Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 28, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 28, 1844 Page 3
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h.Jhr.^lT* Thadb ?To tho?e who have mm) ean i^f?^!lt,0f11 lu ,hia.l"?)p, but a faint idei nn!l !i? f"rmed 1,8 rnaguitude arid importance ; omh of making it con*picu ous, 13 to we it? relative magnitude compared will other great interests ol the country : take, f?r in Pr?m^ tfloyr ")RP?c!rd s' L,ouia in 1843 - f. ,hf\ Ft. I^iuu Price Current, we learn thai 7*/wi!TUy ? flau/in"l>?oled at thnt place war ? L w!"ch, valued at 85 per hirrel ninkfa $2ti3,27H; imports from 3.<nta Fe #500 000 ?nowin* a difference of #136.725; and yet'the eligli'eat neglect of the Hnur trade is met with ? public clamor, that at once gives it the attention ot the government, and every facility which legislu tion can extend. re?uUs'?fed W'th tobacco? we find the following ,l 8t. Louif, during IMS, from all ?ource?, mhinh WB c?py (rom ,l"? *ame piper, 20,7:7 hogsheads. a ? V. P*r hog*head, $1,038,850 t.xpjr.s to Santa Fe, for 1843 $4V? 000 Import* same year 400,(K)0 920,000 Showing a difference of only. $83,180 between this great trade and the trade between this "A" '^anta Pe, Chihuahua, and other point*, will the government longer suffer it to struggle arxinst difficulties, whi^h no other branch of our foreign trade has to encounter 1 Whilst the coun try iH Hiciiated -by a great political conflict, let ub not neglect our interest, nor any branch - four for eigii trade England i* striving to gain ihe trntie of Mf *ioo aud TexHA.and what huveour poliiicians done to co*nteract it 7 We bhonld supply all the northern province* of Mexico: our overland irade | insteadof $750,000, should be fouror five milliont-* ; and will be, no soon a? the proper facilities are given to ,t. Instead of England procuring a bud P V of the precious metafs from M-xico, we will fill the vault* of our banks from That source ; and instead of looking to Europe for " mint drops'" we w,|l obtain them from th? mines of Mexico. { Am OMinenti. ttRANn Moving Panorama of m City of Bos S*?^?RRS ?It will be seen by n." e ,n "no.,h,r portion oltha Herald, that Mr. t,rf,1en,!'thia evening, at Iuh Opera Hou?e, J. "!ovi?* panorama of the eity of Boiton, y him 'n 1,39> anJ complete/ thi* year, I VSl f"*'* feet o( canvaix, and exhibited in six f ''et "''oh-eonisid. red to bathe most per *?e??i .'?* ? art now ',,Mnt In "Edition to this grand spectacle, the favorite Ethiopian* have contented to >li 1 If ?"i! T entertainment by the introduction of many ol thnr popular melodies. This to all age*, will baa moxt charming recreation. 03- The famous Kentucky Minstrels have re . i10} , American Museum, and with several f ' a? !'*inUd former., give a grand entertainment tii? afternoon at 3 o clock, and this evening at 7. Queen S^1b?hiVm f . ?Hn Tom Thumb'? Court Suit Splendid Moving Automaton!, kc.. may be seen nt all Hour*. A mo*t useful and arousing instrument, by which tn capacity and strength ?( a man* lun<?, haa been ad wilh onB determining the bleattetition?W? which are attracting coniidera Cincvs Mr. Sliindel, thi? great double vaulter aad horseman. la engaged at the Bowery ?* He an pe??,withavamty of other noveltie*. this evening ? and Shindel will throw one hundred somer setts this evening in rapid succeasion. The Circua ia the great resort of stranger*. Capping thk Ci.imax?Giving splendid entertain ments and charging only one shilling, when other places nf Hmmement demand two, and throwing in acu. ruioslty ?nch as hns never been seen in Amarica before, consisting of an Indian Squaw Dwarf. Thi* i* the case at the New \ ork Museum. Thi* place is crowded to ?S?et?, and when it i* recollected that the Southern song-tera, those charrnint? melodist*, introduce their much admirad *nngPi the Brother* of Warsaw, Mita AHair, Mr. Jt'wetf, and Mi*? Joseyline appear in their pleasing r erformance*. it sufficiently account* for the rmry I.WhI patronage thi* e*tab1*hment experience*. It ? wor'h a dollar to see the f-male dwaif. Velpean'a Spvctflc Pllla, for the Radical ?1,7 3;.m 2 r"1 "H'? emiwion*, anH Ml mocopurn J ' discharge* from the urethra. The?* pill,, the m.ult of tweury years asperieace in the Hospital de Charitc in Paris are Proii.iniiowl hy then celchrnled inventor, I'rrfmiior Velpeaq >? a? iiifillihi* reinedv f'ir all diseases of the urethrs. Thev effect SiWrLhA"^other limedyVwitluTut fr .n In ,ln. . p '? ' 5 wllhi,l'"tom?ch, or confinement cuu aud niaraiacy, ^r?b^fS?,d at ,h? C?"^ of W. S. RTrHAHDSOX, M. D., Agent. _ nufnr^r/ *f Sni,rb"' r?Pn'T?, and Sarsapa f ll ; i r-\ve* *Thii ia fhe mt??r tfieedv*, certain, aud ef feel Mil remerty for the enre of IJonnrihiea that ln? ever ?>een and e?i!lv ?and grateful to the stomach, ?? t.V. 7.,,eK l" "cO"lc""V<"Vf>r a 1 t,,<' me.licinsli.roI i . r*,n?','ie? m have been found mnit ejfic >rinu< in CUHI gleeu. reininsl wesknrss, and all discharges from the Fiu'e a'clisrm*?*' fhon'?.**??t?hle componiid, and acts , '"?? ,rJTr"i* "" immediate njieraiion upon the may be hadat NluCZrffljI'11* mdicine' "hich t'oin tltutlonal Dettlllty Cured?The Tonic Collr"!'e?? NWiciu<' ?"<! Pharmacy of i>i ui :'i i A' " confidently rrciitmneuded fVirall cases ? i's i i \l r'Sr" hy,,?',;r,'t. ''"lulg'nce or e,ce? of any kSSI I i .1 ? ,i^ Jm|H?i?uce,sterility,orbarienness, j |U'i.l. ??d. pending on maf-forination.) ' 1 w"^e ???tlmony In favor of Dr. Slierman'a iorTfor ^Tr^ C ",<l, !L"y tre medicine in the ? A. i * " h wver thev ???ed they are spoken of fir fh mk1<l t'rm,l We" ma.y '' !>e "i'l th it th? children cry edVhiTrJ? V !? th? ??d ?? easily sdministe?. n, || *? P*? '!? do not experience the least difficulty in Kivintc a medicine which is sure to do the w-rk. And it is of.eit the clfsa h i i'hTh?TlWKl ..mor* ,towl dg restoring the anffeier to .^medicine (list ha* been taken for mouhs.? trv Hhirm^ew i '1'mptoms. and wUn you are satisfied, DrSl.Tr?. ? ^ozriiKes. i d you will not legret it xi?I' ?118^ '* Naaiau street. Avenu 227 ilu'hon ?rre?t; ift8 Bowery; 77 G?nt Br?>ailwiv Rfi William ??? 3 Led,!'"r Uu,1'd'"^- ,,,",?de': Utcord ? Parisian Alterative Mixture, for joe 'frmanent cure of primary or secondary syphilis, venereal nicer*, uodet, or a iy complaint produced hy an injudicious ure o? mercury, o, uu.tilful medics') treatment. All |*rwn " s". Z ia,nt,.r?,nil,"in? in their system should us* r iif i w V'"' Jel,>ri* n" 1*"?" consider l'c!i?,n^l . '.V'"? t,""lT".'*'r,'a^ disease, without thorough [> cfi?nsing tli. s\ item with this jastly celebrated alterative r '.'^fi i'u'V- .T l1" ? 1,1 4 ?*pli. Ill cases of half dozen at 7',a" "ej,nf a" of the I'nion. Sold at ihe 'college of Medicine and Pharmacy, !?5 \assau ?t W. S. HICHAUDSON.M. D.. Agent. No Charge until Ibr flnlr la nrstored? Emanating from ? regular line icing Physician, offered to the public on tin ibo ve original teiins, and personal reference given in some of our first citizens. " Beal's H*ir Restorative." stand* alone free from aught appertaining to quackery. As an article lot the toilet, it is nnrivaltd. Its virtues hate been fully and satisfactorily tested. 'I lie article is offered for sale for the bene fit of those w|m prefcrto im ly it themselves, which can lie done with the asine Certainty of success, as when up lied by the pro prietors. (>lfice I3}p !? irst Avenue ; depots, 173 Broadway, N. V i's, 2 Aiiik stie. t, Boston ; PotWr'i, 71 Locust street, Philadelphia. The Concentrated Kitrm t of Snraapnrtlla, Gentian and Hnssafras, prepa'ed by the New York College of Medicine and Pharmacy, established for the suppression of quickery. This refined and highly concentrated extract, pos sessing all the purif}ing qualities and curative powers of the above herbs, is confidently recommended by the College aa in finitely superior to any extract of Harsainrifla at pr>><ent before the public, and may be relied on as a certain remedy for all diseases ari;ing from an impnre state of the blood, such as scrofula, salt-rheum, ring-worm, blotches or pimples, ulcers, pain in the hones or joints, nodes, cutaneous oaiptions, ulcerated sore thro n, or any disease arising from the IRoudary effects of sy plnlis or au injudicious use of mercury. Bold in single Bottles, at 75 cent* each " in cases of half a dozen Bottle* $3 60 " " one dozen " G 00 Cases forwarded to all parts of the Union. N. U ?A very liberal disconn' to wholesale purchasers. Office of the College. 94 .Nassau street W. 8. KICHAKD80N, M. D., Agent. All Philadelphia Hubscrlptlona to the IIkhai.d must be uaid to the agents, Hie tier Ik Co., 3 Ledger building*. 3d and Cht snut sts., where single copies may also be obtained daily at l o'clock. 3m ftledlcnl AdTlce In Private Disease*.?The member* of the New York College of Medicine and Pharmacy, eilnkliihrd Jar the mpyrtnitin of ifuackrry, continue to direct tneir particular attention to all diseases of a private nature, and c*u conliileiitly proini*e to persons requiring medical treatment, ? safe mil pe inauent cure, without injury to the constitution or Conlineniait from buaiuess. Invalids are particularly requested to m-ilii application to the College Oil rtie tirit appearance (if lliose diseases, as a vast amount ol suffering and .nne may be than avoided Oue of the members of the (College, fur many >etrs comiei ted with the principal hospital in Europe for the care ol th<.<e complaints, atteuds tor consultation daily from I Ajyt. to 7 p.m. Terms?Advice ami Medicine $i,?a cure guaranteed. IMPORTANT TO rOUNTUY IN V ALIUS.?Person living in rlie country, and finding it kacnnvi uieut to make [*>r ?onal application, can have fm warded to them a chest containing all medicine* requisite to perforin a radical cure, bystating their ease esplicitlv, together with *11 symptoms, time ofcoutMCtion and t e*tm?nt received elsewnere if any, and rnclosiug I), post paid add teased to VV. 8. RIcHAKDsOiV M. D., Agent, (((lire lull Consulting Homns of the College, fli Nassau st D1UNKY HIARKKT, Sunday, Oct. 37?6 p. n. The put week, ?o fir as operation* in the stock ma ket are concerned, he* been very quiet, and without the ?lightest movement indicating what the future may bring forth. Money is remarkably abmdmt, and the rate ol interest, el courte, vary much reduced, but there appear* very little disposition to operate, until the excitement, growing out of the political movement* of the day di- ? away, and thu reau t of the contest known. It will not mttter so much which party aucceed*; the principal thing required is to have the question settled, and disposed ?f. We have no doubt but that a* soon a* the public mind becomes tattled on this point, there will be quite an inprovemont in commercial nffaira and greater dispo* liion to invo*t in the good itocks in the market, and by aodoing relieve tre mark t of the great supply of money n^w lying idle It i* astoni hmg, that amiiUt the great difficulty- daily experienced in finding employ ment for capital, there i* not the flrat faiinle proposition made to get up aome new linca of i ailru lu, or to finish those already commenced An attempt will soon be mado to put in order the Mor fit Canal, from J*raey City to Easton, by the creation ol n<-v stick, and the formation of a new company It ia *uppo*cd that thia canal, when completed and in running order, will become a great competitor ol the Jelaware and Hu 'aon. There ia n? reason why thia work ihotild twt bo a? piofi hble ?? the Unaware a id Hudson, provided pf ftrrf"' alalia wara aquaiiy a* weU managed Thu int-ntraie liabilities of the concern are wiped out, and the whale line of the cant! and everything elM belonging to it, fill* Into the hands ef tha new company, at a coat ol one million ot dollars. By a ipecial act of the legiila eure of New Jeraey, the purchaser* of the canal, under the decree of the lorecloiure. were invested with all tin corporate powera and right! of the old company, fret rom debt. It may require a longer time than man) sanguine frienda of the work imagine, to make the work productive, but the rapid increaae in the coal huaineaa o> the region of country in the immodiite vicinity of th< termination of thia canal, muit, in time, throw an amount of buaineaa on ita watera, that muat eventually make the property productive, and any inveitment profitable. We annex our uaual table a ho wing the comparative quotations for the principal itock* in thia market for each day of laat week ticoTATiom poa the raiNcerAL STocaa 11* the New York Markut. , , , , Sat. M,m. Tii'y. Wed. Th y. Fr'i L. aland 83 ., 82V 82 82* 82V ? 83V Vlrtliawk 65 66)2 ? 67 67 Hirleui ? ? 73 Pa tenon ? ? 87 Canton 50 48V 4* Farmers' Loan 46 45V 45 Nor and Wor 8lV 8l)? ??" Ohio Sixes 104 V 103 lllinoii Sixes 48 luditiia ?fi\ Kentocky Sixes 105J. I'eun. Kites..... ... ? Sl.minKton 53V Kiie Railroad 30>, Vic"kfburi{ ? U H. Bdim - Heading Kit 51 51^ 541 Morri? Canal 8 V 9 8> East Botlon 13*4 13)4 125s With oue or two exceptions the closing prices yeater clay show a decline from thoae ruling at the close of the previous week. Erie Railroad advanced from SO to 33 p*r cent, but fell off ] yesterday. The advance in this atock since Wednesday was caused by the election or that day of a new board of directors, in which were seve ral new men, whose capital and influence, it was tup posed, would he brought to bear upon the road, and have a very great effect in redeeming the miimanagement ot the 'paat Within a day or two then hepea have been destroyed by the election of the former president and the installation ot the same party in power, under whose control the affairs of the concern have been to sadly managed. The concern kaa consequently fallen back to the old level, and we may look for the tame course ot action that hat to long been in exiatance, under which the road it rapidly going to decay. Movement* will b< made in the legialature of thia State, thi* winter, that will bring the affairs of thi* company to a criii* much loonei than thote in power imagine, or would like. By the arrival of the steamship Great Western from Liverpool, we have commercial advices to the 12th instant, inclusive, being eight days later than those received ty the Acadia. We notice very little change in any of the markets for our staple pro 'notions. The London money market wa* very easy, and the rate ol interest at low as at any time previoui. There hat been no advance in fundi, but the doting pricet were very firm American atocka were in very moderate demand and quotationa re moined without alteration. Tho harvest* were nearly completed, and the cropa nearly all secured, yielding ro urns full as abundant as anticipated, and the seasc n had been so very favorable for getting in the fall cropa. that a greater breadth of land had been sowed than for many seasons pait. A* a whole, the newt cannot be con sidered otherwise than of a very favorable nature, in a commercial point of viow. Tha weekly return* of the Bank of England * how tomp flight fluctuation! in the issuing department of that insti tution ; while the operation! of the banking departmmt show a iteady increaie. Bank op England. fstiie Department. Sept. 21. Oct. 5. lntir. Deer NoLei issued ?28,*82,705 28,.582.905 200 Oild coin and bullion,.. 12.888,619 12,888,819 200 Silver bullion.. . 1,631,086 1,691,086 Hanking Department. Rest 3,567.007 3.552,701 ... 14,303 Public deimsites 5,293,615 6,202,322 908,707 Other deposites 8,511.771 8,225,082 ... 286,689 Se.veu day & other bills, 972,959 1,1^1 258 108,299 Government securities,. 14.551.834 14.554,834 <'ther securities, 8,802,714 10,510,120 1,707.406 Notes 8,964,545 7,930.1110 ... 1,034,i3j Gold and silver coin,... 576,259 619,402 43,143 It will be observed that from the 21i> of September to the 5th of October, the increase in the iiinei amounted to only ?200, while the increaae in the operation* of the banking department amounted to ?716,014, from Sept 21*t, and to ?3,191,124 from Sept. 8th, the date of the firs report. The government of the bank appears to be in la vor ol a gradual increaie in operation!, but how far they will carry thil movement, it ii impossible to tell, until we see the result of this seaaon'a buiineai, whi h can b<' considered a criterion for other*. The bank have linr-a tho commencement of the new ay stem, been in active competition with the privnte and joint itock banks, and have, by a reduction in the rate ol intereit and an exten sion of movement, endeavored to monopolize, a* far at posaible, the privilege ol rapplying the want* of the com mercial classes. We annex the return! made by the Bank of Tennesiee and branchei, at the different period!. Within the put lew monthi there hai been a greater expaniion in move ment! than for the year previoui State of the Bark op Tennesskk and Branches. June,'41. June,'ii Sept.'44. Discounted notes, $2,401,735 2,149,186 1,995,855 Domestic bills 299,287 303.914 431.940 Bills and notes in suit 605,322 628,954 680,829 Hta'e bond* discounted, 235,000 223.000 22),(ion Expense account 23,388 21,808 8,441 Keal estate at branches, 141,757 193,217 200,397 Interest on State bonds, 280.750 341,050 341,05)' Do internal improvement do.. 218,477 289,112 321,818 E. W. Dale ai d securities 86.600 33.800 33,8K> Appropriation to impv't of rivers, 13.176 52.534 66,82V Due fr >m Backs 228,387 461,510 544,800 Branch balances 143,551 44.642 Notes of Branches and other ten Buiks 152,287 ... 103.5*0 Gold and silver* 568,329 617,359 659.410 $5,378,919 5,365,017 5,621,251 Total capital $3,165,733 3,170,155 3,I70,Ij5 Trea-urer of Tennessee, 27,621 ... 59,613 Public "Bices, ........ 1,935 Sinking or contingent fund, 190,275 190,052 190,051 Dividend account, 247.712 301,748 43U,327 Exchange account, 17,943 23,916 I4,32i< Discounts received 68,995 (4,202 27,191 Interest account 38.021 29,858 6,517 Damages, 5.444 4,597 1,47? P?>lii and loss account 165.251 136,033 36.13' Discoun'off State bouds 44,547 39,619 30,702 Internal improvement dividend,.. 3,696 7,956 7,956 Common school fund ... 11,847 13.058 Internal improvement fund,. ... 11,703 11,703 11,70' Due to other Banks 38,100 261,931 260,082 Branch balances, ? 137,198 .. ... Circulation, 929,127 865,200 921.301' Individual depositors 250,938 280,177 414,85:* $5,338.9(9 5,422,072 5,623,251 The landing features of these institutions standi ai follow! Dec. 1842. June, '4S. June, '44. Sept. '14 Loins and dis c lints $2,156,701 1*2,<01,735 $2,149,186 $1,995,855 Sp?cie 483,451 568,329 SI7,3'i9 659,41)1 Circulation 712,080 929,327 865,200 921,30, Deposites 117,527 250,938 280,177 144,859 From June to September the loam and diicounti fell oft' $163 331, while thn circulation increased $66,ICO. De positi $164,662 and ipecie $42 061. The depoiiti hi v lieen'.steadily increasing since Dec. 1812, when they only amounted to $187,627, only a little more than one-third ot the amount, according to the last report. The defalcation account of E W Dale remains the lime ai at the date o! the lait returns. There has not been inch great fluctni a<ioni in the banking lyitem cf Tennessee as other StatM have experienced, and th" internal proiperity ol the State is on a very solid basil. The State finance! have not been managed iu desperately a< those of many neighboring States, and the advantage! of the policj ii plainly to be ieen in the reduced an.ount ol the debt and the natural, healthy condition of tho commerce o the State. It ii very true the internal improvements ol the State are very limited, compared with many others but the meam of communication arc ample, and every in tarest ii advanced ai rapidly under the preient policy of tne State as the) would be under any other. The trustees of the Patriotic Bank ol Washington D C., in conform ty with the instruction! of the itock' k >l<1nrs, have made a report showing the condition of the imtiiution on the 26th inst. Patriotic Bank op Washington, D. C. Jan 43. Jan. '44 Ort. '44. Loans and discounts,.. $221,109 $226,RV8 $ 99,290 2T,W8i?ec Hieeie ri.699 *6,631 I'3,t28 86.897 inf. Circulation 27,7*4 16,310 39,681 6.629 dec Deposites 39,053 63,075 42,568 20,507 dec. This ihowi quite a contraction, and alio ihat the bank i* iteadily wi. ding up iti iffiirs, on accouut of a refusal by the laat Congress to extend the charter. (lid Stock Kxchangc. $1000 N Y State ?'s. '56 105 150 ?h? Morris Caiul 6 KiiidD Kentucky 6's 104?s 40 N H Canal "I 1900)1 llliiiiris Spl Bils 44 3H0 Lonf Island RR 82W 600)1 <'o b30 44V 125 do . 5)100 do MO 44S 50 Heading RR bfiO 54 V 10000 Ohio 6's, W IfrJV 100 do b30 54!. 700 do 102', 50 do 54 V lOOi'O Penn 5's 1)60 74 V 50 d-> >60 54* 5000 Indiana Bonds 44V 100 do *60 54V 5 alls Bank HtMe N Y 85 125 Erie RR 32!, 100 Am hi Buik 87V 50 do 32!* 50 U 8 Bank bjfl 8V M) Moluwk RR 66 18 do . ? 7V 85 do 6t>* 81 Bank of Com, full 100 10 New Jersey HR 96 iiO Vickshurn Bk 7* loo Housatonic RR 27 200 do 7 25 do ?30 37 125 Illinois Bank 26V 100 Stunington RR 50V 26 do 26* 75 do 50V 260 Farmers' Trust 44 300 do 51 100 do 44V M do bW 51* 50 Meclis Ik T rads NO 65 50 do 5li', 40 U 8 Eire Ins 106 50 Nor& Wor bnw 81 50 Canton Co b.M 19 100 do HI 50 do 4?V 50 do b30 81 J5 do nw 18'2 2(i0 do n3ii Hiy 175 do 48V 325 do 50 do b.M 4?V M do 15 do 18V 50 Harlxm RK 7) 50 Kait Bolton Co 12V Horoml Bomrtl ? too ?lis East Boston liV 25 Nor & W?r ?*! U5 Mums Caual t ii Air I.I Bank M M Houaatouio RR IT K Vtoai??u>n M New Stock Exchange tiOOO Illinois Sp| BOs .3 44 60 ?h. L IsUng HK blO 13 MM do blS44W *5 Hud k Berk c.h 16 J?00 do It20 4 IK 50 do C?h 15 75 ?li? U S Bank 50 do 25 Vicktbnrn Uk SNA Trim 50 Farmers' Trait 50 do infl do 50 Jo ? 50 Canton Co b3 48'J 25 Stouingtou 25 Morris Cuial csh 6ll 25 do 15 do (,% 75 do 25 do b3 6 100 do 50 ? Boston Co b30 13>f 50 do SO do b30 13 100 do Sales or Stocks?Boston, Oct. 90 Fxchangt Ho'inl ? 21 shares Western KR, 90], 24 <lo, I) >30.:, Ml i 120 do, boSOd. 90J; J5 do, boSOd, 90]; 60 do, SO I'M, 9iij|; 60 Reading Hit, 2t>J; 530 K.a?t Boston dividend*, >!i ? do, ii; 27 K lit Boston Co, 1'2]; 126 do, 1 if. 60 L island RR, H2J, -J Eastern RR, 113): UK) Norwich and "Vorcester RR 81; '260 do, bu30d. 81); 100 do. aolad, 81; 150 do, ?o30d, 81; 125 do, 811; 6 J do, sol&d, 81; 60 do, bo lid, 81} State of Trade. Ashes ? Pota are very du'l at (4 J8] j Pearls are steady it (4 31$ u $4 37). The receipts are very moderate and the htock in waiehouse i* mu;'h reduced. Stock on Hand October 25th, 1844. First sort pota .. .bblt 9 931 Fiist sort peails bblii 8 009 H-e nd do 1,234 Second do .... l.Oir Pni d do 391 Third do .... 284 Condemned do '207 Condemned do Trtal 11 763 Tota1 9 326 Pot* 11,763 Pearls 9 826 Total 31,078 BRKiDSTurri ?Floor is a little high-r to-day Oenesee fetches $4 81$. Good wheat brings $1. Noithern corn 6-2 a 63 rents. Rye74 a 76 cpnta. Southern corn 62 cts Coiton?The market is lirm, but tho enquiry is limited; the sale* reach only 300 balea, chiefly taken by spinners. Wc annex the quotations Liyihtool Classification. UpUt.f Florida. if. Or I 4" Mobitr. Inferior. 4i a ft ... 41 a 6 Ordinary, fit a 61 ... fi) a 6 Middling, 6 i ?[ ... 6 a 6 flood middling, fij a 6} ... tt) a 6 Middling lair,.. Hla 6j ... 7 a 7 Fair, 6j Fully lair 7 Oood fair, 7 7 ... 7* a 7 73 a 8 7) ... 7} a 8 8 ... 81 a 9 Fine 8$ a 8) ... 9} a 9] ?Stock, 20,000 bales. Hay? Sales to seme extent have been made at 40 a 42c. The receipts are quite large. Whiikkv?Ditidge casks are in demand at 28c.; west ern and prison bbls at 27 a 27)c. Baltimore Cattle Market. The arrivals of beef cattle at mirket have been very f <t* this work, and sales have been active at about far mer-i.tes. 0:i Monday there were 1,000 head oi'ered at me scales, of which 130 were taken lor another market, ind 770 sold to the city oackers and butchers, at prices ranting from $1 60 to 2 12) per 100 lbs. on the hoot, equal to $i a $4 net, aa in quality. Ye?te day those left over at the commencement of the week were offered, and nearly ill sold at about the rates named above. Live hogs have corns in rather more freely this week, and prices have ruled a shade lower. One drove of 200 head was sold to a packer at $3 60 per 100 lbs. The sales generally, how ever, have been at 3 76 a $4 Thero aro now about 700 head in market. Married, On Wednesday, 23d inst. by the Rev. Mr. Poisol, Ste phen O. Tayi.oh, to Misa Charlotte Dexter, all ol this city. At Babylon,fL. I) on Thursday evening, 24th inst., by the Rev. Alfred Ketchtim, James Clinton Norton, lo Ju lia Anna, daughter of J. P. Carll, Esq. of the former place. l>Ied, On Saturday,26?h inst. at 10) o'clock P.M. after a lin gering illness, Michsel Wercrmeistkr. a native of Ty rol, for-the last 43 years a resident of this ci<y,aged 78 years and 21 days His friends and acqu lintances, and those cf C. F. A. Hinricks, are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, to-morrow afternoon at 2 o'clock, from 9 Rector street On Saturday morning, 26th inst., Chahlls Donnelly, in the 69th year of his nge. The friends and acquaintances of the family, nnd those if his sons Terence and Nicholas L. Donnelly,are respect, lully invited to attend his funeral, this morning at half i?a?t 9 o'clock, from 101 Second Avenue, corner of Sixth street, without further invitation. . Foreign Importation*. Livi:rfooi.?Ship Saml Hick.?IT70 sacks salt HKrrm t-111 bx? steel K I1' Sanderson?164 bdls iron Pearson k co?2912 bars do John H Abell Si co?10 pkgs J & J Siewart k co?4 Stewart St Brothers?5 Bird, Gillilan k c.-* Nevinskro?2 Da\id Hadden He ?o??4 Richardson k Brother*? 2 F W Green, 1 hil? 7 W J Miller?1 Lord k Tayl. r?2 F Tomn k .on?10 Sands. Puller St CO?I Kennedy it bridaw?44 H Wiukley?4 James P Drummond?I J Hadley?9 I Van Wart?2 A K Van Nrat?8 Belknap k Wyckoff? 1 Read k Hpragu"?2 Smith, Wright Si co ?I Sheldon Phelps Si co?12 Corning, Horner Si co?I M Glee <?>11?2 W W Chester Si co?I H T< oo|ier?I J kC Baiicur?I Neustadt 8i Barue't?2 Warner Si Steel?1? J A Newbold?I W R Clem?I John N Olcott?5 A W Spier Si co?I J B Windle? I Cocker Si noun?I C At head Si co?2 J K Didau Si sons?3 B '1 Halsted Si co?I A W Parsons?62 Chauucev Si. co?2 J cole! Si Condict?I John Van Nest-2 Sheldon Si Smith?2 Town ee 'd, Say re Si Clark?8 Leonard J Cohen?t C B Conant Si co? I Fellow*. Wnd-iwoiili tico-t I' It Kell Kg h co?2 lUimrr Si Hays?1 Cook, k Leigh?I R N Foster-2 minted Si Dash?2 L C Carter kco?41 W 9 k K C Mcintosh?2 Manning Si lourneay?2 1 Si B Crane?I G H Swordi?2 H Hyslop Si son? I H Annr w?1 A McCullum k Co?4 L J Wyeth?2 C S Hnh hard?4 Tiffany, Young k F.llis?2 I evi Cook k co?I Benj H Kolger?13 Paton k Stewart?4 J McShae?to G B Morewood k co?14 Tooker, Mead k co?1 Hunt Brothers?47 J (Hhon k co ?80 hdl? iron Clark Gill k eo?1370 bars do t)wight k Foster ?2 pkgs Coffin, Bradley k co?100 Hy Tobias?I T Lownds?3 Hall Bi others?4 Ahm Bell k son?3 D It 8 W Paul k co?1 H D'xon?4 Roht Striding?11 S F Jones kco?S H J- ssup?2 H H Casey?r0 F A Huntington?1 Thoa P Bardwell?3 W Watt ?4 Jos Rhodes?2 D Ferguson?1 G H Swords?13 W White wright?4 J'lhn Robinson?17 John Gihon k co?2 Robinson, Vic Arthur k co?4 Griffin k Pnllman?0 Smith Thnrgar k co ?I Septimus Crooks?I T Hall?3 W k J Morrri.on k ro?2 K Hunt?3 A L Brown?6 J McCall k co?1 J J Warren?4 lias luck k co?1 John Hill?24 cs 1263 bis tin 282 slabs do 200 hdls iron Phelps, Dodye k to?4 bales 33 cs 14 cks 14 bdls steel 81 do rnn 200 tons pig iron 291 hags lin?eed 7 i cakes copper 12 crates order. Buewos Aritrs?Btrnne Chancellor?(Before reported)?7771 hides 133 bales 20 lixs W W De Forest k co?72 bales J Kodrpan ?2 do E Corning k sou?282 hid*** J L Baldwin?2(7 do K M itrat on?1 bxs Van Blasrom k Champlin?I Mitchell k Wetli erill?I Butter field k Brothers?I roil rope to order. MARITIME HERALD. Movement! of ttir <<t<??isiii|)i. Xtramrrs Tsat't l.ic'l. Duri i .tmi 'a. Isav Jlmr'a Vcadii, Harrison,., ... No*. I J. Western Matthews . .. Nov. 9 tiiberni.\, Ryrie.... Oct. 19 ...Nor. I Nov. lb Ship innatera anil Ageuta. Wo shall esteem it a favor if Captains ul' Vessels will give to RonKHr Sii.vrv, ( aptain of our News Boats, a report of ?.he shipping left at the port whence tliey sailed. th? vessels jpoken ou their p-unai;c, a list of their cargo, mil an) foreign tewspapers, or news they may haTe. He will board them im aedi.itelv on their arrival. Agents and Coiresiioudents at hoinn ir abroad, will also coufer a favor by sending to this office all ?he Marine Intelligence they can obtain. Nautical Informa tion of auy kind will be thankfully received. PORT or NEW YORK, OOTOBKH J4H. ?UtV RISES 6 41 I HOOK RISE! 6 7f> ?UN <rri S 9|mi?h water ... Ill 21 ArrlreA Tacket ship Samael Hicks. Bunker, from Liverpool, urpt. 27, with mdse, to Robt Kerinit?182 steerage passengers. lh'- S. H. has had a pilot on board since Friday moruing, with calms, kc. British brig Kdward Whitney, Skaling, 24 days from Sydney, CB. with cual, to Lau? k Randolph. Sailed in co. with brigs Win Boolhby, and Gibraltar, for NYork. UeloWs One brig, unknown. laUtd. Swedish barque Princess Josephine; brig Antares. Nlacellnneona Record Ship Gi.r.MDOwr.R, at Charles on, re|eirts?21st inst. lat 31, saw Ihe hull of a schr, dismasted and abandoned?appeared to hive been boarded?she was lumber laden?her name commenced with Spra?. Probably the Spray, of Yarmouth, NS. before r> poitetl. Mpoken. Nicholas Biddle, Truman, NYork for Savannah, 21st inst. uff Catie Lookout. Augusta, (s) NYork for Mobile, 22d inst. off Cape Lookout, foreign Ports. Bi rnoi Avres, Aug 22?In port, H bait, Collier; Col How ard. Ppt'itiss: Bostomati, Kmerson, Rillimoie; Columbia, lisrnes, dn; Moscow, Simpson, and Caroline, Lane, Boston; Indii, Selby; Cathariue, ol Baltimoee, arr same day; Kame, Hiker, from Montevideo, arr 16th. Sid 13th, Junius, Cooper, Anjiv.r. July 4?Passed, Levant, Foulke, from Philadelphia, via Montevideo, kc. for Canton. Sr Joif?, N B. Oct '6?Arr Ctroline, Leavitt, Boston; Olive, leffrey. N York; Scienre, llnrding. Alexandria; 17th, Danube, Berry, Philadelphia; l!?th, Mary >.lita, Oilliat, NYotk. Knt for log lltih, P I Nevius, for Biltimo e. MoiTiiKai.. Oct 21?CldSiucy Jack, Suiter, l.iveriool, (^i rHt.c, Oct 23?Arr t<n en Victoria, Ijosie, Sli?o, ('Id Roslin f 'aatle, Saddler, Plymouth; Dahlia, Hooper, do; Dvkes, McAlley, and Harmony, Jnmieson Liverpool: Wm Dawson, Bi veridge. L-ith; Arsh, l.eme nrier, Ayr; Mary k Harriet, Shaxvn, Cardiff; British Queen, Lord, Bristol; Ann Mills, Kennedy, and Cyras, Rue, London; Industry, Stevens, Dublin; Sedulous, Nicholaa, Truro. Lake Porta. md King. Appleby, Sandusky; Biifhee, ? ? ?? ?>i, uum herman. Winchell, Krie; Louisa ban, Van Norman, Gravelly Bay; Oranger, Vrooman, Fairport. Cld Kmpir , Howe, Chi cago; Hochester, Folger and Buffalo, Allen, Detroit; Whittle sey, Hancock, and Bennington, Thayer, Ashtabula; Dexter, Cook, Monroe. Ilnma Porta. Tiiomasto-*, Ocl 2#?Cld and ready for sea, Leonid is Snow, New Orleans; Leopard, Robinson, do; Statesman, Gilchrist, do; Claiborne, Burgess, do; Vandalia, W^ll, do; Virginia, Wall do; Virgin.a, Jordan, do. Sid. Rowland, Watu, NOr leans; Chinchilla. Robinson, do; Fornax, Wilson, do; Pario, H?ro,'Oct 16?Sid Thos Colts, Perkins. Havana. Portsmouth, Oct2V-<Md Franconia, Jonea, NOrleans; 2.Mh Clara, Penhallow, Mobile. .. . M Sat r.M, Oct 24?Arr Anaconda, Gorham.illoston Tor NYork; Cotnit! Nick?r?on, do, and cld for Albfiuy. l id, NorthumOrr land. Story. Africa. . HoiToif, O't W? Arr AiiUa. Banffn, Philad?l|'ma. < Id, Ot :atnaii, HannttW, Oibrilui; (^o Oti?,JVIan^m, IVm?ran?; Di r Ko Tibhetn, Port au Pri??c?; VVavp, IIikkiiui. ?l Thornand >*orto ( ab^iio: Fulcrum. Taylor, Havana; HighIindur.French, Cuba; Columbiana, Barkrr, NOrlraim; Arab, FmMn, Vork to load for Manilla: Hylpb, Mnow. Balfimore ro load for (Gibraltar; Waahiiifton, Hfnnrll, Philwli'h a: Marv, Talbot. Vorl*ani; Wm Allun .'?i'ww I ding, Norfolk and Richmond; 'I l*Vnn?r Nicbaraon, PhiUdalphia; ragr?, Taylor, N#w Vork; A bawrpnci*, Meeker, do; Amanda, Mckaraon. do. PgOflDKfVCK. Oct 25?Arr Adamt. (yfOWfll, rhiladiIphia5 ituan, Bullaa, do; VvilUrd, Millar, Brittol to load for NVork. adulphit. Kliodtric Dhu. Lovet, hence.forConst of Afrion.wis at Anchor in Dutch Island harbor on the 25th. Kali. Kivm. Oct 25?Arr Kndora Brown, NYork. Nkwfokt, Oct 24? Arr Rhodenc phu, fill Provnlenca for the f'oaitof Africus (*ora, Read, Providence via Kail River; Viwi lant, Heath. NYork for Providence; Charles, Brown, Provt. | deuce for NYork; 23d, 8t Lawrence, itaudall, Philadelphia for Boston. Bil l imonk, Oct 29?<>ld Janet, Buck, Liverpool; Ocean, Kldridce. Boston: Victorine, Banner. New Of leans Hid, An drew iiray, Ouk-htrt. Nassau; Mary, Smith, Providence; Jos Brown, Clime, do; Tryall, <iibhs, do Ri< Hmo*i>. Oct 26?Arr Chester. NYork; Aujaiita, Win*, Wareham. Sid Heury Lee, 8milh, NYork; H W Gaudy, Oandy, Fall River. it Notron, Oct 25? Arr Parthian. Allen, fin Richmond bound fp New Oilo ins. put in to finish loading; Bachelor, Horton, do do; Mariner, Ad nil, Nantucket; Bethel, Chapman, Province town; North Star, Winslow, do. C P Brown, Jones, NYork. In Hampton Hoims, Ktrurian, Brauscome, fm Ocracock. The Hark.iwav, Nicholson, for Liverpool is on h**r way down James River. Sid, Larch, Abbot, West Indies; Wave, Rogers,Rich mond. (J i ers, \ev 23d.MMNWHHHPm8PFHHH^H6!!R6PHI6P a id Admiral Blake, Hedley, NYork; Aleiaiiir, Leiis. Balti more; J Patton jr, Symines; John M Clayton, Parker; Richard Thompson, Corson, and T C Mitchell, Kruse, Philadelphia; Vandalier, Pendleton, Camden, Me; Ark, ?Johnson, Beverly.?* C|J Como, Kldridce, Boston; Titi, Wilkins, Havana Sid Waccsmiw, Vincent, do. Arr 22d Auuutiiiie Heard, Rand, | tod ('arolu* St^rer, Boston; Acadian. I Br] Auld, Halifax; Kniily, Sherwood, NYork. Sid Rambler, Baxter and Ko^rr Sherman, Nichols. L;vei |>ool- New York, Hull; Anson, Bark mui, and Dimmi, Baxter, NYork. 8avan*ah, Oct 22?Arr Madison, Hoey, New York; Arlitta. Stetson, Newcastle Me. Below, Powh'ftan, Marshall, and Henrietta, Hutches, from Baltimore; also, 3 ships off.the Bar.? \rr 21st, Dike Branch, It igedorn, Liverpool; L\dia, Ilsley, Portland; M-rcedita, fSpl Ximeuez, Cienfuejros, iu distress, bound to Malaga. Nkw Oiu.KANs.Oct 'H?riil Thos H Perkins, Homaus, Liv- I erpool; Lime Rock. Auld, Havana. AUCTION MALES. i BENJAMIN MOONEV. \nciioeeer. A UCTION NOTICE.?Heivy and Shelf Hardware and K?n cvGoods.-B MOONEY fcCo., will tell This Day i\f 10 o'clock, at 91 Maiden lane, a general assortment of Hardwue vid Fancy Goods, vi/ : Locka, 8.iws. Kile*. Mammrn. Candle aticka, Br ices and Uitea, Jappanued Warn, Tea Trayi, Wire Sieves, tke. Alio?12 casks Hooks and Hinges. Also?IB caak> Trace I hains. Al?o?2 cisks Copper Powder Flask*. Alio? 200 acta polished Kirn Irons Also?An itivotco of Well ftawa. "*? Also? An invoice of Fancy Good*, Snuff Boiea. Violins and Bowi, Pipes, Woik Boxes. Hiir Brushes, Dolla, Flute*. Klage olets, he. Catalogues are now ready. o28 lt*ac T. J. BKAKN8, Auetiuneer. By C. B. Hinij. CATALOGUE SALE of Elegant Knmitere This IJay. (Monday) at 10 o'clock, at tlw Krnnkliu Sale, Rnom 175 f'liaiham street, the entire Kumitare of a family removing fmm Seventeenth atreet, comprising the furniture of two parlour*, ten bedtooma, basement ami kitchen, amongst which are two au|>e rior Sofia, one Sofa Bedstead, ten French, half French and field Bedstead, with Feather Bed., Hair Mattra'sea and Palliastere to match. Wardrobes, Book Cases, French Chairs, Caneaud Ku-li seat do, Window Cllttains and Shades, breakfast, tea and di niiix Tables; Ottomans, Piv iua, Dining Setts, Tea Setts, Cut lery, Kitchen Furniture, die. Full parrienlar* in caialngiiei which are now ready. o2fl lt*m * tlKLIAS AND ODD K KINE I'l.AN i H AT ALC TION.?LEVY k SPOONER will sell this morning at II o'clock, 151 Broadway, a large lot*>f Parlorand Green-house Plants, consisting of Camelias, Azalias, Roes of fine sorts. Oleanders, Jessamines, Ora ge, Lemon, and other fine plants ? Also, 100 pots Cryiauihemuin* in full lilooin?all without any reserve. Wednesday evening at 7 o'clock, fine Engraving* and Colored Prints o28 lt-ec THK NATIONAL THEATRE FOR SALE BY V IIITURE of a deed of trust to the subscriber, dated the lltti day of July, 1835, and recorded on th* 2^'h day of Sep tember, 1812. in LiV-r W. B. No. 95. folios 327, 3J8, 329, 330. 331, 332, and 333, one of the laud records of Washington comi ty, in the District of Colombia, I will sell at public sale to the Ivgliest bidder,on Saturday, the 2d day of November next, at 4^ o'clock P. M., in front of the premises, Lots No. 3 and 4, in square No 251, in the city of Washington, or so much of the aaid lota aa are covered by th? Theatre erected thereon, together with s-ven front feet oil each side of the building, by the diiec tion of the Bank of the Metro|>olis, for whose benefit in part this trust was created. Tenna of sale will h? mada known at the time and place of sale ; and on said terms being complied with 1 will execute a deed, conveying all the right and ti'le vested in ine by the afore stud deed of trust. GEORGE THOMAS, Trustee. R. W. DYER U CO. o22 t3lit*rrc Auctioneer*. TfO YOUNG WOMEN want situations, one as Cham. 1 tiermaiil and to assist in washing anil ironing, or has no ob jection to do the hou-ework of a small family. The other aa chambermaid and waiter, or aa uur<e and seamstress, ca'i eiv-* gjod references. Apply at 36 Spring sireet, op stairs. o28 2t*ec 1 who W'?h to il e economy in supplying themaelves with Banners ai d Transparencies, is re<|uested ti a new and beantiful atj le for Political Processoiua, lie. invented by ti e advertiser. They are s?i??rior. lor richim??-.of C'dorand durability, either paint ng or p in <ng^ a>.dmac'> cheaper ihan either. Clubs iu wsnt of Banners, with ai>t>ropriate Mouors. wi 1 please call at N". 34 Reekmaa stree*, aide door. Price from $1 to (5. 028 lt*rrc DEMOCRATIC, GROCEhS Awake: awake i-arouse : arouse'-The i>? mocrstic Grocers of the ci'y and county of New Yor friendly to the el ction of Polk and Dalhs, Wright and Gardi ner. are requested to attend a meeting At North American Hotel, on Tuesday evening 29th instant, to make arnngemenu to turn out oi'horse hack to join in the Torchlight Procession on the lirst November. By order of THOMAS MARTIN, Chairman. K H B |'?ths, Secretary. o28 2t*rrc THE DEMONSTRATION OK THE 3>?TH AT a very large and respectable meeting of ihe Cabinet Makers of this city, heii) ai the Howard House on Friday, th* 25th inst., for the purpose of making arrangements for join ing the Grand Procession on the 30th mat., Mr. Jo.etih Martin wn cal'ed to the Chair, and Mr N. Major appointed Vice Presi dent t'harles ti. Ilollinsb^ad and William Cook appointed Secretaries. The proceedings of the previuna meeting were read and approved. On motion, the ' hairman appointed Wm. B. Shipman, Charles Baudoine and J aepli Meeki, Juu., an Esrcutive Committee. Also, a ''ommittee of Arrargemeuts, coini'osed of Messrs. ^chipmau, Hchipleya, Lyons. Martin, Major, Ltngdon Bosch, Cook and Hollinshe^d The Chiir appointed a Committee on Decoratious. consisting of Messra. HendaM, Milcv, Misaire, Searron, McEIre, Hutching., Cone, Adams, Spader, Simpson. Peterson and Ihoinaa. The meet ing then went into an election for Marshal. Mr. William Hutchingi r-ceived the greatest number of vote?, and was de clared duly elected, with the following as aids: Messrs. Sibrr;., Batchelo- , Warner, Bavley, Lyons ana McDonald. The meet ing was ably addreas-d b\ Mr. J Coggan and Aldeiman Devil. Adjourned to mee' on Mondsy evening neit. CHAS. ii. HOLLINSMEAU.Jo.,,,,, ?? o28 lt*ec WILLIAM COOK, J Secreuriei. "COME, NATIVES, AROUSE!" flMtEE BORN Native American., come to the GRAND " (HTHKKIm), ueit Than day Evening, iu Falton it/eet, East River, opposite Uie United Ststes Hotel and Fulton Mar ket. Come to the rescue of the Second Ward American Repub lic-uia We ii,vile all good citizens, who love American Insti tutions. to look upon our doings on the evening of t >ctober 31st, at7o'clock W*rally Ilia Mec.ud WhtiI Mass M-eting, wuli brilliant Kire-works, Song and Sentiment. Flag and Burner, and Drum and Trnmret, to inspire the Natives to glorious victory, on the coinnig 5th of Novemln-r?when the liallot-boxea will , ti-'l of America redeemed from tyranny, and forever thereafter free and happy. We expect to enjoy the presence of many distin guish- I cit /.ens auil fdir ladirs ami tlao to be gratified ? ith most eloquent Imnogiies from Oakler. <>r en, ItockweM, Nule, and others; pleasing strain* in irn'riotic song, from De La Hee, Morse and several more Native Vocal ata, while such hearty cheers fr' ni the multitude v ill rend he air, as shall ring, iu the A. <i- 'J honipiou, and die Aiiociktion officers, ex-oftieio. o28 It'in RESTORATION OF THE JEWS. A DISCOl'KHK wi|| he delivered at the Broadway Tabernacle, -fV Thi* livening theMtli nut , by >1. M. NOAM. K?<( , on the Melioration of the Jew? to their ancient heritage ana the approach of the Millennium. The American Society (or mr lioritinK tli' ro idition of the Jews have accepted an invitation to attend and will be present, Ticket* of adm.asicu to be bad at the Tabernacle? JS cent*. . ott lt?rrc POST OFFICE. ) Nrw York, Oct. It, llMt. j ENOLIBH MAl 1-8 ? I etter Bag* |>or *teainer ACADIA, which leave* BOSTON on Friday, the In of November neat, will lie closed a' the Up|>er?nd Lower Post Offices in thi* Cfcy on THURSDAY next, (lie 3l*t instant, at 45 minute* po*t 3 o deck, P. M. JOHN LORI ViKR URAHAM, "B ft P?at Master UOH SAl.K CHK\P.?Five aecond baud Billiaed Tablea? 1 All rep;v ring in the Milliard line done in the best manner poaiiblc, and at the ahuitaat notice. I'leaav apply to, o28 Ot'm T O. <;ONNKR, 34 Ann street. BUTTKH ! Bt'TTK.R ',?100 lob* and firkin* extra fin* dairy and middling, just received and foraale in lou to ?uit, at the lowest market price* Together with a full aisortmeut of Fiah and Provision*, such as Cheese in ca*k< and botes, Beef and Pork, l.ard, in barrrls, half barrel* and keg?; Hams, Codfish. Mackerel. Herring, Scale Fiah, Sic. Orocar* and country deal ers will find if to their interest to call at the Subscriber's Provi ?ion Store bef ire miking !heir purchasea elsewhere Slidexamine, a* there are indnci'ment* offered toa quick aale, and my motlo is el,.-,p Torch. JOSKPH B III S l>.i>, i7B South ni>8:it#rrc WrW, one door abova KoMwItl p ATK.NT SHKATIITNcTFKLT.-Wcaees PatMt She thi g ' K It, a very *uperioi article for ?hi|*' holt m? and the rill is ofhou*e*. K rsaleby L. K. COLLINS It CO , oas MS South sir.?t HAVANA 8KOARS.-C K OKOSHblM. 79 Peail atr?t. offers for * le an eitentiv assortment of Havana Segar* (lately imported.) Tits? La N"rma, Noriega, Dos Hermann*, La la-altad. Buenfumar, Regalia Irom Salvador Pareu, La Co rona, Woodville, Lord Byron, Do* < ompaneros, Han Koman, Progreso and oiber favnrite brand*. o2S 1ti**?c 'inVI.NK, SAIL"!, MM"". THI<7aI>, ke.-Hrioe, Sewinf, 1 Wr ppinf, B I'tig Oilnet, Turtle. and Mnnufactunr s Twii e, f oin Hemp, < "(ton and Fl'? of every d-*cription. (Jet and wrought Vails, Brads and apiko; Sb le in every va Kty; Manilla and Rutsia Hemp Cordage and Bale Hope; Wicknig, ' arret Yarn and Warp: 'i'a red Co'dage. Oakum, Ike,Dir. For aale by * KBRA It 'I'mInO, ott lt*fC 106 IV<rl *treet Ills DAY PI'BLISHK.D-BLACKWOOD FOR OC TOBER. <ot?Tr!*T?. I. The Life of a Diplomatist. II. I'nem* and Btllad* nf Ooethe, No. 2. III. The Great Drought. IV A Tender Conscience V. Thierry'* Hutory of the Uaula. VI. The WitchfindiT?Coucliiyon. VII. My Laat Courtship; or Life in Louisiana, VIII I irerce under the Roman*. Price $i * y,ar. LEONARD SCOTT It CO, oil lt*m Publiahera, lit Fulton *treet. T PA< KKTslll" HOTTINMUKR, FROM LIVF.RPOOL ?Coiisinn<e* will plea?e take notice that ?he i di'charting under general orders, at west side Burling Blip, All good* not permitted mu<t be aent to Pablic Store. <>2A Itr c I'HF. PROPRIETOR of the Manufactory of Segar* named LORD IIYKON having be?rd that counterfeits and imiu tations of their brand have made their ap|iearance in variou* market* of Euro|ie and Nj rth America, beg to inform the pub lic that every but of Segar* not Contfining, beside* the l*h?l and n me of Lord Byron, the br nd "Lino i^uirns," u spnriou*, wh ch they make public in order to avoid that tlie consumers who honor thein with their confidence ihould he imposed npon through the credit which they have hitherto conceded to their manufactory. LINO CJUIROS k CO. Havana, September, 1*44. oii lm*irc FFNE SEWED BOOT-* RETAILING FOR #8,AO, VTADK in the lateat French style with afine*titrh. anil it> "A every re*pect equal to tho e u*ua'ly*old for f.'i.OO, war rinted to uive latiafactioiK at in) Broadway, oppoaitr N'blo'* New York Boot* and Shoe* of all kinds made to ord r.? '?lending and Repairing done in the store. A general a*?or me i of Ladie*' Fine Frencti Shoe* constantly on hand, with a full ?* ortmeut of India Hubbera, hotli ladies' aiid ge> tlemen'*, o^ 'is?,-t MOI'LTUN lit VOUNO. STR\W PAl'K R.?1,0#0 reama Straw l'a|er, suitable fot ?liipping, for aale h> FtRsSF. It BROOKS. oifi No* and S7 N'>s*?ii street. KMP?bale* D*? Hoi, part very auperior. egtra well uleane<l Fot aale in lot* to suit puivha rtt U> ott C K. OOU*1N> ?l CO.. M Math .utet. AMUSEMENTS. PAKH THK ATtllC. FAREWELL EN4J V((tM>'N I OK MK. HACKETT. THIS EVENINO, Oct. 2?, will be presented, f Hfcl.NHY IV. ? ? Sir Johu kaUuft Mr. Htekitt To conclude with KOliTL'NiO M u| Kortumu * Mn. Sk^rntt. iSojtM, Ini Tier 75 cents-?Second aud Third Tiers 50 ecuts??Pit & ciuit?Gallery 26 cents. OPKKA HOU^K MONDAV'fcVKNlNa OCTOBER 2?. ADMI8*iO\, ttft ? KX'VS. IMMENSE ATTRACTION! A OKA N D MO V I NO PANORAMA OF THF. CITY OF BOSTON, Covkhinu 5,000 Hul'ini: Kill ?r I imiii ' AND THK EIHIOPEAN SERE\ADERS, MESSRS. GERMON. STANWOOH, HARRINGTON, \M AND WAHREN, ALL ON ONE NIGHT!!! This Painting. executed by J. II. Smith Kkj . from ui Origin il I > r I Willi! tak-u <>U the ?|>ot by liim hi IHIO and finished in IIMI, will be Exhibited iu Six Se-iious, of th rty feet Mi ll. Allowing time at each section for explanatn u Kurfutl particular, of ' oitcert, ke , f- prog run me. Door. .11hmi at 7?Concert and Exhibition ?t a nuarwr before 1 o'clock . 27 , KIBLO'S. MONDAY EVENING, October 28th will be presented THK CENTENARIAN. Philip Oar boil . Mr. P. F. William*. After which CUPID. Muter Smith, alia* Cupid Mr. John Dunu. To coucluile with F A I R 8 T A R . Admission.?Dress Circle JO cent*, Upper Bo?es 25; Pit 2.1: Private Box** (to accommodate six |ier*oii?) *5 each miTCHKLL'tl OLYBPIC THKATRI-:. MONDAY EVENING, OCT. 28, IU4. will l? presented THtt FOI.LlES OK A NIOhT. Af'er which, THK WANDERINU MINSTREL. Jem Bigs.. Mr. Mitchell To conclude with OPKN SESAME. Abdallah Mr ken no I Ha??sric Mr Holland AiiMiiimn-Draa* Ciicls, 50 cent*; Upper Box**, T< eeuts. Pit, one ihilling; Private Box**, $5; Orche?ira Box??. (3. CIRCCH-ROWKRY. BRILLIANT AUDITION TO THK TROUPE. Fifteen act* iu the Circle. Col. Johnson, J.IShindeJ, H. NichoW, B. Jennings and *on, McKurlaud. mid Mauler Walter Aymsi. 8IX LADIES will rida thii evening. Kint rich' of the Grand Pageant of Horsemanship, EUR<?PE, ASIA. AFRICA AND AMERICA. New Souk* frum Old Virginia bjr the Pandemonium Minatrel*. Boxes 2t cent*: Pit I2J? cent*.?Performauca* commence at a quarter before7,-peer by UK. oM*3tni BURTON'S THKATHK. ARCH STREET, PHILADELPHIA ? MONDAY^ 2?th October, IW4. THE YELLOW DWARF. Flu*tetiao Mr. B?rke | Yellow Dwarf.. .Mr. Russell After which. UPS ANO DOWNS Dick Mick* Mr. Bu'ton I Frank Frfoling. ..Mr. Barrett. To conclude with THE DANCINU FEATHER. Morri* Orteme Mr Cor ner | Capt Wheelock.. . Mr Burke Blanch Mr* Booth I Hetty Bell. ..Mr* Burke TUKSDAY. 29 h October. 1844 B E N E F I T OK W. E. BURTON. KXCHANOK NO ROBBERY, Or Who'* to F*thkr Mk? I rjncipal character* by Messra Burton, Barrett, Johnston, Knurl I. Mr?. Booth a- d Mr*. wurke THK MILLINER'4 HOLLIDAY. AMERICAN MUSEUM. i CORNEK BROADWAY AND ANN STREET. 'JJ?3 P. T. B.rnum l'mpriet r. F. Hitchcock Manager. Every Day and Evrniug Thi* Week commencing MONDAY, October 28th, 1811. GRAND PERFORMANCES Every afternoon at J o'clock, and every evening at 7. The Manager has engaged the celebrated KENTUCKY MINSTRELS! Wh ' a<e universally ?ckuowledge'* to be the BEST ETHIOPIAN MELODISTS IN AMERICA. ; Alio, 1 he celebrated EQUILIBRIST AND MAGICIAN Mr. YOUNG, | Late from Bo?ton, where he ha* been received with unbounded admiration. AUo engaged, Mr. WM. COLE. t'.e wonderful Contortioni*t, and hi* learned and talented I)OG BILLY, who aiug*. dance*, waltze*. walk* lamn, put* out a light, and |ierforms a variety of other feat* at hi* m?ster's bidding. AUo engaged. MASTER ALFRED, the Juvenile Dancer. Just received fro>" France a great variety of Al TO M ATONh and MECHANICAL FUJI RES, of tariou* ki< ds, including ?a beautiful Rope Dancer, Juggb r, Moving Wax Doll Grand Moving Proceasion in the Madelaide Church. Queen Victoria'* State Robe. Gen. Tom Thumb'* Court Suit. Beaut ful Model* of Machinery may b? *een in operation by the power of .team, Ike. If /-Ticketa 25 centa?childen under 10 years 12}*. o2?re N e W YORK Bl'HfcUM, AND PICTURE GALLERY, BROADWAY, OPPOSITE THK CITY HALL. Mr. H. Be-aett Manager. VUNP \HALLF.Lt D ATTRACTIONS ! rr7-Allfir ONh SHILLING. AN INDIAN DWARF, The Smallest Worn <n in the World ! She i* most Iwautifully pro ortiooeil: Natureap|iear*tohaveexeni?edallheringeiiu ily in producing ?ucri a lierfect ?per. men of ly mmetry. THE SOU I HERN tONGSTKRS! Thelbe*t Band of MalodnU iu America I'arndi-a, Glee* ?|t'Iroruxei, kc., are *ung in a arvie that cannot be sur passed by any ?et of melodi*t* in exhtence. 1 THK BOHEMIAN BROTHERS, t Will introduce their wonderful (eats of skill and[strength. Miss M. ADAIR, Mr. JEWKTT, Mr WHITE, Miss I JKS"*EYLINK, kc.. will irrform. ... . Performance iu the Lecture Room to comnt' pee at 7 o clock precisely. Altemooii entrrlainmeiils on Wetlne da) s and S*tur ilav s. hi 3 o'clo. k. o2>rc Ift*- l'KH K REDUCED IO MR I EN I ? V0I T the solicitation of several gentlemen of large families, who wish to patronize it?the BATTLE OF BUNKER IIiLL," it the Coliseum, 450 Broadway?the Greatest Mechan ical Exhibition ill tlie World?almost surprises reel life, and has been visited by more than ?< O.OW |wrs<m* in Boston and Philaaelnhi*. Doors open at 7?commence at 7H o'clock. P. S. Exhibitions on VVednesdays and Saturdays at 3 P. M , and Schools admitted on liberal terms "27 lwi?*m NOW OPEN, FOR ONE MONTH ONLY. A T the Rooms of the National Academy of Design, corner o( tV Leonard street and Broadway, theexhibitiou of the follow ing magnificent Paintings:?The Abandonment of Henry Hud son. the unfortuua'e discoverer of New York. Hie great Batth of Milliana, in ACricn, between the Fiench and the Arabs. And ?The only Portrait of Abdel Kader, the celebrated Bedouu I Chief Honrs of exhibition from 10 A. M. to 9 I*. M. Admit tance 25 cents. Kach visitor receives, gratis, at the door, a o^utiful iithogriph of the Abandonmeut of Heury Hudson. New York, October 10. 1844 olO lrn*ec ART AND SCIENCE OF DANCING AND WALTZING. A CARD-MR. WHALE aud DAUGHTER retmeetfuily announce to the Ladies uid Gentlamen of New York, that iheir Clruses in Dancing, Waltzing, and the Polka Dance, will commence at the Assembly Room, Constitution Hall, 054 Broadway, on Satnrday, October lltli, and will continue ihrougiiout the season. Days of Tuition, for Young Ladies aud (rentl<*neu under 14, every Tuesday and Saturday afteruoon, Commencing ai 3?and for the elder class of Gentlemen at 7 Every new stvleo Danring taught in Mr. W.'sclasaea, without additional charg. '"."fir.' W. trusia that the relemnces he alia.ll offer of his capability will be satisfactory. Schools and Academies attended to ..n ap plication as above, or at hit Private Academy. No ?(! Sixtl. Avenue, where t?rms will be mide known and circulars givei, coutaming particulars. o2 lm*rc EXHIBITION. THE END OF THE WORLD. A PAINTING. K VERY LARGE SIZE, by F. Anelli, at the Apollo 410 Broadway. The Exhibition isf entirely Mperate from the Concert Room. ,. _ ? Open from in A. M. to 5 T. M., and from 7 to H P. M. Admission 25 cents. olO Iw* re 0K, PANORAMA AT Nl BLO'S tlARDEN.?Oiien for a ihon season, the moat magnificent Panoramic Painting ever ex hibited in this country, (so say all the Artists that have seen it.) It was executed by the celebrated Artists, Mr. W. Darnell P. G. Parrea and Angustus Earfr, R. A. London, It is now open during the day. . Admittance to the Garden and Panorama 15 centa. Artists ate respectfully invited to visit the Panorama free of charge. try The Panorama of Madraa waa exhibited in Russell Souare, attended with immense iucce?, and when purchased by Mr. Niblo WM considered the very bwt Panoramic punting it London. ?" PAKIS IN NEW YORK PRICE REDUCED TO.I2>? ' EN TH. epJIE City of Pari', th.rt grand C?| ual of Btron, ?nn aininir 1 |l,inot?00 JnhahitanU, can be mm without leavlug New Vorlt. The proprietor of this exhibition has the honor of in fnmuiK Uw ladies and ceo tie mm of New Yoim, and ptrtlcularl> those who have read the Vlyum of P?na hv Eugeue Sue, is o|>ened for a few days at No. 5?l, Lyceum of Natural History Broad way. nearly op|>osite to Niblo s. this model of! am is 61 fee. in circmafrieuce. and can be seeu all the Houses, Streets. < hurches, Palaces, Gardens, Fountains. CnurU, Promenades fa-sages, Railroads, Menagerie in tlie Garilen of Hauls, lb. River I'vine anil Steamboats: the Bridges. Pere la Chase I eme tery -nil all iu Monuments, kc. kc. kc Explanation made r< visitors A full descritition of the lieauties ? f this great city riersoi.a ? ko have seen Paris will lecogniiar iinmedia-ely Jfhe'e th.-y have ...?rd?l Oj?n every day froin 9 A. M. to II I. M Admittance cepf?. children lie'f |>rice ?24 nr o d? ' M*LLE, PAULINE DEnJAKDl .e?,. .-tluily mlui.n. her pxirons and the public hi general, that vie is about ti form a " Clastr ir Han, r" for Indies mil gentlemen hi wlocl she will teach the favorite Polka, Mazourka, and all the othe faahionable Dances of the day. , , . . , . , , 'I'he morning school will l>e i?|ten from 12 o clock to 2 o rlprl and the evening from 6 o'clock to 9 o clock Ladiea aud gentlemen ?. iahi.ig instruction are reoneated tc call at M'lle Deajardin's nouse, No. 51 ark I lace, oi l i* is re rvASTO,> CLOTHING atstTFURNlTURE WANTED V> -Gentlemen or L?dies, having any cast off or superlluous Clothing and Furnltnre to dis|Hise of, ean obtain for them tie pricea by seodmg for ^e suhsenber, ?or by note tin- Post OfRc-.) "t his residence. No. ^iTlk N* ' to which punctual ttttBtton will l?e given. M. ?. oN lm*rrc LHIOST.?A small Pocket Wallet, eontsininr about $25 or $30 a tew memorandums, and a Bill of Exch""!** on Mo lie, (paymrnt of which haa lieeu sUiPie^.) 'I be finder will receive I'lO reward by lesvuig the tame st the office of ?2t> 3t*rrc W. C. I'UA i '1, 170 !? font st. WANT I I> A MAN CAPABLE OF CONDUCTING A MANUFAC A TORY OK SULPHUR'C ACID and the mmt common Chemical prodtl'ts. This will be s Capital < bailee f r a com|? tent, young man without capita'. Address Pox Xo 1040, !.owei Post Otfiee, .tating name, addreas, and riaalificatioiis. o2ft lwis*m ____________ wTLLIAM SCHARKENBERG k FEMD. LiilH Iwt le?v. YV I/, inform tlifir friends ?nd the public in general that they liave formed a Co-partnership for the im|>ortatioa of Former Vlnsic, for the sale of which they have <r|>eued a Depot at tin ttore Ml Broadway, near Franklin street, where may be con ?tantly fonrrd all the Classical Works of the crlrbrMeil French. < term an tiid Italian composers, as well as all the latest public.! tions, of which tliey will always havea complete assortment a? toon as published in F.uro|>e. N. B. Italian Strings of superior qialtty for Violins, Guitars Harps, kc. kc. Silver Wire. Roain, kc. o5 Imis'rre Dll JOSEPH HEINE. German Physician and Surgeon,con tints- s to be consul en at No 20 D une, ne-r' atham St., private and confidentia'ly. Cavtk n I). I II lus nocorr riectn n with any otlh r office. H' ? lan and Snrgeon, sud a metnlrer of i . ? ' ' >r>* >o k. ?*?* '? LARD?400 kegs ettra i ur* l.eaf Lird. in very tji e order and condition. For sale in lots to soil pun liawrm, by E. K. COLLINS k I O ? * South streot ariRITHTURPENTINE?^# barrel*, i?**t uiul''y Houtiiern S siu^fo* Mbbv WOODhULL k MVNrtSNl*,. BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. Philadelphia. [Correspondence ol Ui? Herald ] Philadelphia, Oct. 27, 1844. Politics and police to-day are, like the weatiier, lull and gloomy. There ta none ol that bu-tle and ?reparation that usually preludes a Presidential <:onledt. The two great political parties are like wo great commanders, holding their forcea in check for the battle. No s|>erch??, no meeting?, no music, no salutes, no processions. If it had not Meen for Casaius M. Clay on Jfriday uiftht, aud Vfajor Davazac last night, it would b? scarcely known that the election lor a President waa so near at hand. The schoonsr W A. Caldwell, of Philadelphia, ?vaa loat on the 6:h instant, on her voyage from vlitnmas to thia port. The captain aud crew all ?aved CENTREVILLE TROTTING COURSE, L. I. 4 On Mondaf, Nnmml tr II, at t o'c'ock P. M. a Pars* of $1S0 -ten wiiles i.i harness, carrying a latch. $J0 ta |u w me se cond besi horse Tie follow iug horses me nimsd: Mr. Wrbliar mmn br. at Lady W*ehingt"?. C. 8. Rertme eh g. 8ii Chart**. ' hfn. Kerguaon, of Albany b ni. F?u< y Jei.Vs J. Vauorusm, of West Troy blk. m.Troy. N B ?The Cars will ran for 2i cents each way. 0I8 It* in BEACON COUHPF,-TR< ?TT1NG TUESDAY, October t?th, at IX o'cluck?a match fat $10M, two mile beats, under tha saddle. John "picer names ch. (. Sir William. O. Young.. . br g. Hector. Jmined ately ;ifr?r ,? |<ii m of (to? two mile limit, in hsrnee*. H. Woodruff, en tars gr |. John Andaraon. A t onkl'U ??? m Kaslvoa. J. Wh-lidey |r ( Stocktoa. o77 3tis?ec JAYNE'3 KXPHCTHKaNT \TOTHlNt? CAN F.OUAL IT fOK. CUKINO CON SUMPTION AND OTHER POLMONOBY Dl* KA8E8 ?The fallowing le':er of Dr Bijgbsin. of Lowsll, Mass , but ?!*&kn ihr uniform language o/litinarsds of oitirr . ehyticiana who have triad, aud thereltue kuow how to appre ciate Jayue'a Eiprctoraat:? "Lown.i., Maai., Jan 17, ISM. "Dr. David Jtvnr.: Psar Bir?I h?ve u?d vour meditine, (an universally known by the name of JAYNE'8 * XPEC I'OKANT.) <n tnv practice for a numb-r nf tears, and ran most truly %?y I hat I have beeu n ore *ucce?sful iu tha naa of hat n mild, safe aud th Tough Ei|*"*<orant, than of any v iuli I have ever uaeil It ia l! e neat for ihe f II ?. it g obvieas reuoi i: It does sot (if givei in pro|?r doeas)oc aaion a duagrva vble nausea. It doe* not weaken the langa and pioatrate tha aya i m like moat other Ei|?ct rants in common uae.unt ihv>* it ibeta tt<e appetite or the iwtien lik- otlwr n .aaaaiiug mediein** which have br?o uaed i>y the FVculty. In a word, it ia seaily or quite the thiug whit h haa beeu aonght f?r by many of the faculty for agee.gone by. I leinaiu .our*, truly. LUTHER bA|OHAM. M. D." Prepared only by Dr. JAIrNE, No. 30 8outh laird a treat. Philadelphia. Sold ny the Agents, A. B. Hi D. SANDS, Draggista, No, 79 Kulion atreet, 273Broadway, aud 17 East Broadway. o27 m*ee HUNTERIAN Dlsi'TT^HAKY, No J Divuion a'reet. es tnbluhul A. D. IK35, by tb>* present proprietor forth* sue lesafnl tieafnent of a dis*aae of a secret ua'ure, and fur the aaln of i)li. HUNTER'S REl DROP. Tina inedici e ia the only ivrnedy on earth that can aafely be r?-lied on to thoroughly ct'BB Ilia horrid diaeaae wi'lioat ii jury to the cooa itution. end wii nut diet or hindt-uiCH from buiineea, even when all elae hare failed. A comprehensive treatiM**c*nm|*nies each vmI, (with full direction*.) which is wa ranted to effectually rare in all, no mattei how long standing, or how deeply n. atad in tke <valem, with lesa liouble to the patient, anil in a shorter iliac* of time, tlia i any other inediaiue in the world, or ao naySr'll be taken I'rice $1 (ib-vial. ott lt*nc TTVOU SALOON COKNKR OK CHARLTON AND VARICK 8THEET8. 'PHE undersigned reaiieeifully iuform their friends and tha I publir th t iliey haveie.op-ned IwTiroh Ksloou, (formerly Itichinoi d Hill.) coiner of < harlion ana Vaiick s reels, for ihe seasnii, aud t? accommodate all who may favor th?m wiih iheir patronage? having the Urgeat *ud moat commud.ooa ro> m in the city, which will lie let on reaaonalde frmslor Bella, Meetings, I'aitiea and Drilla, and all ?lio mi) lavor them w ith tlieir c-ill UtOKOK MAMIL'I ON, > Prnlirj?_ ?>27 lm?rrc KRA Nl 18 IIQQUET, ^"'I'neiors PHRNCH CHAIRS, 80I-A8 AND KANCY TABLEH f TIKFANY, YOUNG k KLLI8 invite purchasers to look at their st> le of Chairs, Sew ing Chair*, Arm Chairs and <ofas, under the iiles that iliev \tr more beautifalmnd more i<rr lect in quality and finish than any for aele elaewhere Tney ilso Itelieve, from their sales and the universal exiireaeioiis of hose who liave made themselves ac<|iiniiited with the price* of others, that they are decidedly moderate in price, T. V. St E. hav? hImo very beautiful Table*, Workatands. Swiaa Rustic ( liaira, (ai greedy reduced prices,) Iron and I'ai ier .Mai he Chaira, 1'nhTea, tic., with a large collection of I'arlor and Chamber Ornainenia, all of their own importations, lor aale at moderate prices, anil packed free uf charge. *2i. 2liw la Im m h L ItM-ilir.U hOUKE TO LK I .-Hal' ol llouae 2J Welker ?tieei,?l?g?ntly furuislied ur not fun ished.? I'liseassoii given immediate y /tpplytoE.B HITCH li-.tli lolin ?nee . 10 to 12 o'clock. o2 3t rre TO AlJOI' l Ui Ct l iZKNS p^ATURALl/K.D I-OREIONER8?Who wish to bare 1 ' tlieir legal right* re?|ieclrd, and llieir true in'ereets daly protected, w ill do well not to approach the po'la at the timing ? lection*, until they have prevn ualv read, sud well c< uaiderea. lie pamphlet just publiaheil under the title of "('lay or Polk," ?hich tfiey can ohtaiu gratii, at the No. 21)2 IIroad ?iy. u32 tiia*rr f'LOPl.F.'H LIKE Of MK.MBusi'l S ALBANY. J0L DAILY, Sundaya eicepted?Through direct, >' P. M., from lie Meamhoat Pier betweea Sd^ilK3K.Conrtl?:idt and l.iberK atreeu. Ihe Haaamhoat KNlCKERUOI KKR. Captain A. P 8t. ? ohn, Mcnday, Wilurmitf and Kriday Eveuings at 6 o'clock. TV Sieamhoel KO' "r'8TER, Captain A. Hongbuw, on I'aeadiiy, Tharaday a> .' i?.w?da', K.remnga, at ( o'clock. ITi?sa Mm leot of Barclay atreet. At ^ive o'clock, f. M.- Landing at lutermedistr 1'laoe* *n>r Ki'inhoat NOVT'1 AMERICA, Captain 1L ii Crat ea<wa. M'eidiy, Wedoeadaf, Friday and Sunday Aftcriiooaie, U'j1k- ?%. urn boat I'OLUMBIA. Captaia William H. r<ek, Tunaday, sV?n*Uy and Satnrday Affmoona. at S ..'cloak, iwaraeera tafciuK eiUKi ot vlie above line* will arrive ?a Albany in unt ie ii?* to taicr the ttntuing-Traiue of Car* foe lie reel or w?>t. 'J'rf Imhu are new and auotuuiual, are far iialird wiui new aad sieniit atate rooms, aud (or at*rd and aa ?inmoit..'ii>iis, iw~ wnriv^lled on the Hudson. All pevsous an* Ierki4 truatmg any of the uoatn of tMa iae, witboat an rni?* trom tlie I aptaiu Kor lei-iage or freight, apolv un boa'd m to P. C Kehiiltl, at '?(S ? rr >i-e * w" "28re g?r KOH LONDON?Packet ol the m il?- Hue ?SSjrWiiew pncki't ship VK.TORIA, Captain .Mergan, will MMHbwI uurtuiilly a nl as nbote, her jvgn\..r day, end haa very ? upifiur iicco' 'modatiom for cabin, sei mid cabin aud siner?n ^aa?ei'gera, who will be taken it very n*as..n?b'c isiea, if earfy ippliCttiou be nude to W. V J T. T *P8COTT, i.28i ? 7# SoiiiK *MfM, corner VNolen t.sno. lOifl ton* hu Mvc fill 1.1 V EMPUOl.- N?? Llue?liiauiai t acket aflKrVnl 2 til Not?Tba regular Tut tailing Picket Skip >-C H'M. Captain Am hldridge, of I Ioc loua 'lurllii'".,? ill nail lu above, hrr regular day. Kor IV-ik'u or i iiaaag% having aewmu.odaijona onerjuallad ot aplrmlor or comfort, %pply ou board at Orlraua * harf. fool if Wall alrwt, or to fc. K. COLLBV8 Si CO. 'A South iaw. Prii ? of r>uWf, tlOO Tin incket nfiip Siddona, Captain Cobb, will auecaed >h* Roacmn, u,d ?ml .^lh Deceinl?r, In r trgalM day. o28 ?"31' ASH A ? ?E KOH; L1VERPPOI-ftclkeTof tha It Noveintier. Th? >plendid, tail tailing packet ahip ' 'X K'llD, Capt Ha hlioiit, tnilt poaitively a* above, hei regular day. Thia thip ban aicellent accoiiiiuoJatioua for rahiu, aecond cabiu and ,?t*erage paatriigera. Tlmae ?tailing lo wuii bertha in;ikf early application on board, or to W N. J. T. TMU' OTT, olllrc 76 South atieet, ciirner Maiden i.aat. ~KOH TTVERPOOL?The New l.ine-ltegnl/j , Packet 2ltt November ?The itilcjidid New York built iimc.ket thivi HOT I'lNOL KK, ' ?i'Uin Ira Huraley, nurtheni. will tail aa above, hei regular day Kor freight or |iaaaiig>-, having vary toper or arcomaio'latioiM, inaurpaaaed by any ahip ill port, apply to the Captain on board, weat aide burling Slip, or to WOODHULL h. MINTUHNS, ?7 bo nth atraat. Price of Pnaaatfr $100 otlre Jut^- fUR NEW OKLI^NS-LQl 181 AN A AMD JM^NKW VOliK LINE?RKOl'LAH PACKET ofli November Tbr alcgat, laat tailing packet ahip vl A IIIA N A, I 'aptain I : rocker, will poaitivaly aail on Tuaa d?r, Sth November, bar regular il?y Kor 1'iaigh. jt I'UMKr, hating handaoma furnnhed accommo lUtimia, apply on board at (frleaua wlurf, Toot of Wall at., .rto E. K COLLINS ft. TO., * Sooth atreet. Poaitively do (ooda received after Monday Keening, the 4th November Hliipi?rr? may rely n|>ou hiving their goodi correctly ar* ? ar-il, and.that the viatrla uf tlua line tail punctually aa idve n-?l Ajen'i in New Orlraua?Waara Mullen and Woodruff, wh? trill promptly for* ird all v mda to Itieir adH'eaa o2S PA98AOK rOlt NEW ORLEANS? Poakiftfr ?wTJFV1'1" "f*1 l ac1*! "I pataage fiee, and only :e?ulai RBBHfe ackei nf th" 'a' Nnvembei.?The ap|-udtd faat pn k. nip OKI.KANS, I aptain Snara, will |H>ai ivly a<il a above, h"i re. ul ir da) . Per???< wiabiug to aacnre bertliv ahould am fail to make early at>|>licati'>n on hoard, foot of Maiden Lane, or to W w? J T. TAPS' QTT, o7h 7t South atrial, coruer > ? den LaaeJ( F (IK N E W OH I .KANS- Kir.t par k ai^.T.7,,7"lo ,nail I'll Monday, the 3*th i"?lajit?T* r I| lei,did i.ew a?bip MAR I HA, I nt'tain Snow, ni?w loading at pier II r..?t Itiver, aanr Wall meet, will poaitnvejy lie iteapalcliad i abnte v> ithoot fail. Tliia auiieri-r ahip offera aecoaamodntiopa for cabin, a?*< ud ealiin and atrarage iwawiigara. utieiiaalled by anv thip now up for lite above port. Kor tauaage apply on board the ?hiii, or lo JOHN IIEKDMAN, bI hoath ncaet. Thia ahip will Ik auccnedad bv the elanant. faat tailing ahip Peraian, I aptain Robbiua, to aail on the lat of Movembar. otr I'ASMAI.K KOH SAV ANNAH -Picket ,f tfta ? Jfth Ocu.ber - l lw tnlei.did i-ata iling pa< ket brig (EXCEL, < apt. Smith, aaila i^.aitively aa abo.e, Iter a lielnnging to thia line are well known lo aail par* mall, an adver'ind, andtlieir accmiimodation* to be uue.junHed by 'ny ahi|? tailing for the above pur'. Tboie wivhing to teenre bertha alnmlil make immedMte appli cation oo boaid, foot of Maul an?j "J.'^APSCOTT ,,JH 76 South atreet, coruer Maidatt Lane KOR SALE TO CLOHE A C"N( ERN-THa J>W9Wv'ry latt tailing, New York packet built ahip VIS JOJlbSlSSIPPI, MS tout; ea riea 2 2IM bnlaa New Orlcane rottoi^Tiaa baiidtotre fumitlicd iccumm datinna for li | aaaa? nen if nut told hefore ihe XMh inatant the w ill thae be told at iicnon by I). 0. ft W. Phl.L tk CO , at half-pait 1 o'cloak , I die V.antbant'a Eichange. Kor,futllv*r particular* apply aa board, at Pike atreet wluirr, or to E. K. COLLINS k CO. i,tire 36 South ttrae' WOOL?I b<lea about IWIO Iht Prime ]iia'it>, lllinoia Wotl, landing et ahip Miagiaaippi, lor aale by ,.i7,r k ? ill I,INS ?. ' 11. i* Soath agr-et \V?OL-*b^,.boat 11.1b,. k CO., ,,j4rc * Stiuih atraat. 1,( IKK wobarrela K.itra Clear Pork 3IHI (lo Meaa <J'> *00 do 1 rime dn Kur aala <ji lyfc

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