Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 8, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 8, 1844 Page 1
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' ? - I - I I I I I ? Ill ? ? ? - THE NEW YORK HERALD. Vol. I., No. 878?Whole Ho. NTH. Prln Two Unlli THE NEW YORK HERALD. AGGKEOATE CIRCULATION THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND. THE GREATEST IN THE WORLD. To the Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?Daily llshed every day or the year eacept New Yew's Day and Koerth of July. Price 2 cents per copy?or $7 96 par annum?postages paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?pabliahad svary Saturday morning?price 6)< cent* per copy, or $3 If per annam?post ages paid, rash in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation of the Herald i* over TH1UTY-KIVE THOUSAND, and inciaaaina fail It hat the lurgrtt circulation of any paper in thit city, or the world, and, it, therefore, the (tit channel for butitiett men in the city or country. Prices moderate?cuh iu advance. PRINTING of all kind* executed at the moat moderate price, and m tlie mort elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT. fHOrRIETOR OF THE Hr.RALD EiTABMIHMICNT, Northwaat corner of Knlton and Naiaan streets. |1T1 W 1 i> I fc. It, A It K A i\ (j E tvj t, N T FARE THREE SH'LI.INGS FROM Pa'I'ERSON TO JEHSEY CITY. On ai?' after rhe 'at of October llie car* will leave? . ,"V PE.r.0T- N*w Yoaa. 8 o'clock A. M. 9 o'clock A. M. ^ - p. m. f w _ Ost Sunday*. 8 o clock A. M. I 9 o'clock A. M. ^ ,3 " P.M. | 4 ?? P.M. .? tl cc STATEN ISLAND FERRY. ? FOOT OF WHITEHALL." The Boau will nu follow* on and aftst Sept. JO. LEAVE NEW YORK: 9'"L^vtsMfxWlSn?/DP:M 8 and 10. A. M.; li%, 2* and 4K, P. M. P. S.?All (foods inu't be particularly marked, and aia at the n*k ol the owner* thereof. *24 FOR HALIFAX AiND LIVERPOOL. . The Royal Mail Steamers BRITANNIA land CALEDONIA, will leave Boston, for tlie above ports, a* follow* :? BRITANNIA, J Hewitt, Esq., Commander, Tuesday, Oct. I. CALEDO.MA^E. G. Lott, Esq.. " \Vednesday, " 16. l'asnmr to Ltveniool $120. Passage to Halifax at. Apply to D. BRIGHAM, Jr.. Agent, s21m 3 Wall street. HOUR CHANGED TO SIX O'CLOCK, P. M.? Ou and after Monday, Sept. 16lh, 1841. the Night Line to ALBANY AND TROY ill change the hour of departure from 7 to 6 o'clock. P. M., and will laud at Poughkeepste during the great Fair ana Cattle Show. Fare 71 rents only to I'oughkeepsie. The steamer SWALLOW, Capt. A. McLean, Monday 16th. and Wednesday, Ittth. The steamer ALBANY, Captaiu R. B Mar^', Tuesday, 17th, Thursday, 19tli, at 6 o'clock, from Cort landi stret pier. Morning Line, at 7 o'clock, from Barclay street pier, the TROY and EMPIRE. 'C7" During the great Fair and Cattle Show, Tuesday, 17th, Wednesday, 18th, and Thursday, 19th, will reduce tlie fare to 7i cents to Mil from I'oughkeepsie anu New York. sU NEW YORK, ALBANY ANDTROY STEAMBOAT LINE. F?R ALBANY AND TROY.-Morniug ? Line from the foot of Barclay street, lauding .at intermediate place*. Ihe Steamer EMPIRE, Captain S. R. Roe, Monday,Wednes day and Kriday Morning at 7 o'clock. The Steamer TROY, Captain A. Gorhara, Tuesday, Thurs day uid Saturday Morning, at 7 o'clock. r'.veiiing Liue from the foot of Courtlandt street, direct. The Sti^Wr SWALLOW, Captain A. McLean, Monday, Wednesday aud Friday EveninK, at 6 o'clock. The Steutner ALBANY, Captaiu R. B. Macy, Tuesday, Thursday and Satuiday Evening, at 6 o'clock. Tlie Boats of this Line, owing to their light draught of wa ter, are able at all times to pass the bars, and reach Albany and Troy in ample time to take the morning train of cars for the east or went. Kor passage or freight, apply on board, or at the offices on the wtmmw *26 ~ PEOPLE'S LINE OF STEAMBOATS FOR ALBANY. DAILY, Sundays excepted?Through direct, " P- M., from he Steamboat Pier between 3K?^2K?4I^Courtlaiidt and Liberty streets. The Steamboat KNICKERBOCKER, John, Monday, Wednesday The SteamboM ROCHr.t Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday _ . From the foot of Barclay street. At Five o'clock, P. M.?Landing at Intermediate Places. ' The Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Captain R. G. Crnt temlen, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Afternoons, at 5 o'clock. The Steamboat COLUMBIA, Captain William H. Peck Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and Sunday Afternoons, at 6 o'clock Pa** uuers taking either of the above lines will arrive In Albany in amnle time to take the Morning Trains of Cars fot the east or west. The boats are new and substantial, are fur nished with new and elegant state rooms, aud for spaed and ac commodations, are uunvalled on the Hudson. All persons are forbid trusting any of the boats of this line, without an order from the Captain. Kor passage or freight, apply ou board, or ta P. C. Schults, at tlie ()ffice on the wharf. o7rc Pleasant and cheap excursions. SUMMER JiniUlNOKMENT. NEW BRIGHTON, PORT RICHMOND. (STATEN ISLAND,) AND NEW YORK KERRY. From Pier No. I, North River, foot of Battery Place. The Steamboat CINDERELLA, will ran as ? follows, Daily, from May 20th to Octob*i In. -1844 .-?Leaves New York at 9 aud U o'cloci, A. M.. at 3M, 6 audi P.M. Leaves Port Ricomond, at 20 minutes to S, and 10 minutes to 10 A. M.; at I, 4K and 6* P. M. Leaves New Brighton at t and 10 A. M-; at IX. 5 and TJH P. M. On Sunday?Leaves New York, at 9 and 11 A. M.; at 3, 6 and ? I'. M. leaves Port Richmond, at 20 minutes to 8 and 10 A.M; at 1, 5 and 7K P. M. New York: May II. 1M myll 6m*rc FARE REDUCED. FOR CROTONVILLE, SING SING. TARRYTOWN, OS* IR'MNG. WILTSIE'S DOCK. HASTINGS &r-5*?rscfr AM) YONKERS.?Ou and after Saturday. 38??J8E5K-Xugust 31st. 1844. the new and substantial steamboat WASHINGTON IRVING. Capt Hiram Tuthill, will leave the foot of Chamber street far the above places, daily at 3 P. M.. Sunday excepted. Returning, will leave Crotouville at Sl4, and Sine Sum at7 o'clock A. M., landing at the foot of Hammond street each way. Kor nii?*ge or freight, apply ou board, or to STEPHEN B. TOMPKINS. 102 West street. s32m*rc run HA'i'H, Ai>LI HAUUVVtLL. ^ygM The new steamer PENOBSCOT, Captain Kimball, leave* tlie end of T wharf, Boston, 3C_JHUK.every Tuesday and Friday evenings, at 5 o'-lock. Stages will be in resdiness on her arrival at tne abov> to eonvey ps'wiir'" 'n the n?igltWinr town* FALL AND W INTER ARRANGEMENT. ME HARK ND NEW YORK. FARE ONLY Wl CENTS. THE NEW AND SWIFT STEAMER RAINBOW, CAfl.tlN JOHN GAFKY. ON and afer September 10th will run daily, as follows (Sundays iucluded)Leave New ark foot of < cutre street, 8 o'clock A. M.? Leave New V ork, foot of Barclay * treat, 3 o'clock P. M. 'I't r-e gAA- hUK Nr. VV UHLI.AN?.?Ui?uT'Tne ?leaw hip ALABAMA, 700 tons burthen, Henry Witidle, jiflUkL' ominaude.r, will sail for the above port on tlie l.'itli OctoiH-r next, at ? o'clock. This splendid and remarkably staunch steamer has been thoroughly overhauled the present summer, newly copiiered, and is furnished with a |iowerful set of new boilers, made at tlie Novelty Works of this city. She IS expected lo make the run to the Balize with ease in six days; and having handsome and comfortable accommodations, lor both caliin and steerage passengers, offers an unusually desirable conveyauce to the travelling community. For light freight or passage, apply to G. MERLE, s!9 lolV>*rc Zfift !? ront St FOR LIVERPOOL-The New Line-Regular ? Packet 2lst October.?The snpenor fast sailing pack ?t shin RO' 11 ESTER, ?00 tous burthern, Captaiu JiHUin. will sail as above, her regular day. Kor freight or passage, having elegant aud spacious accommo dations, apply on hoard, west side (lurliug Slip, or to WOODHULL fc MINTURNS, 87 South street. Price of Passage 1100. Tlie packet ship Hottingrur, Captain Ira Bursley, master, 1050 tous burthen, will succeed tlie Rochester, and sail on her regu lar il.v 7l?f fl-roh-f s??ee M)K .NEW .UKl.EANS TK- spleud d new .packet sli p EMPIRE, Captain Mussel', now loading ?<! urray's ?harf, f iot of Wall street, willbedis paiLlied lor New (Xileaiis ou til" IKtli instant. This Iwauiifiil ship is 1x00 'ons register, and fitted up in a kt> le iiih-i|ii <lled by any ship afloat, for the comfort of cabin, sec* lid cabin and steerage passengers. 'I hose atiout to einbsrk for Nen Orlems at the above daie, will lind it their interest to examine tho accommodations previous to their engaging else where. Kor inusage apply oil board, or to John herdman, ofiec 61 South street. FOR NEW_ORLEANS-Union Mi^-FirTt .regular jiacket with despatch?Tlie fast sailing packet -ahin UNION. J. U. Battonie, master, is now loading .t m have immediate diapa'ch. Kor cabin, secoud cabin ana st-er'ge passengers, baring superior accommoda.ion, early ap plication should lie made on board, at Murray 's wharf, or to JOSEPH MeMUKRAt, s20ec IDA Pine street, enr er of South street. ~ ftut LIVEKPUOL?New Line?Keaulai Packet of '4?>th Oct.?The regular last sailing Packet Ship Baft VitlUCK, Captain H. J. H.Trask, of 1,100 tous burthen,-vill sail a* above, ner regular day. Kor freight or passage, having accommodations unequalled for st leudor or comfort, apply on board at Orleans wharf, foot ol Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS It CO, 56 South street. Price of Passage, $100. The packet sliii> Roscius, Capt. John Collins, of llfOtons, will succeed the Garrick, and sail 26th November, her retrnlar day. sl7rc FOR LI VERPOOL? Regular Bicket of theTith ? October.?Tlie well-known, fast (tiling packet ship .UNITED STATES, Captain Britton. The accom iiioii.mioiis tor cabin, secomi cabin aud steerage iiassengers, are unsurpassed by any other sh p in the port^ and as number of her Imsirngers are already engaged, those tlesirous of securing lierths should make early application ou bovrd, foot of Maiden lane, or to JOSEPH McMl'RRAY, Itm Pine street, comer of Sonth street Mill 11A V ANA, ? KO.Vi PlilLADELI'IIIA. I'lie A. I fast-sailing packet bariiue ELIZABETH J., J. Im S. Kemiiigtou, master, will sail positirely on -ittth Oc'ober. ?or lii iglit or passage, having sojierior furnished accommo rlations, a large and cointnod cabin, with twelve state rooms, apply to JOHN F. OIIL h SON, sl7 Sw ztcco 101 S<mth Wharves, Philadelphia. KOR LONDON.?Packet of tlie 10th Octpber - he first class, fast sailing Packet ship SWITZER LAND, Captain E. Knight, will tail as sbore, her rsgular day. rtaving vary superior accommodations for Cabin, 2d Cabin and Steerage passengers, (wrtoui intending to embark shoald ntake innnMiate application on board, foot of Maiden Lane, or to JOSEPH McMURRAY, "lee IN I'm* suasi, corner of loack, M. Mti rwular day {Fro* the DnMio FttMMnl Journal, 14 ) Solemn Mast of ThankafiYinff AND TE OCUM, IN T? OHUROH or THE CONCEPTION, O'CONNCLL*8 LIBERATION. Tli" joy and trium the ?>cce .<>? ot the h t?e t a 11 on ot Mr. 0*C?MiMrli aud hie tell?w maryr* were aamutird oa Sunday by the m?>ei aolt mn -iiid In ly rilea ol religion, accompanied by all lli< | oiiiji and splendor which belong io Ihe ??? cicnt ceremonial ol thr Catholic Chur< b. Never, under (he Iniiy tool' ??! the Metropolian Chun li, was an occasion ol ao iuu< h interest celebrated ; and never, within the itta)**<ic colonadea ol thai noble temple, wit a a weae more impueti* aad ma* nificent displayed The aacred pr?<eedin?a con aisled ol a Solemn Pontifical High Maaaol Ttiauka giving, at winch hit Grace tae Moat Kev 1* Murray presided ; a aeruion jwiclwd by th# Rev Dr. Miley, and a aol?titu '/'? I bum chauated at the conclusion of the Holy Sacrifice For a long tint* previwtta to the commencement of the High Maaa almost all the rau. iatUe ctowch were occupied by elegantly dreewd p?rn>oa; aid before the arrival of that period the Micrea .dilu* became filled with oae ol tha mow crowded Con gregations that were ever aaaembled within iu walls?h vast multitude ol people at th? sale ume filling the apace in fraat ol the church aad name ?d the neighbouring streets A lew mounted p. lice were in attendance to keep the carnage w..y cleat opposite the principal portiro; and not* ithaiandiug the density ol th? throng, the best pontible ordet was preserved ; and the tquipages which arrived in rapid succession at the foot of the graad gradniorv received no obstruction whatever Irotn the crowd At the loot of the pillars on the lelt hand, ot Gospel cide ot the altar, a throne wan erected be neath a lofty crimson canopy, ior the Archbiahop; and on the opposite side ol the saactuary aear th? pulpit, three splendid p>itHimx, covered with ?im son, were placed for ihe Liberator, Joha C)'C??n nell, Esq , and the I>?rd Mayor, together with many seats for the accommodation af 'he other re peal martyrs and their frieuds. The aldermen ano town councillors, who attended in considerable numbers, were accommodated with places behind the altar and iu othet parts of the church. At a lew minutes before eleven the carriages of the Liberator and his family, who were greeted with hearty cheers in passing through the streets, drove up to the principal ftont of the church, when * loud and enthusiastic shout burst from the van multitude around. Mr O'Lonaell and his Irtenda, however, entered the church with lha leaat possi ble delay. ... ?. . . The civic state coach, with the officer* ol the corporation bearing the sword and mace, and lot lowed by the Lord Mayar, iu his loroship'sprivat* carriage, next arrived, but his lordship and the of ficers entered the church without the paraphernalia of office. Immediately on ihe entrance ot Mr O Council the org mi pealed forth its richest tone*, aud th? choir chuun ed the solemn nnlhem. "ExaUtmuttl la ttmur in to, alltluiacomposed for the occasion by Mr. Haydn Corn. The sacred procession now entered the holy tem ple, headed by a long line ot acholyteswilh timing torches and censers emitting clouds ot pttfutne. The Rev. Mr Laphan, as high priest, attended by the Rev. Mr. Cooper as deacon, and the Rev. Mr. Meagher as sub-deacon, ascended to the high altar; and the venerable archbishop, attended by the V ery Rev. Archdeacon Hamilton as chaplain, took his seat on the throne. The Rev. Mr. Collier, of Rath mines, acted as master ol C' remonies; and among the clergy and church dignitaries who were present on either side of the altar, chiefly in surplices, we noticed the Right Rev. Dr. Gillea, bishop ol the eastern district of Scotland, with the Abbe Bonna fousand CononCuieof St Pierre in Paris, as his lordship's chaplain ; the Rev. Dr Renelinn, Vice President of Maynooth Col egc ; the Rev. Dr. O'Connell, P P , ot SS. Michael and John's ; the Rev. Mr Doyle, P. P., of St Michan's; the Rev. Mr. Aylmer, S. I., of Gardiner btreet: the Rev. Messrs Meehan, Keogh, and Smith, of SS. Michael and John's; the Rev. Mr. Harry, and several other Rev. gentlemen,whose names we did not ascertain, to the number of about thirty. i The chair on the Liberator's right hand was oc- I cupied by the Lord Mayor; thut on Ins left by Mr. John O'Connell, andlol the oiher national martyrs, Dr. Gray and T. M. Ray, Esq were piesent. Morgan O'Connell, Esq , D. O'Connell, Esq., jun., Mr. Fitzsimon and lady, and a great many other members ol the Liberator's family were in the immediate vicinity of his chair, and the number of Protestant gentlemen present was very consider able. The solemn pontifical mass was then commen ced, the archbishop officiating on his throne.? After the Gospel, the Rev. Dr. Miley ascended the pulpit, and delivered a powerful and eloquent dia cours:', after which the usual indulgence was an- I nounced by the reverend preacher, and the pontifi cal benediction was given from the throne. After the Itt Mxua ett, the pontifical benediction was again given, and the archbishop then lelt the throne, and, surrounded by his clergy, ascended to the altar and intoned the It Drum, which was chaunted with fine effect by the choir, supported by the fullest tones ot the organ, the archbishop and clergy remaiuing at the altar during the time. This portion of the solemn ceremonies was invest ed with striking and peculiar interest; and the effect of the general scene at the moment, with all , the elevated and soul-stirring emotions which ii must have inspired, was such as can never be for *The music of the mass consisted of the follow- j ing selection, viz the Kyrit aad Gloria from Haydn's splendid iimbs. No. 6; the Crtdo front Haydn's No. 3, and the Sanctiu and Agnu$ Lei from the 15ih mass of the same composer. The ?olo parts were sung by Mrs. Haydn Corti, Signori Corn, and Signor Salabert. Messrs. Mornsson, Glover, and Woleman, with numerous assistants, completed the choir, which was most effective ; and Mr Haydn Corn presided with great skill ai the organ. After the Crtdo the Law/alt Putri Do minum was magnificently sung by Mrs. H Corn; and throughout the whole of the sacred music the choir put forth their powers with admirable effect. After the conclusion ol the TV Deum the Arch bishop, with the retinue of priests and acholytee, and Mr. O'Connell, with his trienda, retired by the sacristy door ; and in a few miuu es afterwards assembled in the parlour of the parochial house, where cake and wine were provided; and finally, after a brief delay, the Liberator returned to his carriage, and drove home in the midst of exhilirat mg shouts of innumerable multitudes, who theu tranquilly dispersed. Or. Miley *s Hermon. The Rev. Dr. Miley having received the archbishop's benediction.tascended the pulpit and read the Gospel for the Hunday (ihe 16th after Pentecost) from 8t. Luke, chup vii, v 11, lfi:? "And it came to pas? alter thia that Jesus went into a city called Nairn,and there went with bim hi* disciple* and a great multitude And when he came nigh to the tate ot the city, behold a dead man was carried oat, tnf onij noil of hia mother, and ?he wai a widow; and much people ol tho city waa with her. Aud when the Lord naw Jnr be had compassion on her, and aaid tj her, wrepnot And he came near and touched the I ier, and they that car tied it stood atlil Audhua?id: young mun, I *ay to thee ariac. And h? that waa dead aat up and b. gan to ?peak. And he delivered him to hit raothrr And there came a fear on them all, and they gioriflrd Ood, ??> ing, that a great prophet has risen up uajand Oodhuth ^Pointing impressively to the Inspired page from which he had b?en reading, the preacher then ?aid: This is a portion ot tbe gospel that stands in hut little need of commentary. A display, at once, the most iffect ing and decisive, as well ol the infinite benignity as ot the omnipotence of the Redeemer, it speaks n?t only to the intellect but to the heart, in snch language as never fell to the lot of man, or even of angels. But even were it otherwise and that this beautiful and touching narrative fttood in need of tbe espo.ition which it is customary with us to give ot the gospel every Sunday, it neverthe less occurs to me that it would not be looked upon as cen surable. or in the least degree surprising, if, devia ing Irom the usual cotirte, I should entirely consecrate my discourse on thii occsnion to celebrate thfc privilfgpn, the , celestial henignliy and the praise of the Virgin Mother of our Lord t because this day, belo\ed brethren (the 8ih of September), is the least ol her ever-glcrious and memo rable Nativity. v . Would it be meet to perinitsuch a festival to pass by in ?Hence 1 How would thit accord with the intentionaof Ihe church 1 how would it accord with the paternal soli citnde of our venerated archbishop to see a devotion, at once enlightened and full of ardor, fostered amongst his people toward* our blessed Lady 7 or bow would it liar mtnize with fAeir filial pifty towards her. to whom from tenderest childhood, they have delightrd to resort lornd vocacy and consolation as totheir " lile, their swietnrss, and iheir hope T' In finr- wo\UH it tin! h* nnpardanahlr, and indtrd prtpoMltrotw, not {? mention hrr tin me. n nd even dwelt with rapture upon thr praiiei oj thi? errr-frac:|(W? Uiieen of llenrrn, to whom, Hiidrr God, vr tire indebted JO) the signal, the a?tutiithing, I will not hrtitate to call *t, thr wit in ti I inn inUrpotition from on hiqhin/arnr of our country, on account of whichlWM are congregated round tho?e sa altars to tender llim our solemn thanks through the adorable saciiftce of the Euchariat, together with iinthems of trium, h and Jubilation ? " Ts Deum laudamua, Te Domlnum aonfltatnur Nay independently of all thia, to set lorth the genuine i views'of the church concerning the Blamed Virgin, to I vindicate and enleraa than ,by(arg*ment Is la matter of that importance thai it cm be baldly ever considered out of i.Uca.or be loo lr?quently rupeulnd. Not only I* it r. luiaite tor the ancoungement ol devotion among the laitntul M I* indiip. naabto lo preaerva tkeoi Irom ilia ?liip ? n i k <?l tJseir taith >'or while Catholic* ?r? on the one k <u I >na?r?ftH by their church lo r?g*rd with profound eat the Virgin Mother ol their Hudeemer, and ate m? ited implore her advocacy, aud to rely upon it w th ika greatest coolideace, they are eapostd ou the utbrr baa J la be aaautod lor tkaae very practice* with rhat|?.*l i tolatry, aud with dotiacung uom lh* m"IlU a?d the pr> rogat.v, ? ol the only true mediator, Chrwt Jmui id than by raaaua af our tenet* on ihia head, we are ?? rat tu ally mm* bitterly reproached with netting aiide the augiial an>t aaviug mystery ol the atonement, to iu* ttoduce ?t ita itea.1 a groaa and impious auperatilion. I V> w a grtevo'it aud an every day imp?achmeut. But i* ii it u. Iwioved breihrvn, or c-pabie ol being *u*tained bt urao a I Ol rattier. on tlia contrary, i* it not .elf-cvi dent iroai lha go.prl that the theory and piactice ol our religion with re?ard M tba Bice 1 Virgin, ?o far from hatng inconsistent with, or .ubver.iveol, the atonement, it in lact an inevitable .'onaocla y of that doctrine ; and af ail other meant the moat egeciual lor keeping it vivid ly betere the minds aat aaly ol the more educated cla** aa, ba avail ol parta-l the moat illiterate, and of the ten **Vet ta what, tot ??* aak, doaa the doctrine of the atone 1 a ui runiut hat tkia.-'hat by uniting hypoataltcaliy the divine with the huaiau aature in the H?cond P?ra*?i gl the Mtf-t Btoaaad Trinity, oui Lord and Baviout Jcau* . hint bar am. rnintod and 'paiifled 10 ataiwl at mediator between delinquent bamantiy an the one hand, aud an od.iKi. d ltoaty uu the other r B.cauae ? Into, by virtue of nia hunan i alurv, he Wa* raabtod to preaaaii bima.ii invested with our ' c irnoa a ad ni*p?i..itHiittoa (a* waa Jacob in the garment* el t aa? ) thai lha *nipe* due to ear tntqutli. a might be toad upon Ilia .kouldeia ' ?ho knew not aiu, but waa a.ade >ia tor na,' and that la Ilia bruiaea we might be keaied whatever II* Iktta enduied, at our hiotbur aud gre.t reereeeulative betore Uiv bar fct etet nal Joatlea, be came eaaltrdta a degteew. merit and value infinite, aa be ?r ? trul* and ui the moat rtgerou* avoae attributable, not I la eithi-i ol tha .liatiuct nature* aepeietely, but to hi* ,.eraun (tiae aeeond af tha Btoaeed Tlinit).) IB which, aa I have aael tke twa net mm* ware united hypoatatically, ? kr tatoaay attar a my?totiou* I tahion aaatogoua ta that by which a .i-.mual and a mateual nature, a aoul and a ??d*. ate united in man Through the divine nature al>>ne the atonement rould not i.avabaen ?gecltd, beeatm ia be lie tie. t, ta be condign. Ihe aatiaUc tlon ahould be laddered and r art ted into ? <?et by ooe who waa I eally a Laimt r i the attaiatad race b> ?h?? who. parti< i|.atn g in human aaiuta. ik-uah unatatne.l by it* crimtuality, roitld at ill literal!) abJ la truth Iw regaide.1 a* ?ur t?roiker i and n?ed I lat ou the maniMat impoeaib ijty af any Anita beiaig. aa a mere moital aiuat ne reaaarily have been, aa matter haw pure and pe'lect. be in? ever anto l? make oaaipaa? at lepaiati n lo the lattnite f re.itar, w boae auti aged honot and Ooa.inion could not be n i-aired uatoaa by aneetatidiag oa a par with Him in itoihaad H< ace ta bud it told down in that let mil Mr) of faith which ia admit tad by aU aba Aeeerre the nameol i.bnaiiana , we tod M la he alated a the NlCeae t reed to ne the I atho.ic audanly aeving laWb. that t britt aur Be leemer i? <ijd, Irom tLe auliatance ol the letber, af w bom he ? .<a <rn.tutei tielare all a?*a. aanl man Iram the aub ?tance al hia atviber, tha immaculate V trgin Vary, al a bom in time be <toi Ivad hi. birth lironnded apou th< inapired aa?e|iionol the Kvangeliel, " that tba wordw?a mid- fleeh"?ap??ii thejrommon rr*ed banded down irom ? he Apeatlee, and ia the lalalUble authority ?| h. rowt tra-tition; the tiue church of ? hiiet ever inaiattd upon thia doctune, and atruggtod thtaugb m?ay caBtonea in ?pite ol ovary perae?-uiio? in the woild. aidetl by th? aaintol daHuit i*. cutik bti g a?ainat kar to maintaiti it iu ita integrity Ike Artaaa wonid haea admittadthai Chiiat waa like ta ttod (lleaaetauaiae) ; tbey would have ad nitted tiia< ba waa in a< ertam aan?e t <|uaipo t?a |aom? ol ??. m even <.?? i. d, in i.rdar to gain then paint, ta ?iva htm ih.- Utto al Ood, without qualibcalion al any huid. and ev? lo adore him. Iu aboit, Ube laaw a ho in our own timea will aiate almoet eaerything that i? t'athoiic legerding 'be bleaa??l Kuoharlat. teaching that < httat"* teal bad) and blood 'are verily and imlmMi given and received iu ihe aacraaeut," who will r?eu worahip ? hint uudei thoae i) mbola, and coincide In ever) thing but to the inm iranaubatantiation Mo It waawith Ihoaa- aiK tont hen ? tica. They weia rva^ly to a'lmit? to believe ever) thing with regard to I'hriat'a divinity racept lha ado|'ting the term ol coiiaubetantiai (*emet'?ta??aa/ which Ike cUurvli deviaail, iiiuler the guidance nl the holy apitlt to deftue the nature ol lua divinity WHh l''efi ?ion It ia true thay upbraided bar with bmp ing the world in agitation tor the aaka of an iota, but deapialng thle tmpiou. aud unmoaniug aarcaani, ahe apurned evel > altempt at compromiae, reaiat ?d ever) atratagem and threat ol tyranny, coiulenioing every doctrine but that which edmitud and believed that Chrial waa not ol aaimtlar but of the aame identical aut> stance with hia Ktetnal K at her. Nor waa ahe leaa r emptoiy in maintaining that he wal. by virtue ol biabu maulty, of the aame aubatance with hia V irgtn Mother Kveu ao early aa tbe timea ol the a|>oetlea, and throng haul the e.ntiie Kaat, in Judea, in the vaat countries ol Aaia, in Greece, and Kgypt, there appear*^ immrnae^ at* arm* ol opponent! to thia doctrine, uaually known un let the title ol the Unotlic becti. Thoae wi re diatinguiaho.1 into lour great tiiboa, or familira, hrokm up into mnumei able aub dlviaiona, having the moat groleaque WW, iliaagreeing with each other, and aubject, aa muat ever be tbe caae with thoae who reject the principle ulau thority, to inceaaant internal vanationa B-it whether aprung of tlic carnal piejudieea ol the Jew, aa wai the cut with tha l.lHomtaa, or ol the dream* ol /.? roaater of the intelUctual airogance of l?rea*e, or ol the loulmy*terie.ofthe Nile, they aU. and imHi all then <tiacreiianci(i and variation*, were of tarondetftil accord in reitcting the privilege* aatlgned by lha chuit h to the Bleaaed Virgin The Jaw.*h Uuoatic*, lor instance 1? nied that there ever had lieeu in t hriat any pariicipation whatever ol the divinity until hia baptiam at the Jor<Un. and that he wa* lortaken by the ?inrlt which bad then deacended upon him belore he waa tod loith to *ulf?r upon the cro*a ; while thoae ol Heela* ol Egypt, and the Ka.1 were lor rejecting altogether the r.ality ol hia human nature, maintaining that be waa invented In the phantasm of a body, and ouly appeared to *ug?r through a deception of the aon.e*. It w aa agaiu*t tho?e '''?l^' mica that St. John directed the entire ol hia go*|? I, and specially the opening ol it, where he My^ that th wonl eternal and coiwutietauUal with the latb*r mm " made fleah and dwelt among*! ua Wl. I eter. W PauK St. Jude, and 8t. Jamei, deuouuee them , and wh?u all those irapietie* were again revived by kute< be*^ an<l ?m budied in hia lormal aaaertion. that the Blt aaed Vi??n could not be called the Mother ol Ood the '??|hl>ii aiiouao ol ( hriat amidat the pla ..llta and congr auilationa of tho Chriatiau world, levelled agmn*t th. m the light mug of her condemnation. And. aa at the cu"nr'| Nicea, it wa* delined that ( hriat waa con.uUtaiitwl with the Father, through hi* divinit) , it waa defln.d at KpU ?u* that, through hi* humanity be wa* oo^aubaUnti*! with hi* Virgin Mother Whereloioit ia that b> th genuine doctune of the atouement we hbun-1 'to be tieve that the bodv in which t hriat. aeated at the igh hand of Ood. i* aiored by the whole pro-trate IMrwk, of heaven, that the lH.dy wMcb mm bnkm fcr ua oo tbe cro.a, and the blood which ia*ued in a from Hi* moat .acred heart, wore in (heir loi^.ty de rived Irom the *ub*unc.? of hi* Virgin That Ihi* 1* the only true and aaviog faith h' atonement, it I* inipoa*ible to qneMton. and uilh an k ? onvictiona, let me aak, if it be not ?itile aud picjKiaterou*, not to *ay right < regard a Uiug privileged by the l>'?ty, aa we aee ri Slewed Vi.gtn to have been , to regard her who kwjwei. brought, not into pro?tmate, but into ? ?ion with tbe Deity, with any other but those with which *he I* regarded by ? atholi. * Had it been merely her deatiny to fcae* <Jmr in hi* childhood-tor him whoae hand when iapen.^d hU. every animal with benediction - had alie been y?l> *l? pointed to watch over hia tender yaw*, to ' "il Ti- l.Vl fancy upon her boaom, and maiulain lum * Kh the li tide from her breaat, bow would it ha?e been ,oaail.le tot ua.ob, good and gracioua lavior. ever to have ea*?get an ,t 1 ihediguity .or to na?eoutatnpp? d the bound.ol vei. rauot that would badue to one who had atoo.1 in auchaug iat at. .mdearing reiation.bin to thee I Even the aepulcbiewh. r. they repoaed hi* litale** body lor a little while te- *m. glotiou* Itom theftrat. Iu ag.toi laHh toliteiau it I ?.n imult. all Europe precipitated itaell (un A-ia l.?<n in tht* age of *eej.t.c *m and top dily. wh.te ia tba ? hriat .at. who cauld beholder wen tlunk ol i withoutif. e U.g a alow of aacretl enthiuiaam within bia bieaat I b< cr?.aai winch he auHere.1 death the pillar at which ?>'?> ?' ?^2 I him -the crown o thorn*-tbe tocca tbat ptoteei b* -the nail* that laatene.l hi* venerated a.emtora to tbt wood-are they not, an.1 have they not evei been ia . .. TV age and by every p opto on whom < brtot?oi?i?y I " .^ed it* njt, regard, d aa mo.t baltowtd, aaid'I. .l iving ol every veneration, merely ?n w. oui.t ol l*-| near contact with the frame of our Hrdeemet .1*4 , . urMffl, hrillianl and trtm,?d?wt ?*? Momd at Ifcai*. ea/.u nrnanrf lh. th.on, of h,*<?* H to conceived that our mi?eiable mtell-rt* canevei ? *?? K^i.te or even attain to anything ho*4et?f ir"f an adequate Bppr.c.tion of bergnatneM ?|?bM Iron! the substance of her own womb, that gto-.tod humanity which 1* adored by your angels with alf the order, cf the jtlat mo-to ,-trteclM * | int'ead of being at a loas for ?'?""T*" lo "bt I n, ^ ?rlv,leges cf thia Moth-r -kKb ha. themselves upon u* m contempU-ing ibe my-."> sas Was it not the mtiw tMo tM* yW through their vein*? Who. then, .ball ****** matetne madne*., the inl.tuation. not to ajyJlbo my, of upbraiding u* with p.ymg MaMMMMVM the Virgin In placing herim*gecr har pa tura on tbe altar ol her .on?in carrying her represented '* *' hi. ettcharlstlc, pr^ee, when we whe^owgbt w tww him, identified ao perf.ctly with him 'hr?"?h l myatery that wa may ?ay ol them bolh dnrir g UuM " ? o/ th'.t in a cera'ln *enae tley wero but one, oi who it it that hope* for hia aalv*tion. <ht^otigh to blood thnt wrh ibid on < cm beiir lh* thought of any dlaro*pect being oftotWorevoB toward* her from whom that tide of rodanapt wv" brtr I,tally derived But the.e p?hapa *ra ^?f'^blT warranted bv tha go.pel 1 do they not .pring aa I ..Mertetj, Irom the very nature of that njaton- M which the great doctrine of atonement depond* , or in what other light, let me aak, was thl* ^Int con^ h> personage* in the go*pel undor the immedia'o Inapiratton !;rthenHgoly Ohoat T Why, th. '^^ollc churcU in he. mo*t farvent ecatacle* ha* never *aluted the Bleaicd V .r gin in language more utterly at v'r,""c*h^'t]j gelioal or Protectant view* in g.neral than that tmade 1 of According to tha go*pel of Lulw by *?t EU*ah*tk. then bearing in har womb St^^ John the ^'ntoablth come to paaa," say a tha Evangoll*!. that whan Elltabath heard tba talutation of Mary tha infent bounded in tho womb, and Elixubetli was filled Willi the ^?'y Uhoat, and she ciied with a loud V01C? . *?d said, blessed are thou among women, and bleaaed is tne Iruit ot thy womb, and whence ta tbia to me that the Mo ther of my Lord should visit me." Thia St. Elizabeth was of the royal line <'f David ; ?he was allied to the hierarchy of Aaron She had become the mother ol him to whom liaiab had pointed a? to the "angel" thut waa to go be fore and announce tUe Long Expected. Yet wjtn all theae majestic titles, and privileges ot grace and favor betore Ood, and while under '.he influence ol immed.ate inspira tion, she is, as it wete, overpowered with reverential leeling and homage in the presence ol the Bleaaed Virgin. '? And whence ia this to me," she exclaims, " that the mo ther of my Lord should come to me 7" Mark, also, that the entire honor seeina to be hero assigned to tne maternity of the Blessed Virgin. Nor would thia lan guage ol tie tiospel have escaped without being cen sored, aa irreverent and derogating lrom the tespect due aolely to the Redeemer, had it been used by the church without uutliarity lrom Scripture, or by -any Ro man Catholic writing on this subject. In the first verse, likewise, which 1 have quoted, the coming ol the Holy Oliost upon 8t. Klrzabeth ia made to uppear the conse quence of her having been merely saluted by the blessed Virgin To the same cause u attributed the inspired ex ultation that seizes on the inlant Precursor. ' For be hold says St. Elizabeth, "as soon as the voice ot thy salutation aouuded on roy ears, the infant in my womD leaned lor joy." While the soul of Mary la iar lrom be injr elated toy eulogies and respect? 10 tar transcending ever> thing that could be assigned to prophet ?.r to arch angel she is Iar from rebuking them as inappropriate, but sue tats, "heboid, lrom hencelorth all geneiatious shall call roe bleaaed, because, he that ia Almighty has done great ihings-that ia, ehected the greatest ol myste ries in rough me, and holy is His name.1 And il any one still contending against ;thia (evidence el inspired wiit. which ought to be irresistible, will cavil as if that it h?<T bo* u poMible for God to etfect Bll tuBfiB masteries not only through the most lowly but worthless inatnimeuiality 1 will not be so iniatuau?i as to dispute with him 1 will not go ubjut to determine what the Omnipotent could do, but 1 shall insist, according to the gospel, that ii before me, upon what He did Now, when this Bleaaed Virgin, upon hearing the announcement ol the archangel, became filled with perturbatiou and soli citude, the amhaasador ol heaven said? 'tear not, Mary, lor thou h?st lound grace with Ood. Behold ?as il be had aaid:?therelore, or in cousequenc- of this singular grace end favor In which you stand before the Almighty -?behold, thou shall conceive in thy womb, and shall bring lorth a sou, and thou shalt call bis name J esus.' So that what apiieart the boldest aasertio ol the schoolmen or lathers ol tha church concerning the Blessed Virgin is here literally declared by the angel, v.*" that thiougli her singular perfection in ?v.iy gracu and her immaculate purity lrom every ?van the mos venial trespass. Mary had coti caived the Redeemer in her heart before he became incar iiate ami assumed human nature In her womb From thoie (.road principles, not elicited from the ernditi n ol the lathers. oi from any ingenious subtleties of the schools, out I may say rattier quoted tuan thrived by any argumen iron the obvious, literal, prima facie signi.xaUoiiOl the sacred teat, it lollo ws as an iueviiaole consequence that the . fflcacy ol the V ii gin Moturra intercession must trans c, n Isihat ol any saiut or angel,or of all ot them united, be mre !* m?rcy seat. But I. an> one will still DC so rash as to reaist this evidence, I have a^aiu only to take rcluge. m the Ooapel, far there, in the Sfcth verse of the chapter Iron. Si. Luke so oiteu quoted, I find it, 1 may say in express ternia, every grace and bltesiug derivedtous through the incarnation and death ol our R? I.Mi.ei was left in a manner depending, and, aa ii weie, nsked t.y the divine ordination on the will and deliberation ol th. B.eased Virgin Kor it is obvious that was the c se during the interval intervening between the first an noiinc. ment ol the mjstery to nar by thu Angel, aud the instant in which she aald, ' Behold the handmaid of the Lord. lie done unto me according to thy word. in teat it* and in lactthe decree whereny Ood gave us all things lit (.vine us his only son lor our redemption is here sanc tioned l>> this mysterious being, and is not, aa it were ert.ctlve and complete until ratified by her assent?" tloi m,h, .send? .(.Wis fuuas " With tilts belore his eyes, who shall t* so stupid or so unjust as to impeach us lor believing that His graces and mercy are bestowed by but Divine !*on uion those lor whom she supplicates, when we see it so srianged by Increated wisdom th-t the couces si?n to ua ol that Redeemer himaell was made dependent <>u thi concurrence ol herwiU; which not less now in ileavon than fiom the first moment ot harexiatence upon f-artl. has ueverceased to harmonize at ?ny instant with the will, ever blessed, of onr Kather who lain Heaven Hut ,n tnlari ing the ejflea< y ?) f*i? * ur awn n onfd it lr ss.'^maUr to |???* hy unheeded the evt itm < i.i /i. e. of i?. which is. 1 ??utI my. Jolted upon us hj Ikt run triumiik itteJJ, /ar trfcu'A we art uiieinbled to gut Le the.tlmighty within th trini>lt \/en, I fcnaie, Will sny t? me that it i* vuriile nna .mi. ,sli?n-us la /??* hi I l'ii e tent J or the hand oj htaicn. I muehltM In Ihe mler. nnon ?J Ihi ^ ir/tin Min y . ml (W .uttlh. t'h*/ri?re9 Iuy tomelhtn* ?*?> unilar when the mun X aa. fci.nal ?ovd hejolt them ,e>tored li> sight: alvri loO-Jtmey ciicd); we know ih-t thia ulau is a s.m.ei ithe 1.1-snLin.ous h> pacrittl alluded to otii Kedes met ') He (that is, the t>ui?l man) said then to then, il he tie a sinner 1 know not; one thing 1 know lhat wneitai I was blind, now 1 ?oe " And may not we, like sissarr, apj?-al these cavillers to the evi dence ol the Uct. Is i.?l lh?t *un wham hu opponent, irmail^ie" hut lh. .(A.r^ il they held him irre tilsveably ia h? dunt'"?, as manjettlii, aud may 1 not almnit Mb as mtt mcuimuMly irtloredto ukeily a?WU tile blind n.nii lestuiedto ught Is he not now sunounded with Ins iiat.t and tisgranceol thes.uc'uary at the loot ol that altar ue set Irre * bo had no pros|*ct a few days ago belore | mm but te pine out the dieaiy winter w i capilve, in a ' i.risen s ?io. m To di'pute that he is there btforn Us Kith his i.llow martyrs, not only liberated, but triuni 1 ..hant and exalted on a pedestal ol renown, mote colossal and iMtmhabli than any en which he ever stood befoic, would be ? broa.?er atiaurdlty than to maintain thalH was a.hii.gto I* exited that he sh. uU be so, or that it ran U- at . Hiut. d to anything short of an inter "1., - wu Aa lor my part 1 have conversed ?ith h'ladmls uiam thesul ject, many ol them veterans naidened t.y the ke, t,est realities ol every day life, and an oiicst -II I hmre not enfountnU ??? uho did not Minhwte il to the hand ?/ U?d. One, a gentleman IL I,.,.ailed as sfsnt tor Uie delsnce, not inoie than an l.ou. alter be brought ua the tidings, 1n?,? ?he lollewliig ? fleet ?" Wir, ha said, you see that inscription there brlote us I have read those words I had them Hints* in London--' The_ Sentence^ ii tti vnass i> (ll?"iu is > a** ' I heard the i.erd han r. Ho. ot ? nclaiid declare it liom hia place in parliament | witneaaed and shared in the laptuiotis congtetulations .,1 O t onuell s Manila and the exclusion ol his W, hmy companions, heat era of these Udlugs, I havi travailed two hundred miles over 'and M-a I am roanu .nt ol the out|?ouiings ol joy, gratu a and teti.tern?as. thai I see c?nc- ntiatwg a???>'J I iheiator here rloae tieaideua, ami yet so unlocked for, ? thing we dared to hope lor or antlci ~,;T'b.,s ?bat .'am al.os,,ed .o doubt o. M. and dislwtieve my aenses A^ why, in iholl, diaul l i' he snip, .sing that such should have beeo his oe i*ur, that advocates the most gilttid |demle.l in his t.??t and that he himaell ilsxnonstrsted his own inno ?'of a lo?l conspiracy, ??d the mjuatice IUI wii lone te turn Appeal altet a|^eel. though now admitted ZZ tnmwm ' fMel 1 hJ v?.lict was secured - his tiSiS el ss HmMliS ???** t^al i?u4bH.g ot tbe ?a?e. on the issue t i ll,nd asaaiM the kind ssatesms. ? WaaitM* _ m% fu a g.ahet 4eral nes ? iska XmV&. ft ISM'?Mat Indorrell. he ? d a htmej* ? ?-?rho. as') h*t 4 rsss aial e im tt i it t lt0*t mmd iwn if *|| If I k*** ?r. rite* fMl I > fm* is. k *?? k** Aim lh* f U'fe ??l AU' |i?> i^ySiitir*! >*" ?* 'J, V'awt o* Tara ot tfc* 1??* " -TLt m\ ? ft- *1 4*ve ?d mae., smd kings, isitsa"' ' ' . ?haa Mr the sua v-?stL-xSTr-; J iIaU??ss?i 1s> * km tha Mesfcer ?* ? ZZZZ 41 e^n ?? ; " ? trJL r^' . [iZZi r*?TT| | h? thisieh si ifce last )Stf s*f ?"UT? W ^atr'e.s h? fslie IThidVrl^e^ l k" tnrn eta h^ el Ufa", has latte* f-esa hi. plWtU ??? \mimi elaSe " "? .. [e?it>*rst el eMIsstsii r,". MlaesMtf -< the la) s*4 the MS ama STWdS th->ev"?ae a. tarvld in the hessr et s? eeas r. r.r-r,k* rh,ii"'? i" I le* lrom *. the< W was saertly ?r*t*itian as all hamaa hepa. t* Vllseeawea seemed na*<ei hi. deeeted f.ienda applied them-;!" ?iihTednul-led h t ?er le pre| ?'!.'? the, gtrsse.1 V ii gin The* j?i?ed Irem day ??<??? *? (Ma man ae renew nJ mthe werll andr^.alI, , I ta'mn ta which hM virmea ha?e raised him. ?? hive thnee levetMna i ft m N? I hi his ptivate chapel, tmt l?em a spirit el ,n tha hope ol he?*?Ui> g the ,, the oufaats et a?-lety. he n>stst"l u{"" ? ? | CMBSI, MM M* ? if { ?iiticitHMed. ne 4?ubt. tliat ?**ir !?. iva, aerhapa ol all I tUsws ta tmvaS8 which waa leei left the niuaty-niua to writ that one who bad aimjed in the wilderness Me hoped that he who ha ! iwnttii tli? prodigal withiuch merry, ami condemned the srrof.nce ol the Pharisee while he received the pra>eroi him w bnm that Pharisee ao despised, might heat soma oue amongst them. This proceeding could hardly tail to attract the fa vor of that being, who la ever re..d) to in-ntr th? wri flee ol an humble aud coutrite heart. II uiul >1< vate him more than evsr in the esWtuiof every enlightened! Lit tian. la line, the prayer* of all were fervently muted, still the horizon darkened, but nevertheless there w amongst tbein ail a kind ol myiterioui presentment aa to the reaultol the Novena, aud that I may hasten to ? t on CluS'ou, it was not ttutil the fint vespers ol tba leativai which we are now celebiating, and in honor ol win. h those devotion.! had been undertaken, that the ottinal order for the liberation ol the captive* arrived 1 be Liberator, the instant he bad received it, wilhditsw Irom tin unjust imptiionmeut to hi* own honest home; but si ill did not tail to letum next morning to join in the concluding solemnities of the Novena ; and it w*s after having done so that he ascended the car ol tn umph. As I have before asset ted, /am not maAinx ?/ ordinary event* a miracle, hut I am reasoning ufn rn ui did fails It will not bt yueslioned that unit ptrius |?lf? of St I'eler were thrown open at thejnay'it of the i lun * down to the fall of Kspa it eta alluded la by O tanned but the alhtr duy, the hitloiy '/rtlintvii ahounUt in the motl tignaI incident* of a rimilar description ; but pethapi It is that his is a cause that co id not be smiled upon by Ilea ven, as if lua ultimate aim, were not identic si with w hat is pointed out us most meritorious ev< n inChristieuiiv?lo Ited the hungry, to clothe the naked, lo piovide homes and refuge lor the outcast; in shoit, has he not |ier)ietuul ly declared tIt it hisobject is to remove those impediments which human blindness and injustice have thiowu in the way of the tree and benign opciution ol that Providence which has so munificently blessed his native land Would that venerable Pontiff, who, lor the independence ol religion, would as jo lully ascend the scaffold as he would the altar of s???t*ao, Kstc ever sanctioned tLu tri'unp'i ol yesteiduy by Ihoie solemnities we celebrate, had he ever thought that this man had been a guilty conspirator, or that lie aimed at anarch) or insubordination? And as to the means by which be has labo ed lo< tuccesi, do they not consist in tlie rejection ol brutal violence, and ol whatever that can lead to outrage) Again and again he litis proclaimed himself the apostle of moral as opposed to physical force He has denounced all illicit combinations, and proclaimed again aud again, as the event has t roved it, that the whole mjsteiy 01 bif success consists in violating no law, committing no crime; and all umongst his followers who would slight those principles he has repeatedly denounced as giving strength to the enemy All t'.is was admitted even by the judge who passtd sen tence, If, then, the cause l<e sacred as the means uie accordnnt t?i h Christianity, how ran it he taid that the reverse of whirh we speak was one that could l ot have betn In might ahout lnj Heaven, or that the who it entitled the Mo Ihri of Mercies, and the Comfin h i nt oj the ed, would hare disdained to regard with an rye of raj a nation riJ iiiournert, who have t/ren signalised hejai e all Christendom, *U<I tlui nig a lung and t.inuslious lupsti ol CenlUins loi their uncoi.queruble lidellty to the laitb ?.i her Uiviut Son. No, no, well m<y oue exclaim, "Hue mututio, est d'xlia excrUi " It is impossible not to recoguise in it tht Queer ol (iod II Gad thin he foi lit what mailer who it against us. Seeing, at it wete, that visibly that the pi he'u iitteof hit came solemnly ijjeitd la the Quten oj Hiuviti hat htm acupttd. what pel us, what saci ilioes, w hat du ration or extent ol odveisity shall be able to extinguish the hopes ol our country?or turn aside our people Horn the onwaid path ol order, obedience to the luw*, stric observance of morality and ol ChristiHn patiiotism persevering to the eud. Thiongh gratitude lor the Messing* so immense and so unexpected, for which we are assembled here to praise him b< lore those stumd altar-, who or what shall he ever able to separate us lioui Uh love of Christ and of his ' faith once deliveied to tht saints" Shall tubuialion, or distress, or lamine, or na kedness, or danger, or peisecutlon, or theswoid? Ol iball it not he with us aud with you descendants us it hut be. ri with your anceitoia in the faith, that iu all these 'hings we snail overcame because ol him who hath loved u>. Hail Iloli/ Qurr/i, Mother of Mercy, ourlije, our sweetness, unil our hope, to thee do we riy /1001 bcnitlied tons oj Eye ; lo thre do toe sold up our tight mouimnii aud weeping in ihit valley of leart ; turn then, most gracious advocate, thine eyet of mercy towards us. and after this our tdile ended, thoto un fit) us the hlested fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Uh ! motl cle ment?mott piout?most sweet Virgin Mary, pray Joi us.? Oh, Holy Mother of God, that we may he made worthy i\J the promises of Christ.??/l Til en. In Clianvery. 1 before Vice Cliunceilor McCoun. Oct. 7.?Obiuinai. Cavsc - Richard M Hianchard et alt \ ?(. David, Hectiver, efj uls - Citoss C*rs?? David l.iavitt. Receiver, et als. vs. Hichard M.\Hlum ha> il'tei uls North Jimerican Hank and Trutt Company.?This case bus been long hulore the Couits, and his lienor gave u lot g decision, covering all the grounds pleaded on motion previously before the courts in relation tn the old contio versy between the Trustees of the North American llank I untl Tr ust Company, and the creditois.' The case chdk ' up on a motion on the part of the complainants lot leave to amend their bill. Tho motion wus opposed by de- i femlauts, who filed u cross bill. In relatiou to the loreign creditors, who ciOim the exclusive right to br paid out of the securities lodged in the hands ol the Trus tees under the deeds, which are known us the Million and Uall Million Trusts. In the yiar I'i3b, the company was formed, and shortly alter their formation, they ptucbaseo ? large amount of State stocks, which they forwarded loi sale to England to Horsley,Palmer k Co., in order to draw Bills of Kxrhange on speculation ugaiust the proceeds lot sale in the New Voik markets. The speculation turned out a lailure. In lite year 1H40 they made an effort to raise monies by transmitting to l.ondon 900 bonds ol ?3.MI each, made payable in five years, and bearing inleiest ui fa percent. '1 he directors negotiated bonds un i mortgages to the urnount of alniut one million ol dollars, und subse qutntly they executed a second trust, called th* Hall Mil lion Trust, for the security ol lour hundred and filty other bonds of 4M.V) euch. The draw bills of exchange aguinst these bonds, which were accepted by the flanking ilouse of llorsely, Palmer It Co , who became the pnvilegrd creditors ol the company to thu amount ol those bonds with a view to sustain the credit ol the company. On the failure of the company, much litigation was resorted to by the Trustees and the creditors, and the chiel ques tion pending was, whether thu Oordon creditois could ?vail themselves ol the trusts here cieated, as it appeared for their benefit ; or whether the direction ol a ? ompa ny who are themselves only Trusteea lor the benefit ol the stockholder, can set apart a large amount of the cupi tul stock of the Company for the nurpoee ol giving a pre ference to individual creditors lo the exclu'ion ol otheis Question* did not arise on certain points ol the case be fore the ( ourt, and the Vice-(Jhunc?llor, McCoun, ordered that the defendants. Blatchford and others. Trustee*, de liver to John J. Palmer, the special Receiver heretofore appointed, all the sectuilies, propeity and effect* remain ing in their hands. That thi* special Receivership, tinder the order ol the 16th December, ItM'J, be extended to tht whole of the property of the million and first hall million trusts. 7'hatitta) referred to Master Cambrellirg to as certain what remains of the property of those tiustsin the handa of the Trustees, and to decide what Imthei transfer und delivery shall he made to the special Receiv er, and to came the same to be made in his presence. The s|>ecial Receiver may be ponse-sed of the whole of tht piohttty of those trusts, o be held by him under the ordei of tlie I nth December, 18-11. Thk Mormon War.? We lenrn that Gov. Ford ?tnri hm trunpa liuve rruchetl Carthage. The pur l>o*e of the Oovemor in ordering out the troops seem* to bra del*rmiria<ion to bring the murdeiers ol Joe ami Hy rum Smith to trial. The reason assigned by the Oovrr uor's It lends lor ordering out the troops in the first in stance, was a " woll hunt," advertised by a portion of the iieople ot Hancock county, to come eft' on the '10th and I7tli mat. 1 hi* hunt, it was believed by the Governor w?* a pretext to get the people assembled, and then to make an a-tack on the Mormon* at Nsuvoo, or aome othei Mormon settlement Krom all we can learn, we lupposi the woll hunt wa* abandoned after the order* of the (iov ernor weie isitied- The Oovernor was ut Carthage.* tVnt* were i?*ut<l and placed in the hands ol the sherifl lor the arrest ol Thomas I Sharp, editor of the Warsaw Signal, and lor Col William*, of the same place, both ' barged w dh participating in Ihe murder of the ismi'lis - I lie sheriff came to Warsaw and attempted In urist Sharp but he relused lo surrender himself, und in this res olmioa whs sustained by the people of Warsaw Tht sheriff' returned aad reported hi* inability to arrest htm, ? hen three hundred ol tin! tioops were ordered to maicl lo Warsaw. Thetroops had not arrived at Wutsaw b< fort theQaprsj left, hut Sharp ami William* had ear aped to he Missouri si le of the river, arid we presume, will not betaken.- St Louis Ri publican, S-pt.'M. Mi tinv i.i a Ca.naI. Boar ?The Pittahurg <?a /? t'e says:?"A lew evening* HlllCe. Ihe canal ioat llaiut r.w as on h< r passage finm Beaver to Cleveland I be boat had reached the Twenty Oue Locks, ne t \kron, Ohio, at the foot of which the Ireight was di* I tiargtd I he captain stopped at the collector's office ti ?rttlr , Ihe crew in the mtantime took the boat on U| hrnnii'i the locks At No. 10 the captain overtook them ui hy this time the crew sevtn in ntimner, had got ver> i rook and were carrying every thing with a high hand saiming the lioat is such a manner he le-ared stie woulc ae sunk He therefore attempted to tie her Up ; hut tin ? t? ? swore Ihey were not diunk and could navigate hi i at II enough Oo hi* repeating the attempt, tin y fel upon him. an I threw him on the leek, where they coin net ceil listing htm dreadlully Hi* wile, wh< ?ta on Itoartl, heart! the noUtt, ami serin* ?hat was going on, with the most heroit Vsolien threw herself tn him In such a w?j ?. to waul off ihe blows The savages then be it her It M?pt l her to us- hut she maintained her |ioaltion hi de riant t-ot their violence. 'TI' asahsr ol passenger* wa* twelve, lout gentle tue' siel t ight ladit s The latter, who wt re in the cabin t-*wian n< e4 screaming, when some of the crew rushet town, and with knivea threatened them what Ihey would 'til ' lit y di4 not remain i|tnet Among Ihe reat the) threatened the wife ot a gentleman on hoard, both rit whom were in bed lie jumped up and having a pistol ?r n red Ihe scoundrels lo stan<l off aud that he wouli ? hisol the grat man that Isid hands on ore of them Ot tais tbey ret ire-1 1 he gentleman then opened a window <n I all iu the c.thms r/c*p- d Aflet they had cleared thi asst. the crew went on They were aulwequently cap ItMM." Vaaiftni.t a, Tina., tion.?The election in Naanvnle, Tenn , lor eity otHceia look place on the i7tl alt and rwsulle-d in a comple<e victory for the whlgs The? elected tl.eir Mayor, Town Constable, and ten ol the twelve Aldermen laf KucTION ?The charier election ol Unuiavtll*, Ky took place on Saturday, iP'h ult resultini ?n the electtou of tha whig candidate lor the Mayoralty. Xnaar m majority la lMu lha whig majority Iu tha J waa 1,111 I ?muion C ouncll. Boasu ?? \ti?a??a ? Monday Alderman Oal*. P|..?.irnl, It m H., I'?d A pM I' tuii t> OB L oli nan and Hlet - MB, MmI l"u viIkii. IM ? laillutad on btukdway, *u ra bnW Art* P*U ?? - A petition (torn liiBw, (or a new t?U on rtHi voir. ?u Light.Hg '<k itr-H A jxiHmn to light this ilrNt, be II >iu aud 7ill itiaun with |W, wa? leleired. Haul aire*/ ? A |>*ihiuii Hum ibuna* Oaid mi. lu ? kit nd a bulk li?*a<J oti mi nth street, Hum Walnut ?li ?tloiuil<ar< Mart, was rtli-riati to conmitles ou wkwes |<>o?a au l slip* fUti> IIV* A |irHiion from this man, ? lim k aiivn Iur leUfckt- nva priaon on a Aim- ?! flV, for ?Malh| lli? Chj HitfiiiHiiifi ngiiiaiii.g back*, Was It lemd tv ? umimiu. ? m |?lKr, ?aicb and piisvu, with (tower HmrUm Hmil Hm*4 A |?Uti*a lium ocrtain inbahilacts ol itoe anttt nib w-ril, m lavtu ui pr? touting tba Mnl*n Hail Kval, Irom u*u| wcHmlifi'i hriuw twenty ?event h tiiNl, was laleued to luiiu, Tuck er, and Mutt Maymt'i M'ttuf A n<aia|r was irtiiiti! tu rn tba Ma)or. cuiloiiiuf Ik* iiyntul llriiiji Hi iihousc, K?q , of Dnilainl, ou dianting tile iiIumi ul aink*, and citpoul*. through ti t tt?i la ol (iiiea. I'n # surf Immanluy ? A |?tltioii Iiom various citizens, advising the cei|wi*iniK to peiaoveia in their ?tuum ol umpeiai ce, ki , area pitsent*<1 AMi-rmau Dh imut u<uinl that it bo laid on the libl* till the police hill waa presented Cny ftiton ?The rtnmnitr to whom wa* rvterrtd the messagi ul ilif Mayor, relative lo the < a<pIoy ment ol the penoiie cot. fined in lhu city p>avu, it putted that Ui* ktM-|?r ha<l nomoie penun* ctti, tint d.iban wtro r.ectaseiy lo kttep the priMtu III a cl? at. 11 lUIr, and they tbrielorc iibvil to t>r iilai barged The Krtptr't Hent - The I nrnmitteo to whom waa ra fernd lh? application ol Ki ? ifi t?l ol tbe Illy Fiaon for pay nieut uf $l?a (ur hi* lit tu?- tint lor the year, re ported in lavor ol ?ueb application. Aldt-iman Htutuici oppuao-i tba payment aacontra ry to precedent, aud tbe rit> 'a mtei? at Alilt-rtn-iti liiLi tai l he Relieved that the Keeper had hat n promiaeti the it nt o( ? buu*e w ben be took the oflice, ai hi* talary had been lednctd I'iHi Aldemiuu Coitcins denitd that any such promise had been made. Tbe r>-porl w us laid on th<' table Paying Timothy Luf y - A n jeirt in Isvrr of fsvirg Timothy Csaey the turn of >100 lor irjum sitctivtdly a innb ut hi* grocery kluie at the 1 blio Attune and Kill) third atieet, M the chattel ejection in IM* Alderman BtMiti. opposed the pay men!, aa it tcauld establish a precedent thai w onld piuu 11 n ob altri iri b to hit ?k o|ien groceries ai the enauu.g t-ltcmn undiriLi impreision that the Corporation would be to pay i he bill. Aldermau Coazi.** advocated the pay meut aa he bo lie ved the city unbound toprottct the citizens in tk* l>?i(uinuiiice ul their bUhiueaa, whether they auld rum or I bricbn ??%<* M*ii?a> Aldtiman Bimimi laid that the applicant bail no claim upon thn city , uur had any uther pany wh<ie progeny wan dettroytd, aa theie waa no law n>akiiig it theUuty ol thiacity tu pay inch lu?a. Alderman Millim adtrocattd (he payment aa a matter ol right and jn?iice Aid H*iaaot.'rc moved lo lay (h reporton the labia In order lo arid the demand uf Jan ea Duua. ol tho Uiath Waid Hotel, lor pay aunt lor injunta done hi* houaa at the charier t leciiun. Alderman Mot t concurred in thii moiior, and he pad ihnt ii>me<>ne would intiodiire the claim loi damage cone to ihe II iur a'oiea down low n >ome y t aia ainco IhiK lait mo'ion In id thi Whole lubject un tbe table Citaniwt Srwtt i ?A communication fiom the itreat comniiationer itcummendu g the public newel* to ba ?'leaned by contiact intttad ol by the piearnt plan, waa preaentfd, and uu ordinance to lb?l t (ftct waa :td> pud Turfman S t,iih, who made the meinoial le dt It nee in ? coi|iora ion auit for violation ol a city oidinai ce. helore Juktice Kii(laud o the 4 h waidruuit, hile walked the chamber, and handing a paper lo the Present,reined Jtpp<nj?tahoni ? A conm.uiiication waa rtctived Iiom the Lumjitiolier .<*knig lor an upi>iopiiiition lor pa) men t of iuone\* to the kt-eperi employ e<l?t Brllevne. black well'i la land, the Kaini* Hnd Cit) rri*on, m lieu ol huaid ing them aa ha* iieeu cu?tomai) at theie ettablitlimt ntt l?he amount a?ked la $1 060 lor the pan thiee month! and the Comptroller itate* lu h>a commtinicatioii that thie al teiation will reduce the general kppioprmtioii ou thla head leveral lhou*aud doliau during the ) ear Alilemiun 0*i k oppoaed the adoption ol the resolution, ,ia hi- wished to lully understand the matter beloie ha voted ttpon it. Toe ulject win finally leftrred lo leminittae on ' harlly hum Alum lionat. Malroni vf City h'iton.?A. reiolution paying the mm ol fi-ion Iur kalurit-s ol the tw o motron* ol ti u City priion forthe balance o( the y ear, waa mlrodnced A Met man t?*i k nuivtd to luy the leiolution on thn tublo, us be wa* not aware ol it* intioduclii n aud he con sidered thine intiMom entitltd to the lemi.aniouut of pay n* t lie deputy koepen of the t it) piicon. The resolutiuu nan laid ou the tuhle. Chamkrn ntuti Sli/i?A reiolution from Alderman Cor.zkria, callnifc Upoi! the cou*igiiee. ol coallioat, tuuk at the loot ol Cbau.brra ilreet, to rtmove hkr lortbwitb?or matiucting the Htiort Commuaiuiier to petioim the duty at the exp?n*n ol (he owner, waa adopted. Fi'r at Rutidall't Inland.?A retolulion to i xtrnd (he pier at Handali'a laland twelve leet, waa ailoplrd. Ommhuu'M ? Aldt rmnn CozetMi preiented an ordi nance to give out the privilege ol running omnibaaiea ; through our city by contract; which w?.< laid on the table and ordered to he printed faying the Mn/rntu.? Alderman called upthe reio liilion in luvor ol appropriating (i400 for the paymtnt of | the lalarie* of (he Mutton* o( thet ity TrUon tor (be year IS44 J which wu* adopted Stwrrin 161A tlrrtt.-he committee lo whom wai re lerred the conatiuction of a sew er in I vh itreet, lictween Irving Placa and 4'h Avenue, ri ported adterit iy Alderman Ar*M*n moved that the report he rejected, and a resolution in its lavor be adopted. Alderman Jtckion op|ioicd the construction of tbe newer, n* a majority ol owncri ol properly on tbe <trect were oppoaed tQ It,aud tbepeuon petitioning could drain hit cellar by runuitig a private pipe the dutance of twenty -five feet to a sewer ulieady con*truUed. The report wa* accepted. Aldeiman Kkama* then moved that the petition for > lewer he granted. Alderman (Iai.c advocated the prayer of tbe nelitirn, ai he thought that a *ewer mtu( be conitructed there al nome luture day, and the oljictioni of certain perten* who desired not to improve the.r property at the pit iful period, nhould not prevent thoio lium improving who were i1e*liutt?o/ tloing so The prayer ofthe perttionurwaa loit by a vole of 7 lo t Removing a PoU ?The |*>11 ol (ho Std district of (he 7th ward wm remi ved (o I ho t berry itrief. Wrrra Hatte H',nthip.?Alilerman Hatbrourk called up I there?oliinoti ivlative to the employment of nuniitera at the A Im* Hume. Heconterded that the conmiuici iri hud acted with rMiaion* intolerance in thi* leliction, and that the refuanl to allow a i atholic clergy man to |ieiform aervlea in the cba{>el waa lutficient to aalitly (he commu nity on thai head. The Board then adjourned. Ship Soith Cakoi.ina.?Sept. 14th. light wind* fiom K N K; hrm >1. I'rter^liurB in compHrv, n* mile* ahead. At 3 f. M. *aw a enia 11 lore and all M-booner to the S W, with ilgnal ol di?trea* fly ir g- hauled to with the brig to ipeak her at 6 P M. The Ml Peterihurg tpoke ihe ichooner, ai d commenced atrippmg ber. At A P M , nitnt alongaide the hiig aitd ichooner, and aent a boat lo 'lie ichooner to render any a*?ii>tanre they might need ? ?Mie proved to lie tbe ichr Yew Tree, ol and frem < bar lei on, bound to Ht Jago de Cuba, with a lull cargo ol rice. \* the bont arrived a lor gude, the captain aud new I* ft lor the ling, having stripped heruf all her laill and rig grng. and, by appearance, icuttled her lore and alt The ?"plain stated that ?be inning a Irak ai* dtyi twlote. Offered In take the captain and crew Irom the Ht Pttt-ri 'mrgioNi w Orleam ; but uiglit coming on, the cap'nn uf tl>e brie rtluaed lay ing he w on Id | rohahly land thrm ft Ke\ Wwat The boat immediately returned to the tiiip, bringing lug* lice, maiked V ; and at P M We made tail lor the w eat w aid, in company w ith tie I rig, leaving the achoorer to aink, which ?h?* undoubtedly did before morning. Parted company with the brig on the III h, off' Stirrup Key*. (The Ht IVtertbuig wai from Mi w Vork ,hound lo Vtra Cruz )?\ O Ptmyune, Sipl. W. Jckpii MfiNTntiMKRV Koi'nd ? R (' Montgome ry* j aon w aa lound drow tied, ly ing up -n Ihe marih oppo ? lie Mr. Lampee'i plantation en the Vernon river. 'I ha in grort were atlracted to (he ?po( Irom Ihe appt arai ca ? f the birdi that were pre) ing upon Ihe flei-n of (ha lad. It np| e.ira that loaeph hail bean mining tinte frun; lay before I it, and hi? anxiotu mother ?tarted lor sew Vurk by land, in hnpea that he mty have taken a veiiel aeeretly from Savannah. It wa* pievioualy appra hended that he wa* drowned i Hill the rroiher'a hupai jveia high lhal he mini have gone to New York to visit ?iii teiation* We can now only oltrr the efllicted parent he condolence ol the community, who have been mnch -vetted the laal two wet Ita in regard to '.be aalety ol ih? ? ?(h.?Savanpoh flen Or/. 3 OLD K.STABLIMHIlD PAI K KT OhFICK, il Kf*fV Hi.uth .treet-Pan.ase lo and from Oieat Britain and lr?*l*iid. vi* l.iver|aiti| Paa?A*e can at til time* tv I , 'lll tl.e loweat i?le?. lo and from Liverpool, by ih? rrn packet *hii^ aailiug under ihe new armnsemfiil e?#rv f?? lava, and dratta e*n a* ii?ital l? fanuahetl for any tmoani !*>? ile *t the Natnmal and Proviiicnt I Bftitk, I rHunflt ????! M nn?l ih^ IJuitvd ?* wHI m *i wj lir imncn?nl bftiikinK inntiluiioii* in KiinUna, HcyfUnJ VViiif*, witKont di?couii( omuy othrr rh^rnw. forfurthir |?ar irnlam, if by H???t |?id, 4|>| lv l<? . _ . A Mk JOHN IfKKDMAN. 61 ?o?th ?t* k.XCII ANIiK <>\ K.NOI.AMt. IH K.I. A Ml. ? Ht OTI, AND AM) WAl.KS-llie Hubacnlwr {Mt sat *11 tiin?? for ??!<? IVallf lr??m ?1 f*i i-inflO, i^nbU KVJd^mPr,n,ilml B*nk'^IHl"v TlVj^'.MA^ ?ThI"o h"*'. N II Paaaacr to and fnun l.iv-ri?Hil ran be reared al the lowest ratra hy any of th? line i.f parkeu .ailing on ihe l.t ?th Ith. tKih, Hat and Kth ?f each month, on application as above. ivlt ec fftx L'MU Mk'VV OKI.K.AN8.?To turreed iha Ata J(4k lanl??The i?t aailinic slop TKLNTON. ? apu.B .T.u,' on H-inrday, Oet.ibe, II. ??UfHlM, in* nnioriWMM itcominouinoni for cn mit. *e? mill atre.aa' pa*-ngeli. who will be tak-fl at i . i i ruin Tho*#da*iroa?of*ecnnn* bertha, will raqairs 11> Mokfi rail V a indication ?" boa d, al Pirr No 14 E. H.. or to rnaaeeariy *11" J((MN |.,AN, (I Rnatk Mieat. NH The mhseriher will hare a reiinlar snecsssioo of firat lua ihipi, aailin* i very file day*. Iur the above |wirt. "tec Ptii | noN?Too ion* No. I tlarthaheiiie?fur ?aW by WOODHULL k MINTI WNS. ?lire Howth Ilreet Z''v -I? t"k' /'"? ,M,NTl.KN? ^ r, kovib ?m

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