Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 22, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 22, 1844 Page 1
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THE NEW Vol. Bo. MfUWtel* BU. 3Mil. NEW YORK, YORK HERALD. Wo* Two Ciitb THE NEW YORK HERALD. aggregate circulation THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND. THE GREATEST IN THE WORLD. T? the Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?Daily Newspaper-imb liaheil every day of tha year aaeept New Yaar'a Day and Fourth of July. Price 3 oatiu pat copy?or $7 26 par anuam?postage* paid?caah in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturday morning? price 6X cents per copy, or S3 11 par annum?JKMt agee paid, caah in advance. ADVERTISERS aj* iuformed that tha circulation of the Herald i> over THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND, and incrnssiug faat It /mm tht largrtl circulation of any pitptr *n thin city, or tht world, and, it, I Kerr fort, the t*?t nhantulfor b mint at man in tht city or country. Price* moderate?caah in advance. PRINTING of all kinds siecutad at the moat mod* raw pries, and in tha moat elegant styla. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PsorniBToa or the Hebald Establishment, Northwest aoraer of Fulton and Nassau streets. 1M4.1 THE NEW STEAMBOAT [1844. EMPIRE, CATTAIN D. HOWE, Will lea re BUFFALO for CHICAGO, on FK.1 day, it3d of August, at 7 P. M., ana perform hw tripa regularly during the sea son, aa follows UP. DOWN. lkakki ai;rraLo. lkaves ghicaoo. (Saturday, Aug.23... at 9 A. M Monday, Sept. 16... at do Tuesday. Oct. 1... at do Wednesday, " do Thursday " 31... at do liuruiay, nov.7 ... at do | Friday, .Nov. 15... at do The EMPIRE i> 2W) feet in leiiKth, 32 feet 8 inchea beam, 14 feet 2 inchea hold, measuring 1220 town, and ia the largest ?team bout afloat iu inland water*. Engine 600 horsepower. boiler* provided with Evan's Pataut Safety Valves, to prevent ttepossi biluy of iui explosion. The < rhin is KM feat long, with separate Saloons for Ladie* and t jeiitlcmeo?spacious State Rooms extend the whole length, ventilated by door* opening frem the inside and out, aud all Carls of tlie boat finished and furnished in a style unequalled y any oilier in tbe world. Ample accommodation* for Steer age Passengers. iu f?ar large well ventilated Cabins, one of which s expropriated exclusively to famalea. Tha bunt is provided with a good band of music. WiLttmt, Marsh k Ca., Buffalo, J H. Nsxros & Co., Chicago, >Agenta. J. N. Kuxti, Detroit. S ?. N. BARNEY, It CO.. AafMt 1, 1344. Clevsfand. ?utnrmvirc BRITISH <VND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHIPS. . Of 1300 tons and 413 horse power each.? Under contract with the Lords of tha Ad| ? iniralty. HIBEKNIA, Cainain Alexander Ryrie. CALEDONIA, Captain Edward G. Lott. ACADIA, . Captain William Harrison. BRl'l ANN 1a Captain Jolui Hewitt. CAMBRIA Cai>taiu C. H. E. Judkins. WlUjwU from Liverpool and Boston, via. Halifax, as follows: From Boston. From Liverpool. Caledeaia, Lau August 16th. ? Acadia, Harrison. ..Sept. 1st. Angnst4th. Hiborcia, Ryri* " 16th. '? 20th. a>ese r-T experienced surgeons, and are supplied with Life Boats. For freight or passage, apply to D. BRIOHAM, Jan., Agent, ??rc nv 1 Wall ulrset. FOR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL.. > The Royal Mail Steamer* BRITANNIA kand CALEDONIA, will leave Boston, for the above porta, as lollowa :? t BRI r * NNI J H#witt, Esq.. Commander, Tuesday, Oct. 1. CALEDOMA, E.G. Lott, .Esq.. " Wednesday," 18. fw.u(f lo Liverpool $130. Passage to Halifax 30. Apply U? D. BRIOHAM, Jr.. Agent, silm 3 Wail street. FOR CHARLESTON, KEY WEST, HAVANA, AND NEW ORLEANS. To Sail ok Satubdat. 12th October, at 4 o'oi.oox, P. M. The elegant well known favorite Steamship (NEW V ORK, John T. Weight. Comman der, will i>ositiv?!y sail as above. This stea mer lias been overhauled, and put iu com plete <rder for the saoson, and no expense has i spared to makt' her every way complete?has large and airy s'ate-roo'iia. every, way'adapted for tlie comfort of passengers.? slie ?-amea sufficient tiie.l from here for the voyag*, and will BOt ?to|i at the i'ltertardlale Port* only to land >.t r paa? eugers. For tvjsag", apply to C*|>t. Wright on hoard at foot of 9th St., a. R . neajr Dry Dock, or to A. HUBBARD st CO. I'O'itC 37 I'eck Slip. STEAM SU'I' FOR new ORLEANS ?I>ir?et?'To sail positively on the Jth Oct. ?The splendid sb-am ship ALABAMA, __ Captain Henry W indie, 700 tons burthen, TS^?,-?'I1 be (Vpstched i unrtu?lly aa ^b*v*. This fine bud p.<'>?r<ul slup h is very recently hid thorough overhaul lug?h-s bean uowly copiatnid and supplied with a set of new boilers, made in tiie city of New ? ork. She is in every way C*Kntalr4 i<> give comfort to ca' in, aecond caliiu and steerage passe i^-ars. Those a>>oot proceeding to the above port, should sec tli? accommodations and tecuie buTtlis without fail, as a liintu-d numoer oaly can ba taken. For pariiculars, apply ou board, orw W, kj f. I APSCOtT, 76 South stnet, corner Maiden Laae. FOR ALBANY-HOUR CHANGED! VWSSi The Steamboats KNICKERBOCKER and ROC HESTER will, on and afterv onday ? WW auarBOOB, Sept. 16th, laave at 6 o'clock instead of /, a< ii<'iet<4?ue. all tfrc NEW ?omi. ALBANY A.\D~TROY STEAMBOAT LINK. F?R ALBANY AND TROY.-Morning ? Line from the foot of Barclay street, landing ii at intermediate placea. The simmer tv?IPIRE, Capuiu S. R. Roe, Monday, Wednes day and r riday Morniug at 7 o'clock. l'he Steamer TROY, Captain A. Gotham, Tnaeday, Thur* day and Saturday Morumg, at 7 o'clock. Evening Line from the root of Courtlandt street, direct "The Steamer SWALLOW, Captniu A. McLean ^Monday, Wednesday and t riday Evening, at 7 o'clock. The Steam* ALBANY, Captain R. B. Maey, Tuesday, Thursday and Setuiday Evening, at 7 o'clock. The Boats of this Line, owing to their light draught of wa ?r. are able at all nmea to pass the bars, and reach Albany and 1 ray in ample time to tabs the moruiug train of cars for the eaal or weet. For passage or freight, auply on board, or at the offices on the wharvw. m!7rrc i-AlCE REDUCED. FOR CROTONV1LLE. SING SING, TARRYTOWN. 1 $1LX81 E>8riOGK.HASTING^ All ? SeS* ' V (JNKERS.?On and after Saturday, vr A..|r..> 31^, ia?4. the new and inbsuiiiial #l?vy40t*i V%"AINOTON IHVINU.Cant Himm Tuihill, will ledve th* root of < 'hamUsr ?nrr?t for thf abort placm, daily at S r. M.. bundiiy evc?pt?d. Rrturuiuif, ?vi)l l*a?e Croumvilk w 6J4, mid sii| Sing at 7 o clock A. al., landing at tha foot of ll&mni?ud stit^t *ach way. f&WS "tl"?*''1- W'1* 00 bowl- ? 8TEPHEN B TnVIPKl.VH. |j>; V> etl street, ,;ire (UnU omtaf (.AILKMUXNa. M SUMMER JtRHJlNOF.NENT. NEW BRIGHTON, I'Olt'l RICHMOND. (STATEN ISLAND,) AND NEW YORK FEIIrY From I ter No. 1, North River, foot of Battery Place. I * Steamboat CINDERELLA, will ran as n~M- Hlollows Daily, from May 30th to October lat , '??*??? New York at 9 and U o'clock. A. >1.. at '!>*, t> andt P. M. Leave* Poit Ricnmond, at 30 minntes to 1, and 10 minutes tc 10 A ,\1.; at I, 1 % and 6J? P. M. Leaves New Brighton a) 8 and 10 A. M.; at 1M, S and 7k P. M. On Sunday?Leave* New York, at 9 and II A. M.; at 9, 6 and 8 P >1. leaves I'ort Richmond, at 30 minutes to V and 10 A.M at 1. 'j a/id 71? P. M. e" vorfc nl-.-. m i8u rnvll 6m*re siAliicLAr?l> FERUY. FOOT OF WHITEHALL." The Boats will itiu as follows until further notlee > LEAVE NEW VORK : "?t&lMrfMifcft 7. 8, 9 10, I), A. M ; I. 3. 4. 4, ?X. P. M. P. f ? All goodi are required to be particularly marked, and ?re? ???'h- ri .t< ? f 'he '?wiier< t' e'eof jJO tiOPuB* LINE OF 6TE MBuA'lH FOR ALliANY DAIL Y, Sundays excepted?1Through direct ?at <? P. M., from he Steamboat Pier between LConrtlandt ami Lile-rty street*. '| u Straiouoat h N I' K EKBOCKKR, Captain A. P. St. Join , .vionilsc, Wed'ie*da> and Friday Evenings at 6 Tha St?,tnif>?>*| ROCHESTER, Captain A. Houghton, l'n?4iy, l tiur?o?y and Saturday Evenings, at 6. Five o'clock, P. M.?Landing at Intermediate Placee. The Siraniiioat NOBTH AMERK A, l aptain K (?. Crnt tendon, vloaday, vt ednesday, and Kriday and Sunday Af Isru ?oi.? at i o'clock T.<e SlsNUaboat < OLL'MBIA, Captain William H. Peck, Tne.der, I tiur?div atd Saturilav Afternoous, at 5 o'clock. I'waengers lakiuu either ot the above line* will arrivt in Albany iu amplr urae e<i lake the Motniug Train of Kar? foi lie eaal oi ?ii. 1 lia lioiu vre new and suOHiamial. are lai uu>d <n uii saa and eleaaot stile rooms, and for s|e*J and ?c aonnnie'iiiou?. nurivalled on the Hndson All (wst'ns ?r* f.irhid tr-'sting any of tlie Steamboats of this line, without a written iitdat from tlie Captain. For imasaiir >n freight .apply ou board, or to P. C. SchultS, at the Office on the wharf sl6rc NOT^,?~fvknTno link AT BIX O'CLOCK H)R ALB\nk ?'The s?e*m boats r. NICKERBOCKER and ROCHEv 1 ER, will l.tnd at ? oughkeep-ie dnruig the week cf the Fair ai.d Cittle Slio-v, comiiieucing on Monday, hept. 16.h. Kare 71 cant* each way. sift 4irc HOUR CHANGED TO SIX O* LOCK, P. M.?tin a,.d alter Monday, Sept. 16th, 1841, " the Night Line to A l.bAIS Y AND lltov sltli l, ..?<? ?ie hour of di-pnrture from 7 to 6 o'clock. P. M., md will Intid at l ongl keepme dnring the grtat Fair and (battle Show. Fate 73 ceiiisonly to I'oughkeepaie. tn* ?team r s v\'aLLu V? , I apt. A. McLean, Monday 16th, and * adneadiy, Itfrls. Tlie ?teaiti> r ALB vN V . ' aptaln R. B Mat j, Tuesday, i7tli, Thursday, 19th, al 6 o'clock, from Cort land: strret t inr. Moruu.g Line, at 7 o'clock, from Buelay street pier, the TROY art EMPIRE. 'J / ' During the great Fair and Cattle Show, Tuesday. 17th, wednesday, I8ih, aud Thursday, 10th, will mince the rare to 7j (??.?? u> and from I'oughkeepaie aud New \ ork. ?13 K'll BATH, GARDINER'aND IIALLOWELl" 'liie new ? earner PENOBSt OT, Captaii ?N KimtMll, Imvea theeiolofT wharl, Boston p^vary '11 nenday lend Friday evenings, at 7 o cluck ^taai* will he in reudiiieas on her arrival at trie abov. ? fn eoneei pa??e? ee*^ ?o ?he naiymiorinv rr>?ev-s !? AlX A.NU v\ 1> IfcR A'MiA.nur.ak,^ | . it eh'a hk ,\u Hew vohk. FARE ONLY ? ENT?. THE NEW AND r-WIFT STEAMER RAINBOW ' ,'H.iiN joiin gaTfy. Mand if erSn^itemler 10th will ran daily, 0Sr ue4*" foil ("unday* included)Leave Nt w 3K*3HC3E-irk, f?mi. of' eutreatreei, 8 o'clock A. M.? Le-tve .New t org, loot of Barclay street, 3 o'clock f. M. a|>4 ric BLE'lCHiNC PO A DER?kjt casks BoyJ'a make, for sale by 1'EliSSE k BUOOKtf, U andt? Nassau st. ka!9ec TO THE TRAVELLING PUBLIC HjiSsKVOKR ARtUiSGEMKNT FOR 1H44. Thr Subscriber* having completed their arrangements, are now Prepared U) bring out pasaeugers from Ureal Britain and Ireland by the foliow ing hrat claw Packet Ship*, one of which month OU *? 1 1Uh' 1Sth' 2Ut ,1"1 ^ uf *"^rr' J""* YoA. Sheridan, Mmwl'nu Li'rrpool, Cambridge, gagr ?#s?. tejffir hiuwr. K,^Uw, IuuaiMiidetice, Yorkshire, Oa/rick, fwJ?i?i., **?' Queen ofthe Weat, Oxford. will de ?itm ? fl*"*** ^ "Stained, aiid every information ZtfcXXXSiSL?*"' f?r th*'r ?"?<?.-fpliction fiirJTLTi" Jirauajed, on tha opening of navigation, to III 'Ti^Ir i r 'W 10 Albany lud Troy, and all^rt.?on?^.da VV?tnU>' HoP?? C0bttrr K'n?'to,>-,u,d l-?1 .a)W ?>? Whitehall to Montreal and quebec, Canada ui., and iuirli"^ vl,re?. 10 PorUmoUtl1- C'UCUJ ?;n?U^ i ii1' ^ 1 ?Ifj1'1 to Piuibujpg, Cinciouati. Louif ou One Ohio River to St.'Louia, Mo J Jd to Tym^y 1 UKI^Tt^TANCl! 8." m? " '"'d Wi,coa,ij' ?fcemmodation of person* wishing to tand money to tl^air fnenda in tin Old Country, HARNDEN tc CO. will J.'V'L? f "y l??.of^'n?!""d- Scotland or Ireland, |>ayable suk*he'purdnu? ^ 10 J"U"??r ,u,y a,nou?' to , u . ^ ""offices AND AGENTS. ? it im ' 12,1 bu" Boston. 1 u/Vr?r'l,,'lVJJ*!,.''>u Buildi"K. Providence, K. I. J. W. Mill., 3 Wall Itmt and 16 Front street. New York, a." Vr ST111?' 4J f^outh Th"J "wt. l*hiUdeiphia. Man J lord k Shoemaker, 7 Light street, Baltimore. Md., a'$1 ^''-tlejohn, N Eichange, Albany, ' 8. Clark, IM River street, Troy, N. ?. xt, a ^ L ? Utica, N. Y. W. A. Cook, Syracnse, N. Y. _ ? _ , Roclieater, N. Y. W. H. Cook, Buffalo, l4. Y. H. r itzhugh & Co., Oswego, N. T. mHfiec HARNDEN It CO. ai central hail road. FROM SAVANNAH TO MACON, GEORGIA. B8S QB1S9 flBtof1 T?,S?n!t,r.,a ?,?? 11!' 1".""?"! ,i? ? ?!?re,'!e*n recently placed 011 the road, and the distance (190 mile*.) u ruu from 6 A. M. to S P. M with greAl regularity. 1 he Company has also a number -f Burthen Car*, and is prepirwlto carry with despatch, all good, and pro duce which miyoffex Goods con,i??d to i/fe^mi^y", Agent iu1 Savannah, will be received anil forwarded, five of cum miKaioii for forwarding, provided a turn 111 ca.h, sufficient to Pay ?hip and road freight and cli trees is de|M>.ited with the ("otnua. cVA^hVSTON',l'r,li- V* ,U"l,nT W V ?V.INcfimJSl I HAHUM1U.V ownad iuid commauded by Captain* Brook, arid Barden, run betweeu1 Charleston and Savaiuiali, in counnc tion with the jtiiid. A Spamer leave, each city 011 Tuesday* Xhundavsaiid Saturd lyi, and the Line, it i*expected, will soon run daily. Panneuger* travelling South will Irav* Charleston at 9 A. M.. nninrdi.vely after theariival of the Wilmington <st< im reacn Savainiah by I P.M. same d'y, aiid talie thecari f-. 111 piacou at 6 0 clook the following morning. B> ihi? roci.' ;.'i,rc is leu staying than on any other to Mont?omerj , ,.im u,. w low. L. 1 Ab ITTE, Agent for the Line mV i. THOMAS PURSE, Oe^rai'Su^inwiid^t.'**^"1"n' Savannah, Ang'.st, 1#44. ?4 linrc filSfil ftOMS jyjfeft W^gg. uaV Li At, 10 jjo&luA, BYTHE long IbLAND RAIL ROAD. .? ? l??ve, Briwiklyn precisely at I o clock, A. M. for Ornenport, from whence puaenger* are ccpveyesl iu a rirst:raie Steamer to Htooingtoii, ou Mn?<Uys, Wednesdays and (?ndays.audto Norwich on Tueaday*, Thnr* must be ai tlie Soiti. e.r^ r "'"hai1 ?treet, 111 time to uke the Kerry Boat at 7W A-M., where tickets in iy be procured and luggage tie posited 111 crates, that go throogii to Boston unopened. -1 h" Lfjg ,U,P* "fly t^JCe between Brooklyn and Oreenport, P 'irmingdale 31, and al tlie "Mauor," 67 in.le* Irorn viz:?at lT ? ji, auu at tne iViauor," 67 miles Irom i>2 /^an Ktjierully reaching Boaton iu ten to eleven hoar*. An Accommodation Line leaves for Oreeupert every day Ssj&raaV1' r-a".3 ,ir!; FROM GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND UNK ?K I Bailing from Liverjtool ou the 7Ui and idth of every month.] Persou* wishing to s?-nd to the Old Country for tlieir friends can make tlie necessary arrangements with the Sub?cribers, and haveUiem come out iu this superior Line of i'ackela, Sailing Tkin, .WftPtnctually on the7tliand 19th of every moutli. . ^ **'" auo have a licat rate class of American tVuling ships, tailing every six days, tliereby affording weekly communication 5SE y^L "T.Hf <?'. James jj. SSdST.H w *** thmt they ahall be forwarded with care and des h-8??^.!iT.pMrti<* "lrped (?'? ??? eom? out, the money will fetr With'.?ifcA^ 1 j lt NORTH AMERICA. Willi such sajienor And nne<in%lled arrangements, the Hub tenbara confidently look forward for a coutinuance of that ?ur>* S? g?lSdT en"ided to m^vT^s? for whSS at^l^Hi(^Sfi!!lI^<,rr.rem'"iP* ,mon'Tr 10 lh*'r relative#, can on AsffiSiJ jL?*L ,?fri Vn if?' *?y "mount, drawn direct on tlie ItoyaJ Uank of Irvlajid. Dublin, alto, on Measrs. PRLSCOTT, OR6yE, AMES <t CO. which will be paid on demand at sny efBthe''Bs!ulufor^heir te,to?d Ld W,i?c,pal t0W"throughout R?CIIE, TOOTHERS It CO 3i Fulton street. New Vork, I N n _Tk. ni 1 r - e ?'Xl door 5? ll* Uank. ?. P-?The OIU Line of Liverpool Packets sail from this port I f?' Liverpoolon the 1st and 19th of each month. Parties ret!mi ' taJe^o^wl .Ki? rutry r,lil h,,d,lt their comfort and advan to aiiy othw Line for tlieix conveyance, in prefer jeli Sm*rc HAViSJrA^tETS. Second Line?T!?e Shi|i* ol this Line will hereafter leave New low* Tii^ I"vre on ^ ittJl of ?ch mouth, as fol New'sWp ONHDA, Captain < 1st July, aw 11 . r an nnc'1, { 1st November, ?up BALI IMORE, (1st April, _ , S Ut Augnst, uu- imr. "?fd Funck.f 1st Decembef, Ship UTICA, i Ut May, Captain, 1 |,t September, stir' Captaiu < 1st October, J. Bell,/|*t February, ^ 16th March, sccommodatiou* ol tlxne sIiiim are not surpassed, com biniug all that my be required for comfort. The price of cabin passage is $IU0. Passengers will be supplied with every reoui MUL Willi the eiceptioii of wine, and liquor*. V ' Oooda intended for these veuels will lie forwardee by the snb frTT from any other than tlie ei|ienses actually incurred on tliem. ror fn*ight or itasHage, asi'ly to ? W BOYLTfc HINCKEN. Agents, le^ee No 9 Ton tine Bni|iling?. enr Wall .,,,1 \V.teT ,ta. OLD LINE LIVERPOOL i'ACK.El&. m. m m. m. TTThTOId Line ol I'ackeu for Literiiool will hereaffMnTe V'atrhed 111 the following order, excepting that when the sailing day fans on Sttnday, tlie ships will .ail ou tlie suoceeiiuig day ThejC AMBRI DUE, " " ?4? Uins, < Oct. I __ W. C. Bcrstow,? Feb. I Th? ENGLAND, \June 16 TA tons ^ Oct. 16 S. Bartlett, < Keb. 16 The OXFORD, VJuly 1 BOO tons, ? Nov. I n-MONTEZL'VAMhb?U*1 feV, IOOO tons, ? Nov. 16 The.EUROPE, A B Uwb,f'! f 618 tons. < Dec. 1 __ E. ?>. Fnrber,/ Apnl I The NEW \ ORK, (new,) {Aug. 16 ?M tons. < Dec. 16 The COLUMBLS, ' 'f 700 tons, <Jon. 1 The Yorkshire! (new jo1''f si*?. i6 I0i0 tons. J Jan. 16 March 1 U1. I>. O. B*iley.r May 16 July | Tne?e Hhip? are not ?uri?a?M*u iu |?oint of elepranc# or conafhrt in tlwir e.\hin accommodation*, or in their fant. aailincr Ottahu^ by any vnrln m the trade. The commaodert are well known as men of eaj^nence, and rti^ stricter attention will alwnyt. ? - j<! r. promote the comfort and cnnvenifiice of p?t*s?*u? i ? Punctuality, aa renardii the day of tailiuK, will b# ? vrre.l m her-tolort. The price of paaaag* outward ia now fiiad at One H , . Uollart. for which ample ator*a of every description a Krofiued. with the exception of wine* and linuors. v . J\ 9 furnished by the Steward*, if renuirecT Neither the captain or owners or these Ships will 1- .m . sible for any letters, parcels, or packages sent by Uiet u>(* regular bills ol lading are signed therefor. K?r freight or sage, apply to ' OOODHUF. ?t CO. M South street. ^ MARSHALL, 38 Burling Slip, Ji. Y. mf anit of BAKING. MOTHERS Ik CO.. C'VooV t ?NEW.LINE OF LIVERHOOL PACKETS. 10 sad from New York on the 'Wth and Liverpool t a gie nth ? of each month. ?i nnaeni. NEW \ 2k S^w!1l!& '/l*"0 j"l,n (Collins, Wdt July. 8h u uiWki?'K /?' **, 4i '^reyster, ?ih Sept Hlup GARRICK. f aptaih B. 1 H Traak, Wlh Oct. >r8m LIVERPOOL hiK ru" j'Wwtnxm?cti\wr''or ,wwr combine grtat speed with annsu j comfort for pwleuge're"1 " inodatmna ifefinrice of?* ?l tl?-ir accom Sores Will V^.?v -.V *MLL'",.cr " fnr wh,r>' ?'"? e^iwlWe^TWilte neaJ satisfaction. V ^ '*??"""> t0 K Neilher the CapUins or owners of tha shnw will h. ol? for any letters, parcel* or package ?? wLTul_ responsi giJar bills of laden are signed thervET 7 ,h"n' ?"l'~ m" ror freight or paasaga apiily to ** BS)WN?rfH|PLKy"IfTi .N".W Tork- or ro Letters by the Packets Will be charged UH'cenu P^s'ingle etter, 10 cent. p? ounce. ?id u. w.r.,w? i cent Sh. 'X' THE NEW LINE OK LIVERPOOL ETS. STo sail from New York on ilia list, and froauLivvpool ou i till of each month From iVno I'ork I.'puol. N.w Ship LIVERPOOL, 11* ton.. !} J'"*. ! J. KWrido. | ft* >i gr S N. Ship QUEEN OK THE WEST, I Aj/ |! VS. J L2M toa? P. Woodhoiue. (ft* ? J N.w Ship ROCHESTER, *M too., i ftJ"'1f !! 5 Johu flTittou. ,Oc?r Vl Ship HOTTINOUER. 1050 U*..]!jMJJ7h?{ J In Bunley. SNo*. 21 Jau'y 6 The** substantial, fa*t sailing, trel chu. Ship., all built iu the city of New Yark, nr. commanded by mau of *x|>?rieuce uid ability, aud will b* despatched puuetually ou lb. 21* of each month. Their Cabin, ara elegant and commodion*, and are furaiahed Willi whauvar can couduoa to ilia UH aiid comfort of pauea ger*. Trier ol Pa**age, f 100. Neither th* Captain, or ownara of thai* Ship, will b? re*pou tibia for any parol, or lacktufea sent by tlwm, unless reguld' bills of lading are signed therefor. For freight or pasaag*. apply to vVOtiulIuLL It MINTURNS, V7 Soutii siree.i, New York, or to K1ELDEN, BROTHERS, St CO., jllae Liverpno -ihH.jAi.t.iir.A i a run ta-W. OLD ESTABLISH ED PASSAGE OFFICE. 100 I'ine slr?*l, corner of South. m & m. M THE Subscribe! wg. leave to call Hie aiieution of lu? uu-.ois and tlie public ill general, to tlie follow in. arrangements for 1X44, for tM puriM?e of bringing out Cabin, 2d Cabin, and Stor age Passengers, by tlie Regular Liue of Liverpool Packets, Mil ium the 1st, 6th, lltli, 16lli. 21st and 26th of every month. By the Loudon Packet, to nil from New York, tlie l.t, 10th anil 10th?and from London ou the 7th, 17th and 27th of each month In connection w uh the above, aud for the purpose of affording ?tillgreater facilities to pusengera, the Sulucriber ha. eitabli.h rd a regular line of lint cl.?* New York built, coppered and coppered fastoued ship., to Mil punctually every week through out the year. Kor the accommodation of person* wishing to remit mouey to their familie* or friends, draft, are liven, payable at i' the foliowinj^Baiilu, vit.:? I sight, on Dana., vix.;? j'rovincial 11 auk of Ireland, payable at Cork, Limerick, Cloumel, Londonderry, Sligo, Wexford, Bel fa. t, Waterford, Galway, Armagh, Athlon., Colerain. U .<.11 ma. Train-, Youghal, Eniiiskillen, Monaghan, Bainbridge, Bally mena, Parsonstown L)<iwupatrick, Cavaii, Lurgan, Omagli, Ouugaunou, Bandon, Euuit, Ballyshaunon, Strahaue. Skibbereen, Mallow, Moueymore, Cootchill,, Dublin. Skibbreen. Scotland?The City Bank of Glasgow. England? Spooner, Atwood It Co., Banker., Loudon; P. w! Byrne. It Co., K Waterloo Road, Liverpool; payable in every town >u Ureal Britain. Kor further information. (if by letter po.t said,) apply to JOSEPH McMl/RRAY, 100 Piue.uvet, coruer of South .(reel, New York, Or Mran. P W. BYRNES It CO.. ? Waterloo Road ? I 01.n ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFK K M tik M. M. jojiIN IfEKu^t^^, 61 Soutu .i.e. i. New Yui?. The subscriber coiitii ues to make arrangement. to bring o?t rvsenger. from Great Britain and Ireland. (via Liverpool), ho may be engaged at this office, or with auy of his agents in r ' United States, on board th.- packet ships sailing from Liver l ?ol cveiy live dan?aud in order to afford every facility, he v ill have ileipatched superior American ships in New V ork and It ton.'every week during the yaar. itooe sending for tlieir Irtends may rely that the same due and <tl:. nt attention will be jhowu thein as heretofore, and should aiiv of those sent for uot embark, the mouey will be refunded, as < ut Oiry; anil those remitting money to tlieir friend-*, can have Drill., and Bills of Exchange for .urns to suit, payable . i U the following banks, (without discount or any other charge), viz:? ENOLAND?Messrs. J. Bult, Son It Co.. Banker.. London; J. Baiued h Co., Liverpool; the National Provincial Bankol England uid Branches, throughout England and Walea; York shire District Bank and Bra.iciie.; Birmingham Banking Co.; Laiiuaster Banking Co. IRELAND?National Bank of Ireland and Branches, and Provincial Bank of Ireland aud Branches, in all the principal towns throughout the Kingdom. SCOTLAND?Eastern Bank of Scotland and Branches Greenock Banking Co. in Glasgow and Greenock. Persons residing iu the country ami wishing to send money to their frieud,, may insure it. being done satisfactorily, on their remitting the amount they wish sent, with the name and address of the periou for whom it is intended; a dr.Jl for the amount will then be forwarded |ier first packet or steamer, aud a receipt for the same returned by mail. Kor further particular., apply (if by letter, post paid) to .16 ec JOHN HERU.vlAN, til Mouth st. 3 OLD ESTABLISHED PACKET OKKICE.6I ? South stn? t?Passage to and from Giuat Hrikiiu aud B'ielaud, Via Liverpool. Passage can at all tune. Ik e.m,,,-u al the lowest rate., to and froln Liverpool, by the regu lar |ncket ship, sailing under tlie new arrangement every lew day., and drafts ran a.< usual he furnished for auy ainouut. paya ble at the National and Provincial Bulk, Irelaud, ana tlieir branches, and throughout the United Kingdom, as well a. al all the principal banking institutions iu England. Scotland and W.le., without discouut or auy other charge*. For further par ticulars, if by letter, po.t i<*id, apply to .tec JOHN HERDMAN, 61 South st. PASSAGE FOR NEW ORLEANS?Pack-t of wHMVthe JJth September?'1 he splendid fast sailiug packet JMHHtai lup COLLMBO, Captain Eldridge, .ail. positively She Ins splendid accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage paxacngrrs Thi>se wiilung to secure berths should not fail to make early application ou board, foot of Wall street, or to W. Ik J. T. TAPSCOT1, 76 South it. cor. Maiden lane. The packet (hip Arkania. will succeed the Columbo and .ail on the 30th Sept. ilJ re PASSAGE FOR LONDON.-Packet of the 1st KfjMrV October ?1 he .pleudid, fast .a<liug Packet ship SmaC, MEDIATOR, Captain Chadwick, sail, poaitivrly as aimvi, her regular day. The accommodations of thi. .hip for cabin. Mcond cabin aud ?teerage passengers, cannot be. iurpa.sed. '1'ho.e withiug to secure bertha .hould not fail to make early application ou board, or to W. it J. T.TAPSCOTT, s I e c TR Sonth street, comer M M mU I in#. KOR LIVERPOOL?New Line? Uegular Packet ? of 26th Sept.?'The .plendid fa?t sailing Packet Ship mb^H Kit I DAN, CaptAin F. A. De Peyitar, of 1100 tou., win sail u above, her regular day. For freight or pauage, haviag accommodation, noequalled for iplendor or comfort, apply on board at Orleau. wharf, fool ot Wall itreet, or to E. K. COLLINS It CO, M Sooth street. Price of Pauage, SIOO. Shipper, by thi. line may rely upon having their good, cor rectly measured, and that the .nil* of thi. line will Mil puuo tnally a. advertised. The pnekal .hip Garrick, Capt. B. J. H. Traak, will .ncceed the uheri^,,. stio sail ?Krh October. Iter regular dav aiiMee PACKKI Kt>lt nAVr>E (necuuii Li *) ?'1 lie 8hit> ST. NIC HOLAS, Johu B IVll, Motor, will ul on the 1st of October. Ml hoi linti ~ght' ?"""l&Wk HINCKRN, No. 9 Tontine Bui'ding, W.I1 ?' d H sS r-e mtrm+f* (OK HAVANA, KKO ?l PlllLAUrXIHiH, The A. I fait-uiliug picket barque h.LIZA BE'J'H JnfSJrVJ . J-'hn S. Remiiiglou, master, will uil |in.itively on JkUI6.'> h Oc olwr. Cor iieight or pas-age, having superior furnished accommo dation*, a large and commodimia cabin, with twelve state rooms, apply to JOHN F. OHL Ik SOV, _sl7 3w ikco 101 South Wharve., Philadelphia. fcffg- KOR NEW ORLEANS.?DiaccT.?'llw .team KfJa >'lt'P ALABAMA. 700 tou. burthen, llenry W indie, "mmandcr, will sail for the above port on the Oth dci.iimr next, at ? o'clock. Thi. .pleudid aud remarluinly UMiiich steamer has been thoroughly overhauled the present anmmer, newly cpiwred, and is funii.hed with, powerful set of new Boilers, made al the Novelty Works of thiacitj'. She i. expected to make the run to the B ilir.e with ease in siv din; and haviug hsndsome and coinlbrt-dile accomuii>ilttions, pig both cabin aud steerage paMengers. offers an unusually denrable conveyance to the travelling community. For light freight or passage, apply to G. MERLE, a 19 >WMU?W Ml Fnuit .t. ['ASSAOtrrOH f^ARLESTON.?Packet-of MNnfy.the Uth September.?Tlie splendid lut sailing packet MWiBa.liip DIADE.Vl, Capt. Barmtow, sails positively a. She ha* iplendid accommodation, for c.bin, iccond cabin and ?reerage |?ssenger*, who will be taken at low rate., if arplica ition be mad* ou board or to W- It J. T. TAI'ScO'I f. ? II 76 South straet. coruer of Maiden Laue. frfig- EXCHANGE ON ENGLAND, IRELAND. *|MWWS< OTLAND AND WALES.?Th* Subscriber ha? Mi<Mft?*at.all rimee for lale Draft, from ?1 to ?100(1, pityaMe ai all the |<rincipal Banking Invitations throughout the I nited Kingdom. JOHN HERDMAN.6I South ?t. V B l'a..ig* to aud from LiveriNxil can 1* secured at the biwe.t rate. Iiy any of the lute of packet, sailing on the l.t. 6th. tllb. 16th, 2l.t and 36th of each month, on application a. above. ? -?/? (Uit .M AKSr.ILLt-.O?Packet of Ut <'ctoliei?1 lie ? ?hip COURIER, Captain Dugan. For freight, or , iu cabin or steerage apply to LAWRENCE It PHELPS, No. I'>3 Front atreel, or to BOYD It 11 INC KEN, Agent*. sITre No # Tontine Building. lig- r-'R NEW ORLEaNS?Union I in??FirM MnWrV regular lMcket with de<pa*ch?The fast sailing packet UNH)Ns J. 15. B^troriiP, m?sler, it now loading an J * hi nave iiimrdiitediipt'cli. Kor cabin, second cal?in ami ?having unp^rior afcommofla,ion, ^arly t|> ^licatinn nhnulri made en hoard, at >lurray'? wharf, or 10 Joseph McviuiraV, tec inn I'ine sir-el. cor er of S .nth street. PASS AG*- FOR t IVfRPOOL?Sail* on Wed ^neailay next, tlth of September.?The Vaegflb"id remark.ii>le last tailing ship rt? A, Ca|itain td wards, will sail pO*itive|y on Wednesday, 25th Sept. The .ccomm<illation, of he Sea in the second cabin, lieing in a nets house, built on deck, winch is thoroughly lighted and ventilated, and has al.o a window oppo.i e evu h berth For neisi.e, which will he taken at steeiam-rate, apply ou board, pier Na. 27 Ea*t River, or to the suhscribeis, ROi HE, BROTHER* It CO., 3S Fulton *tr et, n- it door to i)? Fulton Bank. P, S.?Tl'e Se* can haiid-nmely accotnmod ,ie a few cabin pasienger. at te y moilerate rata*. iSInt XJ(J- ftlR NEW ORLEANS-^To sncce^lth.Fairfe-ld wWry.?The fast sailing ship ALHtEIJ, Captain Myers, MUft?*will sail on tlie /2d Septemlter, her regul <r day. 1 li.s ?iup ha. umnrpaMed accoinmudations for ealiiti, second cahin and steer ige passeutrr*, who will he iak? - at th? lowest rates. Tho?e d?sirou. of securing berth., will t. -*iuired to make early application on board the ship, a* ? urray s wharf, f.ot of Wall tt., or to JOHN HKKDMAN, 61 ftouth street. N. B.?The *ob*?riher will have a regular sncccaion of first class shi|i* sailing every few davs Kg the abut* pod si I rc FOR "NjfcW ORLEANS.?LOUTglANA AND H)K NRW ? NEW YORK LINE.?Po.ilively (irst regular packet flwa*~l o .ail Monday, 21d iil.l,?'1 lie very list sailing Mcket snip COLUMBO. (.art A. Eldridge, built expre??|y fi>r thi? tr.ule. now I adiug at Orlean* whaif, fo?jt of Wall sf., w?t> |x<ntiv*)y tail a* above. IFor freight or paasag*,hat nig very handsome furnished u com mudations, apply on board at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall st., octo E. K. COLLlSs k CO.. 56 Stinth itreet. IShipper* may rely upon having their good* correctly aev surcd, and that the *hip* of thi* Hn* sail punctually a* adver tiaed. Agent, in New Orleans?Measr*. Hullen and W ooilruff. who gltirpromptly forward all good* to uwir addro*. *21*c THE NEW HOTEL, rlK N??v Hotel, comer of Broadway aud Wa??rly *nd Washington Place*, will be opeuedabout the hr*l of No ??unl>?r, under the uiuiatfttmeut of JVlr. John rl. oiHiiUp. lue Rejtauraul will km conducted by Mr Baptist* Moojt nl?. Ai'plicatiuus for apartments tnay he w*d? to Mr. Billings, daily, in the Corner room of the Hotel, on Wiwly ' a***' ? 'i' letter address-d to 104 Lemurd *trft. *g iw eC u uoi iVi' i f JBONNAKD, b Naam street. The proprietor can fear ? l?ily ncomNMHid tin* establishment to gooyii, Att?uuon. It baa for many years been conducted iu a atyle that, to the Kreuch and Foreign reeideiits, haa afforded universal lausfac lion. His table abouud* * ith afery lutury the most iMtiuioui can require, whether in tlie KukImIi or French style of cookery. Hia Wines, Fruit* and Liquor* are ol tl* best brand* tl?e Waiters (French and KiikIisIi) polite, aud tiie general arrange oieuu of th* tables, iu a cool and airy salo?u, for pri*Jl? *n? iocial ptrtin, uot to be etiu.illr4. J. bOMNAKU, t4 lin#rrc 5_Naaeau street. - SODA BTSCUiT AND SUGAR CRACKERS. THE Subscriber wi*h?* u> make known to the Public, that much of the Bucuit and Cracker* which are wld w Uiji aitr bv tlie above uainea, art aatiraly dilferrnl from the sou* Bi.cuit and Sugar < rackera made at lum Bakery; which have been u*ed by invalid*, particularly tho*e who *uner from indi ?reatiou, f?r inoie titan twenty yeara with the beat reaulU ; while the imitation, which cau lie made for a l?*? price, though i*rhau* good fo? a iwrtou in liealth are wholly uulit lor the ;.rL "iTie above Biacuit and Cracker*, also Butter Bitcuit. Wine Biacuit, Butter Cracker*, Wniar Cracker*. Pilot and sjarv Bread, all of the tir?t iiuality, are constantly lor aalc at a't^T -Ubl,^t,tHlHAlM^fTl]WKUL #' jytf 6m? rre MASH'd CARRAGEEN PASTE, MANUFACTURED and ?old by Johu, Jeraey City, and aold alao, whoUaala aud ??tail, at um loUowuig Depou in New Va?k Kmluoii and Company, Broadway. Milluu't Pharmacy, Broadway. A. B. SauiD, nJ Broadway. Henry J. Chapman, Fulton *ireet. Anu ret-ill, ol'all tlw principal L)rug Store* in the city. 'The medicinal iiualitie* ol Oil* elegant and la?hiouable iwepa ration have beeu long kuowu to the nublic. Phyaicuui* have succeaafully prescribed the use of Irtah Mom a* a light and hiithly Utttriuoui article of diet lor mvalida, particularly lor thoie tulferiuK from I'ulmouary Couauiiiptioii. Hitherto, tin* ?ub,taiice haa been only uird mediciually, but from tlie rerv ,uivnor manner in which the pi?*eul article lu? beeu preiwired, it will not ouly lie u?ed by the ?ick, but a* a lunury by all. lu continence of lU highly demulceut propertiaa, and |>ow?r to allaying irritation of tlie air-pa?aa*ea, the attention of public UWdker* i? earnently rrtjueawd. 1 o membeua ol tlie 1 ulpit and Bar it will be invaluable, aud to their pUrvuMt* it I* reai*cilully irdicated, by their obedieut (errant, JOHN N Aon. aui4 Im'rc locomotive printing engine, 115 John Street, near fearl. c'Sff lafttasss si '"?ui ^tsiamrtenMOTiso. k. liavinir two of the haiidtoment and beat piece* of mtchjucry 3??r invented for PrintiuK l^arda, we can furnish Umui ol any tiza or quality, at th# ?hotteat notice, and at remarkably low ,r,c"- KOLGER h BUTTON Prinwr. N.B.?No runner* nmaijed to ?olieit order*, or pnnting. fleaac call at tlie olfice aM la n> MARTELLE & HOLDERMANN, 31 i>l* bane, N. ?. X/TANUFACTURKRS and uninirwr* of Ornamental Hair 1V1 Work, Wig?, Toupeea, ltand*, Curl*, Seam*, Uaudoan Han, Uid a new ?iyle ol>veila?iin* Curl/i.aud all kind*of liair work*, ? holeaede and retail. N. B i'lw trade .applied on reasonable tenni. *9im*rti. It' Ue-aiOK*. ANU .VIA Ml 1 llr. HU.VIAN I1A1K A SPLENDID NATURAL ORNAMEN1. TO BEAUTIFY, UKh.SS^N ANU KORCE ITS FOR THE LOW PRICfc OK TtlREE SH1LLINOS. RtAUER 1 we .ell tlnee ahilluiK bottla*. that lou may kuiiw tin* i* not nue of the halt huinbuu* ol the day at ?l. >ve eniect you to buy it more than once, a* we warrant it to iK?**ea* the follow in* i|ualitie? It will force tlie hair to grow on any iwrt where nature intended hair to grow, *top it falling oil, enru Scurf or Uandrulf, luid make light, red or giey hair grow dark. For drwMUg the hair aoft and *ilky, nothing enceeda thia. H i* nidtvd. the ino*t economical, yet auwrior, article made lor the liair It i* theaiwr than the truh called luir oili, and It will keep the hair iu orikr with one application twice a* long a* an> "'sT'ld?'price i, i or 8 (hilling* a hottl??at the *ign of the Ame rican Eagle, Itt Chatham *trwt, New York; U9 Hultoii .treet, Brooklyn; I State atieet, Boaton; 3 l.edfcar Uuildiuga, I hiladel phia; and Peaae, Broadway, Albany. ,1#_Jul-.,n-. A~ITRANOEr"BLK88ED. ASTOUNDING ANU SUPERNATURAL INVENllON, TO CLEAR SUNBURNT, DlBCOLOREU AND YEL LOW, FRECKLED. PIMI'Lfc-D OR DISFIGURED SKIN. L ... ^4'ANY?Ay, there are many who have been cheated witJi 1V1 ira?h, a"d theiefore think the |iower? of the ganuioe J one* * airtip aie fxattgeraU'd; let such give ita fair trial* It is tndeea Lite iH??st siu&ularly wouderl'ulcuiative prepirtion ever inaue, in all skin diseases. In fact, it seldom or uetei ia?l< iu curing fimplM, Blouhaa, Kreckk?, ran.Morphew, bull Khfum, Scurvy, hlr>?ipel-t*( liirber a Itch, Ringworm, Old bores, and fckire Heads. . But miud, it is Jones' ?oap haa doue, mid still effects cures. (i?*t it no where else iu this city?or you will oe swindled with a counterfeit?but at tlie aigu of Uie Ameri c-u* Ka?le, tu ChatDam sLrrei, and 3S3 Br??adway, N. in Button, at Redding'., 8 State ureet; briber, 3 Udger Buildings, lt>.la>Wiplua; l? Fulton ?treet, Brooklyu,audl'ea*?, Broadway, Al^ain. FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS, FEATHERS, HEAD ORNAMENTS, <>tc , Acc. LOWITZ U BKCKfcR, No 14 John *tn*t, will open tin* day, an entireli fi*?n Mock ol French ArtihciJ h lower*, Heatliert, Su; , juu received by tlie la*t packeu from Havre. 11* above .lock wn* *el?cted in Pari* by C. E. Becker, late .al??* man with Bruu <k Co.. of William atreet ?" l'"*ec TO MACHINISTS, &o. A NUMBER of Machine* for Braiding?all complete?to gether with a quantity of Reel*. ?pool?, SwilU,>c. Will lie ?oTd very low to cloee a eonoeru. Apply to Jl rerry atreet, New York/ "?*> "?*?? TO MANUFACTURERS AND DEALERS IN WOOLLENS. HENRY MIGEON, flORNER of Laight and Washington atreeta, New York. U Fiuiaher of Cloth*, Ca*?imere?, Satiueu, 4tc., reapectfullj inform* the man'ifacturer* aud dealer* in woollen., that hit ?.tabli*hinent i. uow in .ucceMful oiieration, and tliat lie i. pre pared U) eiecute with prntnptneaa, all order* in hi. line that m?) beconlided to him. Speoimau. of hi. workmanahip may bt teen on application to the gentlemen who* name* are anneied and to whom lie ho liberty to relet Order, may be left at 63 and 64 Pine *treet REFERENCES. Woleott h. Slade, 6t Pine itmet. W. C. Lang ley, 63 Pine *treet. Halited. Ilaiun V Co., 31 Naawn atmt. D. Brigham, 60 Pine atreet. g. J. Joint, h Co., 12 Pine atreet. au23 lm'rc SOAPS AND PERFUMERY. JOHNSON k V ROOM, late Johiiaou It Co., of Cedar atreet. Manufacture for Gr..cera, UruggiaU, Country Storekeeper* Barber* and Pedlar*, every description of raucy Soape, ol tlie brat Quality, and at the loweat law.ible price*. Sale* Room, at the Manufactory,79 1 nuity Place,in the rear ol fnmty Church. all Im ec TO THE DAOUERRIAN ARIISTS. TA. ARTAULT, 149 Broadway, corner of Lilierty atre? . Lafayette Bataar, offera aale, low for cash, 80 dogen nio rocco c**e.; a fine lot of gilt frainm; ? new .pparatu*. m?<le b> Chwalier and Lerelxinn, in Pirn; 1* achromatic gla**e., IJ? niche.; * lot of plile.. elwinicnl?. itcv *e< Im rc p . It d M LLlNEH Y MISS F. OODEFHOY, 349 Broadway oppo*ne to the Carlton lloux", will o|ie4i on '1 ue?day, ihe '<4th iu*taut, her u.ortment of Fall and Wiuler Millinery, Embroiderie., Ma leriala for l)re??e., I^ aiicy Article*, he. Country Milliner* will be (applied *t the mo*t moderate ,11 ,re?. "7 lm m ctu.NA HEMOVED TO ? NO. 65 LIBERTY STREET, (UP STAIRS.) _ , ADALK8MK, lmi?ortei and Aireni for Mannraciuren, na* ? alwaya on hand a large M?ortinent of dinnei and tea set. plaiTw&te and gilt French Porcelain ii ' il?t#a of all sizes, assorted Dishes, Jjoup I ureeus, cSVSSi Dilh?, Salad iTwl., B?keu. Cn.tard. an<) ^Tli*. Fancy Tea Heu. and Rich Decora^ Dinner Set*. . Alw! Tea and Chocolate Ware. Greek, French and Amend ,hAlt the article* are warranted of the bc*t uoality, and to be ?>ld no liberal leitn*. and in lot* to .nit purr.ha*er* ,18 <m**' ? TO THE NERVOUS AND DEBILITATED. PROFESSOR BOERHAAVE'S llYGEAN RENOVATOR TN all thow ra*e* where manly vigor i* impaired, where the 1 mental and phy-icl power, are ?''W,,r?j'* *" of the |??tio.i?, i-arlicularly by thow ...litary anil dretrucliv* habitt' f earlv youth, i nocturnal ?>ni**l"n. nnil .lobilitj. the Hygrtn Renovator will i? found *" remedy It re.lore* tlie organ* of p-pe-ducuoniin both *e,e?, t" ? hr.liiiv w-tion. and r^iiMve* inipoteocy oy niiafing iiew l.hrgy VbVmi" "v..em. In many .. .....,ce..he eff?l ;* .?..??; tnnf*4ius It never fails to cure cnronic icleets ami wiiiifi, ajt reinuvee .terilm , by re*t?riiig a heal.hy Uterine^*ctio? Ke ? ' aeikne.. <>l the back and loin* and alfec'ion* of the urinary rt| ' a ui At the "lmport'iiK Agents, 2ut> hultou st/55?,* New York. Pr c^S2per iottle of 10 ounces, and El W'l:'Xch|on "an'imp.nV each bottle .15 Im'm " _ .i . M, w AK|j LHimn SPEI^IFIC MIATLKkr SoOO For the enre of (ronorrhtna. OUt*. Stricture, anr .naliuroii* complaint, of the organ Of generation. f Ofill remeili** yet di.cov.?red for the aboye complaint., tlii? and permanent cure, withont the lea*t re aincMoJw dJt. drl.Ji. eip.xure. or change in application to bn '"we give no lonii quackiah recommendation* to deteive th. Dflbl.e lf medloinedue* not .peak for lUelf, no one.hal [peak for it. Our object i. to notify wlwre it can be had, ant tie proprietor challenge* a .ingle caa^of gcent Oonorrli<ea to b. br.iuwht iu whirli Uie Mutnre will not effect a rapid cur* unde * dlwe 'hat onfortnnalely perv*de* *11 rank. e*iy?high, low. rich and poet, matrimonia. and 4ngle. 1 he> !re here pre.eiii. il with * remedy by which they ran ?*re them aelve. withont the h-?r -i|/o.ure, in the .horte.t time iy.??ibU. Further the di*eaae cannot be contraiBed if a do*e of the M u tine I* takiu at night on going to lyd w Iwn . i|H>?d. It i* put up in bottle* wiUi full direction, eceoiiipanving it,? gl a bottl*. "lie bottle laat* * week, which generally onrei^ "(Sir Ude'only ?>" Wm^r Milnor'*. I?? Broedwie, comer o Iolin .t?oppo.i?e Franklin Hon*. Sew Vork; Mr B-rry* coj ol I'he-nat .aid Seventh .treet*. Ph,|.^l..b.v and at ' v ? i^ t. Rnttnr; 24 Canal ?tr?Wt, INew (>fl uns und ^ Main street. C'ineinnaii ?ltt i ?i iu *llAiM??4ei MtsoU r?c*Kl?yl?*.?" l?',' V** lulv, respectfully invites tht Krur%, the, inhabitants Jiopkeeper*. buiaari, country dealer., and the public in**"*'*1 m ile hi. Old Mn^um of Art*, No. IS Orchard atreet U-twee. Grand and Uivi.nvn .treeU, where he ha* unpacked )u*t now anew .plendid aMOttmimtofluuian and Engli.h \laha.tVT Marble, Si? Agatt, Yellow Stone. Sral iM^U Red, oid v.rion. other marhlea, Verde di Prato ( omitting of variou* .if* of Oroup*, r igur?*, P"*t* rir.rr. IMH- ">er?, Etru.can ( aildle.tick., On Tri'-a. Ink Munda, Watch Ca*e* I'Wk Swndv time lie ?.?, Spill I'"t*. l.?"i|'?, Warwick anj Oevon.hire Vi'V Hhel (lid Oval Vai*., Bottle., (ironpa and aingle . HZ Bulla, Cow*. Lion., Broache*. Necklace*, Obeluk., Bel (iotxoly and Ming Vmm, l'*i?r WeighM, R|n* Swnd*. Can) Hi,,-. Sniill Boie*. Arniantu* Painting at N iple*, Book, on toncbologjr. Mineralogy, u,,|.,||*| Iu ke Pric o? ar^cle* from 12^ ctnu to cTean'n* and repairing of every d-cnptiou ?n -;<Her?u term* AumiMion free., *11 lm m The Violet A violet hloisnm'd on the lea, H ill bid wn (rum Ilia eye, A* fair a fljwer a? you might sea j Whan there came tripping by A shepherd maidcu uir and young, Lightly, liglitly o'er the lea , Cam ahe knew not, and aba tunf Merrily ! " O were I but the fairest II jwei That bluaaoma ou the lea , 11'only lor oua little hour, That aba might gather me? Claiji me io her honu> fort a. t !" '1'bought the little tlower. " O that in it I might teat But su hour!" Lack-*-lay ! Up cami the ls??, Ht-Udrd not the violet , Trod it down into the grass ; Thwugh it died, 'ik?. happy yat. " Trodden down although 1 lie, Yet my dea-h la Very sweet? For 1 cannot choose but die At her ltd !" [From a Dublin Papar] Donnybrosk Fair?II ever there wan a period at which the guo.j town ol Dubliu aseerird in a pre-euiuieut manner tUe lolly and enviable prero K-iuvm which it has long enjoyed ol being regained uy the Universal, assem ol ail mankind an "ihe uiotl caruri?iwge? city on the f ,ce ol creation," it waa tluriHK the past week, when the Weather belli* exceedingly favorable, Hie citizens, wtlh au unaiii mny ol purpose rarely lound to e*isi amongst ihe Irish public, except when pleasure la ihe object of pursuit, appeared one and all to be actuated oy the ?ame luieution, and Hocked down uy myriad, to the l ir-tamed green ol Doiinybrook. On Ihursd-iV night it would seem as iliotigh the whole lritli pub lie had come to a disiiuot uiiderbtandiug (hat every one should vieit the Brook?and indeeu the ex treme heroism and wonderlul disinterestedness which they displayed by piling themselves in living pyramids upon the jarvies, innumerable aa the leaves in V allambrosr'a Vale, by whu:h they were whnled, rather than driven, to the general locus ol attraction, would seem to argue mat the arrangement which had been entered into was a conscientious obligation ol eo stringent u charter r that the safety ol lile and limb was to be wholly disregarded la the gentral auxieiy to iieseive the contract inviolate The spacious area comprise* (he lair-green was crowded to ouch excess as to be almost entirely impassable, aud the whole green presented a highly diversified fCene of drollery aud animation, and churacien.-lic in an eminent de gree of tne volatile mirth loving population by which it was thronged. Ttie anxious shopkeeper the toil-worn tradesman, and the Care-harassed artisan lelt their sorrow^ and Solicitudes beiiind them in the city, and a due regard lor trutn compels to adimi that though ihe Mow ol animal spirits was moat exuberant, und although - he gene ral imprebsion amongst the crowd appeared to be that they had come there lor the expr< m purpose ol enjoying " the hoight ol divarshui," the evi dences Ol dissipation and lutemperaiice w hich were wont to signalize such Hb-emolages, were by no meanB of ns Irequent recurrence as hi by-gone yeur* and on the night in queaiiow, we do not remember to have teen in the eutire vast luultiiude more than some hall-dozen persons, whose appearance was such as to lndtcate that they loved un ruitive not wisely, but too well. There were, however, a lew dishonorable exceptions to this rule, and amongst thein two may be specified in particular. The first was a coal-porter who was vainly endeavoring to demonstrate to the satisfaction of a group ot in credulous hearers, that there were two moons shin ing in the hrmament?and the second an ath letic tinker, who, wearing a coat so ragged that scarcely enough of its original material was yet lelt whereon to lay a safe foundation lor tin Repeal button?was bent upon getting into a personal ulier catton with the elephant which was exhibited in ?rout ol Mr. Hughea's equestrian arena. The patri otic tinker being under the impression (erroneous it is to be presumed) that he hud been deliberately ag grieved and insulted by the elephaui, which knock ed his hat off with lU trunk, 'Squared" up to the brute in a pugnacious attitude,ana would, no doubt have insisted upon having satisfaction in the shape* ot a thump upou the animal's devoied head, or a pedal application u jfottrriwi (which, by the way would have hurt the tinker more than the elephant) wrre it not for tne timely intervention tl 181 il, whose sturdy baion struck teiror into his kettle mending soul The show-booths, though ihey are not at all as numerous us on previous yeais, are yet hited up rather tastefully ; but we are in consci ence compelled to stale, that the peiformance in such ol the booths as are devoted to histrionic re presentations, are by no meads ol such a nature as to please a pure dramatic taste This remark is peculiarly applicable to "Mulligan's Diatiuiic i!t? u 1Mhc "'"Ml* 'he fair-green, and Ihe Royal Hibernian Theatre,"on (he right hand side as you proceed towards L?onn>brook, both ot these establishments we had ihe honor of visit mg ou Thursday evening ; and, allhougu we are willing to conc de to Hie respective managers tne meed of approbation Io which they have ui.quea lonably entitled themselves by thai delicate ? g?n| lor the comtort of their audiences, which suggested ? he spteading ol dry siraw the boxes, as also IS exclusion Irorn (hat part ol the house of all geiille a!en.nhle,KJ?y,I,g ",eJu*ur* a ah r. (au arrange il r .h S Wdy' Cfl operated very mj-irious ?4>utin.. ? \ / "lnJ"r"y ,h"K w''o wore ihe buiion, )?, leel ourse.ves called on, notw.ih Ha'ding, to state, that we witness, d at theseexhi 'iitions rtnny things that "could not but make the pidiciotis grieve. Tru-, the charges are mod, - rate ; two-pence to the boxes, three half-pence to [h?pi(, a penny to tha rafters, nnd to linle boys a half-|ienny for a peep through any of ihe holes in the roof with it liberty ol selection in ihe latter cise "til I f JOO apenxrei-ctn never be considered as v-ry exorbitant, but even though ihe managerial /aim may not be considerable, some r>g ud should ?-* paid to the proprieties of the drama, and, in all *tmliiena ol feeling Mnd sincerity of purpose w. ^"uld suggest to ihe young genileriian who pUyed '(hello, that a battered white hat, Nankeen tight,, ind a greasy blouie, do not lorni the c"stunie best idaptedtn the character of ShnkspeareV iert|(,, Vloor 1 he smothering of De-d-mon., with a wiM, ? .^traw whs certainly a novel efjec, and waspmba by introduced with a view to excile the sympathies ol ihe audience in the h ghest d-gree for the sutler mgaol the lady, which ceitan ly were much more intense than they would have been if a pillow had been used as the instium-nt o| destruction Rut While we leel our-elvea bound freely to censure corpt dramutiqut lor their little peccudilloes we ? re by no means inclined to pass over without animadversion the Iransgres.ions. f the audience whose conduct was in some itislnnces wholly Hide* tensible, and in nona more so than m their insisting upon having D-sd. mona "setiled" in ihe second act, in order that th. y might enjoy with as lutle delay as poastble the pl-aMire ol heating the <entl-rn in who played ine .Moor sing the popular melody of "1,ike your time, MtssL icy" Such impatience i!. pnerile in the extreme, Hnd totallv 'in worthy o? an enlightened audience The aflec donate individual whosh ikes hands with every ot.e he meets in the sireet, and who is knowh by the ihbreviatt d appellation of Hughy., Was in 111- boxes aud it Is but jumee to his good sense and good taste (o state that he appeared he hlirhlv ,n,l Vm. . at this conduct, slid took occasion to m?li? >, |,? dis/:ursive S|v ech on the headol it In (he sdjoinm^ booth-Mr. Mil I igau's establishinent-the Vrfor marices consisted of Hamlet, and a melodrama w11h seven murders and a suicide in th- last act entitled The Robbers ot the Hloody (}|rn . or Miserable End of a Virtuous Warherwoiimn In the latter piece, which was des<-ribed in the bills is a p'ay of "inteose and powerful interest," th? part of the Washerwoman was supported' by n voting lady delightii g in the name ot Mis* Bridget Dor-in, and it must he admitted that she looked the character to admiration. The agony endured by the heroine was too Ceep to be witnessed by sn? man of ordinary nerves, snd we accordingly leli the house at the conclusion of ihe first HCt Tneie were whirly gigs and merry-go-rounds be yond Michael Cassio'a iviwers ol calculation, into which the proprietors?who are for th.- most part ' ockn,'y? fxhort d ihe youriK 'itid in?'xpc*rieiictd toenter on the gnunds that they are machines, whirh iiflorn a r?opt hrxnci r^prefrntttion uf thr (o|njum-turvy wsganes ol this hete wagabonrl rid l-rom the vs?t number of persona who n* tronised thase mHchia?s-and particularly one ol them, made after the fashion of a huge washm '.lb, and called " Tha Repeal Coach," one w?uhf M(PPo? that sick stomachs and diz?y head* werf PoSce aspiratious amongst -he The launhter-loving portion of the'eommiiniiv have had a merry week o| ,t. but " Mundane lei? c'lty ouickly van.sheth " Alas lor thowmen anil tumbler,.-alas for thimblerumen and conjuror*' tlas and a-we||.fl.d,,y ,or jj h J "fTiee c ock'ir.? h ' wben the pos. ten . w M L have chimed h,x this lb. - I e M r,o - " J fho*? ?" rfwmantle, bottom upwrtrds, an. the glories o| the Brook shnli have been bani.b" d not to return till August, Header, a merry file to >ou in the inier.m ? Ul'LkB FUR NkW*r-PtR pot* you wi?h lo couiribute to a. public thariy, send your money to ihe ednor tl a newspaper. He must acknowledge ihe retript of it, and ?o you net your name and advenned in tho bait part of ihe paper lor nothing. 2 Aooihergotd you are food of aipearing befote the public, is 10 ihe editor to elan- that " ibe Kichard Jones, who, in our police report ? f yester day who sentenced to BnOrWrll lor shoplifting, IH not ihe Mr Kichard Jonee. the respected chiio , ?J..tI? fS*ckville afreet " 3. Il >are writing iom political newspaper never mil d ??' ui writing, on the two aidea oi ihe paper, as, depei.a ujton it. it will be a recoflnmeiidaiii n in your t#vo' '? ihe cdi'or see* you can wriie well on both tnd *. 4 You need not be particular about win ing legibly, ua il eianda to reason, it the editor can not rend your letter, thai yi>u will be spared th? niort fixation of reuoing in the ten day a notices to correapondenir, that "Pliilo Juatitiffi is tn a" 6 It is UaUttl, in lending a ataicment which im pugna ihe character of another serron, to reud your tmiiie mid addiem with it ; but, as in matiera ol li bel thiai- a very as well as a very ex pensive plan, it is beiler lo eend any body elae'a card rather than voui own. By tbia means you avoid publicity, and hnvr the double gratification of annoying iwo peraona at oDCf. 6 Insetting your death one day, and contr*dicni g it the next, is anoiher very cheap plan of adverting in h new?p?|?er. Bendeij, ynti have tbe tidvoiilnge ol leaning in j.ur liUine what >our trienda thii k of you after )<ur renin, m plan will, however,only answer ??? ??. 7 it better, perlmpe, Hoi to tend any poetry to a WHpaper. \* e never recollect an lBMai.ce of e 'limes inserting "A >oliliet to a bow," or lilies to my Mary " 8 Be car? tut ?? f quotations, lectally ill tt loieigll language. l! an editor Hows hi*own language well, it in *8 much ve H right to expect of him. 9 Never send any ictiia newspaper "to be continued, unlraeit a |eKacy or a d? 7.en ol port. 10 Never troublo urseif 111 cailiuK to see ihe editorol a newspa per. li i? a strange circumstance, but you m #ht all a hundred times and always hud hint "out. Punch. Itio Janeibo, July 27. lKll.-The weather haa been an wet and eloriny lor the month nearly paat, that it hus n'lite interrupted sll cut door buaiutas; ana he rtia.eious holidays ihat '*ke plsce at tin. tin.* are se riously leli by allwboaie diachatgu g or tic ivmg car* com. Kor the leal day or two the weu.b.r has bt en veiy ne. anil business is go'i'g ?n Tbvie la a ie|uilinlha 5 and it is ?eneiaily bilievid, tbst Diaxil will very soon dt clere wai afaii et tu? i.o* A) iw- "1 bey are s?nd HIK tmoiis into the llio Oiaiid .'ntiict, which is 'he soulb " pr->viure of Bistil, find they aie now making l.aval nrei-afsttol s beie. an v.ell a* bavn g a large I av?l lorca ?mimed ?t th> "Hiver la Plata " Y< u may look lor a war tween Bu?nos Ajh* antl DihiI within the not ui months. The usval (otct ? ot Ki gb nd and Frawcs aia in i H-nig liere, while ours is ilinmu^hing. Bi.oody Afpkav ? At shrevepor. on the 23d ult., a>: encouuler took place between Win. li Whit? and Uaac Jone?, both residents of ("sddo pstuh. in which ne? wa? Willi d It appears that there bad been ?oma previous ditliculty betw. en th.m, and Jones had thr.sten I lo kill Wnile On the day tiiei.lioned the |>aili?s h? cidentslly met. when Jotns accosted W hi'e in sn sbmpt and lu.Uiimg niunner. acci:Suig him ol having mad? cer tain Itilsn charges against him, at tbe s^nie tune .Inking im repeatedly wnh a stick while siHn g ; oron which Wbittt rofce Ironi hit* ??>?t in the n.iu?t o! the ltU?w?, hu<1 IriiWing abowie knife, s'sl b.d Jones feveral timu, bom thu < fleets ol w hich he died the lollowiug night Whita surrendered himself to the proper sulhonli?? who, sltar an investigation of ihe case, consideied it oi e ol sell da fence, anil dischatged him ironi custody.?0 A. rio. From Wmtiek Lodihana.?Extract from a I at* "PasiIm or Dk Sots, Atig 30, 1844-It Is imposilhle ta give > ou any thing like a correct account ol the loss oc casioned to the conon planters here by the Iste severe se ven weeks brought. To my know I* dge. crni s u. this Im mediiic vicinity umi ie<luceJ from 12'0 to 460 and even 800 pounds weight per sere, own g lo the plant shedding tlie bolls ; aril it is too la'o in Ihe season now for new gmwth to mottii e and % irld. The product ol cotton m the three pariNhes of De Hoto, Natchitoches snd Csdda, ?ken collectively, is cut thort nat rly one half 1 learn Irom aciedible puity that Prendint Houston base aie on with nearly one thoinsnd men lo repress the. 1 esan dis orders in sin-lti) county, and l as o?ueil benc'i warranta to tnke ten of the ring-leaders of both parties, to lie tried at Austin tor treason and n.uider. lie may sucoei d in quieting matters temporal sty ? but I contdently believe, such i? the implaeablt ihiici r, ibat ( n tbe ?nghie?t seeai it'g provocation on eiih'-r *ide, ho?tiliui' w ill tie again is newi-d I he health ot the eouofry, geueiaily, lsexcai lent."?A* o Com. Hull-tin >'?/t '_ Mohe Canai- DisruaPANCks ?Lettera received n town yrMeiday morning frr m^t ratbarieea, meniion that there h:i?n been larther ??rintt? distuihaucea at tbe iiuarnss on ihe YVsllanu Canal Ooe ma is put down a. having been killed by auetber Ironi a digaient county in Ireland and thereaiter the fight ham g Ucoma geneiol, the lit>op? weie de?pairhed to the place'0 quell liu riot The ?oi k* are of course>! at the pisca of tioting, in the meantime ? 7 Cj.KBiCAb ? Wr |e?ru Irom the Prttbyt'rian that the Kev Dr Yei rn m* Imb rengne<i Hie l'rta den cy of L ilajette Lolltge, and that the Kev Dr Junkin has remgned thdl ol Miami Univ* r?ily j Ihe latter baa been invi .? I to accept his Inrnn r station as Piesident ol Lafayette College The same paper mentions the d< ath ol three l i the memlieis of the i??t Ueneial As.?mbly, Hi v Enoch Buu on. Rev Th ophilus Gardiner Potte , and tbe Rae. OeoigeD VcCueim. A Dt'aij.?A duel w?a fought on ihe 12 h inat. near tae .Vletalria r?ce course, New Oileaus 'l ha par ties Were residents ol the city?the cause w as an alleged or a-stimeit insult to a lady - the weapons ware douula harreihrf -hot gnus?the di<iaucu *a? loriy pac?e At the flr?t flre, tne ball of the pally challengrd pasted through tne Hob) pait ol the arm ol his adversely , and iu an lingular diri c<lon through his side. 1 ho wound ie not considered dangerous. fjcy- We learn from the Andereon, SC. Gsjetie, that* light occurred on Ibt 6h mst , at Due Wast Tomer, i?-tw<.-n 9<tiiiu< I viillrr, ol'otuo, Mm , and Peter R. I'nomiisoii ol Andeisori. H (i , both ?IOd?nrs ol Ir?klna ( ollerte, which resulltd in the Utter r?cei?iog two stabe, and producing his d.atb in a f.w minutes Millet wsB arrea ed and coaimitt'd to jait t>?r tri>il Cr?ip? t."? Kast f5aT i!,i Khiok.?The caterpillar induing immeuiw injury on ihe cotton planlntione m thi? parish U'htrivtr the crop i" late?he holla being tender, and new '? forma"conslan ly emerging, tta leld will be more than one hall h?s than tbe anticipated crop 1 his is the opinion ol e highly rtspactable planter, with whom the editor ol th A mch'o has convtisid on the subject.?/If O I ixiyunr, S-y 1:1. Dkarn from TiiK briK or a Ratii.ebnakc' ?A coiieiderahle excitement hea ?xittn) in < ur villaga during the pant week in const qoence of the death o' Dr. stadlin ol tne firm ol Heebald Stalin , Irom the bile of a lat'b Miuke. 1 he IsCIh ss ? e U^?e been enabled to gath er them, arethe-e : Ur. Misdlm, Ircm s< me strai ge n.fal iiHtioi , h?? l'>r s.:veral ma.ivh pas', kept in a ?mail room in his dwelling sonn to snak> * > I ie?eiHi kit da al*.a' 3* of which were rattlesnakee, and w ith which he u?ed to mingle w ith perfect ui concern, and handle and |?t wnh .a "nuch f.cedotn sa n ou Id ihu more c?ui lous pen on a kit ten. We am told ihu the most oithe iaitlesnkke? had la-en deprived ol their poisonous langs 'I his may be so, oi it in.iy not The Doctor had so much conli leiice in citaln oftventivea he had prepared e#*w>t their bites that be paid little regard lo this important pjint, as ?ill be at en by whit f Tlows About a monih mice, a person caught 6 or lb of these dreadlul r>ptilsa, which he hrongbt to tbu place anil sold to Or Utadlln, which were pieced in their wild and l ative s? ate, with tho?e ha had b. luie collected nneofwh ch wn a mo.isli r in site. On tbe li<h mst , webeiieve the t?r , tccoirpanied by ?e leral peisunt, entered ibe roam in which these h. rTibla creatures w. re |co. lined, and as u-ual, co?ntenc?d haiidling and pefrtig them, lor the | urpose, we aupws.., I (Joint .ucatn g them ; and in atlt mp'ing to take lu Id fct i 1st ge one u as bit(en oi. the r ight hand hi t wt en the lit I, and edioiiitlig ftcger Almoat a?(|Uick aa thonght.tha nn d t-nmir.eurt d swelling and before the preventative oil Id In: applielt, the place el the.biie was swollen to the ir.r of a butternut,and so closed the,w oiind,that the tradi ime. if there is any vir,ue in it, could not take tffect.? VA'itiun one hour alter he was hilten, he was ?o o\erei,me by it% ?fl ft?. that he could not bet up ; went to hia bed, V?a? bled ?a of'en at once an hour during th? succeeding t-hi. lingered thiough the next day until ahoat ?eveo ''clock in the hi nine, w hen lie died a victim lo hia ow u f.illy We tit.derstand that the Doctor h?d inoculated himrelf and family, w ith the poiaon contain ed in the fai ga ol liiese snakes, under the impritsiMi that it woli'd pre vent fatal reniilts ensuing Irom their bite ? Smtaiuf Sn I rul THE INVISIBLE WIG QO ttiselv resnmhles the real bead of hstr that ?e?r*|es ??d ^ cnnmnM^nr* hnvr prononiicw) il llw <ir?? ?i r% trdteary ioveetloo of ibe day Tb' great adv,.,ujj<.fJua lovel and amine wi? .. ... hems made rJJ,* araavms wlttrh csnae, U *|i|?ranr-a a.. fl< Il 1 he natural hair both in li**s Slid J,', N>roea aud ?<? Ufv detection, iu tell a re ?" beaet.rnl. ?<> JJ? ree. that ... all Caaea nf la-ranint...., " Tbear'nn. tlTlJeahlr ^ ^the ^ a, th. nannfaroirerV A C Harry. Hrtuulwar. Cori.e, ,if Liberty ? ?evs?? nr> rm --iVr Mu77i7'~ vnTK F rn nri'TVHF.n CFR.eoi*.*. i-?r nmiva afft.rifd "lib ftnn'ares may rely upon the beet le r .renniriira) i d 'he world affords, on eradication at die Office, ... , ,tr*e<. orto etiher of the A?enu in the principal _ ' J tbe I'liileti Htaie? Be carefnl to stamine the h?ek Id of Hall s Tmnes, to see if tb?y are end' raed by Dr Hulf, n wni'ii* None are, or to be relied a poo aa eood, vtifiuui hm . _ ... Vanv imnrta ha?e andertaken to eeni imitations ol ftnlla .bbrated T-naare. and thonsands are imi oaed neon in conae ?,?tr I he.e imrtat.ona cannot he relied upon; thev are made ,, m .Wilful ir.e< l.anica. and are no barter thaa the ordinary Wnt ma bare >'fee fitted dp at No 4 Veaer strwt. etclosivelr 'Ar Id"1*, havinf t entrance iw hnimwt ilfiW ^ it in romtaut to w?ii ifl iiucnu. ?? Imrc

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