Newspaper of The New York Herald, 3 Ekim 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 3 Ekim 1844 Page 3
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In 1842, out of an importation of merchandise valued at $33 446 499, Irom England, Americun vesrelt carried (30,573,747, while in 1843 only (14,637 732 were biought in American bottom*, out of our importation, valued at $36,141,118. The Han:>e Towna nearly monopolise theii carry ini? trade with the United State*. In 1842, only $176,220 were transported in American bottoms, whil (2,097,799 were carried in lere gn vewel* ; in 1843 only (12,334 were transpoi ted in American bottom*, while (90s 631 were carried in foreign vessel*. We have ueaily all the carrying trade in our commerce with Russia, British East Indiei, France,Cuba and Spanish West Indiei, Mediterranean ports, Mexico, Brazil, China 4.C., which gives employment to a very largo amount of A merican tonnage The carrying ol our exports is more distributed, and the vessels of all nations como in for a portion of this trade, but even in this our own vessels take the greatest share. K.sronT Trap* or thi: Unitid Statks, Divisions er <'abhti?<i Tradk iiktvtkk.i Amtkican and Forkign Vassal * Damratic Exjiorti. 1842 1843 In Ameiicsn vessels (71,467 634 (f0,t07bl9 In Foreign vessels 21 ,502 36-2 17,685,964 h'oreign Exports In American vessels (,435,389 4,94ft 817 la Foreign vessels 3,296,149 1 606 880 Total value of Exports,. ,(104,691,534 (84,346,480 It is seen that notwithstanding the restrictions placed upon American bottoms in foreign ports, our vessels Jo a very large portion of the carrying trade connected With our impottu nnd our exports. Our coasting trade being confined exclusively to our own vessels, a very large amount ol tonnage is employed in that business. This trade is annually increasing a very large per cent, and new lines of packets arc almost monthly forming between this and some of thesouthera ports Old Stock Kxclinngr, 31.VW NVork 7's. '49 I0!> 71 shas Chemical Bk 24 31(10 N York 5's, '58 10i>!? 24 Illinois grate Bk 2G ''Mill Ohio 5's,'SO 99J4 15(1 Paterson RR 85 50(10 Ohio 7's l(Ki noo Buininuton RIl b30 17 4(10 City 5'k 1011 150 do 47 3000 Ohio fi's, 'CO '.?? 75 L Islaud RR 83 7000 do 99 V 50 do 82?.< 1001(1 do b60 100 100 do 82^ euro Illinois 6's, To 4:1*4 mo do s30 wjJ 130110 1I0 43*2 50 do b30 81 5000 do be) 43? 150 do sfiO 82% 50 shas Morris Canal lOJj, 100 do bl5 81 100 Mech'sBk 11" 100 Harlem RII 12% 15 He I Si iludion Canal 118 50 do h30 73 20 ltk Com. scrip * 98 100 do bill) 73 200 do 100 do UK 50 do 43H 200 do 74% 50 do b30 43}i 275 do 75 100 NHaven Canal 20 100 do nw 745a 25 Erie RR 21 25 do 74 50 Reading RR tw 52*4 50 do b3fl 75 1(10 do 52 25 do *10 74% 50 Canton Co 46 100 do *60 74 160 do 45% 50 do 15da 74% 100 do b30 46 Scroti (I Board* (10(10 Illinois bonds 43 50 shas Nor and Wore b3 76 100 shas Farmers' Loan 13 100 StoniiiKton HR 18 ISO do 43% 300 do b30 48% 15 Me than la* Exc 2il% 50 do 47% 100 Nor k Wore RR 76 50 do blO 18% New Stock Exchange. 50 slias Farmers' Loan 43% 25 shas L Island RR s3 82% 100 do 43?s 25 do 13 Wi ill do 1'3 43% 25 Paterson RR 81% 25 Illinois Bank b30 26% 25 Stonington RR btw 46% 50 Morris Canal *3 10% 25 do bnw 47 SO do 10% 100 Nor U Wore RR b3 74 2'j Merch's Esc Co 26% 150 do 74% 100 Harlem Rll b60 74 50 do b3 74% 50 do 1)60 73W 100 do s30 71 75 L Island RR b30 83% 200 do 74% 50 do b30 8J% 25 do 74% 100 Canti'n Co 15% 100 do s3 74'? 25 do blO 16 25 do 74% State of Trade. Ashes?Pots continue very dull at (4 18j Pearls are very steady at (4 37 j a 4 43}. Exports Irom 1st to 30th September? Pots, 3 351 bbls; pearls, 925 bbls. Bsmwax?Northern and southern prime yellow sells as wanted at 29J a 30c. Breadstuff*?No change to dHy. All kinds are sta tioimry. Not much doing. The loliowmg is the statement of produce and tolls re celved ut Albany from the commencement ol canal navi gation to the close ol the mouth of September 1843. 1844 cflSaCannl open May 1st April 18th. Tolls 835 94 266 317 82 Flour, bbls 780,524 966,232 23,790 29 593 Beel,. ? ??? ....???? 5 968 18 254 Allies 29,810 31,358 Wheat, bushels 71 513 141 910 (StjCrCom 98 813 9 26# ?i Bsrley 41,930 94,102 " Cheese, lbs 2,386,600 1,683 980 Butter and lard 3,777,900 3 353.200 Wool, 1,673 900 3,267,400 "VTho receipt* ol flour for the last week of September, If44, ore 73 915 bbls ngmnst 65,627 last year. Cotton ?The salea to day are Bgain small?a.nount about 4(JO bales?all of which taken for export. O . tv-'alebonc?Nothing of consequence doing in whalebono in this market. YVtiale oil letches about 38 cei , i.? ?perm 95 a 96 cents In t'iv v ? e-k ndmg 30ih nit. 280 bbls. sperm oil and 60 bbls. w I j a! oil were imported into this country. 'l lu . jles in New Bedford last week were quite small; only about 100 bbls. whale oil, N. W. Coast, at 38} cents a gallon, cash. The contract to supply the light houses in Kettfi with 10,000 gallons sperm spring oil, and 5,000 gal lon* winter priced oil, has been ?aken in New Bedlord at 90 cents for the lorm< r, and 93 cent* for the latter. I'novisioNS-Ohio polk is rather inactive. We quote prime at *7 *>?$ a 7 62J; mess at (9 06| a 9 15. There is very little doing in beef. Small sales of city mess are ma le at (f> 25. Lard is in moderate request, and we quote sales ol Ohio, kegs, at 6$c; bbls 5j Exports from 1st to 30th September?Beef, 4,300 bbl; pork, 6,739 do; lard, 10, 018 keg* Whukkv?Western and prinon barrels are held at 24j a 25:. Diudge casks are very dull. We hear ol no sab s. Foreign market*. Havana, Sept. 19.?The rice per W. Allen, from ChailHun, sold at 11 rials; 50 casks which came from New York, brought Hlg; 120 casks, per Levant, from your port, 10 aiojallrs, according to quality. The Henry Jenkins tamu in this morningfrom your port,with 2i0cn:-k-i. which we uuderstand were engaged before hand to retail dealer*, althoug i we do not know at what price The cargo ol the Hay ne is not yet sold Molus. hi s is scarce at 4 rs; lumber in demand nt (27 a 30 per M; exchanges on Loudon, 13 a llj; en New Yoik and Boston 4 .i 4$ prem. is a large stock of rice on hand, and prices have n downward tendency, and there is no hopes of nny improvement until the present stock is con sumed. There i* upwards ot 4,000 sacks of corn en dt polite-sales at 2 a2J rs, andnviv.* Potatoes are abundant ? last sides at (2 Cheese is abundant, and the market glutted. No sweet molasses to be had hardly?last sale* from 4] to 5 r* per keg. [Correspondence of the Herald ] Ci kacoa, "*ept. 10 ? Corn meal, (175 a (4 ; flour, (ft 50 a (6; beef, mess, (9 25 a 9 50; prime, (4 50 a (5; pork, dull fair stock on hand; corn, 85 a 90c per bushel. ^ married. At St Petri's Church, on the 24th ult. by the Rev. Cha*. Constantino Pise, Mr. Conav Cavkll, ol this city, to vliss Dorothy Gallauhcr, of Charleston, South Caro lina. (O- Charleston papers will please copy. On WeJnaaday, ad inst. by the Rev. Mr. Ferguson, Mr. John H. WnoAnn, to Miss Lvdia Jonks, all of this city. Pittsburg papers will please copy. Died, On Wednesday morning, 21 inst. Mrs. Manv Ann PtcR, aged 50 years, wife oi Lewis Peck. Their relations and friends, as well as those of he r son* in law, Wm E. Sawin and John W. Ritcb, are invit ed to attend the funeral, to-morrow afternoon at 4 o'clock, from the house of John W. Ritch, 544 Oreenwich street. 1'aMeiitfcm Arrlvert. Ilio nr. Janeiro?Ship Courier?Mrs Riddell. Mrs Bnrdell, son and se'rvant, Miss Graham. I'aiit Riildell, E Hihlidrautt. Cuhai os?9chr Ontario?Mrs Hellena John and child, Miss Joanna Statt/., Mr. A Frois, Mr Mortineer. Savannah?Ship Newark?W Todd, J Todd. Pnistiigcrt Nnlled. London?Ship Mediator?Mr Clark and lady, Boston; Mi^s Dvolt and servant, Mr Etlinver, (Germany. Livfupool?Ship ('amhridKn?J VlcCsho, Dublin: J Milioy, Senilend; Mrs Wriiiht, Yorlc<liir?', Eng; Mr Oreeiihonirh, Eilin buruh; J Sii'wart, E?i|., 1> Williamson, Vliss Williainsom, N York: H Saunders, oilth Itillis, 11 A.Canada; Miss 9autid?ri, N.'w Vork. Livr.Hpodi,?Siesmship Britannia, from Boston?P Arkley, bearer of de'Spatclies; J 11 Bo'dini, W 11 Barnard; H WimmIs null F It s-irs. of Boston; R O Williame, Caiman, Conn: Dn rhsstle, W II Smith. T Richardson, A H Finlev, A Heliefer, Jenkins, A W Jnffray, J S Petri* and ladv, Ward and C Moral! of New Vork; R S Thomas and H Farham, of Philadelphia; W Wootlville. of Baltimore*; A F I) Oifford. Richmond, Vs., J Tennant. of Virainia; Mr? Jeffreys, of Michigan; E J For rescill, of Nrw Orli'ins; Miss Oicden; Sir O Simpson; P S Ok >lfii and E M Hopkins, of Lachine, Canada; 11 Ounter, Oiitrain << Harrison and *lrs Bell, of Liverpool; J S LoveriiiR, of Parii; P llvnniend, of England; A Di'mingand W Joum, of Dub lin; F Raumerand il Rauner, of Prussia. MARITIME HERALD. MkIIIii^ Days ot the NUainslilps. STKsSIKRS. FROM LIVF.RPOOI.. FROM aMKBICA CslMtouia, Lott S.-pt. 19 (let. 16 Acadia, Harrison Oct. 4 ... Nov. I 11 Western, Matthews ' >ct. 12 Nov. 9 Ililwrni.A, Ryrie Oct. 19 .. Nov. It; Cambria, Jtulkins Nov. 4 Dec. 1 Slilp Masters nml Agenl*. We shall este'rin it a favor if (ySptain* of Vessels will give to Korkht Sii.vmt, ('uptain of our N<*ws Boats, a report ol the shipping left at the port whence they sailed, the vessels npokfii on tneir passaiie, \ list of their cargo, and any foreigi ni'wspnmvs, or news thev may have. He will hoard themim in-diatelv ou their arrival. Auents and Corr.-*|M>ndents at homi or hliMHil, will also confer a favor by sending to this office all the Marine Intelligence they can . bt&in. Nnutieal Informs, lion of viy kind will beihanefullv received. I'U.-tT Olf IHkW tUlUi, UCTOBE11 U. in n . 12 39 Cleared. *rf Ship Sarah Sc Arsllia, Bnimnn, Havre, A Itichsrds.?Brig* John 11 Osrdner. Peilrnon, Beline, (Ion. k' Alexsneler; I aynga. Bedell AptlachiculH, I'osik Plullipi; Mseon, Hsyden, Sai .m ,h. It M DeiniJI; Ohio,, (ieoryetown, Hl_:. Baeliter fc R Davis, V\'nsliiugtc... ? .. ?. jscliHon, Wilnuni;t>ni, Nt1. S Powell; Julia & Nancy, S'er ling New hem. R M Blsrkwell; St Pierre, Ferguson, do, Medsd Piatt. Ar>lveil. ^!iij? 1 i urier, Wolfe, from Rio Jineim, Aug. 1(?, with IViO bs?s coffee to A. Fosur k Son. Spoke 7th 13 N, Ion 45, M?h, R M Dernill; Ohio, Vear.te, eeeoraetown, itailger X Peck; Dimon, trvin, Charleston, Dunham Si Dimon.?schrs i'edemonta, nlaisden, La (inayra, (}eo Whitaker: Star Davis, U isliiiiatoii, N< II (.'nmitHrden h Son; ( has E Thorn, H?T?eh?ll,*7 dayi from Rio for B..?t on; 26th, lat 31 30, Ion 67 30, llf4 A',n- I Br] from St Andrew* for Jamaica. nbip IVewark, Kie^mtn, 12 day# from Savannah, with 50 bales cotton Zt5 tea rie? to Dunham &l Diiiioii. 25th nit. lat 33, Ion 76. Picked up 11 us captain .unl c rew uf the schr Topic, Burn*, of N?-wl?ur> port, from Norfolk for Mobile. Tlie ?chr wm dis masted on the 24th, Ut 31 51, Inn 77 10, in a u*le from hSL. lo?t both iii i.nI>, bowsprit. stove bulwaiks, ri|?i??-?! up deck, flic?whs spoken by brig Georgians, of Boston, for Philadelphia, but did not with to be taken off?was afterwards compelled to leave trie schr as she was in a sinking condition. Capt Burns and jrew return their sincere thank* to Capt. Freeman for his kindness au<l mention. Ship II. Allen, Wilson, 11 days from Charleston, with 123 bs cottou SO tcs rice, to Q. Huttou?and others. Has encountered heavy weather. Marque iVlary Chilton. Corning. 52 days from Kio <?rande, with 10.1100 horn* 11.750 hides 30,000 shin bones 40 bale* hone hair to K. Corning fli Sou. Barque Clulde Harold. Drew, from Leghorn, Aug. 18, w ith mdse, to P Harmony's Nephews flt Co. Brig Antares, Mann, 26 days from Tobasco, with 442*2 qtls log m '*od to order. Left, Lowell, My rick, for Marseilles, 2 d?>s ?had lost one man; Moxy, of Thorn as ton, from N Orleans, air 4tb; Amelia, [ Kr] for Nantes Spoke 18th tilt, lat 21 19. loll 83 8, Merchant, 12 days from Kingston for NHaven?bad lost one mail at K, and the captain was il*n sick. 27th. oft* 1 jpe Hair* ras, ei|*rteuced a heavy g.ile from NK?lost deck load, stove bulwark* and snrung a leak of 800 strokes per hour. Brig Aeolus, Welsh, 28 day* from Cieufuegos, with 700 bhls siig ir 168 logs mahogany to ltanioii de Xaldo; 15 hhds 1U bbls molasses A. Pena. Left. Neptuue, for Boston, 2 day?. Brig Monaco, Bray, 17 da> s from Ponce, PH. with 202 hhds sugar to Meyer flt Stucken; 30 do 27 hhds 73 bbls molasses 73 do sugar to order. I.elt, Magnolia, for Baltimore, nest day. Brig Larch. Abbott, 20 Js from St John. Pit, with JO hds mo lasses. 160 do sugar. Left 13th Sent brig Frances Aim, for Bal timore; Brothers, Therlon, for N York 5 days. Brig K. W. Brown, from Mobile, via Key West 16days, with cotton, ike. to Sturges 8c Clearinau. Spoke off Salt Key, N G Bourne, 25 da>*3 fm NVork for St M irks. The U W has ei|?e rienced very severe weather. Schr Ontario, Vinall, of Scituate, Mass., from Cvrscoa, Sept 10, w ith mdse to Booiieu Graves Sl co. Left Kagle, Kullerton, of Pi rtland, unloading lumber fm Wiliningtou, to go to Rio la iiiph^i to load in i da; Barah Beodty. Koopman, of Portland, n*p'g, had lieeu ashore on the A vet, where she remained Mi hour*; had been surveyed, &c; got on shore owing to strong ? urrenU and chronometor lieing out of the way; went ou at night in a squall. Aldebaron, Prior, of Bostou, to commence this day Idg salt for Cienfuegos; Oregon, Newcomb, of N Bedford, for "ale; Ariel, Sturdivant, of Portland, sld 9th for Amsterdam. Spoke, in lat 35 30, Ion 73 30, brig Croton, Soullard. hence for Mobile. Schr * eylon, Crooker, 20 ds fin Port au Prince, with t>0 tons logwood 2tl bbls ginger and $2,500, to A ( Hossiere 21st, lat 37. Ion 75. spoke brig Kmeliue, fm Havana for N York. Schr Patuxent, Clarke, from Matauzas, Sept 23, with molas ses to Head flc Hoppock. Sld in co. with Tahmaroo, Sinclair, for Falmouth, Kng, and a market. Left in i>ort, Robert Mills, Harding, wtg freight; Uncle Sain. Baker, fm Boston, disg;Gu lielma, Mayo, fm H tvaua to finish ldg; Ontario, York, just arr; Maria, Just arr fm Boston. Schr Belle, Sloanel H day* from Klizabeth City, NC, with naval stores, to William 6l Northam. Schr Oriental, Hubbard, 3 days from Philadelphia, with coal to master. Schr Mary Deborah, from Philadelphia. Schr Texas, from Philadelphia. Schr Kliza Williams, from Philadelphia. Schr Kinily Knight, from Thoinastou. Sloop Juno, froin Providence. ilelow* One ship, one brig, unknown. B7* Ships Cambridge, Mediator, and 8t Nicolas, outward bound, still remain at anchor at the S W Spit. Correspondence of the Herald. Rio Janbibo, August 15th, mi t. In Port?Shaw mil t, Higgins, from Boston, for do; Geo Gard ner, Walker, Buenos Avrt s, for Baltimore: Globe, Krliug, Per nambuco, for Philadelphia; Janet, Buck. Pernambuco, for Bal " ill ?ailIho*t^DtMnir'i*n<1 Coo?"'? friirate Constitution, do in ? ??.I"" V Yi Imonth; V.'tK-i;do.boit 19th instant fnr 'lo 17lli, for Norfolk' Dainhri.l,.I ? "l'l? 'K*iK? Pioneer, Coast of Africa.1 u*",br,d??. ?l" ?' a lew day, for the The schr Globe, of Wi?ca.?/^0f^^.A?"m??^? snT8 A- M With a cargo of coal, duririK theNK mI w1 i "r U<,aton. ?lay morning, layint.t them.'oth ,,f ?" .???urd?y or Hmo Jiowj-r cable oiid comj elled to l"u"'<1 t""r,lw3t hw fain going on the shoals FWfi.l * bot.h masts to keep anchor, the captain and crew left l?-r i,. 1 <Juni-let at t"'r in the long boat, and arrived here iu,11,''" J""1* t,le **'? m, ,^A-ftpr 'he ICale abat?K t^y raturned w the^wihr a 10 A" fr?m ?">?rvatory, wfctfcth^r d^'^. Rhodk Iilamver Orrice, > o_?B ? Mlwellaneouii Kecorrt. . Sunk.?Pilot bonf I)' IC about 10 miles Sfci of the Highlands reporU ^ ?chr sunk at tsrjr and out of (?roriliou" V w,ikI1"'. ??? leaking badly, Caiie f'oge J9th uft! l"r''rnl,,t *"n<* wa* ljeen at anchor off op"o,i,p New Captain Juge and the Arlut'rator*0^?.6 lmtween ?nlrage on the Km^hW*^Lo^ J recene their award ?liich wa* 12^1'', , , . " i*u ,vlu:"', to yetterpay bv aud with th, adviceof^e Vwii A l!ros',~l1,"t place compromised w ith the VV',,.eL...i ?'Ai;e?t, at thl, i he schooner Kanrer of H ilrim. r ^ ^hei" 40 per cent, my la.t, ha* l^? MCftaf ' Von in }V?? "Old at suction Oil the 31st t f l>air? and '?T vivace awarded on Cr 'wi.?ftpr, ?tilt with the French Consul theren.llr* *?,"e i!" con that can be mail- with the balance jhe bestduposition advise* him t., r.-,l,ip it | e wil? rh... -i "" cTKO- If h? fioin here, if not he will return ?. i T ,a vessel to take it i. very bad. Noith* ?ewi. " "f " The weather arrived^at Isle^of Boilrlio^J'^.n^^'Y10r"' MO bbls spoil . need , tretnendon" ^afe' on'Tle22? ZfTu' tail on cruise off Fort Dauphin, nej[t d?v "'''alred ?"?? would in BelfiI,,i"I:'V.iT^of'ib,?*!'zoo l'|ardv?r ? 0,o Kol"???. ?d by Finite Ut Bradford oV Bo^oi J i'1 ,,he.M?r'" Spear, owu Catit John Willi, ' and to be commanded by month of Sept., Hi). Arrival"?1''' a'"' c'earanc" during the Coutwiie, T mT"*- Sloop,. Total. Foreign, :i2 in 'W ? ioh Priti,h; a,';i 132 S"hr" r%???'? ?hr BarytiM. BH^*! Schrs. .Sloop,. Total. Koteign, j ,, lr'2 13 262 UrVtU-'i ttF^h-itrii3^ ftml ,V? "'hooner, we" 'sr??learfd'aJi'd VaifA^n'Jj'e'l^th7'!'!'^^'"''* u -i . ? Whitlemen. 1^, il "m .It. r.?.i,n, Fate,, Pacific d-s-WSR k'Tn.1 chiitiro r:vw?11'. ?o lo?^"o0.n' Sc,tUlt,'? from for Curacoa, 6th ult. lat 31. llenry, of Salem, Aug .10, lat 37 50, Ion 50. Foreign I'orti. mrlt "nVfor^Yofk^^ilnTfi^r ^^^cki-ole, of Tho for N Voi k, few^^Uy.j 1 ff'of ffift A^.Kl>, ^-"Phia. r,,r'NYork'i-^8idbuut'm?n\tei:; ManiHnVilt^u dav"'" UM,u,n'' for Manilla, for :!'S 11 o w p ,* S| ,a w ' \ Orlea li s ^ 17th' n"'!'1' ,IoJ? Warrior, (irirfith. Charleiton. UunU|'-?"r''"n. Bo,ton. Sld CMTW3^; Jolinsouj^doi rm' Liucolu. Hiiladelphia. ScotV Scotlam/pn5' ^R,mo?lh; Helen ion. Dnffil; Oii*w" Pirdv ' ! /?"""? ???tte;Cjy Se ford, London; f-'arleton \ 11 ( .li'.U/l..'L ' '.,r<""J?e. liick S-idJlo, Portstnoiith; Onvt Hoiru C^astle, Hliito; Maripii, of 6,ite, Har?ev*'vvT!IIkf \ln^ui,r'rli reii McKinnon; S .l,tt U S.|f? r f i*?ri? I 'romiie derland; Counts .if D^ham .8,Twe ^' rDLIO",l S? M'ryport; Venture, Bl.irkjili iu- lib.! v^'mah, I eters, H.XrMra; !\r ;? $ "?"'? Vmte (nrU \1 . ' l"'?iil?. and Kli/.a A in. li .t ,, la?.k? F>?rt*. ton, Sandusky ' ' ' Orl?#n?, ( hicago; Beuning ch.?;u liRa L?i ' ?' t llMl N"W*". Broil,on, Tela, 2d, all f?, uv upiwhakea! limit* Port,. Uff.R 111.R, Sept 20?Arr Lincoln, Hrei.iey,ind Kansom. Has kell, Boston. ... Bootiihav, Sept 23?Arr Tametiend, l.ovrtt, Boston; r.d ward, Tooth lier, Bermuda. Bahooii, S?'pl 26?Ari Warwick, Weeks, Liverpool. I'oiiti.*Mi>, Sept 2!l?Arr llarriseeket, Moody , r lederick, bnric. NothuiK sailed?Wind NK, with rain., Sep! 30?< Id Oregon, Howe. Africa. Bonon, Oct I?Arr Susan, < ampnell, I'oint I'etre, (iiiad; Wave, Roger,, Richmond. < III Britannia, (?) Hewitt, Liver pool; Duthury, (of Bosion, late of Salem) Kimball, Sumatra; i.-orvo, Atkina, All! Caves; INarrsgAiiset, Dealebecho, Srw Orleans. Ut, p m?Arr Vic'or, Ch ise, Trinity, Mart?on Sun day last,off ('?|ie Ann, lost mainsail and fore topmast staysail, split topsail, stove bulwarks, Sir; S.trr*!, Si Klitalieth, Tabbutt, Addison?on Sunday last, in Ipswich Bay, d?riiiK tlie gale, lost deck load of piles. Signal for a ship; also for a barque ijone into Siletn -prolialily the I' it liter, from /anlibttr. HailM, wind NW. good breer.e, steamer Britannia (about 2 p m); Dunbury, Kli Whitney, Moutiielier, l'obt Wain, Tu k, "nil. New IJi nronn, Sept 30? Arr Atalanla, Sherman, and Oneco, He'd, PhilarlelptiiA; .\1obawk, Norris, snd Rnselta, Nurris, MmiMtnond. Oct I?Air Cornelia, Hicketaon, NYork; Pinion, Kldridge; Oerngiana. Bourne, una Bolina, Albany. Hi glial for i ship. Sld Hollander, t nllairau, Auislerdam; Julie. Swensen, lloiteidsiii; It ichuioud, I'lishmati, \ I ork KlKisRrowr), ^ept :ki? A'!ia>iy INcket, Virginia for Wevinouth; Hetrieve, Burnlum, I'lul .delphii lor (iloiicesttr; Larfcin. I hiirbnck, do for iJoston; ^ uikee, llew itt, N V'ork lor do; ai d many others bound hi. WlLMIMUTOJi, N< Sept 24?Arr Tuscan, Higgius, Charles ton. i Id Nauvoo, Nickerson, Surinam. < nam.? ston, ^.-pt 27?In the offing, Harriet Rockwell, fiom Newport via ( ardiff, W; Ocean, Willnrd, Liverpool. Arr 26th, /. Iting. Suiirt, snd Moses, Loveluia, v\otk. Sld Zephyr, K by, MartinU|?(. Arr 25th, May, Treach, Kredaricksburg.? isSSjErEJE^l fessr4! srt. Detn II Mi N.I, v\ i! ?,v '"''"I', died "I lever Sid I'etei iiiuiiiii'. ri(J K<>*.rl?nd \liiu"i '? V?Iu'7j Bradbury, Tho men uid F.eel II vV |-ner|>ool. hid Newark, >i?e KV yWrsi i,,11VN V 'Lrl\ Arr 25th, Exact, Paxil,n. do St Mark. 1 li-iouched, J D Noyes, from NYork f<> Arr T',iieyra,,j' Tri?* .\>.w Oiiu,,, Srpt22_Air Marengo Orav. Havre ? ,1. \rr ;?j j (V/nrii'1' nVVi"1 ' ^'den.&raiid Cayinant \1 smL: i, V'r Ni,nvrvBVHfr; I - i v #-n?? >ol. C\d ' Mth 6co ,? J.pLr. Havana. Arr I.t, eri??. I ?? """?n '" V?l,;1 " '''dsor Ca.tle, Patterson oft tfl! bIi:^ i?,r?rmrsll,x"iX I'laud?17th inst. 50 mite. B'-rMiire Kill: ?">hn Bowles, ifunia, a native of C'lM?u t^Yi**'*KD? A 1 ,,,k\"f ?t",ur thtrtv veir. o'age, He rii.J,<LYl!.y "T,"'"- ,""u'1 W?t Indies.? Fuclish li>iun?s i W acquainted with the Oermau and .i N l ll k t , "1 l"'"\ ,h* "nm" 'im<-, under f autl tlie |> rencli language, will hav* thr immediately to box 185 Lower I'ost Office by a young FreneliiuM, iu a private French tvle Vl.'T . r*" ?C"n ??"k l)* ,H'"1 Knglish aed ci" h- ^ Mr ' ? WANTED, " " A SITUATION AS IRONEK?By a yonug KreachWo 'nan. who ha. heeu hr..unlit up to the business Site can pr.idufr l ij. tr.i rr^MU'nei'd.Ui.'i; for W character and her bum 3'* re 'V * Seraphiue. sa4?ftr- snstT"1 **?? -"??<?? Sjfc WMTOh f"r '"?* a,,J *.'colul h*lld ''stent ?>ti? rs!X Ih..'.. J r ? labor-s machine, a* the.y entirely ? perteut tin use of ironing; smooth urn table linen shew* with great rapidity and be my without tW he ^on' .t llffirt:' % m,,Ci' W",k <T day ai aiTc",: ?'th numli-r of DrZL ?. H "* u" m V"!0'''"1 hotel, and a w ii'rk .Trrdae^d raZw! Locl"m,ll"n?. aut' a" in.,, LSwItM^V l?t imunt, in Broadway be' ii , <*a 7 / Barclay .ntnvts, a?Hair Bracelet with a Idoo. n ih, Hasp By leaving if ,t Oel.tS", ji^'lle, * "3 tA rr Wl" he "'itably rewarded. LV,;SIr'"wT,lk^^thr<':l'<h W'?.liiiiBtmi I'laceand Broadway ~T t0 ,l"' coner of Fourth ttreet .,,,,1 Lnfayati.' I'lace ,^ ,1,,: HUerni on, a Stone ante* BKACF.LKT. Whoever wiff^tum wTrd"1" J Washi"t{,0? l'l?ce, will receive a auiuble re - ??? ol It*re L tw'-rM" iT'".""1"}; ?/ter"1??? iuat., ou.beriHid be Faim?^ iJv'. lm m" i, ,?i at Harlem, and We.t rarinj, a Uuy s fm-ill worked bag, (red and ureen ) contninintr W"',^ll<i-r*d ?>'"<^'-rrl,i.f, <everil pi?"?. 5f>we1?? j? - fr L r ? V arV^ry^ll.ii,l,v h>'owner, beinjc p^?eV?ti Thf finder will be liimllyrewa^byWini wnf, k' K0(!r,'l'|,^Vi! ^ \r'?VVV?,lruff. K?n .We., Karm.^ ?'r nun r.. k t oMun & f,o.t M Xomh *t. ^^irlVc VV.'ui" ?(J('A n"*t'"K of thi. Society will take l(l> V'^Vk ^MtnervaKoon,,. 4& Broadway (late Concert Hall,) on Ihurnday even'ng, October 3. , B>' (lrdef of 'lie K*ecutive Committee, 0,!Jt m W. tiltlFFITH. Secretary. m,iv I.** TUST PUBLISH!?. T aVvfRTIs'i.^ ufw y.US'CALCIIRONICLE AM) ?r\i ? i A,S-'n> a Weekly Paiier, devoted to the inters.ts a ti e'nri,ae- ^Vt"C!^"n 0,nc,e1l4 ?)?'"? Copie. for.ale \!/ . i j ? I ?'nodical Aiie,it*. bu,iii?r '"""eiJ""elyi a" active Boy, used to the new.paper o3 2tis#rc ]^)1 E" T1L u n V.tonational FF.KL riff"- I I'Jteid.u a body of wln^s, headed by a while bile riff and m?>, ral ro*dy hghtintc men. t*nirai?ed for the occasion w^i'^ rrV^ ' the ubjf tice of t\ie democratic voter., who tf \ . i meeting in Albnny. attacked that good old liberty pole,,,, the corner of Clinton and (irand .tn'et.,?a? fi. ? rfT ,frOII|,V ' ',Wi,y| I'fol'ahly to be .old for h,. wood to enable .orne of them to keep up the warmth of an - should be'nroud "W""* '? 'V"y ".'"'f \ w'^li A.n, ,'can, h??2?I?'hi. pohv, on which the star, and striin * have io often proudly floated, wa. rai.ed, a.i we 1-arn, -ome Ai irs since, by general subscription, when the heart, of the truly patriotic commingled, a, i, Here, in one, and vvh-n Sound argunv-nt took precedence tofoul blows. It was no longer thin Tuesday that the glorious flag of all Americ?-we ?y .Sl Ame rica, so far as her real interests are concerned?shone forth iu nil iiL'ht'w^T ?n t,W ,u'n"''t. of this beautiful pole, but the Sikht nastoo galling to tin'British whig., and they took the occasion yesterday to remoM- it, iu the base .uiddH.tar'lTv inan Ijerwlnive described. However, their sueakiiu purpose will !?? , o'?? .kr "" democrat, of the ward are determined on ha viog'anothe,, and on which toike-p our country's banner J aunting in the yet free air-no matter how much it m ?y brieve the hearts of the paltry Poltroons ? ho carried off the one yes terday. They will not probably lind the defenders of the il nT'V K abr,e,u ?" a,;ot,>w'occa.ion, and we would advise tin m to beware ol the awakened lion. oU lt?ri; STEAM BOAT OUTRAGE A N OUTRAGEOUS attempt by the steamboat Teleentnli to run into the steamboat Washington Irving, wherein- Syr hvesofmanv passengers ??re greatly endaiigemi, took place o'elneL [? ?vi AT1"' '."Mr ['"* foot of Chambers street, at 3 *!?.?.?, i1 "7<!a\. t,", .'5l ?JT October, instant, which Produced the universal indignation of those w ho witnessed it Immediately after the collision, the p.u.eng,.r. (m "o"d the In ing convened, and having chosen j*s. A Hamii.tov K.o I'*irman,and J?mk. Smith, K.q., Secretary, it was d?e, ,Vi r. :t i",t."j o.?tr?Ke in 'lUe.tiou was evidently pro dnced by a deliberate de.ip, of the oflicers of tlie Telegraph to pa"*eiiKen " 'rv,n?i ifOrdles. of the live, of the Ke.idved, That this meeting recommend the owners of tlu> ihil as crimliaVfo?^^ the tribUaal ?f i be arrested without delay, and subjected to punishment both line and imprisonment, for ,he offence iu .piestioii. The public are informed, that the owner, of the Telegraph own also fhe steamboat < olumbus, and as they air engaged In siua in.l'^ v'v'V".! " WVl""Ktc?n. Irvir-V. '"'tween Sing ,| V ' .1 . ' 1 ' c<""l"c? "f Captain "tnthilI. imnie 'J i,e i ;i ./.'r , !" rV'^-W'Jpe'd.nrir prudent and forbearing. f \Jn n ' h'rn, and fn.m the conduct of tlie ? |n ,n: "on;' " wa.appreh led that .lie de "axUTON.r^' D^ity^vu';rfiSVIiSTwil'.i'X|if.,'v M f'-V "ow: f ? i | ,. * 'f IA11LE8 VV HIGH I would inform lii.i arr^MirH'^-r1""" that ,,i? ??-l>ooirorin?tructi?g il.e art of Dancing, will commence at the above room on Tuesday Bgfe.S3tefe.fcS!?" ?**??" feiKr"' _ ? . " "wH0~plSCOVERED ITT I ) ,he ir. wL8.i, LK'M "l,0i DomiSi l"2.'1'. introduced to ?r ,k ' ? ''T public the mode of inserting Artificiil In^MS "'in tIT'11 j11 ? "f adhesion by atmospheric pressure.? In I?3j, 40, Other dentuU make tlie laughable claim ol this uie table P^stefor fil'lTi^'? '!! ^ ,**!! ''""X flaim his inimi talile raste To, filling hollow, tender teeth, wtnch is put into the tooth in a soft state, and iu a lew seconds becomes as hard and Si w'S"", original sound tooth. The lirst fami ie? in the United SMtes use and recommend it. The most duto gmshed physicians, made cognizant of its harmless com binations I rom their own practical eiperience, recommend it t has received the highest commendation from the TreSs " ler? to ti,e Spamsh, French and Knglisb Ambassa dors, Spanish and Kngli.h, N. V . the Phv.iciau. and Surgeons of the Universities, N. V., and New York City Hos fccaKcUmer?U* fn""wit '"embers of the bar and church, 03llh ' A. C. CA8TLK. M. I).. Dentist. 3d Broadwar 1JKAFNK5!?. ~~ Sof s7o7oWA*-",,rf,L'*AR11S- ^tTRISTS, in eouaequckM of toul deafne.v and d.scharv?? from hU ear that wliil* in New York, on bin w<y to Kngland. lie i taceci Aurists UUId,:,rdL,rr,>V,0"M car*,?f I)r?- ' Kdwards. Aurists. Under th -ir treatment Iw recovered hi. hearing, and has returned to his military duty. s,Kn''d, H. McNEVEN, M. D , AgoOSfi A sure cure for incipient Deafueta, Ear Ache, Pains, Buxrangs or .iiiging sounds iu the ears, collections of hard wax or vitiated secretions of the organs, '1 heir Acoustic UU ha. bee,, a ? ,u' lar remedy as a curative in all diseases of the ear. for upwards u/|t>?"J".ty mr*- ??cw removed to 381 Broadway, corner vvinte street. ,24; |(nh $2,000 $2,500 $3,000 JVIONKY TO Lt>AN. To loin on bond and mortgage. Apply to THOvlAS WARNER, Attorney and Counsellor, . 18 City Hall Place, . J turner of Uuane street \ic Jt* rc uk. l) i u s a y , OCULIST o. AND OPHTHALMi;; SURGEON, No. HU WiamberSMt. *<luors W. ofUmdwny, .. NEW YORK, PJOIS h INKS his practice to Di.ir4st.s or thk Eric, and Ore V 'IuIOIW uponI that Organ tuul iU appendage. Artilicial Eyes inserted. Dr. I>. ,ias for the last eight years devoted bin atten tion almost exclusively to this importAut branch of tlie prof.a s.on, having been a pu) .1 of Dn. El.wOTt, sub?*)ueutly hi. as sistaut, and la(?r practising at Charleston. S. C. For Orni. Tiosr. (strabismus, eawract, Stc .) ,u,d tmatm-nt. chairs mmlerate. OlliCe hours Iroui # A. i\1. to 6 I' M .4 lm*ec U'r-' V' ,'." 11 ^ r?n?olted confidentially at his Ot u hee, Ii. Duaiir street, two door, from (;h?ihn-n. Strangers are.fspectluHv.informed thist l>.Co rbltt is a member of the Uim rsity ol the City of New \ ork, and that he has esclinive ly e.ohfiiM-J bis nnc.tee fr.Mn b?ing general to the t.ealm*ir ?f V? l*'!?" ? I""1"' "|,'r*n *<??? in the city of N?\v York ) a Inch engsSe, ?,is -mire atVution. The annals of m- dici,. ? do not record gren'er succaas than it to be found in his p.actiee. I i? Doctor cautions the nn^ortnuaia again..! the use ol mercury, MX It h.s ,'.S tb?.-tw?id* of victiin. Recent case, tre in a It w day. removed entir.-ly from t!? .ystem. See tlu-t J'"1' ,""3,|V 'r ,1 hy a person Irgafly unalilud, and JSL " fr "lr u ,l""* are Severn of,hem iu this ,.i I . , 1 C,r promoted and inveterate cases need not despair of be lag rc.,tored to health, by apply iug i? l)i Corbitt. A pr.etice of many year, has Mlablul^f tbe Doctor . repotation fr.r i! 1 -.mI re.| ectAhility. Strictures <ng <e tlie Doctor r irof.tind atTaulinn. A rooliciue maybe bad to pre r"' t r? r^rUin 'It in anv of :f.i fortrsn, ?!g ?],? * -r SftTTiTTi HKWAiiu^-Aft'iuciKlc Mixh m^ vptJ\J\. ht.r th" cure ol <#f)norrhaa, (ile u, Htricttirwi and i Co,Vi,! ,,,iU 'jfr'r?,u, Keriemtion. Ul ill renft9?lif? yet aiteorerud for tlie above eompbinti thu II the ino.t certain. ' It hiakea a sjieedy and i*rinaiieut cun", without toe leuitw !ine.U"U 10 exposure, or change in ?pplie.e,ion to b'j. . _ure 9? tuaekish lecommeudations to ib>?eire the public. II tlie medicine dwi not speak for itself, no one sli li speattrofit. Our object is to notify whe? it can be had, ai d Ule propri. lor challengMa single case^if rect ut Oonorrhata to b? br.iught in which the Mixture will uolcffecta rapid cun? uud. i ? forfeiture o( ^>03. 'i'hta m a din-ate that uufortunately pervades all ranks of s... ctety?higb. low rich and poor, matrimonial and ningfe. They II* lien- preset,led with a remedy ny which the, can aire them selves without I he least exposun , in the shortest time possible r urther, tin- disease cannot I* coutracietl if a dose of thr Mix ture I t taken at ui^iit on going to lied when ettposed. It is put up in bottlea Willi lull directions accompanying it. at (1 a bottle. (hie bottle lasts a week, which genera fy cures? msj.y ar- cured in two days. * For sale .,oly ai Wm ll Milnor's. IM Broadway, corner of /onii st, opposite frranklin U >us<', New YoiU Mr Barry, cor ' ?r ol Chwuiut unl Seventh stwrtti, Phils.M,.(.!,? "d^t^ I M rv"i ' '' ' ? T"?'"n;2l < anal street, New "t* and n.i Main street. Cjnciuinti. .18 ???'ec lit lftil OAl'.VIbAb?About two tons, iu good order, lor .ale ?X e J. 11 Kit DM A\, ? jrt)U*^ ?treet. GCRAP?I 10 tons Knglish. afloat, ft* sale by WOtlDHULL & M IN TURNS "i"'- ? S. utb street. rvolThK?iiWi cases very suierior KimiIi.Ii, liom I', to :? oz sale by E K. COLLINS Si CO, ' * ' '<!? Heuth street D AOS?SO bale. No. I Leghorn Kag., for.ale by T\ .Her rutww^- ItH.TTlfts M M.J ?7_N.*,? ? VAf Hl-.A 1-~ 24?i0 ton iu i. I'nm, Illinois. Foi Mile bv Vr.c E K. cOLI.INsfcuo. b"'" fv rwfe r,"m ,V7?4 ji Bonlli lueet. AUCTION SALES. SAMUEL PHILLIPS Auctioneer, More, IU Ann ttrtrl. THURSDAY, Oct. 3, at 10 o'clock; ?t 8 Barclay street' Household Furnitue. among which are, tt iltuti, BrttmrU and ingrain Cuwu; main>g*n> mil fuic) Uh>i>>; Sola, extension dining Table, card ana tea Tables, marble lop ceutre and pier Tablet, Wardrobe, brass Fenders. cookliig Stoves, Oil Cloth, I'handiliers, I..mips. Also, the Kitchen I leusils. Twins cash. Sale without re-erre. SATURD\Y, Oct. Mb, at lV5kJ William street, the entire Household Furniture, by ord>rof the Public Administrator. Ot 2t*rc KXTKNS'VE *\i.K OK NKW ANO SKCONO HAM) FURNITI RE-HKNRV E W1LLAKD will sell, (hit morning at In1, o'clock, in'he store 3UI Broadway corner Du imHiM, in (ilanai*) iinttif m at wwrinr r'lT Miraiv ture. new and second hand, including elegant Softs in all the fashionablestyles. Ditans, thw quarter hiiiI full French and fancy Chairs, marble to|i rentie and pier Tablet, cird. dining and breakfair d ?, W.ird'oliet, Bookcase*, marble top Up-siing Hiire.iu?nd enclosed Wnsh>t inda plain do, rocking and sew ing Ch ti's, list Stand*. h delioards, < ar|iets, Bed', Bedilug, Ula???*are. Counter and Desk Looking Glass, Piano Forte, Iron Safe, Wa?hing Jack, kc. Sti -. The second hand goods from gentleman leaviiiK the city. J'ale peremptory. o3 lt*tn BKN1AMIN MOONEY, Auctioneer. HARDWARE AUCTION NOTICE.?B. MOONKY Co will sell Thin Day at 10 o'clock, at the Store No. 91 Maiileu l.ane, a gei eral assortment of Hardwaie, Ike., viz?Mill Siws, Brass Candlesticks. Siud l'a|ier, Knives and Forks, Pocket Cutlery, Guus, Hooka aud Hinges, Kilt*. Hand and Pauuel Saws, tic. AI?o, 12 casks Tiac- Chains. Alto, an invoice of German Hardware. Also, Fancy Good*, Guitars, Sic., Sic. Catalogue*are now ready. o3 lt*rc REVUE FRANGAISR, PEP FAMILLES ET l'1-.S PEN8T0NNATS THIS it tin tit'e of a new trench Mouthly Periodical just 1 imblithcd in New Voik. Thin Review contains two parts, the lint of 31 paxes, large 8vo iu two columns, it devoled to young persons, or to any ?tudent of the Kieuch language desirus of acquiring practice by the readmit of interesting short novels, historical am-cdolei, he., p-rfectly free from any thing which scrupulous iMirents might lind objectiouable on the ground of immoral or irreligious tendency. The sccond part of IC pages, alto larga 8vo in two colainut. till i;i?.- to the principals of schools, and to llie friends of literature, the scientific aud literary uews, a critical review, (te. lecled from the liest French Keviews,) of all the new French publications of general imerett. and a list of books suitable for sch lols, of recent import ations, and of nil the new French publications of any note. The whole stitched iu a neat cover. Yearly subscriptions, payable in advance, $3, for the whole; $2 f ir the first part, and $1 ,.V) for the second part, separate. Apply by letter,, to K. G. 'IERTeAU, editor. No. 3l.'i Broadway, New ^ ork, where a full prosjiectus auu ilia October number as specimen, uiay be obtained for 25 cents.

o3 Iawis3w 3twv rc EXTRACT CM*' CUHEIJS. COPA1VA AND SA R SAP A RILL A 'Pills is one'of the most s|>ecdy aud etTectual remedies for the ?l cure of Oonnnrrhaia that has ever been introduced. It is pleasant to the palate and grateful to the stomach, and is easily taken, being in the usual form of extracts. In it are concen trated all llie medicinal pro|>erties of such remedies as are found most s|ieedily ellicaciout in coring gjeets, seminal weak ness, whites, and all discharges of the urinary passage. It is wholly a vegetable compound and acts like a charm in pro ducing an immediate nieration upon the par' affected. Full directions accompany the medicine, which may lie had at No. 2 Ann street?Price $1. P. S.?Strangers who desire medical advice may consult Dr. Glover conliileutially at his office, No. 2 Ann stieet, al all hours of the d'V and etening. o3 It*in R E F E R b N C E S GIVEN TO HUNl'REDH who will state,facts just as they are; and we feel certain the public will have confi dence in onr Tricopherous. Every prrson who buvs comes re commended hy those who hive used it. Price lifty cents |?r bottle. He sure to purchase at the Hair Cutting Rooms, 116 Bioadway. l ake the following letter as a specimen :? I'mi.\in i.riiia , Oct. IU, 1841. IVar Sir?This is to cer'ify that 1 have used the three bottles of that excellent article which your advertisement recommends, and I cnndidlv nvow that every particle of dandruff is removed and eradicated anil those hairs which were heretofore gray, are lion a glossv blaek, (their original color,) and I In* Tricopherout has sflsctQulv prevented mv b ur from lulinc off. The intrin sic virtue of the article, aud a w itli to Ijenetit my fellow citi Zen-, are the sole motives that induce me to lien this certificate. t>3 It're Yourt, Sic. BENJAMIN WEST. REU HOUSE PLEASURE GROUND. A Purse for Thirtv Dollars?Mile Heats, lint three in five, to ome off This Day, Thursday, 4 o'clock. ENTRIES. H. Woodruff b. h. One Eyed Riley. ? Bridges s. h. Red Robin. Oeo Duuhain g. in. Fashion. L Rogers, b. m. Little Western. Geo. Vandenbergh s. h. Unknown. oS lt*rc THE BEST CHANCES EVER OFFERED TO MAKE MONEY.?To Let?A tirst rate Hotel and JlcidflkLodging House, situated in Centre sneet, rear to tlie PaiU Post OtRce, eleganlly lilted up with Beds, Sie. Would mate a first rale Ealiiit.' House, as there are none of ihe kind in that par' of the city. The Fixtures Sic., are now for sale?this ? a chance may never occur again. Also?A corner (irocery, l.ii|Uov aud Feed Store, situated iu a crowded ami cenli it part of llie city. This is a gre.t bargain. Also?A Porter House in Chatham street; Fixtures for sale. Tills is a great I'lHiness stand. A long and well established Porter House in the lower part of the city, where SID,000 has bii"i made the la*t ten years. AIhi?The best statu! iu New York for public business, near the Sun office. A large Store in Elm street, suitable for any business; ami several Houses, Stores, Rooms, &c , in various pails of llie city. Also?liflO?"re!i of Land in Virginia, has a Coal Mine on it. All persons wanting Farms, Houses, Stores, Rooms, Sic., or wishing to let or sell out, mav apply to GILLESPIE, House Agent, i52 Pearl street, near Broadway. A fnnt Kuoin ami Bedroom to let, in Broadway, cor Duane street. Also, the best Livery Stable in the ritv; stock, Sic., for sile. Also for sale, lour Houses and I.oi?, fur the low price of $90110, situated in Ken wick; S.WOO inay ren.ain on bond and mortgage. A partner with $iilKI evih it wanted in a profitable business. To,let. a Porter aud Lodging House, in James's Slip, Fixtures, Belli, Sic., for sale. o3 3t*rc TOmIUED llDf'Sp^A-Lady and (ienlleman 1 without any children, are desirous to rent until the 1st of .May next, a genteel furnished house. Any family who uuv lie le iving the city for the winter mouths, would find this "It exce'lent opportunity to have iheir home occupied and llie furniture kept iu order. The upjier part of the city would be pieferrvd. Address box 1091 Lower Post Office. o4 3t*m DAGUERREOTYPE GENERAL FURNISHING ESTABLISHMENT, EXCHANOE BUILDING, PHILADELPHIA. rI,HE SUBHCRIBKHS beg leave io iufortnthe Daguerreotype A Artists, that they have considerably enlarged their connec tions throughout ihe Union, the West Indies, 8 'Uth Ame-ica and Europe They have also made arrangements to be supplied wilhevery new article used in the Daguerreotype Art. They have lately leceived a largr .supply of voigtlaender't celebrated Cameras, consisting of three diffi rent, for the sale of which they are apiioiuted Agents. Also, a supply of best Plates and Chemicals, eilher for Dagii. rreotyI* or Calotype, in >de 11 their especial order. C ?esofall si/.e?. the best Polishing Subsiam e?, and every other article used lor the Daguerreotype, constantly on hand 'I liejr long connection with the Daguer reotype Art and their success in taking pictures, may serie as i recoinmeuila'iou and reliance Daguerreotype Artists, by ordering articles from airy part of the above named countries, may depend ii|>on a prompt and satisfactory execution of their orders. Their prices are cash Priees Current and information may be ohtaiiied by addressing (post-paid) to m. Si F. LANOENHKIM, ol lm*rc Exchange Building, Philadelphia BY LETTERStPATKNT OK THE UNITED STATES. CLIREHUGH'S TRICOPHERuUS ! PATENT MEDICATED COMPOUND. IS now acknowledged hy thousands,who use it daily, to be the ONLY REMEDY TO PREVENT BALDNESS, and to re-tore that hair which has fallen off or become thin; to I'llE VE.N I' GRAY HAIR; to cure and reniove every apliearance of 8CUIIF and 1) \NpRIFF from Ihe lu-ir, and to ki'ep the hair iu t' e most Hi .AL I'llY, SOFT and GLOSSY STATE, yet fiee from *11 oily and greasy apprarauce What is her.- promi sed will lie warranted undsr a,forfeit of liOO, and the professional reputation of the proprietor is defined suffu iei.t thai every thing like qu.ickery is discarded; in proof of which the proprietor csn refer to hundreds iu New York, and the agent t<s a great uuMlrer in this city, who have experienced the most successful result*. Price $1 and $1 i*r buttle. Principal office, 203 Briudway, np stairs, where ' lindiugh gives advice on all diseases ol the skin connected wilh the growth of the hsir. Beware of a counteffMl at fifty cents. ol 3t*ec "THE START^n IE STAR!" "THE STAR," til Llirr.^SRD STRKKT, ItRAR Br udwst. NOW that llie Winter Campaign has in reality arrived, the subscriber (proprietor of the above establohment.) will serve up Rt all hours of tl.e day and erening, unt'l 12 P M., the following dishes and ielisl>es :? Kref Steaks; Kideeys; Mutton ('hops; Poached Eggs; Pork do; llnre hits; Corned Beef; Pickl-d Tongues; Ham aud Eggs; Sardines; Boil-il Ham; Sausaget; Fiied do; Tea and Coffee; Jo Bacon. Three furnished room'., ?nit-hie for references, clubs, or pri vate i irlies always r*ady, and th--bs'st of waiters engaged for their ei|iecial accommodation, N. II.?Lunch on the tilde daily at II A. M. s29 tl'ec JOHN H. WOODGATE. PERS(>NS IN I'llILADELP:11A. WISHING to Siilisrribe to THE HERALD, and hare it served ivgnlaily at their stores, dwellings, (kc., will please leave their names w ith the Agents, at 3 Ledger Building, Third stroet, near Chestnut. TERMS. For One Week 17X cents. For One Mouth 75 " For a loiter time in the s ime proportion, O' 2,'$ ceuts a copy. Single copies for sale every day it I o'clock. Price 3 cents. G. B. ZIEBEIl St Co., 3 Ledger Building, ill Imisre Third street, near Chestnut. ATCHES!?WATCHES AND?JEWELRY.?Those wlm wish to purehase Gold or Silver Watcltes, Gold Chains, <fold Pencils, Keys, Sic. will find it gieaily lo their ml vantage to call ou ihe subscriber, ? ho is selling all descriptions of the above .it letsil much lower than any other house in the eiij. Gold Waifbes as low as $111 and ^25 lach. Watches and Jewelry exchanged or bought. All Watches war rauleil to keep good lime or llie money returned. Watclies, < locks aud Jewelry repaired in the best manner and warranted, at much Iws than the usual price.. If. C. AI.I.H N. lni|Hirterof Walcliei and Jewdrv, ol lm*ec Whole ale and retail, 30 Wall st., up stairs. NOTI< .K-To~AMATEURS OK PISTOL SHOOTING ? V. CARMAN, legs res|iectluMy lo announce to his friends and the riablic, that he hss hired commodious apart melts in the newly ere-ted building corner of l.ispensrd striei aud Broulway, wlm h he has fitted up without regard t >ex. Reuse a* d intends <i|eniug this dsy Tn sday, 1st Ociobir, as a SHOOTING GALLEKV , where he will oehappy to accom modate all Ik ho may like pleasure in the amusement, lively Sltent on will be paid to visitors, and their comfort carefully provided for. ol Im'rc I; (I \ K E (' T 1 O N A H Y 'PIIOMAS SI'OTTEN, Wholesale and Retiil l onf< ?cliomr, 1 No. 11H Bowptv. tfiir (Jr inH ('ountry ?nd city ar?* rr*prcir?iily invited to call andcinnin* hit |oodi br for** purchKtng fU^wrirr^. N li - So ciinw for boiet. Goodi s^nt to any r*rt of th? city fr?* of rii^n.^e. oi 3t*re PANORAMA A V NIBLO'SCIARDKN Opw'foil I AfMHon. the mOHt m.M<nific?*iii PariorHinic Painting ever ei hibited in thi? country, (to My all the Vrtitu tint hnv< i?p il ) |i wa?e*ecoted by the CfleliMtad Arli?u, .Mr. VV Uaiiiell. K. it. I'.irret fttid AiiKn*ttu Karle, R. A. London. It i? now oj?**n (lurinK ih*' day. Admittance to the <Hnlen and Panorama 2S cent*. Aiti?t* are tfully invited to viHtt ihe Panorama frw of rh?rK?*. [?/"* 'l'l?e P inoraina of Madras eihibited hi riustell Sfjuar**, attentfed with itiim^nM* ium"?. and whan purrhawl by Mr. Si bio waa conMider?*d the very b?#t Tiuioramic |?atiitinK in f*ond?>n. S ODA ASH?2S casks ^oda \sh. landing this day froi vessel. WOODIIULL In MINTURNS, j2rc f7 South stieet. AMUSEMENTS. PAKK THKATKK. THIS K V K MN'I, Oct 3. will J* ul. HK ENCHANTKD HORSE. <Hl \llfc EASTERN l^fcRS Willi WW Scenery, Coafinw. Machinery ??? Dacoratlous. Tl?e Nlusic compoeea by Mr. Jones. The Priuce Aiim Vi' i' V Oim 'I lie Princess /uvea... ... ? ? ? 1I?I*W Otto. To con. Iude ? illi ill'' luce ol RA1SINO THK WIND. Jetvmy Diddler . ^ \>ii -a Buses,Ui Tier 15cent*?Second .mil 'I bird 1iet? ? cents? I ?t w reuts??ijtllcry 2i_ceuU. . PALNO'i NK W YORK OI'KUA HOlilt. On THURSDAY tVKMNO, OCT 4. Klf.t Night of tb" New Pantonine Mallet. THK INDEPENDENCE OK GREECE! T11K WOMKN WAIOUORS, Will be i**rformeil. Corinna, Matl'lle Desiardins | Di?pe, Madlle H V allee Vn?ilJ?nti, Moil* Martin I Mutiuiiwd, Air ' araloe Bahouf, Moot Lonsti I Jnlieu, MousJnle In tha Ballet will l>e introduced a (fraud Pas de Chal et des Cou rones ! and numerous other daueet B tween i hearts hall* an hour* intermission. Admission 5U cents to all part* of the house. On FRIDAY NIGHT. Oct. 5th. Donizetti's Opera, L'F.LISll<K I) AMOHK. Will be (vrformed. Seats can be secured six days in advance, from 9 A. M. to ft Librettos for the 0|?era and B illet can be had at the Boi Offica. Doom o|wn at 7. fonnance to rumiiifi1'*1 at Ihj ? t'hn'k. n(>wt> n uAutiiii*. Corner of Broadway and Prince ntreet, New York. The Entertain mentt are under the aole direction ol MR. MITCHKLL. . B , NOTICE?The Uardrn opens at 6H o'clock, and the |*er fortnances commence ai 7W. The Theatre is now enclosed, ana made comfortable, thou Id the evening he damp or cool. LAST NIGHT* BUT TWO OK THE SEASON THURSDAY EVENING, Oct. 3. to commence with, for | th**4th time, a Grand Musical Extravaganza, by the author ol ?? I'ubS in Boou," 8u!.. entitled the IF AIR ONE vVlTH THE GOLDKN LOCKS. King Larhrymoao Mr. Nickinson. Count tieuiposo Mr. henuci (|ur**n 8usidora,"( FatrOue with the Gulden L? cks,) Miss Clarke A I'as Seul by Miss Partington. After which, a Grand Dmday of Fillip WORKS, by that uu rivatleu artist Sir. Edge (T^ lutenniseion ol ? hirty minutes. ^J1 To conclude with, SAVACiE AND THE MAIDEN. Mr Crummies, Mr. Mitchell | Mr. Folair, Mr Holland In the course of the piece LA I'OLKA will be danced by Miss Taylor aud Miss Partington. in^-NO POSTPONEMENT at this establishment ou ?:? count of weather, aa the Grand Entrance from Broadway to the Saloon it protected, and the New Saloon, which is ventilated from the top and sidet, can be eucloted at a moment's notice. Tickets b ifty Cents. BURTONS THEATRE. ARCH STREET, PHILADELPHIA. THUK8DAY, October 3, The Or&ml I liitnrictl Play of PUTNAM! Will be acted every evening until further notice. Putnam. Mr. N. Johnson I Mmopntunii Jenkins, Burke ciuciiN-uuVviiiuy. Mns. COLE, MRS. OULLIEN, Ami ill 1 THK LADY K <1 U EBTBIAN 8, Will appear this evening 8IONOH V A L E N T 1 N I , In hi. (ire I Rope I"eat?. MASTKK WALTER AYMAR. W. H. Stout Clown. The performances are varied, elegant and chaaU'. Hoses ceut? ; Pit 12>4 cent..?Private boles t'J each o3 3t*rc ________ THE GUITAR. SIGNUK KIN I, PllOFESSOlt OK THE O U 1 T A K , WILL (JIVE A CONCERT, ASSISTED BY MRS. A. W. PENSON, MESSRS. 9ILVA AND WOODV1LLK, On KRR1DAY KVENINO neit, 4t?i October, 1811, y.JiT THK CLINTON H^LI., Corner Nassau and beekman streets. Mr. P. K. Weizel Will preside ut the Piano Horte. PROGRAMME. PART I. . Thema?(w th variation.,).. two guitars Bun Souk?Irish Melody... vin A, W I'euson Mi ore Song?"Scenes ofrny Youth,".. . Siguur Bioi Benedict Iltima Ritirada?three guitar* ? testis Sou*?"The Vine Keait," Mr, A W Pen?ou, as originally ?mil liv her Rooke New V orit Brass Baud March ... guitar solo . La Gloria?two Kuitars # ?m! Fantasia?Piano Forte... Mr P K Waizel >?eixel PART II. Rota Walt/.?two guiUrs Strauss Souk?"Morning Dreams,"... Mis A W Peitaoo, from thn Songs nnd Superstitions of Ireland. ....... S Lover Italian fcioiiK? accompanied with guitar. . . Siu Bini. . Roiattii Star Sinngled Banner?guitar solo National Paso Al-gre?two guiturs ? ? . Sjira Sting?"Lass of Oowrie,". .Mrs A W Peuson . . . Scotch Ba'lad (^uick Step?two guitars Hewitt Tickets 60 cents each, or to idmit three persons $1?to be had at the Music and Book Storea, nnd at the door. Concert t*? commence at 8 o'clock. <^3 lt*rc^ MR. dempsterTs VOCAL NTERTAlN MI ?; N TS-.SC )C 1ETY LIB K A K Y. CORNER OF BROADWAY & LEONARD STREETS. IR. DEMPSTER has the honor to anuouuce his intention of giving three Vocal Entertainments oil the evenings ol Tnesday, Thursday and Saturday, 1st, 3d aud !ith October? when he will sing fiis most poouUr c??nipositions, ace.oinpaiiied on tlie piano-fort'-.including, the I lament of the Irish Emigrant? The Blind Boy-The Lonely An Id Wife-Je*.ui?e Morrison-1 he Loveo One wa* not there?A Home in the Heart?Let us love one another?Biril of the Wilderness?(The Indian s Complain'.) Oh! Why d?>ea the White Man follow my path \V hen the night wind he wai let h?I'm with you once again?'1 he Death ol Warren?Scottish Ball ids, John Anderson my Jo?My Nannie O?Tak* ver Auld Cloak about y?*?My Aioy Tammy?Saw >e my wi' thing /?A Man's a Man fort' that?Highland Marv, fcc. Particulars of which may be seen iu prognunmes, to be had at the Music Stores, and at the Society Library. Tickets 60 cents?to be had at the door. To commence at a quartei to 8 o'clock. se27 to6rrc MR. DEMPSTER will give a EnterUinrnent at the Rut^er's Female Institute, on Friday Evening, October 4th, 1841. Tickets litty cents, to he had at the door, i o commence at a quarter before tt o'clock. o3 3iisrc NIBLO's -Laat Niitht (nil Two of tkn S mob MISS TAYLOR respectfully iuforms her friends and thepnhlic, that her Benefit will take place to-morrow, FRIDAY Evening, October4th, when sh?* will appear in several favorite character*. o3 lt*rc ART AiND bi:iP.NC 'h UP 1)AILNu AlMJ WALTZING. A CARD-MR. WHALE and DAl'OHTEH respectfully announce to the Ladies and < Gentlemen of New V ork, that their Classes in Dancing, Waltzing, and the Polka Dance, will commence at the Assembly Room, Constitution Hall, 660 Broadway, on Saturday, October 18th, and will continue throughout tlte season. Days of Tuition, for Young Ladies and Ueotleinen under 14. every Tuesday a*id Saturday afternoon, commencing at 3?and for the elder class of Cfentlcmeu at 7. Every new style of Dancing taught iu Mr. W.'s classes, without additional charge 0 pupils. Mr. W. trusts that the reference* he shall offer or his capability will be satisfactory. Schools and Academic* it tended to on ap plication as ?bove, or nt his Private Academy, No 70 Sixth Avenue, where terms will be nude known nid circulars given, containing particulars. o2 lm*rc M'LLK, PAULINE DESJARDINS ies|-ectfully informs her j'ltrons tud the public in general, that sh** is about to form a 41 Clausr tie Dance." for ladies aud gentlemen, in which she will teach the favorite Polka, Maxourka, nnd all tlie other fashionable Dances of the day. ... ^ . The morning school will I* op-n from 12 o'clock to 2 o clock and the evening from f> o'clock to o'clock. Ladn** aud gentlemen wishing instruction are requested to call at M'lle Desjardm's house, 7 Park Place. s>2H 2w4re FRKNCH LANUUXciE XND MUSIC. MONS., MADAME AND M \ D'LLE. CiAl' V A IN, have resumed their Claases aud Private Lessons lor tlie seanou. The French t night through Manesca'a Oral System, exclusively used by Sir. Oauvain for these fifteen >ear* past. The Piano, Ouitar. and Singing also taught, on the most approved principles. The French lauguage is usually spoken ?? the family Apidy 1 397 BROADWAY. *2fl 8t*rc FXIUHITION THE END OF THE WOULD. AN ORIOINAL, PAINTINO OK A VKRY I.AROK SIZK with ( o!o?al Kiitnres, mint ed and lately fiiiinhed hy K. Anelli, iu New Yoik. Kihiliitinn now mien, at Apollo R(,oin., 410 ttroadway, from 10 A. VI. to j P. M., ami from 7 to 10 1'. M. Adini?ion 25 cent.. ?I0 lm-rc R. LARUNKR. CONSULTINO K.N(i"lNKKR, Atlie ileum Hotel, Hroadway, New York?Dr. Lardiier will continue the piofewional practice winch form.uiy year, he pur med on an e*ten?i?e ?cale in Loudon, and may fee consulted by natenteea, inanurarturem, and otlier,. on <|ue?ion? reirardiiu impro,emenU in th? art. and manufacture., wliicli mtolve the application ol tl?e princi|i|e?or Mechanical or Physical Science. Those who reside at a disMnce may forward (poit paid) a clear statement of tlie case, with the necei.ary drawiuks or s->e vlien immediate attention will lieciven. ?M lin rc KOK NEW ORLKAN8 -To cnegad tlM Alfred? ?The last sailmK ship ATAI.AN TA, ( apt Riyii ond, ^PB^awill p.nitivi-lv *??l on Mond.iv. the th inst.Mt. 1111s SaiMifisiirpiissed .icconini'Hl.ition? fir c.ihin. secoi.d i ahni (.leeraife |<i<e> i n, who w ill lie taken at 'he lowest ra'es. Those ilenroii* of securililt Iwrths, will require to make early ap plication on board, at foot of Ma d?u Lane, or to loll \ Hlr.RDM AN, til South <tmt N. II?The subscriber w II lu?e a M KUlar succession ol lirat class ships ?ailinti even fue il .>? for tin po't. n ?n-. rl)K LIVKMI'OtJL?Mew l.inf? lleuulai Pa< art t 2?.th Oct.?Ilie le^'illar lust .ailing I tcket Hhip a< i A RKM K. Captaiu n I H. Trtsk, of I 100 ton, burtlien.will sail as above, her re*niar day. Kor fremht or passane, having acci.nimodations nneipislled for splendor or comfort, apply on hoard at Orleans wharf, fool ol Wall street, or to K. K COLLINS k CO, 'A South stn*?. Price of Passage, HOfl The p.?cl?et sniii Roscius, Capt. John ("ollnis, of IK0 tons, will succeed ihe Oarrtck, aod sail 2Btli Noremtier, Iwi rek-ular day. I'ASSAOK KOli NKW OHLKANS llegiilar Packet-Will sail on Monday neit, 7th October, or passage free.?The splendid new snip HI LIANA, i ,i Utnnii. v il Ik- da patched itiealy as abo*e, her i*. Knfar day. The accommodations of lin. splendid packet are uneipi illed for cabin, second cabin or steeraue panens-rs. I as senai-rs for New Orleans Id ins|ieci thii ship liefot- engsn iiiK elsewhere. Apply on Imanl, foot of Maiden lane, or to W. k J. T. TAPSCOTT, 76 South ?trct, corner Maiden Lane NOTK'K?Passace free, if (his ship, tnittiiiK, doea not sail as above. ^ KOR LONDON.?Packet" The first rlass, fast sa'linu l'i LAND, ( aptain K. KiiiKht, D i.d istl ?* reSulaMlay the 10th Octolier ? ?t *hi| SWI'i /KR II sill as above, her llautiK very str^ierinr accommodations for * aMn, 2d Cabin and Steerage ptsaen^ers, jiersoiis iiitendiiiK to embark should in.ike unmediati- ippllciIl?n on^^'iVl't A V*' I'*"*. "'o|ec I mi Pine stf?t. c i tier of Smith. KOH \h.VV OU LKA MS.? I he fast sailinv ship Al.KWKI), ( apt MyerSi will be despatched on'l ues MB^la y. Ihe lit of < )< tube I is splentiid ship has unsurprised ccnmmodi'i"iis fur Ca bin. I c and 'ti-'i who wiltU- i.ik-n nl llie |.>w . i Mies 'I I i rous of sec nriiiK berths, w ill result! lomakeeirly application on boa.d, i.t Murray's wharf, foot ol Wall street, or to JOHN IIKRDM AN, 61 South street VI! The snb.r rilier ?? ill have > n ir srirces.ion of lir?i clans ships, sail 111* weekly for New Orleans, in which the pas .eniier accommodations will lie made very coinfortihle. Apply sW. C oil II \ V \ N \, FROM I'lllL Oil I t'l l I \ AA-a- The A I. I tst-sailiiiK I r ' ' O' ? 'I I' MfV*V ' ? -'"hu S. ItemiiikIon ii ,rtrsel> oi. " Oc ober. for Ireight or passage, haviii( siiperi'r lerui.le I accommo dations, a large aud commodiou* cabin, with Wielve stale rooms, apply to JOHN K. (MIL Si ? 17 Iw then in I Hotilh VVharves Philadelphia. N AVY BBF. \ D .i low rate, by i 3trc Abo 1 fen I mr quslitv, for * iimidman, HI Boath "treeu e at BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. (Coirespun ieticc ol (he Herald ] Waihikuton, Oct. I, 1844 The President hsu appointed Judge J W. Wbite, of Connecticut, consul to Liverpool, mid not an citi zen of the State ol Virginia, u? jour correspondent "J. 8 " in Monday's Htia'd, asserts. He has ul?o appointed Vespasian Kllii, of Miisouti, Charge to the Republic ot Veui zucla. It is thought Kloyed W agqaman will get the second pursiTship ut present unlilltd Yitii g V\ uicgumati is the President's nephew? was naval stoie. ke. per ut Porto Praya until Con^res* patted a law making it necessary lor an olhrer ul the Navy to tilltlufe statinon, and it at this time <n ln?|x*ctor ol Custom* at Balumoie The President ha* n great many poor relation, who are loukn g to him for oilier, . nd it n> only natural and right that he should suppl) them with places, while he has the power of doing it No one can blame him for it, as th? r? will be enongri h a for all his ether frietidf who deserve appoin'mento Neither wt jgs nor locos have a great deal to compluin of him on 'he score of proscription There was a called Cabinet meeting to-day , occasioned by the arrival ol despatches Ironi the Houth?what thfay ate 1 have not learned. The British Minister and 8 anish Attache appear to be on terms oi rather close intimacy. Krt i|iient and very private meetings have been held lately between them at a fashionable hotel in this place What cau he in tbe wind? Philadelphia. [Ccrretpondtnce ofthfc Herald.], Oct 9, 1144. The whigs fire in great spirits this morning at the re sult of their labors yesterday The news from little De lawft'e has given additional i nthusia?m. from tbe fact that theotinoclata have lost Newcastle county by illtf ! How much did the " Public Ledger" leceive tins morn ing lor its leader1 (.'apt Thackura, well known to the merchants of Phila delphia, died suddenly yesterday, at an advanced age. James Murphy, a luifitiee from justice irom the H'.ate of New York, was this morning r? mmided lor the requisi tion He is an anti native, ami will swear hard; but " ho can't come it thin lime," as n tuny man said. The Episcopal Convention of die Protestant Kpiscopal Church ol the Unitid States, assembled this morning in this city. The venerable Bishop < hate occupied the Bishop's chair; and a large number of Bishops were in attendance. An excellent sermon was preai bed by Bishop Ives, after which the Holy Communion was administered. Davis K. Hoffman, a young man ol gentiel appearance, has been committed to answer the terious charge ol riot and mutder, during tbe lebelliou in Botitliwaik. Tbe ?tock market to-day was much better than it has been for the paat lew days, a decided improvement having occurred ?in consequence, piobably from the glorious termination of thegrand Kaatern Convention o l yester day by the whiga, which'*as admired by every body, and apiriiedly kept up at the present writiag at Benders ! Fiasr Boshd ? $IU8 Mta'o fl's Annual, 70; $1(100 Ten nessee 6's, 84; 'JOO *h* (lirard, Ms, 11 j; 8 do Unittd States Bank. 8; 60 do Wilminglon, bA catb.-J6,'.MO do, 26; J6do, 1>5, 24, 1 US do, A Is, 'JO, ?f.Jdn old Annual 6's, l?4(i, F8, 10 aha Commercial U .nk o.'tj, flMNi Wilmington O's, I8A8, 81J; $10110 City 6's, ta.vl -jits, lea. S&shsUmted States Bank. 8|; $10(10 Chen and Delaware 6's. 1869 A9}; AO siis Norri>.to*n HK, HJ, $2000 It<?ding RK 6'*, 7IJ Skcono Bosho.? 14A Wilmington UK, JA; 120 Norrla to*n HR 8J; lnO do, 81, f4noO t bes. and Del Canal 0'*, 69J; .i.',o Oirard Bk 11}; U)0 ? 8 Bk.4, 7 Mechanics' Bk, 26j; $4WRl Reading RR Bonds, 711; $8000 Penna. A'a, 71 j; $400 City 6's, 1862. 106. 4 Penna Bank, '263. Qcj-The whiga of Baltimore, nimoft en matie, turned out on Tuesday night, nnd marched in pro cession through tbe principal streets of (he city. Most of the dwellings on either side of the streets through which the procession passed were bril liantly illuininaied. The Baltimore American sayi, " The grand and impo ing array, as it n.oved along (he principal streets ot the city with banners aud trautpa lencier?with music aud songs and loud hurraha- (ha waving of handkerchie a on either side, and ibe bngt.t lustre of illuminated windows decoruted with wieatha and flowers and pictures and innumerable devices? ieen.ed like a gorg'ous pageant of eMtern splendor which the hand of enchantment had called lorth." SHU' MOWN Carrraimndence of the Herald. Philauclfhia, Oct. J?P. M. Arr Kunicr Hose, Oaines, Hartford. below, (ieo'giana, f?i Liverpool; t|ue?Mi Victoiia, Port Hpaiu; Anna Keyuolds, Bos ton. I-Id Alleghany, ?"di oiUl<uul, NOileans; Bridgton, Adams, New York; hlr/.a, Sawyer; Pilot, Poland, and Kugene, Skinner, Ban Simonaon, 1. Ilo in* Porta. Philadelphia, Oct 2?Arr Pearl. Hardinr, Boston; Vulcan, Smith, New York; Union, < olby. Bangor; Splendid, Saunders. Hartford;Hultana, Norton, NYork BAi.TiMoHK.Ort I?Arr Wise, [Brern] Koch, Bremen; Kate, [Br) Mearns. nt John*, NK; S.trili Kli7.aheth, (. reiuhtou, Aui f'aye*: Heraii, Pratt, Portland; /one Trowell, Bo?io. , lienry, Provident:**; ltt?e, NVork. Below, Seofia, i*e?lfte. LivertHiol. Cld li A Schroder, Stafford, A|?il.u hirol.t. Boston; Silvia lligt>ee, Hmhee, H utford: Hialto, Ma idea, iror; Win Hart, Gaudy, Kail River; Harriet Louua, Simon PoughkeepAie; Klizahetl), Bea?ton, NY<?ik. "?U"gr W \kr- ~igngr ? WI N T !?; K A 1; h A .N 11 KMtNT A K i llHK.K (ill1 I.I.IN'(IS KliOM PAl'fcllSON TO JEKHKV CITV. Oil and .ifter tbe 'et of (Ictulier llie cars w ill 'esrs? i>. ?... ? ? - I ?r .. PATK?ao? Drrui. >'cl(>ck A. M Niw Voaa. !i o'clock A M. 1ZK " P. M. 4 " 3 ' " P. M. O* SUNUAT ? 8 o'clock A.M. | 9 o'clock A. M. J " P. M. I * " P. M. r29 tf ec /'L'Ol'I.E'S t.INE oVsr/f - MBOATS FOK ALBANY DAILY, Hiitidsys eicpted?'Throagh direct, P. M., fnnn lie Ktr imlaJit Pisr brtween .('utinltiidl fuel l.ilwrty ?in>eu. Tbe tiienmboat KNK KKHBOt KfcB, Csptaia A P H,. Iiilin, MoiiiIav, Wedneadav si.d Kridav Kvrnitigs St i o'clock, P. M., (roan the foot of llan-lay stieet. Tlie StrhinboiU KOCIIKH'I LK, ( urtsin A. Hntiirhtoe. on 1'iiesday, Tbur?d?y snd S.'tnrdsy Kveuiogs, at J o'clock, P. M. from the font of Barclay strw-t. At Kive o'clock, P. M.?Luiding at lntert^??lli*tl? Pisces. The SteninboM (iOLU.VIHIA. Captain William II Peek, 1'iiM.iiV, ThnmiUv and S,itur?]*v Afternoons, al i o'clock. Tlie steamboat NOIITH AMERICA, Cantdin It ti. ? rot teuden, Monday. Wednesday, and Kri'lay and Sunday After u<k>ii>, nt'?o'clock Pascugrra takniK either nf the above line* will arrive in tu arn|'lr time to take tlie .Vtnrnmir Train nf Cars for the e;mt or writ. The boats are i.ew and inint.ti.nal, are far air.hed with new sad i-l.-mut state rooms, aud lor s|>eed and ac commodation*, iinri*allr<l on the Hudson All persons are forbid tnntinK any of tlie Steamboat! of this line, without a written order from the Captain. KoriKisaage oi freight, apply on board or to P. C. Hchnltt, at the Office on ths wharf. ojrc FAKE REDUCED. " KOK ( KOTONVII.I.K, HI NO SIN(J. TAKKVTOWN, OA IK'MNO, WILTSIE'SIIOCK.HAHTINOB u*y \tL . JsA\|j VtlNKKKS.?On and alter Ntiurdsy. ** " *** tm ' 31>t, 1814, the iinur and suliataritial ,te..inlio?t WA8HINOTON I It VI N(?. < ant llirsin Tnthill, will have the foot ol't h.imhe/ street for (he .ibove (daces, dally ?t 3 P. M.. Hiindav eaoepted. It.-niriiiiig, <will lea* ( rntonrilla ?it h1.,. jmu Suit; sinii At7 o'clock A. M , landing at tlie foot of llirnmond ?trrei tvtidi way. K. r in ???nf or l'ieii;lii, ..p|dy oil board, or n> 8TKPHEN B. TOMI'KINrt. tyv \Ve^t i. s?2in re ? i'b t? ? I It, UAHUItsfcK v SU || I'.mhv r.1.1,. rj?. ttier PKNOIlSl (it. I i|taia ?N. Kimt-.'ii! leaves tlw* end of T wharf, Bo.iiou. ?e?ery Tncaday and '?"riday evenings, at i dock St ,iren will lie in reidinean on her rriv il n> tbe above ?en, tr? ronrer t#, rh? ?;e?rbborlei m wh. PA8SAOE KOK BAV ANN Ali-Packet of Id Oct. ?'1 l e well known fiat sailing bri|{ (.?. U LA.MAK, |( ^I'taiii Balinrfmaa, will sail positively ss above, Iwr regiilai ilay. she li is eicellent. accommodations for cabin, second cabin and sLeeraga pisaenners. Apl'ly on board, foot of .Maiden lane, or to W k J t.'taphcott. "23 76 S??uth, corner Maiden lune. HUM i\KW IIKLhANS?Li>M?IAiSA AaMi ? NIlW YOKK LINK.-'i otail Monday. Mil. ot Octo j a1**" ?The very fa*t s iilinn co| fieu'd packet slop ? ;\ y.llO, (apt. VVihray, wifl Kail km ahove. K'-r fieight or t>aa?ai(e,ha?inu elegant hirninhed accoinmo dntions, apply on board at ()rTeanii wharf, foot of Wall it., or to K. K. COLLINS k CO., 'J> 8oufh ?treet. Positively no goods received after Saturday fveding, 12th October. .^hi|?l?t*ra by thin line may upon having their goods correctly w ? ared, and that the t'liim of this line m:I punc tually a* advertised A^ciiti in New Orleans?Messm. Ilullcn and Woodiuff. who will firomi'tlv forward *11 go#>ds to their addrens s2iN*c KOK NKW OHLKANS?Dimrxr.?The stmm ihip \LABAM A, 700 tons burthen, Henry \S indie, 'omriiander, will vail lor tlie above port on ihr l'>th Octi t?er next, al ? o clock Tin* splendid nnd o rn.okahly staunch steamer ha:> l?eeu thoroughly overhauled tl?e present ?nmmer, newly copia*red, and is iiintished with a powerful set of new iloilers, inarle at the Novelty Works of this city. Shsi is ei|?ected to make tha run to the B tlr*e with ease in sis days; and having handsome and comfortable accommodations, for both cat-in and meeraffe i*aaaencers, offers an uruuunlly desirable conveyance to the travelling community. For light freight or pa.4Hagr, apply to U. MKHLR, sittolfo're tH Kront st. KOK NKW ORLKANJ?Ujuo* I -K.r7t regular packet with de?j?arrh?Tin* fast sailing |mcket hip I'NION, J. B. Barr>?rne, master, is now loafling ive immediate dispa'ch Kor cabin, second cabin anu ???era^e |?is?e?'gers, having sii|>erior accommoda ion, eaily ap plication should l?e made ou board, at Murray's wharf, or to JONK.PH McVfUHHAV, s20?'c 100 Pine cor> er of ?t?rl> stree*. 1 'LI) KHT ABLlHHKI) PA< KKT Oh KM K, 61 Mr ^jrVH?(i?ih streel?P.tssnge to and fr??m (treat Britain *nd ilMMMil1''! old, vis Liverpool. Pa??.ige can at mII times tie engai d at the lowtat ratea, to inti froinT^ivertKioi by ths ? j^o lar | ke i im sailing unJer tlii m-w uraigrmsnl ?*?!> tew days, and dratU can as usual be furnished for any amount, paya ble at tha National and Provincial Bank, Ireland, and then branches, and throughout tlie I nited Kingdom, as well ss st all thepuncn**l hanking institutions in hnglanci, Scotland and Walea, w ithout discount or any other charges. For further |?ar* ticulsrs, if by letter, post paid, siiply to stec JOHN IIKKDMAN. *11 South st. TO LIVRRTOOI Pscket i ? "? ? . f- I hc first class packet ship PATRICK 1IKNKY, Captain Oelauo. will sail as above, her regular day. 'ommoilatiou in this splerul d ve*?r| li<r cabin, secoud Cabiriand sleierage |>assingers,are too well known to e<juire coin, merit. Persons intending to embark, should ru ike immediate ?p,d,ca.,0? on board, >'f ? ^^S^'ITT^cVii KKA Y. A27rc 10" Pine nt reef, cor er of South s'reel. ' h.M II \ \(? t. ?>\ r.M.I.A Ml, mu,ANI), S( OTI.AM' AND WALKS.?Toe Snhscrilaw he. ,. ,j| timm for sale Drafts from i.1 to HOOD, |??)abl? , i mj< n il ll.iiikiiiir In?'itin i.'in thr.iiikhont tlie I imert Kiuadorn. JOHN IIKKDMAN, (I Somh St. N |l l'issa?e to and from l.ireriHMil ran lie secured at the lowest r lie. by any of til* line of purkrta sailing on (he 1st .4th, nth In'h. ilsr and 2T>rh of faeh month, on andtcation as ann,) iv c ui( blV bltltlUb-'lhe >ew l.nir? li-^uUr Paekel ?l?t October.?Tn? suier.or fa?t as>lin( |K?ck t sblli IIO' IlkHTI H, ' <Mi tons burtlunu, ( . I'taiu II .hi as abuse, her regular day kor freiuht or iwssage, ba> iuu ete^Aui and spacious aceommo ilation?, apply on board, wesi sole i?e. liaviuti eleMani and ?(iacmIII. ace int. west side Rarliul Slip m to VfOODHULL h MIWTURNS, m B<iuth street Prn e of Passace ill*) 1 lie packet ship notion ett., f'aptsin Ira B?rsle\, otaster I113# tons tiurthen, will snrie^d 'hr KoWleeter, ind sail ou b-*ii lar day, list October an