Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 26, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 26, 1844 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. Vai. X., Mo. 308? Wholt No. 3860. NEW YORK. THURSDAY MORNING. SEPTEMBER 26. 1844. Prlci Two CtnU. THE NEW YORK HERALD. AGGREGATE CIRCULATION THIRTY-FIVE THOGSAND. THE G HEAT EST IN THE WORLD. To tlie Public. THE NKW YOKK HKRALD?Daily Newtpaper?pub lislvd ever,- day of tlie jf*r earcpt New Year't Day and Kourth ol July. Price U cent* pel copy-^>r $7 26 per auuom?jiottagea taiil?cash in sdviuice THK WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturday mormutc?price 6X cent* i*r copy, or $3 12 per annum?post ages i?id, cash iu advance. AUVERTISERS are informed that the circulation of the ll.-nUd i> over THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND, and increasing fat It has the iurgest circulation uj any paper in this city, or the world, ami, it, therefore, the best channel for business mm in the city or country. I'riCfi moderate?cash in advance. PRINTlNGof all kinds executed at the most moderate in or, tnd iu the inset elegant atyle. JAMES GORDON BENNETT. PHOI-lllLTOIl OV THK HkHAU) EtT4BUSHMKNT, Northwest enruer of Kullou and Nassau street*. FOR ALBANY-HOUR CHAN?EL>. j&H The Steamboats KNIt K ER BOi KKH and KtM.Ht.M'Kli will, ou and alter *;ond-?y ifteruoon, Sept. 16th, (rave at ti o'clock iustemd lumwlote. all tfrc pr^KK H.KUUCEU. KOH CROTONVILLE. SING SING. TARRYTOWN. <?* IR'MNO. W ILTSIE'S lJoCK, HASTINGS ?*?* A N lJ \ ONKERS.?Ou and after Saturday. ZMSLmmmjSSmJK? Aujf list 3Ut, IWI, the tew and substantial ?U-'iuiiKjot WASHINGTON IRVING, Cain Hiram Tuthill, will leave the foot of Chamber street MS the above placra, (Lilly at 3 I'. M.. Sunday excepted. Returning, will laase Crotonville a' B>i, 4iia iiiu; Sing ai7 o'clock A. M., landing at tlie foot of Hammond *OMt eavli way. t or ixisagit or freight, apply ou board, or to STEPHEN B. TOM ('KINS. 1U3 West street. ?3rc I'LEA&ANl A.N D OHfcAf t.ACUtislUiVa. SUMMER JiRHJiNOKMKNT. NEW BRIGHTON, PORT RICHMOND. (STATE N ISLAND,) AND NEW YORK KERRY. From 1'ier No. 1, North River, foot of Battery I'lace. Tlie Steamboat CINDERELLA, w naiu ? lollmvs, Daily, from May 20th to OfctrJw 1841 I?Leave* New York af9and 11 o'cloMi, A. Al., at t>j, ti anvil P. M. Leaves Port Kicnuioud, at 20 minutes to 3, and 10 minute* to 10 'V. M.; hi I, 1W and Ufa I'. M. Leave* New Uimhtou at 8 and 10 A. M.; ai IX, 1 and 7J< P. M. Ou Sunday?Leave* New York, at 9 and 11 A. M.; at 3, G and 8 IV M. I.eaves Port Richmond, at !W minate* to 8 and IU A.M; at I. 5 and 7J4 P- M. New York, May 18, !8-ti. mvll6m*rc rtuotL.E a Hi.\E of STK.. MB^juXia FOR ALBANY. DAILY, Sunday* excepted?Through direct, ? at f P.M., froDi he Steamboat Pier between ?< ourtlaudt and Liberty *trret*. lib au-aniuoet KNICKERBOCKER, Captain A. P. St. Joiui, Monday, Wednesday aud hridny Evening* at 6. Tlw Steajnt'oat ROCHESTER, Captain A. Houghton, ou Tiwaday, Thursday and Saturday Evening*, at 6. At Kive o'clock, P. M.?Lauding at Intermediate Places. The Steamboat COLUMBIA, Captaiu William H. Peck, Mouday, Wedutsday, and Friday and Sunday Afternoon*, uc'?o'clock. The Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Captain R. O. Crru fr-mleu, lucsday, Thursday and Saturday Afternoon*, at 6 o'clock. Pun-tigers taking either of the above line* will arrive in Alliauy in ample time to take the Morning Train of Car* foi the ..til or weal. The boat* are new and substantial, are fur nished Willi uew and ulegant *Ute room*, and for speed aud ac commodations, are unrivalled on the Hudson. All person* are forbid trusting any of the Steamboats of this line, ?ithout a written order from the Captaiu. Kor in.ij.ige or Uviglit, apply on board, or to P|C. Schnltz, &t the Office on t!ie_wluuf ?Zirc ~HOUR CHANGED TO 8LX O'CLOCK, P. M.?On aud after Monday, Sept. IBth, ItMt, _ the Night Line to ALBANY AND TROY win ciia...K-? uie hour ol deiurture from 7 to G o'clock. P. M., and will I uid at Pougltkevptie during ilie great Fair and Cattle Show. Fare 76 cent* only to Poughkeepiie. The steamer SWALLOW, Capt. A. McLean, Monday 16th, and VVV<lun?il ?y, I8ih. The sti'amer ALB^VNY, Captain R. B. Maty, Tin-id ty, 17th, Thursday, 19th, at 6 o'clock, from Cort land) slMlt |lr>. ^ioruiug i.iii?, nt 7 o'clock, from Barclay street pier, the Tlli.iV m.d E .i. IRE. Dun. k :.,e great Fair and Catile Show, Tuesday, 17th, V. ediie diy, luih, and Thursday, IBth, will reduce the fare t< 7ii:eau to ami from l'ougakeepkie and New York. *12 rOSL BATH, UiUELDINER AND HALLOWELL. .'J'lie iii-w iUHmer PENOBSCOT, Ca;>taui fhtiyfN. Kiini>all, tenvm tlMirud of T wharf, Boston, wj?L.H'*> Tuesday a:d Kriday eveuinus, at & o clunk Si ;>r. will be iu r?uU'ir?i on her arrival at tlie nbovir plaei -i. it. ro'ivee (t-iiwtifcwro t/, tUe n?i piHorint fivwu-. KALI. AND WINTER ARRANGEMENT, wAUK ? iVI) NEW ir'OHK KAHF. ONLY Mi t.ENTH. THE N W \N n SWIFT STEAX.ER RAINBOW, CAKTaIN JOHN GAFFY. ON and af'ar Heptemlwr 10th will ran daily, ? ,i? follow* (Suud*)* inclndiul):?l^ave New ?Hik, foot ol Centre street, 8 o'clock A. M.? Leava New \ ork, foot of Barclay itreat, 3 o'clock P. M. *H nr K)l< LIVERPOOL?Th? well tnowu fast sailing ? packet *hip SOUTHERNER, 750 ton*, T. D. Palmer, i ri i*t< r, w ill hsve inimeiliaiti dn, atch. For fraight ul .iu Iu cutum ur bulk theieof, or pu?age, luting vnry good cf' ininod itioim, aj>piy to tlw Ctputn, on board, I'iar 13 E. R. or to slu ec _ WOODHULL k M1NTURNS, 87_South ?t. *>? FOR BELIZE,"HONDURAS.?Brig JOHN K hk^JPVGAHLDNEH, Jam?M Pedersau, matter, will hav? de* I Ti ilfUi -atch lor the above port. 1- i ... ighior passage, having superior accommodations, apply to the Cai lam on board, or to F. ALEXANDER, (SI lw*m 28 South it. NKW LINE OF PACKETS FOR LIVERPOOL ??Packet of 2f>th Sept.?The splendid and favorite Bl'^rket Ship SHl-.niDAN, 1000 tons burtlieu, ( apuiu .v. lJ. iieyslai, will tail on Tuesday, Sept. 26th, her regular day. lY.sons wisbiug to secure berths should not fail to make early application en board, foul of Wall street, or to W. ?t J. T. TAPSCOTT, At their G?n?ral Posiage Office, 76 South straat, comer Maiden Lane. The elugant packet sliiii Rochester, will succeed tlie SliM-idan, and ????.i ou the 21st Oetolier, her regular day. s2lm PACKET FOR HAVRE (Second Line).?The ~W|> ST. NICHOLAS, Jolm B Pell, M-ster, will SI on the 1st of October. height, or pa?s*ge, apply to BOY1I Ik HINCK1N, No. 9'1'outine Building, ' 'nrn*' W 'II ami H it tertitrveta tt- OLD ESTABLISHED 1'ACKt.T ? South Street?Pans age to aud from Gieat ISritaiu and (Ireland, via Liverpool. I'.iMAge can at all times be , i.? .. .1 tlie lowest rarc?, to and from Liverpool, by the regu lar packet ships sailing under the new arrangement every lew ?lays, ami droits can as u n tl ! e furnished for any amount, paya lil' at the .National and Provincial Bank, Ireland, and their br niches, and riiroiighout the United Kingdom, as well as at all tlie principal banking institutions in England, Scotland and W ilej, w ithout discount or aiiy other charges. For further par ticulars, if by letter, pott l?iil, apply to slec JOHN HERDMAN, 61 South st kor Havana" from Philadelphia. Tlw A. 1. ftuit-*ailiiig packet barque ELIZABETH ? J., Joliu S. Remington, matter, will tail po*ltively on al2'h Oc ober. l or Height or passage, having suiierior furnished accommo dations, a large aud commodious cabin, with rwelve state rooms, apply to JOHN F. OIIL It SON, sl7 3w /Aco 101 South Wharve?, Philadelphia. FOR'NEW ORLEANS.?DiMtT/-The steam ? ship ALABAMA, 700 tou* burthen, Henry Wiudle, I'unrnwniler will sail lor the above port ou the 15th Octooi i nest, at ? a clock. This splendid and remarkably staunch tteirner has been thoroughly overhauled tlie present summer newly coptwred, and is furnished with * powerful set of new lloileo. inaue at the Novelty Works of ihitcity. Sue is ei|iected to mal,? tlie run to the Bsli/e with ease in tlx days; and having handsome and comfortable accommodations, tor both ca'.m and steerage pu*seiigers. offers an unusually desirable conveyance to the travelling community. F'or light freight oi pa** me. apply to G. .V1ERLE, si!) U)l5o*rc 266 h rout St. FOR LIVERPOOL.?The packet ship SHERI tJfyJPV DAN.f 'apt. De;<*y?ter. sails on the 26th inst , anil the f '"T 'AMBRIDGE, Capt. Bars tow. sails on l?i < . :r, it being their regular days of suiljiig. For pissage, having splendid accommodations, apply to ?2j ec J. HERDMAN, 61 South strxt. K(JR LIVERl'OOL?The New^Line?Riigalar ? Packet 21st Oclnlwr ?The sul*fcor fast tailing i*ck r-* slun RO' IIKSTKR, >00 tons burthern, Captain ./ill tail at above, her regular day. Kor fn ight or pas-..go, having rleguit and spacious uccommo datioiis, ipply on board, west side Burling Slip or to WOODHULL fcMiNTORNS, 87 Soutli stwet. Price of i*as*agr t|00. '1 he iiacket tluii Hottinse.ur, Captain Ira Burtley, matter, 1050 tou* burthen, will suci wd tlie ILichester, and tail ou her regu I ir day, 21*1 October. *22 ec OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. j*> m JR ^^Tu^Old Line oM^acliets for Live^Ioo^will liereaReM>ne^ *| .ilched in tlie following order, esce|>tiiig that when the sailing dayaaHs ou Suuday, tlw shi|is will sail ou the succtvtliug day, v./.. . .. ? From Areiu York. t\om Liverpool. Ihe.CAMBRI DOE, (.June 1 July Ui Sj(l mns, < Oct. I Nov. 16 'VV. C. Barstow.f Keb. I Alar. 16 Tl* ENGLAND, vJune H Dec. 1 751 tons, < Oct. 16 Dec. 1 S. Barllett, (Keb. 16 April | The OXFORD, (July I Ang. It 8?o tons, < Nev. I Dec. 16 J. Rath hone, ( March I April 16 The MONTEZUMA, Uuly IS Sept. | IdfiO tons, \ Nor. IS Jan. I A. B. Lowlier, ( March 16 May I The.F.UROPE, v Aug. I Sept. 16 618tnns, < Dec. 1 Jan. 16 E. G. Knrber,f April I May 16 The'NF.W YORK, (i*w.) tAug. 16 Oct. 1 PiO tons, < Dec. 16 Feb. I T. B. (Cropper, f April 16 June I ThiTOLUMBUS, i Sept. 1 Oct. 18 7u0lous. <Jan. I Feb. 16 G. A. Cole, f May I June 16 Tlie:YORKSHIRE, (new,) v Sept. 16 Nov. I UtiO tons. Jan. 16 March I D. O. Ilailey. r May 16 July I The* Shi|ia are not surti*ssei| in point of elegance or comfort in their caitin *? coiuinoilatiori*, oi in their fo*t sailuig (iualiln? bv ?-viels in the trade. The commands* are well known a* men of characteijand ei|ierieiiue, ami tlie strictest attention will always be paid to promote liie c omfort aud convenience of passengers. Punctuality, a* regards tlie day ol staling, will be observed as heretofore. 'J h? price of postage outward is now fn*d at One Hundred Doilais, for which ample stores of every description, will I* ?noviiled. with the exception of wines nad li<|uort, which wil l? for Ii*he#l hy the Stewards, ifr?iiiir"d. .N.-ijliir the captMU or owners ot tliear Shi|i* wiH ha respon sible (>r any letim, parcels, or jwekages sent by them unlws r??o|*rb|lls af lading are siguad tlieiefor. Kar fraight ar |<aa JDHU BRITISH AND N??'hW'8AN KOYAL MA1L Of 1200 too* arid 440 horie nawer each.? Under contnct with ihe Loida of llie Ad] miralty. JINIA, Captain Aleaander Ryrie, CDUNIA Captain Edward U Lott. ' IA^ Captain WHIiam Harrison. k N!! IA Captain John Hew in. 1BR.I A. .......Captaiu C. H. E. Judkim. Will-anil from Liverpool and Boston, via. Hulfas, u followi: Krcun B'.ton. From Liverpool. Caledonia, Lott Auk ml 16th. ? Acadia. Harrison... Sept. lit. August 4i)l Hiberuia, Ryrie " 16th. 20th. Tina* vwcl* carry experienced surgeoci, and an si4vli'J with Ltfe Boats. Kor freight or paasife, apply In ?J. it ill OH AM, Jum., Agent, r.ii'irc No. J W?ll airMl. FOR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. The Royal Mail Steamers BRITANNIA and CALEDONIA. will Wave Boston, for Lite above porta, aa follow a BHIf'VNNIA.J Hewitt,, Commander. Tuesday. Oct. 1. CALEDOMAi E. G. LottTjLaq-, " W'eJnesday, " 16. Patsage to Liven-ool $120. Passage to llalifal ,. ... 20. Apply to D. BR1GHA.M, Jr., Agent, ?2lm 3_Wjtill street^ FOR CHARLESTON, KEY WEST, HAVANA, AND NEW ORLEANS. To Sail o* SsTl'kusT. UlM Octoik, at 4 o'clock, P. M. ^ - - The elegant well known favorite Steamship INK W l ORK, John T. Waght, Goinman ,der, will positively anil as above. Th? ut?r lina oaeii overh mini, and put in com ?plete <?rder for tin* season, and noe*i>en?e has been spared to make her every way complete?Ins large and airy s'ate-rooius, every way adapted for the comfort of passengers.? She rarries sufficient furl from lwn* for the voyage, and will not atop at thr intermedial* porta only to land her passengers. Kor passage, apply to Capt. Wright ou board at foot of 9lh at., E. R , near Dry Dock, or to A. HUBBARD k GO. aeiaim'rrc 87 l'eck Slip. steam sliTF Poli new Orleans ? ?Direct?To sail positively on the 5th Oct. The splendid stemn ship ALABAMA, Captain Henry Windle, 70U torn burthen, ? will be despatched inui'tuilly aa above. Thia fine and powerful ship has very recently bad thorough overhaul ing? hii been newly coppered and supplied with a set of new boilers, made in the city of New lork. She is in every way calculated to give comfort to ca'dn, second cabin and steerage passengers. Those about proceeding to the above port, should M-e toe accommodations and secure bertlia without tail, as a limited number only can be. taken. Kor particulars, apply ou board, or to W. St J. 1'. TAPSCOIT, sjOec 76 Sontli street, corner Maiden Lane. 1841.1 THE NEW STEAMBOAT [184*. EMPIRE. CAPTAIN 0. HOWE. r Will leave BUFFALO liar CHICAGO. I on Kill DA T, 23d ot August, at 7 P. M., anu perform her trips regularly during .'the sea (son, as follows UP. DOWN. leaves buffalo. leaves chicaoo. ~ " 1 Saturday, Aug.23...at9 A. M Kridur Aug. 23,... at 7 P. M. Saturday, Ifep. 7,... at do Monday, Sept. 16... at do fu, ? " ? uesd.iy, Oct. 1... at do Wednesday, " 16... at do Thursday "31... at do vlouday, " 23... at do Tuesday, Oct. 8... at do Wednesday. " 23... at do -- Pliursday, liov.7... at do Friday, Nov. 14,.. at do The H.VJTIRK is 260 feet in length, 32 feel 8 inches beam, 14 feet 2 inches hold, measuring 1220 tons, and is the largest steam boat afloat in nil aud waters. Engine 600 horsepower, boilere provided with Evan's Pataut Safety Valves, to prevent Uie possi bility of an eiplosion. , , .. The Cabin is 230 feet long, with separate Saloons for Ladies uid livntlrmeu?spacious State Rooms estend tlie whole length. rentiUbid by doors opening from the inside aud out, and all parts of the boat ap finished and famished in a style unequalled oy any other in the worliV Ample accommodations fur Steer ige Passengers, iu four large well ventilated Cabins, eue of which s appropriated exclusively to females. Trie boat is provided with a good band of mnsic. Wilkiki, Marsh It Ca., Buffalo,) H. Norton 6l Ca., Chicago, > Agents. J. N. Eldkht. Detroit. J D. N. BARNEY, It CO.. Aagitst 1, 1844. Cleveland. au8tonvlrc ? TO THE TRAVELLING PUBLIC. rji&SEXGER JMtL/lNGEMENT FOR IS44. The Subscriliers having completed their arrangements, are now prepared to bring out passengers from Great Britain and Ireland by the following first class Packet Ships, one of whieh will leave Liverpool on the 1st, 6th, iltli, 16th, 21st and 28th of each month. .... Patrick Henry, New York, Sheridan, Virginia, Liverpool, Cambridge, Monteruma, Sidilons, <?eo. Washington, Hottingoar, Columbus, United States, Rincins, Ashburton, England, Euro|>e, Stephen Whitney, Rochester, Indweiidence, Yorkshire, Oarriclt, Samnel llicks, Queen of the West, Oxford. f'ertilicste* of pn???me can lie obtained, and every information wil| de given to thiiee ke.udiiK for their t;?J., ?<u appli??ttr>n at either ofoor Officaa. , , 'X'hi y will also be prejiarrd, on the opening of navigation, to forward pasiaitgars and thair luggage U> Albany and 1 roy, ana via Erie Canal to Bu(falowaud all intermediate places. To all porta of the Upper Lakes. _. , Via Oswegn to Toronto, Port Hape, Cobnrg, Kingston, and all parts of Canada Weat. _ , , _ , _ , Hrom Troy via Whltahall to Montreal and Quebec, Canada East via Ohio Canal from Cleveland to Portsmouth, Oluciu uati and intermediate places. ? South Weat via Philadelphia to Pittshnrg, Cincinnati Lonn ville, and all parts ou the Ohio River to St. Louis, Mo.; and to all tiarta of Oliio, Michigau, Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin Tarritory. REMITTANCES. . For theaccammodntion of |>ersons wishing to send money to their frkaids in the Old Country. HARNDEN It CO. will giw> dmtU oa any part of K.ngland, Sco^and or Ireland, payable at?ii;ht, for sums of Jil, ii, *20, to or in aay amount to suit the purchaser. OKKICES AND AGENTS. Charles Crafl, 120 State street, Boston. B. W. \V1i?eier, Union Building, Providence, R. I. J. W. Mills, 3 Wall street, and 16 Front slinet. New York. N. G. Howard, 43 South Third straet, Bhiladelphia. Sandford it Shoemaker, 7 Light stri?t, Baltimore. Md., Pittsburgh, Pa. L. S. Littlejohn, tl Exchange, Albany, N. Y. S. Clark, IS# River street, Troy, N. Y. Utica, N. Y. W.'A. Cook, Syracuse, N. Y. Rochester, N. Y. W. H. Cook, Buffalo, N. Y. H. Fitzhugh kCo., Oswego, N. Y. mai>c HARNDEN It CO. CENTRAL RAIL ROAD, FROM SAVANNAH TO MACON, GEORGIA. THI9 ROAD i* in ojwrarion Hailv (Suotlay? eicepted.) for TnumpurUtion of Pawners and Kn*ight. New and comforta ble Paawiaers Car? have N^4i ri?ceotly placed on th? road, and the disuuce (190 inile?.) ii run from 6 A. M. to 6 I. M., with Kivat regularity. The Company has alto a number or Burthen Can, and i? prepared to carry with despatch, all itoodi nud pro duce which may otfer. Good? consigned to the < ompany'i A^ent in Savannah, will be received and for warded, free otcom mufion for forwarding, Provided a sum in ca*h, ?ufficiaiit to pay ship and rond freight and ch'tms i? dt?i?o?ited with the ''oinpa uy on arrival of the goods. Ine steamers OEN^ CLINCH and CHARLESTON, ownad and commanded by Cartains Brooks and Barden, run betwneu Charleston and Savannah, in connec tion with the Road. A Steamer leaves each city on 1 uesdays, Thur.davs and Saturdays, and the Line, it is?x|>ected, will soon run daily. Passeugers travelling South will lwive Charleston at 9 A M.. immediaiely after the arrival of the Wilmington steam er-reach Savannah by 8 P.M. same diy, and take the cars from Macou at 6 o'clook the following morning. By this route there is less staying thin on any otlier to Montgomery. and ilia fare is as low. E. 1.AF1TTE, Agent for the.Line; in Charleston. Tl. R. CUVLER, President. THOMAS PURSE, Geneial Sn|ieriutendent. Savannah, August, 1844. s5 lmrc fcjnp- FOR LIVERPOOL?Regular Packet of the 26th nJHPWof Sept.?The first class, last sailing regular packet jMB|pb?hip SH I*' HI DAN, CapUin Deiwyster, will sail as abovVTher re^nlar day. , , Having very superior accommodations for cabin, second cabin *nd ifeenyje pa*?en??*r?, i>enion? intending to embark, ?houId make immediate application ou hoard, foot of Maiden lane, or to JOSkarii McMllKKAi, 100 Pine street, corner of Bouth atretC. Tlie above will be ?ucc.wde<l by the ticket fhip Patrick llnnry, Captain Delano, and sail on the 6th October, he: reg ular tlay# m ? KOH LIVKRPOOL? New Line-Regular Packet of ?th H^pt.?^The splendid fast sail tug Pscket Hhip SWKill UAaN, C;aotaiii K. A. De Peyiter, of 1000 tous, will *sil an above, her regular day. Kor fiviuht or passage, having accommodations an?Ninalled for splendor or comfort, apply on board at Orleaus wliarf, foot o' vv a" ,tn*1' ?r l" E. K. COLLINS k CO, S6 South stmt. Price of Passage, $100. . , Shippers by this line may rely upon having their good* cor rectly measured, aud that the ship* of this line will sail punc tually as advertised. The packet ship Garrick, Capt. B. J. H. Trask, will succeed tie H hen dan. and sail ai.ih Octohar. her regular day. s24rc FRENCH CHINA. REMOVED TO NO. 66 LIHEUTY STREET, (UP STAIRS.) ADALESME, Import* aud Agent for Manufacturers, has . always on hand a larite assortment of diuiier and tea sets, in nlnin white and gilt French Porcelain, as well as Dinnvr and DfS rrt Pl*t? of\ll si?, assorted liisUes, Soup 'Ijireens Covered Disbea, Salad Bowla, I'm it Baskeu, Cnstarda and /??'?' Fancy Tm Sets, and Rich Decorated Dinner Seta. Ah". Tea Mil tjhocolate Ware. Greek, *rench aud America* "'All the artlclea are warranted of Uie beat quality, and to be told on li!<eral trims, and iu loU to snit purchasers. sit fim-ee __________ CLIKEHUGH'S TK ICOPH KKOUS. CAUTION TO THE PUBLIC. . A vil? and spuii'.us imna-ion of heahjve irti-lail A advertised and sold at .'i0 cents. Many W'ea and gentle men have nmcliased it under;the impression that u was ii tine, and hav had their hair entirely destrBjedbfiMnie. To assist the deception, Clirehimh s advertiiement, bottle la Ih-Is, and testimonials with forge t names to them, are copied ai't lined s ? as to give the outward appearance ol the original. The only safeguaid against such an infamous imposture is to observe tl?.?t the original and genuine t?u Le; ters I atent, o tlie U. S." stamped, aad the name of the Pat nti** vrtitten on tn outside wrapper pretiared i y ' lirehngh, Hair ( niter, 205 Broad way. Price ii and $3 a bottle. Observe the address. ?it3t?m _ IRON SAFES"AND MONtY CI!EST9-The subscriber 1 Iteejis constantly on hand an assortment of second hand ?ile?, ofsandrv makers, for ssl* at less than "lie half ?f hrst co?t. iSnch as have bean taken in part payment for W ihler s I atent Salamander Safea. These Hates ( Wilder's) have never laded to pivaerve the contents in case of fire?ihey are all now made arv, snd warrauted fiee from dampness?and can only be hadol tha subscriber and hi. a?.Kbri?ed .&h h^h ki\(), ,2, |wrc I HO Water sintt. New York. MAR'l'hLLb vY. HULUKRMaNN, ;i7 Maiden Lane, N. Y. MANUFACTURERS and importera of Ornamental Hair Work, Wiii.Tnnpees Haiids, Curls, Heams, Bandeaa Hair, .ad anaw style ofaverlaetmg Cnrls, and all kinds of hair works, s?lm?r(i ? Sew Oilcan*. [Correspondence of the Herald ] New Orleans, Sept. 15, 1B44. Politics?Danger oj the Whigs?Locofoco Enthu tiatm?Cotton UptxtiLiont oj the British Consul? Hoteh, ire fyr. Jamks Gordon Bennett : Dear Sir I have been much pleased with your last weeklies, on seeing how you are disposed to treat the two great particular parties. Their organs nre too depraved, as you veryfiustly say; and until there is aa improvement in the tone of the press, we can expcct nothing but lies, blood-shed, riot and diserd-r. With us, every indication shows the feeliug which will be manifested at the Presi dential election, and without some mutual under standing is arrived atbetween,coon*and locofocos, relative to the Elliott votes, there will be much to regret by both parties. At this time (although an American resident in the city for twenty years,) politics run higher than I have evsr set n them. Young Hickory Clubs have been established in every ward in the city; Clay Clubs, Junior Clay Clubs, and whig head quarters are seen in every direction ; and for the last week, to judge of the manifestations made, the democrats must be receiving large accessions to their numbers? and this does not at all surprise me, when 1 reflect upon the acquisition of Texas, which question is swallowing every other one up, and so great is the contagion here and in Missis sippi that every one is receiving a touch, and should it continue to spread, Henry Clay's chance for Louisiana will be desperate. The Cumanche noney (for such is Texas now recognized,) with Polk astride, reining in the little seed, is a device the locos have lately got up here, while far behind is seen a Mexican mule braying and kicking up behind, while Henry Clay is coaxing the animal ahead! Betting of course is all the rags, and, un fortunately, the wbigs have been too enthusiastic, which the democrats have taken advantage of; and thone who, a month ago, would bet Jim Polk wouldn't get one hundred electoral votes, are now uneasy in betting upon the grand result. This en thusiasm amongst the locos is attributed to the declarations which we daily get from the Empire State ; and since honest Silas has consented to run for your Governor, the thing is given up ; and there is no doubt bat, with James Buchanan in Pennsylvania aided by Shunk, and Silas Wright in New York, that their influence will deleat Henry Clay's election?and as you very correctly suy, New York State guides the Union. Down her*, Polk is considered already eiected. But enough of politics?dam politics. Our bus.ness season is now actively approaching. The new crop is arriving very rapidly, and the re ceipts to date are already over fifteen thousand bales; what few buyers from Spain, Mexico aud France who are now in market, kaow not what to offer; aud our factors, guided by a blind zeal, think belter prices must be had after this month; in this, however, they are very wrong, and th? y who make the first sales will find they are the best?particularly as our royal neighbor the British Consul will not be in the market. By the bye, speaking of the Consul of Her Britanic Majesty for the port of New Orleans?are you posted up, rela tive to his operations 1 We are now so far advanced in September that we do not apprehend sickness, consequently our merchants, dealers and landlords are busy fixing up, and if we are to judge by what our friends say north, we are to have more.people in New Orleans than at any former period. Say to Mudge, of the St. Charles Hotel, that it is time he was on the spot, as without bim the St. Charles will very soon be forgotten. Old Hewlet (the greatest man, al ways excepting John R. Grimes,) has now the run, anil keeps a table not surpassed by Stetson.? Madam Hawley, of the St. Louis, which is the cleanest and most convenient house is the city, is making great improvements, and our Club House, ah, don't forget that?say to the boys about town, Jiui San Up. Pete arid Sorrel come up every evening. Now, Mr. Benuett, I have given you all the scandal (and you may rely upon it) I can now think of, but should you think favorable of this I will again honor you. Until then, I am decidedly the Major. Albany. [Correipondenceof the Herald.] Albany, Sept. 23,1044. 'Die Ilerald?The Whigs in a Fiutter?Their Cause in Bad I lands?Whig Edicts do not understand Human'Nature?/jack Nervt?They Hold Trump Cards?How to play them?Advice of a Whig. That is a tall heading. Although you do up such matters right, please excuse me for writing my own. Bennett, there is no getting past it, you are the fastest editor in the new or old world?spicy, droll, and original, the Herald is always interest ing, and exerts a tremendous influence in the capi tal city. It is eagerly sought, read, and quoted by every body?the editor d?d and patronized. Your last week's cogitaticns on the whig prospects, and your vivid account and representation of the great locofoco mass meeting in New York, threw our whig politicians into a perfect fever. They com fort themselves, however, with the belief that Wright will run bad in the southern tier of coun ties, in consequence of his hostility to internal im provements?and that the "defected district" will <o with a rush for Fillmore, and especially by the great numbers and enthusiasm manifested at the Mum Conventions at Kinderhook, and on the bat tle {ground at Bene's Heights, which keep their spirits up; both parties are doing all they know. The excitement is encreasing daily; solid argu ments are freely used, such as clubs, stones, arid money. Your remarks on the inefficiency of whig cerpa editorial is strikingly true, and is beiieved by all men who have " travelled," and conclusively proves that you are a politician in the true sense of the term. The locos here swear you are a whig, and the whigs swear you are the worst kind of a loco. I am a whig, and say with all my heart, go ahead, Bennett; only keep up the light for both parties to steer by. Its necessary to have a faithful and tearless sentinel,who has the moral courage to tell us how goes the tight. If you will allow me, I will give our party a little seasonable advice. Ot cenrse. yeu will not be re sponsible for its morality. II it is whiggish,let some loco have an opportunity to kill it. I go for free trade, as far as discussion is concerned. 1 weald advise the whigs to abandon these long, windy ar gument* about the difference in the price of cottons. All intelligent men understand them, and those who do not cannot be operated upon, tiniest by more easily digested facts or fiction. The whigs all kaow ihat we are to have, if Mr Clay i* elected, a United States Bank. If it i? not true, the loco* all believe it This is made a bug-hear by the loco foco press and orators, and tells against us; whereas in skilful hand.', it would be an excellent card.? There is nothing more easy to demonstrate than, it we had a branch of a U. S. Bank in Wall street, with a capital of $5,000,000, and another in State etreet, with a capital of $2,000,000, that it would use up our aristocrats and bank monopolies, make the price ol money low, and raise the price ot labor and produce; and, instead of of the miserable pittance our workmen now ob tain, they would command the eld prices, eight and ten shillings for common laborers , fourteen to twenty for mechanic*. It is only a fair compensa tion a bank would give them, and such a doctrine would fiud thousands of converts. The Irishmen should be reminded that the locos stored the canal* and railroads, and turned them out of employment, and that the whigs are in favor of resuming the works and setting them lo work again, which would draw off the surplus laborers from New York city and raise the price of the labor of those remaining. There are great number* of whigs, too, that give money freely for electioneering pur poses, who are too lazy or careless to see that it is properly applied. Tney are above electioneering and their money goea into the pocket* ot the few instead of circulating They should expend their money themselves. How many vote* can be bought in New York city with a present of a barrel of flour or the rent of a room for a month! Thou sands. How many votes can be secured in each school district in the State, that is now against usl Five, at least. Where is the whig in business, or the farmer that cannot obtain one votel Itiseas ly lone. The locos understand these tilings better than we do. Belonging to that party formerly, 1 "know the ro|?es." and this is the grand secret of their success. The whigs make grand public parades, the locoe individual exertion*. Whig*, Joyoutukel Money and promises oi money,work wonder* Then act yourself, and fork over, and ihe day and victory is ours. Moralist. The Droiiqht and thi Factories. In conee |tt?nee ot the drought, the factoriri at Amsnbury m.t 8?li?buty f Mum) have t*en oumpells<t to *<up?ni1 operation* altogether We havs heard that tuch la the dim in several other plate* Is that *eeUo? ELECTION RETURNS, From 1U36 to 1844. Popt'LAft Vote ronlfitciiDCNT iw 1836. Statu. Harriton. (MMTM. Maine. 15,239 *2,990 New Hampshire 6,228 20,697 Mutubtk'lli 42,247 34,474 Connecticut 1?,749 19,291 Khode Island 2,710 3.9t>4 Vrrmuut 20,996 14,039 New York 131.441 166,815 New Jeney 26,137 25.592 I'enns} Ivauia 87,111 91.475 Delaware 4,733 4,153 Maryland *5,852 22,2?8 Virgiula 23,4611 30,261 Ohio,.. 1111,404 96,948 Kentucky, 36,687 33,025 North Carolina 23,626 26,910 South Carolina (Chosen hint' r? by Lagislatuin.) Georgia 24.930 22,126 Alabama, 16,612 20,506 Indiana 41,28 1 32.780 Illinois, 14.292 17,275 Michigan, 4,072 7,332 Mississippi 9,688 9.979 Tennessee 35,962 26,120 Louiaiaua 3 383 3,653 Miuouri 8,337 10,995 Arkansas 1.238 2,4tiO Total iu twenty-five State*. 717,711 763 587 Vau Bunni majority 25,876 State Elections?1837. Statei. Democrat. H'Aie. Maine, 33 879 34,358 Massachusetts 31,987 59,595 New Hampshire 27,678 25,221 Vermont, 17.730 22,260 Rhode Island 3,261 4,282 Connecticut, 21 508 23,805 New York 140.460 lj.,,88.1 New J era. 25,856 27,368 Pennsylvania, 91,182 85,890 Delaware 4,520 4,469 Maryland 23,000 25 000 V nginia, 28,000 30,000 North Carolina, 30,000 35,000 South Carolina ? ? Georgia, 33,417 34,179 Alabama 21,800 17,753 MiaaiMi|>|ii 11,208 12,219 Louisiana, 6,690 7,533 Ohio 107,882 102,136 Kentucky, 23,955 47,415 Tetinesseo 34,043 55 758 Indiana 28,125 53,867 llliuoi 30,517 29,629 Michigan 15,330 14,673 Missuuti, 23,425 17,103 Arkansas, 2,746 1,788 Total 819,203 927,213 819.203 Whig majority 108,010 Aggregate vote, 1,746,416. State Elections? 1838. Statei. Democrat. Whig. Maine 46,260 42,851 Mvsachusetts, 41,630 51,558 New Hampshire 27.678 25.221 Veriuout. 19,191 24,738 Rhode Island 3,504 3,931 Connecticut 21,626 27,293 New York ??? 182,461 192,882 New 28,492 28,426 1'i-iins) Ivai ia ?? 130,533 124,566 Delaware 4,520 4,469 Maryland 27,720 27,409 Vngima 30,000 32,000 North Caioliua 30,000 3o, 198 t'oulh Carolina ? ? ireuigia 30,980 33 128 Alabama, 26,133 26,551 Mississippi, 11,308 12,219 Louisiana 7,000 8,000 Ohio, 107,882 102,136 Keutucky 3t>,ooo 40,000 Tennessee, 33,606 53,479 Indiana '30,000 40,000 lllinou, 30,517 29,629 Michigan, 15,360 15,999 Miaaouri, 23,125 17,103 Arkansas 6,771 4,218 Total 958,019 1 066,712 956,019 Whig majority 110,693 Aggregate vote 2,022,731. State Election!?1839. . State. Demon at. Whig. Maine 41,038 34,74? Massachusetts, 51,035 50,725 New tlam,(hue, 30,408 23,934 Vetmout, 22,257 *1,611 Khode Island 3,660 4,050 Connecticut 23,728 27,419 New York 179,370 1 83,295 New Jersey, 27,043 25,027 Pennsylvania, 131,000 124,0U0 Delaware, 4,520 4,469 Mart land, 27,711 26 596 Virginia,. 32,011 30,346 Noun Carolina 29,527 34,152 houth Carolina ? ? Oeor*i?.' ji.ojt M,?i,r Alabama 26,133 20,551 Mississippi, 18,710 15,591 louiaiaua, 7,000 8.0(H) Ohio 107,882 102,136 Keutucky 30,000 40,000 Tennessee 54,680 52,114 Indiana 51,021 49,645 Illinois 30,517 >9 629 Michigan 17,782 19,030 Missouri 14,125 8,030 Arkansas, 6,771 4,218 Total, 1,011,168 972,347 972,347 Democratic majority, 38,821 Aggregate rote 2,083,525. State Elections?1840. Htntfl. Democrat. Whig, Abolition. Maine, 45,110 43,347 194 Massachusetts 55,481 71 014 1 621 New Hampshire 29 159 20,038 126 Vermont.. 22,637 33.435 319 Khode Island, 3,225 4,653 42 Connecticut, 25,585 30,159 174 New York 216,710 222,010 2,799 New Jers?v, 29,981 30,273 1,9 Pennsylvania 133,160 128,(162 343 Delaware 2,174 3,023 ? Maryland 29,280 31 401 ? Virginia 31,695 34,402 ? North Carolina, 36,428 44,508 ? South Carolina, (Van Bnren.) Of'-rti* Si.<08 39,418 ? Alabama 29.102 21,556 ? Mississippi 15,870 18.450 ? Louisiana 7,034 9,136 ? Ohio, 127,964 144,054 952 Kentucky 39,650 55,370 ? Tennessee 47,482 59,054 ? Indiana 51,297 62,934 ? Illinois 41,843 40,203 139 21,106 22.911 294 Missouri 29,625 22,212 ? Arkansas, 10,554 399 ? Iowa, 4,079 3,494 ? Total 1,131,943 1,198.436 7,072 1,131,943 Whig majority, Aggregate rote Popi'lar Vote por President in 18?o. Statu. Harriton. Van fluren. Maine 46,612 16,201 New Hsmshiic * ,158 32,761 Massachusetts..., 72,874 51,944 Connecticut 31,001 25,296 Rhode Island 5,278 3.301 Vermont 32,140 18.018 New York 225,817 202,527 New Jersey 33,351 31,034 Pmnsylvaiiia 144.021 143,672 Delaware 5,967 1,874 Maryland 33,528 28,752 Virginia 42,501 43,893 Ohio... 148.157 121,782 Kentucky 58,489 32,616 Norih Carolina 46.376 33.782 South Carolina (Chooses Elector* by Legislature.) Georgia 40.264 SI.93* Alabama 28.471 >3.991 Indiana 65.302 41,601 Illinois 45,537 47,476 Michigan 22.933 21,131 Mississippi 19.518 16,975 Tennessee 60,391 48 289 Louisianna 11,296 7,616 Missouri ? 22.972 *9,76n Arkansas 4,363 6,048 Total in twenty-five States. ..1,274.203 1,128,303 Harrison majority 115,900 State and Territorial Elections? 1841. Stale. Democrat. H'ktg. Scattering. Maine 47,354 36,700 2,MM Massachusetts, 51,351 51,947 3.697 New Hampshire 29,116 21,230 2,358 Vermont... 21,302 23,143 *,791 Khode Island 235 2,600 ? Connecticut 21,388 26,986 ? New York 107,976 171,401 5,882 New Jersey 29,189 26,554 ? Pennsylvania 136,576 111,573 786 Delaware, ? 2,174 1,023 ? Man land 28,986 28,3*1 - Virginia,* 31.695 14,102 - North Carolina 33,782 46,376 ? Month Carolina Dmnocntic. Georgia M.72S J4.5J9 ? A'absms, 23,337 17.332 ? Mississippi 18,942 16,732 ? Louisiana,*.. 7,034 9,1)6 ? Ohio 185.548 107,288 1 782 Kentucky, ? 39,650 44,170 ? Tennessee 50,1*1 13 586 ? Indi J?,?I0 49.444 ? Illinois 34,57* 34,1(8 537 Michigan 24,794 11.496 1,214 Missouri, * 29,6*4 *2,21* ? Arkansas.* 10,114 399 ? Florida, 1,959 1,508 _ Iowa 4.818 4,214 ? Wisconsin 2,4*4 2,9*8 ? Total 1,043,59* 1,0*4,339 21,059 1.025,319 Detn. majority *8,*33 Aggregate vote *,099,9941 ? Taken from election! in 1840. State and Territorial (TlkCTIOIV!?1*42. State. Dtm. Whit? Mol. Scat Maine 40,855 26,745 - 4,188 Mssssclimetts. 56.491 44.939 6,3** 180 New U"in| shire 26.631 12,305 ? 8.6*0 Vermont 24.130 27.167 2,093 35 Rhode Island 2 211 4,064 - 5 Coiinei tic It 25,564 23,700 1,319 670 Nrw Yolk *08.070 186,088 7,579 ? New Jersay 31,901 28,(TO ? ? Pennsylvania, * 111,256 96,721 1,114 ? Delaware, 1.44* 1,467 ? ~ Vlar>land * 27.T77 *7.357 - - Virginia,* 31.915 29,321 - - Ninth Carolina 34,994 19,586 ? ? S >uth Carolina Democratic Georgia 34,411 33,483 ? ? Alabama, ? *1,474 22,77.1 - ? Mississippi, ? It,771 17,3*3 ? - Louisiana 9,666 8.201 ? Ohio,., 129,064 1*4 021 1,401 40 tefeV;;:;;:;; &3i 3# ? - Imllius, ? 63.714 58,701 60(1 Illinois 14,19.1 38,873 931 ? Michigan, ? ill.414 15.607 1,880 ? Missouri, t IflUtfS 22,212 ? ? Arkansas 9,11J 5,315 ? 1,686 Honda, t 1,959 1,508 ? ? Iowa,*. 4,791 3,372 ? ? Wisconsin, ? ... .... 2,685 3.IUI ? ? Total, 1,133,938 1,033, W8 27,301 11,4 1,0:3,8211 Dem. maj 100,110 Aggregate vote,. ? ? ? 2,2i0?551. * Takrii from election in IH13. t Taken from election* in IB 10 and 10-11. State and Terkitoiiiai. Elf?-now??1843. Slat* 9. J)mi. U'/iiij. Mo. Scat. Lc^la i Maine 3^,489 20,y7i G.tfl *J,?M ? MaaaacuimlU,... 44,116 *8.093 J.WJl 2 in ? New Hampihue,. 22.G74 12,671 3,!jM 5,141 Vrrmout, 81,962 21.461 3,766 21 .? U. Khodtf Island 7,391 0,110 - - ?? 79 Connecticut 37,416 25,101 '>*'? ... New York 177,772 116,313 16,Uj S.712 I New Jrrsey 32,187 27,766 . Peuiisyhania 111,lie 96,721 2,417 ? 80 Delaware, * 1,418 4,467 Maryland 27,777 27,317 - - *J 60 Virginia 31,931 29,324 ? - '??> North Carolina,.. 31,210 37,102 ?. Snath Carolina... Democratic, Georgia, 35,321 38,7 IJ - 1*J Alabama 30,471 22,773 ? ? ?l Mississippi,. ... 20.771 17,323 I.3S5 7j Louisiana, 8,114 6,113 ? ? 110,871 100.707 6,470 270 51 Renin ky 46,791 50,780 ? 5,047 10 Tennessee, 54,413 58,307 ? Indiana 60,714 58,i01 2,050 ? 80 lllinui 49,471 42,289 1,954 190 ? Michigan, 21,414 11,007 2,77 5 21 61 Missouri, * 29,023 22,212 ? - ? Arkaii'as, ? 9,413 5,315 ? 1,606 ? ? F lorida, ? 1,959 1,508 ? ? " Iowa 4,79 1 3,372 ? ~~ Wisconsin, 4,685 3,181 .127 170 28 11 Total I 073,157 983,433 56,374 26,881 | 983,433 Dem. maj 89,724 Aggregite rote 2,139,815. * Taken 1'roii tlie last election returns. HTATr **n Tr.RKiTowiat. Elections?I8W. Stair. Vrm. H'Aig. Mo. Srat. IsRit'rr. Maine 48,651 37,810 6,192 ? 80 2*.) New Hampshire,. 21,985 14,710 5,767 1,988 69 Mauachiuett*,*, . 54,416 58,093 t.'JOl 216 ? Connecticut 28,846 29,863 1,971 219 S7 118 Ktiode Island,.... 2H8 5,160 ? ? 28 80 Vermont 21,153 28,189 5,560 ? ? 103 New York,* .... 177,772 156,313 16,12> 8,712 ? ? New Jersey,* ... 32,487 27,706 ? ? ? ? Pennsylvania*... 111,256 96,721 2,117 ? ? ? Delaware,* .'>,418 5,467 ? ? ? ? Maryland 25,442 30,114 ? ? ? ? Vilginia 26,927 27,791 ? ? 82 84 Olno,* 110,871 100,747 6,470 270 ? ? Kentucky, 55.056 59,680 ? ? 18 90 North Carolina,,, 37,346 41,U30* ? ? ? ? South Carolina,., Democratic. Geo i (is 29,033 33,189 ? ? ? ? Alabama, 35,659 25,478 ? ? 87 46 ludiana, 64,625 62,017 ? ? 70 80 lllluois 16,483 4 3,181 2,500 ? 110 12 Michigan,* 21,414 11,007 2,775 21 ? Mississippi,*.,, . 20,771 17,323 ? 1,334 ? Teunessee," 51,453 58,307 ? ? ? Louisiana 9,593 9,291 ? ? 38 39 Missouri 37,008 31,357 ? ? ? Arkansas,t 9,413 5,315 ? ? ? Honda, t 1,959 1,108 ? ? ? Iowa,* 4,791 3,372 ? ? ? Wisconsin,* 4,68i 3,184 127 170 ? ? Total 1,111,762 1,028,753 58,993 12,991 1.628,753 Dem. maj 83,069 Aggregate rote,... 2,212,499. * Taken from r|rctiou lelurns of 1843. t 'iakeu from laat election leluins. (talk at Buffalo.?On Saturday morning, the annual equinoctial storm ma ic a commencement with a comioitubio tailing gaio down the lake, and con tinu?4 to incruaso until about 11 o'clock, at which tune thu water was pretty much over that |>oilion ol the flat* ea*t of Michigan street. At noon, the wind changed lrom S. W. to W N. W.t and before sundown, had pretty much subsided We have not heard of any (erioua accident* on the lake, and but little damage waa done in the harbor. The achooner* Winnebago aud Liverpool, of Oawugo, laying at the itave landing, purtially parted their moot ing*, and drifted against the kaukoi liie Creek. They will light olf when unloaded. The achooner Caledonia, also on the bank, will require to be lighted olf. The old brig <4ueen Charlotte alio parted her moorings, and now lit* ou her besun end*. A small vail boat, bound for the Ca nada thore, w a* driven back, and in attempting to make the harbor, went asliote a lew rod* below the pier, hue ha* been got oil, not much damaged. The cargo w a* uiso ?aved. livjfalo Jidv. Srjit.'ii. Court for thr Correction of Krrors.?A1 hmiy, Se|>??n>b?.r "Jt, ?1'reariit?deimlul Uoc kee preitding, and U2 other Senutors. No i T. ivy v*. H. U. Underbill. Judgmunt on uelault, act uinle on payment of coat*, and the argument net down for Wee nesday, Oct. 2. No. 6?The People vs C Italia et al. 7 The same v*. It. 11. Morris. Mr. P. A. Cow drey concluded for defendant in error, and Mr. (1. P Bur er, Attorney (seneral, win heard in reply. No. 8?Philip Spouable vs Elizabeth Snyder. Mr. &. Stevens waa heard lor pluiutif) Riot on the Wslland Canai.?On Saturday, the 14.h, there was some bevere lighting between the Leinster and Conuaught men employed on thu Wet land Canal at Thorold It waa the finale of a previous light, in which u Connaught man was killed .Several shanties were burned iu the course of the fray, but the prompt appearance of the Magistrate*, Police, and* com pany of Riflemen soon quelled thu tumult, and the rioters are now peaceably at work. Death iiy Drowning.?A mnn named Isaac L Iloben, originally IromCrowu Point, in this State, was diownetl in the Cuyahoga, at I levelaud, last week? A man named I.ewi* Woods, on bis way to Cincinnati, having in company his aged mother, lell into the canal here, and was drowned on the 'iuth iust. Yri.low Fevek it New Orleans?There were four death* from yellow fevei in the Charity Hospital, foi the twenty-lour hours ending at 0 o'clock last evening Although we entertain no fears of its assuming nn epide mic type this season, still we would caution strangers to be caielul of too much exposure to the moonday sun.? AT. O. ficyune, Stpt. 17. OO- A frightful occurrence took place at the Western Hotel, in this city, on Saturday. A young man namid Cbas. Wardner, of Windsor. Vt., who nn attaining hln majority a few weeks since, left his fa ther's, almost for the first time in his life, and went to Boston ami New York, where he spent several weeks - Change of a:?ne and diet .constant eseitemi nt aud uovelty broke iu upon hiftusuul regular habiis.and soon produce-i illness and partial aberration of mind. In Now York he met hia brother, who look him under his care, and star ted for Mil waukie. They arrived in thi* city, and stop oed at the Western Hotel, where medical aid waa called in, and the patient, alter taking some medicine, seemed to be getting well, and asked lor refreshments. Ills brother rang the bell several times, but it not being answered, h, was obliged to go down himst U. The patient being thus left alone, he nnlled on his pantaloons and boots, and jumped from a fourth story window to the pavement be low: Both his lag* were badly fractured, hut at A o'clock yesterday he wa* still sensible, though his physicians consider him in a critical aituatiou, as the concussion ol the brai* must have been very sever *?BuJJalo Uaxrtti, The Co. (Tkxa#) Difficulties.?Tke information turniohed some days since by a corres pondent, of the arrival of President Houston at the seen* of the recent disorder* in Eastern Texa*, is confirmed by thi Natchitoches Clironi le ol the 7th instant. Urn. II had called out the militia ol Hahine and Si Augustine counties, and had succeeded in capturiar Walt r Mor man.the leader of the " Ilegulator* " This individual was immediately put on (rial on several indictments lor treason and muroer. The report that a pitched battle had taken place between tho rival factions is hUo < on firmed. Sixty or eighty persons are said to hi ve b< en killed. The Chronicle states that such has b? n Mi ? tur bulent and violent conduct of these lawless ban ', for a year or two, that society oa thr frontier was c rnpleteiy disorganized, and the adjoining parishes of Loniiians kept also in a i tate ol alarm Among the outragss com mitt'd, it is reported that the " Regulators" pursued one of their victims into the parish of l??Soto, and murdered him within a few miles of Mansfield ?AT. O Cnm. hut Ithn, Srpl. Ifl. Naval.?Th<? U. S. ahip Krie, Lt. Com Duke, Sot under way yesterday moronic aud proceeded to the ?vyYar'. The IJ. S brig Oregen, Lt. Com'f Sinclair, bound to Chagres with U S Mail,was towrd to Hampton Reads on Saturday afternoon bv the U. S. steamer Engineer, and procee?led immediately to sea ?Nor folk Hrrald, Srjit. 33. IJ. N. Circuit Court. WrfT. ?nr t'anhonk VS T'lcat'H If'inrfwnr//.?Thi< ! wa* an application tor an injunction for infringement ol Eatent right in relation to a planing machine The cns? as been long before th ? courts, and was,it appeared,tried I in Massachusetts. Adjourned' over to this forenoon. Th? Court will meet at 0o'clock. Common Pleaa. Before Judge Ingraham. SarT. 8A ?John Kint vs Williass Hathaway?In this ca*e, reported in yesterday's Hnalit the jury rendered ? sealed verdict this morning fer the plaintiff *74 *14. John Sihtnck imd wi/i vs Jtlnit Oral and Fianrn I It halt -This wa* an aciion of trespass lor ussaul and battery, committed on tho 4?hol July la^L at lil Mulberry *tre?:t. The facta were Inlly proved. Vwdict lor plaintifT $MI. From Havana.?By the brig Columbia, Captain Ditrbea,arrived yeeterdny lti?m Havana, we have -lates to the llth instant. Itioe, on account of t',.e ar. rival of s> many cargoes, command* a very low [iriro. Sales have been made ns low as 10| rls. at which price there is a loss ol the whole fmglit We do not think there will be u reaction in the market un til the end ol October. Molassee is scarce, anil what here la, not good lor your maiket. Prices 4 a 4( rls. per keg "Hsvana, Sept. flib, 1M4 ?Otir rice market ha* no' /sriorl since we last wrote, under date of 4'h inst. The ichr. W. Allen arrived from Charleston with a snis'i ?srgn, which sold at It rls The Henrietta s rsrgi from Charleaton waa Imparted fitr dealers' iceoent."? WeenifM* 9eer|ien, 8ft HI. VV n?lklii|f ton. [Correspondence ol the Heiald ] Washington, Sept. 23, 1844 Court Martial? Captain Newton?Tlu Pretident? Dr. Miller and John Tyler, jr.?Imendiaritm? The Herald?Mturt Harper and Co.?Fight? '?lluzort and Sever Sweult." Dkar Uemnktt:? The naval general Court Martial met llua morn ing at 11 o'clock?all tiie member* present. The examination of Lieut. Hunter waa resumed Captain Newton exhibits little concern, appa rently conscious ot having strictly discharged his duty-, while in command of the Missouri. The President ha* not yet returned, but is ex pected on Thursday. Dr. N. M. Miller, mid John Tyler, jr., leit the city yesterday, tor the Winches ter Spr'URs, where they will ptobably meet the Pri sideiit The city is greatly infested with incendiaries; for the last lew weeks, several buildings have been set on fire, and much valuable properly destroyed. Yea erday morning about 2 o'cl >ck, the valuable and extensive flour and grist l ull, belonging to Col. liomlord, at the St uth end ol the Mmket Place, (Georgetown) btiweeu lind^e aim Water streets, with all its excellent machinery, and valu able contents were destroyed 'J he original c?>?t of the mill wns #40,000 There was 10,000 bushels ol grain, and 200 bar re la ol Hour totally destroyed. lu ihe mill also, ihe iron sale containing #2000, and many valuable papers. We learn that $21,000 were nisured on the mill, by the Fire Insurance companies of Georgetown, Washington, and Baltimore. This will not, how ever, cover more Mian about onu-halt the lots. We learn that 800 bbls of flour were removed Irom the null the day belore the (ire. I am surprised to tee such grots personalities? such scurrility?ouch vulgarity, as recently applied to you by the orean of the Messrs. Harper ana Co We regard the Jieruld here as being decidedly the most wonderful newspaper ol the age. lis astonish ing circulation?its fearless independence in ex posing ihe wickedness of the party press?its fair and impartial reports of all popular gatherings?its unrivalled <orpt of reporters, not suipaited tor ta lent in the Old World, long since placed the Herald upon the tuinmit ol newspaper enterprise. Kespectlully, yours, V. H. Court of Oyer mid Terminer. Beloru JuJga 1'aiUti and Aldermen lliuhrouck and Sctm thlm. M. C. 1'athiron, District Attorney, and J. B. I'millim, Assistant Diatrict Attorney. Si r. 26- Char/^i ?J *ii ?nn ? CJuthi li F. II. Lirde wiii placed st the tiar on ihe charge ot huvmg cdii.nulled the crime ol arson on the ViGih July last, a the Ikute No.'J Lixpeniird Blreet, in this city, Prn>oi,ei is a young man, ahout 121 yeura ol age. and in a German by bit lb. 'J he prisoner's brother standi, also chuiged ax un accomplice. Mr. William M. rates, of (ounst! lor the piisoueil, moved that they be tried stparattly, which the Court al lowed, and the primmer, Gullitb, was arraigntd : the clcikgiving the ui>ual inliniMlious as to piisontr'a right of ferenipiniy dialling- ot twenty juiors. Siviiai ju roit were sworn and an to the fact ol their en tertaining an> con.cit litiuus sciupjt-s in ielation to find ing u verdict in ilio ?vi ut ol the guilt of the prisoner be ing established and the punishment being death? who answered m the allimiative, when they were directed to draw. 'I he following are the nanus of their gentlemen, with their residence and occupation John Adumt, uieichant, 7th ward ; Addison A. Jayne, grocer. Uth ward ; John Backus, smith, 7th ward ; Thomas VV. Martha), mer chant, 14th ward; Henry Rogers, cartman, Uth ward; Lewis Curtis, merchant, Ut waid; Walter F. Biuth, mer chant, 7th ward ; William Brown, hatter, flili ward,W. C. Hall, merchant, 13th ward; Abraham C. Barnum, grc cer, ?ih ward ; Zepheiias Froat. The panel consisted ol but .'0, and prisoner's counsel having exercised hia right ol peremptory challenge In most care* where the objection at to "conacirntlout icruples" did not apply, the panel was exhausted, 8 juiort only being awoin. 'l'ne following is a list of the jurors sworn Michael Bumnm, Foreman ; ' linrloa Jenkins, J D. Crulins, Daiui, Nathaniel J. Boyd, Jlalpli Bigo low, Joseph Hall, Kdgar Ji vn g- H 'I he Court hereupon oi.leteil u (alt* of 10 Jon i'H B. Simraon, one of the tslea, on being nsked the question in relation to "Conscientious scruples," replitd, ?uJ wi'l "li<> wuuia ??raiiaii> Him 1-n.lm.u. ?ety closely belore he would find a verd rt in such h cane where lor Irltureol life would be the penalty. Il? win iwurn. II chard II. Wood, Daniel <i. Tnjlui and Thomas B. Clap were then sworn. Nearly four hours were consumed in trying to select the jury, most ot the tuUi having b?.en rejected on the ground ot entertaining " scruples" on the silt ject ol find ing a verdict. The piikoui r was then arraigned on the indictment Mr. J. B Pmillim opem <i the case - Tim iftince charged ws* one of a moat hrinoua chnriicter, and called (or prompt nrtion to save and protect the nvrt anrf pro imities ol citixens The Incendiary prowled about in the night and committed his depredations, with no human pfe to witness bis tool ? eed. The prisoner at the bar and brother, who was charged as his accomplice, w i relound in the store, and no doubt n mained ol iheir having com mitted the deed. The jury had a serious re * j i lit v restinir upon them ; and if they were ?an>fied ol Ihe guilt of the iiiisoner, they wt re buuud to render n vtrdicl Lxwacncr. M. LrrHKR sworn, examined by Mr. Pater ?on ?1 reside in I.ispenard stieet . I saw the fire on the. .'Vih ol July, atanit a o'c.cik in the morning. I heard the cry of "fire," ns I was out on duty as fireman. I wss nt this time at the corner of West Broadway ; I ran io the place ot the fire, and a ciowd were collected. We broke in the door of the stol" , I snw about a doien of brooms i n ii Ire that was kindled ; I first went in with a pail of wn'o. ; I took the brooms that were on Sre and *ent to the door and told some prisons outs de t > pass them oat. After pu>sina t)i? m out, some person came to the door and gav?i me a lamp ; I went behind the counter, and ns I turned to the loll there was two demijohns-one had brut dy in it. There was also what in C'iIIi d a " cash ier bng'and st me papers : they appeared to have hern burned down The second demijohn appca-ed to contain turpentine. Both deniijohns wi re plaei d Toge-ber. The (1 tor aronnd did not appear ?r> have b-en burned The handles of the broom* s^peared'tof tie fixed d< wn on the floor. At the lime of my turning round tome time alter with the light, I snw one yotuiR inan (not the prisoner) [ Witness here identified the brother ol the prisoner not on trial.]?I .lid not see the prisoner at the bar there. Crni -rTr.minid liu Ma ?I do net think the " cashier bng" wa? nnrued; I raw no blt/e on the papers; 1 taw no papers mar tho counter that were wot burned; it i? a short snace from where the brooms were on ire to the place where the papers lay. To Mr PsTtanon? The store was occupied as a grocery store; there wen* a laige number ol ci.shs in this atore; d contained iomr six or > ight cs?k*i there were several loaves oftlump sugar also h?. ging about the store;, the ?dock appenre-i to In worth inc.lii.1ii g fixtuiea. To Mr Phkhit?Then were about half a doren raiks filled with water to make up a show ; water ia sometimes put in casks te preserve them AaTHra McLsuqhi it- (?'.xamined by Mr PsTtason I resided at the time ot the flietn the hotue atiove atore No. 2 fjspenard si , I hired the roomahove the atore; I heard the alurm about three o'clock, and went down starra and saw the prisoner aa I win going down, standing at his bed room door; they owned the store as partners, whsn a ba ker that was there wanted to break in the store, the pri soner said, "let it burn end be damnedthe baker lived at the adjoining store, and leit laat Monday fo> Indians; I went into the store mid taw the breoina and paper, the ?tore ia situated at the eo ner of West Broadway and Li?|>enard atieet; thsre are two windows at the Lit|>enard stieet side. Crest naminrJ '?</ Mr Paics Them were people in the ttore when I Went in ; I did not ?dvi?e nny pei?on to arrest them ; I had no rjuarn I with i itherof the biothers at the time; lioth the nritonera arte?l together in the store ; I dealt with the oth? r brother as the principal. To the Coi/ar ?I got receipts from the other brother ; I can't rvad, To Mr Pnn r?Isaw fly papert, hanging from the wall; the prisoner and m) aeif have olten smoked cigars tog*, llit r ; I oA> n saw the store apened on Snndajs ; I have *een people drink in;; there on Sunday night. To Mr Patsason.?I can't sw ear how near the brooms ?to?d to the di mijohns. To Mr. Pan s ?The prisoner's bmther was sick. Fat^cis ' hum, twomand examined by Me Paterson. -I resnhid at thetimeof ihe flm in the house ; en that night, when I heard the alarm ol "fire," I rushed down stairs and ra>-t the prisoner ; I asked him "i( the atote wu not on 6ie V' he said " he did not know ; a lew remarks were pasted as t" how the fire took piece Cruas?7<Mslined Ay Mr Pucwit.? I hired the strre from he other brother, Frederick ; when I got down to the nntry.the prisoner had on hit pantaloons, I waa after win ds lii the atore Jsxet lines, another witneaa waa placed on the tand, with a view to prove the fact of the priaener hav ng been seen In a auspiciona position in the ttore. but failed to prove, after which the District Attorney gave up 'he esse, and the Court directed s nolle jimtrqiii to be en > red in the ease of the. other prisoner, Frederick, when noth left th? Court amid the warm congratulations af thalr rlends, and the Court ad journed. C( g, C'ommlaalottrr'a Ofllra. Before ( ommiasioner Rapelje. Strr. a?.?Mr < harlea ( arroll. whose case haa bean xamined N-lore the romr?n??ionrr on a charge of iltering entries made at the custom bouse, waa discharge!) <n hia nwn recogninnce. The case ia a frivolous ona, mil Mr ( nrroll it a respectable young man, doing busi ness as clcrk .Murine Colli I. Sep' M n'aUrr F iMirirttcf es Ilnysl Otw.Ay ?This vhh .m action to reenter a i|unrti r's reii'.diieeai of pren ics sl'o.ited near Ten kins Square The deg rce put in va? that ?n eviction tor nen i aymert of taaaa took place, vhich taxes wer?' paid in |H3fi and 1^37. The ( ourt overruled the jaiint Verdic. for plaintifT, <?'i M ______ Conrt Cnlrinlitr?This l>ay. I 0?M")r? hi tt ao, 9), fl |H, la, 4S, 4!?. ftl, A7. M. M. 79, ?0. lilt Ciacoir Cot sr?4 a, 44, M, *7, IS 41.4a ISO. 4S. 4* St, 49, M, ft4, W, SA

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