Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 30, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 30, 1844 Page 3
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(W'NOTHING WILL DR??B THE HUMAN HAIR to beautifully asmtTj cent bottle of Jonas' Coral Hair Restorative. li gives the hair sueh a delicious, solt, dark, silky feeling and appeaiauce, aud will not dry on it like other prtpurations, but keep iu order lor data together, l>y oik*, duplication. It clean the hair ot daudruft, it stops | in tailing oil, itc. Hold at 83 Chatham street and 333 1)roadway, New York, or IM Fulton street Brooklyn. itlUMCt D1A1UU1T. Kunday, Kept !49?G P. M. The stock market dating the |>ast week has been with out hny very material alteration from those previously noticed. We - snnot look for any improvement, or, in lact, any change ot oons<quence either way, until the minds ot capitalists and operators 'are withdrawn from the political questions so thoroughly agitated at this mo ment. The moment the public mind has again become settled, we may look'for movements leading to great speculations It will not matter so much which party comes out of the contest victorious, so long as the ques tion is settled, and all parties return to more quiet times. The principal operations in the stock market are, at pre sent, confined to one or two fancies,tind are mostlyforcash Speculators will be content with a very limited business al present, und a few fancy stocks must monopolize the oj>e rations for the next Sixty days. Capital is unusually abundant in Wall street, and it is with the utmost difli culty that employment can be found for all offering. We onnex our usual comparative table for the week, showing tho changes in quotations from day to day, and the prices at the close of the week compared with those tuling at the close of the week previous Quotations roa the principal Stocks in the New York Market. Sal. Afim. Tu'u. Wed. Th'y. fVy Sal. L. Island 83 V 82* 82* 82* 82* 83 83 Mohawk 63* MX 62 ? - 62 62 Harlem ? 74 73.* 73 73* 73* 73 Paierson ? ? 84 ? ? gj ? Canton... 46J? 46 45 45* 4J?-,' 16,* 45* Farmer*' Loan 39J, 39* 39* 397* 40* 41* 41V Norwich aud Wor 68V 68* 68 68 68 V 69* 70* Ohio Si lies 90S 90 V 99,V 99* 99* 99* 99* Illinois Sixes 4i* 44* ? 44 43* 43* 43* Kentucky Sixes'.. 102* 102* 102* 102* 102*' 102>J 102* Pennsylvania Fives... .? 72 71* 71* ? ? 71* Stoaington. ? 45 41* 45 46 45 45* Erie Railroad 26 25* 24* ? . ? 21* ? Vicksburg ? ? ? ju _ _ _ U. S. Bank - - 8* - ? - 8 Reading Railroad 53 52* 52 < 52 52 52 ? Morris Caual ? ? ? ? ? ]| 10* In Norwich and Worcester, and in Farmers' Loan there has been an improvement, while nearly all others, inclu ding tlitf best Stale s'ocks, have either remained steady at first prices, or show a very slight decline. The bears in the maiket have things nearly all their own way, as there are very few disposed to act as bulls in the face of the existing prospects. The receipts of the Philadelphia and Reading Rail Road I Company for several weeks past have not increased very rapidly compared with each other, but compared with the corresponding weeks last year, the increase has been | a very large per cent. Philadelphia and Reading Rail Road. r.iasengers, freight, tcc., week ending Sept. 14th $16,787 77 | Passengers, freight, kc., week ending Sept. 21st 16,803 62 I Increase $36 86 Amount of Coal transported during the week 13,636 >6 Previouily this year 334,768 16 395,406 12 Amount of Coal transported last year to Se,.t. 33 130,490 19 | Increase this year tons, 166 914 13 We annex a table showing the quantity and value of Tobacco exported from the United States, distinguishing each country to which it is exported : ? Quantity and Valor or Tobacco Kxforted from the I United States. 1 1842. 1843-9 mot. _ Ilhdt. Value, llhd.i. Value. Russia....... 31 $1,171 20 $1,504 Sweden and Norway 1,828 104,864 82 6,103 Swedish West ludies 33 2,361 5 481 Deumak,....... ? ? 247 9,480 lUuisli West Indies, 284 21,944 120 7,130 lisn.oe Town 42,614 1,974,GOO 24,501 1,024,851 Holland, .. 36,079 1,573,615 19,519 816,469 Dutch West Indies, 95 4,442 51 2,315 Dutch Guiana, 82 5,348 16 849 Belgium 4,582 165,152 6,855 338,169 England, 36,086 3,080,054 21,029 1,260,525 Scotland 863 129,474 21 2,051 Ireland 50 2,679 ? ? Gibraltar 4,983 317,186 4,771 119,149 Malt* 47 3,279 58 2,622 Caiie of Good Hope, ? ? 11 910 British Kast Indies, 62 4,238 ? Honduras 16 1,680 15 1,318 British Guiana 29 2,361 44 2,789 British West Indies, 846 59,438 508 31,953 British American Colonies,... 288 24,456 209 13,3411 France on the Atlantic 12,179 885,176 7,193 471,261 _ Do do Mediterranean,... 3,759 239,991 4,213 211,071 French West Indies, 895 48,446 455 19,508 I French Guiana, 38 4,612 43 4,208 Miquelon and trench Fisheries, 2 137 ? ?I French African Ports, 8 913 ? S|'<in on the Atlantic 3,469 198,201 ? Do do Mediterranean,... 2,087 13*1,375 339 18,099 ! Cuba 282 18,624 252 13,905 ! Other Spanish West Indies,.. . 118 9,961 73 4,735 F.iyal and_other Azores 356 18,294 ? 1 (Jaiie de Verd, 218 28,731 ? Itily, 1,811 153,694 865 41,232 Ncily 63 6,390 15, 1,400 Tiieste and other Austrian Adri atic Ports 2,293 143,165 968 ; 72,718 Tuikey, Levant, &c 39 1,998 30 1,248 llxyti 177 16,611 131 9,602 Texas, 22 628 179 5,181) Mexico, 44 2,585 48 2,009 Central America, 21 1,461 ? ? New Greuada, 35 3,500 ? Venezuela 92 6,876 120 8,088 Brazil 151 13,538 131 9,626 < isplatine Kepublic, 57 4,119 71 5,475 Argentine Republic 44 3.233 26 1,583 Chili 3 343 42 3,054 South Airerica, generally 5 190 ? We,t Indies generally 13 l,tH>0 ? ? I Africa generally, 1,469 115,538 1,129 72,027 Total,.."IT 158,710 9,540,755 94,454 4,650,979 I These returns shew a filling off in the exportation for 1843, in the quantity and value. The value of this staple, according to the above table, war, for 1843 and 1843, very uniform. !n 1843,168,710 hhds. were valued at $9,640,766, and in 1843, 94,464 hhds.?about one-half the quantity ex- I portedjn 1343 -were valued at $4,660,979, about one-half the value of the exports in 1843-we, therefore, see about I the same decline in vulun as in quantity. Production of Tobacco in the U. States, Exported, and Price in New Orleans. 1840. 1842. 1844. Production, pounds 219.163,319 191,691,891 185,731,554 1 Exported, linds ? 158 710 94,454 Price, 2d quality, N. 0 5*a7c 4a4^e 3a4c I I. Since the production has fallen off, the price has be eomo much reduced. This can partly be attributed to | the decliue in the demand for export, and partly to the in ferior quality of that grown in many portions of tho I country. The stattment given of the amount produced in 1843 and 1843, is taken from the reports of the commis sioners of patents, but we think there must be some mis take in tho quantity put down. The western country now produces nearly as much as the consumption of Eu rope demands, and the cultivation of the leaf is rapidly extending over the whole of that section of the Union - Western Tobacco is rapidly taking the place ot tho Vir ginia, and must soon supply its place entirely in foreign markets The exports irom New Orleans for several I years past confirm this statement Exports of Toiacco from New Orleans for Ten Years. Ilhdt Hhit 1836 33,SOI 1840 4?,43? 18.16 41634 1841 64 6h7 18:17 36 821 1841 68 058 1938 3. ,46ft 1843 69,891 18J9 30,780 1W 44 81,349 The exports from New Orleans to domestic ports now, are not so large as they were ten years ago. In 1835, 19,683 | hhds were exported from New Orleans coastwise, and in 1844,only 13 098hhtls were exported in a similar manner Exports of Tohacco from New Orleans to Foreign Ports. 1835. 1838. 1811. 1844. Great Britain, hhds 5,931 9,969 20,665 22.523 France 1,160 4,878 6,812 11,104 North of Europe 4,94 3 2,138 8,114 0 20,175 1 South of Europe and China.... 1,881 2,860 5,645 14,349 1 This vi ij- rapid increase in exportation shows the rrpid increase in the production of tills staple in the valley of the Mississippi It is hardly possible for the consumption throughout the world to come up to the production, and we therefore believe that prices must continue to find a very reduce! level, more pa ticulurly as they, in Q very groat measure, d' pend upon demand and supply. Complaints have recently been made from dealers in this staple on the other side, that the MMsotiri tobacco gutvtrally turned sour alter the sea sweat, and their or. ders have particularly prohibited the purchave ofthe sta ple grown in that State. This will operate to the injury of the planting interest of Missouri, unless the evil is im mediately remedied. The new crop will, without doubt, be an average one as to quantity. Accounts Irom some sections of the growing districts have beea rather unfa vorable, while liom others, they state that the crop look ed well. Should the weather through the season piove | propitious, the quantity secured in merchantable order will be much larger than otherwise, and on that alone I depends the extent of the yield. The cultivation of this plant must become less profitable from year to year, until ? ventually land now devoted to it will be employed iu some other way, and the production reduced more to a I level with the consumption. Hid Stock Kxrhaitgc. $1500 NY State 5'?, '50 101* 10 shas City Kire Ins 118 1000 Ohio 6's, '50 99* 50 Mohawk RR 62 10110 Ohio 7's 106 50 do s60 62 5000 Kentucky 6's 1?2* 100 Harlem Rlt 1)30 73* 5000 Penn 5's 71* ino do 1*0 73* 5000 do 1*0 72* 400 do 73 .',000 do 72 50 do s30 73 10000 do s60 7l* 50 Nor h Wor HR 70* 10110 Teniieisee 5's 84 * 250 do 70* 3000 Illinois spel bds 43* 330 tin 70* '.10 shas National Ilk 100 'it 1I0 h15 70* .11 Del lk lluil t^anal 117* 50 do >90 69 III lik of < om. full 98* 50 do 71 50 US Bank " 250 Long Island RR 1.60 81 200 Farmers' Trust 42 Kill do bnw 8:t* JO do bnw 42 300 do 13* 100 Morru*<'*u?l ^ bM ? w "to, 11 f M do 81 25 Merch Ki Co blO 150 Stonington KK 45>? 5 J Canton Co 46)% 100 Jo b30 46 < 150 do 46 50 do buw 45?t 75 du uw 46 5 Housatonic KR it 100 do 45X 10 New Jersey KK M* Second Board. 100 tliaa Nor He Wor I>3 70 25 do b60 70S 25 do s'J &j\ :a Li)UK Island 83 100 do bnw 70 Ml do 83U 10U do b 15 70 50 Can ton Co 46>? New Stuck Kstliaiigc. $1000 IU'16'I.'TO bio 3!? 150 stus Nor Hi Wor bl5 71 1000 Tt*x as Trea Notes IO.Vg 62S do cult 70V 150 alias Farms 'l'riut t>30 43 10(1 do b30 7ll4 50 do cull 42^ 50 do <60 70'4 50 do b3 42 150 do cull 70S 175 do b3 41% 50 do snw 70S 50 do blO 42 75 do cuti 70'. 175 _ do cash 41^ 25 do ui? 7u\ 25 Canton Co blO 46% 50 do lilO 71 25 do cash 4.'i\ 25 do blO 70>B 25 do cull 45?t 100 do >60 70 200 Long 1*1 KK cuh 8:i'.k 25 do ilo 7o>; 25 do low 83V? 75 do 70', 25 do State of Trade. Ashcs?Poti are very steady at (4,'25. Pearl* are very Bra at $4,37) a $4,43]. RCCMrTi I HO31 OrgNINO OF THK CANALS To August 31 bblg. 69,654 To September 27 6,l6(j 64 BIO SlOcg ON HAND SEFTEMBKII J7TH, 1844. Firat sort Poti. . .bl?l*. 9,660 Second do do 1,460 Third do do 378 Condemned do 113 Total 11,621 Kirtt tort Pearl*.bbli. 7,780 Second do do 977 Third do do 281 Condemned do. . .... '23 Total 9,021 Pots bbl* 11.621 Pearll 9,0*21 Total 20,642 Brkaditiffs.?There has been no change in the frice of Flour to-day. Western brands fetch from $4,26 to $4,. 31* Annexed is a statement of the quantity of Flour and Wheat exported from Cleveland during the week ending Sept. 21st: Mli Flour. Bush ffhraI U.S. Ports 11,449 10 483 Canada 1,647 6,402 12 996 16,945 The total receipts at Cleveland are annexed. HKCF.IFTS AT CLKVELAND. Flour, bbli. tVhrmt, Ati. C ??n hu. 1844 27,600 60,100 18,000 18-13 32,300 90 000 18,000 184 2 62,400 183 000 17,200 In the same time the following articles were exported to Canada: Fltur. Wheal. 1844 4,690 6,632 184 3 4,706 17,600 1842 10,643 61 397 The best samples of wheat in Cleveland bring 73 cents, and purchases oi flour have bem made for the Canada market at $3j) Corn brings 42 cents. Vessels find it almost impossible to procure freights at anyterms. The very great injury sustained in the potatoe crop of many of the States, must have a favorable influence on the value ?f wheat, and particularly so in this State, where they form so large an item iri the daily consump tion. Bkkswax.? Sales of Northern ars J Wi stun prime yel low at 29} a 30c. Cotton ?The marl et is very dull and prices without alteration. The stormy weather retarded operations. Livkrpool Classification. Upldt 4" Ftor. tf.O ?{? Mob. Interior,. . 4j a 6 ... 42 a 6 Ordinary, 6* a ft J ... 6$ a 61 Middling, 6] a 6 ... 6 a 6} (i*od middling 6} a 61 .... 61 a 6J Middling fair, 61 a 6 J ... 6} a 7 J Fair, 6J a 7 ... 7i a 7$ Fully fair, 7} a 7} .... 7j a 8 i Good fair, 7J a 7J ... Sf a 8J Fine, 8} a 9 ... 9 19} Hay-?Common qualities sell as wanted at 3D a 32 cents. Prime for export at 40 cents. Whiskey ?Drudge cuskt at 11 at 24 cents Western and prison barrels are held at 24} a 26 cents. Provisions.?Ohio Pork is somewhat lower, and the de mand very limited. Prime Ohio is now held at $7 60 a 7 62}; mess do, $9 6| a 9 12}. Beef continues very iuactivo and prices without altera'ion; prime country sells at " a3 12} cents; mess do at$5a $5 26 cents; Ohio Lard is rather dull; bbls. cell ut 6j a 6c; kegs ut 6} a 6jc. There is a very fair demand tor butter. Orange county we quote at 13 a 16c; western dairy at 8j a llo. Cheese is held at 4} a 6c. MARITIME HERALD. Sailing Day* of tlie Steainahlpa. _ STEAMERS. FROM LIVK.Rroot.. FROM AMERICA. Britannia, Hewitt Oct. 1 Caledonia, Lott Sept. 19 Oct. 16 Acadia, Harrison Oct. 4 Nov. I G Western, Matthews Oct. 12 Nov. 'J Hiberain, ltyrie Oct. 19 Nov. 16 Ship masters and Agent*. We shall esteem it a favor if Captains of Vessels will (five to Korert Silvev, Captain of our News Boats, a report of | the shipping li ft at the port whence they sailed, the vessels spoken oil their passage, a list of their cargo, anil any foreign m-wspupers, or news they may have. He will board them im mediately on their arrival. Agents nnd Correspondents al home or abroad, will also ?.infer a favor by sending to this office all the .Marine Intelligence they can obtain. Nautical informa tion of iny kind will be thankfully received. POUT OK Mi'lW YOiiK., 8KPTER1BER 30. St'N RISKS 6 II I MOON RISES 7 42 BUN SETS 5 49 I HIGH WATER II 8 Arrived. 8hi/> Anson, Barkman, 10 days from Charleston, with Cotton and nee, to (?eo Sutton. Brig Pallas. Haven, 21 days from Turks Island, with salt, to Nesmith &t Walsh. Sclir Courier, Thorp, 8 days from Richmond, with mdse, to master. Foreign Fort*. Qi'krei , Sept 21?Ait Cato. Bauson; Ava, Symons, and In dustry, Oliver, Plymouth; Kdward, .McMillan, do; Industry, Stevens, Dublin; Victoria, Daniel, St Iveij Ottawa, Dryuan, Liverpool; Jas Si Mary Siunott, Connor, Bristol; Good Intent, Whitburn, Fowey; Anglicania, ('lark, Poole: Baron, Hill, Bridgewater; City of Rochester, Campliell, and Isabella, Rob l,yrus, ivae; r.nzaoein, nmisou; l.ockwoous, ? /ookuiui, mm Nartham. Delawell, London; Mary Dt Harriet, Sliiion, Cardiff; 571. Stnbbs, Gloucester: Staindrop, Walker, do; Mary Hudson, Tullock, Torquay; St George, Pool, and Ocean, Quay, Mary port: (Chieftain, Payne; Harmony .Jameson, and Lord l.amhton, Buck, Liverpool; Kliza. Snell, do; Kveliu, Curwen, Newport; (?race, Wilson, Port Carli*le; Maria, Evans, Cardiff; Ann Mills, Kennedy, Belfast; Idea. Robinson, Padstow; llhydiol, Riddell, Cardigan; Talisman, Popham, Kxeter: Lloyds, Watts, Southampton; Ann. Croxsman, Plymouth; Maria, Corrigall, Milford; Victory, Kent, Bristol. Cld 24th, Ainoy, Clarke, Belfast; Ann Kenney, Baldwin, and Bolivar, Koran, Water ford; Lady Sale, Richards, Bideford; Idea, Askey, Newport; Win (lien Anderson, Forbes, Greenock; Britannis, Sharp, Lon don; 25th, Sarah & Maria, Bryan, Sligo; Ann Hall, Hubert, arid Coromandel, Stephens, Liverpool; Transit, Ferguson, Dublin; Collooney, McConochy, Glasgow; Romulus, Callendat,Green ock; Watermillock, Corner, and Auiilian, Wright, London. Liake Porta. Bvffai.o, 8eptZ7?Arr Alert. Detroit; Dexter, Cleveland.? Cld Alert, Half, Cleveland; Buffalo, Upi?*r Lakes; N America, Detroit; Blue Bell, do; Corwin, Huron; Lyon, Toledo; Phila delphia, and C Walker, llp|<er Lakes; fcxpress, Vermillion; Chapman, and Burwell, Burwell. Ilsisrif! Porta. ThoMaston. Sept 22? Sid Claremont, Trussell, NOrleans; Mary Jane. Lermond, Wilming(oii, NC; 23d, Pantheon, M' Kales, NOrleans. Bi'ckiport, Sept 24?Sid Moselle, F.ustis, Charleston. Bath, Sept 23?Arr Clyde, Bickford, N Voik; 25th,Choctaw, Flitner, Turks Island. Portsmouth, Sept 25?Cld Cocheco, Porter, Mobile. Boston, Sept 2S?Arr Mindoro, (new) Stetson, Newcastle, Me; John M Clayton, Parker, Philadelphia. Telegraphed, brig Newcastle. Cld Henry Kelsey, Gray, Marseilles; Mej?en(<er, Sampson, Coast of Africa; Smyrna, Peterson, Ca|ie Haytien; Cadmus, Tucker, and Nile, Bell, St Jago; Huron, Damon, Nassau; Rambler, (new) Baxter, Charleston; Coino, Kldridge, do; Mont|ielier, Stai kpole, Mobile: Panchita. Bayley, Newlni ryporl; Mozart, Reynol a, Alexanuiia: Baltimoie Brown, Bal timore; Dover, Percival, do; F.xcel, Lovell, NYork. Arr re cently, Waldo, Gilchrist, from Philadelphia, and proceeded to Milton. Hvannis, Sept 26? In port, Splendid, Crowell, and H Bigf low, Baxter, N Vork for Boston; also, a barque, t>ng and a fore and aft schr unknown. F.doahtown, Sept 14?Arr Waldo, Staples, NYork for Ban f;or?this morning, 6 miles \V of Cuttyhunk, fell in with a sail loat nearly full of water, with one inan in it. Arr 26th, lly das|>e, I'obb, N.York for Boston. In port 27th, the above and some others bound K. Nkw Bkiikohij, Sept 27?Arr F.dwin, Nickerson, Norfolk.? Sid lx>?ington, Dickman, Philadelphia Arr 28th, Sachem, Hunt, NYork. I'hoviuf.nck, Sent 27?Arr Jas L Long, Hawkins NewYork Sid Ariel, Oaks; Mosei F.ddy, Bliven, and Juno, Hudson, do Portsmouth, Allen, do via Waneu. WANTED A SITUATION, by a smart active F.i'glishman, u porter in some mercantile store, or wonlil make himself generally u?eful, or eug.ige as waiter in some private family. Rnqaire or address a not* to T. J., No. 4 Greenwich street, where he has been six years. s20 lt*ec WANTKD ?A three story hous?, furnished, in a resjieclable location, suitable for a select Hoarding House, until the first of May. Security an J references exchanged. Please ad dress Si. P., at this office, i29tlec WANTKD.?f'urcbaaers for new and second hand Patent Mangle*. They are a labor-s -ving machine, as they entirely supersede the Die of ironing; smoothing table linen, sheets, tic , with great rapidity and * e nity without fuel. One person w ith the ni <c"inc doing as much work in one day as six cm Willi smoothing irons. They are in use in the priiicip <I hotels and a number of private families in li e city, nnd give satisfaction.? They are sold by IJl'NCAN U Wi t, 4 I. t le Green s'reet. N. V , who do Hell Hanging, Locksinithing, and all kinds of Inn work *1 reduced ralet. s2T? lin*ec P^HLUMBKRH WANTKD.?Wanted two plumbera. None need apply but such as ran emne recommended foi steadiness, sobriety and a iierfect knowledge of their buiioess. A|ply to Charles II. Se>inourand Henry Davis, 67 Wall street. ?2!l St'ec "SINGULAK ROBrtEltY AND REGOVEKY. OUR readers all know the celebrated American and French Dining Saloon, III and 66 Nassau street, keiit by Mr. (los i.tNd. Well, on S-turday morning one of Hirnden'a young men Itreikfasced lliere, as usual, and oil leaving,lorgot a package of money which lie lefi on tlie table. Soon after tins. Mr. Gos ling came in and found one of hia wai(ers absent, who said^e hsil lieen i., tin- I'ost-olfice. In half an hour, Harnden s man?re tnrned and (old Mr. Goslimi of hia loss. Gosling, whit is one of the shrewdest men living, immediately fastened on the hoy, (Leonard,) who had bi-en nhient, as the thief. He stoutly de nied it and left the hoii'c, but was followed by Gosling and linally, arreifd and l iken to til" Police Office. He was kept nil four in the afternoon, anil as nothing could he proved on him the magistrate waa just about to discharge hi ? , w hen Gosling fortunately remeinliered lint Leonard, wlien absent once, about tbr?- - weeks liefoie, had said he had been at 215 or 217 Molt street; went theie, nnd on enquiry found that Leonard had lieen lb-re lhat morning and put a parcel in the valise. It was searched mil the package, with all the money, recovered. Great credit is due to our neighbor Gosling, for (us (a< t a'<d exertions ill dis overing the thief and money, and we are glad to learn lint ill >ve years during which he h is kept one of the most excellent It.-, t uirrns in the city, not an article left there has ever lieen lost V fore, or missed for a moment. s'tfl It* in UAIW?50 bales No. I Leghorn Hags, for sale by IV lU re I K1USK 4k BllOOfcs, tt and 67 Naaaau s; STh< 5 do 2 . LUST. tttl r\/| UK WARD.?Lost yesterday afternoon, at the cor vB X i<J\J utr ?f ail(j Nassau slreeU, a fine Gold Kin*? Tlie above reward will be piid by lra?iu? it at this office. s3U It in LOW.?On Thui.dav afternoon 26th in?t., on the road lie tweai lb- Htrlein Ktilrnd l)e|...t, a' Harlem, and We.t harms, a lady*s small worked Iiik, (red and yreeii,) containing an embroidered liandlterchief, several pu ces of jewelry, he.? I lie articles are very liivhly tinted hy tlie owner, being presents from fri'uds. Tlie finder will lie lilienill) rewarded by leaving the ba<? and cootenU witluTtai.T.Wi odruff, t?s<] , We.if Farms, or Willi K. K t'olljiis it ('p., V! Hpiiih m, h2*I tfec L( 'MT?On Thursday afternoon, 26th instant, ou the road be tween the ll.ult in Kailnxd Depot, at Kordham, and West Firms, a lady's small WOHKKU 11AO, (red and Kreeu,) con UluillK ail embroidered haudkeichief, >e\eral pieces of jewelry, Sic. 1 lie articles are very highly valued by the owner, being presents from friends. 'I'll ' tinder will lie liberally rewarded by leaviug tlie bag and contents with THOR T. VvOOOHUFI1, K:(], West Farms?or with K. K. COLLINS fc CO., 46 South street. s2Hm WASHINGTON MONUMENT BENEFIT A^ONDAY NK.XT is destiued to lie u great day for this city. i?X The committee having the nbove beuelit hi charge have |K>stpoiied it to that dav The bill offered insures the largest amount of unequivocal talent ever concentrated on oue occasion fur the smallest amount of money. Wheie is ihe j?rson who will not go to tlie Castle Oardeu. when he is sore of aiding, by his initr, this most glorious undertaking, and receiving \ (all equivalent s2# 2t rrc FIFTY DOLLARS REWARD. rOLKN LAST EYENINU, frotn the basement room of honse No 30 Beach street, St. John's Square, the following articles of Silver, via: 6 Silver T.ble Forks, King's pattern, makers' stamp C. k P. 3 do d-t do Threaded do do Win. J Twiny 12 do do do De.e-t do do do 9 do do Spoons, King's do do C. Ik P. do do do 'Jea,d'i do do >1. I*. do do do do fancy edges engraved, O. K do Gravy Ladles, shell pat'erns, makers'stamp O Ik F. ? do do Dessert Spoon, plaiu engrv'd, do <i. 11. 7 Gilt Kdged Spoom. All the above were coutaiued in a Green Wile Tray, with handle and plated edges. Fifty dollars will Dupaid for the recovery of the above, or in proportion for any put thereof. sJ9 3tis* rrc IMPORTANT MEDICAL NOTICE " p\OCTOR EVANS, No. 2M? Pearl street, uear Beekman street, New York, has been more than foity years in the suc cessful practice of physic and surgery, particularly iu curing (perfectly) those des|ierate cases of strictures, every variety of secret disease, gliets, old obstinate ulcers, cancers in the throat. Ike., caused hy mat-practice. This city is iiiiiudated with all kinds of nostrum make money, no matter how; they are all great physicians, if you believe their loaf puffing UTt - lisemcuts, and forged certificates?without regular diplomas, lt is of the greatest importance for the unfortunate to choose an eiiwrienctd phvMcian. l)r. K. is the oldest autl most eiperieneed in this city; his practice a-eat, his success astonishing, even after they have been eipell-i tbe Hospitals as incurable. His office.i an- well arranged for privacy. Call at 288 I'earl street, and lie convinced. Ilk* charges are most reasonable and all c??es are guaranteed. ?3fl It km l-.WIi AL I, Alio?uot .'l UK liLUVMt coi lines lot practice principally to the treatment and cure ol delicatt diseases iu their dilfereut stages. Also, Gleets, Strictuies, Gouoi rlioei. Seuiiual Weakness, Obstinate Ulcers, and all Sores ari sing from impurity of the blood. His experience and success in tlie cure of this class of diseases are very great. Persons af flicted with any of the above named diseases who have been considered incurable or difficult of cure are iuviti d to make ap plication at his office. No. 2 Ann street, near Broadway, ad joining the American Museum, where he may be consulted confidentially at any hour during the day and evening until 10 ?'clock. s30 1t*m ""EXTRACT OF CUHEHS, COPA1VA AND SARSAl'ARILLA. rpHIS is one of the most speedy and effectual reuirdirs for the -I- cure of Gouuorrhcea that has ever been introduced. It is pleasant to the palate and grateful to the stomach, and is easily taken, being in tlie uiual form of extracts. In it are concen trated all the medicinal properties of such remedies as are found most s|ieedily efficacious iu curing gleets, seminal weak ness, whites, and all discharges of the uriuary passage. It ii wholly a vegetable compound, and acts like a charm in pro ducing an immediate oj eration u|niii the part affected. Full directions accompany the medicine, which may be had at No. 2 Ann street? Price $1. P. 8 ?Strangers who desire medical advice may consult Dr. Glover confidentially at his office, No. 2 Auu stieet, at all hours of the d<y and evening. *30 H? m TO THE NERVOUS AND DKMLlTAThU. PROFESSOR BOERHAAVE'S HYGEAN RENOVATOR. IN all those cases where inanly vigor is impaired, where the mental and physical powers are prostrated by an uurestraiued indulgence of the passions, particularly by those solitary and destructive habits of early vouth, inducing uocturual emissions and debility, the Hygeau Renovator will lie found au infallible remedy. It restores the organs of reproduction in both sexes, to a healthy action, and removes iiniNiteucy. by infusing new energy into the system. In nvvpy instances die effect is instan taneous. It never fails to cure chronic gleets and whites, and removes sterility, by restoring a healthy uterine action. Refer ences can be ^iven to many physicians who have prescribed the Renovator with success iu those affections, as also in Dys|>ep sia, weakness of tlie back and loins and affections of the uriuary organs. Sold ouly at the "Importing Agents," 206 Fulton street, New York. Price$2jier bottle of 16 ounces, and for warded to all parts of the Union. N .B.?Copious directions accompany each bottle. s!5 I in ? in CuIJuTnu? I~W h.iVl * -!> I V K 0KNT8, AT THE |y.rf G HEAD No. S BAHrt.AV 8TPKEr, iskak Broad wat. The Subscriber having lilted up and newly furnished several rooms connected with this Kstahlishment. solicits a call from his friends and the public. JAMK8 BYKNKS 1 rmmm, ~.CLUB. NEW YORK SPORTSMEN'S CLUB THE MEMBERS of this flub are liereby notified that an adjourned Meeting of said Club will be held at Mr. Sinclair's, No. 433 Houston .tree', (The Woodcock,) on Monday, the 30tli inst., at 8 o'clock, P. M. The meinberi an' particularly requested to at'end said meeting to hear the report of the Commi'tee appointed to report upon 'Ordinance reaper, nut gi JAMES SlcGAY, WISHING to Subacrilie to THE HERALD, and have it served regularly at their stores, dwellings, Ike., w ill please le-ive their names with the Agents, at 3 Ledgtr Building^ Third the piactical operation of the Cily Ordinance respecting game. JAMES SlcGAY, ?2) 2t*ec Secretary New York Sportsmen's Club. "THE STAR!" "THE STAR!" "THE STAR," 6t Lispf.hahii Sthhet, kkar BnoAiiwAr. KTOW that the Winter Campaign h is iu reality arriveil, the -i-s subscriber, (proprietor of the above eatablishmeiit,J will serve up at all hours of the day and evening, until 12 P. M., tlie following dishes and relishes Beef Steaks; Kidneys; Mutton Chops; Poached Kggs; Pork do; Rare bits: Corned Beef; Pickl-d Tongues; Ham and Kggs; Sardines; Boiled Ham; Sausages; Fried do; Tt a and Coffee; L)o Bacon. Three furnished rooms, suitable for references, clubs, or pri vate parties always ready, and the best of waiters engaged tor their especial accommodation. N. I'.?Lunch oil the table daily at II A. M. ?29 tf ec JOHN H. WOODGATK. PERSONS IN PHILADELPHIA [NO to Sul ed regularly r names wit] street, near Chestnut. TERMS. For One Week 17}{ cent*. For One Month ... 75 " For a longer time iu the same proportion, o'2J>? ceuts a copy. Single copie* for sale ??ry day at 1 o'clock. Price 3 cents. G. B. /IKBKH Ik Co., 3 Ledger Building, ?14 Imi^rc Third street, n,-,ir ( heatuot. PANORAMA AT~NIBLO'S < fARD KN^Opim fora short \ season, the most inigniliceut Panoramic Painting ever ex hibited in tfii.i country, (so say all the Artists that li ive seen it ) It was executed by the celebrated Artists, Mr. W. Dauiell. K. G. Panes and Augustus Karle, R. A. London. It is now open during the day. Admittance to the Garden and Panorama 25 cents. Artists are respectfully invited to visit the Panorama free of chaige. II / '* The Panorama of Madras w.u exhibited in Russell Square, attended w ith immense ?uc< ?s?. and when purchased by Mr. Niblo was considered the very bwt Panoramic painting in London. six 2mrc LOCOMOTIVE PRINTING ENGINE. 11? John Street, near ?'carl. CIRCULARS, Bill Heads, Bills of Lading, Shipping and other Keceipu, Hand and Postiug Bills, Laliels, Ike., Ike , printed to order, attlie lowest Cash prices. MACHINERY FOR CARD PRINTING. Having two of the handsomest and best pieces of machinery ever invented for Printing Cards, we can furnish them of auy size or quality, at the shortest notice, and at remarkably low prices. FOLGER 8c SUTTON Printers. N.B.?No runners engaged to solicit orders, or printing. Please call at the office ,t>?l i m * in A'1 GREAT BRITAIN AND AMERICA. LAW AGENCY T II () VI A S W A K v E R, So. 1R CITY II- II.I. PLACE, NEW VOHK. TTORNKY uniH'OHiiiM'llor ?it Lnw, Holiciror ami (!oun? ??llor in l-httirrry &<*. ficc*., to inform hi* fri<*n<l* ami the public avnprally, Inm has ju?l returned from a batin?*M tour thronRli Koghml, Wal? and Scotland. That, from hayiutf h?ti for w*vj*nil ycuum in the prac tice of th?* Law in L mhI hi. ami lor the pantsi* veani nimilarly engaged in New York, he liatter* himself In- n nilly cr?m|M*u*ut to conduct anch law busincM in K.nul oid, and Part* adjacent^as persons from the old country, and their <)<tAC<*ml'tiits, iniy w i-?h to be attended to ; and with thi* view, T. W, on hi* recent journey, made arrahKeinj^nts with ^??me ? f the monteminent law vers in various parts of Kiulaml ami Heotland, whereby T. \V. has b#e:i able to secure the moat efficient agents and correspon dent* in those place*. T. W therefore begs to offer his services to Kurope ins and Others, who may need his prr#fe<wional asaiittancc, iu relation to any kind of legal bmiineav in the old world ; and hhhim h such a* may cho#ww? to favor him ?ith their patronage, that the most uneiceptionebfe references will lw- ftirniHiied, il required?ami every necessary guarantee given, that bunim'si cnnlidcd to his care will he attended to, and conducted with industry, kill and

li.l. III v , M.I Oil til' most re itmiahle t"i ins. s'!il Ifn ** . re CIIANCiK OK \{ IvSU)7;NCK. " VICTOR OIROI:i), Wmch and Clock Maker, has the honor of informing his friends and the public in gen* (farM ??rsl, that he has moved his Watch and Clock Making Kstahlishment to No. H<? Broidwsy, cornet of Liberty st Watches, Clocks and Chronometers will l?f repaired by hitn with gieat c.ire, and Kuaianteed. His eatahlishinciit ih par ticularly adapted for the repair of Mechanical Lamps, at very mofjerate prices, lie offers for aula an assortment of the I a tent improvement in Lamps from France, which leave nothing to de sire. Also. Globes, Chimneys and VVicks. s28 lm*ec kam;y km*,s DBKHRMAN, lm|Hirter and Manufacturer of Kuroi^an ? ami American Fancy F urs, offers for sale, at his whole?ale and retail store, 133 Willi*m street, a few doors I'rom Fulton street, a choice, elegant, and eiteitaiye assortment of every de scription Kuropeau and American Fancy Furs. P. S Country merchants would do well to cill at this establishment and eta mine the goods, as they will find both the price# ami quality a saving to them at least 25 i**r cent. I). II KM KM AN, s27 lm*rc 133 William street ?NhES aN1) uSmpET A BRAHAM KAMTOIl, Importer, 303 Broadway, has lust re'eived by ?he Havre packets Louis Phillip|*e, St. Nicho las, Duchess LrOrleans, and Hally. a line and I srge assortment of the latest and most l?eautiful styles Royt*! silk bullion Fringe? and rich hand made (iimps 1?" trimmings, black silk Laces, and Thread Laces, * very aoit Buttons, Cord and Tassels, waist and trimmings for dresses with Bi.{ou?(les and plain, all colors Bijongles (iHmps, a ijreat variety of h tench Embroideries, thread Lace Veils. '1 bread Points, Thread Laces, C'ollars and ' uffis. Hi I k Blond Trimming Laces - rich velvet and silk embroidered B ?g?, Purser, jet and gold 4 ombs, Hair Pin?, Necklaces gilt, s lvervd and steel Heads, Clasps for Bags and Purses, velvet Ribbons, KidOloves, and a new style of Hmyrna Laces, ami many other articles too numerous to describe?all of which he offers at reasonable prices, at wholesale and retail . sii 2w *ec auction sales. A- C. TL'TTLK, Ai i i ionekb. Hardware.?package sale -cmiery.ouns. Look iugOlaa. Plain and Plate Glaaa. Jacob H. puit'i Eigh teenth Kill Trade Hardware Sale will take place This Day, ?t ID o'clock, at tin- Auction Room, No. 23 I'latt, corner of wold atreet. consisting of 300 package., aud Iota of Birimngltain and Slu'ilu Id Hardware, Cutlery, French, German ud Aineri ican ({.>od?: embracing ? general aasortmeul,ol heavy and ?hell' Hardware, and worthy the attention of the city u wrll a? coun \no," Luiie aMortuient of Table and l)e?wrt Km>n and Fork., Carver*. Steels, Peu and Pocket Knives, (Uxors. Scia ?or?, Shears, Ike. ,, , ,, Also, at half put II o'clock?10 cases f.ukIisIi (juiu, assorted ?nonit* very line. Also, Jaiues Ik Fog's Wo?d Screws. AUo, <?i i nun Staple and Fancy lioods, Comprising a good assortment of articles in the line. AUo, with which the sale will commence, one I ountiiig House Mahngan> l>e?k; one large Mahogany l,w, w ith double doors, brasa mouldings, kc. . ? AUo, M dozen Oram Scoop.; long and I) handle Shovel., fcc. Also, Looking (llaai Plat.. and Plate Glaaa, at 12 o chick, for account of whom it may concern lor ca?lr..93 boxes Looking Glass IMile*, assorted, mostlv large size*. N. B 1 hey may he eiamiued at the warehouse of J. D. Wendle, Esi|., No. II Hold itieet, thia moriiing, from 10 to 12 o'clock. AUo, at 12 o'clock, lOcaae* German Toys, by the package, suitable for country and retail dealer*. >30 It*je WILLIAM H. FRANKLIN. Auctioneer " ~ " EXTENSIVE PALE OF FRUIT AND ORNA MENTAL TREES. WILLIAM H. FRANKLIN will positively a^ll on Mon " ilav. s. pr loin, ii' l ur AtMih.'i, ti o'elock, at the our* serv of J. B. Mantel, corner of Ittth street, anil 3liM>mingd*h lioad, his entire it ck of Fruit and Ornamental Trees, compri siiiK every variety. Cau 1 <?u??es may be had a' tl?e office, No. 15 Browl street, and at the nursery. Furchaiers wjll have the lib erty lo let the tree* remain in the ground until the first day of November neit. t89 2tec J LAIRD, WIG MAKER, HAIR CUTTER, ORNAMENTAL HAIR* manufacturer, 92 CHATHAM STREET, FORM Kit IV OK 310 PKARL strkkt. IN announcing to hit uutntrous friends and pa irons his removal from 316 Pearl street to the store. 93 Chatham street, begs leave to return his hear* rtfelt acknowledgments to those friends and the nublic pMierally, who have hitherto honored ' him with their support. ? and to assure them it will ever be his studyto merit a continuance of such enviable dis tinction. ... ... . r Ever since I have been in business it has been mv good fortune to ac.iuire and retain so large a portion of (he public patronage, for which I feel grateful. Asa Hair Cutter and Wig Maker Laird stands unrivalled ill the manufacture of Ornamental Hair, for which his name has so long been celebrated. He now has ample scope for carrying his inventions and improvements into effect, in short nothing that art can produce or e*|?euse com mand. has been overlooked by hiin it his new establishment He invites an early inspection of his splendid stock of Wigs, Toupees and Ornamental Hair, iu countless varietv and ei?iui site workmanship. Perfumery from celebrated Knglish and Con tinental manufactories, in additiou to several esteemed prepara tions, invented and sold by Laird. The Hair Cutting, and in deed the business in each department is conducted by the princi pal himself, in such a manner and on such terms as to sustaiu the pre-eminent character this establishment enjoys. Pricea to suit the times. slO ltn*m 93 Chatham street. J. SORIA C(VS FRENCH DYING establishment, No. 4!M? Pearl Street. rpilK SUBSCRIBER begs leave to state that he Ima made ad A ditioual improvements to his factory, for the purpose of enabling ,,im l" nk work mom eapeditioiuly, and in a inatiuer that he warrants will give general satisfaction. All kinds of Woolen, Cotton and Silk goods Dyed or Cleansed in the real French style. ....... . , His prices are very low, which should 1m a strong inducement for the ladies and gentlemen of this cityfcand its vicinity, to pay him an early visit. , ur . * Cashmere, Merino and B roc he Shawls, gents Wearing Ap parel, cleansed in the very best manner. His Branch Offices, fur the accommodation of the public, are situated at? k No. 362 Bowery. jf 76 9th Street, between 17th and 18th streets. 257 Bleecker street. T 3.V7 Grand street. r And in Newark, comer of Broad street and W ashiugton Place. fo?28 lm?m centrev1lle COURSE?TROTTING. UNPRECEDENTED SPORT Tht Great Sweepstake of $110, Ten Mile., in Harness, carry'< inn Hi pounds for driver, will come off over the above t ourse on WKDNKMDAY, October 2d, at 3 o'clock, P. M. I lie fol lowing lioriea are named . (jeii. Ferguson, of Albany, names h. in hannr Jenks. <i, M -/.lier, names .. ? c'', C.S Uertine bIk. m. Mi*' t',!'1"'"' Wm Weblier. n imes blk. h Tom Thi nib. All extra train of Cars will leave the South W'rry, for the I rot, at a (|iMrter before t?o o'clock, P. M. Heturiiini? iinm<?i?tely after (lie ?. ort ol" tlw day. l-'are each way 36 c< uts. sllll * je "" JiLaCON COURSE?trorring. The followinK Purses are offered, to come off on I lie 16th of October. Purse $100. Mile heats, best three in five, in liarnea; free for lioraes that never won a purse over $75. Purse ol ten miles iu harness, carrying ketch weiuht. Kutrees to be made on Tuesday eveniuu, tlctober 1st, by 8 o'clock, at R. BMirtl s, 31 Park Row. Three or more to make a race. s30 2t*rrc RACES?UNION COURSE, L I. TUESDAY, October 1st?Four Races on one day, to com mence at 12 o'clock. ... i t,nn Kirat Ilaci?Swneiiatakes for 3 year olds; subs. $3(H)each; #1110 ft.; two mile heata. 1?Jas. K. Van mater names b. c. by Langlord, out ol miss Mattie. . , 2?Sainl. Laird names gr. f. Edith by Shadow, out of Bounets of Blue. Second Race?Sweepatakea for 4 year olda, subs. $100 each; j2j ft.; mile heats. ,. 1?Danl. Abbott names cli. c. by Juo. Van Bicklins Eclipse, dam by Sir Diaries. 2?Diaa. S. Lloyd names ur f. by Langford, ou' ofOulnare. 1?Jas K. Van mater names b. c. by Langford, out ol 1/iaiia. Third Race?Purse $200; Two Mile Tleats; two or mo-e to make a race. ' Kourth Race?Purse $100; 'Hire.* Mile Heats: I wo or more to make a race. ?j? 2tStlkM?m ORKAT HURDLE RACE OVER THE BEA< '< ?N (!< IUR8E MONDAY, Sept. 30th, will come off the long talked of Hurdle I tare for the Proprietor's Purse of $5(HI One and a <|iiar ter mile heata, four hurdles in each heat of four feet in height, rider's weight 160 lbs.; for which there are entered four cele brated horses, to be named at the imat, by Alfred ? onover. of Long Hand, ilren. blue jacket and green cap. A. A. Duo.i, ol New V oik. dress purple jacket black cap. A. Richards, of Toronto, Canada, dreas red jacket red cap. Charles llirat, of Long laland, dresa not described. sIH Mtis-ec ALT AND KIS11 STORE?400 half barrels Halifax No. I Salmon. . . . ... . i . liOO bbls Nos. I, J, and 3 Mackerel. 600 half do do do do. 100 do No. I Mess Shad. SO half bbls No. I Saybrook Shad. 3110 bbls Cod and Scale Kish. 40(1 do No. I Oib'd Herrings. 1 ',(10 boiea Scale I do 3000 lbs Smoked Salmon. 300 kit. Housed do 2ll(i do Sounds and Tongues. 2000 ntls Cod Kish, suitable for shipping. 1000 sacks Ashton's Halt. 200 bbls American Salt. 22 do New Salmon. 3000 lbs smoked do, Ike. tc. All for sale in loU to suit '-^Vrs^WKLLS k CO.. s4 lm"ec ?I_D-V_streel DKAKNKSS. Dfts CASTLE AND KUWARDS, AURISTS, 'JO 1 BROADWAY.?E*lr.ct ?jOl >r| cheerfully comply with the r?H|uest of Lieut. Mc intosh, to testify that he was invalided home as unfit for duty, ill con senile Uce of tufa I tWafness and discharges from his e*r: that while m New Yor'/, on his vtu to Kn^liud. lie placed himself under the professional care of t)rs. < ^stle and I .dwarus. Auriats. Under th-'ir.treatment lie recovered his he.rniK, and has returned to his military duty. Biaued, H. McNKVKN, M. D., Surgeon to II. B. M. Forces, Jamaica ACOUSTIC DROPS A sure cure for incipient Deafness, Kar Ache, Pains, Rur.r.iiigs or singing sounds in tile ears, collection, of hard was or vitiated secretions of the organs. 'I heir Acoustic Oil has been a |>opu |ai remedy as a curative ill all disease* of the ears for upwards of twenty years. Office, removed to 381 Broadway, corner Wlii'?- street. l'"'' "roi'OURAPHICAL, M M 11 A N H : A I. AND A R< HI TE< n HAL DRAW IN<i OKKICK, (the lirst of the kind in the city,) in the basement, No. II Wall street?A. OlRARD. Draughtsman, l>egs leave in c ill tile attention of Civil and Military Engineers, Sur veyors, Architects, Machinists, Contractor., Commissioner. Of I,,,,, mm tii'- public generally?, to h'< advertisemeIt for till nromnt and neat completion of Maim, Proftlea, Plans of every description, and Drawing in general required in the useful arts and industry. __ ,r> patent elastic shoulder brace. rf'llis ARTICLE IS intended to brace the shoulder* ami e? I pand 'he I hest, and will be found indispensable to t>ll iiersons who have cipnred the habit of .toomug, eitlier from w.akna.., eoiiflnew* ..I, or study. Parent, ami guariliani are partu nlarly re'iueated Ui eiamine thi. article. It I. highly recommended by many eminent professional gentlemen for tile use of cliililreji ol illier set. They can lie worn with perfect ease, olwiniso im iiediineut to the free use of the arms, while tlwy strengthen the back and shoulders, and improve and beautify the lorm. The public are cautioned against a number ol un worthy im itations of the Klastic vBrace, which are offered in different places throughout the country, as ti'.ie are genuine etcepting those stnmpsd with the names and I'lace of busines. of Ilie sub icribers. PA USE I. LH * AOAIK, Manufacture, of Belu, Braces, Stocks, ready-made Linen Susiieiiders, Ike. kc., and llealers in (ieits. r urnishuiif Artirles, a3l im*rc 337 Broadway, corner of lark I lace. AMUSEMENTS. I'AHK THKATnii.. I Mad aid* ?tto and Mr. Jwin lor m liciiitt-ti number of night* in fiwtts 3W8M ffirw " ' *? tMKKVS fe?. SK^xs-'te "?;KRS " "ew "Sfn'O , I oatumei, Machinery and Decoration mi ? 1Music coinixiM-ti by Mr. Jones. I he I r.n. e A*im .\|r J?ue,. I he I mice** /ove; Madame Otlo. 1 O CIMI. Illdr ?. lit, [be |'4r, r of ? Jeremy pida,^A,8,NU.THK W,NmV w H < ri?i Boxes, 'Jl *3 MATS"UAUUKNiT Comer ol Broadway anil Priuce street. N>w yorfc no? rr?,?? m* comfortable, should^. eVe"o!,l;?JZI.p ? ?&"*' -d theftr*? i?imY? GrudV^iuii^i*?', .'?th' toc"m"?"?ee with, for '? ^ the author of KiMjtffSE*'? J HK "??-UKN LOCKS Conut Pleniposo... . ?ir. Nickiqsou. Hueeu Su.idora, < Ear One w ith't h* G lid? Leek* fw i? t ?l'. -l,. A Pas Seul by Mia* P?r.m,toi Urk' IU~ lul*rinis*ion of *hirty minute*. ?Ml To conclude with. ?*-u ? MONS. TONSON. mom. M orb lieu \ir i? v w;n;... Saloon i. protected ,aud th* New Saloon, winch i. vtSti?au3 "RftflMTtSt- ?** * PALMO'S \K W VOKK OI'KUl IIOU?K. FIRST NIGHT OKTHEJT VI IAN OPERA THIS MONDAY EVENING, SEPT. 30. In conMqiwaec of the indisposition of Sig. L Perozzi in ulace fcol th, 6,wra IL PI RATA MONDAY, Sept. "ill, "bh . .P."UII?"U' ? much admired Opera ' L U ( 1 A ,L A i' M E RM O O R , Will be pwformed. i'"V.a,- ? ? Sigunra Borghe.e. Signer Antogniui. Kirat Tiar of Boxes ami Parquette," $i?2u!fTier of Buxes%0 cts. ^^^THE^ND^^V!i)'EflcEeOK^REECE^,l''rt' THE WOMEN''WARRIORS, .... ? I* I'resau ed. Admission j]i*nts to all part* of the house. Seats can be secured from 9 A. M. to 6 P.M. Libretto* for he Opera and Ballet can be had at the Bo* Office. Boon Olwu at 7. rerfermance to commence at t o'clock. CIRCUS? BOWURYi " Kint night of Mr.. HOWARD and of Mr. W. HOWARD. ti ti ,Welch & Matin's company. I lie Horsemanship this week will cumfiiio the principal i .i L A.I) V, *? U U E 8 T R 1 A N 8 In tlni country, besides the most famous Vatilterx, Riders ? .. "?l"' lerlnriners and Negro Melodists. Boies 35 cenis ; Pit IV>^ cents. ,30 3i?m BURTON'S THKAT11K. ARCH STREET, PHILADELPHIA. SATURDAY, September 28th, The Grand Historical Play of urn t . PUTNAM S W ill be acted every evening until further notice. 1 utnatn, Mr. N. Johnson | Messo|H)tamia Jenki' i, Burke (<1(AM) KKSTIVAL A l CAVlhE UAHUiilN, IN HONOR OK WASHINGTON, and in aid of the MONUMENT f UND,-A> rKHNioi? and ILVENlftci, Monday, Sept. 30th, or the firil ensuiug fair day. Tickrta Twenty-jive Cents. There are entered ? OifB HufiDHKD Vocal *nd Instkumicntal Plrfor.mkri ! Lothian h Cclkurarro Brass Band ! I wi-.lvk V ourtci Lapikh f-oiri I'alinofs ()j>era House ! HkRR CLtwr., the unrivalled lioj? Dancer! \/t ii L,LKR Beothkpb in a new Pautoinime ! Mi.M,iii??> Krif' rrum .N,blo ? Theatre <b> permission of Mr. ,nw-',d,nce1 't? ,"ev\ Vivant of the Battle cj Hunker Hill and the death of General Warren! Mr. Khix Hea, director of the Chorusses, (from ?,?k I lermission.) 1 he I.nkant Paoapiiki, and the inimitable Ebok, as Pyro technist ! ' ' v . The afternoon peiforinance will commence at three o'clock? Hi theeveiunii, at eight o clock. ,3? |lrrc SOtlKTYllBRARY. " wn MJl". HKJV K Y PHILLIPS, KVKNI\( ""m iAsT, ' (l,N,;KH1T ? '''? ci'v, on THIS r.VK.NIiNG, 30ih .September, at the above rooms, previous to Ills departure for Boston, entilled , VARIED HOURS, Wednes3ay"hut ' nlt ?>tl> which it was received on , ? .... Part Kiiut. Grand Bcena? 1 he Last Man," W H Calcoit JUallrtd?? I Ih-y talk of Dales and Hills in Wales" T. Dibdin ST ?Ml.!?iral" H. Phillip* Song? I he Widow Machrre" y Lover llecitat've and Air?"The Light of other Days". Vm/VY. Balfe Song? io Ladies' kyes" Tom \loor? I rink Lied?-"Im Herbst da Muw, man, trinken".. rr-~_ A ? . , - Heiuricii Marshener UL/ All interval.of ten minutes. i. <i , ...... .. P.aht Second. Ballad? 1 lie Meeting ot ihe Waters" T Moore |?",||I{T'LakeofKillariiey".. Iriah Velody Ballad- Ihe Cot Near the Wood," H. Phillips. it n i "ui( fv by (it'orge P. Morris, Esn.) llallau? Slialle I, wastynge in despaire" Withers, I6i0. Song- The .^migrant slop" H. I'h Ilips. Song- Robin Hood" Bishop Percy's Nelioues. i.oncert to commence at eight o'clock. Admission 4l.? 1 ICkets to be had at the .Music Stores, and at the ltoom oil llie ,:?) |r?rc Mlt. DKMPMI hlt'S Vik;AL AJl.KTAiiN MENTS? SOCIETY LIBRAKY. k LEONARD STREETS. \i it. iii'. vii h l has the bonor to announce his intention ... K'Ving tli-ee Vocal Kjit- rtaiiiuieuts on the evenings of Ine.ilnv. lhursdav ml Saturday, Ut. 3d and Slli D. ioUr? when lie will sing his most |Ninnlar compositions, accompanied r! IVi1" ? V V,'''' l' ''1't f "? Lament of the Irish Kmigranl I he Blind Boy-I be Lonely Anl.l Mnrrison-The Love.. ()ne w is not then*?A Home in the lleart-Let o> love one anolher-Ilird of the.Wilder,ie^_(The hidisn's ?-?mp|.,i?.) nlihr vl!'. I !"" ?!" i I1'"" "V f"""w mv path /?When the night wind bewaHeih?1 m with you once again?The Death of (i S55'l> ...^'''a'ls. Jolui Anderson my Jo?My Nannie O 1 iik \er Auldt loak about ye?My iioy Tammv Saw ve my wi il""g /?AMhiis' a Man for a' that?Highland Mary, K. j , ,i \V ? U W'"<'1 may lie Seen in programme*, to be hatha the Music Stores, and at the Society Library. > il<: t Ct'nl* to be had at the door. To colnmenre at 7)^ ? c'"cl'- se27 lojrrc DR. HOLLICK'S LECTUHES. Broadway Hall, corner of Broadway and Grand street. REPRODUCTION Ofliving beings man it* varieties, explained Physiologically am I tiilosophically, sexual and nonsexual, with all its iihyso al and moral consequences 1 unnatural practices, tlieir extent, and the means of removing them. Sic. Stc TUESDAY. October I. WEDNESDAY. October2. THURSDAY, tictober3. Each Uctnre will lie complete by itself, though the whole forma connected course. Adniissiou^ucents single Lecture; SI 00 for the course. ItT-tOR (iENTLEMLN ONLY?e i, Vimthi admitted. Illustrated by fifteen full-med, life-like models, showing the whole human structure and the peeuliatilies of IHE HUMAN FEMALE FORM! I he young being in every stage Ate. Otc. The course will be delivered twice, to accommodate visitors, in the M iruings at II), and Evenings at 8 [ ay The Lecture to Ladies only will be on Tuesday after noon,atSfjo'clock. . ?2t?;it?m jyt'LLE, PAULINE I) Es.l A It DINS respectfully wforma r her patrons and the public m general, dial she is about to lonn a Clatir de iJancr fitr tallies and gentlemen, in which she will teach the lavorite Polka, Mazourka, and all the other fashionablH Dances of the day. The morning school will lie open from 12 o'clock to 2 o'clock and the evening Irom 6 o'clock to 9 o'clock. !;a,ll?.n7"l ?enl,Vmr".w'"hl"K instruction are requested to call at M lie Desjardin's house, 7 Park Place. ,2ft 2w? rc FHENCH LANGL'AGK AND Ml'Slr ' IVI') ' MADAME AND M AD'LLE. GAI V A IN, have , resumed iheir '-lasses and Private Lesson* for ihe season. I he French taught through Manesca's Oral System, exclusively used by Mr. Gauvain for these fifteen years past. The Piano (iuitar.and Siri|{inK also tancht, on the most unproved (irinciples 1 lie r leucli language is usually spoken in tie- family Aim ly St.2#8t.rc 397 BROADWAY. FXHIBITION THE END OF THE WORLD. . ?t.o.AN.'.fR!fHNAL painting 0 i X V,y t SIZE with Ooloesal Figures, paint L. Lif"*1 l?t?ly finished by I". Anelli, m New York. K.hibitiou now o|?n. at Apollo Rooms, 410 Broadway, from 10 A M. to 5 P. M , and Irom 7 to 10 P. M. Admission 25 cents. ,10 imere A CARD-MR. WHALE and DAUGHTER iwiiectfufiy "tMM'ieelo lht Udies a.d Gentlemen of New York, that their Masses in Dancing, Waltzing, and the Polka Dance, wiM commence at the Assembly Room. Constitution Hall, 6j0 Broadway, earlv in October. Day* of tuition, Tuesday* and Saturdays. I articular* in future advertisements. Mr. W. trusts that the references he shall offer of hi* capability will ije satisfactory. Schools and Academics atteuded to on apphcatioo as aboVP, oral his Private Academy, .No. 70 Sixth Aveuue. slO lm*rc |~)R LARDNElt, CONSULTING ENGINEER, Athe U neum Hotel, Broadway, New York?Dr. Urduer will continue the pioh-ssional practice which for many years he pur sued on an extensive scale in Loudon, anil may lie consulted by patentees, manufacturers, and olliers, on i|iiestions regarding improvemenu in the arts and manufactures, which involve the application "I lite principles of Mechanical or Physical Science I hose who reside at a distance may forward < im.sI imid) a clear statement of the case, with the necessary drawings or sne ci mens, when immedl^e attention w,|| |?. tfl v.*ti s|| I in ri MEDICAL CARD D m V f L , i,1 ' '"ul,"n street. New York. * , Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, of J.ondon ami Edinburgh, and Graduate of the Jefferson Medical I ,.liege of I iiiladelphia, also .tutho.*of a work embracing ih*' following -ubjerts, vi?? -Matrimony, lm|M>tericy ami Sterility, anato mic illy, physiologically, and medically explained, with a corn pr? iitMisive exposition of the nature and modern treatment of Sypnilis, Secondary Spmvtoms, Clonorrhae; (ileei, Strictures .Nocturnal r.m ssions, and ali tneconserjiiences arisiiiK Irom sell* pollution. Doctor Kawceit continues Ins private commit*!ions on the above-mentioned diw.ises, at |||? Iouk established offic? !W Pulton ?treet, where tin* m.isf Mpfrtvatcd forms of all affec. tions ol the generative org.ius * ill yield to his mode of treat nnait, without restraint in diet or exe rci*e, and without mer cury. K*?i when the procrcative energies become tori'id or paralv/ed from excessive iiidiilgeune, ?r from masturbation, he will l?e able to restore the parts to health and ?igor. Persons a a distance, enrlosing $1, ran have a copy of the work All letters must lie |?o?it paid ?|Ji |in*rrc VKNKRKAC lil8EA.sK CUkKDs A BKHNK I HV 'S BOTANIC AL PILLH bavniK ?fm?d ihe * test of Mine luid ex|ierience, are n-coinmcioled a* the most effectual and s|ieedy remedy for GonorrliK. G|.*t?, all urelhral discharges, irritalinn of the kidney,, tireti,i? and prostrate gland, i hey are .asen w ilhnut Confinement from business or restriction of diet, and w.tnout tainting ihe breath or disngtw log With the stomach, thus enabling Ihe paiient* t. cur* then, selves. I hey give tone and ?nergy to the generative organs rat?ly il ever ei[ierienecd from ihr use of oilier medicine* They' have iierformed many extraordinary cures in chronic discharges obstinate gleet*, Sir , after th.- failure of all oilier remedies In w ent case, a single ho, ,, sufficient to effect a cure in two day,. 1 hey are evpially suitable for female. Price f| ?#, L. w,ik full direction,. Sold onlv bv 'VM W \TH(?N a iAA"i"!",r.V.!r."'J.U!,,l * Catherine street. And OLl (H I , Mc KKSSGN h ??? i; s? lin?m _ 127 MaiAni Cane gXPKESS I HI, KS KEDUCED?The S.bMrtbm a .u , Express price* on all small package* of law ?nd other documents, from 'ifl c-i.u u, z, cmiU |ulc|,^r Ir.ini l.os citiMo Buffalo and tlie intermrdiale points Als.. ibrmigh Wells It Lo. s Express from Buffalo to Chicago, at V , r^mu'on1 a?"llir lh" C"V l? "" LIVINGSTON, WELLS fc PGMKIIOV P ii' ''A'jOHPE, Manufacturer and lmp,.ri. r of I-ring' *? ? Gimps, 1 ass, Is, t ords Itc., baa removed fmni No H lir,?afiwa> to his new estaiilishment, No. 1A Walker street Where hi* customers, and the ladies in g.neral, will always tin ? hne assortment of the above articles, on the most reasonabl. terms. General trimmings made to order. s? lin-rrc Vi aaitli.^ion. I Correspondence ol the Haraid.J Wssmimoto*, M^,,t i8, 1044-4 o'clock A M The President returued la.t evening at 7 o'clock, iron the Spring*, and had an interview of about oue hour with Mr. Calhoun, who positively It-area thia morning (or South Carolina i ?!''e.!,ppoin,m*"t ol cnn*tilof Liverpool ha* been made. Ir .\*I i M"UB,io" ,0 **** *(ll?r applicant* tha Tl?an? Washington 'or mat ap. point mint 1 he appointment will be a very popular on* ZUVSTlS. ? aatlr' ""1 01 VlJg.uu, Md J! intimate (rtend ol the President ?Jl'r_.;iU1)oun hl" "p pointed Mr Crawley hi* Actinr ^S i. a. l'on Ki abaence, which will be about thiee ii .i J' on h,i brine hi* family with him and haa taken hia apartments at Colemau'a. ' Truly >oura, T. I. Phl? adclphla, [Correspondence ol the Herald j Philadelphia, August 39, 1844. There la nothing of interett to write to day, except that we are in the midat of a severe itorm, which com menced yesterday nioraing. Mu?h damage haa been <lone throughout the city and county by the violence of the wind and rain. Barna, tree*, awninga, lie , have au f ftrad to a great extent The ship Harriet Thompaon and other veiaeU have m.talned injury. The weather wilj, no doubt, break away in time for tha Whiga on Tuesday to kick up a dust," if nothing elae. Great preparationa have been made by the Irienda of the " Farmer ol Aih land," and I ahould be very sorry to see them diaappointed. naut'th'rLW r* 8 1?t'"r,ral r"ih 'hi* afternoon about half pa?t three, for the Iltrald, at Tiaber's. The place waa crowded, and (ieorg* kept a* bu?y aa a bee. One man MomVu'i !i *ite w,ollgh 10 lofe hi? umbrella in the crowd, iome kind soul carrying it off, I presume, by n iatake? SVn PhSphta6 H""U """ W" iU ?r'^rde ?i.^"^'arin ol o^enred between one and two o'clock this aiternoon. which had no other origin than that of a chimney smoking, at the corner of Front afreet and Nor r? Alley The Hibernia Kngine Company had placed about two vards ol hose over u plug, lor no other purpose, I believe, than t? raise a row with that uselul, active and independent company, the Hope Hose. The Hibernia haa accepted the paltry ordinance passed by the Councils which they dare not enforce, and the Hup.: haa had the honest independence te reject it. The stand taken by se veral members ol the Hibernia, was just such calculated to incite a riot, particularly the language of a man named 1.1, pincuit. However, the * hole affair ended in tmoke In theatrical matters, there is absolutely nothmr? Putnam, at both houses, is all the rage. The Kthioni 40 Her?ti?dera losed l.?t night at the Masonic Hall. I ne i hurchet this morning were miserably attended. Warm Ares, overcoat*, cloaks, and " Onderdonkers ?i e brandy ami water, are in great demand ' ' * HAVANA SKUAHS D M. ^aas^^at*. Ine (oIIowih# well sHacb'd and which art* utiar an (*?*<! t<! ?u5itoTvis >- " K,""ui"e '"PO'ted srticle, aud all ofiiie first Regalia*, (of (uptriorquality-) Yngenindad. ? i different brands.) U I alma. Rioudn. Esperansa. Napoleons. Esparteros. Vegueros. Cabana. Ur Moya. Manuel Amon-s. Noreigas. ? |. . . "'"cil,"*. (of various tands.. ff.)uiSjd U C *' Ulnr ,f th*v d" *>????? the .stisfaction - - ?ujfl l?*rc Orncg pr^nniMii msvaapcB Cowran, > rpHIs cnvii'AMv' v*" opi^oiiti' thf Kichaimr i cK'"" LoM ?n 1 dT^CT jftH0" OD Vn~U Thomas W. Thorite Kli.ha Kigg*, IhRmV T W.mdruff An.on Baker B. R. ltobsou, M. D.. Joseph Drake, if"?*' Joseph Allen. Moses Tucker, Jainea E Holmes, j!! Ill H P"v,dl?"> John P. Moore, rii wf W*' J1""- H. Whiting, Caleb C. Tunis, Win K Tho? JohnC('" M"? Thomas Mori*l\, John C. Memtt, Kagmr Bog*rt, Oeo.T Hoe?.^J,^>MAa W Wat. IMPROVED CHEMICAL LIQUID Ol'ODEL DOC AND ANODYNE LINIMENT. jbl Tad'c permanent cure e] Uoutv illfrrtton. miul Khrumaltc l'atju, In.loUnl Tumor*, HwtlfrH TrnHnn, Hnitse$i CiamjH, Spratna, Wumbnrx* nj Ihe l.lvtht Stittnsam /!mn. "'i'k' Jn'nt'i ,ht lh""t, Iiack " Loinr, I am and Smiling of th, A are. Sore Throat, Mump,, TTn^SS0- "ia ""????>r?lu?bl??omb.n,tion of warm h 11 ill n I ,tii t rtnil allodyor itigredirnu. and will U found far ?u 'J"* v i ," v i?wetofore ,i?p?t. . '"r "" vt?.yr mentioned maladies. A? an ritrroal amdication o remove I'ain and Inllainmatio.i, it. l.r?Hici,l rff?*u ^ooS"'' S"*1 "J Hhenmatie Painaor Gouty Affrc Prepared aiid sold wholesalr anil retail, bv A. B. HANDS k. CO., < !icmi?t? and Druggmu, s'. to ? r,*^ of Chambers itrn-t, ' "" " ' l-Mlton ?tr.r-i, a?,)77 CASH TAILUhIN<i ESTAHLISHMENT WH PE ARL STREET ' BEEKMAN 8TREET AND PEi K 81 ir 1 ^ ^C It Mi Kit, oue of die pioneers of the cash system ol rarmenls. Witnei the followmS^Iwrf ? t iUK-r^,ne Wo?' black Dim Coat $14 u> ftfn -"--a vests " ...... ; H ; *13 JOHN MOkVaT mi ,Dk m.. & CO. ~~ r r /VI' Jo*ln ,freet and 3fl? Broad wav gia svtis,'. ?s ite sji*.TJfcistaaafflSs' u??*- ?cs ^ 1..P'rj'.n /'I'hyr Worsted, < Jertnaii Worsted, Canvas tot-isxfssrvi feiriSLrsa ind 'tn,1ie",0rUnrnt ?f ^ kind of T??b' Ch?ille Cord j'l'om'i' r?*eh m,unActn?. ?!?<*. Ml low u4 iw* ra&jaiateiauiriTi v* I 1^ I * II /\ l< l\ k \. i . ?. L'A } * 1 ^ ^ ft A i\ U tl . s r THUK.K ^Jk^NOSMtOM PATERSON TO On and after the istof OctolWr the cars will leav l*T?. .o, UKroT. Nr. V, o'clock A. M. II* " 3 " P. M. ? , , .... StSIDSV*. ? oelock A.M. ,20 tf ac 14 P. M. Nrw Voaa. 9 o'clock A. M. "X " P. M. Sia ??fi&,inijw.4sF! m South itrert. ? sUHrr It river, or to KAft^^?'V>'-ANH-TI,e- fast M1|u? sh.p da/theEu{ oflutoli.;"' d"?...rlM-d on Tue. .. f'?* ?Plend.d ship has unsuqiissed accommodation* for ca the lowe t iam Tbnll'dl!!*'' '"u?Jn??r? "ho will l>e t?L-n at "'"I?: 1 ? ? hoif' ??f ?rcunov l^rthi. will reauir* Vvldl ^tr^llorTo U"n b?" d' " M"rr,v'* wh?" lo<" "? N II Tt. w - HKRDMAN. <1 Honth ureet. *?i L *uh?f.rihrr w ill hi?p ,i regular ?uref>?siou of fint rla?..h.|K,, ?,|ln, weehly for New Orl^n., ,,, which tlSf t?I! Wl" "n comforuble. Apply ?Wee jlMy *K W.'r) ",<K LINk!?"'I^isail Nhinday*'luh of Uctn hir freiiihi or pas>.iKe.lis? ins i-b-aaht furniabed datnms, apply on board at Wall ,t.f 0crX'r,y "? ,00d* r"C'""d tft" **?"<? avedi^Tuith =5=5 - ? ^?^^srsrtSRSr ^ -^xs-giafs^jsrisg'is **? b:M1r'1' ,",1' "r No 4, River, . ? i aHadav, tb* * I"i'V I 'rVi'l-r Vl 5 " , ''!cki * he . the ?hip Will sail. on .be 'hole dav " *l UM'*1 ,,Ur"' M ? ? ' '"?k. y* ?2t? 2t LAS?AOK FOR SAVANNAH?Packet of Jd Oct. ~I he well known fist sailing bria (I II LAMAH i ipuin Man in-rrnan, will *ai| positivfly as above, h?-r '.I.ii <uy . he li.? ?-tcellent aecommodalions for cabin, 'eeond rabin , |>s?eniter*. Apply on board, foot of Maiden lans, """ W k J T TAPSM OTT, 7f> H<mth, ranter \1nidrn (nn# KOR LONDON?I he psekei ?hii> ? Mil A i?? |T. apt. ( badw irk, will tail mi iIm- lit Oct lier regular Koi |>,iK,a(?, bavinit iplendid scrommodations. apply to JOHN lll-.ltD.VIAN, _ Tec ?! Soath street. TO I.I VKit I'f H tlj- j'seket i 6th October-The rat class p cket ship PATRICK HK-NRV, Captain B,/| III,.., ? ill ?.ol II , Iter regular day. i rnininnilitioii in tbi? aplendid for cabin, teroi d id alei-rnge |>;???uKer?,are loo well know n to e>juire com. it*in. IVi-oiii intending to emli.irk, thould make immediate i'l'ltc*'jom on hoard, foot of lUfkmin iirwl. or |o ? JOSEPH Me MURRAY. i77rr li>" Pun-atieet, cor-er of Houth s'rvet. til'. I l.l'.M i'.A !* CI.M UPt W^Kl-Kt'Dh" JMIK HUHIKHT PRICES can be obtained b> H-ntl-men 1 or Kamilies whe are desirous of eouvertmg their left off *e*;iniiM a|?j?#in*l into rirnn. Families or tientlemen naitting the city or ch mging resi imce, t,a*ing uiv anfierttiioua cffi-cts todltfmee of. will find it iiuch t? tlw-ir advantage to sentl f?r th, S?l?rrtl>er, who will '"end at their residence by appoinlnirut J. LKVINSTYN, . ,, . 4M Br. adway, op stair*. A I trie throngh the Post <MRr*, or erwise, will ivceire iTompt attention si lni*e<