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September 23, 1844 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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,'W IM IWM?u? I I IV E \ \ ORiv HERALD. ?\iw lork, luiulay, V|?liiul)tr *43, W- ..i: _l_?= !_ai.. -? ?i??. -? -=-rr- -? * Thr Ureal Crl i la la lh? Fori unr? of the Whig Party? ? lie m Holiit ?>f the l*realtle i> Hal Cauipn||(i ?I'liitircriU l?'?l KullfUU-nl, Anxiety and i'milc In iter Whig Hank*. Tii? excitement aud alarm in the w hig rank* have increased one hundred lold in thin city, and So Ur as we can learn throughout the country, ?tncethf extraordinary intelligence from the great in 'elins on Boston Common was communicated Thurlow Weed, and several leading officers of the Vlii,j State Central Committee, were here on Sa turday last, and had u protracted interview and consultation w?lh the leaders ol the party in this ? .ty. The result was a determinaioin to proceed at all hazirds with the new uiovernenl at the h '.id of wfcich Mr. Webster has at last openly |,Uc?d himself, by hi?? declaration on Boston C mmon, on ;he 19 h instant. A lew day? p viotifly a meeting ?f the General Committee <vds summoned, and alter a great deal of cousulta t oa, it was resolved to cali a public meeting to the abolitionists would btcspecia ly invited, and ihe determination of the committee to follow u,i ilus movement wuh all possible energy and per 8-veranc, w'?* formally made.. Here is the call, a* it appeared in the columns of the organ of the F iircr and Abolition section of tiis Whig paity, ti)= Ntw York Tribune: M\S9 MEF.TINO. If* D much*Tit: VV mio UtMUl. CnMMiTTia, ? 8ept l7th i9U ( R"?ol7ed, Tliat the Demoetatir tVhiK Electors of the CI ) aiel 1 ounty of New Vviik. ?ml til olhfri 0|i|M>rd tu li >* A i*l> X I'ioii ol IV* is witn its coneon.i?jot t-wil- of tt M nouil lleb', .Vational Di-honm, ami National Hir hiuI in l.ivnr ol pio'r.ilinn to li>n.r?lie i?.? lj-'rv agsrinat fo *tf. i >?' ill ?fi and of I 'en' y i I '"I President and Tli ? ? ior>i K.elinffi u i m ii tor Vice P ? nt ef 'h' Units') S he n i l Cum urn lict-"> r>qil>ated to liiti e n Hi is4 t .in.I i;i fiont it N *'k ill*i Hall ' au:il hllii't, *S 1 ur? lay evninn the n mat. at 6 o'clock, or the p n j, . of i>fi mi |.i'g to lb? iniiiiiiiHliiinn ol the D-innoi a'ic W'i 14 i onv-n i.>11 a' 8\racu?e. and adapting then'C?? sh ? norf urn to place ihe Umpire "Mats where she b?? 10 in tU*j> a rii ml of the win# iirmy. i mil pr>?4L i<n:mi ol the arrangements, aa<l the naines of th-(li.rmg'ii lif.1 peuken who will be pretent on that oc.- nion * ill be i; v-n in a i ubm qneut advertiaemrnt. By oid. r of the G -n?*nl <'omnia'en N BO'iVDirt H BLUNT Chairman. j H H. s.rt H*wa > 9t.creUriti JO|>FM " PfKSgOff. ) This singular call aflnrds thr heat possible de monstration of the critical position into which ihe wing party has been reduced by the ignorance,fol ly an I ohi uiacy of its leaders here at the n?rth, a I discovers in a very intelligible manner the alarm which pervades their ranks. The appeal is in idi* dire ctly to the abolitiuiiish?the *' democra t I' 'vhi< el? ctor^, and till others njijmirtl to the an nexation of 7Vioi," btins the term ol the irivita ti mi to attf-nd ihi> meeting. What an t xtraordina jy ?|i"ctdcle is l^tis presented at this moment in ihe ranks ol the wing party 1 Mr Clay, the candid-ite of the iiaity, stands before the Union, "personally i j favor ol annexation," whilst ihe great mass of hi-< a<lh'*rents and suppniters at the north are get ti is? n i imiiiensr muss meetings, lo which the ubo 11 tnnistft are specially and aflectionately invited, #n 1 which are addressetl by otat?rs who afBail with every possible epithet of abuse and cor> d. nutation all who dare to rai.*e iheir voice in favor of annexation. Such glaring disunion is, of coursi*, producing its appropriate results. Pa nic and gloomiest lotebodtngs are every wh-re b reading in the whig rinks whilst ihe abolition is'^ ,?|>iirnir>g with characteristic and fanatical in dignation the efforts made lo conciliate them, are loading the nam * of Henry Clay wuh anathemas, atid in nil quarter-) ate exhibiting a d# gree ol energy and force at which eve:i they themselves are asttnsiehi d. A-< w? li.ive again and n?iin ineistet'. the cause ol Mr. Ity hat been brought to the very verge of ruin by the indiscreet, ob.-tinate, and suicidal coitse adopted by his adherents at the North. The agitation of ih<- question ol slave ry by John Quincy Adams and others in Congreiis, atid the ndoi tion of the same policy by their followers amongst the wines throughout the wee Staled-- have, for the I t lew J ears, been noil ii g so immensely lo the numbers and determina tion ol ihe abolitionists, that ilmt fuuatical party h iv hwolleti from a i etiy faction into a compact, ttoin 'Iable and influential organiziiion, capable, ns we have t- en, of swaying St<iie elections, and c >v ling wilh overw!i? lmingdeleatthat very politi cal ;:.iriy which ban h en so earnestly and perre Vi ringly wooing ihetu to its embraces, and, like nuny otti-r wootrs, whose warmth and patience dt.. rv<d better reward, only to its own undoing W e foresaw from the commencement of the present campaign, the l.ttal results to which the policy ol t ?? i-rolrs-' il . dv -icates snd friends of Mr Clay, in lli (r Stale-, wi.'uld n.-evitably lead. Again and ir.; tin, we have w arned the whigs of the coming s, "t whos*' ii|ij.roaci the horizon waa filled w.'h so nirtoy datk aud threauning omens. Bat the w.irniii;; (i t.-iv d ut.heeded. Tiiere >vt re, in tl "I, here and there, a lew intel'igenl, nHeeling and t bservaot men in the whig ranks who were tiA.ire ul ihe danger. They endeavored fo aven it. Hut their voices were drowned in the loud B outings ? I the foolish, ihe fanatical, the thought |-,s and toe detaining. The fatal movement wetu o.i, and tne whig party have now reached the very cri-isof iht ir late. Ju~t let us look,tor a moment, et (he txiraordt nary positiou into which the whig party have been brought by Mr. Webster ami hia lellow.laborers in the *higrau.-e. Oil ihe 27ui of July la?t, Mt. Ci.ty adiliesred a letter lo a uumbt r ol his tricndt.. who had desired, amongst other matters, an tj pi --imi >fhis opinion on the subject of the an nex tioa of Texas Writit did Mr. Clay then d dare ! In the n ost pointed and emphatic lenns h d Ins friendly dlcporitioti with resptC t i ill i' tile .-.ure, .mil that the question of slaver) hid ii11 ' iiig whatever to do with that question. ]> it let ii- quote hH own words, which have acquir ed so much addiliotial interest ftom a source hard ly anticipated by many :? B it, gentlrman, you are (lenir)tu nf knowing by what pull .) 1 ?uuid l?i ^uilnl, in thu event ul tny election u> i in. t vUgutrateuf the United Statu*, iu relereuce to the <]iie*tiun ol t'i? ui.ik xjuuii o| I tixsn I r'.o not think it i 4 it to diniotiiice in a traiioe will be ihu coursu ol h lu ii'o a iiiiii?tr?liou in ie-eect to u i|n> mion wuh a lorei^il ieiWi-1. / A t", huwrvn. ri" hni atiiin in intjinx thit fit /? ma hmtnt oiy / <??? .al ?'ij rtimi tu I A. attnrXl /'?' ? J 'i'tXU* I 'hiiultl hr emd lo i' - Wit hunt il> ? till it U' 'fiiiul wm w"'i A-' i ? 'H "inn ivnsenl >J IA Clint n, tl .</ uji i /attaint Jut tii mi I In l it Ilurih A .( th guhj-ctof llavi ry lughl to nfftcl Iht yit iitniif am w ij m thr ulhti W'liutli r '1'exas l>?5 liidt ? i1 Ol 111 ' p Il'llt' 1 111 ttlH I n I I il St ,tea, I do not h - Ii iv ? r . ill ji oi i.ig or ah ittm ( >e Jiira>ion ol that mat lit I ia I ttinel ti become extinct, ut tome dimu i ? ii in in) op ..ion, by the operation hI the mevitalilt ni if |i ipnia ion itwoiili he unwise to reltiiea p'i m i i -at ih-ij o?i i hi hii-a will i iiat a< lung ua tlx glole s iii tins, on a* Co Hit of j terniioi ary uiMiitil I 'll In -n^i m i ^ ucy of*?)\ election t*? wliiv:h yau ha?a .i' tfurte.l if i. ?? ..(Tor ul i qin in< I'ex m about.I bacomn u i i ij i.rt ol ? on ,|J. ra mn, I -iionlii tv goveTue.l by th>- ?tjt> ? lit in I the ol public o,a iion exi* lug at the tinu 1 iiijjht He call, il upon t') a. t Above nil, I aimuid b ? ^o ? i i. I . tnepardiiiouut any ol preserving tli Union t Hire and in hai itwny, re^ irlmg it a-^ I do as the gre,ii riirin'yol ? r.-ry political sua public blessing, unjei F ivi.i.-i.ce, winch, as a lie? people, we ure permitted to > "juy Noihing cm be plainer or mnr* intellible than tills. Mr. Clay, in that manly, frank, candid am jionoi able manner, which generally characterize, his declarations, informs his inquiring friends, anc tnroiigh them, theiieople of ihe United Slate*, thai ur, I ir ?s his own individual eeniimenfs, feeling-, tmd deliberately formed opinions are concerned he is hi lavor of the annexation of Texas?nay t ut ue would fjoice to see that measure adopted j ifc utterly mipossiole to give Htiy other interpre trition to the I, rfiin?e jii i quoted from Mi jiay'i le ter ot tie 29 'i of Jul . I here if stands, mi must staud nn>it revokt d by i's author, a distinci, ci? ir and emphatic d> < ataiion in favor of the an aex tiion ol Texas And, bi rides, it is int- t im poriatit to mar* the equally d-tunt and emphatii negation by Mr. t^lay ol the connexion in an.* d i.ipe or form, ' f ihe slavery question wiih Ihel ?il Texas In that one sentence, the great w lig leader stamps, wuh m-riled contempt, ul tlx declamation and rhetorical flourish |)U'. foriti by siily whig orators and spouters, a >d rabbits us to ftiififtte with great precision IM value which he, Mr Olny, put# upon the eff>>tts of Mr. Webster, himself, to make the ttuti-slavery anti-Texas question the great lasue in the present Ooatett. And in ibis letter, from which we have q joted, Mr. Clay expresses ouly the sentimemsdnd opinions, which w^re presented by hiin i? the let ter to hia friends intended for publication in the Rational hUtlligtnctr ou hia nomination by the Baltimore Convention, but which was returned to him with u request to modify the passages relative ! to Texas. Let ub now turn to the speech of Mr. Webater on Boston Common, which we give at length on the firm page of thia day's paper. We there find Mr. Webster affirming that Mr. Clay ia pledged to go agaiuat Texas, and that Mr. Clay holda aa he, Mr. Webater holda " unqueationably, that the an nexation of Texas doea tend, and will tend, and mud tend to the existence and perpetuation of Afri can slavery, and the tyranny ol race over race on this contu e-nt, aud, therefore, he will not go for it." Ain! Mr. Webster goesou to argue against annex ation, chief!/ ou the ground of ua being equivalent to a perpetuation of slavery?employing the very argument which Mr. Clay had ao pointedly con damned aud reprobated aa inappropriate and inap plicable, and that, ton,against a measure ihe adop tion 01 which Mr Clay had said he "should be glad to see." Now, what doea all this mean 1 Its mean ing ip, we think, very easily discovered. Mr Web s'er is only prosecuting hie original policy. He re fere signifiesutly and proudly to the position he has maintained for " seven years" on this subject. He has no idea of moving one hair's-breadth, si though the fortunes of Mr. Clay should be involved in destruction. There he, Daniel Webster, stands, and fioni that position h'' commences the move m in for the succession in 1848 This is the mean ing ol this extraordinary .-p-ech? which is endorsed in the manifesto or address issued on the same oc casion. and which will also he found on our first I hus early, does Mr. Webster commence h s | Pi sit ion to Mr CUy, and the division iu the whig I army is complete. Meanwhile ihe panic spreads. The abolitionists denouncing Mr Clay as "an incorrigible robber and tyrant," are working with almost superhuman ; activity. Their vote in this State will be enor- ] moutly increased at the next election. Wo have | seen how it has swollen in Maine So also it will > be iu this, and all the other free States. Already j the wealthy whigs aie drawing their purse-string*, ! and the canvass is all but abandoned to the violent, the fanatical, the office-seekers, the Webster men, j ,tud the Fourierites Thus has a brilliant prospect j be n obscured. For at one period in this cam- ; paign, Mr Clay's chances did, indeed, appear mi st promising. And had the canvass for him been conducted in the free States with discretion, judg ment, and sincerity, his defeat would have been difficult?perhaps impossible to accomplish. Now, however, the scene is certainly changed, sadly lor lh worse This last eflort of Mr Webater must in evitably increase the lukewarmness, the oppressive j and disheartening sense of disunion, the uncertain- : ly and alarm which had before, unfortunately, begun to be manifested in the whig rauKs What may be done to avert the calamity now threatened iu so many quarters, we know not. We shall await with a great deal of curiosity and anxiety, the proceed!, gs at the mass meeting on Thursday next. What it is contemplated to do on that occa sion, we have not yet distinctly learnsd. But whatever form the movement may assume, then, it will iurtierice, to agreat extent, the general pro gress of the remainder of the campaign through oat the north One thing, at all events, is certain, we are now iu the midst of the very crisis of the contest, and the loriun< a ol Henry Clay are trem bling iu the balance. The Panic ?The whig papers are full of all sorts of 1 allying cries. Our repeated declarations of the necessity of briugiug out the full strength of the wliigs al tne polls,appear to be producing some ef fect As specimens of the toue adopted by the whig oigans throughout the country, and in order to il lustrate the alarm which pervades the ranks of that pirty, we annex two rallying ciies, the one from a M tiue paper and the other from one of the lead ing whig journals ol this city :? [From the Portland (Me) Advertiser.] The other practical Unit, hern, wus the obvious one, t'.at we did not get our, by any mean*, the whole numbur u: iawiul whig talcli. 1'hia lit a gieat lault, anywhere, hu 1 it u likely to occur at any time. llut under the cn oa nstance* of the present canvass, we me iMfcit to a pe culiar mistake?the mistake of trusting too much to pub lie gatherings, mass meetings and preliminary shows of ruigth. We btlieve mat every mass meeting held by | whig4 in -Maine advanced our cause j but we did not j Inily n-ilorm the other part ol' the business?to bring . very whig voter to the polls. The public meetings pui usoll'oui guard VM, loigot the w hig voters who were Jt liuini- We thought too much ol the voters who wtie U,.t ui'il did not uk' all ihe pains we shouli have done to hiit'ig ?ut those whom busiuiss or inattention hail kept usuj fiom the public gatherings, and those who sue luing, but jet uudecided, towards oui cause. W hi*s i I oia. i sidU s ure lianlu to the mme uv> is.ght. Public meetings are the proer of the .lay. They aie good to * i ? anouahie i x ? ut But there is a time, preceduur every . I' UHon. when they should give way lor ihe pains taking, annate uitintieii. iu sections and districts,to every single \ lug voter, lo see It at he comes to the wolk ol voting. It u plain, Irom tke returns, that thousand* ol whigs in .lame did not vole It win not becauso ibey did not gej. . rally desire iht succ- s? of the party, or any ihmg like mat. but simply Irom the omission ol that piuns taking, > 1 ich all experience snows u nereseHry with the bert ut j insis, aud with ihe most patnotic ol men. We a-k i, uve to remind our liiends abroad to be warned by our ? musious." [From the Courier and Enquirer.] Plie misuse ol tru tu g oo much to publn. gatherings, 111.. m<e lugs end preliminary shows ol strength, is, uinin ntly among the cau?e? ol our defeat! This is i . i el) ilie r?ck on which the whig- are liable to lall iu i.i. i S,..t-s, and we huVti endeavored, thertloie, to im i, ? upon them the ab-olute urc?*?ity of using other ,,.1,1101. duect means of getting witr streng h and .1 kuiK conveits Irom the rank> id our oi'jiou. nts Never 11 hi.v part) possess u C iosr n .ipible ol being made opulai h) reaeoniug ivuh th p pl? Our principles ie such u< every intelligent an m nest man knows 10 Ue ,11,1011 ant for the welure ol thu country ; and just so .?1 'ainly as "he m.iH? nl our | e iple are honest ami den h 11 voting 1 igtii, just ho ceriatul) hare we it la our own- to secure then kuffragea i. we will but meut ihem '.it! to lace and rtason voony and deliberately upon the t, at national questions now pending before the country, '.very voter in every town iu this and other Slates, iiouid be personally called upon between this aud the lection i and wtiile the wings should hsve lully im rued I||K>II ttiem the ueCesmty ol voting, our opponents .In.uid be reasoned with and enliahtened in regaidtothe mnortaiice ol pre..ervii g n Tariff lor Piotactiou and vin Iie.itmg the National laitn by reiusmg to reb Mexico ol wan Kely upon It this is the true w iy to in?ure sue a, 1 and a.thoiiKh we have no objections to mass meet H-, ?i entieatol out Iriends not 10 lull into the error ? u'l-t which we are so prophetically warned by theie .'tit in Maine i In re, n?ry thing wns abandoned to 11 1 s meetings ; and after 11 d"*al ol noise an I glonfica I II, hi tiol 1 we are h-a'.en by our own Ir.ends mating ?t I lie, h.-cattie the) w. tenet railed upon and urged to go n 1 vo e Let the mass meetings proceed, hut let me.i II lie taken to Secure the presence at the poll" f every whig vote, and the bat'le i-t 1'oirt that I 'intent won tiut unt l this has been done, Un ,1 the committees in eveiy town and City in New rink arid pennsyiv? it are assured that ev^ry whig I,4 linen seen and will certainly vole, our woik remains II.fl ushed. There never ha- been uri) period iu this <t? e since IW, when the whi?s wete no' ill u laige ,.,..,ri y ; it is large, now than at any fonner period i 1,it nil that we desire io ensure success, is their pri1 wrvt- lit the polls If to absent bur-ell Irom the polls II 'lour cause, were punished with line or imprisonment he whig mnj ui'y in Nov? mber iu this State, would ex -ei-d'Aliy timusarid It is perlectly true tha- in I84i the nc.f.icos curried this State by a majrr.ty of :ll,901, but it V .? hecati-e the whlgs did not go to the polls. The Courier, it will be perceived, is very urgent uid ntrnei?t in its appeal. Its allusion to the pro. .able utility of impomng such penulties as "fines nd imprisonment" nn delinquent whig voters, is ttlier nmufling. Even thut, however, would in iur "pin 1 im, av.n! iidthing, Sfjlong as such a miser I)1", tmngltng, and discordant system of election ?'i!'iK, as that adopted hy the whigs in this cam "ti, is adhered to. With their Candidate out a' H smith 111 favor <>f Texas, and their orators and ? Tf here at the north, ileuii opposed to Texas, unity nl ctimi, uid t, al, and energy, necessa ? t,. aectiie Victory, are h irdly to he expected, ll ie orators, Kp'iuters, psalm-singers, and uewrpapei litors of tho whig party all underotand their buai mid ha I the serine and fideliiv to do it, then ouUl be no necessity lor a threat of " fines arm npr sonment" to bring out the voteis to the polls, loivever, we shall jet- what the great mass meef 1 j; on Thuliday evening will produce. Tiik Fkkeikim or Tut: 1'kk*? ?Another editor w murdered at the So ah, the other day. ''iKM Af.k ALL Sl.AVM . ? 1 .6' <.N1> W 6 h tve been not a little amused by the hghly lauda tory remarks which have accompanied, in the whig journal*, the report of that portion of Mr Webster'* lut speech, where he bo indignantly p'unced upon one of the audience who vailed out, *'Thcy are all slave* in England!" Mr. Web Bter's rhetorical flourish about English liberty, and the blessed condition of the masses in that coun try, is extolled to the skies, and his sentiments most cordially rr-echoed by prints which are in the habit of pouring forth the bitterest anathema* against " British tyranny," the influence of " Bri tish gold," and so on. But that is of smull mo ment. It is more important to notice the inconsis tency into which Mr. Webster himself falls. In the paragraph just alluded to, as eliciting the most enthusiastic applause of the auuience and the whig j turnals, Mr. Webster represents England a* a sort of paradise? a perfect heaven of liberty and equality ?hardly second, if second at all, to this country, for the men is of individual happiness and pros perity, which it nflnrds to all its inhabitanie. By and bv, when he comes to speak of the condition of the English laborer, he draw* the picture of a "slave " There, in that glorious land of liberty, where Mr W ebster had, but a moment before, so indignantly denied that slaves existed, he declare* that "the laborer is a degraded being, and not ele vated to the rank of a freeman. He ha* no parti cipation in the government under which he live*? he i* a mere laborer; he lay* up nothing beyond the support of his family for the day : he has no means of educating his children; he lives poor, and dit h poor, and his children come after him wiili the same biography. ' "Look on thispicture and on that." Mr. Webster's high-flowu eulogy on England ?ounds strangely enough coming from the lips of an American. The man 111 the crowd spoke n end triuh, when he declared that " they"?the masses ?"are all slave* in England." Weighed down to ths very earth by oppression and unequal laws, the poorer ( lasers of that country are iu a condition, compared with which that of the 6lave* of the south is perfect happiness. Just as n specimen of the sufieiings of the masses in Great Britain?take the following heart-rending incident, which wc find iu a late English paper?presenting only one solitary item in the daily record of misery und privation to which the great body of " the people" ate subjected: ? " On Monday last, 138 human bsingt, or twenty-three families, ullowing nix to eseb, w?rn caet houseless si d friendlets from Ihfir dwelling*. wsndeiers on ihe world's lileak common On that day the hheriff, Mr. E Foley, with mi enrolt ot police und hai'itls, proceeded to the lands of B jil\li.irahan and Olemnore, the property of Mr Atthur Usher Kelley, ol Bsllvsagartmore in thin county, to tuk? possession ot these land* under hubrat for one y ear's rent, due last September. Afier the sheriff turned the unfortunate people from tbeir houses, it was a truly hi .art-rending sight to heboid them, with their families, assembling in gionpt, lighting Hius by the ditch-tide to boil nfiw potatoes 10 sa'isly tbe cruvn gs of nature. The greater number of these hott-eless wandereit have since ha t tbeir lodgings on the cold ground " This is the state ot the farm laborers. The fol lowing instance shows how the hapless working classes in the town* and cities tare. "An inquest whs held on Friday, the 93d Instant, and closed on vlotiday on the body of Elis i Kendall, aged 19, who drowned herself in the Sarry canal. Imppeared that the deceased and her sister Jane. (who at tbe same lime also had attempted suicide ) together with their father and vtners of the f.imily, hud suffered extreme destitution ? The father stated that 1 they worked at slop shirts, hut e irncd a very scanty pittance They could not do enough to gain a proper subsistence, the price being so very low, Are larthiugsonly given for making up some They had been much in wan<, but when he was in work they fared better. He generally earned eight shillings a week when in emp oyment His daughters hail at units Luted for twenty (our hours ' The jury returned a verdict, ? Tbiit the deceased committed suicide whilst laltoiing under a fit of insanity; and the jury cannot but deprecate the cruel practice oi the slop seiUrs in London, ol employing young letnale* at n enlework at so low a rate of wages as to pru t-lade tbe possibility of a KUbsisience. Are there indeed " no slaves in England!" Another Letter from Mk. Ci.ay ?Mr. Clay does seem determined to keep up his epistolary correspondence with his friends in all quarters. His last letter is devoted to the consideration of the merit* of American kid gloves. Some worthy manufacturer or other had sent Mr. Clay a dozen, which " Mrs Clay" pronounced " a very superior article;" and Mr. Clay informs its that " they appear to possets great strength as well as neatness und that he und his ami able ludy "were much struck with the beauty nnd excellence of the stitching." This is all very well. Mr. Clay has not, however, yet taken up any of the interesting topics of enquiry suggested by us a short time ugo. Sine* then, indeed, seve ral new subjects have presented themselves?such as?the value oi political friendship, as demon strated on Boston Common?which may ptobably now engrose Mr. Clay's attention, to the exclusion of the less exciting questions which we submitted. Mr IIknhy Phillips' First Musical Entir tainmknt ?Mr L'nillips gives his first musical en tertainment at the Apollo this evening, where he will be, as a matter of course, welcomed by one ot the largest and inoat brilliant audiences ever collected in this city. The entertainment will con sist of two acts,the first being devoted to anecdote, re.uioisr ences, and songs ot Dihdin. Mr. Phillip* is irobably the only living vocalist who can do ad equate justice to the incomparable sea-songs ot Dib d ;ti. Braharn, in his palmy days, sung some of these immortal ballads with surpassing (fleet; but Mr. Phillips gives them with a pathos, spirit and bril liancy quite indescribable and altngeiher ine eistible. The second act will include a variety of songs which hp quite new to an American audi ence, n iiiniiig*t them one by Dryden, which introdim u him to the notice of the Court, and P ived the w*y to his subsequent brilliant career. This, us sui g by Mr. Phillip, is one of the most exciting songs evrr listened lo. The prr gramme indeed, profuse and liberal in the extieme These entertainments must be the most nttractive ? if any ever offered on this side of the Atlantic. ThkGas Monopoly?When will the arrange ments be completed lor a public meeting against the gas monopolies 1 It is time to be moving. The means of redress are within the reach of thoae who re subjected to the extortionate charges of these oornpam .'>/an l if they* bn neglected by any, they can never dare to complain hereafter. We have (?tillered Ir in these monopolies too long. Let a re solute efliirt be ni'ide, and the grievance will be redressed before six months. Fatiikr Mn.LhR. -Tins great modern prophet and apostle is again up and stirring We. lie lie ve he is now in this t ity. But he cannot any longer "Xcite the faithful. The only excitement now-a days is the " Polk and Clay excitement ;" and the only " End of the World" that people think of, is th* painting by Anellt at the Apollo. Italian Opkra ?Tne next eeuron at Palmr.'* elegant theatre, promise* to be a very bnllian' aid successful one. Already a lurge number of sub scribers, from amongst ihe fashionable and opulent elates, have entered their names, and we have no doubt that the list will be quite full before the sea son opens. Madame Pico, the new prima donna, wili, there is every reason lo anticipate, be a very treat favorite. Her voice is a nutan-soprano of very great power and sweetnets, and her m( thod is very excellent, the result of careful study Hnder the best masters. She possesses great personal at tractions, and has much fascination of manner. This sea-oa will open on Monday next, w th Bol ini's lav rite opera'Ml Pirati," and on Tuesday, he ballet which has been for some lime in pr^para ion, and which will lie v iy attractive, will be g - ven. GrkatSals or Musicai, Instrument* ant> Music. -To-morrow Messrs. Hsllidsy and Jenkins ot tlroadway, dispose of, by auction, a great amount of musical instruments and music of every varie y, among which will be found articles of the most hoice description, together with some scarce and valuable music. The lovers of music, and must i ius generally, may never have such an opportuni v to supplyjtheir pn sent wants us this occurrance fiords. Trial ?f 4p??t between Dm C a Iter* Lefarc and IptiiMr-Ulnb to Officer* of the Nary . Baoi elyn, Sept 21, 1844 it in understood that the United Slate* revenue h earners "Spencer" and "Legare"-the former on Lieutenant Hunier'a, and the latter on Captain Krricsson's plan, will sail on Tuesday, to make a t.ial of speed from this city to Boston and return ing. The tiial will be made under sail and steam combined, and each power separately. Great in terest ia felt by the commercial community in the result, as this is the first opportunity which haa been afforded to teat the relative merits of the two plana. Both vesaela are of the same tonnage, spread an equal surface of canvass, have the aame power, and diner only in the model of the hull, and mode ot propulsion, both ot which have been left en tirely under the control of the projectors of the plans. The " Spencer" will be commanded by Captain Fr?zrr, and ihe " Legate" by Captain Howard ; and in order to prevent forestalling public npiniori, it haa Lren determined to allow no person to be on board during tins trial trip, except those in the employ of the government Alter the trial trip ia made, and an official report shall have been rendered by the proper officers, an opportunity will be afforded to the c< mmercial community, and all who feel an interest in such matters, to witness their performance*. I . I1,!" "uffit'ieut to excite the risibility of gravity itself, to peruse the pulfs which are occasionally solicited by, and rendered to ?fficers in every branch of punlic service. Several which have ap peared hi the public prints lately, relating to iffi i <-rr<<.f the revenue service, can only find parallel*

in the adverti*emenis of modern charlatans it must appear evident to ever* reasonable man, that others who require this kind of bolstering, must li.ive but little real merit of their own. Should au | officer peri< rin any meritorious service, it is due lint only to himself but to the government which employs him, that notice should he taken of it, but f'e putts alluded 10 are calculated to humiliate the servic-generally, and to cause the officer of renl merit to blush lor the weakness and vanity of hia associates. Bluff. Crkat Footrace over thk Bracon Course, flo hoken?Iii our advertising columns will be found tli? names of 36 persons who have entered for this great undertaking to come off on the 14ib of Octo ber. It may be considered us a national contest, as some of the ablest pedestrians of the old coun try have crossed the Atlantic for the express pur pose ol contending with the best of this country, ihe number entered is fur beyond what was ex pected, and there is little doubt but that the con test will create great excitement, and the attend ance on the occasion will be itnmet.Be?much greater than on any fotmer similar occurrence Major II. Stannard is the general favorite eo far, but as there are se veral others entered whose prowess is highly spoken ot, there is every reason to believe that he will not have such easy work es lie has hitheito had if he does come offtlie con queror. The betting alreudy is pretty brisk, the field the favorite. Some thousands, no doubt, will change hands on the occasion. Coleman's Patent /Eouan (or Organ) At tachment to the Pianoforte?We have been favored with an inspection of the contrivance de signed for the purpose of converting a piano into au organ, and vice vena, at pleasure, entitled by tliejpatentee, "The yJviliao, or Attachment to the Pianoforte, now on exhibition at Nunu's Music Store, Broadway. It is ccrtainly a very ingeniou? contrivance, and one that will meet with universal admiration and adoption. For simplicity of con struction and beauty of adaptation, it ceriaiHly is unrivalled, aud we have no doubt ol its being aiopted into general use. Every piano in the country at a very trifling expense, may be changed into an organ, producing the most brilliant and t\. q iisite tones, without sfT cting in the least degree its oiiginal character. Tnis is a great desidera tum, and will contribute more to the essential in t rest ol the pupil in music than six month's ordi nary tuition on the piano And in a short time we shall Bee the public mind seizing upon its merits with an avidity which shall astonish as well as prove the estimation in which the invention is held. Niblo's Plant Sale.?We would say to our rea ders, don't lorget the sale ol plants at Niblo's 'en, advertised in our columns, to take place this day at 11 o'clock. The Olympic Lady, from Franconi's, Paris, is to jump at the Circus this evening, for the first tune. To the Editor of the Herald: ? The undersigned journeyman carpenter, now at work on the new Post Olliue, corner of Libert vand issau streets, wishes to know wiiy Mr. Graham, nr worthy Postmaster, has not left funds lor the payment of work done on that building, as there !;re many of the men who have familie-, are now d stuute of the means of support for them A B Reed. We have received several other letters from par ties employed on this building, making similar complaints. It is, t uly, disgraceful to those con cerned. Theatricals, ?fce. Chrysty's band of minstrels are giving concerts in Buffalo. The Congo Melodists have taken Washington H ill, Boston, for a short series of entertainments in their peculiar line, and open on this svening at reduced prices. Mitsical ? Mr. Sloman, the father of ti e cele '?rated Mips Jane Sloman, has iirrived in Boston lor the purpose of giving a series of concerts, in oider to introduce his two daughters, for the first ;,ne, to the public. It is said that these twoy<>ung I .dies, now 16 and 17 years of uge,are perfect niis 'lest-es of their art?one us a harp player, and the other as a piano performer?while they both excel ?is vocalists. Their f.itber will assist in a lccture .if his own, giving reminircences of Incledcn, Bra liatn, (fee., and interspersed with songs. The Rev. Dr Wolff ?-It Hppears but too proba ?>1* that l)r. Wolff has takeu the place of those whom he went to rescue at Bokhara ;?The la*t lettei ivntten by Dr. Wo ff whilo at liberty,*** written at Bok tiara, on tin Idihol April, btfore lie euteie.1 'hecity H hud no willing pape-, and tin* letter is written upon crap* torn from nu memorandum hook. He. in *nrround '! by people ol Bokhara. U-jkan, and Taahkill, nd theri lore ?*} it liii ml .i in dion liny ba depended uiion. He !' nil iii-* lomcw hat lor 8:oddart and Cuoolly, for they Bra not Nki n at Bukhaia ; am) the person* eliuJed to in >1 D ? !i?r -'-i. despatches ho h is ascertained to be a Pi'insim .nil ihr r.iiroiKMiiJyimn/ man with him I* on Italian watch 'i uk'-r, nnm*d Oiuvuiim ^ he ihjs nohod) h*s witnccp ?: the execution ot S'oddart ami <Jonnoil>, while Yous-nrt a an , ware publicly executed. ?? The Kileef* (ho.) nm)oi Mero t? Us nut positively that Htoddait was alive " " * I do iioi feci much apprahwiaiun ?r my own safely j hut should 1 bu detained, pray get th? Qimmi berseif to write a Utter to the Um ?r, for lie fell ?I' p'y offended that hi* letter, which he wrote tiy Stod liii to iha Q'leeri, wa? answertd by the Governoi ?tejier* 1 at luiiia-Uet also the Emperor of Ruisia ti ?.rue Whoever hJ,.pn*, pray t?ke it coiiiini; iiom the Loid Did not the Lord auffer 7" Tie liy th? A*?efuo(l-Do?lah to cooimaud the mcoit vhic.h wa* to protect mm again*! the Turcoman* turned "Pa grout ?couodrel j and ihe U.ictor wa* obliged to ap IW4I to the Turenman* for protec ion agaimt hi*e*coit dctween them, however, the poor Doctor wa* plundered ? ', *:*er) l,'inK i and on enteiing Ui> City, he wa* deneri I by all excepting one man named Hu?*ein-nnd b. v.n looked u,k?h a* a man whose doom was *eal?l nan, however, the Kuig ordered N.iyeb to recelvi 'Jim into nia house, the aiene changed, und nil pr? I cud that danger wa* ovei. Ha wa* introduce. ? 'ha King, kindly received; and he plain. \ 1 thn object of hi* visit. The following diy, the Kin? i >mbiTl?in, accompanied by th* commandant if the ?i. ? >ai, oidered him to write in their |.re?*nc? the letter n hich the Kn.g declare* tliHf he put H ad.ii.rt and i onn - ; m death in the month ol Jul) , lM3;andtd tin* 1. ttu bad to make a traimJuilon in Peman He was ?h> i ' I 'hat be was freeto .lep.rt The letter having h., ?? p^cfi*4'! to c-iptmii Orovcr, th? Dfio.ior r**c.piv? '1 .in it - (lion that he would be detuned Hnvii g h tligi.t i ? ? , b" ? uhe.l to be t?l? <l j litis b i,,g , Knur, the pernniki in wa. riffuaeo, tin Kcig K.jnr u.if wan no g o.l lor I mi |?. VVoitf had n. " r"fl 1 oli.nel MIodlinn's official aeal ' The 11 1 I'M) h r inr, und tl ai.k Uod with me thrtt He h?< 1 i b. rto helped me' At lii^l he Aorehi* c|eicy,r?, ' "'?<*, and rode about the town unattended : which h. ?, the Itnskian Am'.iaasaW whohadjiui h it ??>,? ; o '? . 'IO'. ",'"lh,:r letter, he *.i) s he ha* R ikbsra drens, h it does not *ay whethir this w?> ?? r by choice. On the 8th June he w.ites two iuies ? -'"tie! Hits.I, in which he *ays.t|ut in spite of all the wm? h. < o, tin. Kin>(, hf iw now a priftouer at fiikharn *vl ' fiat Ml has not thn lliflt kffi ol M|| ^oon released (O- Gov Owsley, of Kentucky, has appointed Ho?i ben. Hardin, of mlion county ,8tcrvtary ol State. NoViL Paoccni!**.?HkMOVaI, of IWi! BflfCK Housbs.?The Huston Transcript antes that, * bi'ick of two brick homes in Lincoln street, three stories high, was saiely an t success ully removed yesterday >rmng, ten le?t aud mi inches from thmr old fouudaitou t . the rear. This novel work was accomplished on a ; lan furnished by Alderman Preston, a number of the i ?mmittee far widening streets. by Mr Mo<r? P<iker, * no is justly entitled to great credit far the entire success i.f this new enterprise. The mating upr'andi vfii this : ? Coucave ca?t iron n'utes are prepared, tliisfouudstion e'the wall cut away, and two plates facing each other ma rted cannon bulla between them These platea and bails being placed under all the walla, the whole building reata upon them. Three acrewa are applied, tuid the whole building u rol led upon them any desired distance. These platea and '??ilia are removed one by oue, and the brick replaced and the building left in the original itate, without any injury to the structure. It ia estimated that thia block weighed TOO tona, and wan rolled on 180 balla, and accomplished, altar the platea were aet, in about two hour* time. Descendants op Patrick Henby ? The daughter nt Patiick Henry, who married Robert Campbell, (a brother i.f the English i>oet) atill survives. ns we learn tiy Friday's National Intelligencer, in Virginia, not un marked with tome of the paternal accomplishments, which manife?t<>d tkemstlvrs in that raee in inoie than one generation, singularly among the female descendants The aamepaper add* ' Another ol Mr. Henry's daugh tera. Mra. Fountain waa reputed to possess a natural elo quence not her <a her's. The aame faculty shone out singularly, too in the youogeat of the great oratoi's ? i-trers. Elizabeth the wife of li ? Campbell, the hi to of King'a Mountain From tin* only child bo'neby the lady to Gen Campbell (at le.iat the only one that live > beyond childhood) i? aprung the Hon. William Campbell Preston, of South Carolina. We chance to Know that, in a youth ful visit of thin latter gen'lemari to Europe in lbl9-'-20, he ,vaa receive! by the |ioet ax ol double relationship o him, bitli through th- Oampb-lla and Henrys, and that through him, in a subsequent residence in Scotland ho was introduced to toe kindness hospitality of Wal'er Si-ott, Mr* Orint, of Laggan, Mr J, fftey. and other ctlt liritti (to borrow a French toim) ol Edinburgh." Disease among Potatdhs ?There is tno much rens'tn to tear that the crop ol potatoes thia season will be very small. rendered ?o by a disease which ha* struck them in different sections ol the country In Ver mont. and New Hampshire, it* ravage* ha* been very urea' In some casea'li? crop has h, en destroyed *hile in the ground, and in others -titer the) have been dug and placed in the cellar The Clareinont, N H. Eagle states that the potato' s in that town are neatly all "used up" by t ilia *ingular bi ght. Ha character may he learned by the following ex r?ct from a letter of a gentleman in New York to his ttiend in B.ston, as g ven in the Mercantile .Journal:?"The potatoes are all perishing about oh. and i indeed all through thia part of the State, in the ground andoutofit. In some instance*, altei being dug and put into bairels in the cellar in i erfec.t otder they have been i 1 jund in three daya ao off naive as to render it lieceasary t.? thrown them awav Tnia will prove u gr at public calamity, so important ia the potatoe crop to all. Fire ?About two o'clock on Saturday morning (he large barn belonging to the Americttti hotel ; ear Northampton, waa discovered to be on Are The fire spread rapidly thiotigh the wooden chad* to the hotel, which was soon consumed ; insured at H irtford The stage and express horses were with dilti?*ulty got out of t ie barn. The home of David Damon, E?n stage pro prietor, together with the two large hams belonging to ia stage company were much exposed, but were saved. The barn ami wooden sheds attached to the home of I'r. s. Graham were consumed, hut the main building, which ii of brick, ia saved although much injured; insured at Cie Mutual. I Miller's Lust Version.?The editor of ihe Cin cinnati Chronicle, who recently attended a lecture of parson Miller in that cit;., gives th>* following as his la test exposition of the end of the world?" He supposes ?.hat the material world will a'and : that the >un and moon vill shine on, ar.d th? earth scourged, changed in !ier put luce and purified by fi e, will alio continue n her present astronomical tflationa to other pluneta. I'lie good are to be saved and only the wicked become ! victim ! of the. expected coi Aeration Even the l itter ire not, some ol bis followers aver, to be annihilated, hut hi live on and be punished The destruction apoken of is ' o occur through the agency of a had ntorm. the stories to be about, sixty-three pounds (a talent) in weight. The ? (factof such a deacent of hail in a Idition to the physi cal conaiquencea of itsfsll, will act chemically upon the ttr and cause a separation ol the gasses and Irom this a general combustion will follow." Sixty-three pounders! I hat will do. Amusement*. Hill, Stttton, and the LSthioptan Minstrkls, ar Palmo's Ope*a House ?Here in a triumvirate n' talent, such as never could before, nor never can here* ;f?er, he unit-d. The most perfect of ail Yankeo repre a,-ntalivp? Hill records hi? experience in a day. that i.? nits of o riv.dship?for Hill i* Hi'l wherever he goes. Sutton, the ventiil' quist, will pinke his grovitoni- votes ; i <*?otind wi h mimic power, ftom 8t Paul's steeple to the it V Hall boils: while the m-rrv marrow-houea, bnjos | tod accordi ins i.f 'lie darkies ?the acconii aniniei.U of | ? teir " native"' melodies,? will add to the performauce of ?hi* evening, Tuesday and Wednesday, a charin that :nnat be tested tiy public opinion Such an entertainment ?-ommands universal curio ity and universal patronage. Niblo's ?The Hell Ringers make their Uft np thia evening lor thnr own bent^fit The pivcea re the Old Gentleman. th<- Alpine Mai l, and a selection f their very popular music. City Intelligence* Nothing of interast lit either the PaJlce or Coroner's ffi:es yesterday. Ueiicral Scatilont, lefora the Recorder, and Aldermen Dickinson and .Mott. M. C. p4Tt:*sor?, District Attorney. Sipt 31. -The Court met thia morning, whtn a few notions ol but little intercat were entertained, and they tjourned lor the. term. Davis, the evdepUty k??a>er, as not hailed, a:id a cab driver named Uouldiug, chui g 1 with litre ny , was discharged (jiJ- LL FltlE.sU-t OK "EtiUAL. UlUHl s AND (pirtl Justice to all men."are invited to attend a vla?s Meeting of the (Jarnian Democratic Republican Asaociu. i in of thia city, to he lie!.] this evening, ihe Uiii ol Se(> t-mber, at 7 o'clock, P M. in iront of tae Mouticel.o louae, No I Avenue A. By order ol the Committee, L SILBKRRAD, Secretary. Oiy A WOMAN'S AN ANOEL : AN ANGEL'S A VO v!aN. Her bosom ao apotl^aa, her neck white and clear; ller cheeks, wnere theioaeand Inly appear. D^licioua. angelic, and heati'iful women, whote fea i urea, skin and lacea are diafi^u ed by aun, at;e, tlisease or <|tuxure, thus return their gra>itude to the immoital in ?ntor of the " Jones' Italian Cln mical Soap," for curing implea. freckles, eruptions, salt rluum. acurvy.erjaipe. U?, lilo'ches, tau. am.burn, or suy di-ifigurement nl the kin Give it a single trial -you'll not r>*gret it; at least, it you would like a clear healthy heautdul complexion, vliit-.h you can have by u-in^ a cake ot Jont a' Itul'aa i lieinical S ?ap, at tha ?tgn ot the American E gin. 8J hatha in street, or SJ3 Broadwsy New York; lat* Fnl iii s-reet, B'-ookl} n ?, 8 State stri-et, Boston ; 3 Leilger '. lilting-, Philadelphia ; and Pe.iatt, Broadway, Albany it aler, beware of counterfeits Mind, get none t>n' ? limes' foap." Takecare?look cut ,lor awindltrs. This Sjapia no longer sol I in Broadway jy- DR BLACK WELL'S \N I'-A^RIO TINCTURE ?11 Scotch R-tnovator haa cured more Cases of vent real 'sordeiv, atiit.hiuri gleet.-eininal . It isious wi al le ui e'er or bladder and diabetes, than any medicine ever .-.ed- it ia no enmmori-place rem- dy It is pr?par<-d npun tentific princi|ilis by jieihtps the first practitioner in te world R S Uernartl 97 \a?aau stre't N.'W Ytiik, - the only authorized agent in the United B .Tea For . lie by Backus & Bull, agents, Troy, New Yoik, and by >r. T. S:illman, agent. New Oileans. MJ- ftlCORD'B I'AiustlA. aI.TEUATIVK Mil .'JKE- Fot the sure of primary or sic mdury Syrhilu ?tall offcctiona produced by nu injudicious t:sc of me. iry. The great ad vantage.* poaK-Mifid t y tliil powerftl t?;i alive over ail other preparations lr.> tiio c'irc u! 15} nils, is, tliF while cttrlii, the !i?e.asf it improve til ..nstitution, whilst mercury g- icrallv loavc o wuct >r*u disease than the oue it ia a !>nici.stared for. Th< :!>t recommendation we. car. give of it ..-i, that it is no* Ueasive!} prescribed by :m rut licnl mctvltj, whe for . rly consiiicood nii.-fcti; ? the only ere iu> thosi con. w.inis SoM, in illicit bottles, }>1 <acr ; n> cas.-s c! hal, ft, caiclulty pacLut, ,Oi- sunt I j all parti ?t" f. lion Ofiti o! tU'; 0. l!e|; ':f Med etl iii'.l ft.a- w ?, V.'- Nm^i strc'-t. '.V -i h; t) , j!<; v,:, i)., ? (#7- R S. BERNARD'S DIARKWEA MEDIf'INE i isTieen fully te.ted In ail ihtt t ail -in climH. s ol ill ountry. Under the witherit g son ol ihe South ulm. ?~ea?e na? slim i s thou .auds, its virtues nsve In en b< a' .own, an'l h'ghly appn cuti^l It Iihk gone to 11 ? . it'le-fi -Id of .lisea*. ,gtr le I wi'h the nrmni ot i rti ' .et the fell diatroyei, iind won itr.j? risbalde lauiels. At he North, at ti e East an<l at tlie West, it has uair<fl ?I4 mist Uiaril a i, Stimm< r t ontp .lints in etui Iren, l.'bo ? a Intantum, Cholies, Cholera .Vimhua ana all the vs. ious diseases of the bow. la, an.I rec< ive.! prai? a that wil i on give it a place in every lamily. No 07 Nassau at. New York, ia tue proprietor's i flt.-.e. For sale also bj i)r W H Milnor, corner ol John street and Hroelwat ; b arren W. Page agmits for B .atoii, Mai*.; Uacku> Bull, Trov. N.-w York; Il.i nve.'t It Co, Albati) N?w YorkiW. T. Mercer, Newark, N J j C. lnglia, Jr. t'.itieraon, New Jersey. {K7- HOW MANY I.ADIES THERE ARE WITH therwise unenceptionabl. feuttirrs, whose int. IWrtn n ? i .iws are completely hidden Ironi vistv by a m??s ol kali nnsciotis of the deformity, many ol tbrm resort to tin ? i. minus m|?riment of shaving the hair liom theirlois . id j but th" remedy ol oottr-e is w orse than th'- ill ,e t<t ? may bn ea-aly seen by ihn uri-igr,t|y blue ting whici ..?skin tuvarmhly asaumea attei aien ap ..icatmns ol lit 7,.?r To reme.iy this evil l)i G itlrsti.I. ulter n series ?> .i.rntcat experiments, piodnce.1 i is laxioua ron-lto *<iit. u l.ich is positively ml .11, in tin- it mov I nl si||? ioti hitir tr nrt any pait of the Ittt naii fr .nte I ae ? nckly, I. ve-no disc louition and is nlwa) s tented i. i ? t.nly olflce in New Vm k 07 tVbiker street, first ?ton it bioadway $1 pi r bottle. jjy-IT IB MEL ANCHOLY TO CONTEMPLATE TH; : nOer of exquisite monl ,ed ficea, beaming with vra. i eltnesa ami intelligence, yit marred by pimple ditches, frecalea, rotighneaa, sallonneas, re.tneas n ? ite other defect ol the skin One cake of l?r Felix Oon nid'a Italian Medicated Soap, will rapidly cure all tnest elects. We can reler you lo several ol our most esteen ? I rpirens, who have been cured hv Ihe ?bove M".llrat?t Sup. Btiv no wlieic else hut at 67 Walker f^t., first aton om Broadway?60 cents a cake?and at Smith's Drug it ire, Brookly n. <&> MKM>IA!. 4f>VICE 'S fRIVAfK DUrj""* Tha membera ot the New York College of Medicine >inu !' armacy, eit*bliik d fir the tupprenion ?/ tjiiucket-y COfl ioimtottirrct ibeir paitlculur ?t>< n <u tnal dinuieaoi a rivate natuie. and can confidently promise to persons re ?juiring medical treatment, a a*fn ait-1 pen* mailt cura without injury 10 the constitution or confinement Itoui I. inures. Invalid* aie particularly r?q>ie?tud to make ap liica'ioato the College on the li at appearai ce ot ibo>e <'utMkea, as a vu*t amount of ?uti':iing anil time may l a ' itl* avoided Ona of tho ineintwrs ol tlie Col.ege fur many > cart connected with the principal liospi-al in Eu rope lor tlie cure ol those complaint*. attends lor constil taliou daily from 8 A At. to 7 P. M Terms?Advice and Msdicinas $ft, -a cure guaranteed. IMPORTANT TO COUNTRY INV\LID9 Peicona living in the Country, and fliding it inconvenient to make personal application, can Lave forwarded to them a cheat containing all medicine* ri qmsite to perform a radical cure, tiy stating their cane np.icitly, together with ail ? ymptoni*, time of contraction and treatment received elsewhere, il any, and enclosing $i, |ieat paid, addrtaaed to w 8. RICHAHDSON. M. D, Agent. Office and consulting rooma of the College, #4 Nassau at. J CONSTlTUTlONAi- DF.B1LITT iJUKj^L.. Th* i'ouic Mixture, i reparrd by fae College oi M?.l:c:na HauI 'hirinacy oi tiie city of New York, w conndi nily ra -.'jaiincaJod ioraii cw ot iletilny produced by secret in lulgenc* or ??'??>*? 01 any kind. It ia an invaluable i?me ? v lor unpotMiass, ?> *i1 Jty. or hnrronnvsn (urla** depend : 'St on malformation.) i.iHU' bottles *' each; oascT of ..all u '.ais,* H>\ km u.'lj packod and sent to all part* oftbe Uni-j O'S" '-os Ciillog*?' Mollc-ir.' ai.d fian.tacy 8*. ?'Mm timst w * Pi' H 4 Rtmo^,. M. D i <mbI. LICENTIOUSNESS--The crowning evil of the ('*} t4mi to bid defi .nee to a'l attemp-s to remove!'? Daily do we see it increase and bee.omo more glaring in spl'eoi all the flf irt* made lor its suppi essiori Why ia this ? simply b*c.iute rs physical am! moral catuo* b iv4t never boen understood ! O i this subj ct a more than Egjptinn d.mkne*? prevail*. and it Is no wouderihat wiule meu are compelled to gr?upe in such a i.iglit ot ig norance they should go as'iuy Lot tliem have th.* light of kno-vle'lge ? lot th-m see tbey have taken thi wrong pith, anil let a beacon be erecte 1 to guide them right it? lutilie The light i? now gleaming forth, the trimd.y li.ind is now ruutretched to anccor ai d guide. Ur H.>1 IjcU'h L cturif? ci the Origin oi Life ar? ? ti* flr at all' mpta i'fn nid 'e to hccompliih tbisdesirihle lemilt Th -y havo m^t with ttnp irallela.t nucoeas anil will ho, thn wnek, lepe.ited twice, comprising the 69;b oud fltlth repetition ? Bee advertiaemeat. THE. CON' i .'ittAui g,.?Ti;A?"i" Otf 8AK Vf AirllLL v, OENTI\:< AND BAHi'AFEArt,prepi*^ y nhw York ".^ilngi- ot Mivlir ne and fhurmacy. ibhibfid for th? suppiMni ion of (juoi-S, ?rj Thn rfcib.ecl .ud highly concontrated extrhrt, posseting at! tha patf. ^iag qualitie* and cui ativu powers o: tbir uKw t-rtas, i oonfi>ieutly vscon oiecdiid by the ColletTft, ia i*?Ai.itaa.lry ujierior to any extract ol rtarsaparilla at v-' osant buicre be public, and may be rciiiid on as a ctr'aiu remedy for ill (UseanHS arisin'f toiii at. inquire 'tis-e of tLe blood, ? uch an scrottiia, ault-rheum, ringworn;, bK.tlhi'- o? pim .-lea, nicert pain id theboriiM or ji.ints, nodes intanoous rnptions, ulcerated soru throat oi any ditatu arising ioaa the sec.otidary jtftictB ot ?yph:Us or or. i,viuJic.?oK?j lie oi mercury ?soli! in single Uottl<;', at 7f> c#au ouc. " in Ca~es f<< halt-u-.lozen Bottica, fl dO " " one doxon " 1 00 Ccaas forwarded to all parts of the Uni^n, N. B.?A very Utiernl uii>ooiint to whoiosaiainiriiir.tcfji Ofles cl tb<< College, 95 Na^ >aa ntr. i t v n ui. 1 ',!!?? .\.M l)?A(tn?. (jCi- OOURVUD'S UUK- UN H\lll DYE 13 PO?I~ tivi fy 'he very beat articUif'T mgitig red, giey or v. hitfe lmir to n boautllul blackoi iUik biowuev>r inveiit?*l,? Warranted at t<7 Walktr fctivtt, store vkom llioaj way {K7.WOUM8 CAUSE DE\'H-IF THERE EVER wan a time wIlea paruritn sliould bo wHtchlul over the 'leal U oi their little one?, or he ir in ni u t tha above wue sayiiK, presint 11 audi > timi Al h.iugb worms ate <*.amm?n in thn young, and fuqaa^tly in ihe old and rniddlt- iged, at all tiinas?at \ hi* n 'i?. 11 of tha > ear, when ' r 11 it (? >0 plun'), an.l n.> litt:o reifaril in had to ihe quantity and q i.ility eaten, the daii^ev trom worms i< vrr> gmatly nnrrdsed. and '00 mucU caution iwuno*. r>e us?-1 in detect ing the syinp'oms which indn a'# their presence Dr. Sharman haa discovered aspoc fl;. Ili.i Worat Lozsugea willera-licaie Miaai when all other means fail They hava liauu etr-ctually tried for thu last four years, and hav? never bwn known to iail: children take th*m wltbour any diffi 'Ulty, and none who have ever mad them are dis sati fii.t with ttieir 1 tt c.ts. sura and get the gfiiuiaa it In6 Vaiisau street; or of the regular isuiits, 247 lludioa , 13H Bowery, 77 East Bioadwav, anil Ho-William street. 5(7- THE BlUNURETll PILLS CAN B? OBTAIN ?il genuine, il care is usrd by the purchaser iri t.very e.'.tV ftn?l town tiirotifhjut the Uni w-l Slat^t The Brand ivth nils aiv sold at 45c -nts per riox, with <iill dirno'ion*, at onu Mtnre in 1 v--iy town im trie Unite 1 Sa'.n L t all who purchase enquire (or t'.io c rtifli'.?t?, on which are ic--iliulim ol the la'mU on 'he b"X; if like 'ha P,l!?, tkey ;>.re genuina?if not. a >t. Th-re ha* vet bean, I bwimve, n'? connterftit for the lie v labels, it is to b-i hopwl ?hero will not It ? imp?.sihle to ituigiha a g;-WHr?r crime than that of making money by the nu??iie? of mankind. Dr Brandreth'n Offices are 441 H mad* ay, N 'W York; Nordi bh *ir?fi Pailadolphia; \|?rcer and Laiglit ?ti?et, Kattimoie; 19 H.111OV1 r straet, B "tun. A'?a ot D D Wimh', corner Hoii>ton and L '?ts;M;s Wil kin?on, 414Chetry struct, New Voik; and iVlis. Booth, lirookly n. xr- ViCluPRAt il -ij'l.c ,li'. 1 lul.f PORl'lik* CUIUt> : ' ronorrh ya, iuoi ail w.*uftvrdant i" li ? , v -om iho urothlh. T'ie?o pills prepare-! b; the N?.w Iforkt u'.'-j?(eof Moilicine anl Ph.irtn'iiy, Mtaldiahe' kn ;iui .i ? ut):.sioD ol 1'ihi.teiy, m <j ' re." . ?n (<? the '* ? " .v tvdy and etn^tual remedy for Hie above conspl Jinki.?? ':<*y Hreguarant?od ti-'sure vv'f'nt ca^an ir ?? " >:ireda>'s. .-Uid j>osse?j ^ ,<i. ;tLr ,? <?? .t ova. o.'.tii-ua !?<j.iaM?:? Aid chronic at.-vi, I-??-.* ? ".y ot? ? ? . ????>?!?<? ? * t 'nt kiiow;i, lomavin.. tm > ttou> * '?& 1 nt iiotti husir.uts, tainting the ;>r':?th or 'iaat'w .*jc r tn the itsMiuih Price f t ;:<? 1 b.-> 1 ?i'dj <.i liie O'.lco ot th'1 rcl'efc"> c: raacy JnJ Mo 1 >;yr 1*1 streol ' 9. ^TCHARnaON. M. t?. MO.VKV 9* AtUCBT* Dutidny, Sipt 91?11 P. N. Tha tloik matket for the patt wei k has boeu rather l\ it There huj not bean much char ge in quotation*, fid transactions have bt>en principally coi.lim d to tha uncy stocks. Money is veiy abatidaat, the rato ?>f inter tiit very low, and the demand up >n the banka full a* li'ge.isthty can conveniently *i??i?fy. Private capital i <t? in the >trtct find the gic?tast diffiralty in aniploy itig ticir liindu. '1 he steady niovemniit of spacia to Euiopa I 1 .a a very great iiiflio nee on the ttock. mnrka*, and, ro? !oubt, i* tha principal causa of tho dapra?s-:d a'.ataof tha i.iaiket. Mexican dollars an.l Awaiican ball dollari ara 11 ithiug m"re or less, at this tim \ th*n m*vch in lise, anO 'noitot th ? tliij mi nts now inada arcconaidai?il<in this ligkt Although specie i< going iorwaid .is an much iBarchsir is* o 1 which ,-rollts aie attinaitcd, still ihaae movsments can tiot bui pro*e injurious to commercial ;>flairs in thi? couiv try Thojr drain us el our precious metals and depraciatr le value ol our circ'ilating madiuni, by w it'.drawing trom | ' irculation silver, the plsce of which will ba sup,.li.4 v. ith paper Specie will (<o f ru uul iia.long as shipmect* 1; ia be made nble, V.'t 8tiu> x a t ih.e showing the tofits on a slii| n?? nt of one tbeu-.aod d<> 1 ir?. Shipment or ur>cia to Lo>bom. .ot'iO in silver i? < qu?l to 86# .m?c< a. # L mi quo h 101 1 L >ndon, 6 i hidings 1 qual to 41.10 >h l'gs. taking AI4I6.IV,equal 'O. ..... $0Cl 40 Exchange on London lor this amount at 7 par cent 67,47 $ 1, (inn thousand Mexican dollcrs...$1000,'0 Preminm 1^ percent 14,4? '04, ireigbi, kc. say ijperct... li ? 0 '^1 047^0 According 10 lhi? calculation, exchange could b? sold ?>a this ihipmont at stven (Kir cent premium, and aJlob | t >ined above that would be tha pf'/flts on the operation.? I'.xchangeis now q'lotad ,?t ten jiar cant, which woa'id ,iv? a profit ol thru, par oi-nt on uaprcie ihipraont. We annex our usn il comparative tattle of q'lotatlona . ir stocks for the pa twcik It will ha observed that ricai have varied b it very sltgh ly?i.u:a last Saturd >y iooTATions kor Tin: eai.vcirsi. Stocks im thk Nr.* *oiik M?mm, Vim. Tn'u. If", f Th'11. /?'? >j Snr m Island ?tv rat, IS*, ?v?, I "hawk (;>, r,t r/i, 1 ? ? in!, ' irlein ??;, 70 7i 7.|?, 7i', ? ? uei'soil ? ? ... Hi _ g;?' _ oiton 41 45>? 44 <r. 46 tr.' <r,?i ?rmers fa>su til :?>W ;iii? i-,\ ...?, V.irvMcli and tVor t>7'.. t.n'.i i,:1. i;7\, i, '', 1,]. ? )hioBi\?s !??>, 9:1.'., il.', '.(I n-j'i tyiu .,.|i 1 ll' Si sea ? 1j ? ? 4,,,^ I ? 11 ?. .j.j ? t niiicky Sises 192 ML')#' ? ? inji, _ mj'j >111/1, U.iuia !? i??h. .. .32 ? 72',i' ? 7V1,' loninatou 4SS( 41 |J?J (r,u iji^ ? rie Kailroad *t 24,% 2I.'4 UlX, 2.^ 2,', 26 \ irk?l?uric... ? ? tf rt H.-uik ? H-1- ? ; VaduiK lUilroad i:M 51 >i S3), J3)i ii>, iJ tlorris Canal ll^j ? 11 u^, u _ _ t he greatest diS'nreqi'41 does not 1 xce<d lour por cent,, ?o l 10 that ios'tince it wan confined to the stock of the antoti Conpur.y Thn nex* ?imi?st ? is in Erie ! tilroad. These two stin k" aru rqually worthlaas, and |irr?t. d in by the same clans of siieculatoia. Good ?icks, ol which there are very few, do not change mate, r ally. In the above list, there aro eighteen different tocks, of which only thiaa ar?. r? illy good, and only llvx t. u dividend pay lug stocks. This list includes iioarly the .1 ole of the stock* in which operativaa me mado at both ^rds of bnikeia, 9U'I the valneol tbrm and thn chauc. s m od investment*,on be putty cle.rly reen from this . t For speculation an t pro# , woithlasi st icks are bat* 1 .luin good ones In f 1 y 1 t.'Cks th. ?e is more room _'t... rt iCttMtions ; goo s ock vai> h i*. Very slight ? 11 o 111 month to mi nth I ne ? xpott oi 'tonieMic* f:om Bu'oa rl: cc Juue Utr . ... unts to 31 077 iiaKs, us loilown : To fnrrtgn Cnnt porrt. wilt, 1 I'nm June I to Sapt. IB, (bales mid c isei,) 6,171! 21,MO Krnm Sept. 18 toHrpt.21, " 'il i>(iO 0,228 24,840 T'leSI. Louis Insutanca Company haveoei l.ue.. a d,?l ?nd of tan per cant on Ihe capital stock, payable in nil, out of the profits otthe last quarter. * Thr lolls received from the woibi of public Improvc iKnts ol .Maryland and Pennsylvania thu year, aid

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