Newspaper of The New York Herald, 24 Eylül 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 24 Eylül 1844 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. NEW YORK, TUESDAY MORNING, SEPTEMBER 24, 1844. THE NEW YORK HERALD. AGGREGATE CIRCULATION THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND. THE GREATEST IN THE WOULD To th? Public. THE NEW YOUK HERALD?Daily New?papec-trab lulied every day of the year except New Vui'i Day aud Fourth of July. Prici 2 cauu pet copy?or $7 36 par annum?poitage* paid?caali in advance. THK WEEKLY HERALD?published erary Saturday inoruiiitr?price 6>? caita pet ?opy, or $3 13 per annum?poet age* paid, uuh iu advance. Al)V ERT1HEHS nrr informed lliat the circulation of the Herald n over THlllTY-F IVE I'll OB HAND, aud increasing faat It hat the lai&rtt circulation of uny paper in (At* city, tr the world, ami, it, tharefore, the belt channel far bumnen men in the city ai country. I'ricea moderate?caah in advance. PRINTING of all kiuda executed at tha moat moderate price, and in tite moat eleguiit style. JAM KS OORDON BENNETT, PaorRIKTOR or THK HfcltALD l>T?JILIIHMKr?T, Northwest onruer of Fulton au8 Ti? Nassau stieeu. FOR ALI5ANY-UOUR CHANGED. - ? The St??ml>o?t, KNICKERBOCKER and eROCHESTER will, on and alter .after uouu, Sept. l?il>, !*??* ?t * ? clock inataad 7, livietulnra. sll tl'rc NEW YORK, ALBANY AND~rROY STFiAMBOAT LINK. F#R ALBANY AND TROY.?Morning Line from tlie Toot of Barclay street, laudiug ZM+mmJKJLmM intermediate places. The Suuiuet iTaiPIRE, Captaiu S. It. Roe, Monday, Wodues da;. and Friday Morning al 7 o'clock. Tlie Steamer TROY, Captain A. Gorhain, Tuesday, Thurs day ;uid Sam i day Morning, at 7 o'clock. E veiling Line from the foot of Courtlandt street, direct. Tlie Sieaig SWALLOW, Captain A. McLean, Monday, Weduaaday and Friday Evening, at 7 o'clock. Tlie Steamer ALBANY, Captain 11. B. Macy, Tuesday, Thursday and Satuiday Evening, al 7 o'clock. 'Die Boats of this Line, owing to their light draught of wa ter, are able at all time* to pas* the bars, aud reach Albany aud Troy ui ample time to take tiie morning train of cars for the eoal or weet. For passage or freight, apply on board, or it the offices on tlie wharves. ml7rrc FAKE REDUCED. FOR CROTONVILLE, 8INO SING, TARRYTOWN. 0ft WING, WILTSIE'S DOCK, HASTINGS cl>"???AMU YONKERS.?On and after Saturday. 3C?3CBLAugust 31st. 1844. the new and substantial steam:>oal WASHINGTON IRVING. Capt Hiram Tutliill, will leave the fool of Chamber street for tlx above places, daily at 3 I'. M., Sunday excepted. Returning, will leal# Crotonville at t>l4, and Slug Sing at 7 o'clock A. M., laudiug at the foot of Hamuioud street each way. For passage or freight, apply ou board, or to STEPHEN B TOMPKINS, ina West street. sSrc PLKASa.VI AMI tHl-iAl' EXCURSIONS. SUMMER Allli^iNUKMENT. NEW BRIGHTON, PORT RICHMOND, (STATEN ISLAND,) AND NEW YOUK FEltRY. from I'ier No. 1, North River, foot of Battery Place. ? tITT; ffjKt Tlie Steamboat CINDERELLA, will ran as ff rri.-LVJ* follows. Daily, from May 20tli to October 1st. ^ Leaves New York at ? aud LI o'clock, A. M., at l>k, 0 audi P. M. Leave* Port Ricnrnond, at 30 minute* to 3, and It uiinutea U> 10 A. M.; tt 1, l)k and 6H P. M. Leaven New Brighton al 8 and 10 A. M.; at 1)<[, 5 and 7hi P.M. On Sunday?Leave* New York, at 9 and 11 A. M.; at 3, 6 and t P. M Leaves Port Richmond, at 30 minutes to 8 aud It A.M; at 1, ? and 7? P. M. New Sork. May 18, 1344. mvll 8m*rc REGULAR UJL'l'OSlTlON FOR ALiiriN* AND INTERMEDIATE LANDINGS. *? ? Csuitt 50 Cents, Barihs fiee Deck P.u*aze 25 ? Ceuts.?llegnlar days from New V ork?Mou j tr ,-..,uu).iiuuj iipn I or* ? 1IIOU JaMdULdiy, Weduesday aud Friday.?Albany?Tues day, 1 liui?<U> Saturday. The Blsaiuboal WAVE, Capi. Vaiidmbilt, will leave tlie foot of Robinsou St., tlus eveuiag at 5 o'clock, Monday, Sept. !3d, 1844. N. B.?For passage, tic., apply on board. Light freight taken low. N. B.?By altering the hour of starting from 7 to 5 o'clock, the Wave will arrive in Albany in lime for the Rail Road morniiiK train, East or West. 0** Betvare of the impositions practised by the runners of other boata who state thai tlie fare is from 35 to 30 cents each, but the passenge't who go on board are charged the full adver tised price. *^3 lt*?c PEOPLE'S LINE OF STE..MBOA1S FOR ALBANY. iTfcfr*! fidI DAILY, Suudays excepted?Throngh direct, Bpor1 ''ll'S'- J*11 * I*-M., from he Steamboat Pier between )onrllandt and Liberty streets. ine auainooat KNICKERBOCKER, Captain A. P. St. Johu, Monday, Wednesday and F'riday Evenings at 6. The Steainuoat ROCHESTER. Captain A. Houghton, on Tnesday, Thursday aud Saturday Evenings, at 6. At Five o'clock, P. M.?Landing al Intermediate Places. The Steamboat COLUMBIA. Captain William H. Peck, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday aud Sunday Afternoons, at ft o'oloali The Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Captaia R. G. Crut tanden, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Afternoons, at i o'clock. Paaseugers taking either of the abore line* will arrive in Albany in ample time to take tlie Morning Train of Cars fot the east or west. The boats are n*w aud sunsutitial, are far nished with new and sK-yiut slate rooms, and for speed aud ac copiunvdatioiis, jo>- unrivalled on t.v Mud ion . All |x-rsoiis sre forbid trnsting any of the Steamboats of this line, without a wnlteu order from l!ie Captain. For i?.-.??ge orlrrigtlit, apply ou i-oanl, or to PfC. Schultz, at the Offlee on theBwhari s3Jrc 8TATEN IJSLAND FERRY. "FOOT OF WHITEHALL. The Boats will run as follows until fmlher aotlce ; LEAVE NEW YORK: ?, 8, 9. 10, 11, A. M.jl, 3. Jit, D, 6?, P. M. Leave staten IsLand : 7, ?, 9, v, 11, A. M.; 1. 3, 4, 4, P. M. P. S.?All good* are required to be particularly marked, and *7? a' the ri?l> of the owners thereof. J30 *?;< NOTICE?EVENING LINK. AT SIX FOll ALBANY.?The steain m TlrrM. boats aNICKERBOCKER and ROCHES 1 i.U, will luiJ at Poughkeepiie during the we?k of the F'air and Cattle Show, commencing on Mouday, Sept. loili. Fare 74 cents each way. sit 4trc HOUR CHANGED TtfsiX O'CLOCK, P. M.?On and alter Monday. Sfpt. 10th, 1841. the Night Line to ALBANY AND TROY *111 in <,me ine hour ofdeparture from 7 lo C o'clock. P. M., end will Innd at Pi nglikeeinie during llie gri'at Fair and Cattle Show. Fare 7j c?nuonly to Poughkeepsie. '1 Ise steamer SWALLOW, Capt. A. McLean, Monday 16th, and W'ednesd iy, lUth. The su-amer ALBAN V, Captaiu 11. B. Alat>, Tu>sd iy, 17lli, Thursday, 19lh, at 6 o'clock, from Cort lacdt ?tre*t i'ier. Moruirg Line at 7 o'clock, from Barclay street pier, the TROY and EMPIRE. " Durn.x the greal F'air aud Cattle Show, Tuesday, 17th, We Lnt?d\y, 18th, and, 19th. will reduce the fare to 75 cents lo and from Coughkeepsie anu New York. sl3 FOR BATH. (JAUD1NEK AND HALLOWELL. The new st"Miner PENOBSCOT, Captain N. Kiutbnll, leavrn iho end of T wharf, Boston, Jh??IHa Bw > very Tuesday %nd Friday evenings, at 7 o'clock. Stages will be iu rcadiueas ou her arrival at trie above place*, to corivA iHi.irogers fi the neiirhhorieir idwni FALl.~AND WINThlt AilKA^N?>rjitENT. L\ K11 <iRK Ml) NEW YORK. FAKE ONLY 141 CENTS. THE NEW AND SWIFT STEAMER RAINBOW. CAPI aIN JOHN t?AFFY. ON and af'er September 10th will run daily, as follows ^Sundays included) :?Leave New? foot of i eutre street, 8 o'clock A. M.? Leave New V ork, foot of Barclay stre?t, 3 o'clock P. M. apt rrc OLD ESTABLISHED I'ACKE'f~()FFTrJ.7oi Soulli street?Passage to and from Orcat Britain aud a^alrelaiid, via Liverpool. Pnssage can at sll times lie eu^ , ,i at the lowett rates, to and from Liver|N>ol, by the regu lar packet ship, sailing under the new arnwgernent every lew da>s, and dr ifn ran as usual lie furnished for an* amount, paya III' al tha National and Provincial Bank. Iriailil, and their hr inchcs, and itiroughout the United Kingdom, as well as at all the principal banking institutions in England, Scotland and Wales, without discount or any other charges. For further par ticulars, if by letter, post |s?id, apply to s4ec JOHN HERDMAN, 61 South st. PASSAGE FOR J HAIILESTON.-Pai ket of .tlie 25th September.?The splendid f?st sailing packet ,<hip DIADEM, Capt. Barstow, sails positively as aliove. She liaj sp lend id accommodations for cabin, second cabin and sieerifie in.sengen, w ho will be takeu at low rates, if api>lioe lion lie made ou board or to W- U J. T. TAPSCOTT, >13 76 South street, comer of Maiden Lane. PASSAGiTFOR I.IVk RPOOL^?eiU"on_ Wed ? Heyday Iiett, 25th of Septeinlier.?The magnificent puid nmarkable fast sailing ship Se.A, Captain Kd w'rili, Mill sail positively on Wednesday, 25th Sept. The accomtnodatioua of lie Si* iu the second cabin, being in a lew boaMt b iilt on c' i k, which ia thoroughly lighted and Mutilated, and has alio a window opposi e each berth. F'or pisaoge, which will lie taken at siaeiayerates, apply on board, p er Na. 37 East liiver, or to the suliscribeis. ROCHE, BROTHER* fc CO., 35 Fultou str et, next door to the Fulton Bank. P, H.?The Swt can Imudxiinely accommodate a few cabin passengers at ve y moderate rates. s2lm PASSAGE FOR LONDON.-Patkat V.i the bi October ?The splendid, faat sailing Packet >hip MEDIATOR, ('Uptain Chadwick, sails positively n. ' Iter regular day. The accoBtmodatioiis of this ship for cabin, second cabin and steersg. passengers, cannot be suri>assed. Tluise witliing U( secure berths ilwiuld not fail to make early application ou board, or to W. St J. T. TAPSCOTT, sl ier 7a South street, comer of Maiden l ane. I-OR HAVANA, FROM I'llll.AUKLPllI A. 111- A. I fast-tailing packet barque 1-.LI/ABETH Johu H. Remington, master, will sail positnely on jihOc olier. > uht or passage, having superior furnished accommo dation., a large and commodious cabin, with frwelte state rooms, apply lo JOI1N F. OIIL & SON, sl7 :lw xlkco 101 Smith Wharves, Philadelphia. FOR N I.W ()IU,KANt^l57aiT?^-The.ateaiii WSJf^V'hip ALABAMA, 700 ton* burthen, Henry Simile, JtWlilfaCoiiiin inder, w ill sail for ihe above port ou the 15th October next, at ? o clock This splendid and remarkably aLainich sle.iner ha* lieen thoroughly overhauled the pi?*eni summer, newly c I'li fd, and is lurnislied with a powerful set of new Boilers, m.ule at the Novelty Work* ofthiscity. She it expeco-d to m ike tlie run to the lltlize Willi eise in *1* dsyi; and having hmiUome and comfort<b|e accoinmotlalipna, lor boih ca'uu and <io'ij?f i?sseugen, oiler* an unusually dceirabk come, mite lo liie iraveiliug community. For light freight oi , n.plyto O. MKRLE, *111'115o ? Ie aws Front *t I I F6iiTiWRro(h~fh; ^kat .hip shehi .DAN.Capt. Oeiewter, tail, on the 26th intt , and tht tiucket^hip I AMBRiDGE, Capt. B? <tow, sail* on B^TSTTer, it being their legular day* of stihag. For pa?*a^e, having *plenuid ae. onnn.-d itions. apply to .2.1 ec J. 1I1.RDMAN, tl South *lr?et Hj FOR LIVERPOOL. The New~M,in??tabular , Packet 21tt Octolier?The >m?r.or fast tailing iwck i t thin fiZ)cHESTEll, r00 'on* burtheru. Captain 11 HI.,I will .sit as above, her ngiilar nay. For f reight or passage, haviug elegant and ipaciou* accomino dation*, apply on hoard. w?*' side Flurlina Hliic or to WOODHULL at MINTURNS, 87 South *traet. Price of Pnssage f 100. The packet shin Hottingeur, Captain Ira Bunlev, ma*tev,|050 tun* burthen, will succeed the Rocheairr, and Mil ou her regu lar day, llat October. iS to CORNS, BUNIONS AND BAD NAILS CURED. JLITTLEFIELD, CmaoromsT, take* this method to in ? form citizens and strangers visitiug N?w V urk, that lit still continues his successful treatment on Corns, Biiuious,Club and Inverted Neils, at tlx* Merchants' Exchange (lathing Rooms, 41 William street, three doors below \V*I 1st reel, aud at Ins mi deuce, 471 bowery, one door Mow 10th street. All orders punctually attended to, in any part of the city, without eitra charge. Office hour* from ? A. M. to S o'clock P. M. At home morn ing and evening. sll Imeod'wc TO BAKXOB.AXTTS AND OTHERS M.J hi.X (J REMITTANCES TO COPLAND, SCOTLAND AND I UK. LAND. TMtAPTS FOR ANY AMOUNT on all the Branches of the PROVINCIAL BANK, IKK LAND, and t , THE NATIONAL BANK. SCOTLAND, can be obtained of lUrii WM. MeLACHLAN, ( and 7 Dorr'i Buildings, Hanover st. AUo, BILLS on the BANK OK BRITISH NORTH AME RICA, LONDON, and its BraiielMis in Canada, New Bruns wick, Nova Scotia aud Newfooudlaud. jyM>tawlmj(b PRESENTS. OTRANOERS visiting tlx- city willfiud at ear establishment* ^ Nos. 2J3 and 260 Broadway, beyoud comparison the nuit elegant and extensive wholesale and retail assortment of FANCY ARTICLES KOK PRESENTS, on this side the Atlantic, which we take pleasure in showing, and anirage to sell at prices as low (saying the least) as those of any oilier house. Our preseut stock of Fancy Stationery, Umbrellas, Parasols, and Sun Shade*, Gloves, Hiding Whijm, pans, Card Cases and Tablets, Desks, Dressing Cases and l??ncy Boxes, Purses, Per fumery, Faucy Porcelain and Cilass, Gilt, Steel and Mnuruiug Jewelry, and indeed of every thing we are accustomed to im port is as complete and perfect as can be desired. A full catalogue has just lieeu published, aud may be had on application. TIFFANY, YOUNG k ELLIS. au29 lmeodrc FANCY GOODS. TITEDELES ?t MEYER, 103 William it., importers of v V French, German and English Kaucy Goods, have just re ceived and offer for sale on reasonable terms, a choice assort ment of Buttons of all kinds; Segar and other fancy Case*; Snuff Boxes; Fancy Combs; Suspenders; Satchells' Purses, etc., etc.; Steel .Pens; Kar.ors; Scissors; Accordions; Iiaruionicus; Lead Peucils; Rulers; Writing, Toilette Desks, ttc.; anew style of Lanterns, and toys; all sorts of Perfumery. We particularly recommend a very line assortment of Wool len ana Silk Embroideries, and all kinds of Upholsterer's arti cles. aulD eodlm*in FIFTY OUNCES t'LATINA, FI PLATE and wire quality, juit received from France, which is offered for sale by Dr. Lewis Feuchtwan ger. No. 60 Maide.ii Lane. N. B. Kremote, Metallic Bismuth, Hyposulphide Soda, Rose, 1'ink, Purple Lake, Red Lake, in iiulp and dry, Euen's Plasters, Copavia Capsules, Diamond (anient, fine Jeweller's llouKe, Veratrin, Wood Naptha, Nitrate of Barytes and Strou tia, Oxalate of I'oMsh, Muriatie of Tin, Uc.,Slc , Ike.. constant ly on hand by Dr. Lewis Fuuchtw anger; No. 00 Maiden Lane. sl7 lmeod*rrc ptHEAP PERFUMERY AND FANCY SOAP WORKS^ JOHNSON k VROOM, formerly earner of Cedar and William streets, are manufacturing and putting up for tl?' trade, their goods in the newest and most attractive sty les, an< .re sell ing at prices 20 |ier cent lower tlian can be brought to this mar ket; the extent of tlieir manufacturing facilities enables tliem to sell for the smallest prolit. Manufactory and Sales Room, 79 Trinity Place, rear of the new Trinity Church. aul7 lineod'm /SUrtaTn"materials, trimmings and"win v DOW SHADES.?The subscribers beg to invite the atten tion of strangers to tlieir large stock of Upholstery lioods, just received iii store, from which they are prepared to execute orders for Bed and Window Curtains of the newest designs and oil lower terms than any other liouse in the city. Their stock will be fouud to consist of silk and worsted de laines, ubouretts, damask^ Turkey red cottons, rich lace and mnsliu embroider ed curtains, galloons, gimps, cord, tassels, cornices, tic. ate., together with Painted Window Shades, just imi>orted Iroui France, of entire new patterns and pronouuwd the most Biagm ticeut Shades ever used ; as also the various styles ol' painted American Shades, varying in price from SI a pair upwards. SOLOMON Ik HART, Upholsterers, a21 lmeod'rrc 243 Broadway, opposite tlie Park. EXCHANGE HOTEL ?fc EATING SALOON, NO. 77 DOCK STREET, PHILADELPHIA. '"PHE Subscribers respectfully inform their friends and the J- public, that they have re-lilted and opened the above esta blishment, where they are prepared at all times to furnish Dill uers, Suppers and Breakla>t, at the shortest notice. Tliey will keep an Ordinary from tf o'clock A.M., until 4 P.M., when per sons can dine on all the delicacies of the seasou. The Bar will be amply supplied ; aud Irom their lon^ experience in the busi ness, they hope to give general satisfaction. They have alto luted up a number of airy and well ventilated sleeping rooms, affording peisous ariiving by the different rail roads and steamboats, au oppartuuity to obtaiu lodging at all hours of the night. Attached to the establishment, is an eiteusive stabling for horse*. The public may rest assured every attention will be paid all whoj'avor them with a call. (La" The location is in the immediate vicinity of the princi pal Bulks, Railroad and Steamboat landings, and opposite the Philadelphia Exchange. RICHARD B. JONES, slS 2taw tf t DANIEL COPPELL. B A CARD.?Mr. Seguin bees respectfully to inform the public aud his friends in general, that he has purchased a selection of the best Operas now playing in Loudou and Paris, and in tends returning to America immediately, in order to produce them. Mi. Segain '? happy te say he lias made arrangeineuU with Mr. Fraler, a Tenor of the highest repute in Londou, who will accompany Mr. and Mrs. Segviu to the United State*. s4 3t,wlw*rc SUAVliMU SUAI-of a very ?u|?rior quslity, aud m the style usually denon.mated Military Shaving Soap; superior in quality to the imported, and at less than half its cost. The pur< hase money will be returned unless it gives unqualified satislaction. Grocers, Druggixts and Barbers supplied, and a liberal discount made. JOHNSON U VKuOM, Manufacturers, 79 Trinity Place, slli lmeod'rc near Hector sireet. AO FAMILIES, wanting suits of rooms for the winter, can be handsomely accommodated with jiarlors and bed-room I attached, with pautries, closets, tic.: a private table, if request ?d. Single rooms for gentlemen, with breakfast and tea. Apply at 411 Houstou street, second block east of Broadway?in a pleasant part of the city. sll lineod*rc TF ESTHER COHEN, who formerly lived with Mis. 1 Hughes, boarding house keeper, Union street, Liver|H>ol, left England about nine years ago to live in New Vork, will write to her father. No, 14 New Bailey street, Salford, Man chester, in England, she will hear something greatly to her ad vantage, or address letter 8. S. thisaiflice, ami st ite w here sin may U-spoken to. She can receive all information respecting the above advertisement. ?11?16th ti2'Jd 3t*m Y ORDER OF AARON VANDERPOEL, Justice of the Superior Court, of the City of New York. Notice is hereby given, pursuant to the provisions of the statute authorizing attachments against non-resident debtors, that au attachment nas issued against the eatate of CHARLES NICHOLS, a resident of Ams'erduin, in Holland, and that the same will be sold for tlie payment ol his debts, unless he appear and discharge Kich an attachment, according to law, within nine months from the first publication of this notice; anil that the payment of any debt* due to him hy residents of this Slate, and the delivery to hun or for his use, of any property within this State belonging to him, and the transfer oi any such pro perty by him, are forbidden by law and arc void. Dated the 7th day of February, IS44. WESTERN k EDWARDS. mrtl Itawflm? re. Attorneys for Attaching Creditor to Manufacturers and L?bal,eks in WOOLLENS. HENRY MIGEON, PIORNER of Laight and Washington streets, New York, v Finisher of Cloths, Cassimerm, Satinets, Ike., respectfully informs the manufacturers and dealers in woollens, that his establishment is now iu successful operation, and that he is pre Kred to execute with promptness, all orders in his line that may comidnd to him. Specimens of hi* werkmauship may be seen ou application to the gentlemen whose namaa are annexed, and to whom lie ha* liberty to rem. Orders may be left at 63 and 64 Pine street. REFERENCES. Wolcott It Slade, 6t Pine street. W. C. Langley, 63 Piue street. Halsted, Haiues Ik Co., 31 Naaaan street. D. Brigham, 60 Pine street. 8. J. Jours Ik Co., 12 Pin* street. au2S lm*re THE NEW HOTEL, rilK New Hotel, corner of Broadway and Waverly nnd Washington Places, will be o|t*u?d about the lirst of No vember, under the management of Mr. John H. Billings. The Kestaurant will be conducted by Mr Baptist* Monot. Applications for apartments may be made to Mr. Billinfs, 'laily, in the comer room of the Hotel, ou Waverly Plac*, or by letter addressed to 101 Leonard street. s8 2w?*c 1HEGREATKS1 WOiNDr.R IN THE WO"RLD. FASHIONABLE PARIS MILLINERY ESTABLISHMENT, 4543 Broadway, ? kttin:' canal, ano iiowann itrect*, New Yohk. MADAM GODFREY te DAUGHTER, RETURN tlieir sincere tnanks to their pntrons and the public generally, for the liberal support, wuh which they have lieeii favored, and assure theai that tliey will hereafter exert thmnselves to ensure a continuance of their iwtrouage; tie y beg leive to announce that they will on Tuesd ly next, tin 21th inst., oiwii tlie NEW FASHIONS, just imported from PAlllS, at their establishment, No. <23 Bioadway, near Canal street, wlier* w ill be found an extensive assortment of Parisian Satin. Silk, and Velvet Hats. Kibbons, Feathers, Flowers, Cap*, Laces. Embroideries, and Millinery in general, of the lirst qualities anal latent style, to which they res|<ectfully call the attention of the Kashmirble World, as comprising the most elegant aud exten sive Stock ever presented to a New York public, at reasonable ' The Ladie* are respectfully invited to call, and see for them selv-s, t>?f?re purchasing elsewhere. They will a* heretofore continue their old mtablishment, No. 23 Division street. Just r>reived Irom France, selected by tlieir Agent, twelve cuss Hals. Sepjemtwr, I8H. ?20 !??? VENEREAL DISEASE CURED ABKRNKTHY'H BOTANICAL PILLS having stood ihe im of time and experience, are recommended as the most ?ffeetual and speedy remedy for Oonorrh*, Gleets, all urethral iliscMNM, imution of the kidneys, nretlira and prostrate rflaml. Thev .ire Jikin without confinement from business or restriction of iml, and witnout Minting the breath or duapee ieg with the stomach, thus enabling the patients to cur* therr wlvtu. They give tone and energy to tlie generative organs, rarely if ever ef|?nTenc*d from the, use of other medsciues. 1 hey have pavformnl many extraordinary cure* in chronic discharges, obstinate gUets, lie., after the failure, of all otlier remedies. In eeceut ca*e* a single box is sufficient to effect a cure in two days. They are equally suiu?ble for females ftlCe H PfT hot, with lull directions, ?oldotilthr w?. WATSON. Apothecaries' Hall, Tfi Tatherine street. And OLCOTT, McKESSON tk Co., stO lai'm 127 Maiden Lane. "LOCOMOTIVE PHTnTING E N 61 n"e7~ 115 John Street, near Pearl. CIRCULARS, Bill Heads, Bills of Lading, shipping and otlier Heceipts, Hand and Posting Bills, Labels. Ike., he., printed U> order, aLthe lowest cash prices. MACHINERY FOR CARD PRINTING. Having two of the handsomest and Ixwt pieces of machinery ,-v*r invented for Printing Cards, we can furnish them of any tire or quality, at the shortest notice, and at remarkably low price*. FOLGER <t SUTTON Printers N.D.?No runners engaged to solicit order*, or printing. PMM call at the office a<"> lin * m MARTELLE & HOLDER MAN N, :J7 Ma d?n Lane, N. V. MANUFACTURERS and importers of Ornamental Ilair 1V1 Work, Wigs. Touiieee, Bands. Curls, Seams, Bandeau Hair, ind a new style of everlasting Curls, and all kinds of hair works, wholesale and retail. N. B. Tlie trade supplied on reaaonable terms ?91m* rh. 91??tliig of thu American lte-jiubUcan State Convention. This body again assembled at Military Hull, ut 10 o'clock yesterday morning At one time the number present amounted to forty, but it did not at any time get ubove that. The President was Jacob Townsend?Vice President, Dr. Isaac bHiilli, and Mr. L. Prall acted as S?creinry. There wait a conaidemble time expended in or ganizing the meeting. When this was accomplish ed, the firet business brought up wus the reconside ration ol the resolution of the L'uca Convention, which is as follow?:? " That the Convention risen) it lo bs their duty to nomi ns'.c Candida,es |fur the oflcua ut Governor and Lieuten ant Governor ct thii Mate, to bs suppsnted by tli? Amer icsn Republican party st the coming electiou." Mr. Oakuy moved the following resolution :? Resolved, Th?l the rusolutiou a!?p;td at the Utica Statu Convtu iou, held on the It lb, in tavor of uounnaling candidates lor Gavemor and Ln menimt Governor tf this 3.ate, to bu supported by tbs American Republican par ty. be reconsidered. Mr. K. W. Cuksteu addi-ssssd the convention in a half hours speech, ui which bs argued lorcibly against the nomination ut cai;dk!atea. Mr. Wandalx followed.?He Was for hiving thoir own candidate* without looking entirely to the que-stisn ot success; if peoplo stiver nominated except when ccitain to elect, their puliiij would bu not much liae that of Na> poleo.i, or YVu-hiiigton and others, who, though victors at last, sonitiliinea got a sound .licking. After surmount ing u nat they did, ihuy should not ,be ?cared. They had created the giea eit agnation, and won the greatest victo ry in this city?the) had been at the expense of spilling some bios 1 iu Philadelphia in dtfence of their rights, anil it was not lor them to slack their hand, or procrastinate now, when thu people weiein astate of excitement and alive to the issue, i bis was the very time for action, it they wanted tocairy the Stale two years hence No par ty ever l'ougbt harder than the American Republic an par ly, or more successfully last spring. Vet, through want of zeal, and uuergy and agitation, no party held meetiugs so poorly attended. He looked around him and saw mm with broad shoulders and courageous heart*, who were dtciied and snathamatized by the old j arties, and we would ask them if they would be their tools, or vote lor their candidates; he demanded of them wheihtr they would not join him iu going for their own ticket, the whole ticket, and nothing but the ticket I Mr. Oablky moved that speakers should bu limited to fifteen minutes, that their might be no speaking against time. Several Voices?" No, no "let every one state bis opinions ''make it half an hour il you like," fee. Mr Oaklet withdrew the motion, and proceeded to re ply to Mr. Wandail. Hu coincided with the picture drawn by that gentleman, of what tho Aiiieticau Republican party should, nay, would become, but in the face ui this flattering view ol the paity, they should not be carried away by a false excitemeut; they should not be rash , but lomemher that there were other parties, and other principles to contend with. He thought that it could be easily proved that that Convention possuMe'* no right to nomiuate candidates, and he asked u ho would not revolt and kick against the asseition that the representatives ol lour out ot thirteen wards ol this city could sesumu such power ; and he would ask further, what right hu l the city of New Yoik.evenit it possessed the ont-eighthoi the aggregate ticket to nominate ior the whole H-.ate ? ? TiU'h, although crushed, would rise Bgain, und however it might be shrouded from the visional the would at last shine forth For his part, he weuld vote for no man but he who endorsed the principles ot the Ameri can Republicans. However great the man was?be he Clay, Jackson, or Wright, hu would not go for any ol them, or with any man who was not an Am<Ti?ian Re publican ut heart. (Applause.) He asked the gentleman who spoke last, as a man, were the in ijorily of their party for nominating candidates for ths offices of Governor and Lieutenant Governor ? Mr. Wandall,? Yes. Another Member?I belisve in my conscience, thsy arc in lavor of nominating. Mr. Oaxlxv continued to say, that however warmly bis leelings were engaged, ha was pr pared to bow to the will of the majority; if they muat nominate, in God's name, 1st them do it agresably with the principles ot the American Republican Party; and when he lecollecttd that they were to be sup|Kirted from the ranks of othe> parties, composed ot men who had their opinions made up, he felt thsy could not be too cool?too foreseeing, knowing that there was a possibility of going ahead too quick, and overshooting the mark. The people of New York were not prepared with means?with money for a OMspsifn this fall, but it the) bad it, tk*j> could rig oat ths most beautiful political snip that aver floated trium phant over every obstacle; they could, with heart and soul, bid defiance, as they did Isst spring, to all antsgo nists. It wss their present duty ts work cautiously?to first project the road?to lay the rails?to put the cars in the track; and theu, if warranted by circufnat.tocei. it would be easy to build the depot, and carry' til into com ple'ion. Dr Smith replied.?So long os they waited tho means would be still wanting; whereas, if they nonunn'ed and put into operation a system of action, and zealous and wide-spread agiiation, they would ir.*et with plenty ol friends, with both the will and the means to carry on the work Revolutions never went back. (A member here made some observation). Dr. 8 would put the gentleman in mind that he had a head?an American b'ad?that he thought lor hims< II, and as he recognized the right of freedom of thought and speech in all, he thought it was due to courtesy not to doubt a gentleman's word It was asked what concern they had in no minating a governor, to which he would reply, that it was to contribute to carry out their principles, nnd it could not be denied that it would do so. As to those wards where resolutions were carried ag.iinst nomina tion, it was done without deliberation or proper consider ation He could answer for his own ward, the 14th, that it would not do so. Whilst it was true that the delegate from Kings county was instructed to vote against the no mination, he could not help contrasting that case with another of their friend from tbs western part of the State, whose constituents, knowing him to be a man of common sense, left him free to exercise it. Dr. Smith [minted out the awkwardness of the position which the American re publican party would occupy at the polls, where without candidates, or definitely expressed op uions upon the great leading question, they would fall into the bonds of ths higheit bidder, and referred to a certain wind meet ing where a resolution was offered by u man called Ha zleton, " that it was not expedient to hnve a nomination," which killed llie body there. II they did the same therp, thev might go home and derm it uxpedieut to stay there Il they called a public meeting, tuev would have one ol the greatest assemblies ever hi Id in New York. He would vouch lor Rochester, and he counselled all to buckle ou their armor. It would seem that the principal difficulty With the other aide, was the (ear of off-nding either ot the two old political parties Mr Ames sf Kings county, got up to bring their atten tion to some words that dropped from the last speaker de rogatory to Kiugs county. D. Smith hoped no such construction would bi put upoii his expression. Mr. Amks put him in mind of his remarks about the common sense oi not instructing a dslegate, as Kings coun y did him. Dr. SstiTii again warmly protested against his being understood in an offensive sense. I'HEsinr.rtT?You must endeavor to suppress your feel ings Mr. A sirs ? I am not used tjget warm in debate, sir? 1'besids.nt ?Tli ? gentleman has madu an explanation, and thai is sufficient Mr. Atlas- Well, then, let us approach the question. He proceeded then to raview the composition and views ot the party inhiso?u county, observing thai it w is two-thuds derived ficm the whigs ord one third from th demur tals 'I hey were both fuvoiabli;to their csu?e, hut not yet ti udy, especially in the present juncture of pu' lie affairs, 'o give up their own. He tieli veil that Un American Republican party could not get M<K) votes in the whole State. (Kxpressions ol dissent, and cries ol "You can get twice as many iu this city") Ho cotild not b. lieve it, (or there were a number of men who were yet only half their's?who wished to go through with th't pr?Miut contest Again, that convention was only a small fiactional part ol this State When was the citits of Buffalo, Rochester, Utica, and Albany, tepre s<?nted 7 There could be no sufficient answer to th> ir a,nail bod) assuming the foundation ol nominating for the whole State, and is defl: nro of Hie two great paities ; for iu doing so they were like the dug who |pa|ied at his shadow and let go his substantial prey ; they, :oo grasp, ing at too much, would lose the. bone. Nor could he uti rfrrstaud how 'iy a nominating a Governor, they organized the State. That must be done in every city and town by holding mm tings, appointing speakers, and they had not the means of doing ss this fall. Until they could, let them hold their ground, and secirs ths ls<-?l elections, otherwise in 1848 the party would gs down,down, unable ever to rilly ugain?the supersttucture would topple over from its bau foundation, stid be scattered lo the four winds. The assembly here adjourned ufter numerous motions sn the subject, till four o'clock, P M , it thsn being two Aptkenoon ?KSatON?Fot'Jt O'CLOCK. The attendance was hardly equal to that of the former meeting, the call ol the roll only showing those present to be fifteen. Dr. Smith, V.P., look the chair, and called the meeting to order. Upon motion of Mr. Oakley, " the reporter sent by Mr. Bennett to give. If had no doubt, impar tial note* of the proceeding*,was invited to take I u seat nt the table. Mr. Bar.ii.Ans, of New York, ssi.l he had b*un consider ably ?'lifted this moirut.g by boll, parties, and wss moia man ever convinced that a iiomiuatiou was n?cessar>. He was lor aiming high, whether they obtained their ot ? ject or no', and in nominating they might do more than was probable. Their existence waa involved in that st- p; and it was not for them w ho increassJ ls?! spring lr m 9,<HHi to 2b OOti to put then hand to the plnush and tun back Sgain. What had they to loti f Surely not thmr re flit-it ion?for that was good. 'I h< y would let th? people Know that they were still in existence, and be maintained they bad everything to gain and nothing to lose. Ha did not find in his eiperience thst much talked of attachment to the old paities through .ut the State quite the contrary-the term Nati*e American carried a | cnarm in it; and If their candidate wa? a gno.l mm, ss their principles were good, they would meat ths warm i t approval of the country. Mr. Amcs enforced the necessity of arguing Irom cor rect premises i and said it would be wisi.g to loiget that the popularity oi their party In) not id their bung mi., ported by partisans, for it was lur the love of good bo\ ernment. attachment to their itboolii and Bibles? und u part jeulou?y of that uiurpiD({ sect, the Catholics, that made the religious part of the community me iu their support : he conjaied them to take the right whv--Io no minate mcinhets for the Legislature all overtbe Stale, who wouM amend that odious ichool law ; hut be would enforce upon them th< injustice of their going forward as * H'1',! wh'let thuy had no allegod principle* upon seve 1'le*"on??auch a* Piotcction, Texas, a Bank. Mr 1 oiMno contended that they wera under an ob ligation to nominate, lor their minion us del* gate* to Utica implied it. He repudiated all connection with the "V? ' *"? om M,ch ,i(: would lay , ' Lord deliver us. He wan in the decline of lile, in the course of which he is a* not pnuniiient us u politician, but be would give Bin vote J05 fully for tl.eir caudldHte, caring ui littjc lor the opinion ot whig or democrat as they did tor him. Mi.H4M.tL folic wed in a strong pro nomination ^aVl'picture of ihe fix their party * oulU be in Mt th? ium election without a ticket oi their own. Mr. WiTKint followed, and urged upon them thee*, pediency of having their nominees Success was nro gres.ive, and the cundidate iihouid be I11 the field They had already thirteen counties, uud before thu tall they would have us m uiy mora. Messrs. Oaslkt, T.n.mDUK and Caarrra made long and warm addresses, after which thu motion wus put and carried in iavor of making nominations lor t lovemor and Lieut Governor of New York A cemmitte?ot fivo was appointed by tho Chair to inhmit name* of eligible per. son. for thoia offices, and the Meeting was adjourned un til 4 o'clock, P. M., to day. tliUllinore. [Correspondence of the Herald.] Hai.timokk, Sept 2lst, 1844. PolUitt?Illumination*? Potationt?Orations?and t tvtrdy Johnson. The people of Baltimore are mad, absolutely? positively mad?upon the subject of politics. Men, women, and children, of all conditions of life, en ter into it with an infatuation, such as we have never before seen exhibited. The merchant leaves his goods?the mechanic his shop?the lawyer his client?the doctor his patient, and the patient his physic, to join in and swell tho influence of their respective parties, each of \v hich give evidence of a determination to do their besi,or worst, to defeat their opponents. Language cannot exaggerate ihe ridiculous pitch to which the people of this city have at length arrived?nor the probable misery resulting to hundreds of the families of mechanics, from neglect ot business. Driuking, frolicingl aud singing?boys loiter 011 their way to school, to hear the news?young ladies play nothing hut grand marches?butchers lay aside their 1 lucks aud pork steaks, and minis era preach extempore sermons from ihe want of time to write them. Kvery night (excepting th< Sabbath), from sunset till midnig'it drums, files, horns, and watchmen's ranks, are to' 1 be heard, and evciy succeeding morning find all sent clerks and apprentices? iuil watch houses aching heads?black eyes?bloody noies, and empty pockets. It is impossible to say, from ap pearances, which ot the two parties is the stronger The whig party makes more noise, and spends more money, and in all probability counts the greater number, unless, as their own friends believe and acknowledge, their cause in Maryland, hs well as other portions, of the United States, has been injur ed by the impolitic and unjust course of a portion of their friends in New York and Philadelphia, m getting up the "Native American" mania; still, they hp,ire no effort in attempting to rally. Night after night, in continued succession, the streets i re filled with processions, while ihe shops, dwellings, aud even the trees are illuminated, 111 such a man ner as to produce a most enchanting effect. Through Market street, and the streets in the vi cinitv, the windows of the houBes are decorated withboDquets, wreath* of flowers, and other orna ments, which are relieved by the brilliant light of thousands of lamps and candles Sbch is not the case for one or two mghiaonly, but it is continued without intercession, and the infatuation lsgaining strength daily. The meeting held by the whig^ on the night of Tuesday, 17th inst., was very ernhusi ?lotio. On the occasion, all that portion of Market street, from Fall's Bridge to several blocks above Dr. Brnckenridges' church, and even up and down the cr?se streets in the immediate neighborhood, the buildings were illuminated and decorated in the mot?t cosily manner On one side of Market ' street a staging was erected, festooned wnli fl.igx, banners, &c , and hung round with paintings and engravings. On the other Ride was raided for the "(ilee Club," a platform, over the top ot which was placed,close together, and in rows, many hun dred sperm candles, which, together with the other illuminations? the music? ine singing?the tqual Img and swearing, produced a sort of a serio co mico effect. And yet, notwithstanding the thou sands of dollars nightly expended for the promotion of their cause, we much doubt their success, and believe they are making a desperate but hopeless effort, to bolster up their party, by giving a grand flourish, by coming the '?bluff game," or a sort of " Sound th<- trumpet! beat the drum ! Tremble, Tolk '. we come ! we come !" In the mean time the democrats remain at home, mind their business, and provide lor their families, satisfied, like sensible men, to await the day oi election, aud then without noise, tumult, or dis turbance, cast in their votes Among the mott prominent wing speakers who have bren canvass ing Baltimore are Preston of S C , Stanley of N.O., and Reverdy Johnson of our city. Johnson is a powerful speaker, an effective speaker; having to contend against the disadvantage of a poor voice, he manages to mtioduce such subtle reasoning, and force it upon his hearers in such it winning manner, ai to carry with him the admiration ol ??veil those who at mice detect In* motive With what curtning he attempts to work upon the feel intr* of the laboring man. Wstn what affection h< wheedles his brother simemaker, his brother tai lor, and all his other brothers Aye, the family ol Heverdv has increased since thtiillumimitiotacom riienced; his prodigal sons have returned; the very scamps who hut a lew year? since nulled down his house about his ears. and who would have skinned him nlive hud they caught him, how listen to him with the most devout attention,and after hav ing reiused ut least a hundred times to allow him to address a public meeting, suddenly begin to think him, notwithstanding ail his faults, too great an acquisition to Ium. In the ''Clipper" of Saturday, we observed, under the head of " City intelligence," that the schooner Dart, a trim little vessel just completed for the house of Augus'iu, Heard & Co, of Canton, left Baltimore on tliat day for the above place, arid took wiifi her us passenger William D. Lewis, Esq., of .Vew Tork She was built in Baltimoie, and is to remain in China to be used by herownets is u cruiser. Her departure attracted considerable attention, as she is said to be the smallest vessel that has ever left this port for so long a voyage. The theatres here still remain closed Mayer, Owens, Gallagher, Miss Ludlow, and Mrs Russell, all ot whom are clever performers, are now ful filling Hn engagement with Mr. I'eale, ut the Bal timore Museum. Arikl. Supkkmk Co?;rt.?The following millions Wt re recently decided by Chief Justice Nelson, who heard the arguments and took the papers ?t the lu t An. gnat special term. The rul.;s are all entered as ol tbelait day of the lust term :?Sbipinanv. Pert and el Motion that plaintiff be permitted to enter a tiolie pi on qui to delendant IVet, without cost. to either party grant, it Koon >i'1i Kigelow and id Met ion that Hit am Mlorum, as. rgnee, fcc pay to d. lendant the amount ot the Judgm> i t nguinit tin* plaintiff, iu this cause grunted, with conn rinli adi. Chapman, adminiiitrator, It p. , and one othei cao.e Vlotinu to ?ft H4ide ame*mn?ut, judgment, k - denied with com. Watklni Sd*. Kw terfield arid al Mo. tion lor judgment u? in ca.i* of iion imr tlnlered, (bat on pajment by the plaintiff* ol $l(iAl,the cause .tand illaeontinued anil thin motion then stands d. nieil. Htile. ?t al plaintiff in error, vs Gates, defendant in eiror. Mo tion on the purt of relator, ex-parte, that defendant 111 error pay com of alignment of error, iirtieuad trial, fcc In this cauae, denied f)ri'W admiNistratnr, fcc v. Dwyrr' Motion to set asi te rule granting a new trial in this cause granted, on payment of cost, thereof and of opposing this motion. Hhrrkell ads Bogert. Motion to set aside default, and that defendant las allowed to plead?granted witli cost. Ray v. ilirdseye. Motion to set aside de I fondant's bill ot except ions and tuhii queti* |>roceedii>gi granted, wnb cons Martin, impleaded ads Bates and al | viotinn to set s-lde defunlt arid inbscqtient proe.i^dlngs? denied with cost*. Cleveland ads. 1 lark Motion lor judgment as in case of non-suit, and to take judgment record off the filei, and to cancel judgmi nt and that plain tiff's attorney 1 (.fund the money collected by him, .Vc - denie I, with costs. Tit'- -icknksm at WooDVit.Lr, Mi?s.?The hc COUata that wi r-ceiv<- almost daily from interior s?ctions of the country are truly lamentable The f<d lowing, from the Wooilville R. publican ol ti e 7th inst. is indeed .. m- l?t,( ho.y picture: Those that have ru l H deiciiption ol the Plague in London, can have seme ids i. of the condition of the Woodville det .r.m ut this tin ? Srime one remarked to-<ny th?t the villngi v.a-?pottid with ti e ?irk The reverie is nearer the truth?0 e w i ll lieit g the ?|s)t?, while .icknes. is the whole jjr und work of tee picture In s word, there ha. not been for some time p isr v -11 persons er ough to t?ke 1 ate of ibelnva lids Thu 1 pidemit has ?< iied nil cln-ir s arid all pto'es sion?, espectslly those of the pill and the lar.cei The same pipe; also notice, the death ol tba folio* Ing per rons ; Hugh Connell, Richard Ningletoa, Rev Horace Be?ch Pieston W Ksrrmr, Jr., (ianist 8tone and Virgil Augustus Hickardsou. \Vu?llin|ftui>. [Coi respondent* ol the Herald. J Wasuinuiun, Sept. 21, W44 Fuiinn Bennett:? Mr. Calhoun did not. tin 1 stated in my ave lor South Carolina, He will remain until alter the President's return, wuich will be on Monday or Tuesday ol next week. There has been within the last lorty-eight hour* ubout seventy applicants for the olftce ol Consul at Liverpool, a vacancy occasioned by the deuih of Mr. Haggerty. Some are still here waiting the return of ttie President, others. h ive followed htm to the Springs. Coleman's house will not open sooner than tne first <>f next mouth. , . . A Boat lub has been formed here by h number of young gentlemen of hlgti respectability. ih' V have purchased the celebrated boat " I'alcon ol a cotupauv long known by that nuaie in rialidelplna. 1 hope the present company will K'latain the high reputation enjoyed by the former club, wntult wa* composed of Mr. Head, o! the Mansion House; Mr Hart, and Mr. White and oihera ?I that city If you should have occasion to visit Washington, let ma recommend Messrs. Bridgea', Mtichatii? Hotel to your notice; it is decidedly one ol ilie best houses south ot New ^ork Mr. 1? was lor merly one. ot the most exleimive merchants in ih> t cily, but subsnpiently known an .i partner ol the late David Dorreiice, of tlte 1 S Hotel. He is decidedly one ol the must gentlemanly landlords l have met since I lelt Boston. Truly yours, * ? The first cotillion party ol the seasou too a place on Tuesday night last Such .i display ol b< auty 1 have not before witnessed in this city. 1 will give you a lull account ol the next. Washington. [Correspondence ol the HeralJ J Washington, Sept. 20th, 1S44. James G. Binnktt, Esq? Dear Sir:? The Naval General Court Martial convened at the Navy Yard, in this city, on the 17th lust., ad journed yesterday to the "National Hoiel. ' Com modore Stewart, President; Members?Commo dores Downes, Nicholson, Read and Ridgely, Cap tains Gwinu and Latnmer; Robert Uuld, lvq., ? I Geoigetown, Judge Advocate. The investigation of ihe charges against Captain Newton, for negligence, resulting in the burnuu of the steam Irigate Missouii on the 26ill day ot Aegust, 18*1, while lying at Gibraltar. There are five specifications, princij ally charging with know ingly keeping spirits of turpentine belonging to ih engineer'edepartment, in uiasa vessels, to lie upon the deck of the si at board store-room, w hen im perfectly secured from rolling about, and where heavy ariieles and combustible materials were stored away. The investigation, I learn, in had ai the request of Capt. Newton, to whom little or no blame can be itisily attributed. Philip Hamilton, EfU , of New York, counsel tor Capt. N. The ex animation of a large number of witnessed will be had before the close ol the trial There are othercases thai will probably bt taken up immediately after the close of the present, thai will elicit an unusual degiee ol interest. Nothing particularly new, strauge or wondcrlul Dry as ever and no sigus ot ram. The National Jockey Club races commences 2d Tuesday of Oc ober, and continues lour da>s Fint l>'iy ?Sweepstakes for 3 years old, tub senpuon StiOO, forfeit $ 100? two mile heats, closed with ihfee Btihscribers. Smmd. Lay.?First race, people's purse, $100, mile heats?entrance 5 pel cent. Same ?Sa>, people's purse, #200, 2 mile heau?eulruuee 5 pei ?en\ird I'uy?The citizens' plate, the cost ot which #200, 2 mile heats, no eutrance, it beiug free for all hoihCB that may choose to stall agu e ably to the rules ot the Club. Fourth Day ?The Nutional Jockey Club purse, #350, 3 mile neats?entrance 5 percent. Respect!ully, ice. V. H. Indian Outranks.?Tne lollowing letter fur nisties an authentic account of outraged commit ted by a band of Sioux Indians, on a party ol American citizens?ol which we had some parti culars a lew days since_ ?Taavr.asic dm Sioux, Aug "J8, 1944.?Dour Sir .? It be come* my ilu'y to iulorm you that on Saturday evening l wu* lent for by Sleepy K.ves, a Dacotah chief, whose camp la uow at Swan Lake, about twenty rniias distant horn this place, to see an /iinirican who had coine lo them in very diitreised circumstancn 1 touno the young man reduced to the shadow ol a mail by luroin? and brought him home with me thin morning Hin name, he ??ys, is Notley Beiinett. Somw eight we. ks. or more, since he nays be ami two other young men started wi b a Mr. turner ol (ilasguw, .\1is?ouri, lo assiat in bringing a J rove of l< 4 cattle to the garrison, ot which jouhuv. the command He says thev c owed the St ralei . river between tbia and Petite Uochetle, thinking n to i? T.ii key liver, mid pursued a northwest course unto , thirteen ilava ago, when they were met by a party oi | Dacotah Indians, who, it naenn, were out on a wui ? xp ill'ion fro n Like Traverse. The result of thil meelil.* was, that they took from them their homes, guns, wone) and clothing to shirt and drawsm, vest and hnt; killed ono an<l Deal the remainder They killed also a numliei of the cattle-Bennett think* nine -the reinaind. r wer? rcattoied abroad Indiana Hitii* mouiituii tlitf hor?ef (1' their prisoner-and slain, and taking one ol the youn^ men went to bring back the cattle, but tin y did no' ?ucchpI th?* yo?n?K man bomff permitted to mak? p?* i ?-,;apu They then sent tlte s lid Bennett and 'I urner J on hiiraebsck, aftei the cattle, who soon lelt their hoife as unsble to tnml, aud made their etcape by the wnj which they hsd gone Bennett imjs ho travelled wiib Turnei four days, when they csme to h stream whirl. wn? too deep to wade; they were both then weak, hav.iu had nothing lo .at for three days Ta-ner could ?..! nwjm; Bennett attempted to swim with bun on bis back but could not succeed, and Turner, the owner ol the rat He was drowned; Bennett caine out alive. Two ev. uiutfH before this he bad seen the cattle not fur Horn. lb trail made when going, evidently comm* this way. 11 l? was two days after they made their escape Irom the in difins Turner wj* drownrd four day* thut vjfti After he 1?ft Turner Bennett travelled Bve or s>x days ?nd then cine in sight of the Indian lodges ol Sie?p> Eyes sad Others. Ho hesitsl. d whether to Ko to them ... not. but concluded it was only death; il he went not be must shortly die of lamine; and if he went, he suppo.ed I bey would kill him. He those the latter But they |. - reived and trcatet him ftf'er the manner cf the K<>od *.? maritan of the (ir. 8t Teacher " VVe learn that instnir tiens were sent from here on the 6ih ln<t.nt,loi thodrs eoons from Fort Atkinson, snd Ihe infantry lrom Fort Snelling, to march into the country ol the aisilona, to Jp prebend the murderets Terribm Storm -L ist nmht our Bniitml Sep tember gale en me in all its fury The wiud b.ev. in fitful and lurions blasts, ^riving before u a deluge ol ram Iro about one o'clock this morning, veennf m it, direct lull from N N K. to H H F. We dre.d to lieai ol its effects upon the cott. n crop, tearing they must he (li? ustioils U-Hides prostrating a lew I. nces and trees n. ether damage was done in this place, that we learn, tarther than the imroofing of the t ew blick building (al most completed ) belonging to George McMullen Hon.. ol the doors snd windows were not j ot in 1 he rool we ll at snd covi red with ttn.?Tallahat tr Smtinrl, Sr/it. 1" Dcstuctivk Conh.aqration in (TtTAPAi orrr ? < ai t. Kirwan,of the schooner TUom.n Hooper, ut B ilti more. from Antigni, reports that s Ilie broke out In II. - saicrre, Ouadaloupe on the 'ifl b August, and bsil i"'rn nearly all the town down, and was burning ?ml on th? m .rning of the J7ih. at the time the steamer l?U. Los. of pioperty said to be $l,0fln,on0 I'ersoiinl Wovemeiita. The lit moo rats of the First Congressional Distrirt in Michigan have unanimously rs nominated the Hon Robt. McClelland as theircsndldate for I'onirrt ss. Bi-hop Ilugliee arrived in PhiUtlelphiaon Fiidsy night last. DufTGreen pa*sed through ChnrlcBton on Thurs day Inst, on his way to Texas. Governor Porter lie-just returned to H-tmsbnrr, after a tour through the Northern counties oi the s.ate. The Hon. A. Stewart waa thrown from a tlage, in which he was riding, on Tuesday l??t, and corisiibr nhlyinjurid The Buffalo Whig County Convention held on Friday last, unanimously nomiiis'eil the Hon. w ? A. Motn t for re-election to < ti e lion, pseui Lit., of this rit\: loins T R> ol Tonawanda, anr. I'si'kisis Diwi t, ol F.vai.s, lor members of Assembly. Court t'nlemlnr?Tills Oay. CoMstoa Ti has Nos. in, pi, |(?a hu, 7, ||, 13, 17, t(t 3', 7"ciane.T Corai Nos. 4, #, 0, 7, 11, lfl, 19, 1?,91, J4, 'W ifl, 'jo, so, .tj, *a, M. I', H, Dial rlt 4 C'oort?In * ?lml . rlly. Belol e .1 Jdge Be"S Srr r Jnm'i Outwit y 'IN^ John Fi'lA e? Ihf i'i.ij .1r??s, hn Tnckl* fr - I'bis wa" hi. a. lion ol trespafs i recover damages lor alleged injury sustained b> tN owners of the sloop Hnckiail In consequence of h colli s on 'hat took place between the Burk'uil snd Argus, oi the North Kivtr, on 3Uth Jul) last. Stf|ierltir t'mirt. i Srsr. 33 ?The conit wus eng ge.I in hearing mollons | No decisions will be given until Msturday. Common Council. Buid'Oi Au'UMiN-Mouiliiy evening, Sept. 2S ? AJ dtniian HcHiruLi* i'lesident, in tbe chair Hnilw y on broaiiwoy?A pe.iuu'i liuui a number ol Citi zen* lur it ratlway iu liiua iway, wn rtlerretl tu the spe cial committee raised lor that purpose. iUi'y?r"? tuiiimuiiii vhutb? A uiuiiiiunicatiun from the May hi inking lul lilt' em.CWient ol HB ordinance tu en.* |lu) the inmates ul Ilii'Cil) |pII?o|i.- Kitciitd. Alderman Dicainso.v hop. J I lint tl.u (HIIIO committee would report tiji wanner in which the ki epei coulu ion 1*1 the iuniuKi ol the oily prison to pick oakum, ui be ? inpluyeu at any other latioi, as no pjwer ?*ilied ikcept oi or those com icted, and not one m one liunaitd ol tho inmates w i r? <lt laiiji d an r.onticm Rtmuvatij Lticvjmot.?A petition to remove the loco fuco in a1 c 11 lu.oi) ui tdth ktreet, u?k relet led Drfimnn Uulir< \ petition fn.m John F Driggi, keepertl UiNCkwt-HV lilutiil, tohuvebia duties di Bin d, lis ilia * tempts tu coiieci nili un . a'n.ev. libit* been uvil ruled by the t ominikeiomia ol ti < Amu House who be say* Kiiogatu po ? nk to themselves that the oidiuancea do not authotiie iin complaints cover lour pkgee of manuscript, noiwithktanoiiig whuhhe k-)k he has not time nor spat e tu mil odi.ce all tbu cVila that exist lb rough lIn/ it ion ol the Aim." HuUkti tumnukkiuneis IU the power to appoint und leuiovi-the dapbty Unpen, mid to impose *licli puiiikbnient a? In please? upsii n.n.coiy prisoners. Also, to order all supplna lor the ptieoneis, and tu have tin- ful coi trol ol ti ? whole i*l?hd, and not to be the mem inkti iimrut of tbo CuuimlMioneia. Tba petition woa relerre .1 to the Committee un Puiice. I'nvitig Ermnth Unc i ?A resolution to concur in paving hlevcnth meet Irom Avenue C to Diy Dock ?trin t t\ ing i/ Cannon.?The Committee on Law* reported ?n ordinance compelling uil cuniten to t*- li ed on the bat tery at the il g stfl, ana nowhere elke, and prohibiting nil cunnun tu he tirid in the 1'nik or at any other plkce iu the city below '1 wt-ntj-flr?t itreet, except on the 4h of July , nnili i u pinulty ol $iiu lor cucb ellince. Adopted unanimously. Caltlr During?A j>ctition aguinkt Uniting any cattle, theep or mWuii' iu the city below 14th ktrcet wo pit ?tHt ed, uinl an ordiunnce cuiryii.g out the view* ot thi-peti tion milking i! penal m tin- turn ot $.> lor each iOVi.ce, anil ;i like mini lor diiving any ol the above named am m.ilx below Milt stieit aller 3 o'clock, A. M , or belure 10 I'. M. A1 lerrran F.MMnwf oppORed the ordinance, ca he said theio hi re too many oidinancei rentucung tiadu and bu Hinen alri ady on our city ktutute book*. A1 lertnun H * * Hiioi'i k alko opposed the ordinance oa oneruiu tipon Jruvri* uiid dealeik in cattle, and C(intrat|r to the ?|>ii it ol the rhartei ol the cily a? tlie etieetk ?n? public ln^hu ay i, ind, therefore, no j enaltj cotild be im posed. He contended that it cat'lucutlid be ktopped be cauke In en wi i e i-i Bieumi.i kuciifictd by them, ulimitui ke?, catnap,?k ai.d liorkea could bii ktopped Ivr u e ttmti renson. Aid. Mii.lkr odvocatcd the ordinanCt', a* he thought the lives ot citizi Dk ilioulil I e poll ctet , and the lui | u(a Hon had power to S'lej t Mich at' oidn bnc< . Alilerniun G i_r. nai l that it was tie Cuitoin in Phila (1 Iphia and Bimton to carry hugn, cnlvea, and aheep through 'he ittieu in emtk, and cattle were not drirm in the day time The ontinaticn was adopted by a vote of 8 to fl No pel ion u lil, thetelorn, in Inline he till u ed to di iVe their ptgii or cows home if ihey u tide hi low I i'li Hi m t Jrncti ? A'i con.pi IIii ^ all en kidv I* ncn 'o be live b et bish, and ulno to pr< vei.t all per*onk tiom m covering damugi ? Hum cattle who do not keep their Knee* in good onler.?Adopti d. Sltgtt and Ommiu'. rt - The l.*w Cemmitter prner.te?l a it-port lelatne tu I'tarea and omuibiik en and an ordi nance to tbu f llewing ? tleoi: No omtubuti " khsli be driven ti?i>ter than ?ix rnili * an hour, or tlou i r than lour mtlm. The) >hallnot|a ? any coach gon g at tin iiiie of luiir iriiUk an hour, i.orktop without m co-fit) oi to taka un and put down a paasengt t They are not to ?top ? n my ciiis* walk, under a'y ol t>iU uoi nodnveru to look behind on a pek.aU) ol $>A. or take up a | i?i i ger on any kide e*ce| t the li^ht hand *ide, uniUr a pi natty of If,It' li contanik hi v? ial othi r lectiem, all of w Inch were adopted by a vole ol It to 4 l.iehmiK WiUiutH tlrtrl -A resolution to light William atreet * lib Ka?, ^ a* udopti d. Alto to light Kiai.klm ktiuet from litoadway to'Oiaiige street. Alderman Kiimim moved to t.mend, by compelling the company to light Bayaid ktreet Alderman t.ozzitsb >bid that the New Yoik Ona Light Company, who>? duty it um tu light the*? ktieetk uhere ni.iina were bud, endeavored to avoid that rent onkibilry, and tney alio impound upon the public iu tbi chatge tin j made lor their ^a* III-bad tin<t the gaa ol the Manhat tan < otnpany, and lonnd it much chtaptr and much bet ter than the othi r company. , The icgolti'ioti war a<lopted. and alko to light Pine it., and MrDongal liom Spring to 8 h ktreet. Sewer in Hin?mr Kr>il -A n solution to eonitruet ? aewer in Btoottie ktieet liom L.iUien* to Thompton, wm adopted. School lloutr in th* 4Ih M'nrd - A requent trt ni the Board of Kilucation, atking the Con.mon Coulcii to ap> limptiate money to erect the kchcol hotue in the 4th Ward, u il it leir< d Several other upolution.i were adopted and pajieri re feired to committees, when the Ho.ud adjourned. Court of Oyer ami lerlltiner. Srrt. 23.?Tuis < ouit wai cpei ul lor'bo term en yes terdfc. , by Judge,I'mmi *, and Haiakoct a and si himhui, when the lollouirg Urand Juty ?ire sworn Chaile* I' Blown, foreman ; Will am J Burrett, Jtmra It'iish, I honiaa Conollv, Joieph Kieiehu Join O. Klsher, ( hurln Htmter, Geot ge Mi niif, ,lan*k II Mi nan ger, Pe?i r Noktrand, Thomas S Hue Kichhrd h \* il liams, Chailes Wiltier, Uaac M. W alley, John S. Wil limns nnd llenty ^outg Haverel (Irand Juiois wt re excuked 111? Hd'or thua jddreined them Oeiitlenn n ol ih? Grand Jury - Vou here hp. td, ard doutitb'is liMent d attentively to the rath * hu h has juat li en a.lmini*!'red to you It contains a bin I Min mai y oi 'ho duti? k w hich devolve on you on the piekvnt occa-ii n; and presuming \ou are n.miliar w lib 'In ?e t tun >, I thali not tiespa-s long unon you ; a* from the state ot my heahh I wtil ad'fri'** btii fly 1 he law, however, riqtiires m? 'o bring your attention to ceitain law* at the Male, and tii st in relation to the law in u gard to lotteries in tht city uf New Vnik, where uim prnctir.e had prevailed In iorue 'Xtent. The time wa? when mch a piactici wan hotne with ; but it bus exercised a vny j emu lous li fiun.ce ia ?nrietv, and roi<11ibut? I largely to tbe fpnit ol gaa'Mjiig Pulilie opinion Iuin bowevi r. corteeiel an tvil which w a? *ii no t Mini d liy custom and tolerated by Inn , tut it ? ill he your duty, gentlemen, to pres nt every can in this rity in ? hi.'b this latv link bei n vioiaii d You ate al?o ri(|iitr?il to examine into all ca??a in relation to tiktiiy. I'he law in regmd to usury, uhutever n.ny be utir Opin ions on that law, our duty to?oclety cumpeli us to deal ivith till', oftei ce ano'dinx to law. be culls* it it be the .aw, our own opinions must not auction a n gU ct ol du t); il, then, in any hts'ance which conns befoio yen, in which moii' than 7 per cent inti re st is charged, y on mint .iretieut it to tne Orand Jury. I am also n quired t y the statute, in charge in i elm ton to the cake oi ? lectjot ?j e nd ?his ' i quiiea prompt action, it any instance has f ectirred, trid thi r? be a complaint satiety in* your minds that the law h.ii been violated in this rigard and a vote has been piirch.ix'i!, you muet de<al with it according to law. and ? vet v one "I i on will ..ct wit but | artixan leeling Parly si Kit must la- liiininhed Irum the juty laix, ar. I whether is liii r.ds or opponents, yuu will present in all Mich cartel you intiat | rescnl in relation to all vin> id tuns ol ihi*e laws, and whin prool comes before you, must lind u bill ; und you cannot hmr proof in regard to the scented; il en lurtber examination you deem r.erens.iry ti call in such proof, .t ii your duty to send for it; lor you mint not subject tiny pereoti innocent to be drawn mno eeutly neljre the public, provided you tie lully tairilied of such innocence; and while you will deal thus vibrant with tiRard to tbe innocent, you will d< al i qttaily as tetania tbe gtlilty, tl you be sal relied by the e vii'enc*; and in that c ise i|ii indii .nient mutt bi h.und You v ill aim bear in mtnd that m j our ih liberalir ni I welvi latikt sg: en un unnu'tihiy t.i author Ire y on to find en indictmr nt. 1 am ai>o 'ireclcd to tell you that 11 any dimlome is made in ri'latioti In the indictment which ? at b?- f. ru d, tha paity ko <dl'. ndii.K is guilty ot a tr r ? <*i n . at or Yott ?ro. gvntl men, all familialWilli yotit g. ni 'al dories and if any e|ii? stinn of law s' otil I nrr?e. in which y?u nt y te. quiieariy aid, tin District Attorney n ill ti pisnut and give you lb' required ai-n-t n< ? TheOrand liny he.n upon withdrew o the chamber ol the lb ard ot Assist*! Is. William Arm*lro*g. a poor lo?l<ii g man, s m here iilaccl at the t'?r aid -iiHgrnd forth, murder ol James i onoiy I v slal ai K h rn in r'-eaMomen wi'h a knifp, on the itl'hi.l .In;' lae'. i:t a hot>*? in the Ninth Word, 'torn winch day he languished until tl.a UO.h, <a hen ha ired ot the w ound. Mr iIassi 11. .?t conniel for the accarid, applie d for a postpone limit un' I next it rm The ( nt s r in reply a. i-i- le.t to the application, re (|tiirii g, a'the same tinae an aflidAvit to show ceuse ? (n t" e|y ti e nhietcaol a mate rial wi'-ne se ) F. W. I.iir le and tlutlrel K II Ltnde wet" I ? xt ptrt fur ward and arrhikin t lor ar <on - accused ol h> ihr i ngag'd in burning No J Lispenard etn?et, on the 9 h July On morion ?>( Counsel, the caie Hands adjourned over lo We Ineldsy next The calendar pteienta hut two cnsci The r smes of priors were tin n called, when twenty one <s ere fined in a ?iiin oi f J.Y The < eurt then adjourned, win n llit Honor opened the Circuit Court, There wai quite .? latxe attendance of t':e n . m '?e s cf the bai The calender is in.usually heavy, ? nd ennitltl of a Uige ntimhrr of postponed c ues, t he case ol J rm Mr ft ah vs f/e?n/ /h. '!? , "il the f'rlt called on This was an ac Ion initi'O'ed to recover poi i ssion ol ii lot in K--ex street and win tried st the last ter n ol this Court, an I In. y t ported in'he 'feio'r/ Il II; d that in ti e tflr lilt, the l.elr at liW who was n minor, wiis ant to Kiteopt , and liis gtiaiv Iran h't the prenn,-> m qui <? ion II." term, ho??v*r, r. l, s ; tf i" itf- " ' ? ? '' 'h* ui" le*. ?> r. to ro? i"trrr po?ei.??t< i' The sintiitr oi 'imitation* wie pleaded >r the di fel l * 'I he 11 it st la ? it tppeartd was never ,e?fd Irem and i' '" a'n ged that he died, 1 be plain'itfs ?|aim *" hfin at Ins f nnitnnii Plena. H lore liel*e lucrehnm. Ssri 'J1 ^ou ilay*i! It at il vs itnr.ut flTinii ? "This csrft <ss tried b lor', whi n a verdir.t w*< had lor delmdnnt. I'was an action to 'i'tsit d?m"B',s lor hre. ch ol cov itnt It appeared that the plamtilf wsiimpl"red one P 'oil MKrerme nt to act as c.letk for di (endai t Kot three nonths it m n* r?||<>ged, bo coreit tie d to ai I en fal?h et ihia .Hi?*s ment T he luurth month was pass* plin'iff con. ' nnin* to art in bii usual Cijvrlty of cleik nhenasep. I' i'intitoek plsce Action ? as hrotrght lo recovtr lor he lull amuunt of the year, f te> o A sealed vtrdiat iLlf torenoos.

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