Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 22, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 22, 1844 Page 3
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' ? . ... .1 Truth Akth to I*nin.-H?T? yo*l p*ln *?? B? thtnkfWl It is * vigorous nffort of Nature 10 ihnw off morbific matter. From what m if tlx morbific matter arise 7 From a bruise, or uuwholesome air which has become mixed with tlie bio ><1 not incorporated in it, but which it liable to taint tlie whole ina a if not ?peedily removed. Or the paiu maf arise from bile w hich hat become bad, rancid, putrid, in eauarqiieuci i>f the wuit of power In the proper orgun to dis ?harge it Thi? r*i* which ?o rHUHi 1*1 TtOPLE it only the tymntnut of the effoits of Nature, (or the vital priuciple of th- blood.) to kxpi.l the tkccaixt or imti'KR matter, which w nil otherwise destroy the human fabric. All dis eases are of tlie tolidt or tluidi, or both. When we ha?e paiu io our head, or in our foot, in our throat, or in our back, or bowe't, '?( ua but be aati fied (hat it it produced by the effort' of our blood to throw out morbific matu-r, and if thia he ?o, if we cao but believe and urdentand thia, our cure w ill be easy aud generally ?ure. Forourcourte will then be to HELP NATURE to throw off the morbid ini'ler, not to takeaway the blood; for the blood, every diop we have ia required to insure ultimate health to the body, we muit not loae a drop : neither mutt we u?s any medicines internally which are uot [>erf ctly harmless,if applied externally to the body. 80 we must not u?e auy of the prepara tion! of utarnmry, neither mutt we uteany rentable medicine of corrosive power. Ii' order to discriminate between Truth, which ia eternal, and conjecture, which in like a transient vision, we must lie guided by tbe linht of EXPERIENCE. To what does exnerienee di rect? To the KREE USE OF DR. BRANDRETH'S PILLS, in all Ci?e? ?f Imdilr suffering. As this advice is follow,;.!, SO WILL THE HEALTH OF THE BODY BE. The writer lias Ion* u?ed them, and has nevar ?"un(? them fiil of imparting relief. In all acute diseases let Brandre'h Pills and inild diet be used, and tlie patient will aooiimmires tored to yood health. In chronic complaints let the Pills tie used us nften as convenient, by which means th? vitality el the blood will be impr ved and a crisis will be generally brought about; the disease being changed to acute, a Tew lame doses of ' ills and a few days confinement to the house, will change the chronically diseased individual to atotuid man. Thi? is no figuie of the imagination ; it can be proved bya thousand matter-of-fact men who have experienced It. Jlr. M F.MBEH, in all < ases of disease, uo nutter whether it be s cold or a cnugh; whether it be aethma or consumption; whe ther it lie rheumatism or pleurisy; whether it be typhus or fever and agne. or hillious fever; cramp, or hooping cough, or inea slsi; whether it b? scailet fever or small poi; that the I lis kuowu as Brandreth's Pills, will surely d more than all the aiediciurt of the Drug Stores for your restoration to health, and what is mare, will surely doyou uo harm. i'RUHT IO BRANDRETH'S PILLS, uke them so pr duce a brisk effect, and your sickness will be tlie affair of a day or two, while those who are too wise to follow tint com mon sen-* advice, will he tick for mouths. Let the tick enquire ol' the agents for Brandreth's Pills wlr 'her these things be so or no. Let thetn enquire among their friends and ask the tame question. Verily, if EVIDENCE it wanted, it shall be pro cared. To the Sick, let meaiy, u?e the BRANDRETH PILLS, it the beat advice mortal man can give you. Sold at Dr. Brandreth'. principal office, 341 Broadway; (*T4 Bowery and 241 Hudton tt., Dr. Brandreth't tetail offices) at 25 ctt. per box, with full directions in the English, Spuiith, rortu guete and French laugu&grt. All riillMt?lplil* 8ubecrl|?tlona to the Hkiuj.d mmt be paid to the agents, Zieber tt Co., 3 Ledger buildings, 3d and Chesunt its., where tingle copies may alto be obtaiaed'uuily at,l o'clock. 3m The Concentrated Hctract of Sartaparllla, Gentian and Sassafras, prepared by the New York College of Medicine aud Pharmacy, established for the tupprettion of quackery. This refined and highly concentrated extract, poi sMwiug *11 thfi purifying qualities aud curative powers of the above nerbt, it confidently recommended by the College a* in finitely superior to any extract of Sarsaparilla at present before the public, aud may be relied ou as a certain remedy for all diseases ari:ing from an impure ttate of the blood, such at scrofula, t.\lt-rlieum, ring-worm, blotches or pimples, ulcere, pain iu the bones or joints, nodes, cutaneous eruptions, ulcerated sore throat, or any disease arising from the secondary effects ol syphilis or an injudicious ate of mercury. Sold in single Bottle*, at...... 75 cents each. " in cases of half a dozen Bottle* $3 50 " onedozeu " 6 00 ~ Cases forwarded to all mrts of the Union. 14N. B.?A very liberal discount to wholesale purchaser*. Office of the Coltaie, Vj Nassan street W. S. RICHARDSON. M. D.. Agent. Kxtract of Cubeba, Copalva, and Sariapa rilla. (Dr. Glover's.)?Thit it the mott s|*edy, certain, and ef fectual remedy for the cure of Gonorrhoea that hat ever been uted. It is pleasant to the palate and grateful to the stomach, and easily taken. It is a concentration of all the medicinal pro perties of such remedies as have been found most efficacious 111 curing gjeels, seminal weakness, and all discharges from the urinary passage. It it wholly a vegetable compound, aud acta like a charm 111 producing an immediate operation upon the pirtaffected. Full direction! accompany the medicine, which may be hadat No. 2 Ann street. Price $1. Constitutional Debility Cured?The Tonic Mixture, prepared by the College of Medicine and Pharmacy of the city of New York, is confidently recommended for all case! ol debility produced by secret indulgence or excess of any kind. It it un invaluable remedy for impotence, iterility, or barrenness, (unless depending on mal-forniatiou J _ , ? Siugle bottles $1 each; cases of iSalf ft dozen $5; carefully packed and sent to all parts of the Union. _ Office of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy, 95 Nassan street W. S. RJCHARq^ON. M. D.. Agent. Grey and Red Hair changed to Black or AUBURN?ITALIAN HAIR DYE?This dye will give to red or grey hair, or whiskers, a most beautiful color of black or auburn, beyond the detection of the most critical. lied hair or grey like magic change, To locks sucn at Apollo wore? Been iu those pictures old and strange, By famous artists done of vore. It lesve no stain or color upon the skin, but acts only au the hair, giving it a gloaty and beiutiful ap|ieaianci. Price 50 cent?. Prepared anil told by A. B. Sands k Co., Chemists and Druggisit, No. 273 Broadway, corner Chambers street. Granite Buildings. Sold alto at 79 H uttou street, aud 77 East Broadway. Medical Advice In Private Dlaeaaea.? 1'he members of the New York College of Medicine and Pharmacy, cftalilithrd for the ruypretiion of quackery, continue to direct tneir particular attention to all diseases of a private nature, and can confidently promise to persons requiring medical treatment, a safe aud iiermauent cure, without injury to the constitution 01 confinement from business. Invalids are particularly requested u) make application to the College on die first appearance of those diseases, as a Tantamount ol suffering and >.iuie may be thus avoided. One of the members of the College, for many years connected with the priucipal hospital iu, Eurojje for tlie cure of those complaints, attends for consultation daily from ? A M. to 7 P. M. Terms?Advice and Medicine t.V?a care guaranteed. IMPORTANT TO COUNTkY INVALIDS.?Person living in tl>e country, and finding it inconveuient to make per sonal application, can have forwarded to themachest containing all medicines requisite to perform a radical cure, by statiug IMii case explicitly, together with all symptoms, time of contraction ? ml i,"!""'" -eceived elsewhere, if any. and enclosing $5, pest ti> VV. S. RlCHAKDSOPi. M. D.. Agent, Consulting Rooms of tlie College, 9> Nassau tt "Oralum" for December.?Thia old fa vorite of the American people comes to us this month in all the gloriet of the rain-bow. The publither hat thown hit com petitors that he has tlie ability and the will to keep them all in tlie back ground. Tlie emliellitlunent of the month is undoubt edly " '1 Fie Peacock," which appears before the reader in all the gorgeout beauty of plumage naiural to that bird. The coloring it indeed, exquisite. "The Reapen Friend" is a gem too. of which Messrs. Welch St Water, the engraven, may feel proud. A good head of Walter Coltou, a chaplain in the Navy and a si'ii ip d writer, and tlie Fashions, close tlie illustrations. The literary matter it of a veiy high order. Coaper has con tribute d another sketch of "Naval Aien." aud Gmuel has a high ly 1 hilosophical article on the AmuseinruU of England, com pared with those of the continent. There is a host betide. This mifazinc is, beyond all questiou, the favonte in New Yoik. Ia your reat broken In conaequence of a tedious and troublesome cough ! Sherman's Cough Lozenge* will relieve you?they will give you sweet ileep, allay the irri tation, promote exiiectoration, aud by their pioper use you will soon forget that you hsve b?eu sick. Thuulands have uted them when hope teemed to have taken flight, and the destroyer stoo'l ready to claim his victim. The result hat been most be neficial, and Sherman s Cough Lozenges are now acknowledged by all 'o be the best and most ellicieul medicine ever discovered for curing coughs colds, consumption, and asthma, and will continue lobe used when other medicines are forgotten. Dr. Mierman's warehouse is at 106 Nassau street. Agents, 110 Broadway; 227 Hudson street; lWt Bowery ; 77 Eatt Broadway; ae William st.; 3 Ledger Buildiugt, Philadelphia; and I State st ; Boston. R'coid a Parlalan Alterative mixture, tot toe i-ermanent cure of primary or secondary lyphilit, yenere il nicer!, nodes, orauy complaint produced by an injudicious u? of mercury, or unskilful medical treatment. All persons sui (lecting a vnereal taint remaining iu their syitem thould ute this powerful purifier without delay, as uo i?rton can considei himself safe alter having the venereal disease, without thorough ly cleansing tlie system with this justly celebrated alterative Sold in siugle bottles at $1 each, in cases of half dozen at S5; carefully 1 lacked and sent to all parts of the Union. Sold at ihe College ol Medicine and Pharmacy, 95 Nassau st. W. S. RICHAItDSON. M. P.. Agent. MONEY MA11K.KT. Thursday, Nov. HI?8 P. 91. The atock market is in a Tery feverish state. Quota tions show another decline aince yesterday, but it was net ?e general ai that of a few days since. Stonington fell ef | per cent ; Norwich and Worcester 3) ; Erie R Road}; Farmer's Doan |; Canton Co. i ; Long I.;land 3 j Morris Canal }; Illinois improved i} Ohio fl's |; while Harlem, Reading, Mohawk, U. 1. Bank an J Eaat Boston, closed at yesterday's pri oea. Sales were only to a moderate extent aud tbe tendency ol prices is still downwards. So long as the hanks maintain the position they hare recently taken, or un' 11 private capital is drawn into this market, the stack market mutt continue in the present depressed stale. We much doubt the ability of the banks to car ry out the course they hare adopted. Stockholder are looking tor dividends, and when the time eomes round, their anticipations must bo realised. It is impossible for the banks ol this city, to meet their enormeu* expenses, and declare fair dividends, without mak ing large leans on stocks; they cannot adhere tojthe legi timate business of banking; and instead of making their eperaiions with the commercial classes, the principsl part oftheir limine*, they are now the least important aaJ hate to $ive way for stock loans. The banks of this city are governed principally by those who look more to the naUties ol their office, than to the interest of their stock holders, and the absence ol all financial ability lead* thi ? into the gressest errors, and the cammanity inte difficul ties and embarrassment. When we consider who con trals th?se iosiitutions, when wo knot* that the interests ef all those engaged in tiade uud commerce, ate sub je?t to the movern nls ef a few individuala wjo are as lit tie acquainted with the ramifications of trade, as they are with anatomy, it cannot be otherwise than that the great Alternation* so frcq'ien'ly experienced In ovary thing connected with mercantile and financial affairs, [should continue; and so Ion if a* those who have the pawer of loaniu money liavetha power of making it, we mutt ex pect and will rea iz? the greatest extremes in the market. Sepnrato the ksnkingdepartment ot our State institution* fro H the issuing dapat tmenf, and we aha 1 have a greater regu at ity of muvament,a mora uniform value in the circu lating medium, and a sounder, safer, nnd a more healthy ?late of things. Until something is done to restrict the ope rations ol these powerful corporate bodies, revulsions mutt reme round regularly ,and bankrupt laws will be periodi cally r?q lired to wipe out tho effects ef immense specula tions. It h?s become necestary that some important move, nient should bemndebyonrSiate Legislatures In relation fa our banks. We have before us the experiments of thi* country and those ol Great Britain. We have seen?but not yet to un patent sufficient to judge correctly?the operation el the system recently adopted In England, and It i* lmj>or<a t that ><ime speed, measure* should be c i ti.i? eudd fitirtugtleos o often ? peiiuuoed in *ii oomwirciel i?pereu#ns ot the coantty and tieatment received paid, addressed Office and % '?? prosperity ?( w?y Interest depends a poo the adop tion of reetrfothre maaaurea, without which we shall aoon realize time* aimilar to thoae wa have Juat reoovered (roci. Tha New York Bowery Fire Inaurance Company have this day declared a dividend of teu per oent. for the last six months, payable on the lit of December. The Hpriiif Garden Insurance Company, of Roche*ter, hat lately adopted the mutual principle. It haa recentl) declared a dividend of 3 per cant on it* capital, and a lar ther dividend ol 13} per cent on it* premium for the last lis month*. One dollar billa of the Fairhaven B&nk, altered to tun*, are in circulation. The receiptaof the Western Railroad company continue to ahow an increa*e on thoae for the *ame time la*t year: Wmtun Kailkoap. Rtceipti /er tht Wttk ending Xov. IS 1843. 1814. bur. PassengeM $4,.17 4,846 829 Freight, fcc 9,432 11,723 1 271 $13,469 16.169 2,100 * The increaie in the rcceipta of thi* company will be much larger after the cloae ol na vigatiou on the Hud*on, aa that route would then be thi moit direet one to the aeaboard. The only thing that will operate unfavorably to the increaied pro* perity of the Weatern road, ia the liberty the railroad* of thi* Slate have to carry freight after thecloaeof navi gation on the canal*. Thi* privilege wa* granted during the la*t leaaion of the Legislature of thi* State, and urg ed through by tho*e intereited in the protperity of the Western road. Itia very doubtful whether it will act a* favorably a* anticipated to the intereit* of that company. Navigation en tha river remain* optn lull three week* after the suspension of navi gation on the canal*, and aomatime utter tha commerce of the lake* i* impended. thi* give* sufficient time to tran* port the itockl left in hand,when tho lake I* cloned to tide water, and fromthence down tha liver to the seaboard ? A* *oon aa mpplie* from the West ceaie, the quantity ct produce to be transported i* very limited, a* long previ en* to that time the product* of thi* State generally have reached the market. Thi* being the caia, the only lourcea from which freight for our own or the Weitern roadi, art derived, are in the immediate vicinity of the several linn. An open communication with tha leaboard throughout the iea*on, i* of very great importance to those aituated in the interior, in enabling them to get many article* of produce to market;but we look upbn the privilegefgran ted to the railroad* of thi* State, throughout the winter, aa being ol vait importance to thi* ci ty in a commercial point of view. Heretofore bsui net* in thi* city haa been impended immediately on the close of canal navigation, and for tome time previous to that event, merchants from the West, or from the inte rior otthis State, were afraid to make the purchase* they wished, feariul of their being frozen in somewhere on the line, where they muit remain until the opening ol navigation, or be transported by team* to the place ol de*tination. Thi* evil ha* diiappeared, and purchaaes can be made to the iaat moment, with an assurance that they will reach the destination intended more expeditious, ly than before. This will have a very favorable effect ou credits,tending to shorten the time on which merchandiae is now *old, and do away with the necesiity of purcha*ing more at a time than required for immediate coniumplion. A merchant coming from the weatern part of thii State in September, ha* heretofore been compelled to purchase a supply large enough to last until the following June a period of nine months. He can now come to market in January, and have a new stock at his door in lei* than a week after ihipment. The communication between this oity and Albany, during the cloie of the river, is not io expeditiou* or ao regular as between Bos ton or Albany, but we have via the Housatonic road, a route available both for passengers and freight. How long we shall be compelled to depend upon this circuitous route to Albany, depends entirely upon the movement of our cap taliita in completing the roadi?partly con structed and contemplated. The trarsportation of freight over the inland railroads of the State, has opened markets for the trade of this city, which have been shut out here tofore for eight and nine months, and so far as possible eusnros a regularity of business throughout the year.? All that we now require to perfect this additional source of trade, is a diiect and rapid communication with Al bany, and the completion of the Erie railroad, which would open markt t* in a different quarter. The report of the Bank of tha Va'ley in Virginia for October 1844, compared with that for 1843 *how* a very slight additional movement in all the department*. Bank op the Valley in Virginia. Oct 1143. Oct. IH44. Incrtair Loans and discounts, 1,360,537 Hiwcw 278,230 317,622 39.392 Circulation, 747.733 1,085,133 277,400 Deposits, 169.310 227,613 48,303 All the banks of Virginia have, according to their re cant reports, undergone a alight axpanaion. We find thi* the case with all the banka, report* of which have thi* season been made public. Banks situated in large mar ket*, t xpand from season to season, to meet any demands from the mercantile classea, but they never fall hack to their original position. They go forward three feet and back two, and thay must at this rate eventually arrive at the point reached in 1M7 and 1838. Old Stork Buhang*. $3000 Illinois spel bds 34 4 aha* Hoasa tonic RR 37 5000 do 34)4 110 Harlem RR 64 18000 Ohio 6's, '60 99)4 100 do *60 64 3000 do b30 99)4 10 do tl2m 62 11000 do 99X 21 L Island RR 72 3000 do blO 99K 100 do *60 72 1000 do MX 110 do 72V 100 shas Manhattan Bk 91 310 do 72H 24 Illinois Bk 2IK 200 do b30 73 40 U S Bank 1X 174 do 72 74 Canton Co s60 42 40 do slO 73 174 do 42)? 140 Stonington RR 42 174 do 42)4 40 do bnw 42V 24 Farm-rs' Trust 37 40 do in* 42)* 280 do sty 37 24 do b30 42)J 323 do 37)4 40 do 42^? 30 do 1)60 38 24 Norfe. Wore RR 70^ 100 do b30 37>i 74 do *13 70)? 38 do s60 37 10 do slO 7b? 200 do 37 10 do s'jO 70)4 23 Morris Canal 33 438 do 71 10 do 33X 100 do b30 71 10 do b30 33 40 do bl4 71 100 Cast Boston Co 8 24 do sl2m 64 40 do IM 100 do 70* 200 do serip 4)4 24 do s60 70 30 Mokawk RR 44 40 do bnw 71 300 Heading RR 4?X 74 do >30 70\ too do *60 48 100 do blO 71 3?cond Beard, $10000 Penn'a 4's 67 12 shas Nor k Wore blO 72 100 shas U S Bank 6 24 Slohawk KK 34 73 Farmers' Loan 37)4 123 L Irland KK 73*i 100 Nor tc Wore b60 72). 100 Stonington RR 4?H 73 do 71)4 124 Canton Co <3 100 do s3 7l* 23 do s30 43 30 do *3 71% 36 Morris Canal 33 30 do bl4 72 14 do 33)4 flew Stock Eichang*. $8000 Ohio 6's, *60 c 99V 24 shas Stonington Rr bl 41 1000 do b3 99)t 24 do 7000 Illinois spel c 34)$ 40 Nor fc. Wore loo shas U S Bank 200 do 200 Vicksburg Bk 23 Canton Co 30 do 74 do 23 de 121 Farmers' Trust 174 L Island MR 100 do 40 do Sale* op Stocb*?Boston. Nov 30 Exchange hoard tfov.W.?60 East Boston Co, 8}; 126do hJ, 'J6(lo folOd, 81; 60do, soSOd, S}; AO East Boston divi dnids, 41; AO do 4}; 34 Norwich and Worcester RR, 711 33 do 71 j; HO do 72; 26 Western RR, 87}; 20 do h7|; 180 do 87}; 26 do 87|; 100 do holm, 88|; 76 Heading UK, 33}; 3 Boston and Providence RR, 109; 20 do, blOl, I OS J. Jit .Auction-3041 shares Atlantic Bk, $90 a 96j per *b; iOO Bo*ton Bank. $68 a AM do; 100 Siate Bk, $i9} do; IA Massachusetts Bank, $9A| de; 1 Boston Athenaeum, $180 do; 20 Weitern RR, $87} do; 10 oncord RR, (N H ) >04} a 6-3, par 60: 6 Fitchburg RR. new stock, 8] per ct adv; # Eas'ern RK, 14} do; I Lowell RR, 34} do; I Tremont Mills, 6] do; 3 Nrtshua Mantif. Co. par 600, 62A a 630 per sh; 3 Massachusetts Cotton Mill*. 6 per cent adv; 30 Mer ? Imnta' Bk, 4} do; II Boston Bank, p?r AO, $67} per *h; 6 Shoe and Leather Dealer*' Bk, 1} per ct adv. 6 Trad-re' Bk. $92} per *h; b National Ina Co, par 60, $60 do; $1000 Boston city 6 par ct *tock, pay 1840, If per ct adv; $1400 do, pay 1861. 3| per ct adv; 10 certificates 6 perot sterling bonds, of ?600 each, 3} adv; $12000 U.S. 0 per ct Steele, pay 1802, 13} adv; $16000 de, pay 1802,14} n IS} percent adv; $10000 USA per ct *to It. pny 1863. 3} a 3} per cent adv; $3126 do 0 per cent, pay 1002, 14} per ct adv. State of Trade. Ashes? Pot* sell at $4, a> 1 pearl* at $4 34 a 4 38. There i* very little doing in either description. Bekiwai- Prime yellow i* held at 30 a 391c. RHEABsTurri?Not much doing in any description to dav; we therefore have no change in price* to notice. Cotton?The enquirv to-day wa* quite moderate, buy er* generally being disponed to await the advices per steamer, now due. Sales amount to about AO0 bales, atill further concessions being made in favor ef the buyer Hat ?(food qualities 01 North River bale, for shipping, ?ells at 36 a S7}c. PaovisioNS?Ohio pork is in very limited demand Prime we quote st $0 76 a 087}; mess, $8 87} a $9. Beef is very du>l, and quotations witho -.t alteration. Oh o lard is in fair reque-t At 0 a0}c for kegs. Whiskey?Drudge casks ere quite inactive at 18 cents. Western and prison barr-1* fell at 37}c. Real Estate-At Aftctinn ?House and lot No. 4 Slate street, hause 38 feet by 08, lot 308 feel deep, tunning through to Pearl street; on the rear of lot a brick stable, ?18,300. Brighton Cattle Market, Not 18 ?At market, 3,iflo b "f c I'tle, 3-W rtoie?, 3 000 sheep and 3,136 swine. Psicei?Beef Cattle- Ltct we k's priced were fully sustained. F.xtra, $4 60 a 4 76; flist quality, Ma 4 26, se cond, $3 AO; third, $3 76 a 3 36. Barrelling Cattle?Mess, $3 36; No I, $2 02} Sheep-Hales quick from I 13 to $3. 3wlnt> Lot* to peddle 2} a 3c for sows, and 3} a 4" I >r /o vs; large hancw sho its, 3}; a lo! to cioie, hint but M r.W 4|o. rows,,1c. At retail,titan If I PHMngm Arrived* Chableston?Bri? Moon?Robt Richards, E 8 Colai. ud 1 in the staerage. Foreign 1 in port ration a. NrwcASTt.r?Ship Herculean?M hhd* lampblack IB cask* Venetian n?d G Mayer k *on?M clii Ebcob salt* Pouliney k leukins? M cksdo C Deko?170 cks ? >J? J H Ogilvia?100 bbls Venetiau r-d 40 bit magnesia K lining k ro?20 ea do AO k E Roberts?lOdo 25 boxes do K k C V .un til St eo?11 cases do Brown Bros?160 chaldrons coal 90 grindstones Co rder. Mai.?<;a?Brig Trio?225 jars olivet Foiltr It Nickerson?100 qr cka I JO bbla wine MO bxa 100 hf do raisins 100 hf kegs gra|*? 0 F Gleitn?45 bxa raisins William* Ik Nortbam?2100 bia 40? lif do 1452 qr do 400 cka raisius 400 hfkegs 216 hf bbla gra|ias 206 bxa lain'ina Aquirak Oal ?ay?102 bxa 150 qr do T Stalker-60 kega wina R Gomel?5 bxa raiaina B Urahain. Domeitlu Importation*. Charleston?Brig Moon?{Reported yesterday)?2* balra cotton Franklin ll Harria?164 Keuard Ik co?403 Bu ntt k John sou?82 Smith (k Milla?1 case nHse llabershaw k Jonea?1 do Oavenport, Quiucy k co?I E Robbina?18 b ties roota Elliott k McKeaaen-71 hides Hy Strybiug?3 cka I bla J Yeaton?83 cka rica S C Dorin. MARITIME HERALD. Movement* of the MUainahJpfl. Mc/mera Uavt Liv'l. Owe ? i Jimr'a. Leavr Jlnt'a Britannia, Hawitt Nov. i ... W0v. 17 D?c 1 ^ ... 8hU> ItlK?ter? ud Agcuu. if, Captains of Vessels will give to Kpuhai Capuia of our New* Boata, a report of the shipping left at the port whence they sailed, the vaaaela ipokeu on their passage, a liat of their canto, :nd any foreign ayypagors, or nawa thay may hava. He will board them im nediately on tiiejr arrival. Agent* and Correspondents at home ^ E. confer ? favor by sendiug to thia office ill, inn Inte-",Veuc* thnv c*? obtam. Nuutical infonna -ion of iny kind will be thankfully received. Pour OK NEW YORK, NOVBJtlBKRtlil, ?oa aiSKS 7 21 j uoo? IKTI 4 48 ??? 39 1 ?"?TKB.." 7 40 Oleured. Steam ship John 8 McKim, Moore New Orlaana, N L Mc C ready k Co.?Ships'Villa da Paiis, rfttJrges, do. Buck k Peters; t*.01}'1,*' 49* Ww N?l?op.?Harqu? Anu Welch, Magna, Mobile, h U Hurl .ntk (.o.-Bnaa Cyprae*. Wass, CienW go*. Ramon fo'Zaldoi Virginia. Whitaman. iacksonvill-, EF. Sprague, Robinson k l-o; Loval, Keougli, Calais, Me. P I Ne gus k So*?SehraJaaoa Maria, (S|T) Perai, Havana, A C Arrived. Ship Hercn'ean, Holmaa, from Newcastle. Kna- Oct 6. with mdse, to Barclay k Livingston. 12th ult. off I. fill's End, aaw a urge painted port aliip dismasted, appeared to have nothing ataiidiiig but her lower maata Ship Minerva, Brown, froai Alexandria, Egypt, paaaed Oib n" 9St-- 'I00 ba?ha'a linaeed to Lawrence k Phelpa. Brig Trio, Ooane, from Maliiga, Oct. 4, paaaed Oibralur 7th, with fruit, to Foster k Nickeraon.''" ',?rt Leon, Carter, 19 daya from St. Domingo City, with 1500 pea mahogany II hf bbla gum of lignum vita* to J. Staaa. Left pilot boat Virginia, juat arr from Portau Piatt. British brig Helen, Power*, 18 daya from Prince Edward lal and, with potatoes, to Barclay k Livingaton. ? ft??.1"6y' ff"1" Matagorda, via Key Weat 8th inst. with278 bales cotton to Bonnaffee k Co. British brig Three Brother*. Oriffing, 17 day. from Sydney, CB. with coal, to J. k O. Laurie. Schr Dodve, Knapp, 6 day* from Alexandria, with flour, to Starve* k Clearman. Sehr Belle, McMath, 4 day* from Norfolk, with md*e, to Stu'gei k C/learman. Schr Prndence, Eluton, 8 day* from Frankfort,with potatoea. to master. Below. Brig Doa Jnan (perhaps barque Don Juan, of New Haven, from St. Pierre, Mart.) Alao, 3 brig* unknown. Mailed. .Ship Louisa, Leavitt, New Orleans, and others. Packet ship Hendnk Hudson, Meore, for London, was towed to the SW Spit by steamer Samson, and anchored on account of head wind. UliecUaneont Record. Packet Smr Hottinouer, for Liverpool, will sail to-day at 11 o'clock. Whalemen. Fortune, Bailey, of and from New Bedford for Pacific Ocean, wa* apoken 18th in*t. off Oay Head-by the Herculean, at thia port. Vpoken. Wave, from Malaga for Boaton, 5th itut. lat 39, Ion 61. Home Porta. Bo*toi?. Nov 20?ArrOtnard, Hinckley, Liverpool; Swan, Blanchard, Banaor. W; Lima, Brown, Neweaatle, Eng; Pnr Norton. Philadelphia. Signal for a barque and 3 briga. Cld Diantha, Williama, Matanzas; Lion, Watson, Malta and Smyrna; Sarah Ann, Herrick, Surinam; Alpine, Marchant, do; I homas. Weeks, St Thom is and Miragoane; Carthage, (of Boston, late-of ISalem) Klwell, NOrleans; 1'yrian, Jackson, do, having rep d: Elk, Nickerton, Philndelphia; David Pratt, Tarr, and Pinta, Coomb*. Portland; Uaion, Ryder, Fredericksburg; Norwich, Cro*by. NVork. PaoviDrwcE, Nov 19?Arr Southport, Oorham, New York ? Be ow, coming up, a lumber laden topsail achr and 3 sloops.? Sid Sparta, Drinkwater, and Centurion, Curtis, Philadelphia. Fall Riveb, Nov 18?Arr Prince**, Racket, Philadelphia; Yankee, Hatch. NYork. NiwroaT, Nov 17?Arr Cordelia, Brown, Boatou for Savan nah; Victor, Hallett, do for NYork; Nantucket, Oifford, Fal mouth for do; Sally Hope, Kelly, Plymouth for do: Eqnator, Hturgi*. Providence for do; Cicero, Nickerson, Dennis lor do; Elian Rodman, Ellis, NBedford fordo; Tanaala. Shute, Bal uPn . Dispatch, Nickerson, Gloucester lor do; Mozart, M Farlaad, Bristol for do; Emblem, Stroat, Weymouth for Philadelphia; Kaatern Star, Hoyr. Newburyport for do; North Pro*"lence for Norfolk; Charles, Brown, do for NYork. New Haven, Nov 20?Arr Elisabeth. Hoyr, Raaper. Kelsey, and Conanl, Brown, Albany Sid Black Hawk. Fn*bie, Weat Indies; Geo Wailungton. Barrougha: Annabella. Hand, and ^ary k Elizabeth, Buckaloo, Philadelphia; Louisa, Hoover, Brai'dy wine; Tmtivy, f'liapman, Albany. ^PH.LADELrHiA, Nov 11?Anr W Burke, Oolder, New York. .. II"' Thompson, Whipple, 8t Thomas and a mkt: Non Piuril, Motuvir, Porto l |?u?, Blttiup, D<r>u>ii, AAieriCI, 8omrrs, Warren, Rl; F A Seward, Ross, Providence; Star, Wilion, NYork. ROGERS' GYMNA3IUM. No? 15, IT, and 10 Canal street. T?HIS SPLENDID ESTABLISHMENT ii dow open day *? aud evening, for th* reception of papiU. All P?noni of ?edeMary hnbitt should praotise these exercises, which are the only remedy for contractions of the ?h?st, Dyip?psia, Itc., the ordinary results of coustantly beudinff oTfr the desk, and stu %n,* and Gnardiani of Boy*, and all inter*?ted, are in TiMdtpcall J P ROGERS, Proprietor N. B ?J. P. R., in connec'ion with W. J. Wver, has opened a large Gymna*iam in Bro klyn, at No. 165 Fulton street. Gentleman doing business la New York, who reside in Brooklyn, will find this estnblijhuient a complete one for the purposes of azercise. Opm day and evening. nitS im*ec MINER V A ROOMS, 406 Broadway, near Canal street. QUNDA* EVKNING, Nov. 2lth. UR. GARDNER will ^ give his Second Lecture on NATURAL RKLIGIUN '. in whtcli it will lie >hewn that the c'-aracrer and attriliuta* a* ciibed to the Almighty in the Book of Revelation, are consist ent with those discoverable by the light of Reason iu the Book of Nature. After the Lecture will be given, a selection of Sacred Vocal Music, under the direction of Mr. H. C Timm. PaOGRAMME. Quartett, from the Oratorio " Palestine," Dr. I'rotch i'rio?"The Lawgiver's Grave," C. E. Horn Quartett, from the Oratorio, '? Mosei in Egypt,".. Rossini Trio, from the " Creation." Haydeu Motett " There's rest in Heaven,",.. ...... .Charles Jarvia Tickets, 25 cent'?Doors open at 7?To commence at a be fore 8 o'clock precisely. i,22 3t DR. LARDNER, CON>ULTING EN(iINKI Kl A CARD.?The Public is informed, that Dr. LAKDNKR continues the practice of buniuens as a ConsnltinK Kngi l^ineer, which he followed on an eitensive scale for muiy years in Lnvlaud and I* ranc*. Inventors, patentees, manulMctnrers, merchants, and others engaged in the arts and manufactures, may consult htin on matters reiiuiring the application of the Principles of practical science. Certificates and opinion* on the ralidiiv and uiefuliiess of new inventions and processes in the arts. Reports on disputed questions and doubtful points, |ierimental intestigationt, with a view to the discovery or test ing of improved iirucesses, will be supplied or undertaken when required. Office No 11 ttpruce strret. New York. All Business Letters must be post-paid, and to prevent time being lost by frivolous applications, all applicants willbaev* peered to pay a retaining fee of $10 before consulution. n22 3mrc U]RE & BRQTHER NEW CHEAP CASH STORE, No. iH'A Bowery, f\F WATCHES, JEWELRY AND 8ILVER WARE. ~We say to our friend* and the public, com* and see oar New Store and Stock, and judge lot yourselves whether our E>od* and price* are worthy of notice. Spoons, Forks, Knives, c., we have manufactured of coin. And all good* aold war ranted as iepre*euted, or no sale. Mr. Canoyar (well known to the public as a skilful Watch m vker,) will giva hi* whole attention to the repairing of Wateh aa Duplet, Lever, and ull kinds of Watcliea, repaired and warranted. (Such ?s si? worth repairing ) Wa hava a parsou who attanda to the repairing of Clocks. Hotrls, Steamboat* and Boarding Houses furnished with Sil ver War. it trade price*. nl6 1m"rre CENTREVILLE CCURRE, L I. A PURSE will be given for a Foot Race, to come off over tlie above Coarse on the 12th December?the amount of the Parse and condition* of the race will be made known on Tuesday neit Oatreville, Nov. 21st, 1844, n22 It'm COURSE OFFRENCH LANGUAGE ON THE ROBEKTSONIAN SYSTEM. ANEW Course will be opened on Wednesday, 27th Nov. by Mr. EDMSND DU BUISSON, A. M.,at J o'clock, P. M., 89 Leonard st. Person* wiahing to follow the Courta are invited to attend at the first lesion All the subscribers shall have the privilege of following the other courses, eicept the ladies' one A course for Ladies will be opened on Monday, 2Ath?rfiys of tuition will be Monday, Wedneaday and Friday, Irom ll>? to 12S o'clock. For information apply to Mr. Edmand du Bmason, 400 Broad way, from 8 o'clock to 10 A. M. and from 2 o'clock to 4 P. M. Rirtiucii. M. M. DeLaforaat, French ' on- Dr. Porter, I Birrlar *t. sal GanerM. Dr C roes man, 400 Broadway W. B. Dialer, 57 Beaver st W. H. Cary kCo , 186 Pearl st. E. Fabre<inrtt*s,fil Maiden lane. C. C. Carter kCo , lT8 do. E. Logan, Esq., 4 New *t. Berard k Moo doa, M Court 11. Rowley, Esq., 4t Naasan st. land st. (lev. Dr. John Power, IS Barclay *t. M. Melly, M Maiden Lana. nli 2wrrc FRENCH'S HOTEL. ' THE PROPRIETOR lespectfnlly informs hie friends and the public that he has o|?ned his new and splendid hotel at 133 Fulton stree', a few door* e:ist of Broadway, in the imme diate vicinity of awcantile business and the principal places of amusement, and ha* famished it in a style that will hear favor able comparison with the very best hotels in the eity The pro prietor in building and fitting up the above house ha* hsd strict regard to elegance and romlort. and that he ha* combined eco nomy the fouowingprices will show A ROOM FOR ONE NIGHT ?J A WEEK... 1 JO The rooms will be warmed gratis, and npon no occasion will there be more than on? bed in a room There is a REFECTORY sttached, in which there are meal* *erved lip at SI.I. HOOK* of the day and evening. There are also Bull Rooms connected, for warm, cold and shower baths The Porter will ha in attendance at all times during the night, to idmit lodgers, snd to let them out at all hours. N. B.?Those who want Lodgings after the house clo-ee, will ring the hall hell. nl9 1m*m NOTICE TO THE LAUIES. JUST RECEIVED ? AKRUNE fc CO., Ill Grand street, corner of Broadway. O have the hmior to inform the ladiee of New York they will open on Thursday, the 2l*t in*t. two cases of I'AKISIAN IffWfBTS and a handjoiee assortment of rich RIBBONS, (of l.e i i ming iMsou) Just rereivtd hy th? Francois i reinier liMN AUCTION SALES. A. C TUTTLE. Auctioneer. H| AKDWAKK, CUTLERY, flUNS. GERM\N TOYS, Itc.?Jacob 8. Piatt's 31*t Kail Trade Hardware Sale this seiaon, will take plan- this day at 10 o'clock, at ilie auction room, 23 Piatt corner of O Id stre-t.consisting of ITS packag-s run and Inn of desiraMe shelf and heavy Hardware. German, French anil American Staple -nd Fancy Good*, worthy the at tention of city aud country dealer*, Also, w>th which ihe sale will comineiic*. 10 ca*e* German Toy* and Kid Doll*. Al to, a larrre and valuable a**ortin?nt of Table and Pocket Cuttlery, well adapted to the retail tr ide ... Also, (Hilished sine! Fire Sett*, Braas Andiron*,kitchen Shovel and Tougs, Hioa* Kettles, enameled Hollow Wye, Skate*, Lid lom'i and New England Co. Woodscrew*, Vice* and .Anvils, hand, back, and compass Saw*, broad ;uid narrow Butts, short handle Fry Pan*. Slated Glaum, Turn Screw*, Bell Pull*, Hoea, Sword*, Guns, See. Alto, I cask coffin Nail*, assorted, white and black. Also. Hrighl lace Hand and Sleilge Hammer*: Bar Lead; C S Broad Hatchet*; C 8 Firmer ChisseU; Bed Screws; Caro lina Hose, ike. Catalogue* now ready. Term* 6 mouth*, approved notes. ?22 It"ec D D. NASH, Auctioneer?Store 13!) Fulton ?t. , HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE.?This l)ay, Friday, at 10 o'clk, at 15 Crosby St., the eutire Furniture contained in the large House ou the premise*, comprising 2 Brusse's Carpet* on ' 2 Parlors lugraiu do, 3 sof?s, Pier Glass Pier Tables, ni-hoga iiy French ('hairs, set of large gilt Girandoles. Gil Paintings, among nh'ch is a copy of Reuben, Diana and Endymion . a large number of splend'd Print* and Engravings, mah gany Book Cases, Leoking Glasses. Centre and Card 1 able*, I chess d >, Hocking Chair*. 1 s-t of white and Damask Curtains, Hall I Ornaments, Gil Cloth*, Mat*. Ureak'ast Tables, cane seat <'hair*, high pott mahogany Bedstead*, flud , Fea'her Bedt, Hair Matliasses, Pillia*ters, Cut*, Wa*h Stands'and Crockerv, lie Together with a large quantity of Kitchen HurnUure, with which the *ale will commence ><21 2t*re g Last chance this sfJason for Japanese WAKES.?LEVY (k SPOON EK will sell at No. 69 Du ;ine street, on Wednesday inoniing next, 27th in*t at II o'clock, the entire invoice, just received by th- ship Persia, from Am sterdam, consisting of Japan Lacquered Porcelain of ihe richest kinds aud autiquity; original old Dresden Pore lain, figures and groups; Savre Porcelain, fabricated in the time of Louis 14th, King of France; Kalis of ihe l<ith century, with various other antiquities. This invoice is the best offered, and probably will be roadv on Mouday, when the articles may be e'en. The public generally are invited to call and judge for themselves Me positive, rain or shine. "22 2t*ec YITANTEDiMMEDlATELY?Aluew or second hand Plea- I * * sura Wagon or Buggy, worth from $40 to $60. Address W. W. at this office. nt2 lt*ec W i ' A N TE U?For a gentleman and lady, two comtorubta un furnished rooms, i;f a moierate sue, ou the second sto ry iu some part of the city Smith of Fultou street. It is desired > that the family should be small and without boarders. The aid | of a servant in the house will be needed, but not boarding. A line left at the office of the INew York Herald immediately, ad dressed to A. C. J. will be attended to. n22 Itis'ec /"^LERK WANTED.?Wanted, an eiperienced Clark and V-/ Book-keeper,of good address well qu<lified for the busi ness of a large aud respectable Hotel. Address Book-keeper, Box 408 Lower Post Office, with real name, with I arm*, refer ?ncea, Itc. u2S2t*ec INFORMATION WANTED, FRANCIS J. REYNOLDS, who arrived here ab 'at *i ^ mouths since from Belturbet, Ireland. He was last in the employment of Jno. 8. Quick, Greeuwichst. He left there about a month since, and is supposed to have gone te boarding in the same street. Since theu ne has not been hesrd from. He is 19 years of age; about 6 feel 0 inches high, thin face, hair and complexion dark. He spoke little wh'U in company with per sons older than himself. His counteuance is rather gloomy and expressive of thought. He usually wore a brown Coat and glazed cap, drawn far over his face Any information respect ing the above young man, foiwaidrd to J Is J. WT1' A It I' |c CO. 62 William street, will he gratefully received. u22 ltw A SPLENDID NUMBER VTO. THIRTY-FOUR OF HE WET'S ILLUMINATED IN SHAK8PEARE will the 23d inst. This number i Rt IKS and commences the ? ruuosu u?- ?n t. ? ?...?*. , which will be very rich iu Illustrations. No. 4 of the TALES is in Press aud will soon be read UK HKWM 9 IL,LUMir?IA re.lJ I be published on SATURDAY, : completes the COM EDY OF ER e TAMING OK THE SHREW, u22 lV?m H. W. HEW^ET, Publisher, II Spruce st. PACKET SHIP HGTTINGUER, FOR LIVERPOOL This ship being unavoidably dt-tained yesterday, w ill sail This Morning, at II o'clock, Passengers will please be ou board steamboat HERCULES, at Whitehall Dock, at that time, letter Bags will close at half-past 10. u22 NOTICE.?hinigiant Boarding House Kee|iers, and those who are iu 'he practice of accommodating Emigrants, are requested to leave with the Superintend'lit ol the British Pro tective Emigrant Society, at tlieir office. No. 14 Piue street, particulars of what accommodation they cau offer for the emi grant's.comfort, as to board, lodging, icc. and the rate* of charges. n22 3t*ec JOURNEYMAN BAKBER 8c APPRENTICE WANT S' ED.?Wanted, a Journeyman Barber, of good address and skill ; also, an Apprentice, from li to 16 years of age, of good moral character, at 17 Park row, by P. PUSSEDDl'. ii2l 3t*rc fO MANUFACTURER* AND M&'HANJCS.-The t Advetser, who is a manufacturer in the iron an I metal line aud a practical mechanic, being abuut to visit the manufac turing districts i f England, wi uld engage tj procure an l trans mit auy information relativ. to the English modes of operating, processes, draughts, Ike Ad'iess n21 Jt*rc JAMES L>. 1BBOTTSON, Boston, Masa. COUNTERS. "nr ANTED to purchase two or three second hand Store | ?? Coonters, for which a fair price will be paid. Apply at No. 65 Nasssn street. nl6 ec "1X7 HEAT?2600 bualiels prime Illinois Wheat landing ex v' bark Strafford, from New Orleans, and for sale by nl7 ec fc. K. OOLLIN8 It CO. 36 South st. WANTED?A well broken Saddle Horse, 6 or 7 [ years old, for the use of a gentleman. Address Box 64i Lower Post Office. n2l St* re NOTICE fHE PUBLIC is reepectfully informed that the First Ball A of the This'le Benevolent Association, for this season, will take place at Tammany hall, on Fnday Evening, Decern ber 13th, 1844. n2l 3t*m POST OFFICE, i ? Vn>. V.. ?A. loss. ( LONG ISLAND RAIL ROaD MAILS.-An extra Mail for B- aton, via Long laland hail Koad, is cloeed at thu office daily, except Sundays, at 7 o'clock, A. M. An Extra Mail Tor Providence,on the same route, on Tuesdays, Thuradays and SsturJays, is closed at 7 o'clock, A. M-; and an Eitra Mail for Worcester.on Ihe same route o" Mondays, Wed nesday* and Friday*, is closed at 7 o'clock, A M. A Daily Mail teicept Sundiys) lor Jamaica, Huntington, Ea*t New York, Oy* er Bay, Hempstead, Jericho, and Green port, i* closed at 7 o'clock, A. M. A Mail for West Hills. Commack, Port Jefferson, Centre Port. Middle Island, Miller's Place, and Sinai, ia closed oe Tuenlays and Satur jays, at 7 o'clock, A. M. For all other offices on Long Island, beyond Jsmaics. the Mails sre closed at 7 o'clock, A. M , on Tuesdsys. Thursdays and Saturdays. JOHN LORlMf-R GRAHAM. P M n 3 3trc NO. 285 BROADWAY, NEAR GRANITE BUILDINGS. TV/TONS1EUR EDOUART, Silhouettist of the French srd WI English Royal Families, respectfully informs the pahlie that he has returned to New York, after a tour of four jeers, , through all the principal cities of the United States. He brings with him a valuable collection of Likenesaes of distinguished characters, in the Chufch, State. Navy, Army, Liteiatnre. Sci ence and Art HI* American collection amount to 26.000, and hi* European to US.IiOO ; all with their autographs appended Thi* highly interesting collection is exhibited at his rooms, where there is free admission at all hours of the day. Mr. E. continues to lake single likenesses or lamily groups, the accuracy of which are too well known to the public to re quire the abundant and (lettering testimonials that could easily befirnished. . Duplicates of the likenesses in his collection to lie had, and families attended at theirown resid'ncee, if requireq. Being about to leave this country for Europe, he invites his friends and (he public generally, to call a* early as possible. nl9 I wis* re FOR SALE?A quantity of Navy Bread and Oaim?al, at a moderate. Apply to n20 ec JOHN HERDMAN. 61 st ?|>0 SEO.aK DEALERS, GROCERS AND HOTEL A KEEPERS.?The subscriber offers for sale a well select ed assortment of Havana Segars, consisting of Regalias, Norie yas, Dos llarmanos, Cabana, La LraltaH. Bueufuinar, La Coro> na, Waodville, Loul Byron, K ilvador Carets, Dos Com pan e ros, San Ho in an. La Atala, kc. he. most of which entitled to drawback. C. F. OROSHEIM, J9 Pearl st. n20 3tis*ec _MACAlILAY AND THE EDINBUKGH. T'HIS DAY PUBLISHED, the EDINBURGH REVIEW, No. 162?October. 1844?Being decidedly the best number of this oldest and ablest (Quarterly that has beeu issued within the last ten years, and fully eatablishing ita reputation as the beat periodical in the world. That great and distinguished wriiter T. BABBiNGTON MACAULAY, contributes an article in the present numler occupying more than forty pages, which will beat once pronounced as one of his most splendid effot is. ; Contents or thi NuMaaa : 1. Recent Developments of Poseyism 2. Sir Franc s Drske. 3. Natural History of Reptiles: 4. Harris on Thunder Storms and Protection from Lightniug. A. Results of Tory Rule. 6. Young England. 7. Early Administrations of George the Third?The Earl of Chatham. >Terms S3 per annum. Price ofthe London (Jn'rterly, Edinburgh, Foreign Uuarter ly and Westminster Reviews, $3 jier annum. Any onelteview $3. Any two Revieuvs ti Any three $7 Blackwood's Ma gar.ine ft. Hie four Reviews and Blackwood tlO. ![ >?" Single uumbers sold. L. SCOTT It CO. u20 3tis*ec Publishers, 112 Fulton si. near Nasssn St. HOTEL IN BROADWAY TO UST-TU Lmm f for s term of years of a first class Hotel situsted in ^, II road way, New York, is for tale upnii reasonable terms .lie house is well situated and at present doing s gocd busi ness. The only reason the present owner has Tor Tearing the establishment, is ill health, and having other important bunness to attend to. Address or apply to ti2n jt?i*gc DAVID E WHEELER, 60 Wall st. I/OR fsALlt.?Oil board Hie ship V ilie de l.yon. Just airived " from Havre, 660 bushels first quality French Potatoes. n20 gc CAPT. STODDARD. QALT AND FISH STORE?400 barrels Halifai No. I ^ Sslrnou. 1X0 libit Not. I. 3, and I Mackerel. 600 half do do do do. <100 do No. I Mess Shad. SO har.l.bla No. 1 Say brook Shad, 100 bbls </od and hcal? Fish. 100 do No. I Gib'd Herrings 1 <aaO boxes Scale I do Mfl!) lbs Smoked Salmon NO k ita Housed do WO do Sounds and Tongues. 1300 qi!s <'-od Fith, suitable for shippiag. 100" sacks Ashton's Silt 10 hslf and 60 quarters Mackerel, HtO boxes Digby Hefting. 100 quailer barrels Salmon. V. r s.l- in loCl to SU'' ""'chasers, b? j>n?l I III'in NEL?ON, WILLIB It CO. Pey st. THE EFFECT OF THE LATE ELECTION HAS t-een to deprive many of onr cirixetia of their health, in the form of Colds, Coughs, Rheumatism, Fever, Icc. A stvedy and certain cur* is offered to such in the use of Mrs. C AM ROLL'S Medicated Vsponr Bath, 3tt Broadway. Sul phur Baths require half in hour's notice. Open from 6 A. M. to 9 P. M. nl61wrrc NEW Y'?HK RIDING SCHOOL Not. and 07 Watt at. near Canal. HE Proprietor of this uopular establishment, begs te render his grareful acknowledgement of the distinguished patron age whir h he has received from the public, and to state that his Eva?inu Schooi. for Equestrian Tuition snd Eierc'se Riding will open for the season on MONDAY next, the 20th irstsnt. Hours from 7 to 10 P. M. Tha Evenings of Mondsy snd Thurs day are set apart for gentlemen ami the Isdies of the families exclusively. The riding master i well known to be one of the most ex|>erieuced and auccessful in this country. hi lh* < OIIDINGI'ON IV .prietor EW \oitK NAUTH A I,, MATHEMATK AL AND I'ommercisl Academy, No. 27 Cherry street. De|?rtnient I?Navigation, l.unars, ihe true method ol working hy Chronometers, complete iu all its vsnnus branches; practice with ^adrants snd Sextants, which are kept for sale. Geography, Astronomy, I'hilosophy and Chronology, by an eisy and practical process. I liavr completed humlreiU in the short time of 4 to 6 weeks, anil were capable of navigating a ship to any part of the world with ease and safely. 2nd.?Architecture, Surveying, Engineering, of all kinds, Bridge building, Mechanism, he. applied practically to Houses, Ships, Fortifications, Lighthouses and Machinery. Id ?Rending, Writing. Arithmetic,Book-keepingsnd Mercan tile coupe, by easy and pr greeeive methods ,n a verv short litre, Guith-ma i or their sons will be thorough'/in?tr cted either n daytiiM or evenings by aoeM <- apt M T. HAND, and Aasietaai* T N AMUSEMENTS. PAHK thkatkjc. -filth WJWK&Pt, benefit. lu,d u? Apj**ra?c?. ti tVICNINO, Novemia-r 22 J, 1*44, will tw prwuiM) Sr??ThI H,dnH't.c','r ,.Km*d'-.'.n4????.uf ,he Elder \lr A. I 14 : L' " M,J,m * Maa-CharU*. ? .cholar. Abbwt "? * courtier, Mr Dyatt; Angelliua, Mr* nin-u<Mcli,,d?.(blL>w,th lady ok lvon? : col ut?-mf ^^i'^\veB;r-^Jir;v7i.rcp.^:8f<:oud -d ThudT"~ VORK OI'KltA HOl'IIC. WiU ? SU N V' ,Not a<1.. >*?"?>" of the SM..H1. B *','** l"rt tJ <- HIARA Dl KOZtN'. vi *2su Ia^a? rico; V sin ore 8iirnor Anto-uini ? MoH^bauo. Valtell in*; M ich.1 lotto, Slfuo? a??qS,.' prtex, w"LT';(Jrri!,ru;r'Hecoud T-r * cu ld.u,.?,rci'8' miw khv, Otto Motiv the Oermaii Horseman. " kmmit and Brower's Baud of hi hi pian 8iu|m. Horarinaiikhip?two ipUudid Cavalcade*?I mirt of Karnil wor.h-B.aut> and Ch&alrjr of Pola,Id-Si/Udy ^JTu,: BURTON'S TIIKATKE. ?20 Jt*rc ?\R-CH STREET, PHILADELPHIA THIS KVN^EJT'sJ!iK E^OAOEV,ENT of KIMl'^KAW S{"- |V" 'vt"J. **", tlM tragedy LEAR?-King l-a*r- Mr Hackeii : Kdgar, MrBar rett , hduiuud, Mr Conner ; Cordelia, Mm ( lareudou. N?i* M? lEJifc 1HJE ^MPHSOF THE RKD SEA Burke! ; Ner"ne' Ml" ! Pinaknot, Mr THE GREAT SOCIAL FESTIVAL FOR THE PEOPLE AL,L,?!'.LD.cor i? lh*.'lv* Concert and Ball, Jfir#irau B??d, good ainging and good company Unuid '?" ETe,,,n?- *[ "* '?m? Hill, corner Broadwa??ij JSZZP &' ,hT Bar, Broadway House, and 43 Tea 6 ^ l^o lj-S^bJiu''*C ' C?lU"' ,tr~L B2l;>t*"= B WASDf N. Mannar. . ? .BATTLE OF HUNKER HILL ! ~~ All, i t <J? Broadway.?'! he greatest Me ? f.c*?'? Inhibition ever witueaaed !?almost surpasses Sd Philadehilne" alone "?i?* Paraoae in Boston R...I. r Si 1 i. D 0 Also, splendid Panoramas of the ElLd fc!cfcc Po,Bl' Clty of Baltimore?Sturm Scene. KaSPy nniJC.k.'und" 10 y??? 12H cents. Door* r?'. v? wrd,ne.prarv.7?itVV.n,k J "lMwu'Src ,re ,(*m'?ed on liberal trrma. EXHIBITION ~~ THE END OF THE WORLD i A PAlNTINii O^Broad^av1"^^ t by Anelli, at the Apollo, 410 Coaeert Koon Eihibitrm i* antirely Mparau frem the iflate i ~H: n. m, I i 111/ IDQITC M APHPK?f^lfl"l^|^K?cNtriT a LAST I auate ?r,a& llwkitt Vi?'R... Nimrod VVildfire, Air. nacaett. 1 he Boa Book now open ?2l jiVodm M'PAULlNfc, DKMJAKUIN8 reapectfully iuforinm r her patroni and the public in Keuerai, that ahe ia about tn form ? ClaMie de Danct" for lad.^a and in which f?h7oiaWeCD.^"f,X,d^ylk*, Malourk4- w,d ?>' '>? J ?'clock 101 ?,c,ock .> vimi?!?" ? **!!tlr"?e" wuhing in.trurtiou are rmurttrd to call at M lie Deajardin'. hou.,. N?. ft |',rU P|,w. nlfl imj"?in m ? FAj&HJUiNAbLE DAiNUING. I k OABKIEL DE KOttPONAT, v At' ho3or ?C?fonn,u? the.Ladiea and tlentlemw of P^ew . York, and riciuity, that he haa arrived Tor the ourt!o? ,7f f''/^^"""'onu'thepincipalfaahioiiable Dancea preiailing M^?'VhMh.C,^e I0' fc.?r<V?? American .ocie" " M?n?. K. b*M lately arrived from Boston, Saratoga and New m,t tJ>* yarnteat admiration of tlie public, ?Trked?*Pl,r0TjM of fuhiouable community Ja? f U p'ol KA0,,'h Vr?R"*i 5? ten<'1! lhat well known fh" v?l? I L^lSrr Su*dr,l'<? Wlth ori?'n*l MirJd aU^American DauCM?U ^?U?,oaa-uew iff K. will he aa*i?t?d by MADAME KORrONAY a* W'llb* '"'am U" Kreach' ??r Roomaju* euiaced at 25 Park Place.-atrictly pi irate cool Thi ?~Tt?r jaCL0min .<^lon. of Laiiea and Uentlemeu. ih7f..K;?L^bl Uld t,he "J? tiuadrillaa, aa at preMnt dlncwi j? the faahiooable eirclea of London and I^aria, can be taucrht in an four,'ieaaoln^,0,U' "C'Pt ^ M"ourk'1- All Sthe"?n" tweu" 0f MON8 KOHPONAY. at from 10 toll, A. M., It to 1, and 1 ??* ? ? 5 "?m ? to 7 in the eveuing. $10, and quarter, $15. ter MO Le"on???'* leaaou., $1: twelve leaaona, $U; quar aimia,0ki" W'" 1,4 deToted w P?Mie Inatitutea, Aca.1 . T1VOLI SALOON on lm*rre o&rdH?rmo^.fr;r "? frKANCIS BOQUKT, {Proprietor*. TO MILITARY COMPANIES. ASSOCIATIONS MUSICIANS, LECTUkERS, ice NVo^SnP fiSf1li?NABLE 5AtL ANb CONCERT ? ROOMS, atthe Alhamre, 149 Broadway. r.nrourued by the very liberal |<airon'>ge bM'owed by the eitiiMi* of >ew York, upon hi* Eatabliahment during the two put *ea??i??/ the Proprietor of the Alhamia haa commenced the ' tSV eofn,troetlotl interior of thi* favor a *cale of ??at munificence and aplendor with tlr^wl'r Sr1P 7l",r|'?" of B?"?. Conceru, I - Paniea, Fain, lu. in winter, aa well aa au ! , T ??ml?,r. Thnae who have aeen the beau . 1manufactured at thia e.tabli.hment, mu.t ^ -T. jf' *. "??"?'???eaneutertiinment* ha jot up in *!'?* ? f?hi"0. while the plac* iu-?V in the novelty of Ita ? raetiiMi, the eitmiie and m tcmficenre of iu decora ?i'L u all other* of the kind in thn country. Book* art now| open to aaiociatiou* who wi*h to encase the tooma. which will be reidy by the 20th December. Term, "j nlfl lwu'rc nrOOl^-T balea of verv aaperior Weatere Wool, laudiic " er alup Vernon from New Orinaaa. Kor aale by ?? K K rrtf r |N^ { rn .X^n.fc ,< QTHAW BOARDS?10 tons a*?orird Noa lor ?alt t>y PER8SE It BROOKS, to and 67 Na.?u.t. E LIZABETH CLASSEN, daughter of John Hainrirh CI** Tt!Tf,'t, .,T!!r y Ti'll1"" ,n ""laJelphia. near Che.nut and 1 Welltn ativeta, will hear important urw* from a wealthy r?la ar'r^1"/- 'fry Houneof JAM KH PATTI HVh' M"ch,ut*' * Church Alley, Philadelphia. Nov. 1M4. au 3a? 4w?ro GENTLEMEN AND LADIES TAKE CaITe OF YOUR FEET. i OLD BOSS RICHARDS ha* *et up twenty ? ypa,1f He" in the Boot and Shoehu*ine? in tki*^^^^|EF ?city, he intended to have gone out of the bonnet.? OctS ber, but hi* he.klth i. *o much imiiroved, that lie ha. oneu ed a new Boot and Shoe Store at 325 Hudson, next to the comer of Vandam street, where all his old friends and the public gen 21? y, ?*>? r*'y on hi* genuine, fathionable, and elegant Boot*, Shoes, Oalters, India Rubbers,Children'* Shoe# at price* to *uit eve. y one * pocket. Remember lhat only one trial ia requisite to prova the advantage of hi. eatabli.hment over any other in the city, and that the ?7o. ,, 325 we*t *ide of Hud*o?, ne.t to Van' dam ?t. Just pnah the door and come in?bring in the children too?Blaaa the aw eat (hlld, how like the mother. (n20 lm*?c PA' KET SHII SIDDONS, from Liverpool is discharging ( , n . T ' " ?rleana wharf, (wit of Wall .tieet W r attend to the receipt of thair go. d* im meaiateiy. nlTec . hnnV of h,,Dr fr"m 6 o'clock K . Via?'On and alter Saturday, ithe 23d .... , , Nov. the steamboat SWALLOW, Captain .U ^"'5o!c|o!rk"p.M*W "k fr?m th' f0Ot 0f ?~sfcdl MMODATION LINil ?EOK NEW HAVEN.-Cabin f^e $;;^;7h. .''f i nee * 50 cent*. The new and auhatan o/ Hnsawt"*.'.^^ -5 C*P'? Va?"lerbijt, will leave iliefoot o'ciociT P M Haven, on Friday, Nov. 23d, at 4 IRgiaUrjtal^ from New York, Mondav*., and da a om N?w Haven, Ineadaya, Thursday* and fiatur l['h* Wave has recently been fitted ap in the beat manner and can accommodate 150 paaaenger* with b'rths. Passengers taking this boat can remain on board during the night. Kor apply on hoard. Freight tAen low. n22 lt?ec .J6Lr m. Line?Hegnlar ?lat December.?Theaupeiior fa*t (ailing New fflPR5"Ti? ,h,P LIVEhPOOL, Captain John K dr ?f?, 1150 toa* hnrthern, will Mil aa above, tier regular day ii!" having vary tuperior accominodatiima. -''Vn iY *ni/h,P ,n P?rt> ?PP'V to the Capuio on board, w#?i aide nnrling Slip, or to WOODHULL ? MINTURN8, P re?fP?.*?e$IO<l ?7 South .tree, I.Z- 'iLT'7ek'!.,h'ir ,"f ^e Weat, Capf Philip W. od. i"1* w,n *uce"?l I he Liverpool and sail on har regal ir day, 2l*tJan. ?22 _ NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS of 76fh of S ??T>ie well known aud Sh'P ( "*0 fin* burthen) .[.lain John ( ollin*, will .ail positively aa above, tier ro gaiar day. TThe ahipe of thi* line being 1000 tona burthen and upward* pars'ina ahnnt to embark for the old country should not fail to i"1 u 116 Preference ?o any other Their great ca|iacity randera them more comfortable and convenient than ahii* of a ? miller clas*. r The accommodation* of the*e ve.*el* are unaurt?**ed for aahin, second cabin and steerage paaaenger* To .ecure berth, aarly application must be made on board, foot of Wall street 0,,o W. k J. T. TAPSCO'H', ' 071 rr 7> South street, corner Maiden Lane. Mill Nk.W ORLEANS.?Loaisiana and .New ___?>ork I,me ?I .Mitively first rrfular packet ?To mil Ri'vl air*'i . ^ IIISI?'I'he e leg lilt fa.t .ailing pack ? -hip I N AM < ai>t Latham, will positively ?ail aa above her regn'sr day. For freight or lu.iitr, having el-gan" fur^ Urw.nC '00'' '',p,v ?? Orleans wTi.rf, foot or Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS k. CO 2ifhw^r',> "? ,0?d* r*C*"*d on b,,,rd tft*r Monday IJ'wint, Shippers asay rely upon having their goods carrectly measur ejj. and that the shi|>s of this line will aail punc.taally aa adver ?genu in New Orleans, Measrs. Hallin and Woodruff ?kn will promptly forward all goods to their addrva. a*2 FOR NEW ORLEANS?Uaien Liae-Ra^. !^I^>'af1P?ck',. ?f lh? ilth November?The siilandiduat fllSfeSi? dsy C'Pt W R -I Having very snfienor ircommndt ina, for cabin aecond n?l' 10 ... ? iO?KPM M?MI/rIIaV? ? Pine street, corner ofS nth at. M EMP?M0 hale* dew rot Hemi. or , \ | . ' ,n* *!* *hip Vernon, <>om Nrv. , , lota to tut pnirhaaars by ** Hi I II ?, - , -I St.eet (SPIRITS l l nri NTims_,.. BV .THE SOUTHERN MAIL. J WMhlngton. l(;orTf?poad?nce ot the Herald J A Short . Wa^biaoton, Nov 20, 1844. IVa a " f"Ta Grtat Ca?**? WicktJntu of tLk"iti'ZC?nT?"?" A" '?< ?W , * "" "?< '*? A~w ??* Duturbance-Uood out of Evil-Social A4 'l\kr'i jldmimHrmtw? PnKnot ion of Literature-What ? expected 4 c*. /W* m uwfc ?/ pr0grem~ Adwuntagt, in thu View ./ /,,, Election-Ofit,, holdtn-Enervating Effect< 0/ ,? partmenti?Honorable Exception,? Cam of a late Reporter Jor the Herald, ?-c f-c. $.c. Trxt. ?' Let u, go 0f)i tj,en, to perfection."?& Paul. G*W. J AM KB O. RennCTT : ? ?Society in Washington may be cut up into aix divisions ,0 wit :-The hard- and the softa-th. .sharps and the Hats?the ins and the out*. Tha great distinction of aristocratic society in other Places, namely, wealth, does not here exist True we have sr.stocrats and plebeians, but they are all '>?,0r',aJ1,proud- and * preponderating majority de cidedly la?y, in our most humble judgment. Tha offices in the several departments and at the capitol have spread their baleful contagion of office habits office mania and office supremacy throughout the* place. Dress, display, idleness, politico and dim. pation are predominant, and the combined effort! of all the churches in the city are inaufficient to expel, even for ,he Sabbath, "the roaring lion, week 'he 'h* ?nd fjT ,he residue of?th. and 4f.con?"a,f? drLYy^tobl^W**^ to^ief tr^'poh s* as *yo!f w i'fl * oS cedelblm *; i?eKTy? or'dit for onr institutions of reli kion, benevolanoe, education, science and ih? fine arts. We de^rve a betUr fafs t^n ^^L and Gomorrah, for then is quite a llrlte !i ?'* r,euUB *roorg us; but we do sredic? that, if the capital ia no? r< moved farther :!i. .ki interior, before another ceutury, foreign manners, lollies, and fandangoes, in conjunction with the d?,Yw'1 ^ "? ?*>i place, formally and absolutely. Idleness, luxury, poverty pride and manworsbip, corruption, and hypocrisy dial, i^I.0 wm,me' rttnkl,n? licentiousness and diiija-* ti Tl run. r,ot'?ver the city of the Government But by a mighty effort, and the blessings! Heaven these evils may be evaded. Instead o be^n. ai continual loggerhead. upon quibbles ofchufeh lures, instead of bowing at the innfatnAi r. ?on, and worshipping tHe gXn calf for fihhC lucre, let our ministers unite as one man areat work of reformation; moral, religious and so^ ula i|re^rmat,0nJ, L*tthrm cry aloud and spare not until the nngodly in high places, as well o th. loafers of Progtown, shall exclaim " Men an<t brethren, what shall we do to be saved T" In unitv .'here is power-without it nothing can be done - 1 he fathers ot the corporation have once our ah Rence Unt simmer, made an incinienriforesiomtnrv a? ?f moril ^form-?he ilosTu? o. the m? tropohtan groa-shoi* on the Sabbath. The con ^reflations of free negroes are dispersed from the *LnV c''rnerB?the white-alley bovs themnwn he leather faces, are broken up or diiorJan?zed bV HiM ^'?jien"Clincilt' The Vr,? 01 ,he Fiscal Bani Hill in 41 resulted in another law bene fini?i to tK? nocturnal peace of the city-foMheou,??. com muted on the night of that splendid veto near the President's House, led to the immediate ?J?Se titVnm"'". ! a {"ght P?llce? "ince whioh PrS'T'tT order has b'en maintained. to the morula and manner, of ill ?opla They r k"*"!? * ifRnr ? for "? They have diffused a liberality of feeling?a frankness of conversation al. ?.?!Fan 8imP'lclly ?f conduct?a regard for he oatside qualities of the man, independent of the WtelSmLj. ,a.'ii0r" In the Wln,er ?' t'>? !hr Pri.S !i summer evening concerts in the President s gardens and at the Capitol the principles, the acquisitions, and the politeneaes of flood taste, good leeling good sense, with a little linHerf* '?"hionable A)lly, have been much ex nuhtn awnfwhe und 'hroughout the re public. We like old John and hm amiable anH intelligent family for it?we like 'em very mach. Lllernture. has also been promoted thiouah the udministration of Mr. Tyler The Jem. !S young rruealer nl ^ "'j* have reinstated the literary corp. to th"^ o'Si and legitimate'place 111 the dresscircle. All honor therefore, to the administration of John Tyler fe^ promo*on" CB ?' ",0ral re,orm aad '"""y But a new era is dawning u;>on us?a new era general, in the work of moral, social, oivil and r+ liflious " orogreas ? We look with lively interelT thU,Up it (Jpe' ?nd al,0,t?'ic faith, to the adveat of the Polk fsmily into the White House Plain l,hneMh1ZlM,0n'' -H-roachable to all, and pract aii the humble virtues of truth, rehgioi and iimplicuf at head quarters, they cannot tail to disseminata fcv/i ni?in" ,!n"}*Ph"? o? social refinement and ^ ,a" dround "'em. From these paramount considerations, we regard the election ifjames K. Polk, as a great moral triumph?a triumph ot the vital principles of Christianity over the chivalric and knightly batbari*m of the feudal ages Sir there is a mighty pow^r evolvn g n?elf in the hu ?nrf 18 "ul'' r,orto political management, and will control the popular will. What 1.this Ina? ltT?i<hn-?e ,M 11 d,'nvc<)~wheiher is it tend ing ? It is the power ot truth, moral, civil, social religious, political, primitive, viementary truth?it frnrf/Ih'* ',rw*reM 'h** human mind? mJnt mr,A I*"0IU know^gt., and the advance rnent and developement of human rights It is uhrii" . r? '^."'o'ufonu.og of the whole social rit of civilization. The consummation is bd l>roachirg; we may live you and I beloved reader .0 witness the effulgence of its dawniag "* But in these rhapsodies, | am absorbing too much npuce, perhaps, at a single reading Knowiac .owcvtr, General Bennett, that the Herald has as a primary and ultimste object, the extension of'the jinnciples o an enlightened and liberal rhristiani ifc'Mii'i r 1 Bnd "V,'r,he world, we have felt i? . L d,,8CU?*"?n at larfle. We believe Mr ^hadTe'hfd y"U hold *rr8t contempt' the Indlhehiwk Srfr.,t*-?'? lo"? f"c*d, and the hawk-bdlcd Israelite, whose only ambition hav" affirm 'k ?'d c,0,-?h-' V?" have, as w. J 1 ' ab,d,nK? consoling, and paramount Isffne -h" *rnuine Pure Gentile, or an Is mo! ft |,cor,1B1,? Br" a psste breastpin forsdis rnond Our remarks, we believe, will do much going to sb-e'n '".'nJT " B"d 'hepherdshere are going to Sleep ; and we want to open their eves their ears, and their sober judgment. ' l^m< rging Irom this moral lioinily, what else have ,? BAy ul'on "'alters and things in general upon the "sayings and doing." in the Federalc.Fyl Ut holde" are the current subjects of hotel conversation and private arrangement. What mnrniervyni( '"^urnct" these office, have upon the ore h uj rein J" n of the holdtr?whst^merS creatures of cireumstsnce they are made in the fluctuations ot party ascendancy? Numbers of these HamofJ r1*A V ' W'rr ,"Ud "nd ,r,,<l"ent ?" their a e nf J ,1" T before 'h? ?'lection, fPir '7H| t0 ,he fame, and ihZfn k i h*Te rrn,arked. too, that the subordinates, who are made up, sonl and bsdy, at the tailor s shop, the fops w ho aspire to an association with men of official dignity and of }0un* m,;n who Would acorn cotton gioves, Hs they scorn to pay thetr H,"tJoul a warrant, are, of all menials, he most servile, submissive, whining, and con temptible. But our word for it, there are a few of them who, twelve months hsnce, will be weighing out soap and candles, or mixiug liquors for the pat hone t)n ?h'y t'".'0}? *e have no , ST. ^ h,"r hand? ,hfre are men *hom A* ?n enervate, emasculate, nor corrupt ih2\i? ?SCe' W" mfflt cl,e,?you an individual, t^rn h, Tl "k" 11?* but is now, 'oholarship and fine talents, sn important asaistant to the administration. Independent, yet dispassionate, ,ai;d cool u a cscamber, he stands r.JJfJfijarnple of rnanlisess amid the genersl con 'agion of fesr and trembling Hon. Mr SI,dell, of La., came in last nighf. e suppose that many members are detained at 'tome awaiting the settlement of their bets on the i-lecticns. Within two weeks psst there has been 1 wonderful increase of new hats smong the loco tocos, and they were quite a godsend in msny it we may judge Irom our own. we shall give you somethinf rich to-morrow, if "e are not mistaken in certain indications scroee | the way. Bob. Philadelphia. [t?rrpipendena? of the New York Hsrsld.) rHir.Ansr.piua, Nov. 21, 1844 The IVeathtr? Anger of the IVhifi?Theatriralt ? Quarter Seuinng -New Cuttom Hotue, |-r We hate harf s cold U0|>leasant .November day, wind N V. and quite uncomfortable -hwiilea, to add ts the gloom, th"re haa been rain falling nearly all the tun ', contrasting aingul.rly and atriklngly with the weather of yestsrdsjr, which wu particularly pleanant and ex till ira'inf. !?' *>??-.?? 11'? ij,? -!ietk> '. " , t <> U v* l) U;? ; w |% i?' m 01 * s * % 1 i:u I U*H i I ? ring imvug th* .l.-OJiac- ol thl. wo^nesasd " e.ii) ol biwth<

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