Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 25, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 25, 1844 Page 1
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T HE NEW YORK HERALD. Vol. X., (lo. MS-WboU Ho. KM, NEW YORK, FRIDAY MORNING, OCTOBER 25, 1844. **rtco Two C*nll? THE NEW YORK HERALD. AOOREOATE CIRCULATION THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND. THE GREATEST IN THE WORLD. To the Public. THK NEW YORK HERALD?Daily Newspat*r-orib litlttd every day of the year escept New Yaar'i Day and Fourth of Jnly. Price 2 cent* per copy?or $7 36 per aununv?i>oie*ges paid?cash in advance THE WEEKLY HERALD?published arery Saturday morning?price ?)? cttta par copy, or $3 M pex annum?i>o?t l|fi paid, cash in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation of the Herald ia over THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND, and increasing fast It hat thr largtal rii filiation of any paper in tint city, or the world!, mid, is, therefore, the net I Channel fur butineii men in the city or country. Price* modsrati?cash in advance. PRINTING of all kind* executed at the moat moderate price, and m the moat elegaut style. JAMES OORDON BENNETT, PaoriurTor jr the Himld Kitiiluhmixt, Northwest corner of Fultou and Nassau street*. Jtfl W F IT'TIL \v 1 M li l( AliKA.Nlib >i r..\T FARE THREE SHILLINGS FHOM PaTERSON TO JERSE* CITY. On and After the 1>t of October the cars will leave? Pate .?o. Dkpot. I Ntw Yoke. H o'clock A. M. I 9 o'clock A M. 1U4 " " ?? ?' P.M. 3 " P. M. | 4 " " On Bvkuii. 8 o'clock A.M. I 9 o'clock A. M. 3 " P. M. I 4 " P. M. 319 if ee BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHIPS. Of 1100 ton* and 440 hone power each.? Under contract with lha Lord* of the Ad| ? miralty. IIIUKHMA, Captain AUxander Ryne. CALEDONIA, Captain huaard O. Lott. ACADIA. ,. ...... Captain William Harrison. BRIT ANN IA Captain John Hewitt. CAMBRIA, Captain C. H. E. Jndkin*. Will sail from Liverpool and boston, via. Halifax, as follow*: From Boston. From Liverpool. Caledonia, Lott August Itrth. ? AcMha. llarri*on. ..Sept. 1st. August 4th. Hiberuia, Ryrie .... " 16th. ,r 20th. Tile:* vessels carry experienced surgeon*, and am applied with Lifir Boats. For freight or passage, apply to D. B HI GilAM, Juu., Agent, au5rc No. 3 Wall street. THE NEW 81'EAMItOAl' llHM. EMPIRIi, CAPl'AIN D. HOWE, Will leave BUFFALO for CHICAGO, on FRIDAY,23d of Augnit, at7 P. M., ana perforin her trip* regularly during ths Ma son, a* follow* UP. DOWN. LEAVE* BUfPAI.O. LEAVE* CHICAGO. Fridf* Aug. 23,... at 7 P. M. Saturday, Aug.23... at 9 A.M? Saturday, Sep. 7.... at do Monday, Sept. IS... at do Monday, " 23... at do Tuesday. Oct. 1... at do Tuesday. Oct. 8... at do Wedojeiday," 16... at do Wednesday, " 23... at do Thursday " 31... at do Thursday, Nov.7... at do Friday. Nov. 14... at do Tlu ESIPIRE is WO feet in length, 32 feet 8 inches beam, 14 fee' 1 inches hold, measuring 1220 tous, and i* the largest iteam lioat afloat in iulaud water*. Engine 600 horsepower, boilers provided with Evan'* Patent Safety Valves, to prevent the possi bility of an explosion. The Cabin is 230 feet long, with separate Saloon* for Ladies and livutU-meu?spacious State Rooms extend the whole length, ventilated by doors opening from the inside and out, and all Paris nf the boat at- finished and furnished in a style unequalled y any other in the *orld. Ample accommodations for Steer age Passengers, in four large well ventilated Cabins, one of which s appropriated sxclaslvsly to fstnales. The boat is provided with a good band of music. Wilein*, Marsh It C*., Buffalo, J H. Nobtow It Co., Chicago, > Agents. X N. Elbert. Detroit. j D. N. BARNEY, It CO., Auguat 1,1M4. Cleveland. an boo v Ire FOR HALIFAX AiSiD LIVERPOOL. The Royal Mail Steamships ACADIA and |HlBEHNlA,will leave Boston, lot theabove ports, u follow* Acsilia, W in. Harrison, Kiq., Com., on Friday, Not. lit, next, lliberuia, A. R>re, Esii , Com., on Saturday, Nov. 16tb, n*m?. I'asaage to LiTvniool $1*0. Passa*- to Halifax 20. Apply to D. BHIOHAM, Jr.. Agent, at the office of Harndeu St Co., otirc No. i Wall street. staten island ftPSry ferry. FOOT OK WHITEHALL The lioitu will ruu Ml follows on aud after Sept. 30. LEAVT NKW YORK : 9, and 11. V M.; l)i. JX, and 6. P. M. leave btaten Island : t, and 10, A. M.; 12>i. 2X and 5, P. M. I'. 8 ?All goods mutt be particularly marked, and an at the rnk of the owners thereof. *24 ft, Kjfi*td' is iAi\& ot TTZ~7jyLuZ2TZ FOR ALBANY. DAILY, Sundays excepted?Through direct, ? at* P. M., from he Steamboat Pier between .Courtlaudt and Liberty streets. 1 Ik- tltrauiuut KNICKERBOCKER, Captain A. P St. John, Monday, VVeduetday and Friday Evenings at 6 o'clock. The StejitiiiKMii HOCH ESTER, Captain A. Houghton, ou Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Evenings, at 6 o'clock. From the foot of Barclay street. At Five o'clock. P. M.?Lauding at Intermediate Placet. The Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Captain K. O. Crat linden, I'unsiUy, Thursday and Saturday Afternoons, at 5 o'clock The Steamboat COLUMBIA, Captain William H. Peek, Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday Aiteraoona, at i o'clock. Pas*-ugers taking either of the above lines will arrive in Albauy in ample time to take the Morning Trains of Cars fot the east or west. The boats are new and substantial, are fur nished w ith new and elegant state rooms, and for speed and ac eomii.c-l iti.ius, are unrivalled on the Hudson. All prisons are forbid trusting any of the boats of this line, wiili. hi an order from the Captain. Fot puiing c or freight, apply on board, or to P.O. Schultz, at thr < on the wharf. o21rc "hour changed to six o'clock, Lr P. M.?On and after Monday, Sept. I6th, 1844, Z_UL the Night Line to ALBAN Y AND TROV wni i i .1 11 ??- .hour of departure from 7 to 6 o'clock, P. M., aud will Luil x' (oughkeepsie during the great Fair aud Cattle Show. Fare 75 reuu ouly to Poughkeepsie. The sr-ainer SWALLOW, Cain. A. McLean, Monday ltth, and Waduraday, IKtJi. The steamer ALBANY, Captain K. B Mvy, Tuesday, 17th, Thursday, 19th, at C o'clock, from Cort land! utiwt pier. Morning Line, at 7 o'clock, from Barclay street pier, thr THOY and EMPIRE. I / During the great F.iir and Cattle Show, Tuesday, 17th, Weduudity, (ith, aud Thursday, 19th, will reduce the fare to 71 cents to .ind fruin Poughkeepsie aud New York. ill NKW YORK, ALBANY AND TROY STEAMBOAT LINE. F?R ALBANY AND TROY.?Morning ? Line from lite foot of Barclay street, lauding .at intermediate places. H?' Steamer EM PI ME, Captain S. R. Roe, Monday, Wedaea day and Friday Morning at 7 o'clock. l'lit-Steamer TROY, Captain A. Oorham, Tuesday, Thurs day aud Saturday Morning, at 7 o'clock. Evening Line from '.he foot of Courtlandt street, direct. IV Hteainer SWALLOW, Captain A. McLean, Monday, Wednesday and Friday Evening, at ? o'clock. The Mi-amer ALBANY, Captain R. B. Macy, Tuesday, Thursday aud Satuidav Evening, at 6 o'clock. The Boats of this Line, owtug to their light draught of wa ter, are able at all times to |*as the bars, aud reach Albany and Troy in ample time to take the morning train of cars for the east or west. For laseage or freight, apply oa board, or at the offices oa the wharv?i sM PLEASANT AND CHEAP EXCURSIONS. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. NEW BRIGHTON, PORT RICHMOND. (STATEN ISLAND,) AND NEW YORK FERRY. Fioin Pier No. 1, North River, foot of Battery Place. T'ue Steamboat CINDERELLA, wul ran a* follows. Daily, from May 20th to OctGi)* In, IW4 i? leaves New York at 9 and U o'clock, A. M., at t> audi P. M. Lsaves Tort Hscnmood, at 90 minutes to I, and 10 minutes to 10 A. M.; at 1,andSX P. M. ^ leaves New Brighton al 8 and 10 A.M.; at IX, 5 and 7j( On Uun day?Leave* N?v York, at 9 and 11 A. M.; at J, 6 and ? P. M. Leaves Port Hicnmoud, at 20 minutes lo I and 10 A.M; at 1, i and 7W f. M. >??, \ n# im mvll Hm're FARE REDUCED. roll CROTONVILLE. SING SING. TARRYTOWN. 1VING. WILTBIE'8 lioCK, HASTINGS k "l ijS*AND YdlfKERS.?On and after Saturday. jLa^lkdaC-Aagiist list, 1044, the new and snbstantial suvniitiimi WASHINGTON IRVINO, Capt Hiram Tuthill, will leave the ftiot of Chamt'Cr street lor the above places, daily at * P. M., Sunday excepted Returning, will leave Crotnuville at til*, <inl Smg Sing at7 o -lock A. MT, landing at the foot of Hammond street each way. ? or ii?..?nge or freight, apply oa board, or to STEPHEN B. TOMPKINS. 192 West st^er. i12m*rc f tm DiltU, OAKU1NJ-.K ACW IIALLUIVM.L. The new steamer PENOBSCOT, Capt at^uSpN. Kimball, (eaves the end of T wharfr, Bow _ ? ^ uOStOU, .every Tuesday and Friday evenings, at S itagee will be in readiness on her arrival at the above v*V pissenee" t? the Meiflltwieli,^ r/>wn? FALL AND WINTER ARRANGEMENT. JSEH AUK ,;ND NEW YORK. FARE ONLY MM CENTS. THE" NEW AND SWIFT STEAM KB RAINBOW, CAPT.ilN JOHN OAFFV: ON and after September 10th will run daily, follows (Sundays included)I .ears New ?, foot of ? entre street, I o'clock A. M ? V oil, fool of Barclay streag, 3 o'clock P. M. 4&QT MIR LONDON?Ragnlar Pscket of the 1st Nov, JwyiV?The splendid, Aral class, fast sailing pscket ship JnliBbVluTORIA, Captain Morgan, will ssifas above, her ie?ul?r mf. llsvii k very superior accommodations for c-bin, second cabin snd Iteersge p Mengers, persons wishing to embark should make ?aily application on board, or to JOSEPH McMURRAY, ojlre _ 100 Pine street, co nerof South. "PASS At IE FOR NEW OHI.EANS.-Clears on ?Saturday next, and Sails o i the 2tih Oct.?The mu> j H'ent, releli st-d fast sailing packet nhipAKBAR, .iHt, will clear aa above, and aail positivsly ou Mon asv. iratli of Oct. The accommodations of the Akbar, for cabin, second cabin and steerage paainiKert, wi'l on inspection he touad to beunsu-r paftvrd i>y a>iv vessel in port; having very lofty and thoroughly ventilated lietwasn deeks, those proceeding 10 the above port, will find it the r interest and comfort to selaet this daairabM conveys c* in preferenaa to any other. For terms of i?asa?e, apply on board, at pier No. t, K. R , or to the subscriber*, "*0 .... ROCHE, BROTHERS fc CO^ BARENNE & CO AT THE CORNER OK GRAND STRE1T AND BROAD W aY, Ektiunce 114 Grand Strklt, FASHIONABLE ESTABLISHMENT, Where the choicest assortment of Parisian Mod**, Hats, Caps, Hud Dre.u-s, &c., will always b? found of tike but seltctii .n?? importation* direct. nllrc MKS. M. WILSON to iblorui her lriru?Ltand ?KJ)the public, that ah* ia prepared to exhibit a ?ch and elegant assortment of K,II Hats, which she fla'tertTierself the ladies will find worthy their inspection A faw Imported Iiata purchas-d for patterns, selling for laaa than coat. Country Milliners, in search ol patterns. would do wal< to call pre?ioua to purchasing. On haud a choice assortment of Fsuthers, Klowers, Caps, and Head Dresses. Ladies' irarn matariala made up in the npwest style. MRS. M. WILhON, Oil 2w*tc 281 Grand at., between A lieu and Orchard. FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS AND FEATHERS. BRUN LAROSIERE k COURT. 116 William 'street. New York, are receiving by the Havre packets, Itheir assortment of Kali Goods, winch, for tleganoe, Miry have no rival. All dealers and juilgca in tlie above line, aretiivited to give them a call, and we will venture to aay they will not leave th? atore without expressing their admira tion of such a beautiful itock. They plrUge tltemselves that the pnblic will not be deceived with American Klowers for Krench. ai they hate their houae in Paris, Rue de Tracy, No.6, and deal exclusively in Kreueh Klowers. o< lm?ec OTICK TO MILLINERS AND OTHERS?frlitaToff below coat, the well selecud new ard fashionable fall and winter stock of Millinery Goods o' every description, at No >3 Division street. The a'>ove stock c> usisting of aliout 700 full trimed Hats, of sati' , velvet, ailk, kc. Ikr , are made up of the brat materiala, and of the latrat fall fashioni; also, ab ut 500 pieces (all shades and colors) Kibbons, Klowers, Keathers, kc. kc. kc., all of which must lie sold, as Madam Uodfiey C4.iuot spare time to attend to the Division street business. The house and store to let, with immediate, poaa-ssion. olH lw*rc J. SORIA & CO.'S . FRENCH DYING ESTABLISHMENT, No. 490 Pearl Street. rPHU SUBSCRIBER begs leave to state that he has made ad ?l ditional improvementa to his factory, for the purpose of snabliug him to finish his work more expeditiously, and in a manner that he warrants will give general satisfaction. All kinds of Woolen, Cotton and Si Ik good* Dyed or Cleansed in the real French style. His price* are very low, which should be a strong inducement for the ladies and gentlemen of this city and it* vicinity, to pay him an early riiit. Caahmere, Merino and Broche Shawl*, gents Wearing Ap parel, cleansed in the very he t manner. His Branch Office*, for the accommodation of the pnblic, are situated at? No. 352 Bowery. 76 9th street, between 17th and 18th streets. 267 Bleecker street. 357 < Irand street. And in Newark, corner of Broad street and,'Washington Plaee. *28 lm*m CUTTING AND CURLING. TlfH AT i* the reeson every body ia flocking to PHALON'S v v Fashionable Hair Dressing Saloon I We can explain it. His inimitable style of Hair Dressing, giving an air of haul ton to the person, has deservedly won for hiin the reputation of being the first artist in the city. He ha*, at torn* expense, introduced a new feature in the scienee ol hair dressing, by keeping over 200 new brushes, none of which are used a second time without cleaniug, thus se curing to each of his customers a comfort, instead of a nuisance, found in every* shop. Call and try the system, which commends UK Ladies and Gentlemen Shampooed, and their Heads Dressed for Balls and Parties, on the shortest notice. A large assortment of Wigs and Scajpea. KD WARD PHALON, oil lm*m 214 Broadway, opposite 8t. Paul's. ?X JACKSON, STACEY & SMITH, TVf ANUF ACTUM ER8 AND IMPORTERS of Pen .'Pocket A" and Table Cutlery, Razors. Scissors, File*, Raws, Tools, and other descriptions of Sheffield Goods? ,l? It**** v? ik PI ATT HTHKFT DOUBLE EXTRA ITALIAN HAIR WaSH Ad infallible, sove reign and Celebrated endicator of D*n drnff?clennim and jmrifies the head and invigorates and cul tivaiee the Human Hair. Thia cele braird Waah, recom mended by cumrnmi medical and scienti fic g?ntlemen. ii con stantly fur * ile al the shop of the inventor and proprietor. 17 Pak Row, N. Tork. P. PUSSEDDU. N B.?Ordera'from the country will be promptly attended to, if addressed to the Proprietor, enclosing the cash. He haa no agents. Single waah in t ie ahop ?> cenu?or $1 per bottle, ol lm*m ?29 Im'rrc LODUINUS TWENTY-riVK CENTS. AT THE NAQ'S HEAD No. t BiBi Stfekt, Kcia Broidwit. The Subaertber having fifed U| and newly famished aeveral room, connected with thia Establishment aolicita a call from hia friends and the public. JAMES BYRNES. TO THE BOOT ANI) SHOE WEARING PUBLIC , WM. MADDF.N, 203 Spring street, having enlarged his ituck (fcr the fall and winter trade, offers for tale a large and and beautiful assortment of Boots and Shoes, made of the t u( ?Aswiiiiinii ('? wuu miu mau best materials, which lie flatters is as good, ii not superior to any in the city. His assortment consists of ladies' and miss es "aiter Boots, half Gaiters, Buskin Slips and Ties, genta' fine oall-skiii Boots and Shoes ; aearse Boots for WaterflMn and Firemen, and youths' Boot* and Shoes, of all descriptions, made to order if desiaed, suitable for the merchant, mechanic and laborer. Kor sale at very low price*. Ol the above at<'Ck his cust' m*M can prove is not to be sur paoed. and if tlv se in want wi'l give him a call and satisfy themselves th t his work is as iepr-??nled he d< ?s not doubt that they will leave his suve satisfied with a b rgain worth giving him a call. W.VI, MADDEN 203 Spring .between Greenwich and Washington sts. o!2 lm*m ORE AT MASS CONVENTION, at PatchofW, suty miles from New York, on Wednesday, the 23d instant, al 1 o'clock, and at Ilemp?tead, 24th ,1 aslant?fare half price, or SI.M for tlie trip lor both ways for both meetings. Trains leave South Ferry Depot, at twenty minutes past 9 A. M.,ou both dayi, and return same evenings. Tickets lor the Hempstead Meeting, only 44 cents for the trip. oUto24rc N0UVEAUT1*3 PARISIENNES, FASHIONABLE PARIS MILLINKRY ESTABLISHMENT, 4*43 Broadway, MADAM GODFREY & DAUGHTER, RETURN their sincere thanks to their patron" and the public generally, for the liberal sumiort. with which they have been favorvd, and aisure them tliaf they will hereafter evert themselves to ensure a continuance of their patronage; they tm| leave to announce that the^ have now operieiicd the NEW FASHIONS, just imported from l'ARIS, at their esta blishment, No. 423 Broadway, near Canal street, where will lie found an eitensive assortment of Parisian Satin, Silk, and Vel??t Hats. Ribbons, Feather*. Klowers, Opt, Laces. Embroideries, anil .Millinery in general, of the first qualities and latest style, to which they respectfully call the attention of the Fashiouahle World, as enmpriaing the most elegant and eiten sive Stock ever presented to a New York public, at reasonable (Mr, The Ladiee are respectfully invited to call, and see for them selves, before purchaaing elsewhere. Just reoaived from France, selected by their Agent, four cawe Hat*. Jj/?Couatry Milliners supplied. Tnis store will be closed on Saturday!. Heptemlier. tan s20 )m?m RESTORATION OF THK JEWtj. A DISCOURSE will be delivered at the Broadway Taherna ~~, .f!? Jfn Monday Evening, the 28th instant, by M. M. NOAH, Esq.. on the Restoration of the Jews 10 th^-ir ancient he-tugs and the approach of the Millennium. The Anerieau So tiety Tor meliorating the cor.ditioa o t the Jews have accepted an invitition to attend and will be present. Tickets of admission to be had at the Tabernacle?23 cants. o2l 3t*rc UEMP--1M balee. very Superior and I'rime Wa'er rotted, *a landing e? ship Mississippi and in store, for sale by OlTrc K CMIJ.INS It ( P., M South street QPEL?W/-14 Mns Binlter?for sale by O WOODliVLL It NflNTURNS, "*r? _ fl? South .tree ^AW R"ft EjilX? About 11,(00 Jbe^j fjr aj^t^Tow^rateVy QlOX *1 Month street, Boa ton. [Correspondence of the Herald J Boston, Monday, Oct. 21, 1844. Great Excitement in Boston? 'lhe Anti-Gambling Mo vement?Millerum. Fkik.-su Bk.nnktt:? In ihis liufcty communication, you must not ex pect much of interest?you will have received the foreign news brought by the Acadia?and I will con Hue myself to a few local matters. Tue weather Here has not asyet been very cold, the latter part of the past week, was very wet, but it cleared up on Saturday night, and yesterday (Sunday) was a beautiful day. Millerism seams to have received a check ; at leant their public maetiugs have been stopped about a week, and publicly there ia scarcely any demon stration that it exists among us." Tne papers ot this morning, some ot them, say that a warrant has been issued for the apprehension of its main lead er here, viz: the Rev Mr Himea. It is rumored that the charges in part are ot having obtained ino ney unde i false pretences, and appropriated lo ni? own purposes, thereby bringing di?tre*s on many ui those who,by his preachingsaud solicitation,were induced to contribute in some cases nearly all they possessed to the dissemination ot this doctrine; yet I am ot opinion that he is eatireiy innocent of hav iug departed in this wise trom the path ot mural rectitude. I think htm honest. The great reformer, Mr. Green, has stirred up a tremendous excitement here on the subject ot gHtnbling. j. Wonderful, indeed, are the astounding disclosures constantly being made at his meetings, both by him and others who have been turned from the path of evil through his instrumentality. Uia truly heart-rending to contemplate the extent of this vice and the misery and degradation to which it leads, if a multitude of witnesses are to be credited. It is not then surprising that the citi zens have taken it in hand, and so cordially evince their approval of and determination to support this novel and much needed reformer. The papers an nounced a meeting on Sunday evening (last night) which I concluded to attend. Wending my way thither,a little past six, I tound the entrunce to that spacious building, the Marlboro' Chapel, thronged with people of all ages and ot both sexes, eager to give tneir patronage and support to this gentleman At an early hour, the great hall was crowded to overflowing, and one ?f the gentlemunly door keepers informed me that from three to five hun dred parsons went away unable to obtain entrance ?every passage, nook and corner was crowded by hundreds uuable to ge! seats, who stood up during the meeting. The meeting was opaued by prayer, after which Deacon Grant, the renowned ph.lan thropist, delivered a short address, in which he congratulated th? citizens, that such an important move had been made, and related several remark able cases of reformations that have lately taken place in quarters from which great jmblic, as well as private good, can but flow. And farther to il lustrate the great spirit of reform, which is at work in this matter, he read several letters ad dressed to Mr. Green, congratulating turn 011 his happy relormation, and wishing him God speed in this great and good work. Some ot thes letters were trom unhappy orphans who had been made such, and reduced to poverty and want, by this unhallowed vice. Next, Dr. Jewett followed and addressed the assemblage a short time,in a for cible andhappy manner, and was listened to with the greatest attention. Mr. Green then related some of those heart-reading incidents so common in the life of the gambler,and in which he had bad a part, and was personally acquainted with what he related. He whs listened to with the most profound attention, and his relations are having the most salutary influence on the community generally stirring the people up to a determined and vigoious opposition to this monstrous vice. Protassor Wood bury then, with great feeling and affect, sung the ??Gambler's Wile." 1 never heard htm do better. J-0 attentive was the audience, that a sound above a breath was not to be heard during his per formance, except his own fine voice and the ap propriate accompaniment ot his piano. Mr J. d. Gondii next addressed the meeting,and set lorth in a masterly manner, theevils ot the vice in question. Alter which the Rev. E. H Ghspin spoke in his most effective style, urging upon the commanuy to rise up en mmut lo crush this dreadful evil, and ban ish it from our midst. It has beeu long t-ince I have witnessed eo mach enthusiasm, interest, and ex citement, as is manif?st_ed in this noval move. The citizei s, from the very first, took Mr. (ireen by the hand, and the press ot all parties have joined to cnrrv out this tireat trove at relormatioo R,'d to support the reformer. Yours, J. xi. Bangor. [Correspondence of tha Herald ] Banoor, (Me ) Oct 21, 1844 Protptctt of the Whigt?Jenlouty between the Cal houn and Van But en wingi of the Democratic Party? Liberty Party, SfC. There is not much of interest to inform you about in this section, at this particular time. The political movements, with one exception, in this State are not worthy of note. The exception is the scramble for governmental patronage, by the Calhoun wing of the democratic party. John Ty ler is literally bereft with their petitions. Two only, as yet, have succeeded in getting office Ben. Kingsbury and Virgil Delphini Parris. The object ot this movement is a| parent to all. The applicants proceed on the presumption, that it Polk succeeds to the Presidency, the Buren which is the most powerful in this btate, would monopolize all the places of honor and profit, but il they succeed in getting in under Tyler, there will be a delicscy in regard to displacing them Hon. Gorhum Parks, U S. District Attorney tor Maine, and other prominent men, are the leaders ot the Calhoun wing, and they are most adroit and experienced managers. They are partizans ly, and their wits are unremtttedly taxed with the concoction ot schemes tor individual aggrandise ment. The Van Buren men are, even now, trou oled in t-pirit, and their support of Polk will be lukewarm?spiritless, il, indeed^ they do not absent themselves from the polls. Satisfy tnem that tnfjr chance tor office is hopeless, and they would hold up both hands for the election ot Henry Clay. In ihis view of the case, the prospects ot the wings, >-ven in Maine, is by no means ho|teless. Bangor will throw 200 more majority lor the whtgs in No vember than she did in September. It is thought that the liberty party will generally vote for Clay The tail business tieiy is brisk, and larg?* 'l^ti tities ot lumber and potatoes will be shipped Tha rot has been peculiarly destructive to the latter. Yours, tec. B. Augusta, Georgia. [CorrMpondencs of the Herald. J Augusta, Geo , Oct. 17, 1844 Politici?Religion? Pottry and Cotton. Dbar Sir t? As the late result of the Georgia congressional election has lavored the Polk party by 2,(500 majo rity in the popular vote, it may not be amiss to re port you the doings and future intentions of the parties in the battle tooome effin November. The cause of the defeat of the whites is, andoubtedly, that they could not raise enough votes. The Pollutes here show good humor, and seem full of excellent spirits (perhaps brandy) and still con tend that Polk will be elected. The whigs, not withstanding their defeat, arc up in arms again, with the motto, disheartened, but not coi quered ; and also seem to take fresh coumge from the elec tions in Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Jersey, Mary land. and Texas. This evening a terrible furor and hurricane of uproarious political excitement is rmsed. The democrats are out, marching by hun dreds, in procession, with torch-lights,.csnnons, music, banners, and tar barrels illuminating the city, and playing " Hail Columbia, happy land." The political thermometer is not blood heut?should it vary, look out for a dissolution and the d?I te pay. The reports from the Cherokee country is, that the ballot boxes will be kept open until No vember?that the Cherokeeswere atill voting when my informant left in haste, aud that their inten tions were to stand by the polls until Polk was elected. These people are fond of polling, but un stable in their political opinions. The leading spoutera, wire-pullers and gamblers of both parties in Georgia are making preparations to send a posse of reforming missionaries among the Cherokee people, armed and loaded down to the gunnele wiin documents of undoubted truth, prepared for 'he occasion, to convert the domestic heuthen, ihe Georgia barbari ns, ignoramuses, and cut throats. Snocese to their great enterprise. Look nut, Mr. Beneett, f?.r one of the greateet reforma tions yet in polities, religion, humbugs, Milleriem. Where ie Bspey 1 It nee aot rained here fer e month. More when the war breaks out. Fm. Ill Chancery. Bofore Vice Chancellor McCoun. OtT. 18? 8(cond Dsv ? The C> tiger Catt.?Mr. Wood'* argument continued ? Under the origin*! order for the income, reinstated by her on hi* commit buck from Europe, and confirmed, though modified by another jn June '46, matters went on harmoniously enough. Mr. rugerreti'ed from his profession and built a home in Heikimer county, intending to occupy himself with agri cultural pumuni. Of a midden, on a misapprehension of some account*, Mri. Cruger < ountermanded the order lor the income in hii favor. Thi* the af erwards said was done in order to charge the agent. But why interlere with the order to do this? The change could have been made without ju?t aa effectually. That tha real intention was, however, to revoke that order and deprive Mr. Crugar ot the income, the positive testimony of Mr.

Monro*, then a trustee, clearly shows,and the accompany ing circumstances place beyond question. It was on this occasion, and in ?onsequeuce of this step, the certain efl'ect of which was to plaoe him in abject dependence, that Mr Cruger removed to a boarding house, and wrote to his wile to come to him there; that is, he declined living where subjection to wealth was to be tha consequence, but provided another residence where they might live togethei in their just and natural rela tionship. One ot the opposite counsel has said that lie ought to have remained in the house he left, as he hail a right at law to do, and by main force compelled his wile to Iith with bim. Ol t'ds right there can be no <1ouV>t, but had he exeici-ed it, what would not now be the outcry against l ira 1 Instead of this, he availed himielt' ol that moral influence, the Intercession of fiiends naturally has. A rnptuie of tlna kind is never onfl <ied to the immediate pan**, but has a baneful influence on the condition af the entire lamily connection?spreading far and wide, and involving each and all in the painful controversy ? Accordingly , mutual friends were called in, and among these Mr William Bard took a part to restore peace ? Thecheracter lor high worth and benevolent disposition of this gentleman, tie ids no plopping up by us, nor have the opposite side ventured to assail f'irther than to de scribe him as the " unconscious instrument" cf Mr Ciu ger's designs Although hia uncle, yet it is distinctly proved that Mr B ird interfered by Mrs Crugei's special request, against his nephew's wishes, and acted through out a* her triend ; and on thi< occasion, with the ooncur rence of (-apt. Whetter acting for her, > ivided the income of the ?ita'e.givl g one hall to Mr. Cruger absolutely, and reserving tn his wife, to gratity her idiosyncrasy as tar aa raasonibla, a ontrol over the other half It is im l>ortant that we should pause on this transaction, as it u the landmark for all that lollows?the basis on wh ch Mr C<uger has consistently acted?the standard by which their Iriends have regulated their advice since?nnd the platform for the last arrangement made This award ol the urn ires waa deliberately rendered in writing, and is Kertectly fair and u impeachable, and Mrs. Cnnrer, in er letter to her sister of the 30th November, *36, goes even beyond it, and binds herself solemnly never again to revoke the order iu her husband'* favor lor the entue income, and gives him, though he had twice rejected them, the securities for his relative's debts. Under this arrangement, thus made and ratified, matters proceed pleasantly until the year 1831), when Mrs. Cruger again revokes the order lor the income, by forbidding the agent of the eatateto accept her husband's customary dialts. He waa then in the country, and to defray current ex penses, drew through the banks for what was necessary, and his draft was dishonored, and aent back protested for non-acceptance. His wife was in the city, and gave the direction* through two of her truatoea, forbidding the agent to accept. It is true the draft was afterwards paid, but this was after Mr Cruger and Mr Monroe had re monstrated against this fresh violation of the income or der, and the lormer had been made to feel the unplea santness ol the occurrence, and the precariaus po sition he occupied. This led to a renewed agita tion of the old and pervading question, and under a carte blanche from Mrs Cruger, a deed was prepared through Mr. Monroe for about two thirds of the income executed bv her. and sent to Mr Cruger, who immediate ly returned another deed, making her share one half in accordance with the arrangement recommended by Mr Bard. Mr Monroe has been found lault with for his course in this matter, and accused of dictation and intimi dation ; but where is the evidence of all thia 1 Mrs Cruger thanked him from the bottom ol her heart at the time for what he had done, and so did her husband, al though he did not conform to. but altered his arrange ment. Mr. Monroe's conduct throughout seems to have be?n candid, upright, and dislt terested. and the only par ticle of evidence brought to show that he ever treated Mrs Cruger even unkindly, is what lock place at his in terview with her on the',14th November, 1839, twenty two daya alter the deed he had negotiated was executed by her. This interview occurred at the house of her brother, Mr William Douglas, who appears from the evidence net to be a person of much lorce of character, and who, in stead of passing the n alter off in slence, or interposing to stop the misunderstanding between his sister and bro ther in-law, widened the bteach by ordering Mr. Monroe out ol his fcouse. This produced from the latter gentle man the tallowing letter Niw York, Nov.3?, 1839. Ma. William Docola?,? Si*,?For your conduct last night, when you allowed youis'elf to misunderstand me while talking tn your sis ter, who assumed a dictaloual manner which is at all times offensive, and which 1 rebuked by ridicule, cer tainly not anger?you know enough of me to be satisfied that had you not been the broth, r of my wife, fee , I should not have allowed myielt to find for you an spo logy, but rebuked your very uncalled for and ungentle manly conduct in your own house, in the manner it me rlted. I And much consolation in the command 1 wns so for tunate at the moment to exercise over myself I am happy that our dissolution has not been el a more serious cha tarter, and take leave ef you and your lister, Mr* Cruger, with the belt wuhea for your happiness. I am, yours,tic., J ,MKS MUNROE From thli letter then, it appears, it wai Mis Cruger and not Mr. Monroe that was "dictatorial," and it ii idle to talk ol dictation or coercion towardi one who sepa ratea he sell from her husband just whenever she plea-e* At thu juncture, although ihe had written tu Mr Cruger ten days after the arrangement was made between him and Mr. Monroe, dividing the income, that she had not the slightest idea of separating from him,yet she did desert him when he afterwards came to town, and then assigned this very arrangement aa Ihe cause fjr her doing so !? The complainant iu this case, nay it please the Court, has leen accused of gross violation ol marital duty iu living apart Irem his wife, and this charge is predicated ou his letter to Mrs. Monioe, < ated? ?' Washington, 21J Feb., 1840. Mr Dr.** Mas Monaox? Although quite ready with an answer to your letter ol the 14th lust., I refrain from making it, aa finally a step is taken that closes all luither discussion. Ou the 'J4tb ol September last, as in 183ft, I announced through your hutband, that I would no longer continue in a state el dependence an 1 insecurity ; and on the -J7th October, that it your sister chose to separate herself Irom ii e, I should not touch a dollar ol her income Wuh a lull knowledge of this, she < xecuted the dead of appointmi nt of the 3d November, imd yet altei wards separated hcrsell from me because 1 accepted of it. I remainet neatly two mo ths alone in the country, re turn- d to town ou the 3Mh December, staid a month and a hall at Jamaica, an I have paused hue for ten days doing all in my power con-latently with th<i above de deration ot J4th September to effect a reunion. The tone of y our last lett?r, and of her's to Mr. Monroe of the IH h at this lute day, is conclusive that there remains not the least chance ol it. ... Thu separation has hitherto been her act exclusively ; from this date it is mine The motive f?>r it with me, h to earn my livelihood, the me.ns of paying the debts lor which I Bin liable to her estate, and to esrat,e incertitude, and depeadenca 8o long us the laintest hope survived, II ave retained posseisi n ol her deed of appointment. It ii now canoelled. as has always been mv intention, in conformity wiih my declaration of 27th October?and I surrender it, and wilh it, all hop? of ever being reunited ti> vour slater. Your sincere Mend, HENRY D. ChUGER. Now it so happens that this letter when sent wasacrom ranted by declarations then made known to Mr Cruger. as Mr. Monroe who I ranked it proves, to Ihe eff.ct, that although he would not live in uer bouse, or use any part of her property in a state ot dependence, yet he was ready to return and live with her it she would consent to do no ? pou what he might be able to provide by his own earn ings And this is called desertion by the husbend, and n flagrant abandonment of duly! His wife had actually eloped from him, tells him she will not live with him, and when he returns to New York the following June, she leaves tha city to avoid him, as she admits in her answer What than ought he to have done to avoid this imputa tion ot violating his maritsl duties I The l.oun sel for Mrs. Ciuger tells us, he ought to ha<e taken poasession by loice, as he had the legal right to do, ot the house in the eountrv or in town, and c .im pelled his wife to live with him, and because he has not done so, charges him with gross violation of his duties as a husband Had Mr. Cruger done this, what a philippic would we not then have bed againat physical control, violent measure* and brutal coaduct. Ho that, let him, in h i trying circuaistance, go which way he may, whether to the right or to the left, he is sure lo go wrong, and if he goes straight for ward, as is his wont, he is still more in error, under the unoandid and malignant miiconitructioni ol stis picion. falsa accusation, anil sinister designs. But, to Iproceed with the topic of a lamily dispute It has been said that this was ail a pretence got up by Mr Cru ger, in a spirit of avarice, and with a determine ion to ac complish his obji ct, regardless of the means used If so it is most singular that neaily every one, not only of his own, but of his wife's family jnd fiiends have tukfn sides and co operated with him in thia strange plot to extott money. Were there not, however, subttamial and ex citing cauiei for controversy 7 There were undoubtedly abundant grounds of dispute, such as, 1st. How larthe Post Nuptial Settlement waa legal and valid Jd. The ex istence ol an antenuptial .agreement set up by Mracnt ter, denied by her husband, and now wholly disproved 1. ' llis righta, under the order giving him the income And 4thly and chii fly her control over the Income thus given. (l o be continued ) Heai-tw or Mohm ?The number of de?th? lam we?-k it thin ciiy, wan only eight Of thir number, three were infanti, and on'y one of the eight was occasioned by yellow fever. We tx lieve tha bills of mortality since Mobil* was incorporated, will not show a better stste of healih at this sees, n ol the veer than this. We think, then, we may ssfely ssy no danger can be,eneonntered by tboe* who wish to visit the city. Yes lerday th* wind was south, tha temperatare ol th* atmos phere unusually warm, and the clouds in haavy masse w*ie loafing narthwaid, w* trust, to flea th* interior seme heavy rains Oa innday aften?oe?, in the vlelaltv I of til* ?Ky thee* was e smert skewer ? IfsslU Hem 14, I OH ? I Kouml?A Clergyman for the Vacant Church la Itlaa. Dear Stjt: ? Having seen a notice in your paper tor a minister to occupy the (Irak in the eighty-tir?t church, iu IJtica, which notice contained a description of the nun that would suit; and knowing, or having heard of a man that 1 think will answer the purpose exactly, I take the liberty ol giving this notice. Hi* name is William G. Brownlow ; he resides in Jonesborough, Tennessee, and is the editor of the Jonttborough Whig ; therefore, you will see he is politically right. This Mr. Brownlow used to preach in Vicksburgh, Mississippi ; and after con cluding his sermon, and before pronouncing the benediction, he would read the programme lorllie horse races for the ensuing week, and give notice that he wus ready to back his favorite horse, with a bet to any amount, if any oneof the congregation had a mind to take it. Since living 111 Jones borough, he got into a quariel wuli a brother minis'er by the name of Laudon C Haynes, ia which he manifested his iu>*?-kue?s, by swearing by the great Odd, whom he loved aud worshipped, that il the said Laudon C. Haynes would not meet him in a H'*utleiiiaiily and honorable manner, lie would cowhide the d i cowardly puppy the first time lie ccuid Catch him. And the said Haynes refusing to light u dud, lie hdually got Hie said Haynes excommunicated from the chuich as a coward. As such choice articles are very scarce, 1 thought proper to give notice through your pa|>rr. The only objection that I possibly can we to Mr Brownlow is, he is, in doctrine, an Armenian But the elder* and deacons of the eighty first Church, being a very kind-hearted s?t of gentle men, and always willing to accommodate, can very easily overlook that small objection, a*, in other respects, he would suit them so well II mi further particulars are necessary, I would reapec. Inlly refer to Landon C. Haynes, Jonesborough. Tennessee, or to any of the brtthren in V'icks burg, in Mississippi. 1 am, with greet respect, one of the common wealth of Uham. Literary Notices. Harper's Illuminated Biblk ?This beautiful work has reached its eleventh number, carrying it into the book of Judges. The plates continue to b?? very numerous and elegant, and the entire appearance of the work is of the most splendid character. The numbers are sold at twenty-fivt cents, and are issued with more regularity and greater despatch than at first. The Reformers mefokk thk Reformation? Bv Ernile de Bonnechose, Librarian to ihe King of France. Harper <te Brother, 82 Cliff street ? Apart from its intrinsic interest,this work furniahe* a most valuable introduction to the history of the great Reformation. It treats mainly of John Hus. and the Council of Constance, adding, however, very full iiccounts of those who Uboreu and suffer ed with Hubs, and of the circumstances under which the seed was then sown, which, iu the suc ceeding century, produced so abundant a haive&t The author, from his position and studies, wus em inently qualified tor the preparation of such a work The.Hirpers have published it in a very neat pamphlet of about 2<J0 pages, which is sold tor tilt) cents. The Millirites.?We learn that a body of Mil lerites encamped on Monday, in the vicinity ol Phcrolxville, und remained there during the night* ot Monday and Tuesday, exposed to all the inclemency ol the weather. The scene at time* wai Inghlful. The (haul* and terrain* ol the women und children, togethei with the groan*, lamentation* and exclamations of the men?were calculated to rxcue feeling* ot deep commit eration for the wretched object* of delusion. Yeiierduj morning, two little children wire found in the encamp ment, perfectly rold, stiff and dead. Maiiy giown per sons were alio suffering teverely, and the person* who reside in the neighborhood, ulnolutcly forced come oi the femaleainto iheir house*, Willi the object of saving their live*. Much misery ami poverty will no doubt b. the re*ult of thi* delusion We learu also that laigu par tin* of the?? insane people were, during Monday arid Tuesday, encamped in a field on the Dai by road? ai * vt> ral points on the shore* ol the Scli'iy!, on the banks u tbe Wifialiiccon, and at other place* near the city. In some ruses they were without adequate iiioviaiom, while in molt, they were without sulhcient clothing. We an glad to learn, however, that in a number ol instances, th? delnsion ha* partially subsided, and that the misguided victim* have returned to tlieir home anil place-, ot hu-i nei*. It is h ped that any new attempt to mislead an?i deceive tliem, will tie promptly checked by the authoii ties. The great laaly are no doubt sincere?but is it no' possible, bat some togue* may have been among them ?aking advantage of their weakness 7? Phil Timet, Oclo her 34. __________ Getting vr Recruits tor Barbauoes ?The de tachment of ihe 21 WeM India regiment, stationer here, Ua* been recruiting from among our nativ.- pepu lation. The men ol lhat roip* are libetaled Atlican., ai-0 it liaa been deemed advisable to supply Ihe dtficiency from the populaiivn here, instead ol Sierra Leone To t. certain extent the experiment ha* been aueceistul. Tht old women are horror struck, however. at the idea of th? ii pickaninie* becoming ?' Kii g Soldier*." Thi* u the firsi instance within our knowledge of natives of the island entering the army ? Kinftton Mornnip, Journal. INANITY FROM KfcLIOIOUS ExCITFMENT ?An Bp plication was made yesterday to Judge Ward lot the removal ol a young married womuu, named Abigail shepard, to the insane a?yluni at Worre ter, upon th< giound of her utter lois ol renson trnm religious excite ineut It was represented to the couit tha -he had been a constant attendant ii|iori the advent mertiig*, und that her alienation of mind was attribmablu to ineiritT. rt Her condition ol mind wai such us to ri quire caielin watching, lest she should de troy hersell as she hu once attempted to leap from a chamber window, amt otherwise offered violence to her person.? Bntton Lhron The Milleritxs of Baltimore.?The Balti more t?un ol yesterday, says : ?The disorganizing mercenaries who have la:ely caused such pi latile delu sion in tbe mind* ol not a few of our citizens, we lean withdrew from the city on Monday morning, leaving tin laithlulto await the event on the tip'oe ol expect Hon We have ascertain! d lhat they pa Id neatly $t IMNl rent foi the use of the Odd fellows' Hall, hu what ha* become ot ihe surplus fund< we have n"t been able to Itain How appropriately may these iinioitors add res* the language of >lo-snna. the veiled prophet ol Knoracin, to tin ir fol lower* :?" Ye would be dnpe* and victim1, and ye are " Destructive Kirk ? Last night about 1 o'clock, a fire broke out in a two stoiy frame building on the south wist corner of St Louis and Villere streets, entirely comunung th> row el frame house* on the west -nle ol the latter street to Conti, and aluo materially inj'n ? ing the large frame building on the ninth east corner t I 8t Louis Although the fl'smcii were promptly on I In ground, they were ablo to do but lit'le iu checking tin progress ol the fl imts on account ol the scvicity if ?? ter. A large number of families have thus bn n lendei edhouseless We did not bear an estimate of tki loss ? N. Oi leant Ficayunt, Ort 16 Trial of Gordon.?The case of Nicholas 8 Gordon wus g viu to the jury ut hall pa*t Ave o'clock on Monday afternoon. The jury came i i at nine o'clock yesterday morning anil repor ed that there was no posti hility of their agreeing, and weie disrhsiged. The jurt itood eight for convict on,lour for acquittal ?Providente Journal, Oct i3. 0CJ? A distinguished stranger of the bird s|?ecie* wae shot on Morris Island on Thursday last, b' Mr. Wm. Smallw od, called, we believe, man-of war bird. Itiacf adaik brownish color, with a curved hill, mea luring from tip to lipol the wings about seven leet Tim rare I'lld can be seeu at thii oitlce this al'.einoon. ? Chmrlet ton Patriot, Oct. H>. AcyUiTTED?The case ot Joeenh Harris, charg ed with the murder of Cuffy Tod, near Holmenburg, on the'idof January last, was concluded yesterdsy alter noon, about half oast four o'clock, and the jury, after froa IA to UO minute* deliberation, returned a verdict ol not guilty.- Philtl^. Ckitiniile Ort !14. Rktur.ninu ?The packet ship Thomas F. Co|a left thi* cilv for Liverpool yesterday, having on board about two hundred p?r?on?,returning to their native coun try, Ireland ?Phil. Timet, Ort 24. Further Epircofal Consecrations.?We learn that the three missionary bi>>hopH, appointed on I'uesday last, in thai onvention if the Protestant F.piaco pal* hurch, will he consecrated on Haturdsy mormrg next, in Ht Peter'* Church The biahops are for t hins. Tuikey, Texas, and Aikanta*.? Philadelphia Jny Oct 'U. Ohio H ivrr ?There were eight feet of water in the channel of the Uhio Hiver at Pittsburgh on Sunday afternoon. Arransa* ?The Memphin (Tenn ) Enquirer of the IDth instant saya : We have received accounta Iron Crittenden, Miaaissippl and St Kraociscounties, all show ing a large increaae in the whig vote We would not b> ?t all *urpri*ed il Oihson, the whig candidate far govei ooi, should lie elected Steamship Britannia, Hewitt, from Boston, l-i instant lor Liverpool, waa signalised on tha sth, in lat i; ift. Ion. 4&4ti APTOlNTVlNTt IT TBI PRISIDEYT ?CONSUL? 0? 111 Uniibd StATRa.?Patrick J Devine, ol Ne?? York, lor liia port ol Hague la Oraode, in Cuba. Baoiui I W.|Kne?aa, for the pert of Carthegana, In the Itapublit ol New Oraaada. Joseph C. C. Eiln, ol MUiourl, (m the part Manoaika, fa tha *epubl)e( a^VaaeanaU.| Tiik KaktiiuDakk at DkMKRAKA ?By an arri vrtI til Baltimore, we 1mv?- copies <>t the Guiaoa. l imn, published ou the iom August, m Di mrran At we lit vui all de'Bil* relative tw (be late leaiful r.m q'lakn (which wu exptrieuced in to okdi cf ibe Wwt India Island*, ax ?i-ii *? ?? itm H uth American Main) lobe ol int.. eat, we give tin in in Iml ' TLe night be'wean ibe'^Ulh and the 30.h August. 1*44. Will M Itar, hd long lamented by many a mourner in other at tt 1* menu iu thi* wcil< in h< .-.iiapbt it-, and will Ctitninly not be lut gotten toon liy i|i?piuplt of British Guiana Witn oui exaggeration, w? n.u> record it tu l.avu hem a night o( Itoriori, lortunately unpaialleled in thi* country. About 8 o'clock duiing the vary deik hour* which usually prec?d* tha ruing ol the moon in tha eaiher stagea ol ita decay, au unuitially violent atom ol thunder inxl Iightniug paiatd directly over ihe town It wan suc cets<!ail hv dead caluia, during which the utmoaphaie waa oppre*?ively aultry, uh'ch were brakan by light g it* ol wind, u htcti hardly ullurded relief About half past thieeo'clock in the morning an eaithquakeoccurred. Comparing togethe. the account* pelions of intelligence in and mound the ci'y. we ftud that every body agree* that aucli a leatlul alnck ihey da rot ncol lect ever to h tve eapemuced. T?? say that ittsceeded both in duration and vehemence, nnd by u great deal, tha one of the 8th Fibruary, IH43, u hit h wup to levere and which proved so to the West island*, ia to rime but a feeble idua ol the bwtul Set sj'iohs pim.uctd h> it Mo?t peifon* agree that theie were two ahocka, scarcely ?epu rated by an lulerval ; howtver, one milder Mild introductory to the other jt.d tlm < ouite ol the tremulous niotion aia l oin N. N F. An astronomical clock, by which ate n guhited muny of the chronometera in'he i iver, atopprd in a house khout the centre ol the town, at 37 minute*. 3 second* pa*' S oVlock, mean time. A' the tune nf the earthquake the moon, not lar past tha lull, wua high in thu heaven. Who can -uy upon what Cine* ol mortal anguish the placidly linked doun? The aun to.f thi> momma an id unusual splendor Who can **y what fie>h calamine* and irrepaiable lot* hi* pur ple '*aiu* had dweh lied t Rkvadkaih.k Riicit -Ore ol the mo^t remark ?b e ri" kai l winch we Imve ally knowledge, baa lately ditcoveied in the middle of that gnat inland *e? l.<k? Superior By n gentleman who ha* recently lettivHi .1 to ihia city frem (ifpi r Hubor we leant ihat a ? halt ol 1 i*|.i.e rock h * veiy lately Pe'li dtacovertd, i mug in the lake item I .mi to 2(10 mil' ? fiom land, and as cending above the *uiface oltbe w*t> r. a distance ol not ahuva tour lei t. W bat under* i' more exiieoidiniity if, that it standi al ne, and ail mound it. to lar at i xanttim tion* have 1 een, no hoitem has been reached b> any ol the lea.l line* uatd on the lake, and the p Hit ol thn to k I'aelf dnea not exceed an aiea of more than *ix or ???ven feet square, and to lur n* obaeivut toi;* ol It have extended, it dois not a| p>-iir to enlargd in aixa n* it de scends. It ha* alieaily, he ata'ea, bictnie a *< uice ol alarm to the maritii r* who navigt te the UUe, who lake special cme in pasting. to (live it m* wide a berth a* pos sible. It is too imall- too temnte and dangerous to acasit ?( a light. and, therefore, iti removal ha* ht c< me a uiuiter ol serious impor ance, and w ill doubtless p. to the duty of government. A tingle hlatt from a nom i I suffi cient depth w til piobubly do it, but the surface cf tha nick biing ao near that ol the wa'er. Slid the apace *o narrow ai to loibid any regulnr lodgtment lor woikaim, tha' would have to lie attended constantly by a vessel of anttirlent size to reaiat any sudden stoim of the laka, and would al o hHve to lie kept const,iutl) uqder way, aa DO harbor >>r eve. bottom lor an anchor is with n a day's sail. The diacnver< r* relnte the rock appeara to be a plara ol generil i?m rt tor tha Salmon Trou< of those lakes, aa ihey louitd thrtn thorn in almoat ir.calcuUbln numbers, having, dtirin? their ahort slay, caught several barrela with no nther instrumei t than b red ol iron, on one end of which they tnrn' d n book. '(In y tried w nIt ail their linca on board lor soundings itnrrediute y aro'ind the rock, but without success Such n vast column, cou>d it be expo sed tu view,would laugh into ridicule Cleopatra's needle, Pompayl pillar, the colotsu* of Rhodat,or uriv otkai pro duction of ancient or modern "rt - Piltthurg Jinrrican. StiniKMK Coukt ?The following motiona have been decided by Chief Justice NeUon, Imving been held under advisement since the laat Special leini Hart and al ad* Wilmerdmg?Motion to amend judgment re cord, so as to in -ert therein a *pt cial verdict, or for leav to turn the case into bill ol i >ct ption*, fcc? denied with out coats. Al.ton vs. The Mechanic's Mutual Insurance Company of Trov ?Motion t? set aside iuIi s taken a' September special term, by delendant, and alJowint pltin till'to bring on argument ol motion? granti d. vs. S imc. ? Motion for leave to amend the Mimmens and deala ration ill this came by ccnveMti gthein into a suuiDiona and -leclaiation ii 'usaumpait upun the tame policy ol in turancc, declared on upon tlloiving defendant! to p'ead anew ?grantt d on payment ol casta t f opposing motion. The I'rekident, he oi the Central Bmk vc th'e - .Vo ica to set ualde rejiort ol atseasment r.f ilamages. kc ?denied wi'hout costs '1 he Mayor, he. ol New York ad* Bailey ai d al Motion for relaxation ol costs Ordtied that f4,l04 31 be tlricken out. Tinker and al. v* Ii vine.? Motion to set aside Sherilt > >ti.le and all aufcsi quent pio CceJinga, aril that pltin till Luvi leave to issue .i M w ex ecutinn t'lereor gmnted, on ol c.os'ii uf appo sing mntniii. The Piople vt Thoin|t?nn ?Ordered tbat defendant he adjudged guilty of .i comempt, in diiobeyirc ?uh| ana. ntid that he b- fineil f.i>o, and stand commuted to jail until sun.e is paid F.llii ada Cook?%'ot on for relaxation of costi Or end that >117 C4 be tti ic.ken out. In the mailer of the petition of \\ heelt r and *1 kdmra. he Motion for a mandamus lo Snpt rintendanl ef Onon ditgii Salt Siiri ga?denied, without cost*. Iu the matter of Mead v? B inhol ck ? Motion for certiorari to remove nroc. e.linga beloie a judge ol Erie county to thia Court? deniid, wuh cost". 1 he P.ople ex rel Van Valkenburgh vs I'JIU I ourt ol (ielteral Sei?iona ol Heiiase'sr county.? Motion lot mandamus, rrqtiirii g said Cotut to niakaan order for taxed coats to Helaler on an apreal Irom an or der of filiation-granted, alternative Miller vs. Miydam. Motion lor u | stay of piorredinga nn the judg. ?oent ?n1 execution In thi? canie - granted with fit) costs. Kinney anil al. ai's Hanks and al , and two othercauaes.? Motion to consolidate those, or to t'ay prociedlnga tu the two last until Ibe flnal determina'ion oi the Arst? denicJ, without coals ~JIHuny Jll an, Orl U3. Court Calendar?-Tlila Day. ( 0S1M0-V Pl.s.aa-Not. iW, 118, 32, 23, M, 117, M, 87, M, 39 Cisct'lT Coi'ST? Hamn na yraterdav Suetaioa Cei BT?Nos 14 lot, 30 1,2 11, 78, 18 34 M, i?. 44 4\ 83, 30, 8, 7A, 7, 13, *?, 04 b, 149, 69, 103, 81, 87, ?rt 07 II, 81. BI.ACK B M.I. OK OI.U I,INK OK LIVF.K JMMfVPOOI. PACKKTS? KOI! LIVERPOOL?Oaly *W-reituUr packet of the lit of November. The tnavnifirent and remarkil'le fiat ?nilinir packet thi|i OXFORD, Captrsin John Kathhone, will |ioailively ami oa Friday, the lit of November, bet regular day. It is w ell > nown tint the .icc<?iiim??d?fions of fh? Oif^rd, unl til ill** ei^lit of this lint*, art- f *t* tl nut in ? rn???i roatly <t\|r with every modem improvement %nd conteiiietire, that ranriot but idd to the comfort of rabiit, Rer?iud enhin and iteerave |ia??a*iiu'?*ra Thoae r'aituiu the nH country will at all rime* find if their intereat to aelect ?n? ^e (i?*?irable couveyaneca, in Preference lo any other. ror term a and to aerure the hear liertha, early appli cation ahoulil l?e made on board, foot of Beekrnau atreet, or ro the anhacrihern. HOCHK. BROTHKHH It CO.. ol9rc 15 Fulton atreet, neit or to the h ultou Bank. ?'A< KKT Vt)K \1 \nSMlTkH^7)f lat Nov.? wJ^Tlie new A N??. I harrjoe MlSHijURl Johu Milvaatav. iBMMHhBfnanta'r, ? ill atil aa al???ve For fieiglit, or pa??a?(r. havi k hit dtnnv* atate room acrom mod itiona, apply on board at I'irr No. 3 N. H to LAWKKNCK hi I'HKXPH. No. 1t?3 Kimit ??r^t, or to BOVI) V HI V K KN, \ tenta, o'5'e So ^Tontine R?t?l?lt, mr Wall mil W?ferat?. m. roMrrigl rHf U.N K>ULA.M?, ilir.LA>U, flmH( OTI.AND AM) WALKH.*'jV (fubwriW Imi MflMfeAt all rim?*a for aalr Drift* from XI to ?1000 i?vahl# ?t nil thr priucipal Blinking Inantatioiia throughout the t final Kingdom JOHN HMt D.MAN, ?fftorh at. N. B. Paaaage to and from l.iTfmwl run b* nrurMlat (kf rttfe* by uiv of tlm lin* of pncgcta Railing on U?? 1st. ?th Mth, llth, 2lat and 26th of ea?*h mouth on appliration aa abotr. jvSM ?r KOK UVHKPpOL.?Tta*M'k*?ahi|iOARKtCR, ?t aptain Tr ?"k Milt on thf Jfiih of Oct??nd th* pa< kot #hi|? OXKnHI) < apUiu H lOibvu*, oii tiif lit .No?., tb?ir tvgul ?r dava of a-uling For |>'UriKr having uuiurii4i??d arrommodationa, apply to JOHN IIKliI)MAN, t?l Soath atrtvt N. B Paanag* from <ir?-?t Britain and lr*?lutd t in ?? uaual bo wnrfd bv the regular j wicket ?h*i? tailing rvary five dava from Liverpool. and Dr ?ft? for any amount, ran, aa unu il, be fumiah -d, pavahle in nil the Principal towna and ciltca throughout Ori*?t Britain and Ireland, ou application aa alM?*e. olSrr PA' KKT FOR HAVKK-Nacomt Lit>a~The ahip . ON M DA, June* hunck, matter, Hill a*il ou tha lat ^of November. freight or i*taaagr tpply to ROVC) k HINCKKN, Hi** V, a T Rw.lrl'o M'?ll M'tfvfM! *H*U \t?i-i.Mir*i# i A' tvr.i or nt a., at floath ttn?rt?ft#? and from Oreat Britain nnd .Irrlwid, Liverpool. Paaaage ran at all timaa be 'tiga^'d at the lowett ratea, to and from Uv?ipool, by the lar |?ai k*t abiim tailing tindrr tlie net* *rnttigrment every frt? Uyi, and draft* ran aa u*u*l 1* funii^wd for any amount, paya *>le at the N 'ional and Provincial Hank, Irrland, ami th*ir t?ranrhm, and throughout t)n? United Kingdom, aa well a* at all hr principal banking inatitutiona in Knglana, Hrotlaud and Wale*, without discount or any oth*r ? har|N. For farther par ticulam, if by letter, Mat paid, apply to _Hre _ JOHN HKHPM AN. 61 Ro.ith .L MT fOR I.ONOOM?fiwlirt of th- l?t Nor-mbar. wfjy'l t* I'ackat >lui> Tit T< 'lllA, < niUiii Morgan, will afcHv*'' H> aboy#, h#r r tttilar diy. ? or litvuiK aatMtnnr accon m.>d*tion?. 'Pl>ly fo ollrc JOHN H IlK L).V1 A V fii Siu'fi ?tr*?t. FOR LON DON . Pickn of ill# l.t No* ?Th? film iM* i?irW?t?hip VICTORIA ' tpmm will Jimilinlln l.i-r KK'll 'it"1- ?I||) llM T?rjr ? u|"Tinr nccowin'-iUtioiit for < ihin, ??><>iiH < ihin *iid ?tf>T'|(r IMK-rniirm, wlio wiM tw tik?n ?< >>*rv mi ib'f iiim, if rarlir ciliou lr m?iir to W ?i I. T. T ?rij< Oil, ol*>n' 76 Mouth ? in-!, cornrr MaiilfU L*n?. FOH NKW OHLKANB?Union Lin??fir?t iMrkri with d''?|?ich?Th? lut wulina p*ck?t I NION / I' rn#, mutu, is now lotditt WUlLto imn>nli?t?dii(>?-ell Kor cabin, i-mad cabin and >iwr?i uwarntrri, h??in? ?ni?ri? ?rc.iinin.?l? mn. ??ily ajv ltlir.ition .li. nld \? m*d?"n , K K AV?' Ry\#r inn Tin# ntr**f. n,rr rr of Honth ?riwt. Mill (IV ? KI*uLL?Matnlaf Pachltaf ?6tli Oct. j I,, rirat rli?? faal wiling k( t th>|i O AHKH K tain B. J. H. frank, will aail aa abotr, h?r r?f ula; . .avinf ftv n|?rM arcommodationa for tiMi, trcond ruhin Jii'' aimil' lauurafm, |<*r?iiia wiahinc 10 embark lioii d oiakr wily ai'ldication o-i lioarit, fool of ?'<ni>-ii Lan*, ,, to lOHKrH M. Ml'KHAY. nltrt UKl Pin* ror ? f **ontb. Jl'lHl'ia lUhl'feiMUMi-IV b.irrrla, i?rai a.i tin V >*?u,lw?m 9 all iM. for >*)? hv WOODHULL ft MtNTURN*, lit?r *' Hiiulh alrrrt SOAPS AND PERFUMERY. IOHNS0N fc yilOOM, lat? Johuaon It Co., of HW>. > Mantifactnm lof IJrorarv Unituitta, Country Btotaaafvrra ilarb?ri and I'rdlam. aTary iMacnrtion of Caney Konpa. of Ik* wat ijnalinr, and at lha lowaat i o??htf priraa. ?alaa Room, at tSa Mannf.. ?n ,T? I rlnU* ria^iuOh- r*u t* Xriauy Cb?rak. "????