Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 29, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 29, 1844 Page 1
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THE NEW VORK HERALD. Vol. no. 'AW?WlioU Ho. 389V. NEW YORK, TUESDAY MORNING, OCTOBER 29, 1844. PrtM Two OMth THE NEW YORK HERALD. t AGGREGATE circulation THIRTY FIVE THOUSAND. THE GREATEST IN THE WORLD. To the Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD-Daily new?i?per-oub lish?-| every day of y-ar eaeept Now Year's Day and Fourth ef J *y. Fnce 3 ccnii per copy?or $7 *6 per annum?postage* paid?each in advance THE WEEKLY IIEKALD?pubfcfced every satwday mormnir?prioe 0% emu per eopy, or $3 m par annum?poalr (8a* paid, cash in advance. advertismrk are informed that the eirenlation of the hurajd u nv.-r THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND, and increasing fast It hiu thr largeit circmaliun of any paper in thi* city, or thr worUt, mui, if, therefor*, "te ortl channel tor humneit mrn in the city or country. priaea mojerate?cash in advance. PRINTING of all kinds eiecnted at the most moderate price, and iu the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT. Proprikto* or thk hkrai.u Establishment, Northwest aorner of fnlteu aad Nassan streets. MffiOTrmlrilb w"r-"T"ii .** k!f FARE THREE SHILLINGS FROM PaTERSON TO JERSEY CITY. On and after the 1st of October tlie cars will leave? Path so- Ukpot. i New Yoag. V o'clock A. m. i 9 o'clock A. >1. mm i l3? " p.M. 3 " P. m. * , " Oil SUNDAY*. 9 o'clock*a. M. | 9 o'clock A. m. 1 " P. m. i 4 P. M. ail ic BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL steam SHIPS. Of 1990 ton* and <40 horse power each.? f^li^lirunde, oontract with lha Lords of the Ad| HIBKRNIA. Captain AUsander Ryrie. calkdonla, Captain eoiird g, Loll ACADIA*. , Carotin William Harrison. BRITANN ia Captain John Hewitt. CAMBRIA, .Coptaiu C. H. E. Jndkins. Will sail from Liverpool aad Boston, via. Hnilfax, as follows: Proa Boston. From Liverpool. Caledonia, Lou August 10th. ? Acadia. Harrison... Sept. lac August 4th. ki'oernia, Ryiie ,r mdi. 90th. Those vasaela carry experienced surgeons, and an swlied with Lite Moats. For freigw or pasaace, apsdy to if brighamj Jun., Agent, No. 3 Wall ah 1 the NEW STEAMBOAT |184t4. EMPIRE, 1 CArTAIN D. HOWE, Will leave BUFFALO for ch1caoo on FRIDAY, 23d of August"at 7 p* m7, and |*rform her trips regularly during the sea >son, as follows > Ul'- DOWN. ~a"*" o5urrau>,? ? t-eavgi cHicaoo. ?y, Sept do Frid/w abut. 23,...aiy P.M. saturtay, top. <lo Mouday, 23... at do Tuesday Oct. ? do wedueeday. " 23... at do jtntirsday "31... at do emuaaay. ? ?... at do Thuraday "31... at do t-rcdft>vit7j ?'" , J friday. Nov. 15 .. at do rJi it- lh.j "? *? ft* ?? len?th, 3i feet 8 incKea beam, 14 rtA'i'eh*Vh?ll'- ?ysaping im tons, aad is the largest steain . ..v,., inrtuuriug i?a* ions, ana is the largest steam boat alloat in inland waters. Engine MO horsepower, boilers provided with Evan's Patsnt Safety Valves, to pievent tlie possi bility of an esplosion. , the camu is *w feet loaf, with separate Saloons for Ladiea and gtuilkmen?spacious State Rooms extend the whole length, ventilated by doora opening from the inside and out, ana all parts of the boat at' faulted and furnished in a style unequalled by any other iu the world. Ample accommodations for Steer age l'assrngers, in four laige well ventilated Cabins, one of which s appropriated exclusively to females. 'lite boat is provided with a good band of mnsic. wiluirt, Maush It Co., Buffalo,} H. Noutoji It Co., Chicago, > Agents. J. n. elisit, Detroit. J li. n7 BAilNEY, It CO., Alutuat 1, 1*44. Cleveland. nu?toovlrr l-'ok HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. i The Royal Mail Steamship* ACADIA and kHlBERNlA,will leave Boston, for the above ports, as follows avadia, win. marrisou, Eaq., Com., on Friday, Nov. 1st, next. hibenua, A. Ryre, es^., Com., ou Saturday, Nov. 16th, neat. pttsage to lireqiool #120. 1 lifci'o- to Halilax. >^ply to "' li.' iiilgha M.' jr.' Agent, . at the ofliee of hanulenlt Co., **"* No. 3 Wall street. STATEN ISLAND FERRY. ~r<nrr of Whitehall.' Tiie 3.??a will runs follows on and after Sept. 30. leatt: NEW YORK : 9, and 11. A. M; IK, SK, and 6. P. M. luiave stateisi Island : S, and 10, A. M.; 12>4, >k ind J. P. M. P. 8.?All goods aunt be particularly maxkied, and are at the risk of tiir owavrs thereof. s24 PEOPLE'S LINE OF STEAMBOATS tok ALBANY. DAILY, Sundays excepted?Through direct, at f. P. M., from he Steamboat Pier between 3b>_aibldk-< ourtlrndt and Liberty streeU. The siuauitioat knickerbocker, Captain A. P. St. John, .vioudav, Wednr?4?y and Friday Evenings at 6 o'clock. ilj- mtiuiixmu HOChj'jitek. Captain A. Houghton, on taotday, thursday nad ivtaidav Evenings, at 6 o'clock. t- rofc flh (not of Barclay street. K\ Five o'clock, P. M.?Landing at Intermediate Place*. tl? v'earn boat NORTH AMERICA, Captain R. O. Cnit trnueu, midday, Wednesday, Friday aad Sunday Afternoons, at u >>'cioek. vk ->.ruinboat COLUMBIA. Captain William H. Peek, Tuesday, 'l},?n*.y and Snturday Afternoons, at S o'cloek. i<x-?-urers tajimg eitmr ol the above lines will arrive in albiuiy in ampie usae m take the Morning Trains of Cars for the eait or reet. tv. imiats arc new and subsutntial, are fur c.tita.j wit;( ww as<; .i*fsiil slate rooms, and for speed and ac commo<<.'>tions, are anrivkllml on the HudjK>n. All [>enous ars foihmt trusting any of the boat* of this lit*?, witu'jtu 'n order tvom the Captain. i'd > -.-vuke or fciimht, apply on board, or to P. C. Schultt, at the (li'jee on tw? . o28re MA HOUR chanutll TO SIX O'CLOCK, flr~i^yv^8* m-?gn md after Monday, Sept. 16th, 1944, 3kl_ja?pl the Night Liue to ALB AN v and TROY witlrvnti^ivlkoer of departure from 7 to 6 o'clock. P. M., and wiu it o*l at pooghkeepsie daring the great Fair and Cattle ?Show. Kara "i -xrisi oulv W poughkeepsis. tlw *asr- -r SWALL.ow, Capt. A. McLean, Monday 16th, and wwtncsday, uth. The steamer ALB AN V, Captain R. b kv\ , 1 ttmilav, 17ill, Thursday, 19th, at ? o'clock, from Cort laudt st> ?t t'isr moiling litre, att o'clock, from Barclay street piar, the TRGY and empimk. j !>&/ius ton *x?t Fsir and Cattle Shew, Tuesday, 17th, W edneiday, ivh, and 'l'karsday, 19th. will reduce the fate to 7f> cents to and ftom i'oaghkiwptt* and New York. su NEW YORK, AJ.kany USD TROY STEAMBOAT LINE. jwn *ai F(0r ALBANY and TROY.?Morning jd* Liue from the foot of Barclay street, landing mi jmtasilli nt inler-uediate places. iheetseierrkmrifte, Captain 8. R. Roe, Monday, Wednes day uiu i' rtdaj miming at 7 o'clock. tim h(shirer *ntoyt Capuin A. Gorham, Tuesday, Thurs day h.mi saturdny Morning, at 7 o'clock. r.vei-iug Lins hrnia .iw foot of Courtlaadt street, direct. Tltr Steamer KWALLOW, Capuin A. McLean, Monday. wcilcoday and fndsv Evening, at 6 o'clock. The Stenrrer Ai.KANY, Captain R. B. Macy, Tuesday, tliturthv and f?tui,lay Evening, at 6 o'clock. The Boats of ttiw Line, owing to their light draught of wa ter, air able at all unww to pass the bars, and reach Albany and Trny in ample tine to tike the morning train of cars for the east oar west. ho/ passage or freight, apply oa board, or at the omoes oa the wh*r?'? sjs ileasant uni) CHEAP EXCURSIONS new brighton!^port^rich^h^^' istaten 1HLA?im AND NEW YORK FERRY. From Pie* No. 1, North River, font of Battery Place. ,aii-i?-> The stmtmboat CINDERELLA, ?aaii run as follows. Daily, from May 90th to octdhv is,. Craves New York at 9 and 11 o'clock. Leaves'Port l^cainonri, at m minutes to 9, aad 10 minuta* to 10 A. M.i u 1,43b Ami ox P. M. Lsaves n'ew uiightnn al 9 aad 10 A.M.; at 1h> 1 and7)4 P. m on Mnuday? Lenvas w?r York, at 9 and 11 A. Ml; at 9, 6 and 9 P. M. Leaves i'ort kidnmond, at 90 minutes to 9 aad 10 A.M; at i. 5*nd7m P. M. sirvi vorlt; v.ay t<l. 194 myll 6m?rc FARE REDUCED. FOR crotonville, SING SING. TARRYTOWN, jM irvino. wiltsieu DOCK, HASTINGS &^w2-2?3?an|) YdNKERS.?on and afur Saturday. xmbuilAugust 31st, 1844, the new and substantial WASHlN<min IRVING. Cant Hiram Tuthill, will leave the Biol of Chamber street f<* the above place*, <lail> at 3 i'. M., hainlw excepted Returning, will |e?? Crotnnville at bisi, am! sine hint at 7 o' lock A. M., landiug st the foot of Hammond streui each way. forpaiiafa or freight, s| ,>iy onboard, or to STEPHEN B. TOMPKINS. 192 West stseet. sttm'rc h OR BATH. GARDINER AND ii ALLOW ELL. *Ok 'The Dew oeameir PENOBSCOT. i s|>Uin ^2^3* N. Kimball, leave* the end of T wharfr, Bokon, ~ ? ^ Tuesday sod Fnday avaaiaaa, at i o'clock buge* will he in readineas on her arrival at the above pje.**, to cunver |ws?eiiiren in thr n.isnhorina towns " FALL "AND WINTER arrangement. XEIVARK 'ND NEW YORE. i FJflE ONLY l?i CENTS. the; NEW AW) fiwiht OTEAMHR RAINBOW, CAPTAIN JOHN GAFFyt ON and after hnptember 10th will ran daily, ^^s^m^^spaafollows (Sundays included)Leave New jkwk..-\rk, foot ol Centre street, 9 o'clock A. M.? Leave NewY oil, foot of Barclay stmt, 9 o'clock P. M. apt r.a FOR LONDON-regular Packet of the lstnoi" whirav-''^e splendid, first class, fast sailing packet skip jshmbssvii/toria, Captain Morgan, will sail a* above.Iier iruular day. Ilsving ?ery saperior accommodations for csbin, second cabin snd steerage pisiengrrs, iwrsons wishing to embark should make early application ou board, or to JOSEPH McMURRAY, o'i.lrc 100 Pine street, to-ner of Month. ***** foh LONDON?Packet of the 1st Noveml?.x mttwthe pacltet ship victtirla, Captain Morgan, win jtlmmg*!'*') aa above, lier regular day. having sutmrior accommodations, apply to otbrc JOHN hf.HDMAN, 61 saith street. OLD es'j ablishlu PACKET OFFICE,bi hf*w?onth .tmet-Pas.age to and from Graat briuin and i jmriu^faalielaiid, vis Liverpool. Passage can at all time* be.l emit i at tlie loweat rate*, to and from Livan>ool, by the r*wu-|| lar parkh shiiai sailing uunar tha new arrangement every le*r | days, ajid drafts nan as usual lie furnished for any Mnonnt.payi .| ble at tlie National and Provincial Bank, Inland, and ths ' branches, and ihronghout the United Kingdom, as well as at tl? principal hanking institution* in England, Scotland i*'0 | Wale*, without discount or any other charge*. For further) ?;? /R l?". S&fcsmu.,, 1844?Fall Arrangement. NEW YORK AND ERJK RAIL ROAI). M., and every afternoon at |? \i i?, j"? ? cio<.k, a. Piertnout, wnere j?ait&engers will rl?? " a*I<?*?<fPted,) 'or theu.mpauy for Josh-u Vl.ddletown, cars of BAvrninit?Ip^yf Midtih town at 6J? A vi .? .1 t ., >> . Suites from Middletown 'n-' 1 5 1 ? M? dale, Carbou.lale Uilf./rll x,- ? K ' B,?*h?ini>tou, Honrs 1 inefruUi \" vv Vork fcc ?,n c?ou?U.ou wXthe A-mowi l i. . Freight novice. ed m 9 ?'e'?ck A M' 5 P. M. and forward ?m;?;;u?TDi^dX?Jo^uVAN o2ti .111 in H. I>. SEYMOUR, Superintendent. NEW YOHK ANDHARLEM KA.LKOAU foyTw, " 0n a,,,T ift" 'MONDAV, tlie 2Sth October, as The Westchester Trains will run four timM? ? A*v M?v. h^'ftiV.MX "h'*?' U25.^ Morr.Mi.ia, F01& hI If .9U"1 4 ?nd?, Underbill's,, M^biWp M Sl!f "MM. atTVi A. M., 10 30 A. M., 1 !?: wLu n"'"'u 8 A HlVe.^''Chwter T'S'" wi" ,toP ?"'yj *f?" luring; the City Hall at the corntr of Broome aud the Bowerv. Vauilull Oar An. Vtra Car. Will, novwver?precede Ch?lf?l ^?ijn?Ah" the ?"??? of .uriiii* from the L?h . wi, l?*** V P***engers along the line. L ?Uld '"*?di.,e Place,. LCAt'i ATMIULL: L?*? Harlsm: in am At 1A.M. 'H- $? l5 AM. * r. m. ham 4.30 P. M. 3 p \2" 025 lW? fff ^ ^ |yy* -ll* LI SHED EMIGRANT PASBAt.K ?> iii> ijk m. m 81 s?""!' .tit5TN?w y?!^^ / contluues to make arrni.L'emeiits to Bring ont SSUfm.^k. ty**1 Britain and Ireland, (ria Liverpool), i* ? ' ?r w?l> any of him agent!in the United Statei, on board the packet ships sailing from Liver pool every five davs?and in order to afford every facility, be Bn.r^?h ,le*p*tc"1?d ??l*rior American ihipa in New York and Bcwton.Vvery wnek, during the year. 1 ho?e snndiiig for their friends may rely that the same due and 2 ?*nt for not embark, the money will be refunded, aa r<,m,tt"'* m<?vto ^eir friend., can have h f or Exchange for sums to suit, payable 011 de ^ree/ viz - "S *'<WI ' dl,cuunt or a"V other J Bar^l^-^"?- ji Buit' I?" * C? \ Bankers. London: V.K 1 S',Ll!*r|IOLl; tl?e National Provincial Bank of ^lranfhM-,1'hfoiighout England and Wale.; York Pro^iuci^lIB^ .rS'01!41 iBanJtnof I7land Md Branches, and rlii'rTvi'^H?1?" ?m tl'e ?ou?try *"d wUhing to tend money to . y 'nmre it* being done aatiafactorily, on tlieir the J?>ount they wiili lent, with the name indaddreu wil&Tr L u 11 a draft for the amount ?T ,x GEMENTS FOR 1844. OLD LbTABLlSHED PASSAGE OFFICE. ^ 100 Pine itreet. comer of Sooth. m. m m m .JWlti'f"1?" b**' le?ve t0,c*U attention ofluHrSnS lS?4 Aie 111VL. m BeA'r* to r following arrangement! for '~>for "* l,urix*e of bringing out Cabin, 2d Cabin,and Steer {Ufe rasseurfers, by the Regular Line of Liveriiool rackets sail IS& J!1'JSfi,,Ult a?d ^STsSstUSSS: A the^London I ackeu to sail from New York, the 1st, 10th and Mth?and from London on U.e 7tii, 17U. and 27tl> of each month Js connection Witl' the above, aud for tlie pu. pote of affording itillgreater facilitie* to paimpn, the Subscriber h.u eatabliih ed a regular line of fim clau New York built, coppered and o?t th^ve"'"1 PI' l? "lil ,,nnctu*"v ry"y WPe^ throngh tn'lhlir Rer,onl wishing to remit money 5he^lfoW?MB~>hI?ti^ ftr" "'Ve"? tJaVnblF at on Provincial Bank of Ireland, payable at IjimeartcST Clonmel, I.,mdonderry, fi'f"', ? Wei ford, Beirut, Waterford, l aTliT,/' A??Kh. Athloue, Cole rain,, Iralee, Youghal, Euni.k.llen Monaghan, Bajnbridge, Ballymena, Pananitown Dowupatrick, Cavan, Lurgar. Omalh S^,SS,0n, Spm22: Bally.h'annon, ?trab(me| skibbeieen, Mallow, Monevmore Co<>t chul, Kilrush, Dublin. SkihhrM^i * i Scotland?-The City Bank of Glasgow. I p At wood Ik Co., Bankers, Londou; WJte!?SrKSr,~,u-- - i "?*- jtep'rvtaMSTa-Ri'^? - .O.M? r W. BYRNM,.fe'ki,!KiaS:& m V" l.i?#rfK?o| rASSAOE FROM OKEAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND i i i & ^ THE ^AV^.B.ALL LINE ra i- r LIVERPOOL PACKETS. I Bailing Trom Liverpool on the 7th and 19th of every month.] wiihing to .end to the Old Country for their friendi - neceaiary aiTangemenu with the Subacribere. and I na?e them come out in this suierior Line of Packets, Sailing wsn*!10,.punct?a,,y on tne 7th and 19th of every month, i will also have a first rate class of American trading shins. I frdm^h,?^1 d,Y*' "rff"rdil* wwk|V commomeatum ,Jf IK>"i. Pf of the firm, (Mr. Jamei U. Roche,) ii patch' ?hall lie forwarded with care and tiei I hp^nil^T T*"1 Cor' Pot C0IP? ont, the money will m! Wii? bT "honaid.t here without any reduction. fh.JvTn ? Ball jr Old I.iue of Livepool PackeU, compriie ?0J}^lM,lP?niific?t Shipi, viz.:? r!Sh,,? The NEW YORK. feAMBRIDOE, COLUMBUS. SOUTH AM klllCA, w;ENOLANDl NORTH AMERICA. ?r;lth *uch mperior and unequalled arrangemenu, the Sub ten ben, confidently look forward for a continuance of that snp port which has been ntended to them so many years, for which Obey are grateful. Thoie proceeding, or remitting money to their relative!, can 18, ?obtam Drafti at light for any amount, drawn direct On the Ro\ al Bank of Ireland, Dnblin, also, on Meun. PRE SCOTT, OR6TE. AMES k CO. _l- u ... , .. . . Bankers, London. which will be paid on demand at any ?f the Banks, or their tete51Ltd^c,p,u tow" throngho"t Ku?land' ^ ROCHE, BROTHERS Ii CO. i4 Kulton street. New York, N n m. o.j . ? , ,D?xt door U' ltle Fulton Bank. Pi. B. x he Old Line of Liverpool Packets sail from thii port tor Liverpool on the lit and 19th of each mouth. Partiei return ing to the Old Country will And it to their comfort and advan tage to lelect this favorite Line for their conveyauce, in prefer ence to any other. jel.') 5m* rc JjK FOR LONDON?Packet of the lit Nov.?The fine jMjy.iew packet ship VICTORIA, Captiin Mergan, will JBBPkpunctually sail as above, her regnl irday, and baa very su|ierior accommodations for cabin, second cabin aud steerage pai?eugeri, who will be taken at very reasonable rates, if euTv appl.cition l>e made to W. & J. T. TAPSCoIT - "28r'' W South slrex. eorner Mauleo llano. r'lVn* li"'^Llo*~tle|iulaLr 1 acke aHtlffaT,7 . re*1l,u f^t1 Packet Ship MaHfaHUHt JUS. Captain Asa Eldndge, of 1,100 tons burthen,w.11 sail as above, her regular day. hor freight or |>auag% having accommodations unenuallnd for Ii'fei'doror comfort, Spply on board at Orleans wharf, foot oi w ail street, or to p? f p It CO, 56 South stieet. Price of Passage, $100. The packet thip Siddons, Captain Cobb, will Roseius, and sail 36ti> December, her regular day. m. her ri'gula ill fuccaed the o? PASSAGE FOR| LI VERPOOL-Packet of the ?BE !y vn'n n /?' The iplendia, fayt iailing packet ship ORD, Caj>t. lia hbone, tails positively as above, ler regular day. ' % iTiu ship has excellent accommodationi for cabin, lecond make ^^a^^t.C o^Crd J'r'^ Wi,MDK '? k"?" W It J. T. TAPSOOTT. ? 76 South^treet,^corner Maiden Lane. .MIL ? K?* I.IVERPOOL-The Ne^LUw-luiuUif mMV Packet 2 lit November.?^The splendid New Yorkbailt |MLf?ck.t ihip HOTTI NO UER, Capum Ira Burs', " lOifl 'ons biirtheni. will sail as above, her regular day. 'O' freightor passage, having very superior accommodations, nnsuriaised by any ship in port, apply to the Captain on board weat side Burliug Sli|>. or to ' WOODHULL It MINTURN8, _Prioe of Passage $100. 87 Soat'1 PACRET FOR MAME1 LL>^S?Of lit Nov. tfWV The new A. No. 1 baniue MISSOimi John Silveaiar, jpMb<naiter, w ill iail as above. Kor Ireight, or paiiage, having handsome state room accom miMlitmni, apply on board at Pier No. 3 N. K.. to LAWRENCE Ii PH1-XP8, 10? '"'rant itreet, or to BOYD ?t HINCKEN. Agenta, oI j * No ? Tontine Building, cor Wall and Water ita. KOK ?\EW ORLKAiNft.?LOUISJA1NA AMD ? N/W yoRK LINE?REGULAR PACKET oAJ, W November. The elegant, fast sailnru packct sWi> , v , A, Captain Crocker, will positively sail on Tuesday, 6th Novnnber, her regular day. For freight or passage, having handsome fnrnished accommo datious, apply on board at Orleaui wharf, foot of Wall at.. or to E. K. COLLlSlS k CO., _ . . . . 30 South street. Positively no goods received after Monday Evening, the 4th November. Shippers may rely'upon having their goods (correctly aiea' used ' u ' 1 vessels of this line iail punctually as adver _ Agents in New Orleans?Messrs. Hullen and Woodruff, who will promptly forward all goods to their address. oW lLf AHSAOE FOR NEW ORLEANS?Positively ""t Packet or passage free, and only regular ^???bpac k* t o ft he Is t Novemlier.?The splrndid fast tailing aftve. &S^^day ^ C*PU"' ?->???'"'v " ?nnlfJTJSiJT ?CBrf berths should not fail to mal# early application on board, foot of Maiden Lane, or to i o?B ? ?, w.- j- t tapscott, p 76 South street, corner Maiden I^uie.f ?*5^ for sale to close a CONCKRN-TV mvNew York packet built ship MI8 f ?Wf. J. J1'1 V ,on*: carries 2.300 hales New Orleans '>n; has handsome funiished accomnn dations for W pansen ?i?? a tu dIW 'ffM ?he will then be sold at "Hi! t *,^? i at half-past 1 o'clock , k ^. p t . Jh CW' ?"or.further particulars apply on board, at Pike street wharf, or to , K. K. COLLINS h CO. -0"" M South street. MSi*"* NKW ORLKAN^l.,0, Line?First rfe ? Md willhavs immediate dispatch Hnr cabin, asxoMl eabm and ?t?w*?a psfsenjrars, having . ? pliaatloa iHonla be made on [Kr?m the United States Gazette ] Consecration of the Bishop of China; of Ar kansas and Texas; and of Turkey. The inte resting solemnity of consecrating, for the first time in this country, two Bishops tor foreign lands?China and Turkey?in addition to a Bishop for Arkuusas and Texas, was performed on Satur day, in Saint Peter's Church. The church was filled at an early hour; and in the pews just betore the chancel, and other parts of the church, we observed many of the clergy from variovs portions of the country, who were deputies to the lale General Convention. At about 10 o'clock, the Bishons named, vested in their robes, entered the church in the following order:?Chase, Bishop ot Illinois, Senior Bishop; Meade, Bishop of Virginia; Doane, Bishop of New Jersey; Otey, Bishop of Tenaessee; Kemper, Bish op of Iowa, Wiskonsin, and Iudiana; McCoskry, Bishop ot Michigan; Polk, Bishop ot Louisiana and Alabama; whittingham, Bishop of Maryland; Elliot, Bishop ot Georgia; Lee, Bishcp ot Dela ware; Johns, Assistant Bishop of Virginia; Hen sh'.iw. Bishop ot Rhode Island and Maine. These were followed by the bisnops elect:?the K?v. William Jones Boons, for China; the Rev. George W. Freeman, D. D., lor Arkansas and Trxus; the Kev. Horatio Souihgate, tor Turkey. The bi?hops elect were vested with their ro chets, and were followt-d by Presbyters in surpli ces. carrying the rest of the Episcopal habit. 'Ihe procession entered the church by the west ern door, and proceeded along the middle aisle to the chancel, in which the bishops were seated ; while the bishops elect and the attendant priests were seated betore the chancel. Morning Prayer was rrad by the Rev. Dr. Dorr, of Christ Church, assisted by the R?v. Dr. Clay, of Gloria Dei,who read the lesions. The Ante Cnmmanion service was performed by the Bishop of Indiana, See , assisted by the Bishop of Delaware, who read the Epistle and by the Bishop of Rhode Island, who read the Gospel. The psalm and hymn were given out by the Bishop of New Jersey. The Collect was read by the pre siding bishop. The sermon was preached by the Bifthop of Georgia, from Isaiah liv. 2, 3:?" Enlarge the place ot thy tent, and let them stretch forth the curtains of thine habitations; spare not, lengthen thy cords and strengthen thy stakes: For thou shall break torth on the right hand and on the lett; and thy seed shall inherit the Gentiles, and make ihe desolate cities to be inhabited." Atter the sermon, the Bishops elect, standing at the chancel-rail were severally presented to the Presiding Bishop, sitting in his chair at the right ol the holy table, by the following Bishops:?the Re verend Mr Boone, by the Bishops ot Georgia aud Virginia; the Reverend Dr. Freeman, by the Bish ops ot Tennessee and Louisiana; the Reverend Vlr. Southgate, by the Bishops ot New Jersey and Delaware ; the Bishops saying?"Reverend Father in God, we present unto you this godly and well learned man to be ordained and consecrated Bish op." The testimonials being demanded, the proceed ings of election in the House of Bishops were read by the Reverend E)r. Wainwright, of New York, Secretary of (he same; aud ihe certificate of the assent ot the House of Clerical and Lay Deputies were read by the Reverend Mr. Odenheimer, of St. Peter's Church, Assistant Secretary of the House ot Bishops. The Bishops elect made promise of conformity in the following words:?"In the name of God, Amen. 1, , chosen Bishop of the Protes tant Episcopal Church in , do promise con formity and obedience to the doctrine, discipline, and worship of the Protes'ant Episcopal Church in the United States of America: so help me God, through Jesus Christ." The Litany was read by the Assistant Bishop of Virginia. Alter the answers had bqjv made to the usual questions put by the Presiding Bishop, the Bishops elect put en the rest of the Episcopal habit; and then kneeling down, Vem, Crtator Spiritiu wan said over them, the Presiding Bishop beginning, and the Bishops and others answering by verses. llauds wete laid upon the elected Bishop of China by the Presiding Bishop, and the Bishons of New Jerwey mid Tennesee. Upon the elected Bishop od Arkansas and Texas, by tne Presiding Bishop, aun the Bishops of Indiana, Louisiana, and Delaware Upon t'ie elected Bishop of Turkey, by the Presi ding Bishop, the Bishops of Grorgia, Maryland, and Rhode Island, and the Assistant Bishop of Vir ginia. The Presiding Bishop saying in each case : "Receive the Holy Ghost lor tne office and work of a Bishop in the Church of God, now committed unto thee by the imposition of our hands: m the name of the Father, and of the Son, and ot the Holy Ghost. Amen. And remember that thou stir up the grace of God, which ib given thee by this imposition of our hands. For God has not given us the spirit ot fear, but ot power, and love, and soberness." The Charge to the newly consecrated Bishops was pronounced by the Bishop of Indiana. The Holy Communion was theu administered by the Presiding Bishop, assisted by the other pre lates?all who were willing partaking. Benedictioa by the Presiding Bishop. The services closed at about half-past two o'. clock. Pittsburgh* [Correspondence of theHerald.] Pittbbukoh, Pa., Oct. 22,1844. Shank received 159,347, and Markle 155,079 votes?majority 4,268. The minority delegates at the Baltimore Convention, representing the annex ation of Texas and the nigger slave-breeding inter est, by refusing to vote for Mr. Van Buren, but by a juggle transfered the nomination to J. K Polk, the representative of Ihe nigger or no-wages labor ing clani, have given bo much offence to the white wages class of Pennsylvania, who desire to receive not Ipss than #300 per year for their toil, that there remains no doubt that Polk will receive 90,000 less votes than Shunk The same reason will be given tor not voting for Polk by the wages class of the State ol New York; hence he must receive thirty three per cent less votes than Mr. Van Buren did in 1840. I have "an abiding confidence in the intelligence of the people," and believe that Mr. Van Buren will have a glorious triumph ever Cal houn's candidate, J.K. Polk, whose electoral votes will be less than 60 of the whole 275, otherwise all confidence is lost iD the action of the representa tive system, and opens the doorfor jugglers to make a trade oi obtaining the balance of power at con ventions, and selling it to the highest bidder, as the butcher doea the flesh of animals from the shambles. The Herald, I observe with joy, ainga the same old tune of virtue, liberty and independence. Democeacy. Tub Presidential Elections?The following table contain* tha number of electoral votes for a Presi dent. Ice. of the United States, to which each State is en titled, and also the time o( choosing in each State the electors of President and Vice President EteUr,. 8?J. Pennsylvania ? 1" Kriday in Nov. Nor. I Ohio ?? do Nor. I New Hampshire 6 1st Monday in Nov. Nor. 4 < 6 do do Nov. 4 Virginia, IT <j'> do Nor. 4 Georgia I# ?}? do Nov. 4 Mississippi 6 do do Nov. 4 Kentucky II do do Nov. 4 Indian* I* <? <jo ?ov. 4 Illinois ? 9 '? , N?v. 4 Missouri, 7 do do Nor. 4 5 do do Nov. 4 Arkansas. 3 do do Nov. 4 New York 36 1st Tuesday in Nor. Nov. 5 .. . ? $ 1st Tuesday in Nor.) Nov. 1 New Jersey,... jin Wednes. in Not. J Nov. r. Louisiana 8 do do Hov- 5 Tennessee, 13 do do Nor. 5 HViode Island 4 1st Wednes. in No*. Nor. 6 Massachusetts, II Id Monday in Nor. Nor, II Maine, 9 do do Nor. 11 Maryland I do do Nor. It Alabama,,,.,, ' do dp Nor. II Vermont, 4 Id Tuesday in Nor. Nor. 13 Delsware 3 do do Nor. 12 North Carolina, II Id Thursd. in Nor. Nor. 14 Poutli Carolina 9 chosen by Legislature about [Dee. 1 Total I7J rotes. A majority, IM Accident on the Lon? Island Rail Road ?The Long Island train for Boston ran over a bull yes terday morning at 8J o'clock, at Kaat New York, which threw tha hinder car off the track, which was left behind and the train proceeded with one car onto Bostan. Tha bull was dragged 100 yards or more nnder the car*. We did not hear of any passengers being Injured, although they muat have been dreadfully shaken by the car that ran off and alongside the track for 900 yard* or mora. The car was replaced by the Jamaica train and left at Bed ford. Annual Meeting op Friends?The yearly meetings of the two Societies of Friends, as here tofore announced, commence in this city on Mondsy neat?the Orthodox sitting in Courtland street, and the Hicksitesin Lombard street, as usual. We learn from the Visiter, that the session* of the former wil) be attend ed by aeveral English Friends of distinction, among whom we have heard mentioned the name of Friend Peace, a brother el the member of parliament of the same name. The Hickaitea had *ome eapeetation of a visit from Raohaal Barker, of whose eloquent sermons ws g?ve s specimen a year ago) but sickness hss unfortu nately Interposed. Jesse Kersey is, ws learn, the enly preacher of note expected tram a distance ? Malt. Bm. Washington. [Correspondence of the Herald.] Washington, Oct. 25, 1844. Ihe Big Plunge at the Navy Yard?La Belle and the BtUet?Falcon andTeazer?a Graphic Account thereof? by, no matter u>hom The 24th day of the 10th month of the 44th year of the 19th century?that is to Bay, yeeterday?was ushered into the world of existence, clothed in a cerulean blue as gorgeous as ever bedecked the firmament of heaven. An October sun diffused abroad its mellow light, and not a fleecy cloud of autumn intercepted its golden beams. Nature, in deed, seemed to hold a jubilee over the falsiticdtion of Miller's prophecy, and men and women, boys and girls, "niggers and loafers"?every grade,from the gold-spoon to the scrubbing brush aristocracy, appeared to exult in the beauteous evidences of the world's existence. Father Miller had had his day; he had immersed his saints and sinners in the wa ters of a so called regent-ration; and to-day was set apart by old "Uncle Sam" for the baptism of one of his saints in the waters of the Potomac.? Instead, therefore, of being launched, according to the prophecy of Miller, into the gulf of eter nity on the 23d, the "St. Marys" glided, like a "thing of life," into the river Poto mac on the 24th. Her debut was as graceful as her appearanee was noble. The calm, unrip pled waters, mirroring the immensity above?the high, surrounding hills, darkened by the shadows ef numberless beings?the vast, majestic ship house, whose counties window lights reflected the sun beam's varied tints?the panting steamers in the distance, crowded with tip-toe spectators?the smaller craft near by, with sails unfurled aud streamers sporting in the breeze?these, apart from the peerless aspect of the "Saint Marys," rendered the scene one of varied grandeur and beauty. The plunge was majestic. The naval bantling was re moved from the cradle of her birth to tne bosom of the deep, amid the deafening roar ol cannon, the swelling strains of music, ana the loud huzzas of an immense multitude. The incidents of the launch are scarcely worth recording; but one of the many may be noticed, on account of its novelty, and ot the infinite deal of merriment it afforded to all who witnessed it. 1 allude to the regatta of the boat clubs La Belle, Teazer, and Falcon.| "La Belle," previously to the race, veered round, aud, approaching one of the wharves, "presented oars, in honor of the many "belles" who graced the shore, and "doffed hats ' to two particularly, one of whom is as sweet a chi ming church belle as ever pealed the organic num bers of the matin or vesper hymn, the other beiug alfo of the angelic choir, though not a songster ot sotmuch celebrity as the-first. With this precious cargo aboard, "La Belle" plashed oars, and, fol lowed by the Teazer and Falcon, pursued the trackless deep, skipping the restless wave with swan-like gracefulness. The "Teazer," manned by a set of sturdy oarsmen, with jackets otl and sleeves rolled up, took the lead, whilst the "Fal con," propelled by a crew of "nice young men," accustomed rather to ply the quill than thenar, followed at some distance in the rear. The "contest waxed warm," every man plying the oar energetically. The canal, which in tersects the river near the Navy Yard, was enlivened by the contending craftsmen. The "Teazer" got ahead, and "La Belle" hard by; the "Falcon" being immeasurably behind. The scene at this point, viewed from the summit of a hill afar off, was perhaps as ludicrous, as farcical, as comi cal, as laughable, as any that ever opened to mor tal visioa on the "banks of the canal." Eitherside was lined with crowds of ragged urchins, who rent the air with the most deafening huzzas, incoherent ejaculations, and tumultuous applause, keeping pace with the boats during the whole line ot the route. "Go it Teazer!" shouted a hundred husky voices?"Pull away, Bell," cried out as many more?"Three cheers for the ladies," vociferated an equal number?"Row up, Falcon," exclaimed another squad, intermingled with a quantum ol hallooing and bellowing,groaning and hissing, that outweighed by far the aggn gated cheers and hisses that usually burden the atmosphere of a locoloco meeting. Victory perched upon the oars of the "Teazers," " La Belle" contending manfully for the prize, and the " Falcon" being outstripped by many odds.? The ladies (dear creatures!) were safely landed near Four-and-a-half street, one (it is said) minub a bonnet, which was inadvertently over-balanced by coming in contact with the nimble oar of one ol the crew?the other, 11 is likewise Baid, report ing as non ett two scentless roses that bloomed in artificial luxuriance near the fertile region of her imagination, supposed to have been uprooted by a flaw ol wind! So much for so much! I may give you some ad ditional particulars, not having time at present to communicate more fully. With my respects, &c., 1 remain?just where 1 Am. V. S. District Court?In Bankruptcy. B?f?re Judge Betti. Oct. 31.?In re William Redmond, an applicant for ditcharge under the Bankrupt Law -He u opposed by the Hank of South Carolina?who claim an amount ol $41,800, to be dui! on the part of the applicant, and which they allege to have been fraudulently obtained Irom the Bank in June 1841 - at a time when the applicant and a 00 partner named Laffitn were insolvent, and unable to meet their liabilities It appeared that for aome year* previous to June 1941, the applicant carried on business under tbe Arm of " Redmond and Laffan," and had exten lite dealing! i < cotton in the Southern trade, and that firm wero in th? habit of paying iu bill* which were placed in the Bank of Mouth Carolina and duly honored Mr. Bonnet appeared on the part of the applicant, and in hi* opening remark* undertook to (how that there were no ground* on the part of the oppoiing creditor* to sustain the objection* made againat the applicant. The varioua exhibit* before the Court, allowing the extensive dealing* of the Arm with the houtea of " Gould Hoyt and Co." " Gayhan and Co.," and varioua other houte* ol trade, proved that there were no ground* lor their alle gation. Mr. Bonney here read a long rtatement of ac count* between the home* of " Redmond and Co.," and several in the Sou'hern trade with whom they had deal ing?, and contended that the matn of the account* made it manifest that no fraud wa* contemplated on thfl part of the applicant, for whom he wa* engaged. If there waa a fraud, hi* client could not be made out a party thereto, a* Laffan, the partner, wa* the per*on who had traniacted the bu*ine*s u* agent lor the Arm at ttouth Carolina. Lallan and Redmond were general men of bu line** - they obtained good* on bill* in the ordinary mode of ba?ineu, having previously traniacted a large amount of builnes* in the Bank of South Carolina. They inu ed their fundi and lent forward their goodi. It had not boen proved that Laffan made false representation* at the date of the transaction in 1*41, to fraudulently raise mo ney. It was not shown that Redmond ever recognized ?uch a statement to charge fraud upon him. Redmond did not form a copartnership for the purposes of fraud ? He entered inte tbe copartnership for the purpose ol par suing mercantile operation*, but not for fraud But a very curioua feature in the matter wai, thai the Bank 01 South (Carolina, the creditori, came into "court an') allowed one of the Aim, Lallan, to he discharged, and ?hut their Months against him, whilit they opposed Redmond for what they illedgetobe a fraud?Redmond who had no direct negotiation with them It had been suggested that thi* wa* a compromise between the Bank ana Laffan. The Bank had come inte Court anil made themielvea public prosecutors, and it should be recollect ed that though the fraud hid been charged originating through tbe agency ol LafTan, that Redmond waion trial alone for the frau<r But suppose the fraud wu actually contemplated, the Court would please to bear in mind that by the lourth section ol the Bankrupt act. page tl, this court eould take no cognizance of any such matter in relation to a cue of bankruptcy, a* the court would bear in mind that by a recent deciiion in bank ruptcy it waa held, that if the parties had actually com menced on *tolen property, and afterward* come into conrt, they would (u?t l>e aa much entitled to their dis charge aa if they fad come into court in the ordinary manner, a* far as the power* of the court were constitu ted. They had the opinion of the court direct en this point. The next branch of the ease, in relation to indivi dual preference,which had been charged against the bank nipt, he contended could net be made out. The leerned counsel here entered into a detailed statement of the mat ter of account between the bankrupt and some of the cre ditor*, contending there wai nothing in the varioua deal ingi had between them and Mr. Redmond to warrant the conclmlon that fraud waa contemplated?when the Court ordered an adjournment. Common Plena. Before Judge Ulihoeffer. Oct. 38 ?John Baiitl vt. Jacob Parkhnnt et ol.?Thi* wu an action on a promiisorv note. The defence put in wu that thare was no consideration. Verdict for plain tiff, $3,011 ??. Qrmtr I'* Fenman and Jlnthony Belli, vi William Qreen. ?This was su action ol assumpsit to recover the value of certain articles, consiating o liquors, sold the defendant The defence put in wu that the delivery wu mad* con trary to written agreement, part ef the goods being <!e llvered by verbal order ol a third party. Verdict for plaintiff, |7P 89. Circuit Conrt. Bafore Judge Kent. Oct 38 ?The will ense i* (till before the Court, and is not likely to terminate before the end of the week Marina Conrt. OeT. 3S ? Naturalization ? The three jldgea ef this Court were busilv engaged during the day la natural ising applicanta for admission under the naturalization laws. Common CosiiicIK Ost. 1#?Bossu or sme* - Aldermau SeMiairx Liw, President, in the chair . Henry Hudson.?A psiuting ol Henry HudM^. the du coverer ol the Hudson river, while abandoned at ???. w as presented to the corporation by J 1' to Clerb, and the thsiukft ot the Common Council tfinkretl in leturn Putin* Sire,i, -A petition wa? presented, sign* by Saul Alley. Kdwaid Prime, and otheis in lavor ol ato"1*'' ing the present ordinance, compelling owners ot propertj to repave the streets opposite iheir property not compl ^AliermanBttiTiriu advocated a concurrence with'he views ot the petit oneis, but recommended a relerenue to the Committee on Street*, which was adopted. Rail> *a<i f Wth Street. -A petition to extendthe con *3', B.oajttUV i.ailroadto 30th street, on the north neat aide of <l>* city, wm lalerretf to thea?i?ct MnmittM -ssgtfc jir**u<?A. curb and gutter stone, and grading 5th A* Avenue with Rax, and rxprr-s.ed an opijiion that sll other streets where mams had been laid should b?' *? Pier loot of re,,y street.-A report inlaTOr ?f 1 ' * a pier ai the loot el Perr> street tor %-tfi00 -was adopted 1 W. ?Ur Ben.on'.Creek-A reso ution intoo' build i g a none bridge over this creek,in face ol the wooden one?was adopted. Damage by Building Sewer ? An application ot John R Livingston, lor Carnages to his V???* ''X ovel?JJ* ot water, in t uilding sewer-referred him to tho con ''?^Tsr.Tcr^.-A n,;V??. 'in. ..lliuj li.l. in lb. market, ? ?n?Jajra. except those licensed?w as aiopted. School Co in missioners ?The County the names ol six Schcol Commissioners, who had enteied b?R<Iu^?^^?^?t--The City Inspector ^>r?H on the petition of tdward J. Carroll, whom he repre sent>? as . resurrectionist?which was adopted. Illegal yotina -Alderman Millxk offered ?r?sol'l,?^ authorising the Mayor to offer a reward of *100Jor n? arrest and conviction of any illegal voter at the en* g elpction?which was unanimously adopted. TeTof Keeper of City Prison ?A resolution calling upon the Keeper of the City Prison to pay to the Corpora tion all the lees received, amounting to more than his salary - was ri ferred to the Comptroller lor his report UPc"<m*? */hJPo?.?Resolutions from the other board, in I favor oi changing the poll of several election districts W W??Marur,/s'?V* -The committee of Assistants, to whom wus referred the subject ol driving icnttle. through the streets, reported that it wa, a necessary ev.l, and ^Trttih shirt"?'Areport in favor ol paving South street, from Market to Pike slip, was adopted. Washington Market -A resolution in favor'Oi con structing u floor and roof in the opeu spaco in Washing '"wS'ln"ublTfc\oolM.-Tht following preamW. | ami resolution was presented by Alderman tk.Wff.lin, aD" Whereas, by the report of the ceunty superintendent that the Bible, (without note or comment) has been rx eluded from thirty-taree of the ward schools, " Resolved, That the counsel of the t.ori^raUon be and he is hereby requested to inquire and report whether "l these schooli Horn which the Bible ha. been excluded are not thereby deprived of all right to a P?rt cipaU"n in the school moneys, under the provisions of the laws such case made and provided." Police flif/.?Alderman Bchisffkuh celled up his lo lice Bill, and that of Alderman Gale, which was made the order of the evening for Tuesday, at 7 o clock . .. Justice Drinker's removal to Harlem -A Communication from this gentleman was laid ou the table withoit its contents having been read. We understood It was a pro tout against ihe legal power or the Common Council to remove him to Harlem to perform police 'l'ity. Snntm? A reiolution in ltvor of building a lewer i?d street from 6th Avenue to Hudson street, was concur red in, and also In 8th Avenue from 84th street. The Board then adjourned till this evening (Tuesday) ^BoIkdoit'Aussistswt AD**MF!?.-The touts also met last evening, Wii-ussi Evksdbu., ts i Free Hyrfranfs.-Petitlons being in order, a large num. tier were received from inhabitants, asking an ?P1',0P"* tion lor the er ctlon of free hydrants in various parts of tbe city. Referred to the Croton Aqueduct Committee i From oyster sellers, asking for certain accommodations in the ricinltv of Washington market, to facilitate the exercise of their calling, llelerred. ......res From inhabitants, asking the introduction.of ?eMures teahate a nuisance frequently complainedlot. J?y which the inhabitants are subjected toannoyancefrom littleboy* and eiris n asking for pennies from persons ctossing ^reeVs oricros. walks, which they are engaged in sweep '"fieports in favor of paving a space or sidewalk four leet Wide south side of l'J'.h street. Adopted . ... . In favor of constructing a platform along bulkhead, between nivrs No.'.' and 4, East river. Adopted. Paper, from the Foard-Report -In favor ol improving the load to 164th, between 10th Avenue and Hudson river granting an additional appropriation of $?U? for said P"&Sa?r."S?lr,,o? the money advanced for certain repairs in I street, uibscribed b, the inhabitants ol said street Re ''Report in lavor ol patching part of Avenua i.. Con CU.nUvor of transler of slall No. 9 Tomklns Markot.^o ^l^fav^r'of'hghti'n^^cDou'giil street with lamps and ^'ra.^'srAao/s-increased Cify KTpendttW favor ol carrying into eHect the resolutions which y passed the Board in relation to the removal of Farm Schools, Alms House, kc.. and the erection of public buildings on Randall's and Blaekwell's Islands. . Mr Chaiiucx opposed the passage of the resolution nn offered an amendment, proposing to let the resolution lie on the table The property in question wi s pledged to dr.frnv the cify debt, and he contended the question tkey hud to consider was, did the situation of the children on the Loi g Is and K^rms require their removal at the pre sent and thereby compel on unnecessary expenditure, ?n t iurther involve tho city in expense? The question on laying the omendment on the la le was lost -a!us II noes fl The question on the adoption and concurrence with the Board wa, taken and carrled-aye. 10 noes 4. The estimated cost ^Si.OOO, l'"n ^'il ing :i'iO feet, to be capable of accommodating 1300 child re*. It is estimate.! that the passage ol the resohitiou and adoption of the ordinance will cost one million dollars, and will dispose ol city property pledged to redeem the C%h?El,ction.-\n favor of appointing ^ O. Sterling. Inspector ol F.lectionsfor tho 3d district ol the 16th ward C?nC|Uarvoe?oir;ppointlng W. M.ndev.lle CommUstonor of Schools for tho 9th ward, in the room of W. L. Stone. *1?? favor of appointing W. B. H?wes, Inspector ol F.lections for the 1st District lflth Ward, in the room of F.rastus C. Benedict, resigned, concurred in. Patching Stree's.? Petition of sundry persons to have the present mode of patching tree's ,'h' companying resolution In favor of the adoption of he necessary measures to prevent abuses In relai on to the same Concurred in. The resolution r'po*'' "J I^*'n provisions of the. existing ordinanco, in relation to pav D^0f0lutl0nC in""vor ol extending pier at the loot of Market street, at an appropriation of $4(KK). Concurred in llf solution to pay Dr. A. Dusenberg lor medical servi CCTo settle"'heetlrb and gutter stones in Mh Avenue be tween 23rd and 4i.l streets, and to gravel it from JSrd to ?Wth streets. Concurred in. Cleaning the Streets - Report ill favor of an or inane, lor cleaning the public streets on contract or K''.4J0 ? ' ?CiVu WatPh. -Communication from the Comptroller, in favor of an extra appropriation of $ift00, for extra watch Assistant Alderman Cm*?i.icx opposed the acceptance ol the communication! they hud a right to pasii he i olieo Bill, and Ihe Mayor had no power to make such "pP"1"' merits nor the Board to pass on such an appropriation The matter ought to be referred for enquire Assistant Alderman Johnson wis ol opinionit hat the Board ought to act on the matter and pass the appropria ""Assistant Alderman Cw*a iirx was of opinion Jlhat the Mavor had no power to make the appointment which was illegal. He had no objection that the men wh? had earn ed the money should be paid ; but what he objected to was the manner of the appointment Effective measures ought to he taken to protect the chv ; and not like tha present mod. by which the lives ol cU^en. w.^ends,, ' retl through the neglect ol the present City wstcn. The resolution in lavor of Its adoption was Report in favor of granting the aged and inftrm the uso . n.wm I.!? of ar^nting power to the members of the < ernmon rjl to give permits to visitors to Blaekwell's Island, there br dispensing with the present formality in relation to j the required permit of admission from the commissioners. Inrperieere.-Report in favor of appointing H Da tlroose Inspector of Election for the 1st district oTthe l?th ward, in the room of Mr. White, living out of the ward ? T W. Cromer, 'id district; J. L. Moore, 3d dla trict i'<? W?st. 4th district, 6th ward. _ ... Jluislant Alderman Divver movml to re.-onskler the resolution passed at a previous meeting, appointing Moses II Ilsgadorn, an Inspector ol Election in 3rd district, 4th ward, In place of Benjamin J Tentx, whom it was ?tated removed out of the ward. Divver moved that this resolution be erased from the minutes, and stated in sup port of hie motion, that this resolution hore upon Its face an untruth, namely, the removal of Mr.- Pent* eut ol the ward which had not occurred ?, how or by whom this .tatement w is made, or what au honty exis ed for It h lid not know, end he declared there this k-serjlon ws? untrue. He was told that the gentleman who offered the motion lor removing Mr Tent* did so on the I two affidavits, lor everj letter In those two a?davltii he coul l produce an affidavit from respectable cltiton I denying the statements s?t forth In those two ^ Which the gentleman based his motion. He that Mr. Ponta did not raasove out of the.wardd Mt.had The mhlutes of the last meeting were read and appro the Inspectorship i ecome veoant, therefore no right ex isted to appoint in this instance. He charged the majority who passed it with an unjustifiable and t\ ranicul exercise of authority ; ai well might they presume to declare the neat ol any member of the Board vacant, as proceed us they had done in thin case, and then nominate and appoint hii ruccettor ? Mr> Prnti ba I performed thf ilutiri lor which he waa el ected, aud uould perform them until hi* term legally ex Jiirt d, despite of the resolution, an he had the moral and ii(al right, which places it out of the power of the Board either to move hini out ol hia place It w aa aingular how anxioua the present ai>clicentw aa to get the appointment. Th< resolution wai a blot upon their nooka. The affidavit made by Mr. Hag adorn could be relutcd by ifty wit neaaea Assistant Alderman I'ltLiici conaidered it a moat die graceful thing to tiud th< man who endeavored to awear another out ot ottica, endeavoring to into the aame situation himsell. It would be discreditable to adept sueh measures. The reaolution was adopted, and Mr. Penta ia hereby reinstated. Resolution in favor of paving Avenue K, between 10th and 11th streets. Referred. Common >'< hooh.?A rt solution was offered, proposing the adoption oi measures by the Board to prepare a neti tion to the Legislniurc, to repeal the several acta in rela tion to Common School* in the city ol New York. Mr Chaiilick opposed the resolution. If the Board did not approve ot the present mode ol education, they could make an t ffort to modily 01 amend it, hut not to change. Ho moved to strike out the word 'repeal," and insert the woid ''amend," aa a substitute theretor ?Lost The question on the original resolution was called for. Mr. ( uahlick ask<d lor the yeas and nays, in order to record his negetive for future ages. (Laughter) The queation on the original leaolution was carried? Ayes 11, noes 6. Report in lavor ol appropriating $4,700 lor the erection of a pier at feot of SI street.?Laid on the table. The Board adjourned. From Nassau, N. P.?By the Tfpaz, from Nu sau, N. P we received a file of the Royal Gazette up to the 16th inst. inclusive. The hurricane experienced at Havana on thJ #th iaet. wi? also experienced at Naasau, and did consideraMo in jury to the shipping in that vicinity. The tallowing notices of marine disaatera are taken from the Gazette :? We stated in our last that up to the hour of our going to press the ba.ometeis {indicated had w eather. It cei tainly continued to Mow heavy from the 8. K. lor a < on siderahlc time during t lie night, utter war da the wiud shill e<l to the 8. W. Irom which quarter, it blew a hurricanr. Towards morning the wind however abated, ai d we were glad to find it had somewhut cleared up with a pita Kant breeze. We have, not heaid that sellout injury waa done, further than tin loss of a large quantity of truit, which was blown down, together with some delapidated fences, and the rool of an out-building attached to the premU?H in thu East district, occupied by the Rev. Mr. Pearson, W. M. In our last we stated that u sloop had juat run up the harbor, apparently Irom a wreck. This was the Water witch, with the captain and crew ol the brig Pantheon, McKuiea, m.utei, from Ti omaston, with a cargo ol Lime, boutnl to New (Means. The Pautlieon encountered the late galeou the sixth instant, <then after loosing all her Nails, she took tire, and wan run on shore near Cords (Gotha) Buy, when she burnt down to the water's edge. Providentially no lives wete lost. The brig Partridge, Doughty .master, from Bath, Maine, hound to the Havana, with a cargo of lumber, while oil' Abaco, in the gale also of the sixth, lost all her musta, spars, sails and rigging, when i>bc proceeded I r this port under jur> masts, aud arrived on the 10.h Mm has. suffered little damage iu her hull, but was obliged to throw overboard a part ol her deck load. Captain Doughty reports aeeing a large ship in distrea*, .liter the blow, running through the Btrry Island passage She appeared light ol cargo and had lost some ot her up - per spars. Did not speak her. The Wo' loot, of New York, Captain Owens, waa to sail from Oonaives, Hayti, on or about the ninth October tnstaet, for New Yoik. We learn by the William and John, arrived within the past day or twoliom Great Harbor, Abaco, that they had experienced the hurricane ol Saturday night ery se verely on the Inland. Ho much so as to occasion the losa of several vessels and the dismasting of others while lying in harltor. A small sloop belonging to Great Her itor, was totally wrecked. The schooners Superior and Tiolin, are said to be much injured, and the sloops Vesper and Wanderer, ol Harbor Island ute both lost. No livae missing with the exception ot a man named Adam, once the appriiitice of the late Rubert flawy or, who waa drowned in the harbor. He is said to have been one of theflrat divers of that Inland. The barque Robert Morris, which put in hern aomo shuit time ago in distress, has been ready tor sea for seve ral days pRst. Contrary winds, and a surge on tlie bar, have prevented lier Irom proceeding for New Orleans, her original <>*? mutton. A boat liooi Hjibor Island, arm ed ia.-,,. night, report* that the blow was not felt much there, andtnut little or no injury was done. We b-arn through the arrival of foma of the imall craft from the Bahama Bank with wrtcked property, recover ed from American vesselsand other skipping lost in the recent gale, that the schooner Jason, the pioperty of B. C. Claxton, was dismasted in th* blow, and eventually ran ou shore, where she now lies. It is our painful duty to re j.ord a much more serious loss in the sloop W. R. B. dands, owned by Mr Sanda of thi* town, which veaatl xas upse.t in the severe blow, when ail on board (eleven in number) pent-lied Several of the bodies have been since fallen in With, and were interred. The hug Vi ritiosa, Page Brewer, master, of Boston, whence she sailed for Matanxaa, with a cargo ol lard, glassware, hogsheads and box*'* ahooks. he. , waa totally wrecked at the Buruius on the morning oi Sunday the tttn instant The master and ciew, with the moie valuable part of the cargo, in a damaged state, have arrived at thia port. The brig Klixa tc Susan, ol New York, Kliaha Dyer, master, Irom that port for Mobile, with an assorted cargo, was lost on the south part ot the Bimini during thehnrri ann ot the 6th and 6th. crew all saved, as also the cargo the grea er part of which has arrived here in a damaged state. Mrhooner Harvest, of Hingham. Mass , Beth Kelly, rnastir, from Boston to Mobile, with a cargo of slate and hay. Had to cut away her masts while Tiding at anchor on the Bank. After the gale, every ? (Tort was made la keen her uliove water, and with jury masts, to reach the Riding Hocks, in order to snve the cargo by running the vessel on shore. Tlie wind, however, being ahead, th? crew worn out, and the leak of constquetce increasing considerably, they abandoned her a few miles from 'hose rocks and reached the shore in the I oat. Nothing has been saved from her. We also thiough the muster of the brig Ventreaa, learn that the evening el 'he blow they were in company with the brig Sarat. ga, of Boston, and tha' 'he next day they fell in witli the upper works of a vessel which coincided with thai of hers It is therefore feared, from nothing having yet been heard ol her crew, that they might have met a watery grave. The schooner " Dash," of London, John Hardie, master, from Kalmoiith, Jamaica, to the South Western t 'oaat of Africa, in ballast, encountered a sevi re hurricane, com mencing on Sunday the 6th instant, and finally driven on shore on the North Bimini, where ahe became a total wreck. Personal Movement*. Joseph Galea, F.-q , ol the National Intelligencer, at Washington, with hia family, General Lamar, of Texaa, Moni. Bodisoo, Huiaian Minister to tbia country, with hia family, are among tbe most recent arrirala at the Aator Home Biahop Mcllveine, of Ohio, if at the American. Hon. Vespasian lullia, U. 8. Charge des Affaires to the Republic of Venezuela, has arrived in tbta city witli tbe view ol embarking. He stops at Howards' Hetal. Com. Kearney, U. 8. N , and Msj Walker, ol the Marine Corps, lire at the City H >tel. The American Minister at Paris has taken a splendid iui eof a, artments in the Fnubtirg St Germain. It si ems that Mr Bocsnegra did not resign his office of Secretary of State, b>it wb disminsed by Santa Anna, to appeas? the French Minister, itlio wm greatly i xnsper ated by the shooting ol the Frenchmen in Bentmauat's unfortunate i *|>edition. Hen. Huston addres<ed a large democratio mass meet ing at Natchez, on Thuraday lust. The Hon Mr. Htiger, U 8. Senator from South Caro lina, has yielded to the solicitation of hia (rieuds, and ihaudonad hia drsign of resigning hia aeat in Congrasa. '1 ha Hon John F. II. i Ian borne, of Miss., is to be Edi tor of tlm New Orleans Herald aft r the 1st ol Decaniher next. Major Davezac addressed a large meeting of democrats at the Democratic Heading Horm, corner of Eighth and Cheannt streets, on Saturday evening, at Philadelphia Itimiu' < oi.i ??*, P*,?The degree ol D. D was aoa ferred on Ilcv. J. L. Dinwidilie, of Pittsbnrgh, and Rev N. L. lUce, ol Cincinnati; and the honorary degree a* Master of Arts on Thomas D. Bard, Esq. of Baltimore. Col. John W. Crockett, the son of the lamented Davy, is zealoualy engaged In advoc 'ting the cause of theatataa man of the West. Hon. Thomas N. Morgan, of New Orleans, died at Nash ville, Tenn , of consumption, on tbe 3rd inst. Samuel V Atwell, F.sq., a distinguished member of the Rhode Island Bar diiil ?' his re?idenc., at cbepatchet, at 13 o'clock, on Friday night, in his 40th year The Hon William < smnhell died an Sunday morning ?it his residence ia i berry Valley, aged 77 yeara. H- ctor Orr, the editor of the Native American, Phlle telphia. ? *? held to bail by be Recorder on -Saturday, for hi alleged 1 bel on Nathan W. Rowley, one af tha lata pa it jury of the < ourt of Quarter Sesa.on. Wkath*r if Nrw Oki.kan* ?It vu almoet re?x tig cold yesterday, ti our l?*p|infs corresi>ond d st all wi!h 'h? indications nfthe thermometer During iih previous night the weather changed somewhat ?ud <enl),the tain-holding up and the wind enmitig out af he north with a chill ling breath. Ahhtu. h it was n*t dually a wintry day, yet the sudden fall ol tke timpe ature aft?cta<t one moat aenslbly, and flres were indis oeaaable for comtorl. When we get a little used to it, lowever, wa presume fires will be dropp<d, ai even a creator nuisance than what ?? ?? rm? <**'' 'he e*e? ntve ?old?y 0. PU Oct te

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