Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 5, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 5, 1844 Page 3
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'.?? Meeting of tht "Sattm" at ??uxHalt The Natives ot this city turned out ia procession ;:?rday evening, aud alter perambulating the ??'s for it couple of hours, halted at Vauxhatl, ifire, according to previous arrangement, all the fciug, bragging, boasting,denouncing, yelling,and ?ering, wu to come oil. At eight o'clock, or a ||- hIit that hour, a full supply of persons, duly i ilied lor the aforesaid arduous duties, volun sred their valuable services, and mounted their active platforms?of which two or three gar bed the garden of Vauxhall, and tram the non cript stylt^ of there erections, they contrasted UiiKly with the uniformity and neatness observed over these well known pleasure grounds. A ?at number of lights, composed of various co ed lain;*,were so arranged throughout the space cupitd by the meeting, in the form of pentagons, i,eh some of the little boys said were figures of ! a five points of knavery. The number present uld notbe much less than two thousand. j Mr Ishaki. Ludi.o\v whs chosen President?im- j viliaiely alter which the committee who had i urge ot that business reported, the name of W. ' Uampbkll, us candidate trom that district for ' .ngress ills name was received with inauites iions of strong approval. , Mr S?iirH,liom Philadelphia, was the nr><t speaker.? "ter tli- uhuhI complimentary greetings and floarisbesf ? proceeded to calJ their attention to the nighty Native th< ring which took plsco the oth?r day in Philadel ia, where they came out clear a* the Sun, lair as the i jmi and teriible aa an army. In Philadelphia, ai hore, vy began a little band, hut they inoreaaed, nn<l were de- ; mini ii to go on aad overturn foreign domination in nerica (Chaars) Could they but have seen the old . i. * clearing through the rails. (Laughter) AndI if j opponents had expected to see such a multitude, v w enld have brought their telescopes to aid their | <ion (Laughter) It was strange, yet true, that the ; ma till look plaee now a* when our Saviour was en '? ith- then thu Scribe* and the Pharisees lacked faith, 1 to tliu day the Scribes and Pharisees of the old par- | s?and thank heaven lor it, did not come nenr them ? : ? would not stop to dlseuss the principles of the party, j ?' 'ihrne wrm oat" or two of lliem he could not omit noti- [ The fast wa< the Naturalization laws, (Cries of ' id.") It was his conviction, that long before the Na Americans could acquire power to change them, jc opinion would be ao fur in cdvance of them, that ir mil an1 complete repeal would he accomplished ? its) None but tiiosa who suck their rnoihei's breasts ? America were naiIves (Cries of that's a fact) Again, ley would not rest content until they entirely suppress k ctunanism, and effected the entire and i>erfect sepa ilion of Church and State. (Cheers) Protection to Jlnerican labor was another of their pritjfiplea, and they iould never desist until there was a Tann on American I f du *.rv. (Cheers.) They would step the baneful im- j Ii i ilion from other countries?they would shut; I'R ha hatches?thoy would, like the Western jury, i tho on b?iusf*nked*;ior their verdict, said they found fnr I .inJ would deliver no verdict until they were Slowed hMf a dollar a day?ao they too, would find for i II arrives flrst, recollecting that; Scripture declares ? I r who does not provide for his own household, is : or than a robber The day was come for action ; tho | ? t.. was betw> en Home and America, and he was for oticket, the whole ticket, and nothing but the ticket. Mr. Campbell, the csndidate, next spoke, and was lol wed by Mr. Wood worth and Mr. Savage, after which meeting adjourned to walk in procession with Mr. imphell to his residence Tut Society ok Friends.?There was a great tthering last evening at the Quakers' Meeting ? in (?, in Rose street, to hear the llev. George j ,'hite, one of the most popular preachers of the udy. The lious? was well filled in every part, his gentleman is generally thought to be, by the ?ct to which he belongs, the most profound ex* ismier of Holy writ that has ever been known nee the Apostle Paul. He is considered rich and ?icy ; eloquent and sublime; true and consistent, ith common sense ; just and equitable in all his elinemioDB of the character of Christians and nti Cluiatians ; that he is capable of drawing just nalegies between the works of nature end ita tn lsihle author, and capable of proving to a de- i honstraiion that they are identical with the lie ot ilirist and the spirit of wisdom. The gentleman ertainly did not adduce much evidence last even lg ol his powers in any one of these points. His ddress wss mainly to the young members of the ody, enjoining them to stand fiist by the covenants lev had made to obey the dictates of their con cience, in which he contended that all true re gion lay ; and after a few eulogies on the rystem I education adopted by the Society of Friends, '/hi' h he termed the only true theoretical system if religions instruction, the gentleman concluded I di?c urse "t upwards ol an houi's duration. \Ve 11: i.i rr more at length to the gentleman's ob Jurv .tions in our next I - v Thanksgiving in New Hampshire on the 14th .roxtaie. I City Intelligence. ft Tuial a*o Acquittal ok Manors, thi OasMAif?Far V lo f U Meuges. tho young German, indictod for the I in er of Martens, at West Hobo ken, in July list was ? p. unlay put upon bis trial in the Hudson County, N. J. ft )., r and Terminer, Chief Justice Hornblower presiding. 1 ,.ir?o was opened by District Attorney Hardeaburgh. ' V1) itiain Sto'lt, Henry llelyea, Coroner Benson Tho . m Pooley. Eli/.a Pooiey and Gottlob Rtihl, were saveral y sworn an I examined, when the case was rested on thu >art ot the prosecution One of the witnesses, Relyea, uvlerwent a swelling vxamluation by prisoners counsel, ii which he contradicted himself several times. Tim ,-1111**1 lor the prisoner was about to open the case lor He defence, when thrChibf Justice suggested that he srdiy thought it nscessary to proceed lartber with the ?mi; '['here was certainly evidence of the commission >1h must Uni'al murder, one fcr which public justice de Imiidii! punishment, let, (hit from tho testimony there nothing which would go in the least to fasten the {tult ilion the prisoner. And unless the jury had doubts is isw no necessity lor putting the prisoner upon his de ?nae The jury conferred together a moment, and ac imtted the prisoner without leaving their seats The ;hief Jaitieethen added his own Ueliet in theentiro inno ri-noe ol the prisoner, an-! ordered him to be discharged io.n cn-tndy. The acquitted then ncuived thei triendly /rrfiii irs and cangratulations ofthe officers of the Court, uid leu the Court room with hta friends. Throughout .he trial he maintained the utmost composure. 1,. D fliiilenbi-rrh, District Attorney, and H. M. Alexander, l-'.sqi's. for the States 1.11 V. Wright, J. D. Miller and T. w -Ismos, Kmjs of counsel with the prisoner. Lower Police Ofllce.?A Matb Aaar.STK?.?Capt. Thomas Smith, of the schooner John !i Richard, of Lgg Harbor, appeared and charged his mate. Kara Snell, wiih stealing his pocaet hook, containing $46. A portienor the lnm money was found where Snell had passed it. He raid he loendths pocket book, and used a portion of the funds intending to return it, and give the whole to the owner. He stands iully committed fortrial. Kfcovshy or CtOTiiiKo ?A black fellow, named We. ISmiib, was arrested by officer Baker, the vigilant police eiticur of tne Kilih ward, charged with stealing clothing vsltird at $62, from the house ol Sutnuel Jackson, 4 Vork ; street, on the 6th ol September last, e poition of which I wa? found in his possession. ' Looa out roa PsnLAas ?A pedlar woman, named Ann Herilman, wont into 45 Leonard street on Monday week, to u?l! some ol hertrumpery, and appropriated the purse of I' Miiny White, and ita contents, being valuec at about $44. hbo was arrested yesterday, and committed. Special Meeelone. Bsfore'Msyor Harper, and Aldermen Mott and Drake. Oct 4.?John Murray and George tomers were tried for stealing a coat from R M. Brown It Co., 108 Bread way. Murray, who is a boy, owned up on the thelt.'ixculpiiting Homers, and received six months at Penitentiary. Somers wa? <ii?cb!irged. , ... Jo.eph Duglass aid Robert Piggott|were charged with an susulten a watchman named Lewen, and the former withMhe abuse of thowife of Piggott. Duglaas w?< sent up f.r twenty days and Piggett discharged on promise to siru the temperance pledge. . ?? h. Ilenrr B. Dickerson was tried for stealing a watch be loueing to Dudley Ingraham. The watch was not reco vri?; botes the pursuer waa the only person in the plsce wbr> knew where it was kept, the Court Rave him SO days Hi-. ,li.|?nce wasthst he met a woman in the street, took . iier into the hay mow, end that she stole the watch. Richard Ann Kissam, a tne looking colored woman,waa n i-d fjr obtaining Rroeeri. s Iron* tho store of John A I ;? ,| by representing h?rself as the servant ofthe pretty ' lie Louise Roberts, ol Mott street. Sent to City I rison i far 'JO days. . . .. . . 'Vnlisiu Keeney.thecah drivsr, who so brutally neat . iieiom house officer Doaue, was sent to the Penitentiary tor three months A neat little colore.! woman, natnad Margmrtt TAompinn, s servant ol Mrs Dodge, was tried tor as aultmg and down stairs, e very pretty black eyed woman, named Julia H. Mohr, who resides in the same house. The prison* r was defended by R. Vookhhis, Esq., end ?he complainant was represented by G. W. TaaHUisr., Ks.f T he private relationship of Jonah Wenman to the bHsntifulcomplainant, lormed the Interesting pan of the cn.e m it eppeered that he paid her rent and was engaged to he msrried st some futu e period From considerations presented to the court, the colored girl was allowed te dc pspl, although Miss \iohr swore very hard against her It?>-Imr 1 II gan wns charged witn steeling a trunk from W \ llowell He w is de ended by E. E. Camp, rsq . who showed that no larceny was cemmitted, as the pro perty wan not removed, and the acctined was discharged. Patrick Naylor was charged with being caught in the ?ct ?! at#?Unf ?om? icrap iron from on*f 01 tne piers, hast Riftr Htiit?nce suipen'Vd, sntl he wa? difcharfed. Msry Kernan, lor stealing a^oor, was lent Utli# l 'ity Priaon for t#?n Nathaniel Lambert, e bov, was convicted of stealing money from his tmpleyer, and sent to the House of He ' Times McQ'iede, with one eye, a iRme leg, and ? J r, uti-.h, was called up as a dinorderly. He denied the I l.srd impeachment, and he had been locked i n by tbe watcli becau?e ho was an o t and out Clay man mm K >ct|v looking follew was sent te the City Prison tor te;i Ins frr stealing an umbrella on a day wten it did not ?ii xr.'l sevei-al o'tiers w? ie sen'euced for minororteaces 'i'i .i Mayor v. ns not in his most humorous niood, and the multiplicity oi < UViders sur.h tlut tho morning's busiaese was mueh Amueementc. B Nibi.o'h ?The two celebrated extravnganzae en I tiijed the Vellow Dwarf, and the Fair One with ?i t itiiden Locks, will he performed this evening On| Won I ,1.1 evening Mr Mitchell termipn'es the season with his I own WnsSi This evunlug Mr. Kdge wiligive ? brllllsnt E rlispley of fireworks. t Rio <t? Janeiro [Correspondence of the Herald ] U. 9. Brio BAiNisnrixtg, \ liio uk Janeiro, August 13,1844. 5 Cruise of tht BuinbriJ^e?Jnklingt Abroad, 4*\ I take the earliest opportunity of writing to you, to give you the pleasing information of our safe ar? rival, after a p?uw*ige of forty-six (Jays, from New York. When we left Sandy Hook, the wind fa vored us and for seventeen or eighteen days we ran acrocB the Atlantic with a free wind. The weather was very pleasant, and we had but little bad work in the Gull, although a very heavy sea was run ning. On the 30th day out we croaeed the Equator, and I waa glad to find that our noble ttttleCap ain would not tolerate that most absurd of all amuaements, the visit of Neptune, and the induction of the Neo phytes iato the mysteries of the line. We passed free of toll, and with a fine favorable breeze, and every prospect of making a remarkably quick pas sage ; but the wiud hauled und we made slow work of it. And now I think I hould give you an idea of my ship and shipmates. To commence: Capt. Newman is by far the most amiable, kind and ex cellent commander it ever betel my lot to anil with. He troubles no one?ia kind and nfldble to all, and so long as a mail attends to his duty, is more lik' an associate than the 44 monarch ot tins peopled deck." He is an excellent sailor and na vigator, and upon the whole the best man any of us ever saw on shipboard. Our first Lieutenant, Master ana Doctor are all good, amiable men. each striving to make the lime iiass pleasantly, and we all feel at ens?\ The Midshipmen are very good fellows. We have had no quarrelling, but all has gone as smoothly 44 as a mairiage bell " Our Pur ser is a genius, who quotes Webster's speeches, and talks of the sun " in the serenity of his decline, and giving assurance that he will rise again in glo ry." He also talks very strongly of resigning, but that is all 44 talk." Our brig is the most beautiful, Btifi little witch you ever seen. The Captain has tried her under all the sail she can carry, and for buoyancy and waatherly qualities, she excels every vessel I evor ?aw. She is very fast and dry?a good thing in a small craft. On the whole I am very much pleas ed with the vessel and officers, anu anticipate a very pleasant cruise. I presume the most of our cruising will be down to the Rio Piute, to Monte video and Buenos Ayres. We may possibly, previ ous to returning heme, go on a short cruise to the Mediterranean, but I think that very doubtful; however 1 will keep you informed of all our move ments. You will be surprised to learn that hers we are iii the very dead of winter, the sun setting at 20 minutes after 6 o'clock, and we are wearing white clothes. Fruit in abundance in the market There are a large number of vessels of war lying here?French, English. L'oltutfuefc. , Neapolitan, Sardinian, Spanish, Brazilian and American. The Emperor intends visiting the Commodore next week, when I will write again. The town is very like all Spanish places, the scenery is very beautiful: mountains in every direction. We have music all ?roand us from the eeveral frigates, and on the whole find it oleasant enough. There is a talk of sending us oft" very shortly for the River, but 1 will find a chance ot writing again before we sail. We have just heard of the death of Commander A. J. Dallas at Callao, the Cyane brought us the news yesterday. The old Post Captains begin to thin on very fast. All articles of sea stores are of the very highest possible price, and it will go hard with some of the young gentlemen to pay mesa bills. You ought to see the crowds of navy officers of all nations on shore here in the eveniug. Black and white?a gay mixture. Common Pleas. Before Judge Daly. Oct. 4 ?Clark, ft. al v* Edward Hen?The Jury ren dered a verdict for Defendant in this caie, reported in yes terday'* Herald. Edwar I Healry and wife v?. Martin Ryan ?Thi? wa? an action of alauder originating in an altercation between Defendant and PlsintifT'i wile, in relation to the payment ef board money. It appeared that two week* board were due by Defendant, which being claimed by Mrs. Hcaley she got a little ruffled, and tha word* "pickpocket and robber," were used by Defendant- It waa put in for de fence that Mrs. Healey originated the altercation by eall ing Defendant first a ' gruh," and next a "Connaught robber." Verdict lor Defendant. Marine Court. Before Judge Smith. Octobkb 4.?Henry IVilson vs. Michael Lacuur?This was an action of trespass to recover damage*, alleged to have been sustained by tlie introduction of steam into a ?hop occupied by the plaintiff, thereby injuring *aw* and other tools, although caiofull> wrapped up; to much so, that the articles were rusted and were obliged to be firi'sh ed over again, and in some instances they were spoiled altogether That alter said steam win kept out of the stop-, by shutting tip the hole through which it entered, the plaintiff sustained damage by not having bis grind stone turned regularly, it being in connection with de fendant's steam engine, Decision to-morrow. Oyer and Terminer. Obt. 4 ?This i out t met to-day tor the trial of Jones for murder. Judge Kent being occupied in the case in the Circuit Court noticed above, the trial stands adjourned over to Thursday next. U. 9. Commissioner's Office. Oct. 4 ? J. P. Johanson and L M. Liendgreen, seamen on board the Swedish vessel "Audacia," just landtd at port, were arrested under the 14th article of the treaty entered into between the United State* and Stockholm and Sweden, dated 4th July, 1837, for desertion, and were committed until the veisel is about to sail from this port. Circuit Court Oct. 4 ? MiCalter, el. ah. vs. Water house, and Griffin.? This case, reported in yesterday's Herald, was resumed, sad a verdict will be rendered this day. Court Calendar?This Day. Circuit Comt- HO, 3, 43, #1,93, 93,96, 98,99, 100, 103,16, 23, 73, Oil Common Pirns?Monday?58, 84. 86 2, 4 8, 9, 17, 36, 90, 24, 3D, 33, 48 68, 79 33,73, 3, 12, 26. 36, 36,70. {{(J- TO NUUSING MOTHERS WHO ARK TROU bled with sor nipples. Sherman's Papillary Oil ia r. com mended as an infallible remedy, no matter ot how long standing, or how bad tbe case may be. Dr. Vanderpool, one of our best physicians, has used it in many cases and never failed curing the woist in a tew days. Marshall J. Bacon, Esq., has used it in his tumily with the most per feet success. Dr. Castle, tho celebrated Dentist, knew a case wheie the nipple appeared as if it would drop oft", and where all ordinaryfremcdies tailed (to give relief-, the first application of the oil allayed all tho pain and smarting, and effected a perfect cure in three days. It is the best remedy in the world, and the child need no? be taken from the br< a*t during its use. For sale by Dr. hherman at 106 Nassau St., near Ann, and at his regular agents. Kushton's 3stcres, Broadway,cor. Spring and Hudson, 188 Bowery, and 77 East Broadway. <Xf~ VELPEAU'S SPECIFIC PILLS, FOR THE BA dical cure of gonorrliasa, gleet,seminal emissions, and all mocopurulent discharges from the urethra. These pills, the result of twenty years'experience in the Hospital de Chariteiu Paris, are pronounced by thta: Celebrated In ventor, Professor Velpeau, as an infallible aemedy for all diseases ot the urethra. They effect a cure in a much shorter time than any other remedy, without tainting the breati:, disagreeing with the stomach, or confinement from business Price, $1 pur box. Sold at tbe College of Medicinu and Pharmacv, 96 Nassau street. W. S UICHARDSON, M. D., Agent. 0(7- PUBLIC NOTICE-CAUTION-WHERE AS THE puiilic have lately been cheated in the most infamous manner by persons getting up, and selling for genuine, spurious and often dangerous imitations of Jones' Italian Chemical 'cup, that really excellent article having gain ed some celebrity by some ot its excellent qualities in curing diseases of the face and skin. This is to caution oil persons sg unst purchasing any where else in this city but at the sigu of the Ameriosn' Eagle, 83 Chatham stieet, Jones's?to remember that every eaku of the Ital ian Chemical Hoap ha* the riamool Jones stamped on It. and every label the lac sinulio ot T Jones on the wrap per Mind, none other i* genuine. Be careful of the right number Mind, 83 Chatham street, or 139 Fulton ?treet, Brooklyn. Hr- CONMTlTUTIt-NAi. i>K?ILl'i't CU"K?D.- "in. funic Mixture, prepared bv theCoiloga of Me.iiclcesr. Ptinr.aacT of the city of New York, is constantly r> ;?-jim?jded torall crses of debility produced ly secret ii lui|< or excess of any hin I It lis an invaluaMorwi Jy tor impotence, sterility, or barrenness (unless depuor fag on mal-furimition.) ' ingle bottles $1 euuh ; eases of naif a dozen Ctr* Ulij peeked and sent to all j>o; is of tho union >t'^e. of tha College of Medicine tnd I'l crroecy df Hresit tr * fn'-.HAKtrtMN.M.'D . Agent tHJ- WHOOPING COUGH.?THE CITY INSPECTOR in his weekly report ot death* publiihed in tiii' paper, an nounred the melancholy fact that seven death* occurred list week in this city of Whooping Cough. A" might have been saved by lhe timely use Dr. Gregory'* Whoop ing Cough Remedy. It has never been known to fail of curing the cumplaint. It has been advertised but little, because those who nee it recommend it to others, which is the very b?*t kind of advertising It I* *old at the Doc tor'* residence, (W Gold street; and by Or Svme. 63 Bow ery; Aspenwall, 86 William street; San !*, 79 Fulton St., cer. Gold street; Mrs. Hay*, Fnlton (treet, Brooklyn. (19- lllCORD'S PAUISIAN ALTERATIVE MIX tore, for the permanent cuie of primary or secondary syphilis, venereal ulcers, nodes, or any complaint pro duced by au injudicious use ?f mercury, or unskilful me dical treatment All persons inspecting a vereieal taint remaining In their aystem should use this powerlttl puri fier without delay, m no person can consider himself sa'e after havii.g the venereal disease, without thoroughly cleansing the system with thi* Janly celebrated alterative Sold in single bottles at *1 eacn. in ease* of hall rioter at can fuHy packed and sent to nil parts of the Union Sold at the College of Merliolnc and Pharmacy, Nassau street. W S RICHARDSON, M I), Agent <toy DR. HOLL'CK'S SELECT LECTURES TO GENTLEMEN ONLY ! Will h? given thi* week, ilm* tiated by thewholeof hi* inlendld Model* ol tha Human Form, natural preparations, kc , themselves worth a jour nry to New Yojk to see trangers should not neg lect this opportunity. See advertisement. This Is the sixty third r?petltt0i fa this ally, "Dtmrtti JlurrUa," ?aid a lovely dame, A ad ranking Sr?t for literary Cane? "your Up ii iree from hair, and now 1 'nope You'il try t cuke ot liowaud'i famoun Soup. For Tau or Freckle* Hit be)ond compare, KVn aa hi* Poudrrt Suiiilti l>ani-h hair ! One cake will make that brunette skin of thine, D are$t Jlurrlia quite ?? blond a* mine !" (Xf' The Italian Mrdicatrd Soap of Or F F. Gouraud is rapidly superceding every article hitherto invented lor tbeciarili '-ation of the human cuticle. Dr G. i* constrain ed to acknowlelgethat hi* science in thin respect ''can go no farther go ? To bring the Italian Medicated Soap to perfection hoa cont many anxious days and *leeplea* nights, but hia toil baa at length been crownu.l with suc cess ; it is emphittcally the ne plui ultra of Soap* To realize the full benefit* of thin remarkable chemical pre parution, be cautious to purchuae only of Dr. Gouraud, 67 Walker itreet, 1st jtore FROM (not in) Broiid way. SO cent*. Beware of a swindler'* counterfeit. To Jone* lor my skiu.aud to Jonea for my hair. And to Jouei lor my beauty, and all you *ee fair; I must thank him alone? twas hia Chemical Soap That made nil my pimple* and freckle* elope. Here'* hia health ! which 1 give, with my heart and my ^and, And may lie live to clear all the datk ikin* in the land UQ- ALL SORTS OK Si'AMPS ARK TRYING TO live on the hard earned fume ciiused by the wonderful qunlitie* of Jonas' Kalian Chemical Soap, and the positive and cettain (uccenaol it in all canes of freckle*, sunburn, pimple*, blotches, aalt rheum, scurvy, erysipelas, or in fact any other skin disease. But the public mutt be on their guard or they will be plunderud in pocket and in jured hi appearance by a baiecoun erfeit ol Jonea'Soap. Mind, take none but Jones' Soap, und get it no where else in tiiia city hut at the sign of the American Eagle, Hi Chatham at or 139 Fulton st. Brooklyn. See that T Jonea is signed on every label, or you will ruin your complexion with a poisonous counterleit ? Miml ai Chatham it. 0(?- MEDICAL ADVICE IN PRIVATE DISEASES. - The members ol the New Vork College of Medicine and Pharmacy, rstxhlish-d fur the atipprtitnun uf fwtekrty, con tinue to dirt ct theit particular attention to all disease* of a private nature, and can confidently promise to person* re quiting medical treatment, n safe and permanent cure without injury to the constitution or confinement from business. Invalids are particularly requested to make ap plication to the College on the first appearance of those disuse., uh a vast amount of suffering and time may be thua avoided. One of tho member* of the College, for many year* connected with the principal hotpital in Ku rope for the cure ol those complaints, attend* for consul tation daily Irom & A M. to 7 P. M Terms?Advice and Medicine* fWi, ? a cure guaranteed. IMPORTANT TO COUNTRY INVALIDS-Per*on? living in the country, and finding it inconvenient to make personal application, can have forwarded to them a cheat containing all medicine* requisite to perform a radical cure, by stating their case explicitly, together with all aymptoma, time of contraction and treatment received elsewhere, il any, and encloung $6,po*t paid, addreised to W. S. RICHARDSON, M. D , Agent. Office and consulting rooms of the College, 05 Nassau st CO CONNEL'S MAGICAL PAIN EXTRACTOR? The great ointment for burn*, which has been pronounc ed hy those who have used it to be the wonder and blear ing of the age, should always he kept by every fumily. It combinea and exhibits five extra intrinsic attributes, viz: Entire control over injurie* by fire, repel* all kind* of in flammations, extinct* murtificati na, relieve* all nain* of even the worst burn*, brui*e?, sore*, Itc , almoat instant ly. and heals, leaving no scar. Unless the user is delight ed with its effects in any of the following complaints, the price will be r. funded, viz :? Burns and Scalds, Salt Rheum, Rheumatism, Blistered Surface*, Running Sores, Pain in the back, Bruise* and Wound*, Fever Sores, Weak limbs, Sore Legs, Scrolulou* sores, Inflammations, Salt Rheum, Rough Fact, Piles, kc. Caution.?The public are requested to procure this Solve only at 31 Courtland street, and rememlier that some am trying to force upon them a worthless counter feit?it cannot be genuine unless it have the name ol Comstock, St Co. upon the wrapper of each box. ,V* THE CONCENTRATED EXTRACT OF SAIt SAPAUILLA, OENTI AN AND SARSAFRA8,preptrm! ">y the New Vork College ol Medicine ond Pharmacy, e* 'ablishcd for the suppression of quackery. This refined lilt' highly concentrated extract, possessing all the puri tying qualities and curative powers of the above herbs is confidently recommended by the College, as infinitely mperior to uny extract of Sarsap&rillo at present before 'he public, und may be relied on as a certain remedy foi U1 diseases arising Irom no impure stote ot the. blood, tuch as scroluia,salt-rheum, ringworm, blotches or pint plea, tilccra, puin in the bone* or joints, node*, cut.mer.ui araptions, ulcoratial sore, throat, or uny diseusc nrisiDg liom the secondary effect* ol syphilis ar on injudlnioui ate of mercury. Sold in single Bottles, at 7a cent * esch ?' in C&acs ol half-o-dozen Bottles, $3 60 " " one doxen " 0 00 Cai.esforwarded to all parts of the Union. N. B.?A very liberal discount to wholesale pnr-btj*'.r? rtiBcf of th ? Cc Uege, P6 Nuasau street W. 8 R'CHAPWO^ M O..A;?t OQF- TAKE NOTICE?The.'very worst attacks of the Piles may be. cured in a short time by the uso of Hays' Li niment *ud Lin'* Celestial Balm of China These remedies have been in use for fifteen year*, and hundreds in this city and all pirts of the Union, have nsed them and are now well. In case those articles fall to cure, the money will be refunded. Sold at 31 Courtlandt street. P'.'RIFY THE BLOOD. -Comstock'* Extract of Sarsaparilla is wanun'ed equal to any sold for one dollar per botile, lor just half the price, viz : 90 cents per bottle ? $4 per dozen All persons who have Scrofula nffec tions, Mich as Eruptions. Pimples on the lace, Ac. arising Irom impure iilood, should not fail to use this Snrsaparillti. Sold at 21 Courtlandt street. QCJ- CAUTION.?Dr. Gouraud'* Poudre Subtile, for completely and thoroughly eradicating superfluous hair from females upper lip*, low forehead*, or the stubborn heatd of man. it to bo had only of Dr. G. 07 Walker street, first door raoM Broadway, $1 per bottle. (K7- WHAT BEAUTIFUL COLORED HAIR!-8uch is the exclamation which is sometimes heard when an old man is suen with jet black hair There is no need that the young should have red or the old grey hair, a* long as the celebrated East India Hair Djocau be had It will give the finest jet black or auburn color imaginable, ma king the old look joung aud the > o ing beaiitilul. It will notcolorthe skiri, but imparts; to the hair, even to the root, a perfect and l^.tural black. Suld at 31 Courtlandt street. C&- GOIJRAUD'S BLANC D'ESPAGNE, or SPANISH WHITE, lor the complexion, to ladie* subject to flushes, or redneai in the facH, the above is teully a heautilal ar ticle. I' ia scented fragrantly, and to N-had only of Dr. G.,67Walkei street, flr*t store rrniM Broadway, 3S cent* a box MOAKY 1UAUKKT. Friday, Oct. 4?6 P. m. Stocks have not improved so much to-day as expected, but the leeling in the stre -t appears to be steadily be> coming more favorablu to an advance in all kind* of secu rities The result of the elections soon to take place will have a very great effect on stocks and the operations con* nectel with them. At the old Board, Pennsylvania 6>*|nd? Tancad I pur cent; Illinois ? ; Indiana 1 \ Slonington 11 Harlem ? ; Long Island 1 j ; Canton J ; Norwich ond Worcester fell off 1$ per cent; Mohawk J ; Vicksburg J ; Ohio 0'* and Reading Railroad closed firm at yesterday's prices. At the new Board, Slonington improved ijpar cent; Long Island 1 j Canton j ; Norwich and Worcester declined J ; Erie Railroad ? ; Farmer*' Loan The sales of the principal fancy stocks were quite large at both Boards. The great supply of money in Wall street, must find employment in some movement before long ? Some speculation must arise that will absorb a large por tion of the capital now idle. The regular operations of trade require but a very limited capital, comptred with former time*,''and the amount formerly devoted to mer eantile pursuit*, muil find investment in something elae. It is uufortunate]that we have not more goods tock invest ments, and .that we have not more methods of absorbing ?apital, to prevent its being devoted to every specie* of ?peculation. The importations into the port of Now York for Sep tember, have been very large, nearly as heavy aa in Au gust, and much larger than for any previous month in 1844. SraTi-MCNr or itn Imposts iito tki District or Ntw Yobk m ains TKi kirst kink months or 1844. fmpnrti. Dutiable foreign good* Jan to July %3i 0jj 7113 Dutiable lorei^n goods for July 6 MS 331 Dutiable foreign good* lor August !?,.Vi7,379 Dutiable foreign goods iur September 7 848 0M* M.MMM Good* not dutiable Jan. to July. . . 0 838 3S0 Good* not dutiable lot July 707 9M Good* not dutiable for August 1,121 0 JI Goods not dutiable for September.. 848 9,811,378 Total importation for nine months $fi > 381 6.18 Total amount of duty paid $19,168,988 This is an Immense importation for one port alone, and the duty averages more than 31 per cent The immense revenue from thi* importation, placed in the pet bank* of the government, is likely to prodnce more commercial difficulty than the great quantity of foreign merchandise received. The deposits in these banks are increasing every month, as the report nf the Secretary of the Trea ?ury show*. GovBR*Mr.FiT Drrosirj in the Banks or Boiton, Nr.w York ANU pHILADELrHlA. June 21. July 29. Srpt. 21. Merchants'Bank, Boston 81,514,5*5 1,401,321 1,')89,IIS Bank of Commerc , New York,. 1,870,478 I 2i*>,277 1,930,158 Bstik of America, New York... 1,327,519 1,180.25'i 1,197,191 American tie. Bank, New York, 119,280 997,280 I.G77.951 Meiebaats' Bink, New York,.. . l,(/?6,K'sl 1,181,428 1,051,38# Philadelphia Bank, PhiUdelphis,. 888 843 911,254 917,125 $TCHO,58? 7.821,814 8,783,111 Thi* *hows an increase since July in the amount de posi'ed in these six banks, situated in the three principal cities in tho Union. The total amount in *11 the deposit bant s of the government 1*, of course, much larger Monthlv Stat*m*jit or tnr. Treasurer or the United State* Amount on deposit to the credit ol the Secre. tary, June 34'.h fH.747,448 Amount on deposit to th.i credit of the Secre tary, July 39th 10 090,013 Amount on depo*lt to the credit ol the Secre tary, August 34th (1,610,998 Amount on denoait to the ereJlt of th? Seen tary, ieptwnUr ? Nearly three quarter* ?( tha whole amount am In the pet baaka of New York, Boston and Philadelphia. The increase from August 26 h to Sept 231 amounts to $j 354,*90, which is larger thiyi for auy previous month. Tho surplus revenue that is ao steadily and rapidly ac cumulating, must find an outlet Iron the banks holding it to th* crodit ot the government, in S3ine speculation or movement ot trade The government have no use lor it as fast as roceived, and the banks are net usually disposed to allow ?o large an amount remain i 'le. About five mil lions of the surplus will soon be used up in paying the loan due the Hist of Decumber, and about two millions will soon be absorbed in r?Iteming the outstanding Treasury f notes. This will remove part of the evil for a time, but we fear the receipts will so far exceed the paymenta that a very large amount will yet remain to be disposed of. By the arrival of the steam ship Caledonia at Boston, from Liverpool, we have received advicea Irom all parts of Europe fifteen days later. The commercial accounts are oi the most favorable nature, and indicate a very pros perous state of affairs. The harvests throughout the king lorn have proved unusually ubundaut, and the re poris from the manufacturing districts are looked upon as beiug very satisfactory. The money markets of Europe were in a very easy state, and the rate of interest very low. The Bank of England was discounting as low as 9] per ccnt. The eotton maiket wax very slightly depress ed, on account of a decline iu most all descriptions. The Bank of Englund, pursuant to the lecent act regulating banking, bas published their first return for the week ending Sept 7th. Th>; form differs entirely from those previously made, being the sepsration of the items a? ap plicable respectively to the issuing department ani the banking department Under the fiist head wo And the amount of notes issued, under the latter we find thedepo slU. the amount held of the public moneys, including Ex chtquer, Savings banks, the aggregate of bullion aud coin iu tho two departments, Slo. :? Bank or England?Issue Deportment. Not?s issued 128,361,296 (?overnm>-iil debt,. .?11,014,000 Oilier securities.... 2.981,900 Hold coin kbullion, i7,20H Silver bullisu, 1,694,007 ?28,351.295 ?28,361,295 Hiinkini; Department. Proprietors' capital,. U,643,000 Uov't Securities, in Itesl 3,664,729 eluding dead weig't Public deposits, (iu- annuity,.... 14,664,834 cludnnt Kscheouer, Oilier securities,... 7,836,616 Hitinifs Bkv ? om- Notes,.., 8,176,026 | mi'iiiueri of Nation- Oold ?silver coin,. 867,766 al Debt, snd Divi dend accoants,).. 3,630,809

Other deposits, 8,644,348 Sevi-n day and other bills 1,030,364 ?31,423,240 ?31,423,210 The returns made by the Bank the 10th of August lost, stated the circulation to be ?21,324,000; deposits, ?14, 090,000; securities, ?22,908 000. and bullion, ?16 679,000 By the above report the deposits amount to ?12 276,167 ; I Million and coin ?16 206, #8i?. 'I be amount of notes issued is ?28,361,2*5, being to the full extent of tha ?mount al lowed by the new charter, with tho present resources of the bank. The government debt and other securities amount to withn> one hundred pounds of the fourteen million on which isiues are permitted, which, with the bullion on hand, allowB the bank to issue the amount I given in tho returns Whatever fluctuations taka placo in the imues, must also take place in the quantity of bul lion on hand, and on that item depends the changes in that department. The Bank of England has already com menced a very serious competition with the joint stock banks, by reducing the rate of interest on discounts to a very low rate. The movement of the bank must in con sequence become greatly extended, unless tha stock of bullion becomes reduced and the issues more restricted. Under the new law,returns are required weekly, and until several are made, it is impossible to tell how the system works?the effect on commercial affaira, or the course to be pursued by the banks. At present there appears to be little prospect of any great change in financial matters, but it becomes necessary now more than ever before to be particularly careful of the movements of bullion and the state of exchanges. So long as the Bank of England can retain the amount of bullion it now has in hand, the issues canDOt be reduced below the present amount, but ahould i series of unfortunate harvests, or other events happen, that woald require a drain of specie, commercial affaira in England would experience a very serious revolution. The system of banking now in operation in Great Britain. i one, that many bankers have for a longtime been striv ing to obtain. Up to this time the whole system haa beeu i theory, and it is possible a practicil demonstration of its features may prove extremely injurious to all classes ? The principle of withdrawing paper money from circula tion?pound for pound, for every pound of bullion drawn Irom the Kingdom, may work tar different Irom what is anticipated. The principle is now in a fair way ol being practically tested. The transactions in American stocks, in London, were limited to occasional wants for investments ot remittances to this country. Holdets were generally firm, but there had been no improvement of consequence in quotations. Quotations roa AstinicAN Stocks in London. May 18. June 3. .'iu/;. 4. Sept. 18. Alabama 5's, 1868 , 80 a 82 ? a ? R0 a ? 80 a ? Illinois 6V 1870, ? s 40 ? a 40 41 a 44 ? a 40 Do. sterling 6's, 1870, 40 a? ? a? 41 a 44 ? a ? Louisiana 5's, 1844, '47, '60 and 62, ? a? 68 a 70 74 a 76 76 a ? N. Vork 6's, 1868 and DO, 93 a 94 93 a 94 9lVa ? 94 a 96 Do do'46 and'60 93 a 94 93 a 94 9IXa ? 91 a 96 Ohio C'?, 1866, 90 a? 92a? ? a? 88 a 90 I'enu'a 5 s. 1861, 'SG , ?? '58, 'CO, V, 2 64, 68 a 70 CS a? 68 a 70 67 a 69 Indiana 5's, 1861 and '06 , 35 a 37 38 a ? 37 a ? 37 a 39 U. 8. Bank shares, 20 a 22? 23 a 24s ? a 26s 24s a 28s Maryland 5's, 1888, bO a 66 62 a 66 ? a? 63* a ? Kentucky 6's, 1868, 93 a 95 92 a 94 93 a ? 9J a? Alabama dolV 5's, 72 a ? 76 a ? ? a ? 67 a 69 Ma**achuselU 5's, sterliUK, 102 a ? 102 al04 105 a 1(15 a ? Mi?si*?'i 6'?, Plan ters' Bank, 52 a 54 52 a 53 - a ? 52 a 54 South Carolina, 90 a 95 93 a 95 ? a ? ? a 95 Virginia 6's, ? a- 92 a 94 ? a? ? a ? Tennessee, 91 a 93 92 a 93, ? a ? 91 a 93 I'. S. Bank Debentures, April 1, '41 and '12,? a64V 64 a 67 Do. do Oct. do 40 a ? 40 a 44 ? ? E*. coupon. Louisiana, New York, U. 8. Bank Shares and Deben tures have advanced Old Stock Uxehange. $1500 U S 6's, '43 104V 20 shss Nor 1c Wore RR 75V 500 N V 7'?, "48 108Si 100 do blO 75V 1000 N Y 6's,'62 HOW 140 do b30 75V 4000 Pennsylvania 5's 72jJ 125 do 75 V 14000 do 73 100 do 75U I',000 do b30 73V 50 do 76V 1000 Indiana bonds 44 V 150 Mohawk RR l<60 63 10000 Illinois spcl bds b30 44 50 do b30 63 ',0110 do 43V 100 do 62V iSm do 43S 160 L Island RR bJO 84'* 20000 Ohio 6's, 60 b60 lOOV 210 do 84 V 10000 Heading RR bds 72 150 do 84$ 750 ?has Farmers'Trust 44 210 do blO 84V JO do "30 44 200 do 84 400 do b30 41 SI 131 Stoniniton RR 53 100 do 50 do 53V 200 do b60 45 J75 do 53V 17 N O City Bk 69 50 do -10 64 160 Vickstiurg Bk b30 7 160 do .10 53V 40 llowaid Ins "?.. 76 Canton Co 46'^ 100 do j3V 300 do 4fi>, 25 do 53 V 7J do s60 4<>V 50 do h30 53 2i do slw 46*4 100 do bl5 53 541 US Bank ?V 60 do s60 62 100 Erie RR opg 24 375 Reading RR 53 10 Haili-m RR 73 125 do 53 V 100 do 7 3V 60 do b20 53 V 50 do ?3jk 100 do 52V 100 N Jersey RR 9i% 25 do Recond Board. $iO(IO Illinois 6'i, *70 b'J 43V 40 shas Nor ll Wore blO 76V 275 shas Stonington RR s3 53 240 do 76 100 do 53 100 do 76 V 40 Nor k Wore s3 74W 40 f armers' Loan s60 44 75 Hf, 75)2 50 Hsrlem RR 74 140 do b3 76 40 L Island RR 34 Old Stwk Kxr.hangs. $3ii00 I'linois 6's, ^O e 30V 24 shas Nor Ic Wor b30 76V 40H0 Illinois spel bds c 43V 100 do e 75V 1000 do 43V 26 do b20 74 V 50 sliai Ticksburg Bk s3 "V 126 do s3 75 125 Farmers' Trust 44 25 do saw 75 40 do blO 44 24 do C 74V 24 Morris < .anal b3 11V 14 Stonington RR 4.1 S 74 Canton Co bnw 46* I0U do e 4.t}? kin do c 46V 74 do C 43V 24 do b3 46* 50 do 53}f J75 L Island RR b30 86 25 do bnw 43 24 do r. 84 V 50 do bj 53 100 do bJO 84V 60 do slO 53 24 Hud k BwksRR 14 75 do 1.10 43 40 11 -rle n RR s3 73V 50 do 42V 4 Erie BR JOdsfo 21V 24 do M'dsy 4aV 4 do 2iV U do blO 43V 8ai.cs or 8t or as?Boston, Oct. 3. jit the Brokers' ?w?rd-IO shares Norwich and Worces t?l lilt, 77; 26 do, 76}; .40 do, 7H; IOdo,76|; 26 do, 76J; 26 do, 76]t 36 do slO 74},76 do 76], 60 do, blO. 76]; 36do,blU, 76}; 20 do, aid, 76], 26 Heading Rit, Mm, 26], 160 do, him, 20]; 60 Western RR, M6j; 18 do, 86}; 16 do, Sl6, 86; ?200 Mass. 6's, 10* __ Htate of Trsule. A suss-Pots are very dull at 94 10}; pearls at $4 37}a 4 43] Bkkswax?Piime yellow northern and foutharn sella U wanted at 29] a 30c Tha demand is very limited BaaADSTurrs?Holders ol Oeni'see fluur, catching at straw*, have run tha pi ice up te $4 60 a 4 6J], mostly te the Utter point, in consequence of a temporary dry sea sen retarding the opefatiuns of the mills M chigsn is also up to $4 fi2j, and a sixpence lesa. Northern corn feichea 61 a 6J cents, and oats >a cents; rye, 60 rents. < otto!*?There was a limited enquiry to-day, and the transactions were not sufficient to indicate the market prices About A00 hales wt>re taken, all lor export list This article is very dull. Common qualities ate held at .30 a .43c Prime sells for export at 40c. T?.as?Jit Jlwtion?Imported in the ship Oscar. Terms ?Ni>te.s at six months payable in the city of New York, to lie ma le satisfactory to the sellers. Hjson- 26 half chests at 66centa per lb; 11 cheats, 63], 6 do, 66; 44 do. 62}; 6 do 60; 10 do, 49; 100 ftlh boxes. 66 Young H) sen 4 double half chests, 76]; 9 h( do. 'ifl. 7 do, 0:4, 6do, 62; 26 do 47; 34lche.tS, 42, 9H hf do, 39]; 4641 do 89; 20 do, 60, 29 chests and 673 hf do, withdrawn Hyson Mkin-67 cheita, 68]; 90 do, 23; 232 do, 70 10 do, 19; h*do, 18]. Otinpowder?47 half ohests, M|; 113 do, #6; 200 !3lb boxes, 631. Imperial-38 hall chasta, 61; IDdo, 66; 64 do. 67}; 200 1Mb hoxas, M. Souchong-?4 chests, ?f , I* do, 5*7; 10 do, M4;M4o, 24; M hi do, Mi 6J cheats, ail. do aud 34* half do. withdrawn Oulon ?134 hail cheat*, 49. Nitigyong Pyuchoug ?10 hi cbnli, M; 4,118 do, with drawn. Whium-Drulge casks are very inactive at 24c Western and patsun IxrrrU itII at 34| a '44C. Provision Market. Wo noticed in th different market* a d. cided improve meat iu tbu show oi good be?l. Country and city pork ia I rgtniiii.g to be brvught in freely, and aeUa at 5} cent* the ll>. Poultry and game air quite plenty. We law tone Hue ?addles of venison ?prices Ilo 20 cents a lb Finite, auch bi aiiidet, p* ura and quince*, aru very abundant Vegetable* are plenty, with the exception of potatoea? they nave advm ced, l>y retail from 4a. to 9i a bushel. It is *uppo?ed they will advance toe*, belore the season cloaea Pricks or Provisions. Apples, bbli.... 4# ?3 (10 tieese SO al 24 Berf, per lb b a I Honey, new, lb.... IH\? 24 BeeCperCwt 3 40 Hi 74 Lamb, lb i. \ H Beef, corned. 3 a 7 Lard, lb 6 a 8 Bacou 4 a T Mm ton 3 a 8 Blacklist! 6 a 9 Onions, bunch.... 3 a 4 Beets, bunch 3 a ? Partridge*, a pair,.. 75 a Oi) Beam, bush 50 a 87H Pigeons, dot I 00 al 24 Butter, fresh, |?r lb 12 a It Porterhouse Steak. 8 % 10 Butler, lirkiu,|>er lb 6 a 10 Pork, lb 4 a 6 Bass, (b 8 a 10 Pit", roasters ? al 00 Celery, a hunch... t> a ? Potatoes, bu>h 31 a 40 Cauliflowers,doz., 40 al 24 Pereh, lb... 6 a ? Cranberries, (jrt... 14 a ? Poultry, |>air 50 a 75 Cralii, do* 12Wa 24 Ridishea ? a 1 Chickeni 37>Ja 87? Sal lad I a 2 damn, 100 24 a 37>n Salmon, smoked .. 10 a 20 Calve's Head. Icc.. 24 a ? Striped B ua, lb... 8 a 12 Cabbage, each 3 a 4 Snijie, do leu 74 a ? Cheese, new ?> a ? Sausages ? a 8 CarroU, bunch..., 2 a 3 Turnip*, bush 24 a 31 Ducks, pair 50 a 75 Tripe, lb ? a 4 V Kels 8 a 12 Turkies 56 al 50 Kmc* 8 for 12 Sa Veal ?> a 8 Freah Cod 4 a 5 Woodcock, pair,. .0 43 a 00 Flounders 4 a j Philadelphia Cattle Market. Oct 3.-1 160 cattle offered, including 440 from Virgi ilia. Stlits from $> 74 a 4 74, with a lew extra cattle Ht $4 per 100 lbs 31)0 head weiu driven to the New York matket, and 70 heud unsold Cows and Calves ? 166 in maiket. Sale* at $14 a 26 for fresh. Springer*, M2 a '8 Dry cows, ftl a 10 Hogs? 420 offered. galea*at >4 24 a 4 S7J. with a tew *ale* at $ I AO per 100 lbs Sheep and Lambs?070 offered. Bale* at $1 24 to $2 per head for ordinary to fair qualities; $2 24 a $3 for prime. Lamb*. $1 26 a $2, a* in quality. married. On Sunday, 33d ult. by the Rev Mr. Chaio, Susan Amanda, youngeet daughter of Capt. Andrew Bird, of Hawpitta, to JoscrH Davis, of Hudson. 0(/? 8<4wpitt* paper will pleaseoopy. Paa*eiigen Arrived. Ltvraroot.?Steamship Caledonia?At Halifax, Mrs Tho mas, Mr Seymour, Lieut llmvynd*, Her Mr McMillan, Ker P Miller. Wm Hossin, Mr Bird, Mr Kraier, Mr Doherty. At Boiton. Mr and Mra Harbeck, Mr and Mrs Richardson, Mr and Mr* Orathine\, Mm Grathmey, Mr Buyer and two daughters, Mr Corbett, Mr and Mm Low. Mr and Mra Brown, Signora Pico, Mrs Gait, Miss Cunningham, Mr and Mrs Green and two children and nurse, Mr and Mrs Parker, Mr and Mrs Norris, Miss Jonas, Mr and Mra Hill Mr Richardson jr, Mr Cuthbert son, Mr Seger, Mr and Mrs Waked*Id, Mr anil Mrs Schaer and servaut, Mr Locke, Mr Mills, P Chandron W W Gerhard, J Stalker, (Jro Wiualow, Mr Mason, Sir Aiddleston, W D Tick nor, Kev Mr Thomson, Mr IVck, Mr McDorrall-Wm Prehn, G W Tarlor, .Mr Redmond, C McMorau, tugen Folly, A H Center, Mr aud Mrs K.dmond, (Jro Martin, Mr Megget, Mr l^araard, W B Jarris, Mr Philli|>s, J B Hull?, Sir Cohen, Master Lawrence, Sam'l Sonxo, A A Dunlap, Gen Jours T L Patteraou, Chaa Henking, P McLosky, Mr Caalell, li O Hyde, X Zriler, Mr Wassemin, Mr Marchal, Wm Torry, Mr Jours. I has Scott, Mr Whiltel. From Halifax to Boston?Iter Mr Bennntj Mrs Vose, Mrs Whi*? and servant, Mrs Parker, Miss E M Bain-, Mr Hastings, Mr Ilardrop, A H Scott, S Cur'in. Rio Jsni iro?Barnue Sophrouia, al Boston?John Hughes, of New York. Ci racoa?Schr Sea M?w, at Boiton?K F Weld, of New York. MARITIME HERALD. Mailing Days of the Mtvamahlp*. ? TKAMKRS. KROM MVK.HroOL. >'HOM AMritllt. Caledonia, Lott Oct. 18 Acadia, Harriaon Oct. 4 Nor. 1 O. Western, Matthews Oct. 12 Nor. 9 Hibernia, Kyrie Oct. 19 Nor. IC Cambria, Judkins Nor. 4 Dec. Mhlp Alnatera and A(enls. We shall esteem it a faror if Captains of Vessels will (ire to Kqbkrt SiLVKr, Captaiu of our News Boats, n report of the shippius left at the port wheuce they sailed, the vessels spokeu ou their passage, a list of their cargo, aud any foreign oews|Hiners, or news they may hare. He w ill board them im mediately on their arriral. Agents and ('orresixuideiils at home or abroad, will also confer a Tavor by seuding to this office all the Marine Intelligence they can obtain. Nautical Informa tion of any kind will be thankfully received. POUT OK SKW YOIUt, OCTOBKK A. Itm ftllES fi 19 I MOON RISKS 12 0 IUR SKTI 5 41 | HI'#H WATKR 2 37 Cleared. Ships Hil'h, Hammond. New Orleans, John El well: South port, Grilhth, Charleston, <?ro Bulkley.?Baroue Mallory, Brown, Tuilu Island, Nesmith 4<. Wslsh.?Scliri I-.lien Perkins, Feusley, Sisal, A Patrullo: Boston, Payne, St Jsgo He Culm, Bunker k Place; Klvirn. llobert?, Mobile, via Ceesr Keys, Fla. K I) llurlbut kCo; C Slover, l)avis. Newliem, NC S L Mit chell; Delaware, Outline, Braufort. NC. M Piatt.?Sloops tiro llenry, Barlow , Waiaham: Coriulhian, Sbephnird, Nrw Bed ford. Arrlvi (I. Brig Clarion, Leland, (of Kllsworth, Me.) 55 dayi from Rio Grande, with hidrs, wool, 8tc. ti Nrmnith Ik Walsh and B. Richiras. Left barque Argo .just arr from Ballimorr; schr Norma, juit arr from MonteriMo, and otliers not recollected. Rrig Peter Demill, Lewis, 8 days from Savannah,w ith cotton, to R M Demill. lie low. Barque Rapid, Ward, 12 days from Havana, w ith sugar, lite, to Moses Taylor. Also, two brigs uuknown. Mailed. Ships Mediator, Chadwie1!. London: Cambridge, Birstow, Lirerpool; Si Nicolas. Pell. Havre; Sarah ?c Arsilia, Butinan, do; Courier, Fi"uev, .Marseilles; Augelioue, Kdwaids, Amster dam; Cotton Plaut-r. Pratt, ?Mobile; Uiadeui, Baratow.iuid SouthiNjit, OriAth, Charlnalon; Helle?pont. Havana; bugs Jno R Gardner, redersen, Belir.e Hon: t'ayuga, Bedell, Apalichi cola; timeline. Sawyer, ht Marks; (J B Lamar. Saiinerman, and Macon, Haydeu, Savanuali, Dimou, Irviu, I harlesion; (ihio, Veaxie, Georgetown, St ., Belle, Myers, Wilmington, NC; schr Pedeinouta, La Guayra, aud others. Corre?poiideiice of the Herald. Hoi.mi a Hole, Oct. 1. Hept 28?Arr Boston, Gloucester for Philadelphia; Ne|iiuue, Boston for do; Albert, Coxrrns, Philadelphia for Button. :(0th? We had a rery lieavy gale here on the Mlh, from the NK. Then* was no damage done lieie. A Southern schr is ashore on a ledge of rucks in Tarpaulin Cove. Air Justice, and D B Krrler. Oct I?Arr Surplus, Philadelphia for Boston; lltlloon, do for do, with loss of deck luvd. foresail, main topmast, (lie; Garden of Men, N Vork; Fairfield, do for Salem. Rcoistkr OrritE, S w i m, Oct. 2. Sept 30?Arr Orleans, Segee Uaugor for St 'I liomas. CId I)nn.i, Small, N York Sid Sebago, Portlaiid; Sus.ui, Boston; and a ile?i of coaatars. Oct I?Bid On-gon. Africa; Arentameudi, Bangor for Paw tucket; and otliers. Mlarrllaneoua Itec-ord. Briu Mars Him..?This ressel seen ashore on Block Ialand proves to lie the brig Mar! Hill, Simpson, of Msrhiaa. bound irom Philadelphia to Boston, with coal. She went ashore on die night of the 28th Sept, during the gale. 1 he captain and all hands, as soon as she struck, sprung to the mam rigging and succeeded m gelling U> the main-top, the se? waking a comidetn bJeai h over them, and the vessel ihuinpiug very hard. In about two hours from the time slie struck the vessel commenced break ing up, the mainmast went by the board, and all handi da?hetl lino th'- water, among the ipan and floating i-art of tlie wreck. They all succeeded, however, in gaining the trunk cabin, which by the assistance of tlie people on shore they were all lirovlden* tislly saved, but soraewliat hurt. Thacaptain had Ins ankle b'oken and sereral of the crew were more or less injured. Niwroa r, Rl. Oct. 2.?Smack Bulletin, Williams, of and from Providence, on a fishing excursion, weutashare in the Kast passage to the North of Forgland Kerry on Sunday evening at IW o'clock, slid bilged. Several ol the fishing boats went on ihore in the haal River. The lurvtyiug ichooners Gallatin aud Vaudeibill rode out th gale; also an haateni sloop, with four Udy by th? iwiiitniicp of iw Thr schr U^onfe Frmnklin, of and from Cherryitom\ for Now D?tlford, ^*|wrirncpd t?*ry l^avy whither on oupoay la*ti car tied away itarboaril hulwarksand received otli'r trifling damage. Whalemen. Arr at New Bedford 3d imt. Amethyst, Baylie! having sailed hence Julie IU, Indian Ocean, wnh 10 libls ip oil?returned ou account of lickneai of the captain. Spoke Aug 2t, ofT Braro, Cape de Verds. lat 14 50, Gov Troup, Jeauey. NB, clean; I oea hontas, Msnter. HH, do; John." BanOlord, NB. 5 bids blscklish oil; 21st. lat 14 48, Moctexnma, rower, do, clean, 22d, Marcta, Howlaud, do do. Mjiokena Bangor, Odom, from Philadelphia for NOrleam, 21th nit. lat 24. Ion JO?by the t larion. at this port. Natchr/, S4 days from New Yoik for Valparaiso, no date, lat 51 3. Ion 79 52. . ? Cordelia, Henchman, 7 diji from Boiton for Trinidad, Sept 19, lat 31 46, lou 72 30. klliot, of Warren, ('alaia for Birbadoei, Sept 30,1st 40 44, Virginia (pilot boat) from N York, 'i days out, bonnd to Port i Piatt, 26th ult, 1st 26 53, Ion 70 52, Carthage, Calcutta for Boston, July 19, about lat 3.? S, Ion 22 East. Mattakeeset, Calcutta for Boston, July 29, lat 35 25 S, Ion *0 50 Kail. Mozsmbiijue, [Br J frotn St John, NB. for Lirerpool, 14th nlt. lat 43 52. Ion 43 Ml. An American barque from Hamburg for ( harleston, Sept 28, lat 10 13, Ion <MI 40 St^rlioic, i?f New Vork, 7 dty? from N^w (aniiaon for Ht Ma its, < ra. 20th ult. lat 34, Ion 76 30. Knrel?it Porta. A?, 8*1*1?Arr Colchki, KniKht, N?rl^ni Ho??rt ruhford, Hcobi*. Hiv^nn; 5th, York, *Vn?on, <lo; f lio, NVork. Bid 6th, Octavius, Colburn. NOrleans. , .. B'lNUKAt'l, Sept 4?Arr St Andrew, Rich. NOrlsians. Slit Me-lora, Turner, N Vork. In Port 10th, Comma<|, for New Vork, 14th; Angelo. do*5th; Ocea.iie, [PrussJ for I hilsdelphia, soon; Gibraltar, Lubeck. and Vaillant, for New Orleani, sooni Kdoaard. do ISth; Creole,aad Kdwiu, do 24th; I de CayaMie li'taos, Aug 31?Arr Wm Badger, Coffin, NOrleana. BsTMtiRsr. Aug 12-Sld Courier, Vaughan. leewanl. BoMHar, July II- Sid I'anl Jones, Palmer ? hms. Ilai vis mist i Sept 10?Arr Albertina, Man ling. Baltimore; 7th, liiiladelidiia. O.evis, do. v,.. , ... .... Ba> sir e, Sept 8?Arr Horiau, Schilling, N i ork; 4th, Mvo i rite liendrick, Baltimore. , .. . Cows!. Sept 17?Arr Cleveland. Marley. Batavia. 16th, I o|. chis. Knight, Antwerp for NOrleans; 14th. Russell Lamphar, and Kmpress. Bennett, Malantas; Birmingham, Robinson, I> Orleans. . ?. CaojniAPT, Sept J? Ar Konohasset. foster, lUyans. Sid 4th, Olof Wyt, Me.coin, Ro.lielle Arr Aug 25th, Tioga, Kloridge, Havana, 24th. Oenera, Goodhue, do. Cork, Srpt II?Off, Si Cleares, Chadhourne, NOrleana rirrsMiiifs, Sept 4?Arr I<eonor? Milton, Bostou Ct'itfASKN, Sept II"Arr ? ondor, Mayo, Hstsna < st>ir.. Sept 7?Arr Cabs, filanchard, Antwerji; Penelope, do; 6th II Sprague, Pierce, Cronstadt, 4th, Uoiffe, Ricker, New Vork . Id, John Danlap, 4 airer, Hirre; 2d Nev^naa, NVork; ( larissa Andiews.Colbv, London, 30th, M Hugg, Trieste; 17th, John A Robh, Gibraltar. Carr tsoop Hor>, June 17-SI.I Radios, Newell Calcutta. Cauii'TTA. July 10?Arr /Vntelope, Dum?raar|, NHcao. Sid 9th Sidney. Weston. Boston C K 11 r., Sail ?? Sid KuiighUin, N '? . '? VIIg It. Uuirie, Feri?>, do. D?:ai., Sept 14? Arr Aleato, Cook, and I .u. . McLell vn, London for NOrleaMI Sultan, Buiwell, rlo for Boston: 12th, /eoohla, tlwen, do, and aid Tor leheboe; I Ith, l'anlh?a, N V ork for C ronstsdi; Cotirier, 1'homnaon, London, and sld for Cadig; 10th. Riga, Nason, snd John Holland. Henoer<>>n. ?'e and both sld for NOrlesns: Ocesnus. Snuih, l. mdou, xnd sld for N Vnrk, tth. Swan, Ulancnard, do. and aid lor Boston; 7th, Ti rone Spear, 4o fbr I'-ioinaauxi Put back 17th, North Carolina.. Drum mood, Lond<*i) for NT?rk. Passed by 17th. *tofame, WMuff. .. urfi and (h?* Unckwiu NYork. ?lifer Bremen; '5lh. C linton. Mutton, Wvburg f,,r Bord~aui Uth, C?re? Hraudt. IVew'York for Auisterd sin; 10th. Carletou* Jameson. Bremen for NOrlesn*. (Kh, J II Adami. Ri?thfos do J? ?^-77>r ("*** 8uvw,iiC|uh,,MC|. <* BUobill, /mm Amster dam for N Orleans. got on shoes on the Goodwin Ka-ds tl*U af ternoon, but cam* iff without apparent damage. and anchored 1U til# UoWUS Dorr, a, Aug M?Off, Jnno, Dicks. Conatadr for Bordaaut D*n 1 ?"HH HrptT-Off. PuiIum, NYork for Crunstadc ui<l |>a>.ed Deal 10th. ' f Y rk**'' M*'" Cbulrt'?" '-atlermola, Ki-aiwom:. Sept 10?An Whig. Baldwin. Havana for Crou. audi; Arachnaa. Bsiter, Hull for Riga. ?ih. HB,,tre?.. Oriffin Cronstadt for Borttaut; p.| ra? Kiplay Havana for do; Aur "J*'1 ? d" L0Tfn-? ?0*rduer, Cron.tadt for NVork; Chtlo, Lambert, do forBoston; Arethusa, Baxter. Wy bar* for Havre. ?e|K J?The Mischiaf, fmm Troon for Crou ?tadt. got in contact 3d,with the Oaprey, Ripley, Havana for <lo? the former has proceeded, the latter loac bow.put fora top gallant ma?t, kc anu is iep; in tlie Roads. Fai.MoI'tii, Sept 16?Off, Carl Johan, Jameson, Birmaa for NOaleana. (?imisli au, Aug 31?The port of Mrcadore liaa b*?ii declar ed in a state of blockade. In port 7th, Arabian, Foster, Bo,-,,i, 5th, Planet, Crocker, Madeira; iiilh, Me.seugei, hands, Balti more Sid 31th. Nautilus, Lincoln, Mai iga. Oknoa, Atijf 23?Arr American, Weil berg. NVork (}lMotDC, he|>t II?Arr I luu William*, Keating, NOileans 13tli, Hiriart, do; 4th. Parisian, Milliard, N ork. OoTHtMi'M, Sept 5?111 port, Superb,, NYork. 29th Victory, Kraw, NOrleans. llivHi;, Sept 13?In |K>rt, Baltimore, Sept H, NVork- Argo. 2j. do; hrancois l?t, Oct I do; Devonshire Sept 18. NOrlems; \esta,do li d i; Nasln >lle, do li, do; Alliens, do 35. do; Queen Victoria, do 2.V do; Anile lie, do 3(ith, do Henry Nheltou, Jo JO, do; Rubicon, Oct I, do; Uvron, soon, Mobile: Aiethusa. Sept ?>, < liarleston. Arr lftih. Ville de Lvon. Stoddard, NVork; IS. Francis 1st. Amswouh. do. 12th, Areo, Anthony, do; llth. Arethusa, Baxter. Wyhurg. Cieole, DilWlum, NOrleans; 3th sni .'tu' -r Couecoi*, Baltimo.e. I Si' NO'lejiis; nth. Jaa Perkins, Hall, do; 10th, Zurich, NYoik;3ih. Damascus. Turner NOr ems; 3d, !? raucis De|?u,; 2d, Sea LloU.Howe, ' IIamhi hi., Sept II?Arr Stag, Peirvon. vlaranzaa Hon., Kong, June II?Arr Orand Tuik, Emery, Bostrn; Pe. trel. Rogers, Shangh*e;4th, Ctocora. Ci. re, and ''oiiToy.Towne Manilla; M. ConKiess., Lima, (and Ud the lUth on her rvturii) M?y 6, USshtp Brmdywine. Sid Uth, Kagle, Sher man, Chu?in; 7th. Swallow, Woodbury, h Coast; May 23 Surat I lerre, Manilla, Thomas Lowry, Oraham, do; 4th, U ^ amt> nt Louu HfLvorT, Sept 7-Arr John Marshall, Poythress, Virginia JJut.L, Sept IB?Arr St Lawrence, Brown, NVort. lUsriitos. Sept IS? Arr Kainilien, Nyhery, NYoik fm Ham burg; loth, l.ucula, Psecud, Kicbmond fm Biemen Kingstown, Sept 3? Arr Kambow, Scott, Antwerp. Livmrnoi, Sept 8.?The Helianre, armed here frl,m Bom bay, saw Juue 18. off C?|ie (iood Ho|ie, a ship of about 700 tons apparent!v in dotreas, with a b?rqne in CO.. both Meeting for Algo llay: the following day pasted a quantity of diift timber, and at night struck something which sUrted a bow plank, and caused the ship to make water. ' "Y'OIC , '"n 1 iiis.i ropier, 1 org; I oncordia, Dorr Boston; Hth Acadia, (s) Harrison, Boston; Euuw. kord, ^Orleans; riiusins, miicnen anu MarCM t-lcaves, NOrlevins; Kalamai'Mi, Mobile: 16th. Win Henry. Best, Gaiveston; Co lumbus, Coffin, NOrleans; MrLellm, Meanev Charleston 1 i ver|?>ol, Eldridge NVork; llth, Oaklaud, Barry, NOrle'ans Shanunga, Patten, do. f'ld 17th. Adirondack, Carsten, NVork. Sailed Ith. Atlantic? Mallrit NOrleana; 5th. John Camming Thayer, Saeanuali; Warsaw, llawkius, NVork. Providence Vinson. do; <iardiiier, Purrington, Gardiner, 6th, Liverpool! AtSr>V NnYi"rH; Hotlinguer, Burslev, do; St Petarsburfh. How do; 8th, Viola. J nine, oil, N Orleans; 9th, Shenandoah. Wwt I hiladejphia; Albanian. U iiisoi. Leghorn; llth. Kosciaa, Col lins, N ? oik; Memphis ( offui, do: Susgi: K Howell Bailev Baltimor*. nth, Suffolk, Rogers, Alobile; llth, Olive Brancfi! Hagedonr Savannah; 17th, krauklui. Thomas, NOrleans: Kurope, rurber, NVork; Jack, do; 18th, Parthenon Woodbury, do; Roll Ro), Arnold, do; Palestine, Mnmford Mobile. ? London, Sept IR-Veasels Ent'd. outward. Neater. Moses. NOrleans; Herculean, Holmes, do; I'riuc" Albert. Mior New York; Toroato, Champlin, do; Sarah, Koster, Boston: Abbv rratt. Btker, do. * Entered iuwar.1, 17th, Nspier, Baltimore; 16th. Astracan,Por ter, NOrleans: Toronto NVork; lOtli, Savaunaii, Foster, Ma tajirnt; 4lli, Aoby Barker. Pratt, Havana. Advertised, Sarah Foster, Boston Sept 2i; Abby Baker I ratt, dod?; Piince Alkert, Sebor, N York, 17tli; Toionto,Cham plin,<lo37th. ' LaN'.soRT, Sept I4-Arr Freja, Claere, New Orleans; Albion. Huld, do. ? MAHtRiLir*. 8ept 3?Arr Flora, Howra. NYork: Athalai Hobina, Matuuw; !?th, Pandora, I'aston, Boston; 8u?annah' Lake, NTork; Jim Khrman, Long, Wvburgh ; aid Aukf JK Swiss Hoy. Blaud?fll, Boston. In |?ort 1Kb, Li/rttr, (&? ) Sew York, soon; Flora, do 25th. MAumiT1*;.. Jone S4?aAjrr Argo, Crowninahifld, Calcutta: May 26, lh>n Hcott, Cunmncliam. Algoa Bay. Sid lltb, 8ib?? ria, Barilrtt, fm Boston. Manilla. -Wadua *, July l??Arr Stnibo, CirifTin, Doston; 9th, Eliza Warwick, Davit, do. " Manilla, May 4?Arr Chicora, (lore, Boston; April 30. Ro bert Fulton, China; AJab, Nirklrs, Macoa: 14th. Ilajah, Cun niiiirham, Boaton, anjl aid May for Amoy. Hid April 28, lx?gan Woodbury, aud Exchange, Paabody, Boston; 26tb, Fred War ren, Pratt, do. Malt*, Aug 20? Arr Potomac, Bearse, Gibraltar. Ml isins, Aug 28?Arr Talbot, Story, Trieste n , '!,11l" l,1'1 , '|A1! 'V**1"'- Agnes Jane, Liverpool; 1 athfiniler, Sunderland: Jupiter, Bristol. Newport, Sent 7?Arr John Caslie, Voung, Amsterdam; IIronlet, Curtis, Hamburg. Sid 3d, Z D, Baa.ett. Boston. Narn.s, Aug 16?Arr Shlrou, Tlmmpaon, Leghorn Oro*To, Aug22? Arr Mary Averill, Mavo, NVork. ! oKTSMot'TH, Sept 13?Arr .11 Hudson, London, and aid for NVork. Pali *mo, Aug 15?Arr Eliia, Montechiaro, NVork and sld for Naples; llth, Igtiano, Hiz/.iu. do. Pii.laRT, Auk 81?Arr Kazan. Leckip, Boston. r.PfJTLANO Frith, Sept 11?Passed Aurora, Hull, for Ame Off the Start, Sept 13-Delia Walker, Condry, Boston for r^roustadt; H Hudaon, London lor NVork. ScHKLOt, Sept 16?Arr Harriet, Dunning, NY'ork ? St. I iies, Aug 19?Arr Isaac Newton, Spalding, Havre; 22d Barah, I epiier,. Antwerp; 2llth, Attica M'I.ellau, Cronstadt; Sept 7, Palestine, Sun, Bahia; Ctll, E Ann, Birney, IVrnam buco. S,i ANiiFORD, Aug 31?The Lord Ashbarton, fm Liverpool to bt John, .N B, which went ashore near this place 21st ult was got on this morning and towed up to Port-'ferry Bench. Singapore, June 27?The ling Lucky Bias, is reported to have I'eeii bv the natives of tlie Nirobnr Islands and scut tled. and the crew killed Arr 28th, Belvidera, l^.teibrooks Kio Janeiro; May 16, Mobile, Martin, I'enang, and sld 21st oil her rrtuin. Shields, S.-pt H?Sld Iii oitha, hhorey, Bostou. Smv a>a. Aug 27?Arr Camao. Trieste. ,, Sept 7?Arr J Jacoba, Sap, NVork; 4th, Mmnett Uolin, do. 1 E, Sept 6?Arr Due de Orleans, Hoodies*, Mobile; 2d [ Selma, iloole, Amsfidam; Aug 31, Tuscany, Prince NVork 30th, Canton, Packard, Boston; 27th, Pico, Scott, do; Colum bia. J ritssell, ,\\ ork; 25th, Mlddiesei, Snow, and Plato, Phm ney, NOrleans; Siien, Catchpole, Matanr.aa; 31st, '1 alisman Ileal h, do. ' Tokhav, Sept 8?Sld Shamrock, Kales, Gibraltar. Vf.nicl, Sept 6?Sld Prioceton, lioughton, Cadiz; Aug Jtth Mozart, l.ewu, Trieste. Home Port*. Uani.or, Sei.t 2*1?( Id St Pierre, Br> ant, Bermuda I ORTLAND,Oct I?Air John Brouwer, i-airfield, Boston; 'JW bago, Coffin, Pt Petre, < mail v n' S?i rM, Ort 2?t Id Tim Pickering, Pratt, Africa. Boston, Oct 3? Arr Caledonia, (s) Lott, Ltveiimol, Sophro 9'a, Basaett, llio Janeiro: J.unes VV Paige, Taylor. Baltimora; Delaware, hisher. Palm. < row ell: W Pitt, BiUer: Benj Frank lin, Minn; .Metainora. I-linn, and Amethyst. Anderson, Phila delphia; Agnes. Hunt.Hio Hache; Martha, Pa ker, Sydney, C'B Ann Maria, (>rant, Thomaaton fof Kavannah, put iu lot a f?ar' bor; Hea Mew, lldbrook, < uracoa; Spy, l^wu: Mail. Crow HI, and I ?uri*, Lovrll, Albany: Fancy,! ha?r; Mail, .Nichols; 1 no, Nick^iaon; piss, Pillsbury. ?nd Marietta. I ro?r||. N York. lfl^rsrhiHl, Houther,Irom( 11.yti**i.. Hd Mason. P.ndicotr, Hio Janeiro and a inkf; aNtiquflon, Smith, S>dney i n, lm|i?irter, Marsh, Ht Thomas aud a mkt; AnnaMau, Swa s*?\, ll tvana; Tyriau, Jat kion, and Urn Henry, Uraeia, *N??w Orteins; M?ry,[urw,o< Boston, 2?.H 4<-ttiilis lous] llopuer. S,?{*,,l?ki Can.,r>*, K? lley, Wilmington. M ; Acorn, Howes. I In 14(1* I hia; Hus4d, * atfiplwll, Silent; W >omint(. aNickvrsofi hredericksburf; T-lent, Bates, Album and Iroyi i ntniiliance Ks-llt-y. and Octavia, ( htirchill, NVv? fork. 3d, p m?Arr 1; rf IriKftr United Htatfs, i -apt I K StriMing, t allno via Rio Janei ro; Plymouth. Fuller, Calcutta; Pilot, Goldsmith. Acra Afri ca; Clarissa, Melcher, NOrleaui; Catharine, Hamilton,Charles ton, Souther Haidy,Cai>e HaVlien: Neptuue, Basford, < ie?. fui-u'os; William I).?ei3f Cornish. AuvCayes; 'J aianto Kales Havannah; Allwrt, Cousins; Mt*ntor, (liv?'i,l ?w; I'lnto, hishop' and Pix 11 ro, Sherman, Philadelphia; Huby, Mitchell, Wondout! Brilliant. Mtickuey, Norfolk, John .Simmons. Small, Krede rirksburK; < a.*siiis, KMridxe, Aleiandria; Norwich, Sugars. ttiC4,aud Louisa, Albany; 1'ioneer. y*nkre, Justice, D B Keel?-r, < larHiidon, and < ti|*|*er, NVork. ,N?S 5 r.n roan, Oct 2?Ait Rowena. New hall, Hay Hivei M ', ikl, David Coffin, Smith, Plnladel|>h is for Plymouth. b au. River, Oct 2?Arr John Jiy, Nicker son, Tliiladflnhia for Providence. Plioyiin;iu , Oct 2?Arr Victory,, Kill llivrr; Osce ola, VV yatt, Naiuemoinl; Rich Rnsh, Nickerson, and iluldah Ann Weat, Itarker, Philadelphia; Mary Ann k. ( iroline tor sou, do?ill the late gale, lost boat, had galley stove, anil receiv ed other damage; Samuel, Manchester, Albany; Midas Dennis Jas Lampheer, Kenny, and Southport, < lor ham, NVork. Sld V\ in S I iggot, Walker, Kdentou, Nt,; Mary k. f.lir.a Bailey Philadelphia. Bristol, Oct I?Arr Canton, Heed, Freetown, to load for Virginia; Sally,Gladding. Albany: Kleanora, Oould.Wickford to lo.ul for NYork. Sld Advance Gilford, Albany. Nr.wro?T, Oct 2?An Oneco, Boaton lot Aleiandria; Del Norte,i am den for NYork; Watchman, Aleiandria for St John; 3d, Hannah St Abigail, Leland, Philadelphia for Boston; Solon, Be-ry, L. 11 bee for Philadelphia, t Id 2d, Anuawan, Amlachi cola. ? Pim.Atiei.rma, Oct 4?Arr Plato, Holmes, Ootteuburg; Cy pnu, Pepjier, Port Spain, Trin; Susan, Bray, Boston; Baltic, Pike, Newhuryi ort. BsLTIMo*, O t 3? Arr Scotia Leslie, Liverpool; Oaronne, Myera, Ain.tenl.iui. 11 yrranu., Waters, Kingston, Jam, hur, Line, Demerara; Heleii Kraner. l-ewitt, Portland; Amelia, ferry, and Chirf Van Name, NYork. At., **iat>RlA (let 2?Arr Win Wilson, Baker, Boston. llitMMo'vi). Oet t-Arr I),nl Kra. cis, Small, Boston. KM U car, Hickman, co; Spy- t'annon. NVork. Nonioia, Oct*?Arr Puritan, Spalding, NewYork It days? ejl-erienced the Ut? g.ile and has been twice blown oft the coast: Tampico. Nagle, NVork; lolm McKae Htewart, lurk. Ivlan< M davs?left, < anrency, Riebmond, 01 and fur Philadelphia, ne?t day. H.fact, I* rdf(Or Nautuck*t?-lost stern Iniat in the late Kale; h.n^enia, < olfee, Kdentou for NVork?in distress, with CipUin sick and vessel leakiuic, Sun. Noyos, Stoniugton; Vir Kjni'*, Small, .Newport. In Hamilton Jioads, Kchu, Snow, fm Tb<>maat*iii, for orders. CM Washincum, Hsrtlett, West In PAVlLlo N HOTEL. CHARLESTON, S. ( ! CLAN DKR is hut loo* fteu li?t*ned in with aviditv?but truth will ultimately prevail. Tbisfrui>m may with propriety fie applied as regard* th?- nn'lersifrned, who ^uds it ii'ceasary to contradict, publiely, the idle aid malicioua re|>ort?. which, from sinister motives, k??e I*>?ri indusirioutly ci-culated, Krea* l\ to his prejudice -snffiee- if to aay, that he is ttt/l in the "land of the living, vol in the place #f hope," and constantly at hia pott, ready to administer, with alacrity, to the wanta of visiters to tlie "Psvilion.** The matim adopted by the understaffed is, to forgive his ene mies, aud to let*I Stnreiefy gisteful to nis fri?nds. \r I, ? .. , lo J. CKSSKORD KI R. N. n ? An Omnibus unl liaruucbe will be ui nttenda;cm st tha Kailroad l'?M and at tl?e steam-packet w harves, to convey visiter* (fr**e of i barge) to the above establishment. S*-j t?-mber Pith, I1M4. from the Charlfuton Mercury ] We insert the follow ing remarks of an ob>"i?anl travel^ ,, ~ , '* Pavilion H<itel, Charleston. S. 1'. l o tnose wrio cau appreciate c nveuiei*ce9 comfort and c|e*ttiin?ss?a nmet and ??lubrious locality?a t-*l?l- >upplie*l with the choicest produce of ?he fcaiket-?w inea and liqu rs of un*tcept*ouable quality and flavor?civil and orderly s*i?anta, and Courfvoua snd attentive host?we be* l***ve strongly to le commend a sojourn at the "PhviIiou Hotel/* corner of Meeting and Klasell st eets, kept by Mr J. Cess ford Ker." o5 8tfcW'iw?m NOTICE TO rtOUTHERN A .S ir WR9TEK N MKR CHANTS' rPHF. snHcriher cm tlnues to in innfaetnre and (vis conMantlv a on hand a full assortment of Ploughs suitable for the Sonth em and Western Markets, mannfactiii*1 from the heat materials by old and competent workmen, which lie is prepared to sell at redured prices. Al?r>, a general assortinenl ..f Igrirnltur I Implements and Machine, of the nil .t It I'i '?ed patlerns too numerous to imt tton ; logether with a lull a sortment of Seises, >rreens and W ire Chnn of his own m inn fact a re ApiI, nlso, agent for Win llooev s P<U?it llav and Straw I "tiers, a 'err snKrior article, at the mannlactarer's prices. I' - ile H ,i|s>. preiiared t eiectit* i rders for ' ottou lima and I fin (leers, II ire and < ofiee I In I Ins, Mill I leering, lie , he DAM hi. L. < I.AWSU.N, oA lm*m I?1 VVawr street. l'IIIM \s||-?i c isks 1 i'i, s^ils Ash, high heat?for sala by O WOODHULL fc MINTt'KMt, o5tt ?' Soaih strat. MOOADdftF. WOO?MbalahMt uuallty-ThriTirhy WOODJIUUL ?t MINTl'HNS ?J?? W Sonth atl**t.