Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 4, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 4, 1844 Page 3
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ncndred ?4?ws*j-fireper?nt. Theamount received a,n* mo,,th, "? ?CMdi the rtceipti lor the mm.! period in any previous year, and exceed* every e. timate made from any quarter. The total receipt* from customs at the ports of New York and Boston, for nine I month*, in IMS and '44, Hand aa follow* RlCTrNL'E (ROM CUSTOMS. NVw^Vo'r'l" ?0n,ll'< $2,^7*937 15 ... $1,81017 77 rv. w l oik, Blue mouths 8,529,310 00 ... 19,253,286 0<) , $10,987,217 U $21,067,813 77 1 "avu ln thia table an increaae of nearly one hun dre i and fifty per cent in nine month*, and at only two P#r!? of en,ry 8 gro*s revenue of nearly twenty-five mil.ion* 01 dollar*. The receipt* from custom* usually fall off in Ortober. The importations alter September are usually light compart d with previoui month*, and the revanae from thi* source consequently diminished. Ruturn* Irom all the other pert* of entry in the country, | niu*t swell the revenue received up to the first in*tant, to at knit thirty million* of dollar*. The custom* at thi* port have averpge.l more than two millions of dollar* for each month in I$44 so lar, allowing for a decline of fifty par cent, and the amount of receipts for the remaining three month* will be about three millions. Taking this to be ono Unlf of the total receipts in oil the port* in the | Uii:on for tha remainder of the year, and the aggregate amount from thi* source from the year 1844, will exceed $36 000,000, which will be the greatest gro?s amount 0 | duties on merchandise imported into this country, evet rcceivpd. Thi* i* an immense amount to extract from the channels of trade. We see very plainly where this amount come* from, but it is impossible to tell where it will go to, o- to wh*t uses it may be pu; before it ogain j becomes distributed among the people. There has recently been a great deal of space and time ! consumed, by the organs of both political parties, | in endeavoring to prove, on the one hand, that the manufacturer* ef cotton and woollen goods have made enormous dividends, and, on the othar, that they have not made a per cent profit approaching that realized in almost every other employment. We annex a table I showing the dividend* of several large eautern establish mei t* for several years pant Dividends of NrwrEno>,and MANnracTuaiNn Cos. M.rrlm.rU ' 1M"' "J1" 18,3 ii 11 ? If g 16 10 11 Hamilton... . ,,, ,,, ? 5 3 ? fi j a\/ Appleron, 5 5 0 ? 6 C Lowell, 5 M || a 7 /f/ 11 8 11 3 8 1C 9 14 I Mi.Hlesei, ? 10 n a in ii/ 1 7'""""" u 7 8 2 C 16 R>? Lawreuce, 10 3 7 2 7 15 7% Boott,.. 11 4 U 3 5 jo 7rJ MaasnchusetW * * ? Tin rhVmJ ? 3 9 5 11 10 C.hicopfe, 9 ? 3 _ _ ? Dwigh', * ? * 3 11 a ??5 TbnJ'l'L 5 5 8 ? 3 10 5 5-6 I h'tri.uike, ? ? 11 3 ? l* ti/ ^ 2ot ? j? ? ;j 16 v '*:.-.-? t t t t 10 10 io Amoskejg ? ? ? 4 7 9 i,"r|l '<> 12 9 7 (j 17 |j i^j Nashua, 10 ? n 1 ? 11 iir Avuur lor ,n, ei,ch - I I L 1 y8,f' 7 2-9, 3 15 18, 81-9, 3X, 6 7-10, 10 4-5,l>r c. * Not ia operation. t F.?rnini?i to renovate machinery. I liesa dividends are exclusive of the large surplu many of these companies retailed. In 1849, the Middlesex Com- j pany of Lowell declared extra dividend of accumulated proli s on manufactur /i>g, sale* of land, and rent*, of 2ft | per cent, to increa*e the capital from $600,000 to $740 000. In 1844, the York 'Jompariy declared an extra dividend (net included iu 1 jtese return*,) of ten per cent, from the reserved profit* of farmer years. The first ten in the above table are Lowi ji companies. The Merrimack, Suffolk,Tre-1 mont, aad Bo have declared dividend* every year, the ayernge for' jlc pa4f sjx being 11, 9, 8, and 7 per cent. J hese six y^ears include three under the compromise act and throe under the present tariff In IS39 and 1840 the rate ef < jaty, under the compromise, was very much re duced, notwithstanding which we see that many of these Low ,11 companies declared good dividend*. Of those 0,|t.ol Lowell, the Palmer Company has been the most F.-fofitable ; in lact, according to thi* report, the Palmer and York companie* have averaged better dividends than any others ia all New England. In 1839, the Palmer eempany dec'ared a dividend of 20 per cent, being larger than any since ; in that year, the Yotk Company declared a dividend of It percent. In the averages given of each cosspany, we have taken the whole number of years in eluded in the table, and sot the average of the dividends | actually declared; for instance, In the Hamilton Co. the4J per cent is not the av?rag<> for the four years, in which I dividend* wore made, but for the *ix. Thi* *how* just the per cent realized by the atockholders annually on their investment*. The quotation* for these stocks in tho market and the | par vain*, show io what light they are considered as in ve-tnn .ts. Quotations ron Manufacturing Stocks. ., , Par. Market Price. JS' rimack l (lU0 1|J0)) a , ^0 Yiim, 1>0fl0 1,020 a 1,025 Applet on, 1 .(100 99(1 a ? 1,000 l,047Xa 1,060 ki .V. I.?"" 1.0B0 a 1,095 nima e*-x, , , 18o a ) 9jo J remniit 1,000 ? a 1,060 Jjiiwrence, i>000 ,,000 i5,on"-v 1,000 1,050 ? ? M??.achn?etU, 1 000 - a 1,100 1,000 1,100 a ? Uuc?pw, 1,000 962)<a 965 ? B 990 1,000 1,000 a ? V??rL" "*'???** - ? '.400 if 1,000 1,180 a 1,210 ?a*ima,. joo joo Only tl^fee in the above list are below par, while seve-1 ral ar* from ten t* twenty five and fifty per cent above. J".flere are very few method* of employing capital thi* country more profitable ttian in the manu ?fccturing busine**. It appear* that under the mo*t re iueed average duty, many companie* have made good dividends, in leveral iustances larger than under the pre ?ent tariff aet. Our banks find the greatest difficulty in ?queezing out aix and *even per cent annually, without reserving a?ingl? cent surplu*. Our insurance compa oie*, with a iew exception*, do not more than return legal iateriMt on their capital*. Stock investment* range from i 4J to 6 and 6 per cent. Trade and commerce, fro n year to year, with all tha los*es attached to our extended ays tem for credit*, do not accumulate for those engaged very rapid fortune*. Our agricultural do not realise an the capital employed more than ten per cent, with all the la bor attached to tha busine** thrown in. Many mechanical employmemt* may pay a larga per oent on the labor required, particularly those in which no other capital of consequence i* neceaaary We know of nothing calculated to enaurn better return* for a mere in ve*tment of capital than the cotton and wool manufacturing establishment* of New England; and ae far aa they alone are concerned, the aid of a protective duty i* rot neceiory to in*ure their productiveness The companie*, Included in the above list, have very large ca pitals, and have become permanently eatabliihed; they do not require the slightest support from government ; and should the tariff be reduced to the loweit level of the compromise act, and the currency of the country perma nently established on the present basis, thaie compnni*. could, without doubt,declare dividend* from year to year, j full a* large a* any before made. All the incidental pro-1 taction required now, i* sufficient to placa all olher man ufacturing establishments throughout the country, on aa Arm a foundation a* tho?eof New England, and the com petition that would exi*t among tham would destroy our home market* forever, for the manufacture* of any other | nation in the world. Old Stock Exchange. $70(10 If Sta'e* #'* 1 IfiW 40 *h** Bk Com. icrip :hmio N Y 8te5's, '50 b3 101 )s 1 luo Karoifr*' Trust 1000(1 do '58 I02,?j 75 do 43V 3000 do 1)3 UK', 100 do 43'j lO'HiO Kruiurky 6'* !0't 50 do 43*4 5600 Ohtoti'*, '60 *60 99}f 10 Mohiwk RR 62k 5MI0 do 100 50 do bJO 63 5000 do 1,00 190 06 Erie HR 21 52'MiO [Vunivlr&nia 5'* 72W 50 Ksrlem RR blO 73 , 50C0 do l>60 72'100 do 73 5*100 .Io 72s 100 do 7J? 10.-0 do 72 850 L Isl.uid RR 8! 20i'(l l<ea.l;.'K RR bd? 7i".J 100 do s30 83 20(H) li-mTriolfi 10 hsi do 8:t'i 25 ?l>f?* 1/ 8 B?nk 8 175 8 oninKtnn RR 51 10 V ick-biira Bk 7^ 200 do *60 51 25 Illinois 8ute Bk 2?>, 32'? do 2i5 Men h's P.xc Co 30 25 do 51V TO N A'" Trust lt'4 is do 52 2-15 Canton Co 41, 525 Nor & Wore RR irM 150 do *60 48 325 do 76'? 50 d > b30 46^ 75 d > b30 77 V 200 do b?0 11)^ 50 do b20 V 2.5 do 4?, S4 100 do *20 76 50 Raiding RR| 52^ 4 nccoixl Hoard. SoO sh;is "ioniugton RR 52 50 sha* Canton Co b30 46 70 do 52*^ 50 do IA 50 ' do 1,30 52X 155 N"r tk Wore RR ?J> 50 do 1,30 51 25 Mohank RR WiiL 150 L. Island RR 81 50 Ohio Trust Co 97 2.0 do b30 H.1W 50 farmers' Losd 44 75 do 83,'* New StiH Is Exehangei $5000 Krivurky 5'? 85^ inosha* Nor Ik Wor bnw 76I 50 sliu h'Himer*' Tr b3 4 l?? 25 do buw 77 too A , C 41 y 'HI do c 50 do b3 44\ 511 do bnw 76>s 50 do s3 43Ji 25 do SOd 77 50 do bnw 44 50 do c 76^ 50 do bnw 44), 125 Stonington RR e 51 AO Canto I Co r if, 15 do e 51k 85 do *10 2110 do c 51'< 21 do 1.3 45% 100 do SIS 51 21 Mart'h's tie. Co *30 :il 125 do e 5I>? 50 K'if Umt'-n Co blO 15 15 do buw 51k 2 , Llsl.Md RR c Ha 125 do e 51V 40 do *30 R.| 50 do bnw 51 13 Krie lilt . 01m 24>a 100 do o'filk ?5 Nor St Wore. RR *.? 76 100 do .52 2.50 do c 76)? 25 do s30 5I>% Ssi.fs or Sro.n?Boiton, Oct. 2. . V Iht i'i ukn n1 Hoard 1(10 shares Eaot Boston Co, Itji I 200 do. bio, l.lji 100 do, l?i; JOO do, s?0, 13; M) do, 1.3'.' 1/iii .Io, I3J; ^00 do, t>flO. I.'lj; HW do, 13; 30 Norwich Sl.0 Worcester RH|72]: 24do, S-1#, 73; 47 slo, Sim 7*1; 39 L RR, HJ; |tw Western RR, jr7j; 5# do, *lw, H71; Mi do,fclw,87{. Ht Jhution.? 2 share* Western KR, |?7 per sh| 1 Bos I ton k Lowell RR 341 per ct. adv; 3 do 34f do; ? Boeton k Mains KR, 7 do; 4 Boiton k Proridence RK, 6| do; t Lin eeed Oil Co, (par $350 ) >ltw pereta; 1 Lawrence Manuf Co, 4| ptrct. adr; t Lewi* Wharl Co, ?B18 a 81U per sh; $lo,W>o Albanj Bond*, | uyable in 1804 >71, # perct. ad?; ?i'-V'iK) Massachusetts Sterling Bonds, 4 do; 13 she New F.ngland Bank, div off, ? a i do; 13 Merchants'Bonk, div oil', 8-j do; 9 Cny Bank, div off, f9.oi p?i ?h; 6 Atlae Bank, tliv off, $971 do; SGIohe Bank, div off, 3| per ct. adv; 6 Granite Bank, div off per ?h; 10 Lancaster Bank, -liv ?ff, fHV do; ft Charles Rivi'r Bank, div off, $90 do; 1 Athe nteum $l?5 do; 1 Boston Library, $13. State of Trade. Ashks?There is a vety limited demand for pots, at $4 184 a 4 35. Penrle are very steady at $4 37J a 4 43j. Bti.swtx?Northern and southern prime yellow sells at wanted ut 19J a 30c B*EAi>sTU>rs? Light receipt* hava advanced prices n little. Genesee fetches f4 37$ a $4 50. Wheat is held ut 90 cunts. Corn is a little highur?northern .JI a 43; south ern, 47 a 48 ccnts Cotton?The eelee to-day were again small, amounting to nbeut *00 bales Prices are without change Kish?Dry cod are in lair demand, and steady at $3 35 Mackerel art very active. We quote No. 1 at $10 50; No 3 at $8 a 8 13j; No 3, $6 7.'. Hat?Common qualities of Noith River bale sell us wanted at 30 a 33c; prime, for export, is heli at 40c. Provisions?We have no change lo report in articles under this head. The deos.uid lor beef and pork is very limited. Brighton Cattle market. Boston, Sept. 30.?At maikot,775 beef cattle, 300 stores, 3.S00 shi:< p, and 1.6S6 swine Pricks?Beel Caulo- Sales quick at a small advance. Wo quote u lew extra at $4 7ft n $6; lirst quality, $4 60; second do, $4 26; third do, $3 76 a 3 75 Stores?Two j ear old, Irom $10 a 13; three year old, from $16 to 19. Sheep- Sales from $1 36 to 3 3ft Swiue?Ohio shoats 3Jc; New York do from 3] to 4c, half barrows; a choice lot 4}, half barrows ; a lot ol Ohio old hogs, 3flc. At rc-tail, from 4 a 6Jc. Foreign Markets. Pi'krto Carkllo, Sept 6?Business is extremely dull at present, and a revival we cannot expect within two months at least. In the month ol November, the new crop ol coffee will probably commence dropping into the market. Hides have been in very active demand here for several months past, and still continue to bit much called for. although at lower prices. Cotton and indigo appear to bn in very slight demand, especially the former. Cof fee, 7 a 7 Jc; hides, a Wjc; indigo, Hrs K peril); cocoa, $13 a 30, according to quality. The American schooner Sarah Laviniu, Capt. Fowler, Failed this morning, bound lor New York. '1 he Rowena leaves no American vessel in port. Married, On Thursday, 3'1 inst by the Rev PpeucerH. Cone, Louis F. .Mack, of Germany, to Ann, daughter of Jumes Segoino. Foreign Importations. MaRTIixks?Ship Trescott?9 bale# lilt boxen soap It do es sences F lvivue St co?1 tiki; I'illot, Le Barbier k Co?in Tripler & co?15 C Dord?200 Vl .1 lleinieiiiiin?29 J Aguew?21 ca*Us7l bales almonds Mason & Thompson?374 pkgs Draper Si Devlin ?2 Hunt k Junes?3 A k (} A Kendall k co?2 K Bossange?13 G Luewig?275 Fitch k co?1 M Payson?I Harnden k co?500 Cazet ll Asteu?350 G Mitchell?tlf> Fitch k co?200 Vietor k Duckw itz?9 J Mitchell?19 liteitl aurt Si. Chnu?21 bales 281 boxes 59 cks 1 box II cks K Mm hell?'HKI Ins lit bales 11 cask.1 1092 bkts oil Dutilli k Con senary?8112 bxs Lawrence k Phelps ?4 bales 5 c? 10 ceroons 500 bxi soap to older. Bremkn?Barque Tecumseli?1798 boxes 10 cks 23 chts Hen chen k Unkart?12 pkgs C Muller?31 Keimer, Mecke k co?5 Goaton, Hodges k co?2 A Ridker k Mollman?410 J C Muller ?1 E J Jones?116 bxs 95 hampers 500 demjns "45 chts to order Buenos Ayrks?Brig Charlotte?1139 hides 51110 horns 18 Ids hair 72 do wool 3 do deer skins W W De Forest k co?1 dotiger skins 3.M) hides Van BUucom k Chaplin?1450 F Alexander?1 box C Zimmerman. SaVaNNAH' Dnmestio Importations. __ t?Briif F.xcel?50 cks rice Gowdy k Wells?83 do Poirer Freres?JO K 1) Morgan k co?58 bales cotton J Wood? 32 A 1) k J T Smith?31 G Colls?20 Merian k Benard?10 cks chains CVS Rosevelt?II pkgs J Saxeon?3 F J Winslow?50 cks rice lot furniture to order. MARITIME HERALD. Sailing Days of tlie Steamships. STRAMERS. FROM LIVERPOOL. EROM AMERICA. Caledouia, Lott Sept. 19 Oct. II Acadia, Harrison Oct. 4 Nov. 1 G. Western, Matthews Oct. 12 Nov. 9 Iliberuia, Ryrie Oct. 19 Nov. 16 Cambria, Judkins Nor. 4 ...Dec. 1 Ship Masters and Agents. We shall esteem it a favor if Captains of Vessels will live to Robert, Captain of our News Boats, a report of the shipping left at the port whence they sailed, the vessels spoken ou their passage, a list of iheir cargo, and any foreign newspapers, oi news they may have. He will board them im mediately on iheir arrival. Agents and Correspondents at home or abroad, will also confer a favor by sending to this office all the Marine Intelligence they cau obtain. Nautical Informa tion of auy kind will be thankfully received. POUT OF NKW VOKK, OCTOBER 4. tVtl RISES 6 17 I MOON 1IISF.S.. 11 2 SUN SKTS 5 43 | HIUH WATER 1 32 Cleared. , V? A lyicvreaay at t o.?lings t.meline, Sawyer, St Murks, h IJ HinIbiit k Co; G B Lamir., Savaunah, Dunham k Dunon: Belle, Myers, Wilmington NC. K S P..w f TnM Wale,, Baker, Curacoa, Jos Foulke k Sons; ren, ?t Augustine, J IVclr; Tioga, H tlloek, Wilmington, > John Ogdeu; Lewis Spicer, Mott, ><a|ipahaiiiiock, G T Trim ble; Alexandria, Lewis, Baltimore, I B Gnger; F.veliue, Leech, Boston. Also, ship Aqueluel Mosher, Philadelphia. Arrived. Ship Trescott, Lawrence, 45 days from Marseilles, passed Gibraltar 3d Sent, with mdse, to Lawrence k Phelps. Left, Oroziinbo, for New York, Sept 20; Jacob 8 Wain, for do, unc; John A Robb, of Baltimore, lor Mai iga; Swiss Boy, for uo, to load for Boston: Ottawa, for Malaga; New Kngland, of Boston, for Malaga: Ganges, Wilson, for NYork, uuc. in nuar; Trio, for Havana. 3 passengers. Barque Tecuinseh. Itipley, from Bremen, and 32 days from Portsmouth, hug. with muse, to W II Howland?154 steerage passengers. Hamburg brig Charlotte. Bassman, 69 days from Buenos Ayres. with hides and wool, to W W De Forest k Co. Left several American vessels, names not recollected. Brig Kneel, Hayes, 6 days from Savannah, with cotton and rice, to Sturges k Clearinan. Schr Win Allen, Spaulding, (of Provincetown) 16 days from Havana, with 75 linds 5 tcs 10 litis molasses to Runon de X ildo; 75 hhds 5 tcs 10 bbls do J B Lasala. Left, Adelaide, Adams, for NYork 2 days, and others not recollected. 28th ult. 80 miles Noith of Hatteras, experienced a severe gale from North?stove hutwarks, kc. Schr Ostrich, Kllis, 16 days from Mira^oane, St. Domingo, with 75# bags coffee 70,000 lbs logwaod to AC Rossiere k Co.? Left no American vessel. British schr Three Kx-Councellors, Graham, 17 days from Pietou, with grindstones, lo Soule, Whitney k Co. Schr Martin Van Buren, Phillips, from Polly Lending, with corn, to master. Schrs Kxeel, Lovell, and Cornelia, Faulkliu, from Boston, with mdse. SchrCorine, Brooks, Connecticut Hiver. U. 8. steamer Legale, from Newport. iC7~ Telegraph reports no \rss?l in sight at sunset. [?/" Ships Cambridge Mediator, and St Nicolas, still re main at anchor at the SVv Spit, wind bound. Miscellaneous He cord. Shir Aruo, Crowninshield, of and for Boston, from Calcutta, pnt into Maurit<ns, no date, with six feet water in her hold. No further particulars. Schr Ori'M, Noyes, from Boston, of and for New York, and eight lishing vessels, went ashore at Hyanuis in the late gale, and three of them received considerable damage, vii. Martha. Bacon, had bows slove in; Joseph Randolph, Howes, lies lull of water; Abigail, Taylor, bulwarks stove, and other damage ? The Resolve, Bearse; GaUxv, Bragg: Pearl, Bacon,and Panther, Bearse, with the Orum, will probably get off as soon as the weather moderates, without much damage Vr.ssgi. Si.'nk and CarTAi* Missijio.?As the schr Magno lia, Capt Riifns Cough, from BluehilL Me. was passing up the stream just above Crsgie's Bridge, on Monday night, she Mruck a rock and almost immediately sunk. Nothing was saved but the captain's chest, which contained about $150 in money and some pajien. The captain took the money, w Inch was wet, and went to the toll b'lUSe for the pur|>ose of drying it. After leav ing that place, he was seen about 4 o'clock yesterday morning but a short distance off, and has not been heard of since.?[ Bos ton Transcript, Oct. 2. AsHonr..?A schr w.w ashore at New Harbor 30th, supposed the Norwich, from for Boston. Brio Cordki.ia, (Br) from Sydney, CB. was near the Isle of Shoals during th- late gal-, lost hulwaiks and received other dsmage. Capt Koreat and one man were washed overhoaid, but succeeded in regaining the vessel hy catching hold of some of the rigging which waso?er the lee side. Lai nchfd, at Kenuehiink, Srpt. 30th, from the yard of Messrs. Bourne k Kingsbury, a sp|e> did barqu'of about 400 tons called the Lyrnrgus, owned in New Vork and Boston, to lie commanded by Cap'. James Adams, and is intended for the New York aud Mediterranean trade. Whalemen. Arret New Bedford 1st inst Fenelon. Hathaway, N/enland, St Calhirines July 18. with 2700libls oil, and 19,000 lbs whale bone. Spoke off Banks Peninsula, Feb 20, Pleiades, Russell, VVarrham, 2n0 s|i 1000 wli; 29th, Romulus, lloldo-dge, Mystic, 1900 wli; Mch 2, Delplio.., West, Tisbury, 30 libls sp nml 2 right whs, for N W Coast. Sailed Irom St Catharines July 14, W hite Oak, Nory, NL, ou a ciuise, looo bbls. Mpoken. Rowland, 7 days from Bath for Guadeloupe, 11th ult. lat 27 10, Ion 62 50. Bxltie, of Salisbnry, Irom Newburyport for Philadelphia, 28th ult. Montank Point NK 80 miles. A brig, understood from Philadelphia, for St Kilts, Sept 16, lat 21 20, Ion 59 15. Korslgn Ports. NrwcASTi.K, Kng. Aug SO?In port, Tartar, Smith, for Bos ton. 3 days; Diautha, Shorvy, for do, 7. Bshraiios s, Sept 5? In |Hnt, Itoehambeau, McGilvery, from F.asiport for Beston, ex|ierienceil a heavy gale Aug 27, lat 38, Ion 66 18, swept decks and lost boat; 'Charleston,'(undoubtedly Charles L Vose) Savin, from Kastport for St Thomas, had lost tier mast and received other damage. St Thomas, S*pt 10?In port, Krnily Cumrniugs, Sage, for Philadelphia, :) or 4 diys. Ham Km, Sept Hi?In port, Gen Manon, llartwell, for New Vork, 2 or 3 days. I'uii i Si-ain, Triu. S?pt 13?In port. Chancellor, for NHavsn, few days; Tom Pains, disg. Comet, for Turks Island, sld day ? 'arK Havticn, Sept 14?In port, Souther, Hardy,for Boston, Pars, Sept 1?In port, Granite. I'pton, Idg, for Salem 5 ds; only Amer'can vessel iu port. No American vessels st Msran Rto GraNiik, July 30? Sld Brar.illiero, Williams and Hor tense, Jones, for Itio .lanet-o. in billast. In port Orb, Colnn, lor S Jain 20 diys; Mary (Jhifton. ? orning, 'or NYork, line; Osc ola, Merrier, from Philadelphia, just ar: Alfred llimmond, 4, imr, for Hamburg soon; Sea Bird, Burr, f r I'nrt Alegro, do; Clsrion, I.eland, for NYork 10 diys; Cohansey. Shcrma'i for ?loniic; Normen, Hhack'el'ord, for Montevideo, do; Witkford, Cnshing, for sale. Off the bar, a rakish brigantiue. I M(f, Sept 28?t'ld Lady lligoc, Willi una. New Ross; \gi:es Gilmour, Anderson, and Kienzi, Smith, Liverpool; Cumb-rland, Bruce, Chatham: He o, Davieson, and Krroman {a, Robinson, London; Thistle, Thomas, Waterford; Colling wood, < riithrie, Ayr: Imentns, Job, Falmouth; Ledv Peel, Lenty, Plymouth; Six, Baiubridge, Cork; Tlieron, t.'oojier, Maldon. M..N t RFA1 , Se|it 29? Arr Five Sisters. McMillan. London; Monarch, Allan, Glasgow: Sir Richd Jackson, McGarrv, Lis ?rpool; :iflih. ( ountess of Durham, Htowe, Cuba; Helen Scott, Icotland, Bristol; Cuba, Pearson; Saury Jack, Salter, and Ro ry O'More, McMaster, Liverpool. li'iftr I'nrts, Bt'rrALO. Oct 1?Arr F.udora, Michigan City; Kingman. Sandusky; t^lay, Erie; Reeolation, Ryerson; 11 t^revolin, Chi cajo; Juliette, Detroit; All*, and President, 8t Joseph; Skinner. Huron: Convoy. Chicago; Amelia, 0|deasbur|h. Cld Cale donia, Cleveland. ^ n . Worn# Porta, roK1TBH?'rk," {*?&?? V V"?ey, Turks Island; K.u uC^Q^ou\l (Tri M,ui.JV Mrm" "'<? Lincoln, McLrl Ilavwia sharks, Cuba; Ceylon, Trott, Alirx-ni riVif'n 'i'1'10"1' Breed. NOrleans; Howard, Hill, uo; Sloman, Phebe ISIarNorfolk; Psge.Taylor, and AM ll.tle, Hearse, U;?Xf??r I ,.11 vr . >11 .T wwmau, iwi'isi, i nn?* Work- IlmitU 7? I ; ^4*e,S^ r. ana A M Hal?,, tons) Kmim ft ii "1 il j l> in?Arr Empire, (new, 8M tie Zaldo, in tow^Moiirt " Lahoou' 8? Thomas. Sid R nock 'T'd11! fimel Smitli, Smith, Rapiuhau Below I )m-i il? (' ? ,?lore; Editor, Dayton, New Vork. umwwJld', StrTnJ d)> "" P?rt' 31,1 Lul*C' L:'kr"'-' Kail River for Al Kudo?,B,row.N,V?rk~An' Sl'r,m1' tl.erryf.rld; Ami'*" KevIi'nfJl.*' u" ? ^rr tieorgiiin, Belim. Liverpool; Turks liUnil- ' iv V E D Wolfe, L,.fluid AS , r r? ),,. v'''' V> llV'"'^"r,') Cabello 8ih ult-left no LeiTnLtm,' If.M,?. '^"i14 jB,r) Tucker, Port Spain, Trin; ?"* "It. off Delaware Capes, saSs Stc I Je^K! n>nlr? w,"ct'c"r.ed away jibboom, split Rn 71 30'in ih ? U.U Barbad-e?-23(1, ult lat 36 40, .Ll.t J ?*?? bon,'"?* f" and other London 'ottiell, Hansell, NVork; Senate, Miller, N I Tlmm^SrSumVo^c" D"1M,lel'' Co"on' NVork; 8|,Undid Richmond"'?lo i^L'l Milrt rUrl!; rrom Bo"<"> f"r 9hTk. K'chraond lor Boston. port VV .V, r}.^ !, ,~rrr R"e'"?ell, Briard, New VlV ? ?*? ' Wfinont, i rriKKfl , TllOlii tsfoil* l'mirr.m r Hrl wste-rrt, Ueiotr- "-. ^iM-1 u^E,?^ IJ niM V I I ? V Andrews, Moon, Knudson, NVork ?!ESSS??bs! '?,li,,tril'"!e TUB CHRISTIAN SUN. Christiaiiilv. iLp/Sle^on., ortWe^Kin'"^^ ings, be ol lt*m ? . ian? out, will I e3PAti:lizr,t':;v^chLt.ti'rSEE Ci!i)!lNtEI,-A Clerk, of .boat thlrtvyear, ?r ^ ?5 tSP'm 1,1,1 y "> l-o, 185 ^,;eT"o.t Office W'vi?lilt'^lvv!'r/l.|r0r ?ew and second hand Patent ""^?^'''^^ble'?hiei? beets'''fcc*' tben.?^ One' person* wit ji nunSw'of pri'vate ?,?&",!' 'iJ^"oit" '^ r**'"""^^ They ,r.. sol.l by Duncan k l.n . Li, Yi i'j" far 1 ? work i'"reduced JiiT"*' Locl"?"'W, and .17,'?'^^ ? ? ; ?W lm?tc reWtrJed b>-' '*?*v '"U "hein"'the bar of L^w?,7(\vinstant, in Uro?<hv?) hr. blood.Mwne mi the By Yea'rh^'if ' I. I I? K K T Y ? oTkru)av^;V^S?ng ,??* '"id toi z queoce and aajutance to make these Mwtinir, what t^v A!l' Hdv'? be' tl,H ?-???-? of ? New Kra.Tn thecal? Uooil Speaking and Sincii.K may b^ cjiwctsd By order, A. O. WILLCOX.),, )SK, {Ca o4 lt*m <?. W. HOSE, Committee. B1 ^FtMmln?'BLB'VlKN '{,;'l UHMM; Sl/UTH D b^emenS boxes"', '" '!"< well-known Stock nf Wm. Gaston. K? and loy^STVoiu^ f Savannah, part of which are of J howard Marrh & o , J. Mary Ann 1839, N. O. M. St S. pr Belvi.W & \i ' , I ' ,H'[ Medora Also, the real \l7ri iim hi..! i,T i . ry, 11,111 .mo 1836, 1837 and 1*39, John Olii-ielakko ^M?dort ??il,.Wo"od?rtme"t ?f !"''eCted Sherriea^CTine,. j? EMINENT SUCCKSS IN THE TREATMENT OF DI8KA8KS OK THE L U N li S AND M v p ? ? V'd/' iXnvarill of^il",''' ,ir^""'rh street, New following honest certificate in thf simple but uratefui n? xr (tOPY OF rHECEHTIFlCATF,) Dr. lirlly, !te '"'.phy. Cian I was under. ;.t, .ui daST v1 him. and roroinmeiidfd fo srm) forDr Voml.' mit^. VfV. ban.i |10!,lt, ? Vond.lwmithll^ti.M.:. ro^S Jwfectly.01 U' CU"d' " h*i'lTood Dr. Von^'-rsmuh cu^d"ne Voudenmith V ours, &c. MRS BUCK WALTER. Mizabethtown, N.J. ^Tkw^r: Z'STX"/, Kire? ! '" ^ l,v* iu Klizabethtown.N;indU'the'hStl k^wi;.^ whT.Twn ^rii^uto?.lVT,^.,,U COntl,nr<1 ??!<> letter are Sworn before me this lotlfdi'y o^jiVy, SIiCKWALT K11 JAMES HARPER, lerr/^itTci1. Ur> ^,,nd'?^/,?o'^^*"i>net;.r. .Call upon the Mayor aud see if it i? true, c>4 6too?ec rio-s^. F0R SALE. " Sfwsfr31 'Ancss: portance ca l^rf* f'>rl'rr "roadway. Business J im' j jssf'fctesaffSFSM^soui"' whoi- ivi" WA^tl)hN.n?il n,.^LKrA ,is,'*c ,0" WaTo^Ford'. make Apply at Toil^SENl) 4 T'l'DOKfrs '"f1" Water .treet nearVuhoTKerry magazin de mode. ? *o IMI Canal ?tmt. PARISIAN MlLLINERy FUK LADIVR Trill i'tsi the farnr n??? ?n Ml,,ll,l;,.l 'tl,e ,th "ctola r. Madam B aolic'its M0.V 6O Canal's^ " ,"r?1'1 ""MiahBent, Ma^ann de _N-w Vork, Ortoher 3d. U4?. ^ ,m.?, ~ KKENUH ~~ ARTIFICIAL FLOWEKS and FEATHERS " ;?tr! llVw\AMk,!,IKRK k COURT 11(1 William r, i\? w York, are. iHceiving bv the Havro uarkus Jtheir assortment of Kail Ooo3s, wh'Vh }om !J' is lVHv ha e hH r tw^. r A'nerican Hower, lor French. excMy^^rti'' K,,,?1 "oy' TO M'ORTSMEN. ~ YACHT FOK SALE. . .i,A YERV BEAliTIFCL and fast sailing Sloop of ?"bout ten tons burthen, with comfortable cabin and ac ?CO.,.mod .Hons, h.?l., 4 Hi,!,.. s A hor mm- t- I JUST PUBLISHED TaDV^RTIH^ 1 vv" W^'AL. CHRONICLE AND SppiriSKj'I-WKS bush* is "nineJ"M",y. ?" Boy, ??.,1 to the new.parer o3 2tis*rc j) u r( Yu It IVy s ViVwi^KV " U l" B'?\V friend, and forme, that^.u'ldlool (^".nstnlcC ,t Oct,,.,,, r;A nrday ?, from 3 to 6 I . M? and ou T,irs,lav .ml t,;., ??rUC.lar. .^jaij.jr^'f qsi?AsS.lT^^ ?a much of th* Hisctut and ' rark'rs wliii li .r- . .i,i ,u'^ city by the above names, are entirel> different from the Soll'a Biscuit and Hn?ar (,raflkm made at hi. Bakery ; whi. hU.I beej. used by invalids, particularly tliose who suffrr from iixli Ifesfion. I?r more than twrulv vear. wiiU ,l._ 1. ' while tL. imiiatiou, which can be made for a Us pr,cr Th" ,^^ perhaps wood lor i person in health are wholly unfit ft,Vif, L ru *"d < r.ckers, alco rfawir B.cni Na'vv 'SPZl.?"! < r^keSrPilorrj Na^ B^dV;,, of^e fi^t ? Warren street ? Jy28 6m * rre DEAFNESS. " DR.S CASTLE AND EDWARDS AURISTS ?4?1 BROAD WAV.-Ettract:- /x,vtJ"> AUKISTS, f ' ""'I'ly w.ih the reqaeit nf Lieat Mc Intosli, to testify thai he was invalided home aa unlit ... con^onekce ol total deafness .,,,,1 di chanc.7w.m hi.eir that while ... New VorV on bis iriv to Knirl mil I. . 1... i li. in sell under the professional ?are of Drs. C -?tT.- an,/ Edward!. Aurisfs. Under th-ir treatment he nouvercd his heirinu aod ha* returned to his military duty. "earing, and I Signed, H. McNKVEM, M. D Surgeon t'? II. B. VI. Forces. Jainaiei . , . ACOUSTIC DROPS. Jamaica. A,WW cure for incipient Deafness, Kar Ache, Pains |)u,,ln?, or Singing sojinds in the ear?. collections of hard wat er ntV-,?id secretion, of the organs, l'l?-ir Acoast.c Oil has l^n I ,0,,? lar remedy as a curst,ve ln all disease, of tlie ears for upwards WhtTe? jLrn mc~ r"n"v"1 l" 381 Brow) way" corner ?*1* Imlf S'2,000 1 ?2,5U0 #3,000 J MONEY TO LOAN. To loan on bond and niorti Apply 10 ?2 at* rc THOMAS WAfl3K|l Attorney and I ouns. ||.',r. ? City Hall Place, Corner of Ouane strict IUISII OATMEAL 1 by o3 3trc About two tons, in Rood order for sale J. HKRDV1AM, 61 South street. aCKAP?110 tons English, afloat, for sal* by r,2rc WOODHULL k MINTUHNS, ?' Smith street. WW-?"TrcWt&,te8r""? ,TI " M South street AUCTION SALES. AUCTION .VOTH K??ale of Dry Qoods. riothtar. and Pledged Article, This Day at 10Jt o'clock, at No. 11 Spruce street. AUo. on Saturday, tame )dace, a valuable lot of Ktirnitura, of nil description*. together with a most lieauttful consignment of ( Ancient and Modern Painting*, by celebrated masters. Thi? I sal* will be jiereuiptory. THUS. HKLL, Auctioneer. 1 It \U</TION NOTICE ?Elegant furniture? On Thursday *t IM'a o'clock, Mill tie sold the entire superior F urniture, all nude toordtr, and of the ver>' best description, contained in the handsome modern built house. No. 7'J Green street, near Spring. Particulars in a future aditrtuemmt ol 6t*ec THOS. Bill.I., Auctioneer. A. ('. TlfTTLE, Auctioneer. HAKDWAKK. CLTLKHV, GUNS, fee-Jacob 8. Piatt, wiP sell this Day at 10 o'clock, at hit Auction Room, No. 23 Piatt, corner of Gold street?2.W Packages, Cases and Lots of Birmingham and Sheffield Hardware and Cutlery, German, French ami American Goods. This being bis 20th rail Trade Hardware, sale this ?easou, and worthy the attention of city and country dealers, as every lot will be peremptorily sold. AUo, an extensive assortment of 1 able and Pocket Cutlery. Also, 60 dogei! Phil idelohia Shovels and Spades. Also, Parson'*, Lydins and KlwelTs Cardiua Hoes, with which the sale will commence. AUo, l(NK) imir* Shovel and tongs, comprising every variety. Also, 6 cask* < oil and Ox Chains, Hooks and Hinges, Slates, Sadirons, Files, C. S. Handsaws, Brass Chamber Candlestick*, Braces and Bitts, Plate and Squares, line cut Nails, Trace Ch uns, kc. Alio, au iuvoice of superior Kuglish double and tingle barrel Guns. Also, Fancy Goods, comprising a general assortment. ol lt*rrc AUCTION NOTICE-EXCELLENT AND FASHION A BLK FURNITURE. ON1FFEN CO.?This Day, by Catalogue, at 10 o'clock, 11.') Fulton and 3? Ann streets one of the largest and moat fashionable assortments of Cabinet Furniture offered this sea son. Shipiieit, the trade, and hoiuekee|iers generally, will find their interest in attending this sale. Also tlie excellent second hand Furniture of a gentleman who lias left tlie city. For full particulars, see auction head and i it logue ; strangers will leave dft|M>sits. ol lt*e,c BEACON CO Uftgfc?TROTTING. SATUItDA V, October 5th, at 3 o'clock?A Match for $500, Mile Heats, iu Harness. H. Woodruff uames b. mare Lady Tompkins .Jam*i Whelplev names b. mare ? ? MONDAY, October 7th, at 2o'clock?A Match, Two Mile Heats in Harness. J. Whelpley names gr. g. Stockton H. Woodruff names Id g. Newhurgh Same day, it half-past 3 o'clock precisely ?Purse $200, Mile Heats, best three m live under the saddle, free for all Trotting and Pacing Horses. D Bryant names g. m. Lady Suffolk J. Whelpley names b. h. John C. Calhoun A. Coukliu names r. in. *airy Queen TUESDAY, October 8th, at 3 o'clock?Purse and Stake for $500. Three Mile Heats under the. Saddle. H. Woodruff uatres b. g. Ajax Geo. Spirer names ch. g. Sir William S. McLaughlin names . b, g.*Jersey Blue TO THE PUBLIC?The Proprietors are aware that great dissatisfaction has arisen in consequence of horses not starting I at the time advertised. This, in some instances, could not be avoided, iu others it could have been; but they beg leave to say, that iu future they pledge themselves that in all races, where they have any control, the horses shall be called up at the time advertised. o4 4tFStMJkTu*je PIGEON SHOOTING TI1E Members of tin* Anglo-American Shooting Club, are re quested to meet at the house of Mr. H. Russell. Adam street. Breokl) ll, on Monday next, tlie 7th instant, fur tlie purpose of holding their tliird shooting match, and truisactiug other busi ness ofimportauce. TllOS. WILSON. Sec'y. Brooklyn, Oct. 3d. 1844. o4 21 KVSu ? rc IFbom tiie Evgrsimi Porr.J DKNTISTRr?"DH. A. C. CASTLE, who has lived a long while i>i (hit city, lias obtained aii enviable and distinguish ed eminence in Ilia jirofe.aion. He operates on the teeth with great skill and ability. He has also prepared a composition for filling decayed teeth, in the form of a soft paste, which while it resists all icidi and infecting agents, it. becomes as hard a* the tooth itself. From our own experience it 11 beautifully adapted for the teeth, and more particularly for nervous iiersous." A. C. CASTLE, M. D., 0|**rative Dentist, o4 Ith 381 Broadway, cor. of White at. "extract of cubf:hs." copaiva"and" SA RSA lJA 111 LL A. rillS ia on* of the moat a|?*dy and effectual renrdiea for the cure of Oounorrhfna that baa ever been introduced. It ia ph'aaant to the palate and grateful to the stomach, and ia easily taken, being in the usu il form of extracts. In it are concen trated all the medicinal properties of tuch remedies aa are found inoat speedily efficacious in curing gleets, seminal weak liest, whites, and all discharges of the urinary passage. It ia wholly a vegetable compound and acta like a charm in pro ducing an immediate operation upon the part affected, f ull direction, accompany the medicine, which maybe had at No. | 2 Ann street?I'rice SI. I'. S?Strangeri who detire medical advice may consult Dr. Olorer confidentially at hia office, No. 2 Ann street, at all houra of tbed'vand evening. ot lt*ec THE BEST CHANCES EVER OFFhKhD TO .? MAKE MONEY.?To first rate Hotel and jULLodgnig House, situated in Centre street, near to the . aik 1'ost Office, elegantly lifted up with Beds, &c. Would mate a first rate Eatiuir House, aa there are none of the kind iu that par'of the city. The Fixture* Sic., are now for sale?this is a chance inay never occur attain. Also?A corner Grocery. Liquor and Feed Store, situated in a crowded and central part of the city. This is a great bargain. Also?A Porter House in Chatham street; Kutures for sale. This ia a great business stand. A long and well established Porter House iu the lower |wrt of the city, where $10,000 baa been made the laat ten years. . Al.o?The beat atand in New Vork for public business, near the Sun office. A large Store in Elin street, suitable for any business; and several Houses, Stores, Rooina, itc , iu various 1 pails of the city. Also?1500 acres of Land in Virginia, baa a Coal Mine on it. All Iieraona wanting Karms, Houses, Storm, Kofttna, Jkc., or wishing to let or tell out, may * I ply to GILLESPIE, lloute Agent, 5i2 Pearl atreet, near Broadway. A front Iloom and Bedroom to let, iu Broadway, cor Duane itreet. Alto, the Livery Httble in the city; atock, fce., for aale. Alto for sale, four H->nses and Lots, for the low price of S'lOtiO, aituated iu Itenwick; $'>"?" may remain on bond and mortgage. A partner wiili $t<00 cash is wanted in a profitable business. To.let, a Porter and Lodging House, in James's Slip, Kiiturea, Belli, Sic., for tale. oU 3t*rr FT'RN'lSHT,'.l) HOITBE?A Lady and !???nlleman .... J without any children, are desirous to rent until tbe 1st of J^iUMay ueit, a genteel furnished house. Any family w ho I mat tie leaving the city for tlie winter months, would And this en Mce'lent opportunity to have their house occupied and tbe furniture kept in order. The up|?er part of tli? city would be ' preferred. Address hoi 1001 Lower Post Office. (M St*m PERSONS IN PHILADELPHIA. " WISHING to Subtcribe to THE HERALD, and ha?? it terved regularly at their atom., dwelling., tic., will please leave their namea with the Agent., at 1 Ledger Building) Third itreet, near Cheauiut. TERMS. For One Week ]7)f cent!. For One Month 75 " For a longer time in the tame pro|>ortion, O' 2>< ceutt a copy. Single coptea for sale every day at 1 o'clock. Price 3 cenot. (i. B. Z1EBER &i ( u., 3 Ledger Building, (14 Imitrc Third street, near Chestnut. ANOKA MA AT NIBl.O'S < JAHDEN.?Open for a short season, the most magnificent Panoramic Painting ever ei hihited in this country, (to lay all the Artisu that have serii it.) It w*. e,ecute?l by the celebrated Artists, Mr. W. Daniell. E. O. Parrea and Ailguatut HUrle, It. A. Londou. It is now open during the day. Admittance to the (Jardesi and Panorama 15 cents. Artists are res|?M t f 1111 >? invited to visit the Panorama free of cbaige. Tlie Panorama of Madras was exhibited in Ruitell Hon.ire attended with immeme HMW, and when purchased by Mr. Ninlo was considered the very baai I anoramic. painting in London. i'? 2inrc BLEACHINC POWDER?MO caaks Boyd't make, lo al hv Pk.HHMK fc BHOOKH. 65 snd?7 Nasaau tt. tl? rtURTAIN MATERIALS, TRIMM IN OR AND WIN DOW SHADES.?The Mibscribers beg to invite the at tention of itrangera to their large stock of I,pholitery gooilt, just received in store from which they are prepared to execute order* for Bed and W indow Curtains of the newest designs and ou lower terma than any other houae in the city. Their stock will be f. ii ii( tO Consist of silk and worsted de I unes.tihoui.'i., datnaskt, Turkey red cottons, rich lace and muslin embroidered curtains, galloons, gimps, cord, taasels, cornices, (tc. together with Painted Window Shades, just imported from France, of - " lew patterns, and pronounced the inoat magnificent ever u?i d?aa also the varioiit ttylei of iieintecl Ameri can Shades, varying in price from $1 a pair upward. SOLOMON k HART, Upholster*. s27 2tnwis?tTtiHtF*rrr. 213 Uroadw.iy. o|ipotite the Park. V 1> If WINTER A K HANI i KM E NT! FA E THREE SHILLINGS MIO.VI PaTERSON TO JEHSEV CITY. On and aO^r the 'it of October the cart will 'esve? PaTEum* Drrot. Nrw York. * o'clock A. M. 9 o'clock A. M. II* " " 12? " P. M. 3 " r. M. 4 " On St'nnaT*. 8 o'clock A. M. I 9 o'clock A. M. 3 " P. M. I 4 " P. M. t29 tf rc PEOPLE'S USE OF STE.tMBuA'lS FOR ALKANY DAILY, Snndayt excepted?Through direct ? al ? P.M., from lie Steamboat Pier betweei BCourtliiidt and I.iliertv itreets. The SfeambMl KNK KERBOt KF.R. Captain A P Jijlin, Monday, Wednesday and Friday Errmugs at fl o'clock. Tlie Steamboat RO< HESTER. Capiam A. Honghtua, on Tuesday, 'i'hnrtd iy and Saturday Kvemugs, at (i o'clock. From the foot of Barclay itreet. At Five o'clock. P. M ?Landing at Intermediate Plare*. The Steamiioat NORTH AMERICA, Captain R. (>. Crut tenden, Monday, Wednetday, and Friday and Sunday After noons, at 4 o'clock The Steamboat COLUMBIA, Captain William II. Peck, Tnesday, Thnriday ai.d Saturday Afternoon*, at 5 o'clock. Paaieugera taking either of the above lines will arrive in Albany ill ample lime p> take the Morning Traiin of (^ari flat tbe past or west. Tlie boats are n.w and luostiuitial, are far uiib-d with new and rj.-gant Hale rooms, and for i|*-ed ami ac eommodatir.n*, are unrivalled on the Hudson. All persons are forbid trusting any of the boats of thit line, without an order from tlie Capiam. For insane or fr ight, apply on board, or to P. C. Schnltr, L the Office on the wharf. 04rc FA UK i; KIII'CK!) KOR CROTONVJLLE, at 3 P. M.j Sunday excepted. Returning, will leaia- Crotonvill. at hV4. am! Sing Sing at 7 o'clock A. MT, lauding at the foot of Hammond street each way. For passage or freight, apply on hoard, or to HTEPH EN B, TOMPKINS. 192 West sweet. sl2tn rc II. << ANH flAI.LIt W hi,L T he new ?aimei PENOBSI O'l' I i|.<aie t N. Kimball, lisai ei the end of T wh ? rf, Boston, .every Tuesday and Kriday evening*, at J 'lock. Stag's will he in mdtueat on her arrival at the abor. p>-es, to eonvv l?ass^ In the r.itfhhortnr? tnwn. PAS?A(?E FOR SAVANNAH?PacketofldOet ?Tl e well known luit tailing brig ii B LAMAH, I' lptain ^annarman, will tail positively atalxive, h. r rwulai day. Slie has exeellent accommodation* for cabin, second cabin and steerage lussengers. Apply on board, foot of Maiden lane, or to W kJ T. TArSCOTT, .28 7(1 S^Mfr. corner Maiden Itni^ I"OK NKW OKLKA.>S?Uikh.T.?1 lie .tea?i ship AL ABAMA, 700 torn burtlien, Henry Vvindle, .Cnmmander, will sail for the above tairt on ibe ? *??" (Tcloler next, at ? o clock. Tliit splendid mid remarkably staunch ateamer has Iwrn thoroughly overhauled tbe present snminer, newly copiiered, and is futin.lied with a powerful set of new Boiler*, made at the Novelly Works of till* city. She it exacted to inake tha run to the Bilire with ease In six dayt; and having haudtom* and comfortable accommoaalious, Toi both cabin and ttearsgs raitengers. offert an unnsnally deairablg 'onvej ance to the travelling commnuity. For light fteight or pasM?* apply to O MW^E. til tolio'ra W4 f rong it. AMUSEMENTS. "park TilKATM" rpn id t'Vii'MNU I let. 1, will '{J* JlCSWw*,.,, n u The Music co?|H?ea b> Mr. j0"r'^f jou?. The Prince Alim \Udaiiie Otto. 'lli? Princess Zoyea. . . .. . ? ? Madame vi< To e ludt wiA tl*? ? ram. of ROBERT MAC AIRE. Hkerrstt Robert Mac*,., W. H. Cr.sp I J-."- *?XbboU. Boies, 1st T,"r75c;..U-^cond .ndjturd Tier. SO cents-Pit M cfiiti?(kllvry ^ cents. -? ? |I>AI<nO'ti NKW VOIIK OPKKA IIOU^K. TH1H1) NIGHT OK TinTWALIAN JOPKRA FRIDAY EVENING. OCT. 4. Will lw informed. L'ELISIHE t> AMORE. . Adina, Sig'ua Born hew I Nemormo, ^ " Brlcre, 8m | Dulcamara, *'?S*1"'" "f" Kir.t Tier of Doit* mid l'ar.iuette, ?l-2nd'1 ter of Bose., it) cts. 8ATUKDAY, October 5. will b? performed the new Pantomi mic Bullet d' \riuni entitled THE INDEPENDENCE OK GREECE! THE W OM EN' W ARRIO RS, Admission 50 cent. to ill parU of the limine. , . Swats can be secured six days iu adv-iuce, from 0 A. In. too 1 Libretto. for tlie Open and B illet can be hsdat the Bo* Office. Doors open at 7. Performance *o commfiicp at 7 & o clock. *lftlIaO'M UAiiDK!^. Corner of Hroid^Ky mid Priuce *treet, New I'ork The Entertainments are under the sole direction of MH MITCHKI.L. NOTICE?The Garden opens at <ili o'clock, and the per formances comment e at 1%. The 'Ilwitre is now enclosed, ?iuu made comfortable, should the evening be damp or cool. MISS TAYLOR'S HENEFIT AND LAST NIOHT BUT ONE OK THE SEASON. KRIUAY EVENING, Oct. 1 to commence with, LA FILLE DC REGIMENT. Grenade Mr. Nickinson Rodolidie Mr. Dennison. Lobwitc ? Mj* ^Iari| t'artoucli'* Mr. Rosenthal! The Marchioues. nf Berkenfield Mrs. Hard wick The Dutches! of CracllMlthorpe Mftrie Mu? Taylor Intrrinissiou of 'hirty miuutra. To riineliiile with. KAIR ONE WITH THE GOLDEN LOCKS. King Lachrymoio Mr. Nickinso#. Count 1'Ieiiipo.o ... ...? ????,M{. Mm.* Uur^n Su.idora, (Ka'r One with the G'.ldeu L"i'k.,) Mm t.larke A I'** Seul by Miss Partington. |T7" NO POSTPONEMENT at tin. .establishment ou ac couut of weather, a. the Grand Entruice trom Broadway to tlie Saloon is protected, ami the New Saloon, which t?( veutilated from tlie liip and .ide., can be enclosed at a tnomeut ? uotice. Ticket* Fifty Cent*. ? cTllt l S? BOW KRY. MRS. COLE, MRS. OULLIEN, Aud all THE LADY E Ull E 8TR1AN8, Will appear thi.evening. S I U Ml ll VALENTINI, In hi* Ore't Mot?* heat.. MASTER WALTER AYMAR. W. H. Stout Clown. The performances are varied, elegant and chaste. Boies 2S cents ; Pit 12)? cenU.?Private Boies S'J each. o3 Jt*rc UURTOIV'S THEATRE. ARCII STREET, PHILADELPHIA. FRIDAY? October 4. , The Grand Historical Play of PUTNAM * . , . i Will be acted every evening until further notice. Putnam. Mr. N. Johnson I Messopotamia Jenkins, Burke T H E G U 1 T A R . SIONOR BIN I, PROFESSOR OF THE GUITAR, WII.L OIYF A C O N C E R T , ASSISTED BY MRS. A. W. PENSON, MESSRS. SII.VAAAND WOODVILLE. Ou FRRIDA Y >? VENINO next, 1t?< October, IBM. JIT THE CLINTON IU1I.I.. Corner and Beektnan streets. Mr. I*. K. Weuel Will preside at the Piano forte. PROGRAMME. PART I. . Thema?(wuh variation.,) . two gu'tari Souk?Iriah Melody.. . virs A W Pen.on.. ? Moore Souk?"Scene, of my Youth,"... Signor Btni Benedict Hiima Ri'irada?three Kuitars ? . - rre.tas 8?.uk?"The Vine Feast," Mr. A W Penion, as oriKlually siiii? l.v her ? ? ? ?. Rooke New York Bran B ind March... guitar solo La Gloria?two vuitars v.. i Fantasia?Piano Forte... Mr P K Weiiel ? eilel PARI' II. ? I Rosa Waltr?two guitars ? . ? ? ? ntrauii Soug?"Morning Divams,".. ._Mrs A W IVusoii, from the Hong, and Su|ierstitiop? of Ireland. .. ... S Lover Italian Souk? accompanied with guitar... Sig Bini... Komiiii Star Spangled Banner?guiUrsolo National Paso Al'gre?two guitars...... ? ? ? ' 0.1 "i Soiitf?"Lais of Oowrie,"* .Mm A W leuton ... Scotch Ba lad Quick Step?two K'litars ? . ? ? *'e7lli Tickets 50 cents each, or to admit three persons $1?to be l?ad at the Music and Book Stores, and at the door. Concert to commence .it U o'clock. o-t It m MR. DEMPSTER'S VOCAL LNTERTaJN MENTS?SOCIETY LIBRARY, CORNER OF BROADWAY Si LEONARD STREETS. VI R DEMI'HTKIt ln? the honor to announce lus intention 'VI Ent rtainmenta on the evenings of Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, 1st, 3d and ith October? vlicn lie will ling liii most c.impositions, accompanied in the piano-forte,including, trie Lament of the Irish r.migrant I'he Blind Boy-The Lonely Anld Wife-Jeannie Morrisou-1 he .rej One was not there?\ Home in the Heart?Let u. love one another?Bird of tlie Wild-roe.,. -(The Indian s Complain') )h! Why doe. the White Man lollow my path F?When the milt wind bewaileth?I'm with you once again?I lie Death ?t rVarren?Scottish Ballids, John Anderson uiy Jo?My N ?nine O?Tak' yerAuldCloakaDont ye-My -??>% I ..miiiy-haw ye mywi'thiug I?A Man's a .Man tor a' that?Highland Mary, Sic. Particulars of which may Iw seen iu programme., to be lud at the Music Stores, and at the Society Library. Tickets M cent.?to lie had at the door. 1 o commence at a quarter to 8 o'clock. _ _ _ .eZ7 to^rrc 1C DEMPSTER will give a Vocal Enterwinment at the Rutger'. Female Institute, ou Friday Evening, October 4th, 1841. Tickets fifty cent., to be had at the door, i o commence t quarter before 8 o'clock. _ ?3 3'urc ART and SCIENCE OF DANCING AND WALTZING. CARD-MR. WHALE and DAUGHTER rrepectfnlly announce to the Ladies and Gentlemen of New 1 ork, that their ClaasM iu Dancing, Waltzing, and the Polka Diuice will coaim-uce at the Assembly Itoom, ( ou.Htuiion l.sll, Broadway, on Saturday, October 12ih, and will continue throughout the season. Days of Tuitiou, for Young Ladies and Gentlemen under 14. every Tuesday and Saturday afternoon, commencing at 3?and for the elder cla.. of Gentlemen at 7. Every new style or Dancing taught iu Mr. W.'?, without additional charK '"liil'w' tntsu that the refereuces he shall offer of hi. capability will I* .ati.factory. School, aud Academie. attended to on ap plication as above, or at hi. Private Academy, No. 70 Slilh Avenue, where lerm. will be made known and circulars g^'n, containing particolar., ot Itn'rc TLlE, PAULINE DESJARDINS re.|?ctfully informs her patrons ind the public in general, that she i. about to form a " C/as<- <lf Dunce" for ladies and *enllemen. in which she will tesch the favorite Polka, Mar-onrka, and all the other fashionable Dance, of the day. The morning school will be open from 12 o'clock to 2 o clock aud the evening from 6 o'clock to 9 o'clock. Ladies aud gentlem-n wishing instruction are requested to call at M'ile Dosjardm'. house, 7 Park Place. s28 2w*rc ERENC H LANGUAGE A N D Ml 'SIC. k " ^/rONS., MADAME AND MAD'LLE. GACV AIN, have iVI resumed iheir and Private Lessons for the season. The French tanghl through Manesca's Oral Sv.tnn, rsclusively n.ed by Mr. (Jauvain for thew fifteen years past, lb- I lano, Guitar, and Singing al.o taught, on the mo.t aoprosed principles. The French language is u.ually .pokcii in the family Apply I 397 BKUAUWAi. s2H ?t?rc FXHIBITION THE END OF THE WORLD. AN ORIGINAL PAINTING nK A VERY LARGE Sl/E with Colossal Figures, paint V_/ ed aud lately finished by F. Anelli, in New York. Kthihition now open, at Apollo ll^oms, 410 Broadway, from 10 A. M. to 5 P. M., an J from 7 to 10 P. M. Admission 25 cents. ?10 1?* Tc D K. LARDNKH. CONHULTING KNUINKLH, Athe neum Hotel, Broadway, New York?I)r. Lardner will continue the professional practice which for many years he pur sued on an extensive scale in London, and may be consnlu-dI by patentees, manufacturers, and others, <xn quealions reaardiuic improvements in the arts and manufactures, which involve the application of tlie principle*of Mechanical or Physical Hnence. Those w ho reside at a distance may forward (postpaid) a clear statement of the ca*e, with the necessary drawings or s??e cnneuH, w h* * ii iiiiiiit-'diam attentw >n will he given. ^ * lm rr FOR NEW OHLKANH?To succed the Alfrwl |?3M|WThe fast sailing ship ATALANTA, ' -apt Rayu^mid, jBSMMiwill positively smiI on Monday, tlie 7th iustnit. 1 his ship h<ts unsurpassed accommodations lor cabin, second cabin ana steerage passengers, who will Im? taken at the lowest rafea. Those desirous of secu ring berths, will re^mre to mske vmtly a|? plication ou board, at foot of Ma'u**ii Lane, or to JOHN HKRDM AN, 61 flouth street. y, B ?The sabscril?er w ll hare a regular succession of first class ships sailing everv five d ?ys for the ahoy |?ort. o2rc pllK LI V Kit POOL?Ne^s L.iue?lietiuUr Packet ?feKi.f a5th Oct.?The regular fant tailing Packet Shir ^'M'fain H J ll.Tr.isk, of 1,100 tons btirthwi^ill sail a* above, her reguUr day. H'or Ireight or passage, having accommodationi une<jualle<1 for splendor or comfort, apply t>n board at Orleans wharf, foot I Wall street, or to K. K. COLLINS It 00, % Hourh stnet. Price of Passage, $100. Thf packet shin lloscius, Capt. John Tolling of llfOtons, will succeed ihe Oarrick, and sail Mth November, her regular day. TO LIVERPOOL?Packet of 6th Octolier-The ? first class packet ship PATUU K KKNKY, Captain pHBHsDi'lano, will Kail -i* above, her r?*i;"lar day. . he accommodation in this splendid \#*??rl for cabin, second cabin and steerage passenu rs,an* too well known to require com ment. Persons intending to embark, should make irnmediale application on board, foot of Y, ,27rc 100 I'ine .fleet, ror'-rr of S<iuth s'reet. f.Xl HAM'K. i>< il. \ ,M>, IR^.I.ANU, .SCOTLAND AND WALES.?The SubscnUt h*< Lt .111imt for .ale Drafts from fil to tlOOO, iwysM* rjrgiriiic^i .V II Passage to aud from Liverpool can Ik* secured at th? lowest rates by any of the line of packer, sailing on the 1st. fith, I Ith, 16th, 21st and 3f?fh of each motiih, on appltcatiou as ab???e jv94 er PASSAtiE KOK NKVV OKLKA.NS?IteguUi ratket?Will .ail on Monday iie.t, 'lh.October. Of p,L..Hge (Vie.?The hplendiil new ?hip rtl LlANA, i Miiuin Denni., w?I> !?? de?patchfd po itively a. abuve, her re gn'ir d iy The accommodation, ol this splendid packet are nneon .lied for cabin, .econd < ?bin or steerage pessengvm. I as angers for Ne? Orlean? should iii.pect ihu .hip l?foie engag ing elsewhere. Al-jdy on board, footof MskU ii lane, or to W. k J. T. TAPSt C)TT, 7t? South str?M, comer Manlen Lane. NOTM'E? Passage free, if thi? .hip, wind and weatlier |>?t milting, does not sail a* above. of"* FOR LONDON.?Packet of tlie 10th Octolwr ? The ftr?l class, fast sailing Packet ship SWIT/.I .R (LAND. ? .plain E. Knight, will sail as above, her 'Having *very superior accommodation, for Cabin, 2d ("abin and SU'eMge passengei., jiersniis intending to embark should make immediate application on board foot of Maiden Late, or IT, JOSEPH McMl RKAY, njpr I CIO Pine street, corner of frotlth. COM HAVANA, FROM PIlll.ADf.LI'HIA. The A. I fa.t-. ailing parke; barane ELI a ABE I h John S. Kemingtou, uiasi i, will sail positively on _jlXih Ocnher. . In iglit or psn.afe, having sui ? ..'Coiiimo datioris, a large and commodiout < ? ?, ? ,,J"* room., apply u. JOH N h. i>?lL Sj. sON. ? I, j? rlkco 101 S?Hith I loladelpnis ^-Aboinuu " | ol ltre #1 loath s?j*sc BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. Maryland KltcUon. The State Election (for Governor and M?mbe? of the Legislature,) took place in Maryland on Wednei-tlty. We have full returns Imm the city and a few from the county of Baltimore, which we give below. The vote in the city ia heavier than ever before?the increase being principally upon the side of the democrat*, and thus reverting the relative position of the two parties there: but whether there has been a proportionate democratic gain throughout the State (which would elect their candidate for Governor by about 2000 major ity,) ia very doubtful. We copy the following from the Baltimore papers:? Baltimore I'itt. Fnr (iovrrnor. For tlayor. Mi*! b<ioi? U^T Ward. Frail. Carroll. Law Marriutt. |,t iOb WIJ Jll <94 441 491 4(M 4'JO 3 i#9 777 X.7 68S 4th 69J 449 fr.0 141 ill 444 624 4*7 iU 61, M 596 26'J 499 7th. 409 594 411 44? ?i|, 1,097 iH? 9#S 484 'jili 461 17 J I2t? ft'J lUtn 4fiJ 449 447 SHU 11th 709 487 724 491 1211 742 442 47K 13th #16 711 63? 470 Ulh, 459 877 428 541 7,(196 9,l!>0 7,600 7,J9fl 7 994 7,298 1 194 302 Tli' legislative ticket has an average democratic msjoiity of over 1.000. The total number of vote* polled in the city at tbia election is 17,ibo, being uu increase over the Mayol'a election la*t Kali, of a,3b7 toU *. The increase en the whig ticket i* 394 votoe ; and uu the dtmociaUe ticket, 1,8M vote*. At the Presidential election in 1B40, the number of vote* cast wa* 14 623. ef which the wliig* had 7,-294, and the democrat* 7,3.47. Di mucratic majority 31. At the Governor'* election in 14*41, there were It,SIS vote* given?whig* #,3f-fl ; dt-mociat* 7,4'27. Demociatio majority 1,041. At tlu Delegate kleetion in IB42, the average number of vett* wa* 12,660?whigs, ? ool , ilimocratii, 8,7.VJ. Ave rage majority for the democrats 761 At the Delegate election in 1(43, the average number ot vote* wa* W,JU-whig*, 6,621 , daaiociat*, 6,4*4 Whig uvtiugi mujoiity 07. At the Mayor * election in 1K43, there were 14,898 vote* polled?whig*, 7,600 ; d?mocrat*, 7,298. Whigmsjoiity Sua At the Congre**ional election in February of the pre lent year, the number of vote* wa* 13.S98?whig*, 7,'28b ; democrat*, 6,610. Whig majority 678. Baltimosk Coubtv. Diltritti. Pratt, W. Carroll, L F. 1. tatonsville, a29maj. 9. Uovamtuwn, 14a maj. 11. Long Urtten, 11 maj. ia. Blue Ball, 10* m?J PaiNca Oaoaoc'* Coustv. Diitrirti. Fratt. IK. Carroll, L P. Bladensburg, 41 maj. V*n*vllie, 15 msj. Delaware Election. The result ot the election in Delaware (for As sessors and lnsjiectors), according to the Philadel phia Ledger, is in favor of the democrats, by a small innjority. The Slate was at first supposed to have gone for the wings. The following is a sum mary of the votes? Newca*tle County Whig maj., 73 Kent County " " ia7 oussex County Dem. maj., 3*1 ?200 3*1 900 Democratic majority in the .State M Philadelphia. [Correspondence of ll* Herald.] 1'hii.aus.i.phia, Oct. S, 1844. The two 'Convention* now in teuton in Philadelphia, the Proteitant Episcopal of the United State*, and B*pti*t Association of thi* city, have caused quite an excite ment among the faithful. The galleries of St Andrew's Church thi* morning were tilled with ladie*, all anxious to know what i* to be the fate of your Biihop Onderdonk, and our Biihop Ondenlonk, with hi* brandy and water, nnd all that soit ol thing At the present moment, there i* u grand array ol talent in Philadelphia, u laige (tonion of which I am told will be exerted to seome the election of the Rev. Dr. Tyng-yotir very particular friend ? to the po*t of Bo-hop, occasioned by tbe resignation of that great, hut singular man, the Right llev. Biihop H. U. Onder donk ! Dnring the session this morning, a very important committee, consisting ol teven pi-isou*. cleiical and lay delegates, were appointud to examine into certain docu ment* all relating tii the late Bishop hi* drinking brandy and water propensities. fc"?, which. when reported upon, will aiitoDish the present generation. There was nothing else of ihteiest transacted to-day, the Convention having adjourned at twenty minutes be fore two o'clock, to meet again at n no o'clock to mor row morning. The democrat* are getting np a splendid torchlight pro cession, to tuke place to-morrow night It will be a grand a (fair, particularly as my friend, Col. Florence, ia to sup< rihtend the w hole. An unknown white man rommitted suicide yesterday by taking laudanum. The Native* had another tremendous meeting last eve ning i:i the lower putt ol the city. All was enthusiasm. Levin mode a powerltil speech, and denounced the Iriak Catholics in a very violent manner. Tbe Nativee are moving Heaven and earth, almost, to elect their ,candi dates. In the ca*e ol Murphy, an earaped convict from Black well'* Island, Judge King gave his tlcciaiea this morning, which claims the prisoner until after his testimony aa a witness in the case of an alleged rioter. Tiue bills for murder were this morning found by the Oraml Jury, against thefollowii g named penou*. during the Southwaik and Kensington riots, vir. : Jnhn Taggert, for the murder of Charles Millwell and George frb ffler ; Andrew McClain ; Samuel Vundergrilt ; Piter Devlin, and Henry Hatighey Also, against the colored man, James Smith, charged with the deuth el Daniel MuiUn, some time since. I he two last named have not yet been taken. The d< mecrnts a>e in great glee thi* afternoon at the news from Maryland. The democrats have Delaware by 46 nmjority. St cks are looking up to day, tbe sale* having been to quite a huge extent Rending ltuilroarf Bond* improved 4. Ki*<it Bnaan.?60 shares Norriatown Railroad, 6 <is. fij; |lfOI I'nttnty A'?, I8HO. Pa j 160 -hares Wiltnii gton Rail road, a.'ij, 6 do I'ennsj Ivania B ink. UbH; f-iX>n Tennessee 6'*, l-t July, H4$; $1000 do A's. Sd do. 84|; 80 share* Schuylkill Navigation, 32, $431 New Annual 6's, IM0, 10 shares Planter's Bank, Tennessee, #7} ; 80 do Ouard Bank, IIJ; 200 do doilo, A da, ||J. $4000 Chesa peake and Delaware ?'?. 60j; $7000 Keadii g Hailroa<. fl's, Dft, 71 }j A share* Manulactuieia' and Mechanics li <nk, 26} Ssronn Board.? $1600 I ity 0'*, 107; 4M) Wilmington Railroad, A days, '2Aj: 60 Philadelphia Bank. ltd. Hun* nkw* Corraaponrtenre of the Herald. PHH.AllRt.PMIA, Oct. P. M. Arr Kreerald, Hodgdnn, and Hwan, llray, Bostoe; Amrtica. Somen, and Kdw Krankltn, tirav. Fall Mi?er; t "met, Col and Black Diamond, <'ot, NVork t'bl Laurel, Witham, and Wm Hirers, Taylor, Boston; P.ilestine, Ste?en?on, Fast <lrr?nwtrh; Siiark, Stevenson, aad Anthracite, Le?y, M^ork. flome I'nrt*. Pitti Aiiri pmia, Oct 3?Arr Kmeline, Jordan.; U Site.imer Col Harvey, Bartol, New Vork?1st nisi Baruenat 36 mile* distant, romrjn eontart with pilot boat VVashinnnin, 'ITinmas, i f New Vork, struck lier smldthlps and rut her to the watei'sedge?brouaht tier to the city for re|i:nrs. B?| Timor, ^ t)ct 2?Arr Mllf Stanton, Be?rs?, Boston; Charleston, White. Fortune Islsnd t Id Steiilien Luimsn, < 'on kl inu, Canton; Louise, [Birtn] Stvenken, bretnenj Asia, Hallet, Rotterdam. Sid Pandora, Bailey, Boston; Fraiicaa, Long, N York; Mary, Cook, Newbury port Below, off New Point, a ship showing a red liurgea, will, letter O in it; also, off Sharp's Island, a schr. FOR NF.W ORI.KANS.-Te sncce. wMMfV lanta-Th* t<st sailing slit|i TltF.NTOf JtStmiibm1 ottmg, will positively sail ou S-tiirday, i 'I his splendid snip has unsurpassed ?rrnnimo>t*ii< creed I Imp AtaJ ")N < aptain , Oetobe. 12. . lions for ca bin, second r.ilun and steerage passengers who will lie tak?n at the l.iwe.t rales Those desirous oCsacerin* lierths. will require to makeearly applic .tion o? boa d, ?t P er No. 14 E, K., or to JOHN IIKRDMAN, 61 Sooth street. N.B The snliscnber will bases regulsr sneression of first class ships, sailing ''tery lite days, lor tlie above port. o4ee jjji^ FOR NKW oitLCA.N.H- l.til IsiANA AND ?nK NKW YORK LINK.?To sail M-mday. 14th of Oeto jSMMae.^t -'rii' very fast sailing co|i|?re<| packet ship V ,\ '/.< M >, < apt. Wibray, will sail aa above. For freigSI >r passage,liavini elegant furnished accommo dations, apply on board at Orleans wharf, foot of Wail St., or to K. K. COLLINS k CO., 56 South stree' Positively no goods received after Saturday eveding, 12th October. Shipis-ra by this line may rel> tipon having their gooda conectly ??eatiiiv*l, and thai the shipa of thia line sail punc tually as advertised. Agents in New Orleans?Messrs. Ho Hen and Woodruff, who will promptly forward all gooda to their address. s29ec FOR NK.W~ ORLKANS-Cmon I in^?Snt regular packet with despatch?The fast sailing iwcket shi|> I'NION, J. B Batiome, master, is now loading ami w ill liave immediate iltspa'ch. Vor cabin, second cabin ana stei raiye |wssengers, having sii|>>rior accommiida ion, eaily a|> plicatiou should be made on board, at Murray < wharf, or lo JOSF.PH McMlIKHAY. 100 f ine ?treet. con er of Sooth streer. ??LU KSTABI.ISIIKD PA< KKT OfHt F..6I South street?Pas. ige to and from litest Britain and J9Bl|?alrelaiid, via l.iver|Hiol. I'an.atte can at all limes I* etig.iged at the lowest rah*, lo and Irom Liverpool, by the regu lai parcel shiiis sailing uuuer lite new arreigement every few days, and draft* can as usual l>e furnished lor any <moiint. raya l?le at tlie National and Provincial Hank, Ireland, and their blanches, and throughout llr I tilled Kingdom, as well u at all tbepimci ?l banking institutions in F.ngland. Scotland and Walea. Without discount or any Other charges. For farther par, il by letter, J?>sl|wid apply to JOHN IfKRDM AN, 61 South st. M)lt I.IVF.RPOOL?The New l.ine~Regulsr , I'sckrt list October - Tbe ?u|#r,oi fast sailing pack r < ?lnti ROt HK.STKH, ??? tons burthern, ( spl on A,|l .ail a? above, her regular day. For freight or pussge, having elegant and spacious eccomine dations. apply on board, sesi >nle Bnrling Slip, or to WOOUHl,LL|l MIN ft HNS, 87 South street Price of TVssaije tPW The packet ship llottingeur, Captain Ira Beraler, master,l*M ?ons I'tirthen, wifl sncceea the Hoclieeter, and sail on her refu l,rd'\ t leloKer *19 er l> At?S?60 bales No. I l/eghorn llaas. for sale hy IX .1-. ... PMtBKF k HHf>OI>S M sr.l ST Naaaae st ?Tee ? Ooatk sweet

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