Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 29, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 29, 1844 Page 3
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lions m-re, which U of greater profit to thoM in stitutlona than the whole circulation of the book* in this State. Many eastern banks olten loan money to houses in this city upon condition that the> will keep it out of the bank for a certain time by distributing the circulation as much ss possible, whereas the circulation of our city and Statu banks re turns irem day to day in large amounts. The circula tion of our State money would be more ext. nded, if the redemption at different points was at par. This plan would beasflt the country banks more than it would thoae located in the city, and do more to wards drivlag out of the State the issues of foreign banks, thau a dozen laws similar to those now in our statute books. Eastern Jersey and New Yoik State money are no w on a par,the discount on one being the same as on the other, and they both obtain about the same circulation, there being no choice in the reception. So long as this id the case, so long will the laws be transgressed, and circu lstion of foreign bills continuo. Destroy this equality by advancing the value of our own issues throughout the State, and the difference will >oon drire out all others but those legally entitled to the benefits and advantages of our own trade and comtherce. Old Stock Eichange. $10600 Ohio #'?, ?G0 MO 101 IIS ilia* Morru Canal 8 8000 do 102 V 55 do 5V 10WK) <lo *70 102*4 125 do S'a 21'tKi Illinois Bk bond* 38 2HU do 5)4 5MMI lniliniia boatU b7 nV 100 do 5 4MM do UM 1*0 do 1)30 6 50MI Hrvd'iii; RH bd? 72 50 Cant Boston Co 12)^ 3500 Te* as Tr notes 8 50 do blO 12>* a? tha* U S Bank 8 250 do 12M 24 US Ins Co lOB 50 Readini RR 54* 25 Caiuon Co -IBS* I*1? <1? 1>30 54)4 2} do 48S 330 d> 54 7? do H Hounatonic RR 37 .to Moh-ivk RR blO (it;,', 40) Stouinflun Rll 150 do 68>, 2) do 51 M do (CO tifi 100 do bl5 51 100 do bJO 66V 50 do b30 51.'4 5* ie 175 Nor fc Wore RR 81 175 Harlem RR 7558 do al5 81 21 Mil) Siftnch RIl 111 50 do b20 HI* 200 L lalnnd ItR bJO M 100 do 8l?i 100 do N2k 75 Krie RR 31 100 d.i 160 81>? 53 do 31)4 100 do 210 do 31 Second Board. 100 ?lm? Kaat Boston Co 12\ 25 thus Nor It Wore ?3 8P4 125 Morria Caaal 6 50 Am Ktc Bk 88 50 Heu?at"uic RR 37 %j Stouingtou RR 51 N?iw Stock Exchange. 25 ahaa K Boston Go tw 12V $1000 Ohio 6'a,'GO sS 108V? 40 ihoi Dry Ilook Bk s?0 7oi, in.u urv i/uca uk ? " '50 Htoningtoil RR 50'? U S Buk c ?'/! !i Nor and Wore c ho?J ..U Morris Canal e 5,\ 25 do 80\ 25 do b60 8 25 do c 80* 25 do e 5)% 25 do bnw 81 25 do c 5 225 do 81 25 Mohawk RR b30 67 50 do buw 81? 25 do blO 67V 25 do bnw 81)2 25 do b3 66)( 20 Erie RR c 31 State of Trade. Aihrs? Pots continue in very moderate demand at $4 18? resrla are steady ot $4 25 a 4 81$. BBE/iDSTurrs?We ha*? no particular change to notice. There is a small demand. The receipts of Flour and Wheat at tide water for tho third week in October are? Flour. Whiut. Albany 65,127 bbls. 18,?U bush. West Troy 23,783 " . 48,371 ? 88 bSO " 66 985 " Aggregate receipts at tida water from opening of navi gation to tho close of third week ol October? Flour Wheat. 1S44 1,(36.038 bbls. 838 248 bush. 1148 1,631,283 " 638,107 " Increase 154,755 * 303,138 " The receipts ot Barley at tide water to the close of third week of October are 424,331 Cottow?1The accounts being deemed favorable, have imparted additional firmness to our maiket. Sales of about M0 bales to exporters. P>otisions?Ohio pork it in very fair demand, and we quotw prime at $7 and mess at (6 Beef is very dull, and ? notations nominal A fair demand exists for lard?kegs are held at Sic Butter is coming in more ireely, ard good dairy soils at 13 a 15c. Cheese we quote at 4) a 6]o. Wniiiii-W? notice qnite an improvement in drudge casks, and we now quote 27] a 380. Western and prison barrels are hold at 38c Rasi. Estate-./!/ Auction?'Thieo story briek bouse and lot 79 Springstreet; lot 3* by 9i feet; house modern built, with Oroten water, under cellar, fcc $14,5<>0 The Jackson Estate?The sale of this property, consist ing ot over 400 lots in Brooklyn, commenced this day, on the following terms :-U0 per cent to his paid on the day ol sale, balance Nov. 30. Where the purchase money amounts to $1000 or over, 60 tier cent, at the option ol the buyer, may lemaiu on bond and mortgage. Uptoone o'clock the following lota were sold 4 lots on Canton street, near the junction of Ful ton street and Lafayette avenue, each 35 by 100 feet $125 each $W0 3 lots adjoining, samo dimensions, $lft0eaeh 450 I I t adjoining. 30 by 100 feet, 280 1 lot on ll'tmpden street, rear of the above, samo dimeusiot;*,. 170 3 lots adjoining, 25 by 100 feet, $170 each,. ..... 6lu 4 do do 140e?ch, 660 4 do do 130 each, 62<> 1 lot oti Lafayette avenue, corner of Hampden at, 26 by 120 feet SS<1 8 lots adjoining, same aize, $300 each, 900 1 do do do 820 I do 35 feet by 130 feet on one side, 116g feet on the other, 270 1 do 3? foot by 116} feet on one side, B8J on tha other 270 Lot adjoining, corner of Canton street, 98$ feet on on* sieo, 80 feat on the other, 340 Lot 27 Columbia street, , 3,826 New Yohk Cattle Makekt, Oct. 38?At markot, 1M00 Beef Cattle, 200 from the South, 800 Sheep and Lambs and M Cows and Calves. jPii't is - Beef Cattle?A good demand at last weekV ratei, which we continue? $4 35 a 4 74 to 6 35 a 5 60 for good to prime retailing sorts Lftft, 150 Cowi and Calves are higher and quicker of sole. We quote $19 a 29, nil taken. Sheep and Lamls? VII 0(Tared taken at $1 25 a 8 50 for and 87 J a $3 60 for lambs. Uty -60 a 02 ceu's per cwt. Coal Tsadk?The shipments last week do not varr much from tlie previous week Freights to Philadel phis, 85 cmts by canal; to New York, $J 60 -by railroad, f 1 -it> and 1 16 The shipments from the Lehigh, for the week ending on the 13th Inst, were 13,849 tons. Foreign Markets. Mitium, Oct. 10.?I have, to advise* that on the Ath imt ?'? were visited by one of the most violent and de ? tructive hurricanes th? island hai yet experienced. Ho tinea barn bean unroofed and thrown down, and pin prrty dsmaged to an incalculable exient From the coun try the account* are ot the most distressing character; whole villages have been swept away, and many e?*nt< I entirely devastated. 1 ha cane is ruined beyond recovery, i.nd ihf fsrthest advanced baa suff'-.rH the moat, as the vi olenca ol the wind broke and twisted it, tetrinir it into ribands, so that it has lost all it gained during the pa>t three months Many plantera will be unable to grind ai all -Hons, because they hare no csne, and others beceu>e the buildings in which the operation is carried on have bean lavelled to the groand, they caanet on any term* procure the means for their re erection. Already the go vernment ba? issued an ersar, declaring the leading arti cl?s of provisions free of duty for six months, as well a allkiadsol lumber and tiles 'isod in the construction ol heuses, Irom which prompt action you can lorm som* idaa ol the extent to which our interests have suffered. Many plantera are countermanding their orders lor box shook*, siid sll agree in saying we shall have less than hslfla rroj^ol sugar this year, and ot coffee it will be quite insignificant No change in fraight. London, 13 ptr cent pm; North, ?| par cent pm. Maraavxz Sept M?The weather, for the approach ing crops is ver favorable in Ihia neighborhood, and we believe generally se over the island; at this place it rains more or less every day of late. The ceffea crop will b> about an average one, but the approaching sugar crop promises to exceed say former one A Bath lumber v. s sal, commanded by Captain Toull, bound to Qtiadalo-pe. was driven to leeward, and had to Sell at this port, is the only v?asel remaining in port. Lumber and provision* are abundant in this market, particularly the former, and sell at lew prices. fuiRTO Casei.lo, Oct. 7 ?Coffee, 7 a 7Jc per lb; hides ox or cow, 9o, aad in active demand for shipment te tln Uaited Slates. Business is dull, as usual at this season ot the year As far as heard from, there have been no politi cal disMirbnnces of late, and there is peace throughout tha Republic of Venezuela, at least ao say the Caraca - newspapers. Sr. J a no us Cuba, Oct. 7? The following pi ices were from salea actually made the week previously Beet, jeiked, American. 7Jterqql; bacon, 13, and sale*, caudles Hi a 16; fl >ur, IA, (10 1-10 duty) sales; pork mess. IbJ; doclear, I7J a 17$; rice, A a ft} and ahundai.t; boards, WP, 37, wanted; do FP, 17, wanted; hoo|saiiti shocks, small sales. Articles of Kxpert?Coffee scare., the next crop will be skoit, and to all appearance poor in quality; sugar, lair stack left, but holders will not abide their demands; molaaaes, 105 gallons, including cask, 17 Freights sesrea. Bt ajos Atrks, Aug. SO?Donbleons, Spanish, $336 a 3S0 each; do Patriot, a 3JS; Plata macuquiaa, IS a llj for one, dollars, Spanish, la a 13} each; uo Patiiotanr Paticanes, I3J a 14; Six per cent stock, 70 a 73 per cent Rxchangii i'U Kngisnd, Sj a 3 II Iff per dot; on France, W n on United tltates 11} a 14; hidss, ox, for Englan and U?tmsny, *4 J M per pesed.i; do tor France, 4ft a 4" do for Nerth America 4ft ? 48; do for Spain, 4U a AO; dt salted. 3a n 44; do linrae, 18a 111 each; calf akin*, per pe saiia. A3 a 64; sheep skins, common, i9a 14 per dozen; do Ana. a 40; deer skins, 13 a lit goat skins, 34 a 3ft; an tria sk ns, per lb, 7 a Ui chinchuli skins, par dozen, Alia 60; horse hair, snort per arroba, 3A a 36; do tniied, 43 s 41; de log, 100 a 116; wool, common, waahed, 36 a 38: de picked. 40 a 41; do shorn from skins. 40 a 41; do mestiza dirty, 33 a 36; tallow, pure, 17 a 16, do raw, 11 a 13; de with grease, lft a 16; jeiked beef, p- r qql, 34 a SO; horns, mixed, par M, ISO a -laO, do ox, 400 a AM; shin benea, (Os 00; hide cu'tings, per ion Ihs, S3 a 34; ostrich feathers white, par lb, 16 a II; do black, t a 9; salted tongues, par do/'-n, 14 a 16; salt, on board, par fsnega, 30 a 40; dis count, per cant per month, 11 a l| The highest price ot deuli oont during the week. $380- the lowest price, $33* The highest rate ol exchange uiion England during tki week, 3 ll?l6d? the lowest do 8j) I. Died, On Mondoy morning. 3Sth lut Maav Jane, danghtei of Thomas and Sophia Smith, aged 4 years, 7 months an<' '14 days. The ir f iends and acquaintances are respectfully invit ed te attend her lunrral, this aiternoon at 8 o'olork, fron her late r si lence, corner of Roosevelt and Water street' On Swndar evening, 37th inst. Jews Iloorm.i., aged 3v yesrs and 10 months. His Irietuls and at^iisiatance, and the members of Fire Company No. 81, ate respectfully invited to attend tu? funeral, this afternoon at 4 o'clock, irom bit late real ?Unoa, oorner t>| Norfolk aad Heater streets. Paaeengere Balled. .-kiVEarooL?Picket ship (wrick?Wm M Bliss and lady. MiiiOiirlotti Cituhmdii and servant, Ofo Gih?on, P Paulson, Os N*w York: Samuel A Kueak?, Puubur*. Pa; C T S|?laiaii. Louisville; Win K Biicoe, Savannah; H K Butlers worth, Kockdal*. Knic; R H Lone, Geo 1. (Joodbaiuft aud lady,. Man cheater; Henry V Lanay, Jamaica; H Roodauback, 8i*?n; L Sm it, France. MARITIME HERALD. IHovemcnU of ttkm Slt?uuhlp?. Vitamer* Leave Liv'l. Duei \Jlmt'?. l*avt Jlme'v Acadia, Harriaou... ... Not. 1 vi. Weatern, Mmthewa.. N'>* * Hibernia. Kyrie Oct. 1? ...No?. I .. Sblp nmun and Agent*. W? ? rial I eateem it a favor if Captaina of VeaaeU will gjv> 10 ll.timr Sii.vkv, Captain of our News Boats, a report o! 'hr shipping left at the port whaoM they sailed, tile vesarl. apoken ou their ixwaajre, a lift of their cargo, lud any foreigi uewapapera, or newa thev may have. He will board thein im mediately ou their arrival. Agents and Correspondents at humi or abroad, will also coufer a favor by aeudiug to thia office al the Marin# Intelligence they can obtain. Nautical Inform* lion of any kind will he thankfully received POUT OF NKW YORK, OC TO UK II 30. ?UK HIIKt 6 j'i ] MOON HliKI. 7 7 SUN SKT(. ... J U | HI'iH WATKB 10 44 Cleared. Ship Jane Hou, Crabtree, Savannah, I B Oairer.?Brigs C H Appleton, Bridford Barbaaoea, Neamith St Walah: I)ijiluin.i, Hve., do; Uraula. Hubert., Ban Juan, Jndali Ik Tyson; K?cel. Smith, .Savannah, Sturges Ik I learnian; George Yatei, Charleston, Gen Button ?Mi lira Aahland, Biadley,, Ja. Blinker & I'lace; Jona Waiuwright, Lewia, St Augustine, (' B Koadick Sc t 'o; Vincinian, Worth, Richmond, Allen &. f'aiaon. MTl*e(l. New barque Georgia, Culliua, 12 lioura from Providence, in balla.t, to G. Colli... brig DUdem, Merriman, 14 daya from Windsor, NS. with 190 toua plaater to mailer. Brig Ellen, Chase, from Lubec. with 2C0 toua platter to Brett & Voae. Schf Onlv Daughter, McDulfie, from Lubec, with full aud plaster, to Smith it Boynt<>n. Selira D. B. Keeler, Meade; Challenge, Foster; Hydaape, Burt, aud Ma'rv Ann, from Thouiaston, with lune. Schrs Florence, Lovell, and Two Bioilier*, Hinckley, from Boston, with fish Skhra De'roit, Cammett; Mystic, Church; F.xcel, Lovell; A. M Hal*. Bearae; Iteeaide, Laugley; Jasper, Hamilton, aud Kmma, Collins, from Boston, with md?r. Selir Banner, Lufkin, from Calaia, with lumber. Sloop ICssex, Davit, from Fall Iliver, with douieatica. nriarelliiiieoua Record. Witr.cgs.?See news column* for further particular. of the Ut>> Kales. Slur Mary Kn(in.ANp Burnt.?An alarm of fire was given yesterday morning at about five o'clock, which proceeded, a? was coon discovered, from the tine ship \larv Kingsland. Wear, of New \ork. She was lying at the foot of* street, taking in cotton for Liverpool. She had already on hoard over 1700 bales when the fire hrol'eont in the hold. Everv exertion wa? mad* ti> extinguish the flame*, but in vain. The vessel was immediately towed armss the rirer and moored to the levee at McDonoughville. Thousands lined the front* of the wharves on this tide the ri??r and the levee on the other ?|de, watchiyu the .low destruction of tlie noble .hip and her rich freight. Wheu we first saw her burning, two of her masts, the main and mizen, had gone hy the hoars, and the foremast with its yards was hlazinf, and looking as if they must fall over in ? brief s|>ace. But ?o far as we could distinguish, the exterior of the hull of the vessel was then untouch'd by the ti ames ? Upon visiting her four hours arterwards, there were nothing but Mazing stumps in 'he place of her mists; the <l ones were con suming the hows and forward part of the sh'p with intense fury, and although the outline of the after part of the veasel remained |ierf*ct, the tlames had eiten their way through, and while we ae* writing, have probably burned down close to tha water's edge. Before our paper goes to press, she will doubtless sink ? several of ihe city fire engines were pumping water into ihe ship n>rseveral hours, but owing to the buoyant nature of her cargo, it wo* impossible to aubmerg* the ship. The Mary Kingslaud wa* a New Vork built ship, of 79? ton* burthen, custom house measurement, and belonged three-fourths to the Messrs. kingsland, of that city, and the remaining fourth to Cspt. Wear, who purchased his interest since she has been lying at our wharves. The New York owners are supposed to ba iu- i sur?d, but Capt. Wear's interest is entirely unprotected. Of I the cargo, about 700 hales cotton are supposed to be insured in Liverpool on open tail icies. The balance is not covered. The rigging and cabin furniture of the ship were saved, and some holm were entertained that when the vrssel should sink, two tiers ol cotton might be saved in a damaged state. But upon the whole, the loss can hardly fall short in all of $120 000.?[N. O. Pic., Oct. 20. Hehr W. A. Caldwell, Horner, of and for Philad"lphia, from Mayagtiez, PR. encountered a hurricane 6th inst. lat 32, Ion 7 2 30, which carried away ma^ts, bulwarks, swept decks, ike. leaving her a complete wreck. The captain snd crew after remaining on the hull for 21 hours, at the mercy of the winds and waves, were taken off by ship Lucy, and arrived at Mobile 19th in.t. Whalemen. At Pernambuco 5th inst. Elizabeth, Taber. NB. ar' 3d. A whale ship steering SE, showing a signal witn white cro?? in it, wa. seen 15th in.t. lat 37 30, lou 4610. {?nolteu, Wolga, from St Maryi for Boston, all well, 21th in.t. lat 37 41, lou 72 25. Foreign Porta. Cadiz, Sept 21?Sid Falmouth, Davis, Portland. In port, Neptune, Peach, for Boston, Idg; Koscoe, Rickei, di-g; Augui ta. Haley, do; Neuvitas, McFarland, do; Margaret Hugg. llugg (or Litton) for Baltimore, next day. Sld20th,Cuba, blauchard, Rio Janeiro. Buknos Avri.s, Sept 4?In port, Creole, Vorris, for Balri more, Idg; Hobsrt, Collier, unc. Bid Aug 20, Bostonian, Km erson, and Moscow, Simpson, Boston; 30th, India, Selby, Pata Konia. Pernamrpco, Oct 5?In port, Caroline Augusta, Winn.unr, Navarre, Cole, from Philadelphia, ar Sent 25; Warsaw, Hobiut, fin ltichmoud, ar 23d; Cecilia, Brown, for Zanzibar, une. P?Rto ' a HgLLO, Oct 4?Iu port, Constitution, Lauderman, unc. Shi Token, Lowland, Baltimore; Columbia, Coffin, New 1 ork. _ Nassau, NP. Oct 12?Arr Psrtridg., Doughty, in distress.? Sid 16th, Jane, Sims, Charleston. Qukbkc, Oct 2??Arr Victory. Kent. Kingswards; Amity, Dempster, Aberdeen; Broom, White; Malabar. Barker; Orbit, leirkin; Peel's One, Coulson; City of Waterford, Miller, and Mersey. (Carroll, Liverpool, Cornelius, Hanfoid, Glasgow; Swift, Hull, Shields. Montkkai., Oct 2,'j?Arr Prince George, Foster, London. iloin* Port*. Eastfort, Oct 20?Sid Planet, Clark, Wilmington: 24th, Swiftsnre, Swe't, NYork. Portland, Oct 24?Arr Oirard, Oilprtrick, Saco: William, Baker, (Jeortetown for Boston; March, Baker, Gardiner for N York. Cld Condor, Oerts, Porto Rico. Plvmoi'th, Oct 25?Cld ('hamplain, Kinsman, Portland. Boston, Oct 25?Arr Sun, Ryder, Philadelphia; 28th, Heajier, Sears, Baltimore; Fame, Crowtll, Newca.tle, Del; 27th, John DanDp, Currier, Cadiz; Caroline, Lane, Biieno. Ayres;Corvo, Crockett; Fortune, Elliot, and Granville, Glover. New York.? Signal fir a.brig. Sid Chilo, Walpole, Cairo, Tremont, New EugLnd, Newcaatle, Erie, Palm, Pandora, Mary Broughton. Adelaide, Wm Pitt, Home, Baltimore, Waldo, Rudolph, nnd olhert. The following started, but anchored in the Roads?Rbt Parker, Milton, Carlos, Cesare Augusto, Triumph, Attakapss, Highlander, Fulcrum, Osceola. Phila tiKi.r hi a, Oct 28?Arr C iracai, Lewis, Porto Caliello; Albert, Black, Boston; Oread, Bihber, Ea-tport; Lion, Bale r, j Boston: I van hoe, lloyt, Nawburyport; John Jay, Hall, Provi dence; Elizabeth, Wiley, Salem. .. Alhamuria, DC. Oct26?Arr Mourt, Reynolds, and Splen did, Sliackford, St John. NB; Mt<Vemon, Dnukwater, Boston. Norfolk, Oct 25?Arr Georges, Watts, Boston; Osceola, Wyatt, Bristol; Lapwing, Curtis, Sciluate; Stranger, Sparks, Province town. In Hampton Roads, Black Hawk, Yeaton, Portsmouth, Nil. for Baltimore. Savannah, Oct 24?Arr Powhattan, Marshall, Baltimore; Nicholas Kiddle, Truman; Rockall, Evau.; Hudson, Page, anil Newark, Freeman, New Vork; Peter Demill, Lewis, do: Mary Kimhall, Gregory, Boston; Topaz, Mabee, Nassau for Charles ton?put in on account of head winds. ffr.vv Orliami, Oc: 20?Cld ("has Carroll, Cook, Antwerp; Marengo, Hulbertson, Hirre; St Louis, Marks, Philadelphia; Fanny, Patterson, Havana. 117ANT11.D?A three story or two story sttic House, well *V situated in or near Broadway?for a small family, for six months, or longer, as it may suit all partes. Address, post paid, to J . No. 70 Hudson street?stating location and rent. o29 3t?ec ANTED?On the 20th November tint?a handsomely I'ur lushed P.rlor. with Brd-room atuched to it, in the vicinity of the Battery. One having a view of Broadway preferred.? Address immediately H. D., box 775, Lower Post Office. ?291l*rrc \\T ANTKl)?A young itin, with from $20<l to $300, to go to ?v the Southern part of the United kut?s. the West Indies and South America. The business will be both pleasant ,iad profita ble. Any smart young man, with t*K) or $300, will find this a uood chance to get into business. The advertiser will be lesdy to start for tl'.e south in a few days. Also wanted, a young man with $150, for a business in this city. A smart young man frt m i lie country pieferied. For particulars, apply at the LardOffice, 61 Wall street up stiira, from 10 to 2 o'clock. o29 lt*rrc M >?% ?jlTl < M )? PO BE LOANKD on Bond and Mortgage, on unincumbered ? property in thi. city, er Brooklyn,?at the l.and and Loan Office, 20 Wall street, (ba*tnent.) Also $.0 000 in sums to suit A. BUFFUM. o26 2tis*m Real J Utate Broker. A CO J DENT AT THE NEW ]POST OPFICE rpO THK PUBLIC.?The undersigiicd h vingseen an article in the New York Sun ol Saturday, relative to the unfortu nate accidrnt which occurrtd on Friday at the New Post Office building iu Nassau street iu which gross misrepresentations ;us m'de, deem it proper in Justice to themselves and to the Post Master in this city, to contradict emphstirally the ststemen " that sufficient means w>re not furnished to warrant the pro|>er co> stniction of the scaffold, and that the men wished to cm. struct it themselves, hut were prevented by the Post Master, who had it m ule touuithimsell." 'I lie undersigned deny in the most positive manner, that ther? has lieen any want of means, in regard to this or any other part of the work, or that the Post Master gave any directions or hail my agency w hatever in ttie errruou of the scaffold in ques tion. The scaffolding from which the unfortunate men fell, was made exclusively under.'the |iersonal inspection of the Mister C.r|>eiiler a>.d Painte*, and wasdeemnl in every res|?ct, stout ?nd strong, and ahundai;tl> sale. The accident occurred fron> tin- breaking of a timber, which we have preserved for examina tion, and which had * concealed defect, the surface, appearing to be entirelv sound. The accident w*s unavoidable. sn?l no charge of negligence or omission can pmimrly rest either upon tlie undersigned, or any other person whatever. MARTIN K. THOMPSON. Architect. ISAAC I.UCAS, Suiieriiiteuaant. HAMUKL SMITH. M.sler < arpenter. JOHN GATFICLl), Painter. o29 lt?rrc 'CO LKT? A well situated two story attic H< use, w ith bath ? room, water closet, and a good yard, near Washington Parade Crnund. For .ix months, nr longer if leriuited. Apply ta o? 3t*ec JOSKPH C. LAWRENCE, No. 53 Wall l GOOD CHANCbS TO MAKK IMONKY. ? TO LET?A Tavern and Lodging House, lonu and well ra tablithed iu a re tral and great bnsiuess part of the city. A e ini- r Grocery and Feed Store and H'abling for n number ol i he , wrll lie sold cheap f r essh To let?aHef-cior), | crnir of Ch-tlnm Hoseve't tr ? ts?rent low. Twofnnt looms in Broad>vay, rornerof Duauii slrest?rent $li>psr mo. th. Two hack ro.tms in Pearl street, near Broadway?at 36 a month. Two good Porter Hotisea to let?futures, lie. for sale. A stor and cellar in Mulhs-rry street, nrar Wa'ker street?n-nt $120 ti. 1st of May. Three rooms, kitchen and cellar, in Aimty street, near Broadway? r?nt $.1 a mouth. For sale or exchange fo> ?flty property, a l'avein in New Jersey?ti e only public house in ihe place?has stabling for 30 horses, with fruit of all kiD'ls, and four acres of choice laud. Persons wishing to sell o t store., farms, houses, tic . or to pnrchaie or hire apartme> ta, may apply to GILLESPIE, House Agent, 552 Pearl ilrwt.neai Broadway. 0 N. B.?Wants to parchaae, a small Grocery. o2? It* m UNIVERSITY SURGICAL AND MEDICAL CLINIOUE. THIS Institution has been estahli.hed by th* Medical Faculty *? of'he University of New York, for tlie pirpose of enabling hnee citizens who are affected with surgical diseases, and whose I'ircamstaiices prevent litem obtainiug relief to have the neces ary operations lerformed gratuitously, and likewne to fr.rnish tVice and medicine to the sick poor Iree of charge. On even ?inlay- throughout the year, Dr MOTT will be in attend infce at th* Cltnp|ne, J59 Broadway, to give advice, and perform my surgical operatiou that may he required Tlie Clinii|oe will it*" at nine and close at one o clock I' M UNIVERSITY LYINO IN I |(aUITV-TI . chuity is uider the direction of Dr. B,.l)FOItU, aril is also intended U< furnish gratuitous assistsuce to poor women in their confine aient. All women who may require tlie aid of this charity, are ^nested to register their names with Dr. BEDFORD, 74S Broadway, and they will be attended at their own housw fne ol charge. ol)3awlm*iTC Important fleeting American Republi can* in Ihvor of the Election of Polk and Dalian, \Vright and Gardiner?and opposed to the annrxlnf of Texas to Oreat Britain, and permitting the British Government to take poMeMlon of Oregon, A ?\'rE^T.INP OP THE DELEGATES from the several Ward* in the city of New York, of the Democratic por tion oHI* original American Republican Party. assembled ,u J. 1.. Slodeall i Hoirl Saturday, Oct JKth, IWt. for llie pui oose nl la> nig before the public thnr view! in relatiou to the "rItV C0I"**V u<lvv trending before the People. jm!" "I*""' "" '"Kim""! by appointing T. H. MATTE "On, ? liairinau and L.'W N(wt<M,fbcirtiry, wheu, ou mo tion, (lie accompanying address was pad TO THE DEMOCRAT!'* PORTION OK THE AMER1 (CAN REPUBLICAN PARTY : I lie undersigned Democrats, who, for object! which they deemed essential to the interests of the city, Joined in securing ah American Republican triumph at the last Charter election, deem it proiier to make this appeal to those of their Democratic brethren who acted with them ou that occasion, and to state their position in the present contest When, not xn*ny years ago, the charter election was held at the ??inc tune with the election for State officers, the reasonable injection was Md that the one was merged ill llie oilier to the ^reat detriment both of Stale and City interests. Candidates, it was ur|<e<l, w-l* not allowed to Hand upon tlieir own merits, there was a confusion of general and local |Militics, fruitful of coalitions and arrangement* to secure jierional objects, aud end ing hi results astonishing and perplexing to all |>arties concern ed. It Mas likewise urged that, while it was vitally necessary, that on all ouestious connected with State or National legisla tion, our doctrinei and principles should be rigidly enforced, there wan not the same strong necessity, of either applying ?trict party tests, or being governed by strict party rules, in mat ters connected with the aduiini trillion of city affair*. Many who, upon questions of general b-gislati ill, would have aban doned rheir political principles only with tlieir lives, did not d-ein it ueces>ary to adhere rigidly to tin) same rules in relation to our loc il government. It was the general fe*-lir.g with both the melt parties of the day. that itiour chart'* elections, a com amtively "iw party" policy should previil. and the proposed change w: s hailed as a sort of political inillenium, when' only ilia H' st and ablest men of Part}, known personally to tlieir im mediate Co stituents. and closely identi ed with the iutrresti of our greit metr polls, wonM be plaoil bef re the |wople, and that whatever |wrty prevailed, tlie city would be sure, of a capa ble administration. The lnnc-ho|ied for change came at last. Tlie state and char ter elect ions were separated. It is needless for us to state, that however successful (lie results of the change may have occa sionally proved, the benefit* promised from its adoption have been far from realized. This failure has resulted from no one cause inote snparrnt I ban the fact, tliat our city interests have continued to Pe absorbed ill the all-engulphiug vortex of general polities. Mere politician!, who?who xpart from tlie loc?l notoriety obtained by active partizauzhin?were unknown to our Citizens generally, have been brought forward as candi dates, and elt-cled. The financial interest! of this great city bee Mile entrusted to hands unequal to their management. As mere politicians became officeholders, they looked to mere poli ticians like themselves for co-oiieratiou and support. Long promised reforms were train and again (Kistponed. until they were killed by a system of delay, from the apprehension that were they carried toil, the darliu^poi ularity of the official dig uitaries night be affrcted. Appointment! were, made, not from considerations of |iersonal fitness, but from |<oliticel motives of the most Hellish aud degrading character. The claims of the quiet citizen, who reited his cue ou hi! well-known character and s'aiidtux among his fellow men, were postponed to make way for the noisv brawler, who demanded his return for per sonal services performed to elect some unworthy incumbent. We will not now r-peat the catalogue of grievance*, hut con tent ourselves with Mating, that acting in tlie same, spirit which dictated (lie change in the time of holuiog our charter elections, desirous that the vast and varied interest* of our city should be ba?ed on their own itrength and importance alone, and not rmtigled with other interest! foreign and ?xtrai eoui, leeking alone lh? elevatiou of men who would diveit them-elves from the trammel! of politics of the most sellish and the low est grade, mid never for a moment abandoning our |Nisition iu democials in matters relating to State and National Legislation, we joined in the movement of the day which placed the present party iu power. We will not now stop to enquire how far our expectations of city reform have been realized. It is enough for us to publUti the motive! which actuated our course, to claim from our brother democrat! a fair appreciation of those motives, to proclaim that our position on every question of State and National politic* il .unchanged, that we spuru every bargain, rwect e?ery promise, and set at nsught every attempt t > win us from our allegiance to those principles of democracy which we cherish to our heart's core, and which we will never abandon so long as life last* to sustain them. Weearue?tly call upon oar Democratic brethren who acted with us in o lation to local reforms, to bear in mind that any ar rangement with the unscrupulous party which now se-ks to tani|ier with us, mutt enure to the benefit of Wm* federal ivn. f he recent result iu Plulad'lphii, ii claimedYKe, as we admit it to be, iu effect, a WHIG triumph. It is a Any pro claimed with shout!or WHIG rejoicing through all tlie length and breadth of thel ? nd. A* American Republican Democrats, what have we. to gaiu by a victory in name, achieved under soch circumstances, celehrited by such rej >icings, and bring. ?;kin its tron DISASTER TO THE GLORIOUS CAUSE ()P DEMOCRACY / The fruits oj tuch victories ipring from the aihei <(/ Democratic defeat*! WE claim got to bo shaieri in such triumph*. WE claim not to lie victors in con tests in which Democrat* ark trod into thk nt'sr ! Shall it lie said of ns, that we have heen made the instruments in the h inds of men against whom we hive contended all our live*, to eitablinh (he p*rmvne,icy of their principle I Sh?ll we it this crisis of the Democratic |>arty, wlien the consequences of its defeat will be felt and deplored in every nil-liter of the laud, lend our aid directly or indirectly to produce so disas trous are ulr'f Shall it be uid tnat the hand of a Democrat ha* de? It llwdeath-hl.iw to the great |iarty which, whatever m*y hive been the occasional errors of it* policy, we love, cherish and revere J Lot that blow?if come it must?come at le?it from Il 'Stile handi. Let our breaits be pure, ol H birds unstained, at it consci'nees unhxunted by the cmne of POLITICAL PARRICIDE If on the monument, which it to cover the atiavE or Democracy, there it to he any intcription written, let it nut ttll the tale that it wai our art THAT CAUSED THE ERECTION OK THE TOMB. On the other hand, if the ever-dauntless Democracy i* again destined to add another triumph to iu long and brilliant roll, who hut OURSELVES should aid in that OLOKIOU^ CONSUMMATION, and share in the REJOICINGS and the HONORS' oj victory ! Temporary, eitrangementt, private Kiiefi, local dil tat inaction never have and never ihall teparnteutfrom the gredHbody qf our Democratic THEN.ONCF. MOKE ON THE OLD BROAD PLATFORM. WE RESUME OUR PIACE IN TllE SERRIED 'RANKS OF STOUT-HEARTED DEMOCRATS. WHERE SIDE ttr SIDE WF.HAVE CONTENDED JIQ.'IINST .1 COMMON POLITICAL FOE, AND WHERE SIDE UV SIDE WE SHALL AGAIN PUSH ON TIJF. COLUMN TO CERTAIN AND UR1LLIANT I'VJ The reading of the aboveUddrau was received hmid a tumult of appliuee. After which the following indignant protest signed by hundreds w*s read, ? and unanimously responded to : WE WENT FOR CITY REFORM?NOT FOR FEDE RALISM. The undersigned having voted the American Republic,in Tic ket at tlie bite charter election, for tlie avowed and ostensible |mrj>o*e of Municipal Reform; having laid aside, in that local election their party predilections and prejudice* to achieve the enactment of such reformation as they deemed cilled for in the administration of the City Government, regret to learn, by pub lic rumor, that an attempt ii being made to identify them with a party in which they have no confidence and with whom they have no sympathy. We, therefore, protest for ourselves and for those we represent, against anv identification with the Whig Party, Whig Principle*, and Whig Measure!, and, that we may not lie.misinterpreted a! to our |iolilical position, we hereby piahli.ih in this form our firm determination to supinirt the elec tion of JAMES K. POLK and GEORGE M. DALLAS, for President and Vice President of the United States; and of SlLAS WRIGHT and ADDISON GARDINER, for Governor and Lieutenant Governor of the Slate of New York, and express our indignation at an attempt to transfer us, like ''cattle in tlttr market,'' to the embrace of ancient Federalism. John Stiles Abin Strant John Gilmore Pe er ^'anuell Edwin Bragg John Suvens W m I'ratt Peter P Traphagen James H Anner A S Washburn George Cox Ahm Myers Joliu Strickland P Ho'lev Ja'"fs II Lee David L Panklusk David Cole Henry Whito Richard Hawkey P K-Ilenuer Christopher Alleu Sa.til Gilbert Willi iin H Morse II Holley Win G Babb E Holley N Myers Wm Brailey M Theo Whitney Lewis Ryer 9 A Whitney F Hall Abraham Smith Hartson White J as Gilbert A Hopping H Hawkey L Hopping Wm Lee P McUuire Isaac Seaman David T Slocuin K J Jimison VV m L Burrows Win R Slocuin G W Duionl Daniel Slocom James Dunbar Moses Swell John Bombay J.unes Ryan Wm H Holmes James Reid Alex I eon Tln mas Holmes, Jr J icob Cockcroft F Frederisky Wm L Branch Thomis Holmes J D Pierson John Wilcox. Jr George Ryerson Ali honso Hand J S t ain James Boyle Sainl ? Field Ja* C Looke John De Revere Cox J.unei liigins Fretlerick McDonald John Hoffman Heairy 11 Baldlieck Albert Itogo* Thomas Moncrief Jos-ph B Ackerinau J P McAbee Wm W Bell-clc James Mount Nath M Seileck Henry C Mackay Win Lozier John Marsh Willi-in Macdonald John Shuak John Young* Mich'<el Harrison Jidin II ( hainbers 'I homis Pardon Win Marriner David M Keuzte P-ter Feltui Christian F' Butclie David Marriner Hiram Sauuoucs C K Ki" hack David Samsones Henry Waid George Nicen, jr William Ward Divine H Cole* Jacih D u rye.* J,di ? J ones W jlli mi Denyse A I) Failing Ja ol> Sto.ina It Davison John P Teale A Ilempisted Mtithias L <(shorn William K Marshal Andrew "shorn C p Marshal Jacob Edsall R D Marshal Jacob V.uidervoort William Warner George Griffin J H Colfair Michael White J J Fraiin >n Etlward Connor Austin f ampbell A Ball John Colmer A Jackson Ahraham S Lord James C Hascltine U Atks Stephen llushel Allwrt Wamer Jonas R Knapp J V S Shurk Hiram Smith Derick Derick Dan Stanard S Smith Loren' ? Dibble W Davids Ryan Bruce Isaac D Brewer Th mis R Hull Horatio Homer Ciharle* Hoiilki oc William BJ>hepherd William Graham John Mather .lames Wilson Jsines.Hart. John B itton John Smith Henry Van Tine H L' ot Daniel Saxon C Warren Gnorge Fanning S H Herdman John Farrell A II Townsend Albert Van Tine Albert Ayre* John B Cornell John Dunhim Merrit Smith , Andrew Semhlin Hetiheu B llanford John Taylor Jo stall Fowler P Vaughan Peter Wells John l)*vison Martin llainsay lolin Williamson William Conover E Hall James II Aol P biaisted Ricnard Joyce II M Wells J Amos Hammond A I' Newkirk Joseph Hammond (reo llfown Francis Oldis John Wood David Hemsey M Mitchell Henry Piiudl* W C Br >wn M I/ewi* GF Bailey SSWendle L W Newsoii C Roe?ter Herman Sutermeiitor Henry Anthony John (? T lerton En .ch Dunham John Valenline Edwin Drummoud Wm Lockwood Benj J We*tirvelt Henry Dohbs Benj Brown JFTallmadge Lamont Williams Peter West?rvnll John Mug^an Samuel Demon, Jr Samuel Oliver IIN Gtllnp Wm Madden Daniel Francis Win l lioreburn Geo F Holmes Wm F McKay R .lie-t ilewett A T Hsnptman C R Hatfield, Jr Henry H V*ap Jacob Stlnglaud J sines Wood O Warner John Mevore Silvester Roe James Doughty William Bukley Pe-er Moore Fred Cutter Jebn Cox David Andrews William Brook* Thomas Stewart John Smith William H Cornell (Jeorge t lark Hir*m Miller Edward Williams ( hailn* M While Wailiington Smith Abi-ahaw) Delanry Jobs Dalucr ( hailn* Si White A Madden Washington Smith D.'niel Wansley 1 holnse Walk*r J Mob Room Wi!liam*Pairn*r Thonui M Bru^i (Jfjfy Butler Daniel feniwy WilliamM* irebaur W Penney Thorny M'Clintock Louis Pen iter John Bo^ert Th ?mss Penney Grrru James D VDi ?t? Jones. Sulon^n Romv?I( A , i?. James Htr ou rr*d Parker J*in?a tfeow i"?'1? Samuel Korstar 1 heodore Hnunpson William Duraud Jatnnt Carter &uoch JLawrencs John Miller Edward Jubw Richard (Jark? William Smith William Uuluick Jante^ Ben j amine J' art*f ( rfur^r True Ulu ? ffv r<>*lei llcfij V itu Hue Vredeubergh Cornelius Ainion ft11 l?lnif* "*yW4^ JDK Put man U? iff"1* .. William K 8my the r?dward Caufteld J Austin Wm -tabb, Beuj Moorehead ? c ii IV Jonathan Smith Hiram Noil uf n f? if Ephraim T homes )J?n p BaiUar Dmiel (ial? J/'o L R eves Tim >rhy M acom be r. 1 umber-son < oru?*liu? Day JoteithW Johnson Benj Pate, son Daniel Stuart Laurence W1M191 Adam Blow Edwin Velaor Jo. I'll Anderaon James N Brown ( -nirlea M Brown John Vaudu/.er .11, Oraham Joseph 11 ??iinclt Henry Frederick Lyainder Devoe Jun*? Devoe Aimer Penney Robert Pen i?y Abraham Penney Imc Mocuin Win H Slncuin W-HIf1'- H Mason Joseph Marsh Henry Wilton Kami Sinvth < ieor*** Sioiimou JamesJohnson Bernard Croff tlr 'Jf- 2!,,n-''",r John llr.uly Willuini PI,yfe (Jeorue W Samuel Beysou David Hverson John Cnuter WmColborii John Doane |,nac Smith Isaac Auatiu Jerry Murry Abraham.Vlaunus Ceotge O.illagher X James W Bartletl I h<w a ? enham (teorge Senior Martin P**,, Silve.ter Vrrmilyea t l 4 1. Joseph Anderson John I" Moore John P Teal Edward Burnett E * umbersou P. 'I' H. "attersou '? Call John (J Nortnu J Nuuen Isaac C Nortou John Brown Win (i Bourne Wm Hunt Abm South C hmtopmr Kith L)iviJ Uluson William l)avun*ta George Brower * We ire compelled. from w:int of spice, from publishing the entire Int. Some IAUO names remain unpublished. Alter reading the above proteat, the follow iug resolutions were unanimously adopted : Resolved, That tlie address and protest just read be adopted as the sentiment of the Democratic portion of the American 1 te la,Micau Puty. Keiolren, That when this meeting adjourn, it adjourns to meet at Stoneall s 01, i his ('1 ueailay) EveuillK, a* 7 o clock, to take luch action as m?y best tend to secure the triumph of our avowed priucijdee. . K?"M. I hat tin- proen duiKS of this meeting be signed by tlie Uiairman and Secretary, and published 111 the American Re publican, Ensign, New Vork Sun, Herald, and Plebeian, f ur m u '? MAT'I tSON, President. I.. W. Nlinon, Secretary. ?2!) lt*rc TO HIS HONOR THK MAYOR T-T AVI NO noticed .everal paragraphs in the Express, Courier, 1 ? *nJ."t,irr i'(lua"v disreputable and slanderous>, in whirh they indiHcrimiuatelv villify the clutiiclers of the mem tiers of the Kmpirn Club, over whirli 1 have the honor to pre side. Likewise charging us. *? s ( lull, with outiageous viola tion* ol law(and orOer? with brutal assaults upiiu |ieaceible ai'd unoBe,tiling cltixeiis. 'l'lie malignity and perseverance with wbicli t> ey continue their attacks upon us, without the least n-garit to truth or propriety, can only lie equalled by their tin blnsb ug elfnintery and impudence. Every article relative to tlie h.inpire t lub is almost iu every iwrticular an infamous and malicious libel, concocted by political hirelings, for oase and dishonest purposes worthy ef the dastardly aud cowardly vil lull* froin whom they emanated They wish to advise and in struct you 111 your duty as Mayor. I should feel degraded as a ctr/.en if I Tor a moment believed you would lake tbe advice of a set of unprincipled knaves, who are continually breeding d-s cord and strife among ineu that might, but for their interfe rence. be 11 tends. I n-.iectfully solicit your elimination of facta, aud not mis representations?of men who call upon their p?rti/.ans to arm themselves with deadly weapons when they goto the polls to vote. Such advice, given by the leading journals on the eve of an eiciting election, is calculated to produce drplor.ble and luneii'ah'e results. The opposite party will naturally make corresimnding preparations, for self protection is an 1. herein tyiuciple, and a natural right that freemen will Dot leadily re linqaish I wuuld ask this law-lovingiet of pretenders, which party it was that carried off by violence the ballot hoses from, I be lieve, the Seventh Waid; and if the same individual is uot now employed by the whma as a leading fighting man 111 one of th-ir ,!? r ihe whigs ntle anu almost demolith the office of the New hra in IHIUf Did they uot knock down and otherwise malt re 1 every oue who came in their way I And is not one of the |iersons who made the attack on the New Era of lice, president of one of the whig duns/ These thongs are) fresh! in the memory of many of our citi *?,"*? bilta few days since one of the members of the Empiie Club had hia le^ broken at the Knickerbocker "Club room, wliere 1 e was invited to drink with an acquaintance: he now lies at the City Hospital crippled, |ierhiin for life. Another m.ui was so shockingly beaten that hit life was despaind f, in riauklin or Hanover Square. On Saturday night last, 26th in "i?/"' ?S iniet, re?i?cub|e gentlemen, w ilk ed (accidentally of cour?e) into a driuking house in the Kiist \V ard, and commenced au outrageous assault upon the inmates. Alter amusing thrmselves in their usnal cnw.rdly manner, ttiey- came singing and swaggering an Broadway, pmfauiug the Sabbath?and yet these outlaws cry' law oider. It may be truly said Satan can preach up morality, and seem a aaint. wheu most he plays the devil Their motives are obviona?they are trying to prejudice the public, particularly the airhoritiea, against the Empire Club, to create a sympathy iu favor of Clay clibs, that they may have some shadow of ei. u?? for the out r*e -nd violence ihey intend to commit on the day of election, both upon the vote.s aud ballot boiea, Ood grant their wicked a, U heinous deaigns may be frn?trated. I call upon you, as our II l.o protect tha rights of our citicena. Wsteh * j h>P critical pretender^ who pieach morality, law aud order in one krra-h. and in the neat advocate measures that, will produce st, lie and sheddieg of blood. The Empire Club have never mnde au assault U|niii any man, or attacked a proces sion. I defy the miscreants to make good their suteinen's in any onepar icular. "Even the attack uihiii the glitrinui Tri ?mphal Arch ,11 Broadway." 1 have always advocated pacific measures in our Club, and ever shall so do; but if we a>e com pelled to as* force, and have uo other leiort, we must protect ourselvesuid iriends. lle>|>ectfully, your fellow citizen, ""m ISAIAH HYNDER8. TO THF: FRENCH Ci riZENpT P EL LOW CITI/ENS: Our ancestors, headed by the brave *? Lafayette, lought under the comma id of the immortal Wash itivtou, tu secuie American Iude|ieiidence, aud to establish Ke publican Institutions iu this country. Never, before, have the Ktench citizens taken any part in the elections'of the city of New Vork. But, in our days, thing* and mea have changed. Whole populations have emi grated from "? ur iiie?S' ttled themselves ill tbe United Slate*, and enjoy free and benevolent instilntions. Several |x>litical Ift'es have lately been formed, which cniflit crush to atoms tlMae liberal laws,?the prid- of every American cititen. It is, theu, our duty to take a t>art in the nrit election. We owe it to ourseliea, as citizeua of the United Stales of America, as well as to our adopted country aud the memory of our fore fathers, fallen for Amercau Indejietideuce, in consequence of this, we summon you to a meeting, where the principles ol both parties should he taken into consideration, aud where we will d. cide l 1 giving our votes for thoae who, according to our views offer the best security Tor the preservation of those Republican Institutions established by and sealed with the blood of the martyrs of liberty iu "70 Keftow citizeas: "Liberty and Public Order," is the motto of this aud our mother country. Never lorget it, and you may al ways depeud ou the protection of both ? 11* 1 1 ... FRANCE AND AMERICA Meeting on XVeJnejday Evening, O -toher 30th, at 7 o'clock P. M? at No. 71 Lis|ienard street, corner of Broadway. <?? It'irn iNlNlll WAttlJ KENTUCKY CLAY (JLiUll. CLAY A^ND FRKL!N(iH1JYSEN. rPHK mea-brra of tha Kentucky Clav ( lub, arid all those dit .r K?V!r to l**11*1 ar* '?qowed toa4a?*mble at Kentucky Hall. No. 9 Perry *tre?t, on Mornimc, 30th in at., at 9o dork. Tlie objeit lieinfc to cooperate wiUi Uieir fellow Whigs iu tlie celebration of that day ? ? MOODY CUMMINOS, President. Wm. Bim.inos Mbcch, Secretary. o29 lt*m DR.VIOCKATKJ CIIOCEKS A WAKE ! AWAKE l-AROUSE : AROUSE'.-The Da -f*. inncratic (irocera of the ciiy aud county of New Yor* friendly to the el-ction of polk and Dallas, Wright aud Oiudi ner. are requeaied to attend a meeting at North A inericau Hotel, on I uinday eveeing 29th instant, to make arrangements to turn out on horse back to join in the Torchlight Procession on tlie first November. By order of L. ? ? THOMAS MARTIN, Chairman. e ? B Bi btoji. Secretary. .i2ll 2t*rrc f'E.NKRAL NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC.?WATER ** MAN SWEET. Natural Bone-Setter, intends leaving on the morrow through New Jersey, by Mount Holly aud Burling U!n.t '.o yiswer eslla by letter?having b-eu called here from I hiladelphia, especially te attend to a number of eitraordinary cases?and many more have offered?some ham|ierrd and others pampered?burnt or eaten?miatakm, beginning on the wrong joint, and working for veers atgreat aipcnae to the afflicted, or calico broken hone* when dislocated, as iu lluladelphia City for several weeks. Constant employ, of the moai citraordinary cases imaginable, often the niost learned and celebrated in the land I purpose to proceed to Boston and Maine soon, and re turn by Vermont aud o|ien a school in Amsterdam, N. Y., Montgomery Co., to instruct yonth in iny new practice, so use ful to humai ity, in case from pain and misery, often a short time, instead of i ear* of laboring under et|iense and loss of liff ? ?lth,"l,?h often called oinckery. lie has returned from I hiladelphia, and addresses left for him at the Astor Hnuse\or at I arse I Miner, 211 Kultou street. New York, Agent to tell hia mrdtCliK*, will lie attended to. o29 lt*rc TO THE PUBLIC. THE PUBLIC IS RESPE TKULLY remestedby the un " ilersigned to (a ruse the following iertificate., which are but few ol the many in his posseision. 'this is the result of his new mode of treitmeut without mercury ! Mr, llaltm in, cor,.er of '''"tre and Anthony streets, in ,Vlr. Harm's grocery store, was afflicted with severe ulceration of his throat and nose, the palate bones were distrained, al?o the hones of his noie ; he could not swallow any liquid but what it would cac ,|ie through his nose; lie hill lost his sieech, waa not able to sit up iu lie.I, his friends d'd not think that he could live: he Ilia had several eminent physici<ns; was sit weeks in the City Hospital: was salivated profusely, but received no benefit; was cured by Dr. Joseph Heme, 20 Duar e, near ( hatliam street, in an weeks. Captain Richard Vales uasenred by Dr. H., of eitrnsive ulceratieu of the legs and arms, pain and swelling of the bone* and jointa, his arms and I its were contracted, was confined to his bed, could not walk without aasistance, waa pronounced incurable by the most eisiiieut of the faculty; was cured by Dr. II. in two mouths. He may be found corner of Maiden lane and South at. or 91 South st. Mr. Aleaander McKay was cured of severe ulceration, af er the most skillful physicians did not succeed; he maybe found iu Westervill k McKay's shipyard Mr. J. Cosen,4i Hamilton street, w is cured of severe pain and swelling of the bouea, after having tried S'veral (diyiicians? alse, the City Hospital. Mr. Thomas Manslield, 132 Bn> km>n street, was cured of tu mors in every short time, after being pronounced incurable by several physicians. . Wr./.iLeach. IV? Hammeriley *t wfio had a little ?rirl f) years old *ffl,rred with ritetmve ulceration, contraction of tbe Jointa of the anna and H|i, expensive dia?aM? of tlie bonea. swell,?K or the clan da Of the n?ck; had tried rarioua | hysinana. nl?o thel/ollefea 111 Broadway and Croaby utreeti waa cured by \)t II in HI weeks. Mr J. Crow, 18 Hamilton street, waa cu.ed of ulcers ol ill" throat and knif'a evil of the neck, after harine tried the b^?t siirKsous m tlie city. U R. Huntington,, No II Catharine slip, was afflicted with ?erere |?am and aw?*llini( of the bonei, atiffiima 6f the jointa could not walk without aa?iatance; had aeveral |?hyaiciaua~waa ?is weeksJn the Citv Hospital, but received no heuefit. Was cured by Dr II. in three weeks Mr. Peter Fuller, It* We.t Twertieth street, was told by sev eral eminent physicians, among whom waa Dr. Cammon. of | Hndton atreet, that had the consumption and was incuranle. Waa cured by Dr H in a very short time. Mr. Hall, comedian of the Chatham riieatre. had the dropsy ten years?was tapped several times, and considered incurable. Waa cured by Dr. II. 20 Duane st. in sn weeks. Be camious, 20 Duane, near I hatham it. "*"? DR JOSEPH HEINE. NOTICE. A H- PAKKER, M Duane street, between Broadway and ?*? r im "t^set, agent for the aale of valuable Oil Paintings, Porcelains and Antiquities, haa jnst received iwr shin Persian tn>m Amat^rasm, a fine Cfdleenon of splendid Oil raintnixs Of rhe rumish and Dutch achtmls, eleiranf jipan lac?iuerefl Porcelain, of the richest kinds, old Dresden Porcelain Orout* fancy Gups and Haacers, ancient rich in gold F'sns, of the 16th century, and of grandeur epnal to any thing imported into this countiy, which can tie dis|HMied of *t moderate prices. There fore thos? who wish to enrich their collections, or ornamenting their pylori, will find it to iheir interest to csll and examine, sudjndje for ih*m?e|ets, I .ad lea ars particularly tuvittd Uj AMUSEMENTS. pakk tiikathk. Mr. Plaeida?Mr. May wood?ill* Right* of Woman, (for the first tiin* in America,) and London A?suranee. THIS KVt.NINU, Met. ?. will br uiraMibNi. the comedy of LONDON AS9URAME-Hir Haicourt Courtly. Mr hacid", Dasle, Mr. Crisp; I.hJv IHv Hjyuikff, Min ' v* * To Conclude with tlx RlJlHTS OK WOMAN, or the Ro*e and tin- Tln*i|e?*ir A. Hurley, Bart , Mr. Aumimion ? U'unjii IV' rf> cents?Second and 1 hird Tier* W cents?hlju cents?Gallery IS cent*. ~ UPKRA HOU-*K 1'HIS EVENING. Oct r>?Adinist'on Uc?ot??IMMENSh ATTRACTION :-vA Oraiid Moving PANORAMA of thr CITY OK BOSTON, Covkhino J,0W Suriai Fist of Ciintu! and thr ETHIOPIAN SKRe.N ADERS. Mesin Orrmou. Stan wood II irri'gton, Prlliaui and W irrru?ALL KOR THIS NIOHT. r' I 111* Painting, esrcu'sd by J. R. Smith. Esq . from at Origins! l)ra?iii|t tak-u nu tlw <|H>t by liiin in IH19, and finished iu IMI, will br Exhibited iu Cn Sections, of thirty feet null Allowing time at racli section for explanation For full particulars uf ' oacrrt, kc , s. - programme. Door* open it T?< oucnt and Exhibition at a quitter before ? o'clock o? N IBM VtT n Mr. Brougham will aa O'Call.tghau?Second night of Cupid, (not a burlesque bur!etu, but i hurlrtta burlesqued written by Hayuea Biyley, Esq)?Mr. John Duun a* Cupid and Bigaroon THIS EVENING. Octolirr 29. will br presented the burlet'a burlesqued, entitled CUPID? Master Smith, alias Cupid, Mr J"hn Dunn; Mn. Vulcw Smith, Vtjss R Striw. After which, KAIR STAR, or the Mi -ging Atiideand Dancing Water?< herry, Mr* Tiuim; Kiir Star, Mint Mfltou. To couclud<- with HIS LAST LtUD?O'l/tllifhu, Mr. Brougham; Charles. Mr. Korrster. Aomisiiow.?Pre** Circle iu cents; L'pi?-r Boira 21; I'it2i: I'riratr Boies (to accommodate ?<( |*n(n?) ti each. cIrccs^hovvk hV7 BIllhLlANT ADDITION TO THE Kifteen set* iu the Cirri*. Col. Johnson, 1.1 Sliindel, H. Nichols, B. leuuin#* and ton, McKarland, and Master Walter Aynnr. SIX LAD1KS will ride this eve ling. Kint 'iigh' of the Grand Pageant of Hurwm uithip, EUROPE..ASIA, AKR1CA AND AMERICA. New Songi from Old Virginia by tlie I'antlemouium Minstrels Boxe* 2J crura; I'it I2>* ernta.?Performances coinmeiicr at ? quartrr before7,? over by I0)?- o28*3tm itKTt )W TIIK AT UK. ARCH STREET, PHILADELPHIA TUESDAY. 29th October, 1811 11 E N E F I T O F W. K. BURTON. EXCHANGE NO HOBBh It*. 0* Who'? to Father Mb/ rnucipal characters by Me**rs. burton, Barrrtt, Johuatou, Ruaaell, Mrs. Booth a'd Mrs. Hurke THE MILLINERS IIOLLIDAY. A (B- PRICE REDUCED TO '4!i CENTS. wDO T the solicitation of tev.ral geiitlrmrn of large families, who wiah to patronize it?the BATTLE OK BUNkER HlLL," u tile Coliseum, 450 Broadway?the (ireaiest M-eha.i ical Exhibition in the World?almost surpisses leal life, ai d liaa lieeu visited by mnv than Stu.umi person* iu Boston aud I'hilaaeliihi.i. Doors open at 7?coinmeuce it 7M o'clock. P. S. Exhibitions on Wednesdays and Saturday* at J P M , and School! -idmittrd on liberal terms i.J7 lwia*tn NuW OPEN, FOR ONE MON I H ONLV. AT the Rooms of the National Academy of Design, corner of Leonard street and Broudway, the exhibition of the follow- | mg maginlicent Paiutings:?The Abandonment of Heur> Hud vm. the uufortuna'e discoveivr of New York. Thr great BhuI. of Milliana, iu Africa, between the h'*neh aud the Aribs. Aud ?TTie only Portniit of Abdrl Kadrr, tlie celrbrated Bedouin Chief. Hoars of exhibition from 10 A.M. Ui 9 P. M. Admit twice U cents. tUch visitor rrceins, gratis, at the door, a beautiful lithograph of tlie Abaudoumcnt of lleury Hudson. New York, October 10, 1M4. olO lm*ec ART AND SCIENCE OF DANCING AND WALTZING. A CARD?MR. WHALE and DAUGHTER mfiecifullv announce to the Ladies and OeutUmen of New York, that their Classes in Daaciug, Waltxing, aud tlie Polka Dance, will commence ?t tlie Assembly Room, Constitution Half, 436 Broadway, on Saturday, October 12th, and will coutiuue throughout tlie seasou. Days of Tuition, for Youug Ladies and (Jentlifcneu under 14. ?very Tuesday and Saturday sftornoon, commeuciug at 3?aud , for the elder class of Oeutlemen at 7. Every new style of Dancing taught in Mr. W.'s classes, without additional charge | to pupils. Mr W. tracts that therelerences he shall offer of his capability will he utisfactory. School* and Academies attended to on up plication as ^bove, or at his Private Academy, No 70 Sixth Avenue, where terms will be mule known and circulars gtveu. coutatuing particulars. o2 lm*re EXHIBITION. THE END OF THE WORLD. A PAINTING, f)K VERY LAROE SIZE, by K. Anelli, at the Apollo vS 410 Broadway. The Exhibition 1st entirely se|ierau from the Concert Room. Omu from tl) A. M. to S P. M., and from 7 to It P. M. Admission 2i cents. olO Im* rc DANORAMA AT NIBLO'S GARDEN.?Open for a nhort I season, the most inagnificeut Panoramic Paiuting ever ex hibited in this country, (so say all the Artists that have seen it.) It was executed by the celebrated Artists, Mr. W. D&niell. E. G. I'arres and Augustus Earle, R. A. Loudon. It is u >w o|ieu during the day. Admittance to the Garden and Panorama 25 cents. Artists are respectfully invited to visit the Panorama free of chatga. C.r~ The Tanorania of Madras was exhibited in Russell Syuare, attended with immense success, and when purchased by Mr. Niblo was considered tlie very beet Panoramic prnutmg in London. sll Imrc FASHIONABLE DANCING. MONS. GABRIEL DE K O II P O N A Y , HAS thehonorof informing tlie Ladies aud Geiitlemen of New York, and vicinity, that ha has arrived f t lli? purpose o! giving instrnction in the principal fashionable Dauret prevailing Hi the highest circles of Euroiieaii ami American tociety. Mons.K. has lately arrived from Boston, Saratoga and New port, where his style met the wannest admiration of the public, and tlx marked approval of (be fashionable community.? Among others, Moua. K. propoir* lo teach that well knowu dance LA POLK A?the new Quadrille* with origin tl muiic? the Val*e de Deux Pas?the Maxourka?uew Cotillion*?nrw Galopiw, aud all Americau Danre*. Mous. K. will bea**i*ted by MADAME KORPONAY a* Mu?ician. The in*tri'cti<iu will be givea in the French, Ger man aud English language*. Rooms are engaged at 413 Broadway, corner of Li*|ienard arreet, (formerly tlie New York Lyceum,)?strictly piivate, cool and '?iry? for the accommodation of Ladies slid < reutlemeii. The Polka, and the new Quadrille*, as at present danced in the fushionablr circles of Loudon and Pari*, cau be tauuht in sin or twelve les*ou*, except the Mazourkt. All others in twenty four lesson*. Kor uniier particulars, inquire of MONS. KORPONAY, at his residence, 77 Chambers itivet. Tumi:?Class Lesson* from 6 to 7, 7 to *, and 8 to 9 daily. Six leasons, $6? twelve lesson*, $10, and quarter, $15. Private Le?*on??*ix lessons, ft: twelve lra*ou?, $12; quar ter. $20 All other hours will be devoted to Public Institutes, Acad emies, tic., Ac. "<9 >LLE, PAULINE DESJ AM DINS resnrilully inlormt hrr iiatrons end the public iu general, that she is about ti form a " Clotir dr Oancr" for ladies and gentlemen, iu which tlie will teach the favorite Polka,, aud all the otiiei fashionable Douce* of the day. The moruiug achool will be o|ieu from 12 o'clock to 2 o'clock and the evening from ? o clock to 9 o'clock. Indies aud gentlemen w tailing instruction are reouesled to call at M'lle Desjardiu's bouse. No. 1 Park Place, r>13 2wis*rc MUSIC. PARTIES AND BALLS attended with Mu*ic, consisting ^ of ( hoic* selections of Quadtille*, Waltze*, Sir., |ierfiiriii< il by good Muaiciana, more or leaa in uutnlmr, aa decred. Order* left at 26 Leouard atreet, will be punctually attended to by o293t*m J. Sl.MI'SON. HAVAN A SEGARS.-C. t. GHOSHEIM. 79 Peail street, offers for Bile an extensive assortment of Havana, (lately imported,) vix ;?La Norma, Noiiega, Dos Hrrmanos, La Ix-altad. Buenfumar, Regalia Irom Salvador Parru, La t o reus, Woodville, Lord ^rou, Dos Compauero*, Snu Roman. Progreso and other favorite brand*. <>2S 3ti**ec B E A<Jl >N CO I! l( S E?T R(<TT ING TUESDAY, October 2"th, atlJi o'clock?a match for $1000, two mile heats, under the saddle. John Spicer names th. g. fir William. G. Young... br g. Hector. T Immediately after ,a purse of $40? two mile heats, iu hamrsa. II. Woodruff, enters gr. g.Jotin Anderson. A I onklm .gr. in. Kaahion. J. Whelpley gr. g. Stockton. o>7 3tis*ec URENCH CHAIRS, SOFAS AND FANCY TABLES f TIFFANY, YOtfNG It ELLIS invite imrchawr* to look at their style of Chairs, Sewing Chairs, Arm Chair* and Sofas, under thie idea that they are more beautiful and more i<er fert in quality and finish than any for sale elsewhere Tbe\ a I *o believe, from their *ales and tlie universal expression* of those who have made themselves acquainted with tne prices ol other*, that they are decidedly moderate in price. T. Y. Il E. have al*o very beautiful Table*, Workstand*. Swiss Rustic Chair*, (at greatly reduced |>rices,) Irwi and Papier Mache Chairs, 1'ablea, he., with a Urge collection ol Parlor and Chamber Ornament*, all of tlieirowu importations, for sale at moderate prices, and packed free of charge. ?2i> 211 w is 1m m TO ADOPTED CITIZENS M'ATURALIZED FOREIGNER*-Who wish to have their legal rights respected, and their true lu'erests duly protected, will do well not to approach tlie polls at the coming elections, until they have previously read, aud well c uudeied. the j'ainplilet Ju*t published under tlie title of "('lay or I'olk, which they cau obtain gratii, at the reaideuce, No. 2N2 Broad I way. o22 8ti**rc Dm OCTOR HUNTER'S RKD DKOP pats all competition at defiaure. The qualities of thi* a'tirle are different from all othe medicine* u >d for delica'e >1 isea^s The proof ol n having cured in thousands of case* in the ci'yofNew Yorl, g ve* it *uch *uceea< tb t we ^>taud now on an eminence from all | o'heri We caution the public lo be careful uf nostrum*, got up every day for the purpose of gulling them, and of monute. bank* taking their money w ith int doing them any service II there are any who doubts the effi :acy of this medicine let them [ call at the llunte ian Dispensary, at 3 Division stree., wlieie . er tirtcatea >f cure* can lie seen, tome f It years standine, aud tin most astonishing on record. Price $1 per vial, with hill direc tiont, and warranted to cni* or no charge. <<>9 lt*r c WANTFD ? MAN CAPABLE OK < ONDUCTINO A MANUFAL ^ TORY OK SULPHURIC AMI), and the moil com mm l.hemtcsl prndu< ts. This will be a capital rhance for a eompe tent, young man without capita'. Address Vox No. 1040, Lower Post OHice. .latiug name, iddre**, and qaalificatioas. oH Iwi?* m WTII. LI AM 84 HARFENBERGk KKRD LUIHh^leav. "v to inform their friends and the public in general that thev have formed a Co-partnerahip for the importation of Koreigi Mn*ic, for the tale of which they have opened a l)e|>ot at th. ttore 161 Broadway, near Kraiihliii street, wliere may lie eon ?tantly found all the < l?*?iral Work* of the celebrated Kteuch Oerman ..nil Italian comiHMrrt, aa well aaall the latest (miMic* Uons, of which they will always have a complete assortment a> toon aa published iu Kurope. N. B. Italian Strmet of tnivriorquality for Violin*, (hutars llsriMi. Ike he. Sil\e Vi'irr. Kosin. lie t> Itta*fW LARD?40tlke(t* extra I ore ImF Laid, in very flue order anil conditioo. I*or *ale iu lots to *uit purr haters, by oZi E. K. COLLINS ti <;<>. Soutb street ?OR LI VERPOOL Regular Packet Nov. JkVxW'I lie ?ple d.d lir*t class fast sailing iw ItM ship I V JHnfcl?'-l'E>'l>ENCE, Captain F. P. Allen, will toil a. aiiotr, tier regular day. Having sccommndatlont for cabin, second cahm and s tee rag. inssager*, far *u|*rior t<? those of any other ve(*-l* in |Hirt, pet tont withing to embark should makeearlt applicatiiin on board toot of Maiden Lane, or to JOSE I'll Mi Ml'RRAY, oWrc 100 ('me *treet. corner of S?uth. FOR NEW ORLEANS?The fast sailing new fjy^Vl'*rket ship PERM.AN Captain Robbins, will poai jHMSgtively tail on the lit of November. Kor |>assage, thit thin baring tplendid accommodationi for C4hia, second cabin and steerage passengers, who will be taket at a low rate, apply an boa d. at Murray's Wharf, foot of Wall ttreet. or t# JOHN HERDMAN. M Aouth itreet N. B. 1 be aubtenber ha* a regular succession of ml elast ghipt, aailing every ftve daya, lor tlie shove port o29rc U& ORLEANS?First packet shin, t WCTIV'*11 ,"il1lhuS'{f i' lr 2,1,1 ' """" | f" T'endiil net. ?Mfa'h'l' MAR I IIA, Capt.c, - . ?, |?,,,, t piri i1 r. I*t Miver, neir Wall atreet, w it p. - , i , | ,ti 'i.l i* above without fail. This toperi'r thip offers aceomni hUh n? I .r i in, **' nil cabin and tlrerage pasaeuger*. aueqoalled by ?ny ship now u( for the above port. Kor passage spply on hoard the ?hip, o* to | Pl'ly on hoard the ship, i* JOHN IO.ItDMAN, T, . . . ,. tl Hnaih street. Peisisl, r^eT.'i t*?C??d?d by lire elf.-aii', l'a*t tailing thip oSi ' to Mil on til# lit of N?W?nb*r BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. Philadelphia. [Correapondaaca of the Herald.] Philadelphia, Oct. 28, 1S44. The democrats have made considerable political ?tapital out ot an intercepted tetter, written by Wm. B. Red, E?q , enclosing an order for 8100, io be applied in canva?aing, an<t conveying voters to the .?oil in Lehigh county The letter has been printed iii German and in Kiiglish, in the thape ol a band bill, and circulated by thi'iinam!* throughout the interior of the Stnt?* The whig* treated ihe matter lightly at first, but finding that it mude i deeper iinpretj-ion on the minds of the (it-ofile 'han they anticipated, they have ca'kd au in dignation meeting to-uiKht, to eiprew their opin ion on the subject. The democrats absert that it will increase their vote twenty-five per cent, throughout the State. The Jettercame out through * miHiiirection. It was addressed to a Mr. Selpidge, Prothonotary, Allentown, Lehigh county Mr. SHpidge whh formerly Prothonotary ol thiscourty, ??ut the oreaent incumbent is a democrat. Mr. Sel indge, thinking the letier hhh an i (filial one, < ur ii?*d it to the Prothonotary, who opened it, t?nd finding that it meant mitw hiei, published it It has been spread far Had wide. The Brandywine Light Boat will leave Wilminjr ?on, Delaware, to-niorrow morning, to take her rtiation tor the winter, on the Brandy wine Shoals. Sills at thk Stuck K*lh*m.i?i thaix American ma 91 13 Ka in. i ? ? and Mechanic*' Bauk. 4?$, f>^,V>0 H!al? A'i 74; 1,500 U S 6'?, 1863, I0?; 26 .h?r#a Union B ink. Tenue??. e, S*, HKl Wilminatou UK, 34j, SO < f.rarl Bditk, I If, Slat.' h a, 1846,7SJ Silcomj ll..?>.n-Mi abarea Wilmington RR, 34}; 1*0 do honda, A'*, 1668, ?HIP NKWM By l*mat Night's Noathcrn Mall. I'Hii.Aun.rm 4, Oct M?Arr I'orpoiar Drake, and Caraga, Slewurd, .Work. Below, Maucl>??ti-r. Jarmaii,Tm K' Undnm. BatTiMoaK, Oel Zl?Arr trust k liuiuv, [Brrm] Fontos, Ui-nini. Krau Annette, (H-iu] (loruirv Antwerp Hid Janat, Huck. Liveri-ool; kloiilamma, K?llj, Val|>araiui and a inkt, Occin. Klilrnlge. Bo.iou, Krmt.i, (ue? l Swan. N Vork, > xact, h'oltier, Nantucket; Vielnriua, Mam ar, NiwOilraiit 1 Id ifilh, Meguiiticook, Mayo, do; ()?oca, Bquirna, aud Mana, l.atou rett*. N Vork. Aikiathuru, Oct 3>? Arr (Jaldan Kola, [Br] Watlitiftoa, Bermuda. AUCTION iSALES. , ..LARGK ?AL|C or PLANT* AT AUC TION, f ^ Y& HI OONER will tail This Day at II o'clock, No U lil Broadway, JiiO pots choice I'lanta, consisting iu part of ? ?lie hundred |>ots very handsome Artameaias. l.tuwt uu, *tock i 'ainelian, Rotes, Orarges md Lrnoui, wnh * great variety of other ornamental |i an'* o'.V l'*u? ~ , Bf.NJA.MIN MOONK*. Auctio err PHIS DA\ -KUHNITl'HK HAI.KU, at 10 ..Mock, Nx. 34 Vesey street. B. MOONEY k Iw ill sell all the Furui tnre o! this eitensive Boarding House. consisting <-f Parlor, Dining and Kitchen Kuruit*tre, via: Brussels, and Hair ' ar|iet; Sufis; Pier, Centre Dining aid breakfast Tallica; Ma hogany and Ma|>U Chain: Pier and Mantellilatscs; Mantel 1.a>11 pa ; Window Shad??; l'lntrd Ware: China do; Ulas? do ? Al<o, one Piauo. Alao, Bureau*, Toil't Table*, Mirroia. Iu. See n29 lt*m A C TU I'TLP GEUM AN TOYS -JACOB S PLATT will aell This Day, at 10 o'clock, at the Auction Ko< m, No. 2t Piatt kimi, cor ner of Gold. 40 cues of (iermau Toys, in original trackages, itist lauded from Bremen, put up and imported eipieasly for the city retail trade, and forming the beat *a?ortmen? offered ai Auction this season. Kach cue constating of large mid valua ble Toys, vii: in part, Villages, iu notes?K rm Wagons? . Jaeka---Maguetic Slnpt and Bird*?V iolius??-Klagvolets ? leu Pins, in botes? large Wooly L>ogs and Htieer, Its., tie ? 1 lie whole of which will be |?reuii>torilv aold to th*-highest bidder, and is worthy the attention ot the city retail and country o#> If m K H. LUDLOW. Auctioneer. SPLKNDID BIUJCHK C ASH Vl K SHAWI 9, of the last Importation and Patterns mat received and will lie sold at Public Auction by K. H. LUDLOW It CO., Auctionaera, at the large room of the A|)ollo, No 41U Bioadway, opposite Lit pd' aru st., on Friday, Nov fat. at 12o\ lock Shawls at a high coat are now sold iu Paris and l.oud<niat PublielAuctiou,so aato give to the Ladieaa better cliauce toetamme th*m iu a apaciout aad convenient room, and al?c of makiu* selections out of a targe assortment A similar opt ortuairy will he afforded aaabove ?being an invoice juit landed from khips Baltimore and Aigo, tnd cau he examined the day previous, (Thursdat,) after II o'clock M. Theae shawl* are warranted sound and |?rfect. and aud free fmrn cotton, ami can be purchaied Willi |ierlect confi dence a? of iIn- beat (quality. The'?ali will comprise the following assortment,v1*: Indiaaad Canrl <li ir < athmeie Sh iwla; l'eriia, Tepahan and ( abeel Thibet Shaw la, fcn , he. Several being > lei Ted exj?r-*?|) for thi* mar ket, at a liitclt coal, from the (Ireat Kair in Paris. Alan, Shawls <iinilar to thtne^telecied at the above fair by her Majesty, the Queen ?f the Krench, the Princess de Nemours, Primaas de loiuville. Ike , he., lie., For farther particular!, aee Catal< gurs, w hich will lie re.dy on Thuraday, at IS o'clock. Sale Peiemp tory. Tetma ca-h. u29 4iia*rrc A. C. TUTTLE, Anelioneer. UAKDWAHK, CUTLKKV, ^caaian K*nct Oood?, kc. ' Jatoa S. Platt will a?ll thu day, at 10 o'clock, at the Auc tion Koom, No. 23 Piatt, corner of Gold at., 20- package*, caaea mil lota of Hardware, Cutl.ry, he. Alao, Kanejr (jh'oaa? com liriking a general aaaorttni'iit. Alao, an invoice of fine poliahed Steel Fire Setia, with HiandarUa, amneof which are vary ffne. Alio, Papier Machie and Japaned 'I'ea Traya, Waiter*, Bread and Sottuer Traya, itc. Alio, an eitentive a-?..rtm*nt of < ut lery, viz: Table and Deaert Knive* and Korkt; Pen md I'oeket Knivi-I. bo. Alao, 40 caaaa (hrinian Toy*, in original packagea ?foeetlier wi'li a w-n. al aaaorlment of Bliell and Heavy Hard ware, K<iicy (I 0<)? Itc. lr?in THh NATIONAL THhATRE FUK 8ALK BV V IHTURK of a ilced of trnat to the iDbacrilier, dated the lltn day of July, IBI'i, ami recurded on th- 2*>'h d*y of t4ep trBlber, IP42, in l.ib'r W. ?. No. 9S lolma M7, 32#, J2#, 3?, 331, 332, and 333, one of tli" land recorda of Wnnlnngton coun ty, iu thr Di.trictof Columlna, I will *ell at pulilic *ale to the highest Imlilcr,<ih Saturday, the 2d day or November neat, al o'clock P. M., in front of tlie iir?iin*aa. Lota No. 3 and 4, in vjuirr No 2ii, in tliecityof Wa*liiugt<>n. or ao much o< the .aid lots at are covered by the Theatre erecieil thereon, together ?ith aeveu front leet on each aide of the building, by the fliiee lion of the Bank of the Metro|iolii, for m Imae benefit in part thi* truat waa created. Term* of aale will be made known at the time and place of talc ; andonaanl term* b^mg Complied with I will execute a deed, conveying all the right and litle veiled in me l>y the alOia ?aid deed of truit. UKOKGK THOMAS, Truatee. R. W. DYER fc CO. _o22 nii?#rrc Auctioneer!. EXTRAORDINARY, astoi nT) 1 nT>!_A VVIIOI.hIlT BRARV-4S VOI.UVK8 KOR TWO DOLLARS t A complete Library of Miicellaaeona Woika containing l"ORTY TVV U voluMta, ia aold at LKSLlK'S lvpui of I heap I'uhlica tiona, inu Broadway, for Two Hollars. Theie are oul> two hundred of Iheae Libraries for aale, and an omnrtuuity of this kind will never pre seat iuelf igaw to the leading imduc, there fore buy while >oucau 42 volumea of choice literature for two dollars. The follow lug ia a correct liat of the booka contained iu thi* Library. READ l'l CAREFULLY. T/ie HitcrAlanrntu tcurki oj Syilnru smith, complete in three volume*. This work haa reivutlyLeu publiahed by (^a rey and Hart, of Philadelphia, for three dollar* and fifty cents, c**h, and ha* aold well at that! Miilirl tlir Jtclrrm, by Baron St. Leger. A B"vel of thril liiitf tnle-e*t, will he read aa long a* the Engliali Ian guawc lemaiua. ? 'Jlir Heicurd Vuri, by Ban u St. I.eger. I'lir C'tfUfMsl by Theodore Hook. 'J'hi Maiijiiii l>r htorirrt, br > ogrneSn". iVo uUrful Story of tht Shmduu lttt Man, by William How i(t Thi (Irntlrmiin'i Daughtrr, by Mra. Opie. The Game * j Lift, by l eftch Kitchie. Marrying fin Money, hy Mr*. Oore. Tht Omen, by John bunlt. The IjHidrd Ihct, by John Baiiuim. MmHtr Will (hit, by Mra. (Mr. Ilrrtritnd I) r I a Ortiz, by O. P. R. Jam?*. Frank Hrartwell, or Fifty Years *ign, by Bowman Til er Firtt unit Second f^tve, by II. C. ''rawforil. 'I I c Ooldamith of Pari*, traualaw-d from the (iernaan of C. J. W Hoffman. H I iml *it'?n, or tlie Deed of Entail, from the Orrman of C. J. W. Hoffman. Tin- Wife Hunter, rran*lat"d from the Oetman of Caroline Bilchn. Tin- Modern I ^othario. by the Baroness De Mot'o Kouaue. The Princeaa of Wol feu but tell, a .Novfl by II. /ecriolike Trainlafd from tlie (^ertnau of (1. t". Ilchbe. L. L D. The Pott f'antain, or Wooden W.ilU Well Manued. Camilie, or Love'a Diaguiaef. Tranalated from tl?e French of Victor Msncin. The Fatal vVhfMier, by John Gait. The Si?tf rt, or W^nonaa and Wonders. The Curate, by Kredenlia Bremer. ThHN inevary of Two Literary Mtar*. " Thi* is a highly in teresting woik,' aid a vontig Iidy who had been reading it, "wIimi I fiui*heil ihe la*t |<ege, I regrelu-d tlw>- was wot more of it.'' Itia beautifully printed, and contain* *n hundred pages of read ng matter. 1 lie Ladiea' Hand Bi ok of ihe Toilette, containing a large number of recipe* for cosmetics, perfumes, Itc. Revised and Milirged by a I-d> of New York. K.ti<|iietie foi Ladiea *A manual of the inost approved Rules of I Conduct in poli*hed society, for married and unmarried la dies. The iMiliea' Work Bot Companion, being instructions ia all kindi of* work, wi h weaty-fliaeei.grsvinga. Instructions in Knitting, Netting, and Crotchet work, con I a ill i g tlie I meat and ni"*t fa hiouable pattern* >ew D.ll Room Guide, or Dancing easy. Tli? Litile Robinson of Parts. A Tale fnr toutb, Traaa lated from ihe Kiench of Madame Kugene Ko, By Lucy Ijui l'Hi. Tlie Hittnry, Ptienomena, ?nd present condition ef Animal Magneli.m, or Me.meri?ni, with praeticsl iiiitructton* in the ? rt, t g.ther w ith late di.coveries hi the science. By William Lany and t hauncv Hare Ti wnsend Mn> inonir.s. or the New Science of Artificial Memory where by i mm may improve hi* memory to au incredibleilegiee The M inaaenn-iif ol ihe Sick Room, wnh rules Tor Diet, I 'coking for iiie Sick and Coot Icceut.and tlie tce.itment of the ? uild'ii illnea*. and vsriou* accidents that require pr< ni| t aid judicious rare, with practical Innta on 4i(*enoa. Infant Treatment with directioM to Mothen, for self ma nagement, before, dining, aud after preguancy. A useful t? ok 10 mothers and nurses. By Valentine Moll, M- D., of tlie city of New York. P ^ Obterva, the above Library is for sale, at LESLIE'S PERIODICAL DK.POT, "29 It* ec No. IW Broadway. POOT RACK Kim SI?,m Twelve Hundred Dollars will be gitm lualsit Race, In rnu ten miles on the BKAI ON < Ol BSK.mi Monday, the 11 til of November, weather permi'tias, ll r I urse n Iwdivideal a* follows:?$710 to the first, $?Vi to the ,ec nd |IMto thn third, $7i to the fourth, and ft* ?V IB the rece ? a traner $J, lobe made with tlie j>nipri?tor. m st It Smith's, Park Row. All entries to lie maor or liefo e tlie Tth Novem h-r, e*rept persons living a di.tance of J0? nnlea or more from this city. Such person csn enter the Saturday previous to tlie race. John <lilderslev., the winner of the last isre. also John Harlow md Thoma* OreenhaUh, the two jiedMiriaM late from England, locetnri will! thi* others wMck were m the last r re hate entered their names to start in this race. Bleep Hock, tl* Lilian from Buffalo, is sl-o eipected. C.S hMOWNINO, Proprietor. Mcli tadevrian will lie allowed two or three of bit friends to guide and otlerwise assitt him wht.e running Thi* it < onsiileied neexsary to give e ch an e<iual opiortnnity, a* ihose |iede*triana who have been ia the habit of ai peariiig in public, and have liad inech prac tice in running, are not likely to lie solicited but what they can vi irvuUte their own progress a* to he able to lell within a few a I, w hat lime it w ill t,ke them to rnn a mile, while . ther* who sii- more eatily eicit-d, and having had bin little practice. ? onhi l-e wholly until to regulate then progress, when they weie Iwing cheered on bv main thoiuand *|iecUiors, and there by |o?e the race, when they otherwise might be more inrceaaful I give thi* rii lanalion in cnnse<|uence of anonymous rommu mcstions having apteaie^l in the paiert. u.inel), that no (?nmt should be allowed tuguiue the pedestrians whila un.i ei capt tliajudgaa un Um itaad. I ef C. ?. s . Propnairtj

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