Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 11, 1844, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 11, 1844 Page 4
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HALSTED'S (PATENTED) EXERCISING CHAIRS For hai.k 4ii broadway and ? na**au bt MR. HAJ.HTKl) hu certilicai-e I'rviut a number of oar principal physicians and surgeons, recommending tliev Cham to |mr.ons of sedentary habits. ra|wri,tll > those suffering from dys|ieiis?a. Two or ihrwi of iknr certili'ales air subjoined. Ha hat others of a snml-si tenor, from Drs. Bedford, Simtli, Francis, Oamn, (iilmaii, Doane, Parker, Beck and Dermoid. .Now York. May 28th. 1(44. I have seen Ui" "Chair" in reolrdbr Mr. Oliver Ilalsted.which app*ar? to me to he an admirable substitute for horseback e*er cim, which in iu inottou u utoai resemble*. It has, however, tlw idditioua) ad\ anLage of gi> >"K actl?? t xrrciar to the muscles i.!'lh. irms ami rli. Ir .ijip-ti . !?. me thai it will Ik* hitfldy useful iu IU4?>' Caaaa olluoliou of tie* digestive oigaus, and of tlw ulliuw i)ii?gij ?l?o, tint it w ill lie a valuable acquisition to all parson* of >edentar> habit>. it. WATT*. Jr., \1. D., l'rof. An at. in College ol I'hysiciausainl Surgeons. Tlv Kiercisa Chair, invented by Mr, O. Halstead, appears to in*- to be admirably calculated to supply tlw* place of h?iset>ack elerc...:, w lien that la impracticable, with the additional ad vantage of giving much greater action to the muaclea of the Hi tin and clMs.t. I cannot, liierefire, too highly recommend it to tlw medical Jimfeasion, u a valuable aid in the treatment of man v cases or clirnmc diseases; but inore etiwrislly of dys|?p sia ami a sluggish state of thr dige.tive an I uturnie function!, aiul ofaucll other disorders as spnng from sedealtary habits. JAS. A WA8HINTON. M. 0. New York, May II, 1844. . lUviug to examine the Klffciiiiif ' liair, in* V all It'll by Mr. II listed. I wool I ?tat? that I believe it eminently calculated to answer the |>urpo?e for which it was designed by th>- invAitor. While it gives to tie- muscles of the arms ami cliest that kind of active esercise produced by rowing aud the use of ti.e di>iiil> bells. it simultaneously communicate* to tlie Thoracic. Abdomi. il and Pelvic Viscera, that passive motion unil .? verciae produced by rid oik on horseback, and which haa found ?o lieiietlclal in many affections of those oigaiu. It ilie advant.ige, o?er liorseliack exerciar, of heinit al ways at hand, Ima espen.ive, capable of being used in all weathuri, and, to the timid, the (treat recommendation of never ruuiiin; awa). To students and others of t-dentary habits?to invalliK. J'ul thu.i suffering under a variety of chronic affec tioii*. eai '-dally a torpid and constipated condition of the bow els. I believe tha Kirrcising < hiir will lie found a valuable means of improving and restoring their health. nog us WILL IA.\l H. UIJKL. M. D. The made in the ch irs williin a letv days past. is such as to free them entirely from noise, 'i'hey can tie u?eu in the. room of the ?ick without the least annoyance?can be worked by a child?and occupy no more room than a common chair. ?7 3w*m , Till-; MOW HOTEL. rpHK New Hotel, corner of Broadway a>id Waver! y and * Washington Place.*, will fie oj>ened about the first of No vember, u.tder the manaKemeut of Mr. John II. tfillinif*. The 11kitiurant will be conducted by Mr Baptinte Mooot. Applications for apartments may In? m ide to .Mr. Billim<s, daily, in the corner room of the Hotel, on W'averly Place, or by letter addressed to 101 Leonard street ?8 2w #er ot < -arut# |?-r *hii? TAKOLi>i l'A, ( ipuiu .Smith, from IJveriw)ol, will pliiajMf ?ejid tlitir permits on hoard the ihip. or to the ofRt'* of tlw undersigned, without de lav. All frcH'Mls uot ticrmilted in five d?y?1Mmust unavoidably be ent to the public store. JOHN HKRDMAN, ?.'? 5trc 61 South street. X OTIC F. . f' liNTI.KMKN. about returning from the watering-places, ' 7 with ill*- intention of residine iu the city during tlie fall and w inter >ea*mi, are renjiectfully informed that they can be funiish e.| with lir^i and liry sttlU of apartment*, with hoard, at i'4 Walker street, a few doom from Broadffay. References en ch "itfed st) 3tw MAIITELLE A: HOLJJERMAN'N, .17 >ln Urn l.aiiti, Y. M A.Nl KAITURKRS and itniiorters of Ornamental Hair W'ork, Wigs, Touixass, Bands,' urls, Seams, Bandeau Hair, end a new ?t> |e oleverlasting Curis.and all kinds of hair Worlu, wholesale and retail. N. B 'Hie trade supplied on reasonable terms. s'Mm*rh. M. WISE. < ?P T I C IAN. FRO M O E R MANY Ifully inform. the citizen. of New Vork, and the ?'lit-',.' t!"<fiv" 'ri '7* 'it i'? ,"ln''lf in city, mid , V if Broadway, a large and moat complete a*> and fte?li?K <ila j? Gold" M r l T1, t wr-,d ?,l"' l"*blic. I" whom . ?.L\ I , k'"H " '*>' annual riaiiU to Saratoga Sprin#. tfV"- tl'," l'y.l'u knowledge of tj,e optical .^p IJ to determine the kI imh suitable for any winch w il? v?ol? I W"r, e>j" Ci" ?u|'plied with damea MtJ'uti.m. r M !,iy. ??<1 ,?ot atrein th- ?,?ht. Particular . | llia /?., 1 ? tu auew iityle of i?rspective uround ?Iass*a Lr.^|,Tlifl,,t'.iW,uch' ,|,rou?h tf.e.r high poliah id true * f | Produce the pure?t vi???, and have t?ou highly recum mmuM" the beat it. their effect. upon the eye waemnir Ik J ''I"1!!13 ?ight in continued writinK anil readina Hhort-aighted neraon., and auch a. hare liee, "|Jri?S Z i cntar.ct, can aU be u.ted, lie in.erta Iik7wi? new ?f in csr ^hu'&s^! th- ?? . ii-i- v w-?ta;m OS I'HE CURE OF STRICTURE | A FORMER ADVKRTrSKMKNTON 8THICTUHK wh!c h weli'"m;?7/" ^1'Uin "? nature?tlie disease* ..Ho ilie f.?T li? I ^ . r ep-^IUMiCM md lU cure? ??ii< Miefitt that Stricture frequently eiuta in those who are "?? 1 of it. Thnae, however? occ^.^.,2 too " ,hr t,nPwMW "marlu will lie confined to certain thS com Vl ^Tt ^1" W,i ' **n'1,"r 10 j"<l?e whether he hai Una complaint or uo, and ita projier mean. of cure. Ainoiii; other llinigx it waa re-narked, that it w*a hy no meana nwe.sary that the atrearn or nrine ahould I* ohatructcd, or even nuchdm"1",1.-,! ", ara,r of atricture; thia, indeed, occur." id and ion?, enUbliahed caaea, bu atricture may e?iit for noil III. and even yea? without producing' any .trikiiiK r|i*ut;e ' , r Neither it it neceaaary there ahould lie pain, or P.1L ii"? 1l*ctlu" lh*" *M?ntion to the neat of thia diaeaae. ain, ceitainly n m,w mid then complained of, hut it i> onlv ?l.,'. ".l ' happen. to be added and, with . d I,, f II , A11' ' ""V'-'lv, ,arl>' C"*M. are obaerv . rt .1 If (|u 'u,<l ,"*rv!",? ayntein, lather than the m l( l I r.""'' however, three circmnatance.i which moat m-culiarly belong to atneture, and. eaiwcially when lliev ItZVnmX1 .IfenJ""1f '""l "xi,t "f' |-,<1 ?nm-dh Silt m l f.r 1 ) v ",hr.r ?y"?ftom? ininiit I* mentioned, "lit in>>,t oftlieae l?eloiii{ to otoer inalailiei a? well ?r relate to i ''f 1"?"" l,nd wiled form, while tL fol Iowiiik three b-lou* to atricture m ita early i,tHRr, and when it TMT\ ?^BCen?ir!Ly n,lno,rd- Z1!" ,ir" l" Mr ?!,r.7?l l '?? l>?"' already a.i.l the h. ol, eIlT.1 A '',,n,,,,,lie'l or imii'ded, but what la in L, ? r ' fc ,"T". liu ?'V in ? hich it filliitIlea, if it .hould . I t . 1 elothe* are readjHated, that a ilrop or two "* 10 w*l#llMl?, thia, trifli.iK a> it may Will. WU I d Hffnril n ntnuiir V? .. . , ,y ^ 11 ' 1 rv" w ? Hiuf, uiii, triiiiiig as it mnv tZn rZBlidjjJ'r * ""I"0''"1 Not (hat tli.a drop or two ran pror?*4 from no oth?*r eau*#* whatever; but, cert*uu|y 110 fttriclune ciuj ?**i?t without it. J'hr next m VI,"a* ha,,k 'iKMaincn iiiom u. .~,J,V ' r if'"" ll'? Only, i, by far the i.ioat Ir in. it ?aii.e of Htrictiire It i> not lU aeverity, ao much lo l> e ' ,"'nM "*I ""'''"ly ?t^i?e may have rein lined, Uiat if lob. Ronaiderwl. Neither i. lt p.iaaiblr in everj c,u? to aute ne , Z<!,/.ll'. rV wi'hont producinif Strictmr, fvi hn?., .2r ?. 1 i'l (ltapo*ed to Stnctur.' than another. If, I continued trom iix to eitht wceka, thia .V'ea,;'n':,r,:,c^ "ittin'' "r""lh'a ^i'icion. I hi h? r/ r a hrnitn ar Mat rrota tmk Mian.-Noihina ? more certain than that the-Ifect of Hincture i. to dej n-aa Ll* Mpri- and to I. v-a mental eneWy Not that thia .. complain! 11 ilie aa.rte degree by every individual, hut it u ao com m.,u. m -le-re. or other, that flu- writer rarely "J*. cw?f aetTve" or c .r.i'le, VT,""'l do??""t ''haerve that he ? not .<> ?" f,;rTrly- rhu ?'?" <? ? wri .ui1 . Beet, ihouah little nndertood, but it i< umiaeatiouably nooJ ""'f.' e" the natural com,action o'l moid ajiit aexujl oraaoa, will e.-uily iiriaitiue that, aa ileoe it a Tna'"?. thr ?h tf ",""J *" '"1,vv,,rfu!'>' *rU ?I">? tlw?. or .ana, ao, thr.iiiKh the anme medium the ?r?ual r.riiana re-act it'in the_ iraiu.l. rhia, however, ia better explained in " The rival- I n-atiK ol me author, a little volume which ia aeut to th^aet.t^it "r '* i""'' t'" tllr' of Stricture proceeda .*? i y ? n,,in^ in variably returns. vvitl. iw|H*ctto the curr of Stricture?this, it u rratifrin* to rinn',? fe"*.? V WCM.ri.aW m very little time. *.d without .1? at-^'ICT' , "!I1''1" """T'1 lhr improveincnt ,U of17 . treatment ofthia complaint. Indeed, in the ia i ow?.e .m, ii 11 e?|iericncei| i-r,. ,,.. the cure of Stricture m..nth. \ ,'e f " Tr r'' ' l<"merly it demanded neaa lo* ?l^ l olr?""" ?"??"'? writer who come on bnai cure,' I . 'jr,"'",rt tune only, but return perfectly I.. , "T" '""I a armrce of trouble and nnaieiy for .o.h!. Ki ???? I'ave their homea, the writer fur I " i h :r:ir" 'T'r, m"u"nf car*< ?????*' with i...?Wi 1 ui*, which hna an ints*r*?atini{ rhai'ter. uivincr 'VkS'iiVi tab I* ""hject, and written fn the'pl.^u''Sn^Sr? r '.I In U,. I ...?I " "l,l"'r"""(y <>C ")?"? tiiat he may be r '. ,, L: r".?"* tel'rred to ia hi. " Privat. iuiVl oor ,1 dw,'ll,"?f nnuae, No. Hit Hirer wichatr-et, at u i* tonaeouence ..I the number of pretenderi and ..i^LeMI 'lU|V y W '' "lfr"t thia citv, lie deema it pro|w? to fU?,. 1 W"n" "t*1""'11'., aa a aatisfartory irroiiud of confi fcr CU" "'"J''" "nk aa Oraduau- -r Kdinhurgh, *?(? Sic. lie h.ia te*n enuaved in tlie cure of rheae diae.iaea, | imidTti J^Yi r,'l j^t'Cr, fur more than thirty yeara, and hiu tha hehl. ISJT r *!,^ *Y""k ?*?'wa?ly on them. Alao, from rlJ ? r',r? lhl' ""'I1 Phyaiciana in Kurojie rrnm th. m?? einineut inen in America?aa Mir Aatley Cooper of Uiidoti, u, Dr. Mott, of New \o.k; Ur |-|,y?c, ofPhfiallel. iv?i I'i'.v " fa"d ,Kat permitted u. refer to almoat ,,u* C"T- ,'1" I'nv.ite Trea tia* M SI Addreaa Ur. Ralph, a-ur., Bli Urernwich itrei t. ? J i m * r n TARRANT'S COMPOUND EXTRACT OF COPAIVA AND CUHEUS. 1 HIS MKDK INK haa been ex Je iaively nied ou ahiphoard and in tlie Moutlirrn hi it*'*, ami is I'refVraljIt* to any ottier. 'lli** unfortunate i?a ftcnt |>oc?e*e*, in thia, a sure reme <I>; hai 110 occAih.ii to*' hu I ( lie |>tililac, ami without an> gation to a medichI man, without I,,,,*tr|''tion in ili?*t,or conriuement. U Hun* himielf ? in,.,] eflVctually in a I if \% ?! %> 1 at a triflmac ? *|n?ni4', .uid a ?v "ik "I !??? linu- (t> .1 en hi ti \ t* itfr 1011; having thn? m hu reach a ?.In* ?|i, |N?rtahl*> ami |i|p.ijuuit r?-mo fly. It 11 in Uh- lorm of a (aute, 11 taateleaa, and dor? not im|>air rla#- di- I K(*illou. i'ami'lilft^ ar?'.?iiit?aii>'inic i trie medic I im. without charge, con l ? ... . taiiiiiig tine and ample directioua tor a,t|?, wholesale and retail, by f.JAMKH TARKANT. Druicfiat, kc.t 1'.# 'm ? c <^rernwicli, eorner VVain-n at. "~ENGLfdH, FRENCH AND AMERICAN SH1 PFUVt r AGENCY AT LIVERPOOL. Tlll.,?(1 NOTiCK. H 11 ''. * wuli.^wn oor Agrney entirety from Mnili ll^nrfnr't Ik to., of floaton mid N?*w York we hereby an ton' "an d T^Walf * * I"1' ot No- ? <;00? ?o. f u'th- ll.^e J. T"' ? rT VorJK'ar: "ar ""thoriwrt Acaota i?'f l ?m> '.einda, who are t?llv emif.weml % Hhlppina and Forwi.rdinitAineric.aii Aleuts. ward.n/Vf rrr"','"? "( Kooda in I.ivrrpoof, the l,?. U i neceaaa, h.Vr "'i'",Vi l"lft /-"?'?"J, France, r<r. \c. Mid Aieilu ahould p .?a tl rovRli the , r .r rt-. 1 MKBflHa. ADA Vis 8t CO . at their aevnril Office., aa I dlowa No! 7 VvXV,r;7' "ew V' . I No. 7 Urht .tree,, Ba|?mo^. No! n < hraSSTaVr^^ Phuid n'""?Av?'":- Wa.hmgton. n.. i. Hi,,.^1??, | fe '/affl-jT; tcjsfc. Llrerpool May I, IfH. "XMKH * *v" ? Mwchauta! '> r ter a ^,, d*! Ithe m** ',r "i * I'' \ l" of the Union, that tier L.mpool hoS'ff* ,7*7 P^l lor tlie inilant and e?pre?? denpatch of inckmre, , V e l' """I""1 ?.. . lhr,.tilth LiTetjHHil for U.iSrn,^"'JTr, ? tlw Other eitiea in th" United Htatea nad l' inadl " i 'i ' dapartineut of their ea. t* al a i r ? it ion or thic rnitvciea 11 on .11 1 pni|o ^ rri7 lte?f, Am,2^' by 1'* ^'**mah,p? and ,'tilir vej' , **!?' haer the immediate ami pnnrtual .itienti< ,l .? I will hereby be free from delay and Inuh ehanna 3^-?1 tSKVSKfS. b . ,"t*T be etitniated ll ' bttaliela Vnme*| f? If! *' -TcidlStV'ta M foutn atr BEACON COUR.SK/ FOOT rack FOR ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS. THK PROPRIETORS of th? above Coarse offer ? Purse ol * 11000 for ? Kool Kara, to takepliice <? the above Coatae, near Hobukeu, uu die l?ih?uf OCTOBER, weather permitting, u follows A Parse of $600 to thr fnuo who will the greatest dis tance within one hour?fJMl to the second ui lit* r?tf-$100 to the third bfit in the race, <ui?i$60 10 the fourth; if, howfvw, the first iii the pier d(m not peslonp t?i miles withio the hour, $300 only will he given; *nd if the second, third, and fourth (In not perform !)>i miles within th? hour, thev will rective but half the above >uin, uu! nothing if nuir miles are not performed. In case nuy penoe should come from Kngland, or auy other place out of tlu- United Slates, for tlie purpose of tliia nice, and should win either of the above purses, ten i?r tent addition will lie al lowed for their ri|"euses Fire dollars entrance willI* charged, t<> iarveut persous entering their names who do uot intend to run I'arsons w ishing to enter for the above are lequesud to do so u ?oou u convenient. anil no oue will be allowed to euter who does not do so oil or before the Hit of September. Katrances made, anil all information given by the subscriber, either by Utter or otherwise. ?7""No person will be allowed to start for the above Pursre whe tnay, between tins and the above ram, run on any course in the United Stales for ? Curia or match of t'jO, or more. , . L C. 8. BROWNING, WestHoboken, N. J. June I9lh, 1844. 1^ milea from Hobokeu Kerry. aull 1 in-rc BOAHDINO T9, LET, WITH BOAItD.?Two liniiclaimely furnished I triors, suitable for gentlemen and their wires. Also, several rooms for single gentlemen. The house is in a central location, sml the tible supplied in the beat style. Please enquire at 21)1 I- alton street Jyjo linrc MADISON HOb'bE, SOUTH BROOKLYN, L. T. SnuaT* No. 11 An lactic St., orrosiTi: Island , ilaiL-IioAU DfroT. rPHK subscriber would most respectfully rill the attention of A passengers going Esst, by tlieLoin< Island, that he serves up, for their accommodation, Breakfast previous to the departure of cars. Those who may honor him with a rail shall receive the best attention?p|e tsaul sitting and dressing rooms for Ladie*. 1'rivaUi entrance secoud door in Kurmaii St., north of Atlantic st. O. REM8EN, all lm*m Proprietor. (.ArsT OFF CLOTHINO. rj.KNTI.KMKN OR FAMILIES desirous of converting into cash their superfluous or cast offMothing, will obtain from tin* Subscriber the HIGHEST CASH PRICES. Kamilies or (ifitli-inen quitting tlie city or changing re sidence, having effects of the kind to iliniKise of, will find it much to their idvantaee to send for the Subscriber, who will attend tin-in at their remdeuce liy aii|>ointment. H. LKVKTT, Office No 2 Wall street. and at 470 Hudson it. Clothing cleaned and repaired. D"/*- A fine through the Post Office, or otherwise, will receive prom|>t attention. anHltn're geniN'S imProved moleskin hat, FALL STYLE. Price |4,M. NOW HKADY, at OKNI N'S well-known Kstabliih ui> lit. a highly improved and irry htauliful .\1 oi.KikiM Hat, in tile in close mutation of the k rench Hats, from tlie most celninteil munufact'iriet of Paris. Having now on hand *n as sortment of the imported article made liy Mu*nier, geutlemen will tieeinbleil by actnal comp^riaou, to judlje lor themselves of tlw almost complete identity of the tw o srticles. Many under tlieae circumstances, have I r-ferred those manufactureil by the subscriber, not merely for llu-ir greattr chraynett, but us pos seting, in an eminent ilegree, those qualities for which the French Hits are so justly admired, via :?tolidi[y oj brim, which mlJs so much to general durability, and which alone the shape ana contour of the Hat is pnnerveo?tuperior #t oce and beauty?high Itutre and neatness ol trimming. The subscriber, not only from his knowleue of the article, but also from the great wlitjarlion of those who have purcli ised, can confidently recommend lliern to the gentlemen of New York ?is lie in if superior to any thing of the kind heretofore manufactur ed in this country. Jin therefore solicits a call and examination of their merits. J. N. OKNlN, 314 Broadway, opposite St. Paul's. The usual full and choice aasortment of JJeaver, Nutria and Cassimere Hats. Also, a full assortment of Mens, Youths and Infant* Cap<. #j lm*rc TOOTH ACHK CIJHKU IN (TnK MINUTE, by the use of the ( LOVE ANODYNE.?This is an excellent arti cle, uid will cure the most,violent tooth ache or pain in tlie gums, in oue minute. The < love Anodyne is not unpleasant to the taste, or injurious to the teeth, and will rKliMAfiKXTMr cure tiny tooth to which it is applied. Price Zi cents. For sale by A. B. HANDS h CO., Chemists and Druggist. S73 Broadway, corner Chambers Tstreet; 79 Fulton street, anu 77 Kast Uroad w.iy. si Im'rc BEAR'S 0 I L . HIGHLY 8CKNTKD AND PURE , FUR THK HA lit.?Of nil preparatiom lor ih? liair or whiftlierft, nothing f<inal? the oil |?n'|?ar d from li?*ar's Ciiriue. In tnoftt iti?taiic*',!}l it r?f4tor?*M the hair to tlie bahl, u'ifl will effectually prenerve it from fdlliiK off iii any event. It w.u Ioiik noted hy such eminent phynicianft and cheini?Ut, *% tlie late Sir Homphrv Davy and Sir Henry Talford, *hat pure 0ear's Grease, pniptrly vrt**>#ir**f,? W'ui .*he best thing ever din covered for the preservation of the hair, or restormic it when bald. .Messrs. A. B Hands (k Co. have saved no e*|?eiise in k?1 tinjf the genuine Bear's Grease from Canada and elsewhere, and have prepared it in such a manner that the Oil, combined with its hitfii perfume, renders it indispensable for the toilet and dress ing*room of all. Sold by A. B. SANDS CO., No. 273 Broad way. Granite Buildings, corner of Chambers street. s5 lm*ec II O M A N Ii YE HA LSAM, KOR WEAK AND INFLAMED EYES ? .This valuable Balsam has been used for many I years, iu pr ivate pnclict, by the most celebrated Oculists >n this and foreign countries, and may be confidently relied u|ki.i as tlie ino.t safe and speedy cuie for we.ik or iu&amed eyes, arising from any rinse, thnt has ever been offered to the world, lis pe culiar titration consists iu mmoving all uulie <Ithy action iu the vessels of tile eye >nid parts adj.icent, sulmtitutiug a lieu I thy pro cess, which soon results iii a perfect cure. The alllicted are in viteil to try and Im convinced. In small jars, price 21 cents. I'rep.iieil and sold by A. B. SAN Ds t IJ., W holesitle ami Ki t,111 I heinisia and Druniiists, 27:1 Broadway, cor Cliamlieni strei t, (Or.nite Building) .uiil Vj Kullon strset; 77 Kast Broad way. ?4 lm#ec GIVE HE!) AND GKKY HAIR AND "wTTlS. KEHS ANOTHER COLOR. WHO is there, young or old, that likes red or grey huir I This question applies to both sexes, and should be remem bered if tin'}' IVe| 1 uc 11 n< ii to ch.iiiKe the color of llieir locks. " lied cheeks are pretty?not red hair? The latter shames complexion fair." The celebrated Italian Dye changes red or grey hair or whis kers In i beautiful n tlunil looking brown, auburn or black, without lUining the skin in the lea:.t. This is warranted: who, thill, will go with red li.iir or red whiskers longer / Tlie Itullan l)>e adiii a glossiness and ajijiearauce to the nair equal to nn Prepated anil sold by A. B. SANDS h CO., Chemists and Dtttui>ts, Z7'J llrnsdway. corner Chamliersstreet, iu the Granite it ii il>li nu ? Sold also at 7'i I'ultou street and 77 Kast Broadway. Price 50 cenU. si lin?ec IMPROVED CHEMICAL LIQUID OPODEL DOC ANI) ANODYNE LINIMENT. For Hit radical *nd permanent cure of Onutu Jifftcliont and ilheumatic Paint, Indolent Tumor*, Swelled Tendnnt, Illumes. Orampt, Sprains, Aumlini\s vj the J.imhs, Slijfneit nr Weak net* nj the Joint*; alto, Pain in the lireait, back or l.niriM. Pain and Swelling of the Face, Sore Throat, Mump*, 4tc. i 'HIS emhrocatiuii is a rare and valuable combination of warm 1 stimulant ami anodyne ingredients, and will lie found fsrsu* lierior to any of the Opodeldocs or Liniments heretofore invent ed lor the above mentioned trial idles. As ail external application to remove 1'uiii and Inflammation, its heueficul effects are im mediate and certain; and In Rheumatic Pains or Gouty Affec lions, its soothing and anodyne properties are manifest soou af ter its application. Price gi rents. Pp pared and sold wholesale anil retail, hy A. a. SANDS & CO., Chemists and Druggists, 273 IIroadway, corner of t.hamliers street, si Im'rc 79 Kullon stp^t. and77 East Broadway. FOI.11 HwvL UAttllAl liUBi?1 lie ue.t ami moat saiea hie nssortment are published and for sale by JAMES BAI I.LI K, No. 118 Nassau street. Orders, accompanied with ? remittance, will be. punctually attended to. Price per 100. au21 lm'ec TO GUNSMITHS. NOW OPENIN(>?100 common Boys' Onus, single bar rels; 1(H) cotntnou full size Kowling Onus, do: 200 line, do; 250 Double The above guns comprise a full nssortmcnt of English and German Guns, from common to finest qualities and at lower prices than ever offered before. ALSO?Pocket, Belt and Duelling Pistols; Riflee of every de scription; Allen's Patent Hevolviug 6 bore Pistols. GUNSMITH'S MATERIALS?Ovn Locks and Limbs of Locks, Itibs, Hods, Worms, Cones, Barrels, h tasks, Shot Belts, Game Bags, Peicussion Pills audCaps, anu every utlier article appertaining to the business. ALSO?A geueral aasortment of Hardware and Cutlery. A. W. SPIES ?c CO. anil Itn* re 218 Pearl strret, near Piatt St. VK.E.NUM UHIKA. REMOVED TO NO. 66 LIBERTY STREET, <rP STAIRS.) ADALKSMK, Importer and Agent for Manufacturer*, ha* ? always on hand a laine assortment ?f diniiei aiiit tea seta, in plain white and Kill Krench Porcelain. as well a* Dinner ana lie ?ert I'lntei, of ill (itn, assorted l)i ken, Soup Turmoil. Covered Diihei, Salad Uowli, Kruit Basket*, Custards anu Stands. ANo, Kaucy T?i S?t?, anil Kich Decorated Dinner Sets. AN", Ten and Chocolate Ware. <)re*k, Krench ami American ?liape. All the articles are warranted of the be*t quality, and to be mill on liberal termi, and in lota to suit purchaser*. mrl!i Km*"1 A < AllD. ADVICE IM DIME ASKS PECULI All to tlie circumstance, syin|>>tiliii-? and formation ofKeaulei, D/ DR. STEPHENS. Member ol the Royal College of Sunieoo*, London, au'Jli lin*rc 47 VVarnii atrert, New York. T PATENT PLASTIC SHOULDER BRACE. MIIS ARTICLE is intended to brace the (houldeia and ex pand the chest. inrl will lie found iudiaprnsalile to all iwrsons who have acquired die Inlnt of stooping, either from weakness confinement, or .tudy. Parents and guardians an1 pariiculaily requested to examine this article. It is limlily recommended by many eminMt proMMinnal gentlemen for 1lie use of children of either ?e?. Tiny can lie worn with perfect ease, offering no im la-dnneiit to tile free use of the artns, while they strengthen tlie bat k mil shoulders, mill improve and beautify the form. The Plbjic ire cautioned against a numln r of unworthy im itation* of the Elaittc .BfVCe, which are offered in different places throiiKliont the country, a* none are geMlae , *eepclug those atam|rd witli tlie name* and place uf hii.incns ol tlwsub PARSELLS I* AO ATE, Maniifictuies of Bella, Braces, Stock*, ready-made l,in?n, Susp<-ud>-rs, tic. he., mid Dealers in (Jenu' Furnishing Articles, aJI Im'rc 3X7 Broadway, corner of !'*ra I'lare. TO SOUTHERN MERCHANTS & DEALERS. rPHK SI BBClllBERS offer for aaJe,a veryanoariorarticle A of Atoaton llata, of different colors, m.nle thi? summer, which will lie sold extremely low to close a concern. Also, Braid, of varioiai colors. S. McKAi U CO., au 10 lru*ee .11 Kejty street, New Vork. LE ISC11ES?L ISE( I1ES?LEECHES. 'K nnn HWEEIJISH AND OERMAN LEECHES? Just received by th- Havre Packet, for sole whole tale and retail at tlie most moderate prices, by C. J. FERDINAND ?i COPPA, ItMixirtere ol Larches, an', lm#?- U# Nf?s?iii|srr??i. N, V TJlIr b 1IUGH ' S VENTILATING AND GOSSAMER WIGS ANIJ SO A LI'S OLIREHUOH invites all wearer* and connoisseurs to inapact J his improved Ventilating and jwr|ietdal fitting Wigs, which f"i "I'S Uice, lightness and ilm ability, r.iay be MM among the nrai modern art. In their naauuiMre thay dit i i from all others eve, made vr? ; the hair being singly insert ed, anil ?o equally distributed as to appear jnat Issuing from the, akiu. In their I'orui they cover uo more ol the brow IM i Im ii inn il u ur d'.e*. ( (imposed of hair which never loses its eurl, ''' trie u,? of a flat clastic spring, (marie erpressly for liim ??il )?Iiii !. i.eiilieT corrodes nor loses its elasticity, they 111 so Closely to the iieail, mat the most critical oliaerver cannot pens' tr Oe the dei apuon. 281 IWoadway, (nest St Paul's,) all Im*in -IP stair*. TO MACHINISTS. *c. A NUMBER of Mar nines for Br ililing?all c< f*- aethe. With a quantity of Reels, H|ioriU, Swift*. be ?ol<J very low to close a ooneeni. Apply to 31 Ferry atreat New \ orfc. naM ?all cnmidefe? to " tic. Will LODOINU8 TWJCNTY-ttVJC OICNTS, At THE NjIO'S HEAD No. I Bticur Itik. "P* 8!,b"f"b*? havin* fitted up _id newly furnished several room* connected with this Establishment, solicits a call from hit friends ud the public. JAM KB BYRNES. au20 lm*rrc TO ARTISTS." TO LKT?The third floor over tlie Parisian Bazaar !?'!? '*?*" fitted up at ureat etpeuse as a Gallery for ?IwML Paintings and Sculptuie, with a splendid dome, and it presumed to be e^ual to any, and iu |>oint of situation lar rior. ^ Auo. To > Lt r-A room in (lie.second storyj which l.u been altered for Historical, Portrait and Miniature Paintingi. Al io, T.I Lkt?Two of tlw t?.i located Basement Stores u? nroanway. under the Parisian Bazaar, for the sale of Trunks, rancy BasK?u, Wooden Hare, Boots, or any other genteel bu siw'ss, and potsession of eitl*er may be had immediately. For further partic ulars, apply at th** office of T. W. Benedict, Ks?i., No. 2j N u?au ?treet, comer of Cedar, or at the Bazaar. No 119 Broadway, near < <rind street. N. B., To Lr.T?A few stands ill the Bazaar, for the sale ol h ancy and maple (joodv s9 Jt#rrc VALUABLE FARM AT FLUSHING, LONG ISLAND, FUR SALE. ?THE subscriberoffers for .sale that valuable Farm on which lie now resides, situated in' the town of Flushing, three quarters of a mile from St. Thomas Hall, one and ?quarter mil.. from tlie steamboat landing, iUid nine milts from ??" c,t> Se* V..rk, containing about seventy acre* of the best ..mlity of land, in a mull stale of cultivation, (having been thoroughly manured the last spring.) On tlie arc an elegant mansion house. fifty-four feet front by forty-eight feet deup, built III the very best manner and Completely filled in with brick, containing thirteen room*, a Urge basement with two kitchens, meat and vegetable cellars, and every other conveni ence Tor a large lamily, or genteel boarding house; barn, car riage house, ire house, and all other necessary . ut-build ings;two well. o| excellent water, and a large ci.tern near tlie li.,u,e. J here is also ou the farm a cottage with gardf.-n attached^ suitable for a tenant or farmer; a fine orchard ol A| j?le and Pear I rw* in full bearing, and a great variety of .heme* and other Fruits, and a large Garden containing ihe hues kinds of Ura|ie?, lUapbernes. U.ioseberries, kc. To a KeiitlMinan in business this is a most desirable location on ac count ol its proximity to the village from which stage, and a steamboat run to tlie city pi New Vork live times a day. For Vterms, winch will I*- very low, or further information, Sic., ate ? y to Isaac C. Esq., No. 7 New sttret, New ork, or to the subscriber ou tlie premises. ... c . ? OKO. O. MITCHELL. VLU?Hll?c, 6th Bept., 18(4. s!)lw*ee iWL BREWKRY and FA KM FOR SALE.?'i lie Sub [iynf Mfiber offers for sale the old established " Berkshire tW" BrT,w7y, .luittsfi.ld, Mass., one mile from tlie (jreat Western Railroad. It is in good repair, most of the utensils nearly new, and capable of brewing 2000 barrels a season. Malt house attached, capable of malting 6000 bushels per annum. Few country breweries possess tlie same advantages of doing a sale and profitaoN business, situated iu the centre of a manulae furing district, where tlie consumption of ale is rapidly in* creasing. The Farm consists of 73 ncres. M of which is well timbered, uTuTf.' "m" co'tiyation, well fenced and good buildings. Will be sold separately or together. Terms easy. w , JAMES KOY. We?t 1 roy, Albany Lounty, July 10th, 1841. jl3 tfrc A RARE CHANCE. AT PRIVATE SALE. THE Proprietor of tlie BALTIMORE HOUSE being ?i uf,'fl "'her business, now offers for sale the HH-vioou Will and b utures of the same, being one of the best --?ilad Hotels in tlie City of Philadelphia, for transient busi ness. It is situated at the comer of Dock ajid Fiout streets. The house is four stones high, with three fronts, and upwards of thirty rooms, nearly all fronting tlie streets. There is al.o a llestoraut adjoining tlie bar rooin, with yard, (Itc., attache<L It is within one scjuare of the Baltimore and New York Steamboat Landings, Custom House, Post Office, Exchange, Iu. The Establishment has been doing a good business for the last four years. r*.S. A good tenant can have it for a number of yean at a mo den tr rent. The purchaser may have possession at any time Lafore the lat of October next. For further particulars, inquire at tlie Auction store, 279 Mar ket street, or ou the ptemiWi. Also, a pair of large Elks, male and female. These animals are full grown, and line fiwimens of their kind. The male Carries at present about 20 feet of horns. au?3 linrc A CAKlj?Inventors, Capitalists. Engineers and ivlouufac ?ti Hirers are informed that l)r. LARDN KK may be consulted prol'-sMoual on matters connected with the application of the physical sciences to the arts. Atlwusum Hotel, Broadway, aulOlinrrc FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS AND FEATHERS. DRUN LAROSIERE St COURT, lie William street, N. Y. 71 T recejvn.g by the Havre imckeu their m,oilment of Fall Oooda, which lor elegant they have no rival. All dealers and Judge* in the above line are iuvited to give thein a call, and we will venture to say they will not leave filestore without express, nig their admiration of such a beautiful stock. They pledge themselves that the public will not be deceived with American flowers lor I?rench, as they have their liouae in Paris, Rue da I racy, No. 6, and deal exclusively iu French flowers. ?; , au20 lm*rrt. 7 WashingiuiN sT. KVn * ^ ai1" Loilging, jier Week. $3 61 " I rausient Boardurs, |ier Day from SO to 76 cents oinffle Meals q 25 A i1.!* ''u"!"" '* /?'?'"?I'lly situated, couveiiient to'-he'lTiila ael|>nia, Bostou and Albany steamboats. Persons wishing to reside iu the city for a few days, will do well by onlltug and making their arraugemeuts with the Proprietor. Je4 3m*rrc j?\ KNOWf.KR GROUND COCOA, IN THE FRENCH STYLE. H J^HAY, Sweet Chocolate Maker, 437 Broadway, near twJ\' ';**! J"*1*1 "I'prat'on ? Krencli Machine, which, separating the hrRer lumne of the broken Cocoa, grind tlie smaller; also the shells anil most gelatiuous part, into a coarse powder, to nrepnre a tea of it so as not to be oily as wlieu the berry IS altogether employed. The |.ublic it earuesily soli cited to make t trml of it. an20 lm*r?: SHIRT MANUFACTORY " AND GENTLEMEN'S CLOTHING STORE. UO Maiden Lane. JUST RECEIVED, the latest and most approved French j?t de cripti , Also, a general assortment of Clothing of all Clothing made up to order at the following low prices, viz ? {? rock and Dress Coats made and trimmed from <8,00 to SlO 00 Pantaloons and Vests, " " " I 40 to I 75 AH made 111 the best manner and most faahiouabia style. ' Uuder Oarmenu made to order Hosery, Oloves. Stocks, Ciavats, Collars, Hu?i*ih1its, Stc. \VM. COLLINS au27 im*ec U. M. PEYSER~<<\TC(T. No. OU John utrcrt ami 3U? Broadway, IJAVE received by recent arrivals, and keep constantly on , "an.I, s large and tasU'l ul select. d assortment of French and .ermau articles for Embronlery and Fancy (ioods, which they iff. r for sale at wholesale and retail, viz:? .f''*'" ^el'hyr Worsted, O.r.nan Worsted, Canvas. rioM ?iilk, Chenille and a variety of other articles for Embroiiery. iJ i'"' |! urY, Tw"t' ?n??le<l and nlaiu; Oilt and Silvered Beads, lurse Ornaments, Bracelets, Jet Combs and Bmceleu, Wire Bisketa, Oilt and Steel Clasps for Bags and Purses; Uill Ivni hilvermi Hair Pins, Combs, Fringca, Braids, Cord, I esse .a, Necklaces, Slice*, flic. ? ? uidC^nilU a"?rUm",U ?f aU tiud of Tuiela, Chruille Cord Embroidered 8us|iend.ts and Susj*nder Trimmings, Silk, Worsted and Cotton Hiim.-s, and Crimp, in all colors and qua Oiled Silk, kreach manafacture, white, yellew and urtrv jy 24 3m ec w. TO TAILORS. H. 3TKINMKT8 lake* leave to announce to the trade llie second Kdition of his complete Work on Cutting liarineuts of every description, will be read/ for delivery in a few days. It is iiow more than a year *ince thi* work was fir*I intro duced to the trade, daring which time it hu met with the nigheit approbation by the most eminent of the profession b<illi in Kurope and America, net au instance having occurred w here in complete hatufaction h.a* not been given to those who have ulopted iui principle*. Tlie book it 12 by 17 incite* square, and ronMina 17 elegant Diagr mis, representing all tlie various styles af (iarineuts now in vogue, with plain instruction* for cu'ting each iu a atyle of elegance not to be nurpaiaed, together with inch otli-r informntion in the trade too uumeroui to detail iu m advertiaenient. The following are a few of the many hid lily resivctable name* who at to tne merit* of the work The under ,iKUed being practically acquainted with Mr. Htein gv_t's Treatise on Cutting Garment*, with pleuure recommend it M a work, complete in its arrangement, and iu it* practical application to ( lilting, suivrior to any heretofore publi*l>ed "ittier in Europe or America P. Heuiy Ik Hon; Daniel Culler ; StaaU Ik Uankpr; Chas. Co? : K. W. Tryon It Co. ; B. F. Horuer ; Jame* Daily ; John Haviland ; J. H. Banker The nbov? cuu be obtained of tlie author. No. Ill Broadway, New York. auj lm*ec SODA blSUUIT AND SUUAK OKAOKKttrt. rpHK Subscriber wiahe* to make known to tlie Public, that a. much of the Biscuit and Crackers which are sold iu this city by the above namea, nre entirely different from the Soda Biscuit *nd Sugar Crackers made at hia Bakery : which have been uaed by iuvalida, particularly those who sutft r from indi gestion. fur more than twenty years with the beat result* ; while the imitation, which can he made for a less price, though peiliap* good for a jierson in health are whollv unfit lor tlie sick. The above Biacuit and Crackers, also Butter Biscuit. Wine Biacnit, Unller Crackers, Water Cracker*, Pilot and Navy Bread, all of the first Quality, are constantly for sale *l tlie well known establishment, I7i W asliiuglon street, corner of Warren *lreet. fcPHKAlM TKKA LtWfcLL. ji?? dm* rrc ? JCHKU! WATCHK8 AND JKWtLitY?Those who wish to purchase Uold or Silver Watches, Gold l Wins, Gold Pencils, Keys, lie., will And it greatly to their ad to is sell WA, vantage to call on the subscriber, who ia selling all descriptions iif the above at retail, much low* than at any other house in the city. Uold Watches as low a* and $25 each. Watches and Jewell^ eichnnged or bought. All Witches warranted to keep good time or the money returned. Watches, Clocks and Jewel ry repaired in the heat manner and warranted, at much less than tlie usual prices. O. C. ALLKN, Importer of Watches and Jewelry, I uT lni*rn Wholesale and setail. W Wall at, ni> stair* HtiOTrt AND (SHOES. COUNTRY MKRCIIANTS and others are invited to call and eiamine our stock of the above article*, iu part as fol low*, vis:? Men'* Thick Boot*, Men's Kip Brogiuia, lioya' " " " Calf ' Calf and Kip do, " " sowed Brogaas, Youths' " " " Kip " Tl Min'a Calf and do do, Boys' and youth*' " " tine " stitch do, " pegged " Together with a great variety of women'a and children'? wear, low er than ever for cash or city acceptance*, by tlie cue or Uox. UAl.K Ik CO, 260 Pearl street, au20 tin ? re I' S Motel Buildings. lite Holt'* Heme LUOINA CORDIAL} THE ELIXo'ft OF LOVE. IT IS A SOVKRKION and speedy care. for incipient eon 1 siiinptiou, barnmneas, impotency, lucorhaeor whites, obstruc tion, ill ffienlt oriMitiful menstruation, incontinence of urine, or invsluntary discharge thereof; and for general prostration of the system, wlietlier the result of inherent causes or produced by ir regularity, illness or accident. It is pleasant to the taste, ana po sitively sure in its operation*. Its unrivalled reputation in both hemispheres ia the result of it* almost supernatural virtues. LET NO ONE DESPAIR! Nothing can he more surprising then its invigorating effect* on ui* human Irame, Persons afflicted with weakness and lusi tuile befoi,.- taking it, at once become robust and fall of energy under lis nillueuce. h immediately counteracts the nerveleu ness or Ioomjmm of the female frame, which is the only cause of barreiinea*; and which, prior to ffr. Magnin's discovery, wu considered lo he incurable. LaHMaue. indeed, cannot do justice to the merits of I he LUCINA'CoIlDI AL, which i* regarded by tlie brads of the faculty In all parts of the world, u one of the most important discoveries of any age. Sol.l wholesale and retail, in this city, al 125 Kulton street, comer Nassau; and Seth Kowl?, Washington street, Huston; 'JO North Sixth street. Philadelphia. Price >3 per bottle. $?< i" n?n Im*4I CHIP SARAH AND AHSIIJA, Matison, muter, from Liverpool.?) onsignees of good i by this vessel will confer a I ivor by sending, without ilvlsy, tie?? permits to the office of the subscribers. |R0? HR, BUOTIIKRS It CO., ? ^tr? J8 Fallon s'.reet. T Li KTH?TEETH?TEETH. GRKAT Reduction in Dentistry,?Prices reduced 50 |ier cent Teeth set on pivot,. 7j ~ ,'i?'?"? H"1*. Ifomll V)to 300 reelh niled With erne Gold Full, from W>ets to I 00 1 ooth Aehe ( nrsd or Tenttuhilracted .,021 ^ , ' N., Norgteal *fd MllhuU Dentist, ????? <s? NUCW YORK, SEPTEMBER, 1144. FRESH IMPORTED STOCK OF FRENCH, GERMAN AND ENGLISH WOOL LENS, Jcc., Asc., Acc. A?_ TO BE CLOSED BY NOVEMBER 1.1144. HK orour Psrtner* minding lo retire fron the 1st of November mi. we I that il i? marU necessary lo close < that (lay. The I roods litvc beau i and consist in i?rt of thr following, vix French Broad Cloth*. Cassi mares and Vesting*, German Castor Butm, Broad Cloths. Tltrra-luurtlu and six-fourths Doeskins aud CaasimerM, English Broad Clutha, Casaimera*, boavm. I'ilou, Lion Skin*, Blankets, Paddiugs, Wonted Stuffs and VesUiigs, In every variety, Sic., lie.. lie. French, Herman aud English Fancy Cassimeres, be. Scotch Plaids anil Scotch Tweeds, tic. And Tailors'Trimmings, la every vaiiaty. VWm will pleas* favor u> with a call, and oblige Your moat obedient servants, KEVINS to CO., IMPORTERS, No.6* CEDAR STREET NEAR NASSAU STREET/O a23 2m?rc (UP STAIRS.) ?PXPRESS PRICES REDUCED?The Subscriber* have reduced their Expre** price* on all small package* of law and other document*, from M cent* to cent* per package, from thi* city to Buffalo and the intermediate point*. Al*o, through Wi-ll* tc Co.'* Express from Buffalo to Chicago, at 50 cent* per package from thi* city to Chicago, and the intermedi ate point* on tlie Lake. auS LIVINGSTON. WELLS k I'OMEROV. PLAiVJt't.Ka' HUTEL. STaTeN lSLAJNLI. fPHE above delightful Boarding Hou*e i* now o|>en for the re A ceution of boarders. The subscriber beg* leave to meutioifc that a bathing houae ha* beeu built in front of the establishment for the accommodation of boarder , be., and nothing a hall be wanting on hi* part to moke those who patronize him comfort able. P. WOLFE, Proprietor. Tompkiiuville, Aug. 10.1M4. (TT" Kor the pimmm el Cottage* or Real Estate, apply to au!6 linrrc F.WOLFE. Planter* Hotel. MR. CHILD having been engaged for many year*, in con]unct<?u with hi* father, an rmineut Oculist in Knglaud, in tlie treatment of diaeaiv* of ihe Eye, and having succeeded in rraloring light in number* of caw* which had been abandoned a* incurable by other OculUt*. respect fully offer* hi* professional wrvice* in this branch of medical art. His mode of practice is simple and easy; neither reaortins to tho*e painful method* which are too general ly adopted, nor requiring that irluome confinement from light and air, ana unpleasant restriction* in food, which are inoit usu ally enforced Numerous ca*e?of hi* successful treatment have been publicly recorded to which he can refer, and he |>n*Ke**ea testimonials of the value and efficacy of liia mode of practice, which inay be in?|*cted by any one who favor* him with a call He will never undertake a case where there are not good mason* for expecting a cure?and hi* aim and object being to assist in the restoration of that inestimable blessing, light?the pooreat of the community may avail themselves of Ins assistance as freely a* the most opulent. Mr. CHILD may be consulted daily [Suu <lay? excepted] from 10 to 4, at 69 Van dam street. four doors from Hudson. All letters must be postpaid, Advice to the poor gratis. au30 lm*ec >x JACKSON, STACEY to SMITH, TV/fANUKACTURERBAND 1M PORTER8 of Pen, Pocket ?"A and Table Cutlery, Razors, Scissors, Files, Saws, Tools, and other descriptions of Sheffield Goods? an 17 lin'rc No. 16 PLATT STREET. and OPfHALMIC SURGERY. He ha* recently imported ' of DrWESTER flfHTT.IRT So 33 Orecnwlrh atreet. Devotes hi? exclusive attention to DISEASES OF THE EYE and OPTHAL.MIC SURGERY. I" from France vijry superior specimens i ARTIFICIAL EYES, manufacturedio a* to resemble, in every reflect,.the natural eye. Any iierson who may be deficient of an eye, can have it artifi cially replaced by Dr. Wheeler, so clovly imitating nature a* to defy detection. (?5^0ffice hours from S A. M. to 1 P M.. after which lie visit* outdoor patient* mi7 lm*rc u ft . UlOiiSY, OCULIST AND OPHTHALMIC SURGEON. No. HI) Chambers at. 4 <loora W. off Broadway, NEW YORK, /CONFINES his practice to Diseases or thk Ere, and Ope ^ ration* upon that Organ and its appendage*. Artificial Eyea inserted. Dr. D. has for the last eight years devoted his atten tion almost exclusively to this imporliuit branch of the profes sion, having been a pupil of Dn. Elliott, subsequently his as sistant, and later practising at Charleston. 3. C. For Oi>eha tions (strabismus, cataract, See..) aud treatment, charges moderate. Office hoars from 9 A. M. to 6 P. M. s4 lm*ec SIGNED OVER!!! To an endless eternity, by all who witness ed the )iale and ghast ly ohjeut, cauwd by spitting blood, and a most v ioleut cough. w i th night sweats, a hoarseness anil sound of the voice, indicating an alarming state of disease : my clergyman waa plain with me, and stated that I h ul but a few (lays to live; iny sister, who was my anxious care laker, made inquiry w here she would be most likely U> obtain the most certain relief, she was told of Dr. Swuynt't Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry, a medicine in general use throughout the United States, for tlie cure of cough*, colds, consumption, spitting of blood, influenza, palpitation of the heart, whooping cough, tickling or rising sensation in the throat, brouchites, asthma, weakness of the nervous system, or impaired constitution from any cause, and to prevent persous from lading into a decline. She was in formed if this medicine failed in the cure, my life wa* hopeless. irr. nwaynr $ .syruji was then procured, and the first bottle gave relief, and by the time 1 had commenced the fifth bottle, gave reliei, and by the tun* 1 had commenced tlie mill bottle, my cough had hit me, aud uiy strength so much improved, that I was able to take tlie fresh air, and in a short time 1 entirely re covered my former health. For a corroboration of the truth of the above statement, you can call on my *i*ter, who live* in Ju niper street, one door below Race, Philadelphia. ISAAC MORGAN REEVES. [?7** Be cautious to ask for the original, ltr. Swayne't Com pound Syrup of Wild Cherry, as all other preiwrations from this valuable tree are fictitious and counterfeit; prepared ou|y by Dr. iyns, whoa* office is at the northwest corner ol Eighth and Bwayue, who** office is at the northwest corner ol Race street*, Philadelphia. Agent*?Dr. W. 11. Milnor, corner of Broadway and John atreet, New York;R. A. Sand*. 188 Bowery. N. York; E. B. Warner, 2U5 Blnckar street, N. York; Piersou k Harrison, 720 Broad street. Newark, N. J.; Benjamin Olds, 278 Broad street, N. J.; John S. Harrison, Salem, Mass.; J. H. Pierce, 4 Stanwix Hall, Maiden Lane, Albany, N. York; Backus it bull. Troy, N. York; Spalding k Harrington, Wor cester, Ma**.; James Green k Co. Worcester. Ma**.; Oraut Hi Bockee. Poiighkeeiwir. N. York;E, Hollidge, Buffalo, N. York; Win. Montgomery, Lan*iiigburg, N. York; J. C. l'udney, I'oughket-psie, N. Vork; O. 0. Woodman, Vicksburg, Mis*.; II. ? J. Brewer,. Springliild, Ma**.; J. P. llall k < .o., Bo*ton, Ma**,; Win. Due*bury, Lowell, Mass.; Ja*perC. Ayre, Lowell, Ma**.: E. S. Holdeu, East Boston. Mass.; Ilausom k Stevens, Boston, Ma**.; P. ftl. Cohen It Co., Charleston, S. C. neptl 3in*ec. Dlv. t uithl 1 1 may be consulted coulldeiuiaily at til* Ut fire, 16 Duane *treet, two doors from Chatham. Strangers arc r.s|>ectfully informed that Dr. Corbitt is a member of the University of the City of New York, and that he has exclusive ly confined his practice from bein^ general to the treat mailt of certain classes of diseases, (now over eleven \ ears in the city of New York,) which engine* his entire attention. The annals of medicine do not record greater success than is to be found in his practice. The Doctor cautions the uufortuuate against the use of mercury, as it has its thousands of victims. cases are in a few days removed entirely from the system. See that you are judiciously treated by a i?r*on legally Qualified, aud not by pretender* and quack* as there are several of them in this city. Peraou* afflicted with protracted and inveterate ca*e* ne?l not despair of being restored to health, by applying to Dr. Corbitt. A practice of many year* has established the Doctor's reputation for skill and respectability. Stricture* engnge the Doctor's profound attention. A medicine may be had to pre vent a certain disease in any of its forms. jel7 tm?rc rjUUS PARR'S LIFE PILLS. 18 POPULAR MEDICINE ii now in such demand, that Ioiik notices of in ifcliy are mintcessary.? Thousands of 'J esliinouials of pmktt cures of Dy*|apsia, Dys entery, Scrofula and Nervous Complaints, cm be seeu at the store of tlie Proprietors. THOS. ROBERTS It CO., No. 117 Kulton itmt. Thi? Medicine is put up in Spanish, Portuguese, French. Ger man and I tali in Wrappers, with Books of Directions and Tes tlwiHbin tin- same languages forexportation. au3l lm'ui IMPORTANT TcTtIIE LADIES. rPHE subscribers tatu- ploasura in offering to the Ladies their 1 I'ATENT ELASTIC AKTEMIAN BRACK. is an invention which has te'eu long needed, and mint eventually prove au judis|ieusable article, of the Kcmale wardrobe. It combine* in (la manner of construction all tlie graceful prolNirtiont of the Corset, without any of its injurious tendencies ; while the Cor set liv uunaturally compressiug the chest, im|>edes tlie free and Iwalthful action of the lungs, thereby engendering diseases of the most fatal tendency. The AHTEMAIN BRACE expands liie chest, gives a free and healthy action to the Lungs, anil a grace ful and pleasing outline to the figure \ possessing <u it does the correcting power of keeping the person erect, and the shoulders symmetrical. Parents and tiiiaruians are particularly requested to examine this article. It will be found on inspection to fulfil all the pin poses for which it is recommended, and of immense bMoll to children of either sex, mid to all persons w ho have ac quired the habit uf stooping. This Brace is manufactured un der the immediate inspection of Mr. Parsells who has lieeu en gaged for the last eighteen years in tlie manufacture of different articles for a similar purpose, and now offers tlie Arteinian Urace as su|>erior to any article that has heretofore fallen under his observation. Ladies Department No. 1 Parle Place, first door from Urosdwa>, where a lady, perfectly acquainted with the structure and fitting of the article, will lie in attendance. Wholesale Department at the old establishment of PAKSKLLS h AOATE, s2 I m ? it 2j7 Broadway, corner of Park PI act. TO MANUFACTURERS AND DEALERS IN WOOLLENS. HENRY MIG E O N , pOHNKR of Laight and Washington streets, New York, v Finisher of < lotlis, Cassimeres, Satinets, he.. rvs|iectfully informs the manufacturers and dealers in woollens, that his establishment ih MM h successful oiwration^ and that he is pre pared to execute with promptness, all orders in his line that may be confided to bun. Specimen* of his workmanship may be seen on application to the gentlemen whose namos are anueied, and to w hom lie has liberty to refer. Orders may be left at 63 and 61 Pine street. REFERENCES. Wolcott U Slade, 6t Pine street W. C. Langley, 63 Pine street. II listed Haines (It Co., 31 Nassau street. Ii. Brigbam, 60 Pine street 8. J. Jones h Co., 13 Pine street. ?u23 lm*re HULL'S TRUSSES. NOTICE TO RUPTURED PERSONS. PERSONS afflicted with Raptures may rely upon the best in strumental aid the world affords, on application at the Office. No. 4 Vesey street, or to either of the Agents in the principal towns in the United Slates. Be careful to examine the hack pad of Hull's Trusses, to see if they are endorsed by Dr. Hull, in writiug. None are genuine, or to be relied upon as good, without his signature. Many iiersons have undertaken to vend imitations of Hull's celebrated Trusses, and thousands are imposed upon in conse quence. These imitations cannot be relied upon; tney are made by nnskilful mechanics, and an no better than tlie ordinary Trusses Rooms have been fitted op at No. 4 Vesey street, exclusively for ladies, having a sepawte entrance from the business depart ment, where a female is in constant attendance to wait U|>oo female patients. aull linrc LIIARONTOy/Vrtist in Alabaster Marble from ? Italy, respectfully invites the grotm1, tlie inhabitants, shopkee|iers, bazaars, country dealers, and the public in general, to are his Old Museum of Arts, No. 21 Orchard street, (x'tweeu (iranil and Division streets, where lie has tiniiacked just now, a new splendid assortment of Italian and Kuglish Ornaments in Alabaster Black Marble, Spa Agata, Yellow Stone, Stalactite lied, and various other marbles, Verde di I'rato (Iranite, he. he. Consisting of various sizes of Oronps, Figures, Busts, Taxm-s, Hebe Ewers, Etruscan Vases. < Candlesticks. Ta|iers, Pen Trays. Ink Stands, Watch Cases. Clock Stands. Time Pie ces. Kpifl Pots, Lam|>s, Warwick and Devonshire vases, Shell and Oval Vases, Bottles, Oroups aud single Dogs Tables, Bas kets, Bulls, Cows, Lions, Broaches. Necklaces, Obelisks, Bell Ooxxoly and Ring Vases, Paper Weights, Ring Stands, Card Boies. Snuff Boise, Arniantus Painting of Mount Vesuvius of NsplfS, Hooks on '"onithology, Mineralogy, Oeolngy Marine B'-'snist, he. he. l'rio> of articles from 11m etnu to.ltOO. ^ jWItU '?r ptioB that cm human nature u subject to. particularly in such _J Minof long ?landing ud ui^u jncui ile. He wishes ?uch la call on hiui, and they shall receive t if 6m medicine tad attendance gnu*. Office No. ST Read ? street, a few doors north from Broadway. 8. HE1 N t., M. 0. ?uB lm*m < irrman Physiciaa. LITHOGRAPHY. I7ALL BUSINESS.?Merchant*, Manufacturers and others, " who require Business Card* of their Establishments, Cir culars, Uill Head*. Drawings in Architecture, 'Machinery and Laudscaiw Mips, kc., and Publishers who require Illustrations of Book*, Periodical*, and Mu*ic Piece*, uiay have the work executed iu the best style and 011 moderate terms. at E. JUNKS' Lithographic Establishment. UM Kultou street, New York. N. B ? Drawing* and Specification* for Pateuta. _au24 lm*ac VENEREAL DLSEASE CURED. A BERNKTHY'S BOTANICAL P1LL8 laving ttood ihe ?fa. teat of time "and ex|>erieuce are recouuueuded as the moet effectual and apeedy remedy for Oouorrlns, Gleet*, all urethral discharge*, irritatiou of the kidney*, urethra and prostrate gland. Tliey an taken without confinement from bu?iue*i or restriction of diet, and without tainting the breath or disagiee lug with the stomach, thu* enabling the patient* to cure them selves. They give tone aud energy to the generative organ*, rarely if ever experienced from the uae of oilier medicine*. They have jierlormed many extraordinary cure* in chronic dinchargn, obstinate gleet*, he., after the failure of all oilier remedies. In recent caae* a single box i* sufficient to effect a cure in two day*. 1 hey are equally suitable for female*. Price SI per box, with full direction*. Bold only by WM. WATSON, a> lm?in 3C Catherine street. AGRICULTURAL WAREHOUSE, 1S7 WATER STREET. AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS, IMPROVED POR rPHE attention of tlie public i* called to a new Patent Portable -a Gri*t Mill, to work by hand or otlier power, with which every farmer can grind hi* own grain. Alio, for Grinding Cofiee aud Spice*, and are highly recomineuded by all who have used limn. Groat'* Patent Grain Cleauer, and Corn Grinder, a new in vention, superior to any lierelofore u*ed. Rice aud Coffee Shelter*, of different sizes; Sugar Mill*, lie.; Wood'* Patent Shingle Machiue. Hone Power*, calculated for oue or more horsea, with geering atuiched. F or sale at manufacturer'* pricr*. au2tl lin'rrc MEU1CAL NQX[C ? STRANGERS AND CITIZENS alUicted with any form or variety of Syphilitic, Mtrcurial or other di*ea*e, or w ho have beeu only liall cured by quack*, had better carefully peruse the following letter Dr. Cooi*r?Sir Last July 1 contracted a certain privaU' di*ea*e, and immediately applied to a doctor, who promi*ed to cure tnr in a week. I continued with him two month*, but wa* gradually gelling worae : 1 tried one after another, nil the advertising doctor*, aud each one promiaed poiitively to cure ine. 1 at length diacovered the object of the*e men wa* mo ney. and that they were not doctor*. 1 concluded to go iuto the hospital, where the doctor* kept me under a course of mer cury for eight week* ; my throat and note were ulcerated, pain* in all my joint*, and lay body covered with ulcer*. I was a complete (kelelon ; the doctor* considered it dangerou* to give me any more mediciue, and adviaed a southern climate. 1 left the hoipital, and by advice of several friend*, placed myself under your care on the first of January la*t. 1 am now well and restored to periect health. 1 wi*h tlii* published. THOMAS GREEN, Carpenter and Joiner, Harlem, N. Y. Dr. Cooper warrant* to cure every mailer how long ?landing, of Gleet, Stmcture and Seminal Weakness, aud mild cases of private maladies cured in 41 hours without interfering with the patient's habits. Dr. Cooper's Office, 14 Duane street, two doors from Chatham si. No cure no (>ay. au 18 1m* rc B JOSEPH, MS Maiden Lane, (up stain,) importer of Eng ? lish. French, and German double and single barrel bowl ing aud Ducking GUNS, from the lowest to fuiest qualities. Alio, always on hand, an exteniive aaaottiuent of PISTOLS both Double and Single Barrel*, embracing 1U0 different kinds : including the modem Six Barrel Uevolvers, all of which will be told lower tlian any other house iu the tiade. Merchants and Gun Smiths are particularly requested to call, previous go making their purchases, as they will certainly find it to their advantage. ago 4m?rrc IRRUPTIONS ON THE FACE.?It has loug beeu desired fj among the fair sex to lind an article that would remove Saiples, treckles, eruption* aud ringworm* from the skin.? oliiuig haa beeu found ?osafe,(*rtain and sure as CHURCH'S VEGETABLE LOTION. The use of this remedy for a ahort time, will clear the skiu and establish a brilliant complexiou.? Sold in bottles at 76 cents each, at 188 Bowery, corner of Spring street. COUGHS AND COLDS?Dr. Church's celebrated Cough Drop* will be fouud a *afe and certain cure for Coughs, Cold* aud Inllueuxa. Sold at 60 cent* each, iu bottle*. RHEUMATISM, Hcc.?Dr. Church's Chemical Essence of Mustard, a remedy universally known for the speedy aud effec tual cure for Rheumatic Affectiou*. Sold in bottle*, 60 cents each. ITCH?ITCH?'This loathsome disease cured with a single application of Church's Scotch Ointment. The above valuable remedies sold at 188 Bowery, comer of Spriug st. al9 lm*rc MEDICAL CARD. nOCTOR KAWCETT'H late work on the best mode of treating Constitutional Debility, Impotency, Sterilty, Noc turnal Emissions, Gonorrhoea, Gleet, Strictures, Venereal and all Disease* of the Generative Organs, can be obtained at his of fice, 196 Kultou street, New York?Price $1. The Doctor con tinue* hi* private consultation* on thoie disease* at his old establidied office 196 Fulton street. Country patients describing their caae minutely, and encloaing a fee, will receive advice and medicine; also a copy of the work. au6 lin*rc LEECHES?LEECHES-LEECHES, nnn LARGE and HEALTHY SWEEDISII Ai))UuU LEECHES, just received per barque Franklin, Sleebboom master, froin.Hamburg, for sale at the lowest prices, at G. A. fc H. W1TTE, Importer* of Leeche*. 38 John street. P. 8.?A large and fresh supply of Leeches always on hand. auiK) lin'rc *TO SOUTHERN AND WESTERN MERCHANTS. FICKLE AND PRESERVE WAREHOUSE, No 101 Water Street. T7LOYD & ST AKIN, are now prepared to receive orders for ?I l'icklrs. Preserves, Jellies, Jams, Sauces and Catsups of every variety, put up expressly for the southern market.. Country auu city merchants will liud il their interest and compare articles and price* before purcha*ing elsewhere. Hotels aud private families supplied with su|?rior articles at low prices. au28 2w*ec Country auu city merchants will liud il their iuterest to call lei OrricE pr JicrritKiopr Imuranck Company, I No. 30 Wall it. oppoiite the Exchange. I 'T'HIS COMPANY continue! to Insure against Lois and Da -L nuige by Fire, on Ooodi, Wares, and Merchandise, and, also, atidiiut Lou on Inland Navigation ou Vesiela and their Cargoei. DIRECTOR*. Tliomas W. Thome, Eliiha Kins, Thoinai T. Woodruff Anion Baker, H. R. llobion, M. D., Joseph Drake, Thompion Price, Joieph Allen, Mom Tucker. James E. Holme*, John 11. Davidson, John P. Moon-, John H. Lei, Jainei H. Whiting, Caleb C. Tunii, Win. K. Thorn. Francis P. Sage, Thoinai Morn-ll, John C. Merntt, Eugene Bogert, THOMAS W. THORNE, President. itr.a. T. Hnra, Hecrenrv ml m CURTAIN MATERIALS, TRIMMINGS AND WIN DOW SHADES.?The luhicriberi beg to invite the atten tion of stranger! to their luxe stock of Upholstery Ooodi, just received in Hon, from which they are prepared to execute orden for Bed and Window Curtaini of the newest detigui and 011 lower terrni than any other home in the city. Their stock will be found to couiiit of lilk and wonted de lainei, UbouretU, damaskiy Turkey red cottoni, rich lace and muslin embroider t-d curi um, galloons, gimps, cord, tasieli, cornices, fcc. kc., together with Piiuted Window Shades, just im|N>rtrd lioin France. of entire uew patterns and pronounced the most magui fkent Shades ever used ; as also the various styles of painted American Shades, varying in price from SI a pan upwards. SOLOMON k HART, Upholsterers, a21 lmeod*rrc 343 Broadway, opposite the Park. DOCTOR MORRISON! 1VJ-ORTH RIVER DISPENSARY, 304J.' Fulton itreet. Doctor Morrison continues to be consulted confidentially, on all private diseases, which he cures without merenry, or re straint in diet or pursuit. Itecuut cases, particularly Uonor rhir," he cures in 3 to 6 days. STRICTURES OK TILE URETHRA are cured by Dr. M. ou improved principles, without pain or inconvenience to the patient. As (lie symptoms of Stricture are analogous with those of other affections of tlie urin.iry apparatus, none but ex l>erienced Surgeons should be allowed to make the necessary ex rmiiibiion, as those affected with enlarged prostate glands, may suft'er much injury from awkward practitioners. Nervous and Constitutional Debility?This affection, and the train of uvils resulting froui a secret, destructive habit iu youth, inducing nocturnal emissions aud ultimate irnpolency, are radically cured by Dr. M.. on pathological principles, by restoring the system to a healthy lone and reinstating its origi nal vigor. A peifeet cure guaranteed, or no charge, N.b.?Dr. M. holds uo communion with medical pretenders, who claim to be surgeoni, as he is. ivrhapi, the only qualified advertisiiiK Surgeon in the city. Bee his diplomas in his olhce. 201.'a Kuluui street. Letters pott-paid aud containing a fee will insure medicine aud advice to any part of the Union. Office, 2(11.!, Fulton, near Greenwich, New York. Open from 7 A. M. to 10 P. M., daily, 18 lin*ec GENUINE TEAS. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL THE CANTON TEA COMPANY, PRINCIPAL STORE, 121 CHATHAM STREET, N. Y Branch Storm, 318 Bleecktr ttreet. New York, 361 Gi and ttreet, near Suffolk, 191 Greenwich, near fwton, 116 t\tlton ttreet, Brooklyn. 80 Chestnut and 45 North F\fth ttreet, Philadelphia. 71 Haunter ttreet. Botlon. TNVITE the attention of City and Country Familiei and 1 Purchasers to their several establishment!, w here they think will be found by far the belt selection! of pure and undulterated Teas in the United Statei. The uuiverwl popularity and re nown of their houie with reference to high qualities, low pricei, and upright,dealing.ii teo well uuderitood to render further com Bents necessary. Original aud only warehouie for the sale of owqua'i Black Tea?"Observe!"?Strangers will be particular to remember the number of the principal itore in Chntham it, vix:?131, between Pearl and Roaavelt street. The public will alio be pleased to take notice that the Canton Tea Company have nothing to do with any oilier stom except those descrilied at the top of litis advertisement. au23 3tn' ec TO TiiO.SE WITHOUT CHILDREN" APROC REATJVE ELIXIR CORDIAL. rPHk xreateii discovery in medical icience ii that ?.f M. M. J- Desomeaax, of I'arii. He has entirely exploded the uene rally received opinion of the existence of incurable iterility or barrenness, (except indeed in caiei of milformation, whi*:g re extremely rare.) The invariable and universal succesi of r.u Elixir Cordial, in every instance, of producing that itate of health which resnlta iu the wife becoming blessed ai a mother, who lor ye.iri pined in childleii lonelinn, has fully established the fact, that what is niual I y termed barrenness ii curable by the use of tlie 1'rocnative Elixir CordiaJ. It is inCsllisble in senu 1 ial weakness, tluor alhtis, debility, incontinence and the various trnin of complaints arising from excesi, illness, or im prudence. Iti great and invariable incceis is ill recommenda tion. The fame of thii wonderful Elixir Cordial ii well eita bliihed. A sale of more than fifty thousand bottles and pack age! ii sufficient evidence of iti excellence and the eitiinatiou iu which it is held. It 11 pleasant and agreeable to the t ute. The underiigned ii the only attthoriied agent in thii country Price $2 a bottle. For the convenience of those residing out of the city, the jn Eedienls composing the Elixir Cordial are put up in (v ckagei r tranimiiiiou by mail, with full direction for preparing. Price of package %i, making three liottles. All lettera must be postpaid, and directed to Dr. K* MELVKAU, box 34. N. York city, axSJmJJm __ _ Office l?> Liberty it. WONDERFUL DISCOVERY." STRIKER'S SOLUTION FOR THE IIAII!, wnich will O (huge grey hair to ita original color in a few minutei. Thii lolutiou 11 different from any yet offered, and cannot fail of iu perceding all otheri. It ii highly efficacious, and poaieiiei the groat advantage of beautifying the hair without injuring ita growth. Those who doubt its virtues, are requested to have their hair changed before paying their money. If humbug! would take this method there would be no reaion to complain. One trial will prove the fact. Sold wholesale and retail, and amdied at No. 5 Chatham ? , opposite the Hall of Records, New York, upilairi au!3 lm*rc _ CLARETS, CHAMfAflSE BRAN I) V. COON I AC, POR^T WINE, MADEIRA, AHSF.NtHE, KERCHWASSE&. kc. GRAND DEPOT, 37 Jo/lN 8TREET. MR.CIIARLE8 ECKERT lini the houor to inform the public and his friendi, that he hai received a Urge aud extensive ai ?ortmeut of Bordeaux Claret, Sauterne, I Jrave, Rhenish, Port and Madeira Winei, from tlie first hand; Chateau Lafitte, Chateau Leoville, Brane Cantrnde, vinUup-s 1838 aud 1840. Cham pugne, Cordor blue, St .lulien ajxlMedoc Wines, iu hogsheads and cases, for bar and Inmily use. aull lm m JwalhJnf,' coinpriilng * fall 0 ?t|Mi caies Engliih Sheathing,' comprising fro,n 14 " J "iS CO ?I a Nmn *i RESTAURANT FRANCES. T BONNAHD, i Nwu .treat. Tl* proprietor can fear " ? lr??ly recommend tlna establishment to general attention It lias fur many year* been conducted in a *tyle that, to tn? French and Foreign residents, ha* afforded universal sauslac tiou. Hi? table abound* with every luxury the ino?t fastidious can require, wbather in tlie English or French ityb of cooksnr Hi* Wine*, Fruit* aad Liquor* are ol' the beat brand*?the Waiter* (French and English) polite, and tite general arrange Dieut* of the table*, in a cool and airy aaioon, Tor private and social partiee, not to ba equalled. J. IlON.NAHD. *4 lm*rrc 5 Naaaau street. MlbSoURI RtiPOllT E R, ST. LOCIH, MO., No. U Locu*t *t. , AN exteusively circulated Democratic pa|wr, in which all ? merchant* or business men duiriug or I laving intercourse with the West w ill liud it greatly to their advantage to advertise Tumi or ADTLRTiiina : ?Rrs For I to 16 linea, oue insetliou $7) " each *ub*e<iuent iu*ertlou ., 24 oue mouth, without alteration 4 00 " two mouth*, " 6 0* " three month*, " " 7 00 " *ix mouth*, " " t 06 > *e4 lwrrc TO CITY AND.COUNTRY MERCHANTS. FIVE PER CiENT CA?U STORE, 10 Cedar Btrtet. ^PHE. SUBSCRIBERS offer a choice and well (elected nock 1 of Dry Good* at an advance of but live per cent on the actual cont. Country Merchant* will find it greatly to llieir ad vantage to call upon us in order to aacertain the market value of good*, even if they do not intend to purchase. The attention of city dealer* is alio requested. Our goods arc all marked in figure*, and the commission charged at the foot of the Mil. A call i* restiectfully *olicited by HUTCH1NGS. CASWELL It SMITH, Five Per Ceut Store, au2-1 lm*rc 16 Cedar itreet, near Pearl street. tspeedy and RADICAL CURE. A BERNETHY'S BOTANICAL PILLS are the moet A speedy and certain cure ever diacovervd for tlie cure of Go uorrliu:a, gleet*, all urethral discharges, irritalatiou of the kid uey*, uc. In recent ca*ea( one boi U usually sufficient to effect a perfect cure in forty-eight hours, lu old case*, obatiiiat* gleets, he., they are equally certain, having cured thousand* who had nearly fallen victims to this horriiTdisease?owing to tliu injudicious treatment of ignorant practitiouers and quack*, who very frequently ruin tlieir victim*' oouititution orsend them aunering to au untimely grave. These invaluable Pill* are purely vegeUble?they strengthen tlie genital organ* and in vigorate the (vateni geuer&lly. With full directions, $1. For sale, wholesale or retail by Win. Wauon, A|>othecaries' Hall, 36 Catherine street, aud Olcott, McKauou, Ik Co. 127 Maidan lane. *3 1 in * m ttPtOil REWARD.?CROSS' SPECIFIC MIXTURE^ Kor tlie cure of Gonorrhoea, Gleets, Strictures and analagou* complaiuts of the organ of generation. Of ail remedie* yet discovered for the above complaints, this is the most certain. It makes a speedy and i?rotanent cure, without the least re striction to diet, drink, exposure, or change in application to ba We give no long quackish recommendations f deceive the public. If the mediciue does not speak for itielf, no one *hall ?peak for it. Our object ia to uotify where it can be had, and the proprietor challenges a lingle cane.of recent Gouorrhaa to be br ought in which the Mixture will not effect a rapid cure under a forfeiture of $400. ..... Tlii* is a disease that unfortunately pervade* all ranks of *o cisty?high, low. rich and poer, matrimonial and tingle. They ire here preseuteil with a remedy by which they can cure them lelves without the least exposure, iu the shortest time possible. Further, the disease cannot be contracted if a dose of the Mix ture is taken at night on going to lied when exposed. It is put up in bottles with lull directions accompanying it, at |1 a bottle. Oue bottle lasu a week, which gnu-rally cures many are cured in two days. For sale only at Wm. H. Miluor's, 198 Broadway, comer of Jolui street, opposite Franklin House. New York; J. Jones.cor ner of Chestnut and Seventh street*, Philadelphia; and at J. M Baita s, IK Washington street. Boston. tut lro*m "GETN U 1NE HAVANA SEUARS.i lAND OF THE FIB8T quAL1TY. DM. HENRIQLES, No. 41 William itreet, respectfully ? invite* the attention of the public and strangers visiting the city, to call and examine at his well known established Store, the folio wing well selected Segars, and which are guaranteed to compose none but a genuine imported article, and all of the first quality, viz Regalias, (of superior quality. N Nomas. Ir'ugeuiudad. Panetelai, (of different brands.) La 1'alma. Rionda. IjpmiML Na|>oleon*. Esparteros. Vegueros. Cabana. De Mova. Manuel Amores. Noreiga*. Priuci|>e*, (of various . and*., In addition' to the above, tlie re are a variety of o trier brand* In the Store, all of which are sold wholesale and retail, and whjch will be taken back at any time if they da not gi ve the satisfaction required. *u30 lm*rc Q ALT AND FISH STORE?100 half barrel* Halifax No. 1 ^ Salmon. 1400 bbl* No*. 1, 2, and 3 Mackerel. 600 half do do do do. 100 do No. 1 Mem Shad. 40 half bbl* No. 1 Say brook Shad. 300 bbl* Cod and Scale Fiali. 400 do No. 1 liib'd Herrings. 1400 boxes Scale 1 do 3000 lbs Smoked Salmon. 300 kits Sound do 200 do Sounds and Tongues. 2000 qtls Cod Fish, auitable for sliippiug. 1000 aaclu Ash ton's Salt. 200 bbl* American Salt. 22 do New Salmon. 9000 lbs smoked do, tic. Sic. All for sale in lot* to *uit purchasers, by NELSON, WELLS It CO., *4 lm*ec SI Diy street. MEDICAL AID REMOVAL. P)K. GREGORY has removed from 11 Barclay street, to M -*-/ Gold street, where he may be consulted confidentially as usual, at all hours. "There are lew, if any medical men among us, that know better how to manage those difficult and delicate disorder* which itrangers are liable to contract while visiting our city." Dr. G. ha* publiihed a treatise upon secret laabit* and disease*, called the "Rubicon"?it is inteuded for the use of patient* of either *ex. It not only treat* of earing diseises, bat what is much better, it points out clearly tlie means of preventing those foul disorders at which human nature shudder* to think of; on this account alope the book i* worth more than all other publi cation* of the kind. It is sold by the author, at his residence, 66 Gold street, next to tlie north-east corner of Beekm&n street. Price 40 cents. (C/*"To females afflicted with a malady called "the whits*," tin* little book will tirove a friendly and confidential advWr It i* alio for *ale at Uie following drug stores:? No. 66 William street, near Maiden Laos. Nos. 30 and 79 Fulton street. Both corners of Chambers street and Broadvriy. No. 63 Bowery, corner of Walker street. No. 166 Bowery, corner of Spring street No. 77 East Broadway, comer of Market itreet, and No. 146 Dalaiicy itreet, comer of Suffolk AreeL aul lm*re MEDICAL AID TU8T PUBLISHED, (This Day)-The Medical Confidant J Price SI. and sent to any part of tlie Union. This work embraces tlie history, treatment, and cure of Venereal in all it* forma, Gonorrhoea, Gleet, Stricture, Irritable Bladder, Swelled Testicles, he. Together with a comprehensive knowledge o the effects of aejiaualiam and ita results, of tlie anatomy and Physiology of the sexual organ*, of self pollution and iu con sequences, of seminal weakuess, of impotence and awrility, with the medical treatment of all those diseases. This work can be obtained at 196 Kulton street, New Vork, where the author, Dr KAWCETT. coutinue> hia Private consultations on all thos diaeares which are. mentioned in his book. All letters must b lost-paid. it Im'rc KEAD WHAT ciltYK.vjAl.VO JUUZijiNUt-O HAVE DONE. VfH. DAT, boot maker, No. 10 Tillary street, Brooklyn, suffered greatly for eighteen months with emaciation, de bility, sickness of the stomach, loss of appetite, shooting pains in the bowels, his stomach rejected almost every kind of Ibod, except sugar, lie had been attended by various physicians, and for two months by the professors of tlie University, and all to nopurpose. On reading Dr. Sherman's Book descriptive of the symptoms of Worms he thought they met his case: so he purchased a boi of Sherman's Worm Loiengea. A few doses brought away, aa hejudged, about two quarts of worms, and entirely cured him. A'niuftitude of similar cases might be mentioned where chil dren and adults had suffered all Imt death from worms, and no thing Mve relief but Sherman's Lwzenges. C luflis, Colds, Asthma, Whooping Cough and even Con n mption, are all sooner cured by Sherman's Cough Lozenges k an any other known remedy, i'liey allay the tickling iu a tew seconds, and enable those a/dieted with tlie most harrass nig coughs to sleep whole nights. The Her. Dr. Dunbar, Her. Mr. De Korest, ller. Dr. Kastmond and hundreds of thousands can attest to their happy virtues, as others can to the efficacy of Sherman's Cough Lozenges, for headache, palpitation, lowucss of spirits, sea sickness and lassitude, from bodily or mental ex ertioas, and for the wonderful proiiertiea of Sherman's Poo.' Man's Piaster, which costs but 12H cents, and is a warranted cure for rheumatism and lumbago, pain or weakness iu the breast, side, back, sr any part of the body. Ask for Sherman's Poor Man's Plaster, and see that his name and his lac simila with directions for use are on the back. There are a great many worthless imitations hawked about and sold by unprincipled druggists. Kemeinlwr to get Sherman's Lozenges, and PlnsMim and Truss?none others or you will be deceived. Dr. Silverman<? Warehouse is 106 Nassau street Agents:?227 Hudsou st. cor. Spring; 118 Bowery cor. Spring:77 hast Broad way cor. Market: W William at: 110, 273, 43# and 601 Broad way. In Brooklyn, Mrs. Hays, 139 kulton, and Mountain's Drug store, 333 Kulton; Simson, cor. Prospect and Jackson sis. In Jersey City?K. Randall, grocer. Iu Newark?J. E. Triple and David Bryson. Philadelphia?Zither Ik Co., 3 Ledger Buildings. Boston?Bedding It Co. 8 State street. Albany? A. (Juthrie, 4 Ktanwix Hall. <123rc MbDiCAL AMD aUKGlCAL OFFICE. r\OCTOR JOHNSON, 17 Duane street, so well known to the victims of Syphilitic diseases, us the moat successful practitioner that New York can boast of, iu tlie treatment of this destructive and almost unmanageable malady, is still to be found at his old Office. Dr. Johnson can satisly any one that lie is legsllv qualified to practise Physic and Surgery?that lie possesses a Knowledge of general disease su|*rior to three-fourtha of your geueral "Physicians"?and that his akill in the treat ment and proper management of every variety of Venereal Dis ease and Stricture of the Urethra, is pre-eminent. My patients are not only from every part of the Uuiled States, but they come from the West Indies sua Canada. 1 cure, on au average, 600 patients a year. 1 discountenance quackery in any form, and, therefore, take tins method of iuforming strangers, and per sons in tlie country where they oan find a physician skilled in the treatment of their disease. Every case I undertake 1 cure, ? r make no charge. No matter how long you may have Olt*t, Stricture, Ulcers n|>ou the body, or in the throat, or nose, pains in the head and bones of the legs, I will mid can cure you, if your case is curable. Constitutional, some'imes called Seminal Weakness, brought on by a secret habit indulged in by young men I have paid inucli attention to the treatment of this malady. Many an unfortunate victim of this unnatural vice has experienced my salutary treatment. Dyspepsia, weak ness of the limbs and small of the back, confunon of intellect, forgetfulness, palpitation of the heart, aversion to society, are only symptoms or this complaint. If my directions are follow ed, I guarantee a care. Post paid lette s, wi?h statement of case, containing $3 for advice, attended to. Observe, Office 17 Duane street, one door from Chatham street. aull lm*rc PORTUGUESE FEMALE FILLS. ? i"*vtiT*i> a.?io i (tartar.!) av M. DE HOUpELOQUE. M.D. LISBON, PORTUGAL. rpilK scientific combination of ingredients of which those l'ills are composed, have made them the wonder sud admi ration of tlie world. Th-y are kuown all over Europe to be the only preparation ever discovered that has proved invariably cer tain in producing tlie monthly turns. Their certainty in all cases, being such that they must not be used during pregnancy, lor though always mild, safe and healthy, they are certain u> produce miacarriage if used during that |ieriod. Tlie directions are translated into English, and are envelopes round with the seal of the importer, siamiwd. Each box con taina tlie signature of M. de Boudeloque, aud the English di rectiona have the signature of Dr. I". MELVEAU, authorised agent for the Contiueut of America. They can be tnuismitted by mail to any part of rtie United States. Sold by Dr. 1". MKLVf.AU, agent and importer for the United States. Office, 129 Liberty street, near Oreeuwich street. Price $4.?half boxea, $3. No lialf boxes aeut by mail Sold in I Kittles at 9 Salem atreet. Letters directed to Dr. f. Melvenu. box 24, New York, wijl meet with immediate attea tion. All letters mnst be ixiitpaid. jy2t rre published daily by JAMK8 UOHDON BHHIIKTT, N. W. CORNER KULTON AND NASSAU STREETS. Thk Ni.w Your Hm*i.n?A Daily Pa|?r, issued every morning of the week?price two cinij per copy. Country Subscribers furnished at tlie same rate, for any s|>ecific iwrioo, on 'a remittance in advance. No paper sent unless paid in ad) Vance. THr Wckkly Hkrald? Issued on Saturday morning at ten o'clock?price six ?i?d a tVHTiR ttWTS per copy?Air nished to Country Subscribers at $1 21 par annum, in advance, or at ths same ret* for aay apecified period. . CoigiivowBurti an requwtsd M eddnw their lettm m

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