Newspaper of The New York Herald, 12 Kasım 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 12 Kasım 1844 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. Vol. X* No. 313?WhaU Ho. 3013. NEW YORK, TUESDAY MORNING, NOVEMBER 12, 1844. Prlo* Two CmM. THE NEW YORK HERALD. AGGREGATE CIRCULATION THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND. THE GREATEST IN THE WORLD. To the Public. THE NJCW YOKK HERALD?Daily New*|?p*r-wib liihed every day oi the year eacept New Ywr*i Day and Fourth of July. Price 3 cents per copy?or $7 I paid?cmH in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?pnblshed awry Saturday morning?pnoe 6i< ccnta par copy, or $3 ? per anaum?poet iff** pad, cash iu advance. uA??? k*T I??*ftS ?"* informed that the circulatioa of the Herald11? ov.r THI U'Y-FIVE THOUSAND, and increasing .1 " . . "" {"*"( circulation of any paper in (Am city, or 'he world, and, ii, therefore, 'he Sett channel for kutinett men in thr city or country. Priees moderate?cash in advance. PRINTING of all kinds executed at the moat modem* price, and mi the moat elegant atyle. JAMES GORDON BENNETT. Proprietor or the Hga*u> Eitablkhmbht, _ Nurthweet corner of k'ulten and N--in Streets CjBjtfB wffjTE r AH. rTnG -rHRi,ff SKjfc H8eVS(-ITY M PA,^J,;RS'^, T0 In HU i alter th- let ol October the can will leave 1" IT1..IO . Ukfot. Niw Yoil I o A .VI. 9 o'ciock X. 11 "* I 12>4 " P M. 1 r. 3d. I ? .. ?? SciTOAfi. ^ JoclpckA M. j 1 o'clock A. SJ. FOR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. sJ!JTJ5?iEV? M?!'. Steamship* ACADIA and HIBk.RNIA.will leave Boston, for the above porta, aa follow* > Aewlia, W m tlarriioo, Eeq., Com., ou Today. Nov. l?t, next. h?"" ?D 8*tnnUy' ^ov. !?h, neat. Passage to Jui.faxT.' V.* V.,7.7.".".' .7.? " 30 Apply to D. UlUGHAM. Jr.. Agwit, . *? U?e off ce of Hamaenli Co., *>*?? No. 3 Wall street. BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MA it. STEAM 8HLFS. ? and 441 hone power each.? :t with the Lord* of the Ad| _ Of Under contract ??? ?miralty. ^?iA.-.:v.v|? ttvzfd. LT iniVA^iA.:: \\,cWj^',H?w"all?" wii -iCitttii C. H. E. Judkins. Will nil from Liverpool and Beatou, via. Halifax, a* follow*: .... . From Boaton. from Liverpool. (aiedouia, LoU Aeguit 16th. ? Ataxia, Marriion. ..Sept. let. Auru*t4th. Hiberuia, Rime ,r tMt. ,r JOth. 'J"1' CAirr experienced lurgeona, and are nrolied With Life recti, For freight or paaaat*, aprty to nht ?RiOHAM^Jun.^_ STATEN ISLAND FERRY. _ _ toot of,Whitehall. ^ wi!ix*e !&?? ?bisr-""*- "? ,r. 1'? risk of the owners thereof. marked, and are at the *34 FALL AND WINTER ARRANGEMENT. NEWARK <\ND NEW YORK. FARE ONLY 1?1 CENTS. THE.TNEW AND SWIFT STEAM OR. RAINBOW, CAPTiilN JOHN GAFFYT ON and after September 10th will ran daily, pa* follow* (Sunday* included):?Leave New er i irk, foot ofCeotre atreat, 8 o'clock A. M.? Leave New York, foot of Barclay atreat, i o'clock P. M. apt rrc ri.AA.MVN j' AND CHUiAP EXCURSIONS. ? ? hi IM BIER ARRANGEMENT. NEW BRIGHTON, PORT RICHMOND, (STATEN .. I HI. AND,) AND NEW YORK FEri.RY. Prom Pier No. 1, North River, foot of Battery Place. The Steamboat CINDERELLA, will rut i_ ?follow*. Daily, from May 30th to October lit, _.1K4 ??Lnavei New York at * and 11 o'clock, iVi., at 'i/i, o audi V. M. Lravea Port Ihcniaond, at 30 minntea to I, and 10 minute* to It A. M.; at 1, ipi ium| 6H P. M. Leave* New ilruihton al t and ID A. M.; at IX, 3 and Di T. M. On Sunday?Leave* Ngw York, at 9 and 11 A. M.; at S, ( and I P. M. Leave* fort Kidhmoud, at SO minute* to ? and 10 A.M; at I, i and 7K P. M. V-.t Vo-h. m*v II. FARE REDUCED. ? Ksiwsa AND YdNKERS.?On and airier Samrday, A 91.? lOii ?L. . ...J - - ? - ?teamboat W^8m??(*K10>/ l^I.^ 'cilx.t^iram Tut! will leave the foot of Chamber itreet for um above place*, I excepted. Returuii is at T o'clock A. ch \ at 3 P. M.. Saudaj e at 6X. *ud Siuj hmL Hammond itreei each way. or fnf.*h1, "Pf'y onboard, or to STEPHEN B. TOMPKINS. 103 Weit itreet. *Stai*rc ron U.Aill, UAUUi.NILlV A^NtJ HALLU1 The new ?eamer PENOBSCf ? N. Kimball, leave* the end of T wl ? i^ every l'uexiay and Friday *veua*t*, at # o'clock. Staxe* will be in readinaM on her arrival at tM above p>"?*. til eonvev |iaa*e?i*erv to the aeirnhnrin* rnwn* MORNING LlNEAT70'CL??CK-FOR ? ALBANir, TROY, and Intermediate Land- . .iur?. from the Steamboat Pier at I he foot of | > relay aueci ( Breaklaat aud Diniier on board the boat ) Tt.* .lew low pivuui* Steamboat TROY. t. apt. A. Oorfa'M, l*avr* '>ew York at 7 o'clock A. M., on Tuesday, Tharaday anil Saturday, and Troy at 6 o'clock A. M.. and Albany at 7 o'clock A. M , Monday, W*dne*day and Friday. Nonce.?All Eoodi, freight, baggage, bank bills, ipeci*, or any oilier kind of property, taken, ahjpped. or out uu board ihi* b ut mii.t lie attha ri*k of theownei* of men good*, Ireight,, Sic. For '*Higeor freight, apply on board, or to F. B. HALL, at the Office ou the \V i.arl \fy Noticb.?The Empire ha* diicontinued running for the ?e*?"n. nil rrc raui'LE'ti JL.JNE OF S THIMBU Ala KOK ALBANY. DAILY, Senday* excepted?Through direct, it? P. M., from he Steamboat ~ ^Coertlandt aud Liberty itreeu. ?il? strunooat KNICKERBOCKER. Captaia A. P. Sc. John, Monday, Wadaeadar and Friday Evening* at 6 o'clock. The Steamboat ROCHESTER. Captain A. Houghtoa, oe Ttteadav, Thomlay ?m4 nanuday Evening*, at ? o'clock. ?tvm ate toot of Barclay *tr*et.{ At Five o'clock, P. M.?Landiug al IntermediatB Place*. IV Steamboat NOKTH AMERICA, Captain R. G. Crat leuden, Monday, Wednaaday, f ndxy aad Sunday Afternoon*, tt i o'clock. 'aw ocaamboat COLUMBIA, Captain William H. Pack, |Tne*day, 1 i,xra4ay and Saturday AAernoont, at i o'clock. ? ?Mien Uiung rmvr at 'Jm above linea will arrive In Albany in am pi* ?na to take the Morning Train* of Car* for the ewe or w**t. 'ltw boau are n*w aad *ub>untial. an far aiMMie with new aad elegant state roomfc and for *pe*d aad *e coiumoeation*, ar* aururailed on the Hudaon. All ptwioni are tarlii* trusting any of th* boat* of thia line, mtiioat an order Iron the Captain. Kor i<n**age or freight, apply cm board, or to P. C. Schulta, ?t the Olfiee on Ijm wharl. oMrc BLACK BALL OR OLD LINE OF LIVER WHMIVPOOL PACKETS?FOR LIVERPOOL?Only JHBjKBrrgular packet of the 16th of November. The new maauiiicwit and remarkable flat (ailing favorite packat *hip WON TE/UMA, A. B. Lowber, Commander, w irt ail ou faturday, tin- 16th of November, tier regular day. It i? icarcely necessary to lay, a* it ii well known to the travelling pulilicihat the accommodation* of th* Mont*xun_, aud all the eight *hi|? of thii liue, an itted oat in a moit coitly ?tyle with every modern improvement and convenience, thai cannot but add to the comlort of cabiu, second cabin and ?terrage time* lind in i'referniice to any other. f outage and I , cation should be mad* on board, foot of Beekman itreet, or UUl sua iu uw VUUIIUIV UI vnwiu* tautu *uu passenger*. Those visiting the old country will at all ud it their inteirat to select these deiirable conveyance*, ii i>reler?uce to Kor terms off at ion should b to the lubscriber*. ge and to secure the best berth*, *arly appli ROCHE, BROTHERS It CO., 35 Fulton itreet, next door to the Folton Bank. Blflfai'avorite Packet Shin HO 1T1NGUER, (1100 ton*,) apiaui ira Bunlry, will Mil positively a* above, her NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS ,Packet of 2lit of November?The well known and 0 tone,) regular *i"'he ahi|i* of this line being 1000 tons burthen and upward*, p*r?tms about to embark for the old country should not fail to select this lin* in pralaience to any other. Their great cai?city tenders thi m more comfortable and convenient than ship* of * ?miller class. Tne accommodations of the Hottinguer are unsurpassed for cabin, sveoud cabin and steerage |iasseugers. To secure berths early application must be made on board, foot of Burling Slip, or ro W. h J. T. TAPSCO iT", nil 76 Sooth street, corner_M*iden Lan*. KKOR NEW OllLEANfr-Fint Packet Hhip-The ?Inp SPLEND1U, Captain .will |>o*itively aail in ilie 13th November, ur pauagefiee. _ in. .ulterior *hi|> ha* unsurpassed accomoiodatieni for cabin second cauni anil iteerage passengers, who will be takeu at a low rate. Apply on board, at pier No. 13 E. R. or to ii6*c JOHN HERDMAN, >1 South st. NKW ORLEANS.?Louisiana and New lath SSIS o" ?'i ".ly "... -??? ? nuuic, nor regular day. Kor freight or passage, having handsome furnished ac commodations, apply on hoard, at Orleani wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS !k CO-, 56 South it. Positively no goods received on board aft*r Friday evening, 13lh nut. Miipi rrs may rely upon having their good* correctly meiiar ed, anil that thie ships of thii line will tail punctually as adver tised. Agents in New Orleans, Messrs. Hullin and Woodruff, who will promptly forward all goods to their addreii. ntkc PAIiKET FOR HAVRE-SECOND I INE.-Th* ?hip BALTIMORE, Edward Kunk, master, will rail i in the lit of Daccmber. gill or passage, apply to BOYD Ik HINCKEN, No 9 1 on.ine Building, corner Wall and Water its. WANTED FO R C H A RLE STO N~~S~C! A numtier of V ESSKLS from 100 to 400 Inni, to load with ?tone. The highest fr ight paid. Apply at w offieo of the STA1EN ISLANU GRANITE i y? ^ Y. No. 3 Wall strait n6 2w*re HMPyYork Line.?Kegul*r packet, 10 sail Saturday, HUIb*in.t.iiit. Th* elegant fast sailing packet ship MlSI i i i, i.apt. Milliard, will positively tail as above, her reg OLD ESTABLISHED PACKET OFFICE, 61 ,Mouth street?PaiMg* to and from Great Britain and .Ireland, via Liverpool. Parage can at all timei be eng.tied at the lowcit rate*, to and fnim Liverjiooi, by the regu lar |?cket shin* Hiliug uud*r the new arrangement every lew ?lays, and ilralt* can a* usual lie furnished for any amount, paya ble at the National aud Provincial Bank, Ireland, and then branches, aud throughout the United Kingdom, a* well a* at all the principal bulking institution* in England, Scotland and Wain, without discount orany other charg**. Kor further nor ticulu*. if by letter, post paid, apply to KltiN MVhDMAN. *1 Month ? \ITOOL-7 hale* of verv superior We*t*rn Wool, landitg ex ship Vernon from New Orleans. For (al* by ?? E. K. COLLINS fc CO., 46 leetk H. Offlelal Returns. wf present below the official returns of the votes given at the recent election in this city, as regis tered at the County Clerk's office. The tables below will be found correct, and not half made up, as has previously been rendered by a portion of the city press. It will be seen that the vote for Silas Wright is 1000 more than for Polk and Dallas, the majority of the latter being under 2000. Iofpicial.] Wards Felk. Clay. Birney. Dem nun. Whi. 1 1037 1274 ? 2 610 948 ? 3 970 1g8j ? 4 1867 1096 4 471 5 14(12 1663 8 6 1686 891 2 794 7 2106 2110 25 46 8 2414 2444 6 9 2883 2488 7 10 1968 1697 8 266 11 2227 1116 2 1111 12* 660 622 ? 328 18 1838 1456 9 382 14 1791 1194 4 697 15 1021 2947 11 1026 16 2278 2059 7 214 17 2216 1846 6 369 28,402 26,018 98 4 578 2,694 26,618 2694 1,884 majority 1,884 * This ward has not been returned, and we there fore give the Governor's vote. [orricuL.] Vote roa Ootiikoi and Lieutenant. Whig. Dem. Ma. Whir. Deia. Mo. Wardi. Fillmore. Wright. Stewart. Wilkin. Gr'dn'r. Shep'j 1 1034 1060 1 1338 1077 1 3 933 610 6 034 686 6 3 leSS 997 11 1846 990 10 4 1067 1000 S lose 1606 3 ? 1013 1468 11 1S17 1401 11 ? 806 1700 1 870 1704 1 7 9377 9476 6 3379 3476 0 5 9006 3333 10 3000 3919 19 9 3367 3440 3 3304 3480 3 10 1664 3020 6 1004 3031 7 11 1107 333S 0 1160 3370 0 13 616 863 1 610 8*3 1 13 1836 1881 6 1337 1881 s 14 1173 1831 3 1173 1831 3 16 3037 1101 s 3044 1090 ? 10 3008 3000 ? 3010 3300 1 17 1816 3179 ? 1819 3177 6 96,834 39 990 8* 96,876 99,117 87 36,834 36,076 3,384 maj. 8,343 msj. [official.] Whig. Native. Dem. Malition Wardt. Ketehum. Faltom. Sand ford. Fanehaw. 1 22 1263 1024 1 2 ? 467 689 3 8 23 1666 960 8 4 14 1099 1588 3 5 9 17V7 1332 6 6 18 876 1674 1 7 17 2261 1993 16 8 109 2527 2231 6 9 99 2604 2127 1 10 20 1820 1805 3 11 81 1888 2024 0 12 41 566 765 ? 13 23 1060 1641 4 14 43 1216 1723 2 1* 132 1991 971 6 16 161 2030 2149 1 17 71 1961 1933 6 533 27,491 26,479 67 26,479 Majority, 1,012 a88embly. Democrat. Native. John M. Bloodgood, 96,896 David E. Wheeler, 37,418 Bernard J. Meseroie, 38,331 Roderick N Morrison37,833 Michael Burks, 36 066 William S Ross, 37,487 George 8. Mann, 36 393 Thomas H. Oakley, 37 468 Josephus N. Grain, 36.363 A. O. Thompson, Jr., 37 609 Alexander Gardiner, 36,183 Harvey Hunt, 37.487 John Ternure, 36,393 John Culver, 37 60n Isaae B. Smith, 36,133 Eli C.Blake, 37,469 Augusta Devesee, *6,196 Jacob L Fenn, 37,438 EliasL. Smith 96,311 Severn D. Moulton, 37,064 John eva, 36,374 James Jarvis, 37 497 Joseph C. Albertson, 90,337 Frederick E Mather, 37.483 Lorenzo B. Shepard, 96,306 John J. r. DePay, 37,134 Whig. Elbridge Q. Baldwin, 949 Morgan Morgans, jr., 949 Egbert Benson, 964 Edward Dayton, 939 Jefferson Bern an, 980 Riehard s Williams, 941 William H. Calkin, 919 Stephen Kane, 913 John Conger, CSS Edward Mintura, 947 Clarkson C rail as, 947 Willi am Turner, 940 Henry E. Davies, 830 [official.] For Congress? 3d Diitrict. Wardt. 1 2 8 4 0 Majority, .... iltf7 FOURTH DISTaiCT. Williamt. Madav. Lawrence. 6 ? - 18 1624 853 7 - - 19 1895 2261 10 - - 26 1711 1787 18 - - 27 1563 1031 85 6783 6422 6422 Majority, ? .361 FIFTH DISTRICT. Scoln. Leonard. Woodruff 8 - - 123 2189 2fc7 9 - - 100 2122 2044 14 - - 40 1698 1183 278 6009 6214 Majority, SIXTH DISTRICT. Fith. Moore. Campbell 11 - - 82 2017 1344 12 - 34 764 567 15 152 924 1995 16 - - 170 2131 2014 17 - ? 98 1914 1936 486 7750 7866 Majority, Presidential Klectlen. Whole number of electoral roue Neoassarr for a choice. 1)1 Ketvvi Received. Polk, Certain. Clay, Certain. Pennsylvania 86 Ohio New Hampshire 4 Connecticut h. Carolina ? R. Island Virginia. 17 Maryland ? New York.... m new Jeney 7 Michigan J Kentucky ii Georgia 16 N. Carolina ii Total 10* Total 72 Ritduii to COMB ik. P,ik< pruMU. Clay, probable. Illinois i Louisiana ,4 Arkansas 3 Massachusetts 1* Muioun * Vermont 6 Maine 9 Delaware 3 Alabama.. ? Indiana 13 Mississippi 7 Total 41 Total 39 DoUITfVL. Stabbing? Five Men Dangerously Stashed by Man.?On the 27th ulc. a quarrel took place in the coffee house ol Onesime ltolin, at the corner of Man deville and Cesaealvo streets, 3d Mnnicipelity N. Orleans, between two long-shore men, named John Bradford and James Murphy, when Bradford severely stabbed Murphy in the head and neck with a dirk knife. Roeamond Che* aeyderand Oscar Bertin, two other is of the 3d Munici pality police, in attempting te arrest him, were severely stabbed by him?Chexneyder in the abdomen, and Ber tin ia the right thigh. Jose Hernandez and Ferdinand Bonson, two other oOoers, were also stabbed-Bon ion being eut in the left eheek from his ear to his chin, and Hernandnin the abdomen, a little above the navel Bradford appe^, from all we eonld learn, te be actus ted by the spirit of a demon, and was arrested onij when severely cut by a^breedswami and overpowered b> nana ben Hereandez lies in s preoarions anddangereus thewoe^to^ the othjrs^^h ^Ir^ als^Ten jsszRtsjvst* The New York Legislature. Tke following is a list of the members of the next legislature?incomplete in the Assembly, owing to the closeness of the vote in some of the counties, or the deficiency iu our MS. list. TUB SENATE. The Senators elected this year are t? Bemacrati Whigs. 2nd diet. Robert Denniaton, ath dl*t Carlo* Emmon*. 3rd diat. John P. Berk man, 4'h diat. Auguitus C. Hand, Natives. 6th diat. Enoch B Talcott, lat diat. George Folaom. 8th diat George D Been. 7th diat. Henry J. Sedgwick. Classified according to the years in which they were elected, the next Senate will stand as fol lows Diat. 1941. 1642. 1043. 1844 I Varian, Lott, Jonea, Folaom.f 3 Bockee, Deyo, Smith, Denniaton, 3 Coming, Wright, Johnson, Beekman, 4 Varney, Mitchell, Clark, Hand, ? Sherman,^ Heovill, Barlow, Ta cott, 8 Faulkner, Chamberlain,Burnham, Beera, 7 Bartlitt, Porter, Leater, Sedgwick, 8 Hard,* Putnam,* Baokua? Emmons * * Whigs. f Native. <) Eleoted in 1843, to All the vacancy canaed by the death of Mr. Ruger. Twenty-seven democrats, lour whigs, and one native. The Assembly. Members elected to the next Assembly, as far as known. Democrat). Whifi. Catuoa? Albany? Wm Titus, Ira Harrla, Leonard Leaving, Leonard Litchfield, David Oould. Clarkson F Crosby. Chenango? Alleganv? Solomon S. Hall, [Two member*.1 Charlea B. Miller, Joel Burdick. Broome ? Chemung? Cyrua Johnaon. Peter McKey. Cattaraugus? Clinton - Roderick White, Noye* P. Gregory. Seth Field. Colombia? Chai>tau<iue? Elijah Bragg, 8am. A Brown, Wm. M. Bunker, Jeremiah Mann, Peter Beekman. Henry C. Friabee. coubtland ? DUTCHEIS ? John Pierce, and., [Two membera.l Abraham Aksr. Dblawabc? Kbie? Linua Porter, John T Buah, John MoDonald. Daniel Lee. Dutchess? Freeman Dewey. [One member.] Eiiex? Fulton and Hamilton? [une member.] Oarrett A. Newkirk. Franelin? Greene? Hiram Horton. Gerret W. Sager, Genesee? D. B. Harvey. Cheater Hannam, Hebeimer? Aaron Long. Wm. C Crain, Livingston? Alex. K. BueL John Young, Jefferson? Harlow W. Welle. Edward S Saliabury, Monroe? Azel W. Dauforth, John McVean, Lyaander H. Brown. Wm. C. Bloaa, Lewis? Isaac T. Raymond. Dean S. Howard. Niagara? Madison? fTwo membera.l John I Walrath, Stephen G. Seer a, Ontario? Wm Smith. J a red Huntington, Montgomery? Alv&h Worden, Peter H Fonda, Timothy Buel. John L. Bevina. Orleans Oneida? [One member.] Horatio Seymour, RkNaiELAKR? Andrew Billinga, Wm Van Schoonhoven C. Comatock, Harry Betta, W. Brooka. Roger Heermanoe. Onondaoa? Richmonb? Dennis McCarthy, (One member.) David Preaton, Saratoga? Lake I Tetft, Wm. Wilcox, J. C. Kinae. Edward Edwards. Orange? Schenectady? Thornt'n M. Niven. (One member.) John Brooka, Schohabie? Richard M. Tuthill. Eliaha Tibbatta, OawEao? Washington? Thoa. Skelton, James Rice, Luny Thayre. John Stevenson. Otsego? Wtomino? Franklin B Carpenter, [Two members] Harvey G Harden, C. D. Fellowa. Yates Putnam? Esekiel Caaner. 44 Benj. Bailey. Queens ? Elbert F. Jones. RocELAin? John P. Brower. St. Lawrence? Native. John L. Russell, New Yoke ? Aaa L Hazeltine. David E Wheeler, Schoharie? Roderick M Morrison, Seymour Boughton. William S. Roaa, Senfca? Thoa Oakley, Robert L Stevenson. Abm. G Thompson, Jr Steuben? Harvey Hunt, J. Van Valkenburgh, John Culver, John Rodger*, Eli C Blake, Anael C. Smith. Jacob L Fenn, Suffolk? Severn D Moulton, John H. Dayton, Jamea Jarvie, Dirling B. Whitney. Fred*k K. Mather, Sullivan? John 8. R. De Puy, Harvey P. Morris. Kings? Tioga? Richard L. Wyokoff, Gideon O. Chaae. Daniel D. Wynant, lft Tompkins? Lyman Strowbridge, Sherman Miller. Ulbteb? Irwin Pardee, Reaben H. Hine. Wabben? Jamea Cameron. Wavnb? John L Dickson, Alanaon M. Knapp. Wk*tchr*teb? Thea. R Lee, J A. Constant. 00 We transfer Richmond and Cattaraugus to the Whig column. We also give the whigH the mem ber from Fra klin, as claimed by the Eve. Jour nal. On thr- other hand, we claim both the mem bers from Ulster, and claim one of the three from Dutchess*. We retain also the two members from Cortland in the Democratic column. With these corrections, the House will stand 69 ?lemocrats, to 44 Whigs and 15 Natives, as above. ?Albany Arg-us, Nov 11. Tremendous Hurricane in Western Missouri. ?Loss op Lira and DaerntncrioN or Property.? We learn from the Wrttrm Kxporitor, printed at Inde pendence, in Jackson county. that a destructive hurri cane visited that aection of the 8tate about # o'clock cf the night of the QAth. Its effacta were lamentably disas trous. That paper aaya: It came aorosa the prairie, and the first wa heard of its effects was at the Mfsaion, three milea from Wast port, which it injured conaiderably, from whence it paaaed over our country in a northeast direction, striking the river about one half mile above Wayne City, at C. N Hall's mill, and have heard ef Its keeping down the river for some milea-, but aa yet we have not heard where it commenced, nor where it ended. It varied from five to ?even hundred yarda in width, and paraued a straight di rection. We give the following list of the killed and wounded;? Mra. McGill, Livingston, killed ; Mrs Stone, do ; Mr. Kirr had three children killed, and himself greatly wounded ; Miaa Mary Middleton and Dr. Martin's son, near Weat port, were killed. A at ranger who had been moving a family to Platte, and encamped opposite Owen'a landing, was found dead, hi* wagon blown entirely away Thomaa Hedge* bad all bis houaes and furniture blown off, and aeveral of his family badly crippled. Samuel Lambert's house, fcc , gone : wife and himself badly in jured. J. Beadley, houaes, kc , blown off. J. King, do ; Mra. Huggins, do., and herself badly crippled. Mn. lta ran, do., and herself and negro man crippled. Calvin McCoy, do , and several of his family crippled. Dr. Mar tin. do ; Mra. Butkhart, do , Thomas Smith, do.: C. N. Hall's ateam aaw mill, roof blown off; grist mill and houses blown entirely away?damage about $1900. We have heard of several others filled and wounded, and much more property injnred, but do not know the particulars. We have no idea that the half haa been told, or yet heard of the loaa of Uvea and deatruction of pro perty occasioned by this awful tornado. From Rio Janeiro.?By the Letitia, arrived at Baltimore, the Anurican received the following letter Rio Janeibo, September 30, 1644. We have nothing favorable to advise Our stock of flonr ia new 87,000 barrels, ef which there are in lirst hands 18,000 bbls Richmond, and 8,818 bbla. Baltimore. Our consumption is 10,000 te 12,000 bbla. per month. There ia no demand, as our dealers are well aupplied.nor ia there any hope of an export demaud shortly. At Buenos Ayrea it Is not admitted, and that in bond waa selling at $4. At Montevideo there were 8,000 bbli. in store. The govern ment waa the enly purchaser, and a few day* age they had one month's atipplv. We have besides to hear of the arrival there ef 7,000 hbl*. from this, port, and 3,000 to 4,009fromthe United State*. At our la*t advice* from Rio Grande there were 10,000 bbls. on hand there. From thi* itatement it i* hardly necescary to *ay that if *hip ment* continue, the price will be very lew. We have re ceived thil month fiom the United States, 3,876 bbla. new from Richmond, ai.d 4,88ft do from Baltimore. A cargo Is alio expected from Trieste and one from George town. Our quotatlona for Flour are entirely nominal A cargo of new Richmond could not be sold to net ft 83 New Baltimore ia dark, and nooffera are made for it The bakers aay the highaat pries will be >3 9S nat. Wa have only to hope that shipment* will be suspended at leaat for soma time. Coffee i* in steady de mand at 3|400 for auperior, 3||u00 a Hjl'JOO for Irats; snd J||400*3||100 for regular. Seft 24.?Nothing ha* been doing in flour but for Ba hia, where some 3 to 4.000 bhl* chiefly good Richmond, have been *ent. For New Baltimore, the only offer ia ll'jOOOon 8 mouth* credit?net 3.40 without freight.? Th>re is hardly a retail t'amand Advice* from Rurepe

being more favorable for coffee, tka market is very Arm. City Intelligence. Lower Police OfBce.? VnoTHk.* Cbasus or luio al Votiko ?A man named Henry|HuUe, was arretted on Sunday evening by Alderman Winsbip, on the charge of illegal voting and perjury, committed at the fourth dis trict of the is.h ward, by (wearing that he had been a resident ot this City for the past six months, when it is alleged that he resided in Kings County lour months since. He was committed for further examination. Anothkk.-A man named Tunis Powell, was also arrested, charged with having voted illegally in the Und district of the 1st ward. He is a citizen of Virginia, and was committed lor trial. Common vounclla Board or Assistant Anbkhmsn, Nov. 11.?This Board met for a short lime laat evening, William Etcbdkll, Etq , in the chair. The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved Mayor't Veto ?Adverse to the appointment of J. Drint, aa lu-pector 01 Elections Petition ol Hose Company No 3, asking for a new hose carriage ? R.ferred. Petition for a ferry at foot of MSth street ?Referred. Petitions from inhabitants ol Catharine Market, praying to have the mai ket lighted with gun From the managers of the Colored Orphan Asylum, asking for 100 loads of street manure.? Referred. Evacuation Day ?Communication from the veteran corps, askiug permission to fire a salute from the battery on 3bth (November, and for a supply of military stores. The Chaibmait offered a resolution in Urur of comply ing with the above request ? Carried. Public Scli toli ?A communication waa received from ihe Comptroller in relation to the lots in Elizabeth street, which had been purchased for public schools, and asking to dispose of same by public auction. It waa resolved that the sum of $7000 be appropriated for the purchase oi new lots for said purpose, a .d that the Comptroller be directed to sell the old lots by public auction. Papers frnm'thr Board, -Rrportt.?In favor of transfer of stall No 8 iu Kulton market, to R. C Balis. retition from iuhabitonts of 34th street, asking for an appropriation to build a public sewer in that street, from Bleomingdale read to tiin Avenue. Referred. Reports ?Ol Committee on Streets, in favor of paying , Charles Polk $100 lor the loss of his horse. Conourred I in. A Report in favor of an appropriation for an alarm bell in the new Post Office. Adopted. Resolution from the Committee on Streets of the Board J of Aldermen, in favor of paving Chatham atreet, opixuite the Hall of Records, granting an appropriation of $160 for said purpose. Concurred in In favor ol flsggi g sidewalks between Avenue A and B, iu Utk street Concurred in. In favor ot allowing Abraham Anchor to build a new pier at the foot of Perry street, near Hudson river. Re ferred. Report of Street Commissioner, asking an appropria tion lor certain improvements in Und Avenue. Concur I red In. Report in favor "of granting an appropriation for flag' ging sidewalks in 20th street. Referred. In favor of paviiyt 38th street, from the 7th to 8th ave nues Concurred in. Jliienment Lift ?In favor of appointing Samuel Bun shea Assessment Collector in Avenue B.Trom 6th to 8th street Concurred in. Bloomingdale Road.?A communication was received from the Sneet Commissioner relative to improvements on the Bloomingdale Road, and asking an appropriation of $560 for that purpose. A resolution in fat or of granting the prayer of the petition was adopted. Rtiolutioni.?Of Committee on Wharves reiativo to ex tension of dock at Randal's Island, and in favor of grant ing the sum of $13(H) for said purpose. Adopted. The Board of Assistants adjourned after a short session to meet at six o'clock on their next night ef meeting. Superior Court* Before a full Bench. Nor. 11.?Decisions.?The Mexican Steamer? William Bostwick vs. Joieph At. Eepino ?This was a motion on ap peal brought up tram Chambers ; the defendant asking to be discharged on common bail, being placed under arrest by plaintiff for illegal detention of his trunk on board the Guadeloupe, and alto for refusal to grant his discharge ? The case haa already been fully reported in the Hrrald ? Tho dofeudant is post captain, commanding the Mexican frigates lying in this port since June last. The plaintiff was a mariner on board the vessel, having enlisted at Vera Cruz under the Mexican government, for a term ol one year, brum an American citizen. On the emval of the vessel at this port, Bostwick left withou. leave, and | demanded his trunk and discharge, which he claimed on tho grouud of the expiration of a term ol one year, having completed his engagement in the service. The defendant reltised to give up the trunk, or to pay the wage* claimed by Bostwick,upou which the latter had the Commander placed under arrest, with a view to bring the cas ? before the civil courts.? The Court gave a long and elaborate decision, detailing the facts and the various proceedings by affidavit had in Chambers before, covering the entire grounds ol pio ceedings, and held that the defendant bad no authority or control over the crew, except to require their services, and return to the place from whence they sailed The Parser on bourd was authorized to make but two pay ments by the Mexican government, from the date of the sailing ol the vessel. It also appeared by affi lavit, that the complainant asked permission Irom the Commander to go on shore, and went on shore accordingly, where he remained without leave. He went often ou shore, be tween the 3ndof June and Ath of July, making no claim for wages, and afterwards deserted the ship; that he sub sequently demanded his discharge, stating that hi* term had expired A ship of war in active service, ly ing in a friendly port, was entitled to the pro tection of the Governm- nt, in as lar as the interna tional laws and the commity of nations were con cerned It appeared as an admitted fact that the Plaintiff contracted with the Mexan Government?and therefore was subject to the orders and control of the Mexican Government, and waa liable to the orders of the com mander. He waa plactd regularly under the command of the Defendant on board the " Ouadaloupe " He came to New York as a mariner, and in relation to the fact of detention ol his clothea,it did not appear that theie waa a dam and to sustain the allegation There, waa therefore, no cause ol detention. The Judgment in Chambers was, tbat the Delendant could not be arrested under the lacts and ciroumatancea ol the case, and that he ought to be discharged on common bnil In relation to the alleged fact of deposit of funds for that purpose in the hands of the Commander, it did not appear on aflldavtt for the speci c purpose ol paving off ihe hands on board. The Delendant waa doing his duty under his government, and the laws ol public usage, and the commity of nations protected him Alter explaining the extent of civil juris diction, and the powers of a Civil Court of the United states to art in such a case, his Honer ruled tbat the defendant be discharged on common bail, in order to enable the parties to settle the differences be tween the parties Thk fUcoitD Cask.?Edward Ford VS Eitoven Begoiick ?This was a pioceeding in Chambers te hold delendant to bail for assault and battery committed on board the " Mon tezuma " The plaintiff came a passenger on board the vesaal on its trip from Vera Cruz to this port, and worked hia passage. On leaving the veasel he called lor his clothes, when he was assaulted by defendant, who is a lieutenant on board, for alleged insolent abnae of the above officer. The Judge in Chambers gave an order that delendant ahould give boil in $1000, which was confirmed in full Bench. W.O Dutenbury ada. Qeorgt Wiehol* ?Appeal from order at Chamber*, dismisaod with the exception of witnesses' fees to twelve days of attendance, to be taken out of the bill of costs?$31?for the three appeals, and no costs In the appeal from the bill ot costs in relation to witnesaea feea Charles Billtnge and George Ecins, Assignees. vs. Al exander Campbell ?Huled, that defendant is entitled to costs. Ernest Fiddler and Eugene Dertilh ad*. Eli fV. Butler. ?The assignees entitled to costs. C Ji Hockscher and O H. Cotter v*. The Union Bank of Louitiana ?Judgment for plaintiff on the demurrer. Stark Vullttte va. Robert Sawzade.?Motion for new trial denied. Win Vreelund vs IVm. Lynch.?This wa* an action on tho case tried in the Marine Court, wherein the plaintiff' waa uonsuited for a variance between the proof and de claration the prool showing the injury to have occurred in IMIt and the time laid in the declaration, is IM4 . tbe cause was ro-aigued in relation to the costs under the statute of 1*44, as to whether under that statute the plain tiffin error was entitled to the casts upon the certiorari Upon which it wai decided that the judgment be render ed for the plaintiff in error, with ceils B. L. Billinge, Esq. tor plaintiff in error; C. 8. Roe, lor defendant in error. Went, Oliver \ Co vs Rritfn ?Thejury in this case rendered a sealed verdict for plaintiff, $?49 81, and six cents damage* and nix cents costs. No*. 11.? Singular Lair Question ?Mr. Samuel Adams, of Ohio, appeared before Judge Vanderpoei, yesterday, on a writ of habeas corpus, to test the power of the (jo vernor of Ohio, in surrendering him to the authorities of thia State, on the charge of obtaining money under falae pretence* from citizen* of Naw York, the alleged offence having been committed while the accuaed wa* a resi lent of the State of Ohio, and the maney received, having been paid in that State Mr. Adam* waa forcibly arre*ted at hi* residence in Ohio and ipiritedontof the State, before time could be given to teat the queation before a Judge by writ of habeas corpua. He came to thia city in cu*to dy, gave good aecurity in a large amount and returned home. Owing to *ome miiunderitandiug aa to the day ol trial he did not arrive In time, and the bail waa condi tionally forfeited. He arrived a few daya afterwaraa, and voluntarily aurrendrred himtelf This writ haa been ta ken out to teat the quettion, bni owing to a rafutal by the prosecution to admit the certificate of the Governor of thia State,proving the rrquiiition, it became necessary to send to Albany to take his testimony and tha argument there fore postponed until Wedneiday morning, when it will be heard. Mr Adam< ha* engaged the aervtae* of eminent counsel, Maair . Wood, Graham, Morri* andMott.and the protecutora have called in Mnsar*. Hoffman, Whi ting and Gregg, to aid the District Attorney. The ca*e ia one of much intereat, and involvr* levaral im|iortant principle* of law and State aovereignty. Fatal ArrtAY.?'The Norfolk Herald atales that a man by the name of Crickmore, was stabbed with a howie knife, by another man named Jamar. at South Vll!ls, on Monday last He waa cut in the abdomen, and i* supposed to have died. Jamer wa* arretted, and con fined In the Camden Jail. CowvicntD ?Dr Wm. S. Goodwin, formerly of Greenahorough, Ala., waa tried at the recent term of the Circuit Court ol Lowndes county, Mlaa , for the murder of Mr. Abbot, and found guilty of manslaughter, which Is, we believe, punishable thereby ten years' im pnsonment in tha Penitentiary Court of Chancery? Hon Lewif H. Saiidlord. Assistant Vice Chancellor. ? 0T "?Morrii Canal Company, t's. Bank of Central nrai Koii-r. W. Tucker, lor cuinpluinuut ; L. R. M^rsh lor defendants. Decided that defendants are en titled to the Bank atock. Bill dismissed with cost*. " ? Bradford n. Riley Reed.? B. O Hitrhings for complainant; K Ten Broeck lor delendant. Decree for complainant lor hu debt and casta. Bornard Lynch vi. John Clark, and Julia Lunch ? H. J. Mackay and s. Mberwoud for complainant; C. K Grim, O. M. Speir, and Murray Hoffman, lor Clarke; A. L llo bertson lor Julia Lynch. Decided that Julia Lynch hav ing been born here, though of alien parenla, waa a citi zeu ol the United States, and inherited all the ptemiaea in controversy. Bill dismissed, but without costs. Edward Clarke r* Crtwell and olhtt t.? A L Jordan, for complainant; D Oreig tor defendant Decided that LIy and the Receiver of Wayne County Bank pay to the complainant the amount of his notes against C owell Joseph High ie vs. Est a Ketler?T Carter for complain ant ;? W. Skidwure lor defendant. Demurrer to bill over ruled with coda. Deleaduat to anawer in twenty days, he. John Van Sett v*. Morrill and olhtri ?J W Hammers ley for complainant; B. W Bonney tor Waddell. Decree for sale?complainant to file supplemental bill, and ques tion thereon reserved, lie. Jlbrah-im Jl Remien vn George Rapelyt.?8. K. Clark son for complainant; J. W. Gerard ior JoA-miuiit. De cided that iiuxjaa nut usurious Bill dismissed with costs. Important Decision.?Natural horn Citiznit?Assist ant Vice Chancellor Handlord this flay decided in the case ol B Lynch vs. J Cluike and Julia Lynch, that a child ?orn in this country ol alien parents, is a citizen ol the United States. The rule applies equally where the pa rent! are here lempoiarily as where they come here for a permanent residence. The children ol foreign ambassa dors are an exception. The question arose between persons claiming to be heirs of Thomas Lynch, oi the Arm of Lynch k Clarke, formerly so well known inthisc>ty. It was claimed by B. Lynch that his brother Thomaa owned with Dr Clarke one half of the celebrated Congress Spring, at Saratoga, and several hundred acre* ot land, the which were lor merly occupied by them or by Clarke. And B Lynch claimed to be the heir of Thomas, having been natural, ized sinae his death, and enabled to take as such heir by au act of the Legislature. In answer to hii suit it was se* up among other things that Julia Lynch, a niece of Thomas, whose father died before Thomas, was a citizen of the United States, and inherited all kis real eatate. It appeared that she was born in this city in 181?, but her parents were aliens, and were here temporarily. They returne4 to Ireland in 1819, and lived and died there. Julia Lynch, then an infant, waa removed to Ireland with them, and lived there till after the death of Themas L>nch It was argned that she waa born an alien, that her national character followed that of her parents, and that she never became a citizen ol the United States. It waa decided that she was a citizen by birth, without reference to the subsequent events, and that she being the only heir ol Thomaa Lynch, who was capable of inherit ing, took the whole of his real estate by descent. Riley Be man vs. Thtojihilus Jlnlhony?Jtctv n of Tru ]>mi?The plaintiff sues for damages sustai; ed by him by an alleged illegal levy on his goods, under an execution, in the name of the defendant against the firm ol Wiegand k Co. Evidence waa produced to prove and to disprove the ownership of the property levied upon, as existing oi not existing in Beman. It was proved that Beman had sustained considerable damage in consequeuca of the in terruption of his business ocaaioned by the levy. For plaintiff Messrs. Winans and Towasend?for de fendant Mr. Russell. General Sessions. Before Recorder Tallmadge, and Alderman Winship and Haabrouck. M. C. Pattkrsop, Esq., District Attorney. Nov. 11.?7Yiai for Felony?William Davis waa put on his trial, indicted lor a felony in having, while a lata night watch of the City Prison, feloniously abetted and aideu in the escape ol the convict, Alexander Hoag, while un der sentence for a grand larceny on the ttth of August last, and who had been by this Court doomed to incaicuratieil in the State Prison for a term of Ave years, as an expiation for the offence. The Distxict Attorney opened the case on the part ol the people, and with much clearness explained to the jui y the grounds on which he should call lor a conviction, and would make apparent by testimony that the accused wa>. guilty of the charge. William Cox, the kcopcr of the City Prism, was c?lled and sworn.?(The commitment of Hoag was produced and read by the District Attorney.)?He testified that all pri. suners were directed to be locked up at 6 o'clock, I' M., by the deputy-keepers, and tlieu the night watch waa put on till eight o'clock of tho following morning; nrst oheard of the escape about eight o'clock in the morning cf the 7th August; Mr. Lounsbury and Davis were left in oharge ol the prison that nigkt; witness left the prison jn the afternoon of the 6th. Lounsbury, Davis and Ben amin Sparks, (the keeper of the third corridor, whioh was a part of the cells, in one el which Hoag was coutin ed,) were present. Orders were given that no cell* should be opened alter they were shut up at ft o'clock, an less in case of sickness. Saw Hoag in prison on the ftth of August, about 4 o'clock, or just before ft o'clock ; he was then on the corridor. The cell of Hoag was either No 71 or 72 on tho third corridor ; when witness left Da vis was entrusted with the charge of corrider No 3. ' Cronn-eimmnnl ?A negro named Rickey was then a prisoner, but was not locked up at nights ; he did errands lor the depu y keepers and prisoners ; a species of run ner ; my office was not shut at the time of the escape of Hoag till 8 o'clock, perhaps 9 o'clock ; never knew that the office was opined alter being closed ; Rickey was a confidential prisoner; Price, a white man, and Donnally were also confidential prisoners, and were permitted to run of errands. Rickey,who had some few days of term of sentence unexpired, wss lucked up on the charge ol aiding the escape ef H >ag, and remained so for some three or lour days. The lied ef the deputy keeper and night watch was on the ground floor near the entrance to the pri. son cells ; the keys of the ceils were kept by the depot, eper. The night watch (Davis) had no key ol his own ; prisoner eften borrowed witnesses' key ; there is an outer door or Iron gate, and also an inner door to guard the pr son, the keys of which were kept hy the Deputy ' Keeper on duty at night. To an iron door leading to the street there are lour keys, one whs in can; oi the Cei?. tain of the Watch, another by the night watch ol the prison, another by Alfretf H. Danes, and the lourth by Deputy Keeper Lounsbury ; a wooden door has but one key, which was kept by the night watch of the male de partment, at night, and in witness's office in the day time. Direct RmimeiI ?Rickey was Hrrasfed by the order ol the Mayor on tho charge, but let go alter an examin ation lieiore Justice Haskell ; he was locked up a second | time in consequence of what lloag had said. fThecon [ vernation with Hoag on the subject was objected to by : the District Attorney, and the Court ruled that any rc I lation of the same would be irrevelant ] Alter the | re arrest of Hoag, Deputv Ki-eper* Lounsbury and Ken I nedy had a key to bis cell, hut witness kept in his poss ession the key that fastened shackles put round his person Any declaration made by Hoag in relation to the cause of Rickey being a second arrested on the charge was deemed by the Court as inadmissible. The prisoner, Davis, was.arrested immediately on the escape oi Hoag, and put in prison. He had been previously discharged for taking a woman into Babe's cell, but rein stated on exp anation In respect to the matter. The Court then took a recess till four o'clock. E?ki*iko Skssioiv. Benjamin C. Sr*ass, sworn-He was a deputy keeper ol the city prison on the flth of August last, and locked Hoag in his cell between ft and 6 o'clock of that evening heard of the escape of Hoag next morning; went to his cell and found it was vacant; immediately made his es cape known to Mr. Cox; there wore three bolts to the in ner door; Davis, the accused, when witness wss going away for the night, borrowed his key: all the prisoners were locked up with the exception of Rickey, on the night of the escapu; no prisoners were at large after the time of locking up except the cooks; Lowntbury said he would lock up Rickey Ciott-Examined?? ach deputy keeper bad a key, and those keys would unlock every cell in the prison; while witness was on duty with the prisoner on ivatchtogw. ther, Davis procured an iron key of the outer gate; H wss not the key generally used, or did witness know'where he obtained it; witness was formerly a night watch ol | the prison,; ur.ili-rstood that the key belonged to the fe male department of the prison, of which Messrs Wilson and King were the keepers ; lllckey was not locked up, aa there was some to be brought out oi the kitchen and to be used early the next morning for white washing tha cells and corridors ; Rickey was white washing the irorning ol the escspe ol Hoag was discovered : Rickey ussd m> key in the day time to sweep out cells, but I watched him. snd never lost sight ol him while he ha I the key , I know that a man named John Smith was locked tip in the 4th corridor, whose cell was directl> opposite lloag's m the 3d corrl dor ; lent my key to Davia after having locked up Hoag on the night of the eacape , he asked lor it in the presenre of Lownshtiry, and he returned it next morning; wit ness had Joined in a combination with other keepers to have Davis turned out; a waa signed and given to Mr. Cox, and he was turned out of office on account of a lady affair ; the petition had reference to Davis not being re-instated to his farmer office in the prison Dirert returned- Davis was anxious to have the key, but I was not willing to lend it, but Davis said he had borrowed key* from other keepers, and I then lent mine, in the presenre of Mr. Lownsbury, to him ; Mr Lown* bury at the time ha.l a k-y ; Wilson snd King were the night watch of the femsle department, and Mr Mount was the keeper ; the night watch were not allowed keys Croti-ernmined -When I was on the watch with Davis I would lie down till 11 o'clock, and Davia would *ome times lie down also ; I ulways put the key in my pocket Davis' duty was to call me, but sometime* he neglected to do so, until the bell at 4 o'clock awoke us both. Alderman Drake, sworn?I **w I'avis on the morning after the encape ol Hoag, Aldermnn Bunting waa present and Davis waa In the prison yard; Davis slated on being questioned at the time concerning the escape of Hoag that he (Davis) waa up all n^ht, but that Lounsbury was aaleep: about a month afterwards, witness h d some fur ther conversation with Davis, when he unequivocally said that what he had stated before waa a'l a lie for both hlmsell and Lonnsberry were aaleep during the night ol the escape. William O Mooov, sworn?Was a deputy keeper of the City Prison; on the ?ih August saw Sparks, also a keeper, lock Hoag up In his c*|| in tha third corridor: witness was keeper of the 4th corridor: saw Rickey in in the yard, when I lelt the prison yard in company with Mr Sparks, about a quarter before r o'clock ; had a con versation with Day is next morning when some other do cmty keepers were |.reeent; remarked that I thought Lonnahury would clear himself, and hoped Davis would atao D*rl* ?ild hu *<hiM pro** hlm**lr p*rf*ctljr Inn? I cent of the escape. Dnrinf the day, in a subsequent coo. v creation, I aaked Davis il they had kepttheirreguler watch, ho replied do, for Mr Lcunsbuiy bad laid down, end he, Davis, wss up all night-that the dog was cb*|?: ed at the loot of the stairs an night. Witness remarked that wu an unuaual circumstance, aa the dc8 WM J'Zff lnt loose on the watch Iviuc down, to which remaik wit* at.,^"?d 'o rVplV A^r the was arrested and locked up, he aste"1 several times to sec bar. Altred H. Davis, but witness informed him that Mr.? ox refused tbc7o1'"x.m.nrd-Witness previous to ation in tb? piiaon was a urinterbytrede, ^ W so me difficulties with Davis, and had a (eelinf to got him out 01 xEe"?"mstader oI the cross-examination waa '"J**0*?"* in the extreme. ard B"?wer? elicited bv the witness kept the Court comtantly in a roar 01 leuga ter, but had no bearing on the case except to show tnw a violent controversy nad lor some time existed d?w?bb thi) wit new and the prisoner; alto, that on thei 6tn 01 w gust, when witness gave up hia situation in the prison, he gave up his key also to Loumburv, and it waa piacea in a drawer on the right hand aide ol the prison to whiC David had accets. and waa present at the time William Lou>tsuav aworn-Had been heeparoftho City Priaon ainci thu first day of June; wss ondnty on the night of the Sib ot Auguat, about H??,'C k^rkf going on duty louud Davia there. MoydyaadBparfca^ thev than lwt. leaving Davia and my sell alone; about bail pa? H o'clock I lockud ti)t Rickey in cell No. UHinthe third corridor, and laid down about i me o'clock on a cot. It waa Davia' duty to awake me; 1 placed my cell Ery, and the key ol the wooden door ot the priaon under my pillow, and placed the key ol the iron door in the drawer of the desk to which the prisoner had *cce?s;tbe priaonar that night had also accean to the key ot the outer gate; ne had it in hia possession; the dog waa fastened at the time, Davia aaked for the key ol the wooden door next morn ing: the dog waa looaened, but not in the usual way, aa hia collar waa on and chain; Davia did not atouse witness aa customary; and about 8 o'clock, he Ujaraod that iloag had made hia eacape. Cr?,-txmmintd -Witnesa hat Iraqnently waked up in the night and lound Davia sleeping by hia side; witnesa generally sleeps aoundly; the cell doors cannot be opened from tha inaide, and witnesa ia certain be locked m Rickey; the only door he did lock that night; I enteied into the compact with the other keepera for the removal of Davis, as I did not oonsider myself safe with the niau; 1 had no lurther personal feeling against him, st v?ral per sons had spoken in bad terma of tha character < I tin ac cused?(five of whom the witness mentioned;) tin i r; er had a key of hia own to tha cells, aad wnen it v\ u out of order he borrowed (rom one of the keepers At this atate of the trial the Court adjourned to thia morning at 11 o'clock. Circuit Court. Before Judge Kant. Not 11.?John Dot vs Hithard Hae-The parties hav ing summed *j> thia tedioua ca?e dining the lsst week, Hia Hoi or proceeded to charge the Jury, atating that the caae waa brought before him on appeal tram the aurrogste, and having received the decision of the surrogate, and de cided that the case thould be tried by jury, on the quea tion ol lact. These questions were mainly, aa to whether Mrs. Nelson waa competent to make a will, and waa nor last will and testament made in due form oflaw7 Thia latter issue, he considered, waa the chief matter thay ha* to decide upon, and it was established, In evidtnee, that the will waa properly drawu and signed by Mra. Nelson. After reviewing tha lactt or the caae, showing that tha late Mr Nelson waa a butcher in the Kssex maikat?that he died in 1836, Iciivlng a fortune ol $30,000, and legacies to each el bit daughters of $1,000 and to hia son $1 MO, leaving the remainder to his wife, to dispose of as sho thought proper fche was, it appeared, an Illiterate woman, and did not fenow how to read or write : having affixed her name to the will. She had, it appeared, an at tack of paralysis, '.which it waa alleged, had ia paired her intellect. . ,, A, Tha jury will render a sealed verdict thia forenoon. Common Plena. Before Judge Ingraham. Nov. II.? John Afuyri and hit wift I't. Car/ Schmithtmner. This was an action ol trespata to recover damages lor a slander alleged to have been committed in the beginning ol December, IWl. It appeared that defendant nod, on I the day formerly mentioned in tha hearing of two wit nesses, said that he had lost some money, and plaintilPa wile was the person who had taken it away Dalence put in was that deiendant had merely repeated what had been told him. Verdict for plaintiff, $26 John A. Steenmler for plaintiff; C. F. Buhler for de fendant. Sicholat S. Htydingrr it. Nicho/at Mc G'reir.?This waa an action of assumpsit to recover the value of a quantity of marble slabs for table tops. It appeared that the plain tiff had an agent who transacted business for him, and occaaional'.y took merchandize or furniture in exchange for the marble he disposed of. That when delendant's foreman came lor the marble, ho told plaintiff that thia agent and defendant had made an arrangement about tat paying lor the marble. Plaintiff said it was all right, without making any enquiry at to what that arrangement was? (although hi* agent and bim had a misunderstand" ing at the time.) That the value of the marble waa $100, $64 of which were paid in lurniture to plaintiff* agent. Defence nut in was, that this agent was in the habit ot transacting business lor his principal?that principal must he liable, and consequently that il said agent took thia furniture, o> the value oi $06, as part payment for the marble, plaintiff must agree to the arrangement. Verdict for plaintiff $48 AO. C. 8. Roe, for plaintiff, end Brady aad Maurice, for defendant. Court C*l?n?tnr?This Day. CiaciWT CouaT?Noa 90. 90, 100, 93, 80, 7, M, M7, IT. Common Plkas?Nos. S. 19, 18, UA, 16,64, 63, 66, 119,41. Mte rnt are, A History ok (t*ekck: by the Right Rev. Con nop Thirl wall: Harper 6c Brothere ?This is a very abU* and interesting work, which has juat been published in England, and which the Harpera will i?fiie in eight number*, of which we have received the tirht. It ib baid, by some of the moat eminent scholars in the country, to be by far tlie beat hi? lory of Ancient Greece ever written. It fivea animated sketches ol the events which mark the history of that wonderful nntion, and a profound an?i philosophical analysis"1 their manners, politics, aud general character. The numbers will be bold at twenty five-cents. More of Mili.krism.-Mr. Addnon Davis in a letter to the editor ol the hstex County Wathingtonian, nays that twenty fix persons aie now in the Insane Astlum, at BrdttleSoio, Vt.. inconsequence ot inaemtjr produced by the it Hut nee ol MiUetiam. William Cavt nHUgh, ? wealthy old Irian gentle man, was committed to the County Prison lor thirty days, this morning, lor contempt of Court. He was on his trial tor fornication and bastardy, in the Court of Quarter Sesaiona, and would insist, in spite of the admonitions ut Judge Parsons, in a? serting his innocence, and denying the paternity ot ofl'spring. Rayinord and Co's extensive menagerta arrived here to day. The birds, lepttles, and animals, will be loeated in the Cttcus, in Walnut Street, during their stay in Philadelphia. The exhibition will open on Wednesday. The business on the Reading Rail hoad has in creased amazingly during the last tew month" 56,525 tons of coal were transported on that road, trorn Heading .to this city, during the month ot October last. PAM8A. . poMQHKAT BRITAIN AND 'HKt^U Tfttt ffisWTBALL tmrWr LINk LIVtRPOOL l'A< KKTS (Hailing from Llvwpool on the 7th aud l?th of ***[7 Parsons wistiius K. sand to the Old " ouotry for Oieir ^fneiida can make the uece?t?r> .mu.tein.Bi. witli the Sobtcnb?rS| aee have tK*m coin.- o?? lu thn ??l?fiur Lin? of PMketa. from Livet|MM?l punctually on AaTth wid ^h 'dfTerj inoflth. They will *l?o have a tirtt rale elnan of American trading thipa, .aihna every dayt, tlieret.y allordinK weekly cmmunicauoa from Jiat port (fue of the firm, (Mr. James D. Koche.lja their, to tee that they thall be forwarded with care aad das P*Wionld the f.irtlet agreed for, not come out, the moaaywiU be rptnaied n> thow wtio paid it here, withont mi); reaaction. tSrSUck Ball ar Old Line of f.ive,.ool Packet*, compnee the followinit mamuficetit Whipa. Tli.:? Vr?nir IA. OXKORi). fhe NLW YOM. C AM BFUbOK, Lht-Viia ? L mra KNOLAND NORTH 'aMKKICA'. With 'iirli inpenor and nne.|anlled arr<ui?emenu, the ?nb ?crihert confidently took forward for a couCinaaoot of that sap port which haa heeo e,tended to ikem so many yaera. for which ihry it it g rntrfni. . . , Thw promdiac. or rrmittin? motny to \hm\t rvUtitM, tmn ? all timri obumDrmfu at i?*ht lor af?y Kinonnt, dvmwn diirtl ? a<i? a CO. Bankers, I .on, I. mi trhieh will he paid on demand at aey af the Banks at tW.r Uranchea, in all the principal towas throuihoal hacked. ' ?BOTHK??I a . O Vt KulU'n street. New Vocfc, nett door to the Kaltoa Baak N. B.-Tha Old Line of Livwpool Packeu Mil ^ for Liverpool on the lit sad Ifch ofe^h m.?th rMMS "}a? ,il to the Old Conntry will find it to their comfort** ?e?w. age to aelect this favorite Line for their eoo?r>aa?e, ia peetae nee lo any other. jeli Sm*rc ? JCk. Nf.'w1 Y I.? lations, apply on board at (;oLLIl^H h CO., ?>r to M Koath street. n? t-ds ree?ved on board after Knday Kv.n., 'hak^!Ln<1LVThifliee may rely npon having their goods eor ,Juy^itemd, and that the .hip* will sail imaetaally as ad '"^'t. in New Orleans-Messrs. Ha lien and Woodra*. who .. fr?"- f.?"?'"! -'I to the., t.'.drea. KRKItiHT VVANTK1) Ut Water ttreet, roroer Beekmtn. Mb y iMt-tfl ettk. afloa^r sjdj bvfc , ."TTTT rd. for tsl? ia lob