Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 14, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 14, 1844 Page 3
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R > BERNARD'S DI4RRHCEA MEDICINE ki ?*n Inllv t?*t?d in *U tbe various climates of this ?S'liiTf ( Ii.lrr lh* witbariDf suo of thu South, where Si hat aUin its ?hoa?andr, ita virtues hav? baeu boat k n and more biffbly eppeeciated. It baa gone to the br|? V id of di(itiM with tbf armor ai efficiency i"'' in# Mi ii?'irujr?r, and won imperishable Uurii A ' . north ?? tb?- *???, and at tbx wmi, it has warred ?( ?? IK' l)lari??, Hirnmi r 'oniplaiot* in children, < > ..?r? Infantum, ? hoiict, Uhoifru vloihus, and ail ih. > . i i.? i.f tbe bowel*, and received pniin thai i|i muii ?tve it a place in i very family. No. 87 Nassau ??..??? N'? V"rt. is the proprietor'* office. For ??i, ? ih 1 Dr W li. Milnor, corner of Jonn atreat and ? roadway ?;/- Hit MeNAIR'ft ACOUSTIC6lL IS SOLD ONLY a< i rtiand' ?tre?t All deat persons i-hou d usu 1<; it r h- ?n ki ore ard ban proved a cure of complaint* ?l ilmfif m nbixtwrles* instauces. Price $l pvr link. A Lr.rTICR FROM -?ANTA ANNA. PRE9I XM \ i or I HK REPUBLIC OF MEXICO-Mr Joiim. ii in ihacti) of New Y'<rk, i? teq>i?*ted to forward lu> *? of mystlf and f<mily, to the amount of the er.. i - t? m 'Mart, ? further tupply of hia very excellent Cl'?> **"*P r - ?n( o.nia Anna mutt at the te e time express hia M i > Htm the really astonishing power* ol the Jonea' ????p in rl'Mui) and changing the color of dark, di* fi.h.nd ai d veii'tw erupti>? tfemi, and doea uot heiitate te ? > tbe? he t elf era .t to he, from actual experience, ail i* I* r?pre*etii,<l. |H,AN IOMO DE LOiEZ SANTA ANNA. T" Mr T J?;?m I e it a-wtier proof of tbe excellence of Jonea' I'? ii *^ep in onrln* enip'ion*. and clearing, a" i i' ? *?>.! whiiei.ibg the akin. Reader, if you ore t?>.> ej ?r iniiHinii, try eoe rake- the iffeci will astonith % i wi'l remove all piirp'ee, htMchee, freckle*, mor p'it*a L b it Na very cartful and ret none hut Jones' ? ? ,. nil. ii r i(no>ant. *haM?) -irmteel and \ul*iir 'tn n ef ???>* Buy it oti'y at tbe aigu of the Anmri ? Mi ?'ha'hant air,et, and 4U B.oadway, N Y , er ita Fultene'retr*. Km klyn frj- rONIF.LL"? MAOICAL PAIN EXTRACTOR it ? Ire w t 'h every family ahonld keep, and we are ? >> ? I. nt that ibare la no pi nion who once tme* it that ? ii' ?vi i a^ain alio v tben?elvai lo be without It It in ?I.. ??? >> usrksM* remedy ever discovered for all burus o weak limlia, ot>*timte sores. felona or run ron .t! acnlulntu sores, fce. I. alto removca inlUnainn tin i e twfllwtga. ptivrui* mortification, and cure* the I'M- m ?*? every c.ia? When utod iu connection with !!.>?? |,m "?>ent, i? i? warranted to cure oDy ca*e. or the nonrf ? ill he refnndad. A trial, therefore, unleaa *uc e??*t* nn<hir>g For poi*on* occasioned by the biie* el inter.!*, there it not ing which can rqiial it It* a p'iraimti retrovaa all tbe itchinr, cmnn a discharge of tli'-iolawn 'vl iheti h"?i* the eon-. This naive will bo given t<i the poor and mtfering. Pnyaiclani are alao aoli oited to u<n it. Sold genuixe at jl Ceurtlnndt atreat. K*~ BERNARD'S DIARKHfK\ MEDICINE.?Thia mi'dirine ha* fur many year* been experimented with in every *t*ire ef diieatea for which it ia intended, and not. with?t?mlir*ihe many intidiona attack* to place it with th- h?ri| of i\ tack article* generally advertiaed, it ha* ?'no I tM te*f, *nd now ktand* trinmphant above It* cne mie* It haa f.mrid a prominent place In the practice of ?orn* of the mor amineni ph* niclan* in ihia countrv and hnndrv-le of peraon*. well qnaliflMd te jud|(eaf ita efficacy ii?ve prononnced it the bem farailv medicine ever invent ed 'Va have repeatediv heurd the mo*t fl itterin* com iuend*tian* of it* taperioritv over any other remedy lor the m-e of dimmer complaint* in children ,cholic*,cramp?, ?nd <pM<m*, and we uiihe?ita'inKly reoommend it* u*e to everv one. R S B-'rnard*? offiee i* ?7 Na**au ?treet, New Y?rk. for tile mU<? by Dr. W. H. Milnor, corner of John street and Broadway. ?,. - i ITUTlOiS A.k UKUILITTCURRD.?Tl)? Mlvtnra, prenured bv the <'oll?ire cf Modiclne ajiJ Piiifni.-v of the e'fy nl New York, is confidf ntly re roi-aroend'd for all r?*?? of de> ilitr produced by *?rret ir dnJ ? ? -eor ?<xcnoe o'Ji?y kiii.l. ft is an inTnluablc:retre dv for i i>.>tenfe ?,rrilityl ov barrcnnti*? (imlcs? depend ItiK' p 'nal (orm^tion.) rT" ' oti.let <1 Ij-uf b ; Crist'* cf holf 0 iloiea iS; cavs (?'' ? r- .'kod nnd ient to all pnrt* oflhe l.Tnien. -< iVie ^nllrvoof Mc.'lr|ii? ond Phar",'icy Q'. fff, 1" t" n RirHA?T?RO>r.M.D . A*e?t Or,4- COCKROAr'HK* AND BED BUG8.-Familicii overrun w|t < tv>ene noxious vermin c?n, hy procuring S utnhnl'z'* Rwc.h Bane bani*h ttiem rff-ctunlly All we atk it a trinl of i?. and it* efficacy in the destruction of the?? vi-rmlo will *oon ?how Itself. Sold only at 3l Courtlandt street ?'#- RU OMV* PAD8IAN A LTEIlATIVI? MIJ Tl nv. Fr- the -ire of primary or *??<: mdary Syphllii Mini (ill ".Taction* urodticeJ hy in irjiidkiion* nwefmer onrv. T1i? Kiimt udvintake? "pmwe*sed 1 y tbi* powerfu B'Vnitive riT/r all o*her prepniation* ibr the cure ol 3y philit ii, that n-ivl? curinsr the di*epo? it Improve* tbi enr rf*itijtion, wl-ilit tnerenry ifepcrdllv leave a mnc> wor<e 'Wea-.p t^on the one It I* pdmi.iiktcrpd for. Thi fc...- m>cor<iitiini'1fltioii wi' can ^'vp of it ir, that it in nov erti"<<ivelv prwcr'bud by the medical 'acuity, who for m ? It ?r,n*M?rfvl m?nTi?iry the only o?re lor those coir p'lrirtu Sold, in liottlee. 51 e*cli; In caiee of ha.1' ia, care'VIlr pr. *krd. .-.n-l so*" 11 'illpnrt? of I' f I ??rl. of t!jp Colleijis cf Medicine tad Plwrins OA Vpflopt' ttreet >r? a T* Av??t JHO.V KY ?ARKCT. Krldny, icpt. 13?O P. n. Tho Stork Market h;ia agaiin taki n ? downward ten <1' nry, nnd prion 'o dny show n very general decline.? At lie (iltt Board. Long Inland lill r.fl'J percent; Canton, J; 11 trie m, {. Norwich a .d Wotceater, 1; Stonington. |; M>rii* Can .1, Farmer*' Loan and Vicksburg closed fl 'ii at yrt'eitlay't price* Reading improvidj A few th <r<'< of the Honsatnnic Railroad (old at 24. The sale* we o uniun illy limited, and opc.rato-* nppeer to be little di*| o?ed to make traniaeticna. The sale* are confined principally to atocka of a fancy deacription, tueh aa Nor wich and Woreeater, Long laland. Canton, and Morria Canal. fltite S'ockk are at present vary quiet. The present ttuteol the stock nmket can, in a great mensute, be aitrli'iied to the great rbnndence of money and the reduced tatu of internet. VVry fair operations arc made by b ying up good, lound, Fix per cent atocka, and hypo thecating them for a loan at 4 or a per cent, by which an income of at leant on# per cent cau bo realised. This bu siness in, no doubt, carried on to tome extant, which i? th? ctitiie of tho few sale* at either Board of the atocka ?I those State*, the credit of which ia undoubted, and th* interest regularly paid. Sterling Kxchauge ii very stiff at 10 per cent premium. BiiW call. <1 fi. si late command that price. The demand, as ) rt, it not very extensive, and it may po?sihly not b-j far this *team?ir. The importer* r ave aa much aa they can do at present to pay th? cuah duties demanded on th? i import*, and until the receipt* of merchandise fall ?T, the remittance* cannot be very heavy. There is con siderable cotton going forward, the Liverpool packets from this port being engajod full up to tho lat of October. The high rate* for exchange will, undoubtedly, induce many to make ifmittuuow* in cotton, if pasaible, and the ahii<nientaof this staple may ha larger than uaual thia fail, in consequence This will go far towards regula is g t ia hahnca of trade, without shipme.nt* of rpecle, hut It gc.ev just ao far towarda reducing our exporta for another year, cd our resomce* for many following. We annex it value showing .comparative quotation* Jor foreign ex Q?*TATio1S OF FoRKKl* Kxckanoc 1*1 THIS MSHKTT. London. I'urit. %thn*trr'm. Ilnm'k. lirrm April 3... II <l:? 6,2tl)is ? 39^?? 0...8?U'? 5,28}?a ? 3V\?a? Jj.C 7?H " iu ..mlui1! 5,27?qir.,?!ii .wji? " 13.. .8'J i,27Hii.2R 411 a? " IV. S,27?*S,28 3tlVuO " JO...H*?mV 5,27>Zi5.28V TlV'l" " ii .8* OH? S,27.Vi.*"X 3?J?o? " .'Ml.. . H'laO i,27S\5,2i.X 39???W May U...HVJ 5,27,'Ja ? X)?4it0 " 3#...8Ki9? 5,25 a5,?i*i June l.'>.. . !)<u iV'i ? ai,21 " 5,25 a ? July IS.. .!?'* i,2 '? " 21).,. 9\ OS ? *5,27>* " 3l...'J,'?i*\ 5.2* a.V28)J Aug. I *?.. . !?*? .10 1.23'<a4.?i Aui. 3ll...f'*vl0 5,23Sa3.23V Sept. I i.. 10 j,22,Sai,23U i ne ratna ui exchangn hare quoted are for bills stauu in* iu the market A No. 1, about which there Is no more r.sit than iu the lame amount uf Mexican dollars Mexi cft i dollar*, at present quotations, w uM prohsbly be ? thnpwr remit'ance than 1'ilU at the higheat rate quoted, but tlio-e making psjme its abroad would rather do so in drafts than in uullara. unless the difl'eienee is greater, or tlia amount required is very laige. Domestic exchange continues vcty du!l, and the quota tioo* without much alteration. Alabama money ia steadily but veiy gradually improving. Domi.jtic KtcHANnx. 8crr. 13. IM4. Beiton, JlJ a Hniilh'ni.L.liT. do 7i a M dis. Philadelphia, % a '.i " Ar -l.tchicola, J a 2S " Baltimora, \ a K " Mobile, 8 a *'t " Virginia, 1 a IV " Montgomery, I a 11*4 " Nnrili < nrolina, l'< a ijJ " Time d ioi*, H a 8,^ " Cimleston, j? a 1 " NewOileans, I a ll? " Sava nish, S a I " Nasli?ille, 2 a 2(3 " Ainiiuta, I a " Louitville, Ik* 2 " Culiimbos, 1 a I'j, " St. Louis, l^i 2 " Macon, I 'a a l\ " Cincinnati, l>?a 1^ " TJni'Hi, Klorida, 70 a 7i " UniTATion roa Hrr.cia. I'rr Cr*t. rah If. Am. Oold, <dd, allHiU Caroltn dollars, |l W a I 07 |)o. new, 1110 ailing Kive franca, I MHi *1). Hilt' dollars, 100 aUuuhloous ? Ir, i0 al>. d k'nno^iiesi* Kold 100 ulOO** Do. I'alriot, li 9a *lt, ik S;i.iihIi d illirs lot alOS So\ereiiois, 4 81 alt Do. i|iiarii*rs W al(m Do. Iiaht, 4 ill a 4 at MfSira.i dollars 101 aiill.VC Ileavv Kiiiueas, 1 ?*l s ? Do. ijuar?rs *K) alfO Naixtleiins. S 13 a I a.'. The ecu hern exehai'gc msrk?ts nmaln very inaciive At Charleston there is so little doing that quotations are merely nominal At Mobile tnc last quotatlooa wen similar to these ending in Anguat. There haa bean a pr gressive improvrmant during the past year in th> tati.s fer domestio billa. Billa on New York were in aome demand. At New Or'eana the market waa very quiet Bills rn New York were in limited, but ateadj demand. Very few hills were offering at 60 days, and tbt op?rationi were confined principally to ihort sight at.d sight hills, which soM at our 4|Uotatiene. Uror*Ttor?s Ton Kfcftaftnc 15 thf. f'Mixcipai. SofTMSP CiTir.s. St er Vm IVtmr,. N.Y.Kt. tf.YMJ ' afli ? Aug. 24...8 aS1^ ? a?a^pm not'^ofl's Sept. 7...8 afl.'j 5,32)j i ? not'ii ulfg do A ie.'? 24... ? aft nominal. ?n\pm do Charleston, Aug. 24...8 do " * Savannah, ? do 8ept. 7...?a8 nominal, not's olTg do Mobile, Aug. 21...8 a ? 5.30 a4,S3 Sal di? d> Sept. 4...8 a ? 5,30 a.i,33 Ua'ipm ,'%al dis N. Orleans. Aug, 17. ..9 alO 5,27&ii.:<2K 'aalapm ! e?J* d'? do S.'i.t, i,..iXall 1,25 a3,3o ^a^pm Hs^J dis We annex our uaual comparative table, ahowing the quotation* for the principal steeka ia which transect km* art to thia market The lilt throughout *how* bat very little alteration in prices. Many Hoc a* in thii table should ibow a itNilf improvement corres|>ondiag with th? accumulation of intereat Thoaa itocki, tha divi dends on * hich ara payabla in July and January, have, up to tkii time, two month* end a half of iutnut ai 'ached to them in addition to their other value. Thia cer tainly iltuuid ban au influence an pricaa, but according to the annex-d table that effect n very irregular and un certain. Pikes or Stoces in ihi New Yoaa Mabeet. Redeem- 1814. 1844 "844. Rale. uhle. July 20 wjuf. 30. Sept. 13. United Statu, IHil ? a? 111 allllH ? a ? 6 1814 - a? 101 <102 IliVIISX 6 I hi ,2 ll2Wain* 115 allJli lli a ? S 1853 102^*10254 103 a? 103 MOI^ Naw York, 7 1848-49 1(17 a? lotl^a ? IfW^iIll " S 1850-51-80 109 *111 109 alll 110 al!2 ?? 6 I0#H*II0M HO alll 1103*1)12 J* IHMHiHSi I03>ja ? 105*4* - ? a ? " J IA45 100 alOO'i ? alOl ? alOl J IMO-7-8-9 100 alOOiJ 1(10 alOl 101 alOlW " i lfi.iO-1-3 101 alllW tl>( *102 101 *102 S I S ISM 58 101 alflls 103 a- I0!><*IC1 5 lsyt-60-Gl 101 a 101iO^alfljW U. 2 .S .103* " 4S 1849-58 101 alOIW ? * ? ? * -- Ohio, l. ll'iO !? a <W>i 97 a - 9.1 a WW 6 IHVi-60 OTJi* 98 97>ja 97V 98*fa <J? " 5 1850-56 83 a 8fi - a ? ? a ? " 7 1856 ? al*V| lot a ? 105 a ? Kentucky, 6 102 ulirJW 10) aioiji 102 alOC'i ? ? a ;i?>J ? a ? IT. a ? Illinois, 6 1870 43?.{a 44 44jfa It Indiana, 5 2i year* 13!*i 44>i 4V a ? Arkansas, 6 55 a ? 50 a ? AUh 1 ma, 6 ? a ? ? a ? _ " . i no a 83 79 a ? Penii*yl?ania, 5 75 a ? JtJia 72 n\n 7*K Tenneesee, G 105 a ? iTf) a 101}.' 102 a ? N \ <>rk City, 7 1857 109 al09>4 li:i?a ? 113 all3,'* 7 18.52 100.^.1107 109>%ill0 ? 5 1850 ? a ? lOt alOlW " 5 1858-70 ? alOlV ? a - BU Corn's N. Y., full 90 a 9?H 98>ia ? scrip 97)<.i ? ? a ? N. Y. Life Int. 81 Trust Co. till allljf ? a ? Farmer*' Loan 6c Truit Co. 40 a ? 39 a 39' Ohio Life luii. Si Trust Co. 95 a 96 95 a 95' Bank of U. 3. in Penn'm.. 8 a 8*4 8)48 (I Doitoii 8c Providence Kail'd, 108 a ? 107 al08 N. Jersey R. K. Sc Trans. Co. 93 a 95V 9.1 a ? Moluiwlc It Hud'n Railroad, r,2 a 62)4 03 a ? Utica St gelienectady Kail'd, 129 al30 130 a ? Syracuse St Utica Railraod, 119 a ? ? a ? Aiiliurn Sc Syracuse Rtil'd 112^*? 118 a ? Auburn &. Rochester K. R,, lUfi^allO* 107 al08 * Ki dirideud. Ai the tima whea the legislatures of tha different Statea convene approuchea those interested, from a variety of causes, become filled with hope. Tha creditor! of the delinquent SUtei look for provlilona baing rasdc to meet thair demands,and thr State authorities for the adoption of ?ome meaiurei enabling them to carry out the dutiei of thair olficei. At preaent all eyei are turned towards Pennsylvania, with the hope that the provision! made for tha prompt paj mant of the interest on tha indebtedness may result as intended. Should that State diiappoint the expectatlrm of its creditors, and the vieasnre adopted prove of no avail in collecting snffloient revenue to meet ner payments.the little remaining confidence In State ere ditor S'ate faith would be forever destroyed. A very few days will stillice to tell .he story,' from which we shall be able to date the recovery ov V cqwij-I* to downfall ol State credit. The lale ol of the public works of | Pennsylvania has proved an abortion. An attempt to sell the main line we fear will result in tho same manner, but most ol all, every one has cause to fear the result ol any attempt to collect additional taxes. The public works of Penmylvania have been more productive thia yeur than ever before. Up to the 1st of August, 1844, the receipts reached $714 801, against $673,679 up to the same date last year. This givea an increase in revenue of $140 Mi, but the total receipts are very small compared with the in. coma from the public works of thii State. A change in the administration of the State affairs may have a very favorable effect on the productivenen of the public works. TVc are assured that a revisal of the tariff of tolls and a reduction in the r*tei would do more towards increasing the revenue from that source than anything else Produce i.i attracted in other directions by more favorable terms of transportation, and the income of Pennsylvania becomea reduced. It ii only by the in creared production is of the public work! of the de. lirqaent States that the interest on their immense debt! will ever be lifted or pr.mptly paid It never will be done by taxation. Legislature! may pass tax laws npon tax lawi?they never can be enforced. The people in many Statei have repudiated once, and any moral influence on their mindi regarding this ?ubject it out of the queition, and the attention ol the delinquent Slatei must be turned to their works of internal improvement, and their productivoneei increase i* every pessibln way. Pennsylvania is mere favorably situated in this than many other delin quent Statea Her public works aro mostly finished and in active operation, while thoae of Indiana, Illinois, and Maryland, require large outlays to perfect and placo them inastate to prodnce much profit The commissioners of II. linoishave returned home, and are awaiting the result of their negotiations made in Europe We regret to learn that the loan r> quire.! depnnds upon so many contin gencies that it probably will never be obtained. It de* pends entirely on the movements of the Legislature next winter. The bondholders rrquire the levying of a tax to pay the interest on the improvement debt A St. Louis journal says that " this proviso will be fatal to the whole scheme, and the English capitalists may as well keep their money at heme. The Legialature of Illinois wilj not at ita next seaiion make any provision forthe pay. ment of the interest on any portion of the public debt Matkthat!" Thia lithe feeling, it appean, in that sec tion of the country, and wa have no doubt the remit will be ai here predicted. The commiisioueri of Illinois, 'n connection with Gov Davis, havunot left a itone un turned in their efforts to lulfilihe objtctol their mission With thastraugest prejudices to contend against on the other side, and a secret iiiflnence from thia siritt against them to item, they have accomplnbed every thing ihat perieverance, energy and honesty of purpose could, an I if the negociation* finally fall to the ground and the loan be not obtained, it can be solely attributed to the refusal on the part of the State to ratify the arraagumtnts made by the commissioners, by not imposing the required tax. The public works of Maryland are rapidly increasing their receipta. To thia source of revenue the public creditors must look, as 011 the extent of the income from these worki lependi the ability to pay. Indiana at pre ?ent ii depr*ii?d by an immeme debt, from which there li no escape, and the intereit on which will cripple her treasury for yean. We ice no prospect lor the payment ol 'he first dollar for a long time. Tim? Director! of tha Hertford and New Haven Rail road Company have declared a semi annual dividend ol two per cent, payable on demand The annual report of th4> Directors piesents the annexed statement:? HiRrroKn xu Niw Hatii Riiuoid, Th? groti ?? i mriK? ?t' the lor the year |H4I. wem $99 832 70 For Ui? y?ar lei J 71 Incrraie ovir last year $10,343 W? TV Mxj>fn?i ' ol o|?*ration and ordinary rr pair a lor the year, 1644 $32 73S 47 For tta ) ear I >43 3i tto'J 4-2 lierreaae tfaia yaar 7ft 96 Eipentea ol renewing 16 nilea of trtck $10,731 SS Itia eatamated that the receipts ot the road lor the nest yiMr will t* about $2?iO 0"H?, and the expen<ea $>0,000,1* a airg a surplus *1 $l-20 0"?>??? to neven and a hall per ct nt on the capital a lock of the company. OI?| ?fork Kirhaiife. M00 y States 4 ?, 'JJ 10^ 10 ?ub k Rorh H K 107^ HOn fVnn.)l?*iii* J? ItftO 72', I2J Noruich k. VVor Initio lmli?iu Bl? liWI ii1, H ' 114 Binli of Ci ni, ?criji 100 Vickibui< B?nk ioo ?l<> _ Km Kariwn' Tru?t l<? do .'?0 do 2J Mortu ( uitl tj Canton Co \J? do ,0 do IM do t<iO do A do 180 H?rl?tn R R M do vo Jo '* do Jn0 do 24 Atoninftoii II H ICO do |Wi do 21 lloOMtuni' R R ? bSO I II* M 40 M blO ?t'V *71 1*0 4U<* Hi 12 Ii ?S 4M? ?W ?ad 4 <32 j0 ? 4 <0 M i?<i u jnu n V l -'i L UUnd R R bnw 74S 100 do ItM It** M do 4*11.1 IVI do uti JM do bM 4k !j K?uiin? R R 4iW IMI do 21 * do V?roii?t . |U Kntlmi R R <1 US M L UUnd RR iii Norwich Ii Wot tx.S *> *View?loe R R 111 do M)i 21 >1 it-it*k K R <l?w R4<? a Kii Hbhm 1*M IllinoisC'?. *70 b4tn 47 10 \l?t' ?t?k R II ill Kaimrm'1 ms? ?J W do f?h li'? SB lUcb rn R R 21 do M8 4? Si Ml do -21 Canton Co >10 1. '! <0 do as d? bn ? ?>? vi dtt *1 do Mil >?i Nof fc VVor 31 do i.*H 1'" 21 L UUnd R R in* Hi ?1 121 oia u 21 11 IM y ri'> do do do t dit rah IM buaiM IM fclw ?!?? 21 bJO ilk tt ha *iS in *2 ?! M ? do s ?Ii s d ? ti ? bnw ?4'4 II N >r*?T R R b60 hV l-ll 4j7 * a ?J'4 ? 10 1*7 ?o? f?7 t.7 blO 67 ICO 67 ??o Mi w* ?S0 ?!,'? , WI fil. si ?to UA, *7 bnw ?7 blO H4 M b)U 41 8:|V b?t? 8i\ a s:iK MX II 41 ti ^ !?'? bfcm 14 ?M 71 ?J r* M 73 ?? ?1 - \ c?h 87 e?b V.\ bow 47 r?h 4- V r?h ?nw 47 b*t 47M etlt #l, anw 47** M Hn?? or Mroraa?Bntron, Harr 13 Hnu>4of Htuktrt - M iliitrt-i in at Bo*t<>n < o, 11). * lo iio I6J; M) <'o .lo |(4, mi .<n I M in? on Heading KH. ;?], 00 tlo .lo '2?i, 00 do iHi iUj , 24 jo do .?4 H*? d? bin M', 1041 do do I 30. '.??(; I4M do lb. . * Ii .!?) lo ' -J", 24?; Id In do >00, :0Jl- l(W "<? do >00, -Mj; lull do do Mj. ii I. I iv R H4, JH do do HAjj Vi^Jtifij, |WI do do Mi, 4n N*i vich and Wotroa rr I.H nIO 8t t?i .lo lo N2", t?")i -4 A'l-atrru Kn. bill, nnf, | KlVbh-irn RK liwj; R?*c ng RK Bonda, ot l^m. 7' $.rti?m .i? do 704, $MIHU lo do 70|. $04100 do d? 70f, $00tt??o .1* loj RlaU of Tn?a. AiHKi?Tolf are trery ataady M|4tt r*?rU at $4 AO Bcttwii - Prime yeiiotar N on Kara, Houihorn and Waa tar u aaiia at '2#| a Mc Cotton?'Thar* wu a good htuine** done to-d*y? about 1-200 bale* taken at foil price*, the market cloiing quite Arm Hat?Comrrioii qualitie* aell a* wanted a* 30 a Si cent*, prim* cell* at 4?a 42c There U very little doing. The ricelp'* are irate large Driid|(K catki are r?ry itoiiljf it Mr. Wm. tern and Pri.on barrel* in very mo lerate demand at 16$c Provlelon Market. We have no change in our mea. and ahop market* airce our but, unit;** it i* a further decline in prior* ot mmt mi^t*, owing to the arrival il live end drr**ed hog* Irom up the river The Fnh market i* well lupplied. Vegetable* ran'inn- v.?ry plenty, excepting Tomatoe* Fruit* of every kind *re in great abundance Peacne* are gettirg tearce, and price* have advanced. We ore pleaded to It-am that the Corporation 'n'end making sorr? improvement at Washington .Market. It w lata it badly, Phicf* oi' PnormoNi. Apple*, bbla.... 60 *3 (HI Ri)utiil?ri 1 a > Beef, |*-rlb 6*8 (lve?e JO al 2i Beef. per ewt 3 3D at 75 Honey, new, lb.... 18^* 25 Beef, corned J * 7 Lamb lb 6 a 8 Bacon 4 a 7 Lard, lb 6 a 8 BlickfUh 6 a 9 Mutlnn 3 a 8 Beeta, hunch 3 a ? Ouinna, lmnch.... 3 a 4 Be tiia, bmn 50 a 87}? h^fOtu,ilui. ...1 Oil al 26 Butter, fi*?h, per lb 12 a 14 Porterhou?e Steaka 8 a 10 Butter, tirkiu,|*r lb 6 a 10 Pork, lb 4 * 6 B.iaa, lb t a 10 Pig?, roaater* ? al 00 Celerv a bnnch... 6 ? ? Pot itoea, buah 31 a 64 Cauliflower*,dot.. 60 *1 ti Perrli, lb 6 a ? Cranberriea, ijrt... 15 a ? Poulfr/, pair 50 a 75 Criba, dot Itkt 25 K-idiahea ? a I Chicken* 37^.. 874 Ballad 1 a 2 ('lama, I'll 25 a 37*< Salmon, amoked... 10 a !0 ('al?<?'? Ilei.l &c.. 25 a ? fltriped Bau, lb... 8 a 12 CaMnce, eicn 3 a 4 >4 alpe, dozen 75 a ? Cherac, new 6 a ? H.iu?agea ? a 8 Carroll, bunch.... 2 a 3 Turnipa, buih .... 26 a 31 Duclta, pair 50 a 75 Tripe, lb ? a 4X Kola ... 8 a 12 Turkic* 56 al 50 Kiev* I fur 12H Veal 6 a 8 Freeh Cod 4 a 5 Cotton Trade. Since the arrival* of the Oreai Western and Hihernia, thi* m-irket ha* be*n rather inactive, and In *ome instan ce* h alight decline ha* been tnbmitted to. The *ea*on for the old cotton crop ha* Ju*t cloaed, and theastent of theyiel>! kettU-d. The crop varie* but a few thouiand bale* from our estimate*. We annex a (Utenient show ing thn crop of If443 and 1814:? Cotton Canr or tmk Ui?itm? State*. New Orlean*, Auguit 24,........ 905,577 Li-aa rece'd from Mobile, Florida,lie. 60.301 815,276 Mobile, Angtnt 31.., 468,726 l,e** received from Florida 735 Florida, Auguat 21 145,249 Ueor^ia, Auguat 31 242.703 Add Darien eiporta to New Y'nrfc... 1,411 Add atock i.t Angnata and Hamburg Sept. I, 1814 17,49? 161,812 Lea* atock at Autfaila and Hamburg Sept. I, 1813 7,40t 254,211 Sooth Carolina. An*. 31 ..... 1lt8ta Add Georgetown ei|>ort* to N. York 15,391 ?? 317,213 Lea* received from Savannah 20,699 Leaa received from Florida I,(44 22.113 301,870 North Carolina, Augutt 21 8,575 Virginia, Auguat 31 I4.5u0 Total crop 1844 2 040.671 Total crop 1843 2,378.875 Crop of 1844 lea* than 1143. bale* 338,304 The new crop i* rapidly reaching the (outhern mar ket?, and sufficient ha* already arrived )? create aome ac tivity in buainea*. We annex quotation* now current in thi* market Liverpool Ct *?*iru arioi?. VpUi 4 Flot. N O. 4 Mot. Inferior 41 a 41 ... 4} a 4} Ordinary 41 a :>] ... 6 aft) Middling f>4 a 0| ... 6] a 0 U<oil middling ?'?{ a 0 .... 6; a H Middling fair 04 a 0i ... 0] a ti Fair til a 0; ... 7} a 7| Fully fair, ft{ a 74 .... 74 a 7] Good fair, 7| a 7} ... a h! Fine, H a ?J ... ? it| Corn Trad*. Thi* market remain* very *teady. Owing to the inac. tivity in tie demand,tthe errivnl- are Incri-aing the Hock a little. Wh coutiline yesterday'* quotation* 4?eu> *ee i* held at $4 18] a ?1 36. Ohio fancy at $4 Michi. gun flat hoop at $4 It!) a $4 It*}. Southern >? quite inac tive. We quote new Georgetown at f4 '471 a $4 50. Brandy wine, new, $4 50. Owienee wheat, new, I* ?.-iiiog at 01c. tor milling. Northern rye a lield at (Ml a 07c. There i* little enquiry for j ellow cotn. Northern at aiie. North Carol'na ba* been ?old at 47o. aight. Northern oat* at '29 a 30c Western batiey at A4c We anm x a Rtatrmeut ol the qu.nitity of Flour and Wheat exported lrom Cleveland, during the w?i k ending Sept. 7th, 1844. 4M?. Flour. iiul Whrat. U. S Port* IH.ttfti us eu Canada '4 614 ? 21 .v>7 aft art The transaction* in Flour in .Albany, on the I lib inst., were limited and at no change in pr.ce. Tim rm-lpu h)i c mihI ? ere light We qno'e Oenea* ? at $4) ? IH)<- Ohio and Micaiigan $4 A sale of a load of OrUaus I n Wheat wan made sit 92c , and another load at 90c ; 3MM) bush Hue feed at Ibc 1,400 hn-h two rowed barley was on the market -it will letch a'nut hOc. No (hinge in *e?-d. Main* ol street oats at 37 a No caiial eat* tifloat Shorts 10c In every aspect of tho trade wn arn led to believe that if thciebe any chaig" in pricei there must be a reduc tion We can look tor no demand of consequence from abroad, and thu consumption at home his not increased ?o rapidly aa the product.on. tlerice the surplus Will be larger and prices therefore must he aAVcted to a decline. Philadelphia Cattle Market. Sept 13?At market, 1400 head of Beef Cattle, consis ting of 60? Ohio, 200 Virgiuia, and the balance finia}! vmiia, 250 head were driven to New York; IA0 Cows and Calves, 300 H -g", and 000 Sheep and Lnmba Prices -Bi-el Ca'tle, on account ol the increased num berrQ'ered, have fallen off'; salt? of about 900 head weie made, ranging Irom $3 a $4j, with a few extras at $6 the 100 lbs. Cows and Calves sell at $15 n $30 for cemmen to extra Hog' dull at $1] te $4) the 100 lbs Sheep an l Lamhs n e quote at $1J a $3) each. Hiy is getting more scarce, and snle* of good timothy arc irnking at 76 85ctliecwt. Straw remains at $6 a $0 the loO hundles. Brighton Cattle Market. Strx !>-At market, 1000 Beef Cattle, 7ft Stores, 3800 Sheep, and 1200 Swine Prices?Beef Cattle?Prices obtained last week fort like quality were hatdlv sustained; a yoke or two very floe were probably sold for something more than our highest quotations We quote IWt quality $4 26 a $4 60; aecoiid quality $3.76 a $4; tbird quality $3.76 a $3 60. Stores?No sale* worth reporting Sheen?Lambs Irom $1 36 to $3; old sheep from $1 76 to $? M> Swinn?Shoats to peddle 4J to 4]c. At retail from 4 to M, cen??. Married, On tho 37th of July, by the Uev Dr. Spring, James Mc Douoal to Ann Uobirson, both of BiiUy Money, county An'iim, Ireland. On Thursday, tbn 12th instant, b7 the Rev. Mr. Peck, of Christ Church, Mr Stitrnkm A. Dodoe, of Brooklyn, to Miss Elizabeth Hlele) , ol New York. Died, On the 12th instant, after a short illness, Samuel I, Comas-, son of Burney and Mary K. Corse, in the 31st year ot his age l!i? relative* and friends, nnd those of the family, ore ret)> ctfi'ily invited to attend, without fntther invitation, from his late residence, No. 7 Cherrv street, Franklin Square, tc-moriow alternoou at half past 1 o'clock. On the 13th instant, of hooping cough, M*ar E , only child of Edward and Kllrn Burlier, aged one year aivl ono month. The Irlends nnd acquaintances of the family are invited to attend hoi funeral this forenoon at II o'clock, from No. 3H Vanrlewater street. On Friday, 13th instant, Thomas Kimp, in the 39th year of hla age. His friends and relations, and those of hii brother-in law, John Foster, are respectfully invited to ntt< nd his funeral, tc-morrow afternoon, from his late residence, 310 Third avenue, at half past 4 o'clock. l/strst Dntea aiCMVED AT THE NS:i* TORS HERAI.D OFFICE. Anjier June 3 Manilla.... April 2 Africa July i Malaga June ii Antigna June 19 Madeira Inly, 8 Arreiho Aug. 10 Mauritius April 19 Aux Cayes June 10 Montevideo July 3 AuKiittiur Bay May 16 Maraeaibo July 13 Baits 11 ...April m Mansanilla July 2* Biy of Islands, N. /..April 21 MaUnias An*. 22 Beimnda July 8 Ma>aKuez Aug. 22 Buenos Ayres Inly 8 Mstamoras May 30 Belize. Hon July 1 Monterey,... Jtiue 18 Ihili.uines An*. 1" Nassau, N. P Aug. 17 H.i?iita Jan. 21 Neuvitas Aug. 17 Bonaiie Aug. 17 Oshu, M. I May 11 Bombay . .June 19 Para July 28 Cais> Town, C.O. H.. July S Paris..... Aug. in Calcutta May It Port an Prince Aug. 12 ('orients July 7 Porto Csbello Aug. It I'hiini June t Point Petie, Ouad.... Auk. 5 Cienfuenos Aug. f CVrntmbuco luly 3 Cape Hnvtiea Auk. IB Panama lune 8 <'trthaifena June IJ Pi^ta..., April 29 Cint|?-icliy July 12 Rio Janeiro Inly 24 ' Kinimho June 6 Kio tlrande July 2 ( tllao. June 3 San Juan Aug. 9 iMn.-nra July 1 St. Helena July 29 Klsiuore Aug. 7 St. Thomas Aug. 17 Ksyal July 18 St. Jago da Cuba An*. II 'Jiiirtltar Im.e 22 St. Jiinns, P. II Auk. 17 Ouayaina, P R lune IS St. Cmi* Atnj. 22 Oalvwton Aug. 29 Si Domingo Jinie 22 Auk 3 St. 1'lies July 31) (?uayaqnil April 23 Surinam Aug. 11 ?<llil?.mos Islands... May 4 Singapore,...... ...Jan. 23 1 4 Sinua|>ore Jan. 23 i. 17 Sv.r.irv, N. S W. ...Mar. 70 (. 27 1 riuidad deCuba... . Aug. 2] llatrs Aug. ?Iivana Auk. -- . .. _ Halifax Aug. 31 Talcahuana May Isle of Frajica Sept. 27 Tahiti M*r- "

It-ifmie Aug. 8 Tnmliei ..Nov. 4 King-too, J a. Au*. 17 Tunpico June S London., Auk 20 Tohaseo,. July 13 Lit^r|Wisi Auk. 20 Turks Island Aug. 17 I .a tjuayra. Auk. IC Triette. July 19 Lacuna Oct. Jl Valpaniito May 24 I.uin June 1 Vera I'm* ..Aug, 13 vlarao May 2 Xan/.ihar May 27 Pasaeugrrs Arrived. Bar. mk*?Barque Carl \vilh.lm?A Knipping, R Poppe, FC <*l>iu(i'ubrrg, I Dapken. B Di ck?100 in lite steerage. Passrngrrs Hailed. < Htai ssroi?Sl.ip SiiIIitaii?J imes T Ogilvie, f:harlestnn. Kurt-tan lisspartatlona. tr<jue I irl Willirlr "" ' 1 "1" ohnstnmm?i t"0, H< d?ea V ro r.ninii'iii" "?I N Hrhnapp I 'I ??14 ? lialsev It M?I is ut4m. MARITIME HERALD. tMUIll| ??)< of lllr HUUMlhl|N. ITHIIIIIII moM iimmi-ooL rtui mtuci (J. W?uru, Malliew. - Sept. It Hihemia. Ririe Sept. 11 Britauia, Hrw itt lie,* 4 Oct I C ?I'd nit, L id S?|.t IS Oct. W O. W-?ten>, Marthewt (i<-t :f v,? I* PM'kett Io Arrive, i I'M'krUUi lull. r*'>M i ivrnroot.. roa i ivmrooL. Oiford, llathboiie, Au< 18 ' Yorkshire, B'-iley, Sept It I'arrick He rv, D| lanu, Auk tfil j Q of West, VVuoJhouse,Sept.21 Virgoiian. Allen, Au^ 26 run MknnuiiiH. IHO* ruKUHOl'Tii. I Gladiator, Briilon, Sept. i!u Victoria, v1,,ri(Ai|, ^ui{. 20 I roe Htvii. rhum navac. S . iletWsuM, I < . 'U, k'uiiclt, An*. 16 I L. Philipiw, CaatoH, Se|>t. St 1 ship ll.nslcra A?(riilit. Wv mill esteem it afavoi if Captain. of VemU will mve to Rorkiit Silvitv, (.'apuiu of our News Boats. awport ol U.- aluppiu* left at llw inn whence tliry tailed the *e?ela spoken uu their paaaat*, a litt of thru carico. "id auyloreiita wwiiiufn, oi n?w> they ma\ have He will board tliem im mediately on their vrieal. AbmIi and ConrepoMWItt ai home or abrnau, will alto confer a Taror by tendiiut to tbi. onice all the Murine lutelliye,.''.- they c-iu .'main Vnnttc.i liuoriBa tmn "f ?ny !?'????! will be th.nafollr ?ec-i??d. POUT OK M*W VOUH, 8KPTBMBBB H. ?OR mate* J <0 I ?V!? (i 12 I Cleared. Steamer Oreat Wettera, (Br) Matthew*, Liverpool, R. Irrin. ?Bhipt Westphalia, (Brein - i) VVetsell., Bremen, Oelriehs Ik Kroner; Mary Frances, !itit>b <r*l, Mobile, Stuiifeslk I'livarmaii; Sullivan, Waite. Charleston, U. Hulk lev ? Britc llartlny, (Br) Teal St. Jolma, N K. H. L. Itoulli.?Schi? Marion, Nye, < Jeoryeto wn; I'ar.icnu, Gteen, Wilmington; Ovoca, Houiers, Baltimore, N. L. Nicf'ready &. Co: Burner, Willie, Philadel phia, do. Alto, barque Salt-m, Kordham, S*jj Harbor, W. H. It C. Hitchcock. 4rrlv?tt. Bremen barbae Carl Will,elm, Rrrickt. from Bremen, via Kal mouth 21 day*, with imlw, to J. C. Muller 8kCo. Ctn inat. lat 44 27( Ion 60 07. taw a ?hip steering Kant. Briti-li Inig Darling, Calhoun, 9 davt frotn Cumber land NH. via Middlvtown, Ct. in hillaat, to T. Wiuniett. BruMol e^au, Sinulley, frotn Eaitport, with K0 tout plaster, to 8. W. Lewis, New biitf Josephui, Allen, from Sippican, Man. in ballast, to master. British sehr K.llen. I Unhurt, from Yuoiouth, NS. with wood, to J. H Braille. SrIn Banner, Lampkiti, Eastport. platter. Hchr t'dw. R. I'etcru, Marhiat, lumber. | Hchr Cygnet, Kenney, Marhiat, In nt>er. Sclir Commerce, Wlscawet, Kranite. He tir Ameriea, I row ell, PortTind, plaster. Hi hr I'iKe. Tayl'ir. BntUni, mdae. Sthr M iry June, Handy, Barnstable, fuh. Belaw Sh p Great Britain, I'rnal, Udnl from LiTer)>ool. Bi riiue Sir laaac Newton, 12 day* from Hamburg. One ihip, unknown. Mlxellniieoua Record. Smr MoiTarai, formerly the well known London packet, it advertited to leave this port on the In of Octoher, and Uostoii about ilte 1st of Noremlier, for Ouhu, S.ridwich Kluult Shit rami t, formerly a (Canton trader, h'ia beei ?? IJ to a Dutch hnuw in this city, and ia to ruu u a packet between this Cit) and Antwerp. Slur Witcattt:r, Piyne, which sailed from Hag Harbor 29th ult putb iek uli inst. for some triflnr; repairs, and would sail >(tiu in a few ilayi. It is not staled what dam me the had sus tained, I ut it It iniibahle the Inst some topmaats, llr. UvaCH ?A benutiful ship of itK) tuna, wai launrlied by M'a'ermau Ik Klwell, at Metllnrd, ou the lllh iutt. She is calli d the Marv Ann, and is owned hy Andrew '1', Hall, and Captain Al'ieit Brown, who it to command her. AtoTHKH Lame ><.?-On the I2tli intt. there wat a beautiful Iviinch at Kast Boston, of the tteam tchr Vlid ia, beloiiKiuK to ? Mr I'url ti, The Midas is a vessel of an elegant model, til about IMi tons, and w ill be urged on her way through the water by snl?. aa well aa hy Ericsson's propellera, and will b? deapetched for Cliim about the lit Oct. Whalemen. Arr at New Bedford 12th inat. Bruce, Alden, Indian Ocean, ' with 16'i hl>|> tp oil, aud 10 tons xuauo. hpoke Aug 3. lat 36 41 N, Ion 43 30 \v, Matt ipoiaett, Briuhtman, of Mattanuitetl, 26 dayt out, Sfllilils sp uil; 10th, lat 36 30 N, Ion 4H 30 W, Agate, Vincent, NB, 3 mot out fn>m NOrleaua, 70 hblt tp. Capt A. repoit* lyisail tt the Island uf lchthoe, procuring guano; alto, that the Knglish merrhinttat ? ape Good Hope, were chartering every veisel that could be obtained, and paying ?i i<er ton to Kngland Sailed from do, ('handler Price, Peaae, NW Coatt. | Silled from Matupoisett lllh, laaac VVniton, (new, 440 tout) . of and lor New London, to fit for whaling. ?'nrrlgt Port*. Boitaiar, Aug 17?In |mrt, Patriot, Kuowlea, for Boston, nit day; J H t'henev, Raton, f.?r N \ . rk. tl ty?; '1 K Bit ton, Grit' fith. fin Triniilul, in hill ml. f??r h-ewnril. 'I ki.nidau. Culm. Am 22?In port, Casildt, Iligirinn, for (?owm,7 dn\ H;/ai(l?, ('iinuinuham, ui?g. Sid 21?t, Old Colo ny. CIiiiw, lltv inn; v'?cl, Neptune, B;i?f??rd, Cieiifueiros. (lortr.ooi. Auk 20?In |M>rt, MoutilU, I'oHers, fin St J<%ffo, jo?( ?rr, iind oineri n? before. Sit nam, .Aug II?Injmrf. Amatnn. Day, for Boston, Idf; Holly Bu?li, Trundy, do do; (iarnet, llod^e, wtg cirgo; Alpine, Tursonft, di?*. St John, NB. Sej.t2?Arr lole, Wooster. NVork; 3d, Ida, Howard, do; .Mntuiitirnoli, Trim, IMiilad?-l|nii i; 5lh, Alic? Ha-1 ?ilr d, Will?, do; JuIia Ann, Tucker, New Vork; 9th, Olive, Jeffrey, do: Jamei Heddmir. Keck, Baliimore. (Jld 7th, lole, Woo?ter, ra?(iHirt. Knt f.?r hly 7th, Aieridiau, for Boston; | Meguuticook, Trim, for Philadelphia. Miinr Pnrt?t Bath, fi-pt 4?Arr Abby A n? lia, Bailey, B?)??ton. roatiA u. He lit II?A.r Aierclunt., Si UImm; Bnrmah, Ford. Lto .doii. Cld Stir. ('ha*e. liiltimore, S L?M,Ssi?t |()?4;Id 80 ?li? 1. Sh. par l, Para; lllh, Olinda, llnt(hin?on, Montevideo nd Bueno* Ayres. rel If? Arr Had in-.. IWrtrain, Bonaire; Cordelia, Claj p. Trinidad; Annwict, Tniadwell, Philadelphia; Kmerald, PoUnd. B it itor, Adeline &. l.osi' a, Foster, NV'ork. SiiinM for I a l?ar<)ii** ?ndi hriK ?*ld \Vm (voddard, Potter, Mobile; Ian I firr. Park, Ph?U#Hphn; Cskuttt, Park, Prosi>ect; Magnet, KmS? Atnrk*. vii I'rdar Kev?; Snmliorrier, Crowell, Nor ; f?>lk, < ity Point in?l Miehmond; ! !i/. il?eth, Baker, N\ork. Ar i luh, Homro \ ou"*. Philidelirina. 12th, i? in?Arr#Canbriati, H??%*e. hum1.?m. Cumhridje. II .11, New Vork. Sailed, a light . he?m hnt, ipp ire rlv h?in .d K. Philura, of New Vork, for 8a ' vammh t?r? d ? i l? uf s pilot, and *ot .t h? re ou Serentv-four 1 Bar, NK ?>f l?nteU\ I-land, where she remained at dn*k ? < hief, I r.aritM. and Pmu. did n?/t co to ^sea on the 10th, ??ut put hark and sii#h< red in the lioadt. They all ..remained at ! sun?et j ' New Ri nnnri, Sept 11?Arr Abiuail, Orant. Philadelphia; Coroithian, Hhf iifievd, and VVm Penn, S'nford. NVork; Cal i rer Pucktrd Alliaiiy; l?ih, Il??me. Stephens, Pl>moutli for N \??rk Hid Onreo. Heed, Hiiladelph a? N am i run. Sepi 0? Arr < opv, < tardner, Philadelphia. Holm? s Hot.r >ej?t II?Arr Overmann, Davis, NVork for V ton; ll? mtr. l.ilha, Philadelphia for do; Thamea, Haven, do for do. . j Kih:am nwi, Fept 9?Arr Brilliant^ M'Intyre, Philadelphia | for Milton; Iflth, Aun Denman, S|?ear. NVork f??r Boaton; 11th, in jn?rt the ah<ive, and sovne others honnd R. I i-?1 \ n>? m i.^ei-t II?Arr Olive. Wriuht. New Jersey; Vigi I lant, Ile.ith, aiiu htnily, Gould, NVork. Sid Sa?cliare, Plul i li|?n, Nansemond. | PHiLAOri.PHiA, Sept 13?Arr Aniie?8tarr, NVork. j Km itstnfvo, Sept II?Arr Shetland. Frost, Boston. Sid And Brown, Wingite, and Lynehhunr, Mathiaa, NVork. Noaroi ?, S? i t 10 -Arr Ml Vernon, Wat rs, New Vork for Hiehmond. Sid Water Witch, Le Bron. \veatlndie?; Ann D. Bedell, NVork; N ?rragan*etr Biker. K'rhmond, N earl v all tl?e outward hound ve??el* which hav*? been d? tnit.ed hy nead winds, vol under way to-day, bat were compelled to come to ancnor in Hampton funds. OroROf.TOwn, S( . Aug 31?Arr C L Oager, Porter, NVork. Old Se??t 4, Klitu fai t, Cifadding NHteen. Mi ThehiK MUM i I .I) HH? t'fllEHS OK TEMPtCRANCE. rpHB M I* VIBKRSnf the Order are particularly requested to t ini*l ptinrtu illy athalf-piat 12 o'clock, on Sunday, (to morrow,) it ihe t liuinn Hotel. npfinaite Or. 8|nin(s'i thurch, to attend I In lunei lof our I'lr wtl'Wfl brother, Samuel L. C?n*. JAMK.H HAKPF.K, President, A. C. CABTLBi Secretary all lf*m CHANOE ()P REflDEXCK yK'TOH OIHOUD. Watch aid rlock Maker, has the honor v of i tfnniii'iK hi* frirndi and the public in traeral, that ha h a moved hit Watch and Clock nuinc nttbliihoMit to 146 Br??idw?y, c?rner ?>f #?rty ?iwi, Watch* ?. Clocks and < hro n'trawfn will 1^* w paired hv him with grfmt caw and guaran ty I. I lis rst ilili?htni*ut it ptrlinihrlf sdaptrd for the repair of MMMtlw LlMHMk at firf MlfVf pfTfH, mdhl for ?al?* an aaaortme-it of the la?c t inii?r?>?emeti ? in Limoa from France, whlcli lent* nothing to ds*?iiv. Alto, Globes, tJhim n;a%and Wicks. >11 li*rc fawnwrJUTT FEEWglI CHl'HCir Dl' ST I'Hl'HIT (tw rr nl Ki ? klm mid < liurch streett.) On Suadiy ueit, Dmne Semce will be ta uined in this ? lunch alt It'rc I.OST-A lar*e black NE V, FOUN DLANDDOO, from ?:i Mnri-.11 ir??t II ha a ?h'irt Uil, black J,li'ilhn(ollif. villi niece of tw ? iiuchi-d. iiinler w ill lie liberally r w irdrd b> natoring hnn to S3 Marion stm t. all l(*rc A SPLENDID HP AN OK M \Tt'H HOHSfJi AT Ai'CT'ON. ?fl WILL BK SOLD at Public Auction, on Moldiy, 11 IMh, it It o'clock, i*front of th? Merchants j22j?Kirli?fi|f. Wall air# i a \rr\ an ?riai pair of C< acli lloi -i-?. In'iiii; ihe property ?.f ? tn rch.rit ^ Hii<l Horses are Ir.h, ha>?! ? ht*n, w .rrantrd aoaad, and will poai rely he (old to the ni^baat bidder alt iiH'fcMrc ~ pOR~ 8Xl?1?At WILLIAM CLA> Bl K'H ll.jmy fN?l>lr, in Jn? Ci'y, eighteen ?rv *ne ifi ' - m Hl"*** lf?ni lb* ?oalarn part f thartfteif \,? V oik?annum them an lina i*iia a t M*rc PERSONS IN PHILAHKLP 'IA WISH I N< > ( Snlia'rihe in TDK HK.ItALD, and hava it ferned n*icill illy at their atorra. dwcllmfa, Ac . will pleaae le ivr their nam*'* w ith the Afn a, ..t 1 Lodfer Building, Third afreet, nejr Chesti ut TERMS. For One \Wi I'KcMl, For Oil' Month 75 " For a lon-'i-r ' ine in ihe 'arne pro, onion, o K Mali a tt|if. Single cotnea for anle ever* d,v I o'clock. Pure 3 c nta. t). II. /IbBK.It 1 o . 1 I fii.'i IIiiiIiIiioi, lit I 4 i I* " ee',|i air I heatnut. pOTTON BATTIWO In Pnun'l Buodlea, md 101 hundlaa vy to 100 lb>., J Ut MP I I ie??|y l?r ct???. Injure i f re'.iilim? mav l?e liul at No. IS and ># I adar atlwat, tlialf a l>|.-?k tlwne Petri aini-t.) in lota to auit bay r? at tl^ tiuudied bala ptfr* The alork comprise*? 2n0 lialea at cent* |?r lb., in blue pa|?rt. 300 do 7 do do 4a 3<)0 do ii do do da vufl do 0 do do do Thia lut atyle n warranted equal to any I" eenu Batu la mar ket A liberal iledunion will le- mide in env deatvra T N. UNDRHHILL, n 14 If *?c U and f0 t rdar atreat WHO DIMxJVERED IT 1 PjR. a. C. CAsTLF., Anno Domini tl2t. firat intrndni-eil m the not ire of the publir the moili- of inaertinK AruAci'l Teeth on the principle of adhesion by atmoaplieric preaanre.? In l?3.'>, 40, otl i-r drnii.ta make the lau<rWi|? claim ol thia me thod *a tlii-ir (Ijarovery. A? ?<*'l imnlit they claim lna inimi table I aatefor lillinn hol|o?, le.ider irwth, winch ta put in'n tho tooth ill n aolt ?t ite, ai d In a few Mrojtk beromea aa hard and in all i?.r?rta aa good aa the original sound tooth. Tlif dial familiea I" tlie Wtilted St itea n?e nnd reeninuw id it. "Pie moat diatingniaheo phyaiciana, mad roumr. uit nf ita harm'eai e .m binationa Irom their own practical nietimie*, reeomtwnd it. It ha? irceireil the hi?' eat Commendation from the 'I'rraa ' I)r Caatle iflrra to the S|mni?h, I1 ra-iCh .ind Kna^i-h Am'iana d-r?, S|Mni~h and uli-h t'onau'a, N. V . the Ph< aiciana and Hurveona of tha Univaraitiea, N. V., and New Inrkf ity Hoa. pital. unl numerous eminent members of the bar and cnurch, kc It.' ike. sU 2(l> A. C. CASTLE, M. D., Dentist, Ml Broadway. CLIR EHUGH'S ? NEW STYLE OF FASHION roti GENTLEMEN'S HAIR CUTTING, Was InTHooccto Saturday, thu 7tii or Br.rTr.MMit, His nooms, 2H7 niiOJiniv.iv, Where, from aJringrmenta mide, he will be fonnd always A r homi:. nr Titoir who whisii ti mi nr?KATli> ow HY ill M fS E L F . H lt#r LEAKY <V CO.? FASHIONS pENTLEMKN'S HATH of our inim'uble atyle, for the vJ enauins autumn, will be ready for site ai.d deliaery on and after the jut nta>t-u>t. I.K.Alt V t? I () , No. I and 5 Astor floaaa N. H ?Onr ircular of Fashion" will be forwuded io tnnao who address ua post-paid. all tuarc Gl AN<).~ lOOtona Icaboe, im|?rted direct, and for sola in lota to suit porchaaara,hy t. K, COLLIN* k CO. ?aa M loathstraao, AMUSEMENTS. PARK THKATllK. Bose?...$l | Pit... HI cents I Gallery . ?S feiits. Door* <>|*u at 7? rtw Curtain will rise precisely si ball-pMt 7 THIS EVENING. Sept. iittT will I* performed. ? _ IS HE JEALOUS I .. .... Mr Brlutuur Mr Dioit I llirrd Mm ' lui tills Hum Mil Dyott hollo* *d bv ? . DOMINIUUt., THE DESERTER. Doiniuique Mr kerre>t I Duveru Mr Dyott To owtlwto with ? , LOAN OK A LOVKK. Peter Spike <'lii;n?mlal? | (iiitruje Mrs Skerrett UAKItKS Comer of Broadway and Prince street, New York. The Entertainments an under die sol* direction of N,R MITCHELL IN'Jill K j he (iarden oi?-ns at o'clock, and ill* |>er formances 'ommeun* it 7l< I'lie Th* u? it u>w Sucbised, and litade comfortable, should ihe eve.iinfg be damp or Cool. A new Wonder it* th* Mus.ctl World?Thud night of ill* celebrated ? ampanolotfian Bell Hirn>n Mr. Holland as Mr. Mildew and Thorn's. .SATURDAY KV KM No S*pteintirr It will h* pi*e*nt*d, THE YOI'.m; ftCAMI' Mr Mild*w Mr Holland General Beauvnis Nickinoii Alfied I I -ilt* Joseph Miss 1'I ..? William Mr Ir* Kliia Miss Tv lor Mrs Manly , Mr? Wir. Mr* Swtusdown . Mm Everaid It ^"Intermission ni unutfs ^ * Aft?r ? he CAMPAGNOL<)GI. l.l.L RINGERS Will sppeai for tlie 3rd time iu Aniencn, and perform the fol Ion in* pi*'' : B*ll; Overture lo I" ? I): lo: J ulli*n's Royal l'i?h Quadrilles; Grand Movement, Iron Haydn's Surprise m-.npho ny, as jerforined leifore l^invn Victoria a il th* i<o)al Fuml); "My Beautiful Rhine;" to conclude wuh .National Aire. Il ./" Intermission of fifteen minutes. To conclude Mith. THE Mi"'K ET; OR, A HOLE IN THE WALL. Thoinas Mr Holland Mr Dupuis, Mr Keuoo Mr? Dili n? Mr? Watts Angelica Mm Roberta rr- NO MJSTPONEMEN'T at (iiia establishment on ac count ol wt>aih*r, a* the Oraml Eulrsnos from Broadway to (l<* Saloon ii protected, and tli* New -iloou, which ta ventilated from tha Cop and sides, tan be .*nclj?d at a inomaut'a uotio*. CIUCT' *?I.'OWKUY. Tilt* JCvnilitif. GEORGE SWEET, the great Tight Ro|>e Performer and Scene Ridi i, makes his first appear i.ce hi-r* in lhr?e yaan. Mils. COLE will lea1 arew Cavalcade. OTTO MOTT V r*' pi'mi New \\ ui 'lers. THE SKKENAl'EKS ? .if 1 ? .? ? uoed by an Aceordiot., and uen Is.,, o Souks McFARLAND, ilie Sk v &ouieraeu-Man. Clown 10 the Rime W. STOUT. Tickets to Bole* U centa?l it U>j. all 3l*m IRISH minstrelsy. MR. McMICHAEL WILL HKFKAT HI* ENTERTAINMENTS Ol IRISH MINSTRELSY AND SONG, o* Monday ltitla anrt Wi ilncsiby 18th Sept. next, AT tllK SOCIETY LIBHARY, HUOADWAY. With helectiona from MOORE'S AND LOVEtt'S MELODIES, AMI! SUPERSTITIONS OF THE IRISH. lET-To commence at I o'clock. TICKETS FIFTY CENTS-To lie had at Ui? prindpal Music Storaa, and at the Door. all it*re THE LAST NIGHT (?>- F E A S T () I' F U N ! -CO At the S<<rl?'ty Library, r?inrr of Hroivtway <m<? Leonard tlrert 'ANK EE IIII.L and Dr. VALENTINE, will i<ire their LAST ENTERTAINMENT .it the t ciety Library, on Sdturilty E uiiiR, Sept. Mill. Kor pirtir ilu w programme. I)r? ill! .1 VALENTINE bou leave to niiiiud the pub lic that theie are three muscle* todraw I' uioutt up, and only one tn draw it down, which KiKtiiti.-A lint we to IsiikIi lim e liuiHs a? much a* we cry. In order to dec ii'.- on matten and thingi prn|a'ily, it is ne rasary tlinttlie iniernul oraans should be m.iinUmed in a healthy state >>f ariion, and thii healthy ac tion is only to lie maintained b. occasional ri I llation from business. Some resort to medicine to irstore this healthy ac lion, but Drs. Hill and VlhnU I MTI loaxnert. with coii fiHence, a hearty laugh is the mi st t Ifective rei i,*|y. Il is a n-ined\ pre^crilied by natun!, aud piay b* n-lied on as a com pie e antidote to the horrors, blue devils, and a thousand oilier evils th ii tleftli Ii.*ir to. J?7"" 'I ? keta . cents. Childreu Imlf pric*, to b* bad at tlie oflice during the diy ard ereuiiiK. Doors open at 7. EnU itsinmeuts to commence at a quarter 8 o'clock. s 12 It* in CONrKKT NIGHTLY Grand d instrumental concert. at J. PIN'rEUX'S Cafe 'des Milles Colonues Saloon, No. JO7 Broadway. KuKaKein"i>f of Miss AnsiH, the line Vocalist. Tills well known establishment has lieeu roilsidrrably em hellishetl linee Ma>. Kefreshments of llie best kind en ulws> > lie had at tile bar, with the atU-ndauie of r ireful wiilars, A well ventill ited billi ltd room contaiiiinu i i.'hl tables < >.nin taji i caUM with the ioii on the same b. ire* aud c.-.iun, the liestthe city affords, ran at all limes be viiU ne.d. Entrance kne, >i|W*W A CARD?MR. WHALE I.nd DAUGHTER nspaetfnlll announce lo the Ladirh and Gentlemen of New S orlt, that their Classes in DanciiiK, W'alttiiiK. and tl,e I'olka Dance, will riimiiieuce at the Assembly Itoom, ( oiistilution Halt. (>!|0 Broadway, early in Octolier. Dais of tuition, Wednesdays and Siturilays. Particulars in fmuie advertisements. Mr Vv. trusts thai the r-tervnees he nhall oiler of his capability will be satisfactory Schools and Academies attended to on application as bore, or St his Piivate Academy, No. 7U Sixth Avenue. slO Im'rc EXHIBITION. THE END OF THE WORLD. AN original PAINTING F A VERY LAlti'E SIZE, with Colossal Kicurrs, piinted snd lately fi. islied by K Anelli, in New York. Ethibitioii now o|ien, at A|h>IIo Rooms, 410 Broadway, from \ M mi 1*. M.. sud I'roui 7 lo 10 P. >1. AdmitMon 21 cent*. slflifrc 0 OniilVlhlN'6 LITSRARY SALO<>N, COSTUME GALLERY, AND EXHIBITION OK AiE AUTIFUL PAINTINGS, No. !4U3 llrondWRy, New Vork. NKT-AUMKSSION ONE SHILLIN ? jVLY. O bTRANUEK should leave the cii) .*. ? u! calling io ti see the Orea*. C>)llKtw>u of Booka. I>and En gravina . which are > 11. ?d ,,t " jirHSCS to tun i.he tltwa." 'i'hrri BLIC SALE ilOOM it filW with l?i*. kind, in virions langua^ee, incltidiu|f Priuts' ', to see which, and the Print tui m no ' k huk is made. , ?* re THE ALU A M iV/T, 550 Bkosdwav, iiktwkv . <1 rimjk St**icts. 'I'HIS fashionable place of r <stl ? , n f r the wfiii Tlw A lens, Fruits, Jellies,and ither rr.tef! .nei.f\ me of tin* finest description. An Orchestra, combining si :n? ot j?. first mtnical talent in the city, |>rrforni every evening. escept Hvtivdays --nd Hii<days, favorite pieces from the composition of Straus, L&nner, Anber, Bellini and others equally BRANCH, No. Ito East Broadway, one door sbove Rutgei street, where the sani? delightful Icecreams fuiti its-fresh meu la in.iy he found. u. 11 linurrc CHEHTNUT STREET THBATUK. PHILADELPHIA THE Subscribers having leaned this favorite establishment, A are prepared to receive tppltaUto iS for engagements, from ladies anil gentlemen of the profesaion. All applicat ons (which must be punt | ud) will be at ended to immediately, if addres sed to LEWIS T. PRATT, or KRANCIS C. WEMYSS, i.8 iw z Chestnut street Theatre, I'hilidelphis. NEW CHARLESTON THEATRE. W. K0RIIES. LESSEE T ADIE8 AND GENTLEMEN, of acknnwledggtl Profr* >J aional ability, desiring MgagemetiU in the sbovr'J heatie, lor the ensuing winter, will plea?? addn as the subscriber by let ter, (post-paid,) at 23 North Mot?'s itrcet, ears o( W.'\ Forbeg. I'eisonal application to be m iut- at No 12 Validate street. 10 ,M. until I P. M. It. O. < ?' .'N W A i , ?l 1 Jt? m Stage Ma.nrer. Dll., CONSULTING ENOINKER, Atha neutii Hotel, Broadway, New Vork?Dr. Lardner will continue the profeaajonal practice which for many yeara lie pur sued oil an eit>usi?>- ?c.ale in London, and may be consulted by l*teutee?, manufacturers, and otle-rt, on question* reg.udiin.' improvement. in tlieaita anil tnanulacturss, which involva the application I the principles of Mechanical or Ph\?ical Science Tho?e who Itw t a distance may forward (laistpaid) a clear statement < f me case, with I lie neceasary drawing* or a|? cimens, w be., immediate attention will be given. ill Im re ?E AT ? FIELD EC LI I 'SKI?. <T?HE SATURDAV EMPOH31 \1, for Satu dav, September * llth, COUt .ilia tie- first number of .i Series ol Tales, under the litis of " SKETCHES AND I'ICTUIIF.H OF LIFE," by John l( tndle, , which, lor eiquisit'ness of bniuorand grajpiiif delineation, aur|?/.? ti* writin<? of S -atsfirld. Tliey will onlv rei|uu>' to b? n' id In became unnersallv popular. / A View ol the t'errhmta' Kicli ?ni(e. jj, |C7~ Portrait of Mia? Joaeiihine ( lift in.^Tl The Km|>oriuta i? richly f>ei^hied thia week, ami will afford an ample amouut of pl<-a>ure lor th< outlay necessary to (irocure ? foil). I'rire only SIX ( ENTS. Principal Office, 30 Ann St. all it're WARD k COMPANY. WEIjDINU, visiting and "commercial ( AHL>ti, t'XECI TED in tlw first styls of tl?e art, as r??trd? the ?u ' |>ern 'ity ..I i lie Eiicai ing, i ?i'i ets of the Primma, aiol ilie thllxiess ud bnllisnry of th" l iril* Persons furnishuii: tlieir own < ard ' lusa, ran hue th? tn printed on tiie most apptof. il and fuhionable >tyle of Cards, at ab?'t notice and at tt.urcKD ran r?. by amdyinv it VALKNTINK'S I mil Kngrannf and I'nnting Etu: inhment, N I Uerkaiaji St., Lorejoy t Hnti l Building, sll lt*rc oppo?it? the Brick Church. C'OAL?JO .ons I test Liver|?ool Orril ' oal, mw landniK fiom ' ship VstiMi, foot of HuUera aire, t, and for aale by K. K. COLL! > < * Co., sHr '*> S <uth stret. A PA it IS MILLENARY ESTABLISHMENT IN NEW YOIii; BARENNE it ' O . pairomzMl !>y tha Ourts of Kranc* and Belgium, of 14 I'lace Veudom>, I'^ris, ban- th. hunoi of niakma knowu to the Ladies of the liutIM Nates, ind those of th? city at N^w York particularly, iliat tbey will oi>en a br eh < ? tlieir well known and faahnmable Millinery Establishment, i n 'I liu*sday, the 12th of September, on tin Comer of Broadway hd trtand aireet, (entrance No, IH Oraud ilmt.) The branch in this eity will be nmlsi the immrili.ite sapenn tenil^ucs of one of the i riueiple ladna of tlie ('iria house. 1 h? ladie* ar? raaperU'ully ?oliciteil to ?i?n the saloon., w here tliey will always find rv?r* nrliercbe srtiriein ttie n.illiuery lim from fans, by the Packtu as they ani?e P. S I le-y would also inform thoss engaged in tlw millinery buttiies* in the print i|>*l citn-a of the Union, that all ?rttcles Couux-lr^l with th<'ir business, ?iol tl.e l itest ftahioiia, t'aii be iipldieal preyious lo linir l> ing o| enrd to the public in tbta < ity (Irdera panctoally attended to. al ?w la rs SODA B1HCU1T AND SUGAR CRACKERS. 'PHE Hnhscrilwr wiahes to make known to the Pnhlic, thai ? rrnch of ihe Hi cuit and (.rackets which are sold in this city by tlw abo?? name*, ?re entirely dili? enl from tlw >*f,da Hisenit and Hassr t rackers made *t tin B kery : which lis* tieen used bjr invalids, parltralatly tho.^ w h. auff. r from o'di gnallow. for more than 'weaty \e?ra w \ the tiest reanlts ; wlole the imitation, which can br made ?.U .? a pure, thongb .erhapa KOO? for a (OTaon ill hea il ai. > I >11* ii.fn lot 'h? .irk Tlw above Riscait and Cnrkrra, alao Ui uei Biacnit Wine Btsenil, Butter I rackers. Water l.rackera Pilot ami Navy Bread, all of the Aral <iu?lit?. are constantly for aale si the Well buowa eslahliahment, 171 Washington street, corner ?f W trren stnwt. I.PHRAIM TREVuW ELL. jr?tat*nc BV THE SOUTHERN MAIL. 'JJ- Til- cnilUtfia anniversary ot lite Millie of Noitii Point, w^a celebrated iu B illiinoro yater d?y by me " A'nocixtion of Liefendrra" ai.d tb? of the .i. J eom;M?y of " Yura Volantef-r*," ?otirvivivot* o that ninacribw d ?.? wti<-o ibo coi.iju rti.K .imy ot lite ilu.nh, under Gtu were repuU-d, wi..i (he lo?? of th?-ir Vuder, and finally compelled to rc-?-niturk and leave ill- atiores of Maryland. The " D'ltiidtrt" atrr lurmed ?n lint*, and, tecutted by military <. tv.iuuiea Of Uniti more ah(J York, marched ti Whiulwll >arn>u. Foil'* Point, where diuutr w** ,u> olier which an eloquent edUrea* w ?? deliver*-! t)( T 0. Harnbly, Esq Tne proct&aiott * \^th?-ii to-loutied and r? turned to the CltV. Ti"* F'and* of Culutg which borne in the bat'le oi North Pont w*re d splayed, on the present occuen.t., in the rafcke of ihe borvivora of he battle. A an k^t of th ft Mwbhiu.- El'jah Peacock, rh-oi<. il wnh killing Jeri \ Willi* a coli/trd 01*11 inar ihf Kirlin oml mark*', on \Vfdiie?d*jr evmii d Roan iiall'ihert, liia paramour, a 10 implicaitd iu thr klfuir, vi-rr arrntrd jintmlif m?niii]( and <"?>niniittnj to Jail by A H. r. uiuKtuii, E?q ? tta'l CHpptr, Sift I J. Committep mn MtTkDKK ?Alderman K-es has lodged commitments uK-iint' William and Edwatd Kynit gar, now in iiti?ou, charging them with ihimnt d?r ot Mwnn-1 H. Auhle, on '1 iirtuay morning last. 1 ha further heating ot the cue hat been poitpouad until Monday neat.? Pktlad. Out lilA Birth ih thk Cars.?A German woman, aa w? loarn liom the baliimurr Cliffrr, gava hjrth to a cLilJ. on WcdntMday, in one ot the can ot the wecteru train troin Baltimore for Cumberland, when it n-ach?d tb- Harpei'a farry bridge Both mother and child wue " don g aa ?ell ?k could :>??a|>ected" whon the dowuward train pan ad, and were intent 011 punning tbeir Jouiaey to the far waat. Bailed?The boy, John lien, charged with riot. In whom <???? the jury conld not aa'ea, waa tbia morning admitted to bait in >1000.? Pkil G-t* ??lea of Stock* at Philadelphia. Flint Board Sept 13 - $3<MiO Kentucky Bond* 10}; 54 ?hut?? Oirar.l B^nk ll(,ft(HiO Reading Railroad Bcnda 711. 60 t har<-? \V iltv in; ton Knilroad .'4|. IA0do4ot<*a i4J,ao do do caah'J4|, f.MlH) State6'(, 6d?73J. Mill P 1h.iv*. By iiaat m?rh?*? Honfhern Mall. FHH.ADKi.rHia, flapt 1J?lli-low, tilobe, Lowry, LiTwpooli Brvmeii.Tin Bifm#n. Bai.timok,. Sept 11?Arr Hmuor, Odom, Liverpool; Alia,*. KottoriUm; Timolrou, Dreyer, Brrmrn; M?rg?rn, [BrJ W iii(l?>r, NS; Kn anfirr, UiuiiiKhnm, PoriUnd; North Awn ca, Richird?ou, I'liiltdrlj liin; Hi I'hnmaa, Lincoln. ?nd Bciry. Sur,, Buiioii. Cld l'?iirliit?. Bayl?y. Bnnton; Royal Bailor, Youiiit, St Johna, NK. Sid (>?n 'Vuhiuiitun, Lowe, Bordeaai. Ai.f *anpkia. Sept II?Ari llrtiey, Buruham.Boatoii; Imuran. Kldridne, St Junn, Nil. auction sales. AUCTION NOTICE?hit of Excellent Second Hand Fur niture Thti Pay, ai loj-j o'clock, at the Salet Room, U Spruce ?tre*t. _ ?... Al?i. a lance Int of family and other Oeoceri**, fin* Wine*. Keuup. Tmi Moan, Candle*, Bed Cordi, I'aili, and Ware. A mill .ble eon?igiimenl of l?aiitiful Paintlngi, .. me *| lendi.l new Cabinet Kurniture, French Kin- Screena, Bedtteada, Paint fid Blindt, 2fi.(KM> Duboit' Tobacco, a large variety of initcellatieoua article*. kc. TIIOS. BELL, Auctioneer. N. U.?Regular Pale* of Furniture of all deacriptiona on (Ttry Wr<lnrM?r and S.vturd.iva, and^ ilry Rood* and vanetie*. which meant inoi* than eiery thing, Tuesday* and Fridayi. .11 Ii-IT T. B. -t BENJAMIN MOONEY. Auctioneer. ? JOLD, SILVER. AND OII.T JF.iVEI.RY, WATCHF.S. Sic Sic ?B MOONEY ?t I O., w.11 tell Tlii? Day. at 10 o' clock, at tlia auctio'i room. No. 91 Maiden lane, ill*- entire.tuck ofaJ-weler declining the butiiiett. f ale I eremptnry for c*?h, city money. IVmIoiuu hi* ready, and the gnoda can be exam ined to the hour of *ale. *H H*rc i A. C.'TCTTLE, Auctioneer. ?>TO( K OF JEWELRY. WATl HES ANI> FAN( Y OO'lDSat Auction -JACOB S. Pl.ATT will .ell I hit Day at 10 o'rl'k at tli* auction room. No. 2J Piatt ?t., Comer of Oold tlreet, nn -utile itock ?>? fn.e gold Jewelry, Englulj gold and nilier lever, anchor, duplex, lepiue and other Y> aiclua, Walcn Movement*, tc. . * 1*0, u large aaaortmeut of French and (.term an Fucf Ar ticle, - , , AUo, 2.'? pattern, brass movement olTIW clocka. Al?n. to Deiitiit*?2^?00 IV e poicel tin Pifoi !'? e h. N. 15 ? In the *tock will 'e many vain iblen?/od?, anil worthy th- attention of d?al? r* aiid counoi?eur?. Catalogues now n' dy. Term* <?**h. aM It je IHIIO.M NOTH h.-vv I- LLINO'I ON A. I All'l f K, Wit e Merchft, No. S New ttrerl, N \ .. ijileiidn g 10 de vote luo tel* hereaf.ei lo the < vmn laMon an' Ifnpoiimg I um n?.*, will offer hi | if lie auction on W'eduead ), 111 hfeiiem l>er, al II o'cli ck, lua entue tlock, cm.*i>lli v of fid and ai |? rior Madeira, I'orl in.d SI.erry Wine*. C< rd'ala. A. S-eigueite, and Ot<ir*t, I'Mpuy 11 Co , Brand et, 11 lipoid Oiti, of liiiudv < h?mp?Kiieof the le?t importation* Hi ( r>,ix ? i d , liter Hum*. A Imi , ar mple e *?*ortmeui ol W u ea oi *la??, ha v.-na Segnrt, Cleret and Cordial Bolllr?, While and Blue Mar hie Tile*, (ic &.< . Tennii liberal, which will be knownai ih? *-l?-. I'll .I'ikii'k rc>ily i'R Monday, loth Sept. \ pari of the al oie eulitle-l lo de ?ulure. ?H ?l*tc NT7TMVS (iAK HEN. (iHKKN HOI HK PLAN I rt. Al l. Tin- ? t 'l.l-l.t 'i I"N ill me avdrhoi?? Oreea WfiSH' p| i.t#, Ijel.. >?iiig lo Nil'|,.\ Oaideii, w ill l? Mil* -1^*1 au<- ' '."i 'iilMMlf, lu'li "eiieitiler, without rw the ' en It' ll I >?e una>otd lily broken iio. Ihey ou>i?t oflirg, ^|ie> ime-i I'Knta, audi u t amelliaa, riiodudeii J Aloes, Oruige, I i in'i,i, L> nie Sli.idd.u k n it I oineuia nate Treea, lieariug rrnit; Accciaa. t'a?-i^. ^aii oli,?. llihia cui Piitociioruni, Spdrmanni^a, J>*.inliien rn en ?*. Velnleu ca. or II ll'e, Indii Kut'ber, Oleiide.n I .'it e, ll uca, Palin?, l,.iitnita, II, D-onri, I- uphorii <, He Small Sl' i k, tit.: V7. lei., H- ui n, I'h. . ?. I'low er., Dwarf <Irinsf and 1^-inou i iT,?,|t ifne'tn,, tf| gieji vanety; "Jamellta ktorka. 4te 4ic. Particular* in I'uluie a(l?erti?emrn'? < tnlokupa villi** 'eaoy in a few daya. alffrc INF? ?KM ATION nS i KD. AK MR. J. F. OA . UlNO, wh.1 I.I' ihi? city aonie t.m? in May laat to go to Catiida a-.u w w aa to liare le'uri.ed in July. Not hiTii'S liee i heard ? f uce any per'qn thai can irive liia whereaboiua, will cout'-i a lav^i i on hi? triendi. The aaid (iambioo it a tialin f trn.oa. i-tall and well-proportioned, about thirty yeu? . f g?, g ".d looking, and geqerally we*r? large whiakem and imiariiil. A line addieaseu to No. 3Jti I* roul tueel. will be thankfully received _ ?" ?t*re BOAi<DIN(r WANTKI) Foil "A RKSt'E* TAB IF. YOUNO MAN and hit Hi.ier, in tome Comfortable Boarding Iloute f. r the w iutrr, not far from the Park. Application bv leitar, addie,.. J to X \ Z., and lell ?t the Herod < 'lli", will ? e atteiuled ? 14 T.I 'jab Li^ 'AK | .i WaaTKL) AOENTLEMAN withea h.-ard for himteK, wife, two children and nervant. V* ould tequire a parlor ?nd three b drooint. Situation not lower down llian Bleecker atieet. ana weal .ul.' of llr?ad?ay. A line addieaaed to K. 1. , at thia . f? Hce, will be attended to. JtlC rATIONAL. HAI.L, Canal ttreet.near Broadway? Sunilay, - I l.'itli lint. I8H, 3 o'clock?Klder I?. J A 1> A.VS will deliver lua celebrntod Lecture on the Restitution of All Thmgt and ilie Ktrrnily ol Matter. Klder Win. Smith, the only ?urviving brother of tlie " Mormon Prophet." will aatiit in the tervice of the day. T. A. I.>ne.lateof the atage, will deliver tome ef hit moat celebrated aacred reading*. Admution, to |?y etpeuaet, U.?jJ cent". al4 ll*re^ ro PRF.VF.NT THK ABI'PK OF MKHCL'RV ar.d the A dreadful elfecta of a certain diteaae, 0 ill at the lluiiterian ditiK'iiviry, No 'I Divition ttreet, aud get ilie advice of th- phT" aiciaii ami proprietor?"without moii"v and without price."? lluutei'a Bed 1'ropt, ilie beat remedy on earth for a. ciet die pin-it, tt to be obtained at thit place only. < urea without i.ijtt ry to thu conatitution, or restriction* in tlie h.ibilf of the pe tientt, in from three to eight daya. Kull direcliona and a tnia ti*. Hrrumi' my the vial?price Jl only. On n.ile in Albany No. :)l I,) .hut ttreet, ilie only place North. Iten.ernher thu, for it I. counterfeited III Hol'hetter and Buffalo I hroughuut the (treat West it it only to be had of Ur. T- Johnaou, Lountille. Ky. ?M lt?rc^ irn w HOT7M i ifX^OED TO SIXO'CLOCK, 73* 1' M. ?On and alter Monday, Sept. l?lh. I$4?. vy (,,, >U|? tine to ALBANY AND 1R0Y ,ti > O'.nge the hour ofdeimrture fr.'in 7 to C o'clock, r. M-, and w ill I .ml al l'..nghkee|itie iluriua the great Fair and 1 attle Sh"?. Kan; 74 centaonly to Poughkeeiwie. The tteamer SW \l,LU\:, < apt. A McLean, Monday ICih, and Wednead i> , IBlh The .learner ALBAN* . < apuin R. ?. Macy, Tue?.Uy, 17th, Thurtday, 19th, al 6 o'clock, from I ort iaudt tlreut pier. .... ... Morning Line, at 7 o clock, from Barclay atreet pier, the TROY aud EMPIRE. ^ J V Duiing ibe great !? air and ( atile fehow, Tuetday, I7ih. Welnexlay, l#ih, aud, I'Jth. will reduce the tare le 7J cell la to and from Poughktepaie and New York. JEKHEY HI.IT1.S AWAKE! THE DEMOCRATS OF MONMOUTH I 1)1 NT \ will meet in tlieir tliengtb at lied K- Bank, (Shrew*!,nr. towii.hip ) on I neaday. Ilie '7th in?i The tteainboai TCJM SALMOND, htviujt lieeu charte ed for tlteoCCatiou, will b- ready, under the direc ion or ( apt. Shullt. at the foot of Beach ttreet. at !? o J!1, tnor ing, to receive the Democracy of New \ ork aud Brook I en. conveying them to au'l f' m R'd Bank on tl.? Mine day^ All iho ?ith to rarry "'it Democratic principlea will l>e at the *1 Vol' k"k" Mockton, IVtn. C Alexander, den. Ned right, of IkiUI the Hon He^ry < Murpbj. Hon. II. N. McAlli.ter, ?I i ieorgi't. ihe Hon. Mr BeriMot, ? f Florida, with many olier diitinguithed ?ia>alera w ill ad.lreta the meeiiug. By invitation of the Committee. ( aot A* M^Oi , THOMAS E CONfBS. ? 14 Sai SkMliem OK. JOHN R ( ONOVER. R- roR N EW,ORLFANK-To tucceed ll e Kairfield -The fa?t itilint tbip ALFRED, ( aptain Myera, w ill tail on the ?d September, her regnl r day. i hi* ahip luta ni?anr|?a?ae4 acr.nmmoditiona for eaoin, lefond cabin and tteer ge pat.e.igert, w>m w ill lie taken at the loweet rutei 'J'h"*e d? <inmt nI aecnfliur lerint, will I* iraairH to male early application on board tl? .hiP,iP ?",! t whaif. f,.,t ol Wall .... or to JOHN HrRDMAN,^ N B ?The inhacriber will have a regular tueceaaion of fir* rl <t .I II? '?tiling every few daya for iht above port. ?ll rc H>H NV.W ORLEANS?I.OCISIANA AMD NEW \ OKK LINE.?Warranted tint regular packet "?| ,i mil <mi Monday, Ifith inatant ?The extra faat P-rket bark OENEMF.E, ( ap an, Minol. having * hri.. part of lier Cargo on board, will pjitmveK tail V Eor fi night or pat-age, having very hand tome Inrnitl ed ar.-om m .dttioiit, apply on boatd at Orleant^w h<rfl(f"Ot (i>(f . l" Vi S..nth ttreet Shippers will rlc?* ??nd in their bi It . f Minn early thie morning, at which lime ihe ah-p w.l ,orrtK.,|y 0-ty t^\l,;V-Tof 0... line ..." pnncttiaily a. ad? 'wA ? M ? ?l, Hnllen and Woodruff, who wi lt^lv + tncreti The packet thip < olumbo, ( -I" '*">?* ? W Mtw TTTil-!! i ARD-I"" TOR Ol.oVF.R t-.IMt Me ' _||. f,. til* treatment arnl ru I . IT,:,The Ml ffen-littuge. \|?.,, < rle.*.*, Stric .' ?'??Mta'" their. .IIHittinai. I Icert, old rh??. S.". t . ,( lli, .?M-e'i-niV^H tin ce? ?niii from iml"' > ( (() r|Hi ,,, ,rTV gnv i _5^r?or,? ?t ,,, il e cure ol ,-th* above nametl 'l.teatea w1%fcate l??n i Ml l>~l(tflkeg,".upe,.o7 Pure leaf UH, a nvtTi-Mmltfnl la article For .ale, in low to tnill^'"'"cuTlViV * CO. k " K Hoaih ttreet.

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