Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 11, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 11, 1844 Page 3
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The Conc?ntr*Uxl ttrtrut at ?eresperllle. Oentias and Sat*afra.i. ptaperedby the N*w York Collate of Medicine and Pliarmacy, established for the suppra*sion of quackery. This refined ud highly concentrated extract, pos sessing all ill* purifying qualities ami curative power* of the above herb*, it confidently recommended by tha College u in finitely inperior to any extract of Bafaaparilla at percent before the public, and may be relied on a* a certain remedy for all dwMm arising from an impure itata of the blood, inch a* scrofula. aalt-rheum, hue-worm, blotchea or pimple*, ulcers pain in the bone* or joint*, node*, cutaiieon* eruption*, ulcerated ?ore throat, or any dnaan arising from the second sry aflacta of ayphilia er an injudicious ase of mercury Sold in single Bottle*, at .. 7} cants each. " IB caaea of lialf a dozen Bottles IBM one down " * M 'J.**? forwarded to all nana of the Union. N. B.?A very liberal discount to wholesale purchaaers. Olfica of the CollMe. M Nassau street W. H. RICHARDSON. M D . Agent. A Word to the Disappointed.?The Pro prietor of the Hunterian Disiiensary, No. 3 Divisiou St., wishes the afflicted to understand that the celebrated Dr. Hunter's Red Drop in warrauted to cure iu any and all cases of dlseaj* of a private nature. Accompanying eachvial is a comprehensive treatise, explaining every stage of this fearful disorder, so that a i erson with the most limited education can uuderstaud. Any person buyiugtthi* medicine will b? attended to until a perfect and lasting cure can be made, which generally occupies from tluee to eight days. Price >1 per vial, which i* warranted to cure iu auy case, no matter now long (landing, or how deeply seated in the ayitem, or uo charge. N. B ?Private Room* for ?'ousultatiou, with private entrance attached, where the Doctor ?nay be found at all hours. All Philadelphia (Subscriptions to the Hkuald must be paid to the agents, Zieber k Co., 3 Ledger buildings. 3d and Chrauut sta., where siugla copies may also M obtained daily at I o'clock. 3m Velpeau'a Specific Pilla, for the Radical core of gonorrhaa, gleet, seminal emissious, and all mocopuru lent discliarges from the urethra. These pills,, the result of twenty years experience iu the Hospital de Cliarite in Pari*, are prononnced by their celebrated inventor, Professor Veliwan, as au iu fallible remedy for all disaasaa of tha urethra, They effect a cure in a much snorter time thaa any other remedy, without tvnting the braath, disagreeing with the stomach, or coufiuement fro u business. Price, SI per box. Bold at the College of Medi an* aud Pharmacy, 95 Nassau atraet. W. 8. RICHARDSON, M..D., Agent. Kztra?t of Cubeba, Copalva, and Harxapa rilla (Dr. Glover's.)?This is the most s|?edy, certain, aud ef fectual remedy for the cure of Uonorrhma that has ever been used. It i* pleasant to tlie palate and grateful to the stomach, and easily taken. It is a concentration of all the medicinal pro perties of such remedies as have been found most efficacious iu curing gleet*, seminal weakness, aud all discharges from the urinary passage. Ills wholly a vegetable compound, and acts like a charm in producing an immediate operation upon tlie P'rt affected. Full directions accompany the medicine, which may be had at No. 2 Ann straet. Price $1. Rtcord h Parlulan Alterative Mixture, tier tne termanenl cureof primary or secondary syphilis, venereal ulcers, nodes, or any complaint produced by an injudicious use of mercury, or unskilful medical treatment. All persons ana peeling a venereal taint remaiiijug in their syitem should us* this powerful ourifler without delay, as no parson can consider himself safe alter having tlie venereal disease, without thorough ly cleansing the system with this justly celebrated alterative. Sold in sinele bottle* at $1 each, in cases of half dozen at 15; carefully packed and sent to all |urts of the Union. Sold at in* College of Medicine and Pharmacy, 95 Nassau st. W. 8 R1CHAHDSON. M. D., Agent Conetltutlonal Debility Cured.?The Tonic Mixture, prepwd by tlie College of Medicine aud Pharmacy of the city of New York, is confidently recommended for all < >e* of debility produced by secret iuduigenr* orexce" of r y kind. It is un invaluable remedy for impotance,sterility, orbartenness, (unless decoding ou mai-formatiouj Single bottles $1 each; cases of ntlf a dozen $5; carefully packed aud *ent to all parta of the Uijon. Office of the (College of Mediciiie and Pharmacy, 95 Nassau atinet W. B. RICHARDSON. M. D.. Agent. MONEY NiUKGl'. Sunday, Nov. 10?O P. M. Within the past week there hu been a steady decline in tha stock market In conatquence of the reported receipt of political retnrni unfavorable to tha views of large speculator*. The queation being now aettleJ, it ia sup posed future movement* in the market will be mere regular, and quotation* without tho*e great fluctuation* which have characterized them for *ome time past. We annex a comparative table *ho wing the daily quo tation* from the principal atoclu used in this market tor speculation. Quotation* roa the raiivciraL Stock* in thb New York Markkt. .... Sat. Mun. 7Vy. \V,d. 77,'y. FVy. Sat. fc- tlaijd 8l)j SO 79yi 76& 76 14% 77 63 61 6lg 62 61 60* H,r|em 72 71 70% " rson ? ? *?". 47K 44* <5 ?ers'Loan 44 41% and Wor BOK 78'4 78)2 ) Sixes Ill tiii 10% 102 ou Sixes 4IK 4j 43 ?? /? :ucky Sixes ? - _ HiriemTi'.Viii! ".!! . 72" 71 Paterson... ? ? ? I 'anion 44* 45 Ksrmers' Loan 44 4l?i 42U Not and Wor MX H'Z 78)2 OliioSixea. 111inoia t Indiana Kentucky Sixes - ,? ? Fron. Five* 7C- 73 72 Slouingtan SOK Kiie Railroad 33 Vieksburc ? U. S. Banic ? Reading RR ,.54 Morris Canal 33 Kast Boston il:. The lowest point touched through the week wa* on Friday, on which day the result ot the election in thi* State was decidedly known, and the Presidential contest settled. A gradual tailing off in stocks ha* been ex perienced lince Monday laat on account of the complex ions ?f political return*. Yesterday a slight improve, ment took place, and operators '.appear to havo partially recovered Irom the fright produced by the settlement of | the queation, but we do not believe in an improvement on that cccount to any great extent. This market i* so over loaded with itecks that priees cannot be sustained. The money market is steadily tightening, aud the rate of in terest gradually increasing. The banks are drawing in their stock loans,and the indication* at present'are in favor of a further reduction infatock operations.and in prices. Many have been large holders of stocks in anticipation of the election of Mr. Clay, and his defeat being decided, a very large portion of these stocks will be thrown into the market, and sales of them forced. This will, without doubt, cause a decline until these weak operators have got rid of all their stocks and left the market. Operations will then become based on the events of the day, and priees settle down to a level more in accordance with the actual value of the stocks represented, than during the course of any speculation growing out of anticipated results of an election or any other subject. We have no doubt but that speculation in every species oi property, for some time to come,will be very limited,and that every individual and every department of trada must depend more upon their own reaources than ever before. A per manency in the commercial policy of the government is insured, and with that before the people, movementa can be made underatandingly, and on a basis that will not prove weak. Annexed will be found a table showing the exports from this port for ten months of tho years IS43 and 1844, showing the increase and decrease in each article. F.xronTs from tiik Port ok Niw York. Jan. I to Samr time Nov. I, 1813. HII4. Inc. Dec. Apples, libls 7,837 7,411 ? 423 Ashes, Pot*, bbls,.. 37.704 31,1*2 ? 3,522 Pearls, bbls.. 1,091 7,206 5.515 ? Beef, Pickled, bbls. 22 :Ci7 52,382 30,015 ? Dried cwls.. . . 6,307 1,167 ? 4,810 Beeswax, CWt* 5,906 5,490 ? 416 Brandy, pipes 10 ? ? 10 >4 pipes 16'J 72 ? 97 cask* 119 123 4 ? Bntter, firkin* 41,958 21,657 ? 17,301 Candles. S|ierm,lixs. II.(KG 8,890 ? |% Tallow, bxs. 17,800 22,3*>5 4,565 ? Caisia, mati hrases, >7,323 12,34:1 ? 14.980 rjieese^Niftks 5,011 7,258 2,217 boxes 47,787 52,438 4,651 < lover Seed, tc* 1,440 1,753 - 307 Cochineal, cercons.. 118 52 ? 66 Cocoa, bags 1,185 6,536 ? 5,319 Coffer, cask'. ?. ... 32 101 6) ? libls 187 317 200 ? bags 14,532 50,191 35.959 ? Corn, bll.ll 46,0*7 201.567 157,480 ? Com Meal, lihds... 4,764 3,tl2 ? 1,551 bbls 24,67.1 M.II37 4J62 ? Cordage, coil* 2.IB4 2,701 525 ? Cotton, bale* 131,449 297,(KM! 166,419 ? Dyewood*. L'gwood tons 6,218 6.789 571 ? Fustic, tons... 1,210 754 ? 486 Nicaragu i.inns 196 111 ? 85 Dem'c Catton goods, cases, biles, Ike . 21.II.,9 19 ',28 ? '.l itI Fiah, Dry Cod, cwt*, 32,?7II 31, .6 2,658 ? Mackerel,libls. 3,070 1,739 ? 1.331 Herring, b'.il I,. 4,0!Jj 5,897 1,202 ? Klaxieed, tcs 3,781 2,351 ? 1,(27 Oil), pipes, 12 III ? 2 Flour, wheat, bbls.. 22*1.588 311,275 81,687 ? Mye, bbls... 6,914 5,M7 ? 1,057 Hid-*, No 48,36* 3l.:m'l ? 16,999 Gunpowder, kegs. .. 7,031 10,585 3,551 ? Hams kBacon, f? ts 6,010 7,787 1,777 ? Hops, bal^s 1,974 !HI8 ? 1,066 Indigo, Cases 41 37 ? 4 croons.... 154 31 ? 121 t.ard, keg* 110,516 156,012 15,526 ? Nails, casks 7,736 6,366 ? 1,370 Lumber,Sli'k* Hhds IK Pip**, No. 13,890 25,727 11,837 ? B'dskpl'ks.M ft 3,881 4,519 027 ? Vta'sKthMiugsM 2,490 3,920 1,131 ? Hoops, M.. 68,i I53'l II5I ? hllingles, M 1,348 I,H|8 500 ? Naval Stole*, Mosin, bbls... 71.119 96,700 25,611 ? gp't* Turp.bbla 1,570 1,1119 2'9 ? 1 ar, bbls 22 529 21,979 450 ? Turpentine,bbls 172,151 168,753 ? 3,391 Pepper, bags 1,971 1,826 ? 116 Pimento, bags 5,2211 992 ? 4,236 Pork, bbls 39,116 7 7,019 37 !K13 ? Oils, Olive, b'kta... 885 1.887 K002 ? Unseed, gal*.. 10,800 15,100 4,600 ? Whale, gals... 2,187,123 1,212,8J1 t'i,<;08 ? Sperm, gall.... 314,651 24!,653 ? 101,998 Rice, trs 21,526 21,075 ? 3,4jl Ruin, foreign puns,. 291 441 150 ? Am bbls 989 3,n<? 2,020 ? Salt Pelre, hags 1,309 ? ? 1,309 Sugar, wht. Hav. bxs 202 461 261 ? hrwndolxs. 2.012 2,137 ?- 505 5.511 ? ? 5,511 Musco. hlids 301 202 ? 42 Hefined cwts. 4,014 17,298 13,284 ? Silk, packages 582 905 323 ? Soap, hexes 27,312 36,817 9,505 ? Wool, bales 61 106 42 ? Tea*, Solu tion* and other blacks, lbs.. 45,?87 128,072 8J.3I5 ? llyaon Skin. lbs.. 14,500 67,494 52,992 ? Dolt Y. Hymn.. l'?8,94J 216,531 87,588 ? (JunpowderJtlrnp 1(4,326 104,861 ? 81,465 Tobacco, leaf, hlids.. 5,0:10 1817 ? 213 Diles,, Itc 11,368 6,764 ? 5,602 Whalebone, cwt*... 13,110 12,107 ? 1,033 Wheat, bush 32,000 50.910 18,850 ? Whiskey, bbls 56 736 080 ? Theae teturna *how an increaae In many important item*, auch a* coffee, cheese, tea*, beef, corn, cotton, na val ?tores, flotir, lard, lumber, pork, and augar*, while there ho* been a very (light falling off in t>,? eiport*|ol butter, domestic*, hides and cil^ The who In value of the enporta from thi* port for the month of October, in-1 eluding ipecir, amounted to ft,40),A3?, a* toUow* DoMticmarchiadut |l ,M7 ,aa FweJfn free Merchandise. 106.M Fore gn Dutiable Merchandize... 140.079 "P?0"- 1 ,'<100,876 $3,401,633 < om pared with previous month*, thi? ahowa a alight falling off in everything but ipecia, but not|*e much aa|ln the importationa lor October. The export* of domestic merchandise from thiaport in July, were valued at $1, 684,61ft, and in Auguit, at *1,631,397. We annex a table ahowing the total value of export* (or thia pert from Jan. lit to Not. lat, 1844. Valuk or Merchandise HiroiTiD raoM thi Distbict or Niw Voax?roa Tan Mokthi endinu No*. 1m, int. Domestic inilae from Jan. 1 to July,.. . $14,676,721 Doini-sti: merchandise, Jaly ? 1,5*4,515 Domestic merchandise, Auguat 1,631,297 Domes'is inerrhaiidiir, Hrptember 2,636,606 Domestic inerchaudise, October 1,(67,881 22,437 023 , r'oreigu uidse, from Jan. llo July 2,442,310 1 Foreign merchandise, Jaly 3 '4,698 foreign merchandise, Augest M5,996 Foreign mercltandise,September 336,My Foreigu u.erchaadisa, October. 212,9G5 3,603,498 i Total value of export* for t?n months, IHI4 $?*> uto ',23 Toul value of imporU for leu months, 1811 69.872JH5 Excess of import* over exports iu teu nioiitlu $43,831,782 The balance against u* iu the foreign trade of the po<t of Near York haa increased inOctober $3,409.819,and with out doubt will jncreuie about the tame per cent of the two remaining mouth* in the year, making the total balance 1 agamit u* for the year not f*r from fifty million* of dol lata, and awelling the total value of the importationa to about' eighty million*. Thi* ia very large, but can be diiposed of if the future aupplie* are not much larger than the demand. Theieriou* losses on a large portion of the imports thi* fall, will undoubtedly have an in [ fluence on the movement* of foreign manufactures in re gard to the spring trade,and *ei ve to chcck the di*po*ition ho general among that claa?,to Wood thi* marketwith their goodi. We think the time ha* gene by wbea foreign manufacturer* can find marketa in thia country to a vtry great extent, and any attempt to do *o, without any re gard to the demand, muat invariably be attended with severe lone*. The foreign trade of this poit thia fall wiU prove ruinoua to many engaged, and cripple the resources ol many more The Banks of New Orleans have made their montLly report for October, compared with aeveral made previoua. It shows a alight expansion. , .. . Banks or New Oat-CANs. Specie faying. Cath Lia. .7v?W? Circulation. Sprcir. Bank of Louisiana, t.694,532 4,979,0V? 872.3^0 4,327,118 Canal Bank 587,22 1 791,194 171,Ml 207,632 City Bank 1,283,131 1,807,616 267,*,HO 967,276 "tata JJaak... 962,111 1,142,181 2I9,5!I7 1.103,603 Mech s St Traders', 1,150.054 1,525,374 425,2',0 1,314,914 Union Bulk 25,018 887,001 32,890 161,898 Aim.Specie Paying. Citizens' lUnk.. . . 7,971,041 Consolidated Bank 2,289,239 Oct. 26 $20,013,851 12,434,651 July 27 16,891,707 11,349,555* I June 29 19,502,505 12,269,562 3,212,611 The Banka of N?w Orleans have undergone an t xpan sion within the past few months, on account of the coming forward of the new crops and the additional facilities re quired to bring them to market. The cropa of that tec tion are unusually large this year, and we have no doubt J but that before the 1st ol January next, the Southein banks generally will be called upon f>r increased loans to a very large amount. Old Stock Bicliange. $5000 Ohio 6's, >60 10IU i 50 Long I.lacd H K 77 10000 do I >60 101U 221 do 77>i | 5000 <}? h30 161)2 100 Harlem R K 12 m 75 45000 do 101 100 do 69 10000 do b30 101 125 Erie R R 1000 Illinois spec'l 36K 1*5 Mohawk R R 1,30 61V 6000 do 38)5 M do 60?i 1000 do 39 50 <<o 61)2 1000 Tennasaee G's 102). 25 do l>30 6 2 2000 Ken'v 5's, pbl N Y 95)2 40 do b30 61 10 shas Manhattan Bk 9<H 100 Stonington R R 46 100 Union Bank 111 50 do slO 46 20 North River Biuik KG 50 do 46)? 25 Bk Com'e, full yj% 150 do 46li 25 Mech Bkc Asa 100 100 do slO 46"i 25 Illinois Bk 22tf 100 Nor U Wor R11 75 1 90 Coutributiooship Ins 1116 175 do 710 Farmers'Trust b30 40 225 do 350 do 3?? 10 do slO 13 50 do 39J, 100 do Ii20 76 I 100 do 39X 50 do bl5 \ 300 d.. 40 50 do slO 75 I 5 Morris Canal 32 100 do s30 75 36 do 31& 50 E Boston Co b30 U >3 do 32)i 300 Rradiag R R 52 125 do b30 33 50 d? b30 52 130 Canton Co slO 43)? 21 Housatonic R R 41 i# do IIW 43)6 100 do b60 43 175 do 43/g ,20 do 41? 25 do slO 4t 10 Hud 8t Berk R R 19 50 do a30 44 20 Utica * Schen R R 129 310 do b60 45 Mecond Board. I $1000 Ohi?6's '90 b60 101 100 Nor It, Wore II R 7GX 10 shas Ka?t Boston I0)? Ml do li30 77 ' 150 Morris Canal bnw 33 100 do s|0 77 150 do b I 33 50 do b'l 77)* 50 do b3 3211 50 do b'JO 77)2 21 Mer En Bank 106), 21 Canton Co 50Stoningtou R R 100 Long Island bCO 78 25 do 47 I New Stock Kxehange. $9000 Ohio G's. '60 ?3 10l)? 25 Canton Co 25000 Kentucky G's r30 103 10 do bnw i? | 2000 do b30 103)u 50 d'l sow 4JV 15000 Tesas Tr Nu cli 12? 25 do cli 41 100 shaa U S Bank ch 6)J 25 do 4.1% 375 Farmers' Trust 40 50 L Island R R 77U 50 do nw 40 25 do 77 | Hill :.t do s45 39)? 50 Erie KR cli 31V 25 do S3 39* 125 Nor it Wore R R ch 75X 10 Morris Canal b60 35 25 do bJO 75 25 do cli 32 175 do ch 75* 16 do cli 31*25 do buw 75 3 or Stocks, Boston, Nor. 9. 108 shas E Boston Co, 9J; 200 do do, 9}; 130 E Boston i Div, 4j). 11 New England Worsted <'.o, 90; 10 Boston and Maine 11 H, 108j; 76 Reading Railroad, 33j) 60 do do, b o I in, '26}; 160 do do, holm, 26|; 230 Norwich It Wor cester It R, 74]; AO do do, 74|; lOil do do, b o 1 m, 76}; 60 do do,b o 1 m, 76 j: 26 do do, b o 1 m, "Si; 73 do do.bolm, I 76. 1 State of Trade. Ashes ?Pots are very inactive nt $4 12) a $4 18], Pearls are yet steady at $4 23 a $<l 81}. The receipts are large. Stock on lUiu Novembcb 9th, 1844. First sort pot* .. .bbl* 9.321 First sort pearls bbU 8,349 Seojnd do ...... 1,149 Second do .... 1,827 Third do 301 Third do .... 298 Condemned do 190 Condemned do .... 21 Trtal 10,981 Total 9 693 I Pots. . 10 961 ,..7.7.! 9 695 Total 20,6(6 BaEADSTurrs.?Not much doing in this market. Ut?n nesse Hour $4 76 ; Georgetown $4 68] a $4 ?3 S'>ii*b< rn wheat sells at 93 cts , Rye 73. Northern oat* 31 a 3 J J eta. Altogether price* have a downward tendency. Cotton.?To day there wjs a good demand from Spin ners, who have taken 700 balit; 200 bales were also ta ken by eiporters. Prices, although they cannot be quoted lower, yet are in favor of the bu.vera. PaoviaioN*.?We now quote Vor Ohio prime $6 97J a $7 00 ; Mess $9 00 Beef is impk*ovin< in demand, Mess we quote at $A 26. and prime at f 4. Ohio lard, kegs, sell at 6 a 6} bbl* 3{ a 6. Baltimore Cattle market. The supplv of Beef Cattle at market this week ha* been full, and botn packers and butchera ha ve purchased liber ally at prices about equal to those of last week. The offerings at the scalea on Monday nonprised upwards of 700 head, ol which 290 were taken by ptrkera and 340 by butchers, at prices ranging from $1 60 to $2 26 per lOOIbn. on the hoof equal|to $3 a $4 23 net. On Thursday 95 head ol fresh Cattle camo in and were offered, together with i those left over at the commencement of the wuek, and 80 | sold at $1 SO a $2 per 100 lbs. on tn? hoof as in quality. Live hogs have come in more Ireely. and about 2000 head have b<cn offered in the course of the week. We note sales of several parcels to puckers, embracing probably about H0o bead, at prices ranging from $3 62i to $3 87 J per | 100 lbs, averaging about $3 76. Home smaller sale* have been marlu at $4. Packers are disposed to purchase pretty liberally, but thu unfavorable state of the weathi r for s? vei al days past ha<; operated to their diaadvant age. -J? 1. -L B?? J s SL? ?i .it??? Died, On the 9th inst., after a lingering illness, Mrs. rdaav Oallaohek, aged 69 yearr. Iler lrfenda and acquaintances, and those of her *,?ns James, Hugh, Michael and John, are respectfully invit ed to attend her funeral,this. Monday, afternoon, at 3) o' clock, from her late residence, No 60 East Broadway. On Sunday morning, the 10th inst., after a long and severe illness of the typhus fever, John P. Aims, in the thirty-ninth year of his age, eldest son of Jacob Aim*, Ein. . The relative* and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend his funeral, without further notice, from the Methodist Episcopal Church in Allen atreet, on Tues day afternoon at two o'clock. On Sunday morning, the 10th inst., Elmcn, in the 36th year of her age, daughter of the late Brirn Rlelly, merchant of the city of Dublin, and a native of county Longford, Ireland. Her friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend her funeral, this (Monday) afternoon,at 4o'clock from her late residence, No. 221 Second street. On Sunday morning, thelOth inst., of short illness, John F*A*ns Copcttt, the youngest son of Henry and Sarah Ann Meriam. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the luneral at hia faihai's residence, No. 76 Charlton street, this (Monday) afternoon, at 3 o'clock. On Sunday morning, the 10th inst., after a short but painful illness, John Cai.dwku. Mim.moan, youngest son of thn Rev. John Mulligan. Tbe friends and relatives of the familv arc respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, thia (Monday) afternoon, at 4 o'clock, from the residence of bis lather, No 381 Broad way. Pnssengcri Arrlvert, Oasiria ? Brig Francis Lord?Kev Samuel Ilaxelliuret, Iter Jothnt Niniih, Missionaries from Ca|ie Palms*; lion Manuel Fernandez, Matthew Freeman. Bei.ixe, Hon?Briii Oillx-rt list fie Id?J E West. Havsnnah?Brig Isaac Mead?J SS Olcott, E F Degrsffen tied, J !iutnphri?*f. CHAnLMTON?Stem ship Marmora?J J Bulkley, Mrs 11 Hull and child, Mr Watson. "?JMlgn lsnportatlona. t' l"ranci? Lord?15 tons camwood 17 tn<ks ivory ill .. ?." ek: rVlm '!'? 73*0 bushels ground nuts McCracken lini k Vi 7 iC, " lls'm"il 3 t'ns camwood A D Kisk?1 bo* Lane k Ti|.|?t-I t-olonial Itoom*. ' ?r.,K ?T Arerill?730 qr ck? (4 c?s?-s port wine 2 r. no? w.r.T^H^rm"h'ir,,?M,re^IJhf PPaMqrck* 63 Salter Harmony s Nephews?70 .arks corks Alsiandrr Domestic lsnportatlona. St Marks?Brig N O Bourne?7 bale* ootton Sp^ar tk Van derail?iJj .{lolbrtkik. Nelsoo It Co?>1 H Wsrm* * C<>?St I Ptmelee, Kilborn k Rojtr*?l?t Mel, Cot & Anderwn?4 Cm 1 ter It ce. _ Savannah?Brig Itaic Mead?73 bales cottou O Collins?17# ?T'f.?k 5,?~VrT? ** H Brigham?119 Bir?tow, Pope It co? 41 J Wood?23 Holbruok, Nelaou &co?15cka rice E DMorgau ? CO?56 hidea J Saiton?91 bain ctttton io order. Charleston?Steamship Marmora?50 cks rice Wl>e?ler k b?U WPffl ^ ftyater It Whitmarsh?104 Smith, Milla It c.>?84 J H Talmau?2U E Laffau. MARITIME HERALD. Movement* of th* lUanuhlp*. Sleamrrt. Leavt Liv'l. DiuiiJtwu'a. Ltavt Amt'a Hibernia, Kyrie .. No*. M Ship Masters and A|*nu. We shall eateem it a favor if Captains of Ye**sls will give to Robert Silviv, Captain of oar New* Bpats, a report of the shipping left at the port wheuce they aailed, the vessel* apokeu ou their passage, a list of their canto, and any foreign newspapers, or news they may have. He will board them im mediately on their arrival. Ageuts and Correspondents at horn* or abroad, will alio confer a Tavor by undine to thia office ah the Marin* Intelligence they can obtain. Nautical Informa tion of any kind will be thankfully received. PORT OK If 1CW YORK, NOVEMBKR U. ?UN RUED 7 ? I MOOR SET# 5 50 UN* SETS 4 il I HKiH WATER 9 43 ArriTiii. | !V,ar?"r?. ?0 hour* from Charle,ton, wilh P* "w*"toD. from Boa ton, anj Pou N?Vrfdk,t0? *hiP Eri,>' L''Ut' < 0m- Turner. M houri from intWa^M: ^pilTco-' 4 diy' f'0m Por"muUth' NH ? A **'''!? Mayo, from Oporto, Oct. I, with wiue ??"?>? * ?th .lit. lat 28 10. Ion 29, .aw , bottom up, appirently of 200 tons burtheu?appcaris! to hare bamin that aitnatioa two or three month*. 13 wfth m^"itftlrHoT,ftlm, K,v" ""nbia. Afiica.Oct. I b" u . 1 ?? McCracken It Livingston. Foi[if Sl Niclieraon**' " Y* from Hl" ?rtn?le' wilh ?>?<?". to Iokwood' to ll' ''ow.S!''15 d?V* f""" Beli?. Hon. with logwood, to J. (i Collins; 2G tons do 50,000 feM mahouauv K Coffin. ?il> mat lat 34, Inn 71 31). in a NV* gale carriedaway a a i7ed? 12'dik vs lle/n it^i. V kC' Mril{ lKI?rid* &*?<?>. ?<>' NVork. d^i?rte.^toth,,n.,raP|K),ed Ih4t Havana Io-wood r?C' r?aM'"i?7|,ljtV* f'?,n Ki?*??on' Jn-wilh I'imenio, te?&orid^.U kJ Uur,e' Ufl b"?'?h piiir:'?hjHwl;,.!i0JmM- 19 J"-' fr"m w'u<i4nr pluter* bo's! !u lefw'li i t'oey Si' c'o fr?m N8w"h 17 ^from 8ydu?y-1:,,?wiiu cott oH.^o Mefc^'k AndiV.oiM J?V. from 8t. Mark., with 8chr laaac h ranklin, Brown, 40 .lay* from Malaga, with 10(1 ??ji L *?WIine-?i^? J ' ^ 9,M, 'If ^rt raiiataa 60 itra gra|iea200 cka lial vTa* lemoua 487 cka 250 kufa raiaiua to Aguire It m?ater Gardner, 4 day* iron. Norfolk, witli mdse, to tlie tolnaater* 'or' ^ day* from 'I lioinaatou,witli lime, maater Norton, 7 daya froin Madiaon, with lumber, to 8chr 8nn, I'lummvr, 7 daya from Madiaon, wilh lum oer, to master. It^ 11 frricU"n' ''OVt"' ' '1?V* from Boatou, witl. indae, to K. 8chr Banner, Chue, 4 diy* from Bo*ton, with mdae? bound to Albany. _ ,. Uelow. One ship, two briga, unkuowo. ' | All the outward bound vciaela have rcturnvd and an chored at Quarantine. OUacellmieous Record. Packet 8mr ^VKLLl'*(?T0I*, for Loudon, will aail to-day at 12 o'clock. Her latter will c'o*e at Uilpin'a Latter Office at lialf-paat 11, Brio Asooua, Bell, of and Tor New York, 21 daya from Mansaiiilla. under jurv muta, having been diamakted during the . '.'i Vi'.i , ?f. w*? ?IV'keti 2tth ult. lat 23 20, Ion 8.1 85, by the Oilbeit Hatfield, at tin* port, who aupiilied lier with water. She would try to get into Key Weat or Havana. ScHtt Thame*, BiIIiiim. from Lnliec for Philadelphia, with plaater, while at author off Tuckemuck Slioala, afternoon of 5th, mrtrd her cable* and run on Nantucket Bar. 8h? wai aban doned by the crew; but on 7tli waa taken into the harbor without much damag*. Qt'KBEC, Nov. 2.?lutelligeiice waa received to-day that the Quebec, Ljvi.igiton, which cleared on tlie 22d ultimo for Liver f pool, wn< fallen in wi>h on Thuraday laat, off Hare laland, water-loitaed ai d abandoned, anchor* anil cluiu* gone, by three pil -U who have (ecured her. A ateamer will b* deipatclied thia afternoon to tow her up. Cant. Larkiu, of the Orbit, henre for Liverpool, reta-rcd on Saturday uight. and reporta thathia vea ael was diiven aahore on Ked liland during the eaa'erlv atormof I"1and remained on during nearly tlie whole of the gale, f1". , ""ally beat off. She hid **vru fret water in her when helelt. rudder uu*nipped and waj oilierwi;e aerioudy dtmagrd. 1 lie North America proceeded down yesterday to tuw her up to port. * Miking Vemei. -Brig Emily, Smith, *ail*d from Waldo boro , M? , Sept 29 for Lharleatou, w th a caigo on hoard, and a crew coiiaiati.ig of seven |>er?oin, *mee which nothing ha* been lieud or veaael or erew, ai,d fear* are entertained that she foun dered in the gale* of th* 4th aud Gtli ult. Whalemen. Hailed from New Bedford 8th inat. Mt Vernon, of Nantucket. Coleman I icihc Ocean: Chase. West, AMantic. Cld 9th, So lon, or Mattapoisetl, Ditliughani, A>lantic Oce?u i , *,w B?"'l'fd. 3 mos out. with 150 bhla oil, wiu spoken 8th ult. lat 32 30, Ion 20 12-by the Mary Averill, at this port. Irpolcen. ship with a *tar in Iw r fore topsail, staudiug I 8W, Oct 12. lat 28 10 Ion 29-by the Mary Averill, at this port Empire, [Br] standing N, Oct 2 ?by the same. i i',nV?r' . 'or Laguna, dismasted, Oct 13, lat 23 28 ; Ion 85 30?by the Trojui, at this |wrt. foreign Porta. . Rie P?ai?dk, about8ept23-In port, Henry, for N York, 10 | day*;]Eagle, 53iday* from Salem. Sld Argo, iWd, Baltimore; NnhmakruiU, Tucker, Hiver Plaif.. foCArfc PA|LMab( A|,f 12?Sid Splendid, Daly, fin rrorideucr, Monkovi'a, Sept.I? Sid Ataluita, Johnson, from NYork for leeward; Aug 19, Virginia, CottlUK. from Norfolk for Cnlcutu. (Jalknai, S-pi 14?In port, Adario, Brown, from NYork for I - ^ ? "r,< "orpoiae, Craven, was ciuitiuK oft* iialeuas 14th Sept. Rivkk Oambia, Oct 7?Bid Im gene, William., Biaaao ? Djed ou board 'lie I. at Biaaao 8ept 3, Norman Peter*, cook; at River Gambia Sept 22, Mr Smith, lat officer. OroRTo, Oct I?In |K>rt, Effort, of NYork, for Bojton, 5th; Peconic, Idg for N York, to sail 15th. Belize, Hon. Oct 15? In port, Clia* Hammond, for NYork. 10 d*y?; Sea Gull. ldff. Mairoun. dtiwu the coa?t, ld?. I ...<t?.*VcAW.0T Hiiil'lind Mary, Ciossley, Liverpool; 4th, Lady Seafon. Duffil, and Ouyx, Massey. London; Symine | try, Drown, rl md; Ida, Kobiusou, Hull. Home Porte. LtiBri:, Nov 4?Sid Haunali It Abiiail, Leland, Providence' Amethyst, Anderaoii, NYork; Tilnoleoii. McKailaud, do; Oeo I Henry, Allen, Richmond; Pearl, iiandy, Newark. BlTKiroRT, Nov 6?Sid Huron, J?i.arks, NYork. BEI.KAST, Nov 6?Below, several light fore and aft schr*. lu port, I angola, Shut?, Tor <;harle*tou; Ontario, Stnidea. from B i'igor for a western port. IIaixowkll, Nov 4?Sid Ticonic, Smith. Oeorceiown, DC, "i,*.T!-V!0' N!).r. 8-Arr Harriet Fuller. Fuller, Bristol for I Inladfl. hia. Cld IjrMe, Edmuiida.Cowi-s; Motto, Williams. Cuba. Hid Cytale, Samuel, Ceres. ! Portsmouth, No? 2?Arr MonUno. Kldridge, N York; 341, >\ elluiKton, Kuowltoii, Baltimore. Cld Bih, Pactolus. Hard nig. Mobile NEWBimvrpRT. Nov 8?Arr Susan Spofford, Boston; Ivan hoe, Po.t Philadelphia. Salesi, Nov 8?Arr Richmond, Kilborn, (ieorgetown, DC; Harriet, Sears, do; Diana. Small NYork. Bostow, Nov 9-^Arr Como, Eldridge, ('harleaton; James W Ci'f ? *"'orvfJ' Buyer, Ballimore; I'inta, Cooinbs, Wilmuig on, NC; Metamora. rlimi; E*<:ort, Bryant; M.lilda. 8mU>?, and Peru, Parker, I hllaik-lphia; E-sex, Haielgrave. anil Magnolia, Richardson, hrvili'rick.burg. VUaclier, Brookings; riialleuge, Hosier; Kliza, Ames; Jane Vafea, Fuller, and Only Daughter, M'DuH.e, ^York. Signal for a bar.|un and a ling. ( la /nleite, Killey, (Gibraltar and a mark-t; Auloleon, Howes, King-ton. Ja;,lunula, Confer, Havana; Manaoii, Cole man, Curacoa; Eliiabeth, Chise, St John,, PH; Thracian, Brown.Mobilei Monrt, Heri.olds, Aleiaudria; Aid. Stoddard, Norfolk, Citv Point and Richmond: Hea(wr., Baltimore; ?' V Haskell, Rappahannock; Wm Wilson, Baker, I'hiladel I ua; Denmark, Davis, N York. Arr 8th, Antares, Hallett, and Oread, Biolier, Philadelphia: Norwich. Crosby, and Tigris, Lovell, Albany; Cornelia, Faiilklin; Orecian, Chase; Eicel, Lovel', and Spy, Dimon, NYork. Yarmouth, Oct 31?Arr Wm T King, Crowell, Philadel phia. New Beupord, Nov 7?Arr Achsah Parker, Handy, Albany; 8th, Massachusetts,Collins, Baltimore; Pacific, Swilt, Norfolk; Tiger, Nye, and Orecian, Clark, Albany. Sid Roweua. Wil liams, Africa; Mari?, Kickeison, Baltimore. Arr 8th, Ocean, Nantuck*t; 9th. Delight, Nickersou, and Lonias, Perry, Alba ny. Sid Rival, Waterhouse, Portland; luduairy, Brown, New York. EiioaRtown, Nov 6?Air Bolivar, Barnard. Alesan.lria for Nautucket; 7th, Senator, N York fordo. Sl.l 7ih, Richmond, Silein; Bolivar, and Senator. 8th?No arrivals this morning. Hoi.mes Hole, N'.v 7?Arr Chas Henry, Oriffin, Dovei for Philadelphia; Marcia. Boston for NCarolina; Heuown. Lovell, do for NVork; Ctica, Bearse, do for Albany; Arinida.Trefetlien, Portain >uth for Baltimore; Ariadne, Rowe, ,N York for Bangor. Tlie fleet re|K>rtrd here laat evening, all sailed this morning wind SW. Stli. am?Arr Maryland. Birch, Snowhill Tor Bos ton: Oov Arnold. Baron, Salem NJ. fordo; Aurora, Woodbury, Philadelphia for no; D B Keeler, Wade, NVork fordo. 10 a m ?The above, aud those reported here Inst evening, or most of tliem, are getting under weigh?wind SW. NA.iTUi. gET, Nov 6? Arr N C V. Ferris,'Norfolk; Copy NYork; 7th, Philail.lphia, Barnard, Philadelphia. Providence, Nov 8?Arr Wm Young, Adams, Philadelphia; Nimrod, Siedma.i, Albany; Monrilla, Wheeler, Newark NJ. 7th?arr Superior, Smith, Albany. 8th?aid Veto, Pendleton, Philadelphia; Trvall, Oihbs, Baltimore; J as Bennett, Smith, Albany; Oem, Disbrow, do via New Haven. I1 a1.1. River, Nov 7?Arr Baltic, [Br] Dunbar, Pictou; Osceola, I'ieice, do; Cl.aileaton Packet, Crowell, Philadelphia Sid H W Osndy. Osndr, Phiiadel. hia. ' ' Richmond, Nov 9?Sl.l ''has Pitman, Towusend, and E Kuckman, Crammer, New Voik; Splendid, Thomson, Jersey City. CuAtiLESTOFr, Nov 7?Ar Tiemont, Taylor. BoMon;" press, Billings, New Y? rk; Sinus. Stetson. (ith?arr Loch invar, Weslcott, Castiue, Maine; Jonathan Wainwrigot, Lewi*. NYork?lound to St Augustine?pat in to repair sails, t'.ld Corinth, Smith, Liver,?ol Sid Hayne, Trescot, Havana. Sth?arr l lesiie, Yates, NYo.k. Cld Nile, Johnston; Nath'l Cooner, Churchill, and Merrey, Tucker, Liverpool. Sid Juho JM t/layton, Parker, Philadelphia. Savannah, Nov li?Arr Carlos. Mauran, Boston; Eicel, Smith, New York; Clara, Syke*, Newcastle, Me. Sit) Topaz, Mabee, Havan*. Mobile, Nov 2?Cld Mobile, Livermi.'e, NYoik. New Orleans, Nov. I.?Cld, Caledonia, Maasirott, Havre; Indiana, Ile.iKett, New York; Preaidenie, (Sp) Riua, Havana. Arr. Nashville^ I'emlierton, Havre; (Jeo. Sk..|i. |d, Skolield, Roll, rdani; Diana, llowas, Boston; Keiilucky, Rogers, do'; Caledonia Bran.ler, Decaj, PhiUdeloliia; Ligonia, Blanchard Turks Island: Kirkwood, Martin. Baltimore. Below, coming up.'Teaier, Healy, Thoinaaton; Wm Bryan, (ialvestou; also, a ship and a brig, names unknown. ? - . - _ . FIVE DOLLARS REWARD. OTOLEN?Some time between the hour* of six on Tuesday ^ evening aud two on Wedneadty morning laat, a (5 bill on the Bank of Wooster, Ohio. Said bill wa* marked in black ink, on the back, "Sun tlffic^;" the letter W. under, and (it i* thought) the word "Whit" was marked in one comer. The above reward will he piid for any it.formation which shall re sult in the conviction of the thief. Apply at this office. n7 3tee IM.JJAiin'yN8*! DAUUhRKr.OTVI'h I'LA Ir.K AM J ?* INSTRUMENTS, Oerman Slates, l^ea.l Pencils, Sega Cues, Tobacco Boxes, Pipe*, kc. French China, plain and gilt?and a variety of other trench and Orrman good*. Kor ?ale by EDWARD HEN, Importer, n7lm * rh 18 and 20 Liberty street. UOR SALE CHEAP.?Five second hand Billiard Table*? <?> All repairing in the Billiard line done in the beat manner possible, and at the shortest notice. Please apply to, o??t*m T. O. CONNER, fc Ann ?treet. TWINE?200 hales Bridport Heine, Herring and Oill Net Twine, comprising a very full aud complete assortment, from 5X lbs. to 36 lbs. all receive.) per recent importations, of very suiwrior quality and manufacture, for sale on very reason v ble terms, by E. K. COLLINS It CO. nS !A South street.

EMP?200 hales dew rot llempof very superiorqn lity land ing et ship Vernon, from New Oileans, and for sale in tJ lots losnit ptirchsaert b^f rnl,LINS k CO. 5ft Soajhstre^ _"8 T~ Western Wool, landinf llf OOL?7 h*le* of For sale by W Vernon It CO., * ??* ?# AUCTION SALES. H HOUSE FURNITURE. ENGRAVINGS, OIL PAINT IN'*#, FRENCH LIBRARY, lie . kc., AT AUCTION. Levy ii spooner will **ii on ti? uth and uih Novem ber. at II o'clock, at No. 72 Greenwich ?trmt, the Furniture, Paintings, Kuaraviugs, Library, and article* of vertu, Ire., be longing to Aim. Cor, Esq., attached to the Coutulate of France, who learn this couutry the tint proximo. The library coutaiua 1244 volt, enbracing many rare and illottrated works in F ranch aud Euglith: HO paintings. among which arc ion* tcnu and undoubted; >200 lioa eugravingt, rare and cottlv; <>ua rot* wood |>arlor organ or seraphic*, mada by Marin, piano maker to the Que,-a of France?lite wliol* luring been selected by M. Cor, for lii> private use, with great care and expense. Tlie en tire collection i? w oithy (lie notlca of connoisseurs. Kor par ticular* tee catalogues at HI Broadway, which are now ready, and tha article! cau be examined each day, from II to ] u'dosk. The lirat day'a aale will be tha furniture and paiutingj; aacoud day, the library aud -ugravinga. a 11 31 * rrc BALANCE STOCK OK FURNITURE. E WILLARD will aell Thia Morning, at 10* o'clock, without reserve, rlie entire balance of Paruiture, Ike., re maining in the tion* 301 Broadway, corner of Duane street.? The sale will includ'teveral very good Sofa*, Mahogany Chairs, Bnraaua, enclosed Wash-stands, Divans. Sideboard, Vrench Bed stead I, marble too Centra Tallies, Hat Stands, lie..Ice.; together with some second hand Kurniture, Car'1*!*, Bedding, Pictures, kc , with which tlie sale will cummtuce. Sale peremptory to the highest bidder. Purchases to be temoved on the day of sale. Also, store fixtures, (leaks, stove, stools, racks, he , Ike. nil lt*m GREEN-HOUSE PLANTS AT AUCTION. LEVY It SPOONER will sell Tliis(Mouday) Morning, at II o'clock, nt No. 151 Broadway, a choice collection of Ornamental Plants, consisting of Camelias, Hhododendront, Axalias, Oleanders, Orange and Lenious, with various other Plants and R<>oti._ nil It* m ITALIAN OPERA. THE Committee of the Subscribers for the Italian Optra that arrangements have lieeu made with the Italian ()| era Coinpauy to coinineuce the regular se.uoii at Palmo'a Opera llonse. ?n Monday, like llth iust , under auspices which hardly fail to secure general satisfaction ? The Company, who have associated themselves, consist of Siguora K. Borghese and Kiguura R Pico (lately arrived) as first donna; Signort Ant< guiin aud Pernzzi, first tenure; Siguors Vallellini and Toinasi (lately arrived) first hiss; Siguor San quiiico, first hullo. Tha Orchestra will be directed by Siguor Kapetti-_ Among tiie new Operas the coinpuiy will pviloiiti Clnura di Rozenherg, Lucrezis Borgia. Cenereutolt. auil Semi ramide, during ilm season, whiah will lie of but twenty lour nights. The subscription list will remuiu open at (lie Open House, from !l A. M.toi P. M., every day, until Thursday, Uth iust., on which day, at 7 1*. .VI., the present subscribers and such others as may wish to recur* seats for tM season, me ie queaird to meet in (he Saloon of the Theatre for the choice of places, which will he assigned by lot >ii u?t?u?y will b?* in titi?C t>V fh?* < '??llinilt tee, to lie paid at projier times to the Company. For pailiculars apply at Ine Box Office. nil 41 rrc PC) I'ATOKH.?Families wanting a su|vrior article of Nova Scotia Potatoes, that may lie dei*>nded upon to keep, can be supplied by application at No 24 South atreet' nil 3t*ec NEW YORK BRASS HANI) THE Memberi of the New York Brass Baud would res|act fully inform their Patrons Mid the public in general that at a meeting of the Hand, held at Military Hall, Bowery, 2nd Nov., 1844, Mr R. VVILI.IS was unanimously elected Leader, and C. 8. (JKAHJLLA 4'oinpivser 9I said Baud vnd tliev now feel assured tint the Bind will lie inferior to uoue iu this country.? The Bird would leturu their tlixuks for th-- very llaiteriug pa tronage lieitovvfil upon tin m the psst season, aud will u?e ,?ry exertion to merit a continuance id'the same. Applications for the Hand will le to Richard Willis, Leader, It Bavard atreet; James Conner, Secretary, 33 Bay ud stie t, or any of the following members; Wm. Wallace, 19 Spriug stree ; Allied II. Peates, PI Norfolk street; Daniel Underbill. H I Wooste, street; M. Menie, 1.50 Kor-vlh alreet; John Wallare, 7 Claik slreet; i-i... Hi ..i.i.... ?.. ? ...i . . J , RICHARD WiLLlS, leader. ~.I?mis (.onnkit. Secretary. N. B ?Bands provuled for Public Dills, Private Soirers, Serenades, lie., by applying to Win. Wallace, 49 Spriug street. n 10 2t"u?m NEW YORK Sl'ORTSMhN'ri Cl.l'ii The Members of tbi* Club are hereby notified ihit the rrgu'ar moil-Illy meeting of said Club will be held at Mr Sincliir's, (the Woodcock,) in Houston atreet, near Droodway, 'I Ins (Monday) Evening, at 8 o'clock, for the transaction of usual bn sinus. JAMES McGAY, Attorney at Law,20 Chambers atteet, nil It*je Secretary to N. Y. Sportsmen's Club. ?T>WiNE, NAILS, SHOE"THREAD, lke.-( ottoi'i Klax, A H-tnpand India Seme, Wrapping, Baling, Kyke, Oiluit, and Maiiufacturer'a Twine, of every description. Cut and Wroujht Nails, Brads and Pikes. Shoe Thread in every va riety. Bale lto|ie, Manilla Cordage, Haling Twine,|iet Warp, Wickiug, Stc., lie , <kc. For sale by nil lt?ec ('KBHA It ('UVIIMJ. loft Pearl street. N' f Al'Ir.K LO'l'IIIA.Nueg, leave to Inlorin Ii s military Ii lends 1 ami the public that, he has left the New Vork llrass Baud. Ht'is now organizing a new one, to be called THE NEW YORK BRAXS BAND, and pleijgea himself that it aliall Le in no department inferior to the old one. Couductor?NariKK Lor nun, corner of Centre and Walker ?tnata. J^ader? ^osiini, W Mott atreet. Balls aud I'artiei fuiuished bv the above Band. Leider?JoaKrn Noshlh, Bt> Mott street. n9 lw*rrc VI MARK WELL, Proprietor of the Lorg's Hotel, Bond and ivA. Clifford street, and Loi.don Hotel, Albemarle street, Lon don, returns his moat grateful thanks to the gentry of live Uniud States, kc., and hopes lor a continuance of their patronage,? both houses being newly repaired, to afford every cninfort aud accommodation. N. B.?Courier* aud trarel'ing servants alwaya iu readincra. u 10 3t*m ?p 4 LOUX, Swisa (Courier?siieaks the ue.esaary laugungei A ? oT tlie v^oniiiiout, ?,... ? Ot..<r...J ....... u^u.l ....,,, i.uu don. ii 10 3t* m New York, October 10, 184*. I HEREBY certify thit I have examined the sample of 28,000 pounds of HOPS, raised by OI KDON AVKRY. Es?|.. or Walerrille, Oneida County, in tlie year 1814. and that I consider them, in every particular, thextry lirst ill quality that I have ever inspected. O. W. RYCKMAN, lns|>eclor. nlO 2t*in REMOVAL. SEOARH.? PETER OILsEY lakes thia opportunity of re turning liia thanks to Ins friends anil the (.otitic for the liliei al patronage they have besuiwed upon hi in, and also to inform them that lie has removed from No. 32^ to No. 24) j Bowery, where lie hat constantly ou hand the choicest stock oi Segais in thit city, iu any quantity, aud shall be happy to rtceive a con tinuation of .their lavors. nlO 4tSu*ec young man of go id business i|aalitcatious, gei. yptJKJKJ tl^niauly apiwarance aud addiess; todnpoaeof this turn to the Le.,t ad vintage, whereby to intiire active and i? r maueut employment adequately remunerative lie would take an intereit in any profitable husinets, or loan the money t i any retpectable firm, or individual, requiring tlie serv ices of a iktsoii such at above described Indifferent as to the place where the business should lie conducted or tlie serv ires reuderrd, whether Sjuth or elsew here. A note stating tin character of the business and aMHiiuting au interview, addressed to "Pecuuil,' Suit office, shall be promptly attended to. n 10 it*ec A RESPECTABLE MARRIED YOUNO GENTLEMAN ?a member of the Bar?who is thoroughly acquainted with tlie Latin, Hpsuitli and Kiaucli languages, (speakiug the Uitei m ist fluently,) it desirous of procuring a situation -u Agent in a mercantile capacity, as Teacher, or in whatsoever manner his services Mould prove uaeful. l'ro|ier testimonial* of character and ability call be furnished on ailJrvssiug a line to L. M , at Una office. u94t*rtc Rich" embroidered muslin and moiiroc CAlNE ROBES?a new article for Kveuiug Dresses.? The snbscrib'rs have just received |ier Hie it Wetternand llilier ni l, (direct the manufacturer,) cases of the uhove elegant aud very fashionable description of go< ds, well ailtpled lor city trade. Priest from 3)4 to 25 dollars. 'I erms c ish or approved paper. A. P. KUKllKST U CO., nO 3t* m 7 Cedar tlreet. TO THE LOVERS OF FINE ROAST BEEF. THE suhs 'riber takes litis tin thud of informing the resideiitj of ihe up|ier part uf the city that lie will of ?baaHMBi'er for tale ou Satuid vy Moruiug, the 9th iutlaiit, and tbruughoul the season, at Ins Stall, No. 9 Tompkiu's Market, a large variety of (he choicest Beef, Mutton, Lamb aud Veal at reduced price. Best cuts of first quality Roasting Beef, Sirloin or Ribs, Oris lb. Second beat cuu G " Sirloiu and Porler-hoiite Steaks 7 to 8 " Coarser parts of the Beef 2 to 4 " Extra sugar-cured Ku'mpt of Corned Beef, a supe riar article e " Marketing teut home, with cleanliness aud despstch, to any put of the city. Beef packed iu tierces for the English market in the most im proved manner, so as not to become too s ilt or change iu color. Also, barrels and Half barrels for the Southern and West India Markets. JOHN C. 1'KRlON, nllt'K No. 9 Tompkiu's Market. MISS AUGUSTA BROWNE, ORGANIST OK THE REV'D DR. COX'S CHURCH, BROOKLYN. /CONTINUES to give Letsom in New York and Brooklyn, ^ ou the Piano Korte and Organ?aim, in Singing aud CorniK) tition. She begs leave to su>juin tlie follow mg testimonial, ad mitted at the highest authority in the Mutical World, from the celebrated BK All A VI! "To D. S. Browne, Etq: Sir?Intruding to tail for Euro|? in a day or two. I have gre it pleasure in expietsiug my highest approbation of Mitt Augusta Biowue't Mutical nb.lilies, at a a Cotnpoter. Organitt and Pianist: as also of her talent at Teacher of the Piano Korte?my daugtiter having, for a short I*riod lieen one of her Juipila. Wishing her every tuccett, which her taleutt claim from a ditceruing public, I remain, yourt, most truly. JuHN BRAHAM. WavgBtr llot'sr, January 2d, 1843." N. B.?Mist Atlot'iTA Baowrir't numrroiu coinpmitioni for tale at her Father's House, 78 Pine Apple ttreet, Brooklyn, nl 4tit"rrc RARE CHANCE FOR A ROPE-MAKER, WHO WISHES TO ENCAGE IN THE BUSINESS. THE tuhseriber. declining biitinms, wishes to dnpote of hit Rope-Walk, Machinery, Steam Engine, (kc. Kor a person who wialiet to engag< in a lucrativa hn?ineti the above preienlt a rare, opportunity, there being frouv 70 to HO ships fitted iu the wholing biitini-ts from thit plaee, liesul. v a large iiumier iu the vicinity. The Engine and Boile-, (which it of about six horse iiower,) will lie sold teparale if di >ned. Kor (runs or other particufart, addrett ROBERT HOLT, n4)wW*iS*rre New London,(,'rxm. UNIVERSITY SURGICAL AND MEDICAL CLINIOUE. THIS Institution ha* been establiihed by the Medical Faculty of the University of New York, fur the purpose of enabling thoseeitixentwho are affected wilhturgic vl dueaaca, and whote circumatancet prevent them obtaining reliaf, to have the nerea tary opnUiMII <erfunnesl gratuitouil)-, mid likewise to fcrnith advice and medicine to tlie tick poor Iree of charge. On every Saimday throughout the year, Dr. MOTT will be in attend ance ut tlie Clniiqne, 6.W Broadway, to give advice and |ietform any snrgical o|a-ration that may be required, 'lite Clinique will opfii at nine and close at one o'clock, P. M. UNIVERSITY LYING IN CHARITY .?Thit charity it under the direction of Dr. BEDKORD, and it alto intended to furoiah rratuiUina assistance to poor women in their confine menl. All women who may re<|uira the aid of charity, are requeued to regular their namei with Dr. BEDFORD, 743 Broadway, and they will be attended at their own homes free of charge. o? taw Itn'rre BY ORDER OF AARON VANDERPOEL, Juttice o the Su|*rior Court, of the City of New York. Notice it hereby given, purtaaut to tlie provitiont of the ttatule authorizing attachment* againtt1 iion-reaideiit debtor*, thai ail attachmentliiu issued against the estate of CH AHLES NICHOLS, a resident of Amserdam, in Holland, and thai tlie same will lie aold for the payment of his debts, mile** he ap|*ar and ditcbarge such an attachment, according to law, within nine monll.t from the first publication of thit notice: aud thai lb* |my ment of any debt* due to him hy irsideuls of this State, and the delivery to him or for hit use, of any property within this State he|oiifiii|| to hitn, and the transfer of any such pro perty by him, arr forbidden by law and are void. Dated the 7th day of February. 1844. WEBTeKN k EDWAKDS. mrJI ltaw*m*re At orneys for Aitachiog Creditor Z1X0 "VSouUuttTft MINTUKNh,^ AMUSEMENTS. PAHK THK&TKK. MK. AN DERSON?Aral night of hu engagement. THIS KVKM.NIi, Notraiber 11th, IMI, will be pireMtml IIAMLKT, I'rtuce of Deumark?Hamlet, Mr. Andaraoa; Ger trade, Mr>. Slouian; Ophelia, Mr*. L)uvrn?l To conclude with the URIST TO THK MILL?Marquu i Kichvillr, Mr. W. h. * risp; Krancine, Mra. Skirritt. Admuhon ? Bon.iii Tier 7Jceui??Svcoud aud Third Tiara M cents?Pit 50 cents?Gallery 25 ceuta. PAL MO'S OPKKA HOUSlfi. DR LARDNER Tlutse Lectures are giveu (o aid in laiaiug a fuud to couitruct au apparatui to replace tlaat recently destroyed by lira. ii 10 rrc " NIBLO'M. Fir.t night of Kinge Richarde ;e Third*, or ye Battel of boa worth.- KieMe?fourth night of Peter Wilkini. THIS EVENING. November 1 Itii. 18H, will be pmenled KINGE .RICHARDE YE THIRDE. or the Battel of Boa worthe Fielde?Richard, IVtr J. Dunn; Elizabeth, Miaa Meltou. ? To coucluile with PETER WILKIN'S, or the Hying Islanders?1'eter Wilkius, Mra Tinim; Phelim O Scud, Mr. Brougham; Nicodemua < row,mill Mr. John Dunn. Aduiiiiot?Dreaa Circle 5r ceuta; Upper Bute* 25, Pit 26: Private Boiea (to accommodate an peraoua) $5 ?i?ch. BURTON'S TIIKATHK. ARCH STREET. PHILADELPHIA. MONDAY EVENINO, November llth.-Will be pre.-uied KINO HENRY IV-Sir John Falmff. Mr. Hacket; Prince of Walei, Mr. O. Barrett; Hotspur, Mr E. Com er. After which. THE NVMPHS (jF THE RED SEA-The <4ueeu of the Nympha, Mra. Booth; Neieine, Miaa Kirky. CIRCUS, BOWKKY. John Tkvo!f* Manager.?Boies, ?5 cents; Pit, I2W rents. VARIETY! NOVELTY! ELfcOAjicE' Every Evening Thia Week. lCT" Additional atretic ill to the Troupe. Grand Military and I laaric Kelt, liy F'RERES F RANCAIS! CAHS1MIK AND HENRI. M. Caisimir, the first Drum Major of F'rauce, and decoiated by Louia Phi'ippe with the Medal of the Legiou of Honor, will beat TWELVE DRUMS AT THK SAME TIME! with a velocity which has never before been witnessed. lie will imitata ou ONE DRUM : the cauuonadiug aud tiring of muaketry of a regiment ? ? field of battle; aud, iu beating ? ea a greater on B.. dr? .1? ,?liera could ou live. Iu thla lie haa no rival iu lirnne. Olu Dan Emmit aud Old Frank Brow-r's ETHIOPIAN BAND L Engaged for Thue Nighta ouly? 'Good utvra, T. ua good news. Tin- Bind, in addition to many new Sougs and Parod ea, will introduce a Mock Italia* Overture, called'ilie bunting upofthe NIGGER OPERA HOUSE! Daors o|vn at 6 - perforinauce to cctiiiueuce at 7 o'clock. nl 12 It*in NIBLO'S THEATRE. Uuder the Management of W. Corbyn. A CARD.?MR JOHN Di'N'N begs to auuoiiiice hii First Benefit in America, for Tnejday Eveuiug. Nov. titli, ou which occasion, in addition to live i erformaticcj by th- talented company of the Tlieatre, Mr. W. Bailiii aud Mi. Brownk, ilie cel.braird 1'antomimiata, and Mr. 11 Makks, fioin the Olympic, 11avkindly voluutfl red th?ir ?.rvicn. '1 lie evei.lng'a eiilert iiniii?uia will commence with ilie new burlesque of RICHARD YE TillRD-Richard. Mr. John Diiuii; King Hi my, Mr. Stevena; Lady Anne, Mrs. Tunm. A vari'ty of Daui ing, by Messrs Browne, Karnes, W. Wood and L* Petite (.'a line. A Solo on the V inliu by Ml. H. Mark*, ?tMClhei w nil oilier entertainment!. 1 lie whole to coucluile wilh the popular and laughable farce called THAT RAbCAI. JACK-'l he Kaacal Jack, Mr. Joliu Dunn. ( r ISoz-book now open. Dreaa Circle JO cents; I'll and Boat* 25 cenia. nl0 2trrc ~~ GRAND VOCAL AND INSTRUMENT CONCERT. At the Tnbiriiaclf, H; PaRT I Overture from the "Telieumrilile," bv Reiaaiger, Full Orchestra. Air F'iua'e, from the 0|>era "lletly,"?Se crudele il cor moatrai?by Donizetti Madame Otto. Grand Variation* Brilliaute, for the Piano Korie, on a favorite theme from' Clievaldu Bronze,' 'by C. Czeruy Min J. Unmaon. Fantasia, for the Violin, by J. Artot, from "Lucia di Laminermoor," with (.trclieatra Maater Sconcia. Part II Oyaiturefrom the "Kreyihiitz," by Weber... .Full Orcheatra. Air, from the Opera of "Don Juau,"? Scbmii'e, achmide nur Maaetto, by Moxart?wilh Obligato V ioloueello by Groeuevelt _ Madame Otto. Variations Btillianta, for the I'iauo, with Orches tra accompaniment, by Czeruy Mil* J. Bramiou. Duo Brilli.uit, for Piano and Violin, from Belliui'a opera "La Sonuambnla," by Benedict and D? Beriot Mi>? Bramnon and Maiter Sconcia. Tickets One Dollar rach; Child.en uuiler twelve yeaia ol age half prlM. To be had at the priuci|ial Music Stores, and at the dour ou the evening of p^rfoimilice. Doorr o|>eu at 7?Conceit to commence at 8 o'clock. nlO ttec PHILHARMONIC SOCIETY. 'Mil!<l Nenann, ''HE Government of the Philharmonic Society begs leave to ' aunuuure to the subsci liera that the First Concert of the rreaeut aeasou will take nlare ou Satuiday h veiling, Nov. 16th. at the Apollo Rooma. To commence at 8 o'clock preciaely. Thoie aubirribera who with to make use of their privilege to pii'chaie two ixtra ticket! at $1,50 e ? cli, can obuin such by ap plyiug to Meiara. Sclnrfenberg St Luis, No. Jbl Broadway, uear Franklin itieet. By order; nlO 2t*gc WM. 8CHARFENBERG. Secretary. EXHIBITION. THE END OF THE WORLD. A PAINTING, (\r VERY LARGE SIZE, by K. Anelli, at the Apollo v 410 Broadwav. The Kihibilion ia entirely wperate from the Concert Room. Open fioin iu A. M. to 5 P. M., and from T to It P. M. Admiaaiou 15 ceuta. oIO lm* rc NOW OPEN, Fold ONtr~MonTlTONLV1 AT the Roorni of tlie National Academy of Deaien. corner of Leonard itrect and Broadway, the evlubition of the follow ing magnificent I'aintingi:?The Abandonment of Henry Hnd ?on, the unfortunate discoverer of New York. The great B -.tile of Milliana, in Africa, between tIte French and the Arslis. And ?The only Portrait of Abdel Kader, tlie celebrated Bedouin Chief. Honra ofeihibitiou. from 10 A. M. to 9 P. M. Admit tance t5 ceuta. Each viaitor receive!, grit's, at the door, a beautiful lithocraph of the Abandoumeat uf Heury Hudson. New York. October 10, 1144. oIO lm*ec 1SINCHNG AT SIGH'f MR DKRWORT'S Ladies aud (ientlemen'i Singing ('laiaaa will be re.umed at Ins Rooms, No. ill Broadway, on Taea ?lav, Hth I'opili will lecive inch a course of instruction at will naUa rhem ill a ahoit time to ling readily at aiKht ? Ladies'Classes in the aftrrnoou, at 4 o'clock. Oeutlemen'a Classes in tne arming, at 7H u'clock. Terms: $J,00 in advance for a course of Slioen lessens. nllw-m M'LLK. I'Al l.ll^-DESJAKDINS res|?ctliiily luforma her patrons and tl'e public iu geuera!, that the ii about te form a " Cluitt dr Doner" for ladi-a and gentlemen, in which sh? will teacn tlie favorite Polka, Mazonrka, and all tlie other fiahionable Dane, a of the day. Tie morning school Mill be open from 0 o'clock to I o'clock, and the evening from 6 o'clock to 9 o'clock. Ladies and gentlemen wishing instruction are r<upiested to call at M'l'e Desjai-dni'a hou-e. Nu 5 Park Place nltl Iniis'm KA.?liKn\ AHLE OA NCI Mi. M O N 8 . GABRIEL D F. K O R P O N A Y , T AS the honor of informing tlie Ladies and (ieutlemeu of New t York, and vicinity, that be hvi arrived for tlie purpose of giving instruction in the princii tl faahiouahle Dances prevailing iu the highest circles of KuroiM an and American society. Moris. K. Ins lately arrived from Boston, Saratoga and New port, where Ins sty le met tk* warmest admiration of the public, and the marked approval of the faahiouahle community.? Among other*. Mous K. proposes to teach that well kuown dauce I.A POLKA?the neiv Quadrilles with original inuaic? tlie Valse de Deux Pas?the Mazourka?uew ('otillions?new Galopire, and all Ainericau Dances Mons. K. will be assisted by MADAME KORPONAY aa Musician. The instruction will lie given iu tlie French, Ger man aud English language!. Roomi are engaged at 25 Park P) ice.?strictly private, cool and airy?for tlie accommodation of Ladies and (sentlemeu. The I'olka, and the new (Quadrille*, aa at preaont dinced the laaliionahle circlea uf Loudon and I arii.c.ui lie taught in fit or twelve leaaoui, eicept the Mazourka. All othere in twenty four lessoni. For further particaUn, inquire of MON8. KORPONAY, at hri ?eeidence, 25 Park Place. Lesaoui from 10 to 12, A. M., II to 1, and 1 to I, P. M., and from ( to 7 in tlie evening. Siz lesaoua, SC?twelve leeioua, $10, and qaarter, (15. Private Leas >ns?sis lessoni, (I: twelve leiioni, $12; quar ter. *20 All other hoars will be devoted to Public Institute!, Acad etniea, he., fcc. u4 ART AND SCIENCE OF DANCING AND WALTZING. I CARD?MH WHALE and DAUGHTER rewectfnllr a iiaoou-e to the l.adiei and GeutUrnen of New York, tlut tneir Clasaea is Dancing, Waltziug, and the Polka Dance, will commence at the Assembly Room, I'onatitntion Hall, 630 Broadway, on Saturday, October 12th, and will continue throughout the leaaon. Daya of Tuition, for Yonng Ladies and Gentl??nen under 14, very Tuesday and Saturday afternoon, commencing ai 3?and ?or the elder clan of Gentlemen at 7. Every newitvleof Dam uy Uugiit m Mr. W.'i claaies, without additional charge to pupils. Mr. W. trusta that the reference! he shall offer of hia capability will b? satisfactory Schools and Academies auended to ou ar> plicatios aa above, or hii Private Academy, No. 70 Sis'h Avenue, where terms will be made kuown and circular! given containing particulars. o3 lm*rc TIVOLI SALOON CORNER OK CHARLTON AND VARICK STREETS. THE undersigned respectfully infoim their friends and tlie public that they have re-oj?ued theTtvoli SaliMin, (formerly Kichmoud llill.) corner of Charlton and Varick a'reeti, for the season, and to' accommodate all who may favor I ham with their patrouage? having the largeat and most commodioui room in tlie city, which will lie let on reaaouable terms for Balls, Meetiugi, Partiea and Drills, and all who may favor them with their call GEORGE HAMILTON, 027 Ini'rre FRANCIS BOQUET. }'ropr.etors. SOCIETY LIBRARY, Cornn of It roadway and Isonard ilrrrt. DR. VALENTINE, the Delineator of American Peculiari ties, and SAMUEL FRANCIS, Ja . iu his < omic Lecture on Ven and Manners, Original Scenes, Stranga Adventures aud Sketches of Travel, bring Ins tirst appearance in public, on Monday Evttiini, Nov II. PnongaMMr.?Omumg Remarks, showing the I'pa anil Downa of Life; Courting by Itule- Methodical Arrangement; My First Visit toa Ball; an Original Story of My Youthful Daya, con cerning Three Hundred and Fifty < hipinucks, short Lecture on kace.; Country Courts, with imitations of Judge, Witness aud Lawyers; llld Maids and Bnsy-hi dies; Phren T. gv, illustrate)! by a Sheep's head; Second Visit to a Ball; Hell Scene at the American Hotel; Rsil R< ad Adventnrr ; llypochoinlnars, learned Ignorant Women; Debating Societies : (. harsrlers from Snake Creek; Long Islind Mus c; Country Schools; Hungarian Singers, with imitations, lie , fcr Doors open at half past ft o'clock?to commence at 7J< o'clock. Tickets 50 cents, to lie had at the Aator. Franklin and Waverly Houses, at Howard's Hotel, and at the door. u9 it* rrc CENTREVILLE COURSE, TROTTING. UNPRECEDENTED SP iRT Tueadav, Nov. 12th, ar I o'clock precisely. I'nrse $200-ten miles in harn-ss. The following horses are entrred' 'fl'Vri'wl .,,,rt'n? .- black mare Misfortune Phillip Webber . br m Lady Waihinaton. J . Vaaornam of J Ml Troy Mk. m frrty hcrKii?mi nf Alhviy. . . . ,b m. Kiaaf han*e?a' *' ' o'clock.? Match tor $40o-ten mfla beau Wr. Jackson name Abdallah mare Milk Maid. J. f. uuin%r**Ad n*m?? k ? hi#....,, Oiw n-J J'SaVlfc l'ej, 1 "*'y gUOA R? U hhda Prime Nsw BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. WuhlngiM. [< orraaiKMidaice of th* Herald, J Washinuton, Nor. 7, 1844. Urtat ExcUemtni at Wualiingto*?Arrival of Bttm> txr$-Rni/rnationt DkaE Sir : ? Tde result of the New York election, ia yet a nutter of extreme doubt and uncertainty ; ttte wiugH contend fiercely, that they have carried tha state, while shrewd and cautious democrats main tain that it has gone for Polk and Dallas. A thol sand contradictory rumors are in circulation as to the returns received; itiose published in the Herald of yesterday, are conceded to be the fullest and most correct. ^Admitting the Herald's statements correct, the whig estimate of the counties yat remaining to be heard from, the democrats have succeeded by a small majority New York was truly the bat tle grouud of the Knion; upon her was conferred the distinguished honor of deciding the great ques tion. All is excitement; bonfires have been kept up by bo#h parties the last two nights, surrounded by crowds of men, boys, and " darkies," cutting up *11 sorts of shines, anxiously waiting for th? news, which is telegraphed immediately from Bal timoretothis city, on the arrival of i he mail from New \ ork, at about 12 o'clock at night. Last night the democrats had a splendid torch liRlit procession, hundreds oi transparencies, bear ing all sorts and descriptions of mottosand devices. Coons, poke stalks, hickory poles, large balls of clay, with pokers snick through them, presented a 8,n<?u'ir and grotesque appearance. The procession marched up to the Whito Houm by special invitation of the President, Irotn thence to the residence of Francis P. Blair, Amos Kendall, James Hoban, Mr. Wick lifle, nnd moajr outers, carrying along a brasn cannon, that we heard utter iu a thun dering tone " Poke," then three cheers for Polk and Dallas, three cheers for the *' Empire State," and three cheers for Silas Wright, the " Cato of America." The procession returned lo tha hickory pole in front of ihe Globe otlice, where were two band* of music, bonfires, and an immense crowd filling completely up the space around ubout the hickory pole. Such Hhoutin^ and cheering, and hurraiug and screaming, " Who the hell is this James K. Polkt Who knows himl Where the hell did he come f rom 1 Is he the man that marks his niggers on their backs, with a hot iron, J. K. P. V Dumn politics; something else. RlTlie iiimiibtrs of Congress are beginning lo ar rive. Among others, the Hon. Geo. P. Marsh and lady, from Vermont, who put up at the National Hotel. Mr. Marsh is distinguished in New Eng land as a Linguist, and one of the ripest scholars in the nation, fie reflects great credit upon his constituents. Hon. John Wentworth, M. (5. Irom Illinois, in hete and puts np at the National, the inan who is so tnII that lie lsobliged to dig a holt- in the ground lowland in, iu&teudol getting upon ? stump in mak ing a speech. We learn that J. W. Tyson, Esq., 21 Assistant Postmaster General, has resigned, und intends returning to Philadelphia, to resume the practice ?f the law. He is h seutleman nnd a scholar in the fullest sense ol the expression, and he has our brst wishes for his prorpcrity. Truly yours, ISakbwkm.. s Philadelphia. [Corre?pondenc? of the HeraJit.J Philadelphia, Nov. 9, 1844. There is no news of uny interest or importance here to-day. The whigs have lest their money? the democrats are rejoicing?and the excitement ha* partially subsided. The indefatigable Recorder, and his officer Ma rtinis, have nrtesied the burglsrs who rebbed the office of the IT. S. Marshal in this city. Their names are John F^gnn i.nd Charles Gerard Megon egal. Two hundred dollars of the stolen money was iound on Fagan when he was taken into cus tody. He is an old convict. He was shot through the body lighting with the Native Americana at the Keitfington liois?was taken up lor dead atdcar ried to the hospital, and finally recovered. IMPORTANT MEDICAL NOTICE ~ y\0< TOR KVAN8, No. 2V8 IVnrl street, urar Bfvkiuiit atrm, New been more than foity yeara iu theauc ceaal'ul practice of phytic and aurgrry, particularly in luring (perfectly) thoaedraperate caaea of .tricturea, ei>ry variety of aecret diat-ue. (then old obetiuate nlcera, cancen in the throat. Sic.. cauaeo hy inal-uractice. Thi? city ia inundated with all ktudaol noatrum veuuera to make money, no oiattrr how; they Hre all great pliyaiciana, if you lielieve their Ions puffing adver tiaeimnU, and forced certificate*?without regular diploma*. It u ol the Brent**! imiKirtauce for llie uulortunuta to chooae aii experienctd plivaician. Dr. E. ia the oldeat and moat ei|*-rieuced in ihia city; hi* practic" great, hia auccaaa aatouiahiug, even liter they hate been ex|ieli-?l tlx Huapitala a? incurable. Hia office* are well arrant;"! lor privacy. Call at iiM I'earl atreet, ?>?i lu. ?."?iviuri-il Ilia ?!...??? are moat reaaouaUU and ail caaea are itnarante-j. Bll ,,?m WILLIAM KCHAKKENBEiMJItT'EHl). LUIS uiglaaii ? v to inform their frieuda and ike public in gaoenl that the* have formed * Co-p^ershipfor the importation of Foreign Music, lor the sale of which they have opened a Depot at the store 361. Broadway, near Franklin street, where may be con stantly louii<1 all the Classical Works of the celebrated French. German and Italian composers, as well as all the latest publica tion*, of which they will always hare a complete assortment ee soou as published in Lurope. N. 1). Italian Hiring* of auperior quality for Violina, Uuitan, llarps, See. Ike. Milvtr wire, ttosin, 9lc. e5 lmis#rrc NOTICE. A H. PAKKtH, 69 Unanc street, between Broadway ant I Kim street, ageu' for t!?e sale of rateable Oil Paintings. Porcelains and Antiquities, has just received per skip Persian, fro in Amsterdam, a tiue collection of splendid Oil Paintings, of the Flemish and Dutch schools, clrgant japan lacquered rorcel.uu, o( the richest kiuds, old Dresden Porcelain (ironpa, fancy (Jupeaud Saucers, ancient rich m gold Fans, of the 14th century, aud of grandeur epual to auy thin* imported into this country, which cau be disposed of at moderate prices. Therw fore those wko wish to enrich their collections, or ornamenting their parlois, will lind it to their interest Co cull and eianim*, and judge for themselves. Ladies are perucularly inrited to new tins splendid collection. s.At heme from 10 A. M nil S IV M. ott 2meod*rc EXCHANGE HOTEL te EATING SALOON No. 77 DOCK STREET', . w , PHILADELPHIA rPlIK Subscribers respectfully inform their fri*nd? ?uid the public, that they have iv-litted and ofiened the above gsta blisliineut, where they are prepared at all times to fumuh Din ners, Huniiers and brraklaat, at the shortest notice. They will keep an Ordinary Irom 12 o'clock A.M., uutil 4 P.M., wlien jer sons dine on all the delicacies of the aeasou. The liar wu I be amply supplied ; end iiom their long es|isrieuce m the busi ness, tliey nope to give general satisfaction. 'I hey have alao luted np a number of airy and vr.ll ventilaiwl aleepniK rijoma, affordinu |?r*oua arriving by the ditlerwit rail roada and ate.uiibnaU, an oppartauity lo obtain lotUini at all honra of the nifht. Attached to the eaUbliahmeM, i* aii ax tend va atablinc for horaea. The public may reat aaaured arery attancion will ba paid all who favor them with A call. IRT yh.^'Of ???? tha immediate vicinity of lb* priaai 1'IiiIiiiUIi I'laticl* ?? landmira, and oppoMM Um U1CHAKD 8. JON tS, SSw??? Da mm. raiTK.u, QHKATHINO KKLT.-M raiia of tha vary auperior patent J .IheatliiiiK 1'aper. admirably calculatad for abaathinii veaaela and ruola ol houaea. Koraale, in Iota to auit |Hir*haa*ra, by "6 K. K. COLLINM fc CO., M Bonth ft ' MORNING LINK AT7 OH UHJK-KOK 'AI.BAN y, TJtOY, and Intermediate Land frnm tlie Steamboat l'ier at ihe foot of I) .relay atieet. (Ureaklaat and Oinnar on board ihe boat.) The LI* low Creature Mteimboat 1 HO V, I apt. A. tiorham, leavra New York at 7 o'clurk A. M , on I'ueaday, Tliaraday and Saturday, and Troy nt lla'clork A. M . aj.d Albany at 7 o'clock A. M., Monday, WediMaday and Kriuay. Noi ick.?All giMiila, freight, liauKHC, bank billa, apeeie, or any oilier kind <.f proper!., taken, ahif.|>ed, or pat ?u board ihia boit. mint l>? at llie riak of theowueia of auch (ootla, Irei^ht. b ilTK ltfe, fcc, Kor I a?aj*e or freight, apply on board, of to K. B. HALL, at the O'lice oa the Wharf. ii/" Notice.?Th* Kmpira haa diaconlinued running for tha nil rrc OMLK.ANH- MM IMI AN A ANU ? X? UN??l oaitively Firat Kegular Pack Jft-Toaail Siturday, 16 h ul Nimmbfr. The regu Ir. la.I amliiig I?ck?t ahip MISSISSIPPI, Captain Millard, Will poainvely aail on llie lath Nov., her regular day. Kor I might or paa-age, having' eleg.wily lurmahrd accomtno dationa, apply on board at Orleana wharl, foot of Wall aL, or to K. K. COLLINS h. CO.. N South Mrcat. Poaitively no good a received on board after Friday Evening, the lith November. Agenu iu Mew Orlftana?Meaara. Ilnllna aad Woodniff, who will Iiroinptly forward all gooda lit thair ail.lrraa. 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