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October 30, 1844 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE NEW YORK HER A ED. k vol.x.,no*sou?wiwi*39uo? NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY MORNING, OCTOBER 30. 1844. . mm Two omtfc THE NEW YORK HERALD. AiiGREGATE CIRCULATION THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND. THE ORE AT EST IN THE IVORLD. To the Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?Daily Newspatw-wib l;a>ml every day of the year weccpt Now Year1* Day and Fourth c'-VS-. fri** I I^J'J I-AT f"oy?or *7 XI Mr annum?noatagea paid?caeli in adrauce THK WEEKLY HERALD?publfched svory Saturday morning?pries 134 emu ret copy, or $3 It par annum?post age* ,*id, naah in hiItuict. ADVERTISERS ate i ii fur mod that tha circulation of ths Herald la over THIKTV-KIVE THOUSAND, and increasing fVt ll A/vt thr larfrMt eti t uinliun af any paper m tk%$ city, i, ttwi-M, <wid, it, llittrfert. 'It* 0til chaim'ltrr hiatiKii 9un in the n ar tewi/ry. Priwi niownt*?e*ah in ndvsaoe. PKINTINt i of all kiuils executed at the moat mounAif priss, ted ui tlte muu eleii<uu style. JAMICM GORDON BENNETT, rnOCBUiTOB or THK HkRSI.D Est SBMSHMINT, Northwest oornar of Kniton and Nassau streets. VlN T fcl fARE THREE SHILLINGS KROM PATERSON TO jersey CITY. On anafter threat of Ostobsr the eara will Isavo? Par* io" Dcpot. h o'clock A. M. 113^ " I " P. M. | n't jock; A. sM tl ac M. itvjnM Nrw Yang, t o'clock A. M. 1JX " P. M. % " U BRITISH AND NO^^^AMERl^AN ROYAL MAIL Bm Of UM tona and 448 horse power each.? r- Under oontract with tha Lord* of tha Ad| ? vaamiralty. HIB< .<1A, Captain Alexander Ryrie. CAlKDUNIA, Captain Eland G, Lott. ACAAM A. Ca|4aia William Harriaom. I'.RITANN lA Capuin John Hewitt. CAMBRIA, ..... . .Captain C. H. E. Judkins. Will Mil from Liverpool and Boaton, via. Halifax, aa fbllowi: f rom Boston. From Liverpool Catatonia, Lott. August l?th. Aettii*, Harrison. ..Sop t. 1st. Autuii 4th. ^ 10th. Hiborua, Hfrn Th^ae vasaela carry experienced augoons, and am applied with Life Boata. For (n.-ignt or poaoago, t? ?U3t No. I Wall atreet. ' """"'VtsAfPSfc. Att.l THE NKW STEAMBOAT &MPIRE, CATTAIN D. HOWB, Will leave BUFFALO for CHICAGO, oo FRIDAY, ad of Angnat, at 7 P. M., ud perform her tripa regularly during tha aea sou, aa fellows s? HI*. DOWN. Di'rrau>. LJiavca chicauo. Saturday, Aag.2)... at 9 A. M? Monday, Sept. 16... at do Tuesday, Oct. do Wodneaday, 16... at do Thnraday " II... at do liursday, No* Co | Friday. Not. 15... at do Tlx- EMPIRE U MO bat in length, M feet I inchaa beam, 14 fret 2 .nclfu hold, measuring IM tona, Bad ia thr largest ateam boat afloat iii Inland watan. Engine 6*0 horsepower, boilera provided with Evan'a Patent Safety VbIvbb, to prevent the possi bilicy of an explosion. J lie Cabin ia no feat long, with separate Saloons for Ladies ' I Jeiitleanen?apacioaj Mate Rooaaa extend the whole length. Teutilaled by door* opening from the inaids and oat, an?all pom of the boat ar- ftaiahad and furaiakad in aatjle unequalled by any other in the ivorld. Ample acoommodationa for Htaer agr i'Haeengpra, in foar laige well ventilated Cabina, one of wkich i.Lj<m ourrau>. Fridar Aw. tJ, ...uTf. M. Sararday, twp. 7,... at do Mouday, " f) do Tueauay, Oct. do Wednesday, " 21... at do Thursday, Noy.7... at a am'rnpnated' eiclaaivaly to trmalaa. The bi.'it ia provided with a good band of mq Wteaini, M " " H. N oar on 'lJ.1NN,BtARNEY1 k'CO, ' Wilbini, MaaaH k Co., bS, "oxtok It Co.. Chicacc tuiBT H.Nonvon fc Co., Chicago, '( J. N. CuxiTj Detroit, _ S Ageata. A usual 1,1644. " Cleveland. Hutciwivlrc KUR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. The Royal Mail Btaamahipa ACADIA and iHIBERNIA.will leave Boaton, for the above porta, as followa Aeadi-i, \V in. ttarriaoa, Eaq., Com., on Friday. Nov. lat, next. HiOr.rnia, A. Ryre, Eao., Com., on Satarday, Nov. 16(h, next. to Liverpool $120. 30. Pa?aai? to HalS*^ ? ? y" A?dT? a*?**ofie*?r^ ? Will atri*. Jare Tl STATEN ISLAND FERRY. FOOT OF WHITEHALL Bor.ta will rent* followa on and after Sept. SO. I TE NEW YORK: m LkJi. , , 9, and II. A. M.; IK, M. and 6. P. M. leaVk HTATENTlSLAND: 0, and 10, A. M.; 1I>. IK ,uid J, P. M. P. S.?All goods rna't be particularly risk of the ownara thereof. marked, and am at the 194 PEOPLE'S LINK OF STE. MBOA1S H>K ALBANY. SK^JHSLCoonlendt and Liberty atreeu. The ^u.-?uitKiat KNH.'KERBUCKKR, Captain A. P. St. JoKn !Vii>oda',, WeiloMday and Friday Evemugs at 6 o'clock. Tl- h'.<*rr,b<iM ROilMESTER. Captain A, Honghion, on Tuoadxy, 'I ax * t Kveuinga, at 6 o'clock. V tvm *? toot of Barclay street. At Five o'clock, P M.?Landing at intermediate Places, 'l b: Mv-uuboai SiOKTH AMERICA, ( aptdin R. O. Crut miMMi. M.-^dxy, Wedaeadsy, rritlay aad Ban day Afternoons, at? ''clorh. x iic .>v .inbo?t COLUMBIA. Captain William H. Peck, Tuesday, l>ir>4?v ud Saturday Afteroootu, at i u'cloak. i using ersiiet ol '.lie above lines will arnvr is A1Vi.ii ui aa., le (*jv io take the Morning Traina of Cars for the oi'.t nr *???*. '!"w kwau are new and tubsuuiual, are far w.ih l?w mJi ?ie?sui suite rooms, and lor a|<eed and ac couim. uitiotii, ran- annvalled mi, the Hiaboa. Ail iwh are fetei* trnauug any of the boala of this lina, wxioul in ordat Iroai the Captain. for *i- or In-lyl.t, apply an board, or to P. C. Sehnlts, ?t tl"* I .*? tV- ?lr-?i. (lJJrr pi nth. iWuaj, 17th, Thurad^v^lViJi^i'i i. ^V' R> B. laud I at .?? r-wir. "raoay, loth, M b o'clock, from Cort *-'"'6rl1' 'r0"B ?MC'a,r ?MI piar, the ^ ?d Cattle Show. TWay, 17th, KJCW YOR1. AJLKANY AND TROY STEAMBOAT L.INE. F40R ALBANY AND THOY.-Moraing Line from the foot of Barclay atreet, lauding ^ intermediate places. The Hiauum.- KM PIT E, Captaiu S. R. Roe, Monday, Wadnea day and Friday Morning at 7 o'clock. IV Suiaiwr TltO Y, Captain A. Gorham, 'l'neaday, Thurs day arid Hetariay Mortimj, at 7 o'clock. Evjiiug Line koaa J* loot of Courtlaadt atreet, direct. Trie Steamer SWALLOW, Captain A. McLean, Monday Wedneaday and Fndav Evening, at 6 o'clock. Ti* Httvuner ALKANY, Captain K. B. Macy, Tueadaj, Thuratlny and Satoidiy Evening, at 6 o'clock. The ifonts of Una Line, owing to their light draught of wa ter, are able aPall 0*aaa to pass the bars, and reach Albany and Troy is aauple ti:ce to take the morning train of cars for the east or west pasaage or freight, apply ob board, or at the offieea on the whr/??-i aM T AND CHEAP NEW PLEASAN-J. till mm Kit ARRJiNQEMKNT. BRIOHI'ON, PORT RICHMONU. (STATEN IKhAltO,) AND NEW YORK FEltRY. From Piet No. 1, North Rivar, fool of Battery Place. 1 De Steamboat CINDERELLA, Will mn aa X'oliowa. Daily, from May 30th to OctolHi In. ,1044 ??'r?vaa New York at 9 and U o'clocx, A. * I., u,; is*, t. aurit I' Xil. L* svus rort ittenmond, at 10 minntss to I, sad 10 minntss to 10 A., M.; Ml, 4a aitct UK P.M. ^L^pivus Nsw Snghton a) 0 aad 10 A.M.; at IX, iandTX tm Monday?L?*nvea Now York, at t and 11 A. M.; at S, 6 and 'P. tt- Le avea fort K'<Bimond, at 10 minutes to I and 10 A.Mi at 1, 6 and IX P. V. S< r? Vof hT r.".;iv 18 I8t myll *ro*re FARE REDUCED. FOR CHOTONyjLLE, SINO SING. TARRYTOWN, ? IR'MNO.U'ILTSIE'SDOCK,HASTINGS -AM) YONKERS.?On aad aftar Saturday. flL-AHBiist list. I#41. the new and substantial steamboat V TasHINGTON IRVING. CaiK Hiram Tuthill, will Imii- Ilia CtMit of Chamber itm-t for the above places, daily at 3 P. M.. mlay evcepted. Returniiw, will lease Crotonville ai e>Si. tuJ Hia ? niog at7 o'rlock A. MT, landing at the foot of llaimnond sti? at sain way. l*'or passage a r fieiaht, api ly on board, or to STEPHEN B. TOMPKINB, i "W West at. -et ?Urn're eOR BA'Jl 1. GARDINER AND HALLOWELL. ? The now steamer PENOBSCOT, Csptain N. Kimball, leaves the end of T wharf, Boston, very Taasday and Friday evsuings, at 5 o'clock Mr?iges 1 ri" "* " readiness on her arrival at the above j, . -s rn COStriv \ '?>? ii?ta*h..ric? rnwna THE* NEW TalTaVi1 WINTER ARRANGEMENT. WE i 4 11 ME W YORK FARfc ONLY l?i < ENTS. AND rfWIFT ifrEAMI CAPTA'P' J(>HN OAFU ON am' al>ar September II MU RAINBOW, ON am' aPar Set>tember 10th will run daily, follows (Sundays included)Leave Naw foot of' entre street, ? o'clock A. M ? ew A 'ot of Barelay streM, J o'clock r7M. ?? K)R LOl vDON?Regular Packet of the lat Nov. L?/.Hie splent "J, Brst class, faat sailing packet skip "t el, TORIA, ? Capuin Morgan, will aailaa above ,her ?>rior k^ccommodationa for cabin, second cabin I eno alee rage pawns' ?Tr"on* W1?hing Ui embark should make Baily apilicntiou ou , ' *< f MeMURRAY, o/tre ,',n* atreag, co ner of South. m lat Novrinl"*.* VICTORIA, Captain Morgan, wm ON?Packet of tli FOR l.ONP- VICT'iRI/ " Tlif parael ship gular day. ,,a 1 .? at, lief rv >cC' inmodationa. apply to us ga, having snperim *1EH DM A N. #1 Son'fiitt r- JOHN > rjj PAI RET OKKILE.6I (M.i) Eri'l ,Ull lsHa id from Great Britain snt .4<>alli ??reel?l'saaage to say can at all timaa be i street. _ n . via Liveri'ool. SQgB?r<) at tl* lo?*Bt 'Btsa. U) aad fro* lar I'uktt shiw sailing aiidse the "?* S dsyi ..lid <1 rails c?n ss uaual bs funiiahod bis it (lis National and J'roviBCial ivsrpool, by tiw ragu rraiigstneiit every fee J,'"lasspst KSL. J "br 1?44?Fall AMnfeminl NEW YORK AND ERIe'kAIL ROAD. FmiKht retired f'om a l/clock A?M* faa* P M ed the same day*. M. andforward* -~r "?c NEW tuKR AND^HARLKM KAlLKOAr ^^^SBwW.-'EsSLe t Hirt's lloadand Wha?'l'Uiu? 2t?4 ittyj'"" ^ uckihoe, ASrEP^?*SE?&*8S will run ?. f(,llo???!"' PI*rlew *"d intermediate place., Li.vr Cit? Uall: i .... u At 9 A. M. i, 5 * 4f,L,,,! 10 A. M At.! 5J 3 ^ *f- n 4 m" 4.*i P. M. M -o29,"",'c j.?p.i?: LHiCsiMHKMKNTS Pun l?44 OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE. t)?E* comcir ?j^^gpth. Mpt'10 "? IO aJJS^-Vnthia* te, ?mit m??'> the follo^Banka^*- *lven' ^^bl. at tight, ol Cork, LS2Lrt,k ?r'7]""*- ^ybl? ? jS&r. ?zEJ; war sssaau.. ?, ?$?. tts&w. s Br" sc~. isS. es&~- fe. jasr-| ScotUud-The City Bank of Glasgow'. Skibbreen. P Byr^TkTo ?*! *?">?"? Lo?d~! every to*n iu Great'Britain ' L,"rpool; liable la .iST' ?? n^Ars?iv!i3s'iat ? I -'vwrpool PAffg?K *R?M"j^AT BRITAIN AND IRELAND rl^rUNE | [Bailing frpm Liverjiool ou the 7th mid 19th of every mouth 1 ,T"'h""r to ,K1<1 10 the Old Coumn f "^.r f^di from that Ion foi Mi *,Tkl>' communication ii?buE' ENGLAND, tw Tm ??2?ful d U)them *? mauy v?". for wki<i ailYTmm'ohT^.I'^ft"IT1"1"* money U> their relative!. can ."J.""?!"*. d?w d'? It CO. her? _ Hioae proc*di * UJF} ?mht lor anv amount, d ou the 11,-y?! Bank oflmlaad^ Dublin, aj.o ?u Meeirt. PRKSCOrr, OilfVf b. AM ES _ w. which w.H be paid on rlemand at any .fttaukV'^Xi, land'.'fa^d LdVHi*"'*1 t?Wnl throai{hout Eogl'and, Ire ROCHE, BROTHERS <t CO. ? Fulton street New York, m r m, , , . , ,orit door to the !? ulton Bank. tk-1^H-'r co,nfort ??d Advan- ' Wulroci??. r thr" '"'""Vance, in prefcr jeU3m*re FOR LONDON?Packet of the lit No* ?The fins ?*fy,,"v Pallet .hip VICTORIA, JMafapuaetually tail aa abore, her iVnlai^ar JI? ??penor acco-nniodation. for cab n. w>5od caSL?d?L^Z PM?en?e?i, who will be taken at rery ??? ?.~ ifZSP application be made to W. it J. T. TAPSCtrl"!' ?"** 7* ^'ii'*. ?w. furtiT M?id?a l.?n?. jlSkii PA8SA(iK I'.yH LI VKRPUOI.?i'ackrt of thl 3BB&^oSucJ}lutf' rr ?*'!'"* rSt" ?{^ he^!5!ft"day P lUihboiM, tails poaiutely <u abore, e.h?".accommodation, for cabin, ^OB<l ?^-iH^lTatK&.T'r'r W ?9CU'' beftl oM ? f k J. T. TAPSf'OTT, - , 76 Sooth ?treet, corner Maiden Lane. rf n^.MXnP'r"^'w fait uiiinir .hip I8A Ssjtf day. I>uin ?n*ht, will be d*t]?tc7ied iu a few ^TM? .ptonyu .hipoffiM, a mo?t deairableconreyancefor cabin For MMace, appfy to JOHN IIEKDMAN, _f.50 . 61 South .treet. CHS*^ii L Captain A?a Kldndge, of 1,1W tom burthen,will W| a. ?bo?e, her Wftilar day. -JSW* 1'aiM?V hrtrin* aeeoininod.-iuona oneqaalleo ot WijfnnH or'to ,,P ?n bo"'d *' ()rl""ajl? wharf, foot Price of PaMue, COLL,N8 h CO< * ?o?th .treet ..The picket ahip Siddon., Captain Cobb will mnml >k> Rowj. and .nil X,h December, her mrnU', dll j^^WPac^et^lM !^ov^^?iThe1' ,ulid iw Yo^L.iU S6^ciwnlh;pi,V ii?i L' Hun^ for Ifeight or pauac, having very suiierior accoinmoilatioiM " * ffiKftss WOODHULL It M1NTURNB, Price of Parage $100. V 8onth 1 L?.^,,L ',|Vt'?lPP9L?rH'*ul*r Packet of 6th Nor gjy rrrV-Ti ^ =!*"?r<lmt.."iJ1"* ,i>??ket .hip in. 28!S6rS?5,.^K,Ce,,Uia "? ' ? Allen, will .ail a. Having necommodatlon. f-.r cabin, lecond cabin and iteeraae ^1'' ??pwiorio tboiiof any oihor wirla iu port w^r? ^ I2!f J51vi,?f to|erwbark should makemrh applicjitioii on board ,0ot.,f Maiuen L?e, or to JOSEPH McMUKRAY ' 1 100 Pine .treet, corner of South. I PACKET FOR MAR8KfLLE8-Of lit Nor. ^b:^;MlhtlOL'RI Johns,Ire^r, ^ 1TVTroon MConi LAWRENCE It I'H'F.LPS, ^ r*#t .treet, nr to o.W No 0 Tontine Hni^il^n*, ro'r^'w'al'i'^n'd^r?,?r .u. ^SLnkw1vohi(Vi iVj'i-L^u'VJr.M W'JHIANa ah MV v:^ VOHK LINK?REGULAR PACKET of?-h JMpL-f Noretnber., The eleya.,!, fa.t MUib> packet .hip d.y,PO-t,W,V ?',%V'd?^Lrr*uh'i0r l'**r*tteJha?'"# h*i,daome furiii.hed ?eommo -.r? apply ?n bo?d at Nortmbe'* 00 ,00,,* rec"'T#d Tueidayf^'mug"^thTjth ^Mpiee* may rely upon having their goodt .correctly mrW t^ed ' * re.mIi of Uu. line miiI punctually aa adrer Agjjnw in New Orlean^-Mfaar.. Hnllen and Woodraff, who W^l promptly forward all goodi to their add real ?ParHal .bin Mi.uiiippi Captain Hilliard, will racceMl the Mariana, ana tail on '6ih Noeember, her regular day olO Ji^.^A^AOE KOR NEW"ORLEANS?Poiitirely W^^.th? fint Packet or pamp free, and only regular of the l._ November.-Theipl.ndid fait .ailing pa kfi .iilp ORLEANS, Captain Sean, will po.iiiely i*il u above, her regular day. ' Pctmo. wiahing to Mcare berthi .hould not fail to make earl* application on board, foot of Maiden Lane, or to _ ? ? W. H JTt. TAPSCOTT, oMI <? "oath itr?e?, corner Maiden Lane.9 kJttfw T&<4*r'^'','^ ORLEANS?The packet .hip MAR T H A, Captain Soow, being unavoidably deiaina l by JHBb'he weather, will pontirely be deipatched Thu Morn >1K| Uct. jOth. A few more lecond cabin and iteerage paaiengeri can be ac Emmodated if early application ia made on board, at Pier No *;H,orto JOHN HERDMaNT ' 61 Mouth street. jfftfL 1UH NEW URLKA.NS?Union l?ne-K,ri" 111 have immediate diapetch. for cabin, second cabin and n' h**.1"' ??P?riOT arcommoda.ion, early ap. plication .honld be made on board, at Murray ', wharf, or to tfn_ JOsfcl'H McMUKRA^, r *0? Hn* iifict, corri>r nf Snnrh ttr?>t. ML p?rkMRJV^^YJ ^)'lt't;AN:-i -Th' fMt .ailing new J^i W'Aft Captain Robbini, will poai Tl!T!rilI?y.t*. V ,hf 1,1 of November. cabin wcoifd Vslii'II ^IT having iplendid icommndttiom for " a i; .rn,? ? K1"?*' be taken *hi|i?, .ailing every fwTda^, WuhlnitoB. iCorrespondttnce of the Herald ] Washington City, Oct. 27, 1844. National Hotel, and othert?Polkici, 4r<\ J. (jr. Bennett, Esq. :? The " National Hotel" bide fair to eclipse in splendor, ail former attempts at hotel keeping in this city. This we know ia " tall bragging," when put In competition with the Messrs. Browna, and the other excellent hotels here. Coleman ia j-st tha fellow to keep it; he ia from ??Yankee land" originally, (the wooden nutmeg State, we believe,) but late of the " imperial city," long aocustensad to doing buaineaa conduc ted upon a scale, for style and elegance, unsurpas sed, and unequ-illed in the United States. Since ensuing the " National Hotel," ou the 6th instant, to the date of this letter; a pmod of twenty days, there were upwards of six hundred arrivals, ex ceeding that of any former ysar, at any one hotel, during the tune time, and same season of the y Should the arrivals continue to increase in the ame ratio for the next twenty days, every room will be engaged before the meeting of Congress. Hou JohiiC. Calhoun and family, are expected to return to this city in the course of next week, and have taken apartments at this Hotel for the l'o attempt to speak in detail of the interior of this immense establishment, would prove a failure on our rart ; therefore, we will simply say, we do know that he *' sets a crack table," saying no thing about the wines and good liquors. Messrs F. Hume, and G. W. Yellott, clerks, and Mr. J. M. Botner, bar-tender?gentlemen, kind, courteous, and civil to all. . A thundering jam is anticipated during the next six months; particularly if Mr. Clay be elected. Myriads of hungry, lazy, starving expectants, will swarm here, like the locusts of old, literally chok ing up the streets and avenues; and every poor devil, now holding office, who ever walked with a nickory stick, will, immediately after the 4th of March, have to " walk chalk, ginger blue " Dr Milk-r has returned te the city. The Presi dent, and John Tyler, junr., have not returned The Court Martial met yesterday at 10 o clock. The case of Lieut. John W West not being Jib posed of?adjourned till 10 o'clock, Monday mor ning. Very respectfully, H. ?? Boston* [Ccrrespondenoe of the Herald.] Boston, Oct. 28,1844. Matteri and Thing* in General?Mutical?'Iheatri caU?MilUritm. Ma. Bennett:? I am of that cla*n of your subscribers who take much pleasure in reading from your interesting Weekly ?he articles from correspondents of diffe rent citiefc, giving those little local, incidents of every day life, under their respective heads. Having noticed for some time that Boston has been rather neglected, I thought I would give you a few items, for the benefit of those "of us," but not "with us?'?for your paper in its wide spread cir culation,! escapes from few hands, let them be where they may, on the outside of our planet. W ith tjhe commencement of those delightful pe riods, long evenings, our amusements have multi plied, leaving Utile doubt that we shall have our quantum of Tun, frolic, entertainments, mMtcal, theatrical, moral, political, intellectual, with other orders, understood. We have been much gratified with sewral musical entertainments of a high cha racter. recently. The Misses Slomans have de lighted us vocally and instrumentally, the last week Those celebrated artists, Madame Arnoult, Signora and Signor Capella, whose high reputation had preceded tnem, gave one of the most select concerts of the season, patronised by the higfce circle*! who gave a reception that must have been most gratify ing to the parties. Their efforts were underrtood by an appreciating audience. The number was not as large as could have been d? sired, oa account of the price of admittance, but this arrangement produced the right kind o. a house in a pecuniary sense. The Swiss Bell- Ringers are creating a great sen 1 sstion?their performances are as wonderful as no vel A pleasing musical entertainment came ofl | last evening, for the bene ill of the well known ' Flautist Aim Rametn, of the Museum, and Pater 1 son, of the National. Many talentrd musicians volunteered, and the aflair passed oft to the satis faction of all parties. Concerts of 8a"ed music are well attended semi-weekly. The Museum hw been offering a rich treat the past week. The pro prietor has completed an engagement with a Bos ton favorite, the beautiful Mrs. Barrett. Tbis lady has retamet} to us as fascinating as ever, in early davs even. She is turning the heads and hearts of fhey y?!ng gents like fun. Her efforts have drawn nightly, crowded houses, and on Friday evening her benefit was a bumper?every part of the house was crowded. It was gratifying to those who can remember the oldeu time, to see once more Mrs. B , an4 our old friend, Wm H. Smith, plaving to gether their original characters UP?U ? " retiring, after having been called out, (Friday,) he air of "Auld Ling Syne" was appropriately touching. Mr. Kimball has entered into a re-?-n aagement. On Monday that bewitching little crea iure, Miss Fanny Jones, makes her first appear and, and will, without doubt, prove a card, bhe is a great favorite. Mr. K. deserves great credit tor his enterprise. His company, with Smith as itage fnnnager, are most happily selected?they ere generally. quite young, yet a first rate class, exact ly adapted to the place. Their dispositions and ef lorts to please the public are acknowledged and approbated. Saturday afternoons the moral piece of the Drunkard continues to >af{[e n.usw. This ptese has done immense good for the onus* and has been played over ninety times. The National has been well patronised of late, with A.ndetfon as the peculiar star, supported by Mi*. Anderson, in her usual excellent manner. Mr. A. has been giving some of Shakespeare scharactere, in a manner highly creditable to him. The most, candid critics are strong in his praise. Some of his point, are said to excel the great) Macready. He is also re-engaged, and plays comedy the approaching evenings. The company lt this house, we regret to say, requires a remodelling. Pelby we hope, will attend to this; he hM mistaken his interest, in the stage manage . inenl particularly?we will not say more, lor we havrt but one theatre, and believe before many months, we shall see in that one a most desirable | reform. Mr. Murdoch, late of the National, pro ves giving a aeries of evening ^tertainments. under the head ot " Shakfpeare and the Stage, comprising remarks upon the great poet, his prin cipal plays, some readings and recitations of start ling pnssages, and references to the conception of the author, by the talent of the day Those who know the gentleman and his rare qualifications, can anderstand the treat in store; it will prove a refined and intellectual banquet. The Miller Tabernacle is for sale-amen. We are to be favored with all sorts of political preach ers during the coming week, andI procensions by torchlight by both parties divided between great hoys and small boys the whig delegation to ?our city last week, are in raptures with their re ception; it was worthy New York, and will be re "i^hatT almost forgotten a little flare up in our quitt little city of spindles, Lowell. An elopement came off a few days since of an amusing character A young couple who have been engaged some years, have been interrupted in their happiness by the parents of the Udy, who have so strong yre smred their wishes that the lady resorted to strata gem She has allowed her parents to engage her to .mother gentlemsn. and the preparations were mwle for the wedding on Thursday last. On Wednesday evening the youug lady went oat, met hef first love, toek a ride by moonlight to the land of nteady habin, and was married. The waiting swain is waiting still. The happy pair are proba bly not far Irom Baltimore?good luck to 'hem. 1 shall write again soon. Yours, H. Another Locomotive Explosion.?We have been informed that another explosion occurred on the railroad, near Port Clinton, ? prtcuelv .tmilar circum^anct. whh t^ one which oc cMioneil the disastrous loss of lite on the id of September last, and which Dr. Lardner, ia a very laborious report, a.tributed to ths effect of lightning. The engine had tagnn in Ms supply ol water, snd had a heavy pressure of ueam, when the enfineer di?covered by a peculiar hiss <ng that an #-*plosioa was about to take place, and at leaped from It and passed down the embankment lie had soarcely done ?o,wheu the engine exploded, scat Hfiii* the maehiner) in all directions. An eaarntnation of the cause attributes the explosion te the weakness ol '.ha stays aerots the Are boa, bring too light ta bear the .ireesura of stusm required The engine was built by Mr baldwin, and had previously worked well- Thecosjpa nv we lawn, here taken maaanrae te axasstae all their engtnee, and jpia^4 a|ain?t futnra aectdents from the Rati mate for Niw York. Niw York, Oct. 38,1844. James G. Benn m, EgQ I? 9ra?Enclosed I send you estimates of the pro bable votes of each county in this State, with the majorities for Harrison and Van Buren in 1840. The counties are in alphabetical order this side of Cayuga Bridge and beyond, so that calculations m*y he made on the Eastern and Western districts separate. I may have erred in some of the estimates but the same has been under consideration for some time, amd corrected front time to time by infor mation from gentlemen of different parts of the State of both politioa! oartiea. I hare presumed that more than one half of *he Natives will vote for Henry Clay, though a large utinber will vote for Polk and Dallas. 1140. Eilimatrd. Har. r.ii ciqTFoik. Albany W Jfti "roosss 2M Chsusavu 311 M . . Columbia, 188 C onrtlsaat, W5 ., 400 Dutchess 7 Tit. DcUw&l* ?M 1000 Essex,.' ?:? 630 Krankue. 330 JM Fultonaad Hamilton .... sio .. ?30 OrwM, I6B Hamilton Herkimer 11M .. Jefferaoa; 637 M0 Ki'gl 6'4 240

KM 250 200 350 74 I 1200 26 37 100 450 Montgomery 470 .. xw Madison HI .. ? ? 2S0 New York 987 Tia. < 'rsa*s, 473 .. M0 Oneida ?13 .. BU0 Otaegn 714 n?T-I ?? .. B50 | Oiwrgo 2*i 250 Onondaga, 4 ,nn I'utuam,. 663 Quesas. 21 Kichmond 43 Kneklaad 1020 Henuelaer 3)1 Suffolk, 1067 Sullivui 204 Saratoga, 313 Schenectady, 173 .. .. 100 St. Law ranee 52 .. too Schoharie 445 .. 600 Tioga 253 .. 300 UUtee 212 .. 250 Weatchcater *71 .. 300 W abingtoa 2047 .. 2000 Warren 10'i .. 2o? _ _ 5700 11250 ! WaaTcatt District, sarono Catuoa Briimie. Allsgauy 750 700 ORttaraagai, 491 .. 500 ChaUuquc 1640 .. 2200 Ctyng* 308 .. ? Tic. Ch?mang, 598 6 Erie 3100 .. 1800 Oeuesew and Wyoming 3148 ,. 1800 Livingston,> 1281 .. 1200 Monro* 1633 .. 1000 Niagara. 743 70u Ontario, 1377 .. 1200 Orleaus 574 .. 300 SOeubMI 739 7U0 Tompkins, 181 Tia. Haneca, 6 .. 100 Wayne, 313 .. .. 200 Wyoming, 880 Ystes..... 14 .. 30 Weal of Cayuga Bridge 13400 1650 East of Cayugt Bridge 5700 12150 19100 139C0 Majority for Clay, 5200 These estimates have been made with due con sideration and examination of the votes cast in 1840, '42 and *43; and it will be found that though the democratic tickets have succeeded by large majo rities, that of the votes cast, the whiKS have been the losers, yet the democratic ticket did not increase in proportion. Generally speaking, very little gain or loss either way oa the democratic ticket. If the abolitionists go for the whig ticket, it will increase Mr. Clays majority. As you gene rally give very fair estimates,will you examine this, and it worth consideration publish the same. It it is not correct in its details, it is near enough for general purposes. The Gals on Lakh Ontario.?A treraendouu gale was experienced on this and the western lukee ou Friday night last. It i-otumeucrd about midnight aim lasted a gou.l putt of Saturday, with unexampled uoleuce Upon lake Ou.nrio, though wu have accounts of man) Uair breadth escapes, we hear of no lots ol life. The atuamhoat Oneida was on her passage from Sacked Har bor to this place, uuJ encountered the seveiest of the atorm. She made h r way to within about five miles ol this port, but was obliged to put bssk, sn l reached Sack eta in safety. She was lor iom? time in a must perilous situation, and much credit is bestowed upon Capt Child* for the coolness, skill and intrepidity, with wliich he weathered the gale Having exhausted his wood, he hsd recourse to a quantity of butter?a part of his cargo? about thirty tubs of which h* used as fuel. An old and respected acquaintance, Jscob blingerland, Esq , of One ida county, who was a pa seoger, hss seat us a commu nication oonaplimcnting Capt C. in the highest terms fur his conduct on that perilous night. The steamboat St. Lawrence, Cspt. Vsn Cleve, on her trip from Niagara. * as slao out in the height of the gale hut was brought Into port in gallant style by her intrepid and skilul commander. The Lady ol the Lake was on her passage to Ogdens burgh, Siuf we learn was driven ashore near that |>lace It is thought she will be got off without muoh damage The steamer John Mar. hsl, Capt Tyler, was ou her trip from Backets to this place, with about sixty emi grants gad some freight. She became perfectly unman ageable, aod was driven on shore at Stony Point, and is u Cerfec Wreck The pstsengers snd crew were all ens led to land In aalety The Marahal was a smsllcrsft, and belonged to H. C. Wright It Co., of this vilisge. No blame oau uttsch te Cspt Tyler, who is highly spplauded for his couduct on this occasion. We learn that the schooner Pacific, belonging to Mr H. Crase, of this port, waa wrecked at Dunkirk, on Lake Erie, during the gale She had discharged her csrgo, except *10 barrels of salt. All hau ls saved She waa insured for $1,000 in the N. W. Insurance Cocpany of this village From the upper lakes we hesr of the most heart-rend ing disasters. Our limits will not permit us to give ail the details, but we give the most prominent The schooners Mohawk, Wood, and Hosne, of this port, arrived aafely at Buffalo The St Pstrick is at Port Colburn, in the canal, much damaged, having run in st the height of the gale. The schooners Urant, lotomac and Walker, of this eoit were ashore at Erie, bnt will he got off ? Onotgo Palladium. Oct. 16 There wss quite a breeze from the lake en the night of the IMth inst, which did considerable damsge by the un roofing of buildings, fcc. The roof of Lansing fc Sher man's-law office was pertly blown off and deposited in the middle ol the street; about SO feet of the roof of the new bridge across the river, near the Court house wss also blown off and left Id the river. We lesrn that a schooner laden with butter sod barley waa wrecked on Stony Island: vessel, cargo and crew were lost. The steamer Oneida bound up the lake wss driven ba k from near Oswego to Saokets Harbor, with the losi of consi derable freight?a portion of which, about AO tubs of but ter, was consumed ss fnel. The steamboat Marahal was wrecked eff the mouth of Stout Creak; reported total loss of boat and cargo.? fValtTtiwn Jtffn tani'm Robbed and Neabi/t MtJEDiitir ?Dill A Smith, of thin city, was robbed on board the steamboai Fulton that left here on Taesday last, by Dr Tappan ol ?teubenville, a son of Senator Tappan of Uhlo. Mr Smith had Juat written a letter to hia wile, and while in th act of "?ling it, he observed Tappan, in his stateroom with his monep in his possession, and in a struggle to recover it from Tappan, the Istter threw it overboard, and shot Smith hi the thoulder. Mr. Smith bled very much, and is seriously, but not dangerously wounded Tanpan war arrested and is now in Btenbenvillejail - Pittohurg Jtgr, Otl. 26 Snow Stobm.?From the officers'of the Boreas, we learn that a heavy fall of snow, accompanied with rain, took plsce yestsrday snd the day before in the vicinity of Hannibal. It oemmeoeed skewing early on Thtirsdey morning, and continued with little intermis sion until 3 o'clock yester lay. Had the ground been in ? favorable condition for it to have Isid, it is thought it would have been covered to the depth of Ave or six in ' cheo ? St-lLouii Era, Oct. IV. Geoxoia Election ?The Augusta Constitution alist contslns returns from all the counties in the State, s (aw only being unofficial, from which it appears that the democratic majority is Wt. Mormons ?The Warsaw Signs! complains still of Mormon robberies, and says?" If the Latter Day Brethren do not soon step these depredations, we spprs bend that s wolf hunt will be got up in esrnest." Slaves Libebated ?Nathaniel H. Hone, of King George county, Va , lately deceaatd, left by his will nearly all his slaves free, amounting to some 200 or >00, with r.mpla provision to carry them to Liberia The liberated slaves are to be removed under the direction of ths Colonisation Society.?Haft. Awn. Wi! legret to learn that Mr Haalilio, the Safi'iwich Island Commissioner, remains sick st the Mas sschmetts (Jeneral Hospital in this city ? Boiton Journal CoMtNos RiratgVEr> ?We learn from the las' New Hsmpshire Patriot, that Wlllism f Comings under sentence of death, at Haverhill, for murder, has, by pie clamation of (tov. Steele, had the esecution of his stn tence postponed to the 90th of December next. Infamoito ?It io stated in the Pittsburgh Gszstts, thst tke evening before the electlr.n on the 0th instsnt, * letter wss written by some looofooo to the electors in Coeaoay.lnMr Rapp's settlement, stating that if they voted the whig ticket their town would bo trarat down | sad in ooassgMMe of this threat they did not veto. 1200 200 Common Pica*. Bulor* Judge Daly. Oct. *Ji ? Naturalization ? Luiki.ii F. Vbitch ?Wit ness. Philip urrol ? Kuown him 6 )riri -ha* rt aided all that time in .New York lives in l-t (Jraud street 1'eter Uonmr - Witness, Dani 1 Hine?Known him 8 year*?resides in 37th street. William Hauker ?Witness, Maiy Jenkins?t ame into this ceunlry vnder 18?live* in 26th Atreet, 3d Avenue Domini Bim Wiiuni, Johii Hellwaggin? Etudes in 54 Oounlendt street FaBDERicxKiiLMAN?Witness, John Hellwsggin?Knew him 10 year# I'yiiir Habt*~Wilne**, Oeorge Linden--Kuow him 9 yean?live* at 144 'id street. John 9. Mi centhall?Witn<*?, Frederick Mercen th?li?Known him here more thdo # year*- rendu* lu N. Vork Fredrbick Mercenthai.l?Witness, John 8 Mercer thall ?Known him iu the United Statu# urn re than 9 years ?we stand in the relation ol father and ?on Bebkaad Guilelm -Witness, John B Ferret?Known , him 6 vears?lives iu New York. 1 John McOechan?Witness, Kdward ^cCabe-Know bim to ha*e been 10 year* in thi* country? results *** 11th ward. . Thomas H CtmM-YTttiiw, Thoma* Bluckmun? Have been in thi* country 16 uioioi Piti'tLxa?Witness, John Him*?Known him more than 17 year*?he hn resided iu iha city.ail that time-live* *t l?l Allen street. Daniel HcOuth?Witnes*, Edward McCabe?Re tides tu the city. John'Hannel?Witneaa, 0*orge Treaalar?103 Houston street. Hcnbv McOlcan?Witness, Thomas Colder? Have known him 7 yeois James Brown? Witness, Henry Lockliatt?Know him to have been in this country 8 years?lives in William street. Michael O'Neal?Witness, Charles Matthews?Has known him to reside in the city during the greater part ?f ft years. John Williamson?Wit cess, Thomas Morgan?Live# in New York James Coorv?Witness, John Haven?Heve been in this Statr upwards of nine years; lives at 743 Broadway. Edward Welch?Witness, John Haven--II esides at 743 i Broadway. ! Magalck Boo?Witness, Adolphus WoM? Knows him more than Ave years; he is a lenmnn, but always sailsun 1 der the American Hag; lived at 18 Wtst street. John Bkacon?Witueis, John Hansa z?Have known him to be five y- ars in New York. John D?TX?Witness, Jicnb Kline? Known him eight years; resides in 18th street, 8th Avenue. Otosnr Hommon?Witness, Oottfiiei Scbebel?Know him to have been in thij State since 1318; lives at 56* Broome street. Patrick Dohertv?Witness, Hugh Doherty?Know him to have been in New York more than six years; lives at the corner ot Oay street. Mattmlw Barkeret?Witness, Michael Walsh?Lives in 16t i street. Daniel Karr?Witness, Thomas Karr?Live* in New York. Daniel RaM'brtt?Witnesi,Thomas McKnigbt?Lives in Oiange Co'inty. PHiLir MoCabe?Witnes*, Ann Bray?Know him 14 years; resides at 147 Crosby street. Ebastub Bvthlkv?Witness, William Downs?Know him six years; lives in 914 Madison street James MoKbnna?Witness, John McOoran?Live* in New York. Michael Kavanaoh?Witness, Peter Kavanagh? Know him seven years; resides in New York. John Cbibt?Witness, Richard McHorsy?Lives in New York. Hsisricb Oboth?Witness, Frederick Anu?Know him Ave years?Lives in New Yew York. John 3. W. Kino-Witness, Mathew King?Livr* at Staten Island. Daniel Bohnbbt?Witness, Sebastian Kohltheph? Known him for 1ft years?Lives in New York. Thomas Rooess?Witness, Edward McLean?Known him 7 or 8 years, lives at Cold Spring. John Rvan?Witness, Patrick Ever*? Have known him to be in the United States more than A years?Lives at Long Island. James McHknby?Witness, Patrick McHeney?Live* in New York. James Williams?Witness, John^Pears?Have been re siding in the United States sincu 1831. Lawbebce O'Neal?Witness,James Fitipatrick?Lives in Bar-toga. John McDebmot?Witness, John Murphy?Kown him 14 yeara?reside at Cold tfpring. Charles Smith?Witness, William Hawk?Know him tiore than ft years, during three ol which he was ou the Brazil station in a U. e. ship. Thomas Lallv-Witness, Patrick Casey?knows him 7 years? lives in llroualyn. William Beadle* ?Witness/Thomas Bradley?lives in Brooklyn Pbteb O'Habra?Witness,Michael BharJeo- his known him to be in thia country more than ft year*?lives in Orange county. John Hablev-Witne**, John Barrett?know him 9 years?has been in this country since hewn a year old Thomas Di'rii.r Witnrts, James Dufloy knows him more than ft years?lived in Albany last year, but he has resided more than 4 years in this country. Martin Whitb?Witnes*, Stephen Donohoe? has been ft years last August. Jamkh McCoisns.l?Witne**, William Bradley?know him to have resided in this Stale more than five years Samuel McInto?h? Witness, Charlea B. Wilaen?re side? in Maiden lane James Cbabon?Witneas,Charles Craron?haa be. n here more than ft yea is?reside* in Biooklyn. Wili iam Bbrrt?Witness Thomas Lynch?ha* known him more than A years?resides in Third Ward. Thomas Ltnch ? Witnes*, William Berry?know him to have I eeu in this country since April, 183P?reticles in 'JIB Madison street. John ( lark?Wltues*, Thos. Oearen?ha* been in tbii country 7 years?reside* In William street. Before Judge Ulshosffer. Oct. M?Bernard Prindlt va Jutvh Surgtland liolmtt Tnpptin.?This win un action of trespass on the ca?e to recover a sum ol $688, alleged to have been loaned out by plaintiff lor the us* and benefit ol defendants, whilst in their service as sen captain. It appealed tint the plaintiff, in hi* capacity as sea captain, in June last, went to New Orleans hy order of defendants, for the purpose of taking command oi the ship rowhatwui, but uw i>. -hie to get he vei* 1, he returned, alter an absence of three month*, and brings ?ult to recover compensation for lo .* of time ?nd service for a period ol three months, at $100 per month, end lor board whilst residing lit New Orleans lor fifty-"ve .lay* it f'J per dav, also for passage money to and fiom Aew Orl< an* to New York. The chief ground ??I je <;Bce put i.i win, that there wu another cause pend ing between the parties, which* settlrd, and a re iieipt beinit obtained from the plaintiff, it wu contended amounted to a receipt in fulL Thejury will render a sealed verdict this forenoon. Judfe M IThhofffer'i Dtctrion in Ihtratf nf Iftnry Coul ter against 'I'humai McJldtrn \ C? . fivtn Monday, Ilk Ortoler, 1b44.?I ?t, The plaintiff has an ? xecution levitxl, and the property is replevined, and he still proceed* un der the Iraudulent debtor s act. This he has a right to do until he has all the defendant's property, or until he has undisputed property sufficient to cever hi* demand*. 'id, There i* no proof of a binding agreement on plain tiff. nit to proceed on hi* Judgment His bare word is in sufficient, especially when the stipulation in wiiting was only for69 day*, and when Urennixen's written acknowl edgment is that plaintiff i* entitled to the pianos. The judgment of plaintiff i* conclusive against the defendant a* to plaintiff* demand. 34. The original fraud alleged In contracting the debt, tor which judgment by confession was afterwards obtain, ed, Is immaterial, and not available after so long a delay, ?nd alter judgment confessed and accepted, as for a pecu. niaryfdemand. The fraud is merged or waved. 4tn, Whether Brennisen persists in claiming the pin no?, notwlthstaading his writtfn acknowledgment, ia nl no avail to defendant, who ought to h?ve considered this before ho confessed judgment to plaintifl. fiith, A witnes* miy be impeached, but the*ffl'!?vlt of a party to former proceedings in his own fsvor. is cot?i|>e tent But granting that the affidavit of a periy may tie impcached in such a case, si ill when some witnesses |n> peach and others suttain him. the comp' tency of the affi lavif i* not deatroyed, although thei'egree ol credit to lie given toit may ilepnn 1 on the circumstances in prnol cor roborating or snstninig such affidavit. ?th, The plaintiff's proof* are sa isfactory that the de fendant has property which he fraudulently c nceals. anil unjustly refuses to apply to pay the plaintiff'* execution When a plaintiff mates eut such a case againat a de fendant as has been made out in these proofs, the defen dant muat show what he ha* done with the pioperfy?s*y watch, seal, chain, fee A defendant must show what disposition he ha* made, and when he cminot as to *11, and refnses himsell to answer, he muat be committed The legal presumption* are against him. The plaintiff 's ca*e is sufficiently made out, and support* the charge that pro party Mated iu th* accusatory paper* ought tu be applied to pay the execution. 7th, The defendant by successfully disproving some of the plaintiff's charges, doee not screen himself from the ethers, especiallv when the defendant might have t>een *wom himself, hut refused The plaintiff's ceneral character for trnth makes no difference, because he ha? produced sufficient proof apart from his own affidavit that delenda* t refuses to apply property to pay plain llffa execution Upon the whole I have not the leait doubt from the testimony, that defendant fraudulently re'uses to apply hi* property to pay plaintiff's execution, although as to msny of the plaintiff's specifications of demands, kc .there may be doubt* aa to '.heir truth, but the defendant dis proved many and did not th* re*t; when a defendant con fesses * judgment he must pay it, or appropriate all his property toward* payment, and if be refuse* any part he must he coaamitted. I may remark that a plaintiff, in a c*se like the preaent, nece**arlly act* somewhat in the dark The truth of the defendant's demands against others, or their continued xiatetice is better known to the defendant than to the plaintifl'. The plaintiff may ascertain debt* which he may consider due to defendant, or property which he may sup liose to belong to defendant, end vet be mistaken?but if his mistake ii proved by the defendant as to pa t end not is to all, the di f*nd?nt must b# committed After reeding tbiae vn|nmn>?ua papers, I have not, in my aspect of the case, been able to conclude th *>t the de. 'emlant has no property or right* in act on which he nn iu?'lr an 1 traudnlently refuaea to apiily to ih* pay mem > I .iliint'ff s exsouiieni and although the prooi is not su'. <tantiated est the fraudulent concealment nceyS a* to s part, and perhap* aamal1 part, o< plaintiff's specifications yet ? defendant eennot even, as tn a amail part ol bis pm perty, such as wetch, chtie, kc. , treat his creditor's ex# 'utlon with neglect and contempt My opinion, therefore la,that ao much ef plaintiff** allegations aa oom# under the ?nd anbdivlston eft)te4lh section ef the fraudulent debt or'? act, la aubttantlaled, and that the defendant ha* pro perty or righta in action winch be fraudulently concoala iuii lelute* to apply to the payments! plaintiff. Judg ment ugainat him. Before Judge Daly. Naturalization -P u 1)?roca- WitoM., ARandall know hi in to hare resided iv? y?ari in Brooklyn. jli>wikn Miuanon?WituwJ, lori De witt Know In in more than flee year*?re*ide* in w Canal ttroot. \V? Mo.r.i' - Witnet*, illism C?iilar*-Know him to hare be- n in the country mora thuwe yasia, ana the l<iit >ear in the IMatr of New York. Oeoroe Bbbmbu ~ Witne**, Budmg bscvoff-Kn?w him nine yews, during which he ha* ruaidsd in thi* City tlx and a hall yeart.livo* in 177 Stautoo atrMt. Ho,.h Jonbi- Witneaa, William Francis?hsrs him fourteen jesra, waa formerly ad mat* of the Oxford, hat elwayi (ailed under the American flag. JiuiiUu-uii-Witue*a, Fraucl* Oilian?Mara known him to be thr? year* in Connecticut ami the rsmsindor tn Now York, live* m 4 Lewi* *treet. 1m?hu bibee?Wituo**, John Hoierman?llaaidaa in 43ii street, Sd avenua. Jon* Mabtin? Witueaa, Thomas Mulhais#?Knowh him more than <> year*, lira* in Brooklyn. thidui McMtnni?Wituaet, Brinard MeHulor, know him more thun five y?ar?, the greater paitol which he barf fo?kled in thit State ; lives ai No 1 Spruce ttreot. Msinrw . ost * - Witne**, Thomaa Merry-Hare known him ainc l?37; dur ng that time hare been in th? habit of conversing with htm ulmoat orory day ; residea f. 1*7 Fulton street , . . timothr Mabb?Witne**, Ado Marr, (hi* alitor)? The witne?s in this cue having only been out four yean, (her brother having *a she lupoaaad, been 'ntheconntry three yuara before.) the J*dgft declined to proceed, onUaa he could find a witneaa auifflrieiitJy acquainted with the fact ot hia being five j ear* in this country. Cosrad Dor-Wiiue?a,D-idiidge Sokes-1 hsrs known him to be six year* in the city of New York, during which time he baa mwaya kept a store in Broslwsy. James Dov?*?v-Wi mat, Michael Rogera-k??'rW?a aeren year*, during thegieeter part of which he baa re sided in Brooklyn, where he now lire*. Jame* dioaku ? Wjtnuta, Charles Pohertr-?-Hare known him lo be more than lire yesra in the United State*, part ot which he resided in Ntw Jersey, the re mainderin New York- urn* at iw ward B bra***?Witness,Ootfried A. Culler? Known him more thr<n five years? lives in li# Cham plain street arrived here while -inder lHyrait of age. fatbiox Mccohmacb?v'unen.MIenart Huren-Hsre known him more than Ave yeara-he resides at il (Jr. eu ^elsiui^su li'va*- Witness, William Chapman-Know him to be moru than five years In the United BteUe? Urea ^PA^c^urrrr-Witness,jbm?* Newell f knrwbim ierenyeara- h.' in n.-* ReChelle Westers er. Thom4? Madpcn? Witne#*, hJun ?Kn w him to !>o more than Ave jetus in t: " United Htatea - Uvea at prea< nt In Avtnue b .... >i ?? i_ Thomas Mi-lhum-Witnea*. Jofcn Martine?Livea m blw|klli2?t< JAMrs H*Aar?Witness. Richard Hrstv. who is like* ue brn'hiT of the claims' Know bun to be ?">e than Ave yfrursin the United States, during which tftte he was principally in the coy lr Patrick olvh? Witness, Michael Mconer? Know him to have been mnree than eight yeart in the United Stat**, during more than twelve months of which horesldelin Saigebt?Wltnect, Jo*?ph OreM?Ha?u known him to te in thi* country five jeari and on? month?Live* in j32 Church stieet hti.H kav?Witne?s, Hugh (ieimly?Know him aix reara that he haa reaide-1 in thi* tate ino?' of 'bat time. Jame* Cosollv?Witness,Thomas Bowling?Know him six >ears, pait of which he spent on platen inland, the in enter part of the remainder in thii< city henhv hevnolc*- Witness, Michael Reynold*-The witU' a? in tblfc cai>e. who is claimant's father knows him i to hare been in this country morutli.iu fi?* year, ho was under |b when h>- came. Hugh KABavtL-Witi.eaa. Krancia Hyl?- Known him unwarda of ten year*, during more than five of which no baa res Id d in th. Htate of New Yolk ; pieseut p'aco of residence in Biooklyn t Fbeohuce hei.esat'wi?nets. John Frederick La pinge? Know* him moie than Ave ycara ; teiidea in new i Jamb* Mault-Witnea*. Holomon Mauly - The wlt i uess and claimant in this case stand in the relationi ol fa ther and *on; can>e into this <a?untry belore he was its veara of age ; reside* in ' ew York Peter McMi-i lbn-Witne**. ,j?h|> h?i??on-Knowa him to have be.n six year* iu the Unit- d State*i ??*? than two of which be lived iu this city ; place of real fence 47 Delancy *treet. n-?r4-n Michael FiTzrATBicx-Witnea*. Thnma* o Btrlen Have known him ten years, near y ftrecf which he uroa iu Btookl\n, where he now reside* JosErii Morah?Witneas. Franci* Moran- la claimant* brother ; know* him to h re been fire \ earn is the Umted State* ; lives in Brooklyn fn?DEkica Achmab?\Vrne?s, John ll?mmel--Know hnn to 1* 'ik yean in the V s , and more than ? the rily of New York; preient inif'e ce 44 Cjiacd itxect. micham. M?ke?- wttnes*.Anthony firay? The wi'nesa in this can,' linows the claimant twelve yearn, preient re -idence In New York?in al.o a teaman, nut alwaya tailed under the American Hag . THotitt Daii.v? Witn, tt, John Ady-Kn^n him up wardt ot eight year*: present residence in West .tieot. Michael Cabhol?Witn s?, John Nolen?Know clam ,nt si ven * ear*, and duilng that time know he haa nerer left the u b ; present re*i ence in b^lrn William MAiTEBTos-witiint*. Bernard Brady?Hare Known h'm Are year* i **t April, kt ow him alao to haro I been three years in New Yoik. wmw jamfs btifh>is?Witness, Vrede lck ChapmM^Know him to hare been sixteen ye.irs in the United States, l? ? ides at pi?aen' in f^ew Y"tk. Fbedi ricb BrEfHEtt?wi?ne**, Jamea Stephen, who la likewise claimant'* father-wb?n he come to the United state* was under eighteen year* ot age, hrea in new N Patrick Bbaov-Witneis Patrick Duffy-Know him to | hare been six years in the United State*, that he al** reei led three or four year* In Connecticut ; and Acally that be returned a year patt last June. ,.?rt thi. Thn gross nnmbe- of admission* in thi* Conn, tn? lay, amounted to 113, baring answered the mu^ inter rogatoii-* In relation to claim and term of residence. | t he name* of the pnrtle* rejected and the jeotion will be found among the abore Hia Honor ludge Oily, will holl a tpecUl court thi* day, al?o lor 'hu purpura?( uatnealixing citizen*. Mnrliio Court. Oct. Vt -Natural,z*turn - Or. i one hundred nattiewl ?*ed foreigners were admitted before thi* Court, whoee (OtidxiK-e in the country rarlsd from ire to aeren an* ?line years Many ot them w.-ro German* and in*h. Peter Larnu, an Irlrhmaii, wat refuted adnuacton, his witnea* not being able to jrora hia term of ret id, noe. k. lward Hull, a (Jerman wat refuted admitaion, his wit less having stated that he was out of the country within 'he latt five yeart. _ In Cluuioorj. Bef. ire tho Chancellor. Oct 00 ? Tshrand Maurit, rt. Jtnat Rlhtnad and S+ tuufl TiliuThia came tiim on for hearing, on a bill of interpleader. ____________ V. t?. District Court?In Bankrupt*?. Before Judge Bett*. Oct. ? In rt milium Hfdmund, an applicant Jar iliukarnt undrr the Bankrupt Imw *Mr. babkbv Con fluded his argument for the applicant. ^ Mr Hl'ist oi^ned on ?he p*rt of the opposing ereditors, 'he Bank of South Carolina The ca*e standi adjourand over. ( Ireult Court. B, tor<- ju'*n?- Kftit Oct. 59 ? John D?r, is RirharH w?? ? thi* caee, si ready noticed Is >tlil belore itae i outt It is a lalgned issue to te?tthe validity of a will The ar'ino Is beonght by some ol 'he children of the lat* Mrs "? elsen. wid w of t hatthsr wto did hrismest Bt f.ttrx market the thief gtound of objec'ion was, that the dceeated, Vrt >"?l*on, was riot of sound mill i a' 'he time ot making 'he will It appeared *lie died in it-*?, and w?s near so years ol age. The case stand* adjourne t ov,r to thi? Ion i?ou Court ? nlemlisr?1 tita f'sy. Common i'i.*ai no? 14 ?i", ' i w, 40, 4(1, 4, 16 f#. wlscnnrtt ?The i*oj l|- ,i' 'M thriving 1 em* lory at the late September elei'le n, Jitr* itclded agsinat the qBestion of applying 'o Congr.t* lor admlstlen aa s Htate, by a majority ol 3q(hi. mn.ut Bwbs*#.?The ete?m niilU belonging to A III Kend*ll k Co , in Tyrone. Steuben cou?'y,??rs destroyed br fire on the morning of the IVth ieat. ths toss is between foui and Ave llioiisend doiiar*. 1 ha Ken lall'* were inaured tor only ?imti fashionable dancing VONl. <? A B r i k l D v. kokponat, H\8 ihelionorof mformmuthe l.adit and? er .^f vew York ud Viririity. that h*h*aam?*il f r the |,ar|-n?aor wi?iar inst'rottion in thepnneipal fasfroeatile ce-. n*??i:.a| Varopear. ,njl ?tin'nfw v M,*i< k. h? lately arrived from Boa?'>n, "**rito* i and >?w. imrt where i,is style mei th* wsnneat sdmi wion <t tb- pualic, uid Ibe marked appmval of tb- faahi-eahls eome-ornh ?? \mori others. M<-nt K ^.^..ej to te.c>. thai ?ed k?. wo danea LA POI.ka?the new qi.idtdlea with orifi i d ?b.i? | rhe Vslte d' Heui Pvs- 11,* Mamnrea?irw l^rtilliou.- nsw Oalopp*, w all Amerieaa p?"<h,n,ur irn?pnV?V? mms. K. will bes? br madamf. KOBPf AYss Musician. The intUnr'ion will t>e ?iv?m la ihe Kreuch. tter insn and Kn?lish lanranes . . ^ Hdotns sre ensated at 411 Hmadwar, ?treet. (formerlw the .New York hyyin-vsmc'l^rtw^cow i ,r twelve lessons, eieept the Mafourlia All eitiers in iweaiy ,ur leaanii*. f mong. KORPONAY, St iutr farther nyttcimr*, inqn'"" OS feaidenee, 77j b.mte-r. sirse . 7 | to ? daily. t*RM.:-Cl-ss utwi-'jtjijii ||0 <|)d qulft#t pnrw " iw'h* 'AMother ho.rt will be deroted to P-bl.c In.tiWU., Agd mes. k.: , ** " lyfl'ttc ? a u i t?i AVD bu.'S trtended with Msris, eOBtsann* ,af h ire ,'r ".Vr Qoad.liu, Waities, kr .peiformJ V i \t . " more or 'eaa in i, -mlwr, as <es,r?j. Order* ,f."-7 ? l.o.'.?rd stltel, ? ill br pMoctoAlly m?w u? i ? ' _ ---- i ahd ? kega attra taw l*f tatd In rery a e order a^ i ^um.?-k OOL 4 b*le*, abool l#m ita.^aruu^^ cq 16 fotith ttmtt

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