Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 13, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 13, 1844 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. Vol. X., Ho. Whole No. 3853. NEW YORK, FRIDAY MORNING, SEPTEMBER 13, 1844. Piict Two Coats* THE NEW YORK HERALlT AOOKEOATE CIRCULATION THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND. THE GREATEST IN TUB IVORLD. To the Public. TUB NEW YORK HERALD?Daily Nawspap^p.,,. l..h.U ev.ry day cf the year ew,pt N.w w> ?tJr ^ of Jul*. Price 2 cento per copy-or $7 26 per anniun-poaugaa J>iU(l? <!*}| Id ydvp.nctf. fllh. WEEKLY HERALD?published erery Saturday mo ulnt?price ?>< c?nto par copy, or $3 U per annum-post a?;e? s?id, Cdjh ui clraiice. AIH KllTlSElUJ are informed lhat the circulation of the Heiald ii over THJRTY-FIVE THOUSAND, aud increasing fast It lint the largeit circulation of ?ny paper m tkii city, lhe worl<J. ?nd. it, Ihtrtjvrt, tht betl channel for lummtt men in tht city or country. Prices m0Berat??<ush in ad ranee. PK1N x I VU ol all kinds executed at tiu* moat moderate price, sad Ml the moat elegant atyle. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PaoraiEToH or the I?krald Establishment, FOR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. he above rxirts .. f.i . ',ur 4and w111 |ea above porta, aa follow* S& Ui ? a*.i,i?-p to Liver)>ool rassa*? to Halifax *1? atre AMy" b' dR'OH^.jV ici'V"; 1 wall a treat ,84*'l THE NEW STEAMBOAT SSS*. EMPIRE, 1 CAPTAIN D. HOWE, nn^'UinVv ?iiF!ttLO for <'HICAOO. on J'RIDAr.JSd of August, at 7 P. M.. and perform hrr trips regularly daring the ht ?on, aa followa Ui. DOWN _ , , LEAVE! BUFVAtiOi Lt&VEl f Uiraiin Aug. 23,... at 7 P.M. Saturday, Aog .1?. ff?tt A ] mS' "P-,7r- " 3? Monday, 8apt.lS...,t do r: i *?-.*? uu Monday, 23... at do Tut*.da>\ Oct. 8... at do Wednesday. " 23... at do ... at 9 A. M< ?iiuuiuy, Dept. I?... at do ?.ue*<l?y/ Oct. 1... at do &?S^' !*???? do Wednesday " 23... at do Thursday ''31 ?i 1 Imrsday. Nov.7. .. at do Friday Not 15 "'Ji r J ''!"?/?{ '* 868 '"*lI'HKth, & feet 8 inches beam 14 feet 2 incites bold, measuring 1220 tona, and is the lanrm mum boat .afloat iiii inland waters. Engine 600 horsepower boilers ^ to prevent tke poss^ prtsol'*^ by any other in the *orld. Ample accommo^Uons fo? 8ul^ The boat u provided with a good band of mosic. WiLKiftt, Mahjh It Co,, Buffalo, > jis. ^r180' I*** August i, uu. ?^bArney. * go mStouTlrc Cleveland. BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL yA{?^'3fk^m ol KAM 8H1PS. 1*? tons and 440 hone power each. mi'ri'ity4001?01 Wlth ^ Lorc^ of th' AdJ Captain Alexander Ryrie. Ar A m A^ ' Captain Edward O, Lott. A< AUIA William Harrison. w ' AMI A VB^ibjh ciuwul CAMBRIA, ... . Captain C. H. E Hewitt. Judkins. Will sail Irom Liverpool and Bostou, via. Halifax, ^"'follows: Caledonia, Lott, AufJuS?' Acadia, ilarrison...Sept. kt. August 4th Hlberma, Rytia ? j6th. '^2o? W&fi0"17 ?I*ri??=ed surgeon., and are Xlied Kor i'reight or passage, apply to J2S2 FOR OH.KL^XO^VW.ST, ?AVANA, To Sail ox Saturdat, 12th Octobih, at 4 o'clock P M aam m w ^n i/W^' Avoi7t? ?i?am-hip n ?K' J,ohu 7 Wright, Comman r' JV1" Poa'UVely sail as abore. This slea Tf "T" overhauled, and put in com order lor the season, and no expense has b?n> spiired to matte her every way complete-has large and airy state-rooms, every way adapted for the comfort of paisenirem ? Sh-ramca -^l.cient fuel f,om hem for the ?oya!c"TuTwil| IT?' n ,1' 'L ' A*,rU. "?lyto land l.erpas engers. For Uiis .ge, apply to t-apt. W right on board at foot of 9th St., E_R I Dry Dock, or to A. HUBBARD & CO. ' _se!2 Im-ric 37 feck Slip. STATEN INLAND FERRY. KOOT OK WHITEHALL." B ,tU W'{lf av" \K VV ,VORKrth" UOtiCe ?*" <) k '| ' 9' n,LA ,vlv '? 2> <? P- M. sxlipt^ *"v*ry ^ou,> 'r0"> ? A. M. to ^ P. M.?l P M FORT HAMILTON AND NEW VORK Leave New Y ork, f! A M.s 3!<P. M. tort Hamilton 7>< if. M.; 4>i P. M. (Suuuaysaxcerieil.) i X, (<L'l'PON' AND NEW vork. Lotvea New ^ ork, 6 A. M.; 2 and 3?< P. M. Clifton, 7h A. M.:3K and 4,S P. M. (Sunday, excepted.) PEOPLE'S LINE OF STEAMBOATS FOR ALBANY. ****3 ? 8,a"d?y? excepted?TTirough direct, %" ?rtTrg.iMj; lyLiir^ar '?s" Tn f i i A. Houghton, oo ? . ! ? ' nursday and Saturday Lrenings, at 7. Af ^ *yc ? clock, P. M.?I<anding at Intfrmediate Places lhe .Suumb.i* COLUMBIA, Captain William H. Peck, O'clock1'' < Jf' J,"<uy aud Sunday Afternoons, at 4 TV Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Captain R. O. Crut ?cf)enii ut'y, tllur?<uy and Saturday Afternoons, at 5 :'l'AV"**n uki"K of the above lines will arrive !? Albany lu ample time to take the Morning Train of Cars for [ .?.r west. The boats are new aud substantial, are I'uri iii?he<i with new and elegiuit state rooms, and forspeej and ac coininodatioDs, are niTfivailed on the Hudson. .. ,h".'^vfr ww'Kht, apply on board, or to P. C. Schultz, at the Office oil the wharf s9rc NEW YORK, ALB/VNAND TROY STEAMBOAT .'?'?R ALBANY AND TROY.-Moming R^t^UMJ>I.ii>e Irom the foot ol Barclay street, landing ??? Hr J at intermediate places. J he Slrtiuwr t-.vlPIRE, Captain S. R. Roe, Monday, Wedni? day anil l? riday iMoroing at 7 o'clock. The Steadier TROY, Capuin A. Oorham, Tuesday, Thuri day aud Saturday Morning, at 7 o'clock. '' Evening Line from the foot of Courtlandt street, direct. - ? r,? ?I. ? w,,,ri ?' men ii^nt uraugni ol wa tor are able at all times to |>asa the bars, and reach Albany and Mst or vv wtl'' 10 14 morning train of ears for the JZ'r**' ?T Crtieht' *wly on board, or at the offices on the .? '- m 17 rrc ? . FAKE REDUCED! FOR CKOTONVILLE. SI NO HINO, TARRYTOWN will eave the foot of Chsuiber street for tlie ahove places daily If ;),( 5uudtf . Rf'""""*. <*"111'^* Cro ton villa at bl4, and SniK SinKat7 o'clock A. M., landiug at the foot of rlammond ?tre<4 ea?h way. *,,|,ly ou bolr<)' or STEPHEN B. rt> VIPKIX8. 19*2 West stiwt. .irr ri.e.ArtA> 1 AiNU I.ntaf ?,AC>LittBiOI?8. S UUMKR ARIUiNGEMENT. NKW BRIGHTON, PORT RICHMOND. (STATION ISLAND.) XND NKW YORK KtliRY. From Pier No. 1, North River, foot of Battery Place. Tlie Str&mboat CINDERELLA, will ran u t follows. Daily, from May 20th to October lit, .lull:?Leave* New York at # and LI o'clock, A. A!., at !)>,. 6 audi P.M. Leaves Port Ricnmond, at an mrnnvi to S, and 10 minntea to 10 A. M.; at 1, 4 >4 and 6X P. M. L. tves New Brighton al * and 10 A. M.; at 1>?, 5 and 7i< P. M. On Sunday?Leaves New York, at 9 and U A. M.; at 3, 6 and 8 P. M. !.? rive* Port Richmond, at 20 minutes to I and 10 A.M; at 1, 5 and 7X P. M. New Ynrir Msy I*. list. rnvlI 6m*rc nm bAltt, t?AKDINfcK ANU HALLUWKLL. ^ja The new *ramer PENOBSCOT. Captain Cf..?^tp.J?N. Kimball, lesivn* the end of T wharf, Boston, XaJULi'i't)' Tuesday and Friday evening!, at 7 o'clock. Stages will be in readiness on her arrival at Uie above place*, to convey ptusenger* to the neighboring towns. FALL AND WINTER ARRANGEMENT. AtlIVAUK *ND NEW YORK. FARE ONLY Ml CENTS. THE NEW AND HWIFT STEAMER RAINBOW, CAPTAIN JOHN OAFFY. | Mft ON and ?f ?r September 10th will ran daily, fl??ai*a* follow* (Suuday * included):?Leave New X^luLirk, foot of I entre street, R o'clock A. M.? Leave >ew \ ork, foot of Barclay *tree!, 3 o'clock P. M. PACKET FOR HAVRE (Second Liee).-The Ship ST. NICHOLAS, John U Pell,M?strr. will anil on the Ut of October. for i.iiKlit, or pass^e^ ajjil HINCKEN, No. 9 Tontine Building, i 'orner Wall and Vviii?r srti F< 'R NEW ORLhANS?To *ucced the Kairtteld. ? ?The fut sailing ship ALFRED, Captain Myer*, -a ill be d<Mpi(ch?d in a lew day*. Thi* ?hip ha* un surpassed accominodaiionii for cabin, lecond-cabiu and steerige p**s*iu;er?, who will be taken at the lowest rates. Those. desi rous nl seciiriiiv berths, will lie lequired to make early applica tion, on board the ship, at Aiurr>iy'* wharf. I <ot of Wall it., or to JOHN HERDMAN, 61 South streer. N. B ?The subscriber will have a regular succession of first class ship* sailing e?ery few days for the above port. si I ec ? KOfI ~NKW-ORLEANS ?DiiicT.-Tl* steam ship ALABAMA, 700 tons ! urthen, Henry W iudle, i' mnnndir, will (nil loi the above j?ort on the 5th t>(". ,i' *t, at ? o'clock. This splendid and remarkably s'iiltK'li ste,.mer lias ties . tlmrougiily oterhiulfd the present auintiier, newly Copi*teu, ind is furnished with a powrlul set of new Botl>'?. m.?o? at tlie Novelty Works of this city. She is itpecled to tna'.e t'.e run to tlie lislize with ease in ill days; ami mg liaudaonie and comfortable accommodations, for both <:,il>in and sierras1 psiseiigers, offers an unusually deiirable conveyituce (o (lie (ravelling community. For light freight or passage, apply to O. MEKLh, ?I to*?*re j_ m Kront st. ? H RS I' PA* KET~SHIP FOR^lvERPObL^ Tl?e old line packet ship YORKSHIRE, (.apt Bailsy, Will sail on th? Wth ImI. l ma splendid ihip h?J ttaiurrMs^|j|pqj_m^2?l?.0 ?tr? Apply te ?11M TO THE TRAVELLING PUBLIC. F. J S SEX OKR ARR.1NOEMENT FOR 1844. _?i. Sub*?r,.b"? !??*"?? completed their arrangements. sre now prepared tobnng out pas sealer* from Omi Britain and Island by the following lirst clas, Packet Shi|>T^of whieh I U" ll4e Ut> 6tbl lUb- 16d'. ?'? ??l JWll of EL IjT.rpoo1, Cambndn. lln n/u. ' Biddoi.s, ti?o. Washington, best asst aau-s tekr,. WrH^fthr ?t t!th?r of^junOffices f0r *** 61,u<U' ou application fomiTrd 0n '''* "I*"'"* <* navigation, to "in Erie ^ tt!ff '?,rl.u*K?*?' '? Albany and 'froy, aud To nil Pom of tULtMki! ""*ra**JltU vUQm allV^rU oTtSada fe'?' Po" Ho^ Cub>"*' Kil~. -* tit?? a^hm VCf""'"']-!11 M?ntr?al wid Quebec, Canada Cleveland to Portsmouth, Cincui 'd Pittsburg, Cincinnati! allnart/ uf fin? 0" d* Ohio River to St. Loui., MoT; and to TffrUorjr. ' ^tSlWANcSls ??U ^ C0,uiu ^tenr^&?,rto^ssrsa mSS^gt^r" ^?is?na^^terjs:^!f'sid.. k ri " Exchange, Albany, N. S. Clark, 149 River street, Troy, N. Y. iiT . ? . Utica, N. Y. W. A. Cook, Syracuse, N. Y. <>r ,. ? . HichNtfr. N. Y. W. H. Cook, Buffalo. Pi. Y. H. (?itzhugh It Co., Uswego, N. Y. HARNDKN k CO. FROM SAVANNAH TO MACON, GEORGIA. JBOUuc 3PMW^^EaB. THIS ROAD is in operation daily (Suudays exrented ) fnr Transportation of 1 assengers and Knight. New and comforta ble Passengers Can have bee,, recently placed on the roadand Breat'reiuLMilv 'Pk*1^' " ?/"?> A. M. to 6 P. M^With great regularity. The Company has alio a number of Burthen Var?. ""'I. If prepared to carry with despatch, all good. and iUS Amni* a may offer. Good* consigned to the < ompany's Ajfent MlI Sayaiiuah. will be received and forwarded, free o^com mission for lorwaraing, provided a sum in cash sufficient to nav ?hip and road freight and charges is deoositeil will, fh?< ? r i ^^^t?6^NWCTc'Hmrj Lj ii ii ?V' ow,1<?tl *"d Commanded by Captains Brook. a. low. LAr 11 It, Agent for the Li??? ,u Charleston. THOMAS PURSE. General Superintendent!** "l' Savannah, August, 1844. ?5 lmrc I?*r LliVE 'lo HUft'lUiV, A^DailTT^fn siij? 1 8LA,NP rail ROAD. W 1 oviik A lil rt1 "cel""1; 1 <????, Brooklyn precisely cctoveved in ^ 'S?'1*"'1, ? Whence passengers are ccmveyra in a first-rate Steamer to Htonmgton, on Moudays. Wedne^ays A,d b ridays, and to Norwkh on Tuisdays, Thu^ fani fjwi.u^n' "?">??? must be at the Soutli Kerry, nV?l,.^ AM. 111 t,me to take the Kerry Boat at 7'2 n.f.;V Ji ? where tickets may be procured and luggage d2 rW/ iIU* CraUfs? l^afthrough to Boston uuopeued.!."!* "0,>* "fly twee between Brooklyn and Oreenport, it armiugdale 31, and at the "Manor," 67 miles Irom Z fclff1'Boston in ten to eleven hours, a .11 Accommodation Line leaves for Oreeupart every dav gfeTOe* Mat 3 u clock p-M ARJRjlIfGEMENTS FOR 1844. OLD EbTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE. 100 Pine strtet, comer of South. M. M ,"!}',CnlM;r Urf '7Te to call the aiiention oflTTrSl ??jj i \r A'^ . C 111 Kiyerdl, to the follow ing arraugenients for 1841, lor the purpose of bringing out Cabin. 2<1 Cabin and Si?.r age 1 assengers by tlie Regular Line of Liv?)H>?l I'a'cknU, mil '!>* i1'1" , '"th, I6tli.31st and 2Gth of every mouth, bj the.London lackets to sail Irom New York, tlie 1st, 10th and Joth?and Irom London on ! lie 7th, 17rh anil 27 th of each month j Iu connection with the above, and for tlie purinwe of affordiug stil, greater facilities to i>asseugera, the Subscriber has esuibliab ed a rrgul ir liue of Aist dun New York bnilt cotnvn'il .nrl Sut'tTie Tw.l""d 10 aAl1 l,uil0tuall>' Weeil tlirough . 'lil- r accommodation of neisons wishing to remit money tL ^ii.^i'Bankl""i^:'J?ra are l>*vable at ">??". on I'roTinclal Bunk of Ireland, payable at sr.,,' Clpnmel, Londonderry, SliBO, yfeiford. Belfast, Waterford. u?u.*7' Armagh, Athlon#, Colerain. oallina, Iralee, 1i oughal, Kniiiakillen, Mouaghau, Bainbndge, Ballyuiena, l'arsen.itowu Down|?trtck, Caviin, Lurgan, Omagh, Dinigaunon, Bandon, fcnnis, Ballyihiuiiion, 82*X$, Skibbereen, Mallow, Moneymore, Cootchill, Kilrush, Doblm. Skibbrwn. Scotland?The City Bank offilasguw. England?m-?srs. Siwona,, Atwopd ?t Co., Bankers, London; P. VV. Bjrnei &Co., *> VVaterloo, Liver|K>ol; payaiile in ?very town tn tireat Britain. ' ' Kor further inforin.ition. (if by letter post said,) apply to JOShPll iVlcML KHA Y, 100 i'liie street, .. . . VPW'of Sootli street, New York, Or Messrs P VV. BVKNKH * CO.. W Waterloo Koad _"l" lo.rtKw.1 OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. M. m M. M THr. Old Line ol I'ncketa for Li?erpo?l^ull hereanen)^^ S|> tlie following order, eicepiing that wU tlie sailing day Jails on Sunday, the ships will sail ou the succeeding day, I'iv. vtRntiwiv Fr**N*y> York. From Liverpool. llie.C AMBHIDOL, tJune 1 July l? ^w'r'n , 1 Not- 16 Th. pvn Barstow.^Keb. I Mar. IS The ENGLAND, lJune 16 Dee. l 7S# ton?, } Oct. 16 Dec. The OXFORD, 8'BarU'M' '? W 16 u 1 De? 1? Tk. MnvTr'/nii? w' f March I April 16 The MON1 EjjtUMA, \Ja|y 16 Sept. l 1000 tons JNot.16 Jan. 1 Th. runnPf A B. Lowber,? March 16 May I Thn.ELROIE, C Aug. I 8e|*. 16 61S tons, 1 Dec 1 Jsn. m The'NCW YORK! (ww?^*r'f Aug! li '? 'V.'j'v {IVe- 18 Keb. I Th.xoi.uMBi!?,B c"?"'f?K1'! jsr ? 700 tons, Oan. 1 Keb. 16 Th?"Yorkshire! (uewj0'''t Sept. .i X"?. 1 IU50 tons ? Jan. 16 March 1 ,r. . D. O. Bailey, f May 16 July 1 . '."*?* Ships are not suri?ssed in point of elegance or comfort in their cabin accommodations, or iu their fast sailing luolities by any vessels in the trade. The commanders are well known as men of character;and ?l|ierienc?, and ihe strictest attention will always be paid to promote Mie comfort and convenience of itassengers. Punctuality, as regards the day of sailing, will be observed as heretofore. The price of passage outward is now fixed at One Hundred Dollar*, lor winch ample storns of every description, will be Provided. Willi the exception of wines and liquors, which wil berumi.hed by tlie Stewards, if renuired. Neither tlie captain or owners of Uiese Shi|<? will be respon sible lor any letters, parcel*, or packages sent by tliein unless regular bills of lading are sigued therefor. K*r freight or pas ?age, apply to lastf and of OOODHine k CO, 61 South street. C. H. MARSHALL, tfl Burllnir Slip, N. Y. BAKINti, brothers h t;0.. L'pool. NKW LINK OK L1VERHOOL PACKETS. To rail from New York on the 2fifli and Liverpool on the 11th of each month. l|f& iHly >Hf? ^TOuM NEW Hiih1 ROSCJUS, Captain John Colltha, i'iih July. Ship 8IDl)ONrt, Captain K. B. Cohi>, 36th August. Ship HI IK KI DAN, Captain K. A. OepeyMer, 2r>th Sept. Ship OAKR1CK, Capuin B. I. II. Tra*k, 26th Oct. V'ROM LIVERPOOL. Ship SHKHIUAN, Capuin A. ?)c|x*y?t?, llth July. Ship OARRICK, Captain B I. II '1 raek, llth Auxuat Ship K08CIUS. Capuin John Collin., llth Sept. Ship SIDDONS, Capuin fc. B. Cobb, llth Oct. These .hip* are all of the firat ekia*, upward* of IIXlO ton*, bi Ut in the city of New York, with *uch improvemenu aa combine gr> at K|>eed with uuuiuat comfort for paswngnr*. Every care has been uken in the arrangement ?( their accom modation.. Tit* price of passage hence I* $100, for which am ple store* will be provided. Theae *hlpit *r? commended by experienced nautera, who will make every einrtion to Hire ge nekl *ati*faction. Neither the I apuin* or owner* of the .Inn* will b? reaponai ble for any letter*, parcel* or package* tent by them, uuleaa re gular hill* of laden are ugned therefor. For freight or l*a.age apply to E. K COLLINS Ik. (?().. X Sonth .treet. New York, or to BROWN, SHIPLEY k CO., Liv?n>ool. , Letter* by Ihe I'ackeU will be charged cent* per *ingle ?iter, M rent#per ounce, and new*pa|<er* I cent each mzrf THE NEW LINK OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. To rail from New York on the Slit, and from Liverpool on the 6th of each mouth /?Yam Nrw York. I.'pool. New Ship LIVERPOOL, 1IS0 ton., i \\ June 6 J. Eldndue. SAllf. 21 Oct. 6 N. Shin QUEKN OK THE WEST, rf?" y J! jlft f IW0 ton. P. Woodhouae. (j?jy J{ No,. ? New Ship ROCHESTER, WO tow, \ '1 aE*' 6 John Britton. < 0ct,r 2, jvr\ R Sh,p HOTTkNOUKR, 1050 ton.,?)^h^, \ Ira Bursley. ,, Jan'y 6 Theae substantial, faat lailing, firm claa. Ship*, all built in 'he city of New York, aie r..min imi."! by men of eijierieiic tnd ability, and will be d,*|>alelie.l punctually on the 21at of .?ach month. Their Cabins are elegant and er>mmodion*, and are fn mi shed with whatever can conduce to the ea*e and comloft af paaaea *er*. Pries ol I'asMge, f 100. Neither the Captain* or owner* of th**e Ship* will be rr*pon lible for any parcel* or pactaae* *ent by them, nnle** regnlai bill* of lading are *igned tlieWor. Kor freight or pata.ure apply to WOduttl/LL fc Mlf TURNS, ?? fr<r JU M M?)Hi ST. GEORGE HOTEL, til BROADWAY, NEW VOHK. rPHE subscriber begs Iwii to anuuttnce to hi* friends and the 1 public generally, and ?i?ctally to the former patrons of the Waierlv House, while he was Us proprietor, that lit ha* pur chased the Iww of the above establishment for a term of yearn, auil that the house it now 0|>eued for the leception of company. The hottse was newly titled up and refurnished last winter, and will compare favorably with the Unit houses in Broadway, having made arrangements with tlie present ow ner of the proper ly toeultrne, improve and beautify the establishment to a great extent, (the alterations and improvements to take place during the dull season of the year.) He tlatleis himself that when the Contemplated improvement! aliall have teen completed, that this hotel will ]>ossess advantages rarely to be met with, and it will then assume at least the same rank and Position that it for merly did while kuown as Mrs. Mann's, and more recently as the Globe Hotel. The hotel will be conducted upon the Ame rican plan of keeping hotels. Breakfast from 7 o'clock till 12. Diuuer at 2 and i o'clock. Tea from 6 to 12 at night, Supper 9 till 12 o'clock. Charges for board per day, single gentlemen one dollar and fifty cents. Ladies' rooms two dollars each person. tor the liberal and distinguished patronage Ilea towed the pie tent season upon the Hamiltou H?u,? at the Narrows, L. 1., the subscriber tenders bis grateful acknowledgments. ? 14 Iwhk ALONZO REED. GENUINE HAVANA S E G A R S, AND OK THE FIRST QUALITY. DM. HENRIQUES, No. 51 William street, rwi-ectfully ? invitee the attention of the public and strangers visiting the city, to call and examine at his well Inownestablished Store, tlie following well selected Megan, and which are get. an teed to comi>ose uoue but a genuine imported article, and all of the first quality, viz J? Regalias, (of superior quality.) . Norma*. V ugeuiudad. Pauetelas, (of different brands.) La Pal ma. Riouda. Esperansa. Napoleon*. Espartcroa. Vegueros. Cabana. De Move. Manuel Amores. MHK Priiicipes, (of various t ands., In sedition to the above, there are a variety of otner brands In the Store, all of which are sold wholesale and retail, and which will betaken back at anytime if they do not give the satisfaction required. au30 lm?rc eft FOR SALE?A splendid, young, full-blooded sor Horse, for saddle only, havin|| never been iu har ^JQLjUnn,a?perfectly gentle, good actiou, and of a remark able npiwarance, with no defects, 15 hands high. The owner leaving for Europe, has no further use for him. To b? s*en J. GALLAGHER'S Stable, 54 Trinity Place. s> }?*rt FOR SALE,?A Bay Horse, 15^ hands high, I years old, kind in single or double harness, a pin saut driver and good traveller, and will stand iu the Street w itnout tying ; is suitable for a family or physician. L For further particulars, apply at the stables ol BEACH & PHILLIPS, ?? 6t?ec No. 16 M"trav street LOCOMOTIVE fKINTINU ENGINE, 115 John Street, near Pearl. /CIRCULARS, Bill Heads, Bills of Lading, Shipping and V Other Receipt*. Hand and Posting Bills, Labels, lie., tic., printed to order, al.the lowest cash prices. MACHINERY FOR CARD PRINTING. Having two of the handsomest and best pieces of machinery ever invented for Printiug Cards, we can furnish them of any size or quality, at the shortest notice, and at remarkably low ,,rlCe*' FOLGER'k SUTTON Primers. N.B.?No runners eugaged to solicit orders, or printiui Please call at the office a29 lm*m "NASH'S CARRAGEEN PASTE, ^MANUFACTURED and sold by John Nash. Jersey City, ivj. gnd sold also, wholesale.and.retail, at the following Depots in New York :? Rushton and Company, Broaitwar. Milhau's Pharmacy, Broadway. A. B. Bauds, 273 Broadway. Henry J. Chapman, Fulton street. Ana retail, of all the principal Drug Stores in ttie city. /The medicinal qualities of this elegant and fashionable repa ration have been long known tofthe tiublic. Physicians have successfully prescribed the use of Irish Moss as a light and highly nutritious article of diet for invalids, particularly for those sufferiug from PuimouaVy Consumption. Hitherto, this substance has been only used medicinally, but from the ver superior manner in which the.present article ha* been prepared it will not only be used by the sick, but as a luxury by all. In consequence of its highly demulcent properties, and power in allaying irritation of the air-passages, the attention of public slieakers is earnestly requested. To members of the Pulpit and Bar it will be invaluable, and to their patrouage it is respectfully dedicated, by their obedient servant, JOHN NASH. au24 lm'rc "soda"BISCUIT AND SUGAR CRACKERS. rPHE Subscriber wishes to make know i *o the Public, that 1 much of the Biscuit and Crackers w liich are sold in this city by the above names, are entirely different from the Sod* Biscuit and Sugar Crackers mads at his bakeryj which have been vied by invalids, particularly those wt.o suffer from indi gestion, for more than twenty years with the best results ; while the imitation, which can be made for a less price, thouuh perhaps good for a person in health are wholly unfit for the sick. The above Biscuit and Crackers, also Butter Biscuit. Wine Biacuit, Butter Crackers, Water Crackers. 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[Private Correjpoudenct.J Monxual, Sept. 6, 1844. fttpontiblt Government?The Catholic Lltrgy? VI /ftr?Papi nea u. Ma. Editor The cry for " responsible government" in these colonies at this moment so very general, is the old watchword of the revolutionists of 18S7. The party of Baldwin, Htncks, Lafontaine and Sulli van, mean no more by it than a return to their old offices, and the attainment of the patronage of the government, by making it responsible to parlia mentary majorities in the Assembly here. Ot course, they would till every oitice and place of trust with their friends, and to a certain extent, be guided by the advice ot their supporters in the le gislature. But their object is essentially different troin :hat of the men of 1837, as the following tacts will show i? Under the old constitutions, granted to the Ca nadians by Pitt, Fox, Burke, and their colleagues, immediately after you adopted the federal system of 1709, the Canada* were, in fact, a oouple of re publics, with no very efficient means for upholding tue kingly power. Mauy years elapsed, u is true, betore the people became sufficiently aware ot tfceir privileges?and the moment tney began to enforce economy, by insisting on ttie abolition ot plurali ties, otiices held by one individual, to which no duties were attached, or of which the duties could not be properly peitormed by the incumbent?the moment they threatened to withhold supplies until men in whom they had no confidence were re moved from places of power, they were made sen sible that tue colonial office and its agents the governors, intended to set aside the supreme law, and enforce absolute obedience to their mandates. The crown seized the land revenue first; and after wards puid the civil |ist, or salaries ot its officers, out of the revenue raised by duties imposed under English statutes, without regard to the peoples' re presentatives, their votes or their remonstrances, iu those days, the representation in the two colo nial legislatures was a reality, and accorded with public sentiment,unless in so tar as Lord JJalhousie in Lower Canada, and Sir F. B. Head and his suc cessors in Upper Canada, tampered with the elec tions, alter the manner explained in the report of Lord Durham. When a new constitution was framed by the Duke of Wellington, Lords Stanley and Russell, Sir Kobert Peel and their colleagues, in 1839 *40, under which the Canada* were united, without their consent, as one government, the old battle cry of " responsible government"?that is, respon sibility to the House of Assembly of the Uanadas, became a delusion, the trica of a cabal, who sought to rule the Canadas, independent Doth ot England, its Queen, and the Canadian people. Your proximity to Canada?> our extensive com mercial relations both with Canada and England? the tact that a Legislature is to meet soon here, (at Montreal,) and that the struggle is between the Kesponsibles, under Lafontaine, and the Loyalists, under Viger!?these reasons incline me to be lieve that a clear statement ot the position occu pied by parties cannot tail to interest the numerous readers ot your truly interesting journal. 1 have said that " responsible government" in Canada, under its present constitution^ a mere de lusion. Why is this 1 1. Not one man in one thousand ot the popula tion is eligible tor the office of a member ot the le gislature. 2. Towns and counties containing less than one quarter ot the whole people ot Canada, send a clear majority ot the House ot Assembly. 3. The governor for the time being selects whom be pleases as judges of election. I heae judges are thus selected tor their political bias or views. One trial, under the new constitution, made a lew years ago, left imprinted on men's minds the re cord ot more violence, crime, bloodshed and strife, tbdii lias been known at all your federal elections since 1789. 4. Ot ttio placed which send representative!* none but freeholders iu the comities, and ttiese with per sons paying $45 rent iu towns, can vote. The great majority ot the people have no suffrage at all. 5. When the Legislature meets, it cannot even introduce or pass a bill to mend a road or build a school-house, nor lor any purpose, except the Gov ernor recommend the measure. 6. The Bntnm Parliament fixes the tariff of du ties on imports into Canada at us pleasure?all that the ColonialAseernbly may do?is to make Borne al terations, with the consent of the British ministry. 7. The constitution, voted in London, makes a permanent appropriation out of the Canadian re venue, ot mauy thousands ot pounds anuually, tor the payment of the Canadian governors, judges, and a large number ot the provincial functionaries, who are tnus placed entirely beyond the control ot Canadian legislation. Anotner large sum is applied to uphold certain clergy of particular religious sects. A third appropriation saddles on Lower Canada, winch owed nothing, at least two-thirds of the debt ot Upper Canada, which owed five millions of dollars in 1839. 8. The public revenue raised from the waste lauds is not under legislative control?that which the colonists obtain by local taxation, recommend ed by the erown, they may appropriate, as advibed by the executive. But it is clear, that if the sta tute of England did not direct that the Canada le gislature should assemble at least once in twelve months, a parliament could be dispensed wuh. I* is powerless. It may meet to-duy to fulfil the law, and be prorogued to-morrow with little in convenience. In England, the bills to pay the army and navy, and the mutiny bill, are passed annually. The government is, therefore, dependent on these who supply the two houses of Parliament wuh members. In Canada, the military is independent of the civil power?the representative body a sha dow, unless it were to pass or approve of injurious measures, with the apparent sanclion of a majority of the people. 9 Lower Canada, with double the population of Upper Canada, has only an ?qual number of repre sentatives in the Union Parliament. 10. The Senate of Canadi, called here " the Le gislative Council," is not elective, neither is it aris tocratic It consists of any number of men the governor may choose to Helect?who receive no pay?may hold any office?and sit during their lives. This body may originate laws, and ?n ve to or amend those which pass the Assembly. It is n screen to the Colonial office, by which Lord Stanley can get lid of the odium attached to the royal refusal of a popular measure. It is stopped in the Council selected by his agent. 11 Almost every office in Canada is in the hands of the British ministry, directly, or through their aeent the colonial governor. Canada is, and while it remains a province, must be ruled with strict reference to British interests. The responsi ble government men wish to rule it with reference only to the interests of the accidental majority in the House of Assembly, appointed by a mere frac tion of the people; said majority, ana the wire pul lers they enlist, to have the dispensation of the royal patronage, and the nominations to fat offices; the governor being their proj.het, and their " min istry" the chosen few whom the nominees of per haps a fiftieth of tne people, rcstru in their choice to one out of a thousand, may appoint. Can folly go farther! A compact is desired, by which some twelve members of ?uch an assembly as I have described would render colonial government apparently popu lar, by obtaining other aseemblymei. to join them in voting one way, their adherents getting their share of the loaves and fishes, in addition to their wages, and a majority vole being held to mean a vote of public approbation, although the consti'u tion has provided a species ot machinery through which no such result can be ascertained. " Responsible government," Lafontaine fashion, then?means a faction or fraction of the public, holding the patronage of the crown to suit the pur poses of ,a few?and falling back uj>on that favored minority, backed by that paironage, to a*k a re election. It is a worse scheme than the old Eng lish rotten-borough system, for that did not even pretend to a popular origin, and was in reality con trolled by n powerful, intelligent, ancient, and home-raised nobility, acting in union witn the great commercial or monied interest. The Governor, Sir Charles Metcalfe, a well in formed man, with much experience in the. art of colony-manngement, entitles his scheme also "re epontible government," and would like, to obtain the votes of the ma|onty in the curiously contrived legifrlature I have just described. His plan, stripped ot all sjierinl pleading, is to govern by his own di? rretion and instructions received from werk to week from Lord Stanley, with the advice of Messrs Viger, Draper, Smiih, Morris, D B Papineau.&c.; ihey holding the fat offices, and deferring to h? will or instructions, in all cases where he thinks it inconvenient to adopt theirs. Considering that the scheme ot a ministry did no' work well?that Lafontaine, Hincks, Sullivan it Co did nothing for the people, nothing for gooo government?but merely partitioned out offices among their colleagues aud tollowers in and out ol the Assembly, 1 thiuk the Governor's plan the best. His, is his own responsibility to Queen Victoria and her ministers, who have an interest in keeping Canada, India, Ceylon, and other colonies quiet. He may do some good. His advisers may do a lit tle. His is a mild formoi absolute government, by an agent 31)00 miles removed from the seat of su preme power, aud in view of the uuequalled pros perity ol the IJ. Slates. Lalontdiue Ac Co.'a scheme is a bad constitution applied in almost its worst way. How can there be real popular responsibili ty under such a system as 1 have described t Knowing the men well, I will in my next de scribe firir Charles's miuistry, uud also give you some insight into the private management of the colonial ollice with the various religious denomi nation!), Catholic and Protestant, in the two Ca millas. Your friend. J kan Baptist*. Washington. ICorreiponJenoe ol the Herald ] Washimjton, Sept. 10, 18-44. Dkar Bk.nnct-t:? What has become of your late correspoudent in this city. The readers of your paper (who are very numerous,) are looking daily for a letter from this place. There is at present news euough to (ill one co lumn, at least, daily. There is not as mauy office seekers as usual, .but many yet remaining for the small crumbs. The President is determined not to make any appointments that require confirmation by the Sen ate, knowing that none will be confirmed. He says, go home and labor for Polk and Dallas, and after iLe election then you shall be provided for? and rely on it that you will not be removed if Mr. Polk is elected, which there (he says,) is no doubt of. His health is quite restored, although yet feeble; rumor says it is a sympathetic atlecuon. He it> most bitter towards the Mill boy of the Slashes; he has no hesitation in saying that he is a d u scoundrel, anil uses this language not only to friend?, but strangers ; beautiful Unguage tor the Chief Magistrate of this nation to use. There lias been much excitement here for what is called, the great Choctaw contract. It wat> supposed some two or three weeks since thut it had been given to William Cost Johnson, of Mary laud, and some six or seven others, irom Putsuurg, Mississippi, and Tennessee, but some new ligm having been thrown on the subject, itie Secretary of War will most probably give it to Mr. Tah m&dge, of your city, late Judge; Mr. Macy, of Cin cinnati, and one or two others. The contract is said to be a very valuable one. It issaid that there is some seven thousand to be removed over eight hundred miles in wagon west of the Mississippi, and to be fed and cloltied one year after their urn val at their new home. Great preparations are making here to attend the Loco mass meeting at Baltimore to-morrow. Senator Walker is still here, abo one or two members of Congress from the South. The Secretary of War leaves on Thursday for Pennsylvania. The Secretary ot State, Mr. Calhoun, leaves for South Carolina in the course of the present week. The P<?trnaster General is still absent, but is ex pected home this week. Coleman is making great preparations lor open ing his new house, or an old house revived, Gads by's. He has had erected in front a piazza th? whole leugth of the building, marble floors in the sitting room, bar room, dec., and the name is suffi cient to satisfy you that the accommodations will be far better than they ever have been belore. It will be oi>ened on the 1st ot October. Browii's Hotel has also been improved. I am sorry tosay that your friend, Col. Stambro, formerly ot Pennsylvania, was luken suddenly ill this alieruoon; his physiciun, the celebrated Dr. Thomas, however, pronounces bun now out of dan ger. Yours, Ate. T. S. Boston. [(.'orretpoudeace ol' the Hurald.J Boston, Sept. 11th, 1844. The warm weather, militia trmuiug, regattas, chowder parties, clam bakes, and huckleberry scrapes, have nearly passed away, but only to be succeeded hy a spirit-stirring, soul-filling series of lectures, concerts, exhibitions, and an enthusiastic Presidential election. Every thing haB come ofl auspiciously during the summer, and now for the next three months every individual will be im mersed in politics and business. Boston is again receiving into its embrace its aons and daughters pom the watering places, the sea shore retreats, and the surrounding villas, who refuted city July and August domestication. With theit return, bu siness is becoming active and politics engrossing. The National Theatre and Boston Museum have been very favorably supported since they were opened. There is as yet no new or attracting fea ture at either of these establishments. Ttie great miccpss last season of the drama ot the " Drunk ard," wntten by W. H. Smith, has induced Mr. Kimball, the proprietor of the Museum, to offer a premium of one hundred dollars for the best moral and domestic drama, suited to the company of his establishment, that may be offered by the first ol December next. These places of amusement are tolerably well attended, but the first theatrical star is incapable of producing in this city a /urrur equal to that of a "regular crack preacher." Mr. MaHit, Dr. Lardner and Mr. Gliddon, can alwuyr com mand a larger and more respectable attendance of our lecture-loving citizens than the most distin guished tragedian. Ihe most |>erfect representa tion of Shaltspeare's plays fails to impart an enthu siasm equal to a fantasie executed by Old Mull?an astronomical lecture, delivered by Dr. Lnrduer, or an Egpyii&n hieroglyphic interpreted bv Gliddon. Dramatic exhibitions nre far from being as popular in Hoston as are lectures and concerts, and the ladies here, who move and direct society, and to a great extent form its tastes, patronize lectures and concerts only. Few of them visit either of these places of amusement, but they tliroi>g the church, the lecture-hall and the concert-room ? Let a clerical star announce hunwlf in n lengthy religious programme at the Odeon,Melodeon,orTre mont Temple, and he will have a house crowded with beautiful young girls, pious aged matrons and smile-denying, hope-expiring old maids. Elder Knapp and brother Maffitt, by their annual or semi-annual visits, afford refreshing seasons to ihe lovers ot impassioned and boisterous eloquence, and of female beauty?particularly to the admirers of the latter. The late warm weather has some what relaxed the mental systems of the public, and unless we have crack preachers, lecturers, musi cians and act as a tonic, one oroth er, or all of these departments of popular amuit ment will become unpopular during the approaching heterogeneous preacho-lectro-artiso campai n. 1 am, Arc. L. Providence, R. 1, (Correspondence ol the Herald ] Providkncr, K. 1., Sept. 10, 1KI4 'J he State of the City? The late coiling out of tltr Military?IVho are the Imw ami Order Men, and who are the Fret Sufiagt Men t?Hhorie Itlntul will go for Mr. Clay?Imprinvmenti? 'the Weather. " Order reigns in Warsaw," I presume. At any rate it does in the city of Hoger Williams. Busi ness is jogging on in its old paths, and at its old rate. The carpenters and masons are at work upon many new buildings; the old citizens drink their coflee, discuss their newspaiwr, (their champaigne for aught I know,) and the young ladies go shop ping, flirt with the beaux, and. attend to engage ments. The democrats took the calling out of the mill tary, on the occasion of their late meeting, in high dudgeon. Po?r fellows ! they cannot govern here themselves; and they are determined to have the next highest satisfaction, that of finding fault with those who do govern. It is i-aid that Governor Fenner, who is a very Falstaff in size, if not in valor, was at first averse to issuing his mandate a^ generalissimo to the troops, but was over-per suaded. The political society of this State is divided be tween Uw and order men and free suffrage mi>n The ranks of the first party are mostly filled with whigs. f'ntittsa little curious that this divisioi, is officered mostly bv nominal democrats, thus : ? Fenner, Governor; Francis, commonly called Gov Francis, U. S. Senator; K K. Potter, represents tive to Congress; General Malletl, P. M , are all what is called law and order democrats, hut tic with the whig*. The free tuflrate men are ss uni formly democrats as their opponents are whig*, and go to a man for Polk and Dallas. To thrsr are now to b? added th? Tvlcr men, who have here, Ha 10 other places, htepped into the demo cratic rank*. The law and order party are called by thetr opponents Algenne?, while the tree suf frage party are together designated as Dorrites. Perhaps these explanations are unnecesaary lo most ol your readers ; still, 1 am persuaded they will not come amiss lo others. Mr. Clay will undoubtedly receive the four eleo torul votes of Rhode Island, whether they make him President or not. The State, it wilt be re membered, weut for Van Bureu in 1836, but for fUrrison, by a large relative majority, in 1840.? Mr. (JUv is the most distinguished advocate and representative ol a policy which find* great favor with our leading men. Our city is nuking her share of improvements; and, to tell tke truth, they were much needed.? Several new blocks are rising near the Athen?uir, on Benefit sireet; others are springing up every where; while many old houses are undergoing a transformation which will give them the appearance of new onea. The j}t. John's (Episcopal) Society, are reptirn.g their church. The Grace Church people are building a new and M.leudid edihee for their accommodation. Bishop Henahaw ia to min ister in it. It has been quite hot here, today. Providence* is a warm place in more senses than one. We hope tor showers aoon. If we do not have them, we must languish. Yours, <Scc. A. Z. Middle tow Va. [Correspondence of the Herald.] Miopr.rrowN, Frederick Co., Sept 9,1844. The Honorable Amendment?Politici? The Tarif? I aw Prtrei of Produce?The " Tmth Legion"? The Drought, 4"t\ The community attending the late Camp Meet ing in this neighborhood, are much hurt at our thoughtless specifications ot the proceedinga al leged to have transpired on the ground. We take great pleasure in making the honorable amendment. No malicious nor metceiiary motive can be impa led to us, in our oflensive and unguarded descrip tion. We had nearly five hundred personal friends at the encampment, and not an enemy as we ap prehend among the whole congregation. We lwd no enmity to revesge, nothing to gain, but much to sacrifice trom an account sucn as in the absence of the "sober second thought," we despatched to the Herald. We regret that account, because of its susceptibility ot an indiscriminate crimination? because ol its carelessness of style, and apparent infidelity in principle, voluntary and without com pulsion; therefore, in behalt ot the church, in the bosom of which we were nursed, in behalt of the community, one ot which we are, aud in which we were raised, in behalf of the innocent fair who contributed so much to ihe beauty ot the scene, and to our individual pride and gratification in iheir society, in behalt of the locoloco party which has been made to share in our criminality; in bebail of the Herald which is working so successfully in frowning down disorder, violence, and injustice, and in elevating poor human nature to dignity, candor, and liberality ; in our personal behait, the chief suf ferer Irom the aggravation in ihe premises, and in ol common charity and common sense, we ask ol all concerned their condolement. tneir prayers, their absolution, and their benediction. We are serious?never more so. We sei/ousljr promise to follow hereafter the more politic, pro fitable, popular, fashionable, equable, temperate, and judicious course of technical criticum or un qualified praise Verbum, tfc. We still, however, believe that Pelk and Dallas will carry the Slate of Virginia by at least 5,000 majority?that the whigs have little faith in Mr. Rives, not sufficient to remove the mountain ot in credulity?and that Hon A. H. H. Stuart, it he pushes lorwurd, will be likely to supercede Mr. R. in the United States Senate. The protective lantf is eating up the farmers ot this valley aud State, "root and branch." Flour, their great staple, sells at Winchester at from $3 25 to $3 60, wheut, corn, Ace., at a pro portionate price. "Protection," cry the larn.ers? "protection?there is no protection"?it is all laxa tioo. Our democratic friends want to know the political prospect ui the Empire Stuie. Major Davtzac as signs it to Polk and Dallas by 20,000. Horace Greely gives it to Clay and i'relinghuysen by '20.000?take one Irom the other and nothing remains. Id the State going for nobody is the vote of New York to be thrown away as a blank? Give us the impartial opinion of the Herald. In a lew days the whigs propose holding a great meeting, we undersiand, in the very heart of the "Tenth Legion," viz: at Woodstock, in Shenandoah county. It will be ammunition wasted. They might as well try to prove to the honest yeomen ot Shenandoah that sourkrout is not wholesome, us attempt to lrigradaie whig prin ciples u, oti their minds. It can't be done?no more 1MB Mr. Van Bitten could he persuaded to go for unconditional atinexatmii. The tallow ground and pastures have suffered much lor want ol rain. Can yoa consign us thtough I'rolessor lispy, at Washington, a three day's Nor easter. Bon. iff- OONSTITLTIONAi. LABILITY CURED.?Th? foiuc Mixture, iiro|?ibU by the I'ellegt of Meificin*and t'/iui\:.m y oi itin city ol .Ntw York, it confidently r* .oTumriuit-il tor ail c?hou of dctilirty produced hy lecret in tulucuce or cactss of ?uy bind. It u an invaluablr rem* ly tor imjiotence, mtuiity, ot barreune. s (unleiii depend ICR on mul-toimiitioii.) simli' iKittii? $1 each : cum of halt a dciea *4; car* uliy packed am1, sent to til inii-t* of the Unior. OILre of tba Coilcgi'ot >1 edicim trd M.nmiiCr 9t. V,..en-< ?rre?t W H RUlHitr WIV M D.A^wwt 40 LUDtiATE STREET, LONDON, Two Doom riuiM tiii Lowno* Corrrr llorar. MESSRS. FLAX MAN <V SHOWELL, (KlK'M Bl *< MtgT'a ) rPAILOR8 TO HER MAJESTY, b.* to return their 1 mucrrr tlnuika tu tlioae gi-utleinrn from America and Meiieo, who hive, during their reaidaiice iu Kiiilmd, m> lilwrally favored them with their >u|i|uirt, and at tha nni'' time to aaauri' their friend* ami the public, iheir chief demire and aim will be to tn^inlaiii tin- higfi credit their bona* liaa attained, by >u|>|il> lute tlir very beat gooda at wodarata chirgea. N. II.?A largr aaaortmrut alwaya ready for iuapection. ?9 lm"re StOTT'S WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCERY AND WINK STORE, 70 IVaaMu Klr?f1. OUrtniUH TEAS, < OKKEE, SI'OAH.? Alao, Whim ia ^ everry variety?Olard, Champagne and Cogniac Brandy; Inih and Scotch Wluakey; Old Jamaica Hum; Holland (nil, Loudon Brown Stout; Edinburgh Ale kc.. kc., at JOHN 8. SCOTT'S Wlioleaale and Hetail Store, 70 Naaaxu atraet. N. 11.?People from tlie country. Hotel and Boarding Houm Kwpera, who buy for c.uh, will find it to Impair advantage to (lie thia eaUhliahmeut a call. Oooda aeut to arty part of ilia city Qae of eipeaae. ?? Im ? rt H'EATIIERS.?KMX) Ilia Weairrti Live (Jew Kor aala by E. K. COLLINS It CO. ? II in Hmiih afreet 'I' VVINKS ? ?(*i h.ilea au|ierior Bhd|Hirt Seina. Herring aad ' < till NVtt Tw wev compriaing a very full aaaortmcnt, froui Sii to 30 Ilia. Alao, 9 Iba. Sail Twine, all received per recent un|iortaii?iia. and in>uiiifactiin-d w ith the grualeat ca/t. from the beat materiala. Kor aale, on reasonable inmi. by E. K. COLLINS k CO. iflm 06 South ?lrff( To TMK I >A< i IT l-;|; li IA N AHTISTS. rp A. AHTM'I.T, H9 Broadway, comer of Liberty atraet, A ? Lafayette llaiaar, offera aale, low for caah, W) do ten mo rocco caaea; a (vie lot of gilt fra niea; 0 new ipi-aratu*. mada by Chevalier and l-ereboun. 111 I'aria: 12 achromatic glaaaea. 3* inchr.; a lol of t liti-a. cliemicaU. ki _ Im'rc VDHol'VTHV Oil WATEH * I'RE.-J SHEW, M I)'., of till- Ni'W York Watei < ore Eatablianinent, author of dirt. r. nt norka on tin- W iter ( tin-, wilUgive a |H?pulai l.cctura on tin* new tnoib- of curing and |ireventing diaeaee at < Itnton Hall. Kriday -veiling to commence at H o'clock preciarly. Tn keta Vt ceut* to ineet r<|?-ii>ea, admitting a gentleman and ladv. a?2i*ro TO I'RINTERS. THE ADVICRT1SEH. (having tiad conaiderahle etpeneace in aimiUr rapa. nir^) i> aniioua to nhuin a aituation a? Header or < "mpoaitor. ritliar in town or coantry A line ad >lrt*m<M*il "( at tlie otfice of thia journal. will inert with imme diate attention. >11 it* ec CORNS, BUNIONS AND BAD NAILS C U R K D . | I.ITTI.EK1ELD, CHiaoroninT, take* thia method to ?? ?' ? form c iiir.ena and atraugrra viviting New Vork, that he atill cont'iiuea hia aucceaaful treatment on < o-na, Bnniona, < luh and Inierted Naila, at the Mrrchanta' Etchange Bathing Itiwrna, 41 William atreet, threr doora b?low Wall atreet, and *1 hia real dance, 471 Bowery, one door below 10th alreet. All ordera pnnctnally attended to, in any part ofthentf, without eium c.haige. . _ , Office houra from 9 A. M. to 5 o'clock P. M. At home mora ing and evening. *11 'meod'ec I O FAMILIES, wanting aoita of room* f<" the ? lie handaomrlv accommodated with^iarlora and ben-roiima attached, with pantriea, cl,,aet?, kc . a invate table if ed. Single rooma for g'ntlM.i'u. e ith brmkfiat ?d taa AwlF at 411 Honaton atrerl, tecond block f.iat uf .. .1*1*},?J" pleaaant part of the city. alMmeod'ra T O C O IT N T I! V MERCHANTS BOOTS AND SHOES. Till SI'BSt HIBf.HS have recrivrj and now offar tl? l?.n'tafted atoek "I B00U iui.1 Sh.*?, for ,11 and wnter trade, tii^t can lie Gmnd III the city of v l in I'-irt of Mmi Thick Booti, \tcn ? V ork, Mun KIP aad Calf B-k^., Men'a or b lihen***" Itxtbera, Me,, a and Women Ill Chatham atraat o?>poaHe < haiham Theati (FT-Open *uU M o'clock In thaevening a?M 1m