Newspaper of The New York Herald, 23 Ekim 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 23 Ekim 1844 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. v<a.n*.Hi-vh*??wt. NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY MORNING. OCTOBER 23, 1844. THE NEW YORK HERALD. AGGREGATE CIRCULATION THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND. THE GREATEST IN THE WORLD. To tile Public. THK NtW YORK HERALD?Daily Newspaper?pub lished every day of the year except New Year's Day and Fourth of Inly. Price 1 cents jier copy or $7 26 per anuum?postages paid?cmli iu advance THE WEEKLY HKRALD?published ev?y Saturday uwrning?price 63i cents per copy, or $1 U par annum?post ages paid, cash iu advauce. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation of the Herald ia over THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND, and increasing last It hat Ihe lur^ett circulation at any papn in thit city, or the world, and, it, therefore, Ihe heat channel for bunneit men in the city or country. Price* modulate?ca?Fi in advance. PRINTING of all kinds executed at the most moderate |<iee, and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT. PrOFHIKI OR OK THk HkHAI.U ElTAlUSHMKNT, Northwest ooroer of Fulton and Nassau streets. eng. tm* W i IN I b K A K K A i\ G L ,vt IU i\ T KARE THREE SHILLINGS KROM PA'l'ERSON TO JERSEY CITY. On and after the lut of October the can will leave? Pvte jo* Depot. I Nkw York. 8 o'clock A. M. I s o'clock ?. M. U34 " " 1I>4 " P. M. 3 " P. M. | ? " On Sundays. 8 o'clock A. \1. I 9 o'clock A. M. 3 " P.M. | 4 " P.M. ??a tf ?c CENTRAL HAIL ROAD, FRUM SAVANNAH TO MACON, GEORGIA. CiSBQ) J0Ke? 'Vw1 'if!1 THIS ROAD is iu operation daily (Sundays excepted.) for Transportation of Passengers and Freight. New and comforta ble Passengers Cars hare been recently placed ou ihe road, and tiie distance (190 miles^) is run from 6 A. M. to 6 P. M., with gp>at regularity. The Company has also a number of Burthen Cars, and is prepared to carry with despatch, all goods and pro duce which may offer. Goods consigned to tne ' ouipauy's Aijeiit in Savannah, will be received and forwarded, free of com mission for forwaiding, provided a sum iu cash, sufficient to pay ship and road freight and charges is deposited with the Compa ny on arrival of the goods. The steamers GEN. CLINCH and CHARLESTON, owned and commanded by Captains Brooks and Harden, ruu between Charleston and Savannah, iu connec tion witli the Road. A Steamer leaves each city on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, anil the Line, it is expected, will soon run daily. Passengers travelling South will leavs Charleston at 9 A. M.. immediately after the arrival of the Wilmington steam er?reach Savannah by 8 P.M. same d ly, and take the cars from Macou at 6 o'clook the following inomiug. By this route the{e is less staying than ou any other to .Moutgomery, and the fare is allow. E. r.AHTTE, Agent for the Line in Charleston. It. R. CUVLER, President. TH'?MAS PURSE, Geueral Superintended. Savaunjh, Aug"st, 1IM4. s5 lmrc UKITItSH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHU'S. . Of I SOU tons and 440 horse taiwer each.? Under contract wilk ths Lords of the Ad| ?miralty. HIUEHMA. Captain AlMander Ryrie. CALEDONIA Captain Ea?ard G. Lott. ACADIA. Captain VVIII win Harrison. BRITANN IA Captain John Hewitt. CAMBRIA, Captaiu C. H. E. Judkins. Will sail from Liverpool and Boston, via. Haijfax, as Ibllows: From Boston. From Liverpool. Caledonia, Lott August 16th. ? Acadia, Harrison...Sept. 1st. August 4th. Illhernia, Rfrie " 16th. ,r 30th. These vessels carry experienced surgeons, and are Sivplied with Life Boats. For Ireiglit or passage, apply to D. BRIGHAM. Jun., Agent, anirc No. 3 Wjl street. 184*. I THE NEW S TEAMBOAT EMPIRE, CAPTAIN D. HOWE, Will leave BUFFALO for CHICAGO, on FRIDAY, 23d of August, at 7 P.M., ana perform her trips regularly during tits sea son, as follows s? LP. DOWN. LKAVKS HUFFALO. I.EAVES CHICAGO. Kriilw Aug. 23,... at 7 P. M. I Saturday, Aug.23... at 9 A. M, Saturday, K'p. 7,... at do 1 Monday, Sept. 16... at do Monday, " do | Tuesday, Oct. do Tuesday. Oct. 8... at do I Wednesday, 16... at do Wednesday. " 23... at do I Thursday " 31... at do Thursday. Nov,7.. .at do | Kriday, Nov. 15... at do The EMPIRE is 260 feet iu length, 32 feet 8 inches beam, 14 feet 2 inches hold, measuring 1220 toils, and is the largest steam boat iu inlaud waters. Engine 600 horsepower, boilers provided with Evan's Patent Safety Valvea, to prevent the possi bility of an explosion. Tfw Cabin i*23ll feet long, with separate Saloons for Ladies and Gentlemen?spacious Stale Roomseiteud the whole length, ventilated by do'irs o|viiing from the inside auil out, and all liarts of the boat finished and furnished in a style unequalled by any other iu the world. Ample accommodations for Steer age Passengers, in four l.irge well ventilated Cabins, oue of which ? appropriated exclusively to female*. The boat is provided with a good band of music. WiLKins, Marsh It Co., Buffalo,) H. Norton h Co., Chicago, > Agents. J. N. Elfkrt. Detroit, ) iJ. N. BARNEY, fc CO.. August 1. 1844. Cleveland, aultnnv ire STATEN ISLAND FERRY. FOOT OF WHITEHALL. The Boats will ninas follows on aud after Sept. 30. LEAVE NEW YORK : 9, and II. A. M.; IK. 3?. aud 6. P. M. leave staten Island : ?, and 10, A. M.; 12>?, 2K and S, P. M. P. S.?All goods must be particularly marked, and an at the risk of the owners thereof. s24 PEOPLE'S LLXE OF STEaAIBuAIS FOR ALBANY. jtH DAILY, Sundays excepted?Through direct, M.t ^rotn Steamboat Pier between f -i. and Liberty streets. 'ihe otf* in boat KNICKERBOCKER. Captain A. P ?t. John, Monday, Wednesday and Kriday Evenings at 6 o'clock. Tie' StesinVnil ROCHESTER. (Captain A. Honghton, on Tuesday, 1 hursday and Saturdav Evenings, at 6 o'clock. Krorn the foot of Barclay street. At K:vi- o'clock. P. M.?Landing at Intermediate Places. The St NORTH AMI-IRICA, Captain R. G. Crut b>nilrn, 1 u "day, Thursday and Saturday Afternoons, at i o'clock The ?.?oh.iat COLUMBIA, Captain William H. Pee.k. Monday, .V-i.'ii-?day, Friday and Sunday Afternoons, at S O'clock. t'.usecgerx taking either of the above lines will arrive 111 Albany iu ample tune to take the Morning Traius of Cars for the east or west. The ikmU are uew and substantial, are fnr nishrd with uew and elegant state rooms, and lor speed and ac commudatious, are unrivalled on the Hudson. All persons are forbid trusting any of the boats of this line, without an order from the Captain. Kor passage or freight, apply on board, or to P. C. Schnltz, at the Office on 'he wharf. o2lrc HOUR CHANGED TO SIX O'CLOCK, P. M.?On nnd after Monday, Sept. 16th, 1244, -? the Night Line to ALB AN V AN I) TROY will change the hour of departure from 7 to 6 o'clock. P. M., and will laud at Poughkeepme durum the great Kair aud Cattle Show. K*re 7J cents only to Poughkeepsir. "i'lie .trains SWALLOW, Capt. A. .McLean, Monday 16th, and Wednmday, 18th. The steamer ALBANY, ('attain U. B Mac> , Tuesday, 17th, Thursday, 19th, at 6 o'clock, from Cort laudt ftr ?l I'lcr. Morning Liue, at 7 o'clock, from Barclay street pier, the TROY and KM PI RE. 1/ During the great Kair aud Cattle Show, Tuesday, 17th, Wednesday, 18th, and Thursday, Iftn. will reduce the fair to 7S cents to ind from Poughkeeiwie and New York. sl2 NEW YORK, ALBANY AND TROY STEAMBOAT LINE. K9K ALBANY AND TROY.?Morning ? Line from the font of Barclay street, landing .at intermediate places. I'he Steamer EMPIRE, Captain 8. R. Roe, Monday, Wfdnea day and Friday Morning nt 7 o'clock. The Steamer TROY, Captain A. Uorham, Tuesday, Thurs day and Saturday Mommy, at 7 o'clock. Evening Liue Irnm 'In* foot of Cuurtlandt street, direct. The Steamer SWALLOW, Captain A. McLean, Monday, Wednesday aud Friday Evening. at 6 o'clock. The Steamer ALBANY, Captain R. B. Macy, Tuesday, Thursday aud Sattuday Evening, at 6 o'clock. The Boats of this Line, owiuit to their light draught of wa ter, arr able at all times to pass uie bars, and reach Albany and Troy ic ample time to take the morning train of cars for the east or west. Kor p ui.v or fn'ight, apply on board, or at the offices on the wharv-? sM PLEASANT AND CHEAP EXCURSIONS. SUMMER JIRHJiNUKMENT NiCW BRIGHTON. PORT RICHMOND. (STATION ISLAND,) AND NEW YORK KERRY. Krom Piei No. I, North River, foot of Battery Place. The Steamboat CINDERELLA, will ran aa fcfr ^?ti'llows. I tily, from May 20th to Octob* J*., >? Le .es New York at 9 and II o'eloca, A. M.. al 3>?, h smll P. M Loaves Port Hscnmoiid, r.t 30 minntes to I, and It minutes to 10 A. M ; nt I, 4)4 and #H P. M. leaves New Brighton al V and 10 A. M.; at IX. 5 and 7M P. M. On Sunday?Leives Nww York, at 9 and U A. M.j at J, 6 and I P. M. Leaves Port Kidhmoud, at 20 minutes to V and 10 A.Mi at I. i and 7U P. M V>? V*1*w M1B4 mvll ?m?re FARE REDUCED. KOR CROTONVILLE, SlNO SlNO, TARRYTOWN. lii'MNU. WILTSIE'SDOCKjlASTINOB ? AND YONKERS.?Ou aud after Saturday. -August 31st, 1844, the new and substantial ?team boat W A SHIN OTON IRvlNO.Capt lliram Tuthill, will Irave the fhot nf Chamber street for the aDove places, daily at 3 P. M.. S?inda? excepted. Returning, will leave Crotonville. at tiSi, and Sing Sing at 7 o'clock A. MT, landing at the foot of Hammond street eacTn way. Kor passage or frvight, apply on board, or to STEPHEN B. TOMPKINS, 192 West street. s32m*rc KOR BATH, OARDINKR AND HALLOWELL. The new steamer PENOBfCOT. Captain >N. Kimball, leaves the end of T wharl, Boston, .every Tuntday and Kriday evenings, at J o':l<>ck St iges will be in readiness on tier arrival at the above p/*"#*, to f pa***!***!* to th# ifitrhKnrini? town* KALI. AND W1NTKK AKKANUKMKNT. xMUVAHK Nit NEW YORK. KMIE ONLY !?! CENTS. THE7 NEW AND SWIKT STEAM Edt RAINBOW, CAPl.tlN JOHN OAKKY. 0M ON and af'er September 10th will ran daily, aa follows (Sundays included) :? Leave New ^T" " T foot of< etitre street, ( o'clock A. M ? Leave .Now y ?rk. foot of Barclay ttreat, 3 ? 'clock P. M. apl nc >?,?.. ? -+ COTTON DUCK?M0 bolu vary ?ai>?rior Pilot Dunk, from 1 a i?for sale by K. K. COLLINS fc Co., sJ'w M Hontb street PTCKET SHIP MISSISSIPPI, fro* Naw Orlaaas, is dis charging at Pike str?at wharf. I MM will please at ?snd 10 Um racespt of thair good* laimadiataiy. ?17m ARRANGEMENTS FOR 184*. OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE. 100 Pint strut, corner of South. m m m. m ?THE Subscriber begs leave to call the attention of hi? frieuds and (lit- public in general, to the following arrange menu for public iu general, to ttie following arrangements lor 1844, for tlie puriHise of bringing out Cabin, 2d Cabin, and Steer <e Passengers, by tlie Ii"gular Line of I.iver|?ol Packets, sail ?( the lit, 6th, llth, I5tn. 21st and 26th uf every month. By ve liondou Packets to sail from New York, the 1st, 10th aud 1th?ajid from London ou the 7th, I7tli aud 27 th of each m<iuth In connection with the above, and for the purpose of affording still greater facilities tu i*sseugers, the Subscriber has establish ed a regular line of first class New York built, coma-red aud coppered fastened ships, to tail punctually every week through ly tlie year. I1 or the accommedation of M-raons wishing to remit money to their families or friends, drafts are given, payable at sight, on the following Banks, vii.:? Provincial Bauk of Inland, payable at Cork. Limerick, Clouinel, Londonderry, SI ico, Wexford, Belfast, Waterford, Ualway, Armagh, Athloue, Colersiu, Ballina, Tralee, Youghal, Enniskilleu, Mouaghan, Baiubridge, Ballymeua, 1'arse us town Downpatrick, Cavan, Lurgan, Oinagh, Dunganuon, Band on, Ennis, Bally-shannon, Strabvitf. Skibbereen, Mallow, Moneymore, Cootchill, Kilrush, Dublin. Skibbreen. Scotland?The City Hank of Glasgow. Kngland?nessrs. Sp.inner. Atwood fk Co., Bankers, London; P. Vv. Byrnes kCo., 36 Waterloo Hoad, Liverpool; payable in every town in Ureal Britain. For further information, (ifbv letter post said,) apply to JOSEPH McMURRAY, 100 Pine street, corner of South street, New York, Or Messrs. P W. BYRNKS Ik CO.. K Waterloo Road, FA88AOE FROM OREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND THE BraT B ALL OH t)LU LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. [Sailing from Liverpool ou the 7th aud 19th of every mouth. 1 Persons wishing to send to the Old Country for their friends can make the necessary arrangements with tlie Subscribers, aud have them coine out in this superior Line of Packets, Sailing from Livespool punctually ou tlie 7th and 19th of every month. They will also have a lirst rate class of American trading ships, sailing every six days, tliereby affording weekly communication from that port. One of the firm, (Mr. James D. Roche,J is there, tu see that they shall be forwarded with care and des patch. Should the parties agreed for, uot come out, the money will be returned to those who paid it here, without auy reduction. The Black Ball or Old Liue of Livei>ool Packets, comprise the following maguiticent Ships, viz.;? T>? OXFORD/ The NEW YORK. CAMBRIDGE, COLUMBUS. EUROPE. SOUTH AMERICA, ENGLAND, NORTH AMERICA. With such su|?nor and unequalled arrangements, the Sub scribers confidently look forward for a continuance of that sup port which has been extended to them so many years, for which they are grateful. Those proceeding, or remitting money to their relatives, can ? all limes obtain Drafts at siglil for any amount, drawu direct On the Royal Bank of Ireland, Dublin, also, ou Messrs. PRESCOTvT, WROTE, AMES k CO. Bankers, Loudon, which will be paid on demand at any of the Banks, or their Branches, in all the principal lowui throughout England, Ire land, Scotland and Wale*. ROCHE, BROTHERS Ik CO. '45 Kulloii street. New York, next door to tlie F'ulton Bank. N. B.?The Old Line of Liverpool Packets sail from this port for Liverpool on the 1st aud 19th of each mouth. Parties return ing lo the Old Country will find it to their comfort and advau tage to select this favorite Liue for their couveyauce, in prefer ence to any other. jel5 5m*rc m. m KEW Voki\ k ..... ...... _ HAVlir. fAt kETS. Second Line?The Ships of this Line will hereafter leave New York on the 1st, and Havre ou the ICth of each mouth, as fol lows, vix: From New York. From Havre. New Shin ONEIDA, t 1st March, ( 16th April, Captain \ 1st July, {16th August, James Kunck.f 1st November, f 16th December, <Uud BALTIMORE, (1st April, C 16th May, Captain < 1st August, < 16th September, Edward Kunck, f 1st December, f 16th January, Ship UT1CA, 11st May, I ICth June, Captain, < 1st September, < 16th October, Frederick Hewitt,f 1st January f 16th February, New Ship St. NICHOLAS v 1st June. ? 16th July, Captain < 1st October, < 16th November, J. B. Bell, / 1st February, ( 16th Marsii. The accommodatious of these ships are not surpassed, com bining all thai may be required for comfort. The price of cabin passage is $100. Passengers will be supplied with every reqni site, with the exception of wines and liouors. Goods intended for these vessels will be forwardee by tlie sub scribers, free from any other than the ex|>ensea actually incurred on them. For freight or passage, agply to BOYI) k mNCKEN. Agents, )n25 ec Nn. 9 Tontine Buildings, cor Wall aud Water sts THE NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. m Ml M. M To sail from Nt'W I ork on the 21st, and liom Liverpool on the 6 th of each mouth From New York L'pool. New Ship LI VERPOOL, 1130 ton., j \\ ? J. h.luriu?e. >Au?- 21 ?ct- fc N. Shin QUEEN OF THE WEST, <{?" y j! jLV' J 1250 tons P. Woodhouse. i?* ?} 4 New Ship ROCHESTER. 850 tons, ( ft"'* \\ 4^' ? JohuBntton. |{ | Ship HOTTINOUER, 1050 tons. |{ [ ra Burnley. $ Nov. 21 Jan'y t These substantial, fast sailing, lirst class Ships, all built in the city of New York, are commanded by men of experience and ability, and will bie despatched punctually ou tlie 21st ol each mouth. Their Cabins are elegant and commodious, and are furnished with whatever can conduce to the ease and coml'urt of passen gers. Price ol Pasaage, f 100. Neither the Captains or owners of these Ships will be rrspon sible for any parcels or (uickages sent by them, unless regulei bills of lading are signed therelor. For freight or passage, apply to WOODHULL k MINTURNH, 87 South street, New York, or to FIELDEN, BROTHERS, k CO., j 14 ee Liverpool .ejr til.ACK BALL UK UL1J LliNC. Of LIVh.K ?f#fVPOOL PACKETS?FOR LIVERPOOL?Ouly JUUkferegular packet ol' the 1st of November. The magnificent and remarkable fast sailing packet ship OXFORD, Capttain John Raihbone, will positively sail ot Friday, the 1st of November, her regular day. It is well known that the accommodations of the Oxford, and all the eight shi|w of this line, are lifted out iu a most costl) style with every modern improvement and convenience, thai cannot but add to the comfort of cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers. Those v'sitiug the old country will at all times find it their interest lo select these desirable conveyances, in preference to any other. Kor terms of passage and to secure the heat bertha, early appli cation should be made on board, foot of Beekinan street, oi to the subscribers. ROCHE, BROTHERS It CO., oI9rc 35 Fulton street, uext door to the Kultou Bank. PACKETKOR MARSEILLES?Of 1st Nov. The new A. No. I barque MISSUURI John Silvester aster, v ill sail as above mod itions, o^reight, or passage, having handsome state room accom d itions, apply on bo?r?UU?r No.^3 N-R^ No. 103 Krent street, nrto BOYD k HINCKEN. Agents, No 9 Tontine Building, cor Wall and Water ?ta. ???- EXCHANGE ON ENGLAND, UlELAND, jJgkfVSCOTLAND AND WALKS.?The Subscriber hei jfi|Ui?>at all time* for sale Draft* from i.1 to ?1000, payahlt at ail tlx* principal Banking Invitation* throughout the I mirt Kingdom. JOHN HERDMAN, 61 South st. NT B. Passage to and from Liverpool ran be secured it ih< lowest rate* by any of the tin** of paclteta tailing on the I at, 6th 11th, I6lh, 21st ana 26th of Mich uionth, on application as above J>24 <-c FOR LIVERPOOL.?The packet*hip OARRICK, .Captain 'IVssk, sails on the Zfilh of Oct?.in<1 th? purlo* *>hip OXFORD, ( apiaiu Rathbone, on ths lit Mot., their regular day* of tailing. For passage, having unsurpassed accommodalioni, apply to JOHN HERDMAN, 61 South >i?fL N. B. Passage from Great Britain and Ireland can a* usual be secured by llie regular packet slop* tailing every in day* from Lnerpool, in<1 Drafu lor any amouut, can, as inu il, be (utnish rd, payable in all the principal town* and citiea throughout Grant Britain and Ireland, on application aa above. olllrc '<? PACKET KOR IIA VRE?Saciind Liiie-The.bip uHtVV ONEIDA, Jamea Kuuck, muter, will *nl ou tlie lit j&GAfiiof November. (?or freight or passage apply to BOYD 8c H1NCKEN. Ollee 0 Tontine RniMinr cor Will snd ^V?f*r?la OLD h.a'l AHLIXMMJ IM.aM Uf f H f., i?l idHMpy South street?Passage to and from Great Britain and MMMEalrelaiid, via Liverpool. Passage c an at all time* be engaged at the loweil rate*, to and from Liverpool, by the regu lar packet ship* sailing under the new arrangement every lew days, ami draft* can a* usual be famished for any amount paya ble at the National and Provincial Bank, Iceland, and their branches, and throughout the United Kingdom, a* well a* at all the principal banking institution* in England, Scotland and Wales, without di*couut or any other charges. Kor further par ticulars, if by letter, post paid, apply to stee JoilN IfERDMAN, 61 South ?t._ KOU LONDON ?Tacket of tli- I November.? The packet ship VICTORIA, Captain Morgan, will ,ia'l as above, her r irulardav. h>( i a^sige, having suiierior accommodation*, apply to olflrc JOHN tlEKDMAN, Gl South street. FOR LONDON?Packet of the l*t Nov.?The fine ,new packet ship VICTORIA, Captain Marfan, will ?punctually sail a* above, her regnlu day, and ha* very superior accon<ni"dations lor cabin, second cabin and steerage I aisei.gers, who wi'l tie taken at very rea*"iiabte rates if early appl'Cttton be inade to W. & J. T. T %PSCOTT, ol9ro 76 South *ireet, corner Maiden Lans. iHSLor JMUBb''AltItK.K, Captain-ti. J ll.Ti burthen,will sail a* above, tier regular day. Kor freight or passage having accommodations nnei|nall*d for splendor or comfort, apply on board at Orleans wharf, foot ' "Vail street, or to . E. K. COLLINS h CO, 56 South street. i'OR LIVERPOOL?New Line? lleaiilar Packet 26th Oct.?The regular fast sailing Packet Shi[ It. Trask, of 1,160 ton* for spli Ol Wa Price of Passage, 1100. The packet snip Koscius, Capt. John Collins, of 1 CO ton*, ? ill succeed tha (Jarrick, and sail J6th November, her rewnlar y. s27rc FOR NEW ORLE 4N8?Union Lina-Kirsl IffJfSV r?Hu'frj,,?cket with despatch?The fast sailing pnckel jMHMSa*hi|i UNION, J. B. Batrorne, master, i* now loadiuu unl will have immediatsdiapa'cli. Kor cabin, second cabin and storage lausengers, having *ii|ierior accommodation, early ap plication should be made on board, at Murray's wharf, or to Joseph mcmuhrav, ?;20ec 100 Pine street, con er ofS uth street. H OK LIV ERPOLL l<eKular Packet ol 2tith Oct Jl'he fir?t class fi*t tailinK |>a< kct nhip O.UtKlCK, [Captain B. J. H. Trask, will *a(| aj above, her regulai fib. Slaving .laving very suiierior accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage p***ageu(eis, person* wishing to embark should make early application on hoard, foot of Maiden Lane, o? to JOSEPH McMURKA Y, ? o22rc 100 Pine street coner ? f South SPllU I H Ttl KffcN'i'lhJ^N barrels, beat uaaliiy Auill Herb afloat, for sal* by WOODHULL k MINTOrnh, o#*c 67 South street Illinois Wool, TX/OOL?4 bales abont 1000 lbs prime quailty, landing ei ship Misaiseipni, for sale by 017m K. It. COLLYnB k CO., Ml M^Soatk stmt BARENNE Sc CO AT THE C?HNKH^OK, URaN D STREBT AND ?. E*T?.F?cr 114 Or.? Hteket. fashionable establishment, Where the choiceit a?.ortnieut of Pari.ian Mode., Hiiu. Cape ^way. be found of the bat MWiont impart at t ohm dirtct. nllrc WILSON bvgk to itilorm h**r ingiitlj and Wt ,,?bllc' ,hat w i? prw*r?l to exhibit a rub and ,^l^r.llnr,'"eSL0f t*1' Hau' which ?h? flatter?heree|f | i i !. worthy their luiniectioii A few Imported Hat. purr lias d for pattern., .riling for Ira. than coat. Country l'?'f".a would do welt to call previoui to purchasing. On hand a choice U.'irtment of Feather., H lower., < ap., and lead UreiKa. Ladie.' own material. mJdi U|'!" ,,he"we"*l2.,.',? , MRS. ,\1. WILSON, oil 2w *TC 2?J1 Grand ?t.. between Allen and Orchard. FRENCH ARTIFICIAL PLOWEItS ANl) FEATHERS LAROSIERE &t COURT. 116 William ??lreet, New Y ork, are receiving by the Havre packet., of fall Oood., which, for flegance tl.ey have no rival. All dr<ilrr. and judge. in the above ine, are Invited to give them a call, and we will venture to uv tjiey wnl not leave the .tore without their admira tion of auch a beuut.ful stock. 1 hey pledge titv.n.elvei that the public will not be deceived with America.! Ibr Frenih aa they hate their hou.eiu Car.., Rue de 1 racy, No. 6, and deal exclusively ... French Mower*. o4 lin'ec M A G A Z I N D E MODE, No BO Canal direct. ^ ^ BEHRMAN, beg. leave to inform her friend. I-P I. . I^U. and VVinter Fa.hiom., in ! IiIkk, French Klowrr., Feather., and Hibbon., of th. cho.ce.t .tyle., (carefully .ele. ted by her ?*'nu at I an.,) together with a variety of w, PARISIAN MILLINERY FOR LADIES TOILETS, will take place on Monday, the I th October. Madam B. aolicita Mode^M Cauaf.treet! CS " M*Mia *> New York, Qruiher 3d, 1844. G< ^aris MJLLiNERy. 1VJIS8 F OODEFROY, 349 Broadway,* to the -t Carlton Hou.e, will open ou Tuesday, the 24th in.taut her u.ortment of |>all and Winter Millinery, Einbroiderie. Ma terial. for, Fancy Article., Ike. "roiuerie., ma rrii~Utry M,"mer? wl" I* .upplied at the mo.t moderate pr,ce" ?17 lm*in NOTICE TO MILLINERS AND OTMEHS-S,ili?off 1w ?0,J5'?,n"el1 ,c,lrut?d ll!* ??"! Auhiouable fall and 2? iv * '>c Millinery Oood. o' every description, at No fulU , ah,OVe S"?,ck Of about 700 , rlm' "''H- *<=?. are made up of the best materials and of thr latr.t fall fashion.; al.o, ab ut MM piece, (all .hade, and color.) Ribbon., Flower., Feather, fcc. Stc. &c., all of which must l? .old, a. Madam Godfrey ??""Ot .pure tune to attend to the Division street bu.ineu. i he liou.e and .tore to let, with immediate po.. ssion. ol8 lw*rc J. SORIA & CO.'S FRENCH DYING ESTABLISHMENT, No. *00 Pearl Street. ?"THE SUBSCRIBER beg. leave to .tate that he ha. made ad >.? i? ""I'fovementa to hi. factory, for the purpoae of enabling him to finiih hi. work more, and iu a [ TmV ?' 'y JW*'Will give Kenrral .ati.faction. .All kind, of Woolen, Cotton and Silk good. Dyed or Cleaned in tlie real French?tyl?. Hi. price, are very low, which ?hould br a .trong inducement for the ladie. and gentlemen of thu city and it. vicinity, to uav ?'?,"? vy Cuhmere, Merino and Broche Shawl., genu Wearing Ap p*rei, Cleansed in the very be t manner. Hi? Branch Office., for the accommodation of the public are Situated at? r t No. Xi2 Bowery. 76 9th itrert, between 17th and 18th atnMt.. 257 Bleecker ureet. 357 tirand .treet. U8d|m*nrWi"k'COn,er ?f Br0ed *tr,,t &lld'w**hulVton Place. CUTTING and CURLING. WW* tl?,relS0? ""V body i.florking to PHALON'S Hi. in W. u . r'li .V"* S*'oon ' We can riplain it. in ili? T *LV !I H?"J???">?.giTjng an air of haul ton hiin. <le.ervedly won for him the reputation of i? i ?rtut in the city. .r .L,!!l'"k,"l*i' ei|iense, introduced a new feature in the by keeping over 200 new bru.he., none are tlie<l a MCoad time without cle.uiing, thu. curing to each of hi. cu.tomer. a comfort, instead of a nuiunce it?e"f eV8ry " a" trV ? 'V.lcm, which commend. Ladie. and Oentlemen Bhampo.*d, and their Head. Dre.*d for Ball, and larties, on tliesliorte.t notice. A large a?.ortmentof Wig. and Scaliie. OH ini?ni ii KDVVARD PHALON, '* m 2H Broadivay, oppoaite St. Paul'., DOUBLE EXTRA ITALIAN HAIR WASH An infallible, .ove reign and celebrated erndicator of Dan druff?demise, and purifle, the liead and uivigoratH. and cul tivaiea the Human Hair. Thi. cele brated Waah. rrcom meni'ed by numerous medical and .cienti lie grntlemeu. i. con 'lantly for sale at the .hop of the inventor and proprietor. 17 I'ak Row, N. TorU. P. PUSSEDDU. N. B.?Order?*from the country will be promptly attended to, if addressed to the Proprietor, the cash. He ha. no igeiiU. Single wuh in t!ie .hop 25 coita?or $1 per bottle, ol lm*m LUDGINUS TWENTY-lflVh CENTS, At THE NAQ'S HEAD No. I BaH'-i.av Stm:kt , itna Broadway. 'II* Snbacriber having fitted ui find newly furnished severtil room? connected with thia Establishment solicit* ? call from hit frienda mill the pabtie. JAME8 BYRNES. ?W I m * rrc TO THE BOOT AND SHOE WEARING PUBLIC JWM MADDEN, Ml Spring atreet, having enlarged lum itock t>r the fall anil winter trade, offers for a tie a lariie and and lieautiful asaortrneni??f ROOU and Shoes, made of the beat materiala, which he flatten ia aa good, if not auperior to anv in the city. Hia ;naortment conaiata of ladiea' and rniaa ea'Gmitrr Boot*, half Gaiter*, BluUin Slip* and Tien, genu' fine calf-skin Uoota and Shoe* ; ooarae Boot* (or Watermen and Firemen, and youtha' Boot* and Shoea, of all deacriptiona, made to order if deaiaed, suitable for the merchant, mechanic and laborer. For aale at very low pricea. Of the abore atock hia cuat"iner? can prove ia not t" be mir passed. and if th?ae in want will give him a call and aatiafy tli> tna?lve* that hia W'<rk ia aa iepr-?enteil he do? not doubt that tli'-y will laave hia atore aatiafied with a li rgaui worth giving lum a rail. WM. MADDKN 293 Spring ,between Greenwich and Waahington ?ta. ol2 lm*m JACKSON, STACEY k SMITH, MANUFACTURERS AND I NirORTF.KS of Pen/Pocket and Table (Cutlery. Razor*, Stiaaora, Filea, Saw*, Tooli, and other deacriptionaof Sheffield flood*? "19 lm*ec No. 16 PLATT STREET. ? GREAT MASSCONVENTION. at Patchogn*, anty milea New Vork, on Wedneartay the 2.'lil instant, I o'clock, and -I Hempstead, 241h inafant?fare half price, or $I,M for th>' nip i for hoih meetinna. Traina leave South Ferry Depot, at twenty minute* paat 9 A. M., on both daya, and return same evening*. Ticket* for the Hempatead Meeting, only 44 cent* for the trip. ollto24rc NOUVEAUTl's PARISIENNE8, FASHIONABLE PARIS MILLINERY ESTABLISHMENT, 4A3 Broadway, ? ETWRKN CARAt. ANP HOWARD ITRRgT*, MADAM GO DF RE Y?*& DAUGHTER, RETURN their aineere thanka to their patrona and the public generally, for the liberal support. with which they have been favored, and aaiure them that they will hereafter enert 'hemaelvea to enaar* a continuance of their patronage; they he# leave to announce that they have now openenea tlie NEW FASHIONS, juat imported from PARIS, at their eata blishment, No. <J3 Broadway, near final afreet, where will be found an extenaive assortment of Parisian Satin, Silk ind Vel??t Hata. Kihhona, Feather*. Flowers, Cap*, Lace* Kinbroideriea, and Millinery in general, of the first rju-ililies ami ?teat style, to which they mpectfolly call the atuinlion of the Fa?hion?ble World, aa compriaing the moat elegant and eiten tive Stock ever pteaented to a New York public, at reaaonabU price-. The Ladiea are reepwtfolly invited to Mil, and aee for them aelvx, before purchaaing elaewhere Juat received from France, (elected by thatr Agent, four eieaeHata. N B ?Country Milliner* aupplied. Thia store will be closed on Saturday* iafXaanMr, 1H4 aM lm?m General Convention of the Protectant Epis copal Church In tlie V. 8. Phii.adki.phia, Oct. 21. Resignation of thk Kt. Khv. H. U. G-?ukr I>ONK, D. t) , Uisllop OF THK L>IOC?8E OF PENN SYLVANIA ?A resolution was patsed providing tor the printing ot the journal of the convention, and the distribution ot copies thereof among the clergy and laity of the (general Convention, and also among tuch clergy as have parochial cures, Jeo. I he following message irom the House of !fpk'8 Wfls rec*'.lved and read as follows:? 'The House of Bishops inform the Houie ot Clerical and Lav Deputies that they have passed the following preamble ana resolutions :? [ 'Whereas, the Kight Reverend Henry Uitick Onder donk, 1). D. Bishop of the Dioceseof Pennsylvania, ling | made known in writing to the House of Bishops, hia de ? ire to resign his jurisdiction ot the said Diocese, with the reasons moving him thereto, ami has tendered to this Hout>e hn resignation of the laid Diocese I And whereas, the House of Bishops having made inves I WHtion ot the said reasons aud ol the (acts andcircaai [ stance* of the caae, deem it expedient to accept the said resignations; therefore, Resolved, That the H-juso rf Bishops accept the resig nation of tie EpUcoptl jurisdiction of the diocese ?f Pennsylvania. made by the Hight Rev Henrv 1'itick On derdonk, D 1) , aud hereby declare that Irom and alter this twenty first d y of October, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and lorty-iour, he in no loii. ger Bishop ot the said diocese. Andlarther, Resolved, That the f regoing resolution tie: duly r. corded in the journal of this House, and that Information ol the ame be commuuicated lo the House of Clerical and Lay Dtputies. At:#?t, JO ATHAN M. WAINWRIOHT, a. .. . . ^ Sec otary of the House of Bishops. At 11 o clock, the House adjourned. Hamilton, Canada. [Correapondence of the New York Herald J Hamilton, Oct. 12, 1844, Laillt of Sir Allen McNab? Country tn Caiuida Hjmitton?Religion? Thealret- Hotch?Potatoes ?Ca rroti? Turnips. Jas. Gordon Bennett, Esq: j Were you ever in Elysium! If not,come to Ham ilton, the Garden of Canada. This is the head of the Lake, and a bold promontory it presents; the bay is a perfect semicircle, on the border of which stands the castle of Sir Allen McNab?which, for architectural beauty and splendor of its site, is not surpassed in North America. Sir Allen buffered much in the late outbreak. A man of daring ad venture, he saw the advantages of locality which Hamilton presented?speculated in landH, and may be said to be the foster father of the place - He is much beloved for his benevolence, and I augur for him a triumphant return to Parliament Between the bay and a pictureique high bluff,there is a space ot one mile and a half wide, on which stands Hamilton, destined ere long to be as fine a city as Canada can boast of. Having the advantage ot a rich back country, the travel, winter and sum mer, centres at i his point, aided as it is by a plauk road Irom the border ol the Lake to Loudon auu other routes. The produce ot ihe farmer finds a ready market here In winter, when J ake Erie is closed, this route is one huudred miles the shortest to Detroit and the Upoper Lukes. As these facts are Jrveloped, it is no longer mat ter of surprise that Hamilton should have trebled its population in five years. Ihinkit not a fable when I inform you that in this town is centred the largest wholesale eslauliehiiient in North America ?that ol Buchanan & Co. They never open a bale puncheon, or cask, but sell by the pattern or sample. I hey are general dealers m woollens, cot tons, silks, groceries and hardware, and wield an astounding capital, having branches at Toronto and elsewhere. There is a very neat theatre here, got up by the gentlemen amateurs. 1 was somewhat surprised lo tind here Mrs. G. Jones, Mr. Robinson, an excel lent comedian, aud Lennox, the correct delineator ot Scotch characters. The latter gentleman rnu-^t have been hiiihly gratified at his success and the stamp of Ins countrymen's lavor. His actiug is na'ural? &nd full ol animation. There are some excellent hotels here,-the best of which is kept, (or. as he quaintly observe., it keeps him,) by Mr Press-my well known host formerly of uie Falls?a man of tew words "but mnnile J?t, ' dry, and to the purpose. More anon, fioni Vortex. Trade in Guano.?List of 70 vessels, and up wards, laying at Ichaboe on the 6th July: " , * * Besides the above 70 viasels there were six others, names unknown. The anchoruki ' at all tunes bad, is now so completely crowded, as to lie positively dangerous, more paiticularly, as the weather has lately b.corne very uusktled On the -J9[h June there was a heavy gale from the ?ou<h, with a very lieav* ?ea, both Horn south and north, aud most awful rollers running completely across the north entrance. Dunn* this gale, every stage on Ihe island was washed down ?imo.l every vessel then in the harbor drove, about it) ioat anchors, others broke windlasses, and did and re ceived much damage Mix vessels parted their chain* and drove to sea running a very great risk ot going shore, when all hand* must uave perished. One ?,1 these vessels, the Susan Crisp, Captain Cox, had noi returned, and in all probability proceeded to Krisrlm.<l as she onl, wanted 40 tons to complete her ear?o' iT? rhl,T"1. "0t ^,urn^. '< " presumed Irom want of anchor*. The Ntim* had sailed fo. New Orleans, in ballast, ju preference to waiting her iUrn lo load, and it is supposed, many more will lollou, her example It is only chartered vessels comrn* to pirttei, who have laborers, pits and at iges, that can ir. t h"",^ W,Ul foC,,"y tne g?le, ihe favorite par?e? nr chums in Spencer s Bay, and went to sea, it is mipik>> ?d not to return; she was not half loaded. The Wave ol lilaigow, was completing (having damaged her win .last and lost an anchor in the same gale) this vessel will scrape all the gnano from Mercury Island, in order to complete. The brig Active, which ?nive.ion the 4th inst is making so murh water, that it i* supposed sh< must proceed elsewhere to bo overhauled The hrnr Bnstolian, of Bristol, (.apt. Cook, bound to fchahoe ran "" ,.h"r" ,hDic* weather ab ut 80 miles to the south ward of Angra Pii|tier<a, and became a total wreck- the crew, after remaining some days near the wreck llHerl out the lonr-b tat and arrived safe at Ichaboe.?Port Nutnl uazette, July 20, DusTRrcTivK Tornado.?We learn Irom the trreen bay Republican thHt a destructive tornado , passed over a portion of tho Fond du Lac country on Fri day, the 20th tilt.; its width embraced but a small belt ol country, leaving devastation in all its train. Several houses were completely blown down, and others more or lea* injured, the occupants barely escaping with their lives ; barns were unrooted and demolished: trees torn ui> hy the roots and laid prostrate with the ground It in stated that a man was driving an ox team along the road during the storm, when a tree was struck with the tor "J0"- "I)0.n ?j,im Injur ng him so much that his lite is despaired ol. Francis McCartv, jr it is stated waa somewhat Injured ; his house was flrst unroofed and' every thing in the second story, bedding and bedclothes ?l" r.? r Wrre ,Rat,ere<' ?I'l torn to pieces by Roallv L? i t aV.' ; "0t bR,"< with this, ft finally completed its vengeance Hy destroying the house during the mean time a barrel of vinegar, which was in the fecond ?tory, came rolling down and struck Mr. Mc fvirty on one ot his shoulders Canada Emotions.?The following i.s a lis? of Members returned to nerve in the present Parlia ment: Lower Canada?'Vercherea, Choroid) , Kouville, Leinater, Yamimka, Ci'y ol Qnabtc. Champlain 8her brooka, Three Rive-a, J ime* Lenlie, L. I.ecoate, T. Kror* (here, Jacob De Witt, Dr Rouiaeatt, T C. Aylwin.J. Chabot, L Quillet, Kilward Hale, Kdward Orievo. Up. imr Canada-Brockviila, ltu??el, Kingi'on, Cornwall; i'reacott, O Sherwood, A. Petrie, J. A \1>cdonnld, It, M'Donell, N Htewa t-H Comervativei, A Radical*, uid 3 Doulitilll ? Monlrntl Urrnld, Oil 10. Strammiip John S McKim ?From our Marine list it will he acen th?? above steamer hna arrived at our wh irvea Hhe made the paaaag* from Now York to Himpton Road* in thirty tt ven houri, tigainat a atroiift wind trrnn H R , and g?oda xhipperf from New York on Wednesday, were delivered here Saturday morning Th? Mr Kiin it a vetaei of the tint cla?, and ii well fitted up for paanongera, and can comfortably accommodate 70 to HO .She u upon the K.rricnon plan, and ia eatimated at 130 liorae power, and averagea 111 milea per hour. Thia m the only trip che will make to our river until spring, h?T ownera intending to run her at the South during the winter. To morrow *he will be open to viiitora, and our ci?i7.? n?, will, no doubt, pay their reapecti to the Captain ?Rirhmnnit Timrt, On 31. SiTOcTTon Cask.?The Cdse of Mr. Samuel Young, v?. William A Hays, both residents of the town of Ouilderland, for the Reduction of the piaintii '? daughter, Mm Mary Ann Young wai tried before ludg? Parker on Friday The voung lady ii both beautiful and inter eating and about MMteen yean of age, and has a child fllteen montha old, which it waa alleged waa ihr elT-pring of Maya He had lor aome time been paying attention to her and prevailed on her to conaent to become the victim of hia libertmum by promiaea of marriage. I'lm jurv r turned a verdict of $lo00 for the plaintiff ? Jllhany Knii krrhocktr, Orl 31. Navai. Court Martial?The Naval (General Court Martial at Washington have concluded their inveatifrationa in the caxe of Mr. Karon, Chief Ki.ginee ot the u H ateamer Miaaouri at the time of her deal mo tion by fire in the harbor of Gibraltar On Rattirdaj Richard Mnzzieton, aeam ,n nn board the U 8 ahipPo tomac, waa put upon trial on the charge of aaaaulting Ju llua 8. "ohrer, a mldahlpman ef the united Htatea Navy, on the llth of Augutt, IM4, while the **M Mi'lahipman Bohrer waa In the execution of hla duty Bnllo Jinn Oct. ?. In Chancery. Bcfjre Vice Chancellor McCouu. Oct 18?Sccoao Day ? Tht Cruger Cate?Mr. Wood's speech continued.?Accrediting tuu outer at iu language uud the attendant cireuuist jur.fird hiui in believ ing it to bo, a gilt ot the whole income to hunm-li ior lile, Mr. Cruger went on to make hit arrangements and to live accordingly, aiyj in hamiaiiy una uttamou they were enjoying the ?erene ami bi i^ In scene ur, uu i Ihern, when the wifti thrown in the first disturbing cause, by a demand lor accounts. They hud made amp to the spring* lue summer alter their marnage, and on their let rn she re quires a minute statement oi ila cost J'his came upoo him like a clap of thunder?still, Hum delicacj, audio show he was deserving ot a contUK nee unkuowing ol ac counts, he rendered tumii until be went atnuad, and then, on the first appropriate opportunity, wrote to i xpiaiu his views on the subject, Bnd to put an end to this uuworthy and humiliating practice. She persisted, however, 111 worrying lor accounts, anil at length, in IbJti, upon a misundeistanding ol those then lurnisued, witnuut a king lor any explanations, recalled the order lor the income from the h nd* ot her ti ustee This interference, on her part, hiought matters to a crisis?convinced ->.r Cruger ill til be had been dtceived, and that his deariy cherished iudepe deuce was compromised, and on the instant he indignantly rtlused to nuhmil to such a slate ol things. Aud thus it ever is in human ul lairs. Wo think all is at mnged, and that pciui.iieijey and trunqmllity are secured Hut, Uuturliauce and change must come. A sudden Jar, from an unsuspected quaiier, and the nest is biokeu up. Supposing, hoaevt r. tnat4thl> order is revocable, and has been ievoked, such also is the predicament ol the post nupnai settlem* nt?and tht n how do the parties stand I That settlement is clearly Void as to tho real estate?it is adisposition in lee, and you cannot cm it down and r. strict it to a lif.i interest Ho likewise under the Chancellor's decisions, the trust is invalid as to the personal property ; but allow 11 g this to be a mooted point, inasmuch us it has not as yi t ueeu passed upon by the Court of terrors, and that ti e trust may begoodsuiar >? the personality is concerned ; then we have exactly the shares first artangeil hy Mr. Hard, recommended by all the friend* ot Airs. Crug r, and provided lor m htr last deed of appointment?a division ol the income in halver, she taking thut from the personal, and her hus band that Ironi the real estate. With the order levoked, aud the settlement void in toto, as a third result, Mr. Ci ti ger take* the whole personal property as his own, ami the income of the reul during the ine ol his wile, just as the law arranges for every other husband. But, the charge lias been made against Mr. i. ruger ol misapplying por tions of the personal property in building three stoies in I'ine street, in the Kans made to his relatives, and in elect ing the house at Henderson. With relerence to all these, it is to be remarked, they were not lor hit individual bene fit, and were all done with the full knowledge and con currence of his wile, un I her trustees. '1 he u.-st and last moreover were lor the permanent improvement ol proper ty that was to go to her, not lilt heirs?nn<t m to tl>n loaus tnaJe to his relations, about which there has been so much clamor, and the building ol Hendeison House, it is distinctly and posi'ively awoin to by Mr Monroe, who was one ol her trustees at the time, aud cognizant ol these transactions, that ti.ey were either her own acts, oral htr instance and according to her avowed wishes. Taking her impulsive temperament und subsequent mis giving* into is not at all improbable that she both desired and directed theie loans und bu Idings in the hrst instance, and then repented ot and disowned tht in. But the truth is now known, and my client is free from cen sure even 1111 this head Toiepelthe charge ol extrava gauce brought against him, it is enough to poiut to the pretint condition ot the estate, twice as large as at the marri ge, and to say that whatev. r it was, tor the tune being it was entirely agret able to his wile and in keep, ing with the style in Kurope which it was her ainbitiun to imitate. Witness hei chariot and the butler she wished and he refused lo send oat from Ktigland, and because in playfulness and lo humor this fancy, Mr. Cruger wntes a letter describing amodeof life accordant with her standard of Kuropean splendor, it is drugged lorwurd as prool ol his extravagant propensity ?. I hove been astonished and suoeked, said Mr. Wood, beyond measure at liuding among the proofs in this case, private letters, written iu moments of generous and unsuspecting confidence from a husband to a wilw, and between them and their relatives and friend*. ihtioduced and paraded by the defendants in vio lation ol all delicacy and good laith ; when too, a great portion ol the vast mass are wholly irrelevant to the issue, and cun have no influence on the decision One would be at a lois lo know why they were thus brouglit for ward, had it not been seen in the progress of the suit.thai the object was to erect a platform from which tt? heap 11 dictile and abuse on (he complaiuam; to w ound bis leel ings, and, if possible, to bring him into dis. repute with the world. We will hot pause to meditate trom what quarter hn has thus been assailed?it is enough 10 say that it is charac teristic ol all the treatment he has of late undeigone The last dee ol appointment made by Mrs. Cruger, lieurs date the lDth Nov , 1941 It s, cures to her husband for I le one hall ol the income of the estate, and it was the re pildiation of this deed by herself and brothers that gave rite to this suit. We contend 111 the next placc that this instrument is valid and binding, and must be sttstai t-d by the Court, if for no other leason, he-au e it is a reu sonahle and prudent deed, and made lo Settle family ills too by Mrs Cruger with the assistance ol Iter own counsel, and by the advice of nil her own ftiendt. But it is said, that the i tercst she held under I e settlement is inalienable by the 631 siction ol the He vised Hlalutts on this subject. ') o make it so, however thet whole truxt mu>t h't hiought under the 66th section, aud then it lalis to the ground ami is good foi nothing be von 1 a doubt. It the cestine quo trust cannot dispose ?f her I eneficial interest hy this law, nei her can >he take or held uny int rest or estate consistently with its provi sions. The trust must he n gatory as to otli ther. al and personal property it it falls within the enactment ol he R 8 and can only be sustained by showing that it standi with out their piovisiouit und if it dots then Ihe wile's powt r of disposition is ut common law, that of 11 leme sole, and unqualified; anr,, 11 ? it is the lathion ol the day to cite au thorities for every tling we refer 10 Uioghum on < ovtn "ire, <77 notes?1 Storj's Equity U4H, and 13 Vesey |0o II the whole settlement is void, then we want no new ar rangements We will make ti em f >r oursiivca and if we choose to acquiesce in the deed of November '41, all tlnd ihe' otlrt need do i-i to make an order confirming it And that it otiglit to bo rutified and en forced, the conn deru'ion t.f its having hi en a family arrangement for peace sake it enough to make the 1 oiirt "uphold it wi h a strong hand," according to the doctrine collected in I itoi)'s Kqtnty 148. section I3J. third edition. But, was here a family dispute, or was the pretext got tip wrong. Hilly by complainant, ond without any ser ious ground I For a series ol jcars unhappily there have been gashes broa ' arid deep on the peace of this domestic cir cle Fortunate will it he for us if we can heal thorn wound*; bin ustured y this cannot be accomplished bj contending that the husband is all in the wiong. and tin wife alone in the right The ilifHi tiltiet between these parties commenced shortly alter their marnage and hav> prevailed ''own to the execution of the last di ed Ol their origin and cause, there can he no doubt Without meaning any attack upon the lady, lveftnay lairiy .ay thst ?he is u little high in her temperament.and that this hadled to a mistaken desire on her part to taae the h a I, and con trol in every thing?while on hit part has bet 11 evinced a determination to be inde|ietiilunt, and to he head of bis household, according to the worthy principles of the old fashioned A "gl o-Saxon baron or husband To w hat ex ?ent this inteimeddling and dictation was carried hy kit may be seen by her incessant calls for accounts, and in terference in business matters, as shown in the cotirte c.f the evidence, and how far this system of stewardship w as carried, is indicated hy jhe account kept open on the books of the eitate, ol th" wine which the husband drank at their table. Throughout Mr. Cruger acted with the utmost forbearance aud delicacy, though he knew his au thority and his rights ; but such things could not he ot her wite than irksome and offensive ; and because he hat Irom time to time inserted und maintained his inde pendence cf them, he is accrued of avarice, and of piac tising importunity to obtain from his wife the whole ol her property, when, in fact, he has at all times offered and Consented to leave the arrangement ol*money matter* to her own friends, ami has invariably acquiesced in the at ring' ments made hy her and them, whether the) gave him the whole, two-thirds, one half, or even a fifth ol the income ; all that he stipulated for being, that whatev. r he ?at to receive, he must be secure aud uncontrolled Whit he sought for was independence, not money 'hat independence which every husband ought to have, and in which|no true wife,w ho respect* herta If t y 1 will hesitate, having the power, to place hi... with whom the must *tand or fall-that situation in which your Honor, in the case of a ward in t'hancery, is always sure to place the husband, by giving him the entire income, while you secure the princip l to the wile and her children. Would it ever entt r into your mind ai a man or a judge, in arranging a ward's property on her mar ringe, to make the husband a mere agent, or stewaiil. or dependent in the family This gentliman, rathei than ?uccumbto such a condition 111 life, refused to live under false appearances, and left tli ir sumptuous haute and in vited hi* Wife to share with lum the loaf, or the half a loaf he might be able to earn at his pmfe**ion He too: lodging* according to hit own ciicurnstar ce*. arid as he bad a right to fix their domicile, required hi* wi'e to join him. One of the counsel opposite (VIr. Bixwell) latit;h? at this idea h t I appeal to his high and *turdy New Kngland love of independence, whether he would not have done the very lame thing .' Would he have sub mitted to ihe dictation of a wi'e, to tier causeli st c m plaints, and hrr Koverning him by th?- power of money, and not have said "Madame we will live on my means such is they are but I w ill neither o enpy your home howtver splendid, or touch ^otir pro,,arty, however large if dependence is to he the condition ol my doing so' Is th 1 avarice/ Had Mr. Cruger h?en actuated by such motives, would he not tho rather have held on and got more if he couliW Wa* it not hi* uhviotl* |>olicy and sure plan to acqtiieice, flitter and humor hi* wif,',in*te'd of honestly and irmly coridi mtung her when he **w the was wrong, and resisting and throw,ng off the unnatu ral relation ihe wiahed to establih between them? At an inttanceof hi* nourie ol conduct it may be mentioned 'hat on going to Kurope he restored her the order lor the income, to be destroyed il ihe chooao, and alter ihe had given it back to him on hi* return, upon a positive assurance Irom her. thai when she ? igned she did not intend it to he irrevo'ahle h? endarsed upon it the word "revocable ?" T?iH 'hi* look like an avariciou* spirit ? Hh int ?. qnent ly restored lhl? order, tituKr a solemn pledg* never u revoke,it ngnin, hut ever and anon waa exacting accounts of the di*btirsement of the proceed Althougu tint wa s ontinutng authority in Mr Cruger to receife the in come not ch irgt able or counfermandaMe. and although it lid not atart with the requisition of acconnt* ihfscondi tlnn having been added on afterwards, ttill to gr tify ont o( hi* wife * idiosyncrasies, he did furnish sta ements ef hi* expenditures, snd|ullow her to modify and even repeal tho order Itself on several oocasions. So again, wliile abroad he wrote to her, and her trustee* ofTiu Ing to e*e cute a new settlement of fhe property, if any doubt exit led as to tho sufficiency ol the one then in operation, and a third time subsequently, he repeated the naeoDir to writing Was aii ttu* the conduct ot ou? wko?ud? terminal to get bold of and impropiate wealth by every mean* within his reach T [To be continued to-morrow J Ueiiernl ncMtloii?> before Recorder Talima<ige and Alderman Jackson and J?ibi z v* iiliams. M. C Psrrasow, Eiq District Attorney. . , . Tuxsuav?S?i itnod-M lb* opening ol the Court, John H liuey w?? called up f .r sentence. Hj had previously pleaded guilty to a petii larceny, in stealing, at various tiuira, metchuudlie liom the stole ol Meaais ConallU ? 1 o , No. 8 Bowery. He wu? sentenced to be confined in the City Prison lor !i tnon hk. Tht ruse </ Graham H Hoaj.?The case of this inditl dual, who i? ihe biotntiol loe convict, Alexander lloag, and who stai.di chaigtd with aidng and abetting lutha escape ol AUxan ler, was sit?iowu tor trial definitively lor to-morrow. Tht cai* of Edward i/<lfcn-Col Cralt, a? the advo cate ot ihu person, c ouvicitd a lew day a since ot a gi end larceny, in tlealn g U ' ?>0 Iranra irom the cook in Bo nard's establishment, Na tan street, moved that the ac cuked be permlted to with raw the plea put lu by him ol g'lilty, ui.<l aland a trial by jury, inasmuch ai it h-itbeen ii a ie apparent since audi conviction, thai Milieu beag a foreigner, and not acquainted with the law* governing criminal eouitii, wa? induced bj certain piomises ol la voi til acknowledge his uilt, which wa. contrary to the fctatnle providing tor the solely ol the accused paity 1 he Court received certain alti lavita piepared by Mr < left, but at tin* same time staled ihey hail no jui la.lictlon lu the matter ; but il altei perusing and making tl.emselvts oon versant w ilh tin laetk, thi ) khoulil dikCoVt I hik wak u caio that called for the cl mency ol the Executive, they khould cheerlully join in an appeal to ihe Governor m nehall ol the convict and hit reliel The Grand Ivi/tirtt ?'J he grand jury came into court and delivered souie bills lound by them Hemy fcaben, E?q the loremau, then addrtssed tho court, and stated that in oid?-r to lacUlMte and get through a multitude at business which was beloie them, they met at II oclock, A, M. yesterday, and having held a moiuing session, took a short recess till 4 o'clock, I" M ; that on the member* le Bkteinhliiig at the ap|K)inted hour, aixteeu only were present, which number is ned ssary tolorm a panel, when Mr William W . Wei more asked to bo excused, but was inlurmed that the whole number khould be present in order to transaci business, and tin relore his presence cculd not bedispensea wuh: that Mr. Wetmorethen moved an adjournment, wh'Ch was lout notwiihstauoing which Mr. Welmore leli the room, and the cons.quence was that all btlsiuest was suspended. ... . . The Kecordt r w us very severe in his remarks on toe conduct if Mr W , and demanded an explanation Irom him. accounting lor his com so ol conduct. Mr. WiTUotK in reply stated, that he was engaged to attend a political -oneting and act as a marshal ol the 10th ward, in the pioceskion ol last night, and therefore was Compelled to absent himself Tl?e court stati d that the ieusons assigned for the con tempt wen; no justification, and Mr. Wetmore was order ed to pay at it n ul J?Vi> , , Trial for Burglary.? Thomas Williams and William Joluikou, two colored men, were then tiled for a burglary in the 1st dig roe. in having, on the night ol the :JUd ol September last, broken into the boot and shoe store of Michael Casey, No 14 Oiaugo street, and which piemises were also ut the timu occupied by J. McNamaraas a dwelling, and stealing some property. The loreible en try into the premises was proven, and ti e prisoners lotind in the store, w ho fled, und, w hen attested, some property was found upon tliem. A* there Wat some doubt if lb? dwelling and store wen coni:<cud, the jury found the prisoners $ lilty ol ImigUiy in the 3d degri e. and the court MirrM'i l tin-in to tlit) ititi priion tor fit? year? Williams wm trM yesterday tad eoovtetod of an at- ?ault and battely with intent lo kill, and sentenced for Hevi n years, ko thai the tetm ol imprisonment will be in ull twelve years. The Court Ihen adjourned to \\ edneidoy at 10 o clock, A M. The Miu.hkitks ?We learn tliat u body ot'Mil leriteH were encamped ye8lerd.iy on the Bide of h lull iilwut lour miles over Schuylkill. A highly respect able citizen went in search ol hia wife, found her mere, and induced her lo accompany him home Kome ol the Milleiites lollowed him, and uttered terrible threats ol Divine vtjngeaiico. There were about 4OO persons 111 the encampment, men and women. Their clelUi?on, it n to be Imped, will disappear in a day or two.?PhiLad Inquirtr, Fbom Hai.ipax. ?The ettainship Caledonia, arri ved a'. Halilax mi her p ifbaK?* "til. <>? 'he 18.h 111st The Acadian Kteorder tajs.t .at anticipations ihatthw supply ol Sydney coal wouft lall slioit on account ol the recent lire, are probably without foundation, at the dam age occasion'<1 hy the Are was much less than at Hist re ported. Pork and I'kkk ? It appears from an article in the Republican ol yesterday, I hut ample m range metitk ha\ e been made at this noint lor slaughtering and packing down 00 tiOU hogs, and torn Io.ihhi to at),Win cat tle during the next s.nsoii- l?iom 700,1)00 to I 000,000 pounds meal can be tmohid each iiionth nt the establish ments here ? Si I.nuit F.ra Important to Whai.'mkn.?By the decision til Judge Story lu the case cf leiikins vt the owt ers ol ship Coluiritma, it is decided that il an i thcer or seaman does not render himself on lioard, knowing that the ship is going to *ail. he forfeits bis lsy or wages, although she did not remain 4H Louis altur he went on shore. tyj. The U. S floop ol war St. Mary's i? to be launched at the Washington Navy Yard on Thuis'day sf lernoon next. Notorious RoHBtfM ?Tl??- notorious bttrik rob t>er, Hoot, once a mt mber il the Ohio L-gltla'ure, who rolibed the Madison (la ) Bank ol VJ7 00*1, in February last, has been s< n'en.ed to the Penitentiary, at Jilftrson viile, for a teim tf ftve yeais, and to pay a tine of >1,000 and the costs of prosecution. Kscaped ?The tilooininKton (I '1' f Herald -jays t? McCatiley, rommitt'd to the jail rf Washington coun'y, cliargid wi'h tiie mtur'ei ol ' edmim. and who w ? to have been tried tor the same at the sessions ot the Unittd State* District Court, now being tlist ountv, we have been inform- d, made hit escape, by the assistance ol some Iriends outside, a few nights since, of Morh.k ?The Mobile Tribune ol the nth inst says???The ? ellow lever, at we learn, ? em? to have < utiri ly disapp* are.1 There it tome little atirinthe tt eets, und the population ih evidently in creating We tind nathing ol the i lightest local interest Ohio Gliction ?The Stntesnian g'ves the re turn" ot all the counties for Governor otlii-ial and report ml, making Hartley V m jority >n 1,192 " This " it says, may dittn oneor two hundred votis <ither way." The aggitgalnis laiga? Jlift (aio.or th'-ri ubouts. Fiiik IN ()HI? ?A li tter trotn Pike town, Pike county, Ohio, mentions the destruction of the county otti . . s in that town Most ol the public recoitls were tsved. The Court House was on liie s? veral times, but was savta by much exertion. FIFTY OUNCES PLATINA, IN PLATK and wire of best quality, just received from Prance, luch i* ofUred Tor s.tle by Dr. Lewis Keuchtwan <er4 No. t><? Maiden Lane. N. B. Kriwote, Metallic Bismuth, liypo*ul|>hide Hod*, Nose, Pink, Purple Lake, Red Uhr, in )>ul|? and dry, Kuril's (Masters, f o|nivia C a|HMiles, Diamond (-etmnt, fine Jeweller's Kouite, Veratrin, Wood Nftft>tha, Nitrate of Baryte? aimJ Htron 'in, Oxalate of I'ot^ih, Muriatie of Tin, lkr.,lk< . lie., constant 1 on IkAi'd by Dr. Kenchtwanger; No. 64) Nlndeu Lane. ? I? lme?d#|Tr BARN HILL'S 1NDK MB LK INK 'J he superiority of tins Marking Ink it now very generally acknowledged hv the lriiKWists and consumers of thr article in rhiltdilpbil*t [u? fiuiri??^T of whom hfivf already tilled it, as may be smb by thflir (dvrttiM>m*iili.aiid have pronounced if superior to aiiy other indelible ink wlieiher of domestic or toreitfu make IV whole prof>?*i of* marking may be completed in three minutes, even at midnight iI desirable. |r is rolled Mini In 11 <* Indehhh Ink, after the rhrivtian name of one of our firm, who invented it. Manufactured and for sale #/ roi l s, LINN HARRIS, Wholesale Druggists. No. 213K Market street, Philadelphia. (Prom the United Htafes <?a*ette, of March 13th.) Inmurli irti-Mmn. Potts, Linn Ik Harris, No. 213H Market street, above 5th. manufacture sud have for sale among utirle? hi their line of business, is druggists, an admirable Ink, truly indelible. If will, by it* beauty and the simplicity of its use, com men <! ilarlf to thr r.K inl r?f thoar who likr U) art a in irk o|>nii thi ir m parr I, mid would like that mark Mat ud plain. (l-ri in thr t-,'lit<>r? of thr North Amrncan.of March 10th.) Imhi ini i lia.- Wf hw trird aoinr of Barnhill'a Indrliflr InU . md rhmfully wiunmriid it to nil thoar wiahing to nark mi 11lint or cotton It ruua lively ami irqaim no prrtiona i?r? ra ration. It ia for aalr by Mraara. I'otta, Liuu k Harria, No. llJ^a Ma?kft itrrai (( 01 y of an advmiarmaut of April 19th.) H*h <h m i 'a ltfukli M.R lr?a.?Jmt rrcrurd, a aupply of thia ciMinili'I liih, md having taatnl it thoroughly, am (trepans to ?*rinnt it f<|?al, if not auprrior, to any trior in thr I ultrd *1 lira or oflnt llni'irtrd. AI?o?Drnga, Nlrdicinra, I'ainta, .Vida, Dyr MtufTa, Var mahra. Sir . lit , winch will !?? ?old on ih* moat .raaonaMr trrma, by ALKXANDKH IIAKI'KH, Who Ira air Dmggiat, Markrt at., abora lltn jrl Sin?rc WliH PROPOSALS IFOR INATIONS HEADQUARTERS OF TH h M AKINE roRPS, ui;akti:bmantkk's office. t YVaaHlioTO*. Octobjr t, IBM. J QKPARATK PROPOHALH will Iw iwiwd it ihia O until 10 o'clock, A. M , on Monday. I lib Novrinber n*?t, for fnriiiahing ratunia tn tlw Unilrd Htat*a Mannaa, at tl* fol Iowiiik Htationa, for tbryaM I'M'', 1'iirtamoutli, >fw Hami*hii*. ? harl?*towii, M i?a.irhui"-tta. Uroolthn. Long Inland, New Vork. I'lnl idrl|iln i. Prnnaylvanja. O'ltport. near Nort. Ik. Virginia. Pinaaroia. Florida, and Wnahin*to?. !>*??"?? of l olumhia. K.t< h r iii'ii to conaiat il our pound and a quarter Of Irnah S#*f, ? ? rlir.t' <|ii utria of a |>oiiii<i of meaa potk; ri||htr*n ouncra ,f brard or au|#rfui? ll..ur?t thr option of Uorrrnmant, and at |?. i ,i f >n |'"Hi-da of goml e> ff>*, twrlrr poimda of thr brat V,.? i irlf im ntkfar, ?'iiht i|uarta of th>> tint whitr brana. four ? tl ,ri? ni ?lui', iv" <|uarta of talt, lour pounda of good hard .row i aoap. and our anil a half |<oiinda of (inhI, hard, dippad ?lliiw caitdlra lo rach hundml rationa. Tl * hr? f rvi|iiir*d ahall l?- drlitnrd on thr ordrr of thr rota nninliiiii oAcaf of rncli Htation, ntli?r in Imlk or by aii.jtlr ra ion. and ahall conaiat of thr Iwat and moat rhoirr iwrtiona of hr carcaac) tlw |Kirk to b? No. I primr ntraa jioik, and tlw ,rt? wrira of thr btrai quality of tha knida nimnl. aubjact to ma|iac (ion. ... . No bid will ba witrrtainrd. imlraa accompanird by lha nanaa if two aurrtir*. rraponaiblr for tha faithful iwrformauca of tha oontrsct To ba tndornnd. " Prouoaala for Hationa lor IIC.' Aro"' vi'UnlpnN q m m ? ?7 luw til Not rrt

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