Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 8, 1844, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 8, 1844 Page 4
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MAC AZIM !>E MODE, &o eu Canal street. . ED BK.I1RMAN. begs leave to iulorm her frieada that h# i on*.*uig (or the Fall at?l Wiarga Fashions, . / ? u early c?ll at her old ettabluliuieut, Muum de M>1- ' ?l tinwl. N -? w Y irk, O loSer 3d, l?H. o4 Im'w I' fita .Vf'Ll-l.-. t.K? . 1^1 18ft S\ OODKFKOY, J49 Broadway, nppoeite u> the 1 Carlton House, will open on Tuesday, the 2fth uistaut, her aMorliib-iu of fall and \l Intel Milliner,, Luibmtdcrie*. Ma terial* for*. Fauc y Artie In. tie Country Millium will br supplied at the mot( nixifiur (?new. ? J7 lai'm A PARIS MiLJLNERY" ESTABLISHMENT IN NEW YORK BAKi.NNE k CO.. patronised by the Coarts of Hranee md Belgium, of 14 Place Veiiduroe. Paris, have [he honor oi making known to it* Ladie* of the I uit?l States, tiiJ those of tfce iity of New V >rk particularly, that they 0^*u a branch of their well kaowu and fuhioutble Millinery 'Ut'Uiiuimn ol l'hu-vU>. the fth of September, am the corner of Si>?Jwty and Urand street. (entrance No. 114 Grand ,trS*> . . I"he branch in this city will he under the immediate tu|>eriu te-.Uenoe ol* one of the principle ladle* ol the Parit house. 1M ladm irt respectfully solicited to nait the saloons. where they Will ?t*ay. tiud ever% recherche article in the tmlltuery line from f?n?. b> tlie Packets ss they anive. P S. TVes would li*. inform thoee -ugiged in fhe millinery bo- mm u the principal cum of the Cuion, that all article* cuceeeted with their butiMM, and the 11teat fashlona, can be iuH i ?o pre v t u? to their being opened to the public in tin* city. I V^-ikr* ulu .tuaJI, i:tended to. ?H luirC FRENCH ARTIFICIAL F'OAEKSAXD FEATHERS. gfk PHl N LAROSILRfc k COURT. 116 William VK.^V^'P * ork, are ieoe ring by tli? Havre tia. ktts, ^ hen assortment i-f hall Goods, which, for tlegatice, "?^^?.hev have no rival. VII ile ilers and judges ill the above ,rs-i .vited to gi.e them u call, and we will venture to My , , w II urn leaie tlie *tor? w i thorn etpiMsing llieu sdiuira ?uc 1 a beikl'lul il.ick The, pledge themselves that the fu.ilic will ii't In* deceived with Ameiicau blowers lor Franch. .<> ,-v u.t.e tlnrii li< uir lu I'iri*, Run il* I MCy, No. ti, Hid de il eiclus veiy in r rench Flower*. o4 Itri'.c | FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERSj FEATHERS. HEAL) ORNAMENTS, tec , tec. 1 ] OWiTZ k B** ( Kh.K, No 34 Johu ?lrvri, will ui?u this ?L* vt ty, an ^utirrly fre^h ?ti>ck of Kr^uch Arcilici-al Flow?r?, K- iilwn, \u! ,ju*l r?*cnvr<l by th?? lut imckeu from Havre. Thf above ttt< ? k w .i? vlt*ct?'d in P;iri* by (J. K. Backer, liift* n . ? ?? of Willi**** ?v*fw* -il ?i ?? 1^ U U O A 1 L. 5 i it L L I , LONDON, Two I)n >ii rnuM the I^ondopi Corrnz IIolmk. M F- ^ 6 R ab . FLA X vi AN At SHOW E L L, 1 (Khom Hi hhurt'i.) TO KKH MAJKSTV, to retum lh?*ir i ? iiic?fre thanks lo thou? tfpitilemeii from America dud Metnwho have, duruiK their retideuce in Kutfland, no 11 he rally fdvort*(J tlirin with their ?up|iort, and at the time ^o aaaure their frieuds and the public, their chief desire .tnd <tiin will he to mtiuUin the higfi credit tiieir house ha? atLiiiird, hy *up|dyiii(| the very best K'?oda at moderate Ch.irKet, N B.?A large aasortment always ready for inspection. %<> hn ? rc I) M PEYSER at CO !Vo. 0<) John street, hiifl Broadway. HAVK received by reofiit arrivals, and Iceej) constantly OB hand, a large witl f.wief nl selected assor'ment of French and ^iermon artiales for Kmhroidery and Fancy (roods, which they orter for *ale at wholesale and retail, vizi Berlin Zephyr VVorsited, Uerinau VVorsted, Canvas. Flosa bilk, * hen i lie and t variety of other articles for Kmhroidery. Knnicli Purne Twist, sfiaded and ulaiii; Gilt and Silvered On imotiii Bruiltti|/<| Co^i ma BftttdsCi, Wire Baskets, tiili and Steal Cl/tsp? for and Purses; Jiilt o?d Silvered Hair Pius, Combs, FriuK?t?, Braids, Cord, TasneU, Necklace*, Slices, 8tc. \ si'leudid lisortuu m of all kind of Tassels, Chenill<? Cord t lieiiille. Kuiiiriiidcr^d Sosueud^rs and SuajpendQt Trimmin??, SUlkt >vorsrefl anil t *ottori Friu?es, and Gimp, in all colors and tjua '.jii a Oiled ^ilk, French mauii facta re, white, yellow and cwa j\ ?4 3m Henry Son, l3aniel Cotter, 8taau tk Banker, Charles , K. VV. Tryou St Co., B. F. ilorutr, Jaine^ Daily, John A TO TAILOttS. rpHE Second Edition of Stinemet's celebrated work on cut A tiiiu'narinsnts of every description in astvle of elegance unequalled, 14 now puhlithed and ready for delivery Those who ileaire to avail themselves of the >;reat advantages to be de rived from the u?e uf the instructions it contains, would do well to obtain a copy without delay. The bonk is 12 by 17 inches square, and coutaius 17 elegant diagrams of all the various styles oi garments worn at the present day, w ith full and ample luatruc tioua lor < uitinK in an ea*?y and scientilic manner, i lie follow uik tie .i few ul the tnanv highly resectable names who testify Co the menu ol the ho??k:? The ii designed being practically acquainted with Mi. Sttne met'* Treaties on Cutting Oarmeuts, with pleasure recommend it as t wurk complete iu its arrangement, and ?u its practical ap plication to cutting, superior to auy lieretofore published, either in hurnpe or America. P. f " ' Coi, Aiaviiand, J. 11. Btuker. The above can ve obtained of the author, No. 113 Broadway, Nee York. sIB lm*rc FRINGES AND GIMPtS BRAHAM KASTOK, hn|H?rter, 393 Broadway, has inst re ei\ed b> he Havre packets Louis Phillippe, St. Nicho las, L) iche-s U'OrleAils. and S.illy a Hue and large assortment of the latent and most iieauttful styles Royal silk bullion F ringes and rich h ?ud ui tda (iimps fo? triinniiiiKs, hl u k silk Lace*, aud Thread Laces, ever) soit Buttous, <I ord md Tasseli wiiii ".?! front irimiiMiigt for dreste^ with Bgougles and pi on, all colors Bi ouKle> Uimps, a great r-uiety of H rench Embroideries, thread Lace Vei|?, 1 bread Points, Thread LaCes, Cellars and ' ufls. Hiik Blond i'riniining Laces \ rich velvet and silk embroidered B.u<s, Purse , jei amJ gold Combs, Hair Pins, Necklaces, gilt, s Ivertd and steel Bead*, ( 'hups foi Bags a d l'ur?*s, velvet Kibbous, Kid(ilov?M, and .? new style of Smyrna Laces, aud many other articles loo numerous to dest rrbe?all ol which he . i i ro es. ,i v%b..n-. .lf .iol .hi.uI s'i > fr^m:h UF.MOVKD TO AO. ti f> LIBERTY S T It E E1 (UP STAIHH.) \ L)ALtSMK, Importer aud Aaeut for .M.uiufic'arert, ha* ? Iwayt 'in liaiid a Ur&e ns*>>rtineiit of dinu?i aud tea *eU. i i Inn white And Kilt Krench Porcelain, .u well a* Dinner alio IVii >it I'Utea nl ill die*, tuvnrted Uitlie*. SuuTureeut, Cove.ed Dnhes, Sil id H"wlt, Kniit Baaketa, Cmtarila and HttlitU, AI . H iuicy Tm and Hich Ueconied Dinner Heit. Al?'?. Tea .mil Chocolat" Ware, (ireek, K"ucli and Americaa lha|x A'l the srtlrlea are w imfxl ol the brat quality, and to bp toll! in liberal terror, aud in Iol* in *uit pu'rlviaeri. ? I'i 6ir ? ee G fciNDIN E H A V A N A 8EOAK8, AM) OF THK FIRST QUALITY. DM. HKNKIQUE8, No. 51 William stiuet, resi^ectfolly ? invites tlif attention of the public and strangers visiting tlir cu, t to call aud rumine at Ins well know n establishe?l Store, ti?e following w"ll selected fljegnrs,and whtchiiv|Biiui(M to compose none but a geuuiue imported article, and all of the first quaiitv. vis H^ealias, (of sufierioniuality.) Norma* V ugeoiuiUd. PaiiHelas, (of diffe^mt brands.) ha Palina. i on da. Esperanaa. Ns|K)leous. fclsparreroa. Vegueroa. Cabana. De Moya. i Manuel Amores. Noreigas. Pnuci|tts, (of various \ ands , In sadition to the above, there are a variety of otnar brands in f^ie Stor*. all of w hich are ">|d w holesale and retail, and which nviII l>e taaen h^ck af aiivtiiueil they do uot give tlie satisfaction > ? * n r?*?f ?iim Irn ? re CA.SH TAILORING ESTAUt,I?HMENT, Ji>4 pkaM 8TKEET, flKTWEEV BKEKMAN STREET AND PECK SLIP SUBSCKl BKR, one of tlie pioneer* of the cath tyitein, I awnnw to keep it peiore the public that he coiitiunea to man nfaclurr every kind of Civil ?nu Military clothiug, of the fiuett m<tenala, in the mo?t *u|>erior *tyle, at lowier price* by twenty f??? per C"tit than my other hnune charge* for the mine quality ?it earnieuta Witue*? the following list of price* rteat ?upert'ine wool bl ick Drea* ( oat $U to 120 ?*nnta of tancy aud Lilaiu black (^aatimere. . 5 to 1 Vent* of nil kind*. Silk, Snuu, Caatimere... 24< to i ijenllemeo who *upply their own cloth can have them made In Jir l<eit ?t> le at the following price* :? Urea* Coat* from . $7 to $1 Paar* frun I M to i Von it I 10 to 2 *11 im'wi imiN MOI.V4T T UlMi, J, / 1.. M e?u.? I S.I t. ? .11 wr.M, J No. 20 Wdll it. oppo*ite the Kichange. ) HIS CO.MPAN continue* to Innure axaiuft Lo** and L>? mvge by H ire, on Onod*. Wart*, and Merchandne, and, alvi, auaintl Lot* on Inland Navigation on VeateJ* ana their I ?ig .e, IJ1UECT<)KS Thomat W Thome, Klitha Kigg*. Thoina. T, Woe*'ruff Anton Unxer, U U Hobaou, M. D., J '*eph Drake, Th?mp*on Price, Jo*eph Allen, Moat* Tucker. James I'i. Holmes, John K Uavuuea, John P. Moore, Joiiu H Le?, Jame* H. Whiting, Caleb Tunit, Wm K. Thorn. Francit P Sage, Thomat Morrell, John C. Merritt, Ktiuene Uugert, THOMAS W THOHNE, Pr?*ideat UJ- T H.i.e nil m NOTICE TO SOUTHERN AND WRSTERN MKHCHANTS rpiiK tubtcrilier coiitiuuu to in inufu ture ami has cuu.ttntly 1 nil 1111.1 , full uM'irtineiit of I'lnugh* ?uitahle lor the South yrti aud VNeitarn Market!, iiianufactureil Irwin th- be*t niateritli by ul'l md coini*'taut workuieu, which lie i< prepared to t.11 at r*du' ed price*. Also, a general aatortment of Agricnltunl Im 'leme iU and Machines of th. mint ijiproved pattern! ton nunieruut to men In hi , together viith i lull i ?ortineul of Setv.*, .tcreen* and VV'ne do h of hn own in timfict 're And, al.o, ,i* for VV'ni llootiy'i Pilent I lay and Straw Cutttr*. 1 ?er> sti|erior article, at tlu' mauufactuier ? price., P. -t lie n alto pre|?reil to eiw:ute rdert for ? otton Hint aud Oin Uter., Rice auu Cottre Hullert, Mill < n eritig. kc , kc, DA.N I r. L L. CUVVSO.S, ol Im'tn 191 Water ttreet. E\PltKS? I till K,i ft h. ill ' r. 11 -The Su liter i tiers n.ivr r-dui ed their Kipre** prict ou all tmall packages of law and olhei docuineuu, from VO ceutt to 2) cents |iei |?ckage, from tint city to Uulfalo ami the lutermmliate pnnit*. Also, through Well* k Co.'s Ktpre** liom Uultalo to Chicago, at Ml c?iu (?r package from tins city to ? hteago, and the tuiertnedi atr noinu on the Lakr. an 1 LIVINGSTON. WKLLS fc POMKROY. NoU V t,AC I l-AitiftltiNiSha, FASHIONABLE PARIS MILLINthV ESTABLISHMENT, I'i.l lirowlway, KTwitK canal ami Howaan trittTl, Nkw V or k. MADAM GODFREY dr. DAUGHTER, KK I IJK N their tiiicem Uiankt to tiieir iMtroot and the public generally, for the liberal -.upport, with which they liave been lavortd, and aa4iire them that tliey will lierealter eiert th. in set vet t leu.ure a coiniuuuice of tiieir iialronage, they lint leive to uinouuce that they have now o|?iieue<l ilie NEW FASHIONS, jutt imported Irom PARIS, at their etta blinhineiil, No <23 Hioailway, n-ar Canal meet, where will tie lound an eitentire asaortineut of Parisian Satio. Silk, and v' Hat*. Ribbons, Feathers, Flowers, Caps, Lace*. Kmbrui.lenes, and Millinery m general, of the lirst qu ilitieaaml latent .tyle, to which tliey re*|>erllully call ttie attention of the F uliioii til* World, as compritiug tlie most elegant and eiten ?ive Stock ever prenented ui a New It ork public, at reasonable price 't he Ladies are respectfully invited to call, and see for them selves, bet ore purchasing elsewhere. Tliey will a. heretofore continue their old eatablishment. No. k) Division .ireet. Ju.t received trom France, selected by iheir Agent, twelve case. Hats N- B.?Country Milliners supplied. Mepteinlier, 1*44. s20 Im'tn SODA ASH?21 casks Kng. Soda Ash, high ' <wt?for sale by WOUUHULL k MINXIIKN*, *1 South street. D LCACHINC PO WDILR?la# casks Boyd'* make, fo *1 D by Pk.Hj**4k. a BKlHIKH, t6 and .-lessen st. ill N 1?1 Wni "T'hI'ko'^AN *' i ?? tl South'soeet REVUE FRANCAISE, PES FAMILUES ET DEC* PENSIONNATS. French MoutKir Periodical just M'HIB ii the tiiV of a new ????Hkli*hed m ^*w Voik This Review couttius T' two parts, the fir#t of M pages, lawe ?'0 111 two c.i|nra.;? I. Jeroted to young persons, or loin T xudiut 01'th? F< tath Uuguige dssir u* '? f i by th* rudwi ol" interims snoi t novels historical anecdote , lie . p- rfcvtly fee ft m any U" ? sciuoul .,u< >ereuts nnnhi find objscuouable oo lln* ground of iinmoril or irmijfijui "'J hm *coud part of 16 pagei,. also largs 8vo in two columns, will Kite to (he principals icboolii f u to the 'ncuui 01 liirrstu ?. u* scientific *nd liieMO. ?e*?, ICrijittl revitw, (se Ik ed I om t>M- best French ltr\ie*s.)ol all th?new hi?nch I uMicait ?ns I Jen rsl interest And a bibliographic! lllt ul b ok< u. a If I r kcit h>1?, of recent importations, and ol all the new French publications of any uote. The whule stitched iu a neat cover. t early subscription#, payable in advance, $3, Tor the whole; $2 lor thf tirst p*rt, and $i,3o for the secondpart. separate. Apply by letter,pott-paid, to F. G. BKKTKAU, editor. No. 315 B.o?dwrt>-, New York, where a full prospectus and the October number as s|*ciineu, may be obtaiued lor 26 cents. o3 lawu3w 3tw\ rc TO EMIGRANTS ..1ATZ) OTHERS MAKING REMITTANCES TO ? ENGLAND, SCOTLAND AND IRELAND. nKArtH FOR ANY AMOUNT on all the Branch** of L' tha PKOVIN'CIAL BLANK, IRELAND. and THE NATIONAL BANK. SCOTLAND, can he obuiued of Rl^H'D BELL. *i WM. McLACHLaN, 6 aud 7 Dorr's Buildings, Hanover at. ? Al?o, BILLS on tii* BANK OF BRITISH NORTH AME RICA. LON DON, and it* Branches m Cauada, New Bruns wick, Nora Scotia and Newfoundland. JV24 2taw3mjgb FRENCH CHAIRS, SOFASANDFANC Y TABLES? TIFFANY, VOUNO fc ELLIS invite purchasers to look at their style of Chair*, Sewing Chairs, Arm Chairs and Sofas, under the idei they are more lieauiiful and more Per fect in qualitv and finish than uin for -die elsew here , TlteV also belie.e, from iheir sale* and llie uuivenal einieoioo* of tho*e who have in tde lhein?elve? acquainted with tlie price* of other*. that thev are drndedly moderate in iiric. T. Y. 4t K. hiv- also very beautiful Table*, Workslands. Swias Rustic Chair*, (at steady reduced Price*.) Iron and Pa ier .Vlache Chair*, Table*, Sic., with a large collection of Parlor and Chamber Ornament*, all of iheir own importation*, for *al? at moderate price*, and packed fret of charge. *26 2t iw i* I in m _ CI RTAIN MATEIU.M.S? TRIMMINGS AND WIN DOW SHADES.?Tlie subieribers beg to invite the at tention of strangers to tlieir large atock of Upholstery good*, jlist received in More, from which they are prepared to execute order* for lied and VV mdow (/Urtain* of the dt'ilgiu and on lower term* tlun any other houw in the city. Their atock w ill lie I'nu id to con*i!it of silk and wortted de laine*,taboiin-tta. datnokt, Turkey red cotton*, rich lace and muslin embroidered curtain*, galloon*, gimp*, cord, tuael*, cornice*, Vctogether with Painted Window shades, just imported from France, of enure new pttttnu, Bat pronounced the most ?MKnjnCMt Shades ev?r u-ed ?as hIjo the various style* of painted Ameri can Sh.i lei, varying in price I'roaa $i a pair upward. SOLOMON k HAKi, UPW.Ut?rs ?27 2tawis8tTii!tF*rrc 213 Broadway, opposite the I irk. LAUllA AtrC. ll JltiL. X lliii I 1 ->i r d.luou.i Ao. 77 DOCK Si'RKKT. PHILADELPHIA. HK Subscribers resjiectfully inform Iheir friend* and the public, that they have re-litted and o|>ened the above esta blishment, where t' ey are prepared at all time* to furnish Diu ners, Siii>|ier* and lireakla t, at the *hiirte*i notice. Tley will keep an Ordinary from 12 o'clock A.M., until 4 P.M., when (ier aons can dine oil all the delicacies of the season. The Bar w ill be amply supplied ; and from their long e*i>erienc? in the busi ness, the> liO|? to (<ive general *ati*faction. The) have also li led up a number of airy and well ventilated sleriiuiK rooms, affording |>ei*ou* artiving li> the different rail roads and iteamboats, an opjiartuuity to obtaiu I dguig at all hours of the uiwitt. Attached to the establishment, is an extensive itabliiiR for horse*. The public may reit assured every attention will be paid all who favor them with a call. f The location is in the immediate vicinity of the princi pal "Banks, Railroad and Steamboat landings, mid opposite the Philadelphia Exchange. RICHARD B. JOMiS. *19 2tawtfz DA.vlKL COPPiuLL. A CARD.?Mr. Seguiu beg* reipeetl'ully to inform the public and his friends in general, that he hu purcliised a selection of tile best 0|>eras now playing in Loudon and Paris, and iu tends returning to America immediate!}, iu order to produce litem. Mi. Seguiu i* happy to say he has made arrangements with Mr. I''razer, a Tenor of the highest repute In Loudon, who will accompany Air. aud Mrs. Seguiu to the Uuited Statea. <1 ll ?? l>% ? T iuAI -Ul a very ftui**iloi -ju .1.1>, anil i.. ine ^7 si >le usually deuoM.iuated .Vlilit iry Shaving Soap; *u|ierior in <|ii .iity to the imported and at le*s than half its co*l. The pui luue UMMIM will be returned unless it give, umpialilied satislnction. Grocers, Druggists aud UarU>rs supplied, and a literal discount made. JOHNSON 8t VRUOvl, Mauufactarers, 79 Trinity Place, *18 Imeod'rc near Kector *ireet. ? O KAMI LIES, wanting suit* of rooms lor the winter, cau I be handsomely accommodated w ith |>arlors and hed-rooin? attached, w ith pantries, closets, tic., a private table, if request ed. Siugle rooms for gentlemen, vv ith breakfast and tea. Apply at 411 Houston street, second block east of Broadway?in a pleasant part of ihe city. sll Imeod'rc RAH IS IN NEW YORK. PRICE REDUCED TO 12CKNTS. THE City of Pan*, that ur.uid raiiiu of Eurotie, containing 1,11)0,11(111 inhabit ats, can be seen wit mut leaving New York. Tlie proprietor of hi* exhibition has the honor of i i lormiug the ladies and gentlemen of New York, aud particularly those who have read the My teries of P ri* by Eugene Sue, i* opened for a lew days at No. Mil, Lyceum of Natural History, Broudvv ay, uearl > op|Kisite to Niblo's. This model of Pails i-, Gl fee. iu ejrcuinference, aud can lie seen all the Homes, Stieets, Churches, Palaces, Garden*, Fountain*, Courts, Promenades, P ssages, Railroads, .iienagerie iu the Garden ? f Plants, the River ?"?eiue and Meamboats; the Budges, IVIe la Chase I eine tery ana all its Mouumnits, Ike. Ike. Sic Kxplanatiou made to visiut*. A lull dascription of the beutl** r tlni great city. Persons who have seen Pari* vsil recognise luiuiedia.ely whe e they have resided. Ol*n every day from 9 A. Al. to IU P. M. Admittance 12>* cents, cnildreu ha f price. >24 lmeod*tn FIFTY OUNCES FLATINA, IN PLATE and wire of best quality, just received from France, wlucli is olfsreu for *alo by Dr. Lewi* Feuchtwau ger, No. lie Msldtll Lane. N. B. Kreosotv, Metallic Bismuth, H>posulplude Soda, Rose, Pink, Purple Like, lied Lake, in pulp and dry, Eueu's Plasters, Copavia Capsules, Diamond Cement, line Jeweller'* Rouge, Veratrin, Wood Naplha, Nitrate of Baryte* and Stroll tia. Ox vlale ul' Potash, Munatle of Till, fcic.,6u: , die. constant, ly ou hand by Dr. Lewis Keuclitwanger; No. 6U Maiden Lane. ? 17 llneod* rrc HAKPS. JF. BHIIWNK offer* for *ale, at385 Broadway, a large anu . vlegant assortment of Double und Single Actiou Harps. The rich brilliancy of tone, lightness of touch, |>eifect inechui ism and beautiful liuish of these Harps, caiinol be excelled. Warranted to bear the lest of climate, and at Euro|wan price*. The atteution of the musical world generally is particularly de ? ired. Harp* repaired. Strings, liutiucilou Book*, (kc. J. F. BROWNE Ik CO., (from Evard;) Loudon aud New York, established IU10. Tlie first amateur and professional uleut iu Euioiie aud this country, preler tl.ese Harps to all others. s 1:1 Imdvfcus'rc UIA.VU t (JllJ t-B.?JOH.\ rtimi h, (loi met I) AlunU> - ti Petliick.) iiilorms those wanting good Piano Fortes, thai he has at In* Old Kstablialnneut, 2UI Bleecker comer of Han cock street, a choice assortment of Piano Fortes fiom six to seven octaves, which lor external finish or internal qualities are second to none made iu this country or iu Euroic. Old Piano's takeu iu exchange at their utmost value. Piauos tuned and repaired. The Knickerbocker line of stages imss the door every three iniuules iu tlie day. slO lin'rrc SCOTT'S WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCERY AND WINE STORE, 70 Nassau Street. OUPFRIOR TEAS, COFFEE, SUGAR.-Also, Wines in everry variety?Otaril, Champagne and Cognise Brandy; Irish and Scotch Whiskey) Old Jamaica Rum; Holland Giu; London Brown Stout; Edinburgh Ale, lie. Ike., at JOHN S. SCOTT'S Wholesxl? sad Iteiail Store, 76 Nassau street. N. U.?People iVoin the country. Hotel aud Boarding House Keepers, who buy for cash, will find it to their advantage to give this establishment a call. Uoodsseut to any part of the city lee of expense. s6 Im'rc GENUINE TEAS, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL THE CANTON TEA COMPANY, PRINCIPAL STORE, 131 CHATHAM STREET, N. Y Branch Storti, 318 BUrcker tlrrrt. Nrw i'urk, 381 Qratui tlrrrl, near Suffolk, 131 Greenwich, near hull on, 116 h\ilton ilreel, Brouklyn. <9 Cheitnut and 45 North Fifth street, l'hiludetyhia. 71 Hanover street. Botton. INVITE the attention uf City and Country Families and Purchasers to their *everal e*labli*hmeuta, where they think will be found by far the ben selections of pure and uudu(uprated Tea* in tlie United StatM. The universal popularity aud re nown of their house with reference to high qualities, low prices, and upright dealing,is too well understood to render further Com ments necessary. Original and only warehouse for the *ale of llowqua'* Black Tea? "Ob*erve!"? Strangers will lie particular to remember the uumberof tlie principal store iu Chatham *t, vix:?111, hetweeji Pearl aud Rosevelt itreet. The public will also be pleased to take notice that tlie Canton Tea Company have nothing to do with any other stores except those described at the top ol this advertisement. au2J 3in*ec GREAT REDUCTION IN PRICE." FIFTY CKIM'IN PKH BOTTLR. THt CHIEF VIRTUES OF THE PRICOPHEROUB, or a Patent Medicated Compound, are? 1. It* bracing, strengthening and clarifying qualities. 2. Its gently stimulating the action of the skin. 3. lis producing aud encouraging a reaction in the bulb or root, l>artit'ularl> In the pulp which receives tile vessels and nerve, giving life aud vigor to the hair. t. Its ?ipialixiug the circulation of the tluids. 5. Its freeing the skin from the effects of i>erspiration, scurf and dandruff, aud dia|H?iug the hair to curl. b. And It* frequent use will preserve the hair in beauty and heulth to the latest |iei iod of I lie. ( Gratuitous advue given on a disease connected with the hair at the Hair I uttlug Rooin*, 110 Broadway, up stair*, corner of Liberty street. sit Im'ec ivtSTAURANT FRANCA IS I UONNARD, 5 Nas?aa itreet The proprietor cau fear " ? lessly res'ommeiid this e*tabli*hment to general attention It lia* for many year* bren conducted iu a style that, to the French and Foreign resident*, ha* afforded universal satisfac tion. His table abounds with every luxury the moat fa*tidioui cau require, whether iu the F.ugliih oi French style of Cookery. His Wine*, Fruits and Liquors are ol the be*t brands?the Waiter* ( French aud Eugliah) polite, and the general arrange went* of the lables, iu u cool aud airy saloon for pritate and social parties, uot to lie equalled. J. UONNARD, *4 I in* rrc ? Nas*?u <tr?et. PA. LACOSTR, Manufacturer and Importer of Fringes, * Gimps, Tassels, Cords, &c., has removed from No. 413 Broadway to his new establishment, No, 35 Wslker street, where his customers, aud tlie ladies hi gtueral, will always find * fine assortment of tlie above article*, ou the took reasonable t rnis iWrsl^riinminif* rnasle to order sgft tin' rrr To POGkAPH I cXl, M EC h a n h a l AND ARC HI TEC'l'l/RAL DRAWING OFFICE, (the first of the kind ill the city,) in the basement. No. II Wall ureet ? A. 4?1RARD,, beg* leave to call the atteution of Civil and Miiitarv Engiuee,*, Sur veyors, Architects, Machuuai*,.. oulractors. Commissioners ol Linil, and tlie public generally^ to Ins advertiseme t loi ihe prompt and neat completion of .Slaps, Profiles, Plans of every dncriptiou, aud Drawing in general required iu the useful arts and industry _ *27 lin'rc p u !i e, i i r. u r. u, i?n hRESH IMPORTED STOCK OF FRENCH, GERMAN AND ENGLISH WOOL LENS, Jtt.. tec. TO Hfc i LOIJED BY NOVKMBER I, 1844. N K of our Partner* intending (o retire from our concern on tr>e l*tol November next, we beg respectfully Ui inform yon that il i* made necessarv to close our present Slock, on or brlore that day. The Good* liave been imported by ihe latest arrival*, and consist in part of tlie follow ink, ri* :? French Broau Cloths, ' assimeres aud Vesting*, German Castor Beavers, Broad Cloths. Three-fourths and sii-fourth* Doeskins aud Cassimerei. Knglish Broad f/loths, Cassuneree, Ue^vers, Pilots, Lion Skins. Blankets, Paddings, Worsted Stuff* aud Vesliugs, In every variety, Ike., Ike. ice. ? reuch, German aud Kuglish Fancy Casaimeres, lie. Scotch Plaid* andScoteh I weed*, hc.i And Tailors'Trimmings, In every variety. 1*?q will please favor us with a call, and oblige Your most obedient servants, NEVINS it CO., IMPORTERS, No. W CEDAR STREET NEAR N ASBAC STRtRT. ,up sTJoni.) 0 WA hitimj.?rarchaeers ror mew an* second hud Palant Mangles They are a labor-e?vmg machine, as they entirely supersede the uv of ironing; smoothing table linen, shtali. tu.. will) grt?t 11 i III ui'l *?uty without fuel. On* ytmou with the mac ante doiiu: t- much wotk in on* d*y a* sis can with smoothing iio *. Tbey are ill u? iu llie l>rinci|*l hotel* anda number of p. rate fimilies i;i city anif Kive satisfaction ? TW?rf old by Duncan fc wi.-t._4 L fie Orjen s reet. N. V . who ill. B II Hanging, Lockimitlung, mJ til kinds of Iroo work at r.-'li'Ced rates- ti9 lm*ec WA'l't lll.s:? tt'A'l CUES AND JEWKLKY.?Those win. ?!->i In I'uri liahe (iold or Silver W ate lies, (iold Chaius, Ci I I IVucili, Keyt, tie. will find it greaily to their ad vantage to c .11 mi tl.i- subscriber, who if wiling all detentions of tin- above .a rrt .ll much lower than any other house in the city. (Iold Watches as low ss $20 and S15 each. Welches anil Jewelry eicliaiiged or bought. All Watches war ranted to keep good time or the money returned. Watches, Clocks mid Jewelry rep*ired in the best manner and warranted, at much Iran than tfie usual i>rice*. li C ALLhN, ImiKirterof Watchu and Jewelry, . ol lin*ec ' Wholesale and retail. 30 Wall St., op stairs. xtotice-toamateurs ok pistol shooting IN _y CARMAN, begs res|>ectfully U) announce lo Ins friends and the public, that he his hired commodious apart mi nis in the new ly erected building, corner ol Ltspeuard street and Broadway, which he lias fitted up without regard toe* iieuse iu d iutends opening lint day. Tu.sday, 1st October, as a SHOOTINO GALLERY . where he will he happy to accom modate all who may take pleasure in the amusement. Every attent on will be paid to visitors, and their comfort carefully provided f. r |f" rc U\KU-lllA.V?lt.M OK PMCMANfciNT, >IA? Bit had bv applying at 31 Greenwich ?t._ PI want rooms lur nish?d or unfurnisW. with full or partial board. The honte is deiightfally situated, and cannot fail to please. Trausieut 1,'iard tl I*r day. tlO lm?m rpu OLIJ COUN I KV AlEN?Remittances in small or Urge 1 sums made to all paru of Europe, on a plan which will entirely prevent the loss or delay of the same. For particular*, apply to C. LIVINGSTON, Foreign_AMj!ucy, sell rrc _ l Wall street. REFINED NEATS rOOT OIL, for sale by PETER COOPER, 17 Burling slip, war?nted equal to the i>?st sperm oil for oiling machinery of all kinds, as well as foi a 1 trie uses of softening and preserving leather. Also, aii assort nienl of Olne. Iron and Win* ?2J I"1 rc r|M.> 1'LAIt.P U.AU I'll'K?A new article, ol superior 1 manufacture, at 231 West street, or at Johnson Blathers , 8 Waier street : price same as that ol ordinary Lead 11|*. A aci|ii lintrd with its menu give it a decided prelerence. will ^l?ca ' 1U qUtIUv " Ryw. LOWBER. GRKAf SOUTHERN RA<L ROAD ROUTE. rPllK following tribute from the R-v T. Ci-ark K, of New 1 Orleans to the accommod-t.ioo afforded by ? N,S3i uJJX oliu i, South C Molina, Georgia and Montgomery Rail Road Route to New Orleans, we republish with ""'V. j . " ll.It inu recently relumed from a visit to my frlenda at the North and this being the period at which those of our citnens who hive I.Vil ocToSfon to go -o the North, during; the summer are making amuigemenu to returu, |*rmit me *?1^ the m dium of your columns, to reeommeud to lliem to make their ionrnev here bv the Great Southwn KouU- an Ua-u much Pre fer iMe to any other route, both iu point of ease, comfort, safety, U)d tlie excellence of ihe arrangements to secure .-lived iu travel ling uid cert.inty in ar.iving at the tinvt engaged. ??I have pertonallv travel led on this route six times, and can confidently spe.kof iu g eat menu and su|ieriority over the other routes, and eich succeeding year Imd more of our fellow citizens who travel by it in to the qthert; and I f??l confident that those who mike trialof it will thank ine for having brought it to their nonce. Were I to enumerate all iu advantages, I should occupy more of your valuable spsc.i thwi I am willing to do, and w ill, therefore, merely say that the ar mngemei.Ui are excellent, and that part of the route which is traversed by Hace^. is over one of the best roads at this season in die State*, the arc commodious, the hor?e? of the Jnjat description, and the drivers uniformly courteous and geutle ""'"?'/he following is a statement of the different places and nerodsof starting on the route. Letvmg Baltimore in the line iiay boats, a- 4 o'clock in the afternoon, out. morning take die rail road hi Wilmington, N. C , where you wi.l amveatlj! M , and take llie l.oat to Charleston, arriving at J A. M. TbeijCe by a rail road at 0 A. M.. to Augusta, fra.. and by the. (leorgia rail road to Social Circle, whence you proceed by the rail mad stage line to Montgomery, Ala., from wheuc* you Uke the stage at 1 P. M., to Mobile, arrmnK there, in ihirty-sii hours, aud then proceed here by our y.lendid Buy boaU, which stand iu need of uo recommendation from me. ,. f ,n " With the hojm th-*t this communication may De ol U!?e 10 my fellow citizens. I ~tfun T. CLARKE. Thi' agent!'Mr! 'ol'onilr' Wi."|)knt, may be found at Uie Franklin Houtc. in this city, to extend to passengers any in formation in relation lo this very superior route to New Or leans. o4i!!!. Tc MARTELLE & HOLUERMANN, ;?7 niakdoti Lane, N. V. MANUKACTOREHS and importers of Oriiameuul Han Work, Wigs. Tonpees. Bands.Curls, Swims, Bandeau Hair, and a new style ofeverlasting Curls, and all kinds or hair works, wholesale and retail. N. B The trade supplied ou teaaouable.termi. s9lm*rh. SOAPS AND PERFUMER*. TOHNSON Ik VROOM, late Johnson k Co., of Cedar street J Manufacture for Grocers. UruggisU, Country Storekeepers Barber, and Pedlars, every description of I1 aucy 8oa|is, of tin best nuality, and at the lowest pos*hle iincea. . Sales Room, at the Manufactory ,79 Tnuity Place,in the rear ol Trinity Chnrch. ?" lm er TO~THE DA(3UERRIAN ARTISTS. rrt a MITADI/r, 149 Broadway, corner of Liberty street 1 ? Lafayette Bazaar, offers sale, low for cash, 80 dozen mo rocco cases: a fine lot of gill frames; 6 new apparatus, made by Chevalier and larebonrs, in Paris; 12 achromatic glassen, inches n lot of pl-<?ev chemical*, ttc. se? Im re HUirtltn Ri.PO-llORt OF FiNb aUIs 07 Canal. Sirkit, a K? w Doors W_k?t or _B*o?dw*v. MODERN ENORAVINGS of all sizes, plain and colored, suitable for the publisher, artist or collector., ( omit sketches by Cruiksl.auk, Seymour, Sic., at prices vaiying from 1234 cents per do/en to heveral dollars each: likewise a fine as sort.nent of iare PRINTS, after such celebiated maMers^ Itai hael Reubens, Hergheun, Cnyp, leniers, Bartollozzi, itc % II t)lil e'lirriviiufH luumht or exchanged. s24 lin'm FAiNCY FURa nBEHRMAN, Importer and Manufacturer of Enrpi?ai. - ami American Fancy Furs, offers lor sale at his wholesale anil retail store, 131 Willnm street, a few doors Irpm Hilton street, a choice elegant, and extensive assortment or every Ue script ion K.uropt'an and American hancy Nil. V S Country merchants wou d do well to crfl at lthis eftthblishmeut and eiamine the goods, as they will find both the prices and quality a saving to them ap s27 lro*rc 133 William street. GiTeaT I3RI TAiN AND AMERICA^ LAW AGENCY. THOMAS WARMER, So. in CITY HjII.L PU1CK, ATKT YORK, ATTORNEY and Counsellor at L?w( Solicitor aud Coun sellor in Chancery. ?ic. itc., begs to inform his friends and the public generally, that he has just returned Irom a business tour through England, Wales and Scotland. . That from having been for several years engaged ill the prac tice of ilie Law iu London, and for llie pastsn years similarly eniMKed in New Vork, he flatters himself he is fully com|>etent to conduct such law businesn in Kmcl tnd, and i?arts adjacent, as persons from the old country, and their descendants, may wish }? lie attended to ; and witli this view, 1. W., on his re. en. jnuniev, iu <de arraiigemeuU witli some ? f the most eminent law yers in various i^irts of England and Scotland, w hereby 1. W. has been able to secure the most efficient ageuu and correspon dents io those places. . . , T W tin refore bi'ijs to offer his services to Euro|i?anf and others, who limy need his professional assistance, in relation to My kind of legal business in the old world; and wsures auch a? mav choose lo favor hini with their patronage, that the most unexceptioneble references will be furnished, if required and every necessary guaranty given, that business conlided to Im care will lie attended to, and conducted with industry, .kill anil fidelity, and on llie most reasonable terms. a*8 "" rrc CHEAP SOAP WORKS LABORATORY OK PERFUMERY, COSMETICS, Itc. Synopsis or the Eztek?iv? Catauoouk ok WM. JOliNsON & VROOM, N[Late Johnson tk Co.] O. 79 TRINITY PLACE, near thi new T?iwitt Church, New Yon*. I'ale Vellow Soap, eztra No. White Bar " plain. " " perlumrd. Variegated " Palm " ' Fancy in boiea of 1 to G do*. " " by the pound. Mottled Soap, very superior. , OiMMleldoc " for Druggists. Windsor " White and Brown. Egg and Cnshion Model of Fancy Soapy, very topwior. ATmoud, Rose, Musk. Naples. Camphor, Woodbine, Cow slip. Willi 200 varieties of Fancy Soaps, stiiuble for country dealers. . . _ gmelling SalU, Grecian Hair Dye, Laveuder, dor, Bug Fluid, s Urease, Ox Marrow Pomade, Essences of all kindl. Cold Cream, Pearl Powder, Orange Flower Water, i of all kinds. Sweet Perfumed Bags, Bears Oil, Cologne Haters, Honey, Milk of Rosea, Otto Esprit de Rose, Macassar Oil, Tooth Powder and Lotions, Handkerchief Essences, Toilette Powder, Musk Perfnm ?18 lm*ec DAGUERREOTYPE GENERAL FURNISHING ESTABLISHMENT, EXCHANGE BUILDINO, PHILADELPHIA. T'HE bUBaCRIBEkS beg leave io inform ihe Daguerreotype A Am l?, that they have considerably eulargeO their counec lions ihioiuhout the Union, llie W est lud,es, South Aine iCi and tjuroi ? They have also made arrangements to be sut<|ilied wnh every new article u,e.l in ? lie Daguerieoiy lie Art. I hey have lately leceived a large supply or Voigilaender s celebrated Cameraa connstinu or three different sites, Tor the sal- ol which tti'y nr? "piioint'o Agenu. Also, a supply ol best Plates and Chemicals, either for Dsgueireolype or talctyje, in 'ile i'i tnei r e?|iecial order, t- ises ol all size i. ih? beat I oliahmg Snbe'ani es, and every oilier article used lor the Oaguetreoty |af, Constantly on hand '1 lien long connection with the Daguer reotype Art ai.d their succe?s iu taking piclures, may wrve us a reconiineiida'io.i and reliance. Daguerreotype Arti U, .by ordeii.ig articles from any part or llie above named countries, may deiHfii'l upon a prompt and satisfactory etecution ol their order* Their prices are cash Trices Current and mlormatiou may be obtained by ?dJre?'i71J'?*j.:|'l,ijiA,N(iENHEIM, ol Im^rc E?channe Buildum, Philadelphia. "THE !>TAH !" 4 THE STAR!" "THE STAR," 6. LurrNARn STnkKT, near Brosdwsv. NOW that ihe Winter Cauii-aimi has in iiwljty arrived, llie ? ubecriber (proprietor of the above establi-hineul.) will wrve UJI at <11 hours iff l|?- day aud evening, until U 1. M.. the roliowing dishes aud lelishee ? Beef Steaks; K,d,Ty!;L Mutton I hope; I'oaclied Kfg?; Pork do. ItarebiU; Corned Bwf; 1'ickl-d Tongues, Hamand^ggs; Sardines; Boiled Ham; Sen .ages: ]* r ie.1 do; leaandColfcei Do Bacon. Three funimhed rooms, suitable ror references, cl'ibs, or pri vate I'lrtien Hi ways ready, and the beet of waiters engaged Tor their es|iec.ial accomnwdatiou. IN II.?Lunch on the table daily at II A. M. &29 tl ec JOHN H. WOODOATE. SALT AND FISH STORE?100 half barrels llalifag No. 1 Salmon. .... . . , l!AH) bids Not. 1, and 3 Mackerel. 800 half do do do do. 100 do No. I Mess Shad. 50 half bills No. I Saytirook Shad. W0 libit Cod and Scale Kith. UNI do No. I (iib'd Herrings I ',(1(1 holes Scale I do loon lbs Smokial Salmon. 300 kits Soused do ' 2(10 du Souuds and Tonguet. 200<i .]tls Cod Kish, suitable for shipping 1000 sacks Aahton's Salt. 200 bblt American Suit. 21 do New Halmon. 31)00 Iht smoked do, kc. fcc. All for tale in !oU to tuil purchasers, by NELSON, WELLS It CO., tl Im'ec III l)-y street. u It . Uiusa*, OCULIST AND OTHTHALMIC SUROKON, No. HO Chambers at. 4 door? W. of Broadway, NEW YORK, CONFINES hit practice to Diseasm er the Evg. and Ope rations upou thai Organ and iu anwndaget Artificial Eye* inserted. Dr. D. hat for the laat eight yeart devoted hit atten tion almost inclusively to this important branch of the rirofee tlon, having been a pupil of D?. Elliott, subteiiuenUy hit a? tistmt, and later praotmng at Charleelon. 9. 0. Fom Opeea Tiovs (ttrabttmat, ettaract, ha..) and tragtmeot, chargee mo lerate. Office honrt from # A M, to I P M (? Im** MO.vr EXTRAORDINARY CURE. IK AN i IIAVK DOUBTS they may now dismiss them, and the inost incredulous may consider Deafness as curable. Numerous cases of cures, and many of them very remarkable, by the n?e of SCARPA'S OIL, have been published?but ihia caps tlie climax?young or old you mav v?t recover your hear ing. A Inly iu Smithfield, Pennsylvania, and now about eighty y-ars of age, lud lieni gradually getting deaf for more than forty year*, so that it was next to impossible to make her hear conver sation iu tlie loudest tones of voice. Last winter she was in duced to try SCARPA'S OIL for Deafuess. It ia ouly neces sarv to add, that she has osed two bottles and that her bearing is perfectly restor d.?Philadelphia Public Ledger. Prepared by B. Bell, and sold wholesale and retail bv A. B h D. Sands, Diuggisti, No. 79 Kulton streat, 273 Broadway, and 77 East Broadway. s26 lm*rc MEDICAL CARD PJOCTOR FAWCETT. of 196 Falton stmt. New York. Ly Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, or London and Edinburgh, aud Graduate of the Jefferson Medical Collage of Philadelphia, also author of a work embracing the following -ubjects, vix. Matrimony, Impotency and Sterility, anato mically, phyaioloifically. aud medically explained, with a com prtnensive exposition of the nature and modem treatment of Sypnilis, Secondary Spmytoms, Oonorrhae; Oleet, Strictures, Nocturnal Emissions, and all tlie consequences arising from self pollution. Doctor Fawcett continues his private consultations on the above-mentioned diseases, at his long established office, 1!>6 Fulton street, where tlm most aggravated forms of all affec tions of the generative organs will yield to his mode of treat iinait, without restraint in diet or exercise, and without mer cury. E'en when the piocreativt energies liecome torpid or paralyzed, from excessive indulgence, or from masturbation, he will be able to restore tlie parts to health and vigor. Persons a i distance, enticing $1, can have a copy of the work. All letters must be |mat paid sit lm*rrc JTlfAC MINUTE, by the us. of the CLOVE ANODYNE.?This is an excellent arti cle, and will cure the most viuleut tooth ache or paiu in tlie gums, in oue minute. The 1 love Anodyne it not unpleasant to the taste, or injurious to the teeth, aiid will rxRM*?KNTi.? cure any tooth to which it is applied. Price 25 cents. For sale by A. B. BANDS Ik CO., Chemists and Druggist, Vi Broadway, corner Chambers street; 79 Fulton street, aud 77 East Broad way. si lm*ec TEETH-TEETH?TEETH. rjREAT lUJuction in Dentistry.?Prices reduced 50 per ceut "J Teeth set on pivot $0 75 " ou Fine Plate, from SI 50 to 3 00 Teeth filled with Fine Gold Foil, from 50cts to I 00 Tooth Ache Cured, or Teeth Extracted 0 25 N. TAYLOR, Surgical and Mechanical Deutist, 62 East Broadway, ol lm?m (Successor ro Wm. Thorn.) TAK It ANT'S COMPOUND EXTRACT OF COPAIVA AND CUBEBS. THIS MEDICINE haa been ex tensively used on shipboard and in the Southern States, and is preferable to any other. The nnfortuuate pa tient posseses, in this, a sure reme dy; has uo occasion to make his case public, aud without any appli cation to a medical man, without restriction in diet, or confinement, finds himself cured effectually in a few days at a trilling expense, and a saving of feelings to a sensitive per son; having thus in his reach a cheap, portable and pleasant reme dy. It is in the lorn of a paste, is tasteless, and does not im|?ir the di gestion. Pamphlets accompanying the medicine, without cliaiijp, con taining full and am pie directions. For'aaleJwholesale and retail, by JAMES TARRANT. Druggist, fcc., s9 lm*ec 268 Greenwich, corner Warren st. D?oi MEDICAL ADVICE JCTOR LAMERT is still confidentially consulted, at his ? old office, 63 Gold street, between Fulton and Beekman, on <11 diseases of a delicate nature ; his treatmeut being mild aud judicious, requires neither mercury, restraint iu diet, or hin drance from business pursuit*. Recent cases cured in 3 or 4 di?>EBILITY, NERVOUS OR CONSTITUTIONAL, arising from a too frequent indulgence of the passions ol indis creet youth, and thereby causing nightly emissions, and event ually confirmed impotency. engage the Dr.'s strictest attention, his object being to restore the system, mentally and bodily, to that state of vigor nature originally designed. STRICTURES, a disease frequently existing without the patient being the least aware, sometimes caused by uial-treat ment of uniuitiated medical pretenders, and sometimes by the neglect of the parties t!*mselvea, are, by tlie Dr. effectually cured, without |>ain or inconvenience. The Doctor being one of tlie few qualified advertising Sur geons in the city, guarantee* a perfect cure, or no charge made Letters, post-paid, enclosing a fee, immediately attended to, and medicine, with advice, sent to any part of the United States. Office,S3 Gold street. Open from 8 A.Si to 9 P.M. si!) lm*ec BEAR'S Oi L . m HIGHLY SCENTED AND TURE ? FOR THE HAIR.?Of all preparations .. for the liair sr whiskers, nothing equal* the oil prepared from Bear's Grease. In most instances, it restores the hair to the bald, aud will effectually preserve it from | falling off litany event.. It was longupled ~* by such eminent physicians and chemists, the late Sir Humphry Davy and Sir Henry Talford, that pure Ue.-r's Grease, pro|<erly prepared, was tlie best thing ever dis covered for the preservation of trie hair, or restoring it whei; ould. Messrs. A. B Sands Ik Co. have saved no expense in get ing the geuuine Bear's Grease from Canada and elsewhere, and tave prepared it in such a manner that the Oil, oombined with its high |ierfume, renders it indisiwusable for the toilet and dress iug-room of all. Sold by A B. SANDS St CO., No. 273 Broadway, Granite txiM'ng" corn'* "f ? hamliers ?treet. so lrn'ec DEAFNESS DRS. CASTLE AND EDWARDS, AURISTS, OOI BE ?ADWAY.?Extract :? OOJ ? heerfully comply with the request of Lient. Mc Into-' ,fc) -ttify that he was invalided home as unfit for duty, iu c MS . ace of total deafness and discharges from his ear; th? V in New Yor"<, ou his way to England, he placed b mm under the professional care of Drs. Castle ana Edwards. A, ri . Under tli-ir treattneut he recovered his he iring, ai,d ha* . urned to his military duty. Sigued, H. McNEVEM, M. D., Surgeon to H. B. M. Forces, Jamaica. ACOUSTIC DROPS. A sure cure for incipient Deafness, Ear Ache, Pains, Buzzing! or singing sounds in the ears, collections of hard wax or vitiated secretions of the organs. Their Acoostic Oil has been a popu lar remedy as a curative in all diseases of the ears for upward' of twenty years. Offices removed to 381 Broadway, cornei White Htreet. s?4* Imh IV Kr.SHiMK AiNU MAHh IHfc HUMAN UAIK A SPLENDID NATURAL ORNAMENT. TO BEAUTIFY, DRESS. CLEAN AND FORCE ITS GROWTH. FOR THE LOW PRICE OF THREE SHILLINGS. DEADER '. we sail three shilling bottles, that you may know ?V this is not one of tlie hair humbugs of tlie aay at $1. We expect you to buy ft more than once, as we warrant it to lessens the following qualities :?It will force the hair to grow on any part where uature intended hair to grow, stop it falling off, cure Scurf or Dandrnff, and make light, red or grey hair grow dark For dressing the hair soft and silky, nothing exceeds this. It is iudeed.the most economical, yet superior, article made for the hair. It is chea|>er than the trash called hair oils, aud it will keep the hair iii order with one application twice as long as any other article mad?. Sold?price S, 4 or 8 shillings a bottle?at the sign of the Ame rican Eagle, 82 Chatham street, New York; 139 Fulton street, Brooklyn; 8 State street, Boston; 3 Ledger Buildings, Philadel phia; aud Pease, Broadway, Albany. (10 lm*m M. WISE, OPTICIAN. FROM GERMANY. Most respectfully informs the citizens of New York, and the public in general, that he has located himself in this city, and ipens to-day at 437 Broadway, a large and most complete as sortmeut of S|iectacles and Reading Glasses, in Gold, Silver, tnd Steel Frames. He would also remind the public, to whom he is partly known by his annual visits to Sar.-toga Springs tince the last nine years, that by his knowledge of the optical science he is enabled to determine the glasses suitable for any eye. Persons with weak eyes can be supplied with glasses which will greatly benefit aud not strain tlie sight. Particular tttention is called to a new style of perspective ground glasses of the finest flint, which, through their high polish and true (round, produce the purest vision, and have been highly recom mended as tlie beat in their effects upon the eye for Preserving iiid improving the sight in continued writing and reading. Short-sighted persons, and such as have been o|>erated u|H>n for cataract, can also be uited. He inserts likewise new glasses of mperior quality in old frames, and solicits the patronage of all in waut of his articles. Please call at M. WISE, Optician, 7 3in*rc 437 Broadway. ROMAN EYE BALSAM. EP-R WEAK AND INFLAMED EYES.? ^ 1 his valuable Balsam has been used for many years, in piavate practice, by the most celebrated Oculist* in this and foreign cooutries, and may lie confidently relied upon as the m<ist safe and speedy cure for weak or inflamed eye*, arising from any cause, that lias ever been offered to the world. It* pe culiar o|ieration consists in removing all unhealthy action in the vessels of the eye and parts adjacent, substituting a healthy pro cess, which soon results in a perfect enre. The afflicted are in vited to try and be convinced. In small jar*, price 25 cents. I'repareif and sold by A. B. SANDS (k CO., Wholesale and Retail Chemists and Druggists, 273 Broadway, cor Chambers street, (Granite Building) aud 79 Fulton street; 77 East Broad way. a5 lm*ec oauaMsaaosM* B JOSEPH, 16 Maiden Lane, (op stair*,) importer'of Eng ? lull. French, and G?nnan doable and single barrel Fowl ing and Dncking GUNS, from the lowest to nnett qualities. Also, always on hand, an extensive assortment of PISTOLS both Double and Single Barrels, eml'racing 100 different k.nda : including the modem Six Bar., ttevolver*, all of which will be sold lower than auy other li inse in the trade. Merchants and Gtin Smiths .ire particularly requested to call, previous *> making their purchases, as tney will certainly find it to their MEDICAL AID. QECRET HABITS.?Dr. Benjamin Bell, snperintendant of 'he Asvlumat < liirlestown, in alluding to the subject of this notice, says, " theie is a foul plague in our midst, cutting off amongst the young, the beantiful and the promising of our land.'' Dr. Gregory's Invigorating Tonic Cordial is a remedy th it may be implicitly relied on in all cases of this kind, in cluding semeiualor genital weaknesses, barrenness and debility, or coldness in the organs of procreation. Dr. G. is also the au thor of th>- private treatise called the " Rubicon " treating upon secret habits, and also upon the prevention and cure of private diseases. fT/"" 1 have read Dr. Gregory's work called the " Ilnbicon," and consider it well adapted to awaken attention to a subject more blighting to body, mindandsoiil than any other vice We have now in The Asylum about 300 confirmed lunatics whose mental, as v< ell as boduy imbecility, haa been caused by this insidious and desolating hahit. The work in question should li* rea l with attention by both ynnng and old. Respectfully, J AS. N. MONROE. M. D., N. Y. State Lunatic Asylum, Utica, 28th Sept., 1844. 3T7*" Dr. Gregory's residence is 66 Gold street, where the Book and the (Cordial are for sale; the Book at 50 cents, or sent by mail on receipt of SI; the Medicine, single bottle. |2, or in larger quantities at the rate of $20 |ier dozen, careinlly packed for shipment, and will he sent to any part of the world as it may be oidered. Consultations confidential at all honrs. 'Ihaageuu for the sale of the above articles at the lamp store, 136 Fulton street, and the following drug stores: 86 William street; 83 Bowery; 1118 Bowery; 146 Delancey street; 77 East Broadway; 31 and 79 Fulton street; o7 lm*?c And both corners Broadway and_Chamber? at A RSENi%^]0fl cask* Powdered Arsenic afloat?for sal* by WOODHULL It MINTURNS, oVc 87 South street. olre rr Sontk i J. SOR1A & CO.'S FRENCH DYING ESTABLISHMENT, No. 4DO Pearl Street. rpHE SUBSCRIBER l>eg? l?>t to state that lie hut made ad diiioual improvements to hit factory, for the purpose of ansbling him to finish hit work more exiwditiously, aud in a maimer tliat he warrant* will give Keneral satisfaction. All kind* of Woolen, Cotton and Silk goods Dyed ur < h-uused injhe real French style. His price* are very low, which should I*! a strong inducement for the ladies and gentlemen of thii city and its vicinity, to pay him an early viail. Cashmere, Merino and Broch* Shawls, gents Wearing Ap parel, cleansed in the very beat manner. Hi* Branch Offices, lor the accommodation of the public, are (ilnated at? No. U! Bowery. 76 9th street, betweeu 17th and 18th street*. 2)7 Bleecker (treet. 367 I iraud ? treet. And in Newark, corner of Broad street and Washington Place. a2B lm?m J. LAIRD, WIG MAKER, HAIR CUTTER, AND ORNAMENTAL HAIR MANUFACTURER, 92 CHATHAM STREET, FORMERLY or 316 PEARL STREET. IN announcing to hie numerous friend* and pa tron* hi* removal from 316 Pearl street to the store 92 Chatham street, lieg* leave to return hi* luar rtl'elt acknowledgments to those friends and the public generally, who hare hitherto honored 1 him with their support. < and to assure them it will ever be hi* itudyto merit a continuance of'such. en liable dis tinctioo. ... ... Ever since I have been in bu*inee* it ha* been my good fortune 3 acquire and retain ao large a portion of the public palrouage. for which 1 feel grateful. 'V* a Hair Cutter and Wig Maker Lnird at.mdt unrivalled in the manulactnre of Ornamental Hair, for which hi* name ha* *o long been celebrated. He uow ha* ample scope for carrying hi* iuventious and improvement* iuto effect, in abort nothing that art can produce or exjieuse com mand, h i* been overlooked by him at hi* new establishment. He invite* an early inspection of hi* snlendid stock of Wig*, Toupeee and Ornamental Hair, in countless variety aud exqui site workmanship. Perfumery fiom celebrated Knglish and Con tinental manufactories, in addition to several esteemed prepara tion*, inveuted and sold by Laird. The llair Cutting, and in deed the business in ernch department i* conducted by the princi pal himself, in such a manner and on such terms a* to *u*tain the preeminent character thu establishment enjoy*. Price* to ?nit the time*. ? in lm*m 92 Chatham * treet. LODUlAOS I WMVl'l-nn. CENTS, AT THE NJQ'S HEJID No. I Baht lsv Stkekt, wear Broadway. The Sub*criber having fitted or Mid newly furnished several rooms couuecteif with this Establishment, solicits a call from his friends aud the public. JAMES BYRNES. JACKSON, STAGEY <te SMITH, l\/f AN UK ACTURERS AND. IMPORTERS of Pen/Pocket "?I and Table Cutlery. Razors. Scissors, Kilea, Saw*, Tool* aud other descriptions of Sheffield Goods? *19 lm'ec No. 16 PLATT STREET. GENIN'S IMPROVED MOLESKIN HAT, FALL STYLE. Price $4,BO. r* NOW READY, at GENIN'S well-known Kstablish meat, a highly improved imul very beautiful Molks*iiv Hat, made in close imitation of the French Hats, from the most celebrated manufactories of Paris. Having now on hand an as sortment of the im|>orted article made by Muguier, gentlemen will be euabled hy actual comparison, to judge for themselves of the almost complete identity of the two articles. Many under these circumstance*, have [ referred those manufactured by the subscriber, uot merely for their greater cheayness, but as pos sessing, in an eminent degree, those qualities for which the French Hat* are so justly admired, viz '.?solidity of brim, which add* so much to general durability, and which alone the shape and contour of the Hat is preserved?superior grace and beauty?high hut re and neatness of trimmiug. The subscriber, not only from his knowlege of the article, but also from the great satisfaction of those who have purchased, can confidently recemmend them to the eeutlemen of New York as being *u|>erior to any thing of the kind heretofore manufactur ed in tin* country. He therefore solicit* a call and examination of their merit*. J. N. GEN IN, 214 Broadway, opposite St. Paul's. The uaual full and choice a**ortment of Beaver, Nutria and ' Caiiimere Hats. Also, a full assortment of Meus, Youths aud Infant* Cap*. s5 lm*rc CHANGE OF RESIDENCE. VICTOR OIROU1), Watch and Clock Maker, has the honor of informing his friends and the Public in gen eral, that he ho* moved hi* Watch and Clock Making -w- Establishment to No. 146 Broadway, coniei of Liberty st Watches, Clocks and Chronometers will be repaired by him with great care, and guaranteed. His establishment is par ticularly ada|Xed fur the repair of Mechanical Lami*, at very moderate prices. He offers for sale an assortment of the latest improvement ill Lamps from France, which leave nothing to de sire. Also. Globe*, Chimneys anil Wicks. *28 lm*ec I a.MJ falUI Mm'- suu ae-iber offers for sale the old established " Berkshire __ Brewery," in Pitislield, Mass., one mile from the Great Western Railroad. It is in good repair, most of the utensils nearly new, and capable of biewi iu 2000 barrels a season. Malt house attached, capidble of maU ing 6000 bushels per apuum. Few country breweries possess tlie same advantages of uoing a safe aud profitable business, situated iu the centre of a manufac turing district, where the consumption of ale ii rapidly in creasing. The Farm consists of 72 acres, SO of which is well timbered, the treat under cultivation, well fenced and good buildings Will be sold separately or together. Terms easy. JAMES ROY. West Troy, Albany County, July 10th, 1S44. jl3 tfre AHbfcY HOTEL. 102d STREET, BLOOM IN GDALE ROAD. THE proprietor of the Abbey Hotel would make his pTjW best how of thanks fur the libwal patronage given to his XjaL house the past summer. He is fully prepared fur the fall business, and would cheerful ly funiish parties or individuals with Breakfast, Dinners, or aumiers, at short notice llis stock of Wines, Liquors, and Eatables will be found as good u the city markets afford. sl5 tf rrc CASH PAID FOR GOOD AND FRESH SEED, iof every kind, at the Bowery Seed and Plant Store, No. 101% Bowery. fori good ? Also,for sale, a large collection of the best quality of Fruit Trees, Shrubs, Roots and Green and Hot-House Plants, cheap for cash. Goods packed for shipment to any part of the United States. Persons wishing to supply themselves with Trees of suiwrior quality for Orchards, or filling up their Conservatories with fine riant*, will do well by applying first at this establish ment, where no pains will be spared to give satisfaction by the proprietors. LEVENGSTON h MOORE. s!9 6w'm mum FOR SALE?AN ELEOANT COUNTRY RESl KM DENCE OR FARM of about 60 or 70 Acres, situated within teu miles of this city, in the ernnty of Wewches ter near the village of West Farms, and on, the Post road run ning between this city and Boston. The lajjs is in a high slate of cultivation and abounds in fruit of all destiIpi-oes and of the most choice selections aud quality. The house is ele gantly situated on a prominent location, commanding an exten sive view of the adjacent country, Long Islaud Sound, be., aud was built but a few years since, in the best pouible manner, and i* replete with every convenience and very commodious, being 50 feel by 50 feet. The outhouse* are all new and admirably ar ranged. Fur a farmer or resident of the city this place offers great inducement, being within an hour's drive of the city and within one mile of the Harlem Railroad. The place can be ex amined at any time and |iosse*sion given in 30 days. For further particulars,apply to the owner on the premises, or to E. K. COLLINS k CO.. 56 South st. slO J70R r ofa; Kf SANDS'S SARSAPAKILLA. THE REMOVAL AND PERMANENT CURE of all Diseases arising from au impure slate of the blood or habit of the system, vil :? Scrofula or Kind's Evil, Rheumatism, Obstinate Cutaneous Eruptions, Pimples or Pustules on the Face, Blotches, Biles, Chronic Sore Eyes, Hint Warm or Tetter, Scald Head, Enlargement and Pain at the Bones and Joints^ Stubborn Ulcers, Syphilitic Symp toms, Sciatica or Lumbago, and Diseases arising from an injudicious use of Mercury, Jlscites, or l)rifpty^ Ex posure or Imprudence in Life. Jllso, Chronic Constitu tional Disorders will he removed by this Preparation. '11m following interesting case is presented, and tlie reader in vited*to it* careful perusal. Comment on such evidence is un necessary. New York, July 25, 1844. Messrs. Sakds:?Gent*?1 consider it but an act of justice ou to state the following fact* iu refereuce to the great beue have received in the core of an obstinate Cancerous Ulcer on my breast. I was attended eighteen months by s regular and skilful phy sician, assisted by the advice and counsel of one of our most able and exiwrienced surgeous, without the least benefit what ever. All the various methods of treating caucer were resorted to ; for five wenks in succession iny breast was burned wilh caustic three times a day, and for six it was daily syriuged vath a weak solution ofuitric acid, and the cavity or internal ulcer was so Urge that it lield over an ounce of the solution. The Doctor probed the ulcer and examined the bone, aud said the disease wa* advancing rapidly to the lung*, aud if 1 did not i^-t 1y relief by medicine or an operation, the result woul fatal. 1 was advised to have the breast laid open and the bourn examined, but finding no relief from what had been done, aud feeling I was rapidly getting worse, I almost despaired of re covery, considered my case nearly honele**. Seeing various testimonials and certificates of core by the use of' Sands's SARBArARiLLA," iu cases similar to my own, i concluded to try a few bottles, several of which were used, t at from the long ueep seated character of my disease, produced io very decided change ; considering '.his as the ouly probable '.i r? for my case, I persevered, until the disease was sntirely C red. It is now over eleven mouths since the core was coin i* ted ; there is not the slightest appearance of a return. L tKnefore, pronounce myselj wr.i.i. and the cure entirely if fede'd hy " Banns's Sarsaparh.i.a," as / took no other medi cine of any kind during the time 1 was using it, nor have I taken any since. I'lrase excuse this long deferred acknowledg ment, which I think it my duty to make. Vour valuable Harsa parilla cured me, with the bleesing of Divine Providence, when nothing eke conld, and 1 feel myself under lasting obligations to you. J can say many things I cannot write aud I do most respectfully invite ladies afflicted as I have been to call upon me and I will satisfy them fully of the trnth a* staled above, and many other thing* in reference to the ca*e. NAN^Y J. MILLER. 211 Sullivan itraet, next door to the Melhodiit Church. For farther particulars and conclusive evidence of its supe rior value and efficacy, see pamphlets, which may be oblaiued . ., . Preparad and ?old, wholesale and retail, by A B. k D. SANDS, Drumnsts, 79 Fnltoo street, 273 Broadway, 77 East Broadway. Sold also by Druggists generally throughout the United (Rates. Price SI per bottle ; six bot'tes for tS. !T/""The public sre re*peclfnlly requested to remember that it is Sand's Sarsaparilla that has and is constantly schieving such remarkable cures of the moet difficult claas of diseases to which the human frame is subject; therefore ask for Hands's Sarsapa ilis? and take nn other iltlm'm 54UIJA hi SOU IT AND SUGAR CRACKERS. THE Suliscriber wishes to make known to the Public, that much of the Biscuit and Crackers which are sold in this city by the above names, are entirely different from the Soda Biscuit a?d Sugsr Crackers made at his Bakery; which have bean used by invalids, particularly those who suffer from indi gestion. for more ihiui twenty years with the beet results ; while the imitapon, which ran be made for a lees price, ihoafh perhape rood for i person in health are wholly unfit for the sick. The above Biscuit and Crackers, also Butter Biscuit, Wine Biscuit, Batter Crackers, Water Crackers, Pilot and Navy Bread, all of the Ant quality, sre constantly for sals st fr-st1 isi- -ukl''t?-''Mxhm^wraoi A SPEEDY AND RADICAL CURE. A BERNETHYH. BOTANICAL FILLS are the noM A speedy uid cartaiu cure rtv discovered for tin* car* of lio norrhire. gleets, all urethral discharges, irritatatiou ol the kid neys, he. In receuieun, our boa usually antfiMeiil lo ?Dace ? perfect cure iis forty-eight liour*. In old eases, uIhIiuhu gleets, kc., tlssV ire equally cerUiu, having cured thousands who had nearly fallen vidians to thu horrid disss is uwrngto the injudicious iresliaenl of ignorant practltiou, is and quacka. who vary frequently rum their victims' oonatiturioa or send them aufferiug to an uutimely grave. The*e invaluable Pills are purely vegetable?ihcy strengthen tlie genital organs *nd in vigorate the s> stem generally. With lull directiona, $1. Fo* sale, wholeanlr or retail by Win. Wataou, Apothecaries' Hall, K Catharine atreet, and Ulcott. McKessou, It Co. 1>T Maiden lane. aJ tni'ia DOCTOR MORRISON, VTORTH RIVEH DISPENSARY, 104* Kulton street. a.? Doctor Morriaou coutinuea to be couaulled confidentially, on all private diseases, which he cures without mercury, or n atraint in diet or pursuit. Recent caaea, particularly 'Guuor rliie," he curra iu 3 lo 8 daya. STRICTURES OK The URETHRA are cured by Dr. M. on improved principles, without paiu or iuconveuieuce to like patient. As fete syinploma of Stricture are analogous with thoae of other affections of tlie urinary apparatus, noue but ?? |>eri?nced Surgeons aliould be allowed to make tlie uccaaaaxy ex amination, aa thoae affected with enlarged prostate glands, may ?uffer much injury from awkward practitioners Nervous and Constitutional Debility.?This affection, and the train oft-eila resulting from a secret, destructive habit in youth, inducing nocturnal emiaiiona and ultimate impolency, are radically cured by Dr. M., on pathological principlea, by reatoring lite ayatem to a healthy tone and reiuatatiiig its origi nal rigor. A perfect cure guaranteed, or uo charge, N.B.?Dr. M. holda no commuuion with medical pretender*, who claim to be surgeons, as he is. perhaps, the only qualified advertising Murgeou in tlie city. S?? his di|>lomaa iu lua otkca, J#4X Kultou atr-et. Lettera poat-paid and coulainiiig a fee will insure medicine and advioe to aay part of the Union. Office, 2U4K Kultou, near Ureenwich, New York. Opao from 7 A. M. to I0P. M.. daily. lm'cc TO THOSE WITHOUT CHILDREN. APROCREATIVE E LI XI R CORDIA L. rPHE great eat discovery in medical science is thai ef M. M. A Desonieaua, of Paris. He lias entirely aiploded the gene rally received opinion of the existence of incurable stenlity or barreuneaa, (except indeed iu coaes of inalformatiou, wliiena re extremely rare.) Tlie invariable and universal success of nis Elixir Cordial, in every instance, of producing tliat state of health which results iu the wife becoming blessed as a mother, who for years plued in childless loneliuss, lias fully established the fact, that what ia usually termed barrenness is curable by the use of tlie Procreative Elixir Cordial. It is infalliable ia senurial weakness, Huor albus, debility, iucontiueuce and the various train of complaints arising from excess, illness, or im prudence. Its great and invariable aucceaa is its recoinmeuda tiou. Tlie fmne of this wouderfal Elixir Cordial is well usta blished. A sale of more than lifty thousand bottles and pack igea is sufficient evidence of its excellence and tlie estimatiou in which it ia held. U ia pleasant and agreeable to the taste. The undersigned la Vie only authorised agent is this country. Price %3 a bottle.. Kor the convenience of those residing out of the city the in gredients composing the Elixir Cordial are put up iu p ckages foi transmission by mail, with full direction for preparing. Price of package Si, making three bottles. All letters must be postpaid, and directed to Dr. K. MELVEAU, bo* 24. N. York city, Office 129 Liberty It N. B.?Ladies calling for the "Elixir" will be waited on by a lady in attendance. a!3 nn??c L,EECHh&! LEECHES!! LEEOHEo!!! AH nnn SWEDl-H AND OERMAN LEECHES? tvrjv/V/V/ Just received per ship Sir Isaac Newtou, from Hamburg, and by the Havre packets?for sale wholesale and re tail, a. tlie most moderate prices, by C. J. KERDlNAND & COPPA, Importers of Leeches, s20 lm*rc No. MB Nassau street. LbbCHi^S?LEbCHEti?LbECHhS. OK OHO LARGE AND HEALTHS SWEED1SH LEECHES, just received i?r barque 1-rank I in, Sleebboom master, from.Hamburg, for sale at the lowest prices, at 07 A. (It H. WIT I E, ImiMirters of Leeches, 38 John street, j P. 8.?A large and fresh supply of .Leeches always on hand. Iin*re T AKD?400 krgs very choice 1 ard. equal to city rendered. L? Kor sale by E. K. COLLINS U Co.. wtPre ^ H.,inh ?r-v*r. ARTIFICIAL TEETH. M. LEVETT, Dentist, the introducer of inserting incor ruptible Teeth on the principle of atmospheric pressure, al lowed to be the greatest improvement iu dentistry -ver iutro duced, invites strangers and the public in geueial to examine bis new method, which will be found greatly superior to AN ? NOW IN USE, embracing amongst others the advantages of great and iierinaueut comfort, cleanliness, durability, lie. To nervoua patieuts it is particularly adapted, as it precludes the necessity of extracting stumps or roots of teeth, and retains tlie mouth iu a healthy state. The numerous testimonials from the most distinguished iu society, with the highest dental and other authorities, will eusure to those requiring artificial teeth, or those who have had them unskilfully set, tlir happiest and most satisfactory results. M. LEVETT, Dentist, sll Itn'rc 260 Broadway, entrance iu VV Wren at. Medical Aid. DR. UREOURY, Wi Uold street, is at hi* post as usual, day and uiglit, alleviating tlie mental as well as bodily sufferings of those who may be so unfortunate as to need his friendly, as well as medical, advice and sympathy. Concerning that class of maladies called "private" the Doctor has publialied a treatise called " The lluLicou," iu which he shows how tlie various forms of secf ,I,-eases may lie prevented as well as cured, and al so the iu. ii od a( regaining a* well as retaining MANLY VH.5 Oil; .a u i-ortiouof the work treating u|>ou impotence or sexual iltf n a I, aa also the chapters on a certain habit of youthful in .! rretiou aud melancholy delusion, and also concerning many romplainta incident to tlie tender sea, will be fouud a Irieudly yet silent monitor. Aa it resiwcts the various forms and symp toms of the venereal disease, wlielher of recent or of long stand ing?whether the nose, throat or bones be ulcerated, or however complicated and difficult tlie case may lie?its instructions are ample, and coin;*-tent for a cure of the disease and a restoration of tne constitution. The chapter ou strictnre is of imineu * importance to those who have formerly been afflicted, aud peihaos indiffereutly, or may be only half cured. It is well kuowu that Stuciure is the almost inevitable cousequeuce of the disease when badly treated or when the disease is suffered tfi remain too long wilhuul being cured?it is iu reference lo this circumstance that so many peo ple hate bnen benefitted bv a |?rusal of llie little volume here al luded to. rhe fourth edition, enlarged aud improved, is now .rady, and is sold al fifty ceul*. It will be seul by mail any dis latice, postage paid, ou tlie receipt of $1, which musi also be free of iKisiage and addressed lo DOCTOR GREGORY. sl8 lm*rc 66 Uold street. New York. CORNS, BUNIONS AND BAD NAILS CURED. JLITTLEKIELD, Chiropodist, takes this method to in ? form cilixeus and strangers visiting New i ork, that he still continues his successful treatment ou Corns, Bunions, Club aud Inverted Nails, al the Merchants' Exchange bathing Rooms, 41 William street, three djors below W air street, and al his reei deuce, 471 Bowery, out door below 10th alreet. All orders punctually attended to, in any part of the city, without extra charge. Office hours from 9 A. M. to 5 o'clock P. M. At home morn ing and evening. sll lineod*ec HALLOCK'S CASTOR OIL CANDY IS now highly aoproved of. as tlie liest mode of administering 1. valuable medeciue to children?being so pleasant to tlie taste they will readily eat whatever is given them. Itm iy be used for all purposes that the simple Oil is so extensively recom mended. Common colds, all kiuds of coughs, bowel aom piaints, fgc.; operiti^S,iP'JUly, tiealiug diseased parts, and allay ing irritation. Manufactured by A. C. HALLoCK, al 1711 Spring street, and neatly put up, (protected from tlie air and (lauipuess, anil warrant til to keep iu any climate,) in packages at I2>( cenu each, with full directions for use. See that the Pro prietor's owu name is wrilleu on the eugrav?d wrap|ier. Sold by most Druggists iu cities, and geaieral stores through* out iIihcouutry. all lm*ec PORTUGUESE FEMALE PILLS. IPfVICNTED AND PREPARED BY M. DE BOUVELOQUEy Ml). LISBON, PORTUGAL. rPHE scientific continuation of iugrwlients of which thoae a Pills are composed, have inade them the wonder aud admi ration of the world. They are ku'iwn all over Kurope to be the only preparation ever discovered that lias ptoved invariably cer tain in producing the mouthly lurus. Their certainty iu *11 cases, being such that they must nol be used during pregnancy, for though always mild, aafe and healthy, they are certain u> produce miscarriage if used during that period. Hie directions are translated iuto English, and are envelopra round with the seal of the importer, slaui|?d. Each box con Cains lite signature of M. de Boudeloqiie, aud the Euglish di rections have the signature of Dr. K. MELVEAU, authorised agojit for the Continent of America. They can be transmitted by mail to any part of the United States. Sold by Dr. K. MELVEAU, agent aud importer for the United Slates. Office, 129 Liberty street, near Greenwich street. Price $5.?half boxes, f). No naif boxes sent by inail. Sold in bottles at 9 Salem street. Leitm directed to Dr. K. Melveau, box 24, New York, will meet with immediate atlen ( on. All letters must be postpaid, unless enclosin( money. jy?9 rrc TO MARRIED LADIES. 1VTADAME RKSTEI l.'S PREVENTIVE POWDERS. i'-A ?These invaluable Powders have been universally adopted in Europe, but Krance iu particular, for upwards of ihirty years, as well as oy thousands in this country, as beiug ihe only mild, safe and efficacious remedy for married ladies whose liealth for bids a too rapid increase of family. The results of their adoption to the happiness, the health, nay ofteu the life, of many an affectiouale wife and loud mother are too vast to touch upon within the limits of an advertisement? results which affect not only the present well being of parents, but the future happiness of their offspring. Is it not but too well known that the families of the married often Increase beyoud tlie happiness of those who gave them birth would die ate r In how many instances does Die hard working father, and more especially the mother of a tnior family remain slaves through out their lives, tugging al the oar of iucessaut labor, toiling bat to live and living but to toil, when they might have enjoyed comfort and cotnpaialive affluence, and if care and .oil have weighed down ihe spirit, and at last brokeu the health of the father, how ofteu is the widow left unable, with the most vir tuous iutentions, to save her fatherless offspring freui becoming degraded objects of charily or profligate votaries of vice I Even though competence anu plenty smile u|kiii us, how o!leu, alas! are tlie days of th?- kind husband and lather embittered in be holding the emaciated form and decliiiiug health of t(ie compa nion oi his bosom, ere she had scarce reached tlie age of thirty ?last sinking inm a premature grave?with tlie certain proa peel of himself being early liereft of the partner of his joys aud sorrows, and his yonn* and helpless children of those endearing attentions aud watchful solicitude, which a inotl.iy aloue can tetow, not uufmiuently at a lime wlieu least aide to support heart-rending affliction '. I* it desirable, then?ia it moral? for parents t? increase their families, regardless of consequences to themselves, or the well being of their offspriug, when a sim ple, easy, healthy and certain remedy is wilhiu our control I The advertiser, feeling the importance of this subject, and estij maaug the vast benefits resulting to thousands by the adop., m of means p'-?crilied by her, would nisi>e<:ifuily arouse the at tention of the married to its consideration. Is it not wise and virtuous to prevent evils to which we are subject, by simple and healthy menus within our conlrol ! Every dispassionate, virtuous and enlightened mind, will unhesitatingly answer in the affirmative. Price five dollars a package, accompanied with full and twrtlj cular directions. All letters must be post twid, and addressed to oox " 868," N Y , or MADAME RESTELL, Female l'hysitrian. Principal Office, 140 Greenwich street. New York. Office honn> fror" 9 A. M 'oi P M Boston office. No 1 Kssov * N. B ?Those enclosing money need not |my postage. Jy29 re. MALMM Ii ,IESTKLL, ?PEMALE PHYSICIAN, Office and residenoe, 141 Oreen " wich street, between ( ourtlaudt and Liberty stnvls, where she can t? consulted with the strictest confidence ou complaint* incident to the female frame. Madame Restell's experience and lui -.iv ledge in the treatment of obstinate cases of female iri-juli ? v, stoppage, suppression, (lie., is such as to require but a I w o ira to effect a perfect cure. I.adias desiring pro|>er medical attendance during connitemenl or other iiidispositiou, will be accommodated during saeli tune, with private and respectable board. " Preventive Powders." for married ladies, whose delicate oi precarious liealth forbids a too rapid increase of family, will be sent by mail to any part of the United State*. I nee 15 a Pack age. All letters (post paid) addressed lo box 86H, New Vorfc, Boston Officsk No. 7 Essex street. (iN B.?Those enclosing money need not pair postage. IS. B.?Madame UESTELL wo.ud inloiiii lauie* residing out of the city, whose health would not admit of tsavelliug, that she would devote her ntMMl attandaao* upon them in 'i part of the United States within reasonable distance. jySfi r PUBLISHED DAILY BY JAMESUOKUON BKRNKTT, N. W CORNEH KULTON AND NASSAU STKEETB. Th* Nr.w Yor* Hraai-o?A Daily I'aiier, issue.I every morning of the week?price two i i.mj per copy. Country Snbacnbers furnished al the same rate, for auy specific period, on a remittance in advance No pa|ier sent unless paid in ad vance. Thk Wkrklt llrbaud?Issued on Saturday morning at ten o'clock?price six ,nn a qt'Ani aR ceists pnr copy? fur nished to Country Subscribers at $) 26 per annum, in advance, or at the same rate for any specified period. C?ftftgirn?BKWTi are requested to address Utair litters If Jamm ?gu*x Hiwitift, K?i*r-?i^. tn HtmwmnV >m I*

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