Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 19, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 19, 1844 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. ^ Vol. X., No. ?W-WhoU No. S?8U NEW YORK, SATURDAY MORNING, OCTOBER 19, 1844. ??rtr? Two ?on'* BAKENNE <5e CO. AT TnE C?RNKIl^ OFDOHA ND STREET AND ENTRANCE 114 (imsn MruriT FASHIONABLE ESTABLISHMENT, y "Vr/'" '''oicest assortment of Parisian Modes, Hau, Capi, Head Vc., will always be fouud of the bent selections? tmjiiirtaiiun* direct. ollrc MRS M WILSON b?-KJ to inform her friends and Uk^ihe public,lliat the is prepared to exhibit a rich and rfi f assortment of Hau, which she flatten herself the ladies will tind worthy their inspection A few Imported Hats purchased fur patterns, selling for leji than cost. Country Milliners, in starch of patterns, would do well to call previous t? purch-Mug. On baud a choice assortment of Feathers, Flowers, laps, and H*?l Ureses. Ladies' owu materiaU made up in the west style MKS. M. WILSON, oil IWjc 291 Orand St., between Allen *nd Orchard. FRENCH " " ARTIFICIAL FLOWEKS AN1) FEATHERS ; ?< s?mLv\OSiKUK & COURT, 116 William gs<n?L, New \ ork, are receiving by the Havre pa.keta, I heir assortment of iall (joods, which, for eleviuice, i; the) have no rival. All deslers mid judges iu the abov ilwJ ?r5lf",,|? '">* n 4 cM!' a1"* we "''I venture to say they wHI not le*ve tike store without expressing their admira Public SJifl n* !TUV? U'ick'- i. a V Hl^Be themselves that the public will not lie deceived with Ainericau Flowers lor French ?<? !T. u-" ,,"i,sL^.,n PnnS' Ru,! de i>*cy. No. 6, and deal exclusively in French Howerfc. o4 im*ec MAGAZIN DE MODE, "o 60 CanaJ street. IVf ADAME D. BEHRMAN. begs leave to inform her friend* . i> n h"' ?Pw"u|f, f?f >he Fall and Winter Fashions lHwlirfi U' /L1"' l"' t)reMM| French Flowers, Feathers ?ud Ribbons, of the choicest;styles, (carefully selected by hei H* together with a variety of .PARISIAN MTLLINCRY FO11 LADIES TOILETS, -,i ruiv b/VDILO IUILM S, willi take place on Monday, the )th October. Madam B. solicits "r "n "fly call at her old establishment, Magazin dr th? favor of an Mode, tio Canal street. New V.irk, U'-tolwr 3d, 1SH o4 lm*ee ? ' ui IIU'CC WL'i1 ? T.? AND O'l'HKltS?Selling off bt nw cott, th^ well selected new and iusluonahle fall am fa1 "Division atiMtTh* V"0'1* 01 <*LTery Ascription, at No fi ll i ii f r,,B al',o?? stock consisting of about 700 fall turned Hau, of sati velvet, silk. Stc. Ur , ire made up ol innir^J?fi!irl^,'iai ?jth? Iale,t fal1 fashions; also, ab ut k aha.les and colors) Kibbons, Flowers, Feathers ?u;. tic. txe., all of which must be sold, as Madam (iodfrev -ot spare time to attend to the Division street buTine? > The house, and store to let, with immediate possession. 018 lw?rc J SORIA & CO.'S FRENCH DYING ESTABLISHMENT, No. *0U Pearl Street. ?pHE SUB9CHIBEH begs leave to state that he has made ad -?? ditioual improvements to his factory, for the purpose of ?tabling him t? hniah his work more expeditiously, and in a manner he warrants will give general satisfaction. All kindsof Woolen, CottonaudSilkgoods Dyed or Cleansed in the rml trench style. Bis prices are very low, which should be a strong inducement for the Indies and gsatlemrn ol this city and its vicinity, to oa\ ni'i <tu early visits Cashmere, Jlieriuo and Broche Shawls, genu Wearin* Ad pirel, cleansed ui u&e rery be t manner. 11 la Branch Offices, for the accommodation ?f the public an (?totted at? ' No. S&i Bowery. 7# 9ihI street, between 17th and ISth itraeta. 2i7 lllet'cker st eet. Si7 (Jrmiid street. rtSJim?m'W%,k'COrn<r of Broad street and Washington Place W?K CUTTING AND CURLING ,IAT |H tl>e reason every body is florking to PHALON'P ... . FiisliionabU H?ir Dressing Saloon 7 We can explain it. His inimitable style of Hair pressing giving an air of haut ton te trie l<en?n, h^s deservedly won for him the repuution of being the nrjt artist m the city. He hi. at som- expend introduced a new feature in the ?cienee of Mir dresstug, by keeping over 200 new brushes, none ol which are a ted ? tecoud time without cleaning,, thus se cnrnig to each of his customers a comfort, instead ef a nuisance itot'lf m eTery >P' *ud try ,he system, wnich commend. La lies and Gentlemen Shampooed, and their Heads Dressed for Balls and Tarties, ou the shortest notice. A largs assortment of Wigs and Scaliies. ? EDWARD PHALON, __ lnl m 214 Broadway, opposite 8t. 1'iul's. DOUBLE EXTRA. ITALIAN HAIR WASH An infallible, sove reign and celebrated ernlicatnr of Dan druff?cleanses and (>urif<es the head and invigorates and cul tivates the Human llair. This cele brated Wash, recom mended by numerous medical and scienti fic e?iitlenien. is con stantly for siileat the shop of the inventor and proprietor. 17 Pak Row. N. Tork. P. PUSSEDDU. N. B.?Orders from the country will be promptly attended to, If addressed to the Propiietor, enclosing the cash. He ha* no agents Mingle wash in tie shop 2i cents?or |1 l*r bottle, ol lm>m LUDOINOS TWENTF-iriVt CENTS, AT THE NJIV'S HEAP No. t Bai?'i.*v Street, near Briadwat. The Hnbseriber having fitted ai and newly furnoihwl several rooma connected with this Establishment solicits a call from his friend* anc the pnblic. JAMES BYRNEB. TO THE BOOT AND SHOE WEARING TURLTC I* . street, having enlarged his jM/itnck for th? fall and winter trade, offers for sale a lance and Wand benatiful assortment of Boots and Shoes, made of the l?est materials, which he flatten in as good, il not superior u Clty?. ^j# ?*?ortme?-t consisu of ladies' and miss as Omlter Boots, half <}aiters. Buskin Slips and Ties, genu' i L.1'" Boots and Shoes ; ?onrse Boots fiir Watermen and r ireme'i, and vonths Boots and Shoes, of all ilescriptious, made to order if desmeil, suitable for the merchant, mechanic 1 laborer, For sale At very low prices. Of the above st?ck his cust"m>*? can prove is not t" be snr J>a?eil and if th' se in want wiM give him a call and utiifv Minna-lies that his work is as represented he d'?es not douht that they #ill leave his store satisfied with a b rgain worth Siving him a call. WM. MADDEN. tri Spring .between Greenwich and Washington sts. o 12 i m * in JACKSON, STACEY <fc SMITH M^,VTahiV UM. HAN 0 ' HPO RTKKHof P'" .'Pocket "* ** No. IS PLATT STREET. NOITVEAUT .fs PA R.ISIENNES, PA R 18 MILLI N KK V?^sBt ABLI8HMENT, Hreadwsy, BKTwr.irv CAnat.^awD^ Howard strrets, MADAM GODFREY ite DAUGHTER D F.ri'K N their ....cere thaaks to their pa?rons a,,d\h, pnbl,; I\ generally, for the liberil ?oii|K)rt with which they have been favored, and assure them that they will hereafter exert themselves to en?nre a continuance of their |?lrouage; t|wv i?. vV<IinMvuOU"c' , 4t "2W openened the NEW f ASIIIONS, jnst imported from PAKIH, at their estn wi'll K'fimn.l l,r"Sdw*y. near Canal street, where w d Veil?. "ssortment of Parisian Sati'n, Silk, aiid vel?. t HaU. Ribbons, Feathers, Mowers, Caps, j.ace* latest .i'^u"!^ *"l J i'0*'* 'be first qualities and Fishionihli W .illf V "spf tfully call the attention of (he ..'ie Wk IV1 ' V comprising the most elegant and exren pwseuted to a New York public, at reasonable Wri: call, and see for them caiel,:tl!^,ml rn"n hn,nc'' selected by their Ajent, four N B.-Oounyrr.Millinerssupplied. elowd |j# in>#m I '' Tl'l V^'f1 r"!t1.*11 Milleanium and I he i?i r ot tne World is come?the World ??>.<)< til pr >1 '.ecies are fulfil ed-the dev.I a d his ai sels sre h!,n?7 ",l ?r?*nkmd--th# spirit and t)? hricte ssith comI t? t?" ma i n,' |i|'tvr <>f the lamli, ?at and drink of th?* wine whirh I standhig,^ VOU' """ ?" ??> . of w,?d(iTn aniTumlsr m "'"T >'* ',l* 'mmpet iu Zion?sound the alarm?the -to' von\e,"T th;' y? out to Sim him s~t th^?ki\L,f1irK,^n')'" J'ldgemsiiT shs?! i? [From the Albany Evening Journal ] Unrecorded Passage* In the Life of an Ameri can Statesman. PASSAQK FUST. " u.oa ,undf rS? too strict a parados, . ? *tMri,,? t0 mi4ke an "K'y <ieed look fair." Uie loa.the l.on would .u.pec. th^ Jh ' " ,J|OU wert tnou weri accused by the aL." wh??> ptraUventure, He bat alone, and long bent hiin o'er the talis human ^r, wl?ereon 18 w?l history of the Hiacribed *witb cilmVd S.JJ. w"a'?firm""^ t"?? Th? b^h'r* rePjniu'? eaea>y commend*, That breath lame blow.; that prei.e.sole pure,transcend.! such be it~mJ'rai8e' *ile pure? tranucends' n De " Imne to gain, or let me nothing win mandaKouLe r0mlhe ?UtWa,d world'de ? "Do nie so much kindness," thus ran the mis 6ion, as to come to me to-night. 1 have that to say which itriiay profit you to hear and inc tospeuk. "Hare well! 1 am your frieud." i? u,l d!i!i'-'"k """? " bu' They met, the incipient statesman und the mo dern Muchiaval. ".Needless preliminaries were un7r,hy?, us both," said he who had solicit? tnfe ' le' U8' lllen' at ouce approach ihe tiue Bubject ot our conversation." Yet, tnougli he had ttiua commenced, the lontr accustomed diplomatist paused in niomeuiary hesi !f u ^?, W,,en he "6*1111 spoke it was thus abruptly ? Habituated to a carelul and wide-apreadinx oo servance ol the rising talents of my young country men, the unequivocal manifestations you Have already mad-; ol strong natural ability and of greai acquired supenomy, have not, >0u may believe escaped my notice. Having said ilius much, you "ill not b? surprised when 1 add, that I have/to. ZTriTl'^11 d""^?' Wfcmg these power* aided iu their development by the essential advau cage of propitious circumstances." "I thank you," was the simple reply of the rh?UH-o fnerlCttn 5 r ^ut 1 am Wel1 C0l"ent to awan the development of time, and to win my way to deserved distinction, by treading the same path .i3b*loreme?'"?)' ?f m' "??? "?bi Yea ! but it is to that ambition which is th? -.urest sumuluB to lolty endeavor, and which seekr Snt " y by U.UCU UueM?? vocal means as may be anblushingiy, ackuowleoged before (he world " ' perceive ttiat you nave already divined the nature ol the proposal it was my purpose to makt your-to come, then, at once/tJ ihe^un-jtu *re not ignorant of the proud triumph about to bt secured by Me political party with wnose desttniei my own is luvolveo. It is these that I would ask you to suare?they are bo longer doubtf ul, but at n*ed as ihey are brilliant?as all-eugroBeing at me?htreheU TLEaUUe yoUrael< 10 a l"?rticipatioi. in the honors that await us, by giving your ac iuiowiedged sanction to our present measures, auo -*ZC Vi?" Bhal1 b*,my Cftre'?refuse the* ad vances of 1-ortune, and you will doom yourself to inslgmficancel? eXlblenCC' ot' Conquerable rue whole form of the man to whom this lan guage was addressed, seemed suddenly to dilate at mey approached their conclusion. An angiy flush ITT, lHhe b,?ld brow ot bl* companion, aS he mel a?d silent gaze which was, lor sonu tune, the sole reply vouchsafed him. ' Sir, said the youthful patriot, at last, and in 80l .Bin*u'aI,y ca'm and clear as to lend an inexpressible and electrifying siguificancv to his >vords, &ir, you are for once, signally at fault ed it is because you possess no mental key to the ?lpher ini which my character is inscribed in the volume of humanity!" And, with a scorn too lolly 'empier aDger' tUr"ed from lhe i,,8olt!ni But without regarding this departing movement ihe elder speaker returned to the charge! ?? Ah' 1 ?m,?.lve! you are 81,11 a devotee to sentiment ?vnitn conatltHte the i.buoI poliiicul creed of veri 2* Republican,; a creed, of which the watch words ^are love of country," ??the good of the well 'to lull Klm,lar I'hrases; now all this is very well to talk about, as one means, among others ol iwaymg the minds, or, what is more to the our pose, ot directing the votes, of P Thi* chaogljng crowd, thi* common fool," we style 'the People.' But the considerations in dj y P'jra8e0'0l?y like this, make but a veri inconsiderable part, believe me, of the controlinc motives of those whose aim is power' You art somewhat surprised by these Irani avowals and 1 -I am not quite unprepared to find you entertain ing your existing impressions?they were teraoo rarily-my own ! But we, all. soon Kn toTx change these Ltopian dreamsforthe more practical and pract'cabl. -teachings of the utile. I^rust me he true interests of the country, to adopt the Da notic jargon of the day, are about as well caret) lor by one political faction, as by another'?thev do not, prevailingly, influence either; save in so ter secured*" 0W"intereBts are? hereby, tho bet " I have heard you," replied his .>;h ;n 'he same soul-tkrilling clarion-tones, " only that I *ru?ht be the more fully persuaded Jhatmyseneel d?n K deceive me. Happily I do notyetdoabt the nnr8!hnCe "J? """"''"hilirv of Youth and Justice nor the wisdom of those who consecrate themselves to the unflinching advocacy of both. But if there is one vice I scorn as more unutterably base than another, it is Hypocrisy ! Know me, then at once and forever, as your enemy ! as the Sng and <.n?par,ng opponent of the principles you avow ? Principles, said 11 I would amend the phrase-of your political creed ! From any betrayal of mine as you doubtless before belreveVl, this con versa ion' will be sacred-but it is ended." tonversation PAS8AOK SECOND. n^Nifht, with gentle ?tep and melancholy, holy-* ?Ugh he*Ven : wi,h her corrfe. Love the The scene of our narration changed now to a arge and elegantly furnished drawing room to of"beauty ta8,e' ?f refin?ment. of hospitality and In the midst of the apartment stood a young and beautiful woman, whose J.ino-like majesty oi wK'i'Sby ,the ",o"1 f"11"1"- "'??'? touted hoiia of our y???, H-puSli? illustrious subject of these sketched * he ihe two gentlemen approached the lovelv tress of the mansion. "My love, I have the nlea sure to present to you my companion du ,,oVZe ' ^ i, o .k 80 *ood 88 to com? 'o us, iu suite of his other engagements." 1 " You oblige u? very much. ?lr mm it.? her hard with .m.liog urb?n ty to thl .tr^: ""1? * hen Id be grieved to lo.e ?h?Pre.,nceef .?,!*!> 1 husband'i chonen friend*-it will be io lon? y .gain welcome them to hi. h. m" ? And a ahZ o? ?f .7." n?? pa??ed over the hemming of thV tall 7. 1* like the flitting cleud that sufdenly vail, the bri^Mm"' of a ...nuy landscape. The reply of her gu?t wa^ eh^ rsoteriMri by the fascinating m-nner which er.Mend^ an added charm to the magical felicity of hi. word, n .erved to recall a .mile to tho?e muajc-bresthine lip* d, re.,ending to the annonncement of a Swrit Sj tabls ,,r8 ed a,m and ,#d 'he way to the diuing AIM, evanescent a. the peri.hing lovelinei. and fr. prance of flowers arc the conCfiitinted nlefliurfii of ? .oene like thi. !-as well attempt ,o p^r^fuat'thiVanLh ing beantie. of theae fair ancf fleeting children of the tZ M,k0 M"y " " the .nbtle power, that .often the ..verer lineament, of teaming 6y a delicate drapery, .parkling wit, ail the dar.zl,ng gem. thlt i " JJjjjjjJ'!brl18 from the Oolcenda ireaante .tore, of gift Luxuriatiaf In the .onl-entrancinv abandon nf ik,..n ? hour.,"the friend* prolongid the fea*t: and the ho.tejs, with intellect, in graceful union linked to beauty, her ?weet pre.ence " How divine a thing A woman may be made," ofT^lne^nn-i !k*m"d,b?tfc ,0 br*il'the golden chain that tKfoXart ." #nd C0D*en,,t* bMd ?h?mo unlted"1royundDto i?b?i?hV ^f?re 7r?? g0,wr i0T8, ,n on* union here r so .Jake the ho't 'nd unbroken " 0nho?pltahlethoughts Intent " .round the b^ard', '.n.Mhen^.rjd0/!?nC#d conrteou,|y mournful intell vence tinnn ^ J' "n ?*I>r**l"**on of had ?rre?ted 11er'fPMnimr foot? ieif.* ?f?hlm the hrimmitg wine-cup to her aai?erfJl w?? gone : q Hi vena g lip, and? *he wandering." aik^d't'hS*'17 yo,lr husband'. we have wen welcomed with dlatbi/ni!^who" ?"'"?l when theeonviviai friend, rejoined fheh ibi? i h'y te... " Tamtited !" retnrn?Kt ik. charming ho. ro.eate tint of earileat d?wn, mantliVherU|?rf,'n! M.,h# f?r"|-, r.T-^ "h? 1aKta^'V" children, jut then circling toward* them, twined .togeth er in a kin a of playful dunce The youthful mother approached a aofa and begged her g eat te seat himself a moment near her. " The enquiry you have made," the added, " embolden* me to prtfer u request to you; but ler that 1 might not have had aulftcitiut courage to intrude it upon you.". " Command me. madam, in anything, 1 entreat you!" exclaimed her poluhed auditor, wan the uioat encouraguig suavity; and then, extend.>g an inviting hand low.<rda the lovely child who waa, with a half timid air, alow y approaching him, he addressed himself, with unaffected interest, to the " listening mood." '? Papa ha* just whispered to ma that you art the gen tleman he la goin. away with to-morrow, in the ship, to Europe!" cried the little girl, now laiily seated on the knee of her new acquaintance. Sliding her dimpled fin gera in the fold* of ma attire, the pretty prattler, leading, with quick inalinet, the language ol the kindly eyea to which her own were raited, unchecked, ran on with? " mamma told Edward and Juaies and me ail about it thi* morning?you aud papa and another gentleman are going to make a treaty with those naughty English!" "They will, herealter, be our friends, 1 hope, my daughter," interposed the authority quoted by the juve nile a, eaker, upon the grand subject of her discourse "Oh, yea ! ? but you know, sir, they have behaved very, very badly ,"peisl?led the youthful advocate other coun try's cause, shaking her wavy curls with great solemni ty ? ' Do you already talk so learnedly of making treaties, my little dear I 1 shuuld not have thought you could know any thing of such matters " ' No?it was Line* who could not remember the word ! He la younger than 1." Oh, innocent cliildfioed !?such the sweet trustfulness of which Tnne, the betra} er teacher, so often quickly lobs thee ! While her companion toyed smilingly with the yield ing ringlets of tfio child's soft hair, tbu lady eagerly re sumed tl:e conversation. ''What 1 wish to say, Mr. C , must be briefly told. ( hough we meet as stiaugers, 1 tiusi we shall part with leetingsakiu to friendship." The expressive smile by which these words were ac companied, was reflected by one of tqual warmth aud de ficacy ; and while a transitoiy rose-tint again colored her oheek, the gentle speaker earnestly continued : ? '? I have been much alarmed lor some time respecting my husband's health?aud it is ol this that 1 would speak He bears up always against illness, with the force of a strong will; but this does not deceive me. I fear that whente loses the care with which I have long endeavor ed to guard this treasure, he will be, if possible, more aegiectlul than ever of himself. Excuse me lor dwelling upon this point?it is only to make my sell intelligible? (his has ever been my most anxious and inci easing charge since 1 became a wife; aud now, sir, I know not now to lorego my accustomed watch?unless- " she fal tered, pauseo. Her new friend hastened to relisve her. " If you will honor me so mncli, Madame, as to permit me to become, in some small degree, your substitute in his matter, during the absence ol Mr. B , 1 will un passingly regard the post 1 shall thus assume, as one of most sacred i.uty." " Your kindness, sir, lightens my heart of a vast weight ?if anxiety?permit me ouiy to beg you not to allow aiiy tiing to separate you and your friend. 1 know, 1 deepiy ieel, that i am taking unfue aivantagu ol your gjudness, out?" 1 " Pray, do not, for one moment, entertain such an im pression''?protested the gentleman, with feiveul uncurl y.?" believe me, Madame, 1 am most ready to serve you, -ind 1 feel too much honored by your confidence to be burdened by cxtcuting your wishes, to the utmost ex tern of mj potter. Indeed, by so doing, I shall but dis chatgea just debt of giautude to friendship by which I tin so much obliged as by that of Mr. B , and, if you will permit me to claim it, of yourself." " The prayers and blessings of a wife and mother will ittend you," was the murmured response; and teail'ul and upraised ey e* attested tlit faltering woids. There was a brief silrnce, conseorated to "thoughts '.hat sp ak." Then, recovering the semblance of calm ness with a visible tfi'urt, the fair patticipator in this ra pidly progressing dialogue,rose hurriedly, saying as she did so, *'yonr politeness, Mr C , has not only been seve ely taxed by the mother, but also by her child ;" and she turned her still sorrowful eyes towards the cherub ! iuoe pillow&i, in the calm sleep ol innocence, upou the J bosom ol her guest. '? Forgive us both ; you shall be re I lieved instantly," added she, r.ngiug the liell as she spoke. 1 But ere those supporting aims resigned the lovely sleeper, a light and tender kits passed her yet uusmitten nrow ; snd wi hin the noble heart upon which that rosy cheek had so contidiugly rested, there waa registered a tilent vow, of which the unconscioua slumberer was at least, in part, the subject. Metbinks one of the glorious Sons of Light, with his I vial pinions, curtained the fair soene, us passing, he transcribed that s? ret thought upou the lustrous pages 1 of his Ilecord-bock ! rASSAOK THIRD. " I,aw dawns upon the world ! I Sharp lorce no more shall right the wrong, Aud grind the weak to crown the strong War's carnage flag is lurl'd !" " The fingers of the powers above, do tune The harmony of this peace." " Bear on, bear nobly on ! We have the blessed heaven in view,' Whoso rest shull soon be won." They stood alnne within the ceuncll-chamber, which had that day witnessed the consummation of n deed by which the worl t was advantaged Save two friends, they had all departed?the illustrious actors in that glorious drama. They, the twin hearted, ingered still, gazing upon each other in prond delight in lofty triumph! They moved not, spoke not, till the lust faint echo of voire* and of footsteps could no more be heard ; then, t|rasping each other's hands, with ardent clasp, they raised their beaming eyes towarda heaven, with a mutual expression of holy Joy and fervent gratitude, which the most moving eloquence of words would faintly speak. The first deep gush of feeling past, their pent-?p thoughts broke forth " Yea, my friend, it is done !?Let me felicitate thee?let mn felicit ite myself! Justice and Truth have won the hallowed palm !?diplomacy ia prone belore the all-con quering might of these, the bright enthroned !" " It is even so, thou matchless champion of the right and of thy country?of thy country and the right!? hap pily in this one and indivisible !" "Aye!?so be it ever! And for the?^thy country, 'er grateful,' shall rise up and call thee hlessed !' and (uture eyes shall rejoice in the peaceful victory thy re sistless arguments so largely helped us to achieve." " Nay, not so '.?your partial kindness vastly overrates my poor assistance. But let that rest!?henceforth be it ours, friend of my soul?be it ever our*. untarnished to preserve the namea we have this day gained, aa cham pions of fair Liberty !" The light of kindled patriotism, the glow of high wrought feeling, vanished from the face of him to whom tbis adjuration was addressed " My fume," he said, in solemn and deliberate accents, " if any ?.uch I have, must, henceforth, be in other keep ing than my own ? my dutieaand my tasks on earth, alike are nearly ended!" "What, what is that? what do you tell me, B ?" cried his companion, shuddering in the ugony of suddenly revo lutiomzed feeling, and again fervently grasping the hand he had, momentarily, resigned, "are you, then, ill??so ill?" "I am, indeed, most ill! yet not worta now than I've been long. I but awaited this day's concluding work to yield me to my fate!" and gently ditengsging himself from the embrace that held him, he crossed his arms upon bis bosom B'.d gazed, with a tranquil smile, upon the agitated features of his friend. "Why have you not told me thi* before? You have wronged our mutual bond!?Yet, you but harbor some haaeUss fantasy, dear B??! All thla will raasawuy? we will seek advice " "It would he worse than vain, my C ! I know it well; the proof 1* here, within me. The Icy breath of Russia has, forever, chilled my heart! Let ua rather has ' ten to return while yet 1 n ay. I have accomplished my duty here, let me go home to die!" The harrowed brow and glistening eye el the tortured airii'or of these moving words, were not long permitted te tell of what his kindly heart endi red. ' No, no!" heexclaimed in cheerful tones, "you shall, indeed, haaten to your home, hut it will he to eheriih there 'he health this winter travel haa impaired, and long to bless that home's inhabitant* snd our young land hy love and life! What!?you forget tour youth, my friend!" "I forget nothing, my desr l , and I would unitedly remember Death and thu <t?> sgreet wotk! This treaty have 1 sealed with life! T? u * country's good the sacri lee ia offered up?a glorious dtar ler so poor a gift!'' rsssstit tOt'RTM. " And lent what aid a brother would have lent. " Press'd crowd on crowd their panting way ; And with the joy resounding tramp, Rang ont tbu million'* loud huzza !" " To the tick heart that doth but long For kindly look* to cheer it on, For tender acce.t* that are gone." It is not mine, in lengthend phrase, to tell the tinceaaing watchfulnes* that smoothed the wane-tosaed pillow of di* eaae- nor of the almist woman-gentleness that patiently upheld the tainting head and cheered the yet more taint ing heart of a fast dy Ing-lriend Nor i* it mine to recall the softening tone* that breathed of hope and home and health?those low and modulated tonea uf the aoul thrill ing voice whose trumpet-notes were destined yet, by turns, to rouse, subdue, or awe, the heart* of counties* millions ! The hand that wa* to point the |>?th of truth to thousands, ministered in *ymp*ihy*ing tenderne** to the need of helple** suffering. That ever preaent pro mi*e, from the flr*t moment it wa* given, waa well fulfill ed ; nor wa* the k ndly vigil ever abandoned, till Death oreatailed the *ervice*of Krleadship ?? Hi* was the pain ful task to precede the expiring invalid by tnch sad tokens as should, at least, prevent the double (hock of anexpecl ed wo, to the adoring heart Irom which ita idol must be tern ! Delicacy withheld him from the presence of that deapairing wife ; but proofs ol truest s) mpetby spoke in the.thousand kindly deed* the initincta that noble nature prompted Yeer* rolled away ! Time, if it oould not brighten the verdant bava that early merit won, at least augmented them. He still atrode onward?that learle** and true hearted champion of the right.' Awe-struck corruption quailed before hi* eagle-glance, and powtr waa thralled by fear of that yet greater moral lorce, to which oven vice must pay unwilling homage ! Yet. though high honor* multiplied, and the claims of public trust and private duty bound him t.? a far-oft poet, and told, at Ume*, with deeply btudanlngkwaight|upon me ueauu to the woik, " Fond memory, laithlul to her trust, Call'd oft, in beauty, liom the <lu?t, the Ideal preaeace of the still lamented f: iend ol ilav i; and with the-ie cheiiahed visions, eT?,,cam"rS' iBembr sliced of the unfargotten vow that had assumed 1 the guardian watch of uuubiruslve, and yet ceaseless, friendship to the fatherless ! , . ' Well had that watch been kept! The " white w'?8 ^ meaa ngers'1 ol love, held all unbroken, the electric chain that binds far parted hearta in one ; and along the muuy paths ol childhood i>nd onward to the bourne ol woman a hoi* trusts ana high responsibilities, that hallowed guar dian ceased not to protect the atepa af that lair, sleeping child. Nor did thii shielding care reach her alone ; her ? luil companion* in the fairy dance of youth, partook tuo care, the council and the aid that honorable manhood i heart lelt gratitude and boundless veneration atiU repay. He had sought the civil furlough that had never once relieved long yearn ol wearing public toil. It waa hi* purpose, silent!) aud unpretendingly , to jour ney through the broad and happy luud hia laithful servi ces had helped to arch with the wide-ieaching how ol hope and promise, and to canopy with the ever-shinuig stars that biightly blazon forth the undimmed glory ol auch dtads as his. , But what the uuolaiming statesman purposed, could not be'. His pioud name was too familiar and too dear to his admlriug countryman. , .. I Millions bore him onward as a conqueror.?the con queror ol irae hearts' Such triumphs as only a noble aud enlightened people grant, attended, every coming auJ uepartuie He accumulated the unwasiing wealth that nought save worth can wiu; and the un-reach iiiir soul that tauie could soaree content, was satulled. At last, a city 'a multitude welcomes his yielded presence, "Thatsea-like crowd, Wave upon wave goes thundering on. Loud acclamations and high enthusiam greet him in his long retarded prtgr-ss towards Lis transient home The b. amine faces of tried friends envirou him ; and smiling beauty crowns him with the amaranthine gar land it ia hers to wreath?the guerdon ol the Patriot H But now, his thanks oft proflered and hia gratitude em pressed, he seeks awhile, to leave alike the homage ol the circling crowd, the yet niore valued smUes of lriendship "tfVS&S EES'"Kfc. ?II.?7 ' distant mansion s and he stands alone, with loldedaims and saddened brow, gazing long and silently upon a pic lU"*Aye!" ho breathes, at last, in faltering accents i " it Is mv friend himself!" and the tear that flrmtst manhood may not bluih to weep, swells from his heart and slowly courses down his check. " What murmur in the distance speaks, And like a whisper dies " The abstracted gaier turns. Before him stands the j form of her who ever mourns the Dead '. Reader! would you possess a friend like him we have sought to shadow forih I i heu seek to know the I itriot stage of Ashland, the Hero of the West! Deserve his lriendship, and you will secure it ! Great Firk in London, C. M.-We have been furnished by a friend with an extract from a lettei containing the following particulars ol u most dis astrous fire, which took place in ihe town ol Lon j don, on the 7th inst.: "1 have been up since two o'clock at a fire in town. It br?ke out last uigiit, in rear ol the house lormerly occupied by Mr. y din, and cominued to rag? with uaabated lury, till the whole ol Dundaa street wan burned to the giouud The fire also caught opposite Cain's house, and burned all on that side ol the Bt ,U> the Hope hotel. Nothing isleltstandingonthaiside, but the Robin son Hall hotel and the buildings belougiug to Mathe son & Co., as far up as Alexander, the couleciioner On the opposite side it turned at the corner house opposite Mr. Lawrason's store, and destroyed three houses leading up to Mr. Harris At toe other end of Dundas street it turned opposite the Hope hotel, and destroyed a row of houses, only stopping when there were no more to burn at thnt end of the street. A piquet of 60 men of the troops in garrison turned out to protect the property, and rendered most?fficient service. The whole ol the best shops in the town are level with the ground: Gray s,fal coner's, Moore's, Deane' Mansion House Hotel, Clan's, Dickinson's, Craig's, Anderson s, Mack s. & c. Mr. Lawrason'a hous-, as well us his store, were saved by great exertions. The Robin son Hall Hotel was also saved, but the side on iJkin'iHs street was completely destroyed. Briiuh Whig. Forts in Canada.?In ihe New Brunswi< ker of the 24th ult., we read that the sum of ?75,000 sterling has been voted by the Imperial Parliament towards that erection of military works at ihe Grand Falls in this Province, the sum being one half the estimated amount lor completing (he works in question, which are to be on a very large and substantial scale. The most prompt measures have been already taken by the Commissaiiai, for com mencing these works, h contract having been en tered into with Messrs. F. W. Hatheway, Leonanl Coombes, and James E. Perley, for clearing 250 acres of ground on which the fortifications are to be erected, at ?o per acre, the contract to be com pleted by the first day of November next. The Commissariat officers have also stated that 200 acres more will probably require to be cleared, after the completion of the present contract. The site selected lor this new military post is on the eastern side ol the St. John, quite nearlo the Falls ?one of the most commanding positions in these lower Colonies, the maintenance ol which musi be always a matter of Ihe highest importance.? The fortification at this point will cover and pro tect the proposed military road from the bend ol Peiitcodiac, which it is said will certainly be com menced next year ?Quebec Mercnry, 25th Wt. Mijrrer and Other Offences on ^nip Board ? Yesterday in U. S Ciicuit Court, the Grand Jury returned the following: indictments:? Against Catharine Hewson, for willully drowning ' her infant child, by throwing it overboard on Long Itland Sound, on the. 30ih of July. Trial 5th of November , _ Against Silas P. Alden, master of the ship Bruce, lot confining Brasilia McFadden, seaman, in the run of the ship seven months Against the said Alden for forcibly setting on shore on Pioland Island, one of the Mahee isles, Daniel Durant, chief mate of the Bruce Against John H Cove 11, chief male of the Bod witch, for an assault on Thomas Hewes, one of the crew. Against Prince Harding, chief mate of the Nile, for an assault on John Boyd, one of the crew, in the port ol Antwerp. *The three last named defendants are out on bail, under an order of the examining commissioner.? Boston Tram. Oct, 17. Western Rivers, <fcc?We learn from the offi cers of the steamer Lynx that several severe frosts had fallen at St. Peters previous to her leaving, and that the weather during the past month had been quite cool in that vicinity. She reports 5 leet water in the channel on the Upper Mississippi be tween Gatena and St. Peters, and 3 feet on the Rapids below Galena.?St. I Mutt Era, Oct. 8. Escape.?Mr. Knight, who left here some weeks since wuh a requisition from the Governor of thi - State lo the Executive of New York, forthe arrest ol a rconvicted murderer named Bodd, returned yesterday, without having succeeded in his mis sion, Boyd hnving fled the country ? St. Immx* Rtvtillt, Oct. 9. Accident.?A O. Sathern, a delegate on his re turn from the Whig Convennon at Baton Rouge was accidentally killed by the discharge oi u can non at Plaquemine, on the 8th mat. Iowa?Before Iowa enters the Union as an In dependant State, the question bs to boundary he tween her and ihe State of Missouri should be defi uitely settled. This should not be left ss on open question, and our senatars and representatives ?hould resist her admission, till our northern boun dary shall be fixed and recognized by Congress. Buried mim Aijve ? An Englishman named Thomas Glosson. while engaged in digging a well at Lewispori, Ky , on the 30th ult, was buried alive by the whole working above falling upon him. The body was not got out until the 4th instant, when death appeared to have occurred some tim? before. The Tobacco Crop ?Intelligence from the up per part of this State, repiesent the present croo ol tobacco lo have been generally cut before the late frost; and little or no damage is sustained from this cause It is thought that the crop will be un usually light, in consequence of a very large amount having been destroyed by the late freshet, and many planters having bfcen induced to cnange their crop by the low price of the article in olhtr markets?St- Louit Era, Oct 7. I Ship John R. Seidd*.?This large and beauti ii| xhip, owned by Capt. Win Skiddy, and others of N York, sails to day, for that port. Hh? was visited y esterday by neveral hundred persons, who einreaaed thi highest gtatiflcailon at the beauty of her finish, and hri tuple and magnificent equipments. She is fitted witl .?veiy convenience for a first clans packet ship, aril will challenge comparison with the largest and the finest ol ihe New Yotk liner*. She was built by Mesais. McKa> <nd Ticket, ia 17ft feet long and feet beam, and het custom house measurement Is 98u ton*. Her cabin Is fin ish*! with greater elegance than th?t of any ahlp which baa ever yet left our port in fact the whole sonatroction sn>l fini?n f the ship r? di ets the highest credit on ihe artiii* ii.e :hanics wl.o have been employed upon her. ?Iftwhuryfori Utraid, Ott. 17. [From tho United states Gazette ] General Convention of the Protectant Bpla* copal Church In the U. >?. Thursday, Oct. 17, 94 A. M. The Convention attended divine service. Morning pruyer was read by tin* Rev. Dr. I-rek man, of Delaware, assisted by the Rev. ProteBsor Ogilby, who read the lessons. House or Clerical and Lay Deputies. Rev. Dr. Wyatt, Pres dent, in the chair. Minnies rend, amended, and approved^ The Rev. Dr. Burroughs, from the Committee on the State of the Church, mace report. On motion ol the Rev. Mr. Forbes, the report, without being read, was accented, and ordered to be transmitted 10 the House ol Bishop*, with a re quest, soliciting for the church the prayers and blessings ol the Bishops, and their counsel, in a pastoral letter to ihe clergy and members ot the church. ? , _ The Rev. Dr. Hawks, from the Committee on Elections, reported unlavorably as to sevtral ap plicatious tor leave i>t absence. Laid on the table. The Rev. Dr. Upfou), Irom the Committee on Canons, reported a canon *? of expenses oi the Ge neral Convention." Thiscanon provides that each diocese shall contribute to the General Convention lund one dollar lor each Presbytety resident there in. It was passed. Also, another canon, which was passed, as lol l?W8i Canon on the Effect ol Suspension from the Min istry upon Jurisdiction. Section I. In case of the suspension of any bishop, the Standing Committee ot thu diocese of such suspended biiliop u.ay apply lo any bishop or biahops ol this chuich to perform Episcopal duties withia ttuch dioceke, which dune* shall be reported in writing to the convention of ?aid diocuke at the annual meeting by the bishop perioral nig the same. Also, another canon?" Of ministers removing liom one diocese to another"?which was laid on the table for the present _ ' . The Rev. Dr. Upfold ollered a resolution direct ing the Committee on Canons to inquire into exj>e diency of so amending Canon 1. ol 18158 us to in clude among the presbyiers entitled to a vote for a bishop, the proteseors mid tutors ot some incorpo rated college, and chaplains in the aimy and navy. Adopted. . . The Kev Dr. Jakvib, from the committee on the General Theological Seminary, moved the house ibat the nomination ol trustees ot the mmc, made by the committee, be concurred in. Adopted. The message liom the House of Bisnops, ap proving of the nomination of the Rev. Cicero rite phens Hawks to the episcopate ot Mi**ouri, was called up, and alter some debate, the house re solved to concur in the said nomination, and to proceed to sign the testimonial ot the bishop elect forthwith. Adjourned till seven o'clock. Seven o'clock, P. M. After the usual preliminary business, the Rev. Mr. Cook, ot Rhode Island, moved ihat the canon "On Missionary Bishops" be ihe order ot the House for Friday morning, at 11 o'clock. The House proceeded to sign the testimonial ot the Bishop elect of Missouri, the Rev. Uicero Stephen Hawks. . . The order ot the House being the signing ot the testimonial ot the Bishop Elect ot Mississippi, the Rev. Francis L. Hawks, D. D. Judge|CiiAMBEKS, ot Md., alter a tew remarkson the necessity ot preserving unanimity in the church, ottered a resolution, in substance, reletting the case back to the diocese of Mississippi. The Rev. Dr. Tynq seconded ihe motion. The Hon. Mr. Mkhminokr, ol S. O., proposed an additional resolution, providing for tne reler erice ot all the documents in the case to the same diocese. ... . Both resolutions were passed, with scarcely a dissenting voice. ' , ? , A message was received trom the House ot Bicii ops, informing that it had concurred in the canon tdsetl by the House of Clerical and Lay Deputies, niiilrd "On the Expenses of the General Couven tion." Also, of i's non-concurrence in the canon, passed in this House, "Of the effect ot suspension from the ministry upon jurisdiction," and asking the up pointment of a Committee ot Conlerence. Refer ied, on the part of this House, to the Committee on Canons. Also, of the passage of a canon "On Candidates for Orders." Referred to the Committee on Ca nons. Adjourned till Friday morning at hall-past nine o'clock. Personal movements. Mr. Birney was seized with a rush of blood lo the head while addressing u Boston meeting on Monday evening, which, savs the Chronicle, "threw Ins ideas (always so lucid and well ar ranged) into contusion, and he was unable to go on with his speech." The same paper expects he will be out again this week. On Thursday evening last, Thomas Purdy, Sheriff of Bucks county, Pa., died at his residence in Southampton township. His disease is said to have been of an apoplectic character, and caused (lis death in a few hours after the attack. The Legislature of Vermont met on Thursday last. The Hon Andrew Tracy was eleeted speaker of the House, F. F. Merrill, clerk. George Aahmun, of Springfield, has been nomi nated as ihe whig candidate trom the 6th Con gressional district ot Massachusetts, the present member, the Hon. Osmyn Baker, having declined a re-eleciion. The Hon. D. D. Barnard, of Albany, will deliver the Introductory Address, and Mr N. W. Coffin, if Boston, the Poem, before the Boston Lyceum, on Thursday evening. Hon. George Sykes, of Burlington, has been no minated for re-election to Congress by the locos ol the 2d district?Burlington and Monmouth. The rumor that Anson Jones, the Houston can didate, is elected President of the Republic, by a majority of from eight to thirteen hundred votes, is confirmed by late advices. O. A. Brownson, editor of the Boston Quarterly Review, is said to have joined the Catholic church. Col. Jacob G. Davies has been nominated as the democratic candidate tor mayor of the City of Baltimore. The Woonsocket Patriot states that measures are to be taken by the Lfgislalure ot Rhode Island to liberate Gov. Dorr from prison, at its October session. Senator Barrow of Louisiana, has taken the bet of $5,0<X), offered by < reorge H. Proffitt, on the the election ol J. K. Polk. The abolitionists of the 8th district of Massachu setts, have nominated Gen Appleton Howe tor Congress, in ,opposition to John Quincy Adams Isaac H. Wright is the loco candidate tor the same district. The Grand Jury of Philadelphia brought into eouit two true bills, one against John G. Wat inough, ex-member of Congress,tor riot during the -'outhwark disturbances, and Lewis C. Levin, M C. elect from the 1st district, for misdemeanor in inciting to treason and riot! They will be tried probably next week. The Cincinnati papers announce the death ot Dtvid Wade, Esq., one of the oldest members ol the bar of that city. Hon. Fime?n P. Colby died at his residence in Weare, N H., on Thursday last. He attended court at Amherst, on Wednesday, and died of a disease of the heart, in two hours alter reaching home. At the Democratic Convention bolden in Andover on Tuesday lat t, GeorgeS. Boutwell, Esq., ot Gro ton, was nominated as a candidate tor Congress Irorn the 3d District of Lowell. Peter McCall, the new whig Mayor ot Philadrl phia, was installed into office on Tuesday. Gov. Cass has started on a thref week's tour in Indiana,for the purpose of contributing his aid to the promotion ol the democratic cause in that State. Vtee Admiral Sir Charles Adam, will leave Hall tax tor Bermuda on the 3d of November. Mr. Norton, first Puisne Judge ol Demerara, is spoken of in the liemerara papers as the probable successor to Mr. Bourne, in the Chief JudgeHhip ol Newfoundland. Mr. Norton had suddenly left Demerara for England. The first member returned to the new Parliament in Canada, is (reorge Sherwood, Esq., lor the Bo rough of Brockville. Commodore Moore late of the Texan Navy, has arrived at New Orleans, having been acquitted by the Court Martial before which ne was tried. Sentence.?Thomas Barrett, convicted before the Supreme Court silting at Worcester, ot the murder of Mrs Elizabeth Houghton, at Lunenburg, in February last, was on the 10.h inst, sentenced to be hanged The day of the execution will be appointed by the Executive?lfoi< on Coutitr. D*ath or M*s ClUUiT ?J?*t as our paper ww going to presa this morning, we received a letter trom a friend, which savs that "Mrs Deborah P., wiUow it the late Jonatlitn Cil'cy, died M Tho mMton yesterday morning ?Portland Arg*t Washington. (Correspondence of the Herald ) Washington, Oct. 16, 1844 Mirriagt?Grooms? Captamg? Fuihiont?Fun J. 6. Bkmnett, E.-y.,? The in-trrttMjr; ot Mr. Wm. M. Merrick, son oi ihe U. S. Senator, from Maryland, to the beautiful and accomplished Mii># Mary Wickliffe, daughter ol our worthy Poatmaatsr General, took place last evaning at eight o'clock. The house wan crowded to overflowing. The Hon Win. Cost Johnson officiated aa one et the groomsmen, the name of the others I could not as certain. The Misses Wickliffe officiated aa bridecmatds They are certainly moat beautiful; their dreis was simple, but " beauty, wh?n unadorned, is adorned the moat." Among the t e?ts were John Lorimer Graham, Emj , P. M , wife and daughters, ol your city; B. Tevis, L-q , wife, daughters and noa, of PluU delnlua; Mr. Sloo, of Cincinnati, and many others. Sutlice it to nay there was u complete jam. The President ?sd lady did not attend, for what reason you can imagine. The g illant Captain Newton wan also present, and attracted more aKention, and was more ud mired, particularly by the Indies, than any other guest, lie is (Jecidrilly & splendid man, and, if ttie court martial hud been composed ot ludies, he would not now be remaining lu bum>< n*e to know the decision of the President in his uufortunate c?se with the Missouri. The Miss Browns are fitting up their house iu splendid st)l? Coleman will not, rely on it, ex ceed them in good fare, good bed*, or good 14 tod die*." 1 know lrom experience, an I have patron ized the bar too often not to be a judge. A lull de scription I will give you by and by. Billy laatill with ihem. Mr. .*elby Farkcs has opened a most splendid fancy store in Pennsylvania Avenue, between 9ib and 10th streets. It excels anything of ihe kind that 1 have us yet seen t-ouih < t New York. I would recommend all visiting Washington to call view it as a curioaity, if they don't with to ^HLhase. The aecond cotillion party come off at the Concert Hall, one door from Brower's Hotel, last '1 hutsday evening. It wnu decidedly one ot the most splendid affair* of the kiud 1 have for years witnessed. Miss L'? appeared to have many ad mirers. A Lieut. It , ot the U. S. Navy, uppeared to be most admir. d t>y lier The m inagrm, Meters. Stevens, ilewut, flalnday,McLaughlin,and others, deserve much credit. Que of the most distinguished strangers now here, is Beau Hick man, ol Baltimore He lathe gentleman, you recollect, who declined running aa a candidate tor Vice Presidency on tlie ticket with Mr. Tyler. He travels altogether na "Talent."? He leaves in the morning it, aa hi; nays, "Talent" will (urid 1 have no doubt ot it) carry him. Heau has a letter lor you, which he tuyf wilt be forwarded to you soon. Truly yours, T. S. Itochest?r. [(.'.. rreipondence ot the Herald.] Hochkstkk, Oct. 15,1844. Great Political Excitement?Temper oj the Politi ciam?Movement???/' the Liberty Men?Protptctt of Clay. Ukar Bennett:? The election news tram Pennsylvania, New Jer sey, Ohio, and Georgia, has created a great ex citement in this part of the country. All parties are astonished at the result. It seems as if the whigs would never become calm aga.n ; as to ths 1 >colocos, the poor fellows, they feel us it their c ise was hopeless Their pocnets are empty, their faces are long ; and take theni ull in all, they are a pretty disconsolate looking set of human be ings, but it serves them light; they were so foolish a* to bet that ?'hunk would get 10,000or 15,000ma pirity over VurKii?they also bet that Ohio and *>ew Jersey would each of them elect a democratic Governor. Thev > ow leel as it it whs useless to ry t? eject J^me t X. Polk or Silas Wright, and thev have stored betting entirely. Yesterday 1 heard one of their most prominent men say that it was his opinion thtit Henry Clay would tfet the electoral vote of Pennsylvania.? You must say something to encourage ihem a little, lor if they do not have something to push ihem ahead again, they will not work hard enough to make the contest this fall exciting. As to the Liberty party, they are mad at Birney because he has accepted the nomination tendered to him by the locolocos of Michigan. They are turning into the whig ranks in large numbers. There is not a day passes but what we hear of some prominent man of the Liberty party coining out against Birney and in favor of the whiga. My opinion is, that a majority of the abolitionists ia this section of the country will go tor the whig nomination for President and Governor. If this should be the i use, Henry Clay and Millard Fill more will get 15,000 majority this side of Cayuga bridge. Time will tell. This is a great country. I should write to you about .sotnethinir else, if politics were not the order of the day. Your paper *its never in such a great demand as it ib now. The newb-rooni is crowded every aliernoon by tnen that are after the Herald. They look to your paper for correct news on all subjects. 1 shall write you again in a lew days. S. Bai.timorf Races.?TI.e races ever the Canton Course commenced on Tuesday, and were well attended. The sweepstakes lor 3 years old, two tinle heats, six subscribers, whs won by Peyton R. Johnson Two hundred subscription, half forte it -three colts forfeiting. P. R. J? hnson's colt Victor, 1 1?time, 2 mm 12 sec , 2 min 9 sec rtiomaa Doswell's colt Tom Pain 2 diat. O. P. Hare's colt 3 dist. Yesterday, I lie first race for $2(10, two mile heat-, w as won by Samuel Laird'a mrse Stanley Fclipse, 3 I I. James B. Kendall, I 2 3. Wm. Fields, 2 3 2. 'J ime, 3 69; 3 55; :t 55. The second race, lor $>'100, mile lies'*, was won !>y F. Thompson's Kate Harris, at four hen's, dia* tancing all the rest. Time, 1 53 ; 2 ; 2 ; 2. HOUR < JHANOKU TO SIX OH LO? K. P. M ?On ?nd after Monday, Sept. IStli, lR44 m wm m the Night Line u. ai.banV and yi iu>* will change die hour <il de|?rtiire froin 7 to 6 o'clock. P. M., ind will fit Ponghker|i*ie during die greul Kair uio I attb Show. Kare 7J cents only to I'otighlteeiMie. The steamer SWALLOW, Capt. A. McLean, Monday l#th, wd Wednesday, IHth. The steamer ALBANY, I aptam K. B Mary, Tuesday, 17lh, Thursday, 19th, al 6 o'clock, fro ia ( ort IMSI ?.Ir'irt loer. MoniiiiK Line, at 7 o'clock, from Barclay street pier, tke r?OV and K.mHRK. I r~ During die ureal Kair ind ('.ittle Show, Tuesday, 17Ul. Wednesday, lith, and Thursday. I tali. will reduce the fair to >i cents 10 and frotn I'niiifhkeepsia aud New Vurk. sll VK.W y?RK, AI.BA.NY AM) TROY HTKAMBOAT LINK .MM KIR ALBANY AND TROY? Morning dTLwe fruni (lie loni of Barclay street, landiaf intermediate |>lacrt. lav ana rriaay Morning at 1 ociocs The Strainer TROY, ? aplsiu A I la\ ind Saturday Mol IMW, ii 7 s'l 1 Ol Kveninic Line Ir<? in le- liHJt of ( oui I'lie Htrain. ? h.MH R K, < aiitain H R Roe, Monday,Wednaa lav and Knday Morning at 7 o'clock. Oorham, Tuesday, Thara nek. milt Lane lr>.in tie mm 01 ? ourtlandt straet, diracr. llie Steamer HWaLI.OW < aj'taiD A. Mctjeiia, Monday, Weilue^day and Knd'l ?? leiiii.g. si 6 o'clock. Tlie Steuner ALBANY. ? iftam R B Macy, Tuesday, I'hnrsday and Satuiiiav Kreaius, at S o'clock. Tlie Boitts of tlii? Liue, owina u> their light draidht of wa er. are utile al all 'lines to |?t*s tlw h.m, and (each Albaay and Troy in ample tiiae to Kike ihe miirniuat tram of ears foi the ast or west. Kor i assa?e or freight, apply oa hoard, or at lh? 0(tires on tla> ?har?-? iM PEOPLE'S LINE OF STEAMBOATS FOR ALBANY DAILY, Haudays eioeptnl?Throsgh direct, at * P. M , from he KteainVoat Pis- lietwera (-'onrtlandt and Libert) utreet*. The Steamboat KNII KK.RBOI KKR, t npuiu A ?' St. /oha, Monday, Wedne*t!?? and Kridav K.?eninjt at f o'clock. 'l"he Str111nlH.1i R()( HK8TLR. t'aptaia A. non* oa, oa I'uesday, Thuraday and Sntnrdn\ K.?eniag?, at (o'alock. from the foot of Barclay street. At Kiee o'clock, I' M?Landing tl luteruiediate I Urea. The Atom boat NORTH AMKKH A. < ii'tam R. O. Lrat eoden, Monday, Wednesday, Friday a?d Snuday Afternoons. \\S o'clock ... ,, . Tlie Steamboat COLUMBIA, <;;i-mio Willian^ H. IV?k. I'uesday, Thursday and Saturday Afternoons, at ) o clock. Paasrngers taking either of the atsire lines ?i|I arr.ea a Albany in ample time to take the Moriuag Trams oft ars for lie east or writ The boats are new <nd sunsnuitial. are Cr ushed with new snd elegant sta? rooms, aud for ?aai aad aa 'ommodations, are OMriralleil on the Hudson. ... All pers<ins are forbid trusting any of the boats of thia iue, without an order from the I apuia. Kor passage or fe ight. apply oa board, or to P. L. Hchntu, I the Office on rhe wharf, "UlW ~ PLKASANT AND < HK.M' K.XCL'RSIONh. SVMMKR AHIL.INUKMKNT. VKW BRIGHTON, PORT RICHMOND (STATICN ISLAND,) AND NK.W YORK KK.RrY. Krom IVr No, I, North Hirer, fool of Battery Plae*. The Steamboat < INDK.RKI.LA, w ll r?n aa ? follows. Daily, from Via* *>th to Uciolsr lit, .IM! -Leases New York at ? snd 11 0 cloca, (Bill P M. I.eav-s Port kiciinimd, al M tamatea to I, aad tf miaataa to 0 A M , at l,% aodSH P M ? _ . Lea res New lfngltton al I aad 10 k M ; al !)(S'ta,t'H t.M. On Snnds*?l.??es Nae York u 9 :d II A. M 1' J. S aad ? I*. N' U,w 1 t'ji r} ?iT'ipei. s to * t ', It J, i M i 7K 1*. M. Ufm Y oik..May U. IM *m'f% .

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