Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 2, 1844, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 2, 1844 Page 2
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NEW YORK WF.RALD. N?w York, Wednesday, October '4. lM-li Half a Month'Laler Nf??. The Caledonia beih? Tltte-yesterdAy *1 Boston, we may now hourly expect to receive her new* We ahull publish an E*tra Herald immediately alter our papers reach us. Th? Great Whig Meeting at Philadelphia Yesterday?Mr. Webster's Speech ? Under the Southern Mail head will be lound a tull report oi the proceedings at the Whig Meeting in Philadel phia yesterday, and the Speech of Mr. Webster We have not spice lor comment this morning Gusvr Democratic Mass Meeting at Alhany, this i>ay.?We give on the vuterpage, a full and ac curate account of the great Democratic Mass Meet ing held at Aib iny this day. We do this for the purpose ot distancing all our contemporaries, and gt?ing to our readers the result ol this great gath ering twenty-four hours in advance ol every other paper in tins city. This astonishing result has bee J produced through our knowledge ot the science of cluirv. y.mce, in which we can now excel any of the prof' saors of the age. We shall, by this means present to-morrow the full proceedings of the assemblage of young whigs at Rochester, with tht- speechaa of all the prominent orators, including that ol Cassias M. Clay. We have attained such knowledge of this science, that the result of the Presidential canvass is as well known to us this day us it will be after the elections in November, and we should have communicated this important intelligence before this, were it not that we are waiting for the arrival of British gold to open or close ourjij*. REVIVAL OF HOPE AMONG THE WHIGS. Dangerous Position of the Locofocos. Paring the last few days, a glimmering of hope, rising to a large jet of pure gas light in some quar ter-s has begun to illuminate the minds of the whigs, and they begin to pluck up a little more courage, and to hope lor the election ol gallant Hen ry Clay beyond any reasonable doubt. Wheth er this levival has been brought about by the increase of forgeries and tneir explosions ?Sy the success of the mission of Cassius M Clay among the abolitionists?or by the journey of Daniel Webster into Pennsyl vania to touch up the Dutchmen, we have not been able to ascertain precisely. But it is certain that the spirits of the whigs have been revived, while the democrats, notwithstanding all their crowing, vaporing, shouting and noise, are some what dampened, and look upon the result of the contest as less certain on their side, than they did immediately after the Maine election. In lact, that strange and wayward result, so disastrous to the whigs, were the means of waking them up to the danger of their position-and this very fright has driven them into the realms of common seuse, and compelled them to see the necessity of practi cal eflort. Hear what one of their organs of yesterday says the "Courier arui Eni/mrer"?for example : l Krom the Courier and Enquirer .J We urn well iw.ire, that ilie nama iuelttcient la/y men wh?pr.-nph ?o incessantly in behalf of Whig ns being quite suttiJientto elect Mr Clay, will now that u is too l? - attempt any thing ^ur^ttr'n .yt!CuT'his th<i voteni in every school district m ihe two in ? we .1tt.iv We have a whole mouth before us, and that is more than time e.ougb tor any and every purpose con n,. ted wi'h an efli neat campaign It is all idle to com mence a political campaign six month* in advance if you desire it to b? effective; and still mora idle is It to ?uPP??e thu- Whig Yla? meetings are to have tb8?tti ct of bring ing all our own voters to the polls much less ol convin cing our opponents who do not attend those meeting*. Tho.e who gj to VTa<? Vleetings are the very men, who, tak n* adeep interest in the cause of the Whig., will be eertafa to vit? in November What good is accomplish el by taWing 'o them? Why.litHe indeed except in M m caies It will induce more activity on their pari* in their immediate neighborhoods, while too frequently, it ha.-a , tend <ncy to prevent all lurther action by giving too much Sr Then -gam. men are apt to ...y io thcniselves , that they have done their duty by giving up their time , and being at the expense o< attending a ma? meeting thirtv forty or even IMty miles from their homes i.? short we have very little laith in these Whig ga thering* except in cities where .hey are not attended s? ss-WS: tii?nd* to devote the coming month to "''J*'"?"nUtrUst fn'the's 'te" UcX as well,'a\ em'.en-ly. and conve -nthTago j We call upon the Whig Press in every county in the S ate to a,I... in enforcing this ?eeN in?1^SmTthW.t^.r??yr'w'nr,ln Msinels equally wrong; t"". " h 1 L?t us now m an alterative which cer- J ?,5rirrh^*l.ut?fw!l?.^ "e oeru" Tot^ly' j K'lVrd 'u*"against defeat, but insure us a triumphant vie- ^ X0Z\* now, one w.rd in regard to this cl*. Have the j committees ol e?rh and every election ^rict In the ci y - iio? r?t iho vntflrs in their respective diitricti. ana nas every voter in every district been personally waitrt up In? ThUisa sim7* question, but a very i?portautone j and we would venture a considerable wager that ol the SurtUy d^ricts and upwards in this city, not one-?? | ?* on", has b,en thoroughly attendedtoand everyvobsr . ?no u gh \'o c "rrec t tfiIs* M*d we "assu r/our i r? -i "83; tim- to correct the evil; and that too, at the moment N it calculated to produce good fruits. H-re is a full acknowledgment of the truth we j have been telling the whigs for months past. The conduct of the whig press, orators, leaders, s?ng singers, and electioneered, have disgusted their own party, and etptcially the. great army o) new tra/?, numbering 700,000 m the Union, who did not come out at the recent election*, an,I uho will not come out to vote for any party that it bad, unprin cipled, and demoralized. It will be recollected that we do not speak at random. We huve shown by the most accurate statements and calculations? partly taken from the National Intelligencer that during the recent elections in this country, the great popular masses stood as follows : Democratic vo en Uken in the 38 States. . ... . .? 1.100.3^ VV I If do * ? *.6. UAA Aboiifion vote? in the free Hrntefl Neutrals?not voting at these elections Huppose.1 aggregate number of votes 2 TM 7;tS Now is not this a most astounding view 1 Here are nearly f-LVEN HUNDRED THOUSAND voters who h vve not voted at all in these elections for the last three years. How is this 1 What is the reason 1 Is it not to be found in thedisgu6t en tertained by the intelligent and reflective at the gross immorality ol both parlies 1 At the decep tl(,n_forgery?lying?and want ol principle ol both parties 1 Tiie worst classes of the population are always the fiist to exercise their political rights, ii is the good, wise, intelligent and pious that get disgusted and stay away. In the present State of the presidential question, the slightest thing may turn the scale. A differ ence of 50,000, or even 100,COO, now existing be tween the two parties, is a mere bagatelle to 700,000 yet remaining in reserve. Even the aboli uonists dwindle down to a mere point of insigni ( ficance, when compared with the great army of neutrals, who have hitherto abandoned all politics. Tney HOLD THE BALANCE OF POWER; nd the party that can balatuio the best, und exer cise the greatest industry and tact to win their vwtes, be it whig or derm>criitic?be it Clay or Polk?will come out victors in November. There is only a month lor action. Look out lor Mary land '.his week?on Friday, perchance?and N*w Jersey and Pennsylvania next week. Foa Congress.?The whigs of the Fourth Con gressional District comprising the sixth, seventh, tenth and thirteenth wards of this city, have nomi nated John H Williams for Congress. There will ? three candidates in the held in thu district. * "'LKttisM RrvrvsD in this City?Nkw and KAt riPUL ti MALK PitOPHKTCU.?For SOHle days past, a fine longing woman by ttit* name of Sarah 1 'Kg ma, coming irom some j>iace unknown, and >ing no one knows where, has made her appear ance in this city as a prophetess of the Millerite school, ?ud has been holding lor'h in pious and de vout language each night at the church iu Delancy street, aud other places iu the neighborhood. She has announced in the most positive terms, of which blie is ]>erfectly convinced, that the great conflagration ol the world, predicted by Miller a year ngo, is* going to take place in the Jewish month ol October, which liapens to be th? 23d of ihe present month, and this she hua fixed upon at certatu, so tint there can be 110 doubt about it; con s' qtienJy, no call for all this political turmoil, con | tentton, uud electioneering, as there will be no I world to inhabit or to legislate for by the time they are over. Sarah, the new prophetess, is a majestic looking woman, about thirty years ol age; she dresses in I a simple green apparel, made of some material like Merino, wuh a white Quaker cap, tied with green libbund; her voice is musical; she uses good language, and is withal possessed so com pletely with the spirit of inspiration, that she in I vests with a great deal of attractiveness and inter est her every appearance in the pulpit. During last Sunday night, in the midst of the terrific storm, she commenced delivering a famous ha rangue upon the approach of the end of the world, anu so impressive was lier speech, that she con verted a great number to her way of thinking, ! and singular to relate, whether it was owing to 1 her agency or not?the storm cleared away, the moon peered from the heavens bright as a silver shield?the stars with inctoosed lustre, and behold there was a great calm. She preached again last night at Delancy street church, to a more crowded audience than ever, on which occasion it was observed, that whilst on lermer ones the congregation was composed prin cipally ol females, there, a large number of males ol the wickedest, most perverse, and reckless de scriptions, crowded to iisten to the spiritual teach ing of Sarah. The fact is, we have not much time on the a flairs ol this world, as in about three weeks all will be over; we accordingly advise all who heard it to prepare for the change; all bankers and shavers to prepare their accounts; all stewards just going out to look to the day of reckouing. Sarah makes her next appearance to-morrow evening, at Delancey street church. Custom House Appointments.?The following gentlemen received appointments in the Custom House yesterday. For day inspectors:?Jamea Smythe, James English, Wm. Murphy, John Hill yer, Andrew Lester, Samuel Allan, Charles Del vecchio, Col. Hubbell, Mr. Hagadorn, Mr. Lewis, Mr. Hitchcock, Mr. McLaughlin, Wm. H. Gre gory, Mr. Maloney, C. J. Agnew and Meters. Smith, Abeel, Goodrich, Steers, Wolf and Ag new. Meahurer?Henry E. Keill, in place of Mr. Thomas. Night inspectors?Isaac Kiker, John Dowlmg, John Kelly, G. W. Isaacs, Swartcope, < hatles E. Newman, Charles Molan, Arthur G. Powell, Joseph Cornell, James McNally, Thad deus D. Lewis and John D Concklin. The fol lowing were removed: Day Inspectors?Messrs. Wade, McPherson,(not George) Jenkins,Ticknor, Doughty, Anthon, Swarts, Oatman, Carman, Vun dewater Nagle, Morris, Hull, Thayer, Hinton, Waldron, Underbill, and Baker. Night Inspectors removed?W. B. Clark, W. H. King, Messrs. Bartholomew, Murkland, Kiddle, Hulshart,Cam meyer, Stinton, McLaughlin, Ryer, Wetsell, and Reynolds. Another batch of inside clerks will be ready to-morrow. :? City Reform.?The native reform party still ( continue to cheat the city out of real reform. The j various plans for the organization of a new police, ? nnd lk*ir Kdaiiliahmfnt of u police office in Har lem, are about equal in poiut of utility nnd popu- ? larity, to their attempts to nominate nnd elect can ) didates at the next election instead 01 attending | to their public duty, we see Mayor Harper and j his associates, harranguing the people of Philadel- j phio, and electioneering there. Will they instruct j the natives of that city how to make promises be- j fore the election, and break them afterwards 1 Equestrianism.?Now is the most delightful sea son of the year for taking exercise by driving or riding on horseback ; the dust is laid, the weather is cool and invigorating, and the very air we breathe invites to healthful exercise. We perceivt parties are beginning to make their appearance in the Avenues and in various directions of the city, and that the well trained saddle horses of Roul Rtone, and also of Disbrow are in full request. Some splendid turns-out are making their appear ance. We saw one yesterday in the shape of a curricle driven by that famous whip, Cowan,which surpassed in elegance and beauty all we have yet seen. The Nkw Opera at the Park.?Another well filled and fashionable house attended the Park Theatre Ia9t evening, to see and hear the second representation of the new opera, called the "En chanted Horse." It went off better in every res pect than on its first representation. Madame Ot to sung most beautifully and brilliantly?Mr. Jones acquitted himself well. The light, joyous, and graceful melodies seem to take amazingly. It will be repeated again on Thursday evening. Palmo's Italian Opera House.?To-night "Lu cia di Latnmermoor" is again performed, together with the new ballet to-morrow night. Fair of the American Institute Next Week. We understand that great preparations are making to have this one of the greatest fairs which has ever taken place. There will be a valuable display of implements and machines,and ploughing matches in the neighborhood, as well as other events of an agricultural cnaracter. There will also be a gene ral concentration of the friends of iigrlcultureg n erally throughout the country, and various conver sations of an interesting kind are to be held. As the public mind is bi-ginning to be directed to agri culture beyond all other thiugs, we shall pay con siderable attention to the proceedings, and faith fully acquaint the public of all that takes place. TutTto.N in Dancing ?The several professors of dancing are, we perceive, announcing the forma | tion of their fall classes. Amongst others we no tice Mr. Parker, well known for his Tammany Hall exhibitions; also, Mr. Whale who bears a high professional character from his former friends ,n Albany, and who will, no doubt, give great sa tisfaction to all those pupils who may join his classes. Steam Propellers for Lono Votaoes.?The propeller Marmora, for Constantinople, and Midas, for Canton, will sail in a few weeks They will be the first steam propellers ever sent from this country on long voynges. Nkw York Law School ?Students at law, and [ others, desirous of obtaining a knowledge of the elements of constitutional and common law, on ex ceedingly moderate term*, are referred to Mr. Clerke'a advertisement, relative to this institution, in another column. Naval Sight?Thef are now no less than eight men of war lying ofl the Baitery. They pre sent a very tine appearance. ^ausaoes CiiF^r this Year.?Between the 12 h ol -I mi' and 28'h September, there were 8,333 dogs rgulaily kill'-d by the city dim slayers. Vice-consul op IW11. -Clement Smith has been recognized as the Vice-Consul of Brazil, for the District of Columbia. Mr. Demi'.iter's concert l ist evening was attend ?d by a crowded and laahiouabk auditory. | inkw Yomk Historical Socibty.?The first uncling of this season of the Historical Society was held at their rooms lust night, at 8 o'clock, when a Jul! attendance promised well fur the pro ceedings during >he coming season. W B L.\wkknck took the chair and called the j meeting to order. When the usual routine busi i nebs was disposed of?a communication was read j from the President, Hon. A Gallatin, apoligizing I for his absence on account of indisposition Let* ters were read from the following persons?Mr. Norman, of New Orleans, with a presentation of a collection o! antique stone relics, discovered in Mexico, and of which Mr. Norman will give a de.tiled description at the next meeting of the society; from Mr. Alex Vatteinere, o| Paris, apprizing the society that he had made a shipment of books to them on board the La Duchesae d'Or ' leans, and desiring an acknowledgment ot their | safe arrival; from Samuel Greeu Arnold, of Rhode I Island, with a present of books relative to the his : tory of the Island ; trom C Grattan, British Con sul at Boston, returning thanks for the honor con ferred upon him in his admission as an honorary ; member ot the association, and several others, in i regard to all of which the Secretary was instructed by the chair to take proper and timely action. General Wktmoue called the attention of the meeting to one of their by-laws relating to the celebration of their anniversaries, and proposed a , resolution to the effect that proper steps should be , taken to duly honor this, the fortieth anniversary I of the Society, which was agreed to. The Secretary announced the presentation to the Historical Society of a beautifully painted | portrait of J Q Adams, by S D Marchant, the artist. The picture was submitted for the exami- j nation of the audience, and it was much admired j for the fidelity of the likeness and the beauty of the finish, and the thanks of the Society were voted to Mr. Marchant for his admired work. The names of a large number of new members were proposed for admittance, but as they were announced with too much rapidity to be written? all with the accuracy required in writing names, we think it better no! to give thein until the next meeting. A member urged upon the body to take the ear liest opportunity, through the Committee on Pi- ! nance, to realize an adequate snm for the thorough restoration of the Library to a state of good order, which he was grieved to Bay was much required, as, although the Library contained a large accu mulation of literary treasure, a great part of it was in an unavailable state. A resolution was adopted agreeable with the gentlematiB suggestion, and a copy of it was di rected to be transtnitted to the Finance Committee. The Corresponding Secretary announced the pre sence of Mr Broadhead, after a long absence from home, in the prosecution of enquiries on mat- . ters connected with their society, and suggesting that he be requested to give at their next meeting, I some account of his mission in Europe. A motion to that effect was proposed and adopted. Mr. Jay, the recording secretary, arose, and ad verting to the loss the association had sustained in the death of Col. W. L. Stone, passed a short and handsome eulogy on his character, talents and ca reer, and ended by proposing a resolution expres sive of the respect in which his memory was held by his surviving friends, and the regret hisprema- ! ture loss had caused to all who knew him. A member who seconded the motion,echoed the j sentiments of the first speaker, and dwelt at lar^e upon the consistency, social qualities, and public j usefulness of the deceased. The motion was j adopted. A similar vote of the Society was moved and , unanimously adopted, on the late J. Pintard, who ; was declared by the mover as the man with whom 1 first originated the Historical Society, as well as ! the Savings Bank. A paper of a historical nature was then read to j the house by Mr W. B Hodgson, entitled " Re- ' marks upon the Past History and Present Condi- ! tion of Morocco, Algeria ana the Barbary Regen cies " The paper was listened to attentively, and j a vote of tltauks presented to the author. Shortly j after which the meeting adjourned up stairs, where a most agreeable provision in the way of refresh ment had been made, and was found to contrast most pleasantly even in the opinion of those who possessed the most exquisite taste?with the dry ; details of historical tomes, which had for some j two hours absorbed the attention ol the associa- 1 tion. Accident on tub Philadelphia Raii.road ?An ; accident occurred on this railroad at the Bristol station on Monday night, which created considers- ! hie alarm, but happily produced less injury thon ?night have been supposed. In oonec<ju?i?ce of the | slippery condition of the rails from the de cayed leaves with which the storm had strewed 1 the road, the ,l break," did not operate in stopping the cars on approaching the station, and the consequence was,that the first car dashed right i through the gable of the car house, and was pre- , vented from beiug precipitated into ihe river, some i thirty feet beneat'i, by the merest chance in the world. Our reporter and another member of the ' press were on the platform of this car,but seeing the i danger threw themselve8offit,ai)d providentially es- ! caped without the least injury. A little girl,who was | beneath on the wha'f, had, however,both legs frac- I titred by one ol the heavy pieces of timber which were broken down by the cur. The shock was very considerable, and the crash frightful; but none of the passengers, except those in the first car, appeared to be aware of the accident, until they entered the boat and sow the car suspended over head, apparently on the point of falling into the river. We must say that although no blame is to be at tached to the conductor, that the company are most decidedly to be censured in not having had the gable of the car house so constructed as to present a sufficient obstacle to the cars, in of their not being stopped soon enough?a ease very likely to occur not unfrequently. Mung Nkws from the Mormon Country.?We find the following additional news from Nauvoo in the St. Louis papers of the 21st ult. Wa have nothing farther with rogard to the reported call for troop*, m .de hy (Jov. Ford. The Warxuw Signal of the 18th, however, complain* of Mormon depredation*, and nay* " In view of the fact, that no man appear* to be safe in hi* property within the county,we conceive, that it i* the duty ?f the citizen* to take some active ineaiure* to pre vent furt her depredation*. Let there at least be an organi zation for the purpoaeof ferreting out offenders." Now, we can gueai what is likoly to be the nature ind result of Anti-Mormon ' ferreting," and, if anv thing of the kind ia intended, we cure not on; what pretence, the Governor of Illinois should he on the alert. The Signal says, farther " The Mormons are still leaving the country. The Oaprey took a considerable load down stream, yesterday, and many leave in wagon* it i* said, by persona who have an]oilportumty ol knowing, that about two hundred a week leave the county Thu Mormon* otter lin ir pro perty so low, that a great inducement i* ottered tor other citizens to come in and buy improvements." Hurrah tor the spoils! The 'other citizens," in ppile ol " insecurity," and "Mormon robberies," have no objection to Mormon " improvements," when they can get them a( their own price. Since writing the above, we hear that the grpat " wolf hunt," which annually occurs in Hancock courty a* well a.i in ether part* of the State, is about to 1 come off j" and the Mormon*, apprehensive that their neiah?<or* might make It convenient to asaall them and drive thom from their home*, as well a* the o(her " crlttera," h-ve thrown themselves upon the protection of the govern ment. Gov Foi d, it Is said, ha* so far complied with their de sires, a< to call out, from the interior of the State, some two thousand troops, to deferni them, if necessary. All the movements reported to be made by Gov. Ford have probably a look towards the next elec tion. From San Joan, C. A ?By the brig Ursula, Capt. Roberts, from San Juan, Sept. 4, we have the fol lowing intelligence: San Juan de Nicaragua is still blockaded hy the hnglish, who have taken full possession of the MuHjueto Kingdom and Coast, and hoisted their ll tg at Blur-fields, which is their Head Q,uariera ? Mr Patrick Walker is the Governor. It is expect ed that they will take possesion of the whole Coast down to Boca del Tors. A charge of half a dollar per ton is to be levied on nil vessels entering the Mu?qtieto ports after the 31st August, 1JM4. ? Hayti.?All was quiet in Hayti sixteen days ago, when the Hayti sailed. The black chaps, who figured in the recent riots on that island, are called ?' Haytian heroes!" Boston an? Nk.w York.?The steamboat train over the Providence road for New York, now leaves Boston at 4 P. M. The train, via Long Man ! Railroad, at 7 A. M. DraTh of a Si natoi^?Hon. Abner Davis, a State Senator ol Indiana, trom the counties ol Davie* urn) Martin, died on the 13th mat It's death leave* the whig* y majority in the Senate, as Mr. I> wa* a democist, and that b'idy being tied at the late election The vote in hia Hitrict in IMS, stood whig lOdtl, democrat 040. Mr | J)?vis was extremely popular. Mpwrtliig IiiUillljfence. Hacinu ovkr thu Union Couiihe, Long Isi-and, Yesterday.?The attendance at the Union couire yesterday, was very limited indeed; not more than two huudred were present, but among those might be observed the choice spirits and supporters ot the turf, indeed it might be said these alone came for ward on the occasion. The day waa most beauti lul, and the course in first rate order. The first race was a Sweepstakes for U year olds; subs. $300 < acU; $100 ft.} two mile heats. 1?Jas. K Vanmater uames b c. by Langford, out of Mi** Ma<tie , , , J?Saml Liiid name* gr. f. Eilith by Shadow, out of Bonnets of Blue. This was altogether a one-sided aflair. Vanma ter's horse took the poll, led the way, and won the first heat in 3 minutes 57 seconds The se cond heat was a repetition of the fir* t, with the ex ception of time, which was four minutes three se conds. The betting was, at the commencement of the race, 2 tol on Vanmater's horse; afterwards 4 to 1 was oflered and no takers. Second JUce?Sweepstakes lor 3 years old, suhs. $100 each; ft ; wile heats. 1?Danl. Abbott names ch. c. by Van Sicklm s Eclipse, dam by Sir Charles. . . 'j?Chun 8 Lloyd names gr. f. by Langford, out of Qui 3 _j is* *r Vasmater namei b. c. by Langford,out of Diana The two firet only started for this race. The grey had it pretty well all her own way in the nrst heat, which ?he performed in one minute and ftliy seven seconds. In the second heat the grey led up the back stretch; the other rmade an attempt to go in front round the top, but in vain ; the grey kept her position and place, and won easy 111 two min utes and two seconds. The betting throughout was ten to one on the grey. Third Rare-Tune $300?Two Mile Heats. 1. H A. enters b. h. Livingston, by Trus tee, dam by Heniy, 4 years old-Ranson, white jket, snd red and white cap. a. BamV I Laird enters ch.. h. HtanleylEclipse. by Busi new, dam by Jno Stanley, # years old-Laird, pur ple, and blackcap. , . _ 3. Chan 8 Lloyd enters gr. I by Bolivar, dam by Bare loot, 8 years old?Hsggerty, red and blue cap 4. J as K. Vanmster enters b. f. by Trustee, out of MU? Mattie, 4 years old?Johnson ,?rad Jacket and 6ap. This was the only affair of the day that might be called a race. The bay filly was the Uvorite previous to the start, and was taken to some ex tent against the field. Livingston led the way at the start,and ere he reached the bottom he increased hia distance between himself and the others, and thus up the back sttretch ; the others in close at tendance, the grey at the tail end of all.. Round the top a bit of a brush was made, but Livingston kept his position and maintained it to the judges stand, Stanley Eclipse not a length behind.? Near the bottom, for.the second mile, Land went un and kept closing on the other until the three fourth, when he breasted her. It was now evident that this heat was his own, and ten to four was offered on him. Round the top a good brush was made?the mare got him and kept close on him home, where Stanley Eclipse reached in 3 minutes 53 seconds, Trustee only about a length benind, the others some three or four. The betting previous to the second heat was twenty-live to twenty on Stanley Eclipse. There was a good start, the grey leading, but ere they reached the bottom, Trustee went in front, but all so well together that a blanket might cover them. On approaching the half mile, a bit of a push was made, Trustee leading, but on rounding the top, Stinlev came up and breasted the other and

they kept in this pesition for some time to the Judges' stand; and for the second mile on going round the bottom Laird went in lront; near the % the grey appeared to take the lead, hut they were so well ui> together, that it was impossi ble to say which had it, but at the top the grey fell off and Laird came in front, though so close to gether as almost to defy, at the distance, to say which led, but Laird reached home about hall a length in advance, the other two abreast about two or three lengths behind. This heat was perform ed in 3 minutes 57 seconds. 1?Lnmson, white jacket, and white and red cap. 2-Laird, same a* before. Fourth Race? Purse $100. Three Mile heats. H. A. Coream enters t>. h. Dunregan, by '1 rustce, out oi Jamaica, 4 yr old. ? . Saml. Laird enter* ch m. Fashion, by Trustee, out ol Bonnet! of Blue, aged. This was n complete one-sided nffair. Dunregan led the way closely waited *>n by Fashion, who evidently had it all her own way. Lurd kept it thus for the first two miles, taking it very easy, but on going round the bottom for the third mile in creased her speed, and went up, and contin ued in this position up the hack stretch in a line with line auwlliei, making ito op clearance a most beaiuitul race. 'J liey kept thus to the top, where Fashion made a burst and came in front and kept so to the judges' stand two lengths in advance, completing the three miles in six mi nutes 13 seconds. The h'st mile was performed in 2 m 13 sec.; the second in 2 m. 6 sec.; and the third in 1 in. 54 seconds. Dunregan was then withdrawn, and thus ended the fall races over the Union. Grkat Trotting Match ovkr the Centrevili.k Course?This Day ?The great ten mile match is to come off to-day over ilie above course. Such a feat has never betore been attempted in this coun try as yet. The only betting on the affair is against time?the odds are six to lour it is not done in thirty minutes. There is no doubt but that it will be a very interesting trot, and will attract a great concourse of persons to view it. There are two other good matches to come off. More of the Equinox.?We add a few more particulars of the late terrible gale. We shall pro bably have still further accounts to publish. A few wrecks are given under the marine head ; ? The pilot boat Thomas H Smith is ashore on the Horse Shoe, having dragged her anchors on Sunday last. It i? probable she will he got off without damage The pilot boat Commerce carried away the head or her foremast on Thursday last, and sttOMfrUd in getting into Little Kgg Harbor, where she rode out the gale in safety, and reached the city last evening fBThe brig Emily, from Turk's Island, put into Little Egg Harboron Thursday last, on account of headwinds. On Friday, in attempting to get out, she went ashore on the Rower Shoal, lost both anohors, and lay in that situa tion until the gale of Sunday morning, when she went to pieces. Her sails, yards and water casks drove ashore on the beech. The hnll is bottom up. A brig is ashore on Squam Beach. At Enon's Neck, schr Martha Wood, 10 days from Cherry field, (Me.) with lumber, to Smith k. Boy nton In the late gsle both masts were.cut awayto save the schoon | er from going on shore. , _ .. Also at the same place, the schooner Fame, Irom Ma I chias, lumDer loaded, cut away her masts. A steamer i has been sent up to tow them to the city. [From New Haven Courier, Sept. 30.] ' On Saturday evening, a storm of wind aed rain com menced, and continued without intermission through thu night, and all the next day, up to about * o'clock in the evening. The wind blew strong notth east on Sunday, till about 10 o'clock, when it changed and the tide com jug in, rose so high as to Inundate the Long Wharf, Basin W hurt 8cc , washing off gteat quantities of lumber and wood, besides doing serious damage to the wharf aud the buildings on it. The tide rase nearly to the foot ol F ieet street, uirfher than has been knowu for eleven years One pile of lumber containing over a thousand feet was removed by the water from the Basin Wharl and safely deposited under the canal bridge in Water street. Other piles, containing some 25.000 feet, were moved en matte and piled away, without even consulting the wish or convenience ol the owners. The rats too were great suf ferers, a- they in large numbers lay drowned upon the dock The swell in the sound must hu?e been tremen dous, and severely lelt by vessel* exposed. [From New uondon Advocate, Sept 30 1 Schooner llarry T llinckley. Saunders, of Bangor, fiom Philadelphia for Boston, with a cargo oi coal, struck on Black Ledge, about hall past 'J o'clock on Sunday morning, wind heavy from K. N E , and in abeut an hour and a half bilged About l-i M tkm wind shifted to 8 W , and blew the r< mainder of the day almost a hurric?ne The vessel gradually heeled over and at about 4 I. M disappeared Nothing was saved from the wr>-ck, and those on board sated only what they had on. Captain 8 , and his wife and crew, were picked up by Captain Josiah K-eny, who had gone to their assistance in a smack, soon alter ther left iba wreck in their boat, and landed at Har bor's Mouth at II A. M.. where they were kindly provi ded for by the lamily ol Capt Oeorge Comatock. [From the Newport Mercury ?ept 30 1 The bri< -ene . I Wayne, (of Tho naston,) Robinson, from Kiclimond, Va. tor Boston, with coal, went ash re at T>v or's Point o th end of Hi de Island, on Sunday uight, the ?J9<h inst. The vessel and cat go a total loss j h? crew wer ? II saved. We understand that there was no insurance on the vessel or ? ergo. The sloop Franklin, ot Chatham, with a load of o k wood went dtfhore on the W. st fride of Tallinn, snout 7 o'clock same n ght. She w ill be got ofl wi hout much 'The schr r-mnqnld, Fo.sett, from Philadelphia for Bof ton, with coa*, when oft' Block Island on Sund y mom ing, curtnd away her d*r.k losd, boats, fcc. [From New Bedfo.d Mercury, Sept 30 ] A severe easterly g?le., accompanied by rain, com menced ot this p ace en Saturday night a out 1-1 o clock, and continued with but little abatement untU our t ap> i went to press last evening. Ye?terday at noon the win shifts to -he South We eave not yet lea ned of mat.. i ial dsmngi" hey ond the disrobing ot Iruit and ornametual trees snd the des'ructlon of pevt*r 1 fences The schooner Rochester, Dixon, irom y*,lc?ffor, ne itc.k, in ballast, ancborid about 6 wile* H. W. of < ot. tyhunk, at 10 P. M. on Saturday in a calm and tt o gai< soon coining on she rode at anchor until IS o'clock > es terday noon, when thu wind shittin.' to the 8>iUth will, inc easing vio'ance si'e was compelled to cut her cab.ei and put in o port for a harbor where she providen tially arrived in safety. Amusement*. Nibuj's?Miss Clarke takes a benefit this eve ning, snd presents a glorious bill. Th? new burlesque oi iba Fair Oue with Oolden Locks, and the capital operetta of the Tet of the Petticoats, arc the pieces advertised lot performance. City Intelligence. Kloi-cmkntTlio members olone of our faucy military corps were,the other evening,thrown into consternation at iim,?u<i.i(jn disappeai and; ol oueol their prominent mem Ixiri; one who wus ever ut his cost, and a shining exam ple to his brother soldiers. Kiom enquirie* madeaftir him, it was lound the cavalier had diMppeared from Ills quartets suddenly on tho afternoon ol our day la?t ween Ahout the same time tho beautiful anil a>cem plished VIiu Wonderful Kooncrjcker, whose brother holds a ie-pon ible rui.k in the same ceriis, had also <lis appeared from her quarteis, taking Wilh her a lew trink ets, St". , mid aUo leaving a polite note to her anxious pa, stating that she wan pining lor the fresh country air, and would absent barselt without leave, and make a re|>ort in about a fortnight how she enjoyed her liberty. Our ca valier an I the brother of the fair "dulcina," at>out 6 weeks since, were on the p?iut of trying their military ardor in a duel, originating from u tell-tale of the lair one's maid, relative to a contemplated night elopement, which, being ?uncovered, was pet-vented, and the parties surprised, and created the usual excitement of high words, tear*, and looking the dove in her chtmber, and a challenge be tween the sons of Mara, but which was arranged amica bly, and thecavoJier forbid the house. Ourcavalier, wiiP by'he by, is tall, noble und graceful, and one ol nature's noblemen, with his moustache, whiskers, blur It hair and eyes, n'.t to be daunted, escuiaded the garden walls one night last week, and entered the prison ol tho fair captive through the window, and rumor says did not make his egress till cock-crow. A day or two alter, the chamber dt or was found open, and the bird flown. As the pnrties move in the hau' Ion of our city, the father and brother have started ??? route for the fugitives vii el armit. Something Rich.?A riib occurrence took place in a boaiil'ng house, in thin city a short time since Two gentlemen boarders, it seems whose names are Peter Pimple and John Juniper, had conceived a liking lor the daughter of the hoarding house keeper, whose name is Marianne (Jeorgiana Josephine Alexandrine Tub,and both had for sometime paid her marked attention. The young gentlemen, as might be expected, conceived a mutual dislike for each other, till at length one ol them left and went to board elsewhere. He, however, continued to visit at the house. A few evening* since he Called on hi* lady-love, and sat chatting with her in a I ami liar manner, when his rival left the room, who, with fierce gestures, asked an explanation. Receiving no answer, and fired with jealousy and revenge, he rushed te his room und equipped himself cap-a-pie, in the uniform of one of our crack corns, of which he was a member, and descended to the parlor Here, whether his courage failed him, or whether he thought her the most to blame, we kuow not: but, instead of attackirg his rival, he rushed forward and seized the lady by the neck, ar.d rearing his shining blade aloft, would have felled her to the floor, had not his rival sprang and seized him, and with herculoan strength hurled him headlong acress tie room, where he fell, his sword piercing his unmentionables in several places, but doing no ether injury. The people of the house alarmed at the noise, came rushing into the room, and there lay prostrate the crest fallen imitator of Hauuibal, foaming with rage, and swearing vengeance on all?on the other hund wa* the pale, lifeless form of the fair damsel, sup ported by the vieteriou* rival It seems the young lady in question, with the usual tactol the ladies, had managed to keep "two strings to her how," and "two beaus to her siring," and rumorsavs she wa? actually engaged to both. But theafhay brought things to a crisis. She has since declared in favor of the victorious rival preferring, as is usual with the ladies, true valor and gallantry to the giide.d panoply of war ? The military hero, however, swears vengeance on both if they ever dare to marry or even walk in the streets to gether. Police Orricits.?The removal of Justice Drinker and Clerk Dickinson by the Common Council, to the House of Detention at Harlem, where there is not business enough to occupy the time of a magistrate one day in a month, caused considerable conversation and excitement yesterday. The reasons assigned are utterly ridiculous, and unless the resolution is reconsidered 011 Wednesday evening, we shall bo compelled to investigate the causes, and ascertain if the op"osition ol Justice Drink- r to the nomination of certain Native American Aldermen a* candidate* for Congress irom the third district, is not the secret of this petty nou*ena<cal movement. We think we could show the motiv that thus actuated the re moval of a magistrate from a point where his services, as well as that of the clerk, are daily demanded by the pub. lie interests, to a position where they are not needed ex cept to increase litigation. A mare ridiculous proceed ing was never before attempted by any public body. Stealing the Word or Gon.?The Oliver Street Church was entered on Monday, and Ave bibles, and Winchell'a Watt's hymns, stolen from the premises. A sacrilegious roguo. who suys his name is Wm. II. Cornish, was arrestvd j ester,iay by James Van Raust, and the books traced to his possession. Nkoro Shoi- Lifters.?The city swarms with these rogues, on Monduy one of them entered the clothing ?tore of N A K'lapp, 31 Maiden Lane, and laid he had been sent by Mr Smith lor a pair of pants The boy told him that he was not aware that any sucn pants wero in the store, and the black fellow left Iu a few minutes after he returned aud cat down, saying he could wait no longsr, and then went away again Soon after it was discovered that two pieces of velvet, worth $35, and two velvet vests, valued at $10, were missing Notice was given tothepo lice, and officers Settler and Coc.hran caught the rogue soon after, who gave the name of Win. Jackson. A Tailor in Trouble.?Wm L. Concklin, tailor, of No. 8 Bowery, appeared at the Police a day or two siucc, and entered compl lint against John H Hoey, his cutter, of embtzzlrment of dry goods, See , at various times, amounting t.? sliout $30 I Daniel Owen, of 334 Grand street, testifi-wl tha' Hoey had s ;ld him articles at various times, that were now claimed by Mr. Conklin, and which ho delivered up without cost On this representation, Hoey was locked up to answer the charge Robiimo a Krieno.?A young man, named Henry B. Dickerton, was arrested on a charge of stealing a silver watch, worth $20. a pair of pints, and $1 To in money, from Dudley Ingruhum, of 38 Laight street, and was com mitted. Coroner's Office?Tuesday?Anoihi.u Street Mur per.- As a young man, named Nicholas Dunstn, was pausing down Mott street, near Bayard, on Sunday even lng, he was struck from the rear by some unknown per son with n club, and felled senseless to the pavement Hij companion raised h m up. and he was conveyed to his ijdging.i, at SO Houston street, where he died yester day from the fracture oi his skull Tho murderer has not yet been taken. Common Pleas. B -tore Judge Duly. Oct. 1.?Kramer end wife vs. this case repor ted iu yesterday's Herald, the jury rendered a sculed verdict for defendant. Thoma* Gmgkegan vs. lMniel Howard ?This was an ac tion ol trespass lor assault and battery alleged to have been committed on the 25th March, by the proprietor of Howard's Hotel, upon plaintiff. It appeared that the plaintiff is a lame pedlar, and went into the kitchen ol the hotel, where he opened his wallet, and submitted for in spectiou, a variety of trinkets and other finery, such as usually ornament the toilets of the fair demoiselles, who superintend the rooking departments. Mr Howard hav ing caught the pedlar and ordered him out some months beioie, quietly telling him not to call again, and it was alleged spoke harshly to the girl for encouraging such men about the house;.when Oiogbegan withdrew, and in a month afterward*, a second time, got bark to make a sale, when Mr. Howard, it was alleged,committed the as sault, and drove him from the premises, stating that he considered he was a suspicious looking char. cter. Plain tiff is a lame man. The jury will render a sealed verdict this forenoon. V. S. District Court. Before Judge Betts. Oct. 1.?Benjamin H Hidd'tl and tlhert vs. the Brig "Emily" her tackle, 4rc?This was a case for remunera tion ot damages sustained by the owners of the schooner Virginian. It appeared that on or about the 18th day of March,1843, the ? Virginian" in her voyage to New York, when off Sandy Hook, waa run into by the brig "Emily" and sunk, damage alleged to have been sustained $5000; two n en, it appeared^ were lost H T Warning, for plaintiffs. Moore and Havens, for defendant. Circuit Court. Before Judge Kent, Oct. 1.?Dunham and Browning vi Frame.?This was an action of trover, adjourned Irom yesterday, to recover $75, the price of a horse, and occupied the Court the Greater part of the day. It appeared that a party named opkins, a clerk of the defendant, sold tho horse to one of the plaintiff* during the absence of Ihe principal, the vendee refusing to consummate the bargain until a writ ten warranty was given to guarrantee the soundness of tho horse It turned eut that the home was unsound, whereupon plaintiffs sent it hack, but the defendant re fused to accept it. The chief point of defence was, that Hopkins had no authority to sell or giv a warranty. The plaintiffs showed he bad a general authority to sell, and contended that the principal was hound bv his ecti' Verdict for plaintiffs $85 ' Samuel Bourne vt. Jo n S Srcor.?This was an action of trover to recover the value of a piano, which was mort gaged. Adjourned over. Common Picas?In Chambers. Bel.ire Judge UUhot ff.jr. Oct 1.? Huheat Cot pun ? Robei t S. Avorn, a young man, ill the U 8 Army, was discharged from the scr vice on application before tho Judge in Chambers, on the ground of his having enlisted whilst a minor. The ap plicant was brought up uuder a writ ?f habeas corpus. Court Calendnr?This Day. Common Pleas. ? Nos. 7, 69,71,74,83,04 38,3 4 8,0, 17, 35, 53 80, PO Circimt Court.?No* 41.80,3,13,43,50,01, 03,98,96, 08, 09, 100, 101, 16, 18 33, 73, 80. Tub Home Squadron.?Commodore Conner, we understand, in to continue in command of the Home Squadron, he having. In R good measure, recover ed irom the neuralgic affection with which he has betn ..Ifl cted. We alio hear that the frigate Potomac is to con tinue the Mag ship of this squadron We are pleaied to learn these fact* ; fur the activity of the rqimnion, nod the judicious arrangements of its commander, have not only calhd lorth the commendation ol the head ol the de railment, but have seemed the approval ol all discerning and fair-minded men Among the changes ol tlieolficei> of the. Potomac, we heur that Purser Pliilo White has b-eri relieved, after lour )??'?* *ea dutv, and Pur*er K O. Mcfaully ordered in his place Both the Potomac aiid the brig Somen, which are undergoing orne slight re pairs at the Philadelphia Navy Vai l, will soon be ready for na, and proceed to their principal cruzii.g ground, tbejWen' Indie* and Gullot Mexico, Its. Important Arrest?We are glad to say that an imixirtant Hrrestlw* lieen made?ol a man charged n-ith placing obstructions upon the Petersbuig Railroad for the purpose of causing the destruction ol thecompu ny's property, and probably of life, His n me is Sej mour, and tho evidence against him. we are told, is very strong and clear. He is recently from New York or I'hi ladelpbia, and ha* been at work upon the new Kiusi cpai Church. Tho motive which is supposed to have prompt ed hitn is revenge, tor havi ^ been put eut of the car* le cenily. lor behaving In u violent m inner, while nndei the influence of l>q lor If thjx nun be guilty of thi* charge, he deservi s thetitmott extent of punishment al lowed by the law. It is among the most devilish ocb which a mail could attempt, and deserve* no more mercy than deliberate murder. Seymour was examined belore hi* lienor, an sect to Chesterfield, tor trial The pun ishment it from 3 to a year* in (1m Penitentiary.?Kith mond Star, Factory in Misainsim.?Tb? Planteia them selves art* going into the manulacturirg business in earnest. A large cotton and woollen factory lian beau e-tabli.hed at Natchez. Mississippi, the property ot Robertson, Osgood It Wells, fi? urea of winch con sist ol an engine of t went>-five horse (tower, manufac tured of the v ry n. at miteii*]*, und in tho moot hand- - sume maun. r ; 176 spindles. foe spinning ro'ton or wool ; 13 raiding and'> wool canting machine's, I cotton gin und wood borer; ti l'mmi for wojv :,g cotton hugging! Low?u iiun') * and jeans; 1 macaw* lor making candlo wick and twine, nut every other apparatus necessary tor a complete establishment of the kind. Niw Kkvi?ni;b CurrKK?The iron stenm reve nue cutter at South Bofton is nearly ready lor launching. She is to he called the McLean. MUSINGS (Nol) BT MIX M. >? naOWttK They arc 1 reck led t who ?re freckled AU an whom the sunbeurv'i 'all: Borne much like a trout are *|.?eckle,v? Otheri like a granite wall! But the ianious Soap of Gouraild Cometh like an nngel bright; Changing arms, necli, lace und forehead, Into a moat brilliaut white : nr+- GOURAUD'S ITALIAN MEDICATED SOAP i? thernost astonishing article ever inventedI lor ">ei?^?o?a? ot freckles, tan, aua pimples from the skin ; does it effect its object that seldom more than one c-ke a requisite lor a perfect cnr? _ . .. _ ? _-j. Found only at C7 Walker street, first store lrom B.^ way ? Jordan, U Milk 'treat, sole agent for Boston ; Ca *1 ton k Co., Lowell. 60 ceuta a cake. nra- MEDICAL ADVICE IN PRIVATE DISEASES- j Th^mber* ot the New Vork College of Medicine and . Pnarmucy ritahi-ilt'd far the tupprtMtw of quackei-y, con- . tlnueto direct theii particular aUeatiou toaU d?.^?e? of a private nature, and ca^ confidently promise o pe <iuuing medical treatment, a sate and Pe""' . without injury to the constitution or t " business. Invalids arc particularly requested to make ap plication to the College on the frat iliseases, as a vast amount of sui. ?ring "J"* ^me '? thus avoided One of the membt.r' ?' J^e J?, mauy years connected with the prin.0,P*l hosjiital inr.i rope lor the cure ot those complaint*, .attends for consul tation daily from 8 A M. to 7 P. M. . Terms?Advice and Medicines $5,?a en.*? guaranteed. IMPORTANT TO COUNTRY INVALIl/? erS0P^ living in the. country, and finding it inconvenioi.1'10 a! , personal application, can have l'oiwarded to them V? , containing all medicines requisite to perform a rk d,c?[ cure, by stating their ease explicitly, together with a1} symptoms, time of contraction and treatment receivc.. elsewhere, il any, and enclosing $6, post paid, addressed to W. 8. RICHARDSON. M. D , Agent. Office and consulting rooms of the College, 90 Nassau it. " Then is perhaps nothing more distinctive of birth tvan the hand .Byisn. ^ {?*? REJOICE?YE FORTUNE H' NTERS, THAT Oouraud's Italian Medicated Soap will give your hands all the soilness, whiteness and delicacy of the highest born and dLtingushed in th-i most refined and polished courts of Europe, besides eliciting a beautiful transparent polish to your nails A slight pressure from such a hand given to beauteous heiress or gentle naaiden, would irre sistibly incline her to admire the possessor. 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In fact, there is no dye which may be used with as little inconvenience as this. Sold at 31 Courtlandt street. JUh CONSTITUTIONAL DEBILITY CURED.?Th* foulc Mixture, pfvptndby thsCoQac* of ' 'edicizw and Pnarawy ot the city oi ti*>w York, is confid<m:lj ie ainitneii'led for all eases of del dlHv produced by secret in 1 licence or uxcoas of ar.y kind. It is an invaluable rotre ly 1'ii laipotiuicc, sterility, ot barrenness (unless dup&i.d in tf on m iY formation.) Uinglu bottles <1 each, casos cf o dot?a M>\ cara luiif packed aud sent to ail jarte of the Uoioc Oltic?"Ol the College ol Medicine and riiarr?.ocy iJ. Mwaaii Street w 9 Hl< ffAKD^ON, M. D . *teri t}&- WHOOPING COUOH-The Cilv Inspector in his weekly ieport of deaths published in this paper yester day, announced the melancholy fact that seven deaths occurred last week In this city of Whooping Couth All might have bnen saved by the timely use ol Dr Oregory's Whooping Cough Remedy. It has m ver been known to fail ot cui ing the cwmplaiiit. It lias keen advertised but little, because those who use it recommend it to others, which is the very best kind ol edvertifing. It is sold at tho Doctor's residence, S? Oold street. Druggists who wish to keep it and be advertised, should apply for supplies this week. REWARD-TAKE NOTICE.-The worst attacks ot the Piles may be iff-ctually cured in a very short ti . e by the use ol Hay's L:nlment and Lin's Cales tial Balm at China. Hundieds in this c ty bsve Ostd this remedy and are now uell. An Editor of one oi the first papers in this city, who was redn??d to almost com idete piostration, so much so as to cot fine him <o his bed, was ctued by a bottle of this Liniment, and scores vf others of the fiist gentlemen In this city have received a like bent fit fn>m t. Cauno*.? The public are r< qui st e<l to purchase this rumety only at 91 Courtlandt siseet. as a base counterfoil Laa been already attsmpted (If?- DALLEY'8 M*0"CAL PAIN EXTRACTOR SALVE, for instantly cnting hums, acalds, piles, blind or hlsnling, and all infl.<nimatory complaints If ?' H. Dalley" be not written with a pen oti the cover of rv?ry box. avoid it as poison Buy only at Dalley's Agency, 67 Walker streat, 1st store from Broadway. fry- PRINCE'S NEW CATALOGUER OF THE Linnuian Botanic Garden and Nuirenra at Hushing w ill be sent gratis to every post pstd applicant, bj add ? <sing Wm R Prir.ce i.Co., Flushi g,ne >r New Yotk-and they may also heobtbiued ali3 Kiu< streat (H7- OOITRAUD'S CELEBRATED POUDRE Sl'B" tile, for erMdiraiitig hair (nun female's upper lips, low tort heads, or the Ftut>bor-i btard ot man Found in Now York only in 07 Ik-1 s re- * fir-t - oie from Broadway. Is sold in Boston ot li . ' .S Jordon's, 2 Milk street. Bewatu of half puce imitations. (ftT- GOURAUD'S GRECIAN HAIR DYE Wll.t change red grey, or white hair at whiskers to a hsamiit dark bronii or jat black, at 67 Walker streat, 1st itol irom Broadway. IL.?..