Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 4, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 4, 1844 Page 1
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' V THE NEW YORK HERALD. Vol. X., No. 80A??WhoI? Mm. 3V06. NEW YORK, MONDAY MORNING, NOVEMBER 4, 1844. Ww Two CtBtf. THE NEW YORK HERALD. A<<<HIKCJATK CIRCULATION THIRTY FIVE THOUSAND. THE GREATEST IN THE WORLD. To the Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?Daily Newspaiier?pub liaht-d every day of the year eacept New Y<u'i Day and fourth of Jaly. Price 2 cent* per copy?or $7 26 per annum?postages paid?caah in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturday morning?prioe 6)4 ctvtj per copy, or $1 M per annum?postr agn |*id, cash in advance. ADVERTISBKS are informed that the circulation of the Herald is over THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND, and increasing fait It hat thr lorgltt circulation of any paper in this city, or thi world, afid, it, therefore. 'he Sell channel tor ftu?i?r?j mm in the city or count,-y. Prier* moderate?caah m advance. Pill NTING of all kind* executed at the moat moderate price, and m the moat elegant atyle. JAMK8 OORDON BENNETT. PaorHiKTon or thk Hkhald Establishment, Northwest oontcr of Fulton and Naaaau atreets. ? W iiNl hit AHKAM (iEM KNT ? FARE l'HREE SHJ ^yj^yM ^ATERS/'N TO Ob an I after the 'at of October the can will leave ? fi"?L P\'.0T- I N*w Voav ? o'clock A. M. ? o'clock A. M. " ? r.V I "* ~ p.? P. M. ! o f lockiA. M. | ? o'clock A. FOR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. The Royal Mail Steamships ACADIA and HIBEKNIA.will leave Boaton, for the above porta, aa follow* Acadia, Wm. Harrison, Esq., Con., on Friday. Nov. lit, next Hibaruia, A. Ryre, Eaa., Com., on Saturday, Nov. 16th, neat. Passage to Liverpool $120. Passage to Halifax 26. Apply to l>. 0HIGHAM, Jr.. Agent, m itie office of Harnden ? Co., o:?rc No. 3 Wall street. FOR NKW ORLEANS?Steam Shin J ALABAMA.?Thissieamer isexpected back (from New Orleaua in a few day*, and it i* in ^__tend?d to de*pat'h her "gain for the *ame ^^tapUce on a day to be hereafter named, between the lOtn aud 15th ol November. She may touch at Havana to land passengers, *hould enough offer to make it an object. K?r passage or light freight, apply to G. MK.RLE, o30 lw*ec 266 Front*t. BRITISHAND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL , t m STEAM SHIPS. h Of 1M0 ton* and 440 hone power each.? Under contract with th* Lord* of the Ad| ?miralty. HIBEKNIA, Captain Alexander Ryrie. CALIbDONIA Captain Eeward G. Lott. AC AIM A*. Captain William Harriaoa. B R IT a,NN IA Captain John Hewitt. CAMBRIA, ..... . .Captain C. H. E. Judkins. Will tail from Liverpool ami Boaton, via. Hail Tax, aa follow*: from Boston. from Liverpool. Caledonia, LoU Aaguit IWh. ? Acadia, ' Harrison. ..Sept. let. August 4th. HiBeraia, Rrrie ltti. 20th. These vasels carry experienced surgeons, and are stgiplied with Lib B<mUb. For freight or patauce, apply to D. 0K1GHAM. Jan.. Agent, nut-re No. S Wall itreet. STATEN ISLAND FERRY. _ ? "FOOT OK WHITEHALL." IheBonawjll^ NEW* YORK 8*Pt" *' d . a h* 4ud. A.M.; 1 and 6. P. M. . P. 5.?All good* unit be particularly marked, and are at the ruk of the owner* thereof. s24 FALL AND WINTER ARRANGEMENT. NEWARK AND NEW YORK. FAJIE ONLY 1X1 CENTS. THE'J NEW AND SWIFT STEAM EM RAINBOW, CAPTAIN JOHN GAFFV QS ai"' September 10th will ran daily, ' aa fclIow* (Sunday* included) :?Leave New JMka?M^HK_ark, foot of Centre street, 8 o'clock A. M.? LeJive New Yosk, foot of Barclay street, S o'clock P. M. apl rrc HOUH CHANGKD TO SIX O'CLOCK, I P. M.?On and alter Monday, Sept. 16th. 1R44, _ the Night Line to ALBANY AND TROY will cWge Uir hoar of departure from 7 to 6 o'clock. P. M., and will land at Poughkecpsie during the great Fair ana Cattle Show. Kara 76 eenis <*Uy to Poughlceepsie. The stesmer SWALLOW, Capt. A. McLean, Monday 16th, and Wedaeaday, 1KB. The eteamer ALB AN Y, Captain R. B Maoy, 1 neaday, 17tk, Th?r*day, 19th, at 6 o'clock, from Cort land i alreot pur. TRo'f Sfd'KM^f** 0'el0ck? fr0m Barcll,5r P^' S" J>?m* cue graat Fair and Cattle Show, Tuesday, 17th, Wednesday, ll?h, and Tharsday, 19th. will reduce the fare to 7* o?iit? to and fiom Poaxhkeepsic and New York. *12 NEW YORK, AXJtANY "ilVD TROY 8TEAMBOAT LINE. F?R ALBANY AND TROY.-Momint ? Line from the foot of Barclay street, lauding -at iatarnMdiate places. 1'lu- Sutswr KMPlRIC, Captain S. R. Roe, Monday,Wednea day anil Kriday Morning at 7 o'clock. Tlie Huauwr 'ITtOY, Captain A. Gorham, Tuesday, Thurs day and itatardar Moming, at 7 o'clock. Kveuiug Lias Itom .he loot of Coortlandt street, direct. The Sunmar SWALLOW, Captain A. McLean, Monday, W^aesday and Friday Evening, at 6 o'clock. Tlx Steamer AlkANY, Captain R. B. Macy, Tuesday, Thnrsday and flatuiday Kvening, at 6 o'clock. Tl* lloaes of lt?a Line, owing to their light dranght of wa ter, are able at all Baaea to paas the bar*, and reach Albany and Troy in aavlc time to take the morning train of ear* for th' ea.u or wet. Fix poasage or freight, apply on board, or at the offices on the whiu?*? s2l PuRASArnT AND CHKAP EXCURSIONS. ;,UmhtUl JillHJiNGEMENT. NEW BRIGHTON, PORT RICHMOND. (STATEN ISi.aND,) AND NEW YORK FEIIrY. Fn m I'is* Ne. 1, North River, foot of Battery Place. 11m Steamboat CINDERELLA, will ran a* Mollpws. Daily, from May 20th to Uettilm In. ?1W4 ??C/?ves Nsw York at # and li o'cloca, A. M.. ml :?,*??<? P.M. I^mvus Po, t Wcnmond, at 20 minutes to I, and 10 minute* te 10 A. M.; at t, iji iimlbHI P. M. Leave* New TTrighton at > and 10 A.M.; at IX, i and 7)| P. M. on Monday?Leaves Ngw York, at ? and 11 A. M.; at 1,1 and ? P. M. Leaves Port Kidhmond, at 10 minutes to 8 and 10 A.M; at 1, t and 73? P. M. Now furk. v.?y*H. IB4 mvll6m?re t- AK-E REDUCED. FOR CROTONVILLK. SING SING. TARRYTOWN. mm IR'MNG. WlLTSIIfSDOCK,HASTING^ fi^VtM3?AND YONKKRS.?On and after Saturday, jCwJELAuiuit 31?t, 1844. the uew and substantial stenmuoai WASHINGTON IRVING. Capt Hiram Tuthill, wilt leave the foot of Chamber street for the above places, daily at 1 I'. M., Sunday excepted. Returning, will leave Crotonville at uid King hiut at7 o'clock A. MT, lauding at the foot ol H.iin iri ind ttieei eaten way. For i?.u?age or freight, apply on board, or to STEPHKN B. TOMPKINS. 192 \Ve?t .treet. *32m*rc rilU ttjtlll, OAttUKNKit ANU IIALLOWMjL. The uew steamer PENOBSCOT, Captain >N. Kimball, leaves the end of T wharr.Boaton, -ererv Tuesday and Friday evenings, at ? o'clock. Siaga* will be in readiness on her arrival at the above p)?~-??. ro ronv?v i?aa?engeri to the neighboring rowns. ~~FkotL.E H LINE OF Hi'E^MBUA'lb FOR ALBANY. DAILY, Snndaya Excepted?Through direct, ?at? P.M., from he Steamboat Pier betwe .Courtlrudt and Liberty streets. 1 tie Ureauoat KNICKERBOCKER. Captain A. P. St. Joh?, Monday, Wedavsdar and Friday Evening* at 6 o'clock. 'llw Uteamboei UOCHKSTKR. Captain A. Houghtoa, on Tuesday, Tharsday serf Msrnrdny Evenings, at 6 o'clock. Vevtm Mm toot of Barclay street. At Five o'clock. P. M.?Landing at Intermediate Places. The Httamboat SOWTII AMERICA, Captain R. G. Cret (Buueu, j>l(xiday, Wednesday, Vriday aad Sanday Afternoons, at t u'clvek. |K i <> .ivMuaboat COLUMBIA, Captain William H. Peck, ITaeeday, l>?rt4ay and Snturday Afternoons, at i o'eloek. I ^'itgers utung oiMr of *i?e above lines will arriv. in Albxny ui aaspk uac to take the Morning Trains of Cars foi the east or west. TS? boftts are uew aud substantial, are far nndied wnh nrw rjii >MHPint state roonu, and for speed and ac commutations, .we unrivalled on the Hi**on. All (n'ft'HU are Utbid trusting any of the boatl of thii liii., wttr.oat in order I rem the Captain. Wot imiug? or Creigkt, apply an board, or to P. C. Schalta at '.he I I'jre iu> kbe wlnit. o28rc FOR LONDON.?Regular Packet of the 10th of , November ? l'he (irat clan* fait sailing packet thip *WKLLINGTON, Capt. D Chadwick, will call as her fi gnlar day ?Having very superior accommodations for c^bin, second cabin an<l Mrei .ige i a?Mugers, persons wishing to einbark should make immediate application on bu.ird, foot ol Maideu Lane, or to JOSEPH Mc MURRAY, No. 100 ine street, coruer of South. The new packet ship Prince Mbert, Capt W S Arbor, will turceeil the Wtlliugtou and *ail on ti e tirst of December. I'arsou.i desirous of seuding for their triends can have them -btoiuhtout by eitlier of the above veseel*, by application a* above ul FOR NEW ORLEANS.?LOUISIANA ANL NKW Y ORK LINK? Positively Fir*l Regular Pack To sail 6 h of November, The elegant, fast sail iu?p<u.aei ship MARIANA, Captain Crocker, will positively sail on Weduesday, oth November, her regular day. For freight or passage, having rlegamly furnished accommo dations, apply on board at Orleaus wharf, loot of Wall sL or to E. K.COLLINS h CO., M South street. Positively no goods received after Tuesday Evening, the 5th Nov. inlier. The Packet ship Mississippi, Captain Hillard, will succeed the Mariana, and sail on >6th Novemlier, her regular day. Slupi>ers by this lins may iely upon having their, good* cor rectl> measured, and that the ships will sail punctually as ad vernsed. Agents in New Orleans? Messrs. Hnllen snd Woodruff, who will promptly forward all goods to Uieir address. al FOR LI VERPOOL Regular Packet of 6th Nov ? The sple> did lirst class, fast sailing packet ship IN ?UKl'KN DKNCE, Captain F. P. Allen, will sail as an. .., r?gular day. Haviu* accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage pnssa^ert, far suiiriior U those of any other ve>sel* in port, l?r sous wishing to embark should make early application on board, lout of Maideu Lane, or to JOSEPH McMURRA V, ?29rc 100 Pine atreet, Coruer of Soutb. OLD ESTABLISHED PACKET OFFICE, 61 txf Mouth ttreet?Passage to and from Great Britain and j?|||j|?aln'l|uid, via Liverpool. I'aasage can at all times Ik eni?.._. II al tlie lowest ratee, lo snd from Liverpool, by the rrgu lar |Mi:ket ships sailing under tlie new arnuigemsut every lew days, snd drafts can a* usual be furnished for any aoionnt.paya ble nt the National aud Provincial Bank, Ireland, and then branches, snd tfiroughout ths United Kingdom, as wall as at all the principal banking institutions in Eugiand, Scotland and \y a 11h. - lit discount or any other charges. For further par tUKifiWIUiV AND fr'AHM /OR 8AL?.-Th* 8ab irriber otters for salt the old esubliJhedM Berkshire Drrwary/ in PittiMd, Min., one mile Irom the Great rn Kailrdld. It ia in food repair, most of the utensils jflarly new, and capable of brawi uk 3000 barrels a season. Malt Base attached, capable of malting 6000 bushels per annum Few country, breweries possess the same advantages of doing a tale and profitable business, aituated in the centre of a manufac turing district, where the consumption of ale it rapidly ia CrT& farm consuls of 79 acres. 10 of which is well timbered, (he rest nnder cultivation, well fenced aad gaod buildings. Will be said separately or together. Terms easy. I AMirjt HOY W?1 Troy, Albany County, July 10th, 1144. jlS tfrc ABBEY HOTEL. I02d STREET, BLOOM1NGDALE HOAO. THE proprietor of the Abbey Hotel would make hit FHw best bow or thauks for the liberal patronage given to hit house the pait summer. He it fully pit-pared for the fall buiineai, and would sheerful ly furuiah parties or individuals with Breakfast, Dinners, or Suppers, at short notice His stock of Wines, Liquors, and Eatable* will be found as lood u the city markets afford. s!5 tf rrc TO LET?From the 1st November? Handsome apartmsuts, consisting of two lanje parlors on the first floor, with two or three bed-rooms. A private table will be furnished. Further particulars can be had by early application at 111 Houston street, ul lw*m FIVE DOLLARS REWARD. STOLEN?A Draft for oua hundred dollars, by Jno. T. Smith ?3 k Co., on E. W. Cltrk It Co , ol Philadelphia in favor of F. Knaufft, and endorsed by him?dated New York, October 38 th, 1844, payable at sight. The public is cautioned not to cish or negociate the same, as payment of it has been stopped. The above reward will be paid by its being returned to n2 3t*m F. KNAUKFT, 83 Gold street. ... HALE CHEAP.?Five secondhand Billiard Tables All repairing in the Billiard line done in the best manner possible, aud at the shortest. otice. Please apply to, o28 6t*m T. O. CONNER, 34 Ann street. UUR P All DISBROW'S RIDING SCHOOL, No. 40* BOWERY, Nam Astor ahd La Favette Pisces, New York. R. D. has the honor to announce that his School is open Day and Evening, for Equestrian Tuition and Exercise Riding. TERMS: LECTURE LESSORS. EXERCISE RIDINO. M*n. 1 Month tl* M 30 Rides 10 00 10 " .. ? 00 Single Ride* 75 quiet Horses, for the Road or 1? Lessons $15 00 10 " 10 00 4 " 5 00 Single Leeeons >00 Road " 2 60 N. B.?Highly trained and Parade, to let. EVENine CLASS. 12 Lessons $9 00 I 30 Rides $10 00 Single " 1 00 J Single Ride 76 RULES: 1.?All Lessons or Rides paid for on commencing. 2.?One hour allowed on each Lesson or Ride in ths School. 3.?One hour and a half to a Leasou on the Road. 4.?Hours for Ladies, from 9 A. M. to 3 P. M. 5.?Hours for Gentlemen, from 3 to 5, and from 7 to P. M. ^6^?No Gentleman admitted daring the hours appropriated lo A card o (address to requested previous to commencing. D" Gentlemen keeping their horses at this establishment, will have tlie privilege of riding them m the School gratis. olS lm*rc WILLIAM SCHARFENBERO It FERD. LUIS bag leave vv to inform their friends and the public in general that they have formed a Co-partnership for the importation of Foreign Mnsic, for the sale of which thev have opened a Depot at the store 361 Broadway, near Franklin street, where may be con stantly found all the Classical Works of the celebrated Fasnch, German and Italian composers, as well as all tlie latest publica tions, of which they will always hare a complete assortment I soon as published in Europe. N. B. Italian Strimrs of superior quality for Violins, Guitars, Harps. he. kc. Silver Wire, Rosin, Etc. o5 Imis'rrc FRENCH LANGUAGE ON THE ROBERT SONIAN METHOD. A COURSE of Lessons in French, acc rding to the system of Robertson, will be given by Mr. EDMOND DU 11UI8 SON, A. M., at New York Lyceum, 74 Lispeuard street, cor ner of Broadway, commencing ou Wednesday, the 13th of No vember, at 7 o'clock, P. M. This system, so well known in Eu rope, will be explained by the Professor. Persons wishing to learn the French, or their friends, are respectfully invited to at tend. The first lesson will be gralit. Mr. Kdmond du Buisson having been engaged in giving nisi ructions in French for a num ber ofvears at M. C. Coudert s school, and for the past year at M. G. Le Row's collegiate school at New Brighton, would re spectfully refer those gentlemen, both as regard to qualification and character. All information in tlie mean time.may be ob. tained at his residence, 400 Broadway. References. M. M. DeLaforeat, French Con- Dr. Porter, 1 Barclay st. ~?ul General. Dr. Crossman, 400 Broadway WTB. Draper, 57 Beaver st. W. H. Cary 8iCo., 186 Pearl st. E. Fabr?|uettes,61 Maiden lane. C. C. Carter k Co., 178 do. E.Logan, Esq., 4 New st. Berard k Moudon, 36 Court R. Rowlev, Esq., 40 Nassau St. laudst. Rev. Dr. John Power, 15 Barclay st. M. Melly, 58 Maiden Lane. ol> 2w*rc NOTICE. AH. PAKKER, 69 Duane street, between Broadway and . Vim street, agent for tlx uU of valuable Oil Paintings, Porcelains and Antiquities, has just received per ship Persian, Prom Amstsr Urn, a fine collection of spleudid Oil Psintiugs. of the Flemish and Dutch schools, elegant japan lacquered Porcelain, of the richest kiuds, old Dresden Porcelain Groups, fancy Cups a id Saucers, ancient rich in gold Fans, of the 16th century, and of grandeur epual to any thing imported into this country, which can be disposed of at moderate prices. Tliera fore those who wish to enrich their collections, or ornamenting their parlors, will find it to their interest to call and examine, and judge for themselves. Ladies are particularly invited to view this splendid collection. At heme from 10 A. M. till 5 P. M. o22 2meod*rc [ITANTED ?Purchasers for new and second hand Patent v V Mangles. They are a labor-saving machine, as they entirely inpersede the use of ironing; smoothing table linen, sheets, kc., ?ith great ranidity and beauty without fuel. One person with the machins doing as much work in oue day as six can with imoothiug irons. They are in use in the principal hotsls and a number of private families in the city, and five satisfaction.? fhey are sold by Duncan k West, 4 LitiTe Green street. N. If., who do Bell Hanging, Locksmithing, and all kind* of Iron ?ork at reduced rates. sS lm*ec NAVY AGENT'S OFFICE, j New Yore, October 34th, 1S44. ( rpHE following articles will be sold on the 18th of November ?L next, at 12 o'olock, M., under the direction of the subscriber, it tlie United States Navy Yard, Brooklyn, for Cash on the day of sale:? 2 10 inch Faixhan Guns 10 8 do 36 32 Pdr. Cannons. 9 26 do 30 34 do 16 18 do 11 16 do 10 9 do 8 8 de 13 6 do 3 4 do 1 42 Pdr. Carronade. 4 32 do 12 24 do 12 It do 16 12 do 19 do 4 18 Pdr. Howitzers. 1 9 Pdr. Swivel. ? 1 3 do 635 42 Pdr. Round Sho i 9300 32 do 8018 34 do 2343 18 do 3693 13 do 13 9 do 249 t do 50 4 do 7 3 do SHELLS OR GRENADES. 9 18 Pounders. 32 12 do 123 6 do 23 4 do 770 iwunds double headed shot. 3430 do broken grape stands. 20 tons lime stone ballast. oJO tNovlt rrc J AS. H. HU ? DAM Navy Agent. . Philadelphia Mercury and Journal will please copy. TIN PLATED LEAD PIPE?a new article, of superior manufacture, at 231 West street, or at Johnson Brothers', 81 Water street: price same as that of ordinary Lead Pipe. All icquainted with iu merits give it a deqidrd preference. Will you examine it 1 Its quality is warranted by ?36 lm'rrc H w ENGLISH, FRENCH AND AMERICAN SHIPPING AGENCY AT LIVERPOOL. NOTICE. U AV1NO withdrawn oar Agency entirely Jrtm Messrs. tl Harfider It Co., of Boston and New York, we hereby an no?nee that Messrs. Adams It Co., of No. 9 Court street, Bos wo, aad 7 Wall stent, New York, are our authorized Agents for the United States and Canadn, who are fully empowered to act for us as our Shipping and Forwarding American Agents. To ensure the reception of goods in Liverpool, and the for warding of the same to any part of England, France, kc. kc. it is necessary that they should pass through the bands of our ?aid Agents MESSRS. ADAMS k CO.. it their several Offices, as follows So. 9 Court street, Boston. I No. 7 Light street, Baltimore. So. 7 Wall street, New York. I Peon. Avenue, Washington. No. 35 Chesunt street. Philad. | No. 85 frourth st. Pittsburg. No. 18 Shetucket st f<orwT3>, | I^iU6^.L. Worcgur. Liverpool May 1,1644 WILLMER k SMITH take this opportunity of stating to vlerchants, Brokers, Importers and others, resideut in every part if tlie Uuion, that their Liverpool house is peculiarly adapted or the instant and expsses despatch of packages, parcels, specie. Ice., passing through Liverpool for Boston. New York, and all he other cities in the United States and Canada, and that that department of their business has the eonsTART and rERto *al attention or the rRincirALS, on all occasions. WILLMER k SMITH have made arrangements with Messrs. \I)AMS Ik CO.. by which all Goods passing through their Liverpool house fair America, by the Steamships and other vee ifli will have the immediate and punctual attention of their mid Agents, Messrs. Aimrnt f Ce. at Boston and New York, aid will thereby be free from delay and high cliargM. ll-ey deem it necessary here to state. Jiat thev have so oos ?eiioa whatever with Mr. E G. Tuckermaa. of Liverpool. WILLMhR * SMITH'S ENGLISH EXPRESSE WILLMER It SMITH, who have for a series of years jriiKtr Kx presses to and from London with important intelli gence. frequently tarformiug the entire journey, J10 miles, in 4IX hoURS. offer to the American Publie aud Governmeog heir services Tor the safe and rapid transmission of important Incuiaents. despatches, s|>ecie. bonds, bills, deeds, kc., Which <eul, on all occasions, be most faithfully delivered by their own ..rivate messenger, and hours g^^jy in ^vaace of the Eng lish mails to London. Mr. fcuWAKD WILLMER, who is low in America, is prepared to afford any information Rpon this luhjec.t, and giva security fo' the due performanoas of all such ?usiness as ma* be eatnutM to his Liverpool establish meat. ? re ________ QALT AND FISH STORE?400 barrels Hallfag No. i O Salmon. . ... , , , 1500 bbls Noa. 1.2, and 3 Mackerel. 600 half do do do do. 106 do No. 1 MsasShad. 50 half bbls No. I Say brook Hha<*. 100 bbls Cod anil Scale Fish. 400 do No. 1 Gib'd Herrings. I MM) boxes Scale I do 1000 lbs Smoked Salmon. 100 kits Soused do 200 do Sounds and Tongues. WOO itls Cod Fish, suitabls for ahippiag. IC00 sacks Ash ton's Salt. 200 bbls American Salt. 1000 boxes Digby Herring. 100 quarter barrels Salmon. For sale in lou to suit pnrehaaeis. by] Mil LION, W EL|.n It tO..( ?T|NC?20 easb* f afloat?for sale by id WUCUilUl-l K AilNTl KN'., V fro sib ttftci TO COUNTRY MERCHANTS. MANUFACTURER* DRUGGIST8 AND GENERAL DEALERS. JOHN C MORRISON. Whole*al* Dealer iu Drug*, Dye J Stuff*, Grocerie?, Tea*, Oili, Paint*, Chemical*, Man u lec turers' article*, lie., lie , 4No. 118 Greenwich atreet, between Fulton and Veaey streets, near tin Washington Market, New > York,) ha* now on hand and for tale at the loweatprice*, and on accommodating term*, the largest niaortineut of Staple article* ever off-red to th? public iu the follow in* line:? Apothecarie*; Looking Gla** Maker*; Artiuna; Leather Dreaaera; Aaaayen of Gold and Silver; Morocco Drawer*; Artificial Flower Maker*; Match Maker*; Baker*; Manufacturer* of Cloth*; Brewer*; Metal and Marble Poliahere; Blear hen; Oil Cloth Paiutera; Confectioner*; Painter*; Calico Printer*; Paper Maker*; Carriage Maker*; Patent Medicine Maker*; Cabiuet Maker*; Paper Humeri; Chair Maker*; Root Beer Maker*; Coach laeeana KnngeMakera; Hefmer* of Gold aud Silver; Cordial Diatillen; Sign PaiutCM; Color Makera; Straw Hat Bleacher*; Druggists; Silversmiths; Diatmera; Sugar Refiner*; Dyera; Spice Vnudera; DentiaU; Snuff Mtnufaccurera; Floor Cloth Paintersi Soap Chandlera; Kur Dyer*; Sod* Water Maker*; Fuller*; Tobacconist*; Grocer*; Tanners and C urrier* i Glaas aud Stoneware Makers; Varm*her*; Gilder*; Woollen and Cottou Cloth Hatter*; Mauufaclimni Jeweller*; While and Blaaksmitka; Ink Manufacture; Worker* iu Iron, lie , fcc. And all kind* of Manufacturer*. OIL*. Sjnrrn, fall bleached and nnbl'd; Linaeed Oil, boiled; " Winter" " Olive Oil in cask* and buket*. " Spring " " NeaufootOil; Whale, Winter and Fall, re- Tanne'*' aud Carrier*' Oil; fined aud hleaehed; Palm Oil; Lard Oil, Fall and Winter; Tallow Oil; Solar Oil, Fall; Alcohol; " " Winter; Spirits of Turpentine; Linseed Oil, Engliah and A mar- (amphine; ican; Sperm Candle*. n3 lw'ec EXCHANGE HOTEL & EATING SALOON No. 77 DOCK STREET, PHILADELPHIA. rpHE Subscriber* respectfully inform their friend* aud the J- public, that they hare re-fitted and o|iened the above esta blishment, where they are prepared at all time* to farniih Din ner*, Sapper* and Breakfast, at the *horte*l notice. They will keep an Ordinary from 12 o'clock A.M., until 4 P.M., when per *ou* can dine on all the delicaciee of the Mason. The Bar wil I be amply (applied; and from their longex|>erience in the buii nea*. they hope to give general aatiafaction. They have alao fitted up a number of airy and well ventilated aleeping room*, affording peraon* arriving by the different rail road* and steamboat*, an oppartunity to obtain lodging at all hour* of the night. Attached to the eatabliahmeat, i* an ex tens iv* aubling for hone*. The publie may reat mured every attention will be paid all who favor them with a call. ITT" The location i* in the immediate vicinity of the princi palBanks, Railroad and Steamboat landing*, ana opposite the Philadelultia Exchange. RICHARD B. JONES, ill imw ll t DANIEL C#PPKLL. WRENCH CHAIRS. SOFAS AN DFANC Y TABLES? " TIFFANY, YOtlNG k ELLIS invite purchaaen to look at their style of Chairs, Sewing Chairs, Arm Chair* aud Sofia, under the idea that they are more beautifuMnd more per fect in quality and finiah than auy for *ale elsewhere They also believe, from their sale* and the universal expressions of thoae who have made themselves acquainted with the prices of other*, that they are decidedly moderate inprice. T. Y. Il E. have alio very beautiful Table*, Workatands. Swiss Rustic Chairs, (at greatly reduced price*,) Iron and Papier Mache Chairs, Tables, lie., with a large collection of Parlor and Chamber Ornaments, all of their own importations, for sale at moderate prices, and packed free of charge. s26 2taw is Ini m BLANCHARD'S PATENT STATUE. WOOD AND COAL STOVES?FOR HALLS, PAKLORS, CHURCHES, PUBLIC ROOMS, he. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. '"PHEHE STOVES area Statue of Washington, the Father ?i of our Country. The liberal patronage they received last winter, and the universal satisfaction they rave, ha* induced the inventor, at a great expense, to introduce a larger sixe, elegantly ornamented, with a mica door, and surmouutrd with a splendid female figure. These stoves have a decided advantage in favor of the purchaser. They may be tiaed for yeara, without any expeuie, with very little care. Numerou* testimonials of the good qualities of the above stovea, from gentlemen of the high est itinding, from all narta of the United States, can be seen at the store of the subscriber, where will also be found the Corin thian Parlor Stove?an entire new and splendid article, superior to any ever yet offered to the public; together with a complete assortment of Stoves of all descriptions. JAMES HINDS. No. 114 Grad street, one door east of Broadway. N. B.?Humes for Stoops, Niche*, and other ornamenul pur pose*, for *ale a* above. o30 lm*rrc SELPHO'S FIRST PREMIUM ANGLESEY LEG. OA WRING 8TRK.ET, peieouiaed by the emblem surgeon* O" throughout Europe, anil by the moat diatinguiahed of their profeasioual brethren in tlie United Stitea, and allowed by all to be the nearest approach to nature hitherto produced. Introdue- j ed into this country, and made solely by WM. SELPHO, Stl Spring street, near Broadway, New York. Terms moderate, j and indisputable references given. " I have seen the artificial leg of Mr. Selpho; iu construction .ppears excellent and well calculated to auawcr all the object* lesirrd. Uut the ..f ?!' -- ,l? -?e r -1 _,r ..vumii uhu neu calculated to auawer all (lie objects duaired. Uut the best of all is the proof of llioae nlio wear them; thia is poaitive and undeniable. Some of my friends, whom I have mutilated, inform me that they are superior to all other*." VALENTINE MOTT, n2 lm*rc Profeaaor of Surgery, University of New York. \ITATERMAN SWEET li SONS, NATURAL BONE ?* SETTERS?Facts instead of mistakelight instead of darkness, truth instead of stupidity, reality instead of fiction. ?I intend opening a School iu Amsterdam, Montgomery Co., New York, on the lat of January, 1845, for the purpoae of in structing youth of both sexes in my new discovered iciance of Anatomy aud useful Bouny, by mechanical process, by natural philosophy, and human reuon, and self studjr, without the use of old book*, or without the old practice. Only to show the mistaken ideas of lhou*and* of year*, and the little improvement ever made in the mo*t useful and most needed icience in the world for all claases of human and animal creation in relief of suffering*. My pupil* will be excluded from the need of resur rection power* to learn bone setting. It will comprise living subject* for examination and operation, hutnana, animala, fowla of the air, and fiah of the sea, tobeai agent*, ander the Almighty, for good to all and not themselve* only. Mv medicine is simple, of my own composition, uaed by me fifty year*, to great relief, even when the aame, a* fire, or leeches, or cup*, used iu the old practice, have not injured or destroyed, I am able to relieve or restore mint of my employer*. PatienU deairou* to couault me, who are able to get there, will receive attention, and may be boarded tliere or near by ; any one whose ca*e ?* too de*j>erate to get there, will receive attention at home, by addressing to ua. |n duty to God and my own aoul,, and iny fellow creature*, my griel ia increased often, bv hearing of practioner* preventing some from being relieved by me, or after 1 have relieved, trying | to |<er*uade them out of their own aenaea, to that effect. 1 de | peud oil aelf-evidence a* the atrength of my practice?they hurt their friend* and not me. I have u? want of employ by all their misrepresentations, and themselves, if any conacience ir j lighteouaueaa, the dog in the maiger ia4an old. proverb, wonl I eat the liay himself or let the ox eat it. n4-3f rrc IVf R. HENRY PHILLIPS?The smallest Grand Piaaoforte l-vX ever made; brought England by thi* celebrated vo calist, i* now to be sold, and may be seen at the Pianoforte Wareroom* of Stodart, Worcester k Dunham, Ml Broadway, olltf re FANCY FURS. f\ BEHRMAN, Importer and Manufacturer of European and American Fancy Fun, offer* for sale, at his wholesale ind retail store, 133 William street, a few daorx from Fulton (treat, a choice. ?l??*nr mil ? ' 24 J*r cent. St7 D. BEHRMAN^ " in William .treat. ? marine insurance Thart^rdCT,on 'NSURANCE company of v {/ L i 'l ha?'ng established an agency in the s^L^JC0:?' for P""10" of effecting Marine In! wlrilSTVJr J DO,,c* they are now prvpared to issue SssStfBXJsrm $C L wi" J'fomptly ai^uateil am* WteTb,y" ^Saym?? ^ThWpsIST, u3 2w?ec WM. H. BIRD. ' | Agant*. COLT'S REPEATING PISTOLS WITH THE LATEST IMPROY^ENTS ofr l?4. WATCHES'.-WATCHES AND JEWELRY .?Those "v who wish to iiurchaae Gold or1 Silver Wstehes, Gold chains, Gold Pencils, Keys, Iu. will find it greatly to their ad vantage to call on the subscriber, who is selling all descriptions of the above at reuil much lower than any other houae in the city. Gold Watchea as low a* $10 and U} each. Watches vnu Jewelry exchaaged or bought. All Watchea war ?DUsd to keep good lima or the money returned. W ttchea, Uricka and Jewelry repaired in the beat manner and warranted, at much lea* than the uiual price*. G. C. ALLEN, Importer of Wauhea and Jewelry, ol Isi'rc Wholesale and retail, 30 Wall St., ap stain. \T oTicfc?l () AMATfcURS oFPIsTOL HHoOTrNG ?V. CARMAN, begs respectfully to announce to his frienda and the public, tliat he ha* hired cotnmodiou* apart ment* in the newly erected building, corner of Liapenard street tnd Broadway, which he ha* fitted ap without regard to ex pense, and intends opening this day, Tuesday, 1st October, a* a SHOOTING GALLERY, where he will be b.ippy to accom modate all who may take pleaiure in the amusement. Every mention will be paid to viaitora, and their comfort carefully provided for. ol lm*rc 1'HE PROPRIETORS of the Manufactory of Segar* named 1 LORD IIYHON having he^rd that counterfeit* and imita tatiou* of their brand have made their appearance in variou* market* of Europe and North America, tww to inform the pub lic that every box of Segar* not contsining, heeidea the lab*l and name of Lord Byron, the br'nd "Lino Quiroa," i* spurious, which they make publie iu order to avoid that the conaumera who honor them with their confidence should be ini|>oaed upon through the credit which they have hitherto conceded to their manufactory. LINO QUIROS k CO. _R*va!?A, September, 1M4. ott Im'rrc STEEL PEN8-10? WILLIAM STREET. XX7EDELES kMEYER. Importers, have received by last ar "" rival*, and oiler for sale at the loweat price*? 5,000 gro** John Myer'* Steel Pen*. 5 000 dp Ben*on'* do 5.0WI 9k Eagle ilo 5,000 do Jehnson's do 5,000 do Amaricau do 5 000 do Cuahberg Silver Steel. ?*) tl)34M WfcK'rc NOTICE TO THE LADIES. , The firm of BARENNE ll CO., the on'y Millineiy 'Hon** in the United Stale* that haa a branch iu Pari*. , _ hare the honor to inform the Ladiea, who are deairou* of havirg the tiae French Ha'*( tint they will receive b\ the i?cket Krantoi* lat, from their tiranch in Pans, two caaea of Hau, such as will be worn this winter in tke aaid city. N B ? Not last year's, but ihose ol ihissexton ollrc 10*4 WILLIAM STREET. WEDELES It MEYEK, Importers of French, German and Engliah Fancy Gooda, have received by last arrivals, and I offer for aale, Silk and otner Buttona; Dr-saiug and Fancy Comb*, Silk and Fancy Pursfa; 400 doien Cigar Caaaa; l^ad Pencils, beat quality; Su(nendere; llair Pins; a great aiaortanent of Perfumerie*; Silk and Wonted Emlirnnlen**, etc., etc., and many other Fancy Good*. 30.000 gro** Steel Peoa, by tie beet manuficluren of England. Writing Deaka aud> Boxea, (ta., etc oNOMlMWlif,mj A Sunday Morning at Saint Patrick's Cathedral. There is certainly something strikingly impres sive in the religious services of the ancient Catho lic Church. Lven prejudice itself is forced to ad mit it, arid awe-struck yields a reluctant assent to the solemnizing influences of that splendid ritual. The kneeling crowds around the entrance to the Cathedral?the hands crossed upon the breast m penitential reverence?the eyes turned upward on the cross?the hushed and solemn aspect of the vast multitude within?the Priests kneeling at the altar?the mysterious symbols of the Christian's faith?the clouds of incense-the deep, full, low notes of the organ?the dim religieus light-all pro

duced an impression whioh no heart, but one hard as the nether millstone could resist. One could hardly help exclaiming with him of old, whose eyes in vision beheld the heaven opened, and the angels ascending and descending:-??Surely this is the house of God?this is none other than the gate of heavan!" The preacher was the Rev. Mr. Kydcr, Presi dent of Georgetown College?a man of erudition, ?f calm and reverent aspect, and simple but touch ing eloquence. His subject was "Charity," end thus eloquently did he plead in her name for the fatherless i? The Sermon. / have ihowed you all thingt. that laboring in thii man ntr we mutt receive the weak, and remember the wont of the Lord Jem,, how he said, it i, more bleticd to give than to re ceive "?Acta xx, "id. Bxlotxd iUxTHicn The philosophy of this world if to receive?the philosophy of religion i? to give. The text pronounce* on both the estimate of heaven This ,he cler*7 WM not intended for them .X' obligation o! Christian charity is not to sub sist there or terminate there, but to extend and multiply amongst the whole body of the faithful. It is then iX obedience to this admonition to the cltrgy that I enforce tn'I Up?n P" who n**'? f*r blessed than th? ,pirit of Christian charity. Let further preface the object which I desireyto commend to you ut the Holy Altar this morn t5L.i t citizens of ibis empire citv-as Americans and as christians of whatever denomination the institution whose claims 1 plead, appeals to you for sympathy and aid. Who are they on whone part 1 ap Wj, 1 "V, little females, whose parents were dur. ing lire unable to maintain them, and from whose embra th?y been torn by the hand of aeath. They are Uttle females unable to protect themselves, who in a few years would be called on to lace an evil world in all its malignity, to fall mayhap the prey of the vile seducer becoming a disgrace and shame to the church. Thev have nothing to protect them but the charities of those who have become their guardian They stretch their suppliant hands to you. They remind you that you once were equallv helpless, equally in .need of sympathy and care. But it is as Americans and as the citizens of this om pire city, that you are especially bound to attend to their claims. This institution was the creation of some of your own community?ladies whose virtues had ren dered them the ornament of society. They saw the great work before them, and with a precious and ardent zeal they entered on it. More than twenty years ago this institution commenced, and amid all diffiulties it flourished It is matter of great joy to reflect that during the awlul visitation of the chslera these little orphans had * . 0Wln? tothe circumstances in which this band of holy matrons were placed they were obliged to entrust it to the care of the ' Sisters of Chari ty." They were not unworthy of the trust. They took these little orphans, and in sll the excess ol maternal love they brought them up. They have extended the sphere or their labors. At present there sre more than 100 chil area in that institution. But owing to the great exertions made they are in straitened circumstances. They are not only in debt, but really in a state ot destitution Is this "oj enough to work on your generous reelings / These children are }our| holy Inheritance, and II' the ap peal of ilesh and blood can have any effect on a pjierwu mind, surely the appeal of these dear nelpltwchildren ought to have effect upon you, their fos t tr lathers and foster mothers Kemember again, what blessings will redound to you from those children being properly educated. They will hemalter mingle in your community ; as domestlrs in your families, as teachers of your children, in a variety ol circumstances, they mav hereafter mix with you. How important then, that thev be educated properly ? What evil have not wicked ser vants, by their conversation and example, produced in the innocent minds of children > They have often poisoned the atmosphere of a virtuous und happy family But ir educated aright, these little children may be the means of dispensing blessings all around them They will be taught that piety is the only safe-guard, and the only meaus of happiness. Can you not thus see the ^advantage you will > ourselves reap from this work of mercy and benevolence 7 But again as tin American institution they have peculiar claims on your consideration. We are now last forget ting the sublime morality and patriotism of our fathers We have been guilty of enormities against high Heaven? the rights ol our fellow beings, and the spirit of our insti tutions,which must provoke the vengssnceof Ood Now let me ask you who is to stand as an intersessor t You mty recollect peihaps the expression of Burke on flrat entering the city of London. He saw areund him the haunts of iniquity-he saw in the s'reets, walking with (ffronteiy, every species ol vice and enormity?he saw an immense population that seemed to he animated only by iniquity, and he exclaimed?"what is to become ol this city 1 But now 1 see amid all this, the abodes of charity?ot benevolenee?of christian love-there is yet hope for this people!" Now, peihaps.this is not inapplicable to our con >iition. We must at least conless that w? have deserved the chastisement or Heaven. Do wo not then stand in need ot an advocate? Who is that to he I Is it the politician, or ?elAsh statesman J Who is it to be I These little inno ceuts?these sre they who sre pleasing in the eyes ofOod. I would not rear lor that community in which there is s spirit of zealous regard for such an institution. These little innocents have been taught to pray for this commu nity without dist nation of blood, or birth, or creed. They pray that (tod may forgive this community. Bee then how these little females sre indeed your bensiastors Conld 1 unroll the records of heaven it might indeed be seen thit the prayers of these innocents have already averted from us the indignation of heaven. We all know that the prayer of the innocent is all powerful with Ood. Had Ave just men been found in Bodom, their prayers would have saved the guilty cities ol the plain. But here we have more than one hundred innocent beings who are daily imploring Ood to bless you. But as christisns they have especial claim un your generosity. Can we forget the principles of our holy faith' That we are bound to surcor and love one anoth?r? If there be any one principle of Christianity inculcated more emphati caily than another, it is the principle of cusrity-ol alms Hiving?of benevolence. Charity reigns triumphant in heaven over faith and hope, for it is the spirit of Ood him self. Hence he wishes its reign snd its triumphs to begin here below. As he is our common lather, having re deemed ns by his blood, we are all brethren. We should then, be justly regarded as destitute of paternal love it we neglect the claims ol those in whose behalf I appeal to you Ood has given the most abundant promises of reward for the exercise of this charity. In proportion as we extend it to our suffering brethren, so will He ex tend to us his almighty love and boundless mercy ? Need I recall to your mind the awlul judgment which swsits us 1 Almost the only subject of examine ti?n on that dsy will be whether we have been kind to tho suffering snd distressed. The question will be?Hsve you been kind to me? Have you viaited me in prison or in sickness/ Have you clothed me when I was naked? Have you led me when I was an hungered? And the re ply or many will be?"When saw we thee in arison or M?k, or naked sad hungry? And the Judge will answer? "As yon did not do unto my little ones ye did it not unto me?depart from me accursed!" Now I only tell you the spirit of Christianity snd the intentions of Divine Providence. Hsve we returned sll we should to him I Have we paid our debt to him? Are we able to claim the reward/ Have we been a father to the orphan / If not, then I say that we stand in need of more than ordinary assistance to deliver us. That assistsnce is to be sought in the exercise el charity. Hhow then this morning your zeal? your cha rity?your love for those helpless little ones. Need I sdd anything in commendstion ol those generous and devot ed women?the mothers and guardians of those little onea-the Bisters of Charity i No. But let the generous exeitions or this Sisterhood move you to charity. May the peace or Ood be with you?Amen. The preacher ceased, and as we looked around we saw the tears streaming from many eyes. The choir sung an anihem, and the contribution plates as they were|handed round,discovered that the elo quent appeal of the preacher could elicit something more than tears. And thus devoted to the cause of charily and (rod, passed away A Sunday Morninq at St. Patrick's. Tweedmsdum AND TwKKDi.g/.gE ?Last Sunday morning we saw what "fashionables" and "our flrst men" would cell s " losler." issue from Caswell's grog shop in Spnng lane, and spew on the sidewalk. A ew moments afterward, in passing through the .Mer chant** Exchange, we saw some " laahionables"and " our tlrst mendrinking at the bar of the said Merchants' Kx change Hotel, and preparing themselves to follow in the 'ootsteps of thalr illustrious predecessor, the " loafer" aforesaid ? Baiten Wiithinftonian, Xov. 'J. An " Avalanche."?The snow upon the rod! of the new block next to the post office, took a down ward slide this morning, and carried away a part ol the iron railing upon the balustrade- besides making a de cided scattering or the people on the sidewalk below, wlis happened to be in the vicinity. Thr melting or the snow may do much damage to roofs, as it has fallen to the depth "u o ,"y; * k'1* S 'l1? storm.?Buffalo W?li.andCanai.?The Welland Canal Company iiave given notice thai the water will be drawn on nn the 1st day of December neat. In order to snsbl-> the nontrsotors ts complete all unflnished works on the Wei Isnd Canal, as well aa the Orand River lowing path, with h view or op*nil g tl ?> canal on the 1st of April, IMA, for vessels ol enlarged dimensions ?lection Law. We call the attention of all concerned to the fol lowing copy ot a pait of the Election Law o! this State. Pknalties roa frai'Dulknt rotitu at eiections. Title VII Chapter 130, Ltnet of 1840 V1- U any elector, challenged a* ut qualified, ihall be guilty ot wilful und corrupt falie swearing or HtfirmiDg, in taking any oath or affirmation prescribed by this Chai* ter, ?uch person shall tie adjudged guilty ot wilful and corrupt perjury. ^ 3 Every person who shall wilfully aud corruptly pio cure any person to swear or altinu falsely as uforesnd shall be adjudged guilty of subornation of perjury; and shall, upon conviction thereof, sulfur the pauishment di rected by the law in cases of wilful and corrupt perjury tj 3 II any officer on wham any duty U enjoined in this Chapter, or in any statute relating to elections, shall bu guilty of any wilful neglect of such duty, or of any cor rupt conduct in the execution of the same, and be thereof convicted; he shall be deemed guilty of a it isdemeanor, punishable by fine and ianprisonment; the tine in no case io exceed the sum of five hundred dollars, nor the impri sonment the term of one year. <) 4 If any person shall, by bribery, menace, or other corrupt means or device whatsoever, either directly or indirectly, attempt to influence any elector of this State in giving tis vote or ballot,ar deter him from giving or hinder or disturb h n> J.? she Amexurciaeot the right of futfVage, at any eteotiou within this .itate, held pursuant to this Chapter, and shall thereof be convicted, auch person so ofiending and ronvictfed shall be adjudged guil ty of a misdemeanor, and be fined or imprisoned, accord ing to the discretion of the court before which such con viction shall tie had ; such flue in no case to exceed five hundred dollars, nor such imprisonment one year. ^ 7. Na person shall fraudulently or deceitfully change or alter a ballot of any elector,nor shall lurnish an elector any ballot containing more than the proper number of names, or cause any other deceit to be practised with in tent fraudulently to induce such elector to deposits the same ai his vote, and thereby to have the same thrown out and not oouuted. 69 Every person offending against the provisions ot this act, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, pun ishable by fine not exceeding two hundred and fifty dol lars, or by imprisonmeut not exceeding six months. ^10. Any person who at any general or special elec tion, or city or charter election, shall knowingly vote or otter to vote in any election district in which he does not reside, except as herein provided, or who shall voto or oner to vote more than once at the same election, either in the same or any other election district, shall on con viction, be adjudged guilty ol a misdemeanor, and punish able by fine not exceeding two hundred dollars, or by imprisonment not exceeding six months, or by both, as the Court may direct; and section nineteen of title six chaptt r or e, ot tho fourth part ot the Revised Statutes is hereby repealed. S U Every person who shall procure, aid, assist, coun selor advise another to give or offer his voteot any gene ral, town, citv, or charter election, knowing that the per son is not duly qualified to vote at the place where the vote ia given or offered, shall, on conviction, be adjudged guilty of a misdemeanor, and punishable as prescribed in the last preceding section of this title. ^ 1 3. Every person who shall procure, aid, assist, coun sel or advise another to go or come Into any town, ward or election district, for the purpose of giving his vote at any general, special town or city eleation, knowing that the person is not duly qualified to vote in such town, or ward or election district, shall, on conviction, be d emed guilty of a misdemeaner. and punishable as prescribed by the tenth section of this title. ^ 13 Any person not duly qualified to vote under the laws of this State, who Rhiil knowingly vote or offer to vote at any general or special town or charter election in this State, shall be adjudged guilty of a misdemeanor, and on conviction shall be imprisoned for a period not exceed ing six months, at the discretion' of the Court before which the offence is tried. And any inhabitant ofanothar State, or country, who shall vote or offer to vote at any eemral, special, town or city chorter election in this State, shall baadjudged guilty of a felony, nnd on oonvic tion, shall be imprisoned in the State prison for a period not exceeding one year, at the discretion of the court be fore whom the offence is tried. And it shall be the duty of the District Attorney in the county where the offence shall have been committed, to adopt effectual measures for the punishment of all per. ons whe, without being le gally qualified, shall vote or attempt to vote a; anv elec tion in this State. Places of Holding (lie Polls in thla City. The following have been dtsiguated by the Common < ouncU, us the places where tho polls aie to be held in the several districts of this city : ?fi?'T Waku-1 t District, Thresher's Hotel, corner of Broad and t'earl street; id do, roll Broadway; 3d do 113 Broadway. " ' Second Wabd?1st District, Second Ward Hotel; id do. N. W. corner of Eeekmun and Gold. Third Ward?1st District, 31 Courtlnndt street; 3d do No. 6 Barclav i treet; 3d do, 33 Warren .treet. K.,urth Ward-1st District, Shakspcare Hotel; id do Warren Hall, corner ol Oliver and Murray streets: 3d do' 03 C herry street; 4th do, 340 Peorl street ' Wam," -|,t?Pl?triCt, N E corner Duane and Washington street; 3d do, Riley's Hotel; 3d do Marion Home, 165 West Broadway; 4th do, No 33 Vestry (.1,0*1 Hixth Ward ? 1st District, Hook and Ladder home in ( hamtx rs street, near the Post Office; 3d do, Carlton House; 3d do, 138 Centre stieet; 4<h do, North American Hotel, corner of the Bowery and Bayard street Sxvkkth Ward.-1st District, 130 E Broadway; 3d do 141 Madison 1treet; 3d do, 137 Cherry street; 4th do. 1!) Jefferson street: 6th do, 343 Cherry street; 6th do 437 Grand street: 7th do, 683 Water street. Eiiihth Ward - 1st District, 8. W. corner Broome and Mcrcer streets; 3d do, 73 Wooster street; 3d do, e.'i Thomp son street; 4th do, SH Sullivan street; 6th do, 163 Varick street; 6th do, N. E. corner Vandnm und Hudson street 7th do, SOU Spring street; 8th do. 3<Mi Spiing street ' Ninth Ward.?1st Dis'rict, .648 Greenwich street; 3d do, N. W. comer Bleeker and Morton, 3d do, 663 Wash ington street; llh do, 8. E. corner Oiovc and Fourth st ? ftth do, 7M Washington street; Bth do, N. W. corner Greenwich Avenue anil Amo? street Tin? Ward ?1st District, 36 Delancy street; 31 do S. E. corner Broome and Eldridge streets; 3d do, 8. w! corner Walker and Eldridge street*; 4th do 64 He*t?r street; 6th do, 63 Orchard stieet Eleventh Waho.? 1st District, 94 Ridge street: 3d do 68 Houston st : ad do, 209 Stcond street, 4th do ws Avenue D. ' Twbltth Wa?b- 1st District, John Reed's at Ilarsen ville; 3d do, corner Third Avenue and Twelfth street Thirteenth Ward?1st District, 3 Hester street; 3d do. (Hi Delancy streot; 3d do, 4^0 Grand street. 4th 6 Can m street. Kourtkentii Warn ? 1 st Distri t, 6? Spring street 3d do, No 1 Spring street; 3d do, 160 Orand street; 4th'do, corner Broadway and Grand street; 6th do, 30ft (Jrund street. Fiktkenth Ward?1st District, N. W. corner Bloecker and Sullivan street!; 3d do, Constifution Hull (640 Broad way:) 3d do, corner Broadway and Astor Place iKerr's.) 4th do, 130 Sixth Avenue Hiytfentm Ward?1st District, 86 Eighth Avenue; 3d do, N. W, corner Third Avenue nnd Twentieth treet 31 do, 187 Eighth Avenue; 4th do, corner Thirty-fifth street and Eighth Avenue; 6th do, 8. E. corner of Third Avenue and Thirty-first street Seventeenth Ward?1st District, 316 Bowery; 3d do 383 Houston street; 8d do, 133 Norfolk street; 4thdo 13 Third streot, 6.h do, 43 Third Avenuo To the Whlgaof the State of New York. A doubt has been entertained in some quarters in re gard to the validity of the Electoral Ballot which has been published and distributed by the Whig State Central Committee. The Committee deem it proper to say that they hava considered the matter maturely, and have consulted the best legal opinions, and they have not the least doubt that the Ballot in question is |ierfectfy valid, and in due con formity to the requirements ol the law. The ballot, whan folded, as the law riquires it should be, presents a back on which the word "Electors" appears This is an endorsement And the ballot, when opened de signates the office to which the voter intends tuch of the thirty-six persons named to be ejected. This answers the requirement of the statute There is no other office known to our law and designated by the name of " Elector," except that of Elector of Preildent and Vice President of the United Statea . We assure our friends, therefore, every where, that this ballot is, in our deliberate opii ion, unexceptionable. At the sametime, as wo understand that another bal'ot, which designates on its face, in full, the office ol "Electors of Pre sident and Vice President."and having the word' Electors" on the hai been and will be widely distributed,we ex iroas the hope that thia last ballot as avoiding all pont ile cavil, will tie used by such voters as may receive them?repeating, however, that in regard to the ballot first distributed, we do not think there is the slightrst oc casion for distrust or alarm JOHN TOWN8END, DANIEL ( AI)Y, JAMES HORNER, FRIEND HUMPHREY, JNO TAYLOR, RUFUB KING, GEORGE W WKED, # HAMILTON KISH, SPENCRR KM.LOOG, H. 7. HAYNKR, State Central C">ninittre. Ai.bant, Navtmber 1, 1844. Aft txcKM.KNr Custom.?Iii Munich, ftermany, all fwyii found In the atreetn nnking hIiiir. tire luken to an asylum established for that purpose. As soon as they enter the door, and before having been cleaned, or their dirty clothes removed, a portrait of each one is taken, representing him in the same form as when found beg ging. When the portrait is finished, he ia cleansed, and ^resented with a new and neat suit of clothes Alter go ing through a regulat course of education, appointed by tho directors of tho asylum. Iliet are put to a trade at which they work until they have earned enough to liqui late all their expenses from the first day they entered the institution, When this ia completed. Ihey are dismiastd 'rom tho Institution, to gain theii own livelihood. At the <amo time the portrait, taken when th y Ant entered, ia (.resented to them, which they swear they will pre.ervo -?nif 7.. ,V"-< iD 0rd." ,bpy m*y remember ho abject condition Irom which they have been redeem "d and the obligations which they are under totheinsti tit toil for having aaved them liom mmery, nnd xiern hem the means of feeding themselves for the future Such an institution might do good here. t mi at Obiri.iiv.?The ateHtn mill at Oberlin, owned by Berhee It Horlon, was burned on the ftlt ult Lossc_bajli'lng m<! machinoiy i stimated at >3 000;grain, tour, kc , about Hue W?w York Stato Nomination*. Foh Ootkiinoa. ,, 'ff'i ? /tmocrlic. liboluitm M. Jilinor* H. Wrigbt. A. Stewart. . ? i.??UT*l?A?T OOTEHNOH. 9. J.Wijkio. A. Oardiner. C. O. blieppard Canai. CoMtiiMioNcas. 2 Wo'ka N. Jouu N. Hafford ?.? H I la.k N. Mo..r? i" ii i' D.P. Biaaefl C. A. Whaatou J. 11. Jackaon. J. karll, Jr. L. M. Moore. f*CIII>LNTI*L KlKC'TOB*. Si alt Elector!. W H,|| J Collin Diitrict Elect on I J A Ku,g i I) Laat m 1 ?) N Woodhulf 4 B Drake 5 AH. Lawrenea 6 K I) We.t 7 I* Van < uiiluidt ? T I- D<virn '?> H Bei uett 10 \V ( Hewitt 11 K \ Barnard 12 8 J Mr( kaauay 13 .1 Towii'end 14 H H Kuaa 11 fl J Clark J? iWjuolittl. It II Vhq Ketntalaar 19 C K Cl?rke 20 J Mattetou 21 W C |> ielda 22 T (i Watermau 23 K Hrumtfi 24 U (1 tt ?5 IJ B Smith ? TH William. 27 r Him rod 28 K l-'.daou M J Bnell 10 M Bum ! 31 T H Por'er 31 T B Hopkint 33 A Webatar 34 L Burrows 3 J P Phenii 4 J II Williams 5 J B Scolea 6 R Kiih 1 H(l Rankin Stale Elector!. R F Builrr Statt Elector*. ? A Tanpw D 8 U'ckiinon. A B Smith (Kftrict Elector!. IHitrict Eltiton ii H>iwv J ' Thonipaou (1 Douglaaa N Oray W K l(avrini')? J 1 < oddiiigtun 1) Johuaon J Crawford W Murray J llardmibargh T I. llogeboom N M Mutter* J K aiKr J Ma vaice W.hA.., J ha? J Nfllii C Wiuttaker A Doaue T H Hubbard L I'atteugill W Maaou H Potu D l)au* J (iilletl J K Bogardua J Bovnton K Johuaou J I.atiham J 1) II ikk ina K H Shmikland KN Smith J Haakell, Jr J D Perkiot Koa Conobci*. 1 H Murphy K N Nichnll WBMdlav M (i l.ronard h Moore J Hudii'o' r JfUpur J Kwno'dy li HilUtf {J P^wbtnli 1 & ? no? J Fo.d ?E*ck K Bakrr R R Kimhall Wrr J -Mrrrnaaa cVitt" L' ? '/fomn V f; C-mwortk J M Mobinaon A FurJy 5 "sr;" M AtWatar. I) L Seymour BR Wood J Ruaaall C Ellii C ft Brtitou P King () llaugrrford T Jrukina C Goodyear Oeo R -thbun 8 H KlUworth J Ue Mutt R R Meldou. K Watarbmrry ( > R Barker H Corliea R Boardraan N Bmith 10 11 M Handfi'rd 12 R P Herrick 13 14 F. D Cal??r 15 A () Moore 1? H White 17 18 J C Hopkina IJ I Bradley 20 KC White 21 A l^wi? 21 B 1) Noxon 2i W Richardsoo 26 >7 28 K B Holmei 32 W A Moteley 33 A Smith 34 W Haul. , n. . N?T.vr NoMii?*Tiona ro? Conorem. Id '* ii ?'? ? ? Lhwiyho* 3d W 8 Miller jth ? T M Woodruff 6th District, W W (Jiinpbell. New York City !Voiuln*tlona. Voh Siatk 8rr<AT?;. and \atirc. t?"orga Folioni. Whit. W Turner K (? Baldwin f Benton J Berrian W II Calkiu J 4'ouger (' ( r.lius II K Dme? M Vonrant. Jr R 8 Wiliiaiiii S Kaue K Minturn. Drmacratic. 10 Maudlord. For Aiar.MHLT. Democratic. L II She|iard .1 M Btoodgooil B J Meaerole M Burke (i 8 Maun J N ('rain A (J.irdiner, J T-rnure I B Smith A Dateznc K L Smith J K.Wen J C Albertiou. Molition. 1> K nit haw. Native. A U Thomiwon, Jr. II lluiit II N Mnrriaon KC Blak* John Culrer Jaroh L Keuo K K Mather William 8 Roat John J R Da out Tliemat H OakK, Dfcvid I).Wheeler 9? ?ern D Moulton Jamea Jarvia. I?V City Intelligence. Pollcc llecord. No*. 3 ?The Police Mafiilritoa and Clerka lin.l no buainest belore tliurn, aavo aome lew va grant caiea. Coroner'* Department.?The Coroner wti called ?o hold two irqueata. One en R colored man, name as known, found grotHly intoxicated, in the itreet, iMt j'ight.) n I taken to the watch houie, at which place he died th a morning. The other wns on tho body of Kliia Adnmi, aged 36, born in Ireland, a married female, w ho lelt her hutband'a bed lait ninlit, got intoxicated, nnd wii lound dead on the II >or of their apartment, No lAtl Lewia street, thia morn ?'??? Fororry anl> SmciDK?In addition to thr ac cou?t we gave y?*strrday in relation to the auicide ??f Kltlr-r and the eccape oi iiuri(rPM. we give the tollowing:?On ihe 2<lth Septemt er laxt there ar rived in this city two person*. Englishmen, who called I heir names Kliia; the oldest wpparet.tly iiboul filiy years ot a?e, the other, not more than '*? w three and twenty. They boardtd ut the 1 avillion Hotel, pni-nrH off i,s hemg connected to gether hy relationahi|i, and at-soclHtrd with the eruli'men boarders of the house li now appears ihut their real natnea were Joseph Elder and Wil liam Burgtss, and thst they were fugitives from justice, in England The younger man, Burgeaa, ? as a clerk in the Bank ot England, and through his means a number of shares in the capital stock ?l the bank, amounting to between lorty and fifty tlto sand dollars were sold and transferred, the man Elder Irauanlenily representing himeelf aa the owner of the stock. The parties made their < scape from London, anil landed (rom the ateam ' > r from Liverpool at Halifax, and ihenre ttavell ? d thmugh the Canada* to this city. On Thurs day, R. Bond and John Forrester, the former, another clerk in the bank, ai.d the latter, one oi ihe Mansion-house police, arrived in ihm city, Having been on the track of the fugitives for some ''ays Jn the afternoon they arrested Elder at his Donning houae in Federal street, and obtained in ( ?rmntion ihat Burgess was at \'nbant. ? party < f officers proceeded to the hotel, and one ol then lonnd the culprit, but by some extraordinary acci dtnl, lie maae his escape fr? n? the ners4in who ar I rcated him, and fled. He was heard of from a cot 1 ' ige at Nahant, and a boat was yesterday missing Irotn the beach, and the conclusion is, that he ei iher put to sea, in the hojie of being taken up by a veasel, or ihat he crossed over to the main land ? , Yesterday morning, on opening the cell of Elder, at the jail, he was fountl dead, having committed uicide ut ihe night by hanginR himself. We learn that he had invested his ill-gotten kuu.b in stork nd treasury notes, the certificates of which were 'ound on his person, when he was arrested, and iiat these, with the money found in the room of Burgess, at Nahant, make up the ium received by 'hem, except about three thousand dollars, which lias unquestionably been spent.?Botton Tramcrijrt, Nov. 2. Mii.lkrism?Ascfmsion Nioht in Cincinnati.? As the consummation ol all terrestrial things was expected to have taken place last evening, and being desirous of seeing the etlect of such belief upon ita votaries at iheir last earthly meeting, I took the liberty, without putting on any material ascension rob?, as did a vast multitude of others, of being present. The assemblage, indoors and out, probably numbered fifteen hundred persons. If rightly informed about the capacity of the hoase, about twelve handled were inside I observed no ascension robes on, and conclude that the rumor of a wagon load having been laken Ihere yester day, was only a slander. There was less excite ment than I expected, and a great deal more cheer tullnefg manifest in the c< unienances of the be lievers than could have been supposed at the hour of so serious a crisis ; why, 1 cannot, of course, undeitake In say, perhaps it was ow ing to the firm ness of their Isith, but I could not help but think and feel (the states of those an und us are often perceptible froin their sphere, a sort of spiritual atmosphere, so to speak, that sur round* them,) that they were experiencing in inward toy from ihe hope and expectation that they were to be permitted to stay with us sinners i little longer. Considering the crowd the meet .nit was very orderly. Two or three attempts were made by a set ol rowdi? s out d? or to raise a breexe by noise and clamor, but the assertion of the reacher that n str< ng police was present calmed the multitude, and he was enabled to proceed with vliat he at the close said was, in hiatpinioii. his ist warning to a sinful world He finished by ?baking his coat tails in token of clearing his akirts of the blood of those he had thus warned to pre pare lor the great event, by hint, hourly expected Before 9o'clock the benediction was pronounced tnd the people advised lo go nuieily home ind await the awful coming, which not inltkely might tianspire at ihe hour of mid nght while most of us were wrapi>ed in sleep.? Notwithstanding all this, daylight, yea, a most -tplendid day of sunshine, is again upon us, and .villi it, we hope the deluded (but many of them, io doubt, honest,) follower!# of this "end of the #orld" vagary, who yesterday closed their atores ? nd otherwise, forever, as they supi>osed; stispend d a I worldly cares, will resume their wonted ound of duties, impresaed with the promise that "blessed are they who shall be found so doing."? Cm Chronicle. Oiikrry 1 >*i*K.? Maraschino is flavored with a mall black cherry, which grows in Pnlmatia, vhere it ia culled " Maraara " whirh ia an ebhreviation f Asi-iraara, i e. bitter flaeor, whence the honor da iveo it* name It ia rhhfly man factored at "he Idle own of Zara, Irom which place it ii ?ent to Venice and Trieate, and thence ts every part ef the (drinking) world. Mrachenwaaaer, which only meana chert y wanr, >a <tia illedtrom a cherry which grow* aSnndant In Oermeny. or the information ?t th. f-.- i' ? w ? "ti' J.ite ibst ><? N ?nti,iifa(rt' i d it. '? r A Oeimauy