Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 27, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 27, 1844 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HEftAJLD. Vat. X., No. *07?Whol* No. 3867. frlc* Two Coats* THE NEW YORK HERALD? AOOKEOATE CIRCULATION THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND. THE GREATEST IN THE WORLD. To the Public. THE NtW YORK HERALD?Daily Newspapet-irab lished every day of tie year ?fl? N.w y ear's Day and Konrth ,r , M * cwit? P" cpr?Jf r as per aauuui?postage* paid?cath hi advauce 1I1H. WhEKLV HERALD?published evtry Saturday morniuif price t>* c.ait* per copy, or $3 U per aiiuum?post Me* 1*1(1, cub m advance. ADVERTISERS are informed thai the circalatioo of the Herald ii over THIRTY-*'! VE THOB8AND, aud increasing last It hiu the lorgett cii t uition of mny paper in ifiit city, or the world, and, it, therein, the kett channel for bumnttt men in the city or country, Pricee moderate?cash in advance. PRINTING of all kinds executed at the inoat moderate price, tod m the most elegant style. JAMES OORDON BENNETT. PaorniicToit or thi Hckaud Kstabluhmim-, Northwest euruer of Kultou and Nassau street*. FOR ALBANY-HOUR CHANGED R(1J[,eHS,u'K!^0.Jt? KNICKERBOCKER and KOCHES1 ER will, ou and slier eoiiday ? ; xtlUrauon, 8ej*t? 16th, leave at ij o'clock instead all tfrc FAKE REDUCED. KOR CROTONVILLE, SING SIN<i TABilYTOWN AukluM! 3late 1844, the new and fcubstantiai ?ieuuiii?>di Vv'A6UlNGTON HtVlNai. Cant T.iX.11 wiI leave the foot of Chamber street 1* ike aVove ulace*, daily 2 KW ;. :i ?ondi* "cef:lof, ^, will laaws Cratonville H^mZd ^.^Vway Cl?Ck A" '"ild"4? " U? ,uot of T.)M^."[^^ t't'^t0" b0afJ- ?r 10 8TEP,EeB t'LH^ASAiVr AND' OiltA*J^ACURSiONS. NEW .hSWMSSJ (OTATEN island,) And nkw vokkTkUiA troin Pier No 1, North River, foot of Battery Place. A^iSt ,4 jy Steamboat CINDERELLA, wuinm at SFSW l'i?'/ Daily, ^om May 20th to A~V1.. hTT*. ? *,15? NeW Y?rl at9a"dU IO^mVV. MUUDU^ 10 S' and 10 * p Wea New Brighton a) ? and 10 A. M.; at 1*. 5 and 7* Ou duuday-Leuvea New York, at 9 and il A. M.; at J, 6 and at 1 '4attjl7M? M 0ud' at30 u> #and 10 A.M; N'ew Yorlt. Ma'y IB. im. mrll6m*rc iOKK. AO^BAIN *ljAND TKO* STEAMBOAT K?,'1 ALBANY AND TROY.?Morning ^dS^ioni^wT^ck .*? M'>uday.w'd?~ Uie SUainef TROY, Captain A. (iorliam, Tueaday Thurs dajrand^.tind'y \lommif, at 7 o'clock. ueauay, inur. Ixt.iu tlx- Kxit of Cnurtlandt ttmi't dii.vL The t^unm SVy'ALLOW, Captain A. 585^Monday, Wednesday ai-d b r.d .y Kv?un?, at 6 o'clock. J' lhe^Uu^itm ALliAISY, Captaiu R. B. Ma<fy. Tae?dn\ Ihunday and hatuiday Lvommk, ?l 6 o'clock. . HoaU of tliii Ijue, owiuk to their li^ht drauirht of wa fer, we ajle at ;Ul.un?? to pans the liar*, luid iracii Alb.viy aud ea? orwJS ^ U "uoruuin uaiu of cara for the *lwv,rW" fn",,tllt' *w'ly ou >lo*r<1. or at the office* on the Ik*ijAiSJu FERHY. -in u OK WH1TKHALL.' WlLa Vk! n"T VOKK afterSeW- 30 K, and II. A M.; I}i, 3K, aud 6. P M o p'-AV'K STX'liil> IbilaND: p ? a ,1! tt,,d }"? A -V'; "*? % ^<1 i>i. f. M. V ?'"J" 'nu-t be particuUrly marked, and an at the ri.k o) the owner* tl^nol. ' *? PLWl'&a ur a bOii. ALliAN'lf. . ' i*CLU,i*yf excepted?Hiroagh direct, .i I'. i"! b team boat 1'ier between , and J.ibexty atrceu. I iiw v?1, ^^'CKiiRBOCKER, Captain A. r. ?t "!?!'' <u"i fr tiday tveuiiign at 6. Si ,o'X ROCHKBTKR. Capuiu A. Hoqgliton, on 1 u. ;4i; , I hiirxl iy and<tay Kteiliu?., at 6. * ' At h .ve O clock, r. Al.?LaiidiD( at Intermediate 1'Jacee. Ihe dieaiuboui COLUAliJlA, Captaiu William H 1'eck, at i"o'ct(>cl( ? ,lud >rl^y <U"I Sunday Afufmoona| ,.}y Steamb.Mt MOKTU AMERICA, Captain R. O. Crut o cb'c'a uoti^y, lhiinday and Saturday Afkamoijut, at i "kl,"B cithnr f1 S'-X've lines will arrive termor ??t 1-V, !u ,l'" Nu'u'|'K Traiu ol'Oi. foi u?e east or weat. ihe ovale aiv uw mid MlbaUutial, ,uv lai ? ,,uh n,"w ?l?K>U!t 4tau> room*, uod lor ?tieed ai>u jc i n 1 "nnvalle-j <?u llie UutUon. ?KlS2iSSsa(,,w ?tt: ?ss?. m. HOURCHANOLU TO SIX O'CLOCK, hm ~ 7jngTw V after Monday. SJent. 16tli. 1844. ?KMMflUK. u?e Nijcht Line to AL?At\ V AND TKUk wui iw hour of Uepiuiure from 7 u> Q o'clock. P. M. and will laud at PoughkeeiHue during the great Fair aud Cattle Show, tare 1i ceutaonly to foughkeepeie r?r i lK,tf*m^r SWALLOW, Capt. A. McLean Monday 16th \w, iV' J-?'!?' -nu s,u?n",r ALB AN Y, Captain R. b! I?nilt nyTyiM' ' lharadBl'> 19lh> ?' 6 O'clock, from Cort TRui''u2dfehRL?'ClOCk' fr?m B-rCls>- Mrwt P?'. - rfur,",itl!'e 'Tpf14ir/ud C?tl" al'?w. Tuesday, 17th. Wednesday, 18th, aud, 19th. will rednce the fun to 74 ctiau to and from 1 oughluwjuie anJ New York. ?12 mm BATH. OAJUMNI fj.r NKR AND HALLOWK.LL. , v i||w* "f* feainer PENOgS<;OT. CapUin O*. Kimball, leave* the end of T wharf, Boston, ?TilPLMs?ft i o'c to*. 8UK- wUlbe inrasdiMn on ?%' at.v, placw*. to eonvev pneMnreri to Uih n-ighboring Inwn l>ALL ANDi WINTER AKlLUbt^lkM. i*EH ARK AD NEW YORK. KAKE ONLY lXi i.ENTS. IH> NfcW JWISf RAINBOW, ,? r, "f' entre st.eei, U o'clock A. M.? I.?fcive >e?v k ork, foot ol Barclay mrmt, J o'clock 1*. M. H)H frC \>N LIN K OF LIVERfOOirfACTCLm Hcgular fackef of I t October.?The fa*t wilinn km ack t ship SOUTHERNER. Ca.n T. " ilu>,Mtched puuciually as above, lier regular day. ' J "*'co"" S*''1!1 i'"' s'cerage pa*?eugers will find the ac cmnraodauons ?f this pari et to t* ?]ual to any ship in nort i hos?* about pro<-???? din* to liie eld country, will laid that by ?e.eriing the Hnutlierurr as their conveyance, thrv w ill hive iwi "r0""1""'^ tM,a "?d convenience durable flir comfort. I rice, if passage low??_ limited uumber onlyuken. EartVan te"nb^o?w^wirsStf.rsf birl',$ ou b,jird',i i>i,r 13 > m,M , W. ?t J. T. TAPSCOTT, ? ? " 7li Sunth stre-t. ? Ul.ACh BA1.I, i)K tjfc LlVI-lt SaKf111^ PACKET*? KOR LIVERPOOL?Only *?Wir,.r-gnl:ir picket tailing ou the 1st of October.?TIm "" rr"""V*1,l"* r1"1 racket ship CAM BJUI>K, ?r Uj? ton* bnrtl.en, Capt. W m. C. Uar* ow, will posilirelj- snj| mi 1 iie?d*y, the 1st of Octolier, her regular day. . ,1 2?.WV i**!1" u'c""ll"u'l'?tioiis of the Caniliriiige, ami ill the eight i.|.i|* .ii this line, are ?ited out in a most cosily ? with every modern imiirovetneul aud convenience, that caooot but add to the eom^.rt of cabin, second cabin and ?teer?<e passengers i hose v siting the old country will at all time.t lind it their interest to select tliese desirable conveyance* In preference to any other. J"or Usrms of uMMge and to secure the best berths, early appli. to the s'nbjcribers.m' on *>""*' foot ?" "?'Kman .treet, or ,r, . ? . , ROCHE, BROTHERS ?t CO.. _. _r? ^ rulton nirrn, next door to the Fulton Bank. mZW.'fl1"? K..AN?7rloyISIANA AND f?Fir N?? " ' LINE.? Monday, I2ili October. he very la,t aRilink coj peiedsbip YAZOO, Capt. W itn ,,, vi" *ail us nbove. h oi might or passage,having very handsome furnished accom mndatiuua, apply oa board at Orleans wharf, foot or Wall st., orto E. K. COLLINS It t O.. ^ . 1? Siuth street, i i, i? .? tn.iy itI) ii|Kin h-iving their goods courctly met ti?eii'' " * ?nil*' o( tins line sail punctually aa adver Agt is !<? New Orleans?Messrs Hnlleu and W ondrotl win. Will | r.unpfIyr lorwird ill iroorti to thfir addr#?4 M26ec ? r^kgi.iy~u?fffi;?ifyra--^r: JnHN K ^ , (? f ? Peder^n, maMte;, will hiva de^i ^ ?*?? ?or . In- -ho?e jiort. I i ?* .a?u or |?;?4 ?y?>thHviug tui?rioraccomm<Hluioiii,ai>/ly to Um* c*|'Urn ou bo irj, or lo l2. F- ALEXANDER, ,2",w W South n. ?.A'"AVRE (Second"Lire) -The J" A- HOLAn, Jolui b Cell, M star, wili -ail on the Ut of October. hi. or liese ge niinh t? bo. u * illNCKEN. . No. 9 Tontine Koi'diiig, ?????' "r"e* *V*.|I ?. ,| UStrr SIu1;,",!:?' I>?':'^heiT1Fa<.kkt uihi i^i K. , n> ,r'"" Oreat B rile in and e " r I can at *11 time, t* ?ic,? .Ipirt, l "1' . 'I h nl>i..g loetitiitions in K.iiglnni), .Scotland anil u< .'.ViViSrur^ to> fur,,-r -*'r . J?'HN I'KRDMAN, 61 Bouth it HAVANA. KROM PHILADELPHIA. i it is1 ll,"? I'*cket barque ELIZABETH J52Ssli5:li IK-'.wie''te"""*tou' inaapir, w ill sail positively on j "*??{" ?" I' ? **-, having superior farni.licd accornmo uau m , a i.. una Cumiiind . iii cabin, with twelve state J!'1 | 1"'l> JtMIN K. OHL k .SON, ' iJM" 101 S.?tii_VVharvm, Philadelphia. Iim' '\l| ^ IIirkct.?The steam I vLABAAIA, 7on ton* Imrflieu, Henry H mdle "'i'*" - I*'1) f"r 'he abine port on the Uth t T ?*/ 1?.'V " i 1 his splendid and remarkably ... . 1 ' ,J'* thoronghly overhanled the prest ni sniuoi. r ?ewi> c t'pred, a.ul .s fiwai.l^ will, a powerful J, o. new loll- III .lie atihe .Novelty Works of this city. Wk "?'I to the K <Iire with ?u? IB sit diys; aie. i, ?>"?; imidvi... ..nil Cou.lort >ble accninmo'lat -is, for c I Ii ,! -', 0,fcr* uou.u ill) deair*l.b U'.V?e%';.yi!r K,? "jU'ERL'? ^ifiViimltt 4*^ ? KOR 1.1 V EltPOf)t^-Th> v. .* 'Line ?jT?V'V'."' ?1?; October-The or fi.tia.lin^ ,*cfc S*'V I i ' , ?"| l""" hu i th^rn, (*pun, f ' r i tb<?ve, her h kuUi day. HI freight or p??sag?, liaviug eleaam and '(melons accommo <U.ioim, apply ou boetd, w?*i sub- iSiiilmg Slip, or lo WOOD HULL fc MINTURNS fms of Pm.age tint. " ,Wb The jwrket .hip lltHtingenr, Captain Ira Banter, masiertid^, iWffivawr'- Iluc""t"- "d ^ou M** ML IWITIBH AND ROVAL MAIL . Of 1200 too* and 440 hone power each.? Under contract with lha Lord* of th* AdJ uninlty. HIBF.KN1A, Cifliii Aluuilw Ryria. CALEDONIA, Captain Edward O. Lott. ACADIA?. Captain William Harrison BI1ITANN 1A Captain Joliu Hewitt. CAMBRIA, .. ... . .Captain C. H. E. Judbtn*. Will ?ail from Liverpool mi4 Boston, via. Halifax, u followi: From Bo, ton. From Liverpool. Caledonia, l^itt August 16th. ? Acadia, Harriiou. ..Sept. 1st. Auguit 4th. Hibernia, Ryrie " 16th. ,r 30th. Theae veaael* carry experienced suigeous, &ud an ?implied ?tth Life BoaU. For freight or paaiag., apply to D. URIOHAM. Jun.. Axaut, e No. t Wall ?treat tor Halifax and Liverpool. The Royal Mail Steamers BRITANNIA aud CALEDONIA. will leave Bo*too, for the above port*, a* follow* BRI CAL TANNIA.J Hawitt, Esq., Cominaiider.Tuesday. Oct. 1. ~.EDONlA, E. O. Lott, ?lL*q., " YVediiasday, " 10. Pa***ge to Liverpool $120. Pa**age to llUifax M. Apply to D. BRIOHAM, Jr.. Agent, .21m 3 Wall street. FOll CHARLESTON. KEY WEST, HAVANA, AND NEW ORLLANS. To Sail oh Satuboat, 12th OcTonaa, at 4 o'clock, P. M. Tliealegant well know n favorite Steamship J NEW 1ORK, John T. Wwgiit, Comman der, will iiosilively *ail a* above. This sUm mer ha* been overhauled, aud put in cnm (pleie order for the season, and no ?<|>eu*e ha* been spared to make her every way complete?ha* large aud airy state-rooms, every way ada|>ted for tiie comfort of passenger*.? She rarrie* sulhcieut fuel from lien* for the voyage, and will not (top at the intermediate port* <>uly to land her pas-engers. For passage, apply to Capt. Wright ou board at foot of 9ui *t., E. H , near Dry Dock, or to A. HUBBARD (It CO. 37 l'eck Slip. . STEAM SHI I' KOR NEW ORLEANS ? ? Direct?To *ail positively on the 5th Oct. I?The tplendid *team ship ALABAMA, Captain Henry Windle, 700 tnu* burthen, J will lie despatched Punctually a* above. Tlii* line and |Kiwerl'ul *hip ha* very recently had thorough overhaul ing?lit* been newly coppered and supplied with a *et of uew boiler*, made in the city of New * orb. She i* in every way calculated to give coinlort to cabin, lecoud cabin aud steerage passengers. Those about proceeding to tlie alwveport, should in tti* accommodation* and secure berth* without lail. a* a limited number only can be taken. For particular*, apply ou board, or to W. &w J T. TAPSCOl'T, *20ec 7G South itnet, comer Maiden Lane. 1814.1 THE NEW STEAMBOAT [1844. EMPIRE, CAPTAIN D. HOWE, I Will leave BUFFALO for CHICAGO, ton FRIDAY, 23d of Auguit, at 7 P. M-, ana IMrform her trip* regularly duruigi&a sea ? *ou, a* follow*:? Uf LEA V ICS Bl'rFALO. '<'riil;n- Aug. 23,... at 7 P. M Saturday, hep. 7.... at do I'.onday, " 23... at do Tuesday. Oct. 8... at do WudneMay, " 23... at do Phui(day, Nov.7... at tin DOWN. LEAVE* LHICaUO. Saturday,.Aug.23... at 'J A. M Monday, Sept. 1#... at do Tuesday, Oct. 1... at do Wednesday," 15... at do Thursday "31... at Uo Friday, Nov. IS., at do T'nr ESlPIRE i* 260 feet in length, 42 leel S niche* beum, 14 vet 2 inches hold, measuring 122U tou*. and i* the largest steam boat afloat in mkud water*. Euguie StK) horsepower. boiler* provided with Evan'* Putesit Salely Valve*, to prevent theposai oility of mi exploaiou. The Cabin i* 230 feet long, with separate Saloons for Ladiea uid Ife.utleineii?s|iacious Sole ftoom* extend the whole leuath. ventilated by door* opening from the inside and out, ana ill i'art? of the boat w* finished and furnished in aatyle unequalled jy any otlnsr in the world. Amplt accoinmodation* for Steer age Pastencar*. in four large well ventilated Cabin*,oue of whieh * appropriated exclusively to females, 'In e boat i* provided with a good band of inn*ic. Wilmisi, >1ak.,h k C?., Buffalo,) H. Norton Ut Co., Chicago, >Agent*. J. N. Elkkht, Detroit, J D. N. BARNEV, fcto.. AUiTUHt 1, 1S!4. Cleveland. aoBionvlrf TO THE TRAVELLING PUBLIC. && tsggfa r.i*>?SQER ARfUlNOENBNT J-'OH 1844. The Subscrilwr* having completed their arrangement*, are now prepared to bring out paaientp-r* from Oreat Britain and In laud by the following lir*t ela*? Picket Ships, one of whieh w ill leave Liverpool on the lit, 0th, 11th, llith, 21st and Jdiii of each month:? New York, Sheridan, Liverpool, Cambridge, Siildou*, (tao. Washington, Columbus, United State*, Aahnurton, r.'island, Stephen Whitney, Roche itef, VorLi.hire, Oarrick, Queen of tlie West, Oxford. Certificate* of pataage can lie obtained, and every information will de given to those lending for tlieir friends, on application at either of oar OAicea. They will also be prepared, ou tlie opening of navigation, to forward paa*eng*i* aud their lug^ape to Albany and Troy, and vi? Erie Canal to Buffalo, and all intermediate place*. To all |H>rts of the Upper LaUea. Vfr to Toronto, Port Hope, Coburg, Kiagiton, and all parti of Canada Wat. From Troy; via WhiuduJl to Montreal and Quebec, Canada Ka*t via Ohio Canal from Cleveland to Portsmouth, Cincin nati and intermediate olace*. South West via Philadelphia to Pittsburg, Cincinnati, Loui* ville, aud all part* on the Ohio River to Su Louis, Mo.; and to all part* of Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and Wi*con*in Territory. REMITTANCES. For the accommodation of iwrsons wishing to send money to their friends in the Old Country. 1IARN1)F.N k CO. will giw drafts on any part of England, Scotland or Ireland, payable at light, for sum* of ?1, ?i, ?20, to ?100?or in auy amount to rait tlie purchatMT. OFFICES AND AOENT8. Charles Craft, 120 State *trert, Boston. B. W. Wheeler, Union Building, Providence, R. I. J. W. Mills, 3 Wall street, and 16 Front *tniet. New Yo?k. N. O. Howard, 4J South Third *lrwt, Philadelphia. Sandford Ik shoemaker, 7 Light street, Baltimore. Md., Pittaburgn, Pa. L. 8. Littlejohn, N Exchange, Albany, N. Y. 8. Clark, iM ICiver (treat, Troy, N. Y. Utica, N. Y. W.'A. Cook, Syracuse, N. Y. Rorlieater, N. Y. W. H. Cook, Buffalo. N. Y. H. Fitzhugh It Co., Oswego, N. Y. mafiee HARNDKN it C?. Patrick Henry, Viigiuia, Montezuma, Hotxiiuuer, Ko- inu, Eurojie, lndeipemletice, sjiuuel Hick*, CENTRAL RAIL ROAD, FROM SAVANNA! TO MACON, GEORGIA. THIS ROAD i* in operation daily (Sunday* excepted.) for Transportation of Passenger* and Freight. New and eorarorta bl* Passengers Car* have beau recently placed on the road, and the distance (190 mile*,) ia ruu from 6 A. M. to k P. M., with ureal regularity. The Company has also a numlier <>f Burthen Cars, and i* pie|?ared to carry w itii despatch, all good* and pro duce which uuy offer. Good* consigned to the ? ompnny'* Aye.nt iu Savannah, will he received and forwarded, free of com misaion for forwarding, provided a *um in ca*h, sumcimt to pay ?hip and road freight and chare** i* <lepo*iteJ with the ' ompa ny on arrival of the goods. The steamers OK V CLINCH and CH AIILI-.STON, owned and commanded by Captains Brooks and Uarden, run between I.'harlexton and Savannah, in com tion with tlie Road. A Steamer leaves each city on TuHtilsys, Thursdays and Saturdays, and the Line, it is expected, will soou run daily. Passenger* travelling South will leave Charleston at 9 A. M.. immedia'elv after tlie arrival of the Wilmington *team er?reach Savannah tiy I P.M. same d <y, and take the car* from Macon at 6 o'clook the following morning. By this route there i* leu (laying than on any other to Montgomery, and tin fare it a* low. ?. I AFITTE, Agent for the Line in Chnrleitou. K. R. CUYLEH, Preaideut. THOMAS PURSE, (Jeneral Superintendent. Savannah, Augnit, 1844. si lmrc U.vy LlNt TO iiUr>TON, BY THE LONO ISLAND RAIL ROAD. A Daily Train, Sundays excepted, leavea Brooklyn precisely *t t o'clock, A. M. for Oreeuport, from w hence pauengers are ?jtMiveyed iu a first-rate Steamer to Stoningtou, on Monday*, Vvednaad i) * and Fridays, and to Norwich on Tuesday*. Thur* days and Saturday*. Passengers must he at the South Kerrv, Toot id Whitehall street, in time to take th* Ferry Uoat at 7% o'clock A. M., w liere tickets may lie procure*! and luggage ue i??.'ml in crates, that go through to Boston unopened. This Line <t ls only twice l.etweeu Brooklyn ard Oreeui>oit, v it:?at "Farmingdale" J I, and at the "Maner,'' 67 inilea froui Brooklyn, *nd geuemlly rearhiug Biaton iu ten to eleven hour*. An Accommodation Line leave* for Oreenpert every day, -suuday* esee,.led, at 3 o'clock P. M., aud retnnnng leave* tir*.|i|x>rt it i A. M. *uta lmrc OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. M. ^lid Lilio ol I ACkel* for Liverpool ?ill lie reader siiatchfd I'l tlie lollowiltg tnler. excepli ig 'hat wle-n tlie sailing day Jails on Sunday, tl? ihips will ssil ou the suci^ediug day, ?,r. fi 11 m Nrw Vork. rinm nf*i 'ITei C AMBRI D(iE, fin b.n*, <Oct W. C. Banttm,( lrl?. Vt 1 Line I Th^ ENGLAND, tou*, S. Bartlett, IT* OXFORD, H00 ton*, J. Rathbone, The MONTEZUMA, li)U0 tons. A. B Lowlier, ThaJfcUllOPE, 618 ton*. K. fi. Fnrlier, The'NEW YORK, (new,) 9MI ton*, T. B. Cropper, Tlie COLUMBUS, 700 toll*. '? V 'II*. < - (i. A. Cole,^ 1 June 16 Oct. 16 Feb. 16 July 1 ><**. 1 .March I July It No*. 16 March II Aug. 1 l)it. 1 April 1 Aug. 16 Uec. 16 April 16 IVpt. I Jan. 1 May I he YORK81iIIU&, (new,) i Sept. 16 ?0.?U ton*. {Jan. 16 D. O. Bailey.(May IC July 1 Tlie,* Ship* are not sur|?! <ed in |Hiint of elegaaco or comfort in their e*Uin ireotprnodaliou*, or HI th?ir fo?t nailing rjualitie* by'nny ve?-e|? in the trade The rotmnaudar* are well known a* men of cli?racler<?nd ??l? rieiice, ami #ie Stricte?f attention w ill always lie |md to promote 11w comfort mid convenience of jmu-miiiers Punctuality, a* regards the ila, of sailing, will lie observed a* heretofore. The price of passage ontward is now fixed at One lluudied Oollnre, for which ample >tor<w of esery desrriptnm, will 1* proviiled, with tlieexeeptiou of wmea aud Inpiors, which wit :w furnished by the Su-wards, if required. Neither tlie captain or owners of tlie?e Ship* wiH be respon sible for any laty-rs, iwrcets, or |*ckige? sent by tle-m unl as KiiUi bill* ol ladiug are ugued there/or. F*r freight or |nt* mge, 41 : to July Nov. Mar. Dec. Dec. April Aug. Dec. April Sept. Jan. May Sej*. Jan. May Oct. FeO. June Oct. Feb. June Nov. March OOODIIUK. k CCL *4 Hootfi street. I.L, Burling Slip, N. 1 HKO'I IlKKs >* CO., L'pnol C II MARSHAL and of BAWINO.j Ff>K LIVERPOOL? The well known fjst sailing iicket ship SOUTHKRN KR, 7Kl tons, T. D. Palhier, sler, will have immediate despatch. For Ir^ighi ol iiaio tules cotton or bulk thereof, or passage, having (very good accommodations, apply to th* Captain, ou board, Pier 13 K. R. or to ?l# ?? WOODIiULL It M1NTURN8,17 8oath>b Annual Convention of tho Protectant Jiipla copal Church. At 1) o'clock yesterday morning, the Convention of the Protestant Bp-ec-opal Church lor the diocese ot New York, re-aseeinbled iu St. John's Church. The house was called to order by the President, Kcv. Bishop Onderdonk, thorugh llev. Dr. Wain. Wright, who, owing to the delicate, state of the Bi shop's health, communicated between him and the atseembly, ana Rev. Mr. Hmght having, on ihe previous evening been elected Secretary, as sumed the duties of ms office; Charles N. S. ilow land was also appointed Treasurer at the a&me time. Tne flr.t business tranaaoUd was lit* calling over the ?uusters and lay dalagat.., whieh occupiStio koukui lor a spaco ol tirno tint appeared tediousiy ion? to ' n?r C0Uld BTW11 1*d""' '? lUe guile f ? *lw w*r" nuiuaious and not lass good tannered and patient, avoid laaling a little fcdgetty. Atla?ttlia roll wa* finished, the sun emerged iiom a cloud about tiie ?T!!d5!!Eut. ttl0g" WM" i8lWlbiy ^"ened with. Uuwug tho neat hour-whathor through the influence of liiusuu or not, is uncertain?the acene which Was *u r?r ThM|" ? "">? animated and exhilarating cnarac - h, .ie* ut. h?vmg c?ll*u the aueuuon ol tho us vt i 10 i ? 1 Uir? lor U?e guidance ol ,he Cou veuiiou and deUuwg tu? order ol the proceedings obi'eftnJa,M<!e a lew ob*t,rvil,u"? m a low voice, mo Convalinoa ,eco?""lou ul ??*? ? bmdi-g ai^^h^.V,*" [ei'lieJ tUt thf> ?'?"???? rules wore aiwaysobserved, and it w.u most m;ual and most conv. uunt that it .houiu tie so no w ??nvl* Mr. CsNioN called tor the reading of the rcles which was supported by another member, who declared Ytww adopUon^taeirru^ *n ?bjeCUOn BUMta the Johi? Duea, Kkj .addressed the meeting at some 1-nath ' h"'iou-'1 practice established precedent sometime*, yet in this case it was not of ionic enouirh staadiug to.a??unie the lorce ol law.Aloreover.tho uracil ol other deliberative bodies-of civil assemblies, as religious convention t, ?ai to the contrary lit u?.. ri ed the nght ol that body to amend iu rules of ordeT^d vi.^.h^r"ce correctness of^i? ?lows, they had but to go .o tUe Congroaa ol Uao LTiiitMl firil llAin* doutt Pr?*lou* to the traa*uc Uonot business, was to oonsidei tne expediency ol aiion ?2&ZZ 1atlo,> V1 Uracu Cuuich, took the contrary view of the case, and urged that a. long usage oo,l? Jl ^ high uegrtM of authonty, it went, in the instance to stuiciiou the validity oi their standing rults. ' oU,t'r* having spoken up^n tne amendment to oneol the rules wnich w.ts before tne house, to me ? l ,ut Powers ot the President aUomu be ?uou as is usu.Oiy vested in presiding oOiCci,, " ii" aecidud, iwas tue rules were alwavs Vt??ta-r,M.1Kt)iaU 1UK' \Uey 118,1 b??n ioice ior twelve >cbi?, a* ihe> coiauuied expressions wmcn ihrv W"". thereto,. u'oZZ,!^ )*^lg ... ,1aD^??, <" those rules was outoi order ? (Murmurs and esp<e?aions oi dissent j >p^k~aoTVJ!^'UYi hUV'"g or attempted to t.m<? turn-now, two or tniic at a Dr. VViisWRitiHr, on behalf of the (.hair called il>. house to order decking there wa. no motion S,?' Mr. t?o*K ?Am I to understand it ss the decixmn ?r Whirl ' lk*1 thfru ,ca" h,! uo moti,JU to amend tne rules which are ain.ged io be in lores ? iu p^l ?1 such a motion might be regular , but as, to the luies, such cumo tuulxt Ihe IroPumi.?UMUe,W| U WM ?o usn-r ,, tm Mr. Ouaa. -li the Chair decides that the rules uie binding, I t ppeul Irom the decuion ol tne Chair. ...Anolt"*f lul'H d;,lJ lough argument ennued, the Cheir attemptii.g several timen to bung tue house to order snd put Uiequestion, but ell to ne".irpose Hevei'ore.sL speakers lolloweu iu rapid succ. s?ion, and us lar ss Could judge from tho hurricane of voices calling ? o ie? &?ce. fl-U t0SUy' 0WUj*10 impat^Buce oi ^he Ut '.H r8D??,?l I'i' opix al from the President's do m' tri i ??iriciH.n tiwt if the matter were not then ?et(ie<Jf it oouU nut b* Mil. rwajtirt. tor lie wcJl kurw hst it would he put off Horn day tooav V.Iuil ail Tne leading hUMneas wne oil, and then it would u brougnt up, be jWll on tn.'uble ' p.. M*11'"'"?Will the l'resid.nt bave thegoodniss to resd uii) r.*oluuou at any time pssced Dy this oodv bv in. rate, a?iKa ?LZL,t$ -? f. ti-^!' ^ ?r **"" ?C0*M "vidst loud cries ot "our,, tion, und referred io the piacticsin other dioces. s wn?.n theeouveationilelaimedandu.edthe right ol r.auUt,?K lh?rCUlf",01 most p",Uul lor ImH t5 obsei ve ludicstioiis on that occasion olau unwillmauean ? oXr ! " TUZTlUTly ^ decide itat once (c *e. of th? .njuch dikupprobauon.) It he bud urepjied the slightest exp:esxiou that eave oilmen h? ie? ie.?"'fSi"^ "? but it Was the same wuy StoJk his silt" <,"?i'frobatioi.1 during which Dr. ntmt restored, and tho vote on the ap peal from the chair taken by a> ea and noes, which wei? announced to sUndUm;-ayes, church vote 97, lay do dcu "s dvc??!on0" Uy W' lUU* tUktail"U? ,h -yrswa ?{? ;^r Bishop, which occupied fuUy an hour As Tr u we MnL .tCMtch ti"'*".?' M Lh,I C0",,17ed 10 k"cP re |<orters at.catt h the gist oi the document, it wai an ex C mak?nn,WsnhJhB Cltefgy ab0Ut U" ow" ^ r, rnukiDg an ad^quat- proTitfion?an lucrtdMc oliitlarv S^Lsr-r-w,d "a ,hut- To?"r*^ Si .. Til ^ i Ihe building ol church is, ordination ol ministers, and obituary notices ol others deceased, who, according to the uddren, must huve r een generation"1'" ' " *"'"1 u"thi"K ",,out the present clericul d?^? r**'lin* of fho ?dJress was finished, another deba a arose u|*>u a motion submitted by m aiemher to r? jer? mueh o. the eddies, as related to Llary to a eom J*?? ~^e mll,t proceed with tlis business ar coiding to th. rules, the 9th ol which ssid, that the elec Uoni ol otficers shoiild tuk?> precedence ol all business ex. CGpt tha uddret* of tlict Buhup. ' offtJSSS ,hPV ^'a ,0J,hB clpc<ion of Inspectors or Committees, which occupied it until the hour of nd. Journment. When the hour ol three had arrive ! l??** moved that the hou.e adjourn ecccrdlng to nI"",Dl"T-u1;hVCh"ir do*t cot leal at liberty to pro. oeunce upou it In the absence of a moti r ! mo!H ,b*' lh" President do declare !f three '"Cloc;k." '( a" long* pa tue j""1^oumed PaMtaxNT-We will KO on with the business. Mr Di-kb renewed his proposal to adjourn %.V'^T-Jrn >d UO m0,i',n h,1"re ?'?? house 7 re, ,7nr,r~ ThJ my r?t,on' ,,r 7 <'.oud laughter.) the V^nUem^ia ordar! n"t consider the motion ol rules D(Lattgh arV* aCC?r'""S ,0 > our m*?* The P?k.,u,?t made some other observation to which Mr e,? replied, "nor is that sccordin* to \ottl . , T:T'rr Thl*.much n^.nn,. , t to alipreseiit, except the ?|><: .k. is. who appeared to be ArrxaMoo.t Hsssioit. A lull attendance of minUters, and ??ven i'.TBoreas..d H\h h Vu ,09k their seats in th.i Church . x..( i)r :,.S:s,r?i^w.rwc"ih4far ui"1 r""' ui"" - W"r" ,ou"^.g-ing"M.o n.V'*?? upon a motion pressed hy ties Br H fb." Isr a bujkit |Ur lorty sevrti new l'tti . NrWar" t'r0",*t''nl Kl"?C"pai Thaologieal Jtenonaiy of w,9rm?;/ah'L''C''0r'f *'r r.' rn"',p,? W. ?nd a good deal of to delenii h ^ " ??ces..iy to Jeie,?, h.r. ,s|f t,om aspersions wl ich he corf ?n??<nr,e.l,deni?l h! n , . tny ,0 ,M" ? different oomposition ol the Bo ird ol 1 ru?te??, although thfire wra differences of opiefon m.ionsj th. m on religwok doctm.?a ut "tvo ^ ,hR "?'??ura * - ' f |V ' n ? , -V"''*1 ,n "r C?oti of the minor, and it u.t " on eecoont ol their tem t* ; ?n<j it would give more room for objection*, alreoiiv too common, .igsuut the Theetogic>il ln.ititu.lon. noma curf us scenes occurred In thr> oftl,p i ?e. niiij of which our reporter could not by any pos.ibilliy rtl,ir.",,r,h" ''?v,. wifl, rotirtery and it. i . nn umuti 1 kind, made arrangements to e*. elude Irom Within hearing all connected with the Tre?s although others are admitted wnk little or i o Cer. monv ' A motion was made and adcp'ed to defer the can-i ra. tion of the debate on the Thc.ologb-al ?eminary un'il to. day at H o clock} elirr which the house adjonnied. r", V!K'' -^verul person,) ?ri?nds el Gen Jackson, in, hive presented turn with a plain, nest r. ptiklican arm chair, soc, met. ??i as to render it pac.itliatl) cenveuisnt lor JU invalid A Cotton Factory B'hm -W? r. gret to learn I '?ounly, North i moIi, a, waato d"?tro*,d bv t "work nf""''! ,bi! 10,U ",M """I-"--'1 "? b 'Va been J.r. 1 ' Mn i'.cei. lkry. i l.r lean u said to hn Ii .j, t >o,OUO to ^8(i,ooo Notlimg ol valti'i was saved. Nihiai'b ?In consequence ?l the many dern .nrle madt) ut the H. * olht.-e tor the rejietuion ol th. the Tableaux ef the Tyrol, tho is in ineed to re. th?m this evening, together With the apera of J hn *f Psns, and the admired Inrceof Ihu Young itcamp. Wild Piorons.?Large llocka of wild i igetmi have made their appearance within the mighkoihood of i'ottsviile. [Krjm tha Nauvoo Timea aud Season* ol Sept. 'J.J Mormon JloveinfiiU. Great excitement prevail* throughout the world to know "who be the aucceubor of Joaeph Smith 1" In reply, we suy, be patient, be patient a little, till tiie proper time comee, aud we will tell ycu all. " Great wheel* move alow." At present we can aay that a special conference of the church was held in Nauvoo ou the iMi ult., and it wa? car Tad, without a disputing voice, that the "Twelve" should premde over ihe whole church, and when any alteration in the presidency shall be reqmrrd, seasonable notice will be givru; and the eldero abroad, will best exhibit their wibdom to all men, by remaining mleut ou those things they are ig norant ol liiihup? Whitney and Miller have been appointed truaues to manage the liuaucial conceriia 01 the church, aud will aoou enter on the (Junta of their calliug. aricuL Mbktinu.?Ou ilia 6lk si August, 1844, at a special meeting ol the church ot Jnuit Christ ol Latter Day Saints, convened at tha stand in the City of Nauvoo, raaiiOKi?T JtaiouAM Yoeaa called tha audience to order, and arranged tha several quorums according to their ?lauding, aud the rule* ol tho church. The meetiug had tiei.ii previously called, aa ataiad, to Chooia a guaiuiaii, ?r truntio lor saiel church. Kldt r Phelps openud tha meeting by prayer, and Presi dent Voung then proceeded to speak, aud gave hu view h of tho present situation ol the cuurcu, now thai the prv phut and patriarch were taken liom our midst by the H'lckeduena ol our eneouef. t or the iiiat time kince he became a member of the church, a servant of Uod. a messenger 10 the nations iu the. nineteenth century, lor the first time iu the kingdom ol (jod, the Twelve Aposles ol the Lamb, chosen by revelation, iu t'u* last dispensa tion of the gospol lor tho winding up scene, present hem solves before the Burnt*, to stand m their lot according to appointment. While the prophet lived, we all walked by " sight he is taken irom um, and we must now walk by " faith." Alter he had explaiued matter* so satisfaclo rily <hat every saint could see that Elijah's mantle had truly lalltn upon thu " Twelve,"he askeuthe saint* whut ihey wanted. ?'Do you want a guardian, a piophet, a spokesman, or what do you want? It you want any of muse oiliceia, signify it by raising the right hand." Not a hand was raised He then gave the aaint* hi* view* of what the Lord wanted Hcie uie the " Twelve,"appointed by the fiuger ?t Ood, who hold the keya of the pneslhood, aud the au> thority to *et in order aud regulate the chuich in all the world. Here i* elder Atnata Ljinan aud ol er Sidney Uigdon ; they w ere councillors ill the first presidency and they are councillor* to the " Twelve" still, il they keep their place* ; but if either wishes to act as ?' spokes man '' lor tno prophet Joseph, hu must go behind Uiu veil where Joseph i?. llo continued hi* remark* nearly an hour, opening by the spirit of (iod, the eye*, tar* and heart* el the salut* to the subject before them, aud to thnirduty aud tiie glory ol (iod. huigh Amiia Lvmam lotlowed, and lully accorded with the insiiuouon* and views 01 elder ioung i liave been et the hack of the propuei Joseph, and 1 shall lie at ihe back of ihe ?' Twelve." Them is no need 01 chOMi g a guardian or head ; the ypuHtits have the power, a? tuey iiad anciently, an.I this is the power that turns the k< v aud will b. ar ott tse kingdom of Ood in ail the world, triumphantly ; aud I shall help the in obtain that gloiy. that eye hatli not seen, ear ham noi heard, and the heail ol man hath not conceived His reiustka were continued in the full lruition oi the spirit that whispeia : uuion is strength, hi.J peace is joy Kmicr I'mi rs npoko m xt, and continued the tame fpirit and feeling, having Known many of the elders lor lour teen yeats. and had seen iheiu lake their lives in then bauds, vithout purse oi script, in summer aud in w inter, ? through good and through evil report, lor the salvation of souls, and lor the benefit ol /ion, without the hope ol rewuiil, save pleasing God, and obeying in* command ments { - had sueu iheiu harness fur war when wicked mm sought their liven and eudeavoled to destroy their wivee and children ; ai,4 at all time* they weie willing to aci by couuiei , they will do it now ; this lake of lace* duet, not seem so pitiuaaul "llhOUl indicating good j and the older* who have stooelou the rigii: and It It ot our departed prophet, knowing the uullioiity and powei ol the piles - bood, will houoi it. Elder Kigdon must know how he obtained hi*endowment, or what he ha* ; lor he aas not received all, only a small part Let him and the whole ol Israel rej nee this day , lor il they rear thai Temple anu are Uilhlul, they shall all he endowed, (men and women.) ui (iod will, till they can save themselves aud their pio genitur*, as well aa si cure their put entv. Keai not con cerning a prophet; Joseph held the key* in this wm hi aud holds tliein in thu world to come, and counsels lor ) vtu row. I uncle: stand-the revelations, and know that in them all tilings art written concerning the " Twelve." Kli>?.k P l Psatt said what hud been said was well hie t and Wfllt into ti*e mm lis of Ihe subject with 111., u.uel animation. Hays he, 1 know we can all live h*| py if wu deal with hone t m< n : 1 do not like the practice vv nen any one is sick or in difficulty, to inn to a doctor or a lawyerj run to tho very worrl men lobe cured, or helped out ol >.llli^uity ! Let me die a natural 4-ath, ouu sudor wiong, la in r than hire a doctor to kill me, or a lawyer to fierce me and leave me to the beggarly aliments nf the woiid A* to meichauli, 1 say nothing of them ; you know what I mean. I'.lui.* Von mi again resumed : I do not ask this audi cuce to take my counsel; act lor yourselves : if eldn liigdou i* your choice, manifest it: il the "Twelve" be men to coanset you to finish the greatwoik laid out by our departed prophet, ?a> so ; and do not break your eoveiioiit by murmuring herealter When the w hole subject was pieperly explaiued and undetstood, and counsellor Hig don refused to have hi* name voted for aa a spokesmen oi guardian, the question was put. " all in lavorof support ing the Twelve in their calling! (every quorum, man and woman,) (ignily it by the uplifted hanu," and the vott was uuaiiimou.H, no hand being ruised in the neg itive.? Tha next vote wm that tho "Twelve" should aeiact and appoint two bishops to act as trustee* for the church according to law This vote was unanimous also. An other tinauimou vote was passed to use eviry exertion to forward the D'lil'ling ol the Temple, aud to strengthen the hands ol tha committee. Tha revelation in relation to tithing was relet re I to, and the manitestotion ol every aaint acened to be, wt will do as the Lord hath command ed ; and the assembly was diamiMed with the blessings oi the Lord. jljK The " Twelve " would invite the brethren abroad, in obedience to the commaiidrnxnts oi lit > Lord, to guthei to Nauvoo, with thoir mean*, to help build uptheci'y. and complete the Temple, which is now going lorwaid la.tar than it has at anytime aluce it commenced. De ware of the spec lations abuut the prophet ! Relieve no tales on the aubject: Time will tall who urethe Iriendsoi Joseph ttmith, who L id down hi* life lor hi* brethren ? We have no new commandment*, but beseech the breth ren to honor and obey (he old one*, for wht etofvrr thr rtreat*it. iKert wilt Ik* euglri hi (allured ttgrthrr Mote in the next. BKIOIIAM V OUNO, September 9, 1844. Prraiilrnl of the Twelve. fS'oTicK ?Fellowship was last evening withdrawn irom Kider* Mlney Kigdon, Jenns Emmet, and Zachnriah Wilson, by the Counsel ol the Twelve, and on Sunday next the matter will be laid before the church lor thvir action. t;RY ok the martyrs. av f r raaTT. II nk ! - the sound ol many voices mingling Their leeble cries like the groans of myriad* Of expiring insects, ascends she skiea In solemn music While the wide expanse Ol Heavens' courts re-echoes with the s .und : In strains, tho' mournful, sad, and solemn are Powerful and mighty, and dignifitd. And giand, ami sublime : and fill all heaven, As lb" sound ol many waters : ar as Th<- voice ol a great thunder ; rending the Ski-* , stnrtPrig the angels ; and penetrating The hearts of the (Joda ; thrilling every nerve And kindling the flame of jus ice in eaoh lloiy bosorn And whose voices are these I They aie the voices of ancient martyr*, Who were slain lor the witness of Jesus ; Alid lor the wotil of their testimony Ves-crucified, beheaded, sawn asunder, Burned, torn by wild beasts ; beMayed shot, iiuu , b iiled, roasted, i>n[ rtaoned, starveil, and Tortured iu tan thousand nameless w. ys And who, so cruel, or so hard iu heart, Aa 'o i.fll ct these bles-vd niaityrs thus ? Perchance some demon torn the courts of Hell, in human loim at rsyei',. alone perlorineil it! Or it by human aid, it moat have been Horn", low .le?radeu boat hen? Cannibal, Trained fiom his youth t ? fe?,l on human fieth. Ot tell me. whuie such ? r< tch- s could be found ! Alas, 1 blo di to ou. n he truth, ai d j it M sell a man. Tlirso wi le iheir r xri^o raitMnS ; 1'hair / o h> m moUu is, hi ot hers s -stei s, sons, And ueigiibors lb, too of' thnr lellow chnsti->n', In neme, but not in spirit. Ves, pious Pi n and praj inn filends too ett betrayed them. Bit hvw c uldtliesr in conscieice kilt such mi u, An t all i r thmr religion an I thi ir faith : V this, (Uieinselves the jii ige ) tliev n terdd. The) fir.1 ac.ctin d them, cnaigeu with various (.inner, li M'd a' dslindaied , then, lor justice I ried : an I thus destroy ed th- m, in holy 7.1 al for Ood ; And vainly thought to do him service But liart: :-That piercing cry still tingle* in My eara, and fill* my very heart with giiel What ure their that burn, with u i^ht sr.d power To pam both heaven and earth and alt that hear T 14 How long, O Lord holy and true, dost thou Not Judg- and avange our biood oa them that Dwell 011 the e.iith 1" Are the** the awful wo Is ? And what reply Is given by 'he avenging heaven* ? Dr. ye martyred aonls, sa l wail Till jour lellow servants who are to tie Killed 111 like manner thaii I10 lulfilied. Wait till Musonri's plsius are soaked ii bleed Of innocence, and the souls ot Latter IJ iy ->amts 4nig ?? th' ir dies wrh yntir* tor vetig- ance on I'le e.ietu W.ii', till thu pimns v' I imoia, And the a'alls of ?thuge. ere soake-i wiih The blood 01 msityrnl pruphein, whose r.ries Ascend Is heaven lor vrug- ance on a mob. Wait- till the lest. v?sngi< of civil aud Ruligious l.berty shall i-X|iiie in The bvsom ol a h.nsfl- g nation, whose K'ttera mock the criea of Justice, An 1 lauch at ih? pray, rs ol the oppressed. Wait till ihen , but wsut no longer.?Yeu have Th. answer. Washington. [Cotresponuence ot the New York iierald.j Washington, 2-lih Sept 1S44 The Naval Court Martial convened ut this place are still engaged in the trial of Captain Newtou, and it is thought that they will not close wuh it be fore the latter part ot the coming week. The Secretary of the Navy in not .bout reining from ihe Cabinet, ha is geueially credited; ot this you may real assured. i he resident is cull at the Springs in the vicini ty ol Winchester, \'d-, anil vill not r< turn hare prior to me SMifi?" so 'tis taud." It has not tained here tor seveu Wreks, and the dual in the aireets unci housed eltecds a cotrect deeciiption Coleman opens the National Hotel next weeli. Do not write it "Caiman's" as many have, but avoid iliat very objectionable mode ot giving (he name of the landlord 111 lieu ol that ol Hie bouse. S. Storm and Mkla.ncuoi.y Loss otr L.rtc ?On Saturday ufiernoon litis city v. as suddenly visited by a mpi.ill Hum the norm and west, resembling in iuiy a tropical tornado. The morning bad Let-n oppressively bot, and about the time we mem.on a gutiieiing ol dense clonus, preceded by a slight tail in ihn baromutar, took place, and there was a giutrai expectation ol a heavy thunder storm. Suddenly, however, a gust ot twua ante with lucb vioUnce at in a tew moments to elivuie the wholu du*t ot the city, and to suspend 11 bke a liuitial pill, and darken the vvho.e atmosphere until it lloaird away. The casements, which weie geutnlly ujnu uu account ol Uio previous heal, wtic dashed libom lutioUk ly, an'l great damage done to glJ?s and shiugli?* Data ami cap* weie fly ing in all ilir alums. '1 ne teniae .t subsided in ihe couise ol ten or hlieeu minutes almost us suddenly as it had aust n.uud a gentle but net continued luin lollow - ed. i he river wax ot course h pel loci sunt ot loam, and some li illing oaniage was doue in the liuibor hy vessels breaking or htiaimng then moorings. The coniso of ibe storiu being nearly in the lint ol the river, il wus tell lor noma distance to the north. We learn that the fioutir .Jobney, wbicb arrived yesterday irom liuibe-c, tuw one schooner on her road whicu bad lost her muil, atul anoth er which had her ssil blown awuy We tear thai we shall shortly have intelligence ol many calamities. Il u our paiulul duty to leiala, that durihg the height ot the squall a in. lane holy catastrophe occurred on the river.? Air. Cooke, the writing maattir ol the High school ol Montreal, iu company with two brothers ot the uaint ol Dean, lately tiom England, and a geullainan named \V il kinion, were ou their way to Hoi el, on a voyage of pies sute. When opposite Poiul au Trimble, they were ovci taken by the full lury ot Uio equal!, their canoe was up set, and, melancholy Iwiucoid, oil lour sunk to use no more. A person wno was in a canoe about ten yards be hind them, and who narrowly escaped the tame late, it late* that then canoe was whirled twice round, and im mediately overturned, aLd thai not one ol the pally evei appeared on the surlace. The canoe dulled to lioucbti voir, and a bat, hauukr.rchiet, and pocko t-book, identified aa belonging 10 the purnea, w. i? picked up, eui iij. 10 >e ?eli o'clock last nigtil, no liuCe ul thtil tivdi.s bad betn dmcovmul NumOeis ol s^icctaiois witnessed the acci deul Irom the shoru, hut could render no assistance (in subsequent examination, the pail oi the rivet Wueiethey lis.I wont down piovealu be nolmoie than tiviu lout to lite leei deep; it i-. Ihuie.oie luimuid thut they becann cutangled in the weeila, v. bicu aiu then; in gi > at aUiin dunce, and owing to the luiy ol Ihe sioim, were not able to extricate theuikelveH. a long and iiusuccesaiui searcn was male yeatcrday evening lor Ibe bodies, and mal nijlit lour canoes, wuh llgnik, tic , weie despatched 'o the scene of Hie accident with ihe intention ol coniin Uing ihe seaich all night ?Munlrtul (jazrllt, i>r]it -Ml. Mexico.?Our Havana corieepondent has sent ua a tile ol ihe Gov. rnioent newspaper to Hit* 24(h \ugust, rtc?ived by the ' Tevioi" Utaiilt steamer VuraCiUZ. We find in them tin. follow ing liems ul in lei est:?After a long debate, I'ougiesk hu^ granli d in lull ibe supplie* demundi d l>y santa Anna loi the T exas n - ration (Ju the J 1st August a AUaicaa e?pr?-sk amvio at Meiico liom Meultioy , conluinn g an < tlieiul notice lliai oveituiea bad htuii niade by Sam. Housiou lor hu other ariaisuce lielw eeu T txss and ivlesno 1 lit "Wiaiio d> 1 tinberno" klatt-s that n had been piohlbiud Irom pub lishlng lh?-tlelallM ol the piOi'Osiuuu ol ?.ouaton, bui in the tune in which Ihe allii-ion to Texas lowurmce is colichld, some indication IS given ikat llvufttou lias given way in Ins claims on Mexico ; and that the tar turned ' re veiling in the Hulls of Ili> .vlonttKiimas" i* postponed lui the piesint.? Phtiudtljihia V S Uuitlle, Stft '.0 A Disturp\nck at l'rriNBi ho.?It seerns thai l'liisburg is becoiiiing i iiiu.u |. i poiiticsl row.- - tin Satuiday night lust Hum Wi le kt.veial. 1 tin t*jnrn of the A>;r- suy s, la e at night, (isptam Heal ti and 111. bii - her. Iloswell Urach. wei? ultiukid by ome rowdies oi. Markei. slieet, and alter keeping ihem ? II' a lew nioim-nis v Ph adiawn plalol, wereputsind down W Btei to l-'eny gi.tet, where Itoavv. il whs knocked down nndnv-i'i> n juri Jby several bur.k* thrown at him bev. ral Clei? mans coming <><tt ol the William let! bouse, on the cot Ii?r,0li Ueuilg hu Clies id" mill dor,' weie ...talked, one had hi? r.out to u to rags, and .11 dnv? u in the i.otue, which was QMailed with stones and bricks, the windows hrnkian iu and on'' man seveiely cui on the chin and (ore head, by the nutsiles tbiowu in OithooN.?Five men arrived at Independence in thie Slate, Irom Fort Laramie, l.-.s-t week, btinging mtelligi uce from the emigrants to Oregon, who lelt last spring. They expected to leach their dealli a.ion on tin 1st ol October They weiu well supplier with bacon, but were nearly out of flour. Hour sold at the Kort lor $4n per barrel, and bacon at ft cents per Its. The water ??oiirses en the mute were high, snd it tallied during a greater part of their journey, reduciug theirv'oi'k snd jeding their teams Only one man had died, and he be longed to Oenerul Gilliam's comp iny. The journey bad heeuveiy latiguirig, but the health of the finigiants w as unusually good Tbey ex ected to reach llutlalo in 11* ? or six days alter leaving Fort Lmamie, and to lay in an i<mple stock of provisions ai that point There w an some apprehension lelt ot an attack Horn the 8ii>ux, whose chief bad s.-nt a war party to assail them This showt the necessity oi having a sii flic lent Uovamment force on that routo to protect? nngi ants, and we hope-Congress will carry out, ut its next session, the recommendation o> the President lor Ihe erection of a chum ul luits fmm Council Hlurts to the I'ass The rumor ur relation to ihi ill ulhs ol fom mnn'bers of one rampiiny, mentioned in thi Western F.xiauUtr, is contradicted by private ol i< lalpr d ite, leMlved bero yesteiday.? ii. Ijtuli Hep., Sfpt. 16. Mormon iN'rwh ?The last Nauvoo Neighbor caya thut the hand of fellowship haa been with driiwn from F.lders Itigdon, J?msi Kmnut und Xaclmrisb Wilson. The Warsaw signal says, it was rumvred that on Maturdsv week last, nineteen ol the leading Mormons were ejecti d Irom ti e chuicb,among them John A. Kotgc und Kmrria Smith The Temple U still going ahead, li e third tier of windows heii g reudy to n c< ive th'-ir cap^. Above them, is to be a hell ol coarse atone, ur.d then six feet of plain cut stone woik. will finish thewa'ls ! T e Signal suys that tw-enty-five Mormon families lisvi lelt Rear Creek, taking with them several hor?es, valued at $7"0. an I many hewl ol rattle, which thay bail stolen, they had gone to Nauvoo. The Moimoiis were also leav ing Mortal's settlement. S. rioui d ssensions are said to exist in tbn church ? Rigdon has al>ont lour hundred followers, who a*lmil bis Claim to the leadership, mid deny the right ot the Twelve lo govern - of this number, are Kdwurd Hawley snd llo bait Prlcc. ? Si. ?aiu/s lirjiubliran. Thk Wkathkr and the Drought?The lute rain aeetris to have taken a wide sweep It h?i> partially put an end to the dl tressing dr light ? bich per valed s great portion of New Yoik, New Jeraey nnd Penns Ivania. Th> wi ather has already become qillt> <-ool It now feels like autumn last week it sea t r* lik" su-nnier hut the change is graftlul and refreshing ? jllbany Jlmut, Sipt 2A Qi>- Millarri Fill mre, the Whig rnndiHa'e for (ioverni r ot New York, whs, when a hoy m|?pfeii ticed to a woollen mwiufarttiri r in Cavn;a co nty lb I urehasi d on> yi ur of bis time, taught school, and bj Ins iinaidi d efforts, acquired the knowledge wSich has ??nahlrd bun to earn lor himself a high rapututjoii as n statesman Cot.'KT for tiik t!cni?iKCTioN ok Kkrorh, Albnny, W> ilii? hd.iv. Sent 2ii. 1 si J?I'reM-nt? >en?'ei Bocken presiding, ami twenty.nne eih -r Senators Vn H - P Xpilnsbli'vs K Sny-'er dr N fl II roneblded fm duiendaiit in eiror and Mr IJ i nly wis In nd in re|,li Ilerision post|Hiiii"! No !i K. It- ("km I , vn A J. Uinl s*ll? Mr. K. Saiidtoi d Opened f>u plni.'ifl in eiror. Cincinnati, Ohio - Mr (: el,of Cincinnati, - it there will be ii ure-iter iiiiii.Imt <1 h"it-' H |,;ii|rn thai city this *t*>r)n 'ban in a iy mmn brivtolms I'vi e vi bun lie1 n t i* Uir\ '< ot IM 'I im-i'i 'in ? tt . 'XII ? i I rn ?ilt tirl ? ll> ?'i Mten t'.e il ie tr id | ! tion forth" I ut twelve fi i miia i' 7.''?> ?i * , and tie pr ? rit (opulstion ol i incinnati i'7 > d in Ct:ttA ?A H leffer of the 11 h in-1 nv1; Af iTi Klit months nf most d, .tr. ? ? i> if dro>n;ht 11'' l> . ihi ? li'ug.n I 'i-s ri?i'<d by m?s' r i. ? ? < t aim l int V g't i'i it N-gins snre ? or.- to flannsh, an. the sU?ar und tub .cco crops lock favoisthi. Anti-Rknt Tickkt ? The nnit-retil party n^arrri I bled in Convention on ,?tatuid<ij , nn I non insted a tick, lor m. mtiers of Asstnibly: Ir.i ftania ol Albany, Wm Mutphy f New S-otland i.nd I. iw n nee V n Ouseti ol Hem ''he two first mi ned am whn<s, the latti r i den ? rral We do not bum thit the c invent no presen'ed ? -iandnlat - forCongiess ot for *e? ?ti?|- ? Slitiiny Jttlui Com iiioii Plena. Bi foie Jl|.l|(e I; KIHliam Si.PT.S'i -Thr'itrr J. Vn>?| ri. (} tilnrr IVherJwriffu I'll IS W?s ?n a< lion ol tt'i<ei in r, over the val".- , i (?awler st lwmth sold'he deft >'mi' in Augn<t. | - U I 11 p. an d that i f.e iirtic w as [ llu;l,a*? d by a nty <?' n 'd WlJil, Wloi gave nil oi.Imi Ioi II.. ... nil r, 'I ? in live n i nths It Was alleged thut Wild pun I -f 't Ailjoioned ovt r Kmg i s Il it uivny The Jury disagieed In this r. polled III Tunsduy '? Utrald WusTgRN Rtviiia.?The St LnuURepublici' the ICih says, thai the navigstion oi the Mi mini Bits was never know n to be so d fhcnlt ?s 11 tfst ja tt< owing to the lowuias oi tie wain- gtnilut y tln ieWfci UOt ovw lour leet. ROBERT OWEN'S ADDRESS. Io the Statesmen, follUrUun, Professions, nercaiitllc anil WurbliiKUiiaaf New York City. Gkmxkmkn and FRiiNDu: 1 leave your city to morrow, ulier a sojourn ol nine days Yuu uie m t state ol political excitement, which, until your jreMdeutitil election shall be leiriiinuied, w ill pie yeiit uny i aim, steady uiteulion lo mi y other sub ret. l)Ut, at rny age, approaching 71, my days ol useluh.ess lo my t lluw n an cannot Lie many, and I am dtttuour to apply Hie physical and mental fiower remaining with me, lo tiled the giiaiest itmouni ol |? rmitneui bent III lor all, wiiiioui refer ence to local or even moie ejLiended geographical prejudices or predilections, and a* 1 enter not iiuo any ot your divisions ot party or creed, i icuutai and hope that t?very newspaper published in Ktw York w ill, ai the convenience ot the publishers, insert this address, making such comments upon it as the conductors ol incut journal* may deem uae tul or expedient. Since my laai departure irom your country in'the. spring ol there has been an immense capital expended in your city and a ^ieai increase ol inha bitants haa been added to ita permanent population, ano at the present time the city la said to be proa peroua. but, my friends, with the means at the control ol your country it la no more than l end protptmy ot ti.a iiiobt uuut cesctuy conuution and competition ? a low and degrading prosperity. such only as cau aiise lrom irrational menial conflicts, uniieii with t:ie practice ol universal attempt to buy the servi cea aud wares ol otherscheap and to sell our own dear. The sooner you can abandon, without vio lence or contusion, a society so based and cvtistili ed, ihe sooner will you become wine, tiuiy prosper ous. and permanently happy. ^ou have now all the means at your disposal to exchange the one state of society lor the other without evil or real injury to one individual To see ire a universul progirasive prospeniy, phy sical and, to all, you have more land and minerals, more mechanical and natural power, more scientific aud useful knowledge, it these were wisely combined und (linen d, than are necessary to give aud securc linn prosperity aud enjoyment, not only to allot the present population ot these Uuittd States, but lor lar mote tliuu the whole of the existing population ot the world. Why then this conies', loi your present liiiuit d prupuiiiona of individual wealth and enjoyment Why this un natural aud irrational conflict to perpetuate dis union und misery 1 You desire wealth, with health and security to enjoy it. Your present system c?f society is admirably t-al ciilaUd lo limit Hie pioduction el wtalib, io de sti'i y health, to liiminikh ? aunt, and lu iho nix iuiiiy ol 1M peiuitaisjicu. Vou citkir.. to ?ilium universal chanty und love?you be* In ve < know mat ibcac ni-taiilus aiu abtoihuiy iiqui ?lit: tu inkUia li.e liiipiii,e?a < l mankind. Vuur pie.seiit h) fit in ui Society is mmt cleverly con tused tu iwudor it, *o long ? tills ?y kti-ui Uikli lit u.tuu lintd, un utter impossibility that akpuit oi uiiivaikal chanty Jinl lxve i!i on hi ever uo cieauu ? uny joi tioii ui Hit-, human race. Veil <it kitr tnat vice, dime aad niiktry should cta?e nfin iiiu enilh. \uur puntnt system ifscoiety is most ingi mously adapted ui t only tu itudvr tins in kind chnngc- impi a*, u cahie, tun iliiuugh evtiy auccetilmg gcnc-iktiou, wi.ilc it coulinutk, tu uuutaoti ilitke t% ilk in a contlLUuliy incita king I fit lu Vou desire to Ictma superior character lor all, to fill tueir uiiuaU with llir most okclul kuowicigt., una lu give onmjtne i>fkt practical hubitk. Your preM iit t.y kit Ui ui tocn ty Ik cuunagly dvvjretl to lo ct; u inukt n.lfiiui sua uniuiiniiMte cliuiktit-r Lpunail, io nil iiui.iU mud iitvir iitutiig inci'UslsU.ucKs, ki.u with tliu lean piMuticubly Uaelhl >? iit>wle(lFe, unu tu rum pi I une on.l Mil tu aeqiiiiti the mukt ii.juiiciik piacucal a biu. V on ilt kirc to unite niunkunl in ono Inttrtil, in ? ne ?pi rit, axitl in mnceiti luv? lei one anotliar. \ our praxeul ?y ?U m el society l? caleuiuted, with high ability, lu divide- tlie inifiiit ol in?n lioni nun knu un ion hum uution, lo gmt-ratr ii In *til> n; iiit btiwtco tlautl, m-ois, par Ui k, Cu'iutri' a und euloik.unU inkteud ul intibi U eiug tne caiitea u liicli i*au alonecieete univeikal io?k, to l'i'(|it:tl8Ui iht c.iiim wiiiili alio ii itl they ht> insiniaiutd ior iniUiuiiK ui yoni>,must pieauer. tsusng, 0 It < In n- n. u a at lea bitwu n hiI i u>ai a, c >t d-, ?mi c.iu.t h, uiu no i a ti ilklHat?oi liUoian txieiiii i ci>li tvtl aiwe. You dlralle lu l atbbllah Ul ivt i. ul M' < t II y H|;d truth. Votir prt i ttit syn. in ol n cu ly , sa lui k u> n ihuh bo maiiiLHii.t i, w. ui it uUt r il lu poaaihli mat uncent) and uuili c<iu buoiiie thi cunuuot and laiiKUkgi ol si y por tint, of th<- human race llici | Hon ai.<i luiathood sie the unavoidable i}ii?liin-a lorteil i? j un ail, l y ihe lunduo.iu lal eriors on winch yuur purkint ?y ?ntu it kociety is t>a?ed. Under your pre (tent ?yatem of aocieiy, poverty in tlio luank, dia?ak?, Ui.union, di.iuntent, cuuntiruction, iaito houit aud misery am inevitable. Urnler unuther ^y stem ul society, now eaiy of attain ment, wealth, health, uuion, content, mutual aid, tiuiii, charity, hive and h.ipiiineaa wilt he iqually inevnuble. lohuoltanis ol New Vork think t-*iiuly U|>oii lh> att.te Dientnow put Utare you until my return to yuui city la the spring, It my health be cpaied, I will than explain these ai. important mutters lully to you llUBEltT OWiN. City llutel, ^Ath Kept 1641 Illy liilelll^enre. liowtr Police Office?.H.-pt 'J<-Foar.rar ? John J JackMin Wii aireited oil ariituxnol paaaiug a lurged check upon John 'I'bompson, ol Cherry ktreet, on tha ?Jiil ot June lam, for $.11 St). Tha check waa ?igne<l by J.T TenykelaCo ami drawn in liivor ol Ohnnell, Mln itirnkt.o Uu pressutstiun it wm discovered tu tio s ioige'ry,and lltaaccusau hua since conliiaid tlia transac tion. Conitm.-ctivr I,**ci t* ?-On the 17th ult Frederick Parker Mild a row boat to \'atoan Ileedei lai J..'A and ie ceived anothi r buat in exchange an a part ot the bargain ^ii'crthen I! was discovered ?'iat h? hud previously aold ? ho boat to 8 C. Duryea lor uimI reet*iv?d JiflO aa eam eat money in tbo bargain. The boat was i? pi vitml by L)iuyea, niel l'aik< r li*M to bill In tho sum of (UUO to an. awer the charge in a criminal unit. A Cot.orkd Ilall.?Mingo Thomaa, Jamrs 7*homt)(, Silma Hart, and u colored man nam^tl Harilson, were arrested lor ('t iling fSA in gold iiom Pa>tjual Halvu, of i-19 W ater street. They wetaall committed I piwr Pidlrti IMIrfsKni ut i.rn Not?.i.?A few w*,kn >i ce the diivrr ol a Uowety omuihtii, received a one d-iltnr nn'u ot the broken r'ity Trust Company and pave D l cents change. }|a lound it was worthless aud On Wednesday evtning ano ther was p.m?ed u, n him, nn l perceiving It was tha 1 me perton that nave the previous one, he arrt'atcd bin, whin he gavu the i.aine of Leonard House. Court of Oyer mul Terminer. Sift. i6?'the Or, nd Jury Cttmo into Court snd Inti mated, thruttgh their foreman, (hat buniness which Itad been In Ion; thtrn wua disposed of, and reijueattd to bu discharged. The i Hurt, hereupon, discharged th'rn for the term Willi m Qtitrin. a lull aud di cent looking man, w ns then placid ul tlie t.Mi at d arraigned loi the wibul muider ol a man. named Harry Fletcher, on the 8th of Wept IH44, in be i>'h Ward, by throwing him down and kiiking him in the bide. Mr SHtnit who appeared ail counrel or the prisoner, applied lor an adjournment of the trial nnttl Dicembor, on tlie ^ of the atu-ence ol msteiial' M C. ['ai sii'ON, Fx] , District Attorney, said he would h" l,ap;>y to arc de to the ? isl rtnl the prtMoiier, and at turd htm evt ry facility for a fair trial ; hut tLeie w as or.o ohjt otiuu, namely , tli it it would dttaina poor in pri?on iit?t11 December, who was held locked up-and nhotild so remain until tha- trial was disposed ol. Mr Kim it?Tho witness is ol the loweal character an I thorn ol thole women, w ho fntpjenied the V i*o Ptinda, and conni f- rit g it a Can- uf i le and death, 1 tllist the t o'trt will i nnl th* appiieatior. Mr I'a(?h'o> I should n >t pie?a the trial but forIbo rearunr | state, hi'I licin a on thkl it wculd liHtnaa tins wnn ari Af < r tome liulher rem.ttk? ths r >?e wss set dowo for 'rial on Ki iday wnk The crlcr tin n opt ncd llic ( ii t int ? nurt. J hn II r;..n ' v> II I.itnit't'i - I'his was sm got on ?i .nautili i'to reenter tho vidua < f a hoi'e solj en U.Vh Felittiaty I IS, on a warrat.ty The hoee, it was edjj ndtil lor tlie i eit nt e, was lame, and una not 'uund. as l>. t i tu; 'Cee ent Verdtet lor Plain fl $ill lift A n i II ff.'i/es Itrtm iH H-iil'fi- il fl nl- This was m i< i which ti e tli i lar .a len w as ii.loru <I, in falsi ly ?It fcrilm i{ tli.* prt rtn^es Nentulted Is a.t? Pti/ln isaii "f. (in. This w ? in aCi-n of tieapt-a to remvt r dsmfge ior asvsult ami I at?? ty, cum* milted ha d'teniiant, who is the >id nl Ah!1 oat i ail p, in the pi .iiitiir wh i is a rery popular U mp 'sice lectur ? t llappi ated on tfc? ? h of June, I^ irt4 plaint If was einuge l ii. rMiveiuK stt aildr* s no In- subject of 'en-ptrance t thi not tl Olivtr ? reel?j ni t r t\ I off with graphie. aklll tit Tloes of istitnpsrisM, snltt e ?-ainof ?t.s that Inlhiw in us " ik" la dt ing so ? a ft It ol ne ? ?Mty l ompt lit I to ma i some allun"i> to low i;roirgt ries, * htch so five t'd* ib tot'n- it'-' 'an', *lio iseegtued n the liqttoi tiu hiisi tha'h? pul ed him duwn hi lore If auditory uu,| ,it? at|I'a?il him SeV*(?ly. Tliett te n t ' I dl n Ui jury ren Irred a verlict of J3"0 for plan, II' I-. r plait.* fl' I <ti.ii II P' illlp" lid JiiJjfs Sesvit. In CliambriMa Before fudge Van* rp<?el, .J no ./ r. Buikuitt i titr " hi was nrret'cd on a Still. II w.n ant, at t' e stilt id a patty numel himson L?'are In, to wt'nm it I a' 1 k> tl he is Indi hted to the sum of f.."?Hi 11.-j rixi itai.tU aiij -riied orar. I . H. Cli-t till Ctnirf. S?pT Ofl W I'ati^n .It va. TVm <? H'uxluiril?Thlt i f, noticed in yesterday'? lltia A, is still btlora the ourl. Court < al?^ikIhi?'l lita I>aj*. CostMta Pi ra?.? Nos 4S, 4l>, *7, #4, til. 110, t.# c ikcc'ir t 11 at Nik i j/i,.o t.o, ta, t ?!, S6, f?, CO, To, a?7, 71, "i, 73, 74, 7a, ".6, ;7( 7?, *#.

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