Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 23, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 23, 1844 Page 3
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} ear: Neons. rttM vVouki or Im tiNti. I Mraovi. >n:^ t. I8i3 1844. Incr. ruhlic work* of Pennsylvsnit to Sep t n ?r 1 670,203 88,546 162,343 lid" VV'tter and Susquehanna Can il ( o. Maryland, to Sept. 1 42,177 5i,3*J U.tit 'J uiu increase amount* to about twi ntj-live per c> nt I on trie income up to the same date last year. The te cei| ** of the Tide Water and Siuquehannah Canal torn pnyato vety small, when wo consider the immense ?it aycaused by it* construction. The Canal haa cu.t tii<- .um of $3,-159 388. The capital of the company paid in mount* to $1,605 335. Bonda issued to the amount ot $;.'n5ll Loan from the State of Maryland, $1,000,000. Tli i works are under a mortgage to the State, lor the p i x'ual paymui.t of theinterest dua the State annually. Th?i city ol Baltimore haa loaned thia company $880 000. The funded debt of Baltimore amounta to $6,4*6,230, and the loan of tha credit of the city to the public work* of the mate, goa<) a great way towards making up the large debt of the city. Ku.hdkd Debt rr Tin City ok Baltimore. 1ii? deniable? of the6 par cent* $13 "00 no Ktidt*mabie nt pleasure 198,308 4tt l.tJui), 1S60 169 WO I so 1st July 1870 338 000 Oil " t.f er 6^8 940 H9 la July, 1890 J 80S 819 St alter 1890 >43,043 16 $4,472,713 13 Oi the 5 per cent*: Redeemable niter 133tf $39,766 ?' J940 8.'>90 10 It dremable after 1st July, 1846.. .331 967 84 ' >? ?< 1880.. .363,118 00 after 1970 3a0 0i<0 00 after 1868 and I860... 99,u9j 31 092 517 05 TVa' amount of funded debt .$6,466 330 17 Tuia i'< a very large debt for a city no larger than Bal timore. The jiitereat on $C9 095 ia paidjointlj by the Ci'y and county. Of the whole debt there ha* been is t. lad It) the public work* i f the State, a large mm : ? 1 i he t' tt inline and Oiiio Railroad $3,637 21ft 30 S i <|%'liea iah Rmlroud 060,000 00 Sbtq?. hauialt aud <1'ids Water Canal... 3tin uoo DO $4 947 316 80 Total funded debt 6,466,380 17 Actual debt of the city $49d.014 67 . Thfst) work* di not par the income due from them an nt. illy into the Treasury, and the burden of tbe debt contiacti 'I for tin ir construction fail# upon the ciiy trea i a iry The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad haa paid some very f.iir divi lends, but nothing near the amount due.? ' ?Jhi woik I* rapidly increasing in productivine**, end < inust, ere long be vory pri fitable piopcrty It is one of , the very hi at worhi ot the kind in the country, and it sj#, although not ra<ire than half finished, a great thofonghfare. The further it extends into the West ?rn country, the more prcfi able it must be.? : The | ublic works of Maryland in which the State and I the city ol Baltimore .ire interested, are progressing in productiveness ni rapidly ns could ever have beeu expec ted. Estimates arc invariably trade iu relation to the r? Chip's from canal*. long before thnwoiksare commenc ?l placing the amount, almost the first year, high enough to ma>t the .lnijunt of eipeuae* and the intcrnst on the cos', Ui These calculations have long since bei n de atriyed, and estimates are r.ow abandoned The business ef our railroad* hat general)/ encoded tbe estimates of the most sanguine, and these channels of transportation I fnuit i:xr a?e more rapidly for the future than they have lor the past. Any railioad in this country rigXtly men aged, will, in time, relieve itself of any debt that may l.i.'o been ct?al>d and pay fair dividend* on t'ue outlay Our ranals never cm increase so rapidly as raiiroada, and pay that laige p*r ccnt on the cost. The indebted Statu jnuit depend upon the iucosr.e from tbe works commenced end completed for relief from the financial dillicultiia ur.- ' <l?r weich they labor, and until these work* pay the in come the great outlay* tcijuire, the State creditor* must remain contented with the existing state of thing*. Old Stork Kirlisnge. $1000 Ohio6's, 'CO 99j? 100 *li\s N Ara Trust 13 ' V.VHI0 do ?f>f) 99'4 2111 Krie HH 26 i'"o do bio ne^ eo do a;1* i MOW Kentucky 6's bOO llliJi 2'> do 2(& SHOO do lOiJi 60 Auh St Rocli KU 109 ?Jii'Hi Illinois special 100 Nor & Wore HH CdU 1IH10 Tciiuensre 0'? (li 2.5 do b30 fiiiV linoo Tetaj Tr notes 7>? II) do G-,'a :!0alia? 15U of America !>!' It.i do slO fill I Bk of NVork 123% 2:>n do 68k V.'i .Meichtnts' Bk lOll'j 2.'i Moli.'ok RR huw t>..:.i 3C"i *'.erlnnies' Bk llt'J 20 Hud Si Berks RR 15 I' Ilk Si?te NY a\yt 300 LIhI*,id RH 113k' L'l Am l ?c Bank IKi loo do blO iiaj. -*-i Bk ( om. scrip I'M 2i lieadi ik RR !>'! IJ.i Farmers' Trust 39% 100 do ,'?3 d" b30 4(IA? ill do sCO 5 Iji do 40 27 Uticn,*' SohiMi RR l!i? 63 do b30 hi ?i?u do 130 1 60 do 39}* 30 Syr K I \i.. . fit ' liNOCanal 3'l Sitrnnd lion nt. 100 slias Stouiuk'tou btO 46 100 ?has Nor & Wore RR G8,la Ne*v i-li lisuige. SlOOO Illinois 6's,'70 ?3 3f?'? 100 slias LIsland Rll linn 8'i!? > -n m [?' inner* Tr v.'fl 25 do biiw' II i \i < aiitmi Co 1)10 17U 25 do 30d HI j '.a do c 46*i 75 Krie KII l>3 21) do 4t,;? 25 do do slO 4b>J 50 do s45 25V loo d ? c 1i^n 200 Nor 4t Wore c f;8?-j 21 do s3 46ft 300 do b30 6U 25 do s3 itM 2.'i do s3 6? 75 , do Ii3 46?t W> do C 08 Ml Llslaud RR b30 8 li, 25 do lit r,!l>a 2i do ? snw 83>4 25 do SlO 68>4 Salv.s of Htocbs?Bostom, Sept. 30. th' finntj iif Hrokrti --50 shs Boston and Worcester , Rll, 1171. 35 Norwich and Worcester, 04; 8.) do, btO, 681; | Ij.Ij, -311, IW; ?tl R.artii n ItR, -26J; 76 d<, 26^, tO do, 2bJ, 76 do, 26|. 60 do **8, 2t>j|; 49 Vlerehants' Bank, new,10'J; 1 J .Ml I o. ({ I land Kit, slu 8>J; 36 do, 83j; 160 Ka-t Bo-tcm ? o, 'I], 200 lo, I 4n>. II}; 3(/0 ?'o, blm, I1J; $S,000 Read ie ,- Kll bonds ..f 1347,76J; $1000 do, 1860, 71J jil .'lurli m -1 Rlime boston and Lou t 11 Kit 36 par ct n lv: IU RK, 12} per cent adv; 10 Auburu and Rochenti r Hit 7J p.rci nt adv; 10 do Wfc*tern Rlt, pi r sh; 40 do Culoi* Bank, $37) Jo State of Trade. A*hk( ?o<* Mill sell at $4 18J a 4 25. Pearl* are very atoady at $4 13j Si oca on Hand Si ?t?.mhi:r 13th, 1<44. !? ir*t sort l'<>ts, bam-ls... .9,73!) Kirit ?ort Tearls, barrels. 7,620 K coud do du ....1,611 Second do do .. 912 'third do do .... 3118 Tbird do do .. 261 Condemned do do .... 11J Condemned do do .. 23 T"Ml 11,891 Total 8,8u6 j I'ota barrels 11,891 1'earls " 8,806 Total 20,6'J7 ItnrsnsTurFS? Klour is improving. G^nasee sells at $4 ."?) tor common brands, imio is worth $4 43J u 4 60. l'lime <* nesea wheat sell* at 93 a94c; corn, North lti V< I . ?' Ml! t 'iiioi Thtrawa* but little disposition to pt'tchnse to.lHv_th to'al sales iii onn'Ii.g to 6W) bales, taken for export, ami 2nti biles by spinners. We annex isola tions Livr.arooi. ('l.AssiricaTtO.'v. UjMs \Florida. N.Orl # Mohilt Inferior ....... 4) h 4] ... 4J n d O. Binary .....6a 6} ... da A} ViiMiing 6j| a (j ... 6] a 6 4?'?>? -1 n.)ddling. II a D| ... til a ol Me! 'ding f.'ir,. . h| a tjl ... 61 ? (| V*ir,. 6| a bf ... 7f a 71 Fullv Uir 7 a 71 ... 71 a 71 ? od fair 71? 7j ... 8J a 8J t me 8) II 9 ... 9 n llj ?|^ck on hand, nniold, 4^,<10(1 bales ; rnnmrn' on sale, 7,::'4t t<> Kreish'.s, ll-SM per iqitare bale to Liverpool. r,orifK.-s Ohio poil( li.i- slightly improved in de ma i i IVt qtto'e puuiH nt $7 60 h 7 Hij; meas at +9 36 1) f h ve y muctivi: Coin r> prime sell* ut f t, i.'o tii-s-8t $6 Ohio lard i-i in lair d-tnand ?barrels *e|| at 6] a 0' ':hee?? Is verv Hrnn s' 4) a 6|c Kxport? fnmi l?t-ol7 ' s^ptimbttr B.'t-f, 3,79'i bblsj potk, 3,468 bbl?; lat 1,4 GO I fce'** IUsl Ki-TsTt?Thafollowing sales were made at auc tion : - I.ot a i l h'lildinpr* southwest corner ol Bleecker and B ur iw street* 19 feet on t!i? former ami 81 on the l it'ST, $7 000 Ktiip of land j.. the rear of the above, one ft broad b'. HI f el lung. 60 Ultd, 0 < Sunday morning 3i I ir.<.t ct a short illness, Wii/? l ism II Rvsa, only child nf I'tihih and Kliza Ityer, aged 3 \ eat ?, 6 months ire! 38 da * II,. relative^, and the Iriend* of the family, are resp'-ct fin'v lnvit?1to atten I the tun ral. this afternoon at four ? ??lock from his fstber's residence Kort Washington O.i S itnlBT mornit;g 22 1 inst ?t ftoVJofk. alter a short jll .i 's Mr. Wm In tbe 94t>'. y?ar of hi* age 'I'l-e fi lends of the. family are invited to attend hi* f'inr. ril, tr >r* his late reaidenc.e. 46 ? oiirt andt street, this af 4e-no tp at 3 ?->|oek. without further invitation On Sunday evening -Jtl inst Hsmii.ton Edmisio^, ?jr?d ?}? vear*. Inte ot Mornresl, L. f' His frien Ii and acijualutances a* we'l a* tho*o of hi* timther-in law, John Ingram -Ir , aie r? quested to tten'l hli lun-rel, tn-morro.v afternoon, at 4 o'clock, from 19 Ilo'vard str?et. Passrngrri Arrived. ItsMai an?Ship F.dwina?A Bi.rhoft, l?dv and sarvmt* M.-s OIMe heini, A Dietw. (I I|0 in the sleersge. 1 ns?t urn*?Ship S.>iitiiI*irt?Hev S Oilinill. ??'wrell^rt I?ii|i??rtnlloi.s lUsfBfao?Shi" Kdwins?t pairs N n?itt? 8c Knsfer? 2 do S 4', eh' ?' ? 9 M A k A Nj W'hito?21 K S Sehletiti|f?r? I Scl les f i er te He i?ehe i?2 Fellovis Vl'nd.aoi h St co? 1 II K Mo il '' -I'U. k rolbtt ?1 Itejmer Si Vleeke?8 Seilev, Serew (IB f r -I98B [ili'en siadler lleiidm>? k 111.itlier??1205 Mayer &. Sii.eliei ? ,4S T \Vichelhin<en ?10 | ku Bmli|fe k Hii'ter?3 A Ui'fhtiff?177 tons coil K I) llinll.iit k eo?t cs to Older. OroilSst I mi |mi rtn f lollB i utiit i:sto!??"-hip Son hp'irt?28 biles potion fi Iliilklev? HO i |to'd k HinrVe.i?Infl * ll < illet ? II (' LiITim?9' Parme lee. l* ^ Co-! iO I'. LarVina k Co?69 I. II Tslman? tl I hiil>4M k Aliom?lit 1 M I're colt?55 tleoroe Collins?14 Ilieker on U f hnrrliill- 61 IPi rice S I Dortir? 42 <? K Ai der ,,, . Jn ( Herckfnrntli k Van Damme?22 I s* A Barliev?I I'll lot k I a* Barbier?24 Perkins k lloi'kinn?I O k A WetniOt* ?2 I" I thiderdnnk ? I S C Dortir?j | kfc. Sclieffelin, Son k en ? n H Strybing?18 N U Met ready It co?I Williams, Htnkm <kpo?11 Allen k co?18 do a lot iron l'?tty k Mann?2 C Sand ? I Collin* llrotlwr* It co?1 Ooold, Bank* k Co?I Vietor k Jhirkwitz?lot empty l)bls aud casks O Bulkier?1 box mdse to order. MARITIME HERALD. Mailing Dayi of the *i?\- sept.i? Oct. in II \\ rsi, rn. Matthewa Opt 11 14 Mil|> PluMtr* ami A|{i'iili. Vve ?h.JI esteem it a favor if Captxin* .if Ve.?-Is will iriTe to Kobfrt Siurrr, Captain of out N>wi Boats, a rrport of l '''"'"f at t'" llort wheuee they tarl -d, thr v???els spoken iiu their pawage, a list of their raryo, ,>nd any foreign newspapers, or news they may have. Hr will board thetn im netliatelv on lheir arrival. Agents and I'm respondents at home or abroad, will alio confer a favor by sendiug to tliii office ill tlie Marine Intelligence they can obtain. Naotica] Informa tion of any kicil will be thankfully received. POHT OK ?1KW tOKK, mfiPTBMBKR !43. II'I* BtlEi ? 1 I MOON ?et? 2 42 ?UN 4 49 | HIUH WATKB 7 19 Arrlv?I. Ship Kdwina, Went, from Hani bun; and Cuihaven Auk. 21, with indse. to K. D. Hurlbut St Co. Sailed in co with b*r<|iie Aliil.t. Left, u. ited Slates, Swinton, from New Orleans, char I tered to eo to Bremen and take passengers fur New Oileaua, to leave II unburn Aug tl. and Bremen Sept. 20; .Vlaurail, Wil liam*, from Richmond. for Bremen 7 days, to take pa??eug-rs for New Orleans Klleu Biooks, Crowell, sailed previously for Hieinen, al<o to t ike pa.nngers for New Orients?to sa l from B l(l:h Sept Spoke 2 Id ult. in tlie river, bound up. Ksralua, of New York, from Buhia; no date, on the Banks, lat <4, Ion 53, Kli7. i Ann, of Mar1 leheid Ship Alabama, Bunker. 23 days from Cardiff, Wales, with 35,081 bars itou to Win Nelson. Ship Soiilhport, (irillilh, 9 days from Charleston,with cotton, to U. Bulkier. Brii; Genius, lie Wolfe. 21 divs from Sacua la Grande, with '? SOU bbls 40 hhds sugar to Spoff ird, Ti lesion It Co; 47 hhds do ; 11' oil . li II,,wland St Aspiiiwall. Ten days of the pas.a|>e j the G. eiperienced verv heivy weal her?lav' to 3ti hours under I balance reefed mainsail which drilled her from soundii gs to the eastwaid of tlie (iulf Stre im?the wind varying from SK to N W and NE; sustained no damage other than hiking a part of the starhoird waist British liriu Buffilo, McBurnie, 7 days from Sydney, CB wilh coal, to -Soule, Whitney St Co. Schr Ontario. Htaole,, 22 days irora Turks Island, wilh 2470 bushels salt to Middletou tk Co. Britisli schr Parallel, Lockliart, II days from Windsor, NS. with pla?terl tomas'er. Schr St. Pierre, Ferguson. 7 days from Newbeni, NC. with naval stores, to S L. Mitchell. Schr Small, Jones. 8 days from Newbern, NC. wilh uaval atom, to 8. L. Mitchell. Sclir Oateua, Holierls, 8 di\s from Washington, NC. with naval stores, to S. L. Mitchell. Sclir hluaU-lti Ami, 7 days from Wellington, NC. with grain. Schr A. L. Ackertnan, Wicks, 2 days from Virginia, with po toes, In master. Schr Providence, East, 3 days from Virginia, with potatoes, to master. Schr J. Kirby, Nelson, 3 days from Virginia, with potatoes, to master. Schr Swan, Baker, 2 days from Berlin, Md. with corn, to the master. Schr HeipeL Truett.24 hours from Berlin, with corn, to the master. * Schr Julia Ann, Welsh, from l.ubec, with plaster, to the maater. Below Brtg Henry Leeds, from West Indies, and I brig unknown. Hailed. Shins Gladiator, Briltou, tLondon; Queen of the West, WooahoBM, Liverpool; Mootlcello, !)?:*,fcett, <HufOWi Severn. ] Cheever, New Orleans; brig Long Island, Thorp, Oporio, and others. ___________ Correspondence of tHe Iltinhl. 1I-il.v,:s Ilot.r. Sept. 19. 161 h?Arr Enterprise, fBr] NVoik for fci .loh.n, NK; Biltic, fBrl do for Halifai; freedom, do lor llmu.puit; l.cho, do for Calais; Renown, [Br] Nllaveofor St John, NB. 19th?Arr Columbia, and C'harlea, Philadelphia for Bostou.? 7 a in?The tleet have all sailed. Mlw^iliinrott* Kccnrd. Bkio Gen. Bhookh, Peko. which sailed from Salem 10th inst. for St J ago. retiirned eve of 2flth, ha* ing mi the 13th, in South Channel, about 30 miles N N W of Fishing Ilip, rx|ierienced a severe sale of wind, whiih continued until 16th, causing flie brig to leak b dly, splitting sails and doing other damage; was obliged to throw overboard about 50 bbls of the cargo to lighten the vessel. Spoken. Snappopp, (Sw) Romare. from Stockholm for New York, no date, lat 44, Ion 4'l?by the Edwina, ?t this port. Swan, Snell, Philadelphia for Orange Grove, La 2d inst. lat i 31 13, Ion 72 21 A Wright sided hanpte, with mizen mast gone, steering South, lltli inst Lit 31, Ion Gil T C Mitchell, of Charleston, 7 daya from 8t J ago for Phila delphia. Aug 30, 25 miles S of Crook d Island Passage. Sileuus, Hitler and Souther, Hardy, from Bostou, lit inst going iuto Cape Ha> lieu. Kordgn Port*. Btritns Ay his, Juljf 16?In port, La Plata, M'Michaeli, for Philadelphia, soon; Ningara, Hersey, for Boston, 4 day?;# B"? toriian, Emerson, for U States, soon; Chancellor, Beauvais, fin NYork via Montevideo, just arr; Hrba't, ('oilier, unr; Junius, ('ooper, for Boston, 6 da>s; Americus, Smally, from Patagonia, jusl arr. Ai'i Catis, Aug 27?Sid Ariel, Hopkins, Baltimore. Qt'r.REC. Sept 17?Arr Glenlyon. Muirliead, Torbav; Speed, Ellis, Liverpool; Louisa, .Mills, Waterfurd. Cld Jane, Milli piu, ai d Leo, Wi'dgewood, Livcipool; Hibvrnia, Gambl"s, Drogbeda. Mom i hkal, Sept 17?f'ld Collooney, M'Conochy, Glasgow. fiitUc I'ortx., Sept 18?Arr Sylph, Oswego. U<??rv- H. BKt.FAsr, Sept 17-Arr Topi iff Wight. Charleston. i.t ino. J.tineAou. and AIaImiiia, Merritt. Liveri>owl. below! MWh,?Iklfc?, r- Wilithroji, (new) ruftTiMoutH, Sept 16? Arr Fortitude. Lihliey, Liverpool; lb, Emily Kniclit. M'I'iivre, NVork S!d !9th, Kmpirr, do. S4LKM, Sept 20?Id Deposit, Upton, Para, Hcc. Bostot, Sei?t2!?Arr Quiacy. Savanre. Biiei ??s Ay rev, Porto Iiico, CutCreli, Aiit t'ajes; Moz irt,^ Reynolds. Alexandria; I Caiilda. Grant; Alvano, Pact?: VVm (*ri>vf >rd, Ander^of?, and Cliiu.i, Brown, Philadelphia: Mozirt, NlcK irland, do; Orum, Noyes, Linsi'.cburu. ,^V: rl??nry Cm tit, II tlleU, aiid H ila? ee, NicUeotoii, Albany; txcclnior, Woodbury, Smyrna t'renk, Del; Kxcel, Lovell; Jasper, llou^a: Zephyr, Crockett; Helen Mar, Airier; Hero, Spauldiu^, and Wtte, Hoi brook, NVork. Tele graphvd, Arcturus. from ?. Signal for * ship. Cld Zebra, Thomas, Genoa; rlliia BurgeAs, B<?wers, Cienfue^os; M rble head. Bartoll, Mira^oine: Willi* Putnam, ('ook, St Johns. PR; Lawrence. Howes, Baltimore: Ksther, Kmery.and WmM R<) r.n,Ta\lor. P1?i|idflj?hia; Michigan, Crowell, Wilmington, Deli Danl Webster. Weeks, Georgetown, DC: S A Appleton, Nickerson, and Mary, Gray, NYork. Arr 20tli, Carlos, Mao ran, London; Roman, Doane, Newport, W; We?keag, Thorn dike. NOrleans; Frances Burr, ( uiihtnan, Mobile; Speedwell, Pratt, Maraciibo: Pataisico, Cushinr. Ann Cayes; Kuiuburgh, Brown, Turks Uland: Hiithon, Braguon. Kappahanuock; IVarl, Harding: Brazilian, Hichb< rn; Canary, Kelly; Albert Perkins, (?lark: Robt WiiIii, Seirs; Carolina, Gilkey; Homer, Lillia; Gen Bolivar, Berry: Columbia, Driukwater: Sbeier, Kellei; Baltimore, Be-tvey; Heleu Gray. Ptomoier: Rooert Bruce, Clot sou: Potomac, Dutican; Sunn Taylor, Grmdell; Pilot. Poluid; Phebe B uter, B iker; Mary Ao/nsta, Faruham Star, Rogers; llfpzibib Smith; Charles, Hsrrimiu: Challenge, Park; Susan, Bray; Mary Jane, Wall; Thames, Haven; Statesman, W ss; Harriet Fnller, Fuller, and Chainiell, Sawver, Phila?<elnhia; (>ut?'-ie Jenkins, Ca|>e Havtien; Mandarin, Nve; B inner, Lew is; Oliver, Fuller; Anaconnt, Goihim; Herald, Scudder; Out vie M?rs?o-i; Two Brother*. Hinckley; Transport, Nickerson; Amanda, Nickersou, and Augusta^ Nickerson, Albany; A M llale, Beirse; Corvo, Cr?'Ckett; Victor, Htllert; Metelluc, 8i mouton, and Ceylon, Shepherd, New York; Red Rover, Bacon, AI ben ?I ill pi|llt, ??u ( ape ( ???!. v\ t> run int?? i?\ .1 fibrin liri^, which stove her quarter, carried away tnaiu bootn, lost main ^ail, main riagirig, lie?hailed the brig, but i?*cei?ed no answer. Ni.w Bkdkoiio, ?S*pt 21?Arr Pomona, Siiearinan, Norfolk; Indt ?, Gibbt, A|l?au>. I hakuitos, Sept 18?Arr Moon, Knudum, NYork. Cld Catharine, Hamilton. Boston; Keuhiwa, Harvey. NOileans. HsVasnah. Sept 17?Arr Lxcel, Hives, NVork. Cld Savan uah, Dnon, do. Ntw <)ni.? ax, S. j i 11 ? Air Tn-n (tr? en, Clark, Boston. INFORMATION WANTKD OK MICHAKL MUHRAV, from KiMeshnidra, (bounty of (yHV in, frel'M.d Whe i la?t le-md from he was residing in tiis St. Louis Huburtis, (Quebec, and i< known t*> one Cliailes Baxter of Quebec. Hi< s??n, Jame*. is now in New York. and wishi g t?< heir from his father, requests liim to writ** to him. Addressed o ?he car ofSej?heu Lynch. 09 Gold st., New York. /* Quebec pipers will 1 lease copy this. sC3 lt*rrc WANTF.D.?2't Fur-" "ufFvTanert at the For store of Chas. f*C U'l /i , 172}?? Bowerv. Only first rate hands need ap ply. The hi l eit pTiees will li paid. Bonn Faiic> Cap makers wanted ilso. Both immediately. *2? 1 '*m vv w w t.U I M.nMll.t'l 1L1 , ? apprr iliCf. (?> the dw iniUriK bn.iwm., in a mpeeu li: priv-ite eiuslnhin nit. wt prr tliey will hav* an opimruiiiilv of leATning it lh<>roii>{hly on ihf Iimi worU, ll<Trrr ic>'i nipitretl. Kor cards of aiMn-st apply to K. KAh'a <lry t:ooJa .i<jr?, 261 Ceotrr Mnet, uev Broi'ine. VV'iiiiteil alio, one |,'"o<l liainl. >21 3l?otl*rr Ianfh u - a joukn kYman bajibkr-A7iTy~Tt No 4 V'p?cy .tr e?, umltrtlic Aitor Hoti^. >21 3t*ni ANTBD?By a ?nber, iinlu?triou?, trustworthy, mi<MI<> avrd man, a .uiittom in mm .lorn, u an nt.i.lant (Hirirr or runner, mhoc ui ? oine well rrromineudeil. Will malo-liim >?irKi-nrrdly useful anil h? no olijrcliou to fo e.>tiih. A Inn* due l-d to D A. L., 1J1 Kldridgr ?tr>?? t, will iniet with prompt alien lion. .20 it-ro NOTICE. (JQK KKWAHD.?Mi.l id, or.toleii from the ladiei' ordi ?, AtJ nary of the Americ in Hotel, Brradwav, two Silvrr 1 Kork., m irfctil >is li llow. : W. B. Cozz<.-nt, iuin No. 1,12 and 21; one Hpoon, VV. B < 'o/reni, No. 2i* I he findrr, by If ivinK lln-m with Kreilfric L'nijrirr, at lh?' ofllce of the American Ho pi.or Willi N uiinih II. I'c??!.> , m II. H. Day'n, 2i VI liden I ic, or an\ <'!?? articl of the ?.ime, or Kirca"> IlilciliuPiiCi1 ?%hiTi> to liuil them, shall n'Ccirc ihe ahote reward. I'amiTirok era, lookout. ?23Jt-ic ! fPO I,AW YEKfl ?A k?ntleman of the Bir, of eiperiruce in I hit prof,'*.ion, i > .i.toci.te him-rll' with amulier ?h v huHinr.. rrquire* au a.,i?tmit hi (he practical part, or in aid ni the B^r A mnderiite .hare of the li ?ine?. or a iiieil sal ary- w ill l.e all 'hat i* required. Cointnanic.t ron> dential. Ad Ir. * ? 'iled nole to "A B. D , K<q ," t,'p,er Po?t Office. ?'<12'i.Tic Ctil \ I.Lf.NOfc?'J'o those whom it in >y concern.?i would > id?iie all tho?. i'ltrre.Ted in boat faciiiK to lie rery pirticu Jar wi'h whom tltey in?k let,,or who*" challenge th< > accept. I uotiie in I lie paprr* advert ivmenta offering to mike larye Iwta ou ccriain r<ce<. I would o?ilj tell the pnhlie to beware I liarp leietofrn- won a I el of SIOil of the party alluded to, bat lwve not Ut tht* day ?een a dollir of their money. I am ready at any time to row a race wilh thc-e individuals for 8t,n00, lire utile., but do not feet disposed to be again humtniizuen. .23 It'll KOBr.KT 8. M.vHTIN. IWIWI ??re-t._ If\ nr /I L1 TO the Indepe id.ut Order of Odd F.l" . U " ". C . low..?New York, Sepiemher '0. IM4. ?The uiidersiuned would ifs|?'Ctfully inform the brethren who inte-J to uuite in the celebration nf Ouintin Lodi<r No. 97, tt the fillage of Sing SlUK, on th? Jltli instint, that they ha.e rbartered the (tenmboat Ccilnmbtla, Cl|it. Wm II. Kraieo, ei presslt for the occasion. , , _ ? The boat will leave the foot of Market street R. II. at B o'elocU; the foot of '' uial att?et at IIft o'clock; and the foot of ll.itriininid i i?et at hJi o'clock, A. AI. Hetomifnf, will leive Sinn Sinn in tune to strive at the city tieiura dark. Kapb * ich way tweulyttre cents. A good liand of Music v^ll he prorid?d hy tl* boat In Friendship, !-"?? ami Truth, F. Htir.nwooD, 1 Johis A. Lotnwood, I F.nWARD Va!? WtRl, I .21 ateod-m T. V. Bst?coc?. Committee. P ACKKT SHIP liAHHIt/K. fr<?m Liverpool, is diseharKiiiK ?r (Irh-aim i?ifr, foot of Vvsil street, ander K**n?ral order. )onsiun**es will |d**ise attrnd to rreeipt ol'tlieir ?{(M?ds. POH ^ALi*. Oh TO LK \hh, two !< t? ? .1 Kround in Four 1 tee th s'ieet, li?*twe?*n Ninth aucj Tenth Avc.iuss, on tlie tourn Midf of the street. 'J lie I >t* ic^i l?y 103 fee' each hnquire ?f tlKUHOK Will MA * KR, Jl,w' m No U .l^'??s *iimt PAtiTilKNWAllK ANJl (ILA.SH, at No ??? ( h^rrv, 1^. ? ^ * wcen James and ()li*er *tr**t U, wholM^lt*and retail, ritrh ers, Bowls, Hates, Dishes, Vegetable Dishes, (lr vy Boats, I ureens. Pickle Dishes. Tea and l/'offee Clips Old .Hsu r?ri, .Viu^H ol all kind*, Tumblers, Lamp Ola mm, Teapots. Su qars and Milks, H??d Kartlnni and Htnne Ware, Flower I'oti, Pick le and Preserve Jars, kc. kc. GKOIMJK W. KOSK. s23 lt#ec TO YOtW UfMKa tlf ANTED by the Sub?criber. a. YOUNG LADY, as SALESWOMAN in hi* Parisian Boot and Shoe Store, OtM that is acnuiintfil with thr Kre tch work and the French l\iicu.ttf?? w??uhl l>e prtferred. The situation will bejherm<ifieiit. ind tKc rt'tnu Muratio i in proportion to tin ability. The bent of reference will I*? re juired. Apply betwt^i ei^ht and twelve o'clock A.M., at A lie ?'? Su)*rior French Shoe Store, 70 LU j*? lnrd street, near Bro idvtay. /" About 600 pain of French Slipi?crs and Tin selling at r '*'? ifJ ItTC P\SHlO.VAHLK FK KS H MP LlNER Y \fRS- UNDER W<>0D, i>f IJ7 West Bm*4way, one door ? nom Walker s'nvt, would rr?pt<Hfully inform her friend* and in* I'UOlic in Kenerdl tit t hIvs mtkes her Fall oieni iu on 1 liuraday, Jtith i> st , with a Jd^hiou -ible assortment of Falfarid n i.iter Boaueu of the latest Parisian ty\v. *23 3fm rP brown, stone'skal""kngraVkr. *13 b7^ 1 ? way, opposite the Park.?Coats of Arms, CnmCs, Cyphers, engravwj on Stone, Diamonds, ^Amethysts, Tojpaie*. fitc., bought m the rough or cut to any form; Signet Rings, Keys, I ?mci1 C i^es, bailie*' Stnl*, See., engraved with Nunen, Crests, Anns, or any device, Coats of Anus found and paiuU'd, from *2 and ui>wards, and forwirdrd to any part of the United StaU*. Books ??r Heraldry kept with upwards of1100,000 nanu's. s23 It*ui BLACKWOOD TM>R SEPTEMBER. 1841. is this day published JP CONTENTS. I M. Louis Bt me II. ? Night on tl?f B inks of the Tennessee III. The r.vecutioii of M utroiie IV. Tlie Wi'chfinder? Part 1 V. Natural His ory of Ma ? VI' Poems by ( oventrv 1' tmora VII. Mars on. or 'ne Memoirs of a Statesman?Part 1J VIII. It in no Kiel on IX. i'h- Burns' Fest Tal X. Stanzas for the Burns' Festival, bv Delta The Gem of t e number s the n nth article -"The Buma' Festiva "?It gives an Isbora e ccoutit of .hat great affair, a d tin-speech s iu full of tlvsgmt men pn-se t A o g oth rs. Professor Wi1 win. Archil. Ali on, Lord Eglintoi, the Lord Justice O-neral, Hubert Uuriu, *c. I'r ee $3 a y-ar?Single Not. 2J c nts. s2J It' rc L. SCOTT Sc ' O. Puh'ishers, 112 Knlton it. PERSONi IN PFlil.AI >hCP?1A WISHING to Subscribe to THE HERALD, and have it ?erred regulaily at their more*, dwellings, lie., willplaase leave their name, with the Agents, at 3 Ladger Building, Third ?tract, uear Chestnut. TERMS. For Oue Week 171^ cents. For One Month 71 " For a longer time in the ? aine proportion, o 2^ cents a copy. Single copies for a.ile ever}- diy at 1 o'clock Prire 3 rent*. O. B. /IKBKR Ik Co., 3 Ledger Buihlinu, >H Imiirc Third ItTNt, n ir < Mltllt. HARDWAiili, CUTLEKYr TlN"lMTATE7HAlTt ' SI5ATIVO. Arc: KHn (JRO^S Table IC live* aud Fork.?, (all patteriu from <2 ; tJU'J centH to $i in- tl1 ilea.) 3 cank? I'ocket Cu'l-ry, Ivizora. 8ci:i>ors. Sic. i 400 ilofcen " S.nmel Newteiulii tk Co'?" celebiated Mill, Ba? laid aud Taller Filei. 100 pieces "J mes Laycock'4" tuiierior Hiir Saatiuij, (at the reduced price.) 150 boiej Tin Plate k X, (at $n |>er box.) 300 " " ' ' \vililuii," ?arrauted. | 2jcanki " F.I well's," " Brade'?," and common Iloej, ast'd. Alio,?'Trace Chain*. Hooks and Hiuio's. Pad anil I'aleut Knob Locks, Anvils. Curry Combs, Brass I'audlesti- ks, Bi d Screwt, Siws, Tools, Bra<e a ??! Bitts. with a (feneral assortnient of staple Birniiiiiiham and M.ellirhl goods. For sale at a trilling , advance on the. sterling coat, by ! JOHN A. NEWBOULT), I s23fttis*rrc 'JO John >feet. (up stairs ) 1 TAR. HUNTER'S " ED'I'ROP, (or tlie cure of secret dis i-f evses. This celebrated roed'eine is based uimu sricutific piiocipUs, and is not to lie cla.s<?J with the detestdile tjuark nostrums w ith which ti e city abounds. The jirop'ietor cl al lenses a single cw to lie brourht, either recent or chronic, in \>lui:h this medicine will not elfect a rapid cu e. For sale > n' y at the Hunteriau Dispensary, No. 3 Division street O.i sale in Albany atl No. 31 l.yd u< street's throuKhout the West it is only 10 be nail in l.ouisiille, Ky., of l)r 'J'. Johuston. 'rice $! jier vial, aud guaranteed to cuie. s23 ll* rrc Medical c^D^-XkTctor OLOVER cor.<w hi* practice principally to the treatmant and cure ol delieate disease s in their ill Herein stagea. Also, t ileetn, Strictuies, (jouoi rliiEi, Seminal Weakness, Oliatinute Ulcers, uidall Sons ari s.ui: from iuiiiurity of the I.loml His experience mil success in tlie cure of this class of diseases ace very great. Persons af flicted with any of the above named diseases who have been considered incurable or dillie.ult of cure are invited to ap plication at Ins oltice, iNo. 2 Aim street, near Broadway, ad Joining tlie American Museum, where he may be consulted confidentially at auy hour during the day and evening until 10 o'cloek. ?23 It'ec | 1*XTRACT OF CUHHHS, COPA1VA AND .-ARSAPAMILlsA. 'PI1I8 is on? of the most s|ieedy 'ml efT> ctual remedi'i for the J cure of (ioiiliorrhcra that his ever been introduced. It i* pie in nit to the pal >le and grateful to tlin atom ch, mil is em!) ; taken, being in the u-uil form of ex'ricts. In it are tonceu- i trated al' ilie me.'ici a' properties of such reniediet as are I fon. d most sjieedily eiticacn us ill curing gleets, seminal weak- j I,ess, whites, and all discharges of the urin iry passavn. It is I wholly a vegetable compound and acts like a e.hairo in pro- I dui'iug au immediate 01 er uion upon the par' ufTec ed. Full ' directions accompany the medicine, which maybe had at No. i 2 Ami street?Price |l, P. S.?Strangcis who desire medical advice may consult Dr. 1 < tlover confidentially at his ollicc, No. 2 Aim street, at all houra ; of the day and evening. s23 lt*ec j [F>(M THIS Evkm.m; 1'oit.] "P\ENTI8TRY?"DM. A. C..CASTLE, w o has lived a long I ' while in this city, has obtained au enviable aud distinguish- j ed eminence in his profession. He operates on the teeth with It re it ? Itill and ability, He has also prepared a composition for lillnii ilecaied tis th, in the form of a soft pa^te, which while it mists all acids and infecting agents, it becomes as hard as the tooth itself. From our own ei|ierienoe it is beautifully adapted for the tieih, and more particularly lor nervous (arsons." A. C. CASTLE, M. D., 0|?rative Dentist, s2fl Ith 381 BtOMWay, cor. Of Whitest. STRANOERS BKWAltE 1 IN THIS A OF. OF (iUAl KERY. AND IIUMBITO, it i? 1 1 mo?l imiioruuit to choose an experienced phy<iciau?DR J. EVANS has leinoved hi "Id Ualeu's H ad Dispensary to No. ' ?.,;8 I'tiarl ..treet, corner of Beekmni strev-t, * lit re he continues hi< most extraordinary cures of all delicate di.eases, 110 matter h w coinplicat d. lie ap| rises the cititeus and stranger, that th iv is (in Or hvans 111 his old stand, thai be has 110 connection whatever with any oilier office. His charges are modelatt?his eufisji't jii^. strictly nriv ite. /a.\1edicin?s aud directions sent to sny part of the Union, j by psrtici.Wrly stating the c.u>e, and enclosing live dollars. s23 lt?e . TEETFI?TEiTII- TCETIi. GREAT Reduction iii Dentistry.?Prices reduced 50 |ier cent Teeth set on pivot ..... ?' 'i t " on Fine Hate, from tl *>" to . ... 3 (10 Teeth filled with Fiue (told Foil, from JOcts to I 00 Tooth Ache Cuted, or'J'eeth hxtiacted ..... 0 26 N. TAY LOR, Surgical and ,\lachinic d Dentitit, C East Broadway, au22 1111 ? 111 (Succwsor to Win. ihoru.) STmTTu ?t n , 57ri imuii, t??4. FRESH IMPORTED STOCK OF FRENCH, GERMAN ANI) ENGLISH WOOL LKNS, sSArc , TO BK. CLOSED BY NOVEMBER I, IM4. Sk. of oar Partners intending to retire from our concern on the 1st if \ovenil>er n?xt, we beg rr?|ieclftilly to inform yon thai ii ? made necessary t i close our present Stock, on or he/ore that day I'lie (Joods have lieeu ini| orted by the latest arrivals, aud consist iu part of the follow tint, vi* French Utoad Cloths, CajMiuieres and Vestiu/s, Oerman CastorBeaeert, Broad Cloths. Three-fourths and sis-fourths Doeskins and Cassimeref, English Broadcloths, Cassimeres. Beavers Pilots, Lion Skins, Blankets, Paddings, Worsted ?studs and Vestiugs, In every variety, kc . Itc.. Ike French, Oertnan and English Fancy Cassimerea, kc. Scotch PI lids and Scotch Tweeds, kc. And '1'ailon' Trimmings, lo every v.uiety. Y an will ple.v-e favor us with s call, and obliga Your most obedient servants, NEVINS Sc CO , IMPORTERS, No.CS CEDAR STREET NEAR NASSAU STREET, _a29 2m'rc (UP STAIRS.) | (to- B.IBRT9 PAIala FASHIONS -DO GENTLEMEN 's'h AIR CUTTING j WAS I.NTROl>U< F.f) VT I"HE ROOMS Nu 140 Bmiulway, *r r y ii T H E A R R I V A L OF Til E BRITISH STEAMER BRItASJSIA! s21 3t*.]e iy-RtCElVkD III OMriAT V*KSitit.1.< ~ CI.IK bllUtill S FALL AND WINTER FASHIONS GENTLEMEN'S HAIR CUTTING, Wai Ijstrodcccd SaTi'RDar, the 7th oi' Skptcm?cr, HIS ROOMS, ?)? BROADWAY, Where, from arraugeim nts made, be will be found always Al HOME. ? T THOIC W HO WISH TO UK OPIl RATED OK B Y li 1 M S E L F . s2I 3t*m THE WONDER IN THE WORLD. FASHIONABLE PARIS MILL NERY ES I AHLl.-HMLNT, 443 liroadway, BKTWr.CN CASll. AMI HOWVHU SrHKKTS, VI ADA M (; () D F K E Y?"te D A U G 11 T E 1! , RETURN 111- ir sincere tnaiiks to tlieir patrons and tlie public generally, for the lilier.d su. port, wih winch tlie, have lieen lavond, and them that tliey will heiesftei eicft tln-mselfes to e I?ur-s conillio Ilica of their pi'ioaase; tliey neg , |eiVe to announce ibit the\ will uu i uesd \ u* it, lb. 2-1 th insl,, I o|? n the NKW FASHIONS, ju-t HSipi rted from I' vRI v it j their establivhiwut, INo Wt llioadwav. n- ar < iiol ?tre t, w I ere will l e found an exti isive nl Paris a i Satin, Silk, aud Velvet Hats. Rinboua, Featliers, Moweis, < aps, Laces. I Knibrotderii i. -i u Millinery in geeei .(. nl the to I t|u I.tie iimi I |,< - t >tyF, to which the> 'es|a>i tfully c-ll the atteu'ion of the I- i.lo 'i -Me World, as comprising tl.a n?Oit elegaut and #It?n? ? t ive Stock ev r presented to a Ntw Yolk public, at reason ilile I 'I'll* Ladies aru icspattfully invited to call, and see f t them ' ?elvs, lief ie purcliaainK elf wliere | Tliey Will as iieretofore continue their old eatablishmant, No. , 23 I>ivision >iret. Ju.t l>e?ived Horn France, selected by their Agent, tv el re casus Hats. September, 1811. s20 lm'm VENEREAL DISEASE CURED. ABERNF.THY'fl BOTANICAL PILLS having stood ihe test of time anil experience, are recommended aa th" most effectual and speedy reinedt foi Oonorrh*. Oleeis, all ureihral dine|,aige?, irritation of the kidnrys. ore thru and prostrate gland. They are ,.n<e,i withont eoufineinent from bntiness or restnctioii of diet, and of tainting the breath or disagree ing with tlie stomach, thnt enabling the patients to cure then ? ?elves. 'J bey give tone and energy W the gmernrive orgsns, rsrely if ever 'tperieiie,H from ''.e n?e of other medicines Thev have i>erformed many extraordinary cures in chronic di?charg?a, (rbstinate gleet?, kc . after the failnre of all other remedies In ? ecent eases a single hot n snffieient to effect a Cure in two days. 'I'hev are eiinallf sniuvble for feteslea Price tl |*r box, with full directions. Bold <ml* w wm WM'SOV, Apothecar ss' Hall, * ' stiver lie street. And OL' OTT, McKESSON k Co., ?20 lni'm 1^7 Maiden Lane. GROlfND COCOA, IN THE FRENCH STYLE. ! G* EFKllAY, Sweet Chocolite Maker, 4J7 Broadway, ne J ' ? 'Jra id strs't, has jast?t tn operation a French Machine I sriiich, separitnig the larger lumi s of the hrokeu Cocoa, grind lie smaller; also the sliells and moat gelatmons part, into j i At arse |ai ?* < I?r. to prepare a tea of it so as not to be nil, as who , the lierry is altogether employed The pnhlie is earnestlv soli I a ted to toake a trial of it. mfi Iw ? ?< TO TfiE DAGlIKRKIAN AR ? |S'1>. rP A. ARTAL LT, H i Bto idway, corner of Liberty street, A ? Lafayette B ir.a v, offers sale, low lor cash, Htl down nyv ? oceo Cases; a fine lot of gilt frames; 0 new apparatW. maile bt ; lervalier and LertliAura, in Paris; 12 achromatic glasses, II, ? aches; a lot of pi lies, chemicals Ike. ?e| lm*rc Par.- m llinkky. lM'ISS F. OODEFI'OY, 319 Broadway, opposite to the Carlton I louse, will oiwn on Tuesday, the 24th instant, hei Lisortment of Fall and Winter Millinery, Embroideries, Ma teritla for Dre-,ses, Fancy Articles, he. Country Milliners will be aup|lied ? the most moderate prlcea. >17 I in * in 0 AUCTION SALE^ A No 7 (K.wLm^?N<V' 1 Ijit ar II uVI <?L I ? *UCC|4M un MoiuUw, 2'Jc! S*i >m ri 'i M*lriri. PijVl J .,1,1 ??| aiidOt.rl, 'i'o iiL i "it ii i !r* "j" . 'T A ?'??ortment ..I vV.i,., ?, ({I,,, 1,7 We Tile,, Xe *'? W,,V? -V"1 Mar ?ile Catil ,/um ?.J . i . I 'it'1 "l" I* kuowi, at ihr *l>0?eeniitlr.1 t,a d?H.?i^8,tUrj4>-,Ut *??*? Al?'t of the cuulmi hoil^r ul'!iCV.OUr(J'D,,|,u>' k C?- Brandy, now i? the ko,m?u!k.C">U ,ery 8U1'er'or 0?"d. * Co I* in custom 160 baak"l? IVrriVr. 1\iv#?t x. f /'t , ?2I 21 ? iitSJvt V! ' L "si r?V-KV"r'? 1<SxeY"ch. nraT...7 " V> kc,J- Auctioneer.. - i;N8 t?/xK Pl^f,)XEY' AUCTIOXEKK jVieLd oI? livi Hnnnv.HAM, shef B Vloo"i, ?('? wHI^II THI ? it '< HARDWAhk, Skc. Auction Room No. ?l vi.1?ii,1 i ? ?t 10 o'clock, at ihe of fre.h imported Birnii'nirh.m si ? ^ c?ki, c iwi and lot* ware, fancy Uoo.U ko1' bl"f?eld. '"??> *"d .helf Hani cfBuck Aho'C^T'lT' hed S, i,1ort 5P" 'u?j he'r Tlb,e rA T" Panel foiods, tie. ?*net> ol Oerinin and hreuch I and Percuuinn C i|,^, ru" "m?!? jji"'""1?' ' \"u' 11J"? '*?*t.>l? A HO,?1CUN, un.; ,Vh "rtrr"1 ?u ?? AUo ?1 ? \r,I' "r u*oried.' . "?????. ??*or e,i Aho'-t; ci'? ? *"ted ' 15Tb L (? ' 8 G A K rfFw ? nnr'wi'i hk V' vV|^ 1-) '|K O^OHEEN AND ?tt T^m/'i'W'000 os THK MR*roNi:oiTiW F(?!,i StaSj,1 ^TO"i,ThS?:rT ,1i,r'rr':t ,MrH ol' ??'-"??? cludim; John Barl w' J,,),., Itwir name, to .tart, in 1 lie proprietor, of the ali<He (\,uise ofcr , m,? e a foot rare, to lakr n|,,, o>, il?. .1. . puraeof $1 1)00 for the llth of October weuher ] r,! iVV? ''V'7 li'*"*r Mobolw,,t 011 ?\ niiro. ol? crn.i ?? ,i 1 n ?., n IoIIohs ;? tmce within one I,. ,,, -<**'?loV.V'tl?. ^,.,".1''. '?",l <li? the third l?.,t in the rae- a",d 4W n f?V'l'i ''-'r ?5100 to fir-t in the rnee do? inT'.i .S?r "" 1",rth ;, '">??i-?er the Ollh w ill l?. V ." l"',*! |W,""|"e",e hour smo |*iform !i l-L' mih'n'w ilhin il,,-!?,,,r !l . i'i" ''?."rth <li ? unt til" above iim, mil iiothieu if Nine'ini'i * ""'five hut half win ei.i;;:r ;,rii AtJ,'T;, !/JVP" "",v low"<l for their eti,e,i?e< tTJ, L ll**r "hlition will In- a|< aSM^i&S mav, l!et\v? ? MlliV an'l ili?/,'!./.? Sl irt ^>r a^0Ve Purges who e^H. C- b. B HO H MM,, \ve.-,t if. |M>kc.i, N.J. F.ntered to run for (he nhov i.ii'r,e"!'"' ?"hokei, Kerry. MiviK ti'ir1 ftA 'j John .\1earh, Com'.ecticut, JolNew. York. Wn, KowL Eiffil d' ?.h,u v?$^APr l" 'il'i n''i iermoMt, Jowph 1,1 Stnith_, do New Vork, V. IV "ir i""'1 ,5"' "w?'k N. J |V ; Vi"' J'rll""?him, K.Ml Hid. P s _'l I ""tchij.o'i Sco-rli, n ooklyn h.i no-- ! rIZ'rP If0m K"kI ,"d' b/teilV'Hut pUom T ' i1 i1'" r"'" $t? i, ?< mile, %lll r,?;; .v.V.i.V. *;: V;"'.i'1"'r,r" K^,^e^h?i r- <>r f.ter ?'rve e.ifr,:ice to l.e ,n!d? o"'.'^Cf^.VS ?|V ^.''S' ' ( rn. for any one not exeluj,?,? tor'tTw ?bov< met! .|U.';fe.|Ato l7V~h?, !'loV" r"r nee ar re. . ?-r l .? ||,..> I, , * V " '".I r'Ce to mv ve their uumliera dr. r <li.a e-c. uc. Ml ur reoue.ii^l i,, ,| NEW \'()|{K SFOHT.KMEN S CL1JH THE MEMBERS of this fliih are hereby notified that a JnS! '{f> j* l h'1,1 :,'r "f %'f- fiurUir, Mb- \Voodcoek.) Hon.ton .treet, iiear'Broadwav, on Monday fcreimig neit, at 8oVIoek. JAMKS McOAY, Altornpy at Law, ZD Chamber* atreet, . occrotiry N?*w V ork SportJiiiieii'si ( Jub, BKACON COUR^L?TRuTTliNG. /. P.P* P'oprietonofler a Purv of S20.I; f,ee f..r all Trottiiw and lacniK llor?,?. Mil- heats, Im-hC thr?e in five, under ihe aiildle' to come off about October 7tb. K.ntree, lm ln?d fry. I. 28th, at 9 o'clock, at 11. Smi ii ., 3| I ark Mow. I hi?e or more to in ike a race. a?lfitia'rrc CENTIt'KVlLLE COUHSE, tKOTTINO 'I hi Ore*! Sv ., Intake . f Sl',0, Ten V,,|? j? || r'nrrx.. vfvnlT'VV'? 'I V,,r [he above Couise , n WEU > rM)A ? , <(eiober vd. at J o clock, P. .M Jieo. K. ri(ii?, . of Albany, mil b. in Kaliny I- ,k*. K,'J """" blk.m. Mian K.?r tine. u- , w fl" '-H if. \\ m We'llier, mme? kil i. T,?m 'I'I , in I, ?21 2tStk.\l?je 1"" mh' OllEAT 11(1 RULE RACE OVER TIIK BE AC*'N Ci ||'HSK ?.M||Nu AYf ST!"'i1 ",r 'b"" Ioiik talked of lllinlle Hare lo the I rimrielor ? Curse of$',no r >tl,. , ,iu,r '".'l'' "??f. "??' hlirwe I, , . f r ! ride, ? weKlu H.O lb..; for which there ?rr ml, red four rele ?V*"* "Jime ? it fl??- twint, by ^ blu? jnrkrt ami grfrn c*p. a it i i1 ' * nrk I'1"!'!* j^kft KUck c?|?. A., of I oro ito t ,ildr. ? red i irkrt red cap. Hir^r, ofLonu Uluul, Ure$g ?i<?t de-icnUrd ?l? Illi?*ec ABBEY id ITEI. W,HTHf.K.T, Bl.f??>MINOI).ALE RflAD TH? proyrieTor . flhe \hbe-, Hotel wonld make bin ?f-s. of |||, .k? fi.f th?- lil/rial |Mtrouai{(? givvn to hi* li nv tin* pa^f .?iiriif?vM .. ., ',111 \ pf iTe<l for the fall hmiinei', nm* would eh>? rful ly lurn ?h parties or indtriduiU with ll i ikfaat, L'limera or Miip|ier'. it ?hort untie. Ili? ?to<k of Wine., Liquor*, and Eatalilu will be fourd u ICO. il a Ihe city market* afforil ?l.-> trrrc jrrk , A"TASTM I.LV~TrRMSIllj5~Ti(jTTs"E~TO Fjit '?!?{ ~J'iwlirly well .itii'ited, within i min'ile'a w ?lk ? til( I Ihe Vator. moat mutihle for ihe eleiranl .o r mmoila 1'e,nJ> "rnpor" ily i i the nty. A note addreH?d to ' C. li. h. thtoiiuh the pint oflire, will procure a call on the Ijervni wt?hm? for further information. ?<| 'Jt i?**rr NEW MH.'NDLAMi DOO KOH WALE.-A 'VM ^utllul bla'-k .Newfoundland Do?, .meet months JXi J.l. old, "Mie of the largrci and be?i breed in the l.'nited ?'?tei: ha* been trained lohaniev.. and protniM * to lie a inoat ?iln ih|e WHtchd'K . Will be told on reasonable teunt Al pi, at th? Machine Mhop of the New ierney Kailr- ail and 1 raiii|*irlaiion I oinpany, Jeraey City. ,|j 2w*m "TO COlTNf ifT ~M K K C II A N TS~ M( k i'l> ANIj SHOES. , THE St' B st: H | B K11N h??e ?.cei eed and now offer ? ^fcforaale the l-est jelectrd m.icU of Boot* and Hhoea, for fill and winter trade, that ean lie fonnd in the city of N-w York,* in ,.,rt of Men'. Thick li.wiia, Men't '.ruin or Y mberinen ? Bool*, Men ? Kip t.,d I .If Boot* Men'. Half Well and I'.jini. I alf, Oraiu and Seal Boot,, M?n''? Kip IVgyetland W.l Broea i. Me?', < all Br. Men'. Fine I ,If Boot*, vv omeu > leather Baoi. .ml Buakin., Children [ ealherCack* the he.I article Ml the market I.adieu Hue Bu*kin? 1 l.lter., Sill ier, ai.h French Tiet and all otlier article, m the line that can i o.*fhlv He railed for I h l ire ,'. Shma of an 'nd|e*? Tkrjety'for fill *,.d ?inln. furied. P.tent and flair Hubhen, Men'a and U otnen't for .ale ehe*| br Wl| SON h KHINSON Ht ' haiham .treei opiKMiire Cli.ihani Theatre ??' " ?'-?*???."s Im'ec i ' A It U " A U v | i; R IN III ?. |., A s K > r.rVI.IAll to the cireiimarance, ?ya.| thie. uid formaticc of hemale*. nv UK. ATEPHENH. Member of the Royal < ol|eVe of Hurnrons London ?nW Im're^ r VV ?rr..? atr*et New Vork F'llEM II AKTIFICIAE FLOW ER8 PEATIIEK8, ilKAD OKNaMENTH. Acc Sir ' OW I I Z & 11K KEK.NoMJohn ?'re.i, will ?mi thie I diy, an entirely fre.h itork of K reach Artilin ,| |!'|..w. i. ? a Intra, he , jiiat received by the Ivt |?*cket? from Havre The a o>?*tork wsii "elected in Pan* byC, K. Becker, late ,?le?. tn*u with Biun k Co., ol William itrret ill im*ec AMUSEMENTS. I'AKK TUBATltK. 5r? , MONDAY KVK.VJVU M w?l b. lwf?riI^ Mclaiitiua BRIDAL. *? -? m... ,1,'' conclude with ,. . *"""?> i* \ m in.. \ "' Uf""l*>>' *"d ''""ce ?'reet. New \ jfl, N?Tu,:rsE dinci"u,r rorm&ucea commence at 7S "WP* .if. 6S o'clock, and ti,, }wr. In<l ???*???* -'"-A l&Srp"'J THE CAMPA N (j LOti fiVjT iwi'li'i ?'*'"* of N;.M~ ?^S.^?WSaS? - A?., vt Dt'iii'dici. ^r- P. I*- YVi|l<&ma ??? ? ? Mr Kenno Angelica 'If Holland Bril... Mr. CAMPANOLOGfANsr^fc^Eti^rr* , feMak""" - ?*- ???"' KsasfXa ? 7" Inb-rmiiaion of 'hirty minutaa. / p " Conclude ? hi, *- ?' Walter ALPINE MAID. H? ,g. . . .\ j Mr Dnon ttnrg.muster ?/ Holl uld Dame Glib <1^ fi)r f 'erarj v;'"..:Va"? T7*'NO ?'i im'i i'uS V viV' \'i'' ; ?Taylor couiit of weather n? the (iroi.'l V 7 oil ac Saloon ia protected, and the NVw'"^lo,', ??*,'w?V to the from rhe nm ,|(Jr tw-ueloMd ii' . 2 ?il u, ?'?tiUt?d 1 icketa Fifty ('??[?. ?ue!oaed at 11 moweut ? uoiice. | Mm,,;, T A 1 T R A c T I O \ ? V'ANKKK Mil I ' I.' rVb ' V^' 'k "1 ' V" v > "I'A v 25 * M * the inusr a?t0iiuhiilw v tT. Mr. 8UTTON three 111^lit? Oil| v. The ZitKw ml'T1 flu" f*u' *Be. for proiimwu u ?,*?r;l,4Mna" eannot |;?* "Tiife V when veat* may U? seruivtl. |)(l 'll ^M,,n '[[ A. M. to | P. JVf i'Mium* .t to eonnnenre it ft o'clock 1,7 ? cl??ok. Ktiter " r,i.,, ? 0 I* tut 10^1 i of MASTER WALTER AVMAR, Tli#> l ?i? ,..:ii . 1 rj|ue?trim 'r.K,v!p-u vWeUhr??uj.ruh a,,<1 ,*'rrorm ?wion? otti bridle, kV\ fiTc* 1"* KftAt |ri?cjptl act without saJdle or ?2J 3 it? rrc APOU.O HOUqt. ti v " KN ii \ PlTl L I P s honor ??f ui\ iitU. hix hrst Voc .f y.H !, ? ' tli" THIS (MO.MD \Vm?VKNI\11"skV.' Vn"r 1 '? "" (Accominiiifd Ii- liimsHf on* tin. l> ' !? <' A N II 0 UK w'i TH ' 1)"1'jJi'/l'.NT iris: A AM) A M lac KM. X NKOl's a<;t. I'HO (JH.I MMJS, I tr.Mlnri.Vrv ' ^i'^' l-KS DinDW. Wb',itts ,h forin.-r tint.- ; lllrrick Vild"lif. '"'.'ii ,!T I otul p i r<-"i wi ill ili'i. LiJnjilittiivr-1'Dr if' 'i 'i'' "'i Si n,i,ho,,v to ' " ' Ur K,?chfuw: the very iu?H i?i,? (17 rll's DilidiV.Ji?L,y Pirl< ,1" '""U'linli'-T " d' -rrijiiio ..rr, i.tiri'-i\'t' 10 uo,"I>??ll'K "'i'liui Bowline"? _ S<Tom Howling.'' ?or:ii:i.v7a%^,K^,otrpo^iinir i''r,rp"rrn'iM ,rn- r1 h < h ul l Iuclcdoti. A/iiiuiii. tantraorouuiry anecdote of rpi^11.r1 ^ j" l^ads nf t||?. VillMire** i im. nu i il^ nectar; de?crii?tinn\.r i " '? v Hibdin ?; Ailmiral NeUou at I',?rrvm ".V 4 fu,M ,,rort bo ird o( ? n ^niaii's ?l??|. ?rf?mouth; the i e plus ultra ^ j l'i of^Grog." eventiiil ri-tnr.,hi*!,'Itfvr countrv ""'Vab,encei ?"><! > Alf-'-'rw u, Po., M,.,ij,all ? >? iinterval o| ini'itiif.s. ' rtfcCOND. iSiiin,!;1, Amer,c"" l-H-lry; ?|.>c, ,.( .Nation.! ?o,n-Ut tiwr-?The Hock of the Pil,ri??, Muaic or^iEr^Kr^'' V'Yri:-> I1""11"' ?imid'citv an I jiciwi-r?wl,y c.?.it!o? j ?-av.I,er?; ,u ClV'r.rirr .if'irj' v'V'"'1!'/ *? "'?d Wen "-iooo univ.r.,1 feeling, ' "r,n ''M a"'rV?de?criptive ic.-ne, and rnont; hi. first .. arr |, , mil farnni m . ,; iiilrr. ow Hit!. Cli;,r|.., I.'!; ti > de.iifn unit J inr<. Mid c.iiid.'iii' III d?..lh; hit fivor at I .? (' nrt f L-hir'acii r .i'4\Ji iv".ri,W tl,ul M"ll u< li; 1,1 <J- and Th. Y-ndir j,,. i?u' ',iMwiw't;". J,| Ki.ili!",d 1 h?.? best ot all ;; od rompany .. II. I'h i 11 i i><?. TiJT-'Ir kl>uCi,llu,t*l.liC'' ut rW* o'clock. A dim ahi on $1.? Vi^ii'n ' 31 ' D,l,k,c an I at th room in tiie Th." Piano FortP u* d win la- a rjii.l ..juarr of Chickerinr s?^j it*m m MPOiWO'-* IMKW YORK OPKIIA HOU fis7 It. PALMO ha* th?* honor to announce to hit |Mtron< and MONUAV .'? 'i' l""'"'11 ,hV Ue Wl" ?''? 1 he*tre on ^ lUiMUA Y, the .*utli instant, for a scries of lepreKPntation* of Italian Orm* and <?**?!> B?art d'Action, a, .1 :hai h* will, ar.- ,.. itlinr |.ainA i.ore?|*ii-e to render the i^rf.rnia,.c.? dni.ervniic ilie |>?tr..n .{r?o( the i nl,| ,? <) , M.indiv. the lllih "i-t., Will lie Kjrrn IMIm,, lavorite U|iera of " 1PI RATA " R II iy'i .. 'i'i, I'll!!,''';'1?'!' A'" f'rai111 |?aniomimic U.ll^t, 'iitiiUil ii.e INI)KPhNUKNt;K UK OIIKKCE Oil THK VV OMI.M WaHHIORS." ' SeitH for I he will lie .eenred it die Boi Office, on AM to Tp V( " ay' ' 261,1 a"d 201,1 ' fr<>1' 'J "'clo(:,, Pa, t enlara ^re fier. ,jj 4lrrr FX mill i IUN THE EN!) OF TllK WORLD. AN ORIGINAL PAINTINO () A Xi'^i Ai*1- with Coloatal Kiirorea, paint l '". ??" 1 "--'y tnii.l.e.l by K Anelli, in New Y ork .OA'hti,iVo,ni P.M',"a7j from'7* to' 'oP^i "" f"'m AdmiMion M c?nti gl0 ,m.rc J) A N O K AM A A T N IB LO'S (MHDKN.?(ipen for a abort II ,l"' ,no,t " Panoramic Punting ever ex hibited in ihu . nu iliy, (r ?y ^11 Ar[?t, ||u( h,\% w ,7, I ?? e*ecu'?dI by the celebrated Arti?t?, Mr. VV. |j.,?jel| K di.r!^r,^e"l',lyA",U'tU* K:,rl"' H A " " ""w Admit, nice III the (iardim and Panorama 24 centt. Artiata ar? r<-.pei fw 11 y invited to vimi the Panorama free of 1 halite / lb.- laiiiir.-tma of .Vlailnt w.i. exhibited in iliiwll lU .re j[|. ,"|"il with 1 inmeiiM* .iic-e.-., and when purchaxed by I , " coiiAldmed lU ?ery beat Panoramic painting 111 '*'?' ? ''?'? . ? 1a \ 1 \llj>?Mil WltALK ai.d UAI (iH I Ml 1 Ki^. il'nlly rV 1,111011.i. e 10 the l.idiea and IJmthftnen of New Vnrk. that I i 7,',i"T"" VValumg. and the Polka Dancr, will ' i:ce at the Aiwtnbly lion in Conatitution Mali i,,fl 1 llrn.dii ty earlv 1,, October. Da,? of tuition, Tueadiy* I and Saturday*, larliculara in future adiertiaemenla. Mr Vi' frui.14 thai lh? iwlerrnco lie ahull ..ller ol hi. raptbility w ill I* *.iti?t \cinr> school5 and AcxdfimrN attpuilfd to on applicumu ,la 11 " ''rivi,r Academy, No. ?OSi?iii Avenue sin im rc l)K- u;."N1K,,li CONSULTINO kNOINKKR, Adw u Ileum Hotel, Broadway, Sew York-Dr. Lardner will I continue the runfri?i,iiifil practice which for many year, lie pin nurd on an eiten.ive .c,|e 11, Condon, and m.v lie couaulted by patentee., mn.iufactiiier.. and oilier., on .|iie.u,.ii. re?ardiu< unproTeinent. in ihe irt? and 111 nnlacture. winch int..It* u?. appl.cnion nl the principle.,,f Mechanical or PIiv.icjI Science. ,1. . T.W . u1" " ""to""* ?i?y f.irwanl (|?,st imid) a clear Ntalerrient of the ca-^e, w ilb the nece..ary drawutit. nr ?>ie cimem, when iminednne attention will lie uiven. >11 Im rc OUIi.llAl* T"> Ll? KKAK V 3A LOON. COSTUMK < rALLLR r AND EXHIBITION OF ' b E A U TI F V L PAINTINGS, No. '41CI llriiiidway, New Yurk O-ADMISSION ONK SHU.UN OlNLY S] UANUKU ahonld . ?e the city without calling in 1 t 1 ?ee (he <.real Collection, ol !?i~ik?, t'?.nuiia? and Kn "'fiX"'? *bicb are oftere.1 al " pricea to auil the nm.-a " ri,' " HMO BALK ROOM idled w.tb S ofeverr U,nd, in - riona launn^ea, mclndrut Print, and Picurea, u> ?ee ? a.. ? le I'r-. l Hm.?. ?? I m.m y% ^ k i-: p it 11 u t: c Tid\! tmf, f;i:i:ATi>T \n>Ti;Hv ??i-' Ai r,? V1' iiV .Ireet.'.l 8 P M" \dmi..?,,n'Jvifrert,"I 'o/il for a ticket to the three. Kacb l^cnr- complete m itaeff, though :he whole form 1 connected ciunw FOR HKNTLkMKN ONLY' _ . YOUTHS MIT ADMITTED y f Topica? Phih.aophy and Phytiolngy of Re^rodactioa, in all It* rarietiei, aenial and nim-viuJ in plant, in.I animaU: Male and l-emale ly.tem.; Anceut and Modern T'enriea o? Oenentmns I nuatuial Pract.c.a, tlieir rni^e mil effect., with the mean* of removing tht'm, Ikc 1 '- THK v?th a n'.Otii lit PETITION IN NEW Y'ORK' lllintraled by tiftren appmpriate Model., all the .|*? oflif- of M n"'* n '""*c- in '?n ?t It- of development. N H. I n acemmod >le -if.ngera the aatne courv will be If 1 vi n at 10 in tin* morning of ?he ortM day . Tt.uraday -f .nnonn at 4 o'clock, the lecture to ladie. only Adwoi'ti' 75 C*'11 ?*?? 3t#rrr a'? c?o 1 > e, 11 h v a jrr.Ti h Ti- oT" AND Ol- 1 HK KIHHT UUALITY. yY Y' HH.NRIHI KK, No SI VY'iiliatn .fre.i, re.inclfn'lv '/* inv ,te? the at'enlior of the public ??,<) trri..?em viaili.ia ibe city. 10 call and examine at hi. well know 1.e^ubli.hed Stan, the folio* ink well nH?>ct?*d Hegar*. and which an* gu-irtntepd to Cfiiii|M??r none hut a ff^nuinr irn{K>rtrd article, and all of tW l>nt ?in ilitv. tit Fecaliu. (of ?ur*rior juality.) Norma* Yngeniuriid Par.etelaa, (of diff^rrnt braudt.) La Palme.. Kionda F.i|vriitan. Napolaonf. JUpart?roa y?tfu?ro? ran uta |)e VIova* JJ'omel Amovet. tV^rtiaaik 1 a a ^ncipM, (of nrlo?i v and*., the Vtoll III if ilk 't"**' lh*;rr T * *?""?? of (itaer braoda 1 wTll hiT.'?? U,l .?h "* ?"l'l,?l"'l'?*l' and retail, and whir tenuired any time if they do not live the .ati.laetio au3l lm*r? B1;^ 1 KRr?IJO t'aakt IJoyd't makr, font I IlIIHHK Ii BKOOKet, U'> and 67 ^aatan ?t. ?l9rr t' ? ' II." . -' I } t I i, \ ? . . ffeli?4 IpUla [Coi respond- new t>I the He-raid | PHiLtsiifitii, 8ept M l$44 Tiiere i* not ?u item of new* woi h recnliag to-ley ? The "native*" held 4 trem-ii lou* ma-.. moetibg lilt avail* iiig in South tlrwl, b. low tilth, at which L-tvJa ntJt ? powerful speech Great elithuiiastu prevailed Orrin Bul.y, the l.nd'rof the Claj VIln*|rtla?ia f'Mt uiau jmuiijf the whigi? bu* been arretted and bald I* hall in fluoo, by A Merman Hudson, for insisting to daatrvy ? Inckoi y j>oll, erected by the Locoa at Leeoh'a tavctl, near Darby, a few day* aloce, during a whig making A noaiber of other whig*, who acted with Baity, have alio beenurreatadand bound o??r in $AOU and $400 each, ta answer at the court So look out for fun. Jone* ?nd Coppoll'inew <atatdiibmen'?the Kachaoga Hot. I and Eating saloon. 77 D<ok street opened y eater day nniler the nio*t flittiiing eucuuiagrinent It ia a ?plendnl place, aud one calculated to meet the want* af the travelling community. Thi-ir eating depanmaet la ? up. rior to anything of tbe kind *?er presented loth* Koo I |>l<i ?i Philade lpb'? A more jjcnth maniy aad attentive htilitiea* man than Join* Could not tie ioand. A lire occurred ii> Kensington at no n, which reaultad in mine di*graceiui conduct on the part of aaeaial flra cumpauiea I bi re w.i* a great ru*h for t be Hnrtld to day. Load threat. were made against 5 our correapondaut lor apeak* tig truh Liiiih Heurt >l Phillip*. of the bar, waa much delighted, ?uii laughed heartily Zeiber'a man Nid was lull til bu<inei.H Uncle Sam horse*, Attached to the mail wagon, kick* ed up a lu-* this Kfti rnonu, m froni of the P at ottee. A Crowd of idler* ?onn collivu d, the horaea wera taken ont, raprima iij?'l, und ag on put into barnegg, when they be! bdve.i thenis. Iv. * pretty mil The weather to-lay, i* .!eli?Mlnl-th? ladle* lovely? and ' Onderdottkeis" m deman I I he Northern Liberty lloia, I mu^t, have tome decent nil uther* hut the maiority of the company are row.lie* ol the wor*i m.imp '1 heir union with the Fair* mount feiive lor ever destroyed then character II they Will read the Hrraiii, they ffl'lil expert Ul ?ae their eot dlict con>minted up >n, a. no pre** in thin ci'y dure ?p-ak out III relitian lu tilfl outmg.s of tin PmladsIpbia firemen, which have brought lasiiiiir disgrace upon the city. HIIIP niKWN l'arr?t|M>inlrii(:c of tlie Herald. .... I'mi.auu rma. Sept. M? P. M. Arrived?Arabella, Hice, I.iiarponl via Boston?12th iaat. OH the I ajie*, while lying to iii .1 (ale from NE, wa* ?truck by a he ivy a?*. which carried away ihe bow*|irit, fore* unsl head, fore to|>maat, h-i.^.tllant niaxt??h>at all tl* sail* Uom the y?ra;-?u?t lii.ed no dAiiiane 10 th* hull. Ko*^!"", Hill, Ut Sept and St Tbomi* 4lh. Left jt 0, tieo Molt., ilrovvn, 1111 I ol'-l|>h.n ht Ihoma*. ditg. < hancellor *ld Irom B. Uiw ult. for Triiiidid At 8t T. KmiTr ' swiie, fill Antigua, ill.*-, Ada Kliia. .Mar>hm?n. fm I liiUdelphia. do. Sid -u co. hiiIi Canpiau, Anthony, for Turk? Island, to load lor Hill .del, hi 1, IVeaide t, \ "Him. ( Inrl.'.irri; KddiiiKton, ('lapi>, Boatoa; NUryKluab.t:,,( lark. New Haveu. tiltK AT MA <?> MKK I'i.MO \ r rtllHV OWN >a&i 11" "eamboat SAMSON will leavu the foot ?Q- ' ~V*S .. ? ? I Warien atieet at 1(1 u'ch.clt iliii mi in 111*. a Mi? it-lor thr ijri-it Mai* Meet;ii|j, which w ill I e IkI4 II iIhi 1 lie tiee w he e Major Andre, the S|i> , w*? t.keu piuouer uiiring the [(evolutionary War. Die nieinheri ol the Kinpire t 'lub are particuUrly invited ta join tlieir fellow Democrat .it Tarry town. Kire, 2.') ce.iti *acl. way. *? Ifec J. | AI STIN. llNti EXillBlTloS The Meainhoat STATH'.SMAN will m:i to m- Old from Khi^hiuc, ? 11 Tue*d*> n il U edjie>. r,, ihe Zlth and ^Jth inoi , fo/ i2!, ? ent . to ac oiuo.od tie tnoM* who w *h to i i?it the fxhibiti. n ..I' tlie l'.i? ty Honiculturnl Si c e y *S2 2t*ec l'i . H 1 H A I I M?" ? f. I I .\<i ,/J7' T./1UII V T ll'.V, mi Monday .Vortiini; Srpl. 23, Oil the Op 11,id w he e Ai.<!if xva? e l.lured. SWCT ,X\ '1 In' ,t. im'io.t ( til.I MBl S Will le.ive the 1: --,j* "I I h 01111 1, ?treel. it lull' piM <1 1 'clock, wmmmmJMt ill I 1 llpll ji "It il l I'M t < I II millol.ll ?IH-fl alld leiiim oig the ?..ine da> iii ihe afteii oou, at aioiiaathe ? rrtinj a-lj. urn. The m eti n ?ii| l? *ddre, ed thu Hon. 11. H ft.oi ris. Hon. 1 I M'.or * ( ?!?*. Stockton, Hon. Henry C. Murphy, and other ill 11:mil>shi d -jieikei's. ?1 1 'i " ' ? iv >21 S t St Mob 2i?rc. Ui-aiI i .h tiiTuM'iltiN FUH Al.BA.NY AND INTKKMED IATK LAN DIN US. t aiitn in ( enu, IJerth" fire I erk fuurr U ?Quia ? liei-ular il.u n fn in ,\ew V ork?Mou JVboJKJC-iI U | WeilurjiUi >iml l< r.ilay.?Albany?Tue* di>, I hutkday and >ituiilay. 'i he SceamboM WAVfc, I ?pt. \ anderbilt, will leiv?* tie- loot of ItoLnnsoil it., till* events^ at i o'clock, Mob lay, Sept. 23d, 1HII. N. U.?For pu.?a*e, be., apply on board. Light freight t ike i low. N U.?Uy n|t--rini! the lioui of starting 7 to J o'clock. tlie ?Vaie will anne in Allnuy in time for the Kail Huuil morniiiit train, K.a*i or W'e*t ii / Uewaie ol the imposition* practi.ed by the runueri of otlie. boat-, who the fate is from to ,'i0 rent* errh, In.t the p.u?eii|;ers wb-i ku oti board are ch?rK"d tlie lull . dver tined pnce._ _ _ ?3 U*ec t'EO i'hE'S ukh: np'srK MB4>A'IS H?U ALBANY DAILY . Sund.ii* eice|ited?Tbroogh rtirect, it ' I' M., ft in lie SieauilioHI I'im |i*.?-*-u .lo.urllandt .1 i.iiiHrt tlie ta. 'l iir- Sieotil.oal KNH t aptau. A. t. &u lobu, lai, W ed ieidai and Vi '-n Kveuingi. at 6. The Hu'.vinooaj HOI IlkS'I i".U| I aptiii \ Houifhtofi. on ruead^y, TJ.iir-.di> and Satuiiiti r.veniiigt, *1 fi \i Ki'f o'llock, I' M ?I okIiiik at lulermeill ite I'lace*. Til.- Su-nintioai I tiLUWhl-s t uptan vi illmm fl Teck, Mondai Weill,?-nlay, oil Kriday .iiid Sunday Af'?-rucx-u?, a( "i . cloeli The Steamboat NOI'.TH A.MKHH A, ' aptain R. O Crut t-ndeu, lue.d-ty, 'Ihu/uhy i.d Niturday Altriboouv, at J .i cloclt. aiitied WitfT n'-vV '?rti ettV*". 'iCr.-t1'*?J?'"? .will wi?* Ollinl'l "tl.ln*. II' UII r. v ih* I .... il I* llioUon ... Ml j-fr oti* . re f ill id tr i?lim i iv of the -haqiboaU <1 thu line, wit'n ul a wrilieu "iil?T fiom the ? .plain. Kor pa>?age or fr it;lit, apply on board, or to I | v- orniiltr, at the Oflice on thr.w harl iZJre KOK NEW OltLE\NB? LOUISIANA AND ,\K\V VOHK LINK..?I'..silivtly first leuular |> ?t.. iai] Tbii I) Z3d inu.?The ?ery laai *ailing * OLI'MBO Cain V Mdndise. b.iiM. e*nre*aly for tiii s trade, now I adiug at Orlaau* wliarf, loot ol Wailit., w 1 ?' poBitively nil a* above. , For freight ?r paa*age,liai ins lerj handsome furnished aceom moilations, apply on board at (Means whail, foot of Wall *t., ur to K. COLLI iNS k CO., lb H<iuth street. Shipper* will pleise send in their hill* of lading early lliUdny. No fieiijbl recein-d after "> o'clock this aflerno u Slniiri. iua> .elj upon hiyiiik tneu aood? lon-ectly fBaw Mir.'ii, and that tlie >hi|i* of tin* liui' mil puiiCtnally a* adrsf \lteiii* in New Orb aus?Messrs. llullen and \\ oodruff, who will pnnnptly fnrw nd all good* to tlieir addre** *2Sec^ KOIl LIVKIIPOOL.?The packet *hip SHERI ferV^lNs D A N < ipt Dei ev- ter,? tit on be 2Btb iiikt., and the jjjjpQBm . rk.-i hip < A.MBIIlDtiE, Capt Bsratow. *aii* on (Vu?!ni.'r, it lieiiiK the r regular ilivsof sailieg. hoi nauage, having si lei.di.l *c oinniodation*, apply to *23 ec I. IP HDMAN.6I Si i lhstrret. KOK LIV KHTOtll.-1'he New M m.?Kegalar ,1'ackei 21st October ?The u|?-r.or fa*l ?a l i.a pack rt ship HO' 111 STf R, 'On ton* bnrvliero, CapUin D illon -oil ssil a- thove, liei -"aulsr day Km freight or passaxe, liavuiit eleijan' onl ?|?cii.ns accouima datioiu.. appiy ou tM?*rd "res sole ttmling Slip, or Ul ' " WOODHULL a. MINTLRNK. I? South street. Price of Passage >110. Tlie picket ihijL' Hotlmreur, t i>' 'am Ira Baralei ti?n? hur<hru, ill mccml iti# RochetUpr, fttid ?<iil ou imm ni?** I ir d?y, tiff Orfnb*r ?22?c i ui< bhi.i/K, Hf'vnfTiT^-nr.K john k ? GAI'DNK.M, Jurist m4*fe , will ???? ? fur iltr ??>????* jHirt. nr -au**, l??tv? ui< nip* : riccomffi'idilioni, K. ALRXAVDRR, ?tt Iw'm Jf Sooth it. E?- NKW LINK ?")T "l'ACKKTS Vi?K I, IV KB POOL . ?Puket I' /i>th S pt.?'The splendid s id fafonte Pickei Ship SHt RID ' N lOOti tom Inirtlwn, Capuio Drl>i >?ter, will sail ou Tuesday, befit liei regular Persona wishing to '*<-ure lieilhs should not fail to make early application on board, foot of WalUtieeL oMo ps( OTT At (lis-ir Oenertl I'-ssaage Office, 7t South stroat. Comer Maid*n I.are. Th- eleit lit iwckrt shit' I orbe.ter, will succeed lite hluriilan, and s i O 'lie ?'?! Itctober. liei regu'at il y *2It" t-Ult Al \iTSr.lLI.ES?I'ack't ol 1st ? ictobar?Tha hip I OIKIr.K. ? apLim Diigan For lieight, of J|UailS*ii-vsi-<?e, III ca .Iiiorsleemg., i plv to LAW RKNO. k IHELPS, No. 11*3 I-rout niwt, or to BOVD k IHNCKKN, Agent*. 117re No a Tontine Bnildin*. iTTr LI V K IU'1 if) L?The well I now u fait i*iling KrVVV picket ?hip SOl' 1'llKRN K.R, TM tons T I) Palmer J^jLJlSaiiMi r, will h'Ve lies, *lch t-or oi .. , . veil good *cc. mmodatio. ?, apply to ihe Ca.' am. "u boaid Pier I't I . I', ni to Vl.|,r W OODI Cl l ?i NilM L'HNH. 87 Pouthil. I TO MACHINISTS. *c. ANUMIIK.II of Machine* for Braiding?all Complete?to *. tlwr w ith a i|iianlity of IL-rl-. Ispools Hwifl> .c. V ill be .1)1.1 very low to close a coi.cem. Al'l II to 3i rerry street, Nn fail 'f'ee To VIA NIJKAHTUK KK\ NI) UEA LKK8 IN VVt K)LI,r;NX. (I E N K V M I <' K O N , COHNKIl of l.anrhl and W.ahingtrMi slr??t?, New York, Kiiii-her of < l.nbs. < aasim-re. '"ro ets, he , r**|ierttally inlo.m- the rnaii'ifaciiirefs n il iV.ler? in woollens, that hi* ftstshlisl inenl is now in am ce'-twl <.|?rat.o?( "nil thai lie i* yirt pare'l t.. es?. II'e w ith |.r> n.|J. -?, <11 ..rdeisia hi* line that may hr con tided i.i bun. S|. ruie-ns ol hu w orkuMiishil- may lie s-eu OU '.pt'l.i sti m to th< enlb men whose names aia auneted, and to wl.ion le lw* liberiv to relirr Holers may he -ef. s, M sn^l.Pl^.tr-V W'nleon I* SI nlr. 1.1 Kins Wreet. W I I. mil ley Si 1'iae street llalsied. Hsme* k Co., II Naaaaa tttaat. II Brigliam. Wl Hine stieet H I I..*.! h <o, 11 Tine street *0J3 Im'tr S( )APH~ANI) 1'KR.FUMKKY. ItHINSON h V KO'IM, late Johiieon It <of t'eder itrtet, J Mahiifactore for Or-.ear*. Drnggiai*. I Oiuitry Storekee|*rs, BarUrs and I'edlan, evety list i iption of Kancy Hoap*. of the lest quail.y, and si tlie lowest laewible price*. Siles Rivim, at the Mauuhctt.ry.TT) Triuity Piste,in the rear of fr uity ( hutch. si! IB'W LOCO M O T I V K'P R I N T I NO KNti INK. 115 Jnliii Urtcl, near Pearl. C^IRCULAKS, Bill Head*, Bills of l.aduu. Miipi i a ai d J otV?#r Krc^ipta H tml <uid Potttiif Bill?, ? printed t.iordn, lUhe |owe*t cslli price* _ M.M IIINI KY VOIt i ARD PRINTING Hiving two of the liaiolsoinest and l?e*t pieces of rosemnery ever inveiiieil for Prn.tiug *'ar<l?, we can furni?h them of *ny site or tpiality, at the snortest notiea, and tt remarasbly low 'r'C,',? KOLtikR * SL'TTON Printer*. N.O.-No rannees enyaged to onler. or pnatin*. "l<'??e c.ll >1 the office ?" lm ?? " MARTKLLE >V 1I0LDERMANN, 1} ila.ilen I .mis- % I. MiVI'I'AI'TI'IIK.HS i d importer! of Ornamental |l*ir vi ,l Wois I ...ii m, Binds, < urls "W.mi?, Hall, ...I . si vk 'V.verl?tii? Carfs, and all kind* of hair woilw, Ahnir^lt iiid r^tnil N H rw* <yp|?li*U on r#*f<?ii?hlr t*rmf. "" ~ THIrNEW IiUTlii;, i lit. Nfv^ conifif of Bro?dwAV a?i4 VVav?rlv And Wnnhinitton Plncf* will be oj??i?<l iU>tit Uif ftrit of JSo ? Hiu '-r, ii mI'-i ih? miwiA4(??ni<Hit of Mr. H. HiHinfff. Thi lifii n*r?nt will ?:ouducfrd by Mf l5*i?fiiU? Mo?i<'l. \}'l>tira(i??uf fur N|?ArtftieiiU mi v b?* to Nil Utlli ?!?, Jitijy, in tlw forn??r ro??m of ili^ ilotai, ou Wartrlv Pmoi*, or f?y U?ttrr Aildr^wd to 104 Leonard ?u?tu ** 2w#tc

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