Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 9, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 9, 1844 Page 1
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?J. THE NEW YORK HERALD. Vol. X., Ho. 310?WHoI* Ho. 3910. NEW YORK. SATURDAY MORNING, NOVEMBER 9. 1844. Mm Twt OmM. THE NEW YORK HERALD. AGGREGATE CIRCULATION THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND. THE aHEATE8T IN THE WORLD. To Ou Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?Daily Nwwww mb lUhed every day of the THI eacapt New Year'* Day and Fourth of Juhy. Price 8 eenu per copy?ox $7 00 por poefge* pud?c**h in advance THK WEEKLY HERALD?pubBehed .very Saturday rooming?priee 8M cents per copy, or $1 ? per naiiin poel U? paid, caah in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that dm circalatioa of tha Heralu i* over THIRTY-EIVE THOVSAND, and laanaaiac Cut U hat the Uimtti circulation at an* paper y* fAircify, or 'he world, and, it, therefor*. ?'lit Sett channel for *uotnttt men in the city or country. Prioee moderate?ca?h in edvance. PRINTING of all kinda laecnted at the moet moderate jwioe, end >u (he moet elevant ityle. JAMES GORDON BENNETT. Pnoraiaroa or the Hb*alb Establishment, Northweet eoroer of Fatten and Naaaau aireeu. ess? tAKl !'HHTF SHILLING* FROM PATERS'** TO JLKdL\ CITY. iin'-1 after tti' lit of October tae can wtD leava? i iir. .?o ^Kror I Nkw Yoaw. ? j A >1. I ? o'clock AM. 11 i UK " P.M. i ? If. " ? ? " " ua fiUMDart. ?? tf ea FOR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. The Royal Mail Steamships ACADIA and HIBEKNIA.will leave Boa too, for tha above porta, aa follow* :? Acadia, W u> riarrison, Eeq., Com., on Friday, Not. 1st, next. Mibevnia, A. livre, Eeq , Cob., ou Saturday, Nov. 10?h, neat. to L.vrpool SIM Passage to Ha.iia* M. Apply to l>. ?RIOHAM. Jr.. Agent, at (lie office of Haruden It Co., ?tat* No. 3 Wall atreec FOR NEW ORLEAN*4?Strain Ship \ LAB AM A.?'Tht?? eemer ta expected back ? from Sew Orleans in afew days. and it ia in tended to despat h her igam lor the name , 'Pi ?co on a day to be hereafter named, Oct ween tltr lot,i and liih of November. She may loach at Havana to land i>a**euirera, ahould enough offer to make it an obj-ct Knr luuaage or light fieitfht, apply to O. M KRLE, oSO lw*ec 3?6 Front at. BR1TISH AND NO^H^lERU.\AN RO*AL MAU k Of UN tona and 440 hone powar each.? Under contract with tha Lord* of the Ad| ?unity. HIBEKNIA. Captain Aiaxander Ryrie. CALEDONIA, Captain toward O. Lott. win . . From Boaton. From Liverpool. Caledonia, Lott Aa|Ut 10th. ? SffiSu. Ssr.-.v"'"- Si. ^t^^T7aal> chny aaperisnaed *urgeons, and an atvplied with Life Boots. For freight or p*sasge. apply to D. BRIQHAM. Jan., Agent, ?*? No. S Wall (treat. 8TATEN ISLAND FERRY. _ FOOT OF WHITEHALL. ?r?lfv4ax%S,<i8"Ci!liDF;M ?. and 11, A. M.; 1?H, IK ana J, P M. P. H.?All toodi aeut ba partienlajrly marked, and an ?the riik of the owuen tueteof. at4 FALL AND WINTER ARRANGEMENT. ISEIVARK .,ND NEW YORK. FARE ONLY Ml CENTS. THE" NEW AND SWIFT STEAMER RAINBOW, CAPTAIN JOHN oaffyT jiMf) 0* ON and after September 10th will ran daily, flp-?""Howa (Sunday* included)Leave Now ?ni Bfc^L.ark. foot of < :*ntn itnet, I o'clock A. M.? Leave Nrw V ixk, foot of Barclay ? treat, 3 o'clock P. M. HOUR CHANGED J U OlA O'CLOCK, P. M.?On and after Monday, Sept. 16th. 1144, i .|.i? the Niakt Line to A LB AN t AND TkoV ?l! eha, th? hoar 01 depart a re from 7 to 6 o'clock, P. M., aiid will laud a' PoashkeajHie during the rnat Fair ana Cattle Show. Fire 76 cruMonly to l'oni(hkaep*ie. Tha itromer SvVALl/O W, Capt. A. McLean, Monday Jlth, an>l We?(ai*dHy, lktk. The iteamer ALBANY, Captain R. B. M*cv, 'i'a^dny, 17th, Thnnday, 19th, at C o'clock, from Cort landt *t??t p?r. TROY SfdVAlh^.0'^' ^ BlrCUr ^ ^ J OmiuM ina treat Fair and Cattle Show, Tuesday, 17th, WedumUy, llth, and Thifraday, 19th, will reduce the fan to 75 oeut? to and from Poajthkeeipma and New York. *19 NEW YORK, ALKANY AND TROY STEAMBOAT LINE. FAR ALBANY AND TROY.?Morning Line from the foot of Barclay street, Undine ? at intarmadiate place*. l'he Stnuiaer C.MPIKK, Captain 8. R. Hot, Moaday.Wednao day and Kriday Moruini at 7 o'clock. The Ktanioer TROY, Captain A. Oorham, Toaaday, Thnn day and SKtarday Mornina, at 7 o'clock. Evening Lin* nam Jm fool of Coartlaadt Itnet, direct Tiw Hteamev SWALLOW, Captain A. McLean, Monday, Wednesday and Friday Evening, at 6 o'clock. The Htnamer ALBANY, Captain H B. Many, Tnaadny, Thnnday and Onenjdey Evening, at t o'clock. Tne Boat* of mi Line, owmt to their light dranght of wa Mr, an able at all Me* to pa** the ban, and reach Albany and Troy hi ample tune to take the morning train of can for the e**L or weet. ho> paaaace or freatht, apply on board, or at tha office* on tha wh*rv?* aM PLEASANT AND CHEAP EXCURSIONS. OUMM0LH J1RRJ1NOKMRfiT. n1ew ^laSujj XntPnew I From Pmt No. 1, North River, foot of Battery Plane. - -ft, tkeamboat CINDERELLA, will ran aa follow*. Daily, from May 10th to October let, ,1044 ??Ltevaa New York at 9 and U o'clocc, . nl^/?, o vuot P.M. Lwirn* Port tftdnwoud, *t 10 minntoa to I, and 10 minatae to 10 A. V.; at l,4HaodSMP- M. ^ Lwnre* New lli on Mnaday?Laavet Near York, at 0 and U A. M.; at I, I and I P. M. Laavaa Port Kidhmond, at 10 minnlan to 0 and 10 A.M; at 1. 5 and 7i< P. M. V-? v n'k II 104 mrl I llm're ^ FARE REDUCED. re* New Brighton a) 0 and M AM.; at IX. iand7M l_au^L_.Vaiju*t jut. 1*44. the new and rabatautial ttaainbiMi WASHINGTON IRVING. Cam Hiram TnthiU, will leave the (odt of Chamber street for the above placee, dail\ at 3 I*. M.. 8aoda> eiceftted. Returning, will lean* Cretonvillt at 6<a, and Aing biua at 7 o'clock A. M., landing at the foot of Hammond timet each way. Kor ixc.aagr or freiaht. apply on board, or to STEPHEN B. TOMPKINH. 192 We*t *tn?t. *?m?rc CUU BATH, GARDINER AND HALLOWELC. The new awamar PENOBSCOT. Captaia ?N Kimball, leaves the end ofT wharf, Boston. .every Tnasday and Friday eveniug*, at 5 o'clock. Siag?a will be in readioeaa on her arrival at the above nfewai fn eonv.t paa?er>eT? >/? rhe neighboring tnwn* Pb.VtLE'H tlitA' uf dit.^MBuA'1 S FOR ALBANY. DAILY, Snudaya excepted?Throagh direct, >at # P. M., from he tfeeamboat Pier between ?3LCourtlaudt aud Libert; atnoU. . .. runtMjai K NICKKHBOCKER. Capoun A. P St. John, Muodiy, Wedaeadaf and Friday Evening* at < o'clock. T>m Su.unbou UOCHEHTER. Captain A. Houghton, on Tneadny, Tharaday and Matnrdxy Evenings, at < o'clock. ViMW Am toot or Barclay itnet. At Five o'clock. P. M.?Landing at Intermediate Places. The Steamboat NORTH AMERICA. Captain R G Cra? ten den. vioudny, Wedneedny, Friday and Snnday Afternoons, "i ,1' .vu-ambont COLUMBIA. Captain William H. Peck, H'umday, llnndav and Hntnrday Aftrrnoons, at I o'clock. >w<w(m taking mher of 'J? above linae will amn in Albauy in ample lime 10 take the Moraine Tmine of Can for the fast or west. The boats an new and snbetantinl. an far aialted with new and atcgruH *ute rooma, and for a peed and *c co.nuiotfntion*, an antivalled on the Hoflaon. All ir.fti.aa at* forbid trusting any of the boat* of this lia<., witnont an order I rem the Captain. Ii'or pnsaage or ireight, apply ea board, or to P. C. Scholia, at the (Ifflee on dwi whan oMre FOR LONDON.?Hegular Packet of the 10th of >Nevat^bw clssa faat sailing packet ship JSmbEsWELXllVUTON, Capt. D Chadwick, will mil s* ati"?r her regular day Haviug very aaperior acc >mmodationa for cabin, secoed cabin an<l > i?**eng*n, i er )n* wiahing to embark ahonld make immediate application ou board, fool of Maiden L^ne, or to Jo?EPH McViURRAV, No. 100 ine atreet, eorner of South. The new p>eket ehip Prinee Albert, Capt W 8 Sebor, will taccaed the Wrlljugton and **il on Uie firat of December. I'*r?>na ileairoua of aeoding for thrir friend* can have ihetn out by either of the above veiael*, by application aa above ___ al KOR NEW ORLK.ANS?Fint Packet ?-hip-The ahip SPLENDID, Certain .will positively sail ? ni 'he llth November, < r passage free. i mi. -.ulterior shin has unsurpassed accommodations for cabin socond iMoin and ateenge paasei gen, who will be taken at a low rite. Apply on board at pier No. 13 E. R. or to ?6ec JOHN HERDMAN. 01 South ?. tCT- KOR NEW ORLEANS?UNION LINE?Kag WMffWnlar Picket of the 9th of November.?The flnt elaea, J|?B2af'at aailmg i?ckel ahip LONDON, Captain Joha O. b .*? r, will aail aa aV)ve, her regular day. IItvmir very anperior accommodati-ina forcbin, aecond eaMn and *te*ragr pia*eug?n, iwrsona wishing to embark should make eaily application on board, foot of Wall atrret. or to JOSEPH McMURRAY, 100 I'ine atrret, co nar of Sonth. Tha ngnlar packet ahip Wabaah, Capt. John O Baker, aalla on ihe ivtli of November. Bertha caa be aecond in either of the** vei*el?, by applying a* above* n4 rc P \CKET FOR HAVRE?SECOND I1NE.?The hWW^?h p BALTIMORE, Edward Kaak, muter, willrail JEiJUmm "i 1,1 "f December. ^T^T^aht or pa*a*ge. apply to BOYD It HINCKEN, nfec No 9 t on.ine Hmlding, corner Wall and water at* ~ OLD" ESTABLISHED" PACKET OFFICE, 01 W South atreel? I'asMg* to and from Great Britain and faireUnd, via Liverpool. Paacag* can at all time* b> ^t the lowe*t r*te*. to and fmm Liverpool, by the nan lar |WI ket ?hipe tailing ander the new arnugemeait every (a? day*, anil draft* can aa naual be faniiatadfor My aaMrnat, paya ble at the Natioaal and Provincial 9Ha, Inland, and thei{ branches, and ihranghout the United r tb* principal banking laetitation* in WAm, wgijont dienonnt othg ^ _ Ueuljn. 1fSt iom,. H C)LD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS 14& m. m. m THE Old Line orTecCts for LitTrpoonvUl The CAMBRIDGE, Umat i Luprpoot. HO ton* ' CkL 1 vMl,r 18 W. C. Baritow I1 Fih { KWT- 1( The ENOLAND, ? jit- L ? 75# tons, >OcT 1* > The OXFORD, 8 Btrtl*tt, jjsb. It April ! Htlous. } Ao?. U The MONTKZl/MA^thbon*' Afrii Is 1000 tons, ><?'* ? *?!*? } IF"" p ? n-NiwroX?W-'|gp i )& ? The COLUMBUS," CtOPP?'/^2'1 " ! . _ . 1ST $? * u, (JID. 1 11 Jk&fi* fc n Ji?. " ion tons. < Jaa. 11 Mtrah I D. G. Bailey. ( Mar M July > Thm Ship* an not surpassedla joint "f slags nry or eomferi in tlteir cabin iscommocUtions, or la chair last iunm quaflSes by'any Taaacta iu th* trada. Tha commanders an wall known u man of character anil Aiwneiioc, and th* striataat atfantioa will always be paid to promote the comfort and convenience 'rfinmnaan Punctually, aarsgvd* tha day of sailing, wU) beobaw 'Ml a* MM The pri?s of pasaaga oatwaM i| i>?? Hum. One Haadred Dollar*, lor which ample stores of every description, will b* provided. Willi tha exception of wines and liquors, which will o* famished by the 8 Ik wills, if required. Neither the cai>tain or ownata at these Skips will be res|K)D sible for any lettare, parcels, or packages not by tkern unless regular bills of lading an signed therefor. Fir freight or paa ?age, apply to GOODHUE It CO, M South stmt. C. H. MARSHAL^, JI Barling Slip, N. T. Jt*f and of BARING. BROTHERS It CO.. L'pool. " THE NEW LINE OK LlVERfOOL PACKETS. m, 0k M. To sail from New V ork on the list, and from Liverpool ot the 6th of each mouth From New Fork L'pool New Ship LIVERPOOL. 1LM tons, 9'?:, }{ J J. Eldridge. % $? \ N. Ship QUEEN OF THE WEST, 1 (ff/ !| JnYv J 12M ton. P. Woodhoaae. ;,j& J} New Ship ROCHESTER, 130 tons, 11 !} * JohnBritton. jfe }} && i Ship HOTTINOUER, 105# ttms.jMarehW glay t Ira Burs ley. 'iNov. 31 Jaa'y f These substantial, fast sailing, first class Ships, all built ii the city of New York, are commanded by men of experience tud ability, and will be das patched punctually on the list of -rich month. 'ITieir Cabins are elacant and commodious, and are famished with whatever can conduce to the ease and comfort of passes * Price ol Passage, $10#. Neither the Captaius or ownats of these Ship* will b* reepon sible for any parcels or packages seut by them, on lass ragul 1 bills of lading are signed therefor. For freight or passage, apply to VVCWdHuLL k MINTURNS, IT South street, New York, or to FIELDEN, BROTHERS, % CO., 114 M Liverpool NEW LINE OF LIVERHOOL PACKETS. To sail from New York on the IStli and Liverpool on tha 11th of each month. NEW Ship ROBOIUS, Captain John Collins. 26th July. Ship SID DON S, Captain E. B. Cobb, 2Cth August. Ship SHERIDAN. Captain F. A. Deiwviter, lath Sept. Ship OARK1C K a^uuy j- J|p(H ' 't)ct" Ship SHERIDAN, Captain A. De|wystar, 11th July. Ship UARRICK, Captain B. 1. H Trask, 11th AugaaL Ship ROSCI US, Captain John Collins, llth Sept. Ship S1UDONS, Csptain E. B. Cobb, llth Oet. These sbips are all of the first class, upwards of 1000 tons, bt iit in the city of New York, with such improvements as combine gnat speed with nnusual comfort for passengers. Every cars has been taken in the arrangement of their accom modations. The price oi passsge heuce is $100, for which am ple stores will be provided. These ships are commanded by experienced masters, who will make every exertion to give ge nesal satisfaction. Neither the Captains or owners of tha ships will b# raeponai ble for any letter*, parcels or packages sent by them, unless re gular bills of laden are signed therelor. For freight or passage apply to E. K. COLLINS It CO? 5C South street. New York, or 10 BROWN, SHIPLEY k cb., Liverpool. Letters by the Packets will be charged 12>? cents per singli etter, 50 cants per ounce, and uews|>ai?rs 1 cent each. miri OLD KSf ABLISHED-EWTORaNT PASSAGE OFklO rn.MM.rn. JdrtN^HERD^^N, >1 Soutl^uwtrNew York^^^ The tubscriber continues to make arrangements to bring oui passengers from Great Britain and Ireland, (via Liverpool) who may be engaged at this office, or with any of his agents ii the Uuited States, ou board the packet ships sailing from Liver pool svei y five davs?and in order to afford **erv facility, h? will have despatched luperior American ships in New York and Boston,'every week, during the year. Those tending for their frieuds may rely that the same due and diligent attention will be shown them as heretofore, and should any of those sent for not embark, the money will be refunded, at customary; and thev remitting money to their friends, can havr Drafu and Bills as Exchange Tor sums to suit, payable on de mand at the following banks, (without discount or any othet charge), vix:? ENGLAND?Messrs. J. Bult, Son k Co., Bankers. London, J. Barned k Co., Liverpool; the National Provincial Bink ol Sigland and Branches, throughout England and Walas; York ire District Bank and Branches; Birmingham Banking Co.; incutrr Bankine f'.n iiimugnoni England and Walss- Vnr?' Lancaster Banking'c" *' BinninHam Banking Co.; Provincial Bank'of'/rrlandBuTd^B?iancltit"^ "n and towns ihronrhnni the ?10 all tha principal ui htuiod ua oranciM, u all tha principal towns tfiroughout the Kingdom. SCOTLAND? Eaitarn Bank of Scotland and Branches Greenock Banking Co. in Glasgow and Greenock. Persons residing in the country and wishing to send money u thsir friends, may insure its being dona satisfactorily, on than remitting the amount they wish sent, with the name andaddies. of the person for whom it is intended; a draft for the amoun> will then be forwarded per first packet or steamer, and a recur for tha same returned by mail. r,'itiktf Htegy.svte,, ? siH.HJtNGEMJ?NTS FOR MM. OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE. IN Pin* street, comer of South. ML Jfc JSl TtiK Subscriber begs leave to call tin- attention of his 1'rieuii tnd the rablic in general, to the following arrangements fo 1144, for the purpose of bringing out Cabin, 2<T Cibin, and 9tee> ige Passengers, by the R*gnlar Line of Liverpool Packeu, sail ing the 1st, 6th, llth, lSdvllst and Mth of every mouth. Bt tha London Pickets to sail from New York, tha 1st, IOth an 10th?aad from Loudon on the 7th, 17th and 17th of each montl In connection with the above, and for the pnmoaa of affordin. ?tillgreater facilities m passengers, the Sabecriber has establisl. a regular lino of first class New York built, coppered an. coppered fastened ships, to sail punctually every week througl rni the vvar. For the accommedauon of persona wishing to remit moot to their families or friends, drafts are given, payable at aight, o> S. ? Cork, Limerick, Cloumei, Loodooderry, Sligo, W'iford, Belfast, Waterford, lialway, Armagh, Athlona, Colemin, Ballina, Traise, Youghal, EnniskiHan, Monaghan, Bainbridga, Ballymena, Parsons tow a Dowupatrick, Cavan, Lurgan, Omagh, UuiiRannon, Bunion, Emus, BallyshanntM. 4irabane. Skibbvrren, Mallow, Moneymore, Cootchill, Kilrush, Dublin. Skibbreen. Scotland?The City Bauk of Glasgow. I^gland? Jneasrs. Siiooner. Atwood k Co., Bankers, London P. W. Byrnes kCo., 36 Waterloo Road, Liverpool; payable 11 every town in Great Britain. corner of South street. New York, Or Messrs. P W. BYRNES k CO.. M Waterloo KoiuJ. HAV^^kETS. j 8u"" L"" will hereafter leave N.? lows vix ? Havre on th* llth of aach month, as fol N*w ?hn?ON*!DA, ^t2^^ ( 16^7^' Oapcaio < lit Julv i i&ik !?...* _ , Jama* Funck, ?hip BALTIMORE, a I I . Apni, ?J"ly. j 16th August, 1st November, ( 16th He rem her 1st April, r 16th May, st August. ? 116th September, 1 m*?""1 ' ' " January, y.iward Funck, Ship UT1CA, J 9n>temb?, ) Mth OctoUr, "? "?? l "?ui Jnaui Ut May, ( ttth J?m bai,t J }?; Hepfmbw. ] Mth OctoUr, ^ Esbr1" /Irie accommodations ol these ships are not (uroaseed e,,m 'hat may be re,u,red for comfort. VK pri^ohciwt if 1100. iWngin will b? appplM with trery mxmi ?it?. with Mention or wiiiM and honors. Oo?!a iDU*uded for th#ar ?MatU will be forwards by tte nk tnb^n, frjf froin any other than the expanaai actually incnrrw) 1 them, tor frtlfht or naaaace. aculv (a sen on r frtfght or l?Mflpa, wrplv to JHUkfaat all timet for sale Drafts fmen XI to ?I0M. pava SE;n" ?""iJhswK-ats&ik NTB. Passage to and from Liverpool can be secured at tb> t?*?''Tw;,>>y any of thd lina of packeu sailing on the 1st. Ith llt^i llth, list ana llth of each mouth, on application as atove ND ha. >ble 'nites FOR LIVERPOOL?Tha New Lin?-Hega.. Jh racket list NoremUr-Th*splrodid New YorkT>?m flHabiiai ket ship HOWlNOUEK, Captain Ira Bnrsley, I0J# tons hnrtharn, will sail a* above, bar ragalax day. For freight or passage, having vary an pari or accommodation., naaurpasaed by any ship in port, apply to the Captain on board! went side Barfing Slip, or to ' WOODHULL k MINTURNS, PHoeofFa^t.m, T Sonth S^K. ,, HJR .NEW ORLEANS?-Union Line?lirs imgVHegulai Packet wlthdaaiatch-The 'lit sailing packet ^HMb*nip AUBURN, Ca|>t , will sail as above. rlaving very snpanor accommodations for cabin, second cabin Sl,S5yW^^.V,,o,h,n'f0 eralm,k',h001 ? ? JOSEPH McMURRAY, 100 fine street, coroe-of Sonth. kfjh yoR NEW ORTEANB-UnTon l.ia^-FIlsi '"n*,'?atad,spa,*irFor cabin, iecond cabin and J-.maccommoda ion, early ap 1 ligation thou id be r*ade on board, at Murray's wliarf-or to - JOHfcra McMURRA^, '** f'ae ilwt eorner of South street ? ?mom (Mrablaeonvayanc*for aabin JOHN HEfLDMAN, The Game Lawi ot England. SettVmL^*,hn?h?n Petty Sp<B,IOn"' on ,he 23,1 of and Mr John ^ Prr8e,'c,f "< Mr. T. T. Bernard rLvsdii. rL ' ^ *am* Powers, and ihe prKmSr m .e (tt UI,,8t luv?"*rate L.IfTnJt Martyn, as magistrates, the fol !?<?* c^e* ar* "Ported 10 have occurred : in?<r ? iMKi VAW* ?Lawrence Eborn, a quiet 0^:rV" 0?Kk"'g ,m,in' ua laborer- belonging to ders ??' rhl Tl' ?? tbe 0a,h of J?cob Saun ChSwldSWl looker-out for the R?v. George onetwode,) with huviug, at *bout four o'clock in ?Br,n'?? ot ."he I0(h of September, used a snare lleofA fSW7C,ion of?ame oa '"'id occupied by <?ew Mid ?lTnr^TK,hepa,lBl?of ?ikley- saun UnotKr nf 'vit nlhomaJJ ,tdw*rdN, of Chilton, . L * ^*r- Chtftwodc'a lookers out * were watching: some snares during the night of ihe 14th ? EbornUl'"Ur 0'CL0<jk,0" ^?duy morning, the iSS,' .f aanKr, ,hP,akn<,lt.dorn' and ""t.rdthe string mediiLtdv o k 1?" had ""'caught; we then im le h un iTAh m' whl'e h# w? kneeling; am came of it ?,h ",ar#' but do not know what be came ot it, other snare* were act in the locality ? took him in custody to Chilton ; he went verv wil.' l'??Jy ; when at Cnilton I allowed himtoVo bMk ufhia 'lav? r''fd !le !?Td 1 wou,d do what 1 could Che wod?i'- lfherrt 1 neiV?r Cauiht a hare 011 Mr. before ? hV 5 1? f" '"f 5 nev*r 8HW hiin out ?S &ncV? f"B7lj''Jmd 1 bt,'pve it la hi. .k Eborn cn,,d and begged for mercy. !id nnul f" "^iftrateshe had had thirteen children, '.ad now four alive, three of whom were hi home he yoaugeat being an infant. He had only had ten 'luuriatrHin' hV a8t month? Wds never before a S?nhminl^'k.?^ *T^1 dlt,lre^. and hi. ' a 1 u of brettd to ?*'? Mr Stone iwlu 5r?SZ'ir0QL e,"ploy a l,oacber if tie c?uld ou?rh.n??u W"?-In harvest or hay time Nighi pia*b'n?rwaf Poaching m its wor.-t form; for ihr to three m W .\'C" a,00d convlcled he wtia liable f? k- .t, c" imprisonment; but as it appeared h ?^.e ^rst tune he had been brought before withWn ?el",ence was six weeks' imprisonment, hl .nrf r ? '10 house of correction, and at he end of that time to enter into a ?10 curety him ?10 Tor hi-??^*k B.uretle",ln & c^h, or one in l I-',, t nf h g??j behav'"r ^r 12 months ; and in Jd"Sii1 Oxl}?*ih" ?" I ?SernreIrfi,,d M'-.G'or?? Chetwode, ihe clerical 1 ,V?:;5nterver'altUD* M a )ud*' UP?D ? poor half *e? m hBHnt CttUi{ht by his (,he magistrate's) ? f . i?W3 ')re8?rveB. ?nd then assisting t,. lr ?/ fear,u' and pru*-' sentence upon the uffr-nd thn?.uei.SrT<fdJwUhu,h';prac,ical 'Hustratioua ot nose evils offered in Buckinghamshire. Here the Duke ot Buckingham is the prosecutor, Mr. Chet " wBir'lain'r|l?'be character of judge only William Slade, a roughly-clad, hunerv-lookir* voung man.of Waldesdon, was charged by Edward | CJuntrip, one ot the Duke ot Buckingham's same Keepers, with having, on the 12 h of September' ih*m %COV'y ^'f Part?d?es, with inient to kil ihem. George Tarry, one ot the Duka's looked out, was called to prove the charge. He declared that, about twelve o'clock on the day in question sr'l- ?"<l'??M; "hi ??as in Mr Kings m--ad,' shoot at a covev of oar triges. He was not 100 yards from him. Slade de <ited the charge and called George Tack, who said 'haj.,at the time stated, he was at ihe gate in the mJdd'e of Mr. King's ground, when a gun was fired lutothehedge, but not at tfie birdd. were behind the peraon who fired the gun; who the i>er ?niwh he could not say, Wfaife th'is w,tne? wll *iying evidence, Tarrv interrupted him in an un PhJf'wn,! SUl u ?i l,aue been "'lowed.? lr. Chetwode said the bench considered the ol once proved; and as this waa not Blade's first of inHCeiA 8"te?ce wan, that he pay a tine of ?6, and 10 , costs torthwuh. and in detault, three MrnKt,-JK,,OI1I^en-,r kS,ade was committed ? Mr. Chetwode aaid, tf the extreme penalties had been sought for, he (Slade) might have been im prisoned for nearly twelve months, in detault ol ?&Wyflaiot a6out J? . He was liable to J ?20penalty and eosts, or six months' imprison ment; then, for trespass, to ?2 penalty andcoste xyi months lmpnsonment; and then to the ^enr" Un C0SlB' ?r thre? monthb' imprison So in the next case the Duke is the complainant. We use the word for lack of another, though it tug*?8t? unpleasant recollections of" the Wolf and tfi? Limb: " Thomas Hid way, a young man of Haddenham. was charged by the above Edward Gun trip with h7n5n h0t V uhY/' ?k" ,he 2^h of September, in the parish ot Haddenham T/ie above George Tarry was culled to prove the charge. He said thai between eleven and twelve o'clock on the day in & WaS ?.n^IrJJ Langdon's farm, and he ^aw Ridgewav and Slade; Ridgeway shot at a hare Zt ? kd,d nol klll n'* and that both") ihem ran alter it; he, at,ihe ttme.of shooting, being n* '.hl? ^rd" f?0m ?'d?TaJ- Th* prisoner de' "*d.tbc. and said he was at the time at 3 hi L?r,? VV^fn: Berry; and called Tacks, who ? db?r" a- Work wuh tbe Prisoner at the time. for a week "CirCUm8UDCe8 CaBC Was adJ0Uraed ?hPw ? following week theflOth of September. rf,? Tnrf T Cbetwode. J. Martyn, and J. 8. ,r??? and T. T. Bernard, Etqra., being the ad ministrators of forest law: ' Thomas Botley, a young man of Orendon Un terwood, was brought up, "handcuffed," by the k constables, and placed at the bar in that state, :?^ge,d* on lh? information of Thomas Plested -?f Chilton, one of the Rev. George Chetwode'a <*mekeepers, with having, on the 18ih of October ast, at Boarstall, used a gun for the destruction of fame, whereby he had forfeited a sum not ex .eedisg ?5. Botley had been spprehended bv varrant signed by the Reverend T. Martyn, on the ?revioss day, (Sunday) at his lather's house at jrendon. PriBoner dented tbe offence. Thomas iopcralt, of Arncott, a looker out for the Rev Jeorge Chetwode, deposed to his having seen the ?risoner, between six and seven o'clock in the norniDg of the day in auastion, shoot a hare in Barn-grosnd, Boarstall, in the occupation of William Blake; was sure it was him; mother man who was with him picked up -tie hare and put it in a bag; when he fired arttness was not more than fifty or sixty yards from 'in, ?ftekerkaid " WuM ?ot h,,n; be waa ?"?o .ent of this, he had two brothers, and they were all 10 much alike that a person could hardly tell them apart when close together; he was not thereat 'he time, and the man who had sworn to him had ?worn to the wrong; when he was guilty he did aot mind suffering, but he did not like to suffer for >nat which he had not done ; it was so long ago or he might have brought witnesses to prove where -ie was at the time; his brother had told him that a- !u88 1l r5' j ut b? f?ld tbal Hopcraft was further >fi than he had said he was It appeared that the -risoner hsd been previously convicted of an of ence against the game laws. Sentenced to pay \ fineol ?6?nd 10s cosU,forthwith,and in default tire* mouths' imprisonment in the house of correc ion, with hard labor. Botley said h* had not been summoned, nor had he seen the warrant by which i-hs parties now said they apprehended him. "v.uchneld said he told him he had a warrant when -ie went to apprehend him, and that he should have read it, but the resistance immediately offer --d by the prisoner, his lather, mother, wife, and jister, was such that it was impossible to do so Motley was committed topnson forthwith. Here the Rev Mr. Mariyn grants the warrant, and concurs with his brother clerical justice in the vindictive punishment of this poor laborer. But this is not all, lor the prisoner's family, stung be yond endurance by the injustice of the law and ap parent informality with which its rnymidons exe cuted its benests, resisted the capture of poor Bot ley. The result is thus reported Martha Botley, an elderly lemale, (the mother of 'he above prisoner), Martha Botley (his wife, who hsd an infant in her aims), aid Elizabeth Botley (his sister), were next brought in.o the chamber. ?harged by Henry Stuchfiefd with having, on the previous day, assaulted him, and with having en -teavored to rescue the above Thomas Botley 7rom his custody. The mother sppeared to be a very determined woman ; the sister sobbed loudly, and appeared to be in hysterics. Prom the statement of Stuchfield and Thomas Goddard, who had acted as his assistant, it appeared that, on their going to apprehend the above prisoner, he, with his father and the three prisoners, offered a violent resistance, beat the complainants with stones,&c.t

and endeavored to rescue the young msn. The mother, who spoke with much energy, declared that the daughter did not interfere; that the two men? ho came to take her son did not produce either si m mons or warrant; that one of them (Goddard) tnerely said he had got 'a bit of paper,* which was .he reason wny she tried to prevent her son from being 'torn to pieces;' that the complainants kicked iier about shamefully. The wife said she stood in her hosband's defence, and did not take up a stone till she had b*en kicked. Mr. Chetwode said con ?ttubles must be protected in the execution of their duty. If Stuchfield merely said that he had a war rant to apprehend the man, that w.a sufficient; if nj? apprehended without a warrant, he was smena b!e t. the law This was a serious charge, one I which they could not deal with summarily, but which most be sent to the quarter session, ft was notorious that the whole family set the law at de was a distresaiag easeithc should fc. Borry to commit them all for trial, he could not sec what elae could be done, unleoa they could find bail for their appearance. The wife oi the young man said he haa two children, and at times they had not a hit of bread lor two days together ? The mother said her husband, when at work on the road, had 6a per week. The parti? were lib erated on filtering into a bond tor their appear ance at the quarter aeaaiou. Mr. Chetwode said a warrant would be forthwith iasued against Daniel B-itley, the lather, and if reaiatance war* again oflerea, (hey would be deeper in the mire than be fore." * On thiaocc&HioBi Ridgeway's eaae, which had been adjourned the previous week, waa gone into. Ridgeway did not appear, and tha farmer for whom he had alleged that he waa at work at the time ot the offence, sent to lay that that waa not true. " It was stated to the bench that Ridgeway had beea twice before impriaoned for game law otlen cea; and he waaaentenced to three months* impri sonment, in default of the payment of a penalty ol ?5. with ooats, 10s.' No one who haa read the foregoing reports will be surprised that the man did not appear, tor it is plain that prosecution and conviction for game-law offencea are convertible terms , and a labourer who had been "twice imprisoned for game-law offencea" knew that for him there wasno mercy. Thia man, then, haa been compelled to become a starving vagabond ; will it not be wonderful if he does not become a deajicrace criminal T Govkrnmbmt of tbb Cbbbokbb Nation ?The lemoval ol the great masaol ihe Cherokee People irom their " beloved laud," now partitioned be tween the Statea ? f Georgia, North Carolina, Ala bama, and Tennessee, waa torcibly effected by the United States, in 1838, under circumstances of al most unparrallfled harnshipa, disease and suffering In the taccrediiiit year they arrived in the present Cherokee country?entered into an act of (Tnion. with those of their brothers, who had preceded them thither, aome by many years- and mutually adopted, under the " style and title ol the Cherokee Nation," their exulting government. Of thia gov ernment we present below a synopsis, intending to follow it shortly with the Constitution and Laws, in full. The Government of the Cheiokee Nation is Re nubhean?and is composed of the Executive, Le gislative, and Judicial Departments. The Executive Department consists ol a princi pal chid, an assistant principal chief, and an execu tive council of live members. The principal and assistant chiefs are elected once in every lour years, by a majority ol the qual ified voters of the nation; every sane male Chero kee citizen, who has attained the age of eighteen years, being entitled to vote It is the duty of the principal chief to see that the laws are regularly enforced, and to discharge those functions usually vested in an executive head He is empowered with the veto and the power of pardoning persons convicted and sentenced to pun ishment tor capital crimes, under certain restric-1 tions ; The legislative department consists of the nation al committee and the council?each of the eight districts into which the nation ia divided, being represented by two members in the former branch, and three in the latter. These members are elected ia the same manner as the chiefs, once every two years. They meet annually, at Tahlrquah, on the firm Mouday in October, in National Conncil, to legis late upon the general aHairs of the Nation. No bill can become a law until it has received the concurrence of both branches of the National Council, and ihe approval of the principal chief In case the principal chief disapproved of any bill, which has passed the National Council, ha returns | it with his objections in writing, to the body in which it originated. A vole ot two-thirds of the members of the National Council, is necessary to make any bill a law, the pasaage ol which has been objected to by the principal chief. The powers of the National Committee and the Council are the same, except in caaes ol impeach ment, and appropriations of money. All appropria tions originate in Council, but are subject to ap proval, modification, or rejection, by the National Committee. Impeachment for violation or neglect ol duty may be tendered by the Council against any public officer ot the Nation The National Committee then become a specially constituted court for the trial of such case. Members of the National Council receive for their services a per diem ot three dollar*, while they are in session. . The Judiciary is divided into the Supreme, the Circuit, and the District Courts, whose restiective duties and jurisdiction are clearly defined by law. The Supreme Court consists ot a Chief Justice and four associates? the Circuit Court of a judge for each ot the eight districts. All judges are elected by a jeintvote ot the com mittee and council. .... . f . The Supremejudges hold their aeats for the term of four years, the Circuit two years, and thediairint one year. Tne firHt receive a per diem of five dol lars, while engaged in holding Court?the second two hnndred and fifty dollars per annum, and the last one hundred dollars. , In addition to th?se oflicers.there is also a sheriff for each district, who is elected by the voters ol his district, every two years, and whi- receives tor his services a salary of two hundred dollars per annum. The right of trial by an impartial jury ot his countrymen, and of being controuted face to face by his accusers and witnesses, and ol legal acKice, is secured to every person amenable to and charged with an infraction ol the lawsol the Cherokee Na tion. The laws of the Cherokees are not sanguinary, norunnecessarilyflevere-murderand treason being the only crimeB punishable with death. Thelta, arson and similar offences with stripes. Debts are recoverable by law. The property ol the wife cannot be sold without her consent, to satisfy debts contracted by her husband, and tnet "*The Cherokees have no system of taxation. All expenses attending the administration el their pub lie affairs are defrayed out of annuities received from the United States .... The public funds of the nation are placed in the hands of a national treasurer, who gives bond and good security lor their sate keeping and disburse ment according to law. Betore the national trea surer can pay out any funds entrusted to hia care, on any account whatever, an appropriation, autho rising him to do so, must be first made by the Na tional Conncil, by special enactment, and a warrant be issued thereon by the principal chief. All persons holding office under the Executive, Legislative and Judicial departments of the govern ment of this nation, are required, before entering upon the discharge of their duties, to take oath to support and defend its constitution and Ibwb Officers or thb Cheboeee Nation ?Exbcii titb?John Ross, Principal Chief; George Lowery, Assistant Chiet; Richard Taylor, Jehn Looney, Thigh Walker, Eagle, Big Pheasant, Executive Council. ? _ _ , . , JroiciArr ? Supreme Court?Jease Bushyhead, Chief Justice, deceased, John Thompson,George Hicks. Moses Parris, Thomas Pegg. Robert Daniel, Clerk.?CKtroktt AdvocaU. Fbost in Sooth Cabolina.?The Hambnrg (8. C.) Banner, of the 31at ult, says:?On Tuesday night last ws ware visited by our old acquaintance Jack Frost, who has been hovering around our nelghboihood lor some days, but has been kept troin coming to anchor by the loroe of a north wetter, which quietly retired upon that av- sing, and permitted the old gentleman to (how his white locks, to our sdmiring citizen*, in all their ?randenr. We rather expect be wss not a very welcome visiter to those of oar planters, who have lets of cotten t?$e'h8ve net (says tha Greenville Mountaineer, of 1st inst) had sufficient fiost to kill vegetation in this region until the present week. Last Saturday was tha warmest day we ever recollect to have experienced st this season ol the year, the thermometer in the ihade rising to 78 de grees. On Monday a change took place, and on Tnesdsy and Wednesdsy mornings there was severe frost. At snn riseonThursdsy morning, the mercury wss down to M degress. Effects of tub Tabiff?A Oood Joee ?Mr. M'Cullough, owner of the shottowera in Baltimore cava perini sion to the democrats not long since, to ele vate a Polk and Dallss gig on ths summit of one of the shot towers. As soon as it wss dona, twenty-eight of the whlK grocers n fined to buy any more shot from him,but went to Philsdelphls, where tbey had to pay a cent more Nr pound, besides the expense of freight. Bnt the r.resm of the Joke is, it turned out that the setae Mr. M'Cul lough owns the ihet factories in Philadelphia also. ls*Bt that sapitsl. The Morm*ns.?'The Oaprey reports that, on Sa turday evening last, two regiments of the Neuvoo legion were making prepsrstions to march to Carthsgs, under the orders of the Oovemor, to protect the witnesses, Sc., at the trial of the murderers ol the Smiths, which are now going on st Carthage. ? St. Low's Era, Orl. M. Naval ?The U. S. brig 8omera, destination un known, sailed from thia port yesterday afternoon. The following Is a list of her oSlaers s-Cemiaender, Jas. T Oerry, Esq; First Lieut Owe M While; Second do. /ehn H. Sherburne; Pur>er, Wa. Oranti Passed Assistant Surgeon, David Harlan; Aeting Mester, Sayse I*. Weet oott i Midshipmen, Oee. S. Clarl, John T WnfLl<wman I dsf*s Clark, ? Pack; Power's Clerk, Mward T sterms, > Teosaaa, Lewis Ptaarl-fMU ?ee. Nee. 4 Modi or Electing the President and Vic* President or the United States ?There are doubtless many readers who are not familiar with ihe manner in wln.:h the President and Vice Presi dent of the United States are elected. Fur the es pecial information ot all such, we make public the following statement, which couveys at a glance the whole mod** opt fundi of this interesting process. Each State electa, after the manner prescribed by its Legislature, a number of electors equal to its representation in the two houses of Congress. As, for illustration, Pennsylvania has 24 Representatives and 2 Senators in Congress, and is entitled to 26 electoral votes. No perron holding an office under the United States is eligible as one ot the electors. The method of their appointment is not pieacribed by the Constitution, but the system adopted through out the United States is to choose them by general ticket, except in South Carolina, where they are chosen by the Legislature. An act of Congress re quires that they shall be appointed within 84 days ot the first Wednesday in December of every fourth year succeeding the last Presidential elec tion. The number-of electors in 1840 was 281. Under the present apportionment they have been reduced to 275, elected and divided as follows, v?*i? First Monday in November.?Maryland 8, Maine 9, New Hampshire 6, Connecticut 6, Virginia 17, Ueoraia 10, MUsissippi 6, Kentucky it, indun? 12. Jlnnoia o, Missouri 7, Michigan 5, Arkansas 8 Total, 110 Firct Tuesday in November.?New York, 38; New Jersey, (two days,) 7; Louisiana, 8; Ten uenxee, 14 Total, 62 Fiitt Wednesday in November ?Rhode Island,4. First Friday in November.?Pennsylvania, 26 : Olno, 23 Total, 49 Second Monday in November.?Massachusetts, 12; Alabama, 9. Total, 21. Second Tuesday in November.?Vermont, 6; Delaware, 3 Total, 9. Second Thursday in November.?North Caro lina, 14. The Legislature, say December 1.?South Caro lina, 9. The Electors for the several States are to meet on the first Wednesday in December, at places de signated in their respective States by the Legisla tures, and proceed to ballot on separate tickets for President and Vice President. One at least of the persons voted for must be a resident of a Slate oth er thrn that in which the electors reside. The electors are required to make and sign three certi ficates?each State stating the number ol votes for President and Vice President. Each certificate is to be sealed and endorsed that it contains the vote ot such a State for President and Vice President, and annexed te it a certified list of the electors of the State. All are to be addressed to the President of the Senate. One ot these cer tificates is to he carried to its destination by a person appointed by the electors, or a majority ot them, in writing, for which he is to be allow ed 25 cents a mile tor his expenses going and returning, and is bound to deliver his charge at he seat of government on the first Wednesday in January next ensuing. The secoad ot these cer tificates is despatched forthwith by mail, and the third deposited with the district judge of the dis trict where the electors assemble. In case of the failure to receive other certificates by the first Wednesday in January, it is the duty of the Uni ted States Secretary of State to send a special messenger for the one left in the custody of the judge, as above mentioned. On the first Wednesday of February Congress proceeds to ascertain the result of the election. Tellers are previously appointed, one by the Senate, two by the House. At the hour specified for the purpose, the Senate repair to the Hall of the Houve, their clerk bearing the certificate received from the several electoral colleges of the States. The Presidentof the Senate takes the chair, and after announcing the purpose ot the joint meeting, pro ceeds to break the seals of the envelopes, com mencing with Maine and proceeding in geographi cal order, handing over each to the teller without reading. Trie superscription and contents of such are read by one ot t^e tellers. The tellers then count the votes, and make duplicate lists thereof, which are lianded te the presiding officer, who announces the result, and declares the persona, if any, who 'lave received the majority ot all the votes given by the electors, to be chosen President and vu.e President of the States The Senate then with draw, their chief clerk, bearing with him the vote" of the electors, and one of the lists made by the tellers, to depOBite in the archives of the body The President elect is then waited upon by a joint committee ot the two houses, and the Vice Presi dent elect by the President of ihe Senate, and no tified of their election. In case that no person receives a majority ol the electoral votes for President, the House ofRepre ?entaiives immediately proceed to the choice by ballot, from the persons (not exceeding three)who have received the highest number ot voies. The vote in such case is made by states, each state being allowed one vote only, a majority of the re presentatives of said State present deciding for whom that vote shall be cast. A quorum for the choice of President consists of a member or mem bers trom two-thirds of the States, and a majority ol all the States is necessary for a choice. If a President is not chosen by the 4th of March, the duties devolve ?pon the Vice President of th--Se nate or Speaker ol the House of Representatives, is is provided in case of vacancy by death, rasig tion, &c. In ihe case of a failure to elect a Vice President, the choice is made by the Senate from the two highest on the list of candidates. Two-thirds of the whole number ot Senators is a quorum for the purpose, nnd a majority of the whole number is necessary for a choice. The President elect is inaugurated on the 4ih of March, the oath of office being administered to >itm by the Chief Justice ot the United States.? To the Vice President the oath is administered by a President pro import of the Senate, chosen for the occasion ?Harntbwrg, (Pa ) Union. [From the " Deutsche SchaelJpost" of Oct 34, 1844 ] Concert or Miss Josephine Branson.?On ihe 13 h ot November next, New York will witness one of the most extraordinary productions of srt at tae Tabernacle, where the young Miss Josephine Bramson, scarcely ten years of age, aud a true ge nius on the piano, to (jive one of the most brilliant concerts on ihis evening. The great est praise is bestowed upon the merits of this young, eminent artist, by all lovers of music; but in particular we would here give the opinion ot Mr. Schailenberg, which, of course, is of much greater consequence to the public than our own. Miss Josephine Bramson, he ssys, executes the most difficult parts with great skill, and her style is good and easy; distinguished she is, especially in ner "Andante," which but proves thst her very -soul has already been seized by the s;>ark of true geniue. The particulars of the concert will be given at another time. Bat we would here say, that the yontig Ole Bull, Giovanni Sconcia, who was to rapturously received at the Italian Opera lately, will assist the young Miss Bramson on this occa sion; and no doubt these two young artists will create quite a sensation in their concerts here. Trial or a Womai for thk Murder or m Infant Child ?The trial of Catharine Hewson commenced on Wednesday before their honors Judge* Story and Bprsgue A? far as it went, the evidence did not go be>ond what wss elicited before the commissioner on the primary examination in August, vix : that the pri soner ws? s deck paaaengsr on board ot th? Massachu setts on the night of July Seth ; thst the hsd su infant with her during the esriy psrt ot the night ; thst she re presented herself to be a married woman, coming to B s ton to meet her hu- band ; th <t about tea o'clock a he car ried the child lornard among the horses and haggage crstas, and when ahe returned, sometime alter, the no longer had the ehiid with her. Ifer movement* hsd ex cited observation, and in reply to questiens put by the other deck peaaengera, ahe Aral aaid the child was asleep under her eloek ; id, that a friend waa taking care of it down below ; 3d, thst it hsd died In s fit, snd she had thrown it overboard Bat subsequently to Captain Corn stock. ahe aaid ahe had toltn (Ac child up To aecare her from snno>ance by the excited passengers. he put hsr in a room on deok, snd plsoed a guard over her i bat soon afterwurds ahe aent fer the captain, and told him ahe had made wsy with her child by throwing it into the sea? At the asme time, ahe said it was s poor wsskly child, subject to fits, snd thst she wss a poor destitute women, and tinsbie to tsks csre ol it. When he first began to question her. Captain Comstoek supposed thet she we* under the influence of liquor, but he became satisfied that this wsa not the case, snd the aupposition ol intosiestioo was succeeded by a strong impression, arising (torn hei appearance, manner, snd remarka, thst ahe was not in her right mind. On Thursday several physician a of Boston snd New York were examined in behalf of the prisoner, and their testimony went strongly to support the set toe of hei counsel, that she whs partially deranged at the time th< child wsa lost The esse wss submitted to the jury with oat argument by conaaei on either aide, and after a charge by Judge Story, strongly in faeor of the prisoner, the |n ry acquitted her without leaving their aeats ? Bmiim I'en tin, free ? die heated and spurred ieesof. 01 down, entitled Hoelr " ,h* * Howe Ouard, te te completed in It Cltjr Intelligent*. Police Hceord?K.idit-Thk Koaaiav oh Bo*ai> 1 "hwT"*M""*T few*1-L<'? - Laat evening ottcer. Keltea and Miiiikrn arrested two colored men. named W t IvuZ and Patrick Vaughan, charged with atealmc 10m* abort lima lince, f juoo in dralta on thia city, from Mr lZT whila coming down 10 the city in 'ha iteembeat Swallow' Immediately on the arrival el the boat, on the mo mine at the robbery, the men above mentioned went to the Honor ?tore of Mr Hugh ArwUrong, No 111 Weit Broodwey. and gave an order for *ome cordial*, fcc, to k? pat up sm lent to Troy, in pay ment tor which they tendered a "Vrrk on the Amenoan Exchange Bank lor $900. Mr. Am atrong. before proceeding 10 execute the order, sent a lul to the bank to enquire if tt waa genuine, and ascertained that it waa perfectly goo 1. Ho then pat up the lienor*, and again lent the check down to ho Qa pwtiitiid a atcond tima, 'he clerk waa told it was a sto len Jralt, and onoot the persons waited on Mr Armstrong and recommended him not to part with his property but *?,in ?? the sterol , y did not return, and were never heard of till last ni^ht, when the ofleer* arreated them. Thev are ao? mitted to priaoa to answer to the oharge of tho rehbery. Rosskd in a Hoeia or Ban Kirovs ? Last ?ttiw Mr Denia Riley, of No. SM Franklin iquare, want into a houae in Water street, and while there was rebhod of six sovereigns and a lalf, value fai 44 by a girl named Maria Hi) deu Sim wai aoon afterward* arreated and takes to priton, but none of tho money wt< foithceminr ' she is therefore committed. ?sfSTt""#"."'!'! P"J0?* l"D Onwm Btsliw Bail.?On the Jdth of laat Augmt, a person named David Hamilton, was at rested and tit Id to nail in the i um of IIM to an ZZZ'tiVZSgrS? Volt "d b,tt"7 committed by him, but was bailed out by a man naued South Caso and whan called to trial his bail waa forfeited. Soon af terward* Ca*e, the ba J, who hat. qealit-d and sworo that he waa the proprietor of a houae No. M Pitt atreot, waa ?ub|<nned, and kit waa at onco discovered that ko ' aworu I a Wei y, inasmuch aa the houae No 00 Pitt atract waa in nowiee hi* property, but had belonged to Mr. John 8 Llliaon, No Ml Sullivan atiaat, for 4 yeara past. Caae waa arreated laat nitcht, and this morning waa lullv com mitted to anawer te the charge of perjury" Attempt *t Rtri ?*? Incs*t.?A young girl, 10 years of age, nam< d Suaanna Fov, of No. 10S Naaaan atreot cornet of Ann atreet, thia morning preferred a cam plaint sgsinst her father, Patrick foy, for attempting, on We jneiday night, to have criminal.connection with Lor. The unnatural parent ia fully committed to prison to sn awer to tbe charge. Marine Court. Bnioie Judge Sherman. . J,TJamf' McGinntt va. Jaieph Lmo- CWiewa Jtc ?'*? -Thia "vaa an action brought to recover $60. beinx the amount ol a bet on a wreatling match. It appeared .!L ?Ht *B w??lw *K? ? wreatling match tookplaeo at the Battery-plainti? hot *60 on una of the parties at the conclusion, the money waa handed to defendant It bo. ing auppoaed that the party plaintiff bad bet upon had S.1 to ioimeily made, to the tffect.that if one of the partiea waa brought down upon h a knee, and thereby loae hold ot bia opponent, bo .** t0 &m, * f"U' " aatisfacterily proved took Sie'uorSl"?.j.lfff& ?* ?fdefend"lt' ttturbml OUUtfUyn. Datid Evant -TbU waa an ao . 0,1 for ,tha ?'neurit ol a funtnil bill alleged te h?v. been incurred in the month of May laat The plain-Id who is an undertaker, allegea that he waa employed hv defend ant on the oceaaion ot hia late father'a funeral, and tn. re \\ ! , . '"'?Jbe expenaes incurred Defence put in waa that plaintiff had never been employed by delmdaot That on a former occasion he had paid him one h-il of the bill on the undemanding that application waa to be made to bu brothera for the other pan. Adjourned over to thia forenoon. * Superior Court. , Nov. S.?-Ca??*/1 va tValkrr ? rtwa caae, noticed In yea ?iSfiZiujst* T"i"" ""d'M ? '?* Circuit Court. Not 4-John Dee f a Hirkaid No? ?Thia tediou* WIU case ia still be.ore the ? ouri. Common Maat, w Not. I Mann va Aft ad, tt al ?In thia cue. reported ,hu jury wui ^ ??? D f , General desalona. Before Recorder IaliDiadce and Aldermen Winabipand w ^ ? Hubreack. y M. C. Pitbmon, Eiq , U?i 1 iet Attorney. ? ca" ^mutl ddami - The case of thia individual, mdieted lor tsl.e pretences-application wm made to bring on tbe trial of thia cau*e, involving the oh* taming, by laiae meana >6<) Otxi worth of provufona tnm Vleaara. Suvdetn, Sage A to ; and he waa placed at the bar to plead, when bia counael, Meaara. Morria. (iraham and Molt, conteDdtd that their client waa not in the iarifc dictLn of thu Court, inaamnch aa he was in the custody of an officer, on a writ of " habeas corpus,'1 to be tikn beiore Judge Vanderpoel of the Huperior Conrt, tenehiu In* right to be diacbarged. Counael for the accused ?"b" A .?lel.RtC0,lD" expreaaing tke views of the cided that so long aa theaccnaed waa held under the writ of kahtat e$?pu> before Judge Vanderpoel, who exercised concuireot jtiusdiction, h?> waa out of the Juriadiotion of thia court until the application under the writ of i-?? (nrpui waa diipo*od of. T.ialfy Jit dint and Jhttting in the E tempt mf a Cew vucted Kb*.-The trial. f Wiluaui Davis, indicted tor the above offence, waa then called on. He ia charted wlS aiding and abettiug in the eacape of the Botorioae Alex ander Hoag, while acting in the capacity of one of tho deputy keepers of the city priaon, and in whose care and charge Hoag waa at the time. The alleged offence is a ' f?lony in the eye of the law, end in accordance with the 1 tat ate. 8.x juror* only were found on chailengel to be cam tent to try the i**ne, and tbe remainder of the p?.?| were aet aaide, a* they Hated that there waa bias ou their in relation to the case. ??*** The DiaTaicT ATtoancv naked that additional Juror* ahould be aummoued, taken lrom the county, and the immediately proceeded with Tke cou ?t decided that the whole eaae ahould m over until Moridav, and that the aheriff lumznon forty addition al jurera, to be praient on that day. J!"1 RSi"LL al,p?,r?d 'or thu defence. Trial J?T bur/Ury ?-Thomas Smith, impleaded with John Huiiivan, previomly tried and convicted indieud for a burglary in the flrat degr.e la breaking Utotho heuaeof Mr. James Pennet, in 17th atreet, on the night of the VII it of Auguat laat, and tteaiing ailver ware wlW. ko. worth ?U. waa then put on his triil ' *' Sullivan, although impleaded with Smith in this burgla ry .was convicte 1 lor breaking into tbe premises of Meaail Scott k Co in Broalway, and stealing a Urge mw of property He wa* not tried for this offenea ?mlt k and Sullivan ware ai reated at the aame time and the manner ol auch win ftilly detailed on the trial el's?l '?van, and the property found by Juatice MatsaU and tha offlcera, and identified bv Mr. Ponnet. A* Smith wa* not fully identified with SnUlraa the jury rendered a verdict nl not RUilty. \ C0Urt "icn to Monday next at II n*cl?ck. ? Beacon Couroe. Me. boiToa :? You, na the editor of a popular journal, ever wil> ,D*\ .a? y/)U t?> wrve the public weaL would br doing but an act of justice to that public by warning them ttgniriHi the danger they will in cur 1! they go on the Htunda of the Beacon Count ? to witness the coming race; as one of them fell 'lown on the 24th ol lu?t month, while tilled wuh people?maiming and bruising many persona, tow . erhapH lor life. By culling attention 10 thfPf ftctfl in time, you may sttve many lives. HvMANmr. The Okowtti of a VtLt.Adt -The village of Oi|n<LWKa, on the Upper MtMiasippi, was laid out in JSIfl. At that time provision* of every aort were ebll iredto be im|M>rted for thn conaumption of aettlera Now the tide ha* tnrnrd, and the inaigniflrant village wlthfa the prevent ye*r ha* made to St Loui* and other markets the following eiporta:-M8H barrel, of pork end lard 194 barrel! beef,'Jfta4 barrela flour, 4? 000 buihela wheat M balei Iiemp, XI aacka wool. 900 h gahead* tobacco a l*rg?(|iiantlty of torn,oat*, hemp, *eed, hide*, .un nel trie', and other article*. ' " :" ~ x- ? ga? <sntaiat. I"he iccoiaiiKiSatMin ot thi* ihtp for eahin, M??nd r?h,n .nil .tearasa ntttmgan nnn. t be ...r,i..^l ThoTTj.!,, . enra bertrii aheeld sot >ail 10 eukr *?rly siipiie .linn ?. bond foot of ?treat, or to W fc J. T/T* pBr01"1 "8 7* Wneih .rewi ftirwiMiiilt | JtfL i f_UrK ' Is ? HfUUL-l>r1,uia. I ?kr, ... ,lu, -.,7 ABL uttiW' 1* f?at Militia |?. ket "hip VIR(?i M AN, ai^eia C. A. He..., will a..I aa above, ha, Having vary raperior aeeommodattone for eahia aeeeed rjbia and ateenea |,( .vrvxi. -lahing to .hoold male anH.eati.m ?D of "'JZ, VrMCRHAV. - contr of Woiick .iAL ^'NiJ,r'r) I',N.K t,(" LIVKRPftOL PACKKTB ffWVT" ?*'' poattively 00 the Slh Nov. bar n*ikl day, dpMKetlw n.w packet .hip ISABELLA, l##? toei, Capu/n < Brma, will .*.| |K?.tiv?ly a. abeve. 1 kia floe 1 aw .lupliaa accomeiodancMi. rairly net with for lecond cab n |i iwitfan Second cabin paaaaogta wtll be taaan at atf*ni< pnrra. and accommodaird in a aeperior tnanpar in a roomy bonae 00 dach, built mji lor the ner l,r>ae, aRording a moa> deaireble ..pia.rieaitf for peeaena aboet i>ro<W?din( to tha old roantrr. W ft J. T. TAPBCOTT. "7 re T* an"1'. rnrn*r Maiden Iabm. tfar , ShW OltLfc.AiX9.?Loeiaiaaa and .nVw MSVyTork I.ine ? Hrgvlar parkrt 10 tail SemrdiT. I Ml jppMpinatant. The rleaant faat iillloa packet ihip MIASIS ^Tmrrii i Hilli.rd, Will I~?iti?.|> .?n ai ?t>ova her ragalar lav. freigbt or reaaae*, having haadaome farmakad ae ommi.daiioui, niply mi b?? rd.M Orlaaoa wharf, fool nfWall ifrret, or m K K < OLLINS ft t'f> , M Btioth ac 1'i'iitivalr no goodi raeeived ou board after Kridav ISlH inBf .*>ht|>r ?" mar rely npon having their gooda aomcilv t ird" ibipi of thia lina will aail (.uacteally ai adrer A?.nta ia New Orlaeaa Maaara Hallia aad Wood raff, who *vI'rem^lr forward all goodi to their addra*. ntw wanted for Charleston, s c , No. t Wall *traei g( tw*IO