Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 21, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 21, 1844 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. Vol. XH No. 3??-.WlMlo No. 3044. NEW YORK. THURSDAY MORNING, NOVEMBER 21, 1844. Prlc* Two Colt. THE NEW YORK HERALD. AGGREGATE CIRCULATION THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND. THE a RE ATE ST IN THE WORLD. To tlu Public. TIIK NEW VOHK HERALD?Daily Newipapc^-oub lisricd every day ol the imieacept New Year's Day and fourth of July. Price 2 ceuta per copy?or $7 X per annum?postages paii!?cash iu advance THE WEEKLY HERALD-:published every Saturday morntnff? i>n<* 6X trot* per copy, or $3 M per annum?po?l atret paid, cash in advance. AUVK.HTI8KHS an* inform*! that the circulation of the Herald la over THIRTY-FIVE THOBSANL), and increasing fail It hat the lurgett circulation of anu paper in this city, or the world, and, is, therefore, 'he bent channel for business men in the city or country. Prioes moderate?cash in advance. PRINTING of all kinds executed at the most moderate price, and il the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PnorRiKToa or thi Hkralu Establishment, Northwest comer of Kulion and Nassau streets K^RKTfHTi^^hNT fcAFF 1'HRSK SHILLINGS FROM PATERS'^ TO JERSEY CITY. Un uu I after th-* 1st of October ttae can viU leave* l'iTkuso4 Ukpot. I New Yona Lp ^.ock A. A I. I 9 o'clock A/M. V - P. *. I ^ US SUKDATS. io clock A M. | ? o'clock A. M. I " I BX. I 4 " P. M. sW tl ec " FOR NEW ORLEANS-To sail on )21st Nov. at 2 P.M., Or passage free. The tsplendid steam i?cket ship JOHN S. Mc K1MM, Cant. E. Moore, will positively sail ? as above. Having most superior and splen did accommodation for cabin passengers, at the very reasonable price of forty dollars, those who are desirous to embark should make immediate application to JOSEPH McMURRAY, n 17 ec 100 Pine steeet, comer of South. STEAMSHIP FOR NEW ORLEANS, DIRECT?To sail on Wednesday, Novem iber20.?The superior fast sailing steamship JOHN S. McKIM, E. Moore, master, can ?"Bri commodate 40 cabin passengers for New Or leans in tlie most comfortable manner. l'h,? McKim was at sea during the whole of the gale on Oct. 8. when so many vessels were lost, and lias thoroughly proven herself as being a perfect sea-goiuR vessel. The ship will positively sail as aoove, and passengers who wish to enjoy a delightful trip will please apply early and secure a state-room. Apply on beard or to N. D. McCREADY b CO., 7 Coenties' Slip. Time to New Orleans, seven days. No steerage passengers taken. nit tit* rrc BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHIPS. h Of 1200 ton* and 440 hone power each.? Under contract with tint Lords of the Adl ?nuralty. HIBKBNU Captain Alexander Ryrie. CALEDONIA, (Captain Edward O. Lott Will saiT from Liverpool and Boston, via. Halifax, as follows: . . _ From Benton. From Liverpool. Caledonia, Lott August 16th. ? Acadia, Harrison... Sept. lac August 4 th. Hibenaa, Rrne itch. ^ 20th. TTm* *?*??? oury experienced surgeons, and are si^plied with I.if- Boats. For freight or passage, apply to U BRIGHAM, Jan., Agent, No. 3 Wall strt STATEN ISLAND FERRY. ^ , "FOOT OF WHITEHALL." The Boms will ranu follows on and aftarNor. It. LEAVE NEW YORK: ?'"iAtMtM'iMb1:-"' 8 and II, A. M.; 1I3)J, 2* and 4K, P M. . P- ' ?All goods ?0ut be particularly marked, and an at the risk ol the owners thereof. nl3 FALL AND WINTER ARRANGEMENT. NEWARK lND NEW YORK. FARE ONLY CENT8. THE1 NEW AND HW1FT STEAMER RAINBOW, CAPTAIN JOHN GA'FY. ON and after September 10th will run daily, ? as follows (Sundays included) Leave New .ark, foot of Ceutre street, I o'cleck A. M.? York, foot of Barclay street, 3 o'clock P. M. PLEASANT AND CHEAP EXCURSIONS. i>t/i>lH?X JiKHJiNOEMEST. NEW BRIGHTON, PORT RICHMOND. (STATEN ISLAND,) AND NEW YORK FE^RY. frrom Pie* No. 1, North River, foot of Battery Place. The Steamboat CINDERELLA, wjII run as f"'lows. Daily, from May 20th to OctMn* lit, 3C^1C*L.1841 '?Leaves New York at 9 and U o'clocc, A. M., ct J>i, ? and< P. M. Leaves Port IBAiiaoml. at 20 minutes to I, and 10 minute* to 10 A. M.; at 1, 4K and 8* P. M. Leaves New Brighton a) I and M A.M.; at IX, 5 and 7X P. M. On Sunday?Leaves Now York, at 0 and 11 A. M.; at I, ? and t P. M. Leaves fort Richmond, at 20 minutes to i tad 10 A.M; It 1,5 and 7if P. M New Yw? M*v 18.124 tnyll 6m*r M.Ul BATH. OAKDINEK AND HALLuWtU. The new steamer PENOBSCOT, Captain ? N.Kimball, leaves tlie end ofT wharf, Boston, . .every Tuesday and Friday evenings, at i o'clock. Stages will be in readiness on her arrival at the above yV?es. fo convey passengers to the neighboring towns. PEOPLE'S LINE OF a 11... MB OA TS k'OK ALBANY. DAILY, Sundays excepted?Through direct, ? at o P. M., from hr Steamboat Pier between .Court landt and Liberty streets. '1 lie Steamboat KNICKERBOCKER, Captain A. P. St. John, Monilsv, VVeJneeJsy and Friday Evenings at 6 o'clock. The Hfeiuit'ooat ROCHESTER. Captain A. Houghton, on Tuesday, Thursday ami mmrday Evenings, at I o'clock. Vium Usr loot ofBarclay street.] ,? At Five o'clock, r. M.?Landing at Intermediate Places. TV sie^nHoat NORTH AMERICA, Captain R. O. Crut "enX-c. Mcoday, Wednesday, Friday sad Bunday Afternoons, at i '<'clork. 'i1i? .tt-^mboat COLUMBIA. Captain William -H. Peck, ITuesd.iy, T?ir?day and Saturday Afternoons, at i o'clock. i??. -,(ers tr.kiug either of the above lines will arrive in Albany in ample time to take the Morning Trains of Cars fot the tMst or west. '11m boats an new and substantial, are fur aislsca with new and elegant suue rooms, and for speed aad ac ccuiuK.dutions, lie an rival led on the Htfluon. All ^ .s ins are forbid trusting any of the boats of this line, wutiout m >>rd<>r trom the Captain. Ko, j?v;?age or freight, apply on board, or to Pi C. Schults, ?t th; I Wtice ou the wieiri. o28rc MORNINO LINE FROM NEW YORK TO CROTON, SING SING. TAR hl row.*, IRVIN6. DOBB'S FtRRY, jJHASTINGS AND YONKERS-UAILY. L(Kriilars excepted.?The new and substantial stMmboat VVASHINo'TON IRVING, Capt Hiram Tuthill, will on mi) al ter Sundav, the 17th inst.. leave the fool of Cham ber street, N. K . at eight o'clock, A. M., for the above places, lauiiniK 11 the foot ol ilammoiid street. Heturniug. will leave Croton, at one o'clock, P.M., lauding as above On Sundays the W.nliiiii;to'i Irving will j{oas lar aa leekikill, and leave there at 1 o'clock. P. M , lauding as above. Hor passage or freight, apply on uoard. or to STEPHEN B. TOMPK'VS. m West ?trr*t. n!6 lmrc NEW PACKACiE EXPRESS LINE. BETWEEN PHILADELPHIA AND BALTIMORE, PER STEAMER PORTSMOUTH. A Daily Package Express is connected with with the above steamer, by which small pack ages, parcels aud valuable papers will lie for warded aou i.trlivered, with due ears and attention, if pro|ierly diiected with name and street Apply to MORRIS bUcKMAN, Agent, orto nl?2w?m JAMKS HAND, 30 South wharv?s. PACKKT FOR HAVRE-SECOND LINE.?The ship BALTIMORE, Edward Funk, master, will rail i-hi tlie 1st of December. it, irt'iglit or passage, apply to BOYD Ik HINCKEN, cc No 9 i'onune Building, corner Wall and Water sts. WANTED FOR CHARLESTON, S C. ~ A number of VESSELS from 100 to 400 tons, to ,load with stone. The highest freight paid. Apply at .the office of the STATEN ISLAND GRANITE CO.mi'aNY. No. 3 Wall strest u6 2w*rc M: l^oTlrrli OLD ESTABLISHED PACKET OFFICE, #1 KKpijtVSouth street?Passage to and from Great Britain and JlHMilEalrela<i<l, via Liverpool. Passage can at all times be enx'agt'd at the lowest rates, to and from Liverpool, by the regu lar locket ships sailing uuuer the ntw arrangement every lew days, and drifts can as usual he farniihed for any amount, paya ble at the National and Provincial Bsuk, Ireland, and their brmchfs, nnd throughout the United Kingdom, as well as at all the principal banking institutions in England, Scotland and Wales, without discount or any other charges. For further par ticulars if by letter, post paid, apply to v %*ec lOliV IfK.linV AW. <1 a.ot'r si T.A CHANGE ON KNO LA.NO r lit ELAN ?T, ? SCOTLAND AND WALES.?Tha Subscriber has ?at all 'lines for i. le Drafts from ?1 to ?1000, pay.iblt at all ilie principal Banking Iiistitutioni throughout the I uiteo Kinurf >m. JOHN HERDMAN, 61 Soutli st. A. It. Passage to and from Liverpool can be secured st th? lowest r.iP-s by any of the line of packets sailing on the 1st. 6th lilli,J6ih, 2tst and 28th of each month, on application as abovs. jy<4 ec iJUt- KOR LIVERPOOL?The N?w Line?Regular mMNtV 11'-cket 21st NovemlJt.?-Thjsplendid New York Dnih JpAiLi'a.:l,et ship HOITINGUEK, Captain Ira Bursley, 1050 tout Unrthern, will sail as above, her regular day. For fr-ight or !*?ssage, having very suiierior accommodations, nnsur|Hi>s<'d by any ship in port, apply to tha Cspuin oa board, west ude Burling Slip, or to WOODHULL k MINTURNS. 27 South street. Price of Passage ilOfl. o24rc KOR NEW ORLEANS?l;nuju Lino?First njHfWrMgular packet with despatch?The MR sailing packet JHw&hiP UNION, J. B. Battome, master, is new loading and w ill have immediate dispau;h. For cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers, having superior accommoda' ion, early ap plication should be >nade on bo?d^at^Mn^ra^'^u sSliee 100 Piae stenet. enrncr of South street NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS Paekct of 2tst of Noveinlier.?Tlie well known and Cstitaiii In avorite Packet Ship HO PTINGUER, (1100 tons,) 'sptaiu Ira Bunley, will sail positively as above, Vr regular The ships of this line being 1000 toas burthen and upwards, persons .hunt to embaik for the old country ihould not fail b> select tliil liue in preference to any other. Their great capacity lomli is ihun more comfortable and convrnimt than ships of ? smaller clan. The accommodations of the Hottinguer are uasurpassed for cabin, ?i?ond cabin and steerage passengers. To secure berth* early application must be made on hoardv foot of Burlma Slip, or to W. k J. T. TapscoTT, nlCi 76 South itreet, corner M Si den Lane. JERSEY CITY FLOATING DOCK.?This new kand improved Dock has commenced operation. Cap ^^^^ai un and owners of vessels sre invited to call and ex amine ii, and lhey will at once see that it is as well adapted for raising and rvpainng vsaseli as any puck now in operation. There is also stterlciljo '?"* r\flffw Olaelum/fhs, Wiip-oarpea( fi> >nit V >!??? Ka Aoaa tatm mo*\?mpa tfuious manner aad at raasoaakle ratas. all HILL It MaLAUGHUN. JAMES W. JUDD & CO. \\TILL PUBLISH at the New World Office, 30 Ann street, w on Wednesday. FORECASTLE YARNS ; by the Ute John W. Gould Those Tilei, intimately connected with ?o1he of the glorious iiAval ?eViiswmniU of the Inst war, are the moat perfect specimen? of this style of wrifiog e?er published. They are intensely Infeiestiiit. Pric* 13k cents. Ou Thursday, THE BOOK OF BRITISH BALLADS,*d i us 8- C Hwl.Kaq , with an original ir troduction by Park Benjamin, Ksq. 1 his book coj< prises all the exquisite and po pular bo 1 lads *Hich nsye been current in Knghnd from the (urliest tiin-j?from 44 ChevyH'ha*e." down to the preieuierd, It it the hint and ouly Amenc mi edition Price 37>? cents ..^/;'^?VuA,N^V%IKTM(?D OF INSTHT CTION ft. MLSj(. AL RECREATIONS ; by E. lve?, jr. This work is confidently lecouunerde l to all tear her* and tumrnof cnuitp as tli* molt thorough and |?rfcct book of instructiouever issued in this or any otlier country. Music Professor* are requested to rxamiue it Price 50 cent*. *TT t'"* article in 'lie'last Saturday'* New World on Daniel Webster and the Natives Head it by all mean*. Office 30 Ann si. u20 3t* ec COLT'S REPEATING PISTOLS, ? WITH the latest I mprovements of 1843 and 1814 t. Hammer of | Pistol?t. Receiver with live Chamber* ? 3.Trigger? d. Wedge for holdiug barrel upon pin?4. Lever or rammer to ram t ie b.ill down with. The above is a true representation of the Colt's Patent Re. peating Pistol: great impositions have lately been practised up ?n the public by representing and selling the Six Barrel or Self Cocking Pistol as Coir's Patent Pistol, which, with all iu im provements, is American aud made of the very best materials no cast or maleable iron as in t^e six barrel pistol, aud highly finished in every respect The Six Barrel or Self Cocking Pis tol is a Belgian invention?the pattean pistol was importetT by a U'rman importer from Kurope Cora manufacturer of this aiticle some >? rs since in this city. ... Colt's Patent, Pocket, Belt and Holster Pistols, with the ram mer attached, is the latest and most approved of improvement iu (ire arms, and for safety, sure lire, accuracy and distance', piey are inferior to none. The Pocket and Short Barrel Belt Pistol can be fired without powder, loaded with balls and cap* only, with great accuracy, at 10 to 12 paces, and with great force, they can be loaded and fired five times iu less than hall a mi nute. Certificatei from the most scientific and practieal navy and militia officers of hipli rank aud reputation in the United States service, ns well as French aud English navy, can be seen at the proprietor's atore. I he Colt's Repeating Pistols, Carbines and Shot Guns are told for cash at 171 Broadway, New York, by JOHN EHLEHS. Proprietor. At7 Chartres street, New Orleans, by H. E. Baldwiu h Co. and 122 Baltimore street, Baltimoie. by Beuj. Daffia, Consign ees?at Messrs. Birckhead 8c Co's Bio de Janeiro, Brazil, and at Hyde Ik Goodrich's, New Oileans. n20 Im'ec FRENCH'S HOTEL. fPHE PROPRIETOR respectfully informs his friends and J. the public that he has o|>eued his new and splendid hotel at l33.Fultou stree', a few doors east of Broadway, in the imme diate vicinity of mercantile business and the principal place* of amusement, and has furnished it in a style that will bear favor able comparison with the very beet hotels in the city. The pro prietor in building and fitting up the above house ha* had strict regard to elegance aud comlort. and that be ha* combined eco nomy the following prices will show :? A ROOM FOR ONE NIOHT ?5 A WEEK 1 50 The rooms will be warmed gratis, and upon no occasion will there be more than one bed in a room There it a REFECTORY attached, in which there are meals served on at all hours of the day and evening. There are also Buh Rooms connected, fur warm, cold ana shower baths The Porter will be iu attendance at all times during the night, to admit lodgers, and to let them out at all hours. N. B.?Those who want Lodgings after the house clo?es, will ring the hall bell. n 19 3m* in NEW YORK BRASS RAND 'PHE Member* of the New York Bra** Band would respect ?? fully inform their patrons unit the public in general thai at a meeting of the Baud, held at Military Hall, Bowery, 2nd Nov., 1844. Mr R. W1LLIS was unanimously elected Lender, and C. 8. GKAFULLA Composer of said Baud?and tliey now feel assured that the Baud will be inferior to none in this country.? Tbe Baud would return :heir thanks for the very flattering pa tronage bestowed upon them the ps*t leason, and will use every exertiou to merit a continuance of the same. Applications for the Band will be made to Richard Willi*, Leader, 49 Bavard street; Jame* Conner, Secretary, 33 Bayard sirent, or any of the following members; Wm. Wallace, 49 Spring street; Alfred H. Peates, 19 Norfolk street; Daniel Uuderhill, 114 Wooster street; M. Merue, 160 Forsyth street; John Wallace, 7 Clark street; John Bleakley, 109 Walker street: J. Fuysmg, 54 Orchard street; Geo. Oeoller, 130 Forsyth street: E. Wheeler, comer 9th Aveuue and 18th street; S. C. Lum, 145 Centre street. Doctor C. Mather, 114 Wooster street; C. 8. Grafulla. Composer, 33 Bayard street. RICHARD Wil.LlS, Leader. Jamks Conner, Secretary. N. B ? Bands provided for Pnblic Balls, Private Soirees, Serenades, lie., by applying to Wm. Wallace, 49 Spring street. uUlm*m COURSE OF FRENCH LANGUAGE ON THE ROHERTSONIAN SYS I EM. 75 Lilspenard street, corner of Broadway ?"PHIS Course of French Lessons, by Mr. EDMUND DU A BUISSON, which was opeued yesterday, hefoie a crowded house, will continue ou Monday 18tn, at 736 o'clock, P. M. The days of tuition will he Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The price of subscription i 915 per quarter. A course for Ladies will be opened next week?days of tuition will be Monday, Wednesday aud Friday, irom ll}?to 12>t o'clock. For information apply to Mr. Edmnud du Bnissou, 400 Broad way, from 8 o'clock to 10 A. M. and from 2 o'clock to 4 P. M. Rinuitcis. M. M. DeLaforeat, F'muchCon- Dr. Porter, 1 Barclay st. sr?l (Jeueral. Dr Croasmon, 400 Diondwa. W. B. Draper, 47 Beiavsr st W. H. Cary ft Co . 186 Pearl*t E. Fab requeues ,61 Maiden lane. C. C. Carter ft Co , P8 ou. I E. Logan, Em., 4 New *t- Berard & M on don, 36 Court- 1 & Rowley, E*q., 49 Na*sau St. landst. ...... , v. Dr. John Power, 15 Barclay st. M. Melly,M Maiden Lane n!5 2wrrc NEW YORK AND HARLEM RAILROAD COMPANY. fiaata emafc WINTER ARRANGEMENTS. On and after October 28j_the car* will run ^follow* s Leaving and aTter October 28. the car* will ranunnu.. .? iving'City H?ll for iUrlem. (ItMh st,) Mornsiauia, hord ham, William s Bridge, Hunt's Bridge, Under hill's Road, ham, William's Bridge, Hunt's Bridge, uuuermn ? iu?, Tucliahoe, lint's Corners and White Plains, 7.30 A. M., 10.30 A. M., 1 P M. and 3.30 P. VI. Leaves Williams' Bridge for City Hall 8.45 A. M.. 11.45 A. M., 2 40 P. M..4.45 P. M. Le.v.-? Tuckaiioe for City Hall 8 25 A. M., 11 25 A. M ,155 P. M , 4 25 P. M Lesve* Whits Plains for City Hall 8 A. M., II A M., 1.30 P. M., 4 P. M. Freight traiuswill leave City Hall at ;I2 4'i M, Leive Wliita Plains at 8 A. M. 'l'he Westchester Train will stop ouly, after leaving the City Hall, at the corner of Broome st. and the Bowery Yaushall Gar den and 27th street. An Kxtra Car, will precede each Trail, ten minutes before the time of starting from the City Hall, aud will take up passengers along tha line. Extra llarlem and MorisianiaTrain*, for Morriiiania and i tarmediite place*. Leav- City Hall for llarlem and Morri*iania,7 A. M., 9 A M . I0A . M-, 2 P. M., 4 30 P. M. Leave Morri*iania for City Hall, 8 A. M., 10 A M.. M A. M., 3 P. M., 5.30 P. M. By order of tha Jloard, nl8 3mwc W. 8. CARMAN, Secretary. OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE N HE m 61 Sou^^^^^New The subscriber continue* to make arrangement* to bring om pa**enger* from Great Britain and Ireland, (via Liverpool.), who may be engaged at this olfice, or with any of his agents in the Uuited States, on board the packet sloi-s sailing from Liver pool eveiy live day*?aud in order to afford every facility, ht will have de<paicned superior American ship* iu New Vork and Boston,'every week!during the year. Those sending for their Irieuds may rely that the same due and diligent attention will be shown thein as heretofore, and should any of those *ent I'ur not embark, the mouey will be refunded, as customary; and thase remitting money to ttieir friends, can havr Drafts ami Bills of Exchange for sums to suit, payable ou de mand at the following bank*, (without diicouul or any other charge), vi*:? ENGLAND?Messrs. J. Bult, Son Ic Co., Banker*. London; J. Barned Ik Co., Liverpool; the National Provincial Bank ol England and Brandies, throughout England and-Wales; York shire District Bank and Branches; Birmingham BaiikingCo.; Lancaster Banking Co. IRELAND?National Bank of Ireland and Branches, and Provincial Bank of Ireland and Branchee, in all the principal town* tfiroughout the Kingdom. SCOTLAND?Eastern Bank of Scotland and Branches Greetiock Banking Co. in Glasgow and Greenock. I'eraou*residing iu the country and wishing to send money t their friends, may insnre its being done satisfactorily, on the., remitting the amount they wish sent, with the uaine aud address of the person for whom it is inteudeil; a draft for the amount will then be forwarded per first packet or steamer, and a receipt for the same returned by mail. i For further particulars, apply (if by letter, post paid) to JOHN South ?t. *16 ec JtRRJINGKMENTS fOU 1844. t^OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE .100 Pine street, corner of South. and the public in general, to the following arrangements foi 1844, for tW |-iiriHj?e of bringing out Cabin, 24 Cabiu.and Ste?r age Pasteuger*, by the Regular Line of Liverpool Packet*, sail ing the lat, 6th, llth, 16th. 21st and 26th of every month. By the London Packet* to *ail from New York, the lit, 10th and Wth?and from Loudon on the 7th, 17th and 17th of each mouth In conurction w ilh the above, and for the purpose of affording ?tillgreater facilitie* ?> |m**enger?, the Snhecriher ha* eetahlish ed a regular line of Aral clasa New York bnilt, coppered and cop|?*red fastened ships, to sail punctually every week throngh out the year. Fur the accommodation of person* wi*hing to remit money to their families or friends, draft* are given, payable at sight, ok to Itieir lamuies or nir,,u>, ???- ?- ?? * ' ? the M'owin^K'i*-^ of t Cork, Lfcerick, ^loumel, L< Sligo, Gal way, Balltua, Mouaghan, Downpatnck, Dungannon, Strabane. CootchiU, Wexford, Armagh, Tralee, Bainbridge, I-avail, Bandon, Skibbereea, Kilruah, Belfast, Athlone, Yonghal, Ballymena, Lnrgan, Enms, Mallow, Dublin. City Bank of Glasgow. Londonderry, Waterford, Cole rain, EnniskiDea, I'arsansMwa Omagh, Ballyshaunoa, Moneymore, Skihbrnea. comer of South street. New York, Or Meaers- P W. BYRNES h < O.. M Waterloo Road ? ant* re m. 0k fewtoho havreTaTk ETS. (second Line?The Ship* of this Linewi? NfoT York ou the 1st, and Havre on the 16th of each month, w lol lows, vix New Sh^fONBiDA, The aecnmit paisage is tl00. fassengws is nth the exception of wines and AYfflW Havre 16th April, ' 16th August, 11 16th December Ibth May, I bth September, l1 it,th Janunry, ? ' 16th June, { 16th OctoMr, ( I6th February, ( 16th July, ' 16th November . ,6th Maruh. tious of these ships are not suri ysed. com red Tor comfort. The price of cabin assengars will be supplied with every rei(ui From Nrw York. ilst March, 1st July, 1st Novembet, Snip BALTIMORE, list April, Captain < 1st A ni<ust, H.dward Funck, r 1st December, Ship UTICA, t lit May, Captain. < 1st September, Frederick Ijewitt. ( 1st January New Ship St. N ICllOLAS^ 1st June |i Ol, 11 l?/HV/U/in v |ii| .Milt' . Captain < 1st October, J. B. Bell,r 1st February, moaatious of thaee si biumg all that mijy be required for site, with the exception ol winee and liquors. Goods intruded for these veeeel* will be forwardee by tl? sub k*pvi.iii? ui ?.??? iicw iors dioio locuiy. | This Society held its 21st anniversary metiing in the Tabernacle, Urondway, lust even nt. The attendance was both numerous ?nd resectable ? This Bociety has been in operatic 21 years, and has distributed upward of lH^,tu? Bibles and Tes taments. It is the moot .ni| <-rtaat among the aux iliaries oi the American Hibl?- Society, and from the time of its first organisation has bceu constant y extending its operations. Hie proceedings of the evening were commenced by a voluntary on the organ and singing. The President ot Hie So ciety then introduced to the meeting the Rev. Dr. Banos, who read the 19th i?alm. Mr G. H. Williams, treasurer of the Society, read the balance sheet vf the state of the funds for the past year, its receipts and expenditures, hy which it appeared that the receipts have been $7,071 52, and the expenditure for bibles and Teg uments, $'5,495 44; salaries, &c. $l,ll>7 42; rent, printing, &c. $378 66. Making the toiul expendi ture the exact amount of the receipts. E. H. Blatchford, Esq., the Corresponding Sec retary, then read a voluinnious report, principally consisting of extracts from the monthly report ot the general agent of the Society, Mr. L. P. Hub hard; hy which it appeared that the annual distri bHtion of Bibles, Sec., during the past year was 1,258 613 copies in the last month upwards ot 47.000copies had been distributed. Rev. Dr Levins, the Financial Secretary of the Society, moved the adoption of the report, and its being priuted under the direction of the Board. Captain Samuel, Elliott moved a resolution re commending increased energy in spreading the Holy Scripture among seamen, whom he argued required it more than any other class ot men in existence. J. Thompson, Esq , of Poughkeepsie, moved a resolution declaring that the Bible was the only true foundation of morals, and contained the true principles of political philosophy, the only true foundation of popular liberty. The gentleman gave a lengthy address on this Bubject, and showed that the H<ily Scriptures were the only true source ot every thing that was good, and when the Holy Scriptures were not in general circulation among the people, every thi'ig that was evil prevailed. Tne Rev. Bishop CiusKthcn came forward, and forcibly and feelingly addressed the meeting at considerable length, urging the claims the society had upon the public, the great good it was doiug, and calculated to do, throughout the length and breadth of the land. There were several beautiful pieces of music sung during the proceedings ot the evening by the powerful choir attached to this place of worship. The Croton Water?American Institute. j Last evening, a meeting of the officers and mem bers ot the American Institute, took place in the Museum of that building, (the fir9t, we believe, of the winter series,) and the subject being one of no small interest to all classes of the community, more especially, the mechanics?the assemblage was numerous,and the proceedings of the occasion emi nently instructive. The subject ot conversational discussion was the advantages of the introduction of the Croton water into our city ; whether in its influence upon bodily disease?upon manufactures ?produced by the operation of steam in relieving boilers from calcareous concrete?the improvement and economy it haB produced in various depart ments ot manufactures, arising from the absence of lime and magnesia, and thereby giving to the Cro ! ton water a pre-eminence over every other?even ! the Schuylkill?of not only producing, but perma nently furnishing more powers of extractive mat ter than either the hydrant or cistern eould supply. Precisely at 7 o'clock, the chair was occupied by Professor Mmpes, and J. H. Meigs that ot sec retary. The rules that regulate the interior eco nomy of this department ot the Institute, were read by th<- Secretary, and their provisions are, that there nhall be one President, two Yice Presidents, and one Secretary. The duty of the President consists in presiding over all conversational meetings?the Secretary to rrcwrd facte?no ou>- lo opi-ik more than fifteen minutes, and a few other regulations, indispensible to the preservation of good order anc the advancement ot science. The President proceeded to state the topic of the evening's discussion, and requested the opinion of any gentleman present, on the subject of Strum ? a "solvent." No person ventured a reply. Mid the President furnished the answer, by showing ihat ordinary water contains many impurities. Ex tract ot dyewood, slight y soluble in water,!? quires 30lbs ol water; concentrate 1,000 gallons ol ?* ater, he proportion the lime bears to the extract ot the dye would alter the color; Croton water dissolves less the full saturity. The President here >.iiud?-d to the properties ot the Croton as regards the ma nufacture of soap, beer, the concoction ot leas, coffee, &c., and illustrated ins remarks by many scientific evidences of a most convincinc, hut to< professional a character for the gem rality ol read ers. The absence of lime in the water employed iiy the Shakers in their cultivation of plants, whs strongly relied upon by the President, as reudcruiK their production more prolific and luxariaut. In this city, with the aid ot the Croton, the same ad vantage to vegetation secured. The difference of the introduction of the Cro'on in the baking ot bread, was next proposed hy ihe president, and in the absence of any answer, he responded to the inquiry in a manner that convinc ed the audience ot the peculiar properties ot the Croton in aiding the process of eflervescenre. The influence of the Croton on steam-boilers was next proposed as a matter of conversation; but here, also, the president had to answer his own question He had three boilers in use for which well water wasused. The location wus bad?in Second street. He had to blow the water out once a fort night, hammer into the calcareous substance upon the surface, &c , but since the Croton water was introduced no such operation was necessary. The dross and filth of the common water caused all the expense and inconvenience. This tact is fully cor roborated by the evident improvement in the speed of the ferry-boats, and even in the "Sound" boats ?the former supplying themselves from the New York side, and the latter providing themselves with sufficient Croton to carry them into fresh wu ter. The president explained the specific gravity of each . , , On the eflect of the Croton on "disease,'? the presi dent remarked,that in many cases it had alleviated several diseases, and in the case of gravel, although not removing the disease, it had considerably mo derated its inflnence, and that since; the introduc tion ot theCroton ; few, if any new cases, had been presented to the faculty of this character. *;Mr. Samuel Wiohale, manufacturer of fancy lamps stated, that in the progress of his art of gild ing his lamps, he had to introduce a variety ot ar ticles?cream of tartar, pearl ash, fcc., to neutral ize the effectsof cistern water?now he experiences but a trifling inconvenience, which he attributesto the absence of lnne in the Croton. To a question from a visitor, the President re plied, that a greater degree ot heat was necessary to boil pure than impure water. Pure water boils at 212; salt water is heavier?the greater heat is necessary according to the specific grt^iiy. The Croton, in the manufacture of colors in calico, the President recommended, as giving a permanent stability to texture and color. On tanning, the Pre sident produced many practical and philosophical proofs of the facility aflorded by the use ol the ^The operation of the Croton in the manufacture of sugar elicited a luminous and convincing evis dence of the superiority of theCroton, as employed in the process. He stated that before the introduc tion of the Croton, molasses sold in Philadelphia for 60 cents, because free from saline exceps, while New York only reached 40 cents. The sugar made from impure water became soft and liable to decay. The eflect of the Croton on mortar, or its tena city, was admirably illustrated by the president describing the tenacity of two bricks?the one sa turated with water and the other placed in dry contact?the one, from possessing a limy character, I adhering to the other. The President here recommended an invertiga tion of Jennison's arrangements tor the filtering the Croton water. . . Several very interesting, instructive and improv ing remarks were made by Professor Mapes, upon many subjects, although not directly connected with the express objects of, it may be said the soli tary discussion, still were of a nature to exhibit his interest and attract the public attention to to pics of general and social improvement. Order and regularity distinguish the meetings of these as pirants for knowledge -and as one of old said? "Wisdom and knowledge shall be the stability of the times," let all who prize free and gratuitous discussion, visit a Society organ ised for the purest of purposes, and like our selves return from it enlarged by more than one cubit in our intellectual stature. This society meet again on Wednesday evening the subject of sn "Implement to the tfrtfrol' cKv form the queen- i for wu* I ver*j squismon. City Intelligence Police Office?The Touch Oasis.?An unsuspect ing stranger, fresh from New Brunswick, namrdWm. Conway, encountered in Broadway on Tuesday night two females of questionable reputation, late of "Magda len Hall," named Virginia Thompson and Maria Pent/., who induced the susceptible old gentleman to accompany them to a wull known den ot infamy in Leonard street, where they succeeded in robbing him o( about $50 Offi cer Josephs arrested the feminines and got fS of the mo ney back. A New Definition.?David Martin, a private in Uncle Sam's arm* , attached to the seeond ragimant oi artillery, is supposed to have wet his uniform in a Porter House on the Points, by frequent libations Having a pant all his small coin, he produced a gold eagle, and requested some gentleman to change it. Mr. William Clark was present, and without the slightest hesitation, volunteered to exe cute the commission, and walked oft with the eagle, evi dently very well satisfied with its company. Martin waited some time, very patiently, but at last became sa tisfied that Mr. Clark hud departed on a forlarn hope, hut not relishing'the manoeuvre,he changed his quartern, and marched to tho waton post (lamp post) where he, of course, lound one of the night guardians of the peace? who have so strong a conviction ot their duty that they never do dosart their post if they can help it, and with his assistance, succeided in arresting Mr. Clark, who excused himseif by saying that he did not iutend to steal tho coin, but merely instruct the soldier in a new delui tion of the word The excuse was deemed frivolous, and he was committed to answer. A 'Lcvci* Striks.?On Friduy last, Mr. Wm.F. Lulling came from Mohawk to this city, and after having seen all tho liona and lionesses, thought be wouldtake a quiet rubber at tenpins, and repaired for that purpose to the Shades at No. 380 Hudson street. After making some very excellent hits,he succeeded in making a'leren strike for he bowled down all the pins, and himselt into the bar gain. Ho then retired to bed in a room in the upper part u( the house, and while lost in slumber, had his pocket picked oi $136. A man named Reuben Osborne, who was seen in the room, was yesterday arrested by officer Warren, and committed lor the larceny. The money has all been recovered fiom another source, and lodged with Mayor Harper. A Bold Burolarv.?Two negroes about lit years or age, named John Uibbs.and (Jeorge Smith,nliat Uutfy .were ar rested on Tuesday night by watchman W.J Anderson, in thoRct of entering tte premises No. 863 Kourth stieet? On the way to the Upper Police, they admitted that they broken open tho place with the intention ot stealing, and confessed that a lew nights sinew they entered the pie miaes of Mr. L. Baker, of 10 Bond street, by forcing the basement-entry door, while Mr B. was sitting iu the basement, and going op stairs, stole a basket containing nbout $150 worth of silver, consisting of spoons, forks, See , which they afterwards sold by advice, and with the assistance of two other negroes, one of whom is no other than the aged and venerable Mr. Daniel Tucker, the other is named Richardson. The two latter gentlemen have been arrested, although Mr. T. exerted himself greatly to get out of the way. They were all committed at the Up per Police. Rohbimu a Money Drawer?As Mr. James Mather, of No. 394 Second street, wa< returning to his store, yester day morning, after a thort absence, he saw one Daniel Roberts making c hasty exit, and not being very favora bly struck Willi that gentleman's personal appeai ance. he cellared him. On entering the store he found that his mouey drawer had been robbed of about $15, which sum was found on Robert's person. Officers King and Hep burn were called to take him to the police ; but Bobby not liking the society of those gentlemen, resisted very strongly, and pitched into the officers. He was held to bail st the Upper Polioe, in the sum ef $i00 for the as sault, and the same sum for the larceny. Coroner's Office?Nov. 30? Found Drowned ?The body of an unknown man was lound floating in the Fast river yesterday, at the toot of 33d street, and was taken t> the dead house in the Park by order of the Coroner, where it will remain during to day for recognition The follow ing description of his person and dress, will probably ena ble his friends to identify him. Dark hair, short whis kers, green cloth roundabout, drab vest, n pair of black cloth pantaloons over another pair ot black bombazine, dark stockings and shoes. The body had apparently been in the water two or three days. In Chancery. Belore Vice Chancellor McCoun. Nov. 30 ?Ltwii vt. Jlnifum.?This case already no ticed, was resumed on argument, Mr. Butler being heard on the part of complainant in reply. Mr. B dwelt at length on the alleged insolvency ot oae of the parties named in the bill?McVickar? stating that nt ttie timeot the arrangement of his mortgage by Mr. Anthon to Mr. Lewis, he was an irretrievable bankrupt j and further al leged that he was, and still is, an irretrieiable bankrupt, having assigned ail his property at the time he was ap plied to for payment of his bond, in September, into. Amongst the various exhibits presented were the follow ing, being a memorandum, as was alleged, iu delendunt's hand*writlng, aeni iu ? ?f iko ?ui? fiuiabw, i?su, with five assignments of mortgages to complainant, all dated 6th Dec. 1#38. Mr. Bogart, $1,500, Oct. 8lh, interest $16 43 Mr. Wentworth, 3,000, July 37th, " 00 68 Mr. Oirard, 800, Oct. 18th. " 7 45 Mr. McVickar, 8,600, June 80th, " 106 15 Mr Harris, 6,*00, Nov. 1st. " 34 30 $13,800 $314 84 $13,600 Ot) $18 014 84 The complainant's check referred to in defendant's let ter was also put in, with a view to show that complaiuant parted with his money without having been allowed by letendant to examine into the validity of any ol the bono* and mortgages assigned to him by Mr. Antbon. One of the checks was dated " New York, Dec. 6th, 1888. To the cashier ol the Union Bank: Pay ta J no Anthon, or order, I'wvlve thousand five hundred dollars. (Signed,) Joseph L. Lewis. (Kndoised,) Jno. Anthon." Out of the numerous letters produced in evidence by .complainant, written to him by defendant, Mr. B. read .everal in the course of his argument, showing business relations between them, and the reading of some ol them .'.rented a good deal ot amusement in court. One of the "piftles, declining the ofler of a pig, by saying the de :endant had the courage, not only to "look a gift horse, but a gift pig in the mouth," created much laughter. December 19th, 1833 Dear Sir: I this morning bad the pleasure to receive from you an elegant specimen of your handy work, and it RDy thing could add to my feelingN of just pride, at this evidence ol the advancement of the arts amongst us, it would be the display ol generous leeling which accom panied it. Be pleased to aocept my thanks, with a tender of my active services in any way which may be useful to you. Yours, truly, JNO. ANTHON Mr. Joseph L. Lewis, No. 3 Wall street. New York, Aug. 14, 1833 Dear Sir: On the 13th I received yours of the 34th June last, and was pleased to And that your passage bad been prosperous and without accident. You do not, however, iHem to have enjoyed it?have you not forgotten the tra veller's golden maxim, to set out with the determination of using satisfied with every thing. Your yoang man, at the beginning of this month, made a return to me, as fol lows: Amount of cash received from May 33d to 1st Aug, $1355 Disbursements, kc , 1356 I send you this that you may judge, as you can best do, whether all is right. I presume it is so. He accounts generally for the disbursements, by saying he had been desired by you to purchase a bill, which he had done. It will give me great pleasure at all times, when it suits your convenience, to give ma your first impressions of men and things. You will, prof>ably,be induced to visit courts of justice; if so, let m? know the great men by name, with your remarks on their appearance and talents. Don't forget horticulture?preserve all strange seeds for mutual benefit. 1 am, yours, truly, JNO. ANTHON. Mr. J. L. Lewis, London. Dear Sir?1 think it will be prudent to fill up the letter with about half the lands in my hands, say $60*0. Mr. Burrows leaves the city this afternoon. I think you will do well to call at his office, 76 South street, at once. Yours, JOHN ANTHON. Saturday morning. Mr. Q L Lewis. Complainant's counsel also gave in evidence the follow ing bills and receipts of defendant, lor monies received from complainant, for some of the ? any suits which, as his attorney, he had conducted for him :?March 37, 1836, received $87 60; July 11, 1897, received $6* 77; M?irh I, 1(31, received $/??7 77; December 13,1834, received $13 06; August 10, 1W7, received $14 35; Novrmb.r I, 183$, re ceived $50 00. Suit* at Law and Equity?Nov. 1, insfl, $50; Nov. 1 1839, $50; Nev. I, 1*39, $W?; April 4, 1840 $6fl9l|; April 4 I MO, $01 56; ApriU, 1840, $10850; April 4, 1840, $47 33J. Mr. B also gave in evidence that defend ant had invested complainant's money in ten or more se parate mortgages (irrespective of the loan to himtell) nix ol these were alleged to have been made by Mr An thon himself, and feur to have been managed by defend ant's clerk, Mr. Wenman, with the supervision of defend ant. There were also several foreclosures of mortgages, or proceeding* thereon, by defendant for complainant, ori all of which, it was alleged, he received the usual costs and charger. Mr. B also produced evidence to show that complaiuant, in a will he had made prsvious to any rup ture between himself and the defendant, had appointed Mr Anthon executor and sole trustee over his estate, and " 'ill. This Mr B the tender regard parties for a lor course of time. The case was concluded en argument. Common Plena. Before Judge Daly. Nov. 30.?Jthn Ki-g vs. William Halherwy ?This action was tried belore. It was brought by s physician for medical servioes rendered to defendant's ilaughter.? ft appeared that plaintiff was applied to on the part of de fendant to cure a disease under which his diiughter has been laboring, called the St. Vitus Dance, and in order to effect a cure applied mesmerism or animal magnetism which is generally snpposed to be uselul in nervous af lections -that alter having attended on her lor nearly a year and a half, she was supposed to be entirely cured - Kor these services he received $100, and he claims $360 additional. Delence put in that she had subsequently a re turn of the disease The jury will deliver a sealed ver diet this forenoon. Mr. Benedict, for plaintiff; Mr. Clark, for defendant U. S. Marshal's Office. Arrest ?Isaac Dudley, a boat steereron board the wha ling brig Mattopossett, was delivered to the authorities at this office yesterday, having been brought horns from Hio Stands, on hoard the U s hr(g Pbrvotse. ohsrgsd with sou tin ens coaduet. leaving him a legacy of $1000 in said wilL This Mr B dwelt upon, as showing conclusively the tender regard entertained and existing between the parties for a long Ueuerai Seuloiiii Before the Recorder aud Aldermen Wiiuhip and HM brouck. Mathkw C. Patkh?oi?. District Attorney. No*. 30 ? Tht Caie of Davit ?(trout violation of duty in Ike Officer,-In tha Case ot William Dsvi., ??nv'"eU ou Monday, for aiding and *bet;iug the e?c*pe ol Hoag. his counsel, A L. Jordan, K.q , gave notice to the Court, that ou Krlday he should move to net elide the ?erdict, on affidavits which he held, betting forth th?i laeU thai when the jury were taken over to Malachi I" allon ? for dinner, under the charge of the officer., thev were P^mitUdby the officers to have ? decanter of brandy, and ardaut spirits being eapressly prohibited by law, the use of any by the jury would, of course, vitihte 'he vetdict RacoaDia?Mr Clerk, will you call the threeolfteere who were sworn to take charge of the jury in the case ol Davii. Cai.a?Jame. Hider, JohnL. Hyer, Jamea R Mount. The officera then came up to the bar, looking very much frightened, to bear what the Court had to aay. Hkco anna. ?The Court have in their possession affi- | , n( Robert Sears and other., showing that when you took the juryov?r^u Mr. Fallon', for their dinner tChar keeper w? permitted to come into the room where ih?i iurv ware, and other peraona alao, and, turther, that a decanter of brandy was introduced bv one of you, and la. vou were all sworn to take charge of that jury, you are 111 equally to blame. Tha Court directed you, eapocially, not to permit any person to have ucct'" t? ^?",the ju. one of hensible a? vou have violated the strict injunction* of the Court You are hereby directed to show cause to morrow morning why your names should not be stricken from the roll of officers of thia Court. Tbri sons who were admitted Into the room came tor the pur pose of serving the dinner. o'clock the The Cost of John CIt menti Returned.-Al 12 O C10CK me by request of one of the JTH?-?fc?uSd byTedefence.-l was acquainted with Capt. Peter Murphy, and was present at *>ia de*1'jj' I resided with him, and was very intimate with him ; he d ed on the 31st of March, 1841, about 10 minute* before 4 o'clock ; 1 never heard him say directly anything about ^A^'cbai'oh sworn?I reside in this city, and have known Michael Fitzgerald since 1843 ; fo F*b,?*rJr I34? I had a conversation with him, and asked_ hi? h he had been to see his sister since < laments went to Kur.|?e and he said he had not; never heard Michael make any threats against Clements. (This witness went on with *reat particularity to describe interviews that occurred baween herself and the Fltigertld. about mend ng shoes and other equally irrevalent matters, but it was impossible to stop her until she had finished her narrative) Michail. J. Shaiiohmsv. sworn -Knew John Cle ments and his three brother, in Ireland : his character has , I *'Vrll^Examined?I came frem Robertson in '30 or '8'J; 1 remember the ceath of a man named Culhane who was murdered; 1 heard that John Clements was tried for it, 1 did not hear that he had turned K'<Y ViwTciements John Halfih, Rworn-1 am acquainteil with Clements, and used to go to school with him; 1 anything against his character up to this time, I knew a , man named Peter Murphy, 1 used to board with him; I thtak he came from Wexford; he used to carry a newspa- I | ""jokThav# was sworn, and testified to certain declara- I HliSom-l keep a grocery store in James | street- I knew John Clements in Ireland; I came from the g nme parish; his character was B?od; 1 am acquainted with Michael Fitzgerald; I never heard anything against him, Hxcept that he used to get a little over the bay. CroiH'txaminrd?l have heard of his being arrestedaml tried, and acquitted in Ireland for the muide. ol ^''jhane, I heard a few days since that he turned King ? evidence. At one o'clock the defence rested their case and pro posed to submit it to the Jury without argument. Pkteh and Michakl Muarwv were then recalled by the prosecution to prove that they "?ntl^d Dr Jtmw Mur phy as their relatlen in this country about!lw? HSItlEd Ali*. H CftAWFORD was then reoalled, and J**"""11 that at an interview with John Clement*, after the wit ness's return to this country ; he told <he prisoner that his mother had made statements to him proving tho fW *ty of his claims^but told him that if the witness would advance the prisoner's claims, she would give""f** The prisoner then said he would make good that promise, it he wou "d act In hi. behalf, and keep out of the way ou hiMrrUFMM^T,Uthen ottered in evidence a document being the commissioner's census, by whichiit that the mother of Clement, had given her iiameAlice Clements and enumerated the name, ol all her children, amoTg them the name, ol Thoma. and John a. abjent in America. The Court ruled eut the evidence. The Re corder charged lhejJury briefly, and, alter an absence cf .bout two minute., they came in and rendered a verdict of? Guilty." Sentence fuspendeauu rnaay Hurehttih?George Learle, John Dougherty, Richard Johnston John Bnwn, William Ander?on, ahat Luke Dubois, and Samuel Jackson, aliai Prince, bov?, them black and other, white, were tried and convicted of a burglar in the second degree, in entering the house of Mr Wm Post, No 814 Broadway, during tie absence of the family, on the night of the 18th of ^tobw last,and Htenlinir about $160 worth ol clothing The court sen >?>nced Samuel Johnson, black, the oldest ol the two year, imprisonment In the State Pruon. 1 he other. were .ent to the House of Reluge. Cait of Samuel Adamj.-ln the case of this peraon, in dicte.Ho? obtaining some *80,000 from Sage, Suydam k Co of this city, the counsel for the defence were permit led to withdraw their plea of ye.terday, and put:in anotJim plea in abatement, ou which they moved tQ quash the in dictment. principally on the ground that the accused was a cititen of Ohio, and owed allegiance to thai State alone, and wa. within the Jurisdiction of |?'?t 8t?l* l?t cfierce I. alleged te have been committed, and con.equent IV could not be tried in tLls State. Tho prosecution op ? osed this plea on the ground that it ceulcl not bs showu In a plea in abatement, or on a motion to q?a.h the in dictment as it was a matter to be produced in evidence on the trial of the cause, when, if it could be proren that the defendant wa. in the State of Ohio at the time the oflfence is alleged to hav? been committed, he would, of course, be entitled to an acquittal. They p'ea stricken out as frivoloua, contending that Jt was torney anil J 11. Whiting and Hottman, K?qr..,forthepro senitU; and Messr.. Geo Wood, Robert H Mom. and lame. Uregg. tsqrs., occupied the attention ol the Court until 5 o'clock. A decision will be given to-day. Circuit Court. Not 20?Vandenburnh ?* Heekman?In this case re ported in yesterday'. Herald, the Jury tendered a verdict tor plaintiff, $32ft. Court Calendar?Thle Forenoon. Common 17, 109, 18, 18,9?, 31, 10,38, J7, ^Circuit Court.? Nos. 11, 48, 81, 8<i, 87, 72, ??, 77, 66, A3,84, 83, 71, 106, 108, 109, 111, 113, to 134. Shockinu Miibder Near Vai.lky Foroi.?A friend residing at Phoenixville. jrfonn?? that ?n Englishman by the name ol William Palmer, aged 21, was o day or two ngo found in a ravine, under rtump* an^ leave., in an obscure place, within half a mile of Valley Forge, having been shot In the neck, a d ?e?'?*d other marK. of severe violence. An inquest reported l>i libe rate M urder." He had been mis.ed for about three weeks but it was Huppos.d that he had clandestinely lett. Sns. picion has fallen upon a man with whom he wa. board ing, who ha. been arrr.ted and committed lor I;ria!_ Ano ther boarder ha.l missed a considerable sum ol moi-ejr, and this i. .uppesed in some way to ^C0|yle^ .^hT' i he motive." Our correspondent .tate. that the neighbor hood i. much agitated, as this is the first murder ever committed in the immediate vicinity. A ^eepfee ling pre vail, moreover, because the accused i. connected by marriage with one of the largest and mo.t reputable fam ilial of the neighborhood. Fatal Affray ?The Circleville Ohio Herald staien that on Saturday last, William Stewart lom In. tile in a personal rencountre, which he commenced with Felix W. Renick. Steward hail an old grudge acain.t Renick, and revived to take personal o? him. though greatly hi. interior. In company ^with, a brother-in-law, and another per.on, he made ana^euit upon llenick, got him down and beat blm Renfok called to the. by .lander, repeatedly to take him off ing to obtain a release by their aid or hi. owl\e*'l^'(^I'", be tli.cburged a pistol without taking It from his P?*"?et, ?ind shot Stewait through the body. of which he '?{? "? mediately. Renick .urr. ndered himse.ll, and was helil to hail. He ha. .ince been Imlictoil for the homicide. Awrvh Statk ok SooitTT.-Francie Hare, an irraaeible cordwatner, hailing Jrom Richmoiid, Virginia, entered the store ef Isaac Fredericks carters allev vesterday nlternoon, and after making some g. ne ral remark, on the state of Society in Virginia, and some particular remarks on the same subject in Philadelphia, clicked tho trigger ol a loaded pistol which he had in his ..oclo-t and swore he would shoot the first man who said that Andrew McCKin did not deserve to be hanged Mr Fredericks, demurring both to loaded pistols anTexciting language,pounced on Mr. Hare and conveyed Mm before the Mayor, who sent him to Moyamensing in detault of I,ail Another loaded pistol wa< fouud in his pocket, be sides ? bo* of percusMon raps, and a quantity of balls ? I'hiUd. Chronicle, Nor H*. EiCAFROF a H Brown, who committed the recent murder at burgh, Hardin county, Ky., wa. caught a at New Madrid, Mo. He was ironed and brought up In tha custody of two men on board the steamboat Foftune, bti* when the boat - Irived within .boutfour m'lesof BranJenburgh, he was missing Imme.liate made and the yawl of the host was found floating In the riJer! about one mile and a half below but nothing was Sin if the fugitive It Is thought that be mutt hate been assisted in his escape. - Journal nf Ike 8Ih STA?it ItonaKRY?Two trunka were stolen trom the boot ot the atage, while naming through Men tor to Cleveland, on Thuraday night laat. One be ong??j to a passenger named Hall, of We.tfleld, New \ork, and tha other to a Miss Sarah Fo?ter,ofNew Hampshire, who was also a passenger. Mi.. Foater'a trunk wm foun.i it a Held near the road the neat morning and thee'beron Monday a little distance from it. Both had been hroken oren and the contents evarftsulad, but w hat wa. taken tram tham No ejvo te I yet be? 10*?) T+r+k Oswego. [Correspondence of lb* Herald.] Oweuo, Nov. 17, 1M4. The elements of wind and water are contending ior supremacy. The waves and foam at the mouth of this little harbor, are now boisterous and angry, lathing the rocks with their unrelenting strokes. On Saturday night, the steamboat Rochester went aahore in a tog, at Fonr Mile Point, heavy laden; but with the assistance of the steamers Telegraph and Admiral was got off with little damage. Last night (Sunday) a tremendous gale from the north west threatened much destruction. The daw* of day discovered (he brig Horatio Gates, of French Creek,ashore on the rocks, directly under the fort, two-thirds careened, receiving sundry bumps at each HUccenniwe wave. H?*r cargo, ISO? bushels of wheat aud 11)00 barrels of flour. 1 tear other disas ter* will be reported during the day. The clamor of political wartare has not ceased yet in this direction Oswego, which has always fone 70 or 80 majority tor the whigs, gave bat 8.? 'hi? has roused ihe ire of the discontents against the Catholics, whom, it is said, were instructed by Bishop Hughes and other dignitaries, to vote the locofoco ticket. Much money has been lost here, the democracy " bearing their blushing honors thick about them" with a becoming suavity and grace, which contrasts strangely with the wild vo ciferations of their rabid opponents. I think it a duty of an imperative nature to warn travellers against the constant imposition practised on the arrival of the cars at Syracuse. A flaming bill setting lorth the advantages of the canal route via Oswego to Rochester, Buffalo, Toronto, and the Falls, iB thrust into the hand of every passen ger, with the luring caption of $2 saved by this route. Announcing as well, that a steamboat leaves Oswego daily for the above ports, (Sundays excepted.) Here am 1 with a family of eight, obliged to remain three days at an hotel.? The boatB having been taken ofl?and when you attempted to expostulate and expose the imposi tion by producing ihe bill, the only answer is, "Oh there is no date to this, they were issued early in the season." Of course the stranger is not aware of this, but is laughed at ati a gudgeon of the first water. My loss by this trick alone is SO dollars, be sides a three day's anguish of rus|<ense and mnui. Yours, Vortex. Neoro Stealers?The organization of a oorpe ot negro-stealers from the Missouri line to the Lake*, ilti in tads that dacidsd measure! ibould oe taken to break up the combination, and bring the offender* in Illinois to Jniticc The Constitution ot the U. State* guarantiee tothecitizen* ol Missouri the protection of their property against depredation* of thi* character ; and if the Abolitionist* In lllinoi* and Michigan are determin ed to trample upon their conititutlonal duties, the people ol thi* State wilt be forced to protect their rights by a re port to any mean* the) can device. If (obm dozen of thne neRro-ttealers could he brought into thi* State, to keep company with the three now in our Penitentiary, a salutary effect might be produced on theotber taoundrel*. It i* the duty .of every law-abiding citizen In Illinois to aid in breaking up thi* gang ol thieves, and bringing them to justice.? Si. Louii Rip., Nov. 8. Amusing Incident ?During Governor Shunk'a recent visit to the Eastern counties, he stopped at Columbia, and was mtroducod to the citizen*. The editor ot the Spy say* he wa* much amused by the con duct of a red faced, red buihy whiskered rustic, who bellowed out at the top of his voice : "Wall, Uuv'ner, how are ye. old flint 7 I *sy, you're the first Uuv'ner I ever teed store, and I came all the way from Feachbottom to have l peep st you ! I have a feller here, Uuv'ner, from our place, that'll nearly match you. Jest itay here till I fetch him." And with this in juction our hero started off in learch st his friend. In a lew moment* he returned, accompanied by his friend, who was indeed a match for Mr. Shunk, in point of size. ' Uuv'ner, here'* that feller?is'nt he a tall one 7 Would*nt you two make a buatin' yoke 7" His companion con ?iilering himsell in rather an awkward aituation, was turning to get out of the " fix," when the red laced man Hgain bellowed out?" Stand up to him, Sampson : dont be afraid of the Uuv'ner? your'e as big as him f* It is ueedleas to *ay that thi* lait sally wa* accompanied by a general hurat of laughter, and amongat the heartiest of ihe laughers wa* the Ooveraor elect himaelt Expedition to Liberia ?A respectable number of citizens assembled on Kerr's wharf, F. P., yes terday morning, to witness the ceremonies st tending the departure of n>a MwjM < >viunUaiion society** annual expedition to Liberie, for which purpose the schooner Cupola, Captain McLennan, had been chartered, but the inclemency ol tho weather rendered it necessary todis penae with all ceremonie* a* well a* to postpone the sailing ot the vessel until the afternoon. Between sixty und ceventy emigrants went out in this expedition, thirty of them manumitted by Mr. Wilson, of Kentucky and twenty-seven by Mrs 1 omi kin*, of Virginia. The rest were Iron this State. They seemed to be provided with every aeeouinudation on bosrd.?Baltimore Chpper, r. The T.nfidel in a Gai.e.?During the late gale on Lake Erie, the steamer Robert Fulton, among many other vessels, wa* wiecked. On board that boat, as wa* relatidby a passenger, was an infldel, with 9 boxes of book* to diitribute at the West He wa* loud and ela ?r.orous in proclaiming hi* infidelity, till the gate came on?but then, like the teat, he wa* silent, and waited with rembling anxiety the uncertain fate ol the ship. At l-ngth tnev drew nearer the ahore, and attempted to i hrow out their anchiis, when the whole lorward part of he boat broke off, and the wave* rushed into the cabin. \t once the iuftdtd wa* on his knees crying for mercy? .is voice couhl be heard above the raging elements, beg jmg the Lore] to forgive hi* blasphemies, till a heavy sea ?wept over the deck, and carried him and his books to the N'ttoffl? . . . ()C>On .Saturday, Nicolas Vincent, the Chief of .iielluron Tribe ol Indians settled at Lourrette, tied st bi* residence st I.ake St. Charles He hsd attained he advanced age of 76, and w*? much and deservedly re (?ectt d by those over whom he presided, and hi* decease n deeply lamented by every member of the aetUsMBt. The late (Jrand < hiel was one ol the (oar who went to Kngland in lttJA. He receive from the hand of his late MdjiKty Oeorge IV. a large silver artlt medal; also a mailer medal Irom tho Lord Major of London, cast to commemorate the laying ol the foundation (tone ol the pietent l.ondon Budge The following rental k* respecting the deceased, i* Irom he printvd description appended to the engraving from Mr Thielcke's picture ol the " Pr?s? ntation of an Indian Chief." I he Urand Chief, Nicholas Viiioent? Tm* v>mw+k?-H, (i. e. one who tlunges things in the water,) was the nephew ol tho late Uriind < uitf. to whose rank he suc reeded by the election of Six Nations of Indians, who alone can grant that high distinction.'*?QwAft Mercury, Hintt : Colored ?The Hon. Mr. Glanville, Chief Justice ot lint badges, i* a mulatto; the Hon. ?tr. Shaip, Attorney Oennalol Baibailee*, i* a mulatto , ? he Hon. Mr Uarroway, Judge ol the < ourt ml Appeals in Uaibwloea, is a mulat'o; His Excellency the Uovernor el Nevis is a mulatto ; thirty-two editors! of new*pe pers In Ihe Britiih West ludis Islsnds. are negroes snd mulattoo* ; twenty-one magistrates are mulattos*. In the different legislatures, there sre no io*s than aeveoty-flve m'llaltoea and negroe* mtking law* for their former white masters. The army I* black, juror* black, and minuter* bluck. (jt>- A young lady named Mary Summers made a sort ol "night of the garter" story of herself last week in Illinois, by tying hei throat tin so tight with her stock ing fastenings that ah.' was dead Kfore morning Csuse, *he wanted to marry a pennilws* lover, and her father* threw ?hat Mrs Maiapiop would rail an obelisk in the way. Poor thing! Increase of Popi imtion ? Within a lew weeks, ?ayn the IVartnw Signal, we have heard of such a remarkable Increase among our ciliiAt* that we beve ventured to give it not-r* 'I'wo DG'bti* have each giv< n birth to twitn, and a thin: to three children Piet ty wi II for a new c?>uniry. But not so strsnge for a Mor rnan country. Body Fonivn.?We understand a lifelese body was lecently fallen in with on the beach at Sandv Key, a part ol which was completely covered over, nothing but the head and feet to be seen. A small foresail wa* also fO'tnd, which leads to the supposition, from Ma size, thst it was attached to a pilot boat, probably an American, lost in the late gale.- (N. P.) Ontelle, Oct? Jfl Coprt for tiik OeEREtrrtON of Eeeorj.?Al bany, Tuesday, Nov. 1ft?Present?Senator Boc kee, presiding, and ? othei Senator*. No. JO?Albany Exchange Bank v*. John Boardman. Mr. H. U Whea ton concluded for defendant in error. Mr. S. Stevens was hesrd in reply Quick Wore.?Alfred Mortimer, n younc man who robbed a Jewelry *tore in New York sometime since, srrived ia this city on Saturday la*t, on hia way te Texas. HI* career was cut short by his being arrested yesterday evening by Mr. Aimfleld.of the Second Municipality Po lice, and lodged in prison. Part of tho stolon property was found in ni* possession. He will probably be exam ined by Recorder Baldwin In a few days ? New OrUuns Picayune, Hth intl. Commerce of Albany ?On the ISth inst. there were along side ol our wharves I JO sail of stoops and nchooneri, besides the usual number of (team and tow boats. fWINK-H# bah* Bridpon Seine. Herriaa and Uill Ne? ? Twine, emniirisina s very fall and complete saaortatent. f'HiH Iba. to * Ihs. oil received per recent importations, of i|*rinr ijaalitf snd msiinftrtiire. for ?sle on very reasoaa <? " J-7?iT7ns h ro Hi

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