Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 21, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 21, 1844 Page 3
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KOSIT l&lUUTi VrMajr, Sept. ???? P. BK. Tiierc was very littU doing today in the (tack market. At th? Old Board, Norwich and Worcester went up | per cent) Canton, J; Illinois, i\ Farmera' fell off J; Pennsyl vania 6'<, J; Uuited States Bank, Stonlngton, Read ing Railroad, trie Railroad and Lobg laland, cloned firm at ycctcr,la> 'a price*. The \'.id River and Lake Erie Railroad, in Ohio, i? pro?re??i:.g r.teedily, and the receipt* begin to prove that when computed it will yield a fair revenue. The earn ing* lor the month* of July and Auguat amounted to $ti.61ti The receipt* ef the road to Sept. exceed tho*e oi la*t y war ahout $1000. e;We annex official return* from the Secretary of State, showing the condition ef the Banks of New Hampshire on the flrat Monday in Sept 1844. Bank* of New Kami-shirk. Bankt. Loan* ,(? lit*. Suede. Circ. O-pi. Ashuatat. $211,383 5,712 90,426 4?,*78 Commercial 196.690 7,319 78,100 70.074 Dovtr 124.419 14,294 50,302 55.733 De.-rv 1211.197 2,602 51 603 4,700 Ormiit'' 158,202 6 Hi 73.0C8 28.648 Lebauon 120,096 11,273 99,815 tl.Olfi Lancaster W?, tat 1,411 31.1.03 13,423 Manufacturers' 13H.6W 5.TO6 78.284 1,739 fctechuii's' 153.092 5,213 68,019 13,460 Merrimw: Co 125.080 JI.330 111,988 41,249 Na-lm 198,651 8.171 110,000 34,893 Pie ,t 411287 7.987 101.018 85.113 IVtim" v. 72 955 2,115 21 04 8 7.609 Rockhiihim 150.205 10.019 40.007 45.3&I R-ieh-ster. ? 117,758 7,000 53.377 1,970 Winuipistlexee, .... 123,218 6,018 70,083 7,005 1814, September $2,547,285 121.828 1,087.041 449,807 1813, Juiw, ........ 3,173,828 162,127 916,147 351,3*15 DfCr-iw 626,541 37,299 " ? Decrease, 170,894 95,112 Tho increased movement ha* been in circulation ami depoait*, and the d?cree?e in loana and apecie on band? Them are sixteen hanks in NewHampshire, having capi tal* amounting to $1 80s,298. In June, 1843, there were seventeen bank*, having a capital of $2 439,-ZOO. The charter* of three in the above list, having a capital of $500 000, expire in 1814 Three in 1845, having a capital of $-200,000. Two in 1848 capital $-200,000. Thua in four year* the charter* of eight bank*, having* capital of $900 000 expire, leaving in exigence eight bank*, having capital* amounting to $908,-398. We annex a statement showing the extent of banking in New Hampshire in 1837, compared with the present day. Nearly every State In the Union haa experienced a decline somewhat similar ?T'.Bawx Movement in New Hamfshire.'.^ . Capital. Loans. Specie. Circ. Tirpt 1837, .Aim $2,839,500 4,325,523 142,800 1,257,549 621.800 1844. September, 1,808 298 2.547,285 124,828 1,087,041 449,807 Di create SI,031,202 1,778,238 17,981 170,508 172,802 The Banka of New England generally do not give a true statemeat of their condition They are in a much *eiindnr condition than their report* represent. We find in the above statement for Sept. 1844, that the spscie on band only amounted to $449,807. The circulation is about three time* this amount. This ia a very fair pro portion, but the banka are even better off than this ? Their deposits in the Suffolk Bank, Boston, lor there demption of their bill*, amount to *549,IM. This amount is in specie funds, which, added to the specie on hand gives them ia fact $998,940, to redeem a circulation of$l *87 041. We anaex official tables showing the exports frem Great Britain of British produce and manufactures, and loreign and colonial produce for the same period in four years It will be observed that there has been a very general increase in the value of manufacturea exported, particularly cotten and woollen manufactures. Chief ekforted from tiie Unitf.h Kingdom, FOB THE Kihit Si* Months of 1841, '42, '43 and '44. 1841. 1813. 1843. 1844. For'n and CoVnl Produce. Coffee? t Br. Po.?e*sions, lbs... 3.695.750 1,057,004 49,571 38,808 f Foreign, 3,458,346 1,849,648 0,526,989 3,127,720 Dve a'nl Dye Stuff*? Cochineal, lbs 439,507 354,957 cwt. 2,018 cwt. 2,719 Indigo 1,805,641 1,835,650 " 14,110 " 22,450 ' Lie Dye. 147,128 162,090 " 1,276 " 2.M65 Logwood, ton 3.419 4,081 1,499 1,544 Spices? Cassia Lirnea, lbs... 470,198 701,135 1,449,838 081,325 Cinn inon 205,387 227,506 136,924 302,434 Nutmeua 55,458 7,425 9,421 13.420 Tenner. 2,979,100 2,745,441 1.342,049 1,046,163 Hitjrar (all kinds) cwt.. 176.280 147.121 220,801 152,383 ToWco-Unmanuf.lbs 5,507.059 6,202,667 4,524,233 4,157,870 Win* (all sorts) (alls.. 1,072,613 764,137 717,280 1130,694 Cotton Wool, lb* 10,790.179 28,106,712 *173,890 *132,382 Sheep*' Wool,lbs 884,2811 2,203,870*1,032,227 * 493,414 ? Cwts. British Produce and Manufactures. ?.?,??. Coals and Culm 315,180 440,598 319,470 28VB63 Cotton Manufactures,.. 8,220,085 7.0K7,108 7,933,000 9,192,572 Cotton 3,970,651 3,419,278 3,299,176 2,914,872 Earthenware, 290,764 290, .098 285,477 380,203 <}|ass 234,053 156,012 175,988 204,905 Hardware and Cutlery, 801.212 009,7>6 768,209 1,053,120 Linen Manufactures,,. 1,733,804 1,294,405 1,361,752 1,547,1.06 Lit Vara 479,852 6*7,299 415,818 493,993 Metals? Irou and Steel 1,410,567 1,274,258 1,245,725 1,548,414 Copper ami Brass 750,535 899,774 839,022 940.902 Lend, . . lit,306 174,196 160,380 157,177 Tin, in Virs 22,176 89,002 51,382 41,085 TinpUte 185,954 169,337 202,996 200,802 Silk ;i|. t ni' .ctuies, ... 42.0,963 303,866 311,100 380,837 Suirar, trained 272,41)8 237,947 207,503 170,483 Wool. *hee|> :md lambs 212,070 252,100 150,355 181,412 Wuolic . V.Mi 199,111 225,420 217,115 370,117 Woollen .Manufacturr* 2,73:1,281 2,226,095 3,03.'>,0l>y 4,251,243 Tho destination ol this increase is not given in the offi cial Ublus, hut the great increase in the importations into tha United 8.ate* Itom Great Britain, of ootton and wool len nvmnfaetnre* for this, compared with previous year*, show* that the increased value of the exports ior those manufactures, baa been produced by a demand from this ceuntrv We annex a table, compiled from official re turns, showing the importation of cotton manufactures into the United S>ateefrom Great Biitain. Importation or Cotton Manufactures into the United States from Great Britain. For the Year. For Six Mo't. 1841. 1812. TiMI. IoTT Cotton Yarn, lbs 220,068 15,100 77,625 32,140 Cotton Thread 577,000 20l?006 135,240 271,821 Qniltiii;;* and Riba, yds 11,709 2,732 2,84 3 488 Calicoes, plain 11.957,0.03 5,120,403 1,9,03,857 4,300,878 l>o printed Ik dyed,28,025,281 15,691,333 3,562.312 5,006,137 Cain'iric* and Miuiins, 585,121 285,915 268,6.08 233,262 Hosiery, dozens 115,317 68,080 44,793 52,304 Lace, tie. yd* 10,500 392 2,612,137 2,191,381 2,580,835 Glofclmms, fcc ir,9(HI 123 ? ? Shawls, tic. downs.,. 47,970 13,788 8,189 35,055 Con 'ti-tiiiuit-s Si Quilts, number . 8,715 5,235 4,937 1,690 Uiiei n:. erated Cotton Goods, lie ?43,677 19,568 10,640 16,030 The importation of these articles in 184-2 was very small compared with that of 1M1. In many initaun* the falling ctt reached more than fifty percent. Cotton yarn, calicoes, both plain and printed, lace good*, ihawl*, Sic came in very small lots compared with the receipt* for the previous jcht. Thia Urge decrease wa* caused by the tarifl that went into operation in that year, and the reduced movements of the hanks, principally by the high value of money and the restricted circulation ol paper meney. Ia 1848, although the same tariff was in force, the movements oi the banks were more extended, and the currency depreciated to a greater extent. This enabled tho importers to or dsr more gool*, as prices advanced with the d? preciation in the circulating medium. For the first six months of 1S4S we find our importation of many articles nearly as large as that lor the whole of the pruvieus year, and the first six months of 1644 shows a still greet er increase The importations inte the United States frem Great Britain, lor the first six months of 1844, have not been near ns large in proportion as those for 1841 The quantity of cotton raanufactues imported from Great Britain in 1S41, was more than four times the qusntity imported ?o far this year. The importation* of calicoes and laces that year were enormous, being larger than for any previous year since 1830 Our importations have not increased this year so fast (rom <Jreat Britain a* Irom France, and other continental nation*. Our own manufactures compete more with those ol Grvtt Britain than thoieot any other nation. We now minufuc.urs cottoa yarn*, thread, dimities, quilting*, tick*, calicoes, beth plain and printed, cambrics, luce*, ko, , shawls, tape* ginghams, 813 fcc. very extensively, and supply a very large per cent oi our domestic want*. Thi* haa r?Juced the value ol our imports from Great Britain. We hate not yet reached that perleetion in manufacturing articles similar to these produced in Franca and other parts of the continent, to enable us to meet the msnufsctures of tho*e nation* successfully in our own market*. All that is required to enable u* to do *o is a restricted currency, a moderate tariff, with dis crimination* lor protection. We want, particularly, a re stricted currency, a currency brought dewn to a specie itandsrd,without which any tariffis almost useless A re stricted currency will do that whioh any tariff act the two political parties of the day would agree tc pass, cannot do, and that is, reduce and confine to proper limits otir foreign importations. The present tariff act waa passed for the purpose of preventing large importation*. It was passc l to protect our manufacture* by ahuttlng out foreign goods, and leaving oar home market* to be tupplied by home manufactures. It has not worked as anticipated The importations for 1844, thus for, show that it requires *omothing more than a high taiiffto cloieour tintkot* aguiust foreign manufac ture*. The supply of any article of merchandise da j ends almost entirely upon th<! *t*tc ol pi ice* in the mar ha', whtre sales ire made for consumption. Price* de pind npon the value of the circulating medium If tho cin ulatiagtredltwi is principolly paper, price* mint be hi*b, higher than in thccc countrie* where tho circula ting r.iedium is mostly specie, or not above a rpecie stan dard A peper currency here, and a specie currency In Great Britain, would enable the British anufacturer to send his goods to this market and sell them at a profit, whereas, were the currenclcs of the twe countries on ? par, the Ui iff would come in with it* iaiucnce, tod ?h ?ut tha manufactures of oaa from the other, and la a great mMaura leave caoh to supply itsslf. Old Stock Exchange. 8'?. '6U !?>6 16H shaa Farmer*'Trust J!>5< , 6>, 1M '?*> do b3U 40 ilKMI Illinois special Aii? 5n lio W4? 'ASS V "S *> Had It Bark RR "* Itt0() Texa* Tr uou*? 7* 100 do 12U 25 aha* Am E*c Bk 15M 15 do i'J 11 J Union Bk 263* 25 No, k Wore b30 I'.a 55 do 26 150 do 67 5J <lo 26 150 do 67V 15 NO Canal 39)f 50 do il5 67'i 25 do J9 25 do b30 figw tuo 11 K Bank 8'i 165 do K8 150 Utica k Sclieu RR ??}? l?5 do IjH1' 5$ ii s 26 hrie RR ~ bnw ?? 50 do h:*i (;?)< 150 do 21*4 150 Llslaiul RR ?Ml H"'1, 50 do 21)2 150 do bid 83'* 25 do 24>4 11)0 Stoiiington RR UiU 4b 25 Canton Co 4(> 25 do 11)0 do 4(i.l? 100 Patersoii RR 25 do sftO 46 150 Readiug RR 53>Z 25 do ?'J0 46 50 do b30 53}i 125 do 46'? 50 do >30 53)2 JO do nw 49V Second Board. ('.700 Ohio 6's, '60 99)< 75 alias Nor k Wore *10 r.fli," 25 alias ("anion Co blO 46* 25 do |>t i,n0 52 NY 4c Krie RR 25 25 do ?J 6!;', 125 L Island RR 83>? 25 do bj 63Si Sew Stock Exchange. $5000 Ky 5'*, p in NY 1)10 <*l)*' 100 aha* L Island RR c B3>? 2000 Illinois 6's, *70 60d 40 l.'tO do c S3 50 alias U 8 Bk c <)i do hl5 83k 25 Canton Co bow 40 100 do 1>3D 83v, 50 do 1)3 45? 25 do *10 8?V 50 do C ?6^ 25 do ?20 112V 25 do c 46\ 50 do c Itf!, 50 do b IS 47 Z5 do *3U H3 50 do bnw 47 25 Erie RR 2tl.? 50 Nor St Wore RR nil.1-* 50 do 24\ 50 do c 68 25 do 2'.\ 175 do snw 68 25 do b3 25 100 do f>8W 25 Stoiiingfon RR out 16 2i do bnw ? !!*-< 35 Hud k Berks h3 15 25 do b3 r.*>i State of Trade. Ashe* -Pot* uro in very mo<J urate demand at $4 18J. Pearls are steady at $4 43] BBtsoarurra-Wo have no change to report. The de mand lor flour ia very limited. Cotton?There wu more disposition evinced to pur chase to day, and about 3,(100 bale* were taken at )ih de cline on price* previous to arrival ot steamer, at which the market close* firm. Freight wu* also engaged for 600 baler, from ftrat hand*?making the total amount taken for fnpert, 3,600 bale*. Hiv-Cotuinon qualities fell a* wanted at 3*2 a 86c. Whiseev?Diudge cask* are held at 34c. Western and priion barrel* are held at 34) a 15c. Thai ?Imported In the ahip Clarendon. Term*?Note* at 6 months, payable in the city of New York, to be made satisfactory to the seller* Hyson?64 half cheat* 7t> ot* per lb, 00 do 79, 38 do 71), 43 do 63). 10 chest* 66). 30 do 65}, 70 do 66, 11 do 64}, 6 do 64, *4 do 63. Young Hyson?10 half chests 63), 10 do 80. 33 do67), 13 do 47) 16 do 46 80 do 46), 61 do 46, 93 do 44), 14 do 43, 60 do 41). 74 do 41, 105 do 40). 331 do 40, 86 do 311, 155 do 38) 430 do aud 30 chest* 38,81 do and 887 half do 37) 60 do IS, 13 catty boxes 64, 30 chests and 1114 half do with drawn. Hyson Skin - 33 chests 88, 103 do 37.17 do 33, 10 do 33, 76 do 30,64 do 39), 60 do and 186 hf cht* 36. 306 ch* 33), 133 33) 84 do do 33, 4? do 31, 166 do 30; 46 do withdrawn Imperial?1# half ahests 67. 30 do 6*, 19 do 64, 19 do 63), .**0 do 61, 30 do 60, 33 do 69), U <!o w it) drawn. Ounpowder?10 hf chest* 68), 49 do 66, 33 do 64,37 do 63), 93 do 60, 36 do withdrawn Souchong?30 hf chs 33), 130 do 31,83 do 30), 378 do 30, 83 do 17, 346 do withdrawn Niugyong?60 half chests 38, 66 do36). 114 do 34,166 do 33) 113 do 30). 307 chs and 396 half do withdrawn. Potirhong 40 half chests 61, 197 do withdrawn. Ningyong Pouchong?90 hall chests 37, 60 do 36), 69 do 36, 83 do 31. Cassia?3300 mats at 18 cents per lb. Provision Market. Wo have no change of any note to report in our meat or shop markets since our last. The fish market continues to be well supplied. Vegetables of all kinds are still plenty, but the contin ued dry weather will cut short many of the root kind Fruits of all varieties, including grapes, are abundant. Wo are glad to sae anew flotr putting down for the Washington Market. The proper officer* ought to fine the grocer who obitructs the street near the market with his wagon. Prices or Provisions. Apples, bills.... 50 a3 00 Flounders 4a; Beef, per lb 6 a 8 Oeese 50 al 25 Beef, |wr cwt 3 50 a4 75 Honey, new, lb.... ISJfa 25 Beef, corned 3 a 7 Lamb, lb 6 a 8 Bacon 4 a 7 Lard, lb 6 a 8 BlackAsh 6 a 9 Mutton 3 a 8 Beets, bunch 3 a ? Onions, bunch.... 3 a 4 Beans, bush 50 a 87>? Pigeon*, dor. 1 00 at 25 Butter, freeh, per lb 12 a 14 Porterhouse Steaks 8 a 10 Butter, firkin,per lb 6 a 10 Pork, lb 4 a 6 Bass, lb 8 a 10 Piga, masters ? al 00 Celery, a bunch... 6 a ? Potatoes, bush 31 a 50 Cauliflowers,doz.. 50 al 25 Perch, lb..._ 6 a ? Cranberries, qrt... 15 a ? Poultry, pair 50 a 75 Crabs, doz 12.Sia 25 Radishes ? a I Chickens 37 ^a 87>i Ballad I a 2 (Mams, 100.. 25 a 37)4 Salmon,smoked... 10 a 20 Calve's Head. kc.. 25 a ? Striped Bass, lb... 8 a 12 Cabbage, each 3 a 4 Snipe, dozeu 75 a ? Cheese, new 6 a ? Sausages ? * 8 Carrots, bunch.... 2 a 3 Tuniips, buah 25 a 31 Ducks, pair 50 a 75 Tripe, lb ? a 4M Kris 8 a 12 Turkies 56 al 50 Kggs (for 12)4 Veal 6 Fresh Cod 4 a 5 8 Philadelphia Cattle Market. Sept. 19.?Offered, 1300 head of Beel Cattle, including 1100 t?ken to New York; 160 Cow* and Calve*; 300 Hogs and 1600 Sheep and Lamb*. Prices?Beeves were dull, and about 700 head (old at $3) a $4) for common to good quality, with a few extras at $6 the 10? lb*. Co'v* aud Calves were moitly taken at $16 a $36, ex tras $30. Hog* *old ilowly at $1 a $1) the 100 lbs. Sheep and Lambs we quote at $1^ a $3 each. Hay?Good Timothy is scarce; sales of the week were mostly made at 86 a 90c the cwt; Pressed, for shipping at 50c the 100 lbs. Straw is highar, and sells at $6 a $7 the 100 bundles. Birth, On Sunday last, the lady ot JtscrH Gaaaoar, ol this city, of a (on. Married, On Thtirsd' y, 19th Inst by tho Rev. Dr. FerrU, Mr. John Piamic, Jr. to Miss Ssrsh Khsucks DusEnacaar, of this city. On Wednesday evening, 18th in*t. by the Rev. John O Oreon.Mr. P 0'Dom?i;iiuk, oi Chicago, (111) to Miss MaaiiaaET M. Willisms, ol this city. On Wednesday evening. 18th Inst, at St. Stephen's Church, by the Rov. J H Rice, Wm M. Tweed, to Mary J , eldest daughter of Joseph C. Skaden, all of this city. On Wedm-sday avemrg, 18th in*t. by the Rev. Dr. Brodhead, Johw M F Wii.liams, 3f Brooklyn, to Elle* F , daughter ol Mr. Wm Co?, of Ohio. Died, On Wednesday morning, 18th inst. at English Neigh borhood, A G. RaiWctaux, aged 33, son ot A. C Raine taux On Friday afternoon, 30th inst, of a long and painful illness, the child of John Reese, aged seven months. His relatives and friunds are respectfully invited to at teed the funeral, to-morrow at 4o'clock, from his father's residence No. 3 Jay street. I'auengers Arrived. * Msnr.ias?Schr Reaper?John Fernandez, Manael de Predsd, Tello, Frnucoi* llenriiiaei, J L Spanalia. JMARITIME HERALD. Sailing Days of the Steamships. STKSMERS. FROM LIVEaPOOL. FROM AMKRICA. Britannia, Hewitt Oct. 1 Caledonia, Lott Sept. 19 Oct. IS O. Western, Matthews Oct. 12 Nov. 14 Ship Masters and Agents. We. shall esteem it a favor if Captains of Vessels will give to Rokkht, Captain of our News Boats, a report of the ahippins left at the port whence they sailed, the vessels spoken ou their |iassaae, a list of their canto, and any foreiitn new a (tapers, or news they may hare. He will board them im mediately on their arrival. Agents and Correspondents at home or abroad, will also confer a favor by sending to this office all the Marine Intelligence they can obuiu. Nautical Informa tion of any kind will be thankfully received. PflHT or NKW VOUK. SKPTKMBBR !)l. sen rises 5 58 I Mooff srts 12 25 St'N SETS 6 2 | HIOH WATER 5 23 Cleared. Shipa Liberty, Norton, Liver|>ool, Po?t k Phillips; Oscar, Hniiili, Ha* Harbor, Sleight, <Jartliiier li Howell.? Bari) llf* Norma, (Hamh) Valiaen, Hamlin *, Hehmidf k Vogel ?Brigs ' l iven, Brr>wn, Bermuda, Tucker k Lighlbonriie: .fimea Hay, (l(i) I.h.ic, St John, NB. I'. I. Neviasb Sou; ' aniilla, Man iieml, Savannah, Slurgea k Cleiirmsn.?Sehrs Rllen.(Br) llib bert, VaDDoulh, NS J II limine; Ionic, Ackerman, Rich mond, N. L. Mc('re?dv k Co; Montano, Kldridge, Portsmouth, S. W. Lewis. Arrived. ling Henry Lee, Smith, 10 davs from Richmond, with coal, to W. Spencer. 16th inat. off the Delaware, apokc schr Morea? did not understand where from or bound. Schr Rea|ier, Kent, from Madeira, Aug. 0. with 37 pi|ie* wine to rnsater. Ix'l'f barque ???, of Boatou, just arr from New York. U.S. bris of war " Pennsylvania,' (so reported) had been in uort, and had aailed on a cruise. Schr Fswn, Bartlett, 25 days from Jacmel, wi'li M.non lbs logwood H0(l bags coffee 10 hhls corn to A. C. Rosaiere It Co.? Tne K. ciperinuced heavy galea on the nth and 14th?lost sails and span, and was hove down on her beam ends. Schr Lvra, St?vena, (of Stenlien) It days from Manaanilla, Cuba, w ith t ibacco, to Badger k Peck. Schr Pliebe D, Crocker. 20 davs from Sr. J ago de Cuba, with anuar and tobacco, to Slnrges H. Co. Has eiperienced aevere weather on the i?s??i<?. 12th inat was off the Cape* of Dela ware, and was lilown as far South as Cape llenry. Schr T'oga. Hallock, 14 davs from Wilmington, NC. with lumber, kc. to John (>gdrn. 15th mat. pas-ed the npars, w itli all lie1 rigging, aaila, Ike. attached t? them, and the mast of a schr The T has experienced soveie galea on the paasage?aplit the tlving Jib, ahitted the deck load, fcc. Schrs J. Ballard. Warren, and Sailor's Delight, McConn, fm Cherrystone, w ith potatoes. Sehr Roebester. Fountain, ? days from Baltimore, with mdae, to N. L. Mo (ready k Co. Sehr Michigan, Perry, from Baltimore, with mdae Sehr Henrietta, Cropier, 3 days from Berlin, with corn, to B. N. Foi. Schr A. C. Havens, Ayrea, 3 davs from Chincoteagne, with corn, to B. N. Fog. Schr C*a*andra, Willis, 2 davs from Delaware, with wheat, kc. to B. N. Ko*. Schr Bergen, Cola, from Richmond, with tobacco, to James llun'er. Sehr Pliebe Kliza, Oaltoro. from Alexandria, with flour. Sehr Tuacarora, Smack, Itichniond, lloui. Sehr Kraucia llallett, Notes, Richmond, cosl. bcor Kllen, Cipicou, Richmond, coal. _ , Schrs Select, Anderson: K. Peleraoa, Ilolltnsn; Kdinbiirg, Decker; l.? unple, Van Name;Gagelle, Bourne; (?il Bias, Kar ren; Chit P. Blown, Jones; South America Bre'el; Northamp to , Cullen; f hailea Smith, t li.nnl i'. Senator; S. ( Abbott Rogeta; Copi>er. Johnaon: Mary Bedell; Banner. Simonson; Wm Henry, l'olford, Clotilda, Van Name; Harriet Chandler, Lo/.ter, anil l^ol Hanson, Bu<b?e. all from Virginia. Schr Albion, McCray. Philadelphia, coal. Schr V% ten, Lvnch, Cnincotcague, eorn. Schr Pioueer, Moors, Calais, lumber. CjrjtotM?Nfll reports no vassal in (l?ht ?t snadowu.? fcHMl. Wh'too, Curtis, 81 .Mirth*; Mow*, Loveland,Charles ton; Rossis, Law, Montego Bay. Mlacellaneoua Kecortt. Packets rot Et'ROFg.?Tha Gladiator, for Londou, sail* this day at 11 o'clock, and tlie Queen of tlw West, fur Liverpool, at 12. 8mr Arabella, of Portsmouth, Nil. from London for Phi ladelphia, was spoken on llie I4tli in*t lat 35 20, lou 71 30. by the Tioga, at this |iort. She had I oat her foremast, bowsprit, main ami liiizeu topgallant masts, quarter boat, Sic. in the gale of tlie 12th iust. Ashore.?There are fourteeu vessels reported to be ashore south of Cape Henry, and several bottom up, drifting about. Hi U I' I. Nim B, Stoop. nliich tailed froin Liverpool I5lh July, and was supposed by llie Baltimore pa|iers to hare been mien iu with, a wieck, is reported as havmg arrived below Baltimore. Sloop Lauraniie, of Nantucket, front Button for Albany, with plaster, got in contact uighl of 16th, off Kane Point, with a p:nk stem fiahing schooner, and was cut down to the water's edge: her mainsail was also badly torn. Him was ruu on shore at Wood End, where her iesk was slopped at low water, and sit* proceeded to rroviucetown for repairs . The schooner also priv entiled to Provinmown, andappaiently had no damage etcept having bulwarks stove. Whalemen. MaRrleheap, Sept 18?Arr Margaret, of Gardiner, Houd lelte, Cadiz, via Fayal, where she put in leiky, he., 31st ult., w itli salt. Report* touched at Kayal, July 19, Newark. Pendle ton, Stoning! on; Splendid, Fordhain, Cold Spring; Jason,Slate, NL. ill clem; 20th, Oregon, (sclu) Newcouib, NB, leak*. re paired, and tld 27th; Charleston Packet, llowland, do, clean; Jasper, Po|*,d? and landed 75 bids oil; Esquimaux, Cook, I'ro vince'own, clean; Cicero,, NB, do; 22o, Midas, Col lins, dodo; Envoy. Fisher, Providence; Hudson, N'ickerson, S H: Timor, Edwards, do; Kabius. Ni kerson, NB, all clean; Md, Dragon, Bennett, do, and lauded 37 bids; Booth Carolina, Gardner, do; 2ltli, Sally AuueJClark do; New bury l*>rl, Gray, Stonington; Harvest, Brooks, Bridueport; Liverpool, Wilcox, NBedford; 23th, Science. Wood, NB 27th, Gov Troup. Je? ney, do; 2!lth. John St Elizabeth, Walker, NL, all clean; Tyles ton, Luce, Nan, 45 bids; Ta- itu*, Hathaway, NB, 75 bbls; Po cahontas, M?nter, Tisborv, and l.n ded 200 bids; JI * t, Dove, Douglass, NL, and laud d 70 bids; John, Smdford, NB, clean; Aug 3, Two Brothers, Manter, Nan, do; Hemy, Brown, do, 20 bhls; 5th. Moctezuma, Tower, NB; Marcia, How laud, do; Mo rea, Cushman, do; Aruolda, Collin, do; Merriinac, 1) stlu, NL; Venice, Lester, do; Elizabeth,Gifford, Freetown, all cleoi;tith Wmi Lee, Wimpeuny, Newport, and landed 30 bbls: 8th, New Bedford, Swain, NB; Harriet. Durfee, Freetown; Ciiluuibus, Huntley, NL; 12th, America, Delano. Warelmn; 13th, Iris, Haynes, NL; ISth, Atlantic, Keiiuey, Mystic; 17th, Elizabeth, Taller, NB; Roanoke. Baldwin, Greeuport; li.irt <iosuold. Mo slier, NB; St Law rvnee, Birkvr, Sagharbor; Alciope, Halsey, do; John Wells, Hedges, Sagharbor; Liverjeol, Devoll, NB; 18th, Mary &. Susan, Huiibaru, StouiuKtoii; .Millwood, Hatha way. NB; 19th, John Adams. Mason, no; Male Mir. Smith, do, all clean; Allbree, Burrows, Nlysnc, and landed 110 bbls;20th, Louvre, Green, NL, clean; Good Return, Swift, NB. and laud ed 60 bids; ('has Drew , Carey, do; 21st, Neptune. Out, NL; Albion, Hathaway, KH; 26th, Hopewell, Littletielil. Warren, HI, all clean; Leooidas Marble, FR, 40 bids; Niger, Gray, N B, and landed 8.5 bbls; Sarah, Mahew, Malta, and landed 212 bbls ; Stephaiiia Cnggpghall, NB; 27th, Hiberuia, Smith, NL; 28th, Averich, Reynard, NB, all clean; Ma't.ipoisett, Bright man, Matt, and landed 50 hbls; Julian, Blackuier, NB, clean; 29th, Pioneer, Wolvertnn, dodo. Letters received at Holmes Hide, rv|Mirt at Seychellt) Islands April 10th, ship Arab, Harding, Nil, 850 sp U00 wh. Spoken. Kveline, 6 days from Cienfuegos for Boston, 0th tint, off Salt Key?by the Lyra, at this port. Kurelgn Porta. Tt'RKs Island. Sept 4?In |iort, Pallas, Harris, of North Yarmouth,_for NYork, next day; barque , just arr, for Philadelphia?the only Americans. Mamsanilla, Sept 1?In port, Empress, for NYork, 8 days; Diploma, Fly, from NYork, arr 28th Aug?only Americans. St Jauo, Cuba, Aug 31?In port, EWaunr, for N York, disg; Curlew, Wabertou, do do?only Americaus. take Porta. Cleveland, Sept IG?Arr Eclipse Detroit Cld, Scioto, Og drnsburg; Trenton, Buffalo; Free 'lrnder, do; II M Kinne, do; M Kreeme. do; Hudson, do; Swan, Monroe; Madison, King ston; St Lawrence, do; Princes* Royal, do. Bl'KFai.o, Sept 18?Arr Ruggles, Cleveland; Dolphin, do; Hu ron, do; Havaua,do; Moses Ik Elias Milan; T la-ineu. Mou ron; Navigator, Detroit; Baldwin, St Joseph; Victory, Huron; Atlas, Ashtabula; W Trader, Dunkirk; N America, Catarau gus. Cld, Crevolin, Cleveland; Ney, do; Stranger, Milan; Mi ?lerva, Rowan, CW;Kiug, Sandusky; Cambridge, Monroe; Emma, Ashtabula. Home PnrtDs EdoaRtown, Sejd 18?Arr Condor, Curtis, NYork for Port laud; Brazilian, Hitchborn, Philadelphia for Boston; Zephyr, Crockett; Metalluc, Simon ton; Wave, Holhrook, and Gran ville, Peirce, NYork for Boston; Mary Augusta Farnum; Polo mca, Duncan; Robt Brace, Glover, and Pilot,-Philadelphia fur Boston; Onanin, N Yoik for Lubee; Julia, Tucker, Lubec for N York; Clarendon, Ames, and Texas, Pillsbury, Thomaston for NYork. There were 60 sail of Eastern bound vessels . in Edgartowu harbor this moriiiug. New BturuHD, Sept 18?Arr Alabama, Nickcrson, Philadel phia. Providence, Sept 18?Below, Rienzi, Durfee, from NYork, and several schrs and sloops?wiud NE. Ship Lion is at anchor off Couimicut Point?she will be towed up this morning by staamer Iotas. Trantlation was not below, as reported yester day. Sid Benj II Field, Vangilder, Pliiladelphia. New Haven, Sept 19?Arr Comet, Know lea, St Croix via N York; Two Brothers, Thompson, and Reindeer, Buckaloo, Phi ladelphia; Minerva, Na?h; Gen Morris, Herbert; Lawrence, Ferris, and Celeste, Wright, Albany; Cynthia Ann, Scranton, NYork. Sid Lady Washington, Thomas, Albany; Gen Knox, Baker. NYork. I'Hii.ADF.LrHtA, Sept 20?Arr Envoy, Richardson, Lubee; Antares, Halleit, Boston: Pizarro, Sherman, Newport. Cld il W Gand>, Gaudy; Globe, Plummer, and Scioto, Thompson, Boston; T B Odell, Smith; Achsah D, Douglass; J F Crouch, Tomlin; Pelon, Young, and Intrepid, Lawrence, New York; George, Johnson, Brooklyn. J. L A 1 II D, WIG MAKER, HAIR CUTTER, AND ORNAMENTAL HAIR MANUFACTURER, 92 CHATHAM STREET, FOHMEHI.V OK 116 PEARL STREET. IN announcing to his numerous friends and patrons his re moval from 316 Pearl street to tha store 92 Chatham street, begs leave to return his heartfelt acknowledgments to those friends and the public generally, who have hitherto honored him with their support, and to assure them it will ever be his study to merit a continuance of such enviable distinction. Kver since I have been in business it has Imeu my good fortune to aciiuire and retain so large a portion of the public palronnge, for which I feel grateful. Asa Hair Cutter and Wig Maker Laird stands unrivalled in the manufacture of Ornamental Hair, for which his name has so long been celebrated. He now has ample scope for carrying his inveutious and improvements into effect, in short nothing that art can produce or expense com mand, h u been overlooked by him at Ins new establishment. Hr invites an early inaia-clioii of his splendid slock of Wigs, Touiiees and Ornamental Hair, in countless variety and exqui site workio inship. Perfumery from relebraled Euglishaud ( ou tiuental manufactories, in additiou to several esteemed prepara tions, invented and sold by Laird. The Hair Cutting, and in deed the bnsiuess in each department is conducted! by the princi pal himself, in such a manner and on such terms a* to sustain the pre-eminent character tin* establishment enjoy*. Prices to suit tha time*. *10 lm*m 92 Chatham ittnt. NJK W YORK, SEPTEMBER, 1144. FRESH IMPORTED STOCK OF FRENCH, GERMAN AND ENGLISH WOOL LENS, &c., &C., Ac. txc., acc., ore. 0 TO BE CLOSED BY NOVEMBER 1,1844 Nr. of our Partuers lutending to retire from our coi the 1st ol Novtm>Hfr next, w? beg respectfully to inf concern on , i- .er next, w- beg rr*[iectfully to inform you that it is man* necessary to close our present Stock, ou or t?fore that day. 1 he Good* have been imported by the latest arrivals, and connst in put of the following, viz French Broad ('loth*, Cusimere* and Vest.ings, German Castor Beaver*, Broad Cloth*, t hrea-fourths andsix-Amrths Doeskin* and C ass i me res, English Broad Cloths, Caxsimerea, Beavers, Pilots, Liou Skins, Blanket*, Paddings, Worsted Stuffs and Vestings, French,^,,., Scotch In every variety, he., tc., lu. German and Kughsh Fancy <-asjimer?a, lie. cotch Plaids alio Scotch Tweeds, he. And Tailors' Tr^miniugs, lu every variety. Ye'i will please favor us with a call, and oblige Your uiost obedient servants, NEV1NS Ar. CO., IMPORTERS, No.68 CEDAR STREET NEAR NASSAU STREET, a29 2m?re (UP STAIRS.) "PXPIIEHS PRICES REDUCED?The Subscriber* har* ^ reduced their Express prices on all small packages of law and other doeumeuts, from 50 cents to 25 cants |>er package, from this city to Buffalo auil the intermediate points. Also, through Wells Ik Co.'s Express frum Buffalo to Chicago, at 50 cents per package from this city to Chicago, and the intermedi ate points on the Lake. an3 LIVINGSTON, WELLS It POMEWOV. GIVE RED AND (?RKY HAIR AND WHIS KERS ANOTHER COLOR XI/HO is there, young or old, that like* red or grey hair I ? * This qaaMjoa applies to both sexes, and should !?e remem bered if they feel inclined to change the color of their locks. Red cheeks are pretty?not red hair? The latter shames complexion fair." The celebrated Italian Dye changes red or grey hair or whii kers to a beautiful natural looking brown, auburn or black, without ataiuing the skill in the leaat. This is warranted; w he, then, will go with red hair or red whiskers longer I The Italian Dye add* a glossiness and appearance to the hair equal to na ture. Prepared and sold by A. B. SANDS Ik CO., Chemist* and Druggist*, 273 Broadway, comer Chamber*street, in the Granite Building. Sold also at 79 Fulton street and 77 East Broadway. Price 50 cents. s5 Im'ec CHEAP CASH TAIFjOKING ESTAHLISHMENT, 3U4 PEARL STREET, BETWEEN BEEKMAN STREET AND PECK SLIP. 'TH1E SUBSCRl UKR, oue of tha pioneer* of the cash system, -I (team s to Keep u he/ore the imblic that he continues to man ufacture every kiud of Civil and Military clothing, of the finest materials, in the most superior style, at lower price* by twenty five per cut than any oth?r house cha.-gM for ihe same quality ?l varments. Witness the following lisi of prices Kest sti|>eifiue wool black Dress Coat ... .$14 to 820 *nrts of fancy and plain black Cassimere.. 5 to 8 Vests of all kinds, Bilk Sstin, Cassim-re... 1% to 5 (tenth-men who supply their own cloth can have thetn made in lite best style at the following price* ;? Dress t oats from $7 to $8 Pants from I 50 to 2 Vests " I 'SI to 2 sl3 Im-m JOHN MOFFAT UIIUI.ND i;Ui;(M, IN THE FRENCH STY Lb. FF.rFRAY, Sweet Chocolate Mak?r, 457 Broadway, near ? Grand street, hat just m opantiog i French MaMina which, se|>arating the larger lutntis of the broken Cocoa, grind lb* smaller: also the shells and most gelatinous part, into a Coarse powder, to prepare a tea of it so as not to b? oily as when the berry is altogether employed. The public is earnestly soli cifd to mak- a trial of it- _ au30lin*rc PARR'S LIFE FILLs! '"PHIS POPULAR MEDICINE is now in snchdemand, A Out Ions notices of it* erticacy are nnnwessaiv.? Thousands ol Testimonials of (perfect cures of I)yspe|>*ia, Dys entery, Scrofula tud Nervous Complaints, can be seeu at the store of the Proprietor*. THOB. ROBERTS h CO., No 117 Fnlton *treet. Thi* Medicine i* put np in Spanish, Portuguese, French. <Ger man aud Italisn Wra|>pers, with Books of Directions and Tes timonials III tlie same languages for exportation. au3l lm*m IMPORTANT To THE LADIES. T'HE subscriber* take pleasure in offering to the Ladies their 1 PATENT ELASTIC ARTE.MIAN BRACE. This is an invention which h is lieeu long needed, and must eveutually iirove ?ui indispensable article of the Female wardrolie. |t combines in msnuer oif construction all the graivful pruportiuns uf tha Corset, without any of iu usurious tendencies ; while tlicCor set by unnatorally compressing the chest, Impedes the (r>e and healthful action of the luny*, tliereny eniiendei mu Uiser,e* of tlie most fatal tendency. The ARTF.MAIN UHACE eioands the cheel, rives a free and healthy action to the Lungs, an J a grace fill arid plensiHg outline to the figure ; poswsstng as it does th> correcting power of keeping tlie |?rson erect, and the shoulders symmetrical. Parents and Guardians are particularly request"! to examine this article. It va ill lie found on inspection to fulnl ill the purposes for which it is recommended, and of immense tienelit to children of either sex, and lu all jiersous who have ac quired the habit of stooping. This Brace is in inufaciuod un q?v tlie immediate ius|irCtion of Mr. I'srsells who has twen en gageal for the laat eighteen years in the manufacture of different irticles fer a similar pnr|a>se, aud now offers tlie Artemian 3race as su|ierior to any article that has heretofore f illen under his observation. Ladies Department No. 2 Park Place first door from Broadway, where a lady, perfectly acquainted with 'be structure and fitting of the article, will be in allrndanci. Wholesale Department at the old establishment of PARSELLS k AGATE, ?< !???? W7 flroa4way, ooraar of ivk Placa. AUCTION SALES. Auction notice?wellinoton a. carter, Wine Merchant, No. 5 New street, N. Y., intending to de vote him?elf hereafter to the Coinniuion and lm|iortiiig busi umi, will offer at public auctiou on Monday, 2ld Septem ber, at II o'clock, lui entire stock, consisting of old aud supe rior Madeira, I'ort and Slierry Wine*, Cordials, A Ssiguette, aod Otard, D'ipuy Ik Co., Brand's*, Holland Oiu of uriou, hi and*, Champagne of tlir l>??t Importations. St. Croix and other Rum,. Also, a complete aaeortine.ut of Wines in Klasi, Ha vana Segars, Claret and Cordial Bottle*, White and Blue Mar hie Tile*, Ike. Uc.. Terms liberal, which will be known at tha sale. Cat >1 igucs ready on SatuiJay, Hit Sept. A part of tlie above entitled to debenture. Alao, 12 half pipe* Otaid, Dupuy St to. Brandy, now in the custom house stores. ... Ill eighth casks very superior Ouird, Dupuy bt Co,, in custom house store. 150 basket> Carrier, Tovet k Co. Champagne. 2i boxes Milau Steel, entitled tolitlMMnre. 400 boles Madeira and Sherry Wines, one dozen each. sll 2t"mSStM L. M. UOFF vlAN Sc CO., Auctioneers^ AUCTION NOTICE?Thi* Day, at'lOK o'clock, at The Males Koom.ll Spruce ,treet, a variety of Household Furni ture, Groceries, and valuable Paintings. Splendid Kull-lenirt1! Portrait of Henry ('lav?At 12 o'clock precisely will lie sold, at the Knickerb cker Hall, Park Row.tlie be 'utilul full-l-ngth Portrait of Henry Clay, |>ainted by Kimball of Baltimore, and allowed to be the best \ et presented to the public?coat ?1S00. THOU. BELL, PAUL B. LLOYD, *21 It*in Auctioneers. H I B L O ? g G A H D E N JtMf .kVi?(?i?!/? &&1 ?,,K 1 NA.L 8ALE OFGREEN AND HOT HOI 8E_ PLANTt*.?The remaining stock of iiT 1.11 Hoatu [ lauta, belonging 10 Niblo1* <*?r den, will lie sold by auction, on MOND AY, the Mil Septetn They Consist of one large Aloe about ninety It'l ii f' uf,"' l<*om?, Lau tanas, Myrtles, Ole p'. .V t ii' ,.,to*,!0ram' ? Orange and LemnuTreei, ' i ltunu' '??7iin?e, LaunisUnus. i- upatoriums, Fhfinr. I ""?U ln"""'?v Roees, Geraniums, JLi' llrVwnth. mum,, and a line variety of Win si ?n5* tu*' ^ 'ie whole will be sold without reserve. ,21 Stis WANT ICO?A JOURNEYMAN B ARB KR?Apply at No. 4 Veaey street, under the Astor House. s2l 3t*m WANTED IMMEDIATELY, 2 apprentices to the dress miking business, in a respectable private establishment, where they w ill have an opportunity of learning it thoroughly on the lie?t work, References required. For cards of address apply to 11. RAE'S dry good, stoie, 251 Centre street, near Broome. Wanted also, one good hand. ,21 3teod*rc XJITANTED?By a sober, iin'ustriou*, trustworthy, middle 's aged mm, a situation in some store, as an a*?i,t*ut porter or runner, who can come well recmnmended. Will makr him self generally useful and his no objection to go south. Aline directed to D. A. L., 151 Eldridge street, will meet with prompt attention, s20 4t*rc PALMO'-* NEW YORK OPERA HOUSE. TXT ANTED?A few more Ladies for tlie Ballets. Those lie 's sirous of engaging, will plea*e to call at the Opera Hou?e, Chamber, ,lre?t. tietwceii 9 and 12 o'clock. A. ^ >21 lire N> >TiCL. fiftK REWARD?Mislaid or stolen from the ladies'ordinary 9P?-' of the American Hotel, in Broadway, sundry articles, numbered and marked as follow*: 2 .ilver forks marked W. B. Cuwens,No.l42 and 21; one spoon, W. B. Cowans, No. 22. The finder, by leaving them with Frederick Ungrier, at the office of the American Hotel, or with Nasmith II. Peasley.atH. H. Day's, No. 25 Maiden lane, will receive the above reward; or any one article of iliem. Pawn Brokers look out ,2121*10 STOLEN OR TAKEN, on Thursday. 12th of September, in the afternoon of said d y, from South street, New York, between Pine and Depuyster streets, a Hand Cart, .with the owner's name and No. 91 on the side when taken, with one of the shafts broken and spliced; alio one spoke out of one of the wheels, with four new snokes in the other, with other marks.? Any information will tie thankfully received by Mr. MA CARTNEY, No. 69 South street, and a liberal reward will lie paid by the owner. s2l Inn MUOti LOST?On Thursday evening, a white Setter Oog, s|Kitted with yellow or brown, answers to the name of Don. The owner's name is ou the collar.? ?ring the dog at 12 Lispeuard street, the finder will be suitably rewarded. ,21 It* ro If! f 1L. A 17 TO the Independent Order of Odd Fel . Uf T . lows -New York, September 16. 1844. ?The undersigned would respectfully inform the brethren who intead to unite in the celebration of Ossiusin Lodge No. 97, at the village of Sing Sing, oa the 21th instant, that they have chartered the Hteainboat Columbus, Capt. Win H. Frazee, ex pressly for the occasiou. The boat will leave the. foot of Market street, E. R. at 8 o'clock; the, foot of Canal street at ilo'clock; and the foot of Hammond s reel at IlJi o'clock, A. M. Returning, will leave Sing Sing in time to arrive at the city before dark. Fare each way twenty-five cent*. A good band of Music will be provided by the boat. , In Friendship, Love and Truth, Beisj. F. Sherwood, 1 Jollt A. I.OCKWOOD, i rjimmiliMi Edward Van Wart, [ t-o"""'1"" s21 2teod*tn T. Y. Barcock, j JUST PUBLISHED. THE CLAY CODE; OR, TEXT BOOK OF ELOQUENCE fJATHKRED from t'?e Public Si**ches of HENRY CLAY, vT by George Vandenhoff.?"A Book which ought to be in the hands of every American, whether this he his uative or his adopted country The selections have nothing to do wi'h party, hut embodye sentiment* to wbich every American must re spond."?Commercial Adverser. C. SHKPARD, Publisher, s2l 2tis*rc 191 Broadway, opposite John street. PACKET SHIP (JKEEN OF THE WEST, FOR LI VERPOOL?Cabin Passenger, by this ship will idesse be on*board steamboat Hercules, Whitehall dock, this day at 12 o'clock precisely. Letter bags will be closed at half past 11 ?t llale'*, Harnden's, aud the Merchants' Exchange News Room. *21 Itec NEW YORK SPORTSMEN'S CLUB THE MEMBERS of this Club are hereby uotified that a Meeting of said Club will be held at the house of Mr. Sinclair, ( 1 he Woodcock,) Houston street, near'Broadway, on Monday Evening next, at 8 o'clock. JAMES McOAY, Attorney at Law, 20 Chambers street. s21 3tm Secretary New York Sportsmen'* ( lull. A TASTEFULLY FURNISHED HOUSE-TO LET?Singularly well situated, within a minute's walk ?of tlw Astor mmi ?iiu?l.l.. for the I'legant accommoda tion ol a family temporarily in the city. A note addtessed to "C. B. E." through the post office, will procure a call on the |s-rs"ii wishing lor further inform uion. *21 3tis*rc ZjTREC EI VET) BY OR EAT w ESTERN. ?L11 CLIK EHUGH'S FALL AND WINTER FASHIONS roR GENTLEMEN'S HAIR CUTTING, Wii Litrodvcild Saturday, thk 7tm or Sei-temsii:*, HIS ROOMS, m. TiliOJinn'JtY, Where, from arrangement* made, be w ill be found alway* AT HOME. IT THOIF. WHO WI*I4 TO IIK OPI It A I l.n 014 BY HIM SEL F. *21 3t*m ~ ' hTnn'eK PH ESENTaTIO s. rPHE I aledouian Divition No. 31 Sons of Temiierance, will A have a beautiful Banner presented to them on Thursdai eve ning, S>pt. 2K. at tlie Apollo Rooms, Broadway. This will lie a great affair, a* no means will lie ?pared to render thi* enter tainment one of the highest order. The imuserneut* of tlie evening will in |urt consist of Scotch and other Songs, Recita tions, National Airs ou the bag pipes, Uc. Ike. The banner will lie presented bv Brotlier McKinely, and will lie receivc l by Bro ther Henry. Brother Peter McDonald will deliier tlie oration. For jmUr particular* n* Kinnbtlla. Door* ong at half paat 8, and to commence precisely at half iiast 7 o clock. A num bered' the member* will Is in full Highland Custume. Ticket* U'-a cents, to be had of any of the nieinbar*, or at the door ou that evening. By order of tlie committee. *21 lt*tn COTTON B AIT" I NO?Buyers for thet anada market and city Jobbers in tuirsnit of Halts, can have a choice f several ipialitiea, worth cent* |>er lb. to <1 cent* |*tr lbs. Tliese Batt* are put up in blue pa|>ers, 101 bundle* to the 100 lb* , and the stock comprises 1500 bales COLORED CARPET WARP?Ofthe best quality, assort ed color*. in bil?? ofW) lb*, and 120 lb*, each. CAKI'ET WARP? Anold'n lie?t Car|iet Warp, put up in b .le* of 120 lbs. and half bale* of 60 lb,each, for ssle by T. N. UNDERHiLL, s21 lt'cc 1# and 20 Cedir street, up stairs. TO MEDIC AL MEN?Wanted, a person to take an interest iu au old and well established medical office,to w Inch a small retail medicine store is attached, now and for twenty-five yean past doing a profitable business. A lare opportunity tor a person commencing practice. Apply at No. 4 Peck slip. ,20 2lis*m Gbft'l'hfc Rf. A I'f.H, dill you ever hear tell of the i'eck slip 0i-.|>ensar>, No. 4 Peck slip, near Peail street' There is ?till 'Balm iu Oilead, ' and a real phyaician there. *20 2ti**m ^ PERSONS IN PHILADELPHIA. WISH 1 NO to Subscribe to TIIE HERALD, and hare it served regularly at tlieir store*, dwelling,, kc., will leave their names with the Agents, at 3 ledger Building* Third ?treet, near < heitnut. TERMS. For One Week 17)f cent*. For One Month ...75 " For a longer time in the same proportion, o- 2)4 cent* a copy. Single copies for sale every day at I o'clock. Price 3 cent*. (i. B. ZIEBER & Co 3 Ledger Building, lit Imisrc Third street, near C heatnut. PANORAMA AT NIBLO'S (JARI)EN.-0|?-n for a short seison. tlie most magnificent Panoramic Painting ever ex hibited in tins country, (so say all the Artists that have seen it.) It was execnteil by the celebrated Artiats, Mr. W. Oamell. E. (j. Parte* and Auguattl* Eirle, R. A. Loudon. It is now open dnriug tlie day. Admittance to the Garden aud Panorama at ceuts. Arti*t? are reapectfiilly inviteil to visit the Panorama free oT chaige. rr~t'~ The Panorama of M idra* was exhibited in Russell Souare, atti nded Willi immense inceeu, and when purchased by Mr. Nibio was con*idere<l the very bfct Panoramic painting in London. *18 i* K( * IIALK Bariels Kamily .Vies, I'oik?300 lirls Clear Pork, iJv ,u,,l mo kegs Exlrr Prime Leaf Lard, for sal- by ?2<)ec E. K. i OLLINS ,v t II V, South st MEDICAL I AI!H-IXI< TOR (il.OVKR CO, lines hit practice principally to the treatment and cure ol delicate diseases in their different stages. Also, < Meet,, Strictures, (tonor rhma. Seminal Weakneaa, Ob*tinate IJlcer*, and all J4ore* an sini Irom impurity ofthe blood. His ei|ierieuce and success iu the cuii of this class of diseases are very great. Persons af flicted with any of the above named diseases who have been considered incurable or difficult of cure are invited to make ap plication at hi* otfice, No. 2 Ann street, near Broadway, ad joining tlie American Museum, where he may lie consulted r.onfidenti illy at any hour during tlie day and evening until 10 a'clocj^ *21 Ifin STRANGERS REWARE TN THIS AOE OK QUACKERY AND HUMBUG, it is 1 most important to choose an experienced |>hy?ician? l)K J. EVANS haa removed his Old Galen's Head Oispenaary to No. 2*8 Pearl street, corner of Beekman *treet, where he continues hi, ino?l extraordinary core* of all delicate di,ea*cs, no matter bow complicated He apprises the citizens snd strangers that th- re is no Or Evans m hi* old *tand, thai he h*< no connection whatever with any other office. Hi* charge* are modeiate?hi* consultation* strictly private. N. B.?Observe the number?mistake* are ofteu dangerous? 28H Pe.irl strict Medicines snd direction* sent to any part of the Union, hy pnrticul irly stating the case, and enclosing five doll.its. ,21 It'rc DU HUNTER'S RED DROP?Thi* medicine stands on us own unborrowed merits, and from the demand for it, must k*rome the universal remedy for secret diseaae. It i* aaknow leilged by every one acquainted with it, to be the only prompt, iienn.inent and safe enre in the world lliinterisn Dnpee?ary 3 Oiu,ion street, tie- only place in the city. Price $1 j*r Vial? with full directions. I >n sale in Albany st No. 31 Lydius street, but not to Ite had in Buffalo. Throughout the great West it is only to .lie had in Louisvilb, Ky., of Or. Tho*. Johnson. *21 It'm DACKET SHIP GARRICK from l^iverpool, ie discharging ? st Orlean* pier, foot of Wall street, under general order, I oiisigneM* will please attend lo the receipt of ibeir romls. mNn AMUSEMENTS. FAHK TliKATltli:. Boies. .. $1 iPit.. 50 cent* J Gallery ... iS centl. Ooora u|wu at 7?The Curtain will rise precisely at bilfpast T THIS EVKNINO, Sept. 21st, will b? performed, MONEY. Hit John Ve?>y, Chippendale | Evelyn, * Lovrll Clara Mus Clara til., Tn conclude with _ . DOM1NIUUK, THK DESERTER. Dominique Mr ?Kerrett | Duvrru Mr Dyott NIBLATM OAKUKN. Corner of Broadway uttl Prince itwl, New York. Tha Entertainments ur uuder the sole direction of Mm-wL- ... MK MITCHELL. rMU I ICh? Ihe Garden opens at o'clock, and the |wr lormiuices commence at 7W Tlie Thesire is now enclosed, and m&Ue comfortable, should the evening be damp or cool. ... 'he engagement of the RATitBna!UP^5j'.tifilA'v B|, LL RINGKRS : SAILRDAk fc.Vk.NINO, Srpwmber 21. will be preseuted, .. . 11A.MLK1 TRAVESTIE. Hamlet, with comic songs Mr. Mitchell Claudius, King of Mr.ISickinaon lolimim, Chainberlaiu .VIi. ( lark* Ophelia, lier !? ;it??-r*. Daughter Mrs. Watta Uueen.lwrSou s Motlter Miaa Clarke ?CAMPANOLOGiXn dELL RINGKHS Will perform?rlulornenia Waltz, by Slrau.s?Ulue B?lls or Scotland, wnh Variation#-^ achuchs. by Smoleuski?Bell ? ? *ff, VfS'Jfd expressly lor theiu-To conclude with Vir gluia Quick Step, being their wcond attempt it Negro Air., \l.r lutermiuiou ol ?hirty minutes. To conclude with. THE DOUBLE REDDED ROOM Mr Dulcimer Pipes Mr Holland Major .Vlmui Ken no Hi"*"' ? Mr Kveiard H11".; ?? Mr Clarke Mrs Deputy Lotnax Mrs W?tu .\ancy Spigot Miss I Like T7*NO PUHlt'ONLMKNI at this establishment on ac count of weather, aa the Grand Entrance from lli,..ulway to tlie saloon la protected, and the New Saloon, winch ,* ventilated 'he top and sides, can be enclosed at a moment's uotice. Tickets bitty Cenu. "CIKCUH?BO WKRYT ~~ Brilliant Success of the Arena?Fourth Night of ? VALENTIN I. , Splendid \ct? of Horsemanship. Rope performance, Vaulting, by Geo. Sw-et, W. Stout, Mr?. Cole, Mrs. Uulli'ii McFarUnd. Pie,mm; Negro Melodies by THE VIRGINIA 8EKENA0ER8. Boies 2i cenu ; Pit 1?)^ cents. ,21 |t*in BURTON'S THEATRE. ARCH STREET, PHILADELPHIA. ..^ATllRnAY, September 21*1. MR. ANDERSON'S BENEKlt, UV An l Can Api*"araiiee n L rzitx hard THE third. Duke of Olo Iter Mr Anderson Queen... .Mias I'uslimsn lo conclude w ith the wonderful i?-rform*uces of TI1K INFANT SISTF.Rs, I'ALMO'S ITALIAN OPERA HOUSE. , POWEHKI L ATTItACT'ON. YANKEE HILL FOR ONE NIOHT. .. Togethar with I he ^ ETHIOPIAN MINSTRELS CATI'RDAY.F.VENING, Sept 21st, Mr Hill the celebrated r and unrivalled pj-rsonator of Yankee Character, familiarly known as > ankce Hill, will introduce the |ieculiarities of Uown East. by an introductory Lecture, Anecd ites, Dia log'.fs Yankoe Stories, Sayings, kc.,with Imitation, of English, p reuch, Irish ami American iiersoriages, forming altogether gra 1.!? i]'u*trations of more th in Twenty L uighanir CharacUsri. I ickeU 25 cents. Bo* office op<*n from 10 A. l P M. whure seats may bft secured. I)oor3 o|Jeu at 7 o'clock. Knfer Uimnent to commence at tf o'clock! s21 lt*ec PALMO'8 NEW YORK OPERA HOUSE. NOVEL AND EXTRAORDINARY SUNDAY'S EXHIBITION, SUNDAY EVENINO, Seniemlier22, 1814. Admittance26 cents. Doors ojwii at 7>?? Exliibitiou at 11 o'clock T09EPH PAliLIAHI, from llome, has the honor to inform ?f tne enlightened New York Public, that on Sunday evening, Heptemher 22, he will, for the t'?rsf. time in this country, give a wouderful exhibition of TABLEAUX VIVANT, in better ?tv le Ulan those which have excited the enthusiasm and admira ol all the priucinal citie-* of h'.uro|>e. 1 he exhibition will exclusively embrace such juhjects as are ?o diTineh represented in the Holy Scriptures. It is useless to give a description of the feelings they will e* cite. and the wonder that will be produced in the eyes and mind ol the si ectators. Call and see. sl9 4tis*rrc GRAND MORA iTXFTD RAT 1 ON A L ENTERTAINMENT. FOR A FKW EVENINGS ONLY, AT CROTON HALL, CogNF.R OK THl, Bow. IIV A *11 DlvtSIO*> STHr.FT, PJO.MMENCINO ON SATURDAY EVENING. Se item h ?'iV'i ,81 '? consisting of " Scenes in ih' Life of a Urunkard, in three parts, with beautiful and appropriate Scenery. The proprietors reMiectfully inform ihv Indies and gentlemen of New York, that they have fitted up th?- above place lor th- purpose ol giving a Grand Moral Entertaimnent, in three Paris, eulitled Ihe '?DRUNKARD'S REFORM; OR, THK LOST SAVED." 1 be scenes describe the life of a young man w hose amhitiou prompts him to sustain an honorahl- stalion in society, lie is happy with a lovely wife and ch'ldrvn?temptation tieseu his path and he grsdually fills a victim to thai dreadful vice, intem |ierance. He is se|iaraied from his family, and at Inst is dis Covered in Ihe city of Boston, in a most miserable condition, suf fering from the effects of delirium tremens, and despised by those who tenpted bun?but through th- inflneme of the noble c.iuse of WMhingMaiuusm, lie is induced to sign the pledge, and becomes a man once more. The. Drop Scene, called the Pledge, is from Shake.iwaie's Ijjnpeat, and i?<inl?d b> Mr. Maun. nXhf;,proMrwtors have also eiiga||ed the services of M188 BliUt'lL. the admired Vocalist, and Mr. I. MURPHY, the celebrated Comic Hinger, who will, during tlie eveuing, sing x number of their most popular Sougs, Duetts kc. A iiroression al gentlemau will preside at tlie Piano. For full paiticulnrn, see small bills. I icket* One Shilling, for sib at? roton Lunch, audI at the door on, the evening. Performances to commence at hall?pas( 7 o.clock. *20 2t*rc FXHI1311 ION THE END OF THE WORLD. Of . ORIGINAL PAINTING A VKR\ LARGE SIZE with Colsssal Kigun-s, paint ed aud l.tely hnished by F. Aiielh. New Y ork. .A . a0?. :l.( Apollo Rooms, 410 Broadway, from 10 A M. to i P. M., and Irorn 7 to 10 P. M. Admission Jj ceuts. slO lin*rc ? MK. HENRY PHILLIPS, rT Hr, Vocalist, from Kugland, Primo Ilasso of 1 ler Majesty's , Concerts of Ancient Music, Eieter Hall, Stc. &c., will have Uie honor ol giving his fust ... . VOCAL CONCERT In America, at the Aixillo Kooms, on Monday evening neit, . d'frti'.u Hl' "Olj 11 WITH D1BDIN, and a MIS .EI.LANEOl S ACT in which Mr. II Phillips will sing the fo!low' ig Songs Poor Jack, Tom bowling, Jolly Pick, While the of the Village, the (an of Cirog. The Sailor s Journal. Part 2-l be Soups Krr uid, Tie Rock of tlie Pilgrims .Downamong the Dead Men, The Col near the Wood, 1 he Sea Fight, Love's Errand, The Uest of all Good Company. Admission, One Dollar. To commence at II o'clock. Tickets and I rogi,.mine, to be had al all the Music Stou ?, and at the rooms on the evMuiug. tU' WJJ' accompany himself on Chickling's ljrand r^uare I lano rorte* i!9 3t#?c CONCKKT NIGHTLY frKA?^S.Y.(i^At.AN\uJNHTKV-NIKNTAL CONCERT, ^ KUX 8 Cafe Met Millrs Colonnes Saloon, No. 307 Brondway. Knf??rement of Mist Adair, the fine Vocalist. v ii- i* 1* ? ??'pw11 establishment han been c<uuiderably eu? belluhed since May. llefreshiuents ol the best kind can always be had at the bar, with the attendance of careful wuiters, A well rentillated billiard room containing eight tables, comiiium* cates with the saloon on tlie same floor?the ices and creams, the beat tlie city aflords, can at all times be obtained. Kntrauce prte. >1 2w*rc A CARD?MR. WHALE and DAUGIITHJ reaiiectfully 1 aBBOunce to the Ladies ami OflntUmru of New York, tlint their < Ussm in Dancing, Wnliriug, and ihe Polka Dam e, w ill commence at the Assembly Room, Constitution Hull, 6M Broadway, early in October. Days of tuition, Tuesdays and Saturdays. V articular* in future ddv^rtisemeuts. Mr W tru*ts that the r^lemice* he shall offer of his capability will b^ satisfactory, nciiools and Academies attended to on application as above, or at his Private Academy, No. 7b Silth Avenue, sio Imrrc I )R. LARDNER CONSULTING TnThNEER, Athe Ileum Hotel, Is roadway, New York?Dr. Lardner will continue the professional practice which formally years he imr sued oil all eitensive scale in London, and may lie consulted by patentees, manufacturers, and oilwrs, on iiuestions regarding improvements in the arts and manufactures, which involve the application ol the principles of Mechanical or Physical Science. I hose who resple at a distance may forward (imstpnid) a clear statement oi the case, with the necessary draw lugs or s?>e cimens, when imrn^iliate attention w ill lie given sli Im rc LITERARY SALOON, COSTUME GALLERY, AND EXHIBITION OK bEAUTlFUL PAINTINGS, !*o. XO.'i llromlway. New York. 0"ADMISSION ONE SHILLIN.i IMNLY. NTU Si RANGEK should leave tlie city wnttont calling in 11 see the Great Collection! of Books, Paintings and Eo lrr!lT.l"Sl. S!".rh ,rr "'f'Tr<1 *t "prices to suit the times." IhePt BLIC SALE ROOM is filled with hooks of every kind, id v< nons langmures, including Prints and Pictures, to see waif/i, and 'h> I'rtnl so i Himir is made vJtiee TIIKATKE FOR RENT. 'THE RICHMOND VIRGINIA THEATRE, is for rent for the season .commencing on tlie 1st Oclolier neii It u now receiving such reiiairs and new decorations as will make it, when completed, equal ifnot interior in us appointments, to any theatre ol its size in tlie Union Address PR() PR IETOR TH EAT IIE. snKI 2tJw3w?rc llicbmnml Virginia CENTREVILLR COURSE, TRf>TTIN(r. The Great Sweeijstake of $r,n. Ten M,l? Harness, . srrv nig Hi poiindi, will come off over the alwive I on... Wl n. NESDA V. October 2d, at 1 o'clock. P. M. Geo. Ferguson, of Albany, names h. m Fanny Jenks. ( S Bertine names blk in Miss Fori tine G Me/ker names r|, g. N^pt,,,,,. Wm. Webber, mines blk. h Tom Thi nib slil 2tStikM*je ORSAT HURDLER AC F. OVER THK BEACON COl/RSK MONDAY, Sept. flth, will come off ihe long talked of Hurdle Rsi fl fo- ihe Proprietor's Pom. ofUWI. t?ne ami aousr ter mile h^nfs, four hardies in e.*ch lies! of four feet in heifchi, I rider s weii(ht 160 lbs.; for which there a/e entered four cele brated horses, to l?e name.I -it the post, by Alfred Conover^ of Lonii Isla* d, ilr?*s blue iscket and gr?vn cap A. A. Ihio.i, of New ) nrk die*, purple jacket Mack c%i>. A. ICichsnis, of I oronto, ( susds, dress mdjacket red cai>. Charles Hirst, of Long Isl tnd, dress not described sl8 llt't'er Tw roij CARPENTEIl-TpECKBLIP DISPENSARY? Medical Aid- Dr ? ar| e?t?r's gsublished Slid well krown l)ispens.,rv. t I ^ck S|m ?. ar the comer of IVaft strwt, New Vork, Tor sneedy and effeciusl cure ol all ilelicsie or private diseases. Dr. < sr|rnter feeN bound t. seknowfed-'e ih.- increas ing patronage of a discerning commo t , ,| i? *pi,rl?. ?tr?n gers thst hr is r*gu|srly educated 01. f medico e snd surimryihe cl.ims no rquivocal i b. i. i li*entisiv of the New Y ork Slate Medical So, ... himself " omi e prsr in f, snd conlidentiall v. i,, mum branch of his iu.>re,,,n,i, in which he I,., long bee,, Ie!.r .!? I n.l pre.,i,.. nentlv-sue. ??sf.|| 4, the lV<-k slip |)is^ i:.tri ?*_**??? l)lt ? ARI'F.NTF.K. ka:i.v b,i"rsiusW'aWiir?ii^-~.. BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. Philadelphia. [Corraipondence of the Herald ) PiiiL^u^urHii, Sept -20, l&U Thecaaeol McClaauia yet in itaiur </ue The Court have beau called upon to put the man ou trial?they poet pone the cata--and the man luffer* id priaor. Mel lean u charged with liot, murder and trea*ou, and dare* hi* accukeri to meet him. No bill ha* yet been found againft him. Among the true bil)* found by the Osond Jury yester day, waa one againat Hoi Vicker*. lor murder during the Southwark battle Hoi waa the guaat ot Mr Cox, el the Touiba. tor a day or two only. The jury in the caae of Ned Hheiry, charged with riot in Keiiaington on the 3d .mil ttthef May laat, cam<- into Court thta inortuiig and rendered a verdiet of " guilty in manner and loim a? he atanda indicted." Teirence Malien, indicted for riot wilh othera in Kan aington, on the 3d and tt'li da>a oi May laat, at the hrat an l aeconit meeting ot the Native Americana, waa triad to- lay. and lound guilty. Uaac Main, Hr wua yeaterday arraign, d upon the charge of murder, in killing Joaeph Rice, the 7th oi May I ant. in Kentiugton, and plead not guilty. The Liberty Kire Company thia morning paid a viait to the exchange; aftei whicn, they pup|>ed into Duruo'. and partook o [? monade and mineral water ! Not a ma-i par took ol ipintoua liquor* ! <Jo it 'Tolleo" and ' guuiballa ' (^nite a deatructive five occurred tin* Diormiig, about da) light in ah atreet near Cheantlt, in a latge thiee ?tory building, ou the euat tide, occupied by aevetal mi litary compaiiit* and Mr Will* auctioneer 1 he en tire building wua dutroyed. tugeihei with a large one in the rear, occupied us a pi. no lor.e manufactory. The Hlb< rnia (jre?na had 'tieir armoiy in the U'per part of the tiiat building containing it would api? at, a large amount ? f pow i?r * Inch made quite a teirihn rxploaioti, alarming tli< whole neighborhood The total lo*? la es timated at $8U0U utur?ne? fMtOt). The riieatiical fwrae b< tw. en W fc, Burton, Mr Con ner, the "i hronicle," and the ''Mercury ."iaall likely to end in hambug Burglar* and drunken jolice officer* are plenty in the City and cotin'y of Philadelphia '. In our aiork market to day, but a limited buaineaa waa done, and nachange in price* woith noticing Kian Boaan --JM) Uirard Bank 11|; $an4 State Kiveg, 100 Merchant* and Manufacturer*' Bank of Pitta burg Itf. $:UMI0 Tennaaaaa Bond*, o'?. 84; M> Suiquehan nah Canal, 7; 1000 Lehigh Mortgage Loan, b 6 da wn Oh S?co*i> Uoihd $10011 State 6'a, 7JJ; 1103 do old an nual*, G.iJ, 60doti<)j, 40 Uirjrd Bank, llj; i0 Schuylkill Navigation, bV 31 J; J.J000 Reading Railroad Bond*, 71} W Farmer* and Mechanic*' Bunk. 4.1. Naval ?The U. H. sloop-of-war Falmouth ar rived at Penaacoln on the 9 h instant from Vera Ciux, in aeventeen day*, after experiencing a luaceiaion of heavy galea in the (Julf Arthur W. Upihur, E?q , pur aer. died on the 'i9th ult HID death waa occaaioacd by a complication of di'eaaei. The Kalmouth remained but one or two daya at Vera Cru/. to land Gov Shannon and company. The U 8. nhip Cvone wai at Callao 11th May, all well. The U. S ahip Savannah woi j1?o at Callao, to sail in four or five week* The Irigate U. State* wa* expected daily from Mazatlan The sloop ol war Warren aailed ft cm Callao on the 7th ol May, all well. The I/. H. ichooner Shark wa* at Panama, all well The U 8 frigateaRaritan.Com Turner, and Congrea*. Cant. Voorhee*. and atore brig Pioneer, Copt. Sbrw, were at Rfo de Janeiro 80th July Qrf- The Han lahn C Calhoun, left Washing ton yesterday for South Carolina. SHIP \ KYVN Carrvapondence of the Herald. Arrived? Swatya, Sm'th Li?>TLrH,A' *?? ?>-'? M. other?.6' HaW.'^d ^outi.cV'Y^'HV?8^0 Vejil Ocpan, Foster* D \! M. I ?? i5 ' UariaM Bayliss, and Comet, Coi, NYork/? n*' Btylu,,' la*31,"ion 'T"1' " day,from Beaton for Mataoxat, Bth m?t. i? - foreign Porta ?oourteu^^iv^'vrin' r,,urr' <?<? Nvo,k ?ou,9in bhli; Hertcliel a'<1. jl ?*' u*B; BrMdt,(wh)S.mnI Line, forM^,Sr,;,xfiT.Vf^ A"" 7i t -roline dlM|; Olohe, K?lini-, n?d J. t ' M'Tm, I?***"- f"' Bo"""' two (fitrdner, \V?lker for . n,*0|l?UCoi line; from do di.i- Shawms 1 t ^?'bro?ih; Y.ormirk, fm N Vork- Hir\ni \v r\ i L ???t9a' *?on; Spy. d.?it ; Helena, Benjam ? from N Vork for vJl"' fr"m ^'.0rl"*?? iter ?T?d '^?4&rsrwiu?ft WAUrKfcSr, port. SM Au| p Home Porta. B4LTiM0*t"iti'pMy'_^r !'! ^|,<"l"lu'n W'lli?nn, Mobile Ora?e Bn.wn, Riv"I'fo,'U'i :^1&"ll?11' Uveriwol; I'lir dainaue> ?iiMriii..,| j? i . ' Liverpool- |.ul in t.i re HnmaiiiirBreme,!; Loo '/rBrarnl il, V1'1 [B.e,?l Kelly, Rio Janeiro; (iaUint NUrl M-'Herum.^ Morgan, and Ovoca. Simire* N \f"*' ?M*''|M!,iei; Hage, l"?rti anil .ee, Trrfi'llj" fs'.tinirt I'li '' ??J5- : hile viaTamya Bay; 'r? ' , i, ,i J,d M?r?. Mar?ton. Mo llrown Be?mud. 3n ^?rnU:tid'" Mary Mi Ik,. ^?JOr \ .'IJi si,' L Tr... .I.d; dam. Il"rl"i,i,. Lainl,,/,^. Jam' I? V^i" ?"?*,' Mobile; K A Si??hii?, Britm vy, t' '""I'ambeaa.i atteraon, Mary Treft jlieii,' P.o^eiic^:"a^D t 'T ^'ork. Atlautic, Bredall, New Vorli far (i.l, . t:,l'Je*. Taunloa; !<">"?*-c\ lib" bo?t He1L,frLmI71',,l: w,lh "f aaila) fcl? lu,??.Mind for N York huI T.. . r T*^' Onuno, Nj ork for R.ehmond, and . from b*"ll Willi lull |V1|(' m,',t U"*ton, for Baliim?w, Booth- rr?ni Liver,hm(|, for order. l u?I '.'"V1*' ' "'ninbia, Jan,. , Itni'i |?r Live,|io| "lc,,d Ander* Benmtt, ah?:1A?d- .. .nil Henry A-b?^' w'ltef fe?HedfA"|NBidL-SSST'^V,,rk' rId -I. SirhoK. N Vork. Baldwin, B111er, u.d |,uc Trieopherotta or Me tie. at it can h. had f. r lifty rent? O?!L' ?1f d"|'*r per bot and genuine Tricoulieront In, rh. pV. iinLTV* ''T "r"(,'nal 2Vl"W^"" <"'??de ?i?M?r il " i'",n'' ' *'ar tli*-1 lair Cutting Room* 141. ||f 1 ,re ,u Pdrchur ?trret, ?p,u,M.ofo| <>/ Liberty of the lame name ia an impoaition '| .lI.i ?'ber article aaaapecimeu' I lakethe following letter* Thia 1* to certify that I have i.-L*'/ V,"""<? Coto,H,"nil lor il? l u( two nn,nth. The B*rr>'* dedicated hack of my head wa* f?||i?*off,.., i,r, *' the *id?* and ha* been fully n-.tored, l? i?K ,,o? &iVhT ' 'i"' ?W,|"d't- It top of my |,r(d |,.? b,ImIi T, . v "ld v'Korna?. Tlw nkiug tin- Tricopheroot tle'lnirl..! v""e >ear< jwat, but aince have full,?,,, |t> fi|1 (| >(JJ- r'"n,|H"!'? d to gn.v , and | ?till "-main inrrejuloua, yon are It ln J.t , r "'T who w hen th? > can have occiilnr deinou?tratiSa. 'bem to me, ? W SUTTON. ?tenia?Thia ia to rertifv thai I I... A,,*u"t * I?I4 moat ex ?*llent art,el,, which v u r Vd'."^ ',"ul" "f '"?? ??' I e tmluliy avow that ,",..,y^ p,rto le . and . rj.dicau-,1, and thoae hair* whi,t,?i; d54,drul' '? i?mov?.j nciw almoat a itlo.av t,I, u. tliejr oiiai,, I r ,f"rnM'rli Kr" ?" Trirophe oiu liai effm tual), ,,11, CL 'rV 1'ntent The lutrinvir , jrtll,. ,, 'f'M> hfr""i falliiia off. my fellow , lMm? arr a/?h to be?, llt ?ant?m"*' your*, induce me to i?n ? WLIUM KELLT FOR HALIFAX AND UVERPGoI^ [an,M 'A?!*!I)V)N| A^IMe.""B^ %N ^tha above porta, ae fotlowa ,or BRITANNIA.J (Irwin k-.? |. CALEDONIA, K tT l',;tV V^",nm?'d-'l,:r'"?d?y. Oct. I. I aaaage to Liven?,ol ' " "edneaday, ?? n. I a*?iKe to II lifai ?31m App,yu> BRIOHAm; Jr- Afiwt ? W^dl*traet WAS, MKETINfT"~~ '"1- <? he"e'H:Vwa*;:SK^ lJ ^?^??*"K"*ti'Pping *t the font ?|'It I**'? ? clock, reioiiiing the >*me dav in rl>? ?ft.-rll J ""mmoud atieet anj adjoorn*. The ineei,,,!, w, I ll I ' ?* "? 'be mertme ri?. Hon. Kl, Milore C?nT li, Tl. ti ,h' ?"?? H. ll Mo,* and other dialingsialied .|^?ki r? ' "*nrlr.,:' Morpliy, .s?d,v i,,"h ix*i'.(l[if",,i*Tr"iu ?n ^v,j' ?aad wmirkable t?t .ail/na ^hfn ?. ,m*?",rtc?nt .... ? I" ?*'! IKHIIIVely WrdneJd.i M.k ?1 J|'t*,u * I lie aecommodation* of lie ln fi' lA .1',' ? new house. In,,It ?n ,, y *? ,n. "'* cabin, in ventilated, and haa alao a Window o, ,t,"'rou?hlI> I'lfhted .?d Paaaage, which will be uk.?i? . 0,,'"'?i r eai h berth Kor P"r N?- r ?aat RiveT, "'lh "" ^ v 1.-. 1. K(,C?K. BROTHER. Si CO P, a.-Tbe si, , '! "1 V'd""' lh' Hilton Bank, peaaenger* at ve y moderate' ratil" ' a few |abin or 0, ?h ?",A!'- ? Cw;:r,' a': and :??eaWa, *ee.,nd cabin m 1 ""?""bate.p,7,cation on boarS^f^Jf Z?lt' "'"",ld 100 VcMl io^ AT ',f U' t The above will he . ir. ?d'l"r'1'"'"" "l"7.'y .?,*?>? ^ 'Np,?keV',y'^hh '^'.^I^HTTV KrT.'.ui; i?l'irket Hhip Sill- HIIMN 1 r?*tP "h'd. K1"1 f" ?v. r< Krj&xur . , W V I T. TAPStOTT At their Oenaral pavaaite Office, 7(1 South atreM ?"?w I" ?'il Mondiy, *l?l iuai ?The mv f..r packet ah P '"Ol.t'MBO ' apt \ Kldr.S. k^il. WS WttK^MAi-aVIaTvaea ?m.

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