Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 1, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 1, 1844 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. Vol.X., Wo. ?7I?WhoU No. 3871. NEW YORK, TUESDAY MORNING, OCTOBER 1, 1844. Pale* Two CmM> inn JNKW YORK HEitALD. imniLjjiLlt.l''(iArii CIRCULATION THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND. '11 IK UREA TEA T IN THE WORLD. To the Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?Daily Newspap^-onb 'T eve? ^ of ^ ?-*Pt New W. Day ud Foorth I HE W EEKLY HERALD?published every SunnltT mormug?price 6if ceuts par copy, or <3 11 par annum-post pwd, cash in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation of the Herald .. over THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND, ud increasing fast It hat the largest circulation of any paper in thii city or the world, and, it, therefore, the best channel for business it'* ?r cou'u,y- Prlc" moderate?ca?h in sdvance. N1 I NO of all kinds executed at tlie most moderate price aud in the mo?t elegant style. JAMES OORDON BENNETT. FBOfHIETOB or THI Hkhsi.d ESTAauiHMKNT, Northwest ounier of Kulton and Nassau stiwu. NK\V LINK Ol1 LIVERHOOL I'ACKk'l'^ To >a.I from New York on the 26th and Liver,?! [a%,e Uth , . of each month. M. ML M. ruuvl ww.flSSr . I aptaiu 11. I. H. Trml/ 2bth Oct '' hi- aUfi..n.iHVM LIVERPOOL. Si; ; (i iVuVirK /'' ?al'u".' A.- gamyster, 11th July. S Hn5Mira V' . L '-''Trask, lltli August. 2L'1' iVjw.ilttu' Captain J"Lii ( p ins, lltli Sent gfcp SIDDONS, Captain fc. B. dob? ilih Oct' hi fit hi it^ilTof N'tvU"' CJfk"' U|,.w^rd' of ,M0 ton., Combine great spaed with unusual comfortfor" Neither the ( aptaini or owners of the ships will be resiionsi '?f, T.1?"1, or pwage apply to ^ York,or ta ettfr^r^u^r o" "d' ** char?ed ?X'c?!u pJ???in?le .J "mice, and newspapers I cent each. m'rc ~1R}L.1NGEMENTS FOR 1844 OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE I . __ 100 Pine street, corner (if South, m m ?& m m .. T,.'iK 8,1 MCril*r ?S? *??? to eainu^ueution of iISttSS loss f"" ,\ c Kf"eriil, to the following arrangements for ISM,for tlie puriaise of brtngmg out Cabin, 2d Cabin, and Steer age Passengers, by the Regular L.ue of Liverpool Packets sail 111! | ,i P L '1 ' 'l ''I" and 2Cth of every inonth.' By tilth .t?f "C| i10 , fr9? N,w Vork, tlie lit, 10th anil Wth-aud from London on tlie 7th, 17th and 27tli of each month. In connection with the above, and for tlie purpose of affording stillgreater facilities to |*sseugers, tlie Subscriber has establish ed a regular line of first clay New York built, coppered and out the year " 10 " puuctua,,y every week through For the accommodation of Persons wishing to ramit money tL foilorug Bank^^:-^ *1Veu' paytble " ?'Kht' ?" Provincial Bank of Ireland, payable at hk UlonmeL Londonderry I s&- ff*- Jfe JrfT Mouaghan, Bainb'ridge. BMIymiia, PanoMtown Downpatnck, Cavan, Lurgan, Omagh l/uiiganuou, Bandon, Ennii R.llvVl,' ?? Btrabane. Skibbeiien, .<h w ,?'1>'lSnnon Cootchili, K.lru,h, ' Dublin Skibh????re' Scotland?The Citv Bank of OUagow. 8k'bbr?n. Engird-T.-isr*. Spooner, Atwood it Co., Banken. London UTO ".ml" R?^' ">Wl| WW. >or rosrvi&'i&tev.TWi'.si'? ??rnnnl M M. M. KEwTtrnTTlc HAWfn^nCEl D. , ri iT *1 ihuLine will hereaiVr leave New lowi, viz : " 0n I6t of each month* M fol New Ship ONEIDA, MSchT*' ( isfk aThI^'' Captain < l?t July, J 16th August, ?up:balt? <^a,lani { 1st August, < 16th Sentember ship uTicAfward" unc 7 ft I i|;{; ' t 1st May, (16th June K i'"1 b m 1 1,1 f^P^mher, J Kth OctoWr, n- a/sca5sjjs"' fssasr^ _ /mi.{ Kitefe. JISSSs1"' 1 lie accommodations of these shi|>s are not surpassed com bining all that may be inquired for comfort. The price of cabin ?ib^u-Vk ' assengers will be supplied with every requi site, with tlie exception of wine* and liquors. JriZ? r'U"l!d"(1 r?r ther TeT?,U ,w'" <*? f?rwardee by the sub scrjjxrs, f/ve Irom any otlier than the expenses actually incurred them, tor freight or passage, agiily to 'ucurreo ., v a_ BOYD L flriNCKEN. Agenu. * ** No. 9 Tontiue Buildiugs. cor. Wall aud Water sts TO THE TRAVELLING PUBLIC. I'.JSSEVQER ARRANGEMENT FOR 1844. 1 lie Subscribers having completed their arrangements, an ?*?br,I?? ".ut passengers from Oreat Britain and Ire jiyd by the following irst class Packet Ships, one of which will leave Liverpool on the 1st, 6th, 11th, 16th, 21st and 28th of each month Patrick Henry, New York, Sheridan, Virginia, Liverpool, Cambridge. Montezuma, Siddons, (Jeo. Waslilngton. Hotuuguer, Columbus, United States, Ashburton. England. Euroi*, Stephen Whitney, Rochester, liKWliendence, Yorkshire, Oarrick, Sarthiel Hicln, Queen of tlie West, Oxford. Ju,***e cy ^obtained, and every information at ei tlit r ijf'onr?Oflices*e" friends, ou application Iliey will also lie Prepared, on the opening of navigation, to " 9 a'' of tlie Upper Lakes. al I j'arts'ofCuiada W^' ^ H0,,e? C?banfl Kin?,w?' ">d l-rom Troy via Whitehall to Montreal and Quebec, Canada E.wt via Ohio ( anal from Cleveland to Portsmouth, Cincin nati and intermediate places. .South West via Philadelphia to Pittsburg, Cincinnati, Louis ville, and all parts OB the Ohio River to St. Louis, Mo.; and to Termon-. ?'UO' ARCE:^^TANCtl8.,linoi'"'d WUco0ti,, h.or the accommodation of |?rsous wishing to send money to their friends in the Old Country, HARNW.N It CO. will K'f ,? , 011 a"V I'l'rt of England, Scotland or Ireland, payable ?u^'tlle purc'haser! '?20' 10 Al00~<)r iu ">v auloul" "> , u ? .? c OFFICES AND AOENT8. , 120 State street, Boston. I vl\Fn If'AF?,""1 Buil.Iinn Providence, R. 1. J. W. Mills, J Wall street, and IC Kront street. New York, u it ".Til1, 43 fhlrd ?'"*?. Philadelphia. Handford k Shoemaker, 7 Light street, Baltimore Md.. L. S Littlejohn, n Exchange, Albany, N1^.1"* ' ' s. Clark, IM River street, Troy, N. V. , Utica, N. Y. W. A. Cook, Syracune, N. Y. .. .. Rocliester, N. Y. W. H. Cook, Buffalo. N. Y. H. I* 11zhugh It Co., Oswego, N. Y. m^r HARNDEN It CO. EMIGRANT PAU8AOE OKKICK M m. m. m. r??i 61 South strHet, New York. I he Ruhscrib^r continue* to make Arrangement* to brinic out pas^nuert from (? Uritaiu mid Ireland, (via Liverpool), .kL"! rUtl lrL!'n***ei] "l lh,? Vr w.ilh a,,y of agent* in United State*, on hoard tlie packet Blu|w tailint from Liver |Kjo| evei y nve dav??and in order to afford every facility, he will hav? deApatriM-il ?u|>erior American ahii>? in aNew Y ork and Uotton, every WHek^durinu the year. 1 hose seudipic for their Iriendn may rely that the ?ame due and Uilmeur attention will beahown them as lieretofore, and should any ol th?>^e sent f?>r not embark, the money will be refunded, as customary; and those remitting money to their friends, can have lJntt* and Wills ol Kichaiige lor sums to siyt, payable ou de mami u the foUowiug banks, (without discount or any other I Jl' fi?" k Bankers, London: J. l..irn.-.l Si C u , Liverpool; the National Provincial Bank of ' V, throughout Knuland and Wale,; York S'nn Ui.trict I> IIIk and Branches; Birmingham Banking (Jo.; l^aiK.iMter tfanking f 'O. '"?'?"d ?"<1 Branches, and ro? iikml !> uik fit iielaud ami Branches, in all the iirincinal I Upwii. througliout the Kingdom. ' principal, (i?IfHl!'lUll:^"'rn, 1?lu,k ,)f ?coll?n<l and Branches lireeniH k Uaiikuig Co. in (ilasgow anil (ireenock. .1 "i 111 lh' r"",,,,rV and wishing to send money to tl"." jiieii'h, may U'Mire its U-mg done satisfactorily, on their U r"T ???-V .w,?h sent with the name andaddre? (?r tlie |?-rs'in for whom it IS niU'iided; a draft fur I he amnnn I wil then be lurwarded [ier first packet or steamer, and a receipt lor llie t.itne returned by mail. irceipt For fur titer ,?rtir,ilars, appl j (if byletUir no., paid) JOHN HERDmAN, ol South st. s Pi ec ckntral RAIL ROAD, FROM SAVANNAH TO MACON, GEORGIA. ftgsfla ?J1? 'I HIS ROAD is in o|>eratioii daily (Sumlays excepted.) for Transportation of Passengers and Kreight. New and coin/iirta hle I aiiwngers Cars have been recently placed on the road, and the dim inn (190 miles^) is run from 5 A. M. to 6 P. M., with up it n'guhnly. I lie ( ompanjr has also a number of Burthen t'irJh P?,"}r*dto ?*;ry with de,patch, all goods and pro ?luce ?hiih mat offer. (foods cousignid to the Company's Agent in Savannah, will lie received and forwarded, free or com mission for liirwardiug, provided a sum in cash, suffccieiit to pay 'hv"' fr.'.Kht , chW " d-P"""d with the C impa ?,HA h71Th!Tf iff K",m1*|- Vm' ?"a""'? OEN. CLINCH and ! u J? S?0^."w"ed? e,d commanded liyCapt mis II rook, anil li irden, run between t harleston and Savannah in Conner tiou w?h the Ud A Steamer leaves each city *?' Tu?da?, ( hnrnl sand 8aturda>s, and the Line, it isex|iected, will soon tun daily. I a,sengers travelling South will leav. ( harleston al 9 A. M.. immediately after the arrival of the Wilmirmton nrenm. ?r?reach Savannah by 8 P.M. same d*y, and take l)m can Macon ai ? o clook the following moruing. By this route there u l ,w 1 f itej"ya?^.r 'r M""[*.?mery' ?,d th. fare ? as low. E. I AH I I E, Al^nt for the Line. m ( harleston. THOM \S PURSE, timral'SuperinlwdajL Saviuiah, Augnst, 1844. ,j [mr# ? \TH~OAkiTlNER AND HAJ.LOWKLL? ? The new -eainer PENOBSCOT, Captain VQn"*' Kimball,Tenves the end of X wharf, Boston, 'TO ""d Hrtday evenings, at i ?ii Btagia will b* in readiness on her arrival at Ae above p*?M, to eorivsy pasiwgsrs to the naii^i boring to wis KOK LIVERPOOL?'The New 'Line?Regular .Packet Slit October.?The su|?jr.or fut sailing pack i-t ship ROCHESTER, ?00 toua burlheru, Captain ?Uou, will sail u above, her regular (lay. Kor freight or passage, having elegant mil specious accommo dations, apply ou board, weal aide Burliiin Slip, or to WOODHULL li M1NTURNS, . _ 17 South a treat. 4. Price of Passage $100. The packet slap ilottiiigeur, Captain Ira Burnley, master, 1*50 toua burtlieu, will succeed the Rochester, and sail on her regu lar day. Hat <>rtoh"r ?27 rr PASSAGE KOR NEW ORLEANS Packeto Mtli Sept.?Tlie last sailing regular packet ship AR iKANSAS, Capt. J. Bunker, will sail positively aa ! above, Her regular day. The accommodations o( the ship* of this line are, it is well known, superior to any other ships, and reliance may be placed on their sailing punctually as advertised. Hie Arkansas has excellent accommodations for cabiu, second I cabin and steerage passengers. Second cabin passeugers can be comfortably accommodated iu house ou deck, built express ly Jor the purpose, well lighted and properly ventilated. To secure berths, early application should be made on board, foot of Maiden lane, or to ? ? ? W. Il J. T. TAI'SCOTT, *21 76 South street, corner Maiden Lane. KOR NEW ORLEANS.?Dibect.?Tlie steam ?ship ALABAMA, TOO tons burtlien, Henry Windle, 'Commander, will sail for the above port ou the 15th ext. at ? n clock. Thia splendid and remarkably stauuch strainer has Iwku thoroughly overhauled the present summer, newly coppered, and is furuislied with a powerful set of new boilers, made at tlie Novelty Works of this city. Sh* is expected to make the run to the Belize with ease iu six days; and having handsome and comfortable accommodations, Tor both cabin and steerage passengers, offers an unusually drsinible conveyance to tlie travelling community. Kor light freight passage, ap^ly to U. MERLE, conveyance to ll* travelling community. Kor light freight or assage, apply to G. MERLE, sl9 tol5o* rc 266 Kront St. KOR NEW ORLEANS?Union Line?Kirat >regular packet with dea|iatch?The fast sailing packet ??hip I N ION, J. B. Batmrue, inister, is now loading and ? i,i have immediate dispa'ch. Kor cabin, second cabin and st>erage i*u*?iigeri, having su|ierior accommodation, early ap plication should be made on board, at Murray 's wharf, or to JOSEPH McMIJRRAV, s20*c . 100 I'ine street, corner of South street. PACKET KOR HAVRt (Second Line).?The Ship AT. NICHOLAS, Johu B l'ell, Master, will , i sail ou the 1st of October. Jroi height, or passage, apply to BCiYU k HINCKEW, No. 9 Tontine Building, r*''' Corner Wall and Water'etn KOR MARSEILLES?Packet of 1st October?The ship COURIER, Captain Dugan. Kor freight, or ~|*, in cabin or steerage, apply to LAWRENCE fc PHELPS, No. 103 Kront street, or to BOYD k HINCKEN, Agents. ? ITrc No t Toutiue Building. KOR HAVANA, KROM PHILADELPHIA^ The A. 1. fast-sailing packet baniue ELIZABETH .J., John S. Remington, muter, will sail positively ou .12th Oc'ober. J or I might or passage, having superior famished accommo dations, a large aud commodious cabin, with twelve state rooms, apply to JOHN K. OHL & SON, sl7 3w co 101 South Wharves, Philadelphia. PACKET SHIP ST. NICHOLAS KOR HAVRE. >?Passengers going out in this ship are requested to be ion board, at l*ier No. 4, Nor h River, on Tuesday, tlie I si proauno, at 12 o'clock, wlicu the ship will sail. '1 lie Letter Bags will close at the usual places, at 11 o'clock, ou the above day. s29 2t PASSAGE KORSAVANNAH?Packet of 3d Oct. .?The well known fut sailing brig O. B. LAMAR, iCapuin Sanueruian, will aaiT positively as above, her regular day. She has excellent accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers. Apply on board, foot of Maiden lane, or to \V. St J T. TAPSCOTT. ?2B 76 South, corner Maiden lane. KOR LONDON?Tlie packet ship MEDIATOR, ?Capt. Chadwick, will sail ou the 1st Oct., her regular allay. - passage, having splendid accommodation*, apply to JOHN HEHDMAN, Sif7ec 61 South street. TO LIVERPOOL?Packet of 6th~October^The .first class picket ship PATRICK HENRY, Captaiu Delano, will sail as above, her regular day. _ le accommodation in this splendid vessel for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers,are too well known to require com. ment. Persons intending to embark, should make immediate application on board, foot of Beekman street, or to JOSEPH facMURRAY, s27rc 10*) Pine street, con er of South street. EXCHANGE ON ENGLANU, IRELAND, ?SCOTLAND AND WALES.?The Subscriber has ?HMflpSbat all time* for sale Drafts from ?1 to ?1000, pay aide I all tlie principal Banking Institutions throughout the United Kingdom. JOHN HERDMAN, 61 South st. N7 B. Passage to and from Liverpool can be secured at the lowest rates by any of the line of packets sailing on the 1st. 6th, 1 Ith. 16th, 21st and 26th of each mouth, on application as above. I v'24 ee Liouuinus i wtivii-iiii CENTS, AT THE | HEJt.l No. * BA?rL*r SrPCtT, KUI Broadway. The Subscriber having fitted np and newly furnished several rooms connected with this Establishment, solicits a call from hia friends aud the public. JAMES BYRNES. s291m?rrc OTOLf ^ house FIFTY DOLLARS REWARD. _ .EN LAST EVENING, from the basement room of house No 30 Beach street, St. John's Square, the following articles of Silver, vii: 6 Silver Tsble Korks, King's pattern, makers' stamp C. St P. 3 do d? do Threaded do do Wm. J Tenny 12 do do do Deieu do do do 9 do do Spoons, King's do do C. It P. 4 do do do lea, do do do M. P. 5 do do do do fancy edges engraved, G. C. K.^ 2 do Gravy Ladles, shell pat'erns, makers' stamp O It K. 1 do do Dessert Spoon, plain engrv'd, do (J. H. 7 Gilt Edged Spoons. All the above were contained in a Green Wire Tray, with handle and plated edges. Kifty dolfars will be paid for the recovery of the above, or in proportion for any pirt thereof. sW 3tis*rrc LOCO MOTIVE PRINTING ENGINE, 119 John Street, near Pearl. /"CIRCULARS, Bill Heads, Bills of Lading, Shipping and VV other Receipts, Hand and Posting Bills, Labels, fcc., be., printed to order, at,the lowest cash prices. MACHINERY KOR CARD PRINTING. Having two of the handsomest aud best piece* of machinery ever invented for Printing Cards, we can Affniah them of any sit* or quality, at the shortest notice, and at remarkably low prices. KOLOER It SUTTON Printer*. N.B.?No runners engaged to solicit orders, or priutiqg. Please call at the office a29lm*m -PXPRESS PRICES REDUCED?The Subscriber* have reduced their Express prices on all small package* of law and other documents, from 50 cents to 25 cants per package, from this city to Buffalo and the intermediate points. Also, through Wells k Co.'s Express from Buffalo to Chicago, at SO cents per package from this city to Chicago, and the intermedi ate points ou the Lake. au3 LIVINGSTON. WELLS It POME ROY. TOPOGRAPHICAL. MECHANICAL AND ARCH1 TECTORAL DRAWING AFFICE, (the first of the kind in the city.) in the basement, V' No. 1< Wall street?A. GIRARD. Draughtsman, begs leave to call the attention of Civil and Military Engineers, Sur veyors, Architects, Machinists, Contractors. Commissioners of | Land, and the public generally, to his advertisement for the promnt and neat completion of Ma|is, Profiles, Plans of every description, and Drawing in general required in the useful arts and industry. s27 lm*rc PATENT ELASTIC SHOULDER BRACE. HIS ARTICLE is intended to hraee the shoulders and ex pand 'he chest, and will be found indis|>eiisable to all |>ertons who have cquired the habit of stooping, either from weakness, continent..t, or study. Parents and guardians are particularly requested Lo examine this article. It is highly recommended by many eminent professional gentlemen for tlie use of children of either sex. They can be worn with perfect ease, offoing no im Climent to the free use of the arms, while they strengthen the ek and shoulders, and improve and beautify the form. The public are cautioned against a number of unworthy im itations of the Elastic iBrace, which are offered iu different places throughout tlie country, as mme are genuine exceptiug those stamped with the naines and place of business of the sub scribers. PARSELLS It AGATE, Manufactures of Belts, Braces, Stocks, ready-made Linen, Suspenders, Ike. he., and Dealers in Genu' Kurnishing Articles, s31 !m"?rc 237 Broadway, corner of Park Place. FRINGES AND GIMPS. ABRAHAM KASTOR, Importer, 393 Broadway, has just received by vise Havre packets Louis Phillipi*. St. Nicho las, Duclu'ss D'Orleans, and Stilly, aline and large assortment of the latest and moat beautiful styles Royal silk bullion Kriuges and rich hand made Gimps for trimmings, black silk Lares, and Thread Laces, every sort Buttons, Cord and Tassels, waist and front trimmings for dresses with Bi^ougles and plain, sll colors Bijongles Gimps, a great variety of l1 renoh Embroideries thread Lace Veils, Thread Points, Thread Laces, Collars ana Cuffs. Silk Blond Trimming Laces ; rich velvet and silk embroidered Bags, Purses, jet and gold Combs, Hair Pius, Necklaces, gilt, slveredand steel Beads, Clasps for Bags and Purse*, Velvet Ribbons, Kid Gloves, and a new style of Smyrna Laces, and many other articles too numerous to describe?all of which he offers st reasonable prices, at wholesale and retail . s2S 2w *ec FANCY FURS BEHRMAN, Importer and Manufacturer of European and American Kancy Kurs, offers for sale, at his wholesale and retail store, 133 Willitm street, a few doors from Knlton street, a choice, elegant, and extensive assortment of every de scription Euro|>ean and American Kancy Kurs. P. S Country merchants would do well to call at this establishment and examine the goods, as they will find both the prices and quality a saving to them at least 26 per cent. D. BK.11R.MAN, a27 Im'rc 133 William street. (Ml EAT BRITAIN AND AMERICA. LAW AGENCY. THOMAS WA RN E R, iVo. II CITY llJiU. PIJICK, NEW YORK, ATTORNEY'and Counsellor at Law, Solicitor and Coun sellor iu Chancer*, (sc. Ike., Ih-ks to inform Ins friends and the public, generally, that he has just returned from a bukineaa tour throniiii England, Wales and Scotland. That, from having been fur several years engaged in the prac tice of the Law in London, and for the past six years similarly engaged in New York, he (latter* himself lie is fully com|ietent to Conduct such law business in England, and parts adjacent, a* persons from the old country, and their descendants, may wish to lie attended to ; and w ith this view, T. W., ou his recent joumey, made arrangements with some of the most eminent law yers iu various |iartsof England and Scotland, whereby T. W. ha* lieen able to secure the most efficient agents and correspon dents in those place*. T. W. tlierefore liegs to offer his services to Enropean* anil other*, who may ne?d liis professional assistance, in relation to any kind of legal business in the old world; and assure* such as may choose to favor liiin with their patronage, that the most anexcepttonebla reference* will be furnished, if required?and every uecesssry guarantee given, that business conhded to his care will lie attended to, and conducted with industry, skill and fidelity, and on tlie most reasonable term*. *2* lm*rrc CHANGE OF RESIDENCE. ^saQ VICTOR GIROUD, Watch and Clock Maker, has hMK the honor of informing his friends and the public in gen |fj eral, that he has mow* his Watah and Clock Making NUtfe Establishment to No. Mb Broadway, corner of Liberty st Watches, Clocks and Chronometers will lie repaired ky him with great care, and guaranteed. His e*tabli*hmi>nt I* par ticularly adapted for the repair of Mechanical Lamps, at v*ry moderate prices. He offer* for *ale an a*soritnent of tlie latest improvement in Lamps from Krance, which nothing to de sire. Also. Globes, Chimneys and Wicks. iM im'ec csvaXbt-400 bo,w t sWaa M South nm D. Dreadful Condition of NewYor k from THW , NEWSPAPERS OK BOTH PARTIES. BOTH PARTIES ARMING FOR THK ELECTION. No Police?No Cily Government?Triumph of the Mob Spirit and Club Law. Thk Ot'TRArsK op Thursday Nuiht.?All the city knew that the Whigs would have their grand parade on that evening, and the parade ot the Em pire Club on that occasion marching by the Whig Meeting with torches, bauiiers, and music, was palpably intended to provoke a collision. Hut the Whigs let them pass without a gesture ot defiance or hostility. Not so the ruffians who were bent on a fight. When the Whig procession was passing peaceably down the Bowery, where no meeting ot any party had been held, their rear was surroun ded, hemmed in and crowded Upon by a dense mass of Locofocoa, who commenced by hissing aud hooting, gradually closing in upon the rear files of the processioa, which they gradually outnum. bered, and at length one ot them seized a flag handkerchief carried bvMr.L W. Hansom ot Brook lyn, who recovered it, but was separated from the procession Jin doing so. He was now, together with Daniel M'Carty, of Brooklyn, in the midst of a dense crowd ot Locofocos, who fiercely ordered thein to hurrah for Polk and Dallas. They replied "Never!" and at that moment both were knocked down by blcwa from heavy bludgeons. Mr. M' Carty was knocked into the gutter, where he avoid ed notice,and crawling upon the sidewalk escaped, severely injured. Mr. Ransom was knocked down by a blow which broke his hat through, and made a heavy contusion on his head. He was badly hurt by blows and kicks while down, and vocifer ations of " Kill the d d coon * skin him," See , Sea He at length made his escape into a neigh boring drug store, before which the assailants wait ed for some time to beat him. Several well known pugilists engaged in the fatal fight at Hastings were among his assailants. He remaiued in the store till the rioters went away. Such is the true statement of the first outrage on the Whig Proces sion. Not an offensive wotd, even, had been ut tered bv the Whigs when this shameful outrage was perpetrated Others were also injured?none of them Locofocos. The second attack was made in Chatham Square, whither the rioters in mass had pursued the procession. It was beaten ofl by the Union ists, but not till the whigs had suffered serious in jury. The third attack was made on the procession as it passed the head quarters of the Empire Club, Park Row. Here there is no pretence that the whigs gave any provocation whatever. They were passing quietly on their way, the delegations singing and cheering as they felt inclined, when they encountered a dense mass of locofocos, (Em pire Clnb'iers,) who suffered the head of the co lumn 10 |> iss, out crowded close on the succeeding files, and soon began to rush at the more exposed banners. Those of the Seventh and Thirteenth Wards, Jtrsey City, and Young Men's Clay Clubs, each suffered injury, and all but the poles of the Young Men's, with one hall of the Se venth Ward, were carried off. The Thirteenth was mainly recovered and saved. Mr. Collins, of this ward, had one tremendous blow on the top of the head with a slung shot, and several lesser contusions. One of the banner bearers had his finaeir' badly cut, as they grasped the staff ot his flag. Several of the Jersey Club were seriously hurt, and one oi them had his hat and watch stolen in the fray. The Mayor of Jersey City was seized by a locofoco rutfian, but rescued himself without injury. The whole numbesof whigs badly hurt was six or seven, while none of their assailants suffered material injury. The whigs were in open columns, marching order, without a marshal! on horseback, and a dozen of them could have been knocked down by a rush and their banner destroy ed, before it was known twenty files off that any attack had been made. The head of the column knew nothing of the attacks to the last. And be sides, the whigs were wholly unarmed, while the ruffians fell upon them with clubs, sluug-shot and even knives.? Iribwu. The fact that the Loco Focos who paraded the streets on the evening of Thursday, were regular ly armed with knives, clubs and slung shot, proves beyoad all cavil, that they contemplated the attack upon our friends which actually took place ; and when in the face of such facts we find the Eve ning Pott endeavoring to palliate the enorminy ot this murderous assault, there is no want of "charity in the very general belief, that the Editors ot that paper not only knew of the intended attack, but were actually parties to the hiring of the bullies to engage in it, under the assurance of protection from the leadere of the party. We stated on Friday morning, that William Ford, the Bully recently pardoned by the Gover nor out ot the Penitentiary, at the request of the party now using him, headed the rioters in their attack upon the whigs. This he denies in the fol lowing characteristic letter, of which no doubt the editor of the Pott will approve, if it should happen to be new to him; though we are by no means cer tain that it was not submitted to his approval pre vious to its being sent to us:? Empire Club Room* ?8ir?Seeing by a statement in ?our Morning's Courier and Enquirer of this morning, that you place me at the head of the "Bovs" in l??t even ing's row and attack n?on the "Cooni"?f take this me thod of informing you, that I had nothing to do with it, a* I wan home the entire evening. The "iKobls Boys" who conducted themielves so manly, and are an honor and pride to their party, was conducted by Yankee Sullivan, who has done the same as I would have done. The next meeting the whig* have, they will not get off so luckily but may * xpect lar worse treatment from the Spartan Band. Yours, truly, 1 WM. FORD. New York, September 37th, 1844. IV8.?You will oblige me by publishing this in your appears that Sullivan learned from some source that Ford had sent us this letter accusing him ; and in consequence, he called at our office to say, that bad as he hud been in his associations heretofore, he was incapable of leading such a band of ruf fians as made the cowardly assault on the whigs on Thursday night, and that he had nothing to do witn them or their party, but is opposed to both. This we believe. ...... As to Ford's denial of his being present and lead ing the attack, let those believe it who wilt; our charge was made upon the authority of parsons who say that they saw him there, and certainly the language ot his letter justifies the conclusion that he was a part of that mob, notwithstanding his as sertion that he "was home the entire evening." How far the "Noble Boys who conducted them selves so manly," are "an honor to, and the pride of their party," we leave it to the manly and truth telling editor of the Evening Pott to determine. He is ever ready to defend these "Noble Boys," justifies and palliates their numerous attacks upon quiet citizens, and is ready, no doubt, to endorse the threat that at the next meeting of the whigs "they will not get ofl so lucky, but may expect tar worse treatment from the Spartan Baud." We would remind the whigs of the old adage, ?' forewarned forearmed," and beg them to adopt it literally on future occasions. As to abandoning any one of our meetings, that is utterly out of the question ; nor must the past conduct and threats ot our opponents and bullies, prevent a solitary whig attending those meetings. To do so, would be to abandon our principles, which it is our duty to sus tain at every hazard, and in behalt of which every true whig should be as ready to hazard his lite in a street fight against the hired bullies and assas sins of an unprincipled party, as against the soldiery of a foreign invad?r in the n^ld of battle. Beyond all doubt, it is the earnest desire of our friends to secure the triumph of our principles by a quiet and constitutional exercise ot the elective Iranchii-e ; and this is demonstrated by the fact that they never in any manner, or on asy occasion, interfere with the meetings and processions ot our opponents. But when assailed,we must be ready to defend our selves; and from this time forward, we recommend to all our friends to go armed to every political meeting or procession which takes place; and then let the hired bullies and ruffians of locofocowm, at tack us it they dare. The cowardly wretcnes only act in character with their whole lives, when they assail youths and unarmed men; but if even those youths and unarmed whigs, can drive them into their holes and cellars with arms in their hands, what will be their position when the whigs also, are armed with deadly weapons 1 We need not answer. Every man of common sense well know*, that if the whigs once arm, the peace of the city is certain to be maintained, because they are the friends ot peace, and because those who would disturb the public tranquillity dare not attack those who are ready and willing to defend them nelves and their principles. In calling upon our friends therefore, to arm themselves whenever th'-y attend a public meeting, we are pursuing that course which can alone sustain our principles and reserve the peace of the city. That there should e a necessity for doing so, is disgraceful to our oountry, but that disgrace must attach to those , who have organised ufrnfcd bands of 'or.el8M9Jjuf* and unprincipled scoundrels of domestic origin, put down the friends ot order, and, if lj?* , '; 5' let them from the free exercise ot the elective franchise?to those who finding themselves in minority and no longer ifi ^089,',,810') ?' and patronage of the government, have desperate ly resolved to resort to brute force, and wi'h tnai view have hired every foreign and native scoundrel they can meet with, and put arms in their hands, to knock out the brainsof American citizens who are peaceably but zealously using all constitutional means to secure the triumph of their political prin ciples. ,. i ? j But we have no fears from a contest ot this Kind On one side we have arrayed the offscourings and outpourings of European cities, jails and P00*" houses, in the employ ot an equally degraded and unprincipled set of men of our own country, sus tained by presses whose editors have ever been hostile to Republican Institutions; while on the other, we have the quiet, peaceable inhabitants ot our city, who lote their country and are willing to make every sacrifice to maintain peaceably its ln stutions and the principles upon which they are based; but failing in this, are not unmindful that the hlood which courses through their veins is the blood of *76, as ready now as then, to be npilt in defence of their principles and in teaching the Swisii bands of their opponents, that while peace is their object and their desire, even peaca is value lers when purchased by a sacrifice ot their politi cal rights. We say therefore, to the foreign min ions and domestic bullies in the pay ot our oppo nents, and to their unprincipled masters, beware how you attempt to carry into execution the threats of violence in which you have foolishly indulged. The whigs in luture, mee? with arms in their possession and ready to repel any assilauts be they who they may.?Cowritr. Policy, as well as pride, forbid! If we yield an inch to tnese convicts of the Penitentiaries, who have been let loose upon us, on the election day they will stop up every ballot box in the city. No? we wilt have another night procession. It shall be a peaceable one. Death to the man or men that dare assail it. This is Whig policy, and whig prin ciples, and what the whigs of the city command. It is the duty of the city to have a Police to protect ail parties, but as long as there is no such Police, an assailed party at all hazards must defend ltgelt, and show its ability and determination to do it. The way to have peace in this city on the dav ot election, is to show the ability to enforce it. I he whigs will have another night procession?and it all Sing Sing is let loose upon us by the Regency at Albany, net a convict there will dare touch us. Exprett. Some Facts about the Affray of Thursday Nioht.?Observing in all the Whig papers a deter mination wholly to misrepresent the tacts connect ed with the affray on Thursday night between the Whigs and some other citizens, so as to throw the blame entirely upon the Democratic party, permit me to give you 11 few tacts derived from my own observation, for the correctness of which I am re sponsible, and which may help to place the matter in its true light. . After spending some time at the Whig meeting in Caual street, I walked down Centre street, met the Empire Club coming up with banners, torches, tec , and naturally enough turned about and ac companied them?not in their ranks, for I have no connection with the Club, but upon the sidewalk. Arrived at Centre Btreet, on the outskirts ot the Whig meeting, I halted while the 'Empires passed. I undertake to say, that so tar 1 could ob serve, they raised no cheer, nor noise of any kind, beyond that which is usual with n large body ot men in a political procession. The Whigs, on the contrary, received them with groans, hootmgs, hisses, and offensive noises of every description, and closed in on the ranks oi the club in a threat ening manner. Then, and not until then, the De mocrats responded by cheering. A friend who was present informs us that he saw pieces of wood, coal and mortar, (lying round,) thrown at the Club. This I did not myself witness; but I can testify that the spirit of the Whigs generally was a verv bad one ; for while standing by I was rudely mstled by a respeetable looking?at least well dressed-young Whig, with, "Move on, what are you stopping here for 1?we don t want any Ij">co tocos here!" How he guessed I was a Locoluco, seeing I was as non-committal as c?uld be, (as Mr Clay's letter on Texas, for instance,) on" the occasion, I cannot imagine, unless it wa? because I behaved myself. . _ Peaceably pursuing their route for the foot ot t^a nal street, by way of Grand street and Broadway, the Empire Club in a few minutes arrived at the intersection ot Canal street and Broadway. Hav ing reached this point a* soon aB the hrBt rank ot th?* Club, and remained until the last had gotten by into Canal street, I was enabled to note pretty much all that haP|>ened. I saw that though there was an abundance of room for all parties to get along comfortably, the Whigs began to close mand block up the whole breadth ot Broadway upon the approach ot the " Empires," while many among them manifested very unequivocally, an intention of contesting the passage: as the Club advanced, however, the crowd fell sullenly hack, with a storm of groans, &C-, (as in pentre ?treet,V with not a few rather fierce execrations, for I heard them at my side. These cries were met by cheers for " Polk and Dallas," hearty and good humored, from the other side; and the Democrats marched clear through into Canal street, jWithout any se rious obstruction. Here let me note an assertion twice or thrice re peated in the Expreti and in other whig papers, [or aught I know! and which as it has to my own knowledge created much feeling among a portion of the whigs, I am pleased to be 1 able to contradict, most distinctly. Oa the faith of a " whig friend," the last mentioned print charges, with all the pomp ot capitals and itahes, that while passing into Canal street, the officers or leaden of the club cried out "Boys! bIiow your knives?show your knives!"?and po">'8 ?8l*nt** tiously to this as an indication of the blood-thirsty temper of the savage " Locofocos. Doubtless this would be so, had such cries or appeals been uttered; but they were not. One of the marshes would cry jocosely, now and then, as he dressed the rankB inarching part, " Boys show yo^ metUe ?Bhow your mettle! Move together! heads up and soon; but nothing which could be understood to refer to " knives" or vio.ence of any kind. About this I am positive; for, from my position, 1 must have heard such an exhortation, had it been uttered. The ?? Whig triend," I presume. neyer heard of the difference between the mettle ot popular enthusiasm by which democracy triumphs, and the " metal" gold or steel, on which, unless common fame is a common liar, whiggery is apt to depend for its victories. At all events, this is the most charitable supposition on which to ac count for hir wholly unfounded and very mis chievous statements.?Newt. Mr. Sunderland's jLwtumb.?Many of our most respectable citizens have been convinced ot tli? reality of ihst agency which Mr. Sunderland deno minate* PalluHtm , and quite a number of them have, in deed been thrown into a state of somnambulism, by Mr. M. while proceeding with hi* lecture! Among theae are Mr. W. and Mr. O., both of whom were ?o deeply im pressed the laat evening, aa to be unable to seals, or to rsiae their bunds to their heada ! The laly of ? clergy man was alao thrown into a state of ,le?P *h'ctl was so sound that it was almost impossibly to ^akeher un and the next day she declared that she had not the slight eat recollection of any thing that occurrHrom the time Mr Sunderland fixed his eye upon her, till she ar rived home from the l?cture, which was about two hourr Another very interesting caae is that of a natural som namhuliNt r youDff lidy, who long heen known to in her -^p and also, to get up and walk about, whili in that state On attending Mr. Sunderland's lee tun- he without touching her, tnrew her into a state of aonnipathy, and some of the phenomena brought out in Imrcti?* wero truly wonderful. Hho would imagine her self in some other place, and describe what was going on there On testing her it was found that ahe was clair voyant. Mr. Sunderland held his watch, with the back against her forehead, so that it was not possible for her to ???<? the fare she Instantly told the time to a minute, (t wentyfour minutea to trn ) No other person (not even Mr. Sunderland,) knew the time by that watch before it was stated by the patient On being questioned, she da scribed other things correctly ( and which ahe could not have seen by the eyes.?Pmiland Jlmrrirnn.| Lickino an Editor ?The following described affair is said to have " come off " somewhere ' out wost " lately [Kditor in his sanctum, discovered wri ting ' A "six foot" customer sppr .aches wiih a newspa per in his hand J I 'niter. (Pointing out a particular ar !i(-i? 1 Look h?ro, Mister, did you write that tbar 1 t.4 r n. '(Laying off his coat ) Well I've got to whin yon, so you'd better peel. FA. Indeed! but I prefer not being whipi*d. f'i> t an t help it. Got to <lo it Vou'd bettor he n pullin' oH that coat, or I mouM spil< it for vou. Ed (drawing a " revolver.")-Thank yon, sir ; I twliere I'll keep my coat on. V?. What . You re not s roing to use that shootin' Iron, are you r hd no< unless you render It necessary, fit. Now ??;e here, stranger; that's not gentlemanly. Jest lay that thing aside and let's take it out in a way that's becomin fA Horrv not to be able to oblige yon ?, but I cant, positively Vit ? (Putting on his coat aad retiring)?Well, if you n> that sort of a follow, I want nothin' to do with you - You're beneath the notice of a respectable cltir.en Kxit. Half Hkesd Tract.?The settlers on the Wall Brerd Tract In Iowa have formed an association for thr purpose of preventing sny of their number from being dispossessed by speculator*. Common CounclK Board or Aldcrus.* ?Mono it, Sept. 30.?AU'rniaii ScHicrrsLiN, President, in the (.'hair. Visit to the Maedaleni -Au invitation to Visit the Mag dalen Aiylam at Yorkville, oa Kriday next, win ac cented Railroad in Broadway.?A petition ot P. Scherroerhorn and *everul hundred other* in lavorof a railroad in Broad way wai referred to the Special Committee on that sub reel. A perfect humbug. Albany Railroad Company.?A petition to lay their rail road down Suth Avenue, wa* referred to u special com mittee, consisting ot Al'.ermen Miller, Jackaou and Cot zena. . ? . Magdalen Society ?A petition from this Society ut S oik ville lor aid, whs presented und relefied to Committee on Charity and Alms House. Sewer.?A jwtition for a Sewer in Eighth street fiom Third Avenue to Avenue A, wa? referred. Court Va<ds-A resolution allowing fifteen feet of the Fifth Avenue, north of Twenty third street, to l.e en closed as court yards, was adopted. Sewtrin Barclay sOeet ?An application for damages to the house OS Bairlay street, by the construction of a sewer, was refuaed, oa the contractor is considered re sponsible . , ... Firemtn's Fight.?A communication from the chief en gineer, relative to the fight between engine companies 19 and 18, on Sunday, was presented and refeired to the Joint Committeeon Kire andWater for their investigation. A resolution to suspend the members ot these companies until their report is made was adopted. Alderman Jackson was here called to the chair. Junk Simps.?An ordinance preventing auy person from keeping u junk shop without a license, and paying for such privilege and $2,60 for the right to use a cart to collect mrterial, was laid on the table. Repairing Sewers?Au ordinance compelling all con tractor* to give notice to the President ot tue Crotun Aqueduct department, belorc opening any street contain ing water pipes, to construct or repair any sewer, and to repair all injuries done to the water pipes, wa* adopted. Pay of Police Officer*.?An ordinauce preventing the Special Justice* from allowing any time to police officers for search or arrest of criminal* without the consent ol the Mayor, aod hIso to reduce theii compensation on other points, wa* read and lam on the table. Twelfth Street ? An ordinance to fill up 13th street from 1st to 'id Avenues, was adopted. Thirteenth street.?Also to pave 13th street, from 1st Avenue to Avenue B, was adopted Also to flag llth street from 1st Avenue to Avenue A. A'tw Police Rill?Ad ordinauce to reform the Police De partment of our city, wa* presented by Alderman Uule. Itprovide* for the establishment of a Waid Hall in each Ward, which is to contain a Police Office and Watch House, and also the office* of Street Inspector, Dock Mas ter and Health Warden of the ward. The Common Council are to appoint all the watchmen und marshals except twenty-five, and the Aldermen of each want i* to be the head of the police of that watd. A Special Ju*tice and a Clerk i* to be appointed in euch wurd, who are to be under the control of the Alderman ot the ward. The watchmen are to perform the dutie* of police officer* in the day time and to carry a medul around their neckon a string, to be exhibited whenever desiied. Each officer i* to rrceive ti9J cent* lor each airest and commitment. The watch department i* to remain the same a* at {resent, and ail the day police exc>pt the twenty-five Marshals to be appointed by the Mayor, are to perform the duties of watchmen a'*o. No per*on thall be appointed to the office of Watchmen or Mar?hal* ex cepi lie be an American born citizen, and any officer or watchmen who ia dete ted in the act of dtiuking liquor or gam ing, or (pending any leisure time in a porter house or drinking place, shall be removed. Another Bill ? Alderman ScHlcrrKUiv presented another plan as lollow* To abolfih the office* of Sunday offi oers, day police, keeper* of land* and place* and superin tendent's of junk shops The present watch department i* to remain at present, and 300 police officer* are to be appointed on nomination of the Mayor to the Common Council. They an* to be governed by ? *uperintendent ol notice, with a salary of $1600 ; four captuin.4 at $000 ; eight assistant* at $600 ; sixteen sargeunts ut $476, und the policemen uieto receive the contem|.tible sum ot $460 Er annum. Eight police head quarters are to be estab bed?one at Krankliu Market, one at City Hall, one ut the Halls of Justice, one at Prince anil Wooster, one at Essex Market, one. at Union Market, and the lust at Harlem., The appointments nre to be made from citizens of the United States, and to remain during pleasure Half of the body of 200 men are to be on duty ot all times, and they aro to wear such badge or dres* a* the Mayor shall direct. They are not to receive any fee or rewaid lor service* exc?j>t public, rewards. Broadway Rail Hand ?A resolution referring thi* mat ter to a committee to report in favor, and to prevent stages and omuibuaae* from driving through the street wa* adopt ed. The proceed* are to be applied towards paying the city debt. 7Va Room A resolution to lit the l?u room up with glar* cases, tic., at an exnense of some $1000, a* n museum und deposite of presents, valuable books, Uc. was adop ted Militia A resolution calling u|>on the council of the Board to prepare a memorial to the legislature, to alter the militia laws, was adopted. Repealing the School Imw.? Also to prepare a petition to repeal the present School Law. Adopted. Washington Monument.?A petition from the Washing ton Association, stating that they were now ready to commenco the erection of the Monument to Wa*hington, and asking the privilege to place the same in Union Square, was concurred in, it having passed the other Board. Police Magistrate at Harlem ?A resolution Irom the other Board to remove W. W. Drinker, Special Justice, from the Lower Police to an office at Hailem, and also Jacob L. Dickinson, one of the clerks ot Police, was con curred in. Another Magistrate should be appointed at Bloo ming dale, and a third at Yorkville?exi>ense* of each office about $4000 per annum with not business sufficient to employ a magistrate one week in the year at all three of fices. For Public Schools.?An appropriation of $6,736 for pub lic schools was adopted. Poudrette Movements.?The City Inspector presented an ordinanee compelling the remover* of " night soil" to de posite it at some special places on the east und North Rivers, and to give certain preferences to the Lodi Manu facturing Company, was adopted. Sewer in Petri street ?A report ill favor of extending the sewer ill Pearl street to Elm street, wa* adopted. Tho Board then adjourn*d until Wedn??duy evening at 6 o'clock, when both Boards will meet in joint ballot. Botan or Assistant*?Thi* Board also met last even ng William Hiuotu, Esq., in the Chair. The minute* of the last meeting were read and ap proved. Petitions being in order, a petition was received from inhabitants asking for the usection of a free hydrant in Tenth street? Referred. Krom M. W. Cornell, asking an appointment as Measurer of Cut Stone, granted Krom John Turner and others iri Seventh street, asking for strips of flagging to be placed at the sides of Seventh street, An invitation was leceived Irom the Acadtmy of sci ence, asking the attendance of the Board at an exhibition whicn is to take place in the ensuing week. Accepted A petition from Dr. Vanderpool asking compensation for services to the Police--ltelerrad. Washington Monummt.?A petition was received from the Washington Monument Association, unking for a site in Union square tor the erectiou of the Washington Mo nument. The prayer was granted. Corporation Jittornty.?A communication from the Comptroller was received, complaining of the Corporation Attorney, Stephen Sammons, for not having yet sent in the return* to the Comptroller for the months of June und July, as directed; and for having kept back the public moueys since his appointment to otfi:e. The communica tion was accompanied by a report of the special commit tee who hail been appointed to enquire into and report on the deficiency in the accounts ot the Corporation Attor nay. Assistant Alderman Cmari.ick was of opinion that the Board ought to dispose of the matter at once, and remove him. The Native American party had a right to see that their public officers discharged their duty properly, or they should look to the securities The city had suflered by this detention of the public moneys A resolution was offered and adopted, which requires decisive action from the Board on this subject on Wed nesday evening next. A report in favor of granting $i6 to John McDonnell for loss of bis hone?Adopted A petition from inhabitants was received, u?kiug an appropriation for flagging the sidewalk in Chambers street, near the entry at the Park to the Marine Ceurt.? Referred. Report in favor of taking no Rction in the Board on the subject of an appropriation ol $11,444 for a School House in the Kourth Ward, until after the Board of Al dermen had acted.upon it?Adopted. A report in favor of appropriating a sum of $4000 for extending the pior at the loot of Market street, was pre sented. Assistant Alderman Chahi ira felt that granting the prayer of the petition, would be putting the city to un nece*??ry expense The pier at present was scarcely occupied, ana the object of the petitioners was to promo e the interest of certain speculator* who had property in the vicinity. A*sist?nt Alderman'JoH**on considered that the city required such eccommodation, a* the upper part of the city wits improving considerably. Assi?t nit Alderman Chaklicx moved the resolution be laid on the table. Assistant A1 erman Bsn.r.s waa of opinion that the city required the extension of the pier, as trade wa* increas ing. The Report wa* laid on the table. Charcoal Carts.?The committee fo whom wa* referred the ordinance in relation to charcoal carts, retried In fa vor of it* adoption. The ordinance provide* that no own ers ol carts shall attach to them any bells or irons under a penalty of $/>, without a license Irom the Ms) or. Assistant Alderman moved to let the ordi nance lie on the table. The apple women were defeated and hunted away by the corporation, and now they meant to attack the. poor cabbage men and charcoal cart men, by compelling them to pay tor using a bell to enable them to make a living (Laughter ) \?s stunt Alderman voorhi* considered the noise made by the bell* and Irons usually attached to these ve hides a regular nuisance particularly to the sick. Assistant Alderman Chari.icc waa opposed to the adop. t on of such an ordinnnce. He was in lavor ol taxing tho country men. a* well as | oor citizens. Huch an ordi nance wa* a small business The ordinance was adopt. <1. Police Clerk.?The committee to whom hail been refer red a resolution requiring them to make enquiry and re port by what authority James T. M Blakely was employ ed as Clerk in the Lower Police office, repot ted that the appointment was mnde on :?<l May, 1*43, by the whig-, who were then in office. Assistant Alderman Voormies felt it in* duty to renisrk that this gentleman had a suit pending before the Superior Court, in which he sued the < oq.oration tor hit Mrvicee. Auiitul Alderman Htnat wished to know if it waa aacertaiund by the Committee, w bether or not, the l'olic* Magistrates recognised the appointment ? The Report was referred t*ck. Paprrt J t orn the Hoard- A report in favor of construct ing a sewer in Waverly Place, w as ruml. On motion, the matter wu? laid on (be table. f ight between fire Cnm/mniti 'M?A coBtmu nication was receicved 1'ioni the Chii^V" inter it porting tliat a diagracelul row had occurred venterdajr between Kire Companies No*. It* and -J9. and aiking that an imne ?hate investigation be made, with a view to the dumiual ol the parties engaged theieiu. The communication ill ordered to be placed on the file Polio .Vamthair at HaiUm ?An ordinance waa read appointing W. Warren Di inker, Esq , the prenent magi* trate of the Oth Waid, a *pecial Justice lor Harlan, and Jacob H Dickenson to act a* Police Clerk. The Polls ?An ordinance wa* read which provides for the division ot the city into electiou district*, anu to d? aignate the place* lor holding the pulia at the enauing election. A**i?tiint Alderman Chsklick op|>o*ed the adoption of the ordinance, aa it altered moat ot the poll*. Aaaiatunt Alderman Vuuihik* conaidered the change an improvement, aa it took the from many rum bolaa. Aaaiatant Alderman Cmiiuci would take the gentia manat hia own word*; and ao in thia caae he would aak why they had not altered in the lat am) 'id Districts? If they wanted to be conaiitenl, they ahould have the re moval* made in time districts; but the owneia of the "rum-holes" here, were what are called ' Native*" or "Whig*," and the removal* were madu in ail caae*, where the owuer* ol the home* were " Demo crata." Thi* waa done by thoae persons whe claim the whole couutry lor themselves. The removal* m all in (tance* liom what were called "lum-hole*," he did not object to lite charge, provided the rule w a* acted upan generally. He moved that the Ordinance be lad upon ihe table ? Loat. Assistant Alderman Divvia moved au amendment to the ordinance in relation to the removal in the 4th ward.? Loat A**i*tant Aldeiman L'lttiuci wa* of opinion that the husiue** wa* altogether concocted aud planned in caucua, and dictated by the very wont lectarian prejudicea. The ordinance waa jiaaaed. Public ScAoo/* ?A reaol ation in favor of appropriating $t>l3b lor the u*e ot common ichoola, wa* adopted. Police Oj/Urrt ? A resolution waa offered in lavor of re pealing the oldinanco in relation to the fee* paid to the police oIlicern, on arrcata Hioadway -A communication lrom the Street Commis aioner waa leceived, aaking for an appropliatiAn lor pav ing Broadway. Adopted. The Board adjourned, to meet on Wedneaday evening, at ti o'clock. City Intelligence. bower Poller Ofllee??Hor Lirrinu.?On the morning of the ?-?ih instant, two colored men went into the tailor'* *tore ol Mr. Albemarle H. Waihbum, No. W John meet, under the pretence ot de*inng to puichate clothe*. They gave their name* to the lioy.and while he wa* engaged at the deak in wiiting them down, they atolu two piece* ol black *ilk, two piece* ot cut velvet, and one piece ol cashmtie, worth lilt) two dollar*, which they put into a baaket, and then walked away. Oilicer Cochran aire*ted one ol than), wboae name ia Jesia White Tlie other escaped. Mork BuanLiait*.? Sunday night, the atore of MeMri. Ilawkm* x Vanvliet, 163 Weat Mrcet, waa broken open, and live ha,l client* young hyson tea, aeven hundred and titty Norma aegat*, and between eight and Un dollar* in change, were stolen. The military accoutriment establishment of Mfiiri R St H. 11. Dinger, No fib Kiankfuit atreet, waa alto bioken into Sunday night, and a vanety ot tool* were itoieu, with whicli the burglar* etcaped.. Coroner'* Office.?Uhownkv.?The Coroner nald an inquest yeaterday morning on the body ol Mont* Heilhutt, a Herman by birth, Jlyear* ol age. The de ceaaed went on an errand on Tuesday, and uot returning home, inquiry wa* made in relation to him, when it wa* ascertained that he had been seen acting in ? strange manner, and waa thought to be deranged. Yeaterday hia body waa lound floating in the North river. Verdict, death by drowning L Marine Court. Sr.i'. 30?George Carpenter vu.JacobCarptHtrr.?Thil waa an uctiou ol Trover to recover the value ol a *uit ol clothea aaid to be taken lrom the plaintiff by detendant. It ap peared that defendant had become aecurity tor the pay. ??lent ot aaid clothea, and accordingly had paid lor thtm, but some difli-reuce having alterw arda ariaen, he cauied ihem lo be lemoved lrom ]'lainiltr Nonsuited. Before Judge Smith. ^Alexander Mr Mullen vs Jonah l.unr ? Thi* wa* an ac tion ol tr< vpu*a to recover damages alleged to have been sustained liy the plaintiff It appealed plaintiff' rent ed prrmiai?* from the defendant, situated in U Orange street, he loliowiug the occupation ol a blacksmith , that dolcndant on the 13th ol tlua month cauaed n bellowa and other article* belonging to the plaintiff lo be removed and in the let the premiae* to another tenaut, the plaiutifl and hia lamily tieing obliged to vacate the premife*. Nonauited. l'atrick iieniy, lor I'll! William K. Thorn, for Delt Circuit Court. Before Judge Kent, Sirt. ?0 ? Motet H'. Levitt v*. H'tlham C. Belli.?Thia wa* an action of aaaumpait brought to recover the amount ol a check lor $3iA, dated October 14 IH4'i. The check waa drawn upon the Chemical Bank, and wa* deposited in the Phenix Bank for collection On it* being present ed lor payment, it appear* d the chick wa* pioteatrd. It waa put in tor the delence that the check wa* lent by de fendant*'fathei to accommodate a third party, who pata ed it to plainntf, and that deb ndant'a lather having made application lor the benelit ol the Bankrupt Law, and be ing deairou* of continuing hi* hu*iue?* a* a bioker dur ing the proceeding* in bankruptcy, applied to defendant w.. o gave him privilege to uae hia bank look, aud fur niahed him with some signed blanked checka to enable him to depoait anil draw mma ot money, which were placed in hi* hand ou tiuaine** transaction*. Ihe check in (juration, it waa put in for defence, wa* one ot theie, and wa* appropriated for a tmrpote not intended by the defendan', w ho signed the chtck, uot expecting it would !>e used contrary to hia wiahe*. || Common Plraa. Bcior? Judge Daly SrrT. SO ? John Kut ananh ami Mafdelen, hit wife, it Charlet H. Mtmirr ? Thi* wa* an action of treapaa* for aaaaultand battery, committed in Kliiabeth atreet, by Lie fendant, who, it wa* alleged, entered the house ol the Plaintiff* and committed the aiaault. It wa* put in for Defence that the aaaault wa* rommi'.tcd in lei! dalence. Verdict thi* forenoon. In Chambers. Belore Judge Kent. flKPT. 30 ? F.penetut C dray va. Motet Y Beiuh ? Li an..?Thi* caae having lieen heard some time *ince on l)efend*nt'i motion for a new tiial on the giound ol em cesaive damage* for libel, the i ourt denied the motion. The verdict wa* ffiOO. Court Calendar?Thia Day. Common Prr.Ai. Tuesday.-No* a#. 110, h, 7, <11, 119, 3?, 40, 6A, AO, 6A, 71, 74, 7f>, 7?, H3, ?4, M. Akkrav and TIkath ?A fight occurred between W. W. Kiven Hnd Ohnrles Tail, in Wilcox ro , Ala , on the 14th, ia which Rive* wa* mortallv wounded. Tait made hi* eacape eaatward. Thi* hrntal butchery i* thu* commented on by the Kahawha Oa/ette Thi* af fair would he revolting enough to nature, even were it entirely disconnected with all the circumatance* con nected with it. So far a* we bave been able to leain, they were briefly these : Mr. Hive* wa* engaged to be mar ried to Mia* Sarah Tait. daughter ol Capt. J A. Tail, and ?later to l)r. Charle* Tait. the content of all the family, except perhap* Dr. Tait, had been given, and the lather had given Rive* a certificate to obtain- which he did?the marnage licenae. The marriage wa* to take place at 8 o'clock on Saturday morning Accordingly on that morn ing Mr Rive*, accompanied by one or two friend* went to Captain Tail1* to have the ceremdny performed On arriving at or near the door of Captain Tail'* dwelling, he and ni* friend were met by Dr. Tait, and after pnaaing Irieudly salutations, the friend* ol Hive* w*i invited to |mm* into the house, and Rive* requested to *tep aaldethat he, the laid Tail, might apeak a lew word* with him.? After iteppiug aald? a *hort distanre, Tait commenced an asiaiilton i ivea with a cane, which Ri*ei *oon wreated 'rom him, when he drew forth a revolving piatol and ihot Hive* in the lower |mrt of the atomach. from which wound Rive* died on Monday morning. We learn that after llivea had been carried into ihe house, the marriage car emony wa* performed. We have been acquainted with Mr. Hive* lor I J or 11 year*, and a more correct and wor? thy young man we have never known. In hi* death, the community in which ha lived ha* lo*t a uieful, enterpris ing, moat worthy citiren ; hi* lather, mother, aiatera and brother*, a kind, dutiful and affectionate ion and brother ; and far greater than all, the lond hope* and cheriihed ex pectation* of a long life of happinea* are foiever loat to hi* ya'ing ami bereaved widow. Thu* baa the happineia ol three familie* periihed. Ahhkst ur a Skmjchr ?The Baltimore Ameri mnaaya? An indiviituiil named Joainh Kodenhnugh ?In* Smith, waa yeiterdav arreatrd by officer* McKewen mid Phillip*, of the City Police, chaiged with seducing and enticing away from the residence ef her paren'*, in Warren rountv, New Jersey, ? young gill, *ixte. n ye?ra ol nge, named Louisa Tilton. The parties were pursued and overtaken in thi* city by the father of the unfortn nate girl, when they were both arre*ted on a Bench w*r rant issued by hi* Honor, Judge Brlce. The lemale waa delivered over to her di*tre**ed parent*, and Hodenbaugh wa* committed to a Jail as a fugitive from ,ti*tlce from the State ol New Jersey What aggravate, the nine or the accused, is the fact that he lelt a wife and two chil dren in Warren county. _ Indian Tjtotimjts ? Wr learn (rotn the ofliceniol the HteHmlioHt (ienernl Hro?ike, which arrived here, thi* morning fiom Prairiedn ' hlen, that matching or der* had been received '?'ort Atlinion far a conpany of U. S. dr?gof ns to repan to ? ort Hnelling, and that they started on last Sunday evening under the command of Cant S<imm< r The objsct ol thi* movement ia laid to tie the arre*t of a portion of the Sionx tribe ot Indiana coni ertie.! in the murder and robbery of *ome cattle dro vi-rs from Missouri, on the St Peters river, about the middle of Inst month.?SI Ismit Era, Sept. M. Fnow on TilK Mot"ntAIM.?A gentleman who came passenger from Pittahnrg, ana arrived in thn city on nturday evening, infotmi ui that when the stegr, crossed the m.untaIn, c n Kuday night, there wa* inow te the depth of lour inchea on 'Winding ridae '' During the night it raineaL, and a diaagreesble ueet fcuowaa.

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