Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 9, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 9, 1844 Page 3
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AITilftUd bat knew, or had the moatr '? of the many astonishing and seemingly miraculous i-d Kv ilitt greet reintdy for private diseuaa, um at suffering unnece?s<ry torture, would emmy their (trash, and raw to keep secret apotlierary shops, ud moment's delay huteu to the Hiinteriau Dispensary. Uion street. (nd procure a vial of Dr. Huiters Uttl :li of itself i? amply sufficient to cure any caie ? r vial, with full directions, and guaranteed incurs held at do other place in the city, Do tale iu Al . 31 Lydius s'reet. ?nccntreted lOitrart of Sanapullla, uid Sassafras, prepared by the New York Collegeof and Pharmacy, established for the suppression of '1 lus relined and highly concentrated extract, pos I the purifying qualities and curative |>owera of the 1 lis, is confidently recommended by the College as in i|<enor to any extract of Saraaparilla at preseot before :, and may lia relied on aa a Certain remedy for all I Kriring Iroin an impure state of the blood, such an salt-rheum, ring-worm, blotchea or pimples, nicer*. 1 ! bones or joints, nodes, cutaneous aruptioua, ulcerates ' , or any diMaaaa arising from tlie secondary effects of r an injudicious nae of mercnry. nugle 75 cants each. ' > of half a dozen Boitlea S3 50 four doxen " 6 00 lrwardr-ti to all parts of the Union. ?A ?<r> liberal discount to wliolaaale purchasers. i if tlx College 95 Nassau street. W. 8. RICHARDSON, M. D., Agent. 1 ct of Cabeba, Copal v a, and Haraapa- ' . (Jliirei'i.)?This is the most a|?edy, certain, ana ef- ' kmedy for the cure of Gonorrhoea that haa aver beau | 1 i? pleasant to die |*late and grateful to the stomach, i lyt.ikrii. It is aconcentration of all the medicinal pro- , f such remedies as hava been found most efficacious iu I I eets, seminal weakness, and all discharges from the i >astaje. It is wholly a vegetable compound, and acts arm in producing an immediate operation upon the !ted. Kull directions accompany the ui-dicine, which i*d *t No. 2 Ann street. Price $1. MONBY DI4IIKEI'. Friday, Not. 8?8 P. M. 1> wm another very general decline Id stooks to-day, !edly produced hy the result of tha election in farmers'Loan fell off 3 percent; Illinois, 2^; , IJ, Pennsylvania 5'a, J; Ohiott's, ]; Stouingtou, wich and Worcester, | ; Harlem, 1; Mohawk, 1; : , 3J; Long Island, J; Morris Canal, }; Kentucky Bank and Erie Railroad closed firm at yestar- ' Vices. Tlie aalea were not very large, but the opi- ! Iiong operators appears to be favorable to a further j ng Exchange for tha steamship to-morrow is rm nt 10J. and in several Instances 10} was de- ' The enquiry .a very limited, and it is probable] 1 >st of the operations will be made to morrow, ew Orleans, on the 30th ult. Sterling Exchange I :iin; at 3 a 6] per cent premium. Francs, 5f. 30 a 6f. { th a very limited demand. At Mobile, on the 30th, ling rates were 8 a 8$, with more offering than ee- j after. Guurdlan Insurance Co. of this city, have declared ' end of Ave per cent, pa; able on the loth Inst. Jury in the case of the United States vs. the Bank United States, tried beforo theU. S. Circuit Court, ulphia, rendered a verdict for tha defendant i annex returns from twenty city banks. They have ' fiven before as fast as they came to hand, bnt for the e of showing their comparative condition collec- j , we give them together:? I New York City Banks. Bank,., . ?'lug. 1X44' Loam. Specie lank, 1,943,466 ?32,744 .......... 1.496,916 236,118 _j ft.xe.Bk... 2.062,160 404.935 r Manuf.'s Bk, 1,395 877 109,862 nts Bank,... 3,768,323 1,319,559 oti'Exc. Bk, 1,6 .2,655 111,097 <?" Bank,.... 1,862.949 238,859 Assoc n,. 587.020 76,047 c*l Bank 985,108 70,952 :r* ??r;',v*"' 1.235,95)7 112,750 Wif ^ 3.598.114 768,311 ?j. Ward Bk,.. 895,809 71,618 New York,. 1,835,776 792,704 ,,"ln.merce>- t.216,667 1,101,851 lalBank 1,359,227 254,912 > 1,231,595 315,783 2,484,658 642,046 Of America,... 4,421,632 1,612,289 ujics' Bink,... 2,344,054 505,607 ? Bank,.. 1,077,478 . Nov. 1844. , Loam. Specie. i Hirer I $41,254,511 Circ. i Bank, 451,782 rHnnk 210,550 Exchange 154,662 r Manufac'ri, . 273,032 s-aau? 370,738 hunt*' Exc. ... 209,697 Man 58,860 }'s Bkg Ass'n,... 264,752 ical 82,P80 iers'& Drovers', 237,151 "sof N. York, 280,466 I... Ward Bank, 230,764 [ of New York... 423,288 : of Commerce,. 21)9,915 oual Bank 221.818 m Bank 190,371 n B>nk 452,663 ; ol America 243,138 lauics' Bank,... 430,221 Dock Bank,.... ? 94,135 9,072,199 Dens. 937,702 832,805 1.826.991 624,469 3,528,477 546,232 996,931 191,473 79;i,420 560,8112 1,6,4,1% 314,807 1,869,462 2,425,696 769,847 981.065 1,428,680 1,106,246 1,301,396 1,941,945 1,407.996 2,821,979 1,106,792 3,381,354 1,740,036 1,735,050 570,269 916.832 1,236,013 2,990,276 958,047 1,8(6,764 4,275,113 1,377,335 1,238,358 2,492.077 4,381,852 2,591,771 1,123,432 40,336,390 Circ. 491,213 210,047 171,126 275,592 374,932 230,905 57,280 281,340 119,973 270,451 274,908 256.833 425.834 281,490 243,197 197,020 433,785 236,473 405,469 313,476 , 325 784 187,785 7l,46il 959,597 131,535 336,325 , 94,785 | 64,617 i 99,377 731,467 -51,743 790,846 1,183,?'fi 185,723 I 160,011 540,522 1,162,735 324,771 117,711 7,836,477 Dept. 1 l,?>82Vl 18 i 836,276 1,034,898 599,110 3,487,402 607,380 1,175,717 493,689 716,052 568,191 1,602,258 346 516 1,861,919 3,138,461 666,35*5 874,073 1,504,481 ! 1,383,095 I 1,365,369 $5,389,718 23,953,308 5,574,566 34,157.906 c summing up of these twenty Banks stands as lol IAug. 1844. AToe. 1814. Incr. Deer. ii and discounts,.. $41,254,511 40,236.290 ? 1,018,121 IC 9,072 199 7,826,477 ? 1,245,72! ulitio'i 5.389.718 5,574,586 181,843 ? 23,953,208 34,157,906 204,698 ? I will b? observed that the amount of specie has been iuished since the previous returns. The present unt in these banks is under eight millions, end in nection with this fact we wish to show the )<osition of pet banks in their business with the government. CIK AMD GoVKRPfMKNT DkPOIITS IK THK PkT BaNKS. Deposits, Oc' 38 Specie, Nov 1. lhany City Bank $38,398 nnk of Commutes 1,480,878 unk ef America I,AM,651 m-riean Exchange Bank. ?6H,43-J i trhantb'Bank 1 383,146 $60,909 1,183,206 1,163 735 187,785 959.957 $5,400,403 $3,654,593 jVe see here that the government depodts amount to it ly two m llions more than all the specie on hand in iae hanks. Should the government call for their d > its iu specie, it would drain every dollar from their |ilu, and leave them indebted two millions still Tbete banks must be in a very nniafe condition. Within last quarter they have experienced a declii.e* the rpecie Item. The Merchants' Bank shows a do nnof $160,983; American Exchange Bank $317,160; nk of America $449,664. W> annex our usual table of quotations for the prioci 1 securities of this O-iiintry used for investment Pricks sf Stocks in thk New York Markkt. Redeem- 1844. 1844. 1844. Rate. able. Sept. 30. Oct 31. Nov. 8. nted States, 5X 1844 ? a ? ? a? ? a ? 6 1844 106 a ? ? a ? ? a ? 6 1862 U5!l<all6 119 all9X ? a ? 103 a103?i 106 ?w York, 5 1853 7 1848-49 109 alio " 109 6 1850-54-60 110 alll 111 6 18*11-4,2-67 110 a? 111 5X 1860-61-65 ? a ? 10} 5 1845 - alOl - 5 1846-7-8-9 101 alOlK 105 5 1850-1-3 101 al0l)2 105 5 1855-58 102 a!C3 105 5 1859-60-61 103 al03 105 4X 1849-58 6 1850 1850-60 al09)i 108 a 109 a? 110 al 12 all2 110 all3 105Hal06K 105 a 106 105 al06 105 a 106 105 al06 105 al06 ? a ? 100 al05 . a 106 !?= >101^ 100 aieov 182^ IOlXal02>? intucky, in.lis, liana, kansas, 99 a 99? 100 2l0l| 99Xa 99X !02XaH_^. ? a? ? a? 95 a ? 106 a ? 107 a!09 ? a ? l02?ial02X 104Kal04^ 104 a ? ? a ? 85 a 90 83 a 85 44 a 44X 44 a ? 40*a 4IX ? a? ? a 44 41 a ? ? a? 53 a 55 53 a55 ? a ? ? a? ? a ? ? a ? 81 a 82 81 a 82 71K*71X 74 a 74* 71*a71X ? a ? 104 a ? 113 all3V ? a ? 109 ?l09$t - a - ? a ? 101 Va ? ? a ? 101)2*102 ? a ? 99 alOl 97Xa ? 99ttal00 ? a ? 120 a 125 4l?a 4] 4) t 44* ? a ? M a 10.1 I a IV - i I 104 a ? 101*alfl2V 101*al02* 99 a 99)4 9?Sa 99'2 120 a ? 38 a 38* 98*a 99* 6 5 1850-56 7 1856 6 5 6 1870 5 35 years aliama, 6 ? 5 nnsylrania, 5 ? inuejisee, 6 ? York City, 7 1857 7 1853 5 1850 " 5 1858-70 iCom'aN. Y., full: " scrip Y. Life Ins. fc Trust Co. riners' l?aii k Trust Co. tin Lif: Int. 8c Trust Co. uk of U. S. in Penn'a., 8a 8* ? a 8 7a ? lion k Providence Rasl'd, I08**l0'i* 188 al09 100 a ? Jersey K. K. 8i Trans. Co. 93*a ? 95 a 9>* 95 a 96 nh*wk Ik llud'n Hailroad, 62 a 62* 67*a 68 62 a ? IC1 St Schenectady Rail'd, 12* a|j(l 129 a ? 128 al32 ricuw a Iftica Ksilroad, 117 a? 119**120 120 a? ihuru (t Syracuse Riil'd, ? a? 1211 a? 119*a ? iburn k Rochester K. R., I08*t? 110*all2 109 a? It will be perceived that thara has, since the departure the last steamer, been quite a decline in the quotations r many of the Stata stocks, including some of those now gitlorly paying the interest on their public debt. In>M a, Illinois and Pennsylvania State stock i have fallen off' ry much, and a further decline in the maiket value of e stock of delinquent States, must bo experienced. Tho rtionofMr Polk, settles the policy ol the adminis'ra in of the general government for tha next four years d the piiucipla of distribution f*Ua to tho ground The pe that many enter.ained of the success ol Mr. Cisy, account of this principle alone, muat now be abandon , and the creditors of the delinquent States, look to her sources for tho payment of their bonds. Ever> u'.n must now depend upon its own resources Nothing n be expected from the general government to aid them their flnancial difficult! s. We cannot at present seir a '.lightest favorable indication in the movementa of tl,e puJiating States, calculated to aff-rd the most trifling .[?? to 'hose interested in the regular payment of the se lling interest on their Urge debts. So far as the State Illinois is concerned, the whole negociation shorn Inch so much has been said, and so much time and money nsumed,is narrowed down to tha decision of the Legi* lure of the State the coming winter. If a t?xis levie.', e bondholders ol Euiope advance tha amount agreed up i, but if a tax is not levied, tha whole concern explode?, id the a IT lira of the State, so far as regards har debt, fsil ck to their original position. The subscription to the oposod loan rcmaina open in London until the Legial.i? to decile the question. Some additions bava been nd-? to the subacriptions here, but not to an amoui.l affect the end desired. Indiana is beyond hope? iildsrsot stock of that S'ate, in Europe/have employed ov Davis, of Massachusetts, to lobby for then through napproaching cession of th? Legislature, to obtain, il ossible, (soma action in rotation to thelridamanda. As jr Pennsylvania, it Is at present lmpoeeibta to tall what?: mayj b?Mh* Iraault] olJKhe course |adopted by the last Legialaturefto iroect>;the; in'ereet punctually on the immeote debt of the State. Th? sale of the pub lie work* is oat o( tho question. It will be found impoMibla to obtain purchaser* on the term* proposed We hare an eridence of thi* In the move ment* regarding the Delaware uiviaion, and a mom favorabl?ire?ult cannot be expected with the main line.? Mary land may do much better with her creditor* than any of the other delinquent State*, but at present every thins is in doubt and uncertainty. So tar a* heard from the people were 'iquidating the demand* of the tax col lector* very rapidly. Very little change ha* taken place in the financial condition of aolvent State*. The public work* ol thi* State and of Ohio have been unusually pro ductive thi* year, which, so iar as the latter State i* co i cerned, is of the mo*t vital importance, and insures to her creditor* the regular payment ol their dividends. \ Now Hteek Bzekanfc. $17000 Ohio ?'s, '80 101* JO shas Mohawk RR 0IS 35000 do 101 ITS do fil MOO do 100Ji 250 Reading KR 51 j 5000 Illinois spcl bds 39 350 do Siw i 15000 do blO 38 200 do jlli 5000 do b30 38 100 do ?30 51'4 5000 do 37 150 do >30 51 1000 do 37 V 200 do i60 50V 8000 do b30 J7? 100 Harlem RR ii0 87 | 1C000 Indiana bonds 39K 50 do *M 66 5000 do bSU 39H 50 do rs I 10000 Penn'a 5's alO 71 150 do s6Q 67 5000 do sl5 71 100 dn bl2m 75 13000 do 71 100 Eaat Boston Co 10 1 85 >has Bk Com. scrip 99 200 do 9V 100 Farmers' Trail blO 39 50 do 9*. 50 do b30 39 150 L Ialaud RR 74 * M do bl5 39 100 do blO 75 ! 140 do 39 150 do 74U 100 do 38V 275 do 76 ii do nw 38V 250 do b30 76>; 3A0 do 38){ 125 Morris Canal 31 , 50 Illinois Bank 23 50 N Jeraey RR 95 M do 23){ 150 Stomngtoa RR sSO 45 | 10 do 22 850 do 45 I 50 Manhattan Gas 89 150 do blO 45 50 Canton Co 41 50 do 44V t 111 do 4IH 25 Housatonic RR 40 300 do blO 42 1000 Nor It Were RR 73 | 75 do 4l? 50 do blO 73 120 Erie RR 31 >5 do blO 73 W ' 105 do 30K 100 do 72V I 25 do 3l? 50 do >30 72? 50 do >60 30 300 do 73)3 ! 50 do s?0 31 Second Board. $5000 Illinois 6's, *70 38 25 shaa Stonington RR 46 I 150 shu Nor It Wer RR 74 ? 25 do 45V 150 do 74* 15 do 45H 50 do >60 74 50 do b30 46 125 do 75 11 New Haven 91 1 25 N Y It Erie RR 32 50 Morris Canal 31V ? 100 Canton Co 48X 50 do 31)5 Old Stock Kichange. $5000 Indiana $ bda b30 4 0 125 shaa L Island RR 74X j 1000 Texaa Tr notes >6m 10* 50 do b30 75 I 1000 do >6m lis 50 da b30 75V I 25 shas Farmers' Tr e 39 50 do bnw 74V 50 do 38)4 100 do e 74 | 50 do blO 39 >5 do s30 74 25 do >30 39 100 Nor It Wore RR 73 i 100 do 39X 25 do e 78 ; 50 Canton Co s4m 40 50 do s4m 70 ' 25 do >4m 42 25 do e 72V 75 Harlem RR a 10 67 50 d? >10 7IM 1 25 do C 66? 75 do c 72Vj , 25 Steuwgton RR c 44)2 50 do slO 72* Sales or Stocks?Boston, Nov. 7. 30 share* New England Worsted Co 90]; 13 do Charles ; town Branch Railroad, 87; 3 do Salisbury Manufacturing i Co 1035; 6 do Old Colony Railroad, 103. 110 do Weitern ? RR, 88$; AO do * o 1 mo, 881; 160 do Reading RR, 36$; 100 do 36}; 36 do 38); 60 do Norwich and Worcester RK, b o 1 mo, 77; 8 do76$; 64 do 76]; 80 do 77; 87 doao3d<, 77; 36do a o 3 d*. 774; 13 do a o 3 ds, 77$; 76 do 8 o 6 ds, 77, 36 do s o 10 ds, 77; 300 do b o 1 mo, 78}. State of Trade. Ashes?Pot* arc very inactive at $4 16 a 4 18], Tearln . arc dull, but *teady At $4 36 a 4 31$. Bkeswax?Prime yellow north: in and southern is held ' at 30} a 39]c. Hat?Prime qualities of North River bale sell at 88 a 40s. ' ins ket?Drudge casks are steady at 38c. Western i and prison barrel* are held at 38) a 39 j. Tea*?At Auction?Imported in the barque Cynthia and ! ship Robert Fulton. Terms?Note* at lix month*, paya? ble in the city of New York, to be made aatisfactory to the | seller* Young Hy*ou--6 hf chest* 71 cts per lb; 36 do#8; 44do 04; 38 do 60, 63 do 49, 66 do 481, 9 do 48, 10 do 47$, 4 do 47, 6 do 461, If do 45$. 80 do 44, 30 do 43, 10 do 43, 139 do 41$, 69 do 89, 86 do 38$, 890 do 38, 116 do 87$, 60do 36, 80 ilo 34$, 360 do 34, 36 do 33, 48 do 33$, 41 do 13$, 634 do with drawn. Hyson?7 hf cheat* 76, 80 c't est* 67,10 do 66, 14 hf chsts 66, 88 do withdrawn. Hyson Skin?30 chett* and 113 half do 43, 67 cheat* 41, 10 do 401, 80 do and 36 h! do 36$ 113 cheats 36$, 43 do 36. 30 do 34$. 47 do 34, 60 do 30, 60 do withdrawn. Gunpowder? 33 hf cheita 6(3, 41 do 63, 43 do 68$, 39 do 67. 6 do 61, 66 do 46 31 do withdrawn. Imperial?33 hi chests 63$, 67 do 66$, 83 do withdrawn Oolong?30 hi Chests 40$, lbdo89, 16 do 37$, 60 do 36 76 do 33$, 40 do withdrawn Koken?30 hf chest* 84,146 do withdrawn. Ningyong?M hf chests 36$, 30do36$, 166do05, 36 do 33, 64 do withdrawn ;$ a 9 J a 9] Cotton Trade. There ha* been a good enquiry, both from ahipper* and spinners, and to day about 1,300 bales were taken at stea dy rat* s. The southern market* are very dull, with very i large receipt* and limited sale*. W? have no alteration i ot consequence to make in our quotations. Those cur- | rent we annex LlTEBrOOL CLASSiriCATlON. | Uplandi ft Florida. Mobile 4* -V Or It ant l Inferior, 4$ a 6 Ordinary, U a t$ Middling, 6 a 6$ Good Middling, 6] a 6$ Middling Fair, 6} a 6} 7? a 7l Fair, 6j a 7 7$ a 7$ Fullr Fair, 7$ a 7$ 7] a 8 Good Fair, 7$ a 8 8, Fine, 8$ a 8$ 9] Corn Trade. Thi* market is not now very active. Speculative de- i mand seems to have ceased Genesee flour is held at $4 , 76; Richmond, $6 $8] a 4 76. Wheat range* from 96 to < 103 cents; corn, 63 cents. In Baltimore, on the 6th inat. small sale* of Howard , street flour were made at $4 36 fur new. The receipt price was $4 131 No transactions in City Mill* flour? I itolder* ask $4 37$ Supplies of wheat were fair Snle* of Maryland red* at 83 a 93 cents for good to strictly 1 prime, and at 76 a 88 cents lor interior to good; i Id corn ' at 43 a 43 cents for white, and 46 a 48cents for yellow New was worth 40~ cents for white and yellow. Two' parcel* of old Pennsylvania yellow sold at 47 a 48 cent*. 1 Sales of oats at 36 a 36 cents We learn from Buffalo that there were large sale* of j wheat there on the 6th inst at 80 cents. The cargo of the Emerald told at 81 cents. Two thousand bushels brought Ml cents, and a small lot of Toledo eold at 73 i ent*. Com mon brand* of flour sell at $4 800 bbls. fair Ohio, deli ' verable at the Hudson, brought $4 70. Sales of Venice at $4 38 Tho export of wheat from Cleveland to Canada, during (he past month, was light, only 3,600 buahel*, with 4,70'J bbla. of flour. From point* upon the upper lake* the ihipment* lor such destination ha* been full, as is shown , !>y the fact that 361.000 arrived at Oswego during Octo- i ber The whole amount of flour and wheat which airiv i ed at Cleveland, together with the aggregate exported to j Canada, from the opening of navigation to the let oI No- ' vets ber, was a* follow* :? Canal Recent*. FUiur, bhlt Wheat, bthlt 464,810 930,SeO ExroaTS to Canaoa. Flour, bblt. Wheat, bthlt 77 970 177,460 The decrease in the ihipment to Canada ha* been pro duced by the abundant crops in England, and no demand, ia const q'lenc :, coming Ironn that quarter. Provlalon Market. Our different market*, and come of the many mea> shop* begin to exhibit their u*ual fall show or supply of line beef, mutton and veal Wild game ia very plenty. Poultry of the various , kind* i* in great abundance. Vegetables continue plenty, and are still very reaiona ble in price. The Ash market* are well supplied. The winter fruits make a great show for so early in the season are In demand?eight for 1*. by the hundred. Brighton Cattle Market. Nov 4 At market, 3,700 beef cattle, 600 stores, 3,000 sheep, and 3,100 serine. Several hundred cattle unsold I'aicE*?Beet Cattle? Extra, $4 60 a 4 76; flrst quality, i $4 a 4 36; second do, $3 76; third quality, $j 76 a I 60 Barrelling Cattla? A lew hundred were taken by tho barrellcr* at $3 60 fcr No 1, and $3 13$ for meas Sheep? Sales ol small lot* from $1 33 to 3 36 ? Swine- Lot* to peddle 3$c for iowi; 4Jc for btrrow*; a t lot of old hogs, from 8$ to 4c. At retail, from 3$ to 6c ?>led, V. Mobile, on the 3d ult. Alexander Gibson, native ef I Dumfries, Scotland, aged 33 Hasfrnxer* Arrived. Mobile?Brig Linden?Sarah Averill, Mary Averill, C Are rill, A Averill. .. = ! foreign Importations. Rio Janeibo?Barque St Joseph?22 pieces rosewood 44 do gu ilua 25 bbls tapioca 100 hags coffee Siff kin. Ironsides h co? II8S J Gihon?1I0C W Robinson?705 hides 25 bbls tapioca J '1 Brett?1100 bag* coffee Gfiniiell, Miutnrn It co?401 Barclay It Livingston?211 to order. Oomeativi Importation*. New Orleans?Ship Wabash?16 bales cotton (i Marie?98 d# Master), Markoe k. co?15 do Roberts It WillUmi?47 b'le.? Uoodhna It e<*?100 do Brown, Brothers It co?291 do 60 hhd> sugar 106 pgs lead T I* Htanton?3 bs? mdse Abbott It Wilcomb ?8 brls beeswax Wilson It Brown?19 halo hemp McGieger It eo?II hrl>grrrre W Colgate It co 17 bg? feathers Clara It Coleman?33 brls beeswax W B Tucker?2006 sacks corn B H Field?2 bales robes P Choutear It co?1 box H H Hchlefiin k co?6 bales >h?tep nkins 2 bags wool2brs beeswax Churchman, Roberts It co?2pkg* CNl Rowland?1 box D Appletoa It eo ?42 coils rope 90 hue* he pp Tucker, Cooper It eo?5 bx> N.i Rier, Fisher Sc co?5 roll? Iraiher Saxton It Webb?5 bale> mow j I I) Hill?I box R Cook?1 box W B Moffatt?-995 pig> lead ? H R*gu; It co?1417 p K, Hiraehan It Scott?lJ9 bag) lope cot tmx> B H Field?I box A Luke?8907 pig> lead 1 bar railroad iron to order. Mobile?Brig Linden?103 bales cotron W T Mar?h?195 E D Hu'lbntt It co?61 I E Htaey?411 J Ko'inson? )l Tiwlale It Moore?25 H Colt It H Irvin?I0CB hirt?> It hl?U (allow '< Co oil Center It Co? 3*5 bidci * lihdi lalli.w I can oil I box , beeswax 1 bale skins 2 bxs md ?- J Robinaon?$?kw J J I'almrr ?117 bales cotton to order SavaNiait?Brig L Baldwin?129 hales cotton K k II K Graves-67 J Wood?85 Gowdy It Wells?5? Parmlee It Hoysr ?V Bnrritt It Johnson?I N B Weed?1 do wool.l box mdsa T Bassetr?2 hale* cot ton. to order. C h.ble>to'v?Ship^harleetoiv?184 bales cottoo Viewr k Dii'kwiw?M.Reoard fc.eo?304.T Smith, Mills It eo?144 Ca t&tetvsissaaitf CHaRLESTOiv-^Ship H, Allen-164 bale, cottoo D I Palmare ?174 leirier k i n-?2l J Limtrick ?!Ol t^prastue Ri>biitiuu k c<>?M J Swan k_c<>?J pkgii K Lewis k co?200 10 order : SMkeu maritime herald. i Movement* of tlu ateKuMtalM. ' n-JLIf-** ^r H^rn... Ryrie V ..'.'WlfSl. .? 8UJP JiMUn and AgciiU. tottSJiE * Captains of VtAssli will give ?h. ir' of our News Boats, u report of in ?u . ^Plut * 1 ti,<> |Mm UM?y failed, tho vmvU *Pok?u ou Uiair pass ige, a tut of Meir cargo. .uid any toreiim uewspeyr,, ornews they may hare. He will board U.eni u.. OMduMy on their arrival. A*eat> aud Corr?*?|ou,leuu at honu d? M^rn.Wt?,lnfl coufe,.a '"or by sending to this office ?K Hie .Marine InMlimncr thev can obtrnu. Nauucol lulorme Hon of my kind w.ll be thankfully nciinl. POUT OF NKW YORK, NOVBHBER 0. ?uw hisks i (5 j ^00N Bitr.a 4 J7 ?"??? w!h.?h w?t?h 1*1 Clrareil, .Steam shin Great Western. (Br) Matthews. Liverpool, R Ir. vin -^ips Independence, Alleu, do,, Minturn k Co O<0?ar, New Orleans, I U Gager; New York' ril/. t Svf' Veo ?B?rtiu? Eliza Thornton, Little] l?I;.EfR,.cb"1."' v''' ,* Co ????!??, .Reindeer, Winior La Gu iyra, Foster k Nickersou; Win Henry Angus, Thomu Klrf'aiv Wi! J J Uieliird.on Parke,"Havana, John Mwell k Co, Wilson Fuller, Cobb, Savannah, Dunham k 'rsuSfi ,,u"d Nesmith k Walsh, Col T Shepuard, Wolfe. Key West, Ashley. Poole k Co; Sarah Jane, Webster, Mobile, S P Robinson; John C De Kdenton, fcc. Willi,me k Nor^m; VictnrJ, Arrlrea ton!*to &nhk kXT' U d*y' f'?m N#W 0rl?M,? wUh co" to G ^utto^'*"' 87,lou? from Charleston, with cotton, PBC^ton, Brown, 4 days from Charleston,with cotton, Barque St. Joseph, Neill, from Rio Janeiro, Sept. 19 with coffee, loOriunell. M in turn k Co. Barque Toulon, for New York, ild 1 days before. Mexicin man of war brig Santa Anna, Oou Miguel Garrido, from Veri Craz, via Havana Oct. 24. ' Eliza, Tikiob. 18 davs from St. Croii, WE. with 183 hhd* ;."P' to B. De I- orest k Co Left barques Louisiana, aud Kosalie; brigs CoinmerM, Ann Smith, and Rideout, and schr 4II Vr'.r.1? *??? ?wo d,y, previous to the Eliza's sailing. All but the Kotaiie h<td vary Ion* patsaites '"1! Judson, Rns.ell, (of New Haven) frouTDeinerara. and 20 days from MonUerrat, in ballast, to the master. Sailed in co. with schr Glide, for New York. I,eft at D. brig , of and l>om Baltimore, just arr, only Americau. No American vessel at Moutserrat. Brig Oi>enango, Vose. (of Robbinston, Me ) 40 days from Savanna la Mar, Ja with 63 tons logwood iW do old copper 403 bags pimento to W. Dawson. Experienced the gale on the 5th ult; carried awav fora topgallant masts, bulwarks, &c. Brig Linden, Sweet, 16 days from Mobile, with cotton, to Sturgesac Clear man. Brig L. Baldwin, Bassett, 7 days from Savannah,with cotton, to Dunham & Dimon. ^rijU#,Rc Brow?. ^ days from Savannah, with cotton, to K. M. Demill. Brig Fanny Coit, Macy, 8 days from Georgetown, SC. with cottnu, to H. Coit. .iB.r?gjJo,ep*iy,? Al,en?11 day? from Darien, with lumber, to H. underwood. Schr Volusia, Atkins, 3 days from Swanaboro, NC. with na ral stores, to E. D. West. Schr N. L. MeCready Somers, 3 days from Swansboro, NC. with uaval stores, to N. L. MeCready k Co. Schr Alaric, Pnrnel), 4 days from Newbern, NC. with naval stores, to master Schr Ann Maria, Jones, 4 days from Newbern, NC. with na val stores, to master. Schr Gazelle, Dunning, 2 days from Virginia?bound to New Haven. Sailed. Ships Independence, Allen, Liverpool; Kmereld, Howe, Havre; brig Chairrs, Chapman, 8t Martha, and others. AUacellaiieous Record. Dutch Ship Danztc, 86 days from Hambarg for Havana, was spoken 13th ult. Iat22, Ion 73 16, by the Opeuango, at this port. The D. was under jury raasti, having been totally dis masted in the gale on the 4th. Hatam. Oct. 21.?Baniue Ebro, of Hallowell, Me. from N. Orleans for Havre, with a cargo of cotton, hides and tallow, was lost on the night of the 3d inst. about 18 miles to the. east ward of this mace, and has gone entirely to piece.. A person has been down to the wreck, and made arrangements for saving about 340bales of cotton and a few other articles, which will be brought to this place for sale. Ship Perdonnet, Upsher. from New Orleans for Boston, put in in distress. The cargo is par tially discharged with little damage. The ship will require extensive repairs. Hor two weeks past, it has been very difficult to get workmen, and they have doubled their wages, owing to so many vessels in port wanting repairs. e BSW Pennell, of New York, from Boston for Philadelphia, in ballast, was driven ashore inside Cape May Light, with loss of both masts, cables and anchors, at half-past one o'clock oil tha morning of the Sth inst. She went into Cai* May roadstead the evening previous, with the wind at NE. aud very thick weather, and anchored for e harbor. Daring the night the wind changed to the NNW in a sudden squall, and blew a perfect hurricane, daring which she commenced drag ging, when the captain had the mainmast cat away to ease her and prevent her from dragging ou the beach?soon after, the windlass w?s carried away?the chains were then secured round the mast, but such was the violencr of the gale that she again started her anchors. She soon started the best bower chain, aud was driven on the beach, when her foremast soon went by the board. She now lays nearly high and dry at low tide. The hu of the yeasal does not appear to be seriously injured and will probably be gotten off with proper efforts, at a heavy ex pense. 1 he crew were all saved. The captaiu states that she is insured in Boston, at the Neptune Insurance Office. Launch.?Ship Niphou, about 340 f>ns, was launched near Boston, a week since. She was built for John H. Shaw and W.m; ?f Nantucket, and is to he employed in the sperm whalei fishery Irom that port under commaud of Capt. Gardner, late of the Harvest, of Nantucket. Whalemen. Sailed from New Bedford 7th inst. Formosa, Bnggs, NW Coast. Ocean, late of Nantucket, has been purchased by John R Thornton, of New Bedford. Spoken. . MflfV Hugg. Hugs, from the Straits for Baltimore, Nov 7. lat 37 40, lou 74 21, hau been 10 days on the coast, was supplied with small stores?by the H Allen, at this port. Exact. Johnson, hence for Savannah, 7th inst. lat 37 23, Ion 74 55?by the Wabash, at this port. Rosalie, of and from Philadelphia for St Croix, 21st ult. lat 21, Ion 64 '6?by the Judson, at this port. Milton, [Br] Demerara for Halifax, i'Oth ult. lat 19 3, Ion 63 51?by tlie same. Foreign forts. Rio Janeiro, Sept 19? In port, Mount Vernon, Given, from Liverpool; Verona. Howe., lor New Orlean.; Lydia Ann, Gar* wood, froin P"iladelphia; Baltimore, LeBrou, aud Harriet, Jarvii1 Irom Baltimore, just arr; Maid of Orleans, Wiswell, from Boston lor U States; Lieritta, Lewis, from Montevideo for do; Sun, Dennett, from New York; Harriet, Hooper, NO> leans lor Baltimore; larquina,Scott, Richmond for Mobile; Orleans, Smith, do for River Plate; Helen McLeod, Landis, Baltimore for New Orleans; Jastiua, Durkee, from Madeira. Sid Cato, Wales, NOrleans. tluriiEC, Nov 1?Cld Sarah, Barclay, and Promise, Kennell, Liverpool; Asia, Woodward, Sheernets; 2d, Acadia, Hogg; Alexander, Liddell, aud Ockbrock, Lawson, Hull; Pomona, Dunn, Loudon; James Campbell, Miller, Glasgow; Devereux, Barton, and Eliza, Suell, Liverpool; Marvuis of Bute, Harvey, Cardiff; Apollo, Walker, Dundee; Rainbow, Arnold, Rochr fort; Charlotte, MeJntyre, Dublin; Jaue, Wood, Workington. , .?.'??,T,lf.*L? Nor 4?Arr Fame, Danningham, Liverpool.? Cld win fcisher, M'Lean, do. liuiu* forti. Castine, Nov 4?Sid Adams. Gay, NOrleans. ' ?*1r,-f.,,,,t Nov 6?Arr Potomac, Collins, Baltimore; E Wood, Bunker, Rondout. Signal for a brig. Cld Samuel, iollord, Cuba. Boston, Nov 7?No arrival this forenoon. Below, comiug up. Km ma,(new) from ; also, a bug supposed ttie Mala ga, Smith, from ^lem. Cld Saxon, Dean, Antwerp; Antwerp, Gardner, (Irom NOrleans, having rep'd) Amsterdam; Lycur gus. (new, ol N Vork, 391 23-95ths lout) Adains, Chariest in; Harvest, Neal, and Eagle, Piercy, Fredericksburg. 1'rvsideui Harrison, (not President) cld 5th for St Marks and Apalachi cola. Kdoartowk, Nov 4?Arr Richmond, Kilboru, NYork for Salein; Jane Yates, Fuller, do lor Boston; Spy, Dimon, do for Salem, and remain 6th. Phoviuenck, Nov fr?Arr Chief, Bateman, and A W Leeds, Eiulirott, Philadelphia; Proof Glass, Blydenburg, and .Motto, Fournter, N Vork. Philadelphia, Nov ?? Arr Pearl, Harding, Boston; J k W Erricksou, Smith, Fall River; Byron, Ketchum, N Vork; Geo Wa.liiugton, Bu'roughs, New Haven; Pilot, Poland, Portlaud; .Spartan, Rogers, Franklort, Me. Cld Win fitt. Baker; Home, Howes, Baltimore, Howes, and Rodolph, Fliun, Boston; R B Glover, Callahau, aud J Randolph, Merslion, Albany; Eunice Rose, G.tines, Hartford; J P LoBanu, Clark, Providence: James T Hatfield, Ingersoll, NHoven. Baltisiohk. Nov 7? Arr Emma, [Brem] Edzard, NYork; Ida, Hallett, Boston; Gazelle, Sparks, Bucksport; Caudace, Brighttnan, Fall River; Amelia, Strong, N Vork; 6th, (ieorge Thomas, Cook, Provincetown. Richmond, Nov 7?Arr Grand Island, Lecount, Boston. Sid Iowa, Carney, Boston. Norfolk, Nov 6?Arr Ruby. Lnbec; Drmerara, New York; Outvie, Proviucetown. Sid Adams, J H Cheney, Eliza, aud Sarah Lavinia, West Indies. Charleston, Nov 5-?Coming up, (Jeorge, Yates, from New York. Cld Diadem, Barstow, Havre; John M Clayton,Parker, Philadelphia. Georgetown. SC. Nov 2?Arr Watchman, Clark, NYork; Wandopasso, Kddy, Newport, HI. Cld Ohio, Veaxie, Maun zas; Fanny Coit. Macy, NYork. Pensacola, Oct 26?Arr Repablic, Gates, New York; May Flower, Aliny, Newport. Mobile, Oct 31?Arr Byron, Pearson, Havre; Washington, Stevens, Boston. N?w Orleans, Oct 31?Arr Lubec, Raddecker, Bordeaux.? Below, coming up, Laguna, and Geo Henry. Cld Oberlin, Br?y, Havana. WANTED, A GIRL, from 12 to 14 yeariold, to attend a child, and make a*- herself aseful. Enquire at 34 Beekinan street, side door, i n9 U*nrc IITAN'TED?By a resiiectable youug man, a situation in a *v i)ry Goods or Grocery store, and has no objection to live in a private family. The best city references can he given, or se curity if required. Please call at 230 Mott street. n7 3t*ec CARD THE undersigned begs leave to inform his military friends and the public that, having left the New York Brass Band, he is raising a new Baud, to he called LOTHIAN'S NEW YORK BRAS8 BAND, audi he pledges himself that it shall lie in no department Inferior to the old one. Leader?Joseph Nosher, 186 Mottfctreet. Conductor? Napier Lothian, corner of Centre and Walker streets. Balls and Parties furnished by the abov. Band. Cotillion Leader?Joseph Nosher, IWS Mott street nt Iw'rrc NAPIEK LOTHIAN. IMPORTANT MEDICAL NOTICE PJOCTOR EVANS, No. 288 Pearl street, near Beekinan ^ Jtreet, New York, has been more than forty years in the snc cessfnl Practice of physic and surgery, particularly in curing (perfectly) those desperate cases of itnctures, every variety of secret diseaae. gleets, old obstinate ulcers, cancers in tlie throet. kc.. caused by mal-prsctice. This city is inundated with all kinds of nostrum venders to make mouey, no matter how; they are all great physicians, if yon believe their long puffing adver tisements, and forged certificates?without regular diplomas. It is of the greatest importance forlhe unfortunate to choose an experienced physician. Dr. E. is the oldest and most experienced "i this city; his practic? freat, his success astonishing, even after they have been expelled the Hospitals as incurable. His 'ffices are well arranged for privacy. Call at 288 Pearl street, and be convinced. His charges are most reasonable and all cases are guaranteed. n9 ltkre A RESPECTABLE"MARRIED YOUNG (JENTLEMAN ?a member of the Bar?who is thoroughly acquainted with the Latin, Spanish and French languages, (speaking the latter tn ut fluently,) is desirous of procuring a situation as Agent in < mercantile capacity, as Teacher, or in whatsoever manner his lervices would prove useful. Proper testimonials of character and ability can be famished on addressing a line to L. M , at this office. n94t*rre Rich embroidered mijslin and morroc CA1NE ROBES?a new article for Evening Dresses.? The snhscmxTs harejast received per Great Western and Hiber iiia, (direct from 'the manufacturer,) cases ef the above elegant and very fashionable deseriptiou of goeds, well adapted for city trade. Pricea from JX to ? dollars. Terms cash or approved paper. A. P. rORREST It CO., n?tt*ni y Cew street auction sales. GEORGE B ROLLINS. Auctioneer. ^_m CHOICK DUTCH BULBOUS FL<?>VEtt HOOT8 A1 AUCTION, This Day. Saturday, 9ih November. ?i ?,i o'clock. at the Sale. R >om, lio. 17 Bruid iiwt ^ Bulbous Roots ?2 c<mi very choice Dutch bulbous Fl<>wer couaiating of Hyacinths; Tulip*l ? rocui; Narcissus; Auemoues; R*?"" cules. Ik.-:., ic. These bulb* are in food order wi n le,,PT5 !' ed, ?n from i good house iu llarlem. witr Amsterdam, iu Hoi laud Per?ou? can have an opivr uuity of supply lug themselves "SltfT A"?'14 U"U 'WlLKlNJ a ROLLINS AUCTION NOTICE. ? T ARGE SALE ? f Elegant aud Valuable Farnita**. T?>?? Li Day, at I "Ml o'c'ock, II Sprucest. Alao, valuable Tilled Ware. some choice Paimings, Stoves. looking Olasaes, Also. 3 .pi- udid Piano Forte.; 2 valuable Waichee-by order of administrator. Sun* lime, 2(1,OCU Spanish Hegtrs, Sic. i'9 It*in THOS. BELL. Auctioneer. A. C. TUTTLE, Auctioneer French and german fancy goods. *?? JACOB S. PLATT will .ell This Day, at 10 o clock, at th* Auction Room No. 23 Piatt, coruer of Gold street, ou an months credit fur sums ofllMaii ow, a large and general aator meut of French and Oermin Faucy Good*, conaisting ot IWy Boxes. Paper Weights, Wash St?i.d?, Flutea, Beads, Inksttnds, Purses, SegarC>i?e?, Snuff Boxes, Table and Tea Simons, Stc. Alao, Cutlery-Pen and Pocket Km?m, Rators, he Alao, ?n invoice of Plated and Japanned Ware. A* so, Watches and Jewelry, Walch-tnaVera' Tools, lie. Al?o,<'locka ?fine Porcelain and Bronze Cock* n9 Iterrc A. C. TUTTLE, Auctimiec. WATCHES, JEWELRY, I'l.ATED WARE, *<:-JA COB H. I^LATTwill sell This Day, ai 10 o'cloik, at the Auction Room. No. 23 Piatt, corner of Gold street, a very large issortineut "I Go.d and Silver l.evrr, Anchor, Lepiue. ting, and other Watch's, of recent importaliou, and KeiwatiiiSi anu oinor *? awn-s, *>i ictnu iuiwiiwiwh, worthy the attention of ihe Tr*de and private mdividu *1? wuh ing goon time keeper. The whole of which will be perempto rily so'd to ihe highest bidder lor caah. Also, Euglish and American Jewelry. Alao, Plated Ware-en luvoice or rich pi (ted Waitera, fiom'?to24 inches; Cake Baskets; Castors, he. Alao. Faucy Goods, couaiating of a general assortment.? Terms, for all except the Watches, six mouths' credit. n9 lt*rrc punLio saLc, a i Yhk i\aA^ i3^Tku== WILL I* aold at Public Auction, ??. the Navy Yard, on Monday, 9th December. at noon, under the direction of the subscriber, the followiug articles, viz' tw biVkeau of Construction, fcc. 19 anchor*. 1000 to :<400 pounds. A lot of Boat* ef different sue*. 461 Blocks, " 1226 Block-shell*. A lot of Painta and Paint Bkins; 1 small Cahoose; 4 Armorer'* Forge*. A lot of Cabin Furniture *nU t ooElng Uwnslta. About 361 En*igiia, Jaclu, Pendanu, and Signal* A lot of Slate*. School Books, Ike. C*rpeuter'? and Cooper'* Tool*, Crowbar*, Smiths' Bellow*. Bunting, Ir ?n Bolts, Block-pin* and Rivets, tire Bucket*, Pump Botea, Me** Chests, Hammock*..Handspikes, Lanterns. Deck Light*, Binnacle Lamp*, Nail Rods, Needles, Racks. Cooking aud other Store*. Hashes, Scrape s, Shoeels, Scale*, Seioe*. 1 himbles, Wrenches, Broken Anchors, a large quantity of Old Iron. ?c., *c. BUREAfr OF YARDS AND DOCKS. 1 Morticing Machine, 1 Wire Drawing Machine. A quantity of Tool* of various kinds. Term*?Cash on delivery. Navv Aog*T's Orricg, 8th November. . u9 ec JAMES H. SUVDAM, Navy Agent. MISS AUGUSTA BROWNE, I ORGANIST OF THE REV'D DR. COX'S CHURCH, BROOKLYN /CONTINUES to give Leesons in I*lew York and Brooklyn, v on the Piano Forte and Organ?al*o, iu Singing and Compo sition She begs leave to subjoin the following testimonial, ad mitted a* the highest authority iu the Musical World, from the celebrated BRAHAM! ,. - ., "To D. 8. Browne, E*q: Sir?Intending to sail for f urepe in a day ir two. I have great nleaiure in expressing, my_higne?t approbation of Mi*? Augusta Browne'* Mu*ical abilitie*. a* a a Composer. Organist and Pianist: a* alio of her talent a* Teacher of the Piano Forte-my daughter having, for a *hort period beeu one of her pupil*. Wishing her every success, which her talent* claim from a discerning public, I remain, your*, most tru^ BRAHAM Wavf.m ? Hoof., January 2d, 1843." . . N. B.?Mi?s Auouit* Bhownk'i numerou* compo*ition* for sale at tier Father's House, 78 Piue Apple itreet, Brooklyn. 118 4ti*^rrc NOTICE. ?"nO THE AFFLICTED WITH L AMENESS.?WATER 1-MAN SWEET, Natural Bone-Setter, in a few weeks ha* rectified here and in Philadeliihia, enough the mistaJtM Of the old practice in the science or Anatomy after book knowledge, to convince all the world, when known, of the "Ant of "practical or *xi>erim4ulai knowleilxe of b ine-setting to '>enerit the pnbl't: a accidental or medical loss of the proper tf?e ?f'heir limns or joint*, for want, it appear* to me, of knowledge or the Iraine. and bv beginning at'he wrong j unu.ever to restore a. lame liinli to a propel use, bv the us* of the former practice, blister*, leeches, or eupt, or ?e*teu?, or isenestor tatrematic*. wnicn i have seen more inined and afflicted with than the i"J-|ry My School will be organised in Am?t?rd?m, Montgomery County. New York, on the fi-*t day of January, IMJ, for PUP'" and i>atie?t*, on the Rail Road to Utica. My office here isiat Israel Minor's. 214 Fulton street, who ha* been my^ert there many ye^rs, for tlie sale of my Bone Liniment and Embrocation and Vegetable Syrup for all debilities of the lungs and ?tomach. I iutend, if i>o??ible, to leave for Boston next week, aud Mrlyto the week for Maine. n9 u*a RARE CHANCE FOR" A ROPE-MAKER, WHO WISHES TO ENGAGE IN THE BUSINESS rpHE ?ub?eriber. declining butineai, wi?h? to ditpuae ol ma I Rope-Walk, Machinery, Su-am Eu^ne, fcc. For a ywm who wi?he? to engag1! in a IncrAtive bnaineaa the above presenw a rare opportunity, there being from 70 to 80 sh'ps j5"? Jh' t*rTi<culars''addr?s MWVLTHOlff!*" n9 3wWkS*rrc New London,Coon. FIVE DOLLARS REWAHU. QTOLEN?Some time between the hour* of six on Tue*d^y O evening and two ou Wednewlw morning la?t, a bill on the B*nk of Wooster, Ohio. Said bill was marked in black ink, on the back, "8uii 'MRwthe thought) the word 14" waa marked in oue rorae ^ The above regard will be paid for any information .^hicn snail re suit in the convictiou of the thief. Apply at thia omce. n7 V ec Of FlolAL. CIRCULAR TO MILITARY MEN. COMMISSARY ?t? K K AyL _S Of M CE, the following extract of X Chap. Revised Statute* Militia Law, Pa8ec7#4.?And be it further enacted, That after such gun-houses are completed, the same, together with the field piece* and im plement* placed therein, shall be 'l^med to be nnd? the care and custody of the commandant of the corp* f?r *)""? Vr?P}. modatiou they may be erected, aud that any neg]"r *0r 0?* of *nch commandant by rea*ou whereof such tou- f.1** auns carriages, implementa or ammunition to be placed tnereiii may ^mied, injured or lou.shjllbe deemed an.mpropr.e tv degrading to the office which lie holds, within the meaning ufthe fuurtfi section of the act entitled. militia of this Stale," pa$$ed thi fifth day of Jlpril, 1803, anci that every such commaud?nt up?u i'eing promoted, . from office or sutiwuded I herefrom, shall, upon thofeqawt^n writing of his successor in office or command, su^ liver the key ol such gun-house and the artillery, ' j and ammunition Velouging to the saidcorpa into thecaw?n custody of such successor; and for neglect so to do. shall foneit and pay for the use of the Mid corps the sum of one hund'ed dol lar* to be sued for and recovered by such successor in I name, in au actiou ol debt, m auy court having cognizance '^The great number of pieces of cannon 1 have found exposed, gun houses left open and implements lost, JWfV"'L 1 those having State liroperty iu charge that 1 shall report all sucn neul. t Mild omission of duty to the Adgt. General or proper law officer, f'.r prosecution according to law. .. . I won Id ?s|irctfully request Brigade Officers to ruHirt to me, all such deficiencies "'I?1" ''?*.i' resiwctive commands to the end that the proper y Y properly secured, and negligence punished.^ Any officer or person finding a piece of capnon^, or any State proiierty exposed, will confer re[x>rti^tjhe *ame to me, or aeiidiug the same to either of the Sute ArseuaU est, vii:? same to uear Amsilen, Maloue, Franklin Co.; C*j>t. J. Stone, sex Co.; Capt. E. Slocum, Onondagua Hollow, Ouondafua, "here all reasonable charge, will be ^NRy gfORMS, nl )t*ec Commissary General. NOTICE.?'I he Third A*?ociate Pr sbytarian Church.jji Charles, betweeu Factory and )> ed for Divine service on ^bbath, Noe. 10th- Sei" ? morning and afternoon, at the usual hours, and in the evening *lThe r,' A? Stark'will officiate iu the evening. Collec^i<?s will be taken up throughout the day and evening, to assist in ue fraying th*eipen?e of nuilding, . , ,A ,M-_j The public generally are re?|?ctfu)ly invited to attend. nB2tu*rc - nouveaut/s PARISIENNES, FASHIONABLE ,-umb-ivt PA R IS MILLINERY E ST A B LI ?H M E N T. ? 493 Broadway, BBTWESR tai?*L *?D HOWAXU STBCET*, ' MADAM GODFREY & DAUGHTER, VERV lieso-ctfully inform the ladi'S, lhat the arrsnmmeots V made witk the most celebrated modistes of I |?n don, ensures to this establishment this s-as"n, live receii t y rvrrv srrival from Europe, tlie neweat and lateat l?sh.ons They thUcupM""!^ --pnsb, splendid Hats of Parisian Satm^ Hilk, \ 1LT*' A-ft lisps. Heed Dresses, Embroideries, fcc., to which they solicit a rail from thfir patrons and the ladiea m general. . Mad une O. fc U will at all times uae their utmoat eicrtiona to ile?erve a continuance of the puMic patronage. r Dress Makim in all its various branches. Ladies own materials made to ordur. , -ill meet N. B ?Country Milliners supplied. All favort will meet with prompt attention. ^ "" " TO LET?Until the fi st of May next-the seeond st'iryof the three story house, 81 "?.nryK',"e' ? .good order. For particulars, apply at tlie sbove number. M: u'J ?t*ec ssiausl. SlnVl'K/UMA, A. B. Lowber, Commander, will positively saiI on /aturday, the 16.h of November, he, regular day. It is scarcely necessary to say, as it is well J""*"' "h tr?vfl 1 inif imblicthat the sccommodations of the Montetuma, and all I lie eight ships of this line, are fitted out in a most costly ?r, I. J,ih .v.rv modern improvement and convenience, thai eiinot but add to the comfort of cnbtii, . imasencers Those visiting the old country will at all SE^ffuSSTintere* to ?lect tTwse dea.rahle conveyances, eation should lie made on board, foot or Beekman street, or to the sub?criber*. ROCHE, BROTHERS ft. CO.. n9 rc 34 Fulton street, next door to the Milan Bank 7atL NEW lTNE Of LIVERPOOL PACKKTS JWs P?Ut of 21st of November.?The well known and tS^favoViu Packet Shin HO I TINGUER, (H?0 tons.) ^SffTra Bursley, will sail positively a* above, her regular shins of this line being 1000 tons burthen and upwards, n.?nn? nboni to embsrk for the old country should not fail to select thU"ins Tn prvleience to,any other. Their ?re?t ca,?c.ty renders them more comforuble and convenient tfau ships of a "^The'aecommodations of the Hott.nguer ate unsur|*ssed for cabin second cabin and steerage passengers. 1 o secure berths early application must be mailt mi boardv^<>?t ^fp5? o'.,Jlr P' or lo 7# South street, comer Maiden L?ne._ "FREToHT WANTED FOR BOBTON-For Vr'"n'o*?, *N^ R?or",o 0*^) Wh. RES' , 213 Water street, comer Beekman. utt rc HXcKET SHIP VERNON FROM NEW ORLI.AN* is P d.schaeging at J.idil's Wharf, foot of Market stre-J. Con signees wilf please attend to the receipt of their goodi ""JJ' diately. ? ? nod nidw AN. ?l iff* *1+ - )IG IRON?WJ TONS B^:cn cH. N ?? HwS very strong, s?lt?bl* sal* by _ nl* Tl Siw4 SIMM AxMUiSElV HAKK THKaIHM. ^ MR PLACIDE'S FAREWELL BENHK1T, and positively ??Ja?^?l>pearaiS0S in thin city prior to his dnwuin for New VJ L' rY ?i w'l^'b* Ptesented the Come'U DESTINE MAjtRIAGE?Lord Ogeloy. Mr. *7,-*' Miss Mm ling, Mn Mobuu. ?Jrffi Ph,ch ???MBaSI'KH FUKIOSO?Buinbsstes Fun oso, Mr. Piscine; Duuhus, Mrs. Kn.ght. lu conclude with UNCLfc JOHN?Unci* John, Mr. Flacide. * *?? J*' 7ic?nt??Second aud Third ii-rs ^oeut?-^iijjOjeUU_iOilieri 14 Cents. HIBL0'|7 ht of the Cm EVENINU romantic If?!?* ""V!? ??'" limm; rtiel.m o Follows* by TfeDDY. THE TILER?Teddy Mtllownev Mr. Brouihain: Flora, Mrs Phillip^ y ?uiiowb.> . i.~ m rh'?n the18"'" B'" ,?"??" *>11 perform the Over fKJUSSSf'' AfnC4" ^ JriU" Air, To eood .de Willi THAT RASCAL J *CK>-R*c?l jMk Mr. J. Dunn; Lucy, Mr. Watts; Emily, Mi? H. Shaw Aomition.?IJrru Circle l'i cents; C'pin r Buses 2V Pit 25 Private Boies (to accommodate ?'? (ier?ou?) %$ >>eh. ' " " BDHTOS'S TIIKATMK. ARCH STREET, PHILADELPHIA CiYyTW1v\ASY EVhNIN^' NovemUrS-WVir^.^ vll I Wi V JK.S? rab'ree, Mr. (? 'ihrrftt - Kiuv m> u?,Ly After which. THK NYMPHS OK THfc Hh6 HKA-Thr Uueeu of the Nymphs Mrs Booth; Ne.etue. Miss Kirby. ittt VAMt'lRE?Ruthveu, Mr. Sonne,; ,,, Wlblo'g Oaidcn. T"K LAST WEEK of the PANORAMA OF MADRAS hL?if?r r,'Arti,t' W D*'?"EL?. *? A.-Thu truly neantiiai aud eft ctive repreienta'iou cover* a aurface of 4000 square feet, but from its admir.tble decptive Apiaanwc*', the eye seems to rinft> over m# v?*r?l imiiiiwil uiuim m,L :. .. ? "hH?1 wf,1'c^1 ?insular ludUu Surl Boats *r?'?eLu ir"'ntt? **> ; while, on the other btnd. the distant fcnuhi* h^l'l I Pro*?'rct!,tije foreground rendered mora in tywiuy by the busy scene of Pslanqums, klepbants, Camels, troop. Oian, with thousands of native and Britiih LniVh*?on,in*n"iiin;?i>t. Admi?.ioU? orPa'rtiee. Reasonable allowance for Schools ^,tReTC^;T,l;nhrjr*''w't'u''' -r. u Z ,, EjuTIHTIuN THE END OF THE WORLD. X^Ebb^h'!'- A"?11'. ? .H" Apollo from the Conceit Room. klli,b,t,OB 11 ??"??* "l""* Jtete?\t? *_,yp-M-1"i fro,n 710 ? &*.. ? /^?i^nopen,> for on1e month only ~ AT the Koomi of Um National Academy of Deeirn corner of Leonard street and Broadway, the exhibition oftke follow P??n#PS-The Abandonment nfH^ryHnd^ !f M Jir BufortnJ5** diecorervr of New York. The raat Battle ?Tli oolv'Port!f?e*V^?r.uin LKK,en5h and the ^Tb?. And ( Kil? uy lort?ll1?,? Abdal Kader, the celebrated Bedouin ^'?? M. Adm't" beantiW uSi^ra^f riH'ak "j*1"**' " fh* door,. NcwYorrra^ $,l&tadoameat ?l ? _ FASHIONABLE dancing. TTAfP.i I. OABRIEL DE KORrONAY, HAY80Sr ?nd?l?/;* Gentleman of New _? ? . ? w?, vicinity, that he haa arrived for the nurimM /if fiIVlM'h??C?,,"',i,n ^ l',rlocir>*l faihionable Dances prerailiuit of and America., .ociity " tw,7"i *y-,}>" '???!* arrired Irom Boston, Saratoga and New 2n?'tlL Buifcd .r,>Mt t}1* r'?"",1 ?d.miration oPthr public, Amnn? MM'proVJ of ^ faehionable community. dince 1 5uPo4 K^aU*;k l'roP??? teach that well known SH V.l~ J?itiCA"ith"WLW ftu*dr?|l~ with original miuic aySTsft .\i,i,JSSh6 ?rSSLS5K: Mona. K. will ba aaaiated by MADAMK KORPONAY ?* KsSarfcj&'csssr fo^ieMonV*0111' *,CePt MaIourk* in twenty h.js.isss.B'aj'wir"? "MoNs' K"RroNA^ ?> ?Jra?2?iBfr,fixaa3;A-M- 1 Mil letaoiu, $6?twelve lesions, $10, And quarter tl5 JWte Uuou-s,, lessons, tWelve* qu,ir. endei.'kc'l *12?" 10 Pub,ie Acad ART AND SCIENCE O^F DA.N'dNG AND ACAJU>-MH WHALE and DAUGHTER iMMetfull* i4S0Un"* to the Ladies aud Ueutlemrn of New ?uj! umr Classes in Dancing, W?lttiST?r& PolkVUST w t SK23S2S M ?e JVrmblr Consti taUon Haf/ " i SXTSSiSsSS^ dcu>b" ,Wl- "d of Tuition, for Young Ladies and Gentlemen nn<t.r u ^tJ"^^. rf"?&LS?irTfeo1 S*SSS6.tW,fht ,B M'- tlu~' witl?0?t actional cTiwKr _^Iu-W-t?'U 1,141 ^ f'ereoces he shall offer of his cauabilit* SSteftfiy- Hch??[3 ^ Aiademir? Juend*(f*o on pijv A?Mue Jheri i^m. -m ht" 'tV Academy;, No. 70 Siiff cont^nj'niTparticuiariT ""ade known and creuUrs^reu, ~ TIVOLI SALOf)N " 'PHK1 ? ARLT"AND VARICK STREETS ^.1f.7VC!!?i,n,,pectfully lolorm their friends and th? v ?vu.winuuBip an wno mny lavor them witli o*7 lni?rrc t"RANCI8 BOQUET. ( Proprietor*. ~ SOCIETY LIBRARY, rvR vjuTstinand L*Pnard itreet. D ties wd HAM CIF/ J?m i v!"f5'Dir American Peculiari iie?, anu naMt LL r HANC18, Jr., m his Comic Lecture 8k?tehM^f"0?' Adventures end Afoiw/oy fLen^ntj'tfov"*K" ',,""ra"c? in "ubl'?. a*"*1Oiieninf Remarks, showing the C|>saiid Dowun Vi.Vtf!.'. hHiI * /i ^vi'jal Arrangeinrnt: My First Visit to? Ball an OriKinal Story of My Vouthful t3?vi con 5Vcef"( ini^rl r . u lf,y <;h'Pmacl??; short Lecture on {?aces, Country Courts, with imiutions of Judge, Witness snd hv^Kf';; Phre.i'fogJl illustrated riL a ? ^5 ?eCo,,a Visit to a Ball; Bell 8re?ie af i American Hotel; Rail Rn?i| Adventure; Hyiwchondrisc? t^nedl^raat Women; Debating Societies: t haracte,, from' wU'Suh' i'r,!t'^tec.; Counuy 8cUUi Tiefc^.7 V h.*"i I'att 6 o'clock?to commence at?W o'clock. FOOT RACE FOR ?1?(N). Fourteen Hondred Dollars will be paid for a Foot Race to SitPv!f*k ?n ^ ffi*CPl! COURSE. Moboken, fi)/lovH?-' 00 November, weather permitung, ? . ? 1*00 for a m ten mile*. $7Wl to the first. %2M to the .????.A tlJO to thethpd; $75 to the fourth, and $3} to the fifth. ' ?M i?f?hi^: ,,,W ?? 'he first, Md mile'race* Per"'na have entered their unmet for the ten No. I?John Oildorsleve, the winner of the last race. 2 John DarJow, ) The two pedestrians late from S-Thomas Oreeiihalgh, J England' t? i i i*^ t n No. I?Thomas MeCsbe, S-John Lnderh'", 9-JL.T Smith, ^ 7^Jimiss Brad'ley, l?"T).omas Ryan. ^?it'^^rn'h0:,,oun\}% tP^rmi" ~w: ?; -?T>V|.0f- Edward Brown, Stephen Morgan. Uwis Edwards, , m- Varies, Ambrose Jackson. In consequence of the great excitement at present prevailint in. ?,jC,,,y * '?? ^'Cimty. ih? shove race, which was an .tjTitw'* rre 0,1 ' ** P0,t',un"' """1 the llih CENTREVILLE COURSE, TR(7f llNG. UNPRECEDENTED SPORT. I 'tesdsy, Nov. 12th, at 2 o'clock precisely. Porse S200 ten miles in harness. I he following horses are entered PUinL'ur^H-Bemne enters... b!ack mare Misfortune. Phillip Webber . br m. Lady Washington! J. Vanornam of East Troy K|k. m Trov Oeo. Ferguson of Albany b. m. Fanny Jenks ha?Ii?s: " * 0'c,"e,, * M,,eh foT ?<?0-tsn mile heats in fVr*" n?m*a Abdallah mare Milk Msid n"?m" b ? 8?-PV Uavy! UF FINE ItUAST libKK KfcTy* _ ""ba-f'h" lakes lhi? method of informing the ""I'lents of the np|>er par' of the city that he will of ,? n ifer forssleon Ssturd.y M ,he 9th .nitsnt and throughout the season. a? his Stall, No. 9 Tom.ikin's Market r IXffi r,""C*"t ? MaUn?' '"aml> and Veal a' Best cutsof first quality Roasting Beef, Sirloin or Ribs, leu II oeroilll oest fntS .eeeees*e..... f ?? Sirloin and Poiter hnuse Steaks. 7 in g ?? Coarser parts of the Beef j . .. Ettra sugar-cured Humps of Corned Be^f, a'supe^ ' rier article, _ . .. f ?? Marketing sent home, with cleaniineis and' despatch, to sni p%rt oi the city. for the English market in the most im proved maniier, so as not to become too sslt or change its color Also, barrels and Half barrels for the Honrhern snd West India ^ JOHN C. PERK IN, ^ >c Tompkin'i Market. TO PERSONS INTENDING TO VISIT THE ISLAND PROGRBSOHOTEL THIREK MILKS FROM IIAVANA. With ao Omnibus at the door every hour for 2d renn THIS HOTEL favorably known, ^ l^'.nU^, im A proved and fitted up il? present season, in the American ! " As regards locality and climate, it can boa it of being siltated on the m ?t eligible spot ni>en the whole Island. Its contigeay Havana . ffords the sdvantige of a corintry and a eity life, and almost a daily inter coarse *yh the ri11. <1 Statet. It is snrroande<l by pleasant *alk< and drives, in the midst of some of tlie most delightful gardens, to which visitors obtain free admission. To invalid* it ol^rs quiet, tranquility and pure air, without placing them out of the reach ot the best medical advice and rnedicinea ? The owner promises a good American table, every Comfort and attrntjon. on moderate lerms. There will be horses thehou^ ir tDifam ' j ? aRbonai prompectIJ^ ~ E^^s^-?vRK'K{r.fflfa;.T?s l*h*s p.^per will be devoted to sn t ? ? ??. . it \u chartics and all other o(ierative?. *j , r anciea of tke Democratic portion * i M ' ' ,ni|aL''l* Am-ricAn Republic wi pen -m i- T,m.bTr *'"> issued on Mon.lay -fter-H?... ne.t" Ir New V?rk" Nov"'? I^U ''V JAME8 SUYDAM L^u^rhiS'^0'TJrT^r.n"T,;^7. ^ S VOtUm k CO., M doath street BY THE SOUTHERN Maryland. w'lwlu 'a11.* * 0 !1ll *'l<* reported returns from ^?r.??r, ?t *wir? >iv tie offni*' Mr V?* '^r Po1*67 majority, tusicaJ of 24 f?r U sm L J" ,n*J"r??v ?>r Mr. Ql?y iu th- Stele lb an, tniaf + ot 27*4 euioe liovornor'i Virginia. i The giiotor Mr Potk in the 74 counties is 1.8W. I Tnere are 29 counties to be heard from, which in 1840 guve Mr. Vau Buren a majority of i,052. Y .. - dtorgla. We have the result in Richmond county only where Mr. Clay'a majority is 261. beiun a wing Xdin of 62 over the Congressional vote in October when the democrats carried the State by 2300 * Nortii Carolina. The Globe has received return* from auieen counties, moat i>1 them on the Wilmington and Norfolk railroads They allow a democratic gain ot 642 compared with the August election, whf-u the whig majority in the State was 3163 i We give a letter from Raleigh, N. C , dated No vember 6 The writer (a member of the State legislature) says he has heard from eighteen coun ties, which h'iow ii democratic gain ou the August election ol 2()60. A copy ol the letter ia annexed, rue lint we puoliah cannot contain more than five ol the countieB heard from at Raleigh. I The democrats have elected a senator in John ston, in the placf of u whig senator lately de ceased The election of this democrat will make a lie hi the Senate, we believe Countiet. Cloy Polt liar V B Northampton, 155 sso mm J Halfax, - 186 604 36? Camden, - 440 610 100 Ferquimons, 272 606 134 Pai-quotank, 442 m3 149 1 r\*' T?' ' 1 378 328 Guilford, - 1334 23<m> 414 i ?*[ren' ' ?7S 106 764 , Wake . 326 lm Johnston, 67 607 540 j New Hanover, 740 293 1042 Dublin, ? 718 251 8U8 , Sampson, - 3*7 563 741 ! ^ayne, . 657 3(16 731 Franklin, - 477 374 bdgecomb, - 1377 135 1374 27*0 6362 9226 9608 2790 9226 Democratic majority, 2*82 478 473 Democratic gain, 2109 in 16 counties. Extract from a leter, dated . ... Ralkigh, (N C ) Nov 6. . I arrived here to-day, and write in great haste to inform you that we have heard from twelve coun ties, in which Polk*8 gain on the Governor** vote at the August election is 1,439. We enteitain not the slightest doubt that the Smte will go the demo cratic ticket by a majority ranging from 600 to 800. Th'? guns for " the old North State'" {o'towing are the returns, compared with 1840, when the State gave 12,594 lor Harrison : P S. Huzza for Polk and Dallas ! Since writing tUe above I have had the pleasure of hearing irom six other counties, (which it is immaieria! to name,) all which gave small majorities for Gra -In ve now B"ne Jor Polk by a majority of BZ1. The most aauguine democrat in the State never expected such glorious results The demo cratic Senator in Johnston county is elected in ilie. P'<L"' Seders, (*hig) deceased, by a majority 11 1 1 ca" ^'y fay North Carolina will go for Polk by 15tX), if thiu^s go on tlii-s way , as they have begun. Phil ad elplila. [Correspondence of the Herald ] Philadelphia, Nov. 8,1*41 The new* from New York to day, hai completely pres. trstedthe whlgi in this city, and plunged them in the lowest depths of despair. Their only hope waa in the Empire 8tate, mid now that it haa gene against them, they are perfectly paralyzed The democrats are fairly making the city ring again with their shouts and cheers . Large sums of money have changed hands, the whin having b.tted very lreely, so curtain were they of auc The Native American Republicans will fire a salute to day. in honor of the victory that the Natives have gained in New York city 5 The trial ot tbe homicide cases, growing out of the Kensington riots, commenced in the Court of Oyer and Terminer yesterday The fl ft cam called up was that ol John Paul, an Irish weaver, for tbe murder of Lewis Ureble, a Nstive American. It is (till under trial. A hoy turned Ootlieb Williams, the son of m rich Dutch butcher In High street Market, who killed another lad in February last, and who was afterwards tried and oouvict *d. has bum pardoned by Governor Porter. There was en emrutr among the news boys yesterday ? They subsequently met and orgaiued, and passed resolu tions expressive of their disapprobation of tbe conduct of snme of the newspaper propriet rs They then marched off in a body to the different office*. some ol which they groaned, while in front of others they chrared rt oat vo ciferously. -H^Vi'f-iTTL.M^,8TOC*. E?cH?!?oe-307 tHrsrd Bank. 11; 200 U H B-tuk, 7|; 1*1 do do 74: 60 do do 7: 100 do do 7A Hial^iw'ivii* ? ^ c'? ^oT,#l *?00 Kentucky l??J; 460 Wilmingcon Rfl, J4, 26 Union Bk, Term 69 Srcocin UotHu ?lou Oirard Bank, lOf; 300 Wilming ton RR, 21} ; 10,04*0 Texan Bonds tit. " Dkath ok Chikf Justick Buchanan ?The Hon Chief Justice John Buchanan is no inorr. He died at his pajdence, at Woodland, in Washingtoti county, at lfe'clock on Wednesday morning, in the 71?t year Iff his Bge, after an illneaa of about four weeks. SHIP HKWR Ujr Last Nlglit'a Hunthen. Mall. PMiLADXi.rMiA Nor S-Arr Ann.i lt.ynolds. Matthews T *?5' "'?'"hn. NB; Prrsidsot, Young Havba' sah Mars Hill.Metjhlvery. Kali Ri??; Hy cW WilminstOD, NC: Klmir* Aoa-rs, H*li*r, ,Nrw y0ft. (Jkcaola, y?AU>n, Bottsu. Hndson. Packer, Albany. C ld Jos Cowpas, Niibra, Bahiai,Haw?h k Ab.,.,[. Uai.timobk, Not 7?( Id kinst k Uuiiar, [ Bram 1 Korsier f.drX' rr> t^utf'ri?, NVcrk. Hid ^ueeJTro.t" Pre BOQUETS AND PLANTS. JMIuD'BOLL, comer of Kiftieth strwt aud Itlocminidal* ^HiKoad, offers fsr sale a splendid seltciion of (ireen-henss d^^ui'J I i<rlur 1 Jants?such asCamelias, Az?liaa, Hhudodsa d.uius. Orange and Lernou Tre?a. ke., lie. U.xiaeu i.ut upat the shortest nonce and in the inosi lasteful lUviu cull.Tnled a la K' .juantity of the tweet scaoud N?AiK>lit?a Vi oltti, lie is abla to> iua?r Boquats iu |?rt oreuiirrly of them Hia largf (jiisutily of t -smelita auable> him to the flowers of Uiat Plant at a reduced price. Orders 1ft at A. ? ORMIKK'S, Frsueh Dyer, iu Walker street, nrar the Bowrry, will be |>r?m|iilyr attended to. ,' .S TThose i?nons whoi bought Mundard Hoaes at my sale on ihr Htli ol Juue, are informed that ihey are now ready for delnf.ry. uS lw*m FARMS FOR sale. A N excaileat Karm of 101 acre*, .ituated iu New Jmwtv. in a "rk H?"<* scale of cultlTat.on, well fenced-*?euu?n acre, of eiceuei. t woodland, the rrmainder all cleared, and the greater l*rt ol it has been limed and wall manured within the last two yearr. Houie aud buildings in good repAir; (/leuty of good water, anil a Tanety of choice fruit trees, and a lane usair tuy oTftne_cherry ireea Heeeral acraa of eery supenor soil baa been aaed for truckme, beiug within an milea of a good market, "art of the pureliAae muuey may remain on mertaaae on said farm, at s.t per cent. To be .old s bargain, or Will ?^i'JC ol'*1 forc"V Apply to Mr. JOHN AUCAA Sh "'7 Vorli ?,r lo JOHN ONUfcRDONK, b?i., Bouudbr'<ok Koad near Ntw Krunawick IT this should meet the eye of JOHN KOWLER. late of Bronafurd. near Birmingham, in Kuglaad, it will be to hia ad Tanuga to attend to it. ' n^Jm^wT ARTIFICIAL PALATES, CJONSTHUCTE0 so ?? to rsmedv the loea of the natunU one,, locorniiaibleleeth. of surpassing beauty, inserted [n*? f1?all oprrmiooa a|>i*rtuniiif to tp. . ptrjQI?*ll ?POO t-he latrst Lnudou and Pan.,ju, pnoc|pl*, by Mr WM. HARaNKTT, ?unreon D#o twt of ih# fum, or J. HAKN c/l 1 k CO , of Umdon and Iirji, aNo U\ Broadway, oppoaita Ch? Taberoacl#. 1 n$ 1 it* rrc U^ATt;HK8!-WATCHKH AND JEWKXRV?Those , " wli . wish to nerchAse Oold or Sileer Watchea, tioid ^ hai us, t told Pencils, Keys, lie. will And it greatly to their ail I Tantage In call on the subscriber, who is selling all dsacnnfiona of the Shore at retail much lower than any other hoaae ts the city Oold Watches aa low as *10 and ?? each. Walehw and Jewelpr eichaaired or bought. All Walehm wae ran.ed I" keep ircod time or the money retarned. Witches, t locln and Jewelry repaired in the beat manner and warranted, at much Ims than tn<? usual pnc#a. (J. C. ALLEN, I mporter of Watehea and Jewelry, Ot ImSee Wholesale and r?mil, M Wall at.. Bp stairs. WILLIAM MtHAREENBEHO fcFRHl). LU11 baa leave , ""?ne their friends and the rablic iu geoeral t>wt thev hsrs formed s I o-i-ytnersbip for the imimrutioo ofEoreign Music, for tl?e sale of which they hare opened a Denot at tJw store XI Broadway, oe? Franklia .tr~( wWeA Vnay be coc^ stantly found aII the LlaaaicAl Works of the celebrate! Errnch tiennan olid Italian comnneers, as well aa all the latest t-nhliaj* rn' M'Utlatifa S?W,>' ^ - h^p.b ht J *i NH%V^\MUA/il,lKRi;oTvrK plates a"nd T",,tvoro,h" l? and ? Liberty street. F,AnSALK (;BK'AP.-KiTe second hand Billiard Tablee A All repaying ln the Billiard lioe done in the beat manner ' Il.Z lnd ?? ^ sherteat notice. Tlease spplr to, oM 6t*m T. O. CONNER, m Ann slrwt bales Bridpnrt leine, Herring and <#i|| Net r '"'s*' eompnsing a rery full and complete assor'mwit. trom J>4 lbs. to W lbs. all reeeired i?t recent importations, of ?err sii|*rior ipisliti and m*uuf?'t""-. for sale on rery iraj ble i-rms, by K. h' i OI.LI \H It CO. Sit M South s'reet. HEMP?300 hsles dew rot llemj.of rery sapcriorqa lity land ing ei ship Vernon, from New Orleans, and for sale in lots to sait purchaaen by III t K I I ILI.INM It CO. M Ron til street. WOOL?? bsles of my le pa lies Weatain Wool, laaNag ti >hip Vernon from New I irleans. Eor sale br of E. K COLLINS It CO., 34 Soath at. OHEATHINO ECLT ??* cases of the rerr superior paMot 1.7 Mheaihina Pspar. admirably calculated for sheathing reseels ?ad reots of houses, for sale, in lota to soil eerchaaers by "* t. K. (JOLLINB fc i^outh lt QL'OAR?II bbds Prims New Orleans for aale br t v ooLLirrsk co yt Pour*

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