 14 Ship MuaterM and Agent*. We shall esteem it a favor if Captains of Vessels will give to Rorert 8ii,vet, Captain of our News Boats, a report of the shipping left at the port, whence they sailed, the vessels spoken on their passage, a list of 'heir cargo. and any foreign newspapers, or news they msy have. He will hoard them im mediately on their arrival. Agents and Corres|>ondents at home or abroad, will also confer a favor by sending to this office .Ul the Mariue Intelligence they can obtain. Nautical Informa tion of any kind wi'l be thankfully received. PORT OK SKVV YOHK, SEPTKIHBEIt 11. SITIS RISKS 5 41 I MOON Risrs I 20 SlIN SKTS 6 16 | HINH WATER 8 II Cleared. Ships Stephen Whitney, Thompson, Liverpool, K. Kermit; ( . Colon. Smith, Havana, Sponord, Tileston Si Co.?Briga Baltic, (llr) Dunbar, Miramicni, T. Winniett; Enterprise, (Br) (lorham, St. Johns, NK. do; Morea, Edgar, Mobile, E. I). Hurlhut 8c Co; Leonora, Collins, Wilmington, NC. E. S. Pow ell; Alfred Tyler, Weeks, Edgartown. Arrived. Packet ship Burgundy. Wotton. from Havre, Aug. II, and the Lizard 16th, with ItlfO pkgsuidse, to Fox Livingston, and others, lias been to tlie westward of Nantucket lor the last 4 days, with light winds and calms. Bremen haripie Anna, Kortluug, 32 days from Bremen, with indse, to order?114 steerage passengers. British brig Gleaner, Beck with, 12 days from Windsor, NS. with plaster, to master. Brig Metamora, from New Haven, in ballast. Schr H. Lawrence, Peart, (late ( liurchill)22days from Black River, J.i. with 12.1 (on, logwood to bags pimento to Dawson St Co. Brig Only Son, for New York, sailed 3 days before, ( apt D. D. Churchill, late master of the H. I,., died on the 21st nit. Schr Belle McMatli, 9 days from Norlolk, with mdse, to Sturges St Ciearman?10 passengers. ScTir Richaid Taylor, from Thoinaston, with lime. ilelowr. One barque, one brig, unknown. Mailed. 8hi|? Northumlierland, Oriswold, London; Fairfield, John ??on, N'Orleans; Henry Allen, Wilson,and Ambassador, Knight, C harlmton; haripi* Condor, Wise, Portland; hiigsAnn Eliza. | Park, Apslaciiictil.i;, Pratt, Georgetown, SC. anil i others. Mlacetlaneoua ltecord. Foreign Letter Office.?The Liverpool packet will sail to-da y. Another Packet 8hif.?Vauahan & Son have commenced at their shipyard, in Kensington, Pa. a |>acket ship for tie- Mesa? Copei, to lie of 900 tons burthen, and to be launched about 1st of October. Whalemen. Touched ai Maui, Feb. 8, Cabinet, Noves, Ston. 9 mos. 2.'? sp 57.'i whj Hth, Hercules, Ricketson, NB 21 mos 40(1 sp 23 whale; Hth, Hamilton, Lopvr, SH i mos 7(1 ?p; 1'ith, Harrison, Smith, N1I '.Ml IIIOS Ilill; ITth, Citix Lansing, S|l 'l mos 400 wh; I9tb, L'ncas, Gelett. NE6 mo?40sp; 20th. Sophie, Hover, (lieiiien, 19 tnos 1100 wh; 22d Tuscany, Goodtiey, SH 16 mos 2000 ; 22nd, Gratitude,Stetson, NB 33 mos 1200 sp 2110 wh; Nassau, Weeks, do 29 mos incorrectlv rep WO sp, had 1100 sp Nov 9; Parachute, Cole, do, 'i mos 700 wh; Preble, Ludlow, Lynn, 17 mos 70 *ii IOiMi wh; 24th, Bramin, W hit head. NII 24 mos 2.'i0 sp M)0 w h; D Webster, Curry, SH fi IIIOS 2i sp 180 wh;2l>th; France, Ed wards, do. 7 mos 40 sp 740 w h; 29th. Helen, Csrtwright, do, I mos clean; March I, Splendid, Smith, Edgartown, 4 mos 24 sp; Nantasket, Smith, NLIl mos 30 sp 640 wh; 3d, Guslave, Nor ton, Bremen, || mos 60 sp >10 wh: \deline, Cole, N<J 9 moa HO *p 200 wh; Brngauxa, Waterman, do 7 mos 500 sp; 4th, Koman, Sliockley, do 7 mos t.'iO sp 240 wh; Bayard. Fordham, Green port, i mos lllsp wh; jth, Mary Frozier, Smith, N U 23 mos 7ll0 sp; Ontario. (Jm-n. SH li mos IM spm: Europa, Kitch, lire men, 21 mos 1700 wh;(ith, Eagle, Perry, H H 9 mos IM) sp; IOiIi, Si ,tira, *dams, NB li mos I'M! -p., all bounil to N W Coast; J.t pan, Kidde'.l, Nant 26 in .s I sp for Japan; Caledoni*. For syth, Ston. 7 mos 2IHI wh; Chelsea, Polls, N L (i mos 64 sp frm N W<Zephyr, Smith, NB9 mos 200 ?)> for Japan; lllh, Copn. I aber, do 16 mo? 200 sp l(Mrfl wh; Pantheon,Taller,do 32 mo* H40 ?p; Nancy, Jay, Havre, 7 mos 64 ?p; Champion, I'-msc. Edgar town. 30 mos 1300sot Friends. Jeffrey, N L 9 months 900 whale; Arushnet, Pea??, FH J7 mo-< 900 ?p 112 wh; Patriot, Cranston, Bremen, 16 mos 200 sp limit wh: I2:h, ( herokee, Deyoll, N B8 mos 2.'i0 wh; ilowena; F.ntes, Kit hum III sprm: lllh, im-tave, Close, Havie, | mos clean; 14th, ( lis In Henry ( olcman. Plant. 36 mos 700 sp; Menkar. Shaarrnan, Newport, 27 mos 900 sperin, Nimrod. Shearman, NB I) mos |2n sp lillOwh; IOiIi, Kntusoff, Co*, do 28 inos 800 SJI IIM wh; Trident, Black, do 9 mos 100 sp 400 wh. all for NW ' nast; 17th, Smyrna, Miller, do, 26 mos 8,'ifl sp for Japan; Java, Sliockley, do, H inos 64 sp 2 i0 w h; IRtli, Mo xa/t, Fuller, brtinsn, li mos 130 sp 1940 wh; 19th, Illinois, Jag ger, HH 4)% moi 32 si*; Psiiiheon, Borden, FH 15 mot f5 ?n 1960 wh; Roii*u*au. Bravtoo, NB 34 mos 1800 sp; Russell, Stall; do, 1i nit>s HjO sp; Wm Thompson, Kiln, do. 17 moa 700 ?p 90t/ * h; fremiti*. Bay lev, NL 10 ino* tiOO wh, Wu *eeu, Sspt 2, lltX 40, Ion67 60, a whaling: bri^ steering W by N. Cld at New Bedford 9th inst. Miuerva, Macouiber, NW Coast. Arr at Edgartown 9th inst. Vesta, Howlaud, Atlantic Ocean, 360 bbls sp. Npoken. Charles L Vote, East|?ort for Barbadoes, Any 27, lat 19 46, lou W 40?by the Guluare. at this port. Bitinev, Boston for Pensacola, out 12 days, Auk 31. lat 29 46, Ion 65 4ft?by the same. R Mills, steering South. 8tpt 6, lat 15 30, Ion 73?by the same. Rolls, t?r Salem, from NYork for Zanzibar, May 18, lat 14 28 8, Ion 41 18 K. Ann Maria, of and from Salem for Mauilla, all well, July 14, lat 2 8 Ion 23 50 W. Frances Ellen, of Bath, 21 davs from Wilmington for Point Pefpp. with loss of deck load and two men, and one sick mail on board, no date, fitc Forclfrn Port*. Havana, Aug 26? In port. Norma, Barton, for NVork, Idg; McLellan. Orr, for Boston, ao; Washington, Diijr, for Philadel phia, do; KlUworth, Lang, for Hamburg, do; Canonicus, Cope land, for Marseille*, next day; Mary Shields, fin Rhode Island, just arrived. Oamm!a, Africa, Aug 8?No American vessels in port. Sid 7th, Tim Pickering, Storv, Salem. Simon's Bay, July 4?In port, Susan Mary, Connor, unc. Home Port*. Calais. Sept 1?Arr Elizat* vh Porter, [Br] Hohbins, West Indies; Adamant, Pttrrirtgtou, do; 3d. Potomac, Colby, Balti more. Sid 3d, G W Gilford, West Indies; tth, Calisto, Hop kins, do. Eastfort, Am? 30?Arr lole, Wooster, NVork; list. Mary (Elizabeth, do; M*?i?t 3, Chief Sarheni, Smith, do. Sid 4th, Mo hican, Sinalley, NVork; Ceres. Tarbox, Wilmington. Han<;oh, Sept 6?Arr St Patrick, and Dr Hitchcock, Boston, Sltl Lenity, NYork. Campfn, Aug 30?Arr Fountain, Wellsby, Norfolk; 31st, Mary, Crane, N York. Tivomaston, Sf|?t 4?Arr Delta, Films, NVork. Sid Olive Branch, Long, Kast port. Portland, Sept 5?Cld America, Crowell, NVork. Salfm, Sept 7?\rr Deposit, Upton, Para; nth, Oueko, Ho gers, Baltimore. Sid Oscar. Hickman Philadelphia. Boston, Sept 9?Arr Walpole, Thomas, Liverpool; Ransom, Haskell, Calais; Constitution, Kndicott. Richmond; Baker, Nickcrson. and Great Western, Gibson, Norfolk. Signal for 2 brigs. Cld Chief. Brown, Havana; Czarina, Graves, Rio Ja neiro; Ann, Remick, Port au Prince; Pinta, Coombs, Wilmiug- | ton. NC: Eagle, Piercy, Fredericksburg. Arr 8th, Sarah Eliza beth, Tabbutt, Ellsworth; Adua, Hatch, Cienfuegos. Cld Pni* hira. Donne, Sat uinah: Beni Frank) hi. Fliun; Palm, Eld ridge, and Metamora, Flinn, Philadelphia; Reeside, Lanuley; Compli- j ance, Kelley, and A M Hale. Hearse, NVork. 9th, p in?Arr Wm M Rotrer*. Taylor; ,Palm. Eldridve, and Lagra? Ke, Fan ning, Philadelphia; Oriaua, Webber, do; Louisa, Otis, and Vintage. Bcar*e, AD?a;:y; Trio, Chamberlain, NYork; Orna ment, Kcllev.antl Conveyance, Phinnev. Albany. Telegraph ed, Anna Reynold*, fm Philadelphia. Sid Sarah Jane, Poinpi no, Florence, and others. Nf\v Bkdforp, Sept 8?Arr Cornelia, Kicketson, NVork.? Sid Richmond. Cnshman, do. Arr 9th. Ottile, Lange, and Ex I ample, HilJreth, NYork. A full rigged brig passed up Sound 1 this morning. Kooartowm, SentG?Arr Heroine, NYork. Sid 7th, most of the fleet reported yesterday. Providrnck, Sept 7?Arr Barrington, Barton, St Petersburg; Jame< L Long, Hawkins, and Translation, Wells, New York. Sid Niagara, Corson; Sol Hose veil, Johnson, and Orson, Hen derson, Philadelphia. Arr 8th, Lucretia, Adamson, Pictou; Kncore, Boat wick .Albany; Gem, Disbrow, New York. Sltl Chace, Hopkins. Peisacola; Susanna. Brooks, York River; Four Brothers, Smith, Cherrystone, Va; Kxpress, Smith, and Rival, Perkins, Philadelphia. Nf.w Havf.n. Sept 8?Arr President. Frisbie, NYork; Carver, Albany. Sid Cornelia, Brentnall, and Tantivy, Chapman, Al bany; Benj Stevens. Philadelphia. PhiladklFHIa, Sept 10?Arr Foster. Lancaster, Providence; Hylas, Kustis, and Dandv, Pierre, Newport; Galaxy, [Br] Bruce, Port Spain. Trin; Gen Warren, Welsh, Havana; Re trieve,Burnham, Gloucester; Charlotte, Wcstcott, Providence; Imperial, Reed, NBedford; Waldo,Gilchrist, NYork; Dresden, Liudsey. Boston; New Jersey. Bell, West Point, NY; Marga ret, York. Newport. Cld Pearl, Harding; Sherer, Keller; Silvia Higbee, Higbee; Lebanon, Brown, ami Pelon, Bartol, Btiston; Win Young, Adams, and Angelina, Scull, Providence; North Carolina, Nelson, Portsmouth; Jos Brown, May, Hartford; J no Harding jr, Wiusmore, New Haven. Richmond, Sept 8.?Ar Virginia. Hood. Fall River; Cour ier, Sharp, New York; Lenity, Smith, do; Wood, Rogers, Bos ton; Galena, Leeds, Troy; Wm Burk, Gonlder, Fall River; Jonathan Wainwright, Lewis, Albany; Minerva, Burnett, Troy.# Sailed, Victory, El well, Newport; Two Mary's, Gan tlv, Middletown, Ct; America, Soiners, Fall River; Catharine wilcox, Liscomb, N York. \rr at City Point, (Sw) Idnna, Molierg; (Norw) Kronprius, Oscar, Arveskaug. Walthall, Sept. 7.?Arr Caroline, of Bremen, Wolkmanu, N York. Ciiari.kston, Sept fi?Arr Anson, Barkman; Caroliua, Hoyt, and Tybee, McCormick, NYork: Catharine. Hamilton, Btiston. Below, Lisbon. Cld Sutton, Galloway, and Edward, Bulklry, NYork. Morjlk, Sept 1?Arr Acton, Daggett, NYork; Ilenry Plan tagenet, Beswick, Havana. Nfw, Au? 31?Arr F.bro, Perry, Philadelphia; Frederick. Sullivan. Turks Island; Water Witch, Dupire, Ha vana. Below, coming up, Solomon Saltus, Peterstm, from Bal timore A LADY FROM KNGLAND i? desirous of forming an en gagement with a family as visiting Governess. Her course of instruction comprises the usual branches of a sound Knglish education, with music and French. The most respectable refer ences can be procured. Letters addressed to K. O. K. office of this piper, will be attended to. si I It" rc F6r~SATjE cheap. rpiIK STOCK AND FIXTURES of that well-known es A tablUnment ''Tb** Anil Sneet House."being in the best bu siness part of the city?is a rare chance for a |ierson who wishes to get n place, now doing a good cash business. The reason of the present proprietor selling out is, that he is going into other business. For further particulars, apply oil the premises. 11 Ann stnef. all ltm HORSK POWER?On fh*' Inclined Plane principle, in |ier fect order and as good as new. For sale clieap. Apply at 106 Nassau street, or 142 Sixth Avenue, where it can be seen, si I 3tec SOAPS AND l'ERFlTMKRY. JOHNSON & V'KOOM, lat.' JohiiMn fc Co., ofCedor ?tr.-?-t, " Manufacture for Grocers. Druggists, Country Storekeepers, Barbers and Pedlars, every ut*scription of Fancy Soaps, of the be st fpiality, and at the lowest possible prices. Sales Room, at the Manufactory,79 Trinity Place,in the rear of Trinity Church. sll lm*ec RECEIVED H Y K E CENT A R R 1 V A L S . "1 PIECES very rich, new, elegant and fashionable Silks. 3oo pieces high lustie Alpacca, of every shade desirable, very chea|>. 500 do M. D. Laines, comprising the best stock ever offered at retail. 150 do Lupin's fine French Merino, of every color and shade. 100 do Fine German and English do, very cheap. 200 do Eoliens, Parainatas, Cashmere, de Cosse and Taalionies. 1000 Shawls, comprising Cashmere, Thibet, Broshee, Woolen,Plaid. Figured, De Lane, and other styles. Also, Flannels, Blankets, Velvets, Cloths, Cassimeres, Sati nets. Vestings, &.c , Itc. Tne above gttods will be sold to the satisfaction of all who may favor us with a call. BARKER At TOWLE, sll St^ec 71 ('atharinf street. ST. GEORGE HOTEL 61 BROADWAY, NEW YORK. THE subscriber begs leave ty announce to his friends and the public generally, and especially to the former | Nitrons of the Waverlv* House, while he was it* proprietor, that he has pur chased tne lease of the above establishment for a term of years, and that the house i* now opened for the reception of company. The house was n-wly fitted up and refurnished las^ winter, and will compare favorably with the best houses in Broadway, having made arrangements with the, present owner of the proper ty to enlarge, improve and beautify tin* establishment to a great extent, (the alterations and improvements" to take place during the dull season of the year.) He flitters himself that w hen tlie contemplated improvements shall have been completed, that this hotel w ill possess advantages rarely to In* met with, ami it w ill then assume at least the same rank and position that it fur* merlv did while known as Mrs. Mann's, and more recently as the Globe Hotel. The hotel w ill be conducted upon the Ame rican plan of keeping" hotels. Breakfast from 7 o'clock till 12. Dinner at 2 and A o'clock. Tea from 6 to 12 at night. Supper 0 till 12 o'clock. Charges for board |a?r day, single gentlemen one dollar and fifty cents. Ladies' rooms two dollars each person. For the liberal and distinguished patronage bestowed the pre sent sea-son upon the Hamilton House at the Narrows, L. I., the subscriber tenders his grateful acluiow ledgments >11 i?hl< ALONXO REED HOTEL FOR SALE?The Proprietor, who is about leaving the country, would dispo*e or his interest in the Hotel and Eating House at the corner of Battery Place and West street. One wishing to engage in this business will find this an oppor tunity of purchasing the best stand in the city, being situated at the immediate, landing of the Boston and Philadelphia boats. For further particulars inquire at the premises. si I lt*ec np(> 7;pi; NTIt Y M ER<: 11 ANTS. -Brow^Sh^tinM " and **? Shirtings of every style and width, all the known brands, both heavy and fine, Stark Mills, Lawrence C. Indian Head, Cabot A. t 'hicopee D, Merrimack, Exeter's, Unknown's, Stc., may be had at manufacturer's prices, on the second floors of Not. 18 and 20 Cedar street, half a block above Pearl street.? Yard wide sheetings at 6?i, cents ; also, batts, wicks, twine, warp and wadding, also bent Southern cotton yarn, No a. 0 to II and 7 to 12. si I lt*ec T. N. UNDER HILL, Ifi and 30 Cedar at. ARTIFICIA L FL(> WER S, FEATHERS. HEAD ORNAMENTS, kc % Acc 1 OWITZ BECKER, No 34 John street, will open this day, an entirely fredi stock of French Artiftc al r lowers, Feathers, itc ,just received by the last packets from Havre. The above stock was selected in Paris by C. E. Becker, late sales man with Bruu Co., of William street sll lm*ec RED HOUSE PLEASURE GROUNDS A PURSE for $30, mile heats, best 3 iu 5, to come off THIS DAV, Wednesday, at 4 o'clock, for horses I hat never won a purse or stage. ENTRIES. C. Bertine b. m. Miss Fortune O. W. Vaudenhergh r. h. Unknown. Mr. Edwards. s. h. Ivanhoe. Any person has a privilege of entering a horse before the trot, sll It*re DR* DEAFNESS CURED. H. CASTLE At EDWARDS, Surgeon Aurists, have made the diseases of the ear and the various causes oi* deaf ness their peculiar study. Y ears of practical experience have given avnpb evidence oi tl>e fallacy of treating a 11 disease* ind all deafness with one remedy. There are external and internal disease#?nervous deafness, and compressions and obliterations of the auricular nerve#?all requiring theriacal treatment, de pendant upon the anatomy and physiology of the parts iu scien tific therapeutical combination. DRH. ( 4HTLEfc EDWARDS. Aurists. sll 11h MI Broadway, corner of White street. DR C. < \STL1 h - by an original and iciantific knowledge iu his profession, and from an extensive success ful Practice, attained a distinguished refutation in the science of Dentistry. Hi* method ol filling and preserving decayed ten der teeth with a soft paste which combine* with the remaining portion of the tooth in (lie mouth, forming a sound mastica .m) organ, is the d> ?idcrituiii long looked for iu tlii?* useful ?rt. Those sufieri.ig and having occasion for professional aid in den* tistry, cannot do better than by applying to this accomplished practitioner. DR. A. C. CASTLE'S office hours (381 Broadway, N. Y.) ' iMifu',1 sll 1th Ml N i Kirs RED DROP.?Thismadjeintistin onWabeo lute cure that has e%er been discovered for secret disease*, which have been known, when seated iu the system, to go down from generation to generation, defy ing the skill of the most eminent physicians. It is allowed by every one acquainted with iti to be the most certain, safe and quick mod# of cure known. It roots out every vestige of diseate from the system iu a few days, no matter how old the case, and may also be used with the greatest safety. It defies observation, an there are no restraints laid on the patient. Office 3 Division street; no other place in the city. Price $1, with directions. On sale in Alba ny, 31 Lydms st?but not to b* had iu Rochester or Buffalo.?? Throughout the great west it is only to lie had of Dr. Thomas Johnston, Louisville, Ky. sll lt*ec MKDK m. C %R1> DtK TOR OLOU ER ? practice principally to tlie treatment and cure of delicate diseases hi their different stages. Also, (ileets, Strictures, Gonor rhoea, Seminal Weakness, Obstinate Ulcers, and all Bores ari sing from impurity of tlie blood. His experience and success in the cure of this class of diseases sre very great. Persons af flicted with tiny of thf xhoff nxmnl iliwuwi who liav* Ih'.ii mcunbl. or .iilfiriilt of rurr am iuritrtl to 1114k. ?ii |ilicitinn at hi. otflc, No. 2 Ann tin*!, nr?r Hiondw.y, ?<l JoinniK th* Amcriraii Mnwiim, wln-rr lit- may he con.nltj'd coiifith'iitially at any hour durinK th. day and rvrniiiK until ID o'clock. _ ,U U*e? AUCTION SALES. T AKOK HATE OF RLBOANT CITY MADK. FUltNI IJ TUKK.-H. K. WlELAHD will *-11 am This ing at 10^ o'clock, in the |*ry. Sale* It- H>m J04 Broulwiy, cor* net Du int- street, * larwt- elegant aisorlmeul of ?uj*rinr cit\ made Furniture . inclitaix mahomny J-t dud full I" ranch and fancy Chair*; elegant *crol! iweep back, ?er|wu(inr and French So I'm; Ottomans; Hi vain; Italian while and Egyptian marble top Cwln Table*; ?p|pmlnJ pirr and ctr<l Tablet ; Diesiing l)u reaiis, w ith marble top*; oval and serpentine Mirror*; double and sonde enclosed W aili-l mil*, plain and with marble tops; Wardrobe*; Book C?????; Sideboards; Pillar*, Pembroke, ijuar telle and ladies' eles mt Work Table.; Hit Staud*; malioxauv, Freuch and pott Bedstead*; a Inriie variety of mahogany Rock er*, *ew ing and arm (Jhair* in plush, hair and morocco cover*. Itc. Ike. Also, Kirrell's celebrated patent Sofa Bedsteads, Johnson's Theraj>eutic or Invalids Chiira. I Iron Safe, 1 Piano Forte, kc. ke. Catalogue*_ud the Furniture for eaamiMtiou now ready. Purchaser* will Imd this sale well worthy their attention. ?I0 2t'm NIBLO'S GARDEN. GREEN HOUSE PLANTS. ALL THE COLLECTION of rare and choice tireen fif House PUnts, iiflito Niblo's Garden, will t?e sold _ at auction, on MONDAY, ICtli September, without re serve, as the (ireeu Ilnusrs a.e uuavoid ?bly broken ui>. They consist of large specimen I'lmu, such as Cinwllin, Rnododen droua Aloe*, Ortinre, Uiami, L\m? shaddock and I'omeisra il.ite Tree*, tearing fruit; Acc<cia*, Cassias, Magnolia*. ilihis cut, Pittosporum, Je<miin?'4, Ku^euias, Melaleu ca, or IS ?ttle Brush, lndii Rubber, Oleander* Laure-tilius, Vuca, Palm*. L ntonas, llbiscus, Datura, Kuphorbias, &c Smtll Stock, vi/.: Ak<iI(^i, Hose*, <*en?ii?um; Pas*ion Klow er?, Dwarf Orange and Ltmon l'i?e*,^( amelli is iu great variety; Camellia stocks, ike. Ike. Particulars in futuie advertisements. Catalogue* will be ready in .1 few days. stOrc KOR SALK AT AUCTION. jjtifM A SPLENDID KARM on the Hudson river, town of M&Newburgh, Orange county % one mile west of the village, .mihs I 'Mitaimim 107 acre*, in a nigh state of cultivation, well watered ; (bounded west by a never failing stream <?f water,) a good uew house, two stone*, and kitchen ; a good large new Barn and Lime-Kiln, and plenty of limestone. The farm will be divided or sold together, a* will best suit the purchaser*. The greater part of the money can remain on bond and mort gage, a* will liest suit tlie purchaser. Kor particulars, enquire at 419 Broadway, corner of ( ami, N. V . or of Moses Wilson, on tlie premises. The sale will lie on Kriday, 6th of Sept., at the Or*ntre Motel NVivhurvh il 12 o'clock *uif23, 2w* ec THK MllVV Dk fllOCK AT1C A I'XII.I Alt Y I POI.K-WRIGHTS ATTKNI)! rpHK Fir.l HeKi.lar Mn-tinu .?(' tt.< 1 DEMOCRATIC 1 I'OLK-WRIUHT ASSOCIATION." ?,ll V Mil at Sium.x r? j Iii i ei., Km linn *u i*i. THIS (WEDNESDAY) AFTERNOON, at h?lf-j?nt Five o'clock. All pvr?oii* dcsirmi* of fcecuinliiK mrmberi, and tliiu rrmler tlicu mil in i|ir<'ailniK ili? Bioiiiiu* principles of Dumocracy, will |>lea*e In* in puno(ititl attendance. LoMii Li*?: nit. Ukpciilic ! JOSF.PH ELLIOTT, President. WM. I1. 8M V TH Is. i VirM-f'rviidi.ntu (JKO. CANKIELD, \ VlCB"' _ HAM. It. (1LF.N, Serrriary- _ nil lt? WANTED?A Part jut, w ifh from $1000 to $1500 iu cash, in a business which pi\s at the Knut one hundred |?er cent, where there, is two already concerned. It is a buainess which can be done to any extent, and tin* articles will he in great dr ill and for three or fonr yetrs to come. The only object of having a partner is want of capital. Tlx* business has been established for two years. Address with real name, p"st-paid, BUSINESS, at the Post Office, which will lie atteuded to. sll 3t*ec I WANTED?Some enterprising ami resj?onsible men to pro cure subscriptions and advertisers for a Weekly Pa|>e.r. ' y between the hours of 12 and 1 at 11 John street, up stairs, nursday and Fridty. s.l Ifgr TI7ANTED?Six good Plasterers and two Laborers. Apply ? ? at the buildings, corner of 21st street and Second Avenue, of B. M. FOWL EH. s\i lt?ec I pose of cheap, will please address a note to S. C. H" 139 Water street, stating price and where the same may be se*-u. A1 ?o, wanted?a lot of good second-hand paeket VV'ater1 ask j, large size. Also, 100 or 200 good Apple B ?rreln. nil 2t*h ANTED IMMEDIATELY?Sevnl honest, intellirtm, and enterprisiug young men, to solicit subscribers andcol lfCt money for a popular iieriodical. Men acquainted with the busiuess can linke from live to six dollars a day the year round ?none need apply unless they bring good recommendations as to their houesiy, fee. Apply to ISRAEL PO?T, 3 Astor House. sll 3tis?ac TO PRINTERS. ^PHE ADVERTISER, (having had considerable experieuce A in similar capacities) is anxious to obtain a situation as Reader or Compositor, either in town or country. A line ad dressed "C." at the office of this journal, will meet with i in me diate attention. sll 3t*ec f|'0 KAM1 LI ES, wanting suits of rooms (or the winter, can ? be handsomely accommodated with parlors and bed-roomt attached, with pantries, ch?ets, &<? : a private table, if requeu ed. Single rooms for gentlemen, w ith breakfast and lea. Apply at 4U Houston street, second block east of Broadway?in a pleasant part of the city. sll lmeod*rc Airly on I h W ANTED?A good (Matiunaiv I riight) ( rown Wheel and Pinion Horse Power. Any persm having one to dis< CORNS, BUNIONS AND BAD NAILS C U 11 E D . JL1TTLKFIKLD, Chiropodist, takes this method to in ? form citizens and strangers visiting New York, that he still cont'iiues his successful treatment on Corns, Bunions, Club and Inverted Nails, at the Merchants1 Kxctmnge Bathing Rooms, 41 William street, three doors below Wall street, and at his resi dence, 471 Bowery, one door below 10th street. All orders punctually attended to, in any part of the city, without extra chaige. Office hours from 9 A. M. to 5 o'clock I'. M. At home morn ioir *"d rypttjit". ' U FaTTIv TilbATKK A CARD-MR. ANDERSON'S BKNKKIT?Mr. Ander son respectfully announces that his Benefit will take place on FRIDAY next, Sept. 13th, on which occasion will be i>er formed, for the lirst time in America, the new tragedy of (tISI f'l'll S, as placed \% ith distinguished approbation at Drury Lane Theatre?the puncinal characters by Mr. Anderson, Mr. Dvott.and Miss I laia Kllis? with the p*tite comedy of MA TRIMONY?IMaval, Mr. Anderson?Clara, Mrs. Hkerrett, from the Kdiuburgh Theatre, her first appearanee in America ?with other entertainments. sll 2l*ic * TO JBU I (;heh s. A FIRST RATK CHANCR, one of the beat meat and i?oiil tr> markets in tins city, with slaughter house complete and ne ir at hand, now offered for sale for cash?tlie business done to average of three cattle and twenty-five small creatures |?ei week. Any |HTson in want of a bargain, may apply at Abingdon Meat Market, Abingdon square. 1'. S.?There are many advantages in this, which will be stated when an intcrvie.w may he had. sll lw*ec. XTLTHKK&Aft- SOLOMON VlCKJ&Rtf cseipid from the Citp rriioi) this morning, and I hereby offer, as a rt ward for his apprehension to my custody. the sum or $100. Said Vickers is five feet ten inches high, light hair, with sandy com pletion, and small iruidy w hiskers. lie had on when he escaped a light bine coat, a pair of lighr drab pantaloons*, and a yellow fur hat, and rufl'ei o*> the bohom of his shirt. WILLIAM COX, Keeper City Prison. N*w York. Sept. loth. I814. si I 2t?ec HALLOCK S CASTOH OIL CANDY TS now highly approved of, as the best mode of administering 1 valuable mcdeciiie to children?being so pleasant to the taste the} williwdUyeac whatever itjriVen tltm. Itmu t>e used for all purposes that the simple Oil is so extensively- recom mended. Common colds. ill kinds of coughs, bowel com plaints, fitc.; operating mildly, healing diseased parts, and Allay ing, irritation. Manufactured by A. C. HALLOCK, jm. 17ti Spring street, and neatly put up, (protected from the air and d impness, and warranted to keep in any climate,) in packages at J2}a cents each, w ith full directions for use. See that the Pro prietor's own name i* written 011 the engraved wrapper. Sold by most Druggists in cities, and general stores through out the country. sll lrn*ec " AliTIFlHAL TKKTH M. LKVKTT, Dentist, the introducer of inserting incor ruptible Teeth 011 the principle of atmospheric pressure, al lowed to be the greatest improvement in dentistry ever intro duced, invites strangers and the public in uenetal to examine his new method, which will lie found greitly superior to ANY NOW IN CSK, euiluacing amongst others the advantage-, of great and |iermanent comfort, cleanliness, durability, ike. To nervous patients it is particulaily adapted, as it precludes the necessity of extract! ig stumps or roots of teeth, and retains the rnmith in a healthy state. 'I he numerous testimonials fiom the most distinguished in society, with the highest dental and other luthorities. will ensure to ? i 1?? ? requiring artificial teeth, those who have had them unskilfully set, the happiest and most satisfactory results. >1. LKVKT1, Dentist, sll I in* re 260 Broadway. entrance in Warren st. OKI>KK Ol? I Ml Kb UUOI HKItM>h 1 KM I'kRA N< K. rPIIK First. Public Meeting of this Order will take place on * Wednesday, Sept. 1Mb at ha)f-pa?t 7 precisely, .it the Apol lo Rootns. Broadway. Kmiuent Si?akers v ill address the meeting. Music by ine Choir of the Order, and the Band of the U. S. slop North ( arolinn. The Independent Order of Recha bites Sons of Term* ranee all Temperance Soci ties, (particu larly the Ladi? ) and friends of Temi*?ai.ce generally, are cor dially invited to attend* Admittance free. The most perfect ord*r will In; observed. Children without parents or guardians, will not he admitted J W1KS 1IARPKR, President. K. D. < ONNKRY, C. S. A r. r \sn,K, n s, sin 2t?m I I ishiTu^h boi i.ji pjTtt wggm TICK StIB?S('RIHKIl'S Collection of Tuberoses at Astoria, are now in bloom; as also an extensive collection Adnswof China Monthly Roses, who*e autumnal buds are the finest of the seas >11. The delightful perfume? f the Tuberose i i well known, and not inferior t<? I asrriine or Orange Bloi?oms.? Small, round, neatly arranged Bouquets of th"above flowers, with l!eliotro|ie, will be if< ?>ived every morning from tin* Oar den, and may be seen 111 the window. l'? John sfeet. Price 26 OMMtMck. J. M. THOHBLfKN U CO, slO 1t*rc FOR SACK-ANTLMVANT COUNTRY RK8I Wflfk DKN< K OR FARM of afout f,0 or 70 Acrrs. situated wk*. with in ten milesof this city, in the county of Westches ter near the village of West Farms, and on the Post road run ning lietweeu this city and Boston. The farm is in a high state of cultivation and abounds in fruit of all descriptions and of the most choice selections and quality. The house is ele gantly situated on a prominent location, commanding an exten sive view of the adjacent Country, Cong Island Sound, ike., and was built but a few years ?ince, in the best possible manner, and is replete with every convenience and very commodious, being .V) feet by 50 feet The outhouses are all new and admirably ar ranged. Poi t farmer 01 resident of the city this place offers great inducement, fieiiiK Within an hour's drive of the city and within one mile of the II trlem Railroad. The place can tie ex amined at any time and possession given in 30 days. For further particulars,apply to tne owner on the premises, n to K. K. COLLINS Ik CO., 56 South sr. slO DIANO FORTKS?JOHN PKTIIICK, (formerly Mundy a At Pethick,) informs those wauling good Piano Fortes, that he has at his Old, 201 pleecker corner of Han cock street, a choice assortment of Piano Fortes from six to seven octaves, which for external finish or internal qualities are second to none made in this country or in Kurope. t >!'l Pi mo'l ' ikf u in \< h inge l their utino t * due. Pianos tuned and repaired. The Knickerbocker line of stages pass the door every tlin minutes in the day. slO lni*rrc TO R* >T<UU \ N I) M \ k ' Till. HI MAN II AIR \ 8 PLEND1L) NAT! IIAL (>K N AM ENT. TO BKAUTIF Yf DRKss, < I> \ N AND FOIU K ITS i.lioWTH. KOU TIIK LOW I'll I * K OK THHKK HHILLIN?i!4. T) ! we sell tho e .lulling bottles, that von may know J*' titis 1 < not on < t' tin* hair humbug<i of the day at $1. We exp"Cf you to buy it more than once, as we warrant it to possess the following qualities It will force the hair to grow 011 any part when1 nature intended hair to grow, stop it falling off, cure Scurf or Dandruff, and make light, red or grey hair grow dark. For dressing the hair soft and ?illtv, nothing etcerds this. It is indeed, the most economical, yet superior, article made for the hair. It is cheaper than the Irish called hair oils, and it will keep the hair in order with one application twice as long as any other article made. Sold?price :t, 1 or ft shillings a bottle?at the sign of the Ame rican Kagle, tf2 l hatham street, New York; I to Fulton street, R rook I it; H Stat ? street Boston; 3 Ledger Buildings, Philadel phia; ind Pease, Broadway, Albany. slO Im*m A 8TRANOK Bl KHSKD WKHMtlM, AND SI'PKR N ATI H A L IN V* K S TIG N, TO CLKAlt mi Mil It NT, DIHCOLORKD AND YEL LOW. FRM K LKD PIMPLKD OR DIHKUM !KKP SKIN. MANY?Av, thi"e are many who have been cheater! with i.Vl tr^sh, a'?u therefore think the powers of the genuine Joires's Soap are exaggerated; let such give ita fair trial. It is indeed the most uugularly wonderful curative prepartiou ever made, m all skin diseases. In fact, it seldom or never fails in curing Pimples, Blott lies, Freckles, Tan. Morphew, Silt Rheum, Scurvv, Krysipelas. Barber's Itch, Ringworm, Old Honr s, and Sore Heads. But mind, ?t is Jones* Boap has done, and still effects tNfM cures C?et it no where e|s?? in this city?or you will be swindled with a counterfeit?-but at the sign of the Amen can Kagle, 82 Chatham street, and :?2.) Broadway, N. Y.; in Boston. *t Reddinjj^, B State street; Zeiber, 3 Ledger Buildings, Philadelphia; 139 Fulton street, Brooklyn, and Pease, Broadway, Albany. slO lm#m I L N R?40 Tons Old'Rustia^TsrreiliHoiMi, for sale by J PKRSHK Ii BROOKS, s>|C No. to and 67 Nassau street AMUSEMENTS. PARK THKATilK. Boxes... $1 I Pit... Ml cuiU i Gallery ...S3 cents. Door* o|?jii at 7?Tim Curtain will rW precisely at hall-past 7 THIS EVENING, Srpi. ilth, will be |?rform?d, c;6hiol vnus. w ^ -ortolanus, Mr Andersou I < oininius, Mr parry Menem ua, ( hipi^eudale | Tuilut Auudus, Dyott Volumnia Mn Hlumau To conclude with k. THE DEAD SHOT. %# ,(| ..... VIr 1 imid, vlr Chippendale | LodUa, Mm Clam kllia ttlRLCI'S gaboen* Corner of Broadway and Prince street, New York. The Knurtaiuuvnts arr undtr the sole direction of M ? MR. MITCHELL. NOTICE?The Garden o|wm at o'clock, and the j?er [ormnncea commence at 7^ Tlie Thaure it now enclosed, and made comfortable, should liie evening he damp or cool. three" popu la hTpi ec eh. Beauty and the Be tst, Tableau* of the Tyrol, and tlie Voung WtPNKSIUY EVENING. September II will be pretence.', BEAUTY ANi) THK BUA&T. John Quill, Mr Mitchell I Dr?-??atiuda, Mr* Hardwick Beauty, Miss'laylorl Marnjoda Mr? Waiti The Beast, Mr Dunn | Quwn of Rosea, Mist < l*rke Croton ramp.Jbsq, Nickinson | Black Cupid. Mast Wood lL/" luterunssi??n ul haH an hour.^/fl After which, TABLEAUX OF TliE TYROL. To conclude with, THK YOUNG SCAMP. Mildew Mr Holland (?? iit-ril Ueauvoin Nickiuxm All'n'il Clarke Jiiw-I'h Mm < I iiLr William Mr U*.n> KIIm Mil, Tnlot Mn Manly Mr* Wall* Mr* Swrnsilowii Mr* Kverard QT??NO POSTPONEMENT nt (hi. exahli.hinent on ac count of weather, a* (he (Jrand Knlrancr from Broadway In (he Haloon i. i>ro(ect<-d, and (he New Saloon, who li i* vmtiU(rd from (he top and aide*. can be enclo**d at a moim ut'k uotice. PALNU'P OPERA HOUMK. HMIE " ETHOPIAN MINSTRELS" h?f to inf.<rm the L citizen* of N? w Vork, that, at the ie<|ue?t of *eveial fatni lies tint have been prevented M-riiiK (heir performance*, they liave delayed their de|urture, and made an <rraii*eineiit ? illi tin jiroprietor of tli? above place for a few night*, and will appeal, in Snug*, Duet*, Trio*, (iuaitett*, Catcln*. Glee*, tie., of au uiirivalWd variet) wJ character, mi WEDNESDAV, KEPT.,.11, and every eveuing until further ntiticr. Tictaft* of r.<lini**ion only 25 cent*?Childrvii half-price. *11 ll'ec C1RCVM-BOWKRY. Tltla (Cvriilnf(. OEORUE SWEETi the (treat Tight Ro|? Performer and 8ceue llider, make* hi* tir*i appt trance liere in throe*. SIRS. COI<K will lead anew Cavalcade. OTTO MOTTY iwil'orm* New Wonder*. THE SKKKNADEUS will he ru n i vuied by an Accordiok, and now Neuro ags McKARLANIj, the fvBU >onier*elt-Man. Clown to the Ring W. STOUT. Ticket* to Boxes 25 eenl*?lit UX 3t*rct BUIiTOVS THEATRE. AIICH STHKKT, PHILADELPHIA. On WEDNLHDA\ , September Mth. MH. MACRKADY..willapina,n. .THE STRANGER. B.irun Kteiufgrt, .Mr Ryder I Kraucii, .Mr Conner CountWiiitenoii, MrO Barrett | Peter, Mr Burton Vint Haller, .Mi** Cu*hmau Couiit<**< Mr* Burke Attdi vtliicli. 1IIS LAS t l.kliS. O'Callaghsui.. . Mr Barrett ?In 2trr 1 K IS H MINSTRELSY. M K M c M I C H A E L WILL IITUT HI! ENTERTAINMENTS 0!? IRISH MINSTRELSY AND SONG, ON Friday Evening Kit, AT THR SOCIETY LIBRARY, BROADWAY. With Selections from MOO UK'S AM) LOVER'8 MELODIES, AND HI PERHTITION8 OK THE IRISH. \{~r"i'o comotnic* ?i 8 o'clock. TICKETS FIFTY CKNT8?'!'? lie luiil at the principal Muiic Stores, ui<l at the Door. (6 7t*rc EXHIBITION. THE END OF THE WORLD. AN ORIGINAL FAINTING, of my Urge *\w, with colos sal figures, panned in New York, anil lately finished \<y F. Anelli. Kihihiliuu open from II) A VI. to 4 I . M., and from 7 to in P. M. Admittance 2!> cent*. ?Mtfre A CARD-Mlt. WHALE ami DAUOIITF.K respectfully announce to the Ladies anil (Jeutluincu of New York, that tIn-ir ('lasses in Dancing, Waltxinif, anil (lie Polk* Dance, will riinmience at the Assembly Room, Constitution Hall, (i.'iO Broadway. early in Octolier. Day* of tuition, Wednesdays and Saturday!,. Particular* in future advertisement*. Mr. W. trust* that tlie r?lereiic* It,. ?li ill otter of hi* capability will lie satisfactory. Schools and Academic* attended to on application a> <hove, or at his Private Academy, No. 70 Sixth Avenue. ?>10 lin'rc COWMAN'S LITERARY SALOON, COSTUME GALLERY, AND EXHIBITION OK bEAUTlFUL PAINTINGS, No. '403 Broiwtw y. New York. JT7-ADMISSION ONK hlllLLINO ONLY. XTO STlt \NUhll ahouhl leave the city without calling iu t> *"ili (iivAt Collection* of Book*, I'aintiuK* and Mi graving . v?hu ll nie offered at " pricea to ?uit tlie times." The!* SAL.K llOO.Ni in rilled with book* of every kind, in v iv oa I.uikuwcs, incluiliuii Prima mid Pictuiea, to mv* which, au<l U? t*rinl iuiom, mo Chakuk it nude. \28 ec T H K A L H A M R A , 530 Fho?i-\vj.>, n Srmvu <mii r?i>cK Stukkt*. THIS fafhiouable place of reaort it o|wo for the season. The A Ices, Fruit*, Je!li*a, aud other refreahrneuls, are of the lineat description. An Orchestra, combining niitf of the llrst musical talent in I he city, perforin every ? vwiuik, eicept Saturdays and Mondays, favorite \ iec?s from I lie coiniMisitiou of Straus, Lauucr, Anber, Belliui and others equally celebrated. BIIAM.'H, No. IU lux Broadway, one door above Kntget afreet, where the MUM delightful Ice Creams and Kelie?liu>enla may be found. aull limine CHKHTNVT HTIIKKT TIIKATHIC. I'll II. A I) 1 <1*111A THK Stibacribera h iv iiik leased thin favorite establishment, an* prepared to receive applicatmu* for eiiKajEeuieula, from ladies and Keutleinvu of tlx- profeaaion. All apidicat on* (wliirh must be post |>aid) ? ill be a'leuded lo immediatel y if addres sed to LKWIS T. I'll \TT, or KUAN CIS C. WKMVSS, *fi Iw z Clientiiut atreet Theatre, Philtdelphia. PACKET MIIP OARIilCK from Liverpool? Coiiaiituees will please have their permits on board, at Orlrtn< wiiarf, foot of Wall street, im mediately. All goods not |iermitted mi dav? must n lavntdablv he sent lo puhl r store. tll?'C SJIIIi' IA/.IIII MtO.II LIV f.ltPlHH, TiTl * ' please send their peiuurt on board, at Hutger* a reel wharl immediately. All (rood* nut |iermi<ted in live days must mi avoidahlv Iw sent t.i |.mI.In a tore. illec CJ.1FTON HO Urn*:, ON TIIK BAVSIDK. 8TATKN ISLAND. NKAIl " THr, NAKIIOWH." FOU PKUMANKNT BOARDKKS, lodirera and day viaitors, offers an op|iortin.ity of enjoying the sea hreev, a view of land and w ater unequalled lor iu pictuies>iueiiess, tlie luxury of the aea bath, (the sea l>each Mag w ithm I.all a mile of the house.) Tlie dinner hour it o'clock?on Sunday at 3 o'clock Su perior cainate'i iu attendant lor the accommodation of the L'UeaU. A fine Uowluiii All / <' d Cilliard Ki'in .irejuat liiiiah ed for the amusemeut of the pair>na of t!?* ??nulilnhm- ut. (JKtiHOK PIKIMS, I'niprietor. N. B.?Two of the be it rooi-.a in the Hot'ac tnay l? ud fni the pinaindtr of the ae.jon, oi. mme'i-ie ai I'lica'.i ,u of fasti lira. On Sundayi the boata run to Staplctoa. laodiiu evwy hour? Carria?ea iu attendance to convey |***.enrera to Cli'Wi Houae auil Imiarc A PARIS MILLENARY ESTABLISHMENT IN NEW YORK. OARKNNK & CO.. patronized by tho Courts of France and Belgium, ol 14 Place Vendomc. Pari*, have the honor of making known to tin* LimIihh ol* (he lluited Stat***, and thowof the city, of New York parto ularjy, that they will oj?eu a branch of their well known and fashionable Millinery Kstablishmeut, on Thursday, the 12th of September, 011 the corner of Broadway and Grand street, (entrance No. 114 Grand street.) The branch in this city will be untVr tl?e immediate superin tendence of one of the principle ladies of the Paris house. Tlie 11die* are respectfully solicited to visit the saloons, where they willahvays find evriy recherche article in the millinery line from Piris, by ilir Packets as they arrive 1'. S. They would also inform (hose engaged in the millinery busiuess in the principal cities of ti?e Union, that all articles connoted with their business, and the late?t fashions, ran be upi lied previous to their being opened to the public in this city. Orders punctually attended to. si 2wis rc J LAIRD, VV|(r M A K K H, 11AIK CUTTER, ORNAMENTAL HAIR MANUFACTURER, 92 CHATHAM 8TREET, KOHMFRl.V OF 3I*? Pi A*L St HI IT. IN announcing to his numerous frimds and pairons his re moval from .110 Pearl stieet to the store '12 Chatham street, begs leavu to return his hrartfel'itrkiiowledgmeiiU to those friends and the public generally, who have hitherto honored him Mith their support, anu to assure iImhi it will ever tie his study to merit a continuance of such envfable distinction. Kver since I have lieen in business it has Iwen my good fortnn?' to actiuirc and retain so large a portion of tlie public patronage, for which I feel grateful. Asa Hair Cutter and Wig M iker Laird stajuU unrivalled in the manufacture of Ornamental Hair, for which his name has mo long hern celebrated. He uow has ample sco|ie for carrying his inventions and impro\ements into effect, in short nothing tint ait can itroduce or eg pease com maud, his bean overlooked by him at 'tis new establishment. Hfe invites an early ItttpectioB 01 llis slifoldtd stock of VVigs, Tou|iees and Ornamental Hair, in countless variety and eigui site workmanship. Perfumery from celebrated Knglish and Con tinental manufactories, in addition to setersl esteemed preiwra lions, invented and Mild bv Lsird. The Hair rutting, sun in deed the business in ?'*ch deputment is condueted by tlie priim pal himself, in sin h a manner and on such terms as to sustain tlie pre-eminent ehsracter this establiihitient enjoy*. Prire^ to suit the times. slO I ill * m *?2 I h thsm Mrrwt. Lf V t.l(l'UUb tons ol I ' irtl?ertOii * lie?t ile*riip* 11'mi of house fir* coals, arrived per ship Sarsh & Arsilia, and for sale hy sHi HOMtK. BHOTHKHS V ( n v, Knlton st. PUKK.?5UU t*t?ls. hltra ? lear I org, A00 do. M*sn Pork, 600 do Thin Atf?? Poik. .VH) do. Prime Pork, For sale by K K. COLLINS At CO. *fl m 'ft South sir?t. TWlfi W ?bsl"? sil|?eri? ? Bndporf Seine Herring and -* (iill Neit Twn es, Cornerujiiig i verv full as'.ortmenl, from A)* to Jt? lbs. Also, 9 Ins. Sail Twine, all received l<rr rrr.rnl itn|>orl<?tioni, mid m miif" tnrril with tin- grmtmt car., from tli if?t iiMlriala. Kor nl<", on rrmnii >tilr trrm?, by K. K i OI.LINS h i (>. ?'? in M Hnulh ?trwt CiOTTON Dl ' K ? In lt? Mtr?, No. I, Amrnnui I'iIoi ' Duck, ?i?i <lo No, *, do, m ito No. ? ?i., NO jo N?, i .t.., 200 llo Nl>. I, fir., 2IXI do No. 2, do, 2M llo No. 3, io, 8W> i|o No. 4, do, 200 do No 5. (In, MiuiufiCturrd with dw Rrratrat rarr. anil fur ?nl?. in l?l? to null pnrch?*rt, by IC K. COLLINB fc < <? ?* "I M Dotlb itiMt. BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. Philadelphia. [C?ri?4|>ouiienc? ol the Htnld ] Philsdllfhia, Sept. lo, 1444. )iti HtnatTT IntUecuseol the Hon. Charles Nay lor, the Mayor hu jromised hit decision to morrow. We shall see. L B Connolly, the keeper of a dry good (tore, No. ? Nerth t.ightb street, which wu mysteriously on flraone morning last we*k, ha* been committed to prison in de fault ol $8,000 to answer the charge of fraud It appear* that he had li'oly purchased a large amount of goiHls, $10 000oi $14 00-) worth, not one half ol which can now be accounted for. TVillihm U BaUer and lleury H. K Kiliott, proprietors of the American Advocate, native papei, have been held to bail hi $1000,by Alderman autwer the charge if having libelled the characttr of Aid Hugh Clark? rattier a d ffi iilt merer, 1 >h?uld think ! The idea ol luch x man a* Hugh Claik prosecuting lot u libtl id too absurd lo (hink el! The trui ol' John Hem for participutirtar in 'he riot in fiontut Bl. Augiif'nt'a Church, on the h h ol fciay last, was ihis inon.irg brought to a close lor the |iinnt? the jmy hav;ui( been '*i?chaiged, not baririg able to agree upon a >? idiot. John Duley was put upon bis trial 11,is morning for the murdet of Mattlii w H'jmmitt, in Kensington. on the 7tli of M*> last, by (hooting lum thtcugli th? head with a gun. Up to the hour ol closing ujut) had rot bteli ? m paunelled Thin i? sn impoitaut ii <l ianting cn?e iud one which will pro^bl) o oupv *ev?raldays AQuaktr gentleman George R Snu.h n lined to be swoin al though willing to convict ol in unlet, il the temn.cny warranted A ktabtiini? eve to<>k p'.ac* in Broad ftnet this moiuirg at an early hour. The parties weie all fm nd*. hut it ap pears one ol tli??m guve off . nco by ting'ng some vulgar songs. there ben p lemulea present. T he young man stabbed is named Hannn 1 Aahle. i he u< und is not con sidered mortal, buthtill slight hope* ate entertained ol hia recovery. Wil iam and Edward Kyuinger were arrested ami committed fot a lutthei heating The Democrat* in the Fourth I ongrestional district, as was expected, nomina'ed tli? Hon Charles Jsied liigertoll lor reeltctiou: and I ttiU' l confess that under existing circumstance*, his chanc?s ol success ate nearly two tn one ueainst the randidate* ot the other parties. In the Third Congrotaionul District, last evi mug the whig* nominated Thomas C. Si<eU, of lite Nertbern Liberties, as iheir candidate, but there is rot the slightest chance of bin election. Mr. 8. isa poor selection lor the whig* to make Th" 1 Native*'" are now fairly in the field All their nomination* lor National. State County und District Mu nicipal Officers hnvngbitn cimpletid Imt evtnfrg. I annex the most important Cantrm? 1st district l.t wis C. Levin ; Sd district, John 11 Campbell) 4th district, Jacob Shenrer. Stale Smalt-Olive i I' Cotman, for the County. Now. tbeae are nil prttty good aominatiens, with the exception of the fii?t, which the party will find out to their sorrow. Mr Corman is an honor and orna ment to nnv party, nnd I doubt not but In* elrction will be triumph int. Upon the Assembly tickfct there are some vt t) ?ood name*, while there are some very bad ones ; and the same may be said of the District nomina tions. We may look out now for all manner of stories, the bat tic having fanly commenced. One thing ismanifeat, the whig* ate decteasing in spirit, as their meeting* clearly indicate The one neld last evening, composed of the lower distilcts, was anything but what I had anticipated. The Native meeting, a few squures below, was more en thusiastic. The lact is, the prospects of Mr Clay are hourly becoming more doubtful in this quarter. The friends ol Polk aud Dallas are all life and animation, con fident ot the entire tucces* ol their candidates. This Rev. Dr. 1 yng will be uttendrd to in a ftw davs At yet. my budget is not lull. If any ol your readers de sire to know the meaning of n real Ondn donktr, 1 would refer them to the good folk* of Pottsville. Our stock market was never more devoid of interest. The sales are comparitivi ly nothing, and prices vary to little that | consider them but a small matter of moment to your readers. FmsT Bon d.?150 VVilnt. II. R., 24j; s Heading it. R., 3f)j, IS dj '.'6J; 100 Girard Bank. 11 j; $3S6 Lehigh Mort , gage Lout, fed J $4ill do iJ's, 89; $1,000 Peun. S's, 72; $1 000 Schuylkill Navigation Lohu. 7&; 17 Camden and 4mboy R It. Ii3: 13 Farmer's and Mechanic's Bank, 43^; 13 do 43j; $3 000 Tennessee Bnnd.-i H4,100 Wilm. R. R , 34j| bn und Boahi>,?10U shares North American Insurance Co., 93; 100 do 9| MIII1* NKWM. Carreapoiidence of the Herald. Phii.adei.phia, 10? P. M. Arrived?Emeline, Nicholt. Lubec; Vulcan, Smith, NYork. ( It-tied?Sarah Ilaud. Bayley, NOi leant; Emerald, Ilodgden, and Abbathula, Cram, Fall River; Alvarm, Pace; Sun, Ryder; John Murray, Deveretuig; Fame, Crowell; Shawmut, Rice, and Motart, McF.rland, Boston; Hazard, Woodman, Newbury Port; CJalagy, [Br] Bruce, Slielboriie NS;Contl*llatioo,Smith, Piovidence; K.iswell Kinii, King, NB.dfotd; Brandywine, Ste veaaou, Hartford; Charlotte, Waatcott, Poitghkeeptie; siam. Grant, Milton, Misi; A B Cooley. ( Jinp; <ien Lafayette, Jar vis,and Ironside*, Morriaau, S York. FurelKn Ports. HABHaiiort. Auit 17?In purt, ( hipola, McLennan, for St Thotnaa, in a few dava; Brother*, Thurlow, for Porto Rico, oxt d?y; Juno, Trathen.Ttn NYork, ditg; Sarah .Ben I ley. Hoffman, fin I 'alaii, do:< liarleslon, White, fin Baltimore for St Thomas, next day. Sid lMh, Bndgton, Adams, St Thomat. Iltimit Pima. Philadelphia, Sept 10?Arr Joshua Emlen, Wilc?i, New York; Despatch, Cany, Matan/as Jfith ult?lelt, Milton, El dridge, itn Philadelphia, ditg. An Pemaquid, Fasted, Bangor Below, l>rix Elizabeth. Wilminoton, Del Sept H>? \rr I lope, C.irn.iliati, Barbadoei; Crescent, Crothert, Port Spiiu, Tun. Bai timohi , Sent 9?Air Ann, [Bo-ml Horttman, Bremen; Harriet, Brow,,, lieimuda; Oaudace, Bngiitman, Fall River; If A Schroder. Stafford, NYork. Below, Bangor. Odom, from Liverpool: Lycoming, w ith loss of fon' topgallant rn.ut and main ni> >1 matt; alaO, a ahi|> with painted port*. < Id Somertel, [Br] Williama, Demerara; Fit 11 o u, (n.w) Hubbard, Si Tho mat. Sid Michigan, NYork. GU A NO.?1101 >n? Icalioe, imported direct, and for tale in lots to tuil purchasers, hy K. K. COLLINS It ('O. all m M South street. DIRE BRICKS?, .VHi Slow bridge Fire Brirl., received per " thip Sarah and Arsilia. fiom Liverpool, and for sale by ROCHE, BROTllKRS k CO.. alOre Fulton street. /"^OAL? 40 tona Liverpool Orrell Coal, of very superior quail ty, landing ex ship Sheridan, from Lireiiool, a..d for tale in lots to suit purchasers, by K. K. COLLINS Ik Co., alllrr 36 South street. FAMILY MKSs PORK?SO h.lf-ba rels, a reiy supertor ar ticle, for sale by E. K. COLLINS V Co , a 1 fir a* '??. VL.uiu atrs^l to Mouth strwet. FOR ALBANY-HOUK ?lANV;Kl7 The St amboata KNICKKKBOCKKR and KOi'llKMTKR Hill, on ami iVr ond&y L.tfternooo, Hr|?t. Iffrtli, leave at 6 o'clw k instead ol 7, as hiwtofoig. til tfrc RlGULAH OPPOSITION FOR ALBANY. LAN 1)1 N<t at pMttghkerpsje, Kingston Point, C*m:?iitukill. Hudson, and i ?>*tackie?Cabin M Viitn, li* r'lit 50 ( <iits?Deck Passage 21 Cti. ltegutar ?i?\ -a from N*-w V ork~Moudtys, Wednesdays ami Friday*. Alhanv?Tuead ?ys, I hur*da\i and *aturda^s. '1 he Steam boat WAVK il I leave the foot ??f Robinson stre*t, thit evening at '?? o'clock, Wednesday, | ith Sept. For |i**sage, &c.? ajii?l>- mi board. Light freight taken 1??* N. B.?By altering the hour of starting from 7 to6 o'clock, the Wave will arrive in Albany lu time for the U e*trrn flail Roh?1 iMOfiiimr train >10 2t*rc Mill LAJJS DUaN?llraular | dCkei* ol th- lOih bejit. ?The t'ir?r rlaaa. laat aailiug rruular pai k^t ship .NOHTIIUaMBLIILAND, K. II. Uriswold, ill a.?il hi abov**, hrr ( day. HaiuiK *ery aujienor accommodations for cabio, second cabin ami steerage |ia?ariigera, |>emoii? intending to embark, should hi.ike immediate a|?i?Ticatiou on board, or to JOSFIMI McMURRAY, 100 PiliH -.treet. corner of Snath strwet. The al.ove will lie aucceeiled by tlie | acket aliip CiladiA or. Captain Button, and sail on 20th Sept. .V 11.?I, raons iteairous of aendnui for th*'ir friends, can har* the in brought out in tlw above ve<>?< I or any of ihe n-Knlar p?ck rU sailiiiM weekly, by apply iuR at above, if by letter I*)st i?nl. P. 8 ?l)riftt iliven, Paj able at sight for any amouut, on the Provincial Liaul, of Ireland, payable at tlieir iesi*-ctive branchra ihrouifliiiiit the country; also, ou Messrs. S|?i. .nei, At wood It Co., Buikera, London, payable m every town in Great Britain, aire " i&ir NKW LINK OF PACK KTB fOR LIVERPOOL ?nCT^^?l'aeket of 2Nt Sept?The aplendid and favorite JUiMfe-irkei sinp UI'KKN OF THE WKST,(I3M tuna b.ntli. ii i I .ipt. P. Woodboute.w ill tail ou Saturday, Slat Sept., her regular day. Tlie vtupv ol thit line being all 1000 torn and upwards, peraon* about In .mbark for the old country, will not fail to me ihe advantage! to be derived from selecting thit line in pre ferenre to any other, at tlieir great capacity renders them evary Wiy more Comfortable ami convenient than thipt of a smaller clast, and their accomtnod iiiont for cabin, aecotid cabin and steerage [HL*ten(era, it i? well known are tuperior to ihoteof any Other Tine of p tcketa. Pertont withing to tecure bertht thonld uol fail to make early application on board, foot of Burling Slip, or to \V St J. T. TAPSCOTT, At their general I'aaaage Office, 71 South it. cor. Maiden tlOrr. Lane, up slam. FOR LI V KKI'OI )|^? IL'gular~Packetof theTlth .Sept.?The lirtt cla??. fast sailing, regular Packet .Ship STF.I'm N WHITNEY, ( aiitain Thompson, will <aiI at above, h?r regular day. Having tu|>erior accommodations for cabin, terond cabin and tleerage pataengert. person* intending lo embark tliould make iminetliate application ou board, font of Manlen Lane, or lo JOSEPH Mr Ml RRAY, s Hire 100 Piue ttrert, corner of South. 4**- "blackball" or Old line of lTver. Jrj9WPO()L PACKETS?FOR LIVKHPOOL? Only J||i?MH&it' -' pai kel tailing on the |6th of S^ptenilier.?TKa n. w , in ignincent and celebrated f itt tailing packet thip ^ ORK Sll I HE, of M.'xi ton a burilen, David CI. Bailey, commander, will tail poeirively at above, her ngultr ilay. tl ia scarcely nece t?r\ to any, at tl it to well known to thr travelling public, that ibe accommodatidna of the Yorkthire are liit. il out in a most costly ?ti le w ith every unprnvement and convenience that cannot but add to the comfort of'ho** em barkni^, and may liejattly railed a "iloatmg i*lace." Cabin, aecond cabin and sterragi mateager* viaiting the old countn, should call and see ihi? splendid apecimen of naval architecture, before engaging elsewhere, tor terms of paeMfll ami to MOW the liesr bertlia, early ai plii ation should be nuule ou board, foot of li">'kmaii tlreet, or to ihe tubacriliers. ROCHE, BROTHERS k CO., llOri J'j I1 ulton ttreet, neit door to tlie Fulton Bank FIRST l'A< KK.T"SHIP FOR LlVERPOOL. ?Sfrjfy Tlie old line |mcki ' ship YORKSHIRE, (apt. B?i)?y, MmMm*ill Mil on Umi 1Mb intt. i ma splendid ahip has nusuriNiated accommations '' t pasveu ver. Apply lo JOHN HERDMAN, ftt S- '? Ii -tl.ei laasailr, hUH Nr.W OlvLr.v sis.?Pack, t ol llie Hth Sept , > 'i 11 \ regular III ?- The si lead id fast aMMKm tilling packet Oetieaee, t s;rt- Mitiot, will sail i . i) a* above, re-r "vgnlsr d?y. Hating splendid accointnod ation for cabin, tecond cabin, anil ? leerag'' pas?engert. I* or passage. immediate applioatlaa should la* mad'' Ott txiaril at tlie footol \Val street "i 10 - W a I T TAPS! OTT, tlOrc 7? Sou I It st corner Maiden Lane. FOR NEW ORLEANS -1 nion Line. PivtitiveL ? til. tir.l ket 'lie- f?-i ?iiln.g picket thir _j,IO||> VII NT! UN ' api Stark matter, Will-ail a* atM.i e. Iii-r regular da>. en j Having lery IU(? n.^ ?ff^ mm'" I It Ions foreabin, teconjl c,1,111 mil ?t.-.raKc isuweiiferv persons inteadtng_ to -mbark sin ill-l|i ii ike immediate apiHirai.nji oa boardat thy trial T.r t.i lOaEPH Mi Ml RRAY, inn Pine Mieet corner of South tt. Tlie i. ol ir pa< k? i -'.ip ' nion, J. B. Raitoone, matUT. will (Ucceedtli. lohn Mintnra. tlOm ?jLTfa. f.?iII SALE -To l !' ?? .1 ? oncern?The very fat; fcSM^ ? ,||lnK coiiperaa, New York packet built thip \" 1 riH lotn. uniei 22flu hales of New Orlean* arr<minoilationt for 20 paaaengert. If not solil I. fore, will potitivelv be told at Anclion, by L. M HOFFMAN U < O., at the Merchan's'Etchante at I P. M., Thartdav the 19th instant. Amity on (?lirei itreet wbarLO* to T. K.COLLINS It CO., ,l<lrr. M South Ureal

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