Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 18, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 18, 1844 Page 3
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-j. ????? ?-X.J-X. JLU-Jg^fW ??k? It, Old flnnlur "?The Battl* of ker Hill at th? Coliseum It running i mori* sucoe>?l'ol rare* thaa auy exhibition ever in our city. Th? Hall ia rery lart?, but it is crowded nightly to ita utmost capacity, and more faan iuushle and m|n table audiences were never collected tugether. But two lenaationa are inspired by old Bftnker. and tliey are universal?wonder and delight. All Philadelphia Subscriptions to the HKK4LD mnat be paid to the agents, Zieber It Co., S Ledger buildings. 3d and Chesnnt ita., where single copies may alao be obtaiuedMaily ai;l o'clock. 3m Health t O Blessed Health I Thos art above all gold and trraigm: 'tis tlion who enlargeat tlie aoul?and n|>eaeth all ita powers to receive instruction, and to icluh vir tue. He that haa thee, haa little more to wish for. and he that ia ao wretched aa to hare thee not. want*every thing beaide. Li r t ? hk tiianski'I., Brandreth I'illa will give us health ?get theu theae blessed Pills, which a century's use haa folly established to be the b'at medicine ere bestowed on man. Km tin- prevailing colds and coughs they will be fouud every thing that medicine ia capable of imparting. Bold at I)r. Brandreth a Principal office, 241 Broadway : 241 Hudson at,-, 274 Bowery; D. 1). Wright, corner Houston and Lewis streeta. New York; and Mr>. Booth,} Market at., Brooklyn; and Farker, of Newark. Constitutional Dehlllty Cured?The Tonic Mistr re, prepared by the College of Medicine and Pharmacy of the city of New York, ia confidently recommended for all cases ol debility produced by secret indulgence or eaceaa of any kind. It is uu invaluable remedy for imimtence,sterility, or barieuueaa, (utiles* de|iending on mal-formation.) Single bott'es $| each; cases of Kslf a dozen $6; carefully packed and aent to all parta of the Union. ?Wlice of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy, 16 Naaaaa lee' W. 8. RICHARDSON. M. D-. Agent. a tire Kztra?t of Cubebs, Copalva, and Narsapa rilla, (Dr. Olnver's.)?This is the most speedy, certain, and ef fectual remedy for the cure of Oonorrhma that haa ever be?n used. It in pleaaant to the palate and grateful to the atomach, and easily taken. It ia a concentration of all the medicinal pro perties of such remedies as have been found moat efficacious in < curing gleets, seminal weakuees, and all discharges from the urinary passage. It ia wholly a vegetable compound, and acta like a charm in producing an immediate operation upon the p*rt affected. Full directions accompany the medicine, which may be had at No. 2 Ann street. Price Si. The Concentrated Kxtract of Sarsaparllla, Uentiaii and Sassafras, prepared by the New York College of Medicine and Pharmacy, established for the auppresaion of quackery. Tina refilled and highly concentrated extinct, pos sessing all the purifying qualities and curative powers of the above herbs, ia confidently recommended by the College aa in finitely auperior to any extrrct of Harsaparilla at present before the public, and may be relied on aa a certain remedy for all diseys aririug from an impure itate of the bWod, auch as scrofula, salt-rheum, ring-wr.rm, blotchea or pimplea. ulcers, pain in thebouea or joints, nodes, cutaneons eioptions, ulcerated sore throat, or any disease ariaing from the secondary eflecis of syphilis sr an iuiudicioua use of mercury. Sold iu single tlottlea, at . 75 cants each. " in cases of half a doten bottles.. . . . . $3 50 " " one dozen " 6 00 Cases forwarded to all narts of the Union. N. B.?A very liberal discount to wholesale purchasers. Office of the College, 95 Nassau street. W. 8. RICHARDSON. M. D.. Aaent. The Brandreth Pills are entirely Vege table, and made on those principles which long experience lias preyed correct. It is now no speculation when they are resorted to in tickuess, for they are known to be the best cleansers of tlie stomach and bowels, and in all dys| uitic ?ud bilious cases they are a great blessing Let every family keep these Pills in the house. If I iilhfully used, when their is occasion for medicine. It will lie very seldom that a doctor will be required. In all cases of cold, cough, or rheumatism, the afflicted owe it to their bodies to use these Pills. Bold at Dr. Brandreth's Principal Office. 241 Broadway. 274 Bowery, and 241 Hudson street, N. Y., and Mrs. Booth, 5 Mar ket street, Brooklyn. SSiM " Old Nature swears the lively dears, Her noblest work mirimsses, O, Her prentice'd hand siie tried on man, And then she made the lasses, O. Gentle nmldear Ladles, knowing your pow er of converting bliss to millions by your beauty, surely you would not allow your skin to remain covered with blotches, IrecUlw, tan. sun burn, &c.. when one fifty cent cake of Jones' Italian ('Inimical Soap would give you a most refreshing, daz zling, clear, spotless, white, rosy, red complexion?r.cck, arms ami hand*. R.-ader, do, do just try oi l- 50 cent cake of the (be particular) June*' Soap. Oh ! the effect is beyuid calculation, and will make vour skin a P'ire, dazzling white, beau'iful ana clear; but mind, buy it nowhere else but at the sis., of the American Kagle, 02 Chatham-stw jt, (be very car.'lnl of the right number,) or 139 Kulton street, Urooklyu ; 0 St.iti street, Boston. Reader, if you do not wish to be injured with poison, or cheated with trrsh, ask for Jones' Soap. JTledlcal Advice In Private Diseases.?The members of the New York College of Medicine and Pharmacy, Kfttihlitlied for Ike rupprtision of ifuackmj, continue to direct their particular attention to all diseases of a privat* nature, and can confidently promise to persons requiring medical treatment, a safe and permanent cure, without injury to the constitution or cunlinemait from business. Invalids are particularly requested to muke application to the College on the first appearance ol thoso diseases, as a vast amount of suffering and lime may be thus avoided. One of the members of the College, for many years connected with the principal hospital iu Kurotx for the cure of those complaints, attends for consullatiou daily from I A.M. to 7 P.M. Terms?Advice and Medicine t5.?a cure guaranteed. ,. IMPORTANT TO COUNTkY INVALIDS^-Person living iu the country, and finding it inconvenient to make per sonal application, can have forwarded to them a chest containing all medicines requisite to perforin a radical cure, by stating their ease explicitly, together with all symptoms, time of contraction and treatrueut received elsewhere, if auv, and enclosing $5, post paid, addressed to W. 8. RICHARDSON. M. D.. AgenT, Office and Consulting Rooms of the College, ft Try Jon's'Coral Hair Hestorative? Nav, reader, do not stare? 'Twill give you all for three shillings? A splrneid head of hair! It will restore and make the Human Hair a splendid natural ornament, to beautify, dress, clean and force it growth. It will force the hair to grow on any- |?rt where na ture intended hair U> i^row, stop it falling off. cure Scurf or Dandruff, and moke light, red or rrey hair grow <la>k. Kor ilreisiug the hair soft and silky, nothing exc< vis this. It is, in deed, the most economical, yet superior, article made for the hair.. It is tliaaiier than the common trash callee hair oils, and it will ktep the hair iu order with one application twice as long as any other article made. Sold a^l!2 ( hitham street, 323 Broadway, and 139 Fulton St., Brookl) n. Hunterlan Dispensary, No. 3 Division st established A. D. 1835, by the present proprietor for the succesa- I fill treat" eut ol a disease of a secret nature, and for the sale, of DR. HUNTKR'8 RED DROP. Thi.s medicine is theonly remedy on earth that can safi-lybe relied on to thoroughly cure this horrid disease without injury to the constitution, and with out diet or hindrance from business, eveu when all else have failed. A comprehensive treatise accompanies each vial, (with full directions,) which is warranted to effectually cure in all cases, uo matter how long standing, or how deeply seated iu the system, With le-s trouble to the patient, and ill a shorter space of time than any other medicine iu the world, or no |>ay w ill be taken. Price SI per vial. Velpeau's Specific Pills, for the Radical cure of gonorrhoea, gleet, seminal emissions, and all mocop'iru lent discharges from the urethra. These pills, the result of twenty years experience in the Hospital de Charite in Paris, are pronounced by their celebrated inventor, Profesror Velpeau, as a:i infallible remedv for all disease* of the urethra. They effect a cure in a much shorter time than auy other remedy, without taming the breath, disagreeing w itli the stomach, or confinement fro n business. Price f 1 per box. Sold at the College of Medi cine and Pharmacy, 95 Nassau street. W. ?. RICHARDSON. M..D., Agent. K vlilcnccs of the wonderful virtues of Sher man's Worm Lozerges may lie found in a variety of certificates in the Doctor's possession, and in the public journals ; the inoit striking is, however, sue that came under the observation of a Druggist in this citv, w ho was applied to for advice by a m iu who looked like a livingskeleton?lie had been robust formerly ; gnawing l-ains at the stomach, rud a variety of symptoms, to gether with a prodigi uis appetite, which indicated worms; he w as induced to try the Lozenges of Dr. Shermai.and tlie upshot is, a i*rfect cure. Dr. Sherman's warehouse is 106 Nassau street; Agents, Rush ts.i's, Bioadway, Coddiugton's, comer of Sp ing and lluil.ou, 189 Boaery, corner of Spring, and 77 K. Broadway. MONEY MARKET. Sunday, Nov. 17?0 P. M. Since the clew of the elections and the settlement of the political questions of the day, stocks in this market have been steadily declining until the present quota tions range from six to ten per cetit below those current ?bout two weeks since. Sometime previous to the elec tions, we repeatedly predicted this stale ol things, and we are not, therefore, surprised at the result. It was gene rally the impression among stocks sptoulatora favorable to the Election of Mr. Clay, that in the event of his suc cess, which, they never for a moment doubted, stocks must advance very rapidly and a large per cent. Under the influence of this impression,extensive purchases were made, by those who could only with difticulty and at great sacrifices bold over ljng enough to aee the result of the contest. The measures adopted to secure the bene fits of a rising market, have brought about the decline ? These operators were compelled to throw their stocks upon the market, the moment they were satisfied the re sult wan contrary to their expectations, and quotations have declined very much. All this is favorable to the bearing speculators, and the weak operators are rapidly falling victims to ths experience of thosa who heretofore suffered from the same evils. Many men of small capitals go into Wall street and purchase fancy atocks, aa they would to much merchandise, and to this cause, can be principally attributed the ruin that so soon overtakes them. Now it is safer to sell that which has no actual value, whish is really worthless, than to buy it, and It is only by a rigid ndhemnce to this principle that fortunes are made In Wall street. Ia other words, if many ofthcae stock speculators.who come in the street,for the purpose of rapidly increasing thtir capitals, bccome still* i s instead of purchasers, they would in a measure realise their ex pectations and in a measure prevent these tremeti'' ma i.'ictuatious which are to rulnout to msny erqngoi In it jck operations. It is an ill wind tliul uiowa no one aoy good, and what one speculator loses, another gaina. We annex a comparative table she wing the quotations for cacli day in the week just closed Quotations rou thk rni5ciraL Stocks iff ths Nrw Yna* Mahkit. Sal. Mori. Tu'u. If. '. TVy. Fr'y. S<ii Deri. L. Island 77 7S 77 767i 7t 74X Mohawk ui'i 12 62 61 60 '.7>i Si 6 Hirlem M 70 69 6'l 67,^ 66 64 6 Canton... 4Vi 43M 44K 4i>4 40 45 42 Farmers' Loan., 40)4 :I9)i 39 ? 36 4)Z Nor and Wor... 75 78 77 77X 76 7IH 71K 6J, OliioSises -101^101X101 100 U9X 100 2W Illinois Sixes.... ?,% 39 3H ? 37>? 37), - IS Indiana - ? 38% - 36*2 36)* 35X Kentucky Sixes. 103 ? ? 103)^ ? ? 1U2>4 1'enii. Kives ... ? 70? 70S 70 69 69 66 4\ Stonington 46 46J4 46)< 4iK 44 44 41 '.V Ktie Railroad... 32*4 33 3S 33<* 33% 33% SI 2% Vicksburg ? ? ? 5 ? 5 ? ? U S. Balis ? 7 ? ? ? 652 Reading RR.... 52 W 52 51% 50 49% 48 4% Morris7;anal... 32 34 31, 35 31 33 32 4 Kast Boston... 11 ? 10 10 9% 9% ? 1% The decline the paat week ranges on fancies Irom 1] te 8 j per cent. This falling off in prices has given the market a tremendous shock, but as the panic has been principally confined to aperatora ia fancy stocks, it is of no conse quenco otherwise than so far as the pockets of apecula tors are concerncd. As soon as these operators have been completely used up, the maiket must feel an improve ment and good stocks again advance. The return* of the tantraljRailroad, Michigan,! for Oc i?b?r, 1(44, Mmptnd with th?n for the ???? ??nth In 1 1843, do not ahow ? very great increase in the receipt! i CtHTkAL KaILHOAU, Mil HIUAM. Oct. '43. Oct. '41. Int r. Veer. Passaufen $ 8,946 83 12,864 24 3,937 4t ? Freight 22,968 43 19,457 47 ? '.51? *> U. if mail 837 73 552 33J ? (32,732 98 38,874 14 3,937 42 3,796 26 The actual increase U only (141 Id for thu month. The falling off In freight, be., does not quite wipe out the in. create in passenger receipt*. The return* of all the bank* orthl* State for the quarter ending the 1st instant, compared with preriou* report*, ?how an increaae in the aggregate movement of more than two million* of dollar*. We annex a summary of the re port* of one hundred ani forty-eight bank* and two branchea, made to the Comptroller, puriuant to the pro vision* of the act of April, 1843. Biiua or the State or New Voax. Retourctt. Loan* and discounts $65,925,878 Loan* and dUcouat* to directors 4/268,169 Loan* and ditcounta to broker* a,907,749 Keal eitate 3,917 903 Bond* and mortgages 3,419 614 Stock* and promissory note* 10,773,478 Due from director*, other than for loans, Ice.. 34.933 Due from brokers, other than lorloeus, lie.. 779,171 Bank fund 321 105 Loss and expense account 608,776 Overdraft* 113,194 Specie 8 969 ON Cash item* 6,047,639 Bill* of *olvent bank* 3 368,467 Bills of suspended banks 136,670 Due from bank* and bankers 8,766 993 Added for cents 020 Total resources (119,407,349 Liabilities. Capital (43,618,607 Profit* 4,413 330 Bunk notes in cirulation, old emission 1.310 807 Registered notes in circulation 19 933,413 Due Treasurer of the State 687 387 Due Commissioners of the Canal Fund 1,634,663 Due depositors on demand 30 391,633 Due individuals. *** 8"3 918 Due banks 14,431.103 Due Treesurer of the United States 3,786,361 Amount due, not included under above heads, 599.174 Added for ceuti 376 Total liabilities (119,407,849 This thows the whole movement of the banks of thi* State; but we have annexed another table, ihowing a comparison between the laat and several quarterly re port* made previously. It will be seen that the loans and discounts and the circulation have increased, while the amount of specie on band has diminished. There has also been a small increase in the banking capital of the State. The aggregate increase in the movements of the ' banks of this State, from Nov. 1843 and Nov. 1844, amounts to about eight milions of dollars. At this rate of increase, it will not require many years, to get up quite an expansion. Baku *v the State or New York. ? ' -1843 ?, -.1844 , Resources. Nov. May. jtu* Vo7 Diicount,. (53,267,13(1 62,669,119 64,464 928 65 925 878 I D< o director.,,.. 4,537.536 4,355 364 4,3*6 4'258 162 Do to broker.,... 3,709,163 3 131 585 2 812 039 2 907 749 B J f ? 4,081,636 4,0(1(1% 1 3 972 501 3 90'901 Bond, and mort*e>s. 3.772.037 3,521,239 3 282 724 3 409 621 Dtw^fron?directors 664,311 10'S62'W0 >?#?$ Du^lTbte- 4MM 261525 28'<2? 3I'S" BanuViinlf" l0an',?? ^15? 6fi3'3'7 509,078 779,171 liauk lund, 389,.192 341,351 317 701 321 105 OvVrr.r,<"'*'n!MV" 'I39'2"' C,;6"9' 667,4(17 628^775 Overdraft*, 11)5,917 155,701 1(2 133 II2 I'M Speaf 11,502,789 9,4'>5,lf?l 10,191,974 8.9GH092 &BS 'VT'V 3.102,856 5.999,952 4.916,862 6,0471.528 Bill, of Bank,..... 4,033,105 3,118,421 2,511,326 2,368,467 r> f*u"PeJ daiI,. ? ? 228,951 228,5410 230 793 1 16 570 Due from' Bank,,... 9,700,629 8,816,691 8,U58,eu4 8,766*,993 .cea : lil! __ ,88 424 Liabilities- *111,611,722 456,604 117,362,775 119,407,349 pSjaS1 43-'l62.f 1 43,443,005 43,610,607 1,101,254 3,989,472 4 061 233 4 411 330 | CircuUnpn 5,227,930 1,913,022 1,437,93ft 11,985,171 16,421,309 16,653.388 18,932 412 ? 963.198 643,983 750,495 687,287 I Canal fiiud, 1,157,203 1,506,167 1 210 794 1 511 551 hdw^af; 30'742'm 28,757 122 3o',39l',?22 R.'l 587,781 612,935 726,554 802 918 Banks,. ..24,612,143 15,467,494 16,162,922 14,431,103 (?,h'"U^r *1 * 1'6,4'ai!? 2,238,083 3,674,171 2,786,261 Other item,, 505,210 528,592 516,155 589,419 (111,614,722 117,556,604 117,362,775 119,407,319 The leading feature* of these Banks for two period* sum up a* follow*: i u .. 1843, Ntv. 1144. Increase. Utcre'e Loan, l( discounts, $61,514,129 73.091,789 11,577 660 ?pecie, 11,5412,179 8,9.8,092 ? 2.531697 Circulation. 17,213,101 20,1521219 2 939,111 Depoti.s, 27,389,160 30,391,622 3,002,462 It will be observed that, tliero has been an increase in discount* of (11,677,660, in circulation (12,939.119, in deposits (3,003 463, and a decrease in apecie of (2,684.697, in one year. The diicount line or the banks of this State ] at present, is nearly as large as during the greatest ex pansion from 1830, to the suspension of specie payments in May, 18.17. On the 1st of January, 1837, the loan* and discount* amounted to (79,313 188, the circulation to (34,198 000, and the depjsita to (30,833,179, and from yearto year, while (peculation raged so extensively, the increase in ditcounU never exceeded twelve million* ol dollar*. The banks of thi* State are not at pre*ent too extended ia their operation* ; but their movement* are full large enough to answer all the purpose, of trade, and the principal object now is to keep them in their pre*un? position. So far aa the banking interest of this country is concerned, there i* before u* a fair field, and every thing depend* upon the adoption of some plan to check any attempt at expansion* on the part of the State initi-! tution*. Commercial afftira are about taking a new ?tart?the change in the adminiitnition of the genetal government must place busineis operation* on a new basis, and generally give an impetu* to all kind* of legiti mate business transactions. This will act as un in-1 duccmcnt for the banks to extend their issue*, and may lead to an over expansion, and eventually to another revulsion. The crop* of the south an! welt coming to the *caboard will call for increased facilities Iromlthe banks oi those sections, and an inflation may be produced lar greater than anticipated, *o as to aid spe. culation in the various *taple* of the country. The pro duction* of the south and we*t have reached an extent, difficult to control, and to even gat up tiie most moderate monopoly , vast resource* would be required. It i* not probable, however, that any attempt will be made at pre sent to control the movements of our great itsplea, through I any aid of our local bank* may be diapoaed to extend ? 1 We want and require tome check upon these institutions. What they may not be disposed to do thi* yeer, they may next, and at prcaent there i* nothing to kcop them in tub. jection. Regular and frequent reports of their condition, should be made public officially, through *ome officer oi the State government. The bank* of Ohio, Louisiana and South Carolina, publish reports of their condition month, ly ; the bank* of New York, quarterly ; of Virginia and some of the Wtitern State*, aemi annually ; and the re*t annually, or whenever it may *uit tlieir convenience.? Instead of the bank* being permitted to go on in thi* loote. mysterious manner, the legislatures of each State should enaet a special law, compelling the bank* to make week iy returns to the Comptroller, to be published officially.? This would keep these institutions in a sound and safe condition, as the frequent publicity would prevent any movement likely to derange trade or endanger the inter est of the stockholders. Thi* lynem has recently been adopted with the bank* ofOreat Britain, and so far as its influence has been felt, it work* admirably. It depend* upon the legislature* cr the different State*, to bring thi* ?ystem into existence in thi* country, which, if perfected, will forever put a stop to the tremendous expansions, so frequent in previous year*. It might not be good policy to bring about *uch a rigid *y item all at once. The bank* of these State*, which at preaent make annual returns, could make quarterly; those which make quarterly .might make them monthly, and thoie which now make month ly, could make weekly, and in thia way a very abort time would suffice to eventually bring their reporta all down to the lame time. We can conceive nothing better calculated to com pletely check the operation* of the hundred* of State bat.ks distiibuted over the country, than weekly state ments oi their conditiona made publio ; and the govern ment of every institution interested in the general pros perity of the country, cannot object to the adoption ol thi* plan. Unlea* something of this kind is established? unless some check is put upon the operations of the State batiks, we ihall ia a few year* be in the midst of (cents similar to tho(a experionecdfrom 1937 to I9J9. We find the banks of thia State and of Massachusetts, have with in the past twelve months, increased their discounts nearly twenty Are per cent. The movement* of tke baLk* in these State* have a very great influence on those of the neighboring States, and it soon spreads through the country.' We want to stop thi* expansion where it i* ; we want to nip it in the bud, and we know of no other way than to compel them to make weekl) statement*. New Bteek Kxrhange, (10000 Ohio 6's, '60 bf>0 100 50 .has Morri. Canal 3I.'< tOflfl do ,3 98 V M do ?3 34 100 ,ha, Dry Dk Bk .30 5 ? da 33 125 U 9 Bink 1,3 5X 50 Htonington KR ?3 4I?< ? .. <lo e 5 25 do nw 42 25 Farmer,' 1 r s3 37 Jo do b3 4t7i 2? .. J<\. . , 2*> Nor Ik Wore c 71 25 Canton Co b3 12K 25 do b30 72 35 d" linw 43*1 25 do .3 71?,' 25 do ,6 43 50 do c 71* 25 do 4 50 i|? c 7j 50 do bnw 43)? 150 ,j? 7?u 25 L HR ? 73V. 10 do 73W 25 do bnw 73* 50 do blO 73S 5# do C 73 40 do c 72 100 do .3 73\ 5? do 7IK M do S3 13'* n* Oil SUM* Kxcti*n?? gfloaowjl'.,*# ? ?shaiKrUItH blSW ass ? h ?, fc as 5OOO 32 u* ,M L ,,l!l"d HR 72 iwioo Wa ?C 175 do mi ??E ? 191 o$ !!S 3? >>??!* <**0 Indiana bond. 3ri 4 475 do 72>4' 104)0 (U iiJil ,,>0 Stoning too KH 41 ?Sf g*? & J!g B H-'"j"?,RKLd. gs* mNMkWmU " j(WU do s60 67\' ISO do 71k V% M do 71$ do k<K) 68 726 do v> 2 j?'has Uel k Hudson 120 50 do blO 7*2 ? <-outributiou lut I0G 50 Jo bl5 72W 2j fraruw-n'Trust ** 5u do bso 73 ?S?' l" W, 75 do 7*X d," *>>? 40 do i30 71)4 i ;iw *H w do ?'? ?* 200 <fe> b60 J7>2 100 do b20 73 75 Canton Co 41 150 do 73 " 4? t?3 50 Mohawk KH 56 'J? ?}" b30 44 50 do 55X ? Vf do/. , ?? 50 do 55 JJ Morris Canal 32? 200 Harlem Hll 64 "J 32X 100 do b30 6?K ft" d,? . 32 40 N Jersey HK 93$ ? vu ?? ^ . bI5 3J* 10 d? M* ?ii,-,TL?(flJUu 2i 300 Beading RR 48 20 Utica k Scheu HK 129 Mocond Board. flf#k,PMnVA, 66 SO ?ha? Heading KK 48 j0 >ha< Nor Ic Wore sGO 70 28 Catitnn Co 42* 5? "J0 ?3 71 25 do b3 42& i!S "}" . 7?X *> d" ? ,? d" b3 70 25 Ilousatonic HK 38Si icn f. >i ,3 "l0.. 40 Stonington RR 41 160 farmers Ln ?3 3200 Morris Canal ?3 32 40 do 1,3 scC J0 L lalaud HK 71k ? J?3 *? 75 d" 7IX <00 do blO 36,V * Balks or Stock*?Boston, Nov 16. e.jF?' ,8 ~ 200 ,h?re? Ka*t Boston divi in?i o^'ir Jkaat Bo*tcn C*. ?j 3 Boston and Maine RR, lOejj M Western RR, soiOd, 87; 60 do 87J: 110 do 871- 1 Mtrrimack Manufacturing Co, 1370 ; 60 Reading RR 24J 60do, holOd, iwj; 60 do, bolw, 24|; 50 do, holm, S6; 60 do,' ?'ai> ?5i' l^Noiwichand Worcester RH, 74; 100 do74}; i, ."1' '? 137 a? 74i> 00do> ?o3'i 7,(. do, *ol0d, 74j; 100 do, sottiyr, 74. State of Trade. Aihks-Salts of pots are made at $4 a 4 191. Pearl* are ?teady at $4 '26 a 4 28. HOCK Olf HAND novKMKER 12, 1844. Pint sort Pot*... .bbls. ?,6<)3 Second do do 1,221 Third do do 24D Condemned do 186 Total 11,168 First sort Pearls.bbl*..8.402 Second do do 1.049 Third do do 298 Condemned do 21 Total 9,7fl7 E">u; 11*168' 9,797 Tot>l BiEtKAX?Y?Uow prime western and southern sells at 29} a 30c, as wanted. Cotton?The enquiry was good to-day, and resulted in sales of 800 bale*, the larger proportion of which wan taken by spinner* The market cloied ateidy at the an nexed quotation* Lirr.arooL Classification. . . . Upldt f flur. tf.O.f Mob. Inferior J a 6j ... 41a 41 Ortinary 6 ? At ... 6J a 61 Middling, Mali ... e a 61 Good middling, B , a 81 .... m a a! Middling fair #f a 61 ... 63 a til 5 a 6} ... 7 a 7J Fullv fair, e, a 7 .... 71 a Good fair, 7? a 71 ... 71 a8 f?ue. 8 a 8J ... flj a 9 Fish?Dry cod nre falling off in price and demand. We quote $2 60 a 2 66} Ha*?Prime qualities sell a* wanted at 371 a 40c. The receipt* are large and the demand very limited. 18c are demanded for prime dairy. Whiiuky?Drudge cask* are neld at 2?:; western and prison bbl*. at 28 a 28(jc. Baltimore Cattle Market. The number of beef cattle at market thi* week ha* been larger than at any previou* period thi* *ea*on. and tua sale* both to packets and butcher* have been heavy at about the rate* of last week. The otteringa at the "J0?!?* on Monday and Thurr.lay couipriaed upward* of w'l'c'1 450 were driven to another market, anJ 870 sold to packer* ^nrt butcher* in the city. The uricea paid ranged from $1 60t? 2 26 per 100 lbs. in the hoof, as in quality, equal to $3 a 4 25 net. There are now about 80 head in market unsold. The supply of live hog* hn* been only fair thi* week, and we believe that all that tiave como in have met with ready sale. Yesterday 600 head arrived, and were (old at price* ranging fiam $3 70 a?i 6"J i>Cr 100 ll"' Theextreme* thi* week ware $3 6ij Foreign market a. Antwerp, Oct. 16.?The transaction* In rice have been very limited since the 1st innt. and price* arc 1(1. lower ordinary i* to be obtained at 111. duty paid; good mid dling 12 a 12}; and flni quality Uj. Our ctock is large. Havana, Nov. 7.?The Henry Jenkins'cargo sold at 84 r* , and a?v..rul other cargoes have b*en sold at the **me I pries, should there be many more arrival* we think thi* price cannot be sustained. No molaise* to be hud. iiateat Haltw RKCR.IVKP AT THE NEW VORK HKRAI.D OFPICF. ( A"8, " 28 Afnca Oct. 11 Malaga ti-nt lfi Antigua Sept. 1 Ma-J-ira... 8 Arecibo 9e|it. 3 Mauritina Aug. 5 Au* Caye*. Oct. 14 Montevideo Aue. 23 'Vuguatine Bay May IS Maracaibo July 13 Batavia.... . . Jnly 17 Mansanilla Sept. 211 Bay of Islands, N. Z..May 17 MaLuir.aa Nov. 2 Bermuda Aug. 27 M.iyaguei Nov ?2 Buenos Ayre* Sept. 4 M*t*moras Aug. 3(1 Win-. Hun Oct. 15 MouL'-ey Aug. IJ Rarliailot-a Oct. 1 Nassau, N. P Oct. 19 J*"- 21 Nt-uvila* Oct. 12 go''?!"* Oct. 6 Oahu.B. I May 27 Bombay.... Aug. 18 Para Oct. 5 Caiwlown, C.O. H..Aug. 1# Paris Oct. 17 Calcutta Aug. 9 Port au Prince Sept. ij Cardena* Aug. 27 Porto Cabello Oct. 7 1 naKni June I Point Petn*, t iuad.... Sept. 1 -leiifoegoa Oct. 17 Pernainbuco Oct. 12 Cajie Haytien Oct. 13 Panama June I Carthagena June 15 Payta April 2S Camimchy Oct. 9 Rio Janeiro S?-pt. 2i CoQUimbo July 27 Rio Grande Sfpt. 23 Callao Aug. 18 San Juan Auu 9 IWrarn Oct 5 St. Helena Sept. 7 y?nore Sept. 21 St. Thomas Or-. 29 .?"?y*1.-- ?>?*? 25 St. Jago de Cnba.....Nov 1 Gibraltar... ... ...gapt. 14 St. JoRns, P. R Oct. U <)iia> ama, P. K..,.. .Jane 15 St. t^rois (Il l 20 (Mlveiton SepK 28 St. Domingo Oct. 10 Oon lives . Aug J St. Lilies Sept. 7 Giiayaiiml......... Apnl 23 Surinam Oct. 3 Oallipagos Islands... May 4 Siugapoie J,i?e 28 ',"n' Oct. 15 Sj .r.? v, V. S. W. ... June 18 Havana K0T- 7 lrinidad deCnlia... .Oet. 8 Halifax, Nor. 8 Ttlcaiiuami Oet 8 Ule of France Sept. 27 Tahiti July 5 Jeremie... Sept. 10 Tombet Nov 4 Kingston, Ja Oct. 5 Tampico June 5 Lond-iii., I? Tobasco July 13 Livrrpool Oct. 19 Turks Island Oct. 12 La Guayra Oct. 21 Trieste July |g L.^iKUiia Oct. 31 Valparaiso July 25 b,'"" June ? Vera t'rni Oet. 22 Macao July 3 Zanzibar July 25 Pisaciigen Arrived. Malajia? Barque Stephen Brewer? C Halsoy, New York 8 tesare. Griroa. llAMarRo-Barque Washington?II C Brandt, J Periot, J J Maa* ai:d lady?130 in the PasaeiiKcra Sailed. (1Hntt^mT8u!VutiR f'"m Boston?A Ritchie, G Howlan't[Shaw, SH Whitwell, of Uoston; Francis Kicliaids, "r&"U"E A Straw, of Manchester) NH, Geo While, Albany; 1 Adams, Hamilfn Qay, Volney BN '.",U/?1?0KU 1let D ^<J Kobt Brown, lieo Bli.s, W Habb rthwn. H J W Bat.-., New tfork Mrs M Allrn, hi ade^lna; Win Scott, MarvI ,ud; Jas Court. Thos Waddle) H O K ?j<, JI Re(lj?ath, L>nnl M icfdrlauc, tip? J Miir.iiaiiKhtoQ, Montreal; A Kwimg. ladv child and aervanis. Miss Y ung, jJX'" W 1 Newell, Hiehard Board, London; Geo Wright and lady. Liverpool; S A God da rd, Birmingham; L Hill, Lawrance llilI, Glasgow; 8 Muc klestou, Kingston?41. Foreign Importation*. Livgarooi.?Shiii Frances Ann?(Hep..rted yesterday)?21 pkgs Lawrence Ic Trimble-O Godfrey, Pattison k. c.?-4 J A Newbould?5k H Jacot? I II I K hones 1c co?I M Annstrong Ktauo?I W^NHet^rkcii-W K Hnat?? A Kohe.isou S 2z?j.illT" l J,Uiic^-1 WJ Bruce?2800 bricks K Irvin -2000 do 1280 sacks salt 14 d.i/.en mats Williams Ik Guion?'J20 hu tin plates Pheli>s. Dodge k c,i-2c?ks S Haskell?50 bbls 4 Brown?li c" '*???? Brothers 4i co-50 tons cosl Williams St Guion?5} tcs 8.'? bis indM- 50 anvils 53 casks I crate j.j 'Mica 25 tons iron to o<<)er. Brkmkh?Baique Washington?I pkg ? F Gleim?10 Meyer IcStucken?t L J Cohen-I A Kolker-7 K W.encke-428 (dates speller Schmidt Ik Vogrl-I pkg Meyer k la-oi.-S N G Le.inig Headneks i Br.,thers-I Brustlein, Koop ? eo-J J C Muljer?3 W Werckmeister?2 C W Vorwick-2u (1 ? G A Ik H Witte?15 C Ahianfelilt-6 Hchl?i..,er 8c Hensehen?190 W Von 8. ht Ik r(>?9 Set ley k 8eveniug-2 C Heurichs-I WiiHer k Meyer-1 G W Schermeihoni-4 Mot* ?t I olliiz?30 8 1 .Jours At hoii?44 J W Codduigton?9 J 1) (friinenthal? 9 J M Oprrnheim?2 T J Uaniif?20 J J Mait?21 pku* 16 cks 3652 |>lat?>i? <i|>elt?r to order. Malaga?barque 8trphm Brewer?1720 his 1100 hf 1300 qr do ramus Hybeck k co?200 boirs lemons 208 ranks 216 hf do 3000 bis 7j0 hf d?? 5670 qr do raisin* 9V4 kgs fra|>es Thos ?cslk#-r?I0r bis lemons 300 do raisin i00 k??** grsi^s Liwreure, Murray & liiKste?1?0 qr casks 100 bbls win* Aquire He Oal way?2 kegs grains 1 pkg raisins Mrs F li Brrete, Middletown, Ct. CfMr.NAUA?ling Star?31 tons haclie wood 1000 hides 25 hslrs goat skins Boonen Graves & co?900 bsgs 1 cask old copper 1 b* old silver 3 bis turtl ? shell 1 bag specie A Mubhard tk co. MARITIME HERALD. movement* of the Steanuhlne. 8lenmtr? Ltavr. Liu'l. Duri i Jlmr'a. Leave Avu'a Britannia, Hewitt. ... Nov. 4 ... Vov. 17 D?c. I Nhyi Maittn und Ag?ut*. We shall esteein it a favor if Captains of Vessel* will giv? to Kpiikkt Sii,v.:v, (. aptair of our New* Boats, a report ol the slopping left at the port whence they sailed, the vessels ipolten on their passage, a list of their cargo, and any foreign newspaper*, of news they may have. He will board them im nediately on their arrival. Agents and Corres|*>odents at home ir abroad, will also eonfer t favor by sendirg to this office all ihi- Marine Intelligence tliev can obtain. Nautical Informs ttoa of any kind will he thauafully received. ? POUT OK NBW YORK, NOVKMBKIt IS. ion Rtaai 7 lb j Moen srts 12 30 IUt? SRTS 4 44 1 Mlliff waTgR 4 I Arrived. Packet ship Ville de I.yen, Stoddard, from Havre, Oct. 10 with milse, to Foi kLivingston. Baroue John Brewer. Farran, from Malaga. Oct. 9, passed Gibraltar lllth, with fruit, to llarbeek k Co. Left bar<|u<M 1. I'rrkins, Philena, and Isabella, for NYork. nnc; Km ma Isadora lor Boston; brigs Cervantes, Arlitta, and Ar bian. nnc. Hamburg harqaa Washiugton, Krugar, M days from Bram?n with md?e, to Schmidt k Bslcbeu Brig Stsr, Pitt man, from ( 1, Oct 4th, v ia Laguayra 7th Curacoa llth and H10 la Hache tin 2titli, with hidt s, kr tc Boo 11 en Graves k CO. l^ft 110 Americans. Nov. 7, lat 25 S2 Ion 71 13, spoke brig Angelin*, from Bath hence for Havana Nov. I3tn, lat 35 Ml, Ion 75 00. sfxike brig Kiact, of !? airfield bound Boath. Oct I7tli, Michael iirininei, first niate, died 01 ?tfa?--ion of toWfit, a ttttifi1 of IftUtidj Mad 14 y/ff >cl. lOtli, wpenenced a hrtry *ala from the N > *- ?/? " i tna Windward of CmCoa. hi carryIng a heavy press ol Call ?*ss to Weather the reef s' lpja-d a heavy *ea on the starboard bow, which s| lit fort-topmast aUyaail and f >re apeucet. .unl wished overboard |i?il ol the deck load, which caused her to Ink very bad ; bore ?w?y for Atwood'a Key, came too on the ?eit side; found to b* above w ater, under the apron, and could not Bet at it. Sclir Curlew , ('rowvll, from St. Jago da Cuba, Nov. 1, with 100 bole* sugar 291 stick* fustic 119 ceroons tobacco 26do tegars 17 hides 4SO eiteari palm leaf to Thompion It Adarni; liOWj oranges to master. l,eft schr Boatou for NYork.aooo. Sailed iuco. with schr Nile, Bell, for Attakanas. Briji Cadmus, Tucker, far Boston, aid 2Sth nil. The Curlew fell in with on the outward passage, lat 33 23, Ion 71, French brig Henry?had beeu dismasted on the Cth ult. .ind wem raising jury masts; the captain was badly injured; had damaged his nautical irstru nenta, Hupplmd turn with and directions for the Bermuda Isluids Rchr Henry Ht William, GrifTm, 8 days from Wilmington, NO. with naval stores, to Brett at Vow. Schr Siaiu, Bryant, 7 days f'oin l.ubec, with plaster, to Brett l Vose. Schr iodiue, Blew, 4 days from Philadelphia, with coal?bud to Flushing. Schr Beiry, Soars, 8 days from Boston, with indse, to Howea, Godfrey k Robimon. Schr Amcrica, Crowell, 4 days from Boston, with tndse, to master. Schr Warren, Plumiacr, 2 days from New Bedford, with sugar, he. to master. Schr Hudtou, Baker, 3 days from Newport, iu ballast, to the master. Schr Wm Thompson, Jones, 2 days from Fall River, with mdse, to master.

Steamer Florida, Cliff, II hours from New London, with mdse, to master. Below* Ship Charlotte, Gerry, from Manilla, June 28, via Boston 3 days, with liemp. Ike to order. Also, 1 ship unknown. lallttl Ship Metoka, New Orleans; brigs Oceanus, Smith, Havana; Desdemona, Moiris, St Johns, NK and other*. Comipontlence of the Herald. Rhodk Islander Orricr, > Nf.wpoRT, Nov. 14, 1844. } Arr 13th, Victory, fclwell, Kail River for Richmond; Ab stract, McCaanon, Norfolk: l.arkiu, Churburk, Philadelphia for Boston Ahm Brown, Davis, I'awtucker for Philadelphia: Oriauna, Blanchard. Dighton for do: John Drew, Howell, and Denmark, Kider NKing ton for N York; Uanges, Horn, Calais for do; iinrVMt, Tm'wtwi fur J<?( IlMntiris, KtlRer, I ro* videuce lor do. MUt-ellancoua Record. Si hhTiui mi'H, Flliot, at Norfolk. r?|iorta? 12th init KNK of Gre^t Kgg Harbor, distant 8 m 1-a, piaaed a vessel supposed about 75 or 80 toua, sank, and her mast heads above w. ter, mam topmast standing, painted w bite; a main peak halyard block was taken from her. it was iron strapped and nearly rew. She was no doubt loaded with oats, as Urge quantities were floating oil the water near her. Supposed to have been in that situation but a short tune. Whalemen, Arr at New Bedford ICth in?t. Char lei, Gardner. Pacific Ocean via Newport, 1900sp. Sid Fortune, Bailey, NW Coast. Sailed from President Roads 13th, Niphou, of Naut, for K.d K A letter from Capt Norton, of the Chas W Morgan, NB, dated Monterey, Aug 13, reports her a^out full of up and wh oil, (reptd Jan 29. at Payta, I ill" ap) took lf>0 sp 1 days before liar ar rival at M. Reports in July, St George, Thomas, NB, 2800 bbls, had takwi 1800 on N W Coast last seaiou. A letter received at Nantucket, reports Russell, Hay, Dart mouth, 110U sp. . At date, Jas Lo|ier, Cougdon, Naut. 1000 sp. AtTahiti. June2t), Statesman, Doane, Silein, 450 sp; Clark sou, Chase, Naut, 1500; Timoleon, Plaskeit, NB, 180 bbls. Foreign Porta. Mokterkt. California. Aug 12?In |iort, Admittance, Peter son, iiiic. Sid abt lltli, Vaodalia. F.verttt, Sail Frauciaco. Sterling, Vincent, tine, was at a port to leeward of Monterey. Barnstable, Hatch, was at San Francisco, and would leave the coast for Boaton, in Decemlier. Mont*i:*L, Nov 13?( Id Monarch, Allan, and Oartslierrie. Houston, Glasgow ; Prince George, Foster; Ottawa, Purdy, and Pathfinder, Broderick, London; Pnlmeratoii, Coster, Liverpool. Qt'KBKC, Nov II?Cld Lightfoot, Wilson, Dublin; Lock woods, Caokuian, Hull; 12th, Peain, Kssou, Liverpool. Oake Porta. Birrst-o, Nov 14?Arr Couvov, Martin, Southpott; Lyoui, Klassgv, Toledo; Windham, bheppard, St Joseph; Granger, Vromaii, Fairport; M Freme, Black, Clevelaud. Home Porta. Banaoh, Nov 9? Arr Manhattan, HopUns, NYork. I'OKTX.AUD, Nov 14?Arr Henrietta, lliggiiis, Havana. ( Id Clio, Hopkins. Cuba; Albion, Harding, Havana. Sid Micaela, (new, 211 tons) Means, Mat.inzas; John Brouwer, Sutton, do ? Also air. Napoleon, llmt, Boston; Glide, Motion, Franklort Por t saiorTit, Nov '.3?Arr Wm Badger, Coffin, Cadiz. NKwuuavroRT, Nov 16?Arr Vulture, Gray, Porto Rico via Norfolk. Cld 15th, Salisbury, (new, 295 tons) Colby, Havana. BusroM, Nov 10?Arr Boston, Eldudge, Baltimore. Signal for a barque auda brig. Cld Hiberuia, (Br steamer) Kyiie, ? i verpool; Moutreal, (of Boston, late New York and London packet) Snow, Sandwich Islands; Caroline, Lane, Buenos Ay res; Pilot, Swift. Bahinaud a inkt; Falco, (of l.vun, late of Boston) Moieley, Kaat Indies; Sluwmut,Higgioi. Rio Janeiro; Sarah Jane, Anoerioii, Port au Prince: Ponce, Lull. St '1 homaa and a inkt Henry, Doane, do: Scotland. Merrymaii, NOrleans; Saraceu, Hiler, do; Como, Kldiidge. Chirleston; Baltimore, Brown; Chatham, Lovelaed. aud Almeiia, l<\d-r, Baltimore; VVm Penn, Taylor, and Kill, Wheldeii, Philadelphia; Wm Crawford, Anderson, Kllswoilh;?Api'hia, Siiijsoii. llallowell and Augusta; Selma, Marston. Bath; Friend, Lovell; Vintage, Bearse, and Isaac Jackson, Tobey, N York. Arr 15th, Colora do. (new) Faruhain, of ard from Newcastle. Me. Chatham, Nov 12?Sid Philanthropist,Kldridge,St Thomas. New Bcnroao, Nov 15? Arr S B Aihmead, Burton, Phila delphia: 16th, Heroine, Baker, NYork Kimiabtown, Nov 14?Arr Klixabeth, Wiley, Philadelphia for Salem; 13th, Justice, Sleeiwr, New York for Boston?and ta inainad 15th, with those lieI'orv reieirted. Pnovmr.NCK. Nov 15?Arr Indiana, Corson, Philadelphia; Robert Mills, Darling, Bristol, to loud for Matauns; Ho|ie, Browning; Translatitin, Welis; Kditor, Dayton; Apollo, Haw kius, and Willard. Miller, NYork. Sid Wm Young. Adams, Philadelphia. Cld Wildes P Walker, Kdgecomb,, Uncle Sam, Bacon, Wiliniugtou, N('. Fai.l Rivr.u, Nov 14?Arr Chief, Briggs, NYork. Bristou, Nov 13?Sid Dudem, Liscotnh, Mobile. Richmond. Nov 16?Sid Galena, Le?ds, Newark; Grand Island, Lecom|it, Boston. BOARD AND TWO ROOMS WANTF.D-A French la ily, leaeWe*-,,f the K?li,?U( lai.KiiaKe.1. ai d in* striict'ess of vocal and instrume. tal music, is d>snous o( ob taining lor herself, child and servant, two rooms and board in a private family?slw lus no objection to pay her b.iard, either in citah or part tuitiou. The location must lie between ti ? Bat tery and Chambers street References giv?u and 'e jmre.l. A note addressed, A. O., Herald Office, will meet with attention. ii IB 3trc AVi'KN I ION !- IMlLI'KNDhNT COMPANY ORDKK?This Coy? will aasemble at their Armory, Mercer Hall, eomar of Bro<ime and Maccer si., on Tn.sday Morning, 19th in?t. at7o'cl'ick precisely, in full dress?for the purpose of repairing to Col. Caleb Weeks', Jamai ca. for Target practice. By ordercf^ r,pt. Awdhf-w Kakmkh, O. S. n!9 It'je TEXAS. rpHE ATTKNTION of Speculators aud Entfrj?ri?in* Cifi A zeiu deiirout of #?>ttlii?g iu TEXAS, i? t'allnl to ilip fol 'Who.- of B1RCKHKAU CO. No. Weit, ruui iug from Wathinftoii ?trwt, it authoriwd to II Lot* and Sqa? of a n?'vi rity, on the Coaat of T?, which will aoou bifCome. from iu commercial advautdges, th? l*?t |?ort iu the Gulf of Menico. . . , . .. . ? They are alio authorized to sell nom?t exceedingly f-.r?i??* luudi in (he centre of thepreaeut population of that rich and iiat*r at i?n country The proprietor, as President of theie lots and lands, Mr- ?"jj der PalleMim, it now iu this city, aud every information will becoidially and frankly furniiliej, ou application at ihe sub scrilier'a Counting House. nIt 3'*re BIRCKHFAD It CO 55 We?t street I ' Al(l)?ABOUT SPANISH HWKf.T CHOt;i?L,\ 1'K. 'II,e Hihaneros, 12 B.ekuun street,Uke the liberty to in troduce to the fashionable ladies and gentlemen of this City and viciuity, the delicious, light and healthy breakfast (d the Spanish, Fieneli anil Italian hautton and the classic (ireaks, to wit: (lie innacent and savory tweet Chocolate, ol which the iu''scribera have juat received a choice aasortment, and will be sold at a very moderate price and in loU to suit puichas* ri, Irom 3 cents up to tli<(|tl. Also, Malibran'a notes to solteu the "ptNA k RIVAS, Sole A?ui(i in the city for the Figaro Segara and the above articles?U lleeknoui at. nlfi 2t*ec STRANGliKS I1KWARK. TN THIS AGK OF QUACKKRY AND HUMBUG, it ia 1 most imjioruuit to choose an eiperienced physician?DR. J. F.VANS has removed his Old Galen's Head Dispensary to No 288 Pearl a(reet, corner of Beekmaii street, where liecoutinuej hit most eitraordiuarv cures of all delicate diseasea, no matter how complicated, he apnrisea the citizens and strangers that there is no Dr- Kvana in Ins old stand, and that he haa no con nection whatever with any other office. His charges are mode rate, his consultations itrictlv private. N. B.?Ob?er\e the number? mistikes are often dangerous? ff.U Pearl Streef. Medicines ai.d dnectious sent to any part of the Union, by particularly stating the case, aud enclosing five dollars. "*"? iW YUlCK. AJNIi HAULItliVl KAILIVOaU COMPANY. fiiSA) WINTER ARRANGK.VIKNTS. On and aHer Octol er 28. the cars will run as fo Iowa :? Leaving'City 11*11 for Harlem, (Itilh ?(,) Morriiiania.Ford bam, Williim's Bridge, Hunt> Bridge, Unijerhill'a Road, Tuckahoe, Hart's Corners aiid White Plains, 7.30 A. M., 10.30 Leiv'es Williams''Bridge for City Hall 1.45 A. M., 11.45 A. M., 2 (0 P M . 4.45 P. M. .. . w Leavea Tackaiioa for City Hall 8 23 A. M., 11.25 A. M , 1 Jj P. M , 4 25 P M Leaves White Plains for City Hall 8 A. M., 11 A. M., 1.30 P. '^'reighl traina will leave City Hall at IS 4i M, Leave White ' ''J'lie Weatchenter Train will stop only, after leaving the City Hall, at the comer of Broome at. and the Bowery Vau*li.i|l ( Jar dan and 27th street. An hitra Car, will precede each { ram ten minutes before the time of starting from the City Mall, and will take np passengers along the line ... , Ultra Harlem aud Moriaiania 1 raina, for Morriaiama and in termediate places, . Leave City Hall for Harlem Leave Morria an a and Morriaiani*. for City Hall. AttfA.M. . A'8 A. M. ? A. M. ? A M. liiA.Ml 2PM 3 I . M. LSI. P. M.' 5.30 P.M. By order of the Board, nHlilm* W. S. CARMAN, ?ecretary._ WILLI AM SCHARFKNBKRG It FKRD. LUIS bmK lenve to inform their friends and tlie public in g-neral that they hava formed a Co-partuerahip for the importation of 1-oreigo Muaic, for the aaleof which they have opened a Depot at the ?tore 361 Broadway, near Franklin atreet, where in ay be con stantly found all the Classical Worka of the celebrated ?? rench, German ,uid lulian composers, as well as alt (lie latest publica tions, of which tliey will always have a complete assortment as soon as imbiished in Knrope. .. N B. Italian Ktnnga of superior gaality (br Violins, GuiIaTS, Harpa. kc. tic. Silver Wire, Rosin, Itc. o.'i lmia?rre PRIVATE DISEASES. (JURK OUARANTK.KD ?The ( ollrge of Mediein* A a?d Pharmacy of the City of N?w York, eatabliabed for tlie suppresaion of quackery, is new prepared to treat all dis eases or a private nature, and offer to all thoae ullln led with tl*se ill .treanni; malailies, advantages not to be met with ni uiy other institution in tliia cooutry, eitlier public or private, hrom the constant correapondence, and from private airajigemeiita. between the ineml>ers of the Coll-W aud tlie moat eminent Pro fessors of tlie Medical Institutions of Kurope, all improvement! in the treatment of these diseaaea are forwarded U> lliemlonR liefore they reach tl* majority of the medical profeasion r>4 this country. All peraons who have used the celebrated preparation of Proaeaaor Ilicord. " The I'ariaian Alterative Miiture, can bear testimony to ita hew the moat powerful remedy ever dis covered for primary or secondary syphilis, strengthening the eonalitulion, whilst eradicating the disease Profeaaor Val|iean's discovery in hia 8|-ec,fic Pilla, for tha cur* of gonorrhma and gleet, has raised hun immeasuraMy above all nis cotem|Kirariea in thia particular branch Ol the pro fession. With such relebrat-d remedies, together with the combined skill of the firat medical men.of this country, the Col lege feel satisfied that the good work they have undertaken, trw ?oppression of ijuackery, will receive the patrouafe it deserves from that portion of the public requiring their services. Terms, (or advice, all medicinea $5. Office and Consulting the^,^ Nassau at.? N B.?Patient! living at a distance, by atating their diaeaae eiplicitly in wntinf. giving all aymptoms, together with tlie treatment they received elsewhere, if any, can obtain a cheat containing all medicinea, with full direction* for uae, with a guarantee of oiire, hy addreaamg the Agent of tl>e ,Jfaie'*0" paid, enclosing ?V (V7 oou in 0tf?I AMUSEMENTS. PAHK T11KATHK. MR. ANDKHHON-Lail night but three of humfifMwit THIS EVENING. November IBih. U44, will be pie*entr<t iho LADY OK LYONS?Claude Meluotle, Mr. Analenon ; L?o|. Utuiu, Mr. Chippendale; Pauline, Mi?? Cl?r? Ellis TO conclude with A-LAD-IN, the Woualerful Lamp?Alad iu, Mr*. Siierritt, Abeiftzar, Mr. Chippendale. Admission ? bote*,I?i Tier 75 cent*?Second and Third Tien M cant*?Pit 50 emu?Gallery 26 cent*. PAIiMO'H HKW YORK UPKRA HOUSE. rpHIL ITALIAN (ll'KRA COMPANY ha*e the honor to 1 MHMNUMp that the regular season of Twenty-four Hep'e srntations will coinmmice on Monday, tin- Ibtli mat. '1 lie Com P-ny COO*t*t nf ilie following Artuti: Prima Online. Siguora B.iriil eu-aud Pico; Prima teuurv, Signors Antogmai aud Perczxi; Prima buti.Siguors Valtelliua and i'oinaai; Primo buffo, Siguor Sauuuirico. MONDAY, Norenilier 13th.?First apt a-arauceof Kiguera R. Pico?First night of the i-ou ? Will lie |?ei formed Rica's Opera ol I HIAHA Dl ROZEN B(. KOII-Chiara, Siguora Pico; Valuior*, Siguor Autognini; Mwntalbaiio, Nguor Valtal lina; Michellot'o, Sigu'H Sainiuirico. Aumimion: Kirsl Tier and I'araiuette, $1; Second Tier M Cl?. Seat* sarcitrrd from 9 A. M to 5 P. M. Door* open at 7: per formauce to commence at 7X o'clock. Libretto* in English aud Italian can lie had at (lie Bui Utticr. u!5 rtc NIBIiO'l. WEDNESDAY EVENING, Nor, 20th, FAREWELL CONCERT OK THE ETHIOPIAN SERENADE RS! MESSRS. GERMON, * STAN WOOD HARRINGTON, PELHAM k WARREN, Restvctlully announce to tlia Ladie* and Uentlemen ol Nrw York, that they have nude arrangement* with Mr. Niblo, for the Theatre for ONE NIGHT ONLY, and will give their La*T Com i.?r on WEDNESDAY EVENING. ,No?. JU:h. Prior to their departure fir Europe, on which occasion will b? introduced a variety of Novel aud Amusing Enlertaium-nis. For particular*, see Bill* of the day. Doora open at 7, Con cert V before 8. CIRCUS, BOWKRY. BENEFIT OF JOHN TRYON. Boies, 25 cent*; Pit, I2K ceuta, THIS EVENING?'UM.\sr. ?BAN( E, AMERICA ? npmeand In ilie Aiei.n. O PTO MOTTV, the great Germau Hcr*eman, will appear a* th# A|ie Jocko. Mr. CA881MIR, the lir*t Drum Major of France, and llanii will e*hibit their atlouishiiK f at* of Mu*cular Strength. 'I'he famous <? thiepian Operatic Troupe of EMMET ana BROWER w ill git* a grai.d African Olio. Two Hi lendid Cavalcai'ea. Lilliputian Art of Hor*emau*hip, by Mailer Walter Ay Mar. Mia. Colo will appear aa La Belle Ro*iero. Mr. Shiudle will ride hi* Principal Act. Mr. Jenningt will exhibit hi* wonderful lufantilo Pupil in a variety of*. Lea Frere* Krancai* will appear. To conciuJe with the SAVAGE AND THE MONKEY. Door* 0|ien at C?performance to comirence at 7 o'clock. Front *?au may be arcureU oa application at the bo* offire. n IU lt*rc BlIHTON'N THKA'l'RK. ARCH STREET, PHILADELPHIA. THIS EVENING. Nov. lHth will ha nreaen'ett the MER RY WIVES OF WINDSOR?Kal.taIT, Mr. Hackett; Kurd, Mr Barrett After which, MON3. MALLET?Mou* Mallet, Mr. Hack *lTo conclude with THE N VMPHS'OF THE RED 8F.A Nereiue, MU* Kirky; Dori*, Mr* Altemu*; Thetis, Mr*. Jamieson. . To-morrow, 19tli Nov. Mr. .Conner'* Benefit?WERNER? Weruer, Mr. Cornier. BATTLE OF HUNKER HILL! AT THE COLISEUM, 450 Broadway.?The greatest Me cha'ical Kiliibitiou tier wituoued !?almost suriiastes real life hi< been visited bv ov'er 200,000 persons in Hosloii nnd Philadelphia alone. Also. splendid Panoramas of the Battle of Nortli Point, city of Baltimore?Stirin Scene, K airy Land, tic. he. ?1 icket* 21 cenu?childreu miller 10 year* 12)4 cent*. Door* open at >4 before 7?commerce at 7)? o'clo?k P. 8. E*bibt ?loin on Wediu'idaya and Saturday*, at 3 P. M. for familie* and ttranger*, to which School* are admitted on liberal trrm*. nlfi lwi?*rc EXHIBITION TIIE END O F T H E WOllL D. A PAINTING, OK VERY LARGE Sl/K, by K. Anelli, at the Apollo, 4U> Br ailway. lhc Exlwbili "n i* entirely *eparate from the Concert Room. , , (l| jn from 10 A. M. to 4 P. M., aud from C to 0 P. M. Admission 1)5 cent*. ni7 ItntTC V/f'LLt.. PAUl[NK DK.SJARD1N8 rt;.|iectfully infortra ivi her pntrtm* and tlifl putdic in (;euern!, that *he i* about to form a dt l)atu:t' for ladi-* and gentlemen, iu which ?h? will teacn tile favoriu Polka, Mazourkn, and all the other faihionaklo Dance* of the day. The morning tchool will be opeu from 9 o'clock to I o clock, and the even ing from t o'clock to 9 o'clock. Ladie* and gentlemen wi*hing luatrurtion are re?|ue*ted to call at M'll* Deejardin'k home. No. 5 Park Place. n 10 ltni**tn FASH ION A RLE iJANUlNt*. M O N 8 . O A B R I E L D E KORPONAV. HAS the honor of informing the Ladieiaud of Ne\ York, and vicinity, that he ha* arrived for the puri?i*e of giving in?tructiou iu the principal fuhioinble D.uice* prevailing in the higliest circle* of Eorotwan and Ameiicau tociety. Mou*. K. h;i* lately arrived from Bo*ton, Snrmloga .uid New port, where hi* ttyle met the warmeat admiration of the public, i aud tlie marked approval of the faahionable community.? | Among otiter*. Mou*. K. propone* to teach that well knowo dance LA POuKA?the new Quadrille* with original inunc? the Valte de Den* Pa??the Maiourka?uew Cotillion*?new GiOoppe, and all American Dauce*. _ Mou*. K. will be aunted by MADAME KORPONAY ai Moiician. The iintruetion will bo given iu the French, Gor mou and Eiigluh language*. Room* are ougaged nt 2'i Park Place.?*tnctly nnvate, eool and airy?for the accommodation of Lauie* aud Gentleineu. I The Polki, and the new liu.tdnlle*, a* at preaent danced in the fa*hionable circle* of London and Pari*, can he taught in *t* or twelve leaaon*. e*crpt the Maiourka. All othet* in twenty Kor t\iriher particular*, iuqnire of MONH. KORPONAY, at hi* reaidence, 26 P.irk Place. TkHM*:?Claiia L*'**on* from 10 to 12, A. M., 12 to 1, and 1 to 2, P. M., aud from 6 to 7 in the oveuing. Si* leuon*, SC?twelve le**on?, S10, and tjuarter, $15. Private Le**ou*?*t* leuoui, $(: twelve leuon*, $12; quar |2U. All other hoar* will be devoted to Public Inatitntee, Acad emiea, Ike., he. n4 T1VOLI SALOON CORNER OK CHARLTON AND VARICK STREETS. rPHE uuiUtnigueil re^iieerfully inform their frieuJ* aud the A public that they liaie re-iyvned ihoTivoli Saloou, (formerly Richmond llill,).corner of Charlton and Varick ?'reet*, for the >en*ou. and to accommodate all who may favor tliein with their |>atronagK?having the luged and moit coinmodiou* room iu the city, which w.Il lie let on reatonable term* for Ball*. Meeting*, Partie* and Drill*, and all who may favor them with their call .GEORGE HAMILTON, i Pr??,,?r. off7 tni*rre KRANCI8 BOQUET, {Proprietor*. COOT RACE?To take place THIS DAY. Mondty, *?? " ther iieriuiitinv. f ir ?mn? of $MC0 The lir?t race n the three mile race, which will lake pl.?e? at half pa?t one o'clock for i Purse of $2.10, for which nine pernoii* have entered to *t?rt. The ?eciindrace i< ten mile*, for a piano of $l?'i.', ,1 i he place at half ne*t 2 o'clock, for which II penonah.-i 1'ln race will take place a- the hour adverted. Th- . admittance 10 ihfConr*e han btru r^doc? d to $1 lor tlie < tub Stand. Potions going on to th" lield in carriage* inuit provide themselves wi h Gallery'l icketa at 50 cent*. Per*on* ??*hi? g to gT-t Oil the Coiltae and Stand without being delayed by th' Crowd had liettcr go earlr Ample accommodation ha* been provid. d by tl-?- Hobokru Kerry Company to inure a convey ance without delay acrn? the Kerry. The large maud on the Coune h?? l-e*n well propiied with larir;- timber*, to in*uro safety, ahhough it has nevn given wsy. Ticket*of ailinitunc can be obtained at the following place* .?H. Smith'*, Tark Row : M. I). Oieen, M-inhatlau Hall. 188 ( hatham 1'reot; or on eitla-r of the Kerry BoaU. Should the weather be *o unfa vorable a* tocanie a po?'|>onemeut notice will lie given at the following place*; at the Bulletin of the Courier, E*| re??. Sun, Herald, True Sun, Brooklyn and Hobokeu Kerrie*, at or before 10 o'clock. , , Th- name of Thotnaa Jackson having been entered before tlie cloning of the entrance, he will be allowed te itatt, the name wo left out by miaiake. iil8u*re FOOT RACE FOR PURsES OF SHOO. To take place on the nEACON COl'RSE, on Monday no*t the I8tn Nov. 'I he fin* race to take place is a race of illree mile* for a pur*e of $2lifl?$.Vi l<i the aeend in the race. 'I hi* race will take place at half-put one o'clock, at which time the IH'deatnana mu*t lie ready at the ringing of the bell. J-'irthie race, the following penon* have emerad to ?t*rt:? William Fowl, J. P. Taylor. Ely Pirker,'ITloma* Gtwnhalgh, SieplMMi Nkirgan Wm. Carloe, Edward Btown, Uwu Edward*, Am brose Jackaon. John Steeprock. The kecond race i* for a Piir*e of $1200, to ran ten mile*, purw to be divided as | revioiuly adverti*ed?lor which the fol lowing |<er*oii* nave eiiti-nrd tneir name* to ?tarit No. I?John Gilder*l?eve. 2?John Barlow, )The two peileatriana late from 3?Thonia* tiroeuhalgh, J England. 4?J P. Taylor, No. 6?Thorns* McCabe, 5?John C'nalerhiU, J L. T Smith, 8?Wm. Carle*, 10?Thoma* Uytui, 7?Jame* Hradley, II?John Steeprr ck, Indian. Thi* race will fake place at half-pa?t two o'clock The pe ile*triam will be dutiugui*he:! h? tlieif aeveral unmhera, w Inch must be worn iu a cooapieuoaa place?to atari at the tap of the bell. At evely three minute* from the t'art. ilie liell will he ttrnck a* follow*.?1 hri-e time* when the iiedeilnan ?tiould be at the half mile, and *i* times at lh. inile, allowing each mile to b?alone in ?l? minute*. Kacli |?de*irian will be alloweal two per>oiu to a**ut them while running. Price* ,.f admittance to the Manila* follow*?f lub ticket* $1; Gallery iOcent* ; Kield *tand 2.0 cent*. Perioe* wishing to go on the field with carriages, will be required to procure a gallery ticket for each person. In conaeouence of some fears lieing e* tnrceeed as to the stand being eare, a-.d its beintr reimrteal that some pail of the stand* hnd falla-n at the ra e of K ashion, I will here s!ate th* particular* at I lie above race?a small pail of the field bland which wa* built for the purpose of the foot race, and wa* about ten feel pi height, gave way in c<in*eo?ence of *oine of the b acel being broken on, thi* in est tie evident, as at the feet ra. ? it was filled as full a* it ciuld ponibly te, and did not give way, and at the tune it did fall there wre not 100 ja-rson* on it. 'I In* stand has however, been all lebuilt iu a strong and substantial manner : the Urge stand has al*o been well suppor ted, with large Iimliers e*tending from tlie ground to the top ol the building, although thi* building hu never given away in "ttof admittance may be had at R. Smith's, Park Row, or M. I> < Jieen's. Manhattan Hall, INI < hatham st. no Hi }ti**rrc CI RE FOR HROM n ITI8, i ROC P AN I) WIIOOPI NO IOUGII.?Dr. BMW'S Liniment i*an mfallibl- and speedy remedy for tlie a shove enumerated. The luventor i* of Edinburgh, Kraduste of that 1'mveisity, and an eminent prac tising pliys cian at Northumberland. Besiales bun dretls of cases witnessed in his own private and extensive an fiimary practice, hi which tlie Lunineut has not once failed of ita efficacy. I)r. Bow has apairobationary letten from di*tin gu *hed individual* in Hteat Hritaiaa and America, avouching the complete success of lli.s inestimable mealicine. To lie hail, with dire, tions for using the storea No. b45 Broadwa*, and IJ5 ? hatham street, New Y>irk, at $1 per vial, or $2 |?r double rial. nij lm*rrc SELPHO'S FIRST pFemTOm ANGLESEY LEO. SPRING STREET, t>atroni*ed by the eminent surjfeons through mt Euraipe, ami by the moot distinguished o| ibest iirolessional brethren in the Culled State*, and allowed by all to be tlie nesreat approach to nature hitherto produced. Introduc ed into this couutry, and inaale solely by WM.8K.LrHO, *0 Spring street near Broadway, NowYorlt. Terma moderate, and iiidisputatile reference* given. " I hvve seen tlie artificial lea of Mr. Selpho; its coBJtrucMon ap|<ear* e*cellent and well calculated to answer all tlie objects desited. But the brat ol all ia the proof of those who wear them; ihis is positive and iimloiiiable Some ol my Irienal*. whom I hare mutilated, inform me that tliey are sui*rior to all others." VALENTINE MOIT, n2 lmw*re Profetior of Burger), Univeratty of New York. BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. Philadelphia. [Corraapondence of the H*r*U] Philadelvmia, Nov. 17, I&44 The trial of Andrew McClain, for the murder of Bar geant John Guyar, wag brought to a eloae laat eight The argument ol couaael occupied the attention of the Court until 8 o'clock in the evening, each gentltnan being re - ?tricted to two hour* George W. Barton, E?q , and Joaeph O. t'larkaon, Esq , (poke in lavor ol the priaoner, and J. Murray Rurh, Eaq., and Ward K. Johnaon, Eia , the Attorney General, on behalf of the Cuaamonwealth. Judge King then charged the jury, who retirod to delibe rate on their verdict. An immenaeconcouraeof paraona waa aaaembled in the court houae, and ita vicinity, and when McClain waa taken out to be conveyed to Moyameniing, the crowd gave him three cheer*. ?troupe of peraena regained in Iront ol the tavern, where the Jury are kept, until twelve o'clock at night, occaaionaily cheering. A large crowd oat em bl< d in fiont ol the tavern thia af ternoon, and have increaard to tome hundred*. The jury had not agrerd on their verdict at five o'clock, the time of the mail cloaing. THE NEW LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS, the 6th of each mouth New Ship LIVERPOOL, 11M toe.,}?";. *} ??? J J. tfldndge. It oS*S N. Bliiu QUEEN OK THE WEBT, i l\ ! lfco toua P. Woodhou**. SiW \\ ? New Ship ROCHESTER, HO toaa,!1!} 4*^' J John Bnttnn (Hup HOITINOUER, 106? tona. ( !i!.u,eh Ji Ifel ! Ira BuriUy. ? The** substantial, fast (ailing, first claaa Ship*, all built ia the city of New York, are commanded by men of experience md ability, and will be despatched punctually oa the lUt of each month. Their Cabina are elegant and commodioua, and are fun ia bed with whatever can couuuc* to the aaae and comfort of paaaaa gers I'nce ol Pauage, $100. Neither the Captain* or owner* of thaw Bhipa will be napqa sible for auy parcels or pecliuea aant by them, ami Baa regular bills of lading are signed therefor. Kor freight or passage, apply to WOODHuLL k MINTURNB, VT Booth street, New York, or to KIELDEN, BROTHERS, k CO , iu ee Liverpool. OLI) ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PAMAGE OKK1CK IN HE^f^, 61 New Y^^^ The subscriber continues to make arrangement* to diiii( oat passenger* from Great Britniu and Ireland, (ria Liverpool), who in.iy be engaged at this office, or with any of his agents in the Uuited Stales, uu board the packet ships sailiug from Liver pool evei f lire davs?and in order to afford every facility, lie will have despatched superior American sliipa ui New York and Boston,'every wn-k, during the year. Those sending for their friends may rely that the sama dor and diligent attention will lie ihown them as heretofore, and should any of those sent fur not embark, the money will be refunded, aa customary; and llwse remitting money to their friends, can have Drafts and Bills ?/ Esrhaiige for sums to suit, payable on de mand at the following banks, (without discount or any other charge), vix:? E IN ULAN D?Messrs. J. Bult, Son k Co., Banker*. London: 1. Barnt-d k Co., Liverpool; the National Provincial Bank of Eugland and Branches, throughout England and Wales; York shire District B.nk and Branches; Birmingham Banking Co.; Laucuier Banking Co. IRELAND? Satioual Bank of Ireland and Branches, and Provincial Bank of Ireland and Branch**, in all th* principal towns throughout the Kingdom. SCOTLAND?Eastern Hank of Scotland and Branch** (irernock Banking Co. in Glasgow and tireeunck. I'ersons residing in the country and wishing to send money to their friends, may insure its being done satisfactorily, on ui*ir remitting the amount they wish sent. with the name and address of the |<erson for whom it is intended; a drill for the amouut will then be forwaided per first packet or steamer, and a receipt for tlte same relumed by mall. Kor further particulars, apply (if by letter, post paid) to sIGec JOHN HERDMAN, 61 Month st. NEW LINE OK LIVERIIOOL PACKETS. To sail from New York on the SGlli and Liverpool On the llth of each month. & m** Ship ItOSCIUS, Captain John Collius, Xtli July. Ship SI DDONS, Captain E. B. Cobb, 96th August. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain K. A. De|>eyster, 2tih Sept. Ship GAllRICK, Captain B. I. II. Tiasg, 26th Oct. VllO.M LIVERPOOL. Ship SHERIDAN. Captain A. Depeystar, lltfi Jnly. Stiip GARHICK, Captain 11. 1. H Traak, 11?? August. Ship ROSCIUS, t'aptaiu John Collius, llth Sept. Ship SIDDONS, Captain E. B. Cobb, llth Oct. 'lilies* ships are *11 of tlie first class, upwards of 1000 ton*, bi Lit in the city of New York, with such improvement* aa combine gnat speed with unusual comfort for passengers. Every care has been taken iu the arrangement of their accom modation*. The price ol passage bene* is $100, for which am ple stores will be provided These ships are commanded by eiperienrt-d master*, who will make every exertion to give ge neral satisfaction. Neither the Captains or owners of the shin* will be reeponii ble for any lettri?, parol* or packagea lent by them, autre* re gular bill* of laden are signed therefor. Kor freight or passage apply to E. K COLLINS k CO.. M Sooth street, New York, or to BROWN, SHIPLEY k CO.. Liverpool. Letters by the Packets will be charged UH rents pet single ?ttrr. *>0 cent* |ier ounce, and newspapers 1 cent *acb. mire OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. m m m. M. TTGTOId Line oOVkel* for Li?erpooTCvill hereafirni^? spatched.iu Die following order, eireptiug that wlirn the sailiug day falls on Sunday, tin slops will syil ou thr snccreding day, vie. :? ?umJVrio VerJk. t\om Ijit rrmeal. The CAM-BRIDGE, tJiiur 1 Julyr U tyi UHI1, '.Oct. t Nov. 16 W. C. Barstow.i Krb. I Mar. It The ENGLAND, Uune 16 Dec. 1 7M ton*, .Oct. 16 Dee. I B. Bartlrtt, I Krb. 16 April I The OXKOHD, (July I Aog. If kOO ton*, ' Nov. I Dee. it J. Ralhbone, March 1 April 16 The MONTEZUMA. iW N Sept. 1 1000 tons, {Nor. 16 Jan. I A. B. Lowber.f March 16 May I The EUROPE, I Aug. 1 Sept. U 611 tons, < Dec. 1 Jan. It E 11. Knrber, f ApriI I May It The NEW YORK, (new,) (Aug. U Oct. 1 #'i0 ton*, < Dec. 16 Keb. I '1'. B. Cropper.r Apnl If Jnne I The COLUMBUS, tSrpt. I Oct. It 700 tons, < Jan. I K*b. It G. A. Cole.f May I June 16 Tlie YORKSHIRE, (new,) (Sept. 16 Nov. 1 IOjO ton*. {Jan. 16 March 1 D. G. Bailey. (May It July 1 Theae Ships are not siypaaard in |>oiut of defiance or comfort iu ilirir cabin accoirimmntions, or in their fast saiftug qualitiea by'any vessels in the trade. The commanders are well known as men of character and ?II* rienre, and rtie strides! attention will alway* be paid to promote !he comlort aud convenirnee of jiaasenget*. I'uui tuaJi'.v, a* regvd* the day of sailing, will b* ob**rwyl aa krr?tof9fi The price of passage nimiM i ? lirw fixeait On* Haadred I). Ilirs, for which ample stores of every description, will j; Cmvided. with the rireption of wines and lienors, which wi > funiished by the Stewards, if required. Neither the captain or owner* of theae Ship* Will be fe*|MM sible for any letters, parcels, or packagea sent by them nnleea regular bills of ladiug are signed therefor. K*r freight or paa sagr, apply to GOODHUE k CO) M South street. C. H. MARSHALL, M Burling Slip, N. T. j?tf and of BARING. BROTHERS k CO.. L'pool. ARUJtNUEMKNTS FOR BOLD ESTAHLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE. ,100 Pine street, comer of Sooth. m m m m THE Subscrilier liegs leave to call the attention of his Trie ml* and the public in general, to the folic wing arrangements for 1BH, for the pnrpo*e of bringing ont Cabin, if Cabin, and Steer age Passengers, by the H?gular Line of Liverpool rackets, sail iug the 1st, 6th, llth, Ittru list aud 26th of every month. By the London Packets to sail from New York, th* 1st, im.. ind 10th? and from Loudon on the 7th, 17th and Z7th of each month In connection Willi the above, and for the purpoe* of affording still greater facilities ?> passengers, the Subscriber ha* establish ?d a regular liue of first class New York bnilt, coppered and cop|iered fastened ship*, to sail punctually every weak through out the year. Kor trie arcommadahon of persons wiahiag to remit money to their familie* or frieuds, drafts an givasi, payable at *igh(, oa the follow ingBatiks, via.:? Provincial Bank of Ireland, payable at Cork, Lanenek, Cloniae), Sligo, Wetford, Belfast, GaTway. Armagh, Athlone, Ballina, Traler, Youghal, Moiisghan, Bainhridge, Bsllymena, Dowupatrick, Cavan, Lurgan, Disnganuon, Bandon, Kcnn, Strabaiw, Skibbereea, Mallow, Cxuiohill. Kilriisli, Dublin. Scotland?The City Bang ol Olaagow. Eugland? T-ssrs SiHioner, Alwood k Co., Banker*, I P \V Byrnes kCo., Jt, Waterloo Road, Liverpool; payable ia every town in Great Britain. Kor further information, (if by letter poet said,) apply to JOSEPH McMLRRA v|lM Piae aiiMt, corner of Soath street. New York. Or Mean*. P W BYRNES k CO . M W.terloo RW. S I V..IVW.I ifi SHEATHING K EI.T.?9" raae* of the v*r> snperior paiout Sheathing Paper, admirably calrulatad for sheathing v**a*la and roof* or housr*. Korsale in lots to auit nrchaaers, bv nt E. K. COLLINS k CO.. M Stinth W WHEAT?2'><H) huihels prims Illinois Wheat landing rt hark Strafford, from New Orleans, and for sal* bv nl7ec E K COLLINS k CO. 56 South st. / O. OF O. F. rPHlC ATTENTION OK EMIGRANTS and other* is in ? I vitrd to PeRSCVERAKFCE LODGE, No. ?,u of the MaiiclM-ster Unity, held at Johnaon's Nth Ward Hotel, coaier ofOrsndanil Eluabeth strei U. New York. About two (ears since the Grand Lodge of the Order of the United Statrs, who rereived tlieir charter from England, in ronseipience of mas duagreemruts on matters of minor importance, i-aine to ike de termination to irfuse aduuttanc* into American i.o<lg?s, or so reciprocate fraternally with Brotliers of tlie Order Irorn the United Kiugdom of Great Britain. This proceeding induced the members of Perseveran*e Lodge. No 17 of the American Order, to resist so unjust and uncharitable a proceeding, by sp plking to the M U. for a dis|ieusation to carry out their philan thropic intentions, vix.?to receive Brothers from every part of the world, and to further the fundamental principles of the Orilnr? KniKNDiir. Lov? a^rn Tat'TH. The advantage* to Brother* who reside in various parts of the Union, whoae num bers are sufficient to forms Lodge, and who ma> apply for a rhartrr for the aforesaid pur|*>ses, through the medium of Per severance Lodge, mast be obvious without comment, to all conrrrneil, as well s> to the subordinate Lodges of the Ameri can Order, in rouse,pience of tlie greet i?ecuniary adtantagea in belonging to the Manchester Unity, as there is no ner rentage to pay, and the et|ieiise uf obtaining a charter andall necessary Lodge books and stationary does not eiceed *urty doHare. Lodges an- tlresdy established in New York city, Patenoa, N. J., Philadelphia. *nd at Montreal and Kingston, Canada. Thi* Order is also more democratic than the one assumed in America, ss every Brother is entitled to, and will receivr at thr pro|?r tune, his Drgrees to qualify him to nass through to the highsal Office hi the Order, without any charge or rsjien** wh*te?ei Brothers of this Order, whose line of lint or basmeas cells them iliroad to any part of tlie world, should they fall sick, will re ceive sufficient maintrnsnce anil support until their recovery ; or if it should please Providence to call them to inntfisr and * lietter world, the last duties of tlie Brotherhood will be perform ed with alacrity, without dialinction to country or religion. This Order is now so firmly established, snd numerous in evisry part of tlie habitable glolie, that it has bes-u asserted "they are more numerous and powerful than the Knight* Templar of old. Brothers, wishing to know something of tlie trickery and un just proceeding* olthe Grand Lodge "'the State of New York, price l2,Hi cent*. Appli'cationa for further information for dispensation* ma*t be pott paid, or th*y will not b* attended r>. at tmw'ec