Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 19, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 19, 1844 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. Vol. X., No. XOI?Whola So. SMI. NEW YORK, THURSDAY MORNING, SEFfEMBER 19, 1844. Prle* Two C?>l?. AGGREGATE CIRCULATION THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND. THE GREATEST IN THE WORLD. To the Public. THE N EW YORK HERALD?Daily Nawspa|ier?nuh lishrd every day of the year except N?w Yw'i Day and Fomrth of July, l'rice 3 rents I*r copy?<it $7 10 per auuum?poatagis paid?caeli in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD-published every Saturday morning?price 6>4 cents p?r copy, or %i I* per annum?po?t igea paid, in advance. ADVERTISERS are inforoicd that the eircnlatiou of the Heinld in oyer THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND, and increuing f.iit It has the larfctt circulation of any paper in I kit city, or the world, and, i'?, therefor*, the belt channel for butinen men in the city or country. Prices muxlerate?cash in advance. PRINTING of all kind* executed at tlie moat moderate price, and in the moil elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PBornir.Ton or tiik Herald Establishment, Northwest corner of Fullou aud Nassau (treats. 1X41.] THE NEW 8TEA.MBOAT [1(444. EMPIRE, 1 CAPTAIN D. HOWE, VVill leare BUFFALO foe CHICAGO, on V RIDAY, 23d of Auijuit, nt 7 1'. M., and perforin her tri|* regularly during Um (en 'sou, as followi :? DOWN. LKAVR3 llLTKALO. LE4VKI CHICAGO. Kridav Auk. 23,... at 7 P. M. 8atu nlay, Sep. 7.... at do jVlomUy, ?? 23... at do fiouilciy', ut**day. l uesuay. Oct. 8... at do Wednesday. M 23... at do Saturday, Aug.3J... at ? A. M Monday, Sept. 16... at do lursday, Oct. do Wednesday, " 16... at do Thursday " J!... at do I 1- "day. Not. IS... at do length, 33 feet 8 inches beam, M ? < i-uik .nay u.,.ai uo Thursday, Nov.7... at do The EMl'l UK i. 300 feel u ?wan, j. i?wi o incnea ueam, 14 feet 2 in chef Ivild, measuring 1230 ton., and i. the largest steam boat alloat in inland water.. Engine 600 horsepower. boilers Krovided with Evan1. Patent Safety Valves, to praveut uiepossi ility of an explosion. Tlie < '.aliin is 230 feet longaprith separate Saloons for Ladies and (ieiillemeu?spacious Stab Rooms extend the whols length, veutilaled by doors opening from the inside and out, anil all parts of the boat ar- fininlied and furnished in a style unequalled by any other in the world. Ample accommodations for Steer ?Kr Passengers, in four Urge well ventilated Cabins, one of which I. ai<pioprialrd exclusively to females. The boat is provided with a good band of music. Wilkins, Mabih It Cc., Buffalo, i H. Norton St Co., Chicago, > Agents. J. N. Elhubt, Detroit. J i> N. BARNEY, k CO.. August 1, 1844. Cleveland, snltnuvlra BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL r STEAM SHIPS. Of 1300 tons and 440 horse power each.? Under contract with the Lords of the Ad| I1IBEKNIA. Captain Alexander Ryrie. CALEDONIA, Captain Edward G. Lott ACADIA, Captain William Harrison. S1HITANN IA Captain John Hewitt. CAMBRIA, Captain C. H. E. Judkins. Will sail from Liverpool and Boston, via. Halifax, as follows: From Boston. From Liverpool. Caledonia, Lott August 16th. ? Acadia. Harrison... Sept. 1st. August 4th. Hibernie, Ryrie " 16th. ^ 30th. , These vessels carry experienced surgeons, and are supplied with Life Bouts. For flight or passage, a; au5rc *B'.tbri gh am, Jun., Agent No. 3 Will .1 itreet. FUR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL.. I Tlie Royal Mail Steam.hips HIBEKNIA land BRITANNIA, will leave Boston, for the above |K>rts, a. follow. s HIHEHNIA, A. Ryrie, Em., Commander, Monday, Sep. It. BRITANNIA, J. Hewitt, Esq., " Tuesday. Oct. 1. I'as.:ige to Liverpool $120. Passage to Halifax 30. Apply to D. BRIGHAM, Jr., Agent, s"rc 3 Wall street. FOR CHARLESTON, KEY WEST, HAVANA, AND NEW ORLEANS. To Sail on Sati ruav, 13th October, at 4 o'ci.oce, P. M. - - - The elegant well known favorite Steamship NEW 1ORK, John T. Wright, Comman ider, will positively .ail n. above. Thi. stea ^_^^^___^mer ha. MM overhauled, and i>ut in ,pom "^??^^^^"??pleie order lor the season, and no expense has been spared to make her every way complete?has large and airy s'ate-motns, every way adapted for the comfort of passenger..? She carries suificient fuel from here for the voyage, and will not stop at the intermediate Port, only to land her |wa*engers. For pa^K-*, apply to Capt. Wright ou board at foot of si., E. ll , near Dzy Dock, or to A. HUBBARD ll CO. ' se!2 lin? rrc 37 1'eck Slip. FOR AL1UNY-HOUR CHANGED. ? - The Steamboats KNICKERBOCKER and ROCHESTER will, on and afar "outlay -.afternoon, Sept. 16th, leave at 6 o'clock instead of 7, as heretofore. III tfrc NEW YORK, ALBANY ANlTTROY STEAMBOAT LINE. .MS jttk F?R ALBANY AND TROY.?Morning fw "T*?^s Line from tlie foot of Barclay street, lauding intermediate places. '1'lie Sie.nner h vl P1RE, Captain 8. R. Roe, Monday, Wednes day and Friday Morning at 7 o'clock. Tlie Strainer TROY, Captain A. Gorliam, Tuesday, Thurs day and Saturday Morning, at 7 o'clock. Kveuit'i; Line irom the foot of Courtlandt street, direct. The Sieainer SWALLOW, Cai>tain A. McLean, Monday, Wednesday and Friday Evening, at 7 o'clock. The Steamer ALBANY, Captain R. B. Macy, Tuesday, Thursday and Satuiday Evening, at 7 o'clock. Tlie Boats of Uiu Line, owing to their light draught of wa ter, are able at all times to pass the bars, and n-ach Albany and Troy in ample time to take the morning train of cars for the eas' or west. For passage or freight, apply on board, or at the offices on the wliarve.. m!7rrc FARE REDUCED. FOR CllOTONVILLE, SING SING, TARRYTOWN, jga IH^INO. WlLTSIE'SDOCK.HASTINGl} fl,- r^.isVjPAND YONKERS.?On and aVter Saturday. ?K_aaMb^E_Ani;nst 3Ut. 1844. the new and substantial steamboat WASHINGTON IRVING. Capt Hiram Tuthill, will leave the foot of Chamber street for the anore places, daily at 3 I'. M.. Suuday excepted. Retumiug, will lea* Crotonville at (>.'4, uul Sing Sing at7 o'clock A. M., landing at the foot of Hammond stn-et eacli way. i For ii ui.aue or freight, apply on board, or to STEPHEN B. TON'I'KINS. 193 West street. s3rc ltfcAartM A.NU I,tic,AT f.Al.UItSIUNh. SUMMER .1 HRJlSGKMEXT. NEW BRIGHTON, PORT RICHMOND. (STATEN ISLAND,) AND NEW YORK FEltRY. From Pier No. 1, North River, foot of Battery Place. MM The Steamboat CINDERFILLA, will ran ? CL- follow.. Daily, from May 30th to October l.t, SLwAuLl84l >?Leave. New York at 9 and Ll o'clock, A. M.. at 3K. 6 and I P.M. leaves Port Ritfnmond, at 30 minute, to 3, and 10 minutes to 10 A. M.; nt I, 4H and 6>i P. M. Leaves New Brigltlou a) 8 and 10 A. M.; at IK, 1 and 7}< P. M. On Sunday?Leaves New York, at 9 and U A. M.; at 3, 6 and I P. M. I raves Port Richmond, at 30 minutes to I and 10 A.M; at 1, S and 7W P. M. New York. May 13. 1844. myll ?tn*re STATEJN islaKEH FERRY. _ ? FOOT OF WHITEHALL." 1 lie Boats will run as follow, until further notice LEAVE NEW YORK: I. ? I'..*' 9' I10' "' A -Mv 'v?' *> s- r? M. I . S.?All goods are required to be particularly marked, and arv al tin- ri?k of the owners thereof. jJO L'K'JPIjE'8 UlME OF ST&.iMBuAltS FOR ALBANY. /tfl DAILY, Sundays excepted?Through direct, lm ?Lr' P; M;' fro,m ?he Steamboat Pier between ii r 'Vnnl inlt and Liberty street.. I'lie Steamboat KNICKERBOCKER, Captain A. P. St. yit rive o'clock, r. >1.?Landing at Intermediate Places. The Steamboat NORTH AMERICA. Captain R. G. Crat tenden, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and Sunday Af ternoons. at & o'clock The Steamboat COLUMBIA. Captain William H. Peck, Tn?sday, Thursday and Saturday Afternoons, at S o'clock. Passeuk-ers taking either of the above liuas will arrive in Albany in ample time to take the Morning Train of Cars for tlie east or west. The boat, are new and .ubsuiuial, are fm mthed with new and elegant state rooms, and for speed and ac commodation., are unrivalled on the Hud>on. All iier.on. are forbid trailing any of the ^ of this lint', without a written order from tlie Captaio. For |>a*i> *e or freight, apply on board, or to P. C. Schnltt, ai ibe Otficr on the wharf ?l6rc NOTICE?EVENING LINK AT~SI* O'CLOCK FOR ALBANY.?The steani lioau KNICKF.RBOCKER and ROCHfcf TER, m ill land at Poiighkeepsie during the week of the Fair mid (iitle Show, commencing ou Monday, Sept. 10th. Fare > ? u each way. sl6 4trc HOUR CHANGED TO SIX O'CLOCK, P. M.?On and after Monday^ Se|it; J0thuIM4, Wl'l i.lioiige ll,e ?ml will land at . the Ninht Line to ALBANV AND TkOV1 hour ofdejiarture from 7 to 6 o'clock. P. M? anil win I.1IH1 ai Ponghkeepsie during the great Fair and Cattle Show, r are 7J cenu only to Poughkeepsie The .'earner SWALLOW , Capt. A. McLean, Monday 16th. and Wednesday, 18th. Phe steamer A LBANV, CapUin R. B Msm, 1 uestlay, 17th, 1 hursday, 19th, at 6 o'clock, from tort lanift strevt pier. lanm stivet iner. Morning Line, ai 7 o'clock, from Barclay street pier, the TROY and EMPIRE. r~ Durii'ii the great Fair and Cattle Show, Tuesday, 17th, Wednesday, I8ih, and 'I'hursday, 19th. will reduce the fare to 7J cents to and from Poughkeepsie and New York. .1 FOR BATH, OAR DINER AN I) HALLO WELL. .tMart j/aa The new steamer PENOBSCOT. Captain Jft N. Kimball, leaves the end of T wharf, Boston, 3E?aJRUK.every Tuesday and Friday eveninn, at 1 o'clock. Stage, will be in readiness on her arrival at the ab?vt places, to rnnrev |Hi?encers l/> the neithhneine towns ? aITITaND WINTER AHKANUt.iVir.NT. AEirAR/tr Nl) NEW YORK FARE ONLY Mil CENTS. THE NEW AND HW1FT STEAMER RAINBOW, CAPTalN JOHN GAFFY fiOK ON and afer He|)tember 10th will ran daily, fl?. ?^*y ? foll iws (Snnday. included) Leave New 3C??iflE?i*-ark, f.mi of ( entre street, 8 o'clock A. M.? Le ne New \ ork, foot of Barclay atn-et, 3 o'clock P. M. apl rrc REGULAR Ol'POSlTlON FOR ALU ANY MCABIN Ml Cenu, Berths Deck Passage 3i l^???3*Cents.?Regular days from New York?Nlon ^?UlLiliy. Wednesday and Fnday.? Albany?1Tues ili,, 1 Inirsdav and Saturday, lauding at Poughkeepsie.Kingston Point, Ci'skill, Hudson, and Cnxsackie The Steamboat WAVE t>apt. Vanderbilt, will leave the foot of Robiuson at., thi? evening at i o'clock, Wednesday, Sept. 10th, 1844. N. II.?For paaaage, kr., apply ou board. Light freight laken low. N. H.?By altering tlie honr of starting from 7 to S o'clock, the Wave will arrive in Albany in time for the Rail Road morning train, East or West. .18 lt*ec PACKET SHIP OARRICK, from Liverpool, is discharging ? at Orleans pier, foot of Wall street, under general order. Consignees will please attend to the receipt of their goods sl6ec TO THE travelling PUBLIC. York. W.SS?,yOM ARTLINQEMENT t oil 1*44. ..nViLm^y'fr'T i*""* con">t?*d ')?*" arrangements, are now prepared to bring out passengers from Ureal Britain ami '*?!?*,1 by the following hrst class Packet Ships one of which MCh ?5J|etl!v!?rP00 ?U ll'" UU tith* llthl l6lh- 2l,t ?''J <>r Vi^faia"'"0'1 F?W Y?r,k' Sheridan, Montemina K-'Tf'' ' Cambridge, Hottiiixuer ' Bullions, (i?). Washington, g-ar' asas fisir?? few ftaSaS^' sSar uSSTV Lofomutia. at ei thtr of oui^OlficM *" u* fur *?? ?"*? ou application forward ^ on opening of navigation, to vaErie IjUtlMe to Albany and Troy, ami allVarUorcTnada wZ"lAl "?^ CobUr?* Kia*nUM' uui KKJO Whitehall to Montreal and Quebec, Canada uah ?lev-l",J "> Portsmouth, Ciuciii nMfe *'.* ?S Pituburg, Cincinnati Louis S liC. ,,f T' ?1r"; (3l"? .Rl>r to s?- L"u'?. Mo* and to Ternta!^. ?h'?' ",d WUcooaiu jjj""f Persons wishing to saud money to their frieuds in the Old Country-, HARNDEN ?c CO will f. V on iU'y ??rl of England, Scotland or Irel.uid, payable Sfi&KS!* ?il "?- 'nanyamountto ... , ? . OFFICES AND AGENTS. B u)"*wu*^' "?I9^t* "reel, Boston. J w'vnii1 -TV !V0" Providence, K. I. N tl H?i' i y,ay ,tTJfc,a!'d. '6 '?font street. New Yo sLdf.inl fc i Philadelphia. Handford k Shoemaker, 7 Light street, Baltimore. Md., L. 8. Liltlejohii a Exchange, Albany, n!^.*"* ' P*' 8. Clark, Uti River street, Troy, NY. nr-A r> u u Utica, N. V. W. A. Cook, Syracuse, N. Y. , Rochester, N. Y. W. H. Cook, Buffalo. N. Y. H.fiubnihkCo., Oiwego, N. Y. J"*6"1 HARNDEN It CO. 0p?vt oa?entral rail road] FROM SAVANNAH TO MACON, GEORGIA. (SSMQtoMjti SBtoc ? safwat ?'Tr. ?j? Com|*iiy. has also a number of Burthen V*?' a"/'.'? prepared to carry with des|?tch, all good* aud pro duce ?>hich may offer. Goods cousigmd to the < oinnanv's A)(ent in Savannah, will be received and forwarded, free of com' mission for forwarding, nrovuled a sum in coah, sufficient to iiay ship aud road freight ami charges is dr|H?ited with the Cumin. <?H?Ar'i'i??T?n!u go< j Steamers (JEN. CLINCH and .. I H I owned and Commanded by Cai'taius Brooks "mi wTtttl;e^^U,SdtWA,,8^^1e,,.0', and ^ Tim ridsfv it ^afurdn's.^Sd^ke^ii?, tu 1*ei'^c twlwlll^ioon SUA My,m ^rnV" f?"'1'"* South'will lea^ cLl??oTa, 9 A. M.a immediate!! V after theainral of the Wilmiuuton itesin. wr?'reacii Savannah oy 8 P.M. saine diy, and take rl>? mm fmm jVlacon at 60 clook the following morning. By this route there * fti ?,nf A |?'|,TTjnyA0 lr Montgomery, aud tha fare is ls low. t. f.AFITTE, Aggnt for tlvt Line in ^harleaton. THOMAS PURSE, General Suiieriutendeutf"' ,Ut" Savanuah, August, 1814. ai Imrc CMiveved in ?Tl>P<'rt, ""!? whenre Passengers are v?i K.l! i first-rate Steamer to Stoniugton, ou Mondays. Wednesdays and V nday s, and to Norwich on TuiadavV Thurs fZ'MVU,r1a>;r- be a? tile Soutli Keny. oVIo^f A^\1 I 'tr^f- time?? take the Kerry Boat sit fU ? A- M.. where tickeu may be procured and laugase if Thi /" cratt>#? ^.1? through to Eonton uno|>ened. "|5 * '* 0i' .ynW1Cf betweeji Brooklyn and Oreenport, R ~wi ' t????u??Ke? 31, and at the "Manor," 67 m^slrom Ante" ?en?rally reaching Boston in ten to eleven hours. S.^.AcCOU"n0jWlou L'"? leaves for Oreen|?rt every day 3 oc,ock p-M-?u,d - in?o imrc PAS|A(iE KltOM GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND BY THE BLACK BALL OR OLD LINE OK r? t r , LIVERPOOL PACKETS. [Sailing from LiverjHiol on the 7th and 19th of every month 1 Persons wishing to send to tlie Old Country for their friends ht?-"?!'. f If '"'""T arrangemants with the Suhssribers, and r ? i t ?e out '".p11* ??Pcnor Liue of i'ackeU, Sailing TW wmTu kpUI,Ct?*1Iy on i 7ll'*'id 19th of every mouth Tl? y will also have a first rate class of American trading shins fronill*iWer|V rt* li1' *ff"rdiiiif weekly communication Irom that |xirt. Oue of the finn, (Mr. James L). Roche 1 is palch'. *y ' ^ r"rward<fd Willi care and des Should the parties agreed for, not eome out, the monev will jta ^vS^sastst/astxssim COLUMBCfl. K\tl?A^Jn AMkRICA. Wi.h .ndh J .. NORTH AMERICA. . v[*!" BUC'} ?npenor and unequalled arraiigemeuts, tlie Sub whiehl l"' y ? j?riW,krd. for " continuance of that <ui? K Ire gral^ful "t""U'd 10 years, for which Those proceetling, or remitting money to their relatives cau U "A l,i"" ohtam Tirafui at sight for any amount, drawn d re? on the Roval Bank of Ireland, Dublin, also, on Messrs. PRESCO'l*T, OR6TE. AMES Ic CO. BnInch?l'!n^Sln? d,'mi*'ld at ?ny?f^BSk^Srthdf Is^ sTo'tlidL/dVZ ^ throu?hout Ku?'?nd ROCHE, BROTHERS fc CO. Si rultou street. New York. MR TO,- mil- ,?eit door U> the Kulton Bank, n. p. 1 lie Old Line of Liver|?iol Tackeu sail from this nort fnv tllKPritll0/' "i'A i?11! of ertCh mouth. I'arties leturn !?5.^^lSi .ib0lr" W i And," to their comfort and advan ence to luiy^othe'r ne th"r col>**y??ce. in prefer jelJ im*rc ? PASSAGE KOR LONDON.-Packet of the Ut Ml'iffiTXif splendid, fast sailing Packet ship MEDIA J OR, Captain Chadwick, sails positively u auovi, her regulHi day. 1 ' 7 he accommodations of this ship for cabin, second cabin and i!!ffnl^V,^??'""|,'r,'ij*n,,otr'^ surpassed. Those wi thing to boar" u'tii *"ould not fail to make early application ou ... W^ b J. T. TAP8COTT. ^ Sonth wtreet, comer of jVT*id?*n I ane. LONDOiN?JR^tular PackeU of the 20:h Sent l^^JI 4ni iTfW ?n*u,ar locket ahip SSW^UrdaT- ,,U'n Wi" ",l M Having very sui*-nor accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers, per?ous intending to embark, should make immediate application on board, foot;.>f Vaiden lane/or to ... ? JOSEPH SlcMLRRAY, tl, ,K-_- *|| . I0? P'?e street, corner of South street. I he above will he succeMled by the packet ship Switzer land, Captain E. Knight, and will sail on 10th October, her rtg ,Uyr- s!2 rrr jUiSL. ?t'.V h4nf>UUiL,'^t>;'w Lino?Mejiular Packet hiHV 1\.yt.h.Sept -The splendid last sailing Packet Khip JHMBbSHERIIMN, Captain h. A. De Peyster, of 1100 tous, will saiTas above, her regular day. r or freight or passage, having accommodations unequalled i?MP n P12r comforl' *ri'ly OU board at Orleans wharf, li?it oi w an itrm, or to Price of Passage, C0LL,N8 k C?. ? "?t Shippers by this hne may relv npon having their goods aor Wally lu'i^miie'd! " ? ,,B" Wi" pu"c' ,hJ mJUS" ,hir ??5lie^/9"pl- BvJ H" Tr"ki will succeed the Sheridan, and sail 98th Oetoher^her regular day. au28er itlffg- - KOR LIVERI'OOL?The ,V? l.ine-n>v?i.. iflfr f" ^'! September.?^Tlie splendid, new/New mmm^ ork bull racket shii> QUEEN OK ftfE vVk.ST, Lapuiii Philip Woodhonae, liiO tons burthern, will sail as tbgve, her regular day. ,*> f'*i?hi or passage, having elegant and su|ierinr accommo wy ,u v*1' on b,,4rd-w"' WOODHULL k MINTURN8, Price of Passage (100. *7 South street. ,Jf?T ^f1"' ,h7i Kocl""Jt*r/ <'?PUin Ira Britton, master, 800 tons hurt hen, will succeed the Queen of tlie West, and sail on her regular day. ?lst October. ' auyjj,. fc.tBk-n1'''m-1' ''AfLKKlr |,??t CIVKItl'?mi:~ WRWV Tlie old line packet ship YORKSHIRE, Capt. Bailey JHIMlKawill sail <m die 16th lust. '' 1 Ins splendid ship has unsurpassed aerommations for passen gersf Andy to JOHN HE RDM A.V. ,l|y<i ?l South street PACKET 1*0K DAVHE (Second Line I 'i'ha Sh.pST. NICHOLAS. John ? P.1I M.ster, w,!7 sail on the 1st of October. [lit, or |**s?ge, spi.l y to BOYl; i HINCKEN, No. STontine Building, ?* "? ("otimw W?ll mill Water streets M A RHEILLE8?Packet of 1st Uctober?The ship COURIER, Captain Dugan. Kor freight, or l*ssage, in cabin or steerage apply to LAWRENdfc k PHELPS. ,N?- "'3 Krort street, or to BOYD It HINCKEN, Agents. No 0 Tontine lluildii s 17 rc KOR HAVANA. FROM PHILADELPHIA. ding. Jtii a . i Vf'V.TI I II I L/ S\ Is r. I 4 I niA, ? The A.l.fcs'-sailinf baruue ELIZABETH John S. Kemingtnn. master, will sail pnsitivsly oa nM^h Oc ober. ?or Ireight or passage, having superior famished sreommo. aatmns, a large and commodiona cabin, with twelve state rooms, apply to JOHN K. OIIL k SON, *17 3w tkco 101 South VVliarvea, Philadelphia. . FOR NEW ORLEANS?Union Lme.-Positivelv KUjIV'he first regular racket.?The fast sailing r*ckft ship JHa&JOHN VII NT CRN, Capt. Stark master, will sail u * i|V' regular day. Having very superior accommodations for cabin, second canin and steerage passengers, persons intending to embark should make immediate applieatiou on board at the foot of VVall Street, or to JOSEPH McMURRAY, . ... . 100 Pino street coruer of South st. T |T*|Y P*c^?'hip Union, J. B. Raltoone, master, will succeed tha John Mmtum. aiom jtt?: KPReNP Wr,ORLK A N 8?To succeed the KairfieM am-.!.1* 7?t sailing ship ALFRED, Captain Mjers, JHBBSbwiII sail on the 22i| September, her revulu day. 1 his ship has unsurpassed accommodations for cabin, second <:abin and steersge imsseiiKers, who will be t*k?" at the lowest rstei. 1 hose desirous of securing berths, will ?. -?inired to make sariy application on board the shin'si ,v'ur.?/s wharf, f.ot of Wall st.. or to JOHN HER.DMAN, l^' ? ' ^'V'h'Cfiberwill havj a regular snccessmn of first class ships sailing every few davs for ilw above port. lM rc . ?&??AGE FOR f H AHI.ESTON ?Packal of t' liiten /? The splendid fast sailing racket Bibip DIADEM, ( apt. Barstow, sails positivsly above. ' She has splendid accommodations for cabin, saennd cabin and steerage passengers, who will lie taken at low rates if .acidica lion be made on board or to W- It J. T. TAPsi off ?'? 1* South stmt, corner of Mai4sa Jt' ABBEY HOTEL. 10rn2?tRk;KT' bloominodAle road. ' u., i,;,wro,.;r)rtorL"frthe1Ab,brv Houa would make hi* . honi the "u?tm"rr. i"lUuuM*t *"<" t0 hu lvl^Jh'i?rViMT?d r?ir UlT fii" bu,i,'"V *"d, would cheerful at'TC wllh dinners. <* ?^^^s;uUa: ,HJ E4Ub,<* WiH '"ili'tfrre** M. NEWFOUNDLAND DOO KOR 8 ALE.-A beautiful black ,\ewlouudl.ui<i Dog, sixteen uiontlis "Id. our of thj- Ia,ge*t and best h,?d iu th. United valuablewaJ?h1i ?U,<i2r?i,ltf,,"% Promises to be a u.o.t tslu.ihle watch dog. Will be (old on reasonable terms. y?cl,u" ShVP of the New J'f?ey 1U11 road and 1 raus|<ortatiou Company, Jersey City. ?Ij2w#m notice to the public. 41 COWAN It DILK'S, PHfEiNIX HOKSV jm^BA/AAR.-COWAN k D1LKS, take this i>p I Iw'ituuity of informing the public in general, a> well ? ilt'T * ?o liberally patronized their exteuaive Mtabliahment, that in future their public sales of llortea and i'vVrv*1^/ I J**"" of their cuitomers, take place on Vico""J"sut"i* from Wednesday neit, lBth September, throughout th. jear, at n o'clock, as usual, for Ic^taSE"'' 81,,lilu' ?* ? " 1* o'clock for the^cata T O C O UN TIIY MEKCHAN T*st~ k BOOTS AND SHOES. L r THE SUBSCRIBERS hare received and now offer ni"* 1 't?l"Ctnl atock of Boots and Shoes, for - V ?!L 81 *'?,rr tra<l*. tbat can be found iu the city of ? ork, couaiatmg in purl of Meu's Thick Boot*. Meu's H^lfwll.T'pf" * T1,1?' *)le"> Kip and Calf Boot*. Men'. Half Welt and i unin Calf, Oram aud Seal Boots, Men'* Kid raffia .rn Mf?'? ? ?lf Broilaiu, Men'. Kiife Calf Boota, Women* Leather Bo?u and Butkiiu, Children'* leather Ca?ka, the best article in the market: Ladies line Buikiu* iVilU't^. " *"^, 7"? Tiea.and al' oth" article* m tlie liue that can nouibly lie called for. Childreu'* Shoe* of au M?tS .V4Crly,for M ?ud wiuter. Kurred. FSitSST PlaiS Kubbers, Men t and Women s, for tale cheap by .? ,m. l. WILSON k JOHNSON, >,;ii I,, . I1 I? ,tI?et Chatham Tlieatre. ' ()'*" t'l' '? o'clock in tlie eveuing. au2S lm'ee ?Uv,o.,?oaps anu perfumery. JOHNSON It VROOM, late John.on It Co., of Ce<Ur street B irbl? a!fd0rocer*' 1u?K*'?ts, Country Storekeeiars! lJarber* aud I edlar*. every deacnption of Kajicy Soap*, of lh* br*t quality, and at the lowest po**ihle price*. Trim? Churcl*' ^riuity I' thajjMof to the daguerrian artists" ec~ T U,fu' 149 Broadway, corner of Liberty .treet, ? Lafajette Bazaar, offers *ale, low for cash, 80 dozen ino rocco cum; a fine lot ol gijt frame*; 6 new apprfratu*. made by Chevalier and Lereboun, iu 1'ari*; U achromatic g a**e* 3M inche*; a lot of plat**, chemical*, iu. ?Tfi'rc 'PO HOiKL KKEl'ERS?The Advertiser, a man of geutle .1 urau,ly ma""*'r" "'"l addre*., with inauy jear* eiin rieuca in ,.reR,UrTWI4,lK'..for * ?'???tlon a* Steward, 8u|>eriuteiideut or Bar.Kee|*r, in a Hotel of reMieclability, lie ha. Mexteimve A r|C..ft" ."i*"p"l^*!f-?c*0 ?ve ?V,i*factory reference*. A lint ailurea.ed A. B., 1?> Elm .treet, will meet immediate at ? n 'jt^rc B? Jrctlon to *">' l*art of the State.. ? PARIS MILLINERY. ~ 188 t. GODEFROY, 349 Broadway, oppoiite u> the Carlton Hou*e, will o|wn ou, the 24th instant Iter uaortinent of Fall and Winter Millinery, Kmbroideries,'Ma terial* for 1)*, Kancv Article*, ?tc. Country Milliuer* will be aupplied at tlie moat moderate 121^22: *17 Im'm JfitENCH CHINA REMOVED TO NO. 6 5 LIBERTY STREET, * na.Lwv... , (UP STAIRS.) A. u ' ln,lf>rt?' ?ud Agent for Manu/aeturen, ha* ? alwaj* on hand a large a??orlmeut of diunei and tea seta, in plain wnite and gilt t rench l orcel-nn, a* well a* Dinner ami De*?rt 1 late., ol all *ize*, aworted Jishe*. Soup Tuien* Stand. ' Bowl*, Kruit BaakeU, Cu.tard? anj AI*o, Kancy TeaSeti, and Rich Decorated Dinner Seta. ihajw 4,1 '!OCO''Ue Greek, V'rrnch and American A", the ?rt|cle, are w.maote^ of the beat qunlity, and to be ?old ou liberal terras, and iu lot* to suit purchaser. *18 6m*en D'fi ^ORBITT may be con*ulusd coulidnitially at hu Of _ f,ce. 16 Duane *treet. two door, from Chatham. Stranger, i ?f l**l*ctfujjx informeu tjiat Dr. Corbitt i. a member ol tlie HU??SnVi?L- C,9T of,New Vork, and that he ha. e*clu*ive I I'taetice from being general to the treatment of N.w V/itT 1 dueaae*, (now over eleveu \eor* in tlie city of New V ork,) which engage* hi. eutire attention. The anual* of d^"?i'"c.or,f Hfester .ucccs. than ia to be found iu hit practice. 1 lie Doctor caution* tlie uufortuiute against tlie use of merenry, a* it ha* ita tliousand* of victim*. Recent ca*? are in a few day* removed entirely from tlie *y*tem. See that JnfhtT J?J'c, treated by a per.ou legally Qualified, luld V'^u ""(T . M tiM*re *"?..*veral 0f tliem in tiii. i5i* afflicifo with protracted and iuveterate caaM '1?^ despair ol being restored to Ileal th, by applying to Dr A practice of uiauy year, ha* eclablislied the Doctor'* gPf?S?S rf " j lu><1 "*i>ectability. Stricture* engage the Doctor ? profound attention. A uwdiciue may lie had to ure vent a certain dilate in any of it. form*. >18 jm? w *fc50O "?PWARD.-CKUSS' Sl'ECIKlC MIXTURE wy 1"or the cure ol Ooiiorrhiea, Gleets, Smctun-a aud ???W|?"to of the organ of generation. is rhe m<Mt"ISrumyet oven;<l for tlie above complaints, this It inaJtes a *|cedy and iwrnuuient cure, without tlie least m *ul'e"M,U l? drlnk' exposure, or change in application to bu . quackish recommendations t* deceive the r i. ri k"" ^ not ,,?e ik li,r 't^elf, uo our shall Xe^nmli '? W notily w here it can t>e had, and Uie proprietor cha"eugM a smgle caM^fn-ceut Oonorrhusa to be J f^iellure of $500 W UOt effect ? ra>'id cure uude' ? dj*e.a?e that unfortunately pervade* all rank* of !* ' J r,ch and |>oor, matrimonial aud Single. They ?re here preaented with a remedy by which they can cure them the leaat e?|>o?uie, iu the .horti .t time poasible. ?uither, the di?eue cannot be contracted if a dose of the Mil tore is taken at night on going to bed wlien e.posed. ti i,itS!'unp<in 2 ? withTull directions accompanying it.Jt II a b<Jttle. One bottle lasts a week, which generally cure? many are cured in two days. ! i,.!"0^ Miinor's, 191 Broadway, comer of 'u/}lA?l>Po?>te l*.rauklin House, N*w York; Mr Barry., cor aw of Chejcnut and Seventh .treett, I'hilad-lphia: and at J M ?? 1W Ho at nn ; 21 Canal street New Orl*an?. and 93 Main street, Cincinnati. sltt '??>? ec ? O K U Y E K. E CHEESE. Street, iuforms he A has just received by the ship Sully, a lot of Swiss < heesw of prime quality. ,|7 3t.r,c __ A FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS, frEAlHERS. HEAD ornaments. &c &c I OWlTifi k lfKCKER.No.J4 John stltTw.ll o.^i tloi K^it'li? ,'i itOCu ?f K?"?h Artifici.l blowers, !w ,' "J? ?Ju,t 7"-ived by the last |>ackets froin Havre. Tlie abov* stock was selected in Pari, by C. E. Becker, late sales man with Brun It Co., of William street .i| lm*ec SANDS'S SARSAPARILLA. JnK RK!V1?VAL AND PKRMANENT CURE l..b,?t oVil?\?""in:?_from " ,n,,,Ure 'U" ?tti" bltM>d 01 Scrofula or KinK t Evil, llhrumatism, Obtlinate Culanrvut or ?V!S'ul'i <>n tht Face, Blatchet, *)W| K>nt H'nrm ur Trttrr, Scald Head, Enlargement anfl'ain of the Bene* and Joint!, Stubborn Ulcei i, Syphilitic Symp toms, Sciatica or l.umbato, and Diitatet ""w"* /row an irijudnioui use of Mercury, Jiscitet, or Drovty. Ex f'uie or Imprudence in tAje. ?duo, Chronic Constitu tional Disorde) s will be removed by this ~ ... . Preparation. J* 1,nt"T?VD*.?<VM' '* ?jid tile reader in vitedto iu careful (vrusal. Comment on such evidence is un ? New York, July li, 1844. MgsiRs. Hsritis:?Gents?I consider it but an act of justice to vou to state tlie following facts in reference to the great l?eiie on iny breof * 10 CUf* 4,1 oblt>'taM CancKHous Ulckr JiTf. at":,i,'d1'igh1'*m ,month' l?y ? fntular and skilful phy siciau, assisted by the advice and couii*el of one of our most able and eiiwrienced lurgeona, without th* leaat benefit what 1 various methods of treating cancer were resorted Jn ?ncc??ion my brea?t was bu riled with caustic three times a day, and for aiz it was daily syriiiged with )P V i nitncacid, and U?e cavity or internal ulcer was so large that it lield over an ounce of tlie solution. The , 1 Joe tor prol>ed the ulcer and esainined the bone, and said tlie | disease was advancing rapidly to the lungs, and if I did not get jpeedy relief by medicine or an oiieration. the result would b? fatal. 1 was advised to have the breist laid o|ien and the bouts e.amined, hut finding no relief from what had been done, and 1 *** rai'ijlly getting worse. I almo*t despaired of rr CO very, considered my caM nearly hoiiele... ... W*timonials and certificate* or cure by th* | 7'i?in case* similar to iny own, ,?, iv .^t. ?. 'T * frw "f which were used but from the Itaig deep ?-ated character ol my diu-a*e, produced no very decided change ; con.idenng this a* the only probable S"I,fo,.^VC?ie' 1 !?"?*???. Until tlie diaeaae waa entirely cured. It i* now over eleven month* since tlie cure was com pleted ; there is not the slightest ap|>earance of a return. 1 , YJ,'V\Kon'uV'S my,,lJ wd the cure entirely ej J ec ted by ^iinss Sansapamu.aas / took no other medi cine oj any kind during the Ume 1 was using it, nor have I taken any since, pease eicuse tin* long deferred acknowledg ment. which I think it my duty to make. Your valuable Sarsa parilla cured me, with the blessing of Divine Providence, when nothing else could, and I feel myaelf under laatiug obligation* to you. I can *ay muiy things I cannot write and 1 do most respectfully; umte Udie. afflicted as I have been to call u|ion me and I will satiafy tliem fully of the truth a* stated above and many other tilings iu reference to the cas*. . ? ... NANCY J. MILLER, I1B Snllivan street, neit di?>r to the Methodist Church. . Kor further particulars and conclnaive evidence of its suiie gra'is *" efficacy, see i?mphleta, which may be obtained l"re|?ired and sold, wholesale and retail, by A. B. k U. 8A.NDS, Druggists. 79 rulton street, 273 Brosdway, 77 Eaxt Broadway. Sold also bv Druggist* generally tkroughout tlie United States. Pnc* |l per bottle ; sii bofles for $4. ? tr.'PS Ifblic are respectfully r>i|uested to remember that it is Hand s narsapanlla that has and is constantly achieving such remarkable cure, of the most difficult class of disease* to which Um human frame is subject; therefore ask for Sands'* Sarsaim rilla, and take no other. tl7]m*m TO THE NERVOUS AND DEBILITATED?" PROFESSOR BOERHAAVE'S HYGEAxM RENOVATOR IN all tho*e caae* where manly vigor i* impaired, where th* * mental and physical power* are frustrated by an unrestrained ludulireuce ef the jM**ion*, particularly by those solitary and destrnctive habits of early youth, inducing nocturnal emissions anil debility, the Hygean Renovator will he found an infallible neme-dy. It restore* the organs of reproduction in Inith seie*, to a healthy action, and removes im|<otency, by infusing new energy into tlie system. In many instance* the effect i* in?tan taneou*. It never tail* to cure chronic glieta and white* and remove* sterility, by restoring a healthy uierin* action. Itefer anceacan be give.i to many physicians who liav* prescribed the "?uovator with success in those affection., as also in Dy.pep sia, weakness of the bsck and loins and affections of the urinary orgaaa. Sold only at the "Imiiort'ng Ageuta," 2M> Kulton *tr"} New Vork. Pr'rc $3 jier bottle of 16 ounces, aud for war.W to all part* of tlie Union. N H ?Copions direction* accompany esch bottle sH lm*m BRICKK?J.400 Slow bridge hire Brick, received tier *? ship Sarah and Arsilia, from Liverpool, aud for .ale by ROCHE, BROTHIlKB k I O, *1*>* 31 Fnlton street. PAMILY MEM CORK?JO half-barrels, a very superior ar T tide, for sale by E. K- COLLlNS It Co., ,lf>fC M South street. HORSE POWER?(>B th* Inclined Plan* principle, in per il S'Ct "rdw 'u,<i " food u new. Kor sale cheap Apply at IM Nassau street, or 149 8iith Avenue, where it can be seen ?II I tee yENEER 8AWYE11 WANTED-To take charge of four saw* Will machinery, aud to act u foreman. To a couiiw tent person IiIh-mIwage, and coiuUut employment will begiveu. Wages inn* dollirs per day, or if prefered one tlurd of tlie earnings of uii* tawj, payable each week. Euquire of J. H. CHABERT, .la at rc fc0. J36 Front street, New Vo I ork. OLN 1LEM AN of lortuue, resident in a lieallhy district in !"?* HH'Tior of the Stat- of Ueorgia, ii dcsiruua of obtaining a middle aged Irmale teacher for a daughter of about eleven ^"71 *,ul J""1' who, with other qualification!, i* capable of teaching and convening with her pupil in the French language. Kelereuce. will I*. given and required Apply during the pre t *l7?!i'ISij '? Fultoo st. New York, ?eut Sept. 17th,' 1R|4. ' ' .????? ' Q"?? " BVAi1l^""1flAN8,^NT or permanent, may ut; had by applying at 51 Ommwich st. Pleasant rooina, fur nished or uiifiiniulwd. with lull or partial board. Tha house Is delightfully situated, and caunot fail to pleas.. Transient board, >1 per day. alO lin?m I VI1 AiVJlLlEU, wauling aitiuofroouia for tile winter, can J5Jy*3H!S[ accommodated with parlors and bed-rooms IS ,1*u,t.r"?' cl,"*eu- kci ?Hf'vate uble. if request *, . ,15 rooms for geutlemeu, with breakfast and tea. Apply ll?itrr',i,M| ?*co"d block "f Broadway?ui a pleasant l>art of the city. ,11 lmeod'rc T^nm.'m.'l^^'ii>n 'mall or large sums made to all parts of Europe, ou a plan which will entirely prevent the loss or delay of the same. For particulln LIVINGSTON, Foreign JSSSy,' "li "c 1 Will iimt. P'AN" *'ORTES.-jOhN PETHJCK, (formerly Mundv * k Pethick.) informs those wantiug good Piano Kortes, thai he lias at his Old Establishment, 204 Bleecker corner of Han cock street, a choice assortment of I'iauo Fortes fiom six to ?even octaves, which for external finish or internal qualities are "foudto none made 111 this country or in Europt. Uld I iano s taken in excluuige at their utmost value. Pianos tuned and repaired. The Knickerbocker line of stages .pass the door every three minutes lu the day. slO lui'nc EXHIBITION OF THE QUEENS COUNTY HORTICULTURAL society. T'I'S SOCIKTy Will hold it. first Annual Exhibition on riL.?1 a'y? ""d Wednesday, the 24th and Zith of this month, (September,) at the Saloon of the Flushing Pavilion, L. 1. All perioDA iiiterfMtcd m Horticultural product*, an* resi*ctfull v requested to |>ri'?<-nt articl?*4 for exhibition?which mutt be ou el'.*? ",^.0J>roreOoVh<k,on Tuesday the 24th. AII.rU cle. to be distinctly lalielled with their names, and the names of the grower or |**r*on presenting them. At tlie close of the eihihitiou on Wednesday, articles, not re served, will be sold at Public Auction, thus affording all ?, equal opportunity of obtaining what tfiey desire?the proceeds tloiT *PI"r0|'rU toward* defraying lite expense* of the exhibi da'I he e,h'bili?n will be opened at 11 o'clock, A. M. ou each "ficket* of admission will be l?i cents each, one'ticket will nnl one iW'tleinen a,'d one or more ladies. k-.Kihilff,ety , "<? !">'"? to make this, its first Annual Exhibition, worthy ol public patronage. Tlie vast amount of choice fruiu, and Bowers, cultivated 111 and around Flushing alone, will furnish the materials for no ordinary show. s|fl 2f*ec rrarv ? FKOM LOUIS ANHlOH: T ? lh,! """" ,"nd Owtl?"neu of New York. It has of late come, to my knowledge that many of my customers have 1*7 '"'?led to believe that I had retired from business, as my es tablishment was shut up lor a length of time iu consequence of having rebuilt the house. I now most nwpectfully inform the ladies and gentlemen in New York, thai my new Publishment ffli IM.m r? ?E'' *'ii!1|"' richest assortment of line il.rt.ij' im Vj"< 1 Ware of every descriptiou, and P T .1 ! ,n ,u brandies. 1 further state to you eitas that sell in opposition, as some of my neighbors have tried to,undersell me, but they can t do it ; 1 am determined not to b" beat without a fair trial. I therefore invite you, Ladies and Gentlemen, to call and iiuiwct my good*, and if tliat will not astouuh you, I am astonished myself. ? in ir. LOUIS ANH1CH, Jeweller and Diamond "" 3t ec .Merchant, N...6H Chatham sL r wnft1,P T?^ OYSTER SALOON. I respectfully inform my customers and the public. * that I have re moved and otiened my wholesale oyster e?ub^ lishmeut at 6>l Broadway, between Great Jones and Fourth wWh'l"i 1! * ? happv of a continuance of patronage, wnith I shall suive to merit by attention to business, and liir nar't'm,!.",* oy1'"r"' 1 '*v? added to the wholesale de partment a finished saloou 011 the tirst story, with private rooms or tlie accommodation of custom within, where a choice i lre tioiiol oysters and gam? may always lie had. lUtt*Je GEO. T. DOWNING. PARISIAN BAZAAR. rpHE IIoum- and Store No. 41!) Broadway, near Grand street JL is situated 111 the most eligible jwrt of Broadway as a busi ness location, and tlie whole of tlie building has been fitted up at a very great expense iu the most magnificent style, with eve ry convenience for the disposal ol staple and fancy goodi, and the counters and glus cases will be let ?e|?eratel> as retail stores hIuI1*! ." ?fr following goods, vix.-Fancy Dry Goods, Silks, Lai es. Gimps, Silk and Worsted Materials, Milliuery, L,adies Head ami other Ornaments, Furrier's Articles Wm. l, ? and Clocks, Silver.nd Plated Ware. Lam*? a,,d ('h^ndehers. Hue Cutlery, rich China andUlass Ware Pocket Books, Mai? ^nBuaU aud olher B-Hik. (lanes. Umbrellas and ii 11 1 l'rl"ln?'r>. Ladies and (teutlemen's V'tirnwhing Arti u ? ? Shoe store, Toy Store, liibbon Store, ileady Made Lmimii Store, Ihread and Needle Store. Pic tures and rich goods of every description, and for the accommo dation ol 1* whionable Milliners and Dre-ss Makers, Miniature . and 1 or trait I muter*. And the third Mtory ha* been fitted ui? at greataxpniae as a gallery for oaintiugs and sculptnre, with a splendid dome, aiid is presumed to be iviual to any in tfiis city and in point of situntiou and convenience far superior and ? ill ' !V* k" Ti" r*'" : *nU ?" ord? that the B .tiar should be come a fashionable resort, and a convenience to tlie public and worthy ol patronage, 110 counter, will be let for inferior urda inaged goods, and a certificate ol recoinmeudalion will U re quired Iron; the gentlemen anil ladies that take charge of the Ck"n^r\ ? lie proprietor intends, if possible, that eacli store shall contain a different kind of goods, and tfie articles exhibi ted will be frequently published iu the journals of tlie day literals also glass oases in the Baraar for exhibiting premium goods, new inventions; also a counter in the back pan ?f the Baxaar will be let for the Mitt of ice cream and coufectioneiy.? i he establishment i? lighted, and heated and kept clean hv the proprietor, and a gentleman will be iu attendance to wait uixin customer* to the different stand*. por furtlier particular*, ?pp|v to *f'm Proprietor, a i- 'pi. , INiwsau street, or ou the. premises. Alto To Let, on the secoud story an artist room?a cood situation for portrait arid miniature painters. Also tw(? shTfT;L8t?r f rr L 8MMrA W,hi<?h wil1 ^ let ivaaon wtlSL Arunki' Bajk-ta, (ireeu House Plants, Wooden Ware .Store, or any K?*nteel businnMs; and t>?>%?ession ?C Mtuatious may be had immediately. seiB 3w?rc CHEAP SOAP WOKKS LABORATOHV OF PERFUMERY, COSMETICS he Sf*orsis or thk Exthtisive C.t.i or.ri- or WM. JOHNSON & VKOOM* [I.STK Johisson It Co.] KTO. 79 TRINITY PLACE, istaa the mew Taitmf tin am, New York. Pale Yellow Soap, extra No. White Bar " plain. " " perfumed. Yx negated " " Palm " " Fancy in boxes of I to 6 do*. " " by the pound. Mottled Soap, very superior. Opodeldoc " for Druggist.. Windsor " " White and Brown. Egg and Cn.hion Model of Fancy Hoa|?, very aupenor. Almond, Rose, Musk, Naples, (.'amphor, WoiMlbine, Cow dealer" ??rietie. of Fancy Soaps, suitable for country Sweet Perfumed Bags. Bears Oil, Cologne Waters, Honey Milk of Roses, Otto " Esprit de Hose, Macassar Oil, Tooth Powder and Lotious, Handkerchief Essences, '1 oilette Powder, Musk Perfumee of all kinas sI8 Im'ec Smelling Salu, Orecian Hair Dye, Lavender, Kalydor, Curling Fluid, Bear's Oreave. Ox Marrow romade. Essences of all kinds, t'old Cream, I'aarl Powder, Orange Flower Water, TO TAILORS. ' I 'I IK Second Edition of Stinernet's celebrated work on cut ,UIR IfHP'nts of every description in a style of elegance uiietjualled, is now puhlisherl and ready for delivery Those who desire to avail flrmwlvni of the great advantages to be dr riveilfroin the use of the instructions it contains, would do well to obtain a copy without delay. Tlie book is IU by 17 inche. snuarv, and contains 17 elegant diagrams of all tlie various stylra of garments worn at the present day, with full and ample instruc tions for cutting iu au ea?v and .ciontific manner. The follow ing are a few or the many highly resectable names who testify to the merits of the book:? The uuderi'gned being practically acquainted with Mr. Stine met . 1 reaues 011 Cutting Oarmenls, with pleasure recommend it as a work complete iu its arrangement, and in its practical a|> plication to cutting, superior to any heretofore published, either in r.urope or America. P *f. Son, Daniel Cutter. Staau St. Banker, Charles 01 ,W* I mm It Co., B. !?. Homer, James Daily, John Hayilaml, J. II. timlc r. The above can ve obtained of the author, No. 113 Broadway Ngw .18 Im'rc Medical Aid. ."f'WIRy , rft Opld street, i. at his |x>st as usual, day - and night, allevialing tlie mental a. well as bodily suffering, of those who may be so ????fortunate as to need his friendly, as we 1 as medical, advice and sympathy. that class of maladies called private the Doctor has published a i,Mii.e called ' The Kubicon," in which he shows how tlie various forms of secret diseases may he prevented as well a. cured, ?nd al so the method of regaining as well a? retaining MANLY VIO OR.j that |Htrtion of ihe work treating upon impotence or sexual debility, as also the chapter. 011 a certain habit of youthful in discretion and melancholy delusion, and also concerning many complaints incident to the tender set, will lie found a friendly yet sijent monitor. As it res|ierts the various forms and symp toms of the venereal disease, whether of recent or of loug stand ing?whether the nose, throat or bones be ulcerated, or however complicated and difficult the case may lie?iu instruction, are ? mole, and competent for a cure of the disease and a restoration of the constitution Tlie chapter on .tricture is of immense importance U> thoM who have formerly l?en .fflicted. and |ieihai>s indifferently, or may lie only half cured. It is well known that Stricture is the alinott inevitable consequence of the disease when badly treated or when the disease is suffered to remain too loug without being cured?it is in reference to this circumstance that *0 many peo ple have been benefitted bv a |*rus.l of the little volume hete al luded to. The fourth edition, enlarged and improved, is now ready, and I. sold at fifty cent.. It will be sent bv mail any dis tance postage paid, 011 thr receiptor $1, which must also be free of postage and addressed to DOCTOR OREOORY, sl? I mere M (told street. New York. MKDICAI, TAKI?. DOCTOR FAWCF.TT, of IM Fulton street, New York, .Vj Member of the lloyal follege of Surgeons, of London and rdinhurgh, and (iraduate of the Jefferson Medical Collrge of Philadelphia, also author of a work embracing the following subject., Matrimony, Imppteney and Aterility, anato mically, idij.iolonically, and medically explained, with, com nrehansive eiposifinn1 of tlie nature and modern treatment of Syphilis, Secondary Spmytoms, Oonorrhae; (Jleet, Strictures. Noctnraal Emissions, and all the consequences .rising from self pollution. Doctor hawcett continues his private consultations on Ilw- above-mentioned diseases, st his long established office, IW Fulton street, where the m ist aggravated form, of all affec tions ol the generative orgsns will yield fo his mode of treat ment, without restraint in diet or exe rcise, and without trier cury. r.'^n when the procreative energies l?erome torpid or iwralvied, from eir??ssive indulgence, *r from mssturhstion, h?* will able to reMOfP the parts tohiHilth si.d rigor. I'emorts % a distance, rnrlosing $1, can have a copy of thr work AII letters must he |>ost paid sll lm#rrc CJHII' V A/()(), from Lirerpool, is discharfting at the foot of Hutgers street, undrr ifanrml order. ( onsigoee^ will pleafe attend to ?he receipt of their s?hm!s. sl??ec rr ^WINh^.-.tOO bales superior B rid port Heme, Herring and * UillNett Twines, comprising a venr fnll as?ortmrnt, from *Jt !?'?? Also, 9 lbs. Sail Twine, all received |?er recent importations, and maimfsctured with th#? greatest care, from the best materials. l?or sale, on reasonable terms, by K. K. COLLIN^ i CO. M South .treat Amcrlcuii Institute?meeting of the Agri cultural Moclcty and the Farmer*' Club. The Agricultural Branch in connection with this Institution, assembled 011 Tuetday last, at the usual place, the American Institute, in the Park. Short ly after 11 o'clock, parties present assembled to gether, and ihere being no business of importance before the Agricultural Association, the meeting adjourned. About 12 o'clock the Farmers' Club assembled, Colonel Ci#ark in the chair. The following fruttj, Arc., were presented lor the ion|>tfction of the club and their consideration? Twelve Quinces, from Mr. Van Home, ol this city, weighing ten and a half pounds, cultivated with night soil, at Greenport, iii New Jersey. Some Freestone Seedling leaches, Ironi Mr. Kddie, of Railway, New Jersey; they were not quite ripe ; some of them weighed ten ounces, and measured ten inches in circumference. They weie named the Shotwell Peaches. Six others, moie ripe, from Mr Lawrence Van Wyk , ol this city ; very fine, but not so large us the toimcr, l?ui ot h peculiutly pleasant flavor. Ttiey were ottered tor competition. Some beuutilul Apple Seedlings, fium Mr. S. Greuvrs, ol iNew Jersey. A tew tine specimen of Isabella Grapes, Irom Mr. Sttel, ot New Jersey, aud Mr. ilowcs ol itiis city. Alter tins, a few observations were made by the chairman oil the employment ol sea weed, or a certain description ol |*eat, lor the purposes ol ugn culture. Mr Cariicr then drew the attention of the meeting to a (talk of bump presented by Chailej Cunuiugi am, h>q , ol tne tuiiili uarJ. It measured eight Indus rouud ihu I juiuis, and six inches round tiie body , tbelopmott bittuch was 16} leet high) and the branches extended between Ore ana six leet. It was more lhau two men could cairy, and a spring cart was obliged to be used lor that puipo*e. Mr. Carter ?aid that he had info lined that by beating water to 100 degrees, the hemp would come out liner than flax, and in ?ouie degree supersede the cotton. I'be pro duce ol this one stalk would not be less thsn J lbs of very good) beni)). lie recommended the attention ol laimeis psruculaily to the cultivation ol hemp, >ho soil aud character ol this county being generally well adapted lor Its production. That during Hi i whole ol his travel* in tuiopu he never saw such a slulk as the on* then before tne meeting. It was then stated by a member that generally the larger the stalk* were the more coarse was the hump, and ol less value. Mr. D. J. Brows* drew the attention of the meeting to a specimen ol Osuge Orange, which he presented, the sur lacu ol which, be >ald, was rough like Mosaic, only allol a color, lie said it was a native ot Ited ltiver, and us sn ornamental tree wui exceedingly valuable, and made most excellent lences. There had been an attempt to propagate tne silk wonn on it, but not with success ; this wood would impirt auye to water ; and was used by the Indians for bows, and it was said that they could do moro execution, in killing auimsls, with a Imw mude ol the wood of tuis tree, than others could with a rill., and it was in consequence called by tnem " bow-wood ' It grew in all the Southern States, where it was lound valu a'lle as fences, but could not be cultivated lurther North than Pennsylvania. TLu Chairman drew the atltntion ot the meeting to a fact, that a lady of his acquaintance had placed some tomatoes in brine, lor about three weeks, for the pur pose el preserving, some ol which were not quite ripe? that altei wards she put them into vinegar, and when she required them lor use, some time alterwards, she lound thht the more ripe had resisted the salt aud viuegar, aud had as fine a flavor us any that had ever been oaten when they wereio season. This b&4 suggested to him whether it was not possible to preserve thu iruit in full perfection lor the winter season, by some such means , and recom mended those proseut, who had an opportunity, to make some experiment on the subject. Care must be taken to preset vu the stem, and the bnuu be a little stronger than sea water. The Bkcrktarv addressed the meeting on the value of sewing corn broad cast, wharebyhe taid that liner aud moie prolific ctops would be produced, lie had seeu corn which stood 10 leet high, which had been sown in this manner. The Clistsman kuid, the Turners of some parts of Long Island adopted the sytteni, with gic?t success, und it was found that cattle was very loud ol the fodder it produced Mr. Stksi.c wished to kuow it any person present made butter in Jauuary or February, l.oin cattle led on this fodder 1 Mr. Carter described the way that was necessary to promote the growth ol corn sown broad cast, by which u man and a couple of horses could drag 10 or 1 -J acres per day, and this would be only required about lour times in the season. It was practiced in Indiana undlllincis, and the consequence was that the yield aveiag> d sixty bush els per acre. A desultory conversation then ensued on the cause ol the difference ot flavor in the same description of lruit,and sometimes from the same tree Home thought it arose from the toil, and others from the plants growing near the tree. It was itsted that a greater quantity of syrup might be obtained |rom the maple tree bv tapping it near the root, beneath the earth, than above the giound. Mr. I'gRT drew the attention ol the meeting to a state ment published in Dr. Gardiner's lecture on guana, which recommended the farmers of this country not to purchase that article for agricultural purposes ; and, alter what had passed in the club on this subject, wished to know il'such recommendation had the sanctiou ol the club. The Chairman said the recommendation of Dr. Gardi ner was for the farmers not to buy it at the present high prices. If the article could bo had at a proper price, it would be better to use it. A very animated discussion lock place on the the various articles u?ed for manure. Many con tending that our land possessed sufficient lor its cultivation ; and it was said that if the same amount was laid out in improvements ot agricul ture as had been paid recently for guano, ns good crops would have been produced, and more land broaght into a state of cultivation. That the coun try had within itself,or close adjoining, certain de scriptions of manure which had never been fairly tried, and might be found as productive as guano, ol which facts several instances were mven. The Chairman particularly alluded to a certain descrip tion of soil found on the Bahama Islands, which he had tried and lound productive. The nature and qualities of these different manures was then enter ed into. Ultimately the subject was referred ovet to the'next meeting, when.Dr. Gardiner was ex pected to be present. The meeting then ndjourned Llterat are. Wavkrt.y Novum, Vol. 8 ; Bulges*and Stringer, New York.?This is certainly a cheap and well not up work?the type large and clear?the pa|>er ol a good Quality, and contains the whole of Ivan hoe, for 37J cents. Gambling Unmasked; by J H. Green, " the re formed gambler"?Redding & Co, New York.? This is a work which every parent ought to place in the bands of his children, to guard them (his most pernicious vice ; the examples set forth, the expoie tnade of the tricks and schemes practis ed by gamblers to entrap the incautious, cannot but have a salutary tendency, to make thern aware of the great sin and tolly of pursuing such amusement. Merchants and brokers woulo, also, do well in placing a copy of this work in the hands of the young men in their employ; it might prevent many a bright youth from tailing into the depths of sin and misery. A Manual or Chemistry ; by Lewis C. Beck, M.D., Ate., (illustrated )?A most invaluabl ? text book for schools and colleges?got up in ? iegant style, and should t>? in the hands of every one who desires easily to acquire a praotteal acquaintance with the important science of chemistry. PuMiah ed by Dean, 2 Ann st. Mitral Tales?By Hannah More? Appleton fc Co., New York?Another delightful volume, par ticularly for young people, as they portray social lite with great faithfulness and elegance. Third Annual Report or the American In sriTi'TB ?This volume may be had at the Institu tion, and contains a considerable amount of infor mation relative to the Institution, its management, and the receipt and disbursement of its lunds, Sic. Tin LirK and AnvKNTfREa or At.onzo?W M Christy, Nt w York ?An interesting work, well got up. Ram si, bton, Part III?WmchesterJNew York. Will be found interesting to those who know the times and circumstances of which it treats. Prints ?A most beautiful lithograph print of the cutting out ol the B. and N. A. Steam Ship Britan nia from Boston harbor, on the 3d of February last, when a cansl was cut in the ice seven miles long and one hundred feet wide, at the expense ot the merchants and other residents ot that city, so as to enable her to proceed to sea. The print is beautifully executed on stone, by A. De Vaiideri court, Irom a sk'tch by J. C. King, and measure* 2't by 17 inches. Copies may be had of Andr< w (.iadie, Anglo American office, I Barclay street. W. S. Archer, Esq., U. S Sen itor of Virginia A mezzotint engraving of this gentleman, the le d er of the republican party in that Senate, hns re cently been issued by Mr. Du Pay, and may be had at Stephens <V Williams, looking gla.K manufac ture re rs, Broadway. Price ">0 cents Those (>er *ons that know the gentleman say that it is a good likeness. Music ?"The Hihernia Bouquet," containing four of the most beautiful and popular Irish nir<, has recently been issued by Dubois, Broad wsy Personal movements, * " A great State Masa Convention oi Whig* i<t to be held at Rochester, N. V., on the 24 of October, when Daniel Webster, Cas.-ius M. i.lay,Tom Cor win, of Ohio, IlulusClioate, and John M. Clayton, are exi>ecied to be in attendance. Cassiua M. Clay, of Kentucky, arrived at Albany on Tuesday looming, and look lodging* at the Eagle tavern lie left tor Boston in the alternoon, and will speak on Bunker Hill and in Faueuil Hall on Thutsday. Richard Warner, of Medina county, haa beea nominated us the democratic candidate for the 29th Congress, hud E. M. Scone, Esq , of Norwalk county, as the democratic candidate for the vacan cy in the present Congress, occabioned by the death of Gen.'. Letters from Washington fay it is currently re ported that the Hon. John Y. Mason u about to resign hia office ot Secretary of the Navy, and is to receive au appointment abroad, and that a dis tinguished gentleman from the central pari of New York, and a member of the democratic party u to succesd liiin in the Navy Department. Commodore John D. Sloat, who has been ap pointed to the coiiimund of Hie Pacific squadron, will embark at Norfolk in the Oregon, Lieutenant Comd'i Sinclair, lor Chagrea and Panama, about the 15th inst. Gen Lewis ( uti un I i'hon. L Hamer, Kiq , are an* liouiiCf. I to a.;dre?. a Democratic Mass Meeting at Colutt bus, Ohio, on tho -J3d lust. Wm. Chilton Allen, aoit of Hon. Chilton AUen, died at tun 1st Iter's house in Kentuck), ou the rilh, bgeO 19? a prosiiiing young sculptor. The Southern Reformer chronicles the death of the tlon Isaac K. Nichol>ou, of Hu<da county, Miumlppl, lot merly Judge ol tlie seventh dMtrict ot that 8tale. The Hon. Daniel Web?ter haa accepted the invitation to deliver the annual addre?s b. tore the Hampshire,Hemp den and Kranklin Agricultural Society, at Northampton, on the ?Jdof October. Dr Lloyd B. Drayton, of Providence, was (truck with paralyus on Saturday, while walking irorn the American House, and died in a lew hours sfter. Ex-Governor Davis will deliver an addreaa, and Park Benjamin a poem, before tie Mercantile Library Asso ciation in Buston early in Octobtr. Joseph ltuafrll, of Warremburgh, lithe Locofoco can didate lor l-ongieas in the 16th District tKianklin, Clin ton, Warien and part ot Hamilton counties.) Oirtit Smith, E?q , tho Abolition orator, has b?en ad dreuing large audieiices in Pulton, Otwego Co. I The Hon. G. Melville, addressed a large meeting ol the democratic party ut Louisville, on Wednetdsy lust, and oddresktd thu citizens at Lexington, Ky., ou the Itih inst. and is to be at Cincinnati, on the 17.h, and Columbus on the JOih A grand dinner was to be given to the Hon. A. Burt, of Lexington district yesterday, by his constituents. B. M. Vuoihees, chief cleik ol the Bureau of Construe - tion, in the Navy depaitineut, died in Washington on Friday night, ot typhus lever. The Hon. Lucinn P. Kerry, one of the Preaidential elec tors on the Democratic licket in Indians, died a few days since. John Gilbert, Ktq., the contingent Elector, is sub stitutcd in his place. Bishop Kemper, of Lafayette, la., in company with a ge .tlenian named Mi son, veiy uariowly escaped diown ing in attempting to loid a river near Delhi, on Monday last ; but the BiMiop and Mr Mason loitunately made the shore, on the same side they went in, by swimming. The | horse was drowned. Mrs. H. Tyler has returned from Kim liland, and la now residing at Mrs Usrdinet's, iu Lafayette Place, where the lauy of Pisaident Tyler u on a visit lor s short time. General MarUle left Pittsburgh on Thuradsy moraleg f'?r Butler, uccompanied by his ton, Cant. C. B. Markle Gen Irvine, Mr. ulddings, ?1 Ohio, Mr Darsie. ,\.r. Hsmr^ ton and others of this city. Secretary Wilkins has lelt Waihingtsn for Western Pennsylvania. Ball Hughe*, the eminent sculptor, has finished his model for k atiitue of bionxe, repiesenting the late illus trious Bowditch, ol Boston. Theatrical anil Musical. Til-- following niMiibc'iB o| the sock end buskin have arrived in thin city within the lust day or two ?Miss C. Cushman, irom Philadelphia ; Mr. \V . H. Crisp, and Mr. 11. Philips, from England, and Signor Antognini, lioin Boston. Mr. and Mrs.Walcot, and Mrs Tnnm, are re-en gaged at the Albany Museum. The first mentioned tor twelve nights only. Mr and Misses Andrews gave a farewell concert at tlie Masonic Temple, Boston, Tuesday evening. Mr. Silubee made his first appearance in Buffalo on Tuesday evening, us Sam Slick, the Clock makcr. Mr. Graham made a decided hit ou the occasion ot his first iiiqwarance at th?- National Theatre, Boston, on Monday night. Miss Nelson was also envnently successful, un her first ap|K'ar<tnce the same evening, there. The ruinor is not correct, that Mr. Macready was at the head of the project for hiring the Melo deon Theatre. Boston. Mi. Rodnry, a gentleman from Montreal, has lured the Melodeon tor a short time, and that he intends to ask Mr. Macready to act lor a few nights previous to hia departure for Europe. Dr Charles Poyen, of Mesmeric notoriety, well known here, died recently at Bordeaux,he was on the point of embarking for the United Statea. Robert C. Mnywood, formerly manager of the Chesnut Street Theatre, Philadelphia, came pas senger in the Victoria. Mr. Lane, a blind gentleman, ia lecturing on the education of the blind, and on education generally at Albany. Abby Kelley has been lecturing to full houses, at Portsmouth, N. 11 ., on "moral reform," "aboli tion," tec. Mr. Hy. Russell is now giving concerts, at the Hanover Rooms, London. Thk Dirtin Family.?This family, so well known throughout England, Ireland, and Scotland for their i>erlormance on brass instruments, are now per lormuig in Germany wuhfereat 6dut. Fanny Elsslerwill be succeeded at the Dublin I heatre, by a select operatic company, consisting; nl Grisi, Favanti, Mario, Corelli, Paltoni, and F\ Labluche. The engagement is limited to ten nights. The Brighton (Eng > Theatre, under the man agement ot Mr. Hooper, has been doing well. Hamilton, the Irish comedmn, has made quite a hit in some of Power's favmite parts. Mritle. Cerito, Mdlle. Louise, M. St. Leon, and .VI. Montessor have been starring at the Bath Theatre, (Ei.g.) with great success. A new opera by Herold, the author of "Zampa," has been brought out in London with success, Mr. H. Horncastle,Mr. Frazer, Miss M. A Crisp, and Miss Mear?, are engaged at the Grecian Sa loon, London. The following engagements have been made by Mr. Webster for the opening the Adelphi theatre. Strand, London, at the end of September!?Madame Celeste, Mrs Yates, Miss Woolgar, Miss Chaplin, Mrs F. Matthews, Miss Floyd, Mrs. Woollidge; Messrs. O Smith, Wright, P. Bedford, Wilkinson, Hudsc n, (late ot Drur) - lane,) Co we II, Sanders, ic. The Misses I'ynes have been giving Concert* at Boulogne. Mr. Carter, "the American Lion King," as he is termed in England, is ut Astley's amphitheatre. London. I. Hudson Kirby, ih peiforming leading tra gic characteie ui ihe Royal Victoria theatre, Lon don. A new piece by Leinon Rede, eatitlcd "The Old House in West Street," lias been interdicted by the Lord Chamberlain of England. The Deptlord theatre. England, is about to be n|ieu< d by Mr. Cockerill, ol the new Strand thea tre. There is no truth in the rumor that Mr. Mac ready and Mr. Ryder had quarrelled some time since. CofitT ror tiik Cohriction or Eimo**? Sept 17, IH44?Present? Senator Strong, presiding, and M other Senators No. 1-Horatio N Kryatt and si vi The Sullivan Compsny. Mr. A. Thompson concluded for del. in error, Mr II. H Do.lge was heard In reply. Derision |>ostponed till Decembsr. No. J-Jsmes M Kreneh vs. Friend Lawrence. Mr. Van Bnren was hestd tor plff in error Musot'M.?The e|Ti>MHl returns ef the Missouri slcction ?re published iii the St I.ouk Hepubllcan' ol ?he 6th. 'Ilie lollowlng are th< reaults Governor?John C. Rtlwards, (Hard) 87,113 ; Cbss H. Allen, (Soft) 31 Itl L. H Him*. (Holt) i? elected to Conxrest over I> C. M. Parions The Hcune *t?inl? M lo'-os to 44 whlgS. Thk\ hk Coluhk ?We are happy to hear that tliU liotitutinn Mill flonrishes, and has increas. liig tokens sf putdic tavor. The (all term, which com iteueed atioiil tin- tir?t ol Septemb. r, has opened with s Kreahmnn r !??? of sixteen, and sildltions sl.o to the Other elasfes, sisl more new siudaats are still expected. The <ea lemv also h>is been fu'ler this summer than ever be fore 'i'his in?titution is Inrreasing in reputation and iinettilnen, au.l wa Commend it to the most lineral patron i?fe ol the citirens ol Delaware.?Delaware Journal. Nkw Exm*s* Rom.?Adams k Co. have e? tended their Express lines to Lancaster, Colombia snd York, Pennsylvania, and to Wilmington, Delaware

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