Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 30, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 30, 1844 Page 3
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fwhlch, on a large amount" oi freight, U very im i friar'. We fee by these calculations that it i> wry doubtful whether the Morria Canal can secun I U proportion oi the coal eoaiing to thil n arket, aa ou< o' (ha three canal route: through. The company tran? par ng this article the cheapen, muit of courae mo opr. iizi* i lie carrj ing trade to the extent oi it* power to do if The principal leurces from which the Morria Canal mui receive its supply if coal for tranaportation, ia the Lahigl C-nel,?iid in thdevent of a reduction oi frrigh b lowtha ,Vieiged by ilia Dataware and Delaware and Rarltan, tin lupply will onl)be rsgulatedby the capacity of the canal |to do the business Independent of a vary great amount o' buiioMa iu tranaperting coal, we have no doubt but the amount of local freight offered will be very fair "5 it not to an extent aufflcient to give any revenue The arhole value of thia work depend* entirely upon its abili ty te compete with the Delaware and Delaware and Hari tie Canal* in tha aoal trade Oar estimate* are made up Irtrom the be?t authority; and unlet* they are defective in '-ume pertioular, we aae no chance for the Morn* Canal comirg property, no matter how much |reduced tke coat. Domahtic* exported from Boaton during the week end ling Oct. 3K'h To F.ait Index 196 bale*. Wut Indie* 72 " South Amurica 00 " 326 Tha in'erasUwarrant of the Houratonio Railroad Com pany, *ecureJ by mortgage to Robert Schuyler, due No v-ui' er I, will beaid on presentation te tha office oi R k L O Schuy lar, in thia city. A report waa recently put in circulation at.Toronto, hat the Bank of Montreal had failttd, and the bills of that in?titulirn were offered in Toronto at a discount of fifty per mat-, and: tha branch of the mother Bank at that plaee crowded with persons demanding specie for their 'note*. Every demand wa* promptly met, and a shert Itimesafflced te reduce the excitement and reatore confi lence in tl^^bllity of the baiik to Meat ita liatilitiea in 'till. KwoWt the Toranto banks have given notice that ;ha noteauf the Bank of Moatreal and the City Bank ol I.Man'.real will bu received a* usual in payment far any ' lemanda due them. Tha Bank of Montreal and tha City lank ot Montreal are a* sound institution* aa can be found in the Canada*. Aacording to tke returna made lei. the 3l*t oi August laat, the liabilities and asseta stood ^a* anntxed Bank or MeitTBCAL. Citv Bark. Jiug SI. Jlvg 31 .Note* in circulation,... ?320,2)4 0 0 ?157,056 0 0 Depoaitea, till,4*3 3 I 80,441 1 o Com aud ' ullion 1*7,1218 II 30,?74 I 1 Loans aud discount*,... 1,0)1,318 9 4 403,400 6 4 The total amount of the liabilUiea ol the Bank ?i Mon treal waa ?672,985 7 ?, and the a**et* ?1,406 367 7 "otal liabilitiM of tha City Bank ?-293 160 3 6 Asaets 1608 611 It 11. In each instance the assets are valued at learly double tha amount of their liabilities. It ia report that the rumor in relation to the failing of the Bank ol leutreal, waa itat ted for political effect. If *o, very little apitAl ha* bean mad* out of it, as the institution is sel ect ead sound to the cere. Tha provisions of the act of the last legislature ef ' Maryland far tha more effectual collection of the State direct tax have, in Somerset county, been rigorously en foreed, and the result it, that three-fourths of tho whole amount due for the years 1S4I and 1844 have been paid into 'he hands o( the Receiver* within tho last two month*. T'ais * a very pleasant fctate of thing*, and nhould l?ifi came result be realized in all the other couu lie*, t^h finances of Ihe State muit rapidly improve. Old Stock Exchange. .ItWtflU S8'?, "62 119 225 (has Canton Co 101*1 Ohio 6'*.'50 102 100 do 2>'0* Ohio S'?, 'CO 1H2V 25 Mortis Caual 5fl*i do blO 102* ? ? <v,?o Ho 102^4 ' TO..O 4n lO.'X 5?"? da Ii60 I0?X 1010 Mat>*ma 5'a 1*0 *2 4i>U" He diug'<Hbds 72 W?iO do 71 \ 3*ihi Paii'a 6'* 74 2<li (I <10 6000 Indian* bonda , 2) allMen h Etc Bk 106 110 Knrmeri' irnat 4tV? 50 do 44 W 10 d. 1)30,41,']; 21 Illiuoi-t Bank 20 25 <tw , 2* do I 1(10 Maahi.ttan Oaa 10 ll.llelll KR 50 do 4B>4 b30 48>4 '5 do JU 225 Nor luid Wore RR 125 do 50 do 25 - do 3no L ItUnd RR 200 do 50 do b36 7lV 221 Stoiiiiijton RR 4t>? 100 do 50 do 10 do 2.1 Heading IIR 76 Kan Ho?tou Co 50 Hud .V Berks RR syiuieKR 60 N lersev KR 100 Muliuwk RR do 25 90 72 X 110 b30 73 Second Board m soo mi b30 821, at.0 82,v, b30 8JV, U2\ 50*, s30 :,U*i b30 51 '4 51 54 V4 12X, IIS *30 30% M 67 6b\ 2) slias Vorrii Canal 3K ?>i do 4 50 Nor and Wor<* UR 83 50 d > s30 82?f IVfw Mtock Kiehange 50 a^as NY t Erie btw 31 50 Canton Co 48^< 25 do b3 49 *5 do snw 49 10 ?haa National 50 Aui H.?i Liu t> l ariner?'Tiust 100 do 50 do 50 Morria Canal 10 do 50 do 65 d? 5 do ISO do 25 Canton Co 25 do 25 East Boston Co r 99 b 10 90 blO 4tji t c 4tst b20 14 la 50 shaa I. Island RR B2k 125 Alohawk RR c ?)? 50 do b? 67 100 Harlem RR a3 72)? 75 ^loinnKton KR bnw 51 Si Wore RR 81S b3 4SAi *3 c 12>i 21 N 200 25 175 10 50 25 25 do dn do do do do do bnw 82 <:% BIK btw 81 bnw tlTt bnw ll>a Sai.k* or Stock*?Boston, Oct 98. Kj i han je Hoard ?1H aliarea Taunton Branch RR, 118; 7 Bwiioij a d Maine KR, n> w atock, 106, Fitchbuig RK new atock. I0?: 177 Reading RH, 27: 100 do, 07; IO11 L? g Island KK.bdi; UNi Weatern RH, 91; '276 do, 9i|; ?J76 >0, boSOd, 91^; Q0 do, bolw, 91j; 60do, *Ol6d, 91. State of Trade. Atari?Pol* are in very limited demand at $4 16}, and paarla at $4 26 a 4 ?1^ Btsswti-Pnaie >ellow, of all deacriptiona, aellaa* wanted At a 80c. Cot ton?I lie market is firm, but the sales are small to day. Hat Hales to some extant have been made at 40c. The receip'a continue quite large, Whiikbv-Dm* go eaik* are very firm at a3c. with mnt'arate sales. Weatern and priioa barrel* are held at ?M canta. Tia* jiuclion - Imported in the ibipa Robert Ful ton. Cynthia, and otlitr recent arrival* Term*?Notet at ais mr>ath?, payable in the city of New York, to be ma.iM sa'isiactor) to the leller*. Hfion - ? ch< *t* $1 06 cena per lb; 66 half do 76; 96 de 6*. n <!o 56J Vani.f lit (on?46 lif oheit* 74: 1? do 67J; 14ilo64|; IC da 51 3# do Ml, ft do 49 6 do 48 117 Jo 47J l?do4?|, HOdu 4fl iO to 4ft|, ao.lo 44, 6 do 42 10 do 41, 46 do 40, 142 do 2? do 31, 23a do 38). 60 do 91 J, 360do 2(1$, 100 do 20,30 do 16, *0* do 14, 26 do 12^. withdrawn. Hf aon flkiu?1? hall cue*'" 60, 36 cheat* >6, 64 do 30j, 47 do ><?, 113 do 26^. 27 do 27,84 do withdrawn. Ounpoadar?14 half cheiti 83, l6do 71 16 do 68J, 16dn larfo H3 22 da 61. 61 do 69, 44 do 5Hj 14 do 67, 6do 4?4, 21 do 64 101 do 06200 13tb boxes wi|, 67 do 46, 7(1 b.-.xei ?7j lo7 half chtata n uhdrawn. Imp' rial? 10 half rhoit* 72. 6 do (8), 13 da 60, 3S do 66 33 to 66 2i do 63 ?N| |3lh box** 66. 20 box<* 63 J, 66 do 61 Sourl org ?10 halt cheat* S6|, 36 do 36, 10 do 29 100 du 26} 20 20tl> boxe* 32, 28 half cheats, 60 boxes and 102 201b do withdrawn Pouchong?16 half cheats 86, SQdoaad 16chests 39, 60 half chest* 3h, (a do and 86 chests withdrawn. Cliul n ?9 hall chest* 22 j K' ken- 90 half cheita 28) 66 do withdrawn. Oolong-10 halt cheata 44^, 10 do 43), 80 do 43, lOdo 89, 46 <lo withdrawn Ri al E*tat??wtf Auction-Lot in Chri*topher afreet 108) leat tr< m Oreenwicli lane, 90 fvet 7 inehra front, 46j fee' rear, 86} feet deep oa one aide, 64) on the othei, , 9I.40O Married, Or. Tueidav 29th Inat at the North Dutch Church, hy the Rev Dr Knox, Cha* A. Li.oto, to Miaa Alice M daughter of the (late Abraham I aimer, Esq., all of thia city. Died, On Tuesday morning, J#th int. after 0 short but severe illness, Nirmmn. Oicam son ot Nathaniel and Alia .iiarix Finch aged 9\ ar*.8 month* and 17day* The relative* and friends ol tho family are requester! to attend hia luneral, from the residence of his grand father. ' apt. Anthony B Kounteine, 72 Charlton street te-jiorrow Hfternoon at 8 o'clock, without further invita tion Latest aacaiVKD AT THK NAM Anjier July 15 Afrir* Sept. IJ AlitllTM* Sept. I Arwiiio Se,?t. 3 Am ? 'Sye*,.. Sept. 10 AnKus'iiie Bay May 16 Bxtam July 17 B<y of Islands, N. Z..May 17 D>-rinuila An* 27 Bnr io? Ayres An*. 2J Br-lite. Hon July I I) irboloea Oct. I Jan. 21 Bo.niie Am?. 17 BointiAV ......... ...Auk. 18 I ??(?' I i.wn, C.O. H..Aiik. 9 (,'aleutta 9 Cnnlanaa Aii*. 27 Chaem* June I Cienliieeos. Au*. 20 I i|>- II i> tien Oet. fi (irthu'iia. June 15 C imiie ichjr Oct. | CiHniimho July 27 Callmi July |8 IVrnerun Auk. 16 ?'.IsiiKire Heiit. 21 K-yal \uk. 25 ?iitiriltar Sept. 14 Oun\Miii?, P R June IJ I Jalreiton...... ... Sept. 28 OtMiovea Auk 3 t liiay?tuil April 2.1 Oillipiuos Nlanrls.,. May 4 Hiire Oct. 1 It iv na Oct. II ll.vlil'is Oct. 20 1 <le ot Kranca Sept. 27 .iHremie . . Hrpt 10 K nation, J a. Sept. 21 London., Oct. II Liverpool Oct 12 l-? tniayia Auf. 16 l^taiina Oct. 31 l.imi June I Maeeo July t Datee to** hkkalo orrice. M.imlU Jane' -I Malaga Sent l( Mad-ira July I Man ruins Aug. i Montevideo July 2i Maracailio July I' Manaanilla -....Sept. ? MAlaoraa Oct. p MayaKuex Sept. 2: Mjtmnoras Auk. 3' Vlonk'rey June |i Nassau, N. P. Sept. I Neuvitaa...........Aug. I Oaha, H. I May r Para Sept. i Paria Oct. N Port an Prince Sept. I Porto Cahello ...... Oct. 7 Point IVtre, Onad.... Sept 1 Peruambuco SeP'-4 I Panama June I Payta April 2' K10 Janeiro S. pt. I Rio (Grande Sept. 1< San Juan Ang. t St. Helena Sept. ? St. Tliomas Sept. .' St. Jago de Cuba Oct. " St. J,.hns, P. R. Aug. 1 St Croix Auk 2 St. Doiningo June 2 St. libea Sept. Surinam Sept. I' Singapore....... ... June J! Svihiev, N. H W. ...June I Triuiuad da Cuba... .Sept. 2 Talcatiuuia June I Tahiti Mar. 2 T>>mliex Nov. -1 Tampico Juue Toliaaco. July I: Turks lalaad Oct. i TrieM* Jaly 1! Valparaiso July f!< VaraCrui Sept. 14 Zaatiter Mav 27 P?wn?reT? Arrived. ? ^ssa&s&ss,'-* *? ro?TO I ABitLLo?Briif Token?4 R Macher 8^^',^t'zd-^B0r;:rlh-M" H-,wiwk ?*?rvrfxp, f ? ~? u IHiMe?ij linporutlmit. bal?W&tf"*?** cask. rice Uodey t W#lls-ll -iS , ' lt'!" Vk5K U? "~,J Kuuwlton, Lynwn kPiMMroj -120 tc. rice (o order .?!7*f.Ln:,T,iNr"'*!!'l\8.u,toll?27# bale. C'ttou Smith. Mill. & 7.'r ? , * ke Barhier?II do >arn llolbrook i Nrlmii-I i I vi .? Co '?"?-? l*> M? H N Hart-I boi Rev R Bolton 6 to?'? old copper Master., Mailioe tc co?2v corns vviKHl C* Suton. maritime herald. Movements of the Steamships *}? Western. Mstthewa V0T" HiWmis, Kyris.... Oct. 19 ...Not, I..." No* Packets to Sal 1. r> r . MOL. Oxford, R'thhonc, Nov Indepeideuce Nye, No* Virginian, Hiern, Nov Montsgana, Lo vber, Nov. ... . 'ORT.MOt'TH. Victoria, Morgan, Nov. Wellington.! h id w ick, Nov II. Hudson, Moore, Nov HaVHK. Oneida, hiintk, Nu Emerald. Howe, N, Packets to Arrive. 1.1 V E K POOL New York, Cropper, Oct 1 Liverpool Eldndge, Oct. 6 ^iddons, Cobb ()ct || Colutnbui, I o|e, Oct 16 POB r^HOL'TH. Torontp, Tinker, Oct. 1 Westminster, tlovey, Oct in St. Junes, Vfeyer, Oct. 20 MAVRK. urn'rV"| . x"'?worth, Oct. I Villr ilf L> ,)jj Stoddard, Oct. U it/ u ii WniliTi ami Aiieiiti* ?? Robert V.!?/0' if, will g,v, POHI* OF NEW YORK, OOTOBKR 30, ? UK ii'tV f 54 I M00'1' 7 -<l| HIGH 11 Cleared. Arrived. ?-?h -Ss^WSstWiSr Sftffl^rj^Tgs-ftartr. Sr'jtesftj&a?' t&&3pisa 5? A&1.' JteSS51? Brig Selim, Dunham 16 davs from La Ouavra fo ?sc^wisrm??"?>? ?.toSiTfeSSS, p.f" t?s, east - *? as ?&. u- far.: Brig Virginia Wrightman. 21 dayi from Port an Prince with I loawiHul to Sprague, Robinson &. Co; 30 do A c'Ros Left brig.Ttenublic, Hovt, for New Vork ld? Orbll. I ravera, of mid for Baltimore, do; Harab Jane And. r Vork, fig.' K?41"'' to lo*<l! ?c^ir Pacific, Smith,'for New R.Bm" Deni"ll' Hav<,rn'11 da>'? fr0I>? Savanuah, with cotton, to . '??" t. matter. KWr!d?e' fr?"> Fr".W?rt, with ,?,t.toe., to JJchr 8tate,man' Wa.., from Madi.on, with lumber, to the mM er.^4"1' S<*?, 8 Jayi from Oardiner, with potatoei, to m?ierrCOrUelit'York'5 d,y' from ^ottland. with .hooka, to malrrr.LibWtT' Ca?l''n?- ? diV f">m Bath, with lumber, lo m^r'Eli"btth' I,Rn,|inl 6 day. from Bath, with lumber, to master.^'C^m0nd' Cu,l,man' from Ne" Bedford, with oil, to muter. Colnm"ce?Carvw- frnm Kairhaven, Maa.. with oil, to master.Am*''1 R?g""' 8 <Uy, from New in ballut, to Mi?a. Ship Ituntre.., Lovett, Canton, and other.. Miscellaneous Record. .hssteis?",.se?i,;.""'~f'?m "h??' -11 ulf!i KyrL,,,E* f'om Port, arrived at St Mark* 19th inat. ?J*h*d 11 nurolyr of ifuaetigera on board, and grc^t anxie lir ??fety was felt by those who had friend, on board of k?kHI1 Tei??' Hntehin.on, while at anchor in Portland harbor, night of 26th, the wind blowing quite heavy from the North, was run into by a.chr and had jibboom carried aw ay. . ftpofcen. 7J^-by'theSmtoufat'tM,'nort.<'elP,>'t' *?th fa,t- 33 lon Senator, of London, J< day. from Sierra Leone for Trinirl ,,l VVar?a?' Oifj i '"n 4r 4,?iby',f "** Bird, at thi. port. 19,hm'tlat3130'lon 72 Home Ports. Banoor. Oct 2<?Arr Ontario, Staple., NYork; E Churchill BKi.Kasr, Oct 24?An* Marfaret, Boardman, Bangor for a Weatern nort. Sid Shawmut Barron, < lnrle.t ui In port imoiig other?, Lochinvar, for NOrleam. Sid 2Jth, Columbia Drinkwat-r. trankfort, u> load. ' ^olunu"4 SI k ri WH*vin a 11 ?C' J0~8I<' S*rln4r> Carleton, Cuba; Clara, PoSTLawp, Oct 27?Arr Kalm >uth, Davia. Cadi*. Cld 26th s r/flli'i S- I? / Savannah; Magnolia. Uelano, Porto Rico.? Md Odd Fellow, (new) for F report, to lini.h Idit for South.? rl tmt in ?,r'? I k "He-1 of near one hundred coast ^r,i put in lor a harbor la?t iiiKht. Nkwb,:*vport. Oct r-Att Baltic. Vine,and Cornelia, with ,a' from H p Hannah Spracue, oui.ide the bar. Sslfm. Oct 26?* Id Eclip,e, Archer, Marseilles, with her uma ra cargo Sill Orb. Andrew., 2an7. b r; chalcedony, ?ueo<? Aym( C,ylon Tuft. Africa; Northumberland , 7JV*' ii ! Krim, Berry, (Je.irgetown, DC; luo, BJ NV-.r'^riV ? r'n'"1 AlbV')'; from bangor foi rh.X. 5 !j,Vinr,Ul' "Africa: Caailda. Krankfortfor ham N Vork *? W"*,u> Philadelphia; Anaconda, Oor Boston, Oct 28-Arr*Apphia. Pettingill, Sydney. CB. Cld Arno, J hnr.ton Maulmein and ' alratta; kfiMbeth Hall, (of Boiton. late of Baltimore) Cobb, Valparaiu) a- d a nikt P M? i^ira,1VjteDfl n"m'' B-,ch"r',ud c'> T*k'**P"*/* , J*|T 9?f 27~J" I**1"? Beuj Bigelow, Baxter; Wm v ,.L /' <;,ro*,'l|i gl 'en'if Crowell and Renown, Lovell, N h ??li afi""5 t?ur,,,v H?ll?-tt, aud v. m H Turner, Hinckley, Albany for do. Paawil by nt uoon to-day, Excel, Lovell. Bo.ton for NV ork. Eonaarow!, Oct 27-Arr Montreal Snow, NV.rk for Be Ta n a1 'uS'1 OuatWoutw for B<th; Coral, Hmith, and Bride, I rewey, N York f?r Portland; Patriot, Cate., lo Tor Machiaa; Maixe, timer, and Hero, Sp.uldmg, do foi Boston. <f*lh?In tiort, the above, and many other, hmind Ea* . i- ii l t . r.'. i' r' 'i'" ?wrt'.":*dy ?" France, rain ' , y for Ba,l*or- VV ind .trong Irom NE, with Nar?TrcKKT, Oct 27-Arr Champion, Drew. NYork. New B.r.ohd, Ort 2?-Arr Adelaide, jil-cum. Albany; 27th, relMMiih, I haw; Report, Turner, and Pilot, dandy, aV u'audy Alb'ny Smith, Philadelphia. Arr 28th, Pilot, K3"",or. J" Lampheer,' v^?yiaUM?-ii!M,J B'jdeufiurg. and Vig.laM, Heath, New Y!r'1, f^'J ji d Liberty, Townaend, rbiUdcl klli ,J2,,e4' *V' \n>' Arr 27th, Marietta R>an, Whelden. Philadelphia; Herald, Redder, Albany: Washington, Hull NYork;, U'heele , Newaik, NJ. Mow, a fore and aft beating up. Hid Georgia, Collin. IV ? 'i . Y ,c ,d Nickeraon, and Wm Youljc, Adtma, Phi U(lel|ihia. A.u.Xl"*H";d?Ph"rd!iJhI?1.,ry ^tMBuskaloo. and (.M*BLMtsivOct 2i-ln tlie offing (ilendower, P,r.on., Newport. \V; Mary Ann, Brown, and Lei ,nd, Kendrirk, Ir in Uoaton. Cld Solou, Bucknain. Liver,-ooU S .i.thport, (ir.flith, NYork; John Hancock, Rum. Havana; T C Mitchell, Kru?e, v^e?t hid Lancashire, Lyon, Hatre; Titi Wilkin* It*W; 24th| Como? Kldrid^f, Boat m; Ami Htillc, Wrlla! Viobile. S*?a"?naH, Oct 24?Arr Susannah f 'nmmiiig, Clark. Boston B^TH^g^o^' >UfV lh"UTy' OBUNSWICK 8HEETINOW.-Ths Brunswick, are the ?? all tli? 4'4 Brown hheetiniia. b^iiiac about I p. mi id fo 2>6 yard?, and tiip price la but a ?hade abov* the ordinary itylaa. Country roerchanta are volicited to eitmine thi* articl n connection with thr laru^t aa^ortmpnt of Brown UomrattC (.ottoo Uooda, (Sbtvtin^a and HhirfitiK*,) ^?er vihibiifd upo any one ll'ior in the lliiitpd Stalra. 'I np goods are received iirect, andniiered in amall lota at the 50 ba'e price on tb?serous ilo ?r? or *>oa IH and 20 i edar street, near P?*r| AUo.batu'from ?4 C"nti, to II a and 9 centa i-er lb., put up in blue pai*r?, |0? liundlea to 100 Iba. Alaj, Wickiug, Warp, Twine. Ydm and tVa.idniK. T. N. L'NDERHILL oJO It'rrc PRICE HE DUCK IX FIFTY CENTS PER BOTTLE. rPHE CHIEK VIRTt'ES ol 'l? TRICOPHKROUB, or * i afnt Medicited Compoand. are :? '?[t* kracing. .trengtliening and clarifying qualities. ?? ts gently .tiinulatiiig the action of th? .kin. r? IU iModucmg and aucnuraging a leaction in the bulb O' )"t, aud iwrticularly in the pulp which receives the veasel, no uarve, giving life and vigor ro the hair. ) If* juiialiaing the circnlatiou of the llnids. _J J i in* 1 , ?!?"> from the effects of perspiration, senr' l_i 17. V """ di?t>osiiig the hair to curl. JiiJi".1 .if , ,0**" u* Wl" I'Tv* the hsir is beanty ur '?i ^ W' l^fod of life . .J,11 nlVj"?' ,.,r'c* R'VM1 00 * ^connected with the hsir ihUC.1.1 '-utting Rooms, lit Brosidway, op stair*, cernar ol ^ftr ott H'rrc lNLN 111 VVrtttll KtiMTbcKV Ci.A > OXXii ( FlthLINGHl'YSGN I I lub, and all tho.? dis Uil Nn o IVrrv gf?l V toa??embie ^t Kentuck) inVi.iek Tl. ki 'i?" w"'"e <lay Morning, :i(ith in.r., a w,. sa U/ILLIAM S4.ll ARKENBERO It KEHU. I.l'lh Us lea? to inform tlieir frien<l* ind thennhlic in g.ner^l that lie* 'iavs formed a I o-pvtssrship for (V i,ni?.r>" ,,f ,< y'.nL vlnsic, for ths sale of which rhev 1^.1",, ,;', ??, ?tore Ml Broadway, near f'mulilin Mreet all* l? ,? ^ntWfonida'rths C|?s?-?| Works of the celeb, ^eiich 1 'erraan and Italian comi>oaera, aa well *m all the i-? nMuu. ion., of Which they will alw.'y. hsvi a compX? soon as imhlished is En rope. v aaaorunent a> V'f;?v? DEMOCRATIC AFRICAN REPVBLICAIV NBCTIIO. A N adjourned meeting of the Delegates from the several aa Wards in the ''ity of New York, fur the pur|Kise of taking ticn action M may best promote 'l,e intere-ls of tlie Democratic . '"ion of the American Repub'icau Part) , and m will moa ,7'U Jy "CUT 'be election <if Jamea K. Polk *n<! tieorge M '?jlu for Pi e-< If ii t an J Vice Presid-iit of the United Stat? i; and of Silas Wright and Addison Godioer. uUiivvriitif fill Lieuteu ut Governor of the State nf Near York, held on the ve mug of the 29th inst , at the Ii use of J sires C. Slnuealls, in ?accord sure with the resolution passed at the last meeting I nji in<i111 if? of the last meeting weir lead and accepted ; after h ch a letter in answer to a cominuuicatioii addiessed bv a ?'.oininitl-c appointed for tlie pur|H>se, to Job Haakell, Ka-j , wa* e.d and accepted, and ordered to be published '1 he lull .wing >? a copy of the letter, Nr.w Yoik, October 29, 1811. To M. |{ I'idkhiu, ??<., UllLI.IMtM? Tina is the tint opportunity I hare had to acknow'edge the recept of y?>ur very p lite ami Compliment iry nolo of 'lie 311 at ??ist. Y'.ur kind invitation to join with yourselves, and otlwr*. in Calling a public meeting to respond to the 'Miuiinationi uf lainea K. Polk and(iea>rge \1. Dill as, Silas Wright aud Addiaou l ia'diuer, I cannot accept, owing to my official duties, which it 1a incumbent on ine to |a*rform to ilie beat of inv abilities. Bui ?i the Constitution kii araulces toeverv citizen the right to sneak mil write hia ae .'intents, -object only to the law lor the abuse of that tigbt, I shall not hentate to declare to you. Kent'emeu. anal to thoae Democrat* now known aa American Republicans, who honeatly wish for the success of true American principles, Hid who are determined not to lie transferred to the W big party, 'hereby aiding to elect Henrv < lav to the Presidency, 'hat I wou'd not sa ct'ou such a auicidalcourse It ia true that I wax ne of ih-p. i me movers of the American parly, and had the honor to make the first address at the first public meeting ever eld in the cau e, Mid 'h it 1 oiuht to know how and for whit it was orgatii -ed The founders of the party were veteran De inocrata who had become d aguatad wirti the corruptions which h ut crept iuto our Vlunicipil and State Governments. To give tone to the movement, and confidence to the people ; and to snow that it w ? not a Whig trick, sterling Democrats were selected for Presidents of the fir*t A asm! a ions, and also for Pres dent ?? he (federal I'.xecu'ive Committee ; and I state, without thefeai ifcontia iction, that it was the understanding tint we slinuld not act as a party on the Presidential question: but thatcaih individu I mo;hi follow his fo-mer predilections. Ouuooihei condition would a Dein .cut have entered its ranks. We did not agree to surrender into lb hands of the moat deadly enemies if liberty, the eternal principles on w liich our glorious Kepublr stands?tlios* principles for which our great Washington fought, and the heroes of the devolution bled. I have watched for the safety of young America, md I am confident that there - re trait.> s in our camp (base aa Arnold ) who would destroy the party by endeavoring to make us believe that the Whigs -ire our true friends, but I can assurey ou th-y are wolves in sheep'sclo'h ng Only helii them to elect lleury Clay, and my word for it. you are duped. They will then force u|win the country another United States Dank to curse and annoy pos'erity for ages, and ihen will lie carried out Mr. Clay's pretended American System. That is neither more nor leas than the English Protective Ci s tern, which has reduced the mire independent people of Kuglanil, esiieciallv the working classes, to a s'ate of imuperism. Tlie nme causes here must inevitably produce tlu- same lerible re sults. Mr Jefferson said that ha could almost wish with lilas Dean, that there was a wall of Are bet weeu this and the add world, to stop emigration. But lie also said that an United Sutei Dank, nf all existing insttutiona, was the most hostile to the liberties of the Republic Since onr independence, we have had a war with England, and, subsequently, with the United Stares Bank?and olthe two, the Bank warintlicted the greatest sufferings upon the couutry. It fought with a spirit of despera tion; but ill.oiks to Him who rules tlie destinies of the world, the monster was overthrown, the |ieople triumphed, ai:d the Hero of New Orleans won laurels of immortality. Mr. Clay at the Extra Session exerted all his dictatorial power to procure a Bank charter, and would have obtained his object, hut for the firm, patriotic and coustitu'iona) stand made by the present Chief Magistrate. He alone saved the country. But uow ynu I are called upon to come forward yourselves, and to do what freemen dare, in defence of your rights, stamp your final veto, not only upon the hank,'.but also u|ion all the base designs of the whig party. That party will not ?top at anything in order to obtain the electoral vote for Mr. Clay. They would not hesitate to concoct a letter purtiortiiig to have been writien by him, ( ro at'Li. the Nativki) endorsing all the principles of our party And 1 believe they intend to do this, thinking that the Democrats in the American Party will be simpleeuough to swallow the poisoned bait, hook anu all. But the result of the election will show them that reuon govaruawise men and punishment fools. Every reasonable man must know that if \1r. Clay should be elected President, that list only would the Democratic Party lie defeated, but a dea h blow Would be struck it all tlie cherished ho|>e? of the Americau Republican Party. It is evide it that if the wbigs could once get possession of the General Goveruine l, which ia the Gibraltar nf America, they would strengthen their position so that not all the power of the Democratic and Americau parties united could dislodge them. Ou the contrary, a defeat is death to them. It is our duty then to rally to sui port Polk and Dallas, ensure their election, and haug the whig party on the gallows. We have only to will it, and Silas Wright and Addisan Gardiner will bale thirty thou sand majority. l)o not suppose froin what 1 have written that I, am not uow an Americau Repulicau; my motto is. first in the field and last out; go the who'e ticket and nothing but the tick et as far as nominated by the American Republican Party. I am, with profound reaiiect, JOB HASKEL. Messrs. Uliueihill and others of the committee. After the reading of the letter, three times three cheers were given for the letter, when the following resolutions were paaaed, Resolved, That wh?u this meeting adjourn it adjourns to meet iu the Park, on Thursday evening Oct II, at ii o'clock. Resolved, That Messrs. Newsou, Drown and Ciiiiilensou lie a committer to su|ieriutend tlie erection of a stage for Officers and 8|ieakers. Resolved, That the proceedings of this meeting be published in the New York Sun and lieralu, signed by the Chairman anil Secretary. Heaolved, That this meeting do now adjourn after giving three cheers for Polk and Dallas, Wright and Gardner, anal Go veruor Dorr, to atteud the Mass Meeting of the Democratic portion of the American Republican Party iu tlie Park on Thursday evening, at 6 o'clock. M. H. UNDERHILL, Chairman. L. W. Nr.wsots, Secretary. u30 lt*gc ATa UK.UOCHA.TIC imOCKRN. _ a numerous meeting of the Grocers, held at the North Americau Hotel, on the evening of tlt#29:h iust., agreeably to a call published iu the Democratic fiiper*. for the purpose of making arriiigemeuts to join iu the Grand Democratic Proces sion oftlie 1st November. Thomas Mohhell, Esq., was uu au i moll sly chosen President, and the following geiitn'tnen were appointed Vice Presidents: L. T. Ncoll, L. P. Stafford, John *1 inipson. P. ter Lynch, William Story, B. H. Van Auken, Eheur Clark, Richard T. Campion, Birlow Baker, Jay Jarv s, Frederick llol't, David Pollockaud A drew Carngan The fol lowing gentlemen were appointed Secretaries: Elijah Kisher, Thorn s Aiaitin, Gabriel Harrison, liei<ry Pope and John D EVeidenthal. The. call of the meeting was then rrad and accepted. Tlie Pre sident thanked the Grocers for the hounrc inferred upon him lu atpeech of about half all hour's length, full of spirit and repeat edly interrupted by bursts uf enthusiastic applause. When Mr Morrall sat down, a motion waa made and passed, that the Chair appoint three Grocers to draft resolutions expres sive of th- sense ol the meeting assembled. >1. Gaffuey, Win. Miller and J. S. beams, were appointed said commutre, and retired. Mr. Barm:* was then called upon address tlia meeting, which he did iu his usual spirited and eloquent manner. The following Preamble and Resulauoua were then read and adoped:? Whereas, the Grocers, aa a claas, have, in their opposition to restrictive and exclusive laws, always aasimilated, iu their feel ings and actions, to the principle* maintained by the Democratic party; and, whereis, the manufacturers of the Eastern States are now using all their uitluence through their emissaries and .agent* in this city, to send an impression forth that all cl.aases iu ihis commercial city aie in favor of a proscriptive and prohib itory tariff :? Therefore, Resolved, That in view of the interest that the Oroc rs, aa a numerous class of our ci1 item, iwssess in the prus I perity and improvement of this commercial city, we totally disapprove of th- extravagant protection, varyiug from 50 to 1M per cent, which tl e utniiuracturers of tlie total secured to them seives by the obnoxious Tariff of 1*12 Reaulved, That the Agricultural interest of our country, comprising, aa they do, six->eveutlu < I the entire populatinn, should lie first couaulted ill tlie framing of all laws general in their character. L II) solved, That th'extreme and unparalleled low prlcra of tlie agricultural products of onr country at the preseut period (when this bl"?sed tariff ha* had in ire than two years to da velo|ie its beneficial results establishes the lact that it has pro duced uogood to the tanner, whilst it undoubtedly tends to Ihe injury of the working claasra of this city, whose interes's are closely identified with tlie prospeiity ol'the agricultural and cr.mmer i tl interest uf th- entire country Resolved, That we are opposed to a United States Bank, (whi h I lay is pledged to aup|H>it, and to obtaiu which is the main object ol" tlie wloga) inasmuch aa it is the ouly instiu ment to consolidate pa,wer to tlie gieat iiijnry of the massts Unsolved, '1 hat we will use all honorable means to elect Jaiina K. Polk, George >1 Dall<s, Silaa Wright aud Addisou Ga diner and the enure demi ciatic ticket. Reaolt'ed, Th it we will as Grocers turn out on horseback on Krialay evening, Novemlier I, at i o'clock, at tlie corner of Spring and Mariou streets, to join iu the Graud Democratic 'iorch Light I'roceeaiou. On motiou. it was Resolved, 1 hat a committee of two from e^ch ward be ap pointed to make the neceasary arrangements for tlie Proc ssion. I lie following gentletneu were .appointed said Comtnitte? :? 1st VVaril?Henry Hake, 10th Ward?Jay Jarvis, J, Freudthol. H. Lewis. 2nd?John 'I imptoii, 11th?Owen Gal'ney, I'lullip Johnson, B. Riley. 3rd? Lynch, 12th?P. Doha-rty, I). S. Draper. James Doyle, 4|h?William < orbit, 13th? David Pollick, William Story. J.Cuiiniiighun. 5th?A.Udell, Hth?Mat hew SlcKeon, Sam I. Bonner, K. Kasche 6th?'I hotiias White 15th?Elijah Kisher 1 ? Thomu Ma-ten B. Cno tr 7th?Joel Couklin 16th?James Styles (?..Clark Wm H.\la|ie? 8th?Wm. b r?il 17th?George Browu 1 Roseiiburgh Thomas Morrell 9th?M. Mcw eou I Barlow Baker Tbealnive Committee are requested to meet at the North American Hotel, This (Wednesday) Eveuiug, at half-past 7 o'clock. On mot ion, R- solved, That the proceedings of ihii meeting be published iu tlie News, Plebeian, Herald and Evening Post. THOMAS MORRELL, President. El IJAM FltNBn, . ThoMis Maktiw, GarKicl Haimisorr, > Secretaries. Ht.itKv Purr. Juhm D. KngiDgfTHaL,J olO lt*gc Nkw Yo*?, Oct 29, IIMI. MR EDITOR ?Having noticed in tlie Herald .f to-day my name at'ached toau ail'lreas, pu lairliug to lie from the Na tive Ante lean Deiniorau, I take thia MM of ilfonilM my IriMM nnl ti e pulilie in geaml, that I was not at that meeting, neither h I any connection with the pi, ca-edings whatever. I have lieen a member of the Native American Asaoriatio i since ia organization, and will ever be identified with those who sup iKirt American rulers, Am ncan nistiluiions, and Americau laws. JAbOB 1)1 RYEE, Mahogany Dealer, i>3fl lt*ec 577 Water stieet. ''HE UNDER9KJNF.D wonld inform the pubiie that in stead of signing the protest purporting to be signed by the Democratic portiou of tne American Republican I'aitv, and published in the Sun of this morning. I did refuse w hen re piested to sign the same. R J. JIMMERSON, o30 tt'ec Tj EXCHANGE HOTKL rtlNCERT ROOM, RICHMOND, VA. 'HE above Room is now in complete order fir Concern, l<ectttr s. ke lie , and will l?e let on reasonable terms to Pr fessiousl L?ili"ii or t'eitlemen, through the winter and spring. Br writi g to tlie subscriber, (p< st paid )??ery iiiform .atiiiii will he u'iven and adaeriiseir.nita or programmes made' lit mil |iu'lished for those pereoua who intend w ie ? ting llictiin ind the coining a?a-o?, in advance a,f their uwii arrival, if lequired. A STEVENS, Richmond Va N B.?Tlie State License I aw, requiring ' very exhibition to (lay (Ml to the State, was re,e ,led at tlie list sessiou of tlu> l egis lature, as regards Cincerta or Lec'urea. o3H 3t*jgb LAD1E8' VEI,VET?HAT8. CARL KINO eirs leave to snnmnce to the Ladies of New York and its vicinity, thit he baa for sale a' h s cele brat*d eatnblishment, No. 17 1 ivisiou st ee', a larne and fishionable assortment of Ladies'Velvet Hats of all Colors, vol tr uimeil in the in st fashion hie style, at $t each. The Velvet is a sui^rior articla tu what is generallv u?*d. CAlll, KIN<?, 17 Division sfeet. N. !).?A large and fashionable assortment of I'sris Ribbons, it the moat reasonable price*. oM lm*ec 1(14 WILLIAM STREET. WEDELES It MEYER, Im|M>rterx of Kresich, (Jefman and Knglis'i Fancy Goods, have received by list arrivals, ai d If r for sal , Silk and other Bu tons; Drasaing and Kane Combs, Silk .,nit Fancy Punea; <WI dogen Ctgsr ( ases; Lead I' neila, bes quality; Suspenders, I air Pina; a gra-at asso tmenl if Perfumeries; Sill- and Worsted Emhrnialeri-s, etc., e'e , and inanv oti er Kancy Goods 10.000 smsi Steel Pens, b) t' e l>e?t naiiufaciurers of Enlland. Wilting Desks aud KaicyBoxei, (?., e|c o3tl tll/IM WfcK'rrr ?TCCL rut! 10? wili.iA.i ilREKI. EDELKS IsMkYER. Importers,have received by Uat ar rivals, aud otter for sale at the loaseat pricaa? 5,000 grosa John Myer's Steel Peita. 5 000 do Benaosi's do J.OOO do Eagle do 5,000 do Jahnaon's do 4,ono do American do 5,000 do Cuahbarg Silvtr Iteel. n|0 tDl?M WfcJ**re w AUCTION SALES. nPl rMnin u'u.ff'. LIXDLn W Auctioneer. QPLEND1D BH'M hk CASHMERE SHAWl 8. of tl.e I I' til -"iu't*" ? *"tj Ju,< teceived (nil will lie told i Jii . UC" r" by t" 1 ; LrULtiW k ( II.. Auctioneers, a ./. VV ?, Aj?o lo, No III) ILoadway, oiiposa I .it ."li " ?" Sri yo y* ?'? at Uo' lock Slnwls m a liigl "I1'1 >P,r" *"d 1 "mJ " ?' ?* 'Wif Auctio- so hi, ? toi the Ladies a better chance to< gamine th.m in a spacion i "J?.. r'ium' *''' ?i?o "( tnakin; s lections oat t.f a ? rue assort ne t A similarop air'uni \ will bealf rded asabove ?? invoice j.,t |?,d?d froIn .hl,? B.U niorr and A.go Vvi^vT t! '"""f thf Ji> (Thuradai ,) after,f ' 2L* f\ ? I* nrr W4r**uM *'"?<??! aud l*rfect aid 1Wre7/^a^';lT;iuili,y*U "" ,'U,C,'"tl W,,h "rf":l Conf> i ?'jr.i,*'/,*1'! ^"nl'''?r tlw following assortment. r:i: India mid WMrI'fu, Te|*han and Cabeel Tlliliel . ha* Is, jH , sic. Several being % le< ted rijir'iily f??r this msr * '**??'' coat, (nun the Oreat Kair in 1'aria. Alao, Shawls oinilar to tVse aeleried at the above fair by har Majesty, tin ^uliv'llU ?Sf *,'/"! ')*' l'""f*a de Nemoura, Prim eat d. Jh^-l! \Tiin . t' a Jt."r f"/th*cp?rtiCTil*ra, Iff Catalogues, tor" TermlTca h* ?" Than^' ?< '? ^\ock. WaP.rjm.e D??.HTUKIF?o?Af' THEATRE "fur sale rem her, 18-12* in W. B. \y. 95 f?|?? n *?27 "I2S '120 no "S3A?D^%?S!''? 'V'J~c^d.rof vrSiffiXSl. >y, iu theDistrict 01 Columbia, I wi!l *elj at uublic *il?- to 11>* 'wu P^ vir,0,!l,^fru!,,tyvthr3d Jay ?f NVVr mher Wl1. 111 *??! fJL* ?V4* !? ? 0 Lor* No. 3 And 4. 11 t iiiVi- 7 KUy u or #? mtarh of the ?.i d lot* a. are covered by thv Thear * eivcted thewou ro*?tK*.. fToioV the B?l? frh1 Tuh thf building, by th^nec Metroimha, for whoae benefit iu par. lenna of >ale will tie made know n at the time and pl?ce ol I e,? and 011 ?<ud nim beill(t coin (lied with I will eae.uir a deed c?Dfey"'g all (he riijhl and ri-le re.fe.l me lly the aioiJI ?aid deed of tru.?. OKORUK THOMAS, 1 'ruitee o? UliaTrc " W DVER k CU. Auctioneer* WANTKD A m ^ CAPABLK OK (/ONDU'TING K MANflTVAT lWIi^,.Ld,uh;^L:VbHUU.,,l AUD^djl* mo^fcommoii liemica] produrti. i In. will be a cuntal < Imuee f..r a cmaia plU.y?8P* Addreaa Ho* No lOtO Lower PoatOffic. <lauuK uanir, addreaa, and ofc lwia*m W^.I'K? -|A " ("ook-KOod recommends t'oua. Apply at <13 lL.u?tou mreet. O30 ?o UTANTKIV?A thri* at?ry or two a?oiy attic H?qm, well '* lltualad III on.... UnMilway?for a amall family, for ?i* ??utha, or loiter,a> it may .uit all . art ?a. Aildre.., |x>at paid, ? ""d?on atrret?atatiug location and rent. iilfJ :>t*ec ^ ^ * 'S.!;r",U ^'un|l*. heat uu;ilily Suulhani ' ail oat, lor tale by WOODHULL t M1.NTUKN8 *T Sooth tireif. TH>T|!N J'f'-KI'.ST WARRANTS of the Certified Notea . ' ompany, secured by mon Hi l" 5". V,'Mrt ^';u? "? A11'"1 ?'?,?'P. Simuel Himoui, Roy i L , Luther Monion, due on 1st November neit wnl be paid on presentation at the otlice of tlie subscribers, 4 Hanover street, New York. "3? R. k (i. L. 8CHI/YLKR. DCf!>n!'^STV7rt"' ''T eo'ored Setter Dog, Baa to, stmyed tiilJLl 2J!?jS ' "" Sui?'?V the 27th instant. A liberal reward will be paid on hi* return to the above place. He wore a narrow leather collar, with W. K. Hyer, N. 8 , in faint gilt letters ; which may have been removed if fallen into imp ? Ijer hands. All (tersons aw cautioned agaiust detaining turn after tliia notice. ,,30 ai?ric PURNISHKD IIOL'SK OR APARTMKNTS WANTKD . neiyhborluKxl. The advertiser's family it smill and w il be exceedingly careful 111 the u>e of fiirnituie. hitua tion preferred in the Towel;part of the city. Addie.s B O. at the office of the New York Herald. o3Ult*ee bbtlCUN COURSh-TKOrriMi. ~ , THRICE TROTS ON ONK DAY. Thuradty. October Jlst, at 2 P. VI precisely. Purse $J?-two milehe*ta, in harness. H.Woodruff entersg g Jnhu Anderson; A. 1-oncklni enters gr. m fashion; Ja?. Wlielpley enters gi. g. Stockton. I mined lately after, match for $1000? two mil. hats. ll" ""Idle .Oeorje Since.'of New York numes ch g. Mir W illiam; IteorgeYou'iK'of Philadelphia, names br. g. Hrctor. Same day, inatch for $200?mile h^au, in lurneis bet<%aea t n Cf u5 ? h"r*r> fairy Queen and John C. Calhoun. FOOT RACK KOR *140U. Koartaen Hundred Dollars will be iiaid for a Kant Rare, to taheidace on the BKACON COUR8K, H olio ken. opposite M vr" ?U of November, weather |#rmitting, at $1'?? for a rice ten mile*. $7?0 to the fir?t, $2.Wto the i??condt $I.jO to the third, $75 to the fourth, and $25 to the fifth. AI?o. $ 00 for a foot race, three miles?$150 to the tint, and $50 to the second in the race. All eutries to be made on or before the 7th November, eieept * I*"011* living ji greater distance than 300 mile* from the city ol ISew York. Such iH*rtout to have the |>rvilegeof entering the Saturday previous to the race. Kniraucei. $5, which can be made bv jeUerdirectedto t?i? proprietor, at West Hobo ken, or with II. Smith. Park Row. The follow nig persons l?ive entered their name* to *tart for the fen milf rare: John Oildersleve, the winner of the last race; aUo John Barlow and Thotna* Greenhal b, being the two i?e jlesirians law from Knglanri ; also, three others who wrre in the lutr ce. Steep Hock, or John Ross, the Indian from Buffalo, is eipected. The race of three milse will take place at two o'clock precise ly?and ihe ten mile race at three o'clock. ?3" t C. M. BHOWNINO, Proprietor. BY LKTTKRS I'ATKNT OK THK UNITED STATES. CLIREHUOH'S TR1COPHEROUS; ^PATENT MEDICATED COMPOUND. PJLREB Baldness, prevent* Gray Hair, aud entirely eradicatea V Scurf and Dandmjf. I his article differs from all the other adyertiaed nostrums of the day. Its manufacture is based uiion a thorough physiological knowledge of the growth of tile Flair and its connection with rhe skin, as well as a knowledge ol -he ya inns di<eaaes which affect both. Jim Tricopherou. ia not liiteuded to ami nut ihe hair with ; its applicitiou is ouly f the akin, aud to act through the akin on the nerves, bloodvessels Ike , connected with the root or bulb of the hair. Thus by k.ep ing up the act-on on the skin, eurouragiug a healthy circulation which mu*t not be allowed to subside, the baldest head may be again covered with a new growth, and the gre\nst hair changed to ita original color. It is admirably adapted as a w ish for the head. Iiavu.g the sanv effect u|?in Mcurl'and Duidruff that hot water has upon sugir, cleari .g every furfuraceous ap|a-aranre rrom llie skin, which IS Iretjueutly the primary causa of haltl n-ss and grey hair. In most caaea one bottle will stop the h ir from filling off Principal office, 205 Broadway, (up stairs) ad joining St. I'aul t. oM 3la'ec BLfNCHARD'8 PATENT STATUE, WOODLAND COAL MOVES?KOR HALLS, ^AKLtJRS. (- LURCHES, PI BLIC ROOMS, kc. W HO L E h A L E AND RETAIL. 'pHESE 8TOVES are a Statue of Washington, the f ather l of oorCountry. The liberal imtmnage th-y received lait winter, and the universal satisfaction they gave, has induced ih. inV* nlor, a| a great eip use, to intioduce alarger ai*e, el.gandy ornamented, with a mica door, aud surinoonted %?ith a splendid femtle figure. ITiew stoves have a decided advautagf in fnvor of the purchaser. They may be Used for ye?rs, without any expense, with very little care. Numerous testimonials of the good qualities of the above stoves, from gentleman of the high eM st nd. g from all o?*ts of tlie United, can be seen at the stop* of the subscriber, where will also he found the Corin thiau I arlot 8tove?an entire new ar.d splendid article, sn|tenor to any ever >et offered to the public; together with a complete assortoit ut of Mtoves of all dtMciptions. J JAMK8 HINUH. No. 114 Orad street, ! _ ? ^ one door east of Bioadway. I N. B,?Statues for stoops, Niches, and other ortiarneutal pnr pose J, for *%!?? as above. ?,:g) |m*rrc UN1VEHS1TY OF NEW YORK. MEDICAL DEPARTMENT. j THK Introductory Lectures of the ensuing session will be A given iu the "Univkrsitv Miok ai, UoLLtot,'' 659 Broad wr4v, commencing on .\1 nday eveuing, 28th mstaut, at seven I ? clock, and continuing in the following order: I \iVIoft: Hint* for the improvement of the ?vledicai Profession, and on the of New York as a | phceof M-dicaJ Kducation. Ttksdav ?Professor Pattison; On the evidences of Design in the .Vlrch inism of the Skeleton. WgowKSDAV ?Profeesor Revere: On tlie influence of the Sciences i>ariicalarlytfMediciue, on modern civilization. I HUKsdavProfessor Paine: On tlie Physiology of Diges tion. I* n mat .?Professor Bedford: A retrospect of aVledical Kduca tion iu a\ew York. Haturdav ?Pr frssor Drs|rer: On the Relations of Atmoe pneric Air to Animals and Plajits. The profession and public generally are respectfully invited to *?eii.f. JOHN Wll 1.1 AM DRAPKH, I * ** MfcTh U. Itw*rc .Serrrttry of the Faculty. OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. M M. tik M. ' 'l/'j*linr^TrrSs for Lis^^^^w^ll hereart^^^S ylatched in the J..II,,w ing order, eiceptlag that when the sailing day falls on nuuday, the ships will sail ou the succeeding day, r%.,from New Yurk. From l.uriuooi The CAMBRI D(iE, i Jnne | July II ?S? W?n?. _ < Oct. I Nov. 16 .J%- t" S?tOW,< Keb I Mar IS Ilia ENGLAND, i, June 16 Dee. I ton?, Z Oct. I? Dee. I "? Bartlett, ( K-b. 16 April I The OXKORD, lJuly I Aug. 1$ Wl toua, < Nov. 1 Dec. 16 J Rathbone, f March I April 10 The MONTEZUMA, I Ju|y l? Sipt | I otto toua, ' Nor. 16 Jan. 1 _ A. B. Lowber.f March 16 May I Tlie EUROPE. S^u<- ' 8*lJt 18 61ltoni, < Dec. I Jan. 16 ? . E. O. Knrber.f April I May 16 The NEW YORK, (new,) i Aug. 16 Oct. I 950 tona, < Dee. 16 Keb. I ? ..... ^ Cropper,f April 16 Jane I The COLl/MBl 8, t Hept. I Oct. It TOO tnna. < J?n 1 Keb. 16 <f. A. Cole.f May 1 Jane 16 The YORKRHIKE, (new,) . Sept. If, Nov. I IMC ions. ' Jan. 16 March I D. O Bailey f May 16 July I I he.e Ships ire not surpassed m (mint of elegance or Comfort in their cabin accninmiidatioua, or in their fast tailing ijualiliet by'yity ve??elt in the trade The ire well known a* men of character anil e?|ieri?tii'e, and tlie strictest attention will alwaya be paid tc promote the comlort aud convenience of iwiieuiti-ra. Punctuality, as regards the dav of aailiug, will be obaerved as heretofore. ?The Price of passage outward it now filed at One Hnndreil Dollars for which ample stores of every deacription, will h. provided, with (lie eiception of wines and liquors, which will be furnt.hed by tlie Stewards, if required. Neither the captain or owners of these Hhips will be respon sible for any letters, parcels, or i*ckagrs sent by them uuleat regular bills of lading are signed therefor. Kar freight or paa ?age, apply to OOODHUEfc CO. 64 South street. ? H MAH8HALL, M Btiiliug Slip, N. Y. J?tf and of BARINIt^ BROTHV.HH Ik I A . L'inmI _tfflt ^.OHIaEANS?JUnion Line?(?'im MTyyV HegularPickft witn desi aeh?The aal sailing packai AUBURN, I apt will .ail as almve listing very snperio- accoinmoilatioi.s for cabin, semnd cabin and s'eerage passeu era, i>eisons wishing to embark, tliauU m ki early application ou boanl, or 'o JOSEPH McMIJRRAY, ?'^re 100 I'm. street, corner nf Hantk ''*?,flA?E KOR SAVANNAH -Packet of th. l vi? L'f'' r ?" .!** ,l,'#"('|d fiats'iling l?, ket brig r.ACr.L, I.apt. smith, sails poiitively as abova, l?i J'lie vessels belonging to this line are well knnwn to sail pone [nail* M ndefrtited, audtlieir aceemmod^tions to he ritienoslled by my shi|? sailing for the above ??ort. ? Those wishing to secure berths should make immediate appli cation on hoaid, foot of Maiden Lane, or to W. It J. T. TAP8COTT, o> 76 South street, corner Maiden Lane "W AMUSEMENTS. PA 1<K TIIKATKK. ?1r. Hackett?second night of hit ftrewril V ngsgement and las nD' ptnnrr but one prior t<> l?i' departure for ? urope. THIs ? Vf v|\<?. i-ct So. will t~- Pjeaioieai, <?>? *?m"L .ftSe MERRY WllTEUOt- Wl\D80R-Bir Johu kalnan 4r l uki'll: Am* Pap, Mm Skerritt. To conclude ?ith FoKTl'NIO. and hia Seven Gifted *?? vinb- Kt k Alfour.te, MrChippmda'e; Fortnuio, Mrs ?Bwriti Ahmiishim ? Bnm.lki 'IV Tleeuta?Secoud and 1 liiro lieis ?fl cfiiii?hi w cniu?Gallery crnu. OPKHA HOH*K lillS EVENINO. Oct 10 - A d in is. ^on 75 cents-1M M E N S ? ATTRACTIONA Grand Moving PANORAMA of the CITY OK BOSTON, ? uMmou i.iiki Sut-aai. ot Ca*vas? ? ui<l th* ETHIOPIAN HERIlN ADERS. Meesrs Orruinn Swiwood Hun gtou, Pellum .inJ Warren?ALL KOR THIS NIGHT. r Thin Painting, executed by J. R. Smith Kiq . from ??> Original Drawing taku on tlie apot b> hnn iu 181*1 and ftiiiaheil in 1K44, will be Exhibited iu Sx Sections^ of (h rty feel eai h Allowing tunc at e*ch OCtiuu fur explanation For full particulars of 1 on cert, kc , ae* programme. Doors o|ien at 7?Coueert and inhibition at a quarter before V o'clock o* KIBUPti. Mr. Brougham will anpear a* Teddy Mullowuey?Mr. John Uuiim as Rascal Jack. THIS EVENING October JO will be presented theextravs w, Inn ? all-d FAIR STAR, or the Sj giui; Apple and Dancius Vaier? i lurry, Mrs Tiimn; KairStar. Mi<? M'ltou. After which, I'EDDY. THE I'lLER?'I eddy* >lullow?a>, Mr. Brougham; Flora Mri Phillips To co .el de Willi THAT RASCAL J M.'K?Rascal J ck. Mr. J. Uuun; Lucy, Mrs Watl>; Eniile, M'?s K. S' aw. Aovisslo's?Dress Circb 1" cents; Uppet Bo?es ft. Pit 21: Private Boxes I to ICCQHm.o.U'f S'* persons) CI each. On TO-MORROW kVhiMNO iheOniiqilimeutary Benefit to Mad'lle PalTLINK DniAHifiM <ml Mons. Ma* i n ? ill take iiUri, hi whfh occasion the follow nig (? miiieui Artists win !i*ve kinrll\ t-ndrred the>r va Uible ?ervices, will sptoar ins selection of 'he choicest genu from Gnuid Oi>rra and Ballet; I a Sign >ra Borfhese, Signor Peto/.'i Signor Sanqu'rieo, Alous Bl*v Sim t r Re|ip. tt . Ylons Anpick, Mr < has Parsloe, Mr* I imm, vlr John 1) iiu.and Mr F. K. William-, with ihe whole of Mr Corhyn's Talen'ad Company. ... Kor this night' u'yt tlie prices w II lie?t" the Diess < ircleaud Pa>qui tie, CI; to ill* I'ppor Bom. V' cents nilCl'M-UOWKKY. BR1ULIAMT ADDITION TO THE TROUPE. Kifiaen acts in flie (Jircle. Col. Jolmson, l.f ShiudeJ, H. Nicholi, B. Imuiiiics and son, McKurlwd, and Maaier Walu* Aymar. SIX LADIKS will ride this evening. Kirst nigh' of ihe ?iraud Pageant of Horsem mshiii, EUROPE. ASIA, Ah RICA AND AMERICA. New Songs from Old Virginia by tlw Pandemonium Minstrels. Boies 21 crum; Pit 12)4 cents.?Performance cuminei fi- at a >iuart* r before7,?oyer by 10^. o2?*Jtni BURTON'STll KAT HK, ARCFf STK.EET, PHILADELPHIA WEDNESDAY, :?ih of October. 1*14?Mr. CONNER'S BKNEK1T.?Will l)e presented ONE GLASS MORE.ortlie Drunkard's Doom. After which, MILLINER'S IIOLLIDAY, or Out for a Frolic. To conclude with LA KI 'IT E THURSDAY EVENINO, 3'st of Oetolm-Mr. MYKHS' BENEFIT-Will lie pouted WHIGS and DEMO' RATS To conclude with O.NK GLASS MORE, or tha Drunkard's Doom. (W- PRICE REDU? ED TO Sift CENT S JV) [?the aoli who wish to pa HlLL," ?t the Coliseum, <10 Broadway?the Greatest M-chan ical Eihibition iu the World?almost surp?sse? teal lifa, and haa been visited by monr than >00,1X10 |ier>ons ill Boatou anil Philadelphia. Doors open at 7?commence n 7H o'clock. P. S. Exhibitions on Wednesdays and Saturuavi at 3 P. M , and Schools tdmi'ted on lilieral terms <>27 lwis*m NOW OPEN, FOR ONE MONTH ONLY. AT the Rooms of the National Academy of Deaign. corner of Leonard street and Broadway, the exhibition of the follow ing maguiliceut Paintings:?The Abandonment of Henry Hud son. the uufortnua'e discoverer of New York. The great Battle of Milliana, iu Africa, between the Kirnch and the Arabs. And ?The only Portrait of Abdel Kader, the celebmu-il Uedono, Chief. Hours ol exhibition from 10 A. M. to 9 P. M. Admit tance 21 cents. Each visitor receives, gratis, at the door, a beautiful lithograph of the Abandonment of Henry Hudson. New York, October 10, 1144. ATX solicitation of several gentlemen of large families, who wish to patronise it?the BATTLE OF BUNKER olO lm*ec ART AND SCIENCE OF DANCING AND WALTZING. ACAKD-MR. WHALE and DAUGHTER re^ectfull) announce to the Ladies and GentUmrn of New York, that their Classes in Daneiug, Waltzing, and the Pollu Dance, will commence at the Assembly Room, Constitution Hall, 63? Broadway, ou Saturday, October 12th, and will continue throughout the season. Days of 1 uition, for Young l<adies and Gentl(?nen under 14. svery Tueadty and Saturday afternoon, commencing ai 3?and for the elder class of Gentlemen at 7. Every newstyleo* Dancing taught in Mr. W.'s classes, without additional charge to pupils. ? Mr. W. trusts that the references he shall offer of his capability will be satisfactory. Schools and Academiea attended to on ap plication as above, oral his Private Academy. No. 70 Sittl \venue, where trrms will be made known and circulan given, containing particulars. o2 lm*rc EXHIBITION. THE END OF THE WORLD. A PAINTING, OK VERY LARGE SIZE, by F. Anelli, at the Apollo Vs 410 Broadway. The Exhibition ia< entirely seperate from the Concert Room. Opeu from It A. M. to 1 P. M., and from 7 to 10 P. M. Admission 21 cents. olO Im* rc pATJORAMa"AT NIBLO'S GARDEN.?Open for a short ' season, the most magnificent Panoramic Painting ever ex tibited iu tins country, (so say all the Artista that have seen it.) It waseiacuted by the celebrated Artists, Mr W. Darnell K G. Parrea and Augustus Jilarle, R. A. Loudon. It is now opei. during the day. Admittance to the Garden and Panorama 21 cents. Artists are mi|wctfully invited U> visit the I'auoraran fr~- of cliaige. ITh? Panorama of Madras was exhibited in Russell Square, attendad with immense <uctea?. and when purchased by Mr. Niblo was considered the very bwt Panoramic |?iniiug u Loudon. ill 2mrc M?LLETPAULINE DE8JARDINB re?|>ectfully luform. her pntrons and the public in general, that she it about t< fortn a " Ctatsr 4r Oancr" for ladies aud gentlemen, in whicl ?he will Uach the favorite Polka, Mazourka, aud all the othei fashionable Dances of the day. The morning apliool will be open from 12 o'clock to 2 o'clock and the evening from 6 o'clock to 9 o'clock. I.adiaa and gentlemen wishing instruction are requested call at M'lle Deajardin's house. No. 1 Park Place, nil lwis'rc "COME. NATIVES, AKOU>E!" 17REE BORN. Nairn American*, come to ihe GRAND " GATHERING, next Thursday Eveuin*, in Falton street, East River, opposite iheCnited States Hotel and Kulton Mar ket. Com' to the rer.cue of the Second Ward American Repub licans. We iiiTite all good citixeus, ?lr> h>ve American Insti tutions. to look u|iou our doings < n the e>emng of < 'ctober JUt, at 7 o'clock We ral'v in a Second W ird Mass Mretiug, with brilliant Kire-woiks, Soug and Sentiment. Flag and Binuer, and Drum aud Trumi et, to inspire the Natives to glon. us sictory Ou the coming 1th of Nuvemlier?when tlie tialbit boxes will tell of America redeemed from tyranny, anil forever thereafter free and happy. We expect to enjoy the presence of many distill guisheil citizens and fair ladles, and ilsotob* gritilied Miihtmut eloquent harmiguea from Oaklev, Gp-eu, Rockwell Nagle, and others; pl-ssiug strains in patriotic song, from De La Kee Morse and sever.I more Native Vocalists, while inch he,rt> I cheers from the multitude w ill rend ilie air, as nhall ring, in the ears of nil present, ilie ileath knell of foreign influence. By order of the Waid Kxecuiive Comm ttee: E < Boughten, F. A. Hoa?, (>. Seeley.J. Todd, J. Everdell, A. Dorleu, S t art H.A.Kay. D. Trnfant, II. Corwin, J I!. Brown, J Brazee, A. U Thom|iaou, and this Association officers, ex nflicio. o20 4t*m % JACKSON, STACEY Je SMITH, VIANUFACTURER8 AND IMPORTERS of Pen,?Pock>t and Tahhr Cutlery, Razors, Seissori, Kilea, Haws, Tool* and other descriptions of Sheffield Goods? oil Jn*rye No IS PLATT STRK.K.T. SCOTT'S WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCERY AND WINE STORE, TA Italian Ntnet. SUPERIOR TEAS, COKFEE, SUGAR.-Also, Wines ia evarrv variety?Otartl, Champagne and Coguiac Brandy; Irish and Scotch Whiskey; Old Jamaica Hum: Holland Gin: London Brown Stout; Edinburgh Ale. Kiesh Fruits Sic , lie. JOH>4 8. SCOTT'S Wholesale and Retail Store, 76 Nassau utreet N. B.?People from the country. Hotel and Boarding House Keepers, who hay for Cash, will find it to their advantage te ve this establishment a call. Goods scut to any part of the cil} ?? ofex|*nse. o30 lm*rrc NAVY AGENT'S OFFICE i Ngw Yoag, October 31th, IH44 \ rl,HE following articles will be sold ou ihe Ifth of November I next, at 2o'olock. M , under the diiec' ion of th- subset ibe?, at the United states Navy Yard, Brooklyn, for Cath on the day of sale;? 10 inch Paixhan Guns I do 32 Pdr. Capnons. do do ?0 do do da E do 42 Pdr. Carronade. 4 12 no 12 24 do 12 II do 10 12 do I 9 do II Pdr. Howitzers. 9 1'dr. Swivel. 3 do <2 Pdr. Round Shot, do do 4 1 *1 IVi 9.H 9 32 Iflll >312 Jt?3 It 249 10 1 do do no do do do SHELLS OR GRENADES 9 II Pounders. ? 2 do 123 A do 23 4 do 770 poninls double headed shot. 2430 do broken graie stands 20 t ?( lime stone txllail. oWltNovllrrc JAS II SU IMM Na?y Agent. P> iladeli hi* Merrnry sn't lonrn'l wjil pleaeeeopy. ' NaV ? aOr.N i 'i Ok k I E, I N?w Yohb Oc o'mr IS h, lt?44 J rlMI E following art tele* will lie mid on the I at of Novenilet J next, at 12 o'clock, VI , under the direction of the subscriber, at ihe L'mted Stales Navy Yani, Bnaiklyn, for Cash on the day of salt A quantity of Biesd. o30 IN I rre Bread Dust Rice. Floor. Empty Hogshead*. do Pipe*. do W hitk'y Barrels do Ji Beef do JAS II. Hi' \ DAM, Navy Agent. AVAN A Sk.GARS.-C.. F. GHONllElM. 79 I'eail ili^t, ? a oflers for s le an extensive assortment ol Havana Segat* (lately uniMirted.) viz La Norma, Noriega. Dos Hermano*, La l^altaa. Bueufumsr, Regalis Irom Salvailor l'sreis. La I rona, Woooville, Lonl B^ron, Dos Compaaetos, San Roman, Progreso and otoer favorite brands. o2H 3lis*?c ti?KENCH l HAIRS, SOFA* AND KANCY I ABLEH? TlkKANY, YOUNG li ELLIS invite purchasers to look at their style of Chairs, Sewing (hairs, Arm ( hairs and *4ofaa; under the idea that tliey are more heantifnkand more Iwr feet ill quality and finish than any for sale elaewheie Tliev il*o helieva, from their *alea aud tlie universal exineasions ol hose who have made themselves acquainted with Uie price* ot ithers, that tliey are decidetlly moderate in price. T. V. Il E hav? also very beautiful Table*, Workstands, <wisi Rustic ( hairs, fat gtratly reduced nnces,) Iron anil I'a ler < hairs, TaMes, lie., w nil a large collection ' < I'arlor and * hamlier Ornaments, all ( i ? tr o i n itniairlalions, lor sale at moderate prices, and |i.<' I *2?. tlswts Imm 1 ,<*>?>? (I, i fSl? >i,< M M. rO BE 1/41 *\ N k.i) oti Road and tioilgage, ois unincniabered JToiierty in ttin city, or uioatta a.?at tlie I and and Loan Office, M Wall atrew-l (base -.-ot ) Also fc 0 000 in snms to salt A. Bl FKUM. , o29ttia*m Real fcscate Broker. BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. PfclladclplUa. [Corrafpoudeuct- ot the Herald ] Pmii.adll.phi*, Oct M, 1M4. The whig* hell an indignation meeting in the ? ounty ourt House lot night, for the purpose o UX| rung their diawpprtibutien at the conduct ot the democrat* in ,.uhliahi< k an intercepted letter enclosing an order far <>ne hundred dollar*. for el-ction purj?*ea, ?nd (ddreeaad by William B Heed, K?q to a friend in Lehigh county. The principal *|n;aker? were Joseph 1< lngerso 1, E q., General li wiu, E Joy Morril, K?q , K T 7'onrad, E?q. 4Ud J H < handler, ??q The gmtl. men wriggltd and ?wilted and lubomed with all their might, hut in apite of ill their ? (fort* they w era, a* the bo> s my, "in u fix .? tloirii wai personal and poetical, ai.d Conrad wroihy uid indignant. Chandler tried to be hun.on.u-, but waa >n much out of pla e aa a dog in a dancii.g school Raso utions etnhod) ing the atntimenti were pa*?ed, and the meeting broke up , , Burton the inimitable Burton t*k** a bent fit to night, inl peilorms two of hia m ?t favorite character* Rice ii ill the ( hfatiiut atreet thektie, plajmg Otello in *he burlesque oi that name. Old Bull dit-p' a crowded uuditoiy at the Musical Fund Hall Uat mght, notw ithstaiidu.g the iiiclm?ic) oft! e weather. The Norwegian violinist rec**iv?d the molt tiiptiirous applHU>e. Siliiit tHK 8roa* hnuwn: IhlKXI Slate 6'*, 7I|; 0 73J; 1 P i Bk, 10"; lOCamfcAmhoy hH, 113; S'.'S S ? t - 6'- IS40 N A, ti?,7u.tof tiHj, lt'0 Gerald Bk. Ilj, 2 0 Wil RH Txkribi.k Stcamhoat Exm-osio*?Sixty to Eiuhty Kii.lkd and Woundkd I will be seen by lie account belnw, Iroiu ihe Isrui$ville Courier oi Thiirwday, that another ftixhilui ?u nibi ut explo sion, attended with great lot-a of lit*-. ha? ctcuired on the Ohio The steamboat Lucy Walker, ( apt Vai n, lelt thi* place for New Oilean> yeaterdaj. ciowdeu with p.n>*er.ger* When about lour oi Ave miles bciow New Vlban> . ahe atopped to repair auma part ol h*> machios ty While *o engaged, the water In her boiler* got too luw.and thej exploded with terrific (fleet The explo sion waa upwarda, and all the boat above the boilers, waa i)lo?n to atoma. Th? U a si,;ig boat Gopher, Captain L B Dunham, waa about 900 j arda distant at the ttnn of <he exploaion. Cup' Dunham wa* inimi diuti ly ou '.he *pot, rescuing thoae in the water, and w ith hi* crew ren !? red all the aid in hia power To him we are indebted for moat ol our particulai a. He inform' its that tbe Lucy Walker waa in the middle of tho river, end suoh waa the lorce of the explosion, that part* of the boileia and the lioat wore thrown en abate Juat alter the explosion tha air waa Ailed with human beiugiaud fiagnieuuuf human b-ing*. Ona man waa blown up 60 yaida, and f<ll with ?uch forceai to go entirely through the deck ol the hoat Another waa cut entirid) in two by a phcaot the boiler. We have heard of many auch heart-rending and iicken ing incidents. Before ( apt. Dunham leacbad the place where the Lucy Walker wua, he taw a number ol panon* w ho had been thrown into the liver, drown He how ever ?av> d the livva of a Urge number of perion* by throwing them boarda ami rope*,ai.d pulling them on hia lioat witii hooka Immediately alter the explosion, the ladiea'cabin took Are. arid before it hau been consumed, she aunk in twelve or fifteen lert watei There were at luaat fitly or aiaty peraona ki led and mi*?ing. and fldeen oi twenty wnui>d<d KilltA aarf Mitring. Gi-n. J. W. Peg ram or Richmond, Va., Samuel M. Bruwn, Pa?t Ofiioe Agent ol Lexington , Ky ; J R. Cormick, of Virglni?il ka'lea Donne, ol Louia ville; Philip Wallia formerly ol Baltimore; Rebecca, daughter of A J Koater, of tireenville, V< ; Jamet Van lerberg of Lotti'Viile; Mr Hughea, lormtrly ol Lexiog on, Ky , Me MattnrU ?f New Albany, eer ol the ateaniheat Mazeppa; Nicholaa Ford, lotmerly olthia city: Diivid Vnnn, the captain; Mo*ea Kiiby, pilot; a<rond mate, aecond clerk, aecond engineer, bui-kecper, and three deck hand", names unknown; lour negio flr<m?n WountUd ? WH Peeblea, very bai'ly huit; Mr Rainet, ofVa, oo ; flrat engineer, do: ' apt. Thompaon, pilot? arma fractured; Mr Rob rta, ol Phila ?aliglitly hurt It ia auppoaed that John N Johnnon and Richanl Phillips were on hoard?if ao they are lott. The boat waa owned by Capt< Vann, at Arkanaua. an > waa iu?ur?d. From Kry Wkst.? VVe are indebted to Cnptain M.tinny, of the schr Saratrgi, arrivtd at this port laat evening from Key Weat, for a copy ol the ?' Light of the Reef," of the H?h inat It contain" n ariditifnal par ticulnra relative to the late terrific gale at that place, ex. cept the confirmation ol the repo?t<d lo?a ef the wreck ing aloop Mount Veinon, and the whole ot her ciew, with the exception of two lailom, who aaved thenaelvea by clinging in the malt, where thev remaned three dava without loud or water ; and were finally tak?n of by the ? loop Globe, Capt??n Pent, iu a complete atateol txhaua tion. They had hi en drilted into theculf and back again aeveral time* The namea ol the otticera and ciew were a* follow* Kranklin D Phillip', captain; Jan.ra L. Spencer, John Beat, and Jacob Gnmaz, of New York ; \IIhu Haundera, Oorneliua 8 iu?dera (*ave.') Richitrd B' ll, Hiram Livii giton, (>avad) ?ailora ; John Virlirg, ateward, belonging tu Antigua Ba> ! Jaroh, black hoy, belonging to Dr H Haiev Captain Pbillipa baa lelt a wife and child to monru hi* *uddrn and irrep. table lox We iilao learn bj the tame paper that Mr. J H Grfigt-r'a pilot lioat, I.oui?n, had h.ten lotind niiik ??> fij lathoir wa ter, ?n tlir Otitrr Reel, ahout 8 m il t* fiom the K? > We*t Liaht Houae, hearing S E. fiom it, and th t 'htie wire hut three men on boa.d, not four, a* waa pretioualy re ported. ('apt M*u>nt atatea that the ship Atlantic, previonily repoited anhore had been got oft unit taken to Key Weat , and that ahe would prebahly be condemned -f harlnt?n Patriot Oct, J6. Imtortant fhom Tkxab?ir ihi'k ?A letter re ceived in ihia city from Texaa atatea it a? a rumor that 8anta Anna had anplled to the Teaan Gov^miient through the Brltiih Cotuul, for an armi?tice? ChatUiton Patriot, On. ao. From Mfxto.?Bv 'he briK J. W Huntington, from Vera Ciuz, we have our regular fil??lrom that city, and also f om the Mexican capital. The ii lor mation leceivan tome da>? aince l.y wa> of Havana, of the liberation ?f the remaining T?xaa ptifoneia. i* con Aimi'd. Two ol ihi-m. F. J 8mith and v\ itiiasi McMath, have arrived We undnr?tand that the whole ntio.ber were relenn d, except a 8paniHid named AHai< i What would he hi* fata waa not known The. U 8 ?cl loner Woodhmy which ?ailei< fium (Julveaton on the Mth in*t, having ou hoard Mr. Grren, heater af government de? patcheH hail not atiived at Vera ( IU7. on the #ih mat. nor | wan any Ameticau ?ea*el ol war at Ha'itiflrn.* Five | Krench vM?el?, two kritiah ve?-el?, and a ti|<anl(h *hip were a' anchor at th? island Notbn g n?w touching the war ogaiii*t Texaa ? N O Bullttin. Oct. 31 From Tampico?The schooner Virginia Anioin . ite, atrived yesterdHy from Tatnpifo, whence i-h* ? mled on the Sth innt There wa. no American temel In port. A Bi I'ifh aloop- if war lay in the h.irboi waiting an airival ol apecie, a number ol vi ?ael> weie Ij ing ont*ide the bar, hound in. hut owing >o the pre valance ol nerth wind*, no communication had been had w i'hthe *hore for twenty days. The village of T'.?han, about Bt mile* ?nuth of Tampico, wa* nearly destroyed on the 1st in*t hy a sever, gale. A gross outrage ii i* stated, had been commit<ed by the authoii ie*of Tobi*co on ? French ?allot in constquence ol a qunrtel into which he had fallen with fomo naiivus Richland Keene, one ol the Texan piisoners who succeeded some time airce on ef fecting his escape from I'ernte,carat by thi* arrival ?N. O. JluUrtin, Od 'Jl SHIP NKWR. By Liwat Night'* Southern Philiuki *Hii,(*t 2<>?Arr M'nrl?'*>r, Jsiman.Kot'etdsm; Ueanian, 8eall, NVork; Oitim, I towell, lUitford. Below, jndae liiichcork Hathaway, fiom NYork. Bsi.iiM.iai, (?rt 28-Arr H..m? Ws is. 1 inks l?l?'d; Napo le.ii.t liesebroufh, Rio Jsi rif.?; Mar'hs Kin?n?sii. D riison. Kit*tport; Massachusetts,Collin*, New Bedfi rd; (isllsi.t Mary, F.vaas, St John*. PH; kmms, I nle. New \urk; ( leopstra ? Bsr*f, Hieh, Barksport. Nliarni.K, Get M? Arr Wataon, IWkr*y, (toadslaop* for Pur'land, in distress, le?k' , and psrt ofhercaivo stove; Ab strscl, McKinoon, and Delphi, Nicfcersoa, Provincrtown Cld Hi.lie, Moore, Mid P^rllusn, Allen, ,\(?ileaus In Hampton RosiU. Vel??co, l e_ ds, 8t Jsao for NYork. 1 tisai.KCTon. CletlC?AnHawr Alljj, Wilsoii New Vork; UU,,<l.>var, P?mons, >e?|iort, Wsles; 2Alh, Inland, Keadri'h, Boston. Msrv Ann,; Jsne, hims, Nassau, NP. 8a rst.'Kt Mali.ny. Kro West < Id, Irsd herrv, ( has*, Havre. Sid Soutlipnrt,'Griffith, NYork; Csrolina, Hlierwood, do. G?n I'm. kney, HobW. Bslt>more;TC Miu liell.Kruse,Hasan*; Mo rlle, K.ustis, 8avsim?h. ....... , ? Mnan ?. Oct 21?Art l.ncv, Gould, Marblehead; Bora, Hu erfille, New Giiean*; Creole, lleiru, Pensacola: MGdk'AL advick DOCTOR LAMKRT usiill enufidemisllv toB?ali?d, at hi* old office BJtlold *u?et. betsieen Kaltoa and Beekman, oa *11 diseases of s del irate catnia , his trrsiinem being mild u< ludiriotts, rruaires neither itierrwry, reair*iat in diet, or nln .Irsure from basiues* | uisaiis Kecenl e???s rnred in I or 4 I,'V>V.BIUTY, NERVOUS OR ( ON8TITVTIONAL, srisiiia from * too fie.|nenl iudnl*enre of ihe passions ?l indla creel yi nth, and thereby causiii* niahtlyemissious, and asent imIIv e.rtilnmed .mpoteory enaaaf the l)r ?.,,lr""J"."M*?1 his oljeel l?in? to r?sl..te tlie sysnm, mentally and bodllr. to that stale of ?iaor nsture oiunnallv iteaiKned STItlCTUlli.S, a di*ease freqnenily eiistml withojit the (Uiiieni lieiiix lite least swan", so men in ?* caused by mal-treat meol ol tiiimitiated medirsl preletiders, and sometimes bv tM >e?lert of the partif* il?*iisel<?a are, by the Dr. enettaally cored, without pain or inconsanienre. ....... __ The Doctor being one of the few iinahfied advertiaing Bar fr.ina in'J>e city aoaranlee. ? perfect eara. or no chares made, .ettrrr. poal-Mid. encloaina s fee. immediately alten?M to, and medicine, with ?dvice, sent to any part of the United States. Officii. M Gold amwL (J|an from I A.M to I I >1. I o Jl> I m *rrc _______? 8TRAN<?ERS REWAKE IN THIS AtOF qUA( KERY AND HUMBUG, it i* 1 most important to choose an experienced physician? DM J. EV ANSIiaa remi.veil his I >ld (islen's Head Llispeiiaary to No. nil Pearl street, rorael of Beekman street, ehere hecoalii.aea bis inirst itrai.rdiii.iry cures of all delicate diseases, ao mailer how C"inpln a'td lie apprises ilie cilrreus and stranger* tlist lh- re is no Dr K*?ns in Ins.old stand, thai he luu ao connec'ioa Lahaiever with any other office i JO Plir.RK IS NO STRONGER~EVIDtN< K of the *rea? 1 value of Dr. HunterRid Drop than the fart thst scsicelf im.iith passes without some couuteifait of the medicine ?| I*'*'' iu We would sen. iisly waoi the interested that ihe Muiileri 1 I)|8|iensary, No S Division stteet, is the oaly place in w*w f Vorli ? here the true article can lie obtained. It h'? l r"*"L''**'' m U lie- only true lemedv on e*rth that thi>mu|hl) and ?1B in ally cures disease, of a private natnr*. never III Jliirti, "''J'""' iiii'.iliveineiice to the patient -#l I*' ?'?! Alliany I I sal.- at No. 31 L>dins stieer "v " tr l,i|( nkW OKLKAN*?Bteaw BhiP a LABAMA -This, earner? ei| ec led bach from New tlrleai.s m a few days and it ia la Irnded tn despst h her -gam for the same >e? on a day to I* hereafter named, letwsea .!?? mi I , November she may t. ach at Havana to mVM,, ing (.10 . ?. nVOKDKIt OK AAKOV VANDKKPOKL. Justice ol B tha Mapeiior' ;oart, of ihe t/ity of New Vofw. N nee is hereby ?ivru, parsaant U. the provision* of ha .....I? .Uihorirm* attachtnenta aaainst non-resident dfbto *. ZZ attachment\as ..sued aaa.a.l ihe eaiate of CH AKU B v;I* hoi s a Aim in llolland, unil thit ...? will lie sold for the |<ayinent ol his debts, anless lie ap|e*r Hid Jischame ?ncli sn machmeut, according Ui law, wiihin Hue moml . from theftrat pablication nf thia ""''S'.v'f eke i-.wne?i of any debts due to him hy Hid the delivery to him or for hi* a*a, of any PO>t^rt? ? this State belnngini U> him, and the tranafrr of aay inch pro i?rty by him, arr forbidden by law and are void. D* Ih- 701 <UT ?f nlMlN h KDWARDS. mill Itawta'ra Auoraay* tor A tachiai ( ledntw

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