Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 22, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 22, 1844 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. Prle? Two CeaU. THJS NEW YORK HERALD. AOOREOATE CIRCULATION THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND. THE QUE ATE ST IN THE WORLD. To tha Public. THK NEW YORK HERALD?Daily Newipvc-rab lish.-d every day of the year eeeept New Year's Day and Fourth of July. Price 2 cent* per copy?or $7 M per annum? postages paii)?each iu advance. THK WEEKLV HERALD?published every Sawday morning?price <i\ cents per copy, or $3 Jft per annum?post ages paid, cash in advance. ADVERTISERS urt? informed that the circulation of the Herald is over THIKTY-KI VE THOB8AND, and increase fast Jt hat the tariff tl circ*latien *J onf pnytt in lhi? nty, or 'he world, and, is, ihntfort. 'he ?**( channel Jot outturn mm in the city or cuanlry. I':*o" moderate?cash iu advance. HUNTING of all kiuds executed at the most moderate price, tad in the must elegant style. J AM liS GORDON BENNETT, PaormKroa or thi IUhilu EsTanLtsHMKNT, Norrhwe.r ?-imer of Kul'.or anJ V.imaii streets. L.- S- ..JSBU.- ? ? ? ss ?! T-SE3T _t.LL3> si r1* k A* k J'HKi I' SFj^LKNGS FROM PATWU#^ TO Cn i'' > after III* 1st nl October CM cart vilI l<wva? 1 nn.iso- Uicror. | Nay Usil ?i <-..vOi A. .'<L 1 li o'clock A. M. Ha ? I U* " r. M. i " i'. M. J % ? '* OX lilNnaVS. 1 o clock AM. I 9 o'clock A. AI. 1 " t M. | 4 '? P. M. st? tl ec FOR NEW ORLEANS?To sail on Hist Nov. at 1 P.M., or rajsage free. The kyilendld steam packet ship JOHN 8. Mc KIMM, Cant. K. Moore, will positively sail , ??aas .ihi*re. _ Having most su|?rior and splen did tcconiiootUtion for cabin passengers, at the very reasonable price ol lorty dollars, those who are desirous to embark sh.uld make immediate application to JOSEPH McMURRAY, n" ec 100 Pine steeet, corner of South. . steamship for NeworilTani*. ) DIRECT?To sail ou Wednesday , Novem kber 20.?The superior fast sailing steam?h:a ^^_^^___^JOHN 8. MclOM, E. Moore, master, cim "^?^^^?^"accommodate 40 cabin passengersfor .New Or leans iu 'he most comfortable manner. The McKim wasai sea iliinog the whole of the gale on Oct. 6. when so many vessels were lost, and has thoroughly proven nerself as beiue a perfect see-going vessel. .The ship will positively sail as above, and lie.stugera who wish to enjoy a delightful trip will please apply early and secure a state-room. Apply on heard or to N. D. McCREADV Hi 1.0-, 7 Coentie*'Slip. Time to New Orleans, seven days. Nt'' steerage [mongers taken- nl4krrrc | . STEAM SHIP KOR HATANA~JT|'.e ? fast sailing steamer MARMORA, Caiit. W . 4 It. Page, will positively sail ou Saturday, at 4 P. M. This splendid steamer is calcula'ed nto make the pas.age to Havana in six da>s. Her accommodations for cabiu and steerage passengers are very su|?rior, and the rate of piss ige will be made moderate. Apply to , JOHN HERD.MAN. 61 South streit N. D.?This will afford an excellent oppotunity for mecha nics to take aS vantage of high wage- now offered in Havaris, iu conseqaeace of the destruction or property by the lata storm. u2l .rrc BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL. MAIL - - - STEAM SHIPS. h Of 1300 ton* and 441 hone power each.? Under contract with tha Lords of the Ad| ?maralty. HIBEHNii. Captain Alexander Ryrie. CALEDONIA, Captain Edward O. Lott. <|Osia::: ".'SiSS: JSl'SC-'lr1" w,.i ? , , . . From Boston. From Liverpool. < 'aledonia, Lott Aegust lath. ? ark gsr*v:*M' a. These veasels carry experienced surgeons, and annfcplied with Lift Moats. For fmght or passage, apply to D. BKIOHAM, Jan., Agent, atil'.c No. J wall street. STATEN ISLAM!) FERRY. FOOT OF WHITEHALL-""-'^' The Boats will rniyu follows on and after Nov. 13. LEAVE NEW YORK: a?m n U 8 and 10, A. M.; and 4K. P M. P. S.?All goods n*sc be particularly marked, and are at the risk of the owners thereof. n!3 FALL AND WINTER ARRANGEMENT. NEWARK \ND NEW YORK. FARE ONLY 15i| CENTS. THE' NEW AND SWIFT STEAMER RAINBOW, CAPTAIN JOHN oAfY. ON ana after September 10th will ran daily, as follows (Sundays included):?Leave New ,**L foot of Centre street, I o'clock A. M.? oik, foot of Barclay street, 3 o'clock P. M. 1'LEAbAM r AND CHEAP EACLKSlUJNo. bUMNKR ARRANGEMENT. NEW BRIGHTON, PORT RICHMOND. (STATEN IBJ,Affl>,) AND NEW YORK FEliRY. " " ? No. 1, Nortli River, foot of Battery Place. I The Steamboat CINDERELLA, wail ran as ^follows. Daily, from Mar 30th to OfcRRi* 1st, >1844 ?? fytaves New York at > and u o'eloca, at 3 ><, <?ndl P.M. Leaves fort lAd.unond, at 30 minutes to t, and 10 minutee to 1? A. M.; at 1, (X nosl CH P. M. Leave NVw Brighton aJ ? and W A. M.; at IX. Sand7X P. M. t?a Mtmday?Leaves Near York, at 9 and 11 A. M.; at 3, ? and I 1*. M. Leaves fort ftitfim >nd, at 20 minutes to 11 and 10 A.M; it 1, 5 and 714 P- M. New tork. Mavllt. 184 inrll 6m*re (UK DATH, tiAlUiLNEK AND HALLUW&.LL. ? The new flteamer PENOBSCOT. Captain >N. Kimball, leaves the end of T wharf. Boson, -"g? Tuesday and Friday I'veuings, at 6 o'clock. Stages will be in readiness on her arrival at the above r>?s, to ronvev passeneers to the neigritvriiig toeni FOR ALBANY?HOUR C HANCED sThe steamboats KNICKERBOCKER and ________ROCHESTER will, on and after Saturday, November 23ii, leave,for Albauy at i o'clock iuslead of 6 as heretofore. . u2n tit PEOPLE'8 LINE OF 8 TEA MB OA 7'S j t'Oll ALBANY. DA1LV, Sundays excepted?Through direct, att P.M., from he ^neiiiima: Pier between i n...ii -ind Libert. i r?ets. TU Steaintxial KNll KERBOCHEP., l apuun A. P. St. John, Mouday, WedaesUst' .uid Friday i^vemngs at 6 o'clock. lhe Stemnlwal KO? uESi'EM. ?'apt?ni A Houghton, on Tii-sday, Ttiuralj,' auJ ><ai?r l iv E <eutug', at # o'clock. Ii?a ?l?e toot i f Barclay street4 <C2 At Five o'cloek, P. M.? Luiumg at iute<iur<i,Jiie Placet. The Hie.iinooai NORTH AMERICA. Ceptain R. O Crnt leuA-u. .lotidaT, WeO'uesdar, Frtdai and Sunday Afternoons. At & o'cWk ii?- .uvuiilxw4 COLOMBIA, Captain William H. Peck, li'unsihv. I u*-*4atr and hi>tnr<luy Afternoons, at i o'clock. iM-Kirn talubg etciiei ol itm above tines will arrive iu Alb.j.y in niuple umr to take the Morning Triuov of Cars for tile Ml or v?e*u '11m bo<i'? are n-w aud sui.sUu.lial. are fai ?is?e4 with aew and ciefsnt itate r..oiua, ^nd for speen and ac CoiauoMwma, aer Htir>*alied ou (he HdBson. All i><r?nns are iMtoid trusting any of the boatt of tins liu?, order lrou the Captain. For pnse.^(e or IreiyiU, apply on board, or to P. C. suhults, at the 'Iflice on tW m.uif oJgrc. From 1' tiS23MS..t ? ?? ! * MORN1NO LINE FROM NEW YORK TO CKOTON, 8INO BINO. TAR U1 J'OWN, lR?f|NO.DOBB'S FERRY, ?H.V81IN?8 AND YONKERB-DAILY .(Fridays excepted.?The new and substantial sruiUai w'ASllINtiTON IKVINO, Capt Hiram Tnthill, will uu u?l alter Sunday, the 17th inst.. leave the foot of Chan Iks itroet, N. R., at eight o'clock, A. M., for the above places, 'a.i<in;ir ii the fo-o of .lnniinoud street. Returning, will leave 4,i ot-oi, ?t one o'clock, If. M., landing as above Ou Sends*s the Waihiugton Irring will go as lar as leelukill, and leave tnere at I o'clock, P. M , landing as above. or freight, apply ou Doard, or to STEPHEN B, "or passage or freigl TOMPKINS. 192 W> eat street. ntH lmrc iN h W 1'aGKAGE EXl'KLiiS Ui\E, BETWEEN PHILADELPHIA AND BALTIMORE, PER STEAMER PORTSMOUTH. A Daily Package Express is conuecteJ with with the above steamer, by which small pack ages, parcel* aud valuable .papers will be for wattled aua uLl.vered, with doe care and attention, if prui<eily duectrd with usme and utreet Apply to MORKIS BUCK.V1AN, Agent, or to nl9 2w*m JAMES HAND, 30 South wharvas. FOR LONDON.?RegulariPacket of tlie 1st l)e kcember ?Thesplendid, hrst sailing packM a hip PRINCE ALBERT, Captain Fr. S. SeCor, will ?. ? ..,o?e, lier regular day. H tvmg very superior accommo<lslious for cabin, second cabiu an J steei age paaseiiger., person, wishing to embark should make itnnirdmte application ou board, loot of Maideu lane, or to JOSEPH McMURRAY. nil rrc No. 100 ' ine street, corner of SoU'h. PACKET FOR IIAVRE-SECOND LlNE~llie ?hip BALTIMORE, Edward Funk, master, will-ail i in the l?i of December. *... iit-ight or passage, apply to BOYD & HINCKE.N, u3 sc No. 9 i online Building, corner Wall and Wa'er sts. 'K()R"OLAWOW-Th'Ana new British" ship >A>N HAMLEY, Oqacan Smith, mastT, now on ?h?r way to this port, add on arrival will have irnine tlu.e ,i.?. ateh. Slie is intended enpreasly ss a tegular trader be i this Slid Ulasgow. For freight or passage, apply to WOOI<HULL It MlNTuRNB. The iiacket ship ADAM CARR will succeed tha Ann Har ley. ' ' ut9 re h Oil MAHSKILLEB?Packet of 1st December? The ship TME8COTT, Wm W. l<awreuce, master, iw ill sail as above. ? .light or passage, apply on board, at Pier 9 E. R. to LAVVKENCE a PHELPS, 103 Front st, or to BOYD <t H1NCKEN, Agents, n!9 rc 9 Tontine Building, cor. Wall and Wster su. tween t WANTED For CHARLESTON, S C. A number of VESSELS from 100 to 400 tons, to t^fV^Wload with stone. The highest freight paid. Apply at Jfifil?ihe office 4 the STATEN ISLAND ORANITE t.O .11 <\> V, No. 3 Wall Street nfc 2w?re EXCMANOE OM ENOLAND, IRELAND, |i9l|VSCOTLAND AN U VVALE8 ?Th? Subscriber has JMlbii all limes for sale Drafts from ?1 to ?Wou, i?yabl< iu nil ti"' principal Baukiug luaiitutimis tliroughout the Lnitee Kingdom. JOflN HERDMAN, 11 South st ? .u. I'sseage to apd Jfrom Liverpool can be secured at th? Inwest rates by anv of thflme of packeu sailing on tlie 1st, Sth lltl^iath, 21st and 3bthref each month, on application as above. jyw *??= JERSEY Cpl'Y FLOATING DOCK.-This new ?aud improved Dock has commenced operatiou. Cap B .tin. and owners of vessels are invited to call and ex , and they will at once see that it is as well sdapted for raikiug and repairinir vresels as any Dock now in operation. 1 hare it also attached to this Dock, Blacksmith*, fehip-carpen, ters, Caulkers aud Painters. All work done in the moeteip*. ditions manner and at reasonable ratee. n!3 lm*n? HILL It McLAUOMLlN. NEW YORK AND HARLEM RAILROAD COMPANY. ham. ?? Tuciuho c[ty?Uiim^Tp \ifil? P IkFja u?"ywu,! VF-V Si .'114 fe Av^L pi' i9-> c'iw'iilii? . te wr-^dlit!,l!"SCa ?Mor,mu'* lra""" fdl AUni.i4iii.4ud io. M^'a ' ?' v'r 1 \f"r "&> vi"*. MorrimniaJ A. M . 8 A ,uil- ^z*> j&l ? ="-S3W-*?f0'Clly oy order ol tluf&oard, nIS 3mac W. S. CARMAN, Ummrf. olukp-bablishk!' tMlomrr paiiauk office M,..Mi lIKMnAIAN, 61 SoutI^t5t?New YoS^^^ ?Tha?ubacrtbar Conuiiuas io make nrraiiMluauu u. oiiiur oni I MtMM' Ursat Britain and hJfZSTlviaLiwSLlV ' tfeSteT1 Mt,"r ?me<i S' y'?n,u,;%M m?I .v?rv ililjl UarU tlw i.acUit ship* sailing from Liver- ! S??i ? ^ lu "t?rr fo "i>rJ every l&cility, he will ud?? (lesfxitcf.ed ?u|*.rior American ships iu Sm? Vorklud I B~tunVverywt?k.duriugthej?ar. 1 ?org*u<l I hose .*??.uiiig for their IrmuJj may ajly that the tain? dn? a.ul diluent munition will be jIiowu them as heretofore, and should Tli n"t,,",lMrk. l!" mnvey * ,11 l,r refunded, ?? n^ffi I.wVb ii jjCv remitting Money to tfi?ir friends, r^ii hau Drafts 1,1.1 Bi'l". of Exchauga for num. to ?mt, javabls ?it ? IU'(wit<,OUt J',coaBt or ?"> otic J tRVrnil'\^~,)1'",rs' Ji BaJ(- S?" ^ ? '? v Banker.. London; ki I Tf'1 "? N?"onal Wovlu eiai Bank of u"" ii- Branelua.throajrhout England and Wale*- V n,k t?Skfed Br*UCh"; B.rmingC! *?k!'Jc?, l?Z^Vr,ouAt!?yt il" Kingdom. *" "" rriaci^J ^SCOTLAND?Easteru Bank of Sen-land and Branches Ureeuock Banking Co. in Olasguw and tlraenock. ?k5V!v^ * country ?'!?(! wishing to send mouey to t^.r friends,,nay ?,.um its being don. ?ati&ctorily, ?ntb?ir ol^IU"?ri 2'nou!" l'"y w"'1 w'1nti W1U. the nMne and addrv.u ?ilVVJ??'m, " ,*1' "? wit?j:<U;<li ? draft fur lU amount fo "lUi," iasStfsSf 'a"? "J? "?;?? ,,.T ,, ^RHjINGEMENTS FOR 1844. ?OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE. 4?0 Fine street, comer of Soath. j i ? a TiliC Subteribec b?K> iejire to ea^S^SSIition of luHrlellT and the i<nblie in genual, to the fallowing arrangements fot lli'l. for '-*e t'nrnoae of briiiguiB out Cabin, 24 Cabin and Sr?*r Nf raiwpgere ty tlu. HWi,Aiu,- of , iwi.^l Pac"u .Ta in* the l.t, 6th nth, ltUL 2 lit and 36&ofe^ mouth! ill l'r acJ',u to tail from New York, tiw 1st, 10th and from London oil the 7Ui, 17th and nh of each nu>.ah I connectuin; witli the above, and for the purpose of afford ins still greater facilities f> l?ssengers, the 8ubscrimr has exuiilish edarrgnUr line of Arst class New York built, coimired and out'th^vear.1"11 W ^"CWally etery wee\i throngh For. the accommodation of persons wishing to remit uiouei Ke^onow,nr B^,ki"^r:- "" W'M' 81 ?* , IVotiincill Bank of Ireland, payable at ?r' ' I iJPT16^1 Clonmel, Looilouderr. f if?. Weiford, Belfast, wSerford as tSbj1' pa &,L^ck. Dinganuou, Bandon, ? te, BallvsliAiiiion Btrabsitt. Bkibbereen, Mallow, Moaeymora. ' "o* 1} Ii t, druih, Dtiblin. Kkibbreen. Scotland?The City Bank of Glasgow* P f'mtJffi Tur"'.' 4tw?Pd S1 V<?-> B"1"?. London. ]j V^- ?^o., 36 Waterloo Koad, Liferpool; uaxabla m ercury town in Uraat Britain. ' ^)"BW " K"^K3B^iiSfitevra,&)a? - <? w. "" m. M . fKVV VUIIR It HAVHK PACKETS. Breond Line? The Shun of this Line w ill hereafter leave New Vork <y|^the 1st, and Havre on the 16tli of each mouth, as fol w ul* -- . ^Vtitn Ack, Vork. fYowi Howe, New 8hi|> ONMIUA, C Ul iMarcli, t 16th April, Captain } 1st Jnly, J 16th Angust, ? ^nnck.f 1st November, t 16th Brcembef, ?up BALTIMORE, C 1st April, ( I6tii May I Captain < 1st August, ? 16th September, Hhin IITU A bunek,# 1st D.-.-vmber, ) 16th Jauoary, Ship Ul 1CA, tlstAlay, i *th JB?., t,Sfu1u'i . u . < 1st September, ? Etli OctoWr, Im ul- 1" J"nary ( 16th Kabroary, New Bhip St. NICHOLAS t 1st June. ( 16th July, i Captain i 1st OctoW, < 16th November, ! .p. Jf B. Bell,/ 1st frebruary, ( 16th \laroh. lhe accommoAtions ol tlieae ships are not surpassed, com bining all that may be required for comfort. The price of cabiu passage i? S100. rasseugtn will be supidied with every re??i ilte, with the epception of wines and liquors. Uoods intended for these vessels will be forwardee by the sub scribers, free fro? tuiy other than the expenses actually incurred on them, b or freight or passage, agidy to .? M -a- BOYD 4 fflSCKKN. Agents, M! No. ft 1 on11dc Puildiiim, cor. W?iil and VVattf tii i i- ,NEW LINE OK LIVERHOOL PACKETS. To sail from New York on the )6ch and Liverpool on thai lib . . of ?^ch month. * m,.,m 8hi|? ROSCIUI, Captain John ^nllin*. 26th July. i st'" afcffisw'-Y!*"E ?#? L?i,b' ahctm. ? s^'1' SHEHIDAN.Cap^,, k. A. Depev^w, 26th Sept Ship UAKKIOh, Chi,tain B. I. H 'lnuk, 26lh OcL ?, rROM LlVtltPOOL. JJJ"'1 Ni,';a|'t*iu A Uepeyitor, lift July. ShiP OAfiHICK, fyfijitfim B. 1. H iLiask. lifi Auicust* Ut'1' J?l>? Collins, llth Sept. bhiji SI DIJON 8, Cnpiain E. L. Cohl> llili Oct. 1< mae ships are all of thr I'm: cbws, u|.? ards <?f 100# ions, bi Mt iu ihr city of New Vork. with such improvement* as coinbii.r gnat spted with umiaual comfort for passesigeis. Every care has been rak?, in the trraiit(em*iit of their accom niodations. "Hie price ol wiur Im iic* is ?100, for which am ple store, h ill he prov idrd lliese shi|>? aie i-nmmanded i,y eioern-iiecil masters, who will make every exeiUoi, to give se. neml satislactiou. Neither the I apUins or owners of the ships will lie rsaponsi ' blr lor Jiiy ??*tl*r>. paiCrls or packages scui b> tiieiu, unless m- I "l1 iii- laden are signed tln-relor. I frorfMghl or I'Sisage ai'ply to E. K COLLINSk CO., 56 South street. New York, or to . . ..BROWN, jhHPLBY k cb., Liverpool. JfUJ1 ' acaeta will be chargad li>, oeut* v-r linglc *? J* <euts per ounce, an J uews[w|w?rs 1 Cent each. inir: -THE NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. Ml Mat. rtjid from Literpool on on tha 21st. New Ship LIVEliPOOL, lift tons, J* .1 FeV? J. Eldridge. ?JArvl tl Juue 6 >Aua. Jl Oct. 6 It. Ship QUEEN OF THE WES'l, Hi" r Jl Mar 6 JaSO tons P. Woodliouae. )8i t Jl July ? New Sh.p ROCHESTER, Ifit tons, ( S| Apnl 6 JohnBritton. In"", 2} 6 JOet'r SI lk> b Bhip HOTTINOUF.H, 10ft tons < VVehJ! ?'? ? Ira Bursley. <s?,y !f frf- * _ . ... ... . jNov. 21 Jsn'v 6 .These snhstantial. Hut sailing, first class Ships.all builitn the city of New V ork, .tre commanded by men or-n?rieuc? and ability, and will be despatched piuictviaJly on the 21m. ol each month. Their Cabin* are elegant and commodiont, and are furnished with whateirer can conduce to the eaae aud comfort of past pa ger* 1'rice of Passage, $1 tl'VT Ul * w??U|r| #iuv. Weitlier ll* (.spMins er ownen of thsse Ship* will be reapon Mut by t)-m-ttn"- r"ui"' Ko, freight or r^e.^^ jL & MINTURN8, South SIT*, New York, ?'?<> HELDEN, BROTHERS, kfO., Tivsipool. OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. m m & m t'llE OId Liiie'orPackets for Liverjxio^vill hareaff^W? '.iie following order, excepting that when tlie sailing d*y fulls on Sunday, llie ships will sail on the soccaa.l,ug day, JfcoAMSBIDOK, i F"miXr??li ,^S^.. g& I St" IS TheENULAND, vJnne M J>e. 1 7M tons, Oct. 16 Dee. | The iiYinnn ? BarUm, l>.b. 16 April 1 1V0X^., / &*: 3 IheMONTE/L^60"' ^ '? lOWUma. . . ? nJJ. 16 Jai, { Th. rtrpnpr A B Lowbar.i March 16 Majr i S':?: ! !r g 3b I The COLUMBU8, \8ept. 1 Oct* 16 7M tons, 'Jan. 1 Fab. 16 U. A. Cole, l May I June 16 The YORKSHIRE, (new,) \ Sept. 16 r?<Tv. 1 IBM tons, < Jan. 16 Much 1 D. U. Bailey.(May is Jaly j 1 l,ose Ships are not surpassed in point of elegant* or comfort in their cabin accommodations, or m thair (hat tailing qualities by'any vessels in the trade. The commandars are wall known a* men of charactei*aad experience, aad ?he itricteat attention will always be paid to promote the comfort and convene nee of passengers. iarwof** aaragnnla iki 4ay of sailing, wfll ba obasi- A as nX}1* l"i" ?f.passage ootwueg ? l.jn fixsast Cne Haadred Ufitlsra, for which ample stores of every description, will he proviard, with the exception of ainea and liquors, which win be rurnished by the Stewards, ift*(ini("d .nil"/'"*r "w,'aptain ?r owners of ih*?e Ships will be rei|>on '?'i'"r, *,"iV ''"f", parcels, or packig"s sent by them unless regular bills of lading are signed therefor. Far freight or pa* ?a*e? apply to OOODHyjC k CO, 64 South street. j?tf and. ^?n,tr,ARJ?IFICIAL PALATES, C/ KUl.TED so aa to remedy the loss of the natural , ?"'?'"?'"g b-i?uty, inserted ?E r22I?if operation! a|>iierUiniug to ?? Dental Scioace, P^forinM* apou the lateat London and .ondoa and '"?'1^' I'ONIUBKAT BRITAIN AND IRK LAND & M tfk JtL BY Th? IILA' KBALL OR MLR LINEO^^ IK ? r , . LIVEKPOOL PA< KCTS. ? Sailing from on the Ttli and 19th of every month.. leruou. wishing to aend to tiw Old Country for their friends f*" "V1- WCrt*"f arrangement* with the Subscriber*. aui haietftin coipv o? m this superior Line of Packets, Sailing Wow Littwotil i anctually on the 7lh and 19th ofev.ry month. I h ;> w>JI also have a first rat* class of American trading Ships, Milni* .-vary m days, thereby affording weekly i iiiiiiniiinfcdliiia fro? thai port. (>*M- of the linn, (Mr. James D. IUm4iO u r I'll' *u *** that thsy .lull be forwarded with care **"' pm Should the (u.rtles agreed for, not come out. the moasv will ThVlt? l" b'"ff " h"F> without anv reduction ri r u " *i' OW ttne of Lirepool Packet*, comprint Hjr ,uj!'>w""H maguilioeut rilnix, vix.:? V'l OXKORL). The NEW YORK CAMBhjiUUlC. COLUMBUS?" SOUTH AMiCRICA. WMU A1 I .. NORTH AMERICA. With such aua?ri(>r and uuaqukllsd arraugsuieuts, the Sub sen tiers confidently lock forward for a continuance of that anp jft ? ?*'*??? to them 10 many years, for which M iiVl*' Jr, """'W'"* money to their relatives. can Messrs. PRESCtfrr, OSOTE, AMES It CO. winch will be paid on demand at any of the Baiilu"or?hfir lnW"? t'Lroi,*',out England, Ire ROCHE. BlIOTHKRS ft CO. H Pulton street. New York, At Kutt.,u street New York, >, B-The < >1.1 Lire of fi* J? port for Liverpool iou 0?' isi mid 19th ot Mch month. Parties return ing to thr Old Country ^ ill tmd it io their comfort aud advan tage to M lect this (atone* Luie for their conveyance, in prefer l/i nnv ar irr * * ?*oc*? t-o any other. ;H6 '>m* rt COLT'S REPEATING PlrSTOLS, WITH the latest Improvements . of IKU md 18H 1. Hammer of t'>siol-t Receiver Willi five Chamber. ?3. Trigger?d. Wedge 1'ir holding barrel upon pin?4. Lever orrunmer to rain tlie ball down with. The above is a true representation of the Colt'* Patent Re. peating I latol: great impositions have lately heen practised up on the public by representing and selling the Si* Bam-I or Sell < ocking I'isti.1 a. Colt'* Patent Pistol, which, with all its im provements, is American and trade of the sery best materials? no cast or maleable iron as in ti e six barrel pistol, and hiuhly finished in every. resect The Six Barrel or Self Cocking Pis tol i* a Belgian invention?the pattern pistol was imported by a i mm in importer from Europe for a manufacturer of thi* aiticle ???e, >'*?r? since in this city. Colt * Patent, Pocket, Belt and Holster Pistols, with tlie ram mer attached, is the latent and most approved of improvement in lire arms, and for safetv, *nre fire, accuracy and distance, they are inferior to none. The Pocket and Short Barrel Belt Pistol rail be fired without powder, loaded with balls aud caps only, with great accuracy, at 10 to 12 paces, and with great force, they can be loaded aud fired five time* in le*a than half a uii nute. * ( ertificat.s from the most scientific and practical navy and military officers ofhigh rank aud reputation ui the United State* seivice, as well as ereach and English navy, can be seen at the proprietor * atore. I lie Colt's Repeating Pistols, Carbinea and Shot Uuna ar ?old for cash at 171 Broadway, New York. by ? JOHN EHLEKS, Proprietor. At.T f^htrtte* itreet, New Orleans, by H. K. Baldwin & Co. and 122 Baltimore afreet, Baltimore, by Benj. Ilaffia, Conaign '**77* j . ?T*' Birckhead k Co '? Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and at Hyde it Goodrich's, New Oileans. n?0 lm-e? JAMES W JUDD ite CO. W'LL fir ?*tJhe, New World Office, 3(1 Ann street, |?? Wedn-Jay. KORKt:AH^'LK YAltNS ; by U.e lata John, W. Gould 1 he*? 1 ale*, lutiinately connected with o'ne or the glorious naval achievement* c)f tlie laat war, are the moat perfect specimen* of thia atyle of writing ever publiahed. J5?y 5.1T mterestnig. Price uy, cent*. Oil Thursday THE BOOK OK BRITISH BALLADS.ed iteil by s. C. Hall, Ksq., with an original introduction by Park Benjamin, fc*q. 1 li* book comprise* all the exouiiite anil po pular bullad* which h*ve been current in England from the earlie*) times?from " Chevy-Cha<e" down to the present era, "if I'?' "'d only American edition. Price 37 W cents On Friday. A NEW METHOD OF INSTRUCTION k MUSICAL RECREATIONS ; by E. Ives, jr. This work is confidently recommended to all teachers and learners of music as the most thorough and perfect book of instruction ever isaned in this or any other country. Music Profusors are requested to examine it. Price SO cents. J!PC. Dtd ytm ml the article in the'last Saturday's Naw World on Daniel Webster and the Native* 7 Read it by all means. Office SO Ann st. ?m 3t* ec ~~~ NEW YORK BRASS BAND. P?Fi New York Brass Band would reapect * rully inform their patrons and the pnblic in general that at a meeting of the Band held at MiliUry Hall, Bowery, 2nd Nov., g ilEiniii . V'S w** nn?niuio?.ly elected Leader, and C. S. UKAh I'LLA Commser of said Band?and they now feel -tssiired that the Bind will be inferior to none in this country.? 1 lie Baud would return their thanks for the very Haltering pa tronage bestowed nj>on them the past season, and will use every exertion to merit a conliunauce of the same. Applications for the Band will be made to Richard Willis, Leader, 49 Bavard Street; Jamea Conner, S?cn*ary, SJ Bayard street, or any of the following members; Wm. Wallace, 49 Spring street; Alfred H. ft"*??' '? Norfolk street; Daniel Underhill, 114 Wooster street; rV nT"\.li0 ^rl?ttl.*l?*3 John?VValiace. 7 Clark street; John Bleak ley, 109 Walker street; J. !?uy sing, 64 Orchard street; WUk,,, *#??> DOaAimur and 18th street; 8. C. Lain, 146 CenLre street, Doctor C. Mather, 114 Wooster streeti C. 8. Oral u I la. Composer. 33 Bayard street RICHARi) WiLLlS, Leader. Jamf.b Cokiieii, Secretary. N. B ?Band* provided for Puhlie Ball*, Private 8oir?e?, Serenade*, lie., by applying to Wm. Wallace, 49 Spring tueet. uU lin'm NOUVEALTT^S PARISIENNES, FASHIONABLE PARIS MILLINERY ESTABLISHMENT. 4 43 Broadway, BCTWgftR CANAL Also HOWARD ?TBKET(, .. . _ . New Yoik. MADAM GODFREY & DAUGHTER VERY HespsrtfuUy inlorin the lad it i, that the arrangements * made with the most celebrated inooistes of Paris aud Lon ion, ensure, to this establishment this season, the receipt by ?rety 1 rriral from Europe, the neweat and latest fashions 1 hey hare now o|?u tliree ?a*e* iu*t received, comprising splendid ilau of T'ansiau Satin, Silk, Velvet, lie.. Itc. Also Can*. He.d L'r?*M-t, r.mbroideriee, lie., to which they solicit* call from their piin.ns aud the ladiea in geueral. Madame !J. ti 1). will at all limes uae their ntmoal exertion* to oesrrve a couuuoeaiee of the public patronage. L Ureas Making ia all ila varioua liranclies. Ladie* owu malarial, m-ti" Jaile lo order. N B.?4/uuiiUy Milliners supplied. All farore will meet oiui prompt Attention. uO im*rc DJSBROW'S HIDING SCHOOL, No M BOWERY, M .."*.* ^'10f *f" 1,4 >'*rETTE Place*, New Yoe?. M. D. k-J the honor to announce that hu School is open Day and Evening, for Eiiueetriaa Tuition and Exercise Ridaig TERMS : LECTL'ke Ltliasi. EZEBCKE RIOIK0. 1 Month $|| m ? Hide. 10 N 1* IN Single Rides 75 4 Lessons $1} I I* " lu Ml * . " S (Ml Single Lreeon* IM ?'oad " 3 M N B.?Highly mined and quiet Hones, for the Road or t, u> let. E?Eivito CLASS. 12 Lesson* *? en i 20 Rides kit M ?Single " 1 Mnglr Uide 7} RULES: I -All Lossoiu or Ride* p*id for on commencing. '??One houi allowed on each Lesson or iode in ths School. '??One hgui *nd a t.Alf to a las*ou on t If rload. I-?Hour* for Ladiri, from 9 A. M. lo :> P M. i.?Honrs for Uamilemen, Ir.ui , to J, ffrd from 7 to (K P. M. * ? No Ueu Janien admiiied during tla) hour* appropriated to Madiea. A card o iaddre** ia r*iaa*t*d pntvioos to eoMateoeing. iV'^'ntleuieo keeping vheir horses at tiil***Ubli?imeut, will ? the privilege of rid tug iheui ui (tie School gratis. ol'j liu're EXGliANGE HOTEL Jc EATING SALOON No. Tl DOCK STREET, w , PHILADELPHIA THE Subscribers respectfully inform their friends and the public, that they have re-fitted and opened the above esta blishment, where they arc prepared at all times to furnish Din ners, "upper* anil Breakfast, at tlie ihorteat notice. Th.-y will keep au Ordinary from 11 o'clock A.M., antil 4 P.M., when v*f sons cu diue on all the delicaciee of the aeaton. The Bar wil I oe amiTy auiiplied ; and from their long experience in the bull ae**, they hoi* to gire general (atiafactiou. They have al*o fitted up a number of airy and well ventilated aleeinug room*, affording peraon* arriving by tlie different rail toad* and steamboats, an oppartanity lo obtain lodging at all hours of the night. Attached to the establishment, is an sxti nsiv* subline foi horses. The public may rMt assured every attention will be paid all who favor ihem with a call. f2" TheJocatiou is in tlie immediate vicinity of the princi pal Banks, Railroad and Steamboat landings, and opposite the Philadelphia Exchange. RICHARD B. JONES, st? ftaw tl r. DANIEL COPPELL UNIVEJK.SITY SURGICAL AND MEDICAL CLINlCJUE. THIS Institution has been e*ubli*hed by the Medicsl Karnlty of ihe University of New Vork, for the purpose of enabling ihosecitixens who are affected with surgical diseases, and whose nrcainsiancea prevent them obtaining relief, to have the secrn lary operations wrforuied gratuitously, and likewise to fnrnish ?dtice and medicine to the sick poor f'nw of cliarge. On every Saturday tliroughont tlie year, Dr. MOTT will be in attend uice at the Cliuiqne, SW Broadway, to give advice, and |>erfurm any surgical operatiou lhai may be required. The Clinique will open at nine and close at one o clock, P. M. UNIVERSITY LVINO IN CHARITY.?This charity is under the direction of Dr. BEDKORD, and is also intanded to furnish gratuitous assutauce to |>oor women in their couiine uieut. All women u ho may require the aid of thi* charity, are requested to register their names with Dr. BEDt'OKO, 741 Broadway, and they will be attended at their own free of charge. ol>aw!in*rre BY ORDER OK AARON VANDERrOEL, JuucTo the Superior Court, of the City of New York. Notice i* hereby given, parsaant to the provision* of the statute authorizing attachments against' non-resident debtors, thst an attachment has issued against the estate of CHARLES NICHOLS, a resident of Am*"*irlam, in Holland, and that the sama -will be sold for the payment of his debts, unless he apiear and discliarse such an attachment, according to law, within nine sleuths from tlie first publication of this notias: and that ths psyment of any debts due to him by residents of this State, and. the dslirery to him or for his uae, of any propsrty Within this Stat* belonging to him, and the transfer of any such pn psrty by him, an forbidden by law and ars void. Dated the 7th day of Kebruary, 1844. WESl'EKN It EDWARDS. mrll llawton'rc At orney* for A.taching Creditor if XP7tE88~PRlcr.H HEDUCED?The Subscribers havs " re>lnced their Egress prices on all snail packages of law sad other documents, from Ml cenu to 1} coats per package, from thi* eitr to Buffalo and ths intermedials points. Also, tliroagh Weil* It Co.'a Expre** from Buffalo to Chicago, at it :ei*a per package from this eitr t? Chicago, and the mtennedi ?le roiat* oa I'.e Lake. *mI l.tviNUKT'l^ * POMTMOT POTATOKS.?1000 bushels vsrv superior Irish Potstns* 1 landing ax *hip Siddona, from Lirerpool, and lor aale in lot* to auit purdiaaera, by ii22 re E. It. COLLINS It CO. ? Month st. UAlkN'l PitlluA 1IIINU I- k.L'i.?It cases Patont Shsiuliing ? kell, a very sarerior article for ships' bottnau *nd ihe roofs >f kouies. Korsalaby E. K. COuLINS It CO , ? * w^,,h 'W**' ZlNt^-M cask, afloat?for sale by" WOnnHuLL ft MINTUftM-i, 1 Mouth Stm I Boston. [C"orre?|>oadeace of (ho Herald ] ? .... , Bottom, Nov. 20, 1844. Political Qouip On Dit,-Figuring,-Progn*,. Mana*trt~ Indication,? Diar Bennett? llostou is a great city, lying ?'.ast b'noth"from jotuam and contains among ita one hundred and odd thousand inhabitant., .ome v.ry ?clever'' men,, *a well as very many rascals, big and little, of which latter the least said the better. Now that the election is pretty much over, for tins time, the various clique, of the prevailing party are movmg heaven and earth for the supremacy. The H?erests of these clique, are by no means vaned (so far, at least, as their one grand object is concerned), the first and foremost aim of all being I to get the asoendancy in the good traces of thp 'idniim.tration, that is to be?and thereby coniH in tor the snmls " ti.. #"* ?iu - (of which th? I*.. a ", Th,? Calhoun interest yoi wnicn the late Tyler party form a verv nromi. The Tan Kuren Vl ?? m"*an8 inc?nsiderHbl? heie | i rit van nuren claimant* arc lew, but sironc I The Cuss men may be put into a ha f-bushel and 1 T0hV,%d\W,Tth.?ut h?r?'ing ? hair on their head. I friend^ a? demlnfilf8 **a ?b80le'?-Buchanan's hiiftu , o? rn*nted?and the remainder of the ilfitw {I . ,ou5llt ln Massachusetts, between S po"ki?r..Tm'ir |,?|'K,, 10 Tlu- speculations as to who will "go in for their so wide in their range as occurs in some other oor tton. of the country. The prominent men in the i7ui"reraaC ver?' VJ2X* are n?,' 90 nun,"ous as to rh*?m lengthy catalogue to enumerate ?tat they are easily to be fat nir in ?h,. .. " VHri-ety of no?"?ns are uow circu lating m this city of notions," as to who will :.e M'K y&s1 SiXt-"? Si1 m ?'"> now'tlie<ezDreineti'?>n> my ?iew 1 reiterate r i i ?*Pre8hed opintorirt of prominent impii i-.. "'"""Calhoun interest in New -ngland will have an ample slmrf in the gilts fri m JSd eSESft"* ncw Administration, for n,,mVrou6 and cogent reasons. The nomination of Mr l'olk lZd ?mtrt w!. y * majority of Mr. CaihovnV iriends, in part, who wouhfnt ?e Van at ntiv price New Hvnpshire led off for Polk-and Polk's name fairly up before the Convention, the north-eastern d.'jpgates stuck to him like pitch until lie cot ihe voice of the Convention. Gov. Hubbard want" nothing, bo he is out of the way. Hon. Levi Wood burv, (so says your Washington correspondent ) wilf probably go to Russia; ve8ry good, a?S noth" ,g more likely, if he desires it. huT Robert ilantoul Jr , is far more likely to go into the Treasury D,>-' EfrihleTr Bancroft- The duties of Secretary of the Treasury would scarcely suit Mr. Bancroft "r I8nyet ul,on his splendid "History of 'he United States," and he would be much bet ter suited wih the Collectorship of Boston, where th?T?u* * ? ?t,er co'"mand of his time. Should the Tyler appointments be upset (as it now seenif more than probable that mauy of them will be) i! chance of reinstation as Collector <>i Boston, which post he resigned after Harrison'* election, appears to be by far the best of all the persons now named for it. As Collector o( thit ?n&h fg. rcro,^w? held in high .? umaii.-n, r yrJ5?an^8 in 'h? front rank, so far as cfcuicea go. The present Collector ot lionton has proved a very excellent and proper , dl though he is somewhat obnoxious to a tain in erest here, from the fact that he has " " to turn neither to the right or the left, f his ai? pointment. If Mr. Williams should I, I over V,'UB continuation a office' th^/if u^sj'and* as^he^s the? ^rwnal"nend ^^Mr' g f<&?? & a sanctioned Roberts ha. made himself a very obliging, gentlemanly, and popular naval officer and his paper (the Times) has worked pretty efficiently during the present campaign. It has lat Democrat, teriii" J ,h ta? Len at,ached 10 in n fi, . U.h uIatt,ir'. ha?,e thu8 ')e<'n brought to bear ? t channe^I- Roberts has secured many wShin Vhi I ,eind.1 by lhe courae he has adopted within the laat half a year, and he will undoubted ly reap the benefit of it. One thing is pretty plain, under existing circum stances, mere will be a considerable of an over ture among the present office-holder., and as pre dictions appear to, be the order of the day, allow me to close with one which seems verv probable Irom all ihat can be gathered in this qukrter among politician, who are always engaged in making up cabinets, Jcc.,fornew Presidents, and who .ome times hit the nail on th? head, ff any change is Tad?,in. Collectorship in Boston, which appears doubtfu! however. I predict that George Bancroft, l.r,tm [TSn!"' ^ Cambridge,) the first by ar the mo.t like y, will get the post. Gov. Wood bury will probably have a foreign mission. Ro I bert RantouJ, Jr., will go into ihe Treasury De i cartment to represent New England ii the Cabi P^m?LUr?fyRd?Ubt- r'rrrn will remain rostmasier of Boston, and no questions asked ? ^0iVtt0bel? w,1> aij probability, be confirmed, and if so will surely hold over under Polk, as Naval Officer of this port. Roberts ha. worked hard for the party here, and so long as "kissing goes by favor, he deserves all he can make out of it? Among the leaser lights B. F. Hallett is looking for Dexters plara (District Attorney); thirty-seven diflerent "prominent democrats" are all expecting ???? ?'t Pv"t' u' M*r*h"J); as many more wont get Vincent Brown's office, (Navy Agent), and half as *njny more will be disappointed be cause Seth I. Thomas (Naval Storekeeper), will .tay put In the midst of all this nulling and nauling, there is an under-current hard to work and tt is not unlikely that numerous "hums" will* in the long run, be most essentially "humbuwred'5 by the "humbnggers." More anon. Yonrs, "Old Stym." Mobdm ? Information having been received here ?id to have emanated from an individual in h? New Vork Htate Prinon, that iodir time early in April !??t, a murder w.? committer! near thin place, our citiien? turned out, and after two or three dayg.earch, a bod y wai feundiintho ?ood* alwnt a mile from the road, iMirtJallT tmried_ In * root hole Near tbabody nut alio (uiitnl ? black fur hat with * hull holf through it. The murder ed peraon.hadon a eotton ihirt with a linen collar an.l hoiom.but ?o decayed a? :o leave no Cher mark ilanr wag ??er upon it Thera wat aUo a black nlk cravat around the neck. The body, although much decayed, abowtd ?f ?"1 "ken in connection with the clothe* found in the river, an account of which wa? P"V"A*?'?,T WP?' 'J?*tlM?110 ,|oubt ,h?? ? ?o.t foul and brutal murder hai been perpetrated ; but nothing tranapired to lead to the Nscovery ofwko the murdered perton wna, or where from Rumor aay? that there were two p*r?on? mnr.Vre.1 at the *amo Um?; that they were travelling Wmt with a horae and buggy, and that they came fron Cleveland oi beyond ?Mtimi *f Lake Erie, Perrythurf, Ohio. NorniitHS Link of Missouri ?The St. Lotus New Era says, there are indications in ihe Iowa Conventien that they will adopt Hulliv.n'a old Indian lino a* the Southern boundary oflowa. Thi? would be hgr.iM violation of the constitutional honndari^g of Mi^iioiiri 5?. T0?1'1 cut off ? 1,l*e portion of this State. Miatouri will niaka war to the knife before sh? will ?uhmit te anv thing of the kind. We inaiat on the line run by lo?et.h ,.l?l^own"? ,n< by the lawn of Miaaouri. It will he ths duty o! oar membrrn of Congrett to r<>iiat the .dnniion of Iowa into the Union, atrenuoudy and "jforoualy, iinleas the line run by Brown be flrat recor nir.ed and eitabliahed aa the Southern boundary of Iowa Our ?amber, should apare no paini to prevent Iowu'? adulation on any other terms. 1 ,KSnC'?^a.Br.i(,*u 1<ian"",> a chambermaid at the f Jsited States Hotel, in this city, poisoned her self with arienic yesterday morning, and died at about eleven o'clock. She came to thi< city irom Krie norne u ,inc? , 8he ha*1 keen employe.) at the f? Moose, in trie, before coming to this place, and while there go: married to a man from whom, howeeer she was soon separated by Jealousy. On Sunday evening she received a letter informing her that her husband had married again. This oauied her so much distrnss of mind thst she resolved to put an end to her life, and did so in the msnner mentioned above-Buffalo r<-en*mt?t Court for thk Correction of Errors.? Al i ??/ t?v,e, *rfBeDtt ^^nator Foster presiding, | and 31 oiher Aanatora. ! *,<rJ?,h?# BJ??-rr an<1 al- " A. Bartholomew and other suitors?Mr. S.Steveni waa heard fsr plaintiff in T Ji Wheatoa and Mr. N. Mill, Jr. w-re heard for deft, in error, and Mr. B. Stevens in reply. De cislon postponed r ' ?rN.? Lawrence and al. vs. the City ff New L?rvL. brought on instead of No *J. Mr. W W. Van Wagener was heard for plff in error. r . J*K , LaRowT Frrioht Yet.?The iron canal bo?t Vulcan, has cleared from Rochester for this city with son barrels of flour. The experiment ef Iron boats suc ceed. ?Aminblj.-Mtm, 4*,., so. Profligate Legislation. 1 have recently seen Senate Document No. 134 oi the last session of the Legislature, in relation to allowances to contractors since 1836, on the New York State Canals, and it appears to me to contain some startling facts ot the immense sums of money paid by the State to contractors, over and above the prices stipulated to be paid in their contracts ; and it may possibly lead to some of the reasons why there has been lor the last few years so formi dable a legislative lobby annually, so clamorous tor a slice at the public crib. The allowances to contractors over and above the contract prices, are stated in the afortsaid doc ument as follows : Awarded by Canal Board $4*2,0 .3 10 " by Canal Commissioners 166,291 00 " by Canal Board (or protective profit* on work not (lone 362,041 2J Total extra allowances $l,lt>? 394 Be Here we have the enormous sum ol one million one hundred and sixty-nine thousand three hun dred and ninety-fsur dollars and ninety-eight cents, given to four hundred and titty-seven contractors and their copartners, from the treasury ol this State by the ru?y virtue ot the Legislature, who have parsed laws to take this large sum from the tax payers, to partially satisfy these contractors ; a larger i-utn thun the cost ot the Oawego, Cayuga and Genesee, Chemung und Crooked Lake Canals; and about n? large an amount <xb liar been raised from the null tax in two years. The impropriety and injustice of some of these allowances may be seen by a reference to the amount ot the contracts, at their stipulated prices, and the very large per centage allowed on that amount; ana it is a re markable fact that the individuals who have re ceived the largest sums are those most conspicuous in the lobby for the last few sessions ; and indeed it appears, that several of these gentlemen have held seats in the Legislature, and have probably Given their assistance in the passage of some of these iniquiious laws. A tew ot the individuals are named below, and the amounts awarded to them and their associates, asexhibited in the afore said document. William Bue 11, and as assignee of Parmclee Ic Smith *74,636 93 ILzekiah Sag*-* and other*. t>4,070 24 Huron. Beaumont and other* 33.U1H 71 1.???tar Barker and others 27,014 HO P'.och, Chapman aad other* 24,671 47 llorain k Solomon, Parmclee and other* 22,236 II Kassou Biown and other* . . 21,?58 20 fli<cbi"? 8c Co 20,218 W4 E. M. Townaend 20,067 8<i John B. Ives 19.320 42 Andrew I'. Tillman h. Brown IB 939 us Perrine St Drake 18,793 61 James Shuler 18.641 70 Klisha Johnson 17.390 67 A C Baldwin.... 16,727 21 Beebe it Thompson 16,341 01 Luke Hitchcock and Higinbotham and others. 16,029 26 Thomas J. Gilbert 14,392 80 8'ephen Clark 12,872 61 Malet, Dunham, and other* 12 9 47 76 Samuel Farwell 12,382 46 Merritt Clark 11,811 86 Total allowance to 29 perion* and firms.... $612,170 11 I . re i* ?ver ?alf a mi"'? of dollar, obtained I Irom the State Treasury over and above their con I tract prices, by twenty-two individuals and firms I or an average of oyer #23,000 each; certainly a' I handsome tortune in these economical times - 1 well may some of the contractors say that it is I more profitable te lobby the legislature than to work I thru contracts, and if the same partial and exclu j''ve legislation is to be hereafter continued I tor the benefit of the canal contractors, and I uiey are in a body to be ticketed for life upon the I hard earnings of the tax payers, is it not time to I step the incurring of any new similar liability? or I should the State, under such circumstances, go on I with any public improvement! ? Other StaiiM and individual companies are more I Carefuli and economical, and are not so lavish with I ilietr allowances It is snid that the State of Ohio I has never in a single instance paid more than the I stipulated prices to their contractors, although that I State has expended about #20,000,000 in internal I improvements, and in this State the old land marks I appear to have been entirely departed trom by the I Legislature; no contract, however strong or se I tVcimTa t?w.eyer ,irnP|''' ar^arH 'o afford any pro | j n l" ? -,/? ^ contract? f,*. ? | ifood contract, he pockets the profits, hut if ? h id I one, or if it caa be proved to be bad (and what I cannot be proved to be bad by the contractor?) the I State makesup the losses. A single case of the foregeing may be stated, and it is believed, may be a fair sample ol others I Andrew P. Tillman and Brown took a contract to I construct locks on the Cayuga and Seneca Canal I which were paid tor by the canal commissioners I at contract prices at #17,85350 in 1827, and subse I ^o allowances were made to them, one in I 1828, the other in 1831, amounting to #8,700 90 I and in 1841, ten years after the second allowance' I another law ww passed, under which the Cana] I Hoard made an additional award ot #10 23!) so I that the State pant these contractors #30,693 40 in stead of the #17,653 50 stipulated in the contract I or an increase ot over one hundred per cent. The* I cost of these woodlocks which have since been I twice rebuilt, was nearly the same as those ot cat I *toac masonry on the western' section of the Erie I canal in its original construction east of Rochester. I And the ca&e ot ]$ut?ll Ac Oo. for the very large sum I awarded to them for work not done on tke Lock I port locks, would seem to require some explana I tion. 7 he Board of Canal Commissioners in 183(5 | before the work was commenced, fixed the width I of the lock walls for the enlarged canal at seven I lest at the surface ot the water, but at Lockport the I outer walls nave been increased to ten feet,and the I csutre wall made thirty-two feet thick of solid ma I sonry, which unauthorized and unnecessary change I of plan will probably in part account for the large I sum allowed by the Canal Board; and another at I Durhamville, when Durham and Moore had a I lease of water trom the S:ate, to be resumed at I pleasure without compensation; this claim was I made to the Board ot Canal Commissioners, and I -ubsequently to the Canal Board, and they each I having full power confirmed by statute, decided I iliat there was no foundation for the claim against I the State. But since that time, the late Board of I Canal appraisers in their excessive liberality I awarded the claimants #20,000. Perhaps, however, all tha has been done should I be pussed over in silence, but this lobby vet retains I its organization, and it is understood will be again I put in operation at each ensuing session of the Le I iiiMature, and probably continue as long as snch I large sums are so easily obtained from the treasury I I am almost tempted to say something in relation I 10 this lobby tor the information of tax-payers?its I efficient chairman, its doily sessions, its large and | >vel| organized committee, fjr both branches of the Legislature to effect the passage of laws, and I its still more efficient committee as witnesses for I each case before the Canal Board, but i leave these I lactstorthe investigation of others. W. I Mammoth Iikmaiks in Nkw Jersiy. We men I tionrd some time since that the skeletons of seve I iai mammoth animal* had Imen found on a farm in War I ren county in thi* State The Journal now supplies us I with tomu interesting particular* : The bone* were lonnd | the farm of Abraham Ayres, about a mile and three j quartet* from llacketutown, on the road from Vienna to I ilackattstown. Backs! Mr. A.1* house, which is imme ??at. ly 0'i tt?s road, there is s hill of sbout 100 feet in I height On the top of this hill, snd about half a mile I north-WMterly from hia home, In whst was onca a small I -iond, about forty yard* trom E. to W. and about twenty Ave from N. to ft., Mr. A. informed it* that when he was a i<oy, (he ia now a middle aged man) thi* place waa al way* I lull of water, and tkat he snd other boyi had bathed in it I many a time Mr. Ayre* drsined thi* pond for the pur I ,>o?e ol getting out the rich black earth in tbs 1?ot I torn of it for manure Thi* black earth is stent sis I loot deep in the middle of the pond, and the bottom of I thn pond being concave, o. course much shallower I u the edge. It i* compoied ot decayed and decaying reg | ntahle matter, very rich, ami producing great fertility I wherever Mr. Ayre* baa applied it on hia farm The bet tors of ths pond i* a hard pan, covered with limestone pebbles ol vsriou* sixes It wa* in thi* black sarth that the skeleton) were found. So tsr, Mr. Ay res ha* discov ered Ave diitinot animal*; two of them which lay near the edge ol the pond, and which were, consequently par tially exposed to the sir at times, were very much decsy *?'; their skulls went to pieces upon coming to the atmos phere, as did some ol thn tusk*. One of these two, Judg ing froui th? grinders, which are quite pertect, as also a poiiion of one ol its tusks, must have b?en large and qaitelfull grown. The other was a very young one,a calf its tusks were just formed; they were not mors then six inches in length altogether, and did not project beyond the flesh mora than an inch Its K'nders are small and ahow it to tie quits yannjr ? s remaining three, who** *kulla and bones are very perfect -a* aaur.h *o aa if the animal* had died yesterdsy -were found more toward* the centre of the pond, and ire about half grown Thi* is conclusivaly proved. First from the sutares in the ilgl not l.eing yet closed but open, Secondly, from tnw fact that they are h11 lhr?e cutting their hinder teeth-and that the sucking tooth in the front i* much worn, loose, much smaller thsn the others, snd thst part of the roots of them have been ab ?orbed, and they are just dropping out. They are also all Mastodon* Thi* proved from the teeth ; the grindei* n all of them are composed of conical protaheranee* not flat and rigid like an elephant's. The great naturalist, t-nvier, describes several species of Maataden, bat sayn ?h" gigantic Mastodon is alone peculiar to North America. Parts only of the ether species nave been found in Europe. The msmmoth, or fossil elephant, which is a very differ ent animal frem tha Mastoden, has keen found all over ths world, mors partimlarly 1a liberie, where its remain* ara in immense numbers The Mwtodon gets iU nan* tioii the formation of it* tooth km tig compounded iron two Ui-Mk words? motto, t> nipple, and ?do?, a tooth : being teeth with nipple-like pio uUrance*, noikng it distinctly from the elephant. There are, undoubtedly, mrny bone* yet in thia pond. Mr. A has hardly dug a fi ll, el it yet t>ud wherever he haa dug he haa coma to bonis. The measurements of (one 01 the largest perfect bent* are as follows Length of tusks, entire, ? . ? It. 1 la. Length of protecting part beyond ikull, a It. s ia! Length frem back part of head t? Iront part, < ft. 4 in. Across the top of the head from eye to eye, 3 feet. Aperture ol the proboscis, It in. by 4 in. ?Small aperture, in front of the forehead, *4 in. by 9 in. Socket of the eye, . Oineifh. Length ueross pelvis Iron hip to hip, 4 it. lOin. Breadth across pelvis ut right anglea, to form er measure, aft. tin. Length of femoral bones, I feet. Circuralereaoeof it in the middle 131 in. Length of shoulder blade, . 9 ft. ? in. Breadth do do . . 3 ft. 1 in! Circumference of the remaining part ol tho largest tunk, which is much decayed, 111 in. Mr. Ay res has taken out a large uutnber of ribs. leg bones, kc., but as yet not one entue spine. He has thirty vertebra;, all perlect, of one ipiue Irom the one next to the hi ed diwntowerds the tail. He raa a pole through theaa and took them up as they laid. The rain at tho time prevented him fri m getting the remainder. They would, if put together, make ? valuable addition to ? scientific) collection ; but it is doubtlul ii this can be dene, at least at present, for Mr. Ayrea seems to place a very high value on them Oar Conauia Abroad. The imperfection of our consular regulations la ao commonly known, and haa been eo often tho subject ot serious complaints on the part of ship ownere and bhip masters, and even on the part of high judicial authorities at bone, that it ia really surprising 'hat the matter haa always been treated with the utmost apathy by our government, and that Congress have not yot deemed it necessary to act upon u project for a now consular system, which, we understand, has now been before that body for a considerable time. It has often been said, and the principle is just, that we muat avoid, as much as possible, entan gling ourselves wuh the polities, and intrigues of foreign nations. Our l>uttin> bb with them, and theirs with us, is commerce, not politics. Under this point of view our government was probably induced to look upon our consuls as mere com mercial agents, who, not being considered as re gular government officers, and not being supported by salarieH from the public treasury, have only to rely upon the very moderate and uncertain fees of ineir office, or upon the resources of their mercan tile pursuits. Perhaps half a dozen of our consuls abroad make from $5000 to 915,000 a year out of their officea : perhaps twenty ol them make from *1000 to 82600 h year. But the greatest number of them (being 156 consuls in all) can scarcely pay the regular expenses of keeping an office and a clerk out of what they get from their consulship. Onr con suls are, for the greatest part, merchants, depend ing entirely upon the profits of their commercial business for their living, especially upon consign^ menta trem the United States; it is, therefore, af a primary importance to them to have tho good will ol the masters of vessels, that they may make a good teport of them to their ownera ; and to do all what they can to Btop by their official influence any competition of other houses dealiug in the same line of business. Thia operates in a direct way ngaiii6t the very object of the consular insti tution, which is to afford an indlscriminating pro tection to our ship masters and seamen, ana to promote the commercial interests of our country. It happens very often that the Government sends its circulars, asking from the consuls general or particular information of their respective consular districts How many of our consuls send accurate and exact reports to the consular bureaa at Wash ington 1 and how many do noi answer at all to tha appeals of the government 1 When a paper ia laid un the desk ot a consul, his first thought is how much he can make out of it. If the service is a gratuitous one, much zeal and activity cannot b? expected. Under these circumstances, it is not lo be won dered at the little diguity and respect with which the ofliceH of Amencan consuls are attended with, both on the part of shipmasters and of the local authorities of the country where they reside. There have been instances in which a manifest reluctance was shown by local authorities to re cogniu* in <>ut ..ntmit. thr lulvlieges, immunities, and exemptions, to which, by the important nature ot their duties, and by the law of nations, tbey ara entitled. The high importance of the consular office, and the weighty utility ot which they conld be to the government and to the country at large, are so generally acknowledged that any discussion on the subject becomes quite irrevalent. The celebrated diplomatist, Chateaubriand. says, in his work on the Congreas of Verona, vol. 2, page 297, the fol lowing prophetical words; "Le terns des Ambas Madeurs est paste, et celuo des consulate revenu." Impressed with this truth, the best organized gov ernments of Europe, like England, France, Aus tria and Spain, have given their consuls a semi dialomatic character and a respectable standing, allowing them sufficient salaries, besides the emo luments of their offices, through which their con uls can sustain the independence and respectability of their situation. In France a consular office leads often to the more important functions of di >nmatic missions, as it is naturally thought that he extensive nnd thorough knowledge of public af fairs, and the familiarity of foreign languages, ac juired in a consular career, are the most appropri- ' ite qualifications for a good diplomatist and nego tiator. It is to be observed, that not only do salary is al lowed by our government to our consuls, but that lieir legal perquisites and emoluments are tar be low thoee of all foreign consuls. Four dollars only .ire received by an American consul for the deposit <?1 the ship-papers tor each vessel entered at his consulate, it matters not (he description or the size ?f the vessel. Ky a wise law, intended to create some income to our consuls, and to control foreign rnportatioiis, it is required that all loreign invoices, 1 ven for free goods, should be accompanied with it certificate of the consul of the district where the ?htpmentis made, to be admitted und entered at our custom house offices. But the characteristic carelessness of the custom house officers has ren dered that law inefficient, as n great many invoices Hre admitted without the consular certificate. An American captain, before he vails in hia vessel, say tor instance, for a port in Portugal, must have all his papers duly legalized by the Portuguese agent, to whom he must fork out thirteen dollars, if he Roes to, his paperx will cost from twenty to thirty dollars. Bui a Portuguese, Brazilian, Bre men, or any other foreign vet^el, can freely be en tered at our custom house without having one sm g e line from our consuls. It is indeed to be la mented that matters of such importance have been overlooked so long a time by the Department of Stnte, to the great detriment of our shipping inter ests, and of our commercial relations with loreigu nations. It is to he hoped that ihe next Congress, tired, perhaps, of making bad laws in one session to be repealed on the following segaioD, and faiigued of their base and unworthy party intrigues, and fights, will ultimately come to the determination of doing som< thing also tor the real welfare of thejr countrymen, and lor a better representation of their interests abroad. We would like to see our Con suls taken trom among our best educated and re spectable citizens ; we would like lo see them suf ficiently provided as to keep up the respectability ol their stnnding, without beini; obliged to pursue a mercantile avocation: we would like to see them well instructed with the law of nations; witk the navigation and miuattme laws; with the com mercial regulations of loreign nations; and finally, with foreign lanp'ingea,oral least with the French ; and our country wuold certainly be highly bene fitted by this change in our Consular system. X.Y.Z. A Fact?Politic*.?Three men were at the pells in the town ol Newbury, at ths recent election, and voted for Heurjr <;lay, who voted for Oen Washington when he was choien Tresident They were Benjamin t'olman, aged 01, Milan Little, aged 91, and Aaron Hogers, aged H4>.? Nmhurypntl Hrrald. Awful, Cccrmnci.?On the evening of the third instant, Mr Hifaa Beckwlth, <>/ New Lyme, Ohio, terminated bis eaistrnce by hsngirg himself He was a man of property, and hsd a respectable and agreeable fa mily.? Jlihla/iulm .Sentinel. MttaDKRKgft Con viotko ?Elijah L^acock and Rosannah Huhbaid, indicted for the murder of Jerry WiJ. lis, a colored man An the l*k September last, were tried In Baltimore Tity Court, and found guilty of ?urder in the second degree. MM*. OLD KHTABLIHHKl) PACKET ?JHBWrtonth atmi?Passage to and from Ureal Britain and J^Bblrelaod, via Liverpool. Passage eaa at all times be ?nriireri ?? d?e Inweii rale*, to and from Liverpool, by the nrjn *r packet ?hil>? sailini noder I lie new arrangement every lew lay?, nnd draft* ran aa nanal he fonmhed frfv any amneai. peya ole at the National and Provincial Bank, Ireland, aan their tranchea. and thrnnghnot the United Kingdom, as wnt aa at all h*peincipel hanking mentations in Kaklami, Pcultaid aad 'Val?*. withnnt diaenqnt or any other charge* gpr farther par ?>i' ? if M teftw r*?? i*i t enply to k. "

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