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October 9, 1844 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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ig out of It, but those who come in afterwards will be e viotims. There if very little doing in domestic exchange*. Our notations are merely nominal, and without any uiateiial Iteration from thoso current tor the past "ninety day*.? Ibbama fund* are daily improving. There ia usually ? em and for Alabama State money in the tall, while the rupt arc coining forward. Large amountaot this money re destroyed by the State authoritiea from time to time, 1 every dollar put out ol existence in thia way muit mprove the value of what remaina in circulation. Last 11 thp.diicount on tbeae bills fell to five per centjwa now uoteTaTJ The rates on otherpoist*, particularly on e South, will steadily improve as the productions ef -h section of country are forwarded to this port for a arkei OoMKSTIC EXCMANOC, Oct. 8, 1844. 'Jdis South'rn.L.lkT. do 75 a 80 dis. Apalachieola, 2 a " Mobile, 7 a 7? " Montgomery, 7 > 7X " 7 a7S? 1 a 1M " 2 aW" m IX " Quotations roa SrcciE. I'er Cent. Value. m. (jold, old, I Mi HlUh'i Carolos dollars, fl 06 a t 07 Do. new, 100 alOO1* Five francs, 0 94)<a 94H ill dallars, 1U0 alOUX Doubloons 16 11 alii 30 ortugtiese void 100 alOO* Do. Patriot, 11 7i all 90 jMiiish doll in 104 al05 Sovereigns, 4 85 a 4 87 Do. iiuarters 99 alOO Do. light, 4 82 a 4 85 le?icon dollars loiAialOlK Heavy giiiuaaa, 5 60 a ? Do. guar'-rs 99 alOO NaiMleons, 3 S3 a ? Quotations roa Uncubrknt Monet. lrHcurrent Money. Broken Bank Mtnry. Eastern, huk'ble in Bostou )? Bank of Oswego 15 AIImuv,'Troy,Sche. tic... >? Commercial, Oswego 30 Jersey X Clinton County 30 I1iiUdel|>hia )a Watervliet 30 B iltiin ire 3, United States, Phila 26 Safety Fund ?l Red Bwk. ,'j Oirard Bank, Phila 2 Virginia X Pheiiia, Charlntown 45 Ohio 2 Newburyiwrt Bank Indiana 2 Bank of Lyons 36 Michigan... 2a3 Illinois State Bank 35 North Carolina I,1. Bk of llli. at Shawnetown. 40 South Carolina lit Commercial, Buffalo 25 The Suffolk Insurance Company ot Boston, have de clared a semi-annual dividend of five per cent, payable on the 8th iust. The Bunker hill Bank of Charkstown, has declared a semi-unaual dividend of three per cent. Domestics exporteu Irom Boston during the week end ing Oct. 0th: - To West Indies to bales East Indies y> ?? South America 100 " 300 The question whether tho main line of the public works of Pennsylvania shall be sold or not, will be settled to day. Very little doubt exists but that the people will give their consent to have the works, sold. The next question to be settled will be, where can purchasers be found. We annex the section of the law providing for a decision in favor of the sale. Section id.? t hat i( a majority o( the electors at the election aforesaid, shall decide in favor of a sale of the main line of the public works, then and in that cast) it shall be the duty of tho Secretary of the Commonwealth, within tweuty days after said election, to notify the com missioners appointed bv the second section of this act, that a majority of the electors have so decided. And (he said commisKianem shall proceed to expose the said main line ol the public works to sale in the manner here inbeforo provided, preserving the same relations of time as to notice, opening and re-openiug the books, and per forming the several duties enjoined upon him. Tho Inst annual report of tho Canal Commissioners ol Pennsylvania shows the expenditures of the main line to have keen $429,037, and tho receipts $867,313. From a rqp?rt recently issued from the Auditor Oeneral's office, wr? take the annexed statement showing the cost, re venue and expenditurea*of the main line of public wotks up to 1844 Main Line of Public Works of Pknnstlvania. ... .. , Coil. Revenue. EivendWei. Columbia and Pluladel hia RR,.. $4,201,969 96 3,195,353 99 2,835,684 32 Eastern division of Canl, 1,736,599 42 1,436,665 16 434.934 79 Juniata do 3,521,412 21 806,157 13 1,023 286 18 Alleghany Portage RR.. 1,828,461 35 1,308,158 82 1,386,534 82 n estern division of Cnl, 3.069,877 38 1,1' 5 496 03 848,198 42 $14,361,320 32 7,912,031 13 6,508,638 48 Tho price set upon these works by the legislature is $30 000,900, to be taken by a company to be called the "Pennsylvania Canal and Railroad Company,"the par for shares being fixed at one hundred each, making the num berof shares two hundred thousand. This company in not to be incorporated unless one hundred and fifty thou sand shares are sold, and in the event of the commissioners not succeeding in disposing ol that number within the timn allowed by law, they are to proceed to open beoka ia tho ciiy of Philadelphia lor private subscriptions to the fctock. M be legislature have the right to take possession ol the work* ot this company should it be deemvd proper at tho expiration of twenty years, by re emhursing to the stockholders the amount of their expenditures, with ten pe~ cent advance on their capital; but should the legisla ture not deem it proper to lesume tho possession at the aspiration of the first twenty years, they have preserved tho privilege ol doing so upoirthe above terms at the end or the second, third, fourth, or any number of terms they may se? fit so to do. It does not appear very probable, at this, moment, that the line will be sold. The people may grant permission to sell, but under the existing circum stances, wnfsee very little chance of the c )tnmissioners suocetding in their efforts to dispose of the works pub licly or privately. The Vice Chancellor in the case of the North Ameri can Trust n.d Banking Company has decided that the million and first half million trust* created by the officers of ihe company are illegal, and has ordered the trustees to assign and deliver the securities inoluded in the two trusts, which amount to about $3,000 000, to John I Palmer, President of the Merchants' Bank, as special receiver. The million trust was created in April, 1840 to iecure 900 bonds, dated Feb. 1, 1840, each for ?ibO sterling, and payable Feb 1,1844, at pir, amounting 10 $1,000 009 Tho first half milli n trust was created in April or May, 1940, to secure 440 bonds dated, February 1, 1*40, each for ?200 sterling, and payable February 1, 1847, at par, amounting to $000,000?being, together, 1300 bonds, amounting at par to $1,000,000 - 409 sold in London at ?90 fur cent., at par amounting to $044 444 44 ; 304 held as collateral by different parties; 007 held by Palmers, M-tcKillop, Dentlt Co., which amount at par lo $618 888 ?S ; bnd ms the holders of these 007 bonds, ?almers, Mac Killop, l)eat ti Co , elsim to be secured by means of these two tiustv for the large amount which they allege thia banking company owe them. The amount of bonds and mortgages in the million trust ia $1,326 870 19. The amount of same securities in the first half million trust ia $616.413 84. Amount of other securities (including 1347 sh ires ol the capital stock of the company at par) is about $320,090 Total amount about $2,163,288 03. The Chancellor in giving hi* decision said, that al though this motion for a receiver was sought for on the geneial merits of the case, the case ianot to be considered as decided, as it may be altered when considered in a more formal way. The Chancellor states that he is ot the opinion that the bank never was engagrd in legiti mate banking operations, that its principal business was speculating in stocks, and that the condition ef the Com pany at the time ol makiag the trusts, was such that it could have no right, either In law or equity, to make an) discrimination by apportioning a large amount of assets to sreure obligations to one party to the exclusion ol others. It would bu contrary to all the principle* which are understood should govern tli s Company, wi re u pre feu nee made nnd a latge amount of assets appropriated to secure certain creditor* to the exclusion of the g< nuul creditors. The view taken ol the case by the Chancellor, is founded on common law and equity, and it will, with out doubt, he confirmed by every luture decision made on *.he question Uhl Stork Rxclianffe. $?,1100 U fl Vs, '53,epn 104 V 50 sha* Canton Co 48k 1750 N V State 5 s, '45 101,225 do 49 J?nO NV State ft's. '54 109 25 do 49k 4fHN) Ohio 6'S, '50 100 150 do b3# 49j* l?l'i 0 Ohio 6's, '60 b30 101 175 d> 4#V. 20(10 do lOliV '25 Morris Canal 13k I8i*? do lOOtf 5* Mohawk RR JJ. 5000 Ohio 7's 107 75 do 66 501"! Ky 6's bfO 104 75 do 66 k IJI'OO Illinois spel b50 46 250 Readi g RR 6HI0 Indiana hds 45 175 do VI). IOiiOO do b30 45 54 Harlem RR 741, 5't00 Penn'a 5's b30 75 250 do 74 .MM hi do 7)\ 2j0 Ilo 74k MOO do 60d 7'lji Inn East Boston Co 13 5000 do 735? 50 do 12)4 15000 do s60 7l)g 375 do IJW M'OO Reading RR lids 72 25 do 12 1IKI0 l'esas T'r notes 9k 50 do lij? 20U0 do 10 100 L Island RR lit 44 4000 do 10k 2110 do 84 'a 75 sh&s Phenis Bk 95k 50 do 1>30 81 50 do % 200 rlo 81 10 Bk Com. full 69,'. 11 Ml do b60 114 10 do 991* 25 Stonington RR 5lH 5* US Bank b30 8?, .'0 do 5I'4 50 do 3!* 350 df> 51 400 N Am Trust 15 150 do bio 51 50 do slO 15 50 do 50* 100 do t.J0 I5>i i0 do 50H l|H) . >/\ . ? U* 2*5 Nor k Wore RR b 10 77 ? NY Life k Trust 113 75 do 77 I /O Farmers' Trust 45)$ 210 do s30 76 U 150 do 4j1<4 325 do 76J, 1 5 dn 45 50 do blO 76?i 1U0 do 44K i0 do 76^, 5 Erie KR ?. 50 do b70 77 110 do opg 27 (terond Board. 28 shas < anion < o b3 49,'j 50 alias Nor h Wore 76', 15 do 49 100 do lt,\ 2? do IRK 50 do bl5 77 50 Reading RR 53'4 25 Stonington RR s3 75 Oo S3 5J,'i 35 do tj r>0'? So Farmer* Loan 45 25 do s3 50V4 75 do 45k 50 do btw 50>? 50 do b3 4.l)a 150 East Boston Co 12 25 do 45 * 50 L Island RR 8j)( N-w Ntn<'k feiaehaiigs. $7o!hi Illinois 6's, *76 bjo ?n 50 shas East Boston Co e 13 , 1?'jo U'/ c SB ij do 12!. 50 1 has Vaimers Ti hM 47 150 N Jersey RK c ?4k ?J" <J? ?? 4J JO K.rUm RR .30 74* " <J? nw 45* ? Erie RR opg 26 IS m a ~ c ,J 10 8touin*tou RR c 12 i? n m Tra,t bl? 25 do c SO* 125 L an ton Co c 19 25 Jo C MIS ?? ' ? c IB ion do c 50 'J? 1 " b3<l 4SU 25 do C 4!iT? inH u 1 do e 5t>>a *29 M?r"? V*"1' 13 50 Nor 8c Wore 130 78 a L Maud Kit c 8<>* 50 do c 77* SO do c 100 do btw 7b)4 ISO do c II 25 do s60 75 25 do s30 84 125 do c 70)4 21 do C 8JX 25 do bCO 78 Balks or Stocks-- Boston, Oct. 7. .it Iht Brokttt' Hoard-137 sharp* East Bo?ton Co <80, lftj; 31K) do, t>10, 10. 3(H) do, I6J; 100 do, bliv. 1?; ltlOdo, 14>ji AO do. bill, l?j. 50 do, (4m, 16}; 375 do, It), 100 do, S3 in, 15); 800 do, Ibi; 60 do, ilw, 16J; U7 do, 1SJ; lIXI Nor Mod Wore RR, lw, 100 do, 7?i; 100 do, fcfi'l, 7b|; 50 do. 78f; 60 Reading HR. h30, 37$; 80 do, 37;, |3U, 36); 850do, blw,37; 335 Long Itmnd RR, t3m,0M; 3-15 Weatern RR, 86); lOOdo. b3m, 36J; 100 do, h60, fct?l; 33 do, 1.1 W, 85); f3 000 U S 6'?, 1863, 1031; *3 000 Reading RR bond* ol 1850, b)6d, 73. State of Trade. Aihii-Thern if very little doing in potit, and we quote $4 IS) a 4 36. Pearls arc very steady at $4 31) a 4 37 J Btuwti - The drmaiM ia very moderate. Prime yel low uorthera, southern and weatern aell as wanted at 391 ? 30c. Breadstuff*?There ia a f.iir demand lor whea>, liut very little in market. Northern coin fetches 6ftcenta; oats 33 cents; rye 70 cents Flour, as we expected, is down again Genesee sells at f>163i CorTO:* ?Tha market evinces a dull feeling, but lit'le disposition bring shown to purchase at the prtsent rates. About 000 bales were taken to-day, including one lot of middling fair upland*, 340 bales, Irom the wharf, aa laud ed. Hat ? Comi.on qualities of North River bale we quote at 33c. Trime si 1U at 40c. for shipment Whisrkv ?Drudge casks are in very limited request at 34c Western nnd pi i on barrels are held at 34| a 35#. Of the latter description the supply ia very small. Weekly Heport of Deaths In the city and county of New York, from the 28th day of Sept. to the 5th of Oct, 1844, 36 Men?30 Womru?34 Boys?16 Uirls.?Total 146 Disiiia. I'viFimj 1, i >?*ui iuiii i rt-ineiia i; L/rfijisy c; Dropsy in the Il?-.iJ 7; Drowned 5; Dysentery 2; Ejpilepsy I; Fever hilious I ; MSPIBSTTMHSi Fever remittent 4; l<ever scar let 1; Kever Typhus 2: Hooping Cough 5; Inflammation of Brain 3; Inflammation of Bowels 2; Inflammation of cheit I; Inflammation of lungs 6; Inflammation of Stomach 1; Inflam mation of throat I; Inflammation of liver 4; Intemperance 2; M"lformatiou I; Marasmus 6; Measles 2; Mortification 1; Old Age 2; I'alsy 1; Premature Birth 3; Scrofula 1; Small l ox 2; Teething 1; Tatauua 1; Tumor 1; Unknown 1. Aon? Under 1 year 44; I to 2 years 24; 2 to 5, 22; 5 to 10, 5; 10 to 20, 0; 20 to 30.16; 10 to 40, 19; 40 to 50, 17; 50 to 60, 8; 60 to 70,3; 70 to 80, 1; 80 to 90, I. KLI LKAVITT, City Inspector. City Inspector's Office. Oct. 7. 1844. Paasengera Arrived. Stockholm?Brig John Johnston?B. Reichfuldt. Foreign Importation*). Palermo?Ship Hellespont?1408 pkiss mdse Lawrence St Phelps?43 cases liquorice paste order?5 pkgs Read Ik Chad wick, Boston?2 caaes Clay ff|;ures K.nrico Dalzas?75 willow baske s 4 chairs 1 bureau (antiquities) Wm E Putnam. Malaga?Ship Elisha Dtuiison?0010 bxs raisliu 197 do le mons 750 bdls mats 70 cs'liquorice |?ste PI Francia?Ij00 qr bxs raisins T Stalker?700qrcas wine Aguirre 8c Galway?500 bxs lemons 60 qr cks wine order. Uoniestio Importation*. New Orl?ai*??Ship Orleans?121 bales cotton 13 hhda to bacco N L Maitland 8c co?135 sacks wheat Her im, Lees 8c co? 1138 pigs lead Strachan 8c Scott?1327 J McCullogh?to hhds E Pavenstailt?9 bales S Wood?2131 pigs lead C H Rogers 8c civ il bales llenrv Greenway?14 bags feathers 7 casks J Mathews ?250 bales II hhds Brown, Brothers 8c co?544'bales J Chauteau ?7 lilids Boorman, Johnston 8c co? 9 bales ti H Maybe?48 hds Oelrich8c Kruger?80 bbls B H Field?30 lulls uon A R Mann ?8 hhds J "shorn?I d* Osbo;n St Bragg?11 cks 2 bbls Hussey 8c Mackay?8 J Gihon?100 bkts J Duraud 8c co?8 J M Ll|> juncott?40 bbls J H Taylor?412 pigs lead 9 bales mdse to or MARITIME HERALD. Sailing Days of the Steamships. 9TEAMSRS. FROM LIVERPOOL. FROM AMERICA. Caledonia, Lott Oct. 18 Acadia, Harrison Oct. 4 Nov. 1 (i. Western, Matthewi Oct. 12 Nov. 9 Hibernia, Ryrie Oct. 19 Nov. 16 Cambria, Judkina Nov. 4 Dec. 1 Ship Musters und Agents. We shall esteem it a favor if Captains of Vessels will give to Robert Sii.vkv, Captain of our News Boats, a report of the shipping left at the port whence they sailed, the vessels spoken ou their passage, a list of their cargo, and any foreign newspapers, or news they may have. He will board them im mediately on their arrival. Agents and Corres|Kindents at home or abroad, will also confer a favor by sending to this olhce all the Marine Intelligence they can obtain. Nautical Informa tion of any kind will be thankfully received. fOKT OK NlfiW VOHK, OCTOBER 9. SUN RISKS 6 24 I MOO* RISES 3 21 surf set* 5 37 | high water 6 29 Cleared. Ships Southerner, PalTer, Liverpool, Woodliull Si Minturn; Audseia. Vallay, Amsterdam, Wm Weesend; Floridian, Plitt, Nantes K I) Hnrlliut 8c Co?Barque Anna, KortlaiiK.llsmbnri;, K 8i I' Popjie? Brig Buffalo, McBnrney, Mirauiachi, T Win uerette; Timoleon, Blevin. Bordeaux. B Richaids: Belfast, McKennev, Barliadoes, Middleton 8c Co?Sclir J 11 '1'hompsoa, Bishop, Hallowell; Southerner, Hatch, Charleston. Arriven, Ship Hellespont, (reported yesterday) Adams, 44 days from Palermo, with fruit. Sic. to Lawrence 8c Phelps. Sid iu co. with barque Dutchess, of Boston, for Boston, and saw Iter again on the 3d Sept. in lat 34 N, Ion 12 W. Oct 3, lat Mi 20 N, lou 69 W, pasted brig Smyrna, ?f Duxbury, standing to the South W, wind Kant. Ship Klislia Dennison, (before reported) Seely, from Malaga, Sept 13, with mdse to E D llurlbutt. The U S frigate Colum bia was lying at ai chor off the harbor, was to sailTor Port Ma hon, on the 11th. The barque Martin W Brett, returned to Ma laga on the lltli, having enme in contact with another vessel, lost cut water, Mill sail ou the !6lh. Ship Orleans, Ramsdell, from New Orleans, with cotton, to W Nelson. Br brig Syria, Marsters, 12 days from Windsor, NS., with plaster to the master. Swedish brig John Johnston, Islang, 60 days froin Stockholm with 150 tons iron, io Boorman, Joh'istou 8c Co. Brig Deborah, Robbins, New Bedford, oil. Brig Meridian, Wane, Warehum, ballast. Schr Del Norte, Belcher. Camden, lime. Schr Chainpiou, Drew, Nantucket, oil. Schr Angeretta, Crowell, Plymoutn, fish. Sclir Mount Vernon, Driukwater, Lincolnville and New Bed ford, granite. Schr (Jen Warren, Mclntyre, Camden, lime. Schr Spy,Cannon, 6 daya from Richmond, with mdse, to master, Schr Spark, Kippin, 1 days from Norfo'k, with potatoes, to master. Schr Gazelle, Corsen, 2 days from Virginia, with potatoes, tfelovr. Ship Washington, from Palermo, passed Rock of Gibraltar 2flth August, with mdse ta Bridges 8c Stettin. Ship Hamburg, Larrahee, of Bath, from Cadiz, 27 days, to order. Also, one ship and one brig unknown. Mailed. Ships St. George, Ferris. Liverpool; La Duchesse D'Orleaus, Richardson, Havie: Auson, Barkmau, Charleston; Marv Phil lips, I'ratt, Mobile; barqves Atlantic, Bremen; Condor, St. Croix. Miscellaneous Itecoj-d. Foreign Letter Office.?The Switzerland, Knight, fo* London, will sail to-morrow. The Schr reported ashore on Romer is coal laden, and snp psMfl from Philadelphia A vessel was des|?tched to her assis ance yesterday?they found Iter Comple'ely under water, atrip; ped of sails and rigging, supposed to nave been taken off by the sloop which was seen alongside of her on Sunday. Whalino Sciik Exchange, of Pl> month, Hopkins, from Atlantic Ocean, for Plymouth, put into Txrpauliu I'ove oil (lie 4th tnst. and in tlie gale of that night was driven ashore, wlien she remained ou 6th. A vessel from Holmes' Hole lias goi.e to her assistance, and she will probably be got off without serious damage. She has 200 bbls of i|?>rm oil. Bhio Solon, of Hancock, Me, from Lubec for Philadelphia, which pot into Newport 3d, had lost sails and was leaky? would probably have to discharge. Captain Smith, of the Gov. Hopkins, arr. at Bristol 3d inst. reports that he fell in with Sept. 21st, lat 36 10, N. lou 74 30, W. the spars and sails of a large snip, took on hoard the flying jib* boom. 41 feet iu length, and a toi gallant yard mc isuring :?> feet in leiuih; a ehain tie, part of a Ihiugjib stay. Its, IMIN the 30lh, a schr from St Domingo for Boston?same day Thorn, ('ole, Richmond, for Fall Riser with loss of sa ls. The G. H experienced the gale of the 29th silt from NE. and SW. very severely, but received no damage. Spoken. Grace, of Liverpool, bound to /Xatigua, Sept 8, lat 32, Ion 20 W?by the Helle*iMiit. at this i ort. Washington, Mattison, of Baltimore from Palermo hound to NYork, Sept 15, and parted with her Oct 5th off Block Islaud, after running 2HI8 miles tide by side?by the sone. Topaz, ol ha?t|?)rt, 5 da>n from N Vork for Nassau, 25.h ult, lat 3* 33, Ion 72, 47. Korelftn Ports. Malaga, Sept 13? In P^rt, Isaliella, Wave, and Thilena, itis; Minerva, and Oirelle. lag for Bo.ton; Elvira.for Philadelphia; Al-barn i, for NOr eans?Waring cargo, Stephen Brewer, Be vis Nautilus, Annetta, Ztllette,Lewis, Nile,Trio, Isaac Frank lin, Belize, anil Me senger. The TJ S. trmat* ? olmtihia, was lying at anchor off the narhor, to sail on the 14th tor Port Ms hon The Martin W Bretr relumed to Malaga on the 11th, having coine in contact with another vessel and lost thereat water, would sail ou 16th. tioine Forts. Banoor, Oct 4?Oil, Wshsega, Borland. Jamaica (', Oct, 2?Ar' Adams, Gay. Liverpool. Ns wrurvport, Oct. 6?Arr Mary Elizalieth, March, Phila delphia; Alphion, Hoyt, NYork. Boston, Oct. 7.?Arr, Moldan, Shsw. Liverpool; Mazeppa, Olson, Cn-acao, 7th nit. On 27th. I it :?4 2ti, Ion 75 50, exi?ri enced a heavy gale from Nh, sprnng fore lopma't, carried away tnpmiisi tnn.?eT trei-a, split sails, ai d iecei?ed oiher daroaaat al so arr. Cask't, Wilson, Port au Prince, lOih ult; Gland 1'nrk, Porter, Pliilad; Hannah 8c Abigail, Leioid, d : Grand Islsi d, Lccoimt, Ri hmond; Wm Henry, Norris Fr>derickshurg; In cease, Krrickaoii, San'ras River, Md; 8t Thoinsa, Lincoln, Baltim .re' Regulator, Closson, Philadelphia; r.verlme, l>eech, NYork; Richmond, T horndike, do. Below, at ancleir in Nan tasket Ro ds, t hilo, Lainl?rt, from Cronaiadt, Aug 22. Also, Frederick Warreu, rr?ir, fm .Manilla, April Hi. On Saturday, in S Cliannel, saw Unicom, hence lor NOrleaus. Telegr .plied, Cashier, Baker, fm Baliim re for Weymouth. The telegrai h reports the l'remoiit, (of Hanover,) Le-ds, fm Havana, cargcof nolasses, ashore on Point Alderton, a roinplete w reck. Also. Richanl, (of Harwich,) Bsker, fm Alexandria for tins por .full of water. Tnepil <t boat !? rolic has gone down to taceruin tlie situation of both vessels. Cl'rt, Canton, Hanson, Cajie de Verds and a market, Washington, Stevens Mobile; Vesper, Mudley, Richuieiid. CI'd.Mh, Cape ("aar, \oung, St Pelr s, MM. Portimoctm, Oct 5?An Isaac Newton, SpauMuil. St Ubes. New BanroRD, Oct 5?Sid Similax. Nickerson, New York; Knlncou, Doane, do. 6th, arrGloln, Maci?i, Nausemond: Co rnithiaii, Slwviherd. NYork. Sid Wm Ik Miza, U bitfield, Pa cific Oceau; Meridian, Wing, Philadelnnia; Helen, Sears, do; i me, U.nes, do, Pyretis Bruce, Norfolk; Republic, Sowle, N York. I< in. River, Oct J?Arr Thorn, Cole, Richmond; Lenity, Smith, do. nr. Oct 5?Arr Moniilla,Wh<-e|er, Philadelphia; Three 1 Brothers, Gladding, NYork. PRoVrm.Nr E, Oct i?Arr John Jav, Hall; Chief Ileevei, Mexico, Totalln; J Hustling, We.tcoti, 1 Ann Mir.i, Uiylls. Philadelphia; (ireenport. Brand. NanseRHmil; vl.. r.ddy, llliveii; vietnrr. French, md I uividance, ?iriov.i NYork. ^Idt assmiler, King, hirNW t oast; Margarei Ami, Uodtiey, Virginia; President Wilhur, Norfolk. 5th, arr Liberty,Town end; Misha Ro< kman, Crammer, and Wm \ ouug Adain? Philadelphia; Ariel, Oaks, and Anon, Monro. N York?Below, i foie .nd aftschrs. Sid Susan Benjainiu.Baih; Jas l.ampHear. N V ork. ! New Ha? en, Oct 7?Arr Cliancsllor, ttramns, St Thomas; Atit.netic. ( ross Deinar ira, Merchant, Stevens, Jam-tii i, An I naballa, Hasil, and Two Brothan, Tboinpaou, riuladaiphia.? - _ . ?1^?? PreaidJnt' HPr?.h?,; ?v'T' SP'th; Fr? Trader, Kelsey, and P^UdWpliii Niurk; Eliubstb. and Reindeer, K.ll^NVurl0' *51 ^rA," 8*'lif0'1- NYork. Sid Adeil, Philadelphia' 7ilm p1'- i'i"'' Mobi'?S L')i?. Honeywell, PhiiI c Hyde, Albany. Wu"dl,u],/ri' VC1 8?Arr. <-r ,||? |}? IVoife, NewVo-k; WUmiBM...'. \M u?.h"*y"' 'ron? Si John, N B; Ellen. Boon ^ lrC,T1',l?uS"d> frmn Providence HowJni vf!l?f ? Rosalie, Hill, Jr. West Indie* Si>Un Richie "f""!]' * m'"ld !W'K?i?i?. Boston; Two do- Vu Bum l.i ki ' imour, Sm'th, do; Sultaua, Norton, oil t ic P7k . (C.Lil ? d"i N'JOWj *?"??, llinghaaii Star iti Lett I .America, Soincrs i'lov .deuce; ** *"?*? Brookrvn 'KipK?nl. i! Oullford, Smith, Peniambuco; n/ir An ? ' e'"n i MEverett, Hio de Ja i u 3"!)W' Thomastoj; Ramble', Merrithrw ',*"K"r, lSamuel R Painter, M?nhnn, Albanv: Man Clarke Sweet, 13im*oii; S* s uel C Abbott, Bnwyer, NYork Shi Nar! raganut. Biker. Boston; Catharine A nun da Teal Phil id- S* quel, Rayuor, Je,nwyCuy; Osceola, Yeattnaii Bostoo? Howe Tliompis'n', Troy!*"* "**'? S,ubt"' Uwuwlcl^ si'leudid, A .M ASS MEETINIJ of ihe " Defunct," " Kstiuct" \ i o'clock*" n'i 11 "" evaainir, October llth at se ven O clock.. Ihe fe ire tors of the 6th, 7tn, 10th and Hi I) Ward* i1! Cougrc.sional Distr CI, favorable to the American Republican cause, are particularly reuuefcted t.? a? semble in the ?America . Heuubli^ Jio,f*"f ? ,trM"?i to '"I'ond to the .hall ilowcre irl I?'1!1' i?" "Uf nKhUc ',,lr l,fe'' '???' blood ' sh i h??, I tewl" b' ?l*v>'s to any foreign iles|?u. Never we w I lie- I I IC*I,'> Cdn"01 ?"?ern theinsehe*. Living we will live to honor our Country, ami. dyiua beourtaih iff A Jo o i'l lt !n 1 rttf vi'" W' b*'i,r thr?crutini*ing Kaxe of the public t?tr Nation ij Ai? " ^ ^ UCC"'?? *"d ^ W Several diatin^uisihed UHiitlemen will ad(Jr<*?s the iiMftinir I af?f which a splendid diipiny of Fire Work " eiitiS^ fh7 Kfkiirrectiou oi the Ju^t," and then a nroceMioi. will U. rh?tk '' lv l"arc*1 l^ro.uK*? the district, to let the public know By order of the Committee of Arrangements. W. J. Cnn, Secretary. tL' LKAV|TT, CI,airman. rpHE m'kmbIhb U/r^;iV?LK'>T SOCIETV. ?I ' -tv am K " l-"",n *'"? Benevolent So _M- , ?*? *n" "*e Irieuds ol the Associa(ion are reHitect'uliv r# qnesteil to meet .lie I3,|, October, at 7 l'. M., at No 5 BarellTj ?lieet, for the |>urixwe of electing the Officers of saidSoueiy ,.o *.? ^ By order of ine I resident, J " K SA KT(lltK). Serret'ry. .S,fcrN"j"Kv^?rlS c&sssjai ssa. szsstr -iA-" - Km G T"l;l<; Spoons, 6 Dessert Snoons, 8 TsfeVk martaVw, IM*' Ihe above are all of the ?' Bead Pattern." 11.? J v,'T rr1w'lri1 w'" Kiven for tha recovary of a i>art or Place. ?f th? *b"V''- at 32 Bro*d "tieetVor 16 lorick oO 3t*rrc 'pwo ras2(T|^^?taj^'^ir <&tixz?s;.h on? b> appl\ injr ui the evenini;, to o9 KDWAIID K. MVKHS, 08 " tn 371 Br adway. ?Om FRUIT TREKS WANTED IMMEDIATELY. Sou Hussell Apple Trees. 500 Baldwin do do 500 Porters do do 500 Spitzeubu'gs do PtACH TRICES. 500 fr'arly York. 500 May Duk-s. 250 Nutmegs. CHKRKY TREES. uii |?i?. ,C0A? A'sorted early varieties. oa iwisec Apply at No. 47JPearl ?'"e^ Nevv York. TirANTrn aT? LAMP MAKERS. W ih. Iiirn"1"1"1"" workman, well acqnainted with "H 3t'rr J. at I i:t>X. is Maiden l,.?e. WAv' w,u,t"J ?? c,il.ass .h- Male ol I\ew I, . ' "f Profe'sor 1 rust's History of the United States and wiVfrmnfv reMv'rh*' p"J",lllr"> atl(l <""'luestioned worth,' anil will amply re|>ay those who engage m the business. Apply ofiec C.J.U1LLI8, ? IB Fulton street. T^n^Pv 1^r1|LN?PatinK Slonp wanted immedla'ely. Apply ?awJ*? WILLIAM KORUAY. LK8iNAStHAD?,kTi:.N'0, 125 Greenwich .freer, . |l?i,T,7,' -?^^^D&?xarsasai{is?f' _ . ,?? OVE ()? H E M (?V li D?K E MOVEI) DEI) FLACi SHIRT ESTABLISHMENT 11 Liberty st \1 wi LSON return h "1*1" C?mer ol, Maid-u L.uie'.' n. uiLwn returns his sincere thanks to hi* frit-mli ami iHum hf?euit mi patronage he has hitherto leceived, ^ V , l , " "i t!?neral that he will continue at hi* L?Y,7!? i mauufscture Shir's, Bo*oms and Collars c e, I^,;^.lnw",t 1,r,T- for durabilityrj ciioapness to be Uusiirpaitssed. A\l, VVlLSOiN N B _n? r?i, 83 VVi"?m't-. corner of Maiden Lane, th. ? ful 10 a'men,bt'r 'he number and R. ,1 Klag ,n er ""'"ni". o9 3t WThlt.W^ec MK5? hir^yAl M,^(;LKERKi. AND COlinsn: 2 11,' Mf* ?'"rk, city ius[iectioii. ^?0 h.ili barrels dr> rlo 50 barrel* Mackerel, No. 2. jO do in half barrels. 100 qii'util* Codfish. f or sale in lots to snit* i uri hers, by ^ ??.n CARPENTER ROE & CO.. - "" " tc No. 120 Warreu street. | MONEY TD LOAN. $2,500](jauk lnAr . ?pN bonda MORT $ i OOu I? "frPtiX Pto"ny ? o9 3t?rV ia>i rEARL sfSi'ET. S'.'ifl '^KNT'I NE?70 barrels,best yuality Southern' ,.w ' "lr by WOODHLLL St MINTlTRNS. ??" 87 South street rsi?,;,nlN1r"t AlKIIC"ANTS. ?Browi~Sheetings-and l><,til l, mV ,*,;.rV"1 er uf' tw'dth. *" 'he known brands, oow nc4vy sod ?>?>?. Htark Mil g, Liwreuce < 1 IikIihh H-.H r Merrimack, Kwtrr'i, Unknown, fee.,' 18 a, d 2 r,( ni,,IU ??ff pncen. on tl?e second tloorso( No*. Wide M? ' ?ia 1 . ^Vt? street. Vard wiae ?i?eetiiiM? at (* ceuts )?er yard; alio. batU wicki twine yarn' aslnr?^ I cotlou yarn 5 to 12; "Wnbers, 5 to 12. T. N. VJNDERHILL . ."JU *?' 18 and 20 Cedar st. Hrt VA \'A ^liOARS T? S^,iAH DEALERS AN I) (iROCERS.?The under II ,lllfr7>'111 ?J?i??U a ?ell selected lot of L.l tl i !Z> * lz'. from H Carets; liicalia from i)r I i N'lJm 1-?Cabjum; La Leal tar; iVnng i; Bueufunur: lioma n?!i. \V?",,V,llr; LV^La?'r".ni l)- Comj>amM?iV; San low bv ' Herman oa, and other celebrated brand* Kor sale o9 3tis#ec - 'K ? ... 79 I earl street. NEW STYLE OF AL'BUSSON AX M INS T ERA'CARPETINGS ^wleoVe^?l.XtD,Md.n?w>?i"K * luge and well selected assortment ol Aubtifisoii ( arrets ol rHe richest de I!fi1n'.al).<|-,n0,t ,H""u"ful l?n'1 taMefully arranged r.olors, con t ?h?Ls La *t variety ol paitems and sir.-*, surging in richness and elegance anv thing ol the knd be lore received r..i iL* invoice of Axminstrr Carpeting* of new and taste lul designs and colors?together with n spleudid aasortmnit in e.eryvanety of Velvet Wiltons. (Wva VriveU, Tit^ajy e"er olf *k-iI Carpeting., coinpriiing the l.irgest stock of goods r.,r.^.Vv. . |. 1 10 'hi* city, adapted to rverv style of luru slung. I u re (lasers wishing the latest aud b>st stjle of fn?L ?"IE r^'iuj-sted to call and > x-inine the above stocs l*foia maki|, g their selectiaus. REUBEN SMITH, JR. 00 lvr" ,e Rroadway, (opposite City Hall.) KOK. SALfcf ' A !.'li.KA r B^ROAIN is now offerere.1 to any |>erson who bn.iii.. V a? "' "K'1*'"* in one of the nest and most profitable 1 C- , i"iN, W *<"?. ?onsistii,f of Palmo's well kliowll N?M rh^lSff' *? R " l',V"ri*"' Marble-top Tables, 4tc., l>o. 74 (.hambrrs stieet, corner of Broadway. Busiu<-s* of un onK^reaaoo fi>r hi ''|"r"0'r"rriet.,r to ,|,e south, which is the ? ' ^!>n'!,r hi* di*|?osni|f i f the above. o-l 7t?ec 5Lrvt'?K ,1ALIi~A ?lt,)VV'N MARE, sit and a half <> d warranted .pund, gentle aud kind in double Single harness; well acrustomed to the ci:v it^utli WI H Mahout tying, under sandle sund. mus e, lire arms', or any other noiae without noticing it; very healthy tad e^ kept ill a. good order IS she is uoW. Sold cheap for cash, and no fault VST*? own,,r '? going to leaie town. She can !?? se^n from 6 to J iri the morning ami from I to 5 o'clo k m the afternoon at JXotes:.rsuvm AU",,#tta" M poo LOST-TEN DOLLARS~REWARD- On ?V, *Z,17"'.ng,i"'L" 'V. |,,,rk' ?' brow" ''"inter, with white feetiaud chest Has ti.e mange or disteim er air i* oft ihe Hid ' ol his Nhoulders in conseqiieuce^liatl OH a Steel curb collar w th onuars Iiame-al.o a leather str.i. w;V'"g-|v^,tr V'!ove^Uw",d' "d U?K l" Chaini ers slie^', o7 3t*ec TO LbT. , Post Orric*, New York, Oct. 5, lau. I "t fonr rooms in t ie Merchant's Esdiing-, now occupied 1 ?? the Branch or Lower Po,t Ultice. IWssion w , he given on or about the first ol December n?*r. Tliev can lie seen at any tune by a call on the prem^aa. and the term* will br made know by a; plication to J.liH ?,EN PEARSON, ....... . 'h' Merchant's KxchanKe. or JOHN LUHI.vlEll ORAHA v.. i" ' 'wrrc- I 'pper Poat Office, Ne<v York. LIIjXI tRIAN L)ISPENSAR> , 3 Division stn-et est.iblisli ?Tl ?1 in 1835, for the sale of the famous Hunter's tied U.op now known lor its unparullelrd cures all over tlie L'niied States' and Euro|>e, in s.-cret di<ea>e> that h>*e balfled the skill of som^j ol iha most eminent physicuus ; say nothing of the hundreds ol doctors th<t start up like mii*hr<K>ins all . ver the country. Pnce$l |wr vial, warranted in all cas. s. Nooliei ola. r i!l "! il"^ C"' !h" L'ur "fticle lie ubt lined. This medicine cannot Iw obtained in Boston, Mass., although a counterfeit is apr-ad all over that city. N.lJUr Can it b- obUU.d .n k , i .?.? k' |,':r tw ' ? counterfeit has Lee^sold in 1 " be had in Albany at Jl Lydius ?ti?et. irJ Il'ec EXTRACT OF CUBWuT'cOPAIVa' AND " rnilIii. SARSA PAKILLA PHIS ta one of the most s|>ee<ly and effectual remedies for the ^ cure or UounorrhcM that has ever been introduced It is pleasant to the |ialate and gr<te|'u| to the stomach, and is eaailv ''"'K the nsua! form of-Jiracu. In it are conceu trairO all the medicinal |>roperties of such remedies as are lonnfl most s[>eedily eflicacious in curing gleets, seminal weak ness. white*, and all discliargea of the urinary pis?a?e It it ]?h| I * compound, aud acts like a charm in ?Jnciugan immediate oieration U|h>u the part affected. Full dip-ctious accompany the medicine, which maybe had at No < nnn street?J rice $t. iii M Strsngars who deair* medical advice may consult D. Vf ?"dT*nd eve.!?,!!' N'0- 3 An" *' ?l" h""" . iiVU'uRTANT MIMICAL Null (Jr. * D V , v t.VA>S. No. 'tn,i Pes11 >treei, near Beekn<u> < - V"'i' ? more than loiiy ve.r. in the .iic iiv frril.T " i1 y,,c 'U,J PMticulaHy in Lunns Ifarhcily) th.ise desperate ca*s ol alricture .very variety ol ?ten t disease, gleets, old obstinate ulcers, cancers in the throat JM... cause.i |,y mal-pracrir.f. I'lus city is inundated with all kinds of nostrum venders to make money, no matter how th. \ a.e all gn at phv.ician,, ,f y?? ^l,eVe th.-ir long n.ft "g id e^ ueineuu, ?nd forged cert,,-without rUfnl* dfplom? tilrV 'hegreate. t important:, for the uulortuiiate to choose an fu Tk,a ti '* "r- E is.he Oldest aud mtat,,,^c" Vr LZV.i !????. h.l? SIICCR,S aatoiiishing eiri! I .fier they have been em|w|je? t?.e Hospital, aa incarable ||h ifhres are well arranged for priva-y. Call at Pearl street c e. are gTsVmt^d " Ch*rK" m"?< reasonable ,?d ,|| ll *ec VI 'i U'Mrtt mni #n i?-I i?'^ ? ?e*f (in 1111 i A,- WOOUHULL ? MIN it U.N a, 03tc ? * Month >lW | AUCTION SALES. DUTCH BL'LBOUb HOOTS AT AUCTION LEW k SPOONKK will sell This Day, at II ..'clock, m lit Broadway, a law c i of choice Bulbous just rv ni.rd from Har em, in Midland, and are from tlie same h ?* whose Roolifin si.cli u.iisers.,1 si*lisfMCtiou i lie last >e-ar. The Cun contain every \ Ariel y and will Le . ldiu suitable lota. Alto, a few Oreeii'hmi ? * Pimm. "8 If ec ?" II, 1'aIN I'fjTTiTA I aL'C I lu.\ T KVYk 9P04 ?N FK will sell on Weduesday Evening, at 7 o'cl ck, at No. 151 Brad* ty, an iitife um collaction ol Oil Paintings, fro u .eceived from Antwerp. In the collection will be found many* and plea.ln>r pictures. S.,|? posi tive. Catalogues leady on Tueadiy, when ilnsy will ht* r-ndy for win *tion. o73t'eC AUCTION SOTIt E ? El*-giut Furniture?On Thursday at lOVj o'clock, w ill lie sold (lie entire sujierior Furniture, nil made tuordrr, mid of the very best de?cri| tion, contained in the handsome modern l.uilt house, No. 79 Oreeu street, near Spring. Particulars iu a future advertisement ai f,t*ec TH(I< BELL. Auctioneer. ~AilT ANDsClENcL OV DANCING ajmd waltzing. ACARD-MH. WHALE and DAUOHTER resjiectfully anooouce to the I.idle. and Uenllemeu of New '? ork, that thrir Claaasta iu Dauciug, Waitxiug, and ilie Polka Dance, will commence at tlie Assembly Room, Constitution Hall, 6^0 Broadway, on Saturday, October 12th, and will co-itiuue

tliroughont the season. Days of Tuition. f>.r Young I,allies aud Gentleman under 14. every Tuaaday an) Saturday all<*rnoou, commencing at 3?and for the elder class of Oentlemen at 7. Every new style of Dancing taught in Mr. W.'s classes, without additional charge to pupils. Mr W. trusts that the r?lereiicet he shall offer of hia capability will lie satisfactory. School* anil Academies atteuded to on ap plication as above, or il his Private Academv. No 70 Sisth Avenue, where term* will be mide kno*u and Circulars given, containing particulars. oi! Im'rC M?LLE. PAUL IN if l)TrHJAi?.TMN8 raapactfu 11 y inform, her patrons nid the pul.lic in general, that the it about to form a " Clasir dr Da 111 e' for ladiet and gentlemen. in winch hhe will teach the favorite t'olka, Ma/.ourka, aud all tlie other faahionalile Dancea of the day. The morning school will l>e open from 12 o'clock to 2 o'clock and the evening from 6 o'clock to 9 o'clock. I.adiea and gentlemen wishing instiuction are requested to call at Wile Desjardui's house, 7 I'ark Place. s'^8 2w*rc Dlt I. A HON EH. ro.Vsl l.TINW ENGINEER, A tlie iieum Hotel, Broadway, New York? Dr. Laiduer will continue the ptofrasioual practice which for inauy years lie pur sued on an extensive scale iu Loudon, ahd may be cousulted by patentees, manufacturers, and otliers, on regarding improvements in the arts and manufactures, which involve the application of lie* principlesol' Mechanical or Physical Science. Those who reside at a distance may forward (post paid) a clear statement of the case, with the uecestary drawinga or ?'W cimeua, when immediate attention will be given. sit I in rc TURKISH FA NCY STORK, MS Broadway, WHERE may be had Fancy Articles, just received from Constantinople. Alto, Turkish Tobacco, fiesh Turkish (.'audy, 111'tie hen- by the pio^.ri* tor, (an Armenian ifentleman,) who has long resided iu I onsMiitinople. His Candy lieing fresh, renders it far superior to that whi> h is imported from Constantinople. H. TATEOYSAN. oC lw'ec TND1A CHINA.?A lew of those splendid India Chiua Din J- ner Setts on hand, and will lie sold low. Also, Cups aud Saucer*. Persons wishing India China to match would do well by call ing at THOMAS L. ROSE, cheap ('lima (ilass and Earthen ware store IJO < irand street comer of Centre. o7 3t#rrc " FRENCH LANGUAtiE AND MCSIt MON8., MADAME AND MAD'LLE. OAUVAIN, have resumed their Classes aud Private Lessons for tlie season. The French taught through Maiiesoas Oral System, exclusively used by Mr. Gauvain for these tifteeu years past. The Piano, Guitar, and Singing also taught, oil the most approved principles. The French language it usually spoken in the family Apply at 397 BROADWAY. 06 lw*rc BhACON COURSE?FOOT RACING. The following persons hive enteied for the Purses to come off THURSDAY, October 10th. at 3 P. M.:? R. Lee, John Van wort, Battery Boy, David Myers, Wm. Bolton and W. Wise, for Purse of $25, 200 yards. A. Walker, John Van Wart, David Mjers, W. Lee, R. Lee, fir Purse of 41MI yards. John Vanwart, llenrv Jones, John Smith, John Guilder, Wm. Fowle, David Myers, Jainet M. U.irnts, for Purte of $10, half mile. Wm. Morell, lames M. Burn"s, Garret Peak, Charles Cutting, John (Juih'er, W. Fowle, \V. Jones, Thomas McCah,*, for Purse o< S*i, on* m;le. o9 2'*je iiEACUN COURSE. FOOT RACE FOB $1000 THIS RACE takes pl*<-e on ths Beacon (.'ourse, opposite New York, on the uth of October, at three o clock, weatht r permitting. The Purse of $1000 is divided lietweeo the first, second, third aud fourth, for the g-eatett distance (?*rformed in one hour. There have thirty-seven |>ersous, from different parts of the United States and England, I aid their entrance to start for the race, including tluee of the l*?t pedaitrians, who have lately arrived here from *h- old country for this contest; also, Major Henry Stannard of Connecticut, John Oolilen, and other celebrated pede*.trians of the country. There will also be a FOOT RACE 011 the above Course, on the 10th of October. The following small 1 nrses, for short distances, will lie given a* a preparatory race, vir.: 825 for 200 yards, |25 for ya'ds. (5 of ihe to tlie second in the race; $10 for ha'f a mile, 610 for the teir.iid; Jl.'i for one mile, $15of th' prize to the -ecoud in the race All entries to th< above to la* made ou or before the flth of October, either by letter left with Risotu Hmitii, Park Itow, or with ilia proprietor, who will beat the above place on the evening of the 7th and Ktli, lietwe? n the hours of 9 and 10 o'clock, for tlie purpose of rt*r, iving enliie*. All lersous who hate entered for the above nurse of $'000 are requested to lie present ou this occasion, dressed in their jockey dresses, for the purpose of receiving their numbers, get ting their tickets, Stc. HORSE RAO IN O On the above Course. A imetiug of racing will commence on this Course o>. TUESDAY, tlie 22d. and continue for three days, and (lie following purses will lie given . $'.'00 fir one mile; $300 for two mil*-s; $'ifl<> for three miles; and a suitable purse for four miles. There will also be several sweepstakes o|**n. The track will be put iu good order; stable, straw, ice., gratis. o5 tf rrc " TERSONS IN PHILADELPHIA. TITISHINO to Subscribe to THE HERALD, and have it vv aerved regulaily at tlieir storea, dwellings, &c., will pleiue leave their uainra with the Agents, at 1 Ledger Buililiuas Third street, near Chestnut. TERMS. For Oue Week 17)^ cents. For Oue Month 75 " For a longer time in the same proiwrtiou, or 2,'i cents a copy. Single copies for sale every day at I o'clock. Price 3 cents. (>. i). ZlEBhll k Co., 3 Ledger Building, sl? I mis re j Third streei o-.r< lieati.nt HARPS. f K. BKOWNE offers fur sale, at 3X5 Broadway, a large aaa " ? elegant aasonmeut of Double and Sinala Action Harps. The rich brillianev of toiie, lightness of touch, |ierfect mecliun isin and beautiful finish of these il irps, cannot be eio-lleil. Warriuted to bear the test of climate, and at European prices. The attention of the musical world g**nerall y is particularly de sired. Harps repaired. Strings. Instiuction Bonks, kc. J. F BROWNE k CO.. (from Kvard:) London and Mew York, established 1810. The first amateur and pruleasioiinl talent I n Kuiolie and til is Con.itrv. preler these Harm to all others s!3 ltnnvkw*rc I A.N (I h OKIES.?JOH.N I'fcTHICK, (formerly Mundy k Pethick,) informs those wanting good Piano Fortes, that he lias at Ins Old Es(.ibliStiment, 204 bleecker corner of Han cock street, a choice assortment of Piano Fortes fioin six to seven octaves, which for external finish or internal qualities are second to uoue made iu this country or in Enro|ie. Oltl Piano's taken in exchauge at their utmost value. Pianos tuurd and repaired. The Knickerbocker line of stages pass the donr every three miimtes in the day. slO lm*rrc SCOTT'S WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCERY AND WINE STORE, 78 Nannnti Street. SUPERIOR TEAS. COFFEE, SUOAR.-Also, Wines in everry variety?Olard, I liampague and ( og.uac Brandy; Irith and Scotch Whiskey; Old Jamaica Hutn; Holland Oin; London Brown Stout; Edinburgh Ale,kc., he., at JOHN S. {jCOYT'S Wholesale and lletail Store, 76 Nassau street. N. B ?People from tlie country, Hotel aud Hoarding House Kee|<ert, who buy for cash, will find it to tlieir advantage to give thi% establishment a call. Goods sent to any |>art of the city lee of eipens*. sg Im'rc FA. LACOSTE, Manufacturer and Importer ol Fringes, ? Gimps, Tassels, Cords. Ike., has removed I'roui No. 413 Broadway to his new establishment, N'<. 35 Walker street, where his customers, and the ladies iu general, will always lind a line assortment of tlie above articles, on Uie inosl reasonable t'rtns Oeneral trimming* ins.le io order *2f< lm*rre WHOLESALE AND RKTAIL THK CANTON TKA COMPANY, PRINCIPAL STOKE, 111 CHATHAM STREET, N. V Hrmick Starr$, 311 Hlrtrkrr itrrrt, Nrw b erk, 361 (iiatui itrrrt, near Suffolk, 131 (rrrrnurich, near h'uttnn, 116 f\ilt<m ttrrrl. Hrooklyn. ?9 Cheitnul and 45 North h'ijtk ttrrrl, FkilaHtlphi*. 71 //uniuet street. Hnttun. INVITE the attention <|f City ind Country Families and s Purchasers to their several eaialihshmenls, wliere tliey thiol will be found by lar the beet seleetious of pure aud unduitera(e<l I'eas in tlie IJmted States Tlie universal |a>j ularity aud re nuwn of their house with n leiwnce to high qualities, low prices aud upright dealing.ia too well understood to render further com incuts necessary. Original and mil) warehouse for tlte sale ol Howqua's Black Tea?"Observe!"?Strangers will heparticulm to rememlier the number of the priucipal store iu Chatham st. HI121, between I'earl and Rosevelt street. Tlie public will also be pleased to take notice that tlie Canton Tea Comi*n> have uoihiiig to do with any other stores except those described at the top of this advertisement. au23 3m*ec GREAT REDUCTION IN PRICE] FIFTY CINTI PKK IKTTI I.E. THE ( HIEF VlllTl E? OF THE PHICOPHEROU8, or Patent Medicale.l ( om|HJUIid, aie? 1. Its bracing, strengthening and clarifying .|Ualitiea. 2. Its gently ttnnulatjiig the action of the skill. 3. Its producing aud euci.ur igiug a reaction in the holbnr mot, INirticnI irly til the pulp wlne.h receives the vessels aud nerve, giving life and vigor to the hair. 4. Its e<|iialixiug the circulation of the fluida. 5. Its liceing the skill from tlie effects of |erspiratioa, scurl and dandruff, and dis|>osiug the hair to curl. 6. And its 1're.pient use will preserve tlie hair in beauty and health to the latent paHoa >1 I lie. (^ratinuius advite given on a disease connected with the hau at the Hair Cuttiug Rooms, 146 Broadway, up stairs, corner ol Liberty itwat slBlm*ei N It W YORK.HEPTE MB K R, 1?4"?~~ KKESH IMPORTED STOCK <;K FRENCH, GERMAN AND ENGLISH WOOL* LEN>, tV.i:., <Vc:., t?EC. TO HE CLOSED BY NOVEMBER 1.1M4. ONE of m.t I'artners iniendiug to retire from our concern on tie 1st of Nov n.lier ,?,*xt, w ? Im*? res|vctfu[ly to inform yos that n is made necessary to close our present Stock, on ur l?*lr>r? that day The Oooils have Iww'i imi oried by lite I Meet srrit alt and consist in part of the following, n r. Hrench Broad Clotlis, Castiuieres and Vesttngs, (>*-,tnar; ' astor Beavers, B mad Cloths. Three-fourths and six-fomths IJoesLins and < issimeres E ilith Broad ( loths, t tissitnrres, Beavers. Pilots, Lion Skint, Bl'iikeu, Paddings, Worsted Stuffs snd Yrsttugs, III every variety, Sir , hr Su French,German ami English Fancy''MStmerea, fce Scotch Plaids an,I Scotch Tweeds, He. And Tailors' Trimmings, la ev*ry variety Y-?'i will please favor us with a call, and oblige Your most obadirnt servants, NEVIN^ .V CO , IMI'QU'/' ?. J?JKtDA*?1 KKKl Xl-ABL .NASSAU AMUSEMENTS. PA UK TKKATIIK. THIN KW s i > , i it 'J will be presented, LONDON AtWt'RANCE. ? . Sir Harcourt Courtly, Wicid. I Haul., W. H. Cri?|? Charles ' nu-tly, Dvott \1r Sjunker, MarkMeddl*. Chippendale | Mm Hatlia?>ay, Kuhar LaJy <>iy Sjmi W>r Miss Clara Kill* To conduct* wi'h tbe llr?maof URANDKATIIER WHITEHEAD. Oraudfathrr Whitehead Mr P'acide Lau^ley.. . .. Mr. Barry I.otiita, Mi?. Alil>ott. Ti?r 7icmr??8*c??* d ,nd Tliird Ml cent*?Pit 'jQ ivutH?GalVrv taota. PALIUO's TkV V?Tuk OHfc.ilA HUUiA. FIFTH NIOH'l u* 1HK I1ALIAN OPERA. WEDNESDAY IlVKNINU, OCT. #. Will be |?rlorm> il Bellini's Oia-ra, IL l'IRATA. Imouene SiKimra Br>ruhn* Waller Si*. L. i*?roxti Ernesto Sin Valtellina Kirst Tier of Bote* and Parq'iette, 81 ?2ml Tier of Bute*, M ?U THURSDAY, October 10, willb- performed the new Pautorai line Bullet d'Actiini entitled THE INDEPENDENCE OK OKEECE ! OK, THE WOMEN WARRIORS, With i ew addi'iont Adiniasion SOcenta to all |>art* ol tlie house. Seat* can be secured ail daya iu ad* uice, from 9 A. M. tot P. M. Librettos for the Opera ill English, and Ittlim fur the Ballet can l?e had at the Bo* Office. Doors "pen at?t{. I'.'f'rmane. to commence at H o'clock. ClltCUM? liOWKKY. The Original and Legitimate NEGRO SINOER8 baTe re turned from Knirl n.d. DAN KM MIT, HR INK BROWKR ?i CO. Besides whose |ierform.ince.i. there will be given a new and brilliant Cavalcade. THE MAIDS OK PERSIA AND ^0BLE8 OK THE E v ST. Led by Mra. Cole, Mra. (iullien, Mr*. Rodger* and Mr*. William*. Mr*. Oullien (for the fir?t tini-) in the Naut'cal Act of Horse manship. c died the "Sailor's Return " Beaidea V nulling, Turn1 ling, Riding ItC. Boxes t'j c?ut* ; Pit IIK cent*.?Private Boies (] well 07 3t*ec Bi ll lOt^'s TMICA'I itfcTT ARCH STREET. PHILADELPHIA The N?w Hiatorical Play of PUTNAM ! Having been received nightly by the moat tumultuou* applause, will be acted every night this work with the Kominiic Extravaganza of THE YELLOW DWARK. Kltuttino Mr. Purke Keriiaudo T. B Johnston Yellow Dwarf Russell Allfair Mr*. Booth MR. AL>. OARRtAU'* (ViuuincbuMT) UR.iND CONCERT, VOCAL AND INSTKUMENTAL, WILL take idace at the APOLLO ROOMS, ajsuted by tlie follow i> g distinguished Artiata, on THURSDAY, the 10th of October, IVtt. VOCALISTS. Mraars. Antognini, Teunr; Sauouirico, Ba*?o Comico. IN ST RU M K. N i A L IST$. Meaar*. Sclmrfenbeg, Piano; Ha petti, Violin; Ao|>ick, Horn; Aa. Oarieau, Violoncello. Mr. Eti'iii'e will preside nt the Piano. PROGRAMME. PaRT I. 1?Grand Trio?En LA h, lat Movement for Piano, Violin and Violoncello, Meaar*. Scharlenberg, Raiet'i and Garreau M.iyseyd.r 2?Comic Du?lto?from the Oper- "Olivo K l'a? _ ouaie " Meaar*. Aiilog'oui and Sauuuirii'O Donizetti 3?Solo !? r Vlitlui "lln On imajfa frnin "Lucia di Lainmermoor," composed and executed by... . oa'i au 4?Aria?From li? JSouuiambula," Vir. Anloft.ini, Roaaiui 1?Fantaiiie Ecosa.ise?Ki?r Violoncello, composed aud executed by Garreau PaRT II. 1?Grand Trio?En LA A, 2d movement for Piano, VmIiii and Violoncello, Meaar*. Bcharl'enberg, Ra|H-tti and (>aireau Majaeyder 2?Duo-^Krom "L'Elisire d'Amore," Meaar*. An tognini and Sanquerico Donizetti 3?Solo?Executed on the horn, by Mr Aupick... 4?Aria Bulfa? From the Opera "Le Convenient. Teatrali," Mr Sam|virico DouizHtt 4? Souvenira Suisse*?holo for Violoncello, com posed aud executed by < TICKE'lS ONE DOI L \R EACH?To I* had at the Mu aic Stole, A^tor IIoum-, and at the door. Doon o|?en at 7. Concert to commence |.rrciaely at g o'clock. 08 Sire ME. DEMPSTER WILL give a VOCAL ENTERTAINMENT, at the So cietv Library, on WEDNESDAY EVENING, Oct. 9th, when ne will be aaaia ed by MR DANIEL, from Kmo|w, being hia firat ap|iearauce in America. Ticketa 50 cents?to lie had at the door. Programmes, giving full particular*, may he had at the Music Stores and the Society Library To commence at a quarter before * o'clock. 08 2trc OLE BULL HA* THr. nn*on TO aWNOfSCK THAT Ml* Fill ST CONCERT thi* *tuoM, will Till, ri.acr. at NlllLC T II E A T R E , ON SATUKDAY EV*NING, ihe 12th October, 1844. Particular* in fulu e adterti einei ts. TICKETS ON - DOLLAK EACH-Toliehad attlie Music Stores, tlie A?tor House, aud at ihe door. Door* will o|>eu at 7, and Coucert cointneuce precisely at 8 o'clo' k. o7tol2rc NEW YORK GALLERY OF FINK ARTS MIE Exhibition of Pictures aud Euxravinga of this Institu tion ia now opto to tlie public iu the larue room of the Na tional Acadt my of Design nvf the "ocieti Library. LIKE MEMBERSHIP ONE DOLLAR. To new members, single admission 2> cent*. 'i he Rooms willheo|ieu daily from U A. M. to fi P. M., and only on Monday and Tuesday evening* of each wrek, until fui tlivr notice. Pei*on* holding scrip certificate*, and those wiahing to lie come raembeis, will please apply for tickets of metnlieiahip to Mr. KRASER, ut tlie Room* ol the American Artn>u' l uiou, No 31"" Broadway. o9 Iw r T MA DA VIE OTTO."? JlKNfcFrr PARK THEATRE-MA DAME OTTO mmt n-spertfully informs her friends and the pnbl c. that Iit Benelit will take place on THURSDAY EVENING next, the lOih in*t., when will be presented, for the 1st time this set*>.u, Bellini's favor ite Open of LA SONNAMBULA. Elvino M'. Jone*. Ainina.,. Madame Otto. And, by particular ttvmeat, the second act of DER KREISCHUTZ. Max Mr. Joue*. Linda. Madame Oito. With other enteruiiimeula. it /"The Box Book ia now open. 08 Jt*ec NIBLO'S WCORBYN rea|iectfully inl'orms tlie public, that lie ha* ? taken the above popular and fashionable Th?atre fur tlie Winter. EXTENSIVE ALTERATIONS A.ND IMPROVEMENTS are in progress wlucli will rruder it as WARM AND COMFORTABLE, ANY THEATHK IN THE CITY. It will, altei a short recess, OPEN FOR THE tiKASoN, with an efli ient and HIGHLY TJllENTED COMPANY, to whom will occasional!) lie added T II K M it M T <?: M I N f, NT AHTI8T8, in everv branch of tlie iirofession. as >?. II u any INTERESTING AND JlTTKJiCtlVE NOritLTlJCs that may ofltr. rr^-Kull particulars will lie duly uiiBouucid. 08 3tis*rc CHESTNUT rt'l H Eh I I HEA IRE, PHI LA DELPHI \ 'THE LADIES AND GENTLEMEN engaged at this A Theitre, are requested to meet in the Oreen Koom, on Wednesday, the 9th rif October, at If o'clock, preiiarati ry to 0|>ening on the 12th instant. PRATT Ik WKMYSS. Philadelphia. Octolier 7th, 1811. ol 3txllco THEATRICAL N< >TlCE. PROFESSIONAL Ladie* and Gentlemen are hereby notified tint I have leased each of the following Theatre* tor the en stiuiK live year* ;? Savannah (>eo. I Colombia, S. C. Augusta, < ?eo. | Macon Geo. My Winter Beaton will commence at Snvannah, on or atuiot th? 15th October, andend May 1st?my two Companies inform ing alternately at each Theatre during the s?a*ou. Letter* ad dressea to nie at Savannah, Geo., if post-paid, will alway* be promptly attended to. I can give pe inanent engagement* and fair salaries to ten good Musician*, if application ia made to me at the North Amsrican Hotel, New York, on Wednesday, 9th iu>tant. JOHN 8. POTTER. Baltimore, Octolier 3, 1844. o6to9rc PHILHARMONIC 80C1ETY. THIRD SEASON ?IH14 l?4ft PME (iovfniment of the New Yo?k Philharmonic Society 1 Ih*kk It*e to inform tlie public chit a ?ubtcription list fur the < oncertx of theetiAiiiiiK teaaon it now o|>eii a th?* Itore of M?*?arv Mcharfknri.mi lcLui*t 'J61 Bn>adway, n?*ar Franklin *trf?*t. Huli*cril>erm of the last ?*a*nn, who wi?h to continue their 8ub?cri|)tion, an wfll aa tho?f who wish to ?nb?crit>e for thf pre?ent season, are (JeHinul i?? send in their nunea as soon aa (his* sibl**, aa ilie list of subscription is to be closed on the 1st day of N i irember nest. 'I l>e OoYfrnrn^nt will ute every eiertion to render the per fortnances worthy of the emtmued pitrouaff of the public I Iw first < oucert will take placf about the beKiumiiK of No veoiber n# ?t. Terms of subecnpti?m, $10 per annum, payable on delivery of the tickets for tlie first < oucert, entitling the subscriber to t*?ree tdmissions to # ?ch of the four ? oncerts, withtbf privilege of pnrch ishik two eitn tickets lor ea' h < oucert at $1,60 iter tirk<*t By order : WM. bCHAKKhN UKIH % oS 2wss#rrc t*eereUey. O RA N I) CITI C I ALL. PHAK3PKAKE HOTKL, f'OWNER OF DUANK AND WILLIAM STREET A rursday |.?tis of (Iftohcr, l?*4 runr.* tMr. Ma'vsor.Mr^t or UbOKCifc ^ BKOUGHAM GEO ROE A. BROUGHAM rTS|?ertfully snnounres a Orsnd Cirtc Ball, to take place on the above evening. 'I'he oArer* of t^e Mexican Hteam*'r have -ignificd thfir intention of wit tie??iiiff tlif first A merit an Ball for the legion?snii as the floor will hv under the direction of \W. J. Ds.vrAt u, a selection ?>f the latest and moet faahiona* le Dancer ni*y Im eiperted. Tickets to admit one vutlemiu and two I 'dies, $1 to he hsd at the Shaktpeaie Hotel, and *1 E. O. La? gton's, MJ9 Broadway, Toy Store; E. k L. IV. Embiee, 34 Bowery; J. T. linrntou, 274 Bo*? ry. o9at*rrc WILLIAM HI H A WEEN BE RC * It EEN H M IS hen leevi to inform their friend* and the public in general that tliey have formed a ro-parinerahip fur the importation of Foreieu Music, for the sale of which they liave <?j v ? d i Depot at to store 361 Broadway, near Frinklin street, where may be c<hi* stantly foi'nd all the f | issicnl Works of tin celebrated French, (iermtn ind Italian c<?miM?s?'rs, as we|| is *11 tlie Utest publica tions, of which they will alway* have a complete assortment a* ?i a. published in Evro| N. B. Italian Strinvs of superior quality ftir Violins, Guitars, Har|w, &te. ate. Hilve- Wir>, Rosin, <kc o5 lmis*rrc FxTiihTTTtTS THE END OK THE WORLD. AN OIUOINAL I'AINTINO OF A VERY LAKOh. Ml/E with < olosaal Kicniei, mint e<l and lately Amalieil hy K. Anelli, m Npw VnrV EihiMtion now iiptn. at A|?)ll" R"im., 410 Broadway, from 10 A .M to J r M , and fmni 7 to II P. .V. Admission 2i <"it* sll lm-re DANORAM A~AT - t t <. - ?tARDEN.?Open for a short >? ??-aaon, tlw most marnit.reiu fanuramic I'aintniii e?.r ?s hihited in this conntiy, (?., say all tlw Artiata that liaae ??n it.) It ?sa? <>i>-cuie<l !>v the i-drbratrd Artists, vlr. W l)aniell. E. (? I'arrm and Anxnatu* h^rla, It. A. !.oi,d. n. It is no*" ot?B dnrina tli. day. A?liriitraji< e to the titudrn and f; ? ? ? r 11 ?l?' tlull> mattfil ?o ?i?it ihe P u . : 7* The raaorauia of M.idi? - i ? m liav I *>iil.trr, attrtnlrd ??th inun?-iise sun . .. , j ufch?J?sl I f \*r. .Nibio wis thr s.ry t,i??t hiuioriij I.0111I0 HA(tM- M balM No | Urvl.irn H.w?. pi'r sale bv ? ? HRf?0|tS,M C? ^faasau ?{ C ' tons 'i" Iwr- foi ?ili b> VVOODin I I. h. AilN 'l t R.N I* o4ec *7 KuaUi BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. bri?cop4L Cunvkmtion ? This body assembled u<ain at Philadelphia on Monday, and ailer the u->ual preliminary proceeding*, the minutes ?i| Sat uiday were, on motion ol Mr. Erooke, ? f, ?o uiiieuded as to insert tbe resolution in r-l?reoce 'O the style and lute of the Protestant EyUcopal Church, offered by Mr Dubois at the preceding meeting, and the revolution and proce> dings had thereon were ordered to be placed on the journal. Mr. Memning, of 3. Carolina, ? ft'-red a' preamble and resolution, to the eflect thai in the esMmatioa ol many ministers aud members of the bpitcopal Church, serious error ol doctrine had been | ro inulgated by meana ol tracts, and ereu from the pulpit; therefore, it was necessary that a distinct expression of the opinions of the convention res pecting the rule of faith, the nature and ? Hie <11 y of the sacraments, Act'., should be prepared and pub lished This r'incited a great deal ol diactiMiun, which listed tih near the hour ol adjournment, without resulting in any definite action on the re solution. A motion prevailed to prn 1000 copies of the Coiiveuiiou Sertuou?alter which tne usaem blig> adj lutned. Fikk and L < sa ok Likk ? Las' "night between 11 and 12 o'cloi k, a liie broke out in the -table of O.; iga Eujery. corner ol liawle and School street a, whicu * n? destroyed with a t|U*n ity of le-d, geaia, kc Seveial houses in the ueig|itx>ibooft were censideiatdy injured, and tin furniture id the tundie* diimagrd aid destioyed It wy:. t vidi utl) the v*oik ol an incendiary. Tlie hones were all got nut wltho it harm. The moat im'lrfiict'Oiy part of the ..Hair is the d? ath ol a y oung, numed Puter Hiiner who, niter the fln- wn nearly extin guished, waa found in the chaired ha) kc , a lifslea* corpse. It ia tuppoaed that he had hean salt* p in tha loft, and was uuahte 10 get out or niali? an alarai, in conse quence of the dense amoka Wu laarn that two or three attempta had hean previoudy made to Are theae premises. ?Phil. On. Oct 8 Ford, tried at St Lout- f >r shooting the seducer ol hia daughter, ha* been acquitted. ?ales of Htoeka In Philadelphia. Kiaai Boaan Oct 8-$:i,tt40 Texaa Noiea 11; $|ft,*lOO Rending Bila I'll, M*' U*N) do 7j|, (ID.lKM) (to Ma. 7 JL $100 Vickiburg W T Cert 7), 100 do N A lua 71, 100 do Wil K lt'4 da, 3d], 60'do 36^; $4 tltlO Statu A'a, 74, $2,DM do A'a, 4 da, 74; 44 aba Uiraril Bk, 6 ill, 11 J, 300 do II ] No aalea at Second Board to day 8?cond Boakb VtaTiauiT?4N aha Norristown BR 84; flO'Kl 1'nnneaaee tida. lat Jhii 8nj; 10 aha C k. A RK I09J; f i')00 State Fires, h day a 74}; AO ahaa U 8 Bank, bdaya, b|; (1 do Stg'e Kivea, new annual 08, Ml ahaa Orand (lull, 1(4: 8 do Northern Bank, Kentucky, 01); 10 do Planteia' Bank, Tenn , 07) SHIP NEWS. Home Ports. Phii.aDKLfhia, Oct. I.?Arr, Fame, (Br)Malvin, StJohn, N B; Boston, Perkins, Glouceat-r; Equity, Kdinonda, Nllaveo, A nl. Pitt, NYork. Bai.i imohi:, Oct II?( Id F'rance, Marshall, Amsterdam. ?TEAM Hlllt- K LAHAMA.?This vessel is iinw at the t'uol of < lintnii arreei, K R., .I I'li'atcu Iuilierlion Wharf.) wherefrom ah* W ill s.llllor ,V'? OOram, ua TUbliUAV , 1 Uili uist , at 12 o'clock. Pa*>eug*r? me requested tn call a' III* I ousignee's office, No. from sir. el, and get their lieith tieke'a. v'J 3i* re mT|T NKVV olU.KAN8-l.til ISIANA AINU NEW VOItK LINK.? Poaitively first regular parkat. l unHil Monday, 14thinat.?The \rr\ f.iti aailiiia nark 'AZOO, ( apt. Wibray, will poailively sail aa abota lirr res<i|ar day. Kor freight or passage.having rlesant furnishpd accomno dationa, apply ou boaid at (Mean. Mharf, foot of Wall St., or to K. K. COLLINS k CO., 'Jk South street. Positively no sooda received after Saturday evening, 12th iast. 8hi|i|<era by this line inny tel> ui>uu navmg (hrii ?>><>da eorreellv meatun-d, and tliat the shi|>a of diia line aail pui.C t i l Iv as adveitiaed. Agents in New Orleans?M -ara. IInlien sod Woodruff, who w H pnimialv forward all sooda to their addreaa. o9ec OLASOOW?Regular Parke ?The new ig, coi'pe ed baruue ADAN1 i AHll, J50 hur neii, CapUiu llobart Scoti, will sail l-riday ant. Kor pnstaiie, apply on ' oaid, foot Dover street, or to WOODHU1.L Ik MI.NtL'HNS, o!iec 87 South street. HAS>A< ? I. KOH NfcW ORLEA SS.?Sails on MtljT'rVTiiesdas, the lllh Oct.?The spleudid, well known jflttwa't s tiling ahlp JAM ES II. 8111- PH EI?U. J. C. IwUman, Comnt ndt r, will ?ail positively on Tuesday, the lith .if (>' lobar, wind sm waathar perauuias, or passage we. K^ir terms of passage, apply OS hoard, at piri No 13, E. R., or to the atibscrihers, ROCHE, BROTHERS Ik CO., o'jec. 36 h ulton alieet, u? it door to the Fulton fiadk. OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. ... ^Id Line nfT!!ckins for Lueip<ioM*ill t>ere?lir^>eae spatclieil in the following order excepting thai when ihr sailing day falls oil Sunday, llie slops will aail ou the succerdtus day, vtt. tVom yeur Vnrk. flout Liverpool. The CAM Bit I DOE, Uune I July IS 8.Vi tons, < Oct. I Not. IS VV. C. Biiratow.O'eh. I Mar. 16 ThcKNULAND, iJune IS Dec. 1 Tj9 toua, < Oct. It Dec. I 8. Baitlett, f Keb. 1C April 1 The OXFORD, (July 1 Aug. IS S00 toua, \ Nov. I Dec. 1G J. Rathboue, (March I April IS The MONTEZUMA, tju|y IS Sept. 1 looo tons, i Nov. 16 Jan. I A. B. Low net, i Mirch 16 May 1 Tba.EUKOPE, i Aug. I 8e|<. 16 CIS tons, < Dec. I Jan. 16 E. O. Kurlarr, ( April I May IS The'NEW YORK, (new,) C A?g. It Oct. I VM tona, < Dec. 16 Fab. 1 T. B. Cropper.r April 16 June I The COLUMBUS, i Sept. 1 Oct. 16 7011 tons, {Jan. 1 F'eh. IS (?. A. Cole.f May 1 June 16 The YORKSHIRE, (uew.) x 8ept 16 Not. I I0W tona. ' Jan. 16 Maroh 1 D. (i. Bailey. (May 16 July I Th"se Slops are not sur|*?.ed in point of elegance or comfort in their cabin accommodations, or in their fast sailing qualiuas by'atij vr.>M la in the trade. The t'Kiiimanders ar" well known as men of cbaracteifaDd ai|>erience, anil tlie strtrtast atteution will always ba paid to pt'iuit'te I lie eeWMt >nd COaTanisoe* at paswugers. Pnnctualily, aa regards the day of sailing, will be observed aa her-tofore. *1 * We price of passage ontwsrd ia now filed at One Hnndxed Dollar*, for which ample stores of every description, will ha pruvitleu. with the exception of wines and Inituirs, which wil lis furnished by the Stewards, if reuuin-d. Neitlier tlie captain or owner* or tl?e?e Shi|>s will he res|xin Itble fot any letu-rs, parcels, or package* u nt by them titileaa n^illar bills of lading are signed therefor. Far freight or paa apply to (iOODHl'E Si < (>, 64 South street ( II MARSHALL, 30 Burling Slip, N. Y 12<*r and of BAItlMO. llltOTIIKRS fc I fi . L'|wk>I 1RRji\aBURSTS t'OR 1844. OLD E3TABLUJUKI) PAS^AtiE OFFICE. 100 Pine strret, coraei V,uth m m. &t. m ^TTTr^iibscrilieHieg!neave to cainT^Itteiition of lu^rieuda Slid the public in general, to the following arrangement* for ISH. for tlie purpose of bring lug out Cabin, 2il ('aliin, and Steer tge Pasaeiigeis, by tie' Regular I.ine of Liverjxiol Packet*, aail tng the 1st, 6th, lllh, It.tTi 2lsl mil Mol erarj month. By tlie London Packets lo sail from New York, (lie l*t, IIRh ana With?and from London on the 7th, I7tli and !7th of each month In connection with the aboTe, and for tlie puri?M* of affording ?till greater facilities to |iaasengers, (he Subscriber ha* eetabltah ed a regular line of first class New York huill, coi>|iered aud eop|iered fastened ship*, to sail punctually every week through nut the year. Kor tne accommodation of persona wiahing to remit money to their families or friends, draft* are giveu, payable at eight, on liie following Banks, vit.:? Pruviucial Bank of Ireland, iwyable at I'ork, Sligo. Oalwa ('ork, Lunerick, ( lomnel, Londonderry, go. Wexford, Brlfaat, Waterford, oatway, Annagh, Athloue, ( oUraiu, Balliua, Tralee, Youghal, Kumakillen, Mouaghaa, Baiubridge, B.illymena, Paraanatowa' Dowupatrick, Cat an, Lurgan, Omagh, DiMigaunun, Baudon, Ennis, Ball) ahamioa, Strait nit*. Skthliereen, Mallow. Moneyaiorr, CootchilL Kilruah, Dublin. 8kibbreaa. Scotland?The I ily Bank of (tlaagow lu.glaiid?.n-asrs SixHiner. Aiwim.i1 It Co., Bankers, Lomlna; P W Byrnes It Co., 36 Waterloo Road, LiTerjaiol; payabla in every town m Ureal Britain Kor further uifoitnatiou (il'by letter |>o?t said,) apply lo JOSEPH M. ML'RRA v; 100 Pine atreet, comer of Smith ?trvcl. Vorflr. ih Mmn P W RVKNKM Ii (T) . V W,r^r|iH. R.+d % s as* ? .e ' . . .est Olsli KSTABLIStiKD KMIUKAM r \HSAOK OF KitK a 4 a j.ilIN IIK.^^^^^^, 61 Souti, .1 irr i New The ?ub?criber Conn ues to make arrangements to bring oat p issengers from Oreat Brit ou and Irel ti.d. (?la Liver|x>ol), wh.i rniy !?? engage.) at tins olfine, or with in> of his agents in the United Stale*, on board tlie packet *ln|i* sailing from Liver |aiol eveiy five dats?and in ordei to afford every facility, ha will have despatched aa|?nor American *hip* In New \ oik and H ..ton, every w^-k. during the \ear. Those sending for th"ir Irtends may rely that the aaine due and diligent attention will lie shown lle-in as heretofore, and *hoald any of ileise sent for not embark, the money will be refunded, aa customary: and those remitting money to tneir friends, can have Drafts ai.d Bills ol hi< hauge lor *uin* to suit, pay able ou da inand at the following hanks, (without diacount or any oilier char.e), vi/:? ENOLAND? Measrs. J. Bult, 8on It Co., Bankers London; I fcamed k Co., Liverpool; the Natioual Pruviucial Bank ol Eriglstnl and Branches, throughout t.ngland and Wale*, I ork shire llistriri Hank and Braucliea; Birmiugbim Banking! ?>.; I,?i" aalrr Hanking ( o. IIO.LAND?National Bank of Inland and Branchea, aud Provincial Bank of Ireland and Branrhe*, hi all the principal towns throughout the Kingdom. S( OTI.AND ? Eastern Hank of Hcotland and Branrhaa (ir?'in*k 1J inking Co. in (?lasgow and (ireeuock. Person* residing in the country ami wishing lo send money to Ihtir friends, may insure it* being done satisfactorily, on their remitting ill* amount they wish sent. Willi the name and addreaa of the |>-r?on for whom it IS nile.idaj; a draft for tlie suioiint w ill llien lie fiirwaided |*r Aral packet or steiamer. and a rei etpt for tlie same returned by mail. Kor further |>artK ulars, apply (if by letter, po*l |>aid) lo a 16ec JOHN HKRDMAN. il Meatk St. kk.wTTTTrnt haybTTaCket*. Second Line?Tlx Ship* of if,i* Line will la-wafter laa.e New Y >rk on U>e lat, and Havre on the 16th of each mouth, aa fol loari, vu. pi em Yew York. AVoia Meere New Ship ON H DA, < '?* I IMI, April l aiitain <i*t Jnly, < IMh Angnal. lames Kitnck,f isl No<amber, ( 16th Hecember, 4hinIBALTIM(?KE, t lat April, t 16th May, l ,i i ?,n < Isl Auyust, < 16th Sepiembar, ^.lJe i/d Fumk r Isl December, ( I6ih January, ihipl'TI'A, C lat May, i Kith June i ai'lAin. i !*t Septemlier, < Klh October, |< rei|i rfli J!?-witt.f 1*1 llflQIfV f itth u*ry? N#w ?Wi?i? Hi .Ni( HOLAfti l?t Jun?. ( uitAin < \mi OctrjWf, < 16th Notrtabtr# J. H bril. r l?t I'l-broAry, f lith rill I V sccoHinuxUiiaufl ul tW-* ilu|i u* n<?t rum - bonnet *11 thftl Mi iv I* i?t|uircd fot comfort. TVipMiic? ol c?bia lM4*44r .% $Ml0. I s?m?iih?-ii M ill br in|'|ilifd Wllh r?ri> rr<j?i ?rc, with ir?^ ifcvulNM of Witt** 4imI lioMort intend^ for (hnc VMirli will l? f? - J'1 t1*" ?t?bj ,r f(H 1 (I ud For i'r* ikhl < r j hhax- ? ?W.b *. ^ BOYD *s HIN'.kL^. .u .. )mKi n ? 'l^*?ee BaiMwflis e?. WsJI sad Wsisf M.

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