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October 27, 1844 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. Vol. X., No. ?9T-Whol? No. ?I7. THE NEW YORK HERALD. /mIOREOATE CIRCULATION THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND. THE GREATEST IN TUE IVORLD. To the Public. THE NEW VOKK HKRAI.d?Daily Newspaper?pub lislird f?rj day of the year eacept New Year's Day and Fourth of July. Price 2 cents |>er copy?or $7 28 per annum?postsgss ptiil?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?publiahed every Saturday tnoruiur? price entU pet copy, or $1 u per annum?post ?*" paul, c-uli iu advance. adv ertisi-^rn \rr informed that the circulation of the Herald it over THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND, and increasing fa?t It hut thr Imrgrtt circulation of any paper in this city, or thr world, at lit, is, therefore, the net! channel tor hut inert aaen i? the city or l outitry. Price* moderate?cash in advance. PRINTINO of all Linda ??necuted at tlie moat moderate price, and in ths moat eleaaui atyle. JAMES OORDON BENNETT, FftoriuKron or thr Hrrslii Establishment, rJortliwaat ooruer of Kultou and Naraau streets. nrfirffria WTa i f.k A k kaaut.?i T KARE lHREE SHILlI\OH FROM PaTERSON TO JERSEY CITY. On and after tlie '?t of October tlie cara will 'save? Pari: ?o> Dkpot. i New Yore. s o'clock A. M. I 9 o'clock A M. ?iI* - p."?. 1 U* W cm Stodaii. ??****? j __s? m ec BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL bteam SilirS. Of 1100 tona and 440 hone power each.? Under ooiitfact with the Lord* of the Ad| ?unity. hivekn1a. Captain Alsxauder Ryrie. c ni A, Captain kan an] O, Lott. acauia, Cai4*iu vv illiani Harrison britannia Captain John Hewitt. CAMBRIA, ..... ..Captain C. H. E. Judkins. Will Mil from Liverpool and Boston, via. Halifax, aa follows: Prom Boston. From Liverpool. Caiwtonia, Lott Aagust 16th. ? Afadia, Harriaoa...Sept. 1m. August 4th. Kilieruia, Ryr? 'r hkh. 20th. T'oeas *??aela carry experienced surgeons, and aiesupplisd With Lit* boats. km irwiaht or passage, apply to V. nrioham, Jun., Agent, ih . -ai No i wjl atreet. filH.j THE NEW steamboaa' illlm. ftjmlpire. CAPTAIN D. HOWE, - Will leave BUFFALO for CHICAGO, kon Kill DA Y, 23d of August, at 7 P. M., and perform tier tripe regularly during the i 'sou, as follows :? ud". DOWN. iiirriw, Lr.avcs chicauo. (riiiav Attn, is,... ai 7 P. m. BaturiLiy, ang.31... at 9 A. m Saturday, *^p. 7,... at do Monday, Sept. 16... at do cminiuay, ir|i. w Monday, 23... at do Tuesday, Oct. do wednesday, " 21... at do Thursday, Nov.7... at in 'Die EMPIRE is ISO (set in Tuesday, Oct. do Wednesday, " 16... at do Thursday " 31... at do Friday, Nov. 13... at do length, 32 feet 8 inches beam, 14 foal 2 inches hold, measuring 1198 tons, and is the largest stram afloat in inland wafers. Engine 888 horsepower, boilers provided with Evan's Patent Safety Valves, to prevent the possi bility of an explosion. The < abin is no feet long, with separate Saloons for Ladies and (isntie men?specious State Rooms extend tlie whole length, vcntiiatnl hy doors opening from the iuside and out, and ill parts of the boat sr finished and famished in a style unequalled by any other in tite world. Ample aaaommodations for Steer age i'assaulters, in four large well ventilated Cabins, one of which S appropriated exclusively to females. the boat is provided with a good band of music. WiLlisi, Marsh It Co., Buffalo, 1 H. Noavoia k Co., Chicago, > Agents. S. R. JtuicsT, Detroit. ) d. N. BARNEY, kto.. Augast 1, U44. Cleveland, assinavlie FOR HALIFAX and LIVERPOOL.. Toe Royal Mail Steamships ACADIA and HIBERNlA.will leave Boston, foi theabove porta, as follows :? Acadi , V\ ni. tlurisoa, Esq., Com., on Friday, Nov. 1st, next, liiberuia, A. R\re, llaq., Com., ou Saturday, Nov. lCth, next 1 to LivssjaKH.,. S12U. l ui'tfr to Halifax 20. ap|>i> to u. itmkjham. Jr.. Agent, at die oftcs of llarudeu Ik Co., ?an No. 3 Wall street staten ISLAND FERRY. ~*\OT OF whitehall 'i lie b<jiau will rua jm follows on and after Sept. 30. L?.a?E new YORK: 9, and ii. A. M.; IK. 3k. and 6. P. M. leaVe staten Island : 8, and 10, A. M.; i2>. 2k and i, P. M. P. b.?All xoods saaat be particularly marked, and are at the gj-sk of ?he owners thereof s34 JfAUVLtE'ti Ll?\& A J A.tMMvjil a tok ALBANY d0k DAILY, Snudays excepted?'Through direct. ^u|s*hj?2*at* P. M., from he Steamboat Fier between XmH9L< 'unrtlsadt and Liberty streets. llw nti-uaooat knickerbocker. Captain A. P ht. Jolui, .mw'day, Wednwisy and Kriday Evenings at 6 o'clock. Tlie Steambval ROCUEHTER, Capuin A Honsniou, on Tuesday, Tharaday and h^oirday EvenuiRs, at 6 o'clock. At Five o'clock, P. v.?Landing at Intermediate Pisces. The ttw.unboat NOIcTH AMERICA. Captain R. o Crnt teadna, i'uasday, HiaradHV and Saturday Afternoons, at i o'clotk 'i ,m Meamboat COLUMBIA, Captain William H. Pack. monday, Wednesday, Friday aad Sunday Afternoons, at ft o'ulaal. . taking eiihar of the above lines will arrive in Al'jjuif iij atapie iiwe to take tlie Morning Trains ol Cars foi the ea-t or weal. T>w Ixiets are u?w and substantial, arc far nia'-m with new anj ?>Aflsnt state rooms, and for speed and ac commodations, or* anrivalM ou the Hudsoii. Ail i?tmm am foiatd trusting any of the boats of this lh~. niii:<iut an order rroai the Capuin. l>oi ? .e or freitfht. apply on board, or to P. C. Schnlts, at 'he wiaee mi lias wixarl. o2lrc till man 03k HOUR CHANOED TO SIX O'CLOCK, **crt^*33* 1 M.?Ott aud nfter Monday. Sf|K. 16th, 1644, tl? Nl in Llor ^ ALBANY AND TROY a ? iv h mr of departure from 7 to 6 o'clock. P. M., iil'~i<d ?: rowtlik'vpsie during the great Fair mid Cattle 8li">?. ???.:;? 7i crunoiUv to Pmuuhmw. Tim ?tep?*e SIVALl.OVV, Capt. A. McLean, Monday 14th, and W? r>n?*f, Ufta. The ? tenner ALBANY, Mptaiu 11. B etc\, J ?? ..??>/, I7ih, Tharoday, IHh, at 6 o'cloci, from Cort iku ?tn'? "?* &;<*?*:<? i.iuf, at7 o'clock, from Barclay (treat pier, the TROY*i.1 EMPIRE. S* lam a iiw great Wnir aud Cattle Show, Tueiday, 17 th, V eiWjd.'.y, lltti, and Thursday, 19th, will reduce the fare to 7S (Niti to and from I'mtghkmpaie and New York. _ *11 NEW Aj.itANY /?1*D TKOY STEAMBOAT LINE. F?R ALBANY AND TKOY.-Morning 'Line from tlu> fo<it of Barclay itreet, lanaiiin .<u intermediate place*. 11.. mi.uiim KivH'lRE, Captaiu S. R. Hoe, Monday,Wednea day unit Kruiiy lyiwtning at 7 o'clock. 1'h- SiMH-Hr 'rtlOY. Captain A. Oorham, Tneiday, Thura dav u.i<l ^iur4a? Mormnj, at 7 o'clock. f.? Line Jw foot of Courtlandt itreet, direct- . The Sv iiner SWALLOW, Captaiu A. McLean, Monday, WtMutmdtiy aud Fni|iv Evening, at 4 o'clock. The ''lenioet Al.KANY, Captain R. B. Macy, Tneiday, Thwrfrt.n 'ltd 8auit?iny Evening, at 4 o'clock. 'In? LI-mu ui iI.m Line, ow iuii to their light draught of wa ter, an- r?i?*.i at nil umna to the ban, and reach Albany and Tic; lu ample tiuw to lake the morning train of can for the 64a < or weat. _ r ui inaaiure or freight, apply on board, or at the office* on the whairee* n.RAH/Tfrr AND CHEAI' EXCURSION*. huhmKM JlRRjiNOEMEAT. NKW BRIGHTON, PORT RICHMOND. (STATEN im,aW),| and NEW VORK FERRY. From Pier No. 1, North River, foot of Battery Place. 'il? si/VLiaboat CINDERELLA, wm run u loliowi, Daily, from May JOtli to Octow in. ,1M4 ??'/?uvea New York at Sand II o'cloca, A M.? J/n, ? wl'Vt P. M. Uom fort liac.imong. at 10 minute* to I, and 11 minute* to 10 A. M.; at I, ij* .ml i.*< P. M. L/ ivij New Snghtnn a) I and 14 A. M.; at IM, 9 aid 7)( P. K on Sunday?Lenve* tV?w York, at? and 11 A. M.; at 1,4 and 4 P. M. rnrt Kiwitnoud, at 30 minutea to 1 and 10 A.M; at 1, 5 nur-1% P. Nj. V P-! av'H 114 mrltSm're FAKE Hi;UUCEL>. roil CROTO.NVILLE, blNU fMNO. TARRYTOWN, IH"lNO, WILTS IK'S DOCK, IIASTINOo yVU?ANl) Y(iNKERS.-Ou aud after Saturday. ?J* 1 - 3Ut, 1844. the new aud lulwtautial *|i-..iiiimiii WASHINGTON 111 VINO. Capt Hiram Tutlull, win leave ill- Hmt of Cluimbnr itreet for the above placea, daily ai .1 P. >1.. Saudi) excepted, lleiuruing, will leave Crotonville at bM, mhI ^ii'K at 7j> lock A. M., laudiug at the foot of Htuiinond itreei earn way l-or i -uMigr or freijfht, ?>! ly on board, or to STEPHEN B. Ti'Ml'KlN'S. 117 w>?t m eet. itarn'rc rvk liAilt, U.lHUIiNf.K Y.Nu IIA1.L.U VV r.LiL. Thr ni w iieaiiM-r PENOBSCOT, CnjK N. Kimball, leave* the end of T wharf, BoMon. The new Deaiurr PKN0BS<;0T, Cnptiia -.'- K unlrall, lenre* the end of T wharf, Boiion, 3C^JHti3KLe?ery Tumlny Mnd Friday evmiugi, at i o'clock Hti<?;e* will be in reidiueai on her arriral at the above fr. t'i fr?r n?t?nK^r?nr? fnwn* FAlT- AND WINTER ARRANOEMENT. i\?H ARK SI) NEW YORK. FARE ONLY ISdii KNTS. THE' NEW AND HW1FT STEAMR* RAINBOW, CAPIaIN JOHN (iAFFY. ON and af^er September 10th will ran daily, J*a* follnti (Sondayi included) t?l-eave New SUawBiaX-ark, fijotol) entre itieet, 8 o'cluck A. M ? Lit hi* New i ork, foot of Barclay itreet, 3 o'clock P. M. dim rtc ~ I OR LONDON?Regular Paeket of the l.t Not. 1 lie ipleudid, lirtt clam faat aailing pack't ahip lV|i./rOHIA, ( attain Morgan, will idilai above, hrr iei.Mi.riny. Il ,vn g > ery ??p*rt >r arcornmodati^ni forcbin, lecondeahin in>l ?trfiage p ?vnger?, i*r?'in? wuhing to embark alionld make emir ai'i In .tion on lioaril, or to JOSEPH McMURRAY, o27'c 10" Pineiireet co ue.--of'??mlh. "*??^ PASSAOE FOR NKW ORLEANU.-Clenrnon MfT?V.Sa nrdiy neit, and ^aili the Mth Oct.?Tlie mag iiUn.fa.'vnt, rel?b nil fait aailing i?nUat -hipAKBAH, L?i-i ii >il'it. will clear a* aboea, ana Mil ixmtirrlv ou Mon dar. 21tli of Oct. i lie icco'nmodt^on* of the Akbar, for cabin, nco^d cihin Mid ne^i ui* imiaeiiit ??, wi'l on impectioa ke i.nnd to Heu mr pi ?ed by a w reitel in p rt; having very lofty unl thoronahly Tentilu-il beiweea di-r-ki thoee prnceeding io the above port, will Atid it the r interest and comfort in aelacf thie dealnbie eonveya ce in prafennae to any other. For'Mint of i<ai*ag(, apply on board, it pier No. *, E. R., or to tlteinlMcribei*, ROCHE, BROTRER8 It CO., M.Fulton etriet, novt door to th* r nltoa Beak. ^ -Pj-u-p may rely on th* abovi vwael laiun^aa* 1844?Fall Arrangement. NEW iOKK AND EKIifKAIL HOAD. JBjtoc aVH Jurm TCTT TT KORMIDDI-ICTOWN.UO Hf-.N & I ? THiMi PLACE* ? HuM THli ?? >OT OF DUANK BTkK?t?k Ke.uiuing?leave M'dillc'ow u at 6S A. \|. md 5 J* M line Worn New >'o,k 'fcc ?w *?>' ?* ?f'??ooa FREIGHT NO ' ICE. ed thefain?^ f ?'n 'J ?'Clock A M 10 J F" M- ?"<? forwrd t??.i'mtVfaDU;^dX?.?^i.VAN RENMSILAEH, J?6.J " '" >?? >- oEV wQUR. Sutwinundant NEW YORK AND HAUL EM KaILKOaD COMPANY. ^ '".'J*'' R""d b*ingCoi7piei*!^oVvi77r?^T^?r?will )m uV/iW, -1'3"1 ?n t"d aft,r DA If, (he 28ill Octvber, u The W'estcheet^rTrains will ma four timet a diy ea li way h* in ' \$11 !1bV hi "ll1"".' W "rr'f) VWa^Fork iM' j i u'?**- ?H""1* ?"dw. Underbill',,, TuckJi.*, P*''j J-'- ""' " A' ?.:t 1030 A- M., I P: MJIA PHm'"u^Tm ,e""W tto " " *A h2i .?.?!- 1T'n'" w'" ltoP ?"'& d"' le*viiiK th- City lull atthec.iruerof Brooinr ?J t e iiowery Vau.h.ll Oar 2r? nnd 27tli atreer. An Mtr? Car, w ill huv eur, pica a Ciiv ffl ,1*1 iV,"lIm " tun* of itiriin.. from .he il . li i ft* ^ mP P*%M,?*ers along the li e. will1?" a!*loll?*?:?a*' '?r H*rUm auU l0,Brmwl"t?' P"??. L"V.rot*'TMHALL: L"?* in a m At 4 A M. 10 A M. i i* V ?r " A- M. n?t.Vl-M' 3 1' M. I * we i y, P. vi. ... ,, ?'fiiMNi.KM&NTii FOR lt?4*. OLD b^lABLli'HED PASSAGE OFFICE 100 Pinr strret. corner of tfoafh. 1 1 ii l ?T .tK Subscriber tn-it. leave to cainhTTtieiition of luHrieiidl ??., ,r?bllc ,u fneral, to the tollrwing arrangements foi 1??, forth# purpoee ofbriugiuir wu Cabin, 2d Cabin, and Steer *?* Paaeengeri, by (It* Regular Line of Lirerixiol Paekeu, aail IS* i i p i IRh, I6di, 2l?t and ZCtli of every month. By the Loudou Packets to aail from New York, the 1st, 10th and *)th?end from London on the 7th, 17th and ?th of each month In connectum with the above, anil for the purpose of affording still greater facilities to passengers, the Subscriber has establish ** * "?*ly lli?. of. first class New York built, coopered and oat th" ear to Ml' l'?"Ctnally every week through tft^Kl.r ??Cr 0mm?Jdt,.i"' Sf Pr,,,u? wishing to remit money tL^llow?ni B^rks"T'i^ U ar? *'Ve,,?,M,yable 4t ??ht- OD .. . Provincial Bank of Ireland, payable at & SlJ; nSr?7* tb?fA?h? Athlone, Colerain, | p&lliDSi 1 mice, Youirhal, KnuiikilW Vlonaghau, Bainbridg., Ballymeua. Pan"nitown Oownpa trick, Cavan, Lurgan, Omash ^oSi-The Ciiv'bknk o^Oli^ow. SWbbr-a. every town i u Great Britain. * Kor further ""^"nation, (if bv letter i.oat eaid,) apply to JOSEPH McMl/KRAy, 100 l*iue street, ? coruer of South street. New York Or Me?t?. P W. BVKNKH >k WiUrl^ R^d! f pA_99AUK KltOM <?KEAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND 'line' m m m BY THE BLA* K BALL tnTTTTn I ran: , .LIVERPOOL PACKET8. I nailing from Liveriiool on the 7th and 19th of every month.] rersons wishiug to send to th* Old Country for their friends <*u make tlie necessary arnngemeuu with the Subscribers, and nave them tome ow in this superior Line of Packets, Sailing Irom Liverpool punctually on tlie 7th and 19th of every mouth. 1 ney will also nave a first rnte class of American trading shipi, wiliug every nx Uavs, l!ier*hy affording weekly communication from that port. One of the firm, (Mr. J a me. U. lUclie.) is then, to see that they shnll be forwarded with care and ues patch. Slionld thf parties weed for, not come out, the mouey wil) ?/n?uli{i \? of?f w ? .^ witlioijt any reduction. , lb* "lack Ball or Old Line of Livej>ool PuckeU, coinpriae ST '"JlowjiULm^nilioajt Ships, viz.:? !><e OAI<ORU, The NEW YOHK. CAMJllUbOE. COLUMBCS, ^ 1-^9SOUTH AM kmc A, I ur-.u u ' . .. NORTH AMERICA. 0 With sncli ?n|K*rior and uue<] arrangements, the Bub- ;i lenbeis confidently look forward for a continuance of that sup- ) port which has beeu extended to them so many yeoxs, for which ! ihey are grateful. t ^Those procwediug. or remitting money to their relatives, can i tt all tinea obtain Draft* at sight for anv amount, drawn direct I ou the R ival Bank of Ireland, Dublin, also, on u Meears. PRESC01*I\ OR(iTE. AMES It CO. .. , . Bankers, London. J which will be paid ou demand at any of the Banks, or their H &&ti?d LdV3?.,,ml u,wl" thron"hont En?1*ud- j ROCHE, BROTHERS It CO. 35 Fulton street. New York, .. ? mi . next door to the Fultou Bank. | N. B.?The Old Line of Liverpool Packets sail from this port for Liverpool on the 1st and 19th of each mouth. Parties return- | ing to the Old Couutry will find it to their comfort and advau- 5 Uige to select this favorite Line for their conveyance, in prefer- S ence to any other. I jeli im're ~M~ M, . . . FEWToRlHlt HAVk!^a(JKET8. tiecond Line?The Ships oftliis Line will hereafter leave New York on the 1st, and Havre on the 16th of each month, as fol lows, vi*: New Ship ONEIDA, feb"*' t l6fh A^rilT'' Captain < 1st July, < 16th Augnst, at. ? . , 1,1 November, f Ifiih December. ?Wd BALTIMORE, 11st April, ( 16th May CViaul a it i 1,1 AB4U,tJ i !6"' S'I'fmber, . Ir|.|rKdwtfd Funck.f 1st Decemter. ( i-sth Jaliu^y, Ship UT1CA, I Ut May, i 16th June, < spum, < 1st Sejitember, < Kth OctoWr, hri ilenck Hewitt, { 1st January f 16th Kehraarv New SlupSt. NICHOLASi 1st June t 16th July, j Captain < 1st Oct.iber, < Ifith November, J. B. Bell,/ Iti frebruary, { 16th Mareh. Tne accomrnodatioiis of tlwte ships are not surpassed, com bining all tint miy be miuirrd for comfort. The price orcabin pasnni;c is ?UK), rasseugas will be supplied with every reoni ?lie, with tut* exception of wines and iiouors. Good* intended for tlie?e vessels will be forwarder by the sab | scrilterx, fr?*? Irom auy other tlian the ei|?enses actually incurred ou tlieiii r or freight or |>as?ajre, axi'l\ to BOYD i. HlNCKEN. Agents, leg-) ec No. 9 Tontine Wnildinin. eor Wall and Water sts THE NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL TACKETR. M m MM , * .""'J ''r",n New Kirk on the Jlat, irom Liyeipooi .u, the bth of each mouth from tfew York Vpiutl. Dec. 21 Feb. 6 April 21 June 6 Aug. 21 Oct New Ship LIVERPOOL. 1150 tons. \ . '} J. Eldridge. N. Ship QUEEN OF THE WEST, Hfy J' Mar. 1250 tons P. Woodhouae. iSJ*? '} J?'V J Sent. 21 Nov New 8hip ROCHESTER, 150 tons, ) *' Al'n' ? JohuBritton. Ra?* ? Aug.* }Oct r 31 Dec7 t Ship HOTTLNOUER, 1?50 tons, r>Il}rch ?! ? Ira Bnrsley. {Jn'v 21 Sept. 6 ?? , ... ... j Nov. 21 Jnn'y 6 l>se substantial, fast sailing, first class Ships, all built in the city of New York, are commanded by men of experience indi ability, and will be despatched punctually on tlie 21st of each month. Their Cabins are elegant and commodious, and are furnished with whatever can conduce to the ease and comfort 01 pasaen frers. Price ol Passage, flOO. Neither tlie Captains or owners of these Ships will be respoa Hill ri *?y or,t*clla?e. seat by tliem, auless regiiLf bills of lading are signed therefor. ror freight or |>asnage, apply to WOODHULL U MINTURNS, -,_.T Uouth street, New } ork, oi to HhLDEN, BROTHERS, h CO., Liven**! OLD LINE L1VEKPOOL I'AUKETS ^nTSTld Line on'acRs for Li?^^Tw!ll hereaiter be de Satohcd in the following order, excepting that when the sailing y r?llj on Sunday, tlie ?hi|is will sail ou the succeeding da\T rt,Vi\iiinin/iL- /Vow A'yi York. From Liverpool. The CAMIJRIDOh, i June I July LI 860 tous, < Oct. 1 \uV ih Th. ( M'l .N(W C: Bar,tow.? V 1 Mir 14 The ENGLAND, tJune 16 Dee i 750 tons, ^ Oct. 16 Dec. 1 T, nYlY1Bn S. Bwtlett, /Keb. 16 Apnl 1 The OXpORD, (July 1 Aug. 16 800 tous, < Nov. 1 Dee. 16 TV HONTiWmS*"""*' (Syi ten t 1000 tons, J Nov. 16 Jan. 1 A. B. Lowber.r March 16 May i The EUROPE. S Aug. 1 He,,7 n 814^.n,H it*-. 1 Jt" 18 E. O. I'urber.f April I Mav 16 TV NEW YORK, (new,) i Aug. 16 ()rt I MO loos, I Dec. 16 Feb. 1 _ I; B- Cropper,/ April 16 June 1 The COLUMBLS, C Sept. 1 Oct. J6 WtoM. JJan. 1 Feb. 16 The Yorkshire! (new!) 'f sip?. ii fe. '? 1050 tons. < Jan. 16 March 1 D. ?. Bailey.(Ma>- 16 July 1 . "hips are not snr|>assed in point of elegance or comfort in tlieir cabin accommodations, or in their fast sailing qualities by any vessels in the trade. 1 he commanders are well known as men of character and experience, and the strictest attention will always be paid to promote the comfort and convenience of passenger*. heretofore ' U lv,ari'* d*y of sailing, will be oliserved i ,'M:jr.* of l^sssge outward is now fixed at One Hundred i I ^ f ample stores of every description, will be roviile'l ^euh tjy eaception of wines and injaors, which wiH ?f"niished by the Stewards, if reonirvd. .,hU JvlTI 0,W1"" n< these Sbi|m will be respon i ' f f j' l'*rc*'*.,or packages sent by them unless Iw. apply to * "* "* For freight or p?s OtlODHyE fc CO. 64 South street. t?.? "e i? N1,D''v iT m^^ of th' Novembar.? Jiiii; d";*' ??" r1 yfflS' ffSBia M. ) street. FOR LONDON?-Packet of the let No v.-The Am ?new packet ship VICTORIA, Captain Mergui wHI .punctually sail as above, her r^nTtr day an!Si ^ su|?rior aeeommodations for cabin, second cabin end .t SffijSSi ffSj* if Washington. I' oi rejponil. uce of the Herald j Washington, Oct. 25,1844. J. G. Bennett, Esq. Living Ikt?* in the hub ot the great political wheel, in less excitement than pervades the twen ty-six spoke*, by reason ef their more important functions and their more rapid whirl which seems almost to have crazed the brains of some of them, it brains they have, we feel very sensibly every jar that agitates the machre, iu its progress through obstacles that would long ago have shat tered to pieces one leu solidly constructed. Though the tire has been in wear fifty-five years, it is thought it will hold together some ten or twelve years longer; and possibly a much greater period of time, if the apprentices of the great mas ter workmen who constructed it prove themselves rqual to the task of preserving it trom destruction. So lone as the majority of spokes are of ash it is sate. Those of hickory, ana one in pnrticular, nre very troublesome, and seriously threaten a breach While th* axletree is well greased, however, all will go well, though some ot the spokes should cive way; but the individual whose duty it has been for three or four years to utiend to this, seeins to have used a very interior article, for there is fo much foulness and filth collected together, that his successor will have a very difficult matter to put all light. Ailegory aside, a tale might be told ot iutrisue and iruachery, of bargain und tale ot office, of betrayed friendships, of violated trusts, of foul Ufpert-ions of name und character, of corrup tions and ubomwiatious, as would make a jubilee in hell. But this ungrateful task is not mine at present. Bob Tyler has recently been on a visit here. He has cut quite a figure since accident has given mm a little consequence and brief authority ; but his day is ever, and he will no longer torment his poor pa, till in the agony of his spirit he th til cry out, as he has done, " my son, fot God's sake, let me alone!" Yeeterday, the launch of the St. Mary, sloop of war. of one thousand tons, came off at the navy yard, and every body was there, trom prince to peasant. The whole court was in attendance? the beautiful lady of the President, leaning on the arm of the veuerable Chancellor Bibb, and Miss Alice Tyler, escorted by Judge Mason, Secretary oi the Navy. The Secretary ot War, Attorney General, and Postmaster General, w th their farm lies; all the high dignitaries ot State, Foreign Ministers, t harpes, Secretaries of Legation, At taches, cVc.,&c., graced the scene. These seined 10 look upon it as an t-nteriaiument given by the Secretary of the Navy; but disappointment Wat much feared, as the thousands present were per mitted to practice patience from half past three, the appointed hour, till five. The Secretaiy of War thought it *' the mobt militia uttiir he had evei ->een;" the thick-skulled PostniasterGeiieral thought hit (!) telegraph a more succ ssful event, and the poor Secretary of tne N tvy was most wofully beset, teased and worried. Tne powers of nature seemen not disposed to yield ; but. at length, by the aid of a battering-rum, the St Mary was started from her position, and mftved gracefully and majestically into h? r foreign element. We look for the ?* Herald" every morning with an interest amounting to anxiety, and natural!* turn to the letters from Washington. Can you not ?ive us abetter correspondent than "O. V ," alias ' Coon," alias " H 1 We all think him very green and very soft, and better fitted for a copying cleik than an original writer, h>s letters being nothing but repetitions of your own editoiials, or bald imitations of your graphic style. Yours, truly. Jacob. Washington. (Correspondence of the New Yoik Herald.] Washington City, Oct 25, 1844. Locofocot?Politici?Herald? Britith Gold?Court Mirtial?James Hoban, Etq ?Coont?Launch, m James Gordon Bennett, Estj ? Dear Si*?The locofocus breathe longer and freer, and more natural, since the Herald brought the glorious news of the Natives refusing to join the whigB in the approaching fight Had the plot been consummated, all the British gold and gang* of strolling, hungry, impudent, loul-mouthed riem agogues that prowl about,engaged in urging on the organization of frauds and pipe-laying?pouring forthevery where the lowest blickgu irdism?could not in all human probability *avt* the "Empire State" from giving her vote to Clay and Freling huysen. Now the result is involved in extreme doubt and uncertainty?hoth parties claim it, bui we must wait patiently and see what the Herald says before coming to any conclusion of our own The Naval General Court Manial met yesterday it 10 o'clock, when the detence of Lieut John W. West, of the brig Somert?, charged with intoxica tion, was read by James Hoban, K?q , his counsel. The charges are loose and lndefiune, and if the Court, in coming to a decision, be governed bv nu merous cases decided in English courts, in similar cases, the charges cannot, and will not, be sustain ed. Court met to-day at the u?ual hour, and ad lourred till to-morrow 10 o'clock. Hoban will realize a lair business transaction for his services, before theclote of the Court Martial Hoban is decidedly the fastest iind swilt?st lawyer in the district, ssying nothing about hit. extrnordi nary talent aaa political speaker, and the way in winoli he ust-s up the coons. The hunch of the U. S Sloop pf War, "Saint Marys," cnine off at the Wnshington Navy Yard yesterday,at precisely 5 o'clock, instead of halt-post 3, ?h adveitised, owing to a little delay in the pre liminHries. The day wss pleasant, and long before the tune appointed, hundreds of spectators had col lected upon th* opposite chore, where an excellent view was afforded, including a large number ol ladies. At about 4 o'clock, down came the steamboat, J. Johnson, from Alexandria, literally covered with spectators, taking a sweep near the great muss on the main shore, crossed over to listen to the soul inspiring strains of "Hml Columbia," from th? Murine band Men, women, aid children, con unued to arrive until 6 o'clock, when the numbei had increased to three or four thousand. Precise ly at 6 o'clock,'>ff che started for her "destined ele ment," handsomely decorated, having on board her commande r in "full rig," amidst th?* peal ot artillery and the waving of handkerchiefs The "M. Marys" is a beautiful model, copper fastened, and pierced for 24 guns. She is t? tie commanded by Capt. Sanders, late ofGosport Navy Yard. The President has not returned, but is expected the early part ot next week. Respectfully, H. Earthquake ?We have intelligence from Bata via, Alexander, Attica, Bethany, Darien, and Alden, at each ot which places there whs a very perceptible shock of an earthquake, at 8 o'clock yesterday morning. Allthe venous accountssgree i i saying that it began with a heavy rumbling like that of a wagon driven over frozen ground. Then came a shock which shook windows, furniture, cloves, cioukery on the merchant's shelves and in the houses, &c The whole shock lacted perhaps half a minnte. We have been unable to learn the d'rec'inn of the shock precisely, but all who have any idea on the subject think it came from the rant. So many concurring accounts from such an extent of country we think sufficient to establish the fact that there was a veritable earthquake.? Buffalo Advertiter, Oct 25. MnauEROF U. S. Troops.?The Lancaster, W. T.,H?-rsld ot the 12th Inst snys:?We are informed

that an express arrived at PrHirie du Chien, from Fort Snelling, with newsi.l the murder, by a hand <>f Soosatong Indians, of ten of the detachment of Dragoons lutely sent out from Fort Atkinson, foi the purpose ot ferreting out the perpetrators of the late murders in that quarter. Murderer.? Charles Boisford, recently commit ted to the Penitentiary of Arkat sas, for robbing to* mail ol treasury note*, at Fayetteville, montht ago, la to be taken out ol prison, on a writ of hnhrat cnrpui a >4 tried St the next teim of the Circuit Court ot ' uw f -rd county, on a charge ol having mtir.cred Andrew Campbell, Kiq , oi Van Buren, in IM. Duel ?Yesterday morning two of our citizens had n hostile meeting on the MetarieRice Course, 11 lettle an affair of honor The weapons, as we lesm were ?harpened foils. At the Brat pas*, we are informed, the challenging party received a wound in his aword hand and breast?the point oi his adv mary's weapon ?'riltinc a rib, hy which the point of the foil wss ft tit ? Without any serious injury, the affair was thus termiaa Ud.-M O Pie. Oet 1$. Western River.?The Van Buren (Arkansas) Intelligencer ol' tbe Mb last, asyst Oar river is new low er, than it kss been lor several yeera Navigation Is en tirely ruspeaded. Philadelphia. fCorre?|io!i<J.'uce of the Herald.] Philadelphia, Oct 24, 1844. fVhi# ami iMoforo Commotion-Alarm on thepart of the former, at the independent* of the Nat i vet in refuting itt Embrwet?Abolitionist cutting loote from every thinK but the "one idea," viz? The Unfttteiing of the Slave," \t. Dear Sir x Tlie ??yes of the whole country have been an*, iously directed toward the movements of the two new elements of party, ihnt have sprung up with auoh rapid growth in the Empire and Keystone States, within the past few months. The leaders of the two old parties of the republic have been thrown hort du combat, and find it ex trem-ly difficult to martial their forces (or the ap proaching conflict,, on account ol ttie wholesale desertion from thairrssp-otive ranks to the now formidable Ugions of the new ones. The bar room politician, the travelling orator the bautering sportsman, who has his thousands staked on the result-the thread-bare expectant and the alarmed statesman, are each in their re spective spheres, agitating the qrjeSu?n(1 " H<?w are the natives going to cast their votes 1 And e u .Jbe lhP rffct of ,h<* "'domitable adhesion ol the Liberty men to Hirney V' Whatever may be ihe proper answer to the fore going an ries. it is certain, that the wing* are op pressed with the most disheartening forebodings, whilst the democrat, w,th ihatlconfidmg philoso phy that never deserts them, assume a look of great composure, and at the Bame time preserve an ac tive vigilance toward the operations of the. neutral armies. Th principles that controlled the elec Hon in this city and county on ihe 8ih instant, can not be brought to bear on ihe contest to take place oothe 1st of November. The democratic portion of the American party justify their recent aban donment ol Mr. Shunk, on account of the position in which lie placed hirnteit on the subject ot the useol the Bible in the Publffc Schools; but de Hare, that no such reason can operate against Mr Polk, who is presented to them as a man and a christian ot the most unexceptionable reputation they are, therefore, found opposing all overtures aud lu the absence of any selection of their own' ready to give htin their support, whilst the whig moirty, holding ih? same constrviitivp viewg. have determined to give their suffrage to Mr. Clay The question of preference has been voted down in these associations when introduced, and repu diated in their private consultations Their great object for the present is unity of purpose, and con sequently harmonious action, believing that in this policy alone the desired reform at which they him can be accomplished. The next Presidency is to remain an ?pen question, as it is beyond doubt one in which their principles are not involved. They I have already, in a fust effort, attained much good, and are thus encouraged totellow itupwiih renewed zeal, until they succeed in filling all the avenues that lead to power and auihority with the embodiments of iheir principles; aud with the victories in the future which the past has promised, they hope on the return of the next chu vass for the Presidency, to present some distin guished Citizen, pledged to their political faith, for that high oflice Thus have they reflected and determined, and thus, in their own view, and in ?h*t of the world, have they been preserved in their integrity oi purpose. The abolitionists are not without hands in the I qame now coming oil The "one idea" is embla zoned on their bauuers, aud deeply graveu on their hearts; their line of duty runs straightforward, and tne history of their progrt sh is not marked wuh a receding Mep Onwaid ! onward ! i* their watch word, and the ballot boxes of every northern State in which the cry has been raia?d,Hre teeming with evidences of the advancement of their cause in public l.ivor. They anticipate no sudden triumph but h.ive the utmost faith, that by perseverance the' balance ot power will be reached, and the doctrine of universal liberty established. Whaiever may be said by political economists of the errors involv ed i n't heir i?osit!on, all will admit that it is a mag nanimous one, and creditable to their hearts, it not i? their understandings. They profetn to have no selfish purposes to nttain, and l?ugh at the argu ments ol inexpediency .nd impracticability so treely scattered in their path. The magic of the purse fails in its application to their consciences and the virtuous impulses of hearts consecrated to the cause of human liberty turn indignantly from the < tier. It is probable, therefore, that the Native Ameri cans, as a party, will endeavor to avoid the danger of defeat by refusing to join with either ot the great parties of the Lnion, preferring rather to reserve their fire for the next October contest, when they ticket? ?Ubt C*rry ,h,*ir Wh?'* C"y ftnd coun,y 1 lie liberty men are redoubling their energies for the contest of the fir?=t of November, and T mis take the aspect of things greatly if ihey do not *now an increase of thousands over their vote in October. Whatever may be the result of the Pre sidential contest, it is certain that Mr. Hirney will receive so large u support in Pennsylvania as to se cure it for the democrats,and in Ohio and New York, judging from the confident promises ol his friends, io great an accession of strength will be made as render the success of the whigs, in either, nit re than doubtful With the hope that your neutrality will preserve you from molestation by either of the belligerents, U'.hi they have fully earned the reputation of the Kilkenny Cats. ' I reinain'yours. Politics in New JnRSEY.-The late election in U W 1_J''r'*y? wiiuh lia* resulted w. favorably to 'he whigs, and so unfortunately to the democrats laving at length been brought to a close, we can now cast our eyes over the battle-field, and survey wuh calmness the eflects which have been pro duced, at d the probable result of the grand con test in November, compared with which ihe one recently derided is but a skirmish Although the wmgs greatly exult at the almost unexpected issue, and the democrats are proporiionably down-heart ed bv il, still, to a reflecting mind, the election of Vlr. Stratton 'cannot be esteemed by either party ? s a nerfectly fair criterion of the r? suit of ihe f residential election. Mr. Thomson's connection with a monopoly, cau-ed his name to be stricken from many of ihe democratic ticket*, and many ? >f his p itty.disgitsted at its union with one of tho e it s tuitions on which the democracy have ever kept a most watchful eye, voted the whig ticket entire; and the extreme unpopularity of Captain "Stockton with bis own party, more than counter balance the eflects ofhis money. The fact is, that the true democrats cf New Jersey, no matter to which pnrty they belong, can never snfler any one man to carry r>ut glorious little State "in his breeches pocket;" nnd the " bone and finew" pre fer support i nit one ?.f their own class to one "reared in the li<p of luxury." The election was a local one entirely, and various causes were brought to bear upon it, which will not operate for orag unst either party in November. In the Fifth Disirict the whigs have nomi nated for Congress William Wright, who wa* rlecUd last year by a union of the two par ties in his favor, or lather a union ol a portion III the whig oarty with the democratic Mr. Wright received the unanimous vote of the whig nominating convention; not because he whs the man whom the great majority of the party pre ferred, but because the convention feared that the clique who supported him last year would boltfrom the party, unless the n?r?.e ol their favorne candi date was placed upon the ticket. The whigs think ? hat Mr. Wright will gam many of the Irish votes because ofhis former liberality to the Repeal A ?ociatiwn, snd because his valet, whom he took with hint to Congress, was a locofoco Catholic lri>hman. (By the way, I wonder if the Irish have heard <rom Mr. W any more expression of his pe. culiar love for them, or whether any more money has been given towards "repale" sin. e the great Native American victory in New York list spring) On the other hand, the democrats calculate that ?uch of ihe whig* as are Native American will re fuse to vote for him. The democrats have not as vet nominated a man for Congress in the Fifth District. The whigs flitter themselves that ihey will not run one? Whether this will he the case or not is known only to the "wise 'uns." There is a democratic gam la the vote of tsnex county, but this was caused by the votes of ihe foreigners, who were naturalized last fall in grsat numbers to secure the election of Vlr. Wright; and they will undoubtedly vote for him again this year, which will cause him to run ahead of hit ticket by some five hundred votes. Hoth parties in New Jersey are corrupt and rot ten to the core j and it is high time that a thorough I reformation was effected, which will undoul.iedlj tike place hfter the coming election, not onlv in New Jersey, but throughout the country. John A. Muisti.t, ?This noted I a ad pirate, dis churned trom his ten years' servitude in (he Peni tertiary, hss not irons to Arksntti, hut it at present rtal liny onth* Curnbcrlnntl mountain, Bl"<lao?oountt, Tta ??*>'? twsnty tve miles frsm Ms.Mln.ivlIls, st tht ?Uy Intelligence. ?ci j?~Loom ?ut ??? tlnurv t i,, ' day a aince a g. ntleu.un named "xiUbLh; i i '? ui ,lu* c"j i"r ,h" t<urpo*? of :t ''? speciaieni at (Uh *a,r ot the -uji l<*>* ?P hia quaiteia at ^ Hlk ?*??"? Laa? evening, ,7iL??.,V, ., e*u,b'uot? tt"J returning >o L i room, he ?PP'??Cl>ing the door ?b-t tl had been open taat it h*0 i!"'?" 'akl"? U|'**"*?" twluuud mal. ,, .hi?. t",-1>r0U' U ?t*". ? *? W bank lull;. * Z ' 1|>* tLu' h" P"???i been ound, a. d couaiqdeuuy ihe n ouey ban uut b. en reco ver d Numerous TObrierie. aiu daily ou rtc rd, wheie boardcra m b jt?i* are tubbed. Buhulah La?tl?eo.? la our last edition wc made men H?H Iti?.1 lwo J"?"1* "auiad Ouaiigu Pennyweight, aiiaa Bill Wilton, and Jack C lark, h?*ii Ntt ui reiied in Cio?? atieet, in t..i* city , lor having u le# devaaiuCe, broken into me atotehouan ol the Canal rrauepurtaiion Line at Newark, N J. and atoleu several hundred dollars woith 01 dry g'Hidi placed there lor detaiaii, and which ?u taken I ruin boxen t,nat ivemng oliicei Cochiane uueat *d ..n occouipiice, uuiued Win McC-i u.ick, ai d n.o.t if heatoien pioper.y haa b. en lacoveied. ftwCoiu.ick Ih deiHiatJ, an with hi. c .uf. derate., will bo delivered ovar to Ui. authoriue. oi NeW l0 take their trial lueie, lor tile leiony. _ Sra?r?D raox tni Path or Vititu. -A deniut* look' ' H"?'ed John o'lliieo, itauing, .? ne .ttuea, at tu (>.. .... 1U,t ?? 'ariuigot binueil M to bejudUOBd by two', t0 JulM tu,.ir coo, y and to euter into social corttwr.c m a liouae No t* ..ul Dairy at eet Aa ,uuu a. J?n.. k?i em. red the pteti.iaea i Wheliur "> "UChantuieul or lion. aom? oihtr cause undebuabie, he .oigot he waa ook thim Iroui him. inen are Maty Alaloue and Jr/n . V 'Uia ??'Pl4CMliu? 1" *he polico tney Mete ario. tea aud eouituiittd. Anoihek tix.?.iv? BuKuLanv i?r Ntw J*h.?.v, ino T tSi.'KOLaai Air.n,HiM)iu ?aome lew day* nuce the Couuliy b.ute ol jWr. l>ounueny, ot ? ewa.k, wu. bui lllul'tl'}? i euCe,,^d> ""?? to Hie auiouut ol ii ?'? . U1,,i uo lr<ice ol thu "?'t>?ra could be fjUnd "" V I ?U""IJ*' w*it'n oflicei. William 11 Hlenheu. ?. tvl?" ' m" 'he lobbrr in 4 ,.ou.e tn iViliiam ktreot, and recoveicd nearly altttie propel tv ilewa* taken at onceover to New Jeraey, to tm ih.le tried lor tne olfjuru Hu natno u Chriatiau K Urowu Coroner'* Office.-A D.omtto Man?In eur i..t we nii-uiioned t .u tue t. oion. r uud neeu c?iltd to huld an ii quest ou an unkno aiu man lound di owned in the Norch aver, near Pier No. 1. Hi? fiiendu nave recoanw -d him Vlc\ahU,u.Va^\ f b> J"u'" Alulcolm MONab, aged 4i, born lu fccoiland, tnd lur . n.o lime naai had be n eatiem. Ij de.poudii.g und n.coberi ut Hr h it %X.wlXS2?ZJS! "a &c kc ,,relieiJle'J' i hu CUulJ,ll? ?" ?treeu l,y cotttract, Superior Court. B lore u lull Btnth. wa^an ?cTim."et C,'A""""a", " '<-"^1 M Com -Thi. w.m-?. .!! ' ej-JC.uicui bio'i^nt by plamnlT. who ouftht to recorur on iwogiouud* Xne lint wa.ihui the |>ro|ierty had beeu subjected io a??e?aniei.t lor o e . ing <a Curl am aewtr, in cona.queucu ol winch di.iI.iiH waa obliged to pay. and tue .ru^rty w^ alie' w.r"! Klil l"J 0U:1 f;vi Ju,1*?"<t lor plainuli W'"W-ras 1 i I f. fubltc ..i/minulraler, t? Juitph loptz tiuu in a tu<ti a d inurrir io pUiui.ll . owlTr.. , ? u """ Wd? u '?> <Jenn?laut. i'i.e de. l.ia i i, contHiued three coun".;-!.,, the del.ndant'. J ? Co??lfr|, "C,ll"1't""U wa. obta.ned in * , ?"'t?? r?t?oe, and, accoruing to ihe Ihws ol Kianct an attachment w a. u.ued. 'i ue plaintiff ..vera to havmc lUntaiiiid damagra iu cona^un.ce ol ceitain i>rjinii.? Ifhik tT'.11 mu,lu h> lb tlehndanl in th. city ol Ih? I Couit tuled Judgment lor on libenv ?,?re|r .l? lt 61,1 rM'6*'i?u to the 7m pit a wi h Ubeity to deleudaut to rejoin ou i>a>w> nt ui c mini'Inr rtDr d"i* *'el" "" "" 101,1,1 Una luie, anu juda ment lor defatidaiit ou de nurrer. with like liberty r?-t -sst bar^take'tila'ce064^" ?*??cnt at *!?'??* "nrK?ni It Jut I Slime ?A nonauit ordered i He Court anuounred mat .. veral rl?. iMoi,a which ait dHeired, will be given a, ol en.un g ' l;1 iNov, u,b"'' whiouda, ihe Couit atanda HKdJoorntd Before Judge Vatiderpoel NnturuhzaUon -Jom>, Tho?. Leach? X'x:. -i-S?? Uohkiitv -Witniaa, Janica Lowd^Haa n. sided in Brooklyn 6 year* Jo"? BuMK ? VVilneaa, George Cairney? Hai been ii (lie CoUiitiy 9 j eura ; live, in Bm.-kJ) New Votk 'ln<:"' M,chi,u) ??'ker-Lire. i? Blac??Witneaa, Michael Wailter?llaa bi ei In the eounuy 8>,ara ; in New Voik ,U#l" eL ?-aaa U Koacow-Wunea*, Jaeot. Black - Haa been ?i ) earn in the country ; livi;? jo w Yoi k William Dioiji n Wilneaa, John Ho?..'r<l-Ha? been i. thii country more than 4 yea..; reaie'ea m Bro.khn m J?ZA" vv>-?r?Wnneia, Wi.iia.n H ' orn. il-Hat re aided y yea,a in ihi. rouniry ; l,v. . in New Vork Pktkh VULHOLH-Witfie.a, Daniel Klibrid.e H?. h... in thi. country 7 ,ear. , j.eei U.^e coul.v ^ J a mh? Oilun?VVifne^, Fruncifl iiiiieti? Kt nmr, ku New York y""'' h" buun 'U th" ??,,n,r> ?i ?aj. been:?Bro^k^A;;J7T,,n'''"'Pa,rick ^ I homa. F lkkiai ? Wi'n. aa, Michael Piailal him 8 years ; live, in Brooklyn "rnafl n8"*'-Know>, 1 xoMAa 11 ouland? W iniess, Chaa Hammond- Known inn more than 8 yeara j he i. a aeaman but alwav? sail, under the Amuncan /kg ; reaidea wh.u at home in New hin"*4"1'" McOowaif-WiineM, Thoma? lUillv- Known him A )ea.a ; live, in New Voik *uowu biK:?s^t BrZW"-*?"" KnowM him 8 y?'nr?. winy* tn iN?w Vork 110 i. * '|*. ' ?"?? - Witneaa, Henry btiau^-liavt known him ? year., ,vea in New Vork y" ; ?;* . iiawi. John Cracker- know him 7 ^ . ' 1 ' M ft ?n the fttitf of Nt wlVcuk . Hu.nt-h-Witnea., Alexander MrfWo,, Known him 7 >?*ar., and been in thu coui.tiy durin. that time; liven in Brookl) i* * ring Jamks McDaauoT- Witne.*, William McDermnt Known him to be m thi. county in year* duiimr tl. K??iK.r,0,Whi0"'l",-d?d ,n Br??'tlj'nl nbtre hi Vo^kDK,,c? nwk'Ck?Witne.a, William Dcacko New E V. Poi.fTKa-WHnwRtJollick hitler-Have . him to be in thw country 7 ) enr.; r. side, in New Voik ?Al?.xam>?;r McpMKMa.iR ? Witi eaa William Hum. > cou,"fy ? ?h-? t 'k. iB,? the act it w a. found com Jo?VH"Se^Brooklyn him e,?" ve r. Vh ~ While- Knowr ?heco?n,y:f Niw Tork P>,t h ^ DavidK Koa.ara?Witneaa, William Hunler_H.. Wi/??'* w"" ? > *Hr' ,h'' 8"'"' of NVw Voi k VViLLiAM WALTrat ?'.a, John Walt^ra? l.]na,n PBTr?ii*ri 18 y 10 1,1 ,h", cou"" V Common Picas. BeU>t* r full Bench. bankruptcy, put in by d. f.ndant The Court ?... I it 1 not neceaaary in plea.l..,g . dlarh.tgelo ouV.IMh. p.ocee.ling, on Ihe part ?.f the bai kmot. If he "how. the fact.ineceaaary to give the Court jiirfediotion that1 haii'ii fi' *fcCh ,ir.oc,,,"l'riK? ware thereloie haj an.l that he wm di.chaiged 0i. ,, reeding, by wh eh ihe di.chi.tge wa. ohlan e ) " ',r? L y ?M*aitr ada Jnoh Hmnner J, ? Thia was * motion lor judgment aa demurrer t? plainl.fTa daclan tlona aa frlvoloua. Ordered demurrer to V.reu,, KnaPr (itorrt Pi kinton ? Thi. waa a fn^l ?' ' * r V ,C "P?h? H lortn. r rac v. ry ''j "upHfior < ohm, which wa. in bar bv th? defendant, u a. void; because the , up romm/r r ? hy filing a declaration when ihe defenJam wa. a non r? .Mr,,t judgment f,r pUlnlifl on damur.rr w.thhCm to defendant, on pa> m^ni el cn.ta, to withdraw hi. d. - ?Orrer to the replication ard plead anew '"?d. J?**P **"<!* ?rf? Mayor a?rf JiUftmrn of \tv , Tbia w?. an ac. Ion on the eaae l?r X,y tho corporation, in making re,tVii" improvemt nta it, the v.clnily of lh. a I Avanrie ran.., 1 rain water Io ovetflow the platnlift'a garden The i..rt nndeied a verdict lor def..r,d,n?. /hen (h? cilw brouahr up on e?ce,.t,on. Verdict am. mrd with' c0.7! Mr Murray r, (Hover -1 he J.?y tl.u ca.e r,n,l. a .eaied veidiot for pt.intifr Hiao rvndered Marina foark ?.rT M ?A*alurnlitilion - Tl er.' weie inrr. -j_. . in thia court, amoiintii g in *b ,ut m. ^mlasiori Pill r?>R l^.va ? rt \iiiiiik lady hy the name o l>"ranc'e AomerVilla, committed auicide In ^ptiiigfl^ld Himpahire eountv, Va , by hangn g haraeK, ne Mon^a; la.I The unlortnnate )oung lady put an end to hei Ii . <n coriatquenre of the death of .young nan a few day' h^lure, to whom aba had h.en betroth'd i , marring rhe young man met hla death by being thrown from ? tani UkKADrm. Accmnt ?A mtn waa kill'd veait r day m iming, In Dal.on, Maa. ,hy the angina oflhe Weat aro Hall read running into hia wagon, whoa be waa rldin* atvo'f tbf track. We dM not laara kla name Saalen yunee, Oti M. Ttl* Indian Summer. What 11 then- ??< acnii g iu tin- ouiuma Ih?h I Have they that " gittu ui J yeoow melancholy " That the sw??t jk?i l speke ul 1-Hmi he tmi Our vaiii-|jutL-U wood* < ben Ai<( ibe trust Turn* into beauty nil October chums - til II the .Ireii . f ??r qui'.4 us?wihen th? ?tot?? Of tb?? wild equinox wi'h all h* wet, Hui I< f the land, mi ib?- ftc -.tlvluiie Ml i'. Wuh u bi ight t.ow ot many roloi * bung ITpuntlic ton?i ioj><" -Ik had uof.sigliea. I b" moon s'Sys loii|> si f >r Hie hunter bow : The In? ( cast iiowu ibnr Iruitaga, awl tba biitha Ami busy squint 1 hoards his winter stora ; While into ei.j >y? tba brci xaiha' sw t< ps a I sag Th? hi'glit, blur sky a''ov?- him, and that baiiw MaginAorutly all ,h? Ihimi'i piide ; O wl, Upers ibn ugh the cveijrtens and aiki, " Wha: u there sa i amiig 111 tm au'umu Iwtm T" Pint at Pkovidk.x k ? About 1 one o'clock in Thursday morning, u fire broke out 111 the the*tr? on Durance stnet. ih'- interior of which * at sntiiely consumed. the atom' wall- aie alone h It ?'andu g. W a understand t en: ?'m no insurance on the theatre Wo are pam<xl in sdl, that the splendid plain'srium, built h> R jnacll of Ohio, the property ol Messrs Um? *11 and ltobinson aiiJ agieat nu?>b?r of paintings. valuable v u w? ami diogrants. ili?* coliclion ol y run belongn ft to Ur Lardner together wi b a imciou i | e weie dutioy e l 1 11! Are lilli lied >u Ism', that nothing Could be removed from Hie theatre. A brick lion*e adjolnioK the 'hm re, lielorging to Mr*. L Peck and occupied by Mi < hild, was several time* on Are. mid wan considerably liijuird Mi. D>eu'i Hrpwtfr'a ihup wnh ? large stock, toola, Sic , in Mi* rear of Mia Puck's houait, wan mtirely de stroyed lo?? shout til.t'OO Thi- boi'a- opposite, b. loncing to O T Bwarti, an'' the etytile ul11 clit it wim mi tite the In nt and tool of which were very much injured. Wo could not ascertain the amount 01 damage sustained by Mr 8.- he had no insu ranee. The large and extensive liable ol Mr C hild, adjoining Mr. Swarm', on t tntral street, was at one time iu gttat danger?1.11 the hoists a d carnages weir m moved The hall 011 ih- spire ot the Pin? street Baptist chnreh, About 130 I et in height caught afur the Cie had Deerly burnt out in the thetitre, and tears wen inteitained that the church would b?- dtnlmyi d ; the eompany belonging to engine No 7 wnrcloi up and thr>? a stream entirely o?erth? top of the fpire. amid the shouts ot he dtnse in a-11 ol people 8>lembled. and ex'iliciiisht d the fl inies. The loss on the | lunetiiiinin niKrappaigtus b< longirg to Dr Larlner. a pint 01 wliicUtannu be 11 p aced, waa s'ated at OiiO. The pl.meti.ntim lustntd lor $8,000 We could not ascertain where it wxs insuied. It is not ku< wii how the flie urigmatid. The last of a c urse of lectines by Dr Laidner was delivered in the theatro last evening and his men were iu the bui'dn g packiuic the ii|ipHrHtua for removal until Ii o'clock, about one beur btfure the file w?< dii-co eied , ihey were veiy cartful to I>ut out the lipids ild lelt as they thought eveiy thing latn.? Poviilrnce Journal. Oct U4 Mk Ebitob We look to your journal for Ihe firat intelligence ot ever) Ihii g that is new and stirring, w In ther m the jkiIiiichI, reliaiouw, liteiuty, nrlnehi' liable world Youritripuriial.inuepeiidetit, nid trulh-npeakinK urlicleti in iavorol ilie " Ameri can Re|>ublicHi p,"ti<> lur i?> BtieiiKthen and increatr their raukM and it la rt ully niagnrinnioua in you to overlook a lew private pereou??l aud editouai pique", and to return Rood tin evil! You have your rew .ml. Your r? poim, 1 kew ire, nt pohucal atid religious mt-etings, ate alike full .md accurate, nnd limy lie tr lieu upon an true, although sometimes tpiced editonully with deeetved ridi oule! A few day* since, you gave notice in yntir journal Home Kemlemen were about ne?ociuiiiig to gether tor the t'urpoae ot ebtalih'. hu.(i in thift city a "College of Hrruldry," or rather a "College oC Arms," and utivibed u? to hum up our document!, observing, verv pithily, fcut pro;>erly, in couclua on, that "no codfioti would paaa " Now, we wuut to know, whether it will be requisite 10 trace our ancestry mid arms from our enilirst progemtora in Great Krtiain or Kurope ; or whether ihe proposed Colli ge*' is only iuteno?d lo perpeiuate, through honorable in* guia, framed by 11 Irom time to lime, the uchievi ineiita ol American citizens wbora tuiherv have been hi; hly I'lrtn.fuisl.ed :or bravery, or unhlennahed teputatiou, durina hi d sit ce 'he d.iV ol i lie illua>rioua Washington 1? Whether it w ill be requisite 10 enii le one 10 b? registered, that he or rhe thi ll In ht>n< rable and irreproachable by at least three descents'! or w he iher opulent puttie*in ol yeetetildy, may purchase. t? ihernseIve.-i >1 ni'tne es well iis an e?( htitcheou lor ihr ir po: teriiy 1 Wheiher mdividuula wnl be. allowed ion-fume, nt their own discretion, fields, ordinaries, t haiges, moiioi s, devicee or ciests, and "aiijiportere, &?: ; 111 short, wheilierancestihl digni 1 ies or individual inetii, or nil pcweriul money, ia to be the "open -eeHine" tor admission Will ih" neiiilenieu immediately concerned ia this new urm ruking, give nr., ihroi gli the presg, -pecific iiifoitmiiK 11 on iliis inierettiiig topic 1 A coin Reef nrin , or crants ol honor, founded on tight ptinciplts, would, we think, be both politic ?nd l>en? final; inasmuch as it would create a itand.ird til nieiit and vood breeding, and would consequently indiiie eveiy one lo aspire after n re putable position in .-orxty. H.* Nkw YfiKK, Oi;t 2*? 1MJ4 Abha.nhas Eliciion - The intHlifence wf pub 'iMied a omjm'T iw<> eincr fiom Aikmnif, ia con firmed by Inter inioiti ii<urn ( aptem Woman of the Louie Philippe, dlnct Irom Little Km k r>-|iorta that iy Coumy in >b< State had liten beard rom, and that t.i? * In* ( Hi d ?lul> lot (iiTunoi v. i.a elected l j ib\t irejorl ?y. Aim that tuhtg candidate l<>r < o"*rn-, David Walkir, wn? probably elected. We ticdetiland tuiiber, I>\ a gi*iitlfnii.ii ?,f Aikuin-u*, wh> ia in our ?ity, thai when hi: lift, nn doubt wan mtntainid from the tetania ? c iv? i|, Uml the wti'gn ha?l Cfcnled theState- A tw Or Irani lire, Oil 17 ] ill'. HAPPINESS OK MANKiNl). I IVKR I OMI'l.AINT. laundic"1, Dviirina. f'ancaM, L' Kt?rnli*. Pile., Ptdyima, Klii ggii'iim, Contorted ami I leer 'ted Uone?, of tli* 'I'hri 4t .uid N"*e, of a',.1tfvrr 'lurv 1011 and eitaut, w hether internal or ?iwrnal: the tin at diflicalg mmof Sumery,of tIticr.niful Mtimiat of t'och other <rartitniner. have deapaned. Ilivw* iiiC'dfiital ii? ? hiii|.?t, ana .wi iiI in/ to delicate female*. The firat uietlu tnr ami attendance ?iil he affoided patient. free of chaige A | inn a I re rwinlier the number of tha itibscriber, S7 lie d ? .heel, where ie hu hi? n'euitve t 'hemic*! Laboratory and hn lar*e Drug Htore. The nibtcriber compounds all In celrbrated German nedioinet. No name or reanlenre required of j'aiirtiu. SOLOMON HUNK, M D., Meinlier Medical Sorieiy I itv and Hiale New York o*S 1m#te M II a,l? ?ipm*? eai-. 1)1.ft 0.11.1. Ult UI.IJ I.I.N1-, U(- LIVr.K tf*fyi'OOL PACKKTH?FOR LI V t RPOOL?Oaf? ?pilL re( packet of llie IK of November. Tl" magnificent tnd reirmtkeble faat -ailing racket .hip OXFORD. fapltatn John Kaihbolie, will pti.ilively tail on Friday, the lat of November, her regular day. It i> well W nown thai the Accommodations of th* Otford, tud til thf eight sin| ? of tins line, hrr htrnl out in a moat cosily dylr with evary modern improvement ana coiiemieiice, tint -annot hut add to the comfort of cabin ?n ond cnbin ud <terrafte i>aasrii^m Those vaitirif the old country will at all tim*? find i? their inu?r**t to select thai* drtuaMe cuiivevai*c*a, in i?r*ferMic?* ?o any othar. Kor tertna of oaatniif <?od to secure ihe hest berths, aarly appli atiou should be m<id?? on board, foot oi Be?krnAO atraet, or ro the subacntiers. H<M HK, BROTHKH8 k CO., ol9rc 3j Kulton atrv? t. nest door to th* Kulton Bank. PACKET KON MARRKILLK9?Of fat No*.? ?The new A No. I bartioe MIStlOURI Johu Silftaur, ?tuanter, * ill anil iu utovr Kor flight , or paasaife. ha\ ink handsome atate room aecon inod.tioua. apply on hoard at I'ler No 3 N It to LAWRKNt K k IHKLP8, No. It .'I rrant atieet, or to HON li it IIIN< KKN, Aa-tita, Oi'jtr No ?TrniHtw R.tiMt'lf rm W?ll anil w'ater afa. r.At IIA.Mit. <?> t. MII.AMi, mrt./a.Ml, SCOTLAND ANI> W\I.K8? The Miilnrriber haa ^all Mini", ftir aal?* l> 11 - il ti. A.lontt, |*fiynbla .1 the nrincilial ll iitkinij ln??imtion? ihrouuhoui the I niteo Kir^dom. JOHN' III.HDM AN ?l Hoaih H. N U I'.ita^K* to -mil Irom l.toeriaeil i an Iv aerured at tba loweat ratft by any of tlw line of parketa milui|t ou the lat ath I Ith, 11th. Slat ami Kth of each month, on a| |>lication aa above. j t iK > c I1 A1 K KT M?K M A V It K?8acord l.ine?'I he ihlp ON KI DA, Jauiea I- uuck, matter, *> ill a^il mi the Ul Jt.f ofelnlrt-r mht '.r linage apply to HOYI) (it HINCKF.N. >? a-r ... . I'nit.r, ? u ,ii ? .i llavinK HI II u.i.nhi.n i Ai m i urrn r^ b| , 'toiitli ?treet t'i> aje to and from (iieat Britain Mid (Ireland. ?ia l.iwrpool. PaaaAxc c^n at all timet l*> at (he lowrit niea to and front l.iaerpool. by tlie r*f n ai parkat ulni* aailiiii under 'lie ne* arniniement every lew MI, anil drafta can a? lie fttrniahed for any aiqoiini. tar* >le at the National and I'nivinCial Ranli Ireland, and thair 'taoche*, and thrntii?hout the United Kingdom, aa well aa at all lie i>rinri| *1 hankina inatttaiiooa in Knalana, Scotland and vValr*. without diifoimt or any otl? r chainea. Forfartnai r*r ? cnlart, if bv letter, poat paid, apply to tlec JOHN Hh KDMAN, #1 South at. KOIt l.|VKRrOLL~l'?aiil?i Pa- ketof?*t?i Oft. '! lie A rat cla>? fa?t auliiK pa kct ah'l'OAKKICa, il aptani B J. H. Traah, *1.1 ?jiI a* above, her regular ? lavinK very ?uiwrior aecommodationa for cahin, aatnad ahin and tiearaiie paoatrengeit, peragug wi?h|n? lo elBtiaih .hriiild make earl> application o hoarj. ftmt of Maidiju l-aae. ? t? VIcMURHAY, ?nrr inn Pi lie'tee' '?I.r >? fa???ib. r it ni.v> oih ' >??*? .. v-fiiat , reanlir prk'i with le t >tch The taal aailma |?ckat laliii l'MON I B Hat'orne. miaiei, ii now loadmc ml wnlhave untaetliai. .ht|W cli Kor calnn. aeeoad cahin and teemae lauarmer., hat maaaiwrior aiconim. ila imi early ar Ileal* umlil !? e .11 lu aid at Murray ? wharf, of to Ileal!- ItiHKI'H McMVHHAf. (?(lK IMI Finr ?tr??i. eon er of 8oaih atvaat. it'll!IT** 1 I WI'V'NI I V K- *0 barrel, beat unali'y 8nntham > .11 at. fat .tie by WOODHl'LL k .\VINTrR>8, , n r ' Sv.nt|l ?frprt !FOR Nfw (?WLI'.ANJW-4!aion Lliia?PVit lleaulai P-rk-1 ? i>h d' .| a cb?Tlt? a?t .ailing i?tkat Jup AUBURN, t apt ? will tail aa atiove. Mating taty .ai-erio aceomm. dation. for cabin, eeroud aakia ? ? d ?'eera?e paaatn ara, ra aona wiahing lo embark. afcowW ? k.a.,lv ap,.^.,0BonW>a,dj.ortOpH oUSra 108 Una .treat, aori.ei af liltt gudisrra: r-.

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