Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 8, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 8, 1844 Page 3
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J MORBT MARKET. Monday, Oet. 7?6 P. M. There has been ? TBrT great improvement in the stock uarket. Kvery si. oek lu the list advanced. Canton went p 1J ; Mohawk Si i Harlem 3 ; Stoniugton i ; Norwich md Wore eater } ; 1 farmer*' Loan 3 ; Illinois |; Indiana J j )hio 6's. i ?, Pennaj l?ania #?*, l ; Erie Railroad 3J j Read ng Railroad 1 i ; MiTrii Canal 3 ; United State* Bank | ; |Torth American Tn st 4 ; Illinois State Bank The books ot tramft r of the Ea*t Boston Compmy ere pen at the'R xchange Bank. There ia considerable leeling in Wall street among older* of stock in the N?>rth American Tm*t and Bank tig Company, in ivlation to tha disposal of the assets in he hands of the rtoeiver. it ia estimated that there muat U assets amounting to at least two millions, a large part I which ia available. The improvement in many of the ?curities he.M by the ret*'?*, and the general advance n the value of all speciea of property within the past wo years, is certainly suffic.'wt to induce the stockhold irs to muke enquiries regarding the whereabouts of the iiojierty. The stock ot this cowpaa y is held principally >y brokera and speculators, who ;nurcha*od it at the owest prices, and have a very larg e margin for fan im Movement. The original holder* tr f this stock will not ?en? fit much by any advance in thepi roperty of the com pany, fiom a riae from timu lo time, as they have dis posed of their interest to sp?culal tors who will re vive all the advantages arising froti i any movement that may be made to im|*eve the aisets o f the conccrn by the receiver. There has recently been very few operations n the street in this stock, and vrehs ve no doubt holders are anxious to get up tn excite me'.it for the purposes of Braating speculation. It matters little to the receiver of hw asse's of this company, u ho the stockholders are, whether they are speculators ? ir the original holders, he ?hould keep those interested Id .formed of the actual posL ^iou of the company's affairs fro m time to time, so that the value of the stock may be regi dated accordingly. The Banks of Plymouth cou nty Masiachusetts, pay the folio wing dividends :-l'lymou Ih, three percent; Old Co lony threo do; Wareham three do; Hingham three do ? It is expected that the Duxbur y Bank will pay to its share holders another dividend of tv ro per cent of it* capital on the same day. The Old Colon ,y Insurance Company pay [jidividend of six per cent at tl te same time. Vhe value of the exports from New York for Septem ber, w?" nearly double that lbr August, and nearly equal |to tli " value of exports for both July and August Notwithstanding this, the balanco against us on our own importalk ons is steadily and rapidly increasing. We an nex a tahlf showing the import* and exports to October 1st, and the balanoe against us in our foreign trade Btatkmcnt ok thf. Imports xsn Exports ok the Pi,. thu.t or Nilw York, durixsj the First Nine Mo* i\,l ok 1844. ,THS Importt. Dutiable foreign goods, January to July $3? ftr. 7n, Dutiable foreign goods far July Diniable foreigu goods for Augtut ' Dutiable foreign goods for September 7 116 050 Go. oils not dutiable, January to July 6,656/ <? OoiV'l* not dutiable for July 707 SZ Oi)ud.'< nut dutiable for August. 1,1? i'i|i Uoodj not dutiable for September p .gjjjjj 9,31' 276 Total importation for nine months,... eflsTgcTTw Ktpiirla. Domestic rt.'dte fin Jan. 1 to July,$14,676,7 ?, Domestic merchandise, July,.. . 1.584 Domestic merchandise, August,.. 1,6* .'iif Domestic mercliandise, September 2/ jjg'gjg Foreign nldie. fm Jan. 1 to July,. , 412 20,549,U2 Foreign ir erohaudtse, July, 'sWros Foreign mr reliandise, August... ,f Foreign mertltaudise, Sepieinbi y 356 5? " -? 3,350,533 $23,890,675 Excess of imports ? jTef eXp0rUi j0 nine months, $41,361,963 The balai ice "gainst us in a trade o( nine months, amounts to t he enormous sum of forty one millions three hundreds' 4d sixty one thousand nine hundred and sixty three dol ArThe exports of specie lot September have been ve' ^ trifling to what was anticipated, the amount being o< ily $609,393. The total exportation of specie from th:s p j?t for the past three months, only amounts to $1.?S4 ,,97-i, M f0Howa t {*Kcle Exported from thk Port ok Nsw York. i.? ?Wpmejit* for July $191,836 lotal shipme nts lor August 1,190,794 ??I ihipnt ents for September.... 009,393 $1,9*1,973 This is a very small amount, and the limited shipments can onlv be accounted for, from the fact, that almost ?very one largely indebted abroad, is putting off the time ?0f payment a* long as j ossible. They cannot get Oft o f by postponing the time of payment the atnor ait !o le? paid is only accumulating and must become mt>' .-adifficult to lift eventually. There i* not the slightest foundation for the report* tint largp quantities of foreign manufactures?ef the re cent impoita'ions ? have been re-shipped, sent back from whence they came. The total value ot foreign merchsn - dise exported from this port from January 1st to October, according to the above table, is only $3 350,633. This amount is composed of many items of merchandise of the growth and production of fomign countries, except f?>Tign mannfactures. In August and September only worth of foreign merchandise,of overydescription was exported. This i* sufficient evidence that nearly the wbolrj of the immense importations of the past nine months ia yet in the country. Owners of these good* abroad much rather submit to a sacrifice in this market than in their own, both on account of their pocket and credit. Our auction houses are filled with these foreign manufactures, and prices for them are depreciating every day. Many jobbers have been serious sufferers by the late decline in prices. Large purchase* were made eatly in the season, at the price* then current, in anticipation of a very ex'ensive trade. They have been unfortunate in their anticipations. Trade has not been so active a* looked for, and pricea have fallen, from the immense sup ply of goods and the diminished amount of busines* com pared with the spring trade. The impoiters, jobbers and retailers hare very large stock* at this moment, and great sacrifices must be cubmitted to by all partle*. We have too many goods in this market to keep up a healthy state of thing*. Our manufacturers have been, all through thu season, very actively engaged in turning out goods, and the market is as much overstocked with domestic as ftrrign manufactures, and the depreciation in price* i* equally us great on one a* the other. The firit evil effect of the over-trading carried on for the past two seasons, will show itself in tho most remote sectiom of the coun try, among those who were induced to purchase larger ?tocks of goods than they wero able to pay for, and who must become bankrupts by an over-extension of credits From this the troubles ipread through every department ol business, and bankruptcy follows on. Tha importer ? innot pay the manufacturer, unless the jobber pays him; tho jobber cannot pay the importer unless the retailer pays what he owes, and the whole train of trade is so mingled together that when one of the link* give way, th? whole system become* deranged. At the rate the commercial classes of this city have progressed for the past nine months a revolution in commercial affairs, coinmeucing as we have stated above, must a.'iuredly come round in less than three year* A look at the vast ?>iangc that ha* taken place in our foreign trade since 1H1I, is sufficient to convince any one of the trath of the remark. The importation* into the United State* for 1H43 amounted to $80,3&ft 1HJ, and the export* to $100, 061,3b6 leaving a balance in our favor of $10 BOS 0*4 A view u( the imimrts and exports of this city for a few years past, will settle the auhject in the mind* of all con clusively. Vsier. or Impoi>ts, Exposts. and Di tips CoLLKiTr.n or New York. Ihilifi I'ahir Vnlut mllrctrd. Importt. Kxpoitt. 1BT7 $1487,598 68.374,558 2I..<I2,6I0 18)8 10,491,055 77,214,729 22,l82,t4< UJ1' 13,9?0.jaj 97,078,687 .16,662,221 1*40 7,559,144 5#, 845,921 311,186,470 104 1 10,'193,899 75,388,014 30.731 319 1842 10.013,121 52,115,555 23,0(0,190 114.1 11.293.641 50,148,903 23,020,015 11(1, (nine months,) 19,253,286 65,261,638 23,899.675 This is the best evidence in the world of the danger that surrounds us, and a plain, comparative statement lite this mint convince every one that we are going aVj?l too Ust to insuro *af?ty. The stitement that wa hgiven ah ve of the imports and exports of this port, iimale up under thu new divisions of the year. The fltcal year now commences on the 1st of July instead of lit of O '.tnb ;r. We annex a statement, showing tha import* into this port for the year ending Sept. 30th ? Imporis mto thi Port or Nr.w York. 1812-13 . 1843-44 ^ Frtr. Diitialitf. Free. Putinhlt Fourth quarter, $2,706,821 3,571,731 2.050,184 7,971,622 First quarter, 2 799,119 5,906.616 2,070,877 16,959,7*8 He 0II?4 9,145,115 6,973,TO t.585,383 16.063,974 Third quarter 2.412.987 13,112,758 2.763,558 2.1,926,660 Tottl 17,091,071 29,573,900 11,170,302 6J,92l,9#l Duty ou imports, $9,931,923 $21 379,720 The iinporta ot ihu two jears compare as follow* Frtr. cludinf Dutiable Total and bullion. good*. importi lPtl, Sept. 3" $17,091,0 2 29.57.1 ' 00 46,667 972 1814, Sept. 30 11,170,102 63,921,981 75,392 2*6 Inpre.ise, 1814, ? 31,348,084 28,721,314 Decrease, 1814 5.623,770 ? ? Inc.end in dntiva $11 414,797. The exceas cf Iree good* i'i IH13, is to be attributed to the numerous cargoes ol tua anl o?ff:e entetud in the second quarter, in antici pitionof a duty lieing put upon these articles dmiog the aittiai<cf ' ongieM, then In senion. Kvery official ie turn from the Treasury Department or from the Custom JIousp, show* a vary great Increase in the receipt* of fo reign merchandise into tha coon try, and we hare well grounded fear* tha' a great deal of commercial trouble and embarrassment will grow out of then; extended movement!. Old Stock Kxchange ??'D" *'*? 101X 40 shaa Merch's E*e Bk lOfiil 1S000 Nr Slate6'., 'M 111 50 trie RR 5I0IHI Ohio6's'60 101 100 do It 5000 do b60 101^ 25 do 27K 5000 Ohio 7's 107 ' 35 do 27Ji 11000 Illinois ?|>cl bd? 45 350 L Island KR 171)00 li d'aua tic bds 42 400 5000 Indiana bill b30 15K 300 J#0tW do 45 50 3000 Penn'a 5's b]0 75 Jl'O 5000 Reading RR bds 72* nasi 25 alia* Am fcxc Bk 250 U S Hank 195 do 25 Illinois Bk 50 do 25 do loo N Am Trim 100 do 1200 Farmers' Trust 50 do 50 do 100 do 50 do 100 do 75 Morria Cau&l 100 do 100 Canton Co do do do d.> do do do do do do do do il.i do 25 Housatonic KR b30 28 14 b30 II "X b20 48 b30 47>} alO 47 ?7 14 H>a tw 52 52 U 62 1.30 62>," 1)30 5J 51? 51* 51 28 75 Hudaon St Berkshire 150 Nor it Wore HR 25 do bU 50 do bli 50 do 25 Mohawk Rll 100 do 225 do bit 70 do 50 . do |>30 100 Harlem RR b 15 100 do b30 475 Reading RR 100 do btt 275 Stmiiugton RR do (io do do do do do do S500(1 Penn'a 5'? 100 shin Farmers' I,n 195 50 Fast llo.tOll Co 50 do 50 do 50 do 100 N Am Trait Co Second Board. b30 75 200 shis N Am Tiutt b3 Iti3i 250 L laland RR $1000 Arkansas b'a 5000 Illinois 6's 100 shas V ickiburg Bk 75 do 25 do 50 U B Biiik 150 do 150 Morrii Canal 100 do 75 do '50 Far men' Truit 54 do 35 do 150 do 50 Canton Co 50 F.ria RR 12 13 15 X Mew Stock Kxchnnge 25 Canton Co 25 do 25 Stoiiiiigtou RR 25 do 58 Morris Cnl it Bkg Co 13>? 50 do 14 ?3 15 85 51U 51 b3 5J? 53^ 57X 10 ? S* wo k 1)30 14 bnw 18 48 v 47* btw 47 atw 52>? opg 28 25 ahai Mohawk RR 66X 25 I. Itlanil RR btw 85*u 50 do a30 85 50 do s3 85 25 tail Boiton, dir. ofT 12 50 Harlem RR b30 76 50 Paterion RR 8li 75 Nor St Wore RR 79 25 do bnw 79 50 do itw 78% 75 Stoningtuu RR 53^ 50 do blO 54 25 do b3 54 25 do 53>, 25 do 53>, State ?f Trade. Asm*?'We quote moderate fffclei of pota at $4 18] a 4 56. Pearls are very steady at $4 311 a 4 374 RBtiiwii? Small galas of northern, southern and west ern prime yellow are made at a 30c. Cotton?'I he enquiry was limited t j-day, and reaulted in the sale of 400 baiea lor export Trices (lightly in favor ol the buyer. Flour?No change from Saturday'* rates. Genesee is held at $4 76 The receipts of flour and wheat at tide water for the 4th week in September are? Flo tr, kbit. Wheat, bush. Albany 7J.9io 0.046 West Troy 33,540 38,296 97,666 47,341 Aggregate receipts at tidewater, f> om the opening of navigation to the close of September Flour, bhlt. Wheat,hush. 1814 1,442 ?H1 7308 1S43, 1,141,861 601,893 Increase 301,031 318,416 The receipts of barley at tide water are, Albany, 86,183 bushels; West Troy, 46,683 do?total, 131,846 bushtls. Fish ? Dry cod tells at $2 '25 a 2 |H Mackerel, No. I, we now quote at $10 60 a 10 62}; No. 2, $8 36 ; No. 3, ?5 76 a $6 Provisions?Ohio pork is declining. We must reduce our quotations to $7 60 a 7 63} for prime, and $9 a 9 13} for mess. Beef is very inactive, aud quotations cannot be otherwise than nominal. Lard, Ohio, is in moderate request, and we quote keg at 6J a 6}c. Cheese is in very limited demand ut 4} a 6}c. Whiskey?Diudge casks sell at 34c. as wanted. Prison and western barrels are very firm at 34 j a 36c There is very little doing in either description. Cattle Market, Oct. 7.?At market, 1,600 beef cattle, 400 lrom the south; 36cows and calves, and 4,000 aheep. Prices?Beef Cattle?We quo'n as last, in the lace of the large supply, $4 36 a 4 76, to $6 36 a 6 60, for retailing cattle. Left over, 400 Cows and Calves?All sold at $16 a 36. Sheep aud Lambs?Sheep, suits at $1 35 a 3 60; lambs, 76 a $1 76 Left over, 800. Hay?Small supply, at last week's rates. Coal Trade. The shipments this week (soys the Pottsville Journnl of the6thiust) show an increase of 1.668 tons, 1.338of which are by the canal. This is cuui-ed by the refreshing raina in this quarter, which have replenished the quantity of water In tbe canal. Fieights have again receded to 85 cents, by the canal, to Philadelphia; to New York, $3 30 The Commercial List states that the demand for coal con tinues active for shipment, and also for city consumption, and holders are very firm, with an upward tendency in prices. Sales of white ash lump at $3 24 a 3 37}; and red uih at $3 37} a 3 60 per ton prepared white asli at $3 60 a 3 62}; and red ash $3 62} a 3 76 per ton, cash-when on time, with interest added. The shipments from the Le high, for the week ending an the 21st, amounted to 266, 808 tons. Tlio following are the rates ol lreight from Philadelphia Per ton. To Salem $1 62} Charleston 1 62| Cambridgeport aad Brighton 1 76 Boston (1 60 a 1 62} Newport and Warren, Rhode Island, 1 37} Providence and Fall River 1 36 New Haven and Hartford, Connecticut,.. . 1 36 Troy 1 60 Albany 1 60 New Yoik 1 oo Receipts for the week endinh Thursday evkninu list. Hu Railroad. Schuylkill Haven,... 7,984 13 Pottsville, 5,101 54 13,085 17 Per last report,. .."303,725 03 By Canal. Pottsville and Port Carbon,....... ... 9.584 00 Schuylkill Haven,... 1,318 00 Little Schuylkill 1.730 (10 Per lait report,. ..285.413 03 316,811 00 298.015 16 By railroad 319.811 00 Total 614.856 16 Married, On the 33.1 ult. in Hardwick, (Vt.) by the Rev Samuel Thurber, Mr. O. W. Fuller, of this city, to Miss Debo rah Aihsworth, of Woodbury, Vt Died, On Monday, 7th inst. Rosaisna French, wife cf Joseph V. French, in the 24th year of her age The friends of her husband, and thoso ef her brother, Patrick Mulligan. are requested to attend her funeral, this afternoon ut 4 o'clock, wnhout further notice. On Monday, 7th inst. of consumption, Mary, wife of Ichabod K Cuthman, and daughter of the late Asa Co nant, aged 21 yeais. The friends and acquaintance! of the family, and also of her brother, Charles Conant, are respectfully invited to attend her funeral, to-morrow afternoon at 2 o'clock, from her late residence, 63 Ludlow street. Passengers Arrived. Bordeaux?Sliip Medora?J Keaon, J Street, A Verdien, Min M Banks, K Bank*, Mil* Kdwards, Mn Turner, and 3 in the tU-eraKe. Gottenhuro?Norw brig King Carl Johan?M Jauton, and 6 in the iteersge. Foreign Importations. Bordeaux?Ship Medora?35 hhds anuato Becket 8t L?uet? 3'i lif pipes brandy 10 qr do J Carnell?35 hf 30 qr 10 lihds Vietor Barialow St co?11 III' do A Benninger?10 nhils do U C Camel I'Mi?10 hf do 10 qrdo 10 hMU do A ravemteidt?161 ca*k? [>or eelain D G It D Howland?150 hf |>i|>ea 60 qr do 10 lihds brandy 8 ei to order. MARITIME HURALD. Sailing Days of the Steamships. ?teameri. erom liyerpool. Caledonia, Lott Acadia, Harrison Oct. 4 (i Western, Matthews Oct. 12 llihernin, Ryrie Oct. 19 Cambria, Judkius Nov. 4 FROM AMERICA Oct. Nov. Nov. Nov. Dec. Packets to Arrive. I.IVERroOL. flottiiiKuer, Bunley, Sept. fi Roscini, Collins, Sept. II Kurope, Kurber, Sept. 17 Independence. Nye, Sept. 21 Svml Ilicki, Bunker, Sept. 2fi PORTSMOUTH. II Hudson, Moore, Sept. 10 Prince Alliert, Sebor, Sept. 20 HAVRE. Zurich, Johnitnn, Sept. * Baltimore, Funck, Sept. 10 Packets to Sstll. LIVERPOOL. Patriek Henry, Delano, U. State*, Britton, Oct. II Knxland, Bart'ett, Oct. Ifi Rochester, Dritton, Oct. 21 Oarrick, Traik, Oct. 26 PORTSMOUTH. Switzerland, Knight, Oct. 10 Quebec, Hnbard, HAVRE. Duchaue d'Orleani, fielby, Kd?ar, Oct. 20 Oct. 8 Oct. 16 Ship Masters and Agents. We shall esteem it a favor if Captains of Veisals will give to Robert Silvey, Captain of our News Boata, a report of the shipping left at the port whence they sailed, the vesielt <poken on their passage, a list of their cargo, aud anv foreigi. ciewspa|irrs, or iiewi they may have. He will board them im mediately ou their arrival. Agents and Correspondents at hoiiu or abroad, will also confer a Tavor by sending to this ollice all the Mariue Intelligence thev can obtain. Nautical Inform* (ion of Any kind will be thankfnlly received. POUT Of HKW VUliK, OCTOBKR H. ?UN RtSEI 6 21 I MOON RISES 2 13 ?UN SETS 5 38 | H 1*4 H WATER 6 8 Cleared. Ships La Duchess d'Orl'Ans, Richardson, Havre, Wm Whtt lo3k, Jr.. St George. Ferris, Liverpool. D. Ogden; Anson,Bark msn, (Charleston, (i Sutton; Sultana, Dennis, New Orlenns, W Nelson; M Phillips, Pratt, Mobile, Post 8t Phillips? Barques Atlantic, (Breni) oeurman, Bremen, Meyer It Stuker; Condor. 8i Croil, Alsop a Chauncey?Brig Gen Marion, Shephard.Port an Prince, F Griffin?Schrs Phebe F.lita, Osborn, Norfolk,Stur gess It Clearmiu; llaudy, Pratt, Mobile, E D Hurlbutt; L,ynch burg. Mathis, Richmond, Allen St Paston, Hamilton, IVufield, Alessndna, Stnrgeas It Clearman; Henry l^e?, Sm ih, Rich mond. N L McCready; SitvstJram, Weeks, Aleiandria. N. C., S L .Mitchell; Olyminc, Jackson, Baltimore. N L McCieadj ; llallet, iwis, Aux Cayes, S W Lewis. Arrlvea, Ship Medora,, of I harle.ium 30 days from Bordeaux, with nil braudy. to S llurnnil fct t Jo. Sliin llell??|K>ul, Adama, I'riiin Palermo, with fruit to Law rence kt Pin I pi. Ship Washington, from Palermo pa??el I'.ock of Gibraltar 28ih August, withindae la Bi idgei (t Siet.tin. Norw brig Kiiik Carl JohIII, I'nmbs, III days from Gotten burg, with 260 tons iron. J Dickiou. Schr Rubicon, Crowell, from Boston, with plaster and fish. Schr Kllen, Penneld, ( hatham, with produce, Schr Corra. Crocket, Thomson, with lime. Schr Ileeside, Lan?ley, Boston, with mdat, Hkihr Iswo N Crowall, Fargn-on, S'aw Bedford, oil. n Uiiiun , .-VUHI.1H1II, iininii' , I ini i ii|mui . uu i1 > iivii, lly. Cld, Heury, Johnston, Leith; Curlew, Gauntlet!, epool; Clio. Brown, Padstow; <'umherlaiid, Coate, Hull; Schr Example, Hildreth, N?w Bedford, oil. Schr Htttirs, Preble, Lnbec, with plaster. Schr Daniel Webster, O^den, New Haven. ' Schr Pacific, Prescott, Neiv Loudon, be.llast Sclir \ M Hale. Be.irse, Button, with miix Sch' Page, Taylor, Boston, with indse. gchr Compliance, KelUy, B iston, with unite. Schr Two Marys, from Connecticut River bound to Ha vana. Schr Win T Thing, Cape Ann, with fish. tfrlow. Ship Elisha Dennison. Sailed. t?i|" Patrick llrnry, Delano, Liverpool; Union. Rattoone, IS Orleans; Aquetnet, Moaher, Philadelphia: Atilanta. Ray mond N Orleans; Superior, Mobile; Sultana. NOrleans: Karque Texidore, St Thomas; Will St Jauies, Mobile; Mason Barney, Buenos Ayrvs, Republic, Bremen; brigs Amanda, Macliias; Othello, Dcmarara; Augusta, Savannah; North Bend, Dema rara. Correspondence of the Herald. CoL'HIER Orncc, I Charleston, Oct. 4?3 P. M. i Arrived. New York, NYork; Nile, Johnson, do; James Ed ward, Webster, Newport, Wales; Mersey, Tucker, Newport, Wa'es. Sailed, Sinus, Stetson, Wlndies; K A Blown, Westbrook, Havana; Emma, Bancroft, I'hiladelphia. Miacellnneoua Hecord. Foreign Lkttkr Ofkick.?The Duchess d'Orleans, Robin son, for Havre, will sail to-day, and Switzerland, Knight, for London, on Thursday. Anothkr Nkw Packet Ship.?The lieautiful new ship New York, arrived at this |iort yesterday froin Zew York. The New > ork is 521 tons, and will draw when deeply laden, about 11 feet, her accommodations for passengers are very neat and commodious. She is commanded by Capt, Burr Hull, long and favorably known as the Captain of the brig George.?[Clinics toil Patriot, Oct. 1. Shipping at Charleston.?Harbor Master's Keport for September ?Arrivals, 15 ships, 4 barques, 21 brigs, 23 schooners, 1 sloop and 42 steamboat.!. ( de trances?U ships, 2 barques, 18 brigs, 18 schooners, 1 sloop and 12 sie.mhoats In Port, Sept 'JO?9 ships, 4 barques, 7 brigs, 10 schooners, 2 sloops and 4 steamboats. Mutiny.?Rowland Wheeler, a sailor on board tlie ship Indi ana, Capt. Bennett, arrived at this port yesterdiy morning, was brought from the Balize in irons, for having mutinied on board that vessel while she was lying at the Passes, ref ising to do duty and committing a desperate assault on the captain.?[N. O ,Pic., Sent. 29. Missino Vkssi l.?The Norfolk Beacon of Friday, nys :? Tlie sclir S It I'.iynter, of and for Berlin, Maryland, left New York a day or two previous to the gale of the 12th ult., since which nothing has been he aid of ner?she was about 45 tons burthen. Cargo ol Dry Goods, Groceries Sic., valued at about SiniM). Some of the good marked C. L. Williams Si Son, and C. L. Williams, Berlin. Md. Sin* was newly painted, her bot tom given, upivrwnrks black, anil while stri|>es. Any inforina Moil of her will be thankfully received by her owner, C. L. Wil liams, Berlin, Md. Ship SaRanac?The largest ship destined for the merch<n service which his ever been built in Philadelphia, was launched yesterday morning, at Kensington The Sarauac will lie nearly of 1000 tons burthen, and has teen built, without lelereui e to cost, of the best ma'erials and ill the most approved manner. She is owned by 11. Si A. Co|ie, and designed to sail in their line of packet ships from this port to Liverpool. St it am Packet Ocean?This fine new iron vessel, to which is attached the Loper propeller, left the wharf at Wiliningtou yesterday afternoon, and though her machinery had uot made a turu, up to the moment of starting, s'ie aver <ged ten miles per hour on her trip to this city, under unfavorable circumstances of running light, and with but about thirty pounds of steam. As this matter of the different propellers is now excitiug some in terest, we invite the inspection of the curious to the Ocean as a highly successful appl cation of the pro|ell>-r of Caiitain Loner. She is in'ended for the outside trade to New York, from this c ty.?Phila. Imp Spoken. Energy, (Br) Hudson, from Beduah, N8, 30 days out for Lon don, lltli ult , lat 47. lou 14, supplied her with provisions?by the Medora, at this port. J Drew, of Kingston, bound home, 27th ult., on the Banks? by the same. Foreign Port*. Qt'EBKC. Oct 2?Arr Concord,Hornsby, Oporto,"Clio Kelly, Loudon; Wm Dawson, Beveridge, Alloa: Jiihn Si Mary, Oli ver, Padstow; Athelslon, Browne, llaitliqiool: Suir, Kyuon, Usui" Harll Martna, ateeie, w nitenavcn; Ariaune, uamci, uiasgow. ^irr 3d, Amity, Dempster, Aberdeen; Apollo, Walker, Dundee; Henry Bliss Cummings, Liverpool. Crania, Hobhs, Cork; Congress, Sewell, Girlleslou; Mary, Page, Ipswich: Dauntless, lingers, Liverpool; Columbus, Cowing, Bristol; It Newton, Wellasey, London. Montrlal, Oct 3?CldMary, Grant, Glasgow . leike Porta. Ch.f.m.i.snd, Oct 2? \rr Racine, Buffalo. Cld, Racine, Chic.ico; W Joy, Navitrator, Texas, and Argyll', Buffalo. Bl ?alo, Oct 5?Arr Wayne, Maumee River; Equator, Mi lan; U States, Detroi'; Mayflower, Upper Lakes; R Mountain, Cleveland. ' Id, Kultou, Toledo; Buffalo, and Juliette, De troit; Missouri, Chicago; Ruggles, Owannuga, W-bstrr, Kid dle. Joy, Merchant, K Trader, M 1* re me, and President, Cleve land; Maurice, Conneaut; Buckeye, Sandusky; Beuuinlilon, Ashtabula; Emily, Milan; L Colburn, Burwell; Oceana, Cliu ton. Oswjcrio. Oct 1?Arr Oswego, Vaudalia, Sylph, Napoleon, O S Weeks, Delaware, O H Walker, Josephine, Western. Pu laski, Ontario, and Kmpire, Upper Lakes, Cld, t'uba, Charles ton, Hudsou, Mohawk, Chesapeake, Quick, Napoleon, Madi son, St Lawren, Upper La>(es. Home Porta. Castine, Oct 2?Arr Adams, Gay, Liverpool. Portsmouth, Oct3?Arr Agawam, Snialley, Belfast lor Bos ton; Georgiana, Goodwin, Pembroke for do; Alert, Combs, Bangor for do. New Ha>en, Oct6?Arr B L Swan, Benjamin, Demarara; Elizabeth, Hoyt, Albany. Sid, RC Fisher. Thompson, Gna ilaloupe; Olive, Augur, do; Susipiehannnli, Moulthrop, West Indies; Valhalia, Haynes, do; H Chase, Udale, Albany; S U Smith, Ball. do. Boston, Oct. 5.?Arr Adelaide, Sidriek, Cienfuegos; Choc taw, Ryder, Charleston; Factor, Hardy, Havre de Grace, Bos ton, Percival, Biltimoie; Joseph Balch, Hallet, Baltimore, via Tarpaulin Cove?leports a seven- gale froin SSE, in the Cove, on Friday toieuooii: sloop Strauuer, of Boston, and whaling sch Exchange, of Plymou'h, dragged their anc'iors and went ashore: the sloop was partly filled with water, and it was supposed the sch would lie got off without much damage: 5 P .Vl, Suiidnv, s ?w a large ship at anchor between Scituate and Coh.wet; prob ably the Ashland, just out ofScituite. Home, Howeis; Oak, It, tier: Cocheco, M'< rilli?; Majestic, True, and Adams, Pea chy, Philadelphia; Nile. Dean, reroainbuco, 1st ult?left, brig Cecilia, Brown, for /iuzibar hi a few days, npg; Amphitrite, Hull, from Phil'a, arr Aug 29: the Nile carried away foretop- I mast yesterday, off Boston light. Roanoke, [of Scituate,] Webb, Jacmel; Billow, Vinal, Gonaives, 15th ult?left, brig Col Taylor, Browu, for Boston: only Am vessel. Ad I'ide, [Br] Davidson, Windsor; Lion, Baxter, Halifax 2d inst?on 2d, 2 A M, about 20 miles Irom Sambro L'glit, passed steamship Britannia, hence the 1st, for Halifnx and Liverpool. Florence, How land, and Shylock, Matthews, Baltimore; Hope. W Gan ilv. Gaudy; Mary, Bryant, and Ceres, Tarbox, Philadelphia. Sid, M ison; Narragansett; Columbiana; Howard; Unicorn; Ro liert <? Shaw; Natlil llooi**r: Mupielon; George Henry; Mary; Miudora; Lagrange; Cronstadt; Silenus; Corvo; Importer; Ana wan; Mary Salter; Brothers; Chilion; Chalcedonv; Alvano; Aurora; Acorn; Osage; Mozart; Almena; Chester,and Niger. Manteo started, and anchored in President Roads; ship Essex started and anchored in Nantucket Roads. Norfolk, Oct 4?Sid lti"iizi, Elliott, Boston., Oct I?Arr t 'asild i, Crahtrce, Charleston. Cld Pl-iades, Piuckuey.St Kitts. Charleston, Oct 4?At (Quarantine, Denmark, fm Guada loii|>e, for Wilmington, NC?put iu on account of sickuess of the I apt tin. In the Ofting, a ship. Mohii.f, K?.pt 2?? Arr Martha Washington, Doane, NYork; Tlios P litrt. B irilett, "Thomaston. Cld, Wetumpka, Lewis, Pensacola; H Plantagesiet*. Beswick, Havana. In port, Sept 30. Acton, Daggett, NVork; London, do; Mobile, Livermore, wtg frt; Taleyrand, Tripe, do; Freighter, Knight, disg; Weiumi> Uwis, wtg frt. New Orleans. Sept 29?Arr Indiana, Bennett, NYork; S Carolina, Green, no: Palmyra, Ba'stow. Boston; N W Stevens, Stevens, do. Cld, Coromaudo, Hedge, Liverpool: Mary Wash ington, Paine, T?mpa Bay; Frederick, Richmond, Kkw West, Sept 21?Arr J D Noyes, Littlegeld, NYork. Cld, R W Browu, Tatum, NYork. TO LAMP MAKERS. WANTED?A comie-tent workman, well acquainted with the Limp Business, to whom liberal wages and constant employment will be given. Apply to oH 3t*rc J. Si I. COX. 15 Maiden Lane. WAN I hi)?Agents wanted to canvass ih? ntate ol i>ew York, for Professor 1 rust's History of the United States. It is a new work of great popularity and unquestioned worth, and will amply repay those who eugag* ill the businr??. Apply to C. J. Gl l.LIS, otiec 127 Fulton street. TO BOATMEN?Paving Htoce wanteil immedia'ely. Apply to 18 Norfolk street. WILLIAM FORGAY. o5 lw*ec ______ [K AGRKAT BARGAIN is now offerend to anv |ierson who is desirous of engaging in one of the nest and most profitable business in New Vor*, consisting of Paltno's well known Coucert Siloon, and all the Fixtures, Marble-top Tables, See , No. 74 Chamlw-rs stieet, corner of Broadway. Business ol ini IHirtanco calls the present proprietor to the south, which u the only reason for his disposing ..I'the above. ol 7t*IC PACKET SHIP SOUTHERNER FOR LIVERPOOL.? This ship will sail to-day at 12o'clock. Ptssengers will please lie on board, at pier 12 E R Letter Bags will close at ll><, at Hale's, Hirudin's and Gilpins' News Rooms, (Jctober 8th, 1841 o8fC T ANNER'S MAP OF THE UNITcI) dTATES, NEW EDITION. 'I'll IS elegant Map is now ready for sale at the Map Store, s 153 Broadway. It contains every county enumerated iu the late census, and embodies all the government surveys up to the present time. To this edition is added a large portion of Texas. Canada, Sic., together with beautifully engraved Plans of the principal Cities. From the fact that this Map is used in ah the public offices at W 'shiligtoe, it mav lie regarded as the standard, as it is the cheapest Map of the Uuiled States ever published. o8 lt*rc T H. TANNF.H ESTABLISHED A. D. 18J5. <4 LfUNTKHIAN DI-PENtARY." 3 Division streei-Dr. a 1 Hunter's Red Drop. This well known remedy, for cer tain diseases only, has now been before the public as the only iever failing reinedi, for t"n yrars, and more han 5<l,l'(l0 vials of this >alu Itile medieine have le-en sold in this country, and not in one instance hss it aver failed to iierlorm |>erfect cures wh< e the direciions, which are plain aud simple, have been ad hered to. Does any one doubt, let ihein c.ill at the Dis"ensary sud be convinced before it is too lite. Header, retnemberthit dels)s in this case are dsngerous, very dangerous, even at the risk of our lib?therefore do not trine with >our life; call to day, while it is iu your |aiwer to obtain a cure, for $i? to-mor row miy I* too late. _____ ? 'l*,n Mlf FOR HALE? For want of use, a fine RETT RR Doti?kind, well broke, under easy eomman< , under stiuds both French and Kngltsh, and letches his turds w II.... ill fill. Enquire, between 8 and 9 o'clock, A M . Slid 3 and I P. M. at 189 Houston street. o8 It*in rn c. DOG LOST?1'fcN DOLLARS REWARD-On UH Sa'iirdiv evening, near th- Park, a brown Pointer, ^jXJR wnh white feet and chest Has the mange or disiemier. and the hair is off the aid* ol his shoulders in consequence?had on a steel curb collar with owners name?also a leather strsp and ring. Whoever retiiiiis said Dog to 130 Chambers street, will ec-ive t'ie oiove rewa tl. _ o7 3t*ec TO I l-.T Post Oeeice. New York, Oct. 5, 1814. THE four rooms in the Mrr hant s Exchuige, now occupied as the Bianch or Lower Po-t Office, Po.s-ssion wi 1 be given oil or about the first of December next. They can lie seen at any time by a rail on the premises, sud theterms will be made know by application to J. OR KEN PEARSON, At the Merchant s Exchange, or JOHN LOHIMER GRAHA vi, P. v|. o7 Iwrrc. Up|<er Post Office, Near York. !\yf ()(i MlOIG WOO- mi li lies I'est quality - for sale hi M. WOODHULL St MINTURNS. o'irc 87 South sthet I \K. LOKBI'IT may be cinsulted coulideiitially at his Ol \J fice, 16 Duane street, two doors from Chatham Strangers are resiiectfullv informed that l>r. Corbitt is a number of tlir Univerxity of the City of New York, and that he has exclusive ly confined bis prac'tce from being general to the timtmmt of certain classes of diseases, (now over eleven \ ears in the city of Vevv Vorl.,) which ngages hi?entire atteulion. 1 lie annals of ?nedicine do not irco'rilgreater success than is to be found in hii ;iractice. The Doctor cautious the unfoitunRte agj 1 list the usr if mercury, at it has its thousand* of liciiins Itecei tcaju t ire in a few days removed entirely from the system. "W lii^t you sre judiciously treated by a person legally unalilied. ai d lot by prttei.ders and qnacks M there are several of them in thif ?ity. Persons afflicted with protracted aud inveterate cases i'*ed not despair of being restoied to health, by applying to I)' Oorbitt. A [useiice of many years has established the Doctor' epntation for skill and . *|iect*bility Htrictnies ennage ill. Joctor's profound attention. A medicine may he had to pre ?"t a eevtsin diaense in anv of its forms. S|8 'lm"re SCRAP?110 tons English, afloat, for sale by WOOl)HULL Si M INTURNS, I' South strart gl'K.LTfcR?is ton) V* OODHULL It MINTLRN*. oire IT Sooth strss AUCTION SALES. . MOONKV. Auctioneer. A HinJffiSv iP]P^ ? nucr Good* **B Tot?.? B. MOONKV 4i < o. will >e|| Thi* Day, at 10 o'clock, at the store No. 91 Maiden Ltm. to el'"** mock, a su lienor at* >rlmeut oi Ioy? and Fancy floods, consisting iu part of Garier*. Su ? peoder*. Psrfum?;y, Wo-k Bom* and Ca*et, Writing Dub, Watches, Seals, Kevt, S| ectacles, Cotton and Silk Purse*. Also, 2 cum Percussion Caps. Alao, It esses Wood Toys assorted. Also, I, cases sU|irrior hi"!* Tin Toy*. Alao, 45 Canvass and Seal Travelling Trunks. Alio, 4 Cases of Kreiich Soap. Catalogues are now ready. 08 lt?m EXTENSIVE HALF. OK FURNITURE ?H K VVIL LAUD will aril Tltia Morning, it 10)4 o'clock, in filestore 304 Broadway, corner of Dtiine street, au extensive assortment of superior city made Furniture, embracing elegant Mahogany Chair* *ud Sofas in all tlie f.i-hioiiable style*; Marble Centre and Pier Tablet; Wardrobes; Book Ca*e?; marble tol1 and plain Bureau*, and Kudosed W.v,h?t anils, French Bedsteads; Divaiit; Hat Stands; Mahogany llocking, Sewing and Arm Chairs; Towel Ricks; Card, Dining, Breakfast. Ladie*' Work and Quartette Tables, Stc , Ice., well worthy the attention of dealer* and others. 8tit- peremptory, 08 lt'nia X UCTION N'OTICK -LARGK SACK THIS DAY OF a SKAhONABLK DRY (iWODS, by the piece under-eiec utora, at I0.S o'clock, in the Sale Room, 11 Spruce street. Also, an invoice of Seasonable ('lothing, and a quantity of Dry Good*, of all descriptions, to sun families and other*. ? >8 lt'rrc TIIOS. UKIX, Auctioneer. OIL PAINTINGS AT AUCTION LKVY Ik SPOON K.R will sellou Wednesday Evening, at 7 o'clock, at No. 151 Broadway, an 'utile new collection of Oil Painting*, from leceived from Antwerp. In the collection will be found many valuable and pleasing picture*. S?le posi tive. Catalogues ready ou Tuesday, when they will be ready for eiair in ?tiou. <.73t*ec A.C. TUTTLB. Auctioneer. HAKDWA?K. CUTLF.RY. iiUNS, FANCY G'?ODB, iic.?JACOB S. PLAT I *3 twentieth Fall Trade Hard wan1 Sale th'* season, will take place this day, at 10 o'clock, at his auction room, No. 23 I'l it', corner of G Id street, consist ind of 350 packages, cas-s ami lots of Birmingham ami Shef field Hardware mid Cutlery, French and Domestic (imilt. Also, ail exteusve xttoilment of Table and Desert Knives and Forks; Carvers; Sti? Is; Pen, Pocket, 1. 2, 3 and 4 blade Knives; 11- m * ' ?? ? Razor*; Scissors; Shears 8tc; of fiesh importations Also, ail invoice of double barrel (inii<; Kngli?h Belt and Pocket Pistols; Duelling Pistol* iu mahogany cote*; Howie ....a tstfjj Knives;Ike. i, at 12 o'clock, 10 ca*et iJerman Tovs, suitable for coun I ii'tail dealers. Also, GBRMAN GOODS, comprising ?al assortment of Staple and Fancy Goods. i, 50 sets polished tteel Fire 1 roll*, witil Standards, Tea and Dirk Knives; Ike. Also, al 12 o'clock, 10 c ues ilertnan Tovsj suitable for coun try and r 11 " *' " " '" - a gene'* Tray* and Waiters, Brats Candlesticks, tec. <kc., being the pat term of a Birmingham house, and with which the sale will commence. Also, a lorge assortment of Jananery. oil lt*rrc III '11 II lit I,BUI HOUiS AT Alii TIU.s r KVY Ik SPOONKR will mill This Morning, at II. o'clock, *-?* 157 Broadway,* few cases of choice Root*, jutl received from lisrlrin in Holland. and are from the same house whose Hoot* gave such universal satisfaction Inst year. The case* contain every variety and will be sold in suitable lots *t per catalogue. The l.ondo ' Plants will be sold a the tame tune. r. /"Wed- esday Kveiimg. at7 o'clock, they will tell the Col lection of Paiiitint* just received from Antwerp. 'l'liursdav Evening, 2011 French Kngraviiigt, and 200 Kngliah Kiigraviugs and Mezzotint*, and Marine Shells. , 08 It'rc AUCTION 8ALK OF CHOICE AND HARK PLANTS, FROM LONDON. JpySl LKVY Ik SPOONF.R will sell on Tuesday morning, liL Htli instant, at II o'clock, at *51 Broadway, the moat valuable and magnificent collection of Kxotic Plant* ever im ported ill this country. It include* 34 nf the inoit choice varie ties ofthe Came lit. and some rare llowery and luxuriant plant* which can he found iu the richest gardens of Knrope. A few of them are entirely new, and have been but recently discovered by the moat eminent botanist*. They were brought to thi* country three da' s ago, by Mr. Alexander Uordou, whose fame as a botanist, both iu thi* country anil iu Kuio|ie, is well known. Catalogues on Monday. o7 2fec AUCTION NOTICF..?Klrgaut Furniture?On Thursday at 10'j o'clock, will be *idd the entire *u|ierior Furniture, all made to order, and of the very be*t description, contained iu the handsome modern built house. No. 79 tireeii street, near Spring, l'atticulnrs in a future advertisement ol fit'ec 'l'HOS. BF.LL, Auctioneer. 57* FOR C'KNTLBMKN ONLY.wClJ DR. HOLLICK'S SKLHCT LECTUKE8. ON the Plivsiology and Philosophy of lh? Reproductive Function*, ana their Physical and Moral consequence*. Illustrated by fifteen full-sized, perfect model* of TH K FKMALK FORM! THB KMBRYO OR FOKTUS. Ike. In every stage ofdevelo|iemeiit, besidei teveral natural prepara tion* from the real subject. TUK.SDAY.WKDNF.SDAY, it THURSDAY, October "th, 9th and Iflili, In Broadway Hall,cor. of Broadway and Oraud al, at 7K P M. Karh Lecture complete iu itself, though the wnole form a connected course. All the Mod 'ls shown each evening. Tickets for the couise, (1,00. Single Lecture, 50 cents. Y"Ul/u not iitlmitlrd A full course, for Ladies only, at 3 iu the afternoon of the tame day. Admlss'on 26cents Ail Kshibifoii of all the Models, with a Descriptive Lecture, will be given at 10 eat h morning precisely. Admi**iou 25 Cla, ?foi gentUmeu only. (^"Dr. II can be consulted only one hou' liefore each tur*. Patient* attended to in the order of their arrival. oS Itre OR EAT ATTH ACTION. AT PALMO'S (i.atf) CONCERT SALOON, comer of Bri adway and Chamber* strret. The Proprietor ofthe above Saloon h is in ule a re-engagement with the popular and celebrated SOUTH CAROLINA 8ERKNADKH8, who now stand nn rivalled with any other Band of Kthiopian Performers iu the United State*?whose performances are only to lie witnessed to be duly appreciated. The Band consists of Mr. J. Ward, on the Violin, who will, during the evening, accomptny the Ac cordian on the Piano Forte. Mr. C. E. /esl e on the Accordian. Mr. J. Tichenor on the Banjo Mr. W. Roach on the Bone Caitiueti. And Mr. W on the Tambourine In addition to the ahove is Mr. M. Flavin, the (Nipular Sentimental and Comic Vocalist. Admission to the Saloon, only 6St cen'??and every attention will lie paid to plea*ethe visiters of tiie above Saloou. ?6 3t*ec ART AND SCIENCE OF DANCING AND WALTZING A CARD-MR. WHALE and DAUOHTKR reanectfully announce to the Ladiet and Oeiitlelneu of New York, that tlieir ('lasses iu Dauciug, Waltzing, aud the Polka Dance, will commence at the Assembly Room, Couatitution Hall, 650 Broadway, on Saturdiy, October 12th, and will continue throughout the season. Day* of Tuition, for Young ladies and <)*ntl?*neu under 14. every Tuesday and Saturday afternoon, commencing al 3?and for the elder class of Gentlemen at 7. Kvery new style of Dancing taught in Mr. W.'? classes, without additional charge to pupils. Sir. W. trust* that the relerence* he shall offer of his capability will be satisfactory. Schools and Academies attended to on ap plication ss above, or at his Private Academy. No. 70 Sixth Avenne, where terms will be mide known and circular* given, confining particular*. o2 lm'rc MVlLK, PAlJLjNE DK8JARDIN8 respectfally informs her patrons aud the public in general, that she is Xhout to form a " C'laxtr itr Ounce" for ladies aud gentlemen, in which she will teach the favorite Polka, Mazourka, and all the other fashionable Dances of the day. The morning school will lie iqien from 12 o'clock to 2 o'clock and the evening from C o'clock to 9 o'clock. Ladies and gentlemen wishing instruction are requested to call at M'lle Desjardiu's house, 7 Park Place. s28 2w*rc D~ R. LAHDNKH ~CONSULTINO c;NOINKBR. Athe neuin Hotel, Broadway, New York?Dr. Lardner will continue the piofessional practice which for many years he pur sued on au extrhsive scale in London, aud may be consulted by |iateiilee?, manufacturers, and others, on quesfion* regarding impruveinent* in th* arts and inanufacturvs, which insolv* the application of tlie principles of Mechanical or Physical Science. Those who reside at a distance may forward (postpaid) a clear statement of the case, with the necessary drawings or spe cimens, when immediate attention will lie given. *11 I in rc NEW YORK GALLERY OF FINE ARTS HMIK Kxhibition of Pictures and Kngravings of this Institu ?a tion will he o|ien to the public in the large room of the Na tional Acadi my of Design, over the Society Library, on Wed nesday next, 'lie 9th ineiant. LIFK MEMBERSHIP ONE DOLLAR. To new member.. "ingle admission 25 cents. Tlie Uooms will lie o|ieii daily from u A. M. to 5 P. M.. and only on Monday and Toetday evening* of each week, until fur llle: nOtil e. Persons holding scrip certificates, and those wishing to be come membeu, will please apply for tickets of memnership to Mr. h R ASK.H. at tlie Rooms of the American Artists' Union, No 32^ Broadway. o7 2t ec EXTRACT OF CUIIEBS, COPA1VA AND SA RSA PARILLA 'PHIS is one of the ino*t *|ie<.i|y aud effectual remedies for tlie 1 cure of (tonnorrbcea that has ever been introduced. It 1* pleaaant to the palate and grateful to the stomach, and is easily taken, being in the usual form of extracts. In it are concen trated all the medicinal pro|ierties of such remedies a* are found most s|ieedily efficacious iu curing gleets, seminal weak ness whites, and all discharge* of the urinary pusage. It i* wholly a vegetable compound and acta like a charm in pro ducing an immediate (iteration u|?m the part affected. Full directions accompany the medicine, which maybe had at No. 2 Ann street?Price (I. P. 8?Stranger* who desire medical advice may consult Dr. Olover confidentially at Ills office, No. 2 Ann stieet, at all hours of the day and evening ol lt*W UftlVfcttSlTV fcl RGICAL AiND MEDICAL CLINIOUE rPHIS Institution has bren estatdished by the Medical Faculty A of the University of New York, for the purpose of enabling thnseci'izeuswho are affected wphsurficsl disease*, aud whose circumstances prevent tliein obtaining relief to have ttie neces sary operation* jierlormed gratuitously, and likewite to fi rnish sdvire and medicine to the tick poor free of charge. On every 8atuid.iv throughout the year. Dr. MOl'T will be in at'eno Slice at the Cliniqne, 659 Broadway, to give advice, and perform any sorgic il operation that may lie required. '1 he Clinique will open at nme and e'o?e at one o clock, P. M. UNIVKRBITY LYINO IN CHARITY.?Thi* charity it nnder the direction of Dr. BEDFOM D. and i* also intended to furnisli gratuitous assistance to poor women in their confine ment. All women who may require the aid of this charity, are requested to legister their namea with Dr. BKDFOHD, 743 Bm dway, and they will lie altrnded at their own honse* free of cha'ge 08 2?w Im* rrc GENTLEMEN'S LEFT OFF WARDROBE, THE HIGHEST PRICES can be obtained by Oentlemer * or Families who are desirous of converting their left off wearing apparel into caali. Families or Gentlemen qnittinp the city or changing resi dence, having any superfluous effect* to dis|>o*e of, will nnd il much to th?ir advantage to *en il for the Subscriber, who will fend at their residence tiy aproiutinent. J LEVINSTYN, 466 Broadway, up itair*. A line through the Pott Office, or otherwise, will receive nrompt strention *1 lm*ec WH() discovered itI DH. A. ('. f'ASTLK, Anno Domini I*28, firat Introduced to tlie notice of the public the mode of inserting Artificial Teeth ou the principle of adhesion by atmospheric pressure.? In 1115, '40, other dentist* make tlie laughable claim ol lliis me thod a* their dt?covery. As well might they claim hi* inimi tal.le Paste foi filling hollow, lender teeth, which i* put into the tooth iu a soil st*te, ai.d in a few *econds become* a* hard and in all ie?|iects as good at tlie original sound tooth. The first ltmilie< in th? I lilted Stale* use and recommend it. The most ditto guished physicians, mad>- coguizmt of its harmless com binations from their own practical ei|?ri?uc?, recommend it It has eceived the highest commendation from the 'Press " l>r Castle refer* lo the Spanish, French and Kuglish Ambassa dors, Spanish and Knglish Consul*, N. Y .the Phuician* and Surgeons ofthe Universities, N. Y.. and New York Cilv Hos pital. anil numerous eminent member* of the bar and church, kc fcc. be. I k A. C. CASTLK. M. P.. Dentist, Ml Broadway. TURKISH FANCY STORE. M5 Broadway, WHF.RF may be had Fancy Article*, ju?t received fmm Constantinople. Also, Turkish Tobacco, f.esh 1'urkish ('audi. m?d hera tiy the proprietor, (an Armenian gentlemtn,) who h i long resided iu Conanntinople. li s ( andy Uing fresh, renders it fir superior to that wlip h is imporlsd from Constantinople. H. TATEOYSAN 06 IW *eC INDIA CHINA.?A few "f those splendid India China Din' 1 ncr Si lts on hand, and will he sold low. Also, Cups and Saucer". I'ei si his w iihing 11 id is China to in stch would do well by call ing it T110MAs L. MOSK, cheap t Imia (rliss and F.irlhen w in store 150 (^raud street comer of Centre. o7 3t*rrc frV.S( ii lamh ai.k And vilsic. MON8., MADAME AND M AD'LLK. (?AUV AIN. returned iheir Classes and Private Lessons for the season The French taught through Manesci's Oral System, exclusively used by Mr. Oauvain for these fifteen years |??*t. The Piano, GuilAt. and Singing alto taught, on the most approved principle* I'lw Frtnch Iwguafe it mtislly spokeii ^I^trie^"a.rn^y^^Apvlr ' 04 JW'n AMUSEMENTS. PAKK TI1KATKU.. BENEFll OF MR JONE* THIH KVKMNH, Oct. 8, will I* iwfojgf. thefct act olth* ENCHANTED HORSE, t>H THE EASTERN LOVERS With new $c?*nerv, Coat'im#*, Machinery and Decoration*. The Muaic coinpoaftfl by Mr. Jones. The Prince Axi.u - ? ? ? ? ? Mr Joaaa. 'J lie Priucess Zoye* ... ....... Madame Otto. Vfter which, CINDEMEI.H ! . Prince Eelig vr Jone* I Cinderella Mad ui Otto Ti> conclude wiili HA18INO THE WIND. Jeremy Diddler Mi W H ' Boiw.Ut Tier 7} cents?Second iud Third Tier* SO ceuU?I it JO cents?Gallery ti cent*. PALMO'rMKW VOItK OPKKA HODsK. Third Night of th- New Pani.iinine llallet. On TUESDAY EVENING. OCT ? THE INDEPENDENCE OK GREECE ! THE WOMEN*WARRIORS, Will be performed. Comma. Mad'l'e Desianlins | Disre, Mad'lle II Valle* Ypai'auti, Mim? Martin | Mainlined, Mr Parslor Babou*", Morn Looati I Julien. MonaJule In the Ballet will be introduced i Orand Pas de Chal at de? Ccurones and numerous other dances B tweeu the net* lull an hour* intermission. Admission 5o cents to all parts of the house. WEDNESDAY NIOHT, October 9, Will be tierformed Bellini's 0|iera, II. PI RATA first Tier of Boies and Parquetje, $1?2nd Tier of Boxes, !W eta. Seau can be secured ?ix days in advance, from 9 A. M. to 6 P. M. Libretto* for the Opera in English, and Italian for the Ballet can I* had at the Box Office. Poor* "lieii at 7^ '*e f- rmance 'o commence at H ? clock tltltlia?ItUU Mil . The Original and Legitimate NEGRO SINGERS have re turned from England. DAN KMMJT, KHaNK BROWER ?t CO. Betides whose |wrformancei, there will be given a uew and brilliant Caialcade, THE MAIDS OK PERSIA AND NOBLES OF THE E <* S'P. Led by Mrs. Cole, Mrs. Gullien, Mrs. Hodgers and Mrs. Williams. Mrs. Gullieu. I for the first time) in the Naut'cal Act of Horse manship, c tiled the "Sailor's Return " Beanies Vaulting, Tumbling Riding be. Boxes cents ; Pit i?H cent*.?Private Boies $3 each o7 3f ec BllUON's THKA'I Itfci. AltCH STREET, PHILADELPHIA The New Historical Play of PUTNAM ! Having lieen received nightlv bvil>? ??>o?t t?m<"V,,'oU.* al'P'ause, will lw> acted every night this week, with the Roonntic Extravaganza of THE YELLOW DWARK. Klnst-rino -.Mr. Burke Keniando T. B. Johnston Yellow Dwarf Russell Allfair ._ Mrs._Booth MR. DEMPSTER WILL give a VOCAL ENTERTAINMENT. ?t the So cietv Library, on WKDNlilSDAY EVENING, Oct. 9th, w hen In- will be assisted by MR DANIEL, from Europe, being his first appearauce in America. Tickets 50 cents?to he had at the door. Programmes, giving full particulars, may be had at the Music Store* and the Society Library To commence at a nuartei before 8 o'clock. oB itrc O L E B U LL >IA> TH). HONOR TO ANNOUNCE THAT HI! FIRST CONCERT THIS SEASON. WII.L TAKE fLACE AT NIB LO1& THEATRE, AN SATURDAY EVENING, ilie 12th October, 1844. TlCK^a^ted'lTiM-To^h.d - sU Music Stores, the Astor House, and at the door. Doors will opeu at 7, and Concert commence precisely at 8 'clock. o7lol8rc IRISH MINSTRELSY. MR. M'MICHAEL WILL GIVE Hl? ENTKHTAINMKNT OK IRISH MINSTRELSY, AT THE SOCIETY LIBRARY, BROADWAY, This Evening, the Nth of October, ANl) ON Saturday, the 11th. TO COMMENCE AT EKIHT O'CLOCK. K7* TICKETS FIFTY CENTS. ?d) r>6 3tec APOLLO ROOMS. 0NH GRAND VOCAL AND INSTRUMENTAL CONCERT. N THURSDAY, the loihof October, I8U, by AD. OAR RE A U, V ioloncellist, assmted by the follow ii.g (listing malt ed Artists? VOCALISTS... . Messrs. Antogniui, T?nnr; Sanquiricn, Basso < oniico. INSTRUMENTALISTS. . , Messrs. Scharfenherg, Piano; Rapetii, Violin; Anpick, Horn; Au. Oarreau, Violoncello. Mr. Eti'ii' e will preside nt tl.e Piano. PROGRAMME. Part I. 1?Grand Trio?Ku LA h. 1st Movement for Piano, Violin and Violoncello, Messis. hcharfeuberg, Rapet'i and Garreati Mayieyder 2?Comic Duetto?from the Oper< "OlivoEPas quale " Messrs. Aiitogoiili and Sanquin- o...... Donizetti 3?Solo f r Violoi cello?On motifs from "Lucia ill Lammermoor," comiaised and executed by.... ''*rr *M 4?Aria?From h' 'Soinnambula," i r Antoguini, Rossini -Fantaivie Ecoss i?e?Kor Violoncello,composed aud executed by Oarreau Part II. 1?Grand Trio?En LA h, 2d movement for Piano, Violin and Violoncello, Mesirs. ?charfeiib?rg, Rapetii and Oarreau Majseyder 2? Dno?Krom "L'Eli?iri'd'Amore," Messrs. An toguini and Manquerico Donixetti 3?S'ili?? Executed on the horn, by Mr Aiifick ... I?Aria Buffa?Krom llie 0|*ra "Le CoHVenieiixe Teatrali," Mr Sanqvirico... Doni*etit i?Souvenirs Sui?????Nilo for Violoncello, com posed and executed by ........ Oarreau TICKETS ONE DOi L All EACH?To lie had at the Mu sic Store, Astor Houte, and at the dmir. Doors open at 7. Concert to commence precisely at * o'clock. <>8 3'rc MADAMroTTO'S BENEFIT. PARK TH EATRE?M A DAME O'lTO most re?i?ct fully inform* Iter frien?l? and tli?* |n*blic. that her Benefit will tHKf place on THURSDAY EVENING uest, tlse lOtli inst,., when will be presented, for the lil time this season, Bellini's lavonte Ot>er< of LA SONNAMBULA. Elvino M'. Jonea. Aniina... Madame Otto. And, by particular request, the second act of DER FRElSCflUTZ. Max Mr. Jones. Linda Madame Otto. With other eutertainments. (rr-The Box Book is now open. 08 3t"e< NIBLO'S. WCORBYN res|>ectfully iufortnn the public, lhal he has ? taken the above popular and fashionable Th-atie for the EXTENSIVE ALTERATIONS AND IMPROVEMENTS am in progiess, which will render it as WARM ANl) COMFORTABLE, ANY THEATRK IN TII B t I T Y . It will, alter a short ieces?, OPEN KOR THE SEASON', with an etfi lent and nwm.Y TJILKNTKD COMPANY, to whom will occasionally be added T H E M OST E M I N E N T ARTISTS, in everv branch of the i rofeaaioir as well a? any INTERESTING AND ATTH.1CTIVF. NOVELTIES that may offer. " Kull particulars will lie duly ?imonnced. 08 3ti?* rc OLYMPIC THEATRE 'PHE LADIES AND GENTLEMEN engag.d at this ? esiablishnieii', are requested to uwet in the (ireen Room, on Wrduesdav nioriiing, October 9th, at 10 o'clock, prior to the ..telling, for the Sixth Season, on Moo da), Orioser Hth, I8'4. oH It?ec W. VUTCHKLL. Manager. THEA riOCAL Nt?TiCE. 3ROKESSIONAL Ladiea and Gentlemen are hereby notified ? that I have leased each of the following The slits for the en sum* five yean..... ? ., Savannah, Geo. Colombia, S. C. Augosta (?eo. | Maeoo, Oeo. My Wintrr Season will commence at Savannah, onoryoot the 15th October, and end May l.t?my two Company |*rform iug alternately at eaeh Theatre during tlie season. Letters ad dras'.eit to ine at Savannah, Geo., if post-paid, will always be promptly attenikd to. I can give peinianent enjagements and fair salaries to ten good Musicians, if application is made to in at th? North American Hotel, New York, on Wednesday, 9ih in.tant. JOHN S. POTTER. Baltimore, October 3, 1841. oJto#rc CHESTNUT STREET THEATRE, PHILADELPHIA. ... LADIES AND GENTLEMEN engaged at this Theatre, are requested to meet in the Ore^u l4o?m, on Wednesday, the 0th of October, at 12 o'clock, preparatory to opening on tlie 12th instant. PRATT k W k VIV HS, Philadelphia O. t.ihe 7th, IIMI. "8 iiufcr.i PH1LHAK vi(IMC SOCIETY. THIRD SEASON-IH44-1H44 (?"IIE Gmernini'iit of the New York Philharmonic Society l?*? leave lo inform the public that a subscription list for the I oncerta of tlie ensuing season is now 0|ieu a' the store of Messrs Schari enreimi k Lt'H, 3f>l Broadway, near Kraukliu at'eet. , Subscriber* of the lut season, who wish to continue their subscription, as well aa those who wish to subscribe for llie present season, are desired to send in tlieir names as soon as |w>s Slble, as 'he list of subscription is to be closed oo tlie lit day of Novemlier next. TIk Government will use every exertion to render tlie per formances worthy of th? continued patronage of the public. 'I he first t 'oncert will take place alxiut the beginning of No venilier next. Terms of subscription, $10 per annum, payable on delivery ol the tickets for the first < oncert, entitling tlie suhicrilier to ihiee admissions to e*ch of the four ( oncerts, w ith the privilege of purchasing two extra tickets for r4"h ' oncert at $1 ,i<? |"ei ticket. By order: WM S( HARKENHEItO, oi 2wi??rrc hecreta? y. T'HE 1 Th Wm ILLI AM St HAHKENBEHO Ik KEHD. I.l lh lyg leave to inform tlieir friein's fl a t'o?|iarinersk HI, -lie sale of which llwv H H . H store 3#I Broadway, near rAnkliii street, where ma\ l>e con* to inform tlieir frien'is nM the public in g-itei.,1 |h<| the have formed * < '<>-|?rtiierahip for the nn|H>r'atioii of Koreigu Mnsic, for the sale of which thei h<>? o|?- -da I)e|Mit at the ?tantly foi'nd ill the Cl,ssiral Works of the celel.fited Kiench, (ierman .ml Italian comt?>s.-rs, as well axil the I.teat publica tions, of which they will always haiea complete assortment as o 'II as publiihetl in Europe. . N. B. Italian Strinei of superior quality for V iolins, Guitars, ||ar|ia. fcc. lie Silve' Wire, Rosin, Igc ni Imis'rre t Alllhl I IUN THE END OF THE WORLD. AN ORIGINAL PAINTING A VERY LARGE SIZE with ? olossal Figures, paint " ed and lately finished by K. Anelll, in New York. Ethibitiou now often, at A;miIIo Rofiins, 410 Bt.iadway, from 10 A V to i P M , sou Irorn 7 to I* P. M. Admission 26 cents alO lm*re PANORAMA AT NIBLO'S GARDEN.?Ops for a * s?M?on. tlie most magnificent Panoramic Painting ever ex hibited in this country, (so say all the Artists that have seen it.) It wsneiecuted by tlie celebrated Artists, Mr. W. Darnell E G. Parrei anil Augustus h^irle, It A. London. It is now opeu during tlie day. Admittance to the Garden and Panorama 2'i cents. A rim are respectfully invited to visit tlie Fu< m* f\ee il.-ij., 'I lie Panorama ol Mad ri i. ? , >1 i-, |'u<,e.l ?tuuare,attended with irnmen?e iuc u chceU I > Mr Niblo was Considered the Ver> ; ,? i imting n London^ %1N yrn c RAi"'*?341 Dales^io I Ceglmni tVeao lot s?|e |>\ ?l?ec Pt. H*S> k ItltOOKS, and 11 Naasau s! JR^H OAT MEAL?Abuut two tout^ts**'* ??IIm ' Frknch 1 mkatkk ?C?? the French side of the Bet, ot yrnt-rdtiy, %??? t-e?* with intiutte plrHsurp, th?t letteis It**.- h.rn from i DiVit, the d? rector of tp? Th* airr d'Oi Ua*i, ut.uour.ciig mat he haa ?ticc?ed?il in in. king the nimttir | nit ot his ciigng* mei*ta lor the approaching "???in The tollowng me itio iturnea of th? artista that I:u.l h . ti .t. fii,it*1 > ci g-geil up to tb? date of the tailing ot the Britannia :? Baritone, M Oarry, ot the theatre ol Ljoi i: Bats, M Doner),do !? ll?gue, Light Tenor, M CtBUrwt ; btigaz'n Mad. 8 tpt.eii ; f ii it " young men," M Monta?sp-r, of the'heatre cf Am gteidam. We hnvu ahead) announced M'llc Calve't tn gdgenn n' at prima Hjuna. We repest our gratifi ation at th- gticceia of Mr Davit, Irom the n lined and rutin 11?; pleat'ire wo have lor > mri enjoyed at the French theatre. The editor of'tha Bit remarks, that in Im opinion, frooi the d. finite doting of a French theatre tu rn date the commi net no lit of tbn corruption and final extinction of the tmrity of the Kiench language a* K|K>ken in lhi? State. We entertain no doubt of the cvrrectuwa ol bia opinion.?*". O fie , Srft. J8. Cask ok Ford ?The cane of Ford ih alo^ly pro cresMinff: Mr Coll occupied the whole of yester day morning iu opeuing the cam for the ddeiica. Several witneiici gave in their temimony in the iftermon ; nothing, materially new, however, waa elicited. wi'h the exception perhapl. of iom? fac?? having a tendency to ibow a rather irrational Klta of mind, under ubirb th? |<ritoner labored alter ihwdimppeaiaiice ol liU daughter.? St. Lnuit RevtlU, S?;.( 37. Returning Homk ? Within the ld*t three or foul days we have nu t a number of our f'rllow citizen* returned from .their tumtner travelii in the North,and from them we learn that otbera will lie daily arriving Thn tight of old friendi. and the hearty thake ol handi, la mult pleasing to no at all time* but moie particularly to n w thut we apprehend no tear of danger to thorn Irietida Irom licknetH The city it petltcily healthy, and we anticipate in one abort month iwin' to tie ail of our townsmen back and engaged in tlie buttle of the wiuter'a buiuiem ? a business that we coi fidin'ly ixi?rt will surpass in rommarcial tramactiona tliut ol any seaton ilnce "S6 anil '37 ? S O Pic. Sijm 2#. Frost ? On Sunday night last, 29 liult. (nays the Milledgeville Recorder of the lit inat) v. a bad a Iroat, the earliest we recollect for many yean. From ita l?ing dry, it was not ao severe, however, at to kill vegetation to any considerable extent It will likely ohrck the growth of cotton, and other tender planti, without doing any material damage to the farmer- there being no lata grawth to matara. Hkai.tii of Natchiz ?The Natchez Courier of Thuraday ?aya?"Natchez ii ai healthy now ai it aver waa, the reporti to the contrary that are circulate)) through the country notwithstanding " The Sexton's re? port for the week ending the 3ftth, shows two deatha ?one of congestive fever, the other ol limple lever. Halea of Stock* In PMl?delpbla. FiatT Boahd, Oct. 7 ? f300t) Reading Railroad bondi, 73}; 10.000 Cincinnatihondi. 101; 341 ilia Man (k Mech, Pittsburg 46; 67ft do Wilmington Railroad, 36j; 100 do do do 36j; 4 do Faimera' and Mechanic*' l)k 43;, 101 do U 8 Bank, b<; l| do Northern Libertiei Bank, 4ftJ; $371 state Fives, 61l, lMXi do do 74}; 3ft 000 do do, 74. BIUP WIGWS. Home Porta. Philioclphia, Oct 6?Arr Turk. Eldridge, Bost"n:Kvrlina Walton, Rio de Janeiro. Sid in Co. with Globe, for Philadel phia. AI?o arr, Ni|>oleon, Culiff. Sydney CB. Spoke 3d nut, no lat given, Robert Treat, of Thoniaaton. fm Martinii|U? bnd Bo.umi Arr7lli. Oen Bolivar. Berry, Botton; Maria. Tay lor; K Town?emT7 lngeraoll, anO Attnno, ??. dence; J Ik W F.rrickaon, Sinitli, and Tixreat, Thompaon, New York; Uncat, ltonert, Norwich, Conn. Bai.timork. Oct. 7?Arr Magnolia. We?l, Ponee, P H; Boli var, Bunker. Niuiliicliel via Norfolk. I Id, tJo'the, llomarit, Bremen; Jahez, Smith, Antisua ; (Jeii'l Pinrkuey, fliihbii, Charlejton; Roe, Uodin-. N Vo'k; Tiaffic, Rosert. New Vork. Sid, Ania, Rotterdam; (?ietha, Bremen; Alio, Mobile-, Otneral Pinckney, Chirleatou; Thoniaa. West Indie* Alto, in tow of a steamer, thip Orphaut, Hill, Valparaito, via New York. DOUHLG KXTKA ITALIAN IIAIR WASH. All infallible, ?ov?* reifen ami celpbratMl ffd'fitnr uf D?m dnifT~-cl#?iiiM?i and | un?tfn tlit* head and liivignrfttpa and cul> tivnei tl?r Human Hair Thi? cpIp bntfd V\'a^U r?'C?ni nwnded by rtuin^roui mpdici' and >::it-nti fir n? ntlrmen. is con ktantly for ?alp at the fcbop of lb** inventor and proprietor 17 I'ak Row, N. Y ork. P. PUHHtDDU. N. B.?Orden from the country will be promptly atteudad to, if addrenaed to tlia rropriatoi, enclotillg the cath He bai no agenta. Single waali iu t'la thop 2i centa?or $1 |*r Imttla. o2 lm*m BEACON COURSE. FOOT RACK FOIt *l<.l*t THIS RACK taken place on the Beacon Cnnrae,* New York, on th.- lith of October at thiee o clock, weather lermittinir. '1 lie Pnr^e of SIIKJO it divided l**tw?*?ii tlie firat, second, third and fourth, for th* greatest distance performed in one hour. There have thirti -?>-veii per-uiit, from (liffe ent parU of the United State, awl Ki gland, l aid their entrance to start for the race, including three of the belt pedetlriana, v? ho have lately arrived here from iheold country for this contest; tUo, Major Henry Stanuard ??f (,'onneciicut, John Golden, and other cpjfhrated j>rdp*triant of Uie country. i'here wJl al?o be a FOOT K AC E ^ on tbe above Courae, on the 10th of October. the following Kinall | tirM'H, for short di*tancpa, will be Kir*-u ns a preparatory raf, vi/.: $?'* for 200 yard?, %9i f??r 4?0 ya?da, %S of ||w pura?a to the aecoud in tl>p rarp; $10 for ha'f a mi?r, SI0 lor Uip aecond; bi'j for one mile, $li?-f th pr;te to tl?p second in thp rare All I eutfip* t?. tht above to b?* made on or before the 8tn ol October, either b> letter left with Kap?DaLI- Smith, Park How. or with th? proprietor, who will l>e at the ahov^ place on thf evaniug ??t tliM 7th and htb, between the hour* of 9and 10 u clock, loi U?? purpoae of ref? lying entriea. . ? . e Atn?kf. All i?none who hare entered for the aboee nnrse of $1(K)0 an- requPHted to bp present on thia occaaion, dreaded i? their joek?-\ drp*?p?, for the purpoae of recrivintf their nuinbera, g?*t tiiiR tneir licKH^. kc. . HOHHK RACING On the above Courae. \ m? ?*ting of racing will commencc on thia Cotfrne o?? TI KSDAV, the 22d. and coi tuiue lor three daya, uid the following ptiraeawill bp girpn . $200 for one mile; !L!MM) f?i two mil*-*, for 0 reemilea, and a suitable purse lor our inilea. There will also be spver d sweepetakea o|ien. 1 m track will b? |?nt iu good order; stable, atraw, kc., gratis. tf rrc BEACON COURSE?TKOTT1NO. MONDAY, Wctolier 7th, at 2o'clock?A Match, Two Mile Heatt in Hamea*. J. Whelpley name* gr. g. Stockton H. WoodruH namet til l! Ne*rt>urgh Sanv- day, at half-liaat 3 o'clock precitely?Purte $7(141, Mile lleat., best three in nee under the saddle, fr?- for all Trottia* and Pacing llortet. I) Brjant nainee t. in l.?d> .1 Wiwlpley names b. n. John < t ..Itioun A. C<'iikliii names r. in fairy Uueen rUKSI) A V , October 8th, It 3 o'clock ?Purse and Stake for $MMI. Three Mile He.ita under the Saddle. H. W.Midruff uaTet b g Ajai treu Spirer usmet ch g. Sir William S McLaughlin names b, * Jersey Blue TO Till. nJBLIC?The Proprietor! ^ie Hware that ttreat dissatisfai tion hat aritrn in confluence of hurtet not staitiag at the turn- Thia, in tome inttsnces, could not be avoided, in others it could have been; but they !><?? Ie??e to tay, that iu future they pledge tliemtelves lhat ill all rices, sshere they hvve any control, the hortes shall be called up at the time advartiaad o4 ttF8iMkTu*ja FOR NEW ORLEANS AND GALVESTON, TEXAS-vu HAVANA ANL) KEY WEST To SaiL on Sarranar ItrM Oi lpa? a, ar 4 n'ci.oca, P M. Theelegant well known and favorite Steam lahipNKW \0|{K,Jnhii T Wright, t om | rnander will positively sell at shove 1 hit steamer hat been overhauled, and put in com - I plete order for the season, and no etjiente haa been Ipaied a> make her everj way complete? hat lsr*e and airy state r".out, every way tdtpted for the comfort of p???i-n|fers.? She carries sufficient fuel from here for the ?oyag?. and will not stop at the intermediate porta only to land ai.d receive paa toMiatsagc. apply to ? apt. Wright On board foot of Clinton tlreer, K K , or to A. HLBBAKDk C O. v-ISI Im? rrc 37 leek Slip. FOR NKW OR1.KANS?MM ISIANA AND NKW \ f'ltK LINK. ?Positively firtt regular packet ^___r..ssil Mnaday. 14thiaat rhr van fast sailum pack et sriip t A/Of), ( tpt. Wibray, vs.II positively tail at above her legniai day. Kor fn-ight or passage,having elegant furnished accommo datinns, apply on board at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall it., ii [, Ii.. K. COM.1N8 It CO., M Sonth street Sbipiera by this line may rely upon havm* gooda correctly meaauied, and thai the ships of thu hue tail punc tually at advertised. Agents in New Orleant?Meatra. Ilnllen tnd Woodruff *ho nil promptly lorvsard all a<e>da to their addreat olm HI.AC K BaTiTITk t)I D LIN K~OK LIVF.B iMWVrOOL PA< KK.TS--FOR LIVKRPOOI.?Only jgjU||?reg"lar packet tailing on the 16th of October 'f I|> losKiii'irrnt and remarkable fm sailing packrt ship ENOLAND, < tpttaiu Samuel Bsrtle't, will lanitivel) tail ou Wi-dusday. tlir Wth of tlctnbsr, her regular day It is well I,,own that the accommodations of the Fnglaid, ami ill tie- eight ahipa of tins line, are iut?d out in a m^st rnsily ttvli with every na di-iu inoMnVemeut and eonveniei c> that cannot but aihl to the comfort of cabin, second cabin and steerage pasaengera Those V siting the old country wilt sf all tunes find It tlieir Interest to aelect tbaae deairable convev ancat, ill preferance 'a any other. ., For termt of passage and to tecure the lieat bertht, early appli cation should tie made no board, foot of Beekinan street, or to the iiibachben. .. . .... ROI HK, BROTHERS,fc CO., o*rc 3J Fulum ttrret. neit door to the r ulton Bank. LOUISIANA LINE Oh NEW ORLEANS SETS?IV kei. f tht Hth Oct.?rim Packet or flSL...Ve f ee -Th. will hnowu fatt sailing jwek-t Unl^^/OO Capt Wilnai. will s-tl mMCWalty at above. Iier regular dav, weatlicr | eriMttin* 01 passant trea 'I he ahipa C.f tins line hiv now comu.i ced their regular tri s an.w.lti tail punctusily <t usual,evn> Mond iy morning, lu i or nM l> <" emt'aik lor the .b-ve port wiTl find this the only regintr line .ailing out "I New V ork fo? Nrw Orleaas. and lb. I passage it low, for which apply on bo.rd, foot W all t j T TAps( ()TT 16 >outb si reel cor. Maiden Lane. ? llolmiw Line" psrk't sliit' Alah una, will succeed tH? \ aloo, ,d aiil o i Mom! .Wihinst. o?rc (?tilt NKW ORLEANS?Union Line?V rat llegiilar Packet with de?|sitch ?'1 he apl'ndid. fait filing pick, t t IM INN.VI I, Captain 1 lto.e. will y tail at above. Having saperii-i accommodationt for etbia,lecond ctbin ana tt r/age passengan, partoui about t? emb?tk thonld maka im - oieui ite application on 1^,4. ^^i'm.^rWaY . otre IN 1'iae matt, aomer uf *nutI.

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