Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 2, 1844, Page 4

November 2, 1844 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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itterfl Hail MM 11 iai m gooo racxur, moat of Um utensils t ? new, Mil ra.abl- of b.ewi in WOO barrels a ifiinn Via It. naaw ..uichnd, .apuole .it nailing M00 bushels |wi imni t t itry brewrie* |>a*aess the MM advantages o( doing ? ? J i .nimble bus mass, situated iu the ce-itre of i manufa'* ? 4itincti whe;? the co lsumpliou uf ale ia rapidly ia '1 nt i'l* rann tuiuuti of 7t acrcs. M of which is well limbered. ' ni'il8r well feMi d ltd good buildings, wi|| be leld ?-pa rate!,- or together Term* ea?y. ? ... JAMES HOY. v>-?t I IV. Albany < <iniuy, July IQth. !??>. j 13 tftc AUHEY HOTEL. !P?J STKKET, BLOOM INODALK HOAD. i "r" l'10*.*'1'1"'" ?-f the Abbey Hotel would make Mi ? m pest bow of thanks In the liheial patrouage g'x'n to his .^L !."U** Che past summer. t'e n fully prepared for the fall business, and would cheerftil y I uruish parties or individuals with Breakfast, Dinners, or .W|*n, at short uotioe His stock of Wines, Liquors, and Eatablea will be found aa ^ood ia ilit city markets afford. slStfrrc nfsmiow's kidinu school, No. 408 BOWKHY. 'Ngaa Aaroa *m> Li Fa?kttk ruicu, Niw Yoag. VI H. L>. has the hoiior to announce that hii School ii open ' 1 Day and Evening, for Equestrian Tuition and Exercise Hiding. TEHMS: LCCTSBK LKSSOMS. KIKSCItK RIDC1U. i# Lessons Sij on 10 ?' Ill UM ? " i (10 Single Lesson* 2 00 Hud " 2 10 I Month I, $18 00 30 Kiilea 10 00 iu ?' ? ou Single Rides 75 N. B.?Highly trained and quiet Horiea, for the Road or 1 .trade, to let. KVKKIMi) CLASS. it Leigons $? oo I 20 Hide.* lio Ou " I ill! Single Hide . 7'J RULeSs i ? All Lssamni .ir Hide* |?\i'l fur on Commencing. 2.?(>.ie hour Allowed ou each L.??,in or Ri,l? iu the School 1 ?> 'in- hour olid a half to a Leeaon ou the Ho id. I ? Hours for LhUm, from 3 A. M. to 3 P. M. 5.?HwUta for Geutleiiiru, I'ruin 3 to 5, and Itora 7 to 9>? P. M. , 8-tNauantlamou admitted during tile hours appropnited to A cira o fuMraii U previous to commencing. Cmitlrmrii lucfing .'u-ir horses at this establishment, w ill ??ivm tl? v ivil?*ye . f riiiing tiurm m :in? Schorl (;r4lir. ILI.I \M W iLji H H EIM#EK" ? I'i^fia? IwK leave * ' to i ii lor in til. ir frieoila %nd uie public in g^urral ttK* .i_? hare formed i Co-|>arlwialii|i for uie im|Hirbitioii of Koreici. loaic, for lha *alr of which (hey liate o|>eu*d a Depot at trie ifore 'Wl Urnadi' i. imar Kmuklin urei t. where m.iv Iw con ?t. m 1 v found all th? CI uaic ?! Works of tlie celebrated French, IJerm m and Italian coinpoaera, aa wi II ax ill the latent publica liona, of hIih h tliey will always liarea coui|<l< te ajiortuitut aa ?O'hi it imiiiiahed in Kurop^. N. B. Inhu Strings of superior quality for Violuu, (juitari, ll^rps. jitc Stive* \Virr. Komn. Stc. ofi lims*rrc FRENCH LANGUAGE ON THE ROBERT SON IAN METHOD. ACWUKSB Of Le*?oua in Kranch, acc rding to the ayatein of Hubi'risoii, will be giftn by Mr. EUMONU 1)0 BU1S 80N, A. M.,at New York Lyceum, 74 Lia|?-nard atreet. cor ner of Broadway, commaucinw Oil Wedne?d<y, the IJihuf No vemlirr, .-r 7 o'clock, I*. M. Thi? wellkuowu in Ku ro|>e, ?ill lie eiplaim-d by the Frol'aasor. laraous wisliiug tC lenrn lie- Kivnch, or their friends, am reeiiectfully invited to ;it tend I'll - Ant leaaon will be gratis. Mr. H,ilinoud i!n Buinaoi. n-riiiK bi-en eugiMPd in givinit iiisiructions in k reach for a num ber i f M ir* at VI. O. < oudert's school, and for tin- paat year .ii M It L* How's colhgiatf school at New Brichlou, would ie ?|>*ctfull\ refer those geiitleineu, both as rej;ard to qualification and character. All information iu tlta uiean time.may be ob tained at Ins residence, 400 Broadway. tUfCUHCii. M. M. D l.afureat, Krencli Con- Or. Porter, I Barclay st. *'? I Oem ral. Or. C ronnrnaii, 400 liroailway VV. B. Oraiwr, i7 lli-avir at. W. H. Cary it Co., llki Pearl ht E. H'ahfiiiift'.ea.SI M.tideo l?u?. C. C. Carter HcCo.f 17# do. K. l.o.'H 4 New st. lierard 6l Moudou, 34 Court H. K w r k, Kwi., 41 Nassau St. land it. Hrv l'r. John l owi-r, l.'j ilarclay ?t. St. Melly.MI Maideu Liu e ?I9 'rc BAHNHILL'S INuKLIBLIC INK.?Tkssaponontyofthu VVirkin* Ink ia now *er> generally acUnowled??-d by tlii druui;inls nod cousnmers of tin- articU- iu i'liiladelphia?a lar>t? atHMlier of whom have already ti-iti-d itt as may b?' seen by thei advrrti?err?nts. and have pronounced it superior to any otln ? indelible ink whrtlii r of domtutic or foreign make. Tl?' v. Ii'de iiroeeaa of mark inn may be completed iu threr iniiuites. eveu at midnight, if deairable. It is r illed Baruhill a Indelible Ink, after the Christian naun ofoce of our tirm, who invented it. Manufactured and for sal' POTTS, LINN k HAHHI8, Wholesale Druggists, No. 213j4i Market street, Philadelphia. (Prom the United Htat?i Gazette, of March 13th.) Indelible hi-Messrs. Potts, Liuu it llarria. No. 21SK Mil! ket Siivet, above 5th, manufacture aud have for sale amouy irticle* in their line of business, ua druggists, an admirable Ink. ?rnlv imlnlible It will, by iu tHtauty and thr simplicity of it use, commend itself to the regard of those who like lo set:, m i'k ? >u their aiiparel, and w ould like that mark neat ant' pisiu. ( Krom flie Kditora of the North American, of Mwch 10ih.) INDLLIRLK N?.?We have tri-d some of BamhilPs Indflibl. Icli , uid cheerfully recommend it to all those wishing to marl ou linen or cotton. It runs freely and requires no previous Pre pant um. !t is for sole by Messra. Potw, Linn U Harris, No 7!'J>i Blanket street. (Cory of an advertisement of Ajiril 19th.) Umuvhii.l'i 1 vi-kliblk Ivk.?Just received, a supply of thit celebrated Ink. and havii:g ti jt?d it thoroughly, ain pre|iared u wairaui it I'qu jl, if not superior, to any made in the Uuui-i States or of Uie imiiof led. , Also? UrugH, Mediciuea, ^ainta, Acids, Dye Stuffs, Yar mshes, Uc., Stc., which wil be sold on the most reasouabl terms, by AL A X AN DKH HA HPtlH, Wholes ile I) uggist. Market St., above 12th iel Sm*ru Wkfl i NOTICE. A H. PAKKKR, 69 Dnane street, between Broadway and Kim itreet, aent fur the sale of valuible Oil Painting!, Porcel litis mid Aiilii|iutiea, his just reci ived jier ship Persian, Ir.iui Vmn.'rdiin, R (in>- c ollection of splendid Oil Painting'. o< the Hemish and Dutch schools, elegant japan lacquered Porcelain, of the richest kiuds, old Dresden Porcelain (iroups fsni ", Cups and Saucers, aNCient rich in gold Fans, of the lul. century, and of grandear opual to ^uy thing imported into tiii cou iiry, w Inch can be dia|KM>-d of >t moderate pricea. Th t> ? fa-ill k- who wi?h to enrich theif Collections, or omameutin . thr:r piiloia, will liud it to their iutrrrst to call and examine, sud judge lor llietnsi lies. Ladies are particularly invited h view this s, leadid collection. ^t I" me Innn 1(1 \ i'vI. till ') P. M ? |22 2meod*rc \A/ A M l l*'D ??Purchasers tor new and secoud haml Par-i. i ** Mangles. They are a labor-anting machine, as they entirel. - ij" raedi the nse of ironing; smoothing table linen, sheets. Sic with graat rapidity and beauty without fuel. One jiersou v> it Uii ,.i mi doing as much work iu one iliy as sn ran ?i > siii MiUung irous. They are in use hi the principal hotels ai.d auialwr of private families in tlir city, .mhI gi?e satmfartiia,. lliey are sold by Diiaca.n k Wkit, 1 Little (irrt n alreet, f ? , who do Well Hanging, Locksmitliiog, and all fco.4- ?>'',r 1 work rft rednced ratea. *29 lm*ec ~ Xavy AOKNI^B OKKICK, > N't.w V'ork, October 96th, lil4 \ rPHK following articlea will be *old oa tlie IFth of Novemb.-r ?- lint, at it o'olock, VI., under tlie direction ol the subsetit>< , at the 1 nited Males Nary lard, Brookl>u, for Caih ou the do, of aale:? 2 10 inch Paithau Ouut, 10 8 do 36 HI Pilr. Cannons. 9 20 do 30 21 do 16 II do 11 1? do 10 9 do 8 8 de 13 6 do 3 4 do 1 It Pdr. Carroaad*. 4 32 do 12 do U IB do 16 12 do 1 9 do 4 18 Pdr. Howitrsrs. 1 9 Pdr. Swivel. '1 3 do Ctt 42 Pdr. RoaaJ Sho I ?M u do 84118 24 do !34t 18 do X>93 12 do It 9 do 249 6 do 50 4 do 7 3 do 8HKLL8 OH OHENADK8. 9 18 Pounders. ? 12 do 121 6 do 23 4 do 770 |H)utids double headed ahoL 2130 do broken graiv st ud*. 20 t Hi limr stonr'ballast. oJO tNovl* rrc J AS. II. SU . DAM Navy Agent ! PMndeli lua Mercury and Journal will plewcopy. 'I'lN PLA I'bD LKAD PII'K?A new article, of suivri .- ! t in umlacture, at 231 West street, or at Johnson Brothers', , Water stmt: unce *aine aa that of ordinary Lead Pipe. A : i aequ Hilled with its merits give it a decided preference. W I I vou . lamnie it 7 Its quality ia warranted by ^ !"? "rrc K. W. LUWlll.h ENGLISH, FRENCH AND AMERICAN iHlPFINO AGENCY AT LIVERPOOi j NOTICE. H^yiNCi withdrawn our Agency rntirrly from Meat . 1 H tKMiE* it Co., of Boston and New York, we hereby ti - annuc that Mrssns. Adahs Ik Co., of No. 9 Conrt stre#*, B too,and7 Wall *ir-et. New York, are oar luthoriied Aget. i i fur the l/'iiled Su'es and Canada, who are fully empower I to net 'or us a* our Shipping and forwarding American Ageu . I'-s ensure the retepiion of goods in Liv?r|iool, and the I ? , larding of the sane loanyiartof England. Krauce, te. ( i it i? 'jeeeasary that ther should pasa through the hands of , Mid Agents M I.HHHB. /LDAM8 Ik CO.. *t their ?f??ral OflM, as follows ?lo 'i Court stmt, Huston. I No. 1 Light str*et, llaltitnor Mo. 7 vVsll street, New V'ork I Penn. Aveoiia, Waahiugum So. J'i Chrsaut street. Phi I ad. | No. I't KourUi st. Pituburg Io it Sh"tncket ?t. Norwich, I No. lii .VUin st., Worceste wILLMkB Hi SMJTH o-erpool Mar i, IM< WILLMKK ? SMITH take this opportunity of at*tnr> > I I?.rer*iit?, Broknr*, lmi<ortera and Others, rrsident in avtrry p . I ft1..* C ion. that their Livgfwl hoMt ia peculiarly adai* li ir the i uai" and ???iiress despatch of package.*, |?rce|s, si>ec i !kc., i iuoiir thr'iagb Liverpool for lloal/fu. New York, and ' Ik hi r cities iu the United States and < anaila, and trial l! d ji'-'m-n; of their business Mas TMB co^axattT am) rut: - " V.vSTI'.7.'l.,.0N "r ??WCIFAL?, OH all occaaiona. WILLMKH, k SMITH have maile arrangemeuu with M?s? UA ' H ? ( ()., by which all (iooila passing through tli iirerp s>l house for America, by the Steam*lni>a and iSher v ' ? Ij.wiiI lutve the immediate and putictual attention ofth ' said *?fi'ta, y. tin. Jiltami f Co. at Boston and New Yoi , ! h - ??-?# ???? ?'"?? uwy unv^ 00 (V ,t*rw with Vlr K (j '1 nck^rnvm. of fsif^rpool wli'Aft n t UNUUSH EXPHR83&! VVILLMKH Ic SMI1 H, who for n tariffs of r pr?*r* * p.ti'rm* % to from Loudon with important %r,U$ttn!ut AlU" 310 miles, H i HULits, 0Bj?f to tin* Am^riraii Public aoJ Oof^runy t fvtir ?rtfYic** Tor Uw* ' i'1' ?xl ? M ul tr-Aimmiof irninirt I i Uotid>, billi. dwds, Hiti., win ? ?*i*l, ou aJI occtiioDi, b? most faithf ully delivered by their o\ i wivate messenger, and houij JRaerallr in .?Hauce of the t. ? n*i' nails to Londou. .Ir. KIjWAKD WJLLMEIL who i ?'i? " VioM-ica, is prepired to adoril au, informal,ou uiwin t fuliect, aid give security Itir tti dot performance* afall iu . v lines* a mit be entrusted'o his Llvivfool aauiblisfimeet. O Vl7l' AND KISIr iinTHK^tM bvrela Halilkx No * ' Sil intra, . M bhl? Nos. I, 2, and I Mackerel too half do do do do. It* d.i No. I Sless.-Iliad. yi :i ill bids No. I Hay brook Hhnd. h'lla Cod and Scale Kiidi. loO do-No. 1 tiib'd Hmfiirt 15'Ki >hh?** Scale 1 do two Iin Smuii^d Salmon a it* Hon ed do ?* d}? Systnk and Tongues. "2 11 '"d * i?h, suitable for siappiag 1900 .irks Ashtou s Salt. S* bids Ameriran Salt. toto Doses Digby Herring, 10(1 itiarfr li.itrt-ls .'Mmno. Nor sal? a loti to snit .iqre.hasees bjl i-:i>iVj, vv KL|.S * CO . ? *** #?f * ' '/ to r-sk? '?'!<; fof snU by ? WOOfflfiTUi fc MLNTIIHNia ,|C S* ' ( ) \I MEAL?A boot 5C00 lbs Ins* 'Sap-nl j? good ord V/ (,,r.'saU by JOHS HI1 HI)*AN, ?l tfcmUi strew dpN 'OTBy niwr matt *? CARL KINO bagi leave to uuumum to tha Ladies of Jl?w York and iu fMinicy. that he has for sale at hta<*la> -~lt brated establishment N?. IT Dmsion it>w[. a lirn ud Osshiouable assortment uf Ladies' Velvet Hate, uf all colore, and trimmed iu the most fashionable style, at ?< each. The Velvet ia a suj-rior article to what is iieueralfy used. CARL KI.NU, 17 Division street. N. B.?A Urge and fashionable assortment of Paria Ribbons, at tlie ino.t reasonablejirices. o30 lin'ec FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS AND FEATHERS. .Jl. BRL'N LAUOSIERE h COURT. IU William ag|^M|K street, New Yotk, are receiving by the Havre packets, 'MjKiliir assortment of Kail Goods, which, for elegance, ?"?^^"they have no riv?l. All dealers <tud jH'If-t ia the eeove yue, are In?itenl to give them a cell, and we will ventare to say w*v will lot iease th? atom without expressing their admira tion of saeh a beautiful atock. They pledge tin-nisei vee that Uk I'eolic w ill not be deceived with American k'lowers for French, at th?v hate their hoase in Paria, Ru>- dr Tracy, No.ti, ami Aeal exclusively in French Klowere. o4 lm*?c MAGAZIN DE MODE, No. OO Canal tftreet.? MADAMS D. BEHRMAN. bags leave to inform her friends lU that her ojieiiiugfor the Kali, and Wintkh Kashio>s, in Paris Hats, Caw, Head Dresses, Krench Klowera, Keatliera, and Ribbims, of the choicest atylee, (carefully eelected by her agent* at Paris.) together with a variety of PARISIAN MILLINERY FOR LADIES TOILETS, will take place on Monday, the 7th October. Madam B solicits the favor of an early call at her old establishment, M^miu ill Mode, GO Canal atraet. New York, October 3d, 1141. o4 Im'ec W1 CtTTTiNO ANU CURLING. HAT ii the reason every body is flocking to PHALOItr Fashionable Hair Dressing Saloon'? We can explain it | His inimitable etyla of Hair Dressing, giving an air of Ziaiit Ion to the pcrenn, haa deservedly won fur him the. reputation of ? being the first artist iu tlie city. He his, at some expeuse. introduced a new feature in tin' I scienoe of hair dressing, by keeping over 200 ii'W brush.-. none of which are u .eil a second time without cleaning, thus se I curing to each of hia cuatomers aconifort, instead of a nuisance, i found in every shop. Call anil try the ayatem, which commend ? itself. Ladies and Oeutleuien Shampooed, and their Heads Dressed < for Balls and l'arties, on the shnrteet notice. I A large assoitment of Wiga aud Scalpes. EDWARD PHALON, oil lm*m 314 Broadway, opposite St. Paul's. | DOUBLE EXTRA ITALIAN HAIR WASH An infallible, sove reign and celebrated er idicator of Dan dniff?-cleanses and purifies the head and invigorates and ?il tn I'm the Human Hair. This cele brated W<uli, recom inencti <11>> numerous medical and scienti fic gentlemen, is con stantly for sale at tlie shop of the inventor anil proprietor. 17 Pak Row, N. York. P. PUSSEDDU. N. U.?Orders.from the country will be promptly attended to if addres-.ed to the Proprietor, enclosing the cash. He has m ujents. Single wash iu tlie shop 24 cents?or $1 lier bottle. o2 lm*m LODU1 NU8 T WENT V-* IV t CENTS. AT THE NAG'S UEA! No. t Bum'i.a v Sthkkt, wear Broadway. The Subscriber having fitted t and newlv furnished several toon connected with this Establishment soliciu a call from his friends &n< ihe public. JAMES BYRNES MOST EXTRAORDINARY CUKE. P' AN V HAVE DOUBTS they may now dismiss them, and the most incredulous may consider Deafness as curable Numerous ca?e* of cures and many of them very remarkable, by the use of SCARPA'S OIL, have been published?but this caps the climax?youug or old you mav.vat recover your hear iug. A lady iu Smilhljeld, Pennsylvania, and now about rights yearn ol age, had been ur.tdiiiilly (jetting deaf for more than forty years, so that it. w is uest tu iintimiiible to make Iwr hear conver SJti ii in the loudest tones ol voice. Last winter she was ii. d'ic d to try SCARPA'S OIL for Deafiieas. It isoulynece sary to :idu, that slit tins used two bottles aud that her bearing i peri ctly restor d.?Philadelphia Public Ledger. firpared by B. Hell, and sold wholts lie and retail by A. B b D. ?? iuds, DiuiiKista, No. 79 Kultou street, 273 Broadway, and 77 1 itst Broadwav- s26 Im'rc rp.KIFOCAL SPECTACLES. ANEW ARTICLE, OF AMERICAN MANUFACTURE Their superiority over all others is attested bv Dr. Lardner, I'r 1'atl ?ai.u of New York, and Dr. Mcl.ell ia of I'hil .d"l( hia. Th pu'ilic are invited to judue for thenisehes Wholesale and rcta.' at No. 182 Broadway?the only Agency iu this city. N. B.?All other kinds of Si^cucles at loss tlnn the usp.'l prices. oiJ lm*rc M. WISE, OPTICIAN. FROM GERMANY Most respectfully informs the citizens of New York, and tl.e public iu general, that he has located himself m this city, auu opens to-uay at 437 Broadway, a large and moat complete as sortment of S)iectacles and Reading Olasues, iu liold, Silvet, and Steel Krames. lie would also remind the public, to ? hi.: he IS partly kuown by hia annual visits to Saratoga Sprint, since the last nine years, that by his knowledge of Hie optic' j science lie is euabtad to determine the gluses suitable for :t : eye. Person With weak eyes can lie supplied with glase s which will gn'itly benefit and not strain (he sight. Particul . attention is called to a uew style of i?rspective ground glaaf i of the finest Ilint, which, through their high polish and true ground, produce the purest vision, and have neen highly reco: i wended as I,he heat in iheir eltects upon the eye for preservii:, and nnjirflving the siglit in continued wiitins and readiio Hhort-siirhted iieraons, and such as have been operated upou (fee eataract, Can also be uited. He inserts likewise new glasses . I' superior iiaality m old frames, and solicits the patrouagc of all want of his article* Please call at M. WISE, Optician. 7 3m*rc 437 Broadwav B JOSEPH, 14 Maiden Lane, (up stairs,) importer of Ec, ? lish, Krench, and Oerman double and single barrel Kow. inp and Ducking OIJNS, from the lowest to finest qualitir Also, always on haud, an enteusive assortmeut of PfnTOLd both Double and Single Barrels, embracing 100 differ-at kiod.i including the modem Six Bar. ' Revolvers, all ol which wi 1 be sold lower than any other hi ase in the ttade Mrtreh intr ai <) Oun Smiths are particular!? iwinnted to call, previous making their purcliarei. ?? iey will certaiuly find it to th advant??? slo?m?rrr ?X JACKSON. ST ACE Y & SMITH, . M ANUKACTURERS AND IMPORTERS of Pen/Pock I IvA aud Table Cutlery, Razors, Scissors, Kiles, Saws, Tool ' and other descriptions of Sheffield Ooods? ; o30 3m?rrc No. 16 PLATT STREET ? CHANGE OF RESIDENCE. 1 x.0 VICTOR MIROUD, Watch and Clock Maker, ha. I the liouor of informing his friends and the public iu ge. Cc 1 Ml, that lie hit inovrd his Watch and Clock Makil I Establishment to No. Ht> Broadway coraer of Libstl 'st ffiitinii, Clocks and ChronomMn will be repaired I liiin with great care, and guaranteed. His establishment is pr. ticularly nda|ited lor tlie reirnir of Mechanical Lamps, at verv moderate priees. He offers for aale ail aseortinent of tlie late ^ iin|irovement in Lamps from France, w Inch leave nothing to ri ? 'e. \lso, tilohea, Chimneys and Wicks. s2S Im'ec TO THE BOOT AND SHOE WEARING PUBLIC. JWM. MADDEN, 291 Spring street, having enlarged In i stock Ibr the fall and wilier trade, offers lor s ilt- . laiye o. : ami lieautiful assortment of Boots luid hhoes, maile of the best materials, which he llatters is as good, if not superi. r to any in the city. 11 is assortment consists of ladies' and mix ? as' liaiter Boots, half (Waiters, Buskin Sli|is and Ties, gent.' fine lalf-skin Boots and Shoes ; Coarse Boots for Waterme.i and h'iremen, and youths' Boots and Mhoes, of all description',, in nle [u 01 der if desiaed, suitable fur tlie merchant, nsckaai and laborer. Kor sale at very low prices. Of the above stock his cuat< me*t can prove is not to be su . I as .ed, aud if those iu want will give him a call and satisl/ themselves tint his work is as repr-aented. he does not dou! ' that they will leave s.itislied with a h rgain wor; i giving him a call. WM, MADDEN. 2:13 Spring .between (Jreenwich and Washington sts. ol2 lm*in FINE SEWED BOOTH RETAILING FOR ?3,50, ^^^1ADE in the fctest Krench style with a fine sti'ch, and i > Tfevery res|iert e^ual to those usually sold for f6 00, warran jMedtouive s.itutaction, at V.?3 Broadway, op|Kisite Niblo' New > ork. Boots anil Shoes of all kinds made to ord r. vlrioling and Kepairnnr done hi the stole. A general assorime't >f Ladies' Kine Krencn Shoes constantly on hand, with a fu i ai mtmentof India Rubbers, both ladies'aud gentlemen's. o?'i ''?*r e MOI'LTON Ik VOUNO. THICK B O O T S . J JUST RECEIVED FROM THE MANUFACTO RY, and for sale low, an invoice ol prime Men a and Boy's 1'hick Boots, by the case or single pair. Ajs. , constantly on hand anil for sale, ail assortment of So ? a.iu Upper Leather, with othir articles in the line, i.i lots te seit, by K W. SAI* KORD, o22 Im'rc No. 11 Jacob street SCOTT'S WHOLESALE AND RETAIL O R 0C E R Y A S D WINE STORE, 7(1 Nnanaii Street. S3UPKRIOR TEAS, COHKEE, SUOAR -Also, Wines i k' eterry varietv?(Hard, < haiiipagne and < oguiac Brand Irish and Scotch Whiskev; Old J imaica Hum; Hop and Oi Loudon Brown Stout; Edinburgh Ale. Kreah Krints. he., he. JOHN S. SCOTT'S Wholesale and Retail Store, 78 Nassau street N. B.?People fTom the country. Hotel and Boarding llor Keei'ers, who buy lor cash, \i ill lind it to tlieir advantaae Jive this establishment scall. (Jnodssent to any part of the ci fiWBfWHWe. oM lw*rrc j^XrllK.SS PR It EH REDUCED?Tlie Subscrttiers Ii IJ redui.ed their EAiiess prices on all small packages of la ? ud other doeutneills, from Ml cents to 2S ceata |?r paciisr I,om this city to Uuffalo and t!? uiu-rmediate poiata. Als hioogh Weill kt t 'o.'s Etpreta I'rim Buffalo to Chicago, at * euts pet package from ihia city to Chicago, and the internet: ?it# uoiota og tiv Lake. ail LIVINGSTON. WELLS h POMKROY "THE UTAH!" MTHK STAR!" MTH? STAIt,* KTOW tWdJa *Vsuhe?riber, (proprietor of It *m up at all hours of the day I fo,rak?r*ud ?li,h"Kiw. mTooT^s '??">*? ***? Pork do- Rarebits; Corned Beef; *on*"M* ? H?m ud Eggs; ^rdinea; Boiled HaJT . Fried do; lea and Coflee; Three furmslwd' rooms, suitable for refereuMa, clnbi, or pri Ta*pa^ al^s^S3y. and Upbeat of waiters engaged for their e?|wcial aceooiuiodntiou. ...? ,, 2#?" " ' 'U JOHN H. WOODGATE NEW YORK, SEP T E M B E R, 1144. FRESH IMPORTED STOCK OF FRENCH GERMAN AND ENGLISH WOOL LENS, too., &c.. &e. TO BE CLOSED BY NOVEMBER 1, 1844. NE of our Partners intending to retire from our concern ofc the 1st of Novtinber nest, we beg respectfully to inform vou ss si -nffKSWiis ?'jgxssssBS. Cassiioeree and Vesting^ German Castor Beavers, 'Ibr?-fourths and sis-fourths Doeskin* and Caasimcras, Ku|li*h Broad Cloths, Casairoerea, Ut'^vfia, Pilots, Lion Skim, Blanket!, Paddngs, Worated Stolfs and V?aliugs. lu every variety, Ike-, kc., &c. /reach,German und English Fancy Caasimeres, *c Scotch Plaids And Scotch V weeds, Uc. And Tailors' Trimmings, In every variety. wiM pie 'se f<?<w?? witha ca"> *ntl oblige Vour fciost oMicnt servants, NEVINS CO., mPOllTF.HS, mi CEDAR STREET NEAR SAHHAU iJTREET, im* rr <ir " 1 ?opographioal, mw hanical and archi TECTURAL DRAWING. I \FF1CE, (tlie lirar of the kiud iu the city.) in the bMernent. ' J No. it Willi street?A. GlRARD,. DrauirhUinan, U-K? leave to call the attention of Civil and Military Eugineers, ' veyors, Architect*, Machinists. Coutraciors. Commisaiouera oi Land, and the public generally, to hit for tie prompt and neat completion of Maps, t.rohles, Ilan?otev?j d<?cr ptiou, and Drawiug in general required in tlie u*<*iul art-, and industry. **' lm'rc " rfX 'T firt' ???<FFtMN?> GENTLEMEN OR FAMILIES desirous of converting mti ciuli their superfluous or cast off CHothitiK. will obtain lroi> the Subscriber the IIIGHEST < ASH i KIO.H. Families or Gentlemen uuittiiig the city or changing re aideuce. having effect* of trie kind to diapoae of, will una 11 much to their advantage to aend for the Subscriber, who will attend them at their i-jgen-ty a^mt^t. ^ street, and at 4T0 Hudiou at. Clothint cleaned and repaired (T7* A line through the Poat Office, or otlierwiae, wil receive prompt attention. 0I6 In rc pASTOp K 1 LOTHING and Kl UMTl ltK WANTED. O ?Gentlemen or L .diea, havinK any caat off cm anperfluoju lothiiig and Furniture tu diapoae of, can obtain for tijein tl?i gheai c^ah price*, by aending for ihe subscriber, (or by note through the Post Office,).at hia residence, No. ?9 Duane a'rae', to which punctual attentiou will be given. M. S. l/UtlbPl. 026 lm*rrc GENTLEMEN'S LEFT OFF WARDROBE, PRE HIGHEST I'RICES can be obtained by Gendome 1 or Kamiliea whu are desirous if couvertuitf their leit oi weaniiK apparel into cash. Kaininea 01 GcirJetnen iinittwu tlie city cr changinji re? deuce, having luy auperlluou# etlecta to dispose at, will nuu.; niuch to their advantage to senil for the Subscriber, who Wl' ?' <1 M 'Mr 'i*idence. by apiKiinju^y t jyg^yiN 4G6 i;;;,i.Jw?y,'up slaiis. A line through ihe IV,st Office, ot otherwise, will r cetM proii'pt ?'ireniinp. ''' ,>lllt; i iVlANUFAOTURV AND GENTLEMEN'S CLOTHING STORE, 69 MAIDEN LANE. , , TUST RECEIVED, the latest anil most approved Irene . J patterns Shirts. Also, a Keueral assortment of clothing o! al descriptions. . , , ? . , ? . Clothing made up to order at the following low Prices, vir. Krock and Dress Coats made and trimmed from ? ? ? ?" ? 10 , ,, Pantaloons and Vests made and trimmed......... 1 JOto 1 7j All made in the b?at mannar and most fashionable style. Under garments made to order, Hoaiery, Glovea, Stocks Cravats, Collars, Suapeuders, fcc. WM. COLLINS. 027 lm*ec OrricK or JKvri MOR iNstTH*NCB<;oiirafir, } No. 20 Wall st opposite the Eichange. \ THIS COMPANY conliuuea to Insure against Loss and U 1 Hiagi' by Kire, on Goods, Wares, aiid Merchandise, an: also, against Loss on Inland Navispition oa Vessels and the (Cargoes. DIRECTORS. Thomas W. Thome, fclisha Risfgs. Thomas T. Woodruff .^nson flak'T, B. R. Robson, M. D.. Joseph Df^e, Thompson I'rice, Joseph Allen, Moa?, laine* E Holmes, John 11. Diviuna, John r; Moore, Jah'i It. Lw, /wes H. Whitmir, Caleb C. Tucis, Wm. K. rhom. r'rincis P. Safie, Thomaa Morrell, John C. jMrmit, Enceue Bo/eri, THOMAS W fHORNE, I'reaidrst Gkq. T. Hon-.. Seeretar? 10 NOTICE TO SOUTHERN AND WRSTERN MERCHANTS THE subscriber continues to manufacture and has constantly 011 hand 11 full aasortineut of Ploughs.suitable for the South era Anil Western Markets, manufactured from the best material, uy old and competent woikmen, which he is prepared to sell a. reduced prices. . , ... , Also, a general assinlment oi Agricultural Implements and Machines of the most approved patlerns too numerous to meu tion; together with a lull a??ortinent of Sei\e?, Screen! ?jj? Wire Cloth of his own manufacture. And, also, agent for Wm. Hooey ? Patent liav and otrav Cutters, a very superior ariicie, at th? manufacturer s prices. I'. H.?ftli is also prepared to necute orders for Cotton Ui?' and (iin <ieers, Kicc anu Co flee Hullers. M iftl *t' L)AMKL L. (,LAWSU.>, 05 lm*in 191 Water street PR EPA K E FOR WINTER. SHIRTS, UNDERCLOTHING, DRESSING GOWNS, ETC. ?Jk JjltrfE SIWbFgfHE ooLdEK fBHT x *a1\ 11 roadwny, corner of Cftiaml>er? Street, Where gentlemen will find a most siilendid assortment of th undermeniioned articles, just received, and calculated fortl' present and approsching season, which he offers at such Price, is will ensure the patronage of those who favor him with a cal Woollen, Leather, Silk, Merino and Cotton ShirU and Drawrre. Ladies' and Gentlemen's. Scarfs and Cravats. Satin, Silk aiM Mohair. Pocket Handkerchiefs, Silk and Cambric, a moat e> M,uaive assortment. Hosiery of every deicni.tion. Gloves < : every variety. Belts, Russian, Shoulder and Money, ou nan I or nude to order. Colhrs#Bosoms, and 111 fact every article r auired for an entire outfit. Particular attention is called to ob si vie ol Paris Shiru, which are made entirely without ?u ?>?4, aitu they are found to lit su|)er?or and will wear bett any siiirta ever before made. Shirts made to order in ti most lasnionable <tyle and on tlie shortest notice 271 Broadway, corner of Chambers street. ^''''Mcinember, tlie 8igu of the Golden Pish. o23 1 m *sc GREAT"BRITAIN AND AMERICA LAW AGENCY. THOMAS WARNER. No. II CITY HALL PLACE, NEW YORK, A TTORNEY aud Counsellor at Law^ Solicitor and Cooi XV ul|or in Chancery, Ike. Set., begs to inform his frlemls ai. 1 the public generally, that lie has just returned from a businer. tour through England, Wales and Scotland. . That, from having been for several years engaged in the pra tice of tlie Law in London, and for the pastsil years similar! engaged in New V'ork, he flatters himself he is fully comiietri to coudnct such law business in Eugland, and parts adjacent, , persons from the old country, and their descendants, may wis to be attended to ; and with this view, I. W., ou his re te joumey, made arrangements with some of the most eminent lav yer* in various parts of Eugland and Scotland, whereby J. v\ has been able to secure the most efficient agents and coriespo dents in those places. . T. W. therefore begs to ofler his services to Europeans ?t others, who may need his professional assistance, in relatiou I any kind of legal business in the old world; and usurea au< as may choose to fivoi him with their patronage, that the ino uneaceptioneble rrfeicnca wiS be furnished, if required?ai , every uecessary guarantee given, that business confided to h care will be attended to, and conducted with ludustry, skill ai< ' fidelity, aiu' on tlie most reasonable terms. s28 lin*rrc genuine Tfc;AS> WHOLESALE AND RETAIL THK CANTON TEA COMPANY, PRINCIPAL STORE, 121 CHATHAM STREET, N. > jiranch Storei, 318 Bltftkrr itrft,New iork, SGI Urand street, near SiMolk, 131 Urrmwich, near fWIim, rll6 h\iltun tlrtrt. Brtuklyii. n Chestnui aiul \'j NorlK Fifth strert, Philadelphia. 71 Hanover itrert. Itoilon. IN VI . ? the attenlion City R-.d Country Families ai 1 Purcii Lsars to their several ?,t*blishmeuts, where thw thu will be found by far the beat s> 'ations of pure and uudulterap Teas in the United States. The universal popularity luid r nown of their houv with reference to high <|ualities, low pricv ' and upright dealing.M too w ell iiuderstond to render further coi inents necessary. Original uid only warehouse for tha sale . liowqua's Black Tea?'"Ohsen-e!"? Grangers will hepirticul to remember the m. ...erof ? pnucipal store iu Chatham ? vi*HI, between Pearl and liosevelt street. The imblic wi also he pleased to take notice that the Cnuton Ton I Oinpan liave nothing to do with any other stores escept those deacrib. ft the top of this ? Ttisement. auH IB'M RKNCll CHINA. REMOVED TO NO. tJf- LtUKRTY STREET, (UP STAIR# ) AUALE8MK, impyrur and Ajteut for Mannfacmrers, h . always on hand a la-gc assortment of dinner trnl tea se\ in plain white and gill French Porcelain, as well as Dinner ai Desert Plains, of all sit't, assorted Dishes, Soup Tureec Covered Dishre, Salad Bowls, Fniit Bukeu, Custards a' Htands. Also, F ancy Tet Refs, aad Kich Dscomted Dinner H^?s. Alic, Tea and Chocolate Wt.e. French and Ainerir' ibape. , . All the a/tictei M? warrnflted ?,f i ?" l>rtt qnality. aid lo ?t'ld on liberal t^nni, ?ii] in lou tc ?tt?4 pwreKiaert. ? IB im*ee PIG IRON?100 I'O.NM BEST St oTCll. I 10 TONS CHEAP AMERICAN. 100 TONS BEST AMERICAN. very strong, suitable for Hail Road W heels or Machinery, f sale by. CASS ?t WARD, ol!t lm*?c ?l Broad str-*et. No. OU .Jolui atrect and .VW liir?*n<< wajr. 11AVE. received by r ent arrivals, and keer constantly < < I I liind, a luge and tasteful salectml e.ssor'inent of Fre-ich ai German articles for Embroidery and Fnucy Goods, which tlu olfer for sale at wholesale and retail, Vii'? l>tmil, i ui*r vi ."iiiiruui, urui.rirW| jrt iytri?i>? ?????.? a ^Vire Ussketa, Gilt and fcleel Clasps for Lags and Purs

Gilt and Silvered llair Pir.s, Combs, Fringes,, Cot Tassels, NecElactMi. slices, tcc A spletidid assortmnnt of all kind of Taasels, Ch,'nule Co ?ud (/nemlie. Einhroiacred SuspetrnJ^re and Htm -litter Trimmiags, Hi) \Vorst,d and Cotton Kniig-s, and Gimp, in all eolor* and 0'' Li ties. Oiled Hillt, French mam >rciure, white, yellow aad grwi. j> H itn ee ______ B!GGAR'S RbFOhlTORY OK KINK ART; ?7 t 'anal. STRri'T. * hv.w Dooaii Wur or Itaeaowav. IV/fODERN ENtiRA V IINtiS of all sisea, plain and colore "A suitable for the publisher, artiat or collector. <^om iketehea by Crnikahaiik, Htymocr, kc , at prices vstyiiu frc 12*4 cents per doten to several ilellars each: likewise a fine f sortment of rare PRINTS, sfter such celehrateil masters Itaphael, Reul?ns, lierglienn, Cuyp, Tsnlers, Bartollotai. It N II Old engravings lioij^it or eiehanged, >24 lm*m LARD?40"i kegs eatiaqualltv Pure t.eaf l.ard, lor sale in lo to suit purchasers, by E. K. COLLINS h <>()? olOec it. South itieei 0* SIGNED OVKRil! Tfn sdiim iwJe and gliast ly objici caused by ipituug blood, ud a moat violent couch.w i th night iwnu, a hoafwaai and sound of the voice, indicating an alarming state of ilistms : my clergyman was "plain with me, and stated tlwt 1 had but a few days to live; my sister, who waa my auiious car* taker, made inquiry when she would be most likely to obtain the most certain relief, the waa told of Ihr. Swnynr's Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry, a medicine in general use throughout lite United States, for the curp of coughs, colds, consumption, spitting of Moo?, influenza, palpitation of the baan, whooping cough, tickling or rising sensation iu the throat, bronchitw, asthma, weakness of the nervous system, or imiuired constitution from any cause, and to prevent |>ersons from falling into a decline. She was in formed if this mediciue failed iu the cure, my life was hopeless. Or Hicuyne's Synip was th?n procured, and tlie fir-t bottle gave r?li-f. and by tne time 1 had commruced t ?e fifth bottle, my coukh had left me, and my strength so mucu improved, thai I was able to take the freah air, and in a short time I entirely re covered my former health. Kor a corroboration ot 'he truth of the above statement, von can call <>n my sis'^r, who liv ?s in Ju niper street, one door below Knee, Philad I' I is ISAAC MJ..I AN KEEVEH. ? |T7- Be cautious to ask for tlie origi ir-k, I r Swayne'i Com poiuitl Syrup of Wild Cherry, as all otn w , reparations from thi> valuable tree are fictitious and counterfeit; prepared ouly by Dr Swayn*. whoi- office is at the northwest corner oi Kightn nn Haee streets, Philadelphia. Agents?Dr. W. H. Miluor, coruei of Broadway ami Jonn street, New York; It. A. Sands, lilfc Bowery, N. York; K. B. Warn -r, 'JUi Blreikar street, N. York Pierson & Harrison, 720 Broad street, Newark, N. J.; Benjaoii: Olds, 21* Broad stieet, N. J.; John 8. Harrison, Salem, VIass.? J. 11. Pierce, i Stan wis Hall, M iden, Albany, N. York: Backus % Bull, Troy, N. York: Spalding * Harrington, Wot cester, Mass.: Jauies ?trern St Co, Worcester, Mass.; Orant 4 Bockee Potighkeepjie N. York; E, llollidge, Buffalo, N. Yorl is/_ Lansingbunr, N. Yor' ? ?opt 1 3m*ec. 1,\ sE\* i.Xl'lv ;T( >KhaT. VTOTWMO CAN EQUAL IT FOR CI.1 til NO CON SUMPTION AM) OTHKli I'ULMONORY Dls EASES ?The followi u le':er of Dr Urigham, of Lowell, Mass , but ?|>**l:s I lie uiiilorm language of hundreds of oth? i Physicians w Iu have tried, and therefore know how to appn ciats Jayue's Expectorant:? "Lowell., Mass., Jan. 37, 1144. "Dr. Dsvip Jtvm;; I'air Sir?1 have used jour inedicmt ivicijjiWft.Lj r4uin;Pj. JJTRANOEU# AND CITIZENS afflicted with any or vannv of Hirphilir.ic Mfrconil or other divase, or i r n5 ? y? rored by quachs, had better care-fully p< v#fi?aHy known by the name of JAYNK'S KZPEC i . . i v' '".?** Practice for a uumb'-r of years, and cai most truly *?y th4t I have been more nuoo??aful in the au ol i ' 1? iHi Ba e ,l,(* thorough Ktpectorant, than of aa\ which I have ever used. It is the best for tin- following obviou reasons: It does not (if given in prn|?r doses) occasion a disagree able nausea. It does not weakeu th* lungs and prostrate the iy< t^m like most other E*i??cti>rsiits iu cominou utr,nor ilin i abate tli? appetite of tlie patien' lik? other uausasiing medicim." which have li-eu used by the Faculty. Iu a word, it is nearl) or quite the tluug which has been sought fur by inanyoflht racuity lor ages gone by. 1 remain yours, truly. ? , - , LUTHKll BklUHAM, M. D." Prepared only by Dr. JAVNE, No. 30 South ikird street, Philadelphia. Sold by the Agents, A. B. k D. BANDS, Druggists, Nr. 79 I*ulton Htraet, i73 Broadway, and77 East Broadway. o27 m?ec M MKPIOAL NOTICE. I nv lort , or wh< tlie followioR'letter* ? ?i m?uy pern# Dr. (joa\xr?8ir Lait July 1 contracted a certain prirat. disease, and iviimedmtelv applied to a doctor, who promised i cure me in a w^;k. I continued with him two months, bn was gradually lertmi; worse ; I tried one after another, all tl? auTerr.niDtr doctor*, and eich one promised positively to cur me. I tit length discovered Uie object of these men was mc iiry. jiiid that Uiey were not doctors. 1 concluded to go int the honpital. wliere the doctors kept roe nnder a course of me Ctirv for eight weeks ; my throat ind nose were ulcerated, pain in all my Joints, and mv body covered with ulcers. 1 was complete skeleton ; tlie doctors considered it d uigerous to gi\ me any more inediciue, and advised a southern climate. I )?] the hospital, and by advice of several friends, placed myse: under your care on the first of Jaunary last. 1 am now well ea restored to perfect health, i wish this published. ? THOMAS UK KEN, Carpenter and Joiner, Harlem, N.Y. Dr. ( ooper warrants to cure matter how Ion. standing, of Olset, Stnctuiv and Seminal Weakness, and mil casM of private maladies cured in 43 hours without inttrferic with the patient s habits. Dr. (hooper's Office, 14 Duane stree two doors from Chatham st. No cure no pay. s27 lm#tc THE HAPPINESS Ot MANKIND. Jaundice, Dyspepsia^ Cancer. 1 V istula, Piles, Polyrpus, Rheumatism. Contorted and Ulcsr ated Bones, Diseases of the Throat and Nose, o( whatever dun tiou and extent, whether internal or external; the uir-st difficu) cases <>f Surgery, of the successful treatment of rtuch oth? pnictitiouers have despaired; Diseases incidental to childien an< peculiar to delicats females. The first medicine and atteudanc will be afforded paiit-ntA free of charge. Applicants must it member tlie number of the subscriber, 57 iletde street, whei ne has his extensive Chemical Laboratory and his large Dru, Store. The subscriber compounds all his celebrated Uerina medicines. No uatne or resiueuce required of patients. SOLOMON HK1N?, M. D., Member Medical Society City and State of New Yon 0*3 &7 tirade street FOR THE PILES U ii . U P H A M ' S ELECTUAity A N IIS i'KHNAL liEMKD V.?It is a certain cure for Pile i eitin r internal or external, bleeding or blind. Cases, of twe tv years staudinK, have been i*eruicnantly cured by this invaJu ble remedy, after all other means lud failed. Testimonials of i efficacy seen at the office. Be not imposed upon?see that tl signature of the Proprietor, in his own handwriting, is on U loatsidf wrapi>er of every box^ and remember that the above ined Siue can be obtained in this city onlv at No. 196 Bowery, (foi <J0? above Kijring street,) of the original and sole proprietor A. brl^1AM, M. D., a regularly educated Physician of twen; an Office Practice, whr I1LKS and all Chronic Diseases are successfully treated. O Ifice hours from 7 A.M. to 9 P.M. Advice gratis. No. 1* Bowery. 8. 1 ousey, Josiiu's Comers, Madison County, (ien ral Agent for the State of New York. Sold by J?E Warnur * Co., f t ca; Coleman k Co., Buffalo; T. B. Kitch k Co., Syr cuss; I B. Swan, Rochester. In Locknoru Rochester, 8yr cuse, Oswego, Rome, Utica, Baldwinsville. Plainvilie, Canast U, and othrr places in the vicinity, this mediciue has cured son despcrute cases of Piles, af ter all other medicine* had been tri? in vain. In this city the Proprietor has had tlie satisfaction < effecting more than five huiidred cures during tlie past year, ar is consiantly iu the receotiou of letteis from various parts of t\ Union, expressive of the snj^rior efficacy of this medicine She tieatment of Piles, a disease whioli has often baffled thesk or emiuent I hy^icians, aud of the real nature of which much <!i crcpaucy of opinion ainonr; medical men lias prevailed. Krc: an M-runeous pathology, an unsuccessful course lias been pu sued in the treatment ot this omuplaint; lience the very geuM opinion, that it i? hu incurable diabase. This however, ?s ! from beinJ.-, the ceje?it yields r?adily to Uieabove reinc<iy, ^i th* pTv>|?netor has no hesitation in asserting, that it will cur" r cases of PiL-s, l.?iisever long tl*y in?,y have existed, or ag t tated they may Le. Jt, m;irber, thai in th.s city, the medici. ciu be obtained, o.vlv of the proprietor, at 1W Bowery, doors above Spring stp*t. Any otto?r article purporting to the same, is wortidess, and c^lciila^d only to deceive and i ?ur? I rice Si. aula lmdyatwy*r; MEDICAL ADVICE. DOCTOR LAMEKT is still confidentially consulted, at h old office. 63 ( told street, between Fulton and Beekmsn. ? all[diseases of a delicate nature ; his treatment being mild ai judicious, requires neither mercury, restraint in diet, or hit | jtaiuce from business pursuits. Recent cases cured in S or SeBIMTY, NKRVOUS OK CON8T1TUTIONAI arising Iroui a too Ireiiurut indulgeuce of the passions of indi creel youth, sod thereby causing nightly rinissions, and evei n*lly conlirmed impotsocy. enitaite the Dr.'s strictest attenti., Ins object lyiiiu to restore the system, mentally iuid bodily, u if.<'ir,' jf!.).r originally designed. S I KI' I LKKS, n disease freijueutly existing without ti I patient lieing Mie least aware, sometimw caused by mal-tre ment of uniiiitiated medical pretenders, and sometimes by tl neglect of the parties Llwsnselves, are, by the Dr. effectual) cured, without paiu or iuconveuience. 1 he Doctor being one of the few qualified advertising 8u' Kins III 'Jie city, guarantees a perfect cure, or no charge ma<! Iters, post-paid, enclosing a fee, immediately attended to, ai medicine, with advice, sent to any part of the United States Office. 63 Gold stmt. Oiwn from I A.M. to S P.M. o30 lm?rrc THE BANK AND ANTIDOTE.? Dissass, and all his grisly train, Ar? now upon the wing again. 'im."1'1 ? in.'l'ick figs or thiliing showers, i rick these Irs ram of ours. ?'O ? Bilious (,'holic lead* th? van, I he mortal enemy of man: Dyspepsia marches by his sida, seizing a victim at each stride. Hheumatic gout, and I Irurisy, hor their dread share put iu a pica. Ague and Kerer, Cough, Catarrh, Are armed to carry on the war:? VV hile fierce Consumption?form of f?lr? Cuts off the stragglers in the rear. Colds, intermittens inflammation, Of every denomination, Morbid disorders of liver? Diseases of the vital river, 1 hat, wandeiing through the maiie of veins, i he system succors and sustains? Are at this season all too rife, And, Vampire-like, their food is lib. Disease's seeds are in the air? Kor their dread contact then Pit crafts! As Jackson laughed at British brags, hnscniiced behind his cotton bugs, And, knowing how his guns to train, swept the invaders from th- plain? Ho you may laugh at deadliest ills, If your defence is PhTEK'8 I'lI.LH ! I hey sweep dise<sn away at once. As surely as Old Hickory's gun<? And, like the foes Mi taught to tly, J hey never come back their luck to try. ? Cnolic, Uys|?-psi<, Heier?, ( hills? - Av.unt! .My spell is I'ETEKa' PILLS! ,",l7"rAL Kulton, comer of Nassau strast. ^ ?3i im?m n.??VI11 VUUK CULDS. I ) ,|l*""1' "[ eicitement, maay i>ersons reek less I themselves to the luelemert weaJier, and ronse<pisi. Ij/nntf-r severely Irom colds and influaura. (J untlrss victn ^m;,.'i'.,."m,rtt?i" wyn,Hl1 ?uch of the im|Kirtance of an early ai, I elhuvbt. raiiiedy.whichis to b? found in the use ol Mrs.Carroll - . ^ Broadway, tv do,.re above the New Vork Hospital. ?|7 Imrc L) A G U L It H E O T Y P E b 1 IvJ)J s H I N (r ESTABLISH M KN1 rpu K sr air hirv 1} L ADELPHI A. L a .,;., f! -I . '*?? leave to inform the Daguerreotyi ? tinn. ih u 't*1 I'!aTr considerably enlarged thair conne and Vum?" Tl i, U,"0.n? lt*1 W?st Indies, South Amerj, yUf.uropa. 1 I ley have also Bade arranaemeuts to be snppli, with evary new article used la the Daguerreotype Art. Tin 1 'eeeivad a large sapplyof Voigtlaeuder'a ceiebrat. ameras, consiatmg of thrae Jiff,rent sizes, for the sale . which they are M>|>oiote4 Agents. Also, n supply of l>< inoU*i8",i ? m""' f'"i ' Daguerreotype or Calptyi made tn their eapeci-l order. Casesofall sizes, the best Polishfi Mubstanree, xud -veryoilier article used for the Daguerreotyi, I constantl >on naod. Their long connection with the D<utu? reotj |h? Art ai d tlwir sucins> m taking pictures, m?iy nerve a> recommeudafiou aiid reliance. l>nguerr?*ot> j* Artists. I ordering article. Irom aay part of the above named ctuutrii niay de|ieiKl upon a prompt and satisfactory execution of th< 'iry'7.h",r Ii"*" Prices i.urrent and mformati, Tiay be obtained by audressiun (|H??c-psnJ) u> , ? fc v. LANOKNHEIM, '' ,m rc >? schin." limlding, Pliiladrlphia SOI?A BISCUIT AND SUGAR CRACKKR^ I nf, Mr riseriher wishes to. make known to the Public, tli ' much of the Uiacnit and Crackers which are sold in 3i '.Ity b> Uie above names, an- entirely different from the H,, Ui-cmt ai:d Hngar Crackers made at his Bakery , which hs >??! used l:y invalids, particularly th?><-who suffer l>om in< ir? in, f,?r more than twenty years with the best mull' wl.ue the imitation, whieh csn be made for a less price thou ftrkaps good for a iwrson in health are wholly uufit fort V.^ 7. " mbori lll"'u" snd Crackers, also Butter Biscu W me Jliseuit Untter Crackers, Water Crackera, Pilot ? Vavy f read, all of the lirst nualitv, are r.onstAiitlv for sule he well known e,tst-ll.hmept, Si W.vhinRWn strwt, corner KfHKAIM THEA DWELL P A" LACOSTE, Maunfarturer and Importer of I.',,,, i! Lords, Itc., has removed from No * IT South street, tHffl?LCSu. nil i sovereign ulinMr ran for iocipuat eooraapUcM. unoMH. impoiency, lacerhae 'at whlta*. obstruction, dif fi.ult or iainf.1 uiiu ration, lueontiueuoe of una* or involnn uuy disgorge thereof, tad Tor] prostration of tha *y? Lam, whefer tlw ruali of inherent ciiuci or produe?d by irreg ularity, illness ur atcideut. It is pleasant to in. taste, and posi tively sure iu iu operations. lu unrit ailed imputation in Mtb hemispheres is ih. mult of its almost unrivalled virtue.. LKT NO ONE DESPAIR. Nothui* can be more surprising than iu invigorating effects ?a the human frame. Persona afflicted with weakness or lassi tude before taking it, at ouce become robust and fall of energy under in influence. It immediately aounterncta the nerreleaa unaa or looaeaeaa of the fVui&le frame, which ia the only cause ?f barrenness, and which, prior to Dr. Magin's discovery, was considered to be incurable. Language, indeed, cauuot do inatice to tlw merit, of the Lucin? Cordial, which is regarded by the heads of the faculty in ill Porta of the world aa one of the moat important discoveries ot wholesale and mail in this ?ity at IJ5 Kalton street, cor SfJlf IU"' ^eth rowle, Washington street, Boston; 9# North Hitih street, Philadelphia- Price $3 per bottle?$14 per doasn. rfj H^^^^^^^r?8hIerman,8 worm lo "^withct any difficulty, time ^1*1 imb'e tl>?n five yelr?, during which time trjey become well known in every Hurt of tlie land from Maine to Georgia, Mid fr?in the Atlantic to the Rocl.v Mounuuna. The>r administration ho* |?Satuu(&w,tfiW derfuI success, .o much so that parents have now no ?,ufid? ?e iu any other medicine for tlie expulsion of worms. The tesu jnouials in their favor are very numerous, and coutiuue to pom hife'?^l.qU,,rU'r,?f tUc;,untn' How children c? be found who are suffering from worms, and are pminK away for the wonlof a proper remedy. Eveu the cause of the suil'J^. ing is notwunected. One bo* of Sherman Vw.irm Lc will remedy tlieevil. l auxr no longer, it will soon be too Uu Be careful to procure the genuine Sherman's Worm Loxenfe* And give them according to the printed directions on the bo* Consumption, Couqhs, Cold*, Asthma, and all diseases of th* lungs, are relieved and cured by Dr. Sherman'*celebrated Couch boscages. The Kev. Darin* Anthony, of the Oneida Confer ence, whs ifiyeu up by his lrieuds. Tlittiv Lozenges iu a short time re*tinfd him to health. llev. Mr Sirceter, of Boston, Leonard Rogers, an a?*d veteran cf th* revolution, Hon. Mr. Archer, ol Virginia and a host p ! witnesses cetild he produced why Mrs vscmI Sherman * Cough Loz< nge*, and know them to h ill prcwrablo to all other preparations. Ur.Shermanalso>f*?paro* Camphor Lozenges for tlie Head ?ch.1,, Palpitaticn of the Heart, Sea Sicklies* and affection* of ?? stomach and bowel*. | bey curs h<utdach<- in a few moment*, give isjiinediat* relief in colic, diarrhma, ami spasmodic a flee Mons of the stomach, and counteract theeffec.s oi over living He lias also Cathartic Lounges, which are taken without an> trouble, being a* pleasant to tne taste as a comm >u peppermint Kestorstive Looenms for the cure of diarrhoea, or looseness of the bowels, and all who may be s/Hict?d with sickness, would oSpb^4 * JmS of hi* various preparation*. Mih^rW t ri u ui MAN'S PL AST ER stands uurivall Hlieamatism, Pains in the Hide or Loiiii Lumbago, and all affection* of the ch*t. One Million/. u will not supply tlie annu al demand, lumbers of auprincipi/c I? c* uPon the coaimunitya counter MSni Ml W&? '? habit of e,mK hherralm's Poor Man * Plastor, know their eB>*cu to.) well f\j l?e deceivwl ObsHrvis tlatevery Plaster made by Ur. Kiwri-jui hears* "fie simile of his name printed on the back eitne same 'I' genuine Preparation, of Dr. Sherman can always be obTai'ned aJ RliwareUuM, No. 106 Nassaa street, or at his regular A genu ? ''odiiingtou. Star Hudson, comer oi Spring; Sauds 18V liow^ l>t"ltlmg>' '''"'v^d lading',; Medical Aid. Benjamin Hell, su|ierintendant oi the Asylum ut * harlestowu, in alluding to the subject o< Uus notice savs, "tl^re is a fo?l plague iu our midst, cuSng i.u.1 ?'"lT" 11 y0B,u?i ll" heaatilul and the promising of our ?""? Gregory u Icvigorauiig Ionic Cordial isarenifdy Mm,i.? 1 ("'I'lscitly reli-Jfau in all cases of this kind, in cluding seiueiuai or genital wenkuenaea, barrenness and debility or coldness in tlie organa of procre?;ion. Dr. O. is also the au thor of the private treatiw called tlie " Itubicon ? trMting ui?u disuses? ' also epon t(w prevention and cure of privatf J.S7?.1I'lI' T*d Mf' "Wyv'* work called the " Kubicon' and consider it well u4apie<l to awaken atteutiou to a subject more blighting to body, mindandsoul than any other vice We have nojvin the Asyhsm .abo?S* conlirined lu.iatii. whoj mental, Its well as bodily'imbecility, has been caused by Uiis insidious and draolatiug habit. The work iu question ihould be read with attention by both young and old. Respectfully, JAB. N. ftlONROK. M. D., IT5- n?' X' ?utc,L,,UIM" Aiylnm, Utica, 28th &ept., latt. p'. ^f?l?jry ' residence is 16 Gold street, where tke by ma^oi^c^M nf Bo?k at 50 cents or sen. , " man on receiptor SI, the Medicinc. single bottle, in or in M Willuun street; kJ Bowery; IN Bo Wary; 14k lteioncey street; 77 i-'last Sroaeway; Si ang '/t Kulton tireet; 07 lin ec And botii formers Br.iadway and Chambers si MRS- CAJtROLL'S- ~ ????IilD,t'4TED VAPOR AND SULPHUR BATHS a#M!Tmyi,tww '1??" abov? the Hospital. M i?' CAiRHOtL res|*ctfully announces to her tmtrons the r A M^'cal 1> acuity, and the Public, that shThiTremmSd froni Courtlondt street, and established her Mvdicated Vanoi at'\MUml'U{t l" 1,1 a "lort commodious and central situation a.1 P Broadway, where, by tier continued assiduitv aliii f h'r i? " : ?'j*? 10 nwrit the patronage which l?er es taMishmeut .as rece.ved for tlie last eighteen yeSrs N. B.?Sulphur Laths miuire one hour's notice Portshl# forkira^11110 My ?f lh* ?ily 01 iU viciuity* Bathing Tub* HULL'8 TRUSSES. TkVuoKSXWP. J0 RUPTURED persons. DKRSONS afflicted witli Ruptures may rely upon the best in Vr/i'Tr11*0 a world affords, on appljcatirui at Lh* Office Swns iH..'H?f m?h? Principal ^.Tnf HnlP.1^-? States. Be cureful to eiamine the back ni wriii.?i V ' lf endorsed by Dr. Hull withoit hfs signatuTe* ?f t0 ^ "Pon a, good ceirbraieJ *TruMe? * I n A n^,^r'ak'P to vend imitation* ofnnll'. nMi/? an: ^d tlionsands are im|>osed upon in eonsc biMufrkilfnV^ l!?l^lo,u c^oi he relied upon; Uiey are mad/ T^usse* rac<:h'u"?.??? ^ no better thai the wdina^ lkV* ?*** fitted "P No- * Vesey street, eiclusiveh mint ?/T'. r aseposate entrance from the Imsiuess deiian K'tetf"B*C " 13 eca,",ut ?^dance W wa.t u^i oil Inire ... . Thli UURL Of STRICTURE IN A I'OiliVlKK ADVKRTI8KM1CNTON 8TR1CTURI wh7c"h Vre"''..^,^ 10 M1'Uin nature?the diwase ,l.o theUf tW^rTct^. Snn'r T^l'Tu thoJuSo"^ m>ucl'",'?Te,X' Wlow iuL' remirit^warbi.' " nli""U'to ce't^ circumstance., which wi/l enable one to ju ige whether he h* this comp'ainl or no, and iu pro,? means ol?urI! Among otlier tilings it was remarked, that it was by no mnu. m.XirL'h*,treMn of nrin' should be ol^.ctLl o"eT, much dimmish d, in a case of stricture; Jus indent., ^ 'f^T.Vod UC i'u i1 *c iu uiis respect. Neither is it uecsssarv there snnnlH L n.;n , di,rectiD? ^ Mtent&Tto dST^S^^thS9m?: wllen iiiH.il1!1. UOi^ *" t,"? co^I'laiiied of, but it is onh when inllammatien happens to be superadded; and with 7, stricture in it. more a/vM alid Jitfled Jorm wh,!^ ^ W stricture ,n iu irly s^e ^^" fr xty ^ cer*H?Jy removed. Tlie first of these rvlatTIV t rlain ueATnot^be'inuck^miuishied'or'tmpMl'eir' blu'what*!.'t' BiSr jeem!^!!''^^0. strong*susiiicion". ^0^^',"?,,?; ? uSSiSardsxaeara a-jcisaeg'. tei?r. *W?Si,y;M . mk Kffect a Stricturk has uroi* thk Mitij iNnfkiu i* more certain than that the effect of StrictiVis ^enr^iht spirit* and to Ieaseci mental enenrv Nnr thnr . u uL5 i activeTrcaSVf'^fo'^^'V'hfellS W '^r e-TJirafisksmc? v^s?35?S&a? Ti??LT"y "'"d invariably return*. Proceedi With respect to the cure of Stricture?this it :? ?..??:r ? ?tate, i* generally accomplished in very little 'time aiTIl iVi'in' P*up or inconvenience. Notliin "e" ."iZu".??' w,tholi or late year, in the treatment of'this complaint!^ ludwd'tufl hand* ef proper and nperienced Iwrsoiu, tli cure of mrtr.M5cp,^on'.u c^'tSa^rwT?!^^ ne? to this citlMbV a short^ timT ?"y b? rete^wlV^' etc otc. he ha* been eng<ii?ed iu Lh#? mr# ??!"? i,?.a j* iO THt L.AU1KS. DR HULL S UTERO JlIWOMINJll. SUPPORTER. THIS new Instrument for .he radical cure of Prolapsus Liter or Kalling of the Womb, by eiteriml application, supe ?eding the use of tlie objectioiml I'essary, is confidmtly recon mended to the afflicted as the means of perfect restoration l health, it never having failed of performing a cure, even und< ihe rood aggravated circumstances. The Suppnrler ha* attained % very high character in Karo| i>s tvell a* in thi* country. It is adopwd to the entire disease , Peasarie., and all other rainful surgical expedients, iu tlie L>< i.ig-in Hospital* of I.oudon and Pari*, and i* nnirereally r rnmmetided in Koro|ie by meilical men of the higbeit ran! lu thi* country it is lustained by the leaJiuu meinliere of l) faculties of ''ollege* mid Hospitals, and by all the eminent pi ? at* pMditioLv Rooms hflfrSfco furnished eiclusively for ladies at No. Vesey street, Iiaviug a teparat. entrance from the bu*iues* d t<artment, where a lady i. in constant attendance to appi Trn*?r? .trd Hnpponen tn l?ri' ile patient* oil Iimi' JAYNh'd HAIR TUNIC [AVNK'S HAIR TONIC.-We h?ye, her tofore, number. J ourMilvisamong iliose who believed th?t tlie 'Hair Tonic, prepared by Dr. Jiyne, wan one of tlie in tnv i|U.ick noitruu whose virtues are nev r seen beyond the fulsome pull* of th. author*. We are willing, at length, lo uiakepu lie tck.owlcdi mint of the errt'r of our Itelief. An iiitlin.ite file <1, ?om. two < three month* sinre, all the top of whose rr imiiin wis as linlil. a piece of ixilislied inarlile, unogre all our J nting and rulirui or the idea of at'empting to cultivate so harien a spot, purchas. 1 bottle or two of the Hair Tonic fiom Dr. Jayne, and ace.ordin to hi* direction* appliid it. Huriiig tlie p .?, nt week (lie >an Iriend ushered himself into onr pre ence, and uncovering In hitherto naked head, astonished u* w ith a thin, though luiurini Krowth of hair, from one to (t?o inches in length? upen tl iery premises we h id believed a< un) lelduig to cultivation, > the tp-rklen sand that skirls tlie Atlantic. This is no puff, le is religion*!) tru., and to tho*e who d >abt the geut'emanci lie pointed out. What i* more ill favor of thi* "Tonic," il ca*. here cited wa* not one ol teiniorary baldnes*?no suild' Ids* cf tlie hair?but was one of (ears Blinding, though the as, i ?n;n ?? hut forty live year* of ?ge.?[1'hilaileleh" Spirit, die lime*.] | Sold by the Agent*, A. B. Ik D. SAN OS. Druggnti, No. I, , l-ultou atreet, Zli Btuadway, and 77 ha*t Broadway ?87 I?*## I ill I I ' I JI !? | IKV|f8lBLB WIG. 20 elseely NHBblM the real head of hair that mMmmU J eooDouMB have jproooaaoed it the moat perfect mi *i?a rdmary mveution of the 4ay The great advantage of Jim loval and unique wig is iU being mule without sewing or weaving, which causes iu appearances to cloeely to mraiblt ! natural hair, both m lightness and narnral appearance, as to ly detection. it* texture hems so beautiful, to porous and ao e, that in all eases of perapiimtion evaporation is unimpeded, 1 the great evils of other wild entirely avoided. The seef tie -oauoiaaeor are alike uvited to inspect this novel and bean wig, and the peculiar method of fitting the head, at the factum'i, A. C. Barry, 146 Broadway, corner of Liberty . np stairs ?jj lm*ec MARTELLE & HOLDERMANN, 37 Maiden Lane, N. V. AJTUifACTU1J-EH8 and importers of Ornamental Hair ?7 Work, Wi|?, Tonuss?, Hands, Curl*, Seams, Bandeau Hair, and a new style of everlasting Curls, and all kinds of hair works, -v holes.'tie and retail N P The ir<? nrHM os.realisable terms TO THE NERVOUS AND DEB]LITATED.'S PROFESSOR BOERHAAVE'S HYGEAN RENOVATOR. TN all those cases where m.aily vigor is impaired, where the i menial nod physical powers are prostrated ly au unrestrained indulgence of the passions, particularly by those solitary <ml lut'".rf ,'arly1)'outn' wducinf nocturnal emissions and debility, the llyg< an innovator will l>e fouud an infallible remedy. It restores the orgaus of reproduction in both sexes to a healthy action, and removes impotency, by infusing new energy into (lie system. In many instance* the effect is uistau tanrous. It never fills to cure chrouic gleets and whites and removes sterility, by restoring a beahhy uterine action. liefer encescan be i^iven to many physicians who have prescribed the Keuovalor with success in those aflrctious, as also iu Dyspep sia, weakness of the back ami loins anil affections of the urinary organs. Sold only at the "Importing Agents," 206 Kuitou .treet. New York. Price $2 jsir bottle of 10 ounces, and for warded to all parts of the Union. N.B.?Copious directions accompany each bottle, sli lm*m (o2Z I5t 1 I)').? COKB1TT may be co lilted confulentially at bis Ol I'ce, Id Ouan? street, two doors from Chatham. Strangers tre respectfully informed that I*. Corbitt is a mainber or tlin university of the City of New York, and that he has etclnsivt ly confined his prac-ire from oeing Keueral to tlie tiesitnmnt of terrain classes of diseases, (now over eleven vaars in the city of CSt-w Y orlc.) which engaites his entire arteution. The annals of medicine do not record grater success is to be fouud in his practice. I he Doctor cautions ll?? unfortunate agaiust the uia 01 mercury, as it has its thousauiis of victims. Recent casea are in a few days if moved entirely from the system. See that *0,a "<* Judiciously treated by a person lf*dly gualilied, and not by pretenders and quacks as then- are several of them in this eity. Iera ons afflicted with protracted and inveterate cases need not dwpair of being restored to health, by applying to Ur Corbitt. A practice of many years ha* establish*! the Doctor's reputation for skill and respectability. Strictures engage the Doctor a profound attention. A medicine may be had to pre rent a certain Niseis* 11; aav nf its forms. s!l)in*re ~~ ADVICE GRATIS! T~)K. MARX. ?3 Duane street, wtiusr scieni.&c tnsusentof . private and chror.ic diseases is well known to tlie paUie and needs no commqiL as thousands of eases van testify. GT7"" The strictest or secrecy. Office <;3 Duanc street, near K.lpi. ojg lm*m TO THrfOSE WITHOUT CHILDREN" A PROCREATIVE ELIX111 CORDl AL. I ri discovery iu meJical science is ihct of M M Desomeaux, of FtHs. IJe Ins rnf in-ly e.?i>l< deil the rally received opiuiou of the ensteiice of iucurab!? sfc-rilifr mr b&rreiiueas, (exceptiud*?d id case* of inalfoim#?rioo, whVii gpw r?.r*:) . rii-* mvfntble and sueotag i>** ?.a I JSVu u* u ' l? eVery. *n^nuce, of jirodwcin* time state of health which results m thebecWair hWtl ai a nunSw who for years pined iu childl^s loueliusa, has fully eatabhsbifti the fact, what is usually u-iuaed twirreniiesv is ntrabta ?he use of the Procrcative hlixir Cordial It is infalliabTJ wnnrial weakness, liiipr albus, debility, incoming,I VLf" various train of romjilaints anstug fr,.m evceas, i\lr-.. ,,r prudeuce. Its and invariable sucnc^i is iu * i' ? tion. I hefanie ?,f i!iis wonderful Klixir Cor J' ., bltsheJ. A sale of more tl>'? 'liiy tht-uii' . agei ts sufficient '.ridence oi its uxcelia^ ?>? bottles and i ,yk in which it is I.'Id. It it pleasant "^^Jce and the esUmati. T, J&Ss sssk! .*?*?? ?.i> All must MMstpaid. and dir. cied to i1- AIELvKAU, bosM, nr. York city SSfc'SiSfSR. "* lm*ec _,? .IMPOkTANT TO OKN I'I.K.m i.'m WITH AND WITHOUT HEADS OF HAIR ? CHARLES RIDGWAY, HA1R' . Hair CurfKR and Wig Mirn (LATh OK 176 BKOADWAY, HOWARDS* HOTEL I ? H*? "EMOVED TO n DIRECTLY OPPOSITE THJifcUMTOM HOUSE C. his mteWfe&rth^'nSS f>omai;atilr;<ia penor to ail others 111 principle and style, bein?strict^ ar "* T any other establislimriit iu Uie ULiterse Thev 1 * ,n advantages over all otiiers, noi rrquinng any eL^ic .^" ways retaining their lit, and cannot poisiblv turn [1 1 '.JKS, al Oils, Brushes. Perfumery.^tUfcS! ? bel"Jlli' PIaJmbIv IMPORTER AND MANUKACTlfREB .r ? *? Ai paritus and Materials of every kiuH^ ' Daguerreotype wholesale and reuil, at the lowest prices. .V v..Ali7a>'* ?? U"",fu?. ^I10". <" follows New V ^ tff i'*?u.errittn Jial t?u, 74 Court street; Philadelphia. 1* ?'oadway:Bos more, 22 Baltimore st; New Orlea _, 't>e?I; Bditi troadway; Portland, Me. Middle h,T P i Sa>?Wga, and at. his ageucies in Parii and ' iVlJd^i I0*?,Maiuest; miumsand highest hon<irs bv i ? ' Awarded tirst pre tutes, and tbe^MaT? BosLft^r10*? *-r?s.kl.n InsU lored Daguerreotyjies ever .<vhil.ii *1 ' r tll< l"ow b**at>f?l co. ? ? - oil lm*m nrkat 1?^ ?TEhTH?TEETJI DeuUrtfy;7r"^ ?P"Cest Teeth rilled" w .th%'u^u' ^ Tooth Ache CuUror^h^fe^"!? 0 g ?un# cai auJ AUcdauLil D'eatist ?l I Successor tovfc'fef r* DOCTOR MORRISON NORTH JUVS.Il D1SPEN.SAllV, fw '4 i 1111* n s,wt ^ Doctor Morrison continues to be coum lteil -^S ? uF*k on all private due.,*., which he curen wiJ.out ^ Uraii.t 'O diet or pursuit Recent, p^uticXlv ' rr.HL" he cures in 3 to G days. *^ vuian? uonor 8TRICTURE8 OK THE IjAKTUOA ?, ? ? 1 i, M. ou improved principles, without |>aiJ , r iucoum niM? ?? the iktlieut. As die symptoms nfStiicture an?!/u 11. T ? ? 7* ?f o$er uffrctions of the uriuarv .ipporata^uoi-i' lit ieared Surgj-ons should be allow-sl ^ 1^? iL* ? .l.ution, as those affecte-1 with enlarged i ro.t it*!TliCd^B^? ~ iffer muchiiyury Irom awkw^id |>i.i< .itinera ' f ' ? Nervous and Constitutional Debiiity.?Thl. j the train of res .ltin^ froniVsesirV ,rTf youth, emistious and ilhuii!? iL 10 are radically cured by Dr. M..^ oT\ ST'S, restoring Uie system to a Ilealtky toin and reinstsS.? OZTlZ "Sr^ . L. no communion with nmauk, who claim to be surgeons, as lie is. i^-hai? iP*Umr^t V?*hi.^i^^-^f * niton Street, letters i??t-paid tnd ccotii.Ti, .S ? uisure medicine and advice to :iuv n in nf il.. 1 ? ? ^ " 7 "'--21- ^ ? ? 1 Mai UU?rt POllTUUI E^h I-'EidAiE3 . 1 ills are comi ostsl, have made Uiem .1^"^., ', u ^ Uiom ration of the world. They are kiiowu ?J1 l ?D(1 only preparation ever discovered tSSt has ?rnv?d^?i!; 'Si li,a tain in producing the monthly turns Vw ? M;t cases, being sucli that they must not !?? nsnOLiT T m . for though always mild, safe and ? enlthv producemi,carnage .fused d ring clipper,'od ^ Cma'? w 1 tie directions are tionsli'tcu inr#) . round with, rhe seal of the ini^r M taini the signature of M. d? Bondeloum^it* ^ rections have the s.guatujvi of Dr K flV'l V?? an Ko*',,h d' agent for the Continent? America LVKAU' ai-"h?ri?-d statM.* aVrK^,r ^ ??*? tlie Unif'l .Stairs. Ortioe til I ioJ/v '">l'i*tei tor jeeet. Price ?iliulf b!f? gJ No'LV/wJ' Um" ^f?wich Sold in Buiio?i, at 9 hkiieia*???/ 1 ,i ^0llf* by mail. Welveau, bs? 24. New VorL, VuTinei?J??K 10 Uf Kl lion. 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"<s ? holding the emaciated form i ,,d j i? m b - nion ofhis bosom, ?r.- she r^i"""ai "i i!1 u< ' "'Hm ?fast sinking inm a pre.nSrn^ i ^"g!* peel of himself lirjug eari^h, ~ A t"*pros sorrows, and hi. yonuofi hc^esVeh,^1 mt y v' ,a'' attrtitimis and watckful ?iHJ,J},!i -""[ren of Ui.ise t^xieaiirtg ? bestow, not n*fSS?it ."t I ?,e beart-rendin;;'on ? Is it "es^M- TiS- ? ; ssaftasat; 3?.,^ r, , liition or the married tu its Vr , t '"<- 'Ul!/?ronsa (!*? ,.? ! "iff nous to prevsWevUs to wh' h -??' ??????* , and healthymsws withjn ourcon^rj" "V 1 virtuous and enlightero. minj . j, *'T '> d'spswiosa'e. j the^ffirtnative. ' Kl" '"''aiUinigly answer u ' cuhJC<!'ir'^Unnl,Iilrl * ?':cjro(, i ,ed with fail and rasi, I All I , * honra from 1A. Vf' t0 1 p ''s'k. she TJn h. ' 1b*iWf:'" ( ourilandt and Liberty siri-tr ?Ji>-"4' ! a11-' ?? , IS such M to require bul a , w .1 iys to etfci ' Jire*<i"n. I,r ! . iri"lt Mr"l"r meilic,>j attendance dur * ,""r,'CI r,,r8 or o .her indisposition, wrll lie ?rconiinodaiml ? . "* ?0Wiuei.i?nl with private and respectable board. during such time, i reventive rowders," for m irrird lnd? (reoarious h?ilth forbids a too lai id inCi? felieate or seat by mail to an v part of the United y ?* will 1^ ;ge. All letters (post paidiaddm**.' "'Ce 15 a Pack 1 Kfttt street ' ^ ** York. N. II.?Those esiclosing mouev ?/ i N. b.?Hail-ime III x"1;,. | i ' .n not pay postage. Olltoflhe eity, who., hesltli "Vi "??"n ladies it-siding that she wonlil (Cvotie her |<-r?r "7: of tuvelliu/ ?an_of_^he_i i-iv,| Sf (r* u ,0 sUiijiI lHre N|I0D thi'lTl 1.1 -i Lin m a<v i"s&U'efrP'L?< ''lxn^M^lvTT! r?g "imj at n ,r ' ,V*fi? . s i I W.ttfcWTw w - *.u? aoH i?

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