Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 13, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 13, 1844 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. Vol. X., So. Kia-Whol* No. SM3 NEW YORK. SUNDAY MORNING. OCTOBER 13. 1844. Prlt? Two C?iiUa THE NEW YORK HERALD. AttGREGATE CIR( ULATJON THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND. THE GREATEST UN THE WORLD. To the Public. THK NEW YORK HE R A LD?Daily N-wspap^Dttb lislnrd every day of the year eacept N?w ITau'i Day uid Fourth of July. Price 2 cents per copy?or $7 M per annum?postages paid?cash in advauce THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturday morning?price iX cents per copy, or S3 M per annum?post ages P?iJ. cash in sdvnnce. AUVK.It'riSh.IlM are informed that the circulation of H-idl.t i. over THIKTY-FIVE THOUSAND, aud iucreasiug lasr It hut 'he target! <11 nilatiim oj any '? thit city, or the world, u?k(, h. thereto re, the hem channel Jor iuhncit mni in the city ar country. Price* moderate?cash m advance. PRINTING of all kiuds executed at the moat moderate price, and iu liir uiuii elegant style. J A M EH GORDON BENNETT. PHOPHIKTOn or thi Herald Eitahluhmskt, Northweat oorner of Knltoo and Nassau streets. Z**rw* If If If \v 1 ,\ I t, k. A ri t\ AN G E ?I c,NT FARE THREE SHILLINGS FROM PaTERSON TO JEKSEV CITY. On and after the '?t of October the car* will leave? Patk so* Dkpot. Nkw Yo?k. 8 o'clock A. M. 9 o'clock ?. M. >i* ; " UK " P.M. 3 " P. M. 4 " " . Oa Sundays. 8 o'clock A.M. 9 o'clock A. M. 3 " P.M. | 4 " P.M. ?29 tf ec 3TATEN ISLAND FERR Y. KOOT OK WHITEHALL." like Boats will rnnss follows on and after Sept. 30. LEAVE NEW YORK: 9, and 11. A. M.; Ijjj. 3K. and 6. P. M. i.eaVe sTAiiiN Island : 8. and 10, A. M.j II*. 2* and 5K. P- M. P. A.?All goods must be particularly marked, and an at the risk of the owners thereof. *24 bUlt HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. The Royal Mail Steamer* BRITANNIA land CALEDONIA, will leave Bo*ton, for the above ports, as follow* :? BRIT VNNl A, J Hewitt, hjq.. Commander, Tuesday, Oct 1. CALEDO.MA^E. <L Lott7jC*q., " Wednesday, " 16. Passage to Liverpool $120. Passage to Halilag 20. Apply to D. Bill OH AM, Jr., Agent, *21m S Wall street. HOUR CHANGED TO SIX O'CLOCK, P. M.?On and after Monday, Sept. nth, 1844, the Night Line to ALBANY AND TkOY will cli uige the hour of departure from 7 to 6 o'clock. P. M., anil will land at I'oughkreiisie during the grrat Kair aud Cattle Show. Fare 7i rents only to Poughkeepsie. The steamer SWALLOW, Capt. A McLean, Monday 16th, and Wednesday, 18th. The steamer ALBANV, Captain R. B Mary, Puesday, 17th, Thursday, 19th, at 6 o'clock, from Cort iandi street I'ie.r. Morning Line, at 7 o'clock, from Barclay street pier, the TROY and EMPIRE. | 7** During tlia great Fair and Cattle Show, Tuesday, 17th, Wednesday, 18th, and Thursday, 19th. will reduce the fare to 75 cents to and froin Poughkeepsie and New York. sl2 NEW yorktajlbany andtrov steamboat LINE. F?R ALBANY AND TROY.?Morning > Line from the foot of Barclay atreet, lauding .at intermediate place*. I he Strainer EMPIRE, Captain 8. R. Roe, Monday,Wednes day and Friday Momiug at 7 o'clock. The Steamer TROY, Captain A. Gorham, Tuesday, Thurs day and Saturday Morning, at 7 o'clock. Evening Line from the foot of Courtlaudt street, direct. The Steamer SWALLOW, Captain A. McLean, Monday, Wednesday and Friday Evening, at 8 o'clock. Tlie Steamer ALBANY, Captain R. B. Macy, Tuesday, Thursday and Satuiday Evening, at 6 o'clock. The Boat* of tin* Line, owing to their light draught of wa ter. are able at all time* to pass the bars, aud reach Albany and Troy in ample lime to take the morning train of cars for the ?ail or west. For I'lLssaue or freight, apply oa board, or at the offices on the ? Harw** ~~fkuj'LE'S USE OF STEAMBOATS FOR ALBANY. DAI I. Y, Sundays excepted?Through direct, ?at'' P. M.t from he Steamboat Pier between .Courtlaudt aud Liberty streets. The Steamboat knickerbocker, Captain A. P St. Johu, Monday, Wednesday and Friday Evenings at 6 o'clock. The Steainiioal ROCHESTER, Captain A. Houghton, on Tuesday, Thursd >v and Saturday Evenings, at 8 o'clock. Krom the foot of Barclay street. At Five o'clock, P. M.?Lauding at Intermediate Places. The Steamboat NORTH .AMERICA, Captain R. G. CnV lenden, l'uiwday, Thursday and Saturday Afternoons, at i O'clock. The Steamboat COLUMBIA, Captain William H. Peek, Monday, Weduroday, and Friday and Sunday Afternoons, at 6 o'clock Passengers uriung either of the above linee will arrive in Albany iu ample time to take the Morning Trains of Cars for ihe east or west The boat* are uew ud suosuuiual, are far cished with new and elegant state rooms, aud fur speed and ac comiiodstioc*, are uutivilled on the Hudson. A.I persons are forbid tmsting auy of the boats of this line, without sn order from the Captain. *??->! parage or freight, apply on board, or to P. C. Schnltx, at 'he Office oa tbe wharf, o7rc PLEASANT AND CHEAP EXCURSIONS. SUMMER JilUlANUEMENT. NEW brighton, PORT RICHMOND. (8TATEN ISLAND.) AND NEW YOKK FEIIrV. Krom Pier No. 1, North River, foot of Battery Place. f11 *lh* Steamboat (CINDERELLA, will ran a* r follows. Daily, from May 2uth to Octoo-?' is i. ?r BW m lMi :?Leaves New York at 9 and U o'clocg. A. M . at 3*, 6 audi P. M. Loaves Port Ricnmond, at 20 minutes to I, and 10 minutes to 10 A. M.; at 1, 4H and P. M. leaves New Brighton a) ? and 10 A. M.; at 1M, 4and7J4 P. M. On Sunday?Leaves New York, at 9 and II A. 3D; at 3, 8 and 8 P. M l.caves Port Richmond, at 30 minutes to 8 and 10 A.M; at 1,1 aud 7U P. M. New York. M*v 18, 184 myll 6m*re FARE REDUCED. FOR CROTONVILLE, SING SING, TARRYTOWN, Jgs IR*rINO. WILTSIE'S lioCK, HASTING)} & AN U VONKERS.?Ob and after Saturday. August 3lst. 1814. the new aud substantial sttMinii.iai washington IRVING. Capt Hiram Tuthill, will leave the Ami of (.'ham'ier street for the auove places, daily at i P. M., Sgnday excepted. Returning, will leavr Crotonville at S*?. anil Sing Sing at 7 o'clock A. M, landing at the foot of Hammond ?treet eai li way. )? or )?r?.ige or freight, apply onboard, or to STEPHEN B. T< 'Ml KINS. I'l' W?st ?ri>*?t. s32m*rc ims,. i,A'l'n, uaauIiNMi a.M' ii.aiAiwc.Li,. "V jj.i The ur? steamer PENOBSCOT, Captain mr N, Kimball, leaves the end of T wliarf, Boston, ^fi mt m. every Tuesday and Friday eveuings, At i n'-lock. Stages will lie in readme*! on her arrival at the above to eimvev pn^set'ger* lo iHe neinhhorire i??m. FALL AND WINTER AKHANOEiVlENT. NEWARK ND NEW YORK. FARE ONLY 1?1 CENTS. THE NEW AND HWIFT STEAMER RAINBOW, CAPT.sIN JOHN GAFKY. ON and af'er September 10th will rnn daily, ? as follows (Sundays included):?l^ave N'ew .ark, foot of' entre street, 8 o'clock A. M.? !.e a e New V ork, foot of Barclay street, 3 o'clock P. M. ?I'l ' e HUH bUrbUfUUL?i lie ,>ew L.iue? .Packet 21st October.?The super,or fast sailing pack ???i ship ROCHESTER, *00 tons burthern, Captain v'toii, will sail a* above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having elegant and spacious accommo dations, apply on board, west side Burling Slip, or to WOODHULL k M1NTURNS, ?7 South itreet. Price of Passage tlOO. The packet shin Hottingeur, Captain Ira Bursiey, master, IMS* tons bur'heu, will succeed the Rochester, and sail on her ragu |i?r rf u' Mrioh?f w KOK NfcW Olii.KAMH Tht ipieudid n?w ? packet sli.P EMPIRE, Captain Russell, now loading -it ? urray's wharf, foot of Wall street, willbedis jMKlied lor New Orleans on the lgth distant. Tins beautiful ship is 1X00 'oils register, and fitted up in a Sli le untituilled by any ship alloal, for the comfort of cabin, sec-nd cabin and tt-eragr passengers. 'I hose ai'OUt to embark for New Orients at tbe above dale, will find it their interest to eiiinine tbe accommodation* pre'iou* to their engaging elae wliere. F'ur passage apply on board, or to John herdman, eCec 61 South street. KOR~NEW ORLE ANS-Union l ine-KirTt ,ieifular packet with despatch?Tlie fast sailing packet >.l<ip I N ION, J. B. Uatiorue, master, is now loading aii'i m i.l htve nnmedists dispa ch. For cabin, second cabin and su-erige passengers, hiving sii|? rior acrmnmoda ion, eaily a|i plicalion should be made en bnatd, at .%lurray's wharf, or to Joseph mcmukray, iiWih 100 Puie sir?et, ror' er of South street. Ll V r.HI'UUL?New Liine?aegulai Packet "I ?ilb Oct.?The regular last sailing Packet Ship iMtll \KKK K, Captain tt. J. Il.Trask, of 1,100 tons iirtlnKi.will sail a* above, her regular day. For I'reiglit or passage, having accommodations unequalled for spUiidor or comfort, apply on board at Orleans wharf, foot oi Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS k CO, M Sooth street Puce ol Pansa?, SlOO Tlie p*\ck"i ship Roscius, Capt. John (Collins, of 1K0 tons, will suoi"eed ihe Garrick, and *ail Jbth November, her regular day. ?J7re FOR NEW ORLEANS.?Tbe fast ssiling ship TRENTON Captain Lotting, will positively sail on teS ti'iday, Octobe, 12 l>lendi(l ship has unsurpassed accommodation* for ca bi i. .econd cabin aild steerage pa**eugrr*. who will be taken at the li.we t raiea. Those desnousoftecuritig lierths, will renni'e to make early application <s? boa d, at P'.er No. 14 E. K., or to JOHN HERDMAN, 61 South street. N.B The subscriber * ill haves regular succession of first class ships, sailing every five days, lor tlie above port. olOrc FOR SAVANNAH?The*hip RHODE ISLAND, ky I apt Audrews.w ill be despatched for ths above |>urt on jjMMKBSniuritay, Ortoler 12th. r i.i p. .a.e. having nee.lent accommodations iu cabin and tteer ike, nil of which wrl be at the low s' rale, apply to _oKirc JOHN HERDMAN. 81 ?.,a'li_street_ FOR NEW ORLEANS.?DiHKLT.?Th? *teim rship ALAHA M A, "in tons burthen, Henry W indie, ?' r iomander, will sail for the above imrt on the lith .. ? o clock. This splendid ami remarkably (laiinrh sie.imer h*s been thoroughly overhauled tlie present summer, newly o ppered, and is furnislied with a powerful sel i f new Boilers, made at the Novelty Work* of this city. 8h* h ?x,*fi,.il to make tlie ruii to tlie Bsliie with ease in *lt day*: end iiai o,g liaudsooie aud comfortable accommodation*, for Vnii ca!ui. and steerage passengers, offers au unusually desirablf conveyance in tlie travelling Community. For light freight ot liessage. apply to G. MERLE, ?"? I" t'.o " W yrnm M A/vir hint NEW OKLEAfSS?*Union Line?hirsi Mf/eJlV Regular Packet Willi despatch.?Tlie splendid, fast -:P , packet CINCINNATI, Captain 1L. Rom, will pu nuely sail as above. Hsriug sut erior acsommodstions for cabin, second cabin and s*. eragp "ss-atigs *. i?rsous sl out ta embark should make im wsenl'MSi*, ??r? W PiM street, M*Mi of fUth. Mk BRITISH AND NOttoyAL MAIL, Of 1M0 ton* and 440 bum Dower each.? Under contract with the Lord* of the Ad] miraJty ? HIBEKNIA. Captain Alexander Hyria. CALEDONIA Captain Edward G. Lott. ACADIA. Captaiu William Harrison BR IT ANN IA Captain John Hewitt. CAMBRIA, .. ... ..Captain C. H. E. Judkius. WUlJsail from Liverpool and BnsTou, via. Hail fax, u follows: From Boston. From Liverpool. Caledonia, Lott August 16th. ? Acadia, Harrison. ..Sept 1st. August 4th. Hibeiuia, Hyrie " 16rh. 20th. carry experienced surgeons, and arc implied With Life Boat*. For (ri-igbt or passage, apply to 0. BRIGHAM. Jan.. Agent, au5rc No. 3 Wall street !????.] I'HE NEW SI e.A.viBOAl EMPIKE, CAPTAIN D. HOWE, Will leave BUFFALO for CHICAGO, on FR1DA Y, 2)d of August, at 7 P. M., ana perforin her tri|w regularly during.tba wa 'ion, aa follows UP. DOWN. LgAVg* JUlrrALO.^ _ _ Ll.ivn LHICAOO. Fndiw Aug. 23,... at 7 P. M Saturday, Sep. 7.... at do Monday, " 23... at do Tuesday, Oct. S... at do Wednesday, " 23... at do Saturday, Aug .23... at 9 A. M Monday, Sept. IS... at do Thursday " 31... at do .. U...U uu I a IIUIIUII ol . . . al UO Thursday, Nov.7... at do | Friday, Nor. 15... at do The EMPIRE is SCO feel in length, 32 feet ( inches beam, 14 feet 2 incite* hold, measuring 122V tons, and ia ihe largest steam boat atloil in inland waters. Kugine 600 horaepower, boilers provided with Evan's Patent Salety Valves, to prrveut the possi bility of an explosion. 3'he Cabin is 230 I'eet long, with separate Saloons for Ladies Geutlemen?spacious Slate Rooms extend the whole lenctli. ventilated by doors opening from the inside aud out, ana ill 6arts of the boat ar>' finished and faruished in a style unequalled y any other in the world. Ample accommodations for Steer age Passenger*, in four l ime well ventilated Cabius, one of which ? appropriated exclusively to female*. ITvi bo-.l is provided with a good band of music. Wilkins, Marsh It Co., Buffalo,) li. Norton U Co., Chicago, > Agents J. N. Eubkht. Detroit, > j). n. bArney, ft CO.. August 1, 1844. Clevelmd auttouv Irn PASSAGE FROM GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND M M M M ti If THE bUtn BALL OI^olTT LINE Uf LIVERPOOL PACKETS. [Bailing from Liverpool on the 7th and 19th of every month.] Persons wishing to send to tlie Old Country for their frieuda can make the necessary arrangements with the Subscribers, and have thein come out in this superior Line of Packet*, Sailing from Liveqiool punctually on the 7th aud 19th of every mouth. They will also have a first rate class of American trading ships, sailing every six days, thereby affordiug weekly communication from that jwrt. One of the lirm, (Mr. James D. Roc lie,) it there, to see that they shall be forwarded with care aud des patch. Should the i*rties agreed for, not come out, the money will be relumed to those who paid it here, without any reduction. The Black Ball or Old Line of Livepool Packets, comprise the following magnificaul Ships, vis.:? Th, OXFORD? The VEW YORK. CAMBRIDGE, COLUMBUd. EUROPE, SOUTH AMERICA, ENGLAND, NORTH AMERICA. With such superior and unequalled arrangements, the Sub scribers confidently look forward for a continuance of that sup port which has been axteuded Ui them so many years, for which tliey are grateful. These proceeding, or remitting money to their relatives, can at all time* obtain Drafts at sight for any amount, drawn direct ou the Royal Bank of Ireland, Dublin, also, on Messrs. PRE SCOTT, GROTE, AMES lit CO. Bankers, London, which will be paid ou demand at any of the Banks, or then Braucltes, in all tlie principal towns throughout England, Ire l uid, Scotland and Wale*. ROCHE, BROTHERS It CO. 35 Fulton street. New York, next door to the Fultou Bank. N. B.?The Old Line of Liverpool PackeU sail from this port for Liverpool on the 1st and 19th of each mouth. Parties relum ing to tlie Old Couutry will liud it to their comfort and advan tage to select this favorite Line for their conveyance, in prefer ence to any other. jeli 5m* re ^HHJiNGEMENTS FOR 1844. OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE. 100 Pine street, corner of South. m jfc. m> ^THc^onbscribei ueg* leave to cal^Zt^uentiou of his uieud^ and tlie public in general, to the following arrangement* foi 1*44, for tlie puritose of bringing out Cabin, 2d Cabin, and Steer age Passengers, by the Regular Line of Liverpool Packets, sail ing th> 1st, 6th, 11th, 16lh, 21st and 86th of every month. By tlie Loudon Packets to sail from New York, the 1st, 10th anil H)th?and from London ou lite 7th, 17th and 27lh of each uionlh. In connection with the above, and for tlie purpose of affording s! ill greater facilities to passenger*, the Subscriber has establish ? d a regular line of first class New York built, coppered aim coppered i'aKlened ship*, to sail punctually every week through out tlie year. For tne accommodation of persons wishing to reuiit mouej to their families or frieuds, drafts are given, payable at sight, ot> the following Bank*, vis.:? Provincial Bank of Ireland, payable at Cork, Limerick, Clonmel, Londonderry, Sligo, Wexford, Belfast, Waterford, GaTway, ' Armagh, Athlone, Colevain, Balliua, Tralee, Youghal, Euuiskillen, Mouagnnn, Bainbridge, Ballymena, Parsmutowa Downpatrick, Cavan, Lurgmi, Omagh, Duugaunon, Bandon, Euiua, Ballyshaimon, Stralmue, Skibbereen, Mallow, Moneytnoie, Cootchul, Kilrnsh, Dublin. Skibbreeu. Scotland?The City Bank of Glasgow. England? ?.-ssrs. Spoouer, Alwood It Co., Banker*, London: P. \V. Byrne* llCo., 36 Waterloo Road, Liverpool; payable iu ?very towu iu IJreat Britain. For further information, (if by letter post said,) apply to JOSEPH McMURRAY. 100 Pine street, corner of South street, New York, Or Measr*. P W BYRNE* It CO.. IK Waterloo Road. ? fc... ? ., I ? ? tJg- PASSAGE FOK NEW ORLEANS.?Sails ou MrfnrVTuesday, the 15th Oct.?The splendid, well known Jfi&lfalut sailing .hill JAMES II. SHEPHERD, J. C. Itanium ., comin nder, will -ail positively ou Tuesday, the 15lh of O'-iober, wind and weather permitting, or passagt 'tee. The accommodations of the James H. Sheph. id, for 2d cabin and steerage pass n en, will, on inspect on be found to be un sur|>a*ied liy any ve*?el in porl; hav ug very lofty nnd thorough ly ventilated betwreu decks, those proceeding to tlie above port, will And it iheir iniere-t ana comfort to select this desirable con veyance in preference to auy other. For terms of passage, apply on board, at pier No. 13, E. R , or to the subscribers, ROCHE, BROTHERS It CO., 0l2rc 15 Fulton street, uext door to the Fulton Bank. ist ?jUACl( BALL OK OLD JLINK OF li V ER tfyfy POOL PACKETS?FOR LIVERPOOL?Onl> JMNHbregular packet sailing on the 16th of October. Tlie macnificent and remarkahle fast sailing jacket ship ENGLAND, Capttain Samuel Barile't, will positively sail on Wndnnday, the 16th of Ocuiber, her regular day. It is well known that tlie accommodations of the England, and all the eight ships of this line, are tilted out in a most cosily style with every modern inyirovement and convenience, thai cannot but add to the comlort of cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers Those v'titing tlie old country will at all times find it their interest to select Ulese desirable conveyances in preference to any other. For terms of passage and to secure the best berths, early appli cation should be made on board, foot of Berk man street, or to the subscriber*. ROCHE, BROTHERS It CO., ol2rc 35 Fallon street, next door to ilie Fultou Bank. FmTgALE-Therelehrated Riil Boat WII.LIAM .M. OROESBF.'-R, the fastest 16 ft. boat known, ihsvi' g heat six of the fasteat sail boats tliat cpuld le proilur- u one of them I* feet long, among w hich were the I L lugers,<11 and Aun Ma'ia, and never having lost a r ce. She is iu first rate order, having good Sails, Swivel Sculls, two Rud der*, one lor racing, and every thinir complete Site is nearly new, hein* les* than a year old aud doe* not leak a drop. Slie can he seen at the foot of Spring street, N. R. luquire at 309 West street near Spring- oil 3t"*c ~VoiThAVANA, FROM PHILADELPHIA. The A. 1. fast-sailing packet hariiue ELIZABETH rHSJVJ., John S. Remington, master, will Mil positirely on jttifallili Ocober. l- or freight or pnssage, having superior famished accommo dations, a large and commodious cabin, with twelve state rooms, apply to JOHN F. OHL Ik SON, s 17 3w 101 South Wharves, Philadelphia. LOUISIANA LINE OF NEW ORLEANS jWffyPAl KETS? Packet of the 14th Oct.?Firat Packet or JHUM^p.<*sage fie*.?The well kuown fast sailing packet shM I A/DO. Capt. Wibray, will s-?il punctually as above, her regular day weather | ern ittin* or |*ssage tree The ships of this line have uow commenced their regular trips, and will ssil punctually ?? usual,every Mondty moniing, fu'lor not. P*"on? about to embark for the above port will find this the only regular line sailing out of New York for New Orleans, aud tlie price of passage ia low, for which apply on board, foot Wall street, or to W. It J. T. TAPSCOTT, 76 Houth street cor. Maiden Lane. " Holmes Line'* picket ship Alabama, will succeed the Yatoo, and sail ou Mouday, 20ih insl. o8rc Ifg- ~ OLD ESTABLISHED PACKET OFFICETTl s ? ? 11, -.ti.-et Passage to and from Great Britain and JWhilCMlrelaiid, via Liveri>ool. Passaee can at all times be eugatteil al the lowest rate*, to and from Liverpool, by tlie regu lar |?ckel ship sailing under tlie new arrangement every tew ?lays, and drafts can as usual l>e furnished for any amouut. paya ble at tlie National and Provincial Bank, Ireland, and then branches, and throughout the United Kingdom, a* well as at all the principal banking institutions in Euglaud, Scotland and WaVs, ? ithnut discount or any oilier charge*. For further par ticulars if by letter, post paid, apply to ssec JOHN HERDMAN. ai South st. IfJ- EXCHANGE ON ENOLAND, IRELAND. JiaK.SC OIL AND AND WALES.?The Subscriber has jHMbai *11 time* for sale DraAs from ?1 to 41000, |*yablr at all the prineitiel Banking Inatitulions throughoal thelruiteo Kingdom JOHN 11ER DM AN, 61 South st. NT B. Passage to and from Liverpool can be secured at th? lowest rate* by any of iha line of perkeia sailing on the lit. 6th 11 th, 16th, 2lsl and 36th ?f each mouth, on application a* above ivt* ec KOR LIVERPOOL-Packet of the 16th of Oct.? MHVWThe splendi packet ship ENGLA N l>, ' apt Barilett, JmW will sill on the 16th ?ictober. he, regular day She has unsurpassed accommodations for cabin and steerage pa-ieu gers. hor passage, apply to JOHN HKllSlAN, |Btc 61 Somh s'reet. PASSAGE FOR NEW ORLEANS, MOBILE OR SAVANNAH?Ihe following firatclaas regu lar Packet Shi|>s will sfll positively aa.follrtws JRIlbka lar Packet Ships will sail positively aa loiinw*? I'm New Orleans, Pack-1 Ship YAZOO, ( apt. Wilray, on the Iitii Ortolier. Also. Packet Ship AI.ABA.NIA, Capt. Bun ker 21st October. For (.harlequin, Packet Ship WARSAW, Capt. Parions, on the 121 h October. For Savannah, P.cket sh L. BALDWIN, Capt. Baasett, on the llth October. The above well-known packet* will sail punctually as above and the areominnda ions for cabin, second cabin and steerage passenge s are very supe.ior. To secuie berths, early applica tion shonlil qe made ou board, or to W. ft. J T. TAPSCOTT, 76 Wnntli fnn^f Ml'iWn !.?'? I'At KET FOR HAVRE-S.coid Lme-lhesnil ffiRV *'NElIJA, James tunrk, master, will ? >il ou the 1st MlMHa'if Novemlier. hoi freight or passage apply to ^ BOYD It HINCKRN. Ol l*r No aToniine Building, eor Wall mil Water t's i FAMILIES, wanting suits of room* for ihe winter, car I be handsomely aceommodatad with parlors and Ijed-room robed, with pantries, f Singls room* lor gee at 411 Hnpstom street, pleanM part ?r th* ?ltf. J LAIRD, WIG MAKER, HAIR, CUTTER, ORNAMENTAL HAIR." MANUFACTURER, 92 CHATHAM STREET, roaMKBLT or 316 Pbahl Stkket. IN announcing to hit nuraarout friends an J |?. trons hi* removal from 316 Purl atrwt to the store 92 < ii.itluiiii itncI, begs ?nave to return Ilia Iwar rtfelt acknowledgments to thoM friends and tlie Kublic generally, who are hi tiler to honored k turn with their su^ion. < auu to assure thein a will - tilfctnn''* "udyu> m*rit * cootiuuauce of'sueh. enviable di? Ever sin** I have b?n in bnsiaatt it lias been my good forto n? to acquire and reuin ?o Urge a |uirtion of die nublir for which I f?l grateful. A. a Hair Cuttir Md Vil Zf.; Laird tuuidi unrivall?l in the manufacture of Ornamental lUir for which Hii uaine has mi Ion* bwn celebrate*! lie uow has -Tilde scoot for tarrying[his invention. improvements into -.'act, in snort nothing that Produce or einenae com rnand, ha. bean overlooked by him at lu, new esibl&it0B>' | He invites an aarly impaction of hit splendid stock ol' Win | Toupaea and Ornamental Hair, in coun.L? Ariwy Snd e,a5!: I site workmanship, Perfumery horn celebrated English and (Con tinental manufactories, in addition to several esteemed ureusra feiT,^ *?' , v Ll,"d. The Hair Catting, auf in deed the business lit aacli department is conducted by Ue priuc - pal himself, id such a manner and on such terms aa to sustain the |>r??miuent character tins establishment eiuovs ?u,u"" Prices ui suit the times. ' *> < hatham street. CUTTING AND CURLING eTfry iirtorkinc to PHALON'S wo"& ?~Si? ..J?' h*V*L ?"m" e^x-Orf, introduced a new feature in the .h,lr dre""'*. by keeping over 200 new brushes, none or which are it.ed a second time without cleining, thus se curing to each of his customers a comfort, inatead of a nuisance founjfm every shop. Call and try the sysiem, which cZmendi fShampooed, and their Heads Dressed for llalls and 1 arties, on the shortest notice. A large assortment of Wigs and Sealnes. . ? KDWARD PHALON, I'n m 211 Broadway, opposite St. Paul's. 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Piica Jj cants a "? oil lt*rc j^OTaliUkl ~ [From thti Pulledelphia Mpfrit otitis rimes J General Convention of the Protestant Epis copal Church In the United State*. tH-t-mdrks <>t the Rev. Dr Higbee on the reaolu tiou <>f Dr. Hawks, a* a substitute to ihat of Mr. Memuiuger ] Thursday, Oct. 10, 1844. Rev. Dr. Hiwbke, of We# York, aaicl it w?b a fact not without iu instruction, that the loudest complaint* which we had heard on the subject be fore lis, came irom the dioceses which had alreany legifcUted on the subj ct; this may give u* a profit able hint for the couiw we should puisue. The geutjemaii trom Ohio (Mr. !* mall wood) hae yestcr day illustrated its danger by telling o! an individ ual who had lelt his ihurcti and attended a Ro mish chapel ; at this he was surprised. He could only say that, if, as alleged, our Romish tenden cies in New i ork were strong, iu Ohio they were stronger. Rev. JVlr Smallwood explained that the indi vidual had come Irom New York. Dr. Hiobkic continued When, then, the individ ual remained in New York, we were able lo pre vent him Irom leaving our church. The gentlemen (Messrs Brooke 4c bmallwood) were formerly his lellow laborers in the same diocese, and he always recurred to those early days wnh pleasure. One ot ihem (Mr. Smallwood) had affirmed that there existed an ugitaiion, or rmherdiAcreiice ol opinion which had lormerly existed, ,md altributed them to the influence of tne Oxford tracts. During the l>eriod ot their early intercourse referred to, every thing personally hud been harmonious; but was u doctrinally so then more than now 1 Did tney be lieve ihat on our creeds and articles we differed now more thnu then 1 If so, they are mistaken. He was educated at the Geneial Theological Se minary, and left its walla for the retirement ot a parish on the banks of the Sutquehanna. In that seminary, ai.d in ihat parish, his general theologi leal opinions were formed, and such as they were ?hen they are now. The tracts spoken of had pro duced no effect on his position, it was ihe same now as then; there were the same differences be tween us then as now. There was not indeed the same agitation ; names then were different. The names used then were not asgood alarm notes as file names used now; we had uoi name* of Puaeyite or iractanau, ?r of tendency to popery ; the facts of dif ference are the same, the names alone are changed. This idea, namely, thai ol the independent establishment o! ibti Church of Christ, the tracts relerrsd to had attempt ed to bring out. Aud the researches of tueir author* among ancient wriium may have doubtless brought lorth something spurious ? something dangerous along with the good, but ihe cry ot I'opery was lint raued oy tbu?u to whoin a Church independent of the State, was a new creation. Being at a ions to give the new th ng s name, they called it Pjpety became it held in common with Home, the Independent constitution ot the Church ol Christ, without respect to any temporal government The name had been brought acioss the Atlantic, and with too little consideration had been applied to a oertain Class ol our trieuds and brethren. Wi.o hav? been mostiustin inentaf in raising and sustaining this cry ot Popery, uid in flinging reproaches against a Uige portion el our br< - thri ii) Surely not thos? who sre accused ol huvn.g ad nutted these tracts! Not the Puseyiu-i? No, certainly ! Many, indeed, who had been mentioned as the very head and Hunt ot Puseyism, had never read one p>ige ol these tracts-it liesliouid name them it would cieale suipris.i As for himself, he had never read six pages ol them in his 1'fe. Tney are but new names to old thing.*, and he must ?ay, although it might appearseveie, tliut while a portion el our brethren weie desirous of following in ttie old tracks of Kavenscrot and Hobart, aud B.jweu aud Kemp they had been branded as Puseyites- shot at fiooi liehmd ambushes, th y had been vaguely accused and could not flud a tangible tribunal or respo slbie accuser If any one has been guilty ol heresy, the law ol the Chuich i? open to tiy him, but their accusers shrink Tom meeting them f?ce to lace and preseutiug their accusations in loiui of law. They had begg d this, but they Here not come lor wind But insinuations were covertly mode and re ports circulated, snd so trieuds were alienated and the people separated Iroin their pastorsj on the one hand, the public mmd was too little luatiucted, snd on the other there weie alarmists, and thus Ike accusation and the re spanse passing and repassing continually Irom one to the other-suspicion and discord and distiust wet brought in. where charity and mutual good offices should prevail, and truth and lore anil peace have been orused between the upper and nether millstones ! We shrink not from the tribunals ot the chuich?from responsibilities to Ihe laws of ihe churc.i.or il we ki. wrong doers, liom bt holdu g its naked swotd ol Justice suspended over us ; but never cau it be that the Chare li will wreath loi us the crown ol olive and of myrtle, men - ly to conceal benea'h it the avenging dagger! Hr i rusted this wotill lie thrown out ol lue legislation of tn. Church. He would reply l>rnfl) tn the remarks ol th. gentleman l'mai Virginia, (Ur. hinjie) who had given us some idea what I'tiseyism is In his nands It is not thai vague vanishing. in nay thing, which his lay colleagu (Mr Lewih) cuu.-idered it. W i.h him it is something mui. stiut?terribly monstrous; and yet he talks h1 concilia ion wltu it and with ttiose who adhere to it ! What! conciliate with those who are competed by hnn to the Jews ol old who rejected aud cruicifK-d our Saviour, tu th se accord ing to him wh> are xfluat on the Dead Sea ot Papistry, n beiore the tefoi matioii! Will he attempt te conciliate tbote whom he compared to the llluminati of German) , who-e otto w is "crush the wretch"meaning our bless, e.l Sivioni ! Does he. or can any Oiristiau man rocom mend conciliation with those who hold one point in com mon with the Jews who Jrove nails into the hands an t feet of our Saviour?with the Papists?with those who followed Tetiel in his career ol infamy, and wnh th worst se' of iuftdelsthat ever infested the earth 7 II anj thing in the annals of time ever de andeil the interposi ? Ion of law at a stern tribunal, it is such crimes ns nr.* here charged against those alleged to be the advocates and adbeieuts of 1'ractarianism ! And even to b<; more specific, ihe gentleman irom Virginia had enumeiateu sixty propositions, hut he could not follow up then monstiotis declarations?his heuit was sick at the recital of them ! But he called on him before the whole < hutch and before (Jod, If he knew one tingle nidi vidual in tho whole wide range of the Chuich, who held such doctrines, to make him known, lay his hand upon him and brii g him up before the proper tribunal of the Church before this Convention adjourned. The gen'leman had alluded to one individual case, the' of the Bishop ef his Dlucie (N. Y ) in the ordination of Mr. Carey ? but 1 t the improper reference to the Bishop go - there was, in the gentleman's remarks an allusion to the dead, to one cut down in the prime of youth and who is not here to defend himself or answer for himself; He had been distinguished on this floor by the opprobrious term of ' Papist.' and opinions h >d been ascribed to him, which if he held them, made his' holy ordination vow .1 sacrilege before High Heaven He could not allude to his case, more than te reply to it in Mr Carey's own word<: He had known him long?aince he flrst eoro trenced the study ol theology A certain layman of New Toik proposed certain questions to him, which he asked me to propound. He had been accused of believing Pi transuhstanfiation, in purgatory. In the efficacy of man and indulgences, and other Romith errors ; tho question* propounded to him on these subjects, and his answers, were as follows? Q I " Do you believe that the hody and blood of Christ arc corporeally present in the Eucharist-or that the consecrated elements are merely bread and wine?in ?uhstance?the hody and blood of Christ In spirit and tfti cacy 7 Ans. f believe that the body and blood of Christ are present in the Holy Kucherist only in the spiritual man ner?the manlier 1 ventute not to define-1, however, lie lieve that the consecrated elements are bread and wine in stthsfance, and the body and blood of Christ In spirit and efficacy. Q II " Do yon believe that the bread and wine under go any change or conversion by consecration In the Ru chutist, or are they only the symbolic representatives of the hody and blood of Christ." Ans I believe that the bread and wine are as really and substantially present srter the consecration ns thev were before?and that they are not changed or converted otherwise spiritually; which spiritual chsnge I do not at tempt to explain further than by exoreseing my belief that the bread and wine remaining in their natural sub stance do become the divinely appointed means of con veying to the faithful, and ?f offering to others fin a spir itual manner) Chiiat himself with ad the benefits of his presence upon the esrth for the redemption of mankind In short, my belief on this subject is expressed in our Catechism, as follows: "Quest What is thefoutwsrd part or sign in the Lord's Sunper 7 "Ans. Bread anJ wine, which the Lord hath comman ded to be received "Quest What I* the inward part of the thing signified ' "Ans. The body and tdood of 1 heist. which are rpirit. uslly taken and ree.eived by the faithful in the Lord's j 3u per. ' Quest. What are the heorfits whereof we ere part:t. kers thereby? "Ans. The strengthening and refreshing of onrsouH by ?he ho ly and blood of Christ, as our bodies are by the breod and wine Q f I 'Do von believe in the doctrines of Pn-ra'orv as defined by ihe Ceunril ol Trent and the Creed of Popi Pins the Fourth " Ans I do not believe injthe Romish doctrine of Pnnra torv condemned In one rtlcles The d?ere s of Trent and the f'r?e<l ol Pins IV are on this subject vague mid indistinct I therefore s ate explieitlr. that I be lieve in no intermediate state of purgatorial suffering- in no process o'espistton fo' no penal infliction for the satpfi in* of Divine justice, and for the regaining nfth Divine favor <f'er death? In no system of punishment in a utnre state, which is to be mi'igated or anywise changed by any In terceesion of the churoh on earth or by any meana known to man. Q IV "Do von believe that the condition of departed souls can be altered or benefitted by the prayers of the Church * Ans I believethnt the final destiny of every man is de termined at bis death, and la not after* arris lo lie reversed or changed by the pray era ol thechnrch, or by any meant known fo n?. As the federal condition of departed souls appears to be embraced bv the question, it may he proper tor me to ?tate my belief in the "Communion of dalnts," at tangh* in Holy gcrlcrfnrea, and In our Creed-thst the faithful members of Christ upon earth, aed those wko havede parted this life In Christ's faith and fear, form one bod^ under one Divine Head?that they are united by a 00m nson bond and sympathy sash prayers ara lawful and mti tually beneflelal, as that la lurlal Sarvlee 1We be aMri thae that we,with all these whe utlmrtsl fas tka trub faith ot thy holy name, may have our ptiltc. con summation ami tdi ? iu (by eternal and everlasting gioiy, through Jesus Christ our Lor l"?ami hi ihe concluding petition ol our pi ay er 4 tor the whole state ol Christ's church militant."-- aa the actol iiiteiceasion in theuncnnl Liturgy or the f'hutch ot Jerusalem, tat lorth by this late Bishop Hob,nt, in his "Christian's Manual " 11 V. "Uo you not b heve that the offering of Masses lor the dead, ami thu granting ut Indulgences are danger ous and gio-? eirorsof the < hurch ot Hame, and entirely at variauat) with the principal ot the GjSpeW ' Am. I do not believe in tin? offering ol Masses tor the dead, and tliv granting of indulgence us practised by the Church ot Koine, are u.iugerou* and gross errors, and en tirely at variance with the principles ol (be gospel U VI. ' Do you approve of the luvocatiuu ol Saints a* practised by the Church of Home7" Aua l do not approve, but condemn the Invosationof Saints by the Church ol Home. Q VII. ' Could you with your present principles sub sci iba to the Creed ol Pope Pius IV?or take ordeis iu the Church ol Rome!" ? Aus. Witn my present principles I could not subscribe to i he Creed ot Pius IV. nor take orders in the Chut ch of Home Dr. Brookx, of Ohio, asked if these question* were au awered betore or after his ordination I Dr. Iliriatr. answered alterwarus. He would observe in connection with the answer, however, that he was one of the examiners, and knew what his doctrines weie, and hit answers to these questions were in puildl consonance with those given on his special examination previous to hisconsecration. For his perfect fidelity and truth, he hel 1 himself lesponsible as a christian minister and au honest man. The Rev. F. W. Bovd, of Mississippi, follow ed with an argumentative speech iu opposition to the reference to the House ol Bishops In the course ol his re muiks he niado nequent quotations Irom the l.n fumed sermon ot the Rev Dr. '1'yng, which contains so powerful an exposition of ihu truths ol Episcopal faith ? Air Boyd coincided with all the opinions ol Dr. T)ng, but seemed to think that his position now was not consist ent with those prolessions un<l doctrine* written by him ; this called up Dr "J vug, in reply. Thc?e who have ever heard this Rev. gentleman iu debate, iml listened to the almost lightning volubility with which he rounds his polished periods, can only lorm an idea ol the utter impracticabili ty of a ippoiter, who is not a practised stmograp .er, at temp ing to Iollow him 'l'he speech was an eloquent, glowing and masterly expesition ol the supposed errors which had crept into the chutvb. He denounced leailess ly and frankly these tendencies which he leared were im bued with Romanism He pointed, with triuinphaut cou fidence in his opinions, to those who had lirst attempted innovation on the primitive purity of the church , assert ed that those whose sympathies iu doctrine tended to wards tractarianism, were the first to attempt the sevei Mtice ol the bond ol unity, by introducing tu fictions ol Rome, its phantasies and follies into the service ol the Episcopal church, and in a strain ol delightful eloquence vindicated the principles ol himself and those who acted with him it was, all In all. a most powerlul spe. ch. and sustained the Di'a. high r* uk? u* a poli-hnd debater The House, alter he had concluded, adjoui ned. Fbidat, October 11, 1844. Morning rrayers were read and tho minutes ot yester day adopted. several messages from the House of Pishopa were read on matters already reported, being n spouses to the action ol the house. Rev. Mr Forbks of N. V-, directed Ihu attention of the house to an appal nt oversight in its proceedings B> the 1st section of Canon 3 ol 1834 'every bishop eleci, belore his consecration, shall pioduce to the House oi Bishops, from the convention by whom he is elected evi>lenco of such election, and from the House ol e lancal and Liy Deputies in geneial convention, evidence ol their approbation ol hi< testimonials, and ol their assent to his consecration, and aUo sign tho canonical testimo nials. The house by its acion on Tuesday had signed the tcstimi uia.s ot the bishops elect of New Hampshire and Alabama Ho thought, uiider thu Canon mute va? r? quired, he, therefore, moved the following Resolved. That this Hou^e ol Clerical and Lay Depu ties approve ol the testimonials, and assent to the const oration ol the Rev Charlton Cbise, D D . Bishop elect ol New Haaipshire and the Rev. Nicholas H. tubbs, D. D., Bishop elect of Alabama The secretary read the minutes oi last Tuesday, in re ference to this action Rev. . r Fotncs did not think the action met the can-. theie is the implied appioval and assent, but it aeeon d to hiui that the Canons imply a direct assent and appioval Rev. Mr. Smiixwood of Ohio, thought thu resolunoi. from the Committee on Consecrations, . dopud on Tuea day, was all sufficient for carrying out the r?quireme.iit? of thu Canon; he, therelore, moved to lay tile resolution ou the table. Mr. Kowbks read from the Comments on Canons by the Rev Dr Hawks, ill which the course implied in his reso lution wiih advocated Lir Havtbs stated that these comments on his iurt had been the mult of deliberate conmlei iition : l.e Iwlieved the plan suggested by the Rev. Gentleman from N. Y , W8;< the requisite and proper one. Mr Williams of Viigmia, thought il this resolution passed it woull involve the House in the absurdity t?! ?ending up to the House ol Bishops the canonical Ustimo nlsls, wltnout having given their approbation and assent to his consecration. M H. Hi'lfTltsoDow, Esq . of Connecticut, thought it *'?? most important lo settle tho construction ol the iissma, si it has not been settled before ; to deliberate understand mgly. He denied that the constri ction was settled by thu House; its loitner action settled no precedent it wb. mei e sub f ilentio action. If the p evious course ot actio* was erroneous, when the question comes directly be'ore us lor explicit action, let us settle it c.enloimthly to the Canen. As to the question of its importance?is there an) thing more important than thesetting npait of a Presbyter to th? high office of Bishop? The General Convention hud placed guards and checks upon thi* subject, and we are now called upon to settle the construction and carry out all the guards the Oeneral Convention intended Dr. SmoMi a-ked if tho testimonials which had been solemnly signed are not an approval to the election ot Bishop* and consent to their consecration, he should likt to know what ate ! R-v. Mr. Kokbm acknowledged attain their implied con sent, hut insisti d th .t tho canon required dinct approval HoRsci: Binnvv, K?q., sUppo?eil the question w as, that after whattne Ilou-e had done in siguingtbe testimonials there was further action necessar) in approval? d as.ent: thut something mote was requisite under the canon, in reference to something omitted in the resolution ol the House on the Keport ol the Committee on the Consecration ol Bishops He believed precisely the f?m?* resolution had been passed in the present instance ns hud been adopt ed on all preceding cases: hedid not understand there ws the slightest difference If the same action had been tisen now as in all precedents, and the resolution now is deemed necessai y to constitut: the necessary can?"ici I assent and approbation, it involves all previous <???*? i,: disorder. The House had referred the testimo11'8'* B usual to a committee, they had reported and the members had signed them, and by that signing most uadoubtedlj implies] consent and approval. The action of the t'on' mittte was entirely merged in the proceeding of the House. II the action of the Committee was wrong, and the House approved ol their repo.t, the act oi the Com mittee who were fundus officio had gone Irom the House, its defects were no longer examinable, and nothing ulleg ed can be traversed; it stands for the pleasure ol the House. Mr B's entire argument was opposed to the ne cessity ol any further action on the part ol the House. Alter some discu stve debate, and reference to prece dents, the reaolution w as laid ou the table. A message Irom the House of Bishops informed the de put'es. thai,in pursuance witn a request from the Diocese of Missouri, in compliance with <.anon I, ol 1834, they had nominated the Rev Cicero Stephens Hawks, as j suitable person ns Biahop of that Diocese. The Messag' was laid on the table. Mr. MtcrtRLAnn oi Va , presented a communication to tha House, containing n statement of certnin proceed ings of clergvmen of the Protestant Episcopal Church < I the Diocese of Pennsylvania, In the case of the Right Itev. H. U. Onderdonk,'Bishop of that Dioc? se, bearinv date Oct. 9, 1844. He moved its ref# rence to the select committee chareed with tb? documents relative to the Kpiscopacy ol Pennf ylvania Horace Blriney, K?q , on behalf of the Pennsylvania delegntinns. r?questing ths' they should belaid on thet?ble, Mr. Macfarlund withdrew his motion, and the document went to the table. Dr. Vrroi.o moved that the President till a vacancy in Ihe committee on canons, w hich whs adopti d. t A. Niwtoi*, Esq, of Mass , referring toth> danger from granting leave ol absence, siated at the clo ic of th< last session of the Convention, w hen about to d. lihersti on most important subjects, they had been lound without a quorum, and search had to be made through the city to get aome gentlemen to return who had receiv d ltsve o absence H? therefore moved that all stibsequ* nt appli cation for absence be referred to the Committee on C* nons. Dr Brooik suggesteil the propriety of suhatituting thv Comml'ueon bi?ctious, which was adopted, and ssvera applications were rsfer red'to them \ gentleman off red a new Cifnon, providing that nr unbaptised person shall Keeligihh aa a l.ay Deputy to th> Oeneral Convention. This without discussion was indi ? tini'elyj*Mitporn d The Hev. Mr. Mssoiv, of Maryland, offered a reeolution ?o the House of Dishops concurring, lor the appoin'm'-i i ol a loint Coasmittee umler the 44th ( anon, to prepare k standard edition of the Bible?this was waiv?*l Inr the pre sent to proceed to the orders of th? day. the hour has it t nrrived which <vaaassigned lor the election of Treus rei But one iiominntl ,n wris msde, that of Mr Van W'ng^. ner. the present Treasurer,who waselnc.tid unat iainn>U Mr Memmtnger then called up the consideiatiou of his resolution on tho subject ol Tiae.tarisnism. Judge Br.aatrK moved to lay it on the table, to enabli Dr Hawks to proceed in reply to documents in relatiot to his admission to the Kpisi'iiptcy oi Mississippi Mr. MrMvsiKiitR had no objection to the |M>sipanement and Mr Berrien modified his moltnion to pos'pone thi consideration until te-oioriow at I-J o'clork , and as mod. fled the mo'i'in was adoptvd. alter an opposition from Dr Brooke, of Ohio, who was unwilling thus to e|le tip bu?i ness, and desired also to meet the novel case of Dr Haw k well prepared, and iu such a manuer aa to prevent discon or unpleasant leellng A gentleman from Mississippi, then moved that th' ll*use procsedt" sign tha testimonials of the Hev Krat els L Hawks, as Bishop elect olthe Dioces*i>f Misdeat?p> 'ind asked on behalf o| Dr II. forthe reading ot any do<'ti ments In the possession of the House, having a bearing ot the subji ct The documents were accordingly read. They cor'i ted of rhergea against Dr Hawks, made by the Rev D' W A Muhlenheig, princlna ly in n Is'ion to his tmnkrup cy as proprietor of 8 Thomas llall Fiushiog, L I An other paper was read ftom a Mr yusiteiman. a mechsni ?f that place, who had lost money by the Dr-s faiiur. and charged him with having on various oesesions faile> to rsxleetn his promises ol pat ment But lew 9tDr. Muhlenberg's statements were frempm kOLai knuwltdge, bUl appealed Ibeu.tie HrUll bl it; ILg r uioi a ami > ul^e guaaip, and in no ltkpecl invoivt li Dr. H'* character, ekct pi iu reference to uuiaiiuie la hia bu*iiie*? no connected wuli hu kemmury at Fiuabiug. Aii> libit ilucuujeiiu were lead, llev. Mr fcoaaaa, of Naw Yoik Hat* ?i lUal ihey wtu J ivc.tiliu liucuiita|u? and bunaell, a lid tliui Dr. Mulilenbrtg Lad intended to li?vu lull tiirm nul'jict to our conaideiaiion and diacro lion Thl* be bad not learned until ihta morning, or elk* they could have beau pi Hinted m a mole loiniai manner. Some time aince it hud bvrn intimated to tlinu that auch ohaige* would be bud au i oaihey ware to be lite judge* upon ibtm, ihey bad thought it miooaaibie lo ket j? tbeir mnnle fife Irom tua*, and llitrefoie had not peiu*ed thtin, and baa no further opportunity oi lo lining an opinion on thnn bevoud the o bit depuUtf who had Jual hettid ibem lead He wuhtd their Uue poailiou lo be underatood ; they neither pielcrnd the charge* againat Dr H , nor dnl ihey v. iuli 10 be conaiucied ui the light of bia pioae cutora Ur Hawaathen and rcjoiced in thaopportunity thua uliwidt d liiui ol meeting iheat cnetgea lie waa kill* tlure wua not a ((? nt-ioua bokoiu which would not ay ni patluati with him in the tiovaliy and delicacy ot bia poai noii He hud b? eu 101-4 known to ibe Church aa a t oo apicuoua laboier iheieiu?111 auch a manner at ieaaiaato bring no duiep itu upou it- und ut the age ol 46, ha had been called 011 kudutuly and unexpectedly lo incet uiia gatioue which he bail never kceu till ) eateiuey-be bad 11 eu called on 10 anawer quealiuna ol the deepeat'iulereat to him, involving ilitertet* deanr tar llan ule ltkell.? lie did uot believe there wat a brother within hu hear inn, either cleiicul or lay, who would not au lar appie Clate the eaquiaite nuaeiy 01 hia aiiuauoii aa 10 rtjmce Irom t.e vei y Iiottom ol ihur hearta, il be couhl wipti away three iiiaigt*. lie aiood btfoie them?though tx hattaud in body and nuud- *orn down by threenight* ol aleeplea walcniulneaa, wlmi liia beau bad plta<ed bl* pillow in vain 10 >?>k 1 epooe, and yol he waa unwilling lor one aiugle hour to ie. ibeaa cbaigta at and, alter he had been allowed au oppoituiiny ot pio ducing lua teklimoiiy m refutation and vindication. He wiahed lo let the apim in which he entered upo the duly be underatood-ho did it " nion in kouow iban in auger." He believed that the brother wuo preleiied iheae churge* bad been mmiilolined; that he hau iulened 10 vil lage clamor, und haatily ou autjecie attecting the ktand ing ol a biother. llu lemuika ne tiutled would bu cha ractciiked wilh all the moderation beconui.g a> huaiian, and all the courieay becoming a gtnueman He wouid no laribu.' with the puvaty 01 individual*' nauiea than w ua 11. ctttkaiy to hia vindication kgainal mo chaigea piefeired againai hiui, ol which be wm> guililta*, both in In* kighl 01 Uod and man. Ho leleried 10 a lew general puiiicuiai* Aa ibe piopntlor ol bl. ibolnaa Hull he had been unloiiuuait, und eveiy one knowa that IU cake el bilaiueea Uilticulllea una ortuue 1* too olltu pio nounced guilt. Bui il hu CoUlU ahuw thai hia Waa an un uauul caae bl occuulng lo a clergy man?that he bad loat hu uli ?that he hud beeu actuated not,oauta lucn, licni u deklre lo tniich bluiktil, bo tell he k. ouhl be enuued 10 ibeayuipHlhy ol hu biethreu. V\ hen he could ahow that ail ni.i conai'.lt tatiouk Wite to advance ibe cauae ot iho church?thai 11 waa ao known lo hia hit nde?that eve* ly tlollai he made ?u? devoted to the loundation 01 what hellUalCG would Nj n |>iruiwivia wubibhm*ul lo *uu cate the ton* of cleigynun, hu HUkird be kbouid ne abaoived lioni uli |eiaonai and u.ncinuiy vitaa. He hud, piovideiiliui ua it ket med, Until g hu alay in ihi( city, met two geuilemtii iniimateiy avi^uainteu wnh ail uu buainekk, wlio Could leluie tnoal ol Uivae charge* lion iheir knowitdge. Hu boohkeeper Waa liele, and ibieo geiilieuieii w 1.0 were hia aiaigneei He CoUid lay lU alHlemenia ol dakigneea, Coiiuaei and liltUua heloie Ut* couv>iilion, and ?how bow he bad acud upon ihtir J<tog> uinit, and tiiua in the aigln ol lion, ot the ChUiCn anu of the world t. lumpiianuj at quit iuu>a<ii ol any act 01 tn leuiioual dikhoheaiy. Ilia ) a.i Hie vi.a beloie ti e woild ? many htie hud knouu luui Horn chiiuhoou? kuc>? bia eaily training beneath u paieiuai nai.d- and wouid It not aeein aiiange ibui at bu uge, witn a lepuiutton be nad no cauae lo bu ualiumi d it. w lili chlldien, wha>e w hole in neiuauce Horn hiui would be thai lej u ulion uniinpatltd ?Would It not aeein pu>klng aliunde, A the liiciele* of mere policy , putting l.u Cbiuiluu ouiy out ot tne way, aiiould uot have induced h.111 .0 oc u.deieniiy than baa been alleged uguiiut bun, Inlgni he not bait would it uot haye lieen evnn mote atiange, hat he, pioieaatng 10 be a t hiuiian run.later, knould have perilled hia owu aoul and bought damnation ioi Ibe aiViniy khtkkia! All the tekliuiouy lonllaOied ltkell mlo ibat 01 Ur. AiUh* lenbuig and >11 (4< Uiire arr no other n^nua to the kiateiuelita We have a deal ol healaay teatimeny, wbich would not be lectived in any couit 01 juauce, Cut he Would Uul avail 11 ol leenuical nitbcul ?a, but ahow that Ibr-te llidivlUuata weie tlillieiy<ak?n and mal hta coudact had been anything ela? bui *1 at tiny ha* repieaenii d It. U heio ? ?? our accuaailon, 01 which, 11 lie weie^uil y, h?- DiUit imiei-d have u h?art tJ alt 11 ? lie aiiudtd tome uUigtd tnatner 01 '.'ucna giag ib* aclioul, and leaving the yoUng, ehti.ilin w ..o loved UIUI und cuing a.oUud nmi.vO get home aa beat they could ! He able to know IbLt be did nol act tl.Ua? b* CeUld not Co 11?in at! hia inuloiiunea he cheiubed and lillraed theui to the llial, and ntiiveKd tht 111 to their Iriruda. hut why, we would aak, are thea* piocetdtnga 'hua lulroduvtd 1 Waa ihtiu no other way I In Apui ol iainiyearhla niiaioiiuu<* oveiiook him, alter whiuh he remained in Now \uik uiore than ai* mouiha It 1a when a failure hi at oceuik thai uioa aie apt 10 be made, and uiu uidie uiveieiatu. .Vly vfl tita ol couia*, WI relnuch tile kllbJeO' Ol coliVelaUlio|i. Il he Weiegltlliy ol iraltd and lorgetlUtneta ol duty la I! dot maiv. Helta I'.at it waa not aHig' 1 a^ hiui thtn I W hy not have pre. ?riiiert rtiiii 10 tbe >aif-iaaitr&l uuthniny tn.d Cin.nndtd hia eSCluaion aa an unwonhy fitabyur f But ou ihu oontraiy, when he mm about 10 leave >1 w Yoik, he ap plied lor <tud reccivtd I. cm the Diecq^un the UaUul It tier of diamiahai : thl* he hail (.reatntr.l to the Bubop ol an other lliocece, the fiieuil ol hia t<tiy hood,who nail loceived him In hia bloCeae, he had goiie to wol k alld in alx month* had tieeu elected Biahop 01 the Ductae, Hint a- aeon ua the itirwa reach '! hu old Uioccae alt theaechaigea weft, utgeil uguinat him when the very iapae 01 limn >hould have induced lena conlidtnce to ibe allegation!. Aa to the fctatement.i which ale uot ol' Ul .Muhlenbeig'a own knowledge, he hoped the aftliinatiou ol one I'reaby ter and the denial ol anothei will aland on equiil teim*. i'bete wrie atutementa to which, however, he niual give hia denial, without q'lealionirg the motive 101 w Inch they weie made , hut he meant lo aay at It aat that L>r Mubicu huig waa nuaiakeli- gruaaiy miaiaWni, and had been in loin,id As to all ol Mr Quartet man'a atatementa, ho hau been misled by ex taperated leeling*, aud he hoped to ahow preaeuted tilings iu the light ol an angry man. Ur. .Muhlenberg in bia memorial regreta that he waa not bet ter prepared for hiactiargca, and yet he uk* thia bouae before whom the (huigea aie biouglit ahouid orcide at once. Aitothj private giievaucea b. tv.een the Doctor and himaeif, bve yeara ago they but I a miaunderatandit g about a connect , he thought tbe Doctor had violated it and lie told li'm ao But tin re were other ratio a taiaiiug ; there were d.Heretic** ot opinion on rebgiou* suhjecta. I'be Doctor, in the chapel or hia triieol, bad iniiortuced the uae 01 lightnt candlea on the altar, had the Latin nrayera of tbe Romiaki chart h uaed by the pupil* in ?t. Paul'a 1 ollege. >ind the moriiiiig and evt iung prayer* of our Protectant Kpucopal Church ttaiialated alao into La tin, were for a Nbort iieiiod naed, and even matina, vea per*, landa, (Ite , had been prep?rtd-of theae he did ? peak, and >ay they ahouid bn 1 xrluded aa injurioua in a cbnaiian achool inteudnd for Proteaiaut pui ila. He did not tefer to theae thinga on the Mippoaiiion that Dr Mtih letihetg waa vindictive, I ut to ahow what were tbe point* of difference. Aa to our n>pertive achool* threwu* no ? pirit of rivalrv, nor did there ixtat any occaaion for it, lor both our achooi* were lull. Dr. Hawaa then took up the charge* and reviewed then at length, mill in an eloquent apet ch from 1'J at noon un til Mat Light, (except a abort rereaa) made hia dtfrnc* ? The preaa ol matter, and late hour oi adjournment, coat |iel ua to deler all comment until oui next. Thf. Cask of Fokd ?Thp trial of Mr. Ford at St. Lot'ia, MiMttiuri, on a charge of murdering Mr Low, wa* brought to a rloae on Maiutday, the S?th tilt, by a verdict ol not guilty Irom the Jriy, alter only live minute*' conaultution. The caae had occupied lb* Court nearly the whole week The following remarka, ropied from the New Kra. will exhibit the ground of thu acquit tal: -"The oitenaihle defence *et up wa* ii aanlt) , but * the real and inhdantial rraaon urged for arquittal waa that lx>w had deceived the only d*oght. r ol Ford by pro* mi*a i.f marriage, and reluaed to contp'y wifh hi* en gagement, and deaerted her under riicumatai.rea well '?aknla'eil to excite the indignation of a parent. In their a: enipt to prove Kord'a insanity the cauaea and *yn>|> inm< thereof the nature ol hia inaatiity, and the cbjrcta ?ipnn which It operated they brought out Ihe whole hi* 'nrv ol the Intereour* ? between Low and the daughter of Kord, and thua brought hi lore the Juty fact* which pro hably had powerful el^i ii(>on them The feeling*, *) an* pathiea, aid m?ral artiaibilnia**f a Jury operate power fully 111 lavor ol a parent who commit* an act of violence under aoch circomatancr* Thecoun?el in thia caae at* like th? luatice who g^ve a aritrch warrant to hunt for ? Irawkmfe, in older to enable a man to make actual tearcli fur a * olen t'lrkf v ; in th*ir effort* to prove llt'a inty, they are enanle I to introduce evidence upon which they can make a m- at )>owerfiil appeal to the h**rta of th* jurora in behalf of the priaonar " HniTiaM (iniA a ?We have been kiatily favored with the Inllitwing additional new* horn Guiaa, relative to the late earthquake of Augutt 80 Tbe after noon ol Tt.nrad*y, Auguat i?tb, wa* diaiit gui>h> d by ao uncommon davlation liom the uniform eaaterly brt ?*e ? \ ationg wea'erly or land wind prevailed tin'll abt nt ? "iiaet Al'er du-k a vehem< nt tempest ol Ihnnder and lightning came on Kvery other minute the hor ion <*a* ?lie blnf.e ol bine light of miena* brilliancy f alma auc> Ceeded, *t parated Irom each ?t' er hy light, variable tndwntm gnat* of wind. After tbe moon had riaen. the quaint lac of nature indicated a diaitirpa led condition. Had tbe brute creation been awake, it waa jn*t auch a ?e.iaon aa would overwhelm them wrh instinctive dread f aome tinknown caiait'lty near *1 hxnd IndilfVrent natta the watch doga howled moutn'ully : all were un ihle to enjoy their wonted t< f>o?e during theae hour* of ? ii'iri)ai'i 4 honor Mm ot half part ihtee o'clock in the Tomiltg the earil <|<itkeOCCSlr> d The month of AtlCUlt, hl? rontintied to exert an tvil in fltiance over tfc, gotral hial-h For agiiculttirai put iKtaea, nrvetik weaihar waa a* lavorabl* a* coold ?e wiah"d ?* Vfoaa <??' ? -I' ?" ?? new and very rich 0 d I i.i*i- he Ne* 4aca??t(l 1 n the landa In the upper ,?rt ? I vf*e>e eannt) N C' Tbe ore ia *aid to be werh lorn * "to fiAa buabel an far a* it ha* been 1 xamined ? 1 - l( embedded hi a blue flint atone One ol tbe *> ma la welve tret wide , J>ttt the rieheat vein i* from eight to tarelve incht* wide CoCHT FO* THg rogaFCTlOtt or Eggoga.? liliav, Friday, Oct. 11. 1814 - Preat nt? Lieut Oov ickiriaon, praaiduig. and'iti Senator* No It?Lewie II Hatalford va Jeha C Haliey. Mr Oaorga Wood waa heard lor plaintiff is error

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