Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 2, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 2, 1844 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. Vol. x., no. ara-whou no. ma. NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY MORNING, OCTOBER 2, 1844. PriM Two Own. THE NEW YORK HERALD. AGGREGATE CIRCULATION THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND. THE ORE ATE ST IN THE WORLD. To th? Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?Duly Newspaper?t>ub lislied every day of the year eacept New Year's Day and Fourth of July. Price 2 cent* per copy?or $7 16 per anuum?poitage* paid?c**h iu a<ii nice. THE WEEKLV HERALD?published *very Saturday morning?price ti(< ceuta par copy, or $3 it par annum?pott age* paid, cash iu advance. ADVERTISERS are informad that the circulation of the Herald ia over THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND, and iucreaiing fast It hat the lor feet circulation of any paper in thii city, or the world, and, it, therefore, the beet channel for tumness men t'n the city or country. Pricea moderate?cash iu advance. PRINTING of all kiuda executed at the moat moderate price, lud m the moat elegant atyla. JAMES GORDON BENNETT. Proprietor or thk Hkraj.d Eitahi.i9hme.nt, Northwest aoruer of Fulton and Naasau atreetf. tiift * DAY LINE TO BOSTOxnT ~~ BY THE LONG ISLAND RAIL ROAD. A Daily Train, .Sundays excepted, leaves Brooklyn precisely at V o clock, A. Al. for (irwn|Hirt, from whence passengers are SSpy i ,u ?? first-rate Strainer to Stoninatoii, on Mondays, Wrdut>Y'V? and Fridays, and to Norwich on Tueeday*, Thurs days ami Saturdays. Passenger* inuat lie at the South Kerry, loot <i> Whitehall street, iu time to take the Ferry Boat at 7>i n cl^ck A. M., where ticket* may be procured and luggage de in crates, that go through to Boston unowned. Thin Line stops only twice between Brooklyn and Orwnport, vix:?at "Farmmgdale" 31, and at the "Manor," 67 milea from Brooklyn, and generally reaching Boaton iu ten to eleveu hours. An Accommodation Line leave* for Greenpert every day, Sundays ncepied. at 3 o'clock P. M., and returning leave* Greeniiort at S A. M. au28 Imrc CENTRAL RAIL ROAD, FROM SAVANNAH TO MACON, GEORGIA. THIS ROAD ia iu oieratiou tlailv (Sundays excepted.) for Transportation of Passengers and Freight. New and comforta ble Passengers ('an have been recently placed on the road, and the distance (IVO milea.) ia run from 6 A. M. to 6 1'. M., with treat regularity, Tlie Company Ims also a number of Burtlien Cars, and is pre pa red to carry with despatch, all goods and pro duce which may offer, (roods consigned to the < ompauy'l Agent in Savannah, will be received auu forwarded, free of com mission for forwarding, lirovidod a sum in cash, sufficient to pay ?hip and road freight and charges is deposited with the Compa ny on arrival of the goods. Tne steamers GK.V CLINCH and CHAULK.STON, owned and commanded by Captains Brooks and burden, ruu between Charleston and Savannah, in connec tion with the Road. A Suamer leaves each city on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, and the Line, it is expected, will soon run daily. l'asseuger* travelling South will leave Charleston at 9 A. M., immediately after the arrival of the Wilmington steam er?reach Savannah by V P.M. same diy, and take the cars from Mar.on ai ti o'clook the following moruiug. By this route there is '.ess staving than on any other to Montgomery, and the fan ia th low. E. I.AF1TTE, Agent for the Line in Charleston. 11. R. CUYLER, President. TH<?MAS PURSE, General Superintendent. SaVannah, Augnst, 1844. s6 1mrc 184*7] THE NEW STEAMBOAT [1H44. EMPIRE. CAPTAIN D. HOWE, Will leave BUFFALO for CHICAGO, on FRIDAY, 23d of August, at 7 P. M., and inrform Iter trip* regularly during.tlie sea son, as follows UP. DOWN. LgAvr.? hurraLo. leaves chicaoo. Saturday, Aug.23... at 9 A. M Monday, Sept. 16... at do Tuesday, Oct. 1... at do Wedueaday, " 16... at do ?t'i,??a... ?? ii .. f> ridi? Ayg. 23,... at 7 P. M. Saturday, tCp. 7,... at do Monday, " 23... at do Tuesday. Oct. do Wedne <day. " 23... at do Thursday " 31... at do Friday, Not. 15... at do Thuii'^xy, Jjor.T... at do 1 ? i EMPI RE is 260 feet iu length, 32 feel 8 inches beam, 14 feet 2, iuchea hold, measuring 1220 tons, and is the largest staam boa*, atliiat in inland waters. Engine 600 horsepower, boiler* p' /vided with Evan's Patent Safety Valve*, to prevent the possi ?? iitv of an explosion. 'I'lie Cabin is 230 feet long, with separate Saloons for Ladies And (jeutleinen?s|iacious State Rooms eiteud the whole length, 'Ventilated liy duors ojieniiig from the inside and out, and all iiaru ol the boat ap finished and furnished iu a style unequalled by any other in the *orld. Ample accommodation* for Steer a?ti I'.uiseugers, in four large well ventilated Cabins, one of which s appropriated exclusively to female*. '(lie boat ia provided with a good band of music., Marsh k Co., Bufl'alo, 1 H. .Norton U Co., Chicago, > Agent*. J. N. Ulrkrt, Detroit. j D. N. BARNEY. & CO.. August 1, 1844. Cleveland au8tnnvlrc BRITISH-AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHIPS. . Of 1200 tons and 440 horse power each.? Under contract with th* Lord* of the Ad} ?miralty. HIBt.KNIA, Captain Alexander Ryrie. CALEDONIA..... ..Captain Edward G. Lott. ACADIA. Captain William Harrison. BRITANNIA Captain John Hewitt. CAMKhIA, ..... ..Captain C. H. E. Judkins. Will aail from Liverpool and Boston, via. H<ulfax, aa follows: From Bustou. From Liverpool. (Caledonia, Lott August 16th. ? Acadia, Harrison...Sept. 1st. August 4th. Hiberuia, Ryrie 16th. 20th. These vessels carry ex|?rienced surgeons, and an supplied with Life Boat*. For freight or pastage, apply to D. BRIGHAM, Jan.. Agent, auirc No. 3 Wall street. FOR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. I The Royal Mail Steamer* BRITANNIA laud CALEDONIA, will leave Boston, for the above porta, aa follows :? j BRIT \NNIA, J Hewitt, Ksq., Commander, Tuesday, Oct. 1. CALEDONIA, E. G. Lott, jL*q., " Wednesday, " 16. Passage to Liver|iool (120. 1'aaaage to Halifax 20. Apply to D. BRIGHAM, Jr., Agent, *21m 3 Wall street. FOR CHARLESTON, KEY WEST, HAVANA, AND NEW ORLEANS. To Sail on Saturdat, 12th Octorkk, at 4 o'clock, P. M. The elegant well kuowu favorite Steamship 'NEW lORK.Johu T. W?glit, Comman |der, will positively sail as above. This stea mer lias been overhauled, and put iu com ? plete erder for the season, and no e(|*nse has boeu spared to make her every way complete?lias large and airy *'aU.-riK)ins, every way adapted for the comfort of passengers.? She < arrie-i suiticient fuel from here for the voyage, and will not stop at the intermediate ports only to land her pas?enger*. For iiaaiage, apply to Capt. Wright on board at foot of 9ih st., E K . near Dry Dock, or to A. HUBBARD Ik CO. se 12 I iii* rrr 37 Peck Slip. , STEAM SHIP FOR NEW ORLEANS I?Direct?To sail positively on the 5th Oct. k?The splendid steam ship ALABAMA, Cnptaiu Henry Wiudle, 7u0 tons burthen, ? will be Heipatched I unrtuilly as above. This fine and p.mertul ship haa very recently had thorough overhaul in;;?h-s tieen newly copiwred aud Kupplieil with a set of new boilers, made iu the city of New lork. She is in every way calculated to give comlort to uaKin, second cabin and steerage ixu*enger?. Those about proceeding to the above port, should - tin- accommodation* and secure berths without tail, as a limited number ouly can be taken. For panic, u I an, apply ou board, or to W. Ik J. T. TAPSCO'i'T, s20ec 76 South stftet, corner Maiden Lane. STATEN ISLAND FERRY. FOOT OK WHITEHALL. The Boat* will run a* follow* on and after Sept. 30. LEAVE NKW YORK : 9, and II. A. M.; IK. 3H, and 6. P. M. LEAVE STATliN ISLAND : I. and 10. A. M.; 12)*, 2X and ik, P. M. 1'. 8.?All goods mu-t be particularly marked, and an at the rnk of the owners thereof s24 fALL, AND WliM'KH AUU/lAotMbiNl. JHEWARK ..JSD NEW YORK. FARE ONLY UU CENTS. THE NEW AND SWIFT STEAMER RAINBOW. CAIT.ilN JOHN (JAFFY. ON and af'er September 10th will run daily, 1-eave New ? A. M.? Lenve .New k ork, foot of Barclay itreat, 3 o'clock P. M. jarfe, j* HOUR CHANGED TO SIX O'CLui K, P. M.?On audafh-r Monday, Sept. 16th, 1K44. ^ tlM, N|K,lt tine to ALBANY AND TROY will chaoge tlie hour ol ileiwrture from 7 to 6 o'clock. P.-VI., ?jhI will Und at l'onghkeepaie during the great Fair and Cattle Show. Fare Tj cut* only to Poughkeepsie. The steamer SW/\LLOW, Capt. A. Mcl>ean, Monday 16th, anil Woilnesday, 18th. The steamer ALBANY, Captain R. B. Mary, Tuesday, 17th, Thunday, 19th, at 6 o'clock, front Cort land l st net uier. Moruiug Line, at 7 o'clock, from Barclay street pier, ike TROY and EMPIRE. O- Durinn the great Fair and Cattle Show, Tueiday, 17th, Wednesday, 18th, and Thursday, 19th, will reduce the fare to 7d centa lo nnd from f'ouKhke?|>ni? anu New York. il2 FOR ALBANY-UOUR CHANGED. ?The.StaamboaU KNICKERBOCKER and ?ROCHESTER will, on and after V.onday .ahenioon, Sept. 16th, leave at 6 o'clock inateau of 7, a* lit-relofon. *11 tfrc PLEASANT AND CHEAP KXCURSIONS. BUMMER .1U RJlNd K MF.NT NEW BRIGHTON, PORT RICHMOND, (STATEN ISLAND,) AND NEW YORK FERRY From Pier No. 1, North Hiver, foot of Battery Place. ?? ? ? Tlie Steamboat IN DERELLA, *? " ? ? follows. Daily, from May 20th to tier*** *1844 ?? U-ave* New York at 9and II o'cl A. VI., at 3>x, 6 audi P. M. Leaves Port Ricntnoud, at 20 minute* to 3, and 10 minute* to 10 A. M.; at 1, 4ijj and 6* P. M. L. aies New Brightou al I and 10 A.M.; at U(>5and7X P. M. Oi Sunday?Leave* New York, at 9 and 11 A. M.; at 3, 6 and ? 1*. M. I-eaves Port Richmond, at 20 miunte* to 8 and 10 A. M; at 1.5 and 7M P. M. N-1' Vnrh. Miy 18, i?44. mvll f.m?rc Nr. W kORK, ALIIA.N I AND i'UUt STr.iVAlliGA'i LINE. , r#R ALBANY AND TROY.?Momins ? Line from the foot of Barclay street, landiun ?at mterinediate places. 1 he Steamer C.MPIRK, Capuiu H. R. Roe, Monday,Wednes day ami i" nday Moruiug at 7 o'clock. _ 1'he bWarner TROV, Capuin A. Gorham, Tuesday, Thur* nay ami Saturday Morning, at 7 o'clock. El .ling Line from the foot of Courtlandt street, direct. ??T!' Steamer SWALLOW, Caiitain A. McLean, Monday, Wednesday and rrnlay r.veiling. at6o'elock. The hte liner ALBANY, Captain l{. B. Mac v. Tuesdav Thursday aud Satuiday Evening, at 6 o'clock. ' The Boats of this Liae, owing to their light draught of w? Utr. are abl- at all time* to |ia*e llie bars, aud reach Albany and Troy in ample time to take th* morning train of can for the east or west. Kj|jjr.-***** m flr,''h,' app,r "" ho*,<l' ?? on th* ji* ON and af'er September I0th will r tU i follows (Sundays included):?l^a , foot of ( eutre street, 8 o'clock FAKE REDUCED. KOR CROTONVILLE. SING SING. TARRYTOWN. _ fchT-a lH''INtS. WILTSIE'S lioCK, HAK'l INod f^Ttrlg.AND VtiNKKRS.?Ou and after Saturday. 3t__yC*_ August 31.t, 184V tlit- n.w and substantial tLeantbual WASHINGTON IRVINO. Cai>t Hirmm Tuthill, will leave the foot of Chamber street far the ahovr places, daily al 3 P. M.. Sunday excepted. Returning, will Ina we Crotouvule at 6\i, and Sing Sing at 7 o'clock A. M7, landing at tlie foot of Hammond atreet each way. Kor pasaagr or freight, a|i|>ly ou board, or to STEPH KN B. TOMPKINS, 192 West at?*t. *l2m rc l>UH bAlH, iirtltulNMl AiNU ii.a l.l,u vv r-i.L,. Tlie new Oeainer PENOBSCOT, Captain ?N. Kimball, leaves tin* end of T wharf, Boston, .every Tuesday and Friday evenings, at 5 o'clock. Stages will be iu readiness on her arrival at the abovi p>-es, to Couvev im.?e?,irers to ibe e*iehb??r?ne rnwnl UNITED LINE OK LIVERPOOL, PACKETS ??Kegular Packet of l?t October.?The faat sailing -iwick t ahip SOUTHERNER, Capt. T. D. Palmer, will u-despatched punctually aa above, her regular day. Cabin, socond cabin and steerage passengers will find the ac commouatioiis of tliia packet to lie ?|u?1 to any ahip in |>ori. Those about proceeding to the old couutry, will find that by selecting the Southerner aa their conveyance, tkey will have every accommodation and convenience desirable for comlort. Price of passage low?a limited uumlier ouly taken. Early ap plication should be made to secure Ix-rllis ou board, at pier 13 E. R. next below Wall atrveet, or to W.kJ. T. TAP8COTT, sifirc 76 South street. ^ ULACK UALI. OK Ot^U LLN*. Oh UVtK POOL PACKETS?KOR LIVERPOOL?Only l*Kultr packet sailing ou the 1st of October.?miw new, magnificent anil remarkable faat sailiug packet snip LAIyl BKJUK, of ?JiO tout burthen, Capt. Wm. C. Bars?ow, will positively sail on Tueaday, the 1st of October, her regular .day. It is well known that ihe accommodations of the Cambridge, and all the eight ships of this line, am itted out in a mos^osily st\ le with every modern improvement and convenience, that cannot but add to the comlort of cabin, second cabin and steeriiKe passengers. Those v'siting the old country will at all times tind it their interent to select these desirable convey ances, in preference to any other. Kor terms of passage and to secure the best berths, early appli cation should be made ou board, foot of Beekman street, or to the subscriber.. BROTHERS Ik CO., a26tolrc 35 Fulton street, next door to the F ulton Bank. OLD~ESTABLlSHED~~PACKET OFFICE, 61 ^South street?Passage to and from Gieat Britain and ?Ireland, via Liverpool. Passage can at all times be riiKuKeu Ut the lowest ratea. to and from Liverpool, by the regu lar packet shins sailing under the new arrangement every lew days, and drafts can as usual be furnished for any amount, paya ble at the Natioual and Provincial Bank, Ireland, and their branches, and throughout the United Kiugdoin. as well as at al the principal banking institutions in hnglaud, Scotland and YVules, without discount or any other charges, tor Further par ticulara, if by letter, post .j^y^tOp^ ? ^ lt, vol HAVANA, FROM PHI LAD ELPHI A. ~ The A. 1. fast-sailing packet barque ELIZABr. 1 n , J., J,.hn S. Remington, master, will sail positively on ^noaaaUth Oc ober. hor liright or passage, having superior furnished accommo datioiiK, a large aud commodious cabin, with twelve state rooms. apply to Olll. fcfON, . sl7 3w z&co 101 South Wharves, Philadelphia. PASS AO E FOR 8 A VAN N AH-Packetof 3d Oct ?The well known fist sailing briif O. B. LAMAR, iCaptain ttannerman, will sail positively as above, her Ie$he 'hi* ^excellent accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers. Apply oil board, foorof Maiden lane, or to W.kJ l.TAI SCO L 1. s28 76 South, corner Maiden lane. TO LIVERPOOL? Packet of Oih October? 1 lie ^first class p?cket ship PATRICK HENRYT, Captain w M a> above, her regular day. The accommodation in this splendid vessel lor cabint second cabin and steerage passengers,are too well knowu to require com. inent. Persons intending to embark, should make immediate application on board, foot of "^"J^^^^VuRRAY, s27rc 10^ Pine street, corner of South street. hiXLHAMUh U N h- N? c'I**' SSS'SSte Sjgfa-1-1 N7 B. Passage to and from Liverpool can be secured at the lowest rates by any of the line of packets sailing on the 1st, 6th, llth, 16! h, 21st anu 26th of each month, on application as above. |v'2l K OR LI V ERl'OOL?The New Line?Regular wWPW Packet 2lal October.?The aujwrior faat sailing l>ack JBUil?et ahip ROCHESTER, '00 tona buriheni. Captain luttmiTwill aail as above, her regular day. Kor freight or passage, haviug elegant and a)>acioua accommo dation., apply on 87 South street. A Price of Passage $100. . The packet ship Hottingeur, Captain Ira Bmrsley, master,1?M tons burthen, will succi*d the Rochester, and aail on her regu day. 2Ut < )etoh?r KOR NEW ORLEANS.?DiascT.?The steam ? ship ALABAMA, 700 tona burtheu, Heury Wmdle, Commander, will aail for the above port on the 15th Uctober next, ut ?o^clock. TKia aplendld and remarkably atauuch ateainer lias beeu thoroughly overhauled the present summer, newly copicred, and ia furnished with a iwwerful set of uew boiler*, made at the Novelty vVorka of this city. She ia eiliected to make tlie ran to tlie Bslixe with ease in au Uava; and having handsome and comforuble accommodations, lor KOR NEW ORLEANS?Union Line?Kirsl ^rHTular packet with despatch?The fast sailing i>acket bihip UNION, J- B. Battome, mnster, is now Ipadink aud vv i I have immediate dispa'ch. For cabin, s^coud cabin and strenge passengers, having superior accommoda.ion. eaily ap plication should be made on H$A^" ,20m; 100 Pine mieet. cor' er of South street. y ORDER OK AARON V AN UERPOluL, Justice ol the Suiierior Court, of the City of New York. . Notice is hereby given, pursuant , to the provisions ol the statute authorizing attachments against non-reside'it debtors, that an attachmentnaa iaaueil against tlie ?t?? oj LHAJrlLr-S NICHOLS, a resident of Ams'erdam, in Holland, and that tlie same will be sukj for the i*yinent ol hi. debu, unless he apjjear and discharge Rich an attachment, according to law, within nine months from the first publication of this noticet jnd that the payment of any debu due to .him by irsidenU or this State, and the delivery Ut him or for his use, of any pro|?rty within this State belonging to him, and tlie transfer ol any such pro perty by him, are forbidden by law and are void. Da^the7thdayofK.bra^,r.??.N & KUWARD? mr3l llawtm'rc Attorneys for Ailac.hinu l-tv<litor fc.N*jrL.l?H bKEM-zH. iViNL? AtflfcKltyAJN SHIPPING A.GENCY AT LIVERPOOL NOTICE. HAVING withdrawn our Axeacy entirety frtm Mgssm. H artvdkp* Ik Co., of Boston and New York, we heffhy an aounce that MKiaas. kCo., of No. 9 Court street, Boa umi, and 7 Wall street, New York, are our author!led Agent* for tlie United Slates and Canada, whoi are fully empowered to act for us as our Shipping and b orwarding American Agents. Te ensure the reception of goods in Liverpool, and the for *?rdin? of the same to any part of England, ? ranee, lie. lic it ia neceuary that tliey shouldpass through the hands of our said Agents MESSRS. ADAMS It CO.. it their several Offices, as follows I? ... , . No. 9 Court street, Boston. I No. 7 Light ?treet, Baltimore. No. 7 Wall street. New York. I Peno. Avenue, Washington. No. 35 Chesnnt sueet. Philad. No. 15 t-ourili st. I ituburg. N., ia She tucket st. Norwich, I ^l^ag rt-.WorcgUt Liverpool May 1, 1344. WILLMER k SMITH take this opportunity or stating to Merchants, Brokers, Importers and others, resideut in every pnit afthe Union, that their Liverpool house is iwculiarlv ada|Nrd for the instant and esprfss despatch of packages, l?rcels, specie Stc., passing through LiverjKHil for Bust/in, New York, and all lie other cities iu the United States and C anada, and uiat thet department of their business h?ith?comwst snuriMo ILL ATTKWTIO* or Til* FHIHCIPAI.S, OH all occasions. WILLMER U SMITH have made airangements with Messrs. ADAMS h CO.. by which all Goods passing through their Liverpool house dbr America, by the Steamships and other ves ieli,will have the immediate and pnnctual attention oriheii aaid AgeuU, Mum. Mam ? Cs. at Boston aud New York, and will thereby l>e free from delay and high charge. Ihey desm II necessary here to state, -Jiat they.have no con aeuon whaUver with Mr. E O. Tuckerman. of Liverpool. fTlLLAiKR * SMITH'S ENOLISH EXPRESSES. WILLMER It SMITH, who have for a series of years run private Eipreeses to and from London with important lutelli jence, fre<iiientlyj?erforming the entire joarney, 210 miles, in ?IX HOUKS. offer to tlia American Public and Government their services for tiie safe aud raoid transmissiou of lnHK>rt*nt locumeuis, despatches, specie, bon?U. bills, deeds, lie., which will, ou all occasions, be most faithfully.delivered by their own private messenger, and hours raily in ailvai'ce af the r.uf iiah mailsu. Lon<W Mr. EDWARD WILLMER, who li ?ow in America, is prepared to afford any information upou this ?uhjeet, aud give security for the due performances of all such business as mav be entrusted to his Liverpool establishment iel? if rc I HfcWAKD.?CROSS sffcUflU .>11X1 LHt. JJjOU' Kor the cure of Gonorrhtea, GU'.ts, Strictun-s and aoal-igous comyhunts of the organ of generation. Of all remedies yet discov.n d for the above complaints, this is the most certain. It makes a ?pcedy and permanent enre, without Ihe least re striction to diet, drink, exposure, or change in application to bu '"we give uu long quackish recommendations to deceive the pnbtic. If the medicine does not speak for iUslf, no one shall apeax for it. Our object is to notify where it can be had, and the proprietor challenges a single case,of recent t>onorrh<aa to be br.iught iu which lh? Minora will not effect a rapid cure under a forfeiture of $100. This n a disease that unfortunaiely pervades all ranks of so ciety?high, low. rich and poor, matrimonial and augle. JTiey ale here presented with a remedy by which tliey can ?ire them selves without the least ?i|H>sare,'iu the shortest time possible. Farther, the disease cannot be contracted if a dose of the Mil tor* is taken at night on going to bed when ei|>osed. It is pnt up in bottles with foil directions accompanying it, at $1 a bottle. One bottle lasU a week, which generally cures? many are cured in two day,. For sale only at Wm. H. Milnor's, 198 Broadwav, eorner of John ft. oppoaite Kranklin Uonse, New York; MrBarrys.cor ner of Chcatuot and Seventh streets, Philadelphia: aud at J. M. ?~,il. s, IM W.shioortoo street. Hosron; 34 (ianal .treet, New Orl'.ns. and % Slain street, Cincinnati. s!8 '""ec LEECHES! LEECHES!! LEECHES!!! jn nnn RWEDI-HAND GERMAN leeches MtUsVJVJVJ Just reefived |>er ship rtir Isaac Newton, from Hamburg, and by the Havre packets?for sale wholesale and re tail, a. the most '^"'VkRdKVaNO H COPPA, lni|Hirtera of l^-ches, ,20 lm*rc No. 119 Nassau street. A STRANOE, BLESSED. ASniUNOING AND 8UFEH.NATURAL 1NVEN1ION, TO CLEAILSUNBURNT, DISC OLORED AND YEL Cbw, KRECELED. PIMPLED OR DISFIGURED skin. ....... IVyTANY?Ay, there are many who have been rhested with trash, and therefore think tlie |Xiwf rs of the genmne Jones s Soap are eiaggerated; let auch give it a lair trial. It ia iii<I??<I tlie m<ist singularly wonderful curative prepartum ever made, m all akin diseases. In fact, it seldom or n?ver fails in curing Pimples, Bloti hes, Freckles, Tan, Morphew, Silt Rheum. Scurvy, Erysipelas, Barber's Itch, Ringworm, Old Sores, and Sore lleads. Bat mind, it is Jones' Soap ha. done, and still effects tliese enrm. Get it no where elae in thia city?or you will be swindled with a counterfeit?but at the sign of the Ameri can Eagle, 82 Chatham street, and 12J Broadway, N. Y.; in llo.ton, at Reddinji's, 8 State street; Zeilier, 3 Ledger Buildings. Philadelphia; 159 h niton street, Brooklyn, and Pease, Broadway, [ Albany- a 10 lin'm WHEAT.?200# btuhels Prime IIIidoib. Kor sale by fc K. COLLINS k CO. make, lo ?? J LAIRD, WIG MAKER, HAIR CUTTER, **l> ORNAMENTAL HAIR MANUFACTURER, 92 CHATHAM STREET, ruHMKMLV or 316 I'eahl Street. IN announcing to his numerous friend* and pa trons his removal from 316 Pearl itrcct 10 the store 92 Chatham itml, begs leave to return hit hear rtfelt acknowledgment* to ihoM friends and the public yenerally, who nave hitherto honored him with llirir support. ? and to assure litem it will ever be hi* studyto merit a continuance of iuch enviable dis tinctioo. ... . , Ever sines I have bran in business it has been my good fortune to acluirv and retain ?? large a portion of the public patronage, for which 1 feel grateful. Ana Hair ('utter aud Wig Maker Laird standi unrivalled in the manufacture of Ornamental Hair, for which his name ha* so long Iwrn celebrated. He now ha* ample *co|ie for carrying hi* invention* aud improvements into effect, in short nothing that art can produce or expense com mand, ha* txseu overlooked by him at hi* uew establishment. He invites an early inspection of hi* splendid stock of Wig*, Toupee* and Ornamental Hair, in counties* variety aud exqui site workmanship. Perfumery from celebrated English and Con tinental manufactories, in addition to seieral esteemed prepara tions, invented and *old by Laird. The Hair Cutting, and wi de. (I the business in each department i* conducted by the princi pal himself, in *uch a manner aud on *uch terms a* to *ustain the pre-eminent character tin* establishment enjoy*. Prices to suit the time*. *10 lin*m 92 ' liatham strert. .T SOU IA ife CO.'S FRENCH DYING ESTABLISHMENT, No. 40U Penrl Street. THK 8UBSCRIBF.R begs leave to state that he ha* made ad ditional improvement* to his factory, for the purpose of enabling him to finish hi* work more expeditiously, and in a manner that he warrants will give general satisfaction. All kinds of Woolen, Cotton aud Silk goods Dyed or Cleansed in the real French style. His prices are very low, which .should be a strong inducement for the l.nlies and gmtlemen of this city and it* vicinity, to pay hi'n an early visit. Cashmere, Merino and Brocho Shawl*, gent* Wearing Ap parel, cleansed iu the vary best manner. Hi* Branch Offices, for the accommodation of the public, are situated at? No. 352 Bowery. 76 9th street, between 17th and-18th street*. 267 Illeecker street. 357 tJrand street. Aud in Newark, corner of Broad street and Washington Place. *28 lin*in LODGINGS TWKNTY-VlVK OKNT8, AT THE NJl O' S H EA V No. I Baf 'i.av Sthekt, near Broadway. The Subscriber having fitted nr and newlv furnished several roomi connected with this Establishment, solicit* a call from hi* fiienil* and the public. JAMES BYRNES. MRS. CARROLL'S MEDICATED VAPOK AND SULPHUR BATHS. 3)45 Broml\vny,two floors above the Hospital. TVfRS. CARROLL respectfully announce* to her patrous, the ivj. Medical Faculty, and the Public, that *he ha* removed from Courtlandt *treet, and established lier Medicated Vapoi and Sulphur Bath* in a more cominodioutand central situation, at No. 325 Broadway, where, by her continued assiduity and strict attention, the hope* to merit the patronage which her es tablishment has received for tha last eighteen years. N. B.?Sulphur Baths require one noufl notice. Portable Baths sent to any part of the city or ita vicinity. Bathing Tub* for hire. ol linec LOCOMOTIVE PRINTING ENOINIeT 115 John Street, near Pearli plRCULARS, Bill Heads. Bills of Lading. Shipping and v other Keceipti, Hand and Postiug Bills, Labels, lie., tic., printed to order, at-the lowest cash prices. MACHINERY FOR CARD PRINTING. Having two of the handsomest and beat pieces of machinery ever invented for Printing Cards, we can furnish them of any sire or quality, at the shortest notice, and at remarkably low prices. FOLOER k. SUTTON Printers. N.B.?No runners engaged to solicit orders, or printing. Please eall at the office a29 I m ? m T7JCPRES9 PRICES REDUCED?The Subscribers have Erf reduced their Express prices on all small package* of law and other documents, from 50 cents to 25 cenu ijer from this city to Buffalo ami the intermediate point*. Also, through Wells Ik Co.'s Express from Buffalo to Chicago, at 50 cent* per package from this city to Chicago, and the intermedi ate points on the Lake. an) LIVINGSTON. WELLS fc POMRROY. TOPOGRAPHICAL, MECHANICAL AND AKCH1 TECTURAL DRAWING /~\FF*ICE, (the first of the kind in the city,) in the basement, W No. It Wall street?A. GIRARD. Draughtsman, begs leave to call the attention of Civil and Military Engineers, Sur veyors, Architects, Machinists, Contractor*. Commissioners ol Land, and the public generally, to his advertiseme it for the proni 't and neat completion of Maps, Profiles, Plans of every description, and Drawing in general required in the useful arts ami Industry. s27 Im'rc ~PATENT"ELA8TIC SHOULDER BRACE. 11HI8 ARTICLE is intended to brace ll* shoulders and ex pand ?,be chest, aud will be found indispensable to all persona who have cquired the habit of stooping, either from weakness, confinera*_t, or study. Parent* and guardian* are i>articula/ly requested to examine thi* article. It i* highly recommended by many eminent professional gentlemeu for ilie use of children of either *ex. They can lie worn with iwrfect ease, offwing no im pediment to the free u*e of the arms, while thev strengthen the hack and shoulders, and improve and beautify the form. The public are cautioned against a number of unworthv im itations of the Elastic Brace, which are offered in different places throughout the couulry, as mine are geuuiue excepting those stamped with the names and place of business of the sub' scriber*. PARSELLS 81 AGATE, Manufactures of Belts, Braces, Stocks, ready-made Linen, Saspendem, Ike. Ike., and Deilers in Genu' Furnishing Articles, nil lrn?rc 217 Itroadway. corner of Psrli Place. FRINGES AND GIMPS. ABRAHAM KASTOR, Importer, 393 Broadway, has iusl received by the Havre packets Louis Phillip|ie, St. Nicho las, Duchess D'Orleaus, and Sully, a fine and large assortment of the latest and most beautiful styles Royal silk bullion Fringes and rich hand made Gimps for trimmings, black silk Laces, and Thread Laces, every sort Buttons, Cord aud Tassels, waist aud front trimmings for dresses with Biiougle* and plain, all colors Bijongles (Jimps, a great variety of French Embroideries, thread Lace Veils, Thread Points, Thread Laces, Collarsauu Cuffs, Silk Bloud Trimming Laces ; rich velvet and silk embroidered Bags, Purses, jet anil gold Combs, Hair I'm*, Necklaces, gilt, S'lvered and steel Beads, Clasps for Bags and Purses, Velvet Ribbons, Kid Gloves, and a new style of Smyrna Laces, and many other articles too numerous to describe?all of which he offers at reasonable prices, at wholesale and retail . sl"i 2w*ec FANCY FURS DBEHRMAN, Importer and Manufacturer of European ? and American Fancy Furs, offers for sale, at his wholesale and retail store, 131 William street, a few doots from Fnlton street, a choice, elegant, and extensive assortment of evsry de scription European and American Fancy Furs. P. S Country merchants would do well to call at this establishment and examine the goods, as they will find both the prices and quality a saving to them at least 25 tier cent. D. BEHRMAN, s37 I in * rc 133 William street. GREAT HHITAIN AND AMERICA. LAW AGENCY. THOMAS WA R NRR, A'o. 18 CITY IIJILL PIJICE, NK IT YORK, ATTORNEY and Counsellor at Law, Solicitor and Coun sellor iu Chancery, tic. Ike., I?'gs to inform his friends and the public generally, that he haajuxt returned from a business tour through England, Wale* aud Scotland. That, from having hern for severul years engaged in the prac tice of the Law iu London,and for the past six years similarly engaged in New York, lie flatters himself he is fully competent to conduct such law bosiness in England, and parts adjacent, as persons from the old country, and their descendants, may wish to he attended to; and with this view, T. W., ou his recent journey, inaile arrangements with some rf the most eminent law yers in various part* of England and Scotland, whereby T. W. has lienn able to sec up'the most efficient agents and correspon dent* in those places. T. W. therefore liegs to offer his services to European* and Others, who may need his professional assistance, in relation to any kind of legal business in the old world ; and assures such as may choose to favor him with their patronage, that the most nneteeptloawle references will lie furnished, if required?and every necessary guarantee given, that business confined to his can1 w ill be attended to, and conducted with industry, 'kill and fidelity, aud on the most reasonable terms. *211 Im'rrc ( Than <; e~of~resi dknce. VICTOR GIROUD, Watch and Clock Maker, has the honor of informing his friends and the public in gen KrM eral. that he has moved his Watch and Clock Making Htfe Est iblikhment to .No. If6 Broadway, corner of Liberty ?t Watches, Clocks and Chronometer! will he repaired by him with great care, anil guaranteed. His establishment is par ticularly adapted for the repair of Mechanical Lamps, at very moderate prices. He offers for sale an assortment of the latest improvement in Lamps from France, which leave nothing to de sire. Also, Globes, Chimneys anil Wiclis. s28 Im'ec BAKNHILL'A INDELIBLE INK.?1 he superiorly ol this Marking Ink is now very generally acknowledged by tbe druggists and consumers of ilie article in Philadelphia?a large number of whom have already tested it, as may be seen hjr their advertisement*, and have pronounced it superior to any other indrlime ink whether of domestic or foreign make. The whole process of marking may be completed in three minutes, even at midnight, if desirable. It is called Banihill's Indelible Ink, after the Christian nssae of one of onr firm, who invented it. Manufactured and for sale ?y POTTS, LINN Ik HARRIS, Wholesale Druggists, No. 313)1 Msrket street, Philadelphia. ( Prom the Ikiled Stale* Gazette, of March 13th.) Innruai.r. lna?Messrs. Potts, Linn It Harris, No. 213X Market street, above 5th, mannfactnre and have for sale among articles in their line of business, as druggists, an admirable Ink, truly indelible. It will, by its beauty anil the simplicity of its use, commend itself to the regard of those who like to set a mark upon their apparel, and would like that mark neat and plain. (From the Editors of the North American, of March 10th.? Istii imi.i. Ink.?We have tried some of MamliiU's Indelible Ink ; and cheerfully recommend it to all those wishing to mark mi linen or cotton. It runs freely and requires no previous Pre paration. It is for sale by Messrs. Potts, Linn It Harris, No. 111K Masket street. (Copy of an advwtisement of April 19th.) BsnnHiM.'s IIIDIUIU Ink.?Just received, a supply of this celebrated Ink, and having tested it thoroughly, sin prepared to warrant it equal, if not superior, to any made in the United States or of tlw* imported. Also?Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Acids, Dye Scuffs, yar aishes, lie., lie., which will be sold on the most seasonable ALEXANDER HARPER, Wholesale Druggist, Market St., above 12th. jsl 6m"re W8iS CIOTTON DUCK?500 bolt* v*ry (nparior Pilot Duck, from ' I a 5?ior salt by E. K. COLLINS ii Co., ?2?ee '>i> South siieet. OPPER?MM caaen vary supsrior English, from la to it m., lor *?!? by 1L K COLLIN* h CQ , ?arse , M Soalh sues t DEMOCRATIC MASS CONVENTION, AT ALBANY, THISfiDAY. Received by Telegraphic Thunder-Cloud Express. Grande Procession* through^ State[Street, Albany, of the Rough Hewers, Empires, Iron-Siders, Tennessee Alligators, White Eagles, Albany Basin Rattlers, Buttenders, Roarers, Rousers, Anti-Roorbacks. The immense Mass Convention of the Democrats of the Hudson aud Mohawk river counties of this State, tookfplace this day at Albany, und, its usual, we have, by our newly invented Telegraphic Thun der Cloud Express, received a full report in time for our morning edition, thus anticipating tlie whole New York Press by nn advance of forty eight hours at least. The morning was one of the finest ever Been since the day that the first Knick erbocker saw day light, and as the great and glori ous sun burst forth from the east, the Empires, lronsidcrs. White Ejgles, Butt Enders, and Roor back Roarers, were seen tumbling forth from the steamboats Illinois, New Jersey, Rochester, Co lumbia, and South America, digging their way through the immense masses on board and digging their half sleeped peepers half open to reach the bar for a drop of morning bitters A national sa lute was fired as the boats neared the wharves, which was returned by the deafening cheers and shouts of the now fully awakened, hard fisted and broad chested roaring democrats. Several delegations from the western and northern counties arrived in the cars and steamboats from Troy, crammed and crowded to suffocation with the masses from Rensselaer, Saratoga, and north ern counties, neared the wharves with the t-hoiits of the multitude?the peals of artillery?the whiz zing of the steam pipes, and the joke, laugh, huzza and hurra of those oil board. The^streets were filled with every description of vehicles?the rum shops and porter houses with the driest customers, and the whole pier enclosing the basin, appeared to be covered with living beings, so that, at 11 dis tance, they resembled the black-headed .mites tumbling about in a rich old cheese. The oyster cellars in South, Pearl, and Eyditis streets, were crammed with huugry customers, and the hotels in State, Market street, and Broadway, were over flowing with applicants for grog und breakfast. The Profession Was formed at the Capitol Park, and moved down State street, somewhat in the order presented in the admirable engraving above given, as follows: ? The Albany Bran Bad. The Banner painted for the General Committee ^sgger, Chairman of Oeneral Committee. Speaker* in Carriage!, consiating oi Geo. Bancroft, Levi Woodbury, Michael Hoffman, J A I)'*, Benjamin K Buthr, t?eo P U irker, Alonzn C. Paige, Wright Hawkea, James T Brady, Henry A Kntter, H K. Smith, John McKeon, John Van Buren, Kli Moore, Wm. Beechley, I). K Sickles. Rough Hewer'* A**ociation, with ntimerou* banner*. Lothian'* Band. The Empire Club, with indescribable bunnera and em blem*. The lroniide* Club, with all aort* oi banner*. White Kagle Club, with every description o| banner* Citizen* of New York city, including Old Hunker*, Butt-Kndrra. ami Indomitable*, Huff" P.1W* aud Spank Knder*,witb Banner?" My end'* on fire." Rattler*, Roarer*, and Anti Roorback*,with Banner?" The man what ihaved Morgan." Twelve men abreast with Tyler badge*, and Banner?" Ju*tice to John Tyler," and m figure of a hoy playing blind man'* hnff Ollice seeker* with cleun but very ragged shirt*, with Banner ?" Our country '* supporter* " Custom House officer* with borrowed shirts, and Banner?" We'll pay on quarter day " Loafer* with cents buttoned up, without shirts, and Banner?" Wintry weather'* coming on." Decently dreiaed democrat*, four abrea*t, and Banner?' A man i* known by the cloth he wear* " Anti Pipe Layer* Association Banner?" You're caught in your dirt." Tag, rag, bob tail, ari l A larga fat man walking alone. Delegation* from River counUea.uni Western and North-* ern counties, with innumerable banner*. Renssiilan county delegation. Heidelberg Guard*, with Banner?" The duat we tread on il our*." Anti Rent Indian*, with Banner?" No man own* but aix feet of land.' Canal Boatmen, with Banntr?" Let u* alone?we're all Wright." Albany Ba?in Rattler*, Charley Fowler, Grand Martha), Banner?" We're the Boy* what fear* no nol*e ." Kinderhook Roarer*, Banner?Painting ot "Van Buren in a cabbage garden,' with motto ot " Deserted, but not forgotten." Polkite* of New Paltz, Banner?" Coon in a hen roo*t." Catskill Delegation, Banntr?" Catskill beet, salt or no *alt." Greene bounty Loco*, Banner?*'tie you sio any thing green here." Montgomery County Democrats, Four by four?ftOO *trong, nud numerou* Imiiin rx Guilderland Bucktails, Banner?" We'll be in at the Death of < lay " Then followed numerou* other delegation* from town* along the river, Albany county, Schenectady, Saratoga,**, C liter, Weatcheater, Rockland, Suffolk, King*, Uueens, Richmond, fcc , lu* , with banner*, mot toes, emblems, hickory poles and twig*, portraits, cotn thins, skunk skin* and miuk rat*, with avitry devlre that can be imagined to deacribo, lmrle*<|u?, ridicule, tin taiiaaiaad provoke whifgory The procession, which comprised over ten thou sand persons, moved from the capitol Park down Htate street, through Pearl to Lydius street, down Lydius to Market street, through Market street and Broauway to the place of meeting in the large square fronting on Broadway and North I'erry street. The square is computed to hold fifiy thou sand people, hut it did not hold all that were pre sent, na hundreds remained ou'side. As the procession passed through the several streets they were cheered by lovely ladies troni the windows above, who waved their perfumed white kerchielrt to the breeze, which carried hack the wild and terrific shouts ot the excited multitude, buoh a scene wan never before seen, except when the wings passed through the same route a lew weeks since with the great Dan at their head. \ u rious estimates were put upon the numbers in the procession?the whins set it down as about as Urge as their meeting, perhups a little larger?Hie Locos say it was lour times as large, it not more, und w?? aa.y it w.ih as large n gathering as any po litical party might desire for partisan purposes. The immense concourse was such eight or ten stands were immediately erected for speakers and loud callH were made for " Bancroft," " Bun croft," who immediately rose above the rmicseti oil the gmnd stand and commenced Kellow Citizen*. -This is a great and glorious?a migh ty ami an overwhelming assemblage ; Mich as is rarely seen, anil perhups never 1? fore equalled. (Criei ol "No, n?ver?No!") Kellow Democrats?The time rapidly draws nigh when you will be called upon to exercisn that right of sutfragu that belong* alone tolie.emen. (Ap plause.) At this point. Michael Hoffman's shrill voice broke up on our ear, ami wi! turnml to ascertain Irom whence it proceeded, when we found him elevated on another staging, at the opposite side o' the square; ami in an in stant alter, the silvery notes of Benjamin K Butler, also raised to a prominent position at another point, was lol lowed by the gulteral tones o( George N Barker who was stationed opposite Jam** T Brady, whose manly voire swelled aloud and echoed to tlie thundeiing volume ot fat and jolly Jein Thompson, who had mounted a Turnpike four horso wagon, and was endeavoring to drown the voice of John A. Dix, who was trying to speak from an oyster cart at the west end ol the square At this instant we saw the head of Jobn McKeon protruding forth from the centre if a crowd of some thousand stout hearted re pealing democrat*, who had forced him U|K>n n ginger brnad cart within about fifty yard* ol the ?pot where Eli .Moore had co ? uienced a powerful appeal to the median irs and workhigmen of the Kmiiire State Alonzo C. Paige, Wright M.iwkes, D. K Sickles. Henry A Foster, II R Smith, ami others, were stationed at other points o the immense ga'hering, and in this quandary the Iferild corps ol repoiters tallied to thecentre of the square, and with the aid ol the Telegraphic Thunder ( loud Magnetic wires, were enabled to report each and every ipeaker, singer, shouter, swearer,drinker, lighter and blower,that uttered a word upon the ground, as lollows :? " Mr. Chairman?Gentlemen?I say ?O cooney. cooney f'lay? the mighty spirit*?O, come Jack let'* take a drink. We care not for old Johnnv Bull, Nor Ilnrry Clay, his right hand tool, Kor Texas she is bound to be A part of thi* confa-de-e-ra-cey. Hurrah?hurra?the tariff?you got any cider old boy? that' lay will, if he's elected?yet, every man ?what do you a*k a pint for chestnuts?this mighty nation, Thi* duellist, awuarer, and gumtder, Let hypocrites lend him a cloak, The honest will act as becomes them, By voting for D ilia* and Polk ! The tariff as it'ought to be?here come* a stuffed coon on a cider barrel?Ten#* is and shall be? But Clay. Santa Anna, anil Britain, Brave Texas would letter and yoke ; Shall they dn it'?? No, answer the millions, Who gather lor Dallas and Polk ! Who gather for Dallas and Polk ? Who gather tor Dallas and Polk ! Shall they i)n it 7?No, answer the million*, Who gather for Dalla* and Polk Daniel Webster's Hartlord Convention -d mn that oy*ter, it* s oilt?givo me some vinegar. No National Bank.? Let i very man turn out. Democrats wave your hat*, if you kieprur land .float, Go for ca*h 'gainst bank trash with your voice Mid your vole Tho'a dollar it will link, and a note it will float, I would rather hav .1 dol ar than a Clay bank note. Tho' a dollar it will link and a note it will float, I would rather have a dollar than a Clay bank note. I know Jam'* K I'olk hurra, harray ? a* I just said, gentlemen?that cider i* a* tour aa hell-the constitution must and shall be - Kor the people they have told us.O, That Harry ' lay he couldn't go. We looked in the book and we found it so, Just as the people told us, O. That story, gentlemen, about Hoorbnek is a damned lie and Morgan'* whiskers will clearly show that The coen is dead that ?*me old coon, Voti ne'er shall se?? him more j A long fur co?t ol mottM grey, Upon hi* back he wore Tho same principles <?*' onnell Dorr hurray can't yoS step on j our own to-s A* I have repeated, gentle men huzza, huzsy g'!"Ot blood bold democrats come band ? Sen Texas, with million* of acre*, Her libertiea gain by a stroke, She comes with her treasure*, we'll take her, By voting lor Dallas and I'olk ! The election of Wright *ec.ure* the a*- blood and thunder what a crowd enthusiasm, gentlemen give o* a crack er, boy arouse, ye men who love liberty, and ? Mourn for the coon ?the same old coon < Hi* triumphs all are o'er? Mourn for tne coon ' that same old coon." We ne'er shall see him more! The principles ol what do you B?k for apples? An drew Jackxon, hurrah hi, hi hurray that old patriot? In Tennessee there liv< s a sage, And Jackson is hi. name, sirs, The patriot of hi* time and age , The world admits hi* fame, ?ir*. Promises, gentlemen?pie crust?Santa Anna -booh booh,boo?Oregon aud Texa*?hurrah, hurray ? This Polk and Dallas nomination, Will a|Kiil old Harry'* calculation, 'I hay say It |? the worst ol pisan, for Henry Clay and.t ralinghuyaao Such an outpouring? (five u* a gin cocktail?keep yoo? spirits up?the country'! risen gainst KiiUnghuysan that w o iholl curry stales enough?. Oh, conn* you'll stun no chunce, Oh,coon* you'll stun do chunce, In loco tolks dur am no joke, Oey g<> lor Poik and Dollar*. Great Britain, with Canada, and Texaa and Oregon?no, never?would ride rou;;h shod ov.-r ua-whenthey get them. By the |ower? of mud uiiH mu?ket halli? conn Jem lent go down to the boat, I m tired out? go Jt ya pip kin*? Old Harry Clay'* a gobbler, That struts upon a bark, He lain would peich up higher, Hut he'd grown too foul and rank. Recent results tell?ye* they do?look at New Jersey next week, und at Thesturof the Eaat, the State ol Maine, They humbugged onoe, but never can again; The northeast w ind coined tilled with the loar? "The whig* uie beut )>y twelve thouiand or more." Hurrah, hunah, three cheers lor Maine, and Thm tail )ou'll see nil sorts of folk Will cant their votes lor Jumts K. Polk, I- or he's the man they oil do sav , Will skin that coon, old Hairy Clay. we were deceived, hut can't be again?our principle*? juleps fur three -Justice to John Tyler?veto liuuab - three cheers for files Wright?give us a bowl of brut* soup?find thnt this nution will ugnin stand?down with the bloody Whigs?up mv hearties an.I give 'em a broad side?hurrah, hurray?damn Great Bnuiii? Says 1 Mr Coon, ' how do you do f" Savs he "old Iriend, why how are you !" I guess l'?e none the better of you, I havn't got "that beef' ijreat principles?exalted nation?puiity ?haaven born freedom?hurrah?pure patriotism?there's another damn rotten oyster?equal rights and tt|u*l?potatoes are all i|>oilt in uur county?Signers of the declaration?hurrah fori .Polk-exaltation revolutionary patriots ? Ttxa*? gloi y ? JarktoH?Jellurson?dont crowd so?the mighty ininds?old Bonck?white horse floored?huzza?the i;reat and good Washington ?hux/n, huzza, hurrah? three cheers, nine cheers, twenty cheers lor I'olk and Dallas?hurray, Inuxa lor ever?glorj, glory?shont, shout lor victory. A Jail Bird Cavoht.?Our readers doubtless recollect tlie arnuattig narrative uf h fugitive from justice named James Cox. whicu appear* d in our paper <hoii' ten days ago, taken from the Kdenton Sentinel. We have another chapter to add to it, upon tlin infnima iiouol Mr. Bartlet Abbott, constable, und Mr. Iia Kason, his a-sistarit, IkiIIi ol ( amden county, in whose custody this accomplished> 1 whs brought to Poitsmcuth yesterday morning, und them lodged in jail to take hi* passage under then lurcher escort, in one of the steamers, this morning, lor Hichinnnd, whence ho escaped from jail (Iieing confined on a cli.nge of kidnappii>g und celling a free neuro) us has been before ntuted It appears that ( ox was (as uci hi >is< ' *,iys in his nai rative) living very comfortably umong " lii> Iricnds at South Mills." when he paid his vi-it to Kdenton. Being there recognised, and hiving no "friends' at place, he made hadty r? treat on ascertaining thai preparations were in train lor his arrest, leaving his trunk containing his pixtols and bowie knife, ut the hotel, and |>o*teil back to " his friends at South Mills," and w? are us much pained as sur prised 'o learn, that he was received in the house of Archibald ' berry, E?q . n magistrate of ( amden conn ty. While ut that place lie passed his time in a continual rouud of gambling, drinking and frolicking, always had plenty ol money, and "feared nothing nor nobody." The sober and respectable citizens ol the neigblioihood looked upon him as a despeiate character, ami a nuisance, and di.I not hold either their |? rmms or projierty safe while he was thi re Some tine- elapsed af'er bis return from Kdenton belorc his narrative, as published in the B*nti nei, reached South Mill*, audit was not till Thursday last that a warrant was obtained lor his arrest. The war rant was issued by S J. Proctor, Esq, and executed by Mr. Abbott iuid two others. As they ai preached Squire Cherry's dwelling, ( ox recognized the constable, and guessing his errand, iKilted out by the back door and made oil through the adjoining fields loi the woods. Ab bott, who was on horseback, rede up to (he house, di* mounted, and followed bv kis companions, "put chaMi" alter him, on loot, for three miles, at the end rf which they "treed" him in the garret of a i,, irro hut, which he had unceiemonioti'ly entered in the vain liojai of dodging his puisuers. He gave hirnsell Hp without liny ?bow of resistance, and was marched back to use a military phrase, " in line," having his arm* clo?el\ pinioned to hi* ?idea with a cord, the is r? me end of whirli was held in the grasp of the r onstable At the south end ol the canal a i art was procured (or his conveyance, and be was hur ried on Ins wnj buck to his lodgings in the jail at Rich mond While on hl? way to l'?rtnmoiith, lie exhibited hi* pocket hook , well filli d with hank notes, and told the con st ble that he had *7iifl in bank mon-y, and J>3ftO in good note* all of which he hud won in guretdnig with the fl itaabout the South VMI?, and during his briel visit to Kdenton The notes he offered to the constable to collect und pay over to his agent, 'Squire ( herry. The neigh borhood of South Mills is happily rid ol bis presence, arid unless he is a lack Bliepard, he will have more time to devo'e to " prison thoughts'Mhan the indulgence ot fan tastic dreams of future suereaa in villainy, us foreshadow ed in his narrative.-Ntnfolk lltrald. Cotntr tor thr OriKRF.CTtoN of Krrorb.?Alba ny, Monday, Sept 3(1, IHI4.?i'reaent, Senator Beckee prealding, and ? other Senators S A Willongh bp vs K ( omstock, Pres', lie. Motion to vacate order staying proceeding* on judgment below, denied wi'h eonfs No 'J Apjeal Calendar. Geo G lieKay vs <j F. Irving, and al. Appeal dismissed with co?t* No. (17 Er ror ( aUndar f.ucius H Pratt vs. K Suydam and aJ. ( hanged on thecalei der to ftdj No. II Supervisor* ot Niagara county vs the People ex nl Wm G McMaster and al. Mr. A. Taher concluded for defendant in error. TROt'nt.F. Bsf.wino ? A letter 'rom a gentleman at Springfield, III , Mate* that (<ov. I'ord haaiwtied orders lor the march of v.yM) llUoois mlhtia and .olnB ti ers to >aiivoo for the protection of that place The de tachment Irom Morgan county w.s oidered to rend., vous at Heal.Mow n ^ -ster tav No reason* are assigned lor this new movement by the (iov. rnor. Since the above ???* wrirti n (he steamer Ohio arrived, which left Nanvoo yesterday rrorning, and report* all quirt there So that w e are at a loss to account lor the cacse of the Governor ordering out the troop*-Si Louti Rtpttlfr, Srpl 81. (>'iKK in Nkw Maripohh ?The aattnet (actor? ofUeoigeC Killog waa destroyed by fire yesterday Tha tin is h ir g anddje homes weie saved Insnranee on iba whole property flu 00(1, at the Hartford Fire Inauraaae offlce.? HatUfd Cetsrenl, S*f><. iM

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