Newspaper of The New York Herald, 19 Eylül 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 19 Eylül 1844 Page 3
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(i> TO HOUSEKEEPERS ? Families overrun with .ockroacliea or bed buff*, may banish thorn effectually by umi.K 3.uuhiltz's loach bane. Wherever it hM hren used vermin have been destroyed by the thousands. Hold at .'1 Courtlandt street. Or/-IN BILLIOU4 DIARHHtE A, WHERE VOMIT ing mid purging ui bile urn th? urgent symptoms, Ber nard's Diarrheal Medicine <li?|ila>*? i>? benlu g powers to admiration it anvils the vomiting by allaying the irri lability of the stomach, uuJ ;<ci> on the intestines m such it manner ustu dimmish the discharges. and biiug them to u more na??nnl and healthy appearance This medicine is lor ?ab- by the proprietor at 97 Nassau stieet, N York, and Dr. H'. H. Milnor, cornet of John street and Brosd "?iV B irku? St Bull agents fur Troy, New Yvik; Rosi ? veltSti'o. Albsii); Warren W Page, Poston. .VUss ; W. T. Mercer, Newark, N Jersey; C. Inglesh, jr , Patterson, do; D T. Stillman, New Orleans. (jtj~ CONNELLYS MAGICAL PAIN EXTRACTOR, tor almost instantly lemoving all pain Itoin burns, and al way * heal iik without even a scar, is sold only genuine at No. 'J I Courtlandt street. ft/-" DELAY IS DANGEROUS," AND IS OFTEN titnea productive oi ruin. A slight cold, which at its ap penance did not seem worthy of notice, haa led to the most tatul consequences D( Shertnau's Cough Lozenges will give immediate relief?they have effected cures in the inost desperate cases, and are oetter calculated at this changeable and cold season to remove all severe and trou blesome coughs, th in any other medicine in use. They are highly lecoinmeiided by tho faculty and prescribed tnthtir patients. Dr. Sherman's warehouse is at 100 Nas-.austreet. Agents?227 Hudson street; 188 Bowery; 77 Kast Broadway; 84 William street; 3 Ledger Buildings, Philadelphia, and 8 State street, Boston. Ja/ CONSTITUTIONAL DaillLIT* CURED.?Th? fo'ie; Mixture, prepared by the College ot Medicine ant1 Ph.uiii.ucy oi the city of New York, ta confidently re comneudcd forall cases of debility produced by secret is dulg.-nce or excess of Any kind. It Is an invaluable rem* dy for impotence, sterility, oi barrenness (unless depecd Inp on mai-forraation.) Single bottles (1 each ; cast* of half a dozen ?6; care (ally packed and sent to all narta ofthe Union O'ftaaot the College of Medicine and Pharmacy 96 Kt.uar street W fi RICHARDSON. M. D., Agent <HJ- PILES IN THEIR WORST FORM MAY BE be cured by the tn-e of Hay's Liniment. Why, then should *o many aufl'-r trom this most distressing com plaint, when the remedy is warranted in every case to cure. Bold only at 21 Courtlandt street. (U?- IN DYSENTERY R S BERNARD'S DIAR rliir i Medicine has proved efficacious in alla> ing the pain and irritation, if administered before the fever is fully set up, or after the febrile action has been sufficiently reduced by proper repletion. lu cliolic it allays the pain and relieves the spasms. We have often seen a patient in the most excruciating agony, with liia wtiolo body drawn up into knots, completely freed tiom pain and spasms by one or two doses of the pmedy. For sale by R. 8. Bernard, the proprietor, 97 Nassau s'reet. New Yoik;also by Dr W H Milnor, coi ner of John street aud Bio,id way. Backus k. Bull agents for Troy, New York: Hosevelt &. Co., Albany; W. W Page Boston, Mass ; C. Inglesh, jr., Patterson. N. Jersey; W. T. Mercer, Newark, do; I). T Stillman, N. Orleans -Xf- THE CON<:>.MmaTLU EXTRACT OK BAfc HAIAKILLA, GENT1 AN AND HARSAFRA8,prep?t* bj 1 he New York College of Medicine and Pharmacy, es tablished lor the suppression of quackery. This retine. end highly concentrated extract, possessing all the pun lying 'Miofities and curative powers of the above herbt is confidently recommended by the College, as infinitely superior to auy extract ol Sarsaparilla at present bctor the public, and may be relied on as a certain remedy lo< all diseases arising irom an impure state ol' the blood such its scrofula, salt-rheum, ringworm, blotches or pint pies, ulcers, nam tn the bones or joints, nodes, cutaneoui (.rup'iors, ulcerated aore throat, or any disease arising Irom the secondary effects oi syphilis or an injudiciov Use ci mercury. ?old in single Uott; jj, at 75 cents each a Cas '3 ol ha Bottles, $3 60 " one dozen " 6 00 Cases forwarded to all pirts of the Union. N. B.?A verv liberal discount to wholesale pnrchasvri O' .Uv. oi the College, M Nassau street Wf. a. RH HARHKON. M.D., Ageat ftjP-TIlE UNPRECEDENTED POPULARITY AND universal demand lor Dr. Felix Oourauu's Poudres Sub tiles, lor uprooting hair without the slightest injury to the skin, lias ?ivlikened the cupidity ol a nest of vile counter falter], who aro p iliniug|o(Tupon the publii'.^a spurious and deleterious aitirleas the genuine preparation. To protect purchase rs against these d. celvrrs. the proprietor has had ca^t a splendid square bottle, on the four sides oi which are blown ti.e following :?" Dr Felix Guuraud's Poudres Suhtiles, lor uprooting hair, New York," enveloped in a haudsome wrapper, with th? Dr's fac simile. The public may rest assured >ha' every bottle not answering the above description is a wortbl'ss imitation, aud should be reject ed, aud those who attempt to deceive, and their inju rious composition, shunned and despised. Dr G's 1'ou dres have been long held in high estimation, and are re ^ commended by ev. ry one who tiso them, as uniting P entire efficacy Wih perfect safety in eradicating every description oi supeiflious hair, however deep the hu:b may b? seat?d. To be bad uo where else in New York but at 07 Winker street firs store raoM Broadway, where itp timetable testimonials can be shown and the prepara tion tested, if r?qttired. by the purchaser. Agents -70 Chesnu* street, I'i.iI ?delphia; 2 Mill^ street, Boston; Carl ton, Lowell; Deer, Providence; (Jreen & Co., Worcester; Cowies, Springfi 1J; Bull, Hartford OU- SICK HEADACHE.? Dr Sphon's remedy Is a sure pievcntive of this-distressing complaint, if taken Viet the attack is coming on, and it radical cure it per sisted in. Sold at 21 Courtlaudt street. fry- A WONDERFUL CURE HAS RECENTLY been effected upon ? ireiitlemnn of high standing in this city, that has been afflicted with venereal disease lor the 1 ift seven years, by the use ol Dr. Blackwell's Ant-Acrid Tincture and Scmch Renovator. We will not give his name, but can point him out t> those nee ling evidence of the efficacy of this nrepira ion. For sale bv R. 8 Ber n ird, general aient for the Unl el States; a'so by W. W Page, ygent 101 Boston; B*cku?- k Bull, agents Troy; and J). T. Stillman, agent for New Oi leans. (HT- VELPfcAU'S SPECIFIC TILLS FOR THE CUU> of < ictierrboet*, t.lleet, ard .ill mooupurulent disrharpei from tbc nre'lra. Tncse p'"prepared by tho New York College at Medicine and Ijiirmacy. established forth* euppressiori of quackery,stay be relied on as tbe mor stH ly end oflectua1 remedy tor the above complaints. " ate ({naiaiiteed to cure recent cases in from thre# tjS'vedays, uud [iossess a greater power over otstlnati discharges and chronic gleet, than any other preparatioi ft present known, removing the disease withoutcontine t t it; from business, tainting the breath or disagreeing weii the "tomai.h. Trice $1 per box. Sold ot the Office of the College ot Tharratcy and Ma dicicfi.tift Nassau street. W. S. RICHARDSON. M. D. Aee?* (&- PIMPLES AND BREAKINGS OUT UPON THE FACE.?These troublesome affections which so much di?. figure tho countenance, arid invariably denote that the sys tem is in an unhealthy state,may lie removed in a very short time by the use of Comstock's Sarsaparils, which is the b.'st puiilicator and alterative of the system ever brought before the public. Sold at 21 Courtlandt street Price 60 cents per bottle, or $4 per dozen. vV>? KICOKD'H PARISIAN ALTERATIVE MJ1 1\ kt- For the ijnre of primai7 ot sec mdary Syphilis and'dI affections produci* by an injudicious aie of mer cury. The grent ndvnatages ponsessnd I y this powotfh! sltei ntl'. c over all other preparations for the euro ol 8y philis, is, thl wtiil?! curing tbe disease it improves th< coostitiition, whilst mercury generally leave a muck worse disease tints the one It is administered (or. 7b? host recommendation we can fjiveof it is, that it is no* extensively prescribed by the medical (acuity, who for stilly considered mercury the only cure for those ccm plaints .Hold, ia single bottles, $1 each ; in cases of ball dojeen, >4, carel'uily packed, ind sent to all |iarts of thf Uairt Olden of tho College of Medicine ^and Phartria cy. fa Nsssku street. W 8 UlCHARDUnN, M D.,A?e?t OOURAUD'S BLANC D'E8PAONE. or Spanish White, for the complexion Avoid a counterfeit Genu ine oelv at 67 Walker street, first store rsoM Broadway. MONEY M4RKKT. WtdaesUsy, Sept 1(W! P. M, Stocks aro all up again to-lay? a complete change Iroin yesterday. Norwich and Worcester advancci*j pur cent; S'oningtou, IJ; llailem, j; Long Island, J; Can on, I}; Farmers' Trust, j; O'lio S's, J Mohawk, Erie Railroad anJ Indiana closed firm at yesterday'sprices.? At tin; New Board there was very little done. Long Isl and improved j per cent; Canton, lj; Stonington, }; Ohio O's, ]; Kurmers' Trust, firm. The operations in the stock i.iaiket at present are very limited, and those made are Confined prir.cipally tostiiks el tin bast actual value.? The Uiga.t portion cl the stock trauiactions is iu Canton Co. and all kinds of reports are circulated to obtain lator for it amongst operators. Tho stock has ccitalnly ad vaticed rapidly within a few days r>ast, but the impression seems to be very general that the decline will be as rapid The European advices appear to have had very little on our markets as yet. The unfavorable ac counts in relation to cotton have acted as a dam per to the feelings ui openttoisin this nnrket, but no decline has yet tukeu place in pi ices. The advicea in rela tion to the weather and crops of Oreat Britain are also anything but cheering to the producers of country and those engaged in this busi ness. The crops were tinusua'ly laige, and the harvest neatly secured Thire is no cour.try in the world so much interested in abundant harvests a i Great Britain, and on the other band there is no country so deeply in ter-'*ted in an external demand for its agricultural pro ducts as tho United Status. These two countries being situated in this manner, the attention of the producers ol cne ia turned to the wants of the consumers in tho other, and the prospective ability of the local producers to sup ply the demand. The altered notes of the Bank of the State of South < atoiina may be detected by the vignette. The spurious tens itre maik' d by the vignette of a human figure be tween the numbers designating the value of the bill, and by tho winds "Bank ol the Slate ol South Carolina," printed on two lines, in Roman capitals. The genuin* ones aro distinguished by a vignette of four ships be twe n the miniatures of Calhoun and J? flVrson, and by lb" worts 1 Bank ol l!io State of South Carolina," print id ou a ? line in Herman text cdpi'als. The circulating netas of th? Bank of llrockport, New York, are not redeemed. The Bank made no report on the 1st of August, and we presume it is winding up. In January it had a circulation of $36 000, secured by $13 414 bonds and mortgages, $10,000 New York and $6000 Illinois stocks. The harvests of Great Britain for 1844, so far m seeured settlci the extent of the demands oi that country on foieign nations for supplies. We annex tables showing ?he importation of wheat into Ureat Britain for the same perlou in 1841 and 1844 : ? Imi uk i ?i iom or Wheat into Uhkat Britain. 1842. 1844. 18 IS. 1844. IMS. 1844. . . Ct'd for Ct'd for Attract jlverare Imprt d Iinprt'd. Cont'n. Coru'n. vrict. price. I inu try, ltfr.999 .35.420 9.819 3,540 Cls. 7d. 49?. Od frehruary, 228,033 16,074 5,232 1,981 60s. 4d. 52?. 6,1 March, ?30,(*4 39,601 6.191 3,076 58s. lid. 56,. 2,1 April, 163,158 68,161. 40 852 80,88*1 5H?. lid. 56?5d' May, 2117,797 216,381 100,251 61,320 61*. 3d. 55, 6d" June, 310,262 2*4.802 135.130 80,979 64a. id. 55s 6d July, 435,525 181,654 342,588 112,415 61s. 2,1. 55. 9d August, 1186,.'>87 202,37 3 2,186,600 440,94 1 55s. lid. 51?! ltd! This is a very curious and important table. We find that prices in both years were lower in August?jisst be fore harvest?than for any month previous in the year, with one exception, January, 1844, and the importation of wheat has been the heaviest just before the new crop camu into the market. The amount of wheat, at the close of every month throughout the year, is very good evidence that for soma purpose the supply is allow ed to accumulate, and that it is not thrown upon the mar ket until just previous to harvest (ll'aNTITV OK WlfEaT IN BoNU AT THE END Or T1IK Month, 1(14. I QlWftef8 ? OtlQT/fTS January 353,308 Msy 1,082,823 tfbr,!?ry 571,265 June " A."Pi 793,380 July 1,338,757 A|WU 911,507 August 8,917 We see by this a gradual accumulation, to the last of July, until the amount reached 1 388 767 quarter*, which, with the importation for August, made a stock of 3,940,133 quarters, which was reduced by the 1st of September to 8 917 quarters, accompanied with a very great reduction in prices. These movements on the part of the specula tors must have a very Injurious effect on the interests of the producers, and on the interests of those who, by a fair competition, could supply the wants of the market throughout the season, and thereby prevent the advance in prices, without injury to the home producers, and with great benefit to the consumer. In the above table we find a very steady increase in prices, up to the last of August, and an accumulation of supplies. The large stock on hand Just previous to harvest, came into the mar ket belore the new crops were ready, and before the far. mers were prepared with their supplies?prices become gieatly reduced, and the producers the sufferera. The crops of grain throughout the world for 1844, judging from present accounts, must be much largsr than ever before known, and the demand for the supplies ot each country, must, in a greaier degree than heretofore known, be confined to the consumers within their own limits. Tho receipts of produce at Albany this year, compared with last, show an enormous increase When we Jake into consideration the fact that nenrly all the flour and grain received thus far, is tho surpluK of last years' crop, and that the new orops hava hardly made their appearance, we cannot re sist the belief that the quantity of grain produced this year, over and above our limited wants for consumption, would almost suffice for another years' supply, without any aid from another crop. Pnoni-cR Received at Ai.hany to the clohf. or the Second Week or September. ... , . I?'3- 1841. lncrrntt. Dtcrtate. I Hour, brli. 671.527 840,313 168,794 - P"rk do 23,500 27,814 4,344 - , do 5,968 17,674 11,706 ? AfW" 23,080 30,25-1 2.174 ? Wheat bush. 54,762 121 637 06,875 _ rnor" <}>> 73,M3 9,266 - 63 327 Barley -do 8,512 10,582 32,070 ? ' heese.. . . lbs. 1,155.000 1,311,700 156,700 ? Butter K Lard... 3,335.000 2,993.100 ? 331900 Wool 1,565,190 3,138,800 1,573,610 ? The receipts of Flour for the first week of September, 1844, are 40 716 bbls. against 45,719 last year. The tolls received up to the same time, were $341,470 07 in 1844, against $171 9% in 1843 The receipts at Tide Water, in Albany and West Troy, for the first week in September, 1844, were 89,877 bbls. flour and 60,778 bush els of wheat. The aggregate receipts at Tide Water from 'he opening of navigation to the end of the 1st week in September, were as lollows Receipts at Tide Water ok Flour and Wheat 1843 1944 /?c. ??Uri , 901 478 1 200,304 3117 aoq Wheat, hush 364,010 673,644 319 614 Should the new crop come forward very rapidly this sea son,'he supplies in the principal markets at the close of na vigation, must be enormous,and prices muat find a very re duced level. At present we do not see theslighteat chance for a very large foreign demand of any of our agrlcultu ral products. As au evidence of the immense productiveness of near ly every railroad In Europe, we annex a statement ot some French railroad*, showing in two instance* an in crease of full fifty per cent. French Railway Rkeifts P,mi to Orleans ( Corheil Included)from Vh to 13tk.luguit. For 28.588 passengers frIOl,538 65 l,lr'"l,t Parcel. 2,179 43 Horsei and carriages 2,964 75 Merchandise 23.0<mi 27 Cattle 2,205 45 ? ? . .. . . 131,978 55 Receipts corresponding period, 1843, 121.270 30 J Total Receipts from Jan. I, to Aug. Irl0,708 25 16,1811 3,936 951 .52 I L- ,n Pmr" Rornn,from 6th to *12tk August. | hor 19,795 pas.engers frll0,823 70 Merchandise, parcels, carriages, See. 40,017 65 150 881 35 In the corresponding period, 1813,... 105^ 16 65 K-nrOi it9fHr'"'hure *? Ba,l,/or "" Month nf July. 7? ror9l,332 passenger* 260,756 70 Luggage 5,818 32 Merchandise 45,921 46 312 499 48 Portion of Receipts from Mtilhaaseu to rhann 5,408 50 317 988 98 For corresponding month, 1843 206,189 tiO ? 111 799 38 1 he Railroads of Great Britain have been equally pro ductive. immense preparations are being made to extend these works throughout the continent. The contract between Mr. Norris, the celebrated locomotive engine builder of Philadelphia, and the Austrian Government, is evidence of the spirit with which the governments on the continent have entered into this business. Railroad stocks are favorite investments in this country us well as in Europe, and our roads must ere long prove as produc tive. Old Mtock Exchange. ?SS2?x,hi" 6'"? 1?'?' m 125 ,h? Canton Co 46 i s 1000 Tennessee 6'?, 102 25 d,, >r.o Jc! 10 Bank State N v' 85* 425 do '6? k' 120 Bank Com script 98 100 do 1,15 4f,C 100 Farmers irust 39>? loo do bio iri? 10 NO Canal Bank Co 39 loo do WO 46? 50 Illinois Bank 27 50 do b30 46$ 2? 9?? . ^0 do I,JO 46>i 75 Morris Canal 50 Contribu Fire Ins 25 N H Sc llart R R 25 trie K R 2I? 60 Mohawk R R l,M 50 do 21 u 50 do snw 63ji 100 Long Island R R 83% 75 Stoningtou R R opg I6>J 250 do b30 84'4 150 do opg 47 250 do 81 <75 do 17 ? 100 Harlem It R %90 75 .',0 Reading R R slO 53), 175 do 75K 75 I'atersoti R R 84 50 Nor (k Wor R K l>30 (Jt 50 do >60 81 150 do 67X Hecontl Board. 375 Canton Co. ' 46)< 100 Nor St Wor R R sJ 68 150 do s3 46H 75 do 68 100 do blO 46M 25 Erie R R 2t>i 150 do 4t.C 75 Haiit in R R 75H 25 do Ib'a New Utoek Exchange. $1000 Ohio 6's, I860 t>3 99'i 50 Long Island R R H10 81 $ 00o Illinois 6's, *70, 1,20 10 50 do cash 81\ 50 U S Bank. casli R'j, 75 do cash 84 25 Farmers' Loan, cash 31V, 100 Harlem R 11 *90 71 25 do b3 f.i\ 100 do ?6in 73 2S ? do hi 3?X 50 Nor ii Wor R R 1.3 6B!,' 50 Morris Canal slO II 50 do bJO t>9 50 do caah II 25 do s! w 68 50 Canton Co s lO 45X 250 do l>3 68 25 do blO 16,'? 100 do cash 6? 25 do >3 46 25 do l>29 68 25 do ITM 25 do caali 67,'i 25 do cash 25 do slO tWJa 75 do l> 10 4b 100 do cash 6'T, 2.5 <1? b20 I6,.| 75 Erie 11R 2i), 25 do b2A 46 It do snw 24>? 50 do 45>? 25 do h30 50 Htoniugton R R ope 47 7J do l>3 25 Sales or Stocks - Boston, Sept. 17. Jit tk' Hnnrd oj Broken. - Ml shs Rending IIR, 36j| ; 60 do do loj ; M) do do, l>46, vt7J ; 100 do do, h 30, 17 : 100 do do, blin 1" ^ , I'i0 i.'o do, Mm, 37} ; 60 do Long Island Hit, H4 ; 36 do Norwich Si Woicestei Rll, blft. ; 16 do do, ; /i0 do Western RR,I>10, 88J j I6dodo,80; *1000 Reading 11R Bond-, 79 Sale* or Stoces ? Phimihi rHis, Sept 17. Stocks nnd Loans, being a portion of the assets ol the Oirard Bank, coll by order of the Assignees of the (itrard Bank:?1600 shares olferrd, 600 sold, of the New York, I'lovnleiice and Boston llRCo , (Siouii'gtoii,) 100 shaies at 45J, and 400 shari s ot 46|; $1160 IVnn'a 6 per cent Loans. diiM 1st Aug lb46, 73} ?, $1325 Pmin'a ? per c? nt do, 73} ; $1160 Peiin',i 6 cht cent do, 7-1} j $l<wd H.)-100 Pent.'a 6 pur cent do, 67} i $76 IVnn'a 6 per cent do, 63. Stale of Trade. Ashes ? Pots are in veiy moderate request at $4 1HJ. (Quotations are not very firm. I'earls ar. held at $4 4 lj, Kxports from the 1st to I7ih inst-Pots 1668 bbls, Pearu 680 bbls. Reeswae ?There is very little doing in this article. Prune yellow oi nil descriptions range Irom '10} i 30 c Cot ion?'The news per Britannia bus not ? fl" cted lh< market ; enquiry, howev .i, w as too limlti 1 to tee tlm i *? ten' it may ii fluence It. Transactions amount o uboui ItXI hales I t previous rates. Il*r ?Common qualities of North River bale sell as wanted at 30 a 33c. Primo for shipment is very Inactive. Provisions ?There is very littl# doing in Pork We ||U0'C Jiii.e iit $7 .)?} 8 $7 6J j ; Mess, $!< 15 a $!? ,|J}, lleel is very dull. Ohio l.*rd,kegt sails at 6$ a 6jc. But ,E, "ZSJZS'Z, Z' ^ ?""" c? iSld,P^CMV I'1* dull, holder. a.h at*4i r*U ?r? in ?odwt.te rvqnaat Harried, In t'-i? city on the 4th in*f, hy the IO-v E Tucker ?r nasHsss^ - ?^ssr?te Olrd, On the lbth instant, John B Manut, aged64 .tar. kSKSB^k?? of^Si ?gel8"1 'n,lau,i Mr. Hi'uh Flood, ia the 83d yew /""i".ad" Ru<1 ac'l!'#intance are respectfully invited to lSTLu! """"" lhiB ?tVo'clocVfrom hu without lurther tovitntion <;"'n,n8 UDJ Mintt,a ,,r-,s' 3 pawnbroker in thin city. ' Foreign liU]K>rtallona. P..M WiV-T?"K~ rlK t:P"cordia? 15 hl.da A Merck?144 MARITIME HERALD. Hailing Day* of the VteamatWua. Brito.'a'T^Hewite".0.*! ?K"oot- ?"<?" Caledonia, Lott ... s..,, to ilct- .1 Q. Weateru. Matthew...'. * *' Oct. ia 11! n^. i? . ? SI*'P and Agenta. \ve shall esieern it a favor if Captain* of Vc?-?l? will iriv. I? S'LVEr, Capuia of our Newt Boats n report of the shipping left at the port whence they tailed' the vrssels 7,,eir a 14,1 "r lh<"" cargiK and' aiiy fW,? newspapers, or news they may have. He will bntnl fUm j^asardl ftsw & iJ's tote Ax ^ POKT OF MEW YOltll, SKI'TEJIBKll 10. ? UK ? ^ I MO?" ,ET? 17 5 I high water a 37 Cleared. u B?roue /. R|"Kl Htuart, Charleston, Dunham Si Diinon Brigs I, lined States, Vork, Montego Bay, Ja. Nesmith V Walsh MXie' iur'i.uN?^p- f vo^yri'8<S,i: b S n ft "J' New Jersey, Merry. Savannah ^W^l uV? l?iP*!aw!are', Higitins, Port Maria. Neimitli fcWal.h; MargaretJ-.liMheth.(Br) Kaulkoer. St. J?hn, N K McCreidv'ltfv! i'?; ""a K,,arn?'>4 Kichmoud, N. L." McCrejcl) Ik.Co.?Steamer Augujta, Uould, Philadelphia, do. Arrived. Slnp Isaac Allertmi, Torrey, from Liverpool, Aug. 29, with mdse and pawn gen, to master. ' ii^?rV^^*-,b^','e^e^*1',^r?"*''^/,-'''^',^^'i?ht>0'ln' *'* El' toB^^'ln.^hnV^'^c"'111^ "on, Prussian l.rig Concordia, MullMeh, from Newcastle Euif urIY ? day, H ,III mdse, to Wm. Writer. ' K frJIi li ?' Gorhani, Hitchcock. Irnin Demerara, and 23 daw from Bonaire, with 1000 bii.M, sail, bo I 10 Bridgeport Put Bonaire ^"""'l winJi ?? AmericSii veLl. ? Bonaire. 12f.h and 13th fnst. off Chmcoteaguc, experienced a severe Rule from hSh to NK?stove boat, camboose, bulwark* and received other damage. ' WdrK*. witf1'Vn ??br,fi' 7 days frum Fortune Bay, NK. with 30 tons salt to Goodhue Co. ?lSS,t,i?blng At,ai' McCulleii, 7 days from Windsor, NS.with planter, to master. ????? pl?t?;,5obma^r.rCM',r' U*ri,?n' 8 d'y,fm ^iniUllr' with ter Vo master '011' Y?rk' 7 dayi 'r?m Lubec' with 180 to"!' ',Im" British schr Meriilian, Butler, 9days from Halif.ix NS will. salmon and mackerel, to inaater. " ?"ax. ??. with to m? Er. K,'"Cr, ^ ' 'lly* from TI.oma.toi., with lime, master. Y"nke''' < ?l?Vsfrom Thomas ton, with lime, to tom5,rt?atChmaD' ' day* fro,n Thomaitun, with lime, master.Jl"tiC*' Sl^e,','r, 4 day' fr"m with lime, to to mMt?.ary Maria' Hi0ks' ?' day" from Thomas ton, with lime, mSchr Hydaape, Cobb, 3 day, from Thomastou, with lime, to bf.n!JdffoJth?U V Co-wl,h "bm,t lM '"'I "f coasters, ^z^TZwM!.6 d,y*frora the T ^ .tbarint Wilcox, OriiHii, from Richmond, with coal, vV"1''''u :Mto|ri K,nma. 1^-eds; Chas lL"' r V?ri!.",|i'>ettrB1"de"; fro"?,;V?chias, with lumber. ? V alhalla, H iynes, from Ellsworth, with lumlx-r. Utlowi brig,, unknown. Sailed. Jifcss* Correspondence of the Herald. , .. , BoRtiKAfx, Aug. an, i8n. ??;i TT.1 i P2,rf;1'?*<ling?Iwanowna, Shinn.^or New tfork to d IVh AnVY"'1;'?-TUr,,eri d"' S",,t '! Commanttid, Spr^ue" ? m ?!' A.l . Clarkson, do. 30th; Oceiui<|? [Prussl L?h? Pierr i i l^i'i-'i I.atour, do, thi, d.iv; Kdwm' Pteto , t reole L)illiMK|iam; 8artell?, Taylor; Nantilm TLtibl Sreffen; Vaillanr, [f r] Uiraud; Edouard, [^Kr] Lagiiei*nn? ? Pent ^ rV ,^*bor<',, ?","1 l'a<|Uebot de Cayenne. [Kr] iLil I a ' JT10,8,1 from ,l"? ?l?y to the |,t Oct Sailed Aug lJ Obio, Reynegom. Philadelphia; 2tth Aliba ma, RauUtt, Malaga; 26th. Cabot, Schander New Orleans ti.U from'^w ' 7tSt A"dtW ? KiC,'< a,,,d Ch.? Kea o 'Jflean,; Averon, Jordan, Buccaii; < allso Stniddrr Ti e'ti." HKj ^ha'lem.aK"'. ''actard, arid Apollo! Jtcuiiai*r, rrteste; Hudson, Buckman; Juno, Dicks- Nioba L^craw, and Clinton, Man.ou, Cronstadt. ' MliM-ellaneoua Hecwrd. ??"!',at M'dford has been very brisk this season.? th?, L r" v^"U hav? ,been launched there thia ^M m time W^r"r^.rr.laU"ch^ CrT B <"orne*,K>iid?t(j ,eriod of i^s'toek. ,o T lim T ,"Vt' '"?'?""I"1'"! constantiy on 15?, M i "I"0" t,M* T"0" oiiened. Many of thetn are !k ! ?."I^rchant ships, such as will compare favorably w itli those built in any other part of the world. Medfonl is incri'a, niK very last in business and population. Y?" 7,A lT"lti,'u! new barque, of 32rt tons burth-n, ca I ed the Ann Hood, wis launched Ironi Mitchell gt W'illiains' Thomaa il^IS f r ' r" t,R" 1??h.i"?t She i? owned by Mr. .* t""na? Hood, of ( lenfnegos, Cuba, and is intended for a regu lar p .cket between Philadelphia and Cie .fu?o. She wiB^ commanded by (Japt. P. C. Ci (a-, of Philadelphia. " b Notice to mariner* Sakktv Be a con .?Mr. Steward's ponderous footed beacon has been towed off to it, station oa the Goodwin Sands by the Porcupine ,tcainer, Capt. Bullock. ''i?, oy tne Whalemen. J.'vl v ,w Bt'',/r;)r<l l?th inst. Champion, Sowle, of West & y,,dNw'cJ^r- 81,7,h?Joh"41 Kdw"d-,nd""' "poken. Ut3?*MC|,!!rAtti^,l"^,nU"^nee <2!:. Hamburg, 15th in.t. iat.?46 on 7i 50?b V t he Cham pi on, at tlna.|iort. r.asterii Star, of I hiladelphia, from Kasiport for Jamaica 1st last, lat 2J 10, Ion M 30-bv the jo, Oorh.m, at tKj, ,?T ' tlWM^T' >,,0n Philadelphia, litli mat. lat 19, Ion 73-by ,, Foreign Port*. IlAvart* Sept 10?Sid Henrietta, Baltimore. In port War fimlkSa, H? ^'r1' f*Z d*y,; WU'V A?-Hfr..m do dis^Y^v napkins, Smith, for Newport, HI. in 8 days; Prince de Join file, from do, dug; Caribbean, from Savannah, do. DkmkraRa, Ana 16?In port, Marshall, of New Haven for d;;rr?,?d"?ted for NVork'7 d4v,; Har,iey-,,r hake Porta. IltjrrAl.o, Rent 16? Arr Fulton, and Chesapeake, Toledo' gt'"L^i? ^!"""hl Buffahi, Vit tes.and It ( rooks, Detroit! St Louis, Indiana, and Osceola, Chicago; Giddings, (new) Coni.ean ; Ten. fat. Tippecanoe, and Ney, (;level3 ( am' bridge. Monroe: Oceana, tairport; Mariatn, f'.rie: Dragon Do. do' I ? I >""1 liarrisou, tole ba" ( L?:vr.i.Ani> Sept 13?Arr Cnas Smith, and McWhorter Home Porta. Lriiec, Sept 10? Sid ('hami ion, York; Only Daughter Mc pW'i ?"u 1?Y"Vi;"'5"..N \",k '? 1 "h- "roT.imbo, Sargent I hiladelphia; 13th, K.dw ?t Krnnk, Stetson, NVork. ' letkClid^Bicrford, NYorkRi"? *Mtel?el-- R"l"?, Sept 17?Atr Ark, Johnson, Cadiz. Bo,To,,^pt (7-Arr y .iid.her, Pendleton, Bangor: Com rswlk^ ' ?i"-. (I<1 Cherokee/.n.hniaTnrks I,fan J; Julie, [Sw] Swell,.",I. A tnsteid mi via New Bedford; Russell (ilover to?:VKIK u'T.Y vV'11 (l"'W "f ,hi'" I""'. VJ H-'Jiths . ' .'I,': MobOe; MargH^ttafof this IH.rt, late of Marlins) Kveretl, Hicbmpnd; V ucataii. Baker, Philadelphia; Charlotte, N Vnrli "iTi\lfl, mil i Ti n V' ^a'li"Jor?! '?'ancy, Chase, HriuZ < - ! m-Arr John Brou? er Fairfield, Bangor. VV; Brighton,! omit,gi, do; Oacela, Murch, and Harriet" SU?-? I hiladelphia; Oscar. Baker, anil trien.1, Lotell, New Vork ? ^Hegraphed, New Orleans, from Philadelphia. Signal for" a Ni,w Br.oroRo Sept IS?Arr Lady Washington, Jones, and Capital, .Smith, Albany. Provid*n<;? , Sept 16-Arr Benj II Field VanKi|rler, and Jos Lybrand, Roger*. 11llladeli.bin: Artel, 0.,k?; Kditor, Dayton and I rovidence. Brown, New Vork Sid Cocheco, McCrilli, Boston; J as Ik f>.iinriel, Somers, Philadelphia. B,n T "ViK> M"v';, s^"'l " Smith, Hill, r rank I hi, 1 homas; Lady W ajhington, Thom .s, a,,,l Vlot to, Jewell Albany; Mary Klliala-th, Anderson; Win II ll irri ?on, and Annabella, Hand, I'eiladelphia; New York, Jones N lork; h.mpire, 'I hompsou, do; Armada, Kingston. Sid Motto Albany. 1 PH.LAnri.riiiA Sept.l8- \rr Martha Washington, Patterson, jNiork; Hfnry Clay, Dowrie#, UoHton; 1 imoleon, McKarlau. fcia?tport* KliT.sbeth 6l Rcbeccs, CHeeii; Imli ina, Brewstpr. and Jane (t Rachel, Itobbins, Albauv; Oneco, Reed, New Bedford K Llarker, < lark, llartfoid. Below, lnde|s'iideiiee, llukett' ftn Rotterdam; M.jestic, and M B Mahoiny. Richmond, Sept 16?Sld Lorindi, Kelly, Troy. ... /.V*1 ' ?T.0',? "-Arr Wsceamaw, Vincent, Havana,? ( Id lower, l.clie, a |xirt in ( uh<. .\r:w^s, A pt 9?Cld Bash.w, H.iyward, Boston. TO THE PATRONS OF THE OuTtaFL S i?e"iS?S'./tll Professor of the Ouitsr, assis'ed by Me?rs. 0/;y, WEIZKL. HERMAN S SAItoSl, Signor SILVA ard O. WOODVILLE, (I'uiil of Signor Bii.i,) will give a ,r,1'r' '.'n ' Evening ne?t the 19th instant, at the Rul Kers. Institute, Madison street ne>r ( linton. II tJ l!"i?tt Tu"",',',1,1 admit Two Ladies and a Oentleman, SI?to Ih* had at Mr Mill t s and Mr. Hewiit's Music Saloons IJroadwav, and at the door on the evening of the Concert wlitcli w ill coinm ? ce pr? cisely at 8 o'clock. ,19 li'rr DACKET SHfP ONEIDA FROM II WRE ' oiii. ?>: JVf ',' *'*.re'luesled ro send their permits on board at Pier No 4 North River. All goods not perm tted by the ilV^t j!a t0 tMm* lo ?lore under neut r tl ord?*r. W. ? I'MiMl.VN KN CI 111 / A I M, I, I', 11 /\ ISHINO lo Subscribe to THE HERALD, and have it served regulnty nt their store,, dwelling., Sir , will p|?as? leave their name, with the Agent,, at 3 Ledg. r Building, Third ttreet, near Chestnut. ? ? TERMS. 1 P.or 0"? Week 17)^ cent*. l-or One Mouth 75 " hor ? longer time in the ?ame proportion, o fM cents a copv Single copies for sale every d .y at I o'clock. Price 3 cent, ,14 I mi,re " " V'V 3 l'"l?'*r '""'I'llllg, ?I4 Imnrc Third street, nr-ar th??tnut. lkak7v & co.?Tasiiions" r*ENTLEMEN'B HATS of our inimitable ,t\ le, for the r, wnl ^ rr^y f,,r deliveo on and titer the J1?t instant. LKAHY 8c CO. v I, /1 . , No t and 5 Antor Hoiis*. \ ' ,rc,|l *rl?' Fashion" will be forwaided in ti?M? who <uldres? us jK>st-|?aid. -U fcLlBrr AUCTION SALES. THriunav in.i ? ^'0re?, 115 fuhon, tuiii 32 Ami iti. I 8e|.te|i''?r. At 10 ..'clock, at the au< lion ?!.a r^h? nihi n ."'t"01, t"rll"u'*. l?v catsloiii*.?elegant ? i !? r I ' Ti Cabinet I* ui.iiiu r of a sii|ierior iiuaTilv coii.i.tij.g i.riuglily |k li.h. (I Sid-bo id. Waido.lie, k cm* rTr,l""w, rut. i u"" "" T-J "?* T'' '? ?? IWii. . i \? 11 ?luaitttie d?, of . rioua *t l-?; French Be.ll fclri!", ?1,h"8V'> To?> <>r cvtrv

rtn'.h? r fc.? *1 r ' ?l lT'l.'V' ""d Ouom.n . i plu.h and huf cloth * elegani Pi.nred *.l(j Im.t t,o d l)'vs4ing Bureau with "uhjt^id, to m itch: f..ll \i t.d K h rwirh M* hoguiy (h*u* i nrled V|?1.fe, *d Bl*k walnut do; Do"b.1' *'"*>? Maple Be.*.te,d. dimeiuioru ?""'mented .,,.1 plain f,er tiu.c. ,.f vai.ous ?nd MahotK.iv Ca-e Piauo-Fortej; oue second-baudI GrindI Action ditto, Oil Paintings, St,-. ?1?|'*bc 11 *tp?tureai? ready for eiamiiu.iuu. IIAHDWtH^*n Tln?'?S*?'V. Auctioneer. hardware ali.iion notice.?b. mooney & No ^^IidJ..*ei L^,'^y,*LIOo'clocl,.,,t ,he ?"?'l BirminL-hii.. SI ffi n ? \' C*M? '",l1 lm* Imported an ion II* li i i*Vi m! ??. i? J V e"ch "'J Hardwarellu:.: Hard wan Fi lie (,.Ve ","""'""1 of Heavy and Shelf sr&te rreyMwrfrs mL7lJ U-ec *ppr0ved c"d"r*''(J l-'lt-r, lor all ,um, over SKA. A * \viuc*\1erc^au?^No.~l^e ^stm^jEi^ \ WF' {S?S- wiTufc'^r10 ll,e ?Cou"i>'""'? l.?P?in? ,"*"'^,7 W,'I1I ?pr.ttt I" M'c ?uction on Monday, 2:)rd Kepteii! ?rSVadiiVa uorr'al.d "I!""' "" ?' "Id i??i ?u,*r OtardD m.v & r, 1"., / WlVf*l,co.r<1'lU- A Seignette iud o tile bi-st importation, i't'. (k"?u'lnd other riims clarei "hitr a,id blue mIrble'!?leallfcc^'!a^l', rerms liberal, winch will be known at the sale ('ataloinifM S2S5S ;:?dXu;;!:r'1 ?* a jWdrtSte ?18cc ?aUH,rKORYAPOS. ? ' V/'? "-N,NTH WAKI) A P. * Wi' ?)"' T1>'? Afternoon at i~. ?? i I ? . I?04 aud Wett A i?ror?'>*ion uitl ' ? c,ork- to procefd with a band of Mutic to 2nh f ?. id .Le1?'V.a'J.T"rt th'' ,M(ll'ici'V- A liuinller ?" Liij'... JR25 Hh^AIip ?Kun away, on the 9th of 8ei.t?inber. ?.1 vi 1 . ?',e/11 trueh, indentured apprentice to the Boot ami M..?- Makinu, Iron. England 2 year., IJ yeaA ol as lichl hlir v^'.Shn'r' f r,'"'r '"J" ? '"TV-liKh? roundabout! J?x!a?a!caa.,,ite.r' ha, or him. ' J(!llK' Tl' l)OH ?? No 1 Fetter Lane. Phil iiMphia. .... ^ ki ?. A 1' MliM (J. A1;!, the new and fashionafcle Muaic f.r the l'i.,.?, AND KXTRAORDINAII V WokkTZiT^c?" ?? ? ...... ? ? -H19 it*rc F. W?aL1'8. PKI.VATE ItOOM.for PorlraiuT"t<at No .!'? 3trrc l,etW"0" Broadway and Elm .tm t ? 0>rtd? < vet. *' i'"1'1 " ptlbliebsd m 5 N. I'RIDE OK 'ALFllivio"n 1,? V U K L L \; or THE III the Autnl ? iJr'.ni r"" 'iC11"."1' romanci'. By iheantlnn nV;.T,d,^r:? ? '? EditionslofNEVlf WliflO Hil\(;s, KOlt ( LAY - ONK HUNDRED sd^Sfiy"!& . AltKAIl By Jjm. M? ih.n |0.UM Copln of ran' l'te litnit "" i 'li' '' ",,, any "bo,!" that'in "hi!ill!"!!; U)nmN^ Mo'wlnri y.lrtter ?r l*u""'l]Y\to WilliAn. H. Bol ton, Wo J20 VVaahiiint-iii^trert, New York City. >I'J 3r*rC EXCHANGE HOTEL to EA IINU SALOON No. 77 DUCK STRh' ' T. ' V^SSrtSJXSr^fi ;i.^?S? 0. puniic, lAat tliey have re.|itted and o|iened the above eki.. n!r. Hm.LnTn.Vu'rV l/r 1,1 to Din keep' an i jnhna " ?n. I - . .V lo,- U V vV''um t iV'i' p'M l'r Ki"1"" "A" th?1dolic'?iAhtL aeaion. ' Th.^'ini ? u "uppl.ed ; ?nd Irom tl.^ir lonn exiwrience in the busi* /'A' .V hope to ((ivc liencrul ?*ti?Ucnnn. ' I 'ley Invi' alto A led up a number of an y and well ventilated sleeinnK rooms aftordinu p"i?on? ar'iving b> the different rail W^of t^^^UI^t!*t*? S" ""''"""'"y l? "btatn I tlgiuK at .11 ho^es.L',<d f,l,',ll"'ime,|t1 ia an extensive itabliait for ? in ?.?u, if RICH AMD B. IOVKS, ?li) 2taw if r. UAMEL COPPELL. GREAT B"EDUCTION IN PiUClOT FIFTY CKNTS PRll KOl t |,R TBI? .f; vi",ik VI\Tl K* ?f"rHE PRICOPHEROL'S, or * rat^iit .Minlicatifd tomiionnd, on-? I. M bracins. ?tre.mthe.ii.,K and clarifyinK .jualitie.. I. t- Rent I y MimulaMuu the action of the skin. .1,7.. ?ol'.'rTv'" action in the bull, or root, partHUlarl) n th-pulp which receivea the ve.wU and uervi giving III-and < iK..r to the hair. ? I. ju HjualiiiiiK the circulation of the fluid.. and i^^^li^tt^^ ,W",ir l"?"' S,"rf beti^'ttt hlir < n .tiiitons advice t'iveil 011 a iliaeaae connected with the hair Lib-rtv itni't "* """' ,4li "'"aJway, U|. ?Uir?, corner of LlDerty (treet. ?l9lm?ec JMK / ASK PAII) FOR GOOD AND KRE8II SEED, JEJiOT^'bow" ?'*U Wery a"'1 ^Unt "tore, No. ?M.O loraair , l.lrffr collection of the bent quality of F ruit fcih Tl'"'-! I.'1", r T" >ud Hot-House Pjania, cheap St.1.. P.?" '"'.H''1 f?r shipment to any part of the t'nited sutea IVrsoiu wkIiuik to .ui ply ihemwlven 'with Trees ..| ?uperior i|aallty for Orciiaids, or (ill. k up theii I aise.v iiori. "L ^hfre no pains will l*?? j>iirt-<1 to give satisfu lion liv ili?? I'topri-tor.. LEVENQHl'oN &. MOOrV' ,{b ' 15 ky,^' HKCiN'S vary superior Islay W?Ti7k-T, selected Al in A /l" e 'he M-ot; 15*1 cwks Teunent s Seoti li Al?;. 111 tin* .utter, for snle by J, RK\ (j|1 |i]\ ? **"* - 20 Beaver street. JACKSON. STAGEY Je SMITH MA2,d TabhT<M?|KilS,tANI) 'iTORTERH of Vm, Pocket and Xf .Ucnptir.n'.Tf'fe^ (^(T-' Kl'"' SttW'' TooU' .l'l I in ? er No 18 PLATT 8TKEET. TQ?ytiAMBN.?1yiw attention of Srsnen ia mutieqlwlv i? . ,.,.H the ailvi rtiieineiii, .,1 Dr. Himter'a Ited Drop for 1 1,f- I*?"1"-" to render, i | particularly ntcestary for them to imd out n medicine th.t will i.l.'ie l""f i " y'"" all"w ,1":m to proceed on their.oy iK-s, | n.t' 'dof be,uaWnt to remain i.i an hoauital. Such a r-m. di i? the famoua Dr Hunter. Red Drop. Price $1 per ?i,l. w, t|, <li.e. lions llunteriaii Dtai>?ttury, :i Diviaion street. It is ..n f. ri.,"'.. I y.d'.V 'V'"1' Albany, but not to b- had in Bui ip! ; {broimhout tl?; Great West it I. only to be b id of Hr I boa, lohiiston, Ky. ,1^ |t.?. Mf.DlCAL ADViCE D()Vl hR '*#tj" confidentinlly con-lilted, at his .o'd office 6,I Oold strct, between hniton ?i,d Beekmau, on all diseaaesofa delicate natuie; his treatu.eut liemi; mild and juilicious, reouir-t neither m-renry, in diei, or bin Jjr*nce irom biuineaa pur uiu. Recent caaea cured m 3 or 4 Debility, nervous or constitutional ari?l"K Irom a toofiequcnt ludulifence of lb- puaion. of indis 1-e. t youth, and thereby ciusinu nighth emiaaiou., and event ually confirmed impotem y engane the- Dr.'a strictest attention nia ohject Iwiiik to re.tore the .y.t m, mentally a,id bodily, to ?' r { m /? 'ri * If originally deaigucd. i I'RES, a diseaae fiequently- esiatiuit without the patieni beinij the least aware, sometimes c .used by mal-treat m- it of uninitiated medical pretenders, ami joruriimes by the t1"'"1''11'?. ?"*. liy the l/r. effectually cured, v* 11hoiif pain or inconvenience. 1 he Uoctoi Iwiim one of the few ijntlitied advertising Sur Keon. hi the city. Kuamntees a i?-rfect cure, or in. cbarije made m 1"I,,"PH"J. elicloni ig a fee. immediately attended to, and medicine With mIv ,ce, ,e;,t toauy part of the I'm fed .States. ? nil. -, 1.3 (JoId stie-t. Oiieai Iroo. 8 A.M. y |'..\1. ,|<| M Vru-tiiV'n,; A KIm?''{TOR liLOV ER couAm. hi* L^ ,T , #r / lo and cure ol delicat. lei'^.'ub1'"' -Also I .leet., Strictures, tiono, rhd.1 .Vmin il W ?? ikiifHs, Ol^tiu.iU t;iterw, anil all Siirea ?ri. ittix Irom imunrity of the blood. Hi? exjieririice mil ?*wcc. in the cure of tins cla?? of disease, ire very great. I'ersou. al Ilieted with any ill the above named iliseaac. who ha.e been considered ineurable or dilllcult of .:ure are invited to make aie Plication at hi. office. No. 2 Auu streci, ne.r Broadway, a?l joining tlu' American tMiiseuin, where he may !** citisnlted font,.lent,ally at any hour duriug the day and evening iiufil lo 0 "''Til. ^ <n ]t?rc H A K I' S" T F . BROWNE offer, for *? |e, ? l 38S Broadway, a large ano ? ? ekgaiit assortment of Double u,d S.ngle Action llarif.. 1 he rich brilliancy of tone, linhoie.. ()f touch |>eif-et inechan isin and heantiful tinish of these Harps, cinnot l*e?c il^.l ,Warranted to liear tlw te.t of clim.te, aud it lairoiieau price. (Tie attention of th- mu.ical world ije erally is pa.ticu'a.l^ d sired. Harps repaired. Strings, In.tiuction Books. Itc. f ' y jV'' (Irom F.v ir.l;) n,, , I'Ondon and .New V?rk. establisi i ,1 ItlO. I he first am.tcur and ITofes.ioiMl talent F.uioi?. and this coioitrv i.reVr t''f?e II irps t- Blither'. .13 lindiStw'rc |J Vi.h-JO liaie. .No I leghorn Ha?iTjTIr ?Je h? AV klilec I'*1 K^l1 HRO'.ks r,^ ;.?H r,7 Nassau St. i/&6L. l'l V r.ltl'ul li. I,,, w. It i uotti. I ,sl saili. 'L jM^pickct ship SOI I IIF It N F.R, 7 V) tons, T D.Palme" .??**? n.?ter, will hive immediate d-.patch. For freikht or ,Ke, very Spud acc. mmod.tions, apply to .he Captain, on hoard Pier H t.. R. or to sl'iec WOODHULL k MINTURN8, m South st. HJfV N?vv ' ? -,r,PP,'tl*?ly br t regular |?ek?t w^ihs!;iyn^il?.T5;.,.w,,w,,,v,hwf'r'"",,f F or fre,?l,t or pas.age.hav ing rery handsome furnished accom modations, apply on board at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall st or to E. K. COLLINS * CO., ui ? M * , fa Month street. nhtpi?n may rely n^n having their good, correctly net tivd ' "l"' " Mil l,u,,ct"?'ly " 'dver Ait-nts in New Orleans-Me.,,,. Halle-n and Woodruff whr *'ll promptly forward all good, to their addreaa. sl?rc F'OR NEW' ORLEANS -Dmr. r.-TI* steam* | ship A LA HAM A. 70ti tons burthen, lienry H indie, i '?mnuiiuer^ will sail fnr the above i?ort on the I6ih m ,n. it, at ? n cloek 'I . M.|end d and rem^ahly .taiiiich .learner has l?^.? overhauled the present .Uinmer newly c-piiered and is turnislH.I with a powerful sei af new Boilers, made al (he Novelty Work. ,J'th|.cit>. She tpleiid.d and ifint?k?l?lv . < v ii. ipled Kim pn m ommer, newly ct ptwred and is fnrniHlM d with a powerful sei Boiler., ... the N ..In Work, .f this city. She i?-il to m.iltf the run to tin* lJili7.?? witli mw mi mi dm; inn tiaving nindsotiie and comfortable accomniodtttons, for .oth canhi .oi.l steerage miss?Mi?ers, oflltrs an tinumiilly d'*?irsl>le cum /.mce f(? tie* travelling e? tntniinitv. For light freight of Wf10 U. MKKLK, ?J9 wiio'rc Front n AMUSEMENTS. PARK TUKAT1UC. Boxes... $1 I Pit... iO cenu J Uallery... 13 cent*. Door* o|wu at 7?The Curtain will rite precisely at half-put f THIS EVENINO. Nam. I'jiH, will be parformad, W lK N KR Wvrui-r., ..... Mr Macieady j Oalxir Mi Ryder J'jieiliiuc Mi?? Cualimaii T<> conclude with DOMINIUI:k71T1K ln.sp.RTER. L>oini'ii<|ue.. . .. Mr -sVriiett | Duveru Mr Pvott ?1UWI'S bAUUKA Corner of C. ladway and l'rinc<" *traet, New York. 1 he Entertainments are under the sole dliv (ion of votk-i.' in. - MITCHELL >U1 " r. 1 he <i&rdeu oMtis at 6,^? o'clock, I' d the per ''"J' ''c'"'f *l,7X- The Pliesif* i? now cuc'osad, and comfortable, should the evening be dani^ or cool. .brTTuant's cck?s. ,wo "Cth' enaagementof the 'ANOLOOIAN BKLL 1UNOERS! Hll RSDAk KVENINU, September 19, will or presented, , BEAUTY AND THE BEAhT. John Qn 11 ?? Mr. Mitchell | Beauty Miaa Taylor After w Inc i. ihe CAM PA^ OLOGIA N HELL RINGERS Will apiwar for the ?ith t'tne in America, and |a-rform the fol low i ii|? pieces : Bell Waltxet, arranged fur tht-in by Johnson; ?rami Mnveineu Irom lUyda'a Surprise Symphony; Blue Belltof Scotland by Clement*. T?" Intermission ol ?hirty minutes. -V II After which, THE UELI.IUNGERS Will perlonn Caehuchaby Smolenski. Overture to Kra Diavo hi In Auber?To conclude with National Air?, Kind "id and America To conclude with THE SECRET; Thorn** Mr Holland Mr Unpins Mr Kenno Mr* Dupuii Mrs Watta Angelica Mias Roberta ITT"NO POSTPONEMENT at thia establishment ou ac count of Weather, a* the Orand Entrance from Broadway to llie Saloon ia protected, and the New Saloon, which ia ventilated from the top and side*. can be enclosed at a moment's notice. Tickets Fifty ( ems. PALKO*! OFKAA house. IRISH MINSTRELSY. MR. McMICHAEL WILL fill K HI! ENTERTAINMENT OK IRISH MINSTRELSY, AT PALMO'8 OPERA HOUSE, on Friday ICvenliiK next, 301 h September, 1844. Ill course of the evening, he will sing the following favorite Melodies by Mocrv, Lover, aud others " 7V Ilur/i thai onre thro' Tara't halls." " Hrlirre me ij all those endearing young eharmi." " Love't young dream." " Farewell! Imt win never you welcome the h-ar." " Oft in the tlilly n ;ht." " Widow Machree." " The meeting of the it I erf." " Orooxkeen I.awn." " IVhen 'audit the guy." " Molly Malone." " Tern nee'a Farewell." " The Last Ho ?e of Suinmtr." " Molly Huwn." " The CKangling." " The Irish Sailor." 0"To commence at 8 o'clock. TICKETS KIFTY CENTS-To lie had at the principal Music Stores, aud at the Door. a 19 2:*rc ciii <;c s? bo w Kit yT ~ Brilliint Success of the Arena?Fourth Night of VALENTIN I. Splendid Acts ol' Horsemanship. Hope |a-rfn> manccs, Vaulting, by Oeo. Sweet, W. Stout, Mrs. Cole, Mrs. (fallen, McFarland. Pleasing Negro Melodies by THE VllttilNIA bERENADERS. Boxes :ij cents; Pit lucent*. a 19 It* BOilTON'S THKATIIE. ARCH STREET, PHILADELPHIA. THURSDAY. September 19th, . Wl THE LADY OF LYONS. CI.Hide Meinntte Anderson I llamas Mr. Barrett I auline Mrs Uurke | .Mad. Desrh ifellas, Mrs Booth lo conclude with the wonderl'ul iierformanccs of THE INFANT SISTERS, PALMO'S ITALIAN OPERA HOUSE. OWE NIBHT MORE. THURSDAY EVENING. S-pt, Ittth, IBU. FOR TDK BENEFIT OF H^HE ETHIOPIAN MINS I'RKLS?Mr. Jenkins, Banjo ... M'lodiit; Mr. VVliite, Arcordeon; \lr Williamii, Conjo ljjllboj Mr. Mitchell, Bone CaatiiirU, Mr. Halli-tt, Triangle. The MitittlvL res|iectfully aiino'iucf to the public tint at ihe request of a ntimlier of tile patrons of ihe Opera House, tin y h ive tieeu induced to ttkn a Benefit, oil which occasion they will giTe a rich aud great variety of euterUiiiineuts. ror partiriilai i, see sintll Bills. Admission 36 cents. Children half Price Doors open at half-past 7 o'clock. ( oncert to commence at 8 o'clock Bo?e? and m-ms maybe necuied by applyiiiK at the olfice from 10 A. M. until 1 P M. and fiom .1 to if. M. sit 11 * re PALMO'S NEW YORK OPERA IiOl'SE. NOVEL AND EXTRAORDINARY SUNDAY'S EXHIBITION, SUNDAY EVENING, September 22, 1044. Admittance 2.r> rents. Doors 0|?-n nt7l,?Exhibition at 8 o'clock _ ? precisely. JOSEPH PAOLIARI, from Rome, has the honor to inform Y the enlightened N?w York Public, that oil Sunday eveuiug, Septeinlier 22. he will, for the first tinit in thin country , give a wouderliil inhibition of TABI.F.AI A* VIVANT, in lietter Stvle than those which have excited llie t iilhtisi.ism and admira tion ol all the principal citiei of Enrnix The exhibition w ll exclusively embrace ?ucli subjects as are so ill*in*l\ iepr" eiued iu the Hol\ Scriptures. It is iiseje,' 5jve a descriiitiou of the feelings tlie) will ct citi . mid 'I wonder that will lie produced ill the eyes aud mind ol the spectators. Call and see. *19 His ?rrc ~ SOCIETY LI BR All V. La:.t night but One of the rare doinz.s oid div iIihis of YANKEE HILL ?V l?K VALENTINE lV| ES8R8. HII.L Si V ALEN'i INI. will, by particular d? ?ire, of a numlier of fainilii s, give another of the r humor ous eutertaiumruts, at the Societv Library, this evening, Sep temlier I'.lib H or particulars see Programme. Tickets JO cents?Children half-price. Entertainment to coinm. iice '4 before 8 o'clock. Do. r? ii|H''i at 7 ?. ' rk sl'i ll?ec Ml!. HENRY PHILLIPS, THE Vocalist, from England, P imo Basso of Her M<jestv's < oncertaof Ancimt Music, Exeter Hall, Sic. kc , will have the honor ol giving his lirst VO< \L CONCERT In \merica, at the Apollo Rooms, oil Monday evening nest, S' i'lrinliei 2:)rd, entitled an HOI It WITH D1BDIN, ami a MhcELLANEOI S A? 'I', i iwhith Mr. H. Phillip* will l ing thji following Songs I'.mr .lark, Tom Bowling, Jolly Dick, While theLads of the V'illage tbe ( an of <irog, The Sailor's lotirnal Part 2?The SonPs'K.iisna. Tin-Rock of the Pilgrims Dow II among th* Dead Men, The Cot near the Wood, The Sea Fight. Love's/Errand, The Best of all Oood Company. Xdmission, One Dollar. To commence at K o'clock. Tickets md Programmes to be had at all the Music Stores, and at the iiHiins on iIh evening. Mr. II I'hiilips will accompany himself on Chickering's Orand Sipiare Piano Forte st9 3t*ec __ _____ THE F: N I) OK THE WORLD. AN ORIGINAL PAINTINO OK A VERY LAHOK SIZE with Colossal Figum, {Mint ed and lately finished by F. Anelli, iu .New York. Exhibition now open, at Apollo Roums, 410 Bioadway, from 10 A .M to i I*. M , anil from 7 to 10 P. M. Admission cents. sl9 Itnrc i t A L H A M R A , ' Bi.OatiWav, Sphinii Also Pmikcr Stkert*. | HIS lafn.ouable place ol reaort is open for the seaaon. The I I Let, p mils. Jellies, aud other refreshment!, are of the fineat description A,! Orchestia, combining some of the first musical talent in 'h? city, perform every evening, except Saturdays aud Sundaya, favorite piece* from the composition of Strani, Lauuer, Anbet, Bellini ami others equally celebrated. BRANCH, No. 164 Ea?t Broadway, one door above Rntgei strwt, where tb? ?aiii? delightful Ice Creams aud llefieshinenU m. v be found. oiii iw?irr P \ tilM.MA M N I BL? r A RT) h. N !--t ?pe?' lor 7, shiiif - season, tlie most magnificeni Panoramic Painting ever ex hibited in this try, (so say all thr Artists that have seen it.) It was executed by th" celebrated Artists, Mr. W. Daniel!. E. < > Parr?* anil Augustus Earle, R. A. London. It i row o|ien during the day. Admittance to the Oard. a and Panorama 24 tent \ tist* are respectfully invited to visit the P n una fre of .,,o ,/ ' The Panorama of N'rul exhibited Russell Souare, attended with immense .uc . d wheai pun I by Mr. Niblo was considered tie i rv'ie.t otoramiu paint ng in Lond m. , n is OKF.AT HI RDLBIiack OVER TIIK ?EA( 'N roirnsV MONDAY, Sept Mill, wi'l come off the long talked Hurdle Race for tv Proi'ilet ir\. Purse of SsMKl. One and s nuar ter inile heat*, fonr hiirii,, ? ui e-ch heat of four feet in bright, rider < w< u lit ICO lbs,; for which there are snteied four cele brated horses, *o le> n ime l it tlie i?ist, by Alfred I onover, of Long LI n il, on-*s blue jacket aud green cap. A. A. Dixo i, of New \ i rk A ,s | urple j .cliet bl ick cap. * Richards, ofToro -,1. ? ,1 .,1dress red j icket red cap. Charles Hirst, rl.uiiR Islanil, mevs not descrilied. s!8 litis'ec RED HOUSE PLEASURE GROUNDS. A PI'RHE lor $30, \lilr H^vtU b#*! thitr in fi%?, toeoff on Thin-da i fit, at | u'clock. f Hnr**t 'hut utvrr won awr fifty (jfthars f.iifri*** to rn ?<i" r Im* HtconH Wire Hoffl. da> u^, on or 'i oVIock, P. M. ?t*m BLKaV IHN? POW|)KR- ? ft c i?l? B( d7t in.k Im, by Pl*Jl8SK It BROOKn, ??.'* ;uid 67 *t. RK?UL7\H OPPO8TIOM FOR AL 11ANV, And ln(?*rvn*'dintf* l.tmlinw*?( ,? ? r^nt*? H? rtM Fr?r Dffk 2.WI*. IWoUr days from New Vork, M ?imI iv, VV'?-do?*td.i\ mid Kri* d?i ; Albany, Tti^day. Tlidr^diy ???d kn'ttrdny. Th# ?t^mhont WAVJ , t ?|?t V*- dirhilt, will ?b# loot or Uobni?on ihii ? \^ninic, ?t .> o'clock *nd Kridiy tvfaing ?#pt Wth. Kor n|>|>|y on bo*id. LiKbr lr??j(bf o?k#fi low. N. h. R\ alonriK Ihe hour of ?tnrtitm from 7 to '? oVIork, tht Wavi* will *rriv# in Albany, in tim- for vl?. Unl R. .dt morninic I ram. Mm or W?"f. '' 7" oiOh' impo*ition? \ ' ? ! ? rimm ra of otmr l>oata who ?iHte that tH? far^- i i >, ? , ,c , <it?. u li hilt the passengers wWi go I.n b.ird ? , . III lull oIv<t ' ??!! It'ec T(' ' > WNKIJs. Mr t I v Mill i \'| s \ ? mall fasi .sill he likely i ,d ,.i profitable .Iiiiviii. .. in I,?twi i, Kiglit sistii -' . >???' ' Old N ? ' . s, nil I II she \ tori, in the morning 01 hum . ..I . >. uul New \ >> k i i tIn- * i. mug, an hour I itci th oi th*- I lushing boat blw could make Mvwal Uipa during tie day ill U'sc BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. Wuhlngtoii. [CorresponJunta ol Ibe Henld 1 Washington, Sept. 17th, 1844. Dkar Si*;? The Piesitlent leit the city thin morning, accom panied by hi* excellent and worthy friend Richard AdUins, Krq , fori lie Spring* n<*ar Wiuchester, Va , where he will remain a few day* fur the iaiprove m-m ot his health. Since hi* return from Virginia, about a month since, hi* health has been quite delicate, moat o( tiie time unable to attend to business, except, oc casionally, with the members of the Cabinet. Andrew Jackson Donaldson, the adopted son of the "Old Hero," hab| been appointed charge d'af faires to Texas, to succeed the late Gen Howard, who recently died at Washington, Texas, on the 23d inst. Pltllads Iphla [Correspondence ul the Herald.] PHILADKLmt*, Sept. 18 1844. Judge King chat ged the jury lUia morning in the cs*? of Join Daily, charged with the murder ol Msthew Hammil on Hit. Tuead iy < 1 the Kensington riots. 1 ha C i?o ha* occupied the whole of the attention of the Court for 9 >lav, and during that period the rnoit intense inter est hat heen manifested by the people for the progress and result of the tnu, The charge ot the Judge was clear and lucid, and bore strongly against the accused. It oc cupied about two hour* iu delivering. It will appear in to morrow'* paper. The case w>u given to the jury about hall past two o'clock, when they retired to deliberate, aud up to half past 4 o'clock, they had hot agretd upon a verdict Another of the Kensington rioters, John O'Neil, ia now on trial He ii chimed with being engaged in breaking up the " nmivu " meeting in Kensington. The witn???* *, both against and lor lum, have been examined ; ai.d tha counsel am engaged ill summit g up He will ho coa victed Du Solle of the Timn, la waging s bitN r war against tha "Native*." Him little ahert is quite spirited. i'here seems ta-he something about it, which make* it really amusing, if not profitable Mix fadieo, of doubtlul reputation, among whom was Mis* Mary Miller, and Mis* Mary Kiiue, appeared vestur day afternoon, beautifully dressed, belore hi* Honor, (he Recorder, ot Victoria gallantry, lo answer the charge of keeping houses ol doubtlul i epute, in one ol the moat cele brated street* in the city, called Elizabeth?exactly three square* from the Recorder'* office. and fifty yard* from Alderman Redman'*! The la'Ue^ looked- he Recorder smiled, and alter some little legal ceremony, were each bound over in $1 000 to answer Ibe charge at Cnnrt Let me, now that the Recorder ha* determined to do justice to the moral portion of the community, direct hi* attention to that inlamou* place called Portland Lino, which ha* lor year* been one ol the most.notouou* dens of prostitution in existence. John K Smith. against whom a terrible outcry wss made, a* having been guilty of tria*on and muri.'n dur ing ilie Southwark riot*, hu* been discharged Irom cut tody, tha bill being ignored yssterilsy by the grand jury. The chaige* against Mr. 8. were so grave that the Court refused for *?ime time to release him upon bail The Horticultural Society of Pennsylvania ars now giving a splendid exhibition at the Chin- so Museum. The place to-day was crowded The Liberty Fira Company, from Baltimore, arrive hern at about 9 o'clock ihi* evening. All the fire companies who have not accepted the recent ordinance of Councils, tm n out to receive them, nnd if there is not a regular fight before midnight, I am much mistaken Among those who parade are the Fairmotint Engine, Wecc.acoe, Oood Will, and Northern Liberty Hose companies which have ling been engaged in the most disgrace.ul and desperate con Ale Is A row took place'on Monday night near the rope ferry, in which a native, a negro, and an Iriihman were en gaged. The former received the wor*t of the battle, as the latter, imitating, no doubt, hi* brethren in Kensing ton, seized an axe and inflicted a wound on the head ol hi opponent, which may probably co*t him his life. The name of the injured man is Thomas Logua, who was taken to the Hospital Voting Heiuler?on. charged with embezzling Irom a lettei, while|* clerk in the Post Offlce, was this morning acquitted of the same in (he United States District Court. The foreign news bv the Britannia has caused no sensa tion here. It in considered of the mo*t pacific character. I I under*tand that a new hotel is to be opened on Satur day ? ext in Dock street opposite the Exchange, upon the " LovrJoy" plan, hy B-ndei's faithful and much liked aHsifltatit. young Richard B Jones, who takes a* hi* part ncr in business Daniel Coppell, also well known anil ex ceedingly populur with our community The house is to be called the ??Exchange Hotel and Eating Baloon." I may remark that the e.tablishment, particularly in the vicini'y in which it is to be located, will be a desideritam and a great public accomn odation ? I bespeak for it on the putt of the travelling community particularly, a liberal share of patronage. The ?' Liberty" meeting is a miserable affair. Mora to-morrow. Rev Mr Aaron appvors quite savage There was quiteta falling off iu our stock sules to-day. The market was less firm, and prires gem rally drooped. Ki**r Bo*en?"on share* Wilmington Railroad, 6 d?, 44]; 40 dado, rw. 34J; 145 do do 44J; IS do (itrard Bank 11 j; $8*400 U h B unk Note*, r w,76|; 46 shares Schuy 1 kiII Nsv 34; 7Tenn'a Fire Ins'iratce 1M); $10110 Cits 6's 1851, 4 ds, 11*5; $04 do Annual 1*40 70; $45 do do 1^43 70; $1 lrti Old Anntnil Irttt) 71J, $1000 State o's 74f; I share l'< nnsy Ivani* Insurance 195, $.( 00 Chesapeake and Dela I aware H's tw| Hycniu Bo* an ?44 Commercial Bank of Cincinnati I 76 Wilmington Railroad il?. $4000 Tsnne?>s Bonds 77 J; 4 American Fire In* Co 90; 2 do 04, $inno Chesapeake and Delaware Canal tH?; $9000 Reading Railroad Bund* 71); 6" Vicksburg 7J Piuuds i.ewi*, 44th August, 1041. Entron or thk Ns:w Yoiix H? ssi.n : ? In the Vft? York HcraU of Ihe 41st and 4*1 inst , my name is introduced in n letter, stating my arrest at the suit of Ah xander Powell, for a note. lie. Ire. The note referred to was I anded to me on or about tha fourth day of July last, by Alexander Powell, who hails from Boston, and is known in most of the cltie* of the Union, ns well a* in Texas. He hand) I me the note unso licited, and de*ired me, if possible, to rawe the money upon it, (it being for $1,100. drawn hy him*elf, :ind en dorsed by a gen'leman in Boston.) The note th?n hsd about sixty days to run?which he directed me to dispose of at o discount ol $100 from the lace of the note; and in the event of raising themoney, to retain $4<>0 my self and psy him the remaining $700. I made use of eveiy tffort in my power to raise the money on the note, but without success Under the circumstance*, it may he proper lor me to rent hi U tn t from Januaiy to July last Powell has, under various promises induced melo rinse money for him. and at rates most exorhitnnt, until I had lent him and paid for him upward* of $J0O. which ye'remains unpaid I urged him very frequently lor p?j n ent, which lesulted in promises, which lie hn* some skill in nuking On rec.eivin* the note Irom Powrll inyon or about lh?? 15th ultimo I placed it in Ihe hand* of one of the mo?t re ? pectsble men in Philadi lphi.?, for the purpo*e ol having it negotiated ; arid owing to a combination of ciirnm itancea, the suh*cqueut absence of the g< ntleman from the city, together wi'h iiidi?ro?tfiori on my part, prevent ? ed my suing the gentlemen holding ti e note until after I had heen arrested for obtaining the note under ' 'Jaltr yrt Irnct." I was arrested on Ihe 49th ultimo?and the hearing tocfc on the 4nd iust. On the oa'h of Ah xnndcr Powell I was held to hail hy Alderman Binna in the sum of $4,000. On the 41st inst. I was brought lop on a writ ol htbea* corpu*, b<lure Judges Jones and Parson*, nnd fgain on the oath ef Al esnnder P< well, wa* held to ?n*w ? r in the sum ol $1 it'0, as Judge Jones remarked, "to show Ihe doobt the court entertained of ibe justice of thia proceeding."' Powell kn?w perfectly * ell, prior to his ccmmencirg this suit, that on p?\merit ol my demand*, the note in question would be ?t once returned to him ; and all |>ei sons acquainted with the real (acts in the c?*e, know that thi* proceeding has been instituted for the purpose of frightening me out of thi* note, given tomes* security for monies loaned. I have employed Wm. A. Porter, Esq and Judge Barton, as counsel. From tha fore-'oing. as compared with the letters of your correspondent, I think you will readily coincide with me,in ihe opinion.that the proceedings instituted by Powell as well as t e letter* of youi correspondent,wera wrongly conceived. As an ac of justice to mv*elf and lamily, may I ask an insertion of this letter in your valuable Journal. And much oblige, jourohedt servant, W. B. STORM. Willi* NKWM. ('?rrtipimdciire or the Herald. rn,L<nri em*. Sept. Id?P. M. Arrived? M B Mahorey, Mr I ..uikIiIio, Bosi*>n; HO Km|, Warren, Portland, Star, Thomas, Providence; |ii?u. Lis coinh, llri'tcil, Eijtemoiit, Saw>er. Boston; Surelns, Nichols. NHaveii; I.esinsIoD, W*ss. snd Zephyr, Morse, NVi rk. I I.MMN1--Vulture, Hopkins, Boston; n.llooii, Hurrimsn, snd Siir itof*. Johnson, Boston; Orson,White, Provideoee; Nissan, Voting, NVork. Mlsrsllsnsoas. Wsst n.-We lesm I'roni a Baltimote pilot boat that three ? ., K ?fie <>fT the I <ij* s, l?ittom up. A schr is re|N>rted nft tlie ( hiclisliomiiiy River, with Itotli mists none, name not known. Another schr about .eveiitv tons was aahorr t>> the Southward of the t a|e. Passed the hatches, chain leiita, ?nd sotni ?hinales soupo.ed to hive come front ib* ih<ne wreck.? A survey was held on Saturday last on tlie Br. brig Nancy, sshore near f ars- Henry?ihey re|mrt hei |?-rlectly liant?she ?.ll has e u>l"' launched to v I yff.-.Ver/o/A f/rn/i/, Srpl. ? ant. Ho>sland, of tlie Horenee. at B'lfirnnre reports?14th inst. I ?|*. Ib-nry Wiring W 21 inil-s. passed s schr on tier heam end., sreen bottom, sirle. black with two .mall *s title streaks, sti rn entirely aone. deck muted irp, and sails hanguiK loosely to tins mast. Home ??nrts. PHil.snrt.rM!*. Sept li-Arr Delaw jre, /tsher sndlslni. t rowell Boston- Larkin. ' hrirhi" k, do; Oardiner II Wright, Vr:;::!!;n:.'Vu;;;J:w:iV?e,vork; joi... j->. N.^er,.,,. r|lsi t Iwo'ar Srnt IT?Arr Flowsice, Howland. Bostou?came ?,, r. r iril sit'h" hickMaw, fiom Bostou. Below Jl.i "i, t H,, Bremen ship, aad several other*, lid HorL .sia I srnbert.' Rio Janeiro ami a mkt; RohtBn.ce, Jar jen., Trinidad Hart, (new) Kennedy, < anion; I. ASfesev, VJ?osntVnw'?. I" V|>t l??Arr Avon, Salem; Pilsrim, and " Ai'ss*'s'r>'it''s" Sept 10?Art Lycoming, East port; Noble, snd "'Noarni k S?-pt IJ?Arr (Jrsnd Uland.Leeoiint, anil Hrilliant, It 11 kney, UestiHi; Ismes Biker, Barleur, Providence; Ed is in, \iek.r oil, Provincetown; Tliaildens, Driscoll, and (leii Scott, ilonelily. NVork; Haul Welister, Robinson,do for W illiain* t,,n NC?wss toweil in hy Tlteo Frelinghnyseit, Bogert. \ V rk for llsltituoi.'. Iiai 11?u' t-"1'! disiiis^t?.i| on I hnisdaj^o ( bineotessiie \rr t'ith, l.onisisiis, I and Eltra Mesamis, N Vtwk; f'siquin, 1 p ? nra lor paitinnii'', ,in. m. . ... .... ? .... - ? hincotesgiie \rr I'ith, Lonisisiia, Emery; Adrian, ?eu>-ii. EhraMesemle, NVork; Panic lip fit' llippaliMlock, With li?s .if l??I. 1 hree *hi|is eamt M? Irom * i to-iUy, two Wenl up tlie hay, the i?Uie/{sui>|ioseu tlta Brooklyn, bouad up Jamsa Ktvar. k.