Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 17, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 17, 1844 Page 1
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W YORK HERALD. Vol. J?m Ho. 318? Whole Ho. 3018 NEW YORK, SUNDAY MORNING, NOVEMBER 17 1844. Prlc? Two OmUi THE NEW YORK HERALD. aooreuate CIRCULATION THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND. THE GREATEST IN THE WORLD. To tk? Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD? Daily nexeepeper-imb lished every day ol the year except New Vvr'i Day and Fourth ?f July. Price 2 cenU per copy?or $7 16 per annum?postages paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?pubkehed every sannrday morning?price 6\ cents per oopy, or $1 m per annum?poet kfi paid, cash in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation of the Herald ii over thi u2'Y-FI VE THOUSAND, and increasing fast ll /iu the largest circulation of any paptnin tkii city, or the world, and, is, therefore. 'he best channel Jot outturn msrt in the city or country. Prior* moderate?cash in advance. printing of all kinds executed at the moat moderate price, and in the most elegant tivle. JAMES GORDON BENNETT. PftOFRiBTO* or the Herald Establishment, Northwest corner of Fulton sad Nassau streets a^in "li "ah KAN* k M m t-aff Ml Hi'if PATER?'>f TO t d an I ..Iter tli-* lit of October tni can will leav*. * i?arot New Yoaw. o wou* A M. i | o'clock A. M. V ?? i-.' u. I :: p^ Utt stxdavi. 1 o i lock A M. i * o'clock A. m. ' . m. | 4 " P. M. $*? tl ec FOR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL The Royal Mail Steamships ACADIA and HIBb.rnia.will leave Boston, for the above ports, aa follows >? Acadia, win Harrison, Esq., Com., on Fnday. Nov. 1st, neort. Hiberuia, A. Uvre. esq., Com., on Saturday, Nov. 16th, next. passive to L.\*ij>ool $128. Passage to Ha.ilax at. Apply to l>. bhk1ham, Jr.. Agent, at the office of Harndeu it Co., oftw No. 3 Wall street. BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHIPS. Of 1200 tons and 440 horse power each.? Under contract with the Lords of the Ad| miralty. hibeunia,. Captain alsxander Ryrie. CALEDONIA, Captain eaitard o. Lott. fii'm'atilli Captain William harrisoa. bri1 ANN ia Captain John Hewitt. CAMBRIA, ..... ..CaptaiuC. H. E. Judkins. Will sail from Liverpool and Boston, via. Halifax, as follows: From Boston. From Liverpool. Caledonia, Lott August 16th. ? aovdia, Harrison. ..Sept. 1st. An/put 4th. hibrrma, kyrte ~ 1Kb. loth. Tbrse vi-ssels carry experienced surgeons, and are supplied with Life Boats. For freight or paatag*, apply to v. ur1uham, Jan., Agent, *u*xs No. | WaD stn STATEN ISLAND FERRY. _ _ "FOOT OF WHITEHALL. The Boats will nut as follows on and after Nov. 1). LEA VIC NEW YORK : *' ijckve isla^fb'' m ? d i. and it, A. M.; 12*, and 4#, P M. P. s.?All goods mast be particularly marked, and are at the risk iif the owuers thereof. nl3 FALL AND WINTER ARRANOEMENT. u NEWARK >ND NEW YORK. * FARE ONLY CENTS. THE NEW AND SWIFT STEAMER RAINBOW, CAPT.iIN JOHN OAKFY. on and offer September 10th will ran daily, ? as follows (Sundays included) :? Leave New .ark, foot of Centre street, 8 o'clock A. M.? Leave new York, foot of Barclay streat, 3 o'clock P. M. apt rrc l'lha?>am i' an D CHEAP fcacllltolurns. blliHHEJl JMHJINQEMENT. NEW BRIGHTON, TORT RICHMOND. (STATEN ISLAND,) AND NEW YORK keltry. From Pier No. 1, North River, foot of Battery Place. ' ? The Steamboat CINDERELLA, wil! run as ? follows. Daily, from May 30th to octolwr in, .1H44 -?leaves New York at Sand 11 o'clock, A. M., a; 3>?, o undt P. M. * L?.trvs fort ictdninond, at SO minutes to t, and it minutea to it A. M.-, at 1, 4h ord b* P. M. lsaves Now Brighton a) S and w A.M.; at ix, 5 and 7>t P. m. ua Monday?le^vex Njw York, at 9 and 11 A. M.; at 3,6 and ? P. M. Leaves 1'ott Richmond, at 20 minutes to t and 10 A.m; ?t 1. 5 and V4 P. M. v-w York. m?v ii. 1#4 mrll 6m?rc FOll BATH, UARD1NER AND HALLOWELC. The new steamer PENOBSCOT, Captain ?n. Kimball, leavea tin end of T wharf, Boston. .every Tuesday and Friday evenings, at 5 ''clock. stages will be in readiness on her arrival at the abovr to coevev pa.srnffers V? the n.iirnhortnir towns xaijck.ll MORNINU LINE AT7 0'CLi?CK-F0R ? albany, TROY, and Intermediate Land .iurs, from the Steamboat 1'ier at the foot of b relay meet (breaklant and dioimr on board the boat.) Tt e i.ew low pressure steimboat '1 ROY. i apt. A. Oorham, Iravrs n.w York at 7 o'clock A. M., on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, aud Troy at 6 o'clock A. M.. aud Albany at 7 o'clock A. M., Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Notice.?All goods, freight, baggage, bank bills, speci?,or any o;h<*r kind ol propeity, taken, sni|<prd, ot put on board thia b?*t must b? at the risk of the owuers of such goods, Ireight, b tt k ige. &c. For .mshgeor freight, apply on board, or to F. B. HALL, at the Office on the Wharf l?7*" Notice.?The Empire has discontinued running for the sea.on. nil rrc PEOPLE'S LINE OF STEAMBOATS for ALBANY. DAILY, Sundays excepted?Through direct, ? att. P.M., from he Steamboat Pier betwees .Courtiaadt aud Liberty streets. '17i* ?irau>t>oat KNICKERBOCKER, Captain A. P. St. John, Monday, wednesday and Friday Evenings at 6 o'clock. The ^ir-undoat ROCHESTER. Captain A. lloughtoa, on Tanday, tiiursday and saturday Evenings, at 6 o'clock. V>ons (tea loot of Barclay streetl xami At Fiv? o clock, P. m.?Landing at Intermediate Places. th? uiaimlwat NORTH AMERICA, Captaia R. o. Croc ieuoou. vi .nday, Wednesday, Friday aad Sunday Afternoons, at t> o'clock. irvi au-amboat COLUMBIA. Captain William H. Peck, itursiiav, 1 hii^dav and Saturday Afternoons, at S o'cloak. lamugsrs ujung either ol '.be above lines will amvr in albjiuy in ample um to take the Morning Trains of Care for the east or weet. 'Dtt bonu are new and substantial, are fur aisii?<i witn oew aad .iegant stats rooms, and for speed aad ac eoiiiiiKxliitions, are unrivalled on the Hodson. All pnrsons are forbid trusting any of the boats of this line, without aa order Iron the Captain. For passage or freight, apply on board, or to P. c. Schulta, tt the ilrtice on ti?e wiwrl. ostre ~ PACKET FOR HAVRE-SECOND l INE -ffhe ? ship BALTIMORE, Edward Funk, master, will rail .?on the 1st of December. eight or passage, apply to BOYD h H1NCKEN, nj ec No 9 1'on.iue Building, corner Wall and Water sts. wanted FOR charlestxjn~s^^ 7 A number of VESSELS from 100 to 400 tons, to load with stone. The highest freight paid. Apply at the office of the STATEN ISLAND ORANITE ,ian Y, No. 3 Wall street n6 ?w*rc OLD ESTABLISHED PACKET OFFIci,61 .South street? Paasage to and from oreat Britain and gglreland, via Liverpool. Passage can at all times be rugakr.1 at the lowest ratee, to and from Liverpool, by the regu lar packet ships sailing under the new arrangement every lew days, and drafts can as usual be furnished for say amount, paya ble at the Natioual and Provincial Bank, Ireland, and their branches, aud throughout the United Kingdom, as well as at all the principal banking institutions in England, Scotland and Wales, without discount or any other charges. forfurther par ticulars. if by letter, post laid, apply to lofin hfc'IIDM AN. ?? a??tk xt EXCHANGE ON ENGLAND, IRELAND, SCOTLAND AND WALES.?The Subscriber has jnmhb't all times for sale Drafts from ?1 to ?1000, puyibls at all the principal Banking Institutions throughout the Unite* Kingdom JOHN HERDMAN, 61 South st. NT b. Passage to and from Liverpool can be secured at thl lovtext rites by any of th4 line of packets sailing on the 1st. 6th ljtli, itiih, 21st and 26th of each month, on application aa above. _ jy^ -e FOR liverpool?The New Line?Regular Packet 21st november.?The splendid New York built "?"-i-i ship hottlnouer, Captain Ira Bursley, limi mmis hnrthern, will sail as above, her regular day. Kor freight or i?ssage, having very superior accommodations, unsurpassed by any snip in port, apply to the Captain on board, welt side Hurling Slip, or to WOODHULL it MINTURNS, 17 South street. i'l-iei- ?.f p.ssn^e g|00. o24re ixt,w uki.r.ams? l iiimii t-me? First ifum i>r.w uki,han?-lnjau lusi?pirst reipnlar packet with despatch?The ithl sailing imckei i?hip union, J. B. Battorue, master, is now loading ! days. i his splendi ship offsra a moat deairable conveyance for eabin ai.ii a hi have immediate di .patch. For cabin, second cabin and ftrerxk* passengers, having superior accommoda' ion, early ap 1 ln.n< i '?>i should be nade cu board, at Murray's wharf, or u? JOSEPH McMURRAY, svjee 104 i'ine sleeei. corner ol Month street KOR LIVERPOOL?The fast sailing ship ISA BELLA, Captain Bright, will be despatched in a few tni^pi "^r't ^.ui.vpprvvo JOHN hebdman, . |., ?l t'r?? JERSEY CITY h LOA'l'INO DOCK.-This dew ?and improted Dock has commenced operation. Cap __?taiiii< and owners of vessels are invited to call and ex , and lliey will at once see that it is as well adapted foi raising and repairing vessels as any Dock now in operation. 1 here i? also < ttacli> d to this Dock, Blsckamilhs. rthip-cnrpan trr., < iiulkers sud Painters. All woik done in the mostegpe ditioiis in inner and at reasonable rates. 1,11 i.n'rrr HILL & McLauohlln. FOR LONDON.?^Regular Packet of the SOth ol inovemlier ? l'he iid en did, first clast, fast sailing pnek t ship HKNRICK HUDSON, Captain Moore, *ill sail a:. io?>te, her ngnlar day Having very superior accommodations for cabin, second csfcin and hteerage passengers, (.arsons wishing to embark should make immediite application to JOSEPH McMURRAY, nil rrc No. 100 'iaeatreet, comer of South. t7|.UUR-200 bbls. Extra Eagle Miila st Loui*Flour. j do .vierchanta' do do da 'ifl do Crescent do Landing ex ship um as from New Orleans, and for sale by ni3 E. k COLLINS it lo? 56 South st. Ph'ATOES?1000 bushels i>ery suparior English Potatoes, landing ex ship Mddoos, from Liverpool, ai d lor sale in lots to ttt t purchssers, by E. K. COLLINS It CO., i. |ti >6 South street. He mp?200 bales diw rot Hemi<of verv supsriorau <lity issitt lug ei ship Vernon, from New Orleans, and for sal* in lots to suit purchasers by . ?? ? nl E. K COLLINS fc CO. b s*utk steas^. i ARD?400 kegs suparior pure LaafLard. For sale in lou tc 4."" collims a coh ? m. m m m. KEWTOnTk HAVRE PACKETS. Second Line?Tlie Ships of thu Line will lierrafur I nave Nsw York ou the Ut, and Havre on (he 16th of each mouth, as fol lows, vix: _ From New York. FSrom Havrt Nsw Ship ON MI DA, v lit March, < 16th April, Captain < 1st July, < I6tli August, . . ... r?...AWS*,.anc'> 1,1 Noveia ber, I 16th Decsmber, ?tup BALTIMORE, ( Ut April, (16th May, Captain j Ut August, < 16th Septembsr, _ , 4,<*ward Funek.f Ut December, f 16th January, Ship UT1C A, t lit May, l Ifith June. Captain, < Ut September, < Ifith Octooer, ... '.redrr;ck H?-w itt, < Ut January ( 16th February, New Ship St. NICHOLAS I Ut June, I 16th July, Captain < Ut October, < lith No vein J. B. Ball, f Ut February, ( ICth Ma roil. Trie accommodations of these ihipa are uot surpassed, com bining all that may be required for comfort. The price of cabin passage is >100. Passengers will be supplied with every reqni site, with the excentiou of winei and liquors. (foods intended Tor thrae vessels will be forwarder by the ?ub scriberi, free from any other thm the eipeuaea actually incurred eu them, (for freight or passsge. sgidy to BOYD ? H1NCKEN, Agent., lets ec No. 9 Tontine Buildings, cor. Wall and Water sts PASS \i ,?OM GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND m m m & BY T?? JI.a/'R BALL OR OLD LINK. Of LIVERPOOL PACKETS. [Bailing from Liverpool on the 7th and 19th of every month.) Persons wishing to s?nd to tlie Old Country for their frieudt can make tlie necessary arrangements with the Subscribers, and have them come oat in this superior Line of Packets, Sailing from Liveivool punctually on the 7th and 19th of every month They will also have a first rale class of American trading ships sailing every eii days, thereby affording weekly communication from that port. One of the firm, (Mr. James D. Roche,) is there, to see that they shall be forwarded with can and dee patch. Should the parties agreed for, uot come out, the money will be returned to those who mid it here, without any reduction. The Black Ball or Old Line of Livepool Packets, comprise the following magnificent Ships, vit.8? PKe OXFORD. The NEW YORK. CAM BIUbOE, COLUMBUS. EUROPE, SOUTH AMERICA, ENGLAND, NORTH AMERICA. With sucli superior and unequalled arrangements, the Sub icriber* confidently look forward for a continuance of that sup port which has been extended to them so many years, for whict. they are gralefal. Those proceeding, or remitting money to their relatives, ft all times obtain DrafU at sight for any amount, drawn d 6n the Royel Bank of Ireland, Dublin, also, on Messrs. PRESCO'rt", WROTE, AMES It CO. Bankers, London, which will be paid on demand at any of the Banks, or then Branches, in all the principal towns throughout England, Ire land, Scotland and Wales. ROCHE, BROTHERS It CO. 35 Fultou street. New York, next dor* to tlie Fultou Bank. N. B.?The Old Line of Liverpool Packets sail from this port for Liverpool on the 1st and 19th of each mouth. Parties return ing to the Old Country will find it to their comfort and udvan tage to select this favorite Line for their conveyance, in prefer ence to any other. je!5 5m'rc FOR LON DON?Packet of the 20th of November. WUfW-The packet skip HEN UR1CK HUDSON, Captaiu JMBHbMoot*, will sail as above, her regular day. Forpusaae, having splendid accommodations, apply to n5ec JOHN HERDMAN, *1 Month street. FOR NEW ORLEANS?The First Packet Ship The ship METwKA, Captain McSausen, will posi can rawn direct ?lively sail ou Saturday, the 16th November. I unerior ship has unsurpassed accommodations for cabin second cabiu and steerage passengers, who will be ukeuata I low rate. Apply on board, at pier No. 13 E. R. or to rlirc JOHN HERDMAN. ?1 South st. LEGS HANDS, AKJV1S, <kc 77i< Lou of Feet and Lett no Hiniiranet to tin Jlct of Walking I JOHN F. THOMAS, Cork Leg Miker. fcc., 472 Water street. New York, resiwctfully informs the public that he continues to manufacture ARTIFI CIAL LIMBS, ou a plan (he most eoriectand less complicated, having, through necessity, invented, made and worn an artificial leg for forty vears, and been a manufacturer for ihirtynve years, feels confi dent of giving satisfaction to all who call on him for Legs, Hands, Arms, or the common Wood Leg N B ?All letters must be post-paid. I nl2 2m*ec NEW YORK BRASS HAND '"FHE Members of the New York Brass Band would respect I fullv inform their patrons mid tlie public iu general that at s meeting of the Band, lie'd at Military Hall, Bowery, 2nd Nov., 1844, Mr II. WILLIS was unanimously elected 1-eider, and C. 8. ORAFULLA Composer of said Band?and tbev now feel assured thu the Band will be inferior to none in this country.? The B ind would return r heir tlnnks for the very flattering pa tronage bestowed upon them the pist season, and will use ever) exertion to merit a continuance of the same. Applications foi the Band will be made to Richard Willis, Leader, 49 Bavard street; James Conner, Secretary, S3 Bayard street, or any of tlie following members; Win. Wallace, 49 Spring stree'; Alfred H. Peates, 19 Norfolk street; Daniel Uuderhill, 114 Wooster street; M. Verne, 130 For?yth street; John Wallace, 7 Clark street; John Rleakley, 109 Walker street; J. Fuysing, 54 Orchard street; Geo. O-oller, 130 Forsyth street; K. Wheeler, corner 9th Aveuvi and 18th street; S C. Luin, 145 Centre stiee', Doc'orC. Mather, 114 Wooster street) C. 8. Grafulla. < Composer. 33 Bayatd street. RICHARD WILLIS, Leader. James Conner, Secretary. N. B ?Bands provded for Public Balls, Private Soirees, Serenades, 8tc., by applying to Win. Wallace, 49 Spring street. n!2 lm*m ARTIFICIAL TEETH. M. LEVETT, Dentist, the introducer of inserting incor ruptible Teeth on the principle of atmospheric pressure, al lowed to be the greatest improvement in dentistry ?ver intro duced, invites strangers ana the public in general to examiue hit new method, which will be foaud greatly su|>erior to ANY NOW IN USE, embracing amongst others the advantages oi great and permanent comfort, cleanliness, durability, he. T< nervous patients it is particularly adapted, as it precludes ilia necessity of extracting stumps or roots of taeth, and retains th? mouth in a healthy stite. The numerous testimonials from thi must distinguished iu society, with the highest dental and othei authorities, will ensure to those requiring artificial teeth, oi those who have had them unskilfully set, the happieet and mos satisfactory results. M. LEVETT, Dentist, nil Im'm 260 Broadway, entrance in Warren st. A MOST BLESSED, STRANGE. ASTOUNDING ANE SUPERNATURAL INVENTION, TO CLRE CUTANEOUS ERUPTIONS AND CLEAR DARK. SUN-BURNT. YELLOW. DISCOLORED OR FRECKLED SKIN. MANY?Ay, there are many who have ben cheated with dash, and therefore think the powers of the geuume Jones's Soap ar? exaggerated; let such give ita fair trial. It is indeed the most singularly wonderful curative prepartion ever made, it til skin diseases, In fact, it seldom or bever fails in curing I'imples, Blotches, Freckles, Tan, Morphew, Salt Rheum. Scurvy, Erysipelas. Barber's Itch, Ringworm, Old Sores, and Sore Heads. Put mind, it is Jonas' Soap has done, and still effects thes, cum. Get it no where else in thu city?or you will be swiudlrd with a counterfeit?but at the sign of the Amen can Eagle, 82 Chatham street, and 323 Broadway, N. Y.; ii Boston, at Reddinp's, > State street; Zeiber, 3 Ledger Buildings Philadelphia; 139 hulton street, Brooklyn, and Pease, Broadwsy. Albany. nil Im'ec MEDICAL NOTICE. OTRANOERS AND CITIZENS afflicted with any Com O or varitty of Syphilitic, Mercurial or other disease, or wh< have bees only halfcared by quacks, bad better carefully perns the follow irg letter :? Dr. Coopir?SirLast July I contract/id a certain privau disease, ana i.-umedlately applied to a doctor, who promised r< care me iu a week. I continued with him two months, bui was gradually letting worse : I tried one after another, all lh? advertising (fociirs, and each one promised positively to cusr me. I at length discovered the object of these men was mo ney. and that th^? were not doctors. I concluded to go into the hospital, where the doctors kept me under s course of mer curv for eight weeks ; my throst and nose were ulcerated, pains in all my joints, and my body covered with uleers. 1 was s complete saeleu>r ; the doctors considered it dangerous to give me any more medicine, and advised a southern climate. I left the hospital, and by advice of several friends, placed myself under your care on the first of January last. I am now well and restored to pcrfeet health. 1 wish this published. THOMAS GREEN. Carpenter and Joiner, Harlem, N.Y. Dr. Cooper warrants to eura every matter how long standing, of Gleet, Stactora and Seminal Weakness, and mild cases of private maladies cared in 41 hours without interfering with the patient's habits. Dr. Cooper's Office, 14 Duane street, two do?e? from''Jisihsm st No en re no hot nltlm'rre bAUilANUt kiUitjL. M fcAilAU SALUUN No. Tl DOCK STREET, PHILADELPHIA rlE Subscribers respectfully inform their friends and the public, that they have re-fitted and opened the above ssta blisiiment, where they are prepared at all tunes to faruish Din ners, Suppers aud Breakfast, at the shortest uotice. Tliey will keep uu Ordinary froin 12 o'clock A.M., until 4 P.M., when | ar sons caii diue on all tlie delicacies of the season. The Bsr will be amply supplied ; and from their long experience in the busi uess, they hope to pive general satisfaction. They have also fitted up a number of airy and wall ventilated sleeping rooma, affording persons arriving by the different rail roads and steamboats, an oppartonity to obtain lodging at all hours of the night Attached to the establishment, is an extensive stabling fat The public may reat assured every attention will ba paid all wko favor them with a call. |ly? Th? location is in the immediate vicinity of the princi pal Banks, Railroad and Steamboat landings, and opposite the Philadelotua Exchange. RICHARD B. JONES, slfttawUt DANIEL OPPF.LL UNIVERSITY SURGICAL AND MEDICAL CL1NIOUE. rpHIS Institution has been established by the Medical Faealty 1 of the University of New York, for tlie purpoee of enabling those citizens who are affected withsurgieal diseases, and whoae circumstances prevent them obtaining relief, to have the neeea ?ary operations lerformed gratuitously, and likewise to fcraish sdtice and medicine to the sick poor free of charge. On every ?.,.ni4av throughout the year, Dr. MOTT will be in at teed and perform "iniqna will ?i|? ice and meoicine to tne sice v. j Satutday throughout the year, Dr. MOT1 will be i uice at the Clinique, 859 Broadway, to give advice.and any surgical operation that may be required. The Mini nuy ?ur|iv?i u^e.s?.v_ 1 mav be r^ooi-. open at nine and close at one o'clock, r. M. UNIVERSITY LYING IN CHARITY.?This ekgnty is under the direction of Dr. BEDFORD, and is also intended to furnish gratuitous assistance to poor women in their eonine inent. All women who may require the aid of this charity, an requested to register their names with Dr. BEDFORD, 743 Broadway, and they will lie attended .n their own houses free ol chsrgs. ol tlnwlm#rre B~V~ORDER OF AARON VANDERPOEL, JusticT ? the Superior (:ourt, of the City of New York. Notice is heivby given, parsaant to the provisions of the statute authorizing attachments sgsinst non-resident debtors, that an attaehmentha* issued against the estate of CHARLEn NICHOLS, a resident of Ams erdam, in Holland, and that the same will be sold for tha payment of his debu, unless he appear and discharge such an attachment, according to law, within nine months from the first publication of this noticei and that tka payment of any debu due to him by residents of this Stats, and the delivery to him or for his use, of any property widiw this State belonging to him. and tlw transfer of any such pro p?ty by him, are forbidden by law and are void. Dated the 7lh day of February. 18*4. _t . _ ? WESTERN It EDWARDS ? ,n ltaw9m*rc At om?yi for A tiehinK (^reifitor RARE CHANCE FOR A KOPE-MAKKrT" WHO WISHES TO ENGAGE IN THE BUSINESS. TH ?uhse'iher, declining business, wislws to dispose of his I * Rop^WnIk, Machinery, 8team Kngiue, ike. Kor a iierson who wislies to engsg' in a lucrativs business the above presant* I a rare optHirtumty. there beiug from 70 to 80 ships itu d i.i the whaling business from this place, heaid.s a large number in the vicinity. The Engine and Boiler, (which ia of about six horse powar,) will be sold ssparate if desiied. For terms or other particulars, addraea ROBERT HOLT, n91wWkS*rre New I.ondoa,Coon. wn?s?r: Very Important from Aft-lca?Movements of tl*e Nobility?State of the Country?Pro. Kress of Kdncatton, &r. Otc. We have received by the recetit arrivals full files of the Liberia Her aid, Africa', Luminary, and sierra Intone H atchmun, to the latest date. I hey preseut to us in a comprehensive shape the intelligence from all parts of Africa. It is common with the newspapers on this side of the Atlantic to chrouicle the movements of the monarch* of Europe, particularly of Victoria of England, Nicholas of Russia, and Louis Philippe of France. In tutn. we ought in justice to men tion the movements of the monarchs of Africa.? They, hb a part of the Nobilily of the world, have too long been neglected by the press. T he accounts of the crops are discouraging. We are glad to find that the progress of educa tion iu Africa is rapid. Annexed are extracts from tiie Liberia Herald i , killsbuko a rhe packet canoe ** Porcupine," Capt. Moo, or Jrived last evening, four hours, forty-six minute* h id iwenty-three seconds from Millsburg, wiih a full Cargo i-t sweet potatoes and cassadaes These articles will realize a large profit to the shippers as here were none in the market, and the demind great. I here were no steerage passengers anil very lew ,n the cabin. Among these few tice some foreigners of distinction?Captain Billy Goat and Lady, and Sir John Ram and suite ? These distinguished guests will very probably make their appearance at the shambles, when our towns men wi 1 have an opportunity of un introduction to them. ? ^ T?e P?rcul,ine stopped just twenty minutes at Caldwell to roast cassado- thus making the passage in four hours, twenty-six minutes and twenty-three seconds. Spoke canoe " Aliigator" off Bromlev's point, leaking badly, and 111 want of provisions gave her six cassadoes. Received our regular files by this vessel, from which we condense the follow ing summary of the interior. The crops in the upper districts are far from en couraging. The natives have not planted one naif the usual quantity of land, and are in conse quence anticipating a great scarcity. The potatoe and caasado hills in MilLburg are ?? few and fa? between," and, when discussed, are usually found empty their contents, it is supposed, having been abstracted while their owners slept. No kind of grain to be had, for the simple reason, that none was planted, No meat. For miles not a pig is heard to grunt, nor dog seen to lick out the tongue. 1 he money market was never in a more wretched condition; and, strange to say, prices continued hrm. 1 his, however, may be accounted for by ii n'ut there was no money, and nothing to sell. I here weie great and alarming disturbances in some districts, especially in the epigastiic re gions, occasioned by bo many teeth being thrown out ot employment. These miserable creatuies the teeth, have always been an industrious class, ever anxious to work when there was any thine in their line-but at present they can get no em ployment at all. To relieve this unhappy class, a number of associations had been formed, and a number of spirited resolutions passed. The crowd' were harangued?lectured on the propriety of order and submission to the laws, and exhorted to wait quietly for relief, which was promised at an early hour, certainly by next December. They were also advised to form a humane society among taemselves, to bury such as might tahe it into their heads to starve in the meantime. Great political changes had taken place in Queah. Balla-Sadda had dissolved his cabinet. Gock-kah-Tooh at thf* head of the new govern ment, Ki-Pah secretary of war, and Sai-too-too quamina secretary of state, ft is said the new government is decidedly liberal. The new govern ment had gone decidedly in favor of emancipation. An edict had been issued declaring that from and after the year 1999 all slaves over the age of 97 should be emancipated by their masters, and be allowed to support themselves. In Golah things aie quiet. His Majesty held a levee on the 10th June. All the foreign ministers oresent. Among the guests we notice Prince Far Seirah, Lord Doore-Farmah, Karon Fawney, Mr. Crookshank, and Caplain Par-ko-rak. Among the D*yB nothing of importance had oc curred. Ttiere was a rumor of an expected mar riage in high life. Prinoe Jallah had been smitten by tne charms of Lady Fatima, only daughter and heiress of the late Lord Flatuose. Negotiations were in course, and had proceeded so far as to de mine that the noble pair should reside in the man sion occupied by the late illustrious nobleman, and should sleep on the very mud bank and leopard !>kin on which his lordship slept and died. Professor " Centipede'* read a paper before the Pot-hook-and-hanger society on the sciences of iight and heat. He showed by actual experiment that darkness is merely the absence of light, and coid, the absence of heat. He extinguished the fire, it being the 10;h of JariU >ry, and the learned iraternity at once feelingly assented ioh"is demon Orations. Prince Ben of Digby aroee on the morning of the IOth ult washed his face, combed his hair, and sat down to his dam boy After which hifl highness promenaded on the oeach, and then returned and was seen lolliug in his hammock enjoying the in | tp'ration of a long pipe which had been imported I from Germany. The smoke ascended and curled in beantiful wreaths around his highness' noble torehead. His highness is in excellent health and spirits. The king of Cape Mount has ordered a levy of troops. Twenty men are already enrolled. This movement has caused considerable speculation at Sugary. Sand-Fish has thrown a circumvalation of sand around his town and instructed his minis ter to demand an explanation of this movement The movement of a single foot of either of the great powers, will infallibly disturb the balanced power (so accurate is the adjustment,) when the earth must inevitably turn on its axis, and precipi tate one half of its inhabitants into ihe abyss below and char the faces of the other half by contact with the sun! Casualties. A youth named James Alexander, a cripple fram infancy, was drowned some days ago in the Junk River. Another named ?? Steel was drowned in the Stockton creek on the 18th inst. The sloop Gabriel was capsized in harbor on the night of the 80th ult. There were two men on board who saved themselves by climbing up on the bottom, aa the hull fortunately did not go down. They were in this perilous condition from 12 o'clock until 6 in the morning, when they were taken oft by the kroomen. Hull and part of the cargo (which was oil) saved. Spars, sails, part of the cargo, and all the deck paraphernalia lost. She belonged to ourself.and as there was no insurance, we invoke the aid of our friends in the payment of arrearages and increase of our subscription list.

The English brig Visconntess Canning, Captain Cortland from Sierra Leone grounded on a shoal in the roadsted of Grand Basaa on tne 27th ult. The Captain and crew abandoned her, and the fishmen constituting themselves into a hand ot wreckers, went on board and commenced opera tions by easing her of 300 or so pieces of cloth Concluding lurther efiorts would be unavailing, they, too, absndoned her, conveying off the cloth as a consideration for their assistance. She was afterwards rescued without material damage. Since the above was written, an old Krooman, Jumbo by name, has given us some particulars re specting the Viscountess, so amusing and so char acteristic withal that we venture to give them to our readers. He says:?Dat time Cappe Cortland vessel go ashore he send for tell Jumbo?go help my vessel. Jumbo take twenty canoe and go one time. When he catch vessel he no meet somebody no more one big dog. He auk de dog who be Cappe I Dog say, me, I be Cappe?no more I tire (weary.) I want for go shore. Jumbo put em canoe send em shore. Dis time all Kroomen get board. He look plenty money, he eye turn. Dey help demself. When Cappe Cortland go board he look he money done loose?he send for ask Jum bo?who take my money ! Jumbo say. me no sabby?ask you dog. You dog be Cappe dat time, which why you know ask him 1 SCENES AND INCIDENTS. A large red deer was shot in town a few days ago by Mr. F 8. James. Our streets occasionally present a most enliven ing scene of the purest wnite blending with the deepest green. Our ablutory operators have found the soft green sward of the streets a convenient and ready apparatus for blanching their subjects, and economical of labor and time, they usually have their lines ready at hand to present the blanch ed garments to the exsiccating influence of the sun. We willingly yield the ponion of street that falls to us as " one of the people" oil condition that the whale lavatory host fall into the practice whfch one or two individuals of the sisterhood have adopted That n by way of variety, to intermingle ladies' aad gentleman's garments? nether gsrm<- n i?. together and extend them is ail their lei?th|uul breadth of dimension immediately beside the foot path. A bloody tight occurred on Sabbath the 14th, on board the brig Henrietta Wilhelui'na, between (he ofHcew uud part of the crew. It being Sunday, four ot the crew were suffered to lake a " turn round" the i?wn. in their turnings they turned into a grog shop, and the grog turned the brains out of their heads. They contrived to get on board, and at once turned in upon their officers. They beat the chiel mate severely, and were quelled only by the operations of a sword in the nervous hand of the captain. One of the rowdies carries his certificate of honor in the form of a severe sa bre cut on his breast and arm, and another in a nose on a level with his cheeks. The corporation officers should recollect that these men bought this rnm on the Sabbath. Had murder been cammilted, we auk who would have been the murderer ^ un doubtedly the rumseller. The Fisheribr. A whale ran agrouud at Junk not long since.? The Kroomen at Peter Harris's despatched him with uesties, clubs, hatehets, and other cognate formiaables, and then proceeded to turn him into oil. Education. We beg iiermiasioii to null ?Ji? ?ttcutioii ot our readers to the following :? LlBbRlANlSMS. Impatienate ? For" impatient, Muwy " Mercy, 1'uaeecution " Persecution, Fluctify, " Fructify, Politicianer " Politician, Hearn " Heard it. You better believe it " It is a fact, Mesopotama " Mesopotamia, Ani hi-iate " Anihilate Complenuse " Compromise, Porpuses " Paupers, Found " Fined. Every people has its peculiarities, why should not we have ourB 1 To clergymen we would say always announce your hymns by calling out, Tune, long metre, or tune short metre, or tune hallelujah metre, as the case may be. Ot course the quire must know what tune is required. Some ungallant and unpolished misanthrope hat been uttering some sly inuendoes against the la dies for wea;ing trousers. To say nothing of the danger such a vile wretch iucurs of being forever discarded by them?ot being cut. shunned and avoided as an odious slough from the social body, we would have him remember that it is the ladies' prescnptible right to wear "breeches," derived trom old mother Eve herselt, according to an an cient translation of the bible which B*ya "They took leaves and made themselves breeches." Latest from Texas.?The steamship Republic, OaptHin Crane, arrived yesterday from Galveston Our files by her are not of consecutive dates ; the) i?re to the 30ih ult. Our previous advices were to the 2Sih of Sepjember. We uotice nothing of importance in our papers The elections had termina ed, and the gathering in of the crops seemed to take precedence in the peo pie's minds, for the time being, ot either invasion or annexation. A letter from San Antonio, dated the 13th ult., says:? ,. " At this place everything is quiet?the trade being limited. The colony of M. Castro is pros pering Capt. Hays is out with his company on an expedition - has been some twenty days; but we expect to hear of him soon." Judge Terrel is spoken of as about to receive the appointment ot Minister to England from Texas; and Mr. Riley, of Houston, that ot Minister to tht United States. In reterence to these rumored ap pointiueiits, the Banner, an anti Houston paper, published in Brazoria county, says : ? Should they prove true, we have only to say, that in the nations to which men entertainm* such opinions and political principles are sent, clothed with diplomatic authority, Ttxat will be moil fovUly and vilely mitrtprtteiUtd ; that Texas desires to be annexed, and that we Hcknowh d^e no power, no authority, no " rifiht divine" with which the Executive of this nation is invested, that will warrant him in inxulnng, trampling upon, and counteracting the will ot the people. The ship Star Republic arrived at Galveston on the 20th ult., alter a voyage of 22 days from New York. She had a hard tug wtth the equmoxia! storm, but finally weathered it. A gentleman of integrity in Galveston has re ceived a letter from a highly respectable source in Mexico, who states there will be no invasion ol Texas this year, and that the citizens of Texas can depend upon what he says to be true. Benjamin Franklin Love, of Matagorda county, was murdered on the 15th ult, by Mr .Tas Duncan I'he Matagorda Despatch pays that Mr. Love, ac companied by his negro boy, was overtaken by Duncan on his way to Port Cavello. Some word* were oassed between iheni and a scuffle ensued, when Mr. Love called upon his negro boy to "as sist him, or strike Duncan." The latter immedi ately knocked the boy down with the butt of his whip, and discharged his gun at Leve, who at tempted to run, but not being over five or six yards distant, he received a heavy charge ot buck-shot id the back of the head and neck, and tell dead on the beach. Duncan went on his way as it nothing had occurred. ...... Col. John Bradley, late a prisoner in Mexico, di ed at his residence in Fayette county, on the 15ih ult. News had reached Galveston trom Corpus Christi to the 13th ult. Nothing new, strange, or impor tant- . * , J ? i_ Mr. David S. Richardson was murdered in his residence on the San Antonio river, Refugio coun ty, about the middle ot last month. He was shot at night in his bed. On the 24ih Sept. an express had arri ved at Gon zales, stating that a party of about titty Indians were in the neighborhood of the latter place, com muting depredations, and had killed and scalped a Mr John Berrimendi. The District Court was in session at Gouzales when this intelligence was re ceived, but the Grand Jury immediately dismissed themselves, and started off with about forty others in pursuit of the Indians, with what success had not been learned. The Indians are said to be Caman . .. . ? L ., A friendly Indian council waa being held at the Elm Fork of the Brazos. Gen. Illusion was in attendance. Excellent crops of corn had been made in the neighborhood ot the Brazos, and, in most instances secured. . The cotton crop is comparatively large too, and but slightly injured by the rains The catterpillar rind made its appearance on several plantations in Brazoria county, but the crop was too well ma tured to sustain injury by it. The crop of Victo ria, Gonzales and Jackson counties, is estimated at' near three thousand bales ?New Orltant Pic A'w 8. The Texas revenue cutter Alert, arrived from Corpus Christi on the 13'h ult. Nothing strange or important. From this arrival we presume the In dians have entirely abandoned that section of coun try; as we have been informed she was ordered on ihat station for the purpose oi protecting and de fending Corpus Christi against any attack that might be made by the Indians or Mexicans upon that place. N. B. Singular phenomenon to see a revenue cut ter, chasing a Camanche through the prairies of Texas.? Oalvtiton paper. The FtRHBEiBB ?This important branch ot our Provincial wealth, under the system now pursued by those engaged in the " long-shors " fisheries, is ra pidly vanishing from oar grasp The Bay oi Kundy, ta ken as a whole, csn scarcely be equalled by any part ol the known world, as a fishing stsuon, yet, with the pre sent destructive method of u killing" large and small in discriminstely, it will soon become of so little account sa a fUhery, that the business calculated to msintsin so many thoussndi ol inhabitants,as well as to produce unbounded wealth to ths speculative man, will diminish, at no very distant date, into Insignificance. It waa ever thua with the natural productiona of ihia country. There was s time whsn those vsiusble snisasls, the Caribou, the Moon and ths Betvsr sbounded in onr oreatu, but the indlacrim inate butchery oi the esrly.but improvident settlers ol th? Backwoods, hsve nearly auUhilxted them. The Wal rus, or sea Cow, ss wsll ss the larger species of the Heal, formerly aeen In herds el thousandi barking on the shores of the Bey of Fundy, have, from the same cause becms extinct. Our Forest Pines end our Fisheries sre sharing the same let-, and uuless wholesome legislstlen be si plied immediately for thvir preservation, both these re sources, that with care, might be reserved ior the Henefl* of our children's children, will shortly be numbered smong tbs " things that were " On the coaat of Orand Mansn, Csmpo Bello, Indian Island and Deer Island, wain lor trapping fi.h are to hasten in every convenient place, andsuen is the effect of this method of tsklng them, that large and aasall are all captured, end as many only of the latest as the fisherman can And salt to cure are taken, and the remainder, soma hundred* oi thoussods ol t?r rela in the coarse ot the aeeson are allowed to rot. Under ?uch a system, It requires no prophet to foretell in a very limi ed ipsce of time, a total SMnihilstion of that valuable bisnchoi our Industry.? St. Jthn't, AT B. HtraM, Matt II Mom Millsbini -Strarge as it may aeem, the Mmerits delusion Is not even jet over. The leaders are again advertiaiag meetings, and their lollowers. deluded as they have been, are ready to he deceived again. Pr? An Experimental Trip In a Steamer, propel led by a " Ami." [From ? Lo; don piper.] Since the great snd spl< nilid invention of the steam-engine as applicable to navigation, the light ness of itM machinery, the concentration of ita pro pelling power, and ine economy in the use^of luel, nave ever been considered objects of the very highest importance; and from the first introduction of steamers, their sidc-paddles and boxes have been thought cumbersome, and particularly unsightly to the nautical eye accustomed to the beautiful ana graceful proportions of a sailing vessel. From the varioua applications to which steam-power is sus ceptible, it is still in its m!ancy, though already the development of its cspabil ties has very far sur passed what was even contemplated by the immor tal inventor himself. The immense power ot steam is unquestionably established ; but its appliances to different kinds of machinery are still v<ry limited^ In regard to side-paddles, many attempt* have been made to do away with them, as ihey are found to be much in the way, to hold a great deal of wind, and to impede the gteamer's speed, especially in crowded rivers and narrow stream*. Indeed, steam-uavigation in narrow w?t?w and waiiais is ?lr?<>*< ii.ip"eBitJls, in consequence ol the space the paddles and box. s take UP, which cover a wwiih equal to that of the ves.?-l herself. Besides, the steamer's paddles and boxes abutting out on either side are tver liable o injury. The tepairB which they incessantly requite form a very expensive item in the annual nccounts ot the wear and tear o1 steamers, i.nd show that they are constant y liable to injury. War-steamers in action would ever be in danger of being "winged, and rendered powerless. The paddle, of steamers must also be seriously injured, ana frequently become useless when navigating seas, lakes, rivers, and streams occasionally covered with floating ice. It has been considered that the ill-starred President steamer, soon after leaving port, encountered large masses of floating ice, which jammed her in and crushed her paddles, when, alas ! down she went It is on record, that at the tune she was lost other steamers and sailing vessels on their passage across the Atlantic fell in with immensely large and moun tanious icebergs. The real truth, however, may never be known. . . The Archimedean screw, (no new invention, for it was in use by the ancients,) which is fixed to the stern of a steamer, wasihe first attempt to supersede (he. use of side paddles; but its propelling power is weak compared to that possessed by common stea- . mers, and it is, therelore, considered, in that de cree nearly a total failure. But still the immense | importance of a concentrated propelling powei | acting under water, beyond the reach of shot, and all liability to accident, has become at once appu ^Ftir these various reasons, engineers and other scientific men have been studying how to effect an object so grand and invaluable in every point of view by endeavoring to invent a propeller concen trated in one focus which would efficiently act under water out of all danger from accidente, and still equal, or exceed the speed at present attained bv side paddles. ,, . This great desideratum, it would appear, is or the point of being accomplished. A beautifully constructed boat, about 60 tons burden, has re cently been launched at Greenwich. Her engines ?a pair of tens?were made by Messrs 1 eiin & Son, of Greenwich. They are fixed lengthways in the vessel, and are remarkably light and hand sotne. The propeller is on the " Ian principle, similarly constructed to the fan of a windmill, anc, like the screw, is fixed to the Btern. It possesses a twofold action?the one perpendicular,, which regulates l?r speed, and the otner horizontal, which describes half a circle, and regulates he steerage. This latter action ot the fan 10 ot such admirable power, that while it supersedes the , use ot a rudder, it can wheel the boat round as il she moved upon a pivot, and continue to s^in hei round uiid round like a top, without making head or stern way. except what little the tide or wine I may effect. This peculiar, clever, and invaluabU .jction of the " fan" is most ingeniously contrived, nnd is the sole invention ot Mr Hunt,the engineer, of Greenwich. The "fan," combined with this line principle ot action, can be attached to any stiiling-vessel, from a line-ol-battle ship down to a collier, and can be worki d by hands totally un connected with steam. Ita power, though 1 could not be so great as when worked by stenm, is 'uch that it would en ible a ship of the line to bringI both her broadsides to bear against an enemy in aboui I ^Tli" vessel is named the Mystery, and although she was not suite finished, it was determined to give her an experimental trial down ihe river on Thursday, th- 3d ot October, to meet and greet the Queen slid Prince Albert on their return Iron. Scotland. Messis. Hunt and Holl, the ownere, uivitt d several friends to accompany and enjoy the excursion with ihem. The day opened gloomier, "uih and stormy. The tight little H'^n'er .o^ ever dauutlesply Varied from Greenwich Pierai a au" er past 11 o'clock, iV M. Her engines worked admirably, and she made her way over the wave., impelled t>y an invisible power, as buoyantasa cork scarcely dis'tubin^ the water. Just as she reached abreast of Gta>.?. near Gravoaend, the Black Eagle, closely toilowed by the Roya^ Vie ioria ?iid Albert yacht, hove in sight, lheweatner ? i this time was cloudy and tempestuous, but as ihe Royal yacht rouuded the point from Northfleet, the Sim shot out Ironi an opening in the clouds upon lirr lull broadside with magnificent Ins ravs were concentrated in a halo of light around he". At that moment she was a most beautiful "The'MyBtery now veered round, slackened ?*ea in o-der to await the approach ol ^e Royal '"udion to whose officers aud crew she became au object'o much curiosity. She then continutd ?eadinK the way somewhat atter the fashion of a pilot-isti till Woolwich was r< ached, ut about 2 o'clock P. M., when she l.rogl.t to to witness th, landing'of Her Moet Gracious Maje.ty and Her Mn. nouH Consort, when nil on board joined in the hearty shouts of " Welcome home." The d.s taiice from Greenwich Pier to Grays and hack o Woolwich was performed in exactly two hours "?f lhe H/>yHMeChfkea1 V Th'il testing the advantages springing, not only from the non-use of side-paddles but from the fecilitous and rinrses raits of wood, colliers, and ships, wun suc^ ease precision, and certainty, that she aston "ahed ?ery beholder. She gave the go-by to several Woolwich and other steamers which wer Compelled to slacken epeed ease stop. and back, in eonsequ-nce of the crowded state of line rooi, and the t- ar of injuring or smashing their paddle boxes and paddles by collision. There could not have been a finer day tor tne ex nertmental trial. The wind blew strongly from the westward, and with or against it she ProJeJ her ?ii he a capital sea boat. 1 ne trial provei moit i>al>nlactory and successful through*Ut ; shi tlmmded over the water like magic, wiihoat a em, or anv perceptible propelling power, and almosi without ESS creating a ripple-she however, possesses a propelling power equal, ?n 'he rano, to U ll .m|??.ble.o ?)?. ?>;, collisions, grounding, or "}rflo;^,tce^renaviii ' ever. One or the other paddle of steamerenaviga tine the wide ocean t. frequently oat of the w"l?' bff the fan propeller can its functions but through some casual derangenien (ul ?ppro?cbint compl.llo. ill all its various appointments, when a more effi | cient trial will he given. R rmakxahi.e PaK8KNTm*MT.?In the: laat Dojrlet town Democrat we find a notice of the death o . k ii ur.? of Norkamixon, st th? .itvaaesd ?g. ?? on*he i ?h of OctoW, and <:h? as. renooiiilent of the Democrat *t?t?? that on Hsiurits) X"."o hi. Jeath, hi. .tsughter wi?h other frirorf. p.i.l ? to the old people ; low*! then it. gooHI heaWh i .asa. a ? vi?rv ifreftttblc ifinioK biid ihorDinf! rn< 'oW Wfa?ir^Tn.lbl.; sgresahle, t^ativa an?; liatmr "n't tortook of a hearty hreaktaat; after wh ch h< sbwrv'ed- ' Now, my lri?nd., thi. l? tha la.t ?eal I ?hl' ever eat; I air. about to <llo " It wa. in vain that hi tri*nd. eii.feavorvdto<<j? him frsw 'uch an the more re?>ltitnlt per.l.ted In It, and .aid he waa caUed and ?u.t o^} , hat while he yat had hr-th u4 mieet of .peech, he wi.bed to give .ome in.truetion.wth rt .pert to hii wo! idly concern., hi. bnriri, te . and immt dlotelv commenced. Some few momenta att?r he cloae<. hi. last direction., he waa ,truc^^"? lithv* .troke. and never .poke moie He lingered, n?mever, oi. the brink of death, until Monday moralag, when he ex pired, without a groan. Thanmoivino in C*AKLairron.-The City Conn ell at Charle.ton, S. C., .et ap'rtJ?t^J 1 thunk.givmg and pra er. A general thana?givtng w* olw?r*?e thionghout the Htata of South Carolina, in a oordancc with the r<commendation of the Oovsrnor, oi the Sd ult. Death in the Pm.etT ?The Rev. Wilson Con ner, a Bnptl.t minister in Oeorgla, fell dead in 'hepu^ on tke flltk Sahhath ia June "art, after i these word.-' Vsrily, verily I aajr unto you, the m?* ' coming, and now ia, when the dead .hell haar thsvoJe of the Ion al Qod. mi they that hear .ball live KtpwUttton. ?? ?A?? SBNJAMIN. , When ft 1J1 ye learn, oh, ye ot little iaith, ! a V,crinit worse than indigence or death I And honesty, high theme of Franklin'? pen, B< *t pulley of natiraa u of men t Oh.aasrc philosopher! eould'it thou behold How ehanged are all things ?inc? the days of old, When from the douds thou drew st the lightning down. And to poor Richard gave a wide renown; How would amazement seize thee, at the word Repudiation! firit by moitala heard In this our ?ge, our country, and confeaaed IT 2 V*mP-,h? blaton of Columbia's crest! Unfold what counsel would be thine to-day ? FZV *U*,rd ?? readers /ay T Oh f letidi . Oh brotbera ! hear a pat not'i d raver ? Fay all your debts, no matter how or where, ' & *?? y #ur d#bu. not a penny more I ban k?epfl atai vation from a beggar's door ; Barebwitlii k*' C0.a'' your hw- ;our ,h?M betide : Barefooted hone.ty may strut in pride. Bareheaded worth ma ntaina a special trace C?edit in weeds shames villainy in lace : Aid hei who nays is always ha who rules, For Debt makes slaves as Idleness makes fooU." I hut might the voice, wfcteii senates heard with awo In komoij lines proclaim a righteous law. ^ LATTKR-DAY f*AINTS, OS MORMONS IN Qua. aow, .. cotimnd ?Hearing that a blanch of this ffct (writes a correspondent,) was eatabliahed ia Upheld m'l"? ,hclr n,*e,i"8 on Sunday last, it was held iu a large room in the Troncate cana ble ol aeating about 600 persons. Nearly evw pereon wax in mourning for the prophet, ^fany ot the men were dresaed in black cloth? M were some of the women and children, and the reet had l0hre''h.f "d boniir t* trimmed wiih black riband ?v .uj^, ,A8 each PerBOn entered he waa greeted took1? t/1* Hnd R *en,,ral ?haking of hands took place, and a smart conversation,in loud totes waa kept up throughout the meeting At th.%^ aid fnr?.?nH WM uJmlp,t hun* W1|n black cloth, and in and around it were a few men who wars s^v'.r" " ??;? era. In the pulpit was a man named Cairns, from the fraudn ' He w ? th? freat cemre of ine iraud. He was a ??smart" looking man with a countenance expressive of great earuest waTa i toT'Vrf1 ?De ?f ,hrbr*lhr?'n *hat thia was a sort of conference morning," to ascertain VLtb1 Church in ,he GUgow CoSfe". hmfh.r r J* a ni,in ro?e up, and moved that wh,!?h " ?PPotnted President for the day, 1 t0 a *how oJ bands?both men <"n votln*?and declared to be carried Another person was called to another office the precise purport of which 1 could not hear A^ayer was then made, and a hymn sung, after which S?"in8r!t0(? u,) and 8aid? " You met this '"f-'?,[ec;'ve rei>?" from the churches represent 8g0W Con,*rvace- We want lounrirr etand the exact number and 'standing of the Saints. We want to know what tffect the niui. der ot our beloved Prophet has had upon Saints, and upon the world round about. Be brief and to He thin'* an j but give us faun" He then called upon a number of delegate., who reported us follows : ??"> CMrti??"' "?*???? '-'iieacHss. sumsbbs ?'*?*oW 431 Ayr. "SMaaae. S4 A.rdy e.V.V."..'.' 1M S iX'L:::::::: ? 2 SST-.:::H 5 2,burn?<? ?4 Dairy , Kilmarnock.... 01 * I was amuzed at the extent to which thia impoature has spread in religious and intelligent fecotland lor the majority ol these delegates appeared zealou. The numbers given above were stated somethimea to include, ai d at other times to exclude. prieBta deacon*, and leat hers ; and it was stated ibat a conference olother " churches" assembled at Edinburgh. The delegate from Kilbirnie Mid, thai the saints at Kilbirnie t,hrd tean of Borrow when they heard o| the murder of their beloved prophet ; but they took it as a testimony that hia work wua of (ton. Another delegate said, that many saints in this place would willingly bnvo taken a bayonet to defend the prophet, and that they were quite ready now to revenge hia death." Cairns i Oh, txod wdl do that. brother."-The delegate : \ es, but I should think he will nae men as hia iMtiumenta."?The delegate from Camwie appeared to stumble in his faith. He aaid "I muat confess ihat with us there were iW who hardly expected the prophet would dia. We didn't believe it Hrtt, tor we expected he would live to lead on ihe people ol God. and perhaps to be President of America.?But -is I said to them, maybe the prophet haa done' wrong. However, alter a little, they became re conciled, and thought it wna all right; still many of them think that perhtipa (iod will bring him to life again. Which may God grant. Amen !"? Whereupon the meeting cried out ?? Amen!" The people who composed this meeting teemed decent and orderly people ; and it is only to be regretted that any of our country men should bn so eanly de ludrd. Toward* ihe close Cairns read a letter, which he said was Irom a postmaster, who lived about 106 milefl from Nauvoo, giving an account Ot Smith's death. It also stated that Smith knew he was about to die, for he called the Charch to nether, and appointed a succeaaor, and 15 days ba lore hia death he gave orders to have a vault fin ished that had been standing for some time in a 'idJi-buiit state j and he had it nicely whitewaaheda 1.-id gates hung upon it. so that it m:ght be ready nr him ; and this the Glasgow Latter-Day Sainta , *ppeared eager enough to swallow -aim.-? imintr. ? lwntAN Avpairs.?Tributk or Kispict nou niK Choctaws to their agent.?During tba ab i nee of Major Wm. Armstrong, tbe long tried and fhcient Agent fot the Choctaws, from hia agency i snort time wince, the Choctawa in General Conn oil passed a reaolution complimentary to him. The compliment was the more gratifying and the more "g"ly appreciated by their worthy agent, aa it waa niBought and unexfiected to hirn. The Choctaws have paid him another oomali .nent equally as unexj^cted and as gratifying in roviding for the estubhshment of another Semina y in the nation, to be called the "Armstrong Aca l*my." These people have feen peculiarly fortunate in their agent. They have had one lor eight yean in whom they have the utmost confidence; and >ne whom they have never found wanting when tried. The followiug is a copy of the reeolution passed I the Council, which waa politely furniahed ua bv & citizen of that nation:? RtialpfH, by th* Senate nnd House of Reprtitnfhm im fJmrral Counril attembUd, That the thanks of this body ?<? tendered to Major Wm. Armstrong, lor the able aod ?aln #ry advice which he has at all times Ireely given to he < ' octaws, on all matters touching tbe vital uterasts f our people Thk Choctaw and Cuickabaw ArrntrmRs?The nnuity will be paid in Muohuiatubbee dutrict on ! hursday, the Sfst October; and from thence OaptKin Armstrong will proceed immediately to ted Kiver with the annuities tor thr Chooinwn m Hushtuataha and Puckhhunubbee districts, and ftr .he Clnckasaws, all of which v.iff be paid in No vember. Col Logan, Creek Agent, and Col. Barker, Neo rbo Suh-Agent, left Port Smith last Wednen ay tor their respective agencies, with funds to r*y uie mnuities to Indians tinder their charge A reepect -ible command of troopa was detailed by order of ?renernl ArbuekK to eecort them through the In dian country. Col Marker, the Neosho Sub Agent, informs ua that the Senecaa, Shawoees, aud Quapawa, Indian tribes under his charge, are in an improving con u?? r I?j further etates that the heavy rains which fell during last airing seriously injured their iM'ope, which will tins seasou be very short ? Van Rurtn (Ark ) Initl , 2Bth uit Fraitds in thr Eii.aoTion ?In ihe town of Coo ooid, N. II , there *r? flit en hundred names upon tbe vo ting list; and yet. a' the lau Eii ctoial Kbetioa, only sight hundred and fllt>-?u? vot?a were polled n - i .NEW LINK OK LIVERHOOL PACKETb. To tail from Naw York on i\w ?rh wd Livrn^l Um lllh _ of fftfh month. m *..* m lh Jnly. i Aarast jsr, Mih hn I.CniwmS I II Tcask, Stdi Oct. ?.H<Vw LIVKHPOOL. Whip SHEHIOAN.? spuio ATDrMrstar, lift Jnly. flhip OAHHIt K, lapuun B. I. H Trash, lllkAaia Ship HO*< II 9. < aj'iAiu J?hu ( pllias, llih Sept Hhip SlUUUNd, t sptam E. B. CobMlth I,htm* are all of the fiiit eUsa. apwarda of IMS torn. Si ill in tb> cur of New York, with saeh improvements aa .-umbinr ?r>at i|?ed with nnnaaal comfort lor l aamiaan ? K.vwt eaie ha? been taken in the arrangement of their aeeoia ii?daii?ns The prie* ol vaassas hsucs ia ?l#0, for which am <l<> ttorea will hr providefl Irieae ihipa aie eoeimanoed by ?l?rienr?e maaiera, who will makr every evrtioe to give fe rn I latiifaetion Neither thr ( apuiat or oweera of the ahipa will he reeponai ?le for any l^t?r?, pereela or peckagea wnt by them, aabes re <?lsr hilla of laden are tigned therefor. ? eor IVetBht or nsw apply in K K '''M.CTnh (t f O , v, flonth atrret. New York, or ?? Rn<MV\ HI I) I'l VV J< tO. Liearpeol. '? vlwigril !*)% V |a ]-? .male | r#??! wmrH. rnVV

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