Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 15, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 15, 1844 Page 3
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rill took place from 1832 to 18t4.and the advanoe continued up to 18?i, lines which there have been very great fluctu ation! In 1821, 114,893,40a pound* of cotton were .valued at $20,187,464, averaging about 10j| cent* per pound. In 1843. 817,263,446 pound* were valued at $43 868 218, ave raging about 6} cent* per pound, lour cent* per pound lei* than the value in 1821. We *t>e in thi* statement the fact that in a little over twenty yeara the quantity ex ported ha* increa*ed about six hundred per cent, while the vrlue ha* increased but little more than one huudred and Any. We cannot expect otherwiie than that the movement* for the future will carry out still further the principle* established by the paat. The pro ducton must, for the future, increase more rapidly than it has yet, while the consumption, in many parta of the world, has reached it* maximum, and for many yenr* to come, there will probably be change* in t)?e"<)C*'lSlT "" C3asumption, but we cannot an. licipate much increase. hBT*' for ? long .time been anxiously looking !or the opening oi the Kast India maikets, with the hope that a very exten sive trade could be cnriied on in their manufactures with the people of that pirt of tha world. Aa yet tho*e anti cipntiona have not been realized It will require the lapje ol many year* before the Chinese can beinducrd to go ax deeply into the consumption of our maiiKfactur>i a* many have anticipated. Their prejudice* against the outiide barbarian* are very (trong and deep-rooted, and although we have no doubt but that eventually there must be an increased demand for our cotton manufac ture* from that country, we cannot think it can come ??ry soon. It is feared that the American commissioner to China will do the trade ol the United State*, with that nation, more injury than good. Ileiidenta there *ay that our trade must be gradually extended among the ( hineie on fair and honorable terms, and that any attempt to ne gociate for privileges and favora from that government, will not prove successful. The only outlet for the im mense and rapidly increasing production of cotton in the Uni ed State* that we have for some time past believed would be sufficient to enable our manufacturers to use up the raw material, as rapidly aa produoed, has been a de mand from the (? ast Indie*. Thia demand having proved much less than anticipated, we cannot conceive what dia poial can be made of the raw material so a* to prevent price* reaching a lower level than they ever have yet from existing indication* wc should judge the crop now coming to market would be leveral hundred thousand bales larger than any previous crop. Notwithstanding the droughts, freshets, &c , the additional extent of soil put under cultivation last spring, for this crop, ta suffi cient to off-set any vary serious damnges that may have been suffered in many seotions. In many seasons past, speculation* have, from time to time, increased the price*, and favorably influenced the average for the year, but we have, at pre*ent, no evidence that the (lightest speculation will affect tha yield from the new crop. The production has now reached a point which cannot be controlled. ? When the United States Bank wa* in the market as a speculator in the art cle, the crops were very small com pared with those of the present day, and, of course, the quantity to control less. In 1836, the crop was oidy 1,381,000 bale* ; in 1830, 1,4*23 000 bales ; in 1837,1,801,0(H), whereas the crops of recent years have hteni immense! In lM3the yield wa* 3,370,000 bales, nearly double the! quantity produced in 1836; in 1843 the yield was 2,038 000 'jalps, and wo should judge the crop of 1844 would not Tall far'hort of 2 600.000 bale', and it is p>ssible it may exceed that. We see by these returns the utter impo-?i> fcil ty of tronopol'zing or controlling a sufficient quantity to gtvern the market and advance prices. We huve no banking institutions oi capitals or credits sufficient to come forward and cont'ol tha crop There ia too great a distrih ition of capita to perfect any combination large enough to create much apeculation. Old Stock Exchange. 5 ny*?w"&*%i %,h" iBo,ton Co"? 11 ?.01*102 g t jgjjL Si? Oh A,? V -g t i saaf ii 8s 2J0U Indiana hood* 45 jd j? ?8(1 Pern"* 5'* 71 UK) do 5000 do 74'/ hi tin 200 shas Farmers* Trust 44 V 100 du j" 3? . u do 5? in; do u I. btw n Hon?atonlc RR ? 11'"?" B*"1; 27 50 L Island KR 75 Morris Canal II ino do ,2? * b30 II\t 400 do * , in* 100 d" 17? ?"nt3u c?. ???.? 100 do '15 V , <* 100 d > W 100 '!!,, Mohawk RR 2? ' 0 [''i 1*^ VI UR 85 do b30 48 100 do 48W }m do "g 100 Reading RR Mo 33$ Seoprtcl Board. Vri1!n t)1>'j ?'*' 60 bl0 10? "has H'enington R s3 48 I'jOWI d* 102 25 do it io an TV, wt^HR ? ? 5?0 4?? ? Nor'f wTrcM 7$ 100 L'"a"d RR 82* Mew Stock Exchange. If'!1',0-.6''' ^ !??>* 50 sh?* Canton Co bnw 48W 3000 K v 6 s b30 105 74 Boston Co liQ JO Mias Krinars' Tr bnw 46 25 Stonington.RR n w 49 2? bnw 45 25 do c 4R& J 4? *<m ? 25 do c 48? ?2 Aa? ??'" ? 50 do bnw 4? is m fV- I , c "X. 100 Nor it Wore bl5 76W 25 Moms Canal b30 12 50 do c 76 t? "j0 J' ?. 50 do btw 7t;W 0* j? ^3 Jj?i 25 do ?3 7# ?{ 'i '"t? 50 do hi 76 SirsH0 L. ',0 l0'" 25 do c W Ito H,!nk C S,. .52 ?!0 btw 76 50 L island RR bins*" "w do 75?^ Stat* of Trade. AsMks.?PotH are very dull at $4,18?: Pearls are steadv at $4 31$ to$4 3JJ. 1 Bskswax ? Puma Western, Northern, and Southern yellow sell, as wanted, at 39^a 89c. 1 ctto.n?The sales to-da> are small?about 380 bales, elm fly t* Npianers The maiket remains the same. Co?L ? The shipment* last week, in the aggregate, do not vary mucn Irom those of thn previous week, showing a decrease on the Rail Road, ot udont 1200 too*, and a corrt*|?in?iifig iacreaao ou the Canal The shipment* from Lthigh, for the wctk ending on the 28 h ultimo, amounted to 11,490. Fiaights to Philadelphia i?-by Rrfil Road $1 '26 to $1 16 fj-oua? We have no change to remark. Genesee $4 (52 J H?* ? Common qualities sell as wanted at 30 to 32 cts ; i>nn,H, for exports, sell at 40 cts. The receipts by the North River are large, and the demand very limited. Wmisxlt.? Uiuiige e.asks are beld at '24 ots, Western nnd pri-on beriela are steady at 34^ to 26 cts. There Is very litile dcirg in eiiher description. Nsw Yuan Cattlk Markkt, Oct. 14?At market, 1800 Beef Cattle?180 from the bouth ; 3690 sheep and 30 Cows and Calves. Pricrt ?Beef Cattle; last week's rates, are easier obtain ed, and we quote $4 38a4 76 to $6 28s6 60. and very ex tra >6 76 ; Soo lett over. Cow* and Calves are all taken at $18 a $28. Aheup and Lambs brisk at last wek's rates. Lambs 76 a $1 76, and Sheep $1 26 a $3 60; unsold 278 llay.?We quote 60 a (12 cts. Foreign Markets. Sept. 3H.?Our last sales of Lard were at #11 J: Co(!n<b, a 39 ??: Haddock, 23 rs. a $3; Hakeflsh, 23 rs a$:^. Potatoes, $2 a 19 rsj Onions, $4 a 4j The last cargo ?1 Ri?e ?ol-i at IO| is. One cargo ot Rice just ar rived rom Savannah not yet sold. Our produce market continues to rule high, andour la*i quotations are sustained. The demand forlow Brown (chiefly for a. ipment to German ports.) still exist, and 4 a A rs. have been given lor a very inferior article ? Muliusea. 4 a 6 rs, and gutting into demand. Coffoe, no cha .ge whatever Km-linnges, which had been advancing for sometime past, suffered a slight decline about a week since, but are iigjin firm. Lou>ton, 13 a l:tj percent prrm; New York, ?i 4 i"!T Cent Bost. n, .14 a |>?r cent prem Bjtsns. white, $ll)a i2; Beel, ,\o l, 2, Prime and Mess, ft a , Bu-ter, \rs yellow, 14 ? 24. Can 11 s, mould, Mn 16; S.^rin 34 a 40; I heeso. American, 10a 13: Codflsh. 3 ?./ 3 fia4 4; ? orn, U'fian, shelled, 3 a 3 3; Flour I uiUdi Iphia and Baltimore, 14 a 18 4: do N. O Ifl 1 ^ 9 ? ,4i Herring?, amoked, 0 a 8; Laid, N O 10 4a II 8; Mackerel, No 3, 4 a 8; Onions, .14 a 4, I ork, cargo, hautern and Mess, 13 4 a 14- do N Orlesns, 12 4 a 14; do clear, 18 a 17 Potatoes, 32; Rio* 6 ?2, < oflne, first quality, 0; 2d and 3d Iquality. 6 6 a 7: do triage, 4 a 6; H >n?)r, 3 a 3f j Molasses, keg. oi gallons 4 h'lHar* assorted, 6 80 691; do white alone^J a 10> do hro vn 6 a 8}j do yt liuw, 6} a 7J; Si-gars 8 a 28; Hoons 28 n31; Boards. Portland, W. P 18 a 21; other i ast?rn Dvrts ?20 a Pitch Pine 24 a 30: Shingle*, 3 4 a 4: II I Shook* wi'h headings. 1 I a I 3; Hngar Box Shook*, ti a tU . Freights?To France, 70 a 801; and to the U. Ststrs box Sugar, J a $1; Coffee per bag, 3 a 4 rs: Molasie* J, J per hhd. ? ' v MaTAisaas Sept 28 ? No stock left of Mn?covado Su g-tra or Coffee, nor Molasses; what comas in still fiom the couutry of the latter, u taken up immediately, or in anti<*.ipition at 4 r* per keg 1'he dry season at he ear In r part ol the summer did inimeuse damagu to the cane a? well as the 1 offa. , the consequence will be a decrease of one third ol the n?xt crop of btigar, and put the grind, itif hack *o much that we *hal| not expect to *?e new 8u gars into market till iho last ol Feb or in March The crop of'off e is almost ? holly destroyed in this neighborhoo I j. Te, lifilit and brisk, do*. 32 a 31; Beef prime and No. i a ? r ! * 6 4 a 3; do Jerked S American, 13 a 14; Jerked United States, IS a 14; Bread, per bbl 60 a 80; Butter, y?l low, 16 a 17; < andles. mould, 12 a 13 rs; do Sperm 3# ? ri?. Ct e .se, American, 14 a 16; Cider. 34 a 3fl Codfish 34 a 2ft; Fiour, American, 16 4 a 16 0; Hoops'. M 3??a 3t H uns. American, 0a 64; Lard, II 4 a 12 ra ; Lumber w' P >1 , f>J:i a 24; do Pitch Pine, 18 a 26; Nail*, cut fiO i ? j Oil, wtule, |air gallon, 6 a 6J, .lo Sperm oil, 61 .. 9 1 iiitouj, 34 a 34; I'oratees, per barrel, 29 ? 34 I'orter, London, 0; Pork, Mess and Priirn*, 11 a 14 4' Rich q'l h a 6 4; Sheeting. Hussia, pc. 0; Soap, yellow' 6 4 1 9; Shookt, hbd<, I 8 a I 8. do box. 8; Sugars, ass'.li h ill <vbite and hall brown 7 h 81 rs; white. 7 n hi- brown' * If''ney. u ? r, fflarrlod. On Ihe 20.h March, by the Rev. Dr. Wm. Slilwell, Mr. W11.1.UM '1' Francis, of thi* CKv. to Mias FaAiscas II youngeat daughter ol Je?key Sellirk.ol Hartford, Conn. Oleil] At OrUin, oi4>h? lotto ult, vi jaiiow lever, mhu TA"' third ?on ot tllza William Tinnl.^ ' Lieutenant of the 08th or Princa oi Wain foi?.MU?5 "fiTlV ot toot New OrlMU, New in IJ*nJ ami Halifax paper* will pleaw copy. PMMn|?n Arrived. < liojc.TADT-?lii|? Corea-Mrs Gardner. stz^r1"-c"" Sa\i.N Nin?Brig Exact?Mr Coster. Passengers Sailed. Canton?Ship Panama?(Jen H Vail, of Troy, NV. foreign Importations. &iM7H% feus bo* ?*?& S-.Tc'r 81 bs matt 5 bbis brandy 40 bxs paste I ?ul , I 5i ? ^aa lemons ^s m<Ue Aquire * ? ?e?ari Brett'k V?'^?/^'{""j'vr!?2 lo|!f1 ,nahr>gany 178 qr bin LMala^? 96 hhds muio.w . ' #t,c^ ftdctr Holt & Owen, o Homeirjj Iiii|M>rt4i(loiii. ?cAi'coiiiiu?^ Jw^^'r'.f.0,"0" Oowjy * We?? MARITIME HERALD. Movements of the Mtennultim. cilXuia, Lou LfaVeLiv'1' LeovtJimSa ACa(i}4\ Harri.on. !Oct. 4 .'.'.Oct. IT*. NoV 1 u;i^? ' Mstthewa.Oet. 12 ...Oct. 26 ... Nov' 9 Hiberuia, Kyrie... .Oct. 19 . . Nov. 1. ..... Nov. 16 Ship masters and Aeenu. We (hail esteem it a favor if Captains of VmssIs will vive to Rob a rt 8iLvicvCaptaiu of our News Boats, a report of the shipping left at the |>ori wheuce they sailed th"ves?ls ?pokeu outlieir passage, a list of their cargo. and any foreiiru "fwjpsner,, or news thev may have. He will board them im" or abroad "wVtaS tffiSfif POUT OF SBW YORK OCTOBER 15. 7 33 I Moon sets b a ?ST' 27 I HIOH WATCH ... ..11 33 Cleared. Slsam ahip Alabama, Windell, New Orleans.-Shi.. Yazoo <&ktvLV^ -Schrs Reaper Kant, Charleston, J Elwelf&Co; High PriSt" Burgess, Eli jabeth City, NC. H Vance & Son; CourierVCoucli' kClearmii. " ?n' Adr,an? Bedell. Norfolk, Sturges Arrived, Ship Rienzi, Clark, 50 days fm Kio Janeiro. 5107 bes coffee to Phippjfcco: 160 Post IX. Phillips, uh ult. offVa? Brenc ? ?w? large English steamer standing S, under canvass, showing K I Co. s e-nsijf.1 6th inst. lat 31 3u, Ion 73 15. experienced a liurr 1 cane from N. Next dav, fell in' with schr B^sos"of Kinntm from Havana for NewBedford, with loss of all I,is sailed fugbit*SaiI.^ sLme'*div~rVVii,l'"<1 '?J'ei r*?,orv<1' "oth rou<hoX staves! ' w * large quantity of Urge ?/W5C~W.U?dn*r, (of Providence) from Cmnatadt An* H^m.? r"1rfe wLth mi>*- lo Hick. St Co d ' Barque California, May hew, from Neuvitas, Sent 30 with mahogany, &c to Brett Si Vose. ' 1,1 *'? Wlttl Barque Washington. Bartlett, (of Thomaston) 8 davs from ?i0r^lkV,iW',h ?"ves,>c. to master. Wm bounS to 8t Kiti - On the 6(h inst. experienced a severe Bale from NE to SE lost fore and main topsails, stern boat, deck load, stove bulwarks Jtc-Jiut in here to repair damages. bulwarks, Oceanus, Smuh, from London, Sept. 11. witli 240 tons Hotnd/fS^ofer- Sa","U" ':0- w!th ^ wiW^A^ SlW'S % ^3 experienced a heavy gale from the South, which contained gj hours, lost stern boat, fore topmast stavsail, split main topsail? fe!jl'!!e.f?LnC>' I ? wSath<!r a" the passage, and has suf lered much in sai's and rigging. ' "a* "U1 , r u'j br'B Henrv Angus, Thomas, 28 days fiom Bav iltV'tn a l li|,000i!eet ma,?;Ki?nv and cellar 1700 cocoa American. Left schr , for N York, soon?dbe only toBBu^hfmnfc 1ia.mi,t0l,> ?,<1"K8 ffoni Savannah, with cotton, Hwaniwo ate' ,poke ,cllr ^w??ow, for *-?ni Exact, Paxton, 8 days from Savannah, with 239 cks rice u"u nC#""P'Y t,bls to order. to Siuwi'fc fcSSSii?. "" fr?m G"orgetowu' DC- mi"' ??nCilrUwdM0dge' 4 daVI fr?m Baltimor'' wilh mdse, to John sSlithl 4 dayt from Norfolk, with mdse, to rSS&l ami deck load W" ^ on her beam ends?lost boat &&sxi t TftAan days in consequence of heavy NE gales. oreauwater i Putb.TckRonF-rcort oftta:1'1, h"UCe f?r KeV Wrtt' . . Uelovr. barque with loss of main topmast. Also, 2 brigs unknown Correspondence or the Herald. Codrirb Office, ) An Wwarf Blake, Ad^.'Vr5K!II?.l,'Se,t!.1^ ti ^onSo passed the wreck (W a schr which hailed from BeveJ'y both gone about 20 feet above the deck, and full of water? ha<! been but a sbort tnnn hi that situation?apparently an old vessel OrS for fifeS?0' the 25 uaya from New Miscellaneous llecord. 2d ins? lit CI'?rlr?ton from Frankfort, on the ftnl riuv j ?' I- i ' **Perienced a heavy gale of wiml earl? ?Uir,"B wlhicli was hove on her brim ends, ihil'ted le iY'baHK . I . 8i7'lo,"* b,,at' c*u?'?l the vessel to le.ik badl>, and sustained other damiKe. 6th inst. at uiutii saw to I -?J*"' Te?M,-.tot?|ly dismasted and^wsp'rl, ,'t^d fCre morning mcrea,ln,f durlnK ll,e "'Kh?. '??' ?i*lit of her be Ifotlce to JHarlners. floaiini' \!?h!'Z* inf1ray'ti.?n respecting the establishment of a .he De^n'joenT?;;'^Affair^ of "wed.'u din^nthaVqu^rler*:- f?rlhe ,nfor"Mtion "f The Koyal Department of Maritime Affairs of Sweden ? w?ting light was moored off Kalsterbo in trie month of September last. The light vessel has two masts her sides painted red, with the letters K S in white paint on eacli Surinr'thlT^i'.ir. ,lrea.m'-r "",tl,e foremast and shows two lights M.rfht,, ,?k'U?K, ''fn W1" ,w ''tfhted op from the 15th of March to th?* 1st of December every year, She lays in 6^ faih omi water one miuMte from the outermost pvint of KaUierbo reel, and whence kalsterbo light bears NE. jix minutes distant A,11reVrt,,"t>.lVl,t t"""* b-'? WNW W VV by cor?p?i: A bell will !)? tolletTon board (he floating light during t^iick ?a,C,y.jrh5r- Th,'.li|<hU #re "h"?t f"' aboveX level fair weaThT, ' " ""y ^ *""" two ?"ml" mile* or ?' The lioating light will have five pilots stationed ou board and lay, ,n such deep water that the largest ship may anprS her and obtain a pilot. She will carry a p.lot as m are?a*l*out.'" ,1,l? wil1 t-iken down when tliey ? ? Spoken. Ion ^'^e 08cU^d^',lM^orf?r ?'",J0W' 22<J in"' Ut 49' rj*r? ??5t0Q '"l?r ^Jobil", with mainmast sprung, M.?h NV iT 74 <3?bv the Washington, at this jiort. JVlartln, NTork for Ocracoke, 7th inst. lat 38 12, lou 73. Forwlsfn Ports Am!?*.L|U?> S<'rtl":~HI'1 ?:l*.ir?J,rav?s Philadelphia; (Metlie, N?.? BT?, 'a P?D' "t- **' 'OT N Votk, uiic; Wave Nason, and Stephen Brewer. Farran, nnc; Alabama, kanlett, T*' ari /ulette Kelly, not c.minenced Idg: Nautilus, Lincoln, and Anita, Baker, do; Nile, Pedrick, ami Behte Dawes, do; Isabella, Bewse, quar; Philina, Ki^b.'d'sg; 1 no, Doane, nnc; Arabian, hosier, from Boston anA (iibnltar, i""""?; , Ii'w K"?lsn<). Whitmore from Marseille,, do; Isaac <MnhS frilll?, ?' commenced Ida; Messenger, Sands, unc. l2 "'"Pr fj?r Sicilv, sld i or 5 days previous. ^lV?Th,7>ho i'n,v!w W"l""g'0n' !W,{eant' r'<,,tll,n<' Yyi^'1 ^''aX^Arfori!:1 fi'ajoi'.'do'.'lO?' B,1"C,'ard' f"r N"W disg'^-onVy*Amer'ican"'" POr,? W?lc""' ?We"' from NYorU iu5^BSai? 1!4~Il,?po:t' '""bella, McKee, fm St Croix, N Vork Hm W?Ulu' B,"?b <?'tavia. Suiith, for IlL . A <or Philadelphia, 2. J Mm re T^U, <i7 Matthews, Liverpool; Ann h.e.l,,. ' ??>. Merssy Maibeth, do. Cld Ma ton I'srrfiff ' s Cambridge Brown, Liverpool; Tas?o, Crop P ?^ h.m' h i Macdonell, Evans, Dublin; Silvia, Pile, and ;,a!*r> Hall, Barlow, London; Win Wiltvrforep linn ,l>i? Budge water; Wm Herdman, Marshall, Hull; Dochfour Wake C^v-'w^k tL*T/;Urk'PS?'j: ?[.'k land, Wil hams, sea Wm It Joseph, Crisp, and Amethyst, Carter, Swan i Montnual, Oct 10?Arr Apollo, Walker, Dundee CM Jane Brown, H'allace, and Lov- n Lass, Crowe, Glasgow. Icslte I'orts. BfrrALO, Oci 13?Arr t"inmo<lor?, Sandusky; Webster lln III i jnnaylvania. F Tr der, N Ameiica. Joy and Hudson, Cleveland; Navjsator, Convoy, and Marshall, Cliica go, ainbridge. M.uiroe; j roy,toledo; Minerva, Itowan, i:W SMifuIky.'1' r,"on' D lro,,i Equator, Milan; Commodore,' Home Ports. Portsmouth, Oct lO^Arr Ellen, Kackliff, Richmond; Ma tthla, Spates, Eastport for Philadelphia. ' WilStJ""*l3~Minerva, Cominns. Malaga; Ashland Williams.Sciiuate, where she has been ashore; Emerald Po' land,.and Houlton, Mernthew. B'ugor; Cashier. Baker Wer. Luxon McLellan* ' Wd , V1"' V'k l2?Arr Henry Brown. Lingo, Philadel .i-JV? Alh"?V- ?!<) tW Ann, Smith, llrandj wiee (ieo V, ashiagton Bumiughs, and Petsr 1' I s?ey Htnbbs, Phil,idelplua; Ce|e?e, Wnght. Albany. V' IlirHMo^r, Oct "-Arr V-'ioria, Painter, aid Wm Burke NteiVBce?dLiArrV-,,ur"1 ?"v' m"v"k"?; r4^ll'M,''aT0f?, NC. Oit9?Cld Etrurian, Branscusi, Deme 8til^wf?,^-A,r Uar,tow' NYork: Ann Ns'w M.'/ Oalveston, Burr, NVork. ton inarrs, ifV*' M M <Jhamplaln, M'?er, Havre; Clif. M"Kawtk7w,??B?^ 8'" fM,'] Ven,roM' Mlw??5 KnU1T X?I';?KR WANTED IMMEDIATElv SC. It iT" Ai'pl* Tr**""' S ?.:!??? t ? "M'W'rfoci ascj'oK 250 Nutmegs. CHEHltv TREES 09 lwi"f Nrw Vork patentees. Manufacturers, and .)tbers, on T,nJtT.mi i ' ttnprovemenCt I.I the art, and manufaetUM whie u rdl.'.K applies Hon of llie Principles of Merhanit alI'l, j i" " 1 hose w ho reside at a dist ice niav |.,rw.,7t . "?*e? c' statement of tlie cas. w ills ?|,e ? .,es? r, (ImiU'l1 Sunens.wheu immediate attention will lie given. ?i? Im IT* gPELTEIt?15 tons Salter?for sale by nire WOODH1JLL h MiNTURNS, rw ,\ r.?rr ?? ?. ? Smith Stree . Z1 p?k? nine ftflost?for tale by oirc .WOOUHUiiL Ik MINTL'RNU, WImIjmmi TIT ANTED?A situation by a man and hit wife?the former i t* *"d would In.><e no objection to drive a carriage ?tl?e latte^as cook, chunbei maid or nurse The most res|?Cta bl* and satisf 11-tory reference can be giveu. Tliey liase wo ob jection to (O in die couii'rv. A uoiv left at the office of the Herald, for " E. D.," will he attended to. oli lt*rc 117 ANTED A SITUATION.?By a respectable young wo inan a? cook, who is a first rate washer and iroiier. who would have uo objec'ion to do ihimlier woik. And also by a ?nan and Inn wife. The man understand* farmunc, or care of horses or i;irdeu , and the wilea good cook, good waaher and ironer, or seamstress, who have no objectiou to go to any part of the country. Mouth or West, The bant of city references S'Vhii. Please to apply at 121 Mulberry street, up stairs. ol4 :Jt*m. PaKTNEK. WANTi D A Person wishing to establish himself in a profitable, gnnteel, uid at the name time, an agreeable business, wli'ie he can be either active or silent as a partner, and having a capi'al of five or six thousand dollars, c in hear of an opportunity of an doiiiK rvely to be met with, by addressing rval name, and whrre an interview ran be bad. All communications routi- , denlial. Address " H. B., Upper Post Ollice, New York." 012 4tius*je ! SILVER STOLEN?Fro<? the house No. 16 Varick l'lace, on tlie evening of the 7th instant, viz:? 1 Large Gravy Spoon, i 8 Egg 8|?oons, with gilded bowls, > Marked S11T, thread patt'u. 8 Tea S|hioiis, J 1 Fork Marked S T W, 1813, do Ho Eur the recovery of which a handsome* reward will be paid by owner.. Apply as above, or to 32 Broad street. oli JteoU'ni " T 0*T, on theTTrh instant, in apposed between Li I'e.irl street ami Broadway, a pair "f Gobi a\"T *cl?s "V,,1? case, the case is o|kiii at each end. The limler will be liberal.*' rewarded by leaving the same at the Bar of the Uuited States Hotel. oil 2t?ec DESIRABLE BOaRDI.NO?A teutlemau with his wife, 'or two or three single rentlenieu. Can be accommodaud with good board, and a pleasant room oil the second lloor, b\ applying at No. 10. Park Place, where t<ims, lite, will be made known. ol5 3t*rc REV I'ROE. MAFF1TT will deliver a Lecture on the " Glory of Mechanism," ill the M. E. Church in Bedford street, This Evening, at 8 o clock. Tickets 25 cents?to be had at the door. *>r. ? affitt will preach ill the M. E. I hiircli, Bed ford street, Wednesday and Thursday evenings of this week, at 7 o'clock. woli It* rrc APOLLO HO0118, 410 BROADWAY. THE ORIGINAL ETHIOPEAN SERENADERS, MESSRS. UERMON, STAN WOOD, HARRINGTON, I'ELHAM AND WANEN, Having just returned from WASHINGTON CITV, At which place they had tlie honor of appearing at the PRESIDENT'S PRIVATE MANSION BV INVITATION, And entertaining with their Illimitable Performances THE PRESIDENT. HIS LADY, SECRETARY OF STATE, SECRETARY OF THE TREASURY, POST MASTER GENERAL, FOREIGN AMBASSADORS, MINISTERS, ETC., ETC. Respectfully announce their SECOND CONCERT, ow TUESDAY EVENING, OCTOBER Uth, AT THK APOLLO ROOMS, With a variety of New Sonus, Glees, Choruses, I ties, Ike., &c., accompanied with the Accordion, Banjo, )i*nt, Tamro and Bonk Caitanetts, in all of which they stand UNRIVALLED IN THE WORLD. ADMISSION, CENTS ONLY. Doors open at 7?Concert at a quarter to 8 o'clock. oli ltrc MOT I 1> Coi _ _TICE.?By order of the undersigned, Trustees of the Congregation Bnni Jeshurin, the following persons wi re removed from* :? fc dward lleilberth, Clerk, Benj. M. Davis, Collector, and John D. Phillips. Treasurer, whose term of office has expired ; and all persons indebted to said con gregation are liereby notified not to pay any money or monies to the foremeutioned persons, but only to Jonas Salomons, Col lector, or Abr'm. J Jackson, Treasurer. Signed, ABRvl MITCHELL. Prea't. ABRAHAM J. JACKSON. ARTHUR L. LEVY. L. M- Rl ITERBAND. New York, Oct- 14, 18-14. oli 3tis*je PACKET SHIP ROSCIUS FROM LIVERPOOL.?Con i T signees by this ship will please have theirpermits on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, immediately. All goods not permitted within five days must unavoidably be sent to Pub lie Store. ell rrc VETO. I QJTRAYED OR STOLEN, from 114 Chambers street, on | v ' Saturday evening last, a beautiful small white Havana I Poodle Dog ; answers familiarly to the name of " Veto." He I is particularly gentle ; has a brown spot on his tail, and one on I his back; black nose, and hazel eyes; a full Havana breed.? I Whoever will return him to 114 Clumbers street will be suit I ably rewarded. He has the mark of a brass collar, just takeu | off, round his neck. oli tf rrc POST OFFICE, > New Vork, Oct 14, IBii.i I "PASTERN MAIL, via. Stnningt n and Providence to Bos I Ej ton?tin and aft" 'I'hurxUy neat, the 17tli instant, the I Kaliturn Ste unbolt Mail via Htoiiiiijclon iu<l I'roridcneo to Bos I ton, will be closed ut 3 o'clock, P VI. oli 3trc JOHN l6rIMER GRAHAM, P. M. ? POST OFFICE, } New York, Oct. 7, I8-44. I I "PNGLISH MAIL.?Letter Bags per Steamer Caledonia, will I IJ 1m-clo?ed at the Upper and Lower Tost Otlices in this city, I on Tuesday, the litli mat., at 45 minutes past 4 o'clock, P. M.? I The overland postage of IflJ. cents on each single letter, must be paid JOHN LORIMER GRAHAM P. M. I ocl2 3tHtMTure niSBROW'S RIDING SCHOOL, No. 418 BOWERY, I Near Autor an ii La Fayette Places, Niw York. MR. D. has the houor to announce that his School is o|?en Day and Evening, for Equestriau Tuition and Exercise I Riding. TERMS: LECTURE LESSONS. EXERCISE RIDINO. I 10 Lessons $15 00 I 1 Month $lt 00 I 10 " in 00 20 Rides 10 4 0 I 4 " 5 00 I 10 " U 00 I Single Lessons 2 (0 Single Ridea 75 I Road " 2 501 I N. B.?Highly trained aud quiet Horses, for the Road or I Parade, to let. I EVEfflFKl CLASS. I 12 L*ssons $'J (H) I 20 Rides $10 00 I Single " I 00 Single Ride 75 RULES: I I ?All I.esson* or Rides paid for on commencing. I 2?One hour allowed on each Laason or Ride in the School. I 3.?One hour and a hall to a Lesson on the Roid. I 4 ?Hours for Ladies, from 9 A. M. to 3 P. M. I 5 ? llouis for Gentlemen, from 3 to 5, and from 7 to 9% P. M. I 6 ? No Gentlemen admitted during the hours appropriated to I Ladies. I A card of address is requested previous to commencing. I U. /"'(ientleinen keeping their hones at tbisestiblishment, will I have the piivilege of riding tliem in the School gratis. I oli lm*rc " new style~of~aubussoiS AND AXMINSTER CARPETINOS, | TUST RE(;EIVKD and now being opened, a lirge and well I J selected assortment of Aubusson (-arpets of the richest de I signs, aud most beautiful and tastefully arranged colors, con I sisting of a great variety of patterns and sizes, surpassing hi I richness and elegance any thing of the kind he'ore received. | Also, a large invoice of Axminster Carpetings of new and taste I ful designs and colors?togetlier with a spleudid assortment, in I e*ery variety, of Velvet Wiltons, Geneva Velvets, T<pestry I and Brussels Carpetings, comprising the largest stock of eoods I e?er offered for sale in this city, adapted to eve-v style of I furu'shing. Purchaser* wishing tlie latest and best style of I goods are requested to call and * xainine the above stock iiefore I making their selections. RKUBEN SMITH, JR., I o9 lwis*ec W Broadway, (opposite < ity Hall.) WILLI AAtfiK. :Tl ARFEN B ER( i ItFEH d7lU IS beg leave to inform their frieurts and the public in g-neral that they I have formed i Co-partnership for tne iui|a>rtation of Foreign I Music, for tlie sale of which tliev have opened a Depot at the I store :iGI Broadway, uear Franklin street, where may tie con I stalltly found all the Cl.usical Works of the celebrated French, I (lerinan uid Italian composers, as well as all the latest publica I tions, of which tlu-y will always liavea complete assortment as I soon as published in Europe. I N. B. Italian Strintrs of superior quality for Violins, Guitars, | llarps, Ur. Ike. Silver Wire, Rosin, he. o5 linis'rrc L'KTAIN MATERIALS, TRIM Ml N GS A M) WIN DOW SHADES.?The subscribers beg to invite tlie at tention of strangers to their large stock of Upholstery goods, just received in store, from which they are prepared to execute orders for Bed and Window Curtains of the newest designs and on lower term* than any other house iu the city. Their stock will be found to consist of silk and worsted de lainea.tabouretts, damasks, Turkey red cottJins, rich lace and muslin embroidered curtains, galloons, gim|>s, cord, taasels, conncee, tic. together with I'aiuted Window Shade*, just imported from France, of entire new patterns, aud pronounced the most magnificent Shades eter used?as alio tlie various styles of pointed Ameri can Shades, varying in price from $1 a pair upward. SOLOMON k HART, Upholsters. s27 2tawisUtTii8tK*rr<: 21'.t Broadway, opposite the Park. >a^ euis >h,w UKLr.A.N."*.?1 o sill ftaturilai, With nMWWinst? LOUISIANA A.NL NEW VOllh LINK O* aiilfcl' \(.KETS- The -leg.i'.t, new, fast sailing |>acket ship JAVA, Captaid l>rry, built expressly for the trade, will sail as above, .... h'or freight or passage,having elegant furnished accommo dations, apply ou board at Orleans wharl, foot o( Wail at., or to E. K. COLLINS Ik CO.. 55 South street Positively no goods received after Friday evening, the 25th . shippers by this line may rely upon having their goods coirei.tly measured, aud that the ships of this hue sail puno lually an advertised. Agents in New Orleans?.Messrs. Hnllen and Woodruff wht I will promptly forward til goods to tie ir address. "lire ~PA? K ET"Ff)R" SUKSKILLEJ-qr |,t No*. ? Thenew A. No. 1 barque SlISSOl Rl Johu Silvester, ?master, will sail as above. Coi height, or passage, having hindiome state room accom modations, apply on board at 1'ier No 3 N. R., to LAWRENCE ?t PHELPS, No. 103 Front street, or to BO V D fk IIINCKEN, Agents, o'iee No 0 Tontine Buildiif, cor Wall and Water sis KOIt LO.>Dt? s?Regular Packet ol 20tn instant? ?The first class, fast siiuna pi ket ship UUEBl-.C, ?Captain F. H. llebbard, will sail as above, her rsgulsr Having very superior accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage passageugeis, p< rsous wishing to embaik should make early applicati..., J^rd, fjJOtjOf Lane. n I',rc 100 Pine street cor er ? f South. I I" OK MOBlLf.-llw la I sailing i i ki t st>i|. ALABAMA, CapUin Wood, will positively tail on Tueiday Oct. I5tn. ..... splendid shlV has tin-ur|> accomtnodatii ns for cabin, second cabiu and steerage pas?engers, wh i will he taken kialowratr For passage apply on board, sr JU(l(lJ,0,[|^ry(Jr,{?[)M A N ni^rr II Hnuih steeef. I Ml'Oh 1AM Mi 1-hM LK M L N WITH AND WITHOUT HEADS OK HAIR CHARLES KllXiWaY, Hair Cuttkk anh Wio Makkh, (LATEIOF I7f,l BRO\DWAV, HOWARDS' HOTEL,) HAS REMOVED TO NO li V. ALL STREET HI | KECTLY OPPOSITE THE ClfisTOM HOUSE CI l< wishes to inform those gentlemen who Inve not tried '? Ills ITUMol Hair Culling, that iltiflmnslR ni l issn | |?rior to all othrrs in principle and Style, leing strictly eccord* I iiik to the most approved l*.uro|>eaii m< des as now pr<ictised in I London, Pari*, he. he. Wearers of Wigs are |rntirularlv ie I guested to i ill and examine an entirely new method <>i lifting, I invented and practically api lied hy him, and not to Iw had lit I any other establishment in the at iver*e, They possess some I Mvaataf*) overall "tin i, not ie jinr'ug any elaslir springs, al I 11' 1 y turn up I eliiud. c AUCTION SALES. BV JJNIFFF.N St CO. ArCTION NOT*lCiT?FU RNITl!H K, kc?This Day, at 10 o'clock, at 32 Aim street, an M.oitinent of ? urnitura, computing Sofas, mahoguiv French Bedsteads, Maple do, mahoganyliable*, mihogauy Kockrri, do Chaiis, Wash Standi Toilets, Looking, Carpets, Mifttirfi, Pailiasters. Crockery. Alto, a quantity of Singh- Bedsteads. Beds and Bedding. he. QlS II*m A. , TLTTLE. Auctioneer Hardware. cIjtlekv. ?c-jacob s. platts 23d Kail Trade Hard ware Sale tilii season, Hill take place This Dav at Kl o'clock, at liis Auction Room, No. 21 Piatt, corner of Oold street, consisting of 300 Packaees, ("aae?, and Lot*, oi Bir.iiii lie (lie d Hirdware, French, German, atiil American Good*?the whole to lie ?old without reserve, woitliy the ii'ten'ioii of city auil couutrv bin en. Alio, m ei teusive assortment of Tahle ami D-sseit Knives and Forks I arv er?, HteeU, Peii and Pocket Knives, Baton, tkiasnrs. Shears. Butcher and Shoe Knives. Also, ?u invoice of oiass and Blued Barrel Pistols. Copper Powi' Flasks, <iame Baft, Per cu tiou Cap., he. Also, a l.irice aasortDMiut of Jan ornery, embra CIUK every variety of Ti-a Trays. Waiters, Bread Baiketa Snuf fer T ays, tu-.. Also, I inputted Sugars?10,000 Superior Import ed Havana Segtra tu iuy an advance, of \ irons briuds, viz:? La Norma, fc.soer.ui/.i i.azodora, ftlino's On a, Priucipe and Old Havana. The whole to be sold without r'serve, in lots to ..I' 1)11 IV.. BU.BOcS nO?' i > ?.s t i t. . i. , * U<: 110V. LEVV (k 8POONER will s?ll this morning commencing

at '0 o'. lock, at ^'o 111 Uroi-lwiv, two C'i?. ol choice Dutch Flow?r Roota, ju<t received fr >in Holland, Consisting of I Hy"<nn'h<, Talips.'i O'lquils, Nsrcmn . Aiiomo ma. ? r. cues. | Kauoncnlns, ? rown lm|ierii's and with oihcr sorts, many of .... varieii^f. Also, t ame'ii., in bud; Urge C.ictusts in bloom- Or?. *"* '"d Myrle; Orau <?. in f uit; Ger'uium., 4ic Ka'e I'ositi. e, whatever "1*v w lite stale of the ol5 lt*rrc GEO. B It' l.LINS, Auctioneer. -.????.! r\UTCH Bl'LBOUS FLOWER ROOT* AT AUC i JON \J ?WILKINS Ik ROLLINS will sell, This Day, litli inst., at lo^? o'clock, at the sales room, No. 17 Broad street-?Dutch Bullions Slower Hoots of superior tonality, from the \%?-ll known house of Mi-ini. H. DeL'tuge N. Sons; the bulbs from this I house li*ve alwaya Kiven satisfaction to the purchasers, being carefully put up ami in lirnt rati* coudiion?? cueijuit received l>er bh?|? Persian in a akiort 'Re from Hollair1, consisting iu nart of Double and Single il yacititln, Double and Hiiikle Tuli|>?. Double Hauuiicules, of various color*, Crocus, I* iigli?h and Spanish Iris, NarcUsua, Jonqnilles, Anemouies, Frittulania, lie. AUo. African <>u?tuo, prouounrtd to be at tl?e vary be?t quality. Alao. 150 Hr**n Hou*e Plants. o!5 lt#lfi RKNJA.M1N MOUNKV, Auctunieer. UllKNCIl MIRHOR8. Freoch Porcelain, C ut OlMs Ware, Clock*, VVatchos, Solar Lamps, kc. Iu\?B. MOONLYIi CO. will ?ell This Day at 10 o'clock *t the store No. 01 Maiden Lane, an extensive assorttneiit of Fiench Mirrors. V rencn I or eel tin, Dinuer,, and Tea setts, (Jilt and Bitmzed oolar! Lamps, Marble and Kbony Mantle ('locks, ('ut (iliiss Waret| via: Decanters, Fruit Bowl*, Ollery Stands, Cut Mrine*, Tumblers, C liamoaiuus, ll?>ek i ilassew.elegant Tea Trava,fancy Drestintf Cases, Wiirk Boies, Toilet do., fancy Caiidle*tands, Gents UressiniC Cases. Ladies Work Boxes, 4tr. Ike. Also, 20 cases fancy Toys. Also, at 12 o'clock 20 Silver Watches, to aether witn a I a rue assortment ol* French and German Fancy 1 (loods. ('atalogues are ready. ql5 H*rc_ j muifi f> AV ^ti rvaniv^o ^ ^ * Auctioneer. I ! ' i)ct I5* 10 at No. 98 Pint t'''St? e a .choice assortment of Chinese Gl.^ and Kar^eu jVar^cons'stin1: ?| Printed, Painted K?firM ?.|P,*d and C h Ware, China Tea, Coffee and Toilet Wiri' - - AUCTION NOTICE. , CSTOCKOF OROCERIbS.?Tueadav, at I0)i o'clock, at the O comer of Pike street and East Broadway, hy value of a chattel mortK'itte, a geMral assortment of Family (Jroceriea, Wines, i eas, SuKars, Liquors Se^ars, Futures, (..isks, Coun ters. Scales, Ac. ? The sale of Dry <i. d< < | ?Ipiik, I- urniture, ?tc.. will take place oil Wednesday il.- >.1. H una, II Spruee street, ol I 2t* in THUS. BELL, Auctioneer. AUCTK > MM I' EXTRA PAINT1NOS and RICH JAPAWi I) Mt'f I.F.S.?Levy Hc8| will sell on Wetlnesil,and Thursday mIi and 17111 Oct.. at No. 69 Duaue street, to commence at II lock. On Wednesday, the 16th, nitli the A iniquities, consist iiiK of Lacquered Japan Porcelain, rich iu Hold id ofihe oldest inauufactories; Japan wooden furniture, nch a ? Chairs, Tables and Cabinets; China and .Isiwn 1'orcelain PI les, Cup* and Saucers: old Dresden Porce ..f il, lain; yr nips of I | of the JtilI: c, ..Tu Tile sale Paintings, whole com country, i articles can and view tins c ? , i^iesueu rorce . lanc> ( ops am! Saucers; antique Fans, uli other antiquities.|?e the collection of Oil ? nt and inodern masters, the lion not offered before in tins ilv next Monday, when the particularly invited to call oil 6t?ec 17th will merit, i f .perifocal spectacles. A NKW ARTICLK, OF AMI* RICAN MANUFACTURF i heir superionty overall Others is attested hi Dr. Lardner Dr' Pattesou at New York, and Dr. McLellau of PhiDd^Tl' i Th atUNn nrV"j toju(lr ft>r themM|,e. Wholesale and retail at No 182 Bro.dway-(he only AKency in this citv. I ?riri, Al 0,l"'r kln,,? "r S|?ectacles at less than the usual ' ?- oli lm*rc FOOT RACE. niiL.C?""?1l,e;''' of ',"1,'nfaY<jr.?lll.??tai? of the wmh... .K. . n*e has,Ue? po itiHiocdIt I I In. D ? v, at 3 ,. Hliould I tlie weather be unfavorable at 10 o'clock, so hit the track will he i a si/nation I. reqyire It aeaiu post|Kjued, at tint hour the notice. w III lie Kiven al the f llowniK pi .ces ;-At -ach of the , Hohiik'u H'rries, at the Bul|rt?,s of the Hun, Herald, True Sun. Courier St F.uauirer, t.jptess, at the Brooklyn Ferry, foot of t ii ton street, and South f-rry. Should it be rainy all day. n '.0.fc?,,rr' fequ're no uotioe to the public?for the race will not take place. As the lede.trians are re juired to perform . certain distances w ithin t* K1 vI'll time, it is nec'1's..iry to have a | good trfck to give them natislaction. (,li lt*rc FOOT RACK Regulations and pricks for the day :-Ad mittance to the Field Siand 2J cents ditto to theOallery V> cents, ditto for Pavilion $1, ditto for ( lub Stand (I SO. No |a>rson will be a'lowed to go on I lie field except ill carriage, which must produce a gallery ticket for eai h person. Persons holding MHO tickets fur trotting, will he admitted on the club stand at the usu tl price, $1. Hucli member, must, on apphci tion for their tickets at the gate, produce their season ticltets.? It is Imped that the above prices will lie satisfactory 'J'lie race has be-n got upal a great HMM and trouble. The ejnense of adve-tisiug, circulating hills, the extiense of ofTicers, 5t ?., to geth.r with the Purse, will be more than two thousand dollars. The arsons to run will lie railed to the stand by ringing the bell as soon sfter 3 o'clock as pos.iible The hell will lie struck once al fi e first three minutes alter llie start, when the |iedes trisns should lie at tlie first half ini'e, and struck again three times ai *i? ii.inutes, and so ip till the hour is up. so that each |?rson tint wislws to go t mile every six minutes, may know that it the tap of tlie bell once they should be at tlie half mile and opposite tliejjtidg"'. stand ; at the tap three times each |?*r .on will he required to wears number on his breast, and ihe same niitnla'r on his shoulder, so that >he jndgev will he enabled to plainly see and distinguish each as they pass the stand. The l edi'.tii ihh will he called to the stand in tlie following order 1. John I lilder, _ 16 Thorns. Ryan, 2. Jun. I'srlow, late from 17. 'I horn as tlawler, 3. John 'freetiliilgh, 1?. George Wood, I. Ambrose Jackson, fi. Oeorne Jones, 7. Thotras Met she, H John Ligh foot, 0. John Navil., Ii). J. P Ta> lot, 11. John Ross. Indian, 12. John Smith, 1. John S. Van W'rt, I. Maj. Il?nry Stannard, ' Jam?s Bryne, Tins above are all that will start for the Race. The others ning, for different csuscs, declined starting F.ach |srsnn in tending to run sh'iuld heou the .round ?t half |ia?t two o'clock. Persons attending this nice bail better start early to secure their p.isage across the ferry and a place on the stand. should it rain, so as to require an adjournment, a notice of the fact w ill lie given st each of the ferries lo liohoken, also at the bulletin of all tlie papers on or before II o'clock oli lt"tc 15 19. Wm, Wood, W Kdward Brown, 21, Wm I rolius, from York 22. David Myers, [ville, 21. L L. Lsthroji, 21. Joseph L P. Smilh, 25, ( . < lilting, 2ti. (i. Burger. 27. P. Hutchinson, :to. Wm. Fowl. CENTREVILLE COI'RSF, L. I. A SWF.F PSTAK F, will come off over the .hove course on WF.DNK8DAY, October the, at 2 .Vlock P M., Mile Heats, best three in five in harm'i, for which, purse of $jfl will he added by ihi l ro'irii'tors. The following are ihe entries snil closed :? J. Wo. d uff's b. m. Sally Walker. Wm. Wlielaud's b. g t:iumsv Bob. B. Kdw rd's b. ni Ladv Queen. C. ( aril.' ... s g Ivauh e, N. W. Van Paynes'. s, g High C. mh ? ock. Iminedi It' ll after, a Match, Mile Heat., I>est thne in five, in h.arncv, for $20", t: Beiti'e names ' b m. Mm Fortune. J. t'oiikliii ii ime> ._ . . b. g. Long Jim. Admission to any part of the Conrs. fifty cent. C.utr ville, Oct. l.'ith, IHt. olS 2t*m CANTON RACES. BALTIMORE. M. L>. Tlie II .ces will commence over ihi. tnnrie, on TU K.8DA Y, IJth of October, and ci ntinue four il.iys. nrst Day?A colt st>ke, two miie heat., clase. with six promisiiu colts. ? _ ... For the Four Mil- Day -"-exrect ?ash ion. Regent or Marclm - lies., Katsey. Anthony, Wilton Brown, the ( olone1, and per haps some oiliers The Tht?e, 1 wo ?. d One Mile Purses, will be wel contested by a lame field Never was finer sport ex lecteil?We have mora fine horses nn tlie ground than have been here for many jears. oli Itrc *TKAM ship A! (.1 VI A FOR MO BILE.? I he above Steimersail. on I'hn's day, the Cth i stain. Cabin and ste'rage p.ssensers can he couif.'rtabl) accomm dated at a low rate it immeiii.te application is JullN Hh RDM AN, 61 South street. FOR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL,. The Hatyal Mai! Hi earners BRITANNIA t * 'I' l?a?> Boston, lor |?sfnl CALEDONIA, will Irtfn B?>ston, j<?r the above i*?ru, as foHstws ?'?ririv't'*' 'iH??,'i"' ? ''mmafde* Tuesday, Oct. I. CALf.DOMA, K. U. Loll, " Wednesday," I. I ss.age to Liverpool I nssajp* fo H ilifat., .. 20 Apply 10 D. BHIOHa'm; Jr.' Agent, .1,1 ? I Wall straw M)R L' VJi RPOOI Thererv sj.j.r did fill s |lin? ? 'OVIJ'?"d copier fastened haruiie F.LIZA I HORN. ? Bl ON, 111 tons p-r register. .1 (. Little, commander. will have immediate deap?tc h for the above port. l-ir ir*ight or pa., hivuif arfunmu^aiinnt, MtCOttkCO, AMUSEMENTS. PAKK TliKATItK. THIJ EVEN IN". Ocl IS, will be presented, THE WEATHERCOCK. ... .. ? 'ri.tram Fickle Mr. W. H. Crisp Vsiielln Mrs. Skernlt. After wh ch THE C AMPANOLOGIAN8 will appear. To be fallowed by tli? ne * Comedietta of G. T. T. OONK T(? texas. Mi Swellingtou, W H Crisp I Mr* Swelluigtoii, Miss C EIIii To couclude with A-I.AD-IN ! T1IE WONDERFUL LAMP. Aladdin . . Sirs fkerrett Bon**, lit Tier 71 cents?Second >nd Third Tier* SO ceuU? Pit SO rents?Gallery 2S cents CHATHAM TIIKAIUK MISS G A N N O N Takes ilie plea?u<e of informing her friends anil the public, that her BENEFIT will lake place in the CHATHAM THK AT Hi-., on WEDNESDAY EVENING the ICth of October, 1844. On this occasion a New and Niivtl Entertainment will Le pro duced; aided by Artis(> in the Profession of superior talent. Pl.?v? can In* -(cured by application at the Hot Office, and Tickets can lie had of Mis> Uiiiiioii, % Diiane ?licet. olS 2t?rc MITCHKI.LN OLYWHIC TUB liKK. Doors open at half past 6. curtain riws at 7 o'clock precisely. THIS EVENING, OCT. IS, iSU, The evening's eiilertsuiuieiils will commence with au OPENING AUDIO SS AND TABLEAU To lie follow-d by (lie new Burlesiiue Hiiletta in twoacts called THE YELLOW DWAltK. TheYe'low Dwarf, Nickinsou | Fernando Mr. Fenuo Flusterino.. _ Mist Clarke Al'er v hicli, an entirely new farce, entitled NEW INVENTIONS. Joe,,.- Mr. Holland | Julius xnr Mr De Bar Ellen ... > ?. ? ? ? ? Miss Clark* 7 r> qot}? Inue with THE MILLING'S HOLLIDAY Simon Sparks Mr. Mitchell AuMmmrc?Dress Circle, SO cents; Upper Boxes, 2> cents; Pit, one shilling; Private Boxes, SS; Orchestra Boxti, $3. CIKCV8-BUWKKY. T H F. E T H I O P I A N BAND will thiaevening give illustistinns in songs, duett< and chorusses OF NEORO I IKE AT THI-i SOUTH. In addition to which will bt giveu TWELVE SPLENDID ACTS OF HORSEMANSHIP, The Terrible Exploits of Valeutiui, Vaulting, Tumbling, Ike. Performances always over at half-past ten. Boxes 2S cents ; Pit 12)4 cents.?Private Boxes (3 each BURTON'S TIIKATKK. ARCH STREET, PHILADELPHIA TUESDAY, nth October, ISO. SAM SLICK. Sam Slick Mr. Silsbee. Will llrdmaii _ Mr. Couuer. After which THE WOOL DEALER. Deuteronomy Dutiful Mr Burke. To conclude with a new farce called . MY FRIEND THE CAPTAIN. Captain Dunn Brown Mr. Barrett. Snoxall Mr. Burke. New York Society Library, BROADWAY AND LEONARD STREETS. MR. DEMPSTER'S LAST VOCAL ENTERTAINMENT. THIS EVENING, TUESDAY OCT. IS, 1841, WHEN ha will sing >he following Songs and Ballads, vi*:? " The Spo' where I waa Bom." " When the night wind bewailetli " " John Andeiaon my Jo." " Lonely Auld Wife " " Let lis Love one anotlier." " Lament of the Irish Emigrant." " 'I h> Blind Bov." " My Nanie O.* " I hae a cup o' glide red wine." " Sweet home of ihy childhood." " 'l'ak' yer auld cloak about ye." " The loved one waa not there." " ?> promise me to sing love." "The Death of Warren " TICKETS FIFTY CENTS-To be had at the door. To commence at a quarter b> fore 8 o'clock. Programmes may be had at the Music Stores and at the Library. olS Itrc NKW YORK GALLLRY"OF FINK ARTS TilE Exhibition of Pictures and Engravinga of this Institu tion is uow o|ieii to the public in the large room of the Na tional Academy of Design, over the Society Library. LIFE MEMBERSHIP ONE DOLLAR. To non members, single adinisaion 2S cents. The Rooms will be o|ien daily from 9 A. M. to i P. M.. and ouly on Monday and Tuesday evenings of each week, until fur ther notice. Persons holding scrip certificate!, and those w ishing to he Come membeis, will please apply for tickets of membership to Mr. FRASER, at tlie Rooms ol the American Artists'Union, No. 3T> Broadway, o9 Iw re NuW OPEN, FDR ONE MOM H ONLV. AT the Rooms of the National Academy of Design. corner of Leonard atreet and Broadw ay, the exhibition of Ine follow ing magnificent Paintings:?The Abandonment of Henry Hud son. the unfnrtiina'e discoverer of New York. The great Battle of Milliana, in Africa, lietween the Fiench and the Arabs. And ?The only Portrait of Abdel Kader, the celebrited Bedouiu Chief. Hours of exhibition from 10 A. M. to 9 P. M. Admit tance fS cents. Each visitor receives, gratis, at the door, a beautiful lithograph of the Abandonment of lleury Hudson. New York, October 10, 1811. olO lm*ec GEAND AND INTERESTING EXHIBITION! COLISEUM ,*450*1} I? OADWA Y. THE celebrated Kihibiiion filir BATTLE OF BUNKER i fl IL.1., anil I tie HI' It N I M ? ,M II ? llcm'i'OWfc ?l,wi is universally admitted to be Hie greatest piece of mechanism ever s en in this country, anil which i* ao graphically represent ed, that the behol'er can hardly iwr-uade himself that he ia not on that first battle ground of th- Revolution ! Tlie (nail's inarching and countermarching?mounted dragoons and cavalry daahi' gfuriously through the streets ol Boston?camion loading and firiim froin Coppa' Hill?ships of war sailing up and down Charles River, and pouring their broadsides into the American entrenchments?the British troops repeatedly repulsed and driven with violence down the lull -the dreadful conflagration of tlie town of Charl-slown, Ike , 4tc . all together, conatitute a scene of the most thrilling mteiest, and which must be seen to be duly appreciated. Also will t-e exhibited, Moving Panoramas of tlie BATTLE. OK NORTH POINT and CITY OF BALTIMORE ! The FAIRY LAND or MERMAID'S ( AVE! The terrilic STORM SCENE on tlie Merrimack River! The ISLE Ol" CYPRUS! And a view of the CITY OF LOWELL! the Mauchesterof America! with the Factories all lighted u|iasif al work?together with a correct v ew of the late SOUTH WAIIK RIO I S in the city of Philadelphia. This exhiMtiou, which has lieen visited bv mote than 100.000 persons m Boston and Philadelphia, will lie opeu-d at the above place ou Monday tlie lull instai l, wliere it will lemain foi a short time. Tickets SO cents, children under 12 years half price. Doors open at 7, commence at 'W o'ch ck precisely. P.M.-On Wednesdays and Saturdays, commencing at 3 P. M., til* exhibition will be 0|ieued with the same edect, (tlie room being darkened,) lor l'ie esiecial accommodation of families and atraugera, to which achoolaof all kinds, Sunday as well aa academical, will be admitted on liberal terms. olO lwia*m ART AND SCIKNCK OF DANCING AND WALTZING A CARD-MR. WHALE ami DAUGHTER respectfully iiiinouuce to the I^adiee and (ieotletne?i of New York, thai their ('.lasses in Dancing, Waltzing, and the I'olka Dance will coinui'iice at the Assembly Room, Constitution Hall, SS0 P.roadway, on Saturday, October 12th, and will coutinue throughout (he aeasou. Daya of Tuition, for Yonng Ladies and Geutlevnen miller U. every Tuesday and Saturday afternoon, commencing ai 3?ana for the elder class of tsentlemen at 7. Every uewstyleol Dancing uught in Mr. W.'s classes, without additional charge to pupils. Mr. W. trusts that the references he shall offer of his capability will be satisfactory. Schools and Academics attended to oil ap plication as above, orat his I'rivaie Academy. No. 70 Sixth Avenue, where lerma will be mule known and circulars given, containing particulars. ' o2 lm*rc PHILHARMONIC SOCIETY. THIRD SEASON?1844 1*45 "HE Government of the New Yoik Hiilharmonic Society bega leave to iuform the public that a subscription list f r the I oncerts of the ensuing season U now opM a'the store of Messrs. SiHai<ri..nn>.Hij k Lt'la.Ml Broadway, near Franklin street. Subscriber* of the laat season, who wish to continue their ?uh-cription, as well as those who wish to subscribe for the present season, are deaued to send ill their names as soon as (His silile, as the list of subscription is to be closed on the 1st day of November next. The Government will use every exertion to render the per formances worthy of th? continued patronage of the public.. '1 be lirat Concert will lake place about the vemiier next. Terms of subscription, $10 |ier annum, payable on delivery of the ticketa for the tirat Concert, entitling the subscriber to three admissiona to each of the four Concerts, with the privilege of purchasing two extra tickets for ea h Concert at f I.S0 iier ticket. By order: WM. SCHARFENBERO, oS 2wis*rrc _ Secretaey. _ exhibition THE END OF TIIK WORLD. AN ORIGINAL PAINTING OF A VERY LARGE Sl/E w ith Coloasal Figurea, paint ed and lately finiahed by F. Anelli, in New Yont. Exhibition now open at Apollo Rooma, <10 Broadway, from 10 A- M. to S P. M , ana froin 7 to 18 P. M. Admission ?S cents. s!0 lm*rc ___ K gYb L BEGS to announce thai his SECOND CONCERT will I t 'k? place a NIBLO'STIIEAi Rh, on Tuesday Evening, the 1'ith October I8li, when he will be assiated I'y MADAME BURKHARlJT and SIGNOB SANQUIHICO. with a full Orchestra ii'der the direction of Mr. II. >1\RKS On this occasion Mr. Bt'l.i. willhivetlie h >nor to perform ( for ilie first time in Anrrioa )?<? rtiiwiu i" llsum,' composed on the eve of Ilia departure from that coiiutr); in which lien'II introduce i,nne of the most |>opiilar lush Alls. P'irri> ul ra i-i small billa Til KitiOsi Dm.nil Each?to lie had at the Music fltorea, A?loi House, Nibln's, and at I ho door. Doors open at seven, and Concert to commence precisely at einht o'clock. 014 LAST TIMI rH 8 E At ON M Y S T E H / A N U f I' H V > lit I. O G 1' 'TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY AND THl H*'?AY, October ? ISth, 16th and 17th, at 7S P. M. Single Lecluie, So cents Ti'kets for'he course SI. For Ladies only at three in llie sftenn ,fu of llie same dsy Admission 2'| rents. Broadway Hall, corner of Grand and Boadway. All the model <, natural prepsiatioiis. III .Will be II.e,|,s ii',1 led oil -'n.'.c DA.VI/IU VIA A I > IbLO'S GAttMI.N.?upen tor a .Im.ii 1 leaaon. the moat m igiiificenl Panoramic P unting ever ex hibited in tills country, (ao aay all the Artist" thai have seen it.) It was executed by tlie celebrated Artists, Mr. W. Dani>-ll )?. G Parte* and Augustus l*>rle, R. A. London. It is now open during the day. Admittance to the Garden and I'anorima IS cents. Artiata are respectfully invited to visit the Panorama free of chilge. 'J*/ ' Tlie Panorama of Sladras waa ealnliitesl m Ruasell Sipiare, attended with immense ,uc- s*. and when purchased b) Mr Niblo was considered the very la"?t Panoramic painting in London. all 2mre KXTRACT OF CUBKKS. COPAIVA AND SARSAPARILLA rpillS is one of the most si?edy and effectual remedies for th> I cure of Gonuorrhiet ihal hae ever lieen introduced It is p easant to the palate and grateful to the stomach, and it easily taken, being in the usual form of extracts. In it are concen trated all the medicinal properties of such remedies as ar? found moat speedily erlicncioua in curing gleets, seminal weak uses whites, and all discharges of the urinary passage. It is wholly a vegetable compound and acta like a chatin in pro ducingaii immediate oienri ,n upon tin- | art affected fni direction* accom|?any the medicine, which may tie had at No 2 'Viiii street?Price >1. P. S ?Stiangers w ho deaire medical advice may consult Dr Glover confidentially al Ills office, No 2 Ann sheet, al all hour nf '*<?? il-v and evening olS ll*m i N I ER'S Rr.D DROP.?Tbi- n,oln ,:'e I. the n.iy si~ lute cure (hat has ever been do ? ?*! rlo-"* I winch h ive lieen known, wlien se 1 from generation to generation, del eminent ph* slciana, ft is ?illowii! I.t ic-piainti ? with it, to lie tlie most certain, safe and i|Uicl> moos ol i uii known. Itrootsoni every ren'ige of di-r e from the syiunn In a few days, no matter how old llie case, ai d may also he n?ed with the greate|? safety I' defies observation, s< there are no rr-.ii.nils 1,id I tin patient. Office 1 Dm*io ' >t,eei , oiber pi n-in Ih. , it>. I'd i-H On si |. C. v UKil Lydias si i lir. agiiout llie ateal Jteal it l? ''mI/JsiW Ml of Di, TImmm Jwhuawu, LtfiiiavUia, Kf BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. Ohio K lection. Uy iMBt night's mail we buve raceived the follow, ing additional returns:? 1844. High'aiid WKif, Dtm. ivneca "" ' Wood ~ ??> Allen V. .7 Athens ,ZT o?k? ; .; - Hancock v..v..% z i.iO? l.uii In the 8th Congre*aional diairict Alien Thurinan (democrut) is said to be elected. ttoorgla Klectlon. 1 lie following are Ihf additional returns, receiv ed by l<utt night's southern mail:? Olynn tev.v. ?????"?q 8 B..kir . ^ 10* u* :v.::::::: z ? Stunt r ,~i ~ ll.irris ?.? ; ft* Cowrta . 103 Carroll J ^jtb,b :::XI ue kaib;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; !ig Chattooga 282 Uwniuett _ 7T, Butts l?u IK) flUladelpliU. [CorrespsiuJcspu ul Mitt llerald.J PhIl^piimis Oct U, ie44. 1 hs returns from the counties in Interior ol thi* State wc til in, with the excaption of two, both of which are democratic. Shunk's majority it now 4 7iJtf. The de inucrutaaru praying that it may >xcced 8000, a a the* have immense auma bet on that majority. The Philadelphia Agricultural Heciety'a Annual Kahf bitisn aud CatUe Uhow, will take place at the Rising Sun Tillage on Wednesday and Thursday A great show la anticipated this year. A ploughing match will come of on Friday. The trial of Isaac Hare, Jr , one of the Kensington riot ers, for the murder oi Joseph nice, an Irish wesTer. by ?hooting him with a musket ball, dnring the Kensington Kiots, commenced in the Court of Oyer and I ermine" to day This case is likely to occupy the attention of the court lor several days. Hare is very ably defended bv letter A. Brown, fc.sq , who was the counsel for Singleton Mercer, tried for the murder or Heberton ; and Wood the confectioner,indicted lor the murder ol his daughter. His coll- ague is Joseph S firewater, Esq , one of the newly Assembly"01 ('nat?ve American) ot the House ol ?al" at th? Stock Kscmsnob.? 100 Oirard 111; 1*0 Wilmington KK,a4j; 3000 State 6's, '68, 82|; 137 <W rriercwl Bunk Natchez, 19; 400 Chesapeake and Delaware Canal Loan 6t>i, IB Norristown RR, 8*, o Northern Li liertiee Bank. 41} S076 Htutr a'e,7'Jl; 1760 do 721 -l?i!DoBoA"? -800 6'?' 74ii Mechanics Bank. 97j *000 State 6s, 74f; 'J00 Guard Bank, 11 j. Charlestou. [Correspondence of the Herald ] Chaelbston, S. C., Oct. 11, 184*. South Carolina Pol it in?Their Atpeei- Trade, frc. We are on the eve ot great events in our glorious little btale. Next Monday and Tuesday we hold our election for representatives for the Slate Legis lature, and from the strange movements of the de mocratic leader*, the ticket ofiered by that party will be most awfully cur, and as the whigs have the effrontery to put forth candidates, consisting of very popular men, it would be no surprise if they should make a break into the strong walls of South Carolina democracy. The whig party in utitler nble leaders, men of great moral and intel lectual worth, and what is better, unhackneyed in lite ways of the political world. They are honest, straight forward men, and command ihe respect o'f all classes. The leaders of the democratic party, are, also, men of the highest attainments, and at' present of moat extraordinary influence, holding the puny reins with a hard hand, ai.d " whipping 111 stragglers without mercy Independent men must bare their necks to the moloch of despotic party dictation, and meekly furrender their thoughts wishes, and actions, to that mighty power, or thev will be ostracised. Yet as things are, thrn is the only course for the democrats to pursue Th? win us are Watching each opening. ?"?' *?.U Hei?e 5h Fui'j ,l,r" Should uiey next Monday and Tuesday elect two or three of their men, you must not take it n? a fair criterion strength 01 the whig pnrty, l ut rather us the evideace ot the terrible tiiisrnaiiagenient on th? p*rt ot the democracy. Thinking men are now beginning to see and feel the galling bondage of committee room dictation, and ujll not submit to be rode over, rough ehod, much longer. One ot the nominees of the democratic party, is John A Htaart, L*n , editor of the Mercury and one of the most violent men id the ti?te m Hitics? at the aatne time possessing talents of the highest order. It is unfortunate loi the democratic ticket that Mr. ?.. in upon it. He will leuvt one loop lor a whig to creep in, for he cannot be supported by the party generally. IfI th- democracy could be united, there would be no fear Irom the efforts of the whigs, tor after all, there cannot be in CharYaton over 600 |J|hig voters. We shall soon hee what their strength fiupincM is rather dull Cotton comes in slowly and prices are too low 10 make goods active Our whole trade depends on our cotton; when that is brisk. every ihing else is, and when -hat is 4'll*t," all tilings are " stale" and " unpiofiiable " The only parties makina money seem to be the Kail Hoad Company and the auctioneers. The first by forwardinggoods free of commifsions, are ranldlv increasing (Heir freight busim es, and the lalier are all Hie time advertising package sales, and of coutpe, are selling vast |?iH of goods. Indeed, we ?nay tittw -oon look lor our city to become one of the art at. St commercial places in oir countiy ? We iMVr mercantile talent, capital, and bounrtiess enterprise, and n.ust go ahead. We buve too, ta lents of other kinds amongst us. Our lawyer urn of the purest water," and our clergy of the "fiuest polish, while our Matramen are admitted on all hands, to be ihe greatest men |jvm? ; so W>M, |g lo hinder imfrom being a great people, yea H n.ightv.* depevdent nation,' Tis true we look to the Yankees lor cabbages and unions, bread-stnfln and brooms but thai is because we are better employed, than in looking after s-ich vulgar tilings? and we can let them make our ehoes and shirting, hats and hofe. ploughs and paints, potatoes and pork, beel and but* ter, because, as they are a poor half starved rnce, we |ee| a sympathy for their situation, and gladly gtv" 1 hern d chance to make a little, out of our abundance. We must alwi.ys be kind and cliHrita nle to our poor neighbors. Enough for the present, if we should have any lun next wtek, you shail hear of it. Yours, Ashley. IIkalth ok New Orlkaks ?Our weather still continues fine, and the health of ihe city is per fect A little rain, perhapa, would be agre^shie I he boat* fiom Mobil#) and down Ihe n*#r airT?rwgmit home nor citizens w ho have been rumbling in the North ami West by scores. New Orletna rspidiy btcomms, as Hir.hard III would PS) , again.-A' O Vie. Oct 5. Health or Montt.K ?The Hoard of Health of tile city ha> mad' no report for several days Has th?* y?Jiotv(rvfr difapprared ? We iiave rumors of sn ?lUrniinv increase lo the diaientper A public atuttment by t*i? Boari wnnld lie ul great service in allaying unne ? isaiy fear.? Hohilr UnalH, Oct ? HltlP NKHH lly 1 KIkIiI'i Hnstthern null, Pnu.soKi.rnis. Oct U-Arr Kilt. Ntrker,on. Vindor- Da vi.; L??i, Brnc*. Mudlev, and Klls, Whtlden, {(..ton; km* I nr., Nichols, Urulol, Hold-, Borden, Baker: L..t>m ,na. Utt; it ' v"' Baymore Prottdrnt-,; Jaaa. ?i V ,1, "iriK x A,"hr,c;Sr- > , ??d Hhark. ?ie?enium >\ork: Urlhareo, I npney Alt...i>, t.|d IJth, Krnilv, D??is Vjr Vork. Milton, V?rk. Po '.m.niih, NH. John M Clayton! Parker, ami (on Hojitar, Brrrv, Bo.ion; Woodlands [Brl Johnst.Hi, Hi John, Nil Hrittiate .Baker. Bermuda, Martha C Maria, Kmith, and A Marshall, .tohmon, Providearr Thorn Hand, Bo?tyn;N Biddle Walton, NYork. lnor?. II divJ'T.O*"lit 1^1 J13u J*?nes P<mer. Keene. Nassau, NP. i r V Hk 'l K",'r*' f.m arr ?Mh alt Al?. ? l,i \U . ?.iJ"* Brown, I hsse.l-.ill H.v. r, n I . \ ? li"? tw K,|l>. * ltd ftea,rr. .V.irs, Boston. I Id 12th Mnhigan. IVrrv, N York. W ii MisuTON. Nf\ Oct 2 Art List,on, Taylor, Charleston; I I,'' "' n,dr" NY?rk. < Ins L Voae, Sarin. St Thomas; ?i. I una, t ooniha Boston; Hat.l-e H Inner, N York; lth. Mary {?lite, l.ermond. I liumaston. M.I 81I1 t amlda, ( talntee, W ashinfttou C-ily. VfEDICAL r.ARD?DOCTOR OLOVKR CO. fine, hi* l*s prarlirr prinri|>allv tn the tre-itment and rare .it drlicate diseases in their .It fTerenl *r.wr* AI?o, I ileef.. Stnrtu tea, I Ion or fhrea. Seminal W raknei., (Th,ti.Mtr I'lrrri, and all H.tim .ri> ona Irom imparity of the hl.Hi.l His r?|Toence ind inceeM in ttie cure of this ela? of <liw??es lie *er\ iireat. Person, af flicted with any of ihe aho?e named diwaae. who have heeti crmsi.trred iiirunlile or difficult of cure are invited to make ap plication at h.s olfice, "So. 2 Ann street, near Broadway, ad lotaiiui the American Museum, where lie may he Consulted '.infi.l?ntiallv at any honr durius the day and evening nntil '0 ?'clock. _ o|J Item DASSK.Ntiffitil l?r fleam -hir ALABAMA, for New l Orleans, e ill plsase he on board the ship, at the foot of Clinton .ocet, Iwfope J2o clock on 'I ueaday, l^h inatant, a. the allij' will sill I'Uiicii.11 y at that hsur. lt*re PERSONS IN PHILADELPHIA tlfWHINO to Suhacrilie u> T11K. I1KHAI.D, and hare it * V wrrnl r*Kulaily at llwir slolea, dwrlliiiK., k? , will idanae care tbrir iiam-? with the Atjeuta, at I Ledcer BbiI.Iiub. Third ttr-et, near < hestnnt TKHM8. f " /,??' Week 17* cents rot One Mouth 7} ?? ti'or a loiijier time iu tlar ?.me pro|4?rtiou, o 2^ cents * copy ?nifle copies fur ?ale e?ery div t I otjuci Price 3 cema <1 B /I k Co., ) l^>dser Bnildinn, . '4 I1Mrr Piord ,iw#'. ? *r ' hr.t,?nt I'll HUA I'MKN?Psfini Htona wanted mmedia'alv A|>|dy ? to it Norfolk strtwt. WILLIAM K)U(lAY. <>? lw*ee wooJyih.les ?e.i i lie ? ' WOtlDHt'LL H JH.V . 1 I oftre SI *UM i <v>.