Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 30, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 30, 1844 Page 1
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? nn HE NEW YORK HERALD. Vol. X., No. 5470?WIiol? Ho. 3*70. NEW YORK, MONDAY MORNING, SEPTEMBER 30, 1844. Prlco Two C?nU. THE NEW YORK HERALD. AGGREGATE CIRCULATION THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND. THE GREATEST IN THE WORLD. To the Public. THK MCW YOKK HERALD?Dully Newspaper?nub lulled .very day of the year eicept New Vnr?* Day and KourLh ?l July. Price i ceuu jm, copy?or 97 26 par annum-poauge* paid?cjeh in advance i UK \\ EEKLY HERALD?published every Saturdaf morning?price 6^ cent* Kr copy, or $3 12 par luinum? iiost |Mid, cash in advance. ADVERTISERS 41>. informed that lh? circulation of the Herald is over THIRTY-F1VE THOUSAND, and increasm* fast It fitu the largett circulation of any paper t'? this city, Or the world, and, it, there/^rt, the belt chomiel for bumnen men m the city or country. Price* moderate?caali iu advance. PRINTING of all Liuds executed at the moat moderate |>rice, and Ri the moat elegant style. JAMES UOKDON BENNETT. PaoraiicroR or the Hkkai.d Eitabluhmknt, J Northweat aoruer of Fulton and Niutau atreeta. ... n >'KVVvL'Nv^ ?E LIVERPOOL PACKETS. Toaail from New York on ihe 2Gth and Liven**,! l>|he Hit, of each month. 1 NEW uSr _i July. i August. V.Caiitaiii B. 1. H. TnisV, ^tlfoct^1''' w . .Hvarn a ?K,VM LIVERPOOL.' Slop SHERIDAN, Captain A. Dejieysler, lltli July. Shif! lV)S( I H r a','t,u,,i , Utli Aujuat. w.? iim i vu' V"1'1"1" JL?hi' CpllTn*, llth Sept. Ship SI 1)DONS, Captain E. B. Cobb, llth Oct. 1 Iimh nhiii are nil of tht* tint class, uiivfiirdt of 1000 rum bidtu. the city of New York, with ^lT iJ^irovemSnU M combine gnat ?iwed with unusual comfort for passengers. rAery cart? lias been taken in the arrangement tf their nccom* modations The price of tiaas-e l.ence% $loi, f?"Vhich 2m pie storia will be provided. Hiese ahipa are commanded by sffsatasr*' w ?wi"nuk* ev"y i? ???? ?? Neither the Captains or owners of the shins will ba responsi SSliytSI? if I I*' or.Packages sent by them, unlets re * ,!? i ? i UJen are signed therefor. r or freight or passage apply to . COL ? as;-a ... 1A jSUUMNGEMENTS FOR 184*. OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE 100 coruer of South. I m "wt| Wl/IMCI U1 OUUIII. m m. m *r begs leave to call thr attention ofhiTlrTns iubscriber lift,for RKe iLWtl.? -i wiinui uiTrrMlf| laCKHId. Sail ing the 1st, 6th, llth, ltitTi. 21st and 26th of every month. By die London Packet* to sail from New York, the 1st, 10th and Kith?and from London on the 7th, 17tli and 27Ui of each month. In connection with the above, and for the purpose of affording (till greater facilities to jiassengers, the Subscriber has establish *d a regular line of first class New York built, coppered and coppered fasleued ships, to sail punctually every week through out the year. For the accommodation of persons wishing to remit money to their families or friends, draft* are giveu, payable at sight, on the following Banks, viz.:? ' Provincial Bank of Ireland, payable at Cork, Ltinerick, Clonmel, Londonderry, Sligo, Wexford, Belfast, Waterford, Oalway, A"n??h, Athlon*. Colerain, Ballina, Tralee, Youghal, Euniskillen, Monaghan, Bxinbridge, Ballymeua, Parsonstown Do wnpa trick, Cavan, Lurgan, Omagh, llimgnunon, Bandou, Eiinis, H ilk il, I^i'TmI Mallow, Moueymore^ Cooulull, Kilrush, Dublin. SkibhMn Scotland?The Citv Bank of Glasgow. ??'&breen. ^Und-ffiessn. spooler, Atwood U Co., Bankers, London; P. W. Byrnes at Co., 38 Waterloo Road, Liverpool; payable in srsry town in Great Britain. ' cm?./r w. svtOTWK'IfWiSZia' l^HE NEW LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. ml To sail from New York on tlie 21st, and from Liverpool on the 6th of 6ach month .fVom New York I.'pool. New Ship LIVERPOOL, 1150 tons,) 9":. ?} Veb" S J. Eldridge. jApnl 21 June. N. Shin QUEEN OF THE WE8T,H?uy 1250 tons P. Woodhouae. f^a[ |j July New Ship ROCHESTER, >50 torn, fe!/ 5{ \ John Bntton. fer J} J Ship HOTTINOUER, 1050 tons, ?^fch ?J Ira Bursley. {i-ul5r ?} ?<Tt. . ?r? . -a / .. 5 Nov. 21 Jan'y 6 riieiie subjtajitial, fast sailing, first class Ships, all built in the city of ^ev% York, are cominanJed by inen or exi>erieuce anil ability, and will be desi?iched punctually on the 21st of each montn. Their? abins are elecant and commodious, and are furuished with whatever can conduce to the ease and comfort of passen gers. rnce of Passage, $100. it her the Captains or owners of these Shij* will be respon sible lor any parcels or packages sent by them, unless reffuh Dills ol lading are siinied therefor. Kor freight or passage, apply to WOODHULL & MI?fTORN8, street, New Vork, or to K1KLDKN, BROTHERS, 5c CO., PC Liverpoo PASSAOiC FROM UKKAT BRITAIN AND 1RKLAND m m. m. ml tit THE Bl.At H BALL LINE Ut rL! ... , LIVERPOOL PACKETS. I Sailing from Liver|iool on the 7th and 19th of every manth.l Persons wialinig U) bend to the Old Country for their friends can in ate the necessary arrangements with the Subscriliers. and have th"m come out in tins sui>erior Line ef Packets, Sailing from Liverpool punctually on the 7th and 19th of every month, i lie) will uUo ha ve a first rate class of American trading ships, sailing every mx days, thereby affording weekly communication fnnn that port. One of the firm, (Mr. James ii. Ruche,) is there, to see that they shall be forwarded with care and des pite!!. Should the partes agreed for, not come out, the money will n^tfUrJJT V' ,'t heje, without any reduction, ^h* Black Ball or Old Line of Live|N>ol PaclteU, comprise the follow,.,g inagnific*it Ships, vi*.:? r * The NKW YORK. CAMB.UbGE, COLUMBUS. . t-LKUPR SOUTH AMkRICA, .... ENGLAND, , NORTH AMERICA. With such snperior and nueqnalled arrangements, the Snb senbers confidently look lorward for a continuance of that sup |>ort which has been eateuded to them so many yens, for which Uiev are Krateful. Those proceeding or remitting money to their relatives, ejm at an tirnrs obtain Drafts at sight for anv amount, drawu direct on the Royal Bank of Ireland, Dublin, also, on M-asrs. PRESCOTT, OROTE, AMES It CO. , ., , , Bankers, London, which will be paid oil demand at any af the Bauka, or their uranches, in all the principal towua throughout England, Ir? Imd, Scotland and Wales. ROCHE, BROTHERS h CO. i'i Fulton street. New York, ,, , neit door to the Kill ton Bank. IN. H. I he Old Lille of Liverpool Packets sail from this port for Liverpool on the 1st and 19th af each mouth. Parties return ing to the (Jlil Country will lind it to their comfart and advan tige to select this favorite Line for their conveyance, in prefer ence to .w,y other. jel,'. Mn*rc OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. m m. m m ^^Tffrold Line ulTTIckets for Liverpool will heren^^b^C Matched in the following order, excepting that wlieu the sailing day lulls on Sunday, the ships will sail on the succeeding ilay, on" :7T. mi,New York. tVom JAverpool. 11ms C A M BR I DOE, CJuue 1 July Ifi WO to"?, ? \ Oct. I Nov. 16 ti ?,n , Mef1 Barstow,v !"eb. I Mar. Hi llie ENGLAND, tJtine k li,.c. i lous, ^ Oct. IG Den. 1 S. Bartlett, f Eeb. 16 April 1 The OXFORD, i July l Aug 16 WW tous, < .Nov. 1 Dec. 16 J. Ilathboue, (March I April 16 Tin* MONTEZUMA, tJul>' '6 ?i|"' 1 I IKK) tons, < Nov. 16 Jan. I A. B. Lowber, ( March 16 Alay | lie* EUROPE, (Aug. I St*|it. 16 61B tons. < Dec. 1 Jan. 16 .... . . E. G. Kurber, f April I May if Ihe NEW YORK, (uew,) i Aug. 16 Oct. 1 950 tons, < Dec 16 Keb. I B- C'OPI*'.? April 16 June 1 i ha COLUMBUS, i Sept. I Oct. 16 IU... . 700 tons^, < Jan. I Feb. 16 'IV VORKSHIRE^wlr1*' ^. .6 Nov'. IUM tons. ^ Jan. 16 March I a, I). G. Bmley.( May 10 July I I heie Shi|.s are not snr|?s?ed in point of elegance or comfort in their cabin accommodations, or in their last sailing i|iialiiiea by ?!iy vessels in the trade. I h- commanders are well known as men of characterland eipeneuce, ami rfe' slrirtest attention will alwaya be paid to promote the comfort and convenience of pas tensers Punctuality, 3t regards the day of sailing, will be observed aa heretofore. Tlie price of passage outward is now filed ?t One Hundred Dollars, for which ample stoirs of every description, will Is proynvd. will, the exception of wine, and liquors, which wj In It'fiiihheil by the Stewards, if r*tiMin<d. Neither the capuiu or owners of these Ships will 1* raspou sibie.for an) letters, parcels, or packages sent by litem miles* regular lulls el ladi ig are signed therefor. Ear freight or im> ?age, apply to ' GOODHUE k CO. 64 Sontti street. , C. II. MARSHALL, 3S Burling Slip, N. Y )Z?tf and of BARING, BROTHERS it if).. L?p?>!i| ' mk m. m m. KKW ni,m si HAVKr. t'/\i KETS. Siconu*?J he Ships of this Line will herealter le^ve New l <?rk on the 1st, and Havre on the 16th of each month, as fol lows, vit: .. ... t\?m New York, h'rom Ihnre New Ship ONH3IDA, t 1st March, t 16th April, Captain {1st July, \ 16th August, L, aftTCl""nck'' Ul November, ( 16th D,-.:elnl?e ?hiu BALTIMORE, 11st April, t 16th May, Captain < 1st Augost, < loth S.-ptetnber, Kdwsxd h unck, ([ 1st December, ( loth January, einber, y t ... ? mi i / ? , y ?" >-v..iorr, ^ HHII J.Ull , Ship IT! l< A, I St May, i j,,n June. CMrtatn, < stS.-pt.-mher, } Ith October, Ui,w['b '!l""ar> ( I6th Kebnary, New hlup St. N ICkfOLAS k 1st June. i 16tli July Ca|,U'"i ii .. n J !" ] l?th November, J. B. Be||,{ l.t February, j 16th March. I he accommodations ol tlisae ships ire not inrpysed, com bining P oi. iiiuiiobAo. isi jii?.#? i July, U?ltol", ? ? ? J |?tOe?"Wr, < Kith November. J. B. Bell, / 1st February, ( luth March, 'coinmodations of these ships irv not surpassed, com all that iruv lie r>i|iiired for comfort. Tlie price of cabin passage is$IIK). Passengers will lie supplied with every itaiui site, m ith the cntceptiou af wiuee and liquor*. inte ide I lor tliese vessels wdl be I'orwariUahy thasuh sciihers, lie* Irom any other than the ci|ieiisM actually inanrird on them, ror freight "I passage, agi ly to BOVD k HINCKEN. Agent*. jeii ee No. ? Tonun* Bui due*, cor. Wall aud Water it* OLDEBTABLIWIEIJ EMIGRANT PAJWAUK OFFICE ^?^TTriNHUlDM IN, 01 SnuHnrT-NVw Tlie subscriber continues to make arrajimmenu to brinir ?..i py*engers from Great Britain and Ireland. (via Li "rpo< I ) who may Ih> eugagtd at this office. or with wv ?T l\;? 1, ! '* 7,1 ^ ?ri Drafts &!i<l Bills of TYpIi'I'. "1^ l,lo,lc>ln t?*ir friends, can have fas wsnrtrji: shire District Ha,?kI'". throughout England and Wale,; York LZZShLfcfc? Un"ci"'< Banking Co.; Pr!m?.M^I B^^rS'0'!'11 1f,iu?i ?"d "rand,.., and 1,1 J" ,he "ri"ciIml B-<> - ,IJ'1 tl,e ?;o"??trv ?ni wisliiiiK to tend DUHT to ifH-ir iruuas, may tustire its U ii.k dune suiMfactorilv on their of"!! . f,nou,111 liiry .wiH?i sent, with the uame and address U.II ,U-T, I.V'V..VLT 'Vf1 " '* ,,,t^"<1??i; * draft for tlic amount fur the J>L '",ck, t or ,tetmer'iu,d * "?*?* l-rticular., "I'l'ly (if,br letter. post (mid) to _c JOHN UK Hum AN, i.l Booth st. TO TIIK TRAVELLING J'UiiLIC. h.tssf. X GKR ARUAttQRMENT FOR IM1. noJT.r,n,r!V', J c,,ml'1''u ?' arrangements, ire ?Xid f"?br"'? '!al ,fr,"n ilrrit Britain aud Ireland bj trie following hrst clou Packet Slni?. one of which ?ch mouth':'-nK'?l ?U th? Ut> 6th. "th, ?6th, 21st and 2Slh of V^rainiar^1 Vor,k. Sheridan, Virginia, Liverpool, Cambridge HoTuullT' rth 9*9' WaSilogtoB. Roseius Colutnbui, United Slate., fioscius, Ashburton, England. jLurope, Stephen VV hituey, llochrster ludrjiendence, Yorkshire, (iarrick Sanfuel llicka, Queen of the Wat, Oil'ord. W Ud. Im^>? /I?"*' CT' obtained, and every information ZZfcr'ofZ?<MZ'md'a' o? ?l PliCat.<.? *'*" ** preparwl, on the o|waing of navigation, to V K."Ti*Ujr i r to Albany and Troy, aud T n ^anal to Buffalo, and all intermediate place*. \r? X'K>r ? Upper Lakes. aiiv>.,.^?^aii:'te,t0'lw no1*' Cobur?- K'n??a- ?? Kut?r.a1*)hL f? IV?on?re*1 ""J Quebec, Canada ?L."?i*k^^&.Ci'Vel"d to '"".mouth, Cincin .;o'>ui'' ?'? Philadelphia to Pitisburg, Cincinnati. I,oui? al nar'i of /S? ?UHPh? Kir? lo *7'Lou.., Mo! ?"d to Territory. 0'"?' UKANc'?!s.1'"u'* WUc""*in i ,^!?" accammodation of |>ersous wishins to send inonev tn their Ineuds in the Old Country" H A Kn!)Kn11 (?Owili ?'i. i ?. /% AND AOENT8. Charlee Crafl, 120 State ?trwt, Boston. J W'^lf r^li10.11 Buildui*, Providence, 1{. I. ii <?' i? ' ' '"all street, and Iti Front atrwt New Tnrfc Sandfoid kHb' "^?utl'1'hi"[dstreet, Philadelphia. Sandlord U Shoemaker, 7 LiKht .trwt, Baltimore. Md., L. 8. Littlfjiihn, It Kiehange, Albany, N^.*"8 ' Pa" 8. Clark, 149 ltiver street, Troy, N. Y. ixr-i .. - ? Utica, N. Y. W. A. Cook, Syracuse, N. Y. ? ? . Hocheater, N. Y. W. H. Cook, Buflfalo, ."4. Y. II. ritzhugh SiCo., Oswego, N Y HARNDKN k CO. CfJNTHAFj RAIL ROAD FROM SAVANNAH TO MACON, GEORGIA . wsaMMa THIS HOAU i? in o|ieraliou .laily (Sundays etceoted 1 fop Tragi porta tion of Pas?.?,jers and Kreiglu. New Ii'dcomfirtl ble Passengers Cars have l^u recently placed on the road ILd the distance (190 miles^) is ran from 6 A. M. to 6 P. ,\1. with ?reat regularity. 1 he Company baa also a number of Burthen W*. and is prepared to carry with desiwtch, allgoods and I !? ,* u may offer. Ooods consigurd to t/?e ' omi?nv'i ^fe.,.'^ r^ar(Ulna / Wl" received andforwarded, free oi"com* v !i .'y**", "?' I'rovidrd a sum in cash, sufocieut to nav ihip and road freight and charges is deposited with tbe Comm. CH?AR|rl*HT?nV"j ?leame? OKM- CLINCH <iid j u j l' ow,"'<' an commanded by Capl tins Brooks u.d Barden, run between Charleston and Savannah, i? couH^* Uon with die ltMd. A Steamer leaves each city on Tuesdays 1 hursdavs and Saturday*, and the Line, it is eipected, will silos run daily. Passengers travelling South will leave ChwTestoi at 9 A. M.. immediately after the arrival of the Wilmington .team 6^c?ook the Ui^win^o^^V^^ tt ^ THOMAS PUH8K, C?ieril'8u1l;?,n4d;*,de,lt Savannah, Angn.t, me J" ^ lmrc l?aY LiNt; Tu hSim a n. |T TP K L?? Ni ? 1 8 L A N D RAILROAD. .. . ?'-La ?,?<*?'ted1 leaves Brooklyn precisely -"^eniKjrt, from whence passengers are * tfiri?l"!?U' 8'*-amer to Stonington, on Mondays, VVedneailais and K ridays, and to Norwich on Tuesdays. Thurs daysanTsaturday.. IWugers must Ih- at the Souli, hVrr^ Xl.l? a M1*" i *tr,,r,1' lu fine to take the Kerry Boat at 7k o clock A. aM.f where tickets m iy be procured and lupunffe dtJ Th f1* c^at<,,, "*atJro through to Boston uno|>ened. viz p. ? , " ? ' iv uiisuin uuoix-nea. >to^ 0i /ttWJce Mween Brooklyn and (ireennort, Bro^Uvn M S1, f^d ailth<? "Mwior/'tT mil? from a. 1?:* m^^.^hing Boston in ten to eleven hours. Aii Accommodation Line leaves for Orrenpart every day, asss'tV*' ?""k '?M ? - ~?a STATEN ISLAND FERH Y. tv n "K"PT OF WHITEHALL ine Boats will run as follows on aud after Sept. 30 LhAVK NKVV YORK : v a A *"d i10' A' V'; 12^' 2>a ?>?<! 5tf, P. M. risk of th^ownm* thewif^ ^k.d, and are atthe *ALL A.ND WIM lr.K AKKAiNUr.MKiM. aVA tvARK iNU NEW VOKK. FARE ONLY lai UKNT8 FHE NEW AND::W,nHHn;AMKK RAINBOW. ' , 9 ii *"d ??er 10th will run daily, 'as follows (Sunday s included)l..-ave New ?ark, foot^pf i emrc street, 8 o'clock A. M.? , >. . , ' enire street, u o clock A Leave i\ew \ ork, foot of Barclay street, i o'clock 1\ M iH rrc Pi~OfL.E'S LU\? UP .1 ft, .iHUu+Uo . FOR ALBANY. L UAJLY. Sundays excepted?Through direct, ' i M-,' fro1m. i>r Steamboat Pier betww-u ^j?K^h^K_Courtl.indt ami Liberty streru. ihe Steamboat KNICKERBOCKER, Captain A P St ?'"hp* Monday, Wednesday and Kriday Evenings at 6. Ihe Struriboal ROCHKSTKR CapUm A. Houghton, on ari?' lh"r?day aud Saturday Lventngs, at e. ?n.J'uf 0 ,u 'Hermediate Places. Ihe Steamboat COLUMBIA Capuin William H. IVck, atTo'clot* " 1" "day aud Sunday Afternoons, The Steamboat NORTH AMERICA. Captain R. (J. Crnt o'clock uesday, lUursday and Saturday After noon*, at 5 i'assengfrs taking either of the above lines will arrive iu Albany iu ample tune lo take the Morning Train of Cars for Uic east or west. I lie boau are uew and sunsuntial, are fur nished with new and elejruit state rooms, and for s|*ed aud ac commodatious, are unrivalled ou the lludsou. All persons are forbid trusting any of the Steamboau of this hue, without a written order from tlie Captain. or,fre,Kbt. app'y ou b<,ard,ortu PIC. Schultr, Atthe Office ou the whajf sSri h,\n<;i. d to six o-cloTk. "wF ?' ^?""VO and afur Mondav. IHrh, ihii "?fT**'1'1' .N Ikjlit Line lo ALB A.N V AND i'ROV 1 "i'ss1!**" }"* i"uri ??'d'l'arture from 7 to 6 o'clock, P. M? uid will land at I ouglikee|>sie during ihe great Fair ami Callle Show. !? are 74 cents only to Poughkeepsie. 1 he Steamer SWALLOW, Capt. A. McLean, Monday 16th and Wednesday, 18th. 1 he steamer ALB AN V Captain R B "tK Thur"^ ? l9'h. ? ?'cl.?kX? Con TROY'^dKM^rRK0'0'0'^ fr?m Barrl"y >"?? / During the great Fair aud Cattle Show, Tuesday, 17th Wednesday, "th, and Ihursday, llith. will reduce the far. lo u cents to aud from 1 ou|(iikeepi?ie anu New York. kl2 FOR ALBANY-HOUR CHANGED ..X^.foamk'iJta KNICKKRBOCKKR and BpC&v HOt I1KS1 Kll will oil and after . onday J? i T" '?th, leave at (> o'clm k instead o< / , AS h^rytolore. flJ PLEASANT AND CHEAP K X CURB IONS. island,| And nkw vi!W KKkuV ' hroin I ler rSo. 1, North River, foot of Battery Place 1 hr Steamboat CINDERELLA, w nsuis hk-;'-r?jC3*{"lloW'. Daily, from May 2(ith to la Hi...",,1,?,1 Vfe'v" N"w v,,rk " 9*"J m^Vt* Po.^ ? minnw to 3, uid 10 inmates to 10 A. >1.; at 1, 4H aud 6>^ T. M. , Leave* New Brighton al H and 10 A. M.; at IX, 4 and 7fc On Snndaf-L avee New York, at 9 and 11 A. M.J at 3, 6 and i r. >1. leaves rort Jtichmoud, at 20 minutes to 8 md 10 A..Ms it 1. j and /M i. W. New York. May l?, |3|). mvMI ftm'rc .NKW VOHK, Al.BANV ^A.NU 'llKJk S'l KA.VIMUA'1' fL, KWJl ALBANY AND TKOV.?Morning %rn i mgfi inr rrnrn lln fo*?t at Barclay street, landit ? ?^*MnMdULiK?at inter^inediate jdaces. ihe Steamer KMPIRE, Captain S. R. Roe, Monday,Wedcea aay and I-inlay Morning at 7 o'clock. The Steamer TROY, Captain A (Jorhain, Tu.-aday, Thnrs ?ay and Saturday Moruiug, at 7 o'clock. Kvening Line from the fool of ( ourtlandt street, direct. W^ iU'y,W' A- McLean, Monday, Wrdueaday and I* riday Kvemni. it 8 o'clock. Tlmll 1:,TL^L.UANV' K- U M"cy. Tuesday. TiUn . Satuidayheening, at 6 o'clock. ler lire lie "WI|1K U> tlieir light draught of W.v Triiv in imfl. . the bars, and reach Albany aud 'iti or wee? 10 r !he monllu* tJaiu of cirs lor the ?h?rr'?U,,*f' . apjdy on board, or it tlie o I fires ou the ' ?2G FOR CROTONVILLE, S|.\<) siNli TAIIRYTOWN t/gL'HyiN'/.wH/^ybo^Vi^y^ ?6Z?j5C3L V,i. , iMi^ f-MS.?On and after Saturday. SfrateTllll IRV'lNO rTl'1 '"ft'li jV'V" SuilXi'l eire'tTd^rtlr' ^ "bove,Xei,"dail)' TOMpKnlS,0'^^ ;',lyt ?n bo*'d' or u' ?WRB. Oj Vjilfo, VaU ^'^'?^-.^LnMsi^k;,ron, rt7,c M Hvvih $(mi. IH44.1 THE NEW STEAMBOAT |1?4*. EMPIRE, CAPTAIN D. HOWE, Will Wave BUKKALO for CHICAUO, ,_u KKIDAY, 23d of August, at 7 1'. M., iuid larform her trips regularly during tlm ie? ?sou, u follow* UP. DOWN. Uivti buffalo. Lcivta i micaoo. frid? Ail*. O,... at 7 P. M. I Satnrdin, Aug.21... at 9 A. M Saturday, si*r|>. 7,... at do I Monday, Bel t. ID... at do VI ou day, " 23.. . at do I Tuesday. Oct. do l'uesday. Oct. 8... at do ( Wednesday, 16... at do Wednesday. " 23... M do I Thursday "31... at do I'hureday, Not.7 ... at do I Kriday, No?. .14,.. at do Tli** EMPIRE is 2i'.0 fool iu length, 32 feet 8 u.c!i.-? beam, 14 'set 2 incites hold, measuring 1220 ton*, and is tlie largest steam boat atloat 111 inland waters. Engine 600 horsepower. boilers provided wuli Efon'a Patent Safety Valve*. to prevent the possi bility ofau exclusion. , 0 , , .. Tin- Cabin in 2J0 feai long, with sepitate Saloons for Lidies uid tientl.'ineii?tpacious Stale MOWaMM (li* MM length. <eutilatml by doors ofming from the inside aud out, and.all ,.?rts of tha boat *i* lim.hed and furnislied in astyle uue.pialled iy any oilier iu the world. Ample accommodations lor Steer ige Passengars, iu four large well veutilated Cabins, ou? of which | ? apprupnauid exclusively to female i. '1 iie boat is provided with a good band of music. Wilhini, Ms mil k (Jo., liutlalo, > "Iokton h Co., Chicago, > Aleuts 'll.Ul.UT. DU.iUl, > li. N. BARNEY, U CO., Auioist i, iill- Cleveland, milium v Ire BRlTlrfll AMI NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL _ STEAM 8111 PS. . Of 1WU tojiaud 440 horse power i-ach.? Under contrast with the Lords ol the Ad) Inanity. . . Hlbf.ltiNlA, Captain Alexander Ryrie. CALEuONIA Captain Edward U. Lott. ACADIA, Captain W illiam Harrison BR IT ANN IA ? aptaiu John llew itt. CAMUIUA Captain C. H. K. Judkins. Will sail from Liveri>ool oiul liostou, via. nwfu, as follows: From Boston. Krom Liver|iool. Caledonia, Lott August 10th. ? Acadia, Harmon. ..Sept. 1st. Angust 4th. Hibeiuia, Ryrie " l#lh. ' 20th. These vessels carry e*i*rienced surgeons, and are hUl'pli-d with Life Boats. Kor freight or passage, apply to ..... . D. BKIOHAM, Jun.. Agent, auirc No. 3 Wall street. 11. Nurt J N. El FOR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. I The Royal Mail Steamers BRITANNIA kind CALEDONIA. will leave Boslou, lor lha above ports, as follows Bill TA.NN I A, J Hewitt, Esq., Commander, Tuesday, Oct. 1. CALEDONIA, E. O. Lott, .Esq., " Wednesday, 16. Passage to Liverpool Passage to Halifax,, ?? 20. Apply to D. BRIOHAM. Jr.. Agent, i21m 3 Wall street. FOR CHARLESTON. KEY WEST, HAVANA, AND NEW ORLEANS. To Sail on Satuhuav, 12tii OcToni.n, at 4 o'clock, P. M. The elegant well known favorite bteam*nip INLVV lOiUt.Joku T. VVbkIu, Comnun |der, will potilirely sail an above. Tina mer ha* been overhauled, and pui in < I pie te order for?' uon, aud noeii - , Ixv.i Spared to wake her every w jlfle?has laru- mil ?tate-rooinn, every way adapted I coinfortol pd?s?'"^frs. She rarriea lullicient fuel Iron for lii?' voyage, a?ui v\ill not ?top at the intermediate uiy to 1 uid her pai^nger# Kor passage, apply to Capt. Wi it on b<? *id at foot ol Jth si-, hi. li , uear liry Dock, or to A. HUBBAIID ^ se!2 lm*rrc xeck a 111? STEAM SHIP KOR NEW OULKA* I ?Uiiect?To sail iHisitively on tin 11 < Tile splendid steam ship ALA Captain Henry Windle, 700 tons I will be de-patched uunctutlly as at. Ihi.' and ii j.srriui skip hu very recently had thorough " iug?Ins been newly coppered and supplied with,a set <j| boilers, made in the city of New > orfc. She l? in every ?. calculated to give eomlort to cahin, second cabiu and steer?n. passengers. Those about proceeding to the abovepoit, should K-e tile accommodations and secuie berths without tail, as a limited number only can be taken. Eor particulais, apply ou board, or to W. &. J. T. lAPSCOJ 1, tjjiirc 76 South stru t, corner Maiden Lane. UNITED LINE OF LIVER POOL PA(T K ET S ?Regular Packet of 1st Octolier.?The last sailing ,ackrt ship SOUTHERNKll, Capt. T. U. Palmer, ?in u uespatched punctually as above, her regular (lay. Cabin second cabin and steerage passengers will hud the ac commodations of this packet to be equal to any ship in pori. Those about proceeding to the old couutry, will Iuid that by selecting the Southerner as llieir conveyance, they will have every accommodation and convenience desirable lor coinlort. Pnceof passage low?a limited number only taken. Early ap plication should ne made to secure berths ou board, at pier 131. V. next below Wall .meet, or to, y ^ TAP8C01T, a26rc 'b South stnu t. ABLACK BALL, UK ULU Ul1 LI V fcli )MV POOL l'ACKKTS-KOK LIVERPOOL?Oul> JUfkHbregular packet sailing ou the 1st ol Octolier.? Hie ne?, ina?uihcent and remarkable fast sailing packet ship CAM BKlOtO, of 'JiO lous burthen, Capt. Win. C. Bars ow, Will positively sail ou Tuesday, the 1st of October, her regulu day. It is well known that the accommodations ol tne Cambridge, and all the eight ships of this line, are lilted out in a mint costlj style with every modern improvement and convenience, that cannot but ado to the coinlort of cabin, secoud cabin and steerage passeugers. Those vsitmg the old country will at ill Umc? find it their interest to select ll?*-se desirable conveyanceu, iu preference to any other. I*or terms ofpius^ge and to secure the best liertlis, early appli cation should be made ou board, fool ol iieekinau street, or to the subscribers. co.( sJClolrc 35 Kullon street, uext door to the !? ulton Bank. "xjcag. KOR LIVERPOOL?New Liue?ltegular Packet ?MfflWof 2bth Oct.?The regular last sailing racket Ship HSIfaliAUKK R. Captain II. J. li.lrask, ol 1,100 tons Imriiien, will positively sail as above, her regular day. I1 or freight or passage, having accommodations uuequalled lor splendor or coinlort, apply ou board at Orleans wliarl, loot ol all street, or to ^ COLLINS ?i CO. X South itrerL Price of Passage, $100. Shippers by this hue may rely u|>on having their goods cor rectly measured, and that tlie ships of this hue will sail punc tually as advertised. The packet ship Roscius, Capt. John Collins, of llfOlons, will succeed the Garnck, and sail iotn November, her reirnlar day. s27rc OLD ESTABLISHED PACKET OKKICE.OI ? South street?Passage to and from Britain and ____jslrel Old, via Liv, rpool. Passage call at all times lie eugaueU al the lowest rates, to and from Liverpool, by the regu lar packet ships sailing under tlie new arrangement every lew days, and drafts can as usual be furnished for any amount, paya ble at the National anil Provincial Bank, Iceland, anil their branches, and throughout tlie United Kingdom, as well as at all the principal banking institutions in Kuglauil, Scotland and Wales, without discount or any other charges. Kor further par ticulars, if by letter, post paid, apply to .,,-c JoHn HKRDMAN, 61 Sonth st. KOll LI V Kit POOL?The New Line?Regular HTTffV Packet 21st October.?The superior f.ut sailing i>ack ship ROCHESTER, *00 tou* burthero, CapUin BaltouTwill sail as above, her regular day. Kor freight or p.iss.iga, liav lug elegant aud s|sicious accommo dations. apply ou board, wesi side Barling Slip, or to WOOUHULL Ik M1N1URNB, 87 South street. Trice of Pas*age 4100. ' Tlse packet ship llottingenr. Captain Ira BarsUy, master,I?'i0 tons burthen, will succeed the Rochester, and sail ou her regu I <r day 21st < Irlol^r s22 w PASSAOh: KOR NEVV ORLEANS Packeto ?ttilli Sept.?The fast sailing regular packet >liip All fcii?,l(ANSAS. I apt. J. Bunker, will sail positively as ......e, ner regular day. The accoinmoilations of the ships ol this line are, it n well known, superior to any other ships, and reliance may be placed ou their sailing puuctuall) as advertised. The Arkansas has excellent accommodations for cabin, secoud cabin and steerage passengers. Second ribin passencers can In comfortably accommodated in house on deck, built express ly for the pur|mse, well lighted and pro|>erly ventilated. To secure lierths, early application should lie made on board, foot of Maiden lane, or to _ . ,, W. Ik J. T. TAPHCOTT, ,27 76 South street, corner Maiden I,ana. KOR NEW ORLEANS.?Dibict.?The steun ship \l. \ li \M 700 tons burthen, Henry W nolle, JKiUitkai1 omtn.uider. will sail for the above port on the liih Octolier next, at ? o clock. This splendid and remarkably staunch steamer lias been thoroughly overhauled the present summer, newly copiiereil, and is furnished with a powerful set of new Boilers, made at tlie Novelty Works of this city. S!i? is expected to make the run to the Balixe with hi six days; and having handsome and comfortable accommodations, lor both cabin and steerage passengers, offers an uiiusually desirable conveyance to the travelling community. Kor likbt freight or passage, apply to O. MEHLE, s 10 tolio'cc 166 !? rout st._ KOR NEW ORLEANS?Union I it.n?Kir?t reirnlar packet with despatch?'The last sailing packet _.hip 1 N ION, J B. K itlorue, in i .ler, is now lnadinL ami ? ill have nninediste dispa'ch. Kor cabin, second cabin ami steer ige passengers, havlug superior accoinmoda.ion. eaily ap plication should Iw made on > 1 u^rrnj?0<A V ,20,'C 100 Pine street, Cori er of Soiitli slriyt. PACKET KOK HAVRE (Second Liee).?The Ship ST. NICHOLAS, John B Pell, Master, will ail on the 1st of October. TTT^ght. "'-fljfirVmNCKKN, No. 9 Tontine Building, ,d r.r Comar Wall anil Waler streets kor M AHSMLI.ES?Packit of 1st October?The alTre ?ship COURIER, Captain Dugan. Kor freight, or ipasssge, in cabin or steerage apply to LaWRE.N(!E it PHELPS, So. 103 Kront street, or to BOVD Ik HINCKEN, Agent*. No 9 'Pontine lluildi Tor n k\ krom phi la 0EI<?ihiiATl"p? 7r- The A. I. fast-sailing packet bar.iue ELI/A BE 1 H ?V,)., John S. Iteming tun, master, will sail positively on aHMfMail?!!! Oc'ober. . ... ? or li. ighl or passace, having superior fariinhed accommo dations, a Urge and eommodioux cabin, witli Wrelvj state rooms, apply to JOHN K OIIL fc SON, ,17 jw r.lkco 101 S<aith Wharves, I hiladelplna. KXCHANOE ON ENOLAND, IRELAND, tftylVSCOTLAND AND WALES.?The SuUcntier has jttJUrilBatM all times for -ale Drafts from i.I to X1000, |?iyable anirnhe principal Banking IIIslitt'hy)t r/ullt.,I ".V Kingdom. JOHN HERDMAN, 61 South st. ST B. Passage to and from Liverpool can lie secured at the lowest ratea by any of the line of packets sailing on the 1st,, llth I6th, 21st anil J6th of each month, ou application as above iv?l C i H OK LUMHIiN.?Regular Packet of the October.?Tji* splendid, last i.vlliiK I acket ,1m jyj?i MEDIATOR,Captain Chadwick, sails positnely as anove, her regular day. . , ,,, ,. Ilnvitig very sa|H'rior accommodations f??r a'*in,?u ' H W and Steerage passengers, persons intending to embark should make immediate appihoard^or y s2iec Hill Pine stiwt, corner of Sonlh. hl?K BATH, OAHUINEM AND HALLOW ELL The new mearner I'ENOKSCO I, ( apian A~-M.gsv Kimball, leave, the end of 1 wharf, Boston, aU~~JK3Levery Tuenday and Kritjay evenints, at i D'clock. Suges will be in readiness on her arrival at tlie nbov oIiicm, to ronvev fMaimiVVifM to fh^ n*iehh<>rn?ur tnwi* 'xjistv KOR LlV ERPOOL?Thewell known fastsailing tJMWWpwket slop SOUTHERN ER. 75# tons, 1. 0. Ulmer. 'MMter. ill hart immediau dfS|>atch. For freight ol moil ij iles cotton ?r hulk thereof, or paseaue, hafinir very good accommoUatious, apply to th^Captain, on board, i ler l,.? w ?rl? WOODUlIl kflflsTLRNtt, ?7 Bvuili.t. ON THE CURE OF STRICTURE. r.N A KORMKR ADVKllTtSKMKNT ON STRICTI UK I much ptiiua nit ukut u> explain it. umuh? the disevrfe which Wire uiitiaKrn for it? ila cou?eqUBiicit? and tucurr? U*o the fact dial Stricture frt- e*i*U in Uiom who *rf not iu ihr Irast pivt\r? of it. Iliose, however, oecupyuig too touch *|*tcr, thr following rv.iMrk* will br couliurd to certain circumstaiurs, which will miablr our to judge whether lie lid* tiiii complaint or no, ami iu proper imodi of cure. Auioug other things it was remarked, that i? wa* by no mrai.t orcet?ary tlie I'iram of urine should Ik- oUauucted, of even much dinnnish-tl, in .1 c.;s? ol' stricture; tins, indeed, occuia io ,

t?.ul uitl mug ettabliaheJ case*, bu stricture may nut lot months aud even years without producing auvstrikmg cluuigr iu UiiJ tvs|iei:l. Neither is it nec?.j.iry iheiw should bo (Mill, or my thing directing the attention to the seal 01 llitf lilseaw Cain, cerbouly i> uovt and thru complained of, but il i. ouly WBeu mdainm ni?u h.ipi?u* to lie .ui*. added ; and, ?itli r? ?'anl to otlar elfccu, especially of early eaten, tlt^v are observ ed to (all ui mi tin uuud and uerrous ayaleiu, father than the ,.art itaelf. _ i'lu'ie are, however, tor-* circuiiiat&uct & which moat peculiarly belong to *trictBte, aid. eapeiially wluu lhrj nuiet mgrthri, sliouhl mver be lusl sight of, but lead to iiiiMedi ite uiraus of cuie. Many oilier sy mpliitiis might be weillionrd, bat in<>*t of these brlonr to other maladies as well, or rel it* to stricture 111 its more advanced and settled lorui. while the fol lowing tliree belong to stricture in its early singe, and when it * >0 easily and certainly removed. Tlie fust of these relates to Thr Mannkii of I'kinai im;?It ha* been already said the I renin need not In- much dimiuiilu-d 01 nni>< ded, but what i* 10 on observed is llie peculiar way in which il iiuislies. if il should nap|ien, alur the clothes arc riodjusud, that a drop or two th'iuld steal jwiy, *0 U to wet a little, this, trilling as it may term, would alfoid a strong snapiciou. Not tliat tins drop 01 two cau procoml froui 110 oth r cause whatever; but, certainly, uo stricture can exist without it. Thr next i* 'I III. liONOIItlHlfck MAY HAVB KI'.MAINKti U*tL'RKD.?A Gonorrhoea, though not tlie ouly, is by far the tnost Irequenl caus? of Stricture. It il uot it* severity, so much u the length oflimi) iu clerty stage may have rem on d, that is 10 be cou*id>*ied. Neillirr is it |ka<.hil>Lcr 111 every case to state how long tl.11 may continue withoutproducing Stricture, for one i* naturally more disposed to Stricture thiu inotti-r. It, however, it should h?v? conliuutd from kil lo etslil weeks, this length ol time at li-aat would slreuicthen ally olher sus| icioua circumstances. Xiw tliild is '1'Hr Krra> t a bTuicrt'in; hasito* the Miso.?Notliing 11 mote certain tliau that the ellect of Htricture is to depiess the t|iiriU and Ui leueu ineutal euerny Not that this is cotni'laiu ?d of iu the saine detjree by every individual, hut il is so com tnou, iu ouii drgree or othrr. that llie wriutr rarely see* a caw ol dtricture iu which llw |ialieiit does uot observe that he i* uot so active, or caoablr at busiuesa a* foimeily. Tht* also i* ? seri ous effect; tnouttli little uutleriood, but it i* uui|?estioi!ably true, luileed, wnoever considers the natural counectiou o( intml aud semal organs, will easily imagine that, as llwre is ? medium by which llie mind to |K)werfully scU upou iliese or (ails, so, through the same medium the seiual organs re-act U|m)U the mu.d. This, however, is belter explained ill " The I'rivate Treatise" of llie author, a little volume which is sent to inauv |?rU of thn world. As the cure of Stricture proceed*, the activity of Utind invariibly returns. Willi respect to llie cure of Stricture?this, il is gratifying to ?tale, is penerally accomplished m very little tune, aud without l*'!1 or inconvenience. Nolliing can etcred the improvemeut of late years in the treatineut of this complaint. Indeed, iu the hands of proper and ex|ierieuced irrsous, the cure of Hiricturr is now accomplished lit as tnauy days a* formerly it demaiidrd moullis. Many jirrsoii* consul' the wriler w no cotnt- on busi ness to thi* citv lur a abort tune only, but return perfectly cured, tliuu.n 1. na* been a source of trouble and anxiety for years. To those who canuol leave llieir homes, llu- wriler fur uialie* his own t?culiar mean* of cure, lourther with his " Pri vate'I I'atiar," which ha* an inlerestiu|{ chapter, git tug every infi tn ui on the subject, aud wrillru in the plaiursl insmier. i)r 1! i!ph takes this optiortuuity of saying t-'iat lie maybe 1 I 011 ttie various divase* referred to in his " I'rivah I n us> bin dwt-lliug no Bsc, No. BH Urvei wich Hlrert, at v hour, iu con in e of llie number of prelrudei* and 1 i.l win, 11 ii.n st tin. t it), lie deems it proper lo 1 tiie foil, wiug sUti ineut, as a satisfactory Krouud of conli 1. to ..nun. rs. lli >tde* Ins rtutk as (iraduate of Kdiuburgh, ice In-li t, been ? itsafcd iu llie cure of these dise.ises, bollt .1 ti siiital nid city practice, for more than thirty years, and has published three editions of a work expirssly on litem. Also, lhat lie ha* letters liorn the most eminent phvsicians iu Kuro|ie from llie tuosl eminent uieu in America?is .Sir Astley Cooirr, of Loudon, to Dr. Mott, of New Vorii; Dr. 1'hysic, ol 1'hiladel phia, anil others, and lhat he is permitted lo refer to almo*i ?very Thysiciau of einioeuce iu this city. " Thr I'rivate Trea use is * 1 Adtlrea* Ur. Halph, senr., M Ureeuwich itreac. *7 1m* in 1'UllLlG OPINION VOUNCKU Ull. SHtKMAN'S WORM LO > t .s to be the best preparation for the dest ruction of 111 children lliat hi* evertier-n olTi rid, and they are so 1 1 as nit to the taste that they are taken Mitlioul any dillicully. l'lir) have now been in use more than live year*, during which liinr they liavc become well known iu every part 0! the laud from M illie to Georgia, and from the Atlantic to the ltocky Mountains. Their administration Ills hern attended ivith wou derlul *ucce*s, so much so that pareuU have now uo coulideucr in any other medicine for llie expulsiou of worm*. The testi monial* in their favor are very iiuuierou*, and couiiuue to pour 111 from all quarter* of the country. How many children can be found who are auffrriug from worm*, and are inning away for the want of a proper remedy. Kvru the cause of t'>e iu lit r ina is uot suspected. Our box of Sherman'a Worm Loxeuge* will remedy the evil. Tami*r no longer, it will soou be loo late, be careful lo procure the geuuiue Sherman's Worm Lozeugea, and give ihem according to the printed direclioua 011 the box. Coiiaumption, Coughb, Colds, Asthma, and all diseases of thr lungs, are relieved aud cured by Or. Sherman's celebrated Cough Lozenges. The Rev. Darius Authouv, of the Oneida Contin ence, w a* given up by his friends. These Lozrugrrt iu a short tune restored him to hrdlh. Rev. Mr. Slreeter, of Uoslon, Leonard Rogers, an aged veteran of the revolution, Hon. Air. Archer, of Virginia, and a boat of witnesses could be produced who have uted Sherman's Cough Loxeugea, and luiow Iheui lo b? decidedly preferable to all other preparation*. l)r. Sherman also pictures Camphor Lotenge* for the Head' ache, I'alpiUtion of the Heart, Se 1 Sickueia and aflectious of | rk. imiutiili .?id bowels. They cure lieadache in a few momrnta give immediate relief in colic, diarrhcea, and apaamodic alfec lions of llir stomach, and counteract thertfecU of overliviug He has also Cathartic Lozenges, which are taken without ai. Re.toriitive Cozeu^es for the cut,- ol diarrhcBH, or the bowels, and all who may be arilicted with sickness, would do well to call aud make trial i l'lus various preparations. HHKR.V ,V.s POOR VIAND PLASTER stand* unrivall ajfor Waak, Pains til the Sidr or I.O,IU, Lumbago, and all alieciious of the chest. One Million Plasters will nol supply the anuuitl deni.uid. Numliers of tiupriuciplrd net sons have atteioptrd to force upou the comiiiuuily a counter Teit article, hut those who are in the habit of usiug Sherman's Poor Man'l Plaster, know thicr effects too well to lie deceived. Observe, that every Plaster made by Ur. Sherman bears a "fac simile" of Ins uaine printed 011 the back of the same. The genuine preparations of Dr. Sherman can alwnys be o.named at his warehause, No. 106 Nassau street, nr at Ins regular AgeuU : ?Coddiiigtou, '121 Hudson, comer of Spring; Sauds, IVtl llow ery. corner of Spring; 77 Ka*t Uroadwiy, corner Market; Rush ton s three stores, liroadway; Mrs. nay's, IJ9 Kulton street, Brooklyn; Zleb-rK3 Ijedger Uutldltlgt, Phil'a,; and Redding'*, 8 State atreel, Doatoti. si" ? L K lis?LE t:CLl L K I !>. or; nun larok and hkalthv swkkdish iJlUvU LKKCIIK.S, just received per birque l< rauklui, Sln-bboom master, from ll?uin.irg,tori>aleat In-lowest prices, at I O. A. St 11. WITTK, Importers of Liecln-*, J* John street. P. S.?A large and freah supply of Leeches always ou hand. ?u29 lm'rc ONE SHILLING PER LfcSSON, At No. 8 Citv Hai.i. Plack. T^HOROL'Oll instruction given iu llie Krench, Spaunh and Italian Language!!, Book-keeping, Navigation, Algebra, Ueom?try, Trigououietry, Surve> ntg, Writiug, .\ rithinetic, (kc Circulars and references may be had of J. D. Monms, Jr. N. 11. Kvuiug Clisse*. si Im'ec MKDICAL ALVICE DO( TOR LAMKRT is still confidentially consulted, al his old olftct' ti J I told street, bet well l-n I toll and lliektn in, 011 all diseases of u delicate nature ; his treatment being inilil and judicious, requires neither mercury, restraint iu diet, or hin drance from busiurss pursuiu. It. cent casrs cun d 111 1 ot 4 day s. 1) KB I LIT Y, NKRVOIS OR CONSTITUTIONAL, arising from a too fr?i|ueul ludulgeucr of the p usious ol indis crevt youth, and thereby causing nightly emissions, and event ually coulirmed impoteney. engage the Dr.'s atrictesl attention, his object being lo restore tlir syaUm, mentally and bodily, to that state of v igor nature originally designed. STRICTL'RKS, a disease frei|uent|y existinsi without the patient lieing the least aware, sometime* caused hy inal-treal inent of uninitiated innlicnl preteudrrs, and sometimes hv the neglect of llie |wrtie* U?'inselves, aie, by llie Dr. elfrctually cured, w ithout paiu or lucouveiiti'iice. The Doctor being oue of the few i|tialifird advertising Sur geons iu the city, guarantees a perfect cun*, or 110 charge made Letters, post-paid, enclosing a fie, immediately attended to, aud medicine, w ith advice, sent to any part of llie 1 uited StaU s. Otlica, ti'J Gold strei't. 0|ien from B A.M. to 9 P.M. sI'Jlrn*ec LKKCHKS! FtKbCHKrt!! 'LEECH Eh! !? ~ /in (Son RWKDIall AND UKKMAN LKKCHKS? Just received |M'r ship Sir Isaac New ton, from Hamburg, and by the Havre J lack eta?for aale wholesale and re tail, a. the most moderate prices, by C. J. Kh RUIN AND fc COPPA, Imtioiters of Leeches, san lm*rc Nil. I ?'? Nassau .treel. CJI11 ;A 1* SOAI' WORKS LABORATORY OK Ph.KKl'MKRY, < OSMKT1C8, 8tc. SvMopsia ok 1 tn Kxti ssivr. ( atai.ooi c or VVM. JOHNSON sV VHOOM, [l.ATl JoMtSaoM tl Co.] O. 79 TRINITY I'LACK, nbar uik new Trimitv Cm lieu, Ntw Yoiik. Pale Yellow Soap, extra No. White Bar " plain. " " js'rfamid. Variegated " Palm " " h ancy ill boxes of I to G doz. " " by the 1'o 11 ml. .Mottled Soap, very su|iermr. Opodeldoc " for Druggists. Windsor " White aud Brown. Kgg and Cushion Model of Kiucy Soaps, very ?uparior. Almond,, Musk, Naples, Camphor, Woodbine, t ow slip, with 200 varieties of Kaucy Snaps, suitable for counliy dealers. N' Mneet Perfumed Bags, Bear* Oil, Cologne \\ alara, Honey. Milk of Roses, Otto haprit de Rose, Macassar Oil, Tooth Powder and Lotions, Handkerchief Kssancas, Toilette Powder Musk Perfume* of all kinds. sIB Im'ec Smelling SalU. Oreci.ui Hair Dye, I. . I ? n'ler, Kaiyilor, Curling Kluid, Bear's I Ire.iM-, Ox Marrow Pomade, Knaences of all kinds, 1 old t ream, Panrl I'owdir, Orange Hower Water, K US I AIiRANT FRANCAlS. I BONNARD, 1 Naasan strri-t I'lie proprietor can feir | ?? ? Irssly rrrouimrud tins estaldislimrnt to geu -ral attention. It has for many, yean been couductrd in a st> Ir lhat, to tlw Krench and Koreign residents, has afforded universal satisfac tion. His table abounds with rvrry luxury the most instidioiii can require, whether III tlie Kuglish or Krench style of rookery ills Wines, Kruits and Liquor* are of tin- hist brands? the Waiters ( Kri'iich and Knglisli) polite, and the gritersl arrange, meuts of the tables, in a cool tuid airy saloon, for private and social parties, not to be equallrd. J. BONNARD, It 1 nihrri: 6 Naaaau street. IltO.N SAKKS AM) MONK I 1 II KM . 1 keeps constantly oil hand an assot tmeut of second hand Safes, of sundry makers, lor s ilr at less than One half af lirst co>t. Such as nave Ins'u tiUru in p-irt payment for W ilder's Patent Salamander Safes. These Safes ( W tiller's) have never failed to preserve the contents in esse of fire?they a-e all now mule drv, rfiid w irranled lire Irom tl impiiess?-aud c;m only lie had of lln lUbscriber aud Ins authorized agent SILAS C. IIKRKINO, sJt Iwtc 119 Water street, New \oik ?1 (l LllUdA T E & T R E E T , LONDON, Two Donas tiuiM Tilt. Loisim-< ( oriir |lor?r. MESSRS F LAX.VI AN & SHOWELL, (Khom IL m iisar's.) 'PAII,Oils TO l!KR MAJKSTY, lie* ta return llieir 1 sincere thanks to those geittlemeri from America and \lexico, who hive, during their residence in Kngl .nd, so lilnmlly favored tlirm with liieir su|i|">rti and at the same lime to insure their friend* and the public, tin tr chid | deaite and aim will be to maintain the high credit their houat ha* attained, by (applying the very best good* al mod?r?lr [ charges. N. B.?A large aesoitment alwsya ready for msivctiou il lm*rc it'iom the National lutelligeiicfr.j WHIGS REVIVING?HOPE YET. Survey of the Kcccnt tHute Klectlon* will* 11: .Terence to Ilia A parotic Iking Presidential K lection. The twelve Slates, enumerated in the subjoined table, ure all that have held elections during ihe present year tor Stale officers, with th>' excepton i.t Ne>v Hampshire and Rhode Island; iu ihe tor nier of which no regular opposition was attempted by tlir wins party, whilst in the latter the ?? demo crats" were equally i|Ule?i:i-llt. Although III these twelve Stales the ??|>1k>sih? parties teemed to aw play much zeal, and to make gieai exertions, yet it appear* troiii the following statements, which are baaed upon the census ol 1840, auil the vote at the Presidential election in that year, combined with the increase ol population since ttHH, accord ing to the previous ratio ol increase, thai all calcu lations aa to the rebult ol the Presidential election, deduced only from those ol the recent Slate elec tions, must be regarded as originating more in the wishes and feelings of who make them than in it e sober deductions ol autheutical operations. These twelve States had, 111 the year 1840, a population of ?,835,910, yielding it repre sentative number ol 6,256,7."S7. '1 hey gave at the Presidential election m Uiut yeal a gross umouul ol S"?7 881 votes The entire population oi the United ?Stales whs, iu 1810, 17,<HS3 356. Supposing ihat the population l as increi;sed during ihe lafct four years in the same proportion that it did in the lour preceding yeara, it would now be upwards ol twenty millions, ano, assuming ilua nuiub'r, the population of the twelve Males under considera tion would be 8,041,100, yielding a representative number ol 7,366,400; and, tl the proportion ol votes to the federal numbers remained the same as in 1840, these States would la 1*44 give 1,010,100 voles, according to the following table : Number of Voh a nil en Electors /?Unliirs in nl Slatr who Jul mi/ tilth Slntr. elections run? at tin in IH4I. ill 1814 State ??/?'?" W?. Slalet. in Hill. Maine 109,300 N/>I i 15,647 Vermont,.. S4.6I0 ;,7?jj Connecticut ftti.otio m'H'm Maryland, ",?0 ?.?? "? Virginia,... . M.7IJ 14,m North Caroliua, 9S,IjO IJ'S A?'Z U Alabama 73,700 42,M0 21,700 LouUiaui 22.100 11.7W 6,391 MUionri 68,160 l.8,3J.'i ? mwT.? .. ..... ? m.m josoo 18,700 Indiana 137,000 *1.781 Kentucky,.... '"'i ?'^u,t IM.'-ii. 1,010,100 8l9,(i..i 208,179 Missouri exceu, 10.}7.? Keaiiicky :?io, 7,jJ6 l.,7ll 190,468 It thus appears that these twelve States did not, at the late State elections, poll their lull nuuibei ol votes by more iliun one hundred und ninety thou sand, notwithstanding an excess in the two Siatfs of Missouri and Kentucky ol nearly eighteen thou sand votes 1 . Let us examine the circumstances which attend ed these late ? lections a little iu derail. And, first, as respects Maine. A writer in the Kennebec Journal stules the number o! voters 111 that State to be over 110,000; our calculations make them 109,300 ; of these only 9X1500 voted at the late election. More than 15,i*? electors, therefore, kept away from the polls. Owing to tin more perlect organization, or the greater z. ul 01 the d. inocratic and the third parlies, they brought lorward nearly the whole ol Uieir btreugtli, uud 11 can hardly be doubted that the greateri part ol the absentees were wings; so that, as the democratic majority over the whig candidate lor Governor was about 10,600, it is at least within the range ol possibility that a sufficient number ol whigs may be lound ai the November election to give the State to Mr. Clay. In Vermont, our table shows that 4,790 voters did not record their opinions at the late election. Con scious of their siiengtli, il is quite probable lhai the greater part of thete were wings, who will be lound 111 November increasing the whiK majority lor Mr. Clay in that State to 10,000 or 12,000. Connecfcut did not vote her lull number by 5000 The democratic party being doiniuaut pre vious to this election, and straining every nerve to retain their ascmdancy, voted neurly their entir< strength, and the greater part ol the not: voters were whigs. This State will vote tor Mr Clay 111 November with a considerably increased majority Next in geographical order c< rues Maryland ? This State is represented to have polled only 40,276 votes at the ' ongressional elections this spring ; hui 1.111 of this lean vote, the wings had a majority ol 4 793 voles. Our calculations make the number ol electors 73,290. At the Presidential election .n 1810 Maryland cast an aggregate ol 62,28:1 votes ; we therefore do not think we err in staling thai Maryland did rot use her full strength at the last election by more than 33,000 votes. Judging ol our neighbor State as we do ol others, Iroin a knowledge, that the same causes were in operation, we ure ol opinion .hat a decided majority of the absent voters must have been whigs; and we irust that the electoral election, calln g lor all the 1 jtreigin ol the State, will justify our anticipations by showing a considerably increased majority for the whig candidates. . . The late State elections in Virginia showed nn aggregate vote of 54,718. The number ol voters is about !>9,01)0. More than 44,000 vot< s we.e therefore wiiniield at these elections. Virginia gav* 84,223 votes in 1H10, when the State went by 1,400 votes against the Whigs. The late elections show that she is now more favorably disposed to wards them, since, at those elections, they had a majority of 864. We have no reason to suppose that the electors who kept from the polls were !es Irieudiy to the Wings than those who attended them. If our supposition be correct, a lull vote ol the State will give a majority ol 1,600 votes to that party at the Presidential election. Hut, from the recent concurring accounts, we have a right to an ticipate a much more favorable result than this. Notth Carolina did not, at the iaie gubernatorial election, show her entire vote by 16,774 ; and, al 1 hough the Whig ascendency was triumphantly maintained, yet the personal popularity of the l>e mocratic candidate, ke,.t many Wings from the polls, and caused st.ine who did attend to vote lor him. Nearly 2000 votes less were given at this election than at the election 111 1810 Without being too sanguine, we may venture to anticipate that 111 November the Whig majority will reach 1 he number ol 8000 votes. Alabama is staled to have given 52,000 votes at the late elections. Our table estimates her eleetnrs at 73,700i her aggregale vote iu 1840 was 02,462 When it is seen that more than 21,000 voters did not attend at the last election, and 1 hat in many counties the Whigs m-ide no opposition, it is vrry easy to perceive that a full vote ol the State may bring about a very different result in November. In Louisiana more than 6.0(H) electors did not vote at the elections in July The details ol the proceedings given at that time are strongly 111 proof that the majority ol the non-recorded votes were th"se ol wings The well-tounded expecta tion is, that this patriotic Mate will record a ma jority f'T Mr Clay o| 4,000 or 5,000 votes 111 No vember. Missouri presents ihe singular aspect of having I oiled more by 10,000 votes than the mode ol <? nl CUlation applied to all the other Stall alias accorded to h^r. We make no comment upon the zeal which was thus displayed 111 this rapidly growing Slate, but most earnestly wish that so much ol this zeal as would cause every elector in every State to voi<' once may be lound in operation throughout the Union at the approaching co?t?st. Illinois did not put torth her entire strength by 18,70# votes, and as the whig made no organized opposition 111 a great pitrt ol the State, it is reason able to suppose that by lar the greater part of those who did not vote were ol thai party ft these absentees would come to the polls in November, the democratic majority might be very materially reduced?possibly annihilated. Indian I gave an aggregate vote ol llO.fHWi in 1810; at the file elections she gave only ??."? H|??, a though our table assigns to her 137,600 electors As'many ai 11781, therefore, did not attend the election in August last. In many counties at tuat election the wlngi made no opposition, and 111 other-* they did not zealously bestir thunsi Ives.? It two-lhirds ot the nou-votei* were whigs, we miy confidently expect a whig majority in No vember treading close upon that ol 13,MIS given lor Harrison in 1840. In Kentucky we are ngiin met with the curious i.ircainstanc" of a larger vole l?-ing given than ihe resuli of lair calculation would justify; 111 this (rare the exees n 7,0Hi Another singular fact is, that the aggregat' vote given by both parlies lor Governor ? xceeds thai given by ih>-iii lor Lieute nam ('overnoi by 5.7*9 ! Some ot the Kentucky pnp* re hive alluded to thev diser< paeeirs, and have hinted at the possibility of lonl play in tin mall) r, by the introduction of illegal vot s, who gave their vote fer the Governor only ; we give n. opinion upon the matter, but our Kentucky Iriendr should be on their guard. We have no doubt th t, il the State b>- fully uud lanly polled, a* large . majority at least as wan given lo the lamented Har rison in IS 10, will be uccorded lo the favorite son ul Kentucky in 1*44. We have thus gone through the Stall s which have already held their Male elections, nud which arc considered us having evinced thuir political bias. We have endeavored lo thow what tach !?iate can do, uiui we have VcOlured to anticipate wlmt wn tluiiK lluy will do, in November. \V?- air con tide nt that witli one, or at the moat two, exceptions, ihe Whigs constitute u majority ul the elector* in these Slates. Purely, no circum stances whatever, Miort ot absolute disability from accident or sickness, will keep any one Iroin ilia poll* ui tin- approaching all importaut contest. W? append u u ble showing the number ot votes given by each tfiate iu IStU.aud the number which aciording to the mode ot calculation, we have .tdopu d, e :sh Mate will have tile power ot giving uexi November;? Shuts. . Maine Ni-v Hampshire, ... Vermont IViusaclni<etts Kliuilr Island I iiuiin licul Nam Vuri. New Jersey I Vim ,y It an IS, IManare Maryland V 111:1111 l, North t_ arolina South Carolina, .... lieoritia Al 1 lam i Mi?si*?i|ipi LouiHiani Kentucky, < Him Indiana Illinois,. Minouri Michigan Atkanait, 2,399,UM 2,8?5 710 [Firm the Reformer J Movements ot the lladlcals. Thursday Lvemncj, Sept. 2tf.?There was a Rood attendance on last Thursday evening ; and at the usual time the meeting was called to order by the appointment otOeorge h. Kvans Chairman, and II. 0. Bristol Secretary. The tirst business entered into was a ballot tor candidates to be sup ported tor Assembly, when the lollowing ticket wu* unanimously nominated :? Assembly. Janus A. t'y ne, 1'icture frame Maker. KUih, Carpenter. Joim tie la Aiontunye, '1 ailor. Allieit U HuUulpb, Cooper. lieuty Beeny, " Hermau 1). Uristol. Printer. WiUium Aibutlmot, than maker. John H Hunt, l'unter. Kicharil VV Iteelte, UluckfUiitli. VV illitiin Haddock, Printer. George U. Clarke, Tailor. James Maxwell, Machinist. Aaron Kline, Shoemaker. The uonuiitttioaa ot Mr. Mawjuerier for Senator, HDCi ot ivlr. Ooineriurd htt Coiigrtrbteinuu tor the 4th District, were confirmed. Mr.. S5.MAi.ijtY returned thanks for the honor of having lua name|uii the Assembly ticket He was determined to electioneer considerable for the suc cess ot that ticket. And he thought it rnurft suc ceed when he saw the merits ot tiie two political Parties, llardly it bhude ot difference between them on the Taritl?whilst the only ditlerence be tween uiein on the bank. ijuestiou was, that the wings would Rive you tt s.ngle mammoth bank? ihe democrats give you a thousand little one* One parly would set a tug bumble bee lo bting you?ihe oilier would lake that ott and put on a thousand muequuoes. This very apt and original simile w as received Willi shouts ot laughter arid applause, lie contended that llitre was very little issue at stake between the parlies, save, and except, the email matter ol who should get their hands on the "spoils." iVlr. oomehfukd, as the tirst candidate nominated by the people ou ihe great question ol ihe i'ublic Lands, lelt proud? lirouder than ever he hud telt btlore inhislile. Front that spot he Hung down the gauntlet to any m.ti who mighl be nominated t>> any ol the old political parties. Ltl the ableet ot them stand torih, and ne (Mr Comerloru) would undertake to show ihal ihe object nought by llie National lieioimers wa? ot a thousand times more importance than the contemptible iw?uss put torih by the c ntending politicians. The sooner this work waa begun, the t-ooner would it be ended? beginning it this year would put iiiein a year ahead ?that was all. The Detnociats say "Oh! you'll divide ihe party, you'll let in Clay " He sum, "No, .very rnuii will voiciorw liatevn President he plea res. Hut il Henry Clay elected, the He uiocruts would not regain power lor a quarter ol a century, unit r.-^ihey took iiji that poor muu'a ques tion, the Freedom ol the Public Lands. The Hel derberg larmers would co-operate with us, and when their young men grew up, they could cast the duel oil their leet on ihe slave lands which they now hold, and go out upon better lands, which would not coal them u dollar. He said lavorable notices ol the movement were beginning to make their appeurance in the proper quarter?and he men'isned uh an instance a late article in the Lveniug Post. As lor the marketable Jew, Noah, tliry could atlord to despise him, although if they wen; hull as bad as he described them, they would given him a oowliidmg in return lor his iuso lenc- Bennett sometimes attacked them in his usual devil-may-cure way, hut he believed there was no intention, in thst quarter, to mjure th< movement. The. day, eiud ivlr C, is last coming when you, the working men of New Y?rk, wiH return the entire delegation both to Assembly and Congress. Do not,then, throw your tried friends overboard lo make room for men who,in the duys ot difiicully,kent alool Irom your cau.-e. He (Mr. C.) hud never been a | arty hack?when he saw a good principle, lie udoptt d it without ever waiting tor ihe pernm 1J011 ol the wise men and sachems ol T.itumany Hall. Mr. C. was tieard with great attention, or interrupted only by bursts <>l applause. Mr. Paynk proposed that a pledge should be drawn up to he signed by the candidates tor elec tion. A committee (Messrs. Evans and L>evyr,) Wii* Appointed to draw up the naid pledge,and have it pr< mi uted at the next meeting. Air. Hadoock said each member should have a particular li? Id ot duty The election was ap proachit j, cud much to be done. Mr. Kvans recommended ward organizations to t.iki charge ot the bland lor out-door meetings,each hi their own ward. Mr. Dkvyr made some observations on the cha racter ?l the opposition drawn out,against them? falsehood and misrepresentation from beginning to cud. He pictured u night-scene in the city of Rome?the wail of famine arriving from the . bodes of the people who were hIhii out by Patri eians Irom all participation 111 the Public Lands? the streaming ol it thousand lamps Irom the I'a lao i of the Nobles?the sounds of revelry und debauch. The moon looking down Irom the blue lieli'H of an Italian tky?and bathing in fleecy light the marbU towers and solitary streets ?the younger Gracchi?the Forum?the people re tiring to the Aveniine Hill?their hutnble encamp ment?their wives and little ones?the last sunbeam fading from the r igged covering of their tents? the iipriHiiig moon?the sleep und solitude of midnight?the measured march of armed men? the )oting l'atnci ns cased in mail bursting on the defenceless fa'rushers and "paving," in the Ian go ge of the Historian, " th?* Aventine Htll with t o ir ii' at) bodies." The present movement in this Republic w.ts i, cofitinusnce, a limb ot the contest of ill >t ni? morable mglit. Let it* remembrance nerve our \earts to put down the spirit o| Lund Monopo* ly for ever. A' th> conclusion this Address, u gen tleman came lorw ird and presented a dollar to as sist in printing tracts and documents that are to be disseminated among the people. Mr. CouhkPORD then oflered the following rtso |utu>n:? Itetolved, That ? s have seen with satisfaction the msn ly m in location made at the recent meeting ol tlie Hp?r twns in tavor ot the tiee<Jum ol thu I'ublic Lum.'s. Ailopteil unsmmoiiiily. A I'tcrtoN or Manhood.?The Kdcnton (N. C.) Sentinel cautions the public sg iinst one J. \>ar tin, who liaa la-en figunng in tbut quaiter lie jail ?t Norfolk, Wh'ro he was coi.fli.e.1 for kidnapping atnl sellinnr n slave The last that Wus heantot loin it an account ol which he give* of him It. ami tiom which It sppsars that he was in Philadelphia II* has ?uccttiled in im^iosing tin in II ii| aomii cieilnlous wnmin with a couple (.1 thoussn I dollars at her c. mmaiul, which he wu* enJeavoiin^ to sec 're to hiniscll. pri riamtoiy to |e ivitig her He suys- ' I am n?'.v living nigh, and pny ing a very flne board in the prettiest city in the United Sih'i?*, wfncli is old I'liil'i.feli Ins, and vnjoymg myudt w. ll. I shall step here no loiiC r than I Can g'l thn. wo nun cfl my li'ni'K and then ?t?it to look for another^. Alter I do gi : clear of h?r, I am goi g to buy ine a first ? a r Ii ir-< , and 'art n i; "> t li t ' u ? out in the country to |mi!< I r another ? ml h) that tim- I will give tip my bad Ii diits r (i i.urting, without I j . t broke ; and it I do that Mall the nouico I lis' to m,.ke another laise, for I know, dn me well with a little money o make a show in.i s. t I*' "' I can i??K? a iai?e any where in the coun iry w hfiet mrt are women or money " Hoknk Ktr.t.KD iiy lUks. Mr Asahel Cowles, of Blooi. fleld, had a vslu .lile n.are killi d by beea in the iT'li inst. His sou Ii ul tlriven her to a neighbors, a l tied h< r in ar the beo house. Phe bees cooimsaflsd an attaca, snd in hei stiuggl 'S to e?cata- she threw over two hive*, tbi> bees irom winch |?iired out in such num bvrs aiet stiing ths cr?aturc so Lia.llr, that sh? dl?d soon slUr.-HocA Item. fain given Elrctori in IS41). in 1S44. . w.ati lno.aiu w.iM . 40, CM ,'rt),1(1(1 . 121 .Mis 14.',. ?2tl B,i7'J 1U.070 . K.,100 (iS.IWIU .. 111,141 jii.iM . 64,386 7i,7lfl at?,##! 'jm.iwi . 10,1141 12,670 Wf.l'Si 7J.WS . Ul.lttJ Wi.iKKI . KU.IW 95,1 .0 lU Letislatura. . 72,197 m.CM . 62,46 . 73.700 . 36,4113 I1.3S0 18,912 22,1110 . 11111,01.(1 127,9111 91,110 107,260 . 272,Si6 a21,lJ(l . HO.ISiO 137,WW . 9J.III3 109,20(1 . 49,154 .'ill, I Ml . II,IS>1 51.7UO 10,411 12,210