Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 26, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 26, 1844 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. No. ?W.WIU>1* Ho. SM06. k*n?M Tww uiu. THE NEW YORK HERALD. AGGREGATE CIRCULATION THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND. THE GREATEST IN TUB WORLD. To the Public. THK NEW YORK HKitALD?Daily Newspa(>sc?Pub lished fvny day or the year eacept New Year's Day and Kourth or July. Price 2 cents per copy?or ST M per annum?postages paid?cash in advance THK WEEKLY HERALD?published inrr Saturday morning?price ii>? ceuts par copy, or $3 It par annum?post ages paid, eaaii in advance. ADVERTISES aiv informed tl?t the circulation of the Herald i* uvrr THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND, and increasing fail II hiu <U, cirrulatiun oj any paper m this city, trr IK, mot hi. ,md, u, t line fin e, the hexl channel tm husinetl men in the city or i umlry. Prion moderate?cash in advance. PRINTING of all kiuih executed at Uws moat moderate ivice, and m tlie moat elegant atyle. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PHoeniitTon or the Herald Estami.ishmk.nt, Northwest oomer of kill ton anil Nassau streets. esaa fBfe-Sfe iU wiNl t, r; Ail hAi\Gtji m\T FARE THREE BHJLLINGB KKOM PATERSON TO On am' <<ftor tlie 'st of October the cars will leave rare so* Depot. I New Yobs. 8 o'clock A. M. I 9 o'clock A M. ?* P v 1 :: w v'? Bviuvs. I sM d M !?'?**$; ft | BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL BTEAM SHIPS. Of I MO tout and 440 horse power each.? Under oun tract with tha Lords of the Ad| miralty. H1BEHNIA. Captain AUsander Ryrie. lyALItbUNlA, Captain Eaatrd G. Lott. ACADIA. Captain William llarrisoa. BUT ANN IA Capuin John Hewitt. C A MU id A Capuin C. H. E. Judkins. Will sail I'roin Liverpool aicd Bostou, via. Haaffax, as follows f rom Boston. From Liverpool. Caledonia, Lott Aagustlfith. ? Acadia, Harrison.. .Sept. 1st. August 4 th. Hioernia, Ryrie " tMi. ' 20th. Th?ae vaaaels carry experienced surgeons, and are supplied rijh Life- Boats For freight or passage, amply to U. flRIGHAM, Jun., Azent, No 3 Wall street. 1844. J THE NEW STEAMBOAT lle>44. UMPIRE, CAl-iAlN D. HOWE, Will leavs BUFFALO for CHICAGO, on Kill DA Y, 23d of August, at 7 P. M., ana lierform her trips regularly during tha sea son, as follows Ur. DOWN. La*?cs norrauo. Leaves chicaao. Iridaa Ai'g. 23,... a: T P. M. I Baturiuy, Aug.23... at? A. Mj Saturday, ?ey. 7,... at do 1 Monday, Sept. 16... at do Monday, " 23... at ?o Tuesday, Oct. ?... at do W eda<f*day, " 23... at do ' ?, N?v.7. .. at do Monday, Sept. 16... at do S; Thursday " 31... at do . Friday, Nov. do The (\iPlRR is MO Cm in length, 32 feet 8 inches beam, 14 feel V incite* hold, measuring UM tous, and is the largest steam boat alloat in inland waters. Engine 0*0 horsepower, boilera Erovidr'l with Evan's Patent Safety Valves, to prevent the possi ilicy of &u explosion. The Cabin is B30 fest lose, with separate Saloons for Ladies and ?lentlemeu?upacioiu Bute Rooms extend tlie whole length, vrnuuied by doors opening from tlw inside and out, and all earta ol the boat w finished and famished in a atyle unequalled y any other in tlie arorM. Ample accommodations for Steer W Pha?vnK.-ri, in fuur large well ventilated Cabins, one of which s appropriated exclaaivetf te females. 1m lout is provided with a good band of music. WiLtms, Maush Ik Co., Buffalo, J H. Norton ?. Co., Chicago, J Agents. J. N. fcuuscBT, Detroit. ) D. N. BARNEY, k CO.. August 1. )M4. Cleveland, ira FOR HALIFAX AMU LIVERPOOL. The Royal Mail Steamships ACADIA and iHIBKRNIA.will leave Boston, for the above ports, as follows ketidii, vv hi. tlarrisoa, Esq., Com., on Kriday, Nov. 1st, next, libcrma, A. Kyre, Ksq , Com., on Saturday, Nov. 16ih, next. 1'ass.ige to Liverpool (12b. FeUt&Jlf U) 20 Apply to D. BKIOHAM. Jr.. Agent, ?i the office of Haruden & Co., tit No. 3 Wall street. STATEN ISLAND FERHY. KOOT OF WHITKHAI.L The Boats will ran as follows on and alter Sept. 30. htA?>; NKW YORK : a, and li. A. M.; IK, 3%, and 6. P. M. le.\Ve stateistIsland : 0, ana 10, A. M.; Il>4. ?K and i, P. M. P. 8.?All goods saast be particularly marked, and ate at the nsk of flo owners tlieirof. s34 FZ vtLuL '6 LliSE <Jt is J <jA. a o K>K ALBANY. DAILY, Sundays excepud?Through direct, it ? P. M., from he Mtrainboat Pier between MwHrtK-Conrtlandt and Liberty streets. ihe SlMuiboai KNICKERBOCKER, Capuin A. P. St. John, Mordav, Wwl??.Ur and Kriday Kveuings at 6 o'clock. The Steauiiioal ROCHESTER, Captain A. HoiikMob, on Ttwsday, Thursday aa4 IWmrday Evenings, at 6 o'clock. *<vaa <l?e leot of Barclay street. At Five o'clock. P. M.?Landing at Intermediate Places. The U.eamb?al NORTH AMERICA. Canuin R. G. Crut teuoai, Tuesday, lliutaday and Saturday Afternoons, at & o'clock >Uf 'Moamboat COLUMBIA, Captain William H. Peck, Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sanday Afternoons, at 5 O'CMcie. ? a^-iU'ers talting riishsr of tlie above lines will arrive id Alo>uy in amp!.- lime to take the Morning Trains of Cars foi the ev.i nr wast. '11* beats are new and substantial, are far cuund vc> ii Bes* ani alegsnt state rooms, and for speea and ac Oomia. dni tns, nr.- .jrivalled on the Hudson. Ai! |?m.i are t?i?rtt trusting any of the boats of this l^ir, wKlMUt an order troai the Capuin. I' or " u? ? Cmight, apply on board, or to P. C. Schnltz, at'hri ? cn 'V. wt?-?rl o21rC y?8 HOUK CHANGED TO SIX O'CLOCK, r-i V I'- M.?<>n and after Monday, Se|>t. 16th, 1841, the Ni^ht Line to ALB AN if AND TROY ?nl'> ?>' jki hoar tfdsparture from 7 to 6 o'clock, P. M., and n ii! 1 -hi! t: I ?.u*hk.*^Hie during the great Kair ana Cattle Sii iw. Vir? 7. nsiouly Ui Poughkeeitsie. 'I'W? ?.uv.r.^r MWALLOW, Capt. A. McLean, Monday 16th. and Wednesday, I8ui. The steamer ALBAN Y, 4kplain R. B. Eiacy, 'i'm-sinv, 17th, Thursday, 19th, at 6 o'clock, from Cort lliit ::lr? pie?. j'.'.taing Line, st7 o'clock, from Barclay street pier, the TROY and EMPIRIC. I ' ??<iug me srrast li>ir and Cattle Show, Tuesday, 17th, V. edii'Mtay, IStii, unit J'kartday, 19th. will reduce the fare to 75 cenu to and fromJVmihk?*psie and New York. sl2 NEW YOUIl, ALBANY * ND TROY STEAMBOAT LINE. K?U ALBANY AND TROY.-Moming > Line from the foot of Barclay street, lauding *it intermediate places. i'he oieaiaer i-MPIRK, Capuin S. R. Roe, Monday,Wednes day and Knday M <i ma at 7 o'clock. The Ktauiner TilOY, Captain A. Gorham, Tuesday, Thurs day ui.l Maturdavrl'ltiruiiia, at 7 o'clock. Kvruiitg Line f^ta Jie loot of Cooitlandt street, direct. The Hteamer KWALIiOW, Captain A. McLean, Monday, WiMwuda) tuid Kridsv Evening, at 6 o'clock. Tue Btenmer ALKANY, Captain R. B. Macy, Tuesday, 'J hure^ay and 8atiii<isy Evening, at 6 o'olock. The I'mu of tins Luis, owing to their light draught of wa ter are able at all tssaea to pass the bars, and reach Albany and Troy in ample tins to take the morning train of cars for the tit v>?r. ; . j tag* or freight, apply on board, or at the otifiees on (he sM I'LIiAi nVj' 6 ND CHEAP EXCURSIONS. JIKHJ1NQKMENT. NEW BK1UUTON, PORT RICHMOND. (9TATEN MUA.Ni),) AM) NKW YORK KERRY. Fr.ini Pjer No. 1. North Kiver, foot of Battery Pines. 'i i?r Mi^nrohortt CINDERELLA, will inn u CLfoliow.j Diily, from May 30th to Occ6o?? In, <?'**vea New York at 9 and U o'clocn, A. M., at J/?, o audi P.M. U/.n i ? fort ijluamouil, at HI minutes to t, anil 10 minutes to It A. V.; r,t 1,4j% umt fc>i P. M. Lmvea New Erignion a) t and 10 A. M.; at l){, 5 and 7X r. w ? ;n tlv,u lav?Lcriv?s 'vw York, at 9 and II A. M.; at 1, 6 and t P. M I ort Kidhmond, at 30 mi unlet to R and 10 A.M; st 1, 6 and TV," I'. M. N v. (? - ? ?,?, 104 mrltfim're FARE RtDUCfc;i). KOR CROTONVILLE, 8INU 8INO. TARRYTOWN, t MM lR^LNt/. vVlLTSlE'8DOCK,HA8TIN08 '? j3? AN D YONKERS.?On and after Saturday. -y 31 ?t. 1844. the new and substantia] tu-iunlioHt WA?HINOT< N IR VINO, Cant 11irain Tntliill, will leave the tool of Chain V street for trie above places, duly ?t 3 1'. M., Sunday eaceptec Returning, will Iraae Crolonvdie lit (>'<?, uiid Sin* Si mil at 7 o clock A. M7, lauding at the fool of Hammond alreei each way. l-oriw-xun oi freight, apply onboard, or to STEPHEN B. T< > 1PKINS VvV.i *t?-et <'i2in*rc PVHV O.Aill, <?/MlUl>M\ ,VISI> HAI.LOrt r.l,L JOL new wearner PENOBSCOT, Captain Knnhall, leaves the end of T wharf, Boston. Jfc >1? if every Tuesday and Kriday eveninga, at 4 o'rlork Singea will he in resdineas on her arrival at the above p."*!* to fonv^v p*<M#?ngr?*''t tH<? "?ifrhHorinp Inwm * ALL AND Wirm.K akhanukmknt. NEWARK Nl) NEW YORK. KARE ONLY 15*1 CKNT8. THE NEW AND SWIKT STEAM HI RAINBOW, CAPTAIN JOHN OAKKY. ()N and .if'er September 10th will run daily, ?a* follows (Sundays iuclnded)I.eave New ? .aik, foot of' entre street, 8 o'clock A. M.? Leave New ^ oak, fool of Barclay (treat, 3 o'clock P. M. nH rr? FOR LONDON?Regular Tacket of the UlNov. ?The spin did, drat cliu. faat nailing pack't ship iVI TOKIA, Captain Morgan, will sail as above, her leijUl .r U.iy. Having very ?"p?ri"r accommodations forcbin. aecondcabin and ?te* rage p.isenjert, peraona wishing to embark should make aaily api licntion on board, or to JOSEPH M*MURH KY, ojlrc _ 100 Pine mr?1 co nrof^nath. PASSAGE FOR NEW OKLEAN8.?Clenr? on Ml Sa nrdiy tint, and SaiU o i tlte Mth Oct.?The majc leeni. relrh at d fast aailing pi cket ohipAKBAli, C?pi ii ,il-it, will claar as above, and tail luaitivcly On Mou dav. 3>lh of Oct. 'l'ne neenmmod i#oim of the Aahar, for cabin, second cabin and ?'a- rsge pasaaoir-rs, wi'l on inspection onnd to h*n hit pa >?d hy a ,y ve??l hi |> rt; having v?ry lofty and thoroughly veutilau-d lielviaaa derka. those proeaading 10 tha above port, will And it tha r iuttrmi and comfort to aaisct this dasirmbia rouvaya ca in praf*?an?a lo My other. For terms of paaiia ?r re I ha >iiba?ribar<, ?*a#a, apply on boaird, at pier No. t, K R , KOCHK., BROTHERS k CO., .... . n!|Ptt sireat. neat door to the Kalton ltank. willy ?? eirirtiwj. m*V " "" th* ?bot* "**"* BAKENNE & CO AT THE CORNER OK GRAND ST ilk. IT AND 15 iv*) A1/ W A V, Kntradck 114 lilUMI) FASHIONABLE ESTABLISHMENT, OOth eli tin* ladie Wlice the choicest assortment of Parisian Mode*, Hats, Caps, Head Diesses, &c., will always be found of the belt selections? importation* ditect. "lire I MKrv .VI. WILSON begs u> inform her lueudj and 'the public, Out alie i? prai*rad to eihibil a acli aud eleg.mi assortment of K ill Hau, which (lie fls'tersherself ladies will find worthy their inspection A few Imported Han purchas d for |?ttems, selling for Imi thau coat. Couutry Milliners, in saarch ot patterns. would do wall to call previous to purchasing. On bind a choice aiiortmem of Feathers, Flower*, Caps, and Head Dresses. Ladies' own materials made up in the umvest style. MRi M. WILSON, oil 2wTc ii>l Grand it., between Alien aud Orchard. FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWEKS AND FEATHERS Bill'N LAROSIERE It COURT, 116 William 'streri. New York, are receiving by the Havre packets, [their assortment of Kali Ocods, which, lor elegance, 'tliey have no rival. All dealers and nnl??j it .i,r aoove line, are invited to givr them a call, and we will veoture to ?ay th?" wfll r.u! kave trie store without eiinessing their adiuiia uun of such a beautiful stuck. They pledge themselves that uie public will uot be deceived with American Klowers for French, a* ibey hate tlieir house in I'iris, Rue de i racy, No.6, auil Ural exclusively in Kirnch Flowers. o4 l?*<s J. SORIA & CO.'S FRENCH DYING ESTABLISHMENT, do. 40U Pearl Street. rPHE SUBSCRIBER begs leave to state that lie has made ad A ditioual improvements to his factory, for the purpose of enabling him to finish lii< work inure t ii<editiously, and in a manner that he warrant* will give g?n>-ral satisfaction. All kinds of Woolen, Cotton and Silk goods Dyed or Cleansed in ihe real French style. His prices air very low, w hich should be a strong inducement for the ladies and gsntlemrn of this city and iu vicinity, to pay kim an early visit. Cash mere, Merino and Broche Shawls, gents Wearing Ap< cleansed in the very be t manner. His Branch Offices, for the accommodation of the public, an ?i mated at? N?. 3S2 Bowarv? 7* tth street, between 17th and llth streets. t)7 Bleecker street. JOT Orand street. Aud in Newark, comer of Broad street and'Washington Plaee. sit lm*aa CUTTING AND CURLUMG. TflTHAT is the reason every body i< Harking to PHALON'8 '* _ Fashionable Hair Dressing Saloon I We can explain it. His inimitable style of Hair Dressing, giving an air of htul ton to the persmi, lull deservedly won for hiin the reputatiou of being the first artist in th? city. He his, at some esi^une, introduced a new feature in the science of hair dressing, by keeping over 2?t n> w brushes, none of which are used ? second time w ithout cleaning, thus se curing to each of his customers a comfort, instead of a nuiiance, round iu every shop. Call and try the lyitem, which commends itself. Ladies and (Jrntlemen Shampooed, and their Heads Dressed for Balls and Parties, on the shortest notise. A large assortment of Wigs and Mcalpes. EDWAKD PHAI.ON, 013 lm*m 814 Beoedway, opposite tk. Paul's. MAG A Z I N DE MO DE , No HO Canal "tract.1 ADAME D BEHRMAN. begs leave to inform her friends ?' that her opening for the Fall and WitvTr.u Kasmiohs, In P*ris Hats, t aps. Head Dresses, French Klowers, Feathers, and Ribbons, of the choicest styles, (carefully selected by her sr>nts at Paris.) together with a variety of PARISIAN MILLINERY FOR LADIES TOILETS, will take place on Monday, the 7th October Madam B solicit! the favor of an early call at her old establishment, Msgazin de Mode, 60 Canal street. New York, October 3d, 1144. ?4 1m*ec JACKSON. STACEY & SMITH, MANUFACTURERS AND IMPORTERS of Pen,'Pocket ivA and Table Cutlery, Razors, Scissors, Kiln, Saws, Tool*, and other descriptions of Sheffield (Joods? .10 No IA PL ATT STRVKT DOUBLE EXTRA ITALIAN HAIR WaSH An infallible, sove reign and celebrated eri'dicator of Dm druff? cleanses and |urifies the head and invigorates and cul tivates the Unman Hair. Thi? cele brated Wash. recom mended liy numerous medics' and scienti fic gentlemen, i> con stantly for tale at the (hop of the inventor and proprietor. 17 P&k Row, N. York. P. PUSBEDDU. N. B.?Orderi'from the country will be promptly attended to, if addressed to the Proprietor, enclosing tlie cash. He haa no agents. Single wash in tie shop 25 cents?or $1 per bottle. o2 Im'm L0DG1NUB TWENTY-lflVM CUNTS, A* THE NAG'S HEAD No. S B*ni I.SV STKKET, NRAR BlOlDRiT. The Bulpcriber having fitted or and newly famished several rooms connected with this F.stablishmi nt ?oliciu a call from hit friends and tlie public. _ JAMES BYRNKS. s29 lm*rr< TO THE BOOT AND SHOE WEARING PUBLIC. WM. MADDEN, 2^3 Spring street, having enlarged his iSlock fcr the fall and winter traue, offers for sale a large and and beautiful assortment of Bool" and Shoes, made of the best materials, which he flatters is aa good, if not superior to any in the city. His assortme"t consists of ladies'and mios es' Gaiter B<iots, half Gaiters, Buskin Slips and Ties, gents' fine calf-?kin Boots and Shoes ; eonrse Boots for Watermen and Firemen, and vouths' Boots and Shoes, of all descriptions, made to order if desiaed, suitable for tlie merchant, mechanic and laborer. For sale at very low prices. Of the above stock his custcm?r? can prove is not to be sur passed. -uid if th"se in want wi'l give him a call and satisfy themselves that his work is as represented he does not doubt that they will leave his store satisfied with a h rgain worth giving him a call. WM. MADDEN. 2*13 Spring .between Greenwich and Washington sts. 0|3 'm* in NOUVEAUTKS PARI9IENNES, FASHIONABLE PAH IS M1LLINKHY ESTABLISHMENT, 4 '<43 Brokdway, BKTWKCfV CANAL AND HOWARD STRKRTS, Nf.w York. MADAM GODFREY ft DA UGH TEE, RETURN their sincere thanks to their p-itrons and the public generally, for the liberal sui>|>ort, with which they have heen fivored. and assure them that they will hereaftefexert themselves to ensare a continuance of their patronage; they b?w leuve to announce that they have now o|*neued the NKW FASHIONS, just imported from PARIS, at their esta blishment, No. 423 Bioadway, near Canal street, where will he found an extensive assortment of Parisian Satin, Silk, and Vel?et Hats, Kihhons, Feather*. Flowers, Caps, I.aces. Embroideries, and Millinery in general, of the first qualities and latest style, to which they respectfully call the attention of the Fashion?ble World, as comprising tlie most elegant and exten sive Stock ever presented to a New York pnb|jc, at reasonable '"The Ladies are respectfully invited to call, and see tor them selves, before purchasing elsewhere. ... Jn.t received from France, selected by tlieir Agent, four CAMS flats. N. B.?Country Milliners supplied. This store will be closed on Satuidays. ftn.t.-mber tun sM Itti'ni K ES I ORATION OF THE JEWS ADISCOliR^F. will be delivered st the Broadway Taberna cle on Monday Evening, the 28th instant, by M. M. NOAH, Esq , on the Res'oration of the Jews to their ancient he iti*? uid ih? approach of the Millennium. The American So tiety fir meliorating tlie cnr.diticr o I the Jews have accepted an invitation to attend and will be p it sent. Tickets of admission to be had at the Tabernacle?24 cents. o2l 3t?rc ______________ i'Mh MAfPlNJUM OK MANKIND. LIVER I'OMPLAINT, Janndice, Dyspepsia. I'aucers, Fistula, Piles, Pol\ pus, Rheumatism, Contorted and Ulcer ited Bonee, Diseases of the Throat and Nose, ol wteitrver dura tion and ettent, whether internal or eitemal; the in- st ditfirult cases of Surgery, of the surisasful treat mint of *?n<ii othei practitioners have despaired; Discuses incidental to ihiliken and peculiar to delicate females. The first me<iicine and attendance will lie afforded pntienu free of charge. Applies.its most re member the number of the subscriber, 57 Re id.- stieet, where Se hss his extensive Chemical Laboratory and his large Drug Store. The sulfccnher compounds all his celehrsted German medicines. No name or residence required of Mltents. Member MadlcafXttttacy Clry'ini State df fre'w York o? lm*te i7 H ad* suret COTTON DUCK-bales Amerieaa Pilot Duck, com- ( I rsitig a complete ?e?orini?nt fjt.m No. I ?ft lot sale on ! i-ass able terns ?iiiete -Ssortment from No. I Tl?e Dreadful Hurricane at Cuba. We have received lettert) am) papers from Havana, ?ay. the N O Tiopic .f thy 1Mb Intt, to the 8tli intt., bringing the particular* ot a dreadful hurricane which occutred on the night ot the 4th inat, doing immense d image. The 4th ?f October, at we have taid?a day of ?uch ?ad memo'y?it r .nifd continually and abundantly. At drat the wind wag light and scanty from the 8 E Atier wardi, it blew wi<b more force from due Ka?t until even ing. wh?n nature fell to almott a caniplete calm?a prelude to a grand tragedy that was soon to be cnacted. At 8 P M. it began to blow and rain with force; at 9 the wind was tenipeituous; at 10 a hurricaue?increasing in strei gth during the whole niKht, and contlnuitg thus un til IU A.M. Then imperceptibly It began to luli At me ridian much diminished, and diminishing all the evening During that unlortunate night and morning, the hurri cane increased '.hree-fourtb* of the compass, and with such sudden vaiiatious, that the dangers, especially in the bay, were aggravated, renleHng all ? tt'orts heroically e - ? ployed for the salvation of the lost vessels, null At 1 P.M. commenced the demolition ol houses, enclosuiea, trees, doors and windows, and to such ex'ent that it would be difficult to find within our whole extensive po pulation within and without the city walla, a single house that has not suttered, and been injured more or le>s The long desired for dawn of day at length arrived, hilt not with it a termination to the general anguish, which increased as the feeble rays ot light Illuminated as with tne torch of death this picture of destruction ; Icr in truth it was be'ween the honrs of seven and ei^ht that the hur ricane elf its greatest ravages During that day al most every establishment remamed closed; the streets and squares weie deserted ; the distribution of the peiio diesis and bread weie r?ta:dod till late in the afternoon. In the market there w is nothing?no milk, meat, or pro visions el any kind. Whtn the hurricane was over, the city continued to present the appearance ol a place that had been bombarded and sacked Doors and windows that remained, were found *hnt . and only throngh sections of the doors and windows (loopholes) might a lace he seen, anxiously watching to le rn if the war of the ele ments was over. The speet-.cle which the wharves of Caballeria, San FrancifCo and the Machina presented, es pecially the latter, is indescribable, most horrible and most desolate At the first, the vessels moored theie striking against each other, had their ribs broken. At the sraond, more than ten schooners went to pieces, and passage boats and launches broken, with masts and spars, boxes and bartels, were under the whatf At the achi na. were seen likewise a multitude of small vessels de stroyed, injured anil abandoned. The gate of this wharf was forced down, and the great mast of the Machina tell, I and in its fall destroyed part of the hou es which were there. At the Fish Maiket there has also been havoc one of its towers ruined?all the launches ihat were near it, were th> own up on the shore or in the sewer*. In (runt of the Kish Market, against the curtain of Valdft, and over against the City Walk, a brig loaded with char ' coal lias been duven ; and directing the eye towards the Punta, three or four more vestals are seen, thrown upon the shore ani dashing againtt the walla. The picture i* ?ad fiom this point-vessels (litmauled in the channel others lost on Cara Blanca, Trescomm and Regie, and even a< lar up the harbor as Talleniedrn We have al ready said that tbe Teuglado, or ahed on the wharf of Ca ballarla, it completely down. In itt fall three victims lost their Uvea?two whites and one black The new shed in frout of the customhouse has suffered damage likewise ?the planks of the wharves broken up. In Regla tbe damages are considerable, as much in the town as at the whatves. Tlie Plaza de Toros hall destroyed, and many houses lallen. In Ouauubncoa we are informed that more ihan ttii ty home* are razed In th? Cerro many houses and enclosures are down In f'uentes?we do not know what has happened in this picturesque place. The bridge of Mordazo has disappeared. In Havana we have heard of three itonc and mortar hosiers ultnost ruined, and it it rare to find one that has not sutferwd partially. The greater part of the city lamp* have none to pieces. Tho top ornaments of the Govern ment House have been transported, as if by msgic. to a great distance The stately palm tre?? ot Santa Clara were torn up by their roots, and their beautilul leavt* thrown by the wind inte the street. In the street O'Rwilly, No. 108, a chamber, or upper story, wat blown down, injurit g considerably a mulatto carpenter and a boy who slept there. Outside ol the walls, at was to be expected, was the greatest destruction. The sentry-bo xet were carried a great distance and torn into chipt; the lamps torn from their hangings and utterly dettroyed. Opposite tne Pil lar of India many hntitet have fallen; the balconies that extended to Cienluegnt ttreet, and many otheia. no longer exist. The Cnnpo del Mnrte, (Parade Ground,) on the south and west side, has lott a gieat part ol itt irou rail ings and pillars, which lell from the force of the wind and the tn e* blown against them All the etches anJ gate ways liuve lost the trophies and inscriptions which adorn edthtm The great Houte of Aldama?that caa'le?that palace, built bomb proof?has stiff-red; one of its balco mes, Itr.lng the North, was twisted away by the wind! Tho rt 11*11 del Kupul on Its riorth Side, is without n lungl* exeunt tor a door. Tho Jilamade is all blown down all there is a level. Of all the Wardt which have suffered most, Can Lortn io it without doubt the lirst. The greater part of the haute* which looked upon the sea- are totally destroyed, and the remainder participate in the destruction The District of Jtsu Mtriv is the next that has suffered the most; the damage here being immense. In both ol them multitudes of families ar" in the greatest dittrest, being without roots and without hearths We have heard that tho Sp'v ish brig Advino, which ?ailed from thia port lor Baiceiona, loaded with cotton, on the mo ning ot the 4th, wa? lost yesterday at 10 A M , on the shore of rhivo*. as she was endeavo ing to get to hit port The boatswain, two sailors, two toMier* and an ensign saved, who are now in the ho'pi'tl ol Cahanat, in a veiy bad and critical state, being unable to give 1 ny information of the rett of th? soult on boatd that ill-fa?ed vevsel, on board of which there were tixty *oul* No thing it known of the Spanish Vail, that tailed the same day We have hopes to tee her, aa a vessel hat entered oar harbor to-day irom New Orleans, the.captain of which say* he heard nothing ol the gale. Her Bpuniih Majesty'* brig-of war Cahano, which sailed on tho tame day at a contort io the mail, was wrecked yesterday afternoon at 4 o'clock, upon the B*cu. ranao All th officer* and men caved, except one artil lery man, named Estrada. The steamer Natoht z is ashore at the Cemcntario of the Marines The schooner of war Logero hat Io?t both h'r masts All the vi **ela of war, a* well a* merchantmen, have tufT-red more or les*. Below is a list rf vessels lost in thi* bay, as far a? is known at the office of the Captain ol the Port Schooner* ?Piquet de Bano*, Barlaniu, Manvala, Mi chimuii, Maeanita, Uibel 2d, Micaela, Di'crecion, M ? reanita. Antonic.a, Carmita, Minerva, Vic oria, Menedeta Felez, Lig"ra, Dolo&itut, M?n*eretta, Clotllta (aoiacre), Felez Ca'alina Rosa 2d, Oahilan, Roselia, Cecelia, Mer ced, Andria. Flor de Regla. Bri>?-Juanita, Union. Sera pin a,'. Leonidaa, Tono, There*a, General Mina, and (loop Julia , . The French ship Arago, from Campeac.hy, which was wrecked in the gale of the 2d inst , on the Punta *t the mou'h of this harbor, went to piece* on the 4th in the hurricane. Thi* *hip had been sold the day previous at public sate, for the benefl of the underwriter*, and was bid off by the hou*? ol Van Emdon for $3,tiM, a* she stood. Tho crew ot thi* vetse 1 were all saved The American *hip Ebro, which sailed from New Or lean* for Havre, was wrecked on the noint of Salado, near to that port. Crew all aaved?ve**el a total wreck The Spanish brig /aragozMio, which silled on the 4th. was lost on the ro ks of Bauta, westward of thia port, and j -otally lo*t. Captain and crew, with the exception or three, taved The vp**el* of war injured are?Frigate Isabel II .In jured slightly. Frigate Cortc* parted cable and drifted in ?motig the merchant ves*e|*. and injured both them and herself?in the gale of the Id the ran afoul of the t iti, and carried away her jib boom and royal mast and yard Steamer Congrem lost a boat and had her chimney blown down Th* Bnzar suffered in her tide, upper, work* and bow. The hiig Lahorde suffered only hisi ?<. The *chr Infante uninjured. Traniport )**? a boat. Th? Ponton Matte lott her catheads The brig Imano lo*t only her cambooie and boat injured. The American vessel* in thi* harbor have all suffered more or let* fiom $100 to *2.?>0 The tchr. Mary Shield*. Partet, of Havweah. wa* the most expoeed during tho ?torra She i* injured a* much, if not more, than any other American vesiel , , . Brig Tlti, of New Oi leans (injured in the first gale by a Spanish man of wai) received gieat injury from the bow *pi it of flie Savannah ichooner chafing her bow*. The bat que Louisa Oallegar, Philadelphia, injured con tiderably. The Lydl* ?lightly. Ship St Mary, from New Orlesn*, not at a'l injured. Christopher Colon, from New York, parted chain* end drifted into the bay where *he rode th* gale rut in saretv. Brig Trenton Pitman, of Boston, wa* run foul of by a man of-war * earner, and had her mast* and bowsprit torn out Since the gale C*pt P. has recovered all hi* *p*r* and tail* . , ? , . The ship Dunlap Gordon , ready for Bo*ton, got ashore, but i* now off. after taking out a few hundred boxe*. She will *ail in three day*-no damage^o her. The Tano it in from Mobile H*d to throw over hoard part of deck load of cotton. To day a *urvey will be held on her ? . . . . , The K.nglith *chr Vixen, entered our hatbor to-day for proviiion*. . , ? . Fiier* are entertained for the American brig Napoleoa, ?'.apt Hart, of Bo*ten, which ve**el wa* expected here fiom Citveta, on tbe lit. Thi* ve**ei must have been near this i ort at the commencement of the gale. In Mat*nzi* tho htirricane commenced on the 4 h, and continued with scarcely anv interruption until night. A great maay dwellings, moUsse* *nd sugar house*, are blown down and there I* tesreely a roof in the pl*ce that ha* e*c.aped the ifT'til* of the g*le Ye*tetd*y morning the river* of San Ju*n *nd Yarman were swollen to a degree never before seen, carry ing every thiag they met before them, and a* come of the edi Ice* on these margin* were blown down, the ntsh of wa ter* finished what th^gale h?d left. The tuppnied amount ef auger lott in theie huildingt on the margin*, i? Moo boxe* The *tore house* of Mettr*. Domingo Aldema and lulian Alfato, being vrcy strongly built, escaped de itrncilon. ... , The ios* of live* is laid to r.onii?t of five lancer*, vic tim* or the fall of AvI barrack, 2 women *t-d one m*n (white*) killed ; 2 negroes drowned In the Olo. Many more would have pertshed had it net been for the *trenu ou* effort* of maay p-r-on* who on horeebac.k placed their Uvea in danger to **ve their fellnw-being* whore mainad in their dwalll g? too long to be aaved on foot. In tha bay of Matanaa*, the damage* hava indeed been great,?the enly ve**el which ha* eeaapad without any Injnry, I* th* Spaaiah brig Sahlna, bound to Bremen *lth AAI hoses of auger on board Th* American brig Maria Tln-nisa, whicfi wu* loading fur Lon on, cut her tuait* I away, lavlog by thi* maaa* Ida vaaeal fro* going om ihoro. The barque Ann Louisa, Captain Bnow, ot Boa "u' **? "irowu ?pon the lucka, but this morning the j ?uff. red much. ? k ."'"'"J'g *h'P Adolfo, a inch closed her register on the K7ih ult. lor Hamburg, ji on a sandbank, ana they are duch rgiiig her. B ' 1 ue (learner Cardenas, and the American chip Wash ington, are entirely loat ?. 'i '-AwT,c-B "'"P Ontario, and the srhr* Pawtucket, ?i?'~ MuU- "d P-le?tiue, and tha Eugliah coivette Eliza, are upon the bar in three leet water. ini,?8f0"11" ? ,c,,oonl!r, all on shore, more or leu* injured or entirely loat. of V? hM ,uf"red *ome, and that of Ban Juau, is ?0t allowed to he pa.ard ^.iiuhudaf>*F,#i' W'"ch u u"???raally felt, ia great, incal ?-i? 5 ?ha uilorwation from the eoumiy ia n.oit trssxsusr,hlDf' ciut"?pw'' ??rrlihnl ? ???.?* continue t0 re0?i?* actouutu of the hnn.^i h r ii " Antonio do Banoa a guat many fallen. The theatie and the tower of the fn.t 1 /r 11,iud lh,e? or lour livea are J ?, thtn'.? youth of 14 years, cruahed by tba tailing walla In the diatriot or county tf i anoo, sev.-u it?ifpU.?nr??K th\ hurricane haa made great de of hou,??. window. an.I treaa. A letter from that place aaya that tha (own ol Nnj.y ? wholly Blown down, excepting the church, the ruaitel, and three store*, in Which the neighbors t?ok reluge This town consisted of 6.1 bouse*aome of atone, but aioat ol wood and plaster On the codec estate De*tino, the negro houses have dis* appeared, and the dwelling is murh shattered- On the f'Ulutnito estate the houses are ruined, and not a plantain, ah.ub, tree liuit ol aiiy kind ia left. From Santiago de la? Vegas they write that the leu peaiuoua wind* awe,.t death ai.d destruction for the space ol lourteen hours be ginning at 9 P M ol the 4th, and throwing to conaitlera ble uuianoea door*, window*. balconies, pilatteia of the cburchti, door windowa and ahutteta of the college?, ? C0Um h"u,ei ,n<l 'n private dwelling* throwing down walla, unrooting buil ingi, etc. etc. At ever; four curnera of a aquare the wind* loimed whirl. xJtv*. b> ,heir root? ?nd branche*. The In^ii " 1D1I ? "J'S1' "ln hal'PJr to ,ay '? only one. la the small town of Ban Antonio Cbiquiio, tcaicely a house stand*, and on the aatate of MUencorcia, all waa other*" 'k,u n* 'hree negroca and wounding six On the coffee estate Candelaria, nine milea from Bate* o, the huiricane waa felt with aa great force aa in 11a vana All the house* ol ordinary ronatruction, and many of atone aud mortar, are down. The dwelling* have mi !?.?eo ?UCk v, *iud" 11,1 v? thrown all down except 2*5 , Pushes, aad those are much lijured . r .iGeneral haa decreed that in conatqtience ol theiftcctol the hurricane, the person* who own wood 1 ttlB *,ornQ. "-ay repair th< m with ?? i y ,0? P001^ build with atone and moitar. 1 hia decree nas mate the Captain Ueneral very twrmiar among all claaaea. He haa likewise decreed tliat boards, planks window frame., ahuttera, and all kinda ol wood .or building bouse* may enter tree of duty. Theaame liberty (tree oi duty) lor tix niootha, beainnirir to-duy U|?oii curn and corn ineal, heana, potatoea, rice, aweat po tatoes, plantaiui. Also aome other minor reculationa ad* vanlageoua to the people. I have understood that the Coptuin General may grant peimiasion lor An.encan veasela to be auld arid boi aht gale',a ?r^er 10 rB^aco ,'1B coaatera deatioyed by tlie Terrific Uale-iuppotwd Great Loaa of Lire -Imutnn Ueatructlon or Property?Be verul Veaa?la Lost. On Krid.y i ventDg la>t it commenced blowing fresh from lue Worth Eas*, and continued incrtdsing in violence un til 3 o clock P. M., on Saturday the 6th inst. During the Ume o! the galet which lasted about eighteen hours.dam age whs done to property to an almost incredible extent. 1 he unequalled tuty cfthe gain, when at its height can scatcfcly t>e conceived ! It swept everything txljreit? houses, tenets, trees, vtsseis, and almost everything in its courbe was levelled to the earth or borne oft' with Iricht tul velocity. ? On the morning o 1 the 6th, previous to the gale having reached its height, the Revenue schooner, Vigilant, dieg* god her anchors and was driven out to sea, where it is ?uppose I all on board perished. lol'ow,n* '* 8 liut 01 the officer* of the Vlgilmt William U U. lay lor, Commander, VV m G. Tsylor, 1st Lieut, commanding; Mr Cooper, oi Durham, Mass. Jnd Lieut, i o; 6 a.amen, and the cook and cabin boy siavea. belonging to Capt. Taylor. Mr. liobert Cooper, one ol the Louisiana pilo a aud two ol the ntgroea who desert e. with ihe Piiot bout lmm the Balitu were on board J C Johnson, pilot, tu Ihe Vigilant, and Mr. Hubert Arnusted, ol New on tans, (pttseneti) weie pro videntially anhore, and tavrd. The pilot boat L uua draggrd her anchors, and w?a aetii mdkmg her way into the Oull with not a soul in sigh , though there wete lour nun on board, who have beyond a doubt, perished at sea The sohoon.., p.quot r?pt H?.t, lying at W.ill'a Whurf, wa* by the violence ol the wind and waves, and coming in concussion With the whari aud vessels lying t'nllo '"(Je, s'ove in at lUe *l*lu an<1 *l,ljk' Valuca u* ..'f!>e..?!:h?ocerJ ?rbit' c#Pt 8ully- bwke looae from I ill a VVhail, and was run on shore between the Custom and Light house*, where she now hea, but will be icot ult at aii expenke tf about (7ft. The brig Statiia, Capt. fladdidge, late from Bt Mark*, with a cargo ol 'J82 b.ilea (.1 cotton, 86 boxea tobacco, and a lot of ch..ina rigging and anchors, of the bug J. D. Noyea, lately wrecked near Bt. Marka, dragged her an chors, 400 iioiiiid* in weight, and drilled oui and struck pon the diy rocks, where she now ilea a complete wreck. Her* are cut up fore aud aft, and the ia broke in two by nailing ab?fi the mainmast. Her cotton is now being taken out by wreckers ; about halt out. The whole uill bo up in the course ot a day or two. The cuptain's trunk containing $1 000 wus wanhed away at the time the cabin went. *700 of this belonged to the brig, and ihe balance wtia the individual property ol the captain. The crew and otticeia were saved Alter the abating oi the gale, they took to the bout, with the ex ception ol one old negro, who refused to leave the veasel, Hnd wa* brought up o town next day, by the *loop Lari in, which went immediately alter the gale to ber a?*iat. aoce, alao several other vesseie. The tobacco ww ao much damaged aa to be considered not worth sating. The wracking sloop Ludlow came down on Tueaday morning. 8th mat., from Kuighl1* Key, where she w** lying at the time of the gale, wi'h the loss ol hi r must, bon.prit and part of her sails. Damage entimawd at $6iio' The schooner Bophia waa alao aunk. Estimated io?* $j00 Schooner Empire, commanded and owned hy Capt Wood, w a lying between Wall'a and Kilor'a wharves, <nd waa cut down ta ber keel, from her atern to her main mast, by the British brig Victoria, from Nn*i>au, which the extraordinary power ot the wind and wavea loiced through her, aa it no obstruction wus in her war Valued at $1000. ' Bchooucr Rome, Capt. Kemp, lying at anchor in the harbor, near the upper part ot town.diagged her anchors, and went ashore during the height ol tlx gale She is now being got elf, by digging away the sand irom around her, and placing i/rapty casks on each side, to lighten her. The wate: where she now lie* is about 18 inches, and she draws.'>4 f et, light The British schooner Britannia, Captain Kelly, Irom Nassau, N. P, was drove on shore above Mr. Brown'n warehouse. In driving ashore she encountered the schr. Rome, and knocked in her bulwarks on one side. She has been got eff, and is now taking in cargo lor Nassau Reported by Capt. Bunce, of schooner Ranger?sloop Texas, Captain Bethel, ashore on Tavamea, in i leet water, 80 lathoma from 4 feet; masts standing. Means were being uaed to get her ofl The sloop Relorni, Captain Roberta, ran ashore near Indian Key, but waago' elfwith the loss of her matt. Schooner Hndton, Captain Millcn, ol New York re cently Irom Washington, DC., drove to sea with two anchors dragging, in the early part of the gale, about 10 A. M , and ia supposed to be lost with all on board, vlr. : Ambrose Cooper, passenger from St Augustine; Jsmex Miller, the Captain, of New Urleana; William llellard, mate, of the eastern hoi eel Virginia; John Xauuder*, Englishman, and Andy Thompson, Norwegian, crew and owner*. The lour owner* of tha schooner were lately petty ofli cer* on hoard of the Colnmhu*, 74, and hud employed their laving* in the purchasennd fitting out of (heir veasel purposely lor ireighting and passage on this aoast The> bad made their fli?t trip Irom St Augustine with crowdmt patronage and successful pr. mise, when Ihey were sud denly swept from tlieir lait harbor into the ?ull ot Mexi co and eternity. British brig Victoria, Captain Ifudscn. broke loosa Irom Brown'* wharf, but was brought up at Wall a, where she rode tha gale out, receiving considerable damage Irom coming iu contact with the wharl anil vessels; making hole* through her Imw aad otherwise injuring her. She had no cargo on board at the time. Wrecking sloop amsrica.t aptaia (ireen, belonging to Messr* 'i ift k Oerger. came down from Knight'* Kev, nn Tuesday morning, nth mMant, with lofs of mast, sails, and rigging, and u her slight injury ; damage $.VI0 Schooner Saratoga, Captain Malony broke I oie Irom Tilt's whart, end ran ashore a lew hundred yard* below baring on hoard 40 bales cotton, which ha* been taken oat; and she is now heaving out ballast to enable her to get off The schooner Ranger, Capt. Bnnce. arrived here <-n Tuesday noon, from 'l artrnler where *he laid during the gale, with loaa of maat*. No other material inj "t damtge JJ^O ' Sloop Rival. Iving at Tlft'a whari, waa *unk during the gale?damage $400. Tha schooner May Flower,from Newport, R I reports having seen a brigantine bottom tip, off the doubie.nendid Bhot Key*, supposed to he Speniali. Sh.i waa coopered Oreat tears are entertained tor the safety ol the wrack mg sloop, Mount Vernon, she not having been heard from, and all the other ve*sel* to windward hive either been heard Irom or come down. She wa* command* d by Cant. Phillip*, an experienced and skilful offlcar. Her Captain and owner, Mr. J. f Mmith, being at the time in town on businea*. The salt works at the upper end of thr Island were se verely injured by the late gale. Nearly all the covera to the vats were Mown oil, and the vats seriously damaged Ihe pumps us.d lor throwing water into the vat* irom the pond w? re all blown down The wa'er partially under fiilned th store house used for stowing *slt.a great amount ??f which was In store at the time, (I6"0 bushels.) a con siderabln quantity of that waa dissolved by the *piay am' wave* beating in. The water came up into the dae|lir<y home of Mr Howe, and he and hi* family were compelled to retreat to tome of the out buildings lor safety D*m?g> to *alt work* and othar buildings on the premise*, $3 t oo ihe large building at the barrack*, winch stood oeei tha water, known aa tha Adjutant'* offioa, waa blown completely down, not a part or atlok left (tending. No offter damage don* ?t Ihe tj S Barrack* I'ho atceo.l story ot th > i ast end of the Key Weat House waa Maw* ?? No other damage Tltti large carriage home and sUble in the nor of Mr Wall'* warehouse wm lavelled witti thu ground, and no# lien ? I limed tutu III the atraat* Tltf wlurvm uie all more 01 leu* injured, though none in setiou*ly as Col. O'Hata'*, now rented L?y Mr Wall plank* loru olt, timbera hinli , ?pi e> torn olt, ami other wise damaged, to the probable auiouut ol $1 tiOO The whaif tented by Mr Kilor, Was damfegrd to the amuunt of about $600. '1 he wkarve* of Mr Uiown a d Mr. Tift were vary slightly injured. The Kund Key Light llomr has received material in jury. The dome has been atarte 1, and leaka very badly ; the reflector* all require repairing or they will be ru ued. The windowh of the tower will have to be all new, a? molt of then have hlowu out or the p la*? broken All the chimney* to the buildinga on (he lu.'ud were blown down, and consequently the kueper, < a plain Appleby, and hi* people had been unable, for 30 hour*, to cook themaelve* a meal Shutter* to the window* of t< a bonne* all gone. The breakwater recently buut ha* broken through in several place*, in conai quence ol the tea getting in liehind it and washing out the backing ?one distance from the wall. The l?l*nd was at one tiu.e completely under water. We hear that at Indian Key no?l of the bouse* remain ing there, were blowu down. 'i he whaivt* are ail cai rieil away. T<> aacertain the late of the unfortunate men on boatd the U 8 R Schooner Vigilairi every exertion in the pjwer of man, lias been made. "Mr. Howe, of the Cuatom House, after the galu, despatched ? boat to the nume ou* Key*,in the hope that they might have tun on shore,aLd the lives ol' the officers an 1 ciew saved Mr Johnson, pilot of the Vigilant, and Mr A r instead, passenger. who were on shore at the lime ol tho gule, alao, personally, went m leaich. Mr. J id'.-ied one Oiouaund dollata to an) one who would tnUe him out to her at the time the was drifting toward* the gull; but no vessel could have lived, and it would hafe been wor e than madneaa to have at tempted it. A schooner arrived on the 17th init , the Captain of which informed Captain A. that all the building* and wharves received more or less damage The ship Atlan tic. Capt Mol)et,o! New Vork, (formerly the West i he*, tei) from Liverpool lor New Orleans, whs loit on Car)* lort Reef, passenger* and crew taved. Thy U 8 Kevenue Cutter Vigilant, stationed at Key West, dragged her anchor to *ea, and it ia feared that *be, with all her crew, ?re lost. The brig Algonquin, from Philadelphia, was cemlng into Key West as the schoonei came out, supposed in dn-trei* ? Key Weal J.iqht of the Rtrf, Oct. 7, and Charleston Courier, Oct. ^7. General Nelllottl. Before Hccorder Tallmadge and Aldetmen Jackson an Jabez William*. M C. Patorsou, Ksq , District attorney. Francis Prusome pleaded guilty to keeping a disorderly house at No 100 Grand street ; sentence deleried. The Grand Jury having ignored the bill chaiging Da vid Loughlin with burglary, he was discharged William H Ireland uuai'Adams, convicted of burglary in the 1st degree, was aenlonced to lh? State. Prison lor 10 years. William McNamara, wait tin n tried for a grand larce ny, in dealing a wagon worth $40 on the litb of Sept., the property ol John McKenna, No. 33 Mudison street The jury found a verdict ol not guilty The Grand Juiy came into court, and after delivering a number ol' bills lound by them, handed in the following presentment The Grand Jury for the October term of the Court ol General Seisioua in and for the city and county of New York, on their oath, present That on a comp aint rtgularly preferred before them, they were call d upon to investigate the circumstance* under which on individual, choiged by the authority ol a neighboring State with the crimes of treason, riol and murder, recently escaped from Ihe pii on connected with the Halls of Justice in this city. That in the prosecution of such an investigation, the following facts wete estab lished. That at the time of the escape ol Ihe said piisonei he was not confined in his cell, hut had the privilege of the cortidor of ihe second tit r of cel.*, in which the one occupied by him was situated. That fur thu peiiod ol ten minutes, during which time the escape was i fleeted, the keeper of said tier of cells wan absent from his po?t, and no person notified to have the oversight of the prlso ner during inch absence. That the manner of the escape was in this wise : a writ of halieas corpus to pio.luce the body o ilw prisoner before Judge Oakley of the Superior Court, haa just been seivad on the keeper of said piuon, he being at the time of the serving of ti e said writ on the cariidor above where the prisoner's cell was situated Tnat said keeper immediately left the prison, passing through the yard to his office, lot the purpose ol making a return lo said writ. That the prisoner, iu company witc one or two other person*, deli berately followed the keeper down from the coiri. dor ol the second tier of cells through the gate, at which a keeper waa stationed, into the keeper'* of flee, and while said keeper was engaged at the rtei-k iu making a return to said writ, the prisoner deliberate!) passed out through the watch house to ihe Leonard stii et i ntrance of 'be prison ?i.d ? as ?? movi d in a w a gjn, dnven rapidly up Leonard street tow auu r>ionow?> it wu further established, that the person in charge oi the gate was not the regular k< eper, w ho is a sworn ofti cer. nut that he had been excused from duty that moin ing by the kteperol the prison, and this perron, who whs not connected the prison, directed to take his plact during bis absence. It also ap|aared. that this p-rson ha<l petfoimed similar duty ou si veral occasion* It lurtl - er appeared that a genet ai impr> rsion pie vailed among tin officers of the pruon that an t ffort would be made to get ti e prisoner way in a surreptitious manner It was also in evidence that a large number of persons bod accei* to the prisoner during his confinement. In t nr, therefore, ol all the facts and circumiUnce* of the case, the Grand In* quest are of opinion lha< the escape ol the prisoner was lacilitati il by a laxity <1? discipline in the police of the prison, that calls lordly for a correction ; und, whi e the) do not impute a criminal connivance at iho transaction to the keeper, they think that the careless manner in w hich h (duty waa discharged is justly liable to the sevetest reprehension. The Gtaud li quest have alio uad inciden tally helorc them for invest gation a case inv lving what they consider a serious abuse in onr police departments It i* the manner iu which the custody of money* and other valuatdes taken Irom pusoners, whether innrceil or guilty, i* Irequently upon the hare order of the prison* r ?iy his simple mark tranterred to the couti*< 1 or othe t agent in the case, la fore ihe same ha* In en dfcpmd ol m due course oi luw, or (be rightful owner satisfactorily ? certained. When thi* principle if depar.rd from, (tnd the Grand Inquest regret that tire proof before them i dmits ol no douh that It liequently is,) the police department, in stead of being the guardian of the citicena Irom the hands ol the public depredator ujion the one hand, and the pro tector of he rights of the individual unjustly accused oi crime upon Ihe other, become* the medium thiough which, under color of Ihe law tlie rights of both ate vlo lated. The result is that public confl lence in the institu. iion is seriously impaired, and impunity given to crime by the discouraging uncertainty that alter the aacrifice ol time and labor involved in its successful prosecution the great object which it should be the special duty of the department to effect?namely, the restoration of the pro perty?will fail to be. realiz* <1 (Signed) HENRY RRBEN, Foreman. John H Williams, Sec'y. The Court, alter the presentment had been read, en quired if they had completed (beduties assigned them to perforin The foreman replied they bad, and they were con*<quently discharged with Ihe thank* of the Court The presentment was ordered to be published and laid be fore the nroper authorities, 7Vial for Orund larceny ?Mary Dame* was then tried for a grand Ian eny, in stealing a short lin e since a silver watch and lix quarter dollars in all wotih $jh 70, from Matth- w Coate*, No 142 Anthony ttreet The com plainant was int xicated at the tune of loiing his property and gave a very lame account of the manner in which it wa< takrn from him, and the jury therefore acquitted the prisoner The Prtit Jwy were then discharged for the farm, the District h ttorney having disposed of all the prison case* with the exception of six?iu two of whichttbe wituesse* to testily cculd not be reached, n* their residence* were far distant. Adjourned to Monday, the 4lh of November. More of thk Mii lkritk Dilostwn ? Canes ol the most painful kind continue to be detailed tn tin, as connected with the recent deplorabledeluaion of Mil lerism We have heard of an instance in which two in* dustiious female*, milliner*, became infected?alio their lather, ano d grey headed man?their mother?a married *i*ter and her liusb <nd. The whole party, with two giand children, started oil' at an early hour on Monday morn ing. from their residence in the N W patt of the city, and proceeded to the Encampment near the Blue Bell. They seemed to be perfectly convinced, and although they wore talked to time and again, by a brother who h*.i not become waa all of no avail .They remained absent during tbn stormy weather of Monday night, and then a relative proceeded to tne encan prneiit in a dear born, an 1 induced somo of them tn return. On Morula) night the old man took refuge in an untenanted house ot bam, and walked the floor during the night, in order tc keep life in him Hume of the otlu rs wrapped themselves in blankets, and thus < ndeavored to defv the inclemency olthe weather One of the sisters wat af'er wards brought home titter ly speechle** Thi* i* but one of many unit, lar case* fame ol the acconnt* are almost Incredible Rut "the time" having gone by, it i* tho duty of the humane,while assisting to dispel t> e delusion and to show its folly, alao to soothe,tat'd by every mean* In theirfmwer, to restore the mrniia of the miMaken to a condition of calmnes* and reason.?Philadelphia F.tiqvirer. Oct 17 Canada Ejections?Sir Allan McNab h?f been elected fo the new parliament for the town ol Hamilton, Canada West. At the close of the polls for the city of Toronto the vote stood fer Rherwood, ; Boulton, tirt, Dunn '<41. Mr Hidout retired from th> con'est before the polling commenced The candidate* termed conservative are therefore elected. Mr Mnrnei ha* bee i relu'ned for Haatings by a majority of Bl. Mr. Geo. McDonald, conservative, fir Dundaa. Fbkk ARTici.Ka to Havana ?A letter ton com mercial honae ia thin city, natea that in conve quenca of the destruction caused by the late disastroe ?torm in' ubs. the follow arti le* will be admitted fr< i of July during the ensuing *ix month*, vir : Boaid?, plank", shingle*, and every description of building Inn her; also, rice, corn corn-meal, bean*, polatoe* Th< ?ame letter add*, that the damage produced b) the sfp'tr , 'o th-bnildit gs, fruit trees, rice, corn, cane and coffee i* immense, though it wa* not po**tblo to make any esti mate oftha txtent to which the earning orop* woie li Jnrail. Niw Potato.? A d?w Potato ha? appeared in thlamatkat, said to ha ?xeallent, and oolled the Pooal Eloom It i* shaiied llk< the t hi nature bat has tha color ot tk? old rad aort Charleston, 8. C. [CurTMpoutkiic* of U?* Har&ld. ] Chami.rWON, 8. C., Oct. 18, 1844. Political Ex< Uemttil in South Carol?nu ? 7 rad*? M<itrimony?Chvucli tiuilaing?Hlormt. Dear Sir :? The democracy of Charletton have accomplished theiraharc ot victoiy in ihe great contest now pend ing in iliese United crates, and have proven to the whole observing woild, iliat their principles are aa firm as rvei and, probably, mm misiy. There was quile a bluster on ihe whig aide, because the demo cratic candidates telused to answer a few gentle iiieu, the organ* ol their party, upon a few iBimate rial points; and, sir, you should have been among us tor a few have hratd the criea and iuvec tivea in which they indulged, oil account of their being mute [Perfectly right ] But 'twns no go;the only all abaoibing question, anil which w?e not to be put aside, but kept constantly in view, was whe ther the democratic or the whig principles should be maintained. They tried all the vaitous rievtcta and arts that could be brought to bear upon ihe question, by which to cause the democratic rsnka to give away, and thru they wouid lake advautege ol ihe uume I think that u not inapt comparison mwy he made between th-- democratic csrdidatea and the whigs, and Mr. Polk and Mr Clay?in re gard to ihe silence ot ihe e audidatea ot ihe demo craticpaity lure und Mr Polk in Tennessee. Mr. Clay nas niultiplied U tters upon lettetb in answer to those sent turn, and Mr. Polk ban wiiiieif none, so with our cand daieij they have been silent upon all question* which they thought would distract their party and remained satisfied for their friends to decide at the ballot-box whether they approved of then course. One thing for which they are bl?med by a good many persons ia, the ieiter writ ten to Mr McMaaier, who, it appear*, is the leader of the foreign portion ol our citizen*, in reply to a resolution passed at a meeting held by then-, w herein it was stated that ihe foieigners would not vote tor any man who would not conies* las ( pinion ou the subject of th> extension of the naturaliza tion law. The candidates immediately issued a card, addressi d to Mr J McM , declaring aa iheir opinion the sanction to the 9 !i resolution of ihe Baltimore Convention of 1S40 1 must acknow ledge that it was not the clear thing to relure to answer a lew unimportant questions, (thought so by a majority al the present lime,) because taid party were but uu f tin ni> minority und immedi ately afterwards, without being ufke d the question, io cringuglv and indirectly beg ilie cuppoit of those who can turn an eltction. There may be a great many who muy think it was perfectly right tor them to act in this manner; but really, it was a -liaine to worry and hartal, t? rmcnt and infuriate the whins so badly?having the power in ihtir hands, ih! y should have been more lenient. Our great city remained undisturbed during the two day* of election, and it was only un it last night that any noi^e was created, which occurred at the treat given al the Pavilion Hotel, by the de mocratic candidates. 'this is a di purture, and a v< ry good one, from the old usige of |arading the streets with a band of music, end calling on the several candidates elected. 2377 votes polled, which is very near the entire number thai can be brought out. (>nr speech-mak ing Irierid, Yeadon.who has ilone bo much good [>>r harm,who know s '?] tor the cause of democracy in Georgia, (wtieie he made several visits,) has gone to old Virginia, and his opponents say. that it lie can only ptoduce hs much good in , their behalf us in Georgia, the y will dub him a fiist j rate democrat. Never before has so much excitement been pro { duced in our city on the occasion ot any Presiden tial elec ion, lor in 1840 we were satisfied to hear of the excitement around us, remaining perfectly quiet, but this tiim crowds gather around the va rious newspaper oftict s to know the returns ot the elections from Georgia nnu Pennsylvania, and any quantity ot heis an- made upi n ilie- probable result. Our e'tty i? very dull as re gams business, and we have to stand almos t idly by and see New York and ihe otlo r northern cities doing all our u.-ual busine .-i Why. sir, I was told that < lie dray has e-arrieit itie puri'tiuse* <>| mm or five individuals to the railroad at a single draught, and even the arti cle ot rice is bought in Ni w Yoik und sent to Charleston, although not any large qahntity, for 'twas only hall a barrel. I am not shrewd ensuph to se.- into ihe matter and explain tlt^jpeuse ol onr not being able to retain our busineefl here, and if you liave the time and space in your column* to point out ill!' reasons, I should be very happy to hear them, as I am w ell awnre that you are always ready to give your opinion and any bdvice to benefit any body who truly desires it. Before I oh si, I mn t ii lorm you of n brilliant, novel snd surprising affair that is i xpecied io con.e ? fl here on Tuesday in xt. 'Tis nothing else than the union ot a young coup e in the boly ties of manimony?brillidiit bee us. :bere are to be many bright, sunny, bewitching, smiling taces?novel, on account ot its occurm..; within the sacred walla of a eliun h, at the spirited hour of twelve, (I mean 12, A M ) and trooi the urruugemnits made there will In- a lull house?and lastly,surprising because, <is dame rumor says, the lady's intende d was refu sed by tier three linus, and she finally contents only io please her Ma. Another new church has been erected here, and lhat upon the site ot the Ilium not church, corner ot Queen and < hurch streets, in ihe Gothic style, of the Huguenot's persuasion, and intended lor the aristocracy It wul be quite- au ornament io our city, altlioiighP in nor a vi ry conspicuous situation. We have just received news Irom Havana of that place being visi'ed by a revere gale, which has done much damage to the city und the ship ping hi its harbor Also, shipwreck of ine U. H. cutter Vigilant, Taylor, of N. O Said vessel was Mown from her anehorsge out <f Key West har bor, during a gale on Ihe 5h insi. and capsized, aome of the crew wi re picked up by chip Iiiaide, of Newbury poit, bound to N O , on ihe 14th inst.; but lor turtlier particulars 1 refer you to our papers ot this day. Hamilton. BLACK BALL OK OLD LINK OK LITER POOL PACKKTS? FOR LIVKHPOOL?Only reutvhtr packet of the lat of November. he it>hkii111<-r>ni run) rem uk.ihl* fait nailing packet ahip OXFORD. Caprtain John Rathbnne. will positively tail on Friday, the l?f of Novettber, her rvguW day. It i* wall known th u the accommodation* of the Oiford, and all the eight shir* ?f (hi* line, arc tittrd out in a moat coaily iS* ?i *u jjjk Fpr frail atyle with i?tn modem improvement and convenience, th caunot but add to the comfort of cabin. aecond rain ateera#* iMvs^i'i^frs Those v>eitin* the old country will time* find il tlmr intrrest to select Uiaar desirable cuiiveyaoeea, in prefervue* 10 an y other. For terms of iiuatiie uid to wenre the b#atherth?, early appli cation should be mad* oo board, foot of Deakinaa street, or to the subscribers. ROt'HK, BROTH ICR! It CO., olArc Jft Kultun sttcet, neit door to (he Kultoa Buik. PAf'KET FOR MARBKILLEB?Of Ut Nov.? , The new A. No. I barque MISSOURI John bilreatar, atnaatar *llliiilu<l?tf iiaiglit, or |?n tw, having h indjnine ?t*tr r-oia aecoai moditions. apply on board ?? I'm No 3 N. H., f? LAVVKKN* K fc. I HKLPB, No. I#'l Krant ?lnr', or to ll(l\ I) U 111 ,N I KKN, A r>-nta, Ol}rc No ? T<"itilH> Bnildma, cor W?ll mil Water eta. C.X< II A >*tf. UN rNOI.A.'N LI, iIIm.a.N U, SCOTLAND AND WALKS?Tha Subscriber Ua fl|Mpar<t ill titlHn for aalr Drafts from LI to 4.IIMI0, layabla ?t all 'In- principal Banking Inalilolioiie throuifhoai the I nitad Kir|iliim jOHN HhRDMAN, tl Hoath at. N II I .tea w to and IVolB I iyrnool run lx- aecitred ai I ha l<i?nt raim by auy of tlie linr ol packets aniluig on the l?t. Sth I nb t?th, tint niiil 2Mb of each month, on application aa above. J vtt ft y OR f IV KK HX iL.-The nrh-' ship OARRICK, i t.? i? Tr? k, miI? on the l#lh oTQw? and the packet ill ''VH>ltl) I n| Mm IL.thtmne, on tbr III Nut., ? if.' ? I ? r dav* >'l ?MlioR. For i ? <*?. b >inf unsurpassed trenmmndatinat, apply I* 'UN III' ROMAN, hi Soulh street N It I "ice from lireat B? itum and Itelind ran as usual ba seemed h\ the jiackrt ?b>it sailing every fin- i|*\s from I i?rri I ?i.d I)i*fi. for any imount, can. atual, br runiiih ? ? I. injrahlr in nil th# i>rinripal tnv? in und Cltiri tbromliout timt B'l'ain and lirlanJ, on appliCMKMI aa abora. ollrc l'A? KKT KOR HAVRK?Baaotid Lin*?Tb?ahii> WjfV ON F.I 1) A. Jimra Kunek maitrr, will Sail on tha lat jftM|&"f No*rmlwr. Knr fi>-i((ht or paaiac* apply to BOYD k HIWrKKM. nll?c Pn.Mo.i. ? . !?? ,11 ....I ULU M l AftLIWU I .?? r> r.' Or ol nHv SiiiiiIi RlTT^t*-l'uMKr iii ind from IiimI llnuiD ana MimKiIii I mil via Liwiwnl. ?i 'II timaa ha ?"nKat'd at the Inwrat ram m and fn in Li?*rpo?>l, by thr r??o Ur |?r kn ahiiai tailing und?i lb* ii"?, ?rrauit#m?nt rvrry f*w (lay*, and drafb can a? muxl famnhrd for inv amnnnt .|?ri blr at tha National mid Protiocial llmk. Irrlaad.uid thrir liranchm, and SnioRhoui tbr I'liitrd Kiniidom, aa wall aa at all tlw pnnripal b.?ki?t inatltalion. m Kimland, Gotland and VVal.a, without diacoont or <n> othar cb*r?aa. >orfurtha( par ticulara, if by I'tt'r, poat l""V,!l'l;'X.t2 n%? > v ., ? . _ Mrr JOHN IfkHDMAN, SI Boath (t ? K)H I.ONDON -I'arkrt of th' lit ^OT?mh?r ? ITw park^i 11 V U T' ? K I A, ( aptain Morf an, w ill ,? l a? al."*r, brr t Kiilar d>y. i>oi i???>*'. hariug >n|*nor ari-nmmodarioni npply to ollrc JOHN HKKDMAN, ?l BoatbWiMI. MKOR t>ONDO*'?Packet nf tha lat No?.?'The flrw aaw (Mckcl ahip VII TORI A, I ptain M' mm, will pinii In 'IIy ??il a? h ue, bar r' R'tl .r dny, and baa ?rry ?ap^kf arco'"m"datioaa fof cabin, ??I ond c tbiM and ?ifr??e i i<.ri t- ni, who wi'l l? t *k**n .t rerv rpaa aab> utaa. if rarly appl cmoa k made to W. It J, T T * P*<-*' I 'I . ol9r< T6 South a tart, corner Maiden I .ana P<>K NKW OHI.K A NB?I'nion I ma-Kirai .rvanlar |wckat with daapatch?The faal aailiua paakac abip I'NION, J B Ban rue. maater la now Viadina a?a imtaediata diaya < h. kor cahia, aect>?d aatM aad ittwran paaaenaara, haeuiK oil"'l>r acr.imllh>d? i"' *?rly V" Mir?ti?n aaoala ba aiade * v ' t. f i ti > I ' I ?Maa laa Pu*aa?a?u oaraavaf HaaWtauaai ,

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